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The Moyie Leader Mar 14, 1903

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 I -V'.'-eTI'.siiw*,, .,,,^  h'.-.'-i^.B.s--;'-*'f^  ;-iv-v l-v  -j-,,  r- j  1 r <     - C li,1'     -  A* t''"-^"V'l:".''-'.   (> T�� JOJl IT HAV COXCJEKN.  >3 r'l'^It you ''intend   purchasing  properly  ���7*1 Er--.fcip'Moyie don't wait until tho   mines  % f ������'*:'.peri.up, but buy   now.    ISoo   D.   ,h.  $ J'/.'i^SLaraja/  ifoha-j   hA,  f,-r   .-.ile   in  'V^ ,.'.' ���-i��iU fr'aris of town. Alto f-iorur-, iou,-/-'-!  3  .:*(  yjL^U^t-  ?w\  &\  i  *jf=.  I  b'''."''��� Laiid'stable3 for rent.  1  3 &  {i-j  ��sjtil��%I  5 x& i. b�� i  W   m w**\ &  -< 1*3 ds   8  j.      I   ,*      '!_Js*iJ  H  M  .  IV  ���rf  p.  ^iatle  |^5,NO 48.  HDYXK b.CL MAPCII IJ, 1903.  K l<  B-1U sv 3"i!M��!i  LO!U Id,II����11  TUI  Will IX.-ly r.,ll. Me'.-!i'. , ,  ,^,7-'   5.J  ����   ^   fj,    ��  J'.mbo.s down from Fort  Slorio   say ! fe �� ^ tk |f| M L  nit town irf tuiiihint over some  inlui-:  Fl! *"     '(P & '*'%  %M 11 plSftf ! i-i'1'-*^** from. Victoria thot insures   tho ,  9 OC    "'^rjy  6��lHgSfi\icaJ,J>"   ^"^^tcLion   of   tho   Kootc-nay!  TO GET BARGAINS 1'IN  yw i  ��#  ^  '#  i Central Railroad.'   It ij not stated just i  I '  wii^.   ihe information consists of,  hul. |  il .-��� tho general belief that Mr. Pollen',,' v  P* S f1- B fl 3 ��fi  a fl Scr  S 'J   'i;  S2 A YEAE  IYIETAL   MARKET.  Nmv   Yojik���Bar silver,   -19  cents.  ^ jL-id, S1.12J.    Copper, $11.30.    Zinc,  (npeUorj ���ii-j.O-j.  Lo^no.v-���Lead, ��l.'J, 153,  STOCK  '.iUOr^TlONH.  y      <*-���> -      -,     o       -,r -s ;l --; tuo general uenei tnai j-ur. roiian,, i���  is Quotsa m London ,.-.v-�� ^oiotin, u,uiwoiu mine litems of Interest Se-i^Tv^  at��ia, 15s"   >a  ...  ,.-1-1"  it.1  W  i<ft  m  BOOM TO LBAB IlITEI  ��i ,sS ii�� w��5 ��3 ,     c> w    f.'(  ^!.?fioG i-j .oiifiir.ieiitl.y. J.ii��hj  \,t/ -       -    ���  .'-���(������a  im-j also ihe Kootcnay Cuntr-il  und i^  ;iLTirii3tuTiii., has rocoiVed full ac.-iurfinou i  from certain politicians thiic   the sub  sidy naked for will be granted.  It is generally understood   that Jlr  ��re  ��� Asked.        Bid.  ; Crow's N.?st Colli... .5ji 125.00    $G8.00  St. Eugene  JforthSiar..  d5  ���10  12*  10.!-  ' 2.]  ICilll'-I'V.  ,'}      ��� )|fr. i     ',  liu o il^iiiJ >/  "f.1  i/l  ���I--.-I ���-  Uj'.._.  /..'.--  ivory Mmy  Koofcouayy  i  itl'Kl  '.id by i Ij. ,:.j v,!ji> :!.;���<  k.inv.'   Ui.il,   'Mi  I'O-  J.J'***   '���  ifi'n'u iiv-truoiionr-  Lo ("Ji-iinenu''   aiir-;  *.T  Operating.  j sij? ,. v.-j'M  r(;ri.,-.t  ":'ij-;l'l i-i ;*.!-!���  ,.  C'l'h-'l    iilid I  j  fi ,    to   Ui(,j  j It u;i*,r-t Wnrm I)oJ'��lo.  ha. i^ows Sclcotod irom MrinvK.?'-1';"'1";1';:"���' ,i,'!aia ti" 0(1<1  - i'cil'jWri   iiiiii   :\i.jiid-.y  ovcnuii,   when  j 5be    -,iil j- n ' w.i'-.   (!(5i-.,i-(l,   '-lloaolvod'  n    .    '  . J>"il i t'C'/.s'     o ���  ���ro;-?  l'.l'.Vr  -.(id  '^0^  Load, jSliJ. 3.5a.  ! ��� '  - V j,  j ' fl.--r.-L lh;i! ,i o.--'ii;>l':   o!   &vi\',u>>j\pi:   jn-(  ,| '. > r li^'itu!   * he ��� w.itoi jjowar    of    Bull J  i I  | livi'r fulls v-'ith .t vi'-Y7 of   ih-vcloiniii.1; ii .  ud   Compiled  with.   Pen Scissors  and Pay to.  , A'.t-r   r  I'm.,' r<-Ar-  M.;:i:.','  >ji ,iii>-  ."iriH'  OF    ll,  Unit, i)i,inii'i,; hs i.s pr��.>|.,r.iblo lo^ingln  lifu." U w.i.-i |ierhnp.~i tii.j bast dubat-.*;  of iii-- .���icr.s-.-i/aiid tin* iLliirmaiii'e sidt*  had i.s; lirtu ' imu'iig. Almost every  plia.se of bi.ili married ,:nd tingle Hi'e  \Vl:it::kf!r Wright bi.i. b��;.n   ariTbU'd j w-;-j dc-rt with, and ,sor..e of the   arj;u*  J  l *- f  A    I  I . . ,        ,^. ,       ,        . ....*..-..,.      . . . ii^i, .. , ^,.., ,j    -. .,      I,,,- ,:���.. u      .", , \i\. i   i.   niiiiij    un,    i-iiiui;  ut   nm     ui^lll  I to i,n Used lo fcHier.ttJ. cloctrie-iiy to be   .    ,    ,,, -    ... , '        .   ,   ,    i , , ,   '  ,   ..  , , i iu ivirfdon nnii w.U lie   rnoniicuif-d   forlnunt t-ord-jred   i-io-ii 1 / on    the '-dead  ..vo I u.-;-.-.- fi,!- muiiv;-  puWer    and   lie-'it   ior i ,       - , i ,..,..      , ,     .,     ,  .      , . , t f   e.     ,i     -.    , i,l>-u',i- '    .lines      .Neailv ��� ovei'V   an'.homy    form  .j   m-   iho ir.me-i isxii] towns-   of   frou'lr Jinx-A]   ������ ,       ,   . ���   . ,        -    ��� ���        ,  ,.    ���   ':-^ j ,r, -     7,       ,1     lliirly mi":i   cmi)!iKcd a-1- the   l.ob-   '*-i'-*j faoiomon down   to  Prpf.  I-owler  '.���ovor i'.i uocjiv'.I condition, tho pt'i.-/ic ; Ho .i^nay.    Th-.^y urc ,-.:i v.ti5   jdea.-t-d  hying in thr- c-ilver-k-ad didiricl./  M     '1  IS.?,' W2!,i:   I  her.-i   ili.it   llic-y   pui'dia^eii   the  im-on-MoK/jiJ/jie sawmill at.Cranbrook I ���'-������'��������� quoted.  -re out on sir:!.  fliv  ���3  ���3    l!  9^  i  iKootcu.iv-ilnv.iio.ilh.oclUiolr   fomlcbl | hnd ������urrouiiuirj.r the ialh   and   made ;;rtc-^ 0jl ^'":^,on acconn; oi ,\ fUs.i-  ex-^ctatioi-.    For ihe ..a,-   v.crk   H.c j nrr^i^nionU,   for     the     preliminary | f7i:i!C"t ^lh l"�� Ch:nesi(? COlik-  pii.>j uflead-jii Lontiou  lias  lemained   work.    It i*j saieJ   ih'.t 'they   arc   nflr-j \     The Tribune Company,  Limited,, ia  ovrir C].rj,,.'t:nl ail'indicatioiio  ]ioint  to  wui(-:powV-'    men,   eieetrici.-.n*-',    amn't--!t-   m'.,-'*'*^   undtr   which    the   Nelr-ou  I,,].-;.-----!,. i Tribune has been  incorporated.    The  i capita! is J? 10,000, divided   Into   shares  ! of ;?10 each.  F.   J.   Finuoano, manager  of    the  Greenwood   branch   of   the    Bank  of  i>^ j a continued advance i'or some time to  fi\ jcoinc,' Bud even'at ��l.'j the f:'t, En-  ^V   gima, Aurof.i,  iSociely   Girl,  Sullivan,  mean J-asiGusi,  A i'ro'-l'i'i'O'.io KritU, |  XoM.h Star'und al! of the 'other silver-- !'   \; l~  "���-.tonishins   the   vapid   stride.-;  lead   mines   in   the   tiistricl  c:m   i,c | ^Iiich i, beii^'made by the   Can.idiau  I   ��"��  ^   world-data   v.toPi>,   and' ihe "coming jj;ariIc ni Commerce.    While iu   Crnu-   ?sronlroal; htl�� i,eeu   apoointed   to  the  ^ ! <-.-a*,on iJi-omicoa io ees all of  tliem   in | ljrook' this   Wti'"1'    !he   ''dllo,'   o/   th(J J m.inagcm^t^f the bank's new branch  Loader hr-.d  a,  coni erc-alijn .with   Mr. J ��� , -..���������!.���,..  j 1 U   l���'|lfJ,lani'.  F. t.', ?I:xlpa.\.    manager   of   ths  local I '     ,        , '  , , ,,      .    ,*    .'     -.r    -r i        I     The Crow ,s iNcst Pasis Cord comnanv  branch, on tbe   subicct.    Air. jiaJpa.-,. .,,,,,. "  ,      ,. .���     '     .. i had &old the sdoo: ot general merchan-  aii'.uc.' oihur tbinj:-3. nx)d: ,.     .  ft  (is  w  -��.lart���fflaff^l.^^**J^~^��'^^^g*=^a^^''^    i*"ff*��>>��-r,Of rJ-T".!  SfelWCANADIAN.- BANK .-OF  eOfllBERCE  3,000,000.'  ,   ;  Reserve,  .   -' S,5O0,OOO '  ''And r.QTf nn annouticemeni   comes  oporation.  Iti^impoFsibltt lo get definite- information regarding the projip.scd action, of Uie St. Eugene compsuy, but  f\Tr. Croni,n has stated on various! ooca-  sions Inafc- when load readied '��13 the  mine would again uturt U't>. ~Mr. Crbnin  >vi!l be home from. California about  April ut, by whiidi   time   a,  con tract  for ore will likfe.y be made and the' ro- I Wbi;il ihii ddal id compled-a the Can  ^  r-u nipt ion  of   ops-i .itiono  iminediafely  begun.  disc iu the   store's  at  Fernie,  Michel  ] nnd    Morrissey    to     IMes-s.-s.    Trites,  lie. Hence-  vole  itself  Tlu: c.iiiiniulpe   appointed   iiy   lhe  : ".aj--.ii  hmk   of   Commerce,     whose I I'-'Ovincial  ilininf;   Ass-)t-iat:o:i   ii  ai  h'-ari rffiff. <���; '-.i Tnrontn yi'l liprn 1011 i,r��-'-sent taking evidence in .connection I  "       ���*    c      ,   V  ii.iti om���c ..- ���i ioionio, ".ria u^vc j.u�� ._ 1 rainutcs for closifis;  i>r..     i       -��� .���-, : f   5   .,,;,.   .;..,   wi ill the coal miners'strike at Ferine.       ���        .    ,    .     .  bn.i.caba anstrumtoa   inr-^usjnoui   int. , Everybody invifcei  iebgth andTire^ith of Canada, slietch-1 l,:,cre ara ��-ii] s'Jtl;c J*'^te"   oi  dclnil        ��� ��� J_   A i(imtelle composed .of Messrs!. Ed  mil, J. W. Fitch, P. D. Hope and T.  A. Bro.ulfoot, aud accompanied by  Misi-i AlUvood .hi the piano, made a  decided hit v--ith their songs and wore"  well encored.  There will be no debate next Monday evening, but one week from Monday the'following subject will 'be dis���  cus-jed: ���  "ltesolvcd that  a  person gains  more   knov/ledge   from    reading  ���t*ii>.u by traveling,"  ��� The opposite sides stand as follows: ,  AivimrATis-E.' Negativk.  F.J.Smyth, ,        "    H, Cameron,  A. W, Sutherland, J. ,W. Fitch;  A. E. Marshal!, D. J.Elmer,  li.A. Smith, Mr. Lea.  Tbe leaders will have 12 minutes  each ; each alternate follower 10 minutes each, aud each of the leaders, five  fced.  l\ TO����if*J��lJ-' ....  . I   V" I - V-.'iHj-.Gl-?-!  rial. 0c��ili\ u  ���A-.-*-.'-�����-  ->-7-v* -:-z  if  (*1>  CAPITAL, (.Ai.2thorized)   CAPITAL, (Tflid   Up)   HEST ���������  ���i   QZI^i^-.'-^'  -L? U S li ti-3 *L*3 ti fl  ...fi,000.000 '  .  $2,023,S(T6  ..i?2/lSr>,:?0S  IV |Lx*i\4-'!j,.,f,,"'1 '���l'0,,"s'111!!"' Z"^"1. -��l ;;:onth-   'Xt haa its own   offices  :x'uo  iu       The revival which ie aire\dy   setting   the 120 breaks Lip and goes out.   They  ���eiTiniSisled'fhr.uld'bff ursieiu".0'  '��� !-^'-v York, T.vt'ai.d i,Ore��<on?,   Scutclo j '�� -*--"<3o   the   camp   uitbout   any   idle | expect lo   take   out about '10.000,000,  Mr. O'Brien ir> organising all  of   the I ���'" Lonuu-i, England,    The Canadian i meu, sayo 11:2 Sandon   Paystreak.   and ; feot altogether this winter.    Tlie com-  ^ bcamps on tin; <h-ov,-*3   av-at   line,  and I LSar.k o:"  Commerce   will  have   its fa-  ���   r 4|��EA33 OFFICE. TORONTO,   ON'TAKJO.  -y-^lSl*  MEIUCTT. Prcs.    H. It. WILKIE, Vice Pro? and   Gen.  r.ian.  PPilfmY   ^s-,si.vit ^e.n. Alnnn^r.    \V. MCFFAT, Chief Inspector.  ���1 Ij    ji [ jW Tito.**���**��������     -*^..��-is��*v       ^s-��,  ��������-������*       - - t_.  1 ��SSg6i-{ArilShOOii ilhiib.C,ii nefi8trflI1Baotcd.  I p^ft^VlNO'S DICAR'T.VIENT���Inlcrt'it allowed on doposila.  i |",^j^feafts'sold, available in all   p.ms   (if   Canada,   United   Statci  nnd  [ l^^plurope.    Special attention given to colli ct ions.  feAM^^ r, ri, n'lAhbh;  l/sa.i.-'jsii  ������       rff* aTt S��*iM if**-'?l*M' >. i -.'  ^ 1 iviil   conlinue   ids    >vur);  ">' I EotiU nay L.indin-..'.  "X; : '   Chiue-U Service-.  >* !     Ti-i'.juvn-i'.tA.-���::::u'':".'.��� 1  ':' ; p. iii.    S-irvic-e iu thj hail a  '^ i     All arc cord: illy  <i* j ' hei-e services  <*, i '  T. A,  H .  ^' 1     MK'Uioi.'rPT���i'.'i.uliiv   scheH-1    nt  {.-lough  to:,/.ijijdg   ior   conduciing   a .-.ucoc-jdinl  ! 1  !'ii:i!si:j^ businenii nialerially   strengtb-  I (nod by the   addition   of   these   new  there wi!! be. work here for quite ajpany'is preparing ior an enormous  number 0." miucrs v.'illun the next j business this scasa'n. The mill is being   thoroughly   overhauled   and en-  month or fix weoks.    Tho   ivanhor  is  itad.y to p.ut on about a dozen   miners  ���.���^car.c.  The naiti up  ,1  llli.  ,    "}^    , l'   .     1" '-"    "."-s. ^  IJ17       IJ.i.ll       slj,' S    .![,  '.) o'oloik. ' -*ei"1- combined of the C:mao:.in   Uaui;  vifed   t.o   attend  '--''Commerce will   amot'.nt   to   nearly  j :<.12-000-(!00" with total   a?:fis   oi   some  BKOADFGOT. Pa.tor. 1^0,000,000."  .-s uoon .-s they   apply; the   Payne  1?   