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The Moyie Leader Oct 17, 1903

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 y'M-  F*V  &]Mas<tf''.:  m ��  fef^^-^r ':-' -- '"���'���' -b -' -������ ��� i -������ -      -    -^  I" ' ���;  ��v  irv ow. is the tii&e so v^e c. aii  kinds of fresh vegetables  tor winter use at  #foi  -*/(/  w  Hi   P   ^  $   few   B-bM,  is E^J -3_*-3  ���V-   '  vofc.-iood: Floss, 310, Smith, ,'109;   _B)'-  were rejected , because  the "X  the''end of  Kmith'ti   name   am  i cot  in* the   disc,   Seven   ballots   fcr  Jlos-? v.'oic rejected for the same reason.  Tho'   .Liberals   have    applied   to   tho  county court judge   for   a   recount   of  , -     ��� -   >V'^ ������.->-JU  .    JI><iaB,   V.JLI. ,    i3iiill.il,    ,IVJ-J ,      iJ  -  i'-m uood Shape!,,ill'uwcrerei?oted-beoauM th9"*" litems of Interest Se-  I v.'iis at the -'end of  Kmith'ti   name   audi    , �� , .__    -  for Winter.'   '   :;ot ;"' ^\a]^:^^ ^nou fc.-; ' lected  St. Eugene..  North Star   Sullivan   On ii. Gold Pit-Ids.  | ;L0!]f 1ANB TBEfflAIDIG "' ^b^t^-llOI ROUND Tl FOBLD.^S  on. thoin in to Judge Forin, the county 'r.uit judge at >;".._aon.   Thu recount 1  ||' East Koo.iinay Lumbsi Qom-jwil[ i,lk*pUce iu Neln(jn "Gilt "Ioml"-Y '  pany'Mt.. Moyio Lurn  American I.ov. . .  , Alberta dual Oo   ":K8>vs Selected from MarivJ^��^-^.n  Phe ijovornmnht has .Ba-r. nitice to '  i'.;v i  i'  ; a-nurnlitr of civil tor-ran U. id Victoria t  Bind Vimcuu', er tliat Ihoir ser. ices will '  j bs dispensed with in six week-:, saving  ��� ;-t._;��_,0ftt: _.,inu.-.llj;. H. C. Fblleen. sop-;  "urititecdent 'of road:-., trails and j  _ii_:BUv st-.-.} u'.B >),.->r,.   *-Ji b;i-.j, U one of the lis:. '  ���)er uompaiiy Have'  T ,. .... r  ,1   fi, ..  iiuige,'j,u,C.a!ii'p5_!  Sources and   Compiled  with Pen,  Scissors  Can, OiU'i Coil hid.  49  -   -_3  13  11  G.  51  ul  4i  H.  ���JS'*'  1��  J3  I-S  rao-  ;>  4  3.50  ���  7">  ���  10  ���  u. ilO  ���  ana .taste,  iCRANBROOK'   ITEMS;  11 e.\.i !,    ���  "ill bo ovm- 300 ;r,Ui   work-in  g  Wi! hm  m radius of iei: m:k"> of" ."Moyio during  the comio;,'   v.hut-r.    Logging cainp.-  Thi- two vacancies  in Premier   Mc-  Tlio Provincial legislature will motit  en Thursday, November 20th.  Spokane has nine niillionairea  and  tC.^'J^'^^  v. v  ~ jj^  . -r^OTrt.��,^->^��W^^^"^'^?TtSSrIJ?���'_.'b'"?r*r'"  fi  /-yuurp.AM''   RAN  I  J3ride-B}.cabinet v.-ill lilroly be   ..Hod   by  J iand   B7*eS!.c7a^'lry'r!^V^V-iyJJriCO   EIlison. bci��S  appointed Chiei" j 20 men and women worth over   $300,-  "'     "         ' " '' Boinh;if<sio:ior  of   Lantla   and Vroik;-,! 000.    Most tii this vrealih has been ac-  and'Joi'n Houston as PiOvincird  .l_!cc-! cumulated in the past ten -,-fcars.  rutary ;*.n.i "Jiiiister of I'klucatioii. i     .-       ... .    ��� ,  ;     lion. George iy. 1 ester ia to  re-enter  DjvIiLou   oi   Slocan   has   declared -politics,  but   not' in    Canada:-     3Ir,  *M?   ' wl"jrevcr a Lunch  rii'ilaole  limber  J is found, tiinl alreAt.y theru arc .1   ;j  j :u:::ib''.r f f u*e.'i e'r. P,!o/i'J '.n t!  if t..i.-ing o*:t lo;:-: n.d t'  00  ,'Uik 1  "T/r.^��-c(t'|rsr>/"''.r ' '"'    *"'"������"'" ��� I     l^ViuYvOn   01   Klocan   i*.as   declared ii'v "'   " *"   4"    ��� w..^m.,  JSjrt{?i��l>"WB       Th"   I,,AJt   3-f)0,c"a:;  ^>��mw*r. cr.rn-; lumseif as strictly independent.   T!,p "Obamberlam has asked for-his   assist  s     The  Moyie  lurrbor  conit-auy   afe  ��� iH'Bin^ iu !.:rjjd t;ai;ips?n:   the   v.pjjtr  BaK\ D'p.Qa-oital   $-8,700,000:'  Reserve,    " -      "    ���   3,000,000. '  ,;,.,yb KeeciveuB   Present T.at3 of'InU-rMt 3'j.^r ccnl  taax shuhch.      ���     ; ;    [\os[i.iap^3(jyiGB;Moy'e^ra^o.rth  yyy^r.--.r-'.&^n&i^^  Oi S   1  kelv I;inc0 "* ***s   educational .campaign   in  at Britain.  j uaiiyiniendi. working about ���*��'. men a'-} jr0Verr.mcnt, therefore, is   rr.oro likely |;incc  j ihpir fc'wunsstt en rap, and a  like  nr.m-1 (0 get hia support than the opposition, |<lre?  ������itrbftwetmiie foot of 3Ioyiolake and ; a0 ]0D., a3 jhe legislitiou U i:i   the in-!   Vith silver over CO cents, the silver-  '*Cv   ,-���' ! U-i'wB of the people. ', j lead miners have reason  .to pluck U]i  "' courage.    It irf a  subiitantial  rise, aud  .Dr. King, _M. L. A., passed   through ', must hdvG fl gjimulaUng  effdct. , Jt is  e   weal   bills  ofl Moyie Tburcday on   his   way   (o  Vic. ]'i]m higheEt price thi.( !iaB beeu quoted  | .Movie Like.    With their /force a-,   the i lona to attend the iv.cctingoi the Lib- ifor nion. fh.{u lwo VGa,.^ antl the  rir:c  hiiiliybey wiliproba'By luivel'.O   !.:oii I crals of   the   Prebince.  which   will   Ui'3ltQlh to be a COnti__uin2 one.  on their payroi  j held nent r.Lonclny.  il KgW/sbiato, Commission, Insurance and  """' >iuancial Agents.   Broke ���  i     Then iher. are th3 Eimaller camps of  i Prcnton  i    I     Of the ten   million   dollar  subsidies  "eleon  ^   Bvo  o^ t��i-ee I     "������-'"   Mcdonald" SL l! A., o: Kos3-b^��^ �����e ^ British'Oolu.-i.bia  rail-  i    , B, . "    ' ... /-h-Mi-'o   "i  bpMio-   wavo tins   year, aa  announced  in   an  .jthe"jei::plo-'inc from f.-ve to eer. men' ������ �� "   * " ,    -)",1*��   -1  Lc-1^       ; ft/���' .  an���,,    . !lelecisd leader of the   Liberal  pr.ry   0fi Ott.:wa special a  few  days   ago,  it  is  I u.-idcrslood that the Dominion govern-  eacb.  :ei3.  'J A.:.fA,:    ..B" \cr;oiintfttH".0' Only the Rtron��r3t..aii.j Moat  Ivehai.  il ' v.i-irinies   Kenresuntou. ' Minim;   Char.:--,   jJquyhi  I  3      Il,-ni! OtlLcr '  fi    Cr.ANi'._'<">'"-  and 5.'old.  Movfo will d'-rivv the rrreaB-r Mortion '  ,        ��� **3 * t  f|    ! of tbu 1 eiic!it fmn*.    _.hot_e  camps;,  and ;  Jfl       ; o ��� .  C��   i the town promisee to be   lively during ���  ti   -, the winter months.    /Is businecs  nitn I  ''i ��� '  H   ' and roiiident- w:i: prGspt-r even   n   the-  .a    , St.   Eugene  doer;.  ;io_    turn   a   wheel  aid, 2l. irAs a  gacd   chanee   ei  bein  ei  thc province.  LOCAL  MEWS  mer.t   has   granted   *G00.90'0   to   t-he  Kootenav Central raiir/avj  to   be  run  Y7m. Bird bft/o:  Tvdward Bee 7;as'  I'm:  OClf  !, Co I I  until f<prinE.  . - n i -v-  liov.lt- Ic ii'o-    V<>r"  "The PiC-Boration Hoft'-'   from   pioii i  1 first of tko'wccl:, " '  i . i  i     Tom Cameron and Jacj  ' have left for the Sloban.  F.i.'irlbb;;  j from ji'.Iko to Golds:"..  1     An outbreak ci blcck Gi..alipo:-: ic re,-  i oorte-d  :n  T-polir.cc    ".uo   out    of   si::  ! casec two nr  OlilSl'C    -.- -  i B^-j r..s_a33  Cranbrook Herald :  \V. T. lieid and . wife  spent  several  days this week at Sirdar.  The liberal mwicituion of Cranbrook '  will continue itrj organization.  .   W. B. Gurd   baa  been  in   Spokane  ihe. pant week attending the fair. ���   ,  Tom Y/elhnan returned from Chicago last .Sunday,, where he has been,  dining tin racing ueason with tiis  atablc.of horses. Tom is looking well  aud says that he will join his stable in  California next month for the winter,  racihf ��  J. A.,Harvey, the oolicitor, is estab-  lishing his offices in Cranbrook thia  week in the now Hazel block. The  name of the firm will be Harvey, Mo-1  Carter & Dunbar. Mi.G. 11. Dunbar  will be in charge of the Cranbrook  offices for the present, and Jlr. Harvey  states that as cricn as he can'make  arrangements he will Ibcat'e permanently in this town. "  n  rm\  w����r--��r:r-=--s--^=^  ;piiv. n5ar Co;ca~o,   began   ito move-j     E. A. Hill ��Dd v:i:e spent Sunday ia/CC��s:-ng0 tho ' greatest    couetsraation.  ..A ^-i:,-^^^^,-.r ^^ --^^ louI..v. YoVJ city yesterday.   At j Oranbrcok.   , ' The matter has beeu kept ouiet  on nc-  t ..'or   kelson  and i coast q'the fair, bi:t  has  u^'y   leaked  Ul  %  iintervrds uf one  hah"   hour,  trainloads,     Eobt. Kenzie  "': I of   the followers  John   Ale-zander   fc'.vJKauo ibis -.voei:.  vAl'ITAL, t_Uithomed.  > 1.000,000  ,^,9S;.;f^r:  -;jj|!jljGidi/  ':i iDowie left the city.    There were   c.kU  Prssbyteriah  C'lni-tlti'-; Irlrst "Unfilled Silver.  The first, shipment of  refined silver  ever sent from' Canada was   sent, out  last week from   tbe "refinery   at Trail.  Tjir_3 io the first time in the history   of  lrcaJ;7   deaa   :;:v,_  two   the    dominion ' that silver  has   been  ::vejtc-:l   :c  rcooY'er_ I extracted from ore and refined in   this  '"tjo  most virulent j countrv, and the   success o:   the   new  -, type ever see.-: in thia  country  and , is 1 method adopted by Manager Aldridgo  of tbe smelter will mean a  revolution  in   existing    plan to.    