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The Moyie Leader Oct 21, 1905

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* I
'I   '
*       *    ™ .75JT   _,
l^^d^yi^r^^    ' ^
"A     .    .'i
i        .
.  MOYIE, B. C /OCTOBER 21. 1905.
Now Is the ;Time
'. To think' about/buying your winter
supply of VEGETABLES, We are in
I a better' position; than "ever to supply
il Snur needs in all lines, of goods. Get our
t Stations^ bn\yegetables„ butter and
I His before you.tfcxow away yqur money.
I wf can,save: you -money, and that - is,
% whit vou'are.looking for. »It isnot econ-
oi"y        _ .-,.'_j '"-■*"->«■*•<-« prices with
Rise Is Both Rapid
arid Steady, .
Hull Mines ehareu
vance in London!
on' tho  ad-
Demand Is, Growing .Stead-
,' ilv and the'Supplv Is',
vNot Keeping Un.   '-
G'. O, Buchanan, in the.Nelaon Daily
News, aays: ,"    '       /
"The rapicl and' steady  advance in
.     ... y-..y'.y, ♦.«' k«
^'^'yjsvy-f^ l'  si" iA   q*a <Vf\n nnO ' .   *   ~' *       .market re
*,^aid^P .Capital; |fQ^'0^      .,      I ,Lead>
y BeserYe^^,;>V't^S?^^o;;30'oi ra^eacl
^TotaLResources^- 91;O0O OOQ*°^: 0i> notmake
' '  ,  /ST^X3^ENE;W.%i^ ^-V ^^^"4-
. r _-___. *''-'i'J.ii«->»▼*■*- o.>nn AT. - y '      y., -- -i, i«
the price ol lead seems" to me Jo be
due to nattfral causes." "The, demund
:fsrgrowing ;; steadily, and,the supply ib
not.--"' This condition,'will probably be
permanent' orat least will ..last, for "a
a '       «■ ..---' -1     ific
long time.    ^      , '',."
■■ "I shall,not be at all surprised if thei
bounty is   wiped' out   within   a few
months:; ..'It* will" disappear entirely
when the prioeof lead on the. London
Reaches £16.   !]    -.-,.'     >„'
twas once as high  as £22, and
reach that figure  again,, {1\  will
not" make a great difference Jo,, eastern
consumers,'but it", would 'bea ,'great
boon to Kootenay mine'   owners, and
tbthe, whole^ccmmunityif  the  advance continues for some time longer."it
Next Thursday,  October  26ih; will
be Thanksgiving day.
' John Houston has sent in his resignation as mayor of Nelson.'
^Ore assaying 375 ' ounces' in   silver
has been struck on the Enterprise.
The Kimbcrley Miners'  Union  will
give a ball next Thursday evening. „
The Slocan Star promises to be one
of the  largest" zirftTore  producers  in
British Columbia. . / .  -'
(.        ii _ •—■ ,
-The LuckyfJim hai declared a -.24-
000vdividond, the^eighth   dividend   in
I ; £
14*months.       t r''-- - -'
A.11 LeBoi ore now goes to Trail, and
tho Northport smeltert will soon,be
closed down indefinitely.,    ,-/1     ^   ;
-^ -. ^       ' ■_/*;"/   ■■   ;     ,  1-
'■ There is no meat'trust in*,Australia.
There mutt6n"sometiihes sells,, for as
little as two centaV^pound.'J '     -^ ,
i  ■ i '''      '''-. "1 S - "      '     'At
The dumpa at" th$,?Mdnitor . in(, the
Slocan are being shipped to the vRose:
bery zinc works,to;,beJ'treated. 4    „.yy >
Mill Run By^Decem-
"     ber 1st.      , *
i **
 „ rt
r "'" f i ] i
SnielterrNeed the Ore, and
the StL.Eugene Is Looked
v   ao for Supplv.     , -
| Our Second Cur of Okanogan
,      ! m   „ AND
in ' '
r        -. ' l
will arrive next week. If you , wish *to
buy a quantity for winter use, we are
prepared to quote a very close , price for
delivery from tlie rcars. , The prices are
advancing and we'expect our next car
will be higher. , Call and get our quota-o
'tions.   * . , ', " ' "
O.Pik's'New"'Boat.', ,•
''The Great .Northern,"railway has
started tb expend 1100,000 ia improve-,
ments in Fargo,' North Dakota. >'*    'f
The stockholdera^pf the Portland
fiir will receive a- dividend^ of l,30-p?_i
cent, which is a record for' fairs.*    '<.',
There is talk "of<rndving,the, railway
shops from ,Northport- V Marcus >on
tlie Spokane" Falls and Northern.' ,'
v - ■ <' M'-'-ny m *~*  '.% .",. '
.). The Nelson'board,ofxtrade js urging
the a P.--B,'to complete the^,road' between Kootenay-Landing and,Proctor.
-^ M v™   JJ*.     T        t ,     W«    »/ ■-      r.      f
That the closc-dojvn' at ,the St. Eu-,
gene will not be as long aa was at first
expected  comes, as  the beist possible
news'for Moyie. ^ ',•" '     '       '     '• * ,
, '{We  shall   s'tarti'up^aguin ^niucb
sooner\than   we .expected,'^' Manager
Cfoinn informed ihe Leader yesterday.
"By Novemherjlothiwe expect to have
a full crewrat work again, and we shall
endeavor to,*liave the mill -running sby
December 1st. * The smelters ,are running short 'of .ore,' .the' price of Jead is
good" and we are anxious^to do busi-
y The blacksmith shop is practically,
completed, and^the hoist, which was
brought oyer. from Itossland isU'eing
installed and will be-ready for, use in
a tew days, Work,in the shaft will bo
reeumod next wee'k. ^The'new hoist
wiU'bVhere and ^installed 'by'tbe first
of the yea/. Tbe*-terminal building
and ore bin,>at the< upper f'nd of the
gravity tram arev nearly fiuished^    ,',
... lH
:«'j}- •', ('fl'.
y. (i <•? •-• i,", ■> l
Library.' Announcement.,
nca.it o'mco *
Try A Few Cans of        '    ,
"Olil Homestead Brand"    _
-   ,* n yy ^-v^    *' ,     - .  , (
v   y
Vegetables and Fruits at    -
'- Good,progresses being made1 on .the
new'danadian Pacific steamer, now be^
ing built'iu Uie Nelsonj ehipvards. p Ah
'the^frames are in place,'and'* there is
evefy evidence'that'the^boat^will be
^eady 'ioTuexb'summer's service:;.The
engines and 'boilers are being * m?de,at
the Poison .Iron <Works"id.TSronto.'
-.The new'stcamer-will be the largest of
'the Kooteday fleet, being -nine'-feet
longer than the Kossla'nd that plies on
the Columbia river. <> She ( will also
have'the largest number of staterooms
of any of the boats, and.will be fitted
with bath rooms and other^ conven-
iencW soHhat passengers on t^ie
Crow's Nest line will have every , com-
fort. ,       j -
The Aurora.     '°-
*\The first carload;of ore-has been received at th^Erank^smelter.' It came
from lho,.Grey$°PP<sr mine, at^San-
don.i \,'-'-/- --^ y?*x ymy^ >": i
1 tM!    J--,'"'"
ray and^several'.ot^thejeoache^s toppled
over'into the ditch^ Nd|one'was^se-
Farrell & Smyth, Moyie.
is our .-.7 50,1G size, open face, Gun
Meial, 15 jewel, nickle.CW. H. Wilson
special.) Can we send you one?
Tost paid upon recoipt of price.
W. H.
cranbrook:, b. c
Development work will 'be,pushed
on the Aurora property all winter.
Comfortable quarters are being fixed
up, and a wagon road is being built from
the No. 1 tunnel up to the shaft workings. There is a good body__of„pre in
sight and the iiine is looking better
every day. (
Michael Sullivan, the manager, returned Wednesday from ' Spokane,
where he went to confer with Messrs.
Mackay and Wilson, who hold the
* _
To Aid Fire Brigade.
E. H. SJIAI.I.. Manager.
Good rooms, good tables and bar
<   and   first olassgsample rooTas.
•*$£■ tyxiynyr ^. *»-«&»• *v-
« *\T*  "V"   "V™ ""V-      " »      ^V^
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Cmk deposit.
Once opened it grows whether added to  or    not.
Interest   allowed at   current,, rates   and   compounded twice a year.
J, F. M   PINKHAM, Manager.
The ladies of Moyie will give a dance
in Eagle hall next Thursday evening,
October 26th, in aid of the Fire brigade. The committee is asking the
assistance of the ladies in town and
ft8ks them to h^lp to furnish the lunch.
Tickets will be $1. including supper,
and everyone is invited and urged to
Home G-rown Beef.
C. H. Little, local manager for P.
Burns «fe Co., bought four head of .two
year old steers from H. Cameron and
had them slaughtered and hung in
the shop for sale. The steers wero
raised near Moyie and no better beef
was eyer shipped^in here.
A Judicious Inquiry.
A wpII known traveling man who
visits the drug trade says he has often
hpard druggists inquire of customers
who asked for a cough medicine,
whether it was wanted for a child or
an adult, and if for a child they almost invariably recommend Chamberlain's Cough remedy. The reason for
thia is that they know there ia no
danger from it and that it always
cures. There is not ths least danger
in giving it, for coughs, colds aud
croup it is unsurpassed. Sold |by the
Moyio Drug & SUtvoneiy Stor<s.
i- I . «-   1 • ■   -S.|A^_ t\      I --J      y-v
The Chemical' Dank pf New \ York
City Htill'.reniAins'the autocrat of the
stock lists." Its capital is'only $300,-
000, but it carries $23'.000,000~in deposits aud has a surplus of ?7,000,OOQ,
1 . i
«'Doc" Brown, who ran the Owl in
Spokane for several years, is now located in Goldfields, Nevada, where ,he
is one of tbe proprietors of the Palace,
a saloon and gambling house.
A, B. Aylesworth, K. O. of Toronto,
will run in North York. He will not
only get. Sir William Mulock's constituency,-but his department. The
new minister will become postmaster
general. '
Pat Crowe, who .kidnaped Eddie
Cudahy and received $25,000 for his
ransom, has published an luterview
which states that Eddie Cudahy was
in the plot and received $6,000 of the
ransom money.   This the young man
o - r
denies.  :   k f-
Accordiug to the testimony elicited
by the legislative investigating committee, the McCurdy family—father,
80nand*sonin law—received in ten
years from the Mutual Life Insurance
Company $3,697,<153'for services rendered. 	
Over 300,000 tons of tailings running 17 percent in zinc haye. accumulated at the Brokjn Hill mines in
Australia. These old dumps are now
to be reworked. A plant that will
treat 1,000 per month has b;en built
or this purpose.
low Kot«i» on C. T. B.
Tho Canadian Pacific Railway havo
placed on sale daily till October 31st
at Winnipeg, St. Paul and all points
east of those terminal points, low rate
one way colo nist excursion tickets to
all Kootenay and North Pacific coast
points. Send for your friends while
the low rates are iu effect. Full particulars from J, S. Carter, D. P. A..
How to Curo  Corns and Hunlons.
First, soakf'the corn or bumuu in
warm wat.-r tosofien r ; then pire il
down as closely as possible without
drawing'blood nml apply Chamberlain's Pain Balm twice dully, rubbini;
vigorously for five minutes al cash application. A corn placer sh.m'.d b»
worn a few days to piotect it trcm the
shoe. As ft general liniment for
sprung, bruises, lameness and rheumatism Pain Balm is umquiled. For
sale by the Moyio Diug & Stationery
'.store- l
J1. C.1 Drewry is again,, in Moyie.(   „.
,JD^A. Ayres'left"Sunday .o^Trail.J- '
-Insure your property wittf. Farrell ,&
Smyth. •" •»' <; A - \Y, ;** .^ :   -   _... ^ ^
,,,'A. ;X--jClark 4 was 'in 1 Cranbrook
^Mons'Hanson hasjsold his' property
in Mbyiejto. JoMphJ J^ezw)na,.'   J^ "v_*-
y There is some talk of a debating _so..
ciety being organized_for'the winter.
?<■ James Cronin andv wife were east aB
far as the coal  fields the 'first of the
i      ■     t • *    ? ■
week.    \        '      •*   '}   -
Miss Elsie and Liilie (Schulze< returned last Saturday from" theii   visit
to Spokane. ^ '     t
The, Moyie Dancing club gavn a
pleasant hop in .the Eaglo hall Thursday evening. —   (      < • l
Chas. Armstrong returned from ' tbe
prairies Thursday* where he spent
several days shooting. ,       ,"* *
W. A. GalUher, M.PV ha3 < spent a
week in Moyie taking a' rest after his
arduous duties in Ottawa.
Miss MclCinnon'of Reyelstroke was
here this week visiting with Mr. and
Mrs." J. S. MacEachern.  .
Next Thursday, Thanksgiving Day,
the sMoyie postoffice will open only
between 5 and 6 o'clock p.m.
C. Ross Tate was here this weik
doing watch repair worn and taking
orders for goods lor the Cranbrook
hou^e. . "•
The C P. R has put in a wire to
the St. Eugene office. E. O. Kamro,
the versatile accountant at the office
is also an  operator.
D.J.Elmer is, calling for bids for
the erection of some log buildings on
tho mining property on the west aide of
the lake. For further information call
at this ollice.
Thos. E. Kelly, secretary of tbe
Moyie Miners'union, is taking a trip
to his old home iu Prince Edward
Island. James Leramon is officiating
during his absence.
Richer Than St. Eugene.
P. A. Conroy h.is uucovtnd a tvo
and a half foot body of ore ou the Eureka, above tlie Slocun Star. iliis.,
proparty 16 ownid by the St. Eug -ne
people, but a ton of Eureka oru is
woith a carload of oie hum uk* bl.
Eugene—Sandou .Mining d'-unlwd.
