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The Moyie Leader Mar 28, 1903

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,4-. u
"■:V-Y*'.Y   -y'7'";-b-;^|;!
■■" ''.' ,.' - '•'■ ',-,.' ' •■ .:■:■■'■ js'-.y-. '"
:.-,       ■,-■.•■-■. ■'-:■ ,-,%X ■'
i vi ■ ■ '■ /f^' i•W-'4 y,; tfIL
V >j ,:■■'■' .'.: KftSMhl l_im,a%KK,:-,,-t:-i ,-■„ , ■
■:■#! -m^Mmmc-
-'- y_w__$m*$W&!-.'
":;;^;^e^er/.;H^B>ri^ lie
; wi|t-g07^ -■ of
b0| ol^liQ§,;;!p?t!:^^yH e^Y: li^f;- 'or
,$&ir■ of;ieiia|il^:VsSpQ^b;;;He. sin_
-Mb A, Ecalo lg !n town
List, your   proptuty   Ylh   Earrell -1 ;
,, - .'-      ■ ;
J i
Ed. Kill'was in Cranbrook  Lhe  first j
f'^.-'-'rv y-B*'.-••"■   '■'■ «'v" >..v■''■■ '■'" 7'",'""- '■"' of tho week. ■     ,   1
S''OOWin'Pp,''-S^:;^'''iwr*'A'   r   ,. ,     , *   ,..    i
.*.* c*ji.\_-&^_i__.x%s   ^l'i ~.M^ui^t_^\     Joe berogha came down from   Kim- I
bebiey -Monday. . !
Dr, Bell of C'ranbrock •'.vac   in   town <
Wednesday'. , j
There will be a meeting ol  tho  Fire j
Brigade next Thursday ovenin
ew   Yofi?:—Bar silver, 48j?  cents,
j Leail, f 1.6V.}b .Copper, m^o'.    Zinc,
! ?/,
^f f|\   f%| 11 5 K\; (spelter) *&0g..  ■   - '     J "•    '
j     I-D^Doy—-Lead, £L'j, U3,  $_>,
i   01
Back. -.
Ill if Tf 0
st Se-
Furnished   by Bealc,  Hutchison «fc
LiwelJ, brokers, AIoyie'.'E. O,
Asked'. Bid.
Crow's Nest Coal.. ..$345.00  $340.00
St. Euyene, (None on market.)   .
Lead Is Still Holding Firm
Above £13, and  Iris
the Opinion will so
ngndo next l'nursday evening. nnfilirT r.fi.TVrn  mrr-i
Get your'garden seebs,, rYwer  seeds j j^jjf \\\j (J fjjj  THJf "■
and onion sets at Jfope's drug store.     ' '' *     .   * ■* ^
j -
if. Cameron attended tho   Ja:;-.ie;<on i
pM:lM:-w&waiitbJtb&feli-Mim that
4$1^;^ is
The Sb Eugene mine will not  be ;n
ox-oration   ce  seen   ns   wns 'expected
-lurh-id jcached .£73.    It now teems
tii.it no?hing'wi!l be   ciun-;   tint:]  it  is
&er*n v,'h.it fiction will bcfulten by  the
,.,      l^omiuioa, p-.riiarnent   on    the    ler.d
X( I Larii.r''   IJ,in--gcr Cronin, wl:cn 111 Hno
kfino a few days
banrjiietiu Cr.'-nbrook Mombiy night, ■> |-v<- 1T_„   CU'U, u-~,l   />'       .   "iift-
.-,r. |1V'  M)tI     ■      ,   ' -News belecfced from Aianv
Mr. and Jnr*j. J, ,!>, harpor  are   here '
vi.*iting with Mr. and Mrs.   M. J. Ifar-
per.       .    t
Two more c.u'loadij of luachinery arrived here tbi-i week 'fur tho Moyio
Lumber company.
P. 1)". Hope will int.ve  hi-:   postoflice
1  1 '       ,       •  ,    ,,    .,       '       , '   , I     -*-0 panne a u
and drug store into the Kootcnav hotel! .     .    /     .
,,    , , ' i tons of paint,
oiock next v/cck. ,  | -
.      •      ,s  .   . ' .     ., .' .'   Yt'be Toronto
Sources and   Compiled
md Paste.
1 North Star.
"' Sullivan .<
C.-m. Gold'Fields.
War jingle ,
b-.iyno . . . .-	
American Boy. -.
Pen Scissors-'0,
•ia-neg    Oronin   and far-nily are   in
Nelson nnd will arrive in Moyie  today
or tomorrow. ,
J, A. il.trvey of Fart  Steele wa.3   in
j«   ago, v/aa   qncstioneri   »r/l •"            ,     .      . ,     . -
hv f'10   t'nr,i-n,*,„,  t*.^  •               - ,-       Moyie on professional business Tbur.s-
oy   ciic   hpoiGsmaii-IiGvicv/   regarding'
tho matter, and he said •   ■ '
"There is no chance oi our  tuning
the Sb ICugono for a month or two at
te&t.    AVliat wc need ir-; a duty on Can
To paint a battleship it requires 150
opera house lias been
.23 ,
- 3 A
I /9Vf?\
b.;! " "^-*
adian lcad.J'
Thomas   Jon
the   ere
day and i"V:di.y.
'E, C, Snui.h i» on his v^/ay tp Victoria to attif-.d the nieetinb of the
Legislative Assernbiy. ,
The weather has been very rniid   for
>   buver of   ^ie l)ils^ '°'-v ^btys   and   the   snow is
the Nelson | rapb-Hy disappearing
Icln, Kansas, speabing lo
Daily News y.-'aterdav, said :
" i s?, J ,-nee that b;ad :c down »  lifdo ! o'diit church intend holding an   Easier
but I looked fur a drop, before t'hiy.    It J entertainment and Eoaial.
Tb,e women's auxiliary oi'the 'lleth*
■ i-i'-v?
/i -..':'iMf>
?' t - fe*y«^lS
i  ■-     ■    ' [IJ.,uiTr-ls9caL«^Wl
f^*^-*w^*5*^*^^'X^*>^,>^*X*."'^^",>*V ' .'sS,* s;
|!i>ep;psi ts/Rece i veil;._!;7i?resbn!b:! jfil t Ybf Yb'teresL! !3: pbbbeh -
■7. K^mispii
'■■ffltiSfflMt BRANCH:
went Jip to £i',i 15s without halting, so
that  ,1 decline   is    only    reasonable.
Without   saying that   lead prices will
go   very-high   this summei, 1  think
thu markc!. -will   be firm  and  steady
with a yeneral upwird tendency   aacl I
believe    the    tilvei-lead    mines   hero
should be able   to  make good   money
this year."
'j Petition to the Government.
A'petition was'circulated this week
and over J00 tigiKtures of property
holders and   losiden's ui Moyie' were
11; .asks  for   ,ap
2y2T ^j-j   A*_p--  ^V"4   *^/**
-2^f%^^^;!*^7<;^i^ to' $4,800 - for'; public-ini-   f°° aQ^
'■■'.-■ ■'■■„■ : .■.''■■■•':;"7-'.- . -■-"'-;'■ ■    -.- -,'    -■   7--.-,;>; -,7 V-.' -,"'-'." '■"">■ -,V-'-. ■' ,.,-: ■'   • '• :-"-     ': ,-'-.,■■■  . ■'.'. "liewhe'G
Last Saturday 'was payday at the
Moyie Lumbei Co.'s mill arid "_ tbe
town   in eonsqencs v>'as pretty   lively.
Work  was   commenced   on   W.   ii.
Stonc-'g     building     this    week,     'The | fipUre
foundation is laid, the studding  is   up
and the roof will on in a few days.
Wm. Campbell, of tbe Moyie Lum-
Company, took a layoff the first of tbe
week and read signs iii Moyie and
Cranbrook. ....... ....,. ,..'(.if, .....
A. C. Bowneas, of the'wbblbsale liquor
firm of McDermbt <fc Bowness, Oran*
brook, vva's in town the , first-the! week
looking after,:.7bu3ib08ab.VMfjI)8/imot-7'i--
destroyed by fire. .Loss, $80,000. '
An   application' for bail   made   by
JVT hi taker "Wright has been refused.
TIip. Canadian Pacific are eontemD-
lating'tho erection of a summer   hotel
at Slocan Juncion,
California mineowners have-fro mod
an association to figlit the Western
Feberation of Miners.
Postmaster Kershaw at', Fort Steele
has'been notified that a though mail
service by .stage has been authorized
.between Golden, Wilmer. V/iuderii'iere,
Fort Steele and Cranbrook.
Tbe lumber situation hag,assumed a
peculiar aspect in the Northwest Territories.' With the arrival oi .the first
settlers dealers are reported to have'
shoved   prices   up   to an   exorbitant
i&ri^i! I!
■ -' a-'-'.--.' ■'.■'■"■,-.■-•■ -7:-y ■-•■.--
! CAPITAL,- (Authbrized):'
; ,!GAPITALi-(Paid -Uy)...:
n     Ji)
,. ^..,,„ . -..- .    ,,        • • ■•.' -."---.r'-'. • 7 J-osvA'oess  are  binding  up  a .splendid
>proveni6nts in the..-, vicinity-.-of. Moyie. i, -.   .;•    - 7- ^   :,.>   ,   7r-Y. '■''-.      - ■-'
.,r,:.. . --'-..-";.".:■ ',      1 - ,-■-•        -V:,-    business'tbroughoufc the district. :
ine petition .i,ias.-.bi-en made, -in-, triDlf-J'' ,   -     -. -' !  "■--',,- .-'-■ -'■■-:; -.-'    .;'-: 7'. -.
* V;'! Next. Sunday, the-Methodist Sunday
school'!i3°having !,'f.llally'.. Sunday" fbr:
tlie .children,   'Instead   of, the usual
jY,caie'.Y:b.«B copy .will be placed in .the
%\bands 6bE!C,Smithb'Mv ly. A;-; oY
•w-1 ;wjil.bti i'orwarbed.to.-W: ,C.,Wells, com'
''niissioner of Jvands and--;- Works,Yinbi
one -to 7b-F. Armstrong, govern ment
agou'-iiai--i-'bi-.t 'Suic-ie.Y ' ', '-"• ,.'-' --,!-
Sir William Van Horns ha.s in   yiew
the building of the biggest hctel in tbe
world for Cuba.    He is cow neg-otiafcing
with the Cuban administration for the
purchase of the historic prison at Havana. -.;; The price-for the building as ' it
now'--#arids :isv^0d|'000r   The  hotel
will  be   administered !in   connection
with -the Cuban railway.
Y It begins; to look as! jf (,i;0 Sullivan
directors are getting matters in' shape
so tbat all/their difficulties may be
cleared up-and 'work '.inaugurated on
■the completion' of". trie-, smelter at
Marys ville. ,-'-It.is'nh.de.rs.topd that   tbe
Salcs-r-3,000 St. Eugene'; 2,500 Sullivan ; 2,000 North Star.1
A lief:miry for Trail.
The inauguration of-impoitaut   iimprovements at the Canadian Smelting
Works pi   Trail  is   announced.    The
ei'periments   in   the   refining  department of   the   smelter   are .practically
completed, after hiving emended over
a period ol almost a year.    Now draw- "
ings and plans are  being made  for a
refining plant to reduce from 10 lo 12
tons of pure metallic lead per day. °   ,'
"'he electrolytic method   of lead refining in practice  successfully   at  the
Trail smelter   has  been   described, ut
considerable length from time to   time
in •' ihe    technical publications.     Ita
merit lies in   economy   of .application
and excellence of results obtained. The-
statement is made   that   the   meialic
leudo produced at the ■' refinery . in   connection with the   smelter   is   no. less
than .999 purity.
IMdA'iJi&&fi'&W'<&vi -Yb.1^%1 .'ia
A tenbral banking- bu:Y
traii-jactecl.''---,..-'.-' bY
.Churolv'.Services.-  ;, -..-..
■RYT^Rr/N—'Su-nda}- eiiiipol'fit 3
7 :Mi^3%|!p'e..';7i>pc;&abatttiiitiQn .give"h'ib-';;sO,Ue'et;oi}s.   ' ' - - - ■
'■'p.'' m. .'Service intltehall at 7 »0p.ni,
'''si'"'.'inyi'i'ed bo7attend..
Ail are: cofdiilly
!..'* ,-, v* ^» .-* ^1 s? ■
s-yci'jx xJ}t.d1r.
y2?_s':_._!;?. L>
^.-> • K*'Xj
U% '-.pa ■■:#■ ■■■■
SSSST^Tgj tST*!5tVJ55SS9
on.'Eas^-. TermBb
■ ,:»iii^''
yyHbftilip'ffl'cc      ' (-.1 K.,«i!i-!ive*i ■-.-«»•■,     i-,
-• ■ yyy#iI^-i#I' ■ ."'■" "Y-Y .'■• Aj«j .w*). b
■- 'f-'H1
,tho'so.i«s,ei'Vic^is;'.--y":-:    ;'■:■'■ -.-,---,■.;-;-...-, -:-
C:'yf''.: T.!.Ai 'j3RG!A!i)Fbpr,; Pastor'.
b.Msf.rxoBi8ir-^3unday;;!;spb'obb':. at:.,y
p./!!nbbPrebebiug. . at.., 1:30 '! o!cIbek
77T-bisV-i3''thi; s
session! the pastor' will   speak; to   the  hew loan of $100,000 .has  been , nego
children!    >;PwreritsiYuid' fneads! are'tiatedand that the stock, in   the   com
bearfily -inyitcd,.,. ■■■;"■'■; "■-'7--. ■';■'•■:"-    7 x ;      pany is sgainon a sound basis."''
