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The Moyie Leader Nov 24, 1906

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 ^    1
-"1 ,
Vor   Knfffure-
^^-^^.^fp^     I" fcJJJt and
^~X—-^"^   Wedding Iting
\V. li. WILSON, Cranbrook.
VOL. .9, NX) 3;5.
0 a-   TWnA
i,i',v-, 1 i'i ny; "i^
tllMl" Ollgjllv
and    promptly <luiio,
art,  nt Uie dri-g^oTO,
A int-r fiiZf'ir.U
WILSON, Cranbrook.
Real Comfort
\ is to-bo .had by wearing. Punmtia's > unshrinkable tt.ydfcr.wear, Oomfort'hose, fJ>u-e-1
yit ^hocs, SifitU .Granby Rubber overs—these
■'togetlier»TCilh a"suit.of ojur tailored Clotting; concealed beneath a nice' Beaver' or
Milton "cloth overcoat, you can then meet,
'3ack Fi-os.l\at'a'ny t|'mo and'be, agreeable.
SQAD'S'   -
1       '&'■"
Hearst's caznpaigu cost iiiirl. $559,-
-370.     , ' '
Between 3t* Paul and
t'    <i     ,       i
Mou treal ia to have  a
dollar hotel.   -
new   million
Tlio.new C. I'. H. station at  Ferniu
is nea.lv finished.
__. P.     " '
:ffl "cHFfl; '-DATS
Will No,t Establish Through
Passenger 'Service Until
■ s  ' JSaxt Mav.^ ' -
Jt is said tbe, i'ruviacial  elections
will take place  in January."
Porto.   Rico
Go's p<
'Wm. Mills has taken a lease  ou
Waldorf hotbl in Fernie.'
•ReaPBMtey A MMng Stocks
1   '   -     '„- ,    -h
• * ' -,     r? -i,.-^  '
<*ffl)|Mgt«JvaMa^iftr^a J^ga^^
:" ;VPojist;be7 pcrsuadecLthat 'there'is 7 ^ r,J 7,^
J""-y'y_ ,;.&ny .b^,t,ter cahnfcel FifniIs.ajHl- . ' \"3 J.
-! ''• , ," - ;.°a rVegetables tlxaiT.--"^"'^,""'-     ■"''/'"   '■  KJ '
' 0?f . Just recBiVed''a 'car"of ? these- -famous • goods -7 aiid»;'3' K '
l-M-e are7iii;pbsilipivto .fill ybiir orders-^hetlier large;,., 2T7
-'or,small.---1 7v N^s 'V>7   „--,   :•",-/•    "'a   .: >" ^.
"     "      "    ' AT     '- ^
2K2Q.SS2ES2S^ 5S;
-AVj^.*-rh.r^^'i^-rfz-^z^rf2-i^.^^ ^S
4]-.   I.,           J.           MOYIE'S .'LEADJEN.G    HOTEL.   , ' .'   ' J.
T' Hotel 'Kootenay :|
Xiie,best,of accommodations 7. -    |
for. the Trayeling Puplic.   ' r, |
-*                                . i
if Larcc and Commodious Sample Rooms. Billiard Booms.       n
*>             .                       .        .          s       '            .           . '1
|.,                   ° McMAHOM  BROS. Proprietor?. |
We have secured theso corse's for.
Moyie,'and would like to have tho
hulit-a' opinion of them. Woi hive
them in 'stylos and sizes to lit nil
figures at prices ranging from 75cts to
Let us show them to you.
^ iter
<_  D CCorbin .signalized the opeuin^
of hisnew railroad, thij   Spok-ino   In-
torniuional, hjyesiab'dshiog u tivd- day
freight servicev between  Minneapolis
,ind Spokane.^  A. car of egjs consigned
to the .'Po(vel!-S.iiiders'7com;p'any   was
shipped fram Payncsvil,le,v'iy}flr' Min-
n'eapoli.v October ,30. ,' It arrived at
Kiiigegate, the connecting point of the
.Canadian   P.i'cirjc   and, Mr.'iCorbiu's
road, Novembftr A,  ami- was^' reql-ivgd
i 1 Spokane iii • ijame niglit atull:d0. /
<*s Tlie Spokane Inlerhati6nal lias also
given a fivo^day service  on   less  than
carload    shipments.    A   car  bringing
shipments  10  a  numbur-of/Spokane
mtrr.iU.ints' leftf Minneapolis  November
3, arrived ti.tt Cranbrook   the ,mo'ri}ing
'of November 8 and was Jn Spokane "at'
11 o'clock the same night. ■•    '   ,  , '
"We,have opened,the liije witli good
buaimsss,';"'. added Mr. Corbin. '"'A.
number'Joff'Spokane 'merchUnls are
shipping by our line', aud ive are- also
bringing,in considerable co.il from' tLo
Crow's "Sftftt pass country, I> believe
ihat lhe completion of.. Our. new line-
-will solve'the fuel' problem for Spokane. "Tne3e . great "coul fiulcisakre"
aboutrthe;same distance from Spokane
'ns'the'U'Jslyn miuesJ ii*. 'central iWa'sh-
(i"     .-    i,r<    s .1 i
Jng'.on,'and ilie.co.ii'Qieasures "in-( the
Crow's'^st pass 'country, are^so' 'big
that it hesitate .to state the size of thenK
. '""I'doubt ,if. the" ,im'«]")rity «-„6f ''Aou'r
people i.ealiz'e the inignituTle' and-1, re-
sources of the Canadian country which
is made tributary to Spokane' by the
building of our road. -  -
, ','\Ve shall uot establish our through
passenger , seryiee,",7 continued ' Mr,
Carbin,'"until about the lirdt of next
May, JEutirely ' new equipment is
being built for that now. Our pas-
senger cars are duplicates of tli3 cars
now in use ou the .New Haven ro id be
iweeu New York and Bjston. We
shall run a through sleeper :eivice
horn Spokane to Minneapolis.
"Iu the meantime, though, we shall
continue quick freight service betwee'n
tbe east aud ' Spokane. We have a
temporary arrangement.by which our
cars are brought into tho city oyer
the track of the Spokane & Coiur
d'Alene. If good weather continuee,
we expect1 to have our own'tracks into
Spokane by the middle of next week,
and byt this time next month we
should be running our trains into our
own yards and station and be occupying our own offices over   there."
Sir. Wilfrid Laurier   celebrated ,his
sixly-gfih birthday'fast  Tuesday7/
1  :_    c
The board of Jioeuce comissioncn,
will meet in Cranbrook on , December-
15:1'].   ' .'' *'■   "     v, '
■'   ARTICL' S"
•a lliin'i'j '.v,j can't gpt ■
in'l a
Vmi atari Blill'as Early j ,1
as Possible on open-
Y,'e «'ay ,coti'r.s
CA'ce elleijceof,
bee at:
lie garments
iow cli'oajT lliey ave,'tbey'll
ing-,. <5f Spring,
The wages of the mo'ormeu on the
Montreal striet railway have been increased. '.        ' c .
' t    , .
1* ,    o
' W.R,,-Hearst "Idecl.ires he shall
never again be a candidate for public
oflice,       *,',,--
A There are over twenty  two  millions
of dollars on f dt'podit in the  Spokant
.baoks.^        '' ' ,c-     -}     r     v  , '
A    '   j,"   < ~~, ' "
% The Grand, Forks,,JCn'ighta  of  Pj-
,'thiasaro consiilering the erection of   a
lodge hall.v?- N       "' l> " -
r     r r      /-     , "~.     f„ ,.   *•     ■ '   .
,    Onoj?ut of every twenty inhabitants
of the United States is a  member of''a
labor union.        V
It'., tho
'there io more style 'in
' ever-saw,   '
best   and   choicest"
it 'tk;*,n  nn'v  former
Work'on the Grand'
to^e   sturted "on
earlj nex,t summer.
_      'n
Trunk   Pacific
-.   , -   , .* i^        ^   .       u
is to be   sturted  on ,the  Pacific  coast
Fifty-three men-are noWjWiiking
in- the camp? o'f the Poito eR<'co Lun - '
ber Co., and this forci will be incrt-ai-
"   .       .^ i.      „     i
ed as f ii-t as iiie miii cnu be   procured.
By next fc'pring they want, at least  200
men oil iheir piyroll.   T.-iey intend to
start the mill,-is early   nS   possible  in
the spring and crowd' it to itsiull' ca-
picity ,   dhrinj' the .'cutting  ssaaon.
There is   an   Guon-oous   demand   for
lumber and the prices are all that  can
be desirod.     ' - ,   ',
Lots in *ihe prince Rupert rtoivnsite
will riot^ba on "the market until ne^xt
summer, or fall.     •       '- •  - ■        '
" Sidney Sloane, now on   trial'' for his
r x   i f u (
lif'-s io Spokane, is ' showing   evidences
q! breaking dowu.   A  '
Johu Mitchell haa receiyed the, unanimous nomination for re-election as
president of the United Mjne Woikers
' Tjie.order of the Woodmen of tlie
•World is -'said to be .drifting on , the
rocks, and its finances are in bid shape.
Working.men.  are kwarned7 to'-keep'
;       <■ " or        .1 *
away, from  Prince  Rupert,   as   there
ia nothingjor them   to 'do,   nor   will
thererlbe until next'spring or sumiipr.
.   A■ Deserving Tr.bute.,
"'.,■■ _J* H -,       ■ 'A
Some thirty or Mr. and Mrs. ^Joseph
rrainerVinany fiieudsJ gave them "a
mOM iijjreeiible surpriye last Tuesday
evening, when they maichtd up'to
'their hou.?e in' a body* and presented
tbein with au address. Tlisy also pre,
sented -Mr, Trainer wi'li a MiJerach'aum
pipe, a cigi'r holder' and a box ol" cig-
'  i i   <l|i
ars,. Mrs. Trainer .was presented with
a set of cut, glaiswire. . Mr. Trainer
was for a long lime boss of the timber
g»ng at the-St. Eugene,and was held
in the hi^Hest esteem by »U whowork-
ed under him. He arid Mrs. Trainer
will leave for Spokane next Monday,
without. '  There
woman in town
■an get   along \yithou_
■ur '    .\        i0 ■
«-r-^       AN J HOSIERY; "
A   .
o when   the   ladies'  seeA'the
we offer and  find' out
liav,£  to
lot  an,i  I
lot« vou.'"
8Saig»HnraiT^i •SLUrjWftfr
Barrister for Movie,
•A lawyer from (>uco?c,.but ,who   for
.  _ •'.      ,     ■■      -" ,.'.«*'
sume time uas bsen.pr.tcbijimg  in thi*
province, is .seriously co'rijidiiiiog locat
ing inv, Jloyie' "    - -     *   •     ,   ,
The LeRoi mine, nx Rossland has
just declared -a $100,000 dividend.
Manager'McMillan's'report is o mostt
satisfactory one.      " •
Cranbrook" Licence District,
Eighfy-scren acres of land for sale.
i ' '
f I.is is a snap.    For particulars, apply
to Farrell it Smyth.
D. C. Corbie's beet i'ugvr factory <>d
Wnverly, Wnsh., is turning out from
1200 to' 1500 bags of sugir a day. The
output this year will be about 30,000
bags, which will be marketed 3-t about
¥3." /' .    ,    '
The San-Francisco granJ jury has
returned -five indictments against
Mayor Sclimitz and Abraham Ruef, on
charges of extortion, Oa each charge
tlie bail was fixed at §510,000 and the
bond at $500.   r     , '
One hiTndrod men' workina; at the
Greenwood smelter are out on strike.
They are demanding au increase jn
the. scale of wages. No attempt is
being made'to employ non-unioa men
and perfect order reigns.
?&-rfi *0s"*vr,vs"2vJr .-v- «v *5* *V TVZ-HfvZ *\r
Imperial Bank of Ganada.
Deposits of $1.00 or upwards received.
There is no  better  investment than  a  Savings
B.uik deposit.
Once opened it, grows whether added (o or    not.
,       Interest   allowed at   current   rates   and   com-
■'■'..'■      .pounded twice a year. .s.  A
- J. F. M   PliMKHAM, Manager
■a&ufts^'sS/'i&^jteisV 3^rftsfai->..-^«»« *«*»&& ? ^s^t?
intensifies tha beauty. For tho matron our velvety soft powders that
freshen up the tkin and make it
baby liko is what you want. Face
powders here aro free from harmfu \
and injurious fubstances.
is the result -when you employ cosmetics Hint arc for sale at this drug
store.    To the losy blush of youth.
The. Moyie prog
and Stationery Co.
Forty-two people were drowned near
Seattle Monday night in   the collision
between ''the   steamship Jeannie  and
the Puget  Sound   steamer  D'.x,   The
cause of the accident was a misunderstanding of signals. The Jeannie
struck the Dix on lier starboard side
just aft midship?, and keeled her
over. She Oiled svith water, then
righted and went down stern firs',
sinking -within five minutes of the
time of the collision.
Will Hold Elections-
The local lodge of Odd Fellows will
hold their regular semi-annual election next Tuesday evening, and the
Ivnigh's of Pythias will hold theirs on
Thursday .eyening.
The -half~ yearly '.meeting of the
Board of ' Licence Commissioners,
Ciaabrook, Licence District, will be
held at the Coa^t' House, Cranbrook,
B^ C. on ' Saturday, Ddceniber1 loih,
190G, at 9 o'clock in the forenoou,
when the following applications will
come before the Board :
J. A. Goupill,' Manhattan Hotel,
Moyie.     . ,   . -
B. J. Riley, International Hotel,
V. Di*saulnier, Central Hotel, Moyie.
Fr.iuk J, McM:ihou,.Kjoteniy Hotel, Moyie,
Philip F, .Johnston, Moyie Hotel,
Moyie. '
Johu Swinerton, transfer to Louise
Elmer, Royal Hotel, ICingsga'e.
Frank CKipp, Yahk Hotel, Ynhk."
Chief Licence.Inspector, Craubrook
District. .	
-   Mrs. Pi J. Bonner spint  last '"■Mbn-
d,iy iu Cranbrook. , d ~
.   ' j     ' i    '    *
t C, E.-Kencer and Fred Kelly left this
week Ic*r Spokane.
'   There,is a demand in Movie for dining room girls. ,        A,"
.              ,      -       '    '      *
/There will be a big  dance   in  Cros-
ton- next Monday evening.  ' , ,
hjck*y    team   in
Nnw1 York—Bar   silver,1-
Londom—L-ad, £l9'2j   fi.I
V v1
cents .
