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The Moyie Leader May 31, 1902

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niovo than to pay
be handier to own
KI quit moving.   See
parts   r>f   town   on
is '■*' l-i
ftr*        s?     ^<       i?f$   .   §3    P5  £$    ^   Hi    lis
"•. r f
—.^, jj.„*ot. xVi^v i    oi,  i
"f-''.'- (;.-.,..'
-r>;;:;Or-"v r(-l,,r:
^'^■Aty    Jf
ii i.i
|sy to write, an
week, But just
and see; our
'."Mil     V
!i—- .,w;:|i
^I^^UhopK^eUymuch   bettor
; '«* ^T'-eted, aiKl he and J. fc.  Crowe"
l^-ooribid^lace,   purchased   a   h.iir
m\\».*™*-   The  propo,ty  !8  lh0   Pl,ol
■   y'^Uoii and   la   fiilHaled   ab'out jjijje
n»lM from Ymir. ,It is a free milling
J? £o.d proposition and a rec.nt 'assay
|!^ shewed values to the 'patent of $108
Wfc to the ton. I'fr.Djmock brought some
^ samples home with him that were well
# fP^nkled with free gold. There is' a
W \'."* f°°! fc'14,ft n'u tho Properly and   th«=
4P \&.' h:id "ije0"    ^ns^'^'y   widining
**    and improving with. <|pptl>.    A force of
.^i^°^^mM.^^ driving a lunnel,
■ ^ j which will jap ti,-(. i(.(he . t a dept|)   Qf |
ll,t!!(I.-.Oin.'j    :c(U'(l:;. c    p,.-.';c
bnrgiiiri but rofu'-,.-.!,    i; i^
One Of iiK-  v !'y   fii.-,/.  'Ijujc-3
Ul   flif.Voii)- Ii',;.,(ri0i-
li, ir
o jr.ai.li-r.'fl
oi   glut'ud
<rw *«••» OW wwpt»i
U.!£r l».ft! ;j„i;io <'.,u,-7,ni«iHte,j.
'Oiii ! r t'fj Iji^e-i .<' -.1-   .•>,-.,-
tbroiifh in .{-om}j»-ast K/jot'.nay 1j  b's-
ingconsnm^B{ed  !;y   the 'Dominion
Iron & Hu o) cvi:ii;.irsy ar.'! . he   United
^!Kre"er,D1^k a-d.-.cTp L^st Sunda^ was a %'^ Funerals .and
Corpses were Buried'^Between "60 'and"
"~Q. Families Left Destitute.
.'tP.lOP Ml.'. 1 rf)
■ i. .>]  (r<->.-l ft
Jaid Up Capital   $8,000,000'!  ^ ;
| , "■ • */;',_!.''
.■|j irrtiif.n, oiitiT'A'rse tli.-
iJ. r>:,.n.i[:-A on i'n-j \-?r,•
•vi.   :'i;i;i..fi'y   »ha',    ..••.„• ' Ca:i;..di'-m
"   " '    -•'-"*'-'  i »....>-'.    .-   isy."...y   |.;   i.j   U';itj
:iis'! tl:ut tho   t'ir"/*
Ffirnio, May ^iJ -T!.o niunbor of
bodies so far recovered from the Goaf
creek,mir,f>s tot i!-j 109, 'TliPre aro skill
rt nuo)bpr,o[ Iinuics'in   the inino   but
ri[n out of town by'a mob of SOO peopi,?.
TKIGKTl-'ijliLY   Iti-NCiUSD." ,
The dead bodios were most frightful
ly manwl'.-ci and uppeur "to   hnvo    bei>n
f'fl".     .'-.,; ' Cd:i;..r!n.i I f-r''iii.GO to 70.
iliirf woTrrrfi"1 pftn j:
. f
¥5,000,000 to   handle   jihe  propehi,,; ^
but His impossible,   at   the   present
stage of the game, to -ge
the nnni'nr-r is v.iriou-ly   oytimr.ted   at |^ho>. lo dostth by,flying p;oc««p  (;f  rock
,;>>id ooi'l. and ^--.w.ral h;ivo'r'.io',' nu' un-
;!r-,ikoi) borio'A:) ib.-ir return. The
| Jii.'.j-'fity of tii
May   2'J,
■t,  a  confirm
tion of this latter report.
Tho properties taken' up°are  the  O.
P. B. iron   properties  afe   Kitchener/
-Ty CI.; vrhich   hare   been   bonded   at
if§O#yt&0/aiid  tbe'o yettef   half. at, the
ooa'l fle'ldb' at Bhuniicie; ■Aha}" These
v.iral hjivo'iio', nij
)    ihi'ir   i-rn-i mi.
-.-«   ;11"J    JC'lTiUJe
itj.jjc lipou, and i!;-i'o f.<   ;v) , Itin^mi^e
-f '-'-ir \*r>~*  ar:  {cirjble   Lo
Bhiksinore visited the mines yesterdiiy
They are'o'f the opinion tint ,all thp
bodies will be recovered this wool-:.
The relioi fund   id   growing   hourly       -  .. ~v.„it,^   „, lu„iaCa   iu
and is uow hearly?M,000.    It is  esti-   No. 2 mine at the time of  the  explo-
mated that neatly $103,000 will be
needed as there ars over 00 destilute
fafiiilit's; ' Much indigdiition is expressed on all sidei against jns&ec.wt
fii.it can describe ihfi teinble   ivork   of
the tornado of death in the   mountain.
> i it      '
There were a number   of Jiorsea   in I
' The   track   on'  the    Crow's     Neat
Sulhern has been laid to withm about .
15 miled of Elko.
Pour thousand head of cattle, 0,000
head;of sheep, 1,500 hogs and 500 veal
are annually shipped'from the Sound
and. British   Columbia  points  to   the
North.    . ,   .        ,
'       i. . ■
A 15ve year old daughter of Charles
FarrnAtahersoa, of Rosslau-i, died, Wednesday evening as the result of tli
attack: of a ' wood tick a few days
previous. Paralysis followed thebito
of the deadly insect.
An engine, of interest to   nearly   all .
railway men, '3 now making some trial
experiments  on   the   hill  near   Field.
The engine in   question   is. known   aa ,
the "Shay Engine," and U exceedingly
powerful,'weighs some 110 tons and is
capable of hauling 700 tons up a -1 "per,
! c<;nt grade.    The geering ia all on' the
right hand side and   both   engine and
tender are connected by  a  system, of
cogwheels, Tho engine will eventually' ■
go to the Crow's Nest Pass road. '
Au editorial writer with  a   taste   for,0
stati-stioti   ii,v given   to   this     waiting    -
world  a  statement  in , which   women ,-
may feel some, int«re-;t.    He   declares    "
that he recently  stood   in  a "crowded
thoroughfan* of  a  largo city .and listened to   "scraps   of   conversation"   of
fifty women who p i-Jsed hi'm.    Of these
fifty women, four were   talking" about    A
"O.ik'ing ii\u\i
reecipea;   seven,   about
babies;   twelve   were   discussing   men
and love affairs; and from the   lips, of-
twen:y-seven    rippled   remarks  aooufc
clothes.  ■ <  '   ,
in*.   ..  "■"""-','-'  **■""'    •«■""« ; pressed on all sides against .Insb'ector
coal fleldi he north and   souih  of  the  Dick. His reports published  in   the
N".JA. MacK'eszie;   Proprietor.'   .   ' '
iljfdr tiie' .'masses ."x Every tiling First
fery. respect.     Sample jjRtfoms  for '
Commercial Men.   ,   ,    v
British Columbia.
0. P. 11,, and the ' two" • properties are
thus directly-connected by rail at a
distance of 130 miles.
:l- ,It is believed here that nest season
(1903) Iwili witness the erection ai
Kitchener of extensive steel and iron
works, andjthe plans and preparations
for this immense plant are .said   to 'be
daily, papers', concerning No. 2 mine
are corjs"idered to be very untruthful.
' Aside from its draraatic„terraination,
last Sunday passed as an'ever memorable day of death/ The silent.'
crowds   drifted    backward   and   forth
11       1
along" the straggling streets and formed
a little evermoviug group  in  front  of
already prepared  and   to   be   in   the   the company's-offices where; bulletin,
hands   ot   the   United   States    Steel j were  .displayed.     The   ,crape-draped
it and
iiESAof.-S'rKirimos,  vioVs.
Lnr..e   smiiplo   iot>m*-in    connection * ./|'
with Jiouse for commercial mra,,; Bes! fl\
Of accommodations. ' ' hi,
Juai'tersfor Gommencia! and Mining  Men. fti
ilOTiS,  B. C. &
A riionumcna of yre'cnt'incnts.
1'he Fernie disaster .baa furniched
&\ j another instance of the plicnoniona of
&\ 'presentiments, an':! on? which has
created considerable interest, in thc-
subject of telepathy. There arc few
miners in Pernio who aro lietter
known than P.ui McJIillau/jind none
stands higher iu t'.ie estinr.m'ou of the
people of the town. Prior to tho accident McMillan w.ts working at Michoi,
funeral train puifed back and forth between theH'illage ana the mines. The
Tho lhigs huiig drearily from their half
elevated vantage   point.    The   hearses
bion, and the stench arising from their
carcasses ia;>overpowering.    Ah   effort
was ffiade to ^et rid of them by eating
th'stfi tip" ft'itli hniei.biifc tiiia'pro'ved too
slovf add filially it iva"a de'c'ided -iti out
the carcasses up aud re'rio've   tlieiii  in
pieces.   This was done; aud alternately
a   section   ot . dead   horse   would 'be
packed out,on a stretcher to be lolloped by   the   body'"of   a" human;   and
another section of horse in turn.    It is
the stench from.ihe. carcasses   that  is
iikely to cause the greatest trouble  in
the recovery of the bodies  now  ahead
of the workers iu the  No.  2,  as   they
have   been-  exposed   to   considerable
heat and are in au advanced  stage  of
decomposition.     The    same   'is    also
tho   case    wii.h    the   miners'
*.»provised out of delivery wagons and J bodies that arc- now beim:    ma   with
similar conveyances passed to  the   lit- j coward jtohkiIvbbs
tie newly opened cemetery  in  almost!      .,.,        ,   .,    '
continuous     procession.     The    COni. |     AlthouSb ««re irei-e quite M   many
munity early in the day ^Indeed on the j "T ^ Ilafl.,a,;a te while!  w"Pl«>^
• m these particular   workiugg,   not   a
nations     has
day of ihe intended festival so sudden-1   -     ,
'single    man - 01   those
turned into a day of funerals), divid-
•  ed into two sharp contrasting bodies-ifSiV°?d, ^^   f°r   vo!uuLt;ars-
' the one,eomposed of sorrowing friend, f IU8tea'J ^'' h,lVe dlsa^)ertryJ.'iis U by
and relative* who l^oro   the   forms   of I ma-iC'und   ll    Kiai'   ho. with   safety
l.v.-ed ones to the drearv   me   of   tl-I sounted tlMt the   cam.    will   fltfe   uo
The I
the {
rith }.
irs. 2
a t». pi   8
^ .. ^ — *..,.,
but ho had a  boy  in   ihe   Coal   creek,
mines.    On tho day of the .accident he   *ho onu.composed of sorrowing friends
(had  a   presentiment   that   something
j was about to happen to his son.    This
j-o poss-tssed him  ili.it'  he.   decided    to
return to Pernio. He made enquiries
as to tlie lime for the departure of the
train and was told.that it would bo a
matter of a few hours before a train
onld be expected. This delay was
more than McMiJlan coultl st-md so
lie started at, oniie to walk the distance
1 .. "-"*- *oi
[ more of f.iem till   all    the   danger   is   i„ ^er.
for   stout-hearted
We Want to Talk- To,
Wo have the finest range of icady to
jvear clothing to be found in the   city.
