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The Moyie Leader Mar 21, 1908

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_»»■■.      < 1.11 "  ■
•y; br'aaci
n is paid
"   v*-i    -v? '.t" '  ■- j   ' ' /„,    r    - -" >«■*» "'ji,, *,> -*-*-"i«-«•/----. rLPAT .''',  $' i {ri£_.r$fyofiPQ
taVe^,^ ^ivo'd a nice line dfv^;.":;^' $7 S^M_^^93{4K)»»a^£j *   '    'F",v;§
JISEQpi^ilNOLEU'M-'anii:*" OILl'OLOTHS>" H^'afcSalfc LakeIast''week•,,'' •'*   ■ '   iUr  "
_**^bTO*SEi.'-•**■."£..-,'£?<-1,«.^A«.^«^ll-._.i'.iL„j t„. ~. i~ *-!,      4<
6J 33*_. s, v_i__»^^._.& _£*;_)» &£?>3->9$9:-:
2. "      *-_-_ . _'r '■' -        'e
.'.i n  -i    Ci i:/_p
'   W. i: WILSCN. Optician
CTA M r.f CK.
^A   YhAU
i->*S*JS*-5$***3*3**»j£»S55-5 3-_-'25$i_.
^"Dr. LaBau ig. ,leavingVNelson
and Vill locate permanently   iii
Spokane,.   **   ;, il      '      *    ,.   -.,
e, _     *-    . '    -     - . -   *f
h Chiueb'and  ludit*''contain 'more
than* Half, the world's "population,
«>/ ,.. *( ifi L__Lr. , ,/:<- ,
u-; Dr. j'Higgins' has" been elected"'
presiclentfbf cho ^Liberal 'associa.-,
tion in FernieV
■   'A
_    -    <r^v i.    t n       . i. •_■-.-        j   i,
-More than'"50,"vlabor uniocs  in
■ _..»_i'_,   j. .'-1*....        .   -. ...    . I-....
r   r^loyiowill  havefa, local  tele-
■ i- -1 S    *       *       _* " <■
phone system, -and^t will be
owned, and^operated\by a local
company',• > The. company will  be
■*>     '- -i* * / "■ -*-    •*.
organized 'andjthe' phones will
probably bo installed,,'within1' two
months* time.   There ia a-bis  de-
V'»       .'" S '*■ !
mand for the stock." Ah    *,
' i- "' '   -      -   '    - •*■''' -        i
* >,, -      t   »?."-» «y , ^
' V'_ ?. St. Pairick'sf' Day. ,
* ^     'i * i  * .*>■...      . -f-, .
'I    '  J .4.     ..        -.'J^-.,?-   .  . '   s   V.
» t   ,1      - . —— ,   rfj?^ *    .
"all        <    <    .1' -'       -»i TW f   **•*_
«' ihe writers„on *the Jbiograpiiy,
~ -..  _  .. .-^i • - j±" i .   ^
t,      LOCAL ,ASSAYS  '       | I
3'5**3>i33^2>5^i5.5$2>A^$5»5^>j,^3  vr!
A. B.'Stewait was in Cranbrook 'S
j xMunday. *" , ' j g
Arthur Dundurand ia over fiom
RossLiad. '   ' j
», . t
Sirs. J3. E. Taylor'and  ton   are
borne from Fei-nie.
r M. A. B-«Ia was up from. Cranbrook Wednesday."    -/ ',
,    l* r'   -f <•**,'     l ,
.   Thos.. Lenihan ^ returned ^from i
Spokane yesterday.
' Next "Wednesdty will.mark the''
opening of the.fiohiug season.' -   ,
C. E.IIinman left'yesterday for
his homoritead near Brant, Alta.
'Ji. C. 'Sinclair, a 0., P. R.  timber
■ft        1 ■-     r
fi _-__-___r2!_£l_«__SsS_|f_S____
".J __--3S82___}^*-,i_. rrr- -rr -••.,
i ^___._-_»-___.___(-—.—.._ **.. -.ig-i.
V.Au'Odd5Fellows* lodge twas 'in-
stituted at,Coleman' on' * the " 9 thi
J.he new. Iodge.starts, out --with.^. a
membership'of "62:  '"V -"'V-'^,'-'",
iyV>*),_. "/o.    -   ,-*   _-*<■    *'^V^'l
-.   .-■Jame;
ames*4Cronin has, thubwn- up"
the borid:on -the ■>'Victoria "copper
mine'near^elson,'-and-: wdi k"has
been resumed by the owner?, »■' ' ^
^JMosb'pfthejoba Inthe'minea.'at
warned, against.boingtoo^ansiioug
-,    ,   ...    ,        . (   (
was'-.-sent to  Ireland,/1- wli'ere ,' he
made "for himself a lasting reputa-
l.T,~~i   -?i--*'.   *f -4 *- \ f'^-.i* - .-..I   _f    '--
tionas^a pioneer teapber„of-jciNili-
zaiion 'among'; "the * cel^s'i/oftr-Erin
After .hiaclife work wrfRVn'mnlBt-v1
tbt. throw- 'upVsituationsJo6 go "ti
that, camp.*- <A 'A -, ,,J?   /v   V--
, j--* v.,"", .*.. y. aa ,-■ ;^ ^*-,
'"?•I-^ i3 - sa£d*^tli'ac J.V;A.v D'ewar,  ,~> '   --""". -.— -.•=-<. "_^"	
former manager^of^ 'theA'Porto pa;-r(? dld"'..very ^weU*./considering
Rico.Lumberrc6mpany,.wiil lekve\ tha^*!ie3r,h.ad only.ajfpw^daVs 'in
Nelson aboi.'t,~r.hP.*9,7 fn„ .TT««tU...c*..,*!i I which'td learn.thcir2 lines: ^Those
saint.of Ireland, ".mucti  tb.e /same
as the Scotch '^.eople^adppbed  Sfc!
Andrew-s 'and;, the ytenglisli;"*.,St!'
George; >* ' ^AjA^aA-^a; VVj * ^   '" :
-v The day.jWas fittingly", observed
in'Moyie:-/ In. the "eyening* there*
wasa play put onjn^heThall '"by
home ;talenfc,V andV this was followed ,byJ a 'dance* apd ^refreshments/. The play^waa^gofc' up ,on
short Vuotice'. ''butVail] wlib 'took
*Uy mT rfn e-Torbitaht piiec for Aiai:lu,\A llon^
^ , vMn you can buy,:Llnymoud'And'c^ary Milled
|.',f-Oti-.lof (he'best quality afc/       '   ■,-'   -" <   - ,
H"'.' -■'   •*{,'._' ° ■. •       > '* •:r   ,
,.'!|s!IF. tfcSMYtS
presented^non jRicb^d-'McBride     ^ALDWELCldallo;Mareh-  la."
^S^^^I^ -WithWs streaming from^his
ofhimselfrpaiated byC. S.-Ha.ch ' A  A-        •       ,•    ,
*-!,« wi^r.,-^     I.- 'i       : ,cu' eyes  and his voice   broken\ nnd
th° .Winnipeg artis;.     ,        , ./ ,   .     , , ,. '       „ -      '
-    • l shaken! by  emotion,    Harry Or-
VfiL^^' i} '-• ' >; "' ' •" " - 'AA - * -'! V" ,;.-*,.*, ' > ±u Ifcaly tljei'e is a novels plan
JyteSt-'j?- ,; °!8^Mp_l,J. C, ' i ; r^\ :. ;*^ proposed ; for ^dealing with^auat^
^'fe^Sf"*!        •ii''".-,' ,v--*i.,«.-"-" V' -i  "/a.*-"'t'-''*   '^    '" ?t*L '  V'   chists.    Ibis  proposed  to   tattoo        * . —       —      pjfT.:„t -n,,,       -,, „0  ,   -     -
■JfiTOH-^^- -^r^ft^- >**» m^^XJ£^^ ^t^^ iS~AAAFl
*rY> S )*&£-*      .'",-4ir:i.1'r-V^__*-__ «^w^L"^^-   V.-V .'..     -,    vaiTing in color in different coun
chard thanked^ Judge Fremont
"Woods for - his recommendation
for mercy to the state  board  of
A'Thero'U 'telk^ o*'Y Church o'f
England, being-' -established iri
iioyie.' ^ -    -       -    ,-      ' .' -
,1*  J-      <V    "I*. '     *U        -   -,,      ;        '",'-JlV   '*    ^ Ir
Fred Kessler wasJ inTcranbrook
on business the4 first of fthe' week.'
»*.JH^Tajlor was laid ,up"-diuinK .
,fch_P -Sv^ek v with. an'/ attack*    of'
quinsy.  -    *• ,'V   '" ' -   '      '       •  ",
' S^je ( Fbote, th'e^ 'tailor, abo'ut
'that new spring suit' yqir- intend
prdenng. (, ' .,. tV , *
Last year the ice'did not go*out
of "Moyie lake mitil^aboufc the 20 th
of^April.,V -_     V ,    '    *   ,'  ,
-     -o  *"    "   ' • *■      * '     ■ *"    *■
IJefcer Corrigan,  after spending
a year or mora 'in tbe  Boundary/
.,       ... **,.,jj    ^ ,_,,    *",
is again in the 'Moyie camp. •■    ,'
i 'm    **.. i    ,, ,       j       ~F "
■fx.'-W.. ft Orchard,    renresenting
^the InterstatejRtiboer. cdmpanv of
_i    ,    i   -.. 1!   I        -..    -u    ., ^ ,'.'• J l    v
Spokane, was in'.town Wednesdjiy.
Stv - 'Andrews -^f "P.resbytei-ian
church.' ■ -Divine* service"'; Sabbath
-evening^7:30  p. my Speaker.'""".vf-
. McCree.     ~v.-..:'. ,« "' .
'.rti"-. •: ~ WisiA'*   it*    "
--R.'L -Brown. VepTcs-enting the
»   -i j -rrw'..,"',"-'.''   i-*,    ■>  - -
Asnapwn \ Hardware_/ company,
was.-oore the'firatlof-.the.week. ',.-.
^ B.  J.  Riley    requests^ all 'who
owe him to make payment as soon
as  possible (at  the  International
hotel. * '  < L
1 I r -'
,*The   dtinclng  club , will .hold" a
meeting in the union hall Monday
evening at 7 o'clock.
Patrick Daly wishes  to   express
OS  pound, sack 'for
49   V'       '
*_ Jr
lacbaciiern &
i* ';  -|h
•MiredonsM ^\'ff
,    I
,o   The. Debating Society.
- v ,      %, ■    .    , ■
-The debato, lasD Monday even-
in* on the subject of tlie pen' ver-'
8ug tho -sword, was won. b'y one
vote *fd'r tbo "negative. That is.
the majority'weee of the opinion
that. tko. swordcyet hVas a use
among, tlif nations of'the' 'tvorld.
Tho "subject for, nexc debate
will be ''Resolved tbit'.thei ladies
shou.d "take( advantage * of _ leap
year.''-'Several ladies _wilL take
part .in the discussion'   '    P .   <"
: r     METAL, MARKET.
. New Yokk—Bar'H'lv-F-r, 55J-' cts' l<
Lead, $1.75.^ C;o?pe-,12^ct.."    '    '
VLPIfD9^~Lead, £13, 17-..^    '     .      '
'■ Captured A' Deer} ''"*
. -,     . ■-"  . „  ..      .1)
hlist' Sunday, a   deer  was seen
crossing* the lake  opposite^toVo*.
It,was being chased by/dog. .arid'
was-almost   fagged but.   "It  was
crippled,  one  of    iLs   front    Ifga 1 blocks of 100  afc '§1.00  per" aha.o
having    been    broken,    probably each 100 shares entitled to a bonus
being shot soine mouths ago.    The / of J.3 shares*- of prefeired   Stock
British_:Canadian .Wood "Piilp
A   randpkperC-i.Lid^.df- '
Vancouver.*-' * * •,' > il
*-     In
;, Now Open'.For Subscription. - A
Tae  BrfbUh^ c aoadiau NVood    -
Palp and P.vp3r G^Ahzd  of -Vau-  '
couver, are now'oiro.iu^ for s'lio'- -f
sc-Piption'  their "second   issue   of
100,000     Preference     Shares     ia
dogs'got tho deer down aud then
a laiiec was thrown 01 him and
he was tied and brought over to
town in a sleigh.    He wae kept in
with y ^tS-v-rf
WlT>/li,M«."s,VVi* *-,>«--,_''     v   f.    "-\1'      :"     -    '.'.,-.     .-,   individual ma
ig.81*8' LSlSSSS??' .?P^a? rEstate,' Collection's.'' jf v«',    by th« syatei
f^_^^I^K':''fT^/!T*€^::^^""l""ErB^ '   '""''.*  ^*l   J-x.^ ,h»a»We-to wti
WSBH^A^^  ^^•'-., *&-lcSj8H S '<-        .;'-' '- -   thus prevent
)       Hill    H".- «|ff——— ' *, .f      ••
tOMJUA   W-'
vi*tjrfjLjrfdrfl^__*___^^_x.-rfz_rfrz_^^ ^ ^
iT     'MOYIE'S    LEADING -HOTEL.   "I  J   _-  L     -    C
'       r     \
-' > The best of accommodations V     -J J.
-, for 4 the^-Traveiing Public. - *|
l       v      I   " . *C
Commodious^Sample Rooras.     ^       Billiard Rooms, 3
'   A      < ~ }.
IcTAVISH & CAMERON Proprietors.      * $
triesahd in shap9   according  to
tho'dangerous propensities of the
individual marked.. It is aaSertsd
tern .the ^police wduld
atch anarchists, "and
attacks  simular  to - , -
tliat   tipon    Chief    Sh'ippy,     of  iie ^^ toIci tlie ^A\o\e 'truth and
Chicago;* ",'••-•       '
Orchard to hang on* May  15,  as  M°yia People who  have   been  eo captivity ^for°sever._l 'days    but
• -' kind to his brother,'Jack Daly. ~ --
tlio penalty for the murder of
Govenor Stcanenberg, to which
Orchard.'pleaded gttilcy.
Orchard thanked Judge  Woods
for the kindly! remarks  made  in
' Geo.    MeOlellan     and    '-D.'ck"
Brown came down from,Field this
week, but left again for Nelson.
• Methodist, church     tomorrow
fiaallyjjained bis liberty and is
again enjoying his mountain
haun ts,
that 70 -per cent of the-travellers aro wearing
Clothing?   Ask
"-   J)raws $60,000,a year.     *
ie   ; .
o1 John D. Farrell, ^narriman's
lieutenant in the west, is given
considerable space ia the last
number bf Human Life, a Boston
publication. Farrell draws $60,-
000 a year, and is the highest
salaried man iu the northwest.
For a loug time he was with tho
Great Northern, but he and Hill
had a disagreemant and he went
over to the Harriman- lines. Farrell is well knowu in tho Kooten-
ays,* and is even at'this time interested in the Moyie townsito.
He has a cousin liviug iu Moyie,"
Mrs. Lawlor.
 ^     _■«--..      ^..--.-..^j     ._,__._»____, _____..W *__     , t  -— _     <    .uvj.^v.,,
regard to him, and repeated that evening ati17:30.    Tne  Rev.   Wm
Im iSarl f..-.tr. -r-.tic *n-i,f.iQ .. m,n.   o^,,i   Boulton's   subject'will   be:   "TUe
that no promise of immunity-or
mercy had ever been made to
him,       - ■
Miners Union Offrcers.
Moas Hanson   Killed.
'.>'._',i      .■"■•:;."-.. <*??■•        _-_--_--•       _a._a_._-_.
' ?.*?-St.?*5- $\ THE   FURNISHER.
': H^rial Bank of Canada.
'■!' "'■:'ic*P»i-S-l  Authorized $10,000,000.
-     -""J -~.   '14
■%A- -'i°aPJ-&l paid up 	
'A'As'stt-  4,830.000.
"' ."_.'.
^"-.  cre^J^d--quarterly
/      ■i-?1:.%tf-& J. F, NI   PINKHAM, Manage?.
AlA; '"■*'■ ■*-%"'*-V,   -S,    R* *
&Xfr**: "•: \"'fJl J&tf&t'*:-J_-r_.s_-_.if7_ x<_- sia .x—- rfr-t-*?    .tiT-sA-jOijftr *i5-_.v4j .tfa. s<.t -rf.*.
Word reached bore yesterday
to the effect that Alons Hansen
was killed at Iledley recently
while working atcho Nickle Plato
mine. Hansen is well known in
Moyie, having worked in the mine
and at one time owned considerable property in town.
Firs* Day of Spring.
Thos. E. Kelly won out in the
contest for financial secretary at
the election last Saturday. Following is a complete list of the
officers elected:
John Taylor—President,
Robt. J. Colter—Vice-Pres. .
!     T. E. Kelly—Financial Secr'V.
Jas.'Lemon—Recording Secr'y.
John Blackburn—Treasurer,
Ed. Barr—Conductor,
■= Albert Gill—Warden,
Finance Committee—A. J.
Flood, Jas. Li. Gibbous, Malcolm
Trustees—James A. McDonald.