ness for starling .13 soon as the lake  i  largad, and everything will be in readi-  puli;ng uu   -.1   lew    right   along,  and: clear.    The payroll at the niill will bo'  oilier propcriies will soon  be in   a  po- [ largei"- that ever this season,  *>itioi: to do :ike\\:*;o. '  1  m.  ireaoning   at     .  7 -:U>  o'clock.  NEWS,  A Cm-el.  The undersigned   lia-^c   decided   lo  *aa-*jrBnalsss��a��i. ^... . jam ���.J^....^^L-u^'^.l.l*"^^^-��''^T,^.  ���'  s-^sr_J..V_S.T^.';  x-f.V viv_i.V.v.V  ;'<��->'.,. svrjrJ;  - '"V;.,'-.ii'd^^Pl  ' .'v-.'^rtj"^  S's,  .1V5*f^?V&<^  ;,'Heatiii'g    Stoves,  Cooking    Stove  ' 1 our n:e pnri-0;-t.  1* !    'Tiiij i1^ the fs.ur:h of 'he .-_ 'ic:.  o-iisi     All a."e wcli'i'in--.  A. F. ?.[.\liflII*ALr., P-isu-r.  Ed Kill was in Cranbrcok   Y^ cdnes-  j engage in (:ie mining   brokerage,  real  ,' c.-:(ate and  r**��*-i yr*,MLMi'i'jia,M*-��*ac jaip.-wi <*vn��: ne.  XOTICE.  North We��t coruor post Timbor Limit.   Thirty .  days iifter eiiito I intend 10 npiil/ 13 the Ciu'cf  ���    , ....   . Commissioner of r.nmls cud w.nks for u spe'ciiti  '. rnrr,,     pfT-*>.Ti-^-i'-..-i    lni^i. 1, .  uJ"1'"    *.(.-!.Il.s... .1    UUel- J ;J(.e,^0 [(j c,.t t.,Kl carlv Ruay   -ij-,tci. f.om  tllc  av,  I nOs-s in .'loyic, a.id respectfully   solicit I j.oJiovf-ma-iJesci-.biii ia.u.h.  I -i .s-narn 01 your palroi:  j>m js:,-.d-.'i- si5e.  a iev: -.i-j V--- *^i  the  i_*i~i^��y^vir,-*-^*--r-.>?����'^-i-L's 3-= s_  v--s'0i: in C:  inu:  ii  11 m  i|Jlsl/.   StSSU's  # S'  o^yciSi  Sicoan   City,  h  I  ���������-.���-tofcill  nnd   Jlii.ii...    fiiiin.lie-5  ;,i   itii-svif-ti.   V'l-   ft   S.&IA.  <W  ! .s,pon:::i-.'j, -."��� lew m-Vi in tov.'n.  11- :iy Li.'Kiok and L\ J.EI.-i.-ji have  diopocici of lheir hotel in Warduer.  Tliere v.ill be ,t mLtling of   lhe   Odd  ill ti.ia uveniii-j.  Coiniacuuinij at a post iilp.iitcd  riour the 330  _ 1'ilo i'Ofs' oi tho (J.-n-iifi.:u Pnc;:'(-  UaUu-uy, or.  1'ARRELL  i'i  SMYTH.    ' rho w.ftbi'.nl-of tl-.e Moyi-j' river, linst Koc'^e  I ni.y. t.-ist SOcliain--; SouthSO clu-.icij; West 80  f ^iii.iiit- I-.'uiih t-0 cbfiin.-: to point oi connneucc-  ; uiont, com 'iiniii<r C-10 iici-c--, noie or less.  (,������ MATTIUiWS.  D.ife.i rC'iivcry ITili, ZDC ,.  Why you shC'.ild buy     ,  FAIR FLAT CHEWING  T6BA6GO.'  ,./-',!-,ftl*.i " ' " '      ��� -I'I       ,  ,'   E^eVyT^JDc'seriiilion:   PrJcc-s .Uigh I.  'V^gl     ' Mail   Ordurs   (J  . ' -'-----'���"'-'���--���--  1: Pi-.nipt  At  !.'".l IH'  UT^z.r-'v- r**�����-ji j ��� ������,-���ir*��;-\  'JT^*   I  ! .T^^ou want anything, zfrynxh and naat go to  ��� . /'.asir^ft  }     , * fl, JO- *i\v  fi s'   'jl-.i.-i.',-. *- '., , 'i'  r^SSTlie leading liadieK and C-s:?.-:s farnifslisr^.  ���srrx^ c. ^  1*1   <   "T! T1  -1: . *.:i-,<rt  "I1   /~v<   c ,���*;*���  I ?1 P'g  *'    if  I  'eil^-.Vi in i'ii ir !:.  Wb.on in I'.ic.1 ���.;  ���iit.r.  \,o;-L  ii  !\ *-"      I'       I-".  Pr. i-. r., Ivihg  ,v -i n vv'a--  1-:.i:i .Wit?-.  iiiarv 'cY:li,  2 (. .'.liUi.uo.c de:iti.st.  i, .i ii    to   Mr.   and   Mis.  n  --'.'ciu on Pr. ! iy,   i'\'b-  P.ECAl-SE i( is the .E.M'r;i...,.ity.  iJECAUdE   it % is   tiie   .ivav laji  ciieiv.  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"list, liioh-uiisi  ���,, ,  ;,';-we y i.i- ,.0C piUg. _      ,.%,.���,,   n".0e-i.;l;'-sWl..si,,0i.L,.iinss(,llU,ti,.,oi.:r  i-l.s..-. Lol'j  tl'.O i'A(,-( .'.1:12 VAI.UAl.I.K lor ' 01 ('Oii'.iniiii,..|i ui,, lOUL'ii.inu'.iJ .-,,.,eiimi'ioui  premiums unlilJ.in.i, i'JO.3'.*-"���������. J. KCL'tii .s.s.'  J.P.s'AL't'IC wo S.L..M-. ��� .vrr... cory plug, j i'i1-:-''- f-'Jiiin-yi.'ih, lCu.;.  PKCAC7.;:.'] .\our Uoalc-r  is   au'.hor.-'ied ! -.-,,-,-r-s.-  to'ioli-nd    your   mniiev   if'    l>o:U v.*c.t enmor post rnahor f.ii.-ii.'   Thiitv  "^^ t*J~^�� "'���"-ll i^l.---**1-..1���-��lS**,.SJ-7����# -'���\^^"��*W-I.#a�����ja> I,    ~ -������ iii  ! .i.i.s: f.e".-il.ue L iiiuiul to  n.ph   (0  f.uj Chief.  I (.���' ipuiis-iunei -.n" l.r.ijils iii'ii Worl;-. for usimcin1'  Tun Ummi.:: ror..i:-co Co., L:o.    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Richardson ^  o  fvilXED 7Hf��   LETTERS.'  ofiiccrs cotailod to armnire rr-'i m m.-igc  the, hunt.    Willi the civil <-i,,:)u-:-. i-anor j    Of  Nepal   ail(l   his  wife   was   D.lfh    <'1,1     I   iSri'Iaxii'  Hei'.tsU  of n   fool 5i"An  TryliipE  ton, and the hvo ladies ivi-n- l;y :m  means novices in the rpori of liger  limiting. When the hunt had,been ?:������]���-  ly entered upon, they occupied n  how-  ��3> 0*3>0*O<f-0<*O^0*��.>O<>O'^O'*0-t>0^Cf<>  , The honor of the Tenth had been  smirched. The rank and file growled  It out in barracks, the officers whispered it to each,other, and as the colonel sat on the veranda of his bungalow and admitted it to himself he laid  much of the blame on his own shoulders. ,  The robber bands of India, known as  dacoits, had been busy around Aliwal,  and squads of British cavalry were being sent out every few days to destroy  them.    Your true dacoit is not only a  robber, but a fighter as well.   Lie robs  his own race whenever opportunity offers and   fights  tho  British' whenever,  ,and wherever he meets them.    He is a  1 good shot, a brave foe, and tliere are  honor and promotion to be had in wiping   him   off   the   face   of   the   earth.  Young Danforth had lately joined the  Tenth,   lie had family and political influence and iV fortune behind him, aud  '   he   had   a   personality    which   made  '   friends.     There   could   be   no  greater  privilege than  to be sent', out at the  head of a detachment to give the dacoits a  whirl.    ,WTien  the  time came  that the colonel could do young Danforth this' favor,   he  bad   a  long and  quiet talk with lhim.    He posted him  as to the characteristics and tactics of  the  foe  and  warned  him   of  the pitfalls, that even  veteran-odicers might  fall into.    Ho'whs to find  the enemy  and destroy him, hut he was cautioned  ��� against impcluousity and  useless sac-  >    rilice of men.    This expedition was to  be tiie young officer's  "try, out."    He  had never been under fire, and he could  not claim   full   kinship with  the regiment until ho. had.  . . Thoy gave young Danforth a British  sergeant and corporal and. ^thirty-eight  Sikh' troopers. Under an officer iu  whom he has confidence there Is no'  better soldier that the Sikh. His only  . weak point is that lie must have his  foe in front of hihi. Danforth had the  luck to strike a band of robbers within  twenty miles of the post. They had  captured a village and were pillaging.  It was testified to by a dozen Sikhs  that he was as cool as an old veteran.  He sent scouts forward to ascertain the  strength of tlie enemy and the lay of  the land, arid at the heard of his forty  men he charged into the village and  ���routed-out the band of 150. He lost  two men and killed ii dozen, and it was  a little affair to be proud of. He held  hl3 men well in hand and was on the  watch for trickery, and had all the  troopers been Europeans all would have  gone well. As tlie robbers retreated  over broken ground men were tiung off  from cither flank to create an ambush.  They were few in number and only  half hearted, but as they opened fire  the Sikhs bolted. There were confusion  ��� and a rout and the pursuers became in  ' turn tke.pursucd. When tho flight1 ended, the sergeant and corppial were  missing.  A court martial was demanded by  .young Danforth. Xo' sooner had the  detachment returned than the remnant  of the Sikhs began lo whisper about'  Incompetency, and cowardice. They  praised the officer for his fight at the  village, but they declared that his cowardice when he found himself in a  tight place had brought about disaster.  His defense was straightforward and  clear. There was not an officer who  doubted one of his-statements, and he  was honorably acquitted of the charge;  but a stain had been left behind. It  was felt by men and officers that lo be  even suspected of cowardice was a  smirch on the name of tlie regiment. It  was agreed that the Sikhs had lied to  excuse their own cowardice, and there  was tho verdict of the court martial,  yet tbe cloud was not dissipated.  Young Danforth could not fail to notice the change in the attitude, of his  brother officers. They did not cut him',  but they had to make an effort to be  friendly. Pretty soon hints were  thrown out that it would be well for  him lo transfer'or leave the service.  Then he went lo the colonel and said:  "I was charged with cowardice by the  Sikhs. Had my sergeant and corporal  lived to come back with me I could  have had wilnessi-s to prove to the contrary. The court martial took my word,  however, and I was honorably acquitted. I realize that 1 am tainted. There  are hints that I ought to transfer or resign. With your permission I shall remain right here and hope for something  to happen."  "I believe that the Sikhs perjured  themselves," quietly replied the colonel,  "and perhaps it will be the wisest thing  you can do lo stay on."  The words were kind and fair, but no  grip of the hand accompanied them. In  his heart of hearts the colonel had  hoped the subaltern would go away,  though at the same time lie realized  that only an innocent man would have  cared to remain. Voting Danforth led  no more expeditions, and months rolled  away before anything happened1 to put  his case in a more favorable light. Then  ��� a . number of dacoits were captured.  Among them were two or three, who  bad fought him that day. They boasted of. how they had driven his Sikhs;  they praised the courage he had exhibited in seeking to rally I hern. There  was an increase of cordiality after that,  but the subaltern gave no sign that, he  noticed it or was [.leased over it.  A few months la lei- tliere arrived a  party of civil officials and their wives  who were on a junket.. Tln-y had several elephants .villi them fur tiger liunt-  dah on the back of a big elephant together and would not admit any on-*  else. A tiger had been driven by the  beaters into a swamp a mile lonir by  half a mile broad, and into this spot,  grown up to reeds and bushes until the  eyes could scarcely penetrate, crashed  the elephants and horses.' The idea was  lo drive the tiger out upon clearer  ground to the west, where he could be  -reached, and everybody made as much  noise as possible, lie was a crafty  beast, and for two hours lie refused to  break cover.  The elephant on which the two ladies  were mounted- had taken the lead and  been steady enough,  but al'ier awhile  something rattled him,  and   he' bolted  across  the  swamp  toward  thr.   lives.  His mahout used every exertion to stop  or turn him, but the old fellow was in  a panic.    To the surprise of everybody,  the tiger followed at his heels, though  in a furtive way, as if bent only oh escape.     Willi   the  elephant   making  a  mad rush  for n  low branch tree that  he might get rid of the burden on his  back Lady Clifton took swift aim at  the   tiger   and    wounded    him.     The  wound   provoked   his   auger,   and   he  sprang forward on the elephant's rear  just as lhe tree was reached and the  branches ' swept   the   howdah   to   the  ground.    A second later.'and the two  ladies lay on the earth among the fragments,  both stunned by  the fall, and  the tiger stood with his paws'upon the |  body of Lady Clifton and growled and  snarled at the dozen spectators.  Fortune had given young Danforth I  his opportunity. As a sort' of terror j  held everybody else helpless, -he thing  himself from his horse, grabbed a hog  spear from the hand of a, chattering  native and advanced upon the beast.  