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The Moyie Leader May 26, 1906

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7 ,^id Kisoj>\
Ac »- ■
_"■< *£ *     . i?J. ■
MOYIE," B. C,,   MAY 20.1906.
Men?s    Soft   Sumimer
Paramata Shirts, -=■-
\^fflen's Yachting Oxfords
and Knickersi
; Yqutlis: and Childrens,
Canvas Oxfords.
"_       "'"  '"'    7"   / ,
„      ■- .' ■  j -,'" '..i       v    .'.■'"'       ."   '
Have you seen our Men's,new
'  air'wool^unsnriiikable    ,,
';, y^yrar^e^AZQ^^^Z^^1^    .'
Meeting Will be Held
-,/    Next Friday,
■ ,      "■ ■    , '     '
Everyone •    Interested
Should Attend and
Give; Views:;
, ^S^u^e^^cSAlS.a^e near at
han^^^^yburilel^wnetlier ,you are
*   ''-.'i.'vv-,,";":'.;-',.'.':^?.,.: \,~za-< .7      -■  '
J- ,     I  r'Z   '7     \"       - ',"> "-■'-'    ,    - '      >   •' "      <<■{•<-. _ —
-       _"_ , _-! ' 1 -  -      ,.,:»'"___      .{ al'. 1' 1   —   _   aa   jTN    ■     ■       =■
-. 5^ ^t-L
>,- < ,:~'
4J"     IJ
<■        "i .J^r, c^ 1     ,-'-^-r        "^        v> —     _    J "   ' ' Nil,
4 .   ,'4    I        ,'s'   lij4       I     f     .        J..-1" i   .'^\   ''     '   i.,1   .        i', i^ ',-'','. '-'4      ,  T      4      * f^
lB,,   '    w .Lu^-uis.'^ipi. *--^ ;.;.4-. , "; '•!_>-  * .'.i' \„ «',n .-'Trin'rliet --
h-Z    ,. -/,%v tv'>-'"»tr*   ' 'r' ;,f--: v;-
UT ( ^        U*    -      I1 -, 44      -,    , ^ 4 " '
v .■/:',■" :° '• ,^~  '■   ■.,.->    '■ -,,   ,
ioYIE-S  'leIdING   HOTEL.    ' - S>
Hotel Kootenay
The best, of accommodations
"for the Traveling- Public. -
Uw and Cooi.nodloas'sa.ple Eooms.        .; .Billiard Rooms.       ,
:     McMAHON BROS, proprietors:
To celebrate or not to celebrate, is
,tbe question to, be decidednt a public
raeoliog lo bo held in McSregor hall
next Friday evening, June 1st., .This
'will'give just one month to prepare for
th'e celebration of Dominion Diy. "if
the people deoido to observe'the day.
Every person interested , is, urgently
requesterj to be,present," and tins' especially applies to, tbo business .men,
upon WhoEe shoulders the iburden oi
expense will' fall.■,»The co-operation'of
the Athletic Association will be ,aaked
• ,.,-», -   -
for.       ■<,•'' '
Z Movie has held ' several successful
celebrations in tho pa.it and it ia ' not'
likely that the celebration   of  Dbinin-
I3ay will be allowed to lapse this year
'     '       . t        - '    i
'   For Change" bf Venue. -
,, 7      ^ , ,  _    :„
" Tne Canyon county, Idaho, diBtrrict
court .will, convene May S9, when motions for change of venue will be heard
in the cases of Charles Moyer, W. D.
Haywood 'and Guorge A. Pettiboue,
charged^with^the murder of former
Govenor 'Sleunenberg. "It is Btated
that these motions wiU be supported
by more than 300 affidavits."     **   '- '
t i- *" "' * ^^__^____^_
 ■    ■ —  ■'      ^ ■*.    T      \
;Prof :;"N" ewton?. Humorist,^
Prof.'O.'B. Newton, the "no ted \p>d}~
fornia humorist and' entertainer, will
be iD Moyie 'Monday,, May" iJScb,; and
lecture inEagla ball. It is said of Mr.
Newton'leathe has no> superfors' and
few equals. The'professor was in San
Franciecoat tbe time of the ^earthquake and he will devote a portion of
the evening to relating bis expe'nence.^
Hits Harold " Hard.
The  Week:   That egotistical  prig
blatant barnstormer,-Harold   Nelson
who inflicted his.dramatic conceptions
on long-sufiering Kootenay audiences
for about five   years,   has   found   his
level at lust.    In a   Chicago  suburban
theatre he ia  "scoring  a  success"—it
must be a palky one. ,
A Bebekah lodge bus been instituted
at Phoenix. '
The'Molly Gibson mill  was   started
Wednesday. , '        (i,
_There ia a scarcity of miners  at  the
St. Eugene.       _____ i<
Down,on tbo co.ist lumber has gone
up''$2 per thous-ind.,' '(
The tracklayers pn the Corbinr road
have reached Bonners Ferry.
i    __— a  r
< Jake'Fink has been re-elected chief
of tho Cranbrook fire department.
Fred  Hall,   a   farmer   living   near
Morden, Manitoba/'ilied from glanders,
', Prince Edward's Island is now all
prohibition.' The 'mtjonty in favor,
was six to one. ______
44 ' ~" &
' The D,uly Canadian, under the,management of David Mark' Carley, ,will
make its bow to'tbe Nelson pbdlic on
June 1st.-,-, A '" " ' '
" No .liquor is allowed to' be sold at
"i^San Francisco" and all -licenses have
been revoked by Muyor,Scbmitz.
-,..  ' -     "    ': :     ,   i' ' i
.'    11 r 4.      _ v    .
The three lodges.of OJd Fellows in
Spokane'are considering consolidating
into one-great lodge, and buiUiug"a'
temple to cost $100,000.   ' ,      '^
WILL MOVE      ,,
Sack , Near   Former
,  r t      r
(r i
The Move will Probab-
■ iyBe Made  in  tbe
Nea.r Future. .
;b»j—-_ r^.a^--iggags_gyrwi''tr^^
t n.
"83i.«.> t r K • i m -r-Ji.
Postmaster' Smith lias announced
thaj, be'will move'the Moyie post office from the, drug store' to. 'JE. G.
Gwynne's'storC'in th'e Farrell block.,
The exact date of the i ^moval is not
known1, but it will probably be' within
ten days or less. This brings tbe
post office back to almost its original
location, when it'was' just across "the
street aud P. D. Hope was'postmaster.
f     ''      -   * *     ,, t' 4^'       j
Hard Times at" Cobalt;'
5r when i'ou want to wear lhat new waist. By looking
at your clock you'll discover you'baven.t a minute to
lOBe.^   Now is the time time to buy, wnr'e our'     , '
"    '   ■ ,- VARIETY IN   WAISTS'
'is unbroken.    They can't get cheaper and "first cime,
first choice."    Doiv't^'liiy or  you'll  surely   regret   it.
' Bfsides wnistp, our spring stock of   drygoods   requires
your attention.    Men's furmahirr_si
" r "
± : •  -    l
'It is ruuiored "that 'Gen,r Stoessel,*"
who commanded, the 'Russian-forces at
Port Arlliur and ' surrendered* to the
Japs, has been condemned to death.
DAme JuliieRiel, mother of the misguided -Louis Riel, wlio instigated   and      _
led two Northwest  rebellious,  died   at! come well prepared to ' pay   his 'way
.... . «       ,        ._     . 1      ml..,..    n.nl,l.n.      /^P     t\-.r,     nnomnlnvBll     i:
c v  ■ , .        . ..
And now comes the report there are
hard times in Cobalt. \ It' is saidi two
hundred unemployed men are' loitering around the lumber piles and 6ta-'
Hon platform. Expert carpenters'
easily find employment at down coun '
try wages, but' the average man trail-,
ing    his   fortunes   northward,    must
lior home in,Winnipeg last week, aged
,86. * '"'    -   r . '
f> ' I
■ The Marshall-Weil'Hirdware Co., of;
Dulurh and Portland,, is establising a
bjanch in Spokane. ' It is one pf, the
biggest hardware institutions in the,
west.       *;.".;      '
,;; Canada, ''^'ccording/^to', population,'
lias the'largest railway mileage pf any
country in'the world. °Tne'Canadian,
Pacific. alo-je*'lia8.' ,.89.611 '.milea^ io'
operation.', -  ,r    !r'    "     '. , '
.''' 5' <       .' , ,
A special train, co'aveying a dulega.-,
tion of more than 175 members of   the
Fraternal Order of Eagles to the grand
aerie convention,at,Mil waukee,is  be-.
ing'arranged to run from 'Seattle, 'Ta-
coma and ^Spokane.
The problem of the unemployed is
boundto become more acutec as the
days progress. M Already appeals are
being,made daily to local "merchants
for sufficient stakes ' to'' take' 'stranded
men hom'el Too rSucb'emphasis cannot be gived to tlio faot that' Cobalt is
not a'workingman's country. ,
. ,. '-' ~i    *      r       -■
Z New'"Minister Arrives.--.,
-,'' "** * ...   —: \ ^7   ■_     7    ,
"- Bev. D. M. Per-ley, will,,.preach ,his
farewell seimon'in Moyie tomorrow
evening in the Methodist church and
will leave for Toronto to re-enter college, His position here will be filled
by Mr, T. Sowerbutte, a'recbnt' arrival
from Lancas'-iire, England.
Three froight. cars left the track
west of Kitchener Tuesday and one, a
refrigerator car loadod with eggs, rolled down the embankment. Tbe passenger trains were compelled to transfer their loads that d-iy.
*v* *v* *v^ ^^ ^— v       * ______-_________—■—«——wlwfMM*^™M  ———"'
' We have secured these corse's for
Moyie, and would like to have the
tad„_- opinion of them. We have
tbem in styles and sizes to fit all
figures at prices ranging from roots to
Let as show them to you.
The red paint deposits about two
miles up tho rulameen^ river from
Princeton are proving of real value to
citzens who have occasion to use that'
color in painting their buildings or
any article they may wish'to renew or
Over $50,000,000 has arrived in New
York from Europe since the earthquake and fire in San Francisco. It
is to pay the losses sustained by tbe
European insurance companies, on account of the great conflagration.
Amandia, the Italian who killed an-
'Bailiff's 'Sale.
J. C, Drewry has seized the bar
fixtures and liquors of the Krng Edward cinb and they .will be sold al
public auction next, Tueadey afti-r-
noou at,four,o'clock.
Renew your miner's licence. '
The gun   club has   ordered'  a   new
trap,   ,    .' , t . \
,  G. A. M.   Young   has' returned
town.     j ,, , '       ' ■  ,
'W. H. Aldridge is leaving for, Banff
'today. ■•        A '
- , -
Dan Mclntosh.is home from,. Blair-
i Prof. Barney , Wil30u has gone to
Sandpoint to locate. ' i. ■
• A son was'born to Mr. and Mr^V.
Desaulnier yesterday evening.
4~'      . , '. ^ ,,
, The,office of the Central hotel has
been carpeted with linoleum.
4        , , .• nil
A social dance was given by, the
club in_Ea"gle hall'Thursday_evening, '
'' The gasoline engine for Hugh   Cam-
eron'slaunch landed here this w-eek. -
4 ii
' "'Mrs. John Daly and children pre at
Kaslo visiting with relatives 'and
frieu Is. ',     --,
A. G. Moukhouse was in Cranbrook
this. week_. getting some dental work
It is reported that Miss Lindell. the
lady barber, intends returningl to
Nnyv -,Yop.k—Bar silver,     G8,cenf«
Lead,,$5.15,   Zino (Bpello'r') $5.90;    '
Londos—Load, £10 12s. 6d,
Cranbrook Licence District,
v —,,        — xi
The, half yearly meeting of tbe
Board of Licence Commissioners,
Cranbrook Licence District, will be
held at therCourt Hous?, , Cranbrook,
B.O.,on Friday, June lolh, 190C, at
10 o'clock iu tbe foreuoon, when the
following applications will come before the'Board: ,
Frank Clapp, Yahk Hotul, Yabk.
C: J. Armstrong, transfer to B. J.
Riley, International Hotel, Moyie.
Philip F. Johnston, Moyie Hotel,
,Movie.    ,   ■ c
Alberdt Stephenson, Cosmopolitan
other Itelian, named Cozza, at Morris-  H0;el, Moyie.
Frank J. McMahon, Kootenay   Hb-
Imperial Bank of Canada.
BaDk deposit.   ' > „<.
i •♦ <rrn_« whether added to  or    not.
,,-    Once opened it grows wheth
Interest   allowed at  curreuv
pour.ded twice a year,
j  F> m. PINKHAM, Manager
Jtfit__^_v___^^ ***
:____sftt_ii'   _k*
without enough  tackle  when  you   go
fishing.     The best  fisherman  always
takes plenty along.    If you  like  fishing
We bvae everything that's any good,
nothing that is worthless. Wo can
fit you out with at>plendid and complete rig for very little money. And it
will catch fish, too. Ther's no hoodoo
on our tackle.
The Moyie Drug
aril Stationery Co.
soy Mines last December, was found
guilty of manslaughter on Monday al
Nelsou arid-sentenced to twenty years
in tho penitenriary. Am.ndia leaves
a wife and baby, child born since the
shooting occurred.
Tlio anticipated run on tho San
Francisco banks did not materialize.
When they opened they did bo expecting a rush on tho part of depositors
and fully prepared to meet it. Instead of heavy demands for p.vyment
there was a mnch larger stream of depositors and each receiving teller was
far busier than the paying  t( llcr.
tel, Moyie.
J. A.   Goupill,   Manhattan    Hotel,
Thos  D. Cavon, Royal  Hotel,  Spokane Junction.
Uohu     Swinorlon,     Royal     Hotel,
Chief Licence Inspector,   Cranbrook
A new line of jewelry in the most
up to date designs. When in
Cranbrook call in and sea; for
yourself. We'll be -glad to give
you our prices whether you buy
or not.
Jeweler.      N   CRANBROOK, B. C
BasebaLl Talk.
Twelve,yeare  is  said   to  cover
cireer of the average ball-player.     •
•' The   baseball   death   list   for  1905
numbered eleven; .'--'
Napoieou L'-j.iie, of Uio Cleveland
tearn is said to be the highest-salaried
man plnyiug ball to-day. He is aup-
posid'to get  $10,000 a season.
Cy Young, of Boston, in 1904, broke
all records by pitching a game in
which there were no hits, no runs, and
not a nin'n of tho opposing team ever
reached first base.—N.Y. World.
Is Your Watcb
Going Satisfactory?
not, . been use
Many   watches   do
they are allowsd   to  run
without cleaning. ,      '       .
; Save Your Watch and money
by sendingit to us, where it will receive proper treatment. '.■.'■'
:    Mr. £. A. Hili' of
i     ,'    .
Movie  is  our
'"'Jewelers and   G radii alt- Opticians.
■ -.'-..    CRANBROOK, B; C. :■■
Official Watch Inspector for C. P.
Crow's Nest Pass Division.
Mrs. Larsen has returned from
Bentley, Alberta', where she was living on her farm.
W. J. Feltham left Monday for Denver to attend the annual1 convention
of the W. F. of M.
G. A. Foote, the tailor, is now agent
for the Canadian Shirt Co and the
Semi Ready clothing.
For sale—T<vo washing machines,
two wringers', one icecream freczpr and
50 feet of hose.    Apply at lhi3 office.
Father Cii-iinel is up from Cranbrook and vsill hold services tomorrow
in thc Catholic church. L
On Wednesday aflerno-n Hip child-
ren at the school hoisted tbe fl ig and
had exercises, reciiulioue, etc.
A'lJy John»mn and F. E. Rnn<=ome
have returned from northern Alberta,
whore they luoattd somo land.
'  Mrs. II. C.imeron nnd bal<y left y^s
trrday U'r L4^r lionif in Priuce  E Iward
Islan.I, where  she  will spend   two or
three months.
Mr*. C. StofTord, representing the
Women's Christian Temprance Union,
will lecluro in McGregor hall hext
Monday evening, May^-Sth.
There was a big celebration and
dance at Crestou on May 24:h. Prof-
Wilson aud Rube Scott, of Moyie,
furnished ihe music for the dance.
Rev. Louis Thomas, formerly pistor
of thu   Moyie   Methodist  church,  but
for the past year stationed ut  HeilltHV
is here on a short visit, and hi* friends
in Moyie are   many.
There will be no services held in
the Presbyterian clinch tomorrow.
The members are invited to attend
the Methodist,church. - Mr. Perlt-y, of
th«* Methodist chimb, will pn ach his
■farewell sermon tomorrow evening.