The    silver was  shipped tc   San Franciso.    The system.  . out dc.pito all precauliOuD ���        j under    which    it   was  produced   5"as  be.:;f.!    FollowingHho news ;ron.kj:;Ui. fork i invented by a young mat. oi ��3, v.rl;c  r".er.  -.iv'��i.  CAPITAL, (PtiJcl, VpB -��� ���   ���  .:kst   K.A.ioJnCK,TOKO>-TO,   OXTAUiO.  TK Mi-KRITT, Pros.    D. K* WTLKIE. \ ^ ro* ar-*   ���,.   -   --  L!i.iV.:*.-.rtant Con. Manager,    tt . _u(,l 1 .U, L-.. . Bi-   -^*  CRARBEOOK BRANCH ;;.;., ,���,"  *AVl>i ,--. J.KM\TMKNT���lnteresljiiU'W��.�� oa di'lio-1'*���  b*i*.     i '  .i , ii:,-....- in all   pirn* of   (.Bna.ls     ^nited   Stai,.~   :\  �����..:������'..    .- M.*'al r.t'.vntion ^iven io euiicei'.ons.  c, Hi MARSH, Manager.  V I imir.3 iu __'.., l-eariug o'.^i '>0GC oriB-ad* ' j-;.*2jcred and tllt.il v,?.U osespanc^. ��� thu the ^'and.rbiU linos lij-vr- o.'iiorod j after trying in vala to interest capital-  i '. or,, i ho ear-: .\.-a dfi'^/atcJ u:U v, i(j; , ��� Xi i?QOlo\ iha tsllor. v. a: c!ow_. to ! H*o dUsharse a: scvcs-al thousaaa civ.- | ��ala h: many parts of tho Unitad States  '��'_i2:ien Imnne.- on   ihe   i-.ar   of ^neh' Icv-a thG l5rstof lhe lV00v Au$ ficcu,oc| I ployees in   the   Jniereat of eoonumy, I and Canada, met Mr. Aldrldga and  train.    T7niformed   gu-mls     are    iJis-���'^yeral orders for suita.  aah.-it   the   et.:r.    Th"'  ! triivutcd   th-i-  ' (rains proce>  ; ii ,-:-ini.: ��r < ���  ��� .i  ;n;  -i,  wor^ til-' ... i  T'.-  Ba..-  0 i latter bearing Dowie's private   -iar  B    "Arcadian."  "- cceial dance will uc  "ei Kootenay ,  _. v Invited.  T >.*-ir -Honors of  at  hi-. e;"::i::ic-  succeeded in convincing him ol the  merits of the invention. Mir. Aldridge  laid (he matter before the heads of  the  ;.a    mi-j  comes the  report  that  the  Northern  ! Pacific and Great ^Northern  roads will  I  ] -y. How the* example set by the Vander-  J hilt .-Be;*, and .hut, oy Tanuary 1st the | ��'- P- P-. and finally secured permission  ��� ivo:k_ri-; f.y-tes in'tho niecbiuical de- \ to install a 3mfi.ll 10 ton plant for  mo:it��i o: tlu^c-   ;\,ac.e   will    be re- J experiment    at    Trail.   Tbe   present  ; i<rTt�� ���v.t'TJv: ~-  'Il'JJfi;^.^^  1i.-MC-.ua,���Vi  -r  ' " 'ecpted the position of manager of  the , ^.^ ^-. ibo,,t .-, f(00 JMen | shipment is the tirst  result,   and  it   ie  ������. ^ M��^ie Luu,bBr COmfVlnj' ' '  ._. blow of i occurred in the   Xo. 1 | "duratood    that    the   plant   will   be  -     .laths uniy "^ cent at. Stone's barber J ming flt aio���iSeev   vrednesd.v  after-! ^reatlV enlarged.  _^^  xr--u   ^v, x-=^ /p��4 '��� a'aCI}' ! noon resulting in   the   death   of four. li:iI1 .. N:ul Threu.;i. rti^ri��ud.  B "i*9 .^10 S !     Gil :'iukI"' ll a,hi" r "'b"   R"r'"':l i:i l n-5iltri' "' " ^v'-hiBon.    Thiii name^j     Wbilc    ,oning a box> j. c.   M^uutt  1      ������-\   ^    <-    A"*V   "-"'        '���"-*-     ��� /   ^ *.'*-\->       t,     ,^     _.     ���;,     -J      1      .'      ..>   ;     ;;    -.  11.    1  H. b . Ihyi do rlilbibibil-i��  '�����   ��\  E..   .1,.      Hi X.-/'       ^  -_.���-2   ._".''��� -i.rt-.r- -^.1-  >��� -"  ('!:A:*i!'"':i!'.i;  .:v.  iil1' ;3"  ..'i"'!   B  .P^.  !->' ;!  -"   li  a --*  V-5"  I'd./ ci ii.;:.:! f.iiii'te  last week  f. O ���" .-'   'l!'l; ���  ���.! t>   ' .t*.-'>: ei  j Joiiu iii'-zt't-*. :tt;d   -.   Si..1, on k>m.  .ib'*-    ..'jh   Wdso:1   of   (h-c.-i'in ; _''��� rti.ni were i - ( 10 : .'ni a!     ! .  own   fo ' ", day t! i�� t>   w-. k.    II. j .'��� -: the*1-.* rvu-h l-  i-1 .'-, ���     'b , ���  i;  <Mod   *r.   his   (".v.-'i   ,ind j i, '".-���Mii:;iu'!i tiudc wiiJiiin;"'on   t.cat-  'in"hi   ' :   *''���-!   '.-.''i.e.   j:,i:. (-'-e .���ni'.-kh:,:; .*-..; ���>.'  (hi o-Vi-minj;  '���'nlv   pjiiiiy   .uiii   through   ilu   flosh;    part  : ���' " ib( his h.iU'i.    ".' thought at c-rcectaU  "!I  *���' ' the };?dn aii-1 sorcifsc this wculd o.m-c  nab'iii' i'-y.   -'..j:.2   ::-.!:!'-!iat'j:y   up-  nil  '*���'.':i*   l"::his   end  q y �����  o  [*��!">a4*    'B' a  Sates. Perfect j.Jrot-ecuor^  Compare' Our Kates;  'deiora bsiu-ing  i ui.'.  -,\ ;  i.ie   "-,-ii '.  .  t '. :<- .<.- *,sB  \0lH\-s.  *' ,(:;;  tb  Mil  y 11  to ie  :.io-t Mt ���:  B i-..-. ��. '."- -.  ,'.-(. o'-enim ,  a )-  '.tun I  .*" . i".; ih*   >'.'"' \i- ,',;���  -,i<.  .:. :���. : :n\u;ed. -iii ': tin  ;'��� y L l^ 1 ���*  tor.^ne..-:  ce   s./on  -. _.v  ,; ^��n j*on^.4j "i.uvv-wti/  'jti":<-ic.����.e!  T��^iC*TBrTW-��*M^etub1"'1  stvHsIiand.'XeatB^o-to  ft yon"w&nt aT?.yth:iiig��  _"T��lN T '���������    O' '���''  '^'iA  '*AU^'   rbJU       %/\/fO  . ,,       . .       .    ..x , .   -    ��� .      . i ���   .  S^e-leading Ladies and Gents furIliB^2^  JTfc.e latest, thing-i:n ������'.  i     '     "'.".-'.  !     ��� 'Oa^-^ ^rt/f-^h.^'  l-KriliYTI-irJAN���S-rvuie    will     be  ."'.Tlit I'd in ibe-hull at 7B>0 p.   in.    Topic:  *. y- "i;.u i-i   V'BlO!"-Br . -   ; .- ���'���'    ..,'  h'lh'da-y -.iohoid- ;i!. "p. ini'" -    "  Alt are welcome. b  '  KBV. E. C.V>r. iMa.'Cam;.  airtor.  /} _  BS.-E.  i..,V   kit*.w vtij'";  i lint  5^  ^ 1 e  ?i.i)K3Aur;siic.i'-;'*'��of"'*  i*i-nii;i.  "^..  Laf-c eamplc room in conneclB^  with house for ooiumereiaV mrn.^ BeH.  of accommodalioMS1.  '    H6iidqi._Hj.ers for Commcnc.al nnd Mining iVlon  Q'JKKS   AYKSUR  ii____J__��_*_iJ*J  VY'B  "_i "'  P  ^  ^  ^  b*.  "j. ;'  .'. .  ... y  Siassw(arey  ill wVS Jv3?  Etc,  .viitrew Bui'oni !/. i.ic i: u...,; t.-.an ;  ,' i.:!.)lm tix'tiu.'", iY.i.j in to1..'", today, i  i (.'hr.iuui.: .Bt lii.;.^.*.ry tin i- \y' ' '  ! |!).ll'. to. w.ttlk.tvrouiid i.'.B world, iiiton-  ,' yiii'i 'to return:-io i;B. nutive ��� ht.-n.e m.,  i .)..)���'..'>. .Iii. is a sturdy "l.tt-b lellov,'..-.niui j  ; hjis stood bis doiig iouvne.y. well. ,!B.; j  |,.(.|i; for tiie west this afternoon.-, j  i Fitlliei Ooqeolo was in Moyie the. iirs*\,  .'of the week visiting with Ids c.oiig'rega- :  j tion, and the people generally, lie. B |  I .uiw located at Fernie lemporarUy. ll. { ]j0i6 14 antl lo, .Block -.-.. ��� Lots Ft- and  'is ihiublu! :t there i-i a harder ' worker '< ij; -'Block.!) :��� Lofbob .-l-.-'Io and 17,  i or a brodvr minded man in StiuthrBast i ].5iock 10 ;' and" Lots '.Band 10, Block  I'Kooi.enay thanFathor Cot;eolo. ��� This I I2; Town of Aroyie (Ma]V ii-!7). -.  yood priest, is alwayo'on the go, audi: >,otioe is hereby ^iver:'.hut. it is* my  - ��� lie uuestiDii of ivlifbuiii is never' con- Bntont-io'n to issue at tho o.-:[)iratioiL of  | rii-.lereil   by   him  in  denliuj_   with  !ii;yf'one month, fr'oiv, the   iiraB tyblb:atiou  'hereof   a duplicate  of   the   CBrtiBraB-  ; and     I!'.'-'     injured    pari1    -.v.*  ! healed "    ������'- i -ah' l>y all (h-u^g:.-jtt-*  i  -   u��^.v*^rgzMXL*,mxatSTA.*wj. i, .,1 i^J.wJjj^jw^Jr��o.^-^WTW����vl  ��� '���:������..' ^v^io^i it "M iy covriaix.  .' li' you.incond   ���j"-v:rcba.siugi property  I  ii iMovie. don't wait- until   'tlie   mines  ..  XOTIC'i*.  In the nvBttoroi" '.'.--.i-b-Pi-iic-nlimr  for  (lutdicatY oi   yereti'bde  r-f  Title- to  oik  ���up  but   buv    now.    800 1).   .J-.-  Elmer, lie .has lotsyfov sale in all  partr; of town. Also- stores, housea-and  stabBs for rent. .     . '  w*��.=H��3j^.iafiEa��.ifancaw*,.';��"r  w ^cyr.>j.ciM( r^rtw-t Ti ��cwtt,w*ffcr  STOP AT THE  ROFOll  u��unjMjiJtawj*t^wv.  fi;Unv.* men.  xt? ^ryrrr*  of Title fo the  above   menlmned  l.a;  ,-vr  -t  e.  _i!JVLfiiV.Hwi i'i   "^  i?l3  ia  Watch Kki'-vh;ing a Si'KCiA.vn..  j, W, 3?. TATE,  !     .B:WKLKK.    CPAN JSKl-O B',   JB   C,  j O'tlicial Watch Iniipcctor f-.r   the 0. il  It."Crow s,Nest Division.  iu the Town  iUOV.O.  tho   ::.".!���.;��; t:fi  i\[aria B,  Cranston, which  finjti.ioato.j  is datec. '.he MOtl*. day of Jau".:^- B.';��B !  and numbe-red B^! u . \  ������'it. B, >.iac.ijcod.i.      i'  IM-.triei PcaiGtrar. ���  Land -Itegisiry Oi-l-eo, Mel^ou, JJ. U,  2ud Octobt-r PiiUo.  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Etc, Etc  -Ss***.!****^*^^^  i dcnicil,   there  remained   only the  fcc  ���'They cap lorce 'upon, us," answered Caspar, soberly, "just what  we cannot afford to meet at this time  ���delay. That is all, hut it is  enough."  "Pelav?"-  "Yes."  "How?"  "Jn tho most^ , clieect an'd simple  manner in the world. "Were I her  fii.,'nd, and we're I so inclined, 1 am  lawyer enough lo block the wheels of  t-he administration of tlie estate for  weeks, if not for months. There is no  end to the claims which may be put  in in her  behalf.      