He, had to cover sixty feet of clear  ground, and those who looked on said  that the tiger's eyes'blazed lire and every hair on his "back stood up as the  officer walked steadily forward. PA  dozen voices called to him to'look out,  but he made no' halt. As he 'drew  nearer the beast crouched for a spring,  and when he was within ten feet the  spring was made. ' Down went the  man on his knees and up went the)  spear, and when the onlookers gianced  again the man was on his feet and unhurt and, the tiger was rolling over and  over ou the earth with the point of the  spear sticking out of his hack.  The ladies had not been seriously  hurt, but at least oue of them, had been  saved from the tiger's maw. Young  Danforth was' the,hero of the hour.  Every officer in the regiment took, him  by the hand and offered congratulations, and.his colonel patted him on tlie  shoulder and said:   ���  "My   dear   boy,   it  was' the  coolest,  bravest thing I  ever heard of,  and it,  makes us all proud of you."  ''But the Sikhs swore that as a 'leader  I got rattled and lost my head.'.' replied  the .officer. "I was honorably acquitted, but I have been made to feel that  I smirched the honor of the Tenth.  Until I can wipe 'that out 1 am an outcast"."  The civil commissioner wanted to  show his gratitude, and Lady Clifton  had influence she wanted to bring to  bear, but the subaltern remained the  subaltern. He was biding his time, and  be had not long to wait. The dacoits  came down from the hills again, and  he was given the chance he so longed  for. This time his fifty troopers were  all Englishmen, and he not only attacked Mooltan. the greatest robber  chieftain of them all, in a chosen position, but routed his force and captured  the leader. That would have been a  deed to boast of, but the subaltern was  not satisfied. Leaving part of his force  to hold the position and the prisoners,  he pressed on info the foothills with  the remainder and attacked and cap-  lured a camp and brought off the sergeant and corporal wiio had been made  prisoners in the firs}, affair. There was  ii' second court martial at Aliwal on  tbe return of the troop, and when the  sergeant and corporal had. proved that  the Sikhs were liars and cowards the  old Tenth held a jubilee and declared  that its honor was never so bright. At  the dinner they toasted "our comrade  and hero."  | (o    He*   Vnrvilims.  ���A well known citizen of Clay Center  ''Ud I" en invlh-d lo an evening party.  He vaui.il lu .no. but his wife declared  ihai .she bad no .gown suitable for the  occasion and asked him to send "regrets" to ihe.r hostess. Tho man went  down to his office and penned this facetious note of declination:  "Wo regret that your kind invitation  must be declined for ail the conventional reasons;, but the real reason is that  half the family has nothing to wear.  My wife's latest dress is over three  weeks md. and her hat is twelve hours  out of date. Vou will appreciate the  hopelessness of the occasion and ' excuse, u^."  lie thought this pretty good, and,he  determined to write a note to his wife  also explaining' that he would not be at  home for' an early dinner, as she had  asked hini._ lie said'in This note:  "1 have turned down your invitation  iiecau.se 1 am-g-oing out to another evening party where the guesjs are not expo,-te-d lo wear anything of importance."  Horry 1 won't be there to kiss you good  night." '���  And thou the fool man carelessly sent :  his wife's note to the hostess aud the i  j     "Yes.  '     "J-s-iy. I  urn going lo spend th" even-  I ing with the dam-hier of old ProfcsSM-  | .'-'ii.ti, ai..l !>.' do --i't Ilk.* me a Ph.    1  j waul jiui: i" !i-ip mo through."  '   "MoV    What can 1 do to help ynuV"  ������Call on him in his study nl.'O'H ,S  </c! .ok and ask h:in this ������lies!ion: 'I'ro-  fes'-o.1'. 10 what do lull tJtribute lb.-  d..'."..' of Darwinism V "  "\\ h: l good will that do?"  "TIe'il spend the whole evening arguing to prove that Darwibism isn't decaying."  . i .���  Johiiii; 'm   AT.x2.il    r*re*<lie*i!ii(.*��i (.  Johnny i wis-h my folks would  agree- upon ('aie thing and not I.cop me  all ihe time iu a worry.  Tommy��� WJut have they been doing  nowV (1  Johnny-Mother won't lei mc stand  on my- bead, and dad is nil the' time  fussing because', 1 wear my .shoes out  bo I a si.  J Ct V/.'&s-vW^^jfc  C>rnm.!i:i(ie-;ii.  , Mr.   Kallow- ih - bee,   p.irdiin,   Miss  Snappe, bin can 1 -smokeV  .Miss Snappe���I'm <\\\:- 1 d<(1"'l know,  but if you've ne\''r tru-d l.ct'<.i''�� i.le-u-e  don't begin here.  hoHtt'ss* note to his 'wife.  "MeriMirliile   Siveirili."  When' was it usual to insert running  mercery in the backs of swords?  'J'lu.s   was  a   comparatively  common  practic:.' aiming tin- Italian, French and  Spanish swoi-dmaker.s of the sixteenth  and spvontooiitb ce-iuiirics,  but   it was  more of a fancy than anything else, for  h never ciiiiic into general use.    It was  not, of c-Oune.  used for rapier.*:- or tlio  iiu'liUT   kind   of   swords,   but   for   the  heavier culling swords.  ���   'llu-   method   was "to  cast  the  blade  rai her .broader at the back i than usual,  with :(  hollow running down  it.    This  wt.-is   half   iiile/J   with   quicksilver   and  seaie-d up.    The idea was that when a  blow  was  struck   witii  such  a   sword  the quicksilver  would  liy to the point  and so increase the weight of the blow.  This   thCoreli'-al   advantage,   however,  did not at,���all counterbalance the general clumsiness of the weapon and Its  Unhandiness  in  guarding,'- and  so  the  nieiTuriah- swords', as'they were called,  from   which .their   ingenious   inventor  l-o],ed   so  uiiK-h,   v.vi-e  rather  military  curio's-lTies   than   practical   successes.���  I<oiidon Answers.  ' Hoih   .Side*.  Doctor's Little (Jirl-Your pajia ov .-s  my papa money.  Lawyer's Little (Jiri- That's no;!!.':''.-,  Papa said he was ylnd in g.-i ot!' with  his life.  ��� i ni rig  u Pinto Shell" Cordovan leather  for H.B.K. mitts and gJovcs h  bound to displace all other  leathers for hard-wear mitts and  gloves,  ���because it is the touo]-est  most flexible and li<>hiest  leather  made.  ���because it is a pure vegetable  tan without a vestige of oil to  chill the hands or stiffen the  giove in cold weather or crack  it when dried out:  "'Pinto Shell" Cor-  ��5,Ovar& can be boiled without  injury, in fact it is boil and  scorch proof.  B5P-  ���\-r *���  1   .  V      Hilr VV'-'.-J'*  - ". ..-V-v-s--  \y;#ki  I'^twC  I    .'���StfsT.S  MW  t': fi* -,"-'.,--*-  W.y.-pfr,  ;' "43?.  1   "  _,~**'.r*��/teS��r  Some men sl'ai-l   wioni"  and ,iiri'  at i.M'ei v station all thivuL'b life'  The Trioli In  Omelet  AlalftiiK1.  The omelet is-the supposed "impossible" in the average kitchen, when in  reality it is but a moments' work which  any ordinary cook can accoinpiiMi. And  once a simple-omelet  is  achieved there j {mul is iU-:u-ly'always an orderly, de-  Soltl by all elewllcra,    Seo thin brand  If your deulai- l.'ts not j,ot tb.mii write us and Bend hia name,  JiCvery p.ih-i.Uunt��-.l"Pl-o-ioSS��.��Il" Cordovan by  liudso^'Bay Knitting Co,  S3 fit. Uiciz* Strtsst, MoiitrottL      I2S Trincaaa Street, 'Winn.ipoe.  irukom of V.'ariii Clothing, Mittu. GJOT-cs/'Uc'dcr-vewr, Sox, 11 occ.it,tna. etc.   :w     }  V "f^l^f  (Jii'.-~l"*'iA'L.-  \yMi%  I 'c'y."\&0.  'J-.'if J.t&(&  ..V'-l-ii*  F:zm  C.r:s..'',>!3f.4_'Ufl*.  Oifirnpti'v   Z'.x   tlse   lint,  ''DOCS liti*   ii.le.  t-.ii..i  I'il.'lf.-.i e( fj ?"'  s-f; i<]  an (.i';si-r\',mt p.-.'s'i'i  wdot-e -ip'-Hahy )���  character rendi:;-.:     "(M i-.-urse it d'les.  "Tho man wb(i**v hat lit-*- him exactly and is sol sipiare and *- ei;iiirlil on his  So in*? tli in if   (��>  Hr  TlinnlEftil   Por.  A Scotchman who has a keen .".ppre-  cktlicn of the stroiifr characteristics of  his countrymen delights in the story of  a druggist knou'n both for his thrift  anil his philosophy.  Once he was aroused' from, a deep  sieep by the ringing of his night bell.  Me went down-to his little shop-and  sold a dose of rctb.-r n.'.useous medicine  to a distressed customer.  '���What   prorit' do  you   make  out   o'  is no end to the pretty and toothsome  variations eaaily within one's skill. In  tiie first place, 'omelets need not be  ."tossed," but just, bandied calmly aud  practically, and, in the second place,  the puffy omelet is the "sou file." by  far inferior to what might be cnlh d  the Vtrue omelet." which is not puffy  at all'nor subject to falling.  Tlie one point in omelet making  which must be imperatively observed  regards the pan. 'It is not at'all necessary to buy a regular omelet pan, as a  smooth, rather heavy, medium sized  spider answers the purpose equally well  But it must be kept sacred to nmeliita  -"-absolutely never appropriated to oth-  i er uses. It must never be washed, but  cleaned "by salt and brisk-rubbing. Before using melt a little laid in it. drain  it off and rub out well with a dry cloth  until thoroughly clean and shining  smooth. It is not too much to say jhat  a proper jian is two-thirds of the battle  in successful omelet '"making.  Never uiake an' omeiet for several  persons at once, individual ones being  both more satisfactory and more easily  managed.���I'hhi IiTurris Kretschinar ia  Woman's Home Companion.  ill ���'?4%  liberate man. regular in his habit.1--, hut  'very often commciipiaco as re;*ai'u*i  mental allainmcnrs.  "Men of large mental powers, thinkers aud philosophers, aff.-C! bats a trifle  loo hii��" for tiiem. They are'tne-.i o**  large ideas, and their big hats will often be-found id C'jiijuuelioii with loo.-e.  easy fitting clothes, for ,in lid.-., ,is in  other matters, tin*-body i-ei!.'c:s tlu>  mind.  "1 distrust e.jiialiy the map who  wears his dial at the hack of hU head  and he who habitually uoes about wiili  It tilled tti one side. The first i< of a  candid, easy goin.-: type, but upl'tn he  flighty: the latter. Willi u di.-jp-isition  for .sport and frolic, 'is at vth*"> same  time ..ft en fii.oloiis and c-nceitcd.  Neither of Iheiii, howvver, will be a  coxcomb, like lhe man who.'-e bat Is too  small for him. nor 'deep' and crafty,  like the wearer of a hat which i.s til-  ways pulh'd down ova- the eyes."   e���a  .."riiiiklli-.'-,, KniBRlltr, f^fpfe?  ��� Mr. Fisher, in tn��bio:;r.-i'r)|!if...(Jsketcb 10$$$  "The True Dciijainh, I-',;,n,-lin," p >i. g^Sf  a etorv to illustrate Franklin's frnL'ahtTnB&h  ,      - ���gaJity 1  and method of acfjTi?riiig property  On the eastern shore of .Varvianil a EW&W  yonng   man   culfcd one  evening on a; I#|M|  old farmer to ask  him how it wad tu-P���^"  he, had   become  rich.     "It   is  a  Icd-  "You   need  not tell the story," mi H^P  the-youth.   "I st*e." fe'-A'gS^  Franklin's method of gaining wealth .t^,���  as seen iu his narrative of, how hemi^^M^  bis wife lived together, was the oau }> t(^^&"  ancestors practiced.    "Wo kept i:o id* }>#!f||S!-  Strike Terror to ��vory Hothoi*'s lleari���  Pi'cvontion and tiur-o is Found in  Chase's  r  8f"  The    most     pitiful  condition     into   Chase's   Xervo   Food  should.be  used  ing,   and   within   twenty   i  post   was   the  game  they   were  after.  Vounc Danforth waii one of the three  Sfinreel   *!����   PapuJin*,.  There is no oponin:> for a dentist In  New Guinea. Tho Papuan ' can sever  tho wirelike rattan creepers which entangle him in the forest at one bite  and sharpen his teeth on the flinty  sugar cane sticks which he is constantly chewing. In "A Collector's  Rambles" Mr. Sherman V. Demon relates an amusing incident which attended a display of Yankee dental  achievement.  