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The Moyie Leader May 20, 1905

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1 , *'i       P*       ^
MOYIK. «. C. MAY 20. ISIOo.
S3 A   VKA'lt
,<^'^-,^-,^;,>i«x''*.',,*.,>»,-,V->5? 2£.V4
In business in Moyie aud ,ne\cr made
an '■    Olij j'FB, we have,-, we   have
r made some enemies and ninnyfiiendis.
Tho man who taid that "lie who
never innde nn enemy,'never accomp.
,'iii-,he(bvi,rj"'much of anything" ppoUs
Ttlie truth. So far, we have not yet
become bad friends .with the editoi.
', With this,issue we start our Fe\cnlh
■ year advertising-in'Iris co'.ii'ms and
expect to cdtilinue" to long us it is
eaiisfactory lo both.-, „ ,
We advertise b'ecduae \v,e have goc.ds
rto sell and wci want the people* to
'iraow.it. 'Thaiis>. what «o paid -our
.licence to'tlie government Una week
for. ,-Our aioPlti-j larger than it'was
eix y<?u.M njjb/fiiitl tjbis week wo hnvtv'
ppreiTd out a range of tnmmtr goods
jut. prices that defy comp6iition.4  '
feeiing Was   Held
\   ■' Winnipeg.'
ik . . .
f IDSr C4NADIAN^iai:t-OF; =: -XOJtllERCE
'  "'  ' .' Piid'.Up/Gapifc^l';'^3,i3Ci',0,o6.'-; \   "
■    Reserve, ~'>   P •/-   ,3,500,000 -
■   '      Total Resources  -, 91;O0Q,00O Ctfov.s<yo4)
<J„ . >,; .. i" A  \    ■   Z (    '■
Deposits Received;" Treienl Rate of Interest 3 per cent. ■       ;     -:
^fespj* /neglect ' your .
'THERE:- I^^ANaEll^'l'N.  DELAY. ■' '   '
-wn.iA rioxlsc Vji you ragainst ti re:
{ty; Partv Is Now In Montreal
S$ j     W here Another Mcet;'
^|j       ingls'Beingileld.n!'■
<$      j-       ____:   "   '<
":K   ,   Regarding  ths  projoilioii   lo cqn-
W, soliiJ.ile   certain     Jbiiiah    .Columbia
lines,   a ii|eeting was iu'UI   m   Win
'nipeg.bn Tui'odaj-.  May,  10, belwein
Mesei'.-1. Wa tpr'ow, MarMilhn and Ail-
{ey, ' repreaqnting    the   he Hoi, and
Snowclioe,  J.ime^' Cronin,  representing llio'AVflr £jgIq-Ccntro Siar  inter-
esttf, anil Prof. It.' \V.„]lioi,k, who  h.id
.     -       -       '       . ^ .
been  agiecd  upon  by' tlicri-fcjH'c'tive
companies    to,    pS.ico    relative   values
Upon    tlwir    milling    pn.parties1,  Mr.
MaoMillan opposed   the coiit>o!id.i|ion
upon thc'ba-iis- ot Prof, BrocU'o rejiort.
Messrs. Waicrlow-Vand  Ci^niii   agreed'
to    iceoiuinend    the     aceiplaneu    of
'Professor    Brock's   report     to   tlieir
respective companies as a proper ba-is
for-amalg.i'm.i'.ion.    The party iV -now
in Montic.il, where   another  meeting
ip being1 Held   \ .'        i
'   ^'Elected/ Dslegates. ■* .
.  . .—i  i
* ' ~
'.•The grand lodge of, the Ind^peride'iit,
Older ol ^ Oddlelluws \ of , Baiieh
Columbia will be. 'hilii thin yoir.nt
LadyMiiilH', coi'iiniencing ou AVedniis,
day,'juiie,'M;li. U.' A. fc'iniih.h.is
been'elected by the Moyie lodj;o as y
delpg.Ue and F. J.Smyih ae.alieinjte.
t I'lio grand aerie ,'of ihe Fraltrnal
-OrdeVof'Eigfes bf-tlio provnin3 ''u!l
bsdieldat Gr.u,d iFurks" cimismMiunlg
pn June Oih. 'Tlie Muyie u.iici.us
elected E. A. 'liilt' as ,ilieir dek'ga e
raud J'. J. M jM ihon as' a'.tiirnatc.
■ j-'Moying to Cranbrook,- -
"'A. D. Oracc is niviying the *riuspeo-
lor printing pl.uil Irom Koil Su-el-j to
Oi.iiibrooU,'iind ,tiie fii-;i issiio of hio
new paper will' appear Juiu H:d.
The PiOcpuotor io the oldest .piper in
ihe„disincl. .
Why pay-more for your Insurance thnn'it is worth?    -
Wc can give you lowest rates with adequate piotection.*
AAre carry the best ningo of hats in town.    See our  union
mado "Pkide of the AVkst." They're beauties.
-Imperial .Bank of Can;
"Deposits of $1.00 or upwards received.
There is no   better  investment than  a  Savings
Bank deposit. '
Once opcriod it grows whether added to  or    not.
Interest   allowed at   current   mtes   and   compounded twice a year.
A  Success,
Kobe: t Campbell, only member of
the firm of R Campbell & Co , started
business heie j'istsix years ag ), an I
by f.tc.uly peis-iver.mco and s-tnet
tittei.iiondo business has siuci-eded
in placing liiniaelf in the front rank of
merchants °doirg business m East
Kootenay. During the past year Mr.
Campbell has mado considur.iblc
improvements in his store by adding
iwenl'y feet lo its length and also a
storeroom in the1 rear. Customers,
wains are always promptly attended
to by a staff uf cleiks who are paid the
ilie highest pay iu the Kootenays.
.' Thc only capital Bjb had,-when- -he
started m Movie was a good reputation iindcth.it has pioveit moro valuable to him than money to o'hurs who
came iiere to do business, but pulled
out when haul times came. History
repe<Us itself "a good name is butter
than riche*."
Several    Contracts  Are'
- Awarded.
p'    - 	
M. A. Beale w.'s in town Monday.
Jaeit'Ciciynor has ic'uriicil lo^tojio.
Gl.flci, O'Xod i;- laid up \\h\i a b:okon
lib. '    '   •'
IX-. King, M. P. P. was in to^-n
Ex-Mayor Gprdo" of Kamloops was
in town yosteidliy.
' Two-roomed house'for rent. 'Apply,
to JFairell ifc Smyth.
A. B.'Stewart &. Co' arc ljandling
Ijazzlwi'ud icecream.' f
J.")on't forget the Catholic social iicst
\Vednehday evening, May 21th. .
TheD.iiicing Olob  g.ive  its,regular
weekly  dance riiursdav ev'i/niug,
i   Taos. Draper rci  the   ^clsoo   Dai'y
Nt-ws  was   in   tosyn' the   first   of   the
week.   "'     ,■ '    ' i
Ed lleo and wife and ,,Mre. ^ivcsley
lift Monday for Penliolon, where they
will luoate.     /
V. F. JohnslODJ'pf the,Moyie 'hotel,
transacted ' business in « Cranbrook
-Thuisday.     '' ,
Mrm.„Tope while working hi the
mine last Might fe'lfd'own a chute and
broke liij leg. '. ■     i' '
■ ji J. Elmer wus in Elko, Fernie
and oilier eastern points hustling for
business during the weirl:.    " t 'i
' Sonieihiiig wiong with your eyes?
When in branbrpok see ,\Vilson. , Hc-'ll
fix them .right.".0 "     /    c'
Kext Wednesday;, May 24, being
a .holidayDall stores, in' town will tbe
closed at! noon and remain ,cloted
during-the  afternoon..   K     -
J..-.P. i Farrell   ii   uttilding   a   new
resideuce  on   lite' property   on   Half'! t,e woikiug 2000,;?mcn' in' CO „days,    I'
' '   ' * ' l - .... •   '
Moon avenue. , ,,      .' -     . .,     j think that the road, will ,he0'running
This   Number  will Bo at
Wprk Within GO Davs
' Savs.tho Giiief En-
,    •        giueer.
' Contracts have beefn nw'udi'.l ip
Spokane,men for grading lb miles of
the Coibin ro.nl oi'it: frmii IJonneri1
Ferry, Id tho, tip tn^ K>otvniy river
aiid north on I.'jC .Afoyio ,nvtr, si^'f
tho Spokesman-Review of May 1G.
Twohy Bros', and AV'inteW, Parsons it
Roomer, gel the woik. It includes
three tun tiel 3, 300" or 400^ feet "long.
The work will,be started at once, and
cle.uihg',drUierrlgiil of way has been
started. Twohy B:others aru .seud
ing.'llis'.r oquipmeni, hiclu ling two
strain shovels,.'and Winters, Parsons
it,B-)'om':r will send oae shovel. , The
work is rather heavy, and it is eslim it-
ed lh'at-1000 men wilt be -employed. ,
F". J,. Boberls, the chief engineer ior,
the roadj  siid   yesterday;    "We-'sha1!
Tile ' ^toele^'. *&\ Freeland concert
company will show in' E.igle hall tonight and Moifdiy 'night.'   '   ',   >
Tlie C. P. It. "is ■ giving-.a re.duceJ
ra'te.ol a hire and -a.third for thu round
trip for Yicto'rfa,Day, May 2-i.th.
, ' Win. "C.i'ilin, -Fort Steele's leading
meriChaul, and one of K <»t Kootoaay's
ftSremo'st citiss-joV, was iti Moyie Tliurs
day...     ■ .   ,     ,""   f..1   .„"    " , _,   ,    v-
f)rdiT your spring" suit -.from, C. A
Foote, Ike -tailor.    Hi, has a   uiw .line
by i'the''-first of April. ,T.is route
around RUhdritm, , Idaho, and at
Bonneis Ferry, Idaho, is slill unsettled.
,''D, C: Coibin, hCad of 't}ie Spokane
Intern'itional foad, is in AV.ishington,
D. C , on business CJiniecte'ib'with fthe
right of way over government land.,.
.TJio'Gun Club.'
rTbe Moyie Ciin club held' its weekly
shoot 'yestersd i.v, 'afternoon) and   the
goods' to select fiom,   Hiid   he'" em-  following is a list   of   tho   contestants
clay    pigeons
AVill receive the very best altui-
lion if sent to us for repairs.
Thc\l.iiiy inorea.-e o! our AYatch
Repair Depiu tnieni is a suliiclont
guarantee that our woik is Ui.ncd
outright, and that we give the
public satisfaction.    Try us.
Jewiler. CRAXBROOK, B. C
ploys,union Jielp only.. ., ^ " ^_ l
'n Wm. Matili'eVs-woii the house and
lot'wIiK-h was ratll.-d last SJuuiday by
Ailen.i, Turner. "Forty six was -the
highest thiow mad •. "   ''
Tlie'ie will be no meeting Of the
Moiie aerie of E'igles iu.\t week on
account ( f ' tbo Catholic ladies'
social being held on the regular meeting night'.
The Marjsville 'smelter will be
blown in on May 2lib. The 'town
Kill hold a celebration on that day
and a special train will be inn fiom
■ C instable Routh took a piisoner
from Cianbrook to -NjI«oii yesterday.
Thc'piifonei-'s name is Mike Quinlaven
•of Fort Steele and ho was sent up for
trial for stealing a saddle.
F. J. McMahpn, accompanied by his
wife and I wo children, left* Tuesday
for Grand Forks, North Dakota, on a
visit With relatives. They will return
to Moyie about July first:
Grand r.iiHe at E. J. Biker's barber
shop foi a steel rod,' automatic reel,
silk line, fish basket and stiaps, landing net and I doz (lies. - Somebody
gets a choice outfit for a song. Tickets now on sale.
Chas. Fairell was up from Morrissey
Minos this week on a business and
pleasure trip. Mr. Farrell is owner of
the Society Gni mine at Moyie and
also has some good prospects near the
Sullivan at Marv»\iHe.
AVm.Smilh and A\"m. Liird went
oser lo NlIsou Monday, being summoned lo attend court on a case in
which thc Eist Kootenay Lumber
company is involved. Thc caa-j was
po.-tponed until mxl wo-'k, aud tiny
ictiirned home Thursday.,
nnd ','t'he   number   of.
broken by each:   - • •> ' t,--      ,   i, "'•
CimeVou-. \ .\ .       29 out 50"
•v* r T
Armstrong ; '-..      '   2S        "
Cam i.bell..'." ". . . 12
1 , Catholic-Social.
There wll ^be no admission fee t6
the Catholic social which will hi- held
on'May2-Ith. Tiie sOji.il .will begin
at four o'clock p. in., when icecream,
coffee,- cake, etc, will , be seivcd.j
Even body is invited, Dancing will
begin at 9 :30 o'clock.     •
' Miners licenses. -
All Fne Miner's Certificates expire
onMiU'31, and should be renewed
before that date. F..J. Smyth ia the
deputy mining recouler for Moyio and'
i-iciuity and is the proper person to
apply to for these cei tilicates.
Small Debts Court'
Constable P. 'G. Routh has been
uppoiuted by Mr. Armstrong f.s clerk
of the small debts court in Moyie.
This court will be bell ou tbe last
Tucsd-iy of ench aioath.
Moving to Frank,
C. E. Smithering.ile is moving the
piinling plant of Ihe SlO'-an Dull to
Frank. Alberta, where he will enlab'iinh
a paper. 	
G-ooderham's Estate.
The estate of the late George
Gooderhim of Toronto will be
probated at the value of $0,000,000
It is divided among his   family.    The
Oar spring stock • of Canadian Canned Goocb has coins to hand, and is
made up in part of the following: 7
'; .IO    C.i'is     A«ehor T.imaCocs,
f -Id        "        Am h >r    B an-'.
■20        "        A-.ih ,.- H 1 c el IM ">,
1 ZO        "   '    Aiu'lmi I^-trfv, June Peas
1 it' !>■
< 10    '    "        Am bur Ci rn,      i,   '
."50 ,<-     " AA'i.i on-in Cuin,  ,
j iiO '  "'      Gil'.on Apnlrs'   '/     -
| :i().       "   ,    G ill.ui It.-1 horn" s,
• ! '       30       "        G.llm P'ar.-,
1       '   30        "        G.llim'lV'ehcs    ,
l '    ;        ■     20      '   " G dlviil  Pl',1111", ;.
I     j 20        ",       G.dlon'rumpkin,
,j    ';      „   20        '•        G.llon Clierrie-,   '        ,  '
A No 1: illon Raojibeiric?. niack Itnpb.'rrii«9,' S'r.i'.vb^rri^, '
I.,uvt,oiih(:nies,  Khtiouib, .Guc-se'^'iries,. Grjspes,  e.lo., W«
h ivi> ii'itiiliriin e.voeplionaily good buy ol these   g >odJ,   aud
we will be plea.-e'd lo ipn.c you our pnc. s.
Eight Hour'Law. k
In' tho test case of (ho stale, >-f
N'svadn.against Peterdviir on a p"ii-
tion for a writ of h..bi'!ts eorpu-r^iliC-
supreme court upheld tlie law of 1903,
•making it u misdemeanor for empi'.yr
qts to work"for.f' linger perioil tli'm
eight liuurs in one d >y .iu mine--,, mills
and smelters. Mr, lCiir,'who hud been
employed at a mill w,is lined -fLOO .f');-
workinga longer period than "eight
hours. Up.m.hii failure to' piy the
fine he was taken into casl»dy'by lIig
sl-.enfr. ..A '.writ: of * babe is cori>tH
demanded of the" nipre.mc com t his,
releas", On.tnegrounds th it the statub
of fl'J03 .'was u.ieonstii.iUKin.il, and
\hat it w'asin conlhct iviih'tlio 'cjghth
amendment of the fedej il constitutioi).
whiidi states tint exsebiivo tines slnil!
not be imposed. < The, supreme court
decision referred to will undoubtedly
perm.incnily.seiile'ihe statute of the
eight-hour law in Nevada.
