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The Moyie Leader May 3, 1902

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Array A
. s,     f
<■*■<-■ \A* V .
'£*"+2.&' &■**. ^.-i^ ■
^OYIE, B. C, MAY 3,
to writ© ao
reek. But just
liHa'see 'oui?
', complete
' Tho Reliiicry.        v
^ The city 61 Trail ei.;oy-i thp distiuc- {'"H
tion of having the first and"only silver
lead   refinery   In 'tho   Xtominioii    of
jCanr-da, Fayc.'the   Hews.    While   not
(iui e-ifcn-jivii plant   at   present,   it   is
uapalil.» of handling the entire  output
i<,n,Q'Pfio    r-A'l^^^rl-     a ,of l*:- f,"-i'i"i»-i Rtj-ioii;n^*Work3/find
w\        ^ oi-iraa© Are!i"-*u-cnconduct.-Hv!ui a ™w
' v--:lenciir.g its rapacity, :i& tho   demand
The bacheloro of Cranbrook intend
giving a ball on" Tuesday' evening,
May 20th.        , '       "' '
Premier Dunsmuir pails on  May 10
t Tor * the-coronation.    His  honor    the'
-01@i.t*' 'cut<"r,'<r"t*governo-r v''as rot y'py-*^'
... n
j ivrirrar
Already pure metallic'lead
of the highest grade used for manufacturing purposes, has' been , produced
nna during the first week iu May,' the
refinery will bs in full operation. ' Tlie
smelter treats the ore'and procures
bullion, while the refinery dischaigcs
ni, -,-,   ,        -* impurities,' producing iogots of pure
lliey J. Olllt (Jilt Opndition   Of JS^J. I?""* silver and pure lead.'   lYro-
' Lead.' Industry and Ask
^^yilat Immediate'ac-  .
tit -Trail
If tho duly on manufactured load
products is not raised this year it will
certanly not bo das to the ikolc oi effort na the part of Ilia people of the
Kootmays. The Kelson board cf trade
was first to reviye the matter, since:
wliich time nearly, every .board of trade"
in tlie'Ivooto'nays.'has taken up the
matter at the request or .the $eIso:i-
tofore,'it has been   necessary  to   -..end
■jour bullion acro«j the line to  seperate
| tho yajue*;, but this  is no longer  tlio
j case, and tiie first ttep ia the cre'aticri
of rnaay new industries in  which   the
consumption of lead is a' feature,  has
been accomplished.   Naturally,' there,
is an advantage in   refining the lead
where .smelted, inasmuch as it aave*.
t?a^sporititlpQ charges and. enables tbe
marketing  of   tho  gold  arid   silver
values ,more r,eadily."
*        '      .       .'     i;       '    • \.   i   : ,
Up Capital-! $3,030,0^6.   "   , ■   :
Important ■ Epoch'.ta .the.
<   Milling History of the
' '. - Kbotenay Coimtry    ,' ■
*   - ' ' Marked.
m j'.pj"
[ * 1
-\ r
U    /
, ,
i i kJ
",. T
iC.ashai>fiIle Is Unfor^upate,
'JprTGaiithier ifj'in "receipt of a letter
from A. G, Lash a pel Is, who is uow in
the hospital' ju .Greenwood. Lash
while working on j,he Sfc. Eugene shaft.
Last Thursday afternoon  a special'«lltn?fi-e ,ll3t   •'»?•   ajccidentallj   cut   Iu'k
"^^--""     ----- . ankle jyith an adze.    Blood poisoning
set in and "he was for several week3 in
the- Oranbrook hospital. £f.e up
paremly' totally recovered,' but'a few
weeks ago it again became 'necessary
for him to go to' the hospital. He in
now afraid that it will be siscescary io
.uuputaLe thc limb iij outer to save hi«
iifo. ■' .      ,
X.;A. Mac—BNZIjB,   Proprietor.   - '■ y
fr fcla a; masses..-. V; Eve r ything" iFirst
respect.    Sample Rooms  for   ',
Commercial Men. v      ; ^ ,
c British Coluialbia
""   ■    ""        ■ "■"   ' '■■ Mi-Ill I      I       ...     ■   III   Ij
r=wiS__M» J*"'J&.^'. ■*£_"&;'**' *_\"SeiJmx£J^' '"*'' ■**'
*»Ks.v.ar.A'iEK,'_Kos,   n-oiis
Liir,i. siunple room^^in connection
lyilh house for commercial, men.* Best
of accommodations. * '
for Commenciai and Mining Men.
nlue'lTng of the ifoyie board v/113 held,
and, after so.ne discussion the following
resolution which wa3 recently adopted
by tbe Nelson board mis approved and
fonvarded.to _Cr.'Gailiher, the member
at Ottawa.
\Vhnrea3. there were forwarded some
time i>go to the uorniuibji govenjinent
by. the "Nelson honru'of trade and tht*
atsocialed boiirds of trade, resolution©
urging the government to bo increase
the dunes of pig lead and the manufactured products thereof as Dto afford
protection to the suffering load' industry'and lo create new indu-iLries wbioli
would serve'to develop ii, and . , ,
' Wlienws, the condition of thy, l*.-ad
mining iudusfry has in the meantime
become still more. Berious" through
lower prices of silver, ami
Whereaa-, it is learned .with dismay
lhat the'government has not as-yet
promised to grant the desired , relief,
Whereas,*the pre.sent tariff provides
a valuable market in   this district  for
- /
the maiHifaetured and agricultural
products of eastern Canada, and thus
increases the cost of the prodtutzen ci
lead so that wc
Trail, Slay 1.—-Fir-st pig iead pro
dqct of ore .mined, omelte^ and refined
in OflDflda, baa been prcduqed by the
lead,refinery erojfitcd by the'Danadlan
smelting works at Trail, and early in
May the p)a"nt vvjJYb.e in '(till operation, jyith pu^icient,capacity to refine
the present output ol the ' *yorka here.
It is thb-'firgt and only gib'er-lHiad re-
fiuery in the Domiuion as its product
is the hig'.iest gra«ie of rnanufucluring.
lead, free of'all impurities. '   "
The re^finpry will encoursge lhe consumption of Canadian le&d in Canada,
especially that consumed in the.manu
facture of paint.   At-pre.sent,,Canadian
lead ia marketed abroad and maimfact
ured into white lead about  8,000   tons
Franlr'Griftith.-j'ia long cn conlinuty.
oi'i-icc" '.98, y/or lung 'a"lon^/ he . h?i»
driven 7Q0 feet of tuiinejs on hia Ten
Mile creek claims. 6'wing to hard
rock he could' only driye e'igjit feet
somelicuce in a month. Frank de-
serves-to win for it'.'is gritlilce hio thaf"
builds up men and countriea. '   .'
Qn Wednegiiay last th3 Berry Creelc
Mining "company made ' their final
■■ payment on tho purchase, of a lar^e
placer propoeition - on Perry' i-reelc.
above and bejow the falls.,- i?he consideration was $12,000 in three pay~
inenIp, the final'payiiient ol' $5000 being nitrde on' Vyedueeday.'    '"'.' ''
The people of ISJlko havo porfer.teg
arrangements fur celebrating the 2'/t'h
of Slay, Eeaideg bopeb-illy there will-
be lioree racing, foot racing;,,GaJedoniar. -
sports, and a series of ,tygs ,qf i^ar be*
twi'en picked i^ien of .the various-
camps of- Hie yicimty!' A large alV
tendance is expected from all o//er the
Only the girls irj a telephone , ex-
cliange in Jjfew" Yorl: cjty and the
officials of the telephone" ,'compaqy'
knov,' what a'.vast amount of b-usine'se
is transacted in the American metropp-
lis by teleplioue. In !New Yoilt' and
it8 suburbs about 120,000 teljopiiones'
are in use, more thau   m   ^all   France.'
of which are'annually  imported   from   Thcde 120,000 telephones' are   u-ieu   in1
,     Social lur Catliojic C/Uurclj.
The ladies of th. Catholic church ol
3foyie have decided on Tuesday even
nig, May 13tli, as ihe  d-iiii   for "theii
eucinl.    It will be held at the  Ivoou*-
ijuy hq'c-l, and the money   raised-will
oVexpended on improvements hr the'
ch'urcii,    Tickets are now ou sale ■ and f.
the price is $1.   _
,' At a meeting of the Catholic Ladies'
Aid held a short; time ago ihp follow-
iug oificers were elected; Mrs. P. J
jYiYMahon, presideut; Mrs.-A. P. Mac-
ddnald, secretary; Mrs. James Cronin,
Germany.    After haying about., J.2,000
miles of transpuiration and the foreign
labor of refining j>,ud  converting   into
white   lead   taxed   -.-.gainst   it;   it   is
brought-back to Canada   and   used  in
the manufacture   of   paint.   -This,   i=
made possible by reason   of   the   fact
that there i-s only .p per .cent dut?  on
white lead.    '"' , ,   '     .7
It- is 'understood   that.' wuiiu , lead
works will be  established m   connec-
I tion with Che refinery, upon   the   sup-i
position that the government may be-J
induced to adjust the tarifr*.
ringing up the central   stations  about
-lt-G.OOO times a da Y
I. O.1 O. I-'. Anulversar^' Service.
The Odd Fellows' anniversary
service, which was held in thtir hall
last Sunday afternoon ' .was well 'at-
icrrded.   ,Ecv. Fortune   held    (he   at-
;-£ & &<&<^_%L-&&g^i__\
Morn;, u. c.
L*cs*-^nr.„=s*j ,tf^.-*rt.-**j«r.
,-e ar<' unable to  eoinpeto j ten tion of his audience for more   than
in the worhl's riarket-, and jauhour.    He  delivered  an   eioruenl
Wborcas/. wo havo ,not tor th:.* j sermon on Odd Feliov/dhip and' the
industry similar protection to thnt j teachings of the motto of tie order,
accorded to   the   industries   of   other" -'Friendship, Love and Truth."
wm* *»s~ j-~*~»
parts of  (lie dominion   to create   the
market which through such protection
would eA-ist iu Cariadft, aud
Whereas, w-> havo  uo  protected in-
ductry in ..his r-is.r.efc, aful   this prov-I avoi-.o Leg while 9catau\_.
