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The Moyie Leader May 23, 1903

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Array 1 r.r'.'-'.i:'>5h^
V. /■"" >-".-"/-■"'
^-4   -:     ^
••"3 "'•;»
k'<   j,
.1 ft*? <«i fs   tji     v?*
;. r:4  S. ^      ^
IlisssiTi    <£■
iff   »j»ff f *»i 1**3      "*»1"      "^ 'y       fr^x
M $ J? p . i ■
il    ELL  m.&A   £Zssi3  M
0 .*/•
^^,^--,       -    -   -Cs.,s>.s:?.*!5'.jr><s3:j*'.j(?'.s<:t ."---_.•*&v .■■■.,. .v.
•f il V»JQW •"V*"*' J
a"S     il     O^
tffir*   °
gb Jf
p ?y #».
MOYIE, B. C. MAY 2,1, 1903
sue nsatfhi ur ■
$2 A
>r p/*?- ^"t
il. Gyc.'i was un iroia ITeUon Tucts-
j    Nk'iV   York—Bar' silver, 51%   cents
1 Lead, ?J,G71.,   Copper, U1.75.    Zinc,
i tlie ilr.-t of tLe v."eok. -       j
i     Af\-ado\f Creelc will have  a hotel   if,
r~r-< -r,\   T f°h    "V**   /f~\  Xf v>
iP^    f S  ri   t*J& H^'   7*7? b~Z~\ WE1 f^WTP-
^l^'-'^i^   cU,j   &&O.IU Wt»|_   j>. Lr-tner is aijplyini;  for   u,  licciieo j iOfelilb
V'rf i                     i            i   /-,'    , ■    , for U»e Manhattan hotel                           \"
■ M                      Vi «vA ^   ^wv- ,      ,    John One is home from    Vancouver j
W '            nn K. viwif, willi his familv.                        .    '
t     '®a,t
f 'tf."a
jam .i eui(jsmf»n. 1 reprc-Gont It.
CAMPI3ELL ^ CO. of Moyio. No
doubt you huve a flood man.v light
wei-glit siilc-tir.cn trying lu" eoll. you
<;o(.d:-, but nnr.o ar, light wf>i«hl as I
j\in j iKivfti'thcli'P-i 1 hiiv.'i brainh.
I must tullr, you musl-,liolcn to mo;
you cannot abut mo up'or throw mz-
out. Hold on! 'Xot' until you look
me oypr, as I'm not, ■ going bad: t6
11. Campbell & Co.'s btoro any moro;
hi fuct'J jnsl.lefl tin.re. But f-pcukiiif;
in nil fairnass iibout ihe houso iny nd-
vJco to you is tu scare up a fair aized
order aud go direct or bend to R.
Crtinpbell cfc Oo.'h i»t once. It will bo
Tilled iiccur'iitply aini delivered pronip-
,tly; in fact you will be surprised what
sterling ^uul'ily, and nt v.'hat lev,'
prices you huve purcb-ased.
Confidently, I just repeat the Fame
e-cact wordings wherever I go; and
do you know that I'm getting lots ol
busiricps. That's why they call me
the truthful little salesman. Thr/nLu,
1 don!t drink.    Good day. ■ .
Merchants Feel that There
"Is Nothing to Do   But
Pack Their  Goods '
and Leave-. "'    ,
of Interest Se<
on a visit with his family.
N. Manaen of   Waea   was
in  tov:n
this v:eek to see hi, brother.      " j nn(|W T^Ojmn  mrm ^fl]lf Tj
Mr.. IV-vn^ond baa bceu  ouilo  ,ick J FilUM iliJUM   lfli!   F? UilLJJ
fur tbe past i'sw dayc.
James Croinn k ei'pecteJ home ■
from California about June 1=1. jNeWS'  Selected.   fiOii'l   MfllTV
SI.icEaciiPrn dr MTacdonald t-xptet to i
move into thc-ir new si ori   h'exl   r/eek,
Ai Frank the p-.-opln -lie ag'iin jj'jtt-
ing out, a tclcgra'm having bt-en re—
cived early on Tuesday morning irom
J'remier Ilaultain to iheofficpr commanding tlio Northwest Mounted, IV
hce at Fralik as follows:
"Geological survey reports we-tern
peak of mo'untain threatena renjainiuc;
portion of town. Notify al] concerned."
It is reported (bat a crack, Ihree
thousand foot Ion", and forty-five
inches wide, has formed- five hundred
feet back from the outer face of the
peak referred to. ■   -
The merchants feel that nothing
remains but to mo\e their stock as
quickly a.s possible and clooe up for
Rood. ■ ' ,
S#wnAijd;iJUr. 0nkabu*
%&&g&£%lf .
Bi^mzz&~7A', ". -
hi.^^xi3tcet,".\ *-■* ',- .-..-'
X-aia Up Capital : $8,000,000.   ■     ' ".
Reserve,        - ,   2,500,000.
i)»posils Jbjcfcivod.    'Present Rate of Intertdt 3 per cent.
■:    PF- G. MALPAS.' KGB
ConRtni>lo Brciiimoiul Kesiiji-.i?.
A. D. Drummond, who has ofliciatcd
as conalable in1 Movie for the past
two and a halt years, has sent in hio
i rpjignatioh ■ to tlie attorney genorah
I-Ie ii tin-owing up hi3 pouitiou io -.-n-
yage in business m ^Jorriseey iriues.
Mr. Druniinnnd i-: tl c best constable
.Movie had ever had, and the people
here regret to see him leave.    He  al-
A daughter wan born to0ilr. and
'ilr.1:. Wm. ililis in Fernie a  few  days
All Free Miners'  certificates   c/pireJ
on Mi'.y 31at.    Get   them   renewed  by
P. D: Hope.
S. B. Hayes, traveling rcpresc-utative
cf the kelson Daily Xew?, wasm  tov/11
V/. Butts, representing Merrick' An-
de.'c^n tt Co. of Winnipeg, was iu
town "Wednesday.- ■'.
Tiie recent cold weather iiau causcid
the water in the lake tc fall again.
There is still a great amoi.y.t of snow
in tbe mountains,
Andy ' Johnston    passt;t    through.
Moyie   Wed nee day   on   hir3    way   to
Nelson, whero he-wont as a: witness on
a case from Fernie.
Mr. A.E'. Marshall, Me'^-disl missionary, has been trai.jferred to
Michel, and he will leave tor his 'new
field in s few -weeks, \
A juvenile bass-ball teo(n has been
ory-ai'ized in Moyie, and the boys
have clwired a piece o<" ground in
front of the Kootenay hoiel to prac-
tiee on. \
ilr.' and Mrs. Dill -made ^ substantia! donation to the  Movie   Fire  bri-
Sourccs and   Compiled
with Pen; Scissors
and Paste,
Father Coccolo's Indian band will
probably play'in .Nelson on Dominion
d a}'. f
Thc Crow's Nest Coal company at
Fernie have-brought in 300 Chinamen'
to woik' around   their coke ovens.
James Jeffries ana James Coro'ett
have met in San Francisco and signed
articles for a match to take place
there on or about August 1-i.
There will be an excursion to Frank
from Cranbrook next Monday to give
the peopie an opportunity of viewing
the scene of thc recent disaster. The
the fare for the round trip is $.1.65,
Joseph S. Carter, district passenger
agent of the C.P.R. at Kelson, has
been promoted to gaueral western
passenger agent at Vancouver. He
takes the place of E. J. Coyle. who
goes to Winnipeg.' Mr. Coyle lakes
Mr. Mcl-'herscn'e ponition._who in turn
goes up higher, ■•
Last .Monday the passenger 'train
bound west was stalled iu ,& snow
drift just east ot' Macleod, and held
there izntil'the rotary was sent from
Msicleod arid dug it out.    Two cars   of
ways kept g-od ortter,  and  never   be- ] g:lc;e \ASi   vvoek   by   connv.buting  an'icattlo   v.-ere frozen   to   death   in   the
carno over oiheious.   His successor hn?
no1, ytt been appointed
Ko::<I -i". Acair. Cleur.
* ,± *~ ~.
-^•-T-^-v-i;i /;-»-7>i ^'-:-1 t-'-'tv* ^'^'^-^.y:-^ \$;
i     The work of laying   tho   (rack   over
i tho rockslide   at Frank   is   completed
CAPITAL, (Authorized).: . .. .
CAPITAL, (Paid   Un)	
REST :  ' , ,	
pa i
P « £/i C
$2.9?.:? ,8*36
prd the fir?t   throuch   train   from   tho
ajcie and a pair of wheels   to   be  used
in maktiii; a lio^e cart.
Tim Farrell is in the Cranbrook
hospital, taking treatment for rheumatism. .Tim has been laid up for a
long time, and'his many   fiiend  hope
z and   Geri. ilar;
IMS T. U. MERRITT. Pres. D. li. WILKr!-, V.i
M E. HAY, A^tunt, Gen. Manager.    W. MUF^AT, Chief Ji'tpeeto.'
f:?fl,^m /*-«T"J ■"' ^YT'.T5.p/-~vi7'   "p^ r T'-Tf'syv    A general banking busi
fe>SiS l-^^^-.V'i^':<:i.OpJ^  2>l7.A.y-jy>    nes; transacted.
r'fi^^S .^.WJNfiS ]>i:A!;TMENT—Inlcrtst a!l-/w.l   -u Jk-posils.
i^-KS^M 1 ->!" *i"f -? .^'-.IfJ, avaii.ible in all   par: i   of   C.'i,.via,   Uni
fcyj^sg|| liiiirope. , rii'ecial attention given 5o c.'i.'.'eLions.
y j east since tho di?asfe
.£ j today. Tho old train schedule is again
N? im force. The \vc:t bound pnsscngor
}, |ip duo. in Mo\ie at 9:20 o'clock a. m„
5 I and the cast bo unci at 2:55 \\m,
came  throuch ! he ™11 speedily recover.
yard at Letbbridge, and   train   service
genfcrally was knocked out.
Furnished   bv   Beale,  Hutchison  &
EhvdJ, brokers, Moyie, Ti. G,
Crow's Nest Coal...
St. Eugene	
■    , '-IS
North Star	
Can. Gold Fields.   .
Golconda '	
War Eagle	
■     M
Payne -.
Alberta Coal Co	
'     3.50
East C. N. Coal..   ,
St, Eugene Mountain
Can, Oil & Coal Ltd,
1      *              /
l>id Not Iviko His Drawl.,
At Rosssland this week the  case  of
Gerarld V". Hopkins against   the War-
Eagle and Center  Star   came   up ■ for
trial, Hopkins asking for $a,000  damages for   wrongful  dismissal.   He was
awarded   $1,600.      The  chief   trouble
seems    to    have  been  the plaintiff's
English dra'wl, which prejudiced  some
of the witnesses and possibly   Manager
Eirby against him.   In  summing   up
the. case Mr Justice Martin said:    "So
long as people m this country conduct
themselveo as reputable citizens it does
not make' any difference  where  they
come from.    It is immaterial whether
some Englishmen,speak with   a drawl
or whether some pi  our  friends from
the United States speak through-their ■
uosos, or"Canadians &dopL the   middle
» i
course and do neither the one nor the
other—^so we will, dismiss the matter
from cur minds." Judgment was entered for the plaitin.
Frar/k r.ilcir Skipped.
' 'Brady, alias McKenzie, alias Mc- *"
Kinsley, the Frank 'Fakir, is now
across the line and'when last seen he ,,
was heading towards Northport, When
he left, Nelson he went to Bossland,
and there he went by the name ox
McKin'sley. There he was looking for
his brother. He tried to "work" the
Odd Fellows apd Woodmcu, but with'
httlu success. As soon as he got wincj
that the people   were   on   to   him die.
Xolicc i- hereby Riven that inn undermeii-j hit the trail for the United States, and
tionedpcKOns have marte application «Mer the not any t00 aoorJi ejLher, for ft'wanant
pro>-iiions ol" the Liquor Liuoiiso  Act  1900 for j »      . •
Chris   Nielsen    has    demonstrated
what perseverance and ene^ey 'can do.
His  garden   on   Tavistock   street is j
v:o!l wor'th seeiu&-f££.t:.ero '-:   noihics ■
llq-aor licenses nt tho places sot oppcf-i;G their
F. J. ycaiahon, Kootenay Ilotcl, Moj-19;
Peter Lutner, ^tauhattiui Hotel,       "
Jp.ne Frith, Iuterr.ational Hotel,        '"
John   Sminneton,  Impcial   ITotc!, Meadow
Creolr, 11. C,
had been issued for his arreett
U; i?uU.>l ifc iu this  p:'t."l    Of 'tiie   COUn- ; comia^ssioiicrs of the Forv  Steele   License Dis
'-.riet-'.-iin e hcl'i to co-j?Me:- such  applications'
At the Coi:vt   7Ion«o,   Ci.i'io^oo1:,   oa  Monday
Church Services,
Prssbytepjan—Sunday school  at fi
p. m.   Service in tho hall at 7 ;30 p. m.
Subject:   "She that was great among
hr> hall j early meetiKS of the board of license | ^i,e   un.tions."    A   commemoration   01 .
United   States  and
v\ VI. PrIAROH, {Manager.
