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The Moyie Leader Nov 4, 1905

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Array A KtoHfllf**^
' Atr
3     «CV 8 - 1905
loiTaNO -:«-'^
MOYIE, B.C.,  NOVEMBER 4.1903.
St. Eugene Is Rush-
ing Things,    «
'I) ■ *
,;We*liave'opened/up the" finest
range of   Rubber   Goods   ever
'    shown m Moyio.'. This, is the
1 "'time to' make ,,your„ choice.   All
fresk-^tbc&V-'.See pur  Rubber
*   ' Bootrwittileather sole. - ,'
Evervthing will-'Bo Rurming
in Full' Blast;bv.-Dec :
i  .   First,   , , , .,.'
llllly, -y*»Xy^m^iiM La- -o ^rt.nnn'
a   Tota^esources,:- 91,OOv>V>uu/ - r ,    -/
^w'^U^'t^t h^' * G: WIUPAS.;MGR
■     ==—•—^~ ^ :,:-,', ,:^,'.„'-„ ■,-CTim-itfltS"'^^ '
*     I   ** gTTnH*T"*1TirfTTTTt!P3SiT*?<ffflfltO""'^^^ *■ ^ **  " ■> *
j-'      .Ve hsveIPlpa?u» in inform "*•.,-..        oa ^mce^and the
1    been given credit fi?V MMPj?«fe ^^ 'h(vve,< been 'considerably .
. H      -V   &* "*&. ' S..'. fitt- reliable co m
■i ■ i ^
, Within ten days or "two week's time
a full'IorciS of 300 -nieny.wil^ again'-bo'
wo* king i at1 the1 St'.'A/Eugene.' This
means that'between uow and that date
upwardaof 150 mon,- mostly,,, miners,
wM'beliut to, work. f Miners^scsm" to
be scarce, but it is thought there^ win
not be; much difficully^iu, getting*' the'
'required'''number,  ' The,, mill'wiy
■f S        * *    v*       ■*' ?■    * t s *t
start up-and shipping   will,, be. comr
meiiced"aboiitvD(ice''mberlst. __    ''"
' The new(ahaft''hou?<   anil-"f riming
shed aro being ruahecTto 'completion
as fast as'carpenters ;-ftn"d6'the   work:'
The Blialt',.li6use\ir40x200 " feet,; and
the gallows frame-^will "be -80 feet-in
height.   The framimg shed is''30-feet
wide and 60 feet long.',The new Duild
ingB are larger, moVe^conveuient   and
io    every way   superior' to the   ones
which were" destroyed   by   fire  some
three weeks ago.       <x   -     Lif y
! The new tunnel/ which- was started
some time ago is,now tin'a  distance"
of about, 200  feet,. and'i the 'lead 'has
been struck.-"". This tunnel, is ..between
tho ilOO foot leveljof^lhe,"Moyie ^and
thVtflS00'ifoot levelof the\Laket-£bore
property. J   lV    , , , \,  "".   <,j-^
- Work in the,Lake Shore  shaft, wi]lr
be'eommenced in about a ^week's-time^
"Prol" Wilaort is in Banners  Fsrry.
J. P. Farrell was in Craubrouk Tuesday.
James    Graham ,has   returned   to
JMoyie. - , ,
Dan  Mcintosh  was  in   Cr-inbrook
P. F. Johnston has 'gone ta Spokane
for a few'days.   A
Send     your"   assaying    „to   A,' L.
McKillop, Nelson. r '    '    ,
J. J. Murphy    tran'ej.voted   business
in Cranbrook Wednesday.
C. A. Foote, 'this  tftilOir/ is   turnin g
out some nobby suits this fall.
* \V, A.'.GAlliher; MVP. was  taken   tp
the Oraiibro'ok hospital Wednesday.
'' Work ia,progresVing f,ivorab1y at the
King Lumber Co's new'mil'l at Too^ity.,
, Stipendiary Magistrate   Armstrong
held amailidebts court iavMoyie,Tiies-
day.       tlit *-}-,   ..-./,     /
Mies Daipy Hillier'pf/Cranbrbok1 was1
lfero' during .the, week*j'vlsitingr with
friends.'.,     ,';"->kiy    ''"• (,\.     " &
The MinerB-Unionltiayo^their. read-
Order, iii Council Ij
NominatiohB .will Bs on JSoy.
«?l5thi' Making a,'Short
-   ', r; Campaign.
■ Are'csleb rated ihe world over.   T7e have
tli3in in tha following' varieties:    *
Chow Chow,    ,
Sweet Gherkins,
Sour. Gherkins,
Sw&et Mixed,/
SoiirMSixcd. •
Xumtm^J?*?^ BOTTLB.^fia^*
ing room aud libraiy^Pcn"-everr''d.fty
and evening, y yyj'ffi ' "     r  ' \. ,
II."MoMHlanJa back^tb Moyio^Jfom
CfaDbfook,'w\ieWh'eywas in "the"hos-
pitarfor'some limoyjr " ,-'    A-
Mrs. Mallanduine Returned',, to her
home m^Creston Tuesday after an ex-.
tended vibit JofPortlaiid and ^^er
coast points. -, • y.-j-'^ -1' y -
. "Tuob. Bade'r was4up from Morrissey
Mines"this week"on -business'in- connection with th^iurpra .property, of
which he is one of-the' owners.
rs !*],,
Try VA Few Cans of
"Old Homestead Brand"
"    w <* r.  * .      It li       -
< (.
I ■
Vegetables and Fruits at
•• >w . &)
i   T-  ^.^
'1!    ,5
'«- '^Hooligan's Tfonbles?-' c">
"«■   i   > P.    •'" ^-*v   ;*i-v
..''The isHoplig-mB Troubles   company
'had & record- breaker oL a„.house   in
Eagle hall last Saturday evening.    All
the'ireserved  seats wero sold  at  five
o'clock and standing room   was   at   a
'premium.'"itjs a loosely  constructed
farce comedy,   with    a""lot  of-scenes
strung together   lor ' Uie   purpose  of
showing cfflhe^peciaHics of, theicom-
pnny.   Billy A. Ward, who   took   the
role of Happy Hooligan, enacted it to
the satisfaction of  all   who  witnessed
tlio     performance.   The    supporting
company is ft strong and   talented one,
Hooligans'   umbrella -' act   brought
down the house.     Frank ,aud   Willie
Mnhoney, the two   Moyie   boys   who
have joiupd   the   company, wtnade   a
decided hit  with   their' dancing, -. and
received plenty.applause.
•Ferogfia', 2000;"'Christina^
lOifl -^Alfred -'Carlson, -17^
Farrell & Smyth, loyie.
ii our W.oO, 10 s\z", open face, Gun
Metal, 15 ]cwel, n>cklo,(W. U. Wilson
special.) ' Can we send you ono?
l'oat paid upon icceipt of -price.
Jeweler. CRANBROOK, B. C
B. H. SMAIX. Slnnacor.
Good rooms, good  tables and  bar
and   Oral cJasa'.sample r^ims.
Mr.   C.   P.    Walker    Presents     the
Eminent Actor.   '
Imperial' Bank of Canada.
Deposit. 01*1.00 « "P""^'™0;*8^, u»„  , !3«viog,
There is no   better  nivesm.-"-
Baok deposit.
Ouce opened it grows wlielhor added to  or   not
Interest   allowed at  current   latos   and   com
ponrded twice a yea*-.
J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
Supported by MR. CLIFFORD LANE
BRUCE ftiul a Capable Company.
Otis'Skinnet's Ureat Play.
PRICES: $100 and 75c.
Seats on sale ono  week   in   advance
at Moyie Diug and Statiom-ry store. '
Mr. ,Niederstadt' wiBhess,to*remind
hia.friendVand patrbris tlmt be has'-at
the Moyie'BreweryHfiny bottled   beer
and porter for Bale.%';^*    v  -y -''   ' -1
'j: S: MaoEacherc^and^ family j have
moveil into~' tlieir ^n^wXiesidenje ,on,
Taviatoct, alreetr VJ>-H. -Ha.wke-.and
family are occupying the^house vacated
by Mr*. MacEachejn'^;,; ^   ]_A,
^''•The'new concrete w>llfat-i»the^dam
of(th'e Moyie Water Co.^has'.coriie.^up
to aU expectibns, and.theri'is now.between eight "arid s"nine\feet* of ^water
over'the .intftte.'-* ; ^^'^i'i't&y
■Dr! Robert Bell," E.'Tt. ■ S./ director
of the-Dominion geological survey, hi>s
been making a  tour  of  the  province
and was in Moyie  Wednesday  securing data for his' next   annual   report.
On Sunday, November 12, Rev. Jas.,
p'. Westman-'of Cranbrook will   preach
in" tlie   \Me,thodist .church,  and, will
deliver a lecture tbe following evening
on the  subject,. "Your   It."    Further
announcement will be made.
The Moyie lodge of Odd Fellows will
confer the iuitiatory'degree on several
candidates one weeii from next Tuesday evening, after which coffee,. sandwiches and cake will be served iu the
lodge room. Tnere will be a practice
in the initiatory degree at Tuesday
evening's meeting. ^ '  '
Every man owes'it to himself, and
his Umily to master a trade or profession. Read the display adver'tibe-
ment of the six Morse Schools.of Tele
graphy, in this issue, and learn how
easily a young man or young lady
may learn telegraphy and be assured a
position. ^ v
Harold Nelson.
The popular Canadian stur Mr.
Harold Nelson, whosa appearance here
is nlways welcomed by a crowded
house, will he seen this s-eii"on in an
elaborate preduction of Prince Oito,
iv dramatization of Robert ^Louis
Stephenson's famous novel, Prince
Otto will bo seen hero for one night,
Monday, November Cxh.
'*mrr*       Cr-.vn.anTO &o.
Uorlj W. Kil\\:irilH Injured.
Hi-rb W. Edwards of D^s Moines,
Town, got a fall on nn icy walk liiht
winter, spr.iining ins wrist and brum
ing his knees. "The next day," lie
*ays, "they were so .sore .mil stiff I wuy
afraid T would lnivu ts's-uy in bed, lnu
1 rubbed them well with Clumilier-
i luin's Pain Bulm and ufltr n iew ap-
I oliciitious auieno-'- h *d (lisipiiiM-.'cd."
Fur sale by S. K. 11 irvie.
^Tho Order in council wentiulo effect
on the first,of' tho" mouth"" and   Gran-
brook is ,now \a" city. /N iminations'
will be'held on- Number ,L-5th   and',
the first'city/election will he   held' on
the22ud:' Thet-fut'ure hiV much, in
store,for'Craplorook'and.,we areglad of
it.    Th'e.'a&tivity'.'HiejUriity, the,; pluck
.of'Cranbrook'i'ttra^qiuililitB that, may
.well be emulated-'bv otherj towns ,Lo
Uieirowu beneQt.^ Tlie 'good wiU'a nd
Jneigiiborline/s-v ^ h*l' JA^yf "Hh°wQ
towards Moyio ought to be anil is^ appreciated y 'and" -' feciprocaWd" la
bvec9ini&g'tt city all 'Moyie rises'up.aud
congratulates hor.'^   .v    y * >y   ,l ' ~r-
y ';Movi'e 'f^lio -School/ •/,
• T':e"following lisf! tho^"-ihe marks
obtainhd by each of the.pupils during
Ociober'. Martha*"' Keaney..A Lillian
Schulz-j, Bella Whitenead,and Beatrice
One rank' low because tliey .were ,ab-
eent more than 1'half'"the; month.^ In
deportment eaclyiupil is credited"with
lOCl"marker at -the beginning-of each
month',' and those' lost through'biea-
ches"bf 'the rules arededucted.      ,y
.  '6-JA ^-GENEK'AL PROHCIiNCY.    '.    -'   -
^-FOURTITf CLAN'S-—Aitbur.^Lutner,
2lil:'Arthur "JCrowe;' .2090; "^rauK
JBCawk'e;' 1578; 'Philip", Conrad,./M8-i;
EUiih' jHawke,.;'M30; -Sidney {Elmer,-
1225•;-JohuAElme^,,1195-.'Lena' Rudd,
lloi;' Lillian Shhulze, 733; Martha
Keaney, G97.
, THIRD CLASS—Ethel Brenton,
1937; Anno. Webster, 1930; Mabel
Lutner, 1910"; Phyllin Beckwiih, 162S;
Carl Nelson, 1*273; Joseph ^Whitehead,
1177; Annie Doaaloson, 1029; Lucy
Keaney772; Belli. Whitehead, 4.U.
^ECOND CLASS—Clara Nieder-
stadt, 1770; Louise rfiederotadt, 1677;
Earl Shea, 13S7; Il.ury, Crowe, 1356;
Alverna Brenton, 1281; Ruth Mars-
ton,-1177; William One, 1145; Doro-:
thea   Blackburn,  841;  Beatrice One.
232,      y
Ruth Mars ton" 100; Louise Nieder-
stadt, 100;' Bella Whitehead, . 100;
Martha Keanv; 100; Edith Hawke,
9S; Lillian S chulze,'9S; Lena Rudd,
98; Christina Blackburn, 98; Beatrice
Onr, 98; LucyKeany, 97 ; Clara Nie-
derstadt, 97; Annie Donaldson, 95;
Arthur Lutner, 9o; Arthur Crowe. 95;
Joseph Whitehead, 95; Anna Webster,'
94; Alfred Carlson; 93; Eibel^Brcntpn,
93; Phyllis Beeuwith, 92; Harry
Cr6we, 92; Mabeljjutnei 90; Alvei a
Brenton, S9; Russell Hawke, 89; Eail
Shea, SS; William O ie, SS; Carl Nelson, S5; Sidney 'Elmer, 81; John
Elmer, 84; Dorothea Blackburn, Si;
Plillip Conrad, S3; Frank Feru-li i, 60.
Green In Town.
Hun. Ribt. F. Gteen, clii >f commissioner of tin- Lauds and Wmks Ul-
parimenl, Yk'turiii., is in' touu todav
nnd will rv-n.ia.in ovi-f until    lonuriuw.
Eggs arc pelHng'in^'ar.couvcr at <)0
cents a^dozen,   .'''■.
" - j    i.   .,-,-        ' 'I
t' 'James J. Hill is s'u'd to have acquired the HudsontBiiy.Railroad." ■
" i      y.      ' ,
. ft •      , 1 , 1(     .
The'total number of children on the
roll at Nelson's public school is 452,.
,   .    ' ' —; "   «       ■
H 'Canadian life  insurance   companies
are'said Jo   be   willing to,  Open their
books to inspection, at any time.   ,
ir a     . , - . / ,
v There is a novel bieach ' of "promise
^uit.on in Seattle. ^Mayor Znok "f
Bulla'rd-refinsed^o marry. .Mies Glover
after h'e leiirntd' she 'had consumption.
,"- METAL   MARKET.'   .
Kew'Y'okk—Bar &ilver,,G2}- cent».
Load, JpG 15. ' Zino (spelter) $5.90.'
'   London—Leadpii 14" 18s. 9J.