>Vrc have sold clothing long enough to
'"'" able to' advise our customers to
hank their money rnMier' t im-i t-pond
H on poor, trashy clothing.
We lcoop tho other kind-—the kind
"'it w.-ars W(;ll, fits well and looks
•'"or the wnrni, au'nny days ihal are
•5oon to come during (he next three
:nonths wo have a 11 tie range" of stnr.-
fl>L'i iso.!iB. Also French balhriggni!
'H'dpiwear and /= j 1U p-'laitcd in jrink 01
■''rnv.'ii colwr.-; aiid kjiihI m appeaiaycc'
H> real Mik.
--h-oSi.jison'ssoft irttrf in  t'"c  lal".-'
"-OlorH i\)l(l htyli'-
new cemetery , the other of   tlie brave- !
hear! J. death-defying ^or,ns,if Ihej^^^0   ^
mi-e   who warred   with' gas   i:nd " [ire'j-        ""- * "" ■        ..70Ti:s
da:m> and dust to enatch the bodies   of l'     r. ;- . *•      .   1  .. «
,-,.   ,     .   , -     „ , I     Jt is e-jtim.ite.l  that   the;v   Art   -still
tn,^- stilt clusL-cd in  tho grimy   ann3 | b,-twoen GO and 70 nodi* „ i„ the mia<.
J. McATasfcer was   down   to"
last Sunday.       '
Mrs.-Ohas.  Crossninn   was ' visiting
with her daughter,   Mrs? Stappard   at,
Elko the first of the week;       '      ,
Wm, Lawson has completed his  as"-  ■
sessment work on the west Bide of   tlie"
lake and lias returned "to Frank.
._Edg.ir' Hill of Lsthbridge  vvas:" lie'rJ,"
this week visiting relatives.
Thos. liader is in tlie Northwest
Territories and perhaps will ,'decide to
make some investments there.
Miss Daisy Hillier was down to
Cranbrook last Saturday to visit friends
and to attend the celebration.
FOE KENT—A five 'room   cottage
furnished.    Inquire at   .Leader   Office:
Miss Grossman   was  up  from   Elko
on a yisit the first of the week.
The Odd Fellow's' dance which was
postponed from May 24. on account of
the Pernio disaster will likely be given
next Friday evening. ■ Definite arrangement.*) will be made' nt the next'
meeting of the lodge.
1 letter from C. J: Hose," who is now
■us Falls, ahnnesota, states that
ot i.«. ;:i.':,
he will be m.inied within a short time;
W. L. Keid returned home Wednesday from   a  month's   vidit   to   Regina:
and   the   Northwest   Territories.    He
The body of S.  J.
has been recovered.
of  Movie
from  Michel   to   Pernio, 11   matter  of '"■*;■* out of tow.v.
several miles,    .He arrived at. the mine      Constable Stevenson, who when told
a very short time  alter   the   accident J.    . , -,.',.       ,    ,    ,    ' K "
, and Robbie McMillan, his eon, was one | dult Lj,) llvej hna bePn lost ^ ^
! of the first bodies recovered   from   the J «^^'-'. said
mine.    These are the facts.    How was   killed."    Thm. evening -m iadi-uatio:: [ laut-h-iv^'-".^"^^; h
The heaviest contributors to the relief fund So far  are:    Provincial   gov-
"It's a ',Uty 2.-.0 wore no.   Pru,m0nt* ^00°; °- P- R , **3,000. The
eoal comp'Uiy .s'atts that it will pay al
'o mmm
METAL   MARKET.- <        j
New   Yoi'ic—Par silver,  51^ cents. I
" 'msi- C!o"pcr':!12m     TEMNIB SUFFE
s-'iCit  nf J)]p.-i;It(-.i-r.-i.
Tire 15vo yi-ar  o.M   daughter of
London—Fjoad, €11, 7s, (3d.
l lOid iiunters -..,
1 \vfiiasomi!nytliinR3tocotn-}. J4 --• ->
jHtacndlt.    The lop of the \   •~^~    A,
K-: I
ithatt uny other riii-:.   Fc:
Sdccriflfccii 38-SS or 30-30.
w    (20-pnj3 catiiioc, 300 !l!uttr-i
5JiloiK,colrr;clrcicrby()sinliHs- -
.A fnc* A rtr.n.nn.
4' *. "^
• 4 it
% /?i £'■■■?' A\.'?r; •**''■$
Al  a   meeting   of   the   Movie
Poard of Trade Thursday evening
it. wis decided to call for subscription s through tho Leader in aid of
I'm -.e left do.sli'ute by tiio d!s.;fc!er
alPemie.    P.   T.   Smyth,   of  tho
Minirs Union, an-J A.   Ji.    i)ru:ii-
m. nd a-.id   F.   J.    S<nytli    of    the
!>(>:,,\-! of Ti ado, .v-.-if> ;i:i>-',',."•. •; ,-
a Mi.iniii 1..-j fd ;,].,'
t!i; '.-I'riptiotia ■•:-.!!
1 I.i- wfFu-e or to any   (>':"
>.':."• o.ninl f.}u'ii.:i-;. s in
v  !■ bo pui.l'inbed in t"!t .v
1... i'J aie !•--(,'.'..-rii •/> i i!
li. ■ ���'! need of .••*.•:••>.,:,>■(■
land Mrs. Chad.   Grossman   died   this
I morning ol diphthorfa.
On acco.mt of the pit «i
Iberia in town the Co hob 1 will be ch.-sod
ail of 11 ox., v.ivk.
(.<■;;-' f<:T   L-.-.iJ<, ,Uiti-l.»!I  ■„•..   Oo.'ri ^rt:!.
Park, rditobuli   vc   Co.   nn-   bjin^i-.io,
tiK'ir boo'ii (.fa nr.-'ii.n and a Inrlf fo«.-t
come home by way of llevelstoke   and'
Nelson on account of the blockade  on
thu Crow's Nest line east of here.     He
had a very pleasant trip, but was  glut
to get b 10k to Moyie.
ii pay all j     Master James   Il-irn'^r   -'-,)   \r .-i-   ■'
INorbert Niedbr^tadt   ,iro    at   tlie   St.'
j Eugene mission and   will   m'.ike   thei/
J first communion nexr; SumJay.
A ver7 pleas mt daujo iv.1.1 given 011  '
I the platform at the ruurctli >n grouudtf
last   Saturday   evening.     f_z   Wild    tIliJ
/irat'dduco of ihe  season   giren   th'cru
and the attendance was very good.
Li. 11. .Miner Wtts up from <irnubrook; -
Mr. Nio.ieriiaJt, h.-u r.-cefvjj sevcv.tf
orders for b:3 !>-..•,- f,-,mi ontaide points'.'
J6 now develop.*   i|.-lt    th;:-   i3    no'
■>i logs from llu-   head  oi
!('"'.r 'iiii- /■.*.-11.    The
Ihe   lake   to
truth in tho rep n-1 Hi u    [\in,   M^'cd",
1'•■.{->    aro 1
iter :1h- iniiiis.
,1    at
!io   ocmi
". iiimns.
-0  i-.;j:.
nd t 'i.",--<
Will Oil   tl)  (Jo    .:
;'.'   il:. liiii-r^liv
>"      .'-I'll  till      I'Dil.
.-!■ r.iljeral Viotoi-y-.
A'n'i-ano■.(• 1, etionj-,  .which'
\"i io!:i-/i i
biro. Tl
ici! from
u,\   -i>:y.
,r >.  ■. ).'   i :
■ i-di:
kill-.<f   u'j.ir
-C-MI   tlji;.   Wl
mu    lc.co'iv.
l- "11
'i'-- •   1. ir;r  ;;-i.s {<■-( o'  sh l• ■>   j
r\).-f, and ;.-i i-.vpe-riu! b..;-,. I
;  '"j..-p.:.y   :^   1 :   }":' :-; |
■  :":; r.'ii. ]
v jam! I'i.r.ry
•h by  Ilany    ihinoflc/
^'.i.-i    very    miH:!>:
J to
1 vo.
i^SKTJ,?''-?W**,'^SJ"^'j I -
i yySterdMVj'roij'u
ii'|.^!iii(f   !:
'I L'-borala to -jj c'o
■i   victory
0   reoitlf,
1 i',». In, <",U:>;.ifi-.iii.
1 ho :nv -t vig 1,. v, I,;" die -niministr 1-
tion of ihe license eommisafo'iiera. ivas
held layt Monday before W. H, Bui-
loek-Yvohslrr, hut l.lier'o.was'no diimag-
iugcviden|!0 8ul_Miiit!>.(j. tlio' bn'l!, or
d'.!' ovidoiii'o is -likely |,;i ■' bo taken at
Cranbrook, I'dko and Pernio,.. .
I Mr- and -Jrs. *;. .K;. .\/linslf,;]d 0?
j.b.l'-:.y, AT!,, f A.rditr of Cranbrook )ln(J
"Mr. Piufom-o; ih,. O.   [\    \A,    Wl.TO    in
Moyie on a    »'is*>   i,-,|    y;.,,,;*■..,.. f
Jake NuUum, who is. in tire Cranbrook hospital \ 'si'-ffuri-.-iir. withAv
fractured .--tinklo,' w^ reported to be'
woiseyeaierdc-y.;-' 7)i-. iCing. who ■-« i-;
town ■ this, morning, sa'ys' that. M^;
Nelson, UgoHihg. along very we HA      ■':
•    u
1 >'
&& ^rIP^, * tS*W"W» »Wmfr »
HBwyjfcm»wa*ww»-na»h «
I ■"■jrTTFn—**V" fc»*»^»m*'i'» tmTfmnm-nm
,' (f
'  ,'v
) I      .1'
i;  • '
-I  .1
l     . 1. n
A-P-A y
> . ' ■ i-
Mi '
1 =   '
; ■)
A   .    1
!*"   1        -,
,      1
.    •,    1             '
'     r1         f\
Yi 'i
\\     °
, 1<
1 ,1
. "i.
if., ".
.'."' >.
'■■ ',-"■•!'   '
1 ' > r
:?:*\: ■ "
'-'■-.-',! '."
..--":,-•;■ ■ •
V   ' '   ^"'   '
'..'.'•''.";"!• 'fL
:;r;li tt
-v,'; 'Av'A
J iEGAl LORE      1
♦ ...By George F. Canis |
d        Copyright, 10O1, by G. F. Can's.       ©
Lawyers had poor picking in Dead-
wood In the hurrah days cf the camp.
Somehow the motley crowd there got
■     Into the habit of settling disputes out
,     of court—mostly with six shooters aud
Winchesters.    Homicides were of frequent  occurrence—in   fact,   the   "man
,for breakfast" schedule was observed.
But vigilantes often interfered and persisted   in   dropping   the   killer,   even ]
though discussion ot the Incident was
continued.   Then, too, when a shot was
taken at a claim jumper, that was considered a privileged communication, according to the unwritten law.    Except
for- the fashion and  common practice
of the camp nil the lawyers in it—and
there  were lots of them—would  have
had a case apiece and at short intervals.     As  matters  stood,   however,   it
wasn't often that any one of them was
able even to arrange for a fee."
YVhen  Bill  Hooper took  a  case  for
. ?25, his law partner seriously objected,
though it was the first either bad had
in  weeks.    Bill said  he did  it to en-
piies or men in this camp what knows
more law than you."
Uill waited till the justice esLausted
himself and sank back in bis chair.
Puliing away, at his cigar ho lie
wouldn't have to waste more tinn- aud
matches on It when ready to reMim;-
his smoking, be exclaimed:
"You see it was this way: Jim come
to me and wanted me to take this case.
I told  him  I  didn't want to take  his
money for nothing, but just to humor
him h-aid he could give me a hundred
if I got him'off.    1 knew there was no
use trying a ease before this court aud
didn't fool',away my time fixing for it.
It's just like I told Jiru-n man can't
get justice in this camp till we're rid
of  the  duffer  what  thinks   he  knows
law and don't know a little bit."