Th03. A Murphy, Jas,. L. Gibbons,
Michael Campbell, James A. Mc-
John Taylor was ehc'cd delegate to the XV. F M. convention
which will moot at " Donver in
'."''-> Savings bank  department.
■ -       •        1      . vV
Interest allowed on deposits from date   of   deposits   and
Taday, March 21st, is called by
the old astronomers the Vernal
Equinox, when day and night is
equal. It is also the first day of
The nest big ball in Moyie will
be that given by St. Eugene
Lodgo No. 37. K. of P. on tboeven-
iug of Monday, March 30th.
Tickets are now on sale.
-A. ^
The people of Moyie and vicinity have found out that buying
their boots and shoes at the Second Hand Store pays. The Quality is Al and tho prices aro right.
The first consignment is nearly
11 goni, but another lot will soon
be in.
I". T. McVitttc, C. E , 1\ I. S. II. Y. Tn.Ver, C.
Provincial Land Subveyiso
Estimates Furnished.
Fort Steele P. O. Bux 25.
Cranbrook P. O. Box 11.
Kingdom of God."
Chas. Livesley was
though not seriously, while at
work iu the mine last Satutday.
He ia now in the hospital but
will be out iu a few days.
Arthur Fitruau fell down' a
chute one'day fchis week and had
his head badly bruited. His case
was thought to be seriaus for a
time, but he is now out of dTuger.
Ed. Chesnutt is out of tho hospital, where he has been for several week3. Ifc will bo some time
however, until he is able to return
to work.
Glen Campbell, the locator of
tho Moyio townsite and the first
hotel keeper iu the place, came
up from Farnie yesterday iu company with John Lynch. Mr.
Campbell may return to Moyie to
Dr. llarvio has  returned  from
the east and is spending the time
between Moyie and Craubrook.
Tho doctor has just completed
his post graduate course in New
Yotk, and is now looking up a
place to locate. lie has several
places iu view, and when he has
settled he will send for his wife,
who is in Montreal,
A Peculiar   Accident.,
John   Timmer,  a    mucker,  met
with a peculiar and'painful   acci- --    -~ _..__ ^^„ Uli  ai>yil.
injured, 1doat  while   working   in    the -Sb. lotion, Upor cent on  allotment,
vhile at KllSeuei    mine     Wednesdaj--.    He I balWo in S calls of 30 days each.
Tho second issue is being * sold - a(T
the same price as the filSt* wick
the exception that the fiist 100,-
000 can ied a bonus of 25 per cent.
This stock is entided to an annual
dividend cf 7 per cent comuie_ac-
mg Nov. 1st 1Q0S bub ualiiHiUai
as to farther d*via9_ids. i. e.
After 7 per. cent has been paid
upon the ptuforred and commou
both stoc-ks thereafter part.upate-
equally. Payments for stock aie-
aa follows:—10 per cenc ou  apph-.
was breaking a i*ock when a piece
flew up and struck him'in the
neck, iuilictimg a nasty g*sh.
The wound bled profusely aud the
man suffered considerably from
the io_;3 of blood before the doc
tor arrived.
Hotel Changes  Hands.
Last Monday tho International
Hotel passed out of B. J. Hi ley's
hands, aud is now under the management of U. E. Taylor. Tiu_,
hotel is ecuttally located and
always does a good business.
Mr. Riley intends going north iu
a 11.0 ith or six; weeks' time.
Murphy  Selling   Out.
The Company have purchased a
large tract of laud on Howe
Sjuad, 23 imles from Vancouver
at the entrance o_ K il-iy Rlve.-
upon which they have been
granted the w-iter rights "'aiid,
where they are no v rushing work
on the first unit of their plant.
The entire plaut when complete
wili^ h'tve a weekly capacity of
ISO tons of newspaper and 270
tons of wrapping paper, Mr.
Sylvester G. Gaulkner o£ the,
-n.itbh Colu-nbii Tuts. Cu-posa-
tiou, Vancouver is Piesid»nt of
the conipiuy and the Directors
are all well known substantial
business men of B.itlsh Ociuoibia.
J. J. Murphy, one of the pio
neer merchants of Moyie, i*** conducting a slaughter sale. He iu
tends closing o'ib his business ab
quickly as pos-ible. H5 intends
len\ing in a short timo for Nevada, .vhere he has som3 relatives, i
Rppaiiing ot nu'ti'*. and chilil-
reu'-j clothe-, plain o*'wing, mend-
int; piuI darniny. L idles' house-
robs and waists made. Charges
m> loi .tis T s J..i_iej Fei-fanson^
L'tke Shore,
KlioumiUicralii') llolioictl.
B. F. Crocker, Esq, now il 1
years of age, and ior twenty
years Justice of the Peace at
Martinsbtii'-,, Iowa, .says: *'I am
teinbly atllicred with sciatic rheumatism in my lefc arm aud lijclifc
hip. I h.i\i* used t-hit-e bot.this tf
Cnambeiluiu'*- l3j,in IJ.ilni and 11
did tiie   lots   of goutl."     For    snlo
The Brainy St_de.
Kind L'id3r—And you siy   jr m
k:-.r^        " ■ —Y-*
{^      Makes fhe Biscuit
(/?%    ami Cake lighter.
£•/%   fsocr   flavo'vd, more     «
^^ nutrJtiou_.i--j Wholesome  K
y poor iu.h ,J I tf
Giirty   G.iorge—liarbt-.1,    mii.n     ('|
Evoiybody in Indiana is   1 if ber   11
pnot or is "ovrdi-t and  th* y   lirjvci
havtj.thi-'it h-iir .-'*'", l.ri-ii.
FO.i   ilii> T—Nuvly    tu"ii-.'**i'
I    ,1 A
k^^^p^^ripvnrvspsx)i^%i)!^.\ii'ii' JK-..n* -eat^
f-^f V 1
/ilaie f'-oii "u*-?
1.. -^ ..__._:^. , w-j, ;■_>. , .«
_ „       „  0      ,.„,,   ftunt,   nio.n   >uit** .J •   I.,     iwi. ui    |$.;4   Crant: Cream of Ti_rtar   ^
bp T.ie Muyie Di-ng   &  Statianei-v-| ' ,,u'     1; |,,1,,h*    B mm      pro'-'i.k-d   fjri      ^n'mn-No im-c rnosr 1 i-e      j-"*
j vsith stove,    U\a* (wi*, fii e. |~   ^-"»*t*"«~-- — _—■.—-.■ ^.-^.J
*-*■*_ '   '
__.___l^->T«>"■• >',3-^fA&»-* 't-*L»
■*-*s THE LEADER. MOYI*!. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  i.   '  5  ?      r  Vi  AIRENSIDEI  ���  ���   ��� ���  VV-  5-i n'  F    rt- *���  i i  f    . (  7* ft  . *-r    '.'..  CHAPTER >XX_I.  Iji-I  7 "- *  l-i' v';  ��� ���'-: ���.  f&i.if' ���  ,.,*' ti,--  "'  i''_ -, i -��.  f. V ���'.>  i, *..,    .1 <���  J AAA >  AAA  ' X' Ai'' l  i)>,    '        * <      '  tl-'ii   * ,,      ��  ,> \y  A'A A:  ,   'X      "It    l !  ',    '.f*       -'  M   >,.-"   -V  '       '      it  'if V   "V,  ��� -       ' .��  , ^r- it j-j,   . ' jj  *' *.i'"s   -4     "  -i suit? i.i ,-L  - *t i" <A <��� A .  'sr.ii'; <<,;-���  *.*>'��� t."-*1 ....   ,  -v  l-l    Tr  7   '   ���>  -i-'i"'"''  At ��(if ._!."      '  '''-igfT-r'f'-''  ��vi"       '  Ifr  is a h.    i, _ ,  ''i%'2''  Jr.i iv 'jTf    ',  '   " ���***    , .    ' " I*  ,  t Sf'v-S-'i'  I *<..&_. . *  ' tfJ __' feWi  i1  ."-rJI,    _    '*;?  '    S''V,.!}        rt    >  .  '.��':*.l,>'     v  j   , 4, ,i���l, .*.,,   *   ,     ,.  < j-      '��� *    i'i1  ".,1*)'  *���": -r'.  *.fe_   _i_     ',   .'     .-  '^. ->'_'  ,   .  "-.'-V'.iV'-,5'      ,  ���.[f^^.V--"-  1   !  1$' ^  'JPvA  ;^ *���  fe^V'-f-*.  I i_,V  it ���  ��Si-  iJi'Vi.   *  S*K**.  There   was  a  fiesh  prave  made  in  the churchyard aiid_anotlier chair vacant at the eotlape.'-wliPn Mnddy was  at   last   alone.     Unfettered   by   care  and anxiety for sick ones, hei nclnnp  heait   was   free   to   go  out  after   the  loved ones over the sea, go to the elm ,  'shaded   mansion   she   had   heard   cle-  '   scribed so 'often, and  where now two  brides  weie busy  with their prepata-  tions   for  the   litidal   hunying  on  so  'fast.     Since   the   letter   read   m   the  smoky October woods. .Maddy had not  ,       heard from Guy diiectlv, though Lucy  hnn written  since.'a  few  brief lines,  tellinp   how   hnpp*,-,     she   was,    how  a   .      f-fron-.'   she   was    crowing,    and    how  much   like   himself   Guy   was   becoming      Maddy   had   been   less   than   a  woman   if   the   last   intelligence   had  failed to affect her unpleahantly.  She  did not  wish Guv to  repret his decision; but to be forpotlen "-o.soon  after so stronp protestations of affection,  vas a little'movtifyins, and Maddy's  '���'eart thiobbed .painfully as she read  'the letter, half liooinc it micrht prove  tho la=t she should receive from Lucy  Atherstone.    Guy  had   left  no orders  for anv changes to be made'at Aikeri-  side; but0Agnes. "vho was laigqly imbued  with  a  love, of   bustle  and,-repair,  had   insisted   that.,at  least  the  suite of rooms intended for the bride  should  be thoroughly  renovated  with  nf**..'   paper   and   paint,   carpets     and  '  furniture.    This'plan  Mrs.  Noah  opposed,'for she guessed how little,Guy  , -would can* for.thcchanpc; but Agnes"  wa.  resol red.  and .as  she  lind  great  , faith  in  Aladdv's   taste,  she  insisted  that she should  go to  Aikenside and  pass her judgment upon the* improvements.     It  would   do   her' good,   she  said���little   dreaming   how   much    it  i cost "Maddy    to'   comply    with   her  '     -wishes,   or   how*1 fearfully   the ��� poor,  crushed heart ached, as Maddy went  through   the   handsome   rooms   fitted  up  for  Guy's young  bride;  but Mrs.  Noah guessed jt all, pitying .so much  i,    the    white-faced    girl,     whose    deep  mourning robes told the loss of dear  ones by death, but gave.no token  of  i that  great  loss,   tenfold   woise  than  death.    A     ���' ���  , "It was wicked in hereto fetch you  s    here,", she   said   to   Maddy. one   day  iv hen 'in   Lucy's   loom  she  found  her  Pitting -upon  the  floor  wilh. her, head  '/bowed   down   upon   the   window sill.  "But.'liiy. she's a tnflin' iMne. and  i ,       ,      ��   i ,  didn't   know   'twould   kill   you,_ poor  ,. child", poor Maddv'"  and  Mrs. Noah  laid   her   hand .kindly     on   Maddy's  ,hair.  "Maybe y,o*-*d vbetter^o home," '  she continued, as Maddy made no,re"  ,piy-     ���        -  ,     .   -     Vi.   ��� '  .   , ''No��   Mrs-  -Noah."    ^and' Maddy's ���  voice was strangely unnatural as she  lifted  up  her hend,  revealing'*a face  *��� bo haggard ard white that Mrs   Nonh  was  frightened,   and   as'ked   in   much  ,    alarm if anything new had happened.  -"No.  nothing;   I  was  going to say  that   Pd   rather' stay   a   little   longer  where there are signs  and sounds of  life, f should die to be alone at Hone-  dal 5 to-morrow.    I may die here   Do  you   know   thatt to-morrow   will   be  'the   bridal?", ,   *  Yes, Mrs. Noah knew it; but she  hoped it might have escaped Maddy's  mind. *  "Poor child," she said acain, "poor  child, 1, mistrust you did wrong to  tell him no."  "Oh, Mrs. Noah, don't tell me that;  j    r^on't make it harder for me to bear.  ,   The Tempter has been  telling me so  all dav, and my heart is so hard and  wicked 1 cannot pray ns I would   Oh.  ^   you don't know how wretched I am '"  and Maddv hid her face in the broad.  motherly  lap, sohbim? so wildlv that I  Mrs   Noah  was greatly perplexed how  to act,*- or what to say  Years ai?o, she wrmld have <-nurned  the   thought   Hint   the   grandchild   of  the   old   man,, who  had   bowed   to  his  own    picture   ihoulr)    he    miitrp'-''   of  Aikenside: but <*he had changed since  then,   and   could   she   hivp   had   her  way. she woi-ld hnve stonnod the marriage,   nnd, 'brinsring   her  bny   home,  have   given   him    to   the   vonng   eirl  weeping  so   cnnvnls'vplv   in   her  lap  Rut  Mr?.   Nonh   could   not   have  her  way.   .The   bridal   p-ne^ts  were,  even  then, asse-Tiblinc in that home lyvond  th   sea.   She could not call Guy back,  and   so she   nified   and   ciressed   the  ���  wr-=>t��"*hed Maddy. saving to her at last ���  "I'll tell you what is impressed on  my   mind;   tin**-   Lucv's   cot  the  consumption, without anv kind of doubt,  arid if you've no objections to a widower,   yon   may "  She did not finish tho sentence,  for Maddy started in horror. To her  there was something murderous in  the v*f>rv idea, arid she thrust it quiek-  Iv aside Guv Reminfton was not  for her. ehe said and'her wish was  to forcot him If *=he could pet  throi-eh the dreaded to-morrow, she  should do better There had been .-.  load unon her the whole dnv. a nir_ht-  mnre she could riot shake off and j-he  hid come to T.pfv'c i-yiom in the hone  of lcavinc her hnrdei there of nr.iv-  ing her pain nv.iv Would Mrs Noah  leave tier a while, and bee that no one  came'  The pood womin could not refuse  nnd going out *=he left Maddv bv  the window watch'np the sun as it  went down and then wnlching tin*  wintry twilight d"eoen over the landscape, until all Pimps were blended  together in one front darkr \ss, and  Jessie found her.at last fainting upon  the   floor.   V ,.' ���',.-'  Maddy was glad nf the rnckine headache which kept her in her bed the  whole of the nevt day. glad of, any  excuse to stay awny from , the -family.  talking-���all but Mrs. Noah���of Guy  and what was tr'anspifinc in'England'  They had failed to rcnomber tlie difference in the longitude of the two  jilaces* but Mnddy forgot nothing  and when the clock struck' four; she  called Mrs. Noah to her and whisper-  ed.  faintly:  /'They were to be married at. eipht  in the evening. 'Allowing for possible delays, it's over before this, and  Guv  is lost  forever!"    ���     ���  Mrs. Noah had no consolation to  offer, and only pressed the hot, feverish hands, while Maddy turned her  face to the wall and did not spea'-  again, except to whisner incoherently  as she half slumbered, half woke:  "Did Guy think of me when he  promised to lovil* her. and can he see  hoj^- .jnisejab-__-l.J oa_-"  ���   ���   ���  BY MARY J. HOLflES  Author of   "Dora Deane,"  "The English  Orphans,'  "Lena" Rivers," "The Rector of St. Mark's,"  "Tempest and Sunshine/' Etc . ���  (Continued ) jirai-dV was indeed passing through  deen waters, and'that night, the fourth  of December, the longest, the dreariest she ever knew, could never be  forgotten. Once past...the worst was  over.' and as the rarest metal is pun-  ''fied b-f nre, so Maddy came tro-n.  t.ie dreadful ordeal strengthened for'  what was before her. .Both Agnes  and Mrs. 'Noah noticed the strangely  beautiful expression of her face when  she came down to the breakfast room,  while Jessie, as,she kissed her pale  cheek,  whispered   '  "You look as if you had been with  Wels." '    - ,_    , .  Guy   was   not   expected   with   his  bride'for'two weeks or more, and as'  the (lays dragced on  Maddy felt_ that  the waiting  ior him   was  more intolerable than the seeing him wilh Lucy  would   be. '   Restlpss   and   impatient,  she could  not. ,remain  cmietly  at the  cottage���while at Aikenside, she longed to return again to Ijer own home,  and  in   this  wav  the  time  wore 'on.  until 'the   annivcrsarv,. of   that   day  when she had  come  from" New York  and  found. Guy   waiting   for> her f-'at  the station,   Tor(=tay that day'in the.  'house  so   rife   with   memories, of   the  dead  was impossible,  and   Flora was  surnrised  and  delighted  to hear that  both  were going up  to  Aikenside  in  the  vehicle  hired   nf iFarmer  Green."  whose   son   officiated   as   driver.   , Itv  was nearly( noon when they reached  their destination, meeting at the'gate  with  Flora's  brother Torn,, who said  to them:    , , . i     >       l' . ' '  '   "We've heard ' from ' Mr.   Guy;  the  ship  is Jin;  they'll   be  here sure   to-  night,   and   Mrs.,    Noah     is 'turnin'  things [iipside>down with the,dinner."  