!  :N. A./MacKebzie   bas7eutered   suit-
in tlie couniyeburt- against^ Stea "Hn'iir
yen for $.1,0,00, for alleged illegal eject!,!,; ■!
.Nelson Tribune: Thirteen years
ago tbe outlet between TNel-on and
Kobauee creak "was   open , for 7.short
uienfcfrom t be Manhattan-hptbly-' The l;stretebeyaltbougb'the ice was irotten
case will he.;heard;iu: port 'Steele: ou j oh the stretches that were closed.:' At
,Apni;25th.v   ' '
Oi'i'-i-.nlzl'ts  Viiiona.
Q. M. O'Brien, district organizer for
tbe American Labor<,Union, returned
thursday to Moyie to perfect the or- ■
ganiz.ation of the Moyie union. A.
.meeting was'held in the hall on "that
eyening -and nine new . candidates
were initiated, giving this union a
total membership of 22. It was decided tu hold a meeting every Saturday evening at S o'clock.
During the past two weeks Mr, 0?«
Brien has, organized unions at the
following places. Tbe numbers given,
represents tbe charter membership of
each union: Creston, 13; Meadow
crcelc, IG;, Cranr-rbok .63; Marysviljo
33; Moyie, 22.
Tlie Feraio Strike.
It was thought for a time this week
that the Fornie strike was cettled, but
it proved lo be a false report. Tlie
men are still out.
g»«CTeaBWT7«gs ■■*■■!■ 11 ^1 is-i   mi     \t*m ■n»i»i,«mM _t |W  M[. 1—mamg
^ North West coruor ;io*t Timber Limit.   Thirty
u-iysaitor-clateliutcait to apply to  the  Chief
Commissioner of Lands ..ml Worts for a special
■'that-time, air the mail for the residents    i^or.i-o io cut aiuU-nrry an-av  diriber from rhe
t-.^_'.'.     ■.■'..'-...-■   .''-1 1-..  -■  ,-.-,ll.,„.:....   , ,...,,...j...
L 'Tliompspn- of' Craiibrobkb of,^°lson ivas packed; in on Ned .Bray's 1
iscliiu-g.. at, '7 :30b! o'clock. " = yey.S, Z ■.'Thom'pspn of' CranbrookfO'^Oison was packed; in on J\edBray's
!'xh-i last young .'man.""-,, \ delivered.a very able leeluxe oh:' ':Lin--| b/Oad back all; the,vyay,fro/n Kootenay
hii sii-th-in ibo;sQriet-.'-?-' ,'. ; , 00i(-r the Liberalor"!iY- the Methodist jYatrou,. §S^ ; miles e- beyond -'Bon hers
A. Ib.°lAKS,HALL,-,Pastoi;v i.;ln nydneadayb-ybntbg.': Mb. Tbomp- j Ferro'..- Ned Eray is.now a- capitalist,
-5.---ss.?^^s^--^^^iyrY shares
:.-'•   ,- i   « .' -.'-. r ".-.',■■.'.'•,-* -■'--      .-'.   :-.      :- ." '  -■    ■   '    '■       ■ .fuf (■!,« O^^w.'s - MV--&S .l-.„„i  ri- ;,   ' ■ : ...-'- .
foliojviug described lauds:
. Commuiiuiugtii a post ploiited near tho 350
Jfilal'ost, of facCaiwiiiau pacific Railway, oh
the west bank of the Moyie river, East Koote
ua:.'. Jiast SO chains; South SO chaius; ^ye^t SO
clialji; North SO ebains to'point of eomnieuce
ment, coutaiuiuE; i>10 acres, more pr loss."
G. .V.VlT.'H£\yS.
pY. 0$-\1 -H   U%?P -   .^-^^S^^iSiS^^^ i.ui.-abur   :-':id: wib   t]\Or- -i:!:lV10^ maooa elaann.p.  Out ,of   shares'    meat, coutalaiBic«}l0 acres, more or lo«."       '
■;,- -: .-:■■'■ ■■:■■:,   ■   '  |  rj ■■■%$ YTT  ■■<■:■$ -+$%■&%,>£<•£ cO   .which made biyicctuve !'a   verv   inter- j«u«l-use residents or   Nelson : get- ipa:i ilYLiYYYlY	
---^-Y-Yby-7■;,' \   \ij?iy\"<i ■':•■ ^UtlUi3 ^ilif oi^ V ■;-   Y':;!b   ■   : "b.r:;;^l!.o::W%y: -;   ^r; ■ : ;, ' notice.        -
-'   '< . ' ■■■-■■-■•■ ■'j vW ."   -..-,   , . .-.- '!____:__;.._..;..  •■■'     .-'- j   '- . r—r—r- t~-tt      ■ - j    "Outlines'- corner post.Tnabor Limit.   TUii-ry
■:! ::':':  ':','■-'-,.   .'■!';.     \ "■■■'"".', IY'!'-"'■''-''7 Y.': '"'■•'!     l     /'';■'-'!-'- ' ..■'TJid'^Woa Cittoat' 7 '', • :'   v.l ^!''\-b'.,Y    t'01'ca ^ "ilWi- ,    "     -; I'puffer date Ilmena to »w.ly to the Chief
'.•■','!■<: .j
■"i'-'l •*'"
c-t i'r-"'-i'"ss-g'-' N-
IH-•..wi-e:i,,:!';000'and fbOOO-mea willbe
,-ei'npioycd oiV'-thi? 'iv-ilb-pell -ctit'OiTof ihe-l
{  .   .      .   - *" -
iM-r—-Your   temperaiurc   is
16 107.
Up j ^^'■"■li.cioaur u£ Lamls mid'Works for «, Spc
I r-iai. liociike ii,. cut nnd carry way Timber from
j rhu foilovrin;; desi-rlbcd lauds;
'1'it-i* -v--irt'i'"'I' '■■'•r ■• ■•'-<< v-' -'•■" '•''■ ''-uci-1'0Ii<3cr (b'roy.'si!y)-s-bluiv;i:ed ati j Commeueiutr at u. post ulauted two miles from
;';'■'7 lYV"-"''*''Y* ''.'., ■'■"■ !Uli° ■0i-^ ^ LWvcu. Hundred aib YveU' GoilY j ^ Ct^>'^ r«cii:c Railway tract 011 Meadow
i.Ui-.y ur.uer y.\iy.    U nery io'a ;»re:\t Cit-;-'( ■'      , 7    -,     -,■',,  '■ ,,.,   '"," Crcvk' K,lst Koote.a.'iy;iSD chains Kast; -10 ch litis"
uf reck, work, and- tY 1,a'sk   b£: ;?0yC(,, !. b"-MT-^ a lumc-rcd an ; seven,   . \V lio'Il. XorU.;-ico clmiia West; :l0oh?J-nsSuuth to point
aud-tY ^-!-
rt (.itiii-i.ii;.;
P.. 'O
lipIMw3. w&iat aiw^liinY,styasH,aiid n&at ^o to
f7K?;«i^p ■         '   '
■ .^.<;  ,*..'V J*.:*.
*,-■*'    y"*(
¥■ '^"'flo--
\A n.cic, work,
I'-!  .'■: .).'i'l'i
■bbbb.-rji.'.'i.i.'ib full of .V'l.-prykY-yd busiruy'-.
:S   :?py;;i;n
IS   in'orii
.1. iiiakeit a iiundred an' eight?
1 ■ ■-"       • .       - ■   '  ,
of commencement;;containing tj-10 nereis morc-or
leis« '   . . J. DOUGLASS. :.
.Dated February17th, '1'JlXJ.
io'tioi- \'.''i-
:i     y.'i.lc   Oj'Mi
■■ii..n" ;.;i-iro;U:h'».i
b^4JY,-.«   5vh
.II'JiOi.il ■ Alii-
fe^^^W^-'.    ■  ; -,..'■■■-•■- .   '■' ■ ...
1^SH|' leading Ladled and- G-ents' mrnlsliers. '
^s-y-i"*: b: vrfe^** y-^^y<>y-^li/;!^
.   ■    . \ i i
'OJISSADI^NiaK JJKOP, ' E'rbl>l'J.''
Lai'^e   sain pie- ■roohi   In ■. cbi'u:..3e(.ion
with bouse for co:iU5>ereia! ;noi,./"<! b>e'.'.t.
"y       jj    of acco;r::i:0(.bi!.ror.i;. ■
.''' - i ■   ■' 'y    "    ■   ,.
Hoadquab.ers for Vomnionohi aticb tvSSnifig iVissj.
Me latest'tMng'.-m '\:
_f ■     ' v    . -~?     -.''■'
Pl"< 'Tlt'l"*   ■   ^"i'Sf?     i-1   -<Ji Jl'i'f'
•,: Mfdibv(its.a^;vd}?b§y-
;'-    ■  ' '    ,}^ tl ' --   '
'-£^?. 1<,'C"?1ij'<t!l'ir'-'£i '
:, ian.    it    a* ■ Wii.i't'ei'C-il   a!:.;;.1.   tu;i..:r( «     ■    .     .
.when the election is over tlio town will j ^tmi^rQOK^^^
begun to hum iu  .every   sense   of   the! ,   ' Y  ■
j Why you should buy;  ,
■i " ..'■ ■ '■   -..''.■-.-''
'!P'l'.OAUS!E it:is lhe. iiest'quality..       .-';
.j-BE0AUSi3;  it   is   the   most  last'ixc; i
j chew. '■"'■'■    I
i'PKCsliSE ilYs   lhe   lAiiOESX-higli |
grade b or 10c plug
Css sb        :1s *bi«s:
North West coriic'i-.post Tim'I.i'er Liniit.   'Thirty-
il.iy? uf-tor date I intend to apply to the Chief
Comisissioiier ot Lands and Works for a special
license- to cut and .curry a'wny Timber from thu
f.-rH'oivins-'iiescriboj Lands:
■V'Ow'meu'ein'.r'af'«Yost   phmted  near the 351
-Mile post-oi the Canadian 'Pacific' .Railway, ou
tlie West bank of Moyie Kiver,   East Kootenay;-
1'ifipohf.lus Kast:   40   chains  South';  ICQ chains
j, West; -10 chains North to   point  of co minenco'
< men!, contiiiniusr fiio.acres more or less.
<     ' ■' I). McKAV.
ilSS7"'"'1t**-^ .- J>.*itutl r-'cbrujirj- nth, 1903..
*\ i i ?i''ii'    ■ V <      ■■ ■*<•
��\'sb lb:,-'-? .Y.-i' lihtjt hi,   .->\
■^,1-iiue n ur- J.IH- piug. i Wiiero.you wiii find .(-he largest  sioc.
YAIJSJ1; Iho -tags ap:-: vai.uaClk for i of general hardware in East jjvoolenay i
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Nortli West corner post Timber Limit. Thirty
riaysaftor date 1, intend  to iipp'iy to the-Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special'
liceuse to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands: '      ■
Cominenciiiiviit a post planted near the 3iS
mile Host of the Canadian -i'liei'ic HniUvay on
ll.'.e We«t• im i'i k oitlie Moyie River, l-'as't Koote*
tifiy: Kc.h-i- -10 ehuhis; South loti chains; West -if
fiUnjn*; jJovih t'.iO chftji-..-; to poihtoi coinmence
j iiifiH, emui'.'uiiuw- i3-t0:icicf; more* or loss.
j 'D-itvl. T'ebrutir:' iTUi. IDO-.t. J. W. FITCU.