She  may     put  si&..  in  claim for services, and sho may file  the higher claim of an adopted child;  and be her claim what it will. t. *he  sure our probate judge will listen lo  it. J know him well, lie i.s a .softhearted man, and 'let him deem i a  claimant, has been unfortunate ' and  he will not- shut  hi.s.,tars."  "Ti this girl can so perplex matters," said Compton, "we owe it to  ourselves to���"  "Easy,"   interrupted Caspar,     putting outi his. hand.        "She    slut 11    he  attended to.     As yet  I  am  sure    she  Juts had  no  movement  made     in    her  behalf, and  to-morrow  I   will,>etj her.  If she   will accepr  my  hand,   all right.  Jfshe  will    not.   then   I  must do  the  next best   thing���I   must  capture  her.  .So let  us  consider   hor case     settled.  With her out of tlie way  we ha*, e not  a thing to fear."'  "if she should/escape lis she ran  offer no seiious obsiucje to our success? ''  "Only to .temporarily perplex and  annoy us. V.'ith the will in her favor  lacking, she has not tlie shadow of a  valid claim. But she shall 'not he  left to  annoy us."  At 'the same hour, Hon. Nathan  ".Vayhrook sat in his lihraiy awaiting  the arrival of his son, in (juest of  whom he had sent a servant. Tfo was  pale with' suppressed emoUon. and  his hands wer? clenched until the lin-  1 ger-nnils fairly eat. inlo .the palms.  At length Paul entered. He. tot),  .go.ve token of, suppressed emotion;  but, unlike his father, hia le.cu was  hotly 'flushed.  The mo.*-1 casual and super... ia! si u-  <Aent of human nature might, havt  predicted danger in" the coining together in opposition of those 1\vo  men. Tie could ha\e told lhai ono  was as powder, and the other n- iii-  "ITe might have told, had Ik- l.n.,\vi  them well, that' bolh v.v-i- li,-i1(i  strong iind proud.  "Paul ".Vaybrook!" commented     ll,  father,  austerely,  c ajul   with  lutu-. o  expect,   "I have a question     in    .-"���  I think I may, give you the   credit;'of  truthfulness." .  "Iain not aware, sir,'' replied ihe  youtlv; proudly, and with a touch of  defiance in his manner, "that 1 am a  liar."  "Then   you  will   answer  me     this :  ]lave you    seen  the    3h*ool-.side     girl  sinco our  last conference?''  "I have,  sir."    '  "Will you tell me what was tlie object of your visit?"  "I went to cheer arid comfort her."  "Did you go still as hor lover?"  Paul raised himself to hi.s full stature, and spoke frankly and boldly.  His eyes flashed, and the flush upon  his handsome face was deeper than  before.  "1 have sworn to be true and*  faithful to Christine St. Clair. Tho  vow was-made with your knowledge  ttnd consent. You had the right to  g'ive that consent, but you have not  the right���you have not the power���  to cause me now to break my faith  with   that, pure-minded,   noble girl!"  ������JSTot the power?" gasped .Mr. Way-  brook, clutching the edge of the  table.  "You have not the power, sir!"  replied Paul, firmly. lie did not  <���ua.il nor fiinc.h; and if he trembled,  it was   not   with   b-ar.  Nathan AVaybrook arose to his feet.  For the moment it'seemed as though  he would strike the boy to the floor;  but. he drew back, and caught the  i iui of his  chair.  '"Paul!" he whispered, but . tho  whisper was terrible in its intensity  of volume, "this interview must be  brief, as 1 see plainly that you are  innoiiibod for reason.- Are you determined to ��� adhere to .your vows to  that.girl?" ". ���  "I  am.  sir."  'Tn spite of my commands?" y  '  "in spito of any  and  every opposition, i  will  be true ��� t.o, Christine:"  "Turn to  that girl,  and    you    turn  from  me!"      ' ���������-,'"  "Then be it so!"  "Paul!     Are you   serious?"  :   "t  am." .'"'.'; '"'  Nathan Way brook stamped his foot ���  upon tlie   floor.     His , pent-up    Vago  burst forth   in  a  torrent,   and he-Was  the more  vehement,  in  hi.s anger     because his  son  had  stood   so  'resolute..  'In his   own  heart���deep    down  where  he  had  sought to  smother   the emotion���he felt  that  the  boy   was   actuated by   a   tr.ue    and    manly    spirit,  which had   come  in   contact  ' with    a  spirit of worldliue.'s on his part; and  this   made    him angry    with himself,  though the storm  was to  burst upon  the son.    He     could     not      surrender  .without    backing    squarely'   down���a  thing he   could   never   do���and   as    he  had never  yet been   known   openly  to  acknowledge himsejf in. error,  it   was  not to be supposed'that lie  would  do  .so in this case.   Thai, he really meant  to banish   his  son    foreycr    from   the  old rooftree,  we do not suppose. Men  in   a   rage    strike-     out    with     little  thought of    other '  result   than     cou-  MUi'sl.    He     had    hoped���perhaps    he  had believed���that  Paul     would    sub-'  out lo   the  lir.sl.   condition   of     oi.-edi-  ��� t:iire:.biit,   sin.-e  sue])   submission ' was '  v_K5  omi londitiou of banishment. if lie  shijiiiA, lie was^eoiiquered, .He would  not be conquered, and he would not  sin ink.  Paul Wajbiook left" ids father's,  pie-'encc The iron had ealep into  his soul, and he walked as though  bis limbs had been traiiHiiuied into  steel. "Words cruel and scathing had  fallen upon his ears, and hi.* felt thut  henever wished to see hi.s father  ag"aiti. lie would not sleep another-  night beneath the roof from with h  he had been peremptorily banblb'd.  ���He went lo his c-hanibtr a nil gathered up siah vafuablrs its belonged to  him���such as he c.ould transport with  ease���and iIipii' went out into the  night���and he experienced a 'Son-e  of relief when the feeling came lo bun  that he was free front the paternal  restraint. Cod pity tlie boy!--(!od  pity the father.'���when from the go\-  ermnc-nt of ihe household this thing  comes "to pass!  Paul  carried   a  traveling bag in his  Ifand, and  took his  wav  down by  llie  Brooksido; but.  no   liphls    wc.e  biun-  iTig" ip  the cottage.    On-.c a polit email  stopped "him,  and  asked   him  who    he  was. and   what   he  carried  in  his bau.  The you lb/s first   iiupu'l��o w;v; wrathful;    but     a    sober,   second    thonglii  turned him into a  safer  channel.     lie  answered  respc.'ti'ully.   and   was     suffered to   pass    on.    "Jn    the     city     he  found a  lodging  at  a respectable  ho-  xe.l where  ho    was  well   known���where  he   had    spent    many  a   merry     hour  .with his boon companions,  and  where  his presence  was   always   bailed    with  warm   and   cheeiful   welcome. Though  it was  past 'midirighl. when   h.> entered."he found  the host and his    assistants up,   it. having   been   the  occasion  of ihe re-union  of  a  coci��il <lu!i.    and  no sooner  had   he   dopo-Biii!   his    luggage than   several .friends   surrounded  and   captured   him.  liis rupture \wis'easy. He bad  come hea\y-hi*aried aud we,try, ' ami  the tempter found him in pliant  mood. Tbe sparkling of wit "ant!  boisterous fneiui.-'nip .--uualed luiii  from the' sloupb of sadnv.ssj and in  the sparkling, bowl he plunged hi*  every eai'c.  Paul had resolved that, on iIk-  morrow. he would sve Christine, and.  having' told, her what had .occurred,  plan with her for tlie future; hia "th'  morrow had already cnme when be  sought his pillow, nod the iiiif-rmio,!  thereof was well ;ul\ aiuvd when ' he  awoke. His head, ached, and hit  lips were parched and w-hon - he ' had  bathed his brow and-face, ' mid arranged his tl,re.-..*i. 'he rang for a .servant and ordered brandy and s.igv.1"  and hot water. A few glas.-es of the  powerful .-timulant lifted him above  his pains, nnd raised his spirits, and  ho went down and ate dinner. It was  now- late in the al'i ernoon���too late  lo go out' to the li!'oo'-<si(!c���or. perhaps, as he looked into ibe miu-or,  he fancied     that   by     the   coming-     (if  ABOUT NITROGEN.  Hovr   I*  Each  _. She���"ho you suppose a man ever  spoke the truth when he told a woman shy, was the only girl lie had  ever kissed?" He���"Well., r don't  think Adam deceived Eve on that  noint."*  aat.cu  ri��nt  ut���vrt'y  I��  *���  Coatlj ��� It�� Sourc*.  element u^od by plant l-f��  helps m the building of certain parts  if tho phmt, and likawise doubtless  each has some ona or more special  function*- What some of these arc is  llol  well    understood,  but some   are  known.  Nitrogen is known to show us ei-  lec.ts on plant  life in three ways:  j.*i,SL.