0aii3elof Wreck-
Soils   ."Vtoro     of       Cliamborlalii's     Cons:'*
Kemcfty than of All   Others   rut
Mr. Thos. Gdorg^, a merchant at Mt
Elgin, Ontario, says: I have had the
local agi-ncy for Chamberlain's Cough
Kemedy ev.oi since it wns introducod
into Canada, and I sell as much of it
ns I do of all other lines I have on.
'my shelves put together. Of the many
dozens sold under guarantee, I haye
riot had one bottle leturned. I can
personally reccpmmen.d■ this medicine
as I have, used it rayaelf 'and given it
to ni ■.'childrna and* always with the
best reablts," For eale by the Moyie
Drug & Stationery Cu.
To tho E iitor o'f the Moyio Leader:
Will you kindly insert the fo'lowing
Rcfrolutions in your valuable popur?
ItESOLVED, that we, tlie members
of the .Moyio Minors' Unian, are desirous of putting ourcclves upou record
as being directly opposed to the employment of Asiatic labor in any capacity, feeling as we do that ihe same
is bound to be detrlm mUl to the best
interests of this Province and the
Dominion generally.
RESOLVED also that we endorse
the attitude of the SanJon Miners'
Union in their elicits to discourage tho
employment of ibis class of labor.
K'jbt. Patterson,
.1 is  A  .Macdonald,
Thos. K. Kelly,
Jas. Huberts, Secr'y.
Committee on Bi.'scilutioin,
Movit, Nov. "21 nd, l'JOS.
A. reliable medicine and ou.* that
should.always bo kepi in IMP.home, for
immediate use is Chamberlaiu'sCough
Remedy. It will prevent the attack if
yiven as soon as Uie child becomes
hoarse, or ev»'i af'er Uu*Coiipyc*ugli
appeals. F"r s <K* by the .Movie Di ug
<t Stalioui.i> Co.
' \ i / f) •    i    ; i >!
Mo^ie this wiuier.
'  Dave Porter returned yesterday from
his trip Jo Mulliia,  Ualio.
P. F. Johnston 'transacted business
in Cranbrook-the first of-the week.     .;
■■ '   »   '-''■" *, ,o
sO.'i Monday la3t J-imes'S.v-m, An(?'us
^IcISTeil and Angus McMillan' left  for'
Tonapah. > - '
"'*        ,'.     "P  "" «'" °'1!.- '
D. J. Leahy, who is now ' in Montreal on a visit, expects to soon re-
turn,to the west. "A
. The Moyie Miners' Union ^are contemplating giving a U ince on Djceni-^
ber 12th, their anniversary.
FOR'SALE—Four room house aud
lot, ou St. Eugene avenue,,i Moyie.
Apply to V. Camara, or ut ibis office.
J. W. BeutiPlt, representing the
Scranton School of Mines, was in
Moyie this week on one ot his regular
Dr. Mercer was up from Cranbjo K
for a day this week to take Dr. Hirvie's
place while the latter went to Cnxn-
Services will be held at the Catholic
church tomorrow at 10 'o'clock in the
morning aud aUo ia the evening at
the usual hour.
Mi&s Tibbetts, at one lim» a te-achor'
in the Moyie school,   but  now a  resident of Bell ingham,'Wash ,  is   lo   bis
married  ia   that   city   on   Dece-uber
The little daughter or Mr. and Mrs.
R. Campbell ^has passed the ciitical
period of ber illness and is now rapidly recovering.
Sullivan, lie wilh tbe rich Irish
brogue, is makiug Moyie i short visit.
He is discussing pditics aud Other
kindred topics wilh his ni my friends.
il. A. Beale, one of E ist Kootenay's
leading insunuce men, was up from
Cranbrook Tuesday. Beale is an op-
tomist from the word go and pri_dic!.s
great things for South East Jvjoteuay
Harry    Smith,    the    birber,      has
ch ing d his mind about  returning   to
Movie,    for    the     present    at    lcntt.
Miss Pearson ol Cranbrook is   runnii gj
his shop heio.
Farrell &, Smyth have a seven room
house aud lot lor sale.
Johu      Simpson,   principal    of   the
Movie School, has tendered ,1ns   i> situation to  the  trustees   to   take   cfl'.ot
at the cud ol   the   present   Urin.    He'you
will go eual to speiul lhe wiuit-r, ' j^l
The Moyie Aeiio of Eigics will ho'.il
u meeting in McUregor hall on Mi ;;-
Uny evening, Djcoiubor .'ird. «t wi.liii
time thev" will arrango for rcgul.ii
monthly mcctmes. An i lection ol
oflicc-rs will bo iiel.I, aud a good attendance is desired.
The   terrible/drowning"  disaster at
Seattle last Monday was caused by llm
mate of   tbe '*Diir, 'who Jost" his   head
and threw his   wheel  far to- starboard -
instead ot to port, thus'cutLing directly,
i'cr-jss   "the   JjannU's   bow.     H*,   U <
imong the drowutd. - Nearly all u[ the "
Dix's    riissengers  were' iu   the   cabin
WMOD.th^cr.131]" came  and' being.un- 3
able to get uut'were caught -like11 rats.,
in 'a. tri.p..i All   ttiose "saved" were   on-
deck when the vessels Vtruek.    Of the =
s.x 'women „aboird,- only   one,'   Alice.'
dimpson, a> j;iri   of   sixteen, escaped'.'3
The ship sank- so quickly   that ^therV'
was no   time   for   or'ie   of   those  ma.I 'i
rushes' of frenzied men   which  often
'characterise Lhe sinking" of' a - vessel.
Xbne of the drowned really"knew what
had happened.     Tne   Dix   is   now iu '
600 feet cf water.
B. 0- Is Prosperous-
__^ -- c"
E.'Walker, of the Canadian B ink
of Oommercp, says that the basis of
business in British Columbia generally"
is sound aud salii-factOry This certainly refutes tne contention of thu
Liberal press Ihat the country lias
gone to the bow wows entirely under
a Conservative administration.
Making Good Progress.
Clias. A. MacICay, manager of tho
Bl.ick-Mack.iy Mining Co., is again
in Moyie aud is doing ssnie more preliminary work on his olaims, prepar-
tory to sinking a big shaft. This shaft
will be 350 feet in depth and, will be
used to tap the ore bodies uuderlyiug
Moyie lake.
Key" Dr. Herdman.
The Rev. Dr. J. a Herdman will
conduct the usuil Presbyterian service
Suuday evening. Tha Sricrameut, of
the Lord's suppt*r will be dispensed at
the latter part of the service. A full
attendance is requestcJ.
We   emphasise    quality
v.'lion selling you a Diamond.
A Diamond' ring   properly
bought is a g-OOd a-SSSt.
AVlion puivlui^in.^' front
t il
ea n  t
ii[)'jn    our
ilw.ivs our (:
for quality h
i" u1 oouMRluratiou
Mr. E
A.  II.ll   of   Moyio   isjjour
C. Q. Dcmaurez, the well know
watch maker of Fernie, will be at J. J.
Murpbi 's stcie iu Mu\io every pay
v.e.-k. adv.
Jewelers an.l   Graduate Opticians.
Oiiiwi.il Watch Inspector for C.   P    It
Ci-ji'.'o Xe-i'. l'ues D.'ision.
-t * THE LEADEil! MOYIK IJIllTfSH COLUM3UA.  C��3dauOKJf}l3DfnOC?F?��}f3aCT3*ijJ  %X(:  iff  mfi  ; j* - ,m ;,, i  iffi--',,-1 ifPi  sfflj',-'  &**r *  ��T5]Mlgr"gTB^fxra;ls.'K:Bl3c'|a|]clB|g|x1g^  cr lister  ctrothe  3  BY BERTHA M. CLAY  ' .,    t,    <  Anther of "A. Vtmaa'i Vengeance," "Which Ix>ved Him  Best,** "Between Two Lores," "Fairy Gold," Etc. f  r��ig��rgiira5raMttMi*wid��w  Blm  ���SJii- ,i;  (Continued )  And In this small circle composed of  four women���for Mme. d'Ancvl, though  she announced her departure every  day, still remained at the chateau���  nothing was spoken ot but the rdisaster. Friends had offered their services  affectionate. But the -was, nevertheless, delighted at,the proposed Change.  When the sound of the carriage  wheels had died away in the distance,  Marth'e seated herself on an ottoman,  and laid her weary head on hei\ aunt's  lap, as she had often 'done    when    a-  M  *?>M���  hml  and svippathy; and by dint of talking I cnild. The silence of the large draw-  a,nd turning tills sad story over, they I ing-room seemed -so restful, and ' tho  finallv became usedL to it, and no Jon- gentle caresses ot lime. Despois'  ger shrank from a glance, or the hear- | plump hand comforted her. She could  'ins; of an awkward allusion, or a word > now speak or be silent, as she wished;  of pitv. Little by little, they resumed , she was no longer constrained to exer  mt  . (heir old habits, -while still 'awaiting  the permission to -visit the prisoner.  Then, one by one, the Bummer neighbors left for their city homes; the  autumn came cold'and sad, and Isolation began to be felt. '      '  One day, not long after the arrest,  tion.  "My poor little Marthe," murmured Aunt Relie, very softly, "and I did  not understand. You loved him, and  you gave him to your sister." '      '  Marthe had not the strength to protest���and she did not say    no.    She  JSdmee, who had been contemplating   wanted to weep, but she had no more  a piece of embroidery ,In silence, sud-   tears  .'m  i*5jj  m  t,. I.  �����*  '���Mf  k.i.i.sr'*::  ' ml  wm  I? ,?? ITS  4'&reg  1  .3  I  ��� H W  W  w  VM  :m ���  * wi  7 - 1 i.-tSS-  A-i.l' ' Yi  mm  'yv'&kmm  *'<r PI-*'*-v.<?i  J-'>|i*i,V4if?  J, A Wi- Wr,  id  -   VTi  ' ���..  l*i*  ._ sr  '. *i  i i  tit  A1* i  'r   i  ���f  "?  Iy  * <��� U }\ "*l  y��A ifv  M y:  -.t\  -w,\  denly loohed up and() said  "Marthe I  have   never   understood  , why you told the officer that you had  gone down into the park on the day  ���of,the murder, when I left you so ill."  Marthe shuddered. She had lone ex-  ' pacted these woi;ds, out   liua    finally  come to the ^conclusion   that    in'   the  violent emotion she had experienced,  .Edmee    had   forgotten    an    incident  which she could  not  understand.    If  1 called upon, however,  she had docid-  ' ed to tell the truth, or at least a part  ' of.the truth, since-it must be revealed  - some day.      , , ,   .  ,   , "I  did  go   'down,''   she   answered,  gravely, after a moment of silence.  "What difference did it make'to tha  officer whether you went or not?" insisted Edmee."    , '  Marthe had become so pale 'that the  three women looked at her in consternation. '      <r ���     ,, '  "Listen, Edmee," she faltered,' - "I  did npt want'to tell you of���this meeting���for 1, feared that you might mis-  '' construe .this simple action.- Like all  .���our1 friends; I had remarked,Robert's  significant attention ,towards you,'and  I wanted to question him.''I felt as if  I were entrusted with a sacred trust,  and'wanted to play the'role of a loving mother. I had given a rendezvous  to Robert'in the park., At the time the  crime was committed, we were both  seated at the foot'of the'stone cross."  "Then���why did they arrest Robert  since you said?���" stammered, Edmee,  as she arose agitatedly. *"  ' "The officer did not believe my word,"  and you, innocently confirmed him in  the-conviction that I had lied to save  - Robert." 6    ���  ''And you had lied!-" sbe - hissed,  flushing angrily..  "I spoke 'the truth,'\,replied Marthe,  simply, c ��'  Unable to control her fury, indifferent to,the wounds she-inflicted, 'Edmee cried violently: .  c "Then you .are the cause of all my  miseries! Ah! don't speak to.me of  people who meddle'in other people's.  affairsAI had no need-of your aid, I  always'-guided my .own bark alone. If  you. hado minded, your business. Rob-  ' ert would,have met me,at Mrs. Robin-  ��� son's reception; he would have'been-  seen there by all, and no one would  think of accusing him of that stupid  murder. And 1 would not be in the  equivocal, ridiculous situation of being  married and without a husband���"  "Edmee!" protested Marthe, painfully.  "II is all true," she continued, heed7  lessly. "When I was a child I was  taken to see a play in which a marriage had been declared void, on account oil know not what. In the next  act, the bride still appeared in her  white diess; but in the midst of the  orange blossoms could be seen small  green oranges, otheis almost ripe,  and that made'people laugh "  "Thoy took you to see pretty things,"  muttered Aunt Relie. ,  "Well," went on Edmee, more and  .   more    excitedly,    every    morning     I  searched among my orange blossoms  to find  the little gieen oranges���that  always put me into such a frenzy that  yesterday   I  burned  them.  Here,   the  servants call me Mademoiselle Edmee  more than half the time, the peasants  look at me curiously, and I lepcat it���  my position is ridiculous, inloleiable!"  Once more, in the silence that followed this outburst, Aunt'Rehe's voice  was heard murmuring:  "This time the knot has broken the  needle short."  "My poor little Edmee," said, Marthe, very gently, "when you recover  your composure, you will regret youi  violence; you will realize that it is  horribly cruel to have been the involuntary cause of a frightful calamity���that it renders the days painful  and the nights aiiocidus���"  "Ah! Marthcfi" cried Mine. d'Anccl,  ' thinking only of her son, "why did \ou  not mention it at. the time? AVhy'did  you conceal it, so (hat now your "word  does not .suffice to save my child?"  "AVhy? oh why?" repeated Edmee.  "Who knows but all this mystery conceals a secret sontiment? In the neigh  borhood���so I have been lately told  ���it was e>pected that Robert "would  marry Marthe���that is when she was  younger."  "I have not deseived your cruel  words, Edmee, and will not suftei  them," cried Maithe, indignantly, as  .she nro.se, pah* and trembling, unable  to conceal all sho sulfered.  "1 bog j our paidon, Mai the," stam-  meiod liiluniu, tomewhat it_aslied,  "but if jou Know Low unliappj 1 am.'"  ' i-'oor child," fauul Mai uie, kissing  her sister aiieciioiiaic-ii, "I sulici as  much for you as I do for my own  agony."   7 a, ..  ' After this explosion of unjust recriminations, there was a profound  silence; then they tried to speak of  something else, but did not succeed.  Finally Mme. d'Ancel looked up and  said:'     ���'. '  . -       "������' ���  "I shall leave for home this afternoon/where my presence is necessary.  