A thtnco will bo   r;iven   in   tho   Odd ,
i Fellow^ h-A. ,:e::i Moadkv  ^-enincc bv ] ' Ohes. Farrell was up from Moirisaey   J™^m^ r,w h0" (,i lou **<** in the
'• tlie M.ry-ir Firr«  i'rigmle.   A cordial in- j ^Iiat-s this wee*-.    Ihe 1-oicl winch he j. H. M^rrr.ux,
vitatjo'i    is   extended     to     nvcryoii"- ! nnd Mr. Under are  building  )■< -3GxG5 _   ^ ^ ^ - Chief Licen^ in-pector.
■'TickeN,   inoludiniT    lunch.   51.00.    A jj feat in nize.    Tlie house  will   be ..hard i N'rU!0' ',r'iy ~x h'"'
:'«.oou ihnoU a^ureih    ' i liui-shc-d,   well   furnished    fhroughou!.,
-v^r_rf« j.-:-^_vV s^isL-
— .^^■*Ktvc:;'r/»^.r-f-»w--»cx.%i?.j^;iv..'**'^^^
-1 ^r^{\
     .J    , -,
1 wU-t      jA.
,x v A^
i • ^wmm
A .iKil'Sj.: TO JRENT.
■a ^ i.-'ji tvi invcet
;'f il'fve co::i;Uif
> * < - > 1 '. '.A   IA.   v* w» «  s E s»
,-?>    .-CTi    *-**$    rf=*
r>    < -.1
land lighted by acetylene i?a?. The
i liouse v»'ill be op.-u in about three
! weeks time.
7-.' r±i-1 .4-— ^?s.—jrv.-'tt--an*
>     (   , T-.   .'.   ^.'. /".ii' 1( ')
v ir i v'riNT
B. 0
■i. \*) Ji     m    ,'j   v
jj *■>/ *i      y **■   n
%^ij'^'S^)i I'A'-    C.   O.  Demfturrz  h«is   been   out  of
I iui:k    in    Fcrnir Mfjently.'  He  went
: bond in the-sum of ?}AQ  for  the  :in-
j pearaiico cf Alfred Ruben, w:io '.vass r.t;
..y. i t.us-v.-.l of lakhv- par! :<: Ih". 'uub ut the
,"S.   ;L'.i A   f-   \ '.^..-'.'i.JL
L'.n'i Chvk miiic-■> r.i
".oft lli-J   to.v.i
''.nLt'i-fTUciniu-'i-iV   with-
Moyio Eire  Brigade
Sh.n-Ay Evening, May 23th, 1003.
i ■
Britain's greatest Queen.
All are cordially  invited  to  attend
these services.
' T. A. BROA.BFOOT, Paster.
Methodist—Sunday school at 3
p. m. Preaching at 7:30 o'clock.
Subject: "'Strive to enter in at the
strait, gate; for in iny, I say unto- you,
will seek to enter in, and dlmll not be
able." Luke 13.-2-1. 'Hymns'-10S, 609,
and S01.
All are welcome,
A. E. MARSHALL, Pastor,
ui. wail
101  ins  11 Hi!.
C.eik of'ihe
A -.(
Zioifi io jjt..ku -.u: cuueu'iou. ; ,;\«A,iA4A:ti;i:'. -.^
A U.iVt'j U^rvovl i-ffaS.
.:■ i.
7rho v;as for
-.^cjctKrnri-^ ?*^
A y '..ing l'C'.i: !»'y boy
j iif car\in: bi.>' ':'.:re o:: tr. es
i iceontlv t.(.w a I'.-.a'lied   pony    i'iT   ll
it mi fenecv
r it
["^f i v^u wa^it anytliin.^-4 stylisii ;uid nea^ go to
The leading- Ladles and Gents tenisliers..;'"
■   t^m    -e? rCltrc:
3;rrr-tv." tiZ :«. ""C*» ^
„„*v-«.^r-w; vfwnr^'
 GeiitFai Hotel i
■'^JKSAU.I.NiKK iJKOS,    i'W)i>S.
I lib
Larj,c sample room in "connection
with house for commercial nwn * Beat
of occommodations.
1"'!    i "3
'^hp. lotoR-J', trlfi^P" 111
Boots'^d Slioes.
!-tl ^"K-lf-f
'■^t vl.i: b<.'.;;,iit and
sold ou ma-gin by.
Beale, HuteMson
nr^i sr-tivc^r Ksa*^r»:^*trr *«jja i^cnrK a}
A Fiiruicr Curcil or RlietTttjjtiEi?.-.
"A man living on p. !arm ?.ictr Jicr.V
cr.ie in n short tiino a^,-J co:"plcicii'-
doubled up with rheumalism. j! leaded him a bottle of Chasv.borlr.iii'j Pair.
Balm and (old l'-i'>7 to'tito il freelv i-.tjil
if UfU .-.;ti-t'.-d i."'.fii- usiing it be need
not pay u ocin ''or V-," i-ays C. P. 3l.-j.yr-
t'.t!-,.,{ Fi't!'l-i;& il.l'.s, X. Y. "A f^-wdays
liter ho walked into the alore ad
straight as a nifing und handed mo a
dollar saying.'give tne another botllo
wt Oainbi.lain':] Fain B.ilm. 1 want it
.n tho hn-.K-c ail the 'i'l'C for it cuied
:uc.'^'    For :;.'.!? by all druggiita.
Vv'hy you ahould buy
Ml A
tirseenes, kg,
Headquarters fbr Co-nmonoSa! and. Mining
MOYIE,   15. C.
MacEacfeerh «
' .'irrit. time.    After .:'.:,:ing al
; ia   aato.nisiiUieiil  -ior-.a.' ni'r'mei.i|,   ne
-•Ut!.:    -,
. "V/h'o cut liia name on that . horeo'e
hind leg?"—-Exchange.. :
Gi-SAl'LY   ALAIiin:!).1
S'^y a .rorsiiLil'msL Ouv.tth, Imt  r«ruiaiiently
Ciu-i-d 51-y CIini!i!.».crl:iin''.-i Coi^;?.i
Mr. II." P. Burbage, a student at law, j^...       JoSepll^'' ■ OOJXVent. | BECAUSE it is the BKST quality.,
in Greenville, 8. C, bud been troubled ; " ■..<"' ' 'j BECAUSE   it   id   the   most  lasting
' .     chew.  . '    ,        ■■■''■
BECAUSE it .is'  the   lahgest high,
grade it) or 20c plug.
BECAUSE"the'Tags are valuable for
premiums tin tii Jan. 1, 1900
BECAUSE we CRrAiiAXTEE every plug,1
BECAUSE your dealer, is  authorzied
to   refund   your   monev  if
■.'I      you are not satisfied.
■m-wjii'M  ■   m ii i ■ im'TWiiii >mrnnrw~aii.mnn
L'fun JS.Mi'iRn Toil a ceo Co., f.'ru.
NKLSON, 15. C.
j for four or'five years with a continuous |
j cough winch he Say., "geeatlv alarmed j  .- ^ardu)g aud Day Scllool   cond.uct-
, toe, causing me. to fear that I  was  ,h I ^ Q.^ . ( ^ Jp      j,..^^,
the first s'tage ot  consumption..    .Mr.; B<   ^  ..Commercial    and    business
JBurbage,  having  seen  Chamberlain's') couvsefl n   specialty,    Excelleuco  and
"'swift progi'iii-B. characteaiao each de-
pavtment." Parents should write for
particulars. One month assures the
public of the -thoroughness' of the
Sisters'methods of .teaching. Terms
commence January, April and Sept.
Pupils are admitted during term.
| Cough Remedy advertised, concluded
'lu try it'. Now read what he says of.
it: '"I soon foil a remarkable change
and after using uvo .bottles of the
twenty-five cent size, \yv.e permanently
cured."    Sold by all drtiggists.
fc-r i
,.--  -'."VVf'tm na»j" -i i
j i
"       —ft
p^riffj* ��            'r  i             l'\  .   : ���  t   '     ���  ���f I  [ *  (  ���"ii  t  '' i:  c  \  :  [������  ��J  ;    i  -  I  i.i  ���j  '71'  '���l A  : j.  1-..S  lit  ��� i *;  .-)���>:  I :'  .!'���;'��'  WW  ' ~U"!  Sf  j^^*T^^^^^^-^-}*^-S^HH.*-J-��-HI-:-^Af  By HOWARD FIELDING  Copyright, 1901, by Charles W. Hooka.  Do  you   kus  iOOES.      ��*  ".My   dear   sir,"   replied   Elmendorf,  "you've got rue.    1 can't.    But who can  explain a woman anyhow? You believe  that  Miss  Miller  Is telling: the  truth,  don't you?"  "Did you hoar me say so?"  "To  Miss  Machine?    No.    Tbe first  thing I hoard you say to Iier was that  It was a fine thing that she had done."  "1 did say that I believed Miss Miller.   That is my present attitude."    '  "Ln some respects," said Elmendorf,  "it, is tlie worst you could take���for  Miss Maclane. By the way, you will  permit her to remain with tlio patient?"  "Why not?" demanded Koiid.-ill sternly.  Elmendorf replied with haste that  he saw no objection whatever. There  was a brief silence, and then Kendall  left the room, saving that tie would  return presently. A.s he passed the  head of tbe steps leading ,up from the  main entrance of t_he building tlie  doors below were suddenly dunce open,  and, a man appeared. He seemed to  Kendall to come up the steps without  touching them. In'an instant his hand  was ou Kendall's arm, aud the doctor  carried three bruises for a week us  the result of it. '  Though the two men had a club ^acquaintance, Alden did not show ' the  slightest trace of recognition.  ��� "Miss Miller?" he said, his voice por-  - fectly steady, ghastly steady, as Kendall afterward described it. "Is she  alive?"  "She  Is,"   replied   the   doctor,   "ancl  there is no immediate danger."  "I thank you."  said  Alden.   "1  was  pretty  nearly gone.   I   beg  your  pardon,   how   do you   do.   Dr.   Kendall?"'  , And he extended his hand.  "I  understand   perfectly,"   said    the  doctor.   "Miss Miller is conscious, entirely  rational  and  .suffering  far  less  pain than you would suppose."  "Who  did  this?"   demanded   AldeD.  ' "She has told you ?"  "She does not know."  "She does not know!" echoed Alden,  his head sinking upon'his breast.  "I am sorry to say that it will not  be wise for you to see her tonight,"  Bald��KendaIl. "We must not subject  her to excitement. Please wait here."  And he led the way .to the, reception  room. "I will go to Miss Miller's room  and bring you word."  , Alden found himself ln the presence  of Elmendorf, whom he took to be ono  of the doctors connected with the  _ establishment, which may indicate  that there was more in the detective's  dlsguise'than he had been willing to  admit to Kendall.  "1^ called to iuquire about .Miss Miller," said Alden after maintaining  silence to what seemed the limit of  his power.  "You are Air. Alden, I take It." was  the reply. "Well, you want to cheer  up. Miss Miller Is doing fine."  "Has she asked for me?"  "Yes," hut it was not Elmendorf's  voice that replied. "She has asked for  you mauy times."  Alden turned to, see Brenda at the  door. He stared at her as if she had  been a figure raised up by some sudden conjuration.  "Brendal" he said at last. "I find  you everywhere."  "Did not my father tell you I was  here?" sho asked, and he shook his  head.  I shall remain with Miss Miller0 un-  her  mother comes,"  said   Brenda.  til  crime.   Mr.   iLlmendorfV  pect r,uy one?"  "I  haven't got any authority to Und  out anything or suspect anybody." replied lCImendori'. in u tone whit-Ii Indicated that this familiar situation  was  j not agreeable in  the present Instance.  I "1 go where I am sent and theD 1 make  j a report.    What becomes of the infor-  i ruation   afterward   Js   a   matter   with  which the sultan of Sulu has more to  do than I have.   But I'll tell you what  I think," he added earneslly.   "If this  poor girl  gets  well,   that  will   be  the  last you'll hear about the case.   If she  dies, it will all have to come out. '  "But you don't  think she will die?"  cried Brenda, paling.  "I hope not," replied Elmendorf.  "and of course my opinion iu that  matter is worth even less than It ia  in the other. But we mustn't'tak�� hor  recovery ror granted at this stage of  tlie game. Am, I right,. Dr. Kendall?"  "There can be no certainty- yet," replied the doctor gravely.  "Her condition might change for the  worse quite suddenly. Isn't that so?"  continued 'Elmendorf. "And if it did  she might become unconscious and remain so to the end. ^That's the fact, and  we must face It. This may be murder,  and the safe way is to get at the truth  now while we can."  "1   won't   have   her  questioned   any  more tonight," said  Kendall, with de-,  cision.   "I've   blocked   off   a   coroner  already   who   was   here   for  nn   ante-  mortem statement, aud I am prepared  for the next'comer.   Miss Miller shall  not be harried Into her grave, and  if  any  attempt  of   the  kind   is   made  I  will  show  a.  few  points  of  law   that  ��� will surprise some of our hit and miss  ofiicials   in   this   town.   A   physician's  authority   beside   his   patient   can   bo  put Into practical'form if the individual   understands   the  subject.   Aud   I  do."  "Your advice goes, with me," Elmendorf hastened to say;'e"btit I,don't  think the particular question I had in  mind could do any harm." ,  "You may state it," said Kendall.  "It was about a picture that I saw  in her room," replied tlie detective,"  "a photograph of a painting. I should  eay. I'd like to know where It came  from; how she happened to get' it.  Ugly looking thing it is, and I couldn't  help wondering about it." ,  "You mean the picture of Tantalus,"  trnid Brenda. J "I saw it. Why do you  attach any Importance to it?"  "If I should tell you. you'd laugh at  me,"'replied Elmendorf. "so I won't do  it just now. But if you should get a  good chance to ask the question"���  "I have already done so. singularly  enough," said Brenda. "She was awake  when I returned to tho room,, and we  spoke of some things that she wished  to have brought' here. , She asked for  that picture. I must have shown my  surprise, for she immediately began to  praise; the picture, saying how much  she admired the facial expression of  the tortured king, and she mentioned  having bought it at an art store"on  Twenty-third street a few weeks ago.  As a'student of facial expression, having her dreams of tragic triumphs some  day, the thing might naturally have  appealed to her."  "I didn't think about her being nn  actress," said Elmendorf. "Thnt explains it no doubt. They like those extreme .typical faces. . I was foolish to  Imagine that tho picture could have  had anything to do with this case."  !  in hor Cii^.-rs. "Y  our  l!.-r-nd:i. inking il  j   llK'Kb.ige. I'Pirelli e?"  "I think :iomeh.'!(ly ought fo n-.-i'l it."  said Barnes, looking at Elnien.lort out  of the corner of hip e\es  Alden thrust fIJmetidorf aside as if  he had been a paper dummy and then  ( hecUed himself. Barnes was already  in the hail.  "I can iiavo no quarrel with this creature." said Alden "As ro my message, 1 appeal to Dr. Kendall "  "This is more than absurd." rejoined  ihe doctor.    "Mis.s .Mac-hum.  whenever  you are ready" ���  As  Brenda   stepped  forward   the   bit  .of paper Hipped  out   from among  the  .tiowers and 'fell  to  the floor.     Elmen-  . dorf picked it up. c  "I hope you won't misunderstand  ine," he-said. "Perhaps 1 see farther  filled than you do.    If 1 was in  Mr.  Alden's place, I'd  let somebody  read  this."  He gave the message to Ltreri'da, who  glanced at Alden as she took it. He  raised his hand ln a gestur* of negation. *  "Now, look here, all of you," exclaimed Barnes.    "Here's this girl In the"���  and he pointed with his thumb in the  ���upposed   direction   of  Elsie's   room���  "who's hiding what she knows.   I don't  flay It's ln this man's Interest, but it's  In   somebody's   interest;   that's   sure.  She wouldn't be tho first woman that's  had the nerve to get' the knife and say  nothing.    I don't accuse anybody, especially not this man, for 1 ain't got a  thing against him.    He's all right so  far as I know.   But what I say Is that  the girl ought not to be getting messages on the quiet."  Alden's face was white as paper, and  his eye's were afire. It Is probable that  every bono in Barries' body ached with  anticipation;' but he had been kicked  too often In the way of business to tlee  beforo the actual contact  "I've stood all of this thnt my system can absorb," said'Kendall, ^'ith a  seriousness that scarcely fitted with  the peculiar'phrase which had come  Into his mouih; "After this dime novel  nonsense of poisoned bouquets I don't  care to have anything more from you.  Get out!"     11  "You're making a mistake," " said  Barnes and \then backed out of the  room, ifrlnn, ag like a monkey, as Kendall advanced toward the door.' .  Brenda replaced the note among the [  flowers andjgave her free hand to A"  ni(.-.i tail: to .somebody. And the <up  uui-id Ju-sl a*5 soon get your secret  out of John Doe as out of you-a little  rattier, in faet. because then you  wouldn't know that he hnd it. Xow.  I've said enough to cost mo  my job."  t  .due  V.'llh  '.\ ew  p.l.'l.V  ladv  has'.1  not  t'-al      shf   ha  .g  .-.hire  one  oi  in   ;i  riiilw.iy  m/lri'Sf-   has  sued   iw  K. 10, (M'O      dnuiiu'vs  ,i' i.i 111,1  t c .si  b-.il/  \ 4)i k  m/lri'Sf-   has  sued   ar-   nnu-  lor,    SI 0,(M'O      dnuiiu'vs.    Any  who simif.s ssnli her hne"S should  tiiore (iainav.es  than  that.  .'I ISJ.it-  j'-en _     It   i.-,  -t   traniuo,,.,,.  h-r     knees   MciiJLoroup.n   ,,..ml,  -let islciit,     ii    to pieheni a  Dnchi ks   win-  is  -I   tradii  B  i'oi  '���'���Hi,  Jl,;';hoh!' siM,ii,i t()  l>a!a.-e  for  the   ih's,   ^" K"'A  ��� tl, &-AP  *. -7fd  . ", am  ' 15. S�� '���  V&k  111  "Dr. Kendall has arranged it."  Alden seemed momentarily to be at  a loss for words, "but he did not struggle for them or labor visibly with emotion. {His manner still remained as It  had been throughout-restrained, mechanical.  "You are true blue,; Brenda," b�� said  steadily.   "You always were."  "I am very glad.to be here," she Interrupted, speaking softly'and leading  him aside. "She is an altogether lovable girl, and I am going to be a sister  to her," she added, smiling, "instead  of to you, as is customary under the  circumstances. I will see that she is  not harassed by questions and that sho  lacks nothing that can posuibiy bo  had."  "1 cannot see her tonight," said Alden.   "Can I send a message?"  "I will take It to her," replied Brenda. "ADd, by the way, I saw somo  violets Iu her room. She likes them  especially, does she not? I think Dr.  Kendall would let mo take In a few  from you."  "In five minutes I will have them,"  said Alden. ,"You will wait here? It  Is vory kjud of you."  He left the room hastily, and Brenda  explained his errand. Kendall's manner led her- to think that she might  have made' an:error In suggesting the  violets, hut it was a very different matter that was upon the doctor's nilnd.  He was making an effort to express  himself when Elmendorf Interrupted  him.  "Dr. Kendall Is worried," he said,  "because he has permitted me to play  a trick upon you. To tell the truth, 1  don't like it any better than he does,  and here is where it ends. I am not a  doctor. I am a detective sergeant  from headquarters. You saw me .at  the Thirty-eighth, street house this afternoon.    My uame is Elmendorf."  Brenda.exhibited surprise, but no resentment, merely saying that the detective^ presence was doubtless necessary for reasons,unknown to her.  "I   am  as anxious as any  be."  she  said,   "to  have justice  dono  In ttiia deplorable.affair.   Do you think  you cuu find  out who committed this  CHAPTER VIII.'  M.AKINO TtlOUBLE.  ?352335jSHILE  Elmendorf was  >. .j speaking    Alden    re  turned, bearing a  bunch of violets wrapped In such paper as  florists use.  "I was gone longer  than I had expected,"  ho said/ "I did not know just where  to find a florist hereabout. They are  all covered up, you see. It is an evening that might wither a flower'with  one breath." ' .  lie passed tbe bouquet somewhat  awkwardly across the big table to  Breuda. who iu the act of receiving it  vvas so startled by the su-.'.deu nppear-  'ance of the ward detective, Barnes,  upon the threshold that she let the  tiowers fall.  ,  With due allowance for its general  lack of intelligence, it may be said that  the countenance of Barnes was full of  meaning. The man looked self assertive, confident and pleased.  "I beg your pardon," said he. "Who  Is in charge here?"  "1 am for the moment," replied Kendall.  Barnes hesitated, looking sldewise at  Alden. Then his glance shifted to the  bouquet upon the table aiid rebounded  in t!n> direct ion of the doctor.  "I'd like lo have a word with you,"  . he-said. -'  "Speak up," said Kendall. "What is  It?"  "Those flowers are for the .Miller girl,  of course?" said Barnes. "Well, you'd  better take a look at 'em before you  scud 'em .In. Oh. they're- all right. 1  guess, but you caii't be loo careful."  "What do you mean?" demanded  Kendall. ;  .Barnes pointed 'a finger at. Alden. .  "That man put something into them,",  he 8Uld.    "I  saw  him do  it.    I  don't  know what It was,   but there's drugs  ���that.  If you. smell of them,  why, It's  your finish."  ., Kendall was too much surprised to  speak. Alden took a hasty step toward  Barnes and collided with , Elmendorf,  who courteously begged his pardon.  Meanwhile Brenda picked up the bouquet from the' table, and as they all  turned toward her she opened the paper over the violets and pressed them  ni-nlnst bor lips.  ;;":? are very fragrant," she said.  "i j.'it'j all right," returned Barnes  doggedly, "but he put something In  there.    What was it?"  "Thit. bit of paper, I suppose," said  den, bidding him good night.  "I shall n : be far away," he said as  the woman" receded Kendall out of the  room. "Tb pre's a lodging house ��� next  door. I shall get a place to sleep there.  Sleep? WeM, at least I shall be there.  You will not fail to summon me If���if  there should be any reason for it?"  "You may depend upon me,"' said  Brenda from tbe threshold, where she  had paused a moment while he spoke.  Kendall went with her to the mouth'  of the long corridor and then returned  to the reception room.  "That mnn0must be insane," he said  to,Elmendorf.    "What did he mean by"  coming her* with such absurdities?"  "He didn't believe ln them any more  than you do," replied the detective.  "He had ho-Idea that there" was anything wrong with the violets or with  the note. He was simply obeying orders." ' t  "Orders'/" echoed Kendall. "Who  could hava ordered him to do such a  thing?"    ��� l .  "I guess Mr. Alden knows," responded Elmendorf. "And, between ourselves, I think Mr. Alden should have  permitted 'the note' to be read right  here. I hojie Miss Miller won't destroy  It." {  Kendall looked at Alden as if to inquire whether such a thing was likely,  but ��leane4 no. answer. Alden's face  had resumjed its rigidity, and the expression which It wore was intense, but  difficult to r.ead.  "However," continued Elmendorf, "If  It hadn't been that it would have been  something else. You're going to see a  good deal of this sort of thing in the  next few days, Mr. Alden."  "A good deal of what?" said Alden.  "It is technically known as 'making  trouble' for ^a man," c replied the detective. "I don't know why I should  ���put you on,' but I'm doing it just the  same."  "Do you mean to tell me," demanded  Alden, "that Captain Neale expects to  extort an important secret from me by  childish tricks of annoyance such a'a  this?"  "Certainly not," answered Elmendorf. "Joe Neale is no such donkey.  Why, he's worth a quarter of a million dollars, and It's a wise man who  can savo as much as that iu a few  years out of a salary of twenty-five  hundred. By simple arithmetic it  would take a man just a century to  do it if he lived meanwhile on what  the neighbors sent in, as they used to  say   in   Massachusetts,   where  I   was  "Nolhiug you  say   to  me, will  ever ,   cost you anything." said Alden     'Tm      ,n^   ,.