Corbin's Coal Properties,'
D.'C. Corbind has  started, work  on
Ins coal properties 10 or 12 rur'lee south
of the Canadian Pasific railway,  near ',
the Crow'd   Nest   company's, holdings
in East Koo'teniy.    Men have gone in ■
to erect quarteis, and a crew bf miners
will- soon   be   at  work.   This  season
will      see    considerable 'prehmina'ry,
work' and perhaps some  instalation of
machinery."  Mr. Corbin has 16 or  17.,
.--quare mile's of coal laud   underlease*:
The character of the coal  will   not.be
known until it is developed.. Souie of
it promises io be a good ..coking .produce, and other seams _ive/promis3i of.
making sxcel'ent steaming coa>.       a
Under New' Management-" *
The take Shore hotul is again opeu
to thecpublic and is now under t\\&.r
-management of W J, Williamson.1
Mrs, Young will have charge of tho
rooms. , The furniture is all new, and
the house has tho best of 4accomada-
lions for workingmen. Mr." Williamson is one of Moyie's best known miners, and no doubt his ne.v venture will
meet with success.
;■ ,<v[
" 7 y
'  ' z
^   -    -.
- *;'
r, , i1
V *
,?   ■"'   '       )
1   .
, r
1      "If
>   0 l
Fernau Is Out,
C. Fernau is no longer general man-
iger of the C1nadi.n1 Metal Co. Limit-
csd. The directors have appointed Ed.-
werd,Riondpl, of Lille, Frauce to here-
aftar look after tbe aff-tirs of the company. Fernau is now only retainad aa
consulting engineer.
lA New fress,
A Westman & .Baker job printing-
press was installed iu the Leader office
this week,. Tbe pres^ came from Nelsou and W.13 purctiased from D. M.
Carley df the Economist.
Fined $20 and Costs,
John Dunlin was up before .Messrs.
E. A Hill aud J. P. Farrell, J. P's yen-
lerday aud was fined $20 and costs for
carrying a fire arm and raising a disturbance.
Fifty Years tho Sfendarti
Ti.tiv.mur cleauinc it-ul ippairi.y
to O, A. Fwlti, Uie 1.4'ih.r.
Red .Wheat'. Whiskey. Sorntithrrrg
new. Sold by A. C, Bowness. wholesale liquor dealer, Cranbrook.
Sreans of Tartar pgvfss?
iadd Fromfirspes
:_l Vtl '  ,t���TIIE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Linked by Fate  .** i'-jcjf./'f��  "l iVi,'*.T-jS  ' <    i?-/4  j      �� i '   ' 3* j  /.-'   ' M  v*,*.qii_lc,_  ���iZSsSs^M i  Ir^foi      '  '   IS���  ii J.V��'*.MvV-4f ,  ��� wmm  " .iirj-tsi��  4- >rss_?pi,-..  tr i^hjrv&k*  'yAVi** .7-  -' i-' "j.  ' ^i  -'���V'* '��� '7  ���   J?**'-  '7-A  y*  ���TV  , *  flip  ill'  -V.:'^'��nJj   ,  ���'   > "^1      '���  4' '���S-rt'ft.*--'  BY CHARLES GARVICH      ���  Author of "The Verdict of thc Heart/' "A Herita_��  of Hate/' "Nell of Shorne Mills," "Paid  For/'"A Modern Juliet," Etc   ,  i-J  '���  (Coirtirnred  from  lust week.)  . ;'.��r  7A7^$  ' Iiccima is trie last person to snf-  fer from a delusion," he s.ijil  ' Theie Has nevi-r a. more aciiti-, :n-  tellectunl���Ijtn yon know, \iv' I  shall no .ind '.peak to her I must'  7 l fei 1 as 'j! 1 could not stand bv  lrelpl"ss and see her growing more  oiixkuis, more" despairing em h il.iV1  Wait a, minute; she is,talking to ihe  skipper " '  ���    'Haiiics.   the  skipper,   a   .\ ojunsr   man  Willi a stiv smile/.ix-linid which ln\  a  prul.umd seamanship,   was consulting  the (hart   w ith  .\in.i.    '1 Jie\   siiw   lu'm  reluctantly   shake  his     hea.l,   Minlmrr  Btrli.   then   pass   en       Siilcoinh"  went,  up   to  her.    Uei    head   ha'l   sunk     on  her hand,    and   \vh��'n   she  raised   'her.  face    at     his    approach    lie  saw     so  fistful, so eager   an expression in her  eyes,  that  it went to his heui r  '���"WrU you not come into thu saloon  and  rest?"   he said,   gently.  fchu shook her head. "I cannot,"  she said, hliuihly enouirh. * '-\\e h<i\e  been evaminirie; the chait nefain���- Oh'.  nLoi'd .Sulcoriibc, how patient -yu aie'  It���it is lhat that'hurts me' IT you  would only laugh at ,nie, if .voir  would only tell me that jour patient.-  t> is exhausted, that you will bear with  hiy���- my whim no longer ,< 1 think i  should  bo  less heart  broken." .,  "Why should  I  ���11, voir  that which,  is not  true'"   he   responded,   his' ejes'  lestrrlg  on   her  bent  head   with      unspeakable   sympathy .and, tenderness  "Ami  yet   11  would   be  so���5,0   'natural,   so, well  deserved' "  she  retorted,   bitterly      ".Sometimes   I   wonder  whv  you   did   not    think1   that  1     am  stark, glaring   nirfri,   Uiat   1   aiii   the  vr< lini  or   a   wild   aelii-sion���"  It was Vivieftnc's word, but she  still  smiled.' ,  "For what is it that I have a'sked  you to do, and you, so ,gcneimisty,  so   trustingly,     have     consented      to  jrrenmg.  ������Nothing,  Barnes?" she asked'with  repressed   eagerness. ,  ' "Nothing, miss," ho admitted 'reluctantly. "I've changed her course  for west due west, and���we shall see,  miss.   ^ We    may  sight  land    'before  "��'���']��"find another group of islands- j ^<','?1-hi"��   of   w����ch   1,  but   not'   those   we   want,"   she     said 1  with  a   sigh  island   was   drsiVnei ed    so   to    sjv.a\,  by   the   unfortunate   cu>tHi\a\ s,     who  dragged    tht-rnsches     to     land     here  that  night,"  ihe  shuddered,    'but mv  father   made  another      discover;.,   and  it  rs .that   whicli  led  me  to ask   j0u  to  let   me  00in."   with  you     pn     your  cruise,, and ga\ 0  me  courage  to    persuade jou  to  altei   the  toi.ise  of the  Anel     You   remember   the   night   j ou  j tol.l  ine or  your   los-s? '  I      Kutcombe   nodded      Njis   there   any  j one  night,   any   one   incident   conm ct-  ] ed  with her,   whic-11  he  was  lrki-ly    to  j foiget'  ' " That mght 1 rcmen^iered���T thm'<  ior the ln-st time,, strange as it may  seem���this, di.seovi i-.\ oi my lathei's,  and an rdea rn connection with it  Hashed into my mind. 'I ell me lord  Sutcombe; L am his only dauglmr,  child.' That-which belonged to him,  vi hen he died1, now, belongs 1o me,  dois it not?" ,   '  "ilost      certainlvi"  corrrlji',  all  in  the dark  IA YOU  UST HAVE IRON  Hnd Anyone Can Use Iron. As Ei Es Combined  ,   With Other Ingredients In  Dr. Chase's Nerve;Food.  waning for the  light  replied Sut-  but patn'ritly  ''Vou' inhei rt  was  posscss-  a srgli, as she turned away.  Barries shook his head at the sails.  She who had been so ready with the  .sweet smile, the gentle word which  had won the hearts of the men, as  they had won the heart 0f their mas-  te!\ had giown almost irritable and  impatient, and Bnrnes as he watched  her standing at the bow with her  hand shading hixr eyes, hopeless and  incredulous of "Jliss Decrma's ��� island,",, shook his head  again.  But he held on to his course, and  about noon Nina, who had been leaning against the taflrail, her eves fixed  "I  am  glad," she said, as rf relieved.  "\\ar,i for one minute1"  .She went outside, but e\en atth.it  moment she paused and looked r'omul  with an^acirmg heart, a heart that  throbbed paitnull.\ with the mcimir-  les of those short d.ijs of vague, im-  ce,i-taiii bliss The whole upland .seemed to speak of Vane; seemed in-, be  crying to'her-: "Vou ha\e como back;  but where is he,' our tmastei '" 'Shu  drew her'hand ��icios.s her eyes ami  loused herself from her rover re, and,  going to( the baclf of the hut, scraped uwny tho soil fiom a small mound,  i took   up  tw^   or   three   of   the    pieces  Anaemia or bloodlcssness rs indicated by paleness of tne lip-, tlie gums  and thc eyelids, and i.s most frequently  fourrd in girls and young woman.  Other symptoms are deficient appetite, impaired digestion, irntnlilp temper, slioitness ol bient]!, dizziness,  lainling, headaches,' easily fatigued,  depression   and  despondency.  Tiro ^lood is laclcrng^in the life sus-  laminsc..power which is necessary lo the  :ri7oper working of thj> bodily oigans.  arid oral only bo restored by tiro use  ol^iron, as any rpialiiied physician wrll  tell you.  But i 1011 alone e.irpiot be taken into 11 weakened stomach. In Dr, Oli.ise's  Xeive Food iion is combiiiocl v\itlrcei-  tai.r nerve iestnr.il ives in such 11 ��ny  as to 'be eusn\ assimilafefl into rli'e  blood .1111] thrrs allor<] immediate and  Listing benefit  {o the sys(eri).  And more than this. Dr. C'ba'e's  Neivo  FockI, thiongh  its action on the  rrer\es, sharpens the appetite and aids  digestion, so that help is also afforded  111 defivrng tlie full nouiislinieiit Irom  tlie IuckI taken into the body  "Uii^ic<oii'rTt~c;fT~tIrTst1~t��o ways ill  which Di. Chase's Nerve Food erriiches  the blood and builds up tire system, it  is beyond doubt the most .effective  treatment for anaemia and similar  wasting diseases that was ever compounded. Note yopr increase in ��eight  w lule using it.  '    .Mr.   Albert  .Sunnier... ^V^mvT' 'Hunch.  ���S.isk.,   mi lies:- ,?_br���    -      ���-������  "I received the two boves of Dr  CJIuise's \er%e Food which I ordered  from you arid have found it tn be an  oMellent medicine. It has piown vd  splendirl tieatuieiit for headache and  _ run dowj system, and 1 liuve recoin-  moirded^iC^to  inajis   peojjle.. '  Dr.'Chase's Xeive Food. ."0 cents 11  bow 0 bnves lor $-."'0. af all dealers,  or F/lm.iiison, Hates A C,oZ, Toronto.  The porlinit an<l sigimtino of Dr, A.  \V. Cha^cthe famous receipt book', author,  are on every  box.    ��� 1  railway's lecjuesl t, be allowed 10 ereci  and conduct liceiiSt d hotels S11 Algonquin Park, says Tha Toronto Globe.  It will be remembered that such a,request was emphatically refused by the  Government some ttrne ago, on the  ground lhat it would be unwise to alter  In any way the law forbidding tho sale  of liquor in the park. The Globe understands that this attitude was firmly  maintained by the Government at the  Conference. The G. T. R. officials vrere  again Informed that the company could  rent sltts, under certain conditions, for  rhe erection of two hotels If they decided on building two, but that they '  would not be licensed to sell liquors,  and must be r un on strictly temperance  lines.  ��� The inipressi-m was gathered that tha  company will accept this decision of  the Government, and commence to build  almost Immediately one hotel In tha  park, under the conditions laid down  The ompany expects to carry many  tourists to th&.park thin'summer.  STAGECOACH ING  DAYS.  most as keen as her own, then shotit- )' -.j)o you not, urtdei.Mand?" sho said  eel, the word to Vivionne. ,1a srlence, j wlth a Blmltf a|lllriSt ' of content-  almost breathlessly. , they watched < lllullt. for lt wns eWlvt to hQ llble U)  and    waited.      But,"J,iss     Iwnm's   .,0pay,. even  thus 'inadequately  frar-tion   of   the   goodness     of  do?" she went on.  wi'th'a deep sigh'  "Not  0 ,verv  great  thing',   sun-h'-  he   sard,   trying   to   n 11 mum    and-   u>-  t     a-sstire  her  in a  breath.    "Vou    ha\e  asked   us  to   leoie   the   dnect   < oui si'  to  turn  aside  that  we may   help you  '   ,to(find a certain  island, <ol   whidiyo.j  know,   and    -whnh   \ ou r  want"us   to  visit " "-   1  "An     island  'notQ    marked   on   the  chart,   a  nameless  plate,   as nameless  and   intangible as  that     ol  a dieam.  Sometdues."   sighingly,    despan fullv,  v   "1  wonder  whether  it exists  only  in  a dream- whether 1 shall uuke to find  that   its  only  place  is  in   my   imagination       And   yet������no'    If  you   onh  knew;    Mhy{ do  you   not   insist  upon  t   juv telling you .all,  e\er-v thfngf   Whv,  do vou  not  refuse to continue 111 this  '���mad search unless 1  give you    better  reasons for* domg_ so?"'  " -    "Because X love'you so denrly that  if   this   islan'd   ever   ev'istcd,   and   the.  "seaich   were as futile as  that for tho,  philosopher's    stone,-��     would   'not  turn fi0111    it  until  mv     heart y- cold  H"' you', wished to  do so,'   he 'might  ha\f'  renliod-   but  instead   he  said  "hy gr.eve so about the maircr,  IJecima? N0 harm has'been done ��� Wo  havo had, arc having, IrnO weather,  it does not matter whether wo icuch  port ^this     week  or  the next Ancl  ViMorine is of the same mind as 1 li  you \Vould only be less anxious' D0  you think wo cannot see thai the,  strain is telling on you, and that we  do   not���sulTei"'      Ah,   do   not  be     so  unhappy! -Nothing���nothing ms vorth  that'"  Sho [lushed the han from her forehead and  looked up at him grateful-"  , "How good you are to me'" she  said in a low voice "Woll, boar with,  mo , a little longer JLusten, L.01 d  Sutcombe, If���u tte do not discover  this island to-mon ow, I will tell you  why 1 ha\e peis.uatied you to trim  out of your couise in S'Mich of it;  J will tell you���all. It is only fair'  ButHgi\o me until to-moi 1 ow. Barnes tells me thai he will try a new  course, that ho himself feels ceitan  land, lslunds, pi-rhaps, are neaiei  than the chart indicates. Give mo  till  to-morrow  at  noon'"  "I will give you twelve month": of  to-moriows rf you like," he said, fct-  -lently; "we will run in at the ne^t  poit and proiiaion tho yacht loi a  year's cnlise���"  She   turned   fi oin   him   half  lontly  "Only till to-morrow'" she sard,  and she bent   o\er "the thart again  iJut hei e\es were dim with the  pangs of disappointment and lailuie,  for tho Ariel had bc4'n beating about  for weeks in s.'aic-h of the nameless  island, and the dream, the bright  dream winch srie had ,hearned tho  night Stiteomb.4 had told hei of then-  loss, and she ha.I been coiupi lied to  ask theln to let h-i go with them,  was growing i.uiu j.ud pah with the  sickii4 ss  ul   hop'   del. ned  Alter   a   timr    sin-   loldtd   the  ihait  rose   re&ohitelv    nnd   ��u|,   u   g(.MulL]  ua     of    ono    throwing     on     u  )u,  weight,  went  to th"  otlu 1   tuo  I'i urn this in.inirnt," sle suid, ' I  will sav no i,iore, no, not a w'oid  II���rr wo fail, thi'nyou shall think it  "'" Jllst J dream. ��� tlelusum���ah du  jou think 1 do n.a know what i's in  jour minds'" ;JS \1\11nnc colon il and  loweiod her  cm s  ".Ut   'is  fu   and  hn\e   some  11111,u  o��".ir, ' said \iMcime,   layi'iglu-i   hand  on  Aula's aim   fendeiij,   101   ihe knew  that  while     tiny   n maincd  A ma's   aching     i\lS  sea,   tliat  seemed   to  as emptintss  'Ihoy   went   In-low,   ar#l   Xin.,,     atl.  J��g  up   to  her   resolve,     played     and  sang and  talked,  us if hor. heart were  not racked  with  suspense;'.'but as ���she  lay  in   her   berth   that  .night   the   b'itl-  terness  welled. tip  in. her.   And   it  was  not   altogether, unselfish.   For   as   the  Ariel  had-approached, the  spot  where  she   imagined   the   Fairy. Isle   to     be  there   had   arisen   and   grown   an   aching   longing- -to   see   onco     more '   tho'  pluco- where..