The library committee of the Moyie
Miners. Uuion'at a recent meeting decided to igo', ahead with the eetablish-
meut'bf the library and reading-room,
notwithstanding 'the •,disadvantages
Caused by Ihe recent partial,shut down,
j ofttie St. Eugene mine.    .. '   ,
f The1 library is 'to^-be run under the
auspices of the Miners' Union; but
will "-be free" to" the  general r public oi
<".•■ ,. ? y
Moyie.        /        y       i  .        ,
1 The committee  in ^charge are now,
'arranging >r   reading   tables.", book
cases, etc.; and  have  already( given a
large order for the  lending magazines
and  newspapers'of  the country,'aud
inside of the next two' weeks they ex-
pect'to have 'the haU ,of the Miners'
Union turned.into a warm, cosy room,
tiiere llie 'whole' people, of■, Moyie are
invited  toJ /spend''their,' long,  winter
evenings W' profitable.', and, social ad-
vantage. _„.„,.,      „ ,rt   .,
- ,The committee will at all" times be
grateful for any conlnbutionu of either'
literature or monty. , *
Signed: Charles A. Mackay.'Jame3
A. MacDonald, Thomas E Kelly, John
Blackburn, P.'T. Smyth. i
metal", MARKET., \~\ v
New  Yobk—Bar silver,  62i cent*
Lead,' $4.90. ,-Zino (spelter. $5.90.
'London—Lead, £1*1 17s. '6J. - „'
\t r Jthh.yfim«
. ^ ms^?y${
"y y _av* ,A;. -?%
-v Mover in Movie,,, ;
A'^'-^y'z——    ', >f-   ** ^Vft^'-fev
'   Ch'as. * F. -Moycer, president H^J16;"^^ ^^.frftf;
Wsetern  Federation   of  Miners, Wav-A ;s*'1.4J.„i^.|.'lt^,
heresla9rSaturldayl and   spoke  at! ther   .j;,- ^rf;"|;';K^l|ri
meeting,'of Hhe,rlocftl
th'atji'ght. ^ Mr, Moyer
irip through'-the  jurisdicti
visiting moat of the unions.   .  f ,    . ,
poorhealtli'j'and the 10^'days   whicli'l "l
he'served ihntlje_ bull  pen  during*.the^.
strike in Colorado'-has  had  a   tallintr"
effect on himk Mr. Moyer;was
allv well pleased 'with the Moy
• *     *    »-iffli   i. ™  r - "   *    'f
it beinc in a lLmoso tproaperoaa
'Shotin the Foot,
A. F. Smith, foreman for the East
Kootenay Lumber company at Tochty
while out hunting last Monday acci-
dently shot himself through tbo right
foot near the little toe. He was
brought' ,to Moyie and Dr. H.irvie
dressed ihe injured < member, 'an 1 be
went to the hospital the following day.
The wound is not at all a serious one.'
«, ' . !_•_»„ Colic, Cholera and
Chamberlain S Diarrhoea Remedy.
Never fails    Buy Jl now.   It may save life.
trouble   of?»!any, kind" on -within"*Ha;
boundB at'thVpresent time:   A move- ^
.ment is on foot to organize the 'states   -
of Michigan.'Minnesota and,Missouri
more, thoroughly.'     ' '     .'A
'-" .m r v
"Hooligan's .Troubles,"1- ,;
One of the newest and best musical
farce comedies of the day is "Hooligan's Troubles," which appears here
next Saturday, October 28th at Eagle
hall. This play is in its fourth season
and is builX upon the humorous catastrophes of one Hooligan who has been
made famous by his antics in the New
York and Chicago Sunday papers.
The Niederstadt Case.
Justice Irving has snst.iin'ed the decision of-Stipeudary Magistrate Armstrong in the Niederatadt ca-te.
-£t _v--k--
, )_IjA 1\ t.^W_
,v*--,-._; *
• * ^
1   $-..<■$'"
,»   ~f   *U1> »'
thtircli bi 11 Ices.
PltESBYTEri\?I—Tn   tllP   Ol.Tfcll.."-
EIi.ll.    Smiciiy Si-hool-*' •» p. »■•   Ev-
eilinj;     wi vit O    at   7 A ».
Everjouo \\< l«;<mi«
G. H FISL VY,  P.istur
MnTHO«ir.r—SundMy ri 1k>')1 at  3 p
m.   Evening service at 7 .30 o'cli,(.a.
E.eryoue welcome.
P. M. PERLEY, B. A , Pastor.
^ o, - > n * «*■ o^ -   s \". ^   ^ *m\J >-?<•
y-->^ -"-y^*^  y-   ,'x^S"^i
-!^~:^1> -V-y.-^BfcK. '*v\.'< - -v*^*
^e-xx^van^w^emrraxrsxt^^ i BTW "a., ■*"» .-■' ■*"<?<*,k* - *"'*--* '**•*- - g^ufc.V^JaSli^bri'-g*^. eft ..it.  Jtyi.ii^&*j*���� f. < *-^�� j.. ji-feiK Ri'TJcy  jufcaaiw-riirdija-u,^  rtf   "-   y-r  iii * ���nHiiam marm n mm  fWHEN KNIGHTHOOD  I   WAS m FLOWER  O  Oi, The Lore Story of Charles Brandon aud "Mary Tudor, the King's Sister, and  Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty Xing Henry the Eighth  ILawritten uid JLcndered into Modern Engliah From Sir Edwin  Cft.<koden*s Memoir ,  By   EDWlV CASKODEN   [CHARLES   MAJOR]    &  CownoM, 1S98 ami 1901, by Die BmMn-McrriU Company  u  CHAPTER X3TT. <-  I.ETTEI1S  mo��l  A  <JUZr.N.  TON our retnrii to England I  left   Jane   down   In   Suffolk  -with her uncle, Lord lioling-  broke,     having    determined  *,  . '-i' s.'  A  I-(A  0     .i*.,,}   *R  .#��  .'*y;.<yy  S '_$> ',  I'j-p:.'-^^?  y-Iifov  ���*   j _. * ^ a  l'5.i ��� '  y *  VyNfi  :y.^l  ' '"^"-I'Wyi  never to' permit her to come within  eight of King Henry again if I could  prevent It. I then went up to London  ;with the twofold purpose of seeing  Brandon and resigning, my place as  master of the dance.  When I presented myself to tho king  and told him of my marriage, he flew  Into a preat passion  hecause Ve had  not  asked1 his   consent.    Ono   of   his  v    -whims was that every one must ask  his permission to do anything���to eat  or sleep or say one's prayers, especially  to marry, If the lady was of a degree  'entitled  to  be a  king's  ward.   .June,  fortunately, had uo estate, the king's  c>   fnllier having stolen it from her when  sho'wns an infant; so all the king could  do dhout our marriage was to gruinhle,  ���which I let him do to his heart's con-  'i t0llt*        *   y.        ,,*'''  "I wish also to thank your majesty  for the thousand kindnesses you have  fihowu me," I said, '/and, although it  ' .grieves me to the  heart to  separate^  ^froni you, ciicumstaiices compel, me'tor  . tender my resignation as your .master'  of, dance."    Upon  this,. lie'",wns  kind  .enough to express regret aud ask'vme���  -.'"to" reconsider, but I stood my ground  flrm/y, andr then.'and'there ^euded my  official relations with'Henry, Tudor for-  "reverj.        A;     ' c    ' < <������ ' ^   *  Upon taking my leave of tbe king I-  'sought Brandon, 'whom I found'"com-'  fortnblyrensconced in our old quarters,  {< ho preferring them to&nnicli more pretentious apartments offered him in nn-  ' other part'of ^he, palace. The Icing had,  given* him'some ne\v furnishings for  them, nndf'as I was to reiuiiin a few  days to attend to some matters of busi-  ,ness, he invited *mo to slirtie his comfort with him, and I jrlndli did so. ;-'.--'  Those, few,days with Brandon -were  my' farewell,-to individuality., Thereafter I was to,be so injfalenously in-  - Iprmlngled with Jane thnt I was only  a part ���andja small part at that, I fear  ���o'f<two. I'did not, of couise, regret  tho change, since it was tlio one thing  In life I most longed for, yet the period  was tinged with a faint sentiment of  pathos at parting' from tho old life that  hnd .been-so'kind to mo and which I  truin i am nor, ior tnis wmen i ao bo  jvant, but I try to make myself content  v, Illi tha thought that full sure it will not  bo for lone, and that when this tedious  time iiath spent it&elf we shall look back  upon It as a very ioul school, and shall  rather joy that' ����� a did not purchase our  heaven too cheaply.  I said I Jlnd It  easy to live here aa I  wish, and did begin lo tell thee how It was  when I^ari oft into telling: ot how; I Ions  for thee, so 1 will try again.   This Louis,  to beg-In with, is but tho veriest shadow  of a man. of whom thou-ncedst have not  one jealous thought.    Ho is on a. bed of  sickness most nt tlio time, of his own accord, and if. perchance, ho bo but fairly  well a day or so I do straightway make  him lit again in ono way or another, and,  pleaso God, hope to wear him out entirely  ere long time.   Of a deed, Brother Henry  was right.   Better had it been for Louis to  have marrfted a human devjl than me, for  It mnketn a  very ono out of me if mine  eyes but rest upon him, and thou know-  cst'ifull well what kind of a devil I make,  Brother Henry.knoweth, at any rate.   For  all'this do I grieve, but have no remedy  nor' want   one.   -I  sometimes  do  almost  cbmpussionat^ tho old king, but 1 cannot  forbear, for ho turneih my very blood to  biting erall, and'must e'en take the consequences   of  his  own  folly.    Truly   is ha  wild'fort lovo of me. this Jpoor "old  man,  and thc moie I hold him at a distance tho  mora he fondly dotes.   I do verily believo  he-would  tiy to ,stand�� upon  his  foolish  old hand  did  1  but insist, -vl sometimes  havo a thought to make him try IL -He  doclh  enough   that  ls  senseless  and absurd, ln all conscience, as*lt ls. ,-At all of  this do the courtlers'smlle and laugh and  put me forward to other pranks���that is,  all but a few of' tho elders, twho shako *  their,heads, but dare do nothing elso for'  fear  of  tho  dauphin,, who  will  soon ^ba,  king and who stands first,in urging and  abetting'me.    So it is easy for me, to do  what I.*wish,  and above all to leave-un-,.  done, that which I wish not,' for I do easily'  rule4,them all, as good Sir,Edwit?ond dear  Jano-will^ tes'tify._ f I  have a-ball   every  .night wherein l(do" make a deal of amuse-,  ment for overy one by 'dancing La. Volta'  jWlth his majesty'until. hls"heels, and hls^  poor old  head,, too,  are^iiko  to  fall-^ off.1  Otheis. Importune',me^, for'*those  dances,  especially  the dauphin/but I laugh and  shake my head and saytthat I will^danco  with ^iio   one   but^ the   king,   because  ho  dances so well.   This pleases his majesty  mightily and maketh an opening for, me  to avoid the touch of other men, for I am  jealous of myself for thy sake, and"savo"  and  garner  every  little   touch" for  thee.  ���-* ���  Sir Edwin will tell you I'danca with  no one else and surely'never will/ ( * ,  You remember,well.i,I doubt not, when  thou first didst teach me this new dance.  Ah, how delightful, it was, and'yet how  at first it'dldj.frlghten and 'anger->me.  Thou canst not know how my heart beat  during all'.tho tlmo of that fiist dance.- I  thought, of^a,suiety, lt would burst, and  then the wild thrill of frightened ecstasy-  that made my blood run like fire! I knew  it must be wrong, for it was, in*truth, too  sweet a thing to be'right. fAnd then I  grew angry, at thee* as the -cause of my  was rouiovpa, tiia yowia, vrns opo����o  filK attach upon Mnry jn dreadful earnest He begged and pleaded and  swore bis love, which -was suieiy  manifest enough, and within three days  after the old king's deatli offered to  divorce Claude and make -Mary - hi��  queen. When she refused this flattering offer, his surprise was genuine.  "Do you know what you icfuse?" he  asked in a temper. "I offer to uiake  3-ou my wife���queen of 15,000.000 of tlie  greatest subjects on earth���and are yen  such a fool as to refuse a gift like that,  and a man like me for a husband?"  "That I am, your majesty, and with  a good grace. I am queen of France  without your help and care not so'much,  as one penns* for the honor. It is gieater to be a princess of England, ,'as for  this love you avow, I would make so  bold as to 'suggest that you have a  good, true wife, to whom you would do  well to give it all.' To mo it Is nothing, even were you a thousand times  tho king you are. My heart Is nnoth-f  er's, and I havo my brother's permission to marry^him." -  "Another's? God's soul! ''Tell me  who this fellow is that I may spit him  on my sword!"  "No, no! 5Tou would not. Even were  you as valiant and grand as you think  yourself, you would, ho but n child iu  his hands." ' '  ' Francis was furious, and had'Mary's  apartments guarded to prevent her escape, swearing he wou{d have his -way.  As tioon as Brandon and I arrived  in Paris we took private lodgings, and  ,well Itpvas that/wcdl^. , I nt once  went out to reqoiinolter. nnd found the  widowed queen a prisoner in thef old  Palace des Tourncllcs. ' With the help  of Queen Claude I secretly Obtained an  interview and 'learned the ,true state  of affairs.. __     '   ,.  '��� Had Brandon- been   recognized  nnd  his mission known ln Paris he would  certainly  have  been*,assassinated (byA  order of Francis".    l      .      A,,     ty*  ."When I saw the whole situation, with'  Mary .nothing^ less than a prisoner in',  the palace, l'wns,rendy to trive (upr  without a struggle, ,but "not Jf_of Mary.'  Her brain was^worth having, 'so_ fertile' was it In, expedients,-'and, .while 1  The hUtoiy of malting needles In  England is a curious one. for the art has  been several times lost to English work-  THE GIRL LdAfER,  Sbo Who Spend" Her'Time In Poin��  Absolutely Xoilitns.  ,        . r^ ��,r   .,     i    A.  irlri  loafer���that does  not sound  men since the reign of Queen Mary. -*���   ��->"���   "J'"       yy 4t.,.m  Needles were first mado In England very pretty, does it? And yet mere  at that time by a negro from Spain. I are a good many guls whom the title  who_set up a shop and for a time pros-| -j|a- ju otiier words, there are girls  pered at his trade. At his death it waa wjJ0 Speu(j their time doing absolutely  found that he had taught the trade to  no one, and tho English^ had to go  abroad for their needles until 1565, when  a German artisan  taught a few mechanics the manner of their making.  The  trade  soon  died   out  again  for  ducted his .operations on so large a  scale that there, was no longer any  danger of the secret of their manufacture being lost <  This was the first time that the method of making them was not shrouded  ln secrecy, and soon tho manufacture  of needles became an important industry, the Whltechapel needles becoming  famous tho world over. .  There aro now several centres, Ip addition to tho London quarter, where  the needle industry flourishes, Birmingham alone producing as many needles  la a day as tho original workman made  in his lifetime. r ,.  nothing.' ( Circumstances do not render  it necessary ���" for them to earn their'  living, and, so they sis,/ at home and'  fritter the precious (moments away in  useless pursuit or idleness. Don't" a  somo reason, and not until 1650 was lt good many of them lie tin bed in the  revived ,by a foreign workman, who con-   morning and let their mothers get up  and  get  breakfast?    And  don't' you'  think they also dress up in their best  clothes  and spend  the afternoon  en-'1  joying themselves while their mothers  stay' home  and  prepare  the  evening  mpal?   Aud when they aro home they,  spehd their time reading trashy novels or trimming equally trashy hats.  I   When a girl goes to a party and is  late in getting to bed, she looks on it  as quite proper and, natural .that'' she  should be in bed late the next morning, and all of the family accepts "the  fact as' a matter of course. ���, But If the  mother is up'half the. night witli an  ailing baby, neither her lazy daughter  nor any other member of'the,family  seems to think it necessary that she,  should slay ,in bed and make.up;her  broken sleep. Perhaps If some of these ,  girls   could' appreciate  the  enormous  ;value-of time they, would nott waste  it.    Our. lives are such tiny drops in  the oce%n ^'of'time, and we can-never,  never   call   back'   one   precious', lost'-  ii  HOLD  TO THE STANDARD  The host of  Imitations  proves its  tion   and   worth.  ���^putaJ  CEYLON TEA, BLACK, MIXED  OR GREEN  Sold .only In load  packets.    , 40o.,   BOc, eOolper lb       it l"'"���i  '  A       y ���" G��*ooer��.  ''' aouNG^is Sver  .     .     .     i .    j.jn-.     -  Governor of Gibraltar. , i <  Gen. Sir Frederick Forestler-Walker,  who has Just been appointed'/ to'- the'  Governorship of Gibraltar, ls ' a ' man  not only of great wealth, but likewise  of much forco of character. When ho  was formerly at the Capo of Good Hope  years ago as military secretary to Sir  Bartle Fiere, the Governor- General of  South Africa, he��� tendered his resignation' on ��� two separate occasions rather  ,than take- any part in the policy that  seemed like yielding to the.Boers, and   m,uute*        ' <*"*'--,."'  was only, with difficulty,persuaded   to L J -Dear girls,,don't allow yourselves to;  was, leaving forever.    I say I did not  regret it,'_nnd,  though   I   was  leaving I. wrongdoing and scolded thee; and repented  ,J my  old* haunts'and   companions   nud ."'' as  usual. , Truly didst thou conquer,.  Jp ,  %*-m  %At  *ffrr i  'M4  1<:  friends so dear to 'uie, I was finding  ' - *��'theuTnll again in Janes, who was friend  ���    ��� as well ns wife, jl   . ,- \  Mfirj;'s~lcltcr whs* in one of my hoxes  ,  which had been delnjed, and Jane was  j ito.'forwardrit to  mo'when  it'-should  ,v*     come.''   When I told Kiandou of it, I  ��� ; .>* dwelt .with   emphnsi?  upon   its L bulk?  "��    i   and he, of course, was delighted and  '   *- impatient 'to'^hoye it.    I  had>vpur the  - ..* letter.In the box, but there was some-  r.. thing else which Maiy had sent to him  .that I had carried with me. -It was a  sum of money sndiciont to pay thu debt  ,     'against his fathei's estate'and, in ad-  i   dition, to buy some laiirc Uacts of land  adjoining.    Brandon did  not hesitate  to .accept (the money and seemed glad  that it had come fiom Mary, she, doubtless, being the"only poison fiom whom  he would have taken it.  lOrfc of PraiKlon's sisters had  married a rich merchant at Ipswich, and  another was soon to many'a Scotch  gontlcmrn.    The biotlier would probably never marry, so Brandon would  eventually have to take charge of the  estates.    In  fact,  he afterwaid  lived  .there many years, and, as Jane and I  had purchased, a little estate near hy,  which had been geneiously added to  by Jane's uncle,' wc saw a great deal  of him.. But I am getting ahead of my,  story again. *  The D'Angouleme complication troubled me greatly, notwithstanding my  faith in Mary, nnd although I had resolved to say nothing to Brandon about  it, I soon told him plainly what I  thought and feared.  Ho replied with a low, contented little laugh. ��� ,  "Do not fear for Mary. I do not/  Thnt young fellow is of different stuff,  I know, from the old king, but I have  all faith in her purity aud ability to  take care iof herself. Before she left  sho promised to bo true to me, whatever befell, and I trust her entirely.  I am not so unhappy by any menus as  one would expect. Am I? And I was  compelled to admit that he certainly  wns not  So it seems they had mot, as Jane  nnd I suspected, but how Mary managed it I am sure I cannot toll. She beat  the very deuce for hawng hor own  way, by hook or by crook. Then came  the bulky letter, which Brandon pounced upon and eagerly devoured. I leave  out most of tho sentimental pnssnges,  wblch, like effervescent wine, lose flavor quickly. She said, in part:  To Master Brandon.  Sir and Dear Friend, Greeting-After  leaving thee, long time had I that mighty  grief and dole within my heart that it  was like to break, for my separation from  thee was so much harder to bear even  than I had t4ken thought of, and I also  doubted me that I could live ln Paris as  I did wish. Sleep rested not upon my  weary eyes, and of a very deed could I  neither eat nor drink, since food distasted  me like a nausea and wine did strangle  ln my throat. This lasted through my  journey hither, which I did prolong upon  many pretexts neaily two months, but  ���when I did at last rest mine eyes for the  fl-st time upon this King Louis' face 1  well knew that I could rule him, and  when I did arrive and had adjusted myself in this Paris ,1 found lt so easy that  my heart leaped for \ery joy. Beauty  gooth so far with this Intlammablo people  that easily do I rule them all. and truly  doth a servlla subject make a fa'iarp, capricious tyrant. Therebythemisfortunewhich  hath come upon us is of so much less evil  and is so like to bo ol such short duration  that I am almost happy, but forlack of  thee, and sometimes think that after aU  It may verily be a blessing unseen.  This new, unexpected face' upon our  trouble hafih so driven the old gnawing  ache out djf my heart that I love to be  alone and dream, open eyed, | of-tha tlm^  ��ifw f,uret**'.I*��t far off, when I shall be  with thee. ��� ��� ��� it is ofttimes sore hard  iSTiP'Y..?119 hava never waited, to have to  ��*lt Ilk. a Datlant Grlflelda. which of h  not win, me., Then,afterward, withal it  so frightened me, how 1 longed to danco  again, and could in no way'stay myself  >fromu asking. ���At, times , could I hardly  wait till evening fell, and when upon'oc-  casion thou didst not come I'was so angry^  *I said I ���ha ted thee. What must thou havo  thoughtvof me, so^forward and bol'd! 'And  that afternoon!'"'"Ah, I,,think of it every  hour, and see and hear/it all, and live it  o'errand o'er,; as'it'sweeter grows ���witti''  memory's npeningttouch. Some moments  there are that send their glad ripple down  through life's stieamfto ���the verge of .tho  eravfl   and   trulv  blest  is   onoi who  can  smile upon and kiss these memory waves  and draw from thence a bliss that never  fails; but thou lenowest full well'my heart,  and I need not,tease thee with* its'outpourings. - u  There is yet another matter of which 1  wish  to  write  in   \ery  pjrnestness     Sir  Edwin spoke to me thereof, and what he  said  hath   given  mc   serious  thought.    I  thank  him   for  his  words,   of  which  he  will tell thee in full if thou but Importuno  him   thereto.     It   is   this:   The   dauphin^  Fiancis   d'Angouleme,   hath   fallen' des-  peiately fond of *ne and Is quite as importunate, and  almost as  foolish  as  the  elder lover.    This  people in  this strange  land of France havo, in sooth, some curious notions.    For an example thereto, no  one thinks to find anything unseeming in  the dauphin's  conduct  bv  reason  of his  having  already  a   wife,   and   more    that  wife the Princess Claude, daughter to the  king    I  laugh at him  and   let  him  say  what he will, for in truth I am powerless  to prevent it.   Words cannot scar even a  rose leaf and will not harm me    Then, by  his help and example, I am justified in the  eyes of the coui t in  that I so treat the  king, which otherwise It were impossible  for me to do and live here.    So, however  much I may loathe them, yet I am driven  to   tolerate  his  words,   which   I  turn  off  with a laugh, making suie,  thou  mayest  know, that it come to nothing more than  wPr,ds. .And  thus ft Is-  however  much I  wish ft not, that I do use, him to help me  treat the king as I like, and do then use  the poor old king as my buckler against  this duke's too great familiarity.   But, my  friend, when the king comes to die   then  shall   I   have   my   fears   of  was ready to. despair,  sho  was "'only  getting herself "in "good fighting order:"  After Mary's refusal of-TrancWand*  after he had learned that,the sncrlficer  'of Claude would not.helpyhIm, lie grew j  'desperate and 'determined ^to keep the''  English' girl in his court nt any price*'  and by any Wihnsy So he hit upoti the  scheme pf - marrying' lier to his weak'  minded tcousin,  the pounff of ,Savoy/  Tothat.end be sent a*-huVi*lod embassy >  to. Henry Vlir.', offering,, in" case of tiier  Savoy marriage, to1 pay batlc-Mary's  "dower of.400,000 ciowiis.1'JIIevoff6rM to  help Henry* in the mntter-of the impe-*"  rial   crpwu 'in   cn'so^of^Mn'xfmlllan's?  deatli, a "help much'grea'ter Jhnu any'  'King Douis could have given.'  He'nlsV  offered ��� to  confirm ' Honry^ in   nil' his  French' possessions, and ���"to rellniiuisi-,  all claims of his own thereto���all as the '  .price of one'eighteen-j'ear-old gl__."_"Do  you wonder .she" bad^an, exalted," estimate of her own' value? 'ry \    A'' .,,,���  "Asto Henry, it of course need not'be  ,saidH'that half ,the price offered ".would  have  bought, him   to   breaks an 'oath-  made'upon-the true cro-3s itseff.   -The1  promise he had-ma'de,^to Mary,..broken  in intent before'-it was given, stood not,,  for an'instnnt in theway'of the French"  king's ; wishes, -/and /Henry,-, with'   a>  prJomptituda-<,begotten'<of greed,' was as  hasty in sending an .embassy, to accept  ���the offer-as Francis had been' to'make  it. * It'mattered not'td'hlm'twtiat new.  torture   he  put  upon  his  sister.'' The  price, I,believe, was sufficient to have  indu'cod nim tp'cut off her, head"-with  his own JiajsJ-C \ '  CURIOUS CULLINGS.  _ -v        ....    this   joung  Francis d'Angouleme. He 'is desperate  for me, and I know not to what length he  might go The king cannot lfve long as  the thread of his life is like rotten flax  and when he dies thou must come without delay, since I shall be In deadly peril  I ha\o a messenger waiting at all hours  readj to send to thee upon a moment's  notice, and when he comes waste not a  precious Instant. It may mean all to thee  and me. I could writs on and on forever,  but it would be only to tell thee o'er and  o or that my heart is full of thee to overflowing I thank thee that thou hast  never doubted me, and will see that thou  hast hereafter only good cause for better  falth* MARY, Keglna.  "Bcglnn." That wns nil. Onlv a  queeu! Surely no one could charge  Brandon with possessing too modest  tastes.  