���It promotes stem and leaf  growi h ami if i" excess delays seed  and fruit  formation.  Second���It deepens thu green coloration  of lhe lenves.  Third.���Its abundance may increase  and its deficiency ui��y lessen" the relative amount of nitrogen in the  plant.    This means  variation   in  food  value.  If nitrogen is. freely applied in fertilizers or is present in plentiful  quant iliesi in the soil its effect is  generally shown (unless its effect be  negatived by phosphoric acid) by *  vigorous, dark green leaf growth and  by a somewhat retarded- flower and  soed formation. If available nitrogen is relatively lacking either in  th'j soil or in the added, fertilizer .'��� a  somewhat tiioro scanty foliage than  occurs under better conditions', on��  of a rather lighter green," is grown.  Tho seed. "Hioreo\eJ\ is apt to mature  rather earlier than usual. Nitrogen  is essential to plant growth'. Available nitrogen is in small quantity  and easily exhausted from soils, and  consequently it is and always has  beer, the most costly form of plant  food.  Nitrogen derived from organic- matter is insoluble iu water and may be  either quickly or alowly available to  plants, according- to its source,  whether . from dried blood, cotton  seed meal, etc.. on the one hand or,  on tho other, from such material ad  leather or garbag-e tankage.���J. P..  llillx. ���  A man never fully realizes what a  big world this is until ho ia compelled to walk ten blocks with a strenuous corn on his toe.  One  way   to  beat  a  retreat  is     by-  jumping a   summer  resort  board bill.  When a couple are matched but not  mated it is  a sort of friction nr..>.tch.  When   a   ma,,     ,u,  monkeys   of   hi.s    f,,,.,,,,1  forced into the mur,l.,-  1o  !������>. -I  1  Some  mon   tietpn,',.  into society,   vh,],.  "���as-.i  !-"y i..  -Jims,.,  ^ ���-".������.i'i,  others and' they "i..-cm',To ,','   .  and  Ebt  ���tlu  linn propose/-;���ij|.  and^ does the iesl.  1,1   Wij,.,,,,  Cfironio   Case   of   UnusuaS   Severity   an;  Standing   Gured   hy  DR. CHASE'S QINIHT.  1    -Unn  I ��L  A U-cnate.  "Is he very rich?" " "  "Rich?   Why, he's so rich he daren't  look twice at a girl for feur she'll bring  a   breach of  promise Buit."  women  -.fedici  ;, about  doves.  their  il;  ne-  <;o  and    bt-  -lle    sat  benan   to  and  a iui  rc-  hen  tiiu!  another  morrow   he  niigbi  ter-    Mis eyes were bleared  did not, look   well   nnvwn.i .  down anil   read   awhile.   ;-.;u  feel   gloomy.    A   friend   came   in  slapped him     on     the     shoulder  proposed  a drink-        TTe  did  not  fuse,     lie drank  and  talked,  and'  drank    again Evening-  etii-'e.  found him jolly as a lord. "Midnight  tame again, and he was upon a chad  with a glass in his hand U'.Uiig i.e.  make a speech. J.'e couldn't sf-tak to  his own satisfaction, and he e.-sayod  a comivial song, v.hich was also a  failure.  But then this thing was not to  last. Oh, no: Voung- men who luivi.  been well brought up don't go into  such "riot of dissipation with th-i  thought of continuing therein���never:  But if Tatil tVaybrook was thus incapacitated, there was another who  was mindful of tlio maiden of the  Brookside. On this day which Paul  spent at the hotel, Caspar Hugo was  busy.  "Book you,"  said  his  father,   its he  made  ready to go away  in the morning, "do  ,\ou   think   to   win   the  girl's  love   by   your   blandishments?"  Caspar  smiled   in   reply.  ���  "I   am   seiious,"   pursued   the oilier.  "I have, had experience,    and  I know  something of 'these-girls.  Prom what  you hav-e yourse-liY told me J  am confident Chi istine Tst.. Cla.i'r Will   spurn  you.    You  ---ay-hcr    lover is' in     difli-  cult.y Yiiat his father swears   against  uie  union.    Be  .sure  tb.-.(.. "-will'  only  .make���"  Caspar   had   listened   thus  far -with  a significant smile  upon  bis lips.    Tie  raised'his.-hand and  inii'i-rupied with.  '���Mold    on,  old  fellow. Von     are  wise touching the female ,s-.-x. You  undors'tiihd ' tt-: girl' to pel B-.-Uon: but  you.don't  understand   hh>. if     you  fancy that I in I end to go fishing ' after that, sort of game- with.' .sweet  words, you lire ibiMa.y-iii If "I . had  timed niight vtnttirc upon the iin,-  dei taking:. but the matter "'is pressing-.��� B'ndcr 'iii'eSeiit. circumstances I  ha^'e resoB'ed I o harpoon my fish,  an'lfal-e it aboard oIY-Jiand. '"After  that; 1 'II ''usei honey if it. can  use."  ���  ('ompton's  face- brightened  "You're a trump,    my boy  do.    Go, in    and    play    your  card   first."  (To  bo  Continued J'  A Mnr!.f! ;cn,o I;i Iltltlstny.  A pifiuipsqtip old Invid is Brittany  'i'/iere Ihe j^-asntus till the earth' in  :'.i,��uav'* IroiKt-rs. toreador jackets,  co^.eivd with Aialjesoue eniliroideries.  and green w a-su-oats around wliidh  rt-ns a 11 it? of crimson. Tin  w. ar sh. n ;, 'j e-1, sl.ji t s, great  .-oliats tinil cufN tliat. flutter ���  , th-'ir heads like '.It" wings of  Prom i.-*ri-aih the t points of  black caps the chiidn-n gaze at you  with wide eyes full of the curiosity  ol. anima is.  Tii.se people li-.e jj] houses built  of sculptured granite. and sleep in  open work.i closets, carved like the  iiioiicb.ai'abicks of  Egypt.  in spile of the "���|5reton Interiors"  ar.tl "Bet urns of the Fisherman" with  which paij.u.-rs swamp tin: matket,  this race is still tinl-nown���or inis-  uidei'stood. For 1 hey should be  .-���en. not in paintings, but, , in their  homes* in theii'-' obi time streets, on  market days, and when, in fair lime,  tiie tents aro pitched in, the ��� village  .market   places.  Fiery liti'lo horses drive to market  fish, fine \ege;aides, and all the eaflv  producp of itoseoIT. Thev are spread  out up mi iho sidewalk. Chickens  cackle; goats Meal, pigs, tied bv the  tail, strain toward the ' vegetables,  snifling al   the  fresh  greens.  Farmers, hi sabots, carrying tri'eat  blue umbrellas under their arms, with  the. two ribbons ot their felt lints  Uoaiing down their backs, pick their  way tunong the l.inan china displayed on ihe ground���capacious soup tureens, cider jugs and plates covered  -with painted flowers and crotesque  figures.  The      peasants   converse   with     but  Thc   Foldtusr  Knn.  The ordinary folding, fun is said to  have been invented in, Japan-iu the  seventh century by a native artist who  derived the idea from tbe way in which  the bat closes its wings.  Piles, or heuirrhoids, are small  tumors, which form iu and about the  orilico of the rectum. They ate  ���caused by an enlarged and inflamed  condition, of the veins, which are  very numerous in this portion of the  body. Pile9 frequently attack women during the, expectant period or  after childbirth. .  Any form of piles causes dreadful  suffering ou account of tho Itching  and burning which accompany them.  One can scarcely walk at' .times, and  during tho night, when the body  gets   warm,   suffering  iii  intense.  Mr. Alex.  McLaughlin,  for 30 years,  a    resident   of     UowinanvJlie,     Ont.,  writes :  "For twenty long years J suffered  from itching piles, nnd only' persons who have been troubled with  that , annoying disease can imagine  what 1 endured during that time.  About 7 years ago I asked a druggist  if he had  anything  to cure- me.  He   said    til.it    Or.    Chiice'-   flint man*  was  most  favorably  spoki-n of      .'  on his recommendation 1 tf.<,'   ' .  "Af,ter three applianionsb l)\ Z'  ter, and by the time 1 h.i,l i^'d  box I was on a fair' wliv t,',' . ,'J1:'  ery. I. continued tbe tie.,.,,���,'_,Yy  til thoroughly cured, and j i,a!"; ,'J:'"  suffered .any since. 1 am in'.^y W"  'vlnced thnt  perfect curt*.  "I consider  the   ointiiii'jit  Dr.    Chi  co.v  ��.a.l- d  :tt I  had  th,.  ...        .      , . IM'"M   Oinli^,..  an invaluable treatment im |,jlS ,  my case I think, the <-i(.,. U,'1S -,  markable when you consa1! r i  am getting up in' year's. ,, ,.i  been so lon& a .sufl'en.-j ni.u,  .disease."  lb*. Chase's Ointniei-i jc t^jn ,���  absolute and guaruntei..| cl,|ft '^  every form of piles. J< h,m a i^  of' cures unparalleled m th" h:-=Tory of  medicine.' 00 cents a Biy n-��� 'j,|  dealers, or JCdmarison, IUtct, t(i Co  Toronto. To protect yo i agairst i  imitations, the , port.'.iti. ���nii " " ]  ture of. Dr.  A.  \V.  Chaw  receijit   book   autbt>r,  lin-r  ���-UII4.  'hi  hiuioin I  HI..'    on  ttery  Doy and Might Sotiool.    individual Instruotlon.     One Woek's Trial Gly��n.  SKIN DISEASES  INVARIABLY    BUE   TO     POOR'  WATERY   BLOOD.  