--sho .had   suflored���and, ah  yes,     for   a     .short   time,   enjoyed���so  much. -Vuno  jMannering  wa.s     lost    to  her���sho   did   not   know     whether     ho  was  alive   or    dead���but  for.   a     few  fleeting  hours   she  had   basked   in   tho  knowledge  of  her  own   love   lor    him  and     the   hope, that  his   love  turn' to  ivir.  She slept/ at. Inst, a'fitful  sleep, but  a',le, "'���' ". d7'k -s"" nflcr-'clawn. and  l-laines, ut his v.-|���.,-|, touched the  i-4'ak   of   his- cap   un:l   smiled  luck,'; as-the men had grown to  tall il. pursued her'even now; for as  they {razed a slight mist rose above  thehori/on, gradually crept towards  nnd1 enveloped the yacht, shutting  outN sea and sky. Down came -the  sails, and the vessel floated ' like a  bird through the' white fog. Thoy  should have anchored, but Barnes  withheld*1 tho order, and," taking  sciriio soundings, let the vessel drift.  Nina turned away; her eyes were  dun and on her lips flickoied a smile  that'was worse than tears." ���  , ",Fatc is ngd.11i.st me!" 'she saidf-  '"The time is up���and I am beaten!  Lord   Sutcombe,   I���I���give ' it  up!"  "Wait!"  ho said.  "X,ook'"'i  and ho  waved his hand toward  the mist.  It was linrng as swiftly as it had  fallen beioi-e it had quite cleared out  spread the sails, and tho Ar'icl drove  through it Clearer and yet clearer  grew the air, and then, so suddenly  that they hadi scaicoly 'trme to e'x-  cldim, there lay before them the vis-  'r'on of an island, gieon as'an omer-  ,ald, and sot in a golden line of sand,  with thc shrill 01 y of tho sca-brrds  circling round it,1 thc way nig of the  fir-trees on  its crest.'       '  It -was \ lvienne who first cried out'  A'ina "stood, hor '-Jiands clenched on  her bosom, .her eyes like'those of one  in a trance1. Sutcombe turned to her  with an instinctive gestlrro1 of sympathy, for her l>pst wore, white and  her   breath   came   painfully.  "It is the island, at "last'" she  sard. ( '  Thc skipper's word of ��� command  rang out, the "Aye, aye, sir"' of the  men followed sharp ujVon it) the'sails  fell^as if by ���niagic���,and the L Ariel  was anchored within, as it seemed  !n, ih?1 clear air., half a. 'mile of the  Island which even vet Nina could  scarcely  help  icgarding ��s a  vision  Siinombe took hi-i hand t,nd pressed it, and-she tin ned to him as 11  awakmg 110111 a dream, but withsui  prise he saw that theie was no toy  m hei eyes, only lin expression ,01  satisfaction that was not untmgud  With  sadness  "Wo   will   land   at   once,"   ho     said  "Vou  wish  it-1 '  ��� V.'s.' she said. ' let us go When  ���when we aie theie, I will teiryou,  T   will     explain Voui   patience���ah,  how gieat 11 has been, how soielv  tried'���shall not be Lntd any longer'  "i esi let us land Tint, wait'" Shu  put I.tr hand to her head as n" lrs.  nig to think, as u some dillui'lu  had ottniKil to her., 'J.ord Sut-  rombe I want that onh vou and  L.td:, Vmenne and I should land���at  lirst. at any rate <\,n y0u man.,���  rt   su'  ' Whv,    ol  with  somo  theso  {ricnils of hers.  .."What  rs if'  ing up  one of tho  pieces.  "  not���" , ��� "  '      (To be  Continued.)  sard  Sutcombe,  tak-  W'hV!;"It's  THE CROPS.  rmi>at-  course'-- he i-sponded  an encoui.ig.rig smile as he  Kicked into the lo\elv e\es whoso cv-  i'i .' evpnssion he 1- new by heal t "I  will take just sudiei.'iit men to land  us and they shall remain 111 the boat  until, well, as long as you wish them  to   d0  so "  She  nodded  and  stood, watching tho  launching arid  manning 0l     the  boat  'Ihe  crew  ol   the  Anil  \u-ie disciplined  like a  inan-o'-wai's men,  ,,nd thev  ��� owed  with  stolui  laces and  mcui 10  e,'S.   whate\er   they   may   ha\o  to   the   nameless   island    which  had  been  chasing  So  ]0ng  As  the  boat  ajipi Ociched   the  'iing'-d shoie.   \111a  and   she    tinned  .is  tell,  they  salltl-  l.ite gii-w piil,.i ,  it a.Wdy n 0111 the  01 h. i.s, though theie was no n.i'il, l0r  Suteombi'-and \ i\ lenne sludioiish  avoided glaiuiiig at I1.-1 lie lielpe'd  li"i   out   ni   lh<    boat    almost   as  gent-  h   .1,1,1   ca.eiullv   as   he  hei.nd     \,v,- J diet tlio fill urccaroei s of'viVrio.is Hid.  1 line    and  ,(s   11   nhsoihid   111   hei   own  W_���t They Mean  to the,Conntrr md  Itn People.       '  �� Early In the spring the, country, begins to ask,''.'How are the crops?''  Our prosperity during , the twelve  months following 'the harvest depends  in a very large measure on the answer  j to this question. Out of.the ground  I comes our wealth. In these years of  abundant prosperity the farmer- takes  from , the earth each harvest1'season  products of a-value of $4,000,000,000,  and more than'a third of this enormous  sum represents tire two great crops of  the west���corn and wheat.  The question, "How are'the crops?"  becomes each year, therefore, as the  harvest time approaches one of vital  importance, 'and, the earlier tlie knowledge of the size and quality of .the  crops the more valuable it is to the  commercial community. Railway men  need to,know In advance the outcome  of the harvest that they may prepare  for the transportation of the^crops to  the markets. 'Bumper crops mean big  'tonnage not only pf products from the  farms-to the rconsumers, but .also of  merchandise from the manufacturing  towns to the farms, bought by the  farmers with their produce. When  railway men are assured of big crops  they'spend many millions of dollars  for new locomotives and'ears and rails  and many- millions more for the Improvement of their roadbeds and the  extension of their lines into new territory. The steel makers are Jointly  Interested -with the railway 'men in tho  harvest, for one-fourth of the enormous product of the steel mills of this  country Is purchased by the railways.  When the crops fail the railways cancel  their orders for rails and bridges and  equipment, and steel descends from  prince to pauper. Then all the big  manufacturers of the country, whether  of wagons or plows, of shoes or clothing, must know whether their great  customer, the farmer, is to have money to spend from harvest to harvest.  So it Is with the merchants all through  the agricultural country. Even, more  important Is early knowledge of tho  crop prospects to the bankers, who  must not only finance the movement  of the crops to market, but must also  know whether the harvest is to cause  expansion or contraction of capital  ventures through tho country. Then  there are the dour millers and elevator  owners, who are directly Interested In  the marketing of tho crops. Finally  there is the great body of men who  speculate iu the rise and fall In commodity prices and who risk many millions of dollars In backing their opinions as to tho volume of the crops and  tho demand for them in the markets  of the world.���Frank Fayant ln Success  Magazine.  #._   Old   World   1>��   Willi   a   Decided  Flavor .of   ltumiitice.  The old coaching days, as far as convenience for, travel was concerned,'  yeere the dawn of the great days of oui  present rapid' means of communication.  The seventy years or so in which mail  coaches iwaxed and flourished and  finally died out before the incursion of  railways and steam engines have a decided   flavor  of "romance  attached  tc  going of  stagecoaches   lent a  certain  amount of color and interest and life  to    the    country ���> places    and    towns  through 'Which   ran   the.cgreat   niain  coaching' roads. " The   Bath   road,   the  Dover road, the ..York road were highways'of  communication'along  which  rolled  the heavy' private coaches and  chariots bf the country magnates, and  the' stagecoaches  with  their steaming  horses   passed' tlie   various   stopping  places' with   the   regularity  of  clockwork. , { 1 ���  , ..These stagecoaches, with their corn-  plliment of coachmen arid  guards, afforded 'endless subjects of interest aud  Illustration to tire' artist nnd tbe literary men of the day.   Imagine Charles  Dickens without stagecoaches and denuded of allrhis vivid descriptions of  the scenes such as those rn the yard of  the Whrte Hart inn,' High,, street, Borough,'  iri   "Pickwick,"  or of  the  mall.,  coach on the Dover road In "A Tale of  Two Cities."   [Ws difficult for the present  generation' to. realize  the fatigue  and the wintry cold* of such long journeys, when frozen feet {were enveloped -  ln a little straw,'and a "shawl" folded  round the neclt.wiis thou'glft to be a fit  protection against 'tho keen rlight, air.���  London-Standard.  '       .      *".   -  MINE PROSPECTING.  THE��PR1VATE WON.  ���ine  fclarly  Antronnnirn.  The  early astronomois were all  astrologers and claimed to bo able to prc-  Rebnked Illit Superior Ofllcer and Ei-  cajieil   Court  Martini.   .  Charles Bradlaugh when iu the British army was orderly room clerk, and a  newly arrived otbeer onco entered the  room where he was sitting at work  and addressed to'him some discourteous order. Frivate Briidlaugh took no  notice. Tho order was repeated with  an oath. Still no movement. Than it  came again, with some foul words added. The young soldier rose, drew himself to his full height and, walking up  to the officer, bade him leave tire room  or he. would throw him out. He went  accordingly, but in a few moments the  grounding of muskets was heard outside, the door opened and tho colonel  walked In, accompanied by the officer.  It was clear that the private soldier  had committed an act for which he  might bo court marti.iled, and as ho  said once,' "I felt myself in a tight  pine*" The ofllqer mado his accusation, and Private Bradlaugh was bidden to explain. He asked that the of-  . fleer should state the exaot words In  -which be had addressed him, and the  other, -who had, after all, a touch of  honor in him, gave the offensive sen-  teneo word for word. Then Private  Bradlaugh said, addressing the colonel, that the. o'fllcer's memory must  surely bo at fault iu the whole matter,  as bo could uot havo used language so  unbecoming to an officer and a gentleman. The colonel turned to the officer with the dry remark: "I talnk  Private Bradlaugh Is right. There  must become mistake." Aadjie left  the room. "���*"*  silently    kil   Hie ^w.iy  t'avy  would  mock  un dec k  sun the  bei   with  might  I  thoughts     Sin  ! up  lb.    beaih  I       I In     huts      veil'     still     standing   ���.s  1  tin \    had   bien   leu      Int    Nina s   eves  I wue   fix. d   mi   cl   spot   whole  .1   mound  1 lose      on     the     shingh    Miami Shi  stoinl then tin a uioi��etn, h, 1 hi ad  hen 1 In 1 lips moving tin 11 she vv ���lk-  td   on   to   one   oi   Hn    hills  <m>   in       she  s,i>d,   inol lonmg   them  lo  infi'i   hei   own  hut *.>-,,   I���I���am  ��� it 11(1111.' Ind vou n.)t guiss'' <1S  tii \ entii. I and stool and looked  mind tin in al last legaidmg hei  villi   asl 011,slum ni I   oik,.   Jived   oM  tins island I vv.is vvniktrl hi-n , -villi  sniiii oi the pass..ng. is and Ihe Lievv  01 the Alpina Sit down, lady \1\1-  4.11111     I   wain   to  ii-ll   \ou  , ..[-(ailing against ..tii,,. iullKi, but she  told them .the, 'story, of-the wreck,  that   is,   a   part   of   tin- story-,  -for   she  ���made  no. merit ion  ol'   Vane  Manneriiig, '  who   had   bi-en   the   prominent     figure.  '.'..My, fitt her    died���and     a   'friend,     a  friend     win*,    was   like  a   brother-'    to  rne���  It   was ut  their grave  J  just   now."  Sutcoriibe'.s   eyes   were   fixed   on   her  With   the   tenderest.   sympathy.  "I-j-1   am   not   surprised     at  wanting   to   fiiid   the   island.   at  anxiety    to   revisit,   it,"   he. said  low  voice.  But   Nina   shook   her   head.     '  another-     reason,"      she      said.  might     well    have   said     r.  assuredly   the   longing   lo  ���ir grave  J���sto;>i>tr<l  your  your  in   a  1   had  -She  ���usiiris,      for  see.      once.  'his    sliv  again    tlie   plut'e   in    which      she      had  tasted   such   misery   and   such     happi-  .less   had   drawn    here    (here.        "(t    is  reason   that   I   asked   you      t(J   |,.t  ���4'i'...   .:h..ne.   J.oi-il   Sutcombe:     tjiis  tlio  us  vldunls by "easting horoscopes" showing tho position of the planets ut tho  time of their birth. rlho position and  movements of the various celestial  Indies were not only supposed to control the destinies of men, but wero also  thought to bung weal or woe, tempest  or sunshine, upon tbo o.rrth itself. A  n'aii boin when tho sun was In the constellation of Scorpio was believed to bo  naturally bent toward, excessive indul-  genco of the animal passions. One boi 11  when tbo sun was in Pisces was predestined to grovel or be a servant,  while one whoso oaithly caieor was  opened when the groat 111 miliary was  in Aries would bo a gieit scholar and  rt man known to tho world despite all  opposing influences-   Matrimony   and   Patience.  Matrimony and patience! It Is not  always a perfect combination; is it?  In South Africa the savage tribes have  a peculiar ceremony which thoy put  tho matrimonial candidate through previous to his entering the holy state.  His bauds are tied up in a bag containing Ave ants for two hours. If ho  bears unmoved- the ��� tortures��� of their  stings ho is considered qualified to cope  with the nagging and daily jar and fret  of married lire. Such a man would  make an admirable husband. Ho  would not be upset by the thoughts of  a sirring bonnet or grow .irritable every  tiine the steak was overdone. The idea  of haying a patience trial for those  about to marry is one that civilized peo-  i)lo might adopt.  A  Scotch  !>��(.  Aucblermuchty is the happy town  which every Scot, proud of his unpronounceable tongue, uses as a sblbbo-  lolh to test the linguistic skill of the  southron. If you cannot say "Auehter-  inuelily" you are still an uneducated  barbarian The meaning of the word  hiippt'iia to be as monstrous ns Its  sound. "Tbe high ground of tbe wild  how" Is not a name one would choose  for a garden city. People, however, aro  found fo flock to it as a summer resort, and as it lias a lover's pool, the  (own has probably attractions more  real than Its mime. In tho early part  of liifct-ceatury Auehtormrrthiy went  bankrupt and was depmqd of all its  properly except tlio jail and one or two  other assets of an equally necessary  character. It Is now rich, peaceful and  radical. ,       '  Hard  Work  Says  One of the  Initiated  ���The Outfit Needed���Get to Work  ,      D. ily at' Daybreak. (,  This coming summer will soe one'of  the. wildest scrambles _fier mining property ever witnessed Iu other countries there have been districts opened  to stakipg at a, given hour, a mad chase  ,has taken place, a few days' excitement,  and'all  was  over. ' "   -  At Cobalt the disappearance' of tha  sn'jw will be thnjj__nal, but owing to a  find being necessary before a claim can  be held, and 'that a' And may not be  made without the expenditure of a great  deal'of work,4 the sight of several hundred men'all trying co find discovery,  will be indeed an 'rnt resting one .'  ' The principle of the' "grub stake" I.s  being fMnploved largelj by people desiring to put.morie^v into a Cobalt venture.  The working of-a "grub sraKe",fi.s, for  one man to put up the money,' the other  felljw tofdo the work, and each to^sharc  in the prolils (if anyO. ���        ,        '  The class of men that were sent into  the Cobalt distuct  hist  year on  "grub  stakers" was veiy far, from being Ideal.  About   one-half   of   the   town   site's  population at  that   trin.-<wa_  made  up  of young.'fellows, and'old fellows, and  all sort's, of fellows, having a, good .summer jj outing at soinebody else's expense.  To prospect in Cobalt ia no picnic and  the man -wli3 Would make a, find In the  jackpot next si miner has 'got to be a  .thusrler, or else tbo goddess fortune will  play a funny prr-nk.      '  To prospect with any chance of success the prospector has got tofbe right  on the. ground; so that he may stey out  of'his camp in tho morning and go to  work at daybreak, *< - ij '<���  ' Six miles a.'day through > the Cobalt  'bush is a day's work,"so the man who  thinks fo do anything by'living'in a  'hotel tn Cobalt arid walking- out from  town and finding'a claim In thc'morning,  Is 'away"off.  *   *       ' '  Pr-ispecting is about the hardest kind  of work a man can go at.  Only the most inaccessible spots bear  a chance, of yielding anything to a  superficial search. 1T0 get n&ar 'these  spots the prospector must move his���tent  and all that is his on his back. To  flounder thus' hampersd through the  bush to the acompanlmentgof the buz-  zy,mosquitoes, and to the tender solicitations of black flies, is calculated to  mako one think of what he did with his  winter's wages.  The man w ho should be selected to be  sent to Co-bait is he with a good recommendation-as a hard worker and as  having- a good big stock of horse sense.  Nine chances out of ten the man who  has read his mineralogy and has a host  ot technical terms r^ady1 to shoot, will  pitch his camp on'a pretty spot by somo  lake and,start in to enjoy himself.  The man who thinks that mines are  "found"   Is  mistaken.  The first finds in the Cobalt region  were the result of accident, vbut outside of that all have been secured only  by^ hard work. '  . Foster, whose quixotic attempt at  stocking hlsMninp was the sensation of  Cobalt a week,or two ago, prospected  all the summer of '!>�� and into May of  *9j, a,nd even then it was his falher,  who had recently Joined him, who actually made the find. Ho starled to  amuse himself digging before bieak-  fast. and uncovered Cobalt bloom right  where the boy's camp was pitched.'  If two fellows go Into the Cobalt district to work, and make a serious effort  to try and find something, and prospectors gen' rally go In pairs, what they  need !s a A tent 7x9, some blankets and  a few cooking utensils, an axe, etc. All  should be of the lightest possrble make,  for all must bo carried on their backs  tu the point where they are to be used.  If the Idea is to go north then a larger and more e<ton->lve outfit Is required.  Tent &4cH), probably,  with 11 stove.  Here it may be said that the common  folding  stove   is  worthless  after  being  set up and used a few times.    Got one  put up to stay  Take good giub and cook It well.  Sunlight  OAP  Other S._  d in  Follow  is better than  , "w- ~"��--r ocapj  but is best when used  the Sunlight way.  directions.  THE HOME DOCTOR.  11-       1  t ,, -  A cold lu Uio bead can often0 be  epeedily cui-ed by inhaling burnt camphor.  Alum water for burns or Cuts Is a  tjuick und pleasant remedy. Keep a  bottle on tho, medicine 'shelf.,  Onion juice is ,good for tho croup.  Stew onions with sugar and a very  littlo water until It forma ay sirup.  Strain and give a tablespoonful at a j  _OS0. ' , I  '    To Inhale steam from a bowl of boll-,!  Ing  water  Is  very   good   for u  sorb i  throat    The sufferer should leiui over  tbe steam, Unrwlr.g It in both tlirout  nr��d nostrils.J  A New York woman recommends a  novel remedy for cinder In Uio' eyo���  namely, n. loop of horsehair run up under the, llil. Of course the halr'sliou)u  be thorougbSy sterilized,beforo being  used.   , '        ,���.'',>  . To make a poultice antiseptic, will  keep a part free from gangrene and  similar' complications.- Dissolve in'the  boiling water with which -the"-poultice  is made as much boric acid4 lis it will  take up.1  '     . ��  1"     1 ,-e    ,'  ��� I)leuUln_ .PerfoineB.        ?^','���  The .blending of,;perfumes , will   bo  found delightful for baebet bags.   The  two odors Unit mix nipst perfectly are  violet and heliotrope, aud tbe addition  of a little sandalwood to these will produce-an exquisite odor that will baffle those who smell it as to tbo identl-.  ty.    White rose and 'lieliotropo  bletid  very sweetly, and lilac and. violet mako  a dainty combination., A little sandalwood or orris root added to/almost any  combination of odors will increase, tho  pungency and  make  the  result more  lasting. cCaruntlon Is a delightful andc  spicy, odor in Itself, but tho addition'of'  white rose makes it sweeter and a,-lit-  tlo daintier.   A'number of odors combined In  various wnyscnnd .scattered  through   one's   effects   in   tiny ��� sachet  bags or envelopes will produce un odor  thrit Is altogether fascinating,- delicate  und difficult of detection. ]'  <>      4., '  ' ,      ' ,        .     * V  BLOODLESS'GIRLS.    '  SUNUSHT  , WAY OF WASHING  FIRST.d-Diptheamcle  lo be Kaibittl in a tub of  lukewarm water, draw 11  out on a wasliUjaia and rub  the toap lightly over it.  " lie particular not to miti  toaping all o>er. THEN  roll it in a liglit roll. Lay  In the tub under ihe wuter,  and go on the s��iine way  until all the pieces have the  Map ruVbecf on, and are  lolled up.  Then   tfo    away    for  thirty  minutes  to   one  hour and let the "Sun.  light" Soap do its work.  NEXT���After wmLi,,,,  the full time rub the clothes  lightly out on a wain board,  ond the dirt  will  drop,  out; turn the garment in- "  side out to get at the seamt,  but don't use any more  soan; don't scald or boil a '  single   piece,   and   don't',  wash through two suds.   If  - !h��-��waiej- gets too dirty,  rwur'a little out and mid  fresh.  If a otreak is hard  to wash, rub some more  _ soap  on It, ond throw  '���the piece back into Ihe  suds for a few minutes.  LASTLY   COMES   THE  RINSING, whkb ii to U  done  in   lukcWoim water,  (akin; special care to get  all  the dirty   suds   away,  then wring out and lunt  up to dry.  1    Tor Woolens and Flannels proceed as follows:���  Shake the article* free from  .dust.     Cut , a    tablet ,01  SUNUGHr    SOAP    into  shavings, pour into a gallon  cf boiling water and whislt  .  '   into a lather.     When juil  lukewarm, work article* jn  the  lather  without  rub- i  blrtsj.    Squeere  out   dirty  .  water' without   twlstlne  "' and rinse thoroughly in twa  , rslays of lukewarm 'wattr.  Squeei* out water without  twisting- and ban j tn tit  open air.  '��� -    -  lar-rWmost delicate  colors   may   be   Mfely  washed   in   thc      Sun-  .Jlght" way. ,  ^e�� flrtfi REWARD will be paid  ,i^j,uuu   to tlny peraon who  Erovea that Sunlight Soap con-  Urw  any  injurious   chemicals  or any form of adulteration.     '  Your  Money, Refunded   bj 'th��  '   denier   from   whom    you buy  Sunlight. Soup if you find any  cauoo for complaint.  LEVER BROTHERS  LIMITED, JORONTO  Anaeriiia 'means bloodlcssncsti.  .William!.' 'rink    Pills   'actually  Can  Obtain. New*Health"Through th'e  , ���<      Use    of    Dr.* 1WI11 lams'        <  -  *Plnk  Pills.'  Dr.  make  new,   rich, .red   blood" mid rtlius   dure  anaemia.    When ttie blood is'poor the  nerves arc staryed and irritable. Theii  comes   liysterin,   neuralgia,     .sleeplew,  ness and other- noi-ve drsoidorh. Headaches,  backaches   and   Mdeache-s   uenr.  out  and depress,  the  poor p.-ilo  victim.  Dr.  Williams'   Pink   Pills   .sooii   bang  ruddy   health   nnd^ lively  vigur   t T1m\j  sooth the jangled nerves aird give non  stiength to every organ.    ,Mrss Winnie  Allen,   .Montre-al.   .says:       "1     wa.s    st  weak and   1*1111 down  than   my    tiiem].--  thoiifrlit  that   I   was   (fjoinf;   into    consumption.       I   tta.s as pale as a corpse  had 110 sippet it a and did not sleep well  The le.ist o\ei tiofrtiriMl  me-out, and il  I   walked 'a  IW blocks  I  would  lie al  most,   bienthleMf.       Mv  sister   advised  me   to   tako   Di.   Williams'   Pink   Pill-,  and after usinj; them loi   a  f.m   weekr-  rain  aj^aiii  enjrriiiirr  good   health,  ami  have a  good color.   I think  everv  weal.  Kill   should   take    Dr.    Williams'    Pinl,  Pilb,  Dr. Willrnrns' Pink Pills, will cure  any easo ol hloodlessnohs ju.st a1 surely as they cured Miss Allen. ' The pale  anaemic needs only one thiiirr-r- ii>s\<  blood. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make  new, 1 it'll blood \iith ewiy dose. That  is why they cur.' all common disease-,  like anaemia, 'indigestion, neundgiii  palpitation .ol the heart, hetldache.snnd  backaches. St. Vitus dunce, pnillal  p.ual.ysis and the seciet troubles (hat  make the lives of"thousnndh ol women  miserable. Or. Williams' Pink Pills  aie sold by medicine dealers or by mail  al HO cents ,1 bri-c or si\ boxes lor ^.."it)  fiom the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Hiockville,  Out.  ,{ Samples, of Churchill's Wit. i  ,' Winston ' CiinroKill.' lh*�� Knglrsli con-  vert to Liberalism, is making a rcpit-'  ���tatron.,tfor sharp wit. .Jlis cmt retort  to n^won-lan heckler, "^radam, I *ill  riot bo henpecked/1' was the best thirg 'j  of .thu recetrt uimpiiign. liV is no��,  raisiug n." monstitche. A' fair ladj ms  being taken, into dinner In t)if bud-  dingapolitician. "Mr. Cliurcliill,'' sr.��  siud,L liko, your politjes as iitUe ad  like" yourr moustache."' It should hare  been a ciushrng shot, but not <o to  Churchill. His leply --..is ��,.ii tlie iii  .stunt: "Madam, yon aie not lisi'ljlo  como 111 contact with eitliei "' ��� Es-  change. �� r <  How to cleanse the MStan ���  Pa rim-lees' Vegetable PrlN .m> _ llio  result ol scientific stmh of'tin1 1 Ih'tts  of ofti'itcts of certain roof-- und h<-rbs  upon the digestive organs 'IVir ^  hns demonstrated in rn.iin 1nst.11i4.4J  that they, regulate lire nitinii (il tl*  liver and the kidneys, [iiuih tie  blood, and earn- off all 11101 Ind .u<.im-  ulations from the sy-ti'in. Hi'* -lle  easy to take and then mtifiir is iml'l  and  beneficial. ,        ,  c Ifldwnrd \V Cat os, president "i the  IvOgnnsport Siiic-ulo Club .if b��sln,  port, Ind., is suing foi a iIimh'-' ',IlJ  alleges Lhitt ids wll'e trmil to Kill lilm  Ask   for   Minard's   and   take  no other  Rliodcaia'a I.unrest IVosrsret.  .Weighing 21.02 ounces, a gold nuggefc  which measures five and 11 half inches  In length nnd three inches in width  was recently found near Bulnwayo. It  Is believed to be the largest yet found  In Rhodesia.,.and is now In the British  South Africa company's museum at 2  I London Wall buildings, E. C���London  Mail. .   j  Caught at His Own Game.  Tiny were drummers, and had landed  In a rurui hotel far from any placo of  ciilcrtainiiK nt.  It u.4S .itficeil to spend a pleasant  li 'ur asking u.ich other questions, but  should anjono ask a question he could  not r.nswer himself he had to stand a  .supnr i- to the company.  A bulls inK fallow j.roposcd that thc  new ti.dii, the no\ Ice on the road, should  buK'n  "Veiy well," said the novice. "You'va  all seen the hoi.} that u squirrel malcea  In  the  ground V*' I  "Yes,"., replied . the'. drummers, In  chorus. .'.���-. ���    '   ���   . 1  The Womrtn   or It.  Mother (Impatiently)���You have been  very naughty today. Juanlta. I shall  have to tell your father when he comes  home. Juanlta (aged seven)���That's  the woman of It! You never ean keep  abytblng to yourself I  TUo Rlno of Maurice Barres.  Sfaurico Barres, recently elected to  tho French academy at tho age of  twenty-four, began bis literary career  with a magassluo of bis own, Les  Taches d'Encro (Spots of Ink), chiefly  notable, perhaps, for the audacity with  which tho young magazinlst advertised  bis wares. Kven in this magazine,  however, tho future novelist and essayist showed signs of promise, nnd  Jules Ciaretlc, director of tho French  National theater, wrote to a friend: "I  have Just received irj,paper called Les  laches d'Kncre, bearing the signature  of Maurice Barres. The name means  nothing to you7 Then bear lt lu mind,  for it is going to become celebrated."  H���� Ilnnd at Sundial.  Walter Xaaon, living In Newport,  Me., bas tbe mysterious ability of being  able to tell tbo accurate time of day  by simply looking In the palm of bis  Imud as another would look at his  watch. No one has been able to learn  bis method, and iu fact be himself can-  "You have possibly observed there Is riot explain the source of his power  ������r' a,|?y earth at the mouth of lt?"       Many of the people of the village who  '"���'��������� I doubted  his   power  and   who   looked  upon It as a "fairy story" have by  their own observation and experiments  become, convinced of Its truth���Thurston (Me.) Journal. '  Fun  for the  Readers.  The   litlle  weeklies  of tin   towns of  Australia   aie   livelier   and   men'   ''"'"J  ive of each  other than  the ' Ki'^fs  and   "Inconoclasts"  ol   Anieiif.ui frontier  towns.    The  editors ol  thi'-omal  journals      must      possess    11    pinli.r  rpiiiIllicit!inn��� the    ability   to   ; sl.nu  the   opposition   paper niiij   -all  rnrimi<-  ed   with   it.       Township  lolU  U^ '���]  (he   rival  editors  to  dissipate  tin-led'  dullness   iindpiovide   11   iwekl\ I*"'1''1'  fun  and   Uillingsgate,  and  fin   |H<M"[-  lord of  the  pii|ier insist   nn  l..nmH'''  itorn  capable  of   satisfying   |iu|n:! rreN-  peelations.���New.    York   Tnlmne   CURED HIS WIFE  of LA GRIPPE  Quebec Man tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was  an all-round Benefit  "Do you know why?" proceeded tha  novice.   "No."  "Well, it is this. The squirrel, in  digging'lite hole, commences at the bottom and scrapes all the earth Inside."  "Ah, my man," said the bullying ,one,  "buthovv does he get atl| the bottom to  begin?"  ���'"That's a; question of your own asking," said the novice. "Better answer  it or���pay for the supper."  He paid. The novice Is called "novice" no longer.  Government   U   Firm.  S<ivc-ral ofllcials of the Grand Trunk  Railway wr.re In consultation with  thu  Goveiorne.nl   ronentlv, In   retard  to   tiy  The Flying'Machine.  Santos-Dumont bas constructed a flying machine with which bo expects to  win the Deutsch-Arehdeacon $10,000  prize for machines henvier than the  ��lr. This new machine I3 to bo n  "hellcoptere," or screw flier, an apparatus which will raise, support and  propel itself through tbe air solely by  the power of horizontal and vertical ,  propellers.  " My wife took La Grippe when sl.e ����  in Ottawa," says R. N. Dafoe of *iorlhl,,  Farm, Que., in an interview.    "shcfr  bottle of Psychine and after using it "'  few days she was quite well.    I toon, ft  and am u��ing it and am getting a" "r'''  I think Psychine is one of the bc-bt torn"  on the market to-d��.y." ���   ,  There you" have the whole-matter in  nutshell.    La Grippe and colds are anioj'!,  the forerunners ofconsuniption.' ;  This man had one, his wife had the ��' " .'  Psychine not only cured both but H "'  them   up   so that their'bodies are ^h  enough  to resist  disease.    An   scc  consumption are killed by  ii  ��' it  ������ -jg  h v   it;  (Pronounced Si-keen)  50c. Per Bottle  Lai-gar- stliroa, 81 and ������������ll druge1'*  OR.  T.  A.   SLOCUM, Limited. Toronto.  F������(t^tt^ft3P^'^9'1J^^2^ ,  ������y  ''i  3  ~y~  I >"'-lJ>'"l*V S*. fl !���l*aa��U* �����HI|fc*w^*|  ^r^r!^W,��^��J**-j���t-illKi!^  '^smTgy THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  H  i  i  -  m  '���Ir1.   Il  <<5  1 re  i>"'5"D  AS  : ������-���I  a   ���*  "I  K-   4  :."d  ���3  ,i\.j  MR, HEUBACH'S PLANS  ARE NOWCOMRLETE  rhe     Advantages    and     Beauties    of  ���Tuxedo   Park   Described   by  the  Or-  .ginator of the  Enterprise.  Winnipeg���As the work of developing Tuxedo Park is being pushed forward,   a  thoroughly  will be evolved.  modern   suburb  Combine, tbe layout,  of the citv of Washington. D-P, with  e   pleasures,   comforts  and  convert-  uices  of   the   famous  'FuxeJo   Park  -ind    vou-  have a fail' idea ol  Winnipeg's  Tuxedo   Ptyk ,1s  tc  N.Y.,  what  eirsbrnce and  to  be,  Olil  lUlK  Mluirted  'As  fili-al  H.;l('!H'(I    llj"  lions,"'-  l-��>\<'iy  , (\i��ruH.iii  a  Mr % \V Ileubach, of the firm of  ,/\V 'Heuliacli. Ltd., and .father-ol  .' /rii-wedn Pnrk enterprise, was seen  %ioffl^��tI.oOntonlU..klj.Uld-  I , -.nil was ai.4v. Just what his  Sans ' were lor''the development of  Tins   new  suburb. ' ���  ���-T1 at wouid bo a long story -sard  if, ueubacb. "but perhaps I car.  M / v ii -i general , Idea in a i>w  give    yn��    *'    *�� i -  W��As'you Know, the property whicli  ���ow 'oo.iipri.ses Tuxedo Parle was thf-  Wiighl 'farm, a H,Khr dry and  ,.,,m-lv wooded tract pf 21H,,. oild acres  ' upon the Assiniboine.  a home-site its situation, is  it will bo easily am. quickly  the Portage Avenue trol-  ,ml extensions tllrougb' Fort  In addition to this we havi  issuraiico 'hat as both thi  Northern and Canadian  ���.���.,i,(. iii 11 ways .'i1" n directly thrnuiib  ,,'. M��Miy a suburban -station will  ,,! eri-eled and commuters' trains  ���run from both, tfty dopeis. This will  iit'iKe Tuxedo the most accessible, of  )i, wliiniiK'g suburbs. i      '       7  ������in planning TUxedo Park our <iden  t,.,s been not only to provide bcauth  ilil" ouiitirlHin homesitOK. but to also  ���lion!1 leftidents, all the, comforts, toon-  veuleirr-ea ami amusements of motro-  noiitaii-* life. Tuxedans wil)0 be sup  iiire.l with water-through our own o,i  \ik Citv,mains nnd (wlir also" hav*  grus or  e'locti-ie light.     ' ',     '.  ,  '"For  their   leisure  hours  wo  haye  The First Air Brake. f  Peiio.ib -who should lime known bet  t��r    thought    Webtinghouie '   visional J  '.vben   tbey   were  told that he-  pr.opcM.-a.1  to  stop  a   train by nir.   Xcbodv itemed '  inclined  to let  luin  trv  his pi'su  0n  real train, but they did not ob'c-ct to  Ins working a   model   of rt  m a   shop  uheie lie couldir t do any   harm,' noi  involve  anyone  eke  rn  ei.periM-.       Hi  knew that  bis scheme vottld v\oik, but  be could'not  make anyone else bf-iie\ r?  it.    So he continued to sell .  ���, im^n-  tion  for replacing deiaik-'l curs on tin  track,  and  to talk  about   his^rake t<  any     railroad    man  listen.  AFTER 18 YEARS  OFJUFFERING  AN   ONTARIO    FARMER    FINDS    A  CURE    AT     LAST     IN     DODD'S  KIDNEY   PILLS.  ��4R      V, iilmg      t(  '���Well, "have you evt-r stopped u  trai.i with this air thing, oi vomsj''  they would ask; |, '"  So, he couldn't say that lie had  done so. JVobody would let him try it  even on a train  ol dump cars  One day ho arrived in Pittsburgh,  selling Ins other imeirtio.i and talltiii}>  about 'his brake riot ion' to u in.ui  connected   uilh   a,   railioud   out   there.  "That's a gryat    rdea    of      vouts.  said  the man, we h ill 'tiy   it   on   our  line!"  So'the official-, of this lailroiid per-  tmf ted , Westiritrhou.se- to put���his new  "krckslin^v" ou one of their tiains.  load for'any Iosm-sc inltiy cinfivy imf  ipad for any damage tln.l, ' mrjd'it he  caused tn tne train as the ir'sitlt oi the  tiials! The train "was equipped (hi  the de-,igm��ti}(l day the eonfjdeiil inventor and a gioup of skepfjici^L jail-  way men boarded tiie tfain un which  tlie first air brake was fiixeij. Off went  tiki tniiii on (ils tr'ial tup, the enrii.  tieer jnit Oil full npeerl, and' jus? Jus "be  bad louuded a ctiive be saw alicriil, :it  .i grade erosbing, a,n<l in the'middle oi  Ihe tiii(.-k, a lo.idi^l wagon, a in.in and  n buy and a balky liorhe./J'ki- engineer  mov'd"hi*> little leVei, iind tbe first  (.ruin that was ev.��r stopper.), by air  pulled up ut a standstill so\.-i.il ii-ik  short  of the obstruct ion  The' Direct Cause of All His Trouble  was a Strain in the Back <Which  Affected His Kidneys���Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured  Him.  'AKDOCH, Ont., May LI��� (Special.)  Mi Ami .leanneiet, ol this place jy\-e>  a very'iuterestinjj; account ot Ins ex-  peiiciice with Dodd'b Kidney Pills. He  i^ays:���  'M hint my back arid strained mx  kidneys and lor IS years 1 stiffeied orr  and oil intense agony. ' 1 was subject  Vi atiucks oi Rheumatism and Lum-  b.i<r,n. -Mj joints wei'o stiff, my musch-s  cr.irrrped. ! lost my appetite, my flesh  began to fall away, my ' nerves were  (shaken, 1 could not rest or sleep at  mgM ami I was sinking into a deplorable cmdition when 1 xwis advised to  tiy Dodd'.-. Kidney'Pills. I used si>.  boxes and 1 am now as strong mid  lie.ilthy as ever T was. 1 am ce'itiiiin  I owe mv  nov  Pills'.'  cure wholly to Dodd's- Kid-  ' Thus, on its first trial,'tlio West in"- !  Iiuiise 'air brake saved lite and prr-ve'nt-  cd damage to property, 'J'heiiceforwilrd  talking, wfis iiiinei'Cs-'iiry ;, all that .bud  to be dorm was to malce.1.rbiakes." The  inventor thought ot tliat^cliiuse secirr-  ing comperisafum to the railroad lot  any damage he might do to the.traiii'  . Undismayed.  An   I'higlish   cleigyiiiaii   had   a   rich  pinislrioiier,  l.ady Ulank, who dictated  ,to and  hectored  Iii in out rugeously.  At  length bo declined to put  up with this  kind  of  tr-eatnient  and' tohl> h��*i   lady-'  shin so. ' Thereafter she refused to put  iu'islhiiig in the offertory, merely milking a Htatdly   inclination over   tbe plate.  This moieil un elderao lemark'in hei  | healing:���"We could  with  less of  hei  I tiiaiinui e. and more ol  lu-r cash."   Tin  clergyman,   dining   at   n? lord's   rnhb\  j told tliis'story  with  gteiit success one  levelling,   .Tbe'liosr;'said, ivilh a frowif.  '"Are you awuie, sir, that   Lady Bbmk  is a lehitive of mine?" The clergyman  smiled   slightly.       "No," 'he   said,   ">l  wasn't; but!'in future when   I   tell  tho  story I'll aIways''bo careful .to mention  the  rolatioiisl'iip."-���S|)rrtigfieid  lte])iib '  lic-urr. ' i  ,.���,   ,.  and   he , linighed.    "His  fortune dated  l-.lrl    out    a    speedway,    the .longest   from,  that fday.     Ho   was   then   only  sVrairrlitriway    com so     In    the world    twenty-two.���Success. Mag.i/.ino  " ��....... i 4..      /.nnrlii      ntliletie ,, ' 4  A lady'in'a small Aliihaimi townhiirj  Occasion to cull ot   the   (rabm^of   hei  wasberworrian,   Aunt   -Jlotsy.'      While  'ivaiting for's\lift' article she, sought to  be  foiind  she observed   a  woolly' head  'which appeared -rom1 under the edge  of the bed, and uskei-,1: ,  "Is that one of your children, Aunt  Betsy?"  ',"J3eod un' -'tis, honev.'" was the re-  ply-    , -  '���Whift.is its liariie.?"  v    "Dat'chile ain't got no    name   yet,  Aliss Rosa,"  Aunt   Betsy said.    ,  - "Wliy," it must be five or six years  old; surely it'ought to have n- name at'  that a-ge,"   the Judy said.        '  ,'Aunt JJetsy',.nodded.      _   ' r  "Dat.doneT worried ine'a whole lot.  honey,,it sho' lias,"shosaid, '"'Hut what  'All gwin do? iUy olo man, bo done  used r,rp all' the1 good rmmes\ on do  dawgs. nn'now dsit ;chile ties hatter  wait iwejl one ob (loin die,' so his can  git his riam-e.''���Success, (       ���"'';,'  i,    V 1     ~i A  Keep Minard's Liniment in the house  If      '> '    ' ZX *'���   '- L__ .  ^.Charles' P. Retz^has^bQen awarded  *-v>,000idamages from, the,'city of New  York for injuries received while watching ri reworks in1 Madison park.    , -,.-  ��.    '     ''- =���r,    <'   >.     -  A   DANGER  TO  CHILDHOOD.  golf    links,-' tennis     courts,    athletic  ^'A'-hV harmonious .beauty of Tuxedo  Park, and the .Interests of Park  residents, will be preserved by ,our  building restrictions whicli will prevent the construction of any unsight-  U or undesirable buildings,..  '"All commercialism; ,that- is, all  stores groceries,' butcher shops and  tlie 11W will be confined i to a small  territory which ,\vo have'.set apart and  which    we    <have, designated as the  ������"inese .features, the��. clingonitl  atrt'ets, avenues and boulevards;; Uio  sii,i.lc trees and sipping . lawns, ad  coiubine.no-make Tuxedo one, of tho  most desirable residential districts  la"the West.     ' Z     i."        ' '  "Tiiat an .Investment in these lots  i�� liound to proye most profitable goes  without saying. Here we are stir-  roiiiuling on" three sides the buildings  and 'grounds of the. Government Asri-  euitm-al College, and on the west adjoining the new- City Park. And tins  alone'is a guarantee ,ot7Uie, continual  development and Increasing values  o�� Tuxodo properVy. 'AUd ,to thlSrthe  Improvements 'we are* bmaking .and  you can readily .understand that Tuxedo oners an opportunity for, iitvest-  msat which no thin king-man cuii  airord to'pass by."     ''       *>        ��� ���  .Mr lloubach grew 'enthusiastic in  telling of the beauties of Tuxedo-ana  or the marry advantages of owning n  home there. He Is sincere in his be-  Met that Tuxedo Park is destined to  become rhe' most popular as well as  tlie most desirable of. all Winnipeg s  siili'iihan districts.  "lust think," he said, "a scale plan  that enables the man of small salarj  to stand shoutler to shoulder -.with  men of wealth in tho acquirement ol  tins property, and that without' pinching or undue, economy; a proposition  Iv, winch each purchaser of a lot Ifc  given .1 bond which" can be made to  earn lor him as high as on.c-th.lnl> ol  the price ot the'lot; nominal taxes,  mil a home on the Assiniboine!  isn't that going to appeal to everv  .sensible   man?  'Certainly it ought  to." '-'     .  A race track V"  "No, we have thai out  of  Ri.uu,    as    a    splendid    one  limit try Mi. U. .1. MacKenzie at Slur  gum Cieek.".  Minard's Liniment used by physicians  A Hanover' 'farmer, whose . sheep  dog is much given to fighting has provided the animal with u leather jacket  und a collar armed with large ,spikes.  There is .more catarrh in this icctlon  or the country than all other dlaenaea  put together, and until the laat few yearn  wan supposed to be Incurable. tor a  gicat.many yeaia doctors pionounced lt  a local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly lallln/r-to euro  with local treatment pronounced it Incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be  a constitutional disease and therefore re-  guIn!S"constltutional -treatment. Hall's  Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.  Cheney &'Co.. Toledo, Ohio, Is tho only  constitutional cuicon the market. It la  taken Internally in doses from 10 drops  to a tea.<ipoonful. It 'acts directly on the  blood and mucous surfaces of the system.  They offer one hundicd dollars for any  case it falls to cure. , Send for circulars  and testimonials.  Adrcss:   F. J.  CHEN"EY &'Co.  Toledo, O.  Sold bv  DrugKlsts.   75c.  Take Hall's Family Pills  for constlpa-  ' tion. ,,  A Model City Government  " TJie goviji nnient of Manchester is a  business. It.* liabilities aie about  $156,000,000. its assets aie jjibout  �� 147,000,000 : and thu deficiency  about .���? 9,000,000, represents the  amount which the ratepayers lurte  to     'contiibute      eacl.      >ear. Tbe  figiues    indicate    that     it     i��   a    bi.e  business.       The    management    of   thi<  big    business    is    absolutely     in     the  handii    of    the   ,city    council,  acting  through   its .committees.      As    1    liaie  said,  the s\stem   is   simple,   and   t-l,ie  responsibility cannot   be evaded   as , it  i-nn   bo'in   a   mudilled-iip,  oumplicafu-ii  system   like /that'    of     New-     York     01  Chicago   or   Newark. Tlie   people know  what ha�� .to  be done,  and  the.v   knoif  wlii!> bas to do it.    Butve.ven  at that,  big figures aie confusing to  the average  mind.     And   then,   too.   it  is  well  Ilo,   submit    the    figures  ��hkji a  citv  council  publishes  to an   unsympathetic  eve.     And  so,   because    tlie    people   ol  Manchester   pio'iose, 'to   know  what   h  flo.re  with' their   monev,   thev   have  in  their service  two   men   whose  business  it   is   to   investigate   and    publish   at  legular    intervals,    every  tendency   ol  the, council    toward'   carelessness     oi  extiavhg.Hfce.     Never'   for   a    moiren|  uio  the councillors   permitted   to   foi-  get  whose money it   is   that   they   aie  managing with such  fluent ease        c  These  two   men   are   known   as  eler-  uiditors. "    Tbey   are   elerjed   di  rei'tly  by   the   people,   find   the   mote  iiierc'iless their  attack^  on  (he  council  the   better    tbey    please,     the     people.  