"You did. did you?' howled the justice.
'■That's what I did," blandly remarked Bill.        ■ ■ '
"So you go 'round telling the boys, I
don't know nothing 'bout law, do you?"
The crowd guffawed in chorus, either
because Bill's estirhate was common
property or the expression of it by the
justice himself gave them'a chance to
concur therewith. Here the temper of
the justice boiled over. He thumped
his desk and yelled out, "Did you,tell
this prisoner he couldn't get justice in
this court V" '      >
''This is no court/' was the comment.
Without seeming to notice the sarcasm or implied insult, the justice repeated his question. It called ' forth
this response:, "Yes, I said ,just tfint,
and, what's more, I believe It. too, and
so does everybody in this camp. A
man can't get justice while"—
Gasping with rage, the justice threw
himself on top of the desk, 'whacking it
with his .lists till the boards cracked
and delivered this decision: "I'll show
you; you clubfoot duffer, that a man
can get justice in this court; I'll show
this camp what a liar you are. "Bill
Hooper—the prisoner's discharged."
Outside the oiiiee the man who was
released  from  custody paid Bill $100.
as he bad promised, and then took the |
next stage out of Dead wood,, for he was
afraid of vigilantes. ,    '
courage trade.    That was no excuse,
for   while" human   anatomy   might   be
carved with' impunity or any sharp instrument, prices couldn't be cut.    Bill
expressed  the opinion'that  his client
was a fool for employing a lawyer anyA
way, for he didn't have a ghost of a
show of winning his ease, aud to take
his gold was just like finding it.   These
were also trivial' matters,  he was In-
,   formed.    A's  for finding gold,   wasn't
that   what   brought   them   all   to   the
camp?   No one expected to work for it.
Bill wanted to stand ,well with his
partner,   who had  kith   or kin   somewhere from whom he thought ho couid
„ borrow money if it camo to the pinch.
Bill was lame.   As the roads to Cheyenne and Sidney were both long and
dusty, he preferred to ride on a stage
1   rather than walk out of-camp.    From
the   looks  of  things,   unless   business
picked   up   one   means   or   the   other
would  have to be  resorted  to  before
long.    It was "policy for Bill to humor
his partner.    He  went  to   the saloon
keeper who had mashed the head of a
man   with  a  bottle and   told   him 'he
would have to charge him $100 instead
of $25 to take charge of his case. When
the client remarked  something about
it being a .holdup game and declined
to be.robbed, the lawyer told him there
was  no defense,  for the assault had
been   unprovoked" and $100 would  bo
dirt cheap to get him off.   Bill pointed
out that-the victim was likely to die,
In which event the place to which the
ginmlll man would go was.not noted
for laying up treasures.   Finally a bargain  was made, with the understanding that a hundred dollar fee would be
paid if the case was dismissed or tho
accused went free; otherwise no charge
was to be made by Bill.
The trial was held in the office of the
Justice of the peace, and the room was
packed. Preliminaries over, the Justice asked who appeared for tho defense. No one answered. Everybody
looked at Bill, who was standing in the
doorway. He continued smoking, but
made no other sign. When questioned,
the prisoner-said Bill was his counsel.
"Do ' you appear for the defense,
Counselor Hooper?" asked the justice.
"Nop." ;    , ' '<■ ' ■:;,-.'.■■ -• ■■-.
"The prisoner says you agreed to."
■ "He's mistaken." ■■■' j';-
/."Do you intend to"take part In this
■ case?":^=h'  ■'
■■'"Nop." A;-.'".       ■ '
"Do you refuse' to appear in this
■.'.'"■Yep."    A  '
"What do you mean, Counselor Hooper, by taking a'man's money and then
refusing to do your duty to your client?"  .   •;'..-.  .■■'■. '■-'
"Didn't see the color of his money,"
was the only comment of Bill. 'He. and
the justice were.ancient enemies. The
latter thought he saw a chance to put
th© lawyer In a hole. He conferred
with tho prisoner and then fairly roared: "Hooper, you ought to bo turned
out of court and out of camp. The
prisoner says ho hired you to defend
him aud took you for a man of your
word and depended.on you and •ou-
•ulrert nobody but you when there
Foiling- the  Common   Enemy.
The widow of an English army officer was visiting me with her son,, a
charming little fellow about five years
old. The mother told me with pride-
how honorable he was, how high
minded, and that she had never for an
instant seen in him indications of any
tiaits that were low or base.
The child was put to bed every night
at G.   We dined at 7.   I was sitting in
the drawing room one evening before
dinner.   The room was dark, the doors-
open, and my seat commanded a view
of both the stairway and  the dining
room.   The table was set, and in the
center was a dish of tempting peaches.
Presently there came to my ears the
patter'of little,bare feet, and a childish  figure clad  In n  nightgown  stole
down the stairs, through tho hall, into
the dining room, up to the table.,"Small
fingers seized the topmost peach'from
the dish,, and the little fellow turned
and trotted away up stairs again.   *
As I sat In the dark In'an agony of
apprehension there came again the
patter, patter of little feet, and a white
clad figure stole down the stairs,
through the hall, into the dining room,
up to the table. Small fingers replaced
the stolen poach, just where it had
been, and a stubbor.ii little voice muttered, "Done-again, old devil!"—Harper's.
"I'lie  ll»r In South   Africa:   Its  (iiu»i, mid
Jtb   Condticf,"    l»y   Ur.   A.   < omtii
Do-. 1.., ;ii<(l I is (M,j. el*.
A patriotic enterpu'se of a somewhat ilnii-siial character is Dr. Conan I levies pampHiet, "Ihe War in
South Africa; its Cause and
Conduct." , When diplomatic • relations between tlie Dutch icpubliCs
and Great iiritaiii were strained
the- loreign press practically unan-
i!iio«si.\ look,the Boor side, and ie-
pie;>uiud Britain as a swaggering
and g. asp big- bully, bent on forcing
.i iig-it with and robbing two weak
pasto.al       countries. When   what
may  be do.si-iil.ed us the regular war
was in piogivts the continental press
.'a«g wi:h -wirud expressions of what
may  m'lt1  uu'air'y   tie  called     hatred
.mil   colitvuipt   oi*   the   British        sol-
tJiery,,      concerning      whose   courage
and  conduct nil   manner of lies  wero
repented.      When the  war passed  into   its 'present   irregular   stage       tho
tonvut   of  calumny   deepened,       and,
assertions  of  inhumanity and      outrage tweie, oimumerable,   centring', to
some  extent   around   the   concentration  camps,   the   occasional       executions     which   were   found   necessary,
and   the   abortive   negotiations       for
lance.    British newspapers fiom time
to  lime noticed some of these    slanders   to  refute   them,'bat  for  a    long
time  no ui'giiinVid attempt was made
to   put   forwnid   the   British side
of the case.
It   is   this   that   Dr.   Conan    Doyle
has  -set   out   to   do   in  his pamphlet,
a small       volume     of  , 15(5     pages,
which is published hy "Messrs. Smith.
Elder & Co.  of London.      The      tin-
cK-rtalutig     is        distinctly  patriotic.
While at its price of sixpence a'pro-
/it  ig  left, for  the   vendor,' "to     my
publisher "and   to   myself,"   in        Dry
Coinvn . Doyle's ,  own   words,' " this
work,   has    been     its'own  reward."
And he, adds:      "Our further     ambition 'is,' however,  to  translate it     into   o*ll      lOuropean   tongues,   and   to
send     u     free copy to "eveiy   d ; nity
and  every newspaper on 'the  continent   and   in   America."      For   money,
to aid in this he made an appeal.
,     The book, within- the first week after publication  achieved a      sale   of
■I'oO.OOO copies, and--Dr. Conan Doyle
has  announced  through  the   columns
of The Times that,the plan   of translating the  work  will be  carried out.
"So  rancorous is  the-feeling in Germany . against   us,"   remarks Dr.
Doyle,     "that    we have been unable,
so   far,     to   find  a publisher,,     .who
dare publish a .moderate account   of
the British  case,  although       all   expenses were guaranteed by us. Could
anything  be   more'suggestive  of  the
complete absence of elementary     fair
play which has marked all this   monstrous    agitation?      The   one        fair-
minded German whom we have met   is
Baron, Tauchnitz,   who   has   included
the     book     in      his English  library.
Meanwhile,     the   German translation
I.s nearly ready,   and, if  we   are     un-
nblc- io. find  a,publisher in  Germany
wer'shall  print 5.000 copies in    London and send them ourselves to those
who      we     desire to     influence."    In
Holland   the  ^ame .difficulty  was  ex-
Copyrig-ht, 1001, by Hary Wood.    JT
April in Venice! The Italian sky
smiled down on the rippling waters of
the lagoon, but Marian Dane was blind
to its loveliness as she leaned back
languidly in her geudola. These months
of traveling had .failed to make her
It was all the fault of the pink roses,
she. told herself. Why could they not
keep to their own proper season of
Juuo? But in these lands' of summer.
In Italy and southern1 France, even dur-"
lug January,f their fragrance, like a
breath-,of poison, had deadened her interest In new scenes aud experiences.
And yet pink roses had ouce meant
happiness to Marian. /.They hftd first
come Into her childish life in pleasant
dreams. When s.he grew Into a slender
slip of a girl and graduated from the
Young Ladles' seminary,1 It was-only
the frantic clasp ojt ber fingers on n
bunch of roses-that kept her voice,, from j
faltering over the prize essjiy. "Jack
Dawson's card,was tied to the long
stems, and Jack and she wero boy and
.».   '-iii-kI i:i :i  Onlc«M-'« MioceMi.
despatches     of  Feb. .7 'from
[ia     contained    the   following :
Leader   of   the  Fifth. Dragoon
went ,  out    with   mounted
trooj .s from,-ihe columns of ' Cols.,
Kekowhh and JTieUie with the object of attacking Gen. Delarey's
force, which was said to be near
ICh-rl-'sCorp. On the way a Boer
pic'iet   was  surprised,   and Major
Leader, on learning from the pri-
«ouer   that  Delarcy  had moved      his
Freaks   In   rinntlng-.
biggest' authenticated   bag   so-
cured at one shot of which I have ever
heard   consisted   of   one, rabbit   (the
cause of the shot), one beater, one onlooker  (a   French  cook),, a  boy and  a
dog.    I once shot nine snipe at a shot,
but this was in South America.   They
were on  the  ground,  and   they  were
shot  for the pot.    I  have read of a
sportsman    (not    Baron    Munchausen)
who shot a bumblebee and' a butterfly,,
right and left, and indeed sometimes a
large   bumblebee does • for  an  instantaneous second look uncommonly like
a- distant advancing grouse,  just as.
when on the alert for partridges,  tho
fieldfares   breasting   the   hedge   often
cause a nervous twitch of the gun.
Curious circumstances sometimes occur out shooting. A'friend walking in
line down a turnip field saw a startled
hare running fast and-straight toward
him up a furrow. He stood still, wait-
lug for her-to turn, but the hare with
her peculiar vision did not see him and
ran her head plump against., his shin,
killing herself and very seriously bruis-'
ing his leg.—Fortnightly.
Polwon   of   the  Ccntlped.
The centiped Is popularly supposed
to carry a sting on each foot, but I
have several times handled them, after
their heads were removed, without the
claws producing any result. It is the
first pair of claws only that are venomous, being hollow and provided with
poison bags' like a snake's fang. A The.
largest I ever saw was eleven inches
in length, a grewsonio creature. A bite
from one of Ibis size would most likely
have been fatal to a man in weak
The tarantula, though his powers of
offense are nothing like those of the
scorpion or centiped, is, however, a
more unpopular character' than either.
The horror of these large spiders entertained by mauy people-is .-curious and
unaccountable. I have seen Australian
bushnien, who in everyday life scarcely seemed to understand danger turn
while as a sheet, at the sight'of a
small "trlantelope," as they called it-
rorce, but that Sarel Alberts" commando was at Victory, changed l-"v
plans and "went to the la.tteir py..e.