The natives had been going through  some very clover tricks for our amusement, but we in turn were unable to  astonish them by anything we could do  until my companion, Shelley, told Them  he could take his tivth out and put  them back again. "No." they said,  "you cannot do that, for that i.s impossible." In reply Shelley tapped his  teeth with his nail to show his audience that they-'were teeth, and then,  extracting the plate on which he had  two or three ai-tiik-ial ones, lie opened  his mouth, showing the gap where they  had been. '  . The Papuans waited to see no more,'  but all started for tbe small door at  once. Tn their haste to get out they  stuck, anjil I feared for a few moments  they would tear the house down. Those  who were unable to get out at once  bowled In their fright and created a  great uproar, and, in spite of our telling them that We were only in fun,  they could not. be persuaded to come  back agaiu for a long lime, and then  they came only under'the: promise that  we would never do that juruiu.  which any child-can come is that of  nervous and physical exhaustion,  which' often leads to convulsic.is, St.  Vitas'  Dance,  rickets or epilepsy.  Because of i,is gentle action and  marvellous upbuilding influence on  the blood, ner\es and system generally. J T Chase's Nerve Food is- especially elTecti.e in restoring .pale,  weak imd puny children *-o robust  health.  G-5?pVULS10!t.S.  Convulsions are sometimes preceded by irritability, freUtilncss, restlessness, grinding of the ,teeth during sleep, and twitching of the muscles of the face, which soon extends  through the body. The arms and  legs aro violently bent and straightened, the head thrown back, the eyes  opened widely, and breathing is torn-  regularly  after each meal'.  '     , ST. VITAS' UAS.GE.  St. Vitas' dance is usually preceei-  ed by decided pallor, emaciation >uid  a low stale of heath. It Is first  made manifest in'a lameness or dragging of the feet. The trouble then  ���tWci to the arm and hand on tho  same side, and the more the patient  tries to control his movements the  more ridiculous ho seems. As this  trouble i.s likely to become chronic,  and last through life, no time should  be lost in treating it.  These dreaded diseases-, as well as  many other ailments of childhood,,  are directly duo to low vitality, and  can be thoroughly driven from the  system by the persistent use of Dr.  Chaso's N'erve Food. For a young  child you can divide the pill in two.  This food cure forms new, rich  blood,   creates  new   nerve   colla     and  '   Dsini*;er   In'Polsoni,  It is lamentable that neither repeated  warning nor f.k! experience seems- to  have the desired effect of making lhe  ordinary person cautious in the use of  poisons. In the last fcAv days three  children have died 'presum-ibly from  taking poison that "was, c.-iridessly left  within,their reach. One would .suppose  that such accidents would by this thin;  have become almost impossible, yet  they are constantly recurrinir with a  frequency I hat demands fun her warn-  ing. If p'li-'-nis would learn to keep  poisous iu a [dace where i'nvy could not  be reached by others there would be  fewer accidents.  It is ihe old principle of familiarity  breeding contempt. It cannot be too  strongly Impressed upon every one that  the only immunity from danger is  through coimr.-int ��--arc and precaution.  It is a lesson that needs to be impressed  upon everv individual without exception.  servants. " he says. "Our table w.is rb r, ?Vv  and simple, our furniture of tho die,.. '<?s^^  est, For irihtance. my breakfast wtislc .Jy n^M  a long time.bread and milk--no tea- v-i^w*  and 1 ate out of a twopenny eartii"n ror >-K..w|s  ringer with a pewter spoon B-.it iuarj^ ';-^|p��  bow   luxury   will   enter   fainili.-s --,j -l&riiWli  make a progress in spite of prnic;pli_  "Being called one morning in l:*ai- Hr,i}f?fh'  fast, ! found it in a china iowl witfcjf -^^Sf-fl  spoon of silver! ,Tbey bad h i-n b.,n���'b f "^^^  for   mo w,ithunt   my ktiowli dge- It ut    :^plM^4  * ,��* ife?y**  v.'v-H&Kgfe.  wife and had' cost her (,the ennna^  t-nm of three and twenty sin!]in���,������-, f;  which she had no other excuse ur ape.:  gy.to make but that she tlio��'_'lit li  husband deserved a silver ���>;.!. >n stf  china bowl as well as any of ins icj?b\  bors.'  V$3  ma  A Dnj'n TttTlc.  Few of .n-i  probably ever think 5.:'.- I^ll^f'  ouslv about   the amount of  tni'Mi-'fl * 'fc'-^wl  , laru'i' n  ' ��� ' ��� j* ^c^ss?,  lucre talk is in the life of tin- wurM L:)} i-.��i!  do in   a   da3'   and   how ..,  both good   and   evil,    ll   lias ('������ni ���/���'. >-V  mated  one lion  ed. would oecup\- 1.3 octavo p.i  dinary convi  5Mn  ���8  )0��   ami   evil,    it   Jins on'-n **. ?'VsSfftn  that a public  speaker iut':*b ^i-f^fe  ir. on an average, what, if [.M't- L^-^ity!  it- p$y8ma  porarily     arrested.     As    the     spasm   builds up   the system ;  as  no prepnra-  passes  off the child  falls  into a deep J tion   was   ever, known  to   do.  sleep,    and   may   be     flays  may be days or even  weeks In regaining strength. To pi e-  vont a repetition  of convulsions   Dr.  Fifty  cents a box, 6 boxes for $2.50. At  all dealers, or F.dmanson, Bates <fe  Co., Toronto.  '!i-.!'.'" grumbled his wife.  "A ha'penny." was the cheerful answer.  "And ("or thai bit o' money you'll He  awake maybe anjiour," she said impatiently.  "Never grumble o'er that, woman,"  was his placid answer. "The dose will  keep him awake all night. Wo must  I hank heaven we hi'' rhe profit aucl  nun*- (/ th" pjtjn o' this transaction."  I-i-i t��-.ilii, ._���    CIciclc.  visiting Great  Saiiglr. oue of-Ui.ise islands of the Indian <:'-c,'.:i known ;ls the Celebi.-?. o:  Spice |s|:i;i(is. toiiud ii curious time re-  cordd- lodged al the .house .of a. rajah.  Tv.-j'i boilles wcrO ."firmly lashed togelh.-  er ;t:':id ' {i:-:cd in i'i woudvu frame. A  ijuaiiiity   of -black  sand  ran  from  o:i?>  jihc-i'- in  jitst, half  an  the upper hol.lie  was  reversed.  .Tv7> ive  roin  as i-i  hot tie into. 'Iho  hour, an-.i when  i-uiply t he- fr.Uii:-  ishoi.: sticivS, .marked wilh nolclu  one to twelve, were hung upon a siring.  A ���hook was' placed between the slick  bearing the ���number of notches' euri-e-  ..spoiiding- to the hour i.-ist struck and  Hie one lo be sfruck'no:;!.. The sontrj-  i:iii!.'.'i!!ii'.j(l lli." time -by striking the  hours on a l.'iri-e gong.  f-ht  your  "Tiie"  If  ,, i.  . i  ���ul  m i in  -:   11,  i  yon   :M e  I ku.-.ck  al  !    !L-    IL,  o .' Il:1 I'i- .1   Tie  i ' ikh',: foi   .fim(-i i  t !i" .1 l.oVe  ni.-ni ion.  n'f his lei I. jie-t a.-l.  II  Cdiixiilrui'y.  "Sipiibob, you.���;!���(���' still . rcjioriing' for  the Daily lireud, aren't ybu'/"'  is---:   1'i.r,  (1    iwiO.l  ing fr!  -id ��n'f his lei I. jie-t a.-l. hiin t!,(.  significance of the three letters ��piot(d  When  he fail-- to answer tit" oil'.a i'-ii  tell  hiui  that   lhe The as  it   occurs   m  the instaiic:' eileil   is simply  lhe an:::i  cizee]  f,i;-iii of the "Dutch worel  "S ih'ii-  venhaaz" .,r "8Craveiiluixc," cither o"  which   in   the   Dutch 'language   means  "the   count's-' hedge"   or:  "the ���.couiifV  grove" or "woods."       .   . ���>  Oriuiii.illy the, location now oceiU)i"d  by the city of The' Magin- was th.-.  hunting grounds of the,'coui:!.s''oi" Holland. About tiie ycai-lL-'Itt a'.palai.i  was built in ��� the grove. Pr-'seidly ;-.  village sprang-lip .������iv-.uni! the pahice  still il. was called '''The'Co'.ii;.;":-- ili'ilg,;''  arid . tiniiliy aiei lasily n la;-^,;  which in .Ihe'Duich i.iiieaai-.-"- I,;a.  .original ,sigei!ieaii(.a-,, |,m w!:i"!i  'modern parlance has l..-eii ei:t,ii  into '"i'iie.- I! jg'.:-"-" ��� ,       ,  An   Olil   Kritilisle   Sni>oi*��i( itlttn.  Attention has been called to tlie survival of folklore in rural parts of F.ng-  laud by evidence given hi a stabbing  case tried at the Essex assizes. To  quicken the healing of the wounds, the  knife with which they" were Inflicted  was smeared with grease and laid on  the bed of the patient. The purpose  served by the application or grease or  oil (xi the knife or lo any siocl instrument that has indicted wounds Is to  -prevent it from rusting, for if the steel  is allowed to become rusty the wound  Is supposed to,be aflVetcd and festering and mortification follow the progress of ,the rust. A "lother ipiaint belief is that the application oi" an oiled  knife is a certain aud quick remedy  for scalds and burns. _  SI Mo    V. .>-.   it    r, li;tton.  Miio, the famous athleie of ancient  Ore. iv (noin ."-'i .'1. (I.i, was victor at  both the Olymp e and I'.% t hh-ui games  for s!.\ linns iu sucecr-'ion. On one u'*-  (a.s.iim be ran four miles with an n\- on  his .shoulder, killed lhe anim.-.l with a  blow of his, lirsl and then ale tbe on!ire  carcass In one da;. An ordinary i.i.al  for this gluttoim.i. Titan was 1 wen \  pounds of bnail. i v. ;<���,- diat much meat  und fifteen pints oi   wine.  cour.,  i,j octavo i.i.es   *->��-*< jMaaftn,  ersaliou   is  even iiiure prsi- f YW^Mm  lific.        , ��� S'fw  Lot us suppose.' nays The WiceiiiM ***&0lhfl  that all tbe tnik of one day be e.-ru..;'.H | 'fv^Mf*  as equivalent to four hours' con-'V"..-'-! '"J^f^  * t7 iA ^5^*viSyff��T  speaking.   In a single week the ,iiii>j":i';.   "#J$m&g  ' mi?,   "le-w^^^  wonld make what, if printed, woiiidw. 'iS^B^irf  an octavo of 3C'0 pages. In a year a iw'-. " 'y$$m  would complete r>2 such vohn.ies,f a:*. S]^'$m  in 30 years he would have :iecuinul:.rin 'V^^*!  a library of 1.5..G vohimes of lii**-Tfi b'\^5*aj  talk. What value would most oi raj -'*-j|^  place ou such a library.' How a^ J-^t-fc'j  of us could endure to read it V How nm.V  v-. &:&-*:&  to  ,it it : now ui-.L-i   j-. jig-j-jeae  have sncli bocfi',    '^,^K  ^ ���,&aB&  Would f(,c:J satisiUd  go on the marki t ?  It is related of Dean Swift thatatf.p>..f-^S  li>:-'     v  g'pnb  evening iiarty, on   one occasion, n.^���'^rf>\��|��tjl  tired to a corner of  the room :i':,-.A:,|��il^S8i5  menced noting  down   tlie   talk  com  doii  the conversation which had   .P'"*-'"'f .'^-SMII  place   Most of the speakers, il ia id^t.  felt no small   humiliation over the-"A  pcrficial aud trifling character of lL':^-,c{^f,  utterances when confronted with (Lie^  ^M\\  ' I :\ c^l  had  T��><.   I inni.ii tivc  Wife��� 5-uoli   a   dnain   as   I  nicht. dear;  Husband���-May I hear about it?  , "Well. yes. I dreamed I hat I wa�� J*J  a great establishment where tlu-y f"-  husbands. There were beauties, f-111"  In glass cases and marked at f��'.'r  piics. and others we're sold-".d \''^i"  nres. flirls wen* paying out butt-1"'3  and getting the handsomest men I <u;  saw.   It was wondci ful."  "Did you sic auv like un- fl'('r'���  dear'.'"  "Ve.i. .lust as I was lea vim: ' ���-'l''1 !  wh'ile iut like \<iji lying on t ic ''"J  'la i.i coin,!!.;-,"  ���ll V  i I:-.  il.  "Is  A   Seit.H.*   of   <;��r1ulnty.'  you   s'no'   he   loves   you?"   asked  ���own.  "Is I sho":" rejained the oilier .pityingly. "Is I sho'! Didn't he refuse "a  Iriyifaiion, to iit dog light no's he could  come u-c'uirlin' las' Wedues;da.y night?"  THE, 'WORLD'S MEDICINE.  mm  h  <P   i l-J^i  WHS  j..'.'-, H.-  ���',; ^  M  vH*��rr s  l-.Nl  O^  &  Ah  FOR ALL  \i  s  SO  15  Sack Headache,.Constipation';. Wind*  ak Stomachy impmmd Blgestjo^x'  v*  BjsQrdered Liver & Female Aigimejig!  *Z)TAAd TlY Wbo ProP"��tor, TxroMAS Bkecham, St. nolens, IMS-old lifvorj-whero in Canada aud U. S. America.    In boxea, 25 contu. i     '!r,irf'..' :
- - .-,--•,,- -(' -- -*.-+-.--
'    r' -V'/vnf.'"