They are   free'from'the   slightest obligation  to the 'council,     Tl'ey  have ac  cess  to all   lnc1i�� and    figure-,    lor   tin  people  of   Manchester   find   it  diliicult'  tc   understand   why   their   government  managed  bv   their jieisoifnl lepieseiita-  lives    w itliDlbeir    money,    should    not  Woik' wholly   in   the  light.   'These    ie-  ports aro    published    neekjiy    in'   tin  .Muiicaiesier       City   News.'   ��� Jsamue!  .Moivvin ip "Success Magazine.'1  ���tiv<-  ,A cough is "often the forerunner/of  serious pulmonary aHlictiontiT, yet (lii-it  i.s ft, simple cuio within the I'eaeh  of all in Dickie's Arrti-Conmiinptive  Syrup, an 'old-time, remedy, wiiich.  if resorted to at'the' inception of ri  cold, will invariably give leliel, and by  overcoming the trouble,," guard ' the  svstr-ni from any serious ���con.se<-jucnces.  I'rice '2o cents at all dealers,.  By the new ' bill being , drafted by  the Guernsey legislative assembly kno  barmaids under ,25 years of age will  be allowed in"the island;- . '       '  No ruotlicr would give her little one.  poison if she knew it. and yet all the  so-called soothing syrups and many of  <-ho liquid, medicines gil'on children  contain poisonous oprates,  overdose ' will kill. When a  uses Baby's Own ^Tablets she  guruantee of a government  thiifc this medicine does not  one   pin tide   ot    opiate    or  a rid a 11  mother  has the  analyst  contain  narcotic  oiir  pro-  is boiwj;  A boaster related to an admiring  crowd some of his mar veions deeds. Ai  toiw.iuls a smaller'man who knew Inn  well leinaikeil to. a friend Unit tin  liu.istei,,to ..is ceit.iin knowledge, line  inner done tho things .,0 bud cbiime.'  U have done. "And why," said th,  lib ml, ''didn't -vou cull him , a h��'  then .mil theie and let t lie crowd know  wh.it sort of .1 man he is?" "For th'  Minple jeason," answered the small  in.ui, "that my nose is of n blamed  s.glit more inipoitnnee to me than hi-  ii'put.ition is to him."    ,  Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend  Meekly -Yes,  we're  going   to   hiove  i'i Sw inipliiirst.  Dintor -But   the  elimale  there  rrraj  dis'miei. with vour wife.  M..eKh ���It  'wouldn't   dare!- Thih.  delplu.i Ledgi'r.  Ihiiing the past year nineteen per-  f ui- weie ussessi'rl in (lietn Bntian  on ini'fiiiies ot   t'."l),(H)0 11 year.  We J,  Doctors  7  If you are suffering from  impure blood, thin bloody debility, nervousness, exhaustion, you should begin at once  with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the  Sarsaparilla you have known  all your life. Your doctor  knowsit,too. Askhimaboutit.  Ton mail looV -well after the condition of  1��"' llv�� ��ii4l hlmela. Unless there 1�� dally  IS"!0' �������� .bq'wela.poiaoanua prwlucu are  sruorbei, canslnit headache, biliousness, nau-  tha  8ar-  Ajer's  T4>KeU>.l>l0.  ���""'��'��. canslnif headache, blllousil  .II:"/'POr"*. ��nd thus preventing  Mil. are liver pills.   Act Bently, all t.  i oe dose Is onljr one pill at bedtime.  Madab:  br J. o. Ax��r Co.. Lowell, Hut.  Also manafaoturera of.  _    9   hair viaott.  f-9TtQ   AQUECURE.  V # . O   CBEMY PECTORAL.  Unit it cinnot po-sibiy do harm. Tbi-  assuranee is worth much to the moth-  ir who cnies lor the safely of her little ones. ' Mis. C'hailes McL.iughliiij  DelicrL Station, N.R., say "'I imve  used Babv's Own Tablets^ for colic,  atomiieh troubles, and other ailments  ot childhood and find therii so'valuable  that T would not be without them in  the bouse" Sold by medicine denleis  or bv mail at ilo cents'ii bn\- fiom The  Or. "Willi.ims' Medicine ('o., Biock-  villn," Out.  t'John Waldie, Tbroiito, a well knpwn  lumberman and ex-M.P., has decided  to erect a library building in the village of Burlington as1 a gUt .'  Not nrnauseating pill.���Tho excipi-  en.fc, of a pilT is the substa'nee. 'which  enfolds tho ingredients and makes up  the pill -muss. That of Parmelee's  Vegetable fills is so compounded as to  preserve their moisture, nnd (they can  be carried into,any latitude without  impairing their strength. Many pills,  in order I04 keep them from adhering'  aro rolled in ' powders,' which prove  nauseating -to the taste. I'rirrnelee's  Vegetable Pills are so prepared that  theyare agreeable to the most, delicate.     . ���    4  The  bu\om  mitid  bad   been  that she  did   not   think  much  ing out,  and   this  in  the    nii'jitiy    appearance  hinting  of �� ork-  ���011 junction ;w ill)  of   .i'   r sit hei  h   young   man,   caused   hei   mis  apprehension  is it   pos-ibh  getting  man ieil ?''  admitted    Mm tha  that  >on aie  hlush-  ulin   has  sheepi'  liess' much  ���'.Maltha  thinkin.r  ol  "Yes'm.'1  ing.  "Not that young follow^  been calling on you l.itely'r"  .  ''Yes'in,  he's the one."'  "But  you   have  known  him  few days.''  "Tii 1 eft weeks crime  reefed   Maltha..  "Do you think flint  to kitirw 11 man belote  important   step;"  ������ Well, '"     answered     Mnilliri  spirit," "ain't  's il    h<'   wns   some  leller.       Me'-   well   u cfiiiimeiided  peireetly   lovely   girl    I   l>-new     was  gnge'l     to     him    lor    a  ~-Rvei\body's Miig,i/,iii4  lv  Thuisiln  is  1'irig  enough  taking such  an  Reading 'Biographies   as   a   Stimulus.  Wocjiiinot help living in some ilegiee  the lives of heioes who nre eonstanllv  in our minds. Our characters aro constantly being modified, 'shaped', and  molded by the su{.'j;estioirs, which nre  thu- helil.  The  most  helpful   life stories  for the  average youth   Hie    'lot'   the   meteoiiii  ones,   the   uiiaccuuiitable   ones,   thens  toni-hiiig ones like those of  Napoleon.  , Sunlight Soap Is better than other  soaps, but' is besL when- used' Iii the  Sunlight way. 'Buy Sunlight Soap'and  lollow directions.    - ,,  ' Slightly Mixed.  Two correspondents wrote fori country editor to know respectively, "The  be"st way o^ assisting twins through the  teething period.'''au,d "How torrid an  01 chard ot  grasshoppers." '     1  The editor answered both qucslion.-  faithiully, but imtortuiiatuly gut 'the  initials nuxed, so that the .fond father  of the teething." twins was thunder  .struck  by the  following  advice :��� 1  't"[f you are unfoi-tunnte eiiough to  bo*'plagued ,by' tliese .unwelcome little  ^pests the quickest means, ot settling  'them" is .0 cover them with straw and  set tlie straw on  file.'- * '  .While tho man rwho was .bothered  .with grasshoppers* was oquallj- atuazed  to  road:���     . 4 v , ��� (   .  ��� "Tho" best-method of tieatingjs to  give .thorn eaclr a wiiiui bath twice i��  day and .rub their gums with  boneSut. \  To ...know is( to' pteveut. ���- JI  tho miners who work in cold watei  most of the day would rub' their Iceland legs with tir. Thomas' licleetr-ic  Ori they would escape muscubir lheu-  matism and render their nether limbs  proof against the ill eiiects oi exposure  to the cold. Those setting out foi  mining legions would do w,ell to pio-  \jde themselves witu a supply Iielori-  stinting.  pool,  "..  Oliver Cromwell,  a  nd' Julius Ciesai  The great still s of the lace dazzle  most boys They adiniie. but the.v do  not feel" that tliey can .imitate them.  They like to lead" their lives, but thev  do iio get tho holpfiilno-s and the encouragement from them that" they do  fiom reading the lives of those who  have not stmt led the world so much.  It is the triumph of the oidinai.i  ability which is most helpful ns an in-  spiiiitmn and encouragement. The  lile ol Lincoln has been nn infinitely  greatei tuspiriit ion to Ihe world than  The life of Napoleon or that of .Julius  (J.,.s.,i\���O. S. Mar-den in "Success  M.iga/.ine."  lcig  villi  III w  A.  en  time.'  Two brothel'--, of whom �� w liter 111  the W.isiiigton I'o-t fell-. ��<it "ii none  tin) well with e.iel. (ither loi leii-ons  which   will  be  plain   ������> "H  "Hi-re,"   -.nil  the  moth  01   ol   t hem   one  <ii'V.  111111.1      Divide  it   with  thei,   nnd   soe   that   h<  shi.10." ,  Tbe    vonngi'l    chll  later   set  up  a  great  -   "Mamliui,"   lie  not. giv'eii  me any  to fheehl-  "b��'ie is n b.i-  Vfiur little bio  "ir.-t-   the   hou'-  d    a    few  b.iw ling  ,hricked;   '  bnii.'ina "  111q111r.ee  What's this?'  hiirrvii'ig i". ���     '���   ,  "Why,"    explained    the  "lioiis ilon't '<>     bnnaiias/  n.inuti"-  'Jobn   has  ,    -   ��� ���'  ��� ' -  tlie   riibthei  ehler   boy,  ."Do vou imiim to'tell 'me that yon  have live:l in this out-of-the-way plnce  for  ten   yearsr" ,    ���   | ���   '  "That's  right,  stranger,  yours.'.'     -  -   ;: -  '���I'm  surpri-sefl.       I   en  vou .had to'keep voir bus  '"I. can't-   rind   iinythiii-.,  ike  'it.','���Milwaukee   Scnti  Just   ton  n't  see   what  .1  v.  That's  the  rotison  nel.  ntfir,"  liear;d   it saiil.   Hoc'  s Jenks.   -'that  a  goeel  ;. vv-iiter   will   ol-ten   cure  renin rk-  big, dose  sensick-  1've  efl  Mis  of  salt  IH'SS."  "Th'atV-possi  "Indeed?"  "Yes,   if   the   quant 1  is .sufficient, to drown  -pliia   Ledger.  ._  Sir r>.- 'Oi^rriclu^roffere.1 ��2.000 to  the llovnl Academy, neliast. for the  Inundation  of  scholarships.  repiif  nf_  von.''  d-Pr. AVist  inlt   water  -Pl.iladirl-  A Modern Bow Street Runner.  Cliieago reports an improvement in  the service ol 11 summons by a constable. He did not pry open the dooi  nr buist in the winflow. He hired a  "full   fliess-nit,1'   nnd   donned   il   wifb  all  book  that  bile  the  articles  of   apparel     that     the  ;s lay down  as  ruriei-t   to  go  with  g.irjnent.       Kntering nn  antoino-  he   drovb    up    the     Luke    Shore  Diive, and  w In-ii  he reached  the iiurn  ber he wanted   "he  alighted,  swinging  his  l.ivunder  Spring    oveivoiit    on    lu>  111111,  stepped  lightly  up  to  the  palaci  door,   touched   the  electric  bell,   hand  ed   the  attendant   hi-   card,    was    admitted  to the  icceptioii  room,  was  ie  eeiviwl    by    the    hifly    upon    whom    he  w.i.nted   to  seive   the    summons,     w.i--  bowed  out "     The   delights  of  divorcf  .no enlianeed  it  onlv the   papers    mn\  be  -i'iveil   111   -ucli   good   form  ���  New  Yoik Tiilnnie.  Kduionton oily counei  to secure a ->ite for a  hospital.  is rndearoi ing  new    1 sol 11 tin n  Another cargo of 2,000 tons of steel  rails for thed-.T;!'- ��'ns unloaded at  Fort William  from   Buffalo: .-,.       j  C'ermnn'.i.s Inowadavs spoken by about  10,000,000 people. .     ���  ilPisilil'-  "I   havo  bore.''   began    ire  short  poem  which  1   wrote on 'Niagara  Kails.'     My   Iriends  mink   it  quite   10-  mmkable."    - <  "I should imagine it was,'' replied  the editor, salcast icully : ."'how did ,\ on  manage lo keep your paper Irom getting   wet?"���Philadelphia   Pi ess  Over'1000 Elevators  in th-  West.  Nest in importance to the gtowfuii  of good cropb is tbe proper stormy c7  tbu.n after' thev havo been grown, ii,  thu Canadian \Yest proper sturage cl  whejt has engaged the attention ana  capital of somo ol the strongest nrian  cml meji and is yeaily attracting men  and caprtal from the south and en-t  Tlie rapid handling of wheat is re  disced to a .science in the Canadian  \V����t. To any wheat growing aiea' s(  far iiil&nd. as the Caiindian S\'e-t, tin  che.ii>ost route 'to tbe Sea is a muttc-i  ol piiiuary iinpoi tance -o that teiniiii-  iil elevator storage on a huge -cull  began almost before iriteiioi stoi.igi  vvas considered.  The Canadian Pacific railway eiecr  ed their fiist elevator at Fort William  the bead ol intenor navigation, " a-  early as 1S81, when .elevatoi "A" was  begun. It received, the, ciop'of IS-'.j  and was considered a giant 111 tliosi,  dilvs, .hrfvi'iig a e.ipacity of 1 ,'J50>0001  bushels, lt is still doing business at  the, old stand,, and has been joined, b.v  B, C, 11 ami K, all o model ueoiistiuc-  tion and equipment and with a total  capacity of .S,.'it)0,OtH), anil in addition  theie are located at Koit William the  Kmpiio elevator with a cnpacitv ol  l,7gt),000 bushels, and the Ogilvie "with  11 capacity of .1011,000 This gives Koi l  William .1 stoi.ige caput it v i'i!   KljiYiO,-  000   \ *  1'oir Arthur, the Adjoining town,  has the large-t wheat elevator in the  world. ThisMs the magnificent tile  tank fflevator ol the'Canadian Noitli  ern rnilwny with a cap.ieity of t'.otK), {  Odfl' bushel.s. The Kniji; elevator in  the s.iqm Uiun hn- a capacity ul 800,-  (M'O bitsluls. ��� Tiie terminal storage a(  Port Artliui n'ml l''jjrl William,'- twin  towns fill I.nke Kiipeiliil',' I'eiiehes tin'  ililmem-e tofid of 1S..VJ0,(H)0 bushels.  This shows m 'stlil.ing growth lor (Jn  phst 'JL years. r ��� ''_        ,      -,,  '-   The  ojier.-ition   of  this  iiurneii'-o  e'le  valor plant   is   ol   the   nio'l    modern  type.   All   the elevator.'-ciui   Ihi   leneJieO  by      Ireightefs     of    IR   loot   draught'  .mil  the total'loading eajineitv'at   Hit,  head ol   tlie.   hikes ' is   .CnjUJO    bushel.',  per  hour.'    '1 ho'unloading  lrpm'cars,  takes longer than   to   loud   .into ' ves-  snis,  yet    1 lo.OOO'bu'heLs  or'Jl'l.j cinr-  can1 be^unloiifled hourly, .and a  highei  rate than  this has'been  made   durum,  lie rush, before,  the   close   of   nnvigu  tion.    .  'fiiko all prairie countries, where -n'  fanner may put in a hundred'nercs Of  wheat' beforo he builds a house 01  .stable, the need ol stoiage vvas eailj  tejt in tlfe Canadian west. For 11 thru  it was 'met by small elevators and flat  warehouses." und consideiable wheat  was tondod direct, Irom the tliieshing  ,to the, cars. -.n-the rapid incieusc  pi crops this vvas soon outgrown, nlu.  elevator companies with a large 'enp-  ltal 'wore formed. . barge, elovntoit'  were erected all fiver the country at  (iv,e'ry wheat centre,r fheil tall, gaunt  red ftguros being seen for miles across  the.! level  priiiiie.  hf IW0,   just   six  years    ago,.  wi'ra fill) -elevators  at   interior  in  tlie Caiiiidinn   West   witli    a'  capacity    ot 'loj.'lTW.OOO   bushels.j  'yeiir' Ihercwero   1,01*8  elevatoi s"  The Real Seoret  of  "rue:   i=��oi=��cji_>txi=ii-r'vr   of*  CEYLON GREEN TEA  No   Adulteration. No Impurities, No Coloring   Matter  ABSOLUTE PURITY TELLS THE STORY.  Lead     Packets     Only,     40c,     50c,     and    60c    per    lb.        At    all    grocers.  Who Makes  Liber Pills?  \f c do. For over GO years we have  ibeen nuking them ��� the best liver pills  ever made. Tbey are used in every  civilized land on the face of the jlobc.  All-vegetable, .sugar-coated, fently  laxative.    Ayer's Pills. 1 Ayer's Pills.  VskiTcsMMcrtUI   W�� publish       J. o.AyarOa.,  Lawail, Kua'  Ike l*rs��lasral all Mr m  1 psbl  fa Ida  SUNDAY AT THE FARM.  