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12L¥i&__^___*& flfy  i||��Yl:  UI?.  i <      i  ::<��������� b' y  C-^<:.r.  cr  yy  i!-j  I *yv;-r-v  f��7;7^.;7  -*.r.  3  i  fi***^*fe'����*fe*^����s^a����?^Bs^  o  Hulda was having a hard time of It.  In her heart of hearts she could not  quite decide which one she loved best.  - recommendation that Hans was allow- '  ��� ed   to   so   until   afternoon,   when   lie f gCiSloS-'  ; would haw his hearing.   To have Hans  '��� released  w.-.s  ihe  scheme  .hunes  had  evolved,   Huns would h:no to explain  where he wanted to go  when he left  the house iii the afternoon.   Thus his  employer would learn all and Hans, at  least disgraced, might possibly lose-his  place.   Would  she of the flaxen hair  and the wide,  admiring eyes hesitate  any longer? James smiled as he strolled  back on post.  In   the   afternoon    Officer   Daniels,  Haus Peterson, Hani: O'Day and Mr!  ;?csa;c  0i3o��O��O~y,;.v  Arizona Kicfclets I  Vt'iiii *>c;s, ijr: >;���;>(.: t-r  Seiemi'ie oi'S. riaihni ju.  mai.* tli.'t a daily avei.ij.  h.'.S'u'" Miiin- h" received kd" I !������*  .sea from the .Tor.Ian aim nOi so  during thc .M'.-tr.    Durniv the j.idij  i*on, says the Chicago Itevord-Ik  l  i Bin ton, the man Hans worked for,  Hans, she had to confess, had some ad- i came Into court. The oflicer told the  vantages which weighed with her. Mr. j circumstances of the arrest and dwelt  Barton, the nian who owmed the place j  across the street, was particular about  his   furnace  man,  and  she   knew  The Editor of the Kicker Makes a  Few Explanations  8o@oSoSo��oSoS3oeo@o��oeo��o|  (Copyright. IMS. by c. B. Lewis.] , mainlaJncd year after year.    There ,_  .NEWSPAPER in Columbus, O.. I no outlet, and the- level is henf- down by  gravely iiinionnees that we arc*! evaporation only,  which  is irry rapid  because of thc inter.s-j heat, tin* dry nl-  t$��r&;\*ii_P/r?l  @ j the amount i'i very much givare:-; Our-  j  i   .    ,$&_��? <* - ^^s)  o i ing the dry season ic is of eo.:;ce vwy  J \\) ��__^$&\fi Tr^  (much   less,   but  this  average  will   be     j" (^ ^^^'^r^- tJY'  he  liked Hans. Besides, Hans could speak  Swedish, and she couldn't deny that it  was pleasant to talk with him in the  accents of the dear old home she had  left so far behind.  But whenever his plain, open countenance, with the blue ejres twinkling: below the yellow hair,   was pictured in  her mind she blamed him for being a  little  too   ordinary.,  She  could   see a  dozen such  any Sunday hi lhe  little  Swedish church.  Now, with a man who  wore a longblue coat with a five pointed star on the front of it and carried a  mahogany  club it was different.   No  one who looked at him could fail to see  that he, being a part of the government, was superior to the common run  of men.  James had told her that he was "the  right arm of the law," and she had  .looked her admiration.' She had known  him almost as long as she had Hans,  and he was so good to her. On Sundays in the park ho would get her a  seat close up to the band .stand! Then  ���when the concert was' over he would  buy some peanuts, aud together they  would stroll through ihe .part of the  park that had signs to keep off the  grass stuck up ah over it. Of course  he could go anywhere.  James knew that Hans was his rival,  for one Saturday night he had come to  see Hulda and had found Hans there.  Hulda had said:  " -'Hans, this is Mr. Daniels."  And Hans had said, "I am vaar glad  to see you," while James had mumbled,  "TTfY-iv rPT-n vi<*."?" oi.'.rii;���-.! �����  at length upon tho plain case of violation of the city ordinances.  Then Hank  O'Day explained v. ho .he was and how  his    horses    had    become    frightened.  Hans took the stand and said he "yust  yump  In  da  wagon  to  stop id,"  and  finally Mr. Barton informed the court  that  Hans   worked  for him  and   had  never driven an ice wagon iri~his life.  The judge   turned  to  James_ again,  i and when  the officer  had  nothing  to  say began to talk himself.    lie talked  for 'quito awhile, and most' of the lime  j he  addressed   his  remarks   to   Offieer  . Daniel.*;.  When the butler had read to ITulda  fiom Unit evening's paper the account!  of the runaway and the trial, what the  judge had said to James and what he  had said about Hans, she went out into  the kitchen and sighed and thought:  That night Hans came and talked long  and earnestly, and as he talked the  fading glimmer of that five pointed  star went out, and naught remained  for her but the light in Hans Peterson's  blue eyes.  personally to ulnnK- for ar.lensi  twenty lynchmgs that have  taken place here within the last yi-ai  and thar 'nothing Mitnis tu assuage  our thirst for blood. There h.-i\c been  only three lynching.*? hero in h\e yc.ir*;.  nnd we happened to he out of iown in  every case. .\s for our thii.-.: f..r bh-ud.  we never shoot a jack rabbit without  feeling conscience* stricken over it.  The citizens of flrass Valley did not '  attempt to lynch us om da  mes-phere and the dry winds which are  coiir-uuitly flowing down tlio goigrs be  twoon the mountains.  Thi*. oi ujuirnt'ou  j causes a haze or mist to baai; .ner the  | lake at all times, and  when it )*; mere  rapid   than   usual   heavy   cloud;   i'u;n  i and thunderstorms muhi times r:\nv wiih  great  violence iii   fire  pocket   between  the  cliffs even  in the dry  season.    A  flood of rain often falls upon the surface of the sea when  the sun is shin-.  lay last sum- ! ing, and the almo: pliero i.s as dry ns a  mor, as staled in a San in Fo paper ! bone half a mile from ihe shi.ro. Tlie  with a great show of complacency. On mountains around the Dead sod  tho contrary, on  the occasion refenvd ; rarely  seen  with  dint href no;;*  l><  to we wwo invited by forty nine <]; S:\-r-  ent,citizen*; iu rake u drink with tlu-ni,  and each and every one o/' thorn subscribed i a. the Kicker.  Wo have not threatened tho lives of  over 500 citizens in this territory in the  last five years, as published j.] a .<;.,���  Francisco sheet.   On lhe contrary, our  o  'I'.'l'JS'1  of this haze.  The* ri<iK?e';ri:iiv��''n linitie. -  The utilit.v of the rat lie to tho r.ittlo-  snake is a problem s-1 ill av. aiUim solution. It has been supposed in be u.--i*fiil  as paralyzing its prey through terror  excited hy the sound thus induced.  But this  is a  very  doubtful  oxphina-  " Pinto Shc-2i " Cordovan leather  for H.B.K. mitts and gi0v��� ?  bound to displace Ji 0.hw  leathers for hard-wear mitts and  gloves,  the  toughest,  and    1'yhtttt  owibhfo has been threatened 750 times,! uon. "it'is nkiu'to'llie notion lorm.-.-iy i  on.e iigbinni"   entertained .that serpents had a juiwer  [of fascinaiing othof creatures.    Others  and we have had to do  (lodging to save it.  'How, d'ye do?" and then sat scowling  " at the sink all the rest of the evening.  After that James never came on  a  Saturday.    Pie asked to bo shifted to  another platoon, so that he could do his  calling on Monday or Tuesday nights.  Hans did not change his nUiht. and so  they never met at Ilnlda's, home again.'  Indeed James  took so  little pains to  cultivate Hans' acquaintance lhat he  never even learned what his rival did  for a living.   And this disdainful indifference proved costly in the end.  . How Hulda  would have learned to  know her heart had not Hank O'Day,,         ���  the  iceman,   set   in   motion  a   fateful' j marked    tooth like "edges.  train of circumstances one,cannot even  guess.   Hank did not know Hulda.   lie  does not know her to this day.    And  ���   yet it was none other than Hank whoj  all unknowing, unmasked her heart's  desire.'.  Plank O'Day drove to his ice wagon  , ft pair of high  spirited   horses. ' One  morning when  his wagon  was emptv'  his aisthetic  instincts  led  him' to  lay  his route back to the ice yards along  tho street that skirted the park.  Just as the chariot of fate was Hearing Hulda's home the chain tit the  back of the wagon slipped and let tho  end gate drag upon the grjund. Hank  swore softly, stopped his team and  jumped to the pavement to fasten the  chain. He jerked it quickly through  the iron rings and then���swore again  as the team, alarmed by the sudden  noise, galloped madly down the avenue and made straight for the nearest  entrance to the park.  The horrified Hank stood sliil long  enough to see the end gate banging out  defiance. Then he started after the  runaways as fast as' his rubber boots  would let him run.  When  Officer James Daniels tu.-ned  from   his  faithful   guardianship   of   a  bevy  of   simpering   nnrsegirls   in   thc  park,  he saw  coming toward  him  at  full speed a pair of wild  eyed horses  and an ice wagon swaying from side lo  side.   Behind  the  seat of   the  wagon  stood a man trying desperately to get  hold of the reins.  '    In an instant James recognized the  waving yellow hair and pale features  as those of Hans Peterson, and' in the  same moment, like an inspiration, there  came to hi in the realization or his opportunity,   lie ran out into ihe 'roadway and as the  flying wagon  passed  caught the chain of the end irate and  swung himself into the, box.  As   he   gained   his   feet   the  wagon  slowed suddenly,  and  he  lurched   forward to bring up against the back of  the .sturdy Swede.    Seizing him firmly  . by the collar, Officer Daniels gusped:  'Y ���"--arrest you���in  the  name���of  th*1  . law!" '���'������������  Hans' did not quite understand; hut  the hand on his collar,in the moment  ��f his success made hiin angry.  "Whad yo'say?    Led me go!"  .'"I say you are under arrest.", James,  was getting.his.breath again.   "This is  against tho law, you know."  "Whad is agains' da law?"  "Driving traffic  teams in  the park.  Come, you'll have to go with me to the  station."  The, officer tried to pull Bans out of  the wagon, but the latter still'held, the  reins and refused to go. In his broken  English he explained, he expostulated,  he all but exploded. Another officer  was approaching.  "Come on now; drop those lines. This  other officer will take care of your  team."  Hans dropped the reins and appealed  to the other policeman.- But the newcomer was indifferent/ If Hans bad  been arrested, why of course he would  have to go to the station.  The magistrate was busy when they  arrived, and it was upon the officer'-  Wool  mid rialr. <  The life and grpwlh of wool .and hair  are not identical  with  the life of (he  body,   but   they . will   grow   after  the  death of the animal in ���whosc skin they  have taken root.- Tho roof of the hair  exudes the hair pulp, which is formed  into cells containing the pigment which  gives color to the hair, itself.   Each row  of  thope  cells   forms  a' ring.    As the  .rings of cells are 'pushed away , froni  the  skin   by' the .giving" out of fresh  pulp from the roots the cells dry, forming  scales   which   curiously   resemble  miniature fish scales.   