Leaning back in the buggy, Maddy  felt for a moment as 'if/she were dying. -Never, until  then/had slie realized'how, all the while, fehe had been  clinging   to   an    indefinable' hope, '"a  presentiment that-   something * might *  yet  occur'to'spare  her from  a  long*  lifetime  of  pain, 'such��� as  lay  before  her if Guy were really  lost;  but the  bubble'had  burst,  leaving"her nothing ,to hope, nothing to cling to. nothing  but   black  despair,  and   half  be-  , wildered'she received the.noisy greeting   of  Jessie,   who   met   her'at   the  door arid,dragging her into the 4rnw-  ing room, decorated with flowers from  the 'hothouse, told her1 to guess  who  was  corning. " "'  "I know; Tom told ine; Guy is com-.  ing   with, Lucy." ,  Maddy   answered,  and relieving herself from Je-,sie, she  turned  to 'Agnes,  asking  where   Mis  :Koah was and,if she might go to ^ier\  "Oh, Maddy, child,Tl 'm sorry you've  come to-day," fJlrs.'Noah'said, as she'  ��� -haft-d Maddy's cold hands/and'lead-T  tng hei to the fire, made her sit down  . "I'did   not-, know ,it,   ort I   should,  have   stayed   away,"   Maddy ' replied;'  "T i shall" noV stay, as it is.    1, cannot  see'thein   to-day.   Chaihe   will  drive  tne back beforu the tiain ,is ,due;",b"Lit  what did he say?   And how is, Lucy.- '  "He did not  mention  her.' There s  the dispatch," and Mrs. Noah handed   to  Maddy   the   telegram   received  that morning, and which was simply'  as  follows.  "The steamer is here.    Shall be at  station at five o'clock p   m.  *   . "Guy   Remington."  Twice Maddy read it over, experiencing much the same feeling she  would have experienced had it been  her death warrant she was reading.  "At^ five o'clock. 1 must go before  that."   she   said,   sighing  as   she   re-  ' it, oKiuirnc ji-in anve rapidly, ns  there was every indication of a coining storm.  The   gray,   wintry     afternoon   was  drawing to a clo.e, and the December  night   was   shutting  down   upon   the  Honedale hills  in   sleety  rain,  when  the cottage was reached, and Maddv,  nnssinf nn th-* nnrmv. slinnery walk,  entered the cold, dreary room,  where  there  was' neither  fire nor livht, nor  friend.v vo'r*-. to gTC*-*t her.   No sound  save the tic'-'n? of the clock: no welcome  save  the purring of the house  cat.   who   cfl'me   crnwlin^r  at   her  feet  os cshp t-nelt before t*"* stove and'tried  to kindle the fire.    PhnrlJo Green had  offered  to'go  in  nnd do this  for^her,  as   indeed   be   !<-".   o^ered   to   return  find  stay  all   nVht.   b"t, shp  had  declined,   nreferripor   to, be   alone,   nnd  with   stiffened   finff**;   she   laid   thp  l-indlin^s   Flori( had   prepared,   and  Ulgn cnnlving t'*e mnich   watched the  blue flame as'-it  eradi*nllv licked,un  th��? smoke and, burst into a" cheerful  bln'-r-e. v, ,  "I shall feel Iv.ter when it's warm,"  'slip said, crfv-ching over the fire, anfl  shivering with mnre than bodily cold.  There ,was ',a kind of namelessrfer-,  ror stealing over her ns she sat thinking,of the year ago" when the inmates  of ,three graves i<f*<-oss the meadow-  were there beneath (hat very roof  whoro shp' npw sit alone.  "fll strike a. light." she said, fis-,  tne* to her feet, and (trving not to  'dance at the shadowy-corners filling  hpr with  fear. ' ,  The lamp was fouhd.���ahd its friendly beams'soon dispersed the darkness  from  the  corner1--  and  the  fear  from.  ,Maddy's heart >b>'t it'could not drive"  from her mind thoughts of what might  at   that' moment   be   transpiring- at  'Aikenside'.     Tf   the   bride   nnd   groom  came nt all that night.-.she knew they  must hnve be.">ni there for an hour or'  .more, and in fanpy she saw the tired'  but happy.-Lucy.* as up-'in her, pleas-1*  ant room she mode her toilet for dinner, with Guy, standing by and look-  cine on just as^ he had a rieht to do  Did his eye., when  it rested .on   her.  light  up   witlj, the' same -expression  she had seen'so often when it looked  a't her?    Did  he  commend  her;.taste  and say his-little, wife'was ."beautiful '  as  he  kissed ( her  fair,   w hite'cheek*  or was there a cloud-upon his, handsome  face,   a   shadow  on   his,'heart  heavy' with   thought's , of 'her/    and  would he rather it were Maddy there,'  ���in, the  bridal -room?'   Tf^so,  his   but.  den was har'd indeed, but-not/so hard  as  hers,  and   kneeling  on /the   Qooi  poor-'Maddy^ laid   her ,'hend ' in" th<_.  chair,1 andT 'mid piteous moans,  ask  j       FLAX  IN  WESTERN  CANADA  The First to Grow it txtensively Wera  the   Mennenites���Now   Chiefly  Grown by American Settlers  Very   few of  the  Canadian  settlers  in  the North we--1  seem  to have  any  ' thought of giowins -li*'. hut the Mon-  nonites   who  ^ttled   m   the   dj.tncN  known, as   the -'Meimomte  Reaeive  in Southern Manitoba between Koson-  feld/Gretna, l'lum Coulee, Mon is and  Emerson have giown u quite extensively  for  manj   veins,   .The  farmcis  of, Minnesota,  Noith' and  South   Dakota.   Iowa,    Kansas    and  Nebraska  have  giowii  laige quantities  of  .lax-  seed for many years,and ah these farmers began to m'giate into the Canadian   No-thwefctt. the   cultivation    ot  flaxseed uas taken up in some of thfc  districts   wheie    thev   settled.   It   is  most   extensively   cultivated   on     the  Canadian   P.ieific   Railway    Soo   hue  .between-Estevim and Moose Jaw, on  the Canadian Pacific Railway Areola  bianch   between  Aieola .and   Regina.  and on the Canadian Noithern Railway   between  RQgnm and  Prince Ab  beit.    It is grown heie und ihere by  American   .settlei-,  'in   othei   districts  throughout, the Canadian West, but it  is from the cbstiicts named that the  largest , quaintitiet.   of   flaxseed   come,  probably bec(itu>e they are so hugely  settled  by Americans  who have  had  experience   in   tbix ,gro\ving   in   the  Northwestern   State. nand   know   that  the   Canadian   West  is   equally   well  I  (TORTURING SKIN DISEASE  Afflicted this bright little girl  .���'���vv^-oi  .������ ���������.i*s__S  .: v?.Ji*Afi��!  Mrs  since,  ....   F   Miner, of 311 Suffolk Street, Guelpn, Ont, says: "A year*  ��� while while living in Oshawa, Ont.. my tittle daughter Lorinda, six  rears of aee contracted a slciu disease on the upper part of her body. This  firM broke out ilk. unv w��l�� bli��lcr$, _*lt-rw-iid_ taking lhe forrp of dry(ic_l>s. T..e_e  would diMppear foi ��"��l-0�� lime arid then iceappear worse Chan evei.. 'The clothe-.'-  cominc in contact wuh lhe skin set up ��uch a severe irritationthai it -was impo.iible  lo Weep her from scratching. ' We tried various pr-parali(.n�� yet obtained no  cood results until we begun u.ing Zani-l.uk. , With rach apphcauon the irritation  and soreness wis grcatiy relieved, and ine child rested raster. Thio* continued  u sin  was  Z��m  .  _  we believe _.am-Bukhas worked a complete cure.f    Zo,__i-I_ak Curcn cut-, et._pp.cl hard.  -*1 ' '     "       Iicb,,1'ulcur-i,   ��c_ro_.,  lunoin; ,_orea and.  ,������_ of (he akin. **  -ruf ti'M mid ��ior*S  from Ziin.lluk  1 Co.,   Toronto.  0E*3EtU3-_iI  Send far' * tn��l box.  Enclofte coupon -u- ic.  tump. ��ddrau, Z-m-Buk  Co., foroato.  3KL-  ain-BuK  I um�� ^'yi**^^--"*^  StilTa Heathen World  The heathen are still ih the majority, according to a map showing the  comparative number of the followers  of the aeverul 'leligiont.  of the world  winch the ibesbytenan Men's Foreign  Missionary Society, 111 .session in L'hili  ado'lphinVwab'invited to study. These  latest liguiea' are   as 'follows:    Jews,  ��� _   _          ...   _-,_..._,,        11,2-2-2,000;    Greeks, 120.J57,030; - Pro-  adapted to this crop both as regards jtestants.   16C.6C6.500; I Mohammedans,  soil and climate. " The success of Unx. 121(5,630,000,-  Roman ���Catholic, 272.C2*),-  growmg   in,/those,   districts  where 'it <500;   heathen,  S-36,732,0-00,   "or, ,�� more  tJian   all, the  otheib- put, together.*���  JOHNNY'S CAREER.  has been, cultivated will probably  cause farmers m'othef j-nrfs ol,'the  Canadian West to" devote some attention to il( in future.' <  ' A Pill for .Generous Eaters.���There  are -'many >peisons of healthy appetite (and' poor digest'on who, after a  hearty mea',. ard subject to'much suffering. ' The food of whicih^they have  partaken lies'like lead .'in .their *stoniJ  achs.' -Headache, depression, a .Miio-  thering feeling"follow. ' One^so^afHict-  ed-is unfit-for .'business or, work o,f  any kind: '"In 'this condition .Parn.6-  leeJSf Vegetable Pills'will bring relief.  They, will, assist' the' assimilation cf  the aliment, and* used according to  direction will restore healthy .'dig*?s-  tion. " - - ���- -  Piovidence Journal.  membered   how,'   one   year -ago   that   _       ...... ,       u,.^     J.C.11       ilgu      LlJill.  day, she was traveling over the very  route where Guy was now traveling  with his bride. Did he think of it'  Think o�� his long waiting at the depot, or of that memorable ride, the  events of which grew more and mcie  distinct in her- memorv, making her  cheeks burn even now as she recalled  his many acts of tender care.  Laying the teleeram on the table.  she went with Mrs. Noah through  tlie rooms, warmed and made ready  for1 the bride, lineering longest m  Lucys, which th<* bridal decorations  and the bright fire, blazing in' the  grate made singularly inviting. As  vet there were no flowers ~there, and  Maddy claimed the privilege .of arranging them for this room herself.  Agnes had almost stripped the conservatory; but ^Maddy found enough  to form a most tasteful bouquet;  which she placed upon a marble  dressing table: then within a shp  of paner which sh<* folded across the'  ton she wrote: "Welcome to 'the  bride.  "They both will recon-niVe mv han'd-  wntin-z; they'll know T've been here."  she thowpht. as with one lonir, last  lonk  at tho  roon*,  she wn.l*<*d awav  They were lavin<z ihe fable for dinner noiy. and with n kind of diw.v  uncertain feelinu. Maddy watched  the servants hurrvine to and fro  bringine out the choicest china, and  the glitterine- sih'or. hi honor of the  bride. Commralivdv. it wns not  lone since a litt'e. frightened, homesick girl, she first ��at down with  Guv at that lab'e. from which the  nroud Agnes would have banished  her; but it seemed to her an age,  so much of happineos and pain had  come to her since then. There was a  nlace for her there now, a nlace near  Guv: but she should not fill it She  could not stay; and she astonished  \gnes and Jessie just as thev were  froinc to make thr-ir dinner toilet, by  announcing her iruention of going  home. She was not dressed to meet  Mrs Remington, she said, shuddering as for the first time she pronounced .a name .which the servants had  frequently used, and which jarred on  her ear everytihie she heard it;" She  was not droRspri noprnnriately to'meet  an English lady. Flora of course  would stnv. she snjd. ns it was natural  she should to erect her new,'mis-tress;  but she rrinst. go. and be bide; Charlie  Green   bring   around-the   buggy.  Agnes was not particularly surprised, for a vague suspicion "of something like the truth had gradually  been creeping into her brain, as she  noted Maddy's pallid face, and the  changes which passed over it whenever Guy was mentioned.! Agnes pitied Maddy. for in her own heart there  was a little burning spot, when she  remombT'red who was to accompany  Or. Holbrook. So she did not urge  her to remain, and she tried to hush  Jessie's lamentations when she heard  Maddy was gohig.  One long, sad. wistful look at Guy's  and Lucys home, and Maddy followed i.'harlie to  the  buggy  wail'���  ed  God   to   help  them   both  to, bear  their 'lot.'  ,, |- ��i, '    '        i  The prayer, ended,   Maddy still  sat  tpon   the   floor,   while  over,fher   pale  face   the   lamplight   faintly   flickered J  showing" the  daik 'lines  beneath   he.  eyes and the tear stains on her cheek  Without, the storm  still .was raging'  and   the 'wintry   rain,   mingled  .witl.  sleet and snow, beat piteously agains-. *.  the curtained windows, while the wind,  howled   mournfully  as, it. shook 'tbc-  'door  and   sweeping   past   the   cottage  went  bcreaming ,vover   the' hill. '" But  Maddy heard-nothing of the, tumult  She ,had   brought  a' pillow   from�� the  -bedroom,''and .placing   iU upon   the  chair," sat down  again upon th'e floor  and   rested, her  head ;. upon   it."  She  did. not/even  know'that her pet-cri/-  had crept up beside her, purring con-'  tentedly and 'occasionally licking he-,  hair..?much   less did   sbe.hea-; above"  thc(, storm ,the 'swift .tread ,of  horses*'  fee*, as someone" came dashing down,  the'road, the rider* pausing-an" instant  as  he  caught  a   glimpse ^of  the  cot  tage   lamn  and .then   hurrying' on   to  the  public  house  bevond.", where  the  ostler frowned  moodily at being call  ed out to care for a stranger's horse  the strangfr meanwhile turning  back  afoot lo'wheie the.cottage lamp shone  a beacon light through the inky darkness.    The stianger reached  thfe little  gate and, undoing the fastening, went  hurrying up the walk, his sten upon  the crackling snow catching  Maddv ���=  ear at  last   and   making   her  wondfi  who  could   bu  coming  there "on  inch  a   night   ns   this rt   was   nrobabh  Charlie Green --he said, and with a  feeing of, impatience at hemp intind  ed.npon she aroip to her feet. jr"-t  as the door -turned nnon its hinges  letting in a nowp**f"| dranght of wind  which extinguished the lamp and left  her in  tof 11  dn"-''n"-.-*.  Bvt it did not matter. Maddv hid  caught a so'.nd a oe-Miliar cough  which froze the b'ond in her veins and  made her on*.lie with' terror 'quite as  much as if the footsteps hurrying toward her had been the footsteps of the  dead, instead of 'belonging.' a.s she  knew they did to Guy Remington-  Guv, who. with garments -saturated  with rain, felt for her in the darkness, found her where from faintness  she had crouched again beside the  chair, drew her closely to him, in a  passionate, 'almost painful, h���g, and  said, oh'  so tenderly:  "Maddy, my darling,  my own!   We  will  never  be  ported  again."  (To  be Continued.)  "And I'atn the very first you have  .loved, iJeitha?" ���"_",..-._.,, , <-  ��� "Of course you-are. '/-How * tedious  you men are! .'YoiCoH'ask' rae'; the  same -'question,'���London- Opinion.';  "ILLS ,,OF.'CHILDHOOD,-v      ...  J'-    :, HOW TO CURE THEM.  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J'    \    -'     !_S _ Z     y y    .-  .ScoU-t���Tliey'r dramatize .'. everything  nowadays.'-, I'll bet 'they'll-soon ~-be  dramatizing'the ad.-columns:-' ' '  - Motl���Well, why ' not? , Aren'{'' ad.  columns just-the place for t Iri king  situations,J���Boston   Transcript.  If a cougli make^ your nights sleepless und weaiy, it ivjil  worry  yoir a  good dial, and w'th good cuuse. ,To  di-spel -'the worry , ami'  give    yourself  rest ,t'ry    Bicklels*  Anti-Consujnptivo  Syrup. '1,1 exerts (a bootl.ing influence-'  on the air'-passages nnd allays'Uie ir-"  r'tat'on   that, leads to .inflammation.  It .will subdue   the"   most   stubboin  'qough or,cold, and eventually eratlji-*  cate H fronr,the. system."^"��_**tri-U of  it 1 will prove .to ,you. ',,   vV   ;    ���-*-.  f.,V.V - '     'A , yj. c" " 'V- '-''/���">   .'  "And sov Bhininel.. the, student, yrns  almobi .dip .-.'neib" wlioav he", was,r in'  swimtniiig yesterday?.' v-How,. .did,; it  happen?"., , ,,*-,,.;��� , i-'i,',t \s  - "The bailiff, went >by"and the poor  boy was forced to' remain under'water, so* long."���Transatlantic*'Talqa.