, ,'1.*, fr«p.l
j '-"■'lyk^tml
: i\J?t
1. *
" ' I
A-' ■
.  Poems-of-'Passion.    ' -
y     c,      -   _.,	
The Yukon "World savs that the foi-  ' .
: .  f A i  A t     .
lowing, quoted  from   Ihe   "Poems of
Pastioii," by El.la Wheeler   Wilcox, is  '
pro"bably the warmeat thing of its kind'
extant. ' ,
If Iivero a ranulrop and you n-ere a loaf,   -        '
,   I would tiursciroui the uloutU ubovu you^       ^
Atldllo on your'ljreast in arapturo of reat��    '    '.
And lu\o jou, lovu jou, lov« vou. ,     ,"     ' ■ g
. iTliibis hhvort.,but   brilliant, like ,ihe -,
tail ot a' mallard  duck, 'and   Ella  has
I )l^-
' M,vi, i\<
y, iAU<h i.
■■■'''' :vt V-
1-*f H -
i    ,'   ,t?T-
• j<' *;■>'„
''if.. U^
'Ai "J." -.
'."'■■ -«r-
the.''price ^of .• rough lumber   $2 ta
thousand.   -        -' *.c - »   -* •■
--i. \ . ——   -.        .       .
-   i    -   A *   .     '"      ' o •'
' Fred A.'Dryden, for J wo years and
^eighti   months    warden   of   tbe,, slate
'penitentiary  nt   Walla  Walla-during
the   ' administration     of   'iGovemoru
MeBride and   Mead,- is   now   running
a' barber shop at Wallace, Idaho,
The American Smelling <fc R( fining
Co. is s'.ud to bo earning $2,000,00 net
per annum trom „ Hie treatment or
the Tonopah-Gildfielif ores and to 'be
producing mgre gold Trom its Sell
Lake plant than Jrom all of ltr other
smelters put together. The oompony
is building a new $3,000,000 smelting
plant on the shores of the Great Salt
Lake in Utah, and the Nevada consjli
date is building a smelter at Ely, N«v ,
and will make a' bid for the Nevada
gold ores..
i    . ..i'    xT*ilf"  '*-\    ' i
The'above is-'pretty warm,   bubu'hot -'
too"letteh, and is^iis'good verse'as  D._ ,j'
V.   Mott, tha*[Orow   bard   can  write,. '"".
v       J l\-- ^ ~ I ".
Here,''is  a' gemlet * from   the   Star's.
chained rhyme-builder: ; ;„\      '   ,
I£ I woio a leaf and jon were n rftlrifl*r"i,     -j    ..  '
And \ 6u sJiould burst from the «. ou U abovu-
'        nji>.
And lie ou ray bres'-t In a rapture of rest,
ItSvuuld kill me, kill me, i!ll me.
'              ' —(joiden Star.
If I li\ert in Moyio aud ray name-was Smjth,
Xear "Bcuutj the .Barber" who's not a mere
mjth, "   '
I'd lie in the chair with my feet in the air,
While'ihcihavcdme, bhavudrae, blinved mc.
•Ferule Ledger.
S. AH—*
-f >. I
Afr Al
Halloween Pranks.
List Tii'seay was hullo ween, and'
tbo small boys as iHiul got, bmy for
ft whil-, although no s-rions (inmate
wm done to property'. Thin is as tit
bhoold   be.
■"iVIiun Voil li •%•> .» I'-ittl (*-
You want a   ri'iiu'dv-    tit u
w 11 not  |
only «ivo quii'k mliel bin ill" i't a
matKuit cnri-.
Y"U w mt   l IL'lK   '^   ib '•   v-A '
the lung- an I kiep e..p     ' ratio    <■ n.< .
Y'Hi v.ant a leuudv  in it   wii t w\i i -
. i.
Kt,       <'
:#> -y
'syy>f ~ •-^ "r-T^w*^- Vx*. v   - >o<    ■
1    X..'1*- -   '5.    -yA^-V  "   '- •
<      f J     ."-'        iJ*^       ' A..A--S?     .       A -'-
- ,s .'.
nnlpUlV  ll^f CI t.lill   Our   til"   l   •• '   ; '        r«,.. uniu  ll>lt
Pit(»ms  (JiK-ii   'i'""-"   * a r ^
..luV.iJt.LV   n|-lHmtchim.o..ul'-o_
$tmtmt jiuim
fhnrc-5-   -•<■ ri U-p«.
Plin5BYTEKl.\i> — In   'he    OiMlcll'iw-*
Hall.    Smuiiiy Si b<« -1 nt 3 p. m.    Kv-
omng     service   nt    7 \iO.
E\"er\one  wt lcumo.
G. ll   FINLAY, Pas'tir.
MFTIK'UItT— =mxtn>  S'hool  lit   3p
m.   livening seivii-c nt 7.30 o'clutn.
Evi'tvone wih-onic.
D  M. L'EKLEY, B. A., Pastor.
,111) iond  m'\  t   »'ir     s-m u
Y ,11 wanl si ri.!ii<->'.j  i.i tl i'  11
nnd Slfi' I" t '^''
Chiimb ihiin'a I'o'i. 1 i-'* • '"'
all of lIiOm* rt'ij nri'   1   11  -     m >    '
-pinly ami   t>-" n ■  ■   1        ' '" '
CO d= st- '"'Is Vi.lhlJ'll 11  i'*'   --     '-■'*'
bv S. K   II u -1*.
on  .
.1  e j '
"~ y faN-s-'
* ^ 'r£ '.-^-^"^w^*"*^
.y.i<y *."■>>■,
y&? -*a-
0  v3k^
_. .        1    •    «„   Cc-hr    C'n'-l   -"'d
Chamberlain s dluMi-u ni-nniy.
Nc^ci fails,    lluy ii »'»«     u '-1 •> ,,'''1U hle"
'J UK   n:\iJiNt-
UtlA. J£a   a£a.  aHaIAA.   AU JBR.~
a A. jL J£L.ia£ ^'«. t)
! AD11.S' AND  MI.N"6
r'JUNIr lILlt
-E«t «»j-<iw*.r»*. iksmitt
w -i v* *>*'> f    ~ J     '  ��* *  *  > , / '   --I  If & f?  �����-��.��->.^.ia ����������������!  ,�������.-#���> ������>��������-*-  ���? *- *i  :M  THEIR  MAY  FLITTING  |       By FRANK H. SWEET  f     Copyright, 1S0S, by Frank H  Svxct  Q). ........ .���>��������� ........... .."^..... > *  1  3   rl  /|l  /'The au-dac-l-ty!"  Elizabeth Brown's eyes flashed, and  ���she threw the note from her'angrily,  then picked" lt up at the inquiring look  of her' mother.  "Read that!" she commanded hotly.  ���Mrs. Brown took the letter and read  It meekly.   It was brief:  My Dear Miss Betty���I have Just left  the house, lt la down in tho country and  near tho seashore and has piazzas and an  apple orchard���ln short, Is an .Ideal home  for a young married couple. "Will call to-  -, morrow and go Into details more fully.  Faithfully yours,   ,    JAMES GItAIIAM.  'Mrs. Brown looked up' with a pleased  flutter.  "I, didn't know it had���had gone so  far, Elizabeth," she 'said eagerly, "that  , you were engaged.   When"���       ���  "We are not engaged," sharply, "and  never will   be.    I  have  thought  Mr.  Graham a very pleasant man and have  liked  him,  aud ho  has  called  on  us  quite often lately, but there'has never  been a word of���of love spoken, nnd  now this note!   It is positively insulting!   Mother, we must commence packing at once and^mo've this very 'afternoon."  -     "Why,  child, we can't," ln startled  dismay.   "It will take a week at least  You know"��� ,  1 "I know we shall be out of this house  before night!"  vehemently  steps uow. ai! odd light in lier face.  "Who w.is Unit woman, Mr. Graham'-'" she demanded.  "Belle Brown, a queer stick, who Is  looking after a house. A. fnen.1 i-oi-om-  meuded her to uie ns a joke aud I determined to retaliate by actually tenting her the ho,it->e. You have noticed  how I failed But it it really possible  that you have rented my house from  the postmaster?"  "We really have," Elizabeth answered smilingly, "though we did not  dream it waa yours."  "An   uncle   gave   it   to   me   several  months ago,' and you are my fiist ten-"  ants.  'It's jolly that you are to be here  I all summer.   I like tlie place aud have  ��� planned  to   come  down  after, a  few  days for a long stay, but I did feel a  little   apprehensive   about   the   social  lonesomeness.    It's' odd,  though,  that  you didn't give me some hint of 'your  coming.   I"���   He paused abruptly at  something he saw in her face, adding  suspiciously: ' "Did you get that letter  I meant for Betty Browu, which she  told me never'reacbed her? ' Yes!" as  the color rose swiftly to her, face.    "I  see you did.    He,hesitated-a moment,  then leaned toward her boldly.   "Sup- 't  pose  we let the  letter  stand,  Eliza- |  beth, just as it was, written," he wbis- r  pered. '"It is what J^realiy would have  sent to you had I dared."  '' Elizabeth   tyie"d  to   frown,   but   the  frown softened before^it reached her  eyes, and he was looking into her eyes,  lie was satisfied.       - <  Kelway  and the  Customs  By  Sherwood  Boyd  Copyright. 1905, by R. B. McClnre  Didn't Sntlnfj- the Mngl*irtitc.  The other evening; awnim of the burglar" type stepped 'up to an old gen-  tlerann and,, handing him a piece'of  paper, said: .   ,    ' _'  0"Sir, would you be, good enough to  "I   shall I reQd >me the writing on this piece of  "No," said Miss Clovis, "I do not  think that this trip holds for me any  especial souvenir. *  - ."Nothing to remember, to recall,'in  after years as one of the patches of  sunlight on life's checkered road?"  "Nothing?" she sfcid decidedly. "Three  days of wretched'seasickness and four  days of storm tossed waters and seven'  days with an unhealthy mind."  "Do you care' so much?", he asked  softly. = "I had hoped you had forgiven  and forgotten." >    -  "Really, Mr. Kelway/' she said, "I  am surprised that you ,should imagine  for a moment that the incidents, of last  month still linger in my mind."  "Marjorie," he began softly,  "Miss Clovis, if you please," she corrected. . / A     t  'T'said Marjorie," he repeated. "Miss  Clovis does not please me just at present" '   '  "Then Miss Clovis will withdraw her  undesirable presence," she began. Kelway held her hand in an iron grip.  "It has taken me the entire trip to  get you alone,'', lie said. "I am going to  I ' I  lt was a very rude thing to do, but  he watched as the inspector, suaering  from an intermittent burst of otfacial  energy, dug down to the very bottom  of her trunk.  On the top of the tray was a framed  picture of himself, with a bit of heather |nside the glass. Miss Clovis sprang  to the tray, but Kelway had seen. He  came forward. '   '  * "I am going back on tlie steamer to-  , morrow," he said to her.  "Why?" hhe asked as the blushes  spread over ber face.  "Since you do care after all I am going to get a sworn statement from that  On* Result ���( th* Derlcr.  Speaking* of the gambling evil, ��  London coroner says: "I always look  for suicides after the Derby. After  that event you always find that a certain number of shop assistants have  absconded and a number of other people have committed suicide."  ______ ���    ,        (  Tiet-f Zealand.  New Zealand commemorates the love  of the Dutch explorers for their native  country. There is a district in Holland known as Sealand. r <,  FULL OF GOODNESS  Government Whitewash.'  The' following   recipe   for   white-  girl, the picture of the, brother of hers   'washing, sent out by'the lighthouse i  rA$A ���  mvy, /&  Ij?��'i|lV t e7,  I cfiTl"^ ,1- ,l..}  l-^ftp-*,*. _,  -;-;-K::#  If!' rv  A VI  -:' i#  ar A2V&:  y���j. ��>SJjV  A *      ��  UM'fijfff  k* '��� ''AIM  it-     V"   -Tv-fil J*  .-A\ I ��  ��� A\fl ��4  t&*  fri  <4'  fl  1  'i'-.i  K"  .y-  :*-\:.  Wi  go and engage a moving van at once to  J carry our goods to the station,''and 1^  K ''  will have them taken to the little stii-'  i tion just beyond the limits of the town.  ,        , ' It will cost a few dollars more, but it  ''    ,      ' , will hide all trace of our whereabouts.  a a, '  Mr. Graham will be here tomorrow to  i go ''into    details���the    pi esumpf uous  ��     j   wretch J   I'm,sorry'I-ever spokg to him  '    , /'- about our plans to hire a^ quiet place  for the summer.    Now,  mother,  you  '     go and  be packing your clothes  and  valuables.    I shall  tell the van  man  , to be here in an hour, and we t must  be, ready."   -'      ',        ' \ '  *���.  i   "Yes,   dear,"   .meekly,   "but   where  ' shall we go?" *        '      , a    ,  '    '.' *   ���   "Why,'  to���to���  -Oh,  anywhere!    It'  ,, y doesn't really^ matter. ��� Suppose we try  that  little  place , where  we  had   two'  '    , weeks'  outing  last  summer���Orchard-^  , <���      ville,   you   know. �� It's   real   country'  ' there, with "solitary walks and gardens  f > ln every yard aud country people com  ing in with things to sell.    Rent must  bo cheap there, and by offenng enough  we can'^get some sort of house, or,' If  ,    * wo  can't,   we'll  hire  part  of -one or  rooms.    Anyway we haven't time to  i    a engagcone ahead now."  y "Orchardville is whore we first, met  , -, ,Mr. Graham, isn't it?"  o   t    "Is it?   Why, yes.   I behevefl'you are  ,' right, mother, 'but, you know, he told  ��k     ���    "     us he was Just 'down thei e for a few  -    days' fishing aud that he didn't get a  * bite, so,* of-course, wo wouldn't meet  ,'       *     him again.'" Men never go fishing"twice  '    ���    -.' to the'same place when they have bad  luck. - Noiyyplease hurry, mother." *  .        ,    The next" afternoon they were stand-  ��- "  ing on 'the ' front  porch  of  a' pretty^  \''.    t ,      vine  covered4 cottage, 'superintending  �� -     ^       the "removal  of their goods from  tho  f      "        local delivery wagon.   The indignation  1   still burned in Elizabeth's eyes.   Mrs.  Brown looked tired and plaintive."  j t "I do hope we can stay here,' Eliza  i heth," she sighed, "but the postmaster,  , -    seemed slow in giving up the key aud'  wouldn't promise us the house sure."  ' "We'll stay all right, mother; don't  you worrj*.    Tho house was  to  rent  and tho key left with tlie postmaster  t     i for prospective tenants.    What if the  owner did write to hiui about an old  maid who w*as looking after a place  for some young fnends and that he  j, would have her come down and see  this. She hasn't put in an appearance yet, nor her joung friends, and  we were the first real applicants. Besides, we are in actual possession, and  I was shrewd enough to force an advance rent into the postmaster's  hands. Now help me swing this hammock on the piazz.i hete and then you  lie down in it for an hour's rest."  6 Two days later they were settled and  the furniture was all arranged.    Mrs.  ' Brown was lying jn Uie hammock be  hind the screen of vines, gazing pensively at Elizabeth, who had stopped  reading and was now contemplating  the closed book in her lap with unseeing eyes. There were solitary walks  about this village, many of thera, and  the young girl was facing the fact that  the walks represented the social condition of the place. The previous summer's outmg had been pleasant, but  there had been companionsmp to make  it so.  The gate latch clicked, and Mrs.  Brown was aroused by a stilled exclamation from Elizabeth. Coining up  the walk was James Graham,' aud beside him was an angular, middle aged  woman who was apparently refusing  to be convinced.  "'Tain't the kind of house I want,  Mr. Graham," she was saying shrilly,  "not in any -.\ay. There must he a bay  winder in Uie end for Delia's plants  an* willers in front for her an' Tommy  to set under. She said I needn't even  look ut a place without the willers."  "But let mo show you  through the  house,   jMiss   Browu."  urged   Giaham  "I am sure you will like the arrangement, and Uiere is a fine willow in the  back yard i\hich the young people can  sit under.   There wasn't time to go to  my agent after the key, but I can get  In one of the windows and open tho  back door from the inside.   I'm sure"-  But the woman stopped short, turned  and started back toward the gate.  "Willers in front," she repeated ag-  I gressively.    "Thorn's   the   last   words  Delta said.    It's no uso,  Mr   Graham.  I don't want it"  Giaiiam watched hor through tlie  gate and up the suIpw.iIk low aid the  station and then tinned again to Uie  house.  ".Might as well run tbtough it while  I'm here," they heard him say. then:  "Why, hello! Looks as if somebody-  lived in Uje house���curtains at the ^windows, and," as he came a few steps  nearer, ���"hammocks swung on Uie  piiuwa, and��� Great Scott! Elizabeth  ..���Miss Brown. Vou here! Well, well!  This lsluc-k," ".  Elizabeth ! was   at  the .head   of  the  paper?"  The individual addressed consented -  and, moving toward the rays of a con- f  venieut gas lamp, read Uie following j'  , words:   '        ''  ; ,  "if"you"'uttteri'ai"cry" or speak a single  word I shall shoot you. Give me your  watch and chain ,and your ,pursef at  once and then pass oh.'\r  yi  Completely taken  off, his 'guard, i tho  gentleman' handed" over' the-.articles  asked   for. and*'walked 'off.<i "A 'few i-  ^steps brought him to a policeman, and,"^  relating his story,-, the pair "proceeded J"  in pursuit of Uie stranger,  who' was r  not yet out cf sight. "-"y >  , Next morning before the magistrate;  the vagrant waslcalled upon for an ex- r  planation.  5       ,1 ^,; ,- , , .      " '  "Your honor," he"s'ald,'"l am not an^'  educated'man aiid "can'therefore nei-y  ��her read nor write."' Last evening I,"  picked up a piece of paper, and.'Tt strlk- -'  ing me, that it might .'be of some im-;*  portaiice, I took it,toLthe first person's,.  I vmet and asked him to decipher It**  The gentleman read -it'-quiet'ly' to him-   '  self, and then, (,without saying a word,',  handed me h'isi watch, cham and'purse  and'walked off without giving me time'  to recover,from my surprise or to ask  him w,hat he meant    It seemed to^me  that  the   paper; possessed   a ^certain  value, and that he had'given'mo the-  shall not,make a scene," she"s'aid'cold-  valuables as^a regard for finding it.'' ' ^ ly, "but I have, assured you a; dozen  .But  the   magistrate   gave, him' six   ,times, that.I hive ho'desire to reopen a  she mistook me for, and his declaration  that he was expected to arrive on Uie  train by which I traveled."  , <  "It is not necessary," she said softly.  "I found out after you left me last  night that it was all right"  ("Who could have told you?" he cried  wonderingly.  .Not even the customs officer heard  the whispered "My heart," but Kelway  was content. ,   " " .  "To think that T should;not have  spoken if that meddling, customs Inspector, had not shown "me that you5  still loved me," he cried wonderingly.  "Unless I had seen that frame I should  havehad no'hope." ,   "��� ���        "*'     .'���,  The inspector still wonders why that  ten dollar bill-was thrust into his band.  ,-s-fr   1       ''" >t ' t  '      .For  Pleannnt  Dreams. "    '      ,  "It's not everybody I'd put to sleeps  in,tbis room," said Mrs. J. to the fas-,  tidious'and extremely nervous young  minister''who was spending, the night  with' thVfainily.   "This room is full of  ���fsacred associations to me,"-" she went,  on.,, "My  first husband dic^^in'that  bed', with'his'head right on those.very  pillows,' and'Mr. J. died sitting right  1 in, that, corner.   ^Sometimes 'when'1 I  come into the room'in-the dark" I.think-  'l can see'liim sitting there, still. lMy,r  .oyrhyfather died  lying right on',that'  sofatuhder^the^jvtadow.y Poor, pa! " He  (wW avspiritualist, andjhe^ aiways^said  the'd appear In this room again "after he  Jdied, and sometime^ I'm foollsh'enougb  ' to* lobk t forv'hlm.    If ''your should /see  ^anything; of him tonight you'd; better  ���-hot; tell me,* for It would* be .'assign'to  ?me"that there is'something in "spiritual-1:  tismft and 'I'd?hate to ttitakfct]Iaty,My."  son by,my,first husband fell dead with  heart-disease ,right where,-you( stand.-  He was. a', doctor, and there's two whole  7,skeletons~in;toat'cjosjt'^hat-belonged-  to him';,and\half a^TozccrskuIIs in"that  -lower dr'awery  WelI,v.go6d,nigh't and;  pleasanfdreams."���Tit Bits.1", - " "'" V  board of the tieasury department of  the United States, has been found by  experience to answer' on wood, brick  aud stone nearly as well as oil paintl  and is,much cheaper: Slack half a  bushel of 'unslacked Jime with boiling  water, keeping it covered during the  process. Strain it and'add a peck of  salt. dissolved in warm water, c three  pounds of ground .rice put into boiling'  wate- and boiled to a thin paste, half  a pound of Spanish,whiting and ,,a  pound of clear glue dissolved in warm'  water. Mix these well together and let  the mixture stand for several days.  Keep the wash thus prepared In a ket  tie or portable furnace, and when used  put it on as hot as possible with painters' or, whitewash brushes.- '  Ceylon,Tea is;pure, delicious and whol^L  By all Grocer*;        ,_'      Highest: Award St. iEjL  -    ''."''>' A ,a V*- ' * .,      '   ,  , DECIDED AT POKER.  MISS /CLOVIS ' SPJRANO > TO ' THE .THAT,1. BUT  .' ,   KELWAY HAD SUEX.'"    ..-���  .     y    - - ���< - %       -     . I    j ^'  ,-hold,you prisoner until'you Jisten to^an  "explanation."-1 _���       ^,S\i; y>~v" &���_  _,  -   ', "Ifj you propose lo use .brute, force I  months, just   the* same.'���London' Tit  Bits.    '  y As  .The   Quiet Aiianer.  -dead'issue."  yti  ���  -   ���     -   - "it is nofa dead kissue to .me, "'w he,  ij,,.. *^    pleaded.".''It is 'mj\very life."a �� .*"��,.^'  iyt '   ..    ^"Who.w'as it said that life.'was" made  a  young-and'v unknown^ man   I    up'of trifles?"Lshe,asked.c i.v    >-\-cs V  1 went down^to^a certain sessions 'court.." "I'don't k'now^audldon't,!care," vheC  on the Oxford circuit to prosecute* for'y said^ungraclous'ly.' 4'TheTonly thing  l\  the crown in "a 'case of extensive rob-^] can'think of at this'present moment is A  bery from a goods shed of the'London    that 'tomorrow' morning we'shall be" on"  and Northwestern railway. Some ten  or" twelve of us,'all members" of the"  circuit, had accepted the invitation of  a very good fellow, also an Oxford circuit man,  to  drive out that evening  and dine with him at  manor.   My  case had duly come on and I had secured u verdict of "guilty" dunng-the  afternoon. Ilaving changed into evening dress, I took my place in a private  bus, together with my fellow guests,  for the five'miles' drive out. About  halfway there I, as a newcomer, not  having apparently been noUced by tho  rest (the inside of Uie vehicle was as  dark as Erebus', a certain Mr.' T.,  a great talker, asked in loud tones,  "Who was the young idiot who prosecuted today in tiiat railway case?"  "I was," I promptly rejoined'from  my obscure corner, and I never knew  a man relapse so quickly into silence  before or since.���Fox Russell in Pall  Mall Magazine,  Antoprrnph   Fana.  It was in China Uiat the first autograph fans were seen, and they became very fashionable there long years  ago. Some carefully preserved specimens have belonged to the emperors  and their wives, while others have been  given as diplomatic presents. A fan  of Uiis description, for instance, was  presented by Uie Chinese ambassador  to Mmc. de Clauzcl at the, coronation  of Napoleon I. In India the very first  fans were supplied by nature in the  spreading leaves of the lotus and palm,  but screen fans soon became emblems  of power thete also, for they are not  only mentioned in the great Hindoo  poems "M.ihabharata" and "Rumaya-  na," but Brahma and India are represented in the ancient sculptures at Ele-  phauta followed by slaves bearing the  fly fan and parasol, which latter was  also considered as au emblem of supreme power.  Tlie Greenland Wlmle.  A Greenland whale Is equal  weight to eighty-eight elephants  440 bears.  in  or  MnRlLrooiuN.  A reliable test for mushrooms, says  an experienced housekeeper, is to put  a bit of silver, such as a well washed  dime, into a dish in which they are  cooked. If it discolors, the mushrooms  are unfit for food.  Ten. In 1T1T.  A youth at Cambridge university  was in 1717 mildly remonstrated with  by his uncle on account of his chandler's bill being too high "by reason of  yt foolish custom you have got of  drinking aud treating wth Tea wch is  not only very chargeable but is ye occasion of misspending a great deal of  time. I hope therefore you will leave  it of.".  reunions In Denroarlc.  All native born and naturalized  Danes over sixty years of age receive  pensions of 10 shillings to 18 shillings  per raonth If unable to suppoK themselves or their families.  land1 and that uiiless'.I'can make j*ou  see matters .from my point of view 'i  shall lose j'ou forever."    -,'... A  "One cannot lose what one does not  possess," she suggested!   ,  "But r did possess your love," he &aid  eagerly. "You did not tell me so In  words, '���but there were little, things���  that night on'Ben Nevis", for instance."  The girl trembled. Even against the  light gemmed shore of Stnten Island  she could see those misty heights; she  could remember how she clung sobbing  to Kelway, fearful of the danger.  He laid his .hand upon hers. She  shook it off, and there came the remembrance of another scene, a crowded ^railway station,and Kelway, who  bad just left her, kissing a most attractive young woman as the train  went on. This was the man she had  given her heart to, a ,man who kissed  others when they were as good as engaged.  "I wish," she said petulantly, "that  you would not refer to Uiat most unpleasant experience."  "I did not think It unpleasant. I am  willing to be lost again���with you."  "Possibly your companion of the railway station might object," she sneered.  "Have I not told you that the girl  kissed me by mistake?" ho asked.  "A very reasonable explanation," she  commented.  "A man never does get credit when  he tells the truth to a woman," commented Kelway. "Now, if I had said  she was a cousin or something' of that  sort, would you have believed me?"  "Certainly not," was the prompt reply. "It is immaterial whether I believe you or not."  "It Is not Immaterial," he declared.  "I may have loved you," she said,  "but whatever affection I felt for you  is dead. I have put you out of my  mind and heart. I have done with you  forever, and If you wero kind you  would take yourself out of my life."  "Is tliat your wish?" he asked very  softly.   "Is there no hope?"  "None at all," was the decisive reply.  "I never want to soe you again."  For one brief instant his hand crushed hers as it lay upon the rail. Then ho  had raised his cap and was gone. The  light blinked and fluttered in an odd  fashion. It might have been Imagined  that Miss Clovis was viewing them  through tear dimmed eyes had she not  savagely repeated: "I'm glad he's gone  I'm glad he's gone "  The customs officers invaded the cab-  In immediately after breakfast tlio  next morning, and as the Wanderei  steamed slowly up the nay the passengers made out their declai.itions. '  Kelway had nothing to declaic and  stood on the deck watching the shipping, and not even when Miss Clovis  passed did he take his eyes from the  water. And, strange to say, Miss Clovis resented this literal compliance  WiUi her request. '' ���>��� j  She weut to her, stateroom, and Kelway did not see her again until she  came to her trunks under the C's. Ue  was sitting upon his own steamer  trunk under.the K's waiting for an inspector, and by the.arrangement of the  letters he was right beside Miss Clovis.  