On   Sunday moruln's years  ago,  when  but a little Ind,  I'used to como to salt the covvs ln this  same Helil   with  dad.  The  little  clouils  that  Honied   round   J  thought were bus of wool;  The  sky   was  blue   as   'Us   to-itiy  and  calm and  beautiful.  Nov,- dad Is {rone rind mother, too; they  lie up  On 'the  hill, 1      ' \  Just by that clump ot poplar trees, bo-  yond  the old  red   mill.  For  And  T"  and  And  W. .). White, a Cleveland millionaire,  and the American gum king, has been  made the defendant in a divorce ^uit.  I ci 11 ed ti hoise of Mange with M1N-  AltirS I.INIMF.NT.  CI 1111 STOP 11 VM  SAITNDFdlR,  Dalhousio. \ , .  I   qui ori  a   hoise,   badly   loin   by   :i  pitch   lolls,   "'II'     MINAKIVS     UNI-  M F.NT.  St.   Peter's.       C.   B.   Hdw.   I.INLIF.F.  I  clued 11 horso ol a bud swelling with  MINARD'S   I.INI.MKNT. c  Batlniist,  N.B.    TI10S.  W.  PAYNK  A curious thing abmit women is  that either they Iind fault with the  way cheap clgais smell iu the house  or with the money you waste on good  ones.  I'se I he -a  woi in killer,  lO.sterunnatoi  euro a bottle  le,  pleasant   and  effectual  Mother    (1 raves'    Vioim  ;   untiling o(|iiuls it.   P10  and take It   home.  "Yes,   I   believe   I   did   say   .vou   weie  iilw.iys   Jving   almiil    yourself."  "I'll huve .vou to iindeistiinil, sir  that I .1111 mil usi d to this kind ol  talk.     I   .1111   11   genl Ionian,   mi."  "There v 0.1 gu C.in't keep I101111I  f.iil    vour' M ilw inikei'   Sentinel.  Kienrl)     espliuel  ol  .111  expeililion t'.  P.111I   P-ll.ol,    the  vv ho. is at  the head  C'hriiese.' Turkestan, has passed several  vea'rs in China nnd eari'speiik, Chinese  ifluentlv.   ���     ���'-. --���������  Odic-iiils of the. (Jermiin ruifl Piissiiin  health fleiinrtiiients will combine in 11  fight,   against cholera.1,   - . "       ,     -  Oerinan socialists are st reniioiislv o1>t  jectirig to the expulsion of-Russian.refugees  from   (iei-inany.  'Archbishop Ireland, lias depart cd  from the Vaticim-niid will visit Pririf  before .returning-'to America.  The Duke of Abrui'.zi has arrived 111  Mombasa, British; .Frist Africa, and will  start on'mn .expedition to climb Mount  Ruwenzori.  Col. Sfibeleroff, commanding the  troops of the'gnrrisrm at V'irtak, Russia, was stabbed hi id mortally wounded bv an unknown  man.  Col. S.'iholerGff., commanding the  I loops of the garrison at Virtak, l\\\g-  sia, was .stabbed and mortally wounded  by an  unknown  man,  then-  point.-  ' total  . ',Ui-l  vvitii  a "capacity ol 28,7i>8,0,j0 bushels, re  preso.iting an investment of close on  .���jJao.OOOjtluO, 110 .slight iudiciition f iim it-  sell, on, the iiermaileiw chiii'actel'' oi  wheat growing as un- industry 'in tin  Cau.-uliaii'West."   ���    . ' '.        ' ',���  All these elevators arc under government sunorvisio',1, each, elevator  being sunder 'license.' and its ciipacitj  duly attested,, biing on1 file 111 tho,olhei  ol the "waiehouso cominissioner,'-  vVjhoso-hoadrpiiirteis .aio1 'in Wilimpcg.  AID grain is subject to government inspection "lit Winnipeg and isv tliert-  guidod through the ollice of thV chiel  giain inspectoi ol the Dominion 01  Canada. All-grain weighed into luminal elevators is, weighed under the  i.-ispoctroil ot 'the ��� government weigll-  mnster, and tlio ci is must sti icily coin  ply with Uio conditions 111 tho eeitiii-  cato'of riispeclion mado at Winnipeg!  All gi nm weighed into vessels must Ijl,  weighed undoi thu ejo ol a government vveigliiiniister. 111 (act cveiy  tiling is floilo-to saioun.ii d the iiitu  est ol the lurmei unit to niniiiliiiii the  high stanil.iid >)1 Western' C1111ndi.u1  wheat,  Ol late yenis there has been a nlniIced inciease in I he milling capacity .V  the   West. Ijiiigu    mills  me   now  111  progress of building 01 aie being plan  jiosl lor Kewiitm, \\ innipoir, niul ol hoi  points. These added In the hngi  mills alionfly in opei.itmil ut various  contios aiid iiiimi'i'oiis sinaller 111111 .-  at couutiy points will inoien-e (he  tot.il milling enpiieily ol Wesloi 11 Canada   to over .30,1100  b.iriek dmly.  lime  has  Kejrt  a-croipln'  on  1 you and   I lire 'men, '  little liobbi.i thinks, the thoughts  that I was tlilnkln''then.    a  ,       '��� ' '  l   ,    . i  now I come out here and sot mo  down a spell, ,'  Where rustlin' leaves and wavln' ETa.ln  secm-vvhispc-rln',  "All' Is' well,"   ,  I wish thatiall who'd like to feel their  '    'dead  Is safe  from  harm  J'Couldlcf5mf> out hore and.spend with mo  a Sunday on the farm,  AN, IMPERIAL  CRISI3.  Hiissiun Ijihnriils piopuse to tako !  live hand 111 snlvi'iig tho agiiiiinii pi oh  lem.  The . (ieriiiiin nmbiis-iidnr in London  has declared I but, (ieiiiiiiuy will tint  siippiut, Tin key in case ol (rouble with  Oiont But inn Over tln> I'^vpt inn boundary.     ' (  Mi. N'orogiiidolf, jiiiilissor ot jinis  pniiloiito nt OnI.hiI university hi.-  jieeir invited lo occupy'a elinir 111 the  .Moscow  ulnveisity  bill   has declined.  Tbe   generjil   inemotiinduin   of    l.uul  (Nelson  to  his captain-  on   the   <'vc   cd  the   b.iltlo   ol   Tliilalg.il.   hu-   l.i.ilpiii  Minseil  foi   pieseiitiitnui  '<��    the     But  ish   iiinseiini.  The Cunts tlue.ifl maun fuel ui ine  e ilieei 11 ol I'mslev, Scnlland, h.i- <le  eideil to build iiluoad 011 at-i-iuliil ol  Ine.il intel leienee between thorn null  llieii   ei|i|'loves.  Dipliiiuut m  .no   pieibiting   il   win  I ween Coluniliiii   and   N'eiie/uehi  be  The gro-s espeiulil 111 e on I h" I'gli ndii  rnilw.'iv si'ice i's i'i)iiiuieii('ei]ii.|it b.c-  bee,1   (.'", I".!l,001).  King Mlitiiso h.is 1 c 1111 nod ff) Spine  iiftei milking 11 \ 1-.1t \u PniKe.ss I'.iia's  ynotlii'i- ill   London. ,  Cliiiin has (istablish'-d 'a -policy '.I  forbidding.' 1'iirl.he.r foreign acrpiisilion  of-land   within   hi-i-  b'orders.'  The 'Yririmi hotel, i'i 'Kefit-o. .Inpnii.  has been burned .and two, Aineric-ii nvvo-  jnun ' jierished'in'the fliuiies'.  I'hn|i(4iifir William has. received Count  Paul l.la.t.j'.feldt-Wildenborg, Hie new  cou.ieillor of. the ('erinnii' ��� erhlnissy in  Wnsbiiigton.  A 'number of the cadets of the New  .Mexican academy off Rosewll, N.M..  were placed'under arrest as tlio result  of  n  meeting.  Tho Spanish club nt Cienfiregos.  Cuba, has announced its intention U  erect 11' .sanatorium to corniuoiiiornte  King  Alfonso's  iliarriagn.  After recovering the sheot;. iinchbr of  the British battleship Cumberland in  tho Mediterranean a diver rose to the  .surface too quickly nnd died after two  days  from  the offects of the pressure.  Prof, Ler.cock of McGill and Hi�� Opin  ' ions   on   tho   Empire. v  "I'm Inclined to think that the period  ln which we now livcwlll bo in the fu  ture looked upon as a' period of 'Imper  lal crisis," began Prof. Lcacock of'McGill University tn an address before tho  Toronto .Canadian Club recently. Pro  cCeding-, -he -pointed out that the coming years would be thc years' of great  empires. It will no longer be ,a littlo  England,' a littlo Holland, a' Uttid  France. In the'vast extent of tho Erit-  ish Empire there were divisions which  might become dangerous, divisions in  corpmerce, 'divisions In' military, arrangements rind In other ways.. In tho  British limpiro thero were. a.severance!  and a." sundoranco in tho 'tariffs���ona  tariff,in Canada, another in Newfoundland, another In ' tho Leeward Islands,  and so on. In military and naval defence, too, thero wero the same divergencies, and In control of tho soas lay  , tho safe.fy of the Emplre/yet tiro whol*  burden of the navy, totalling J1S4,000.-  000frwa3��.latd>on tho sliouldcrs, ot "tho  people of Britain, 'and that burden^had  reached'Us'high-level mark and could  not be increased, yet Canada practlcal-  ' ly* subscribed nothing towards tho cost  of th"o navy. Tlio" traditions .and tha  necessities pf .Britain required a Meet  equal to the combined fleets ot any two  F.uropean, but now Japan' and tho  United States -were entering on n  ,course of military and especially oi  naval expansion, which might change  tho balance of naval, power.  ,"What" was necessary was really a reconstruction of Imperial relations. Hn  vvas aware that many people woro'opposed to tho very Idea of any Imperial  reconstruction, and they were urged to  allow tho ordlnary4 evolution, of affatri  to work out a settlement ot.thc dilTleul-  tlcs surrounding the peoples ot tho Umpire. After a playful reference to tho  doctrine of evolution, which had given  so much trouble to theorists, he clearly  realized that the idea of rmperlal'federation, ���with tho nocossary creation of  local Parliaments for all parts of tho  Empire, would not be readily accepted  by tho British people. 1 Ho thought tho  conservatism of tho British people  would be slow to adopt these proposals.  If, however, such a plan was not yet  feasible, he thought that to tho present  070 members of tho British Houso ot  Commons, thero might bo added 1GG  representatives from the whlto populations ot tho colonics. Comparing tha  population of Canada with that of Ireland, ho urged that tho Dominion  should havo Its representatives at "Westminister to make or unmake Imperial  Cabinets as did "tlio Irish members.  ���Without direct representation, Canada  could not directly Ipfluonco tho British  Imperial Parliament.    >  "With s*uch a representation tho tariff  question, and that of Imperial defenco  would be dealt with In a proper manner. - Canada and tho other colonics  would thus bo repre-entod ln on Impel lal Parliament which would have tho  power to enforce taxation fir Imperial  purposes. Ife was aw aro that such n  proposal would bo looked upon ns quelle by many. Tle-ro wero, however,  many who would talk and rave about  their willingness to piy SO cenra or 11  annually to tho Bill Ish Exchequer towards tho cost ot defence, but how  many had sent their money direct to  Britain. It required s"iii" force or nuth-  oilty  to compel  such ptiyments.  Our safety l.iv iu union with tho Empire. "Wo could not ovist as an lndi>-  pendont nation. The force", of sectionalism woro at woik. and It wa.s ttnio to  havo dono with the r.in.ida flrst cry  arid unite for tho  Iwnplie.  A hamous Prayar'tfobk.  At tho Cornwall Spring��� Assises, Miss  Josepbind. Smith.of Ottawa, formerly of  Merrlckvllle, wa.s acquitted of ft charge  of. retaining ' n.iul' diverting to hor own  use a-- Korntin Catholic prayer book  printed In 1'iirls, Kianco, In tr.OO, and  believed tq have been at one timo the  property''of''Mn ry Queen of Scuts, Miss  Smith is a well.-knovvii antiquarian, and  : has been compi'ling facts of eastern Ontario history. The book vvas entrusted  to her In 190-1 by A. G. V. Drew of Mor-  rlsburg for tho purpose'..Of having Its  value ascertained. As it was not returned, although asked Tor, Miss Smith  was arrested ut Vankleek MM In December, 1905,'and committed .for'trial  by Mr. Far.lnger and Mr. McDonald,  two: Morrisburg Justices of the Peace.  At tho January Assizes, Justice Ariglin  presiding, the case was sent over to  this courtT to give Miss Smith a-,chance  to return the book. 'She ..has since been  out on ball. She conducted .'.her, own  easel, and addressed the jury. She als >  testified that she believed-the book to  be among some good's' sent to ai friend  in'Philadelphia, which are still In possession of the express company. She  denied any Intention of retaining tho  boolr^ and thu 'jury  evidently believed  tl��Jfo _Ja��_jW.-^������- '     - ���  An  Inviting  Prospect,  Mooney's Perfection  Creoin Sodas  , o ' '   ' t  Mooney's Biscuits arc an evenly'  balanced, wholesome, nourishing  , . ,1,     (  food, equally gocx! for young' and  old.    Made from Canada's-finest  '*��� , tr  wheat flour, rich cream and pure  butter.   ' Baked  by  thc  Mooney  baker in the Mooney way.       ���  - Say ' Mooney's ' to your grocer.  *1  1 \  ��   c\   'r  * iA   f*-P J.   I  HOLDUP!  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The (iii'i'lvs in their noble elloit to  icKiiin limit iiui'iont pii"-tie,4> a1* tbe  cbnmpiou nlhU'tos ol the vv 01 111 hnvu  louml that not a loin- have the heio's  h.iip iind the lover'"- Into louml I ho  l.mm then slimes luluscil nuv. M om's  that ei'bo liu't.ber vv i'sl tlinntbeii sues'  i-dii'iids ul tho blest. 'I'lli'ir old 'Uli-  li'tiu pu'eeiience llns also b'll tlii'in,  ,iiul not oven ii"-ted nn Kulop.'iiu 1-%)il.  North Ami1! it'll Mould seem In be to-  l.i.V tile hoiil'i til the hmllesf vuility,  .mil 111 Noitb Ameiie.i. t'umiil.i bolus  iil>r mill.. Wo bnve nut yet seen ���.<���-  pai.iti-ly stated what t'.iuiiiln''. pnnv4'-s  .wi1. in e;eneinl exoiee-e'. lit tbe (Mvm-  p��c (jcumi's at Vtbens She �� n>- e;i iutp<wl  ��\ltll the 1 est ot the empile, and tln>  4\ liolo I'lnplii' onlv took tlnilv-'-is  points' atiiii 11 ,t seveulv live taken tiy  the I'nitetl Miiti". This wns ptolmbly  U> be lonUed loi. 'I'll'' I Itlfeil Sl.��tes  ll.ts some i.-i.COO.trtHJ nl (lie pit k nt  I'Jili ope.m     pupiiliitions 'I tie     hiiti^b  eippne has snlue "i.).l)(l(),tl(lt) vt lilted,  nnd (lie mot her (inintiv bus ���������'lit 111111 b  el ber ln"-( IiIiiihI ,11 I <)>--i tile se.l 'I lie  .11,111 ��bo wen loi (be I luted S'.iles tbo  lliiltl in the Mm nt htm 1 ��fe vv .n .111  (1 isb-Ali < 1 it ,111 ! lie lust plate 111 Ilut'  -upii'Uii' event vv.i-- tnken l<u (.in.ida  bv Wllllillll Mli'l I III).', ol Jllllilllt nn, w bu  will be 1,'vhiiiiifMl bv a vnstl\ biij>er  vviiiKI tlinii nuv nl (be old Olv Inpiv vvtri-  neis evet (oiK-et V ed ot CiinMit.i will  f|o bun boniii lieenti'.e lie bus won her  tin- biebest hiiiioi 111 tlie "vi's ol I be  world.,'which'bus not ntlvaltt-ed yet be- ,  yimd the sTnjne wlien  vvins. niniie nttcnt.ioi.i  either intellectual or  ittit, further ,'t.hiin-' that; Cnuaibi owes  t luniks tor the best advertisement -that  could have bi.'on given iier us tbo  and in which physical '-.health and  itron 14th nro fiipiibfe ol'.the highest  ilevi'lo|Uiieiit, Mini tberel'oie tbo be^t of  anils''to. Irvi'1 in. The value set- upon  this success is-shown by- tho coiiKfalit-'  at'ions nl tbo Biitish ' ariibnssiidor at  Vtbens I'ti'lf'jrraphed to tlm (iovernor-  i;eneriil. Canada' bus hnd her Hanloti  and her Itcnlorth and Scholcs in  acpratics. .Sbo has oceasionlilly ; lu'  thu Kalaporu cup with hor rifb  has, on two occasions, won tlio blue  ribbon of^ ril'lo  now  pltysH'iU prowess  11 nil - gloi'y than  inoriii  I'lniitorice."  of  prize, and  the    pick  prize   tho  dud  tlm  hooting.,   tho     kind's  shu   hii's   g!iiiie<l     Irom  of   tho   world's   athletes     n-  most   romantic   arm    widely  advertised   of  u.ll.���Montreal  Witness.  The old.  aro   to  be  struct hydrants in Edinburgh  replaced  by  new appliances  and tbo. tbt:i'l cost will be $50,000.  