tlu-y  bargain  in gutter-  lew  gestures  a I   (ones.  'J'hesi- taciturn people forget them-  Si-hes in th- bar-.'ooms on fair days.  The taverns are full of noise. " ' You  may hear ihe sound of an accordion  and. the plaintive note, of the biniou  ia sort of bagpipe;, leading monotonous   dances.  Into i!i" harbor come boats lad��n  with f'sh; no other boats go out.  The (bhennen .,,-,, fu'.l fif business.  Xext we--k vil[ occur the departure  for 1 he new country. There are women   who   weep.  ,  Abo\e all this tmitai ion the smoke  of ihe \i!Iajje chimneys mingle, with  the great while clouds. The ipnet sea  mirrors   the sun.  A   Tip   In   I'lio.'.-.tfj-Htiliy.  The value'of ninny a photograph Is  greatly lessened or entirely lost through  the failure to pl.-u-e .some object In tho  picture (lie size of which is read iiy %i-  derstood by the observer. Thin -IIfaculty can be obviated by placing n foot-"  rule against oue of the objects while,  the picture is being made.  AH!flc!ul   Ice.  Ice artificially manufactured "by the  use of chemical mixtures is not a late  idea by any means, the invention dating back to 1.7S3.  ,-'     To Kfiinovo  Warts  ou   Knff.  A. cow. with a lot of warts on her  bag and , teats is very annoying to  .he milker, besides often causing- the  ���ow .ri-n'b [J��in. They may ha reinov-  ���d by up|)lying t inet ur..- 'of iodine cv-  ���ry day for tiho-.it (eh days. I.'se a  -" other (o ripply the iodine.--Farm  . ourmvl.  .   '  PImiilei, Blotchei, Holla aud Ugly B��*K��i  Easily Cleared From tbe Blood.  From" the Advocate,   Exeter,  Out..'  All    diseases   of  tbe skin  and  complexion    are    caused   by   bad     blood.  Paleness  and   pimples,   blotches     and  b��ils,   ugly rashes     and   open    sores,  itching eczema and burning erysipelas  ���all    these blemishes cohie" from  bad  blood.    A  bad  skin  is a sure sign  of  bad  blood���thin blood,  watery blood,  blood   poisoned   with   impurities.   You  can't  have  a  healthy,   clear skin   till  yon'  make yo.ur   blood   pure -and   rich  with Dr.   Williams;   Pink  Pills.  These  pills   arc a sure   and speedy cure for  all  skin  diseases,   for  agonizing- eczema or bothersome little pimples���for  a   bad   complexion     to   ugly   open   ulcers.   No  claim   is  ever  made  for  Dr.  "Williams'  Pink    Pills   not backed    by  the most positive  prrof.   and  in   this  connection we offer the testimonial of  .Mrs.   Nichalns     MeAvoy,   a  life-long,  much-cstecme<l    resident     of ��� Exeter,  Ont.    To   a reporter  of The  Advocate  Mrs. MeAvoy said:���"Somo years ago  I was takc.i with a slight it.chmg under one.  of my  arms.    1 gave it little  attention  at  firstA thinking  it  would  pass   away,   but   in   this T   was    mistaken,  for as time went on it became  worse  and   developed   into   an  aggravated case of eczema, ctrusing a great  deal of pain,  irritation and suffering.  In   fact   I   was   compelled   , to  endure  tortures.    I  consul ted   a   doctor    and  took his medicine for several months,  but the  trouble did not leave,neither  did   it  get     any  better.    In  fact,     it  fook a turn for "the worse and developed   into  scrofula.    As   the  doctor's  medicine did not help me I tried several   advertised   medicines,   but   .with  no   better     results.      Finally   a   lady  friend   strongly   urged   me   to   try   l)i;.  Williams'   Pipk   Pills.    The  effect   was  almost     m/igieul.      Jp   a.   few,  weeks  there   was   a   decided   change   for   the  better,     and    as    time,    went "on    the  trouble  gradually   left,   apd   to-day   1  am  entirely  free   from   it.    I   owe   my  complete rocoveryr-if not my  life���to  Dr.    Williams'     Pi��k    Pills,   a '.fact, I  wish   to. put  on   record   that bothers  nitty  benefit as 1  havo done."  There is absolutely no disease due  to poor blood���-and most diseases are  due to this trouble���that Dr. Williams'.-Pink Pills, will not cure. You  can get "these'pills from any druggist  or they will be sent postpaid '.at'50c  a box or six boxes for 8y.50 by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co;,  Brockville, (int. .1 .emember that.substitutes cannot possibly cure.  Capital, .23,000.00.    ���>  D**ir*b!e Basin ��as Positioo* Guaranteed to Graduate*  Aawnlbtf, 8k*rtk*����, TnwwHOur, lU^ikxjd.g. ut til knlaM. ���at.lrcU Trutlnlly ��a4 lb,  nil ����� writ* Ter trr* mUinfa* u< tlWWwulIii U X. i. OTJCLUYAN, C.E^ ��.L^ Iiuflr, m  WW*tp*f.     'PkMM   Viil.  ���     .   "  'onnikii uirlL    Tnm I  *J.ftr, rorntr Ut]. �����! Si/tut. I  , THE  BOAT  FROM  TOWN.  t**��n��: Any summer rt*aort.    Tlrao:  Sat-  AND 'urday afternoon.]  There's a rush from the porch where the0  Indies ialt*  }Iave wearily sat day after day.  The boat has been Richted away ofT there;  It i�� nearly a dozen miles away.  And Mrs. Burton and Mrs, Gray  And Mrs. Harris nnd Mrs. Brown  Look at Mrs. '"Woodruff and Mrs. Cloy  With hopeful looks ua they hurry down.  It Is Saturday afternoon at last;  There-'H the boat from  tho busy distant  town.  i  ,A hundred hopes and a hundred fears  Have birth   in   their  bosoms, v,hllo  tbey  wait;  They are dressed  In  tho best  they havo,  ihie deat-3!  And   with   upturned   faces   Ihey  supplicate.  Through  the  weary   week  they  hnve  eut  and slghiK.,  The one who was wedded years bko  And the one who but lately was a bride.  Who'silll   sidmils   thai  she   "loves   him  so!"  And  don-n  In  tlie  depths  of  each  tender  breast  Is a wish that all of the others know.  At last;1 -Ai-i��si:- Shu-isiiri"~at laat!"  Throw  oft  tho  ropes!    Clear the gangway Ihere!  Back up a little!   Now make her fantl  Hold on �� moment, oh, ladles fair!  Now  see on  tin plank that slopes to  tho  pier  A man���one lone man���walking down.  While   a  hundred  women  cry  out;   **Oh,  dear! /  When   will   the   next   boat   como   from  -   '   town?"  And   as   lirotvn,   tho   lonely.   Is  'hustled  away���  Ah. how they go, cnvybiff Mrs. Brown!  ���Chlcagxi Record-Herald.  11 you don't pay for yo'ir tiiill  promptly the milkman in lib a iiy s^j  poses you  want it, chalki'-d up  There   never   whs   rihI   never  will Ie  universal  panacea   In  one rfim-ih, icr  ills   to   which   flchh   is   Iif-ir���the in> it  ture   of  cuanv   curatives   lie:;..:   _u.ii tia!  Tv*ei*��   the   perms   yf oilier   an I   (i;;:iTf:i:i  .���ettted   diseases   rooted   in   ll.e '<^".en ti  llje    nr-tldlil���whiu,   would    ;i-!u--.r  cr�� I  hi   turn   would   an��j;rii.\ tile  Uio other    1  *iiiv��   however.    Tn"   Qjiinim'   ffii.e,   *!;  obtM-inable  in  aotied,  unail;i;i"ia'ej s-Ul  *   icitif*dy  for   uisin-  anil  t-iit-, <i;;s  ll.jji  Its jrraduul .and   jjucifci<i__.i iiw Iht.- iri-.  svslerns   are   led   .into   <-i>niali"��-.'H��v  slretiKlh   by    ihe   Inll.ieiive \.Ii.cn '^-. ut  excrth   on   nulure's   o��n   t.���-urul-.-.'-s  relieve.*!      ihe i  drooping  fciiii!-^  ��i    li1'1  with      \vliom"u   i-llltillic ,    Slrtlr-  oi   tiiu.-'i,  despondency   iiikI   lack   .. t   intei*t>>t ;,i l1  i��    a    disrii&e.    and    lj.v    iraiMiu'i",     i      I  nerves,   ditn'Ofea   to   s'outitl   and   n r   u  sleep���iittptirtd   viiror   to   llie   iulo'ti ,  blood,   uhleh.   beinit   sLiinulatr-il,    coo"-  IhrouKh      the '   v ei n n.      sirt-iiit!..ti   - t'  healthy   **,niiiial ' funcllons   ol   t!-c  < w  thereby   Minkiiitr   activity   a.r.tt"'.    r\  Billt.    ijlrfiitclheiiine   tfic   friu'ii-.-   i.nl n  life  lb   the' dipesti .e oririir."    ivln     "i*  rnl.v   df'inuiid   iticren.--''.i   snliti'.rtnu.-  ,  tmprovc-fl   appelite     Notihioii   .<.   I\  of   Toronto,       have   irt"- en   In     '.' I  their  .Superior  Quinine  N"ii.e nt  0     )<���  rate.    imH,   j^uajred   bv   ihe    innti     s  sciontfstM.   the   wifie   npfioii. t-i h       -��  nerlei-itn-1   ')f   any   In    the     tuar>.��.t  dt ii^xim-ii  s")l   It.  A henpecked husband, v  last txH-n sepnratod fn��m lu-  invented a new sen! whu'i  for all his correspond-1!"e. ��  is a hen sittlmr <m a feii.-  with the legend "(!od l"'l|' '  where   the   ben   crow.'-,''  o  i   ' 'I  n  1      '  bo  of  You'll  lending  Absolute   Zero.  Absolute zero is supposed,to bo only  1.3 degrees below llie freezing point of  hydrogen. This gas solidifies ut 260  below zero.  ?  sZdLtlJ  Appetite-poor?*/ Bowels  constipated? Tongue coated?  Head ache? It's your liver!  Ayer's Pills are liver pills, all  vegetable.   