: p.,'.
•(5 '■ 1?.' ■•'
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...     I'     ,. -.     ,1   ,      1 , -, I
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-■-  J1.*''
MOYIE,    E.    C.
.. -.i * I*  .i-
- J -i'ii' >$'■•
'*&%*!$,i*To  giie .some idea  off the  increase
Koi-iV-'S"'1 ' ""
"JT.,;'=Slicj^_h' horses  than in  1S9C; and  that
f.'"f*.^H^'tJao«J'aris omnibus companies got iid
|,A;&vlfbC-'.2;()00 horses last vear
«i. , i-1 -irN^r^*OiiS ijh .li,- ■
£'fviv-;Sis«;>^;v«':f   ^
ti'i£^q}en.r   Sirs,—I   was   for  se^
r'"^'^»r''tv?iSulVer-ei-    from   Bronchial
K-'M^tffia'iiAvon 1(1   be  so    hoarse
seven    years
at     times
F C'fi*TSS*sr%i«wK)£ i       i
rM:^aBlld^,«0»' '
''-^aSSKt^a remains hot longer than ai-.y,
'V^rliWi^tkaowii .substance. Lava which
''.iis&^i^Tl&Sr.c    Mnimi   Finn, in 1787 was
>iilM,iiijiard,s Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
fi;'^.ifS@6»!.«;-l.';. , -	
^^^^-tlvirii?   F.dward   has stood  godfather
m&iftti'    no     fewer 'than  lu  ch Id.vn       In
m>     fewer
instance,   he''stood   god at her    i)
father   and  son,   these   two  be-
■A XSfJSi.^rsil'*"
*^ping   the Duke'df   Marlliorough    and
ll'Kis so", the  Marquis of Wand ford.
In the Secret of Ilfiilih, Vlfjeir and Hap-il-
(..cod blood—rich, red blood--is the
greatest, enemy that disease can ha\e
It .stimulates every organ to throw
oi)" any ailment, that may attack il.
Flood blood is the only positive cine
for such complaints as anaemia, uer-
VOUSIH.S.S. neuralgia, skin erap; inns,
iiidii-esi-eni. i-beuniatism, etc.. rie-
'ctiusi.' thisc diseases eann.>t e.Mst
v'ie;re tbe blood is good. Toe secret
of good blood—rich, red life-giving
blood—is J)r. Williams' J'ink* Pills.
Where these pills are. used it means
JifC, health and vigor. Mr. Uob-.-rt
Lot-, a well known lesidc-nl of Sew
Westminster, J.. C. says :—"Pei'ore I
began using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
my blood was in a very impure condition, ami ns a result, itchy pimples
was smooth and clear. The pill-;, are
appetite was fickle, and J was easily
tired. I Iried scleral medicines, but
they did not help me. Then my wiTc
urged me, to t ■•>- J)r, Williams1 J'iiik
I'Mls. I got half a dozen boxes, and
by the, time T had used them. T was
fully restored to health, and my skin
was smooth and clear. The pills are
the best medicine I know of for purifying the blood." Bold by all, medicine' dealers or- sent post paid at ">(>(;
per bo.v, or six boxes for V.2.r>0, \,y
writing direct to the Dr. , Williams'
Medicine Co., Drockvillc, Ont. Do
not lake a substitute, or something
saitl to, be. "ju.sl as good." ' The
"jw.st as good" medicines never cio-ei.
anyone ' , '      "
'anil a
on a;
d till!
bSK«j*»Vi';-v many persons flic- iiniumlly from
IwIiWiffihfih'.-ii- iin-l kindred .summer i-oni|i!.nrit*i.
W¥<$mwb<)   eiiglit   have 'I.pen      silvc(S   il"   nr-oper
long f
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ie mi jriJjL
ii.f!:es Muni   Ije-eri   ui-eel.    tf   jittacl.ed   flo
cli'iay   in   selliin?  a   buttle*, of   J'r.   J
K'-Uoci-'m  Feiscnterv Cordial    the med-
'icl'nc    l hat   never   fails   to    chert   ti    cur'.*
'   ' 0s(.   who   hav.'1' used      it     siev   it  nets
■aptly    and     thorovfj.il v   subdues    tho
n   ur.d   disease.
ilThcre   are  now   2.000   miles   of    I J.-.
';pe  ui   Cairo  railway  fini->■•• •'!  Icav-
JSfStr 'J S'')0  miles  to connect  tr-.-?    ('••■.
faSfi*L.:.,.vl  svsterns.    At 'Rul .\
e so j-level.
70u^ilSBS*T%iiiK-.l  systems.    At   P.ul.wavo  th
o id;-i'#^^*lttC ,K '1''"'
'-I   "i,*"^?*
HOW'S    T"e-33S>T'
JtS offer   (>nu   Uuudred   Dollars   llewnrd
.? I**. .l^.|.-.sY.'*-*I>-,»SfA'
HftftC»ir*".Vi""oiii any  oblifratior.a made by t;if*i|
,-/>nV.-} v !W?$fli!Mt
..i iVA^4w*>s#*^  Tmax,   WholesiUrs   Drurt-isiH.  To
s:vy ,i--i.--^
•/ri 1. ;•    ' 'a-W^ t^V 'A
Ei-iti-sh coal mines possess only 4 20
A young man may be a trifle sadder, hut. lie certainly isn't any ivi.^r
when he calls to st.c his best girl and
,'inds her out.   ■
fU   nil
, " 1 am sure if baby com.! only
talk," suyf. ?.Ii-.s. ii. Cfe'Tney, L'An.-'-
■ >!::, Oat., "she would prill.si*. Jialc.'s
Own Tablets Loo 'J'he\ have -j"-\en
better results than any either
cine f have ever used for "i\"
one." This is the verd-.-t
" n-h"i's who have used IJa'iy's '"'vn
Tablets, and it is the ,-. erv,' i.e-t
"inoi tliat nfi 'other i.iedi -'ne e-an
eijnal the"n f'a-'th" sp(-"'ly relief and
core o.' ih" enmmon ^ail'i-.eii's ,.• ni-
t ie one'-'. These Ta'le'-s -. l're cobr,
Cf .vsi ii at ion.     sour   ' si oin.ich     iifai--,
' iif-e-i' arid   simple  fevi"-s:   I uev   break
ii '
••I'   .'>"-.,      iirovent   fro in,   ii'i'i   ,.,\,y
ihi-  iri'i at ion  af-iiiiii a.- -. i,\'^i  i'ief,,i-
t-'r.r.'   o-   teeth,     nnd     are     posi'i'.-.e'^
irnr-rant eerl in contain   no   opiate.    VI
c.r.iiheu   take   them   readiiv,   and    f.-"-
\-ery     voting    infants    tliey     < a n     1-e
i rt'sliof]   te"i   n   now dor     Yon   fan    tret
Hahv's  fnvii  Tablets  fro-n   nnv   di-u-.r-
*-» £ T-'i'T^tvn
is.- fe zS S-- s*< e S.
l7ijttft%ailuJl *Je
''JcinoiJ&fJ   f.-ODi   'J'iie   OuiijU'firch'.l1
^WIIJ':AT-TJie past week has been
rdther (piiet in the wheat, trade. The
feeling, however, lias been firm, ,anel
although the \olume of trade in one
speculative markets tms b«en comparatively light, prices in these markets show a gam of 1£ to lie over
closing prices of a week-ago. France
has required to import but litUe
wheat since the season of 1897-8,
when, owing to the serious winter
damage to, the crop of 1897 the
I'':enclurieii required to import 'fc>0,-
000,0(10 bushels. Should they this
3<-ar ha\o lo buy in'even 25,0u0,0n0
•t would have a very bullish influence on the general .situation. At
the present time, althougli the duty
on wheat imported into lYaiice is
•"7c per bushel, prices there are on
i-H import level. ]n connection with
this we quote the Liverpool Corn
'trade.'News of .January 20: "'lhe
severe weather of the past week,
which was nt-nen-l oi er western i ht-
ropo was probably harmful to the
v.mter .sown .crops in certain localities where i hey are not protected by
a sno'w coven ne;, but seieial weeks
will have to elapse before any definite knowledge on the subicci will
be   obtainable."
^Manitoba. wheat has been, very
quk-t during the week. A very' largV
Hiiiomit of Wheat changed hands ior'
immediate delivery, also for February and IMay dcliiery during the
wc-ek ]ii-evn-ii.s to last when' tlie ninr-
letsowere, advancing. Since the\-
broke '"'and prices decliin-d, .sellci.s
i.n\']!}•■ shifted their loads 1o other
KliOiiideis. haio withheld from selline-
ficoly al the lower prices, and the
buyers being well loaded up have not
bfcn anxious %o take more in the
rTaiiliine, and the conseciuence has:
bis^n M'l-y small trading duriiic the
:<,'-•■ len days. At'"the close, of Ibis
v-nek tiie feeling nmomr .dealers ' is
hi m, hut there i.s no attempt,, lo
.i.'sh business. On the 'week prj-.-s
have advanced lc to l-Jc. and at
O'f close of business Saturday quo-
U-1 ions" were': 1 hard, 74-Jc; 1 nor-
ll-.ern. 72V. 2 northern, 71 \c: .'I nor-
' beru,  09-ic • spot,   or  February   <de.-
What T.   C.  Marsh  Says Dodd's
Kidney Pills Did for Him.
Story of a ?«fivii Scotia Man who had
Almoit CiVfii Up IIljio of Ever being;
-»V<.-11 AjfHlii.
Central Kcoriomy, X. S.,, Feb. 9.—
(Special;—"I feel a.s if Dodd's J\.id-
noy Pills had saved me from ihe
grave," is the way T. (J. ^lar.sh, of
this place, talks of those wonderful
exterminators of tbe pains and aches '
arisin» from Diseased Jvidneys. Ami
Mr. JVfarsh should know whereof he
speaks. He was under the1 doctor's,'
caie for kidney complaint for .sometime, and, despite their efforts, continued to grow worse. He was almost'in de.s-pnir when a friend ad-
\ised him to use JJodd's Jvidney Pills.
In .'.ucli a .'-even* case the progress 1 o-
vards nyjoi cry was naturally slow,
but. lu- persevered, and now he fools
.I'jsti.'ied in using the strong woi-'i.s
rpioted above. Mr. .Marsh thus de*s-
f-r-ilie's   his   case :
'T was under the doctor's care, but
didn't .seem to get any better, only
worse. ■[ was advised by a friend tn
use Dodd's Kidney Pills. After I bar.
used I hem for acinic I began to ice!
a difference, ariil'l never stopped un-
tiJJ I had taken 22 boxes. I suppose
l,*-till have to use something as lone;'
os 1 live, but I lee! a.s if Dodd's Kid
ney Pdis had saiecl me .from 1 he
"1   h   ve   reronirnended   Dod
i"*v  Pdls io e\"|-yone bet
i he.\   have  flone for mc,"
Dtilioicus flavor.      Free from nulls.      *V»rror.ted Pur*.
Put up (n al! s.zod paskages.
$g iSvi^'s
\j& rs jgr a r § & r*
As now manufaotupod, ths gcaat Family Flour.
!>>s,'&t on Quttincj " OGfLVIE'S," bs they are bettor iimn the SsaaS.
S-BvCVVIS:    P*4«0    EC <3 JLJ A J_.
l s   um
or v. I!, l 1
l:">ei v,,ai:d for May deli very ? J  hard.