It was, I think, during tho second  week in December that I gave this letter to Brandon, and about a fortnight  later theie came to him n messenger  from Pans, bringing another from  Mary, as follows:  Master Charles Brandon:  Sir and Dear Fiiend, Greeting-I have  but time to write that (he king is so ill ho  cannot but die ere morning Thou know-  est that which I last wrote to thee, and in  addition thereto I would say that although I ha\e, as thou likewise knowest  m> brother's permission to marry whom  I wish, jet as I have his one consent it Is  safer that we act upon that rather than  be so scrupulous as to ask for another  So it wore better that thou take me to  wlfo upon the old one rather than risk  the necessity of having to do it without  any I say no more, but come with all  tho speed thou knowest. MARY.  It is needless to say that Brandon  started in haste for Paris. He left  court for the ostensible purpose of  paying me a visit aud came to Ipswich  whence we sailed./ '  The French king was dead before  Mary's message reached London, and  when wo arrived at Paris Francis' I  reigned on the throne of his father-in-  law. I had guessed only too accurately. As soon as the restraint of the old  kite's presence, licht as It had been.  A curious effect(of the repent earthquake' In Switzerland was that it lifted  sixty-five pipes in the famous organ  at Berne out of their holes.  The Abyssinians, even at the court  of Emperor Menelik, still eat their  meat raw, inserting a strip In the  mouth nnd,cutting it off when there is  enough for a bite.  A Frenchman who died In Constantinople recently left $45,000 to his  nephew, M. d'Albi/who lives in Pans,  on condition that the young man cycle  to Constantinople to get the legacy. "  Plans to build electric street'car lines  ln Peking have aroused a great protest  from the ' natives, who say the ''cars  would be very harmful to the poor, as  a large number of coolies now make a  living by hauling passengers in rickshaws or on wheelbarrows.     *  remain. ,  His,, wife, .too, who, prioc   to  her marriage was a Miss Xloss,.one of  tha great beauties of the London'season, possesses as much-inerve as    her  gallant'^husband, and when the latter  commanded tho troops" ln Egypt she set  not,only all Cairo and Alexandria but  eyenjthe(1 people in London by the ears  over her flght-fpr precedency with tho  late Lady, Grenfell, ^whose husband was  sthen-,SIdar or General-lri-chlef of tho  Egyplian^army. rfThej dispute was only  settled, iiy,the mediation and'arbitration of the late Duke of Cambridge/'"''  'Yy '2^ A_ Canadian Rock1 Road, j jA  . "Speaking ^about rock1" roads,';'^ said  Thomas 'Jobson ^of Macon-" Mo.'^to'1 a  Kansas'^Cit'y' ,S tar' reporter,', yi, remember an old Canadian road built by my  father'in'1856. He took'the contract  from'the municipality of St. Catharines  to build-a "three mile road through-, a,  tpwh*"-"thatxV.w|ouId outlast t anything  hitherto constructod In,, that -"country.,  He began^by;<grading ''an' oval -^base'  about 'as"' they jdo nowT. ~ Then' betook  cobblestones" averaging,.six inches,long  and- three 'or\four inches wide andrset  themjOn'end on'the roadbed, very close  together ,,Then.a��man would go.over  the-"stones with'a hammer and^knock  ,off "the sharp points that extended 'too  high.  y:_.y..    y   ������    ���>  <  ��   "The ^next  couise  was   what1* they  called metal.. This was fine place's of  stone whi��h,',would go  through 'a ring  "an inch and a(h"alf in diameter/ An'in-  speotor^jvent'/over the work with such  a ring and\threw out all pieces which  would, not", pass ^through. , jThis' metal  twas  evenly distributed   oyer .the "cobblestones "and 'rolled^wlth^a 700"pound"  roller! ' ^Thavflnal4 course .was" gravel.  This  was  much/sflner'"than-,tho, metal  and  filled'every  crack.' < It -was! then  ~wellB rolled.y When so treated "the/sur-,.  face", of  the Ydad/was "as $ smooth 'and'  hardfas could,be.* ,tThe"road was some-'  thing, of a��novelty^up"*_in'   Canada), in'  those^days. <u There -was^,' aj.grrea.t- deal  ofyheavy; hauling through"VSt/' Catherines; "and jmany^'previous, ^'attempts  had .been* made1- to securca permanent  roadway, through _tho 'town.- -i y , > * ^,  '*   "I was up 'there' twenty-five vyears  after fatherVqld  road  was'built and  found lt, in almost1 as   good   condition  as  lt was  when' I first  saw It.  - The  people-said  theythad made a'number  of-"attempts to; construct similar-roads,  , but   ha_J  never ��� succeeded -in   building  one that would stand the test of time  and  heavy   traffic   so  well."  be"called by that ugly, word "loafer,',' i  -and y yet'you will he if you deserve it.',  ,If your brothers He around - the,house  all day, half dressed and'1 doing ,'noth/  ing, ,theyJ would be called'. loafers,*-' so'  ?why not you as .well as they?   Loafing'1  'Is" a.,habit that, grows'"/on ���orieit with'  fatal rapidity ,'~and unless you' want 'to  bo _io.d-__revoca._ly in its clutches .you.  must\breali away - from j'it-.'at "once.���.  Detroit'News-Tribune.  ..*" -..,     /   ,i     i   ���' - - ��-����� - ���     i*  Mr. Chester Loom is Took Dodd's  y \ . yjy Kidney >iilS;-; tf~ % $  '  . / >.<.*���/'     "   ' *��5/ v^;'"1 yy  'r_> ,   l.       1',,���      ''*--,      ,{/r.T.    ,>?_  4 And from a Usod up Man ho Booame as  '   r    fe f" SmartasiH Boy.'--   rt'o Vj.' >  Orlantl, Ont..'* Oct .^nd.-f (Special.)-  ��� 'rMr. t Choater-Xioomis/im,'old^and -nv  epocteel farmer lmnp'in'this section/is  sprea'ding-broadcast tho good 'newsHhafc  Dodd's'Ividnoy Pills are, a�� suro""dure."for  ,', -    A  PIouh  Knoc Wa  <. Here Is an pncbfliituia- rooit.n  fromy book' on the tmlet ,21,C0^J  ,1S3_-In Boston, of course- "bk,dl�� I  /'A Wash to Give the K.ic-o ���v��� ��� j  ~Look.~Tnke sulphur, ono nnS ����S  c-uucci: G. olfban and Z*H  ounces;,', amber,1   six    aIa,us.' u*\  ..water.one and one-half pints.' DS  thewholp In'balneum iani. T?  .yourself.with some at bea.ime^  jjtb^morning  with barley water!,!1  Wlth-the .blessing of. God   t Si M  fantV^eyouayouiigJi!11^  % Where -will you flnd Wta minim  fan to'give you a younger loot..  a0t  ��� \Wiere will you flnd Wta nl  rjlctjuufll shrewdness In mod��a S? I  .ty.papers? /Jhlnk how th, SATJ  ?advcrtiso"Boine wondcr'w01 llftS  or,;, powder-could   spare   tLelr ���_  the Xamq: Back and'Kidney Djseaso>o ''sconces'at tlio last gnat daV'if..  -*f7,'_ .,,-T,".  . ^  THE.CARVING>CIIOTH  If     tfr,   l"2  iA Pretty- One Addn n'Dalnty;Touch'to,  ��' j-i *l��e Dinner,Table/'  "i\.,'A'* r-  'i-'A^'carving'cIoth'Is V necessity if^one^  has .any regard' for:! the dainty^spbt-"*"  lessness. of the tablecloth,-Wid it is^as  easy/tq'.have, a, pretty carving' cloth^J  'one that^wiil )add'to"'the;appeorance'6f;  theyahle^as^ifis to, have a_plain^orie.*j'  . !No "really-careful housekeeper 'allows"'  heritable1-to be' lalh iwithoutrthe'pro/'  tective"gloth beneath,th'e'dlshi of'meat^  ir    �����-    ^,," <1-     '^   ,l     ..;, .1 'u il,ji flf*iwlu&  llnard's lllnlment^Cures Burn'afetcjM  -' V -' ���'^-*"'' U **'l^'1��*'*r*.'V'Je*xri-i V4��%  r ? ri iw<t)r*t.iV+*.-KVr��J{ /, .   Sv__ <���      k  Xt��HrV *i^-^��<W��ki&iiii>**  ���^   ^BBOrDEBKD, OAJIVINO ;*c��oT^.^'l^i''!:f,.  f,The ,* one ishoW^'in/tlie'' illustVation^'ls^  durable as well as.'ornamental^and ih.^J'  vol ves "only'.a, moderate'-fumbunt''of-- la A  Minard  Uf i f rv^'t"*-"4'��:"J} nrr.'itv-*irr*m 1"��"'?i*1S'*i*Wic":'i!i  j f The^womantjwho^Vwants' pretty^eyes  twHli^not. have- thVm^circledig-wlthjdark  Mines^ndr^villJshel-haVe'CT-eat-'eyersacs:  t��nae**;li��r.eyes."^The pretty'slrjjsleyes1  !.ari!.^e7,e,:',110*ivy fni'.theitIids:;*Theyfarei  ,*Iiey?.Patlen, ^uriilerneath'^wlth^ great"  Jb^gs.7(,Theytard'anever/.red��ia3'rtb''.Tth"e'  Jashes.vyV^^the^brows^are^'neye'rfun^:  .ruly. ^OnTthe _ contrary, -'the .eyes'of -the"  pretty (girlpare "ofruie^sh'lnlng^varlety^  beautlfuljy^clear'and of^th'o'kindNvhfclu  .can.operi^wWely.'aiidj'ook^bnirflght'.In5  lhf�� facft^/To^ge'f'eyes' Uke|-thIsA oner  must not abusefthe^eyes.'i. The" glrl.wlld'i  K^s-J^?7a>_ nielit.',the* girl who^rubs  her eyes, the girl.whojle.s hcrfjlds' aii'd'  lashes'^bevoinfi'neglocted, "this glrhcan^  n���othope'to'liavVpret��y.'eyes;a-Theweye-^  brows ^shouldrjnot",be^negIected.>yTh'ot  .woman ^vho"wantsT:iuIce\yebrows5can'  he,at," ayllttIe, almo'iidrioil\andv apply^it  ^   . . _    if.ori-such  articles.by,g"few.  l^JSFSibldding'iigalnst each otheraretl  la*m&!��9��P a   vast, inimber oI-J  1*cry,w;eaIUiy fools-who, purchase fha/l  '^SF^teny*���,readypto pay^tmiI  ,higher.,fj ���Thei- mere   fact', that -,'eoni��"' f  a^tlcL?"iIl��i's'-^t'en'soId  -n nn aiictioi-i  Z��Sm.t a?8ak��zhr Iw'ce'attnlctB them,'!!  ;and^they/buyit,froni the denier at ail  'higher.oneJirorder toihe able to ppiitif  '"to^t Jnstlielr'.Louscs 'and to tell their1-*!  friendsJlioViinucli'It cost them. Thai  i^��a.lc,rr^9��n?e<J?,��|P,:1y    makes    imdij  . mbney^by' .'acting ipas , n   inIddleinai.-T  Whether 'there , Is' any'nrrangemeut b  run.'upKtb67pri'cb,''aniong dealer!) I do'  Vnp^knbw,'55! bnt'*P%. have nlwajs Vvon- I  .dered^w-hptlier,* tills  lsy the unhand-1  _whother'vthey^orlglual   owiu-r* a/irays;I  /gets itlielselllng price at the'auetion.-{|  ^ndorftTrutlily .,  , V-'��l  ^Y^'KrEP'CHILDREN, WELL   ,/  hemstitch ed/and  onJtho hem*the scrolls\and "disks^are'"  embroidered with~white.      " -'>-.'  y,i_4VH T<A,"^  . t 'AH jmothersTha veifouudUhat^ie, best"  y-        Hid I.oi<a. ,  Scovlll���What are you mad about?  Clarke���The railroad company has  found the trunk I lost.  Scovlll���Do you consider that a cause  for anger? t  Clarke���Well, I should say yes!  Wouldn't you be mad If you had to  take a four dollar trunk in place of the  $50 damages you had been expecting?  ���Cleveland f.eader.  Tho  Ideal   Beef Steor.    vta    -  The Iowa State Agricultural College  sets forth as the analysis  of an ideal  beef   steer  the  following,    points:     A  short, wide head, short neck, smoothly  blended    into    tho . shoulders;     broad,  compact   and  well < covered   shoulders,  wide,, arching  ribs,   broad    loin,    deep'  body  and   long,   wide   'hind    quarters,  well  filled out in    rump, t thighs    and  twist; a deep, even covering of flesh���  lean   meat  muscle���with Just    enough  fat to marble the flesh nicely and give  lt a  smooth,  bright  external 'appearance;   fine  bone fevidenced   in o-eflne-  ment of head and  limbs;   pliable skin  of m��dium*thlckness, with soft hair; a  reasonable trimness of body,., to   give  good dressing percentage. These points  make, up the profitable steer for feeder  or butoher   and    should    govern     the  breeder In tho production of beef animals.  If He Hail III* Way.  Noozey���I hear your next door neighbors had a niusicale last night  Crabbe���Yes.  Noozey���They had eight pieces of  music, I'm told.  Crabbe���I don't know, but if I could  have used my ax theie would have  been about 8,000 pieces���Philadelphia  Ledger.  He -\Vn��n'< "IVcxl."  Wife (reading,-)���Here's an account of  n man who left home one evening nfter  supper six months ago to get shaved,  and ho h.isn't been seen since.  jjusband���Huh! I suppose he is still  waiting for his turu ���Chicago News.  Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.  Cows Need  Fiber In Foocf.  There is ono point that some feeders  lose sight of, and that ls tho value of  fiber  ln feed  of  cows,  or,  in  fact,  of  any animals adapted to the consumption of fresh and dried grasses.    Fiber  ls coming to ,be recognized as a very  Important constituent   of   the   feed   of  cows.   'Where lt has been Ignored, as  in  the   great  feeding  yards  connected  with  distilleries,   the  results   have  not  been  good.    Jbst how much  fiber tho  cow must have in her food to do her  best la not now known, but tho more  it ls Investigated the more does It appear  that the amount   is   quite   large.  Wo  can  easily overdo  the  matter    of  feeding concontrates.���Farm  Progress.  Pigs on Pasture.  The spring plga that are on red clover or alfalfa pasture oro now making  pork at tho minimum cost If on  grass pasture, light supplemental feeding of ground grain or mill stuff of  soma kind is advised.-���Farm, Stock  Rnd Home.  \    y Soft.CnNtlle  Soap.     - ''{ *     ;���  ; Many persons who cannot1 use castdie  soap for the", face and han'ds will find It  agrees perfectly ,-with' 'the body and in  that case is b'etter-for thejbath than  any other soap.'   One of the n_o*st con-  -venientrthings to have on every wash-"  stand is a jar of soft castile soap. This  Is made by* scraping a cake of "pure"  soap and adding about a pint and a  half of water.. Put them together into  a  saucepan  and  stand   over -a  brisk  heat,  but not' one .that, will  boil the  liquid. , When  the  soap, is  dissolved  pour into a wide mouthed jar.   When  the mixture cools it will be jelly.   