otIBtydv��'  r  TB.  J. C. AytT Oo.,  r-i  Lowell, Hans  ^��������.����jn^*W^*��^  SliSSi/eal   Iii.slriiiiieii !/���:.       / J l'i B B  The  miiiiuf-icture of innsical  instru- \ || |J  cuts occupies about .JO,.';.JO persons in I }mmo  e.-m;inv. l�������  your moustache or beard  is-beautiful brown or rich black? Use  ....   ; otb.  <wiiniw *. ^.tw  R. 1*. HA1X k CO., MAaHHA, tt. !t.  Aii Old Labor Usubauge,  There ia in Melbourne, Austr^llft,  art odd labor exchange, which is <Jo^  scrilied in tho Scientific Australian.  It is intended primarily for the unemployed and includes as members  accountants, architects, bakci'B, dent-:.  ist.i, engineers, printers, authors, artists, journalists, jpeolojfists and  piano tuners.  Any member in need goes right  alony at work at hia trade. If ha ia  a shoemaker, for Instance, he takes a.  pair of boots to the exchang-e and receives a certificate equivalent to their  estimated valuo. This ho can offer at  any time in return for its valuo in  such other goods as may b�� deposited at the exchango by other members, and thus actual c.aHh is rendered largely unnecessary, though ihow  the accounttinty nnd pinno timeifs  cmi-jjserve the others on the barter  principle is not so plain.  A  New  MlIXc  Producl.  Gnlallth is tho ruime of a new sub-  Bfnnce made from skimmed milk by  treating the casein with metallic salta  and soajis nnd, finally,,with formaldehyde. It Is as hard as celluloid, takes  a fine polish, is odorless and is less inflammable than the guu cotton and  camphor combination. At the recent  Hygienic Milk Supply exposition in  Hamburg there were shown toilet articles, elirss figures and even tables  made of the new substance. These ha��S  the appearttnee of marble, an galallth  takes kindly <q various coloring processes, hilt were far lighter in weight.  As an article of commerce It Is destined, so Its sponsors believe, to become  Widely ijsed and correspondingly re*V  spnable in cost-  EmitlUit  Cor?  "f   I-"''"'   f'-'l"'  Prof.   Webb,   of   tin:   H">'>'*  Xh^5l  copicnl   Society,     of  Cheat   b IU��'  possesses " tho  smalh Bt iO[j>  of     j  Lord's  PrAyer   in   the    vorhl.    '* '*!  written    with    a    dinrnoiul  ni^1  pieeo  of   glass,   and     only tin ' fj  iiiicroscoi>es     manu.nrt. red   l'**'*   p  tinguish   tho     clmractcra   oi   l'  ters.    Tho  naked  eye,  ''VM* wbMl\  t.il  by an-ordinary mag:nl\ :ng ��*���  would not be ably to read il.  The Ixird's Prayer co^rs a s,i  me.ujured bv one fivt-htintlrtih" u ,  inch ono way, and on<- sivi"."*1 **���  and-third part of nn ni'"'1 '" ""  fljrectjon. iii other woi <l-  (.fiat ivith vyriting of tl'"'  ll'5,r>6'0   letters    can   ho   H .,  single afimire  inch.   :i"b�� "ll<1' ��' ,,  js  eaHiep comprehended   ��kn;*1  '  (iicmber that   tho  Hil��l��. ceii.uuis oi  />0'G,48p    letters,    which  ui.'i'.r^ -"-J  i tf  ,  it      a1  n red H  l.'P  Holbert   Portia.  Robert Burns has often boe�� cited as  an Instance of unrequited gonitis, fie  Uved as best he could on a small spilii-  ry from the excise and died without  any solid ahare of tho famo wbkih afterward spread throughout the world.  Leased For T*�� Tho��_and Yetva,'  The title of the Billlngshurst estate.  Siusex, Englaiid, sold Sfor ��G,400, coin-  mencea with an indenture of lease for  10,CX)0 years from the sepond yei\y of  James I., ata reqt of oqe'.rct} pogp,  BES  ....    e���t|.'P ;ehrbU.ju,i   ''s  i'i',\,,��C.  bp   vyritten-legibly,   t>V��'l��'^   '''f,  l-eatcd,  witbipthe 'sinp'c ���*������".-^  sntiftro   ifich,   fvnd.liavM   Muaiu *l-  M-b .;.'      _______. .  ���bi'luh'-  Safety >l"<<*'"'"  Some mairlmonlnlinatBii-i  Just hrljjid with'gold iiMdHoi^  Arc of the sort th��c,<niil>' 1-J.'U  Upon tho mbney b��X-  i"\  Ot'CHn   Stcnmer  cop:i��'h.r-  The rnih-Oitd car will nirr.v aa Jj  ns tAvcnty teams of -ho.r?^ ,-'<"ll,,i, B|'  and the great ; ocnni. steniii<'i;j' ^  tran.sport as mticli as JA)U w'l^'U  can carry;  saa_aw_i____Ms_8_ai_BMi^^ .-fc  THE MOYIE LEADER,  MOYIE,    B.    C.  3X  Kobart Barrjr, the *.���    Air     Hobert     Barr.   wllo   celeb,**.,.,  us mty-third  birthday uar]v ^si;  Lumber    is  one  of  the"   lufu\y >S|;o��  1  te  men   who   can  He   waa   born  Ti-'1**  I!  ;1  v.a'er  ,i   slice  i  i.��   jiiede   tnis   way ;���  of  bread     slowly,   ho  isp and  of a  dark   brown  up ���*���  mi h"1"  Ptil  it in a ipuirt jug.  and fill  , t-ohl water.    Bet  it .stttiid for  i,,.  two and   then  strain.  IS DUE TO CATARRH AMD  COLDS  possibly yoii haven't noticed  ft, but others have.  rvteiTh uud  colds if neclccteU   Boon  de-  . _,ui'into cliroijic forms,  accompanied hy  .,,i   nt    na usei.it intr     and     disirustjii*  VMii.toiuH.    Dr.    AcneWfi   Catarrhal fovr-  i. ��� i-, n MM'Cific for curinjr colds, cout'hs  .|',alne��i.   headache,   sore   thronl.   tonalH-  b   ciild    in    the  head.  Influenza,   and   __.11  ii.-'...��.(?h  of  thc noso and  throat.       It   re-  filb.-'Bi'ii   10  iiiiiiuu-s.   Sold   by  all   drtnr-  Ki*'.*  Cr.   Agncw's  equal for all skin troubles, 35c  . lV|'":t- lumioroufi  in Glasgow jjU, d. '  not live'there long, tor at an ,*r \Z  age he was brought to Carina ,��  was educated at Toronto, ^d o,c.,.  tually   became   a fi(;ii��0ltilQMer "  ���remaining in the tcichinK proton  until ?87G, the year of his ^^  Then ho drifted into- journalism -l'<  ���some of his best work Wft, j;Ubtj'Eh,f,  in The Detroit Five fY^s f a'^  howc-ver,' lost him in 3881 When 1  went to London, England,' and ^Z  then - hi. career ha* become pubhe  property. '       ,       ., Jt  *ch Drawing Tea  ABSOLUTELY PURE AND DELICIOUS.  CInlmont   Is  witfiou*   an  ' 'Iho  .ui n  'l.uo";  biithra'to among the foreiga-  jii llasstudiusetta is 52 per  among   t-he   ntitlvti   bora   it   lu  Vaochmtlon   in  France  Vaccination is compulsory In Vrane*  during the'flrst year of life'arid ppva^  dilation during tbe eleventh and tweii-  ty-first years.  CEYLOK tea is the pick of ihe crop ef the finest tea  producing countries En the world- Bfaok.  mixed op Natural Green.  Soli only la ,<.a]ed lead pBckeU  40c, 50c, COc, per 11��.    By all Grocers.  '   Funeral   Collection*. -  In the course of a trial at Carunrvor  it was stated that in north Wales-the  custom prevails of making a collection  from those, present at ftineruls, the  money being handed to the ele-^j  ministers'hiflteud of btirla'l fees." "  �� FTWIU.1AM ~ --..-  A     ^Sl^^     ^^^=SZ^*^^   to a strictlv commission firm-TRT  A   ^fe^*       THOMPSON, SONS  & CO.  grass enrsftsssc-OK kerghakts  or  r.  c   u i err a iii)?. & '����.'  lii-ar i=t/i.t,���Vour AIBVAK.B'3 LI.N'f-  UfO.\X i.s our remedy for note'throat,  <-,ldi   nnd   till   ordinary   ailments.  Ji   i-,i-\t*r   fails   to   relieve   and     eure  i,i unifily.'  C.H.Al.l.K*  WHOOTT*>X.  I'i. t   ilKlgrii v��. i  | in'   London   Lancet   commends   the  'inii.-iue  of, drinking  coffee   after   din-  i.(.i.  ,,., cofVee  in an  antidoto  to, alco-  AantrniLaci   I'ori-mA,  ��� The forests of Australia ���.'luierall.T  have u monotonous appearniiee. This  la caused by the presence everywhere  of tbe <sucaiyptii3 tree.  t+*j,*+mi0im.t<2mu^*mmtmm   ���   j��  a__   ���    SOME OHE  TO  HAH0I.E  YGtfS SHIPMENTS  ����T ,I?.?i_��,?��. Y0U��  GRAIN   TO A REUABLE   FIRM  not  Deafness Cannot Be Cured  b? Io.it I applications, as they  iwch On* di.ieaied portion ol tho *ar.  There U onlv one way, to euro de��.fn*s��,  tvA thai ti f>y cotiBtiiutional rotuodiea.  ibeftie.i'i i" CHU����d by an inflamed conditio!-, uf fl>? mucous lining- ot th* Kua-  Ir.ihia" 'Iiibo. When tbi�� tube ffet* lu-  S.bnoil you have a rumbling sound or iui-'  r.r'l-d 'lieiirini��. and when It is' etilirely  cloi.eii i,loiifncKH is th* r��Bu)'t, and unleac  th�� inilnitiinalion can be taken out mnd  thii tut'* r^-iored to its normal coniii-  tid'i, iii-tinnw will ho deJtroyixl fur ��Trr ���  nim' carei out of ton aro caused by ca  urrh wlm lir_s nothing but. an inflamed  w-iidition  .'if  tjio  murnui   nurfaces.  V.'c will   i-'ivu   Ono   Hundred   PoiUri   for  snv cum* i>f Iicafncss  (cause*!  b�� catarrh)  ���' Lhbl ni'inot   lie  curod   by  HkU'��"   Catarrh  Ctire    .Sc-iiii   for circulars^- free.  Avldrc-,.   F.   .1.   CIIKNKY   <V   Co.,   Toledo, 0. "     ���  Pen' t.yeirujrjciHts. 7fic.  Htil'i Vn-inily   THU , are  the  bft��l.,  '���     S.-KKr-LKS__   BADJK5..  