A hair is simply  ;r loiig tube formed of these rings into  a sort of sheath.    These "saw teeth."  wliich tho older writers mention as being one of  the characteristics of the  human   hair, 'are  formed  by  rings  of  ihose dried  up  cells,  which  are  very  tine and closolj' set.  Goafs hair has.a more rapid growth  and longer cells, so that it is less regular and straight than that of tbe human species; consequently it shows little of the toorhlike edge. The hair of  the sheep of the common sort is irregular, with a tendency to curl or wave,  but.   unlike  that  of  the  goat,   shows  Wool 'has  The paragraph going tho rounds to  the effect that our uiother-in-iaw died  under suspicious eirciiiiist'inecs  wabbly in the knees when' we state  that we are still an old bachelor and  never had a mother-in-law,lo kill off".  The charge made against us in an  Omaha paper thai we eiicour-'tged'dogfights on Sunday 1ms not ;i grain' of  truth hi it. '.is a matter of fact, we  lead the church-choir on Sunday A'.re-  noon and assist in the Sub (hi.-.  afterward, and' we have no time to be  bad even if we wanted to.  have thought that it scums to i-xcirO  the curiosity of'animals and so brings  them within the rattlesnake's reach.  i-Ms j It has also been supposed th:it it servos,  .'is it may do, to enable snakes of. dif-  fereiit sexes;lo hnd each qtlioriiihd alHb  to giinrrd^t^  it is7holpless!:frbni7ife!power of (p^XbbY  havlngb.be^  No7shtlibiont7;evidebee;!!bap!'!;;lio-.vover!!  :ieebbc::!!cetbd7^0r^suOVv ..,.,t.]'i:t-t'..:bi.r>y:b'<>f;  ���.IheseJ-'iti^  a real clew lb the.true camwyfYMbk!a'  curious and elaborate YmbcbabisubY  Quarterly Review. 7!Y7Yy yY"Y  p'oid by all flcilcrs..    r't-j ililb brand  I" jour iUu.lt*r ha-, i.u! i o& ti.��m write m arid ncnd h)j name.  rvcrj-r.-iirsriiijip.-l '��� :?:*��.to SIs.��U" Cor*e31ov��i3i by  iv-St,. Oit.ii'-j ��-rwi, Hontroia      m Princess Street, 'WJnnit.eg,  5rs,l:ers of "W.-irii: CtfHhr;s:;, :.'ltu, Glove-*, 'Ur.-JariYtwr, Sox, Mooc    '  ���because  it   is  i  most     flexible  leather  made.  ���because it is a pure vegetable  tan without a vestige of oil to  chill the hands  or  stiffen   tl-  glove in cold .weather or crack  it when dried out  "Pinto SHell" Cor.  do van can be boiled without  injury, in fact it is boil and  scorch proof.  i-.'.-'i-Sk'WffffX  P7#tel  W0mm  It!��!  flffllfl  ?4fc'V>lS^Jfffi��sT  *���*:::���* ��i��* n. tv  ���-lT-.'��rtja*ri*w^r����,  mm  i-'-H,iiJp��V#f  mi  7b^^^?S0*S':'>l' ;  ^���/0'-ai^^c\^a\^  _rrW*y;:, &��� ii-j'.',;i :m VZ-  .- .~v-?, ,-w.siiiu, -ate.,-- m " ��� t   i.-ittm^ .  <*~f &s_j,__, vjg c? kL, ij  XJ? W k* ___,  - l&lk'M  Wt��2  jhool  barbed projections along the "hairs,"  which is one of its distinguishing peculiarities. The "wool" of the negro is  really h-iir. but is less perfect" than  straight hair. The same may be- said  of "kinky" hair in,the'white races.  According to an item published in a  St. Paul journal, we, as postmaster  have driven inquirers for 'mail out of  the office at the muzzle of a pistol. - According to the truth, we even get up at  midnight to.sell a two cent stamp, or  hand out letters, and'the only, persons  ever 'driven out were - those' who had  fired at us through the.general delivery  window.  We do not secure advertising for  the .Kicker by calling upon business  inep and displaying our guns, us stated  Love   ��.u<l   Qtiitrrclisi;*;.-  Every man and woman of us who has  lived long enough in the world to gain  wisdom by experience,will be obliged to  admit the strange sad union of love and  quarreling.    But every one of us who  has lived deeply enough to know that  experience   worketh   hope   will   admit  that  when  love quarrels with its  beloved it is just because this,noble ideal  of  unity has run off the track, so to  speak; a virtue has gone to seed; a divine  quality   has  developed  a  defect.  Tho outlook for quarrelsome love is not  so  hopeless  when  we can  understand  this.    See how It would .work if those  two squabbling sisters would either of  them stop lo remember lhat it is only  love, foolish, exasperating, unbalanced  love, that is responsible for thejli bred  domestic criticism that spoils the home  life. If Jane onr,-e honestly believed that  Mary's  love  made  her so   unpleasant  she   would   stop   aghast,   amused- no  doubt and very likely touched, but almost certainly silenced. Aud that would  be  the end of  the quarrel.���Margaret  Deland iu Harper's Ba^ar.  i1 /^-*i y1���  \   i  ?{mL��__W^'"\  B����?��r'   il 1/7/Cfc-i; :--'-:   -<-ri-':-/fi.-        ���       ,-.  IS H\ iiif^^lfe^ft^/Y  Rellnitioii   01' ye'l J<*i't>-.'5:--;,'  A Baptist ininislt'i; lolls! UYfobb^bng  story:    r ' :!':;b-Yby!!!!'7Y7  "A friend,, of mine, who'-is Ydilb;.n  Echolar, ,ouce',aeccp(od -an7inyif;bi:lub;!to  preaeii:'i;t--a;'ebhntry.-biiur.'eii^  and, as wra!5! his;custom, hYitsbd!!very,  learned language. -'��� ;��� A t'ter! tbe^ seibb'bb  the pa stor of,: the 7 c b ii re lb- -sivi d. ��� i Ijiib h e  feiI sure the inemboYibf "tiu1 cbngbognb:  lion did nqt;;uudebst;iiid;7i;hef bbruioti!  'Nonsoiiso!'7!replied;:;.niy7fr;e!)(!L 7;l;bini-  sure, there ^y'iis riotibngbinbiby 'sertbob.  which theyv't:ould'--.'!'ib't-!cp^Vl*r'<vh'^  " 'Well,' said!;t!��e; pasfbr, b'I.^Vvi'-iSl!r;ealib  one of theminaudfeee .if bhbr'uhdeib;  scands* the mvibdngofthe word ''felic-:  ily." ' So be:ca.Hcd;!in;:a:-hibbriiig iibiri:!  and sai<b 'Johii,:!cibii!;ybi.i 'tbiybie?:Wlbt1t'  is tiie 'liieaniugbrthe! wbrd b'febciby.!?'';'  " 'Well, I dmi't knob-;;sii-;' Yiidyipliir;  'but I believYitbs sbihc'/parbbf'.tbbin-:  side of a L'ig:Yy;y'; 7-Yb7^.;-7yy7y Yb  Mt  %  ^//M^^  >-���-</ii-,,  if  'l  --%Y  QnalillcM   (tt   tlio -Toiiaz.  The name of the precious stone inserted  in  the  ring of Gyges  has   not  been handed down to us, but it Is probable lhat it was the topaz, whose wonders   I'hilosrnftos recounts  in   the'life  of Apollonius.   An attribute of the sun  and of lire, the ancients called it ihe  mild  magnet, as it w.:s credited  with  the power .of attracting that metal,'.hi-  (h'catingits veins and discovering.treasures. 'I-foIiodoru.s hi his story of Thoag-  ones and Charicies -says 'Unit;the ''topaz;  .saves 'from fire all'those,-who, wear il  and that Charielci was' preserved by..a  topaz from the iiery vengeance of Ar-  s.-ices, ijuoon of Ethiopia'.     -  , This stone was one of the first-falls-  inaiis ��� that   Theagenes   possessed    In  Kgypt.   The-'topaz at present symbolizes   Christian   virtues���-faith,, justice,  temperance,    gentleness,    clemency.���  Paris Figaro.    ''"'.'��� '���'''���  WEBO NOT SECUI1E ADVEKTISINO 1IT I)IS-  PtjA.VlXGOU11C.tlNa.  in a Cincinnati paper of.a late dato. If  we carry our guns with us when out  on an advertising tour, il is merely lo  protect ourselves in case the argument  should run into politics or religion.  We have not made throats to shoot  any man who had the nerve to run  against us as candidate for the mayor  alty of this burg, as announced by several papers in Indiana. At each election for the last six .years thero' has  been a rival candidate,- and If he was  snowed under il was because the electors loved and trusted us.  .'    ,    Tne;;zcKb;by7r-f;��ur:bb��.y!,77!!7,:b;  l'ou can nevei-fknoY the xost.of bunt-  ing or hshi lignum il .your-'dinner ijcpoiidsi  iipob. your: success;; you ha ye'.never attained; the sublirncin cooking! iintihymi.  bave !spitfed  your  fislb or !'meat Yu 7a  freshly!'!pce|ed stick., rubbed the salt in  with your fingers and !br<)iled it over a  wbotlland .firb. yob watching-it jealbus-5:  ,J,v lest it:-get:Yblaze, bind albthe tiiue  .Ihatbheat is bi-bwning yoir-gi't hungrier :  and hungrier, !and every time it siuib;  tors' ii). the.glow yoU'catchbva;fIs of Ti-'a-;  grance  until !you   feel   thatY'orj   have  the. capa,city::of( a  dozen starving zni-ii  and wonder whet li'cr';:��� single'hauhch'of  venison can siipiby your wants:        '  b  ,.;��� Whenpassiori  r.'ehsuri .fl,iWs  out  entois -by  the  door  of- the  AvindoY. y - : :  lie  ..who b.lp.\v^7the;'ilre'-.exposes-hini-"  self, to he; burnbd: by -the spin-ks!;. " - ;;  iy��Wl  Timo<is! the;, friend, of fi-iobcis' j, ar^ Ytf^^yeaj  Oioe,1^niy;of.lcn-o.!.,   ;-.::.;i;.;7 ^^rgl  - Y'be't'firlie^t and oldest mid  has stillVbboiriiastor-y (if us.  , (     -if*-cure  A Kansas' weekly stops its press to  let the world know that we shot ihiwn  in cold blood n Mr. Hi evens, principal  of the Union school in 'j'ivenikini 'bileh,  because he disputed us on 11 historical  point The.only schoolteacher bore-is a  Miss Green, and We had ihe bo.ieir of  escorting her to a birthday parly less  than tbirly-.six.bour.s ago. <;  We have not shot and won nd oil' three  different" members-.of the (iive.-uliiin  Gulch .common council within the last  year, as.stated in ri Denver p.-ipcr. We  simply on one occiision .splil".-Vldoi',m:tu  'Fiinieg.'ul's ear with a bidlet to...make.  him uiidbrstaiid that lie was out  order.  ���.,,;'-'.; Iiierotliiilt*. ',,.���-.��� 7 ':  An ,I.ri'sh.!lbai'v!(-ster.''found himself, in  a small;;.Sepfii��h' -town. ������'���A.bbthe-gn.s--  works;hesa.w-Yg:isuinetei- .;'s'ir--:t-b'(b-;iJrs!.--  time in his life 11 ml:stopped a c-otinb-y!'  man;'w.h'o!'-'wa;s."passing to hsk,-.r'AVhat's;  that big round thing there standingjjn'~  end?"."-' .7 ,',-'-''���-���-'<:'c ."���' '' '���''.' '-. .!":.-''.-  The. Scptchmaii scratched !i!s;heaii.  riiid replied, ''A ditiiiaken."vb ,  '���(!"etoibl: wifli-yoiy*. said 'the -Irish-!.!  man; "you riey.er saw a dinner cau.iis  big as -that in your life."-  ; .^Nothiiig ���assures ";.better..' the!'- reposo  of .the.7hea!rt;:.than-the 7; work of th'b'-  toind.'. : .        ;. ������7':.;."- ���; . ,-:. 7 ;' ���: ������".���..,  A in  indiscrete(.! tinbit is  tin'uriseTalcd  letter-that, everyone. ean= read.'-; !  Avaivico.- is  a-'-;weed  only! i b a'-'bat'i'.eii soi 1  that   yvi'II   grow  , Sucbess -isrhill of-proviso: tilt r'Yn;  g'-'t:... it;-,,;..tVrHl:.:.fh.en -7!i t:,-inc. as a dtist!  y.ear,s nest,   from  which ���.thobhii-fiVhas'''  llown.;-   ",. -    . '; " :." b";",   . ':'-: ";-: ���, r-7 ���;.; .'  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"..-  ���is   the   twilight!    of  Gray's |  rnup  spo^t lies  and heals  the    sore  throat  and weak  ;lungs.;-; ;; After: a.  fev\  doses; the cough is 1 e-  ,lieved,aad the soreness |  !passes "away.-";, ;l  ,���;' Gray's , Syrup -. cures  to^stay cured.  At all Druggists 25c! s.  $-nmu  -. ., /-cure  , yretortj  ^��  s 11 h  _k   MTMpr%Yf  J  Pi!lis  has  bi.'Oi!  of  The  Do   parrots   understand   what   they  say?    A������ correspondent  writes   that  a  friend with a fine green Brazilian parrot litis been '-staying with ber.   A gray  parrot, was introduced one day, but the  Brazilian' .haughtily   declined  to  have  'anything to say to the gray.   