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The Moyie City Leader Nov 12, 1898

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Array ~C yf*^���  VOL, J,-NO. 31.  MG.YIE GITY, B. C., NOVEMBER 12,1898.  A YEAR  I AN IDEAL TOWNSITE For Business md X  '�� Pleasure; as a Residential Locality  S Unequalled.  i�� ���",        , ,  jD.V      o   '    -      Situated on Moyio Lake. Excellent Fish-  ',W ing, Boating, Bathing   and  Shooting. . ,  T.  fin  i   tHNH  Surveyors Are Now at  Work on It.   ,  THE DISTAf.CE IS 4,000 FEET  ���a '  ^BACKED BY PAY'S EOLLS  El!  Jul fetl  Mines alL.'within an hour's walk. .Good water  supply. Exceptional drainage facilities. Has  the best prospects.  The: busiest and Most Talked of Town in  EAST KOOTENAY. '  MAMMOTH , RETAIL   EMPORIUM.  TJic Surveyor* yrill Alfoo hay Our. a Town.  Site (it thc Foot of tlio LuVce  Ko.'orc Utoturniug.  G, CAWPFJELL/Moyie City, B. Q  '%^/r^'A<^^^-^'A^'A^^.A'^A^.^.A^A^&'A^^'A<^,^'A^-J^'AAAV.       >^. ^ff. jf   ^.  ^^~OA*-^B>--^ra^aA,~csi^~!CA^'a^^MA.^ABr^^ATB~ys^ -oia��;__��=_o ��j��  X- *^">u-^^->^->^->k',^>.-,^'^*>��i>_">^->^'^fe'>^->^'>^->����.'  >V>5_-^?-��B_'  * ' ��� ..*.  i .1^  If  r-  ,*r  "Ji  iJ  4  4.  **A  4'  3  : fc.^z.rfr rJz.rfr ^���_rflz^^^z.^z_rfz^^/L.'^/^:'^^^_\-<xJ^ :Ar .vfej'"_jOzjfc etiCE_ft  ��� ���'iw��� awiMiii i wwwai iuiifwwMMiw��wwwwBWH*a^i-^     C^;g>ygaK��^_fti__iay��yta^^ mwi"���*��� ��� ����� ���* ��� im rj  Prices Given and Orders  Taken on Everything in  The Printing, Line at the  &  ^__.^_u___.' "a"''^i -��a '��j.^L'*Za. ���l���Li^��j*��z 4��it&^  ��_t����__��_a��_EaE._jaft��-:SB3' _����:_����� __��|_r��  The preliminary survey for the St.  Eugene tramway from the mine to  the concentrator sito is being made.'  Tho?. T. McVitLie'and'T.H. Taylor of  Port Steele are doing the work, aud  they expect to ,get through today.  This survey is being made to ascertain tho distance, height, pitch of  ground, etc., in order to' determine  the more suitable kind of a tramway  to build���aerial or car. , In all ��� probability thc latter named. will be the  kind selected. The actual distance  between the mine and tbe concentrator site, 'surface measurement,' is  only d.,00 feet, or a few feet over three-  fourths of a mile. The building'of  tramway, concentrator and fiumo will  will be commenced early in the  spring.    ,  Thc 100-ton ore bin at the mine is  finished, and thc building of a'200-ton'  bin at the concentrator site will be  started within a week or 10 days. Between 2,000 and 3,000 tons of ore will  be shipped from the mine this winter.  Wlyjn Messrs. Mc-Vittie and Taylor  finish their nrcscnt work thev will  likely proceed to the foot of the lake  and survey about 20 ..acres for a town-  site. They have also been engaged to  locate the lines of the Carifeul place,  situated about a" mile north   of Movie.  hardware,"  cjEoceries,  PRODUCE,  ^��s^^jft_a{'ZJ^'^t-'rfz-rfe.^^���_-;Jr  fy ,    ML KISV3 Op .  V  '    ,     '��� DONE ���  TIN ROOFING A SPECIALTY.  CLOTHIN&,  G-ents' Furnishings,  BOOTS and SHOES,  -PROPRIETORS   OF���  STRICTLY FIRST CLASSMN ALL "DEPARTMENTS.  Oor.'^^o^odrli* J3t�� .aj_a,<5L-lMCc>3riQ ^ts^o,  9,  MOIETIES  .��PXB3C,!5?:.  LOCAL   NEWS.  $  V. I>ESAU*LNIEK & CO., rro.is  Tlio irouscjls -Krjuipperl iu First Class Stylo  Throughout. Lurtrc aiul Commodious Dining  Room. 'BoM. Bruiitls of Wines/ Liquors and  Cigars cau be.liad nt tlie Bur.  Headquarters for Commencial and Mining Men.  QUEEN   AVJCNUJv, ���  MOVIK  CITY. H. C.  f*S&.A**.^.J-r.J&.A^'^AAt&>^-^-^-^'A&y^AA^A**^i*^A<i  ;jj*r��^-^^��fc��^v^^^!fc^��iiiLi__-_��__x^��rt^����>��Kfc.-Mijifc-^MaK-<i��^-.*i'^  *ea>   n_f����. ny ^*3*��?%ii- .-*v^^-w-^*��- ^-��� w^-^ w-". "��^^. *d  S.fA. SCOTT, Prop,  , This |tot(ilJis;now open to , the 'public, t\nd iy well furnished th roughont. .None but the bout brands of wines,  liquors and cigars kept iu otock.    ,; .       .',    .-���.'.-.   ���      ���  Wn'ST- CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS.  MOYIE GITY, 13... O  flsesss-^s-sss-^  '^  a)  <a  th  I  ft  I  ft  ft  I  G.  CAMrBELL, a:t:.claiijc.--  This HoteljisJNew and well Purnished.  The |  Talbles. are^Supplied with the Best the |  Market affords. The Bar is Filled with |  the Best fBrands of Liquors [and. Cigars. -��  The Steamer l>Jo}-ji3 C^ty,.  Moyie has been accorded ouiie an  honor by its name being selected for  the new C. 1?. R. steamer which will-  be used for carrying passengers between the present terminus of the  Crow's Nest line and Nelson. We are  indebted to the Nelson Miner for the  following iuformatoin concerning the  new craft:  Tho vessel was originally intended  for the iSiickme river trade, but when.  thc Klondike boom began to subside  it was decided to ship the machinery  and plates from Vancouver to Nelson  and build a.steamer for the passenger  traffic between Goat river landing and  aud Nelson pending thc completion  of the Crow's Nest Pass railway to the  latter point, When completed the  new. vessel will be the largest and  finest boat on the Kootenay lakes. It  is 100 feet long, 30 feet beam arid five  feet hold. It is what is known as a  composite boat with plank on thc  bottom and steel plates, .5-16 inch  thick above water.  The machinery is of the most modern type, the engines having 16 inch  cylinders and a stroke of 72 inches.  The steam pressure,is 175 pounds, and  a speed of lo knots per linur is expected to be attained. It is Jit ted with  steam capstans and a complete system  of electric light. '  Fifty-five men arc at present employed and tho work is being pushed  as rapidly as possible. The fittings of  the vessel arc first class in every par-,  ticular and no pains are being spared  to provide for the comfort and convenience of the traveling public.  A1. W. McVittie was over from Cranbrook Wednesday.  J. E. Musg'rave is at present sojourning in Cranbrook.  "Frank   McMahon    returned    from  Kimberley yesterday  Chas. Farrell made a trip to Fort  Steele the first of the week?  ��� -Matt Rockendorf, of the, Cranbrook  -Herald staff, is in Movie on a visit.  ���" Martin Foley is  again, able   to   be  around after several week's illness.  X P. Farrell was doins; some work  on his claim,..the Half Moon, adjoining tewn'this week.   ,  Leslie Hill, one of the owners of the  Moyie and Queen of the Hills claims,  aijcTD. Bell-Irving were id town,, this  week.  James Park, Mrs. G. E. Muir and  Mrs. T. J. McGregor arrived Thursday from Grand Valley, Out. They  were met .at Fort Macleod by Mr.  Muir.  Thc case of .'Vies Robinson, who  was brought back from Cascade City  last week, was settled out of court, and  Robinson has returned to the Robson-  Penticton road.  A gang of bridge carpenters is at  work putting in timbers for the permanent railway bridge across the  Moyio river, at the foot of the lake.  John Day killed a splendid specimen of a deer in the hills south of  town one day this week. It dressed  200 pounds and its horns measured-  over three feet I'rom tip to tip.  <)>  ft  ft  ft  ft  I  ft  ft   >H)VII' CITY,  HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMERCIAL  AND'MINING MEN  HJUTISH COr.lMUJU.   |  Bond u-'iih XdtTakon U}>.  The bond on the Movie and Queen  of the Hills mine, which was held by  the. Fort Steele Development Syndicate of London, was not taken up.  The last payment- of $125,000 which  was to'lib.vc been made on. the first of  the month, was not put up, on account, it is said, of the syndicate being  unable fo raise the icquired amount  of money iii so short a time. The  syndicate asked for au extension ol"  time, but this waa refused by thc owners of the property. The mine can  now,'easily, bo   bonded   for   a figure  Will J,$e Turned Over on tho 13th.  On next Tuesday, November 15th,  the British Columbia Southern, better  known as t'ho Crow's Nest Pass road,  from Macjeod to Goat River lauding  will be tunjod over to tlie operating  department 01 .the Canadian Pacific  Hail way company. Just what changes  will be made in thc operation of the  road have not yet been given out. It  is pra-mmed,, though, that there will be  quite a change wrought ��� on the line  from Cranbrook west. ' That is a regular train service established and an  efl'ord made to put the road' iu shape  for carrying freight. There' is a great'  amount of work for the new road.  Besides the general traffic, the smelters of West Kootenay are anxious to  get the Crow's Nest coke, and the  mine owners are becoming anxious to  ship their ore.  ��� As a result of the change of management much work along the line  has been temporarily suspended, and  all the engineers haye, been called to  Cranbrook. All operations at the  foot' of Moyio lake are at a standstill)  and will continue so until after: the  15'ih of the month.  iilg Landslide���JUan I.ost.     >lj  J. W. Eobinson   returned  Wednesday from a trip alOng the line being as  far west as Goat Elver crossing.    He  was the   first to   bring   tbe   news to  Moyie   of' the   landslide   which  hap-  pencd..iiear tho crossing last Monday.  By the slide a tremendous   amount of  earth was displaced and about 500 feet  of thc railway track carried down   the  bill.    Is will take at least two or three  weeks to repair the   damage' and  get  the track in shape to admit thiins going through to  the .ond  of  the line.  Mr. Eobinson also reports  tho sudden-disappearance of  a   man -named  Walter B. McPherson,  who  was cm-  ployed with the engineer stationed  at  Eussell creek.    It seems that McPherson' had been ailing for  several   days,  and his friends becoming  alarmed  at  his condition advised him to go to' the  hospital for treatment.   He gathered  his Affects and stayed up  one night iu  order   to   catch   a   train.    The  next  morning he was gone, but his blankets,  and other effects were left   behind, he  having taken nothing with him  but  his gun.    As two   trains   had passed  during the night little  was thought of  the matter.   But as   time passed   his  friends   became   auxious,   and   upon  solicitation he has not been   heard   of  in any of the   surrounding  towns or  hospitals.    Fears aro now  entertained  that in a fit of temporary mental aberration, caused by   sickness,   he wandered  away   from   camp   during the'  night and got lost.    Parties have since  been searching the surrounding country,.but so far their labors  have  been  in vain.    His brother has arrived from  Montreal and is also   taking   part iu  the search.    McPherson   is  about 26  years of age and is of dark complexion/  He had been working at the camp for  some time.  GEWEBAL NEWS MOTES.  Five ore sorters are busy sacking  ore being knocked down at the Wakefield mine near Silverton.  It is stated in conneq'iiGu with, flip  Le Eoi complications that the expenses of,the receivership snd "the litigation in the case '/ill not be less than  $35,000.  The Herald'says that Cranbrook is  in need of a shoemaker. So is Moyie,  and if one does not soon locate here  there will be several persons on their  "uppers."  