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The Moyie Leader Oct 29, 1904

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 m  m  mm  PI  Bis  Si  /-.-  j?  t  .^y  /*1  ������3 "���� ��ir*\  isa.  ih. /ii. M  NOV 3 _ ISO i      2r :  ..'ti  -4ii.  \ae,  i r, \  00  MOYIE, B. C. OCTOBERMs^..^.,  :::::^Fr!^irA"YEA]R  -��  ��. COi^iiU        'I     �� t">, <? P f>r- --*  '  ..,��"�����!iWiP*      p ii53     H  k*iI���,'<s'vv  ,   '(��������� t J ��� : '*sCw     c ^J * *      *���* " - *"���' & -^ ^  &�� i=�� s^   E   i \& ��  y,  if The!  " witW  ,_.   ot-ranged   a counter of Fall  i&I��virod away down at-prices that  j r^nish the closed buyer, they con-  ers  Campaign     Was  tame One,  Macintosh Coming.  ^ R . I     Hon C. .H.-Macliitordi, Conservative .  P.li 1 candidate for  this'riding, will bo m  ^Moyio en Erlday, Camber   4th   and  in Cranbrook the  following  day,   An  oranizalioa  meeting   will be  he d m  iCrarbrook on Monday OotobeJ- ol��t.  LOCAL NEWS.  Underskirts  Dress Skirts  mM 22!  -awust  Fail & Summer Waists  OT.t M.M\  -,  Iv���^rU:oi;;i^uuii,iedio th, L,nii^  ,' r," I  I- *��� ��� I' " -"  Chw. Earrc-11 was in town   Monday.  Father Coccolo was in townWednes-  ] day.  Kn, W. H. Stone was in 'Cranbrook  ... i 0       .Thursday. .  W| n .     ,     -n*  nl  A daughter wa. bom to Mr. and Mrs  (fy! Three Oandiddtes is the J: lelcl ���, H> N- ^renlon 0a Monday i*Bt,  ^ ! a-nrl tho. T?.fiRlll f. Ts ' I    LU\i6 SchulU ib attending    tbr   St ���!  j Joseph'* school iu Nelson.  and the Result Is  Uncertain.  I   ���  I on-stock of Winter Apples arrived yes-  * t��% - made up of _b fouowm,  varieties: ���  BALDWINS, !S's  OKEENINOS, gS^ES,  MANN," ,,��!��   BLUB aiid WHITB PERMAN,  ?S ^ M W  '4 ri ^  Nf.-:  ��� ^ 1M1 mP.n'i-ompieto and a^-tu-Ua^Stock  ..;!     'lUL    I'"1'   '**  i, ���  -1��s C  ������y:r> \  V     c 1  W   be -1  Si? i inj^a :-i the   Dominion.    L-'jjl'n"^  ^ jfor the L'.ooten  draper, repreceaiing tbe   ^elBOn 1  I Viu-rsdiiv. F-vjmber 3rd,   T7iU   week,  .'i.nd.y^nouly.ilo^herid-l    Henry   ��Gough   ^ft   Thuraday^ Io.  ling ivlll   net  takej'wmlcr  ^y'jriprinVHill, Sovn Bcotia, to spend the  ior uie :i.uuiuw*.. ..*.������<, -----  place imtilTur.-d,.y, No.veinb.-r   2'2nd,  ����P   almost three weeks later,,  Th". campaign i:i this Koolenays up  .1... . .���������,,i (in-,-. i�� the nuietest ever  ,;..-. .cud   acciiraie    ...��i.*w��                     ^ Th^ campaign i:! the Kootenays u  '       '                      '          '          A'S- ,l�� ^(- i-'eseut.tUr.e is the uuiefest pvi  ��� V..      ^..<*/.;:'^fe Iki.^ 'i.   Tl.o pe^h^^n KUic inlc  ���.^V^is.':---'-.*.-. :���-*-:vvl-     -^.��   ->���"*- ',*-               ��� os,��i.i *>j i oufitni a.!.'*   -,r'-   <l.= i1-'*-  '���  l-V'*..���"?,.*    *���   "-"���    ,^      __   , , ^-t-.:"'"*:-!'-:^;" ,                           a       .'                '..   ���,i   ...\I.,..      I,      c  j/"-'t  Oi  ire/  �� ji 4--"  CiiSMEKCS  ^M^a*  ^xid  Sp  Capita-    %'oo0lGOO  :/vs(30rve, ���    -   ^      83 000,000 cnov. ?o, >oj  -i    �����*�� ^ /-aril-. rT-'-fl        "  V"!'-'.^       '  F. li. iviiarkb, ��!��>��  lllJW^i. I  Ceo. Hunter, re-itMoaliag tho Mttuu _,  iaelurer^^Apeuriincecoc^nv o J  Canada, w.   in   town   Irom   ^el.on 1  Thill-day,  -T,K-^.J:^A.'Ora^ford:merchan.s  lflL, Cr^on,h,ve puichn^l a lot   hetir,  ./C��    he, t.tionoi their tov.'n and   ��U1   at j  ivnv U.^Douiuiion jjo.3.    lithe Jom-'tu "    -    ������ ���  inion g'.t> Li'iend. Kou'-einj  (Vi.it  ill.  .dler m.'.-iThiMViay   U  Try a box,   They are Beauties,  TO      -      ��� the ft^tioiioi v.ivil *--   !ri3'   H LLC JT' I ]Z" e*cct a ^e bdi*iT�� j  .  nu.,S- ;.,.'.)uleii.yv-Hllikc-   ^ "   ",,        MMld ll!lB   iet.iraea   from. , j^   Catholic   church  iv fullin lino and tJtct Mr,   Oalhher.      l^ ; > ^       , . CrVarlIe   baa      lbe -i -���-*-.^��   wiUi   .toe  L(  -,^Com:i:vatiV(Mhen   a   bitter |loPua Ior   ..e      -  METAL   MARKET.'  -   ,-    ��� ��� -R.ir cilver   ' 58��- cente  Hey/   * ork���Bar, bUJ er,       b  Lead, *4.2d.   Zine (apeltert H.85.  ThQ St. Eugene.  V. ���  ,h0   ctbolio .^^^U-teaa;^ T..M.  !v (i.H in lino nnJ tii-it Mr,   u��u...��'. I     -��� ;.;-,,;,   ^t.iiur. " Cliarlie   Ua�� I   J-   ..   ,_   CXI^staUon��   mill   ;���'�� ,   il a.,MCont.rva..iv.,.ht���  a   b.lto lopu. te   ^ '-^"V. B�� ^ioh (hey fe��e ta (be   E��^ -    ~  iiiilu ;�� be maJoV. il��< )'.on; 0.   H. ���� E-3    "- - -     , j ,a,_   ; will be so  a U.^     )        jiog_   xb   e ���a8  ���MochW J- - B*. K��* "-.'-."f  X1;;    ;,'';'    Kootcays. l,���u ad ubl a,ela.g-tcro.idever  ����W h ^ ^t'r ^       "      W      . WiUon, U,e *C.C�� <- C��-     ^ ,. ^ <"������%$>  i;yy,��,.����. y U* -�����)-. -f ^H^^te^^^^^ -*  ^^r^^ elided  . 1 ^e Booial as a ^.^ oE  lactie3 in  aj ���; - ---       ��� ���       . ! -- ',: ''"* n  K!     iriyclar.se-..   '  ^ At fire clecUon idur years  ag  t��< .._ i-.i .i���o ;.i thp.   li  .SOei'Ve,    ��� ^ RS 0'^0,000 CNov.M ^ .MllcIn^sh. J.A. DAK,., ha.becu^n- ,*uu   ...   - ��� ;-;hou\ a doubt tbe largest crowae,  ���   "::, ��� " F.t.WlP^.   ��,ultUc,i].-��.   ili:3ai^altalthi,timo JtaiW   '    t^f ani Moyie people ^^r Yeulure. The apron and ne.  w VvU3H. ���    *___^^==========^^    l,��n.,n^o   1-  vote  ho   wd    pal . Uhe rear ^-^^^ u0t   ^1 ^ proved , very amusing, a,  -.-^====2===^^ '! B.J=W is a BooA -.-aa and is an  liouc-M U^hn, ��^ ^'nW - ^^   &\ ft ,vbole   was  'a   deojc  V  ->w ^'P-d,o l�����a _ .      W��d^:. .".���,����� wflrfl  ago'tbeicLj^i^; Mountain Mines   Ltd Charge did a lot oi hard-* ��  ^zssssaf  OBDEI  .   "F.>-rd(T-'t-v'-R    "  '���I'ri^ll'l's,  r.'l-i'11'.  --  \ftiiinnftra.v.>r-, ,��-'u**      ' .    .  ri:-PO��Mor��, A'-.-'U"'1" ,  v^ocwtioi^.  'ni.vrF.RSAL   BOSD*r���n��i-��-v"  a\b��  t  it'tii!  Tforb  'UNAt I  LOVES  <. I'OrSytc  lv ���' l!V.c  tr,;i-y '-V.5  irlcct.  3B0S.I  O?  .    w.'il.l  'l'-;-  h:.\M'.Wll'��'-  ,.  ���. ,t ^--itod Cuarftuty Co.  a  I  I  ii  fi  beioro  ^ _ &    11ULHU    it.*     ~  _  ZZ   ll \��^bJkoo^ the h^ aied inp thB   Oranbr0ok bo.pjui|        E. K- LuuiDer UO.  ro.uliol the votes was as  follows: gatuula>,   Up0n inY,e6i^Uon, ho^-  Galliher   McKane  *ole>'   cver| it was lound that there   was   n  M9rT  S1y  -   ^ i-     rrorprv Store in  e Shore Addition..  - prices-as Low as  the  j Fort Steele  j W'ardner . ��� -  Crunbrook.:  I Moyie   ! Kimkcrk-y.  j Fernie   Michel....  Elko...   ���  Total  37  2  .76  . 9  2  .71  .. 6  . 3  .200  GO  0  41  8  2  58  2  2'  173  II  101  61  74  " d  313  ��� i i-C t  .v,i��.tiV>  !;- ;���> *\ <"   f"'  r1   ������   \   A.  *i (./ V v^- iJ !  npi'  sir Colaaib'1!  a.:  i|lir    .  j_>  ilu; 'h-1  (T-:\  ;. w.  il_j.a-fvS.  p0lPvh*d'a"walko%erin Moyie re-  WIyins: 101 votes to Giilliber'* 9, and  MoKaiK-'tf -r-. ,    Rudd-MacFarlane'. > ���  'if n       i, -v- i lu-"   al   the, farm  .   <-A wed(hiig h o. iucj lon.  JjUWl, ^^.TV;v-;:^,^^     ^1   M,   Thoma-   MacFarUno   -  2S:^^^ ^Sr^:^'=,���     -ited io .narriajj by ^' ^  ever, it was lound that there   was   no  ��� I truth m the report.  ��        Several    important   Improvemenls  ����    have been   made   by   tbe   0.   P.   ��  around    the    Movie    Station.     Ihe  wdrk was dona under   the  Bupervi-iOB  ofLarrvDoolan,theefflo.entand  ever  good natured road   master. .  .V. B. Stewart was asvay Ior   several  ' dayVand 1-as^ back at h��od Bland.  