.•ince contributes  mqie  than  twice  as/     While Jai;e Xelson and D. J. Elmer
imucii   per   capita   to   the   dominion I u'cre ^S-^pd in -i   friendly"--sciillle   in
Chas.   Farreli    returned      Monday
from his trip to Southern Oregon.
Father Ouelette was up jrom  Cranbrook Wednesday.
|    Fu-her Coccolp was in JVelsou  most
of the week.
Jliss  Peterson   was   in   Cranbrook
P. J. AlcMahon was   up   from' Eiko
thp first of tho week-.
Mark   Brooke   left   tin's   week   for
luyite') liy Klijijf EilwarU..
oWushington, May 1.—King Edwnrf
has conferred a delicate  compliment"
on Mrs. Harriet   Lano   Johason,   the"
niece of Presi/Jen t Buchanan, t^bo was
the mistress o'f the White House when
King Edward, as Prince of Wales,  was ■
entertained   there;' by   inviting,   her
personally tojjepresent' at   his, co'ro.
nation,   'hfrs.   Johnson,  accompanied'
by her niece, May Kennedy, sailed for'
Europe today.
Grunt Jt SJieady'a PAg Contract.
Messrs. Grant ifc Sheady have secured the contract of building 20 miles of
railivay near Mossomin, in the JNTorth.-
west Territories. , Thid week they
shipped their -_0 -head of horses and
outfit, and they are taking about 30
men'with them. Yt will take nearly
six months lo complete  the contract.
revenues than any ether   province  in
Canada, and
Whereas, the   lead  'mines   of   this
I oounlry are conservatively  eitimaltkl
I io be in u position   lo  produce   about
$3,01)0,000 worth   of   silvor-lead   ore-j
Mr;. Ed. Hill oSiciated as   organist,
and the lodge   duly   appreciates   tlio /,Yrnir and olher West ICootenay min-
servicos which she rendered.       , ing camps.
D. J, i-lmer :iud w.tV -Aere in Feruir-
r,he first of the week.
.   Rev. 1). A.  jMciveriKho;-  ri   ."•-re.-.by-
terian minister fro:*:   llingctoti,   One,
arrived in   Moyie this   week  and  ex
pects to remain,    jfe  will hold seryice
can supply you with good Tackle.
,\'-"   n -   ,       -i- ■> - -"      -na-- -re       -i        C. Iiavo for s
o-i Hoci-a Plies, Minnows, Keeis,.,,egtm!irket-
■ *iy Casting-Spoons, Kirhy hooks,
■ aided Lines, Braided OiiySilk
fnoi', Fly Booka.
[fresh from the manufacturer.""
during the next 12 months,   whilo  on
account of the depressed   condition of
thc industry, the production at presen t i
is only at Iho rate of .ihouf   §1,000,000 j NV°
j i»cr .unr.itn, and
Whereas, (he. mining districts of 13.
C. Iiavo for some ytii-nj a/l'orded the
s for many of the products
of Manitoba and tho Northwest tern
torics, which mar/hot will be seriously
diminished if not altogether los--, if
sufficient protection bo uot given to
the mining industry, Iherefore
Uc it resolved, that this meeting
desires to press upon the government
the urgency of the situation and the
grave injustice being done to tho load
districts through the discrimination
against them in the present tariff
pespeclfully urge thai immediate
action be taken.
The iniport duly on manufactured,
lead products entering Canada is now
about $5 por ton, whijo tho Uniiod,
States have an import duty of $40 per
ton.. An effort is being made to have
.tho Canadian duty raised, to at least
I $25 dr $30 n ton.' . "' ,  ';'
[he Central hotel last galurday afternoon Mr. Xelj-on was Ihroivn in such
a manner aa-to break .his loft ankle.
The leg was leai'porai-iJy bandaged by
Dr. Green mui the patient v.y.s tnken
in to the Oranbrook hospital ou the
afternoon train.    The leg was   set 'the
Tho Gladstone Iron Jlfne".
Wm. Luwaon of this place is now
lhe sole owner of the Gladstone Iron
mine near Blairmore. There arc three
claims in thc -group, and lhe wort,
done consists of a 110 foot tunnel. Mr.
jLaiVGOn has also a quarter section .'oi
valiubk'coal lane! in that viciniiv.
May Cfjlv-kj-Jitp -Hay Ajth.
There is some tall:'of gettjug ijp z
picnic and dan.c* in Movie on May
2-/th.    It will   likely   be   held  on   the
in    tne   Odd   Fellows'  hall (toniorro.vj platf^r.71 and groutids on tho west sidt?
evening at 7.:30 o'clock:.       ' of the laie.
followiug day by Drst. iCing and G/ceu,
and Mr. JNrelson is getting along  very
1/. M. .McKechnie* the miihuan, was
visiting in Marysville tid-j week.
-Paul Jeuseu   returned   from   Cra:,-;    Xv.w   Tom:—liar silver,  51 'cents,
brook yesterday, where he y/ent to see / Lead, .fi. 12^-.    Copper,  $12.20.
j his old friend Jake ViImi-i, j     Lo.vhok—Luad. £L1, 15s.
still KMiiy 10 «hb. ,     .f.-A. Bakor,   member   of   tlio   Xx-l
Cranlirook Herald;    The .Robinson- | ectitivc boy.rd of thc   Western   Fed em-1
lUcKenzie    Lumber   company    have { tion of Miner.**, pa-jse.d   through   Moyie!
gotten in order to start its mill again.
JNrn time has been lost since the recent fire lhat destroyed their other
mill, (0 get everything m shape, and
now with a complete outfit of now
machinery, thry are in better shape
than ever.
•fill .'lo: row 93,000,000.
Victoria, Aniil 2S.-rJn his budget
speech today, Finance Minister Prentice announced that the government
proposed to borrow $;),000,000 to pay ) Kaslo
the overdraft of over a million dollars
and to cover the estimated deficit of
several'hui.drori thousand dollars.
lasl Saturday on his way lo .Ferpje,
where iichad'bu.-'irK.**.'* in connection
with his oflicp.
.t*   .	
Ksrdugio/i Bill I/). Signed.
, Washington,    May     2.—President
Roosevelt has signed the Chinese exclusion hill.-   The pen used was   given
j to IteprenenUlive JOhn of  California, j following     were     elected:      Andrew
!wlio.l.RS.;bil.eii a di-pp interestf  in   the I Johnston, .J.   P.   FairoU   and   L.    A.
' bill. 1  '■"■'■''■    '
\l)v. I.i-* or  Jjj i}j.v.<;..
J)r. J. W. Liver;., f'-.-jnorly of -xfoyi'1,
died in Elkp last Salur.day afternoon of
hpart   failure,    f/jjdeclaker  Ca/nyb.ell
took the remairs   li   Cmu'-rooK   and
the ftinpra! lorilc pla-en I here yesterday.
jQr. Livers was in b'oulli East Jfooteuay
a little over a yp.-|r. cupiing in>re   fiom
ifler le/iving herf |?e Vt'ont   to
Morressy   r.nd   then   to   Elko.     Tlie
doctor was a (jn$t clijss   druggist   p'iid!
wao veil known and respo^led both In
the Oooar d'Aleneaand the Kootenays,
I'lro AVaTdoiis Eloctod.
An election of fire wardens was held
at the courthouse Thursday and   the
1 '•>
.Mi/yio rjcrtilci- pi »ti Fll'ili Yi'tir.