Slocan City is said to be ou-se moro  in the ranks of tho progressive towns  of the Slocan and many improvements  are being made in and around the  business blocks of the city.  A board of Arivde has fc-sen organized in Cranbrook, of which A. Leitch  is president, J. W. H. Smythe vice-  president and A.' W. McVittie secretary. This is a step in the right direction, i  A ledge of free milling quartz assaying as high as $12,869 in gold was recently discovered on the Big Chief  claim on the west side of Boulder  creekj about six miles from Fort  Steele., It is thought to be the mother  lode of Wild Horse creek.  Trail to tlio While Ground  The government trail to White  Grouoo mountain, which lies close to  Goat river, is now finished. The trail  starts from the main traveled road at  Eussell   creek,   and   is   12   milca in  much above tho former price,  and  it  will not be long until another deal  is I l���*lh>    ^ taps an   exceedingly   nek  made,  belt of mineral country.  Coko  or the Ctow's Xcst.  Eobert-JefTray of Toronto, one of  the members of the syndicate which  made a fat thing out of the manipulation of the British Columbia company's  provincial charter, informs the Nulson  Tribune that the building of the  Crow's Ne^it Pass 'railway will enable  liis company to supply the smelters of  the ICoolonay country with eoke'ut a  much lower-yaks than it cum-be secured for elsewhere that in, short  while British Columbia will be abie to  smelt all its own ores, at a cheaper  rate than they can possibly be smelted  at in the United States.  At present the Trail smelter will  take all the coke which tho coal company can produce, but when the company is in position to supply all the  coke required material reductions may  be expected in smelting charges. The  price of smelting the ore at the Trail  smelter, which was a year ago under  Mr. Hcinz'e, $11 a ton has been reduced by the C."P. E., .which ' now  owns thc smelter, to $7.50. This will  make possible the development of  mineral deposits in Kootenay, which  under the old price for smcltinsr, it  would not pay to move. Mr.Jafl'ray  sees no reason for sending tho silver-  lead ores to Omaha, in the United  States, at a cost of $21 a ton, from  the Slocan district, when, with an  abundant supply of coke, tlicy can be  smelted for $7 or $8 a ton on thia side  of tho lino. y  The average value of Anaconda ore  for the past 12 months was -1.27 per  cent copper, 3.1S ounces-silver, and ,-\  trace in gold per ton. This gave an  average return of $11.22 to the ton oi  ore treated. So admirable was the  system followed, that even this low  average value permitted a net profit of  11.S per cent on a capital of $30,-  000,000.    A recent drilling contest' aiitong  miners at Glenvillc, Colorado) showed  remarkable work in' hard granite,  Eight teams took part, the four scor*  ing tho highest record being u_ follow.'*, giving the depth of the. hole  drilled in fifteen minutes: Edmuud  and McGiunis of Tolku\ide,3G;|- inches; '  Huppoand Lindgriu of -Gray, .40^ inches; "'p'Noil nnd Burns of . Leadville,  40i inches; McKenzie of LeadviHo  and Lamb of Victor, -lOJInches.       '���'..'  Complete United States army reports to the end of September show  that in tbchvar with Spain 309 officers  and men were killed in b.ittle or died  of their wounds;1,500 were wounded  who are recovering; 30 died from ao-  cidents; 2225 died from disease, and  over 40,000-more were down with sickness. Thus for every soldier killed in .  battle six died of disease; for every  soldier wounded 26 were sick. Bullets  are but the minor troubles of war.  NOTIOK.  , XoUce is hcrobj* glvuu Hint sixty days after  .dure I iutoiiilto ajiply to tlio Chio�� Conuals-  siuiict of Lands and Works for permission to,''  purchase uuu lutiidrcU mid sixty ucre.s of ld.ua  lu southern Division of Kiist Koottmity,District,  Cmineiicinjr at ii post pliiccd at the North  i'">i.st corner of Lot iJOO-1, thence north -10 cJiuiua,  thouoe west 10 olisius, theucc south -It) elmiut,  thence oust .10 chains.   ' J. MeKKKZHJi.  Dated October 13th, 180S. _._8  m  ��1  .���.-���ummj l��wML'JM^IillU(H^MlJgatWB^B��a h"-i^i/iiiuKmfKivfaAi&i��e^mues^BA^  -fixaSegffiMK'^.iBrigiSSKiS^^  THE l WORLD'S HEW  ..1  f  "  f -!  i'  y  r*i  3-  ���si-  M  ,\  t A  ,   t.  .       '  l   ... '  ��� A3 A  in*'  ��� /  ��� -''.'/,  ti-'  i r:��'  '",  I A  V  r  11>  \t   '  1. *���, i  i  f  v1  .-���!  -I   ,  .   h  i v  i.i  i i  (     I  I      l  r        1      .  rc-  hiis  assumed a  SATnii'AV, OCT. '22.  "Mr. Tarte ivns ban .ueted :i:t Sorol.  ThauJ^jrivini. Day  will  l'e observe!  "\ove-inber '2-1 th. _ '  Yorkton,     _\��siiiibi.in.   is      making  Brarkablc jirogreris.  Tlio  FasOioda  question  vnry  PtTlous   nsjiect.  The lio.iltli  Im.-iril  lifi<-  i��sned a   hiille-  tin on typhoid fr^or.  A "Montreal  j ml fro decided  that dealing:  in   futures  is   legal.  An in .'nest is being' held into the  0oath of   Harold .Frederic.   '       -.   _.^====���-  ���|vn> men were killed ami nmo'i danmgft  _au.-eil by a   storm iu   Texas.  The l)oriiis:��* "<"' petri'luuin will l>e crin-  iimicd nt Ath.ih.ihka. Lauding.  Honar   ,-iii<i     lioniK-i'V   liniste  Ui-aiKloii, wan  destroyed by firs.,  A   Toronto     woman   killed   hor  children  while  Mil* ioriiig  lia.  <;aln-laii piftllei'H Jit Stuarbuni  (K.rted   to   be    .u-nirresslng  "iiy.     c- ���    ���   ' ;  The < ity finance committee rccounneml  the holding of u tax *ale on Noveuil��er  aotn..' , '     '  Main- candidate* nre :i lre.'idy in the  field   'for,     the   Northwest  will enter  _iL P. P. for East Petcrboro  tlie  Ontario cabinet.  Ciueeii's University, [Kingston, conferred the degree of L. Iu., D. on Sir  Wilfrid Laurier.  It is reported that Bishop O'Connor will be appointed- to succeed JSfgr.  Walsh as Arclibishop of Toronto. '  The United States peace commis-  niiKsioners declare their government  will not accept sovereignty of Cuba  nor assume its debt.  Iter,  dead.  ;���-Arciij-i��lio_>  Gamthier   was  Id  .it-ore  ;it  thrco  Irani   lnCi.iiiC.h'o-  are re-  satisfuctor-  >ral  <-Iec-  i inn.  A  j.ew   eojiit't  1 in in, U.   F.cKikri,  lory.  The   Domini,ui  il('-in;uiil  W .1f>  ,if  discovered "by   "Wil-  tlie  Smith   dlmorva-  landm of riff reports a  ;ro:it ili'-maml f<>r fa nn ing aud mineral  lniidn.  llmi. J. M*. 'i'iln��on, l.ilieral. :ui(l lb  .!. I!, C<>,iglillii. (iiniHi'rvative, .were nominated in    l*.-i*-l   Wei I ins ti'ii.  tuksday; OCT. ]S.  Dr. " Cochrane,   o��    Brant/ord,  consecrated  received  at  been  ntlDAV,'OCT. '21.  fire  brigade  hiw   adooted  nn-  in  portions  ind correfl-  1,o ml on  3>ru\ed' a.iplianoe*.  Fifteen   tlnnu-and   Spanish   uoliliers   in  Ouba have nnjdied for ili<iCli;irge.  rt   is    a-eiMirleil   that  O.'i.jti, in   Drcy'iitf  has arrived   in   Paris,  The    fcoutherii   J'hilin;iiiie,i3     are   in   a  state of   anarchy.  Several hieaniboats are frozen in on  the Yukon  river.  The   Kat   Portage     lumber   mills     ai-e  working 'to   'their   full  capacity.  1    Mounted   Police   fimidics   have   arrived  at   Dawisoji  City.  An attempt wm inaile to wreck �� l-!-  T.  It.  express "train nea,r Brockville.  London newhiiajierh have assumed a  anciro peaceiul   tone towards Kruace-.  The   ['arks   nuinicijnal  council   iirc;e   the  irovenirnent   to   avoid    .-i.   conflict    with  tlrea t Britain.. '  Mr.   Ogilvie   has   enforced   several    r'e-  .orini"  in    Dawson Oit.y.  Menior offens the Quebec q,ovemniont  ��100,000 for the shore rights in Anti-  iooaU. \   .  Captain I'nraticr, Marchaud'^ mes-  penaer, lias arrived at Cairo from k'as-  }ioda,.  Exteiiidve uiiiiiiig ojicrations are re-  liorted in the New Klondike, near VVabi-  goon.    ' -   . -  The leaders in the recent Indiain, nut-  ln-eak at Leech Lake. Minn., ha ve surrendered.  IMebi.'-cite'returns received at Ottawa  are published in ttiia niorniiiS'a 'J-'reo  i'ree.s.  British Coluinibia fishermen a.nd ciiu-  neris will ask for moilificatloiiH of the  new  regulations. , '  The Newfoundland royal o'liniiiiflSioii-  oi-h have nearly'completed their investi-  gatiotis. .  Seven men were killed by an explosion  on thc United States torpedo "boat  'Davi'b.  The first -iVeok's transactions of Vancouver's new clearing lioiirfe aggregated  $580,801.  The National Council fit "Women pro-  u-Oise havinir a Canadian -Women',? tec-  tiou at  the Baris exhibition in   1000.  TTl'UKRnAY, OCT. _0.  Warlike pret>arations are iu progress  at the Toulon arficnal.  A  heavy   sunn"   is    falling  of    South   Dakota.  Harold  "Frederick,   author  pondent,   i��    dead.  Newfoundland reportfl neriou? dnnwige  audi lows of   life from storm*.  Sir Cafiimir Gzowski's estate is estimated at  SOL",-! i:i.  The Riiri-dans have taken posHC^aiou of  New Chwa.ug. ��  Thirty live*- weie lost in the -recent  utorm on tho English coast.  No arrests have been made in connection with  the Stnartburii murders.  M. Brifl^on, premier of Vranee, malr re-  tire in account of   ill health.  The betrothal of Queen WiUielmina. to  Prince William of   Wied, i_   anuoiuieed.  The O. V. It. have built a magnificent  grain dry in."' and cleaning plant at I'ort  Arthur.  The body found recently in I'ortagc  Creek in identified as that of Patrick  Seir.  It in thought Dr. Ireland, supposed  to have (suicided, at .Montreal, i�� in  hiding.  A lierman bnctoriologist died of leu-  lioiiic plague contracted in hirf laboratory.    -  Twenty-five children died from diflejv.se  eontrai'ti^d "irom m-wer grH at Serau-  ton,   Ba.        . i    -  The continued wet weatlie.r iH causing  niiicii une;uiincss among fariuer's and  grain, dealers.  A oimfliet between Admiral Dewey and  I'lii lip;.ine ! insurgents is ronortoil nt  .Madrid.  Ctuiailiiin frealers, will prntent a.gaJiiht  n ��-.'i le of the industry to tin- United  State*       ',- ',,. -..'..'.-'  Dii-i Murphy of Winnijiog, v.nn the  .-���eiillliig race with. 'ifeDoiiald,- of Ottawa,  nt   Foi t   Williain.'.-  It, in expc'ele.,1 that the v.oii.-itriir.tioii.  of the Wtnnij.eg wat'oi'-workri w.ill lie  undertaken   immediately.  \V'r*!'Nr*SI>-Ay.',OC.T. ID. .  Ottawa is to have a :iew l>ank.  T!ie Iatf'Kt majority 'for pi-o!iibiti::.ii  is es-tinv.ittKl at 10.000.'   ''���'.''.  New Westminster fir.-- .losses nggrc-  ga.tD.l  i?l,25��),000.   '  'Miss Annie McDoiiakl was bunieil to  deatn  at Cornwall, Out. ,  cii'arles W. "Stove! of W:ilkerto;i was  killed >y a strrot^t ear in .Toronto.  ���    I'cports  frr/in Tjako-of    thr>    Woods  gold--inincs sliow satisfactory progre-is.  Anto arrests bavo  boon made in. connection' with/ thtt ytuar.biirn murders.  Chicago's great peace jubilee- par-  atle  takes  place to-day.    .   ���     ,t  The United' States took  session  of   I'orto  Itieo on  Destructive storms are reported  the  coast of Great  Britain.  