77 Ac:   1   northern,   75ic;   2   northern.
norther;!.   71-
in " store
f-'ort   William,   Port   Arthur,   or   Du-
P.lh.    .
L'i ti ronl— Xn.   J    northern     sprimr
rb-scd  on  Saturiiny a.t 0s    0*;d.
I-'LtH'R—I.cf-t ,   Hungarian   Patent
S2.1f'. | ,.r sack  of 9fl  pounds r!pli*-ei-
ed   to   the    trade:     ("•leuora   ' Pal.Td
Si...a":     strong   bakers,    -SJ .Go:     and
x.\xx, si.;!.-." ,-.  ' ■
pr.rt i
y' gi
ally   kn
eltil    n K
bi- i i
______ <iMJs~s_>v»»-'.-uw-wwia *y-i»-s-aK~snti w sir Os—m-ii m—< »i i h'jjwk
BS fi£S jE-Sri «-~* ff'^tj- a    ft    «    '        Ejk *s    ,
&Wz £3 ii« igs^ 4 fi\ %        c-Jiig •
-SnEa        aW8_r-tia       S^fka        \£
Ol te'jj;
gist at  2."ic. ,a  Ijox,  or  they
rcct   lo
r"eist i'li-f
paid,   by
Willi.-u* J'-.
wr 11
" ' ic
.'.   I I',-'
Co . Prockvllle, Ont..'. or Rchc-nec-
i c.i.'y. X.Y.' Rend for our book on
tlie care of'inhinfB and younrj children.    K,vorv   mot h.e:-  should   have   it.
MllJ.l-TsRD— r.r.ui     is    quoted
.-.'1-1 ".ii
at  S1G.
per ton  in
"i0 per ton.
•iiid 'short?
, ^5l.%}-iiMrate,p!  bOU a. year.
5.:.- i^ldsmi^mi _____
-'-■•.f;*'--jW#^''lT IS A O-KRAT PT'IIDIC BRXI'V
■ I"! £-1'^Wf!^SEPr"' These .sitrniiic.int v.-ords .wore us-o.l
i /, f..*fci&6®i«?1ffcliilif>.i to JJr. Thomas' Kclec.tric.OiI.
' •" pV.^^^&by^ja i>:entl«iii.iii wlui had thorouuhh
5-.-. I'j-v^ksj-^l/testt-il its mfiit'i in his own cu.se—hav-
. :JjijV,*pJS^incfhp(.-ii cm eel bv it. of lainciwss of the
'* 'J ^.i>*%jS9**aiee, of tin-tie or four years' standing
til't-u^??vS®|t^ovor fails to reimovp soreness as well
bi^^Sa.8^laiiK'iie>SK.  and   is  uti inconipanihh; ruil-
'   " I'!\Ti-.vl hing   comes     to   the
waits,"   but   not while he wai"»s.
,,. r.;u;f?:^^f«ula'-.\"   r-cur-d.      JT
I"-W*i^®l*HJ''llse of  (.'oniinons I
''fplllipnuous pcrloil  than
P^||WM|« the  Reform  Dill of 1S.V2,
if. rBs«^gi   "*" '~~~———-——■—'——~—
T H K Y      N F. V K11     FA'l. —H r       S.    M
lion^-'ui'T,   Duntrieni.  wi-iios:    "For nbwi-1
(wo   vcii-s   7    v. us   Iron Id e'd    with    rnwiird
Pilfs,   Ian   hy   n.sii-1!*;   Parnioli-'.'s   I'ills.      1-
n'H"  ronipletcl.v  c-i:n-d.   nnd   although  fii'a
yeius  Juive"   t'limsed   *-nU-r.   j],,-a   thfv   hnvo'
net   '-e'tiir iied "    I'd i in.-'oe'a   DUls   .in-   mi-
i i-hiliniis   jii-.d   a  si.erifu"   for   t he . eaire*    ui
I.ivf and   Ki'liK-v  Coinplni'it «=.   Dvsi.-i'psifi
reisti\ paps--,     Pf'r.dai-lie.    J^ilr1.*!     ete- .     tir.d
v "U    ri'ir.d--.'i'   the   sye.-'.-e'tions   nnd   reii-ovr-
all   hiliiiiis   niuttor.
He who, plans-'trouble for others is
the  architect  of  id's  own 'misfortune.
OATS—The jirice of oats has again
\iiii; ■...->'and the market is firm at
lc advance L-iiceipts are yery light,
ami not at all i-epml -.'_■ the require-
iMints. There', are,   as  everyone huuiVf
i. oi.* of, oats in the country, but
tl-ey cannot become a Tactor in the
market without shipping facilities,
and apparently these are not-to be
hod.      Pars   for   loading   at   country
o ills are very scarce. No. 2 white
o:,its are worth 29c per bushel ab
Port William. On track. Winnipcir.
-Ids er.ule is worth 28 to 28^0 ui r
'•tsliei and about 27c is,the price i'oi
l'eed white. In the country farmers
ah- gel tiiu 19 lo 20c per bushel nt
cp'-tra1  points.
DAHLIA"—Drew ers     (luote  ."lc    for
.••ial'"iL-   in   caiiot.s   on   track
I'"ii-   in   caiiot.s   on   track.     'Feed
barley   is   worth  25   to
F1.A\SFKD—Market nominal.
posse.s.st\s   one   parlia-
o     has     led   the
for a  longer con-
lerioel  than anv  other leader
£^--JI-: /N"",'.' ~i'\.''!
ci'S■«->*->>/-■*>•- f
with the old standard remedy that has stood the test
of 40 years experience and
is more popular to-day than
ever before.
3 5
'^^yST^        s,-'£t^
j- "-•. iW
v.,*»s&:acts GENTLY
*$.&'    ON-   ■■■&%[-Zyi".-   At'
j 1 ©a
is carefully prepared from
Red Spruce Gum, retaining'
all its healing", soothing" properties. It is pleasant-to
take and is always effectual.
25 cents.    At all Druggists.
, SPELT'/.—The market holds steady
at  ,')0o  per  bushel  of  50  pounds,   d.--
livered  111   Winnipeg.
.' '
HAT—Dealers are pacing  So.."50  to
JsU.yO per ton  for carlots on track.
- PdTATOiOS—83c per bushel.
BUTTP.P. — Creamery—City nuikeis
have 1 educed their price 2c per pound
. ..n.l   aiV now  quoting  2-ic  for choi'--*
i ..e-.li   a aiie   in   o'eie-pouiid   bricks,   .ie-
1 -    <     l
j livered
I     PDTTI.Jt— Dairy—Receipts are mod-
10: ate and mostly  of inferior  quality
\ Dealers are  paling 21c  net for dairy
[ .--. 1 ar.itor in  bricks,  delivered al Win-
a    '-, and 14 to 47 net for tub battel   ' • ,
CdiFK.SL-:—The market is quiet,
i Orders are being tilled with Ontatio
! stock. Jobbers aro selling to the 1 c-
. tail   trade  at  13Ac per   pound.
IslD.S '-.'•iRg.s are scarce at 22c pei
doyeu, net, delivered in Winniptr.'
.subji'i't   1,0 candling.
I DKFSSFD POl'LTRV— l>-.ilers arc
! nii'ei im m .11 wholesale way D'c pei
pound ("V cli't'l.cns. dressed; 9Jc to
1 Die f"i ducks and g«-e'se. and lac. fo.
! li.rl.t*\s.
!     DDIOS.sI";!)    MF.ATs.-S   —   Deef.     eit>
i ,uj   ■ ,:«t t.
L$A: ;n - 6^r:"
-^ '    ^' 3^At-'     , PERMANENTLY
'11" s\ ■���' ■ .        _..   ■■   ■"'   .   .
divs.scl, ti to 7J'.- per pound, couiitr.s
t<- under these iigiuvs. niiiiioe
■.  lamb",   11 Je:   hoits.   7c
11 !■(
—"*    Si oe -v.
I ■
^1^      <^.%        ^^.
|]0g_S4LC 5Y flll DRU66IST5V PRICE 50c.PER S01T1&
is', one of the most important
things for every fajmcr to
o'   ... «■■'  5 ,
Blood. Purifier
will build up a rundown horse.
'■ .■'.■<!.'
It tones up the system,   rids
stomach  of bots,  worms   and
other parasites   which   undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AGENTS.      -     -     -      MONTREAL,
1*1 s—t'ounti-'j iro/en bides
biinging from ."i to (ic jier pound,
delixered at Winnipeg, less o pouiuD
tare; sheep pells. .'<> to .")'>(•.
WOOL— .Market nominal.
, TALLOW—No.    1   tallow ■  is worth
■f.!-.b''  Jier .  .pound .delivered   here, .und
'".No.  2, -lie      c..   :',      ...   ,;
\  S F.ivECA    HOOT—-Market ' iioiuinal.
Id VE   STOCK.       A-    	
CATTLF—There arc very few c.a.t-
tie. .dn'ering, and it Is believed that,
■n.inong the .farmers of'Manitoba thev.
arc scarce. Ibiyers are now .out fur
stockers, and are taking all they can
get at. good prices. Finest stei.rs
are-wnrtli-lc: butchers' ordinary ■.■i-i1'-..
and 'from that figure down, to 2.Vi'.
according to- quality. Stockers,yearlings J STA to -SI7: two year olds. Sl«
fo,.,i-r'2i. each.
S.il'ERP—Wol-tli Hie per pound "cd
car.-*-  here.    Ijiiinbs.   4 i   to -Iii'-.
TIOO9--'Packers are still paying. 0c
per. pound for best weights of hogs
delivered. Heavy and light, weight?
are   :\c  lower   than   choice.
MlLiCTi COVYS—-Prices are tinn at
§30   to  S15  each,   according   tn  ipiul-
ity. ■ *"   ;
>'.v.\\y so-called '" Siiecihcs " am;
' um.''" for lllieuniatism ha."e a.-
■ ejidy 1 ..-i'ii bicuight before the pwb-
i.c: but when i-beuma'tism, N< in aiiiia.
s'ad kindred uiseasea ha'e l;ei;om(=
• liioivc a'id threaten serious resides-,
on --,-v rest assured "that tl,iey will
•;-,' belt very little, if any. Al-
i hough not recommended as "ir.fai-
li'ne," "the peculiar qualities o, St
,'a'obs Oil esiiecially ada].t it to
thosse cases which may he teiiued
'"ihtonic," and which have previo'ns-
... withstood all known , "specifies,"
as web as the prescriptions of the
best physicians.
We  wouid  mention, .as  an example,
the case    oi.   Mr.     A.  ]leilmant\,   of
Pittsburgh,   who  suffered with   Hheu-
n.atisni   for   four  years,   after   vainly
i.sing all  the best recommended remedies   and exhausting the skill of the
u.osi   experienced  physicians   without
e-ve-i   temporary     relief.      it  'required
only   two   bottles   of   St.   Jacobs   Oil
to   effect   a   permanent  cure.    Mr.     C.
ITanni,    a     well    known    cilD.-'.    of
.Voiingslown.   Ohio,   secured .'for     hiF-
wife.   who  for  twelve years  hnrl  b(*-3n
a const::nt sufferei; from Neuralgi'a in
the' head,   the  services' of  the  ah lest
physicians of the land, but they were
unable  to   do   anything  for   her;   h.--.]!"
a bortle of St., .Jacohs Oil cured her.
Mr.  Wm.  Iteinhart,   Elmore,  Wis.,  reports  the case of a neighbor who for
twenty-four years had suffered so terribly   , with    Jthoumatisin     that,     at
times,   he  could  hardly move :   a few
bottles of  St.  Jacobs Oil cured him.
"To   cap   the  climax."   howcier,   Mr
A.  Neig-jr,  of Taylorville.' Da . write*
eh.it his mother, who had been a continual  sufferer  with   Rheumatism  for
'he  jiast   thirty years,   used   one hot
lie of St.   .Jacobs Oil and  was inime-
fately   relieved   of   all   pain.      Tlte.sr
are icsults which truly desen-* to be
l-i ought   to   public   notice';      but   they
are   not   or-centions,   as   will   be   seen
by   (he •'im-er-oiis     other     certiilc.i.re.s
•"ro--   all  parts of  the   Pnited   States
•{ should  be the duly of everyone 'o
call    the    attention   of hi.s    suli'ering
friends     and   neighbors  to   this  wonderfully efiicacioiis     prenarnlion,    especially  as   the  low   price  of   2a  ci\u\
."ip   cents   per   bottle   plnc\s   it   within
reach.  01   all   persons,   rich  and   noor.
Holding the breath occasionally is
said lo be resting.' If it doesn't rest
the holder it will, at least give the
ot hers a rest.
SL1:.F.PLF.SSX1;:.SS is due to ner.vous
exe-iU'-.iioi'C. The elulicnti-ly coastituteil.
the fimmcipr. the business man, and those'
-.."lies,!* ot-cupaiioii necessitates great mental strain er worry, all sutler less or
more from it. Sleeii , is the ureal restorer of a worried brain, and to e>.et
sleeii rU-.in.se the stomach from all im-
imriiids with a fewl floses of Paruielee's
\ceeinhlo I'ills. geluiine fiated. contiiin-
inir no tin'itury. I'uri aie mi am nt fed to
gi\o -.iii.sfactioii or the 'money will hi*
Arro\w    iV-_I«e*t,
'A woman's mind is on something
higher than dress when she wants a
new ,- onnet.
,   These   miraculous   springs.
Minister to 'a mind1 dlseeised.
Pluck from  the memory a rooted sorrow.
Raze     out   tho  . writton   troubles   ol   tha
And   with  sweet oblivious  antidotes
Oleanse   tbe   stufled   bosom   of   those   perilous   stuffs
Which   weiifh   heavily  upon  Kidney,   Ldv«r
find   Stomach..