A'y^yyAn AMtute L.ioa:^     t    /,   A  A^ young dieutenant .during'an -Afrl-  ''"can campaign "came one jday ,upoh\a"  badly'fcnppled^ lion. ',The~great, brute,  , limped -over ��� the 'tawny v��s"and "on, three  paws,\holding its fourth'paw,In'the  air. \And every.now and then,-with a'  '.kind of groan, it would pause'an'd*"lick'  ' the'Jnjured^paw.'  When'theriion1"saw  the"-' young, lieutenaut'-it ��� came^slbwly;  'toward" him.^ He ^stood'his ,gfound^  *riflev,in5hand.'i 'But ^e" beast meant nov  harm. l It drew close to him.' "It rubbed  against him withrsoft";feline purs.''. It'  ^extended 'its'liurt paw. . The lieutenant 1 examined! the.-ha.w.^nVufni-.nri.. that'"  ^there_'was:a-Blarge4.thorn.in'cit':>yHo ex-;  ttracte'd,the 'thorn,1' theifiori roaring wl'th"  f pain.yand he ,bound'up"the''wound with'  ^hisj handI;erchief.''"e^Tlien,':'wHhi(every  |mani��estation';"of,frelief^tahd%gratitude,'  stheT animal ^jwiUidrew. y But -it. remem-  -bered^its" benefactor. -��it was grateful.  rAndTin" a ^practical \way 'it'rewarded  " the"young man'." The Hon rari over Uie  t regiment's', list "of officers and ate\all  VWbo were ithe lieutenant's superiors in  rankl Thus, in a few'weeks, the young  man;''thanks to the astute animal, became a colonel. *; . (  SUFFERING WOMEN  FIND; Mkufm STRENGTH  IN >R. WILLIAMS'PINK PlUSi;  y - - j-,   .,  .��� . ,,_  ��\<'  /'"I Consider Dr,"wiIIiams',t Pink Wis"  a most marvellous medicine," says Mrs.  Louis   ' Turcott; 085^ Papineau^ street,  .Montreal. ,*."Thoy restorod mo to' health1  when I, was'in a most hopeless condition  "and'almost despaired of recovery.1''My  "troublo,*l)cgan a few years ago^'When^I,  ^passed,through "a Severe, illnpss^'-from  iwhjchr,I did not regain ,my- a&ustomed  .health'and strength, though Ir had ithe'  4 very - best of curo^and  treatment ^Vl  '"soe'med to' grow {weaker 'every,, day."'1* I'  .was pa'leand'emaciated, had'noappetitp,',  -could hardly"f go about,-"and' found"my  lifo^ almost/a ^burden. J; 11-seemed < as  ^though' my blobd'-ha'p; turned "to Jwafer?  tand my, nerves seemed complet'elyi,shat-  ^tered,"' All the time I was1 under'medical treatment, biit with'-nd'apparehfljeii-;  eflt.'  One. day"alfnend'c'wiio called\to.  ���eee'mo, brougiit���mojsbmo Dr. ��� Williams!  . Pink: Pills," and asked me- to take ,them.  "If-did so; and after afcouple^bf-weeksfl  found my appetite improving,,and5 took  this as a aipiythat thpf pills' wef 0 yelping.  -meVand'I gotvanothor supply.*rjri"n fowr  jWeeks mqreTthe>change^m <,m'v"appear-  Ia Moure** Five- Card Draw, Von the  -��� Name of tlie Con��ty.'��* y   v "y  When the'extreme'western border;'of  Dakotawas colonized there was a lively,squabble aboutwhat the^new,county yshould be called. , There were four  commissioners' w'bose'iluty/it was to  decide oh the name.'y and .'at' the board'  meetings'.the Vote"for"the riiune ofjithe  'county, was'valways;two and two.'and  public feeling began to run^hish.. John  Winn suggested^tha't the four commissioners should���' take ,500 white .'chips  apiece' and playLa. .game'vbf, poker i to  declde,'the\chips to represent $5 each.'  'This was agreed to, and the'game^coiri;  -'menced twith" the entlrCjpopulatlou' on  liandr"Fort two^hburs^llttleTgain ywas  made?] "and"*then ^a'^'jack; 'poti^came  a'roun^, "fo(r which' Berenty-three';bands  were dealt before^it was-bppil'ed.'^Finally ^Commissioner iyEdwards'^opened  rit fori'$100:5-He"heldi.Uiree,k'iIigs,;judd  I* a. w     <** - a ,     , .1 . ilua,.,,    1/1'-,.  JaO. Moure-held a zlgzag,i',and,the,otb,-  "erSjjtlropped ,'out" tf Edwards ^drew^one  .'(.'ard.'^j La?Moure,^denlt'^hlmselt-ffiyo  ^cards.^andi^'tlieT^'ettlri^^coromeiicc^.''  iMen-pwlth . re,volversHliept7 thWicrowd  /from-'the'^able.jy^her.Vse'yeral^'ralses"  ihere^was^$5,fj00ji in jth'e; ^bol\ private*  f money, *jibesidesj-the J'chips. 'i?t��hcn"thot  ''hand -'waV'called^Edwards" heldJthree  kings, and LaNMoure had drawnia-full?  i-,^., SCUTTLING  A SHIP,  U 1* ,   U1.W-* A��raln��t   Thii,  Crf  '"�� Hare it  way; Keen, Very s*vrre>     U'  tling may be Jeilnc. a8 u  bt'euttlng holes through a Bhin's h,. 1  C Scuttling may be Jeilnc. a��� ��.������,.,  bt cutting holes through a shin's h  either for.the pmpose of keeping^i  " He^-At what age do you 'think a ^rl  ought to marry?   She���Well, I couldn't  .think of setting the day tbefore next  October,'George, when. I shall be Just  twenty-aln��^.      -        .    ' '  ^ Books In  Series. t  While it is certainly a" pretty sight to  see a long row of books in a neat and  uniform binding, like soldiers.on parade, there is a distinct loss of individuality. As'you glance over your  books upon their shelves it Is pleasant  to "recognise them from their outward  dress. They, keep themselves bettor in  mind If each one is not exactly like��� its  neighbors. You are even likely to forget what you have if you cannot know  them from across the room. ,  We often go to the bookcase looking  simply for "something to, read," and  then it h^an advantage to know each  book at the first'glance. Of course this  does not.apply so strongly to the works  of a single author. These belong in a  uniform, and you know what is among  them1. "���  v years * before^  y;l am? 1"therefore',/,vory  1 happy t to /malrc ' known^to 'all /ailing  women the fact that the'y can^fl'nd' now  , health through Jthe use of'Dr, Williams"  t Pink PillsV' " " '' f A y'yy^-l-t'A-  y^Mj-^. iTurcott'si experience ywith-thjp'  '���'medicine is., the same, as" thousandsiof  ' others. , Dr. Williams' Pink;Pills'dre Athe  'c greatest'cure , fori.tho,s'iilments'; diiQ^tb  .poorblood'-") VA11 the weakness'of"anaetn-,  'aa; all the'distressp'f��indigos>tion; uir.th'e  "pains^and. aches''lof';'iieural��in,'7 sciatica  j and^^rheiimutisnijiVall'tha. miseryy-and^  4ill-healtH"tlia"t womemsuflcr, from jltimcf  to timo.-comVfrormjiad.1 blood.';sr'And.Dr."  'Ayilliams'fPinkfPills'cure.thase.frpubles*  'hecaiise <thoy_' iictually'make^rioy,;, (*;ich,  ���-health-giving bloo'd,��Thoy.don'tiictupan,  ��� theiboij'els, they don't*bother"withjiflere'  ;" symptoms; they^goVigHt to,? the ^rbot <bl  itnoytronblo^ana^ure^it. through, the  ' blood. -. Butryou must got' tho 'genuine���  substitutes aud"mutations  never' qured  'anyone., See >that'tho full, name ''' Dr.  ,Williams' Pink Pills for Ifale People" ^is  printed en the wrapper around^the box.  uSold by.medicine dealers everywhere, or  sent by mail at, 50 ,cents a  box, or. six  boxes" for  S2.o0, by  writing, Tho' Dr.  Williams Medicine Co., Broekville, Ont  'this5is*rJrc.KehzIeXcounty,?/and,.,'s6^it  - was *and,.Is-"calIed.,^The:game���lasted  ^eighteen '_���. hcura.yyandvLa ^tMoure^ and  *^Vh'in"^were'rcafri^Xjihoulder,'*" high'  fu'roiuidAUie'ftowTiSw'hlch 'siw^noisleep'  ^hatHnlghty'ThefcaYds^'he^  i'Moure;aret to''ibe^fourid'among tlife'.ar-  -^ T,  *   1'Aj)-r-���-.*   .,      --r*1   y-j   .     . ��.."  , ,,,.if ."iv-"*"  isc-hlves,/'of,- theycounty.-Klabeledi-if'Xa  f.JMoure's Five*Card"  /hf-iv f'A. "'>'���>������ ��������"'  .?��� *? --.i%  ^Wh-r^^rej|ldent5;-Arthnr>"WonIdtf*fot  /*���" A*3:' f\Call It thevCo'ncord.'X-3;^.^,r.^  $r Wliile.'Geribral'. Artliur ^was .president1  viin'df du'ringl'one' of f the" Asum in'ersWft his"  ( udministratipn��� he^.was^oit't board jf tho.  ;D{spatch-^at^Kewporl,'^n'd^Secre,^ry>  io/'^eiNavy^Ch'andlpr<'|was'?'peste^^  ,jrhrf'tdTcp'nsent_to','namlnj^^e^ne^  'Steady, when' .tranded, by _|ltaJ .  .hold,with, water and thus saMDg Z  , andr cargo, or Making |,w In    �� "��.  obtain- the 'money^ for which she la ��  sured;*., It,Is.the hitter form ot s-nt  ,.thug that we prQjiobe to deal wjth i  f^ A ^shipmaster/Is monarch of ail u  surveys J when' remote from the land  iinnd-'nd other sail above the bounds,,  line of sea>nd 'sky; hence there wonM  '.be^lUtle'dltilculry, In |)is ��n, ^  ihe propose;to���scuttle his ship, eitherfii  \ injure or j^to assist Uieowum Uiceot  i'Fqrltbls^reason tlie laws a'galdst sent-  ;tling'have^alwnys been very severe all  aqverfthe.-worldL1  By an act of cohgrea  passed In 1804 lt was on-icted (hat'W  iPl^on.ynpt^being.'an owner, whosbill  5on^the',high;seas';wilIfii]ly and corrupt!  ;iy cast.away^burn or otherwise destroj  i;any^vessel^unto\which he' belonged  ^^^e^the^prpperty ofymy .cltlzen'orl  /^citizens;,ofrthe^ United States^ or pnj.}  /cure.the''"'same,''to,'bo done, shall -suffer j  ��'death^.r^'Eaglish' laws, we,-;o sfmllar. |  iThe\rast;man4eiecuted In England ti  Jshlp' scuttling "was .Codling, hanged oil  ^DealJbei^hVabou't (180-1 for scuttling a 1  ^vkesseVijiTtheTDowns in order to obtula [  -'the Bum^for.^which she waa insured,J  ;lTess*'drasiUc*Iaws''pfevaii no*i;, and tin I  fgra^lty-of 'such' a case Is met by penal ]  ^servItudeland'lfUio canceling of eertiS-5"!  J- IT      .11..,       I*- l7-.'--!! Ml ,' . * I  A<.\  ' Olilectionnble.  "Do you think that that wretched little Pattersby is consistent'-"  "Yes, I do, and consistency, you  know, is a Jewel." >  "Maybe so. But in rattcrsb*''s case  I   don't  like   the   setting." '  SnliKulnc.  The Pessimist���What Is the use of  struggling? We must nil meet our  Waterloo some day. The Optimist���  Well, when I meet my Waterloo my  name is going to be Wellington.  !!��� Understood.  "How Is your guardian on diplomacy? Do you Uiink that he can understand the finer points of a secret alliance like ours?" asked the young man.  )'I can answer that question for myself," said a sudden voice. "I am in  favor of an open door policy just now���  and I believe this is your hat, sir."  "Walton's Ansrler."  This Insignificant duodecimo volume,  not remarkable for any especial literary merit'beyond "an easy^,cheerful,  chatty good, humor, Interlarded with  technical information'about a' strange'-1  ly fascinating sport, occupies one of(  the topmost niches In "the huge_tem-'  pie _ of British bibliographical fame.  "Worth its, weight In gold" is a very  inadequate expression. The number  of sovereigns its value represents overbalances many copies. Its'companion  volume, the second part, by Charles  Cotton, was not issued from the press  until twenty-throe years later,and'naturally increases the already stupendous  pricci when found with the earlier  work. (\  The perennial popularity of "Walton's Angler" is very remarkable. Seldom a year passes thatPdocs not witness Its reissue in some form or oUier,  either,delicate and dear for Uie connoisseur's shelves or commonplace and  cheap for Uie traveler's pocket There  is a charm about U10 book which time  apparently cannot destroy.  Swollen  Leva.  For swollen legs use fifteen drops of  tincture of hamamells (witch hazel) ln  each pint of drinking water, allowing  tho birds no other drink. Bathe tho legs  ln extract of witch hazel and bind  them up in cotton batting. .Keep the  birds confined in a dry coop bedded  wiUi clean straw. Feed only hard,  dry grain with a little green food  dally. If tho bird Is not very much  better In fiom seven to ten days it  will not be worth while to doctor her  longer.���Reliable I'oultry Journal.  .'/f/^'iX^'SR,**?; S'J5LEEP.  >'One^of the firstvbi��n,s ,that tometiiw*  -Js^wronetyith 'an'infnju  I.s 'dbturbdi  sleop.'T-s.Usually.'tho trouble k with tie"1  stomaph orsbowels.-"Jf jour liltloonea  ,cro38"an<rrcstlo&s*do not give it an opi*  ate'or^soothing,mcdieine" of anyrkind"  ~A11' those jthings aro deadly, iioison, and  the'sleep "they-givo is Unhealthy, unnit-  <uraPandVinjuribuB.>< Your babv mil  sleep ahd-ldfcVyou ,sleep 11" vnu'tteat ii  'pr;6perly.l";In^Baby;s'Oiin T.-ibiete then*!  is'nob^an'tatom of poisonous' ��ico|>ystuff,;  and;yb,t?b'��th��if,ben6ficenl, health} uf  tion they- givo<i.refreshing sleep.   The*,  'removo'Kthd Jcausq', "and the result'ntj  UevdluU6h.'vCGeneral^AJrthur^��s^<lis:  posed j. to'.quiz Chandler, aboufhIs��pro-_ ,_.  posed.-name.-t.-He���*preferred*, the Jname JPetitcodiac.-sx<ir B.,R-.sajs:    "JI) baby  nninhin i ����� ��hotn ' * mn��� si;,���nBHM<.���� "^as^trgubled^withj- constipation, *is3t  resne88'"'and>uheii^y ancl dm>nst^sleepji  woUfat'mgh'ts^ir'gayoJh'iraiJabys Oro/  Tabliits'andj.th^charige they", made vis  ^vp^do'ffulJ^They'regulated' the bo��eIs;j  _anq,ho now&sjeopsj.woil at'^tiight," AUI  iiyour dealor does��not--keep tlio Tabled  send 2ofe"to''the^DKI Williams Medicine f  'Co.'JlBrpckv^leV.Ont.Vand a'ljox'viiirta  .sent you by mail postpaid.  " y -tj i 'ly 1Z-1   .Atfe&y*-     '-ty~-A       <"  * the Importanceyof^ keeplng^ln^mindi,the  siterpic' reststance),of Jthe fcblbntaiTmlllt  fUaj^and'.itherbfillIantfopposltl6n!.'o>fi[ered  ^o.Pitcalrn's^meni'Genera^Arthur^ask^^  . ed-- h Im: * J*vrt^ ^i.t&<-J^��^M-^&& Jw&ti'-  y"lWb'atris*It*that3you7propose1'to:can  'this shlp?^' > ���': U iA A%\ sfAjj-yA^ $.} -A  y "ThefConcord,"',answer'ed Chandler*  r    i i   it_  "*��� '        "        i     ���_��'        ; ��-�� *   r��   ��  glvlng^the'.approved, New, g Hampshire  'p-ronunciaUon;^^ ,T.v-y, ��� j ^i^"^"��' A-y ��  , '/There.'