Then another friend who had just been given a  newly imported green "Brazilian brought  the   newcomer   to   call.     The   moment  the parrots caught sight of each other  they broke into a torrent of'apparently.  .".i-ii-'-iii:ite .language,   consisting,   as   il  seemed, of questions and answers, but  what the language was no one present  could tell, nnd a few days later, when  they met again, exactly the same-thing  happened'.-    W.-i's  the  first parrot,  long  exiled   from  Its  native  forests, asking  oaKorly for uews of its people?  statement of a 'Cleveland pnpor  thatpwe have shot down three difierobi  horse editors connected with the Kicker would bo malicious if not so abi-nn-d.  Each one of 'the trio rei.viybd his uchHi  miles awny. from the ollico mid 'by Unhands of others, iiiid in eaeli e.-isc* wt  jiaid the funeral expenses Mini ex-  jircssed our grief to surviving relatives. ,     -M- QtiAlX  SJiir-i., iff  (lie   ITji ���>����<'�����.  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Soirivl liiiu; else th*; other lnonjiei-s;  'Wliitt'a lire harm?  g.-tgoijiont ha.broken, hegin;ild."    >  "I 'don't seU'Wl^'.     Your  father  ppslpoiii'd."'  "Postponed until you arrive at yenrs  of discretiun, and, in your case, Boggy,  dear, you know what that means."  Ot'flrKli'n  ICiiui   I'crnilKsinii",  "M.'ir.y," her fiither culled downstairs,  "just ask your young man if he doesn't  think it's pretty near bed lime."  "Yes, papa,", replied the sweet girl,  after a pause. "George says if'you're  sleepy, go to bed by all means."  One hundred and fifty thousand sol  dier.q   pass   through   Waterloo  station,; v;et 011  ���������,    ,\if> II M'< I'll p. , ,  <!e;:ci;i:!eii as h .gig.'i'n-.  tic.'moi:.S!';1r:ijt.wh'jj (iiice (hitii-s I;:l.-e!od.  rbsTpret i.yel.v; ,,bof i*l., e:i fe iiiiclreslii 'i'ii'b nt.;  flu' efi.v'.'b'is, ahoui   !0,0!!().'.lK.i|i.>|'f!..Tl'!f7,e'-  iii'i* i-csb-iuraiifs iu every hi nek. nmkyo'ii  0:111' -11 nd ,e:W'e-<   nt   ri-ln.iost   every-step..  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' '  II5.1   V��.vll,..v   Pr<bil,.|tt.  the boy was gi-i ally ti-oubled.  .-Is-It true, father," ho asked,  Ihey have .whipping pw.(H p,'  states"'"  The father assured him (bat It: was  'And    they    whip  asked the hoy.  "When thev rlesoi  (ber.  5  o  1,v  mo-r?��<H>cwi��ii>tSi^  "that  some  POSITIVELY CURES  Rheumatism  Neuralgia  Backache  Headache  Feetache  AH Bodily Aches  AND  i    ^  f      ��55.  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" '^^frX'nSv   true,..way  of    softening  one's  !-' " feiv^'trouhies is to silence those of others.  '' i.-J tot '^tis^.^-Ti' .  YL%%^i��est  J-   .  .. -r*-^^,^firA', ^.\-a,J i^  -'>!:.{2!��?w?n?^ei's i  -V'^rf^uponfbi��l  ji -i c !iv-i*��**r��*,*.**rs*:��r  keeps from  anger who  re-  that God is always looking  ....fffy-m^soiil exasperated by  its ills falls  ���"y^jfjjuMvlthY-voiythirig,   with  its friend  ���'--^'���'ir"^-J'Hself.  Mother of the Girl Tells  the Story in Full.  =-\  ���o.  -'���c   tn  ���-.������V  '  S*t$i$Mffi'9&'   that   on   glorious   ancestors  :- 't^YeriJ^i-rlJe   ^produce  their  debt,  instead  i'~e#*'ii:i;,. discharge.  years of joy glide unperceiv-  , while .sorrow counts the  as l hey 'pass.  is   ho  strength   in   ex agpe rati ven    the'  truth is < weakened  expressed  too  strongly.  v ,-K^e^'-aWa'V  v.'7K:V.'iriib,ute.s  There  .4Yyr  } la  '���v'^Sf-'tiDh  ���kV''F-%;: }��� ���? ���  foifiSs&by  be 11 iff  $*��yY  Terrible Struggle Wjth  Most'Deadly of Kidney Disease.  :TJu  most    violent passions  vanity  jYAS^b'their     intermissions  fc^iffi^felyes  "s no  respite.  |#M   have  alone  p^^^rien'ds  should not be chosen ��� to  ^..^ICflSttcr. The quality wo .prize is that  tl^SJieetitudo which will shrink from no  '$���&i%riith. Intimacies, which  !0S   destroy   lnendship  increase  Step by Step the Monster  was Driven Back Till  Medical Seience  ,,   Triumphed  face   brightened   when   spoken   to   of  her daughter'*^ remarkable case.  "Yes," she said, emphatically, "my  daughter bad Bright's Disease in it's  worst stage. Two of the best doctor's in the vicinity gave her up to  die. JJodd's Kidney Pills cured her."  A.-,k��d to begin at tht: beginning, and  tell the complete story of the case,  she complied willingly, for she felt  she- said, that all tho world should  know how her daughter escaped from  the supposedly fatal Bright's Disease, and that she owed her escape'  to Dodd's Kidney Pills, and to no  other agency.  The 31<��tlier'4 Story.  "Alice," ilrs. Parker began, "was  always a delicate child from her  birth. When she was twelve years  old she was not any larger than an  ordinary child would be .at eight  years old. But like many other delicate children, Alice pulled along as  delicate children will, -. till Juno,  1000. She was then thirteen years  old. On July 7th sho was .taken seriously ill. Her eyelids swelled till  she could hardly see, h&r legs swelled  from her ankles to her knees. I took  her to n doctor, and he'said she had  V^f'\ <sY#  AS WHITE AS SNOW,  cY>- "VST  >*.  rry_ .??r O^-J-x  but far more  nutritive-  they say about  -that's  -what  OGILVIE'S   HUNGARIAN  FLOUR.  , Why not ? It's " flake white," it  contains the best elements , of the  wheat kernel;  it  "raises" beautifully  , and browns, to perfection on the top  of the loaf. Ogilvie's Flour is the  housekeeper's delight.  THE OCILViE FLOOR MILLS CO.. LIMITED.   '  it��s  ALICE MAUD PARKER,  Whosu     remarkable     recovery     from  , Bright's-Disease has set all Canada  talking.  ii oi Sv.ect  soil fhern ��  1 nnd wo ^  i'i-e iiiox  liave  svaa  ^I^MESHRS.   C.   C. RICHARDS' &   CO.  p.ViS'^Srl.^Oeiils.���I     havo     used   vour    MIN"-  y*(&WM&in-K J.l.VI.MEXT in my' familv and  Trem. the Mail and Empir*>.  Shubenttcadie,    Hants  Co.,  Teb.   6.���(Special)���This  little  which  has   been  brought   out  acurity and  thrust    Into     the  V. S.f  town,  of  ob-  broad  Ttright's Disease, and could not live  long. Th-e doctor tended her for  about six weeks, but as she grow  worse, T stopped' the 'doctor and  tried different kinds of patent medicines. But all the time she got wwst  and worse. Her sufferings had by  this time become so great lhat 1  again turned to the doctors. -Thi��  time T tried another one. -He had  no.hesitation in pronouncing her disease Bright's Disease'of the worst  kind. , -       ,  Uclt Areinjurejil 48 Inrlios.  Cimg',: &YS^8Warntod  with  ;j.e<I f   ���- '���'������'���-'��������'-'t��--  that thought  and   only     by  can    bo    made  can   not     be  impunity.  than that  ,;wt:i:s,  -r:(.:.cj r'n '-  ���r. Ther |'  oilers, ''  ' '.:.*'���* 'coinplaints,  i,&l$fo  j;*'rf'SrWPfae)active part of man consist's of  !>i!-r |- ^-.-j.'JiVj^O^erful instincts, some ot which are  -r* r.tf^f^^riPe   ��*1C*    eontiuuous ;   others  vio-  .*      ��..       , ..       some  baser,    some  ���.,  i-.,','o*^Ient~'-arid  short:  AM!uyy;fesMr' ��-!ifl al] ���  rofonw  ���cessary.  hore   is*   more   cntnrrh  loroun f;.r.wj:ss:^.tinorc is more cninrrii In tins i.-cnon  -. = [ l\~��!&$��,oi3$llie   country   than   all     other   disci ips  p:'vi'f?4j^PMt.jStoeretlici-, uud until the last few  Wrr., firs iY fft-^fyetlMf was  Minnosed   to   he  incurable.  For  NV,'V,r-;j,Ja"-i'irjreiit   iimnv   -��� '-������*      '  t.*< 'VjT^renie'd i es  . -. ,<-;������ S'Vs^cure'Jwit  s"' ' .���-a;<-i,w:''*UA,Vi., i.i.  fl Ion-  vour.s   doctors   pronounced  clihc   und    prescribed   local  mm   fov  constantly   failiinr     to   ^      th  locn!   treatment,  pronounced   it  v-���flr.-5jjj,y'iiifcUf��iljIe.    Science has proven  catarrh  to  -"'���,'.:,'i;''-.:f'tq-KBe  ti   cc.i.st-itutional   ilisease   f-ml thcre-  t rentint'iit .  _[',si.%At_foa   to   a   teaspoonful    It   acts   direct Iv  " , f!��'0^9gj;^he  blood   mid  mucous  surfaces of  tlie  ��� .'..?i,'$S.VS.ie.ii     'I'lif.V   olTcr   one   hundred   dolhu-i*  j        ^r,|/0^'anv   cuia   it   fails   to   cure     Send   for  r. .!'���-.������,'circulnrs   and    testimonials.        AddrcBB.  .      CiSW^LF-  ���'���  CHENRY &  Co.. Toledo.  O.  .". _ -irJ^'Sold   bv 'iii-inririMs.   75c  ,iy.Ste-��Hal''s  V ���    ;'v  I'illH  are  the  lx-st.  ������",b^��out  ' ';bc''^o>,?5 of  of      Sorts.  ii|ni..>lite,  ���Svuiptoms.   Jleadnche.  furred   tongue,   and cen-  TCS   |t  Ic  attention   to   this  itlis   of   sickness   and  For     Uns��� complaint,  two   to     three  or l'lirnieletts  ^.       y'B    billa.      For   this    coniplu'tu  ���'^mSKv;^01'   three   nierlus   in   miccossion  *'&&$uJ��   win   be   effected  ?^���y     :   ' llWow   much the  5ness is onlv  point may  In rue  doc-  t iik e  Vcir-  tnke  mid  glare of public notice by  the almost  miraculous cure of a young girl-   of  Brfght'a Disease, takes its new-found  fame with a sort of surprise. All the  village knows Alice Maud Parker, all  thought that a few  months ago  she  was  sick  beyond  the  hope  of  recovery,   that' Bright's  Disease  had     her  in, its clutchos, and once that    mounter had  fastened    on a victim    the  only release was death; and all know  that  to-day she is a comely nn'aden  of fifteen   with  health   beaming  from  every , feature  and    speaking  in   her  every moverncAt_._And_a.IlJha.veTheii-rd.  time and again that this remarkable  change   was   brought   about   by   that  old reliable  Canadian remedy,Dodd's  Kidney  Pills.   Yet it  is  with    some-  ,thing like surprise that they hear the  noise  the cure has made  in  the outside world.    The thing that has come  as a   revelation   to    the     world   has  come on them day by day,  so gradually that they fail to. grasp its magnitude.      "  Boj-oud All  Doubt.  f  But as to the cure itself. Of that  there is no possible doubt. The facts  are all easily obtained and can be  sworn to, not only by the Parker  family, but by a hundred other peo-  plo who watched thc girl gradually  sinking into the grave, and saw her  snatched from  its very mouth.  It was Mrs. T. G. Parker that  your correspondent found at home'  when ho called/Mrs. Parker is a  bright, intelligent woman, one whose  brave and honest face tells that sho  could act quickly in ' ah"emergency,  ami whose every word and action  show her  honesty of    purpose.     Her  csnsosu  "Ity this time Alice was in a ter-J <  rible state. Her belt in health meas.r- I  ured ^twenty inches. When she wlis  at her worst it was forty-eight inches. Her flesh was hard and looked  ready to burst. The doctor who was  a very nice man, said, he could ,not  do anything. It looked as if all,that  my daughter wan to go  till,  death   came   io   her  the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills before  the disease had been thoroughly  cleared out of the system. There  could only be one result. Tlie  Bright's Disease gradually regained  its hold on thc* victim. "And," said  Mrs. Parkor, continuing, "to our  great surprise, in January, 1902, tbe  swelling came back."  "This  time,  though, I knew    what  to- do.'   1  sent at once".for six boxes  of Dodd's Kidney Pills.    She   , began,  at once to take them,  and gradually  the  dread     monster  fell  hack  before  the  great   remedy.    By   the   time  she j  had  taken  "four  boxes    tJie   swelling I  began   to   leave.   This   time T     made  no    mistake.    I   kept right on     with  treatment   till   every    vestige   of  flisc-a.se  hnd  disappeared,  till  rny  -d-.tor was given  back   to  me,   not  the -puny,   delicate   child   she   was  {J 4(Hnh/ns rfTMn'-e' /n^t^ru fr~ c^4^_  /  I Ifi  rouR rrjowEi  SKrfitBi^  BACK iF Y0\i DO NQTiUKE  BSv7��     ��, S  sww S&wc        %3?    sz  ROSE <5-:LAFLfifiSAiEy SELLIKS AGENTS, IKONTaEAL.  was left for  on suffering  relief.  "She   was  when  she  tirnom'-e.ls  if  tin-  d.n  as  before   her   sickness,   but   as   you   sea  her now.   a  b'g,   strong,   healthy  girl  vim  and  go,   ready  in the struggle     of  of fiff'i'en, full cu"  to hold hen own  life.  this  in  chanced  to  as  to what  terrible state  read so mo les-  Dodd's  Kidnev  Pills ha-rl done for others. She, showed then! to me, and I grasped at this  last chance to help her, ,as a drowning man grasps at a straw.'  ' How tho Curo   Ji.'pau.  "She began taking Dodd's Kidney  Pills on November 25th, and before  she had finished the first box I could  see a change for the better. By December 19th there was a marked improvement in her condition, but  there was a large gathering across  the small of her hack and ready to  lance. When it was opened it emitted a quart of matter, besides blood  and water, \gnin we feared for her  life, nnd again the doctor warned me  JIodtlN KJdney 1*U!-i Did It.  "And all this i charge to Dodd's  Kidney Pills, and to nothing else.  The doctors told me my daughter  could not 'live. When they knew I  was giving her Dodd's Kidney Pills,  they said that,, if they cured her it  would be one of the greatest mira-  e'es in the world, for the like had  nexjer been in this province or anywhere else. And Dodd's Kidney Pills  did cure her., 1 gave her 70 boxes of  them altogether, but they gave her  life in return, and I feel that I can-,  not sav enough for Dodd's Kidney  Pills."'  i Tho Summing: TJp.  This   is   the  story  of  Bright's  Disease cure, as  that  she  might  die  at  any   moment. !  But  had  my faith in Dodd's Kidney Pills !  grown, _ And ,all through that'  long wintorsbe took them regularly,  and under thc treatment continued i  to gain in strength till ,by April her!  back was well, and the swelling had j  all left her, though her urine when '  tested was milky and at timc6 it  would curdle. ���  "Still   she    wa.".   vastly    improved, '  and   I   was  greatly encouraged,     and  continued   to   give   her   the   pills    till .'  November,   when she appeared   to  bo  perfectly well and was growing faster  than she had done for years." j  A Nearly Fatal ^listuko. |  At this  point Mrs.  Parkor     nearly  made  a  fatal   mistake.    She  stopped  the   famous  told by the  .mother  of the sufferer herself.   There  j can be no  doubt  as  to  the truth  of  the  story.    Scores  of  people  corroborated  it.    The case  was  thoroughly  i diagnosed'by skilled physicians, who  'unhesitatingly pronounced-it Bright's  Disease.  I     Neither can there be any doubt a*  ! to   what   caused     the. cure.    It     was  Dodd's  Kidney  Pills." For,   after  the  doctors had  given the pationt up  for  i lost,  Dodd's  Kidney Pills   wore     the  ,'only medicine used.   Tho fact remains  , that Dodd's Kidney Pills have cured  - Bright's Disease.   And if Dodd's Kidney Pills   can and   do  cure    Bright's  Disease,  which is tho worst stage of  I Kidney  Disease,   how   sure  must     It  I be that they ars a sovereign remedy  l for   those   earlier '   stages   of  Kidney  1 Disease from which thousands of t&e  Canadian   people  are suffering.  ,��533^  a��i  ���4 �� T,  , 1"  iii*-?    SCSI  USE EQ3Y'*S  e)3JKE*jit  ���r.ay'g^zggi^sfg^-TrfTriy^cc^gsagvresttj^^  world    calls  sclfrsh-  genorosily  within nar-  too exclusive solicitude  tVSJYtnaiiilain   a  wife   in   luxury,     or  ', make one's children rich.  ���*vrqjv walls���a  I  Ml.   M  s Liniment for sale evervw-we.  -  u-a      breeding  is   tbet   result    of  ���   muchxgoocl  sense,  some  good   nature  .. aBlJv#i,iulc  Kel.-denial   for   the sake  of>othr"'.s,   and   with  a   viuw   to   ob-  \tain'the iiuiio  indulgence from  them.  jY'Y-}  Believe nothing against another  hut on good authority ; and never  report what may hurt another, unless it be a greater hurt lo some  other  to conceal it.  Dyspepsia or Inditroslion is occasioned  by,'tbe want of action on the billiarv  ducts, loss of vitnlitv in tho stomach to  secrete the' eastic niiccs, without which  digestion cannot ro on : also boinsr the  principal cause of Headache. Parmelce's  Vegetable Pills taken before rroiner to  bed, for a while never fail to irive relief and cfTect a cure. Mr. F. W. Ash  down, Asbdown. Out., writes : " l'ar-  nu'loe's J'ills nre takinr: t,he lead against  tlie other makes   which 1   have  in  stock.:'  In   politics,  warn is bettci  thing.  to forsce is well ;     to  ;    to succeed is cverv-  Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator  has no equal for destrovinar worms in  children and adults. See that you get.  the   neiiuino   when   purchasing.  A book  unknown  world.  i'   a  written    letter to  :'i 'ends  that ono has  in  all  the  ���RV10US SHEATKiEBG  THE EE37 BUiB.DEN-3 PAPER R2ABE.  . it Im vert much erron^fi- mid llilcia r rtian mi*.- other (taiirod or building}  paper. It Ih lirtjifrvloi'H i.o wind, hoeps nut t-old, ke'ejjs In boar, carrlQ*! no imeli  OT odor, ali-orbs n<> nS.vUlv.!-.*, liujinils j-o tartip or flavor to aiiytitlin; with  vrlilch it ctusie- in oonlact. r*. in ls.rr;,;iy u*r.rl not onlv for shectliif; 'houses, trat  for Jln!ii��: of.Ul -r.xaj.,. ludbiluK.:, refrigoratoi-H, (IhIi-Ios, cr. umoileti, and ��fl  {-/l'.o<'*i where fli��- '>IJect la to keep Rn ev._-n icxid unllnrra temperature, and at  thc BUni'i limo n.vf.I.ilrii' ciairipnci'S.  Wrtt��r our, Ai-i'iita, 1'EEM  our, Asji'iit:!,  HKI1SSK, IVismlppg:. for -la^iplo'a.  OETCV  Cr>0.5   Limited,  ir*t',J _-*-,_ '   '  -a^Si^^^sri,;5aisa33��S��^ess?^-2^^  __5SZ��$S��3rm233?lZ  -r2.tl\  Thos. Sahin. ol Eglington. says : "��� I  ! have removed ten corns lrom my feel  (' with Ilolloway's Corn Cure " Header,  I go   thou  and  do  likewise.  To him that  life in n little  novi'llv ;      anfl  has no  employment,  while    will   have  no  when  novelty   is  laid  the grave,   the funeral   of  comfort  II  soon   follow.  Applause  minds,    the  ones.  is  thc    spur     of  end   and    aims   of  noble      Pleasures     are  weak   most    simple arc  never1  tire of  like    vistulas.  those     which  the  we  Is   unhappilv   nn  there i.s one point  <H?<W��  ,,    '-'kjGSEl'Tl'C'ISSl.��� This-  . age -of   skepticitiiu, but    ...  f" ^jJROn jwhicli   person*,, acquainted', with  the  -     v-H"J?cl   ,l*s1''i(-'.   iiumelv.   that Dr.   Thomas'  Electric   Oil  is   a  medicine-'which-'can   be  <* ^reiiea   upoir    to,  cure   n   cough.      remove  fcl'Jih'"'"���'   -sol',-'s   of   vivrioiiH .kinds,    and  �� pqtleflt  any  in/ianieir portion  of  the  bodv  ,/to!'whnli   it,  im   aiipliod.  ;<��� $t, *      ; ������ ��� '   '','���'��� ."!  *   rfTimidiLv  consists  in   tho  desire  to  ^-.please und,    the fear of not succeod-  ' Guard's Lifliment Relieves Neuralgia.  .       I l"- '     -     ;  ' ,  -'" In our judgment of human ' transactions the , law of pjitics ', is reversed wc see the most indis-  ,tinctlv the objects which, are close  around us.  There, are cases of consumption so far  advanced that- IlicUle's .vnii-Consiiniptive  Syrup . Will not cure, but none so bad  that it will not, give relief. For coughs  colds nnd. all nfTertions of the throat,  lungs'and client, il- is n specific .which  has never,7 been known to fail, It pro-  moles n. free 'und easy expectoration,  thereby removing (lie phlegm, and gives'  the   di.soused   parts   a  chlin.ee   to 'heal.  Sorrow has not been given to us  for sorrow's .'.'sake,���.bill ns a lesson  which we are to learn soniowbat,  which once ���learned it ceases to be  sorrow.  ,-yvY- ':���>"    ^  X'ago Woven ^Vire Fence  with it-* continuous coil (not crimped)ia tho  bo-t, stuck-holdmg fence liindc. Page No.  7 wire si and?,".S,iriMpjurids1 sM-din��� common  N'.i. 7 wire lialy 1,70) p.ninds. Coimnon wiro  will rur co:!���it sr.r.dghtcris one a train���it  k.wri't n fijiring temper���Pago wi-t  has.  ITjo Z'z.Z" -Wiro Fnnco Co., Usnitod,  WAlkorvllla, Ont.  Hftrvitreal, ^.Q-i a-"** St. John, "W.S.  A Chaia is no Stronger than its Weakest  re Fence is no Stronger than, its Uprights.  No one should expect a  fence to hold up of itself  between the posts.  The Frost upright wires  are large and strong. The  .'-.' Frost I/Ock bolds them  ^^m^iiM^^-^^ln PIace and c*ch s"PPort  ^<&^^^^;    'Is    ov.-n     share    of    the  "** weight.    Light  tie wires  ! nfli    Slvo   no support.     Bending  to   tie  "    Weakens theni  and they are apt to  n break  when   the ' strain   is  severe.  I5! *S Q 6.   Frost Fence never breaks.  Writ a   for Catalogue.  LIMITED, Winnipeg, Man. Welland,  THE HALCYON BOT SPRINft  ��5��.sr������>"kr>r    L-ot W~>.  m.-��.  ROSS (*1 K.OSS, General Agoais, WSNNIPEG, MAN.  The 'man  tied     will  wan Is.  whose desired  ai  be  sure  fo  set  e sancti-  what he  When- n.imin  niarrics,- ho halves his  rights and  doubles Ins  duties.  Minard's tissneiit Cares Bkbs, etc.  Nobody can' be made rich with  money who wouldn't.be just as rich  without it., , 7  -V-  V  There are very few cleansing operations in which Sunlight  Soap cannot be used to advantage. It makes the home bright  and clean. ia  Silence   is   the   surest  who distrusts himself. .  part  for  him  Tt is more heroic to work  grief than  to  die of it.   .  in one s  In literature,   the  right, is to be dead,  surest way to be  The  being  greatest  in love is  '.ioy  in women  to obev.  after  A  society without prejudices makes  a  world   without  scruples.  Tt  is  our apparent, happiness which  makes us 'the.'most'enemies.  We moi'o often pay, homage to thc  merit of an unknown than to that  of a friend.  !No man  tho truth.  is   brave  who. ��� is  afraid   of  , .There   are   peojplo    who   never  i-ornpHsh   any tiling,   because   lliey ���  to: do "too much,  ac-  ti'V  fiiLoard's Liniment Cures'.-Daddrnff. ���.  Talk about  Host " girl', in  with the man  stow.     ...  