'AVinni]ieg is to 'have-a new hockey^'  aiid skating  rink.  -Ralph Disraeli, broilier of Lord Be:v-  consfield.  is dead.  'A -serious riot .occurred at N<-W-  ]iort News.  Va..  Seven Muiisuiinaiis were liange,! Tor  imir-.ler   at   Candia.   .    '.    , y  Tt i.s. reported that tho-United Staeo  will purchase the Canadian sealing  fleet.  at.Kingetoir.  Jteassiiring   news    has  frojii Lieut.   Peary..  .   TJie steamer Blengfell was burned  sea and nine lives lout,  - Stormy weather   spoile'd     the  opening  ol . the  Chicago  Peace, Jubiloc.  ���   Dr.   Ireland,   of    South   Africa,   disappeared mysteriously  at   Montreal.  Fifty-six: bodies have been recovered  from  tho "wreck of    the Mohegan.  E. D. Martin was elected president of  tlie'-Winnipeg- Liberal .-ussnciation,  E. O. Senkler, of Nelson, IV V., i3 appointed gold commissioner  for Yukon.  It H reported four French cruisers  have been ordered for immediate service.  The continued wet weather is damaging tho wheat in , many parts o*f Muni-  ;tobA.  'I'Ii'e 0. P. B- have-completed the survey oT a line between Sudbury and Tor-  miio.  A man wa.s arrested in New York for  issuing'cholines ou the "Bat Portage  Bank."  Tho Paris peace connuis.sioa cannot  agreo on the wording of the peace protocol. .,  Nine persons were killed'and many injured ina railway 'accident near London,   England.  John F. Sinclair, of Ottawa, one ol  Bucwvelfs Bough Biders. was found dead  in   Cincian*ti.        '   '   ���<  The Dowager Duchess of Sutherland  was robbed of ��:;0,000 worth of jewels  cm a   Frencli railway train.  The coroner's jury in the Stuartburn  case brought ina verdict of murder by  a person or persons unknown.  Winnipeg's waterworks bonds will not  be offered for fialo oil account of the increase in' Bank of   England's discount.  '  formal pos-  Tuesday.  on  'A   s.-liooner   was  lower   Ht  dno'.vned.  Jt  is reported  w re eke'.  Lawrence  that-  the  crew  LttOfll,  "MOXDOAr, OCT. 17.     r  Philippine   infi-urgenta     are     disputing  the authority of   the, Dni.ted States.  Ice houses aud dre'ezers on. Lake Winnipeg were   destroyed  bj-  a   gale.  ��� Plebiscite returns in Algonia give 2,-  709'for prohibition and 1,4,30 ag/iiust.  The Tsimg Li Yanien reports that the  Eiinperor's health is   rood.  The Sultan has ordered tho withdrawal  of    all   Turkish troops  from  Crete.  o   Gordon    Hunter,    'recently     appointed  Yukon gold   commissioner,   has  resigned.  Fifteen thousand Pittsburg glass  blowers aro  on strike.  Glasgow has adopted electric street  car*;.'  There are no further developments in  the Fashoda affair.  The reports as to the alleged mili'tary  plot  iu    France  are  conflictinc  ��� Hull has sued the Toronto Bubber  company for SuO.OOO for breach of agreement.  The new steamer between Prince Edward 1-fcland and the mainland will cost  ��85,000.  The Chicago peace jubileo was inaugurated by. a religious service ou* Sunday evening.  Emperor Menelek haa sent an army of  -10,000 against the rebel Bas Mangas-  cia,  Wa-syl Bocehko, a G-alician, and his  four children, wero murdered by the  wife   and   mother   at   Stuartburu.  Fifty-one dead bodies have been recovered from the wreck of tho Mo began/  Tbe discovery of tho plot against tho  life or Emperor William has disclosed  a widespread conspiracy.  CABLE FLASHES.  Paris, Oct. 17.���The building strike  is entirely ended and the troops have  withdrawn form the yards and other  places in -which they had been stationed  since the disturbances were threatened.  Constantinople, Oct. 17.���The imperial yacht Hohenzollern with the  Emperor and Empress of Germany on  board, arrived in tho straits of the Dardanelles with her escorts this morning:  She was saluted by the forts and the'  crew of the Turkish warship Izz Eden  and other Turkish vessels cheered her.  The Germans responded.  London, Oct. 1 7.���The Pekin correspondent of the Daily Telegram suys:  "It i? expected in the highest circles,  that the emperor will be formally deposed on November 39, the birthday of  the empress dowager and Prince Jun, -a  boy'of eighteen will be nominated his  successor.  Sau Ju.au, Oct. 17.���Tomorrow, the  United States will take formal possession of Porto Rico, by the firing of a  national salute, and raising the flag on  the palace, ancl Eort of Sau Christobal,  thc public buildings, plaza, and a'par-  ade of tlio troops. The Eleventh regulars arrived today. '  Madrid, Oct. 17.���At a meeting of  the cabinet c.ouii'cii-'a"-leiu-iy:\ras read  from Senor Itfantero Eios, president of  tho��Spanish peace commission at Paris.  Tho impression is that the situation i.s  neither better nor worse than before  several davs. According to one member of the cabinet, the coinruissiouers  have not yet taken up tlie question ,of  the Philippines. The ' ministers, however, are very reserved. General Wey-  lor and Senor Komcro Y." Robledo,' with  several friends are going to Andalusia.  This excites considerable comment.  London, Oct. 17.���Terrific weather  has been prevailing on the east coast of  Great Britain. There have boon several wrecks and rescues of crews. " ' A  lifeboat belonging to Cambois, Northumberland, was ^overturned while proceeding to the rescue of a French kcrch.  The life boat men with tho exception of  one man who was--=-drowned, were  rescued by the rocket apparatus.  ���Margate, England, Oct. .17.���The  British ship Blengfell, Captain Johnson, from New .York, September' 19th,  was destroyed by sudden fire off this  place early this morning. Nine of her  crew, including the,captain and pilot,  perished. Tho survivors, were landed  here aud at Dover.  Pekin, Oct. 17.���Lord Charles Beres-  ford, who has oeen entrusted by ihe  British government with a special mission to China, arrived here yesterday.  Paris, Oct'. 17.���Le'Soleil publishes  a dispatch from. Toulon, which says  that Vice-Admiral Fonrnier, who is  now in Tunis with M. Lockroy, minister to Toulon, where orders' have been  received to speedily p'reparo thc ar,-'  moured cruisers Admiral Trchouart,  Bouvincs, Jenimapes' and Valuiy for active service and also to send -.to Brost  without delay the largest possible num  ber of gunners to man the forts  batteries.  Berne, Switzerland, Oct. 17.���The  president of the Swiss confederation,  M. Eugene Ruffy, has received .threatening letters from Anarchisls , precau-  ions being taken by the police io prevent au attempt on his life.  Berlin, Oct. 17.-;���Ilerr Grucuenthall,  superintendent'of the imperial printing  ollice, has committed suicide. He was  charged with theft aud forgery of bank  notes to the amount of over 400,000  marks.  London, Oct. 17.���The Berlin correspondent of the Standard says:' The  Emperor of China was to have taken  refuge at the British embassy in Pekin,  where he would have issued a proclamation declaring the acts of tho dowager  empress void, but the plan was discovered and frustrated.  EASTERN CANADA.  �� Ottawa, Oct. 17.���The government  has just selected a. man to take the position of Gordon Hunter, gold commissioner, who has resigned, but it i.s  pretty certain to bo a BritisliColumbia  man.  Thc new steamer which is to replace  the Stanley between Prince Edward Island and the Mainland will cost .��1 S3. -  000.  London. Oct., 17. ���Dr. Fallons. of  Columbus, (>. A., who was drowned,  was a son of J. S. Fallons, of this citv..  Port Hope, Oct.    17.���The body of a  until, subsequently identified  as tli.-d of  Milo   Haiglit,   late   of  Trenton,   Ont.,  was round   Hunting' in   the water   here  ,   , ., . tliis   afternoon.       f.t   is    thought,   that  suspended .on Saturday last, TItti,,1)t ^uked off the dock in tne dark.  Ottawa, Oct., 17.���Sir Wilfrid Lanr-  ier and Senator. Scott will leave tonight  for Kingston, and will be present tomorrow at, the consecration of Arcli-  bisiiop Gau^.hier. .The premier will  also attend tho convocation at Queen's  University.' '���'",-  Toronto, Oct. 17. ���^ St. Simon's  church-was broken into during tlie  night, and the vault . robbed of over  8100, the proceeds of yesterday's collections. , .. ���''���-.'.,.���  Halifax, Oct. J 7. ���La Petite Jeanne  was seized this morning as a smuggler  by Captain Gordon, of the revenue cutter. Gladiator. Seventy casks of liquor  and a. quantity of tobacco were found  on board.  If HEM A  WW m  By Boatrice Marean  CHAPTER IV.���THE FINGER OF  ' FATE.  Tho winter passes quickly and joyfully  away to the St.  Clairs and their fair visitor untiL after   the    Clirlstmas .holidays.  Balls, dinner-patties, tho   opera  and excursions, with delightful hours   spent in  art' galleries and at home, made Beatrice  St.  Clair  and . her   young   friend,   who,  lilc.2 herself, was enjoying   her .first season in tlio world of fashion's folly, fairly  .dizzy with tho   giddy round" of fashion-  'able"society's wheels.   Raphael St. Clair,  so far from hastening his   departure   for  .Europe, begins to seek   excuses   for further delay, much   to   the   disgust of his  old French tutor, who   shakes   his   hend  sadly over youth's prodigality   of    time.  His'mother smiles, and   thinks 'that for  the timo ber son is fascinated by the guy  season in town.    '."But ho   will soon lire  of it," she says to   the   Impatient] tutor,  '���and he all tho more pager to resume hi^'  gtudiea."    But Raphael Sr. Ulnir knows,  and it is a'secret he holds'deeply    burled  la bis own heart, that lt is not   his love,  for   the   gay   world   of   fashion    which  OSTAI1I0 MINING NEWS.  Diuorwic, Out., Oct, 20.��� Thc New  Klondike mines are under active development on H. \V 419, the property of  tho Ontario Mining and Exploring  company, of Loudon, England the contractor has put in a steam hoist. The  shaft is down llo feet and on one side  of the shaft they have a vein of quartz  one foot wide. On thc opposite- side  there is a vein J -_ feet wide and the  ore is very rich. ~       "-  On  H. W. 4 Hi   the   property   of   the  Hon.   R.   Watson   and   J. Monroe, the  shaft is down S3 feet, but owing to the  very wet weather work had to  be  suspended.'   The contractor put iu a steam  hoist and pump.    The shaft   has  been  cleared of  water and   sinking  recommenced.    Tho proprietors  have   made  arrangements to-ship 500 tons of ,ore to  tlie Keewatin reduction  works as  soon  as sleighing commences    On tlio Tabor  c-liim near Long  Lake River Falls, on  which the Eastern  Townships  Mining  company havo  an option, thc shaft   i.s  down ('>:' feet.    Tlie  granite  has   been \  struck   on the   easi   .side of    the   vein,]  whiclfjproves that   this rich  vein i.s on j  the contact..   Owing to the   very damp1  weather   this   fall a large ,quantity   ofj  surface water   has-run   into the  shaft. :  .yv'hich made ' sinking  very   expensive. \  Work was  until tli,; weather improves. ,  II. \V. 4 7!) the shaft is down -JO foot.  