Therefore,   all   ye  who   sutler—Give  Tihy-
fiic   to   the    dops;   have,,   none   of   it,   but
j come, and  bo cured  at
j The fialcyoc Hot Springs Sanitariaiii, B.G
TERMS—$15   to  $18  per  -week.
The  average  man   is  a good  nurse
when it comes to'nursing a grievance.
Minard's Uflimeat Cures Distemper.
One niiyht as well attempt to rearrange'the rainbow colors of a soap
bubble as to undertake the reformation of one's nciglfhois.
T*-     ,        FOR
Drug, Using,
Oror   300.000
13:i Ooliorna   Street,,
There never was'unci never v. ill Ik, a
Ji'iversal panai-on, in one rorneilj , fur n.'
ills; to which (It'sh is heir—the \'rry r..i
mre of many curntnes being such thni
-ve:e the , germs ,.f other and dillcreullv
seated diseases rooted in the .sysie.u eif
lhe patient—what woulel relieve one ih
in turn would, agarnvete the othei We
h.ive, ho\\e-.er, in Quinine Wine, when
■..ht.aiiin.ble in sounel. imiululterated state.
a remedy for ninny and gre\ io'i« ill-.. Hv
■ts m-o-diiiii s,,u-i iudii-ious use lhe irr.ilest
-ystem= are led into coiiYalefccenei-- nnd
sireiiLrrh l.y the inftuence which Qainiae
,*;(erts en nut lire's; our. restoratives it
rub"* "5. the droopin-r srarils or Uio«e
Mtb whom a chronic state of moi-'eiti
1i*speindency and lack of intere-st in life
1=.     o    disoa-se     nnd     hv   traiio'iibViii!.   the
-.ones, disposes to sound and refresh;,-...
s.U-,*|i—i-nii-iris -.'-ior to the selion .,;' ti.e
blood, -i hii-h. l>eii-£r stiiniilatei-i'. foui-i'i
thrci'di U-e \o;ns, sirenciiii nii,!> . the
aynlth.v anima) functions oi the .S'-s-U-m.
fhereby nuikin-^ artivity a. nee-ps.s-a'iy res.'
suit, Ktr.-*n<rt/i.->niinr lh<*"/ran-e anel fir"ivii,o
.in; to the disestn-o orgens, \> hi.-h im(u~
-iilly 'Itiuniid increased substance—result
mprove-il aP|-,etite Korinrup it Lymiin'.
of TorDn*,o. have (riven 10 the public
their Superior (Juinine Wine ft 1 he- usuiyi
raio. nnd, mmgffl by the npirnciis of
srientisTs.    this    wine   apm-on.-hes
errei-don     en"    nny   on   The   leurks-
1:-U£rt:i'sus   sell   it.
-        AU
The more a man  is wrapped  up
himself the colder he is.
A new apporatus has been invented for purifying water by electricits.
It will purify water at a cost of 2~->
cents per million gallons.
Minard's Liuiineut Cures Garget in Cows.
When some men hear of a nelgJioor
losing his good name they are probably glnd they have none to lose.
The man who has never been tempter   may  be   unintentionally   honest.
T.   Me   R3ETGALFE  &  00,
Grain and KosninicsSon  Marchanta.
Hinhest uricea paid for wheat, oat*,
barley or flax in cartots Wire or writ*
mo ior prices befe-re aellinc. Liberal
advances made on consignments an<J
handled on commission. Licensed n-nii
P.  O.  Box,   550,  Winnipeg,   afaa.
. 5T00H*  Fm®
! TO EXOOUJRA tE It's USE are Kiving th*t
1 following; prizes for competition at the Win-
j aipeg Ex.'iiuit'.oii of 1903.
sits m
At Winnipeg
Peonie who Umeut that they , re
not appreciated seldom apprer.i.-te
Were it not for lovo. many
would be unable io make hei is.
a  tgi i;
If m,s-
i ne first thing to do. if you haw
not do»ip it,, is to fall in love with
your work.
When a man gives hvalth for
money, he. makes the poorest invest-
1110*111' of his life..  '   '
.When wnshini* greasy elishes'
and pan's. Lever's -P'ry Soap (a
will remove the srrerise, with the?
' or   pots
■grt'H test
is   .singular ' that
alwa\-.s:  tail   how
neycr  did. it,   or
the   man   who I
it,   should    be
anything   like
There are few women ln Canada
who have not heard of "free alkali,"
but there are many yvho do not understand the term. The term is always
used In connection with soap. If
any think it is meant to convey that
it Is alkali given free with .the soap,
then alkali is very dear at the price.'
But it does not mean that A soap
containing- free alkali is a soap in
which the alkali Is.not'properly incorporated with the fatty ae.uis used In
tbe making of soap, and such a soap j
is most injurious to the clothing" and |
hands. Free alkali In soap will burn i
the nap oil wool and the surfaceVoff i
linen, coarsen tho skin of the hands,
rendering them liable to eczema, make
the nails brittle and chip off. Such
a soap does not possess thorough Tobacco pipes of mwrchnum are
cleansing properties. The difference j boiled in oil wax before being'smok-
hetweeu a soap containing free alkali   ed.
and .a  neutral   soap   is   easily   tested, j ' '	
Sunlight Soap is a neutral soap, and no
one who has once used Sunlight S:>ap
for' any time could with siiijiisfaetiou
go back to any of the common laundry
soaps ou the market. Complaints
about the bauds and the clothes are
unknown where Sunlight Soap is usad.
I'or the Heaviest Call", any pure bio-jo,
or trr-idc. born after the J st Jonuary.
l'.'Oo, led on Ciirnef»c Stock Food. $100
in   gold
Sl-ICOXD   l'UV/A-:.
For   rhr>'    Second   Heaviest       Call,    tint
'-.-in*   hrced.   or   erni'-lo,   bc-n   alter   1st,   eit
.1'inuarv     li'Oo     fed   on    Carncun.
Feoil.   S."iO  in  erolil
TUI HP   I'HI'/.I'.
For   ihe   third   lie..vie.si   0-ilf    .i;\s
i reed,   er  itrade,   bene,   after   t*-t   of   .
ai-v.    I'.IOU     fofl   on    Unriiefiic   Stue-k
l,,;.,.""i   in   irohl.
tn'ly    c.'-.e   eriliy   will    he   allowed
eiie-h     [-"itini''i     'ii     Smiknioii,    and    »
i:Us!    I i-   e**.hihlLe-d   nt    the   Wnmipt'c
lill'U -.on
T' -.il'-ni-e must be lu-enlia-eil at the time
.».' exhihll inn to snow thai the .111111111!"
mi"   led, i'ii   (Jui tii'i.u   Slock   Food
I 1 it.e.'fi'ii    has   piii\i'ti   u   (lee-.'li'd   siiceess
•limine,    pun     e-oiioiliein     and     iat (ei.tMu
..hei.-'   ether   inoiN   lull      Seiifl   for   IimI'.'I.
i' mi'    tin-   \iews   of   e etei iin'.riaivs   as    to
' ! •'   In,'I'll s    i_a    l'a: .i.'f'ic       t In*"*-    .:'•'.    s-iM'til;
■ ..-lil\    ol   it
(Oil 1.
si ock
W.' 0.-. pouiglas, Evsanufattturer,
,      Princess Stved!, WinnLfif.g.
Vou   can .'-obtain   i,t   i.rorii  V.'-mr   derth--
hui.idrerl  and,
of  'J.i.ncolnsh
rli f y
th (ni.sand
land,     i.s
land reclaimed   from   tbe
^■FL.ORc-ST     "^''^
X^.i>. s.,.t-. ^•^'iJ5^j.gs_    ■
**,*^;*-^^'5&*^-;C5    •
"^V^o s
.. "^ ■ £
■The   average,   human   body
'.'V,.b   1.3 'o/,.   ofi calciuni.    Pun-
is .at   prese.nl   worth   nearly
con lams
calci a., n
! Electric, power., chiefly derived from
I water, is now employed upon "1,(V25
j miles   of   Italian   rail   nnil   tramway.--.
Tjoi-d  Kitchener's  post,   as  comman-
er-in-chief in   India is  worth  £(,,000
year,   and is  tenable  for vears.
I he   largest
cd   was.'made   by   the   .firm   of
at- Pusseldorf, last.   year.     I
100 tons.     ,
riiiour-plate ever  i-idl-
hv     *lw.     I'i,-,,,     ri\     ]\ j'![.|i ,,.
Weigi-.fd fiir  fM IOiIB LEADER.  Published in tho interest cf ir.i; j..,opJ>  ofUcyla at.u iiact i'Cootcnay.  ���"^y^ra^rp^*-^���--������  IlliBRlfSS  C��.��.t ���WCj'Kcr.--w(k.A�� *r>l  OPPORTUNITY  _*;-._r*-��=aL��,* �����_**Tts-Biir--.^  *-^^-s_p_* --.=*--^____*   j,_-_- _  ��*. j. -Si-vxr-m ��. cof,  ITuTiI.slier.-i.  KATES O'-' SUi'SCRIlTIO;  ���Oao Tear..  ,...?2.C0  'or Getting  C'l-iJU I'"  j ^^^0^^^   TTilrtey JOodRO 2Vo. 44 |$    |fles's every Mor.Jmy evening in   their | M  I'enutiful   Watch  andj11''11   ��3   Vicloria  --'Ircst.    Sojourning | K*  ,-^o:uo^cyl]o,uircJi0ddFe!IoVaCOrdi^^^��� * I #  -*-a-^J*"3atTag-^a3wag��_Cia i--~<n���~ -"-.?^r^i*^aj--ss*ra-'i*a>a^  L O: O. F.       I g^_2f_t_^^__!_S_StSg^  55^>!s>,*itj  VS  J  *-J*ifU f_:_ f-tj  Every r.lrn, ',7'jin.tii. Boy cr  Girl  m.b liiu ;  r-i! P..  -line Opportunity   under  cur Sv^te'ia.  A. D. DnvinzozD,  .Noble Grand.  ?. D. Kopb-  Hecr'y.  SATURDAY   MAHCH li, 3903.  | Harvey   &   McCartez  ���r-Jcs^ri*s-r��~B  Where is tho pessimist who said  that the prim, of lead , would never  again reach ��L3'  A physician says, the h-wer garments-  people wear I lie longer .hey will live.  "Note the rips :tgc oi t^e ballet ��-irlo.'  F0UT STEELE, B.C  Harvey, ^rcCarter & Fiiikiiam.  REVELSTOKr, B. C.    '  _6ttix*ur.crrt-^i-~iv��--��_ii.-_.  In order to have Dr. Arnold's  Eng-  iiish Toxin Pills placed in the hands'ol  jid] parsons s uttering trom   bad   health  wo make tho   following   moat' liberal  oiler:��� ., ��'      ���        ,  If you will send tis your   name  and . _  .wldrcsa and ?'Arce to sol! for us twelve   BaXTlSterS <& BollcItorS-  Ir.xes a! Br. Arnold's  English  Toxin I ~-ss5s��^^  I'i'iU al 25c. per box, wo ivlll give  you J ^    Tp    Q-TIpll  AU30LTJ1E1A' JFlliSlS A BEA.'TIFDt. YV^ATCH ' '  and Chain in either'jjiulies  or  Ge'ute  Honesty is tho best policy for a man-/ tfisES* ?r _our ciioiee   of  twenty  other j  "  a   '     ������--���' -   - ,"" -1-  :po  afterwards)  xiuz-ivaey .-a tlio tic&i jjosii.y iui  u   jui.iii j - ���  j    ""-. i  during   life,   hut'' a   good    insurance I preilliums Buch *8 * f��� *<* of Jewel-1 p]? , VT,P   ' \_ -,  ooiicvisthobest   thing   for   a   widow, '">'���    Rin^>   Violas,   tfandolins.   Tea   01-VahOOK.   ,  .fceriard*. -.      '       ! Sets' Satetu bki:ts> "^ras, etc.    lie-   ^=^=___^_~~  The fact that lead has reached a  price sufficiently high to justify 'the  silver-lead  ,miacs   iu   the  Koolenays  memoer we don't v**a:-it any mozikv  until nfter you sel: lhe pilla nnd you  don't have to sell any more than 12  boxe3 to get tho  premiums'.    This  is  'operating is no reason why the, move- j a bona fide offer from a realiable con  ment to liave a higher protective tariff eern {hat has given thousands of iJol  ])hif.ed on this  commodity  should  be  'dropped.  A Swiss  mechanic claini3  to   haye  invented an  automatic  baby's   nurse.  ��� ,    .  ' .,|    "'    *"'���'    ������-"���'j'     tun     unmoor,  Tbe apparatus is attached to a   cradle.   BrI.-ht>B ^^ dial-etcS; rhciui}iltisn,  1!   the   baby   cries,   air   waves  cause   nc.-.yo--s, troubles,   and   female   com'  iaia worth of premiums to agents ail  over the country. 