Alberts' laager was taken coniph-te-
ly by surprise before dawn. Under
the fire' of a pom-pom tho Boers'
horses stampeded. The burghers
put up a smart fight; but failed to
withstand the charge of the mounted
men, particularly the Scottish
Horse, who charged gallantly right
home. The result was seven Boers
killecL .and 131,, including Commandant Alberta, made prisoners. ' The
British . loss was only a few-wounded,. Major Leader;is a native of
Westwood,. County of Peterboi'o and
was .educated v at Trinity Gollep-n
School,   Port  Hope. Ho  is     also
a   graduate     of   the   Royal' Military
College, Kingston. '
girl lovers. It had come about naturally, for they,lived side by side, with
no envious wall to bar' their twilight
confidences—only u low hedge.0 They
were in that delicious stage when
secrecy seemed to add a uew tie of
love—a tie that shut out the rest of the
world. So she wore the rlug on a rib-
boa round, her neck and stole down to
meet her lover by the-big pink rosebush. " ,
Ah, how long ago that seemed 1 Afterward.had come, a dreadful day,,the
day of the quarrel.; Being their first,
they took it far too seriously. It was
in the old ■ garden, whose charm ' for
once "was broken. ■ Jack was impetuous, she cool and'reproachful'yBefore
either of them knew what"bad happened she had slipped the ring into his
hand, and he was out" of sight across
the hedge. „ ,
She had sat there at first too stunned
to think, burprido came to her aid.
Her cheeks flamed as righteous indignation grew.0 She planued It all out-
Jack   was   too   impetuous   and   timst
have a lesson, and, she was quite firm
enough' to- administer  it.     It  was   a
very   proud   little   figure  that' started
for the house, defiantly pulling a bunch
j of pfnk roses out of her belt and flinging them Into the grass.   But tho next
minute she   was down on   her knees,
gathering ' them   up   carefully  as   she
whispered,   "It   was   not   your   fault,
poor dears!"       -
_ Slowly the days passed by.' ,If Jack
were Having a lesson, he was learning
It in silence, for no overtures! came
from beyond the hedge. . Her, anger
was dead, and in Its place was the
growing fear that, he would' never
again come to her. In vain she had
called up all ber pride and tried to
follow his example. ' It was too hard
a task when he was so near.
She grew restless. She would, go
abroad and leave even his memory far
behind. Mr. Dane did not suspect what
was the matter with his motherless
girl, but if she wanted a trip to Europe she should have It. Jack must
have known about the plan, but he
made no sign. They sailed from New
York. Among the gifts sent to tho
steamer were no 'pink roses "and no
card from Jack.
Now'   the  splash  of oars  could not
rouse her from ber bitter reverie, but
as, they turned a corner a breath  of
tlie' old   fragrance   brought a stab  of
pain to her heart.'   They floated close
to a tiny garden set like an" emerald
between the dark buildings, and over
its low wall hung a blooming spray.
At sight of the  roses came  renewed
longing  for   home.    'She  would   fight
against it, no longer.    She went back
to the hotel filled with peace.
A letter was waiting for her. As she
opened It, leisurely, sho wondered what
had moved Leslie Prince to write to
her. Leslie had been one of the belles
of tho homo set, but she and Marian
had never been particularly chummy.
The   letter   began   effusively   (Leslie
was always effusive):
My Dearest Marian-I liavc a surprise for vou    1
vn engaged.    And you can't guess tov wI,om-to
die oxc-s.    It will hi & f.in'u and white wcldini;.
ju-t v.l.ilt- mull wllli pink roJC-3.
There was more, but she could rend
no fort her. "To .lack!" that is what
her brain' kept repeating. So j-oo'i--t(i
marry another so suo'i A:::i they
wanted her to be n bridesmaid-it w.-i...
too cruet—at his wedding- never! .She
would stay abroad always, Hut as she
thought It over, through loug hours of
tbo day and of the night, she found
licm-lf feverishly eager to go. Deep In
tier lu'iti't there was a longing, to see
him once again before he was gone
from, her forever, but this she would
not admit, even to herself. She wrote
that she would accept the invitation
with pleasure.
The wedding was to be on the 8th
of June.    The Danes should have arrived   In   New   York   on   the Otb.   but
their steamer was delayed  by ■ storm,
so It was not until noon of the .wedding day that she found herself walk
-lug through tho, well remembered garden.   The roses wcr^ all i:i bloom, and
as their fragrance met  her It v.eemed'
that the past -year' mnrt, bo n   hideout
dream.    But   no,  It   was  his   wed(lin-j
day. aud she was to be a hritU-hiiuilcl
and carry p'nk roses. „ '
She dressed at homo, with the aid
of her,old nurse. Through the window
came the garden scents, iind she could
even see the pink ;,j!ory of the old
trysting bush. And "-were those not
some ofjts roses that Nancy offered
for her hair,? She shivered as she put
on the,soft, clinging dress:, If it were
only her shroud!   ,' '
Tlie carriage came and In a few too
short moments she was at the house.
J he   Ma (ionic r„.,i
these   .ntCS^
doubt  All ,i... m. .°thrn*!»
wero known to i-        -
so also their passwv  ■   *A
The master of un 1 >
in England sen, Tc£»i
eats of some of tbe'ZH
.charge stating that "J^N
punishment often had „ v *
feet on backward bovs "
they would approve of „,„
following |„ one of the m J
Der sir 1 hnv rosov.-a ur ftfT
nnd u hav My „llnkah£ J»„
aun Jhon ass much assa%ki^l
a vary bad ukol.-tr )us Rr,M *'■*'<;
atroshea . hav u.St?'£^
but he wll not |wn -.»- k"
will bet It Intow him
Urs truley, --«ugii„
■  P. S:-ths rcaln Jhon Is slchav"
is bekaa ho Is My
sur" by My a
<   Th« Man  ni.rt  tilt SnwJ
Onco upon a time a aianafe
annual attacks of hav foyers
Ing In the city -with a friend
""This- ia about the time' n
trouble' should   begin," he
wtsp of hay or tho.down oh
would now start mo and scathe mountains for relief.'
, Just then a grass widow pi
md the man sneezed most vodfi
"You aro iudeed sensitive,"
friend. ■ , '
Moral.—-There arc
be sneezed at,
tlilnjrs thjti
New Voik Heay
They' were   liuLsb'ng   the,/dressing  of ——-
the bride. , Leslie was indeed beautiful. An Obedient tiKit,
Sho Insisted on stopping tc embrace "How entire," remarks the.
Marian. - How poorly-she looked, iind Gtobe,' "Is the confidence of the
it was a shame that the'old,steamer Incllnn J« the government maji
bad to'bo.late. But It^would be all er°a from the following \\
right about the pruces'sfuii; she need wldch conies , from Lahore:
only follow the other girls.'   "     ..    '  ;    had "escaped from the zoo!o$
Everywhere" piuic  roses! ,/nieir fra-°   &QIiS> ai*d its keeper, hopln-
granco seemed to affect Marian like a    bftclc, followed It.    When ail
narcotic;   lint' ?he   drew    herself   up    ducenients had failed, he lifted
proudly, ■  Should she show  the world    voice °"d solemnly adjured It
how she.sufl'ered? ."Now came the sig-    naui^  of  the  British govern
ual to start.'' Marian clutched her roses  .'"'"'ch it belonged, to come !;
so tightly that the thorns cut through    cntfe-   TIje User, It is needle*!
her'  gloves, 'but   she' walked -without jol)eyed at once-"
a "tremor. /^Suddenly' her   iievv   found
self,possession vanished. There,' before
her, among the ushers, was Jack Daw-
sou.    Her head swam1," but she walked'
ou meeJiauieally until,-she reached the
lauding overlooking, the lower hall aud
saw. pale.and nervous as ever a groom
could be. John Thornton.    She understood-it nowA   lie was Jack—the only
JhcI;—to Leslie.    A wave of relief, almost,.of happiness, surged over her.
She never knew how she stood
through the ceremony. As in a dream,
she was by his side. He might have
felt the trembling of,'the little figure
and her secret'"in her face. Perhaps he
did, for afterward, in a lull, sho found
herself hi a,corner of the porch, while
a dear -vole* was making Impetuous
explanations,and appeals.
■ , Aud. for, answer she hldu her blushing face,In her bunch of pink roses.
Thrit   Wim   jViiollior  QnntH
Pa-(from tipper landing to t!;f
entertaining her ".steady" |n the]
-Gladys; what time 1m "ft?
Gi:id.vs(-I don't know, pn.  tei
Isn't going.
_   Pa—rUow about George?
On- II«,, t„ l!(1 .a).-,i,'
"I  have  determined," .^/j
sweet young thing,  "lo faoU:"
self to tho cause of
"In  what way?"
•""Well,"     she  answered,   "re
published statistics show tha
is  less dissipation among
men  than single men."
1 Clitnone 'SUttchen.
' The  men  and" women ''employed   In
the Chinese factories, have long hours
and  poor pay.  and  they suffer much
from the,sulphur fumes;   The Chlucso
care little Tor human life, and almost
no   precautions   are   taken , to   lessen
risks.     No   foreigners   are   employed,
iind    the    heartless    native   overseers
have full stfay.   There, is one redeeming feature, however, of this Industry
—the matchboxes are largely made at
the homes of the factory girls.   They
go  to  the factory and  receive a  certain   amount   of   prepared   box   materials   "in   the   llat"-that  is,   the' thin
pieces of  board  and  the sanded  and
the stamped paper covers which when
assembled constitute a matchbox.   At
-their own homes theyfsit down beside
a pot of paste and begin tho long day's
work of pasting  together these parts
and  placing them in  the sun  to dry.
, "Vlieii   several   hundred   of   these  are
'completed,    they    pile    them    upon   a
board, lay another board on top of tho
stack,   then   tie   them   tightly   with   a
<£mall   rope   and,   bundling   them   on
their backs, trudgo off to the fuctory.
There tho boxes are 'counted nnd the
number entered In a book against the
monthly settlement day. .
Vesetarlnna  In  History.
It is. evident from Arrian and Porphyry that vegetarian orders of men
were well known in their time and that
they were found In India In the time
of Alexandria. They existed In different orders long before the time of
| Jesus In Egypt, Syria, etc., and wero
c - A1 tl>nic<i  of   l.vllk
- A'cei'trifn Oxford niKl-re?:!
was found.one evening bi'ffr"]A
Smoking .on forbidden ground, j£
quadrangle of the col lore
„ *:Do you-mean, lo set mi* at
"unco, sir," .shouted the doctor.!
are you lost- to al! St-nhe ofdtj
A nswor at ■ on ce! "
T»»o undergraduate h-'siuwdl
acknowledge  the  former wu-ildi
being  "sent <lown."   the l.isut
it wiv«? the better, fault ot thej
"T am lost to all svnse <>!
sir," he replied humbly,.
This  uftcrwarch-i became ore]
doctor's  pet stories.
Pnre   Foil-
Your friend
Klose i.s making plenty of
money these
da ys.
'That's strange1'.
I saw him yes-*
tordny. and be
looked rather
seedy nnd discontented.
MeJigger —
That's his fox-
in ess. He is
afraid to spruce
up for fear
•some one will
want to borrow
from him.—
Tho sheot almost fe.l h. M„,:lllll,a   i^V^m.iVlE*™,"^
, It is all very tudden. I had no Idea that he
rarcd tor mo, but ho doc-s-awfully-and Insists on
hems married In June. Now. I want you for a
O.idesmaid. Do promise that you will come home
.m time.    You won't have  to bother, much almnt
Ists, etc., and those on Mount Cannol,
of whom Elijah, the prophet, was the
chief rabbi, described by Pliny, wero
known as Carmelites. ..Whatever the
name, the principles were all the same
A    Jian    (o
En vy.