^3jan   ^^  not a talking man.    By the way, wno ; ._Je, s    uo...   t.on..5sl,.   Q.  are you?" I i.-icl i-i."'H;  sik      iroi-chui;.  "luiioduce  me."  paid  Elmendorf  to ; ,-r. ,_cl.lSo t.nasers.  Kendall, aud the doctor complied  "I   am   pleased   to   meet  you."  said ]  Alden. offering his hand.   "If you find'  out anything important in this ease,  I  want yon to tell me first.   I'll make it  worth your while."  "No. tliuiik you," said Elmendorf  hastily. "As ' ft rule I'm as corrupt  as the devil���but not this time."  Meanwhile Brenda had delivered the  posies to Elsie���whom palu had wakened from a little sleep���with the gentlest possible words and ways.   Sho had",  not nt all the manner of a nurse, but  rather  that  of an exceedingly  tactful  and well bred young doctor.  Elsie  took   the   bouquet   and   very  quietly cried over it for somo minutes  without   discovering   the   no.te   v.'hich  It'contained.   She   did   not   say   anything; she did not ask a question about  what Aiden had said or done, whether  he hud gone away or was still waiting  or whether lie had seemed much distressed by her misfortune.'  Brenda had  lueicly  iai'1   that   he   had  called,  and  that  he  hail  j-'ent  the  violets  because  j they were'Elsie's favorite Uower.   This  seemed to satisfy the girl completely.  ���    Brt'iid.-i had supposed that she wonld  see the mes^a^e at the first glance and  indeed   believed   for   some" little   time  that she had done so, but did not wish  to read  it  immediately.     Finding this  an' error and  fVui-iug  that the  sudden  discovery of It mhdit startle her. Brenda told Elsie that there was a message  and pointed out Its place.  Then .she turned away, as If, unwilling to accept the chance of guessing  from Elsie's face what the note might  contain. When she judged .that the  prober '-interval had elapsed, she approached tlie bed onco more.  Elsie's eyes were shut.' The tears  were .drying on her cheeks, that were  a.s delicate as rci-e leaves, and her right  hand was against her breast,' tightly  closed. Thus she remained until she  fell asleep. '      ' ,  CHAPTER- IX.  A FEW WOT1DS  WITH J.m.'.nOIU'N'SON-.  i'ar    eui��tci-n  ��� t'2  'J.    vgsisi  .]��  -d     eight  MV. Askitt  Ih an artist,  scapes ?"  Mrs.    O'llulYerU  ll-J-'w^v  ::'."i'%  1   "ndw-fcUnd ���,  Uoi-s   l.f.    , r. '"r ii  "        ''',Ji l   loll- i     -Jl'ft  1 '"I. ���-������ ..    ,,',-'?/>  Gr-cjEjp, BrojicisalaSp, Asthma, Gouylis and Gofds  ' Promptly to Os*- Chasers Syrup of Unseed  ,-There are many reasons why you  Should , use ' Dr. Chafe's Syrup ol  Ijinsced and Turpentine in preference  to any other treatment for diseases  of the throat and lungs. Of these  \iho most important, one is the fact  'that it has been tested for years nnd  'absolutely proven its right to first  "position.  N'onnv cva:-> body knows of the remarkable, value of turpentine and  linseed as remedial agents. They  Jia'se I.i_'-ii .so i oi: ..ii.t-'.l svtlii bul! a  dozen " other ingredients in Dr.  Chase's Syn:p ol l.wiseid and Turpentine mm to form a m<,>< t. ihorouu'i-  !y elu-4-tise jti.d nt ihe s.in'io time  plcaa.-iiii   nicdii in.'  An l^ Ii4'; '-h'is l'*e i',i4.i- with nn  iimisiii. Hy fi\\- ,!.-'< U,\ article, l'r.  (."liases !"������,'.. >.- (. I. :i ,'c] i.nd Turpentine  is  imitated.      Thero aro now  llOt-iK     Ol'       |" ������!.  I! ���,' I'll.Si       U|(h II.UIHS  Shu i l.i I* to ('���:-. ..i.'i s'i'i.c even go r-o  fui km le i p-.i':,'!��� H..* hot II" and  ftrnnt'i-r. It ib.'ic*oie hoior: -s no-  ������A"-s.\i y Uu \d" (.. be vcrv can-fid  when   buying.       h.slstt on  see inn    t he  ma signature 0f Dr  ,     Kg  the  wrupper. ' V $Mi  w   that   Dr.   cw,.   .     kM  portrtut and  Chaso on  Wo  know   that   Dr.   Cfaa^t ,,,   MM  of   Lm.seud   ami  Tmp���:iUlj��� ;>!fef|  disappoint you,   becauee j, h,]:,*���&����$���  the    test    of    time,  umj   ,1'   '^IW*  which are at least triple t|lh^fegf  similar  preparation,  tti*j moh.m   'jW0M  'creasing yeur  by year. ��'1!" 1^  As a positive cure for cuw, y      "  chitis,   u,sthniu,   throat   u-,.ii',i|'s   >l  Reveio'coughs  and cohti. p,' (A''  of  , Linseed   nnd'   Tl(..J?1  reputation     whan   i-iu..',,.''^  by     the  cheap    ������, . -{.*  cough     mixture,,   ^.j,^  in   place  of   It   by  mm v Z  Syrup  1ms   a  stolen  jurious  olTered  ci s  I-ven     the     con.sumj.the_ ,.  i<.\.rh-il   the   latter   si^r,,, '()(  hidiotis   disease,   finds  .-k/ie n,  1 foi t   iii   the"  use   of   this   ,  |m Ink'    it.     is   impossible "to  ! the 'countless   number   nf  "  'casus   which    it   has   nitunl!\  I'i'   'Chiifcc'.s   Syrup   of    Liu-.,,.,  'I! lii-pentuic,  25 cnt* a Wale  WhxSi  lly s-;-e, three times  cents. At fill dealers,  Untes & Co., Toronto  ssss  '0 ti|  'in b  c'i' Mtion  ���'���hiriau |  ''^   Seiff, j  fUrnl  zai j  t-'nrj. j  nr  la;  K.I  I'hlHOt,!  1>!  product of chance. He  was born in Daubury,  Conn., and at the age  of nine years he was  left an orphan and penniless.   Immediately after this  misfortune,' iis lie'did  not like tlie people with  whom he was  expected   to   live,   he   walked   out  of  town.    There happened  fo be a  high  wind   that day,   and  the  boy  walked  with  it,   because  the  contrary  course  would have been disagreeable:  No one made any attempt to bring  him back, and so he tramped for about  a week, eating nothing oue day and six  good meals tho next, according to the  varying charily of the people along the  road. 'Finally uu eccentric old doctor  lu a'cerlain small town found the boy'  ,111 on his doorstep one morning, and  that was a great piece of luck for  young Elmendorf. He had a good  home in the doctor's house for eight  years, without care or labor; enjoyed  the advantages of the excellent school's  of the village, and was nearly ready  to enter college when his benefactor  died.  The doctor left a good property, but  no will. Itelaiives swooped d.-nvn like  a flock of birds. Eiuiendorf had not  been adopted. He had no legil status,  and one day he discovered that he had  nothing at all exei pt a trunkful of decent raiment and the sum of $3.GO.  The coincidence that this was the exact fare to New York decided Elmendorf's course. He arrived in the metropolis without a penny, hunted up a  boarding house near the station, carried his trunk thero on his shoulder  and then went out to look for work.  He had many occupations In the  next five years, but none to hla liking.  Finally he been me a clerk ln~a small  hotel which was a haunt of ward politicians. Yielding to the temptation  thus thrown into his way, he developed into a lieutenant of the district  leader, learning more tricks' than ho  had the hardihood lo play and prospering the less becati.se of his scruples.  It became a d"ki.-;iou with him, however, that lie was one of the most dishonest of created beings; that he  would do anything for money, and that  only his hard luck prevented him from  selling his soul at a good figure. Onco  when hi.* affairs were at a low ebb his  patron, suggested the. police, and  Elmendorf became a member of the  force In the firm belief that a corrupt  man-like himself could mako money  therein. But he had a perverso way of  being dissatisfied with temptation,  and he gained a reputation for honesty which his best friends deplored.  It was pure chance, a matter not worthy of mention, which secured his  transfer to the staff of the detective  bureau. He had no appetite for the  work, yet he must havo possessed a  certain fitness for It. -Perhaps the advantage of early mental training, added to an unfailing memory and a perception of little things that was due  to the German blood in him, helped to  make a real detective of him.  -. LXG 'BE CONTINUET>.]  eii s heads ere like oranges Some  tii.ic- liiei'e isn't much left after Mia  tje'. n  bin   one peeled.  I - I  v  Y>Al.  i im:  ��� , .���    ,, ,  ,in,ii     SydiH'v   Ci (isMiitr.   lint.    ��nl�� ^j  ������\\'i>   hnvo   licen      usirrr   I'linnrli-o's  1'  mm   I" (I   them   bv   far   the   I>om   phi-. i{  osei    ti'-i.d   '    1m>i-   Ili>l.c:iU>   und   1 i'l i'i'i'|  Oil     ("ill stllUtiOllh     UlCKO     "i'ls     tic!    'i'l   'E  (HiiiiD     'I'ukcn   in   small   doses    iiire'_f|  i-i   1.4)1 li   it  tonic   and   a   stittjulitnt   iii.i'l  i-ML,itniir  the  sccietloiiH  of   tlio   lic.'i  iut    lone  and   vnror.  Iii   the   AiiHtiiau  uniiy ���  then ��!  12 ."������". Filicides per 1,000 men   .>  '2 ut;   |.(i-   1,000   in      Britain  i>i  (ii'i-riiimy.  ^j     V*s>sh  greasy dishes,   jiot  ���Sluil'i   lever's   I)rs-  So.id,  n  'will  ri move      t he  in ease  gri-utisl   ease  ' ��� I'ee' o   ih   gimii;    to   4 4)illl  11 iiiii i.ext October \ I  . .,-iisiim it, 1 ��<)() there weie  i m..le-.   nnd    1 , I Oil <H)<)   f. ma  K1 ���  ^   , 4  I-I1SI  By soothing nnd suMulpp  tho pain, that's ths way  Minard's Uuiineut Relieves Neoralpi  'I'.1..-:   SJiilInn   of. Knlu ���iidvi.'i-lU<"i  NJn tii in   'i'lirio.M   for   lii.'i   nu-in'/i ��� pi',f'.V  Curca  e  l>a."   Ix.'cn 'stolen.    The   desri ipti"!1  '  iffCe' itninml   is  si rlkiiif,' :  s!<in   r<>'..v,   with''   iv   li'ing.  inoinited  upon   four  of  1 lie  irr:  Ine  leg.-r'     thin  ever  SPrice, 25c, and 50c.-  I  %��� !eip.iiiu>   iimilomy."    [fore  JS j the  privnto  dote<:tlves.  .Ji ��� bo sent  *** I  3;! who   stole, it,   the   duH(:n|)l.i<>i'  siipiiorteil    ��   fn" e  is   ii   ilutnc  mionM   llir '  via  Vancouver  1 >y 'the i'.  ^Ml&iti&Mtm'}^^^  y . feet    (?)     that      the   !>)�����   i-4)��ihi  might   bo kept   in   Caniubt.  1,111 teCifei  gw*^ymM&{7~z^  That man put something into them."  brought   up.   Joe   Neale   knows   that  man Is worried he talks; he  when  .   Novu Scollu niixiur.s'  Deatli Ituto.  1'he death'rate.in t'ho coal mines of  Nova Scotia, was less in proportion  to t'-.e quantity of conl rnineil than  in (itlier the .'-ta.ies or ICnghmd, tho  liKiiris for liiO!, this hist, ohtiiinable,  showing nne do...:h for ITM.OuO tons-  in the United .States. 210,000  in 'England, and 210,000 tons  Nova   Scotia.  tons  in  If is  thai:  not only because.of their great wearing qualities  you  are'recommended  to wear  Style, fit and finish are almost as important.    Granby  Kuhhers  have a stylish, clean cut appearance all their  own, and  are made in  all  the  different  shoe shapes.  ������"Granby Rubbers wear HKe iron. THE   LAUNDRESS'  LAMENT.  MOYlf.,   n.    c.  '%M?sMf  ��Anm%$i%.  '^r uZ> ,-7A''m^��$ A   tourist in  a  remote  part  of  Ire-  *'" S1 La vine   staved  the  eight   ut  a  i     Bless my heart I   Why was I ever bom 7  J oiling anil moiling from morning till night  and  never a rest I    If man  was   mini,? iA  ur io.  i'<���(%)'^pfi  bAWWisx"��� ��� ,,  r'si"Vs^^w;a.\riide  inn ��� not   usually  frequented  z (J#'i'MZwSfiy "tiaitors,  infonned  the landlord in  J"-^^^��itii   i.iorning-,   that  his  boot?,    which  m>  m  man  was   made  to  mourn, wnat was a laundress   made for   certainly not to sing.    31 v hands are nearly  charred off working in filthy suds, ���,va��rVn��  other people's  c'othes,   and  other peoj.hi'l  ���_. _, floors.    No wonder soapmakers give t>ii/.e3  :��bad   been   placed   outside     his     room   with  their  soups.     'I hose   who   i.se   i-onro  " oor.  had   not been  touched.      "Ah,   -'   "  uiv,"  said  the landlord,   "and you  .fjii   I*nt    your   watch     and    chain  Oiil��,- .your room door in this house  Slid llu\. wouldn't  he touched."  the   foup?   ilt-scrve   prize?.     I   nould  rather do without  the prizes and   huve  a  of  ra  wholo skin  :->r. t~m *t*t*  ESS IN  THE FAMILY,  Canada's Largest Exclusive HSar.'s mvl Boys' Outturns Store M  Men's  And as to the mi-trcfas' part of  the bargain���imagine rubbing  tori. fiol!;irs'  ad  and  wa.s  i-ured  of a had   case  of  Grip  ggy >ljNAItI)\S   JL1N1MKNT.   ,        " j  SVDXKY,  V.. B. C. T. liAHVY'). '  , worth into the value of fivodollaifl, ami then  getting a fifty-cent prize for doing  it?   It  | makes one laugh-that is, ,if you haven't to  pay for it. hut I cannot laugh at my sore  hands. Well, well, I suppose what cannot  a* cured must be endured.  ' Hello,  not H&"  \[   Wiis     Cured    of      loss    of     voice  V. 1N A IIIV S  1ASIM EN T.  arnouth. CIIAH.  PLUi'mEJl.  u us  n by  Ut ill.  Cured   of   Sciatica   liheuina-  MIN A WD'S  1A S I SI ENT.  Nfld.     i.EUjLS  S.   niJTI.Ait.'  "ihe liir.e,est  police station     in    the  rorld is  that at  Scotland  Ynrd,i.��on-  _Jon Jt    has     accommodation      for  ,'CO'i policemen.  Iu��t  SI 00-REWARD -SI 00.  |lhc renders of this jiujwr  will  !��e  L,'t-':,h-  to   Icitrii    that    Uktu   is   at    IfstaL   on:  mild    (iiscusti     lhat     bcieni'c   litis    doer:  o  to  euro  In  all   itb siiifti's.   und    thu!  nitairli.    Hull's    Caturrli    Cuie    ih    liiu  y   positive   iini''    now   known _ to     llic  jotliLiil   lYnleriiity    . Caturrls   bo.iifV   u i-'jii-  (tltuuomil    (liseabe    reuuli i-h ' a    i.mi-l itu-  blori.il    tiwntuient.    llali'h    CiiUinh      fun-  till on   InLeriinlly,   aclinc-iliri-i'l ly    i.fiun  i   hlomi    and   mucous   .siirfru-es   of     Hie  ifni;     thereby   destroying   the   fouii'.'n-   n   of   tho   ilisease   nml   iriviiitr   I lit.'   hi-  j^tjerit strength l.y building:' up th'j uoi.-  tltulion and asMistinir nuUiri' in dolnu  work. Tlie [.roprietoi-h huve .��iO much  lil.'i In its. cur-utive poufi-s tluil (.'it-;. <;:���  (Ine t ltuiiiire4J Duiiuis for any cn.su  , It mils to cure. Send fin hs.i 4>i  iiuoiiinls       Adilresh,  I'.   .1.   ClfKN'EY   &   CO :   l'v)li-.h.    <>  ��ld"l.y   drui;��ists.   ".'ic,  ill b   f-'��.iuily  t'illa   nrp   the   ficst  , -.....��, Mary ! what's  the  matter, you  eeern out of sorts ? "  ,      " Out of toi-lM, Margaret, I should think I  ; arn.     Life js_ a burden."  ,   "Oh, nonsense. Marv, V4)U have a fit of the  blues���it will soon pass ofi'." ,  :      "Tho blue-i rniglit  pass off, Margaret,   if  that were ail ; but ruy poor sure hands and  aching back reinurn."  !      " Why,   gak'js hIivc, Mary, what has put  your hands in that state':   What hard thick  i knuckles you've got, and  how lagged your  ��� nails are, too ! "    '  "Hard k'nuekles and ragged nails ! Bah I  What k that to me, I wish you henrrl the  grumbling I have to stand about hard flannels ami tagged clothes after I have washed  them. ��� Hard krmclrles and .ragged nails are  not my only troubles. "  "Yes, but why should the tlinnelaor your  knuckles be hard, or your uaih, or skin bo  cut up in that way?" i>"  "Why, Mirely you knpw, Slargarct, you do  wash in/ as well as I."  " Yes, but I hear no grumbling, and see  my hands, the}- nro as sofL and fresh us  any lady's."  " Why, so they lire, 'Margaret; now, how  is that?'1'  '" I tell you whiit, Mary, you want.to liavo  a (loctfjr's rtilviii ���." " '  " Oh, the ilo.-ioi- may curi: in'y iiaiid.^, hut  lie  won't  Di.jiid,   tin-   clothes   or   boftcn   tho  flannels."    '  ." Oh, ye.-:, l.n will.", '   ,  "'A lioul'ir uifud clothes and soften, flannels !    You always would have your, little  FIERCE  An Amaxiaff EspcrimcEi With Chalk  Iio:stH  ami  n.  Yinesitr  Son.  The amusing experiment of a lillipu-  tian naval battle can be made with  white chnlk arid the ordinary table vinegar. ��� Model, say, a dozen chunks of  chalk to the resemblance of ships, planing the bottoms evenly and using  mutches for masts, smokestacks and  .turrets. The rival forces you can'distinguish by coloring the enemy's sh'ips  with black ink, leaving yotn 0-,vu -white.  Having placed them in a pan or plate  close to un imaginary dividing line,  poiir a good quantity of vinegar between the chalk sticks. Instantly you  w,311 hear an,audible seething, like ths  hissing- of  shells   ia   actual   warfare,  Dodd's Kidney Pilis Cured Mother  and Daughter.  Tweed  3  community grows  d.i.\ . '-Tried ' and  is the verdict  doyens   of  cuitcs  ftJii 11.an a  ias  over   iU.OOU   uiitlior.-;  onimf/  Sftl ���  #nil-  XO' i  Jin  liriK      (e  I In'   leapt  nr'i:  eider  injurious"  u     \\ recks  i n  I'i-      1'.an iii an,     oi  injurious , e.lcuhol i(  fiiui   beiT.   while   the  is    can   de   <-oio''i!"  the   h<'ti!t!i    of   niuir.  pn  Iri 14  lit I  i \ai-io-is jkm nuiiient boaids ol  dial ion und ni bit i at ion in the  id States uu.' known to havo  id oS."i labor tumbles during the  '���ear.  ' t^^M^^Sri ere     is    darker   in     rn-flert  n ���   a  ' -** *��� arjEaslfSglil       V.iinv     who     ba\u     died    of.   fmi-  iil'lien   de'ed   i'    tioii!>',,s     I'ft.to '  jcisuie    fo.llo.wed   ljv   a  cold     -.  'i    h'!  lied  iii!���iiri'  lun;.cs   and   in  a   short  ttinie they  wore  beMmd   the skill    'of'  Mi\,  i i'.--t   nhvsiciaii      Mml   thev      i.s.-.l  ,-'%fM^Birkl^'.s Anti-Ooiisim.-i,w  Sm-up   le-'  AhyW^ltorc it  wfis lor. I -��1 -*   tlic;r lives wo"l I  ^WS-lia-ve hii-n  snared.    This  inedieiun luis  'il, arig^yu) .< iniii I      f(>r     curinr-   eon  jo!,e, Marg.-i'ret  ".Seriously, Mary: lam not joking, aim I  will'lell yon a secret. H-ive you ever heanl  of Sir fJharles Caun'ron ''. Vi'oll, he is t.ne of  the highest authorities in Kinrlnud. Ire was'  l-'resiileut of the Koyal College of .Surgeons,  and hiii a- w iiole string of letters at  the end, of his name. Well, I read  n simple statement he made one day, and it  cured ine of sore hands, hard knuckles,  aching back, softened tlie'flaniiels, and prevented the clothes going so soon to tatters."  " What a funny doctor, and what was it'  you read ?" '  "He said there-was something he used himself, and'ho recommended it towoinen when  washing clothes ; and I said to myself, I will  try that. 1 found out that Queen Victoria  herself used thc same in hor castles in England, and that further convinced mo. You  know, Mary, thesa people havo, u means of  knowing things that we poor "people take  years to find out." "n  " Well, what did Sir Charles Cameron  say "  <���<..' o  ami  It CM  ��trick  SMS,  �� not  [AN.  mini   nl!   nn"ecTion.s wjf   the   throat  |lUIIgs  trJiiuc  is   in  existen.-o nn   exnet     re-  |rli<u     of     .St.      .Mark's     Campari !-',  ��it7ioivh   4>u   n   smaller-  scale,    li     wa.s  hull   I'M) .M'.irs  ago   by   the   rr  igathi-i ine    I!,  at     Xarorhta,  province of  Kostroma.  ���Mil press  in   I lie  SIX    OILS.���Tito,    most   conclusive  .stii-ioin.  repeatedlv laid before    Ihe  jubiiu   in   the  columns  oj   the     d-tilv  gpi i ss    rrroves     tluit   lip, 'riw,.,..,<8-   T,-f._  liecti k;  ()il-an   uTAn 1 ui A.! "l.[l\:^ Cl\*.  ���iiiril.ion  of  six of theline.sjt,  ivined~:i)  117., Ul /-N1-;lL:��t'0~LV!2u'(li^   ��heiuiii.,ti��-  ?ai,i      e:i.du-al(..s    aiiecfirns     of      ', '��� ���  liioiit  and     lums    ami "n.ris   .-."le"  loiuids.     sores   ,   lamen.-s^       tnpiors  JUr rih. and  in uiru-.-. til  hjix's ... ,j ,.,M.  ,��  I I  ��  a ��i  Huiig.uy. which u..s tlK. Cost ,joun-  li\ on the coiilineiit. to adopt cwiei-  |oi the i-ollectioii and deliverv of let-  |rrs, i.s about lo make another natal le departure ,,, t|10 lIst. of ,MOto,  us  Kr  this work.  linard's Liuimeut Cures Dandruff.  I'l-up  and   hi'uns   arc   the   most,    nti-'  :itious   of   vegetables,   containing-  a.s  Smell    carbon   ns     wheat   and   double  _i:i'iount  of muscle  foruiinir-food.  ��"*  WILL RICS YOUR HOUSE OF  FLIES IN A FEW HOURS.  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS  "Well, it was simply this: 'I have carefully analyzed specimens of the .Sunlight  Soap ��� 'I he points in the composition of this?Soap tnnt'are most valuable  are its freedom from'��� free alkali, i!m large  percentage of fatty acids which it contains;  and the purity of thc mateiials employed in  its preparation. 1 employ tho Soup, and'  from my actual experience of it can strongly  recommend it.'"  '.' I havo myself found from experience���  and it stands to reason ���thnt sojps loaded  with alkali must ruin tho hands and destroy  the cloihcs. * 1 found there was no senso iu  burning my hands during tho day and rubbing glycerine on_during tlie night. Thoy  never got time to get better. Sun ight Soap  being mrnle from pure oils and fats cannot  hurt the hand or the <:!<>{he-:. Imagine the  foolishness .->f rubbing tho adulteration of  oiiimon si-.aps into tlu .skin and into the  clothes, and then hiving to wash out not  merely the original .'hi t of thi* cklhes, but  tho. S4jiiji niiiille-a: on a1- well���that U,  wn-liing d rt ^Zi'.h nirl. Simplo Siuion could  scarcely do Morse. '  ' Oh, Murgurel," t wish 1 had known of  this before. My hands might have been  like yours to-day. I will try it in my next  washing.''  i "Do, Mfuy, and be scire itip Sunlight Soap,  and ask for. the Octagon bar, It is an ideal  chape for the laundry. And just a word  before' 1 go, Mary, if you find that 3'our  grocer does not keep Sunlight Soap vou havo i  only gob to send his name and.address to  Lever Brotlici-3 Limited, Toronto, and thoy  will send vou a sample of Sunlight Soap  without cost."  1 "Norn. -Tliia is a'.polutfly a fnct, and it mo.ina In  cvery-day lan��un};e thut tin.1 skin cannot bo hurt even  if Hip liaaJs arc iiniiicri!',il for lioun in the suds of  Sunlight So ip, 1-ec.iiise IhN soap ih mado from oils  and fals ]>ure enoiiiili to cat; and there Is none of  that huriiing senuation that is caused by alkaline  poisj;i9. , OM.  