-Lumber Outlook  Gfbocl.
Mr A. Leitch of the E ist „ Kootenay
Lumber'Co. says that all of their mills
are in full operation, and that while
the price oT lumber is not much bettei
than last year ihe demand is a gieu
deal belter. lis predicts a pro.-perou-
seisbn for his compmy.
Similkameeu Road.
Contracts for building 22 miles ol
the Great Northern's S'miilkameeo valley extension, between Oioville, Wash.,
and the internaiion.il line, have been
let to Spokane men. A. thousand
laborers will be employed for a year,
us the work is uiui<ually heavy. M i-
tcii.il is bei.ig' rushed into tha li'dd;'
and opeiatious will be in full swim
within a month.
Saw   YoiiKr— Bar bilvir,' 58£ ccnls.
Lead', $l,S0:'i'Zine. (snelti'O40 00.'   "- '-
J.OKUON-^lA-ad; X12.   ISil):.'   " "" '
Roberts'Is Free;r
■   John Roberts of Silverton,,who
on liial iujNelson f.?r sfhoO"i'i'g at.M/S.
Davys, Hie mine niainigcr, is ,again, u
fiee |n in.-vDavys iusialed in   employing a Cninesij.c'ouk, which arou.seil tho
iniJigua'ion?'* o) "■ the  ciiizeua" of   tho
cai'np.    Someone took.a shut   »t   him
iind'Ribe'rta'wjs suspected aud arrest-
t.-d.    llobert'd accpnttal has   niet   Willi1
popular favor.';, Divysjs   di?a,[)pointi,il
oser   ihii-rbu'.conio   of   the   trial   ai.ii
swears   'vengeance    on    .the   Min ro
Union,„wli:ph.he cluims   has  antagon-
;zed bivi.1 ^SO'Slronglyudoes he feel - in ■
the maUorJlhat lie b,is ,'not1 only   ch-
cided to'olu'sJs'dowu all his   mines . bus,
lie declaresvifialohe will  leave    Bntisu
Culumbi iVe.Vrr to return, as soon'm
lie    can'-put-'diis   affairs   in   faliapj ,u>v
,lenve.   Davys.op4rates'lhe. Silvor King
Grahitf nnd Poorman near Nelson', aivl
the HuwiU and,E.iiiiy EJitb at Si.ver-
ton.        "'   . \.< ' ,    "' '
,-■■<(' 'i l
0. J.' Johnson Hom3.
0 J. Johnson, vice presi lent of fun
St. Eugene Mountain Minea L. d., ami
me of the "owners of the Aurora
pioperly, arrived back in, Moyio yesterday after an absence of nearly six:
too itl.s. Mr. Johnson spent, most of
tliis tin) j in Colora lo and   AYisconsia.
Licence "'Commissioners. "
E A. Hill wni    in  Cranbrook   yes-
leiday       attending        a meeting
nl the l'q-ior licence conur,i.-j.ioners.
R. C. MyClure and J. M. Cm roll ,wrn
re'u ed licence". A. J*. ^Cl.mette's
licence wtms lr.in"fei ted to Aiessis.
Gnugoon & Netieitidd.
S Til&m
*rv   I. OW'
!?1. &P%Ji
°   J. F.'M;'.'PINKHAiyi, Manager.
-•^.rfe zttj&r. sir^h,.i-0u& xttsi
■ t»t <4r rfr v?-? .^•.v.V.S'l' f.v j-vt^ftr-S-i-.
K. H. 5HAU, MamiBCr.
Good rooms, good tables aud  bur,
and first class sample roo-iis.
N.-lson   News:—G.     A.     Clothier,
superintendent     "t   the   St.  Etiu'ene ,
muie.it Movie, visitfcil the Mollj Gib- I province of Outar.o wi.l set about
sou mine to advice with manager
Tretlieway relative to the concentrator
.soon to be put in at' that pn perty.
,,Mr. Clothier will ictuiu at once to
Moy le.
^I.'iOjOOO inlurilaricc tix. In \ii.%
of the lovyiag of this ti>:, .Mr. Goodei-
Inm made no tiqucsls in the will for
cliailiable or icliguus work.
:t-^r——."~-     —	
'.    '       -^---,   VK3X
/ i .:> y'\!Mr7y
:ZJ^ %-:.'^,
A flinxl SnpSJStiou,
Air. C.   B.  W.iinwiuht.   of
Citv, Fla., has written   the
Hirers  that   mucli better    re.-uUs   are
Obtained from the   uso   of    Clumber-
l..i:i's   Colic,  Cnulcra and
Cliniuberliiiir.1 Coiiffli   Hcmcdy   H>«   Vcrj
'•I have been    u-ing   Chainb^ilain's
Cough    Remedy aid want to say  it  is
Uio     best   efut'.h      me heme   J   h.i\e
taken," sa>» Geo. 1, Cru.tib, si   inercl.-
Diarrhoealant of   Ilinhin,   Mich.    Tlu-ie   is
Reniedv in cases of pains iu the stom-  cpiestion about its be:n; the best, as it
ach, colic and cholera morbus  by ink
in" it in watt r us hot as c>n be  drunk
That when lake in this way tbe  elleji.t
'is double   in .rapidity;'••'It  seoms  to
get at  the    right  spot  instantly,"  he
,-,,ys,   For sal-j by S. K. Harvio.
will cure a cough oi 10'd in less time
than any Other ire itment. It shou'd
alwavsbi  ki pt iu the In. use   xe.idy  fur
instant- jnse; lOr a cold can be cured, in
much less lime when promptly treated
For sale by AV. J. Atcliwonv   .,
',**r. .j>*-.i.
iSA-^i: ZA    H
n^^^A)   A
^ifc/   ,->■     «-^a
.•3 ^ t s •.'"
a #i,U'X
;-r.. :3 . c.Hic.co. . AaTTTT^TAM^MESM  >?��&^?^^i4^.Mvmmm  mmm  1 -"-'-m t^iAMtafate^My&MJ^/^^  ��.i JryjrEEAt*?*^  i    '  i. i  ' i-  \Za 7.7 iZ -.  'j,<.. i>  I'J6- .'"'*{    '   .'    ��!    t   '  ���n-   r  t.-w  IJS *".*��� -'i"i      (ti    '  ,.:'',.     -'W  -" S '  , V-  '\    '"'7r "   '" �����"'  From   the  Amb&ss&>dorV  BOX By A.M.  DAVIES OGDEN  CopUTisht, 1904. bu A. M. Dm. les Ouden   J  .! The big flower filled drawing room  was brilliant with afternoon sunshine.  Through the open window came the  . sound 'of the trot of horses' feet as  they passed on the broad "Unler den  Linden." Ransome Pi entice looked  about Mm with a sigh of satisfaction.  It was good to be back in Berlin. Then  he smiled at tlie girl who was handing  him a cup of tea.  , "So here I am at last," he said.. "And,  now, tell me the news. You left Aruer-  'ica so. suddenly that I had no chance  to come and bid you<goodby, Hpw do  you like your elevation to the rank of  ambassador's daughter? And has anything exciting happened thus far? You''  1 see, I had to follow just to hear it all."  The girl hesitated,, playing with the  |r spoons on the dainty tea table.  "There Is not much to tell," she answered slowly. "And yet there is one  thing," glancing across at him. "I  think you will be pleased, as it Is  largely due to your instrumentality. I  should never hare���have known him so  quickly had It not been that, owing ,to  your old friendship, I already felt aa If  ho w��re no stranger when we met Of  course yon cap guess whom I mean. It  ' la not announced yet, but I am going to  "marry Max Ton Wltzleben." '  ". (  The man's cup clattered in its saucer.  't'You���to marry Max!" he repeated"  ��� Then, "Do you-^do you care for him bo  much?" ho asked. ' . ',  .   For a. moment Miss Freeman frown-'  ���    ed. ��� But It ,\yas only Kansome.    He,  and she -had always tcase'd and questioned nnd confided in each other.   Yet  ���. Bbe paused over the answer.    .    <  ,      "I���I do not think that I am the kind'  to care" very' deeply for any one.'V she  said.'soberly.,   "I  admire  Max.    You  have'always told me how noblo he was;'  \ how brave.   And I adore bravery.   My  ��� Idea of his character is really drawn  largely from your letters."  Prentice's lips twisted into a smile.  ' ,  "I .was an, enthuslasticb,chap In'those  days," he commented dryly.    "I hope  you have some better foundation for  your affection than letters written by  ,, a boy in the,, university. But I am  forgetting what was partly my| errand  this afternoon.. "Buffalo Bill" Is'to open  in' Berlin' tomorrow afternoon,' and I  thought perhaps you would like to go.  It Is only patriotic for the Americans  to turn out   Should you care"���   Miss  '���   Freeman nodded.  "I suppose  It  would be the proper,  ' thing to do," she agreed. "I have not  seen 'Buffalo Bill' since I was a child.  They sent father a box, but he does  not care to go, and I had not thought'  'about.it" Suppose"you come with us.  I will,ask Max/and we caii take Frau-  ;  leln.;'' ',   . '  A. few minutes later Prentice rose to  take his leave, and it was not until  after his departure'that^Miss Freeman  .   remembered "that he had' forgotten to  1 congratulate her. For therrest of the  day the 'girl was decidedly absent-  minded.    .  . z  ';    But the next afternoon, seated in'the  ' box of honor in the big open air arena,'  .'Miss Freeman appeared to have quite  regained her normal .spirits, chattering  '   gayly with both men.   Yon Witzleben,  'precise,   neat,   with 'parted   hair   and  ���   pointed mustache, sat on her right, and  the   girl''glanced-critically   from   his  somewhat Impassive face to that of the  American,   with   its   keen   dark   eyes  and   steady,   clean   cut   mouth.     The  Btudy of the two men was more absorbing than the show.   Her attention had  wandered from the ring and the flourish- of   trumpets  which  heralded   tho  Deadwood coach caused her to start  The next moment a  man pushed his  way to their box and bowed.  x "Colonel Cody would be honored if  any   of   the   American   ambassador's  guests would wish to ride iu thc Dead-  wood coach," the man suggested courteously.   Miss Freeman, in sudden mischief, looked at her fiance.  "What do you say to It?" she queried  demurely. The German gazed-back In  horrified disapproval.       ?  "You go around In that coach and  make a spectacle of yourself," he  gasped, "before all these people! Aber,  what a shocking idea! I could not allow It."  Into the girl's eyes there came a sudden gleam. She had not meant to do  this thing. But eyer since her spoiled  babyhood a, dare had been to her spirit  like Are to gunpowder. She lifted her  head.  "Thank you. We shall be glad to accept" she said to the man, 'who still  stood, hat In hand, awaiting her decision. "If you are afraid, pray remain  here," she added defiantly to Von Wltzleben.   "Will you come, Ransome?"  "But"��� began he. One glance at her  set mouth showed the futility of remonstrance. And wherever she called  he would follow, be thc consequences  what thoy might In' silence he let her  precede him down the steps, Von Wltzleben bringing up a sullen rear. The  frauleln left behind wept ln unheeded  protest.  It was not until the coach had fairly  started that Miss Freeman realized all  that she had brought upon herself.  From her childhood she had always  detested firearms. And these pursuing  Indians! But without flinching, she  bore It all���the crack of rifles, the  smoke which choked eyes and mouth,  the fiendish yells. Then all at once she  became conscious that the coach was  swaying and bumping strangely. A  man sitting oppoaite her suppressed an  oath.-  "I told Bill to exercise them horses,"  he muttered. "And this blamed ring  bas mighty short corners. You better  hold oa tight" he added to the girl, "it  this rickety old thing docs break loose  or turn over," expressively. Miss Freeman felt her heartbeats quicken. There  was danger then���real danger. From  the box came the driver's voice in frantic abjurgation to the now thoroughly!  frightened animals. Miss Freeman  turned toward Von Wetzleben.  "Max," she whispered.' But the German, his face asby, his eyes fixed and  staring, sat with strained fingers  clutching at the wooden door. He had  quite forgotten the girl. A little sob  broke from her parted lips. Were they  going to die? A strong hand closed  ��r��r hers. and. ananlna bu  yiaa^.-a... - ',., ���!_ ��^  ��HV-Sugn ihe smoke she saw Bansome,  steady, calm, self controlled.  "AVe shall pull through all right" he  said. "Don't be frightened, dear." The  girl, conscious only of the woid which  had slipped Inadvertently from his lips,  caught her breath In the sudden shock  of a great revelation. Ransome loved  her���Kansome!  All at once she comprehended why  It was that she had hesitated to .announce her engagement until Ransome  should learn of it, why It was that she  had judged Von Wltzjeben from Ran-  some's standpoint rather than her own,  appreciated that it had been the fact  of his intimacy with Ransome which  had been.his chief attraction and'how  near she had been to never knowing.  Now at last in this supreme moment  she grasped the truth; knew that even  as Ransome. loved her, so she loved  him. And whether death or life lay  .before them, 'with that knowledge in  her heart that touch on her hand, she  ���was content  -   And then with one strong,  mighty  pull  from' above the horses trembled  ''���down to quiet  For a day or so the Berlin papers  ,-were rather sharp in their criticism of  the girl who had rendered herself so  conspicuous. P^ equally well born German girl would ever have done such a  thing, they declared.., But Miss Free-  man, utterly glad -in her tew ,found  happiness, only smiled in undisturbed  '.thankfulness.       ' '     '  THE  LABYRINTH   PUZZLE.  See  if    Yon    Can    Trace    the   Course  Tnken   br  tlie Tonrl��t.  If you were suddenly.* placed at the  center of the earth, provided with the  accompanying chart and told "to start  on a pilgrimage around the world you  would pursue a tangled course before  reaching your home city. A man, so  runs the story, started to make 0this  trip around the world. His starting  point was the black spot on the chart  He wanted to stop at some big city.  Colerldsre ,tlie Soldier. ,  " Subsistence could not be made on the  reading and writing of; pamphlets or  the' means "of  livelihood obtained  by  the most eloquent,and entrancing of  conversations,'   and .Coleridge,   finding  .himself both' forlorn and destitute in  London,  enlisted  as  a soldier ln  tbe  Fifteenth (Elliot's) Life dragoons. ��� '  i, "On his' arrival at the quarte'rs of'th*  regiment" says  his  friend and biographer,  Mr. Gillman,  "the general of  the district dnspected the recruits and,  looking hard at Coleridge with a mlli-1  tary air, inquired, 'What's your name,  'sir?'   /Comberbach' (tho name he hadj  'assumed.     'What do you   come  her*  ,for, sir?' as if doubting whether he hadt  any business  there".,   'Sir,'  said ���Cole-l  ridge,  'for what most persons come-  to be|made a(.soldier.'   'Do you ,think,'  said the general, 'you can run a French-j  man  through  the  body?^     'I  do   not.  know,'   replied  Coleridge;   'as  I  ha'v*.  'never tried, but I'll let a"Frenchman!  run  me through, the body "before' I' lit  .run  away.' .'That will do,'  said-the  general,'and Coleridge was turned1 into'.  the ranks."���English House Beautiful.'  Sad Fate of a Careful Han.  I had a friend1 who did his duty to  himself and others with such zeal that  he never went to bed without taking his  temperature or got up without drinking a scientific decoction the name and  composition of which I have forgotten.  