wearvol traveling niono, nnd that he  :.'U be uumwereu amongst the benc-  dicts before thu- snow ihea.  The Moyie Miners Union will give  .,',ni-iversarvbaU on Monday, Dcc-  : w"h- ^me of th.b��t dance.  lu Movie have been given by the nnn-  ,rs aid the forthcoming  one   wul   bo  looked forward to with pleasure.     .  - J  Crawford, the barber, and E. _ G,  Gwynn have rented th'e   corner   .Btore  ���in L Farrell bio., -d ,m -^  ' Manager Cronin'ol the St. Eugene  ���vas seen this morning, and he said  inmost of the miners .who were  aid  off woald be put to   v>orK  the farBt^l,  the   month.   The engine which  was  "urchased   at   ^reenwoot1   has been  _- Sipped    and  will arrive  here  ahout.  Z\ Tuesday.   It will only  take  three   or  Z Says to instalVit and the ~  1 tratorwill again be running by the end  of the week.   The new engine will t��  placed on ihe.Ioundaton of the old one,  fnd the old,one will be installed.later  andwinbeusedtO'ruhthedyna^  Chas    Smith,   mastef mechanic tor.  company,   �� in   Greenwood looking  after the moving ol the new eogine.  Mticai Meeting.  c  Cranbrook Herald:, The director  o�� theEast Kootenay Lumber company  bold a meeting last week and elected  officers as follows:      , ,  ,  A. Leitoh, president and   managing  ^rSoffat, secretary-treasurer. j     ^   fi'^ ^litioal' Reeling   of   the  Th3 ne^ tlireaofs  thla jear^ ar,  J.. ^ held {d tHe E gle3 hall,  dressed by W. A. Galhher, J- 0. Drew  rv and Alfred Parr in  the   interest   of  tire Liberal party.   It was well attend-,  ed, but very littlS enthusissum was ar-  roused. ������  " New Barber Shop.    *���  --"      i     e-J Baker is having a building   16  ���43d"feet in size erected on the opposite.  FootCM corner from the Kotet.Eoote.nay.. Jhe.  ��on(. ! ... .,,.'.    ,^;aA   l-iv   Eaker.  g  ���p. aram't'.  r    ... rrVlllli    l' 1! ^  n  lh, .occssny oi ,arr>^ TJ^TST?  ���  ������ i,v Rev. C.McDbir-  Z.bVo:^.    ---'r^1^'^^^^ month.    ThoUr  F.ulane will make their home   in bM rfl0p ffill be W tbe  rear   am.   Mr  ,     ,'    i.T    iIbffat.Cardston;Geo  Montreal;!-   jM.o h-^ .,,.r,  _rll A  K. Leitch, Cranbrook.   M����ms  T los". Moffat, Mundie and Miles  were  in   attendance-at   the   meetm'g   and  lide a visit to the plants of the corn-  pang at Jaffray and fly an   beio-e   *e-  turning to their homes.   Deserving Testimonial;  On Wednesday  lint   C.   A.   ���- |corner Irom iu.�� ���r-T ,'   ,'v"-R���ker  Movie', popular fire chief, waspresent- ���       d*in       m bc .occupied   by   Baker-  d-Uh a beatif.1 carving set   by   the   for a barber, oho^.nd batyoprn^J  ul -" ���    j ""i-   wiU be ready to occupy w-thm a ween:  or ten dayth  i-i.  W, '-'  mm ui  i-sable.  {.SF'cjtH   i'i  %['\  r3 and cop) 6I  .^Ja���aJ�����J ua ,i L;nar.m  nlInPim,n3atBcnsonablc^lc-. e^s,,  -,'���,a,r,er,iy settlements you m  ARNOLD 65 a*v*^  wo ior   sromp   ."  vicinity of ^U)>'it!  ber snoy v. n�� -^ ,    .  Gwynn will conduct a  o��_ar  and   tobacco store in the front.  Prof. Chase baa organised b^^ola��j  oil  WULl  a ue����."'iv "*^ "     ,  ambers CI the bridle as a tes,timon  al of appreciation   for   his   ssrvices,  Mr Foote has worked hard and faith-  Uy for tho upbuilding of the   brigade  aid itwas only right that eonie   mark  0f appreciation was shown him for   it.  ���i-r����. i^ZZZ!Z��!Z^~2~~���   iussfa  Have Trou^B?  of Tlieir (Swn.  ^  .wT..-=AW��<r^S  "*t?"t?  1',    !,  f  Li ���j.y.'JM  ;il.���(,. "I'iJluK   OF THB  |  But I  Have no   Trouble   in Sellinf.  kane  Trip 'on-  Band  Qi  exciting 'A  TBE   'ftlKi^'S  ���.i!rt-��wn"J,'"'1'!aJ^-  - V  '   11  ipena  r.-MMTAl', iAuthO;)^d-  CApn^AL, (raid   lJl>.'*:  ^.t 000,000.  ������"Ih.ocopoo.  ���������'���^.RTrOAW^  STOP'AT'THE  ,.��-n ArpAPS i    ���.^^-~^'^''~~-ra~*^���***"��r  T-'.wno^lAi1^-^55,        ' "^ _���^��_..-  CiGAB��).  rY.,\yv,)  4a. 11  ., ..        ... ���*  ������'������  il'  ���IlRM'i, iron.    y.  ���'--���-.���'������-tr.ul.t.Hm. Mannir.0--  ;lOi':  ���u"        ��� .1,  UlVv--y  i.'  -. i.;..;., iy��.i..-u..; i-,.,  v-jmiiyrriDan*-  tiRAlBgOOK. BBAKQtt '.���� ^"���;"w'  -     ��� ��� ���     " * ��� ' , ...     ^jL'UUi'i''^'  HAVUUV*; a>i';AUTMEMl'--lnti:r^5UUluv;cu^   .^.^^i'  ���  lVr,i{t;*.-.,!h*)'!t71iiUhh!inrdl   li'.irta ' ul .'^U'SH.'    ".  Eu:o,,    !;,iw,al '.ItentUm gi^hj- ^^,^7,   KlanagOf ���  If You W/jtc? Eitiieb, S311  >ltBRA0tEV&C0.  HANJU^OOK  Good rooms, good table=>ad   bar,  and tii'3t class sample roams.  i W T Lowery has moved his LedgG  "to FernieTaud .the firat issue made Its  ; appearance Wednesday    IMS yet . to  Unseen whether or   hot; Eerme; ml  j support tfro   newspapers.   II   .no-   it  -!>m oiinply . ce   the   survival-ol   the  iitteat, y   ___._ , . -.''  :���   Killed a Eeaiy  AdtboeJiouael 5nd ihxeo.other men  while hunting inVlhe.Vioimty of Monj  -oo I'tke killed a bear. They ��� foiioweu  ,00-u^^'    -,���,.en u-,iie-3''.'fter wound* :   ..   ���       . .  |!!")\rnMiGfore-'jUe--ducoumbed.   The  ^V foi Stoyie townsite Coin**  thear weighed %&'<} pounds).  Jo ���. tJifiuEK)  ian?  ��!i<l DANCERS  OF  THE DEEP  0   By  RUTH  EDWARDS fc,  Copyright, 1��3, by T. C. McClura  'ygt;ty��rcy*yt'g,y'y'yfy*^vyyj^  When Morris heard that the freedom  of camp life was to be disturbed by the  advent cf girls, unlike the, right good  captain of the Pinafore, he was guilty  of a "big, big D."  Holbrook and Seaton looked sheepish:  They and Morris were a trio of Yale  seniors who had slipped away from  New Haven in the interlude between  tlio closing of exams and commencement for one last jollification at Sea-  ton's summer home on the sound before  they went their several ways. To' him  and Holbrook the plan bad seemed  rather a nice, one. ,  "Oh; come, Bill," said Holbrook.  '"They're awfully jolly girls. It won't  be so bad."  "Oh, of course not," returned Morris  Ecornfully. "I 'know how it will be.  We'll have to wear collars and shave  and do the '.sassiety' act. They'll think  it's too eold to so in swimming, and  they won't know how anyway, , and  they'll expect to be taught. They'll insist upon going' sailing, and they'll  scratch all the paint off the deck with  their high heeled shoes, and they'll  scream and get seasick if it's rough,  And the chaperon will corner me and  bore me stiff asking' me about my  studies awl whether I'm any relation to  Homebody or other of the- same name  who graduated iu '<J7. _No, thank you!  None ol it in mine."  "Weil,-you needn't" see them unless  you want." -remarked Seaton soothingly. ".They'll be up .if the big house,  arid they, won't bother you down here  at the lodge. You may as well be.decent about it. They're only going to  stay two of three days anyway."  "Humph! Well, if they butt in'like  this they'll have to take me as I am.  " S'poso you fellows will dress up in glad  rags.   I'm'going fishing."  Accordingly when Holbrook and Seaton, shaven and shorn, in immaculate  negligee shirts, collars and white ducks,  ml run llghl?y  up to the I'ati  li-  .i.inut---" later h" u.w.ui n,  of the waves t.r.mg o:i th  her hair dowi, drying it i:  stairs  hot:=?.  Twenty  coir.pan'on  de-k with  the sun.  Morris still wore llio disrepuu  irc*---^-."-. but his w!..:���> sweater *.  pa��ab!y clean, a ad ho were po'f --:���-  ings and yachting shoes. Ir v.*as iv:  able that he ht.d ju;: had a T2iazi  blv  clean shave.  THE POSTMASTtK  IS -THANKFUL  Dodd's Kidney Pills Enabled  Him to Sleep in Peace.  