^retorted Arthur/inviting the  attention *of yCaptaln/'Reeder.' '"Do  you hear that?y Conquered.. Do^you  think that a.gpod name'to give" a ship-  of;war? Theni suppose you change the  pronunciaUon and call It Concord, 'jus't  as spelled. Does ' lt hot strike youj  Chandler,- that there ��ls. a��� degree'''of  Concord in the presence of a vessel of  war?", ," - * , A\^A.\~y r. 1-  The new shipWas'called ^thes Dolphin,1 but, the .Concord appeared after  General Arthur had ceased to have .influence" In .naming'ythe,'ships  of  the  iavy.v ,    ��� ',  y ������   ," .A  , s ���~__��__���__  --   j *  p"' Sex In Anta.     ,  '      ",'  The,,'different species of ants; are  ���iretty generally distributed over, the  globe, aud on'this'account the .naturalists iufer that' there is work" for. them  to do In the great economy of uthe universe.^ In each colony'males, females,  neuters and sometimes soldiers' are to  be recognized. The^males are invariably smaller than the females and, like  those of the feminine/gender, have  wings In Uieir original state. The  neuters, 'which are the workers, are  without wings ln any of their, transformations, and the soldiers are recognized by tbe armor plates on thelr  lieuds.  Itapia Frccrlnsr.  The Norwegian lakes sometimes  freeze with such rapidity that it is possible to croas them on ice formed in a.  single night  Byron ���a ni�� Frienda.  By the muiutudo the author of  "Chllde Harold" was called Byron, but  others���Lady Blessington, the Trevan-  lons and other personal, friend*-pronounced hl�� name "Birroiiu"  '���"��� ', Itilphnr, ',������'.  "Sulphur, which is a nuisance and aa  Impudent adulterant among the metals," says the American Machinist,  "still has a way of keeping Itself un-  contamlnated. American producers ot  sulphur offer It ��0.9 per* ostkt pure."  Not  a Brolllnar Breed.  The Leghorn is not a desirable broiler breed owing to (lie dlfiiculty In'getting it Into a plump condition at a  profitable age. It requires fully four  weeks longer to get it to thc desired  weight limn it does our American  breeds, but when it is there it is a fine  breasted aud attractive looking carcass.���American Poultry Journal.  il  tore of Worlr. '  The love of work, which was one of  the characteristics of tho historian  Kroudo, is well illustrated in a story  told of bis last illness. Tbe cancerous  affection of which ehe afterward died  was slowly destroying his healthy'and  vigorous frame. At one1 time he seemed  to be much better, and when the physician came to see him he noted the improvement and told thls patient of it  Kroude asked whether it was likely  that he would be able to go back to'his  work again. On hearing that this was  Impossible he said, "If that is Uie case,  I do not wish to live."  ^Ebenczer rSneII,, the grandfather of I  =the poet William Cuilcn Ciiaut, is de-"  scribed .as __aVgood  type of the N'cif  England,f'inner,Mn whoii- nature, ruri-i]  tauism;yvith^ts stem rigors of conduct  and - couscieue'e, i' was   o\eilaid   vita  ^nany of the.amenities of y.niKee bu-1  ^tzlor?   Bryant, preserved sei ci ai anM>-j  dotes of, his grandfather, oue of wbich,  quoted , by Mr." \V.~ A. Hrnillej In his |  biography of the poet, may ten* to indicate the way-in which he e^eic^cd  his humor, aiid also to show the patriarchal conception of Justice tli.it wai  held, in a remote New England community  at the end of the eighteenth  century.       <.  "\My* grandfather, said Bryant, ones  "found Unit certain pieces of lumber in-.J  "tended^by him for thc runners of n sled  and called in tbat part ot the country  "sled, crooks had been taken without  leave "by, a farmer who lived nt no  great, distance. These timbers wore  .valuable, beiug made fion: a tiec tho  igralh of which was emved so as to  correspond with the cuive required in  the ruuuers. >  .  - The delinquent received notice that  his offense was known and that if ho  wished to escape a prosecution he must  carry a bushel of rye'to each of three  poor widows living In the neighborhood and tell them why he hi ought it-  He was only too glad to comply vvita  this condition. i  Water Cure For Rheumatism.  "If people afflicted with rheumatism  would only try a simple remedy right  at hand Instead of scurrying all over  the country for a euro they would get  well a good sight quicker," said a man  who was once so knotted up with  rheumatism that he had to use  crutches. "Just let them drink water,  quarts of it. That's what did tho business for me. I drink about three  quarts of water a day���not ice water,  but just ordinary cold water as It  comes  fiom  tho faucet. I  drink two  glasses- when I get up In the morning  two when I go to heel and I drink it all  (lay. I have a big pitcher of it put on  my desk, and whenever I look up  from my work for a minute's rest I  drink a glass, of. water. No mineral  .���water,;'no"charged.' water, no 'healtl  water' for me, but just plain, good old  fashioned water. To be sure, the salt  water baths at the shore did me' a lit;  tie good, but the damp, days at the  shore took all the, good away. Now I.  take fresh water baths internally and  spend my summers where it ib high  and dry."  RESCUED FROM THE  DEADLY CLUTCHES  One More Cure of Bright's Disease by Dodd's Kidney Pills-    (  Mr. Theodore Young,of Sm.ths  Falls was Beyond the Doctors  Aid���Now He's Well and  Strong.  lIllKtW  dot tor-  Smith's Falls, Ont, Oet.K.-Sr  -Mr. Theodore Young, a ����� ^  citizen of this place, is ono of > ^  Ounadians Who have been "|'<11"' ,(|,d  tho clutches of tho mm' a[AL.  Bright's Disease, by Uodd * ^l" '  Pills.  "For two years," sajt. iMr  relating his experience, "I  �����>'  with   Bright's Disease.      ">���        r,B  told me I could get no lehcf   -��      ble  was very dark and I lost r <��i- "<���   ,d  blood,   making   mo   so   *';nl\\midi  soarcoly stand.   I also umhI man)  cines without getting lelicf. i,;  "Hearing  of    wondi-ilul    f��n  Dodd's Kidney.Pills led mo to_U)     D1j  and after using tho first box ,.  great,    relief.'     . . A(tor   ^nyichr  boxes I was ablo to go to .work,   n    j  had been unable to doforsom^1"   ih  recommend Dodd's Kidney t "lh  who are afflicted as I was.' ^re  :  Dodd's  Kidney    Pills allu,i,iv,in^:  Bright's  Disease, 'the  most  '��'.,���,),.���  stage of Kidnoy Disease;    i        ri���r  more MBily will they euro tho  littfM ������i Kidney Diaeasa \A   ti  vk.  Up:  i,MMh_-__---  TtfE MOYIE   LEADER  moyie/b. c.    ��� .  Tl,Je l*Ie of Mm*..  ���    ,,1- of .Man  Is situated In the  Tlie lsil  u _.._,_   ���������i7i-Kfnnt /from  ��*,     nearly   equidistant /from  '    ������d and Ireland-and belongs to  ^fuiKuim    The "government  is,  " Gr. , i, , lieutenant governor^execu-  t]?rr^tiiiiie" from'^e niut* or  ru ,   <i the thiiteenth century;; was  '"led to Scotland by Alexander III.  , a"f"u, afterward ruled 'by .various  'anJ      It was ruled by  the ,Stanley  Irish  ^"fl f om the beginning "of the ��� fit  tm cenlnry to 1735," when' it .passed  tTSSsof AUiole.'vIn"'17G5 thc  imtibb government -icquir'ed' most of'  5   r   al rights of the Athole family.  1 Lt lights falling to the crown in  f4C.gi.sb is gpneraliy'spoken-and  U�� native Manx' is,fast disappearing  .thus an area of 220,square.miles and  nomilation of 50,000.; The three legs  VJ', its coins are the" emblem of Uie '  "land signify -fbe.lsle of. .Jan'  kueh to England, kicks at.,Scotland,  and spurns Iieland.'V y y,  < ���,  -I' '  im-,1 Llurrool'i. nape of tlie'fTeapot.*  ,-rj Mverpool/ who was: traveling  jncognrto, ��fter breakfasting aUhotfl,  ', J i^udon,  ordered 'his,to et   ri- raw,  snbwt youth, 'to ^leahUhe^table.and  nick everything in.a portmanteau: -By  ' -u,i5 order, of course.^a^mqant T/>rd  "'�� uiernool-s' letters- and- papers.',,But'  ' aZ rou'th took it/to'hiclude, the, silvers  .     eapifcand spoons.yTOn LordXiver-  n0oi was driving downJOxford street a.  4rv of "Stop thief!'',:was; raised,fand'-  ���   the landlord of the hotel-arrived.to hot,  nursult  There in tlfe Street jilie prime  minister had Uie" mortification,', oftov-,,  ing his luggage .opened/.and ;in it was ,  found the (ptat# LNeve^fvpuldj.the  i6tntcsu.au laugh at .the sepisode^even)  *   years after, so.greatiwas^is^fear tliat  -SW'-AH"  ���   ,    , a political^cret.]kiyg;yyty t  Before Napoleon rings'emperor,,, of;  Frame, became Injercsted^l< the'Mex-;  -Ajcan empire-project'theihad^a^plan-in,  mind for certalnymysterlousfmilitary,  operations In Morbccbl^writersays:,  ��� "The German agent ota^firm-Of^Licge  gunsmith? used'/ojgoj'afdead-of.night -  to a private door ln^he'Rue St Honore, ���  p,-ess a'button and be_recelved In secret-  .by Louis Napoleon*himself.{\TheAGer-,  Swiss bankingihbuse^jasspart-of the,  , capital of a�� rail way ^ln*the Grlsons.;  ''But it all  came to,,nothing.!; Mexico J  planned the horlzon^aiuT, tfie^German  'and his guns werc^forgo^len^and-tbe"  , Becret ot it all 'isVtlll to seekV.C 'U', - "*-  ' .        i    '���    ���y" ->.A.i^ - >.;. "yy-"y'f-i'A  * A .Q.neerilnnect.Uf-vV-iV A~'(  The   '^valking^ticfiS.V-^'^walkfng.  leaves," etc'are.jamong'the^most'curl-  -. ous forms of .lnsjBcts4hhabitlng^tropical  1  America.   They^b^long'^to'.cthe^great  , family ,'of phasmidaes^and ;arejas' odd7  specimens of *aiilnfaLted?��,nature-as one*  <��� eoiild velli-imaglne?^The��ttyp,eJ,,pf.-ther  family is aii'eldingated.crcature wjth a*  cyilndrical brown>b"ody;; Iooklng;cxact-  'ly like aVmallJlinXor^'S.'^l^S1?'  bariV on. Somo'"'6fi.tireibrahches^of*tliisi  ' numerous familyjh'e'dh^the'torrjdiijor--  .  hons'ot Afr^jfhere't^j-^ttato^eifor;;  mous sizes.'   Vane.'Ftlie'great ^traveler,1  said hc^had^seen^Uicm^so large that  "they had the-'general1 appearance; of  great, aulmated;clubs'.moving, up and  down-tlie branches ^ahd trunks of ,th"e  gigantic tropical trees."?.1.   "���" '-.�� �� -'  1 i "   ' , _,.,  "Handle ,WI��i"Cnre.��' " ^  >  If you send a package marked "Handle With pare"' by freight, the railway  employees will t take "every opportunity,,  to tumble It around aridldump it on the  depot platform as,~though it were a  hale of hay.' "We once"saw"a railroad  employee so sick he'could scarcely hold  up his bead, but.wheu',hls wandering  eye happened to 'fair-on a "package  marked "Handle .With"Care" he arose  with an expiring effort and threw,, the  blamed' thing the" lengUi of the depot  platform, danced upoii it',1 then shrieked  and died."        <���'L < *���! \    ?-T  '    '  SenjAmln Franklin*, "Wife.  A very unflattering description of  'Uenjamin Franklin's wife is taken  from the diary of Daniel Fisher, who  was Franklin's secretary for a short  time. "She sat on the floor at a neigb-<  bor^s. She Assumed the airs of extraordinary freedom and great humility,  .lamented heavily the misfortunes of  those who are uuhappily infected with  a too tender or benevolent disposition,  said she believed all the world claimed  the privilege of troubling ber pappy���  so she usually calls Mr. Franklin���with  their calamities and distress, ghlng us  a general history of many such wretch.  es  ^A_fh��n BbEsous  arid Sailov^  Remember That ihe Liver is Promptly Set  Right By    .  DR. CHASE'S KIDNEY-LiVER PILLS.  Many people are subject to periodical  ottackb of  bihouiness, sick  headache,  , ., ��� ���.���.._, ouvu ���JDlv;u-   8tomach troubles and bowel irregular-  and'thelr impertinent applications." | ^��L^{V d�����L���^]�� S?'^J"?'"  ,He mentions "the turbulence and jealousy and pride of her disposition" and  the violence of her invectives. Pointing  A'to Franklin's son one day, she exclaimed, "There goes tho greatest villain upon earth!",/  Nearly all 'infants are more or less  subject to dianhoea and such complaints while teething anq as this period  of their lives is the most critical, moth-  ers'should not be withont a bottle of  Dr. J. I). Kellogs Djtentery Cordial.  (This medicine lb a ipeciflc for such  complaints and is highly spoken of by  ���.lose whoh-veused it. The proprietor  claim it will cure any case of cholera or  summer complaint. ��  A prominent'member ot the Franklin Inn Club, Philadelphia's foremost  literary organization, at a gathering  of bodk-writers recently, told a new  anecdote of F. Marlon Crawford, the  novelist. r A certain young lady, so the  sto'ryJruns, wrote to, Mr.' Crawford requesting that'he send her a hit of sen-  Uiment and  his  autograph.    The re-  plv was:'��� "D<iar Miss A :    When  you request a favor that is of interest  onlv to yoprself, please enclose a two  cent stamp. ,-There's your sentiment  and here's your autograp.���F. Marlon  rv�� wfnrrl " * <  especially responsible for this nuffenng.  - Torpid, sluggiih action of tho hver is  alroost invariably accompanied by inactivity of tho kidneys and bowels. The  whole digestive and excretory system  becomes clogged up, and there aro pain,  discomfort and buffering. , i  Becauso Dr. Chases Kidney-Liver  Pills have a direct and combined action  on kidneys, hver and bowels, they effect  a prompt and thoiough oleansmg and in'  vigoration of these organs.  