Marys-ville, TiihiMji*:      Out-    aldose
siatertiu!   .Moyie   f.eadnr  b.-i.s   entered
Jieri'iftii yf>iu-  nnd   we   take*,   /his-   opportunity of wishing her many   happy
returns as also her gonial,   and   briphl
tidy   p-i-pa,    Editor    Hmyih.    Sniytlj
desbrvi'M credit for,the,' way   in   whicl1
he and hit- paper Ii-ivi* .^riiycd with  the
country in good went hor   ami   in   bad,
and thnse of our   readers   who   kno.y
the ever smilh'ug "Fred" will, we know
agree with us,    Mi. SmytJi (elks us. i,y
•i Very short and iptales't p7u- icr.i/ih, announcing ihe on 1 fan jo of   the  lender
on its 6th year that f,he business people
haye gjvim liirh ^liherai   and' sfadfasfc1
supricirt dtiHrig; gnorl.' .t'ii»ie*j'. and dulj
'tirapfl'.'".. We ai\i ghui to'heur it beoausH
the Leader   hue   alwayg   Riven'-good'
service as nn advertlsinl medium and
its proprietor deserves  the  confiileno-->
and support of tbecomniUnity!--lJt.(|f.fj>
Our wi=h to   iho   Lvacler iY i„   ,hJ
words of Kip Van, Winkle,   "M;,y you
live long and prosper,"
1      '»
«llta»i/i*Trt!"«. I-   '      '    I   .  '������s;  , !  i - ���;'  '}' '  ' .i, ' '  \ - *'  , '  fl!    '���  ���  '.    i  ���i  '  S3  jt'    t   ;    ;  *��� !    '   r   <��� "r* i *  s        ,.''-'���    .- .  If"!  -  ",.    , v-s-V    \  i ���   V\;'i"if.ri',.  fi due mm, I  'J^jield-:;.-.. -',..t ) ),����� j   jj,.,i^.(  coinv:..'.'/.r,.v  i.j  Mu-I*   ,,,-,��  ,tl  Ji. ir. .'oi a sj ct -/il ;ic .u:L; j., L- -  Jii t:n5'Xul!ii1v,i.j ; /j.-. ...  i,  .1-   C 'n-f  i'i jl'HI.I,  ���i .  y.  J * -   '-' -'-   -.i.u /���/ l_- .1 ,il  -    . i  I ,     'f i\     ',  ?? iblished in the lmc/eci of the* people I <*/'���"���������'-- J1' ^M'-wi.^, d-- ,-i iv_ -, ���-.    Y;,, ��  oi Moyie him East Kootenay.        p��- Umirict, d. c.  comwo,,,^ ���,   .' /.m  side ol IrS-lunaii creel ou Hie uoifli  ���;tlc ���/ tmo  r.'I.Hi.inil   /,.,,.'.     .......   .   .���  Cl?--�� k,s,''**^*5rf:=_A=i. j cr��" f lM W,:  '- "     "       - H  ,   ' rf IS  ������aw' ���v..,-*.-  *...-~  Arjfcfeni&Iene Brings Install JU;l;erand  * f>. 3 & fe * lg  *"i j. ssrvnx jt co.,   -  Publishers.  V��Je Year.  KATES OF SDI5SCEIPTI0N.  SATURDAY, MAY 3. 1002.  ra��lM��i,I iim-h, ninniair Wi-hfiin-   v^*-  ;;n.lu.t.  folioinjig theorceklCOeliniH, tou'li- Uipnc-i'.Jo,  chains east, thence ICO ehais s north to -j-lice oi  ooinmeacmeu'., containing Cia n.-rc-,   more or I  >::.0o j less. -     j  ' L-iici Jen. 1, ii")2  -J���?9.  KEKT Ai>tJOL(JTELY EltEE <Y-< KECEUT OE i'O.-JTAl  ?.'Sl__i YOUIt W_ME AUD ADDRESS PLAINLY.  VICTOIt D"i--'SAUJjNJER.  Canada produced her first lot of rn  fined lead last week at tbe Trail Smelting and Keiining works.    This  marl.s  .NOTICE.   ,  Tft'-e*jotie'jtliatIhflveap*,iieil to tho Ch iff  eommJs'iouerof lands  huiJ   ���works,   Victoria  li, ���-'., for a srocial   KceiiM;   lo   cut  and   conv  There is nothing J like Asthmaior.e.  lt Lrin'gs instant relief ;even in the  woi&t oasts, ,'lt cures when all else  fails.  The Eev. 0.  F.   WELLS,   of   Villa  airaymnUioo^efonowui^liwcdbcciYaai^U --H-*,    w��     M��:a  , Crown Julius iu jhe fjoatiifrn uir. lon '- ., ��\iii(]'^, f k> says : ..'��� i our tiial bottle of  an important epoch  in the  history   of  Vast Kootenay dfctrlcl, U. C. 'conTinenoJug ���   Asthmalene leceived   in   good" childi-   " ' rstSCXSSl1.^::   -"���.   * <������" WI >w how thankful  Canada.  !New Denver Ledge:    Ping 'Pong is  the east side ol Tochty along north S1de of tliu  British CoJuiabia SouHiem milnav tinck   on  *./*,,- .". - "- winch i>oa&t is market! L. CnlillJ, runuiii"- enst  not aa Chinese as its name would im- j icocbaiuis; thc-uce south -To.ehaias, thein-e^S  ply.    It was originated iiv England by 1160chail2S- thcacenorth -io chaiua to niace oi  an English clergyman,   who- was   M\^^^a^ ^^^^^^  slow that he lost   a , million   by   not- ���Da,ed Jru,2,iqo_, "  " 3_3y  getting it paten ted. - But as he   would'  have had to give all  he   could   make  but of it endowing asylums to aouare  himself with his Maker he will probably die happier poor. *���  Tlio'32apress Tr��iu.        '  j A light is shining in the west. ���  It glitters like an eyenmg star  1 feel for thc good deiivc-d from it,  was a slave, chained with putrid sores  Ihroat and Asthma lor ten years. 01  'despaired of ever being cured.' J" -saw  your advertisement fir the ciuVof this  dreadful and tormenting disease, As-  i lima, and thought yon had ovcrspoken'  jXOTICIC.  n"     '   inil}-    To my astonishment, the   trial  B. C, foiRspceliiliieeu.^ tocntaml i-'*ti-yti-,mv  tinibcr on the following -IcwribcJ -Vnuan'l  Crown lanili J_ tlie wmihpin UlvJUmJ' of tho  fcast Kootenay district. 13. 13.   Couunuuciu/r ar a  Bond me a  fulj.  ac'ted like a cliarm  7-ize botllfe."  I .  " '-" *������ "-   *-*"jini**.*uviinjar a ' '           ij_.Sw^ri,s5,i_sci "S   !-K?T'Dr- "** v"*��.   ���  whifih,,rt-f i. ,.,���.,,-.. ���,,,...:..., *       ..' .--Knbbiof the Cong.    JJnai Israel.     '  Arew York, Jan. 3,1901.  t>   .    ,-n  n     t   i.     , j. -    "   ,     ' I*"   J'i"v;   W1   <-oaiwiuueejiiC'iU,    eon tuiu liar   C40   ^J<<"' '^AKT Bros'. MEtfIOI:S_ Co./  But st.ll thehght gleams from ^.(j^moro^.   ^waku ^laS^0      Gentlemen:' Your Asthmaleno is an,,   .Y. ' Y L__rJ1I!!'  (>Xu'e]J<,��- remedy for Asthma.artd liay  XOTICK.' " M^ever, andjils  composition  alleviates  -Tai.ttuoti^v.thaTJiiavu..H.].iica to rhf ehk-i   il,    Lroubl��s which  combine   with   As-  coniui.fcMouw of UimC  a:���i  _ol]_tl   Victoria,   lijma* , Us Succt'Sfl is  astonwbinir' and'  13. C.foru n.otfj��i jlwJJ-bt) io cut ��ud.cairj-n��-di      '"5 r  which post is marked Edward Dobiuiiulor, run-  umgkiOcliaiiiiTO!; thence 40 chnius hoiiih-  ."NTo sound yet strikes tbe listening ear    ! ���u,�� lii0t'hl,,,;iiit''--t, iiipace -io ,-hahis north  ��   -     .-i  ������     ������   ��� -     - - -    ��   -       ltfJ  ;,.,.'"-l3   oi  '-J-atauueejiioiU,    coiitiiiuing   C40  ,    The crowd has waited for an hour.  ' And now they murmur at their fate,  ' They can't see now this roar! is run,    '  And why the*trains'are always bite.  /,'',- |f  "Not'always lale!," a htir one bdid,,  "Foi 1 have travelled far aud   near,  "And only had but once lo wait,  And that is while I'm waiting  here.  Have you not lieaid a storm has raged  And filled tho  cuts  jyith   banks  of  snow?  And when the engine stuck in these,  You may be sure it could not p,o."  ' __eoiie that spoke was but a child,"  But she was���\vise beyond her  years,  And while she waited near the door  I saw her eyes were filled with tears.  I said, "rWh'y do you look so sad.  * - ' i  njiiberouiiic iijUw.-n^Ot-.H-nl-jfc'i vst-nut .town  Jaaci-, in u,o uoututTu .Uivisiou of Ulc Jiabi  Kooieruii oiMriiii, li. _. Coiaiuwiciuu "at u  i'ostunu-kedo.ij^uulmer plaated about oue  ��uo one bull mile* o^i of Toomy on the uonn'  -J1--I'.- ot che k .inadiiia i'atilio ruij wnv. Kuuinufc-  Ht-sHiiUf.^,.!.,^ tbetiee roiub 10 iu,aiu; il,uutt  ea-,1 Jul oij.i..i.,: tni-uce uouu iO.cu.uiu baoK to  plaeu of o./iaiacuceaiwut, contaimiijf; c.i, acres  lllMiil/in   In...' .*..j '  O. iUiGAL-lj^f liU.  wonderful.  Alter havini it carefully  analysed/ w^cau-strito  that; AslhinalelsTc^  tams no.opmm, morphine, ohloroform or ether.  Very truly yours/ ��"  BEV. DR,,MOUItis'WECHSLER.    '.  uioio or less.  Jjattd Jan. ���_'. _$&���_,  l���sy.  Notice to Oeleiiixueut Co-Owiier.     ���  To Otto _>.  Johnson, or  to  uiiy  person or  persons io whom no uiay  have  U-uioiwrvd his  lmorestg ju .iae /day _loWktr __mtai  dlt,m  -JtuawahoarflTemlles.nonhof i-'oic Si'eole m  lhe Fort tf.e~e_imnS _ivi���on.oi  llio riistnci  rain?"  She said, "I'm waiting for my pa,  For he is coming on'this train.-"  A sound was beard from hill to hill  It*was a mighty monotone.  ���n    rn      t,'' ' ' ��� r  ^ton-Springs, 8. Y��� Feb 1*1901  Dr. Taft Bros. Msdicisb Co, ' ���' "  Gentlemen :   1 writelhis testimonial from a sense'oUluty,-huving 'lostcd  I Z ZldGtlfr. ��f y��Ur ** -�����������. '" ��� *���  cure' of - asthma,    m!   S  has been afflicted with spasmodic aslbmVfor the past 12  years     Havine ex  hauaicd my own s.ill as well as many others, i  'chanced '.to "ee   l^��_  2tWrnraMW8 ��fn 13��lh StreeL K8W YOrk;i^  -e.obtained.; boui   "o    '  Asthmalene.    My wife commenced taking'it about  the first of  tfovembe'r ���   I1 l  l7*Z^d Ya,d,Cal ^r6*0"1-.  