He was meaning u-  take a little sail before breakfa-t  lie jumped down into the vhn 1  sloop and began io take the <ov>.-r-  "DO TOD  BEAIiliT  WANT Mi;'  came down to'.the pier to  girls and their youthful chaperon  ashore Billy was discovered iu a rugged  flannel shirt, open at the throat, a pair  of old irolf trousers, rubber boots and a  three days' growth of board, engrossed  in manipulating a long fish pole off the  nei^huoriifg rocks. Holbrook and Sea-  Ion marched alt up to the house, carrying dress suit cases, and Morris saw  thom no more that night.  He cooked his solitary supper, smoked  his solitary pipe and turned in early.  With a feeling .of righteousness, ho  woke at 6 in the sweet, cool June morn-  rug and,, getting into his bathing Ktiit,  proceeded down to tlie dock for his  morning plunge Holbrook and Seaton  wore still sleeping tho sleep of the just  and the midnight roll](.���ber.  The tide was high, l.lic air filled wilh  the sweetness of honeysuckle and musical with the call of birds. A girl in u  red bathing suit stood nt the i-nd of tlie  dock in the early sunlight.  Morris was in time lo see her throw  her bare arms above her head, spring  lightly upward and descend in a  straight limbed dive iuto the rippling  water. . ���'��� ���.,���'.        -   ���  '"Groat Scott!" he remarked to,himself. ''That was a corking dive all  right."  , He waited until she appeared on tlio  surface, swimming on. her side, aiid  then, with a run aud a leap, was after  her. She glanced back .as she heard his  splash and smiled as be same up blinking.    "Good.morning," she culled.  "Better not go too far to the east,"  he called back. "The tide's running  pretty swift,"  "Thanks," she answered and swept  away with long, even strokes ��� in the  opposite direction.  Morris caught up with her. "Water's  pretty cold this morning," he remarked  affably.  "Cold as 'your welcome yesterday,"  she an.;;.Yri-f'tl, showing lier white elh.  "But. 1  like it.    It's exhilarating."  She   tuned   oyer  on   hor  back.and  "oated eeiiK'nicirly.    Morris was somewhat abashed:at the slight ambiguity  of-her remarks.  ���Presently she swam toward the dock,  mid Morris saw hen;climb tJie.slity.er?  tue  off  the, sails. He v-in.-iled -r^fty to himself, and the girl on the dock watched  him, her blue evc-s summy through LlT  long wet locks. With a chcvifiil hun:  and clatter of rigging the white sal-'  ran up the mast mid swung to and fro  on the wooden boom.  "Want to come':" said Morris suddenly to the girl on the dot k.  "Oh. may IV Do you really want  me?"' she cried.  ti'Sure!'" said the laconic Morris.  The girl did not wait for his assistance. She jumped lightly into the boat,  her hair Hying around her. She wore a  short rough , doth skirt and rubber  soled shoes. A sailor waHr, low ar the  neck, showed her strong throat. Hor  sleeves, rolled up lodhe elbow, showed  well developed arms.  "Oh. isn't she a beauty?" she cried as  they got under way, passing her hand  caressingly along Hie side of the boat.  "You bet she is!'' said Morris, looking  Into, her azure eyes. This time it was  his ambiguity that abashed her.  Out they danced into the sparkle of  bright Avuves. The wind swept the  girl's haii'ifroui her face iu a long shining banner. ' She sang to' herself, too  happy to talk. Occasionally her eyes  met Lilly's as he.sat contentedly at the  helm and were met by an answering  smile. Uu liked lier silent 'good fellowship. She didn't tal,k you lo death the  way most girls did. He whistled an  accompaniment to her gay song.  "If is awfully good of you to take  mc along like this," she said at last,  "especially when I know your opinion  of girls as a race. The boys told 113  what you said when thoy broke the  ���lews of our arrival to you.",11. .   "  ���'Oh���oh���did thoy? I beg your pardon,"  stammered Morris.  "Oh, don't apologize. I understand  how you. felt,'* said' his companion,  laughing. ���> "We aro in . the way, I  know.'-  "If girls were all like you J wouldn't  care 'how often I found them in' my  way." remarked Morris boldly.  '���'Was the fishing good yesterday?"  she inquired wickedly, "i'oti seemed  so interested in it."  Morris b'u/.hed. "Ob,' come, now,  don't rub it in. I see what I missed,  all right."  "We were dreadfully hurt,"' she  went on in mock sadness.- "We tried  to think' ir was' unintentional, but the  boys speedily put our mine'--' nt a-cot Ja  that score "  "You must have thought me a regular boor. What can I do 't'o prove to  you that l*m sorry?" Morris asked,  waxing 'tender in the sunlight of her  mischievous smile.. . .   '  '  His companion was evidently practical. "I know, r.et me steer for  awhile." she said eagerly.  "Why, sure!" he answered and gavs  his place at the ' helm���he, tlie self  elected skipper, never known before to  relinquish the tiller to any human being. He showed her how to steady the  course over the sunny sound. She was  an apt pupil and laughed gleefully aa  they uk-i the waves. .Morris, watching  her, resolved that he would breakfast  at the big house if sufficiently urged.  When Seaton and Holbrook came  down to the dock some time later for  their dip. they held their breath iu astonishment at beholding the sloop heeling, over lo the breeze, a gin at the  tiller, -while the cynical Biliy sat be- j  side her and dried her hair "syith  Turkish towel.  "Gee whiz!" .exclaimed  "Will you look at that? If  Billy joilying the chaperon'  Pills,    are   shouting  trie- great Kidney Reni-  I  r  Grand Work thcyliro doinc; for Thousands of Canadians Every Year.  Tabuciniac, Cumberland, Co., N.  S Oct. 8.-( Special).-Mr. J. H.  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Speaking of the lvci-nt aut omobde  accident..-..', according .to tin1 N- ���'���  York'-Herald. Vent limn K. Scarriu  Presidtnt of th*1 Automobile Club i"  America, predicted in an iniervie-  tiiat if an imini-diiite curb ne ." i  placed, upon the spirit of lawle.ssm--  po^sessed by many ehafiVurs, a 'ion,  suffering public would take mattei-  iVilo its own .hands and "scenes similar to those of the French revolution  misiht   be  witnessed.  PDl'CI.  Ul INSCKANCK MAN   COM* |  "   MITS    Sfif.iDK.  George   B.   H.uiiilton,    western   Ontario   manager  for  the  Imperial    hue  Insurance    Company,     shot      hiir-soif  III rough   the   head    ahout    0.:h>    thr1-  evening   in   h'is   oflice .in   tin-  J'.ank   of  Toronto    chain hers,    says    a   Condon  (Ont.!'   despatch,     dated      the    2(Kh  About   half  ur'i   hour  after   th..*. shooting.   Alex.   Bon-land,   ,ihe     caretaker  went   into, Hamilton's  oflice   :o   clean  up as usual.'  n.ui found tie.-  ir.surai>< e  man dead-    Various siorii.-s are in circulation  as  to   the  cause of   the accident,   but    nothing-    ciefinli-e - c-un    be  P-urned.        The    (ieceascd.     who    wa-.  about  A~> yi-ai's old,  calne  to   Condon  souie   jive  y-'fii'S    ago    ir'oni   Toronto  where he huti  bc-.-.r  in  Uie    employ of  the Imperial   J.ii'e,   V.hhh  eornpanv he  iiad   previously   reju'C'sr-nted   fn   Winnipeg.    Shortiy  (HLcr   th.* finding of the  body Mr.  Jlamill osi'h  '.via-  tclep-honed  to th" oilice to know why he h;',d not  come   home   to   tea.'   A   detective    n--  plied   that   lie  had   met with   a.')   accident.    In  a few  minutes Mrs.   Hamilton     and     th--     family,    thoroughly  alarm.