This  is excellent to have by to rub on the'  hands   when   washing,  .diluted'" with'  more   water   to   which   a   couple, of  pinches of' soda, are -added/   It is a  harmless and cleansing shampoo to be  rubbed into the head, -which, is then  rinsed .thoroughly.       '   "     "  Tact  In" Drcfi*.  Tact ln dress is necessary to every  woman j who  hopes   to  become --representative of that refinement which Is  the chief orna'ment of womanhood or  girlhood.     It   is   rare* that   one .sees  French people dressed* out of. keeping  with their surroundings or position. In  Uie latter half of the nineteenth century a noted woman of France, Mme.  de Girardin, said:    "Style ought inevitably   to  vary  according  to  position  and age.   It should fit itself to'the fortune,   to the  habits,  to  the  form,  to.  the circumstances and, indeed, to every  detail in the life of those who wish to  appear its leadei?,."   This truism is as  real today as at the time it was written,   but unfortunately  outside  of  la  belle Franco this fitting of self to one's  sphere Is honored more in the breach  than in the observance.  to playing.j.It amuses them, more^than  new. ones. '.Blind mnn's^buffvis-iisiinllyi  '.jvory. successful. t'_6 lfeart, hunt^mlght'  'meetvW'lth.tlieir'appVovaly Cut out a;  .dozeri>ror' more^very. large'''pasteboard?  hearts, painted red,' with' Ilttle/rlbbohs  -and -loops ,>Hpped:..ttir6ugh*i_the^-t6pV  nide these: away ia;oneJ,room'nnd In  the hall.   The^child who finds'the most:*  Is given a prize,' so\ls tb'e'. child' who  finds the second, foiirtl/nrid least"num;  ber..   Let the children keep the-hearts  '.they, find,  pinning ,them  to  the^ front  of   the  frock., ',Ttie._ prizes   could   be  large ' candy��� boxes, Jn,���the-shnpeVof  hearts .and   rod    candy/ hearts, 'tied  around with red ribbonU-1 '. *'^-  rJ      r      O'JIrlen 'Pofatocn. ' y-.    >\  v  i What to Bat ^ vouches" IJor the'excellence   of   '.O'Brien -ipotatoes,"   which  ought to  appeu'l ,to  lovers of  pepper'  dishes.   Cut potatoes In slices and'parboil.   Butter a baking dish nnd arrange,  the potatoes  in alternnte'layers with'  sliced Jamaica^ peppers * or^piinentocs.  The'canned piihentoes are usually .indicated     Sprinkle  each  layer with'.a  little  flour,   pepper,  salt  and   bits" of  butter.   Fill up the'dish with the liquor  from the can, add milk or cream; covor  with  breadcrumbs and hi*** y gutter  and bake.      * ��� - '    '  obstinate little teeth .through painlesslr/f I  ^arid^gixp^sqund-fhealthful sleep.,. An'd"?j  B r-~-��� '  -.w equally gw�� ...  ,  the  now^bomjnfant or tho well growi''  child.'; Mrs. Susan E. Mackenzie, Burk's^s ���  Cornor'sr-Quo., saj-6 :~'fBoforo I began *.J  using,Baby's'Own Tablets, in) little one *? J  was weak Jand delicate, sinco then sha ���; J  has had splendid health and is growing/}  nicely/,. I '^find^nothing so good ns the  .Tablets when any,of my children are ill."  Sold by all'druggists, or bj mail 'at25 '  cents a box by writing The Dr. William's  Medicine Co.;_Brockville, Ont.  Minard's. Liniment,for  '   - where. '-     * *  sale   Every-  ,   -     -   AtltletloTWoinnnhood.  /The"'new- woman-can  take care of  herself^-anywhere; she1 wants no klsse",  -nor- does ) sho- resort   to   womanish  screams In-"tlm<f"of peril.   She wastes  no words, ,but "proceeds to knock tie  man down.. Could all women" learn this  art of'self defense Jt would doubtless  be a very good thing, for thc rcrolr-  er .Is" never .where, you  want it, hatpins are treacherously apt to bend, and  no real.lady would carry a knife.  But  bur,flsts we^ have" always with us, and  ..with  a few- lessons In  boxlug or Jlu  JItsu we"can feel ourselves equal to all  occasions.���Philadelphia Telegraph.  HaoMahon'K Epljgrrnma.  Wh��n Marshal MacMahon In the  Crimean oampaign took the Malakofl  by storm and wrote his celebrated dispatch, "J'y ��uiSi yy rest0��� (..Here j  am; here I stay"), these words mada  film famous all over the world. Yet  his friends said that the worthy soldier  had written them In tho most mattar  of fact manner, with no thought of  phrase making. Tho most surprised  person over the success of thia epigram waa MacMahon himself.  Ancient JeTvelrjr.  The Jewelry found in an excavation  near ono of the pyramids of old Memphis, Egypt, exhibits about as much  skill in working gold and preciour  stones as now exists, although the articles found wore made 4,300 years ago  Tha figures cut, on amethyst and oar-  nelian are described as exquisite and  anatomically correct The gold Is skill.  Pnnlry  Shelve*.  A fine'idea for pantry shelves Is to  use two coats of white paint and then  a finishing coat of white enamel.  Wash  the shelves with cold water ns soon as  the   enamel   dries,   and   then   it   will  harden   quickly.    Over  this  place  no  oilcloth or papers, but leave the shelves  bare,    and   notice   the   improvement.  Since there nre no covers under which  crumbs can collect, thero is no encouragement for mice, llie enamel is easily  wiped off with a damp cloth, and with  such a finish it Is never necessary to  clean  the cntiro pantry  at once     It  keeps clean all the time.  (PRONOUNCED SI-KEEN)  There is nothing else in the  whole world that will bring  back the color to the cheek,  restore the dormant energies, revive drooping-spirits, or  put new life into the tired, listless, weakened system, as  "Psychine" will do it. ^ There is really only one ������!__  tonic, and that is "Psychine." Combining- all the properties that make rich, pure blood, bringing back the lost  appetite, driving away melancholy, creating new strength.  $100 REWARD $100.  th^thorotr,_t0lfth.S "T ��'��b�� Plewrtto loam  I,���f i i ,   V0'"* ��n�� dr0n<*cd *���������"-���"��' thnt iclonco  " '"I" to curo |n all ,t, flt,lK0���, ftnd th.t��  Catarrh. Hall-, Catarrh Curo ,��� tho only positive  j;^Tc��X.^:.. ifiS!-' ^m CatS  tionn   trentinciiit.   Iliil|-H Cala'rrl.f, .^ i" '��,"Htltu.  WEAK  AS A CHILD  "The Winter of 18911 suffered with pains in the back, shoulders, and contracted cold. I coughed so severe thnt I could not rost I was in tho lumber  samp nt the time and kopt nt work until I could go around no 1 ongor. I"3  brought homo and tho doctor gavo mo some medicine, but ho stated m} 'lin^  B't0^r-nirccted and thnt ho h'*d com*> too la<��-   I sent for anothor doctor at tho cost  of fc,25.00 por viSit.   IIo told m0 that no rolief wag rossib]0 and that death rai��lK  come at any time.   I was so weak that in walking ton foot I would bo bathed m  sweat and utterly exhausted.    I saw PSYCHINE advortiscd and decided to try >**  I had hemorrhage of tho lungs.   After using PSYCHINE for a few daj - heniorru-  *K��cc!ised entirely, and after1 a fortnight I  was  working again in tho woods.  L bi.CHINE is certainly a great medicine."  JOHN E. WHEN, Reovo of Mission, B.C.  fully worked, and precious stones am .   ���,      -     --���-��� ���-*������  l��t Into it ie as to giv�� tha ��ff��ot ��_ HaIr" rBmily pni"for ��*"��ttp��tion.  AildrtHis;  Sold by druggists  F. J. CHENEY & Co.. Toledo, O.  ��um��liaA  I  Mlnard'o Liniment Relieves Neuralflfa  GREATEST QF AiLL TOPICS  AT ALL DRUGQI3T8���ONE DOLLAR���TRIAL FREE !  The Dr. T. A, Slocum. Limited,    -    179 King Street West, Toronto ^Tmovie leader  MOYIE, B. C7  OLD   AND  NEW   WHEAT  'By Burr.    .   ���  FLOURS.  ' Tliero it> always a demand, for old  alien! flour ar long 'time, after ,ihe new  romes in. Tins demand is not only from  the nt) baker, who,/makes*, quality and  conditions of flour a ,life,stujy, but it  extend* even to tho rural districts whero  'thegood funner's.wife haslearnod that  ������ho can get bpst results from old wheat  flour. '     A ��� ���  'i'li.1. distinction between old and new  wheat flours has existed "only in later  rjear-5, since farmers have adopted, the  practice of 'thrashing: their wheat out of  shock directly after cuttihtf. When  thoy made it n rule to put their wheat.  in ��tficJi-.. deks or -barria, and allowed it,  toreui.il" until all the elements that-go"  to malic- up-a porfocfc berry had -parsed  ,.from tho stjw'into the grain, there was  seldom any t choice between - the two  flour--. Then the ,grain,.was 'allowed(to  uii-jtlnoiyh tho,sweating, period and  bpujino perfectly 'matured. (i It was'not  difficult then for the miller .to 'make  floui that would produce good bread the  6ame day it was ground. Vi ���; A 'Jt: y ,.'.- y  Mow, .it. conditions havo^changrxPeo  . matflnnlly, we must look for and practice  the next best tiling.' i It Jb"contended '  that a ijojd practice would',be to grind  and hold the fluunfor six months,,when   ,      ____   ..._. ,  ...�����,-���, OJIU,uinL m   it would bo suitable, for breadmaking  Xho  results of thp Uho of I)r Thorn is-  punkas.      -    ".-;,  "-y;,;:;i  -.      Electric Oil havo buninwd many who  Tbbjri were utia to ha*. ��,*A��� <u  vented Jn China a a Um b��t Jl�� "'  sentatloo, of them haveVe? K  2200 In I,4dla they are claimed ��� fn*  use since B. C. 900, and their prlridn u  employment In that country-S  fires during the most of the��yPa are  superfluous, was to facilitate Ihe han  dling of dead bodies In the funeral  pyres. Seventy pairs of tongs b0���o  bronze, some Iron, havo been taken  from the ruins of 1'ompdl.  ba'n^teh���^' Pra'He scrat��=hes, Cu-  in J ��, ��1 hTan or animals, cured  n, 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion,   .t never falls. At all druJB.  ;. , Itefore the.  Ceremony.       <  Itural Groom-Sue an' I can't see no  reason why we shouldn't get alone  when we're mnrrledi 'The Magistral  Well,, I'just marry folks and don't express any opinions.  The truly generous Is truly wise, and  he who loves not others *   - -  *THe�� Broken Down  Nervous  Often Found in Persons Who are Apparently in Good  Health���Extraordinary  Effects   of  DR. CHASE'S   NERVE  FOOD  ed.���Hume.  lives unbless-  A* tho oil rubs in the pain rubs out���  Applied to tho .seat of a pa.n in any part  pf the body tho skin absoibs tho south-!  in<{ liniment under brisk friction and the  rmtient   obtain*  almost airwtunt  relief.  ' lt thu new wheat is grpund��s it comes  to the mill, it is liable to become infected  witU i'kx* that"soon',hatch into',wormfl  If it doiw not,"'consider apvr long ono  muift ho  kept  out; of <\ the uwjof the  j mono) he has invpstpd -in the wheat and  1 and tlio co-.t of monufacturing it, into  v*  flour.  Ik-sides thisjthe flohr will "not bo  >    as (,'ood us if made from,old* wheat, for:  , the /ample reason ^that^thbfWhoat has  5, not ffona  through'f> the swoifand,'to a  cortiiin extent, the ^sweating . will" ta_re  o,placa ,in iho llour-greatly1,to"its.','doi:ri-  (ment." I am thoroughly, ctfnyincod ^hat  'flour made froin'old,^whoat^will'give  baker? i better, satisfaction^rsir -.'weeks  ;     after being ground than* will 'that made  (.from nest- wheat thra^hod'dut of stock'  'c m siv months aftor.boing'ground. \ ��*���__.  "As sugKOsted,i(Jtojfkeepi, the'{flour.six  ���,.��� '" '.'"*" nuij'rihea many wno  w*ro una^uainhidwitft its qualities, and  pneo known it will not be rejected!   Try  .. ff/th old wheat, flour-juntil*}tho"_- nowiit  fit to grind. Do, ,not -imaginoj; that con-  turner^ are cranks and doii't'khoxv wliat'  the; aro talking ,'abojj.jiYh'oh they'say  they um-jt havo old.whea'tfflourl���Amor-  rnw,\or.^A;fip^:M^mmK  ���*>..-���=  lei  %  ' ORIGIN OF}NAVAlff-TITLES.  " > .     '.     ��� LL-'-ifw-jy-Vv*--- I  .    . ..W ****'     ,  .Borron-cil MUItarj'r^Termii.'.Il^-om tl>��,  Arabic aria the;SpWnl-ib."'*"-"'���"''"  In tho early days thef rank of admiral  was unknown.r The-chief, officer,, of-a  squadron was called aconstable or Jus-J  tiee. Tho term,ndmlral.as'now.used.'  ls derived,from the;ArabIc("amIr," or  "emir," a com_nandery(as{iiiyi'amIr-al-(  bahr," commander, of^th'olsea). *"*-"The  ,     ^   ,��� .    . *���   'i "-"S. *���",. v*  .     i...'"v*.  ��     London Siinilnj- Cloiilnfr Rlota.  j-- f London had its troubles witli Suuday  closing laws'Avlieu-Iu law there were  riots caused by Lord llobert Grosven-  or's bill lo put down Sunday trading.  "A.crdwd hostlle'to the measure went to  rIIyde park "to see ho'wJthe aristocrats  vkept'the Sabbath," us a newspaper of  i^aP t,uus Put,It.k .Carriages taking the  "afternoon drive were greeted with yeils  -��*.-,-lGo to,church'l"_ and.wlUi booting-  'that scared* many, horses Into running  i. away, "A|week later the police prohlb-  ^,lted'-aj meeting 'tliat\was announced,  but.ten^ of ^thousands "of people apJ  pearcd,, and there were vigorous, strug-  'gles'wiUi1 the police.'"On the thircl Sunday pure'"rowdyism supervened,; foot-  -rnen wercassaulted, and windows were  .smashed wholesale\through the arlsto-  -fcratlc districts. Then the'trouble died  Vut, and so did tlie blll."