The flavor, however, was such as rendered the duty performed particularly  meritorious. His dietary was based on  the most scientific principles. lie  weighed himself before and after each  meal. �� He had his appendix removed,  so as tb avoid all risk of appendicitis,  and, in short, be "so, fully realized tlie  duty of being healthy and long lived  that he never had time to do anything  else or talk about anything else. Unfortunately be never took that fickle  jade "Fortune" into his calculations,  and. after only a year of striving most  manfully to 'fulfill the duty of being  long lived he slipped on a-piece of  orango peel and, fractured the base'of  his skull.���Pall Mall Gazette. <    ,  OLD 'UNS NOT USELESS  DR. OSLER'S CURIOUS THEORY IS  ALSO   ABSURD.  THB IiABYBINTH PUZZLE.    '  but could not decide whether that  city, should be London, Paris or New  York. At last he decided, on tlie city  lie would first visit and set out at once.  The twisted, snarled lines ln the picture' represent bis course. Do you  -want to know what city he went0to7  Then take a pencil and follow tbe line  of his travels from the1 black spot and  you will find yourself at last at the city  be chose, tor tbe line ends abruptlyrat  that'cltyi Try'tbls"and_see howr un-  confused you can\keep'your brain ln  tracing tho wanderer's travels.���New  York World.        ' 7 '      ,  '     .7       ���*  " ,  A NEAT LITTLE TRICK. /  Cljrnr Boxen of SpnnldU Cedar.  "The best cigar box is made of Spanish cedar," said'a tobacconist' "All our  imported cigars come in Spanish cedar  boxes.   Look here."   ���  >_,','���  He opened'a box of beautiful, costly  cigars, and the odor diffused through  the shop' was indescribably pleasant,  an odor half of tobacco, half,-,as ,it  seemed, of spices, '  1 "That spicy smell���do you notice it?"  said the dealer. "Well, that is the smell  'of the Spanish cedar. It communicates  itself to tlie cigars, arid so delicate ,and  subtle is it that it actually improves  their flavor. .    ���'       ,    ���        "    V b  -, "If we put up our goods in chestnut  or, walnut or pine boxes the flavor of  the wood, impregnating tbe tobacco,  would ruin the cigars, entirely; hence  moderately'good cigars are put In" a box  that-,1s quitebodorless,'and the best  cigars.are put up In this aromatic and  costly box."- .       '  Must Revise Cicero���Somo of the  Sage's Statements That Would Have  to Be Modernized���Canada Itself  Furnishes'Good Examples That Men  Over ' Forty Achieve Much in All'  , Branches. <  Bow   to   Hak*    the    Silver j, Qn��rte��  , Drop  Into  tbe  Hat, .     i     ...  A very neat 'trick may be performed  by any boy with a hat and a 'silver  quarter. The quarter,.may be brand  new, Just' from file' mint but the hat  bad better be an old one,vor at least one  that its owner Is not'veiy particular  about, for (it is likely,to get a, little'  rough handling. jf      7, '     'V     *'  It must be.'of the pattern known'as a  "stovepipe," either silk or beaver.   Lay  Do Animal*  Iteallj- Think. D   ,      ,Pjt on" lfc3 6ldo Qa tcjp Qt & glagg timbler,  Wo so habitually impute thought to*  and 0n ^ upper side of the hat place  animals that we come unconsciously to  look upon them as possessing thls^ power,"   writes   John  Burroughs  in   Hamper's Magazine.   "Thus' the'.dpg seems"  to think about his dinner when prompt-i  ed by hunger or about his home and his.  master when separated from them. Th*  bird seems to think about its mate, it*j  nest, its young, its enemies.   The fox,  seems to think about the hound,that'lt  hears baying upon its track and tries  to elude It;1 the beaver'seems to think,  about Its dam, th'e muskrat about lt��  house in the fall, the.woodpecker about!  the cell in tbe dozy limb which It'will',  need as a lodging place in the winter-  that is, all these creatures act as'If  they thought'r We know'that .under  similar conditions we think;"- and therefore we impute thought to them.   But  of mental Images, concepts, processes  .like our own, they probably have none.  Innate or inherited Impulse, which'we  call instinct, and'outward,stimuli explain most of the actions of the animals."' o  Thc Mytralo Tarantaln.   i  The Mygale tarantula sometimes  spreads over six inches square, but  more frequently four or five inches. A  shaggy coat of hair covers the surface  of the great spider." It Is supplied with  six long, bony legs and two dangerous  pcdipalps, or strikers, each armed with  a sharp sting and poison sac. The  strikers are frequently mistaken for  two long legs, and from this arises the  idea that the creature has stings on its  feet. , Two powerful projections, resembling jaws, protrude from the head.  Under each of these,is a curved poison  fang, similar to a cat's claw, but longer  (exactly like those of a rattlesnake),  which may be lifted,, extended and  hooked into the victim. A person thus  stung or bitten must cut the tarantula  away at once, for the spider does not  seem willing to unhook its fangs.  the quarter,  Now what you ask one of your little  friends to do Is to knock the hat from  under the quarter-so that the latter  will fall, into the tumbler. <.  Every one' that tries It will bo sur*  ���to strike the hat on Its brim, but that  ' "will" only^ send it across the"?room and  the quarter-somewhere on the floor."  When' the'feat-has been .pronounced-  impossible,you make "a few feints as if  'you, too, were'going to strike it on the  brim'.-and then" suddenly you give it a  smart tap-on1 the inside, of the crown,  when it -wilPJump quickly out and.let  the coin fall .directly down Into the  tumbler.   ��� v V ,       ~    .'"   ��t  , '     ���,",.'      i, ��� ., ,    ������ ���, .   J*   '  b i    'l  ^   Ethel'*  ��ctter.'to"Ceclle. '  Dear little Ceclle Valory1-had" promised to pay a visit-to her friepd'-Ethel,  and Cecile1 was .such a sweet little girl  that her visits- always brought -pleasure. - But when the day for -the visit  came it poured rain, and . of , course  Cecilo could not go out' So.'she wrote  a little note of. apology to Ethel, who  sent, the following letter in reply: ,~  Dear Ceclle���I aiai so' sorry It rained  and you could not "come to see me. I  missed you ..very, very much. Do coma  Just as 'soon as you can. Our baby broke  roy bis doll's face and pulled the little  doll's wig off. So you can see that my  poor children aro not very well. I hope to  ��������� you very.soon. Tour loving friend,  ,     i . ETHEL.  Don't you think it was too bad for  the rain to have kept those two little  friends "apart,, and.don't. you think that  Ethel wrote a nice little letter to Cecile?  '.      Mexican. Etlqnctte.    .  Mexican etiquette puts,on the newcomer tbe responsibility of making 'all  ,the social  advances.   Visitors., to any  prlncipal^Mexican city,' whatever their  ranlO'foreign' ministers not excepted,  must in solemn print give notice to .every family'of'any consideration resident In the municipality that they havo  ' arrived 'and1 put themselves nnd their  ��� homes 'at-'the disposition of the. residents.   Otherwise they,Mill receive, lib  social  attention  whatever.    Intending  .visitors"to *��� that country   heed  'to'.bo  equipped with this knowledge of .the  "customs' prevailing there., Thepoint of  ' etiquette, involved Is 'peculiar^ to "that  country,  haying  no  known  existence  elsewhere. -The people" are' very kind  and   hospitable   when   approached   in  their own "way, and nonfe other is understood  or taken  any < notice of  by  them. '���'...> <t".1       ���>-     '  ,   . How to Feed  Doers.       (   . . ;< .  ,    In an article in the Animals'. Friend  C." Leighton'discusses the home1.treatment of dogs) the various ,forms of distemper and their special treatment. To  improper food ^as^we'll as excess in eating he attributes'the chief cause of this  malady.  "A little bread and milk 'or a  plain  biscuit, should " alone  constitute  his diet and no alarm need'be, felt if  the "dog recuses to eat.,, His appetite  "will'return' with bis health'."   He adds  that bon"es"are distinctly '^'harmful and  ^.frequently fa'ta'l, ..since they-loosen' the  "Jtceth^'give/theni1 a? taste;'fbr" meat,  .which puts them'^off* their prpper food,  ��� and if a .splinter'"is swallowed^lt'fre-'  .quently becomes Impaled in'the'lungs  'or intestine's or causes'stoppage, when  ��� their   doom-) Is, sealed . and' the   poor  brutes die." ' "'. , , "  Crime   and, Science. ^'  Lord Chancellor Harwicke and Chief  Justice Raymond once advised the sovereign that he could grant a pardon to  criminals under sentence of death if  they would consent to undergo medical  experiments for the benefit of science.  The advice was given lu answer tq a  question from tho crown as to whether  criminals might be spared on their un  dertaking to be vaccinated with smallpox virus. In P'rance in 177G life and  freedom were offered to a galley slave  condemned to die conditionally upon  his consenting to be thrown off a tower seventy feet in height, ho being  equipped with a winged apparatus  whose aerial qualities it was dc-slred to  try. The slave consented and, parachuting down ln safety, gained his liberty.  f The   Briton   and   Washing.  We have come to look upon water as  meant primarily to wash in, as an aid  to ablution rather than a thing of beauty. A Btory of a Somersetshire peasant will Illustrate what we mean. The  individual in question had never seen  tbe sea until he was taken to Weston-  super-Mare on a "choir treat" 'excursion. Naturally the vicar,, the curate  and the rest of the tenors, trebles and  basses as soon as the esplanade was  reached gathered around to see how  the first sight of the ocean would strike  the natural man. Will it be believed  that the words struck from him by the  view of "tiie unfurrowed deep" lying  in vast expanse before his eyes were  these: "If I'd known what her..were  like, I'd have brought down a bit of  eoap and had a good wash." The iron,  or, rather, the soap, had entered so  deeply into his soul that he could only  conceive the sea las a huge washing  place.���London Spectator.  There Is a strength of quiet endurance as significant of courage as the  most ��arln�� teata ������t proweflB.���TucXet*  (a&a.    ...._......_ .-..*-. .LAj���i���'-  Dolli' In~ Ancient  Greece.  The dolls the classic-.Greek children  played with .were made of ..wax and  clay decorated with bright colors. As  these children married when they were  very young they played with their dolls  until just-before their wedding day.  Then they made a sacrifice" of all their  toys,' dolla and clothes included. They  dedicated them as a pious offering to  some deity. If the little girl died before she was grown up her dolls were  buried with her. Thus it happens that  we have been able to learn the kind  end fashion of dolls which comforted  these ancient children. ��� New York  Press. ^  Took Them by tbe Handles.  PhJJip bad gone to bring ln the new  kittens to show them to a visitor. HIa  mother, hearing a shrill mewing, called  out "Don't hurt the kittens, Philip!"  From the hall came the reassuring  answer: "Oh, no. I'm carrying them  very carefully by the stems."���Youth'a  Companion.    '  Wanted���A Twin.  If any Uttl* boy who read* la five year*  old today  And  likes   to  look at  picture  books and  dearly Iov���� to play  And   doesn't  car*   to   sit  on   chairs,   but  much prefers the floor,  And  measures Just as  high  as me upon  our kitchen door  And   isn't   frightened   ln   the   dark,   but  feels a little Queer���  Aa If he'd like to cuddle up to some ont  very near���  And means to be a soldier just tho mtnutl  .,- he's a man.  To fleht with bears and Indians���and pf-  rates.  It ho can���  If thart's a boy like that I wish that h��  would please begin ��� ...  Right now to pack his toys and coma to  be my little twin!  ���Hannah   (J.  Fernald  In  Touth'a  Com-  n��nl/m  ' Hlgrhest Ten Buildings.  The ten highest buildings In, the  world are the Eiffel tower, Paris, 044  feet high; the-Washington monument  Do3 feet; City building, Philadelphia,  535, feet; Cathedral of Cologne, 511  feet; Cathedral of Strassburg, 460 feet;  the chimney of the St.,Rp'llox Chemical  works, Glasgow,' 455% feet; St" Martin's church, Landshut, Germany, 454  rfeet; St Stephen's;-Vienna, 453 feet;  .the Great Pyramid, 450 feet, and St  Peter's,-Rome, 448 feet  Hard Constitution*.  "Poor   old   Richley!".f said   Brown.  "He's a very sick man." >    * .   "  .'  "Yes," replied Dr. Bolus, "but I have  bis  case  in hand  now,  and there' is  hope."    ��� ,   '  "Oh, I.don't know!" replied tbe olh-'  , er absentmindedly.   "Some of your patients have been known to get well in  spite of you."  Hla  Grief.  . ,     -  "John," said " Mrs. Twicewed, "you  are a brute! You don't express any  sorrow that my mother Is dying. I  don't believe you'd care if all my relatives died!"  "Yes, I would, Maria," answered the  brute cheerfully. "I often find "myself  grieving over the death of your ''first  husband."  A Deduction.  Bugby���Who was that lady who sat  beside you at the theater tlio other  evening? Smith���Why, that was my  wife. Bugby���Oh, I don't mean the  one who sat on your right I mean the  one you talked with.  ,   Cause For Alarm. . ;  Pennlbus���Poor Scribbles is worried.  Inkerton���What's the trouble? Pennlbus���He's afraid he has lost his cunning as'a humorist. The English magazines are beginning to copy hla Jokes.-  Fajnlly Objections Respected.  Md Friends-Why didn't you marry  r. Nlcefello? Sweet GW���His father  objected. <31d Frlend-I shouldn't have  car��4 for that gweefc Girl-Y-e-a, but  ha fold h�� would out him off with a  afellllag.     ���   Naturally.  His Wife���I wish I had lots of money. He���If one could get what he wished for I think I should wish for common sense, not for mquey. Ills Wife���  Naturally everybody wishes for what  they haven't got.  "  V,  They Generally Are.  "I ate a Welsh rabbit last night"  "How was it?"  "It-was a dream." . !'���  s  Some persons are so dry that you  might soak them in a joke for a month  and it would not go through their skin.  ������Henry Ward Beecher.  Carnival Dancing.  