Smyth— Wyl-
k y ns baa a
pretty good
wife, hasn't
f*r *w!i —Yes.
V-'by. kIio even
li is him miioke
In the.parlor.
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are    then.
.! -Favorable   Point.    "
• "Will-there be any honor for the man
who discovers the norm'pole'-"
"Certainly..   He  will be a great life
"A life saver?"
"Yes.     Explorers   will   cease   going
Chicago Newe. i •
a   hig
is  clothes
"liars     per
into  an or-
Eest   Miin   Hi  the .World.
•_ The : biggest man in tl«j world is
Brenni, the Swiss giant. There are
several . Swiss., giants, but Br
overtops them all with his
of 9 feet 7 inches, and he is
man   in      proportion. Jlj
cost     him     seventy-five d
suit,  and he cannot get
diiiary railway carriage.
Kxpos.-,!   .Mc-tiif. V. „,.j<.
prevent exposed metal work
K'-ind to an .impalpable
quart of gi-Aphito, four
and one part
ncl'l grudunl-
'"teen parts l-nii
i"g Imseed oil varn-is'
If Ton Hare These'-- JSympt
J>m» Your Jfeyes Arc Weak and Manstcd-Voa
;.--.■:. WeU >y UsingAOr. Chase's tfe*rv* Food. ,^-' ■
memcaT^fSSr Euiy ^o^^tv^ ^e ?ohg. .bben enshrouded  in more  or less imstcr>
ia.thirucWrS^ar^eS^verv   ^ ^.'^tln.8 of nervous prostration,   paralysis  or  locomotor*
nervous dlseaaw^fft^Se^f^'   —"'  ^i^P  SOon  bc ™uiUJ  again--so insidious is the aPP^
Study these symptoms:    They
of the*™ ™,.    "■ -*.-—*'•""-«.     ^*«-y a,;e for your guidance
^s^^Si^Siis^^'^ "»—- - «•
3iou may not have them  all,    but
a little extra expenditure  of nerve
if   >ou "vVj
foi cc niiv"1
e  faco  and    eyelids;  fat",rl,in?
every part of the hnrfvA v,"":7'r'ZZ!Ile,ss and nashos of light before tho.«?yes;'irritabiliW
♦ »,-••*^«__l.°5.*?e,)°d.y.   headache,   indigestion, feelings of weariness fond depression,   ^
from rusting
powder  one
parts'    lead sulphide
zinc sulphate.    To  this
l.V,   while   stirrin.
h.  Apply wiLh a
Interest in-the affairs "of life
4So_long as thedaily expenditure of nerve force
certain to, result Booniro^rat^^w-^^ IOr°e iS ^eater than t he dai ly income,
uso of Dr. Chased Nerve FoodrhJf^i*"-1?^1'?30 lncreosed, and this  chn  best
ffo directly to form nervous encrrrv
nerv© force becomea exhausted
use it contains in concentrated form the very
nn„    „ NerTou^ diseases do not right themselves
No treatment fo/ne^usVsel^l11 * b°-curo.d when the nerve force is restored,
people^ haa Dr.  phM0.aTertrCd
fro^D^^^^^^-ni, find hundreds
ever received such universal endorsement   by
Chasers Nerve Food.   50c a box,
of earnest* letters  tolling' of the wonderful boncfiK
6  boxes for $2.50,  at all  dealers or  Bdmanson.-BfttU' «•
physical   bi»IJ^;
be accompli*-'100   #
elemen tu of »atJl''V
They come on^" w&ammumt  *IlI��EZL:fShlloh  to vie,  13.    0.  fee oi malarial (ever has  fed by <me of the Li'ver-  jf Tropical Medicine now  ��}je west coast of Africa.  c-oinpI"-i���� has been ut-  ,e bite of malarial inos-  the result of recent in-  3roves   that  there  is unite   which  is equally as  Hhe propagation   of this ,  Jie new  disease-bearer  is  lenible   the    insect which  jisease" among Jtor.ses in  Cure  mm.  .vi ir; a'i  which    w<  Jug exhibited  lativc  into  ���'J'he  JIMENT Eelieyes Neuralgia.  gates of Paradise were  "Tax dodgers  on  earth  ���d," how sparsely settled  )uld be !  JI*B ITEAI>ACIIE.--Soino people  jiscry day after day with iioud-  fs ro��t noithor dny or nl^hl until  fall unstrung. Tho cau.-��o is gen-  Mered stomach, and u euro can Lo  Hnn .Parmeloo's Vecetablo Pills,  Indrako nnd Dandelion. 24 r. Kin-  Winier, T. Q.. write,': "Iiliul Pur-  fa first cl;u>.s urticlo for fiilious  country store in f.'eorgia  "ice    cream,     embalming,  iiid tooth pulling."    -When  slack in those lines,  it i.s  retty good in  "books and  there is 'anything  in" the  the American  shopkeeper'  fhave it.       ' '  . Cures Coughs and CoHs  al once. It has been doing  this for half a century. It  has saved hundreds of  thousands of lives. It will  ,save yours ii you give it a  chance. 25 cents a bottle.  If after using it you are not''  satisfied with results, go to  your druggist and get your  money back.     .    .    .    ,  prices.   The  windy weather in  up into the  spring wheal  the specula-  take hold on  Write to S. C. Wiuxs' & Co., Toronto,  Can., for free trial bottle.  Karl's Clover Root Tea corrects the Stomach  0.  Richards  & Co.,  ">n,���After  suffering    for,  7  inflammatory rheumatism  it I  was - 11   months con-  room, and for two years  [dress myself without help,  put gave   me ���  a bottle   of  LINIMENT   in   May, - '97,  me to try it, wnich I did.  so well pleased with,the're-  J procured more. Five bot-  letely cured me and I have  [���turn of the pain   for eighths. ���       , - '   '       ,      ���  >ve Tacts are well known to  in this village and  neigh-  jrs gratefully,  A. DATRT. *  jthee. Que.. May 1G;  1899.  kfis the father  of his  coun-  fekort the  teacher  of  the, jii-  s in history.       , ,    ���  W'ashin'fqn,". promptly reentry 7'ticker.       "But'it was  Oirvt'J     that     licked   -the  The Flow of Milk  ; will be increased.  Why go to all the  trouble of keeping  cows and get only  about half the milk  they should produce.  Pick'  Blood  noro Catarrh in th*s*"soctlon of tlio  ha all other>diieasc3  put together,  Tiokiit fowyonrs was supposed to be  I'or/i groat maDy years doctors pro-  ffl local di>oaso, and prescribed local  \na by constantly failinf? lo euro with  Jtmoat,   pronounced    it    Incurable.  ������ provon catarrh to bo a constiUilion-  :md therefore requires constitnti'-r:-  -t��    ILill's Catarrh Cuio, nvanufae-  . J Chenoy & Co.,' Toledo, Ohio, is  Institutional euro on the market.     It  |ornally in dosos from <0 drops to'a  il.    It acts directly on tho' blood and'  Kacos of tho system,    1'hey oiler ono  Bluirsfor any coso'It',fails'to euro,  jTcularg and testimonials.'  K J. CHENEY & CO., Tol&do, 0.  ruggists, T>c.      . '    '  li.y Pills aro tho best.   .  strengthens the digestion and invigorates the whole, system so that  "the nutriment is all drawn from the  food. It takes just the same trouble to care for a cow when' she  gives three quarts as .when she  gives a pail. Dick's Blood Purifier  will pay back its cost with good  interest in,a "few weeks. ' '<  50 cents a package.  Leemlng, Miles & Co., Agents,  flO^TREAL.  Write for Book on Hor.s��R nnd Cattle five.  The Son road Is nssisting'in an anti-gopher campaign in North inikota  that is expected' to bring 100.000  gophers- to dcnXh, and the tails will  be marketed in Minneapolis.  PLASTERS FAILED  er���"Don't   let   nie  * t  a.  disturb  erchant���"I  won't.*  W'liiam  gentleman out."  [M LINIMENT Cures DanM  LINIMENTS, OILS AND MANY OTII-  .'BR. MEniCTNESDIDNO   GOOD.  J"rrcjhi..(j     .u-tivitv  "���P��'rlfcd J.,sL Week  as be-  i.M.,-1   (     VU' Al,H-ri'-"" specu-  imukets developed  this week  '"   "'tcited  bul4e j���  continued  ary and   "  wheT    U'Jd   "'*    s^'^'est winter  ',L J     iu    some extent  southern    ]JUrt     uf tJ)  C"'      "'.Southern .Dakota    and  if'A M'/'nesota    had    been the  u";    .01. advancing the markets in  -"-    log^tunate    trade, and was h,st  ��/ek paving the wav for  t'������''��� public to  begin"  |h"    buying- side   of    wheat.    When  , Iberciore,  with  the beginning of Uiis  , week no adequate relief from the drv  weather    was    apparent, the further  ,ud\ance   that   took  place    was  .si.tli-  <-K'iit to set speculative buyers on fire  and u���  Wednesday, at the very tune  when good rains came to relieve the  situation,    an    excited advance took'  place    ui    the markets, putting them  up lie to iit/jjC higher than the dav lie-  lore.    On  Thursday,   the  active  buyers    o:     Wednesday   begun  to' throw  their    wheat  ' back   on th.i markets,  yesterday  was a repetition of Thursday,   and    at     the close of nuu-kvis.  c-Uj.--.mg    prices   showed    only an ad-  \uiu" r,f Y-c to Vi>c over elosing jiric-  i"-' , hist    Friday, although in the" interval  there had  been un advance of  ye to <](��� per'bushel.   The legitimate  situation   i.s    very   little changed by  the events of the week.  Manitoba ��� wheat advanced with  Amciiea'n markets and on Wednesday  was very strong. Exporters'were  sellers rather than buyers, on the advance, hut one of the large milling  companies came into the market and  absorbed several hundred"thousand  bushels. Altogether we'estimate that  in the two days, Wednesday and  -Thursday, something like a million  bushels of wheat changed hands.  Prices were advanced from 72'/,c 1  northern, and 69%c 2 northern" on  Friday last week to 76c and 7"c on  Wednesday and some sales were"mado  at i/oc over that. By yesterday prices weie down'again to 74*/2c 1 northern and 71%c 2 northern, and buyers'very scarce. 3 hard is worth 77c  all quotations are in store Fort William, spot, en route or May deliver'-/.  Country Wheat���Market nominal,  owing to .bad roads.  Liverpool Prices���No. 1 northern  spring wheat sold at Liverpool'on  Saturday at Gs 3"/��d.  FLO UK���The' feature of the week  has been an advance of 10c per sack  A TALK WITH GIRLS  HOW  TO   OUTATN   BRIGHT  AND   l'OSY   CHEEKS.  EYES  Ptti'<-',    Apaemic    and    Easily  Girls Often Fall a Prey  Consumption.-  Tired  to  brij  COli  Ih young girls we look for abundant health and strength, rosy cheeks,  :��t eyes firm, plump' flesh and  ���.tant cheerfulness. -How often,  however, we meet young girls who  seem prematurely old, feeble, pale,  1 "stless, thin, and irritable. These  abnormal ;md dangerous  aro due to a general  blood, ��� and should be cured iust as  promptly as possible ort  life of the patient will be  indeo'l,   decline  and  conditions  weakness of the  A New Brunswick Postmaster Tells  of   his    Efforts  to Cure his Kidney  . Trouble���He Suffered for Years and  Tried Many Medicines, but"only Recently Found the Right One.  ;t   way     to    tell  whether  a cheap one is  to observe j  [tlie,   price has  been  i ubbed  i  i nn  ui.  ���   r v  r '���  *Oi��  rf corn?.  (  ui n  Cm  ���    iv !l  !(.  uiove any of  ci.i y��iiir  dms.r  :-L  ;i;d  yet a bot-  B'.m saw0 handles are being  I". which are said to be both  Ijiiil stronger than those of  f'li.Y..- "are several shapes,  'f"(" all made of thin sheet  Srki'd into the desired form  I'ljed with perforations" for  >ic of enabling workmen to  F"ii' hold on the tool. One  fdi'signs offered is adjustable  I lie right hand side of the  ?s Hush with the saw, per-  tlio operator to-work close'  &1l)i" or in other inconvenient  i  the out-  uiul   de-  seem   to  was  no  *'''(!v in L'cttii.ii iv4or for the I'lllo  hot-Ci   ivei* Wdi-iu Iv! (im-il. 'ntor  |iituii I ,-ure eni'��.   If'jvui love >our  .In you let it, ull'er wiion u ivmwly j ~A'~ ,"  Sat hand? l-"al'  ROME  NAMES -MEAN.  hnying gives the meaning- of  l's of the principal   Ilignland  [Scotland :  I'-li.the son of the First.  dd,  the son of Brown Eyes.  Jiill.  the son of Black E>es.  "f,   the son of a Greek num.  )����rt,  the sor    of  the Arch-  the son of the Prophet.  .Crooked Mouth.  I*". Crooked Nose.  his Stay or Support,.  ^  MflEMT for Sale Everywhere.  squiring a good appetite a  got rid of it.  Lower Windsor, N. B.,'April 27.���  (Special.)��� Mr. T. II. Belyea, post-  ! master of this place, has made a  a j very interesting statement of his  experience in his efforts to be cured  Of Kidney Trouble which has bothered him for many years. ~ -  At times he would have very bad  spoils, and when these came on he  was almost laid up.  lie tried several doctors unci used  many medicines, but nothing seemed  to' help  him  in  the least.  Plasters, oils, liniments on  side and doses of all kinds  Striptions taken internally  have    but. one, result. He  better. ��� ��  Finally through reading an advertisement he was ' led to the use of  Dodd's Kidney Pills,   lie says : r  '"Podri's Kidney Pills were so highly recommended for Liver ''"rouble  that after reading some testimonials  I concluded to try them according to  directions.  *"L had tried so many things that I  was very" skeptical and had but little faith that Dodd's Kidney Pills  could or would help me. However. T  did not use them long before 1 found  they were all and more than  was claimed for them.  "1 have received more benefit fi om  them than from any,other medicine I  have ever usedefor they seem lo base  made, a complete cure of my case.  '���[ feel as well as ever I did and  have not. the slightest trace of the  Kidney Trouble that bothered me for  so long.  "I want to say that 1 believe that  Dodd's Kidney Pills are the right  medicine for Kidney Trouble.'"  Mr. lleiyea is very well known to  everybody in this neighborhood and  there are but few who have not been  aware of his serious illness.  Kvervone is delighted at his improved health and his published statement has done much to make Dodd's  Kidney Pills even more popular in  this ^neighborhood,'-than they  been. ..'���.���';'"     !  in Ogilvie -prices,��� due partly 'u> the  recent advances in .wheat*and also to  the , large export demand for this  flour.,, We 'quote, prices now lis follows : Hungarian Patent, S2.0G per  sack of 98 pounds; Glenora,0 SI .90;  Alberta. SL.70;- Manitoba, ��1.,"30; and  XXXl','.?1.20.  i ^ . _>.s;  OATS���Price's for oats have been a  little firmer during the past y\eek,  owing to" the good export1 demand.  We quote : No. 1 white, in earlots  ou track, Winnipeg: per bushel. 40  to 42c: No. .2 white,"3Sc; seed oais,  45 to 50c. At country points farmers are getting 2S to 30c for No 2  white bats. Street oats are bringing  32 to" 34c.  oBA*RLEY���"Receipts    are very  licht  at  to  = 7oc  seed  .-rate  80,000 acres  of provi lion    the shores  of Lake  ill  be  taken, up  by Men-  Nebraska.       .':...��� <  have  If a man Is  a wit he says  things;  if ho is a humorist he writes them.  ii   '\co,trl*s,t'-vorthy mon and women  "���J, local ortravolliner, to intro-  uiscovery nnd ko(<p c-ur show curds  ��� rM*l��i>l .r   Kl\out the towl"  nnd ��� country.  '1!S��B?C,"yMrro"n,li c mmi-Blon ot  ^SSB Wrr !h ��"th and 0*Penses, n��t  "'lSfinkiV,rt.i.Culars       Postonico Box 337.  WMBjgNAL MEDICINE CO..     LONDON, ONT.  No.   374.  To prbvo to you   thnb Tft.  Chase's Oin tmen t is a certain  and absolute euro for each  and ovory  form of ltcniniv,  blcodinRand protruding piles,  fho thanufeoturors have Ruarantoed it, bco toa-  Um^SSta tho dally Press and._ask_your noish-  bors what tlioy Unnk of it.  and    the market holds firm  -15e for best grades. ,  FLAN SEED���Dealers     are     asking  $2 00 per bushel  for seed flax.  SI'ELTZ���Dealers are asking  per -bushel of 50 pounds for  spell/,   v. ,  , HAY���Receipts are only mod  and the hay market continues firm at  S<3 to $6.50 per ton for fresh baled.  Loose hay is worth S6 to S6.."*0r per  ton. - '  DL'ESSED 2HEATS��� Fresh 1-illed  beef i.s .~not very plentiful, and tho  marLct is firmer. We quote ' Beef,  city dressed, per pound, 8 to 8"3c;  vo;iI, 7\<> to SYnc; mutton, frozen, Sc;  spring lambs, each. S3.50 to ?4.f>0;  hog*;.' per pound,  7-ytC  BL'TTER���-Creamery��� The market,  for fresh made creamery has not yet  opened, but it. is expected that some  begin shipping soon.  , have- been ��� run rung  winter are still niak-  butter for which they  ask 2-lc per pound delivered here.  BUTTER���"Dairy���Receipts are more  liberal and the market, has. declined  2c from the lop price of a week ago.  The top price of the market is now  20c per pound for fresh made butter,  put up in tubs or prints, and fiom  that the market ranges .down to 16c  for  round  lots,  commission  basis.  E("<"K���The net price, Winnipeg, today, to country shippers is 10c per  do/en.  lUDErf���No.  1  inspected hides.  ("Vic  lb   delivered  in  Winnipeg: No. 2,  ;    No.    3,    4'/ic;   kips mid  calves,  same     price;    deakins,     25     to    40c;  horsehides,   50c to  SI.  WOOL���The market i.s expected  to  open     shortly   for   Manitoba     wool.  Some    in ' the   trade   think that  opening    price    will be about 7c  pound for unwashed fleece.  TALLOW���The  local  price  foi  low  is 4'/^ to o�� Per pound.  he whole  ruined, if,  consumption do  not speedily follow.-- Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills for Pale People are the  natural, logical and sure cure for  weak girls. These Pills make rich,  red blood with every dose. They  strengthen the nerves, act upon the  whole system and bring health,  strength a:id happiness to those who  uso  them.  ���Mrs.  Hiram Rinkler, South Pelhara  township,     Wei land '   county,     Ont.,  sa-is ;   "It    is   'with  pleasure'that I  give    this     tribute  to  the health-restoring virtues of l)v. Williams' Pink  Pills.'   When  my  daughter,  Lena,   began the use rif your medicine she was  in    u   most  wretched  condition.   In  fact, wi-  were seriously alarmed lest  sho   might    not,  recover.   The  symptoms  were   a   feeling   of  languor   and  weakness,   gradually  growing 'woise.  She became  pale,   lost flesh,  had lit-  the appetite and was apparently "go-  in^ into decline.    Finally the trouble  became  complicated   with'<a   persist-  'erit    .sore    throat,   .which    gave h'er  great , diflie.tlty   in   swallowing.   She  w,'.; |,l:(,-e(i, under  the care'of a doctor   v. ho    said    her  blood was poor  and    watery,   and 'her  whole sjstem  badly    run     down. ���  r The     doctor's  treatment,    did    ,not 'help   her  much;  and   then   acting  on   the advice of a  neighbor.     I     begar,  to give her Dr.  Willinins'  Pink Pills.   The confidence  with which   this medicine was  uiged  upon'-us    wets    not    misplaced, ��� as  I  soon noticed  a" distinct improvement  in iny daughter's condition/' The use  of tlw pills'for some weeks completely restored  her,, and   from that, time  sho hns .been   a cheerful,  light-hearted gii-l.  the  very picture of health."  These     pills     never   fail   to   restore  health and strength  m cas<\s like the  above  </] hrough   their  action ,on  the  blood and nerves they also cure such  diseases as  rheumatism, sciatica, St.  Vitus     dance,     .indigestion,      kidney  trouble.       partial       paralysis,       etc.  There    are   so  many so-called  tonic  oil Is,    hut  they  are  all  mere  imitations of ("his great medicine.    Be sure  that,  yj.i   get. the  genuine -with-the  full  nivnii;   "T>r.   Williams'  Pink Pills  for   I'.-u'e   People''   on   every .box.    If  your, dealer does not keep them they  will h>! sent  post paid nt 50 cents a  box.    or  six   boxes  for $2,50   by  addressing   the   Ur.   Williams'   Medicine  Co���,  Brockville,   Ont.  A Connecitcut law will allow a  man to catch but thirty trout in  one day. ��� There ought to be a law  to prevent the man who catches two  small ones from swelling the account  when, he casually mentions it at the  groceiy store, to "thirty large  speckled trout, the law's limit, gentlemen."  WKtM BUYINC WHY NOT CET TOE BEST.  THE QUAtlTY OF THE  OIL IS THE LIFE OF  THE PAINT.  MADE WITH MANITOBA PURE  RAW OR BOILED LINSEED GEL  PURE  READY  MIXED  PAIHT FOR ALL PURPOSES.  SOLD BY UP-TO-DATE TIARPW  ARE DEALERS EVERYWHERE.  MANUFACTURED  BY'  ,G: F. STEPHENS & CO., Limited,   -'----���- .,-"- WINNIPEG.  frftfty*? -  !^*!W*����5��  W��H-^^MW"  TORONTO  Canada's Leading Nevv*|>a|>cr  ���LIS MAKING"'A   &p��$$i&�� Haif-.Pi*ico'Offier-  to every person living west of North Bay. "Regular price $4.00. Anyone  living west of North Bay who will cut this advertisement out and mail it  along with TWO DOLLAItS the regular morning edition (including the  Saturday illustrated number) will be sent for one year.  You can save the subscription price every week by taking advantage of ���  bargains offered in its advert*1/ng columns., ,      '  Addrc��m���THE   GLOBE,   TORONTO:  FOR SALE  EVERYWHERE  *il .T.rY our ,tParlor Matches.  They produce a quick XiGHT  without auy objectionable  fumes.  :::::::::::<::::  THE E. B. EDDY Co., Limited  Hull, Canada.  