*>y' " -  "i'i -.o,"   Az s_! ��� "' .   /**ir   u.  X,       The. St. Dcrnnrd iFum.'  It Is not always the pale and bloodless who suffer from nervous exhaustion, and when a person of apparent  good health finds himself almost helpless he gets little sympathy from  physician or friends and not frequently hia1 ills are attributed to, the Imagination.      ' -  ���     ,  Nervous diseases are slow in coming on and patience is necessary in  their treatment. Dr. Chase's Nerve  Food is absolutely certain ,to be of  benefit to* anyone suffering, from exhausted nerves, for it supplies tho very  elements of nature which go to create  new nerve cells and Instil new vigor  and energy into the nervous system.  ,MIbb Lena .Hlobert, Lowe Farm,  Man., writes:'���"I,"suffered for two  years' with dizzy spells, pains in the  oaok, cold bands' and feet, nervousness, Jerking of the, limbs,, sore  tongue,, loreness of arms and shoulders, and general exhaustion. About  seven, months ago I< became so ner  vous that I couW not rest or sleep,' and  could ' not i do the least bit of work  without suffering dreadfully from pains  in thfe back. -I could hardly walk,  could eat very little, and felt that-people were always watching my body  twitch."     '  "I tried several medicines with little  effect, and was a mere skeleton of skin  and bone about to give up in despair  when I heard about Dr. Chase's Nerve  Food and began using it.'I have used  in all-fourteen boxes of this preparation, and it has built me up,until I  am now strong and well again. Dr.  Chase's'Nerve Food has done me a  world of good, and<-I feel that I cannot recommend'it too highly to persons who suffer as I have."       t\      > "  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a  box, or six boxes for' $2.50, at all  dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co./  Toronto. ' T& protect,you against Imitations the portrait and signature of  Dr^ A. W. Chase, (the famous receipt  book author,' are on every box/i       .   [  ������������<��ii��e��t��cgti*��t����e��e>��a��������������e��t����to��*99����a��*ti  ���,    *     ' <���    ry**y      -'       V     '   ���/ "���     , -       ', e '' *-' S  ��� If it is a Question of Warmth tise *  ��� ;'       -���    't ��� ft' , ''.��-     r ,<        , a -. "    if-,  ,     -    ,   / ,i i    r > >c a  j.''y;EyB:.EDDm>yJ  " B^tfe0I^Qr:';RSp6R.!  1 rTbc'examinntions'made^the Great  St..Bernard show, that-the" pass was  not only, used bjT, foottpas3engers,* but  1 by. horsemen,-j.in Kcfman v'times. :'lt  seems tha Pit" was a^ safer" route in'tlie  .time; of Vitellius than'.until, the last  few' years.,"Excavations', demonstrate'  'that''there were .ft wo 'buildings, m'udi  farther apart than ;is the present.road.  fTh'ore wasda 'temple" there, and some  early Itogllsh tomi-wiaWml^  Is   ,WiV^n&��$g^l$X&}^^ alwaysfhave^been^a.place of  VrannV rrli>_'   C_n__*_lHU_ __��.! _ Tl_v__����_<__i_x___i.*    *       r Of"  i French.   The'Spanlshi-.and Portugueses  " terms' are *-i''almiranteI''j|Ctho*Itallan,  ^'ammlragllo."   TheJiUe^captaln' Is^riot"  a naval but a mUltaryVne. .'Under the  older organizationt*the."realS.captain *of.  *   a ship ma a master!^ut^mllltary}of-^  fleer was placed*oni_Jpa*rd;^though^he  knew nothing -jibout^nautlcal "[affairs.1  , Aa the captain Vecam^'b)gger;ani'blg;i  ;     ger the master- became/ismaller'fandi,  !- smaller until affth^presentfday��hef1  ^fllls a'rsubordinate^ositiony which ",'ls'  f gradually becoming obsolete,"being re^  ' placed by an officer,'under the' title of  ^ a navigating lieutenant'"^^v \,  "* b  Commodore comes ^from the.Spanish  "commendador." ^The title lieutenant  borrowed directly, from the .French, is  mora modern and1 Is meant as a place  holder or ono, who 'took 'vth6 place of  the captain when,'absent*, Sublieutenant Is still more lmodernv, and at the  same time a misnomer,",aa he'never  was  a  sublieutenant   but "merely, a  mate, or one who assisted., In former  days  we had -no  cadets,;<but< volunteers.   However, with the,~gradual ad:'  ranee of polltness,\ the more { seemly  ���term of cadets was borrowed from the  French and adopted,as,the tltle"of the'  young gentlemen In our navy. ->  In place of paymasters the ships fof  old had pursers, who^-looked after the  provisions. The naval purser did more.  He had charge" of ^ the stores of the  Bhlp and the money 'chest 7 Surgeons  and surgeons' mates fulfilled'the dutiesn  of the doctors.. Chaplains are of mdd-  em Introduction'.". Naval Instructors  and schoolmasters ruled1 in their stead.  The term mate was gather a universal  one and applied to all branches.,      ,1 -  though .oftcn^ subjected' to at-f,  ���tack." 'Slgns^of ',-ylolence "are" demon;  .strated by the fact tliot^votive'tableta,  have * been _'djscovered ,��., broken, \' a.ndl  .thrownJnto"the~swahip below. It'aWas  _in-(the. eleventh century^-that'St.,Ber-,  niird* of Menthon founded'-the, modern  I  ��,_   ,-J-5->  *  j   -5,       I      ^\   ' i-  ���   ������ '-AL.tqySiiJ*'-'  - '  ��y -j"   .,-,   ---,   ;��*i//   i; j  .*���     ..    "* . v   -%s y,?b ,fl.    -. 5  :-, TEESr^PERSSE,.Limited,- Agents^Winhipeg:-^  .-. Itching; .Burning!   Creeping,  Drawling Skin DUoaiies rolloved la a fow mln  atw by Agnetr's Olntment.^^ Dr/A_ffnow*B Ointment  reliovias instantly., and cares Tetter, SaIt1Khoa__a  3uiIdHe��4, Kcz-ema, UIcow, Blotches, nnd^all Brup  tlona. ot^ tho, 8kln, It' ia soothlns nnd quieting ani  acts like magic in*, allT Baby ITuinoru, Irrltatllon oJ  of the Scalp~or Hashes ^during'teething time���7     ^  .^'.  .h'ospica.  f-  >j, .:yy fy<jr&  I     V        /    '^.lj'T r,lj ^i     -       ^.     .ft. I   -."J  s-  (���������A   L4,tL    ,  '    \\. -     y, -: f- ?~ vf  ���-,',-,,���    ���" {        I    .' . >       -  _ -  MESSRS. C.'0.'RIOHARDStX'CO.,\  ',-.-', ��� *-      ,1 * ,  Gents,���A customer ^of^' ours cured a,  -vbrv bad case of disteinper in a ^*valuable  'hor'se by tho.uso of MINARD'S LINIMENT.    1. ' s       ��� y -  ',     '       Yours truly.   ��� - '   "     -u-  ' - ���     ,      VILA3TDIE FRERES.  *  Moroccan. Bla-rv Market*.  The sale of slaves' In Morocco Is a  very remarkable ceremony. When the  buyers have taken their seats In the  Market place the auctioneers advance  In lino to tho center of the market and  offer up a prayer." .They appeal for  dlvlno favor on behalf of buyers and  sellers and anathematize Satan and  all his works. The buyers Interpolate  amen" at the proper moments. When  me last word of prayer has been said  the slaves are brought forward, parcelled out among the auctioneers and  led n round the circle of buyers, who  ralso the prices of the men, women nnd  children they desire to purchase.  For 33 Years  SKiloh't Consumption Cure, tlie Luna  Tonic, has been before the public, and  ihis, together with the fad that itstalej  l��ve steadily increased year by year, ii the  but proof ot the merit oi  f New Geological Map.  With a view'to ascertaining-the ex-  'tent of the'mineral deposits and to.enable tho department to issufj a complete  geological and topographical map, the  ;niost* extensive survey work in Its history "Is now going on under the Geological Survey. There" aro 35 parties  in the* field, about two-thirds of whom  aro employed west of;the.Rooky; Mountains* Some of the parties consist of  eight or jlen men, while one'or two geologists, with assistants, are able, to .carry on, the work In other^districts .The  last of these parties left at the middle  of July, "but most of_ them began the  season's work in March. - Tho homecoming will be about the middle of October, y    ���"������  "Nearly every" person.^who commits  suicide by ^drowningJpa!rtly "^undresses  .before -entering the rwater," 'said^Dr,  WynnAVestcott at an inquest in London  y.f    ,    ,.T     >   ��,    y -^ *   '-.  Eat \what1 '-.you _1 like.��� Giro Abo  <iIuo-.ti\o orgnna^BOmo, work'to do. Th->~e f-in-..loiii,  JiOe<l bxorcii.0 on much ns any part of tne hum., ^  aniitoiny, but if they're (lellcnto, kivo thorn tliv nl  thutDr. Von Stnn'a_PtnenppIoTiiblotfl nfforil nn I 3011  cun nut An>\lllnif tlml'tf wholonointj und v ^uublu--  60 iu a box. V,\entx.sy-'.'c" n " * J"  .��       fc~-      ���-   '    ' ��-���     f.  1,       > - -      ,     ! C  ���0,ThB two ej;es -really-'see- two objects.,  If the two forefingers bo held,'ono'at the  distance of a foot, the'other "two', feet'in  front of the eyes, and* tho, formor'rlooked1  at, two phantoms.of" J;he ^lattorfcwiU* be  observed, one oieacli side.��� If the latter  fingor'.be regarded, two phantoms'of^the  -nearer finger'will be" observed mounting  guard, ono on either side.1.    ' X| ���' 'V^rs '  y-^yf-A:    'f'"'"' '"   '"���*'���>--���   Ai ~ri\  .,-fiaj3i{tylrKidnOyS.-���ji&,e you lJackoche .  DcTjou foel^drowfii fjf Do your limbs feol heavy?  yCaiti y-on  frenuont" hoadiu-hos ?    Ha\e you   f&llins  i Vision If Jl4i>o sou dizzy feeling ? Aro you dc-profiuod!  Is jour Hklii'ilrj,!' "Havo jou n tirod(foalln(j ? ,'Any of  thm�� Hlftim, provo.. kldne., di.t-iiso. Eiperlonco bu  pruvtid that'* South-Arnerlcuu Kldnoy euro" novel  IaU��*-��rA <-' ' vj. ?<,"���.- . '-"' T - > *��  -   �����   rP      -if      1 <��� ' ��� J'    t    ,.    J 1.^  ;    y �����  ; ,����� *��� -������ ;������ V. A Jn  -  / Ignatius'J. Iibyala had, t no. race of an  asceticf with' sharp, features - worn., with  fa_>ting, watching andfpraying.y' v'" , f,  >.   s '���i c r ��� ���i���' 1,' ,c.     '  y If.attncked'Avith .cholera or summer  rompldint of any kind s>endvat'once for a  bofctlo of Dr: J. D: Kellogg's 'Dysentery  jocdial and use it according to'directions.*  Icacts with wonderful, rapidity "in- subduing that dreadful disease thatweakens  tf*l  "i i'"j..sr' ��� ,* ,i '<*f  "4A- pleasant fduty.��������� wtm i know  "lnythlng Vorthy of recommondatlon. 'I consider it  cny'dutj,to tell It," '_a>_ Jlov. Jos MurUopk.'of Ham  jurg, Pa. *' Urt* Agnovr'B CaCarrhal Powder has enred  caeof Catarrh of 5^yoars standing. J.It 1b certainly  magical In Its effect. Tho first application bonefito i  ne In flvo minute*." 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I What You  Wasvit  1 FLOUR   That  I Combines  ���fr  ���fr  *  *  ��fr  ���fr  ���fr  ��  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  * ���_.'<���  IS   A  - ~A" >,*_ .��� r.  1    ���"' '.^ .  it   *   ..-��� ntr....'.  3*"  3.   ���    it*. ���  Eg    _   1-    '._*,._-    ���  LO'   - =  ���fr  ���fr  #  s  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  *  ���fr,  ���fr  ���fr  ��  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  I And   These   Qualities g  $     Are  Contained  In  Don't Hinder Other*.  Next In practical Importance to the  being possessed by a purpose of doing  something In tbe world Is the ,belng  possessed by the purpose of not hindering others In their doing whatever they  have to do in the world.���Faith and  Works.  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  <���  ���fr  ���fr  ���fr  <*��  WEALTH IN THE YUKON.  Ooi" P"��liow-Cltlren�� Ther* Aro Contrl-  bating $10,000,000' Per Annum to  Canada's Wealth.  While wealth In the form of wheat  ls being produced on the prairies to  the tune of $100,000,000. in a year, our^  fellow-cltlzens ln the Yukon are contri-'  butmg $10,000,000 per annum -in gold  to the financial strength of the Dominion. This ls a large output for so  small a communl-.y. But tlie region has  done better. When the rush was on the  quantity of goW obtained was as high  as $20,000,000 a -year In value The  'change ls the result, not of any failure  in the crop, but of the movement of  population. It Is estimated by a mining  authority who bas reported upon the  territory that lt will take 145 years to  wash out the gold-yielding gravel now  In sight.  The gold, as related by Dr. Thompson, M. P., In his recent speech in Parliament, is found along the creeks. The  Yukon Is a,net work of small streams,  running among the' hills, and making  for the larger bodies of water. These  streams, in the course of centuries,  havo carried down from the. hills vast  quantities of gravel, along with which  gold ls mixed, iThe .gravel,has formed  a bed or bench along the side of the  creek, and here the miner operates. At  the present time placer mining, or the  washing of the gravel, is the chief-industry. -But it is clear that' the gold  thus secured must have, come from  soma central' source.' It was in the  rock before it was forced down the  creek to lbs present resting place.  