-d.   reached   the   scene- and ' t hen  learned   <ji.-'   distressing  truth.     Hamilton   was  a  r.ia.'i   of a  quiet  manner,  and   wei!   iikc-d   by   (.'-ps't*    who    Kue��  him.     Besides   hhs    wife.   .^j-.;.   f-Jiildren  survive.  The proprietor and editoi of the  Deloraine Times, George Patcrson,  B. A , LL B is one ol the verv  nunieioti', illust i at ions \Sl>* Canadian  West tan offer oi distinct .success  achieved in pro! -ssii'i ai lire b\ men  ieared on a farm. Till he was nineteen yeai'- or* age Mr. Paterson went  through every grade of faun work,  up to the full dignil.\ of doing a  man's uoik in the held i ie* tusk of  hewing but a homo lien- i h>- prim-  e\al bush of "Old Out..no '.wis one  thut developed n. stutd\ ran*, both.  intellectuallv and phv.sicaliy. The  conditions of life were such as to  bring out those qunlities oi adaptability and resource! illness, self-re-  hanie and self-discipline, h.'-.t calculated to make big oi ir..me and  broad 6f mind The nn n n-ared under such conditions ��v< i.- in every  sense those lx-st cpjalilud to lay the  foundations of the n.-w Canadian  Km]) ire of the West,1 when, some  Three decades ago, the people of  Ka'-tern Canada became seized of the  illimitable wealth of opportunity offered m the rich prairie lands wc-t  the  Great  Bakes.      Ol*  these    men  many  respects  a  Ilis pivdominai-  are    LLose    more  ly n.^.-soria'u'd "v-ith tlie simpler  the   farm   than   the  strdnuous  or  Mr-    Patei't-on  ii   in  rei��i esenta t ive I vpe  incg characteristics  gimei-a  life   of  CRYING BABIES.  a  Holbrook.  there isn't  Untie   Unvid'u  PJillosopIiy.  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"Of course," said the little newsboy,  sneering. -, "They've been taken out of  the ground how and have stopped  growin', same as potatoes would." _  15 Kit  Timber Inspector  ish (.'okmibia, .has  of I'oiii' American,  near the J j.o.u mi a reside d'i..���the.', i-'rascr  camps were well nfjiiipped with donkey ' engines.,' " etc.. -.ni]-) the plant,  seized, ���'logei h.er with the ;logt; in the  water, is worth over $.1.00,000. ��� 'The  Americans were evading . payment of  irovineiul tax of ,?l: .'per 1,000  The logs were, being ban led to  mills, at "Blaine,. Washington.   .  the  feet.  you    mean  as potatoes  ,SOO   STEEL  OUTPUT.  Tn the twenty-four hours : ending  Friday midnight the steel plat, at  Sault Sic. Marie turned 'out 000  tons of steel rails. This amount constituted o. record, being the lanresf  amount manufactured i in m.v similar  period of time, .since. ��ie, plant .was  put in operation a couple of years  ago. Tests of the product n'-so have  Been very .successful. '-.. I'rep.ara I ions  for the commencement of Ilu* work  nt the blast furnace are. progressing  i satisfnot orily, and it. is oxpecfefl (hat  the furnaces will lie in operation by  the i-rui of the month. Specimens of  ore  for  use  there arrives dailv.  life of the city. On the business side  I'" is franklv direct and forthright',  and withal shrew tt ana unseeing.  Socially be is ol such a genial cam*  ri.inionabilify ��� that his friends include practical) v all who know  him. A     bee      editor,       a      good  lawyer, a capable Ijuainoi5- man, a  public-spirited cili/cn, with troops  of fi;icnds, M/'. Paterson is indeed m  a position conipinfiding tho lri'-ndly  niiy of mai-v of fhqse wiio kpo.v  lnni,   and  tl",p Jiearty  j es->&ct   of all  Though none ^ouid s,-o stisjiect lrom  his ngtu'ii and aptiMty, {yam ]ns  hearty whulp--t.o_._led hoyl-shposB of  manner, jMi". Patoisop }s -J 7 vear&'of  age. He HOrined svjinewhat sui priced  at the fact hhuHclf, when (|uenl ioned  about it, and whenjils interviewer  |flpk-'"-t incredulous, he went over thu  ^���alculat.^n n/T.un, to make sine that  bo hadn't sf'ppe.d ,n another len  ycnr��, ' I gness that's pighf, ' ho  said, ruefully, fvf'f-'t some mental tig-  Ui ing "I u'ai hmtl IP 'nl, and I  don't see I hat T can be lofcs than 17,  But, honestly," he added, brightening, "f don't feel near that old  And  ceitainlv he  doesn't look  it.  It was in the township oi North  East iioju, jn li}C county of Perth.  Ontario, that Mr. P.ite.'hpp first --nw  the light of day. On both side^ he  was of Scotch descent, his father  having emigrated to Canada from  Roxburghshire, Scotland, in '37, and  some tunc after, pjc-eting and rnanv-  ing his ("George's) mother, yvhp was  also of Scotch parentage,  Mr    Palereon's   Darlv   education d.i-  fered     no    whit    from    fjini   of other  youths    brought up   in  tnose pioneer  days   under   similar   conditions.      He  attended   the   log    school     with     tip  other farm bo.>s of his neighborhood. ,  his    attendance     being,     like    Hum is,  somewhat   broken   nnd   interrupted by  thu    exigencies of sugaring,    seeding,  haying  and   harvest.      The   outstanding incident of thjfa  early  part of  his .teres!   of  life  is   the fact,  which    ilr.   Pateison   defeated  >ft   recalls   with    pride,   that   al    ilu*  age  of  eighteen     he    took    the    fn st  pri/e     at     the      provincial  match   held  at Stratford.  Cntit..the age of  nineteen  erson  stayed on the. farm.  went  to    the    collegiate, for eighteen  months,   proving,  a    ready  and   indefatigable  student.     Tie'obtained."certificates     as    third    and.,.'second-class  t.eacher,    find    then     for    three years  taught  school    hear    Stratford.   . Jn  1,882 he wept fo  Collingwood" to-prepare   for   tbo   II n ive rait.-/  course,'   and  subsequently    cntcl-ed    Toronto    University,   where,   in  J 880,   he   graduated,   and   in   tho  following  year    took  the  TM.. II. degree.  In 1885. at the time of the. Northwest rebellion, Mr. Palorson, with  many another of the Toronto- University students, volunteered for service. TTo joined the ''Queen's Own  Rifles, and was ordered, tp" the front..  Here he was "a'corporation sol- di-er  at 50 cents a .day,'" as the famous  university ballad has it,, but none of.  these .valiant nnd adventurous  youths had an opportunity to smell  powder burned In anger, having tliter  full share of the hardships of the  campaign, but little or none, of its  glory.  After   taking, his .degree,   wilh   but.  $20  in  his  pocket,   lull  with   the high  heart  ei's.'ii  il'Yoin '  fstages,  cm go    ar  When  press,  so far   on  .such  limited  resources,  Mr.  U'uU-rson said, quizzically, "\Vell��� J  said I went 'by eusy rstnges'; 1  didn't figure on jiajing railway i^i\-  ,���at least,, not unless I hud to. I  rude in box cars, and on coal trucks,  and with all sorts of freight. No. I  never tried a trip on tin: brake  beams. but I'vo had some pn-tty  wild udes. Ofun I'd be put oil, .um\  then I'd "hoot it'along the Hack till  I could jump the next fr< ght It's  an experience woitl* livitm tlnough.  though \on    niei t     all    sorts   and  conditions ol men when you me  -.ti.ilmg u ride on a Height, from  young college chaps, like 1 was, to  th-- broken down gentleman or the  piofe.ssional hobo '1 here's a sort  oi l-Yf.*eii)a-"onry among them, too,  and the help they giw- (ach other  would surprise one unaccpiainli d  ��uth the customs oi the tt,n -nut\ "  "Of rouc-i" 1 ioul.1, ' he an.sweied  lo a (pu-st 10.1 as to so.) >' details of  this   tour iM   (om-,e    I    (Ollld     tell  foil    .1    whole    ]>>t    "'I    �� "*-,��- ��   ' la'-'S,    tut  I ilop t know th. I . lev lie special-  i> eillei tauiiiie. a;.i (! n, besides,  \ mi d go and give me awav in print.  