-r  *       '   '    > I "* ,. '    '    '' I1"     .-.     .,  "TO CURE ANCOLDMN ONE-DAY..'  Take; - LAXATIVE*-BROMO'- Quinine  .TabletsV Druggists ircfimd money if  it fails to cure., EV\y_* Grove's kigna^  turei-ia 'on, each.box. \2&c. A ,J*"\ . .'  .   -'    .<����� ��� ; ;���;��� ft-."0-���,-**-..-yir  Sally Gay���What a..cunning,'���little  fellow   Mr.'. Gallipers.-isi - ' ,'    .'_ ^x  Dolly Swift���Cunning? -rWhy.,' look  at him-'-he'sT dreadfully   bo*,\'-legged.,  Sally Gay���;Yes.-but that gives 'him  such an.a'rch^looK/ vou' know."���Pick-  Mc-Up../  v*f* '   .    ---    '-'..-S--..4'... l"V  '*-��� .      ��� ������   -.,-',..  f .  Minard's Liniment" Relieves Neuraleiu.  .., ���        ^1.      i-*       '    - .   tr ^  1  n * * , ; :r *> 'i* , * if "  ,"For-'., goodness . sake!".--, exclajmed  mamma, returning'from .','/ shoppiug  tnp,j.'.'whal'a.!,th(j .matter^'wiUi; little  Tommy?'_V , " <j<?AA'.>AlAAA\Z,if\,  "/Tii?. a _liad vbooinp he got, ma'am.  Ye know ye told me11 "was. to let, hhn  pldy^upon^the' piahi��yjp*'*an*'*onct^iWuii  he 'wa-f 'sfiilin'^bn the', top-.of*, it-he  slid too,- far, vnia'am.''r-P--ilade]p--ia  Press, h,  Tha-Same   That, Was  Started   by; the  .Cornell   Widow.V     -.-���   \  ,  Sheer   nonsenne , rliyirocft :_ind' Jokti  without' apparent reason, br object-art-  frequently uswt to t-ll'tbe pagea of tb��  Cornel! Widow'.   If anything more foot* ���  icss.thii'o   llic   "���Jinn .of < Gle*g,ledorf"'  ferse" h<is evj��rf been written. ";ttae Wld*,  ow wlslivs to state* that'ber JbumV'of,  credulity' wag' Imported'1 fro'oi" Mlsspuri'.  aud m'ust'be -.bownV .;"/��� ���","   "A" >"  There was a inan from OleCfedorf \ ��� .  ., '"Who. to save nt_i'bttrber"* fee��,    /    '.  '.'.Would  wot his hair and let It fr'efn��,(  '   .And when 'twaa frozen, break I It oft. "_'���  *' The Wjdow.claipm ,ibe 'credit.of^origi,'  Inaring the   nQUstyoseVr.fytnl's.Vwtilcb  dealt ^Ith-tbe cleverness^ anty'precocl-j",  'o'f the,brigh'"t lltfle^Sad' yebo'careleaaly'  slaugrhtefi'd'bis mother/fatfaer anil Im"*  inediate' relaUvea.  -These poems., i/Vaio  they * may-'De'called, ^ppeared^1 ln*"'th"��  Widow Iri-October'-.ncT~Novem-��r^l"i)Oa;'  , rhe'eameiyettrtbey/^vere collected; aiid  . paiillsbed, l__f,pan_"pl_Jeti for_nS"u_ider,j.t_����('  }aa-rie"of ,'__Tbe'Jobuny"Boo-^''__���*Johnoy,'  'started''bis' career'"by-"-in tracedy^'a*  foi'.ows:)1f' -*"*:$'t~Kl,AAfJ-*'t* '\~'":  *    Johnny hung his UtU��,stat>ar. > -T   ,���"' *  _    Blie ivas'-'dcad before ,they,, a_l��i��_l h��n  ..'.Johnny's alius up'.t'yrick-a.'.''"'-"/,J'V-". �����  ���-;'"Ain't he.coie7~ha*i_ only six. ' j >i A.tA  -,"Next.we Qnd.Jhat^t'-f V^^^/V-'  '^VJohnny_-w!llbh'ls-Uttle''*--i'l/!f'<"S^--1VY-^  ; " ,Dealttlil3 'brother; orfufs;w*nck_,.(/-'J>ry>  t.   .Ho don't euro lfr rridm*riia;klc_u_.\i> J    1*  j' Ain't ho^ctiCe7���he'a oaly'aix.  'j*-.-*.. 1  % (Later deveioptncntPof^tlie'Iltaeiromp.  ehows that��� A ''*.'_iif'*.'*fMKI''r-'*.'!f  '- . ���     -t '   -j - 's���-   I,      rJ   '- \     ' *-     -_"-,'v^      -'���    i  ^John haa gone from badUo*,'wor-��., ^-^1  ..* ?, Now,hIs"fa(he^a In'a-'hearao.." *"-'">'  !,' Smeared hlrri ���*''HhrRaloa_l.of_brl_!_:-_.. - ^  '   -Ain't Uti.cuio?���ho*a-iotfiyTBi_��"'"��� c,v>,  ;-  And so on.until-finally��� -1.',. iA ~-\  J- _���  .   ".*..*.--, ti, ,  _'--',     "-fii.tr ;-"uSA  Johnny saw tt���.b-iar.zsa*fyt_��u_-- ..- .-.V'w'i-v  - Llko>'bIkci,ajid 'th<.UBh- It'wua.** V, -*-  --l-WJJtl-  IH _���__  1 EZIEAJU5T>\'  HOT IN UJI  _^%a��  t. ..���_"-���*_ c*-  VJS&l ft-  ��|P-����_lui  Paj  TOpm  ,-\ -��� SHIRTS  TOO ypu ever iind yew r-Jfi  I - ntiinauce w Uea workini; 1. fS  [ V��S-tirt slctvea?    , ^  : ,/-* Areu'tUicvcor-.tii:__.!jj,  0-  ���_"-"��WJ3l_  \'A- _But-Uiese are alw��7_._. ^^.i^-i  ii, factory and ��ncomlait_Ki ���u*"Js*��,iy  tft'VUc ;;H^1AJUSTA" ia  * f($$l?M  1 v ���%  J  fk;fi Shirts  J " ' lT   ,*       ' 1-  _, keeps your cuff, oat of ft  ^''.No '.trouble,  is  rtou-  Cadj list* than aiid no oi��-.  *~��acpc'ri��i��d-'  '"'..^'"They're very conva  l4e*wbenii'";working,   kkS  r "-^playing   temm   pr pi|  ^"washing your hands, etc,  1  f .-.^.-Thes**1',. E__IA1CSTAS"J  .^prevent your ctfif. frra:us  ..lout and Boiling quic.lj*  : Took* Erctttrs, Lte:..,   -  -'if 20  ���^  'i',l*i<-' f Jas.-  "r'v!-V..V  WE PAY HIGH PRICES.FOR'FURS  and hides, _>��� tan them for robes, rugs  or coats. _>.. W. .Hide & Fur C'o.y  Minncaxialis.    " *  "' Itch, "Man'ge,"Prairie Scratches and  every fbrrh'*'of 'contagious, itch'"'on1ihu-  man or animals" cured-^in. 30 minutes  by Wolford's^Sanitary'L.otion.-' , ';���'*'  ' HI'i--ULllMi\!UIH.,',-,n'f,1 ;  is  Stranger���-"What  i,ort  oi  a man  /our neighbor, John 'Braggs?  Native���Oh, he's all right, but he  has  a te'escopie imagination.  Stranger���How'fe   that? ' *  Native-^He .can't even tell the  truth without getting it at least two  sizes larger than it is.���Tid-Bits.'   "  Chfnese Averf'**n to Surgery.  It may occur to luniiy people thai  tbey have tieier seen a Chlriarnar,  bi-reft of an arm. leg or other nieml-ei  of his body. The ri>���son for this i:  that all orientals maintain a profound  objection to surgical operations. In  ���do-.d. they iniir-b prefer to die rather  than to he deprived of a incmliur, because as it is. miilcnlable that they  came Into the wurld with two arms  tvio logs, eljilit tiugiTs. two thumbs,  etc., thoy must of necessity go out of  It with tbe same 'lumber. Otherwise,  once on tho other side, tbey might be  sent to hunt for a missing member  and spend the greater part of eternity  in /ndlug it. Perhaps the nearest approach to internal surgery that a Chinese doctor will attempt Is to stand on  the patient's body and with bare feet  move about on the part afflicted. In  dentistry the Chinese have ,' reached  the discovery that the nerve Is a  ivorm, and the best method to treat an  aching tooth is to loosen it by driving  ln wedges In order that the worm may  escape.-Chicago Journal.  Where can 1 get some of Holloway's  Corn Cure'   I  was entirely  cured  of  iy corns by this leinedy and I wish  ome more of it for my' friends.    So  rites Mr. J. W. Brown, Chicago.  An ambitious woman once \>*rote  to Abraham Lincoln, asking for a sentiment and his autograph- The President answered piomptly:  "Dear Madame: When you write  to a stranger, asking the favor of a  letter, always inclobe av post age stamp.  There's   the  sentiment.. .       ���*"  Here's   the  autogiaph;  "A. LINCOLN."  Minard's   Liniment   for   sale-'every-  A/hero, ' 1  low-  .for  i-     ...I-.  ^-^-r.-y_Vi:^,^_-*-i'*ni^1  -���-Tt;s,p*r:~.'��..r-*'^im  Origin of Thimbles.  The. thimble was originally called a  thumb bell by the,English, because  worn on the thumb, then a thurrible,  and finally its present name. It was  a Dutch invention, and was first glass  and pearl. In China beautiful carved  pearl, thimbles are seen, brought to  England in  1695. J  Thimbles were formerly made only  of iron and brass, but in comparatively late years they have been made of  gold,  silver,  steel,   horn,   ivory,  and  even   glass   and   pearl   thimbles    are  seen,  bound with gold  and  with  the  end of gold.    The first thimble intro-,  duced   into   Siam   was   a   bridal   gift'  from   the   King  to   the   Queen;   it  is  shaped like a lotus bud, made of gold  and thickly studded with diamonds ar- I  ranged tp.s��elj,the Quee'nV name.  To Tell Real Pewter. ,  One of the most famous collections of  old pewter to be found In this country"  Is at Salem. Mass. The following rules  for selecting tliis ware are givea by an  expert, who says: "Pewter is capable  of a very high polish, is soft In tone  und pleasing to the eye..<The best of  the metal has a curious consistency,  the test of which i�� pressing the thumb  and Qngei- upon It as one tries the ripeness of an apple. It should feel soft,  or pei haps elastic Is a better word.  The hall marks are various. A common one is two pigs with tho maker's  name, Ilaintn of London; also the Initials of sovereigns, as V. It., G. R.,  W. R., and the royal coat of arms.  Often these marks are scarcely distinguishable. On old pieces there will  frequently he found marks made by  knives, dents from teeth on tankards  and pots and sometimes the rudely cut  initials of Individual owners. In olden  days com tan nion sets were of pewter,  and occasionally a collector Is fortunate enough to run across a whole  -at."���What to f:atV  "-.-'-���������'.  ^   Risky   Thing   to -Do,   but   tha   Man  ' ,      Waa Desperate. V -  After Crumpet bad seeu hi-, wife off  on the train he returned, t-> ins fjuiet  house, closed the' door k"ud" gazed  around at the rows of Inviting books,  at the table of smoking materials,' at  the grate tire ready to light, and *bi��  eyes glistened with Joy.  "Old *nan," he exclaimed to lilmsol?,  ".what a time you'll have! > Wife away  ut last, and now tliere will be time to  do all Uiose little things you've wanted  to do for so long���to read, to loaf, tv  think and Invite one's soul." ' * ,  At this "moment tho telephone��rang  It was Cniinpet's neighbor,' Alstar.;''  ,' "Hello!' Crumpet, .'this, you?,' ' Say,'  I've just learned'your, wife has, goue  away.' Why didn't you" let, us .know.  Of course .you mustn't stay atone.  Come right over'-ind take~di-U.er with  ins." - , 1    ', ' 1��     "��� '      A  Crumpets' heart 'sank,' but ho wa_  equaPlo the emergency.' -,*"���  '���Can't    comu    tonight     old    chrj.  thank you.    I've got an engagement."  "���'Well', tomorrow, night."  "Sorry, but"���  "The next nlglit."  "Very well���1 guess so. I'll let you  inow."      f ,*  "We shall surely expect you."  "Thanks."  Crumpet, heaving a sigh of reliel  (hat at least he had that evening to  himself, once more sank back in his  c'^air.  But not for long. Telephone- once  more.   This time It -was Carter.  "This you, Crumpet? Why didn't  rciu tell me your wife was away*!  Well, never mind. You mustn't ba  aioue. Shall expect you to take dinner  with us every night. Coui<* right orer���  What! Not tonight? Tomorrow ? .Noi  Well, make it Thursday. All right  Good! Know how It Is myself."  ' Crumpet waited to hear no more.  ETe picked up his hat and coat, dajhed  out of the door and made bis way to  tbe nearest stenographer's.  "Here!" he said. "I'll give you a 11...  of adi._-e.sscs. Take this letter and seLd  it to p/ery one at once. 1 iniiy lose  every fiiend I have In lhe world," he  muttered, "but I can't help it."  The letter h:e, dictated  vyis as foi  ..lows:-.. .   , '   - !���  "To rrleuds and Neighbors���i;or the  first time in years my good wife has  gone  away   on   a vis-i,   anil   left   mo  alone.   Contrary to a'i expectations, I  am enjoying 'mysel-*.    I've looked  forward to being alone for. weeks.   I love  to be nliine.   I may be peculiar, I may  be a crunk, but if yon have any regard  for  me  don't  ask  nie  out  to ..inner.  Don't suggest that at .this critical time  I leave my home, for 1 wouldn't do it  , unless ��� the  house   burned  down.    lie-  ���pcctfull'y,   sincerely    <���--.-.   ���*�����-c V a_  -r_ru_n"a*_.'',, Tiifl-.-..". I  connectlou > wltl."!* J oU"f.r��b<) tf-pn pent _, all  -ov.er^the^cduntry^tooKj/Fp"' bls^Inayfrtiov:  1 tlve and * edifying-^carter .'aud^- pushed'  cIt to'a^nlshXrStlll'anotberiverse.iv*tt!<;b  ie j,\\ Idow''office'and>trav-  started ,In, the  ^Plo wi-a'Tond^of Ebenez��r���  "rT ,'EK for"BtiorC8h"e'ealled-he'r'6ea_L,'eI_.rr;  *fV-Task ot^"t5(IC8nofclovei"t ^reat C/ciarl,  ,   <i,Tou ahould.,aeo'fern,'Eb and^Flo.wis ��"'  By^lteeltr tljls " beauUful .bit" could  hardly, claim - a 'place* in***a,Volubie of  great* American poets, 'Jbut,' when-it  'traveled,-far arid wide, and recelvctl an  extra Verse, ni each resting place It became a pursuing nightmare. ��� From  ^"Humorous College'Journalism" In'B-o-  bemlan Magazine.  " ���*-���     . "    ."���-'  , Resigned  Too Soon.    ^ J  Ono ' aflssourl    lieutenant s governor  missed ' the   governorship^ because ��� he  resigned   too   soon.*   .When   Frederick  Bates was elected governor,* there was  chosen for lieutenant governor on the  same   ticket ' Benjamin ' 13..-Hives   or  Howard ��� coun t_r.'. M r.�� ti.i vcs^beld ^'oltlce  ca (few months-arid resigned.    Shortly  after  his" reslgnntlon   O'oVeruor '.Bates  died, and there^belng no Heuteriant governor the succession ^ fell  to > tbe presI-_  denti,of the state scnute^Atjra-Min,J.'  'Williams of Boone county, who seryed  for some six 'months  ns  governor, of  Missouri.' .Governor .Williams' wns -a.  ^'Insist  if"-*. _   �����* 1    j-1  s'dir haying^  ���:( �����*'��      1    ,      ,  li^gtndsorl  ,....&__..' .^f.,*. f,_ *.,,- ,,  all over Canada for its at*."'  -- *:.  "a    *j .', a( ^   ', *  .    ,  ,-,' There's^ iio  compansoa ��  '^ndsor'Salt, and th'e _-�����?, j  salts ^-t-afanj" being so\i 1-  11 v      . ..,  ,'sthe west/"   i ,  .Windsor'Salt coslJ co-  than these iniportcti si^  L at the present prices  Insist   on   -W.ng.  'Windsor Sal--,  lOlW  "bam glad lo heAr, M:-|  that 'you have .decided -.-1 '  pari of "the church mthtan*.  - "Why, 'I haven't gone .\0 1**]  yet, -doclor/ but I'm -to h_���t;i  ol' the .church social."���-Chi!**!  buno..-      u       ���   . ���  "Now then, /children,  leacheiv'"what is Jt-we.r-  this'world ito make us  py?" - ~J    -���'   -���"  preacher,  a-'shoeuink<.r  and   had  one | A'^t^1^1 ve. aV,,_'1  wooden .eg.-Kausas hty Star     t        ^^^��'1.^  jpeiV<-C|  gov  . bin  ga-F  llbtol  ImistJ  Ifttruc  mm  A Natural  Laxatlv  Tnwaf'cl eltfanslngr is as necessary as outward bathing.   To keep'I*  bowels free and regular is of even greater importance than to W  the skin-pores   from becoming clogged.    The neglect of cithers  vites disease.    Everyone needs a natural  laxative occasional.!   .  tree the bowels of accumulated impurities     For this purpose':-*  red to  those who stifTcr from lhe "a*; v-o&ct&tk.  r over fifty years Beecham's IMIs hf -) xS'tmW  orrectivc, a Liver regulator ami Bi'^j VA*^  nor cause  pain.    Powerful  purqat.T^1'     WifnraS  Ji.f�� fr?iatest b��?-n *y" ��,1ercd 1o those who suffer fro  that.follow constipation.   I'or over fifty years Beecham's  been famous as a Stomach co  laxative.    They never  gripe  arc dangerous.    Avoid them.    Use Beecham's Pills  lief without doing violence to any  organ.    Their action �� in  niony with physical laws.    Take them rcgulai'ly  and the i-cr <���.,   _,%  Ind l,h(i--. V    bccom?s 1%SS  Sequent.    They are  a natmil l^ft'^C  and a positive cure for Constipation, Biliousness, Indig.-'-on '    "  Headache and Dyspepsia.  Prepared only by the Proprietor. Thorna.. Beecl.��m. St. Helen... Unr��hl��  Sold everywhere In Canflda and U. S. America.   In boxes 35 ����'�����  ��wirys  tQlnW  :i.2fill  -*r^��  -*   _W-V.a"v  - * There  ���wiilclh  'email  fetheaii  -fin  Thev (,'Hf'k ,*_���; t"  ��'-.  or  On the High Trap.  Broker���Are you going to try X. Y.  & Z. again?  P. Lunger (who has dropped hia  margin three times lu succession)���  Yep.. ���     i    l,i      '���    ;��� . ���    ���-  Broker-Well, If I were you, I'd try  R.nd arrange to do It over a net���Puck. THE LEADER. MOYIE. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
.^9_*^S^p4aiSnyWo.her '& Colds
■*_^W^i^.^di5_--cdiC-na—iinyour n'oney back.'    34years
Sag.^^F-Kj-'uccess $ra-n"end ShUoh's Cure.   25c,,.