ARer ���������"S o��e  ^ttle her,��th��_  ua& uisanoeared iinrf,i.in ia n,,-,t;^,,7,; ; t     ..       .    . ��� .  ,. *-"0 /j/>/oiou.ui ioe aistnci ���     ���*-*-/��u'o��i. luijjrovement.    Alter using ont  And standing here ih  the , falling | r^r^e''S tZ ^ JJeeVthat I "c_n  rain?" '. -     -   K--- . \^ ^^   ���t-l consistently rBcommedthe medicine to all who  are   afflicted   with ' h'' Ss  \ ou, aud each oi you, are hereby iailiii-jd uiat | messing disease.    Yours respectfully,  I have eipeuaeel one hundred and'ten doilurs m  iaoor mid miiirovemeuts.upou the. above raeu-  uoned.mineral jArdm  in  order  to  Hold fc'aid  mineral  claim under  the  provisions 'of  the  ���     IIU  '' j mi  -o-  ".O. D. PHBDPSj��3M. I)". '  XIfDimSTADT,\niE$TlUllhli<i, coi     '  , Lager Beer, Porferland M\t  Beer Always on  auality not/excelled in^the country,  TryiiSa  .be"convinced.  ***���m~t���r,mw.rM&H_r_  A distant voice  both loud and hoa^e    Tr    ^Ct aad lf lrtthiu ninQty dfl-v�� ii0j�� ��J<* erou^^medies, bu-fthey have all failed.    I ran acn  a uis ant voice, Ootla loud and ^hoaise, | da c or this notice you foil or refuse to eontri-   ^d 'started with a trial-bottle. ��� I'found n-lief   at   on-.  ��� And with a savage warning blown       ��ute your proportion of such osrendfturea to-  ,.l,fl��.4i -*n- t���u ���,.^., L  ,., , i Gt   '^   ODCe  And with a savage warning blown  , It nearer comes; the steel rails sine ���  The fires now loom upon the   night,  , And as the thunder dies away,  My heart beats fatter,at the sight. .  I turned to find my little maid;,  _"��� I saw her run with nimble feei;  I followed her wjili au;noue  eyes  . To see if pa nud t-ho would meet.  Amid the dim I hoard a shout,  v   "Hello; rny pel, and uro you  he-re?"  Two strong arms  clasyed   her  to  his  breasl���-  Her father vwh (he bnginser.  ���W.'P;Stewarl., T.,   j__.   ahdt!��  Hamilton Herald.  Dr.Taft Bros. Mei>icin_ Gpi c      , >    ' "   E6b'���"> 1901  ,      Gentlemen:,.,I was troubled rfith   asthma   for' 22  ,vea^.  ''l^havb  tnod  hate your proportion;/^   ^^r^Uh^ ^    ^     X    hilVe   ^   ^  gcther with _all costs of advertL*, yoiij Si   ^Wf^t^Z ?" ^?���b.ot.tl��' Snd J ��� e^r'grateful.    I .have family   of .,ou,  '    " ������  ���������*����������awanw^i^MmiMiiMmiiMiiM ���������, i.���Tirwn_ii*i-iw*M  to '   >ES��B-   ��*vA ���_*���_,_*'-____. ,     - -^__^     ..     _.  gether with all costs of advertisuig-, your interest in said claim" -.-ill become the propertr  of the sub subscriber.uudor section -1 of tin net.  entitled "an act to amend the Mineral Act  *9Ca" ' WJI. GALLUP.  Bmed at Moyie, B. C, this 8th day of Jan 1iKr->  -l���a9���3m. "  ���"g��g���^jJtOT>KLJ.JJjls' U.Vli|mi.'ii.uiluBu^  0. E. DE3AOLN1ER.  in  i.  IJEA1ER  I  MI!  -      ,      *����� "������"������  -^ ...��  unci   Kill  Sfe& ��/ ��� tho   b���8t ol  ��. cf ~ you see Y-Sr,?^, &H��l_\$^*T&Z,%_t 5"0h  .   , o        ��� Oi*. East i_9tb at., JSTcw York Oitv!  .  TRIAL BOTTLEjSEfJT   ABSOLUTELY  FREE. ON  RECEIPT  ,  OF POSTAL.,      ,0" ���/ '     'f; ���  nn ?o Tff*?'    Wli-�� at OOCC' addrc?3iQ^ DK. TAFT KlicS,' .MEj)JCINE  CO., li) East 1-nOth Rt.. I\. Y. City , l  >��� -  SOLD BY ALL DKUQG-XSTS. ;'    " '  ������'  "jOlijVSTOA1  <BK0S'.  ^-r ������ ./rrlhnwwWfTjm.,j��a  ��W��KHM^����,,l  ^��-��<-i-��--.--^.-ir-.--rr.-T��irj. "-?*ijr��irji^i���  Xo Heat Their Creditors.  Both last night aud today efforts  have been made by several oi the men  lately employed in the Itosslaad mines  to get out of town without settling  Tvith their creditors, says the Evening  World. , Rigs have been hired to go as  far as Sheep creek and to points even  beyond r/here the ,,outgoing Sed  Mountain train could be boarded,  and  many have thus managed to get out of p^nyjvtf��� ���� ATrEi- ���  town without paying up, Several *ibl UJX-i^S ��liAlui_D X,  tnerchaut/3 hpye beep untiring iu their  efforto to present this- ,and where it  wabof any avail garnishees have been  got out.' Iu one , or two caaes the  creditors have boarded the trains and  gone dor/ii acrcea th'e line to see what  could be done.  -EOMPT DEiiYEJlY,  Q-ueens? A^e.  . ��� MOYIE  giwesBH-Csts.--;  VET  Harvey ' &   MoOarter,  roitv STE��r.E;i5.(j  Harrcy, fllcCartbr & Alcsahclev,.  FICRNIE, B. C.  Barristers ^Solicitors.  vt>.  /*,*.  * srovur,  ^S��*Jtv:�����^��^S����-s-��S���3S^��^-t:e^  ���theijest.Brands of Liquors and- Oi��-aK  HEADQUARTERS  FOF? COMMKRC1AL  AND MINING MEN  ~        ,       -      '    ��� .Hiu'n*i��;i< i.iii'i  fl TSS��' ��^-.jjet.iSSJ^-ffi.-riiS3i!IISSil>^a.-!LiU  Kootenay Steam X,aun<ii*f.  Wesley Cliue, of the Central hotel  barber shop, -is now agent for' thc  Kootenay Steam Laundry at .Nelson,  All laundry left in his charge will be  'promptly attended to. Laundry must  ���be in before Tuesday evening. Terms,  cash in advance. 5-2.  Tlalcyoti llot Sprinjja.  ,. The.nioal complete _ health resort.ou  vlje cpntio.ep.L oi ^orth America. Sit-  uated.^aid-jt, .ocsnqry. ��� unriyalh-jd, for  ll^"?" THE . i-;[AL0Y0I*T , HOT  j^'-fYtfGy Sa;nta.riurn,' Halcyon Hot  op'YigS; Arrow Lake, B. C. "Resident  physician aud nurse, Boatiug fishing  and excursiona. Telegraphic com-  7'jtiunication' with all parts of -;the  world. Two mails arrive and '.depart  .daily. ..'Teriris, -J-15 to $18 per week  ,accoi;dmg:. ,tp ..residence in Jiotel.,or,  T/illaaY "'Ito baths .cure all nervous and  iriusciibr tlweasee. jte.waters heal all  .���kidneyYliver and; stomach troubles.  The. births-and'waters are aii'invalu'aWe'  xi'medv lov silyer and lead  uoieoning.  Brest, the phqtogrd-  plxer, lias just received tie. finest lot  of    moulding;!    in  East Kootenayl  W. A. Presto  , Photographer,  Cj^mbroolc,    3Xoyle,     Fort Stoole.  Will Visit Moyie on  TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY.  ISAERISXE1C, SO_ICITOK, ETC.  CiiANBi'OOK, b: G  NoxAimss,  Puhub,   Cbr,f3irs-  ���       '     '* I        ' .       r. ', V  SI ON AND  IN'STIRAN'CE  AbuNTS.  Bronchos :  F0j.tT srbiKi/i;',  y'lziBEiibvy,.  AIARYSVIJDLK.  cliards  ll'.-r s*,if  aninator  ras il  ami,  Jnyseli  pe mo  JMRXT  try -it  pi en si-  cured ni  irurecl 11  bf the 1  J^ aro �����  Ji*- villa  Wefwiiy,  Que., "a  in bo pi  in its  hr and s1  ft_it_. - ���  nTrh in tl-  Itbor di;oa-  low years w<  'cut many;  isoaso, anc  'ltetatitly f:  pronounce  k.*-j.v~ catarrh-.to  alWorfifore rcqii  I^EXul's (Jatiirr  "idby. &. Co.',  jUpiiii! euro 01  in doses fn  ;t5 directly  the systerr  any c.-i.so  ad tostiinc  CHENEY  9, 15c.  |�� uro tho I:  ������rjM.^,.^. ^-x^mKK^_Ki,m^KU^^^_M_)ot^  E-rrrzaerLISHED   (077.,  AUTHORlZEt")   CAPiTAl.,'SI00,000.  -��EftJL.E���3-   AHfe    feX'P-ORTTERS  I  over vo  iwi'.y tl  SJuys thi  Ji-.i'.lnwk  irlT cure  Minit-g1 Bto&k  : ll  Oil AN BROOK  ** *       -      . ,  Daily market prices  by   wire  ,__..., XrQrnl.apQka.nje.t.:w,  ff">S  i in  Shipment -httor,'��hth'm���Yi', ���  a /> '.c ;yc v����;?? oj.���&:?. V4. yj.  ,*1'H  -j^-s  faitlifi  id . praf  s-Imll.n  l-Thonius  LEWIS THOMSdN  Moyie,  TRADE'SfiAflK!  ���-OESKjfis"- ,.  "r*-'  CopYftlGHrs &C.;  'Anyorifi Hcndlns a sltfef ch arid deacnpfctotfiiiii?  Invmition'i8i)i-Ol7al)iy.r.fltd[itiibi'i -Commm\���-  llr.n'je<'plnl1<-'/-/*n(Mn, lll.l ��� -W ...",V. '... '���'���'��l\UUtilell-  . tions 8tWoHy-confiijo fti,^H mtooSpS!;  Bjvi-'f-t yWfiM. wilnouiicliinr,-.  in tho       recelVi-  Sciestsfie-rlierfeai.  A himdsomoly iiliistrate/l weenJv. Lan-OHl cir.  culiitiou of any soientl/lc Jmifn il 'IVrms ii n  rojir- JonrmonthB-��_ 'fl:,J-(l ^Uj', TIY^H^!oi"  . NN&Co,36,Bfo^ay.SewYorl{  Br-uieh Offlce. 0-io F SU Wt-S^lnKU," ri. a  '  Fort BUole.  , j~-'Knny p  Ift/VT jmrta  -rittnko.-iol  .ich. nnd in  ic lii-eainof  nolcej's \c\  es of sucii  in socrrtion  ito healthy i  'lototuko  !psia. -  Stao.  l-'irq1' of.  ��.�� given  | Hkencsae'-  -lcrid'gc  o'/flrfe Payment livery Tltai\  Boon Established 24 >'e��.f*L  H'r/fe for /3r/ce.s, ,W/iAe 7"*|  Shipment.    Convince lVn/rsf/'l  .Soi'Arv Public, Acccuij-  J-'ANT,     Co:-:.-".i3SJO.N     Aj'I;  iKSUltAKC- i  E. A, BLTO3ST  Commiiision   and  Agent,a ���     <,  , .    .  :NEW| -YoiviCLIFE, '-.    .;  .     ,L0ND01!-T AI'TD LANCASirtlEE,  PHcENrx er bkookly^  isurcd if  VIA  ties to a  Mn the  Orders Solicited.  Insurance Co.'s., I . ,-       ' j    "  G;|Sodd Water and  s % k  IIS p! Mil ||!  /Vf*J  g'  *-J?iV"��je��.   PAN'SJEAMSHU  ���B.  SyplieiiB,  SA/ R ' T El     ���- O R     p RI p :f_    OI R OULA R ���=  |ars on a  Radian No  GEO   n  Managci tile.