'popularity���the' pre.'t-  the world isn't, in 7 it  who has favors  to  be-  Behave yourself,  and you will keep  somebody else out of mischief.  Tho     more  more  apt he  , popular  is  to  go  a  ma n  to   the  ���is   the  devil.  Some men are so mean they couldn't  go  to  tho devil  if  they wanted  to. .  BSHffl��iflgim%ES^  Tkeae   miraculous   springs,  itinlstsir te a  mind  diseased.  Pluck from  the  maniorry o. root#d norvowj  Ras��     out   thc     written   trouble*   of   th��  brain,  And  with sweet oblivious natidotoe  Cleanse   the  gtuffs��i  bosom  of   tbos��  p*��*  ilous  stuffs  Which   woiph   hea-vlMy  Hpon  Kldnvy,   Ut-rsw  and   Stomach..  Therefore., all y* whs oufler���Olv* ?hy>  ��lc te. th�� <lojr��; hav* aon�� at tt, b*��4  Mao and  bo cured  at 7  Use fialcyoB Sot SpriB^iSaiHtariagi, M  t*   $18  por   weak.  i hrcc Prizes  Fair la  offered :���  at.Brandon  5  v-/ \* *vJ m  TKRKS-416  ��"SSWS^M.4l>.spsm.lJ V tn il'  g^"^*" \��.y ��� .������4l��^ij  as follows :  '���;.'���_ F:ri!7-T p,".52E.  For the two best. Bacon  age or bi'oed,  fed on  T. .H.'"I��S:T0AL.F��.'& .   ,  Grain and Co.-nniissian Wercliants. '"������  HiKheot, nrlce-s paid for wheat, o&ti*, j  barley or tiajc In carlota. Wirts or wr',t4 '  m* for prices bffor* collincr. Libora! i  advances inMi* on eonsii;;nuiente aai i  handled en commission. L.ic��m��Mt aR��i i  bonded. '���>���������.;. ���  5?. O.  j8ox,  ��80,  Wtunl|>��ff,  Mbss. i  Food  FLORIST ,^rfF *^*  &  H,At\%TQN  t-   F _  We maKe Granby Rubbers and Overshoes out of  pure new rubber. Can as much be said of anv other make?  cost the maker more, but they cost the wearer less, for-  one pair does the work of two pairs of ordinary rubbers.  "Grauby Rubbers wear HKe iron."  ___w__m_m&__m^mms��&___^__wm^&s��^s2B  NURSERYMAN ^^ife^!  >o     ere   ,    -<*5bs����*S3S^^  /ir?r/,iP4S  ScCit?fiO  For   the    second  Hogs.,  any age or  nefac Stock Food  .-.������.���   THIUSJ  For the . third  Hogs, any age or  ne-fac Stock Food .  Only     orje     cntr-y  from each Farmer  .tlie -stock  must   be.''exhibited  I'.randon  exhibition. ���  Fjvidenco    must,   be .-produced  time  of exhibition   to  show "that  Hogs, any..  Carnefnc'' Stock  ...S'oO   IN- GDLU. '  PRIZE,, .'���'.-���  two   best    Bacon  breed,  fed on Car-  '.. ...?25 JJsT GOLD.  PRISE. \  two    best     Bacon  b reed,   fed on- C a r-   - $15-IN'..(JO&D  will    be allowed  or St'ocl  riian,  at  aud  ,'the  at  the  animals  Food.  were  fed  on  Chrnel'ac  Stock-  Carnefac    for    your    Stock  WILSON'S FL��. PABS;���  -WliLLRIO YOUR HOUSE OF  FL5ES 1,�� A FEW.KGURS.  w.  QoarjSsSj'  Fi'lnoess St.  T��?anu?act*5rer,  Winnipeg.  Folly   always     deserves  its misfortunes.  i-nero ,-  la^-ft'ei-s.  smiles  which  wound  'like  ���J .over's Y-'A CWiso llciid) IHsiafoct.nnt  .Soap Po-.vd.er.i dusted in tho bath softens  tlio' water at the sanio i.inio that it disinfects. 11'.  I- or I line does  unmasks  (hem.  npt  change  men  Ave  than  tyrant,   mi ire  our esteem.;  willmgiy   our    pity I-''.���-"  .^'tt^iis'M-ftmtaJCSCIKVJ'- �� 53SSa331"SESCSSE;rSiS*S3-<3':.-7,,"r~-- ...���'  Tl 10 m 1MB  J.I*.  T\.G.   "i "  "Z���~fsn~f z~2sesp_t__  ^^sunsaasrssssa  __v���_7rs���zssr__vss__ve_i_jsav~~^  The moon'wns nearly over my head   i    ^j~_?<r~=^ ���  and I gazed around in wonder for some \_���'M^^m^  L O. O. F.  ,ii>        : The eunshino tolls on thy wir-dowaill,  i-lili     i    ,Uid ths day ]roJ--.H m at tho open door.      { arwi l g^zed around in wonder for some \^^ ^^IW^V^,  ��� The kettle sine, ana the dear, old wife minutes  to learn the oau<*o of mv ivi  ' %?&**' jV^^J   Vi'JKIoy I.riJBo N��*. *l J  I     v>oos back, ard forth r.'* r the kitchen floor I animnJV. *-t��-anTO ni,i!,��,      ,'rese.ilJv, on ���   "        '   "*',s^;^  Jr^r.p^ciaBaaK��yJgaga��ggga^^    r-.v; *  '---������ i  "Thero is a. lime in thc affairs of men   which  fiiken   at   the   Hood,   leads   on lo fortune."  i>?  ,.$2.00  ,'i.o znornir.    glcij..- -��� ovc-r >!it> porch,  .'���Il In i_ rioion~ ir.n��rio n.t.,  'ihe cat lit:--, ourlC'l asJ-.'1;'-* '.i a chair,  The old do "j- blinks, a,' ri��. noonday sun,  :; *TI"P'n- \     V<i;nii";ii    I'lfr*:       ; J^t tl**1 dear, oU wi'e:.-,-t-l to-day,  ���lJ '-'���^ '     AU-J.UJi ^6,   IjU,). A;jd (h0 juornina- hour.*, havo sop  W. E. Gt-jidsfcosio  And tho morning- hour.*, havo soe'med so 1 iL���.i,    T   ��  1'jnK.  | l'V.r her thoughts arc- of tho long- ugo,  i     When the old houac ran*? with mirth and  i:eng;  as I saw ihv bushes move and heard  dead twigs lying on the ground crack  as if under the foot of some heavy animal trending- on them. With hated  monsirous   cougar  aw  s.calthjh- crawl out of the UJigled mess  of brushwood iu a cronehing attitude,  its tail slowly oseilkithur, as'cfcps Hint of  Harvey   &   McOarter,  FORT STEELE,U.C .7  r  Harvey, StcCartpr & I'inltliam,  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  rise, ;ae Ritjld Hei  Slice   said:   '��� Nothing exeejrt   the miiitj ��vjierihVrt-a-ch,?i.kcaboye.and.nerryfe*iria ! \\A ta*ls,only��scili'^���r.as'dcpsttint<rf |  San  make   monev  without advprtisi'i'i.'"! Y'an)0 -roopin* m thrown tho open door;    lb0  domestic cat   when   watching   a  V'.io   :��>      u     oi   ^  ��� -,       "      s.   '' ,| w"*i* wanJ.r nov 'nejtli aa alien sky, momseholc- ^flwiorwc   %r Qr.li ��->���?�� r*.-^ ��2  This is why Gladstone   is1 remembered    And some win come back no mord-no      The bea��t evident*- th*n sawm  fo     lJa���-1S*'Si �� 05 ^OilClbO^S.  as tbe Gram! Gil. Mm *��0���- j^-he first time, and, as is natimil with the   ~^=^  There arc empty chairs against, tho wall,    species, instinctivelv drew back, as if to  And the  wide,   old rooms are strans-ely ', a��� *-������   4, , ' ZT    ���  ���    still, -      Bl"B<*e-> i- ny from the presence of man.   It was  Tho day is sad, though tho sunshine falls    I rD~>T "handsome mare tlie cougar coveted,  , ,Lik,h��i?tod s<?id ��.2 t1he1wlndowai"- j but,   seeing'mo, it deferred tbe fatal  ^^f^^Y^.1" ��?er qui^ way       | Bprinf? it bad contenlplat<Jcl at tho mo_  .Moyie will derive considerable benefit from the building ol the branch of  tlie O. P. K, from Ybbk  to Sookane.  rfcW.'kvcxss^S'V'f^TC^rvjuv-rjt*^*?^^  W. F. GXTUD, ,  '.Next Thursday the Provineial 'egis-  lative Assembly will meet���either to  ���igi'oe or uiijrigiee, or agree to  disagree,  i  A Spokane paper says that there are  ���more crooked lawyers, doctors and  n\ in idler*, in that city, than there are  fjrou.ked gamblers.  Does the homely tasks she is wont to do,  But the tear-3 fall fast as.she sadly thinks  Of the lonesome table set for two.  ���Jeanetto La Flambby, in Good Housekeeping.   ^  ���   , ,  Probably within the next year pa.s-  sougei-a on lhe Crow's Xc&t road will  bear the familiar voice of 'the br.-ikc-  nnin. calling "'Jhange cars at, Vahk  junction for Spokane, ;,Se.i. tie find all  c xisi jioinld."  'CHASED���BY A COCGfAR.  The only indigenoue, long-tailed cat  in America, north, of the thirtieth  parallel of latitude, is the cougar.   The  ment its eyas first met mine  I soothed Pctaluma as best I could,  but her trembling was not' in the least  abated, though she rubl>ed ber nose  iigainst my coat sleeve, ns wns her wont  when I caressed her. She seemed a little .more passive���that is, she did not  attempt those frantic jumps in hor efforts to get away that ai'rirt,t- ehajacter-  ized    her   terrible   fright   when'  she  UAKHISXIitt, SOLXCxTOIt, ETC.  i  CRANBROOK, ��� B. 0  wildcats,  so-called, are    lynxes   with \ smelled.tho cougar, or by some inslinci  short tails, and of tliese Ihere are throe j became aware of i ts proximit y.     '  distinct species.   But there is only ono       What I had to do, and do quickly, was  T-*~t~���~C_*3-_\ ��XS  1'.  Trie ATelsou Tribune"snys-il will oc-  nupy its old premises _ on and after  Tuesday next. The premises are midway''between the Canadian Bank of  C-jumierse and Iiank of Montreal, -so  that its manager can be in easy distance ol both these great financial ins-  uluiions when hebs hard inn.  'true representative,of the genus Felis;  i'.nd that is tlie animal first above mentioned: It has received'many .trivial  appellations. Among the early American trappers and hunters east,of the  to get away from there as soon as possible, for I did'not know how soon the  ferocious brute, nearly famished with  hunger, may-bo*-, might rusike an effort to  fasten its horrid claws into the ilanksof  BR. F. E. KING  ''i  Oranbrook,   . /      B, 0.  i i  i  i  '  r   ',  Tiie inoderii ychooiboy, reciting his  'commercial tables:  Ten milla make one trust,  ben trusts make one combine,  Ten combines make one merger;  Ten mergers make one magnate,  One mognate make�� Lhe money.  Ct *T_?It*Z-_--~ 73~~  aBuutjuna  Mississipjii river, .'it is called ' the! my mare, 'ignoring my presence entire-  panther, or, in their patois, "painler;" I ly. So T hurriedly knocked ihe tobacco  in tbe llocky mountains and California, | from my pipe, and, stroking Petaluma  ihe "California lion." / on the shoulder, mounted her as ra pidl v  There are few wild animals, says the j as I ever had beioie in my lite, and was  St, Louis llepublic, so regidar in their j no sooner seated firmly" in my saddle  color as the.cougar; very little variety j than, without a word or other impulse  has .been observed among many speci-,' from me, she made n bolt down tho  mens. The cougar of mature age is of j trail that nearly threw rue over' her  a-lawny red color, almost uniform over f head, at 1he same instant seeming to,  tho whole body, although somewhat h shrink convulsively in a frantic-effort to  paler about, the face and the parts u'n- ' look behind her.  derneath. Though considered the rep- j I Pj'mpathetdieally turned my liead  rcscntatiye of the lion in America, his ' around and gazed at the bare" hilltop  resemblance to the royal beast is but I this side of the blastedccedars, a.nd, to  slight. His color alone entitles him to ! my horror, saw those great green eyes  such an honor. " , j but a few rods behind mo,"following  lie is a tree climber.   lie can mount j my   trail  with a "sort    of    crouching,  a tree wiih tho agility of a cat, and, aJ- ! crawling motion, till ready, evidently,  i so large'an animal, he climbs by ' -�� spring the moment it had covered  ^f     1, I,.      ���1  J.      1 I ��� i-i.r,     s-Jr-ls-*.     ,I,'~..   -%4  thouxrh  ;j?*ans of his claws���not by hugging, | the right distance.  after the manner of hears and oppos- j     When I noticed that the cougiur was  sums. . J crawling in its crouching attitude be-  While climbing a tree,his claws can j bind me T had presence of mind enough  Tbe Crauhrcjuk Jlei-iild   has   eVored    ^ ^e41r(i crackiag along the bark as he j to thuxk that if I reined my hcrse  and  ' bL  '"      mounts   unward.   lie  sometimes   Hp.s i made her walk, it would impress  the  ���upon thc sbMh jeaf of its publication  This mean.'