i«lP  *|.1S.»J«S»fil!-_«,'«fB_*      ■ '• 318
V'-fe ■**■" U*J'«f«^--Uing' Hand on'Pain.—
,.J.._,!*<-| •For-p.iiri^^the joints and limbs and
*'for"l,rh(^hjaUc'i paifts".   neuralgia" and
?,liiii)bn(ft^p)rJ'1J"JThorrias'' Eclectric Oil
1 i6fi»_th"ptMSp-peer.    Wellr rubbed' in.
•-l.'_._i .-SS-£-ilfc--.i-_   .-.    7   :.   _..._i.l..   __,l
Jthe,Fki^_l'b89rl.s it and-it quickly and
jpelrmarligjjttjferelioves the affected part.
jto.;in its magic property'of
"sun from tho, body? and'for
"uality it as prized.*-" -
-V i   "*  .    <•.    .       >* " .   i
il,.t--js noise^ about?" iri*
ipaper-cutter. . ,    V.  ..J V
"says, that; it does 'all's tlie
Wherein the Writer Resembled
i Man on the Buoy.
"Tbat writer," said a publisher, referring to au 'author who seemed'to be
Idling away liis time, "is in reality, trying hard to'work, to get bis ideas flowing, but he ls stuck.
"He said to me himself, tbat he resembled a man who tnitde a bet one
summer day "at" 'the shore-that he
would swim out a mile and a half to a
certain buoy. The bet was accepted, and
the,man stripped and plunged in. 'His
friend retired to' the hotel to wateh'shls
' progress from the window. 'a
■ "I?rom the window with a Deldglass
the friend saw the swimmer reach tbe
buoy in due course,-draw himself up
out of the water and "sit down, com-'
fortably. with his legs dangling over.
So far so good.- Evidently he,was rest-,
Ing. well pleased „wlth his feat.   -,
, "Some minutes passed, and tbe swimmer "had not moved. The,'watcher returned to his book. But every .mow/
and then he looked up! and still the
swimmer sat-iu the same ^position on
the buoy. r '"'       ,.  , ""      *<  .'' ,
"An hour, two hpurs went by. Still
tbe swimmer remained. -A white, slim
figure; seen against the oncoming dark,
"be sat on the, buoy's'edge.   -His feet
dangled hi the sea.'  ne seeined to be'
muslug. - V        •''        . '        A-"
^'Finally It began to g'roijj quite dark,
and, "thoroughly alarmed" at  last, ,the,
'twatcher got, a boat and a couple ,of<
bargees and rowed out to his friend.
-'."Out there the iny^teryf'wassbon explained.,1 The„oian was stuck fast,to'
ways, that; it does -Wi tlie    tne <b wlllch ,had   been-- fresh]£
$La™!-^ •:,!«    v'T  'torred 'tLt.-morriing.''.',V ; 'VV V   [ J
:i^^^?_|^|paievSt.iPaulr CO.. Que.'
I -S'JUttrcli' 27th, '1907.'-y
locum",' Limited.1' A.AA'i'-.
Tnfe'   ..*,'     -, -- A'A- *-*»* -*-'
ra-jsna J>#*d_3;K
/ti&9$&&*' MjTiiffip^Kanks-Iot' Psychine < and
i^/Af^^^OxnmiiJai^^^l^h&ve 'used them''"with
iiitisfaction^bolh'-.in' -jn'yi
*„      _-*■_.*■■. ■»_ -*. ...
ijitpjL^^mil-zin thn't of my-i friends.
t_'affp'rdffi|pe much pleasurp, to recom-
"""* Viedy.)j;ivhich*>fis really" good
ji Which it* is intended..' 'I
lyery" tru'y/;-" ' "V . ,'    .- *
fgR.-^ERNliST.-tA.' ALL AUD..'
TfrecognizeJ that-' Psychine ,is
j|pyery^best remedies for ii.ll
~"j-an{J ;s.toiriat_h troubles^'and.
wri fbonditions.Wfrom what-
r^flt is thet,prescription" cf
8J of "the- throat,",'rings,"* and
^foid/'all 'wasting/ diseases.
*"ruggist' for* it,< at'50c* andV
rsiocuni. Limite'd, Toron-"
"ii',* -*"■■, f      -■?-  ' i
'fir.'    -i       Jj-_ -'(
— ^—■>'-   rv ' r1'-
Khtertof '-an-'-English ."lady, of
frank*;,had ;some pain, ihvner,
ly^'her^m'other./,-asked •>- l,lie_.
fe^be,l goodYeubiigh. .to-4ook^
ntter, *l aftei^exaininliig -?it,'
^repnot-for.-her** ladyship s-
""EQcj&I- should vsay-T-it.-".vas a
'"_, >_^^_FJpi_Sc^^erLto^Iay/"Colds-.are the
H^vSKit-Sbt r£f!-S^ient'"causes 'of*'.7Headache.-:
,;..& ^^;/AX-AT|^^BEOMO ;;QUIN1ISTE j! r.e--
-ri*"".'.. Moves cau_se._ E. AV. Gi ove ou box 2oc.
ch«.j' jSHScd'urs '-^ai-ist:   ,.
o\& t-fe.--ii*w;Tliairaepgnds/' ttnswered Senator'
K?»;*__>Bontluump^' on whether you 'are dis-'
IRSV,* uiisring'Spolilics or 'pastry."—Wasli-
^*S* "ingtcu Slir:   ,        V        ...
all 'ljrd ^soft or ralloiis.ij lumpj) and blem-
Ilhe.r^Toin1 horses, ,- blood '- sp.tvin, -,curb9,
. .pllita'nrigbonc, sweenoy," sliflod, spraius, ,sore.
.»i.il,.8 vil'iin^ thront,' couglis, etc. Snve $50 by
..-j—^ 'S-.'ilof .ne^ bottle. Warranted tho most -won-
/./?vSd.rfl'l^Blo_nis-i   Cure   ever  known.
& -;x.&*;"*.,t;—: • ,
r"i"_.   /**^pnJ--n"'(tlie "green"  cook,    poked
j[   ;,»';- I'M**head in nt the dining room door. .
'*,    )'• V jrVPleiihe.' ma'am,"  she  asked,   "an'
"    --v.; Jiow-wjII^I be knowin'.'when the pud-
"\_h__*!»jffl0ooked?''-> .*  "  >
*^tic^''a knife'into.fit/'  'said   her
ig]^^.tXrecalling  the   cook-book  in-
,v ga^iiijp'sy >v"If  the knife-comes  out
?cle_&!tl-erpudding is ready to "serve."
fA!S_!ifoh,   Norah!"_ The   mistress
Jlt-ltl an, afterthought.   """Tf    the
duJle^bes come out clean you might
|SU the rest ofn the knives into
pudding."—Evei yjjody's Magazine
A'J?J»*1fi;.Ar«* ^Sryou "Americans > as'•fond'jof
.«_-.i^P'-5_Sn5*' '-5ou *are- represented?"!■inquii-'5
--.»' -^gJWpd'llffi'tSS-rist: '    ' '-...'
A ■ MEN - OF^EARLip^'AGES;?/'';
.''.'- v.,,'    . ' ift' '________> .  ■- '-.*»..'y- 1
i   j -' ,*     . -' ~ '        ' '
-Were'.They   the' Mental".Peers .of , the
1,,4'^r\,'-J^Men ofitT<'clay,J7" $<./'' !''."*'-
C The^geneVal'* Idca^.that'idur enormous
^'advances in'science and.cbm'uiand'nyer
^uatiire'serveVas' demoustfatibns' bf,our
''mental? superiority."-to the/men of fear-'
lier. ages,fls^totalIy,'unfounded.",K.The
evidenced, history and oftlie^earliesl'
-.rnotiuments.ttlike goes to indicate tthat'
'ouCInYelleetual and-rmdrafi natureVhas
not advanced In*any'perceptible ,degree'
In ■ the"«seuond' place,. Nve^fi-id, that; the
"supposed.- great "mental' 'inferiority, of,
^savages, ls equally.-u'nfoundedV* >Thc
■ more tbey-are" sympathetically.'studied
5the-more .'tbey are found-to resemble
otirselve's In tbelr^inhcrent-Intellectual
,POwers.t   V  -V,*'   -."    ,'  ,.    "'A'   *J"-
-   Even .the so long despised Australian
savages,»almost the tlowes^ lu "mil tefla^
progress,' yet',show >,by ,their complex
, language, tlieir social.- regulations' and
"often" by', an   Innate '"nobility ,of  character, Indications of a/,very, similar'In-
.^ner nature.,to our,,Jdwu/'"lf .they- pos1-'
'sess ^ewcr.pbllosophers'and' moralists,
'?_liey; are.'alsb:_free;-froin' so ' large, _a
proportion* of ^unbalanced minds—idiots
«and i.rii'uatlcs^a/^'we/ppssess.'' },Om the,'
other-;ha,nd,A we And In-the thigher .Pa;-
^ciflc *,ty*p'es": men. who*/though'^savages'
'.as, regards^matei-ial^pro'gress," are*,yel,
. generally 'a'dniitted"t,o„be'physlcaIly.-'in-'
-tellectiially and" morally, our.'etiu'aj^U5
fnot,sour''superiors._ * ',*/♦^Thirdly!" iwe
men'of the stone.age' were-mentally,!or'
morally''Inferior 'to' ourselves.'—Alfred
Kussel--Wallace In Fortuightly .Review
Ha Mysterious  Virtues   Hidden   In the"1
Dowser's  Wand.
la experiments . with a divining'rod
as used for discovering underground
supplies of water oue of tbe geologists of the United States geological
survey found that at points it -Jurned_
downward Independently' of his will,"
but more complete tests showed that
the down turning resulted from slight
and—until , watch-id for—unconscious
.changes In the Inclination of his body,
the effects of 'which were 'communi-
cateil through the arms and wrists to
the rod. No tpoyernent of tbe rod from
causes outside the body could be detected, and' it soon became obvious
that,the view held by other men of
science is correct, that,,the operation
of the "divining rod" Is generally,due
to unconscious raoveinests of the bddv
or of the muscles of the band. The'experiments made show that these movements happen "most frequently at
places where tbe operator's experience
has led htm to believe that water may
be found.    ; . .    -"  ..
'"•■The uselessness of the divining roil
is'Indicated" by the facts that'the rod
may he worked atAV.II by the operator
that lie fails to detect strong,currents
of water running In tunnels and other,
channels that afford no surface Indications of water,and th-.it hts locations
In limestone reglotfs where water flows
In  well   defined   channels, are, rarely
more successful than those depeudentp
on mere guesses.   In fact, its operators
are successful only.in.regions In which
.ground water occurs In a definite, sheet
in porous material j o'r ln more tor'less
clayey, deposits,   such^ as   the' pebbly
clay" or till,"In whlchVnlthough' a few
-failures occur,'.wells .would get."water
^anywhere, f'*> -      Z '-., ,-' <f   J' _*_.
. Ground water, occurs .'under .certaini
'definite condltlonsVand-nsn in humid'
regions" a   stream ^may < be "predicted
wherever a'valley'Is known, so one'fa^
.-miliar, with" rocks , and groundti water-
conditions  may ,* predict^ places'1'.where*
't^qund^water'-can be,found."*No appH-'
ance  efth'ei-< electrical" orl 'mechanical
has yet been' successfully used,for de-
.tecting w'ater,""_In'places _ where 'plain
common 'sense''br mere" gu'esslijg would
not have'shown  its  presence just as
, well.-- The, onlyJ"advantage of,'employ-
Jug a "water "wlfch,", as tho~ioperator;
•of thetdiyining rod is sometimes called,' is ,that'skilled'services-'are obtained," most men so employed being^ keen:
er, and/better .observers of tbe occurrence .and movements of ground water
tli��j.n ' the 'average - person.—Scientific
American.. A '•'-' ,'      ,   -     -_ <
If you have evei taken a walk
through a pine forest you, will remember how, almost unconsciously, the
head was thrown back and lungs expanded as you drew in, with long deep
breaths, the pine-laden a'r. How invigorating it was—how healing!
, Thousands of men and women suffering from lung and bronchial affec
tions, but whose' encunibtances prevent , them fiom seeking renewed
health i" the pine forests, eim be relieved and cured in their own home
by- using Virgin Oil of Pine (pure).
This preparation contains all the
health-giving properties of the 'forest
tiees, and will break up a cold in 24
hours and.cure'any cough thafis curable. It is also a per,feetmeutralizing
agent for uric'acid, and affords speedy
relief in cases, of rheumatism, lame-
back, "or 'other* affections Tesulling
from'disordered kidnpys.
"Virgin'Oil 'of Pine is put,up in X-oz,
vials only j for druggists, to dispense,
each vial enclosed in a round wooden
case to prevent breakage and exposure J nightfall,
to light. The case is sealed with an
engraved wrapper showing the'name-
Virgin O'l of Pine, (pure) 'prepared
only by Leach Chemical Co., Windsor, Ont.—plainly t printed thereon,
ft is wel" .to get the genuine. „Should
your/lruggistr be una hie* to supply you
Olever   Ruse    by   Which   Two
Were "Done"  In Alberta.
Many ingenious ways of defeating
ihe prohibition regulation, have been
devised by thirsty individuals whose
'ot has' been cast in a droughty land.
One of the most original schemes on
record, however, comes froiB^ small
Alberta   township.
i The anti-liquor regulations were being enforced with all the rigor of the
law in that particular town. The desert of Sahara was not so dry. % Consequently, when 'one day a large keg
of whisky was discharged on the platform of'the station by a'passing
freight tram, the curiosity of the two
local constables was .aroused. 'They
scented a 'case and made immediate
investigation. There was no name on
the keg, so the constables sat themselves down in the shade of the
freight shed and waited developments.
.Nothing happened, however. No
one called .to'get the whisky. The
freight clerk knew nothing about it.
It sat solidly on the pisiform, a blot
on the prohibition''landscape.
The two constables ,-■ waited until
„ightfall. Then one of them went
home, leaving the other to keep watch
and ward during the night; The lone
constable waited till morning, but
nothing happened. Watch wai^chang-
'ed. One constable ..went home to get
his'much-needed sleep,, leaving' the
other in his coign of vantage, watch-
,A11 day
ones and you will never return to
ihe  adulterated, teas   of   Japan.
j Blue Label 40c, Red Label 50.,    l*r ii r (JDnfFRQ
Absolutely  Pure  as  Required   By the Pure Food Laws of 1907 t    ,
LEAD PACKETS ONLl       And Gold Label 60c. per, Ib
Mrs. Aseum—Have   you any    five-
cent stamps? '
Drug Clerk (absent-mindedly)—-No.
ma'am, but we have something just
as good.