„-4ick is a dnrk
_ a great cloud
hauls  out   his
fneu resumes the
it of tlie window.
fttstboiiutl- freight
j not know if the
[ace;  lie  did   not
jger train would
and tlie dentil of
, There  was , no
|av except l_at it
[fellow employees
X'lies were  right.
Is speed.    Rapidly
io sidetrack loom-
dash, und No. 57
freiglit, passing"
. right, and ' is
vr in his silence
by hi-4 words.
Y-t bells which-
sic* l and which,
cut ally evcTJ.rc-
Hj.    " "• «™
1    .... ;-!«•
I '& Gm»' i on,
the recently or-
ulp' and Paper
" being, sent out
o iters, 'Messrs.
jii, Ottawa. Tho
company is' S$,-
perty is situated
ipodia river.' at
the north of the
Prospectuses and
ay be had from
tional Trust Co,,
r Montreal, or
Brokers,  Ot-
cann.O't break the
nco, 'but holds only
sensible facia, "may
>h.ser'ver,, but he.yis
or. aiwl 'can never
les tiia-t bind -'tiho
^2B|f hards & Co.Y ,
ico^ator suffering, for -7
tflS8& unatory rheumatism
pi£St^-T-s H months cori-
xiylir^o, and, ior two years
iafli^f|mysel{' without help!
genfc^B'e mo a. bottle of
^rfflUBbES'r in  .May,"'97!
■'i-W-Sg" try it, which 1 did.
I^^w pleased'with the. re-
X3>#^' ured more. Five bot-
}vp&$k "red me and I'havo
tcrjlf-.t' the pain   for eigh-
s are well known to
a village and  neigh-
ci. Til
*■ t ;t_
•tjgw to/wily,  A. DA1RT.
|}.he^>   2ue., May X6; 1899.
bo pure in Its pur-
m its strife and all
and stronger thercr-
kut_. -.»   *  Y
UTrh in this section of tho
tbor di'oasas put together,
tow years was supposed to bo
' -eat many years doctors pro-
isoaso, and proscribed loc.-il
iiatautly failing to euro with
pronounced    it    in.mraUe,
,^_ catarrh to bo a constitution-
fforfiforcs requires constitutlm-
fl—l's Catarrh Cuio- manufac-
ooy & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
jjpn.il euro en tho market.     It
ia dosct- froi.i( '0 drops fo a
ts directly on tho blood and
thc system..   They offer ono
any cuso it f;ii!*J to cure.
no testimonial*. '
CHliNEY & CO., Toledo, O.
, ir/c.
s uro tho best.
^■ovi-r your lamp may
.way tho oil which
joys the (lainc which
Cures Dasirm:'
faitlifully, and t-hey
d ; practice what you
i*hall.ni-lain  to high-
r'-'homus   Arnold. ,'   .
fj—Knny persons sufFor ox-
iffV'r Partaking ot a hearty
'eattnkojof islikoaball of
,,eh. anil instead of being a
:ic bi-eainos a poison tocho
nolce's Yegotablo Pills aro
es of such troubles.   Thoy
r 11 soorr tions and coiworb tho
ito liualthy nutriinont.   'Duty
Bho totako if troublud with
"re of     man- is   ,the
'■* given  him • to-cult i-
H kr*ness of
the.  thing
? Trl4
gsured if vou
Northern Ky
LtOH to all Points
'in the    -
^'Stibuled Ti-ain, with
Ho St. Taul and- Min-
Jars ,on  application  to
S^jadian Northern Il-y, or
'Manager,  Winnipeg.
OTSKtNo.' 372.
if Yon' CouldJ.ook
into the future and see the
condition to which your
cough, ii neglected, will
Bring you, you would seek
relief at once—and that
naturally would be through
SHILOH cures Consump-
, tion, Bronchitis, Asthma,
and all Lung- Troubles.'
Cures'Coughs and Colds
in a day. 25 cents.
,  Guaranteed.   •   .    .   »   .
Write to S. C. Wexi^ & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies thc Blood
.will tell
When an animal ia all run dojvn,
-' has a rough coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his blood is out
of order.' To keep an animal economically lie must be in,good health.
is a necessity where the best results
from ' feeding "-would he obtained. ,
It tones up tbe system,  rids' the
, stomach ofebots, worms and other
parasites that,suck the life blood'
away. , 'a
Nothing like Dick's powder for
' a run -down- horse..    <, •
■' ." "SO cents a package.
vLcemlng, Miies & Co., Agents,
.   '    y HONTREAL. ,
Write for Boolton Cattle and Horses free.
.... - ,: - --■■<■■'
, Bvcr.v day I sec more Iiow necessary it is to be,'consistent, uncompromising amd gentle; but often, per-
h^eaps, wiicn .a -word would not ' be
Borne, an act of forbearance or self-
denial ,miig*ht be- remembered ,in a
cooler moment,'—A. Hare...-.
To,,Help  Throw 'on  the, Impurities
,  That- IIa*ve ■' Accumulated  During
the     Winter    Months—Purgatives
Should    Not    iL>e  Used—It    is'   a
Tonic That is Needed.
In this climate there are many reasons why people feel all  out of gear
in  the spring  moi.ths.   Perhaps    the
chief   of .these  is   the  long  hours    in
imperfectly .ventilated  ofliccs,    shops
and housesrduring the -winter months.
You may feel  that there,  is nothing
serious the matter ; you are   only a
little    tired  after .siigjlit exertion,  or
perhaps    your    appetite .is  tickle,  or
little    pimples    or eruptions   on    the
skin  show   tho.t  the  blood   is  not as
pure  as   it    should   be.   If, you    feel
this way, not only your comfort but
your health demands  that you    take
proper steps    to    cleanse yourself of
thc   blood   impurities    that'   arc    responsible   for   your condition.      You
need, a  tonic,     blood    purifier,  nerve"
strengthener and general- up-lifter  of
thv  entire     system.      Dr.    Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People   meet all.
these    requirements     more   perfectly
than any other medicine.     These aro
tonic pills and not violent aud -weakening like'purgative medicines.      -Nature doi'.s not require u violent measure in  spring, but a  helping, hand to
throw- 01V the impurities which   have
accumulated during  the winter,    and
so   toning   and strengthening   every
organ  and function  that a condition
of perfect health will prevail. IGvory-
ono—old   *i*<l   young—ought   lo   take
Dr.Williams' Pink  fills iu the spring.
There   is   no   other   medicine  will   do
you  so  much  good.    Mr.  .Tunics  Salmon,   postmaster,    Salmon   Creek.   N.
13     sav'H :    ".Last  spring   I   was   feeling  decidedly   unwell.     1   was weak
dizzy   at  times,   and   continually   telt
Li rod •   MyVa.PPctiio.Avas  poor  anel  1
was  losing  weight. ,   1   tried  several
medicines,  but nothing did mc     any
aood   until  1  began  the use   of. Dr.
Williams'.'Pi'nk Pills, and a few boxes
of these mndcine feel like a .new-person.   "I -Hyou'ld advise    all" who     fool
run  down  and.'.out: of sorts to ; take
Dr   Williams' Pink Pills." ' ;■ i
Dr Williams' Pink Pills--:are also
eflccti've' in the cure, of all-Vdiseascs
due to poor, thin, watery blood. oi
weak nerves. Do not take, a substi-
LuLe for these pills—it is a .waste of
money and a menace to health toxlo
so. See that- the full name- Dr.
Williams-' Pink Pills for Pale People" is on the wrapper,around ovcry
box Sold by all medicine dea ers,
oi* sent postpaid at 50 cents a box,
or six boxes for $2.50 by addressing
the Dr.Willinms Medicine Co., Brock-
ville,  Ont.' -   ■
The only faith that wears well and
holds Its color in all weather, is   'hat
which is woven/of conviction nnd ^
with  tho  sharp    mordant  of exp*--*
Rnco._J. It. Lowell.
MARKET review.
/Manitoba whi-at hn_
wi'..'k until S.ilui-ityy
ing of'navigation'
and thf* str«ingth
markets. de\ eloped
and some H/
b"on  dull  nil
-*-'i the open-
i<t Port   William
ni    tlio   American
inure    interest
f'u-   spot wheat
UP       i'ru-os    have
come     iq.  nom  O'J.'y
and  OG-'i'j >;,„   •_
Ot'   lust   Wl*l;k
week   for. wheat   in
Hum,, immediate     de-
the    price
as  for spot and in  fact
whont   i.s  in   better  demand
No. J bard
may  also  be  said
fulness that there
'/j  for  1    northern
northern,  tlt-tho end
j. . -   to  7iy2C and GSUc'  at
the  i-ixl   oi   this
store,  P<,rt  U'jj
iiv/'.-v.    J-'(ir   ."\|,ay   delivery
is the K<mi
the h],(
than iho luiure delivery
J-s    won!,   7-D/ic     spot".    Values
praclii-iilly   iilc    Sfum.   Jn    sU}1.c
*my   of  the   Jake   ports,   but   at
moment,   in store.  Fort William
most wnntfd.
Country    Wheat—Market
owing to bad roads.
Liverpool Prices—No. 1 northern
spring wheat sold nt Liverpool on
Saturday nt Gs 3d.
FLOUl.--Ogi]vies Hungarian Patent
81..1.5 per sack of Of} lbs.; dlonora
Patent, RI .RO; Alberta, S1 .GO; Manitoba. $1.-10:  Imperial'XXXX, SI.20
MJLLPEED—J3ran, in bulk, per ton
$1-1.50; shorts, SHiViO. Delivered in
bags, the prices are Si.GO higher.
, .JJ.OUNI) KKIiLX-Oat chop is quoted at , $27 p^-r ton delivered to the.
trade: barley chop, $22 per ton;
mixed barley and oats, $25 per ton;
oil cake, $27 per ton.