Among the most, picturesque of the  carnival festivities of Europe must be  classed that of the Gllles,- or dancing  men, of Binche, in Hainaiilt These  men, 200 strong, in their remarkable'  headdress, of tall ostrich feathers and  ithelr lace decked costume fringed with  bells, dance from an appointed place  to the town hall, bombarding the spectators with oranges as tbey go. Arrived.at the town hall, the public Joins  in the fun, and soon some 5,000 persons���men, women and. children���may  be seen gayly waltzing around tha  Grande olac*. .    ���  By this time all the world has heard  of Dr. William Osier's' (Regius Professor at Oxford) recent startling deliverances on old age. ' Some are disposed  not to take him seriously, but as the  full report of his actual words has come  from Baltimore, writes J. E. Wetherell  of Strathroy ln Toronto News, there Is  no doubt that hc;,was in downright earnest" when he declared that men above  forty are comparatively useless, Land  men above sixty absolutely, so. As Dr.  Osier Is himself fifty-five years -of age,  one is amazed at his statements, since  he did not begin work at Johns Hopkins'  University till he was forty, and now'he  goes to Oxford, on the eve of that period ln a man's career which he characterized as thoroughly, useless! When  so brilliant and so sane a man as - Dr.  Oaler makes statements so sweeping  and so opposed to universal sentiment  and opinion,'it Is time to review our  Ideas regarding old age, and, if necessary to revise them somewhat.   .���  In  dealing with  Dr.  Osier's  dictum  one has  to remember two' 'important-  facts.   His remarkable statements were  made In a valedictory oration, and he  probably  Indulged, ln  a,, little  of < that  hyperbole which, tlie epigrammatic orator, especially, iii tho land to the south  of us,   is  permitted  to  employ.''   And,  secondly, ho was addressing   an.audi-'  ence in a country whoso most popular'  adjective   'to-day . is ."strenuous"���, a ���  country where young men'control almost all the activities of life, political/  social,' educational,    literary, commercial.   ,        ���!''��< T ,   , "  Dr.   Osier  says ctho  world's   history  bears out his statements Certainly the  history, of  former ages  does' not/   It  was' Cicero , (at sixty-three)','who, summed up, the world's experiences In- the  matter of" old" age , in_ his  "De Senec-;.  tuta," '.'Cicero himself"delivered 'nearly  'all liis ^famous:;speeches,after,he was,  forty,  and, his ^vigorous and  'effective  speeches' a'gainst'lA!ntony when ho was  sixty-two.    It-.would,'bo very 'interest-'  ,ing to have"from Dr. Osier;a ,modern  "Do  Senectuto,"  and".'if tho 'calm' o#  English life allows  him the necessary-  leisure, perhaps when he reaches    the  4fatal~year.(for him) of 1910he wlll'de-',-  voto tho subsequent "year, of contemplation"   (from > sixty' to , sixty-one),' to,  a revislon'.of-' Cicero's -standards'.-! Here'  follow a. few    of -Cicero's" statements,  .which 'would,  ln  the,   new    order''of  things, have to be modernized: ���'  ���   "He (the old man)sdoes not do things  that the young.men'do, but in truth  ho  does    much '  greater, - andV, better  things." -.,? ,     ,'' .t   _ / ->  " *' '    f  ���-' "Great actions .are-.achieved"byttal-  ent.'iauthority, Judgment, of i which 'fa-  'cultles old age is not only not deprived,  but% it has 'even a greater measure' of  them." *'..,' L 7\ \ "'' c ��� >vf '-  i ,."Rashnes"s,'belongs to life when^ln its?  bloom;   wlsdow to old age.".'  "Tha highi spirit-of young men, / the  steadiness of'manhood,, the maturity 'of'  iold age, all are, natural, arid ought toj  be enjoyed ln their time.',''     J.a'    "     "'  ..  Dr.  Osler^'says'if; wo ..subtract; from.  the.sum of human achievement ln^ac-,  'jtlon,  in  science," in   art,  In ��� literature,  the''workl'og.men-a.b'ove'-forty."we should  be. practically^where^.we   aro .to-day..  Let us 'take^a.'few  striking "examples  from each,of 'these flelds"sqf "workA ',"'  , ,." Cromwell was forty-four-when he' or-,  ganized the -"Ironsides,"- and fifty when -���  he began' to-rule-England.-.-.Wellington^  was  forty-six  at    -Waterloo.   .Roberts  was  forty-eight iwhen  he  marched'to  Kandahar,  and    sixty-eight when    he  routed  Kruger.'   Kitchener,   'was   fifty  when-he won'his title from Khartoum;  at  forty ho, was  unknown.     So  much  for men" of action. ,  In .science, ;Dr. Osier's own province,  young men havo their best chance. Invention," alertness,, original", 'y, imagination, belong' pre-eminent y to .the  young, and here Dr. Osier's statements  como very 'close to exactness. Still Edward Jenner, William Harvey, Benjamin Franklin, and hosts of others made  their greatest "hit" when they were well  on ln the1 forties. To-day the scientist  of original genius who does not accomplish something before the age of  forty is raro indeed; 'but Dr.' Osier  should not, because of this,'indulge ln  "glittering generalities" about all,other'  classes, of men. ,l ^ '  Iri'literature what do we-find? Milton  began "Paradise Lost" at, fifty. Tennyson wrote the-"Idylls of the King"  between fifty and seventy-five. Browning wrote "The Ring and the Book" at  fifty-six. In prose, Ruskln 'made his  most Important contributions to, English classics after rhe was forty-five.  George Meredith after fifty wrote what  are considered his, masterpieces, "Diana' of the Crossways" and "The Egoist" Hardy was fifty-two when "Teso"  appeared. Dickens when he died at  fifty-eight, was at the full tide of his  wonderful  powers. - ���  Our own country furnishes tfco best  refutation of Dr. Osier's doctrine. Perhaps the most important events in the  history of Canada are the Confederation of the Provinces and tho building  of tho Canadian Pacific Railway. All tho  "Fathers of Confederation" had passed  fifty when the union was brought  about Sir John A. Macdonald being  fifty-two and Sir George E. Cartier  fifty-three. As everyone knows, tho  gigantic project of building tho, C.P.R.  is due to the foresight and enterprise  of three men���J. J. Hill, Lord Mount  Stephen and Lord StrathCona. Theso  men, whon thc project was started, had  all passed the line of forty. Hill was  forty-two, Lord Mount Stephen was  fifty-one, and Lord Strathcona was actually sixty! Ono would surmise that  tho youngest of tho three men was tho  life and soul of the movement, but J.  J. Hill, in a recent speech, declared  that the ono person to whoso efforts  their success ln( railway development  was due was.Lord Strathcona. It ..was  the pluck and,determination and enthuT;  stasm of this sexagenarian that opened  up pur .marvellous Northwest' .and  started us on the path of genuine-na- '  tlonality. And yet all Strathcona's  great work was performed after he had  passed  the   chloroform  limit    At  the  age of eighty this samo veteran,; with  all the' restless energy of a youth,  hurled his Strathcona's Horse at the  Boer hordesi-of South Africa. ,  , If Dr. Osier Is a firm believer in his  own now theory, he should have been  considerate enough to tell Canada sooner. A fow months ago the free and Independent electors of Canada sent back  to Ottawa to rule thorn for five years  longer Sir Wilfrid Laurier at the age!  of sixty-three, and Dr. Osier's own na-"  tive] Ontario has Just overwhelmingly  decided to accept apparently for a long  term of years the Premiership of James  Pliny Whitney, who has passed the  chloroform, limit and  who,  it would  "wwaji Jlk* a��iwthii��>pii a* almlMA jj Jugf  beginning the most Important* epocn ox  his political career.  CANADA'S EVOLUTION.  Expansion of the Dominion Since Confederation 38 Years Ago.  ' The expansion of Canada since Confederation, thirty-eight years ago,    Is  briefly shown In' the statement of tha  dates of admission of the several Pro-  (vincea and their area, following:  Province. Sa- Miles.  Ontario, July 1, 1867 260,86a  Quebec, July 1.-.1867'...'. 351,873  Nova Scotia,,July 1, 1867  ..;.    21,428  New Brunswick, July 1, 1867..    27.985  Manitoba, July 15,  1870        73,732  British* Columbia, July 20. '71. 872,630  P. E. Island, July 1, 1878......      2,184  Saskatchewan, July 1, 1905 '300,000  Alberta,  July  1,   1305    *250.000  ���Estimated approximate area under  bill recently brought down ln Parliament  Tbe other Territories of Canada, not  yet made Provinces, and;the date of  their , organization 'aa Territories, are  as follows: ' .  Territory.' So;. Miles.  Keewatin,  April  12,'' 1876...... "470,416  Yukon,'June  15,   1898   ....' 196,976  Mackenzie,  Oct, 2,   1896>0 562,182  Ungava^Oot   2,   1895   ........' 854,961  Franklin, Oct<2,  1895  500,000  The area of Great Britain la only 88,-"  896 square miles.      ' ',''.,'  /  ' ' The  Finder. ���,  ., ���      >>  "The queerest experience I ever had,"  said a young Toronto .business man recently, "was with' a fellow from New  Ontario last fall. _Thls chap had been  our guide forf three    or four   years ln  hunting trips ,up north, and./was a remarkably competent' man.1', He-could  scent  a  deer  anywhere v within    five  miles, and the 'members of our party  obeyed him'as If he were, our step-fa-^  ther.   When we went up In 1903 .he.was'  talking all the time about Toronto Fair.'  Ha, had ,never seen  it, but" a'1 relation,  of his had been, down, and had-told him'  all about' it, To 'see the Falr0 for himself was the dream of.his life.   Well; I  Invited him  to'come .down  last-year,  and he came.'    On  the way down he  found a. Bilver watcji, on 'the floor of the  car,' and,although he -walked' through  tho . train'y seeking  anJ"owner, ,,vhobqdy  claimed it, bo"; he put It ln his pocket.  I met. him'at the Union; Station,- and  asu wo" walked. up^Yonge Street he' found  a.'-quarter on the'sidewallcif. Next;day,1  took* him to .lunch,.and as.wo'were going into a restaurant 'on King Street he  stopped'.aiid: asked, ,,'What's.. that?' ,'It  was,a dollar bill, and.,he picked It up.  That'night wo went to tho Exhibition  grounds,.and, being late, could'not get  a seat on" th'e grand stand, bo, we" stood,  in the paddock and leaned against ,the  ferice.';\We weren't'standlng there,'^threa  minutes until Oils fellow from New Ontario  says:   *'Sayl what's'that there 7^,  and'I .looked and saw ���something'; over  tho picket fence.--He^ Jumped over and  got It,1 and It was a'roll of bills. There  was twenty-seven dollars in-the"rbll. V  ' "What did I say?    I had nothing to  say. . He" dld'tho. saying."/He said he  thought Toronto ipeople were bat-eyed.  Ho said tliat-the  streets  of the ��� city  were  simply  greasy  with money, and  he'd 'ask nothing better than to' walk  around "an'd 'pick ��� up money.," Next'.day  I coaxed him .tfe come here and live and  go halfera .with me, on all he found,1 but  he said, he couldn't afford'to-take ln a  partner. . I|remlnded hlm.that lt^waa  me" that"invlted'ihlm''to com*.to town)  but'he'was    as , hard   as*' nails,j- and  ���wouldn't let me'in' at .all.    ' i, .,*-'   X -  ' , "What's he "doing about ItTT- Well, the  !last'I_heard of'him he was" having an  auotlon sale'of his household'goods and  was going to move to^Toronto.".It looks  to me as If, he's got a dead sure thing."  .- -',, ' -    .-'-''"        **  '        *"- *���     '.>.-,-'  ���' ~\ Should Boys- Bo^'Whipped?. ,: .j  ' A'Public School teacher gives the following, "experience:- .VThlai ',theory''"of  governing children by appealing to their,  'reason lsn'^t airit's_ made out to be..I  teach ln a primary class, and it'B my  conviction that a youngster actually  needs a good spanking qnoe ln a ,while  for^his-riealth. It does cheer.up a ehlld  as nothing else will. Hero Is an Instance:   '' ' - , ' -,'      l  "One of-my boys had skipped his  classes, deceived his mother, been found  out and caused much unhappiness all  around. .1 took him aside and we had a  heart-to-heart talk. Johnny sat still,  looking at me Intently and seemlqg to  be deeply Impressed. I thought' I was  making great headway and that my little sermon , was surely penetrating  Johnny's brain. I never saw a child  who soemed so absorbed, even fascinated, by my line of argument.      .  ,'.  "But you never can tell. Just aa I  Sad reached the climax ln my appeal to  his better self, a light .of discovery  broke over. Johnny. ��� .-. v' ,  _   "Say, teacher," ho said, eagerly, "it's  your lower Jaw that moves, isn't It?"  Race of Centenarians. '  Pierre Forget aged 100 years, and.  his wife, aged 96, on March 1 celebrated in Montreal the 76th anniversary of  their marriage, a"t which children down  to the fifth generation attended. Speaking'to a newspaper man, he said: "It  has often happened to me to say: 'My  daughter, go tell your daughter that her  daughter's child Is crying.' My wife Is:  96 years of age, but If she takes after  her mother she is good for several  years yet, for her mother died at the  ago of 104. I have never worn glasses,  and if Go* grants us life until wa celebrate the 80th anniversary of our marriage, you, will hear of the celebration,  I can' ass'ure'you. I belong to a raco of  centenarians, and I am strong and fit  to live for quite a number of years to  como. My father died at the age of  100 and my mother at the age of 96. We  have had thirteen children, the youngest of whom is now 46 years of age,  and tho eldest will oelebrate her golden  wedding In thre�� year*, My wife and  I will be present U danoa a aten Ut tha  celebration."  toot at tne iaea or its Dem-  a witnesn  to God's covenant with man that the  earth will no more undergo the orde-n  of flood and declare that it was made  for the express purpose of letting tlJ9  flrst man and woman down flom  heaven, the man securely fastened to  one end of the great variegated band  tho woman nt the other. The end of  time, according to the Kurds, will be  ushered In by the appearance of fonr  rainbows, .which will cross at the  zenith, furnishing eight passagoway'j  for God and his hosts.  