I Mr... Aseum—Ha ! ha ! force of habit. That's where I caught you.
*i Drug Clerk—Not at all., madam. I
can give you tivo two,-, and a -one.—
Philadelphia Press.
you can have a">^-oz. vial mailed'to ing the .keg with eagle eye. ,A11 day
you by sending 50 cents to the Leach, long he ^ watched., but rst_ll nothing
Chemical/Co:."Windhor, Ont.
Wife .Was Suspicious
' The-' husband had  had  an unusual
amount'o*--work to do; and it. was af-
,ter midnight '-when he started, upstairs
to Bed.'He "tiptoed softly/but in spite
of'his*cautiousness    his wife    rolled
over-and half - awakened.     ,.   '       't
"Is tha'tiyou;-Tohn?",she.asked. <  .
',' "yes,.}"dear/^ -' '    ''"-,",    '     '
, "Are> you^ sure*" '/she    demanded,/
from^forcee'of habit.' *,  '       "   ,VW
'-. ■*". * *      -;—: ■;—;  _i .       '    - -f
- Parents* buy'Mother Graves' „\V,orm
Exterminator because ''they know it is
a'safe' medicine .for their'.childreh and
an'effectual expeller'of worms. *. "   '
'.       _ J. a _, , (7»
.'-,• Competition'calls' out resources, 'de-
velopf one's'" ingenuity, ' and-stimulates initiative' - '
j. -. .   _"*  ___  •■    .
■ii.'    ■'
. bail
"' , \' A Curious Grace. !>■      ',    .
* .The  most^curidus.-form, or,  rather
,expression, of grace afteV, meat ..which
I have ever edme across was that customary at Clifford's inn,'one of ,t-.e
vanished ,inns of chancery. The society consisted- of two distinct bodies,
tho principal and rules aud tbe Keut-
ish mess,' each,body having its own la-.
hle~ At the conclusion of tbe dinner
the .•halrman.pf the Kentish mess, first
'bowing  to  the   principal-'of   the. Inn.
1took from the hands of the servitor
some small *roIIs or loaves of bread
and.' without 'saying a word,*- dashed
*jtben_ several times ou „ihe table, after
which they were taken away!" Solemn
silence relieved ouly by the thumps
prevailed during this curious substitute for'a "verbal grace.—Cor. Loudon
.Chronicle.   ,.-*,.
i"     Instinct and Reason.
Instinct Is the generic  term  for all
those faculties of mind  which lead to
the  performance   of  actions   that  are
adaptive   In   character,   but   pursued
Going Abroad. .    '   »     without necessary knowledge of the re
Sils season  of  the year ,one al   I latlon   betweeu   the   means .employed
""* ' ' and the ends attained.' Reason' refers
inard's  Liniment Cures  Burns,  etc.
"5.   -'^i. ^    ,  A  Pel  Bear.   tn ' „'., ,       t
■j Bears' unless' hungry-or abused  are'
good'natured animals and'make iiiriu-^
|Ing'pets.Vv,Wbeu I was lu"thei:,re venue -
service at",Alaska,"* said a'' lieutenant,
"we had a petibea'r on "the boat,'and
we called h.im* Winesica. "He,.used; to
'climb to" the erosstrees." going up, hand
oyer"bnnd*.by* the ratjiaes.,,t)ue day he
venturedj-bub .on* the "yai-dai-m,1* and
'th'ere'.heiStayed. r We' bad t"d""get a ,rope:
and, haulThim1 down. vfOnce-be .vaulted
-over the^hVad of qur_Chi'nese cookVnd,"
went Into thV lockers,«where' he,helped
'himself to "sugar and,butter.., We had a
tackling made for him,1 much"th^same
as ar harness  of. tn pet*pug.*-.ahilvwo
would drop h'lin overboard, wltli'a rope
attached, to take his  bath. lOnce  he
'landed . iu  a   native   boat' and' nearly
frightened the occupants out of their,
wits.   lie was as playful as a kitten.,
and, although he sometimes disobeyed,
he "was uever treacherous -Or, uukind.
When he was lost or hid himself, as he
often did, we would look in tbe dark
till   we  saw  two Vittle   balls  of fire.
These   were   his  eyes   and  gave  him
away every time."
V   ;;:jn THE BLOOD
Cure j't Vy" Enrichingdthe Blood
- "with" Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
._ w ..Ija's mmiy friends who are plan
InjS't^ti-Ip abroad, so there comes »
llesl^^tb send with  the, note of good
IsScjjjia  trilling gift.    So  often  are
= r-,r.^i_ft%PP_ns   crPw<Ici1   witI'   lowers  on
^^|__g|ning of sailing that the recipi
_ _,- .^_felM't@iq.lccs   the  floral   treasures   onlj
9 _n   ._s^^w-HW'ir'*.**ri*ifct,        -. .     ., , *-
__/_?V' ^/icasuallyt-iind■ removes   the   cards   as-
V ^V-^^intfs.      But   some    littlei  arltclf
^{V-; wblcji|[cau be made useful during the
Icec1 i*     ^'Vdyoge^and Which comes as a surprise
t0 A   hl to_J;f_fie£tcgurIst Is sure to he cherished.
ith. "_    ""•* xfieresarc colltipstblo clothes hangers
mIi   .' -       wl_l£h;'can be folded and put in a very
' Bmalijlbbx1.    A pincushion that can be
* _-..:s_*_-!	
*;<'t' H*i,n8*v,*R: In .tl,c **»talei-ooin  or any of
l'iV*« -^Ijtne'jllttie^arti'cles which you have heard
i 'd^ VAL/-*^'".'*^^il.i'**.-    .   . ., «    ,
■-...' .y.nHiaBAtAiirinta   "i*".iifiii   as   being  par
hich are so of-
much more nc*
th*; /j*rv-i^ceSt_t_)ierdfferiug than either flowers
. *» —~—-——
|M^e*j)esr medicines in the
^orld cannot take the place of
the^farnily physician.   Consult
J" »artist*- -*-l*"    ■ . *
himTcarly when taken ill. If
th^trjouble is with your
tjbroat, bronchial 'tubes, or
lungs, ask him about taking
fAY$r'ts<Cherry Pectoral. Then
take ft or not, as he says.
to those actions that are adaptive lu
character and that are pursued with
knowledge of tho relation between the
means <.-mployed and the ends aimed
at Such'is the technical statement of
the difference between Instinct and rea
son. but the real, basic difference be
tween the two faculties is unknown
and probably unknowable.—New York
Thack-ray's Pink Bonnets.
Thackeray was fond of putting pint
bonnets on such of his lady character*,
us were to be specially fascinating
The eternal Becky wore one. thi
tnusby Amelia wore one ou her wed
ding tour (very probably on her set
ond ono alsoi, and the dtmhlug Bentrl*.
also set off her beauty by this meuns.-
Awful  Effects.
Acrid Ike—Hey sa\  dat steady drip
pin'   o'   water'll   "ear  away   a   stone
I  Dreamy   Pete—Jes"   t'lnk.   den.   wor'<
' happen t' n man's stomach by pouriu
glassfuls Inter il.—Bohemian.
"Wb publish otlr formula*
Wo banish alonhol
from our mcdlclnca
. Wo uriffi ,you to
consult your
Quite  Useful.
"She has a very useful  husband."
"How do you make that out?"
"He can  always  suggest som*°thlnj.
that   he   wants   for  dinner." — DctroM
free Press.
He Sidesteps.
Husband—Yes, dear, of course we
must economize.
Avife—.Well.'then, I've concluded that
I might do. the cooking myself.
Husband (hastily)—Oh, no, it's cheap-,
er to keep a servant in the house than
j doctor.—Woman's Home Companion.
.Bilious attacks, sick-headaches, indiges-
-ipn^consttpation,  dizzy spells-—these
rtrejsome of the results of an inactive
^ Ihreftf-j-Ask your doctor if be endorses
_  AyerJ»^1»llls in these cases.   The dose
I     _      Is small.Hone pill nt bedtime.
"It takes you a long time to pass a
given point," said the minute hand en
,    "I may be.slow.", answered the hour
v hand,  "but it takes you all of slxty-
I sbc minutes to catch up  **-lth me,"—
Chlca__o Tribune. V
.- She Carried a   Parcel. v
' The laugh is ou one of'the attendants at the Congressional library at
Washington. One of the rules is that
no one shall be allowed<"to carry a parcel of any kind Into the building. One
day a tall young woman 'appeared at
the door, and when the attendant saw
that she had a parcel under her arm
he told her that It was agaiust the'
rules ror lier to take it with ber. -She
demurred and pronounced the rule
absurd. There were certain parcels
that people should be allowed to carry
with thoia, aud so fortb, and so forth.
But the man insisted that he 'must enforce the rule and that she would have
to leave the parcel with him until she
came out. That settled it. The young
woman deliberately opened the parcel,
took from It three pairs of black stock-
lugs that she evidently had just
bought,, aud, hanging them over her
arm. she gave the attendant the^ paper
iu which they had been wrapped, saying:
"There, please keep that until I come
out.   I ba-e no parcel now."
- There is .only- one way by which
rheumatism^-can^be, cured'. It,must
be treated-through .the blood. Liniments and "outwaid -applications may
give, temporary "relief, but they can't
possibly ""cure, the trouble.. And while
you ' are .experimenting .with ", liui-
ments^'tlief,trouble ' is every .day becoming r-more';nrinly'' rooted ""in' the
system/"arid t moie". difficult ..to . cure.
The poisonous'-acidithat causes.rheu-
malisrif must "be driven' put .'of jithe
.blood/ ahd/you ,can ,only *<Jo"this'"by
makings new,"/rich/ red blood through'
the ,use offDr. .Williams' Pink-'Pills"..
•".-Mr.-,Chas. H.. Lumleyy of*Brickford,
Ont.Msnone of the, best-known farm-
.ers in' Lambton,county.' About,ithree
years' ago/ while1 Mr.* Lumley was engaged, in threshing/'.he became overheated, and this w was'-.followed by a
severe chill that'*started the rheum-
,atic pains.- Mr. Lumley1"-says: "I did
not think anything of it at,the time
as I was'accustomed to being exposed
to all kinds cf weather.,'^As a result
1 was unaole 'Ho go about next morning. I haa isevere pains in' my arms
and legs which,I treated at first with
Uie usual home remedies. As these
did not help me, and the trouble was
growing worse, the lamily doctor was
sent for, but he did not have any
better' success. He told me I was
suffeiing from a severe attack of
iheumatism, and there can be no
doubt about it, as I was confined to
mv home about four, months before I
was  fortunately , advised  to  tiy    Dr. I joor w{th a heaw 'wooden bolt'.   ""W<
William.'   Piiik  Pills.     I' sent  for  a , have a drought in.the country, and l
Its Awful Sleeping Quarters and Its
"Penny  Pawns."
In the Millgate Month!:/ there Is a
description of tbe "Alsatia of Glasgow"-the Cowcaddens— where "all
that is-most titisalubrious and repellent
ui our modern life Is to be found."
Side by side with all that is demoralizing live aud flourish,harpies of various
kinds and degrees. None Is so dangerous to tlie health of the community
ns she s\ho night after night seeks to
make a dishonest penny by overcrowding her shimmy house. Sanitary Inspectors find the occupants of overcrowded houses. In their attempt to
avoid detection, concealed iu every
eouceivahlc corner—hidden"' In cupboards, under beds aud even on tho
housetops. Two tiers of people have
beeu found in one bed. one on the
boards or mattress, the bed then Anns
over, and another living tier on the top.
What nre kuowu as "penny pawns"
abound In the district A broker who
keeps one of these can purchase an
article of any value from a penny upward. ','• He' ls compel led to keep it
for only seven full days, and at the
end of that pqrlod he may sell it to
whomsoever he chooses, and; that too.
In all probability., for- several'hundred
per cent more than Me paid for It.
Thousands of poor people are entirely
ignorant of the difference between a
pawnbn-1-ing establishment and a
"penny pn\y,n," with the result that In
many cases when they go to the latter
thev lose goods which, if pledged with
the* former, they might have redeemed
1 »n time.
Supply, and it was not loi^ before.I
found" they. were- helping me'/ and ,by
the tune I had taken a ha""f dozen
boxe's the. trouble had entiiely disappeared. In other respects the pills
also greatly, improved my health, and
I never relt better in my life than
I liave since taking them. I therefore most cheei fully recommend Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills lo other' similar
sufferers."  -
Dr. W'lliams' Pink Pills make
cures of this kind after doctors and
common medicines fail, because they
actually make new bloq$l. They don't
cure* the meie symptoms. They go
right to the root of the tiouble in
the b'ood. That is why this med.ciue
cures anaemia, indigestion, neuialgia
palpitation of the heart, and the headaches and backaches brought on by
the ailment!, that.fill the lives of so
many women with misery. Do not
rake anv pills without the full name.
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People," on the wrapper arouncl the
'box. Sold by nil medicine dealeii. or
by mail at 5(5 cents a box or six bo-*es
for $2.50 from The Dr. Will.inns' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
By tne autogenous uietnoa two sheea
of metal may bo welded by placing
their edges and following the seam
with a blowpipe. "Seamless" ' copper
and steel vessels may be made bj
forming tbe body and ends separately
and tracing the joints with the blow
A gyroscope was placed on a British
torpedo boat, U^'t beam and 116 feet
long, at Tynemouth, England. A gale
was blowing waves six to eight feet
high and a hundred feet long. The ves
sel v.ns put broadside to the waves,
and the maximum Inclinations were
only 15 degrees. The naval experts
believe that the gyroscope will soon be
placed In passenxrer boats.-
happened. ....
..Evening came. "To-night, for sure,,;
thought the constable. Watch was
changed, but the keg remained unmolested all that night. -*' . .
Ne,xf morning, the constables held
a consultation'. They decided to remove-the keg to one of their houses.
Even' though they, could not arrest
the offenders they could, at least confiscate the contraband.',/ ' .■.,""
They approached the,.keg gingerly,<■
for .'the brooding barrel, had assumed,
a sinister, appearance ' in their-eyes.
They took hold' of. it. ,It moved* with
"wondrous ease. -"They lifted it .up.
It was'empty.'  r      ',",-*,       _   .t.
".Clean through the boards, of the
platform * iip, through the,e bottom of
the cask,? was a neat augur hole.
While thev had ' wailed and -watched'
the barrel!had-been tapped ,from beneath the" platform-the whisky tak-
sn away and the keg;left for them to
look at. -. '
-      "* . f      I V
■V Superstition"'That1 Lives^ Among the
Frepch Canadians.
"The northern lights are very beautiful to-night," I, told the grandmere
•when. I came in. "You -should see
them."     • .   ,
"The) eclairon !,"   she   gasped,   andfi
jumping ,u'p,  went out on to the gal-
erier«'I followed and found her'staring
blankly at .the sky..her hands-clasped
over her'breast'. "
V'Sacre- bleiiVit is bad—too-bad,"
she .repeated,** and 'went 'in as ab-,
ruptly as she cameVout. I stayed to
enjoy the glory. , The sky grew ,much
brighter: f'The vapory'' shafts, of 'deli-'
c'ate violet and' rose^-now sho. Jar
down the southern sky, and the aure-_
ola'had .reached the zenith. '' •* " *
". The *-.- music ,■* ceased ..inside., The
habitants ,r. came out,- and as r they
looked * heavenward 'a silence fell* on
them, v ' It grew"' profound, then .' intense. I could hear'soine one's watch
tick.   ,       .•'*.'*
No one "spoke, or" moved until the
grandmere, stretching. her withered
hand skyward, began a_' low monotonous chant. - It was weird and eerie.
My scalp seemed to^move. The words,
were so "iiuHstirictIy"""spoken ■ I- could
not catch their meaning. The others
joined ' her, and the song swelled
through the village and re-echoed
from the distant sombre mountains *
One" by one the 'villagers began to
leave, and the song gradually died
away. Some, however, still sang as
they went down the road. The dance
was over. As I turned into the-house
with Philippe. I asked him what the
song meant.
TJhe country is very dry, the m'sieur
knows!"   he   answered,   securing   the
"     e
the eclairon is very bright during
a drought it is tliat there will be only
little of harvest—v'la! Tl is too bad.
So we prayed to-night that it may
not come true this autumn. - It is a
superstition of the oldest. Some believe it not. I hope that is not true,
but T don't know." he added shrugging his -shoulders.
Test  Bureau   For Canada.
There is a movement among the
electrical supply men and the insurance men to, have established in connection with the Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association a bureau for
the purpose of testing electrical appliances.
Al piesent every invention or improved appliance has to be sent to the
National Board of Fire Underwriters
of the United States, at Chicago for
approval before it can be accepted as
a standard. A fee which runs from
$10 to ?100 is charged for this work.