With all the poisonous waste matter  removed, pains and aches dibappear, the  digestive system resumes its functions,  the appetite is oharpened' and health  and vigor aro restored.  ^        j  As a family medicine Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills have never had a rival,  for thoy get' right at" tho causo of ^the  eommon ills cf human life and remove it  it. By their promptness and thoroughness they wm tho praise of all who give  them a trial. ' ...  Mr. Duncan McPherson, Content, Alberta, writes: -'I was for many years  troubled with indigestion and headache  and derived nc benefit from tho many  remedies I used. A friend advised tho  use ot Dr, Chase's Kidnoy-Liver Tills  and after taking four boxes the result is  'hatI amonco more in 'full enjoyment  of "(he blessing of good health."  Mrs. J. C. Johnston, Carman, Man.,  writes: "I have been a great sufferer  from kidney trouble and have u&ed Dr.  Chase's Kidnoy-Liver, Pills ,with very-  marked beneiit" I cannot say too much  for this medicine as it seemed to bo the  only treatment that faulted my case."  Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one  pill a dose, 25c a box, at all, dealers, or  Edmanson, Bates and Co.,Toronto. Portrait! and fiignaturo of Dr. A. W. Chaso,  the famous receipt book author, on every box. ' ,    ,   "J . ,  , i '  Subtle  Scheme.  "Do you like Wagner*-* music?" aiked  the caller.  "No." said the young woman at the  piano.  "I hate It" ' ,  "Why do you play St, then?"  "Because tiiis instrument Is dreadfully out of tune, and if I played any other kind of music you'd notice it."  Ka��llr Remedied.  A shoemaker was fitting a customer  wiUi a pair of boots when the buyer  observed tbat he had but one objection  to them.'which was tbat the soles were  too thick. "If Uiat ia all," replied Crispin, "put on the boots, and the objection will gradually wear away."  i Tvro   Bad  Momenln.  There is only one thing that Is said  to be worse than being called upon  unexpectedly to make an( after dinner  speech. That is to prepare an after  dinner speech and not be asked to deliver it      '  ' ,' Spiteful. ,  Ida���Why, he actually wanted to kiss  jne! I think he must_bave lost his  senses.   Slav���I think sor too. d��ar.  Crawford."  - r*Thos. Sabin of JEghnton, says: "I have  'Woved .ten corns from my fe��it with  ���HolJoway> Com Cure.'' V t Reader,,,go  thou and do likewise. v '  ���' It is a' refreshing thing, ln a material ago,;to see people who < are ambitious rathe^than ,rich, who are more  eager,to help;others .than to ,malte  'money?* -These1" are -nature's r noble-  fmen,' these'are .the characters which  enrich- life,' and which have pushed  civilization up from the savage to the  Florence-. Nightingales and the Lln-  colns.Ji A/.;;.,, ,'.    ,      , ''���  A"! Sensible Merchsint,  " .'���' . Beaf'lsland, Aug, 26,1903.^  .RICHARDS and Co. . ,. ��� -  ^Dear Sirs:���Your traveller is hero, to-  dav arid we aro'getting a larges quantity  of Vour.MINARD'S LINIMENT. "Wo  ,tind it tlmbest liniment on tho, market  making no exception. "Wo havo been in  BusintSsW yean, and.havei handled all  kinds,.btitl have dropped them all but  vours; that bells itself; Ihe- others have  to bo.pubhed to get nd of. '' r A.T A, J  . _ y,   l:^ ,M. A. 1IAGERMAN. v  Scnnltlve  Nerves.  When the' points' of a hairpin are  passed along the, cheek from' a point  near the eye to the edge'of the j upper  Up they seem to,separate.- The" reason  is found in,thc fact Uiat-the nerves of  the upper lip arei'more sensitiye, than  those ot Uie - cheek and consequently  differentiate the two" points. PorUons  ot tho back are'so littlesensltlve to Uie  touch Uiat two points three inches  apart will create Uie'impression of but  one. ,        y  i     *"   The Hlirliest  Tide*. '  The highest tides ln all Europe occur  in the Bristol channel, where at spring  tales there Is sometimes a difference  of over forty feet between high and low  ���Rater. The highest tides in tho world  occur at Fundy bay. Nova Scotia,  filicre the differeuce is over seventy  foet. Tlio lowest tides In the world exist at Lake Michigan, where the difference between high and low water la  only three Inches.  A-L,  i' 'One'fof HhV most' promising things  about our civilization* today is that,  sid'eby side wlht the greed for gold, Is  the ever-growing passion ot^humanity  for'rirbod��^ Thevnumber of. people who  prefer to -be useful to their, ifellow-  men-rather-"than..,to, make" money, -is  'constantly^'<increasing.-; This-,passion  for Kood'is theisalt.of humanity;^ It  is what makes us-bellevfin the future  of the race. .--. '-,* u.^t ^-_��. ki> ��� -j -,-" -,  'y- '.������ , - ij ,- . ^ - ,-..--.' y  Minard's Liniment'Relieves Neuralgia  Lotion.- It never'fails..:At all druggists, i,     ' "i   7,  ���\   y'".,    - ^i���'*  ���ocio-�����������������������������ooe��*��eo*eoaoee��e����oo����oe��������*������*99**2  m  If it is a Question of Warmth use  ''-"':���'E;k',EDDY-'S.. t  It Retains Heat and. Keeps! Out "Cold.  '     ,,  ,i, ,��� ;       *'   '       i ��� <���    J       : "-   "i'A"  / ', .Write for Samples and; 'Rrices ty'AA>  nTEES' & PERSSE, Limited/Agents.yWinnipeg.,  The professor, who has ,a" large  lawn was making his regular, daily  attempt to keep It clear ot the autumn  leaves contributed'by his neighbors  trees. "There's a good deal of rake-  off in this business," he,said, stopping  a moment to rest, "but not a cent of  graft"  Jt  Minard's   Liniment  .where.    i  for ' sale   Every-  The London Times says mismanagement of the three big insurance com  pantes may largely Impair,, the bonuses  or dividends.      ���   \       , *'y ! ,l  i.t, "j'    i -The  Eyei.     '    v       '-r '  1 Tlie^eyes are placed in cavltles-ln the  head'and are ��< protected- by ridges,1 of  bone above^and beneath, so,that a very  strong blow. In the face-ravel j' does'  i more jthan-,contuse," or blacken.^ the surrounding .muscles, ilfythe "eyesf ,were  placed-'on'^th'e, outside of, the A round  skull, many'persons would have'these  valuable, members crushed by falls* or  4C,"'  ITrcderlclc'llie  Greut.r  Frederick  ���the  Great _had 'a^sharp,  Miss Bessie Lewis of Newboro, shot  a black'bear at Devil Lake that weigh-  ��rt Tinarlv 200 OOlindS.      . '     ->i   \  ed,nearly 200 pounds.  ( She���Which would you rather lose,  Jack me or vmy money? He���You,  sweethearL She7-0h, -Jack! He���  But 1 would; because, don't you see,  dearest, if I lost you I would have the  money to offer large rewards for your  recovery and get you back again. She  ���-Dear Jack!        '  hatchet  face,  with" a 'cold, 'blue  eye*  ��'that, as one of his contemporaries said,  "gleamed like a reflection of light from  a bayonet"   y   .������ ��� \   ' ;��< v~ . *  i0' '"~    i  * r   ',        ''   > ',.  "*i, t" ,   PrcnlldlBitntor., _.    ��    '>',  -Tbis'word means,-literally, activity.  of the fingers. ^ The" French academy ^  sanctioned its'formation, <thus forcing  it on'posterity. It'was coined by\Tulesv  do Bovere.^of,noble'��� birth,'a"conjurer,  who; abandoned ithe title' of "escamo-  ���teur"<(juggler)' as"ben'eath his aristo-;  />^o<-in Hi����nif-vy'-il   *��>.. >s .   y 4*-" *-i   -.  _^ lV'   , ��� J\j.-rr~ m        a. a     *.y-^    ^.J��-J i* \  The ^Kceley> Gurc  .Offers to^the self respecting  .' Ty*the yeaslest'^and' ' slmplost -,'",  '-, A-method of anapplng the chains,. *"  ��� ,.of 'AA \A^ ;, l-,     - '    -���'.>''���.  \  LIQUOR-ANDiDRUG  HABIT3:'-i'  - ' The remedies,! build    up",  the   ���   t  "    :"whole'���system-and5 remove all 'f  i1''�� craving for 'drink,*or drugs. ',,  v.  , , Write us; tor 'the,plaln facta.  -<i Address %l~Au-1-��T -A>-  a ,.    -ti.-_,"-v        '  '133'Osborne-St.  AA'  Fort/ Rouge,  WINNIPEG.  'i,��-v*-':*' ��-'  > i  * *w J- *  , if _-  v-,'  I3M  cratlc, dignity.  Ci  ii t A  , ^  -^-���W-'iV-*-.-  'ill., I        -   1  - i"'- ��� , J-   Kepler** 'Theoryv aiSi. , o,^, ���  '-.Kepler^ firmly believed,'the moon to  'be-inhabited.' He always'.spoke of-the  .supposed^1 people of/thatyprb'as "the  Selenites."' "       '     >.   " . \ ���*.-   '  '   '  Canadian^Co-operativei-Company, Ltd.  x , k    7 vSJohn'McVicar,'" Mgr. _," /1> >*  '. Commlsiloa Merchanto andidenlors iajUl klnd��/  , of .GHAIN.'r, Consignment*' Solloltod? "O^riU. (>  ' tt ���>'i    Phone or Wltfl oa lor Particularly -   '.'' i<  ' A GENERAL KATORITB-i-Tn every  place"1 where -'introduced'Dr. Thomas'  Electric OU hah not faile'd to'ostablish a  imputations showing that tho 'pterhng  qualities which it possesses- are ,-valucd  evorj'wfierc^whero they become kuown.  It is'in general use in Canada and other  countries as a household medicine' and  the demand for,it,each year shows that  it is a favorite wherever used.. �� n ���  'yy -K   -l_.     ' "-'      '"' -'      -       -  y 'i - -y  *  a.   u   , a   -    }, . ��    , ,  'The lottery outfits which wa^.s^t/ed  at Fort Erie by the Provincial police a J  short time ago, arid for operating which  Wm'.'' Hunt' and /his associates tc were  fined over' ?1,700) has been given back  to the lottery syndicate by order of the  Department of-the Attorney-General on  condition that it be'taken out of Canada and,not used'in the country again.  It was boxed up atfpplice headquarters  yesterday and shipped" away, but'.tts  destination has been kept secret.    ," .. i  * r  �� *V��t ', -, ^       A   | I l     a (.    -  ���"    f 'I'-      -    *^ *     -* - 'V     * a  NOT A NAUSEATING PILL-Th'e ex-  cipient of a piiris the subbtanco whioh  enfoldsahe ingredients 'arid,cinake���_~up  the pill mass.- That of Parmelee's Vog-  otable Pills is so'compounded ab to pre-  borvc theti'moi.sture, and,, thejy can, bo  earned into anyilatitudo without imi  pairing tKiar strength. ^Many^pillir,, in  order to keep them from, adhering,, aie'  rolled in powders, which prove nauseat-,  ing.to'tho taste: yEarmelce's Vegetable  Pills aro-so prepared that they aro agree^  able to,the most delicate? 5', K   . ;      '",.  i    \ \''    ''a   ' ^ j :  *<���-  Officesr308 Mclhtyre1 Block^Wlnnlpeg;  .if.4-  --- 'Great0Britain * wiH';establisli\ naval  basis at'Gihralt"ar,vDover, and1Slnga-  rv^T-o    ~> *    ',!     -l-'',��-     ''--.il    U A    "^HtV  township^  pore.  ^i':  1  iy  it- -.-.  Thos.  Easton  of"Harvey  'fell off a' bicycle h'eJwas riditog and died  of heart disease.  What You WAjmt  FL0UR   That  >- -^Combines'  s A  HOW TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM-  Parmelee's Vepotablo Pills are the rosult  of pciontific'study of tho effects of ox-  tracts of certain roots and herbs iipon  the digestive organs. Their use has  demonstrated in many instances that  thoy regulate the action of the liver and  kidnovs. tmrify the blood, and carry off  all morbid accumulations- from the system. They are ea^y to take, and then  action is mild and beneficial.  Faith  Youcnnoltewpeslt- la fcwo lalA ����� *** *  Coniu-npllooCure. iiie Luna Took. Iu.�� ��"*<*�����  CoWi, Cough.and all Awwrf ty 'Jf P*"^  il youhav^not tried it.    We h��v�� Jaith in il. an  te convince you that u will cufe you we sum""  it. if it doetn * cure you it��>l�� m nottl,W- ��  it cUi ii c��u you 25c.   Than lair,    liy *  Shiloh  hoi cured manr thou��andi ol the *"�������, ot!t-"*"  caic.Lai-d we do not heiitMe lo ��ay that i wil cure  any told. Couljh. Thtoal or Lung trouble. It we  did not believe thu we would not guarantee ll  absolutely m we do. Shiloh hai had an unbroken  record of weeeu for thirty ican. '.' J"* "����3  every poulble teit wrthout r ��llure. lw I thai P"����  of ui curative properties.    Further  Because he objected to her marriage.  Kaspan Kaspanan, an Armenian from  Hamilton, shot his young and pretty  daughter at Brantford, and then turned the revolver on himself. Both were  seriously wounded.  Mjnard's  Liniment Cures  Burns, Etc.  Catclilnar Cold.  Very severe colds are caught Indoors,  Uie result of indigestion or foul air. A  cold Is frequently brought on by eating a hearty dinner, becoming mentally  absorbed for two or three hours immediately afterward and retiring to a  warm, close room. The food is not  digested, the temperature of the body  is raised by the exertions of the stom-'  ach, tho sleep Is broken, and the Individual rises chilled aud 111. Had relaxation followed Uie dinner and the  room been supplied with refreshing air,  everything would have been different  the  !��� found in the many leit'imonUls of thoie who have  tried Shiloh and been cured Mrs. Archie Taylor.  Aiaph, Pa., wntci. ���  " I bcuah! a botllo of Shiloh'i Coniumpllon Cure  and found It very beneficial. I have two children  and they hadT a terrible coujh. I save them  evcrylhing 1 cou!