As the solitude frightens me, I.'wouid  be pleased to have Edmee accompany  me. She can take possession ol the  apartments set aside, for her, where  she will be in her own little kingdom,  in her husband's home. And i shali  see, my dear child," she added, with  a faint smile, "that you are never called vivjademoiselta.' Marthe will not  remain alone, siace for many years  her auut has acted as. mother to her;  and, besides, she is so kind, so gener-  ThQ motherly, caresses, the whispered words of affection, calmed ��� and  sooth,od her. Suddenly,'as if in spite  of herself, Aunt Relie cried out:  "Did I hot tell you that misfortune}  wpuld enter, this .house with the actress' daughter?"     < -  ' CHAPTER XIV.  it was only because influenced by his  great name and fortum*.  This article threw Mai Lhe into a  stare of the wildest consternation and  affright.  Early the ne\t morning she was lo  leqve for Caen, where she had been  summoned as a witness. The mother,  and,the young wife of the accused had  been spared this torture; furthermore, they had nothing to tell that  was not .already known.  The day was bitterly cold! but Marthe was determined to see her adviser,  tlie Marquis, whom she found at home,  detained at the house by an 'attack ,of  the gout. ��  "I know all, my child, I have-read  the article," he said, sympathizingly,  as she entered. . . t  "What is to be done?" she asked,  sadly.  "There is nothing to be dene. ',M.r  Bertrand is'moving heaven snU'ca'-tii  to obtain what lie calls j'*s*.ic<j; he  has ir.nnv friends' among' newspaper  men. It teems that Rolvjit wrs ioolish  enough to .treat him haughtily at the  time of lhe inrju/*5'. and now this man  thinks it his sacred duty to leave no  jtone untmn.'d lo obtain vnnr lnnllinr-  ,i  '  in-law's  , condemnation.    Ho     is      a  poweii'il adversary", and wo'have relied too, much on the insufficiency of  the pi oofs against Robert. The change3  in public opinion in our favor iu this'  vicinity reassured us; we supposed  this relenting was general, but' we  were mistaken. However, I have the  greatest confidence in our lawyer, and  I am sure that his speech will he a  masterpiece." ,<      '   ,  (To be  continued.)  ;n<M->'<-<lfJ<*-  Sn-iprlnSnw  V  A certain Engh-h l.-ironet uho^iad  a dense and absolute ignorance or  hooks and past ev.-iits look a notion  to be presented to his kimr. George ,111.  The baronet lived near a spot where  one Of the most celebrated battles had  been fought during Uie wars of tlie  roses., hut of that fact he had never  chanced lo hear. His mind was set  upon more tangible things. He had no  use for information which was not up  to, date. When he was presented to  his sovereign, the king, who had looked  f      THE SHEEP INDUSTRY.  Eu-ry  Condi* Ion.  It need* no e\t-.'iisiM* nnaly^i'J or  uiaikft uTOit*. or Ha- "'^"'i11" "[  extended tables lo eMnblMi, ."<��� 'act  that the shoi-p maiket tor some years  past has been luyhisr good priie��. -says  a writer in the Breeder'* CawjUtf.  hanibs. weihers, ewes and wool sHl  well, so that every phase of the Industry from the pioducoiV standpoint is  In a prosperous condition.  It. is tho  his sovereign, tne King, wuo wn ."..--��� ���" ���<. i- - . -- .    x    ���  him   rip   and   was  prepared'with  the man who .snow eveij da    in t he l usi  right tiling to-say, remarked gracious- ness that liuds every tun   af      ^   ���>  ly.  "i-ou  come  from  the  scene  of a factory to bin.  and not oi.ljotl ^ lamb  verv celebrated  battle,  1   understand, feeder or wool buyer, us :t iw,  uuu  'ery celcmal0a  uu ven. often ,n lhe plst. Moreover, there  vis a. steadiness throughout the year hi  was the au-  Sir William?"  ,"Well, your majesty  ewer,       the blacksmith," but I'm very much  surprised that your majesty should  have heard of it."  The'day fixed for the trial was approaching, and the 'murderer was still  undiscovered. Mine. d'Ancel' and Edmee had been admitted to see tho  prisoner and returned from their visit  somewhat reassured and hopeful.  Robert seemed so sure of the result,  spoke *so definitely of their 'trip to  Italy, lixing the date immediately after  the rtrial, that 'he inspired confidence^  in them both. He-,had a long'interview  'with his lawyer, a-man'celebrated for  his-convincing eloquence, ywhom the  Marquis de Saint < Pierre had recommended. The lawyer, had' no doubt of  an'acquittal. . '  ��� In the meantime, Robert worked ardently on liis, historical work.-He'had  completed the 'first chapter, a chapter  of general obseryations-which had required-long1 and minute researches. "  The    weather    had     now,    become  abominable, and' visits   'between , the  chateau and its neighbors were rare',  the,intercourse between   them   being  almost restricted to short notes which,  brought snatches, of news to the two  secluded women.'Therej was a visible  constraint between 'the'   two    sisters  when they met.   The    long,    intimate  chats, which had been such a source,  of-pleasuie to both,-were no longer  possible.' They nevertheless    still   appeared very affectionate toward each  other, and Edmee exerted hei self and  almost,displayed her old coquetry to  ragain her lost grounds, for'she could  not  exist  without  the  love, and  worship of those who surrounded her.- She  had now recovered  her   igaiety    and  high spirits'; there was such a craving  of life and joy in her nature, that sad-'  ness7,and  despair could not- long' survive., Gaiety, after all, is more a matter  of  temperament  than  of  circumstances. iThe- first time Martlie heard  tbe* merry laugh, i- she  shuddered;-- U  seemed .to'her that the echo jesound-'  ^ed��� within the prison walls over there.  ilmef Despois had entirely resumed  her foimer antipathy.  "Humph!" she  would of ten * mutter, "she    was    very  sweet as long as she could take ad-  van tiige of the affection she knew so  well how to inspire. But now she has  no further need of tt. She had robbed  us  of the husband'she desired,    and  we are almost forgotten.    Of    course  she wants to keep a loop-hole for herself, for, as-neighbors   and    relatives,  we may, after all, bo of some use. It  would not be good policy to quarrel;  but, as for intimacy, real friendship���  ah!  as to that, it,is    passed    foiever.  And to think that'Marthe suffers from  her neglect, that she loves her���with  that exaggerated love    she   bestowed  on even her'most disgraceful looking  dolls in her childhood. If the sacrifice  were to be gone over again, she would  not sluink from it;  if   a' still    more  painful sacrifice were imposed oa her,  she would accept it."  Aunt Relie little suspected how true  a .prophet she was! She never again  referred to the secret she had guessed, and Marthe gave her no encouragement to speak of it, as tho least  allusion caused her atrocious suffering.  In spite of all, Marthe still hoped.  The assassin would surely be discovered in time, and her painful .sac-  lifice rendered unnecessary. Many  promising clews were followed, but  all ended in disappointment. Everybody, even those who had been most  hostile to Robert, began to believe in  th<s mysterious "criminal, and hopod  that chance might lead to his dicov-  ery. A criminal who escapes detection-  usually becomes bolder and does not  stop at bis first attempt; a second  crime often leads to the discovery of  the   first.  Thanks to her friend, the old Marquis, Marthe was kept fully informed  of the divers phages and steps undertaken in th(* case. At each new clew  she felt assured <*i' success, and at  each now deception she sank back  heavily into her giiff. Her health began to suffer serious1}- fiom these terrible agitations, and her poor, pale  features presented a vivid contrast  with tho ficsh, rosy face of Edmee,  who, after the first shock, had quickly  regained her appetite, and was busy  making plans for the promised trip to  Italy.  At last the day preceding the trial  dawned. No new discover- had been  made, and again fickle public opinion  had turned hostile to the,accused, the  bearer, of an aristocratic name.  A sensational Parisian newspaper,  celebrated for its violence against all  accused persons, published a very remarkable resume of the Bertrand-  d'Ancel affair, which, was a veritable,  an overwhelming condemnation. The  prejudiced writer gave a host of details concerning the youth of the two  former friends, their, quarrels at college, and the antipathy of their natures; he dwelt at length on the rivalry of these, two men who loved the  same woman, a rivalry which, from  ���the. very first day, ' had-assumed 'an  extraordinary violent and passionate  character. There was also a vague allusion to the, captain's well-known  skill as a duelist and to Robert d'An-  cel's studious aud sedentary life,  which made him incontestably    infer-  , Dredging work has been started "on  the Canadian side for the ne\v(M.C.K.  tunnel between Windsor, Ont., and  Uetrpit, .Mich. ''    r     , ���    ,  'ALFRED STEVENS,  bus,  that she will not refuse  to lend . ior to his adversary in the manipula-  me ber little sister." j tion of arms  Painter of Fine Ladies;and "High Lifo"  .1.;    of Second  Empire. ^ fti ���  ���Alfred Stevens died last w,eelt in the  poor little  flat  in  which-he  for some  years  veg-etated   in   the. Avenue  Trii-  dalne, says  London. Truth;   A Belgian  by birth and early education, be became  by choice a thorough bouleyardler at a  time when the boulevards were the'literary and artistic salon of Europe. ��� He'  caughtt.the  dand3'isfn   of the", ,clibmen  who'frequented Tortoni's, the .wing's of'  thecold Opera IIi>use,and the Salle Ven-  tadour.   ' rYou ,can 'see  them'  driving  .themselves in mail arid other phaetons  In   the  paintings'of    Lamf.and  J.   L.  Brown.     They are In all the Bois and"  Champs Elysees scenes of those artists'  Stevens took up the feminine side cf  "le high  life" and7sincerely painted  It-  as it appeared  to him.    lie had really  1 fallen in love'with-. It, and Its glamour  had taken htm  In.   Had  it been otherwise  he  would   n^>t have stood  higher  Jis a painter than did Arsene Houssaye  as an'author, or that'poor creature Im-  bert  St.  Arnaud.    Imbeit asra writer,  was a eavaliere'servente, and Houssaye  a coureur d'alcoves without a singie Illusion.   Want of perspicacity saved Stevens.   If one could not fall in^love as he  did   with  his fine  ladies one1 c&uld   not  help admiring -the manner of the artist.  Like a first rate' chef, he had often  to  work on bad materials, which his skill  rendered  savory.   The  sauce  redeemed  the ingredients. There were times when  he turned them into ambrosia. ^Stevens'  may live as1 Nattier.and Earn! live. ,, A  Fragonara would have lent to the coco-  dettes .whom Eugenie'gathered"around  'her'too  much   of  his ,esprlt .for  them'  to Ibe really of their time.   The Second  -Empire'''"was. a  period   of Thilistlnlsm.  Stevens, If a man <of good Belgian family,- was not exempt ifrom snobbishness  in his loves. .,-.,,     <i        ���    ������,��  I admit that a portrait painter���and  all the easel'pletures of Stevens were  portraits of femmes du monde in fancy  surroundings pi- engaged in Imaginary  incidents���must hold the candle to what  is low and vulgar in the originals. But  there ought to be an undercurrent 'of  protest oozing out through the work.  It is allowable to hold the candle to his  Satanic Majesty.'if oaie is determined  In so doing to scorch his face. One  finds this determination In the portraits  of Latour, the'greatest artist In his  genre of the eighteenth century. Latour  began always by telling the real truth,  whatever lt was. If he saw a fox or a  wolf behind the countenance of a financier he set lt down on canvas, or,if  a Delilah or a De Tincin lurked behind  the smiles of some lovely comedienne or  court lady he did not pass her over.  AJter the third or fourth sitting he embellished according-' to the tastes of the  time and of the sitter. , Stevens had not  a penetrating eye. It must be said that  he hardly needed it. He only dealt with  favorites of fortune, who hardly needed  to mask their propensities. In the arrangement of details of the toilette ho  nad no equal, and the task was no easy  one, seeing what debased Spanish taste  prevailed. As a colorist he must ever  take a high rank. I should say that 'n  all his paintings there is hot a single  false note or jarring tone of color and  thait everywhere his coloring Is felicitous and captivating. It* is also to be  said 'that In painting his cocodettes and  their belongings he never slid down to  the level of the Illustrator. An illustrator may be a great,artist, but Illustra^  tion Is low art.  The fashionable world had for many  years before his death completely forgotten Stevens. Had he been a Frenchman the Government would have found  for him some post in the Fine Arts Department. Harsh things are saild of  Leopold, the millionaire king, for not  recognizing, in some handsome way tho  talent of the old painter.  I did have a .round or two with   the sheep markets which has not been  lu such evidence before, for. with the  exception of the unusual advance for  early or Easter louib. the market runs  unusually level at all seasons.  