This Hamilton -Wire- company- arc;  shipping.up a steam hoist to be put-in  this shaft. . On IT. W. -177 tho vein is  stripped for a distance,-of 14 chains,  with th/j-result that-tlio'Hamilton Wire  company 'havo made an offer to the  'original owners of ��10,000 for their interests in the claim. ;.  Messrs. J. Morrey & Sons returned  on- Saturday last, from Long Lake,  v-pX-re they have been sinking a shaft  ou a vein in, the,, contact between the.  Granite and Hurouian. The shaft is  down 42 feet. They report the vein  three feet wide and brought in a sample of, line looking ore for assaying.  North of here, Messrs. C. Vaughan  and Brown have returned from  Abram's Lake, where they have been  prospecting. They discovered a veiu  eight feet -wide, which assays from  $4.50 to $8 per ton and one  assay gave  Sao.-  T. Poll is taking out a gang of men  aud a large quantity of supplies to a  claim on Shallow Lake. A test pit, 2*5  feet deep, was put down, on the claim  last winter.  When a man begins to be his own  worst enemy his fool friends invariably  ���assist him.  Wis Sluill Fractured.  Huntsville, Oct. 1 7.��� Eddy,'tho 13-  year old son Of Reeve Hardy, was kicked in the head by a horse and his skull  over the eyes, a place nearly as large  as a small lien's egg, was crushed ia.  To the astonishment of the doctors and  his parents, after receiving the kick ho  walked to the house with his brother,  but was. insensible as to the,wound and  how he got it. Doctor Howland and  Leclair dressed the wound and removed  no less than' thirteen pieces, of skull  aud bits of grass and a piece of the  horse's hoof. '  causes him to linger at homo nnd loth to  tenr himself away to his musty , hooks  again, but tho fascination of a pair of  lovoiy, dusky eyes, that 'beam on,him  from beneath the long lashes of his sister's Southern friend.  Rue now the gay   holidays  are, passed,  and the Lenten   season    draws on apace,  society will   soon   be   lulled    to   rest by'  the advent'of that holy   season,   and not  a shadow    of   excuse   remain's   'for   his  longer   delay,    and    Raphael   seeks   his  mother's side ' and    startles , her    by the  proposition   that ,he   shall   attend     the'  opening   session    of" the celebrated Xow-  York Homeopathic   Medical   College for  tho next   four   months,    iind   nor go to  Germany until autumn.  Thc young man seems ,to so earnestly  desire this change in his original plans,  and his mother can see no -good reason  'for denying hlm'his wish in the matter;  so, after consulting his tutor, as well  as their friends, General Dale and Captain Lennard,' in regard to this step, 'and  all agreeing as to its expediency,, ic is  decided,that he shall-have his will, and  Raphael Is highly elated at the prospect.  "Who knows," he says, confidentially  to Beatrice and Helen, "but that 1 shall  like this college so well that 1 shall  graduate there, and go to Europe afterwards, and take mother and Bee with  mo���and Helen also if she will go," he  adds with a blush .and an inquiring look  towards Helen.  Helen laughs and east her lovely eyes  down a moment before replying.  "You aro'very kind, Ralph, to ofjer  to take me too, and nothing would give  mo'greater pleasure than to, go; but,  long before you graduate, my holiday  will,be over, and I shall be engaged with  a hand-to-hand battle with the world in  tho capacity of bread winner. These are  halcyon days for me, and the happiness  I havo had during this delightful visit  will form <for me a beautiful picture,  which will adorn the walls of memory  and*j with one bright spot, on which lean  rest my tired eyes, when depressed with  the cares of the' weary work-a-day life  which lies before me.",  Before either' Beatrice or Helen can  answer or expostulate a servant enters  with Captain Leonard's card, and that  gentleman is shown into the room where  this conversation 1ms just taken place  between the   young people.  "1 hope I am not intruding," hu says,  with his soft-voice and suave, graceful  manner, as he notices the, cloud on tho  brow of Beatrice, and the gloomy look  on the face of her brother.  "Oh, not intruding ln the least," tfn-  swers Beatrice, politely clearing her  brow with an effort. "Wo were only discussing ' somo little vexed question,  which we can as well postpone for some  future occasion. Ralph, .will you toll  mamma that Captain Lennard is with  us?" and her brother leaves the parlor,  and soon returns with his mother on his  arm For JMri;. St Clair notwithstanding  her resolves, made in all firmness over  and over again whoa Captain Leonard is  away, has never been able to carry those  resolves into effect and deny herself tho  plaasure of seeing -him when ho calls.  She promises ��� herself always that this  shall be the last time she 'will see him,  only to break her resolve the next time  he calls.  She almost feels In her desperation,  this morning, when summoned' to tho  parlor to see the visitor whose presence  she fears, but still has no power to deny  herself of, lileo calling on her son to save  hor from this man's presence, and even  tries to speak, hut no sound escapes,hor  parted lips, and that- son, all unconscious  of his mother's dread and agony, loads  her like a lamb to the sacrifice, in the  pre-ence of the man from whom, had he  known all. he would havo shielded her  with his life's blood if need be.  Captain Lenimrd rises from his chair  as Mrs St. Clair, and her son. enters tlio  parlor, and the widow lays her cold little  hand in the clasp of tho warm, firm one  of her Caller, and all her nervousness  and self-reproach vanishes in ah instant  as sho feels the warm fingers close on  hers, with something like a caressing  touch;  "We shall havo to beg,that.you and  Captain Leonard may excuse us. inam.:-  ma," says Boatrice,a few moments thereafter, glancing at her watch as sho  speaks. "We have an engagement down  town at eleven o'clock this morning,  and it wants but fifteen minutes of that  time."  "Certainly," murmurs the Captain.  "Pray, do not allow my having called  to detain you." And her mother answers :���  "Yes, dear,,you had best go at oiicc, or  you will be late for your   appointment."  The coachman announced the carriage  in readiness sonie time since.  So the young people how themselves  out, and are soon seated in tho carriage,  lutighina and chatting merrily, nil unconscious of the change in the destinies  of the lives of the two beings they had  left behind them, which will da to from  this hour. Tho, moments fly by on magical wings for the two.left'tete-d.-teto <yi  the sunny morning parlor of- the St.  Clair mansion, by the departure of tho  young people. Mrs. St. ("bur, in hor  tasty morning robo, tho color coming  and going fitfully on her delicate cheek,  half reclines in tho spacious depths of a  groat blue velvet easy chair, tho deiicato  color of its background   bringing out tho  fairness of her complexion to perfection,  as she rests in graceful repose, replying  to tho animated remarks of hor visitor  with a half languid air, or indulges in a  little musical laugh over some anecdote  related by him in his inimitable style  By and by he takes up a book from  the table at his side, and with which his  hand has been toying, as ho converses  with his fair hostess. It is a handsomely  bound volume of selections from tho  works of Bayard Taylor ,t  "Bayard Taylor is one of my lavorito  authors," ho remarks, as he turns tho  leaves in his hands  "And ot mine also," she answers  "Shall I read to you a little while?"  he asks nresently.  "I shall bo delighted if you will bo,so  kind," she answers, then closes  her eyes  perfectly ' trained voice, which never  sounds "to better advantage than when  engaged in reading aloud, . an accomplishment ho understands to perfection.  At last he reaches the last verso of the  poem he Is reading,, and the low cadence  of bis voice grows tremulous with suppressed feeling.'  "I am alone upon the wild���  I have no wife���I havo no ohild^  There is no fire-light on my''hearth  And none to lovo mo on the earth."  "A fate so like my own." ho sighs  dreamily, more to himself than to his-  listener, whoso eyes ' have grown dowv  under tho pathetic sound of his voice.  Ho closes tho volumo.and replaces it on  the table.  Sho looks in his face with half pitying  eyes, and asks gently:���  "Aro you too, so alone;-"  r'"I am entirely and singularly  alone,"  ho replies, sadly.     "Thoro   is    no1 living  being with whom I may claim the slightest tie of kindred blood."  "Your fate,' then, is still sadder than  my'own," she answers sympathetically;  "for I at least have my children.'* " , " '  "Ah!'dear lady, your destiny is a happy one, and joyous one, compared to my  own, for I am wifeless, .childless, homo-  less, ancl���but'for the passing friendship  of a day���friendless. The pleasure which  has, been accorded mo since 'I came a  stranger to this city, in the glimpses I  havo had of your charming, happy home,  will ever be remembered' by' me as the  one green oasis found iu the dreary desert of my sunless life."  Mrs. St. Clair's reply is interrupted by  the sound of gay voices and laughter in  the hall from the young people, who  have returned from their morning drive  "Cau it possibly bo'so late?" says the  Captain., looking at his watch. "How  could I have beenfjso forgetful? I beg  your pardon, Mrs, St." Clair. I must have  wearied your patience beyond endurance  by my prolonged call," and he' rises to  take his leave. ���  "Xny, not so, Captain Lennard," she  hastens to say as she , lays a detaining  hand on his arm. "lt is 1 -who must  thank you for my having .spent a most  charming morning, which hue for your  _call would have been insufferably dull.'  But you must remain to luncheon."  Here, Raphael outers and joins his  mother in pressing Captain Lennard hot  to leavo them until after luncheon,' tho  boll for which is now sound inc.  After this morning, Isabel St. Clair  ceases to struggle against the growinz  interest which is felt in her heart for  Captain Lennard, but helplessly drifts  with the tide that is bearing her toward  the fato which is rapidly advancing to  meet her.  When the girls enter the din ins-room  in answer to the luncheon bell, and see  Captain Lennard is still their guest,  Beatrice makes a little grimaco , toward  her brother, which is unobserved'by any  one but- himself, but which says plainly  as words could have done, that however  the others may feel in regard to tho  mutter, sho at loaot is fixed in her determination not to like tho gallant Captain  She flings a .glance of surprised inquiry  upon her mother, whose eyelashes droop  suddenly, and tho hand which pours out  the tea is not quite so steady as usual.  In a few days more Raphael St.. Clair  is ready to turn his face eastward, for  the purpose of adding his name to tho  long list of matriculates to the Xcw  York Medical College  "I wish we wero all going with you,"  says his sister, on tho morning of his  departure. "With all the modern improvements and appliances for traveler's  comfort, the overland journey is delight-,  ful and interesting,"  "Perhaps you may go homo with'me  when 1 return?" puts in Helen.  "But as Helen will not return home  until long after I como. hack, wo will  have plenty of time to discuss the feasibility of the proposed journey," interposes Raphael, who is standing In tho  hall, equipped in a gray tweed fravcling-  stiit, ready to s*;art on his journey.  Helen laughs, and shakes her head  doubtfully, and is about to reply, when  Beatrice playfully places her hand across  her friend's lips, and whispers entreat-  inly:���  "Helen, dearest, don't speak of leaving  us now, when wo havo all wo can bear  in bidding Ralph good-bye.'"  Raphael turns quickly, and runs upstairs and takes a lender farewell of his  mother in hor own room, and leaves her  sobbing hysterically, and his own eyes  aro suspiciously moi��t ai he descends  the marhlo staircase and rejoins thc  young ladies,, who havo waited his return in tho hal!r  ."You must do your best to cheer mother tip while I am absent, girls,-"' ho  saysin a husky voice. "After all, T  shall not be gone long. This session of  college only con'tinuos until 'the twenti-,  eth of June, and I shall be home by the  fourth of July at least, and join you at  Deepdale,.->yhither you will all. goto  spend the summer, I suppose, if-my mother does not. decide to carry you off to  some fashionable' watering place, which  I.sincerely hope she may not do, for  there is no lovelier place under tho sun  than DeciKlalo, and its quiet and freedom  from fashionable restraint la in iny eyes  its greatest attraction. But," ho adds  hurriedly, taking out his watch and  glancing at it,. "I really must be off. I  have,just thirty minutes iu wheh to  reach the depot beforo. tho cars leave.'"'  Ho folds his sister in a fond embrace,  wrings tho hand of Helen,! 'and in a  moment moro tho massive door of tho  hall closes upon him and ho is gono.  The house seems very quiet, and even  lonely, after Raphael St. Clair's departure; and hut for tho frequent visits of  Captain Lennard, who i.s always an entertaining and interesting visitor, Mrs.  St. Clair might havo relapsed into the  morbidly gloomy stato which had so  lately depressed her while at Deepdale.  As determined as Beatrice i.s-not too like  Captain Lennard, sho can find no fault  with his very gentlemanly attention to  her mother, as well as to Helen and herself. Holen is completely won by his  fascinating manners, and   often   remon  strate*, with Boatrice, when   in the quiet  of her own room the girl   gives   eipre3  6ion to her feelings of   distrust   of Captain Lennard to her   friend and   conlhl-  ant.  , "Boe," says Helen, ono evening, aftur  an outburst of this kind on the part of  Beatrice, "I believo you aro actually  jealous of Captain Lennard's attention*  to your mother."  Reatrioe turns quickly from tho French  mirror, where she is ��� brushing out ' her  luxuriant tresses, aud faces Holen with  eyes wide open with astonishment.  "I jealous of Captain Lennard and  mamma, Nollie.' Absurd, most absurd "  and the pout on her lips gives way to an  amused smile.  The Lenten season is now fully Upon  them,' and society is taking its usual  rest before the Easter Festival. Tbeyouri"  ladies attend church regularly and have  long delightful, quiet, drives, visit art  galleries, and attend sacred concerts, in  company'with Mrs. St. Clair and escort-.  ed by Catpain Lennard.  Bcatrico begins to notice" 'with a  strange, sharp pang J at hor heart, bow  trustingly hor mother leans on thni.  escort's arm, and how her face alwuv.  brightens at his comin'ur.   , ���   ,  '  (To bo Continued.)  SHE   KNEW JIM .WELL  And Was Positive)   Ho Would N'<,vtir Knlia  to JL<.glit the Spaniards.  "Just about  tho,,'time  the war witl  Spain"broko out," remarked the voterai  drummer, "I started  on a trip throug.  the mountain towns  of   Wcst-Virgiu].  and Kentucky,    Great  enthusiafini\7ai  manifested   everywhero   in   that Jan.  where there is ho little of  tho eventful,  aud what struck  mo peculiarly was th.  . nervous anxiety  of  tlio women.   Thoj ���  wero enthusiastic; -of course, in' a way  but' they wanted   other  women's me_  folks to,go to  tho war, not  their own.  One of tho mountain girls ,1 had known  since my trip of last  season, aud when  I got back I expected to find her married  Jo tho young fellow whrfbad been;parking ber for a  long   time.    When I moi  her afc-ln'r mother's, whero  I  took din-  ner, I thought I would jolly  her a bil  r u her sweetheart.  ��� "'By thc way, "Susan,' I said, ']  beard .down in Slabtown aa I came  through this moaning that Jim had en-  , listed and was going to the front with  the first companies sent away.'  ��� " 'Is that so?' sho ropliod in f:at peculiarly indifferent way common among  rustics.  A ��� '       <-    '  '" 'Yesj and there'si a chance yon  won't see him again, as the company is  ordered to leave immediately.'  ; " 'Is that so.?' and she never stopped  her swinging of a peach tree branch  that sho was using as a fly brush.  " 'Don't yon want  to see hiin before  bo goes?' 1 asked with' much  dramatic  effect, thinking I'might movo  her that  , way. ���  "She laugliod a low sawmill buz2  kind of a.laugh.' ���  "'Law, Mr. Barton",! she said, 'yon  don't think I'm n-belicviu what you air  sayin about .Tim Short, do ye? Well, 1  ain't.- Do you reckon I'd bo green  enough to think that a feller that  would spark a gal fur four year and wm  too cowardly to ovou try to hug her on  a summer night in the full uv the moon  had sand enough in his craw to jine the  army? In'o, sirec, Jim ain't jined yit,  and ho ain't a-goiu to till ��� his feeling  has underwent a coiiMtleribbJe change,  er I'm no0jedge uy a duck's nest. Have  another slivvcr uv tlio pie?'  "J took another slivvcr."���Washington Star.  Siiv.d  Himself.    ,  The foreman of a jury which lately sat)  in a New England courtroom has a ready  wit which served him well in a recent encounter with one of tho brilliant lights of  tho legal world.  The judgo is a man of abrupt speech nnd  manner, but with oquick sonso of humor.  Tho foreman of tho jury was, lato ono  day���ouly a few moments, to bo sure, but  it was ono of tho judge's most irritftblo  days, as ho afterward owned.  "I overslept, your honor,," said tho  foreman, with duo meekness, as ho took  his seat.  "Fino him," said tho judgo testily.  "May it pleaso your honor," said the  foreman quickly, "1 did not dream ot  that I"  - "Remit the fine," said tho judge, hiding  his .mouth with his hand for a moment',  but his eyes betrayed him for all tunc���  Youth's Companion.  Tho TriulB of a Nurse.  ' A few old fashioned .girls still live, tie;  spito tho claim that, tho young woman of  tho present day is a business person who  gives no thought to "tho coming man."  This fact was forcibly impressed on never, il people, recently. A party of ihum'-'  wero discussing cases and theirown grievances.  "1 learned to be a trained nurse," p."1'1  ono, "because I hoard that a hospital was  a regular matrimonial -market. It is oigbt.  years sii.co 1 graduated," she wniled,"""  1 am cinglo yet. I am still nursing, n  ���Bomothing docs not happen soon, I will ho  ttii old maid." ,-'"������"-.'���  And she arose wearily and left to tnKo  charge of her next cuse;*���St; Louis Tost-  Dispatch. ________'  norRCHhocI'ciQT.'Uor Fid.  , A young lady living in California somo-  'little while ago took it into her head tha',  sho would liko to mako a horseshoo. It  had been a favorite past fino' of. hi'i'3 to  watch a neighboring l..��'-icksmith at work'  arid sho at last asked to bo allowed to try  her hand, upon a shoo. 'Permission wa3  granted, and she did so well that she coii-  timied tho. employment and came to"'"  largely -patronized. Specimens of h"-'"  handiwork wero subsequently''oxhibirj"'!  at San Francisco, and tho blacksmith who  taught, hor sent .ono of tlio horscshocH iid'��  present to Queen-Victoria.  treat  To Bu Proof AeralnHt ]>Ialnri��.  Immunity from a disease Is a p  thing, and physicians think any one cm  becomo proof against a particular diseasi'  by a proper system of training. As n" ' "  lustration, a prominent Burgeon of t��  Gorman urmy recommends all person.-" m-  ing in .malarial districts to take from two  to four grains of quinine right, throng"  tho spring and summor, to drink "' ',''  pure water they can and to koop tlio live  in good order. Tho result is that any <���'"  will bo proof against tho insidious att!U'i-H  of tho germs of this widoly provalunt disease.  l��W3%il^^^C^'^^^ Moyie City Leader.  MOYIE CITY, R. C.  ART IN PAPEE MONEY  THE DELICATE WORK DONE BY UNCLE  SAM'S  ARTISTS.  Then comes tho "wet count,*' as it is  called, and after being dried tho no:; s aro  put in a solution of sizing, which i.ives a  greater durability to tho paper. After this  short process they aro again sent to the  numbering room, whore tho edges are  trimmed, and the number is put on by a  machine whoso every revolution automatically throws tho figures ono digit  higher. In .this room they are given tho  last count and aro then sent to the treasury department, whero the red seal of tho  United States treasury is affixed and the  singlo shout cut into four notes.  Near this room is a great vault with a  double timo lock, where all the work, no  matter what its stage of development, is  sent, for the night. It must all be in and  all tho accounts must-balanco or no one is,  allowed to leave tho building. Tho supply'  in this vault is always a little in advance  of the demand of the treasury, and once  in there is no getting it out, except on the  requisition of the chief of the division.  One man is never allowed alone in' tho  vault. Thero must always bo two or moro  in at tho same time.���Philadelphia Times.  AN   ENGINEER'S  STORY.  Salaries of Army Oflicers.  Salaries of   United States  army oflicers  aro as, follows: General, ��13,000;"lieutenant general,   $11,000; ^najor general, $7,-  500;' brigadier  general,   ��5,000;. colonel,  $.'i,GO0; lieutenant colonel, ��3,000; major,  8~'.500; captain, mounted, 82,000; captain,  not  mounted,   fl,S00;   regimental  adjutant,   sJI.SOO;   regimental   quartermaster,  ff',800; first lieutenant, mounted, $1,000;  first lieutenant^' not mounted, $1,500; seo-'  ond  lieutenant,  mounted, $1,500; second  lieutenant, not mounted, $1,400; chaplain,  Jil.nOO '  Xover pass  is lying on  -buicniiX  PEN,  CHISEL AND  BRUSH.  Sardou, who is now at Marly, France,  has nothing on hand for production next  year: in Paris, but is busily at work on tho  play which ho,has promised Sir Kenry  Irving.'       '      ,  J. Zangwill, tho novelist, sots forth th��  causes of Amcrica's'greatnct-s to an interviewer as follows: "���What a great country  it is I Columbus discovered America, but  America discovered me!"       ' . .-  Thomas Ooorgo of Wales has just published .