Wiifji   a   little  our   ii  al��vplesH    and  ra-osfi     it   ia   the   surent  sign     iB    the  world   that  it  iA  sufferinfi  from  some  derangement. *f tho stomach and Ww-  els���the    seat   of    nme-ipnti.s     0f    nn  l>aby ailments     Tn Ca���� of thin kind  Ihiby'n   Own   Tabl��ts   act   like  magic  They sweeten the sour httlp stomach  relax     the     ci is tended     little  bo webs.  cool   the parched,  fevered   mouth, and  bring   . natural       health-giving   sleep.  An    experienced    mother,    Mrs,'     F,d'.  CJodin.   Griffith,   D:iB,   snvs:    "[   have  us'id   Baby's  ()w'n    Tablets  for manv  ailments   peculiar   to   babyhood,   .sucii  as     fevers,      indigestion.     diarrhoea,  etc., nnd '1 havo found them the most  effective   medicine   1   have   ever   tried.  I  ran  only ttdd J   would  not  he without tht-m  in  the  house, so  much do J  ���think   of   them.",  Other mothers who wish health for  their'' little ones cannot do better  than follow Mrs. (.iodin's example.  Vou can get the . Tablets from all  niedicitfe dealers, or they will be sent  by mail ,,nt 2~> cents a box by writing direct to the Br. Williams Medicine Co..   Hrockvillr,   Ont .     '  Unioa'Baak <s�� Canada.  ..  'PBOMPT S��HVISE A��D  CAREFt'l ATTENTION ���  ao, ��h��,Mi.nig���dw��ti your b���*BeM aacl will eudearor to jjive aatlBlaotton-  Cash adyaaeed ou oensisfawoow.     Reforcnc-o  TUesldost established Grain Commissioa    -_^.  liercbaus ut Winaipi����. *^^i.  Grain   txohaago,   Winnipeg. <^^, m  -1 Ull|| lllllll ���iimiibi. .,..,   a  enrmnntraBuy  wmm that  ' . NONE-CAN DOUBT  A  PRIVATE  TUNNEL.  It's   a   poor   wedding  cei-emory that,  hasn't  a  hitch   in   it.  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'  Smard's L&Sffiast for safe ewrrwkri  u  - almost  as  difficult  for  a  man  hut a case of love sickness-ns  ,i-  a   woiiimi tci get  over a harb  :t.l��*il-�� ;i i-   fence.  l! iv  tec's Liaimcflt Cares Daadraff.  l'\,-l  1 1   >,  IK" .Ml  .Vi,   ;  till!    .1  I'W;-.  li'lllilV  ���'iptl'.ll'll  nii-l   0  poor man who lin.sn.t  a dol-  lv   well   off     us   long   ab   he  narrv.  ��� -I'lit, -luniltl tro from honi'* willi-  litntle of Dr. .1. 1). Keliofftr's  i \- t'cMdlil in lhoii* tiossessioiu us  i.i v. ntor. coakimr. climute. etc .  "\ brinirs on tnimmer complaint,  ������ii* !���> nothiinr like bcitur readv  ���-.'iu- r.Miicdy ut hund. which ofton-  ���i\.'s i;iont stifToriiitr. and freaucnt-  lv \ii, mil].- )j\os This Cordial Iuih-eain-  '���ilI i.i; i*st.}f ,i widfspri'iid repuUition fcjr  m-ifiiii.c   iiioinpl   rtilicf   trout   nil   suiiim��*r  ll"!'|I.H,l.(;)  i-Pi  -\  flime   in   the  Imntl   i.s   b.;( ter   thai.  'I^Unr in  the pocket of a man that  >'���'"   it   id   vou. <  Bi mon with a full beard ha* to  '������yv about the bargain" counter  "B.i.'-.-s  bis   wife  huvs   (or  him.  )';Hi:i<n   wi-:akxi-:.ss    is. pi si-: a si-:  ���'���M, SKT'l Ll-',.���If  one  stiflers   from   am  ".'riii.,.    nc-iikniwi,   inherited   or  contract-  j-itl.i-ip  diMcahu   will   settle   when   it   at-  "Kk  '������,���,���   body,    'rhii.-cforo  drivo   out   iho  yy'.--   t tun    lu'si-t   you,   do   not   lot   a   cold  ''i-li   lmwisH   .\oti.   and   keen   the   res-  u\    nitrans   j,,   (l   mood   bcnlthv   i-on-  'lhiH   vou   (-un   do   bv   usine      I'r  "iinii    KclPt-lcic   Oil.    Prevention   is the  ""-'    i (ilir.sc  I'll  <i '  'll.  w  id  li'^   unexpected   happens   it   is  'i'ii'-   uiUTior   to  what  was   expert-  ���Minard's Itinioierji Cures Barns, etc  .A  'An>  inii  'Woiiuiu'r   sphere     is     tlie   home,  hride.of ii  week is willing tu tul-  Uiifi"  fnptilona Aat  lSIIIi.  bord  Avebury  once calculated  that  ���������''ingle  nuts'  nest might contain as  ''���'"'.V  as   400,000   individual   Insects.  heccnt.   researches  have     shown   tjiaf  Uh.-.si, figures  were too  high;,.yet    tihg  itunal   facts   are   astonishing' enpugh;  ���������''"'iiHK-ur   Yung, " a .French   entuinplo��  V--'i lui-s  killed   the ants  in five  hilln  '���'���' ��>e;uis  of    a    poisonous gaa,   and  !*i<i'Ttuken   the  prodigious  labor     of  ',"'"'mg   the  dead. . Tlie    results,   be-  gliiitinjf   '  n'N:e:'iivo:v  ���';BMS,   (.1-1,470  .'"e.'ti    (i.  '"om  the  smallest,  hill,    were  as   follows:   1.7,828,   3 'h-  ati'd     93,'JtVt.  -i in i   ,        tfl"'('H   probably     averaged  ;���'  '" 'brlu-r  i��� ,.,u h t.,.s^  ns  n0    ul.-  ."l:"'1-  v.'ua.ntiuie by  Monsieur Yunff  '  ",sfi,'">, l.I��ij_^*u*ed_imis.        .    ,  ColTfc   In  Mexico.  Bin ciuft eonyinco the 'Mexicans thnt  ,(,y don't know how to make coffee.  yv have boon burning it in thc roast-  s" for Bcvenil. 1-iwini.un   ���.,,i *t.~ .^^���  Many a man is forced lo play the  game of life who doesn't hold a single  trump. .'  Kidney Duty���-It Is tho particular  fuuctlon of the kidneys to filter out poisons which pass Uirouch them into the  blood. When the kidt_.\v�� aro diseased  Ihey cAiinot' do tbeir whole dutv. nnd  should have the help and st'rcwrib that  South American Kidnuv Cure will ulloril  in any and all forms of kidney disorder.  It  relieves  in six  bourn.���14.  Wise   is   tke  man  who  keeps  his private   opinion   to  himself.  Some   women   nre   not  as   fresh  they   are   painted,     and     some  more so.  as  art  That Cutting Ackl that arises from  the' .tomach aad ilmo.t .traasU.. 1��  caused by fermentation of tho food In  ibe stomach. .It I. a foretaste o ind,c��-  Uon *ud dyspepsia. Take one otT>tr\o^  ��u��.u*3 Pineapple Tablets uumetllatelj aJ-  ?cr Jlinir. and it will prevent thiB ills-  trefl8 and aid dlffemlon. 00 In a box. 36  conts.���10.  Many things may be preserved ic  alcohol, but law and order are* not  on the list.  \ CVHV. KOIt 111 I KI-31ATISM -The  intruHion of uric acid into the li.ood  voskcH is k fruiuul cnut.t* o! rlieumtUir  tia'iitH This irroBUlftritY is "''.'-a i�� "  i.Mi.ntted nnd uiibei.Uhy condition of th*  liver Anvono .subiect to, this miintul a.f-  ftH-ticiti will bud a remedy in l'aimclee ��  VeKi*tivvile I'IIIm Their action upon the  kidueiVN is proiioutu-txl and nioM betiHli.--  ial and bv resloiinir healthy action.they  corieci   iiupuntles   in   the  blood  Some men who won't trust, themselves ttomlt'i' ��hy others won't  trust  thop��-  To be su  re, vou are growing  old.   But why let everybody  see it, in  yo^ 8���?  hair?  Keep your hair dark and rich  and postpone age.  If you will  ��  '!'ii  l',n 101' Bcverul-centuries, ^nd the pres-  ct;t wnomuon prefers % ^<&- ^a  *i-_  >^. rM. *j. im-o"  *m&y  only use Ayer's Hair Vigor,  your gray hair will soon have  all the deep, rich color of  youth.   Sold for 60 years.  Una.  [ ��1.C4 a bottlo.  A.U droggl��t��L  U. ll. Bvttrtt. lied  j. c. AYnn co..  �� -    T.out 11.   Ma��Jj  for ���������*SOTWSB  0  One Fonrteen  Silled l.onjj l-���r Use Hi  CiilcnRO   nxinine.tr. .Uouscu.  It appears that an,interesting-work  has been going on in Chicago for several years without tlie know|.--dgo of  the people in the excavation of a tunnel fourteen miles long under the business district ot' the city. This tunnel is  a business undertaking simply nnd is  to contain 'a niilwny for the transportation of freight among tho great mercantile houses and between tin,in and  the. freight stations of the 'forty-two  railways which en'tor^Chicago, besides  furnishing 'accommodation for telephone wires and possibly wires of other kinds. '��� ,'' , ��� <  It'is almost incredible that a tunnel  of this length, varying in width from  six to thirteen feet and in height from  eight to fourteen feet, could have been  ���constructed under the most crowded  part of a great city -without the knowledge even of the newspaper reporters,  but the tunnel is far below the surface,  the depth varying ,froni twenty-seven  to Bixty-Qve feet, so that it.was unnecessary to make temporary roadways  over it, and the excavated material has  been taken out at night through shafts  opening-in private grounds and taken  away to the lake front.  The ground under Chicago is a soft  clay, -which was easily excavated, but  It has been necessary to line it everywhere "with concrete. A considerable  portion of life tunnel is already in use,  nnd many business houses have shaft..  opeu into it, equipped with elevators,  by means of which freight packages  brought by cars running on the tracks-  laid in the tunnel .are hoisted' to the  warcrooms. Although an underground  freight railway of tin's kind seems an  expensive substitute for trucks and  horses, it is quite possible tbat it may  promote economy as well as convenience in handling and transferring merchandise.  