HEADY FOIt THE FHAY.  while ships, as If pulling _up atearn,  Trill begin to'move forward In'slow  revolutions, leaving behind them  white streaks of foam such as-are  observed in the ,wake of moving vea-  sels. When meeting at the dividing  line, they will have attained quite a  respectable speed,.bumping and cufiing  , together in the endeavor to' push one  another farthest from the dividing line.  The engagement often proves an excit-  .ing one. Of'course the side has won  which ,lfas the larger number of ships  nearest the center after the affray.  The chemical solution of this seeming  mystery is quite,, simple. Chalk,, being  largely carbon, combines with the'acid  of. the vinegar in carbonic acid���the  same gases that cause the effervescence  of most' mineral waters. 'The gases  rise to the surface of the vinegar in  small bubbles of sufficient strength to  cause the current which turns the  chalk.  Since the patriotic youth will want  to see the American boats win, it will  be well for him to remember that the  best quality of chalk contains the largest proportion of carbon, it will also  prove of advantage to plane the chalk  'carefully, so as to permit it to glide  easily.���Harper's."  Mrs. S. ISarnuiii T��IUU<m fjfc'r Knckaeho  I-risapjx-areci and Wer Daughter Found  ir(-altli.  Madoc. Out., April  27.���(Special)-  The  hold     those   standard   Canadian  remedies,   Dodd's   Kidney   Tills,      are  obiainjng   on   this  slronLrer    i!.,\     I.e.  found   not   wnntii.tr  awarded   to   them   in   '<  when-   these   numerous   ailments  arising from  di.,.-:iM-J   k,(:,,.,s  have banished   the  health   and   threatened   the  fives   of   peopK-   till    Dodd's      Kidney  Dills have come to  their relief.  And a.- on.- v. ho ��� h,-is . been benefited  Irom Dodd's Kidney Dills 'recommend', thoiii to another and he or she  in turn finds relief and health, it is  not to be wondered at that ,whole  families unite in singing'' their  prais.-s This is what the Barnunis  aie'rioir:-     Mrs.   B.   I'.a.-num   suvs :  "I had been troi';bh;d with backache, one. of the fir-..1, '.'-;;. mj.toms of  the 'puim'ul -iri'] d.-imrr-i o::s .Kidney  ihs^u'es I had Ixvn fold that" Dodd's  Kidmy Dill- were a sure cure, arid  iesohed lo try fhern The backache  soon d;s,,|>(.enreil, and has not come  !>acli , .,'t'is a  most   sal isfnelnry chit.  ''M\   <!.: ..i;i:l. r   ,\nr.:r.   loo.'wt's  riiti  ssss^s^ssggs^ssss^Bsag  mr��ct��nr  The purest of all-wool Scotch Tweed*  (imported)  in the latest fashionable  weaves and mixtures.  Perfectly   Tailored   Suits   in   the  smartest futinif Single Breasted  te V bacque styles. Your local dealer  h I will ask at least $12.50 to $15.00 for  cy. equal value.  Seird   for our   samples   and   self-  mcasurexuent forms.  OUR CATALOGUE.   The;hand-  , somcM money  "v:ng book over published. Just frcih  from the press, raid describing the best  Clotinnjj in ths world, it's worth  dollars to you���a post-card will COCC  bring one .    .     lilEC  Toronto, Ojrit.  3S2  rOUB MONEY  BACiC SF YOU DO HOT L8KE  ROSE & LAFLAffll��Ef SELLING AGENTS, MONTREAL  lio'.v  ;���   mul   oi.t'o;   so;!--,   and   snh'ect  .io   >  i<\:-.:s-      D'yllf-     ',< .  ':,..;,      1','H.s      },.1(|  'ibil  '   ll.e   -c   :>,e.'>-:i,  -.���<).  <'-    \-; ,- (. D 1V(    1���0  11 '.-  l.'i'-m   i ���   lii-i-  i'.|.,o     'I i...   rcsuil   is  her  i'i!',:   "'  ������',' ������ e .-.mi  .,!,... , j.s   in   i-ue.d  heal  -h ii.va.:;..."    '   ���             ,         '  Vh  ���   next   international   ��:',n\ c,il ion  O.l     1  (i''..'icnio;.;s   V.-i!|   he^iu   in    Iter-Joi  ���a,   i  i >     2'Jn:!   {>etoi)4.:.   and   com in- ,���  :" til  the   2C,lh.    ri''\4 (J   'da\s     u;lj     |.(-  iii--, o  ed   (,o  ,i   can-mi   '-xi'iu'iimt-oii   .."  (J life,-  of t,h  ��� 1.1   estiibii.-;,",,,:(..,;.(..  for   the i u-:. t  .'  .ili.-.ost   uni\-ei'yt..j   i,t..st .  The Cat and the Douglinnts:  This is a true story that my grandmother told me about her. cat and dog.  She used .to Gnd the cover off her  doughnut jar and also noticed that her  doughnuts disappeared.  One day she heard a noise and found  that her cat was on the sbelf wbere  the doughnuts were kept.  " Then it put its paw in- the jar and  drew out a doughnut and pushed it off  the shelf, and the dog, who was looking up at the cat, caught the doughnut  ln his mouth and ate it '  When they found they were caught  they acted very guilty.���Our Four  Footed Friends.  A. Popular American Consul  Xaijada Says lis Knows o( ',.  . Keiuarkable Cures  Wrought by  ainc's Celery Coiiiponnd  The Oreat Springllediciue.  Ihe claim  Lhat Paints Celery Corn-"  Pound is  the only  lamest  medicine in  lhe  world,    for     the cure  of   rhemna-  iism.   iieuniigia,   nervoits  diseases,   is   i'u 1 iv   '  and    blood  _     lonie  out   by    the  strong .and  corivii.einjr   haters  of' tcs-  timoii.N   received  ,.' conshtiitly    bv   Mis  propiietors   of-tlK.   pi,,,���|s,r   mcJi  .Notini.g else has  thing   like   (.ho  ei'y   tJomjiound   to  ^cine  ���'er possessed  any-  [JovviT  of   Daine's   Cel-  ..restorc  a healthv  tfm  irrow/  Lal<c>1'...B.'C.  if Mini  |0!��n  hese   miraculous   Bprinfrs,  SS.   �� V,n  l,ho  "H'mory  'al,.,W,',")''i   'nv''(-'1    oblivloua   antfdoti.i  JUiwWi.il   l.cnvll.v  ^Wt'J':ft^,o   nuu-cr-G.vc  ,.KV  e Halcyon Hot Spring? SanitariuiiiBX.  _fl_r |{AiH���5,15  to   11$  rer  ^ek;  i  i  lo  A   h'rench   lady  has  ser.i   out   to tiie  ipe a  mirnhei' of sheep as a  present  lV.ers.  A   Hole  Through  Your  Hand.  Not a real hole, you know, but just  a simple little trick to make you think  you see one. It is what tbe scientific  people call an optical illusion.  Roll up a piece of stiff writing paper  so as to make a tube about twelve  inches in length and one inch in diameter. Hold this close to your right eye  with your right hand and keep both  eyes wide open.  Now, open your left hand and hold  the side of it against the tube about  two Inches from the far end, and a hols  will appear in tbe middle of that hanti.  tin  sed,'  a  rooted  iiorrow  troubles   of    the  nor-,  upon' Kidney. I.jvar  VVfVS  Slo'ous   fii  ti!.-   ��.->!(!������   SyN(��>iii. ' ''-  ilhere arc ul le:i'-.| tweiily moons in  b solar system ."���.���unm a lone iias  '1^1 I   the bie^es: i.;' tliem. Tifn'n.  t���^ i   y twice the  bem;  ���a��P?p% S u,>    '''' |-,osst^'';''''  r��l,r'.-"ninging hi  di-  ^tlsF1'llsi011s   upward' from - Kuropn,   just'  *fS��i^f2l��boiIt ����..In'fKo ns the orb of (erresiriai  ^M^1'1' ' ,0   ^.'Miymedn.   greufest   of   all  Z Wknov, n moons, with a diameter of 3.-180  *-S*Wiilcs.' whereas the moon belonging to  4^Lls W01'kl ls 0,ll-v -'u;0 I1!'!<-^ through,  v %? ' : ������      ��� ' ���  *]^Laws should  he clear,  uniform and  " Piense.  To interpret I hem is nearly al-'  1     'I'lit'i v    ili-vi-r    was   anil   tu-.er   will   lie   n  ��� iinlvci kuI  panacea,   in uiiu  ifiiu'tly,, f t> i"  all  -ills   lo    which   (lesii    is   heir���tho   very   iifi-  j ture   nf ' miiuy   lurn t.ives   lieinn   such    that  I'were-' thi"   i;erins   of  .other   nnd   dilTcr.ent l.v  , senioil, discuses' roi'ited   in   the   syst'4-iii  "of.  , tlav patient���what    would    relievt'   olie    ill  via   turn   would   atrnriivale   the   other.    We  j have...   however, '   in     liuiiiiiie. Wiiie,   when  ob I iiiiinhh; in '-sound,   uiiadiil t ornteii  i-.tii.le';-  ' a foniody for uiany  anil frrin-ious ills.   By  i il.'J  K-i'iuliinl   Anil, jurlicious  use ���'. nc -fra llcsi  s,; ".turns    i\ie    led   into   tun i iilcu'eure   nini  'sirciiKth   li_v   I lui   iniliitMK'i!.  \\ hii-li - Qiiinitic1  | exei'l s   on   iial.uro's   own    rivtoralives.     It  i relievos     thp    tlroopiuir    spirits    4>f   thosi'  jwit.fi     Mliom.    a   chronic   stale   / f 'morbid  (despondency   and   luck   of   inteiisl    in    life  ; Is.  a    disciu-.o    and     by   truiiquilizinu   the  : uervi.'s,   disposes   to   sound   und   refreshlriH.  s'lc'op���iiupiirts  viiior   to  thu  action  of  tlie  '���'blood.      which,    hcirirr   st iniuiiil.eil,' courses  .throunh      (.lie    veins,. ' si rer'.i^l lieuiiiK     tho  , healthy   animal .functions   of. the ..system,-  :-thereby   inr.ltin.cr-'activity   a   ncci'ssnry   ri1-  > *ult.   strenicUiciiine;   the  frtMiie  und   nt vine  .life  to   ihe ilipestivc   orciiri.i. which   im'.u-  i rnli.y dcmniHl   incri;u.sed ��� substui!ce--iiisult,  improved   appetite.    Nortl'irup   <t.   Lyiiiiin,  of  Toronto,     hnve     criven.to   the   public  their Superior  Quinine  Wine  ut. -the .usual  rate.-    arid,     nuaiced     1>.V   Ihe   opinions   of  .scifnti.Hts,    tip's    wine, upproucites   nearest.  Pfo  Remainder.  "Seven sheep wero standing  By the pasture walll.  Tell me," said the teacher ,  To her scholars small.  "One poor sheep was frightened,  Jumped'and run away;  One from seven���how many  Woolly sheep would stay?"  Up went Kitty's Angers���  A farmer's daughter she.  Not so bright at figures  As sho ought to be.  "Please, ma'am"���"Well, then, Kitty,  Tell us If you know."  "Please, if one jumped over.  All -the rest would go."  ���John W. Nelson In Little Chronlclu ���''  iii'i-vons  tone to  the entire body    and  to thoroii-rlily cleans,., the blood.making-    it     impossible    r,>,   ilKHiiiialiMii  ncuralgi.i, Mini   other   troul.le.s   to  find  lodgoment    in   the   system.     .Ministers  professional  mon '.general I v.     newspaper men,  public officials mid. all brain  woike.-s.   men   whose  daily   outlav   of  vitality,    because-   of     hard.      tryin-r  anxious   work,   is  excessive,   lind"    rv-  uewed  neive strength   and   \itality   in  I'ainu'B    Celery    Coiiipound.      General  Wm.   W.. Heui-i.   American   Consul   in  t lie' city  ol   iiui li.-c.  sayu :  "It gives me ;:ieat pk-asuro to in-  "���-���- I'.-.'ik-'s C-'lery Compound.both  on account of tho results obtained  '���"in pei^onai use of the remedy aud-  knowleii-e of the remarkable cures  it has performed'. I hcliuve it has  no enual in curing diseases of the  nervous system and building up those  who. are. weak and out of health, rt  bus cured several friends of mine of  rheumatism in its worst /onus. an<  1 have no hesitancy in recommending  it  to all  afflicted  with  that disease ''  ..it. is now definitely announced from  Athens that the next Olympic games  wiit be'held in  the spring of 1901-,  ittinard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc  iliissia for fifteen years has eiicoiir-  e.,,'ed the cultivation of cotton in  -| ur.