Hut one- day I ��.i-. (oinplvti*;'. * -t s-.^r?  Jlhd,' and had b .n pi.I off b .��� ( in-  TTfi'iloi I couhhi t do anything *\ * h,  'nt a way.side station tw. utv n.rlcs  iiiom1 ,iin ". In i''" \ i.ii-t'iii - w-i,;s)n  wa-- hiteii-**! up to tie- une a . oss  lliom lln- iraik. nnd .ii old in.in hut!  'a \ountrei���his {-on- were in it. I  'walked <)\er to them am! *-,ai.I. 'I'd  jou want a hin-(; m.u ' ^<"-.' -aid  the younger 'Then take me.' 1 said  Thev nsked'tne vsb.it I co ild do, aud  1 told them but the olrl man -diook  his head uril.relii.vin.dv 'Been fired off  the tram, eh"'' ������tU-i! he, and L' hud  to admit that I had 'Got aiiy  money'1' he a��kH .vuni-i. aud I had  to tell him J hadn't Thev held a  consultation, nnd at last they told  me fo jump into the wagon and come-  along I woiked for them lor two  months, when J Lad onouf'Si money  to carry the afresh o,. u travels.  Tho old man wanted me i . day ve>\'  badly. He said I wan, the let hirvl  mon he ever had, and hc"d ,give ine  good wages if 1 ci agree to slop a  year He told me, too, thai was the  greatest disappointment h * d ever  had since he'd been on a law,. IB-  had sized me up for a dean beui. and  had thought 1 wouldn't earn my  board. Hod noticed thut my jinml-.  were soft, and it was only because  thoy-weoi stuck that In- < onsen ted tn  engage mo However, tbe work soon  cured that, and the old man was d. -  lighted when he found I coiiid plow  and pitch aa well as auy man on tin-  farm.-  "II was too hoi down t,h"iv to suit  me. and so I sinned for Cm- noith  I gave ?L to a forakeman. and le  put me -.ts far as M lnn-'upoiis.  I engaged to ^*',-k ln a i  gang at Crooksfen, and paid  my trunspoi'talsoii Cither,  wei'e siune thirty of us in the  and when we got to frool.slon  of  the  foremen,  and   nearly    a"!I  A  'VfcK i|;  W!  11C1S  jiic-ii,   nkijipi'ti   out  T   wii.so'l  gry for  rod 1 road in tr.  so   I   J.  the  north.     Vil.wi  1   got   to  was  in   too   big a  hmrv   to  wh-  'I'hen  .-. iiw ay  ?'j"('iV  '1 le re  part v,  one  ,  tl.0  \ i'rv lit.r.-  epl   on   to  Gr.-ie    1  w.-.'     foi  the   fiain���nobody   knev   wh-:  ,   frai*-,  would  run  m  llio1- > ihi.\ -. - -��f)' I  -> t  oil  walk,  and   tr,.i,ipi-d  amo---.  t he pi.-. ine  rp aloul *:'        I  hind out   to ,-. i.wieer  there,   ;ind   afleivarit*.   v.'-; kid    o,i    a  threshing      Ling.        'I in ,i     ior      i-rii e  lilw.'l.lis   I   taUgnt   P.e)n-f��ni    stiiool.  and  iroi.i that r -.\''jit to Po;',-"/i- Ia  Prairie, nnd we;,( into Hie i.'Jii" m|* a  law fijpr. In 1881) J weni to \\pii.i-  P'fg, going nail f|;e Hi \n of wln'h ihe  ��� i re-en f .I.ulge Ihd.a.il.s k.h. Cb''  nead, and in 181)2 t'ir/k mv fue-i lav.  exam   nnd  went   to  iJeiorairu*,"  Rliuv bf.*��  I'i'inoMi!   to   Ilelumine Mi  Paterson     has   hullt    up  ;i    sjik-ndul  law    practice        Five    yi-nis ago     he  bought      the    Deloiaine    Times    fi om  iU'}>    j"riub;ey,   vv bo   had   nian-.^eil     it  1 JMt'Ol  '���'Sll'-'liaiu  u;  Tells of G-.i. 'i ���.  ���>'��!'}. AU a.,  IB-re  is   a  letter fiom  ,i  almost  h-<]  "i  account    of  itching   jiil. >  vice and   Km  tor   sixteen   -  without   hopi'  in   his   lei'fr  heard of  Br  Cdnmii'-oii, It,r  Toronto   i ,  Boar   Sii -,.-- I   |  v.i it.-  tu ,.i' km..- i  Ur    Oh     '��� s     O  uie      I   had  -i'Uii-i  for   ov er   .-.'.v.- -ii  badly    .u     t!,,.t  times  w hen   1   < i,  [.ut   an   --nd   to   ,  \S "ii for  tlv- tin  '  Some  people  1'iui  ing' rt  a poml,  I  suffered  as 1  hav  At other  titu-  take a  knife au-i  kuutil   J   came   ti,  evil,   but   thank  It was quite bv  to know   of Bi  have  hart   do<*to<  dies   to   no  unci  how much 1   f pei  "t in i'  (  II  years.     I   had   a  tc  me  and   tin tv   I     <*�� i  ment     ndv(>rti*-ed       p   ' -i  CCSSe,   as   it  f-aid   f')f    tvliifi,  saved  jruinful   opiratio'i-  As    I    could   ru \    l '   it i!  Ointment   from   mv   (.,.����� .".i, h  to  my   broth'T.n Mr  Calgary,   Alia .   i n 1  box.    Befoie   I  r,- i  the box I   was p>' ,u  ointment.  1    1 mn  sure v ou  \ d  gvt   tliisa   letter   ii'i i  the world,  bin' I  '  acknowledge    th>  Ch.lSC'rt    Ointment  You  rue  at" lib. i;\  this letter as v o.i ���-.  like   to   suyuto    nn  from  this    dread'' ,1  It  :ur*'*'  cor|  :'i  > .it   m&  .  a-'  10    ' M��' 1  ; t A'di  .'-���-   W 13  <i,.ii.:>'..i 'tl  know  it  mnain,  ,curc.J     V. .I.:  If you    erulo-  Mi     Sheilev    ���  luiswer any  i('a  But   there   ar *     i.  \ u'lr  nw n   frre. a ��� .  w horn  v ou c.-'. '' i  v lew.   If .v ou j ,  i -  ,thc   merits   of   I"  you  'w ill   be. si.i, .  winch   are    lx '. -;  your own neigh J "  tion   lias   evei   I  doiscd   by  poop'  and   none   has  ev> '  in cu;mg jii'e"  II,* Cha-su''* O.  bov. at all de '  B.ll s ,1 Co , 'Te!  nun shg.snturp ( f  the fainouf. i f i*. .; '  on every   box  ,\  i  1  ) i.'  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Since his i'emov,il to I/eioi aine Mr.  Paterson has lecelved maiko of the  e-teent   In   whi. li   he   is    laid    bv    (lu*  As  nil  j.,..  no*  \   I .nils �����! il!  Nivgal  ���t   Ilurao.  i.ut ii   in    b*. '  l lg        l,ie   '.ov  i .   ,       'I In     '  .        !  i i"l-   ;,'-'   I ,        _ '  1  "ll . .    1,1     i   i ���  i. ;*���  i i   L;,!i a.)     l -   ���  i i - _ s _     'i I    ..    ,  po I'd.      'i I" *   '���"  ii od    and   is     '  -pii'   hi>-    iu ,,'-  ie,.    laid   to   i.-.  1 ia n    en     t o     t  ne.K e  with   Ins  di ������  tnl  TIRFJ) AND DHPRF  '?si  The Condition  of Ma���� ^,m'  ;iK.I "!h .-���  \ n-i   '���  in S'mp  tow nsmen  fices  ol  At   the  tion  he  p'ovv nig  :Mr; Pat-'  -Then   he  bv   eh el lou   I fi   sf v i i .,1    i-l-  ])iiblic   Oust     and   confid'-iue  last   general    provirui.il   ile(-  contestf-d  I he  seal   i.i   the  m-  the   lahfral   pnrtv.   but  v. ns  His   personal   and   polit u :1  .Mends  vveie   ncit rlismayi d   bv   his defeat,  however,   hn|   have  sine* selet-  ed  him ,is     the    -jlnndai.i    biaiii     of  Bibcrali.sni   in   .flic    more     impoi taut.  contest   for    the   Dominion    sent    of  Sourls.      Nobody nan  predict, the  result,-of  the. contest,   as  his  opponent  is   of  undoubted .strength,   but .many  of  his, friends  are "confident   that  Mr.-  I'aferson  Thom-aiict-, of  to depend urud". tl*>  gain n 11 v ( ii''n">d,  v. hei h< r   behind   th-  i  \i'l  i  in  oflx e  nn .ins  bndlv  ���st lain  coeii's  theie  llu-  ii (ni v   i  v |(i<.v'     i ia.ii  vei.t:lut(d     i  on    the   in ' v  impov eri-.h'*'  die    fieipienl  ll  I  will   win.  the case,   the  West.  Should    this  I  -...., .,,. will   have.  In  person   of   Mr.   I'alerson. _.�����  repre  jtafive   thorouglily     familiar  i needs'and   rejfpairemeiit s,  and  ;}i)i,y be relied  on ,U> >!  to ���advance  its  hit pro-  do  in:  (he  (.'ii-  v.ilh ils  o'li' v. bo  , u! most.  ' KNOWN'       TO       THOUSANDS.-- Purine-  Il(.*(.-'h   Vi-fiyt'tiible   Pills   i-rgiilufi'   the   iictiaii  of   tlu:   secretions,   pnrHy   t-h.e   liloml     ami  keep   tho   st.oi'niich   anil   liouel-i   f'n-c     from  (,!.