Red . Haired Comfort. , ;  Why not be proud of red hair? *���  Socrates,' the father of philosophy  was red haired. ' '  St. Paul was red haired, freckled and  ugly. "   ��� '.  Julius Caesar wag red haired, and  that be was of the redheaded sort thero  is none to deny. He was ever ready for ,  ,a fight and wasn't afraid to meet all  comers, and he would have won against  'all hadn't'Brutus and a, few other jeal  ous officeholders done him to death aft-  'er a most contemptible fashion.  ��� Queen Bess,had red hair and lots ot  'It, and it made-the royal ladies anqry  that  thcyn couldn't  imitate her style  whicb was so much'admired'by court!  -lers   and1 gentlemen  o��  every, land.-.  1 Vew York World.'��� ' t  "    .   %-     ���        Well Trained. . '  First Little Girl-My father Is a���  officer. .What does yours do? Second  Little -Girl���Whatever mamma, tells  him.���London1 Fun. ' ���>  <  MULLIGAN'S ANTICS.  Tliey  Excited. CuHcy'a   Curlo��Ity ����  ��� He Got nn Explanation.  Casey and Mulligan,'.lived dn adjoin-  'lug tenements.. Casey was looking out  'of  his 'front   window   ono  afternoon  'when he saw. Mulligan go through tlw  "street door on the run., In a few' mo-  ��� nieuts he. returned,* still  running.   On  .the next nlght'Casey, saw Mulligan re-  pea't tbe perforniauce.'-Casey'told liia  ^Ife-there"'must  lie sickness  In   the  Mu'iiisunpjousebold,   but, Mrs.   Gnsi-y s-  .said no. On;the .third day Casey ag.i1!)  ,saw Mulligan;dashout~ol', the dpor and  .return" oh'the run."' On Uio'fourth night '  .,Cas'ej^.saw^Mulllgan  leave.the,house  with'a sl;lppliig lope and go dowri'ttlie,  street skipping, the' rope. "*Wlien he re-'  .turned he.was still skipping-the rope.  This was,the last 6tra\y. to Casey's al-  ' ready,.overburdened   "curiosity,     lit  I watched and when-Mulligan was out  ;went to his home.',      '-, ���   0, ' L      ^  ' t "Is. there any thin* I 'can do-for yoii,  .Mrs. Mulligan?"' he asked her.  "What  "for?"..* asked; Mrs.' 'Mulligan.   "Sliure,  and your.husbaud 'has gone daft,'' said  Casey. Vl  seeii^him . run  out of thc  house, and"run, bacfeag'in three nights  and the fourth go out'skippiii' a rope."  .'^Ob, that's nothin',", said' Mrs. Mulligan.   ''The doctor was here last -week,  .Mike Jiein',. by way, of railln', anil gav�� '  ��� him four pills.^'Tak^ three runnin' nnd  -skip' .the;-fqurtli,'.^sez  lie, .'and tbat't  what   Mike c has .'been " doin'.' ". '  ,-i-fjt  ''i  ���'Ay SPEED OF A" RATTLER.  _," _t  i     '  :\ ';-    �� r    "  Why It Is Easy to Slioot Off'the Head  ������ ,1'     of "One of Tlicffe'Snakes.        l  'In this 'wide 'world there "are"several'  things that are''swifter than a rattle-  .snake, .writes'���'A:,���W. "Kollaer in  Pearson's," but.they^can 'probably be counted on tlie fingers-'of. one" band,"  Ono o��  'these things is"a bullet,-whereby"linnga  _.the explanation'why ,It Is easy to slioot  ���the head off'a"rattle, althouglra marksman flnds^it "difficult to "place1 a bullet  along- the fat  seven*, foot line between  the neck of the" reptilctand the tip ot  itS'tnil."'     ';.'���,'  It has long been-regarded "as a curious coincidence that even the man not  famed for accuracy has had no trouble  In blowings the head' off '.a diamond  back. In1 the "diamond back country  only one explanation is offered for  this���it is the."snake and not the .man  that does the aiming."  At�� close quarters ^the Instant the  muzzle of *a six shooter Is thrust toward a rattlesnake the Infallible eye  catches the,range, and in the fraction  of a twinkle the deadly head has aligned itself. As the gnu roars and darti  its tongue of flame the head of the  creature Is torn clean as if severed  with n knife, and the viper lies writhing, emitting a defiant rattle" even ns , j  its grim,1 relentless < heart ceases Its  beat      ' "    .    -     '  CONSTANT BIRDS.  The  Phonosrrapli  Foreneen.  Thonography is thus described In thc  April number, 1632, of the Courier Veritable, a little monthly publication in  which novel fancies were frequently  aired: "Captain Vosterloch has returned from his voyage to the- southern  lands, which he started on two years  and a halt ago by order of the states  general. Ho'tells us, among other things;  that, in passing through a strait below  Magellan' he landed in a country  where nature has furnished men with  a kind of sponges which hold sound9  and articulations as our sponges hold  liquids. So,, when they wish to dlsr ���  patch a message to a distance, they  speak to one of the sponges, take them  up gently and press out the words that  have been spokes into them and learn  by this admirable means all that their  correspondents desire to know."  BaldKcndcd      EnRleit       and      Golden  Woodpecker*  Mate  bat  Once.  The married life of most birds could '|  be taken for a model even by members  of .the human family. There, is. for  Instance,'the staid, dignified and homely baldhended eagle, the glorious emblem of the American republic. He  mates but once and Jives with hla one  mate until he ork she dies. If left 8  widower���even a young widower���tlie  baldhended eagle never mates again.  He remains alone and disconsolnte in  tho nest on the rock crag or in the  branches of a tall pine that formed  his domicllo while his mnte wa��i alive.  No other female eagle can tempt lilm  to forsake his disconsolate life. With  him, once a widower, always a widower.  The golden woodpeckers live in ��  happy married state, mating but once.  If the male dies his mate's priof is  lasting, and sha lives a widowed bird  tbe rost of her life. So, too, the n��ll<!  woedpecker never spoks anotlic.r malo  nfter (hfe death of bis own. He taps  on a tree beside their nest day fl"1  night trying to recall her: then at  length, discouraged and hopole.��, li��  becomes! silent and never recovers In*  gayety, ..;:;;.'. .  A Qnecr Rainbow .Superstition.  The Kurds aud Armenians, whose  many folklore stories and talcs of superstitious fancids far exceed those of  the gypsies, have some rainbow beliefs which are perhaps not duplicated  In the popular notions of any others  ���montr the races of mankind.   The? 1  \  THE MOYIE   LEADER  MOYIE, B. C.  CONVERTING. SU3BLY   CREEK INTO  LARD.   ^  uoW a Stagnant Stream Near Chicago  ��� Transformed Into a "Fancy Brand."  ,. ��� io a,stagnant little stream in  T,iecmckvardsT district ,of Chicago  tlie, , w& Its ultimate outlet in the  vlllCi1 nr inch of the Chicago River.  f^'n-ickng houses have found this  T]le P'CK"�� tent as a sort of cess-  s i info which they dump that part  ^h'o irfuse of their slaughter bouses  of i'"-   1w nnv knownprocess be  TRIED  IN .MILLIONS OF TEAPOTS DAILY  ITS  L.IF=-��  LENCE.��   PR0N0UNCED"PAREXCEL-  "Wor-Jei's  ��m     T^^     WOr,d'8    *=>r<*r<zr&nG&  Sold on.y In sealed lead packets.   25c., 30c, 40c, 50c, 60c. a  Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.  Grocers.  pound.    By all  ������ >, rnrinot by any luiownprocess  �� Ue up their marketable  ,^Z 'This refuse consists main-  l,r*Ll matter, and, as this putre-  iy0,CSial in the water'gives oil  *SS coatlnually, which tad.thejlr, way  scum in'the way of  e to be  name    of    ''Bubbly  ,��� |i,p   surface  ..WM   the stream has come to be  J8'!)     the -name , of    '/Bubbly  rZoek"   Some time ago an enterpris  , ������ fprman  perfected  a  process  for  'I'Sftli'SCum into lard.    This  Cr��� ess "s in    use    to-day.      Bubbly  '   reck is regularly skimmed, and,the  rutins Deduct -is a "fancy grade"  Invd    While speaking of lard, let  va take another case.   A farmer of any,  lerieiice knows'that, within".a few  ,  rt��s or a week' after the appearance  of'cholera symptoms ;among the hogs,  - he is likely   to  lose his whole herd.  ���' v0t unnaturally, as mundane  things  , ^'"his first (.bought, on  "discovering  cholera   is to rush., tho   hogs   tp the  slock vards.and sell them before tney  die on'his hands.   If any reader or this  article bliould be in,Chicago, and If'he  ehou'ld'visit,the stock yards, he could  see vhpre   these    diseased hogs aro  brought lr. by the carload.   Those, that  haie died in transit are thrown^ out  on the iccelving platform, and the living are hurried off to the' shambles.  It would be worth his whilogto,stand  bv the heap of dead hogs for a little  while If ho should do this, he would  : observe that the stock cars'are soon  hauled away, and that one or more box  'cars are backed in by a switch engine.  The hogs���dead    from    cholera���are  thrown, into, the cars/ and Ube switch  engine pulls' out with them.    Where,  the reader may ask, are-those cars going to?   Now,, there, Is, j'aq ,<obscure  little town over the Indiana Hue which  bears tlio Imposing name of CllobeWf  ���tbe packers   were . asked ?v-what they,  .know about Globe  they ^woiild ' probably say they have established rendering tanks for reducing diseased meat  to grease rand fertilizers. ..They would  lierdiy add that lard is manufactured  at Globe In considerable'.quantities. "  BRING YOUR WHOLE SELF To'  YOUR  WORK.  Islands.    It  would  obviously bo  mis  leading to include the Roman Catholics  of the dependencies in'a consideration,    Tt       ,      -    of the comparative strength of the ro-! Tt, ,Ini^es all the difference in the  K.",' ,1f��on!i��a!^'is in. the United - ;��ldVin results, whether you come  States. Eliminating them altogether | \��r yout work wery day with all your  the Roman Catholics 'of the country ��� I'0���-*��� Intact, with all your facult^s  stm number 12,-!U2,793.. while Ihe S "''   V,ho 8tandard: whether you come  YOUR HABITUAL EXPRESSIOW'"  What kind of an expression do you  wear habitually? Is it sour, morose,  repellent? Is it a mean, stingy, contemptible, uncharitable, intolerant expression? Do you wear the expression  of a bulldog, a grasping, greedy, hungry expression, which Indicates an  avaricious nature? Do you go about  among your employees' with a thundercloud expression, with a melancholy, despondent,, hopeless look on  your face, or do you wear the sunshine  expression which radiates good cheer  and hope, .whlcft indicates a feeling of  good will ,and of helpfulness? Do  people smile.} and'loolc happier'when  you approach them, or do they shrink  from you and feel a chilly goose-flesh  sensation^come over them as they see  you approach? It makes all tho difference in tne world to you and to those  whom you Influence, what' kind of an  expression you wear.  Lutherans with 1,789,7UG; the Presbyterians with 1,097,097; the Episcopalians, with 807,922; the Cbnin'egat onanists,  with   007,951;  ' the   Unitarians  Those whom neglected coughs  have killed were once'as healthy  and robust as you.' Don't follow  In their paths o�� neglect.   Take  Consumption  .TheLung  '  Tonic -���'  " right now.    It' is guaranteed to  cure.   It has cured- many thousands.'      '/''���',  '���.J^SS.*';,    .    '   S. C.Waw.s&Co''.   308  25c. 30c. St    LeRoy. N. Y��� Toronto. Can  HOW'S THIS?  We offer One Hundred Dollar* P.oward for any cuw  ofl'aLurrh lhat CHnuoL be cured by Hull** Cttitrrh  Cure r. J. CHENEY 4 CO.. Toladt.  O.  We. tho tindcrsitcnod, fame known K. J Ofit-nev Tor  the hint fifttMtn jt*��rw. uml bHloib him perfoi tiy hon  ont bio in ulJ huniuesn trunpuctionH, uutl fluanciMlly  ubiy Kn tarry out un> objigutjontt tuiutu   Uy^iiJs   Uiut  WaLCZNO.  KlNNAN A MARVIN,  V\ holwttilo DriifcvtitUf. 'I'o In do. O  Ifall'H CuUirrti Cure in tukuu iiituniully,   huiiik  <||  ruiUyti(Hin tin* blood   und   mmou*  HiirfucftM of   lli<*  *sbU:in     TottimonlttlH Hftiit frre     Pruu. 76c   pt,r   n,t  tlo     Sold li> uli [>iuicKlntn-  Xuku iluli'�� i*uiui]y l*iJIm /or conMttjtatioa.  MARTYRS AT THE STEAK.  Tho gnashing teeth bit hard  On a stern and rib-bound roast,  Wliile boarders 'gainst a dented wall j  The leaden biscuit tossed.  And their anxious brows gTew dark  as they glanced the table o'er  And recognized, in a chowdered form.  Some things they'd seen before.  What sought they thus afar?  Fresh loaves and tender meat?  The wealth of seas.the'spoils of farms?  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This quotation'  is taken from ai formal statement isr  sued by Police Commissioner McAdoo  ,in connection with, the gambling raids  in rChinatown, "when    more"than-two  hundred were1'arres'ted by the police.  -The .statement _���'was given out as an  official denial of allegations that Chinese gambler's c.had   long enjoyed Immunity,   from    prosecution by paying  tribute-to certain officers of the police  .department-,' through * a':'man higher  up," . In his statement the commissioner says that the more money people  dpay'for"protection thes-less protection  they" will get:   "Chinatown must 'obey  the���lawand keep, its 'money in its  pocket, and understand that there is  'one 'rule for black men or white men  or yellow in New York." x Pf the .213  Chinamen arresttd -in Chinatown only  twenty-one were held in court.   In the  confpslon caused b'y the similarity of  their   faces    three of the(ttwenty-one  .escapcil mysteriously." The'roundsmen  "who chiid''"charge,-of the ca&e''declared  that- haIf-'of.���the eight-five.. Chinamen  who>secured, bail- had. not' appea'red,  but-in their places^were substitutes. It  couldi riot'-be told whether,,they were  the' real^prisoners, so there was^noth-  ing to do but 'discharge the dummies.  Chow .Young,' the' chief witness in the,  casc.Jwas at- a loss "as to who wcre.the"  men he .bad arrested.   He was frightened during the    examination    when  counsel for the,accused Chinamen said  he1"had just received word from Chinatown that a reward of 56,000 had been  offered, for the head of Chow Young,  as Informer,, on his countrymen. Chow  Young.turned pale and gave the rest  of his testimony with a faltering voice  and  frightened  demeanor.    After ex-;  amination In whicli the Impossibility  of' identifying    the    majority    of the  prisoners was demonstrated, nineteen  of the    Chinamen   wero held in ?500  bail for further examination.  