OATS—While there , is no surplus
of pats to Im-. seen in this'market it
'with equal truth-
is no shortage. As
one d.-aler puts it, "Whenever oats
are waMed a car pops up.". ; jYlost
of 'the - feed requirements are'being
met with "Manitoba oats "although
,two cars of Alberta' oats were 'taken
this week for. the purpose. Most of
the Alberta oats are going to Montreal for export. We learn of one
transaction in Fort William oats
this week. The price Was 361/-* for
No. 2 white. As $oon as navigation
is declared open the Fort William
lias is will be adopted. Sellers are
asking 45 to 50c per bushel for seed
oats here. From 35 'to 3Gc per bushel, is being paid for feed grades iu
car lots on track here. .Prices to
farmers at country points for No. 2
white oats., range from 28 to 30c.
Street oats are worth 32 to 34c pet-
bushel. ,
BARLEY—Receipts* are light and
the market is advancing for feed
grades. Dealers arc now quoting 43
to 45c for choice feed grades.
HAY—The floods in the country
districts have destroyed large quantities of hay, and the price has advanced accordingly. Baled hay is
worth S6 to $6.50 per ton.
DRESSED MEATS-Beef, city dressed. 7 to 8c per pound; country,- i^c
under these' prices; veal, 8 to'9c;
mutton, 8c;'.lambs, Sc; hogs, -71^0.
BUTTER—Creamery—There'- is very
little creamery to be had as milk is
scarce- and local factories are only
making a vevy small-' quantity of
butter, not enough for their regular
customers. Winnipeg'buyers are paying 24c ■ per lb. net for their supplies sat present.
BUTTER—Dairy — Conditions 'are
not favorable to the production of
dairy butter and •there is veiJy little
coming in. Prices have not changed
any this week. Wholesale dealers
are , paying 22e. per pound, commission basis, for fine butter in tubs,
bricks or prints; 16 to lSc for ordinary qualities, while seconds are
worth   10  to  12c  per pound.
POULTRY-Fresh killed chickens 11
to 121/oC per pound, delivered here;
ducks rind goose. 10 to 13c; and turkeys,  I2i/j to  14c.
C11EESE—Jobbers are getting 3 3
to 3 .■/!.:•* per pound for cheese.
Stacks now in hand are from Ontario.
EG.tS—Receipts fell ofT considerably tho fore part of the week and
prices went up in consequence. Besides a good local and eastern demand the British Columbia' trade has
been taking'" Wanitoba eggs freply,
and it takes a Jot to supply this demand. For a while-this week commission houses were getting ITic p'er,
dozen,- .commission basis, for fresh
candled eggs, but as the floods which
caused the shortage have now subsided, and eggs, arc coming in more
freely, .again" we quote last woekrs
prices namely, 12c per dozen, commission basis, or lOe per dozen at
POTATOES— Farmers' loads, delivered in Winnipeg, are ,wtvth 20 to
30c per  bushel.
IT IDES—No. 1 inspected hides, (jt-jC
per lb    delivered  in Winnipeg; No. °
Satisiuctory Improvement Leads to
a Continued Treatment Which Re-
stili*, a, a Complete Cure—An Irn-
tcre-.imt, story Which Will No
Doubt Profit Anyone Suffering
With Lumbago.
3,    dVic:  kips and calves,
■2v>     lo    '30c;
for   tal-
5 Vie;    No.
same     price:    deakins
horsehides,  50c  to SI.
WO OL—Market   nom i nal.
TALLOW—The ''local, price
low: is 4-V_ to Sc.pei"pound.
'■!;,. LIVE STOCK.
CATTLE—-Beef '-.r_cattie are scarce
anil buyers \gre"paying' as high as
4'V.c per'pound for fat cattle in their,
regular -' trade. The range of prices
is" 4- to 4:J.iC according to quality,
off cars here. "■ Stockers are worth
$14 ' to SIG per head for yearlings,
and $1S to $20 for two year olds.
jTOGS—The market is steady at
6c per pound for choice packing hogs
delivered at Winnipeg.
SHEEP—Sheep ' are not plentiful,
and the.'regular quotation is in the
neighborhood of 5c! per! pound delivered here.
Monkey Brand cleans and brightens every*
l'< ing, but won't wash clothes.
Tn all; contentions let peace bo your
object, ratlier than triumph ; value
triumph only as a means of peace'.—-
Sydneyl Smith.
llolyrood, Ont., April- 14.—(Special)—Air. Bat. Pinnell, of ihjs place,
has for the past two years been a
great'.sufferer with that most painful   and  stubborn  disease^—Lumbago.
The pain he .suffered was almost beyond description and many were the
medicines an-d treatments he used 'to
try and get some relief.' However,
nothing he could /hid seemed to help
him in the lea.st, and he became very
At la-,t someone sugges-Lid Dodd's
Kidnwy Pills, and Mr. Pinnell, although \".H-y skeptical, thought he
would make one more trial for a
cure, and began to use them.
The first box did not do him very
much good, and after he had used
part'of the second he began to feel a
change for the better, so he kept on
until he'had used in all seven boxes,
when he was delighted to find that
every .symptom of the Lumbugo had
entirely dis'appeared.
His genon-il health is much improved oad he fells better today than he
has for years. '     (>
To say that Mr. Pinnell is pleased
does not begin to express it. Only
those who have suffered as he did
with this very painful disease can
understand the extreme satisfaction
of one who has found a complete'
cure and restoration to health and
Lumbago is a direct- result of disordered kidneys, and should always
be  treated as a Kidney Disease.
Efforts to cure or even relieve by
'outward applications are invariably
unsuccessful. ■ Rubbing may in itself
for the time being produce a little
relief, ^bu't in order'to secure a complete cure it is absolutely necessary
to go right to the root of the
trouble. • „   -
. The Kidneys must be restored, to
their normal condition. This is just
what Dodd's Kidney Pills0 do, and
this done the lumbago very soon
leaves, for without diseased kidneys
there can be no lumbago.  ■
Tf you wish - success in life make
perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counsellor, caution your elder brother, and
your guardian genius.—Addison
A -Manitoba  Mother   Gives  Practical
Advice on   the Care  of  Babies.
It is well known that nearly all infant troubles spring from a disordered! stomach.' Indigestion in a child
will cause at first 'peevishness and
sleeplessness, but other 'more serious
troubles will' follow fast, such as
colic or cramps, constipation in some
cases, diarrhoea in others, with fatal
results in many cases. The mother
who neglects having constantly at
hand the means for treating these ills
takes an awful risk. Mrs. R. L. McMillan, Logoch, Man., is one mother
who is particularly well fitted to give
advice on"tho. care of babies. ' Her_
standard medicine for the minor ail-'
merits of her little ones is Baby's
Own Tablets, and she says : "They
are the best medicine I have ever
used for- infant ailments. 1 have
given them to my baby for indigestion and stomach trouble and thoy
are prompt and thorough in making
a cure. - No mother should be a single day without the Tablets in the
Baby's Own Tablets are for children of all ages,'and will cure such
troubles as, constipation, colic, sour
stomach, diarrhoea and simple fevers.
Thoy - are invaluable for teething
children, n»'d will break up colds
and prevent croup. Guaranteed to
couruun no opiate or other harmful
drug. Dissolved in water they can
be given with perfect 'safety to a
new-born babe. Sold by all dealers
in 'medicine or sent post paid at 25
cents a box by addressing the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co.. Brockville.
No law can  bo. sacred   but   the law
of our nature.—Emerson.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale EvcrywUere.
The wealth of a man is tho number
of  things  ho loves    and  blesses,   and
by which he is  loved     and blesses.—
No'ono ncod fonr cholora or -ay summer com-
adl.pto'cl for thb yoimR and. oil, rich and poor,
•md -'** ra**icHy becomin-r tho most popular meet;
•cine forcholorii.'iiysentery, etc., iu tho ru..rj.efc.
Aflliction'/'is the heaviest soil that
patience has to 'furrow, but it is aL-
so the most . fruitful.—James Buck-
ham-, 7 ■';.-..'•.•
MARD'S'PMP.'MtiTes Nenralgia.
A Common Dilemma. ~
"How do you like your new cook?"
"Ever-so much, but I'm afraid to let
her know it.'-'
.   "Why?"   v '
"She'd want more wages."   '
"Then', why don't you appear dissatisfied?" Y   '   ■ „   '
"Because then she'd leave."
A Sinecure.
Mrs. Flynn —A.n' pbwat's yer son
Moike dolu' now, .Mrs. Casey?
Mrs. Casey—Shure, Moike ain't dolu*
annythiug, .'Mrs, Flynn. He's got. a
government job.
©«o«a«o©«oe»©*o«»s»oo«o«»o*»«o» •„•••»•• oi»*«»'>»
e e
Thc Quality of thc Oil
Is thc Life of the Paint
Mad_ with Manitoba Pure.
Raw or Boiled Linseed Oil
G. F. STEPHENS & CO., Limited,   - : - -   WINNIPEG.
either improved or wild land, write
us; we will sell it for you.
Bank of Ottawa r.uildiner,
gj.'e _ftl DtSUl _i__ either in thn homo or
m;irJ-3t garden vrUisecuro tho best results from
from J. RI. PERKINS, Seodsman, 220 Market St
WINNIPEG.   _02 Sood Annual froo.
Nothing more exposes us to madness thaa affecting to make ourselves
different from others, and, nothing
assists more to t maintain our common sense -than- a life spent in the
common way amidst general^ society.
—Goethe.   .
Mrs. Celeste Coon, Syracuse, N Y., writes:
"For years I could not eab many kinds of food
without producing a burning, oxcrutiating pain
In my stomach. I took Parmoloo's according fco
directions under tho head of 'Dyspepfia or Indigestion ' One box entirely cured n.o. I can
pmv o-ifc anything I choose, without'.istressing
mo in the least." These pills do not cause pain
or griping, and should be used v/he'-. a cathartic
is required.
abm Pacific
And the Orient
—--— ■»■"  '  —
Travel by the C. P. R. and be assured of SOLID COMFORT.   '
First-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on al? through trains.       c
Through Tourist Sleepers -«■ the best.