As au .economical ilgeut In using  farm products in tlie making of meat  the sheep has strong claims as a leader. In the useiof grass the sheep ;h  generally considered more economical  than the steer, and hi the returns iu'  moat from the staple farm crops, corn,  whenfor peas, it has both the steer and  the hog beiilen. and when it comes to  doing the same with corn mid alfiil/a  the lamb again has the figures 6f reliable -c-esCs lu its favor.' In these things ,  the lamb pleases the producer. .  The sheep, too,' is one of'those t,ubs  that stand on their own  bottoms. ��� It  does not have to follow a steerjto make ..  the most profit, nor does ft need to be  an'appendix to the dairy industry to1  malic  It an economical   producer   of  'profit.    I merely mention these'-tilings,  that conditions may be the better un-,,  dorstood  and  not to .disparage  other  -lines of honest effort. ,-  n   .  Again sheep may be,'economically  handled In small or large^iiumbers.^  which is a matter yet to bo'demonstrated in the case of sonic otiie'rs that  are, money makers ou a small scale,  but "not so proportionately -whciw the  business is expanded.'       ' '     !  Wot   M.ue��.  To dry patent leather or ofuer shoes,  Ueat'a pan of bran-iu the oven' until  flnite warm,, pour t|i.s into the shoes,  filling to the top, wipe 'the outside  with a dry cloth and rub into the leather v'aseliue.or sweet oil aud let stand  until dry. ,    National   PlnRin.  Japan's chrysanthemum flag is probably the oldest'national banner in existence.' That of, Denmark is the oldest among European nations.  HEAD  THROAT  LUNGS  o:f.  KIDNEYS  BLADDER  FEMALE  ORGANS!  Captain Cook and Australian Natives.  '- The natives' of Australia k'new the  mediciiis.1 virtues of roots and herbs  so well that when first 'discoveied by  Captain Cook, the great Kuglish navigator,-they were practically free from  disease. Bileans for biliousness (the  great Australian, herbal, remedy) are  compounded from the finest medicinal  herbs and are altogether superior to  the medicines in use before their,introduction, p I " " c H  _ It is a well-known1 fact that most  ji%'er, ahd_ "stomach" medicines contain  mercury, "bismuth",and, other mineral  poisons. _ If taken for Jong, these substances cause "such serious effects as  loosening ,tlie��� teeth,, causing thq hair  to fall, etc! Now Bileans'are a household medicine absolutely ������ devoid of  all,such harmful ingredients. They are  purely    veget-       ,              " _  Sir Victor Horsloy.  "Energy, honesty and fearlessness"  are tho characteristics attributed by a  professional associate to Sir Victor  Horsley. The slim, unobtrusive man  who figured most effectively In two addresses before the British Medical Association In Toronto recently, is an  English-man at the top of the surgical  ladder. As professor of pathology in  University College, London, and surgeon to the Queen's Square. Hospital,  he ia a busy man; but he yet Is in demand for some of the biggest surgical  work in England. Only a man of his  restless energy could fill so many im-|  portant roles. As a speaker Sir Victor  has brevity and terseness, combined  with an7admirableAEnglish style. His  versatility is apparent, from his tvyo  subjects in this 'country���alcohol, and  social reform In - the afternoon, 'and  brain'surgery," which Is 'his specialty, in,  the evening. Sir Victor is a son of G. C.  Horsley, R. A. He was >boirn in 1857.  He has occupied many positions requiring exceptional ...scientific skill, among  them Secretary-to the Royal Commission oh Hydrophobia, Surgeon to the  National Hospital for Paralysis and  Epilepsy, Fullerian professor at the  Royal Institution, and Professor ot  Pathology at the University College.  rible   and   are  a  certain cure  for  . all    liver  and1 -, stomach  troubles,      in-  iigestion, head  iche, constipa.  tion,  piles,  female ailments,  ;tc. They 'cure  ;onstip a t i o n  without,   causing       griping.  If you are feel-  mg 'run-down'  or-out of .sorts'  they,will stimulate,, you won-'  derfully. ,' Bil-'  sans, without  the*    slightest  dii s co m f o r t !-*���>" Australian kativk)  prompt the liver and ^digestive organs  to acf in nature's normal way," leaving those organs strangihen-d - and  stimulated toic*nnhuo the, performance of1'their duties without, further,  xssifatauce.-A ; They produce a; gentle  ictioniori' the bowels,'*curing or^pi'e-  /enting rconstipation, - ".cleansing, the  itomach, and ' ridding the system '"of  HI impurities."' , L �����._...���."  Bili-ans for \biliousness are al��o a"  certain cure for s skin eruptions, biliousness, sick, headache,-bad taste in  the mouth, foul breath, diz/dness,  fainting, feelings of uncomfortable  fulness even after a light meal, wind  pains, anaemia, debilitj,- etc. " They  improve the.general circulation, and  are a boon to pale-faced yiirls ant-  weak women. Obtainable from all  druggists at 50 cents a box, or from  the Bilean Co., Colborne street, Toronto. Cut out this article, write across it the name and date of this  paper, and post if to the above address with your own name and &d-'  dress, and a lc stamp to pay retisra-  postage, and a free sample box will  he  mailed you.  JM.1I...1;    i itiim'rc  PiuDt will scick to tinware if the sur  'ace is scratched wilh a pipce of rougl  uiniice stone or oonr��p sandpaper and  i^ thin'coat nf sheliar- varnish applier  before the oaiiir is Dm on.  Mr. J. H. Eslcew, Chandler,  I Okla., -writes: "Lot me thank  j you for what your wonderful  i*curatlvcvjinodicine/Peruna, has  (done for mo.' I had suffered,  j from catarrh for ton yoars bo-  | foro I toot your medicine.". _  ., ItaciiiKT  nt   Fulr��. ,,,,  An.' English 'correspondent of the  Loudon Live Slock Journal, who, Is the  secretary of. a fair association,,asks  others to, co-operate with-him- In the  'formation 'Of an /organization to ,eu-.  courage , the breeding aud improving  -,'of trotting horses.. His object is not to  benefit'himself as a breeder pr, owner  of trotters, for he. has none, but to improve1 the attendance at the agricultural, shows,  die says that.tho "gate"'  v -bouts  ByranB.^auotiouoer,; coram!*-/  sion  joercliant and 'business  broker,  436'/, * Richmond -atreet.-'htmdon.' Onfc'.i  'wnics   - "t   i/sufji?r<��d~ with    chronic1  catarrh.- "After"'spending -money -rfor '  medicineB ��� and' (l��c*or   bills,   Voruna ,  \eif  recommended.   After   using  it  I  found-relief.   I wish to convince,oth-  ?eru of  tho'merits, of your remedy.".  CoIdc��<   Eiircipc.ln 'Cnpltnl.    ,  St/,rctersbuVg,i8 the coldest, capital  is greatly influenced by trotting.races.   In' Europe. ���the temperature hi ..-winter  This, has been tlie,. experience 'of fair   sometimes reachhig 50 .degrees'below,  managers In''this country.   Not mn'ny   zerp.v        ' ���      ���   --������ -   ���   -  agricultural fairs would be financially.  successful without the attraction of  harness racing,' but' it is rather surprising   to  find   such   a   condition   in  , mspttulnttoii   ot LKc'N   '--  According to~th(*'Eugllsh".ttible of ex>  pectation "of !ifu;7otit"df "I,0fo0,dp0"chll--���  - Great 'Britain.' Racing at our leading' <lrC11 b{,ra thc.M.rvivow nt.the age of  "fairs is entirely free from the objection,' fc,x��3' wouW -bc i&?��- "laIes _Jld,,',lS7K  "of gambling,' and in someVespccts the   ^7.females,-o( whom^en,years later  sport   is 'at/its  best, thcreWNatioual -. ����r? ^"i^-"^!3.',0 ninles ana^llS./  .'Stocfcnum.,   ���_.     '-'      .    ���    ,      A'^^Ml^'orfli)A^0K^W^/,.>-  ' A*-.     ,%- ������-~, .. y ,    . ;   7".; ; A', i���i_i^���y^-A ,,--;p->.-.,���^���  ..Starting- n Piocic of,siiecp.    j. ,    Minard's -Liniment,_Cures ;<Disternper.  To give|my actua'l'ex'perieuce, I'be-   P.. lAA.* '�� -���...giAA',-,.. A"*"r.\lj,. ;jc *'' v-' -  VIBFIATION  0��etl��,���  ���r  S.,I*S lh�� >  Did you ev��T hcv.r ih,u V(���  drawings by, sound. ���r i-i'.hi"!!1'nU*'*  sound vibniihuis will i-.-uil.. .1        lle  be made with the .������,...   .,'-"-> to  athi,nd?Il,relsthl';^tn^  At a hard ware stoic m -i ,,i '  sheet brass oue-o;,h,h oi'a���' ���^  aud, sir inches sqn.uo ',,,***'  should be'periot'tly ._.Bi."���r if . ,5he��  it  should  be   '   ���        llls  haiiiiiicu'd  not  ��<* and ti.  edges rbuiided off.  In tl  Sheet 'cut a hole three y^"1*'  inch   in.-diameter.    if  ���le g|l^������  beenhauuueredltuiust.inwWtaS  In-a redhot stove and cooled Mo^i'  ���Now'cut  ��   si*   inch  p1K,c f ^"  broom   handle ami   n.\ <,���<. ,���,_ ., '  (Irmly in a block ���f W00l,.  ^     J  end you muct round 0[r ft,,d fc  Af,;  plute.ofliruiss on it. ��� lh  , If.j;ou draw ��� violin bow over th'"  edge or the i���-ass p).,iu a torn. win Z*  sounded. Practice 'tins until the \A '*���  Is .quite clear und strong. .\ow ,,*'  klCKOine sand'on the plate, m A  groins,wlinHiui*e alio'it while the not!  Is sounded," xlwwlng that tho (,|ate ,,  hi,vibration.     ' ' "  .    Now���pulryour Hu<.'<-r on Jin. ^ . 'ij  tlie plate lu the middle of, one Hide At'  attic corner of'tiio side at an nn,i'e , l\  forty-five.'Ocgrv>:s dn-Av'ibe bow'and"^|  the sand will foiui In two lines at Visit' 'A  angles, starting froui jour flnRer. TLy-|  ,iH,because tlic'plijtte.iniw vlbhiten \iV  'purtH.jone pait wvyli.y up. while th* '-s  other -moves 'diiwn. n'ml the Jlnts ho ?,  ftwcoii;' these  pait?   h-n-o  no m��ldb.i.:  I'borcl'ore.tbe sand fccttloi tn thcu '   /  ( r By drawing Hie, bifw nt r^ulaVdlv''  Jtaucea frbm-.tlie iluger^r l.j louchlnj', I  Jho plate Ju-more th'ati unu rluce nt a jH  'time -whih* some one else draws'tb�� i*|  -bow." tirvuriety of sum! figures \(ill tjej^r  "made."'r'-',, ��� " " '*'  ,; lf..you will mis a 'little ljcopodtas i  'ipowder'with'thtvsand wbeu the plat**--  \dbrates It , will , fbr'in curious 'little'it  'heaps und whlilpools, whl<,li addtjiihe^;  'iiiovlilgi^ffect of lhe dnsigns,., - ~,f?-:  7;' Insfeiid'ofil. brass jMatc yon mar use|"'  "oiife'of' glass 'six or fight'Inchw stiuare,*?1'.  'and'-ll.s sharp edges yoii inny smooth %\  down- with a dilu.hioisiened'wiih tnr.M/i"|  ENTHUSIASTIC MOTKERS.  When mothers become enthusiastic  over a medicine for little ones, it, is  safe to say that it has high merit.  Kveiy mother who has .used Baby's  Own Tablets speaks strongly in praise  of them, and fells every otherAnothei'  how much good they have done her  children. Mrs. Alfred Marcouse, St.  Charles, Que7&ays: "I strongly- ad  vise every mother to keep Baby's Own  Tablets in the house always. 'I have  used them for teething troubles, colic  and other' ills of ehiklliood and found  them the most satisfactory medicine  I ever tiied." These Tablets aie  guaranteed to contain no poisonous-  opiate and no harmful drug. Thoy are  equally good for the new born baby  or the well grown child, and me a  sure cure for all their minor ailments.  Sold by medicine dealers or by mail  at '2.j cents a box by wiiting the Dr.  Williams' Medicine Co., Broekville,  Ont.  except  About the end of.September!. I butchered the best oucand-sold- tweutyrtwo  a few days later to "a neighbor for 5100.  I then gota JTull blood Oxford ram,"nnd  the' next flock of lambs was fully as,  good.df not-better. To start a flock my  v/riy would be to get the desired num-  ' * If your' chi Id ron^nre1' troubled' With  '���woniis;' "givo^ thetii*^Mother Graves"',.  Worm .Exterminator; safe, \��U)p and.  f.fTectual.   Try it,- 'and mark' the im-  provement in your'child.t..    "        A  I'Colfon  In'the our**." said, a  physl-  berof lambs in tlie,fall, preferably full 7/clun,."H]i6u!d hi- um*.1 by all those who  bloods, but good grades will do, and to'  breed from them, then- keep them all,,,  and in the spu'ng they 'should shear  from twelve to fifteen pounds of wool.  ,In the fall I would get a viell bred Oxford ram for breeding.���C. Schinnerer  in American Agriculturist.      "'>  "peri tl no'."-''. *       r" r '   '* >u .  ;/''To prove'to yourself that the pistet�� ^1  fstHlf'or  almost  BO'.nt the" sum! ilnej ^l  i'miikca cardboard cone about ten Inch--/'I  ies Wng.tjtwo atd a half laches In dlam-^JJ  ete'r at.its larger "end and small Mouthy I  'nt.'the^other end to 111 into n rubber sr  "luWrwhlch/should be about two fttt  -long.   Let,one person cause the plate Ql  5 to -vibrate,   while   another  holdi the'i;l  Tlarge end ^of the cone over the plate, *J |  applying the rubber'tube to'the ear. ,V  ^\Vhen* tho'inlddlc of the cone Is eiart-,;.  -���Iy over a sand Hue scarcely any tone at '*  .ull'-wfll'be 'beard, and tbe nearer the ��  cone"Is to the sim'd line the weaker tfnii  sound- will',l)c. while it will he clear \\  aud strong at the farthest points Iron <-  'Ihe/san'd -lines, prorltig-'that the S2nd��_  "fitlia into Hncs.iUinL.as tin* parts of the .'SI  "plate" move dn opposite flire'dlons on">|  "eachtside of the sand Iiii(**i"i!iDlr effect'-*,!  ,1s equalized'or destroyed, causing'do _JS I  :��oiind.'in the a'ic. In the <ronii,,balance *'.J  ,;\rliea directly ovcrtficss lluw.  A'j\, , ,  - c ^.|-'       - -    -'~a* iv .,i.��.*i-     . .. ,       :;  . A" "��tA  Dniit^od"  dirluvllr. .   .  IA baiik notcAliiitcpasscd"through tbe ,'A  ^Cblcngo fire iS'Oiie-.of the curios pic-'.'^l  rserved7in'ihe_ niuik'.of i;u���'l.ui(I. The'  paper .-wast coiiKUtucll,   hut.lliu ashes ci,;f|  h61d,together,* and the printing Is quite/  . legible,   and   It   is   kept  ntuler, glass..