you do'yourrwork as the giant or. as  a- lugmy. Most people bring only a  small part of themselves to their tasks,  i hey cnpplovmuch of their ability by  irregular living, bad habits in eating,  and injurious food, lack of sleep,- dissipation, or some "other folly. They  do not come to their tasks every morning whole men; a'part of themselves,  .   ,     ��?!��5 a Iaree Part,- Is somewhere  f else, rhey left their energy where  they were trying to have a good time.  w> that thy bring weakness insteaikof  power,  indifference   and   dullness "in-  sicad or enthusiasm and alertness  to  the performance of the most important  duties of their lives,    The man who  conies to his work in the morning un-  refreshed, languid and listless can not  do a good, honest day's work, and.tif  he drags rotten days into the year how  can ho expect a sound career or a successful  achievement?    Good'work is  not entirely a question of will power;  often this is Impaired by a low physical standard.   The quality of the work th  XenM-^Pf^nf}18 hig���er ��"**������-.��.��-WW, >���>��... for .tre,^h ���a  wnen e\ery  'faculty,    every, function,l     - -���    ������    ���   ���      ���    '   and'every bit of your ability,Is affected by, your physical arid mental condition. You may be sure that your  weakness, whatever its cause, will appear in'lyour day's work, whether it' is'  making books or selling them, teaching school or ..studying, singing or  painting, chiseling statues or digging  trenches.'  ' <       -  -  Jenks���You seem tb bo in good  humor.. What's the joke? 'Markley���  Didn't you hear about .our doctor?  Jenks���No, what is it? Markley���He's  sick.                 ,   ., ..  U         f  (.Tacob iliis tells an anecdote of a  young lady who devoted a good deal of  her time to settlement work, and who  was a particular favorite with all the  children.' "Why do you loye Miss  Mary so?" they asked a little lad one  day. "I like her,", he replied,'"because  she" looks as though she didn't see  the holes in my shoes."      >    ',  In  one of.our eastern,-,cities a certain family suddenly found themselves  at the top notch of wealth and prosperity.    They,then began���to seek for  the secondary requirement of culture.  A most excellent master was engaged  to Instruct their only daughter on the  piano.    His patience , being  taxed  to  the uttermost, the master complained  to the young woman's mother:    "Mad-  j am, I cannot    teach    your ' daughter  longer."    "And why not?   Doesn't my  daughter study?    I    will    make    her  study."   "It ees not zat," persisted the  old man.    "I cannot teach her.    She  has no talent."   "Is .that all?" his patroness replied.    "I, am rich.    Here is  my pocketbook., Go over to New York,  and buy her soine." /  Only the wealthy can afford to be  invalids.  .They alone can bear the expense of  constant attendance by , doctors and  high-salaried nurses.  Your time' is your capital, and,  whether your dally task is in the  home or abroad, you must make every  day count or prove a burden to yourself and  friends.  Weakness is the greatest source of  Ill-health. Weakness of the blood and  nerves, 'weakness of action ot the  heart, lungs and digestive organs.'  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Is well  suited to the .needs of a multitude of  people because it overcomes weakness,  first weakness of the blood and nerves'  and through them the weakness of the  organs of the body.  It may require a dozen or more  boxes of Dr. Chases Nerve' Pood to  make you strong and well and send  the thrill of health, through your  shrivelled arteries "and wasted nerves.  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Said the  Speaker: - "You showed this' letter, to  several people, you* say?" "Ob, yes,  Mr. Speaker; I tried every way'to read  it before;troubllng you about the matter: None of us could-make out .the  last 'three words,' though." /'Why/a  said Mr. Cannon, "the last three words  were 'personal and i confidential,' you  chump."        ,        ,        ''   '  Stratford, 4th Aug., 1803.  MESSRS. C. C. RICHARDS & CO.  Gentlemen,���-My neighbor's boy' 4  years old, fell into a tub of boiling  water and got scalded fearfully. A few  days la'ter his legs swelled ' to ' three  times, their natural size and broke out  in .running sores. His parents could  get nothing to help him till I recommended MINARD'S LINIMENT,' which,  after using,two .bottles,, completely  cured him, and I know of several othf-r  cases around.-here almost as remarkable, cured by the same Liniment and  1 can truly say I never handled a medi-  'oine which has had as good a sale or  given such universal satisfaction..  " ,M.  HIBERT,  General  Merchant.  you   can    ..���.������. ^  Pro1L1Sihait��,'1hvSLdt?iney0U f0���* go��d"|^moJrTeceipT"book  author,  aro  I rove this.by noting your increase in] every, box.  weight as new, firm  flesh  and tissue  is being added to the body.  Mr. Leonard Miller, Canboro, Haldt-,  inland Co., OnL, writes:���"Dr. Chase's  Nerve Food and Kidney-Liver Pills did  wonders for me,,as they seemed exactly suited to my case, before I  began taking this medicine I could not  do a day's work to save my life. Now  I can work all right and attend to my  business with' good courage. Thi3  means a great saving to me, as' well  as a pleasure, for I have^a two hundred and fifty acre farm and a large  stock to look after.  "Instead of being In, misery, rrom'  pain and .suffering, life is now'sweet  to ine,.and I appreciate good health  as I never did before. 1 have said  all that I - could to my friends and  neighbors In recommendation of Dr.  Chase's .Remedies, for I know'that  when they have,cured me (hoy will  cure others."  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,, 00' cents  a box,, at all, dealers, or Edrnanson'  Bates & Co., Toronto. Portrait and  signature of   Dr., A.   \V.   Chase,   the,  on   .  ')     i  Ayerfe Pill's 2   : *l '   '<?'<��� '       / sick-  Vegetable, liver pills. - That  what they are. They cure  mstlpation, biliousness,  sick-headache  3.0. Ayor Oo.  Low-all, Xua.  Want your moustache or beard  RliniflMHWAM >0   nYC  a^utlfBlbrowBorrichblact? use S^MSHMeI JL}��  A strapping lad of twelve, was registered in one of the public schools of  Philadelphia: He-readily gave' "the  several facts called for, but he did tnot  know whether his birthday fell on the  10th of November or of December. The  Principal was_ surprised at this display  of Ignorance "on, the part'of so" old a  child, and he > asked how it came to  pass th'at he hadn't learned the date  of his birth. "I wasn't born," said the  boy; "I had a step-mother."   ��� ,.  If it is a Question of  Warmth use  -���,y-z-E.*B.EDt)]!Z%:7'zz  BUILDING I&PEI*  It-Retains  Heat and Keeps)Out Cold. .."  It Has. Many Offices.���Before the  German soldier starts on a long march  he rubs his feet with tallow, for his  first care is to keep his feet in good  condition. , If he knew that Dr.  Thomas' Eclectrlc 'Oil would be of  much better servicejhe would throw  'away His tallow and pack a' few bottles of;the Oil in his knapsack. 'There  Is nothing like it.      ,     ���  -',"  THE   ROMAN   QATHOLIGS   IN   THE  UNITED  STATES.  The Roman Catholic population pf  die United States and itu dependencies  e far larger than that of any other re-  igious denomination..'" This fact is  brought out by a comparison between  the statistics in the Roman'Catholic  directory for 1905, and those relating  to other church bodies, which, have  n c��raI)1Iefl by tho Rev. II. K. Carroll. The whole number of Roman  uitimllcs under tho protection of the  United  States   flag  is   22,127,364,    QC  none 7.03S,G99 are in the Philippines;  L|)iS.8C2 in Cuba, 1,^-0,000 in Porto  Wco and    32,000    in    the    Sandwich  Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.  If your blood is thin and impure, you are miserable all the  tlfne. It is pure, rich blood  that'Invigorates, strengthens,  refreshes. You certainly know  Sarsa  the medicine that brings good  health to the home, the only  medicine tested and tried for  60years. Adoctor'smedicine.  a."J <nf*. raT Btt/'withont Houbt, to Ayer'i  Ju^Wf111*- 1�� ����� *!>��� ���Biott wondurftil madl-  omain th�� world f.r ndi-yoiunese, Mr cure la  permanent, *Bl* 1 e��nn��t think rou enough."  , Mb*. T3MUM MoWlIJ., Newark, N. J.  * l��ttl��. j. 0. iT.lK Co.,  Lowell,! Man.,  for'  Health  A dinner was given recently In Philadelphia to Lawrence Townsend, the  American minister-to Belgium. Mr.  Townsend talked at this dinner about  his experience abroad. Among other  things, he said: ','ln Belgium, as a  rule, wheij English is spoken to yon it  is excellent English. Now and thou,  ihougji, you come" upon some very  curious mistakes. "I attended a music-  ale one day at au English .woman's  apartment. An admirable amateur on  the violin \yas the guest of honor. The  man played and played,, for the encores were persistent, till finally he  got a little .tired. He' wished to'say  politoly\o his hostess that he was too  weary to play any, longer, and the  words he used were these: '"Madam,  der ghopt iss ready, hut der meat Iss  feeble." ���     ���  THE MODERN MOTHER  Children shudder at castor oil, and  with good reason. Castor oil is a relic  of old-time barbarism. Not only is it  repulsive to tho tasto, hut It gripes,  and tortures delicate children. Modern mothers use Baby's Own Tablets  a gentle laxative which does not.gripe;  a comforting medicine which may be  given to a new-born babe without lcai  of harm. These Tablets cure all lh<-  niinor ills of little ones, and promote  natural sleep and repose. Mrs. R. H-  James, Fenaghvalo, Out., says:���"1  find great satisfaction In tlie use of  Baby's Own Tablets, and do not know  how 1 could gol along willioiit niem  They make children well and keep  them woll." And you have a guarnn  tee that there is not ono particle o,  opiate or harmful drug i" this' mecli-  ,cine. Sold by .medicine dealers or by  mail'at 25 cents a box. by wilting the  Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockviile,  Out/    ''. ,"';', .   ''    .������'..'���:.'   ''_' '  GERMAN PRINCE IS TO REJOIN  .'���-'������ RUSSIAN ARMY-  Pekin.���According to present arrangements, Prince Frederick Leopold  ^Prussia'will leave on Sunday uoxt  v a Kalgan and Kiachta to join tl e  ^ssian'armylnManchuri^^^  tho .empror  The prince ex-  much   pleased  '' No House Grown Stock.  The Buchanan Nursery Co'.,' St. Charles, Man_v-do not grow any "house"  stock. All their stock Is "hardy, field  grown" They have no florist or green-  house-stock. The words "house grown"  in their advertisement in this journal  was a printer's error. It should have  read "home growa."  (Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.  here has been very quiet,  visited their ,> majesties,  and dowagr empress,  presses himself   very  with his stay in Pckin  Daisy���Did Henry   kneel   when he  i Ar, vr,��� i   Nellv���No, he made  proposed to you.'   iNeny    ��"i  me a standing offer.  M  inard's Liniment for sale everywhere  , CLIMAX IN NAN'S CASE.  New York.���The climax in the prose-  'cution of Nan Patterson was reached  when Hyman Stern, the pawnbroker,  failed to identity J. Morgan Smith as  the man to whom he.sold the pistol  with which "Caeser" Young was killed.  This test has been looked forward to  with much anticipation and was'.ex.  pected to make something of a sensation. On the' contrary, however, ,it  caused but a ripple of comment and  surprise ln the courtroom. Stern also  failed to identify Nan Patterson or  Mrs. Smith as the women with the  man that purchased the revolver. The  tension of the courtroom was Intense  as Stern gave his evidence, the room  being so quiet that his heavy breathing as he leaned forward to look 'at  Smith could be heard. Riotous scenes  attended the opening of i~uo courtroom for tbe afternoon session. Mon  and women fought to get past the  police. Several women ��� fainted and  many had their dresses torn. Besides  Stern, thc witnesses called gave technical testimony. Only two important  witnesses for the prosecution ���  "Caesar" Young's widow and his racing partner, John Mlllen���remained to  he examined when the trial adjourned.  Prosecutor Rand announced that by  noon Thursday the state would close  its case. Abraham Levy, senior counsel for the-defence, will ask for an  adjournment of a day, and If It is  granted the opening speech for the  defence will he made by Henry "SV.  Unger.  ���\ Teacher (with . outline map���What  country is this? \ Class���(Dense^1 sll-,  ence.'^ Teacber-^Come, can;t,t'any of'  you remember?. It is ���'the. shape of ,a  boot.'.'1'Bright Boy���I remember. now.  It's Italy,'the place wherevthe Jjpot-  blacks come from.. Z *  TWITCHYMUSCLES AND SLEEPLESSNESS.���The hopeletu. heart dluktioi^ tlwit nottleM ou  & man or womnn wIioyo nortec are Bhuttorwd b> .1 p-  ei��e ten be*t be piuturftl ln contract-with ii putt, nt  who hen been In the "depth.*" and.h'as. been drained  from them by South American Nertlne. 'Gi>o ce  \Veb��ter, of Forest. Ont.. *u>o: "I owe my lifo to it.  Ever>th!ng elae felled to euro."���4-1 -     ,  TEES  Write fpr Samples and" Prices.  &   PERSSE,   -Limited,    Agents,-'WiiiniW  <��� -        '      -- .. -'       . r r   *�� .  SAVAGERY   IN   LOUISIANA.  ��� Shreveport, LaJ ���' After working  three hours with sledge hammers and  picks, twenty-five men broke Into the  parish jail at Homer, La., and shot  Dick Craighead, inflicting wounds  which will probably prove fatal.  Craighead was charged with the murder of Mrs. Isaac McKee, wife 'of  Craighead's half-brother, and her little  son. The authorities were unaware of  the designs on the prisoner until too  late to prevent it. Every , telephone  and telegraph wire out of Homer was  cut, and the-rifles of the Clalbourne  guards were seized before the attack  was made on the jail. ,So quietly did  the men work that scarcely anyone in  the village was aware of what was  taking place at the jail.    