-l,r(fi'ioii��    iiiattcr.   Taken     niTonlin.;-    In  ilir.-rf ion    Iboy    vvill    ov.-ironic���' ,h i.| ensu,,  ei-iuliciiti*     bilioii.snesH, '   ���iid   b-nve   the   di-.  jgestive   orgiitm     ln-nli,|,v      iiml   .lining     lo  .piTforiii    tlieir     ruiiit i,)Ms.       ���i-ii,.,,.     mr-ritr.  nro   well   known   to   Muiusnmls   v'ho   know  ])/   (<.-:pj*rii-iico   hou-   lionrlic.inl    I hev   nro   in  uiviiig   I iiii-f   I o   t he, sy.si |.,.|.  talion    of    tin    mail   <  t nedn. ',.     It   im    1"   '  negh i t'-d   it   m i*,   !  ���   '  breakdown- ������'. perhni).-  What- is   needed    to,   >':'  'mu-i'gy and Vitality, -is  absolutely'   .(he   ' best-  world.'Is ' Ui'..   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U'illiaio:  If vi I hi     < \.t .  .  I'l.lll--'"'  sl',.n\ vili  .;   t (mi1'''  I'uil- .'1  ...itvod.1  oiioi'fTI  rb I..  '���) r  (VC��1  v.-.-is  11  ;.     !li.-i i'l  i-h'al.  I'.i.-I-  ,-.   r. i"i  > "���!ul   'Tl  !,itis��)i!sl|  .-���ival'j  irff  i  a'  modi.'  K    .  Ill'  in v  u iv  !!' I'-'  i;  I a-.  and  the.  Will  can  box  inir  ii.-,.  vr i l ii  bli!  i i  hi''-'1'*'  Willi."!  ..iiad-'  OlIK')1*  ���..:-!     il'  is-   -iv'  niliia  .: nn  ui'. i-'-1115-1  I  ii.nii��\  ion.1.  ii '���  riii.ifl  u'if!i  T.f' i''1  V '  ���11  "1  . Ill' ll  .i  irill'  i,i.ir,<;��* ����'$m  S-Uft��  :l0YlE   LEADER  i " 3*:  ^        ^. j i i'i -������ ��� it ���"!' 1 rr  qvie, D. C  Hi:  Mj,��UBBIeANn:b *��w WIV��S-  *��� i.i  I   ,,-,-,..", it is said) always  SSr"\,*��/JS  husband. - Gold-  ':i'4lrjMr'    " i  ^^M.    ,,__>   and   children   are   a  "     gSlSlY    ''.*., f. of  humanity.���Lord  ���>es'P     Ole-j^Sr 53     of  all  teas that arc not sold  Ui .-.lalul heel -packet- imdcr the registered'brand  '��&.   MM  ���' s> i:na..i  ���'- Un.*.  |3&  -fri        h����� l,-k^5        fc-irsitt-  " stri1'-"11      ���iu,uia",j"    - ' ^^���" -*-~-���--���- ���~~~  H ,     . , ,���.1r,v-i votm-    CKYI.OX THA.    Tlie rale now exa-els   12  million   packets annually.-  '   ��� i      Ek^sIi I'M) should iiinnj    -i ^ooii0 _ . i  ''' ''''���pS^r. .���'.,��� eUVr man not at all.���    t he people arc learning iLs worth --;nid  learning   quickly.    Black or  ^���"1,":BS>'*1" ��� Natural GRJiUN.   ',   Loth equally '  PURK."       Staled   Lead  Packets  ''   ^',lBt^'"s"',tbi.s wIfc a��? <*";' ! - Only.    By AU Grocers.  In- .iij-^Bffl,.,. mmess at home and broods ' ___________ , * L .  :.(lI, q.'/'ES H-'n'osvs.-.ie'remy 'J'aylor.    .    ; ~ - -���-   '^'���e^J ( vt,(. 0oservcd the mar-    |3p5saiscKs=��s,=<3aj��23=^^  llaiVii.uinippybutfor-wa.itof    j^g?    ,^    ^'     " *-��** v^-    jgX __, .t.���,piT in the man.-Rich-  ft luiih wife *>-K] ''hihh'en hath  ��, , .!���< io l.u'tui-.e. for they are  ...7- i" r.re.B eii-c:prised. either  . .   .^"inef.���Lord i'.aeoi'i.  ,_,.- i���--r like :Cgoddess the  ggg.   , . I.*-.' I'.kc.it woiiiiMi.    What  ,, :, ,>,i abjcit Uutlercrs de-  ��� ;,,.    vve.lt.'-l     li;"'"    -  MI'ST BV*. APAl'TKi) TO SUIT Til C  COIjOMKS.  A   cabh-gi.iiu   iruni     London     says  Me-m-s.     Montagu    and      Herbert,    m  - 'iii-.iiitJ.1-   up liie vi.'v.s  i,i  tIn-  leading  i-ihools    oi     Canadian     nmttion,    and  I ; i-v e-v. ing    Canadi.'.ii     coiidilions    sav  jth.il       unles    Bn'ish     in.iuui.ici urei s  ! ni'i'lerm/.-'   in.-1 bods   an.l   adapt    th'ill's  his   to   colonial   i equm mi :.l s   tin.',  ivv.ll.  with  or without,   pn icivnc -. I0-.0  th.    Canadian   maikets.   The   authors  chnpier     suggests     state-aided   numi-  gi.it ion   and   the  removal   of   tho em-  biCfio  on  cattle  [THOMAS   LAW.  Ship Your Grain to        william law  Wo handle   grain   strictly   or*   commission.    Highest   Prices   obtainable.  Liberal  advances.    Trades carried  on margins   in   Winnipeg s  futures.  Cornspondence  solicit*!. GRAgfl   EXC-HAW8E,  Winning  ..... , '        , ,',-' ' rnniii'.s sciitiLMts.  ll   1 ne   banns  ol   ii'.niia-e  vv ��� >.   piii,- i  il-dl'd   ol    two   llovvee,'   v hi. h     v.o.dd,     '1 Lb ' .'���  ,>v <*    - ���,nd. *il ,.    l.vi-e-    in    (h--  .      , . i{..,.v  l.e'--T-,w��. t    Will.an.,   aid    ..l.o-,  |b-"'l'M. t e m   th- I m..n.    -.ho   won  !���,���, K��k.I��K  l��   OKI  TImeo.      CL.id   (Ma. .g��,ldj , il.-   IV-I    Lh.,.1.*,   .Cl.,,!..i-.),;,  ;��'" ,      ,-,i.,.   s-'i'r-h    ",(i '        ��� , , (olll'.'i.f   '-tiiiiv   at   O.mi.i.I   I  mv.-1-.l.v  -n     ,erL.'..;i   d  -e,   V....C1,   .���e , ;.. .^I'n-nm   Bu-lei.   or.   ll.e   'JTil.     to  I I.' *. .-rjiooi.  Ci'.M'i'- is almost the sole stir-     ,  " ���"        -----    ��� �� ,     ,.,,, ,   ,\ n\ i,i:ii:-.i: 'i iir.M^i .ia i s,-  ";;"ig .isi of e:pr..i:y savory ,,.? ..rr^MMvr LVkrvViVA";:. 'w*lsr �� -' ""-," u"  ,..,. ,kis the  boars head,   nl-(   ���' 1;|,N     ViV_   jm,,,^ x>  .    de.lical-'-'    by   custom   niii.  DM ,'the chn-'tm.iM  least.   The  No une need I'.-.ir iliok-oi "i ai..v suni-  iei io:'i|iliiiiil if t':ev ha-i- a lioUh- ��>'  j" ,1 I' K.'ilt.gir'.s ilvsin'irv I'cnili.il  I'.'l-. foi u"c ll cnrifi-l- all ioo'-fn<"���  -..! iif l>f,-...l'. ;ii()ii.|.tl;. inifl ''.OIK "- Il  !',��� ah\ a.id i.>ii noil ni i ion Tins is ii  I'.i-'iiiin- a(lii|ile.l fur tin- \fi-*i-.e ni-d ulu  i^l. ,i;ul pj.i'i ami )���- iMl'xi'v bei finni-j',  i In-' inij-i |iu|iiiiiir ii"(*.|ii un* )i)i i-lioli'i.i.  (l.v' -i''..'iy,   i*l'       ni'llif'   a..like!  IB'".Vs Ali.li TO CAPTl'BiO O IIOliLS.  '!''���- 5-'out!-. Afii'-an (iovernm-nl has  a.lv "������Cse.l u nw-aid of C^iii air tin'  (!'-cov ei ,\ of the men who uueupted  t.i ri-niiive Prince Christian Victor's  1. niv   from  his  grave.  Catarrh and Co3ds roHeved tn  10 to GO minutes���ono tiunt pun of  t.'io hi-eitth tlirougjli the nlovvt-r supi'la-d  with c-a.Lh bottlo of Dr. Aijuew's Cn-  tunhal Powder ilifliise.s this powder  over the- suilucc of the nasal pnssiifiei.  ],'i'.mless rani ilcMf*;litfuI to UK) H relic-es iii-auiilly, und pei inuncntly cun-s  c.i'arih, hav fever, cidd"-. luudache, sore  thi oat toiibilitii nnd dcaliHJs.b. 00 cents,  41  ?j^rjvrxz*',*"*.s=*-^i=Z'-xx*r' �������nr"' ���~1"--':-<f'"r'inf'f*'r*m'' "^             _    .       . . _   ** ���  Consign your jp-ain t- :nc am! get  prompt wrvwc, carefnl^^clfJi  and highest market prieen. ^      ^W**?.^*^       D^AvVbKt^  k Bff    rpi^vws  ,/\j IpHpC'T   tsla'o'.hiifid Grasr. Uffii:iis  AM'   I Iifi   iJ^C'i 1    Hcrchaal ia Wnnipeg. ^  Reference-UNION BANK of CANADA.    ^ a    ^8     &J ��h^<       ..!.?,?H'.  EEaam__aa��  .avanKS  n.i !���"  i    '.!.-     Par m-iii  "���     \ i|,.-uil.l-     I'iII      I'���  I.I"    liO,-..'..l' I  "I   111-- 1.1        ll"--     L"''l      I I'  ll,     loi    ' h' ni-.i-b  i p . ; '     (I....V      ni.nl.-     I'a    ' >i' iiiM-iv i".  i ,.-,' U ,'J le'n      I'.' s     < io .  e       a. 'I      '��� l"V  v..i,   Cui.-d   of   a   bad, ca" e'oi   -ar-i,,,, .   ,,,���,��� q    ,,,(-   ���...(   nii'dii-uics^ i<  That  II' .v.  t i. ���   i '  '���'"'!  :t i--iil  .,'. :,enild oT  the  fc-.ist rind   al-  ..viiicl ,.wiih mustard.   Nevt in       _   v ^   ti          .__.  n ^     .(.  ..^ , ,^   .ice was Un* peacock.  The skin   ,,C__K. !a   mi.NVKD'S   1 IMMK'v'l1. \ m  . ti..u.,  .'���"ivi'W   ..��.d   l';l':,^,���;:*^  |tff..,,v   stripped   oK.   with  .the, '            M,*S.  s.  K Al LIU- K: -.