I  Physicians say' that .beards hold  microbes, while clean faces attract  bacteria. So it is up to qvery one of  us to choose which shall lay us low;  or otherwise wear a mask.  BABY CONSTIPATION.  Can   he  Cured Without Resorting" to  Harsh Purgatives.  First "Merchant :   '"Say Byers,  you  always1 have    such a pretty typist.  Bo you select her for her beauty ? "  Second   merchant :   '   "Yes,   indeed;  it* pays. You see, before I got onto  [the rscheme my three clerks would  istay away on the least provocation.  |Now they have fallen dead in'love  jwith her, and not one of them stays  away    if he can help it,  for fear the  others will get ahead of him."  factories will  Those, which  Ircwghout the  ing    a   little  Constipation is a very common  trouble among infants and small  children���it is also one of the most  distressing. , The cause is some derangement of the digestive .organs,  and     if not promptly attended to is  There are cases of  consumption so far advanced that Bickle'j Anti-Consumptive Syrup  will not cure : but none so bad that it will not  ?hs, colds, aud all affec-  COURQS,   wu.=.  oat, lungs, and_ chest, it is.a  give relief.   For  iions of the thror...        _  .  specific which has never beon known to fail.  ,.   , It  promotes  a  free  and  easy  expectoration,  liable to lead to serious results.   The | then.by removing the phlegm, and gives th'e  ACTS SENTtY  ON  per  5'/,v  r     Kefs THE SYSTEM  Clean s^ffffot iai.lv.  the  per  lal-  LIVE STOCK.  CATTLE���Receipts   have  plentiful  local  during the  requirement'  You can uso it anu  -   ~      * --- nn  "iTO^ moneyVck if not cnre�� 60c ��to��  m Afoalora or Kdmanson.IUtks & Co.,aoromo,  ���a Phase's  In  (he barbarous countries the native  heathen   light  and   get married:  civilized climes some peo-  but ia our  pie get married and light  afterwards.  been mure  past week to fill  and the -market  for beef'animals_ cased off about "4��  in some, cases. It is still the opinion  In best .'informed/: circles, however,  that cattle are scarce and fully worth  the price which has been paid for.  them lately, namely, 4:>.ic per pound'  for. butchers' grades, off cars here.  although/this week some nice rattle  for 4Uc.    Buyers are still  offer-  EFFECTUALLY;  ��VERCOMEroHST'pATI��N  PERMANENTLY  ICIAL  BUY THE GENUINE ���MAN'FD BV  ^    CAU.     c  ^Bitual  little victim suffers from headache  fever, pain in the stomach and sometimes vomiting. While in 'this condition neither baby nor baby's mother  can obtain restful sleep. If pioper  care is taken in feeding tho child and  Baby's Own Tablets are used, there  will he" no trouble found in curing  and -keeping baby free from this dis-  ord-jr. Airs. T. Guymcr, ��� London,  Ont., says :���"My baby was a great  sulTerer from constipation. She cried  continually, and I was about worn  out attending her. 1 tried several  remedies, but none of them helped  her till I procured some Baby's Own  Tablets. These tablets worked won-  she is in the best of  now go about my  being disturbed by  1 consider Baby's  great medicine, and  to keep them  ���svill save 1-abv  diseased parts a chance to hoal.  - i  Faith may move mountains, but it  takes coin to move household goods  ���unless you can beat the drayman.  He Hns Tried it. ��� Mr. .r-.)ln An'l r?on,  lCinloss. wr'fe-i.- ' I v-.-,iur-:o --iv f. w. if  uny. have r ec-iv-1 <: e iler he- efit from Ihe  u^c of Dr. Thonnip' lUcecric 0.1 Ih'in i have.  I have used it rrgii:n-b- f ,r ovf-i- :e-i vc irs,  and huve iecniiii:i"-n'e.l it, in .-ill ^iiuVier-1 I  knew of/and lh y a!*., .'.mi d it uf <rie\it vir-  fetift in cases of tevere bronchitis and incipient consumption."'   ,  ders,    and now  health. , 1   can  work   without  baby's    crying.  Own  Tablets   a  would  advise mothei  in the house for they  ^ftcrs,  v;.kv   V      '*   cau.    cq     v  Ny   r  from much suffering' hy curing and  preventing the minor ailments coni-  moh to infants and small children.."  Baby's Own Tablets are ^old under a>i absolute guarantee to contain no opiate ' or other Harmful  drug. They are easy to take, mild  in action, promote healthful sleep-  ful sleek and will be found a never-  failing cure for constipation, baby  indigestion, simple fever, diarrhoea,  sour stomach, colic, etc. They allay the irritation accomj any ing the  cutting of teeeh, break up colds and  prevent croup. Price 25 ccul s a box  at all druggists or sent, by mail,  post paid, .by addressing the Dv.  Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,  Ont.  Palsj��� "Wat's   de  matter   wid >ver  little- brudder ? "  j    Chimmie��� "Why,   de  doctor  sex he's  'got a ulster on his  troat."  .Minard's' liniment 'Cures Burns, Etc.  That brevity's the soul  of  T know but. by report,  1   also know  there's not <\.  Of fun  in beinjr short.  wit  bit  irling  sold  ing S14 to ��16 per head for yea  stockers. and' .'SI'S , to $20 for two  year olds, but the available animals  'have been, all bought and shipping is  is now  in progress.      ���,,-'.������  ' When washtaff ffreasy dishes or pots and pans.  Lover's Dry Soap (a powder), -wih remo>"  groaso with the greatest oaso.    .  refused  Why   do  this  you  nopcfnl.  Editor    (to    artist)���I  drawing   a   year   ago.  bring it here again?.-       v  Artist���I thought-"you "would, have  had more experience by this time and  know a Kood drawing when vou see if.  -.'.. Whon-yon hnve nnything to say In  a busiposs olliee. lire and fall back.  Your surplus talking should be. done  'n a  parlor.- '  "I wonder if this bridge pays ? "  said Lord Lennox, in njiproaching  Vduxhall bridge. "Go over it," said  Hook, the punster, "and you'll be  tolled." - A-  ���-��� '  ; :'..-"'. ��� -     .     ':  Tho proprietors of Parmolco's Pills are constantly receiving letterj similar to the following, which explains itself: Mr. John A. lieair.,  Waterloo, Out., writes: "1 never used any  modic no that cau oqual Parmcleo'-s Tills foi  dyspepsia or liver aud kidney complaints. The  relief experienced after using them was wonderful." As a saCo family medicino Parmeleo's  Vegetablo Pills cau bo givon in all cusosio-  q"u.iring a cathartic.  Uniequited     love  iob  lot   of  wrinkles.  soon     acquires a  Only a dyed-in-the-wool hyporrite  is able to laugh at an unzient story  nnd pretend that he ne\cr b.eard it  before.  Three . thousand settlers, passed  through.-Montreal this week en route  to the west and four thousand more  arc expected next week..  Two washings with Sunlight Soap entail less strain  on the nerves than one washing with impure soap.  REDUCES  EXPENSE  Ask for the Octagon Bar.    If your grocor cannot supply, write to LEVER BS0THEES  LIMITED, Toronto, sending hiB nama and address, and a  trial sample of Sunlight Soap will be sent you froe of cost  /  /���  <$  ,   A I jl,��  ', ���  1                '    *  ���A  " 'J  ";  ...   ..  .  a  ;rl; '  >  1     '  '.i  X  ���13  ���;   :>  iy -  f.  '  r.  1  I  '  ��8  * i  ��� )>.  ��� .p  i' ." -  -I-.  ��� 1  ���j  ii  ,13  II  '(  '  ;t  'I  ' f  o  ��� li  n  ii  o  -   [  ,. -i  :. i'  " .'i  ��� ;. :i  c  "c  ,-i  Ai  ��� "I  ,D  a  ;c  r  .if  ,c  ilC  v  y  f  I  i-  ���i  Haaos  TM  107111   LEADER   \TheeoJrco^iLuJT2yroana\'rJ?f^^     ' 0' ��-F-      1st.   Joseph's   Convent.  ^jaKrwawg-taaftnafor-^aBaaB^^  V/Ilc'cy Lodt'o >'��. 4i  Pablishcd in tlie interest of tlie people  of Movie and East Kootenay.  ������e, ,j. s.iirxH & co.  PuMJsJiers.  j The gentle  cow  looked  Gadly  round, { $rftyfj$^  I     Her face su'fTused wllh ftiiame; I ^^��X^^  r'^or all the ills   which   now  abound.' Lf    , > r'   s -   " ,  n.,,.,1, m,��� un t.   , A ' M-I��eIs every ^londav evening an  their  Ojioth she, "I'm not to blame ' ���-,*=���  "Good butter ol an honest hue.,  Built by a rustic dame  KATES or SUHSCVUrXION.  ���Ojo Year.  ..?2.00  SATUKDAY, MAY 31. 1902.  Tlio factory may bide from view,  But I am not to blame.  "Aud when I am eetforUi as beef  The prices they proclaim  Became a ��ource of general grief, '  But 1 am no't to bin me.  "For 1 have simply done my beet  And tried no crooked game.  JJoiirding and Day school conducted  hall   on  Victoria  street.    Sojourning   b-*' lho ;">i:U'Ji's "* x��]=on  Odd Fellows cordially invited. brain-...  --..  -  _-   -   j high' cl:'.!-3 education   taught by the  Ens.     Fkan-k^Nby,,    sigtc,t who hold .'cfrlilicaleL  from the  NK1.SON, li. C  )ol conducted i  tr]  ��� J3<< G- A11l r*)  branehct*- of elementary, business  and  w J     preset. rh ^>. ����je?um *wi  J. ri. MacEaCIIEI  Nohle Grand.  Secr'v.  U  TJJiS    iiI5KAJJl*'    AND    31,16.    DREWJtY.  ���The Moyie leader  has  started   t!��o i  Q^...v..  ���ball rolling by presenting J. C.   Drew-  The human beings did the rest .  ry's claim as a probable candidate  for      And j am not to bJ ��� ���  Ibis district  in   event   of  an   election  this summer.  9       ..-.   Dreivry  is  a   first j  rate chap, a good story teller, a skillful  'fisherman, but when it'eoroes to candidates for the> assembly, South .East  -Kootenay has no need to go outside of  the district for good meterial. Carpet  baggers won't go here this  ���Cranbrook Herald.  -WashingtonTost.  Moyie   Miners'   Union  isro. Ti.  feels in McGregor hall every Tuesday  evening.     Sojourning    members   are  1 cordially invited to attend.  Joux JBlackijuhn, P. TV Sm vth,    .  Secretary, j  ! London Board of Education and  Scie'ue IDeparlmenl, Kensington,  England.    Apply to Sis'er Superior.  r-ii��r��rnii<^<-, a���  President.  AT THE  Pioneer -. Hardware  c   -jroricis.  . There will be a meeting of the board  of License Commissioners held in the  ^ court house at Ferine, B. C, June 15th  ., 1902, at 7 p. mv to  consider  the  fol-r"  Carpetbagger, eh?   Wouldn't  thnl)lowin8 applications:  Frank J. JVIcMahon, ICootomiy liotel,  ,un, you don't know ' what you ' are I * ���"k Jr' AJ^Iahon, ICootomiy hotel,  ���Jilliiug about, or you have been, lied 3Vr��J'ieV Gorman A. MncKeiv/Ae, Miin-  ���lobyeomo^Mlawiig, Wiiy, blast your liattftnhotel, Moyie. AlberdtStenlicn-  :butku>^ nan, Drown- siicndn ��, ninth   !c" Oosmopolitrtn liotel, Moyio.    