Having dug  A funnyjneident occurred in one of  the primary., grades of the Lewisburg  public schools. The first class in 'arithmetic, was"'reciting; the teacher was  doing her best to make a liule fellow  understand the ' difference ���' between  the measurements of a quart .and a  pint,,. At last the teacher saih,' hopefully: . "Now, "Johnny, l which would  you rather, have, a quart or a pint of  Ice cream?" The'pupil,'not knowing,  made a guess, and answered: -"Why,  a pint, of course." "Why," objected  the teacher, hopelessly, "a pink, is less  than a quart." "I know it," he quickly  responded, "I don't like ice cream."  NEW, WHITE    KID   SHOES   EVERY1  v *      .,' DAY.    ,.'"',        ' I  In his article on "The Shameful Misuse of Wealth," now running in "Sue-;  cess Magazine," Cleveland Moffett 'has  |eoaa(Bl -  lMtt  'ini AnniOT ll '\'.~ioDiim32S  tMottneodwi to the lffllmti? lfrea  ftuflfcr from  this to say of an'extravagant mother ��� T'^iV <wm��"��!���**������� th4��0M 9>i  whose little boy wore'whit! kid shoe", k����TOr2"2 "*���  "This case of a child without shoes' hr 'SBffh'JaittJKS'tf* R I I  A Cure For Costiveness.���Costive-  ness comes- from the refusal of the  excretory organs' to perform their  duties regularly from' contributing  causes usually ,. disordered digestion.  Parmalee's Vegetable Pills, prepared  on scientific principles, are so compounded that certain ingredients in  them pass through the stomach' and  act upon the bowels so'as to remove  their torpor and arouse them to proper  action. Many thousands are prepared  to bear .testimony to their power in  this respect.  Epilepsy, Fits, St. Vitus' Danoe,  Ui Borru u4 try  .    , without shoes' or"!' WSr.V-S^.iKS' tf* I IJ9 C" ft "  stockngs reminds me of a story from   "^t .'"���u *��� "".V '" %f U IB d U  .Chicago, an-absolutely" true, story, as ' u^.^^Sl *tV * " **?*..  I happen to know, of a woman there,  ^ThtLUuttZ'i&KaKSt W T.rit-.-  the daughter of'one of the richest men g       i79Kinest. w..T.r.��U.  In the world. She always has her  little boy wear-'white kid shoes, and  owing to'the smoke of,the city and  the bad .condition of the, streets.'she  has .had trouble in keeping them clean.  One day she met another, mother who  was also, perplexed l'by the shoe-cleaning problem, and she said with a naive  enthusiasm, as if she had made a great  discovery:���'You know, I, have solved  that whole difficulty, fdon't.send little Johnle's shoes to the.'cleaners at  all nny more. I just buy so many doz-.  en pains at a time and let him wear a  new pair every'day.    It's a great idea."  The city man persisted in banging  away with both, barrels long after each  covey flushed was    out    of    gunshot.  "What kind of a shot do you think I'll  .   ,    ., ,.,.,_.,_,, -      -.make?" he asked his rural companion,  a hole through    the    brick .wall, thet'i should say you would make a fine  lynchers crawled through the opening iong   shot."    "Why?"   "Because   you  but on reaching the steel cell In which, have missed every bird you have fired  confined,   found it; at, but your shots are sure to hit some-  the prisoner was  impossible ��� to break'the lock. They  then began shooting at the* cowering  prisoner through the bars o�� the cell,  shots being fired, nearly every one  taking effect. The man's legs, arms  and portions of his body were torn to  shreds with bullef.s.' Believing that  Craighead was dead, the lynchers left  the prlsonerv and dispersed. When  Sheriff Kirkpatrick reached the jail  he found Craighead still alive. It is  said that he told the sheriff the names  of three of the lynchers.  thing before they strike the earth,  might be a bird."   "  It  Where can I get some of Holloway's  Corn Cure? I was,entirely cured of  my corns by this remedy and I wish  some moro of It for my friends. So  writes Mr. J. W. Brown, Chicago.  ' Sam���Doctor, I can't hear anything.  Doctor���You can't hear? Sam���No,  sir.  Speechless And Paralyzed.���"I had rMvnlnr  dioruxe or the heart." write*, Mrs.' J. S. Goode. of  Truro. N. S. "1 -.ulleied tornbli mid wiw often  "pcerhlewi niul pnrtiiillj pftrnljrod. One dnw o[ Ur.  ARncw'H Cure for the H^art Kaie me relior. aud l>��  Tore I ani��hL.(l one bottle I n able to go-about. Xo-  daj I am n well woman."����� * i- >  Little Elmer���Isn't the Emperor of  Russia'sailed the Czar, papa? Papa���7  Yes, my boy. Little Elmer���Then, I  s'pose his kids are zardines, ain't they  papa? ���  While more prevalent in winter,  when sudden changes in the weather  try the < strongest constitutions, colds  and coughs and ailments of the throat  may come in any season. 'At the first  sight of derangement use Bickle's Anti-  Consumptive Syrup. Instant , relief  will be experienced, and use of the  medicine until the cold disappears will  protect the lungs from attack. For  anyone with throat or chest weakness  It cannot -e surpassed.  New Train For Souht.  On May 1 the Great Northern railway, in connection with the Canadian  Northern, inaugurated a branij new  train known as the Winnipeg express  between-Winnipeg and the Twin Cities.  The equipment throughout Is modern  in every respect; and is said tp be superior in many respects to the service  between St. Paul and Chicago, which,  service is generally considered to be  the best on tlie continent. The sleepers  are similar to those operated on the  Golden State Lim'lted, which runs be;  tween Chicago arid Los Angeles, having library, observation and roomy  sleeping compartments, in addition to  which the train will carry palace  sleeping cars of the very latest pattern, and a dining car which.has made  this service a feature. There will be  no change in the schedule time of the  train at present. The train will continue to carry the fast mail to the  south.  Vour clothes willla^st twice as long and look better,  too, if washed only ���with  Sunlight Soap  It washes coarse things easiest because it is ��.  powerful cleanser, e��.n.d is best for fine things  because it is perfectly pure and will not injure  them. Eq\ieJiy good With hard or soft watter.  No scrubbing, no boiling.  Try  Sunlight.  You  may have   your  money   b��Lck   if you  are not satisfied. nog  Lev*r Brothers Limited  Toronto  "Oh, mother," ' sobbed the ' young  bride. "I've discovered .that John  doesn't trust me!" "Why, my child,  what has he done?" "Well, you know,  I cooked my first dinner for him today." "Yes���and he showed how he  life: "There is a school in Chicago,"  friend to dine." "So I thought. But  oh, ��� mother"���the sobs , broke out  afresh���"the man he. invited was a  doctor!"  licks -sleeping^Twins is .accompanied'  by  excitement  and-a  doctor.     When-  twids dp.ennything.wrong their mother  can't tell which .one to  lick, .so she  gives it to,both of,'em so as to'make ,  sure     We've-got twins to our house  and I,d swapvemfenny day fer a billy"  goat or mos,' "enriything.".     t.       ,.  '& Natures-Storehouse' There Are  Cures.--Medical, experiments, "have  shown conclusively, 'that, there are",  medicinal virtues- in.even ordinary  Plants growing up around us which  give them a'value that cannot be estl-  matea. It is held by some that Nature  provides a cure for every disease which  oneglect and , ignorance have visited '  upon man. However, this may be It  is well known;that Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, "distilled from roots and  herbs, are a sovereign remedy in curing all disorders of the digestion. "  , Prof. John Dewey tells the following  story to illustrate, the futility of certain present-day educational methods  when applied to the affairs of practical  relied on your cooking by inviting a  said he, "where they teach boys to  swim without any water. All the  motions necessary for swimming are  taught scientifically and correctly. I  asked one of the graduates what he  did when he'got into the water. "He '  replied laconically/ 'Sunk.'"  Use Lever's Dry Soap (a pawderVto  wash woolens and flannels,���you'll like  lL ' '- '   32  "You enjoy-a classical composition  more after you have heard it a few  times." "I don't know," answered Mr.  Cumrox, "whether I enjoy, it,or whether I get used to it and don't notice it  so much."  ENGLISH SPAVIN LINIMENT.  Removes all hard, soft or calloused  lumps and blemishes from horses, blood  spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone Sweeney, sLlfles, sprains, sore and swollen  throat, coughs, etc. <fave $50 by use  of one botle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.  Mr. Moses���Dot is a lucky guy, that  Ed. Dunkart. Ho hits the races every  time; he Is coining money. Mr. Levy  ���So! How ho does it? Mr. Moses���  Vy, vhen that feller first began to play  tho races he would lose the first day  and win the next, so now he plays  every other day.  Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc  ITCHINC,   BURNINC,    SKIN    DISEASES  CURED FOR THIRTY-FIVE CENTS.- Or  AB.  new> Ointment relieve* In one dMy, and cure. Tot  tet. Salt Rheum. Scald Houd, Kozema, Unrber'u Itvh.  Ulcer... .Blotches andall eruptions, of the skin. It ii,  ���ootlitnt: Mint quieting and ucls'liko inaetultn.tliecure  of all baby humors. 35o.���47 ,  OVERALLS and  WORKING MEN'S GARMENTS  Are   Worn  by the   Best  Workers of our Country.  RAILROAD  MEN AND MECHANICS,  FARMERS,    MINERS,*.    LABORERS  ALL WEAR THEM.  , JOHNNY ON TWINS.  When asked to write a short composition on: some interesting experience, Johnny, after much labor, handed his teacher the following: "Twins  is a baby, only it's double. It usually  arrives about '4.37 In the morning  when a fellow is getting In his best  Sold by all First Class Stores.  Ask'fbr and insist on getting  'KING OF THE ROAD'  UNION   MADE. - BEST   MADE.  Trade  Supplied   by  R. J. WHITLA& CO., LIMITED, t  Winnipeg.  Bill had a billboard. Bill also had a  board bill. The board bill bored Bill  so that Bill sold the billboard to pay  his board bill. So after Bill sold his  billboard to pay his board bill the.  board bill no longer bored Bill.  W    IM    U    NoB3l  130*fo*t roll. 4 foot htyiii���;,;;--,',  159-foot roll, K foot fciffb ������  ISO-foot toll,, 0 fe��* fctg*��   ,  ..���4.75  .. S.50  - ��.6��  Ter poaltey and (rtrdsn.    Better than old style.   Of looaJ dealer or ����.   Fretflit paid.  THE PAGE WIRE FENCE OO. LIMITED U*  . VsIkwrvtUiM       tteatroel*       Teroato.      Vlna|y��4b      &*��� J��luu  , ,.'  M   '   1'. ' .', J  -V  '"It  . '   ' . ' -         to. *  t   ,, . >^. t..  '            I i>    -       St    r!-Jjt.;  7 - ��� y,A--si'-ii[  '   ��� ' ���>.. y>A\  r .,-*' *. ��� n~uzl  J  "."' X"^  ." t'"c}M  J-.  ,   U    >;  t  n  i'AfiZZit  a  <���   i 'v: " c  i  ,i.i il,  ,',-if,  ,il  O     '  1           .'   .     Iv. 1 t   A,,  .   i      IS    8-  ,  "  ' : j-iv.f-v  i r    ^  ��� 4>*Wi  j^ ^  <  , -'4vt"3  *   i*    i<  1 * �����. ;r:  **     ',  �������� z$m  ,   ,  fi/-,%ii,.^  &'  1 "\.\jy& ��-  - " i-'-i'.i -  *  . ��.'it v, '>  i'   *  0 7'l't!'v'  *   ,n,   f- -Z'i\  **>        r.  rA M'tJ'A  ���** -  ��� i-y&m  ���i'',*$?*P$\  -���.���k.jt-jjf  -   "'��.*;���",#  {,      v'"Vj  -^i-^Az\\  .  'i."-i,��4HSS.S  "  - ���*qr-'\-|  ��    -H    -  'ii,1 i-fft'-^ri  _   -  -  ������'<?  .,^ 1 -^ a i~. *��*.  \     'J 1  ���ilitgf* ^'������rvr-^fi'^ftjr -*?  I  >->  ****>    Mm,tyum  -Tl MOYIE  P lbliohet! :n tho interest of f ne i - t'Ph  of Movie and East Kr-oteui/.  eousumplkn may be yh'aii' d Iron-1  the fact that Mxty-niue per cCni of (In  Ic.tlba in Ontario during March uvii  diie to that dread ('i.-e.me.-  s Good  What!  and Hoarsem  r- bore I hr oat  k.>  jo.  i.o.o. f.    ,ga^  YVIIdpy r.y<Ieo Xo. 11. 'JN  i     ^  Meets every Tuesday evening in their ���    (j\  i ball   on   Victoria  street.    Sojourning j    itv  r-^-^- ^���^l^i:Z7AA^A'--^-^-:^7: ^-^Sr-C'^C  F. J. SUYTH.A- CO.,  l'ulilUlit ri.  KATES Of -sl'IMtllU'lluv  O ic Year...  fJ.W  Mining (Ovum are   j'llged   by   tlu-ii  nines aud   piyiolli-.    Moj io   ha-.    ih��r  'lijgi'rt mIvpi���l.-ad mine     in     Cmada  and tbel.iig stpiyr.ill in Eist Knott ���  !  We arc often .iske 1 th it q i Js'io i, and wo h we  s-ivor.il   prcp.ira-  is )'i= th it .ire b -.i mi :i il.    6 i-. of lb? b.'st, n'i think is  DR. SCOTT'S R 77,.  ItL-urJi  l�� >ir,j'i m��, ram )v;-i  -S iwn'M   ail  breaks   up'.'a Cold.  ' Costs 59 cents a bottle at tbo  ��� Odd Fellows cordially invited.  j  A. G. Moxkhquse,      F. J. Smyth,  ! Noble Gr'.ind. Secr'y-  MOYIE.  SATURDAY, MAY "20, l.l'M.  ���P  " BRAtfCHIKO   our. '  ,    The Leader appear.- this w-' \ in   "k I  enlarged it nil.    A npw pr.-e-. h h '".'Co  insialk-d .ujd oilier  nuw-iial   [imcureil  to make this :han4", ��� Tin int'ot   tin  ' ' . i  jiaper increasing in s-iz-'i^nne ol   me  .best evidences of 'ho piu>pcnl.i   of tin,,,  town.    A new.-pipei is   ihof puis.*   of j  i-l  '���     Ghirasp   batter.-",   in   concession   t��'  .IJhit.igo wralhei.aie planning a    new  1 iiylc of lica.lgp.ir.    It in lo c a   stmw  j'hat     with     e.irlaps, 'Tlie   pe.'ple of '-f  Kr.nk, ,AJb��rU',    cm   well   ail'iid Ic j  I'ljit tho ^.inie btjlp. , , |  . O. Drug: and Stationery Store,  , 3. K. HARV1E.  Prescriptions oareluH., pt.'pared. , ,  ritOPKIETOR.  |Moyie   Miners'   Union! t$  1 No". 71   W. F. of M.  i Meets in McGregor hall every . Satur-  I day evening. 'Sojourning members  [aie coidially invited lo'attmd.  $,    UNION MADE Clothing a Specialty.  |t Wolsey Unshrinkable Underwear  ; . -    and W. L. Douglass', Shoes." ^  '"     ,     " SOSFi   BETTER ON TIIE MARKET. ' ^  ' Trunks^ "Valises, Suit Cases, Hats, Etc.   g  i  ��pt liii'ie i as   onsideiing the al.ai.do' -  mem of its annu ii f dr.    Sui.li   ��   ����� i* j  Would certainly bo di p'ored   hy   iho t t  i  who look forward lo I he fair mipsb li^��  7^,-y y,y& ~Z77 *��S  V ill/   ���       li-h'n*   ^���L?',"-^  ,tm;   people,    if   tho   toun   or   c"m-i ^ emM hnyr lwy, Jotw.>td    Ui    ������.  ,miliiity ,pio.p^, w   d��>eB   tho mv*- , ^.^ ()J Ujo c.^u!j_    T|j.^ r(? im;])' ^^ j  'y..p?r.    li adversity   coin -a, Uio ut-wa- i ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ of u ( ���  piper id the lir.,1   to h',-1 the shock.     ' ,'i(;cl. bf sl^niJa on   Uie   ,,lirI   of   ���,. ;  s    The-L,:,d,r',h.., boon   iu cXwtc.io^ ^^    TM . ^   show���,  11  timt't.1 '..,..........,   I  .BPven yearr, and   it   has   at  an  "��;" ' llMt ci|iefl hftWe llu'ir troubIod ���,���   ���,,].  endeavored lo   le,p,   pace   ^nh    ll��" nJ, tho einalle'r lown9.   l ,    ' _  , gioWib or M<0!e and fie Hun.urniijig ,        ,    ..    ^=rr=;=:^...[..^ ,.  di.strict.    It,bus always b^en   its.   aim  ",10 earn recognition   usid   appu.v-il   a?  ,aii auiueintu medium of new.-   i"'l   lo  ever bo in touch with (be ppm  FOR TIIE EXGAUE MENT      ,  ���AVe are sliowing   a   mpot   cbarmiiig  line (,f' .   ' '������     '" "'   '  ',-"' ,-'      n.iiJ " ���' DIAMaND' III KGB     r  \Mii-li   a   big  corporation   like  th<- c ..-, .;  . ' inr rngtg" menti? or for {irehPntation on  O.P..R.doMag��.od   turn   Ue   ^����^.| birl,u:ili: or,nyollK.r6ccHBMiii.    Tlipy  - -*-j -  1 "��*���  >"  ���'[in acknowledging  tho" fact.   A   week | tt;H h.���].0 ^ pie.ising aiid vory'acccpt-  "     u .ago while unloadiug'oiir.iicw pre-��s -in j jrjft, nt any lime. ''' -'(     o   '   .  %l .place; eyeneady to t?lio '^ "'l'10'0"^ ,i,e st(Uion ,i large easting was allowed | ,    ^.       ttt-'ji    TATE' ' /  ,',"��� of .citizens; tp promote' their inttreel*;   to r.,u ind'break. '.Tlio wmip my  with | '<t - '    .   '.' ' '  ''  ' 'to bcspeakTbeir needs and   to ouMam I u��o leabl ^^ jt.|ay Uiuk. ,,K>% casV! GrailuateOpiH-i.in, ', . CRAXBROQK,  ,;p r,ibv.'ir ambitious., 'lis editor In-, always- j .^ (q u^.r g]j��)pg at Cmillirf,oki j,.^ j. 11.IT  '-  'eVdeavored Im beimpani'ilaii'l ccui-ci-,iiepiure.(1 (i;k, reUiine(i LQ   Ui/  j,,   UiW'i'3 '''  y7A  i^-.en'lious in bis  woik',. aud( if   htf   hnh ' pi-four day',is souud'and solid as over | fi,1  .  niade enemies  Jio   has   not   done  to;      ^        , r���'"���.'       '"" ���   --��� �� j   '  ' r _*( -  L ->MgKSUOP  >7 n)?<   ;"->'<'' -"ntentionally.   .He   has   .al^.iy=    hail;   pJamea J. Jeffries,,ch smpion   heavy- ,  ''Ifaith'in' Moyie ���   and . Soudi'   35.1S! 1 weight pugilist, of tlio wen hi,   lias   re-j  i "���, ,$"."', &>&   '-.'.^'-c.Kooieniiy.''lie is   lirJ   in   tht' bftliel I llre'(i.    Disease'accomplished'what  no | '    c     , l   , '    ,   $ "<;  j    '  ',, i i..      ,'i,                ,.     ,'      i              <                            I           "              ���                      '* ,    <i         '   i >        ,      '  ���'.!./.,,;   ^        , .    that Moyie will in a   few   jeira   he   a. i)|Uman bcitig was ever able to   du.   .A t            . '        ..             t,  X'  'f-'":';',/,-.>' C'    ' icVr6al mining camp'andlhat  licie on   .combination,   of   'rheumatism'' and      " "'   \ ���    ,   ,7  , ''jthe saoies of beautiful Moyie,lake    we ' in,,iliri(li r0yer b.i�� put the  pugilitil nui  " sb.U^'eee a  thnving - l'.ltle f city.  "i'!n . '0'f ^,e   fi^hiing   gam'e   for   all   tune.  w��,-..-,   ' -Leader'will ' .again be   incie.it'kl   in ijt {l',ios is.going. lo  Los Ange^e", when  ' "   i,6ize"'a"s the growth of the  lon.i   war- 'wi,Crc he intends lo build,a home',,   In I    -  !'. *'' "~A grants il.   All we atk is for  tiiG" bnrn^ j ,_iie future it is'liis iul'untion to   devoii- j N'ELSOiN'j  "*      '*-','    ".loyal .support from the business   n,c�� | Ins fime Jto sovernl   valuable   miiiint!  ��   ���  '  1 '  ' . . i  '. ' '   "  .in the future thlit they have  given   "-J | ybvims  he   and   one  of   bis   biothert  Aa^'XiEi-^  0. II.MiKnnoscir,'  Prcbidfiit.  Tuos. JB, ICki.ly, .  Secretai v  ^^^^..-^fc.^^.  CROW'S NEST STEAM  LSI i  ���.e���<ES���g.S.$:$.$$��S���$GSS���5dwS!39S^533=5iS3SSSS9i33$S9S!S5?���:**  Iff  ������MOYIE ABRTE NO. 855,1''  i     IE?** ��O.   3EX. ���  CRANRROUK,'  B. C"  Meets   Ey'��ry  ,\Vc-diieed.iy'at   8P.il.  FIRST CLASS   WORK.1' E���TA- X1L** ' ���  J- ";'H;uvfE',  ,   -  Worthy Pies. Worthy Secr'y.  P.. F. JOE7NS20JV  %  w  ��s  ti  *  (tl  tv  We X.'itber    'Patronize   or  t   'Etnpltiv Chiiit so.    '  L'avo.'Work'with    ���     ' ,,  L- /        f I '     II.     I  I  A. B.  STEWART, & CO. [  I Harvey   & , McCarter,  i  '        * *     i i  Uarristcrs; Solicitrra, Nolariee, Etc.  *'    '$  ��� a   ���  Cranbrook,   - ' - ���, B. C  w. e:'gurd,  JJAKICrSTH.U, SOI.ICJTOK, -ETC.'  cranbrook;  '   Wholesale * Wine. ���  , ~, aiid/' Spirit Mer- -  ' <claant:/'\  ,     ��    i ... ���.,'   '   '  f'     I'        I    / Mi    j _J  Ag-riVfpi��Calgnry Brewing Co.''s   ' -  <        ���'. >.        . .   '  ���; Beer, Ale and'.Porter.  r   - : '     ot    f -   . ,        , /  T.'Labd'A.Co's ��   ,    - '  B, C  ��. i  <     ,^  ' jf "i-  i   �� ^  V  t       jj    l,     V.  I **  �� Ji   ^\  ,- iWf  ,  r,  Az.  ��� .N  :v  ,in the past and we shall  guarantee   ^ I ?)0!,sehS in Arizinn.     '   '   ���  do lbe're8C~"'" ' , k,        ' :        .'  ''' > s'  '-   t   ���     '    -^ -=^=:p.--     '. ��� ,     An exchange Lays   tint   a   wag^n-  *7 Tli*-.LoW'ia an<1'.Cll,rk'('M1?"ili0nl.maker \vlio has b.en dumb for' yVar.-  Vcns at Portland'ou Juno ist ����d| pici;ed uo , a bub and spoke. A.^l  '"closes on October 15th.        , ^       khata   blind  carpenter  ou   tl\e 'sam--  ! day pickpd up a plane aud t.iw ; and  that a ltlcaf farmer went out with i>.  dog and held; altfyrt\-ton 'eb pliapi  msseiled lui noaC upa grate and Hue.  Yes, and some'men in Hie 'woods smv  Lhu^trees "'bark. Another man was  a&ionibhed to see a hoise (ly sib In  parsed along the ioac!, all of h Inch are  '    "VVhal.s'the matter wiib   Chicago?1',  "' ,asksl ' the   Indianapolis     News,   -and  ..        . i '.'',. , '  ' '' answers, "It's all not!"  ti  '-   The  great question,   "ilow   old   is.  ', Aim?" must quail   before   the   Up to  date query, "How bid is Soil"  1    ' ���������   .       ^-==.---��1^  ,    If Moyie intends celebi.itiug   Dom-  foKcOiax,  so fit, mmt  Hay and G-rain".   ,r ,  .VB,c'.��cMitz'. and''7 'Calgary  Keg.Beer,-Bottled \  Beer and Porter,V  always' on Hand. ''  JOSEPH. "XIEjJER^rADt, "    riopi.  DRS. 'KING  & .MILESl"  Will be infllpyiis llth'of each  month.'  '       ,.-* .  ^ '    i- r *    j    * > [ i  Cranbrook,"'����� ���   B', d  George'H. Thompson, '  "  ,, Bariiistkr, Soucijok, ^o  r    '.'    '        tary Puiiuc, Ac.    ,    . v'  CBANBROOIC,       British, CoMismiA.  -   'BUY YOUR     f'  Foreign and Leslie ^^^T^^^f^^jR^'  >.   ��� i'  >' CRANBROOK.: i  i  5   b'ltOAl -.,  A:'-B. ^Stewart & "Co.  I'Thisi Hotel is New and well Furnished, The *  I    '  m  \��  fi   ?10YI12  Tables are Supplied with tk$ Best the  MarKet affords.' The Bar. is Filled, with  the ��5est Brands of Liquors and Cigars,  HEADQUARTERS'FOR COMMKRCIAL^     ',        |  '"     - AND,MINING MEK ,' ',���-"-, -���   -��� *  UIUTISIl CtlLU.MIIIA  ueiw-��'ii>eT?<iBaam>wawCT3��m^^  u  :Can ii6t;afford;t6jpay a big. price  B for goods that'arenot'guaranteecl: :  ' " ��� This is why ybittaker no. chances  p  t\  NEW BUSINESS  COMBINATION.  -\Vlij  Su'li-i- J''rt)iii Khi-um.il jsiu.'  ,iuion 3)ay this year there should he no  .time lost in getting down   to   business j ��� ..-\yLiy sufrul from ,bi,un..��ti-m   wl^n  and preparing for it. 'one     application      of     Cliainhcrjain'  Phoenix     Pioueei .���Tlio      Movie  juhn uurr:niso:s,  a.-u. ui;aci\,  We have, foinicd   a   ji irtnorihip   for  J Pain Dilm will relieve th<> piin'    The i ,he pll"rll(ise (jf Cl���,ji���g ou bu>incs,s in  .   I nuick ic'.iff   which' tin-   liniment   ��f , '  '   'E.G;..GWYNNE.;",./.JiroofB.NrAY sr^r ,UuNbi.Y ;  ./v v:.^^.^; ;-\-'ipa ace ���"-.'���.bakery;-  Barber Shop_  ." ,t ���  '- in "dealing wltlrus:'-'���": We only'charge1  .  ', 1        .    " i, . '.      '    *' ' '   ' ���    >      3 -  ^a.'^*"Live'!''and1'Let' Liye?,; price ? and  '.guaranteVeverytiling. w���e-sell;-;''    :'  x ;  v   r-y   'x    '     '   >\ u"1 ,  ^ ., Your'mouey.back; if ybif:���are' not ��� S"  I satisfied. , ',.'������': ": ' 'bj'^   ' r1vV;:->  a  a -j  "i  !���'��� ./:���:.'��� ���'������,::  a ��� :   ,  ��� .A' - , "���.   <  .  '^T  .liilcc   I'lnls  ,-     ' '   l '  ���I    s '���  '..     '    *J  And; Bii'lrRoomi.u  > In STONE Uuildinsj.    >  1 First Cl?ss Work:  1   Bitnsopen   evt-rv day. ���     '  A, L. FHANKLIN1  CRANBKOOK  .   .'     >���. _  ������.*��� ���  i-WOlVe  i_l0aV6S Spl.      -     J/itlrgH^r��Mfr-Miia:,v.:fiwuja^  ; R.  T. .HOWARD,  Prop.  FOR   I-'IXE .TAILORING   GO    TO  <��� . . ' . r  io.ds makes  rest  and   .-lcep   pna-ihle,  Jmi^ztm  i. -  Leader, F. J. Smyth,  editor  and  tin-   and ih.u a'ono  is  worth   many   liuict-  nancier, is   heing   enlarged   to   seven  columns to   the page���the  very,, beat  evidence of the prospentv of thc tojvn.  Firi ,   Jjife   and   Accident  J osuraiice;   _.  Auutiouei-i- and Stock   Brokers,  C:A. FO  t  ^  .     .   - ,        ,   . , its cost.    Many    who     bn\e    u^d    n i     Any bu-ini'.E3   intrusted   to   us   will  nancier, is   heing   enlarged   to   seven ,- i ,.,.,' .    ^ , ,   ,       .  hoping   only   ior  a  bhort.  rHiel. Irom , receive prompt and   care ul   attention  Hutchison & Black,-  .columns to   the page���the  very,, best I hullering ln\o been  happily   s-un.iiseu  i fo li id that'after a while me relief   be  ! Ciinie   p 'nnanent.    .Mts.   V.   II.   Lou nm-    '     ���^ Igettcol Yum Yum,  Tenne-see, V.   S , Uask Block. CRANBROOK.  Au idea of the alaiinmg  lavages  of I A ,  wntca.   "I    am   a   gicit   auforei < ..*, ���..,���.���,..���.������,,..,������,,..���....-���.���������.        ..-..  from iheumatii-m, all mur   {mm   Lead  JA DiutiilivhAA  Trade JIaik.  - |to foot, and Chamberlain's Pam   Balm . CHKIO.1 NliiiLiDijJN ,'  'g,'is the only thing that will le.ieve   iln 1  thc pain."    For sale hy \V. J.   Aicbi-! **  (MOYIE)  2-4 , -on.  i *  3 ^t.' Joseph's   Convent.,  Kr.],soN,n c.  ,-soirding and Day School   co'iducu1  TRADE  MARK  'A I'd l'V i lie SisVcra of St. Jon-ph, Nelson i  ^ P>     ("!.      Commcici.il  _-.md     liuriues'-  ' I'oiir-es a   ^pecnltv.    K-\eellmi( o   and'  ] -wu't   [iin^ii-j   ch.wacti' i ���/(;   each   <le  ��j |iariiiii-ut.    Parents   shoul 1   wiite   fur  ii p.iriu u'ai".    One month   assure.-,   ihe  ;'j (ui'.J.c   (if   liie   ilKiioughnu^s   <d   tin  "j ii-!i it' melbods   of  t"aclmig.    'IVi rnt-  ���}      imi'i  nee Imnirv,   Ajiril   and   Sep!.  ���I Pupil, .ui-ad.mtti-d ilunuu torn1  General ngent'in   Biitisli  ^Columbia for:  LIQUID  liLEOTRlOITY,  MAGNETIC OO.MDS.  -ASBESTOS   LAMP WICKS.  Fur  furlhcr   par'ioul.irs    reguiding  thufCj goeds call on oi   write,  PREST PHOTO CO. '  CuAMtnooK ani> Movin.  IF YOU HAVE A  LOT TO SELL,    4 -     '  A HOUSE  IO RES?,  WIPING STOCK TO, SELL  Or if you wish to invest  l.i any of  these consult  MERCHANT. .TAILOR  ,  Finp t Suitings,    Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported     Goods.   ,  i MOYIE,  B. C  -1T1E���  FARRELL ^ SMYTH.  in f n  -���HOTfc  ���  3  :?  ���is  u  ���>  i  .s-z^rajx-zor ^ W a-^tjs- _/^s-z^-7^-/^: ivrzp ^sri^:  ^^n^s-irx-2^ zprwty x^v,  H  KJ  ALL-  THE    TIME.  1IY    U--I.\'0  JOUSAU L.N1UR  1514<?S,    ITotiB.  ei L-ar_e   (-ample   room   in   connection  with house for commercial men.   Best  I of accommodations.  I Ifeadqiun ters   for   Com���  ��� merci.il and Min ing Men.  lndei.l K In,ii. ltd on ih  alt "Li.> ii ill !!)!),  .-l.il iU ..ir ' ! . ,, .  ih - i.i' i . . . _  er n runt AM1 I i i i '  people nir -\. -t. in   i, i.l  m,1,  ��     TAYLOR & DAVIS, '  K-i C'li \NllliOUK.  [j       Biukl hiti- a I'd  hud:   m inuf.'i'ur  ���5 ei"     'I ���>��� j  iii!< ml put mw    i carload i  ��j lui  k in    .Md_\i"    I >r    l'n uciiiaiO    ii-'.  >5 Viiymi  n ipniinn t himiiuja c in  cfin-    ?  rj muiiicatc iiii< > t ui I'MU1 o-dt r-. at tin.-'  O   F. DE ^AULXlEit  di:.ui:is in  It   <    .th  i  n   > i. j   i.  I   in  i i.i:i"i a a --iii i I 11' /  QUEENS   AVENKK,  MOYIK,   il. C.  T.'V. LOWNEY, Prop  n-'  MIXJORS' HEADQUARTERS.    Tliis bote! is Vlosc  to   tho  mines,  and has  every Convenience for Woiking Men.  South Victoria St. ^ MOYIE.  . ro  iii l< iru'i a,, i !  j 1     UC(,U.   .Ill'   -11     ,  a ncv.       A^k     ^ ...ii  -LLCK IE    ilDul-  fl)i   the  .ll.O^l,   ti    i!     1  t.ole.  ;iam i-.-.i  1 1 KM  i ,r   -. .-  I.1'  r  -1TT-I   i\ rp  1.1JL 111 jA- JL.  1.  II.,   t.  v.': int.* vi i. / sii 111 1 vii.  Jb2.JAzl.u\Jj.J .i.j.1 j^ 10  Jmij'.i niul Ciiicil .ViM^, I'ret-h  I'l.iii, (.< imo an 1 Puiillr/. "\\"c  tupp.y   onl)    tho   best.     Your  ti..,k . .Loii  d  :.: iiiivi'.TS  Kit  ��� "g  %, \v h{ n-v    \Ji%  I    g. i f t H 5��     s,-) is  .... ���        ;(l,lMlTl-.li )  rA:-rco!.;v.oit, ���.��� ii. c.  Iri   all   tlie   Principal  Seattle, Tacoma  AND   ALL  rnoMrr d^vhkv P^lfJC     C03St   POlllt  aueeDS'A70.       MOYIE s{' Paul' ^hloago,  Now York  AND  ALL   POINTS  -EAST '  Palace   and Tourist  Slcepc-s,,   Bull', t,  Library c 11-, Modern Day coaches  Dii.n.g   cars,      Meals  a F-.li Carlo. 1  Best Meals on Wheels;  Fast   Overland  f$  TRAIMS DAILY  A. GRENIES,  AwnL.g'j M 'de to Onhr,  iMid Upiiok-lerii'.g D.uie  1.1 F,rst Cla-s Stylo.  Cranbrook,  B, C.  .**;-���_- ;.':-r::.*^r*-.-:  I: Gities and. -.Towns . in j W; E. BEATTY ': v  |;.-. ' British ColumMa   ;   !        (  \>Z-     ���;        ��^  ,..����Rn��V'w    ,<<-; ;Einb,dm-T aud Uuderlaker,.  .w^iiiN.prv-'w^^s a' L-'-  Ikaih,;tai:-.;^.   ry'a  Eisr  K ooti:.nav;: Plicae SO. :' , ,    CRANBROOK.  Prices Given  and   Orders  Taken on  Everything-  in the Printing-  Line at the  Wholesale Wines, Liquors  and Cigars.  CRANBROOK,  British Columbia.  '%  For Tickets,  Utiles,'' Folders  and  1 Full   Jnformati.m, cull on   or .address any   Gr('at Northern  Agent  or ivriio !  S. G. YE11KE3,     II, BRANDT,  A.' 0. P. A.    : C. I'.'i.T. A.  Seattle..,   ,. 701 \Y. RiY'-iPide    Ave  fc-pakauc,' Wacbinglon..  m  -V ���'  ri  A  A  UJ  L/j  Everything to he found in a First Class  Store,   When in need of anythiuff  send us your order.


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