<e��uiii. and she has succeeded.  In "ItsSO the cotton crop was V6.U00  bales, while the estimated production   ;������)!���  TOO.'i  will   be  nO-l.OOO   bales.  44HMrru clegs ^^^^4^^^     -^4^  /4k��&<<6&' 4s?w &s a&v-tO duo?,  perl'ection    of    any   on  drtigB-ists   sell. it.  the   market.  s^Wins to corrupt them.-Voltaire.  !  S  ,'lf  I    t  .___   } n��w. tlie Aneientii RcKrnrilc'a Iron.  V^lhe niicienl  Kgyjitiaiis believed that  Mrou was.the bone of Typhon, the ene-  frlny or Osiris, and for this reason it was  ",, .Considered Impure.   No one could make  ? ,,^se ��r jt even  for the most  ordinary  jilrefpiliemenfs of life-without  polluting  ^Ms soul  in  a   wny  v ulm  hnrm  both  - - Other world.  'A  JA  , rl*/t  IM      ������ t**S >  Oil  that  would  cause  earth and  in  the  .The  other  The   'Piisunb.  (hum!)  is sliongei- than all  firigci'f.; loii'i'ihor.  All  tha  '" Compoallloii  Game.  A single article is shown for a limited time,'then put nway. All are fur-  ���riished. with pencil and piiper and told  to Write as eoriipleto a description asi  possible,.but in few words. The.papers  are collected, and the words on each  are counted. A prize is given to tho,  one who has used the fewest words iu  a good description.  ���-  THE   iMANUFACTURERS   OP  STOCK FOOD  TO ENC0UI1A0E ITS, USE are kIvIiik  the following prizes' for competition at  the  Winnipeg  Exhibition,of  iy08.  $175li^e0L0  At "Wliinlpej  Kxliibilloii ...  W~   THEHOi  Domsnds Sound Horses Only;   '  Lime .hornet sell nt \cr.t th.m half their actml value xncl  arc uciihei' ueiiral.ii; for u\e or sale.   Thc remedy  is cisy.   A taw liotUes of '     ,.  Menagerie  Gnmi),  The boys and girls are seated in a  ring, aud one begins, ''I am a bird, red  aiid green, aud can do what no other  bird can, have a hooked bill," etc. The  first one guessing "parrot" describes  himself as a bird or animal to be guessed by the others./  T?if   H'.-li"    [;:i':l<;ljijt   .'.ft.  Mv"i'--'Ii: 'oh'l.'ii t:;im-lt i-^ said that it  was I'lossiii'ie for :.  im'in to c'tider him  self i:ivi:'-:i!)!f.  (-iy.fr i'sIijiv.-.' 'i'ii.-il's pnt itt. rill  tmirkuble.-' .\i.'!i i:i i his eoun! ry niv  iiii;it "V.'i-y i!.:,v.  My .���!���    V.h.i v!t;n'!    tell   me  thfy hmmj^.f i,':  C.yei'-���r.y i.i.ri'i'-viug fiiiiious wonic.'!.  What  Wlllto  Thonjtlit.  A thunderstorm came up very suddenly accompanied by a high wind.  When the black clouds rolled over the  sun and it began to grow dark, six-  year-old Willie sagely remarked to his  mother, "The wind blowed tbe sun  out."  redo  I low   do  A   Hen's   Clothe*.  At little boy on a visit to his grandmother saw her plucking a hen.  "Do you take their clothes off ievery  night,   grandma?"   h��  asked  wonder- j  <ngly.  FIRST   PRIZE.  For . the heaviest calf, any pure breed,  or Kr��ide, born after the 1st January,  1008, fed on Carnefac Stock Food. $100  in  ifold.  SECOND   PRIZE. .        '  For the second .Heaviest Calf, any  pure breed, or ��rrade, born aftor lot of  January, 1903, foci on Carnefac Stock  Food.   $50  iu  cold. .':..'  THIKD  PltlZE.  For   the   third -heaviest   calf,   any   pure  breed,  or frrade,   born   after 1st  of 'January.   1903.   fed  on   Carnefac  Stock  Food  $25  in  gold.  CONDITION'S.  Only one entry will be allowed from  each Fanner or Stockman, and stock  niust be exhibited at tho Winntpeir" Exhibition.  Evidence must be produced at the time  of exhibition to show that the animals  were fed  on   Curnefnc Stock Food.  Cainofac has proven a decided succesn  bringing into condition and fattening  where other foods fail. Send for leaflet,  giving tho views of veterinarians as to  tlie merits of Utirnofac..-Thoy all speak  highly  of it.  TRY CARNEFAC TOR YOUR STOCK.  W. G.   Douglas, fflianufneturer,  PrJncess Street, Winnipeg.  You  can  obtain   it  from your  dealer.  jgsa=2��e==^��VMtf��Efia��5����se����i>Bs^^  '���%ZS  will worfc a perm-incnt cure Tor Sparine, BinRbonc��.  Bpllnts. Curbn. clc. ami ail furins.nf 1-f.rnoneaH.  It cures thoufiantls of cases nniuislly,'' Sttch fiulorsunieiits  as the oiiofuHowiiif; arc a guarantee of nlcrit.  Cured two BoneSpavIns of Ten Years', Standing.  Earh-nie. N.Y., ^^ar. xr, 1901.  Dr. R.J. K��*nd.^n Co., ti'THtleincn :��� Some years njjo 1  used your lCt?i:ual!'s Sn.ivin Curci-ti .1 horse that had two  Bono fipnvIns, audit,removed them eii'ireiy. Theso  SjKivius h.itl b��en 0:1' lunl from birth- and were of ten  years' ��.taiwl:r.:��,, I now* h\'.t*;i case of a mare that was  injured by falhin? throiir;h a t>ricls;e, ond ,1:11 froiny to civo  Iter complete irc.itrncr.t v.\th jour Spavin Cure, Please.  snid me a copy of your " Tre.iuse on thc Horse and his  Diseases." Yours very iruiy, CLARK. O. }'ORT.  Prlco $1 ; six for 55. As \ liniment for family use  It h.is no cqu.il. Asl:.ynnr :!nrs'i;ist for Knudall's  Rpnvln Curo, also "A. Treatiso on tbo Horso,"  tlio book free, or address  DR. C J. KENDALL CO.. Enosburg Falls, Vt.  %fA^f   ��*?==*-? -,^i.-N--s��v  ���        If' ���$$#��&���*��&<      *��  is one of the most important  things for every -farmer to  consider.  ..���Blood Purifier  ���w'dl build up a run down horse.  It tone3 up the system, rids  .stomach'..of hots, worms and  other parasites winch undermines an animal's health.  msmm  A pivtt.y hat is to a woman what  a .'(lin.'iK.-iui  stud   i.s  to a hotel  <-leik.  A ton-.lile (jx|tlosion took place nt  the North western Star (HI coiri|.)ari.v's  plant. Minneninilia. resi.iltiri{f in the  death nf eleven  persons. jr ^V"  f~*  U'  *2i^i".^5,<?'^,^rr,ywri?<*jfisKsJs��i  .t  rJ�� j- "-^sr rrynrrCZC  T'j:^?!?^5?^'^  ^^w*-'^-*),  i;.:.Si lib'FOE SALEfcptaiMfe  ^"ablishcd jj^ f: i17 o {<������*��� -.:. A. ihs peoplf j ^  of fV'cv:? r.j-.tl Lr-ct Kootenay.  c  . .j. svysH ft- co.,  ruiiilalioi'u.  K..-TES O*-" SIHlSClin>TIO>".  tx^s&n^a*-  > ie Year...  ...5C.00  SATURDAY, MAY 23. 1903.  Vtxj nw^.tiauoCT  The late Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone  'once said: "Nothing except ihe mint  can make money without advertising."  This is why Gladstone is remembered  as the Grand Old Han  Tiie winter of 1903  seems   to   tarry  'Ions.    ���  fWaizime Gauifrier, oi Montreal,  Suffered for Two Lang Years'  Before She Obtained ',  Any 'Relief.  Then S^e .Tried Powlev's Liquified  ���* *  OzGfie���Tlie Disease Germs  Were SpeedUy Destroyed  and She Was Better.  ,    ItcskieiKiv.l ;,lcis   on tC.ampboJl  street.  Kcsicientia!    lot3' on  Tavistock  street.  House aej lot on Victoria etreei,.  House ami   lot on  Lake Shore  ayenue.  Business  street.  ����*v'. i'* . i***  "^r  -^'j.a.-Ci* ���* :-���,'  ~v"i1    *k & *-i  Aloc-b in tii<> I. 0. O. l'\ h.all every  y.-^.u.'iiy e-.i-.-iing rt b o'clock,  Vi<sit:i2��- brethren a:n cordially ia-  vitod  to   attend   J.-!-cyo  meefinga.  St Eugen  ������'.T  olock    on    Victoria  Pnu.iv Summers,  Trea.  E^���i-Ai.Yl~.'T'J3!imj. *^mjnll  T. F. Joikwsxon,  Sec'y.  1  r���m M**-aTK*e*JXM  Wlien last seen McKenziei the Frank ~  fakir, wad   hitting   the  tics towards She Is Now Completely Cured and  Spokane.   -No doubt hu is going therej       Pronounces Ozone a Truly  to meet Roosevelt   urr,l   tell   him   his  tioubles.  f^*s*VKU��iii*i��*,(**rwp��mi;'BT*hWS��wri  If ihe Dominion govern incut ir-  going to uo anything for the lead  mi:iiowners of the west it is-iiigh time  it was doing it. ��� Tlie people are be-  I'orning an'xious.' . '  Marvelous   Remedy.  It  Good dairy, business near town.  Mining stock,  FOB KENT.   ���  . Ofiice rooms and living appart-  merits on Victoria street.  Houses for rent.l  We do   a   general  commission  business.  A Vancouver _.binaman had noticed  i. .: Judy i:..dlers'Jij/t cards when ' thev  ������-L.j.ii no one at the nouse.   .Si�� Jie had  earua printed which re-.n}: "Please stay  home tomorrow. You buv vegetables."  I rejoice to bo  oble to etato that  after two long | Box 35.  j^bi^-v 3'<?ar<j of groat suf-  [^JaB&gU foring from bronchi tip, in -which I  was thc victim, of  a most distressing  choking,     Mia  Farrell & Smyth,'  aroYrE, b. c.  uorac-wansnaariMiMMvri wc������  Premier Prior lhay not have been  implicated in the East .Kootenay   coal  , land muddle, but tbe fact of him allowing the implicated mi misters to  continue holding oiiiee looks had.  Xheio seems to be but one way lo ,do,  ��nd that is tocjibsolvo thc government,  "appeal to the country and   reorganize.  POWLEY'S  LIQ'UiFfED  OZONE  a    CURES  DISEASE BY  DESTROYING  ��� DJSEASE  "    GE[<MS  WHEREVER  LOCATED  \h  smothering ' sen?a-  tion. I  havo  boon  completely    cured  ' bv Powloy'a Liqn-  ined Ozono.  |   ��� I   consider  it a  ^ truly   . marvelous  8  .��� L^"^' '���"��� -   .?   remedy and warm-  ^ffiJSSi^^^^    J?,^Goommenj it to  ,   ���   ^<-ixj&F^ til.  (Si^nodi   MME. T. GAUTHIER,  701 Qfe. Paul St., Montreal, P.Q.  <['  Hiseiug tbe ISlble.  The 2fo: tii Carolina  iegislautre   iias  just enacted  a law  doing  away   with  - the practice of   kissing "'the   bible   in  courts and'other places where an oath  it to be administered.  Jt acorns the cuGlom   originated in a  timo of BUivr.-ni'ion, when   it   was   an  article.in everybody's faith that, if   the  mardei'br could be mad3 tc  touch   his  "'.[   dead victim the wounds would  break  >*   out afresh and blcod   would  proclaim  :'.   the mjscreant's  guilt.    In those days  r   they believed thai if   a person ��� kissed  Cures; Pain Instantly  ���   in "any pari: of bodv.  Without taking a drop of  medicine. All the superficial  pains are relieved without the  big risk ol tak,}3g dangerous  drugs into the' system. Its  work   is   simjrly   marvelous.-  J#kp^       I O. O. F.  ifJv** yil~-^yc^i  I VV&^-^^i^   Wlldey.I.'oi]KO No. -JI  Meets every Monday evening in  their  [ hall  on" Victoria  street. ��� Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  A. D. Dku.ii.vond,        F. J. Sjiytjj,  xiToble Grand. Sccr'y.  ��ws*��giJvr>^j3rar��eggfiL��uaa*r��tarj��JMUBga,iL^^    i mmiii bii nm > nun an i ���  Moyie Board of Trade  Meets dn the first Wednesday  ,    evening of each    month at  ft o'clock sharp in the court  ' '   hoiifaC.   '  Jajiks Cuo.vin, Hon. Pres.  A. P. Macdonald, Pres.  P. F. Johnston,       '      R. Campbell,  . Vice-Prea. Sec'y.  Harvey , '&'  ficGarter,  FORTSIEKUi'.B. C X  Uario)-, atcCftrter & flnkbam,  REVELSTOKE, D. C.  mountain  ?m * v*, ^ ^m" Ca I  minessn  The safost buy of the   Eeafcon, and   you   will  double your  monoy in three months.    The company thave   32   alainie,  which surround the St. Eugene  mine���tlie  largest  eilycr-  ��� lead mine on thc American continent.  