'Itemember also  that Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills  aro a well known remedy for all diseases   of   the   kidney    aud    bladder,  specially arranged wires  to  operate   a  phonograph,   which   ainys   a   lullaby,  .while simultaneously  a  clockwork  is  released and rooks Iho cradle.    When  , the crying stops  tho wires  cease  to  -vibrate'and the cradle stops rocking.  , "I'  ."Just Kroax the Island,  A native of   Prince  Edward   Island  had gone forth to see the, world.   Hear  lugfebouiEast,,Kootenay, Vhe set,out   .....  UDU1UMiy ^rw lo a.. _.���  Tor British Columbia and in due   time  sell only Iwelve boxes  of   those' won  arrived in   Movie. , when  he reached  D_t. F. E. SING-,        ' '  Cranbrook, B, O.  G-eorge H. Thompson,  Barrtstuk, Soi.rciTOR, iYo  tary Pubuc, -fee.  Solicitor for the .Imperial  Bank of Canada.'"  ���Ihss druggist*'aud dealers iJ'rtiodCloRAXBXiOOK; British Co'LU^ui-i  ernes in all pari a, of the world. You  have only to show them ' to sell them,  "iou are not ofTeiing I bo people 'some-  thing they'don't know. Our watches  aro the regular, standard size for Ladies  or Gentlemen -n nickel or Gun Metnl  Cai-ea with hand&obae illuminated  dials and reliable time keepers, watches such aa no lady or gentleman  need be ashamed to carry, and thev  will bb'scnt absolutely Free to all who  jilaints, and are for  sai(i   by   all^firsfc  \n3  BAKRISTjEjf, SOUdTOS, ETC.  B. C  Thefirst 200,000 of thoaoshares have already boon subscribed- and shares are now sollim, ��t 1-,  g on calls pf 2* cents per month, according to tho term* of tho nro^eutua  and tho4th 100 Of) .   ���(        , ,  | at 20 cents, the oth at 25 centson the same terms, ��� ' 100'��00 are t0-be eo!d  MOYIE'S  LE^ajUSfO .HOTEL.  i  - t.  derful   Toxin   Pills.    Write T at  once  and,be   the  firdt in  your  localitv "to  earn one of  those  beautiful   watches  and chain.'  As   soon   as we  receive  your letter or post  card we will  send  you post paid   twelve  bose3.  together  with  our  illustrated , Catalogue   and  beautifully   colored -card   with    your  name and address  on  aa our  authorized agent.    Bear in   mind   that yotf  will not be  asked   to   sell   any   more  than the 12 boxes and we don't want  any money until after you  have  sold  them.    Wo bear all the  expense  aud  are only making this liberal .offer  as a  method   of   advertising!-Dr., Arnold's  English   Toxin-'Tills.    Don't   'delay,  write at'once  and   earn   a   beautiful  present for yourself for Christmas.  Address AIlXOI.i) 3IKDICINE CO., ' '  .  Kept. 121.   50 Adelaide St. East, Toronto', Oat  .      r CAPITALISATION, TWO' MILLION DOLLARS.  2,000,000 Shares.-     '.' ���'_'Par Value$1.Each-.   -  Three-auarters of the   CapitalStock in tho treasury, ?10,000 in cash and all  domaodfl.paid   to  date  .Eeeourcesi    GOLD, COAL   OOPPEK, SILVER, AISTD TOW3STSITE OF GAJRTKELL.  ��� I Tl  \    this nlaso.he engaged a room at   a  bo  ���".   tel, intending to remain there while he  looked arouacl for work.   ,  .;      "Will you register?" asked the clerk  '" handing him a pen, ���  ,''.       "Itcgisterl"   said   the   new    comer.  '"'"What's that?"  : , "Write your name."  '     "What for?1'  ,.  ."We are required to keep  a  record  ���.'of all our guests."  The man wrote bin name  and  was  ',   ..about to lay down the   pen  when the  ".   olerk added; ��  1 _ .   "Now, the place, if you please."  ���  ''   '"What place?"    . ' /'   _    -  ' "The place you come" from.    Where  ''   Jo you live?"   r  ,.,-'  ,"1 live ou Iho island."  , ,,     '-'Well, but what island?"  Tho   other man   looked  at  him   in  ,   wnazemQnt.   Then he f-aid, with   ein-  ' .ihaeis that left no doubt oE  liis   fecl-  ,.-  '.ags:'  .   "Trliic& EdTrard Island, man ! ^rhn.t!  ,.>..i.jri*larjia is there?" ' ���       |  ^ s-��ii..,     .j ���j'is^jasci. ���_     *j Jiiv *:-i..- o.  ': ', :iE:.5oif, u. c. j.  ^o.'i.rdii:.c- and Day f'.chool   cnnduc-|  ', tl by lhe C;".i'.or.s- ofSt. Jo-ie]).'., IVc-lson !  ' .j.   C.      Gommcrcia!    tend    btiEiness  ���  ^otirs-es a   specialLv,    I-Xi-.i-ilene-1.;;   and       Tb.*v' <���, i. n   \',,,^f���lV T,  ,'.-,viit progriU  chiu-acte-ur.e  each   de-1 (nA up,       ft^^rfMhDg    Remedy  "���..artmenf. Parent-:  should   write   for  f0r a11 Rbc,jm^'�� Troubles,  . particulars.    One month  assures   lhe!    TEP.MS���:?lo to ijilS per week,  r.c-  i jublio  of   tiie   L!;orcus;.no2fl.   of   the j cording to residence in Hotel or~Vi-.fi-* I  ���[listers methoiia   of teaching,    i'crmi* I * "'I  ���j omuKiico .January,   A^rii   ::i;d   Copt,  ���j'upils aie admitted during term. ���  The best, of accommodations  for the traveling-public,  P. J. McMahon, BTgr.  For further information apply to the ,  Official Broilers of the Ashnola Smelter/Limited.  FOR   FINE   TAILORING   GO    TO  Ifi  ��3  s   flta  MBBOHABTT   TAILOR  Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating,   '  Trousers,   Imported ' "Goods.  POjSTTON & MURRAY,'Toronto, Oat  A. W MOORE ct CO,- Victoria,   B.  O.  ' O. S. DOUGLAS & CO. Vancouver, '<< .  W. 2sT. McG_\ jNNOjY, Morrisburgh, Out  II. R. CAMERON, Winnipeg, Man*  It. t STEEL, NBLSON; 13. C.  or ,"       .  BEALE, HUTCHISON & ELWBLL,  Moyie, B. 0.  ii liCFoi li spite  giliiffii,  &KEOW   LAKE,' B.   C.  . si's.  i��iiJo.i v^onipitjiC  MOT  TTrt  B. O  S'Head Office of the Company, Boom'"A" K-W-C Block, Nelson, B. 0, ,  CODE ADDRESS,-   ASHNOLA," JYELS0N, B. Cf Code:Koreinff & ffeal. *.  0. BOX 714,   TBI. NO. 70,  Q&rjx&'iii  a>i  .1.^  m  mm & m  Mcaith    Resort   on  the    Oontinen!"  ���of  :. jJA-irl,^ Cure all ,l*T&rvou2   ami  Bi's-.ji.-es,  11,  ;jiV:  fi -���-i.J'.itb    xleal -ali  and Hioi���',"-.ch Aiinmnts.  Kidne-,  ^:'!n__fc*n.-*'3 ���rjrxa'S'rzrz.Trzz  i ^3  ^  1  fjv^  %&/ I 3 V IA  IV %JjLt *  Jbi*^tA.  ���FOR���  HEAVY TEAMir-TG- ���  S���ALP.O-*-  B..GOAGJS-    ExrjtBfis   axd    Geseiui '  DjiiJVEiiy.E  jsuiuy- i.nL  ! -^^^S!_3��S_______2��2S____!^^  ������   EAST KdOTEHAY.xJBOTTLIN&   CO  CRANBROOK- Dfr G.  Areated'Waters of��all  jsCixidg-.  _j Orders Soiicitod.   '  ��� - i  Soda Water  and ' Syphens.  """**~**"      ���   ���      '��� ��� _���-__ "* ^^*^CT**!i*w��a' ^r*,_F*ut ���_";���: neon  O. 1?. IJEisAULNIER,  TJEAIEK  IS  OHAB.|Ps.  OAMPBltiL,  I      Undertaker  '        and ���  , Embalmer.  'Coflins^Caskets, shrouds'of all sizes  und styles constantly kept in stock.  Office over Imperial Hank of Canada. Tele^tbph -.r.d Jmnfl .r.-deic re-  eoivi; prompt attention. Open nigbt  and day.    Plione 43.  ?2g&0g2 !2asaSS2s<2.d  117  NTIZn ER8TA. D T}\11 TBS TE IIBK\<��S C6.  fTi  Oranbrook,  rsTr-UH-ty i^/Wimy*ui\j*jtmaun0yirmx03aerK  I o.  'Mrs- W. A. Prest,  Photographer,  Cr.liiln-ook       r.Ioyio,     Ps-t i:{ j';]1.-..  : Lager leer, Porter and Bottled  leer Always on Hand."  Q-uality not/excelled in the country.; ^Try it and  tee convinced.  -. r ���l- jrz-r' ��-�� j rr -r-��-_vj  !^^*W*->*?�����<'Ji-^Wrt |KMi*t*~M-*-��,_-  aaFts^TsVs^sWlsttl-iriMtlisI i��Ws��ls��i.l*M  J J  *  'ii  'Vv-vn '      Ocr-'y.'-.ssHTe &c.  -i-i i.n ��� '. (-"-"('if!! nr.flitp.'is-lj.flonTri.T-  ���- -- ** '. --���  Avioajik Given  and . pi'ders-  ���raken on'.',  .  iii t'ae Printing  Bine at the     :  ��� i-i .yr'ipni'dn Trtie'-i,o.iii<jr iin  ,'��� ,'   - .' " I'I"''!' lv.*.,'P7ii���..|(s.   f-fjniiriim'i'v  "  ,.'.,"       '."!.  '""I'-ii.".!. iim. .'ixir.ltoin*nii.ul,-,  , ,'���',"��� '. ���'. "'- ';'''-''��� ;- 'i'J-r",uilriif puten'.H.  '  !-,'-' ',    '���   'l  'nri.wi'li  .Mui.u Oi Co  l"f;CiTf  ssiesfiffc jfBierfcatt.  / ��-. .- rl,'   , .-ivil]iir,rriifpi rreexly.   I.ni-j-cst clr-  Ji-.*i.( :i o.riew. .15 1.- su-iift^n-Usl-n. r'. c.  r,jii.kr.-,vc,:s-(j :*i.?��i��'.'7-r:>i  JMKAvlPT UELiVEitY.  Queens' A^e.      MOYIE  P. K JOEJVSZOJY  9  | 'rhl^itel��s.H,ew and"well FurniisJied.  TJae  |       S^rl^J.^PPll8*1 with the Best the  *���;  ��!)  I HEADQUARTERS   FOR'COMMERCIAL  I' flflvr AND MINING MSN  W  .     . ~ 7 ~ DItlTISn;OOI.UiUBIA     ��  fh^PnJVa-r0rds," T&e. Bar is Filie^ with 1  tne Lent Brando of Liquors and Cigars. |  *>  ��  ^-3*-'*^VSBYrS����aaq��jrj;  w&nzrezrrtarTXZxz*  'Jt.XKtitdifisZflZ.iiCtj&fZli  1:H>VICK.  'j    feiiiii-iup J-rMiioimi ?,f!j.iCml. cJiuin, -citna-to 'in  -' the r<-:-L .'.it..-(.'.j riehUny flivliii.ju 0t" Kr.:;t Kc-ote-  tir.ylJi-irlct;.-   ��� ���.  J   "W.hcrc lofn-.io.-ii���On f^illh-nn hil-.-., -   ���;   '���������   ]  j    -Ti'.ki- nutiQi- i.iiiitT, :Tho,';,' X- Mi.-Yi(tic, ��� j"'. M ,:  C, No. 1! (-(KC./igi-rit for VOJic/vC. ���.I''��.rrell,- ^rcc'  I lllner'r,..Uorii'I!ci.tc>.-..KOe. Ii;.<J!>q,xv.r;'vfji!d niKty!  fl?.-."!] ii;omliioi.lr,utUK);.jqi',-fc.-rj,-i��i-;-t-> t!.o .Min'  r. buKNo. & 00  WII01.BSAI.E ANti JiK'J'AIL  'BATL1.    MEECHAitf 8  Presh.', and Cured-.Jiicnts. Eieoh  Fish, Garr.p  anx Poultry.,. We  supply  only, the  best. ���   Your J  trcde>,f-onci.e.ed,_ ,    ... '   .  Drug anc  Si  I ���  ;aaonery  ce,  /����.J-.cjo."c!cj ;for ii Cer-tliri'cate'of' I'lhp. ov<-^.- n *,.,  llini-'i".0 ���A",PW,C'.��f OHlK��yJ"S B..0>JWIl' Gi-ut   i-i  tii'Jif.bi.v.'i.clajm.''- ��� ���, .-,���-��������� -. .-.   ---..������-   '.��� ���  ���  uucPjOi siieb CertiUp.ueof l���iprovemeut1  Ualod t!H.j 22nd day of A URiisr, 11)02   '     ���  J'cr Til Co. 'S\M.vVVi:VJK, Agent,  all  ...>.TJ  .&&  'Prlnelpajf  ���.. ���  ��� -.-. -���. .��� -    "'���.-.. -,.'. .,   .-  Olti'eB, andi Towns  In  British ;bblumb'ia.  SUBSCRIBE FOR   THE   LEADEeJ Heado^,,,..,^ iron Easx. Kootbkay  W<  '*3c  Ueimcals,  en In  Cranbrook---*^  V/fi WILL III,' I'TjHASED TO BEE YOU  -<**-.-  s  ..pf  ^cjiodl &!ip|)Iies  fj-l!  AT THE  ���. Storfr,  VVliereyou will "find-.tlitj��l'a"rfcoet etoc  o general .hard witre in J^stKooten^  "Iail orders  given   prompt utteniiop  AS@AlrjHii  /  NELSON,  b. b  MOYIE,  B, C  �� 3*  CUANJJKOOk.  Iu McGregor tuUding.  jaays  and Saturday^  \V. H. Sxojvji, prop"  i^mimsTA^  I.  ^*'/  ���^v/  ^  s^o\  \  ���s  !  V


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