^i ^rUi'^1^^ \��  L vlhering.   The bird was then : j,,   ,.,,.),>,.  , .|. mii.-.-u.-ns  to   ��!.��li   the-.o  "' 'vvi-en   it   was  done and   had       I was    Cuied    of    sensiti-"     lungs   ...,., .-'-us mv-  i.'.  U'A!                '.      :..    l^     l.��� MIVlKliV!    1.1 MM ������"NT  ll   lb AN   LAM   jytrti   *_-'>,.Kr.<),���.   ,)nr(,   lhan   n   sinjrlii   car   will  briiJ7~lTvou   wiFship  your   wheat   to    us.   we    will   s-ll   it  with  many  uriu-,.     ���*���   .>-������"* i i-,,.i    ,,,,(! vou will ire-   rom A-cent    t<  ii^yz\^ry:yL'"^^  ,V.h,,, 1....1   17 ypu.-,'  ,..'nrti<',.l   OXI-rHonM     m    U,��     Kr,���i.    ��..>.���,��,.  This    also    is   'worth   somcthn-g   to   you. ^^  McL-AUOHUN    &  .ELLIS  Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.'    *Ki'KRKxci'S:  Any Bank or Commeraal  Institution.  Cha -,' -. uiuij  V   <idv!Y' d-A  X.   I  .u.'I   ( >.:,!  HOfii:   ,i i.ui    i...v. i       ,��ii o      ���   ......      >-.       - ��� ''*-"  I^^rM   uq.ng.iin   in  its   by AllWIlh s  I.IMHIOT  l^p.l   wllli   giklJd   beak   was: UKS    .-.   MAMK*^  |t!'�� tabic,  Pomcttmosi the whole j '  �� Covered with gold leaf find a ,   ,  L ,,     ,.)  saturated  with  spirlt-i '  31 . ...... 1.....1      ..,,!(���  v   i-,   a   '- rdduv-rmg  h'.a-   "tf-rui-  tv '���P. -cai.v i"  l"*1'"  no '''"'  Vd.v  i    ^ii&Sovcr.-.oi-'s^.'ireaPivson-  i t ; r_  e. r- - :.i ���. -  t- -,  ��� IH?Mf r,     "i  saturated  wnu  siiiin   i      ���-.��-- --  r    ���; ;,B���;    ia   he.sk   and   hgbicd   aa   it   ,ro   uk1.].ksKNT    MI-".HICAL   SWll*   Jf  ,,���'. �����_���V1.1,,, I   ��.,  -i.e- .ouiuy   m*.'-. Nan-  " rt"-it*i Wts -erceo-.is,. entry.    Tlie   nobis VICK. i-*-   ,    Out. . _ ...ul    ^.P,^';;,;"':^  f'��p :U'U:D"BB,iii"t served by common hands. ���    ,rh(,  :i"inisl(li. of  Mi;iiiU|nt   Ottawa , \\\   ' |,'.!-';";,!'"; .'"'.'.mi ."!-l".,i*d'''s'h's-h'ts"  rat.o.'i-.    ������B{,?;vjl��'-'(k   �����"'��   reserved   for   the   has ,lciL.RUtc,i Col. Pi-sot, B   C^-S..   ,; , .,., to *.:..  i...    v.�� '-* !",'>������'  ,,;"',1   "Mf,^  ~>l    u"   r' lBI^"r- distinguished by birth and   t(|   lv;.1T.i.-,.t,L   lhj    Canadian    Medical    ti ��� ,  ;yj^'^' yyc ^"^'"una'a.   Cure.  'V   (i"'*!i"-'.li^"f-rP(,4-p   capons, pheasants and   serv.ee,   at    tlio    li.ti-niaiioncil    ' (|n" i!),', ,1.;,,^ ".jied'h.-i ���i'J  1" ,.!r.,V'toiigucs .also  helped   to," K>-eE.s   of   Military   Surgeon.-,    at     St., _L__  Jt tbe  Christmas, table   in 'days _ Louis  irom   the  10th   to   l-.ta   oi      c- j       ^   ,.(li,t.^i."  li. V     ( Ii.'Ti'H, 1  Mr. II   i-'hd'  n nd '.i' ST.t:  :.-! ..--il ci-V  ". avliy Cud  v. ul !''*���' jun'*  i-'ii'i  'V-  corl  felt  u a.;  cn-id   jkB  t   l...r  ii������ d  j.v    tn I'l.i'n* i  I   S.-V   i.i     A'.il^  nm. (.'-'-   mm  ���'���il       ( lilllll',.! 'fl  V.ith ::.i:.j 'ij  i.-ti ������ r/-'-;."c:i.  , T. ?r.  a  J". " 'j' for j  ' .  "o c  ���  v, .ih.iii; r:i|  in, !   i    ( "  . .   d /������  ;}<:'<&]  i ��� * ,i f ������"('���ii  ;,, :  :���. 'in ie-.!  r    i i,.-   -. u:  :��� .��� i   ���t    U,  1 '. -ilI.I  .'i'l  .a j iv .1   Xo :'f  ii  : ' M'.  ,v   a  ,..    '   - ;;  SO i-l^j   ;      fjbj  ��� I'" ,rF.'.m  i   . ���      /"J" 1'-  i-    > v   W   ^  , ,   , >., i-ndio:  By,-  i     '.!:,���   ci,.*.,!:tiuii   of     Lody   Cur/or. _ is    Ui'i]' ci iiical.    bib     wa.s  slightly    in>  !     Stop tha Pa:u-c:cJCSl^Cy ::-   piov-.!,    -m    Saturday   ^J';'^:^  'Stor.iacr.-'n.,* ;- ^'.y f��o ��,rt.'.. da-   fn, n VNah.;-.' "-^ ���' ^Vv'\'^i;:.\,��,',7  ......      v.,.   .,,...,.    !.au-,i.-i..s   iioai-uin-    "a-    ;..  ,,,.*!   ma intaiiied.   >' r   I bomas i)..  Why   is   a  lover    like   a   knocker?���  B, cause, he is bound  to a-door.  Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.  SPAIN'S XKW, SUNDAY.  The now Sunday rest law, which  abolishes the "'Continental Sunday"  in Spain, compels the postponement  oi bull fights ti) week days, requires th" fpvsing of shops and  slons,' ami prohibits the publication  or sale of newspapers. Cafes and  dunking, h.;r*. only are allowed to  rei'ia'in  open. ' -  '     KS<:.LlHiI.SI'AYl>'   UXIME.VT  lie-no*, es r!I h(ii(!, soft or c��llouseo  lii'i'ps j'.iul bk-ini'-i.cs' from horse.-, blood  .-���; iv in, i-uibb, splints, ringbone, Fwcency.  .-.t'lk-s.', hpvnii!-., i lire.-, son- and swollen  Ciiotti, counlis, ele. Suve f.50 by the  u ,u of, one holt It- Warranted the mosl  .,oi. (lei fdl   Illc-iui.ih   Cine  e\er   kno��n.  ISt WHEAT, OATS AND FLAX asS^SS.  \yy;l y^y, 3i3r�� ^ �����%?*&���* -- �����-������:-  TliOMPSON,'sONS & 'CO.; Tl-.e Commission Merchants. Winnipeg.  BANKERS -- UNION BANK OF CANADA.    "f-ARBBRS  ��i" 0t"l 1' '�� thslr ��dwot��s�� to cooalgn Ml GRAIN to  .   ,      '-        -���^-    .*a   mxV*   nromnt  retnrnn.    Advtcncei"  made  OB  Union Bank of Canada.  iRAln J  .  = = 3n,i;!ui/.i-i,H��   i-'   =.-���������.���     -  -  ,,,,,rll���,e  ll-.i--  .,..���        ���     -       , iv-,,.     ,s���   .n.o.j   .'.a.-a.-i..-.   iio-irtii'"   i'"1" i,  ,,y.\  maintained.   ,!->r   I liomas H..i  Tho Win*  Ido", nnilui;   i..   cm.-,   in   mv   *���=.'!  ��">' I'-    I;'' ,,,,,,.    l!jl{1     .���.V(.rili     noted,    phys.t mn-f  Ave   .b.hnny,  can   you   tell   mo lu.i���   1!m,ir..,,.|y  , ���",   ������;'�����'";��   ';.;���,;"       ,..,!>,,.;,   iljV..  arrived   at     Maimer  vl.u." h,r,d on my watch goe. 1,   u,. suiM.,,.��.....-  i^.^-., .���;-���  ��� '������;��� ;v ^y ^f/-n ^ n.  _-- i.-i-r'.v    w."-'abii-    1' I'--'-1   I'--.'!'-'!-!'  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L'rt nhaiit thai mysterious box f0I.  ,hl.  fn;s,   v\.-ii     ih,i*��ih>  '��   l^'��  S1' ,    . .  ,     Mrlfi::i'��   cl.iel   (omp  '."Oi  Bra '-i"i   illili'Cl.S,'                       ~ v-.u--   t.ie,;,    i.wi.i.a  Wilsor's F'O Pa:5- 0."* original and only  genuine,     Weir, vhe.i '*.  vfttion-3.  f    -    i;     (,'\X   HANI'LF,   CHOP   OF  ^       '     Niril'i I1WKST.  "Why is ii kiss like a^prop'-rly divided si-iibon''���Becau-.e it r.-iiuires  an introduction, two heads, una an  application.      ��  Any Bank la Winnipeg. ^^  ^  GRAiN   ISX^BLBG^WINNIPBQ^^  wwHwuiniwrnnrpffi  , ^,.JIL,igaBaB3��ZBSaaanTy/^^  'nmasgas  it is a Question of, Warmth use  KM       \ |Jf     ii V1'        '     *     *  8,p.-i.'d1u:irtersV"'   ' - ��il-  Creat   M.'M:ihi'��  d.iei   nii'ip  -o  v,���s  nothing  lu  it,"   replied   ,.,  pig iron prudnci ion-_  -jjite:  Minard's Uniineat Cares Dandrvlf.  Lord  Slraihcon-u  vviies  re   accident  ro    ihat   it  was nothing serious,  only  he  I  1      "i.e   ( an.���.die.i   l'\.- i'.'c   Bai'w.-':.  h..ve   U;lS    .,     uood    deal    sliakeu   up    and  r I u-.'.'l'.-  the   i.nno.mivm m. sav-- a,-,,1��n' U,light l.v  'nrui'-ed.    but   is now   moving  l|.'/il   d.-.-i-t'ch   il'-*'     '���hi1'    vi ������'�����'   th*. \    .,|<lM,t   o-: usual.  '....,   ,..'...���: ..   i,...,*-,.r    ���>:3.ii''(i    cai-h        , .  l__  ; I r-,i i      .1. --..,���     .      . . .-    -  l     \      .. '    ���     1/  i-i'   '.f       -l-ill.'ll      (-.ITh  vvoiiid   h.-'-c  "  ,"'''b  V'1    y ��� ._  WlBon's Fly Pads are 3c ."by >.\ Drua- Und <J^" muxes' iT."lv;ieli;'  the'_gn.in  B1SU and General S.res. and r.,1-1.* 'H'imIc oi   ih-.'   ^"'" c  aer s..\.'..  \-   ���n'.r.      v-:v  .n    1"   IK.     ���-���''      "       "'  :,n ^   out to your Aunt Man 3    ^  ;,',;'.;,���', ,,j.._ Tnyme  s"if"v,, .. n pot off heforo vvc got ;     ^,   , ,.,.".,_  Kl -,.-���   i  -l.c is coming here."-    j ,./',..,  , -, t_.*,,i -..a ^ta  .^.^   .^    !:."-: . - ''Ji,' :':;'i'';i;^ ������;��� .���������;���:' ���,::',;,;  -i. I   ii     murder    io ! ''I.1, ' ,! [' ;.IV,* ���  ',���!' '. .     "'^'-  "":1" ",'",'! i  ���"��� -^ ������i-,,;lV ';^' JJr",-''':"^-'r"'J''"  ���^���'",i  , -,u.u   with   ir-.t.-ri��   i--   -in.. ���-<���   ';-..,,.     :v, ,i   ,.,   ,   k..ov     ������'  a'kiii.ug wnii �����-;';'.h,;/.,.'.',.r  BUILDING:, PAP  '���'      ' \t Retains Heat  aud Keeps out Cold.  h        . writo   for- Samples   ami- Prices.  i TEES&  PERSSE,   Limited.', Agents, Winmp^gJ  ^ajaas^ggBSJ^gasasw^^aw^^^  '^;���a ^\   ;.d!ncBt Relieves Nearalgia. j  rar=:.-r=x-"^r': _J I S . "^  .���.fd  I  M"m- , 1 at'die  ), '    '     '  c ,:.|    'o    I.-'    a    C.u.  ���     a    w -ll-i��i-ai.��<^ j    ���"���",���;;.;���.���,;:",/  ,,   lL.i   n;   B"   '''  -   '-'ag   the   beh-v     o.Jdian   "''-' ', l \ ".  .(nll���,   ,,..,ures   .re!  -,..-,���   chur.b     io,   .. : Pai is,   \-h',->    -     ' ^ .���,       v ,, ,  ,    , ,,     !������  ' i -i. ���   I : n -   * ..l'.-M   ..'.-���- .      .     .   ,  '.'-'    P!'^     '"-   ,.'"  I''.'1    .   ,.      ,���,.   ��.,..     uhil   v.'-   A'*"'1     "  dine"--*",    oi  ii d ih'  .<on'.-; F"lv Pads .ire the best fly killer*  Im  'I    i  '"sU-on    Abhor      l^""^1'^;^.   10  h-f :^'?^t"^ ��; i-lii1- ?ySa s��m-  fl'!i'-,"'lVe;-v"UllliC;i,.i   s^red   ncu.oly!  "���'��'   i:?r'1   tRdl,U.fPu.^!,i��"v1 d   h-Uh  ,!,,[-. '���.I'l-.:     to     till.'     U.U Ll >UU   r ^ ���������,,, v  :;,;:v ���:';:; ;::::;*;:,.;";";":"';;:.;.- *, 'iL ;��H^��H' i  !v r  v.l'Jcb.  ih-  I'id  11   'Ji'"   h.as disapp'"'-"  u' \u':.ih     o!T. i    '  ��!,.  ,.,m     (am I'm   f-"-, -  -.     -       i,ii.-    or    tu-'    i...'I'll-j    lh>'   S.'i'i'"1-'1,*  Colonic*'      !<���'   diy  :*���   -: '" I'm)  voted   b.V   C,.."- i  i       h   dudl-L-^s,   U deaf"  .         .   . ;    \  _d. 'm.aen "-   "  ,"'I   A',,   ..-*   ,-.:���'  ';"  '���,''    ",,;"."i      r.7  1* -s   !:-   i." I"!'  i       , ,-1 'i'   '      i ���'    i   ��� ' ,  ;;,....\i.-. ���. p*"i"--''  ,���..  ���. '        t        *   . \       T "���    ' i ' �� * "'��� '  |,    .   .u.w   ��!>'"���' '"'���'.  ,0;^     ' rJ'i'  .-rVoi^r   fc-a-r   an   a��a�� (  <"-";   'l:!:'!u!".'V^.,'   Lv"   boen   limned- 'i  C  That is the reason why $5006.00 reward will be paid by Lever  Brothers Limited, Toronto, to any person who can prove that  fi  ;i>on\sFlj  Pad* wiil clear your house  ) T)I7PRK?1  Mais* \'>iw?  and <Mi'.--'-  O'lH.l'     '���"'  he. I V       "-*'1'  Ml.       ���       '      lU  he '.���o!i!>i'<-,i'. '  ���'''oi-.'(!..(��� "I"!!"  iJii^-ift- ���it-"-"-\i"9|  "nu.:..:-:   Thfrtl  ���v.-:  VI.���*������!*',  eii;  ���'.���h-   <'1'^!|  (,   -]������':,.I.yli''^  art 'iu^-i H'i:,':  first sviii|'l��B  lend   to  t)'1'"1  hap.*   ��� OhWii"'!.  .0    rest-..''.'. V!1  v^.is ���:   1('!,i.'  ,'est  '.tunhV.1',,  I.o-n. u-yb^'1  ��� chcerfnl enfl I  d girls ami ��.<  ' I'b;!.itlS"1,S  '���I v.'..-'|S a. 2,|V"  lies li..-!.'!''- l,;"  s: 'Miai: a"1"1'  .s,M.,-.,.,|.. idinfli  ,(.T. r.i.d " :  eak .:'a'!."''i:;;  i,'.  of   I"'-   f'  ��� hnv-  Ji'a";'.;  ��� a 1 '.'  n   mv  10,1a."   ,  IlT.eel   il'-1' ���'  roli.;-l.v ���'���'"���',!'i  .v.:..!.aili'��-"!  .,'���;   f.irnis "f '  .bill    N"   "'"   I  ii.- fidi "���';",  f.-.ct ory  v     e  . ,;   a. :l>  ,,,,s ~[yi,A. ��.' -u' by hu" aS^e,eo�� j I   man to work in with -comfort  ��l.lV:.t..,,,w,. .^.'lui: -"r.i- w ��^.��- 11   Has more material in it than  V "n..��   ��� v i-o-u �����������    ^:";,"''��-T' aiul I  4Jf.  Made big enough for a big  Kabul"   Beht.-d  o'l'.af   i'":��  '"  v      e  -I'!-   C  ���I *  1"  i-  o'l'.-'f   '"'i11  ' '     " ...   ',!,.  ('..v. irimeni  Si^    .,vplPVti.V>     ���". ,. ,    ,    ., !..dv  ' .        -,,.,. .-da n 1   1   >>'���'���"  ���  O!     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If you will  uberfluous: nair  Removed d>, 'uc  GUI*    -^?  Elcct4lySis, X-ray or^pu^^^i!  1 offered  you  on  ray or ovl��'���:''-;  lhe  Uie W�� -*ord 0.   the  loi'  I''.i  1:1 i i  ,1    ''���'<  ���ll   ']  ... ut  I    :���"   '''���'  yi,.,l!a:ll''  I only use Ayer's Hair Vigor,  I Vour gray hair will soon have a  !al' the  deep, rich  color of |  1 Youth.   Sold for 60 years,  '"^lovVi^r ��,7<IT,ro 7P*r�� oU, an<J T havo  *on4��t fe ,v.r h!inA ��f ��">* "na!r ^n^11 ���' ft  P��Th��i-VT?7,,050 '"^o ��*��'lt.   And not a  M,.'.' &vt1 dJJ0 to A7***�� K*,r Visor."  "lM' "��� It. BosTla. Becida, 5silnn.  *--nt?M'       - j.o.ilTO(x.,a  offered  you on   ��� ; rer3.    i> -  .,  oporatora   ��.n a   m.-- onivln*tho..    ;  Mli.ACLE>3 not   lc ��-.^     ,   fl    ur.j .  whtoh  is.i^o"ca.^Spx.dio.irn��lM !  will   bo   senb   wet,   >��    t:     '  envelope. -.v^-.i n.lf.u:if.-n i?  ���Your money b��k-.th -n-; .^  itfailato   f,0'*^U; %;>..-scaled   ���>.  I,K   MIUAULi^   [";:,;'.;'-;;{,sl.    Wrh.!  iforitto-'lavto iQ ^ WES  ICAL CO.,  -3 Q"a*  JTonoKTo, lr -pW��**ffl company     ��  contains any form of adulteration whatsoever, or contains  any in-  jurious chemicals.  Shrunken woolens, frayed linens and sore chapped hands are  evidence that all soaps arc not pure soaps.  Sunlight Soap is guaranteed to be a pure soap. Dealers arc  authorized to return purchase money to any one finding cause for  complaint.    Sunlight Soap is equally good in nard or soft wa.cr.     , ^  LEVER BROTHERS LIMITED, TORONTO  1001  any other brand of shirt in  Canada. Made on. the  II.B.K. scale it requires 39^  to 42 van lspcr dozen, whereas  22^^li!}iilLilive only 32  to 33 yards.  That's the reason why the   |  I-I.B.K.   "Big"   Shirt  never  chafes   the armpits, is never  .tight at  the neck   or wristbands,  is   a]ways_loose^^  andycomfortable   and  wears  well.       ���', ���'.'.���'���  Each shirt bears a tiny book  that tells the whale history c  of the "Big." Shirt, and:  also   contains   a   notarial  Tharo'a easy, -5006 washing r,'nCad for tho Sun��:��MM^ds  ,   ,.   ,v    ,,....-     ,     Cloiioe-   rivum   ''h'"-'-    r'1lV"' ,  ���Ihe   wise   man   le-1       ��'      ,        ;i,i|(U,���1-,1..111���-.,sl-.)v.   ho:-.-   ,'��� .�� *a-  preiud'es   lor '^>vo:s    a     ,      - *' j   '  ; ^ L>),   uh),h   M l���n.si,,  lhl,   (io>e   ful'' inulcs cal    i" Ki->,inO   b'U.re   .���!.���     I. 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I .��JJ |^ J^^^L %^  ��Big"    Shirt  .contains    19% \ ��� VorU....,." Hailway .Company. ��� ,.  to 42 y-ds of material per   [j^^^^ Courtship  dozens i     ivfefflccl,   or   bad   ^Pyy-Jr^inait.   Will .m^^���X  Wilson'.*" l-ly P��i'..��.   'Ihrcc hundred timt-i  chenpec iti.'i-.i ft.i.-..-.j liiii'cr.       .  .  .   '  "���    : '   '       ..,.'  !     What   ship  carries    more p��.- '_"���-'., ���-  '   t   the  siiini*  time   than  any   ot.u-r.-  Sth^^y^X^^yt, -mats Liniment Coresjms. etc  Sold at .11 dealers but only   1   fSUlS, ^^"SX^y^.  ��f "  with; this brand :-  HUDSON BAY KNITTING CO.  Montreal        Winnipeg       Dawson  i  ~       r"      ~^~ -        , '    ^riss   Charity-1  love  to   hear . the;  'Whv    is    love   like    a   candh^-T'o- chm.ch 1lolla v*injr. 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