-J J  ���The haiik'pald the uote.  ; ,  I ; *    '        "       .  '   TFauily     Kidneys.-IIavc   you   backache'' J  Do you  feol  drowsr?   -uo your lunls M '  lioavy?   Have    you    frc.iuoiit   hpadaclics; *  -il.ive y��u fftilins virion'   IIa^c jou dni?  Ifclliu?- Aro.   you   , deiirci'-ed'  U   jour,  -���kin dry?   Have yoli a tlrc-il ret-Huir* Any   ,|  of. these  signa1 pro\e   kidrn.   ili<ra.-e   &���'  perlonce haa provi'n that rtnudi Amcnaji  Kidney  Cure   never fails.-6  t?tl  AV.nneit   nm   Trii\olcr^.  As a matter of genuine fact women.  In nine cases out of ten, are better  travelers than men are. To begin  with. If not so stodgily accurate, although that by no manner of means  lollows, they are. more (iucnt in modern languages. .I'liey'-'chutter in them,  say the, male things. Ergo, they are  the* more.colloquial, the readier to circumvent'the wiles and extortions of  kellner or of garcou!���Loudon Gentlewoman. .7 7 -'  ��� ������' -  Care  of  the  Cow'n. Tcatn. i   '���  The care 'of tlie teats should always  be observed by the "milker and when  they get hard and, rough- should bo  anointed with vaseline, as cracked teats  are au annoyance to'the milker, hurtful ,to' tlie cow. and have a tendency to  lessen the Row of milk. Long finger  nails are also a discomfiture to the  cow, aud the milker 'should keep thorn  well ptred to avoid trouble.  Some cows .will notvgivc down their  milk fot some milkers as readily as to  others, aud it is often necessary to  change milkor.^, and try to'find one  whom the cow takes a liking to and  for whom she will give It down. Tho  holding up of the milk lias a tendency  to lessen the secrcliou and consequently the tlbw.     , - "  1       , , IiObatCr. '  The London hospital is Inclined to  hold that lobster is not/so Inillgts.i.u.'e  as popular fancy thinks It. It is. however, less' nutritious than die murage  fish.   .  swim out beyond their* depth.-. ,��ou  know how often good "swimmers ;iif  Mint type drown, don't you? Their  drowning Is imputed to cramp, but  you will never lind one of the drown-'  ed with Lis ears stuffed with cotton.'  Why? 'I'll tell you why. Because it  isn't cramp tliat causes these drowning*. It Is a. perforation of the eardrum, ' followed by ' unconsciousness,"  due to the * pressure of the wafer.  Crathp lsu't, after nil.'the deadly"thing  It is'made out fo be.- If you get a  cramp In your I;*g while swimming It  Is easy enough to roll over on your  back and float..   The crump -won't kill ,   .  you.    But-u   perforation   of the  ear-! refofesting-IS a dlllieult one  drum    is   difToivnt.      It   takes    away ' at starting new growth are fiu>iraa.  your senses, mid dowir you go like a ' by the peasants, who tear  log.,   So always,  if  rou are going to   and driveidn their gouts,  do'much   swimming,   stuff  cotton   Jn  /our ears."      l   ' '  Trco��   In   Slollr.  Tne ancient poets used to sin? of tbi   -j  of   Sicily.    Tiidny the  Tin* <|ii(".tion ��'  Attempts  dense   forests  mountains are bare  dm*, n read's  Only I"*  military  protection ccould  new forest  i trees be grown.  Grow  Feed   on   the   Kiirm.  The Massachusetts state crop report  contains an, article by I'lofo-ss-or P. S.  Cooley on "Some Causes Affecting the  Prodis of Dairying." On the subject  of feeding'dairy cattle the professor  urges that foods be produced on the  farm-as far as possible. , Usually the  host practice Is to purchase only feuds  rich in protein and r.'ii��" the course  fodders on the farm. Cowa fed on starvation rations yield no profit, and those  oieifed with expensive feeds are also  kept at a loss. The point of highest  profit in food must be determined by  experiment and calculation and varies  with the locality and circumstances of  the feeder.  3E___3S_____3  ���  THat Ccmg'h  -vvliicli ordinary remedies have'not readied,  will quickly yield to  YRUP OF RED SPRUCE  It cures thorn; heavy, dcep-ientetl cough*���Ulccfl nwny  the norencsw���lie��U the tin-out���utrruRtbeuii the lungs.  None (he leu clTectirc because It I* pleuant to tAke.  Ju-it try one bottle nnd see how quietly you get rld'i  of that cough.   At your druggists.   2Sc. txjttle.  SiiKiir  Mil In.  The machinery of tlie modern sugar  mill is so.complete that from the time  the cane enters the crushing rolls until the same is.emptied from the. vacuum pans no human' labor is required  to manipulate it.  This solution brought relief. Edmee,  like a spoiled, willful child, after her  paroxysm of anger was over, gorgot  its violence;, and tried to make others  forget  it also  by  being  caressing and  All this was so forcibly told, that  the jury called upon to pass judgment  on the accused could have no doubt  that Robert d'Ancel was the assassin;  that if anyone asserted his innocence,  rtlene!i��M-H.      .  The sun, salt and lemon juice combined are great whiteners. This mixture will remove old ink and rust spots.  Sometimes three or four attempts are  necessary before one attains success,  however.  Ammmm  mmmm  HuKorfliex.  '.. Butterflies iiro .considered nutritious  and delicious food by the: aborigines of  .Australia. ' -  The. novelty of three-cent fores ],���s  attracted'���immense traffic lo the new  Cleveland' line, ..which is practically  overwhelmed by the crush of passen  gers.  ,'       . ' ' *���� Size.. ��� ���  Choliy Nowitt - D'ye . know, Miss  Smart,-though I've only j���st metyou  th��-e scorns to be a sort of intellectual  sympathy between us., You know jusJ  liow to appeal to my tastes  Are jou a literary  Kmart-No: I'm a  3'ou see.  woman?     Doll;  ilnderirarten tpn���hA  W   N    U    No. 3 611  CAN   SAVE  $13.15  TO-DA Y  A SUIT  Tier  wbo  eet��-  W�� will pww'  Reeular of Ihta I*Por  .places ��i ��rd��- tor our  brated ���*lU6.8u��..��ldi ti*  two nH��t lenrtceibU .P*��o-  lun- ��Ver ott����- f*�� ��"  public ���* Canada-  Our Great Free Premium Offers  ���   Ono   P��ir   of   ?6.00   Troaaera   (n*��'*8  to   measuro)   and  a  r��ally a'-O"%iJT',  ton'f   Suit-Casa   9Ivan   anUrel/   Ff*��U  , with5 every, order.'  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MOTORS PRONOUNCED IT  IU     A BAD CASE OF PARALYSIS  jV/as  paralyzed   for Six Months and Gould  Obtain   Mo  Relief���Cure Came  "    With the Use of  DR. CHASE'S NERVE FOOD.  -nli'sio is always ..looked ��� upon  'ai��,id but'people, who are ��uf-  WI ,. iiom the oiuluary symptoms  wl''%U cxnaustion such as sleep-  D. Url ,,.M.i     indigestion    and  ��;W  neiKUiciie,   indigestion   and  , ...u-iuv and ambition oiten ior-  !'r ulut1 J.oBiL'��-��u��ue-.id enougu, to  ..���tun w paiaiysis. ...  i ii.e tiiw auvdre'cnse of paialysis  ,v        a h.  t*w ^ OI JJl'-" ^��a"e'B  ii is  aiS^ays ' wiser  and  A ,,, pjwem. sucn uunaeroas dis-  v.uicmng  minor  symptoms  <A..niiia  thw  iicivous s>stem in  Ci.li'u  gjM:  f-ilK'  I'aaUo    ''J  o,���i '���i-.ij'm-  ���     i coi.uiuou at uli  times.  ��fe   i    \\    K*-Suttieriand,-St.   And-  \] in     wiitos:-��� i      ,' ��i ���*  "'.;, l-elirljaiy. 11,03 I avas stricken;  l��jui p.uiuys.s, fell. Helplessly on the  I io cud hud to be carried 'to bed.  K'docior pionounced it > bad case  ���I hud "0 power in, my .tongue of  '"Vl,.,i I* leinuincd'in that dondition  7, 7n monthsA .without- obtaining  wiil' fiom .the doctor's prescnp-  ,on 0r other medicines:, , <  Vv husband' advised'me'-'to- try  'iJhBhu'ri Nerve. Food ymd by .the  ,[ this treatment'all symptoms-of.  |Ua('  'he disease disappeared. I can noi\  talk plainly, my leg is all right and  i ca** do my" housework. How giate-  lui 1 am to be cuied by bo wondei-  'ul .. remedy."  Notwithstanding the mybteiy that  is/as.sociated with the ncivub and dis-  iaie' oi tlie nerves there is nothing  -Hystericus about the way m which  mie vitality ot the nervu.-i ib rchiored  I y. Oi. Chase's f^crve Food. ���  in nature are found certain ele-  .uentp-whieh go directly to ioim new,'  i en blood and cietite new i.iCrvu foice.  "pe'euube Dr. Chase's "Serve Food i=7  composed of thobe very elements oi  natuie, it���L��iilds up tho nervous system'as no' preparation > wars ever  ivHOV.1)  to do."-  ' Uy eprichiiig and purifying the  olood'it foinis new, firm flesh and tissue' rounds out the form, rebtoicj> u  nealihful glow to'the complexion, and  gradually but naturally, and cerltlinl>  icplaces Weakness and dibeabe with  heaitn,  strength and  vitality..  "'Or, Chase's, Nerve Food, 50' cents a  box,'0 ��� boxes for $2.50, at all"dealers.  dVEdiyunson,' Bates & Co., Toronto.  HIGH RENT FOR GOOD LIGHT  Ti.f. l-'iench foreign'omce^hVvo on-  ���,o   rod   that   MohanJined-JSl-TorreBj  ^'Sice.itativejqf 'the , Sultan  .of.  fc^o oi Tangfeiv has,apologized  ftnr tl-f iM-Uftu ot some natives.in ston-  !  c tne crew'of a* Email-boat bdpng-  ! ����� to the French cruiserJGalilee in.  L\ hn.bor of, Tangier,,,.,<0 .\j\      ;j  v       ->   * ^   i " "yr"  *-  A glad* of seige hasbepn-proclaimed  .iii the Baltic provinces-on acpoimt of  ���the rontlnuation^of :the; revolutionary  ���movements.'   - *,-;,���.   p'5AA?'<* -r '_,}!  "                 _ _   u  i- ^ttsH,''. V "''""'f.gi* "���L^i.,'-"  Cut  '.$5.?  �����" ,**"j-w.',;..'*A'."*��7'i ���  " ".A      "-T-1'   AVv��   A.   ��� -   , i- -4 -. -  ONLY as manufacturers .a  is it*, possible;, for,, us* to'-',  olTer  our, special 3 eight-inch*^ .���  Cut Glass"1 Bowr3at7$5.00,Al  packed at" our'risk' and car^-  riage paid to your dobr.^-.i ,i ^  It is of clearest crystal glass, -  ' deeply" and' brilliantly/cut-in" 7,  ' " hobnail "���aar^clesign."';! ,-;-  Our illustrated^- catalogueV-  will-tell you oft other remark-A'  able price''sa!yings*mihighest %  quality" cut glass."1,"    " , .77', *",";  Lr Arte tll^tnUid catalofui*.   . A ', \ A  ��� .    - - >' ' ^-'Hudson Bay.r       �� i  '. J-tefcerrlng' to pl^.ce names' reminds  ono that, the'care of tho Hudson Bay  Co/ In seeing that-Its, title 'is spellad  as>��� above has led> countless people to  refer lo .Canada's inland sea as,Hudson's Bay. " It Is,,'no .'more Hudson's  Bay 'than c'ertain���ot'li<*r natural features  are^Hudson's liivcr, or_ Mackenzie's  River?- ,^rhe','ipi"oper"name is Hudson'  Bay.' It,Is 'so on" tho 'authorized maps  and' In'' tftie, standard geographies, and  ,lt f3��speciflcal,Iy, so desJgnatedr by the  authority' for 'settling such masters in  Canada,-the Geographical Board, Gentle reader! don't-let-people delude you  '���witli ���?the,''"l<ica..-''' that to "speak ipro-  per^'you must say'.Hud son's, Bay. . ������  i.       * - -  i- -    f         ^  ,,,"Sickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup is  ^agreeable" tQ- ihe-' taste, and is a certain, relief'for irritation ,of tbe_ throat  \that causes,hacking coughs, _*if used  according , to directions it -Avill break  .the moyt persistent" cold, and restore  'tlie a;r-'  passages  ;to;:''.theii   'normal  f healthy ..conditrbn.   There is no need  -,io.reeomTnend*it-lo    those,  familiar  witlV it,7but to those,-who seek'a sure  remedy-and ar6 in^doubt what to'use  the advice is���try Bickle's Syrup.    ,  Dianioiid   FJfitlrrM   Siinre  So  Eiiienie  to  biiovi   Tht-ir Oeine.  Diamond cutting i.s probably the only  luauufacturlug industiy in New York  (bat can afford a locution In the heart  of the financial district.  The workshop here is sai'd to he superior to tliat'of the Amsterdam and  Antwerp factories iu the mathematical"  accuracy -with which the facets of large  stones are cut. New ,York, consequently, sends cut stones to Europe, besides  tupplying tlie United States. '  The bulk of the New York diamond  trade, Including a considerable amount  'of the cutting, is done iii Maiden 'lane,  between Broadway an'd Nassau street,  a single block. Most of the dealers occupy oifices in modern skyscrapers.  To show their gems they'need a clear,  steady light, which in the case cf natural light is afforded only ,by a northern  exposure; hence, oiiices on the lower  side of Maiden lane cost,20 to 23 per  cent more than offices on the. upper  side. 7      ' '   ' ���  The difference In rent would be still  greater but for tbe fact tliat courts admitting northern light are provided in  the buildings that face the 'south.  Artificial light may also be'used.  One house shows' gems in a room  draped with black 'velvet and lighted  by electricity. Its natural light was  ruined by the erection of a yellow brick  building on the opposite side of the  street, tbe reflection front which gives  an Inferior color'to the purest stones.  Maiden  lane rents'are higher-even  .than Broadway 'rents,  reaching ?4.75  a.square foot per annum for offices  Just above the1 ground floor.���Washing-.  ton Post.'        '        ',      ' " , ,.  1   \    \     i.      '"   "ttlr- ���'' .-     -i  - A. strong microscope 'shows the single hairs of Uie b����ad .to be like coarse,  round rasps,- but with teeth extremely  Irregular ui;d".iiiKs;<*d.  ,- '         -, '. i  .-   " Lllftit ���.fit tlie Ej-m.     7  \ The, effect" Of,, artificial .light on, the'  pigment of tk-e'lris Is to'make it, paler;'  nlso prolonged ejefwork will do-this.  Eyes nevei, become Viuite blanched, like  ��� the-hair, but they,do fade,'and very  appreciably. "'������''    i ��� *'  " ���  i,   ,P        ���    2 : I  .  ,  '"111 fitting .boots and"' shoes'' cause  Jc'orns. Holloway's Corn Cure is the  article to use. Get a bottle at'once  and cure your corns.   ', - -      .    ,.' ,  Your Doctor  Can cure your Cough or Cold,  no question about that, t��ut���  why go. to all the trouble and  inconvenience of looking him up,  and then of having hisprescription  filled, when vou can step into any  drue store m Canada and obtain .  a bottle of SHILOH'S" CUKE-  for a quarter. , -  Why pay two to five dollars  when  a twenty-five cent  bottia of SHILOH will cure you ,  as quickly,?   . ' ,      ���  Why not do as hundreds -of  thousands of Canadians have  done for the past thirty-four  years: let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold  appears. ���  SHILOH will cure you, and all  druggists back up this statement  with a positive* guarantee.   ,        '  The next time you have a  Cou��-h or Cold cure it with  SHILOH  605  ^ The Riga' correspondent of the  Bourse"Gazette-has��sent in harrowing  details,'of the execution by, shooting  of three boys who were condemned  by, a courtiiuartial for robbery. '.,    1  J  -.     .   " y I    ,  EVERY 'HOME - NEEDS "ZAM-BUK:  AWfe'B^'Jtod  Ittto.Orit:  L  }7 Biuce'.AValkijr-,who - has succeeded  Prestoii^as imrmErat'on commissioner  lias arrived in London. ' ,  A ���< ��� - S. '������ rTT-2��� '*��� "  "--'Itchtne. Burning, -Creepine. Crawllns:.  'Skin-Diseases relieved in a few minutes  by Akubw'h ,Ointment. ,Dr. Agnew �� O��  Tifcnt ,i aieves instant!^, -and -cures Tetter,  .SaK..ftlioum,' Scald-Hood. Eczema.^TJlcera.  'lllotohes.-and all ��� eruptions ' of the sltin.  'It. is ,aoothiii|f-and quieting- and acta lil^p  "masiorin- all Bab>%JIumors. Irritation of  tne Scalj>,or Bashes during teething time.  ���W cents .ii.-box.���7 -.   ,.-,      , a, ,,t-  "'���'A" Chathamifinri.will erect a large  ''-stave'-'ipill  at'Rainy river.-1A    -  VAT   ,i:c'V'"s     - ��"''" '���' r' -    -''-  *���'* ^. * , ^' -i      ' i  14  '4'.  The Only  Stocking  for;  Boys;  All  Stout  British yarn  carefully knitted  ���with, re-inforced  toes,-heels and knees���  Oomiriioxi  Brand  ���the   Stocking   that -makes  darning-day easy.  Postpone the coming of the  holes���ask your  i dealer for Dominion Brand. Insist on seeing this  tag���on every  pair.     7 ���  ' -A''druggist can obtain an imitation  of 'MINABD'S LINIMENT from , a(  Toronto- house at a very low price,  have it--labelled his own product.  'This greasv.imitation is the poorest  one'we have yet'seen of the many  (hat every Tom, Dick and*Harry has  Cried to introduce. ��� L .'  . Ask for MINARD'S and   you   will  get it.1 ���*-...    '"     "  * The Fort Frances peat fuel .works  have closed for the winter.  Minard's  Cows.1  1 Liniment" Cures   Garget   in  - DOMINION '  HOSE MILLS  ABurritt & Co.  Mrtchcll  Ont  Tlie   SejiMrtti-or  In   Ml"����onrI.    ,  The hand- cream separator Is a very  potent 'factor in Missouri dairying. It  came slowly nt first, but ot late very  rapidly.' It has come to stay and has  brought additional prosperity with it.  Any man with "ten ordinary cows  -who'1 is where he can patronize a  creamery, either centralized or local,  cannot afford to be without one. The  extra cream saved in one year over  'the deep can. or crock, system  usually   pay   for   the, machine,  will  and  U/jq Food  That   Builds  Maybe  ' you     think    of  Mooney's  Sodas only as a  toothsome   tidbit.     Don't  overlook their food value  Mooney's  Perfectior-  Cream    Sodas  are made of finest Canadian wheat flour, pure but'  ter and rich cream. There s  nothing else of equal size  and cost that contains so  much wholesome nourishment.  An ideal food.  , All     grocers    have    them���fresh  and crisp in     mir-tight     pad:��ge��.  the machine ir treated decently will  hist for ten or fifteen years. There are  half a dozen makes of separators on  the market. Competition has forced  them all to become good and stay good.  The farm separator is now to the dairy  farmer what the twine binder is to the  grain farmer, rt Is possible to cut  grain with a cradle, but it would not  nay to do It in that way. - The mi It  producer can make somo money In  of raising cream, but it  M.   Washburn   in  the old way  Joes   not   pay.���It. c-  Klmball's Dairy Farmer.  .Experiences    of    Housekeepers    Who  ". - "    Keep1. ]t   Handy,   i  In every home cuts, bruises, scalds  'and similar injuries are sure to occur,'  especially where7there' are children.  In most homes 'too chapped hands;  chilblains,-eczema, ringworm,- ulcers  and. other skin diseases occurr' ._ -  'For these you*'need a balm'which  is pure,'herbal, free'fronr^minerarfat,  antiseptic, "able to stop bleeding 'and  which should heal. . . ,- ', ���, ,.���.  r,' Zam-Buk meets; all, these ^require-,  ments. Wliy not -prove- its! ( merits:  Read this:���Tr "'. ��� i'-y 7 '"!$.���.-* *���  ���,Mrs. Angus,'of Fenelon"Falls,.says:  ���i'ln forty., 'years' of housekeeping T  have never-'met with such an excellent'salve sa Zam-Buk." '- -*" J V '  ' ,,;srrs. -Everett Brown, of "-Markham,  ^Ont.), says:���"Zam-Buk cured some  bad-bruises on my^knee. I also^find  it excellent for chapped hands."  Hrs. '.Lizzie  Gilimmr,  of  Kingston.  -avs._i"I had an ulcerated leg, which  became so bad that I could not weai  i* -   boot.     Tbe  fool   and <ankle  were  swollen to nearly^double their ordinary  size,   and  the  pain  \mis  terrible.  The ulcers spread<=in, a ring all round  he limb.    Doctor's treatment brought  .10 relief, and at one    time,   it    was  ���bought  only   amputation could  end  Lhe agony  I suffered..  Zam-J3uk  was  "brought to mv notice, and I bought a  ew boxes.    Each box gave me more  ;-ase   and  healed  the  ulceis.   To-day  l am quite cured, the limb is sound,  \nd whereas before I could not stand,  now I can go up and down steps} with  '���ase:   I owe it* all to Zam-Buk."  Zam-Buk also cures eczema, " cold  -ores, rineworm,' stiff "joints, had leg.  sore nippies,-boils, .abscesses, blood  ooison, poisoned wounds.,.etc. used  \s an embrocation it cures rheumatism and sciatica and rubbed well into  ���he chest .cures lung troubles, colds,  -to. For all purposes " to which a  Household balm is put Zam-Buk will  ue found unequalled. All druggists  ^ell at 50c. a box, or diiect from-the  Zam-Buk Co., upon receipt of price.  (, boxes for $2.50.  A deputation from the Austrian But-  cheis' association have asked the nnr-  lster of agriculture to pel mit the importation of meal from the United  States and other countries m- order  to meet the shortage due to the closing of  the  Servian  frontier.  Fit what you' like.���Give the digestive  ,,!an, kmo'work to do These func-  ���ions need exorcise as much as *n> part  M the human anatomy. Mi �� icj. re  delicate, give them tho aid that Dr. von  StaVft Pineapple Tablets afford and you  '���an eat any thing that's wholesome and  palatable���60   in   a  box.  35  ccntd.���B  \V F. Ilunlon, a farmer living near  Menominee, Mich., -has found the  skeleton of a man in a hollow tree  near his home. The bones of one arm  had been shattered and appearances  indicated that the skeleton was that  of some huntei who had crawled into  the tiee for protection fiom the cold  or wild beasts after being injiued.  Pot  SoJa Hn(ii��. i  Hot soda baths are recommended by  some person's for rheumatism, and tlie  way they, are taken Is , this: .Fill the  tub half full or water as hot as can bo  borne,' add half a pound���'of common  baking soda nnd,immerse the body for  at least twenty minutes, keeping up  the temperature by tlie,addition' of,hot  water from time to lime., Vaseline or  cold cream should be rubbed Intoithe  . skin after tbe latter has been drleTtn  order to replace the natural oil. * '  ,      . , i< -    a  -,.  '','���        "Tippecanoe"'HarrUon.  , General Harrison cultivated < the  friendliest spirit .with all of his frontier  soldiers, wore a buckskin jacker, was  th'e keenest of .woodsmen and In' moment's of,leisure made real companions  of his men. ^He could-swing an ax.i  hunt the deer or coon, and he shot with  ,the best. His homely, hardy ways won  thoir. love as his.daring stimulated their  courage.'" For- half a -century, he, was  lhe,archetype1 of; pioneers, as. Lincoln  -nine to6be to the generation that came'  Rfter." Eye'n "yerAthe, magic" word of  "Tippecanoe" will stir the remihls-  'cences of - many octogenarians in the,  middle -west^-Lynn Tew Sprague In  Outing Magazine.    '"_"     '���- *<  *1' V.BROAD STATEMENT'-'*"<  - Dr. ^--iJeonhardtV tJHem-Roid-   will  cure any case'of Piles.   .      -  -;-������>  , This," statement -is    made    without  oiiv- qualifications/'      \,    ���    '' <  *  -It-is-in' the'form -of a tablet.  ' ''It is the only' pile remedy used m-  Hemally..   A- v    /       A     .'.'  It,is,impossible to cure an established case, of, Piles with "ointments,  'suppositories, injections* or .'outward  appliaiices.'   -     *   '   '   ���     ,    ,, '< -  ���A $i;00OJguaran'tee'with-eyery package  of Dr.  Leonhardt's* Hem-Koid. /  $l"00, all,dealers,    dr.   The Wilson-  File Co., Limited, Niagara Falls, Ont.  -ine  item  ITonDIc*.  The other afternoon a man rushed tn-  to the Iteadiug terminal, galloped yp  the stairs and dashed for tlie traiD  shed Just as the gates were closed  against him. "  He looked as if he wanted to swear  most vociferously, but be was out of  wind, and all, that be could do was to  lean against the reuce and soulfully  sigh. It was then tliat the grinful idiot,  who is always on hand, paced over and  butted In. ' ,  "Did you miss your traiu, old boy?  be queried, with a smiling glance at the  panting one.  "No," was the grouchy Tejoinder. ' I  chase myself up here that way every  five ' minutes   to  see them   shut the  gates."  "What made you so- late?" queried  the other, not at all abashed. "Ia your  watch out of order?" -  "Xo, my watch is all to the good," replied the man who missed tho train,  "but I think that my  feet are about  two minutes slow "   '  ,, ^������������.  How to Cleanse the System.���Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are the result of scientific" study 'of the effects  of extracts oi certain roots and herbs  upon the' digestive organs. Then  use has demonstrated in many in-  -lanees that they regulate the action  of the liver and the kidneys; purify  ihe blood, and carry off all, morbid  accumulations from the system. They  are easy to take and their action is  mild and   beneficial.  POSITIVELY AND UNDENIABLY  The Purest GREEN Tea Grown.  ceyuon g����e:e:im tea.  FREE FRQBrl DUST, B1RT AWQ ALL FOREIGN  SUBSTANCES.  40c,    50c,     and    60c    par    Tb.      At ' all    grocers.  Lead    Packets    Only.  Look for this "tag  'on the cloth of every  Suit. and. Overcoat  you buy. '75  Gathorne Hardy, first earl of'Cran-  biook (who was twice secretary of war  having:,.,been createu in  1862.  'CAOH  MEAL AN  AGONY.,  '      meruit      , ,  '.The'*papyrus"' used by .the ancient  Egyptians was,.nia(le from th�� stems.  of.a peculiar^waterree'd growing in all'  parts.of* Egypt17The"outsIde .layer 'of  the plant ,was removed,-and beneath  this there were1"found a number of lay--  ers of 7'a'"delicate, pithy 7 membrane.  These, being separated, were placed in  layers. A. second''.layer was laid'at  Vight angles to and above the first and  sometimes a third 'over the second.  Heavy pressure was then applied, and  the layers were firmly cemented into a  fair article of paper. No'gum, other  than what was contained in the plant  Itself was used In .the process. The  papyrus was very much stronger than  the average paper made, by'the modern machines.'l The sheets wero com-  'nionly made from six to twelve inches  square. , - -   .  1   "   $100'REWARD $100.  The renders ot this papor will be plowed to team  that (here ii at least one dreaded dlc.ea.ie that aolence  has been able to oure in all its staEOs, ��n<l that is  Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Core is the only positive  care now known to tho medical *f^?.���^-  Catarrh  betniTa'conrtitutiencil di.ea��, ream res a cpnatitn-  Efonal treatment. Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken in-  &.-il.. ��rt���� dl-ctlren th..htood_�����-h-ocon.  [MaxDKHi^s  mM^sssmmm-:  m  iSr?���� ot the system, thereby *��trojin��U�� tonn*  won of the dLea-w. and girin�� the I��tient ***��*��to  by building np the constitution and aajlstlne nature  In do.nK its wort. The proprletore h����e so mi eh  tslth In" t�� auratl^o power; that they offer toe H^in-  dred Dollam for any case that it fails to cure. ^ bona  for list of testimonials.  Address: F. J. CHENEY * Co.. Toledo. O.  ^ Sold by drugcista "5o.  Take Hall's Family Pills for oonaUpatloa.  Or'. Williams"Pink Pills Cure Obstin  afe Indipestion Afte> Other' t  Medicines Fail.  * WI en 1 wa3 first' troubled with indigestion I did not bother'-with it, I  thought it-would pass awayn'aturally.  L!ut'instead of doing so it developed  into a painful chronic affection, which  iri opitcof all I did' grew worse and  worse until 1 had abandoned all hopes  01" evet- getting relief/' ,Jhese words  .-i Mi��i Charles McKay/ of Nprwood.  \.S7. should sefvebas a warning to all  who surfer distress after meals, with  palpitation, "drowsiness rand. loss" 'of  epperte���early 'waniih. of, moie ser:  ious" trouble to, follow. <'  ' l' used to  rise in ;the' morning,  .aid Ivirs*. McKay, "feeling no bettei  for a night's rest.   I rapidly- l'ost flesh  .,-ud(cven after the1 most frugal'meal  I'alv.nvs suffered seyere pains'in my,  -idmach. -I cut'my, meals "down to,a  few  n.outhfuls,  but even,then every  morser'of food���catised agony, my digestion ��� '-was so  weak. -   - Some, days ' I  was so'1 weak t could   scarcely   drag  m'vrelr about the' house, and   I   was  nevei  free from sharp piercing pains  in- the" hack and chest.   I    grew    so  bad ' hat ,1 had' to 'limit   my,   diet to  milk-and  soda-water, ���and<'even,_this  caused severe 'suffering.      In vain  I  ..ouglcT relief���all   medicines 'I  'took  ?ee"m,ed useless^     But in -the darkest  hour' of my suffering help cam'e\ "While  reading a'newspaper I   came   across  a cure'-that was1* quite similar to my  o\vn5case, wrought by.the use��of Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills   'w I  thought if  another.-peisoii" had ,been'   cuied    by  these ipills of such suffeiing as'I was  experiencing,   surely   there, was hope  for  me,' and -I  at -once_sent to - -the  druggist  for a'supply of these-pills.  The first" indication,   that1   the;"i*ills  ivere helping me' was the disappear-  ���ince of    the   feeling   of    oppression.  Then I began to' take solid food with  but litle feeling1 of    distress'.^ 1 still  continued' taking the  pills  with   -an  improvement every day, until I could  ligest all kinds of  food without, the  least    trouble    or   distress.   I am in  splendid health to-day and , all    the  credit  is due  to Dr. .Williamb'APiuk  Pills." ���  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills go right to  the root of indigestion ,and other  troubles by making rich, red blood  which tones and strengthens even-  organ of tho body. That is why they  cure anaemia, with all its headaches  \nd backaches and sideaches, rheumatism and neuralgia and the special  ailments of growing girls and women  of all'ages. , Sold by all .medicine  dealers or bv mail at 50 cents a box  or six, boxes for $2.50 by wiitins tne  Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-  v-ille. Ont.      "  1 - - 17     ^ -  Tbe hyssus, or silky beard, by which  the mussel moor=, itself to the stone, is  k familiar object of our sea,rocks. ' It  is in its nature like the sill;'of the silkworm and exudes in a glutinous thread  from an organ at the base of the foot.  .The following Is an instance in which  the mooring of the mussel was useful  to effect a purpose which human skill  could not accomplish: A large' bridge,  with  tweuty  urches.  in   the  town   of  liiddeford,  in  Devonshire,, crosses the  '"-H-ridge   river   near  tbe  spot  of   Its  Junction with the Taw. y;riptide flows  so very rapidly here that It was found  impossible to keep the bridge In repair  by means of 'innrtar,   The corporation  therefore    keeps    '.'.oats '-employed   ia  bringing mussels to It,r and Uie- inter-  stices of,'Uie bridges,are filled by hand  with these  mussels.     It Is  supported  from  being'driwn away by, the, tide  entirely  by the strong threads .which  these mussels tix<-to the stonework, and  by an act or grant it is ar crime liable  to transportationjjfor'any person'to'remove th'e  wus��el's'unless in  the.pres-  ehce aud  by   the consent of -the' corporative trustees. _. , s'  It guarantees wear  and service because  it goes only on cloth  that is pure wool.  Mile. Marthe Bay. a young Geneva  girl, has been ip the habit of making frequent excursions across -ne  iiontier into France 111 a high-powered  motor car. Suspicion being aroused,  the police cut open the car's cushions, and'it was discover <*d that" 130  lbb. of tobacco, were packed, in them.  Tlie fair smuggler wag 111 rested.  Wheie'Weakness ia, Disease Will  Settle.���If .one^suffers-^fiom any organic weakness, inherited or contracted, there.disease'will settle when it  attacks tlie body. Theiefoie duve out  'he pains that beset you, do,not let  a cold or.cough harass you, and keep  lhe lespiratory 'organs 111 good healthy condition... This" you can 0 do ,by  using Dr. Thomas'.Eclectric Oil. Prevention is the  wisest course. - .1  There is no satisfoction keener  "than being dry and comfortable'  ' when out in the hardest atornv..  UABTSirai-Of THIS]  tfW&&s  AA'  -The .Bank oi Montreal, has' purch-'  ased > a site for a handsome ,building  at Portaee la Prairie. *     '  rA Pleasant Duty.���"When I know anything woVthy of "recommendation, I consider'it my duty to 1 tell it." says Ilcv.,  Jas.', Murdoch. ' of Hamburg. Pa. Dr.  ���Venew's'- Catarrhal Powder, has-cured mo  it Catarrh of five'yearn standing. It is  r rtainly maeical in-its effect.'*The -first  application benefitted mc in five minutes.  pii   cts."���9 -      ' . , 1 '  .OIUMOMRG  MACKORYBUOWI,  <o9 custittntaxaaaZi ���  TOWER  CANADIAN   CO.\ LIMITED, '  '     TORONTO', CANADA. '  r  <��� I  .1  ��� Muskfats.bave invaded the, town of,  Lake Citv, Iowa, and undermined several buildings there. The ,animals  burrow' into tlle earth, coming up in  cellars'. They v honeycomb the lawns,  and" dig*around foundations of" buildings. They.'are being killed in large'  numbers, aud their furs saved for  marketing. '   ��� 0    ,  r^-LAME  or Sore Muscles due to Colds,'  Strains or Rheumatism    '  Till hare tbe inflammation that causes the  lameness quickly remored by llrst bathlnff  with  hot water, then rubbing on briskly I  Johnson's ���������.,  j^y^imment  Ita wonderful power to destroy pain baa  ma4e it tamous since 1810.  55c., three times as mucfl 80c. ' A.U dealers.^  I. S. JOHNSOK & CO., Boston, Mans.  DEHORNING    STOPS     LOSS.  Cattle with horns are dan herons  ��nd a convt&nt menace to persons  ejid other cattle. Ilehorn them  QUlokly and with eliffht pain with a  KEYSTONE DEHORNER  AU oror ln3 minntes. . Xot a harsh  method. Lea*ss a clear, clean cnt.  Cows eire more rattle| stesrs mako  Hotter beef. Send for free booklet.  8. U.UsKsnoi. ririoo. talaris,''Cu.-  I,  Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Colds,   etc.  Ror���It's   easy  I.-��rn .. Jll^UciVC .!  to , win" a   woman's  i"j^.ah_the money she.  wants.     , i  Blox���Vou  doii'r call  that easy,  do  vou? ,-��    Wnslilnir; Dairy Tlilnsrs.  The milk pails, strainer, milk and  cream cans and cream separator should  be kept scrupulously cleau. They  should be rinsed in cold water immediately after using, then washed in  warm water containing a little sal soda  or dairy washing powder (this washing  powder should not contain soap) aud  tlieu scalded in boiling hot water or  steamed and then drained and.jf possible, set in the 'sun to dry. Use a  brush In washing the utensils rather  than a cloth.   D<* ��>ot wi��<* with a cloth.  At, the banquet given in 'his honor  jj.t: Vancouver. Sir McKenzie Bowcll  expressed the hope triat Newfoundland  would join the confederation at no  distant  date.    " *  Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and  every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by  Wolford's Sanitary Lotion. '  -    .i Improving tlie Herd.  Select as far as possible females  which conform to tlie standard of excellence of the breed.' If this is accomplished it will Insure a uniformity in  tvpe tliat is highly desirable. If in ad- -  ,iitioii to this it is possible to select  cows and heifers 'that are similarly  bred thoy will be more likely, to pro-  d"" uniformity ln their offsprine.  will find ju��t the Underwear you,  want���right size and right weight"  ���    (]  ���in **    ,  Stsnfield's  "Unshrinkable"  Underwear  A7MADE T<*ANY DETA.L. 7-  METALLIC ROOFING C?  AiiVCi-iYUTEOAA^. A'__��� . ���  TORONTO 6rWINNiEE6  Mrs. Harriet Lowry, ��� of Franklin,  Pa., considers it woith $10,000-to be  tieated to a coat of'stove polish, molasses and feathers. She was hazed  in this manner by four other women,  a short time ago, and now enters suit  for damages.  Before you get  Pen-Angle  garments   all  the shrink  if   tskenj  out.  to*  Uliln't   llrlunu;   ��<>   ColonnM.  In lhe carl*,   days of Leiuiville there  was   a   singular   character   living   by  the name of Major Martin  Mctiiuuls.  The major was the important imm oi  tbe camp, and when any distinguished  parties   came   to   the   city   they   were  received by Major Martin MeOinnls and  presented   with   the   freedom   of   the  camp  on  a  gold   plate.    The   Preneh  government  sent   three   mining  engineers over to  ex.iinliu* and  to report  upon the mineral deposits of this  locality.    They were received by Major  Martin ricGlunis. who put them in carriages '��ud took them around the camp.  As   Ihcv   wore   going   up   California  gulch the Frenchmen suddenly jumped  out  of   the  carriage   and   commenced  to  hammer  aud  chisel   upon   a   large  black  bowlder  thut lay alongside tbe  road     The major watched  them  gesticulating to one another, and lie finally said  to tho interpreter:  "What do  they   mean?'What   are  they  talking  about?"-    The  interpreter said. "Ihey  sav that rock don't belong,here."   The  major said: "The deuce it don t!   Aou  say to  those  foreigners  that  I wont  ���stand-for'them coining over here and  running down our country.    Tell tliem  that they can find anything anywhere  in Colorado." .  TheFreuchmCn were right, however, ,, iiiej   _or ��� womeB,   men   a  for tliis black rock was a meteor ana | ^^ aad g^^eed by your owa dialer,  had fallen from  the skies. |  iPrnR  Pen-  Angle1  ' Underwear \  'keeps you com-  /fy as  well as  warm,because the *  'short  fibres that.  , make some under-  ���itchare taken  out of  Pen-'  Angle wool.'  A Carefully Piepared Pill.���-Much  time and attention were expended in  the experimenting with ingredients  that enter into the composition of  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills before  they were brought ty the state in  which thev were first offered to the  public. Whatever other pills may  be, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are  ihe result of much expert study, and  all persons suffering from dyspepsia  or disordeied liver find kidneys may  confidently accept them ns being  what   they  are lepresented  to be.  Minard's Liniment   Cures   Diphtheria.  Tne  Civil   Crown.  The civil crown was a Roman honor  given to the soldier who saved the life  of a citizen by slaying an enemy.  Made in sizes to perfectly fit  every  man���and in' the right  weights   for  -every  Canadian  climate  from  Halifax  to  the  ' Klondylce.  Guaranteed unshrinkable, too.  ^weari  In  Traiit/iane  a   variety   of fabrici,  rtyles  and   price*.  nd  Zoron-trinn Rltco.  Zoroaster enjoined purity of body as  well as of soul, and the Avesta prescribes   very   elaborate  ablutions   nnd  lustrations  to remove any  defilement.  The  greatest  pollution  is  that which  arises    from    contact   with    anything  dead, as death is the creation of Ahri-  maii and his greatest triumph over the  power  of  Ormnzd.   The  code  of  tho  Vendidad assigns the "nine nights' ab- \  lution!' for the purification .of persons |  so polluted.   It consists in a series of j  sprinklings with holy witter and other,  liquid,' accompanied , by  a; rwearlsome ���  amount of ceremonial detail, to exorcise  the  spirit rof defilement.   fThe .Greek,'  writer Lucian in one of his humorous.,  dialogues seems to ridicule this purifl-;  catory. rite when he says that the Magi  iri nine, nights cleansed Pythagoras of  nil   his a sins   In. HfeJ���Ai   V.  Wllllama i  Jackson in Century.  VoUttsrlry   No   lrfah   Tr��tt.  There are certain nations that hare  the quality of vulgarity strongly in the  blood, and indeed it seems to testify  to a strong and full blooded vitality, a  desire for self assertion, and thus we  may expect to find vulgarity dogging  like a shadow tbe footsteps of strong,  capable nnd pushing nationalities. But  there are certain nations that have  been accused of many faults that yet  have never been accused of being vulgar. The Irish are a case ln point  They have been accused of levity, of  undue conviviality, of frivolity, of a  tendency to romance, of untrustworthi-  ness, of trresponsibil'ty, but_they havn  never been accused of vulgarity. Thera  lies deep ln the Celtic temperament a  rich vein of emotion,' a strong relish for  the melancholy side of life. It Is on this  that their Incomparable sense of humor  Is 7 based, and lt may' be said that no  one who feels at borne with melancholy,  ���who luxuriates in the strange contrast  between the-, possibilities and the performances of humanity, is In any danger of vulgarity, for on* of the essential components of vulgarity la a complacent self satisfaction, and If a man  is apf to dwell regretfully on what  might have been rather than cheerfully  upon what Is there is but little room for  complacency.:���A. C- Benson In Atlantic.  rrr ]*.,-  Im'  ii  �� &  mmmmm  7��tpiiii  TtflfM  11  |7^��|ftfpp  I: i'l^'MfjIiWi'!  ��� :;���.AVi.v...J-.".iA- !:."-f- *.;  .f p%!|p if  fSSpiff.  