TV  reasury mock  llio  -.-.I  :'\  -. v  .'A  ''��1  fi  p.  ft  n  u  m  is u  Barristers & Solicitors.  yj(lFor Particulars apply to  FARRELL :& SMYTH.  t.hfe bible and then told a lie he would  drop dead. Modern enlightenment,  however, has shown us that the.per-  ��� jurer kisses and survives, The liar  prospers. He kisses the bible a&  readily as lie vyoultl kiss a table or a  chair, and then reels off his falsehoods  'with an un'jfiifdod brow. Honest men  vail I all the truth wiUiuut any prov-int'  ir.g ot; Fuperst.ticn. - ]5;sh4!ij.-?t men j gf j;  will 1 jo as fluently in tho pawnee <���  .the bible r'- i'i t!-al "r tho dicii ....'--'  or tho ?l'.5a.V' -V.ifhiirjj'rju 1 o^.  ..>; v. \~-'. .:,���-.  Tn ? in.'.��:��� Tr >���      ' ��� ���   -,    ..". .. i -.,<  Stooped Ir.-.-, .,ud  i  0 �� BARRiaTJSK, SOT.JCITOH, TI'l'C.  CRANBROOK.      '  MOYIE. B, C  %  ft  P-'  fa-    ���  j   ty BOX 3?>.  B. C  BK. F, E. KING,  raiibrook, 33,0.  I CZ  ���n[if-|nM-wrin<mrnriri nnm iimmj 11  NcraiO'wt,.��<[-ai'uiMatt.'>i^i��^r^i  ?r-f��i  MADAMS GAUTHIEK;  The  folioviiifr   arc   brief Extracts  from the letter^ of rt tew o* rhe many  ;lmi?dreris  oi  p'orf-ons -\-.-ho have  bten  enr-^u oi broucii: -.1 affections bv Pow-  loy'fl LiquiUiul Oaoue:  JOHN iv:. SMITH,  Sp5 Vr'eilington prrer-.!. Tendon, says:  "L snil?rc-i from chronic bronchitis  from chiidhc-Jil. 1 iri'-vi evory remedv  I could I.<:��ir of, br.fc ^A r.ov?i;;,i uurfl  I ynt O/.ouf   I ri.'.:.-:i!i; i~ t( i^rf.,'.^ fiVJ-;t  G-eorge K. Thompson,  BAURrSTKB, SOLICITOH)   jSO"  tary Public,'*frc.  ,   Solicitor for the Imperial  Bank of Can 11 da.  CRANBROOK.    , Brittsu Columbia1.  MOYIB'b   Li.^.^ING   HOTEL.  to iui^'.'in:!/, orjii I'."  learns to  '.he uiibhc  ;on  t'pprccir.io :..  vr.M.  ! r;i-. ,-"  'II.CiCl.  J  (Ml/.  Then toio th :- petals one by one;  But erf; the kndt; /uoii -./as Jorui  iier 1 hibhinu MCe '.u joy con/ej-sfd  The answer en her lips suppressed  J   '-lie loves :na.''  ^The liiOon icsc bright above tlie liili.  A youth-v.-as wi'iideiins by tlie rill -  lie ����� topped and. linger;n,<? by tlie auif'  V/liere dreamily sA vAsd to wait,  Bene'itth tiie eli-ido".-5 of"t)ie trees,  He v.'lii^perecf to the gentle biee/ee;  '���.',��� tr:he Ij-.'cb hu. '  ���Kenn:-th Bruce.  1 iiii.  rt-id.ii-  [Jv\,7  -i'.7-'j,!  ������  f."  ��� br.-,.  "ii'il 1  r \  ���,-.   ^    . . - -   ���     _ -_ -]  :/-   ?  tin 1  n^:i  :'.   1  '.:i' :..    '���  ;. l-jod     . .  : ���  ^ 1  -> wJL  rugs, inemicais,-  Met Articles ���  &10YIE,  Drug and Stationery  Store.  Office Stationery  School Supplies.  ('-'./.*-'^5��.JJsl  s3  J9ur  British ColumiDia  WOVTP1  IIS  '.   ::.:   '��  ',    -v''-'U-  1.' ilu Le-  .".i".;ii:l"ici;i" '"(' -It-.  a^.-n ^ ror:oi,:i.i,:.-,'!i;i'.o.,i...  *1i7..ii,-i"j  ?-Ja..:. .r; I... r.   -.  '.1.1 1 'fj<.i '.. !_ M ���<-  ������ V -  f t,--'l:  -ilVi .ill  -K.il.  ---'v',lt��0  ji.iirnisl  l  ! IZ V i  ?8J  1C *; -  Icv':iJjM.-ai.'i d-O'So;:  unci !���".  thi1-! rr.:  ii-i- ��,---.  3111". ';'''  jdrr.Jreal, s.��.y?i,  .'.���'cm. i v. ij A:iir-~ cf PoV- i  'i-'.i J -,var. O'irod !  :>f.-.wi.Tisrk r.; bronchitis,  *. ).;r :aonibti, iL  t.'j'ul)jc;; .lo^sueu'cru.  T\L^" ---.1 ^  tagor near, rorter ana Mied  i     -   fV-iH&Sf  jl&i^f^ifi''*   rtrrt   S-i-Fs^fS  ' ft ��i ^. t*i 3     5^3 R k'X.i w^a k V;^   i r��a    i :^ or< * S *< ��  S k* i^ W i    ii B 3 U a * 6 l; V?   s-^ I    * <2 It ,U l5r  jOrUalihy nofc excelled iu the coantryj.j;riVy3i-,|a-ttd  -��as*  be convinced-  :F01t   FK-TE   TATLOPJNQ   GO    TO! ;  u��wCery=3��r��3jr^tr*TJC3sr,*:> ���-*���  Vmkuw w���sr rJti  ���3Kwi*wr*r%ra  n.*jc*a<r AT^CKl-UV  T!Z 1  f-  v-i" frc:i from  'hi? remedy  .���: t oj- sho a.^e fov  :���- I'ip;  8:  rTi  to'ajtd rno:.i"Ar.L.  MERCHANT   TAILOR  0/:on-2 ts a Eka(��i' ^nd Cannot  TVr ��-������.������ ��.,  til.",  All UivaKliib tVarrnu*. Kvsry Jiottlr.  li troubled   with   rheumatisni  gi"c  Chamberlain   Pain   Balm   a   trial,    --jf^,.  will not cofct you a cent if it, does no '- >..  good.    One   application   v;ill    relieve; J';','  r,y !:v-: v."-:})f;T.>:l-.i:','lj1.";d 10 &lle-  ,0'" ';,r '"'"���; ���J'----> A, r/ai.-aoaavy and  trc::-'-h;:'!  firai-j^iri   ���  -t  ;(-r.-.i"'v.i-y  rd^f. but  at  i'o -;-.-i'  o ,q:,.,;i  ���r'cr^ii  1  the pain.  cure:.1   Mirair.3 and  rjitn-cain ono-l'iird the time   reouired ! <-i  0 dir-  This is  -:-���> A jiifi-nna  ;--i i'"'>''rj Xitriul-  i.'.'l "iu-  t'-icr.'-ii  JP  f/��:*'&3>-$'&?&-&'$&$S^-��S;?tt^  At A  rir 'jo& p^n 1^  -VJA-  Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported    Goods.  B.  ���        ''   '    "S     4  (.Vi/cftro  -jy  ;tht  r,'i.  L-ij;u:nen'..     Onto,     burns,, [, , ",  'ro-t'"iLoe, ouiiKiy,   painrj   in    the  e.de | b/Jy  ��� ind ciiest, ul.iiidiiiiii ai:u   Clhcr  mvell-1 C?Z~  ing? are cniickly cared by applyinij il. ' ~'z''~  10\ciy bottle wurruntod.   I'i ice, 2v ati'J ! r.,i .  ")') cent;:;,     '"<)--;!1."- ' ;- -11 drrir|;ists.  ii-  :-      J.i .aci .  ...,,...- f!-;r.:1  CUT\;3   r'isc.  i:; 12a-  M-.lnr;  ���f   tho  -> I'ldi  1 r>.- ���  I   i��M.  V-AA) r     f;r.;>l.-  11 -  irorrcr.'.  In tr e nic.t.:i:r '/ 4J10 / r r l-> r.'^i.l; ;o t: ?   jc.ii-  ".'(;} Kivcr.-v <1 Mi!" :" ,  Loii't:  Chr���,.!'���:��� 1'W.  ���   t.    7.. #; 't ].<��������� _;t  uli -i* ry !:cr(.:by''ki'vi.'H - tlir.r- .'".i>j>Jrf/iJIoj-.  11:*.  m.Kii'  li  :i oz'_-:s 7.: c-  -ic-   i ;   bold ;  niVi'V by  ���i'i .���'.i.'-.O ncr  'i  ��� oi -i\p- i)f  1 -nuti.d,  ���i.-'-.rln   Ont.  O  a  uauway.  ~t'7j��j^ m=i:''^rrJT^.'aj 1 i res? r"*wn,Ki.T-'3i.'n  ... ��� myKbyV.<.��ZMZK?o^^  nm: . LiiniU'd; oi   ti.raii'jr'jyk,   Ui-iti&h  Colniii- ( .     .       .  ��� "����.��������      ....  '        Jfall   lamps,, .former  price  j..i,   ti>   '..lie   Limit';:;!:i:t-Governor  in   Uimucii' j  r.idf r ih ; pro.viaions. of   trie .-ai.-ovo jn':u'.ti(.ni;c!-1  At 1 101 'inli 1 only to firoscuiA nvo.'i   ti:o  e.\;>irr,- j  '.oil of iii't.y cl'ivi fiwii the !3r..M,   p'.rlj!U::-.ti<jn .'ot j  ~<1'>\ U- l.i r/'.i'r, liO'.vs'.iaiiOi- ��r. Moyi'.': -B. U.,  ���l-'itit '  lie rouovu.1 of-obsti-uot"io��n  riricl  tite-..conMnio.- '  ion  <���'   ilru.is,   .'-iiOus ���rtj'i'.'t   Loom;;,   end   other  -    i( -'mi '.ijiirciii tiivl t"'ii'i".;'6:-'.  T:u<;��-f>sHi-y io Jaci.1:. ;  ''."1 t   'j liur.Uirii null  tr:inMni;.i'iiitf or Joi;s and ;  ������I'lr','.    1:1   ibo   Aluyio .ri'.-i.-r   h'-ilow  t.li'3 lower ;  l. U>: ''j*!.il:e.. ami also to inl-'.e a::'(l-use any la::.rji; i  i"i^l.'.ti|.;ii(:y'lj.;"M';(:..-: S;iy    lor   tht:   CJllKtrUC'liOll j-  'if/J'-i Iu'ivmC.works, clso tluiv   11.)u   toll   r-Ato ]>r')- j  "icsi1 to'-bo elii'.r.^eu iu- .y.'.'-'O t.ur i.'.onstiud feu* i  jVoj-iei measure. ������". ���   :  1  v   i.��jo tliott3i3 fiai'.l  cbi)iijs��;'.y-Lavu doji'jMU-d  I     ���'    '\'i   Cbiut   Uomlnis inner   of   l.'xM'Mi i<.nd  .r  -, ;;t Viuhifiu, 11. (J., inujis -aid- j.Iims' line!  ' j - li 'if luforencc, ris rt-'juirud by t.bc Raid Ac.r.  'ilicl;"��ilsR;iil- i\-;iti-r   lo hu . otfud.tcil". by Uio  nd -U'.'k '.vlll ticthe hi'.ida   cdidiiilug and tin-  .iri'trj >', thc riin Moyio  rivev   boletv  tlio slil.d  JIomo ln'te, riuil tlrj ctiiitlov/fcr Myyie lnlic-.     - '  i ., imteii aiUm:il'i'.vj"., B. C. thi!; ninth dity.of  ,~  April, li>03. '���''.��������� \V, F, GUl.ll>,  'liej��� yr /or tlJ������ Ar,i.)icniil��.      Crn.nbrook, B; C  If).10; nov/- ueiling at.fB,75.  :  I'ailor hanging larripa, for-'  'ner price $8; now $0. . . .  - Ooal and wood cooking  atovee former, price $25 and  up-jvards-'nov/ selling lor TjSlS  and upwards.  ���Heating stoves, r/ere selling  at #18 arid upwards;-now esl-  ���ling at. $ J 3 and upwards,  Order by mail or call oh.  SiSSCOXitIS? Xj-X^T^'  '."O  Snoka;;e  attic   and   C'or-3t Poirj:  ORANBROQ K.  St, Paul,.Duluth, Miiiucapolic  "������'Chicago and-Poiiits Elast.;. ���  ,    'h.TR'A'iNS'DAlLY^  ��    FAST TIME    1  ���  e'.v   Equipnie.iic    Throiigiiuu'l:,    Day  CoaclicB/Palace   and   Tourist,  Eilecperfi; 'Dining and Pu|-    '  fyt Smoking and I..:--,  brary Cur;).  . For Tickets, U;tl;.-o, I'oldci'G and.  Full iiiionnutiun, call on or ad-  dregii.any Crfat Horthern Agent  or wri.ts  A, V.. K>. l>-jBNN'IS'l''O.V, (.��. \,\ V..A.  E6.ST KOOTENA'rs'BDITUNG  CO  CRANBROOK, B. Q.  Aroated Waters ��� of all  Kind?..  Orders SoHoiled.  Soda Water  and Sypheny,  . MO If te  *  P. F. J'OHJVZriOJY  Vt  & This Hotel is New and well Furnished., The |  ��>    ;   Tables are Supplied with the Best the s  Market affords. The Bar is Filled with  the �� est Brands of Liquors and ..Gig&rg. ^  fa  HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMERCIAL' J  AND MININO MEN J  .     ���-   '   :.-     \ ���-..,'���' .-        -���      .     MitlTlflH^OL-UMi'IA   |  fij MoyiE!,:    .    .--       ...      ,~-   ;��� ^    .-��� _��� . .��� ������,-.  ���  ffl  lU-.-l  aJ  rTK b d J?)  1  rsii  "MI0;.ri.!ALE AND IlEfAn.  1CEAT     MBR0HA:NTSv  ��� Fresh run! -CUre'd;Meato, Fresli  Fitih, Ganic ana Toultry. .We  supply Ibnly th>j; hect.^ "Your  ti-adb oclioited,  Haley oil Hot Sprjnp  Saniiarium/  ARKOW���:' LAKE. 'B. ; 0.-  OKAS. -P.  QAMPBELLi  Undertaker  aiid  Siiihalmer0  fef*'"  \- > < viMSSK  ff,A^yyr-4*^*!NJ!i  &-   v*��� v\   * >.  *  jJkJj    11  U    iV �����  >       \  %fto  ���TV*  The r'/coS^: Oorhplete;  Health    Resort   Oii  tho    Gpiitinetit     of  North America^  CoQins,-Oaslcota, shrdudo of ft'il.ii-1.'"  and .style.s conulanlly kept ir. stuck.  Office oyer Imperial l>an!c of I'm'.-.  ada.    Tcle��rapli and  hiail  onlor:!  receive prompt attention.    Open  \v-%A;  ���    ���' . "���''   '    land day.    Phone \%  Its lhVniH Cure all uHervoiu  and]    '.- - ���    ., .,  luscuinr Dia'papca:,, i Oraiibrdoli,  Its. WATERS.. S-Veixl   all.   Kidney,;  md .Stomach Ailnichlo.        ..       j  '' *ry��~r  A  iv��  >��i  '���IJ.  ,B. C,  -r-ji VI  ^i<tTMT>,rt.D��  .'    ���--������"'."������"*    ���'���'������ They  are ii  .Noverniilimr' Remedy Iii    -���;   V',    ^i    ,  MX -the , Piiinoipa),for *n BbonmaUc :r;,',ubien. ��� i MW&V W&d  .       '   ,. ".TJiUlMM -$15 to 118 .nor v/ccl:    ac-i       .'"���.-'���    ~,*���l'  GitieB and   Towns   In  British i Ooluito hia;  MAHBR0OI,B C.  % I  IS*  -ym.i '  4  M''  (512 First Avenue.        Siura���, WasuM uriADiiUAiii  ��� O.U   ji'/Vii'jt'   li Od'i.'i'ANA i';'  cording to rcbidencoiu ilotcl or Vi  Mrp.��,  I a McGregor J) u ild i n g  w  Ci-jiuiii'riok  VV      A  ..   H'T'-^^'f-"  ���' ���-" -  -f..k-:   JT A v/i':iy5  I'lHitygrapiier,  WB  Opien W.e5idnesdaSTc  ��� 1 .   '    ���  ^ ,as  i '  V  ^  f  "^     ^  c*  ^KtJHf-^trgjrrB


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