- ih-y the Herald has  appeared '62 tim-; a cj car for tlie past  five years, or a total of 200 issues  Iku this is not ail, F, E. Simp-urn'  the publisher, is' abo "fhe power be'  hind the throne" ui (he MornYey  Miner. To tlie aveiage nun one  n  ar  mounts   upward.   lie  sometimes   lies j  squat'along a horizontal branch���a low-  ex ono���for'the purpose of springing  upon a deer, or such other animal ns be  wishes to feed upon.   The ledge,of a  ! cougur with the fact that I was thero  a<3 well as the animal it wanted to devour for i ts late supper. I co old thwart  itf'dcsslgns, us I feltcontident that where  " *.JUV  J        l--*--*-      -H_^V.A        Uj-^V/iA, J.LJU      J.UIJfc'C      \J1     li, O **  "�� ^   ���'    *-   J-^"'-'WL.JUU^liO   WlUUt'iJ^iU  ciiil is also a favorite haunt, and such j * na(^ flt-st &ce-ni tho cougar, in a-naniow  |    fl -*r\    bi-n-r.^     rt -*v. j-.w.>*-a1jJ7 X .   _   tr t    VfJ 1 I C*Xr       Ol |fm��/niii A r_r~i     "K**-   ^ -.�����*���-*   �����^ ......i*. ~4-.n 1 �� _  ' thei  .j.s   ,^>  ,.js,v^  _.  .u.uure  J.auiil.,   ami. iiUCLl   |             -" *.*~^.. ..��.*, s^.u0u., i,l il.uiu.ux  re known among, old hunters .as "pan- I va^ey. surrounded by lofty mmnitoins,  ier ledges.*' �� ��� j heavily timlxjred, the government had'  "' - ^ ���"    ' ' '-       i erected a blockhouse and a corral,   in  Tho Cascado range, and every tribu- i ���.  --.;v^-.*. ^^ <u ..^ii....,   ,^  tary chain of mountains on the vast Pa- j ^"bich were herded a iiumter of horses  eific filo^, was the   habitat   of   the ! ar>'** unties, to be u&etl as relays between  **-.j* u... *.*<�����  .)    . '  ' TO ASK J.-iiQ.M ALL  ib  j-   -1  Y ' i  <,  V  lion.  mire both he -A'n-1 his paper. Wo also ! coo> iri The valley of the same name, In  admire tho business men of Oranbr-ok ! ^Tashins?ton territory, as it was then  for OKtend-'nobn him n,* i,k���..,i / 1 crL]lod- 0ne afternoon in June of the  .oi cxiuid.nt, to him ���n, hooial arlver- ; ycar mentione,3, I started for Fort Dai-  .ismg palronn-o thrvt jiiBke*j ponsible ' las, 05 miles from Tort. Sincoe, on the  the mr.it;tcnanee of the Herald   up   to i Columbia river.  ^hero were no wagon roads in those  early days.   Everything- had to be carried on  pack mules, I-ecav.se    of    the  ! rough, rocky and precipitous character  'of the country.    The majority of the  ���mule trails were what are called "/Ag-  _^arrs;" that is, angling from right to  I'ieft  up tlie steep sides of the moun-  *"BT^   ����3��- jjca "a"  ia'lns>  ;t being impostible to make the  ..SX.UI ^al: **����S3  &, , ascent  by  going straight    up    their  ' *-ciii'ped faces,  I mounted my beautifixl coal-black  mnro. Petaluma. one of those str-om?-  Indian ponies famous for their endurance; and ability to climb the fearful,  i narrow pathways, only by which com-  ��� tninucation between points was made  po-ssiblc.  1 left (Jie pose without carrying any  , arms���not even a revoh.or���a careless  f habit of mine, for which I was repri-  ! rniiTidod more tlvm on-je by my ccin-  | imm/Jiiig  ofiicer; but one hocomof, in-  diirercnt to constant iia:.gor in a wild  '.-..mitry, n_\d I was ne.'-T curvd of [he  fault.    I reached   lh*i'fo:>t of iii�� jir.it '  ���vta���  /T<{  Wb  Jlil  KI  .A  T'  1  ~L !l_. ^  <T;  SM&.A  V  <-b.-.::r,   ,7'j,-ili]-.'   ,--nd   Co::6i yeYk  ���'-���'. -'.iri, Du'ulii, JVIbn'eapt.!''  ���".hb-igf, ,.n,i IC\ )..- _r,vL  I  or  maybe only on fool, wiih my beautiful  t aie'n bon'es left on. the trail, picked  ! clean by the vicious beast that was fol-  ! lowing me.  j     True  to its instincts, it was xeclly  i afraid of me.    I succeeded with grout  I difficulty,   however,    in    coaxing'  ny  j mare into a slow walk, the. effect,   of  which resulted as I sunrLscd it would.  The: cougar ceased at once lis fearful  bounds, rind sell led down iatoasham-  bling sort of gale, dropping further he-  hind me at the moment.  Desirous of knowing for a. certainhv  whether my hie ties were thc Sudden  cause of the creature's abrupt changed  m'ovemont, 1 allowed Petr-luma fo  break into a quick lope, aand the instant  the huge cat noticed the mare's renewed effort to get away, it commenced its .former action. I then  slackened my gait, and to my intense  satisfaction, the cougar once more  lagged behind, renewing- its slow movements, and seemed to he now watching th'e rider closer thn.n it did th&mare.  I did not again dare to let Petaluma ,  go any faster than a walk, and during )0. K. DE iAULXIKR  tht whole J2 miles to the bloekhoune,  as Long as I maintained that slow -rait!  the cougar did not try to spring toward  After   eontrmii.-jflf  i���  t\U:Aj   tiresome  manner for alxnit four hoiirs. I at last  George H. Thompson,  BakmstkIv, SoLrcixoj.,  Notary Pt-BLrc, etc.   ��� '  Solicitor for tlie Imperial  Bank of Canada,  CRANBllOOK,    ' British CoLUirnu.  SfOYTE's LX__,IXG  HOTEL.  The best of  accommodations  for the Iraveling'puhlic.  P. J. McMahon, -Mgr.  FOR   FINE   TAILORING  MBaCEAK'T   TAILOH,  Fine   Suitings,    Overroiting  .  Trousers,   Imported    Goods,  MOYIE, Bi  - SSENTON tMM  -F011-  HBAVTf TEAMING  Y���ALSO ���  Baggage,    Express   and    Ge.vei.aj  DSLIVEItY.r'  MOYIE,  EAST KOOTENfly^BOtrLING  00  CRANBROGK', B. G.  Areated lfaters�� of all  kmag.  Orders Solicited.  Soda Water  and Sypliens.  Q<  NIEDJCli STA D T.;. III PIS TEIt ISli^Q CO.  PW Bfifir   Pnrtpr sod ^ntflprl  Li  !tf?vrr?  U ''i,Wi>  [k'ibivt  tfV-J'"?.;-:  '.fe;:^  $cM��  duality not excelled in the country.':. Try it'and  be convmced.   , ��� - .,  . -���  | __   ������-��������� i     m    i    i    rr- it  ii run ���  Im     i  m i  'lll'lfHH    Krli'l   ��� ������ ~rom���it     r   1 "T^ If'  Ado  , "^'g-/..'ig." at the v.e.cd .sicie of tin* vnl     [ley, v.here it jut-, acainKt the :aogo of ' cntor.-d thr* little- vallev, and"just ris'l  | ���uoiinh-i.i.j^ aixrut  r-'judown,   ami,   l^..- .'rode out of thu heavy i hnhor 'into tbe  fcrr-   ���".ejiyine- I hi* ."..'if our.,  dismounted ! bright  moo-ulight, tlie terrible    Ix'-iat  ! ar-d c-ir.cbod my i.^IUo. I orivu ono awful  ronr and turnrd hack  Jii  iii fie n..ii-  li*  bet: the  n..  f'RAii'JS I'KiL  Fy^T  r?Y;��  J  J-. .,'sii/int  ,i  -:���!.       X i!.'(    ir;i ^.111.j  '���Obi *. jVi,iL ..   ; ;,.;   'j\ ���_.._  i.'C^f.-,', ij\i,]u% ,u/'.j ib.if-  '���'i. l">!iis)I:ing ar;;[  c',~  b; "iv C.i; -.  ! liabs i/j ���,*,jti-' 7/..i  ! iai(tired   hc;:-t'ih,   ?  iv.,  t''U    J  i ���.<; n.O f -  V. -V,   l\X   jl  :i oi  M hour.*j I  - j1:'.i; ,,' j'rt.-j.i.o:.t  .-cul, for *,��*fc 1.-.-1  iru,-ghng   up  t'i<-  .'.j-f'-iu, .'ifr.*;r TOf,t-  *.! .   n,,-....', v-Jrifh  :r.lo the forest, a. sad a-.id di*-anr-ointed  cougar.  J ch:,vir.d n.Dim.ilii nf, the hlocbhoiirjcj  UICALKU   i*7  PJlOiMri -.DELIVERY.  Queens' A^e. ,   MOYIE  ���r*:>  .o<v .  i io *j.r. ,  ,.v ...nhonr. fur- ! pf* Pl^ilV^P^ ' ���'���"'fi ���    ' rsiffi  uy ..w.uti.u; i>:i..]_���_. .lvi Y^s=m. i '��� c     ^^"MW.   hm    iH3  ...   ,..7l       J* ..... . ..' -  P. F. JOEJVSWJV  | Tlill?x?1tej isJIMew and well Furnished.  Tlie  \'> . *���* -. ~ ~  w  ��}  A)  /"ti  ^ioi ii:,  n  !J1]  the Best Brands of Liqiiors aha'cigars.  HEADQUARTERS .FOR COMMERCIAL  AUD MIMING NiEti  tillfViSll'.Ctil.V.HU \  u  if  i  .1  V*  V  ill  sT  \i  v  V,  \'  0  ���J  I.  i'-Y'-^.'s.V  &E  Htia<  CJRAW  -i'-,  --'-rir-f or  '..' lo -:r eri.i  ' tw lib;!it uji thf ii-. .' i  the riiagj*, ,* o -y, i . n  '.    ^ f-lry obi to* t i.-i-i >  U.l'  ���j  r?\--��Tf. j .���*,.:: - 3; (..,,  b:-.vt, v.1;!-;- }.S/-' iw.c  oq-tij mion fci* :-o ,->-.,-11  iii'.-i-\  > 17.31AT  r or  ibii]  dren::  bica-i:,   J; -l.c*.   J-V,;.;.  ii;f;.,iiii;i!.i^n) c:bl c-n  any   Gi.'i:,'-, NoM-iic-rn  id.  if". UJ.'i.  ,'l  of  ,0   CJ(>'.;-.   c',,r,J.  : f'!-si.ij,vji.ls' - I--  ���* -vr- ��� j-tr/s-r���  - .��\-.i.*u-r ���>.  1-   -1,  \)1  ��� ' A  - r.��.  :i(I-  Rent  I'!  .'IS  .'-t  Ji'.OT.'.-.y,   i'i,;',,.'!   till  .> "iifi  -ill  1  v;.ir..    r-.'OT-.io I  ���en  ; t-".'-~-  tb'i.-. od  5 /*.r: J*,-v- .-   ?,.  <W Oi.'Jtc;J>j... 1;  l^nurtl. ug end D,.y .Schoul   con-;!;;r.[,  Wl'iU  .jwjth u r-ilvo.- febr-en. 1 - ��    .-...   ...,-.,.,..,,,  !    Tbe trail on ..hf:,?.u:nrbir-b-f the rah^; '! oci 'bv i!-'e S-^'''.';���!* of Y. Joise -j]i, lYi.-K,  -.,_,.     .    _      _     _>  1     1        *j ,   ,��� '.-     . 7V *"*^ "^-j ... "...'"'  r,'i.h, L imo  ���.-:pp!y   a:l  ''���' i/JJ.XZ) Jtlir'i'ATT,  II^E'QHAJTTB  "u.red M!i;aia, -J^reaVi .'  .".n:i  Ponltry.    ~W:~  I    U:a   be fit-,      7-r' -obr;  '  -..'ii.  11 naicyoa, \i  AEIlO^.,;LAKE:;:. B.;  the rvJdst 06'nipiet6'' -  ''        '���'Health .''Resort   on  the,'- Co^nonf ; oY  . f^Jorth America; ���'���  ' ���.'  IW'BAras qurfe all .Nerv.on'b"  ������[vJuj-ruilnr Disef-u^'-y. '.   '    ,   -  O'giCHAS., P..-CAMPBELL,  Undertaker,  and ."''.'.       ,   .-;���'������;.':';'-/"  n.-.  ;   'EiubpJiYier.7  \    Coiiinfi, Oapkefa, shrouda of  7:! ^/<  :���   I and styles cohaliinl-ly kept iny Y-! '������������  7 J ,   Oflice over;Impctial  Jlan]:;  .-',' bb:iii  j a-'dti,.   Telegraph and   niaiiy-rb:--:!  :v-  ,; ct-ivo prompt, ,atf,enl;on.    0\^r-' -\'v:h'-  ..m'i cI.tv.    Pboueb!-3. '  n;i(  7 7  -,:a  uiv-jr ain'i  ���l'n'll    KWnev  ���-Uoni-iyi Ajhneritu.  "| Craiibi'ooKj  'J-'K^i'TTST.  ' ra  m'i^  over a narrow.i'i  >,!  d for  rai-  ilc-5,., and  then��� onter-.'-d tfuwlecr, r,;;-,-.  :ul.'  bI2 First Avenue; '      S^attlk/Wasj  a.ri ���  ���wrjMg-r-ra' ���. .-.  *.7*c��:-.s^>2t3:  y>.   0,      Gommarcv.  ,  ..    . ...   .--..., eonrees a  %v:::v\C\v     b; ������'������,,���;  i'���i-nf.lt.-edariori-y'ta-t tiu-.^U^ii-i-xtr-ebiii-v   '-.. ;r-- '���'������,'���  j of th'* chaiy,, of .."���reatird:.'.; over which I | " bYb^^   blnva.-jl^c  I wa�� ^oing. 1. A. ride, of i2 mil��; further I b'-'iMmeiii-.    I'anrni-.-,   s'nov.ld   v/ibtc  and I���arriveri ta a Jonc'iy s;x)f, cniiivlv   b-'-f^'"'1*^7'^  ti'-ir.ided oi tinjiic-r c;-:ec;ptinK' a groijpo'f  Y'i-i  a 1 J..:.  <.Y"-o*  LEADER  blasted ceOarr, nliout on a-cre in c-xtcni  I.ubl  Siiih.r.-  o  -lOr  b*ij  One  montb   f;:;-!-  '<���'���     i il'JiOi.ij;i)!iOtii!  hieUiodH of tHHchu.t*. TcriP'  eommt>nce January; April ilud f->r.t  l-T.pils.are admifted dijrir.<��- t.-n-  j     Br-Atis-lis. jOolHijQbla.'  KBiDCilfAKTr,,,.,   w'OH Eaut  K OOTKWJl v.  'hoy   r-r-!1  i'-ii -.b'lonni.'t'i  j'-ii'Vdrfiii'b'iir.'-  Tiotiblcj'.'  I  ���Bornedyi ]i].  rv :,������:  -f 16-^Hl to US  pe'ry;;ceJf,7nc-.|  ; ',-;--'d::i;;'i.o,rc.sir.o.:'icff i:i ilotf-l or VilhiM, j  Barber SftopYii  ���To  McGregor Jhiildiiv  ��� cifcr'.tTVJti.  i^si's-i'Sit '^iivri^vtv-j  ?��r%c.W  -.'���/    ��� <'A      t-f,'i''*��>,r'*-  loiographer,  ^ortSlboJo.    '  j Open Weadiiesds*;  and, SatuXblayb'  t... SroNfi; Prop.  iAi-AJ. i  .$'*.i^'*lk!'stfi^V^


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