mMBMim  ���^Wi. -'  J1IE MOYIE LEADER/1  P-blishedAj the interest of the people  ,?f Moyie and East Kootenay.  TBT, LEADER, MOYIE. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  I-O.O. F.  tlmrcli he rDices.  ri.KfUYTKi.jAN���In ihe Oddfellows ' ��*  H.tb. Muuuy School at 3 p, m. ,',<' *-'&  t-tiing    tcrvice   at   8.  Everyone welcome. iIeet6 T,je,day evenin��S in McGregor  Wilde}- J^oCjre N"o. 4 J.  jESO'T.KT.ji  ,G. II. FINLAY,. Pastor.  F. J.  SMYTH, Publisher.  J. S} OS  CtlllSl  Mktuodist���Sunday School at 3 p  in.   Evening service at 7:30 o'clock.      I  Evervone welcome. J  T. SUWERBUTfS, Pastor.       !  hall  on   Victoria   6treet.    Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  II. 7. How Aim, F. J. Smyth,    I  Noble Grand. Seci'y.     '  /-r~\ /~r\  BATEh Ol aUBSCKlrriON.  X>ae Yoar  ..   ?2.'C0  SATURDAY, XOV.21, lOOfJ.  SOCIALISM GROWING-  In the rcccntclcc.'ion 11 iy    dr^t cold you   take?    A   col-1   can'be f.J0   J\   yy   F   of M '  SOTornor,   received   20.000Hf much ���f��� qn'cfcly when   lrea��.-j'^     -,; Mcdregor hall'every"'salur-  .1.812,300   polled   ior   tbe   "d   " on ��  '^   ld'   b,een   contracted   Jl(y  ^^     Ljnurni^g   members  ysiteni. ' 'Chamberlniu's Cou.>li> Remedy is f imous for itft cures of col i and  it should be kept at h.md ready for  instanl uae. For sale rby ' lhe Moyie  Drug it, Stutiooeiy Co.  In Xiint: tit I'eaoc.  In the first months of   the   Russia-  J.ipnii war we b.id a striking 'example  ..f the neces-sity   for   prep.ii aliens  and  the early ad vim tuge of   those  who, so  to speak, ,"hiive shingled their ioofs iu  J.hy weather."    The viiiue of (he prcp-  .iraiion lias made history and givei,' tn  us our greatest  men.    Th6   individual'  as well a3 the  palio'ii   should   be prepared for   any   emeigency.     Are   you  A'5ci.d]--in sfPms  ha   be  growing  in \ prepared   to   success!nil/  combat   the  fJokirado.    In the recent election 11 iy I dr��*t cold you   take?    A   col-1   ciin'b  wood, for   gov  ...  ^'utjas i.s aga  ISoeialial caudni.ne for   governor    two  jeans ago.    While the   Socialists lost,  they feci quile jubjhnl over :hdr pro-  tress, ��jnd believe that somo  day ' they  \vi|J -.-e oni the top  of  tlie   heap.    Out.  Ilifng i�� Certain, and that is the capil-  alisiio (-lenient,iB" viewing wkii   alarm  the growth of Socialism and they' also  i.*u!ize that it  isr,tbejr   grasping' ami,  (jueulioiiable nieiiiods which is' bring-  ing (his about. "Itow* to�� cambat  anil  xeturd,this onwuid "'movement   is ' the  '^ln^stiou which i3   causing   them   no'  i-mall amount of worry.    13at'there'  is  one iy iy tliey reuii>3 they can   give  it  al least a temporary check. '/fhi_ is by  ;naking th^ccn.'lit.'ons   of   tbeir.em-  , '  i *    ,   ' ,c  , ployee*   more < favorable.    They   will  know that higher w;iges and ,tshurler  hours will go a'long wV towards presenting atmau fiom thiuking, study-  irig'and talking along Socialistic lines.  Socialism U the only movement ;tlie'  trusts fear.  St. Eugcuo r.mige N<��. S7.  K. of P.  Aleets evsry Thursday  veiling    in    McGregor  hall at.8  r'olock.    Vis-  iling brothers invited.  G. II. l<IXl;LiY, G. W. Okciiajid,  Chancellor Com.      ,       K. It, and S.  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71 w. F, of M  J. Ij Gjiibo^s,  President.  Jab.   KonEnTS,  ,,        Secretary  i inil'  Comfortable  Rooms  and -,  0  Best of  Table Board.  J. A. GOUPILL^ Propr.  L% WfLLOF  >    ' - - '      JIV3��JwJiTS g  In   all   tl^e   Principal  Cities and   Towns   in  British Columbia '  MOYIE, R C.'  I0HNS  !i  00  wnoj.KSAi.B Asii  nnrAir.   ���  MEAT ,' MERCHANTS  < 41  'Fresh and Cured .Meats, Freeh  Fish. Game aua Poultry.   Wo  i supply only   tho  lest.    ,Your  trade solicited.  ,  THE CANADIAN: S^  ;  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $10,000]00^ReSerVeFun(1    (  .      HEAD  OFTra7T0R0 ''  "  ���O. E. WALKER, General Manager a t rv  ,  ,       -���        r      AU'-X- LAIRD, Ass, P  BRANCHES THKOX7GHOUT CAN at, "  THE UNITED STATO _��^***' AKfi,  A general Banking business Iransactcd.   Accourits\na, k.' ^ .  (        , mail with all branbhe, o, ^V Btk0pened * t^\  ,     .  SAVINGS 'BANK DBPARtm'fnt  Deposits  of   SI  and upwards received   ��.���.'��� ^  current,rates,, ;Tli�� depositor is iTiblect t interes- alW I  .'    ever  m  the   withdravvAl^o^lS^^^Uelafy  -      portion of, the deposit        or a^  CRANBROOK BRANCH.''  ;     STOP AT THJ5  COSMOPOLITAN  MOyiEjAEETE NO. 855  So long as the trusts' can  '\conlrol the votes, of the .country   they  will live in clover. '   '  "WE MAKE   IT A CUSTOM -  ? .     i i  ns we a ro rno'w   doing,   (o advise  our  tnide in advance of the arrival of  new  season's/goods.    Ic   may   bo  you  are  looking foi a    ,   , ,  "���       > ���  FALL  OR WINTER OVERCOAT.i  Peihnps you nnivjiiip the, price may  he a sliaJn too.liigh, ^if so, dori.l bt-  lievo   il.-   Prices   are"1 lnwer   and fr.o!   ^___  j higher.     Goods h-r   1ihi,uji-   and    noi  "        A   ,   c!>        - '  , '  1 poorer.     J<\tn<*y    f-mitngu   nre    bund���'  ,,-Xf vou'wnrfl   to    boost   for   a   good   sum- r an;) iM>t,hninliur.'   ri's,your way  '* '' I'dl ihe ,vhv thimuh."    We'll 'be   much  obliged fui an oith-r   ami ^liope, to  Si_-e  yon.  ���ipS,oP es."  Jleetsjlirst, WcJiiesdH^of, each mbtith.  DR.  HARVIE, ��      "j.II HiffKE.  Worthy Pros'. '   Worthy Secr'y,  ��� ���muni   ia      wir m m  11   ��� ,    f,     ��� ��� ,  Ksifyey   & ' McCart&i',  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc'  r       * - t *  Cranbrook^   - - -    B. ��� C.  iS^ELSOX,  ,     WHEN IN"  b. ol-" CRANB-ROOK  W. F. 'GTJRD, '  isAicnisrjsK, s6t.icitor/t:tc. " /  V ' "     I 4 I,  CRANBROOK.. '        ���      '    B. C  lliing, boost lot JIuyie.  '',   C H. DUNBAR. -. ,*  , "' ' yi :" ' i"  I Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc  t Oranbr,obk, B. O.   ' '  .Courtesy is   a  key.    It   will  more doors than a crowbar.  open  A 'fhe Tatl1;CG3 W'jlJ keep next Thursday, the 29th, "as* their Thanksgiving  , /use becouse a'mnn-'s  skin  is   while  Ail  MOYIE,  B. C  3t.- Joseph's'  Convent.  DR. P. B. MILES,  .WINTER  '��� EXCURSIONS.  . EAST' ' '-  -:{V$68?95L ">���'  MOYIE TO -y\\   :  andrall points west tliereokin'-M*  ^ONTARIO and QUEBEC"*'  QUiBEO, ST. JOHN; HALIFAX'an  7   , /MARITIME PROyiNCJOS^  7 ''   Rates on -appl^-ation      ' -    ���,  TICKETS OiJT SALBj'DATLY,,. '  November 24th to December 31st."  Ii. It. S.1IAI.I.. Jtiinaii.;r. L    3  11 ' **       ' , i  Good rooms, good  tables and bar  'and  firat'chiss skniplo rooms.   ,.  Cigars,  FARRELL'BLOCK,  i        * ii  i <,  Cranbrook,' ;���' '.���: 7B, 0.  ���KOU,ND   -TRIP'.. FIRST,'CLASS.'  ���   "three;mo'ntii% Li.\irr-3 .*  OLD COUNTRY RATES  .$,79-95  ^ s.  it is no argument that lie is  a  jnan," ���    f ?  'white  - NELSON, B. C.',  doarding and Day School  conducted by ,the Sisters of St. Joseph���Nelson  Incase ol  su 'election next ipiing   B.   0.''   Commercial ' and " business-  the contest ,m   the  Cranbrook riding .courses a,specialty.    Excellence   and j  will be a hot one.   '  , " I swift progress 'charaQlei.ize ;?acli  de-)  partment. 'Parents -should write 'for  particulars. One mouth assures the  public of 'the thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence January, April'and,. Sept.  Pupils are admitted during,term.  George R. Thompson^ ,  Bakrtstkr, SoLrciTon, No,1  ' ���   , ,,    '"   RETURN    ' "  "   ''l-^ilifaxorSjjr'johriV^  " * RETURN OCEAN ��� PAESS     , '  .SJilcpn, 5'95; Seco'ndl'.iJTG;   Steerage,  . ._f)4 nnfi imVaccnHine to   nlonrnnr:  '  t,ary Public, &c.  It. c ' "  CRANBROOK,      British Columbia; i  ���For.detailed" information/'Sailings,  | ,0,cean Steamers, FirsVciass, or- 'Tour-1  - ist Sleeper, applyv td  Jocal agents,-' or I'  Knowing biiesseem to think t'jat  Simou Guggenheim, of the American  Smelting & Refilling- Co., will be tbe(  ut-^t sennlor from Oolomdo.  Vancouver World; Tho slick of dynamite said lo have been found in the  coal bunkers of the steamer Ci'fy of  Seattle turns out to have been a bol-  ogu.i sausage which a dninken fireman brought forjiis lunch, hid it  among Uie coal and forgot about h.  when he became sober. I  W, R., BEATTY  7   ' "  Embalmer and,Undei taker,  PhoueSO.'1 .CRANBROOK.  write  , L Attwood, Aflenl,*Moyie'. .��� ".''-  j.s cAiit-Bn.i ^ 7.,;  E.;. c0YLEi 3.  Dist, Pass. AgU .-      . ,AsVt Geul. Tuss. Agt.  Nelson, ! <  PREST PHOTO CO.  Ckambrook-and JIoyiE.  Wm. JewelP   t-O i  The man who went outdo milk and  aiifdown ou a boulder in the middle of  the pasture and waited for the cowpto  back up, was a brother to the man who  kept a store and wouldn't advertise be  cause he reasoned the purchasing  public would back up to his pl.ice of  Jjuuiucss when it wanted something,  . Wm. Wbyte, second   vice   presideui  of the 0. P.. li., iu  an   interview   with  -^Frank;. ���Cj.rpeu ter ���������declares 3tha;t7the  3 ''Soy.ef*��.m5'iit ownership.6f-riiilw.iiysvWi.il  .. never he: asucccss7;. lie'' says   politi-.  7 cians caiinotmuke' gootj; railroad  op-  erators.v   They 7are, dependent' upon  ��� the people fur election and contiiiunnce  in office and (buy would   bo   afraid  of  losing their jobs.     _}ut   (|13n   it 'must  '���'.: be, reiiiembered that .Mr., .Why te ��� is   in  ��� fihe;'.. railroad   bu-ineWi -.mid    not   a  "���?��K"inber;of.-i.he'gdveriimt'iit.'"���  '7:  'BUY YOUR  Cigars,  ^1sxe ixit 'sli3_c3L'  FROM  kwart & Co.  Express and Gener-,  al    Delivery   Busir  !    ness.     Liyejiy   and  1    Feed Stable.  Leave Orders at  GWynne's Stoie.  JIOYIE ' P.mUIi  Colum'.ift.  Agent  for   Crows'   Nest  Steam L-umdrv.  I>KSAUI,NIEIt,IJIU)3,"   I-r01)B.  1,  j Lw e sample7 room in connection  with house 'for coninierciul raDn77Best  of aicommodations.    7  '7 Jreadquarters." for   Com^   '..���'��� /  A   mercial and MirnugiNIen. .  '  QUKKNSAVK.Vin-:,  .WovrE.B. c.  A   . ;'���".���'"  -NOTICE.     ��� '  I, John A. Swiuartou, of Ivin^ss-ate,  British Columbia, hereby apply to" ihe  Baard of Licence O.jini^ioncriiid for a  ffansfcrfrom myself to Louise Elmer of  the liuencc to sell inloxicating liquors  Under the provisions of the Statue/ in,  that Bdiulf/in tiuj premises known  iind decrib-jd'. ns the Royal liatbl,  Kii)g?g,ilMf u. 0., to com in once on the  I-Jtli djy OfD.-ceinber. A. D.'J.flO.O;'  The lnuiie a.ud addreiiS  of tlie" owner  .of tlie jirempses for   which   trausTerTs  pr.opoied.'ure Albert Mui���,  Fcruie,  B.  t5:;}!?<-1 Louise, Elmer, Moyie, B  C.  .  , ;   -J. "i WIN ART ON..   -, ���  50 YEARS*  EXPERIENCE  ;j Columbian; CqU eg e"  7.7 "��� NEW WESTMINSTER,7B, ���: C;  7 Receives-both; Ladies and ; Gentlemen as Resident or us Day .Students.  H'ls acompletc Com morciul or ���Business Course. Prepares Astuilfiiiis,;/..  guiu , Teacher,^,7 'dcrtificaies of all  grades. In artillialioh-withTOit'ON-TO  UN I V-.E RS1T Y gives 1 lie four years'  course for the,. B,;'.A.'"'degree, iind7 tin-  first year bfAllie 'Toronto School ol  Science. II13 it. speoinl "Prospectors  Cburoe" for-:miners who work in B. C  lustruotions ��iven in Art> Music.'  Physical culture and elocution.  For Citieride'r etc. .address.: ^Columbia. College." 7. '  .:  :  Teint", ope.h Sept. 17th. 100G.  Trade WIarks  n^s^i^r*"       'Designs  i ?>?*>��� CopvniGHTs &c.  A^*W' -~  .,AlS2no!Le".dI.n" !l "Xslch nnd -Joscrlption ran?  .��lckly ascert.-ilii f,1!r opinion free wliethe-iia  Invennnn   �� promibh- pntentaWo.   Co umuiilc7  il .    ?��� Oldest nuaue.y for necui-inen-iLaii's  Srg^,^^tSi?^r^^i^--^  Scktiilfic Emmzm.  ccilhtlon of any Mlem.Wci journZ.    Twfm '*3 a'  mm & 0o.3s,E'^ay. $0* y0r&  O: F; DE5AULNIER.  DEAIEE   IN  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  I  Queens' Ave.     MOYIE  E.S. .&WYNNE  TobaCcd, ,/��� * .Coufclioncry  Fruits, F^'c'  -.     7   ,  "Prices Griveix  1     ->-u > I     ,   i'J  ',    prdprs  1 1    /  Taken on-  *> C * *"  ;, Every th'in  * 1  in the Printing,  ' i.'  '���   7V|  ��gr  erafive ��� Stores  LIMITED.  r'Euneral /Dirfe'ctprs and  ':''?;:';j^��mbalm6rs/'   -  %2S8S!SSBZi  -'0^M^M^^:^^m  ���iff- ^73^?s-te he Reason, 'for /|  u/|V   .A'iV'*A'^y.    -,y_.'AAV*   '/.V;.��� * '  ".    ,.       , ..\<_  You;'Need'0ne?!  ' Write for Prices to ,  ��     l 7IV  CRANBROOK  1     S ,i * , t 1  ?#������������ii^.'!  ������������6   ,6������<c^fe*SS���S������e���Se^��353;3i3��a93!a3.933d353e����*WJS^  ^ypyF.'jo&Jvsiox    :    ���  I This Hotel is New and well Furnished The  Tables are Supplied with the Best the  Mamet affords. The Bar is Pilled witn  *, - the iSejsf Brands of Liquors and Cigars,  v^E^'if.^ : y  ;A7.:-aa:*'7^  ;:7A:MOriji;7.A77'7;T-:77A;A::77.;,i_A7;.-^ !|  .'A,- A.A. 'A    .- . ' .     ':'...A. ��� ' A ���      : : .'   :- -' -  ' '    ���'���''������     ,' '..-���������.  iia^inidu by the .prr'gciit brewer is   ndmittcdlv'-.. ,8  /Best TBeer "in EiiHt.'lvoOtehay.AVitirU |  ihe;Purc8t;Si)>ing3\Vati'r.'it''is'tiiipxcelicd/orqyahty- 7 g  Ihsist on having Moyie Beer,  Bottled;and Draffc Beer.  JTJLIUS MIJELLER, Proprietor,  ' :!. . >    ���.' MOVJ-Ji  '^s^gaasaaajg^gi;^^ B55SSS����S^^  B; C  7AI


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