-> volume which, purports to prove  that tho great explorer, Jlenry M. Stanley,  is really a Howell1, Jones, son of Joshua  Jones, a farmer of Carmarthenshire.  Mr. Walter Crane, who has been appointed to theprihcipalship of tho Royal  College of Art in London, is a,pelf taught  artist and had his first picture hung'in  tho Royal academy when ho was but 16  years old.  '   Tho'death is announced at Rome of the  young   .Dutch   Et-ulptor, Johau   Tlendrik  Care and.Caution That Prevail In the Ilu-  reau of Kucravinj. und I'rintiiijr���The I'a-  per That Is Used Ifor All Government  Issues���A Complicated Process.  Tho making of  tho artistic green   and  olack   notes   is  muro   complicated   than  might be imagined from a  casual glance  nt their   gracefully  lined   surface.    Tho  lengthy process is most  unique and interesting, and  a visit  to tho bureau, of  en-'  graving   and    printing   in   Washington,  whero it may bo seen, is a very entertaining ono.   , Thero is  a'greatdcal of   work  accomplished hero, as this bureau  issues  the government  bonds, legal  tenders, silver ccr.iflcates, bank  notes  and infernal'  revonuo und postage stamps.    Tho largest  face value of any issue is a registered bond  of ��50,000 aud the smallest a 1 cent stamp.  All of  tho engravers aro specialists  in  their particular department, and the delicate figures and  intricate designs of their  ���wor,k aro often marvels of artistic skill.  Portraits of living por��ons aro novcr put  on the notes, and all tho figures, vignettes,  borders,1 etc., aro engraved separately .before they they aro put on the plates.  Tho. engravers sit, each ono below a  window, with a screen of ground glass  around thorn, and another of white linen  iihovo their heads. Their work i.s so fine  nail dolicato that the greatest precision  and care aro required, and tho room in"  which they work is not open to visitors.  First tho engraver works out his design  of face or'flguro,.and after transferring it  by hand to a plate of soft steel .ho>plato is  hardened and a soft steel roller takes the  iiiiprossion from 'it.' After this roll is  chilled another impression is taken upon  unother steel plate, and after this latter  has been hardened it, is ready for use.   '  Tho geometric latho which makes the  borders is so complete and wonderful a  niece of mechanism as to seem 'almost  nlivo. 'The graceful lines for tho borders,  ' backs aud other conventional designs seen  mi the notes are mndo by this machine, if  indeed it rimy bo called one. . After a calculation .the machinery  is set  in  motion  ' by steam power, the tiny diamond and  btvel points begin their work, and thp result of tin. mathematical calculation  shows on tho small section of steel an intricate border of the undulating, circular  linen, with their stiango effect of light and  .hade. This latho work is one of, the  surest guards  against  counterfeiting,' for  ,c:u;h   hit'of  work   represents an abstruse  , problem.  In tho engraving room are two largo  vaults, in which are kept  all  tho  plates,  rolls and other implements, tho position of  head of  tho department   being a very important and trustworthy one, as  it is ono  of tho few offices whoro  great  confidence  ,is placed in the honosty of one man.  Tho paper for all tho.issu.es i.s manufactured at Dal ton, r^l ass.,, under tho supervision  of  government  officials, and   that  used for tho bank notes, silver certificates,  etc., is sent,out in sheets large enough tc  contain four notes.    In   appearance ic  is  like any other very heavy linen paper, except that it has two perpendicular lines of  short,    uneven    silk     threads      running  t through it  ',   Un being received it is  taken with the  bluo  and white   papers  for  the  internal  revenue and .postage  stamps (both water  marked) to tho "wetting department," as  it is called, whero it is counted and recounted, and a receipt given for it.    Then  it is put botween wot  cloths  and pressed,  being shifted about every six hours to insure each sheet an equal amount of moisture.    This process lasts about three doys;  then, after another oouuting, it is delivered to the printer, who must give a receipt  for the sheets given hiin.    At  tho  end of  tho day ho returns another check, Btating  the quantity received, the number of notes  ho has printed and   tho  blank  or' spoiled  sheets to bo returned.  The printing room is a   sceno of  great  activity, ���with its many presses and workers. Here tho paper is again moistened by  applying it to a wet board, then  it is laid  on a  steel, plato that haa   been carefully  prepared with tho ink, which also is inado  on tho premises.    'There  are two workers  ' iu each press, usually a man and n woman.  Tl),-man   fills tho  plato with   ink from a  roller, then wipes it off  and finally, after,  dusting his hands with chalk, he  gives it  a lust polishing.    Then, after wotting the  paper, the  woman .lays  it  on   tho  plato,  "���he   press   is    applied,   and   behold   tho  ''War, clean back of tho notes, which must  lie carefully examined   beforo  they leave  tlm printer's  hands.    This process is ro-  ))t'.-it,-d each, timo.    Tho press is a self reg-  i^ering 'one, and   tho  employees  aro  al-  hnved to spoil a certain percentage of their  work, but if  they exceed   It their labor is  dwlnc'od.   ....... ��� , '  Then tho, notes are Kent down stairs, and  . for 12 hours arc subject  to groat  heat in  'an airtight room. G; in the room adjoining  they are  again   examined,' assorted  and  Kent; back  to receive  their "face  valuo",  from the:plates prepared,-showing tlio denomination iind   tho facsimiles of tho sig- '  natures of tho proper 'officers.  ____��~�����w-  cami2__Inrr7;47^^  Philip Wormian. Two- yeaijs ago, at tho  early ago of "4, ho won the prizo which nt  Tbe Kagtio Academy of Fine Arts corresponds to the French Prix do Rome.       '  POPULAR  SCIENCE.  Scientist,-! havo discovered thatthe memory is stronger in summer than in winter.  If the sun was'tojoe divided into smaller  planets, it would mako 1,310 each tho size  of the earth. A  Matter weighing one pound on the  moon's surface if transferred to tho earth  would weigh six pounds. '  Among the worst foes of the memory  aro too much food, too much physical exercise and, strangely enough, too much  education.  Tho number of asteroids known to astronomers is 4Q3. Somo of them havo not  been observed sinco their discovery and  aro practically lost. '-"  The beautiful colors Econ in the soap  bubblo arise from the fact thatthe bubble,  being very thin, reflects light from both  the outer and inner surfaces of tho film.  BUGLE  CALLS.  Afghanistan has a regular army of about  00,000 men.  Tho Haitian government is-s cry considerate of tlio comfort of soldiers. Every  picket is supplied with a chair.  Retired chief gunners in the British  navy who havo received advantageous offers of scrvico in tho Argentina fleet have  been forbidden by tho admiralty to accept  thc positions.  A French army surgeon claims several  advantages for a bullet of compressed paper covered with polished aluminium, tho  chief being that tho wounds arosurgieally  clean, healing with little risk, of blood  poisoning. ^___   A Novelist's Family.  Robert 13arr, tho novelist, when asked a  few questions about himself nnd his family said: "My wifo is a Canadian of English, descent." My daughter is a Kankeo,  born in Detroit. ' My son is an Englishman, born iu London. I am an American  citizen, made ono In Detroit."  Newfoundland has at times a peculiar  visitor. Theoccasional grounding of an  immense iceberg a short distance from tho  shore produces''an astonishing local climatic change during its stay, preventing  tho ripening of crops and; garden fruits,  but presenting at sunsot magnificent prismatic or iridescent effects.  . AAAA.^A>v<*^^  nSSESSSSE  '<y vyv>>  .1  I  CAN BE OBTAINED BY THE USE OF  DRrSA/VDE^  ���'. .. To men suffering from^T^1165* J ^^"^  ������;,        book which is sent sealed, Free    Every young,  middle-aged and old man should tead   -  ',...' .' it.    Address :  T.  macedSS  MONTREAL.  ^V^iV^'^AA'^^v'VVVVVvV',  132 ST. JAiftflES .ST.,  counterfeit money unless it  tho   sidewalk.���Somorvillo  SUFFERED   THE    PANGS   OF   RHEUMATISM    FOR    YEARS.  Was   Reduced    in   Weight   From'180   to 130  Pounds���His Friends Feared That Recovery Was   Impossible���Now  Actively Attending  to His Duties.  From the "Midland Free Press.  Alexander McKenzie  i.s  one  of  the  well  known  residents  of  Brookholm,  Ont..  where   he  lias  lived  for  many  years.    A few years ago it was thought  that an   early grave would  be  his; on  the contrary, however, he is  now stout  ���md strong, aud the story of   his n eov-  t;ry is on the lips of almost ail tlie   citizens of that burgh.  1 The writer, -\\ bile  visiting in the village, could not fail to  hear of  his recovery, and with   the reporter's proverbial nose for news decided to put to the proof   tlie gossip of the  village.     Tho reporter visited  Mr. Mc-  Kenzie's home and  was  introduced to  Mrs. McKenzie.    Enquiry elicited  the  information  that  Mr.   McKenzie  was  not at home, but when   informed  as to  his mission  the  lady freely  consented  to tell  the reporter   of  her  husband's  case.    Her story runs like this:    "Mr:  McKenzie is 40 years of acre, an engineer by profession, and-is now 011 a boat-  on rhe. lakes.      About five years ago ho  began   to   feel   twinges of rheumatism  in   different  parts  of    his   body   and  limbs.     For  a time he did not think  much of it, but it gradually got worse  until  tlie   pain  was such that, he was  'unable  to work, and could not get rest  at nights.    I would have to get up two  or   tnrcc   times of a night." said Mrs.  McKenzie   to  try ,and  relieve this intense suffering.   Of course he consiilted  a physician who pronounced his trouble  sciatic rheumatism.     The' doctor  did  what lie could for him,   but., without  giving  any  permanent , relief.      This  went on for several years sometimes he  would  be some better and try to work,  then, the  trouble would come on again  and. bo as bad as ever.  " Ke  whs   pulled  down  from being a  stout  man of ISO pounds to aobut 130.  And was so tli in and miserable that all  who  knew  him   thought it  would be  only  a  matter of a short time until ho  would be in hisn grave.     For four years  did  ho' thus  drag  along  a  miserable  existence,   until   in  the beginning   of  IS 9 7    some    one    recommended    Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills.    Tired of medicine, with some reluctance lie procured  a box and gave them a ' trial.      Almost  at once a change  was percetible and as  lie kept on taking them,"  ihe  improvement  continued,   and be was soon able  to be about., By'the time he had taken  about a dozen boxes he was free from  tlie   slightest  twinge   of  rheumatism,  and as stout and strong as he ha'd  been  beforo his   affliction.     