P. F.  ���rasp you?   Soo here, Old   Man   Simp-  :bi'tk'u,<v na;), Drown- spends a; much  'v*>.r bin time in F.a.-l Jf'.iolcnav as he  fl0':-j ia VAf^r, Kuoidnay, and ��o fjii' as  'hip ihterosife li��ro are cuncerned, tlie're  'HTbie'V in the 'district who hold, larger'  'interests.  The' 17011110 disaster brings    home  !:igain the trutli that the minor who  ip  'con tin dully    rinln'ng    his   life  'under  ���ground is   deserving   of ,the   Highest  -���possible pay.'  j Moyie Board of Trade  Meets on the first Wednesday -  evening ox .each 'month ,at  8 o'clock .sharp in the court  ���'   house.  ��� A. P. Ma-cdonal]-., Pro's.  Andrew Johhstow;   Lewis Tiro^sos,  Vice-Prff-. ,   ,      Stic'y.  fore.  sjst  ��*X*M-^  iJuhiifiton   Iho^.   Movie  hotel   Moyie.  .;. Frith, International hotel, Moyio.  ���   ��� ���   ft: \V. HAKSTe'c!,  Ol.ief Licoiiso'ln&peclor.  . ��� Kami for SaJp.  ��� A 360 aciu farm   tlirce   miles   froni  Moyio for sale.    There ii  considerable      land cleared and   it   is   well   slocked j "0\��r  'with hogs  and  poultry.    For  further '  information apply at this ofiice. ��� -1-29.  You it ill find a complete stock of general Hardware, Enamel'and Tin ware,  Paints, Oils, Glass, etc,  Dffij^TiuKinlth'iiariind'Pltiiu'DJiig.  OOUHT >JOYJK  No. -1005 ' |  i erects on lho'last Thur.-.-1 ^*0\ IEj  I'luy of pncli month.  VJ.^  ��� ilfiig   hryiiioni   itivitrd  fo idleu<l.  THE ST. El/GJSNr. MlXivj;^  THE MOYIE LUMilEj; (>0      '  PAHK, MjrCHJCLL\t(;o.  1LMU, CAMPEELL & CO.  MacEA.CiIEJIJT & M ACDO.N \L]j    \  P. JJIIRKS & CO,     ' ' '   ''  KOOTENAY HOTEL.  CENTRAL HOTEL.  MOYIE  HOTEL.  THE LEADER OFFICE.  G. HA MINER.  JA J. MURPHY.  P.]). HOPE.  J. Pu FARRELL.  Ac, Ac, &"c. '  wt     t ?--j i'i    hi n J** &  cka'n'brook:.*  ������i��M.��B����n��miMI i,^.^ .M,wrM.���,^.  osur  UGm'pames.  p** j  City   Shaving'   Parlor,  f". t. MuvJitiiaou, k. s.  ���Tr*.~if-nrrr<rf-fnnrfiiir^aw: fH..  *y�� r r "   i  Vey   ;&   McOarter,  \TI3��-  CJl^TRAL' HOTEL  j     f  'V-XAXti', Prop.  KS5  MdviE, B. 0.  I N 98 8  sr  ?! ^ ^ ��=5jw  When-the call'for volunleera was  'made at Feriiie the other day for help  to rescue the entombed miners not a  'Slav or Italian responded, although  'it was known to tliem that ii number  'of their fellow' countrymen were  'hiiiongst the imprisoned.s,  IProbt'bly feert Hfcrfe's most "dfteh  quoted poem is "Plain Language 'From  Truthful ;James," which has been renamed by the public-"The Heathen  Chinee." ' A poem that is,probably' as  typical as any of tlie author's style  'aud sentiment ia called "In tlie Tuii-  neV'ahcl'ia'us follows":  'n  Don't know Flynn���  ���Flynn of Virginia',���  Long as he's been Var?,  v. Look'ee here; stranger,.  �� Wbar hev yo'ti been?  Here in th'isjtunnel  He was my pardner,  That same Tom Flynn."  ,. Working together  In wind and weather,'  Say out and day in.  Didn't know Flynn?,  Well, that is queer- .  Why,'its' a sin  -    To think of Tom Flynn���  Tom with his cheer,  .    Tom without fear,  Stranger, look yar!  Thar in the drift,  ,    Back to the wall,  He held the limbers  Ready to fall ;  Then in the darkne3c  I heard him call;  ���    ''Run for your life Jake!  Run for your wife's sake!  Don't wait for me."  And ihat was all  Heard in the dim,  Heard of Tom Flynn,  Flynn of Virginia.  That's all about  Flynn of Virginia, j  That lots me out,  Here iu tbo damp,  Out of the aim,  That :ar denied lamp  Makes my eyes run.  Well there I'm done!  Kootenay Stsam Xaimtliy.  Wesley Cline, of the. Central hotel  barber'shop, is now ' agent for the  Kootenay Steam Laundry at' .Nelson.  All laundry left in his charge will be  prompMy attended to. Laundiy'must  ,be iu before Tuesday eveniug. Terms,  cash in advance. ,      '       5���  FOJtrS]'KELE,.B. c       '     '  , '. Hnrvoy, McCartor & Alczaiitlcr,  fERNIE', B. C: ���  Barristers & Solicitors. 'liOt��  MOVIE'S  liEAWNT��   HOTEL,  nalcyoa Hot'Springe,    "    '  The moet complete health resdrt'ofi  the'continent of "North'America.,   Sit-  ua'ted   mjdfct' "scenery   uni-ivfelled 'foi'  ���������randucr,    THE .SaIJGYOjS'   "HOT:  .SPRINGS ���Sanitariuirr, Halcyon H6Vj  spriugs,- Arrow Lake", BA Tfj.    Resident  physician and nurse,    Boating fishing  and   excursions.     Telegraphic   communication   with -all   parts   of-    the  world.    Two mails 'arrive and  depart  daily.    Terms, $15  to   $1S per  week-  according   to   residence   iu  hotel or  villas.    Its baths cure all  nervous and  muscular diseases.   Its waters heal all  kidney,  liver and  stomach*  troubles.  The bajths and waters are an invaluable  remedy for' silver and lead  poisoning.  . T. QTJJRD,  o  BAKKI8TI511, SOLICITOR, ETC.  '>      ' '    '   "  CRANBROOlt     ' 'D  ���. ���* i ��*-��*������(, ^> -wni.,^^,,  B. C  Drug and Stationery Store,  The best of accommodations  for the frave3ibg;'public>  ��m    a  'JT-.  WtfotiL*  GKANJ8BOOK.  "PUBLIC INQUIRIES ACT."  rUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that meet-  ���lagsoftlieCommisiion issued to V,*. 11. Uul-  lock-Webetcr Esq., of "N'eison fo hold nn in-  quiry Into the adiuiuistratitm oi the '-Lkjuoi  License Act 1900" in the Poit Steele License  District, n-ill be held as follows:  At Moyie on 2Cih -May 1902 at io o'clocit A. ir,  " Elko. " 27th May 1902 at 7 o'clock P. AJ.  " Femic      " 29th J>ray 1902 at 10 o'clock A. M.  "Cranbrook " 31st May 1002 at 10 o'clock A. M.  " JIarysvillc " 2ud June 1902 at 10 o'clock A. ju.  " Kimberloy "-1th Juue 19"02 at 10 o'clock A. m.  "Fort Steele " 5th June 1002 at 2 o'clock p.  jr..  Ol which all persons interested are here by  re  .quired to takci notice and  govern  themselves  accordingly. '   RESTOCK K. EOBBES.  Secretary to tlie Commissioner  Kimberley, B. C, May io, 1902.  Daily, market prices by   wire  from Spokane. ,  BOOTS    AND    SHOES  Repaired a'nd Made to Order.  ��� , u   y >  R.A.SMITH,      Moyie.  near* MacEacheen & Macdonalds.1"  mMAilkks ,  Office Stationary  School Supplk  Oiiemist and Druggist-.  MO'ft]  LEWIS THOMSON";  Moyie,  QHAS. P.  CAMPBELL,  Funeral Director  and  iYoTAHY Public, Accous-       .    Embalmed.  taxt,   Commission   and  Graduate of Champion College ol   the  United States. Upholstering and general furniture repairing. Office and  'store, Aiken's block, near Canadian  Bank of Commerce. Telegraph and  mail orders promptly attended to.  Cranbrools:, , B. C.  Insurance Agent.  B,  FOR   FIVE"TAILORING   GO.  TO  But, sir, when you'll  Hoar the next fool  Asking of Flynn,  Flynn of Virginia ;  Just you chip in,  Say you know Flynn;  Say that you've been yar.  IHOn't Want ihe Job.  -,  A bookseller in ^Cleveland advertised  ipr a portev,    A  big,  muscular Irishman -walked into tli3 shop and glanced  around; finally his eye tested on a big  sign over a table with books: "Dickens'  works all   this   week   for   $d."    The  Irishman eyed  it   thoughtfully,   then  ' edged   toward   the   front    door.    The  iloor-walker asked pleasantly  if  there  was something he   wanted,   and   the  applicant retnaikcd with  a   backward  ��� glance at the sign :    "Oi come in t' git  th' job,   but   Oi'll   not   care   for   it.  Dickens kin wurruck all  th'  week f'r  four dollars if he wants to, Oi'll  riot."  Ayvd .the visitor strode Vigorouely  out.  ���CJhioaR;o Grocer.  AVHOl.ESALE AND RETAIL  MEAT     MERCHANTS.  Fresh   and Cured Meats, Fresh  Fish, Game  an:i  Poultry.    We  supply  only   the   best.     Your "  ir ad e "soli cited.  In   all   the   Principal  Cities and   Towns] in  British Columbia^  "CRANBROOK, B��.C.  Headquarters for East ICootenay  NrEDERSTKDV}}RIESTbUi&Rl& CO,  er Beer, Porter and Bottled  6tuality not. excelled in the country.-   Try it ai  be convinced. '   -   ,-  gWsn.LLLjT-^irwyr  aawiwmroRj wmp-tsw *  MERCHANT   TAILOR  Fine   Suitings, ��� Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported.   Goods.    .  MOYIE, B. C  ifc-wf JU1 Jl  ���FOIt-  HEAVY TEAMING  .Baggage,  ���ALSO���  RNl'JiESS     AA'll  Delivekv^  GenKrai  Mfi  !ruiaiijwftgw��r��mwnj>%iiii  MOYfE.  May-26, 30  June 29,  July 2  3Trom Ho  Nelson  diate Points.  J    JOfljYSTOft - BROS.  mu Hotel is New and well Furnished 2te  Tables are Supplied with the Best:the  Market affords. The Ear is Filled with  the Best' Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  ���  iSADO'JAKTKRS   FOR COMMERCIAL  ANl> MINING MEN    -  -----        - - 'lsiilTisjr.cor.ni'U'-  *.-n-ergg=n.-jg-jp~.i3a,fao.JJ?= rn��u.,1iJJ���,^���. ,^.  O. F. UE'iAULSlER  OLAI.J.JU  rJvJ Minncapolia  Chic  ���tO*   2rjV'����5s":3j��.  Y>$&���  i.b'0  Lclroit  Toronto  Montreal  . ><S-c���  1 r  f r< ft l  b  )  V 4 U0  01.00    .  77.00  S9.30  lOO.flO  Oorresjioniling   roducliono    Horn    all  Kootenay vouUi f CSH,A (iiti,-jp_, K;,.ff^  | M.-als and bcrll, Included on Caniulian  I'.iciiic lly. L-ii.o ..-i.o.m.o, .���  Through booVin-, to Europe  via. all Atlantic ];:1,.,- ;Vo.  IwidlHmi, from ^'poinU;  at lowest laleu.  SENECA  ��EERs'iVrNs  COURTEOUS TREAXtJENT  *��Mkhh��i SKIP YOUR,  ris ^fjTtAN "fur" & Wool c2 1  ri-)f   ;r-   i!i;.vr avc mouth .  V.  ' '-��� ....  I  ^ '- ''.r-"i)>   1   ' t,", ... .? ,  ������'    " >���''������! o, ?:i!iVl'-J ������.  Lri^lfe7��:c*ir_��-'-,^r-'"'--''v':^'" ���' vy"'*' ��'.[���'  it'i  ... ..u.ja���f_v*A-.r j.mx*r .  t.!-lu  KUCTfc'HAY JSOTTJriE ���*  NELSON,  PROMPT DKLI^EliY  | j-'oi   llutiiu,   "Hai.s,   'liun'   c1Ui|.    i '   m     ���  QiUeen s* \��v&r ��� MOYI1  Agent,  G. Hiilier  ��� H CARTER,  DIst, Push. Agt  Ueifiou,'    ���  watera  of all/  Afleiit, Moyie.  K- J- coylr;  '"js'U'o , va%  V'il'COVOr,-  ��� O*  .'j:     ������ '���; .#' yiimds  {Orders Solicited.  '-, .;l ������'<������:   , -'"  ''  -ISoda 'Water  and  tv;  yphens,  ,hnd.'"r <.r'.'Ci*'3  Take a oo|  Every Uiing-  .in: the,Printing-  Line attlio  In  If.  ���'^'i  >'.


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