Manufacturers of electrical apparatus
express the opinion that it is unfortunate (l.at a country the size of Canada should not have standards of her
own, and point to the fact that many
of the good moves made by the Canadian Fire Underwriters' Association
of Canada have been adopted by the
National Association oi the United
Officers of the Canadian Underwriters' Association agree that while such
a bureau would be a capital thing
it would cost too much to establish
on an elaborate scale. The practical
testing of insulation to ascertain its
durability is one form of the work
which the Canadian Bureau could not
take up It is estimated that a b-i-
r-eau anything like the National Bureau at Ch'cago would not cost less
than $100,000 per year to run. Government assistance may be sought.
The  Honest of  It.
He flaims he made his money
Bv honest toil   alone
That's ti uly so, l\-t then, you know.
It i» a Liver Pill.—Many of the ail-
menti? that man has to contend with
have their ^origin in a disordered liver,
which is a delicate organ, peculiarly
susceptible to"the disturbances that
come from irregular habits or. lack of
care in eating and dunking. ' Tins
accounts for the greal many liver „re-
gulators -now pressed on the attentioh
of sufferers. Of, these* there is'none
superior to Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.
Their operation though gentle i*j effective, and the most delicate can use
them.- .... " ' ■    ,  ,      ' l
Grumbbler—Il has rained or snowed nearly all thefyear.   Good -weather
must be mighty 'expensive,
_• Smiler—Expensive? ,    How   do  you
mean?       ■ ,   <■ j ,
r Grumbler—"Why, the United States
pays' $1,500,000, a, year to keep' up."0the
weather bureau, and look what weather we get.-fCir'cle •*• '  ,
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucab' County.. ■  j
Frank D". Cheney makes oathVthat
he 'is senior partner of(the firm of F.
iJ. Cheney & Co., doing, .business , in
the City of Toledo, County ...and State
aforesaid, arid, that said'tiim will pay
the sum of 'ONE HUNDEED DOLLARS for each and every case'of Catarrh that cannot be cured bv.the use
of-Kail's'Catarrh  Cure,
^-Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my_ presence, this'.6ths day of > Dec1
ember", A.D. -1386.     A. W. GLEASON,
(Seal.)" .,-    . <   Notary Public.
HaJFs Catairh Cure is taken internally,  arid acts directly on the blood
arid  mucous  suifaces'of  the  system.
Send for testimonials free.       *       ,
■   !F. J. CHENEY & CO.', Toledo, O.
Sold  bv'all  druggists,  75c. >•
'Take BJa'l's 'Family Pills for <constipation.      ','-'-,''     ;*    - *     l'
''>-■'   , : ; —   ■*-.'•
r "I'have come'all,the way outliere,".
said the -tenderfoot', JC,"to -see your-
beautiful  sunset." "   '    * ^ ■•*
; "Somebody't, been 'stringing youv
sj"ranger," .replied '/Arizona'. Al. ^ "It*
ain't mine."—^Chicago Record-Hei*ald.
He   Won  the  Applause  of  the   Eccen-
i       * trie Hans von  Buiow.
Hans von Bulow. tbe famous leadei
and  composer,   was  due of  tbe  most
eccentric   members   of   a    profession ,
wherein eccentricity is common.   It la
related that one day. while walking the
streets of Vienna. Bulow came'upon a
regimental band on its way to tlie castle.   Immediately he ran to the" middle
of   the1  street   aud ,joined   the   small""
boys, about  the  drummer. '' Following <
the .band, he kept bowing to jthe surprised   drummer,   applauding   him , at  •■
almost every beat. ,fl     <    .
"That Is rhythm!   Excellent!..^That's   \
,the way I ll_*e to hear'It!" he„contlnhed
to ejaculate,' to the surprise of all and   .,
to,the great delight of the small boys.
Persons In the street began "to recog-  v
nize.the famous pianist aud joined Jhe
procession, so that the .band had one.v
of the largest audiences* to which It
had'ever played.'   A   f_   _
Bulow listened attentively to the end *';
of the'last piece'and then made a deep'"-'
how before the'drummer and" his* in-'i'
etrument. ,      * ' ,        , 7"
"Thank you," he said.  "That was're-..
freshing! That 'puts my nerves In good   '
condition again!" ' r      -     ;(
rIt Is said that when' the i drummer ,
learued who his strange'admirer ^wajs
he "was. the 'proudest man in the regl- '
ment ,        ' *     ' .      ',    ',
'"$ I
- i
' k1
A 4
y 4|
ilinard's,, Liniment Co.,. Limited.
i Gentlemen,-1- Theodore Doiais, a
customer of,m"ne, was completely cured'of "rheumatism'after five-years of
suffering, bv the judicious use i f
MINARD'S'LINIMENT.    -       ■ '
The, above  facts can he verified by
writing lo him, .to" the Parish Priest j
or anv of his neichbors.'.' . .,
A.  COTE, Merchant.
St.  Isidore,  Que.,  12th May,  '03.
The  Unhappy  Experience ^ of'V> Young ,,
Marrie'd=;Woman. '        ' "1- . '   "
A young married woman in Brooklyn ,
,suspected that  her'husband, was-In--,
dulging In wine.   She determined, however, to»say nothing till slie had* confirmed her suspicions. > In conversation   ■
with   her  bosom   friend  she  said  she'"1
would give ' anything (to discover, the ,^
truth.' i The  friend   mentioned   that ,a V
man  even"ts)lghtly  Intoxicated  cannot   l
pronounce ^words of length.   Thisgave V'V-4
the young wife'an idea, which'.she pro-'?.aw,.
- 7
ceeded to'putinto execution. ; \-" ,'f
-"When the young "women met agalnv , ,_
the suspicious' wife announced that the\ "* ™|l
worst had been ascertained. She burst f*,\"/lj!a
into tears and took from her hand-bag" f/i.'Vg'j'
a paper, 'which she .handed/, to . her-V/^jj*'
friend."    \ .-t    ' *        ' ' ,;   ' A*A V ,r"' V^'.'fi
--.        i. .--,1*-
"I gave Uim this," she .sobbed. -,■> ■*. *
The friericV read'from the ll^t'the foi-'
lowing"" ivordsl "Philbprogeiiitiveness,
disproportionableness, pseudaestbesla,
phthisis, parachronism, .hypochondriasis, photochromy, syneategorematic."
"And," added the unhappy wife, with
a fresh sob,-"the, wretch missed nearly ,
all of them!"      " V
'Jliss   Tessie   Rector—Ain't  it   fierce
t,he way the pi ice of everything has!
gone up
In a French Chateau In Winter.
It .Is not all bliss to be Invited to a
French chateau in midwinter, no matter how distinguished the host or how
romantic and artistic the domicile. At
least It isn't for the steam heated Bos-
tonian, lapped in the luxury of summer -warmth. A visitor to a distract*
i lngly lovely abode near Fontainebleau
Miss   Trixie   Shanley—Fierce I     It's    says  he "put  In ctwenty-four hours of
the limit! Why, out of'my 18 per I
have to pay 50 just for living expenses. 1 can hardlv save a cent.—
PAZO OINTMENT    is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching/Blind, Bleeding  or  Protruding Piles  in    6  to  14
days or money refunded.   50c.
"You believe, then, that it is right
lo  take   human   life'-'"
For an instant the Aniuchist va**,
"Not under all circumstances," he
leplied. "Suppose this monster you
call the State should desire to take
mine?"—Philadelphia  Ledger.
physical anguish there nnd simply
came away wondering how his hosts
endured the arctic temperature, of the
rooms. "If I meant to live in foreign '
lands," says this shivering person, "I
-would go througu the chilling process
■which inures human flesh aud blood In
France. What do these people do to
render the blood in their veins to
course like ffre and act like an eternal
furnace?" That's a question Americans abroadi might well like to have
answered. ••
• H
t- f
buy fuis and hides, or tan them for
lobes & rugs. N. W. Hide & Fur Co.,
Old Lady (who had give the tramp
a nickel)—Now, vhat will jou do
with it9 j
Hungry Hobo—Waal, ye see, mum ,
ef I buy an auto, there ain't enough I
left to hiie a shoiui. So I guess I'll |
git a schooner. 1 km handle that J
metelf.—Bohemian. i
riea- of the Sun.
It has been computed that the temperature of the surface of the sun
■would be expressed by 1S.00O degrees
of Fahrenheit's thermometer,- or between eighty and ninety times the temperature of boiling water. This Is
about five times the highest temperature that mau Is able to produce by artificial means. The light given off from
the surface of the sun Is reckoned as
being 5,300 times more Intense than
that of the molten metal In a Bessemer
converter, though that Is of au almost
blinding brilliancy. IT we compare It
with oxyhydrogen dame, the sun sheds
a light equal to l-IU times the Intensity
An anjuslng story Is told at one of
the Philadelphia clubs. It seems that
an older member thereof, a clever
chap, was being frightfully bored by
his vis-a-vis at tnble in the cafe oue
uight, the latter Individual .being as
dull as the former was bright. .
The talk was fn^t becoming unendurable when the lirst named member chanced to observe a man at the
other end of the dining room yawning
in a manner that threatened .to dislocate his jaws.
"Look!" exclaimed the first member
In dt-soflnitlon.   "We are overheard."—
"It's not the  position  but the  di-*- j of the limelight,
position  that makes  men happy. |
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
j What a Mammoth  Is Like.
1     Picture  a   i]ii.ulrupe.l   of  biieh   enor-
i mous proportions th.it If it sat on its
| bnuncbes   It   would   co\er  an  area  of
! 1375 square feet and   its  head   would
An acquaintance called on some la
Jies in an Alabama town who had at ■ rear ^qq (cei -n t[le ,••■•_ .. beast which
•he time beeu much wearied hy an ap
'-arently endless succession of callers.
The door was opened by Augustus
'lutts. the faithful old butler.
"Are tbe ladies in." asked the caller.
"No, ma'am; thay'se all out."
"I am so sorry that I missed them."
-ontiuued the visitor, handing him ber
cards. "I particularly wished to s-ee
Mrs. Jones."
"Yes, ma'am, thank yo*, ma'am," re
•ponded Augustus. "They'se all out
•ua'am, and Mrs. Jones is particularly
Mit, ma'am."—Ilai-Der's Weekly.
could squat ,lou n in the midst of a
c'tiuip of gig.iiKit pmes .md nibble tho
tender top sprout1- from all the trees
within an ucie of its position They
are discing out the bones, of this e*c-
tni-t animal, nnd -.eieial pieces> of the
skeleton lr.nc been ■"hipped lo Vancouver. The soiket*. apparently held eyeballs eighteen m< lie., to two feet in
diameter. 'I lie bones were discovered
near Sl-.ides.nte. Queen Charlotte Islands, and llic remaining bones are be
in? excavated for shipment—Winnipeg
There is Onfy One
That is
Always  remember   the  fall   name.     Look
for   this   signature   on   every   box.    25c.
*   «iS\
Vv> 'J,*
'\tA  -\
- _;      ft
4?H01f%4 ���        1'  fl  'i;i\i<: i j<:a i >kji, mqyj k, iuutisji ' coj jj^____i  J.i___J       JU__._C_.i_i       'i_i__.___.__.__.^ii  i#o Am Cro i. J  i Ue   seanuii.  The fii-eso W&i in   days,   ot  sprintr  bring wicir them  a   _te-.it-o   Lo  get  mo and ��_-jt-y the ��xuiiii-n,ung aii  mil     buu-hliit).      Cr_-i��i---)ii      LhaD  uve Lshu   iiou-ed   up  ail _ winter  ll, 0  ' ���*'���; >'  I   '<-     '��.'  tis>-i*  < ,Ai    -  I .   / *     "       i  i* (���  '���>'i' .k" V  1       2 .1.  .,i   :**      '  i-1      -f      ,.  ihA\A  Jf :'  '.'  Vi)'" i <-  ,&"���.,_,    �����    /  ,-ff'       >��������   X   -I     -I  c- V-V"*"'- * *  A.      rli -t  PiblUlud ia the mLtri_btui iLc people  of Mwyie aud East Kuoteuuy.  ~i ���- -        ���.      ' ut, otoij-fuc out. anil  yon   wonder  I'\ J   isirrTJI, Pi'OUdH-in.        I vfaei-e lat*v  till   eauii-  from.    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'*1q ���   every ,"' ��"��-"'��i. ever oroaacmn  i.J'.t ;j, , *p .,.���/'      - '   -r       x   -^ '< ���% j tb3,  increasing breadth   of knot  :&&"[?"'*},  ,4 city and town about Bodton, and! "When tlio blood is "bad �� or'imj  Afi * "A f" ���?, 11  ' -    ' it ���      ,���      , ' 1 is   net   alone   the   body   which  ;'4H A'  'A     ,la J*osfc'?u *SieV��   fche   nuiuber  of    tii;-ough  disuse,,   The   brain   i  1 J^lfi V^ ;* marriage  intentions  filed  at the, -'^"^.^-V mind-'and Judgeme  *y   tj.-'uVi ' * e"*ccted. andTi-;inv .in own ^-o/vi����. i  ( rk ;V ���r",'/ 4 '   ��ffi=es    of ' tho   clerk3 "shows ' a  - 4�� 4-' J-i-^; < marked falling olf during the last  -,:'��. ��f -,,' .,  i,      ..    >   .   ^   ���. _ j  , ��'Ilie SSIocd is TIiq _Oft.�� ,  Science  has  r.pva_* gene, beyond'tha  fclxivo 3imple statement cf scripture.   Bui  it has illuminated that  sta*_en_cnt and  -flvfipv    gIvea !t a meanlne ever broadening wltb  n K\ *h3,  increasing breadth   of knowledge;,  in,  and ' y^en tlio blood is "bad " or 'impuro it  suffers i  ��� - - ,         is   also  ���ck>uded,,Mho mindcand Judgement,are  effected, and^wmy an evil deed or Impure  tllo>ig}nv^iJ5^4Je^_k���ctIy triced to ' the  impihsay'of the Hbdi5 Fr.nl. imnuro blond'  raii'be ^prlr. pure'by t'fp "^'"L-.S*  Pierce'5_GolderV Medical  niyoverv. Ait.  mirinl,���.  ., i    ,-"���'-.,        . *.   "   .      .-  ��� TJL-f  I'  To Arrive; Shortly:  A    A   '���"-���<  ^4^'   Eiiipers.   Haddies.    '  **;.. v* ���'.'������."'.  4^  ���"���n  i    ��, _ <*    '", A  >|C Terms Cash.'"-Deposit .Apcounts^Opened. m  ^     "- {v'Jfabeell - 'Block' v: ���"'"'   <  ��'^'  ^^��? ____._:��� _-^�� ^^? ^* ^- ^' '^^ZAJ^'&L i-Az&l  *��� " n i*p. " "_      J^, v j      * J        > '*  GENTLEMEN���  If you want a   st}Tlisli, "u\r  to ,d#te tailor"mado suit, cxill  and inspect'our spring goods  before ordering elsewhere.  '  , We ,guaratee  all, ���  1    ;   . 0\xv, Wo^.    ,   '��  Cleaning,      repairing and,  pressing doiie. /r,  Prices,E-ig-ht. ,  G/A. FOOTE  **   ^-.lereuant^ Tailor,   .  moyxe,;, ._.    '  I f^lfl,-'     ^'     '  B. E. WALKER, Presi<3.nt   ''        ��� _  ALEX. LAIRD, General Manage^ '   ,  A. 3- IRKL.'trb, Q^cxiattiAtVitbt^A  Branches .       -     ���  B  Paid-up Capital, $10.GGQ.OGO  Kest/'- '- - , 5.000,000  Totia Assets, >- 113,000,000  . Brancbcs throu^bput Canada, and Is'lbe^riicd Slales and England   %'������  1 . �� ^ ./j .���������-��������������� m ���-������---�� 'I     ��    ���   ^       ' ��� C- rfl^  1 ;''' ^banking^by": mail s5    Si  .Easiness may be ta-aasacted ^>y mail wth any branch  of the Bank." Accounts?,way ,be opened and, deposits'  niade.br ^thdraWn.liry'miEdlr^^'piry attbation ia paid  to out-of-town accounts.'>:" 7 ^" -" ''  lit --., flrfi      J'       ������     r,  T��   T-r-. T~  "r_-B  -(;*b:' o  STOP "AT THEV   ���' "' <A  . "^��..  - > .. I -  .0- ������  ��       ��    '  ��     "�� _' '��  vi;;o\ o.f.  }f^^    "    *5l       .,     -*  ^��Vjvvn*d��y X. orteo No, 4 1;  T "J  Iff"  5'; .1.  |j��v"  , ,       ..   _,._.    WA^l^J    nw    JVM.     I_/Jf  return -post   Most druggists keep1 it as  jwollas tho "Golden Medical 'Discovery.��  ��"      ��        ��j      ��,-     ��      -'��    .  You can't afford to accept any medicine  of iwitowH-m composition as 'a'substitut-o  for "Golden Medical Discovery," which Is  a   medicine, of' known'  compositio..,  paving a complete list of Ingredients in >  .-plain'Engli-jh onMts bottlfr-wrapperV the'  same being attest-sd as correct under oath.  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate >  sad invigorate stcmac.., liver and bowels. I"  -     ���-'    i       - ., . ,_,_  Pierce's, All-Ucaling Salve, which, pos-,  'sesses -wonderful, Ucalmg potency wh-eii'  i used as an ariplication to'th^ sores In conjunction with the uso of ���;Golden J_Jcdicd,l  fat,/ , "   *    , . ..   .- DiscoveYy"as*a blood cleansing constT-  -esfc to  make  a   living,    tutlonal   treatment.    If   jour druggist  re have seen the  trust- S *?���?a ��� have the'-An-neallrig,  ���,.-.���.���;__;_���,-. _,-,-. r ,     .,     > bslvo - in stotir. you can easily procure it.  ��� Vf -V' V'"    *lng l?u��llc Of Fernie put up a   dbl- _?7 Inclosing fifty-four cents in postage  - r-.J\ i-rViV     i  " 'i_"'*   '"!"   '       '' "'    '.     . stamps to Dr. R." V. Pierce, (565 Main St  \4';^,J,;^i vpe- chftlr to sce a so-(��Ued|^��to.��;Y^!iDditwH^S^SuS;  '"i'Ti i; f" ".    vaudeville combination  that had  . ? ��A,AAf' 'oe^n'forced out,of the dime  _;hea.-  ''-{[:-   "AM'I ' tv��3 of the Coast Cities for lack of  ���".if!*. AAffi i" patronage.    We ii-ive heard' voi-  v|'ilV|l% ' ces that are  eminently stuteii to  J-';i.'*J.4'u the useful service "of calliug' tiie  -jfrt^V'*fl*it-    cattle home,    murdering * every-  r'.'iii?"*-*'* ' ll"i"������ "    ' '''-" '' <  "l mth&tfA^toR froni a coster song to grand  *_ r iv-.y ,v��)'    *-��*v       ,   , j^   . - _ ��     ,  /A^.;t|t'*f' Jopera,  and^  theso    people   were  1   i^X_-"''T iie/aIded,as artists in their  "line"  ' 1% ���f^'^!. but weVould father pay a 'dol-  ! p'*t;*���" 1,ir t0  be  fJoIed by a   stranger  VV;'"', than to lend  tho  countenance of  In^tho cure of scrc'ulous stvelilngs, en- I ___iCi UlL'lil*:) .. v   '  iatged glar.-.K open eating, ulcere, or f-bld '   '-   .   '���"',(     ,', *'V    "V   -     ^     '  sores, tho "Golden Medical Discovery "has The oi iginal J)andruff eerm   de-  . performed the most marvelous cures.   In1 t                i ',      -' ���           -.'.',  , eases of fold sores, or open catlrig" ulcers, s."ro7.e.V      .     "'/^ '       - '��� V * ' . '7  It is well to apply to the open sores Dr. A!   WflWfr7..iVnrifir.    iion-irritanfc"  Plerce's A l-Ucalino- s��i���   wWa  ��~=_ A   n6W ' sciencinc ���non-iri tcanc  f i w- i '  ,g ii-mic-do '- anci prophlylsctic  for  the scalp". \ -   '  sr ,"'"    ,    '   V   a  ~  y     $    -   - i' "' '*  Cures dancliti��f,"faUing^hairtand  .-    i. '      *.,        -*. v  'Meets'Tuesday evenings in' JfcGrcROr  hall on Victoria ] street. Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially, invited.* l '    / -'  U.1 J. llowr.3'1 <; ��� A;������F- J^Swyth,  - *-Nob,le.Grand.,;, ^ -    Secr'y. V  Y V     * ,-" -T r    ' f) "V  St. Eu'uotie I.o<!src >'o'.r 37.  GdSM0I>0UTANvf  ,'-    * * '^,V�� "* -: - r-u'*:>       '  r<  i"    ' Vi;   ,'' H^RhY^lMOCK^Prcppieton ,.''-,/'  c; V - _'- J' ���, Nearest Hojel!i6JbelS't.^ Biigcrfc mine. *"r  ^ sjjrpjLiEp^briij^  . '/rv.^^-'-.RatesSipO avday;andup.    .   '"  <��� T     r n     i) k       J        ^      y        l  Jl     V ���" t      ^*J     1     i.1    _-t* *m *     ''���-..���_/*  ���'",.'. -" t-,y*/-. 1   r7;.^i'j^i^vr' V ^'.-.f,    < tf   .  �� j ;  MMWMMMIM^H,     . .1,     IV .    -I.  ~'��'AAAt>]? ''r* "* ��� ^"''vii'lr  '   ' ' -r-     "������?".'   'fJ,;V  V5 - >; wnEN i^ ��� f'-,- 'V*'  fV *-'       ��� ,' - *    r -   '.  _    *   < 7*"  : McKILtO  Baldness is a contagious disease  crused by a mictobe,.> ' "���     A ,  1 *    i . . *  -'JSTewbra's, Herpicide'-absolutely  destroys the'dandiuil" germs.'"-  /'" For' Sale' aftHlie ' :-;*'  '"��� Vs-,  .'     /"    '��      ,*.i'".-'  HOYIE.'':v.DI-tJG'''":',ANB  &ATOjj]_i.Y.' ii'TSfiE;  PK'  _E,s-_ f.  _Rl. f   f  T^t-*"  - *' '��% i  J    our presence to ,an  entortainmet  i,( ��� ���*���>   'composed of home talent that can  i.   -���-.., -����� *,  r" f- VJ��f ' entert'iiu. '    Pass -   the  ^.sugar,  f_ _.  please."  t y*lft c ,*> ,  ,M|L''-V  ������' ^  As It Is   in Vancouver.  \\fit 'A'!       T'a? following from the Vancou-  " il:!fr ^ World gives a yery good idea  ||M��v^ o��  bho la^or    situation   on    the  itSt;V>> coast:  i rfR'1*?^ " ,?Jitor Wor^d.���Could you   tell  -���,,.'���! Jue is ifc possible for a white  man  J U ?.'.'������?; to  g'-t  Tro-Jr   in    town?   J,  with  '.,f\V   -r hundreds of other white men, am  ASSATIEM  I?ELSO_sr,  B. C  i  1 I  i *  i  Hicher Japs, Chinese or Hindoos!'  I feuppose it will not  be  long" be-  'fore the1 white mau will havejeo  leave, this town and let the  Orientals have it to themselves.  Which will it be? Has the white  nia-n with a house  and  famifyjlio  ' starve or is he'to clear out and  leave Vancouver for the benefit of  cheap labor.     JAMES YULE.  Deepest Aline  Shafts.  ( The four deepest shafts in the  world are iu the Lake Superior  copper region within a mile of  each other, says Mining reporter.  These are th'e Red Jacket slia'ft  of pie Calumet it Hecla Co. and  shafts _So3. 3, i and 5 of the Tamarack Co. The first 'is' vertically  -1,980 feet and the Ta_n arack No.  0 is a vertical shaft' 5,140 "feet  deep.  BUY YOUlt     '  Toba-eoo m*  St.. Joseph's   Convent.  . * *   "j   -   i  ' NKl-SOX, B. c.  rsoarding and Pay School conducted hy tbe Sister*, ot St. Joseph,.Nelson"  3. C. Commercial and business  courses a specialty. v Excellence"and  swift progress characterize each department*. Parents should write for  particulars. One nioulh assures the  public of the thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence J.vc.uary, April and Sept  Pupils are admitted duriuc term-  ' ' *���-  ', j   v ��   , 'v     v-   ,, -   v.  �����  Moyie,.. Miners' >,Uhidii  WAVNo. 7-L'VV.\F, of M:".^T  .r( ".-<���. _!'<'w' A' _! - * �� fi'- *' '- \Ai  Meets,in McGregor*liall every/S-atu'r-  day*evening.���*.', Sojourning- members'  ar'etcoidiaIlyxinvited. to'.a^tend.'j,, -*_�����.(,,..  John Taylqri., *, ^.Thoo.^E.^Kells',  *-..  -President. >    _,- -i- -   *r-��Secr'etarv  ) ' i      ' i Ki        -.       v      J  Q. 'AV-'R-ENEAU",  - baebbr;. l ��� ���'"<  .*-. I,.-  vFirrt ClassVork  -^OTEL  - KOOTENAY  MOYJFV   Ay' ^%,<Biilh\j jCoiiimb4  J    l.f.d'.V.ll  \ ���*    J  ���"   4 1  EJ10M  A B, Stewart   k Co.  EDUCATIONAL.  Mr. S. Mijore, B. A. will give  lessons on Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, language and Science in tho  evening.  Mrs. Moore teaches  the organ,  piano and thoory of music.  Apply at residence.  MINERAL ACT.      ,  (-"OK-;.    F.)  "CKUTiriCATE   OF  IvirilOVEMENTS.  Noricc.  lot Xo "C. j 7la.li* Moon Mineral Claim, silu-  Rt-i.i tl e I'ort Steele Mining Division of ��ast  Kootcuilv District.  Wliere locu-tea. Oil SU Eugi_uo hill near  Mojle.  TAKi: XOIXCr. that I, Thos T. Jli'Vitte I*. M.  0 Ko UlCil icicnt for John I' l*onell K, M. C.  No. B 1359, Snale FaiK'U V. M. C. Ko B9S2,  Nonnni) \\. Burdett F. M. C. No BlSGr.,  William Bird T. M. C .So 13 985. Henry J, C.  Steuart Free Miner'. CerUfltatc. No B1S.5, intend, -ixtv ilnji, irom the date hereof, to np-  pl> to the Mining IteuoriJor for n Certificate of  Impcovcmeuts, J-jr the purpose of obtaining a  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take uolku that actio.',, under  ���-eciioii J", ,.nist bo commenced before the ia  siiniieeof siirh ( ertilteate of imjirovLioeiiln  Da'ud this2-tud  da\-of FuLruary, A. D. 1108.  1UO��. T,  MUX 11 IB  Harvey,   :McCarter  &  Blaccjonald.1  Barrietcrs, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc.  Cranbrook;  ,- r -   B. C.  SEND TOUR "WIORJv Ta THE  ,* ;   v   ' ^.-*-   ��� Jf --,.--. -",;., 7"*  /;   STEAX? \'l  LAUNDRY.  ,*"���',<   ..; *" ''-  V       ' "   'NELSOX. -.  .���^ -.'    .'*, "    .'    ^  All WHite, Labor.  l'fr^"llK-li*Kif>V-S_f5^iilV ;       *  jnanb^ok^Go^Onsrafiyav Stores i  - - -  f :^^*;-^ '-^ * ~ v-IilKITED: '7V " 'r�� >'' ^  ''.v-^^-^l^  "   ^.a^aTaIa-^-aAa-aa.aa-   ,      A.   . :���'. ->.      "-     ���.**'���*'-'��� *  ' j .'    1*  Ciamber' ,!u'��    Conpli   Reinpdy    Is   Both  ' Afiiceiible and   KCtK-lix'.  Chamberlai-i'd 'Cough ' Itemedy  h.as no superior for  coughs, coldr.  and croup, and the fact that it  is  pleasant to   take   and   contains  nothiagin anyway injurious  has  m>vde ifc a favoiite   with  mothers.  Mr. \V. S. Pelhan, a  merchant  of  Kiiksville, Iowa, says: "For  more  than twenty  yuai-3 -Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy has been my leading remedy for all .throat trouble.  Y" 's especially successful in   case's  ��oup.    Children like it and my |  iers who have  med  it   will  ;e any other,"    For sale by  iyio Drug &��� Sfcatioirory Co.  JUST ARRIVED  A   fresh  supply '^of  our noted  Imgerator Hams  and Bacon.  Hams, $15 p.r 100 pounds, 1GJ  cents per pound single   hams.  Bacon, $17 per 100 pounds; 18i  cento per pound single   slabs.  Try   qur Sb,amrock  Leaf Lard and Empress Creamery but  v'ter?.' ''  '���'  TI'IEX:   ARE A SPECIALTY  W. F, GTJRi);   -   " ^   *  1 - I  BA.IU--ISTE;-., SOtilCITOIC, ETC-  CR.LNBROOK.    ' B> c  Loave wor^: with the local agpnt.'  -  A, B. .STEWART.''  & FActOBJVSZOJV'  d  0  5. DESAULNIEE  >-,t   I,  C. H. t>UNBA^  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc  Cranbrook, B. C.  DR. f: B. MILES,  Cranbrook, b, C.  ��JNOLEUM  CARPETS  Wlien furnishing .your  homo or hotel don't forget wc can furnish you  promptly and complete.  MAIL ORDERS GIVEN  PROMPT ATTENTION  Standard Furniture  Company  George JE. Thompson,  Bark.stkk, SoLrcnou  tary Public, etc.  CRAJVBROOK,      Bkitisu Columbia  W. R. BEATTY  Embalmer and Undertiiker,  Phone 9.1 " CRANBJIOOK  ���THE���"  DEALEE IN    r ,    *  A-   .  ,      PROMPT, DELIVERY.  aueens' Ave.    . Me��YT��  %Thia Hotelis^ew-and^eilFurnished- The f,  f    -: r^^es^are SuppliedVwith: the'Best the J S  I Av MarKet affords. .The .Bar-is; Filled vwith 9 W��  * rt ,V'-th"e Best Braiids.of 'Liquors' aud "Cic-ars. - 'e��  %jaAA>a <**.?.< -, :a~a \-Aa: !* -<    ~ v ���*���- .��       t l?S  i<*V\v-'" HEADQUARTERS.- FOR 'COMMERCIAt!'-'."'.      ��   W  IEADQ!  '. ;and miniisig^pj'ek,   w     .    . _ ,. . ^  ^ ,, I'A"'    A%,"r',   "..^'--T   (V   BK^ran^coE-oMiiiAf. i. ?__��  <ef66SC3���*3 ������������6��������*E-i*s���e6���6*6S>S^���-*K�����Sa3a!&&333>a53���-^-���6^ *^ fe��  -   - -.." .- ��� ��� V '   *     -      -     ,   .'.   ^       -* - I  ��. . ���*>���  4. m:oyijs  it  ��   "i ** . v ^  ' 'B^aai �����: i-i1 ���*-.��� .-Hffi_B^^a__w^^        ���m^ifo.^ij^^M;- z3sg��yfCT��!^j.i)Lr_�� ^m. ,�����  !, -B, C.  NELSOIjT, >", v -    B. C,  :-���-" AGENTS .  ."  Mnsoh it IMsch Piauo Co.  Obfcermoor Mattress.-  Olobe-Wemick Office Puroifcure,  :  I  l  RATLWAY  One Way Colonist  Rates to Alberta and  British Columbia  Prom TORONTO  '' BRAKTFORD  GUELPJI  GALT  LONDON.    . .$10.05  KINGSTON          50.10  OTTAWA. w     .51 40     .  OTTAWA via Chicago    .  ..  52.-13     W  MONTR MAE 52 70  QUEBEC 50 00  ST. JOIIN-MONCTON  ..   . ..00.95  HALWAX  08.43  oyie " Beer^  As  made by tlio  present brewer  is   admittedly   tbo T ?"��Sj  Best Beer in East Kootcnny. With the lest Malt nnd 4 l*||i|  tic Purent Spring Water it is unexcelled /or quality. | h%fl^  IuBiat on having Moyio Beer.               , 3 ���   ~^^  Bottled and Draft Beer,     -      | \^jk  �� A>,k$>4  .i Cttsfe  ft     r   ol^y  Mav _.  CHAS. INDEEWIES; Mg-r,  M/  w  w  UESATJJ-.KJEI*;     JKKOS,    I'ops.  Lur^e' sample room in connisction  with house /or commcrciftl men. Best  of a-jjjjohimbflations. ���  .    Ileadquortera   for   Com-  inercial and Mi-omgI\ren.  tyuEESS AvmsiiE,    j. Moris,' b. q  Tibkets on sale Feb. 20ili, April  20th, 1.90S. ^Corresponding low  rates from intermediate jjoints.  Correspondence     invited     and]   ^  cheerfully answered.   Call  on  or  write  JOHN WOE;  , .Dl.it, 1'ass. Agt.  ,l: Kelson,  .E.J.C0YLE,  Aim't'Gonl. I'ii.ss,iu  s��  .���^���>��t*>*.*-*v*!^^.<?^.-^-'' *. vMi  ��    - '- \ *^���ff-  d    /*l    . ^��'*r,'_.i  Tea men of London, England % pA��d  and Vancouver, B. C. h\ yfm  (��roatostSHleof JJigh Grade  Tui, in   the   xroili]     Anxnm T h\%0$.  .;   .    - a.'iles over $14,000,000. -V V i\ '>W"��^M.  A . ������   ���.���:,'>    '.';��� "���    '       :!' ,'- '    (   W|  Fife  EXCLUSIVE AGENT.  May vie, ij. c.  ^ * ssfHS-V-^. .s>v'^i.*i  i.'.^^^j?V3rViaS*^i-Si^^


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