So  great is his  faith in Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills   that  when  he   left  home  recently to go up  the lake for the summer, ho took] three  boxes with him as a^nreventive against  a  possible'- recurrence' of  the trouble.  Mrs. McKenzie was quite willingg that  this   story  should be made pulbic, and  believes  that she  owes her husband's  life   to Dr.   Williams'   Pink'Pills for  Pale People.  Rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia,  partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia,  nervous headache, nervous prostration,  and diseases depending upon humors  in the blood, such as scrofula, chronic  erysipelas, etc., all disappear before a  fair treatment with Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills. They give a healthy glow to  pale' aud sallow complexions. Sold  by all dealers and post paid at 50c a  box or six boxes for 62.50 by addressing  the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out. Do not be persuaded to  take some substitute,  1 " I have been for years more or less  subject to eruptions on my skin. The left  side of my face from the top of my ear to  half way down my jaw was in a very  bad state���being almost raw, making  shaving very painful. I was advist-d to  try Burdock Blood Bitters. One bottle  perfectly cured rue. I can honestly recommend B.B.B. to all who suffer from  any skin disease." G. WHITE, ���Carie-  vale, N.W.T.  B.B.B. cures Salt Rheum, Eczema,  Tetter, Shingles, Boils, Pimples,  Sores,>   Ulcers,    and" all    forms  ,of Skin Diseases and  Eruptions, from the  smallest pimple to  the worst scrofulous  sore.  MoilSOOIl <��$��_. Tea is so, absolutely wholesome and  refreshing that physicians generally permit its use by  invalids. jYo tannin to disturb the digestion or affect  the nerves, and no (tdalterants to,hurt your health. Its  purity is shown in the clear,' sparkling infusion in the pot,  the absence of foreign sediment in the cup, and the delicious  '"'twang" which its flavor leaves in the mouth.  BTBK  =09  TJHoful Sivra_li Dock.  If you are going to prospect in Alaska  and expect to travel much, a pair of  good "Siwash" do:;:; aro very essential  ���almost indispensable. . These dogs  greatly differ from onr domesticated  dogs, faking to tho harness like a duck  to water. They do not bark at strangers. Tbey^. aro kind and affectionate,  showing the wolf iu them only among-  their kind. It seems to be acainst their  principles to get, off tho trail to'Iefc an-  , other team pass.  This means a fight, an exciting -episode if tho teams number five or six  dogs each. In an instant the wildest  confusion takes' place. Dogs, harness  and each driver with a club in his hand  form one grand jumblo from which order can only be restored by some of the  dogs being knocked senseless. Tho dogs  are trained to "gee" and "haw," liko  an ox and stop at the word "whoa!"  '"Mush" is the word used generally by  the whites to indicate go ahead, a perversion' of othe Indian word "huscb."  Tho dogs prefer their master, but if  lent for use they work as faithfully as  for their master.���San Francisco Chronicle. '     c    '  Is a condensed food, capable of preserving physical strength  Through Any .Physical Strain ��� '  And is equally valuable to thoso requir-  p        ing to use  GREAT   MENTAL   STRAIN^  It has no equa 1 for giving  Strength to the Invalid  And   it will  agree   with   the   weakass  stomachs.    Get it from your drug-  ist or grocer and' test ,   ���   ���  its value.  Ct^JST   -Y-OU,  SLEEP    SOUITOLY?  ��o������o��o��309oe��s��o��ee��o��G3aooo'3ioooo��oos����o��(_)Oo��3��  Secure in doing the leading      ,   ,  Stylish "full.value" goods and secure contented rest.  TO CUKE A COLD IX  0>'E DAY.  Take Laxative Bi-omo Quinine Tablets. All  druggists refund the money if it fails to eure  25c.  ECOMOMY IS THE ROAD  * TO WEALTH  ,' ,      and true economy consists in  biiving the best 'for the  least money.  Mr. As bury Peppers.  "Oh, yes," said the medical student  boarder. "I have read of several cases  where -rheumatism shifted from tha  limbs to'the heart. " *"  "I know'a still stranger case," said  Asbury Peppers. "I know a young man  who had a broken fiuger, and when  they would not let him enlist ho was-  heartbroken.''���Cincinnati Enquirer.  m POWDER  is without a peer in  its line.  WHITESTAR  .....HEALTH COFFEY  is a healthful, invigorating drink  of excellent flavor.  eeo��  s  Greatest  (REGULAR EARLY MORNIKC EDITION)  TORONTO"-�����33>  Including the 24 or 2S page SATURDAY  ILLUSTRATED EDITION, will be seut  to any address in Manitoba, Northwest  Territories, BritisliCohmibia and all points  WEST OF NORTH'BAY for   -  A Duimyille Jeweller's Wife.  CURED    OF    PALPITATION    OF   THE  HEART AMD SMOTHERING SPELLS  BY  MILBURN'S   HEART AND  NERVE PILLS.  Mrs. D. E. Lasallc, Canal Street, Dunn-  ville, Out., whose husband keeps a  jewellery store, and is  one of the best  FOR...  BARGAINS  IN   11 or writo for my list.  per  num.  C;  Apply to  WM. HARVEY  ~ 1 0   .'ortnire Ave., Cor. jNIuiu Street,  avix>'ii*i-:g.  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Moscow Cathedral. 1  Moscow cathedral, next to St. Potor's at  Ronio, is the costliest cathedral in tho  world. On tho exterior of tho building  nlono 900 pounds of gold wero used. Of  its 18 bells tho largest weighs half as much-  again as "Great Paul" in London, and  tho doors of tho cathedral, of which tho  largest weighs 13 tons, cost $310,000. l       I  Diflfcreut- Now. \  Johnny���Say, pop,'did you ever wish  yon had lots of little boys;' ,  Papa���-Yos, my son, before I had you,'  ���.Brooklyn Life.  :\<ti  m  mm ���$&$g^.  ^^>vt,tiiwiw-.--i.:.wv..  Wtm  *-���'.;' -" '4-'^i; #_-{f'iM&Vtjt;  _"^jr|pR?a?K  at*** i  f. ���>  -. ���> '���  1 \ \  L *  1    ?     '  i-  ft .-������;  ���?te  a^...-...-, ...���n-.rM^..����a^.-..^w.a.^w>jwwww*w��it>.- ^rV-taVffUSAiSSSnA'nrMI J��W����H��nj����r*��HD��  * * Wumi*nf^i-*ai������wjppi*(.-i  ^,*ii^sa_i!��^i!��t^ **����**����  IE I0Y1B ClfF 11ADEE  Published in tj.c i^L^ai of thc people  of Mcy'.rt i'Jiiy ��.&$. East Kootenay.  CliAftLIiix   VAiMAKN'iS   LUuK.  I'.lfc.llbhtrn.  Kdi.or.  ."-..Mi - i,r s.ui!it��irTiojf.  One ie.j' , ,i_.0.'i  All ^O'l'.ii'.aniciitions t<> Uie editor jflii.'t he  ac,fioiv).L.uici by <l��u tynlei s mime and addrc-s,  not i}c-ce/,��an*y for pnhhcatioi'., hut as evidence  of Rood faith. Advci'dKiiift rates ;npuc known  upon application.  -   >,-"  J1  r.L'iViWAY, NOVEMBER li, 180S.  fiSTVJi._T-lN.-i     SVKTJJ.'Vit",   XN    C\.%-,__> A.  Hon. William Muloek, Canada's  postmasier general, recently orcIc:ed  an investigation as to tlio extent thc  ."sweating system" was used in the  .manufacture of clothing for the use of  certain government, oflici.il-;. The  condition of affairs as found is best  given in the fsl]o'.ving able  editorial in  the' Vnneonvcr World:' "Imagine in  thisl'rec country a class of workers almost in abject slavery, crouching  under the lash of oppression, weilded  by the taskmasters who would almost  rival the Legrcc of Uncle Tom's Cabin  fame. Ts it not a standing disgrace  to Canadians that it has been possible for public v/ork to be done under  such conditions as to enslave the   ma-  ' Charley Wiburn and 7 are _ou.sinK,  but, somehow, 1 scarcely seem J-o i>" j  Jong to ihe family at aJI. yVe had no  end of relations, nnd he v. as i general  favorite isith all, even poie" he had  never seen, for they would die and Jcwo  him legacies. lie was const* ntiy getting some little "windfall" of, this  iind, till at lengtli Charley Wi burn's  luck"' became a general catch.word  omong ns���a synonym for a1- that, waa  lucky and fortunate.  One morning at l>rcakfapt.---wc iverv  I artists nnd shared the foame i ooms and  studio���he received n black- *<lged loiter, winch, upon opening ami reading,  he casi down with adiscontcDTcd look."  "Another funeral to go to,'' lie grumbled, "and here are my'pictures unfinished and nextweckissending-inday!"  ��� "VVho is it now?" I asked. 'Another  Ieg.-ioy, I suppose, ch��"  "Very likely,"', he re.turne.1, iwliirer-  ently���he was so used to fh-.-se tilings,  be- scarcely took any notice of thorn now.  "It's Uncle Alexander Stcphe i. Did you  know him?"  'I shook my head. "IfftV'' heard of  hiin: never saw him," I said.  "I hardly knew liim my.se)!'," Charley  explained���"at least, not sii ex- I wa.s a  boy. It's a rare lx>ther, tLLs, coming  juf-'t now. Such a lopg joun.ey into the  country. T say, Jack, you have clone  your pictures nnd sent them in and have  nothing to do for a spell��� ������uldn'i.you  go down for me.?"  "What, in your name?" I ;>xclaimefl.  "Ye.s, why not,?' It's ye'are cilice 1  was among any of the net. Th'a lot toils from a .Mr. T'nrcUy, tJic ��oKc.lor io  tho will, I suppose; he doesn't know mo.  You are ,'fack Wibun- -it's only a ditler-*  encc of a Chri&lian name, and it's all  in the family, you know."  To cut' thc matter short, I had to  consent���as I generally, did where  Charley, was concerned.  tho u]m-;j, maun I'ji.h \ ���  dier gT.\���� ?,,u:k io rm , *'.,,,  .x ii Ui UiiiiU ��f !.;��� , {, .  ti riuiu' limjier  tiueh gi>yi)  i'rit-nd.f i!tn  jouie that 1 ling -j��'d *>'> '���  a wli, during v. hi"h in  more uiM't-info: .iil.'e ***   '  i;'.j'   -,���''.-  ������'I'.'"',; J Atij',.;.-.;  I'-  :AA^w:A:Al#v'E  Ci  msm  ;*v.*v %%'���  .V-v  .    ..      ,,, 7     _   .,,,    ,m .   . 1 took i-he lawyer's letter, as a sort  jority of those engaged at it.    Ihmk J o(.crcdential; n.Jsct 0^ ffruinbnilg. a  of women  and  yoting   girls v/orking  from 10'to 15 Jiours a   day  for  which  , they are paid from $l.f)fi to  $.'3,00   per  week and for fear of instant' dismissal  by  their dreaded  employers aro  unwilling to give tho government investigator the true facts of their distressing  condition and only, ou  a  distinct  as-  &urauco that   the information   would  not be made known  (o their  employers ami wiii r..tended U,   have ... t  object tho b".tlorniei3t   ci l!;lii   '���(  tion were the f,."t-: l< 3>>  "   "Tlu'COiiiiitctor.-" i:   >oiiic  ir.plr.n c  .required lor their tiet pro/il .in it:  <  . .  e'junl (o wlipt they ]iuk! iu   w;,.i ..    '  tlii.^ is  not  e.xtortjoii    iiiiiNm-  ''h     -i;  cuiii-itfinc'"-, wr f.'iil to  ;:''��� ;i   f   �����   j-  metining of {!).* wi"-d,    'l.i'iir   \-v'  woiilil douiilli-.- bu   :it!\.uu'i-(l   '!*-    ���  roiurncf.n- H, '! I In i   M'i >'    i     i   ���  ,  (.) l..'.'|   ti i-  ,\..; I,     (jm ���_���    ',ii  i'c. t.i jf <'i'u ii i i...-i ... :,:,  i1.-;  ;i -  good desil al what J considered Clurley's  "cheek" in thiLs making use of me. Ii  1 had finished up my work before lie  'had it was oniy because 1 had wefrked  at it more constantly, and now, instead  of reaping the pdvantage in the shape  of a few days' rest, he m ide it an excuse for sending me oil on a lugrbrious  mission like ibis; anci Charley would,  no doubt, have a goocl legacy, too, out  pS it, , '   -.  "J. don't suppose it's much," he said  \i mo,   ' Perhaps a hundred or two���  ,  i'ard'v   worth   gci*ig o.-\sn    jiir,    you  '   '>a;0-.(-'''  Si  ��ievi  J I.  playing.   . Vt   i������'i   J  *���'���''''  one day, aJo-ni*, and cut-  to her.  "I am not Mir)��"t-'H-,('"  thoutrhi you w���.���!��, ti"t i  Charley I in-^1 ��*> kif'1*  horry luv yuii~M>rr;> ' ���  coijKin hhouhi 1v.ivia ��/* '  while you wito Jic-'l * v�� ;  nioiitioiied."  "Ah!"   I rttud, \�� ilh u  Charley's  luck- and   niii  ways the wun'e- -alua^ -  jilways.will bi', 1 fHi'j'pV"*'  J \v:i��s 1 {linking " U-it t;  ���thai,  it"   i.hut    l*.���",".'   "  mine, J ( on Id '��ir.r.i; fy< d ',  too; wJi'.-rviu', ��i��n<, " >��� '��� ���  pecUs������well, of wm .r, {l '  to drojiin of Mioh a Jti-| j.  1  watched ln-r ;i:t,-')'J"-.  but could !��-i" m> diitt iv --  ment of we.       , .  1 had wi'ii(<'ii tm C'lW*  of Iiisi g��i��l foniini', .nd '  ing to HM.V 'Ul down In r<   '  butbi'juiid.i i.rii f in?.' ' v  dor iu ������.vliiU'ni��' t��!t��-u '-  there, ui thai '.bin- id U  n;iid nothing and '>\i*it'*  not a word of ilumUtT ��n" >  hiH JLS.OOOli'giK.y.  Another in^,< 1; i*Mpi** '^ <  stayed on.    At tin' >.hd i  wa.s in .such a I'f^it*' of tv  day, fiudt'iig m^M-Ji ,-tl.it  blurted  out   my  {��o|M*-!��'i��  and said I should g<< niviij  felt that. 1  could nul jk*  there any liuigi'r.    Mdly,  and   self-posM'sni'dj    u<ii  awhile, and then H'dd, io-*  "I think  you  lia@bi.-i  papia." A-A-A-'A  ��� "What!" Ti riiptunjiihb *.-��' i'-J-xii-jd;  "do you really bid me )��i|����, M;*Ty? ,1^  you really think there in . j*<�� -iiibi'uy."I  of your father-���" 1 ntop|.r ( .inii shook  my head. "Alas, no!" 1 - d<! 'tsiich U  thing could not happen to u �������� f; would  be Charley's luck, that.���no- in-i ^AAAAA  "Well," said _M illy coinjhh�� d*y;;','%6y  say j'ou never know your Ju>.i 'ill you  try; but if you are too fain1-'- yried to ]  try, why, of course  Vi ���''*?,  ���:A-':'f.A;''^':  l - n. >���;:-;'��.:.-.  1 '&viim^tfjmnB  f.v  -.-���' }',  Ja'!.  ii;*f'f<-  jilt .r*  ���   WMWW^I.:'  :���:;&:���**'���  n:\Vv:  :nMn  \Am,B^[  A'^AA'A y^-  wi^'i!��^4Ji^W.'ii#*Uiv.i��^.W*i*��(i't *i>  ';y;t-K''' V<V'  -:y!V.Ayy'  ���''���"^-���y-i'-  ys iiiiiutf  -';������' y-'sitif  l)l*yplK:i!?i\K.,AJ^A--y.  ::"ti\'-'t'.*>���''> f":\:?!vry:ViAy"S",y:ii,,l3;'  -.: tf.-.-v --. .'!;��� '.'.'l.'ci,--=,���-- I;'';--'    -1" i-*M,?r ������"���"������':'���*������<������':���'*  ���': ' '"' ^ ,".  '*tT' '*' " if*' '"'���-'���   '- ���''''"-'.'--'-:" ''!+'.   '  :Vl.,  ��� ,if^hr^^(sr��eitt>ttitu)^ :���  ��� i  ��...-.f--i^'..  '... ;��,.  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' :.-''f:ii'-:tl^S3;;i:::>!K!ijV3;;':'2:::v"t'&iH>s^^  ... i.>''�� A Al-1��' I^'-l*?-'-' '^������.'!:,S-'-i'-l-��-v.,.W3.-.J,-*��-ir.i-4.'iS?!rf|i^^ '������''  ������J..\'l:\^-^J^.tU��^y <rA':; y^iAAJ'r&vy&^A::^  :'"W:.:  ���   -'i?"tfe-  :;,|A:  -.-"Vo^'fr  .-- " A''^A  'I'M.  m-  iiSIKJ'fi-,  ;Vy--V7i_lllJ'n  wm?sM-   ���_  ���  fo,: :ji:l;��';':;j(.S;0:v&-Ai?��: !A ;4*V.-:  yyitftitiiSjiii? y! t'viyil iiisil;  AAA:t|��?r^,LtK>f.*l?A:;V^yy';;A;..  y"--- ViiA''^-' ���;'. '���:��-^.-..-: li.ifcr^-*.?;.-.?;^*:^- ia';;'  .^AAA.fc'^M'M'lvte ':-:-s"t��:M?k';''.  Ayind'^'tuldcr?.'. Iijn.t"*!-A  |A^,iMfe,'oi]��i;,glHfe3',AcU:..A.  "nAl'roji,n: Oi-A^BHpQki;:.  x'AfAfig&ffigiiipp  ty.;-;j*ft-.i.:ii="0-:ti���^^!^^  [VH^^AWUArii^4_%il>��fc<r^)uwa9fr  'Til go off aud find thi  m    ��� r and ', U |i ffl f |J"|*��|$Af|  have it out at once," I burnt out. j fcf |^ | _���*��� |f "'atfj &$  And T saw him nccordin  1 him  the wl ol - - ;-. . _. . l    n  to asi.  - ����d -fAlu j  a pu! i- '  T liai  to p]-v;ii_ no legacy  :����� i ff1'"^" 1'or "'*"'* u\nhi~    i   ;       "'I'1::  .' nil. ,tmdl or laxce" " ^ " !l'i!"i- ^ }ll,,'^R I,was,1'        J '�� ^!'  ���   .-M-. ;l. 1 hawi t-aifl. 1   -d out for . h:- j  ������. V*' Cliarloy. b���      a,sK W i-  ..i.'.'- i'   Va* Devonslih and in! '<���*"* ���(] l h^ ���� i;/..��t_j 1... u-y. iit��.  ��� : - 1 ..rr.uuJ ai th. Wile tnu n, i '"��  'Tospeotfl m particular.   ..nil     /��>  .       ,. j.     .   l,oi..i   f..r   -lie !i._d.t.! lu"-K!"  .   <��� ,   '   . ��� Ln-th.  i.ilh->-i.igl      ','li'm."  paid  the in*n<>?-   "i..i,vi' lo it  .,      ., ,,,v,':.,  i ],;������,., i;,,,';   'Z\ Master  Charlf -  -   u.-;s m for u�� tbe  v.;,n oi.'-.  a short1 '1"       '     ! ���= - "'v��.v'v  "1 dnj;'t know i-ir,1' t O'lfwi'i'v], dole-  -p.\    'n.e'  ,u'!."-     "He goi*. about mn'rft ai U iuiil<  t  . ,-.p'  t ���  nd  hkiis-If juoic bk-i, /. think, w hlhvj-  'heao they \ ui   ji;--tjji' d r  !���<.��.i!  .1    h.-  Wh.n  ti-  Wji. !''Vi r J  tin'  p'-oph"   ci,  ��� i'i r.'"<    iln.ii,  i:ui\i argiiiii'.iii i -   lln    <���'.!!!��� nt:  ).  he ii l!' ^,-i ojipn riMii.    "1*1".   !i ji   i  ]Ai'a.[ win i) ilio-i1 uj'i-,.   ui.i',',1   i*  rtli- un,ib)" I.i i.'-'-i-t,     I -* it any <���, i<  that tin n  1- an mkti-.>.> isuj  w.uf,i|.  c. ���  'he  wmk   of   Miuiuf.trliiMii./   iv!  f'.'i ci'itiiin , oNi-nunoiii cl'ii ' .1-'  .i rcui' dv Will b"   f n|,*jd    lo,      ���;. ;  j ri"-,-i'jii v.hu h  i" itiui'!   Li    'I   .ml,  .it tdo -'i'i!,!-    I. i'i-).-       A.!- -     ,'.  p.J' UIO ' ' Ill.id )    <! HI,'-       ���'    ���       *    '  -     i.VjJ  '- ('   '  i'l.r.!  ��� uiIn ;  i   i dt'  i    ...i ;  I".-  1 .-!,. ,!"i ,-   I.  . , I)" j. ad. J  i  '   ^ ;i  !i ;���       .'K'n.   '!'  IinI'iI "U",   i illl,  .'.e h li!   to pome <  1 w nit,, i v\:i'> at  !    i\Miihi   i t iv  -    .,f m  i- . '.I   ;ui i  '   '        > I'liiu' -;i :  i.n' ;'. '������. "i i .i'.'. i  ,\' *.....i .,.,     .  U i'   I  ��� ��� r:     ^   ... I  f !.,ir". v Wi  t      i.-'tli ing  -.���.'. .'.-���Aili  I ln-sirnti'd  , "Whiii- .M.'iz . in ;-. at home ��vul w  b' 'h'-t it V I ������ ,i.--iM".l.  "Win ' !  ,t turpi il   "I try iiiv^*-*'  Vuu . -������   ( h.��>. i.iiiIiii^'i-I'iC to n:  ur l.npf fur  -''���' ''b.T.'cy.   I t'i &-% !s.io5c  ���-.rid  "ii;:'-!'  "llo.v.-er,"  fi.iU   flu.   n\Ljf~ ���   '���'i!i:,havc  < I .ir.-iM   \. ...�� I 'I ecu t'.ld vm- J"i't your ]>]/     I' '' '"-iing,  ,"!-   .'.n'il,i;d. I ;in<'   '"'"   thi iij, -.\ hi. I. i  ;l   ,j    j   .,[,,   ,,[,! I   dm-f.       It- t'j.il lili'k,' !'">_  .    i,;., (,i a ,,. i       i'n thi.- I  rtM.'i  :i<  ;.   , , ,i,i     i jj,. j  :-i"-t- nti n-ii'U.iii ).  !      '.i. ���- -.:.,-, ! k-"'.i.v,  ! -ul. I.e.  i .'.V,    . '|ij   I   ',   I I'   '���'-���'III   '  i J,,   i .i I '  ' :. .i i y   V, ii  ,  i n  .>.   i  1'rl'.-   I   "S!  .fl*(��{��C   .EA$T KOOTENA^'B; C  Thi/ i;b ��\ i hotel'hns liocn.rcccuiUy'er-  OOW  ' "   'liieufly  furnished  through-:  T. '-,-���<���������. ii "A-  .-���b.:v.���';������:  Olftl-  _9' "  ��os^ .mui Comfortable: Rooms*;  -. 9;    '"- '���.}��� r.-'���'  :' -A*1 ' ���'.'.''''  Jit; brtr.is c.aj>j;;w_!   witliAthe  :.'.- bo-sL-'^raiktlj-'���-;of'liiju^rs Ashd'1;::;::���  ��� '���./^eig'Vr-j.-.-- y-'''.:'yA        -:^y\ :':'A;^: x a,  '';_^05jidu|uarte,rs for_:M.itiing Men':  riiwii.iiiMHff.iaiHniuuiwiiiniv.iw  _p~;  ii  If  m  ���ss;  5*8'  ftp'  m  :A::A::)ABppt?;;&:^t^^  ^K^^^fi^A-VyAv^'A-Aii'V'iAi'/'.-'^^A  fi.:��;-f  miwimimiiii  '-.haii.' ht-  .ould not  PA.TRONIZE  WHITE LABOR  '������"''���.��'::.. -'B.*;Send"sig -Your Work To tho  ��zx$#L take Shore laundry.  SL'ft  M.0.  :AA|M::AlA'--...  iAA. ���,;>t^SiftH^V^^-v'A;*yy  ::' -:;;;.;;. AAA   :-';yi��;....-X.  ^%i��.<!J,;��-->.4' yyA:A*;.C;'$a 'aa:::^:.'  AAi,:;J:;AA:fir^;Gopd^  y|:i|;A:'l a ^qcerl^s va?  ;jBrpvMory|;  :^tc-��,;Etc.B:y:  J^S  (jiiofijjt*^; A rttutiitv;  ml    uiiifiJLEn  :li  *>mm  i>@  ^QXiyi;Y.y'Qy  .lOSKl'll  NKIUKUSTAIIT. Troi��.  ... ��� o- y   ''''... --,.', -:;..:. :: '���..., -.- ���.... .-��� .-��� ...'.\< :���.-  Lager beer aoltl  by tbo   ICeg or dozoti  bottles.'-���'��� A  ; *���'a'':'���' AA :A_A:���^:;:A''.A.'' y'  j UiWir-  i.;>\ i-!i  lav^nitule  :,\} >'-- ;i. inilX have  1 b-  L'tMS.'AleXr  ��� i ��� 'i ,���, -�� ��� viyy old  i     ! i; " and had  ���    j.    . *- ' llyV, mar-  .   .'     .r, i'd -np-ox-  ; j     r .- ! t'lijie, as  ���   ������'     ,i*   WJlHit'lC-  .i    oi atAall.  mil. not,  i > -  .ijiwort-hv  -   '���   '.<><; lif.'ard  ^-'      ' ���    uiiieUiirig  - '     .�����<! up in  s-      -s to this:'  '  .       |.hf-w,' ho  ��� ���       "I'tttt .fiinu  1 ��l.yeplifg.  ���ij'f>ii t.hLs  i- that, as  ' \y iiu'n-'l  .do- the I  ���wen to j  . 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I' wit wi!! ; IS H| |  ' "jfin," ho  ' <f��r  think  -v<! I  litiow,  -���f.b."  .���i��!(<-d.  ,'' f.aiii   -tlu;  liiik'L'r.St.., NICLSON, B. 0.  I-*:?, and 1 ;  !,.:y  t'n'oHli i  (h'litrally   located,  and    first  class in  all apar'inenla.' . . -..  ���THE���    .     y;  WOODBINE  -  HOTEL  .     AT THE  .  Logging Camp  Twenty miles west of Moyie City and  on tbe line of the new' Crow's Nost  Pass railway is now, prepared to give  good accommodations to the traveling  public/, having been thoroughly overhauled and remodeled to accommodate, the increasing trade. Tbe best  brands of liquors are supplied1 at the  bar, and the proprietors, who are old  timers, can give full information- to  tbo traveling public. Good stabling  in connection with the hotel.  ABEAUL1.EU & PLANTS, Props.  ADealersGin  Fresli and  - - '   '";���       ,' ,  - ".'-.'. t:' ., ' '''    ��� ��� '  Cured Meats.  EORT      STEELE,   (ORANBROOK,  WARDNER and IdOYIE CITY,  CANADIAN PACIFIC  A   Railway,   Company  ^ti^t     V':;' .���AND���'���-','A. AA:,'���"'���'.,'  Soo    Pacific  Line  y.n;, I'oi^jMRS.E. C CLARKE,  I I un' mur- '  -   Prop.  NOXICK.    ������  To whom it, may coiicoin: I linvo this day  (.rauxlorrcd all right, title nnd interest in the  Mqvik City 1/M.mjkk to 1". J. 9mytli find J. E.  Musgmvo, who will' horuiiftiir coniluct tlio  biisintis.s. All" bills due tbo I.kabhk w'B '��'���'���  collected by tliein, and all bills ajjiuu'Kl the  L.K.VDKU will bo paid bv myself.   1). K. Youso.  JM aniigcr Slocan City Tub. Co.  Moyie City, B. C, July -JSth, 18.8.  Direct Route  and Superior Service.  ���To.l'uciiio Const, Cln;.a, Jiipiui. und Austnilitt.  To Eastern aml'Kufopcan points., .  Tickets issued tlarmigli nnd bnsgftfc'O  eheckeil to iie.stinn.tion.  TOURIST =  GARS  ; LKAYI-'.THE COAST  iifiily to St. Paul, 'laily, excejil. Tuesday to Eastern Canadian,anil U.S.  points. ... ,   ', ���  Mugu.iilcent Dining and ;rnlaec Sloepiutf-Ciira  on All Trains. ,  C'ONNKCTIOXS-'  UAir.Y  (KxtKl'T-:SUNUaY)  From Ivooteniiy Lake 1'ointn.  Apply lor KateH, .MtipB,',Timo.;Cn.rdH,.Tiokoti nnd  Full  lnformatioi: to Nearest Local  Agent, or       -.'''..  Trav. P(ih��. Agciit,  Nelson-  W. F. ANDl'USON,  E. J. COYLE,  B��jT.   '|\  District Passenger Agent,   Vancouvor;  b. a  '{i_t_llu.Be sure your ticket rcuds vift. Ci l'< Hi  ,>,\"\  U'   '  - i  i  ..i.A   . "


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