Tourist Rates cpioted to,all points
East, West, South,
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
ratience ami strength are what we
need; an earnest use of what we
have now; and all the time an earnest discontent until wo come to what
we ought  to be.—Phillips Brooks:
. Totally Deaf.—iTr. S. _. Crandoll, Pod
Perry, writes: r"I contracted a severe cold lasl
winter, which resulted in my becoming totalis
deaf in one ear, and partially so in tho other
After trying various romedics nnd cousuliinS
several doctors, without obtaining any relief,!
was advised (o try Dr. Thomas' Ecloctric Oil. 1
warmed tho oil and poured a lit loof itinmj
Bar, andbeforo one-half tho bottle was used m*j
hearing was completely" restored. I havo hearo
of other cases of deafness being curod by tlu
aso of tht* inedicino." "
Those desiring information in regard to n,ny part of the world reached by tho C. P. 11. or its connections
are requested to apply to any C. P.
R. representative or to
'ce. Mcpherson
Gen.  Pas.- Agt., Winnipeg.
Antiquity  of Glad*.
So far its research has been able to
determine glass was in use 2,000 years
before the birth of Christ and was
even then not in its infancy by ,any
manner ot means. In the Slade collection at the British museum there is the
head of it lion molded in glass, bearing
the name "of an Egyptian king of the
eleventh dynasty. This is the oldest
specimen of pure glass bearing anything lil.e a date now known to exist
Tho invention now known as" "bleez-
ing," tho mode of varnishing pottery
with a thin film of glass, is believed to
date back to the first Egyptian dynasty. Proof of this is found in the pottery beads, glass glazed, found in,the
tniiiha of the age above referred to.
.       !    ,      Quite   Proper.,
7 "I'm thinking of sending my little
girl to the, conservatory," said/the woman next door. "All those tunes you
hear her playing' she. picked up by
ear." ' ■     ..
"Then she ought to be," replied Mrs.
Kostiquo.     ,    ' ,
•'Ought to be sent, you mean?"
, "No;   picked   up   by   the   ear."—Exchange.
The man is hateful to me as the
gates of the death kingdom who
hides one tiling in his mind and utters  another.—Homer.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Burns, Etc.
Every      right     action and     true
thought sets  the seal of its    beauty'
on person and face.
Are your corns harder to remove than those
that, oi hers havo had? Havo they not had tha
sanio kind I Havo thoy not been cured byuslng
Rollowav's Corn Cure i   Try a bottle.
The great man is he who in tho
midst of the crofcvd keeps, with perfect sweetness, the independence of
The healthy glow disappearing from th,
cheek and moaning and restlessness at nighj
are sure symptoms of worms in children, Dc
not fail to get a bottlo of Mother Graves' NVorix
Exterminator; it is an cSectual medicine.  •
Mankind born iri its lowest; state
has always discovered that Superior
Mind acts in the universe.—Francis
W. Newman.
No law can be sacred  but the  law
of our nature.—Emerson.
To provo to you   than Dr.
Si__™5*»   Chase's Ointment is a certain.
S@uB_!_   and  absolute euro for each
S^a9*Q0'   and  every form of itchinsr,
blecdingand protruding piles,
tho -flianTif&ctiirers havo guaranteed it. See tes-
' iiaoniala in tho daily press and ask your neigh-
f*-ra -what they think of it.   You can use it and
--'; your money back if not cured. COc a box, at)
' Joalors or Edmanson.Bates & Co.,Toronto,
'■ r_ Qha_§&s_Omtment
Grid  and  Thrift.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich once received
a pathetic letter iii a feminine hand an-.
uouueing the dentil of a little daughter
and asking if he would not send in his
own handwriting a verse or two from
"Babie. Bell" to assuage the grief of.
the household.
Alilrich sent the whole poem and uot
long after saw it displayed in the shop
of an autograph dealer, with7a good,
round price attached thereto.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth
mora than two ounces of impure soap.
will be paid by LEVER BE01__E.£> LI_J.T_l), Toronto,
to any person who can provo that this soap contains
aray form of adulteration, or any injurious chemicals.
•raw* . -1 ' i;  i    -ei  ,.-1,  i   . r - '���'.   ',.  - y  ��� i.'i  ���i j.  I?' i ,��  .������.<�� -  ' -i.n  '  ''  i  -. fc  ; j  ��� ���, ^^r^???^^  -An   .Veil off on Tins,' Si,!*, oi <i,o li,v_r  a* I �� ,      "J"     " "  ����a,,.onn-n             jot. Joseph's   Convent.  , JJonit.- T. \V.-i-:bir,gtou loJd   tj.t^fol-1 ���        kkuso.v, _. t\  '���,i.T���"^-.i'rfr^.     _'.  _ I '  fi.-jy�����t-  n -"ex*, f.  ,^i-  *  &  ������J����n   oJas-a  education   iiuighf   f0  ?te^^^ I Fire I   ^^ J  Fii��A  -���'���tlulill   !M"   ijif.'.lli*. nl'  fi    f,n ,-,- j- .-..J   1...  I ,. '. ' '     J"''     *-'"       .llJ|      gW  ^r_w>��l  e~trji  C? A  Jljl n*f &  "Uncle iloso/Yaid the   white   *������.' Jai,7   ^^ , 0,7",., T*'", '"   ',    i  : waiittnr.m��  h���.T   .,���,������.,    ....    ... .'-ll      .    " J'�� ,K>W  ^rtnn.-.ih,,  fn*rn   fbe  IJo.srtl of Education , and  Depart ment, Kensington,  Apply to Sister Superior.  ''- -ant to cross, but I  hnia't   got   rio'. Loitfou  Policy." , '        '.,'.  if   \   -.t ' - ; heience  bucie JUose scratched his head. j England  "L>oan' you got no money 't all?" be  Queried.  "-No," said tbe  wayfaring stranger,  ''I haven't a cent."  "Bi'il it <Iono cost vou iml  ,5 'cenf.--,"  insisted   Uncle  .Jlose,  t'ferry," ;,  "1 know/'mud the white man,   "but/  '- havenfi-got,tbc 3 c,nls."     - /  /'  Uncle  Mose   was   in   a   quandary  '���Boss," lie said, '*jt done tele you whit  WlTo?oar rg<,t "�� 3 T'"  "m  ^1 Y��U <Viin5Rd a C0I"^^e sto<* of gen-  Vl��_ddrr�� "'" dG Xh'er " ��n ' T*1 H'lrd���re' Eflftmel *"�� Tin ware,  "," "~*|Kaneer - Hardware  Store,  3 BEAIE & ELWELL,     Moyie, B.  AGENTS FOE  IT".  KBS TALK.  hitT'l  "'"Ar. 1. anu..,.,! MKWli  , ^mrobolder8 uf tJje CVowV ^ t'    --  Coal company was iiei<J in T    "  , March 7th.    - 1,,n"llj  on  'i'lio Newest VsrHion.  '?}'2}6i'C.^10  y��U  'S��ine   my  pretty  ���im   going  ping   ponging;,  aho Mi(l-    "-^Yv I go   with   you, '  J:naid?"    "1  i ���  ���T.y pretty niaid?"    -y^  if y(JU   ]ik  .'��'��(! sir," _\uy said.    Sho ,ed h.m nwny ,  -otbe ping jwng net; and then   came | M0>"JK.  ;.m hour   he'll   never   forget,   for   i,;���  shoulders ache Irointlif many stoop,  <" pick up the bull, ami hi.-* eylid droops  '^bere sho erhoto him 'twice wiih   her  tnicquel smiil], which left licr h.iud   as  bhe struck the ball;   and   he'll   never  >ing where she  pongs  again, for   she  heard him'swear whin she pinged him  then.'���Jjaltimore American   '  Paints, Oils, Glass,,etc.  < '  ES^Tin'siiiHJilnjr and Plumblnjj.  1  THOEXIX   A^UBANOJJ CO.   of   London,   England  IMPERIAL INSURANCE CO.   of  London,   -England.  Kj ;  LIVERPOOL, IjONDON ��� GLOBE INSURANCE CO  LONDON & LANCASHIRE INSURANCE CQ.  WESTERN .ASSURANCE CO.     - ' -  BRITISH A.MKRIGA ASSUBaWe CO.  ���UNION ASSURANCE SOCIETY of London, England.  NORTHERN ASSURANCE CO. * e      '  'J-'he net pro/its of tiJt. yc.  GUARDIAN  ATLAS  London, England,  >'��g m   opcraiiu.   oV^T* "^ l"y'  ,rt r    .   ���      ��   txJ)L---*e**:   una   ,,u  clmrgo of   overv  ki.*,,i llU  -/^nitoof-tenpercen      , " ^  |��1��ucq   of  $28,142.89   Wjl8  ii  '��,  a  earner]  if  CRANBROOK.  ^totheereditofpr;,:{ttl^  llna,eompany'd,lssetSarci ;t'  transportation    facIUjog     /   '"*  u"  stock sold as low .,��    , ?       l,lu,r  -��.������ C;srv,a  nt$yo, - ,a  Ml,ln��  ^^Siniilkumeen Valley Coal con,-  P-'iby, timico,!, ��M0,d  "JO coal   mine*,  City   Sbaying   Parlor,   ^^^^^^^^'^ ^_^^^^_^_^^  WlSi--  CKNTJRAL   HOTEL.  OMSK, rro|i.  Moyie, B. C.  - I   O. O.F.  "VViUley Ijoiljcd   N'o. -It t.  J-'arrn Tor Sale.  -. A 3p0 acre /arm three miles from  Moyio for sale. There is considerable  Jaud cleared and it Ya Well , stocked  with hogs and poultry. For further'  information apply at this office.    ��-29.  VvrOYIJE'S LEADING   HOTEL.  Kootenay. Steam Laundry. *  Wesley Cline, of the Central hotel  barbershop, is now agent for the  Kootenay Steam-Laundry at Nelson-  .All laundry left in his charge will be  promptly al tended to. LawuJry must  be in before Tuesday evening. Terms,  cash in advance.- -�� k 9'  ~Mrrim��jm^"  ,   Ict is just like throwing away money  2v^en_ y��"   throw   away   the   SNOW  .Meets every Monday evening in   thc'i  ball   oh   Victoria  street.    Sojourning j*  Ocld Fellows cordially invited.;  J. S. MacEachi-jKjV. " FitAXK;DA^nY  Noble Grand: ���' "   ,     '   -SecUy.  .. British Columbia  JFerfflanenf-^-^1^^  . (.  The best of  accommodations  for .the traveling-public.  ��*. X. McMahOn, Mgr,  I Moyie 7 Miners'   Union  ' 3WC>3 71  Meets in McGregor hall every Tuesday  evening.- Sojourning membera are  cordially invited to attend.  John Blackburn,  President.  P. T. Smyth,  Secretary.  LOAN AND'SAVINGS " COMPANY  The objecle of  the ' company  are:0   Tov afford' a safe   and  proTitable meana for the  saving of small sums by  regular  instalment, as'Well as for iho   '  ynvestmont of email amounts  of cnpitiiPat.a productive rate   '  of interest.   To assist members in building, purcl.nwijg,  or improving homes and clearing  off  existing   inctuhber-  aucea.       '  BOOTS    AND    SHOES  Bepaired and Made to Order.  J Moyie Board, of Trade 1 P' T' s^iH�� :A^ Mo>^  Meets on the first Wednesday  evening of each, month at  S o'clock sharp in the court  0 house.  Vipp-Proe '   .*<.-'(       I  1?  NEAR MAcEaohreN & MACDOjVALDS.  Tlio Em pin-   Tob  'i- fa   lj-"|'*��,   w.imipeg  Man  ..Save  them ^ud you  oan* bave   your  e:lioice   ol   V60  ."haiidaome    presents.  Tags arc good' up to JAN'Y.< 1ST 1903 __  Write -for our new illu,tr.,{. d premium J OfiAS. ' P.    CAMPBELL  Funeral Director  i and' .   '  ' .    Bmbalmer.  Graduate of Champion   College of   the  United States.   ,Upho!��fering nod e<*,,. |  eral   furnittu-e   repairing.    OlJit-n Tmd '  store, Aiken's   block,   no:<r   C.inadinn  B.mk  of  Commerce,    fclegranh   and  mail orders promptly atteridYd'lu.  Vice-Pres.  Tin*, is u> eertifv  A'oiice oi* J.'jflBoIiitioi.*  Unit tlu- undor-  "'gned havo this dny dissolved partner-  .'-.bip by nntliiiil con'-cmr.  Johii H. Hawke, with tb�� cogent of  tho said H.N. BrcLUm. asPigni-.'ir.ina*  ft-rs and conveys to Prli:).,h A, ^o]  nil his right, title and interest in jl.e  businoP?>carried on in the name of  iiawke dc Brcn'ton. Tiie "aid H N  Benton and Y.A. Xc-hun aPSI,me all  babihijpj. fn,rn April JSf. '    j  , J. H. iirfwki*, |  H. N- Brotunii. i  COURT MOYlEi  r  1 No. 40GS    -  '  Meets on the last Tlnirs  Oayot ciijh cn ):]i-1. y  Itiug- brcdiorn iuvitii'I  toattcml.  S.\I V WI, C. ft.       C. T. 3JcCi R EGO ll, fl. S  ttilOLESAi-E ANn retail  !  (MEAT ��� "MEROHANTg  _______ I '  >resh  and Cured Meats, Freeh  Fish, Game  an.i'  Poultry.    We ���  supply 'only   thy   best.     Your  "*     .' i -  trade^solicited.  ���UAICKI'TS  In   all   the   Principal  Cities and   Towns! in  '     I'orlioulluml 1������,|, ,,,??'"-   "J  ..'-"'���.���liri^.i,.".^^*^'  ^��**.^���uUdb,,^iw��  :�����.-c,!3i ,���,,, '     > '��^"��J".  '.����/. Lino,/in, clay, s,_[iJm r'��� ."J'  ^-Utj, with i, climate that is   ..ii   ,'iB ,  '.  could, bo "asked.    You ������� ��    *'  ��� . uu  (i"n  socurn   -m'  'ovnon  on  tb,Vcompai,vvstorb  l-3'."^0ednt3por  ahar^do^    a    '  /Ownuporuioiih-uu-tfl  fully'      "<  ".vithnon-forfeitpreciauseY'Thil     w  ��.��ubit.cl to twent,fivecent       J1  wiUiout notice a^ioVi ,w ,    adv'a��^  "on is assured '   Tf o  ,      'lrtt��3porla-:  SI TO ..���yy i,J�� Preset price iV  -iM.lU.pcr sharo. * Do n/w ��.,;.        .,  1Ct  is too bvte  but I'M l ant*l.H  prh.Heoft^i!;odr:;;m2^^  5!S#^S--=  torraaliuil .,mi|y lo u,���. .,      -"" "  n    Val/ey  Coal Co., ltd:  Head office Nelson, B. C, Itoom  '      IC W. C block. Baker street.  A.  --���/���.T-i  Or'antorojok;  B. G.  ��?^~3*y  ^sa'isaasac^saBsaaHaEaaa^^  sOld hunters say  JTheMARLIN  | flctloa is always closed, the H3^*T/<��x--,  Jmecbsnlsjm the most Bim-lyTiSj^s^awE?  f Pie, _e flaisb elegant, the ^^^jif^W1  form sttractive,   fi seems }&&&_w-**'.�� B  f --T-      ' --��..*.�� I.t     Ukt^lJIQ ff3i^__r^_^_^i%^^/yj     M_,i%i  SCENIC   LINE.  f more accurately and pbnti  -i frhsarvi miM-i A 1'^t. -     iv f *���  DTRF^C'i' LI.N'E".  * d ��\.\c .  Winnipeg  Toronto  O: l a wis  ..Ion I red!  New Yijrli  Via.  I-OWEET KATES.  WEST.  Vancouver  Victoria  &of:ttio  Portlnncl  ���oan  Fraucirfco,  Mei-hoclist- Qhxk  SEIJ.V1CES  Are liel-j m"   Mr.  .1. Q. Di-ewry's building,   corner  Victoria   and    Tavistock  street, each Sabbath at 7 :"30 p. m/  S.ihbaili schr.nl ai .'! p. hi.  I'rayef inp��iJngcTiltj*?(l.iy'. evening al  S wVbick.  ' Tl-.c public nre invited- and   will   hi*  oordiailj' welcome to  attend   Ber.'ices.  W. L. SHERIDAN.  Pastor.  , British -Oolumbla.  o k  ^i-biUN.biruwuli, B* U  fiL.MlQij'ARTKRS   'l-OK   E.�� S*C  ' ivOOTHiV Ar  rtra���ft-jrw-'ttacn  FOB.   FINE   TAILORING   GO    TO  rt 5 I  ..''*'"'.���>       Copyrights_c.  "ii-5i<!jn!c"E'';".dl?'J n s''*ctC'i and detreriptiohiDaf  e..l:Iy ftaoerlnia. our ojUnion free '-whotber ��n  . -,onnou ia prpb'nhly PillcntahUviV-owmlfnica  " o,Y.re?' V!,2M* nijoney for sscar!��j' patpnti  Patents lakoa tlir.oucli Munn ft c'o -eeelVi*  ywictnotkc. without cburtfc, in tlio      -ctHve  'Mtitlffe ..jfmeriCim.'  - ?!,tnilsif>Tnoiy Illiist.p/ii-i'rl woenlr.   Jjrirf-c*t rlr  I.' iiiim f.f -L.JX- --oiohUfii* .Mnrniil.    Torn?; vi a  "Vh =>:<!*ro" ft'1'8' W'  BC':d b3r��'�� ?9"^0^r^  ^.ii*fi & CQ.36?B^����?^.:fi8w Ynsi  So'6 Line.  ^t.   hml,    bhioiign^   and    all   United  Stall's points.  TOURIST SLEEPER SERVICE.  i  EAST���Leave Kootenay Landing Lun-  Vli'ip; Tbu'i-.-d-iv a-id    Friday   ior  .m,    ,111,1,   'l.j.'cnio,    .-lontreal,  Bus ion.  WEST���Leavo   Revelstoke   ib-.fly   for  Vanoou'ver,    S'3y,t!le.  and     lhe  coact,  HOME   SEEKERS  Erftfitrsipn Tickets oi^ sale,   v/e'albuund  March hi to April 30th.  Through, booki'nga to Europe  via. all Atlantic   hues.    Prepaid tickets .from   all .points  '!.'-   a't lowest ralen.      '.  For   ItatesyMnips,' Time  C^rcls,'  Ticlzcls  and  ;   - FulHnformation r.j.pjy fo Nca'roa't Local  , Agua.t, -., 7 ���    ���'  . .fii HHIFWj'A'fl'erit, Moyie'.''  J..S  CA7RTKR, '.    E. J. COYLE,  jilst,.PaSS.A'f}c..' ' 'W.C,uKY_L'Azt  ��� Nelson, ,,  Yujicovcr,  ���'      tla   Ha   JI  %��%$ _ ga  M_3R(JEANT   TAILOR  Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating  - ;  Trouspr.**,   importetT   Ooodd,  MOYIE,;  ' B, 0  mxaxt^a-*a^esxa=aitu_,MC\ri__^t^  ���**.'���?  !.e_i  Prices Qiveth  and; Orders  Takgn on  BVerything  iii tlae Printing  Liiie aJt tlie  The Leading Ladies  and Meiisj?Euriiisher.  Clothing, Boots  and Shoes,  A jYill'Stny-Y: Minora Supplies  "Always cu Hand.  Caii   and   Aspect ;Oiir   Goods.  '.conommM  "i ffV |f\f-IT^t"  r�� tH if?  ora n IH       *i"t  Ji  -E021-.  KEAW TEAMIItfd- '   '  ���ALSO���.   '  jXPRESS.   ANb      Q_Ni5KA]  ,JC)_ijIVBliY.��  ,. Grater in ieavenlng strength, a '$&  spoonful raises more dough, or goes k_ i  rurther, [erjy  i,-.XS'iftP^^ly and perfectly, ^  " pB��l?m *��d cake always r^  lightm muink Ud there is nevtf ^  ���Jg,��* �� Ho��n S^ butte,      *j  jj -\-f,  BAGQAG.'t!,  . ff fcfamil^ajiti fet is ^'"-'-'   *  TE.  .^'CE. BAk.NG  pbfcbKR  b'O  '  ,'PHIOAGO.  Llgrea^sf  Wor��._Many mixtures, mndc in Jmilnlion if Y R5  LSm Crs' aro "t'O" the market.'   'I      ��� J ���  sold .cheap, but are dear at any I m   * f  ^���'sc Uiey'coiita'iH alum, a wnosivi-i     [/,  f


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