<5 think of. but they got no belter  unl.l one evening my tuiband boughl a.bottle ot  Shiloh. We gave it to the children when they  wtnt to bed. and ihoy iiept all night. II cured  them completely. I shall alwayl keep it in t>ie  home " 6m  ILOH  25c. with guarantee wherever medicine ia sold.  Wasn't  Wholly  Convinced.  "Waal,"   said   tho  old   lady,   "If  nirtb is reouud and goes remind, what  holds it up?"  "Oh, these <learned men say it goes  around the sun and that the sun holds  it up by virtue of attraction," he replied.  "Waal. If these blgh larnt men sez  thc sun holds up the alrth, I should  like to know what holds the airUi up  when the sun r'k-s ilo-nu! That's  what's the matter'"  [ iu�� mt 'jii-oinc.  "I can argue with any one here," said  the conscientious man fiercely. "I can  tir cue*'���  "Oh, yes, you can argue," said Uie  quiet'little man in thc corner. "The  misfortune is that you can't reason.  <���>  *&.  ��8��  �������  <8>  ��y ROYAL yrMRATtTniMLlJSRS TO H.R.H. THE PRIKCE Or 11X1X9  t  I  I  Good Bread should  please  the Eye as well as the Palate.  "Why does the dainty housewife delight in  sno\vy napery, glittering cut-glass, burnished  silver/ delicate china arid all' other, table  allurements dear to feminine hearts ?  And whaY-man does not appreciate table  .beauty? ,       .  ,     . '  It is, not that-we appreciate the, appearance  of our food almost as much'as the taste of it?,  '  Bread may be ever so wholesome, well-  flavored and made of scientifically milled flour,  biit with all these qualities we want it to look  dainty,, appetising,, snowy-wKite,   with nut-'  brown crust, and be firm and silky in texture.  ' Royal Household Flour' makes just that  kind'of bread..        '    "   -'���   t '  The ele(5trical purification and sterilization^  of Royal Household Flour makes'it yield not"  ;\only absolutely pure bread,  but bread of  snowy whiteness  and ' beautiful texture���;  bread, that will, grace - the prettiest table * or ������  ���y give beauty to ��� the humbleft'meal' served on -,  \x ;the,plaine��vdishes.,   '     r .,',, \:t"'     ,      *.,.'[  ^ ���"- You can rp'roverthis' by trying a'25' lb.1 bag ?  \r-jpa must ^haye', flour, why/not;^ have the  'beii '-     -1"' *     __--���'?���  '" 'L       '    �� " x     ,  - ''A'V .A'  yjO^ilvie's Royal Hotxsehiold Flotxr.  Al  *i\ -!r}fjt_.  f   ^  �����.,    'ty-  '       -^i'iiIaac y&* y?i  Sf**-_ t/M'- i\-5^f,  r,    '   t   fgl  lit    ,  Ayy'^MiU ':  ,  . _\y' ?.  "��� "Each*'basebairplayer"'1'shbuld' write  the'story/of 'his life,��� for sale 'to^ the  fans on t��e .bleachers.'."."Do' you sup-]  ,pose',they" would/ take/itV'^'Sufe!- ^1,'  have seen"moments jvhen^every fan. at  the game"' fairljr,1 howle'd.Afor rthe -life  of the-umpire."',^'-;; T-. -  -'T\ r A  ",',  n.\-..'j,M -A     -��� - " - *-    -1 --^ * ���-    -   - --   .''.- *    a  .^y ^' ^   ���T a i_ a ,    ,   ^       -  Minard's-Liniment Curesf Dandruff.  ��� , ,h-z., ���; 77   s    ~ - , "���   , .  ! Mrs. \ Reuben Park, ��� aged about seventy years, 'whose home 'was a "short  distance "from ChamamJ in ' Chatham  township, .was '.walking on the Pere  Marquette Railway track, when she  was struck- by a freight train and almost immediately killed. She is said  to have been' somewhat deaf. An inquest will probably be held.  , -  $100 REWARD $100. \  The readers of this paper will bo^plonaed to learn  that there Is at least ono dreaded disease thnt science  ha�� beenablo'to coro iii all its stages nnd that la  Catarrh. Hall's-Catarrh Cure is tho onlj po*uti\o  cure now known to the medical frattmlt>. Cutfirrh  betnu n constituiional cti*.eiu��o, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catiirrh. Oure io taken internally, acting directlv on tlio blood and mucous  surfaces oC the *��3^toni, theiobj destro\ing tho foundation of tlio diepive, and k\\ inr the patient strenj-fth  by buildlnK up the constitution and assisting nature  in doinR its work,' Tho* proprietors hn\o t-o much  faith in its curatno powers that they offer Ono Hutij  dred Dollars for anj ca^o that it fails to cure. Send  for list of testimonials.  Address: F. J. CHENEY & Co . Toledo, O.  Sold by druggists 75c. *" i,   *  Tako Hall's Family Pills for coustipation.  ^ William��B. .Raukiaef .who was con-/^ J ���'  nected ViUr various power enterprises t ,\  at Niagara "Falls, is dead..   J',,        }M    .  N     r     - -*V  '" ' f-���      "      s"  ���  ^The AtLorney-Geneial of Ohio is to   ,x  investigate^the"Internauonal Har,yester A ^^  company.,'^^-i' t . ^     *  J "*  ^ 5>��L|  a\*  hA    ,  -l'H-\*  If.UNION'MADE.lJ,.  OYERAltS,;,SM0CKS  .11  w Miss Bessie "Lewis of ,Newbpro, shot  a black, bear'at'Devil Lake that weighed nearly 200,poundfe.'- -   '   -  .1      ��    s*.  ."'��� CharlestKerwick'and his wife.'chaVgy.-'..  ed with the murder of Doiien Mitchell,"'  - '       -; \k i  '���'-Af(fA   i    f  'h     ,    -if > ���  "������?�� A  {=���  ,-* !������*�����>..  MADE TO FIT   ,    -  a,  ���   A   -   f '"   ,    "' and  MADE TO  WEAR  You will'never have Comfort and Satisfaction    and    Wearing    Qualities In  tyour Working Clothes until you wear  ''King of the Road" Brand  ASK   YOUR   DEALER.  *��  %  4��  *  &  d   These   Qualities  Are  CoftSTAS^  Mlsjn��lp:c-<1   IHm.  lady A���Here comes that dreadful  man who sat next to me at dinner. He  hasn't the manners of a pig! Mrs.AS  -now funnyl I thought ho had.-  Tuuch. ���  %  4*  ��&  Lake of The  Co.��  �����  Ltd.  *  |********i��***^fl9,,e,,s,8e,<>*lfr,OJ#,Sj,e,<0  ' Easy to Be an Expert Pistol Shot.  ��� "Any man with ordinary nerve can  become a 'fair shot with a revolver  from, the saddle .with a few weeks'  practice. ��� J believe in a short time a  man'can become sufficiently expert to  make 95 out of 100 shots," said a regular army officer, ,  "You see," lt is all in learning when  to shoot The aiming is a small part  of pistol and revolver shooting. The  aiming Is just like pointing your finger. Arman can, naturally point his  finger at an object accurately. If he  can do that he can aim a gun by simply throwing it out in the same way.  The reason an unpracticed marksman  is no marksman at all is that he stops  to aim and gets off the mark or becomes unsteady In pulling the trigger.  He must learn his gun, so he will  know just the exact instant wheu it  goes off, Just how much aud how long  a pull he must make to snap the trigger. When he learns so that it is second nature to shoot just as he points  the gun, he will hit any ordlnniy mark  within reasonable range."���Des Moines  Register and Leader.  "Poor Pay,   Good  TenJ^it."  "It isn't always the tenant <��*ho pays  h's rent on the first of the month who  is most desirable," said a householder the other day. "Your prompt tenant is likely to hold you his debtor for  that virtue and feel perfectly fiee to  ask for numerous improvements. My  best paying property is leased to a  man who is always two or three  months behind in his rent. Of course  I lose the interest on my money for  that time, but that is all. In the three  yeara in which he has rented of me he  has not had tho nerve to ask me even  to paper a room for him. I haven't  done it, either. In one instance he had  some plumbing doue at his own expense when he should have charged it  to me. I am constantly afraid that he  will get prosperous some day nnd  want to pay me on time Just ns  sure asi he does I will have to spend  several bundled dollars on the house."  "i5 ~~ ,    ij.  '       '. T This"disease .from which so  1   many suffer gives the average phy-   .  sician a great deal of trouble.   The,  '   best'medical "men have 'endorsed  " Psychine," and recommended it  ' in   scores , of   the most   obstinate  , - cases. -It has never failed in a single  instance to give prompt relief, and  a permanent cure when directions  have been followed. The system  of cure 'is entirely different from  any of the old fogey pills, powders  or   tablets.      A   few   doses    will  ' remove the^ tightness and weight  on stomach. Taken regularly it  positively ���; cures general distress,  ���flatulency, nervousness, coated  tong'dej heartburn and palpitation. ~  J If yoii have never used "Psychine"  ��x don't., hesitate a moment longer.  Ask your nearest druggist.  GREATEST OF ALL TONIOS  ������y'  ffv  Worth the Price  No Doubt About it.  Wc Wont You to Try  GOLD STANDARDj  But wo don't q!vo you  a premium to do so.  We will, howovor, rotund your money If not  ontlroly oatlstlod.  Better Try It.  "Guaranteed  the Best"  (^RONftUNCED  ��kEE$  ALL DRUCQ1STS���ONE DOLLAR���TRIAL FREE  DR.-T. A. SLOCUM, Limited  179 King- 8t W.,    Toronto, Canada-.  William B. Rankine, who was connected with vauous power enterpnsos  at Niagara Fulls, is dead.  A Toronto jury in the Civil Assize3  awarded the parents of Lily Mulvaney.  who was killed by a street car, ?2,00O  damages against the company.  A surgical operation of a heroic  character will be necesary to save the  life of President Harper of Chicago  University.  Joshua Drant. an Indian, was  over by a train near, Belleville  killed.  run  and  "Oh, John!" sho exclaimed, "now  that you've seen my new bonnet you  simply can't regret that I got it. Isn't  it just a poem?" "Well, if it is," replied John, "I guess a proper title for  it would be 'Owed to a Milliner.'"  VV    INI    VJ    No  555  For Co*af��Bis and Colds,  t4M4tMM> ��-**-.*���*��  A ! "��� ft  ;���?.;  " * 1 ri  Al I  yA'  -^*u iii I  i-ft .fl 2f  'tltfttu  TBE 10YIE LEADER.  ^Published in the interest of the people  of Moyie and East Kootenay.  'I?, J- SMITH * CO.  -    Publishers.  ��4 AM  II  "-<   s  ll 4��.t   .   .._  i;.,fr-1 ���*' ���*  .'/��-. i.    '  'rWJ'"  Wfc A  ^ .^V-^Ah jg  .������**>.".-<   -  T  -il'  ���s^IS  siS'i.s  --- i^-^i. /-r  i'..  /��  .Ai'tivniSsa  ,'ilXfti1.-  i*>yj!i ��m ("f  -"���^K^llI^'S  A:Jf,  Jfi.  aM %  - I*i $  y l||if  ��� ��Si%'  lit  ��� -S I* ^  A\'Wa-��d  ..���"'HM 6r-  ^. li-Sj-H   <H<  ���"*l_S!' (���>  ^  ir��r.^i V*-  If*  BATBt OF SIMISCBU'TION.  Uie Year..  ,.*2 00  SATURDAY, JSOV   -1, 1903.  Cranbrook is. a city.  Dowson is   piepniiiig to hold a witi-  ter carnival.  ��  ..��.. ������  "Next year promises to be a bummei  of a year for Moyie. '_  Golden Star.���The Canadian Bank  ���f Commerce is advertising in Glasgow, Scotland, for 50 junior bank  i-lerks at a salaiy of $50 a year.  Bank officials say that the competition  itnODg Canadiiins is so keen that i'. i  impossible to g< t enough youths. A  O.madian youih wuuld ne a. big chump  io t-O lo woik in a bank, y'here promotion is blow, for $50 a year, when  he can go to work on a O. P. R.  section for $ I 80 a day, and stands a  chance of being promoted to cur  ��� ���lloi or "j, n\ " withiu a year. A bunk  fficii-l, who would offer t-uch a salary,  .night to be made live at Medicine  Hut for balance of his life.  DROP IN^58^  And see pur Full Assortment of  The Moyie  Drug and Stationery  '   Santa Claus is   beginning   to look  over his stockin' trade.   ���  No      l'olsoil  In     Cluimljerlaln'a  Kemc-dy.      i  Cough  , l A     A-S    -   -   ��.  'iny one may atts-act .attention,,but  A-IT 'I-"-   i. * ��� - ' *     -     . r*  few are able to hold it.  x  C-&~A���r   Thousands Jiave<fought over religion  -Who have never  practiced it.  ���**.,  .  The zinc   commission   seems  either lost, atriiyed or, stole a.  to be  ��� ^fhe St. Eugene  will   be   jn   better  'shape than'ever to break' ore produc-  ..      ,.u .  .'  ing reconlB. ,���',-.  V ' ��������-���' -x- i>  Spr'lcne is lousy with meal ticket  prize fighters. Wbal'a Ihe matter with  ihe rock pile'   y   ,, ; t  Occasionally a woman spends, a "lot  lof time''looking for a buiband* after  she gets him.'        <-   . A     A9  A '-*       ^ I - .      I  Holloween hoodluroism and chan-  viilis will soon be a thing of the past.  It is time to "out'them out."  ^Froin Napier New Zealand Herald:  (wo years ago the Pharmacy Board of  New Sout'ii W, les', Aus'ialia, had iu  unaly dis'made of all tbe cough t me-  Jicincn thai Wi're uol-l in that market.  Out of tlie entire list they found only  one that'declared was. amirely free  from all poisons. This exception was  (Jiiimbf-rlain's' Cough Remedy made  by the Clmnberlain'a Medicine Com-  pjny^ Des Muini-s, Iowa, U. S. A. The  abai nee of allr narcotics makes this remedy the safest and best that can be  had ; aud it is with feeling of security,  that anyt mother cau'give'{it to hoi  Utile ones. ' Chamberlain's Cough  Ro  '       n       '   I ' r  medy ;a especially recommended by its  rangers for coughs- colds,, croup   and.  Hamilton Watches are giving  eu-'h  universal Maiiahictiou tliat we have had  A'spscial movement 'put1  up* forr us  which ia known* as' ���''Tate'd-1Sp6cI*J."  vhooping cough.', This remedy ia   fori It is a high  grade 'movement,   which  sale by S. K, Harvie.        ��� ���"'"'' ,' can bo bought'at a> reasonable/ pnev,  and is guaranteed to W ,a  good   lime  keeper, _ ,. ,,     t " . r *   I _^  ,ady Barber Shop  .MISS LINDEI-L, Proprietress.  