Every one must see that the maintenance of a stable full of'horses and  wagons and of a multitude ot' grooms  and drivers is an important item in the  cost of carrying on business, especially  when, as Is often thc case, thc wagons  nre driven half the time empty or with  only one small package ia them, and  a system by which goods arriving by  rail could be at once delivered at their  destination with the minimum of hunching, while those shipped could bo  billed through from the shipping  Clerk's desk, would be of immense nd-  Yantage to merchants, as well as to the  public.  "Small   Csip"   Slinfter.  Many of General KhtUtor's oid associ-  ttes still refer to him as -Small Cap"  Shafter, a nickname which originated  at a banquet given to several army onice rs In Denver many years ago at  ���F-hich Shatter was one of thc guests.  One of the Denver papers reported the  banquet 'tnd gave a complete iist of the  guests, but when the proof slips were  sent to the proof reader he observed  "���that Shaffer's name -was in lower case  typo, iind so ho marked It "small cap,"  tiie usual way being to note "sm. c,"  meaning thai; the words should bo reset in capitals.'of small size. It seems  that the compositor was not familiar  with proof corrections, and, supposing  that the note made b.v the proof reader  huh'ca.tcd some military title with  which he was not familiar,-instead of  making the proof correction he substituted the words "Small Cap," and'it  was so printed in the .paper. Shatter  was In "a frame of mind" when his attention was called to his naiiio in-the  paper, but the other olllcers made much  fun of it.bind the title stuck to him  many years.  '. . : '.'���  Ilritish   India.  British I "din buys abroad .,200,70G,-  -.00 worth a year, of which the I'nited  States supplies j.:..77__.<Ki.O. or about one-  -rii'dis'th. The largest item' i'n-m the  r'nited States is about .?1.000,0-;-(. worth  ,f   ),-.M-ni!i'llP_0_L_- ���  Tlis   JK:i!r.  To I'oop Hie bah- from becoming -thin  mul splitting at the ends clip It every  !   weeks.   Shampoo it once a month  IvitU eastile son,., avoiding ihe use oi  borax and ammonia.  j Tliiit    Dodd's   Kidney    Pills    are  )        the   One Sure Cure   for  i " Rheumatism.  'TV. i-;.   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I  "took six boxes of them,  which drove  ; all  thoNRbcuinatisi:i  out   of  mc     and  left mc  in good  health  again."  Dodd's Kidney Pills cure Rheumatism by removing the cause���by putting the Kidneys in, shape to take  tlie uric acitl out of the blood. They  always curo Lumbago and Sciatica  in the same tv.iv. ,  98  99  tW  '-V  i#.  ''Phito Shell Cordovan"  Sold, by all leading ^dealers ia Manitoba, N. W.  Territories and British.  Columbia.  Slh_eii Cordovan-  is the toughest and best  leather ever tanned for  mitts and gloves.   It is  boil and scorch proof���  has no oil to draw cold or  get stiff���is wind proof,  tear proof,   wet proof,  is   always  soft,  dry,  warm.    Iron-like wear.  ���handsome appearance.,  ��� economical..    None  genuine' unless stamped"  and  with  this  brand.,  H.  BRANO'  Successful     ho n-n wcrs  credit  for   their  efforts.  nlwavs   get  A     woman  could  keep  there were no one to tell  a  secret  it  to.  IMPCKITIKS IN TMR l.LOOD���When  thi' net inn ot" i he kidnevs lierupir-s impaired, impurities in tlio hloml are til-  ino-d sure to follow. and uenerai de-  .-ni'ui'tnetit of thf ay-stem eiis-jes. I'ar-  molec's \ eiit'tfihlf Pilin will !-��iriilu.u> thc  khlne.v! so that i !>-v will maintain he.il-  th.v action and nn.". cut tho complications  which cei-tuinlv con.c when there is de-  rnncemeni. of tht'fce dt>_U'iite ortrnns. _\s. a  reslorative these pills are in the first  rank.  The highest salaried man hi America is .dr. -l.odil. the legal adviser of  the .Standard Oft L'oinnanv. i Ie is  paid SioO.ooO a, year and knows nil  alu.ut oil and tlie laws ���.iii?ct"in.T its  production.  Those     Worrying     PsSes !-Ono  application of Bi-.cAam-w's Ointment will  trivci you comfort. Applied every nittht  for three to siN niirhts find a cure is ef-  fc-cled in the most stubborn cases o!  Blit-d. Blecdintr. or Itehiinr Piles. Pr, Atr-  now's Ointment cures Kc7.ema and all  itcliiDfr and burilint: skin diFeases. It  acts like   tnacic.    33  cents.���15  Vou may lip the soda clerk a wink  bin you can't tip the Pullman porter that  way.  KiMfd's Llnissyt Believes Neuralgia,  tic  asis  wear   comfort, and  for  convenience. Built to  keep" out cold and keep  warmth in. Made for the  hardest, roughest kind of  wear. Lined with lambskin with the wool on and  with .Mackinaw Woolen-  made of Duck, Corduroy ,  or Leather. Leather jackets made reversible.  Wide collars, imrippable  seams, strong pockets.  Every garment  branded with  this  brand.  Sold by all leading dealers in Manitoba, N. W.  Territories and British  Columbia.  *.!  t*  $&  m  MONTREAL  ay  xMifc��2*g�� Co.  .   WINNIPEG  ���CSSSBBKBi  kfaKaaaggcowftf-wgcEKf  Of all newspapers in llie world. Cif-  in every 1O0 are printed in the Kiur-  lish  hir.fcunfie  .A maiiless bah-.- cnniane wtuild fill  a lmu;-i>lt want in some populous  cities.  THE HORSE MARKET  Demands Sound Homes Only^  Unio horses sell *t Ie�� than'hjlf thetx��ctc*l����lua ind  MO neither defirablo for use or wle.   Tilt nmvif  Is easy.   A low bolUes of  will work a permnnent cure for SpaTlnB. Blncrionei.  Splluts, Curba, etc.. ��nd all formi of Lamenea��.  It curci thousAiuls cfcnsci annually, Such enilorwmenu  u the ono followinc ar�� a guaraatte of meiit.  Cured two Bono Spavins ol Ten Years' Standing.  Earlvllle, N.Y., Mar. ix. ijot.  Dr. B. T. Kendall Co.. Gentlemen i���Somo years afro I  used your Kendalls Suavin Curo on a liorio that had two  Bono Spavins, and it remDved them entirely. Ihesa  Spivlr.s Cad been on tiiin from birth, and wirt of ten  yeiri" standlnc I now Iw-.e i easeof a iniro that wai  Injuted by fillinR Uirouch a bridge, nnd am colne to ciT8  her complete treatment vilh your Spavin Cure, riease  ���end me a copy of your ������ T.-eatis. on the Horss and hU  Dlieascl." Vour�� very truly,       , CLAKK O. FORT.  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The early hutched ducks that aro  Tendy-for b he market in May bring  the 'best, price, but those balchc-diat-  cr, nlihoiigh they dp'not -sell for as  much per pound, are 'more, cheaply  grown,, because bugs, grasshoppers  ���.green sttil'i become more plenty. I  have never tiny i rouble raising, piv  ilucklings. ��� Tlie l'ekin ducks are the  largest of the thick 'family aud tho  uiosf popular. They will lay more  eggs .in a year than many liens, as  they-will hiy n-.-'arlv evi.-rv day fiom  February until .September or, October.  On ring ibis season a tb'ako shoujd  he kept for overy live ducks, and  (b.-.-re should be an incltisure about  their, house Ih.at they imiy- he kept in  '.luring the moi'ning. A 1'i^iro two feet  high will be irulT'cit-nt lo confinethem.  Ducks are tjiiiiu free front vermin and  most of tbe ills that- chickens nre heir  ?o. says u Wisconsin woman iu Or-  nuu'y  Judd   I'ariiicr.  It is easier for love to find the  way than it is for a good uiany  young men  to  pay the  way.  No self-respecting .man ' cares to  make love to a. girl, who ihakes lovo  ���to a pet dog.  REDUCES  EXPENSE  will be paid by  jtynuw BEOsvwaiij Leve"* Brothers  Limited, 7'oronto, to any person who  can prove that this soap contains  any form of adulteration whatsoever,  or  contains any   injurious chemicals.  JLsK for (be Octacoa Bar. ����}  'mmmmmmmm  ftM :��� -a-  -,&������'���  ���ii'  *?*~3*i*?*&iv*-*r' r  I'v^ymm:  f*     -:..yyV' ;:..},.;.:���:    ^ Lidjj-.aJJ.ij'&l j  ���".-��ffi^SBi��i??"?*-.-��i^-��(nc^..--,.-'-l~.-  ... ..  ���-���.-��� ,,.'.._.;,.;-; ; .-��� ---i-'-r'.^.���..rvt-..-  ..V:  11 x-i-��  -byr-yd, of .rolrn.   .Vi &-'-r-   yy bbbb^7'b/fyybyr ������,- . .Ay;  .-������-,.���     ..:.      -,- -i ,     "i*-'j   -ii.au   i-i;; yy.y--yi   i- -\-   -,-������ .;������   ��- ��� V  --rfv^^^vy;:^^^^^^.. _   '     ��� _    - .. ,   ���::'..:: -.'..- 'l':.   ���������:."'' .'���  ���'...�����;,,;-."-"  ,;rr--.-���y ..y.-r.;^r;;2*^  i^iirbH-r.^.   "'-,��   "w-^brri-.i   '��� "     �� ��� '.' -.'���'- '_.  i: '���"��� B   -'   ":   ^R-'-'-V  "     '. 1".-'V-rbi^'v.-  b �����;Wishea;|tf i-hb? y~ txr y,. 3f3j--.pb ey ;o / *>'���'*'��� >'"'��� ��� H'"���' ��� "^"?-H?' > '���..:-*'��� 3afe.'- b';- ���-  '.?'��� ,V. cf^GVib ,&bd Easi ICrvo^n^b -        �� "'* ,t:n;'"'"'" ^;'b"*r?"'   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