Therefore, it is certain that there are  quartz deposits in various parts ot the  ^district. 'These will be found, some  n day, and then operations 'such as those  in,the Kootenays will be'entered upon,'  with rich" results. " f-- '  '   The" labor * of the miner is not altogether  (1what  , the    far-away ' observer  .wopld expect it to be. Many of us sup-i  pose, that, with the tgold ,lying in  the  bed of the creek, all that the miner has  to do'isrtorrun down to  thc shore In^  the morning and.wash-out a. few',hundred 'dollars'*twofth"of nuggets  before  breakfast, the 'operation being repeated  whenever/, our friend experiences a desire to" be active. 1 But this is a.total  misapprehension.    The business is not  tso easy as" that _ Dr. Thompson, in his  Parliamentary speech, has told'us what'  .rgally^happens.     When\the miner has,,  selected his claim^he is confronted with'  the* fact that thereru upon it a bedJof.  loam -which has to be remojved In order.  ��that^the 'gravel,' in' which  the gold is  , found, "may'belfeached^-For 'a considerable depth;- then, the miner has to dig  IfJtis winter time/'the earth'has to'be  *thawedt-/and  thIs,,process*i ls " accomplished  through -.the, building of   large*  woodlfires. ; WhenMhe loam.ls out of  the ,wa^-the JgraveKapijears.,   {Here,  again, heat"has to*be*api>lled'in-order  to move the material.        '   / ,\ . ''   ', v ���  ^,"~In"some  cases, the  miner*ruses 'the  wood'fires, on the gravel.  HewilUthaw,  as'far-.as1 he  can, ��� and  then, haul * the  gravel ftthus.^ loosened |Lto r the, surface,  "and dump 'It -while tlt awaits' the'next  o'p'eration.   "Menfwhoi'are in 'better circumstances 'employ^ steam!' The^stearn  ls generated,*and ls .conducted by'pipe  ��� to the gravel, into which the'end'of the'  pipe -is  sunk,- with' the 'aid- of a drill.,  The  escaping^ steam, soon  drives-  out  the trpst,' and^the gravel ls'removable  "Where an operator Is '"particularly, well  ��� off he will1 add* a steam shovel^.to'Ills  plant,''and t-thui. haul' out" the material  1 bytwholesaled  After.the bed-rock-has  tbedhffreached���and^the gTavel is"��rlctier  as It'gets'nearer the rock���the miner4  has ^to ^undertake::* engineering/, opera;  tlons.1 * ,He,must��followl,the gravel^un-  ^der^jthe unremoved'^ earth.f thus tunneK  ing as'"'far_as'-.he_ca__.c;,v'^'"<;.r "'iSftffa   j  iji'All the/grayer*is brought to,,the* surface "and,1 dumped < feadj-Tfor^the  next  . m'6ve.y It takesj the' shape 'ot, huge - conl-  "cal,. mounds,"7 of <"c6nsiderable"j'beight  -Along-'a gold-yielding creekpthere^will  be>a series^-of'mounds awaiting treatment'    The next process Is - the washing or sorting. ^For.jthls business long  flumes, a foot square, are provided. 'At  ;the  bottom" of  the1 flumes   are* nailed  swhat  are "termed   riffles,    or .cleats-���  piece's of wood or of Iron���which catch-  the gold as' it falls.   Water ls  turned'  into the flumes, and as it courses' down  from end to end the gravel'Is thrown  In.  Seeing that the gold is heavier than  the   other - material, , it   falls,'   and ,is  caught in the cleats, while the gravel  Is  carried  away.    When   the  water Is  turned  off  the miner learns  what his  luck has-been.    There may be a good  deal of gold in the flume.    On the other hand,  the  yield may -be  small     If  gold has,been exhumed it will be found  to he In grains like flour, increasing in  size to nuggets of the size of a pea-  It,is clear that the Yukon miner has  no' sinecure.    , He   works    during   the  winter, except when the cold Is exceptionally severe; and the summer, when  'the water ls free, is naturally his busy  time. .There Is a good deal of chance  ln his operations.- He may make a big  haul,tand it is possible that his work  may yield him'little. t  So far' the Yukon has turned out  $120,000,000 xworth-of gold. This year's  output will bring the figure up to $130,-  '000,000. To the people .engaged in the  lndustry^.the production means money.  To Canada lt means business. ,We do  not furnish all the supplies for the Yukon, but we send a large proportion���  probably,.half, and this trade Is not to  be regarded with indifference. v In fact,  lt should be the task of thev Government to enlarge it, and .to give the people of tho north every encouragement  possible to prosecutoyand, indeed, to  Increase their operat\bris> The imposts  upon the mining business'^hoUld be reduced to the minimum, on the principle  that the(country does not need to make  prbflt out of the territory, other than  the advantage that comes from the enlargement of the trade and the industry of the people.  &  Ogilvies' Reputation^  goes into every barrel of  Royal Household Flour  ' If Royal Household Flour were not as  good as Ogilvies say it is, who would be  the greatest loser ?  " You would try it once���if. it were not  good you would be a "small loser,1 perhaps.  "But Ogilvies would probably lose  your custom.       . .  They would also lose the custom  .'of every other woman*who tried it  ' arid of  thousands who  had never  -  tried it but had been told'that.it was not  , as represented.'     *      ' ���     "y _  '   Therefore.* Ogilvies must make Royal ���  ,, Household;Flour the best flour because'-  "they stake1 their reputation, upon jt,'and if-,'  ,/you and thousands of others-found it was <;  ��'not  the' best, Ogilvies  would* ruin their^  ������ 1    ���    ' ?.'  1    i - * >    ,"���''-  1    ��)iiciri<��5C ',       ;'..->        >.'.--'!.!  . . ���  n "  usmess.  '',''/ So''.Ogilvies' make ' Royal /.'Household lJ'f  y- Flbiirthe best, flour, in their^OJW'protection. A  *"' Incidentally that is 'your strongest "protection ;  -;'���itguararitees you'the best flour because the  i brand carries with lit Ogilvie's^ Reputation.'  }' - Ogilvies simply ask'aMxial���know-  , ing that it will make aS; permanent  friend v for "Royal *' Household^Flour. -,  Ir     ti .  ,f      V*  'if  !>.���*  "it"-  .   ' M   tl ;r     - w Jr.  1   y ,', *���{,   iv.', ���..  ,        ,   _    ,^U    4^v, 1     i  ^'���'���Vr'^P:''  it    '1-to  J ,iit>  ,-.  r,  y,   -.- ,   -',1  tt.4.    ���  ",        -'   ' '     '."X   Ifyi 't   i  ���v , A"-.  1 , ^ A ��� 'p  3 -1 *��� '~PI. .-.ftiff'^  ��.vf -* A     -?,1 N*^?r\  THC TRADE OFTHE GREAT-WEST  Vytl/^yUNlON MADE., ,'".r'lKi  ;A,'" :> <Ay ��� ;��� ^' f��t�� r' *��:V * 'Z/  ,  0?ERALLS,1 SMOCKS  ; ^ariiSHIRTS;^m  < '1    1      - v >r  ,   *   ���> ' ji ��� A  -'* \ :  MADE TO FIT  '   "" -  . and    ' '        .. ,���  MADE TO  WEAR  You will never have Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing,, Qualities in  your Working Clothes until you wear  "King of the Road" Brand  ASK   YOUR   DEALER.  The Keeley Cure  Has restored to health, prosperity  and   happiness  500,000  -people who were diseased and  poisoned from the use of LIQUOR   and   DRUGS.      Write  a To-day, now and get the, necessary   information   about   It.  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A,G eat'Family Magazine."-, v  A WHOLE 1ft OCNTQ  ,YEAR;FpjR^JUtI^ IA  r" TJlu��trnted t1irauffli(Attrrtprinted on good pnpei%  _oll> itones short nnd Ions * f-pecidl urticloa *of  focuuinc Interest/ Jatost imjliionH, noweat ro-  cipesr, orifrmui bU^Keations on household topics,  ftazues, humor aud \en>o i  \ "   4   / *   ~ .       i    ���  Refreshing Breeze of Enter-  tainment^BBowing Stronger  Every Month.  Wrap a dime In paper nnd let us sand jon THE  OUUDIAN V, OMAN ior n >enr \re will do  ihis if jou will uend us tho nnmo-i of fho Fomon  friends and the ten contu. \\ rite NOW and start  with the Octoboc. issue..  THE .CXNXm AN_ WOMAN.  67 Bank' ChalaberSff"-' Lon3on, Ont  m   hKAi'ugy:>  ..   .  ���*t-.'-,.''W  ,��,"*  ��� o. kox sm %^ ire _#�����-%_ B B^l,>b'" *��SI-  Canadian Co-operative-* Company, Ltd.  ;��-,.!.. ' join^McVicar, Mgr.  *CommKsion Morohants and donlorx in oil kinds  of GHAIU.     Con'Ignoienta   Solicitod.    Write.  Phono'or >Vire Lus lor Particulars,     ^  Offices, 308 Mclntyre Blookp Winnipea  The G!ogaiii Stove. n��od by jnpanMo  .\jm\ A wonderful Invention anil boon to campers,  nur-es, bachelors,"*tra\ei!erp, iibvsic an��, etc Bplla  pint of wntor In four minutes at iost of oiie^iislitli oil  u cent for fuel. Will hupport Height, of 100 lbs and  last for,>ear^ '&end price���onl% a dollar���and ono  will bo delivered to jou free by parcel poat   ' Address  Wm. Scott, 677   Elgin Ave.', Winnipeg.  ��    Si ���  Signals of Danjrer. JLtvo you lost  your appotito ? Have juu a coatod  ton_>uo ? Have you an unpleasant taste  in tlio mouth ? Docs your head ache  and havo jou dizziness? If t-o, your  -itouiach is out of order and jou need  medicine. But you do not like medicine,  lie thnt piofors sickness to medicino  must sutler, butundor the circumstances  the wise m.in would procure a box of  P.nm.iloe's Vegetable Pills and speedily  <;ot bimsolf in health and strivo to keep  so.  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If tbe knees  are bent and seemingly too weak to  support the body lt ls easier for tbem  to shake with fear than if they are  straight Therefore, wires and business girls, stay-at-bome misses and engaged lasses, keep your heads up.  When the chin Is raised, the chest high,  courage and hope are indicated. Tlie  mind follows. It is true that a woman  keeps her head up because she ls hopeful; but even if hope Is wanting, lift  up the bead, and lt will come th*  noottes.  Gold Standard Tea |  ^     you know you are gotting tho  beat Tea  money can  buy.  it Is "Guaranteed tho  Best."  36, *0, and 60o. por lb.     ��3  at all Grooors  s��s  em  Sterling  Silver  Toilet Ware  Solid and heavy���aa  well as of sterling- quality���is the silver composing the Toilet "Ware  from Diamond Hall's  own factory.  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iOGSct-g»^»«fy.mBtiiii^i. ^MUaaA^fe^__nS5S_H!rr_r_^^
> >
P ibh&he.i in ilir 1 uteres I of tbe people
of Muyie and Bast Kootenay.
__*   JT. SMkTH & CO.,
-   -     Publlihors.
Oie Year ....... ~ *2,00
SATURDAY, OCT.  21, 1905.
A Jitilecharity to ih<* living is worth
a wagon load of flowers to the de.id.
I       Si,
i .
Kb wonder  the   .Mutual  Life  grew
. i q
fat, when $250  a day   was   spent for
.vi*  *— "
The  word "if" is  the  largest sized
.hinge carried in stock by the English
.j •> . > «
language.    ,
 . m. i *
'It is beared that an  autograph copy
-.*,,. '        .-     .        CI, I'   T. «.      -      ,
of Mary MacLaue'a _bock' waa lest in
the Butte fire. "    ,
Geo, T. Fulford is dead, but the eale
'of hie Pink Pills will go on as if noth-
j_ng happened. ' at
Kili     rSfl
W*.'i S3
. Ij-_.   . i «s
Edna Wallace Hopper has lost her
•' '."V    ""l
suit, says tlie'Seatile 'Times,   But Bhe
/ .   11. -   ,-
still haa her tights,'        '    ,
lyAt&A-^ :
'*$$■> " V
|*<Vrf_™'-       A,   a
'ni"t    <     *-
!_!.._   '*"
J" .-&..
t ^he Moyie Miners' Union is making
a generous .oiler in giving the public
free.access to their library.
'" \ "The directors of the Nelson Fair,re-
port a surplus of receipts over expcn-
T ' ', ,. *   * 1 I 1
,r ditures ol $308.    Bully for Nelson:
1   The news of the St. Eugene resum-
.     _'-    -    ;       - t      ,
ing operations  so much "earlier than
,    "r      '      -i ' -\ ir - --      i
expected will be .hailed, with delight by
I   -T ~ - >   1   *
f *," i"
..   'J&IV-i
IM iVS. *
1,1. -a.'    „
'ti-."--. _> 3 £[_
r>f V-»_.ij!S.'l
V   *-.«VT™Ti_.}
An insurance journal says:   "A life
11. ■*■- ^ 11
4 insurance policy' is a letter of credit
1 r  . t
,   .payable to your wife wh< n you reach
the end of your journey."    A fact well
1 presented.' t '       ,; ,    ,
To Bonners Ferry by  January first,r
,. .^
is the information given out  concern-
1   * , j -.
.» ^ng the Coibiuline.    This means'that
".Moyie'will soon hav6 direct CDmmum-
< .cationtWith Spokane. <   ?
F. E Simpson is starting another
newspaypr. The Lethbridge Herald
vvill make Us appearance fabout the
tirat of next month wish A. S.Bennett,
of the Oi an brook Hc-rald stuff, in
charge. Simpson is a^huatler, and the
Leader wishes his / new venture evcrj-
Th.-s. W, Lawson   culled   p. A, "O-
Farrell an "oatc.idt"   newspaper  man
We knew O'Furrell would  strike back,
and he did: "Fakir and mountebank,"
he sayc, "are   the   two epithets   lhat
best become  Thomas  W. fLawson,  of
Boston.    He has been a' tinhorn gain-
• _>
bier and a tout for some oi   the  most
expert swindlers ol the age, and -since
Lawson has began manipulating stock
markets bid one end and aim haa
been to fool investors and speculators
and stparate them from their money.