First Class   Work*   Bath   Rooms in  C< nueclion.  ,      *,  VICTOIUA ST. ' ' MOVIE.  i For Sale.  The place known as ,the���Dill Amilk  ranch, 320 acres, good barn house, and  n   Ariply to t' i  -A '   J.E. Crowe;Moyie, B'."C.' '  'The man who-thinks he can de-  fraud the government with impunity  is second cousin to the individual who  plays the slot machine with the expectation of winning."     "  ���.       ^  Friendly- socittios aie   educational  Botieties; tbey tend to raise tlie moral  htandard and elevate the mind of the  1 working classes, andt inculcate  habits  * of thrift and self, reliauce. *    -  ', <      , ���?��� v  ',' < r    I T I  ���   *A school   teacher* in   Montreal  has  ���"been robbed ol $]10,/and "the^police  are   dividing , their   time   between  a  ', ,  * o,i.     it '    , r  'l~  '  'search for the'thief and,an  enquiry at  f     ",   -      Irr/        ,      y   ��� . ,, '  to how a school teacher got so  m uoh  money: ���'���'.-*  MOYIE ^BAKERY^:":r  ,      ,t .       ,    ���--y"     '    -A  -"���        'JUST STARTED. ,,  - j    �� .  We are now prepared to fill all  orders  for Bread, Cakes, and Pa3try. .  ,Satif. fact ion   Guaranteed , or  'Money-  ������    *     Refunded.    '    '     '  ."W: F.'TATB& SON:,  CJP/R.,Watch ;ii):spectors,;. , , y-  -- *      i   '   CRANBROOK; B. C.  Under* New  Management.'  The Dining Kooiv^ is now .open, fthc.  >B ir t is ,newly ' f-upplied,  aiid  ,'  '-every'effort'will be made ,'���   .  '   "' A  y*r"tolgivi'irsatisfiiction., �� . .-  J.'L4^'; GQUPILL; Pr,oi>r.  I  O. O. F.  tVJIdey I.ocljfe No. 41.  Meets every Tuesday evening in thei;  hall on Victoria Ptroet. Sojourning  Odd Fellowd cordially invited. ���     .  P. T. Smyth. f* j* Smyth,  ���     Noble Grand. Secr'y.  Btoyie   Miners'   Union  No.,71 W, F, of M.  Meets in McGregor ball every Saturday evening.1 Sojourning ' members  are cordially invited to attend.  Wm. J. Fei/tham, ".   Thos. E. Kn.LY,  -  '     President.  ' Secretary  MOYIE AERTE NO: 855  Aleets on the   fijit anil,tbird   Wt'dn<-6-  daypf each'iiioiitli   at S P. - id.  .E.A.HILL,'   "'   J. H  IUVVKE,  -   Worthy Pres., Worthy Secr'y  JACKlBTAM'-'"  C ft r        . 1  , General  Draying  ' , Business y - dbne.r  All kinds of wood *  *    ft i" c Kf " V '  ^,F6r, 'Sale, *��� L Good,,  -�� ^Satisfaction   ,ntb���  ;'   Everybody. '���,   *���  URNS'* GO:  A '"��.-'  ,y..:   -  '  WH0J-K3ALE ANW RKTAII,  , - '   -  MEAT' ,:MEBOH'ANTS."  ' ' Fresh  and Cured Meats, Fresh "  <   Fish, Game  ana  Poultry: .-We    ,  i i supply  only   the'best.   -Your    t  , trade solicited. < y^      ,;     l  \     < ?   *        r  MARKETS ',     ,  .,. y'  In   'all/ the   Principal  &'<        tf    -*1--    t ,. *     '   y. y  Cities.and' vTowns :in  ,' "BritishCColumbta <:~\.  1-%MQYIE,';B.iC/-y:';  a      - .yy.y^-- A,.  ?*. A.  ,-<  A'goyernment official is after all only  i-' -��� i     '       .  a beivant  of the people, and it is,ex  pecied of him, tnat   he   shall   at   all  Unn-s have a clear head  aud be readj^  to look after business the sumo us auy  other man under sal iry.  Canadian Eagle: A Vancouver  brother discovered a pimple on the  side of his nose and attempted to remove it with an ointment. But the  pimple flourishe 1 like a green ba'*>  tree and soon grew to tbe sue of a  teacup. When the brother began to  investigate he discovered that^his bottle ot ointment had been misplaced  and he he had beon using his wife's  bust developer.  MOYIE  B; C;  THE���  I  ii  ,: .Wholesale Wine'  y and'f:Spirit Mer-  4 ^chant".^yA   l.  Barvey -&   McGarter;  Barristers, Solicitors, NotarieSj Etc.  Cranbrook,   -   - ����� B. C".'  51���'^ilBI'JtW  W; E/ GUBD,   -���:; y"-.y  ' y     ^ j ->     " j   >      i   ' 'i i>  t ll I - tJ  L'    BAKKISTKK,-SOt,rCI*TOR, ETC.', ?  a-i !   ;-v <���*';     :   a  . *    ',  C^VNBROOK.     't'<'A       * By C  --y C."H:;DUNBAR'-;..r  Wi   -''��� "' V- / *  -     j      -"  '      i '  Barrister, Solicilo'r. NotarytPublie;;Eto  ,  V        ��-.c -  j r(     a< ~t .   , ' , \ '   -'  y Cranbrook^ B^O. a ��-*'  DR. P.(Br^ILES1,  X>jE_3?flrT'XSS,3?.  ��� .-  Agf'nt for Calgary"BrowingtCo.'s ' t\\  Beer,, Ale and Porter.y  T. Label' & Co.'-*  - ���; ;Eay and Grain. -  A,-.? ,       **���    -{-fit.,   ^.^vwca . A.' a*     ^ V U- \       >  SchSitzvraod''/yt'aIgary  r -      ,     "   < -     -        If -C ���   ^1-   -.    :       - ���."  S     ���  - f '   ���!  ,,     ,     1    V   .>��     ,. ., I '  ?:'-i_3_EfE5-E=8i*;v^  bit  ASBAYJillS.  A VISIT   TO  FACTORY  would prove a rev�� l.itio i to nnuiy boot  r -     '  dealer*! as hlII as   ouol   iMiirer--,  lt  5��  equipped v.iih the nio^t modern machinery. Eu-ry cieji iiimcut ii under  pxweit siiper\i.-.inii'and none hut   No,  r>K3AU_,IIIKIt UKOS,    ITops.  . -    ���     'Ij        '        ,  Lar-;e   sample   roiira   in   connection  with house for commercial men.   Best  of accommodations.  Headquarters   for   Commercial and Mining Men.  QUEEKS   AVKNT'E,  MOYIE,   B. C.  5000  NEEDED  Annuallv, to fill the new positions ere-'  ,Ued by K.nlro.id  .ind   Telegraph com  pmie-.    We  want  Youno   Men  and  Ladies of good habits, to  LEARN TELEGRAPHS  AND K.  It. ACCOUSTIKl}  We furniah 75 percent, of the Operators and Station Agents in America.  Our mx s-chools are the l.irgpst exclusive Telcuruph Schools in the would  Established 20 i tars and endorsed by  ���ill leading Railwav nflicials.  We execute a if2d0 Bond to cverv  i-tutlent to furnish hiin or her a position paying from $ 10 to $G0 ,i mon tli  I leather and (indinys e^or cnicr thp I in states p����t of the ltocky Mountains,  j00rg i or frum ^lo to ^100 a   month in stiites,  1 ivc��t of   the llocky JM'HiDtiins, immediately U1'0NT C'.UADUATION.  Students can enlor at any timo.   No  '0��e^'sLi^&^ i .'V-^'J  ,1|��^      -  "ij��'��-,  >K-  -jy-y.^W-.''..-  Fore.'gn and 'Domestic Wines, Iiquor=  \js. .<*. "   and Cigiii,8.,��- ������<'-'���   , -�� ��� ^  1  'ly i  : ^CRSNBROOE^,..  ' v XG.'WYNNE-7"  , ,,    J .t"      I .. - > A  Oigari-,' \ Ttibnccos^    Confectionery,  \ ' ' ��� .  Ftuitsr Etc.'  PARR ELL BLOCK,  Victor! n��St.  NELSON,  B. C  Keg-Beer, Bottled  Beer and Porter  always on Hand.  hi. Jewell-^5^ ���'  ���n j *  Express aiid General    D~eliv;ery, -Biisi-1;  ness. J- Livery^ and  -j Feed Stable. ' ;  *   ��� -.  i  \    ' Leave 'Oiders at  ,   ^Gwynn's" Store.  ' i. --       i  MOYIE        ^       ,   British Colum b.  JOSEPH NIEDERSFADT,       Propr.    i  vacations. For full particulars regarding any of our schools wriie direct to  our cjl�� rntivt* office at Cincinnati. O.  Catalogue Inc.  In tins age hhpn nil is ssbttitution  and adulteration, we cofine ourdclei-  sdictly tr> the best, ij ateri.ils that  nHJiiei will b\y.  Is it any wonder (lint prospectois  loggers ami miner-., fir -me wide, in-lTllB f?10r.S8 SchOOi Of Telegraphy  hist on getting "LECK1E J3UOTS''  Tliey are a WKSTEiiN' product for  Wpsiern people. Accept no suls''-  tuteu.  I lur'nn iti, Ohio.  AllJLiit.i. i.n ,  Tex irk.ma, T�� x,       .  iiuii ��io, v. \.  l.llt r i kh*-. Wis  San V , anci^co, Cai.  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  1 NELSON, n. c.  jioarding and D.iy School conducted by tbe Sisters of St. Jowph, Nelson  B. C. Coinnifrciiil and lui-iiness  courses a {.pocialtv. Excellence and  swift progri'Mj cli.nactenize e*ch department. T.iriMils i-hould write for  particulars. Qpe mouth as?tniri-s' Uip  public of the thoroughness of-"thi  Sisteis' mcthodrt uf tra'-hinir. 'Ilmi^  commence Ja.nu.ny, April nnd Sept.  Pupils aro ml ni it Led ilurinj tern*.  MANUrACILHEI)  H\  , LECKiE GO.  (LIMirFD )  VANCOUVER, B   C.  MINING ],eepg you  MAGAZINE poste/  Gi*. es each mouth .m index of all important articles appcariug in over 200  American and foreign publications, also  abstracts of the tno--t valuable articles  and from four to eight original articles  by practical mining men, fully illustrated.   $2 00 a year in advance,  sample copy, 20 cents     Send to  MINING MAGAZINE  120 Liberty St root  New York  PREST PHOTO CO.  ClvANUiiOOK   AND   MOYIE.  O. F. DESAULNJER-  I5I.AI EH   IN  ?  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  Glueens' Ave.      MOYIE  W. R. BEATTY  Enib.ilmrr and Under'.,'ker,  Phone 89. CRANBROOK-  1 THE COMFORTABLE WAY,  Kurid IJmin Iloid T|>.  9 5r> am I.i n vu  Cranbrbbkp  _"       -   " ' A ���P >--.. '  ' t \J   <  George S:-Tlipmpson,! r'  <"f< - s "  Baeristkr, Sowcitok, ' JJo-  -' - a J-..-..,  ',       i'*, A. '-<g -v   t---  CRANBROOIC,      Biutish Coiomdia.  %' '"A *,**"- BUY" Y,0UttV    "'  a *yt  1 A, --  "J" -i^',  Jf*  iJLjS*v '"--i -ji-,,t**vtv<i,<y<*-- -'.rr  iV^'lf-r "���'ic^\'��?-r-~V>y- >  '��  >, ,  v*r-nvrT*x_ -t"^-EIvOM-v.-s--s >^-, j/-���,(-���  '*'-   v sT.,1-".JaiI  . ~1H/-   ->������ I    -'-I ^V^SP-t*-?'^  r. tB.*olewart-;S^Co  , .   ���,o��� ^-'-  ���;    '.  Ay'  Agent vf^r   Crowy'   Ntst /" \  , " "   Steam Laundry^    r  S  W.- D. JOHHSON,  'Stove fixer and  * i  Repairer.    ���'  i- ��� -      -<  Apply-at "Leader" ofHce.  POR.   E1NE   TAILORING   GO 'TO  . C, A. FOOIE  MERCHANT-, TAILOR,  i      And Gents' 'Furnisher.' -  Fine   Suitings,'  Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported < Goods.  s  (UNION   SHOP)    ' '  MOYIE, "'"*       B. C  IVrtiie  10 \i am A-rUo        i: ko  UJUjiin     " KtA.rm'1  7 -n ]illl     ������      Sl-lilCAMi  7 '0 am     " Uui.it  9 HO am     " -i-iHtili!  "��� !��� i-iii    Ar.   VANl OUVI.K  2 io pm   Ar .vr. 1'Al'L  Anne ') 00 pm j  ',' h 10 pm '  I- I i'i pm  " 9. 0 Hin  " 'I -'1 pin  " >> 00 |,m  I OQ [ m  ,i 00 pm  I.v.  ONE KIQHT  To Pi.vrn.K iind Va:.ci'L ver  TWO NIGHTS  To \Vjnvi->i;g .ind   St. Pavl,  Winter   Schedule.  DOUBLE   SERVICE   iMAlX   LINE.  ^/AIi^jlIj  r < t * <  Having decidad   to close out my business in  Moyie, I am offering my rwhole stock of  Clothing,  wear,  00!  er  hoes, Under-  hirfs, Sweat-  ose   ,  and everything to be fdui^d in a first clatsGrents' !|  Furnishing Store  'y ' '.;  A^��^;0n.:  lW(j '1 J f J   *   ��?tt    i  .A-"!f  t  ��vpy,F:AJpSW-SWJV,:J(-> v-  tf   "f*  ��      *     -"       ���-�� (Pi*     ~*-v* V , <-t -*  - ��">i->i^-    H��-      *"       J<- !���"   '-*���'* ���W���'* *���**'"���    -    *^��-      ^i^^wl       J I V     ^'ff,     1  '-��� i:^ r._ lrt-SA?*A\ ~  .     .i I*. Jr..        ���..��-       _ .   . i *.       ,. .      c-T t, I  l   __  .  _  i .m - hwf^.i���1 .������ ii ii ������!���!��� .m        i���^������'������1   r-Sft J  "rri"     at  ���*��� -t���i ����������������>��� ���--f-^*���-     ^- ii  na-.*ir^sa332i ^ I  "-;;���".>3-Mapl^-lea��ftlib6fs-' '���. ���  M ���   '       ���.,'"���     ''        ' '     ��'-A   -      .'--*. .     '  , y    .-     ;y   '- ��;. .  __      < w;.   -'    y : '   '.  '-��� "The line's made for- durability presses a  remarkable degr ee ,of' style, while the  styfiSh lines ai;�� very d'arable; / t  c !, You cannot make a mistacke in buying  .RubSers if the,emblem~of the -Dominion  | ��� is-toahded on them--tydumay if it is not..  Ask for a;nd insist  on  getting:  Maple  Leaf Rubbers-r- these are no others just  uas good1 ' -. "^-.*.*���/ * ���' *=  -A I'I  uO_.?   LIU.,  VANCOUVER, B/C.  5 t     *  Selling Agf'nto for thc "Wist.  ��j2CT2CTE3323eCKS2K!  ZSZ3SSSB fSStiailVXsJ&ass:  Kooiennj Section  East and West.  Connei ts With  Imperial Limited.  SLEEPER   SERVICE WEST.  Close Connections   *  Foi ChicHgn,  Toronto,   Moulrenl   unci  ALL   POINTS   EAST  AUD WEST.  Acptjleiie Li^lited Cits,  Family Touiist Sleepers,  I'"!.ice Slucmng 6nrf,  Dining Cirri (Mt-uls a la Curie.)  Llbmry Ohservalion Curs.  Thiough tickets nnd   b^Rgnge   checks  to all points.  STEAMSHIP    TICKETS.  Fnr Ticket*, Rjites, Folders and  Full iuformati^n, cul^ou oi address  J AS. SLdAN, A��eut G. N, Ry.,  FERXIE, B. C.  Standard and   Tourist  Sleepers   1o,i\p  Rt'velaloko d.uly lor Scuttle and  Vancouver.  EAST  Stindard   Sleepeis   leuve     Kootenaj-  Landiufi Daily for Medicine   JIat,  connecting with cars   lor   St.  Paul,   Toronto, Montreal.  d has  T. V. LOWNEY, Prop.  MINERS'0HEADQUARTERS.   This hotel ia  olo0e to  tho  mines, au  every Convi ijictict fur Working Men.  South Victoria St. ^ MOYIE  lie.  JLj.  n  Wholesale Wines, Liquors  and Cigars  ��^  CRANBROOK  British Columbia.  Tourist Slcej.ers lea\e  Medicine   II.it  Wed. and Sat. for  Toronto,   Mon.  and   Eri,   for   Montieul,   Fii.  for  Boston nnd daily for  St.   Paul.  For Rales, Folders or 'Iickets Apply  to Local Agent.  J. Attwood, Agent, Moyie.  J.S CARfKR,  liHt, Prisi   Afft-  ^cUou,  We handle everything in the Hardware li��e-  Also Cumberland blacksmith's coal, powder,  fuse and caps, oil, paints and glass, at  3   ft fi ts " PS"3f3    ft     5jj  E   J. ( OYI K,  ' <-i't Gon   Vai   ArI I    If Si *���     )i      AA  ft li r4f?-


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