W    N    U    No.    585 I'tm  Oil >  -'- &  &  til'  THE LEADER, MOYIE,' BRITISH COLUMBIA.___  \ �����*���%  -,>.'R4iS,f,  ^ -- ���. tiM  ' jv. i-t;.*|i  ti^''#  ;.|. ' iJj.:  >j>ti,||i!i.t./4l'  ��� iiHikyM  s  ';{ 'A 77m  *$i  *A  Ij^r.'.-W  ,   ���   lift��  m  -'^ST'^>'  vvfSs  W$M7'  : 'Mpfl '<-  ���2-ttkJ*��'i'l4(J<-  . 'feit  5? < iW1  ���  Wtins-il.9  %-..lfe,(i(-jJi  4 t.fr.    -.\ (I TGV  fJ\-AiV  viVutJ-Hri  'w, 01 >*��-��*  4 J5; S*1  : ';*Ri>A>v ^  "��� "���'���'* H i  t;,s' 4 > i';  |. ���*..4-vJ ���:(,.-  ,'-   ^^JS/F-'t--."  :" 'l-'r^Pcr'  _<  ���- yyz  RS .     VVw ?��� ���;  A5     '   ii-:,��W-��i.'i.| -  ;;--;-r.4;-,i{i.��,*....  ' -rZAAz  1   '     :i-:ZA?A'  1P;  ��-. -'c^i',  ';!''':'  TEE MOYIE LEADER,  J?ii ii-lnu in the interest of the people  oi Jdoyie and East Kootenay.  F, j.,.|.4fH& CO..  .Pulilllhers.  '-       RATES OFSCWCBlrTION.  O ie Yt ar....:...'.  - *i����  SATURDAY, MAY 26, 1906.  "    The horse is always about to be, but  .i   ,1..  jiever i.��, put out of buoiuesi.  rlt rained on May 24ih, which is  the  i ^_ ri t  -usual capei oi Jupiter Pluvius on that  '-day. ''   ;" '           ' ''         ���    ���   ' "    -  o '     -  ���---  '     ,  In Chicago an arrest  by  the police  -every seven and ono half miuutes. ��� Of  The murders only one, in r20 are' eyer  ��'pprehended'onlv one jn 50- .punished.  . -.. be., '. <j Q. '���   ;i        i     -V T   "�����,- ���   '���"  ti . ^     ' .  There should bean example made  ior men'whu make a practice of jump ,  ing the town without paying their  bills. Moyie, will soon have tbe reputation of being ���'|eaBy.",  .Sciatica Cured   After Twenty    Year*   of  Torture.  For more than 20 years Mr, J. B.  tluasey, 3322 Clinton St., Minneapolis,  Minn., was tortured by sciatica'. ' The  pain and euflVring which he endured  during this time is beyond comprehension. .Nothing gave him any permanent relief until Im used Chamberlain's Pain Balm. One application di  that liniment relieved the pain and  r'irtde sler-'p and rest possible,' and less  than one bottlf hits effected a porma-.  nent'eure, Mr. Maasey relates his,,  experience for tbe benefit of, others  who may be eimilarily afflicted. If  ttoubled with sciatica or rheumatism  why not try i 25 cent bottle of pain  balm'andeee for yourself hbwquickly  it relieves"the pain. ' For sale by the  Moyie Drug <fc Stationery Co. t  A. L.  McDERMOT  Wholesale Wines, Liquors'  and Cigars.  CRANBROOK,  -British Columbia.  A subscriber who complained to tbe  > ,t  ^publisher that hia paper was damp received the reply from the long'-Buffer-  ing editor that perhaps it was < because  there wae so'much ]"due" on it.  Tbe trial of< Moyer, Haywood and  Peltibone will.be the'greatest trial  ever beld in Idaho.' The old courl-'  house at Cadwell.will resound^wrtb el-  oquence, and there will be witnessed  intellectual combats unaual in remote  and isolated'villages. Burke Cockran,  for'tlie defence, will be pitted against  W. E. Borah, for the prosecution. It  ���will be New York's - greatest orator  .against the'man who ia said to be the  idol of Idaho's bar. IU. '  Furniture!  c.       1  Oollection^.  r " ,   '    .   , ' AGENTS '   ''  "Canadian pire Insurance C j ,',' and "-Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society.  -       ' ''-^__ ,4} ���    ' > .  Farrelf &^ Smyth, Moyi%      ;  Linoleums per yard,     G2-�� cents  Iron Beds      each    '$4.75^  'Springs each   ' j 4.50   ���    ' .  Mattresses,    each        3.75 -  Huge, union, each        7.00  Kugg, all wool,  ,   i    10.50  '-Window Shades.   , ���'  Statistics indicate that the drinking  -orintoxicants is on the increase in tbe  United Sta'tes.   The'sume,tables  tend  i ,- ���> ,  ,.'  to prove  that  the  amount  of, liquor  -consumed amoung   the  great   middle  'class is decreasing, while   the  increase  Wfound among tho richest and  lowest  classes.   The middle  classes seem   to  .    'J '   ' < 4  strike tbe happy medium.   They have  j^nqfiigls'ofltbe world's -Vgoo'ds  t3 live  'comfortably  'and at'   the  same time  '"tbey   keep too- busy   to1 find "time  < ifor" caroaefniV.   They    haye not the  'money to  indulge   in  luxuriousofes-  'tivities of   the' millionaire,  and their  tastes ar9 above the low saloon.   They  Tiave three things���comiort,  occupation and ambition.. These leave^little  time for drunkeness.  r  �����'-.   Not If a�� Klch as Rockefeller. (  If you had all the wealth of Rockefeller, the Standard Oil' magnate, you  coulrj not buy a better medicine for  bowel complaints than Chamberlain'c  Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.  'The most eminent phvsician can not  prescribe <a better preparation for  colic and diarrhoea, both for children  *nd adults. The uniform success of  this remedy has shown it to be superior to all others. It never fails, and  when reduced with water and sweet-  \ ened, is pleasant to take. Every family should be supplied with lt- 8old  by tbe Moyie Deug & Stationery Co.  Ithaumatlani. >  Why suffer fAim this painful malady when one ��� application of - Chamberlain's Pain Balm gives relief? Hun  dre-Ae ol grateful people testify to   the  imagical power   of   this   remedy  overe  (rheumatism,   for sale by= the'Moyie  Drug tfc Stationery Co.  Cranbrook Co-Op-  erative Stores  LIMITED.    .   '���   "  Undertaking In Connection. ,(  ���>^  '  ,   ' B.UY'YODR  '  ,    , ,   '  Cigars,  Tobaccos.  '    <    '     '.���' FROM  A. B, Stewart & Co.  i,      *., -*  .    -   i.  4 |   . I ' '  "t    Agent  for   Crows' .Ne'st  ,'�� 8team Laundry7"  '   ���',   ' " '       ���THE���'     ' '  rai Hj::  BB  DESAULNIEB BEOS,    Frops.     -  Lars^e   sample   room   in   connection  with house for commercial men.   Best  V  , , . I       1 4 "  of accommodations.-     '      ,'''"' <L  1 u '- ,   ' '       ' .  < Headquarters  for   Com- ���  , mercial and Mining Men.T  i     '  QUEKN8 AVENUE, ~t,t  UOVIE, B. C.  Wm. Jewell-  Express and General   Delivery   Busi-1 f  ness.,' Livery  and  Feed Stable.    ���  ^    ^ I   ' ' t , "  .,  Leave Orders at .   .  i'-..,.   Gwyniie's Store.  MOYIE  vBritish rColumbia.  CANADIAM  RAILWAY  90 day round trip  EXCURSIONS  EAST  $52.50  Winnipeg, Port   Arthur,  Dultith,  St.  X    .- "��� ' Paul. ' >��� .        '   '������  1        . ��� .  Through Excursion    Jlates  Toronto,   Montreal,     Maritimo   Pro-  ','    ,     vinces, New York, New     ���  ���������..' England       "    '  on Application.  Dates of sale:    June  4, 6,  1,  23,  25.  7-:V    July 2, 3.    August 7, 8, 9.  ��� ������ ���   -   Sept. 8,   10.  J. Attwood, Agent, Moyie.  J.B  CARTBK, " V B. J. OOYLE,  *;  : TiSuf    Pa oa    A vi. A����.'t  Ptet, PalK. Agt.  I McUon,  LET,S TAKE YOUR MEASURE  for a pair of trousors.  They will ftl you to perfection when  we'll have thr.m ready for you. ' The  cloth will be" the best of the selected  material, too, and you'll be satisfied  with its lasting qualities.  YOU KNOW  that the   made-to-order   trousers   are  o  far snperior to the ready made ones,  and while ttre former costs a little'  more, they are cheaper in tbe end, for  they will outwtar the others.  The reputation of oar establishment for high-class work is well  known, and our prices are reasonable,  too.   Let's have your orders.  C. A. FOOTE  MOYIE, B. O  That  Break  Down  Last week mado us some trouble  but everything is all right now  We have metalled 'NEW  MACHINERY and sjot everything in sbape for good work.  Our specially is SHIRT' snd  COLLAR. WORK. Don't be  afraid to entrust us with the  finest of woollen fnbrrce, as we  have tlie best of facilities lor  washing and preserving ' the  original S8ftnc>8s of the texture.  NO CHINESE. EMPLOYED.  Crow's  Nest  Steam  HOUSE CLEANING!  \,    -".'���  - - >---   >|"'  Then-jyou'U  want some  papering  , '  and painting done to freshen tip a  . bit.    Let me  give  you ' an    eeti-  "11 ate  S.   R.   WORMINGTON,  . PAINTER.  P. BURNS & CO  �� 1 J n ~l  I ' (I  , .        '    WHOLESALE ANl*    RETAIL. ��  !���     ' ,- a  i-      * i  I'  MEAT     MERCHANTS  i* ii l  , Fresh and Cured"Meats, Fresh  Fish,'Game  ana . Poultry.    Wo  I . r |   f  supply only  the   best.     Your  <.'-���', ,i        '..',���- -in'.  '   trade solicited, ���     ��� ���     ���,  r,   :      '   ���        ' *   ,      i '   u   -  ,    ,, ' MAKKET8 �� * ,  , ,',"'������ u  In   all   the; PrinciDa)  Cities aiid-   Towns   in  British Columbia.   ,  :'.]:T)imi2i3. C.���';-". '  E.G.' GWTNNEJ  Cigars, ���,, Tobaccos, n,   Co fectibnerj-  /���    Fruits, Efc"  FARRELL BLOCK,      '   - ,   -  f '���* -'  I. O. O. F.  iViltley  Lotleo N". ���*���*���  Meets every Tttt-sda> evening In then  hall   on   Victoria   street.    Snjourninn  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  F, G. Routh, F- J- Smvth,  Noble Gr��nd. Sccr'y.   ;  St. Jt-uij.'uo l^oago >'<>��� 37.  K. of P.  Meets evsry Thursday  vening    in    McGregor  null at, 8  o'clock.   Vit-  /iiing brothers, invited.  G. HTtiKWAY.' G. W. ORCHARD,  Chancellor Com.  ' K. R.anr) S.  ,i   .   STOP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  ' ' WHEN'IN'  '   ^    ,.;''   7  "CRANBRObK  E. n.-'sMA.ir., M-Huatse'r.- >"i,C   "'    >'*,  Goodl,room8,'good^ tables and  bar  .',.'"'���       "     ,        \i i'    i    "    < \  '   v'and .first olaos sampla r'vj-na.   '  >     .    . ,114 . ..A   n-      i  Comfortable  Rooms   and  Best of  Table Board.  J. A. GOUPILL, Propr.  A. L   M'LLOP  Q, R; STRANGE,  Contractor and Builder  PLANS ANDESTI- '  MATES FREE.  '  s   ��� .Apply   at  Mrs.  Gorman's  Boarding House.  IF YOTJ HAVE A  ' -.   LOT TO SELL,  A HOUSE'TO RENT,  MINING STOCK TO SELL  ���  Or if you wish to jnvtst  in any of these conb'ult  FARRELL ^ SMYTH.  Vancouvef.  CRANBROOK  A. B. STEWART,  Local Agent,  ASSATJKaW^  NELSON,  B. C  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  NKLSbtf, B. C.  hoarding and Day School conducted by tbe 8isters of St. Josr-ph, Nelson  B. C. ' Commercial "and business  courses, a specialty. Excellence and  awift| progress ' characte��ize each de-;  partment. Ps.rents'���should w.rite,:..for  particulars.-'One month assures the  public of the: thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence January, April and Sept.  Pupils are admitted duriue term.  O. F. DESAULNIER  'DEALElt   IN  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  aueenk'Ave.      MOYIE  BEGINNING FEB, 15, 1U0B  THROUGH  TOURIST  SLEEPERS  Eyery Day In/The Year Between  -Seattle And Chicago   ;  via   the  Great Northern F ailway  The  Comlortable  Way  Route df  the   famous Oriental Limited  For detailed information,  ratosr,  etc.,  call on'or adreso   .'���;������    '��� '   '  H.   L,    Blaokstone Agent G. N, Ry.,  FERNIE, B. C.  Chamberlain's Coagli Remedy  Cures Colds, Croup and 'Wli.wpiuij Cough.  Mpyie ^^^ineiV- Union/  ���   "   !Wo. 71' W. F.of M.       (  Meets in Mi'Greeor lull ff-ry Saturday1 evening., S..ji>nrnin�� nu'mbers  are^cDidhilly invited toH'K-nd.' ,,  Wm. J. Fki.tiiam, , Taos. JO. Kkli.y, .  !' '    Presidt-ht.   -     >  , Secretary  THE CANADIAN BANK  ��� OF COMMERCE  Paid-up,Capital, $1Q,6ifQ,QQ0.    Reserve Fund, ��4,500,000  ,HEAD OFFICE,  TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD,' Asst. Gen'l M,  an*fer  BANK MONEY  ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING. RATES:  $5 and tinder.....' .,.....'.-.,..    3 cents  i ,   Over $5 and not exceeding ��10..'..'.    6 cents  "    $10 :.,  " "        ���  $30    10 cents  "    $30 .'.  -"    ,    .'  "     .'   ��50    IS cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any ofTice in Canada of a Chartered B�� i  (Yukon excepted), and at Hie principal banking poitii* ill thc United States  WrGOTrjlBl-a- AT A.TIXKU JKA1E  AT  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, E\o.  They form an excellent method of remitting' small'sums of money with s��f,��.  '   , and at sujall cost. *��� ' ���  \  MOYIE AEE.TE NOc. 855  "IFV O,   ES-'   n  Meets, every, Wednesday at  8 T. M. ,  DR.  IIAKVIE,,, \     J. 1I.HA.WKB,  Worthy Pres. "���''      Worthy Secr'y.  Harvey' . &    McCarter,  -  ,      ,     * ' ; 7 ���'   ,-        r.  'Barristers} Solicitors, Notaries, Etc'  Cranbrook, '���, -7 -V ' B". C.  "     BAKKISTKll, 90.CICITOJH, ETC, ' "  4 ' 4' ,-  4' ,  CRANBROOK. 4 ' "   " '      ", Ai. C  ..,.     C.H.; DUNBAR     -;  . �� "��� 4     - ' 4 '  Barrister; .Solicitor, Notar> Puhlic,-Etf  Cranbrook,B..O:,  i i .        u *f  DR.,'F. B. MILES,.   -   '���  Cranbrook,-.   " ...,B,. O.  0    "' ���-     '      -���,'  f1  '     '    ���      '' ''.   , ' 4  George,H. .Tliompson, -  '    ,  BAKllISTKR,,S01.rCITOIt; "No,  ���> .,   '.��   "-tary-PuuLic/ifeoV'-   \<i,-- v-  CRA'NBROOK. _ ":BniTiKH Cou^jvikia.  W,,.R. BE ATT Y A,  ��� '   -  ' ' 7.  ���Embahuer and Undertaker,  Phono 89.  '   ' ' 0"       CRANBROOK.  CRANBROOK BRANCH.  F. C. MALPAS,  >?1F?3^^l��iggtV^��H^i^^  Tenuis and Lacrosse, Shoes  ��>i    M  tf J&  ,;, Represent the" acme of perfection in J:^  ,) atniefcic'foptwear.>;They/are made k  f;bver all'styles^'offootform lasts and IT  ? 'J come, rinj^either ��� *Tennis ' or - Oxford -��'  , "7 cuts,/, ,jEor>/;D,ur'abiiity,,'. grace aiid,  E. r comfort;"Maple Le^f", Routing shoes  have^no,equals.^"/.Askiffor them at  your-dealers.. ,%���-.</*-* 7    ^  i i'  : ,.-'^   :,::u':5,VAN0OUTE'R,- B."C. '' " '    ".. "  <��� A      ,      < \ ���   A' -v-      ��� -*i -    -     '"���'    '���  i,Vf*-" -^\  "t. \>  AS  ((is  /'I  \%\  'WINDOWS a'ANDs DOORS   '  ' Made..in"British' Colitmbiai > '    ,  |MOIJLDINGS';   .TURNINGS   '.BEACKETS.|  $S ' ' ' Detail Work a Specially wi'li  Ud. %  | __ ^ y^^^^ ,���  ft\    , CRANBROOK SASH AND DOOR CO.   tt  *.'   �� '     _.��������� ��� ��������� -,   -   " J  (IS  CRAiSTBROOK, D   C  | moyie!';';:hotel. |  J, ��� ��� ' P.'F. J0EJ\fS20JV> ' \  I Thirf Hotel Is New and well Furnished The  $ Tables are'Supplied" with the Best the  * Marmet a'ffords. The Bar is Filled with |  the Best Brands pf Liquors and Cigars.  & HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL j  > AND MINING MEN  MOYIE ______ _ iJKlTlSH COlVMnil  SEWING machine:  ROLLER  BEARING.  HIGH GRADE.  by buying thfa  reliable, honest,  high grade sewing machine.  STRONGEST GUARANTEE.  National Sewing Machine Co.,  SAN   FRANCISCO.   CAL.  FACTORY AT BEUVIOERE. ILL,  1  ��  UMK^frntaHB^rma-inmuttaiimrHM vr**eaa*nsmenL  1  oyie Beer-^^ag^  As   m tic by thc   present brpwer   is   iirlmitti'lb'   <1(j  Best ...Beer in ,Eii8i,Kooteii!iy. Willi the iSent Mu.H ��"'  the'Ptireat.gpnng WatVr it i�� unexcelled, for (Miiili1)';.  IuSJbt on having Moyie Beer,  Bottled and Draft: Beei?-  JULIUS MTJELLER, Proprietor,  JIOYIE.B'0'  EEfyj!R^^>^^'^����jll��J^'i^v.''P4ft-jtiwui9iy^^ |  wr3!!


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