The enmity of ouch a man is aome-
ihirig to be proud of. The more'I analyze Lawson, and tbe more I study
his record and his records, the more
thoroughly I am^ convinced that his
mental balance is completely over-
thrown, and that   the   margin   ip.ex.
I r i 1
trembly slight that separates l.im from
the jibberings of the raving maniac."
Now, what do you thiuk of that?
_ . *
And see pur Pull Assortment of
The Moyie  Drug and Stationery   Store.
Lady Barber Shop
. MISS LINDELL, Proprietress. '
First Class" Work.''. Bath   Booms in
'    C< nnection. . '/ -
I_ O. O. F.
Wlldey todce No. 44.
Meets every Tuesday evening in their
hall on Victoria street. Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
P.T.SMYTH,        _ T. J. SMYTH,    '
Noble Grand. Secr'y.  '
Moyie   Miners'   Union
No. 7! \v. F, of M.  t
Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday evening.' Sojourning members
are cordially invited to attend.   .
Thos. E. Kelly,
Wm. J. Feltham,
Meets on the  first anu third   Wednes-
day of each month  at 8 P.      At.
*      * *       '
Worthy Prea. ' Worthy Secr'y.
Soaae SeaooDHble Advice.       '.      -
fit may be a piece of superfluous advice to urge people 'at. this season of
the.year to'lay in a supply of Chamberlain's"^ Oougn Remedy." It is al-
most sure to be needed before win ter
is over, and much" more prompt and'
satisfactory results are obtained "when
taken as soon as a icold- is "contracted
and before "it has become * settled ,in
the system, which can only be done
by keeping the remedy at hand. This
remedy is so widely known and so 'altogether good that"no one should hesitate about buying it in preference to
any other. It is for eale by the Moyie
Drug & Stationery store.    '        .  '   '-
■ Under New i
t J ^
Management. IV
k J
Hamilton Watches^are giyingr such] The Dining ^too'm is  now'open,  the.
universal satisfaction tbat we have had  I, „ Bur? is"newly  supplied,1 and'    ;,'
i  e"veiy effort'will be made .'     '
i.t i *
,    -       '" .to tgiye satisfaction.      " -1* t
.. t
While a union band was playing in
-  Chicago'1 a horse near by dropped (lend/
J     /      - ~r I     y       i , "  *     )    •      r
^anll'tiow'the"1 owner of thej equine ,de
"^mauds'p^yenent' from the band. Some"
men will resort to any measure for the
purpose oi knocking out the unions.
Miss Ann S. Hall of Cincinnati
startled the humaue society recently
'by proposing the adoption 'of a resolu-
tion legalizing the administrating'of
anesthetics to ' persons dying ' in
agony. Miss Hall argued that there
were cases as in railway wrecks when
trainmen and passengers were so
badly injured that their'lives could
not possibly be sav d.    In   such   caspB
' she thought it ought to be permissible
to administer anesthetics to relieve
their sufferings.
s'M |
a    " >   JFor Sale.'£ ,     •
The place known as, thd   Dill  milk
ranch, 320 acres, good barn house, and
; Apply to/,",   '' . ,    v
/   ,. J. E. Crowe, Moyie, B. C.
a" special movement 'put , up-' for us
which is known, as1'.'Tate's Special."
It is a hi«b grade' mo'vement,-rwhich
can be bought at a reasonable > prioe,
and-ia guaranteed to be ai1 good time
.keeper./   '-_    ,A\^ '{A'^,^   ''''''-
;; w: f. tate 'w son. '
i    i 7 f
'  I , -'. l^r-        " X' ~     ' I
C, P. R, Watch Inspectors,    m      ,
.   -J •    -' '°   CKANBEOOK, B, C.y
Har,vey   & "McCarter;
'Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc
'     .'     i •      i - .     '"      ' r     , ,,        '
CranTbrook, *.-   -   B. C.
Having decided^to close out my business in
Moyie,'I am offering my .whole stock of
i  \
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Underwear, Top,-Siiirfs, Sweat-
■ ■" -       ers; Hose
and everything to be .found in a first1 clas Gents
Furnishing j^toivs
•o   « tr
y'y ...        \.     -r *"       >  .   I. <>■
- keserve:
Rtght of Way.,for Railways, Etc.^
i, ,        ,- •   ~    .
J     l  l       •,    I . 1' , „,   r
^ I k.   ' *■- •
r . NOTICE is hereby given that all Crown land
along the located UneB ol any ruilway,--power or
tramway company, incorporated undor authority of tho Legislature of this Province, and having,a width of fifty (50) feet on each side of said
llnet>,are rcservod for right of way purposes for
such railway, power or tramway company. '*'
■?   "V    r* " • w. s. gore: * -~'\
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands nnd Works Department,
i Victoria, B. C., 3rd October, 1903.
We arp now prepared to fill all . orders
for Bread, Cakes' and Pa3try.
Satiffaction    Guaranteed    or   Money
Refunded.  v
General Drayihg
Business done.
All kinds of wood
For   Sale,     Good
r ft
Satisfaction to
fi BURNS ■;•&CO
.   ;   ,».u       x    i
i - ,       »I       5 ', 1     I       l
,       - , -     •   ,•'   ',    ^   ','      .
:    SA, ' *   "'    y , _,
Fresh and Cured Meats, Fresh „
,   Fish, Game, ana "Poultry.    We    \
„.      ',    .- -- "I
,    supply only "the, best. _* Your,A~
„trade solicited.*.    .    "-"   'Ujj,   »--
-   "      •-'■'    -,' MARKETS-"" <-     -*"
In /all . the \ Principal
Cities and-\T6wnsf in
i 'A British CblumbiaV ._.
i '-  v ii <      .,, )v*.    -**,-# »   y\
J. A.-'GOUPILL; Prapfi,
Wholesale! Wine\,;':;
■    $ and3 rSpifit/Mer- - "r\
' chant:,. *    ■
-    ■   ••-, *   ', AA x   ' y
I ,.;>"- ■> a,' "    -  '/
Agent for Calgary Brewing Co.'a A
'"'    A .-''•' \ y *-"   ''j    f,ft , •
Beer", Ale anjdl Porter.
. Vv      .   --•--.*•'- • - * . «*<
B. C
BarriBter,iSolicitor,^N'6t^r^ Public, Etc
:'Ai:Cranbrook'B.Cl\' *
I      ill'-2-   '   — IY" r' -    -rT    *— r-
T. Label ^Co.'s y
J   I
i -- •
^i."^ M*     4i
!       I ~ I
'j   A  Logger's   Boot Without
an Erftia!. I
L. 100. M«"n'8 10 in LopRinp ;
Boot. Frtnch Calf thr< nglioiit|
an,d haa a ,,1-OCK OAK t-ulf |
I Ou tfaide counifr ifi pegged and
haa standard ecrrw reinforcing;!
all around. , Ste them ^t your|
dealer' a.
siitral Mi-
Lurite sample room in connection
with house for commercial men. Best
Of accommodations.
lEfeadcusrters  for   Oom~
mercial and Mining Men.
MOYIE,   B. C.
B.   C.
MINING keeps you
^    yGivesepch month an index of all im-
.pliant articles appearing in over .200 '
American aud foreign publications, also
abstracts of the most valuable articles
and from four to eight ongtnal articles t
by practical mining men, fully illustrated.   $2 00 a year in advance,
sample copy, 30 cents.    Scud.to
120 Liberty S treat
N»w York
Chamberlain S  Diarrhoea.Remedy.
Never fails.- Buy it now.   It may save life.
Keg Beer, Bottled
Beer and Porter
always on Hand.
t    ""I*      "V      >
.,\    \,    <' ,11C,   l-A '
m      .«. ■(,
Ax "i
-  .-,. ii" \". J ii1  -fir    '-'^v'^    .--
Fore;gn*and t Domestic'Wines/fLiquors
" , *-;   Ji1- r-, and Cigarsr'- •> v^, ■ h -■>
"?i''yV^,ir-*-.*il"s(;- > ->A'    ja
"  —JW. to
Oignrs,    f"" Tobaf ros,
, «       ( Fruits, Etc
Victoria St.
Livesley & Baldwin,
.  Express and General^-; Delivery   Busi-
..{ness.'   Livery " and ^
.  Feed Stable.
7 British Colum > b.
DR:'W-ByMlBES, '-a- x%
,~uym:m-'m, fy-^\
Cranbrook, :
-X>3E33!«r,T,I_S,T,l; ?.^.
'        <*    ,!r
b, d:
11 — t ^. i
^ *1
J  *'r,t'
. ,*s"/ --,.),. ts.
«-     *■ i-
i.    '***"»      *iju*—*('      Jl^j-t^t      ^i,     _-o.
w _i "*'-y-.
^t.*rv__H_Hf'^'       r ■]*-* _H   H   _ 3r "d ■*
i -Ti,.flf* :t^'1 '■"^^^■'iI-va
George, H. .Thontfpson, '*
'• \w> ',v   '^ 'A   ' t'-f "■    '-    A
,        ^.    rBarhibtkr, SOLrCITOU,uJS.0-
°> ;' i ^"-x.ytary Public,' &c. '_" '^-   > '.
CRANBROpK.-1      ~
'Bhitish Columbia'.-
■-. ."• AA
A . 4
'tW^;y, -^   ^^.-ja?*^"
in),   Or v, *>■   yr.   f^^Xlrij. ik.    ~i •, H a  -*v.y,V      1        If"
-it. ti1* i^ya
. /FRpai;.
A. B. Stewart & Co.
'." r   ' * .   I.    ,;.  ""
"  Agent   for   Crows'  Nest^
a , t Steam Laundry,   i      ^  4%
w. d: JOHNSON,,
Stove fixer and
' . Repairer.      ; /
Apply at "Leader" office.
Save Time
St,   Joseph's , Convent.
*-    KELSON, B   C.
xJoarding and Day School conducted hy the Sig .ers of St. Joseph, Nelson
B. C. Comniprcii-1 and business
courses a specialty. Excellence and
swift progress churactetiize each department. Parents 6hould write for
particulars. One month assun-p the
public of the thoroughness of tho
Sisters' methods of leaching. Terms
commence Janu.iry, April und Sept.
Pupils are admitted duriuii term-
Ckanbkook and JIoyie.
BE AI Kit   IN
'I . I       c
Glueen s' A ye.      MOYIE
Enibalmt-r and Undertaker,
Phone.89.     , '    "" " ; ''CBANBROOK,
Seattle, Tacoma
Pacific   Coast Points
St,  Paul,   Chicago^   New  York
Palace  and Touridt  Sleepers,   Buffet,
Library carp, Modern Day coaches
Dining   cars.      Meals
a La Carte.
Best 6£eais on Wheels
2   Fast   Overland ft
For-Tickets,'   R.Uea,   Folders  and
Full' information, call on   or  ad—
dresH any   Gnat Northern Agent
or wnie
G. YEltKBS,     C  XV. M.V HO   KEY
A.  Q. P. A.     . C. P. £ T. A.
Seattle, 701 W. Riverside Av
'■'.   ■      _?j»Hkane, ,Washington.
And Gents' Furnisher,
Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating
Trousers,   Imported    Goods.
moyie;   . b. c
„ €<i€€€Wc6fe€€€€^€€C€»»^»»»^s»»»Vaaa»Va»g»»aa_>a3^e<^''',;
"'   'i        - b **-*i'^ - ' ■        i   •      «
1 * %*t
'. >l
S/-": r/"-.„i- ^'ir ,r »i .<'_p..yt/_j(>_yoi(^y>i-? ci-
JE t     ,*,. '."'J  i-°V/(i'       '-    Mi'r   ''1'J1"-  y  't Ift'4 '     ■.",'->      ,        ""    '
| .TMaHotel'is^New^andlwelPFu The
®_!_,  . _..m_i. i       ,r _j #»__-..... ii _•_■».-„..' _-.-_i.-i_    ui.   *_•.?!
*\ > i— '■>»-,--,vy -J,' %'--'ii",'!-?i v' *,   i\ l\   %t" y w .v'j   .      -j14 < >d|
*«<.--A I Ai.V .
n_V   '
i -t   s , i-
in Rubber-Footwear:
Mi!pie Leaf City Rubbers all made "over foot form laate
that lollow exactly the new ehoc nipdels.jj  '.«■   ,
-   '.       ,\        -       ,        .'        -.\ *
They are thejac^ne oft perfootion in Rubber Footwear.
Ladies, ank your dealer ,to 1show-,you the new "Cahe"
and "Melba" designsiwith Cuban Heels, or 'tbo new
"Lily" and "Rose" models for French Heels.
Thanksgiving   DAY,
Oct. 26,1905.
Fare and
Sbr Round Trip.
At all Canadian Pacific Railway offices. Port Arlhui to
Vancouver, and all intermediate branch   line   pointe.
Good Returning Until
Oct. 1§06»
Arrowhead     to    Vancouver    on
Sunday, Wednesday & Friday.
For Rates, Folders or Ticketa Apply
to Local Agent.
J. Attwood, Agent, Moylc.
J.S CARTSR,»-  ......       E. J. GOYLE,
Dlst, Pawf.lAgfc
.Nelkon,-       ?■
*ss^t Gon, Pas   ArI
They are just a bit more graceful and clioico than anything you have yet seen.        '      ,  '''        .
J. teckie.Co., ltd.;
Selling Acents'for the West.     -
Vancouver, 8; C;
n i
T. V. LOWNEY, Prop.
MINERS' HEADQUARTERS.   This hotel is  clone  to  the mines, nnd  h«-
every Convenience for Working Men.
South Victoria St. - MOYIE.
A. L.
Wholesale Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
CRANBROOK, British Columbia-
We handle everything ^in the Hardware line-
Also Cumberland blacksmith's coal, powder,
fuse and caps, oil, paints and glass, at
Mm iko


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