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The Moyie Leader Mar 13, 1909

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 r0U2;   ^ATCH    will
ijve  careful   attention   i{
with us foi" repairs.
"ELLEU        '  CilAXBROOK
»L. If.tf<),'49.
We     will      n-t      'YCtjR
EYES   Ul.*.«  ^li-aliilltf c    a     Ut
vr r<-ltan., vonr inuiu'V.
W. H,   \M1SC1\T;
opi jlia.v     «, .i.»xiJi.ooav:
M«nrI,K, B: C,    .MARCH VI mil
$% A   VKAK
DRY GOODS AR*IYEI) F0R 9 i   GENERAL FL0AT   i;     Fatrlck s My
Our shelves are again crammed with' spring
'oods,   , ' " - ■ ",   ,  - ■
' ,f    r
We have bought twice the quantit3T tliis year
' than on  any previous  occasion, and having
cleaned, ap on'our recent'sale we are now prepared to'show the people of "Moyie a. New Stock*
of Spring Goods. ,. Market prices on  most lines
W i (li
The C. P. It. time   now prevails
in Nelson.  ' , f
,  Nelson is ,to   have   a  new hospital.    Also an ambiance.
of dry goodshave gone down; cut-in price.]
not in quality, ' Bring your friend and ' i
the' new goo'di?. ,,> "       ■    ' .    «-   , ,
The annual fee to the Rossland
board of trade is $2..i0.   '
& GWYNNE, -■
-ars, Tbbacos,     : Confeatiqnery
Public schools of Vangouvcr are
to be provided with telephones.
The Panhandle smelter at S uid-
point   is in  the hand-? of a receiver. ■       ','
i      .      •—.—_ > ,
The Lelt-i mine at Rossland has
been closed down f jr an indefinite
- '     . ~ 7
,, The ice on°the arm of Kootenay
lake is broken up and the ateam-^ni^ttee'iViVtting up an
ers now run into Nelson,        0<
JIUELL ULO/.K--',} , ■„
Fire; Life/ an&rAccidentJnsurance. > «*'
°-- ^KHr'-^"'^''-'"": '■"--■ moyie; b/c.
' -'John"Huston is; advertising his
paper, the Prince Rupert Empire,
for'sale. ,   - °  * '  »„
,'The Eisfc Kootenay 'district,
closed'flye yoars, Will be" open for
big game, this "year,  one animal
per-man.     *',.„" 1      ..'«',
^ ■- t.    i     .    .      . ,        ^. i
.    •-"" ^IsTexpe'cb next week another car,of     '
*->fl       . 1 1 *s , I   .      ' 11 I ^ i f '
V        " J   *  ">  1 " t L t l' ■*" U. 'K ' ,
'•^j";";.PEOHR--v.'  •:• ;.-■■.".-
'^with;''Bran.j.'^Cl^op-a^ Shorts, etcv ,' ", /   .     ,'
"?'rtMso^abar.of^Po'tfatoes., "»      '   ' . '"
Regarding prices
'*, ^     « ' '     ^      srj     '„ >        • V -J^ I ' - i{~ \
•   s\    i J,i. -vi ..i ^     »     .*. iiv t   , ™   1   0-   j * *
Ib'is reported'1 in' Spokane th*\t
the Spokesman-Review-has passed
into th'e hands' of the Standard Oil
people.    '-      '    .       , ,   '
..     ,   .'   - ■   < i~~\       " '', -    ' - - '
A vein=*10 feet wide and 100 fret
long.has beeji" struck in tlfe ' niuth
level of the' War Eagle mine at
Rossland. r •>
Next Wednesday ' wjll be St
Patrick's D.iy, tlie day, which is
so dear to the heart of every gon
and daughter of the Knierald Isle
that is over the seas( A noble
f-aint was St. Patrick, and he is
of a worthy people whose influence is felt in every quarter of
the globe, and whose!, intelligence
and industry are adding" daily to
the world wherever there is an
equal chance extended to them.
All creeds and conditions seem to
welcome the day, and on the l7ch
of Miroh there will be many .jolly
gatherings in honor of the "beneficent old iiaint.
The day will   be   fittingly   observed  in  Moyie.'     A good  live
interesting program for the concert in
the evening, and after the concert" refreshments will bo served.
At the concert there will be vocal
and ins£rument<il selection*-, recitations, etc.   The concert  will be
" r    "   - ., ' I
hold in Morley hall, and' judging
from'the advance" salt* "of  tickets
V '. ..,'   ; ...
there will be"> a,,crowded house.
Tickets for coucert'„and' supper
will be 75  cents.'   ' .'
$        LOCAL ASSAYS *'$[/
i»^&s»->->-j»i**a->->*i*5a->*->.->->-3i->-*iSi j W
"IMouLo (JiioLo" mo   .Modey  ha.Il|Vf/
touighu' j $/
Tim Uailison has  gone   to  lion-  \v
tanu. " . jyt)/
' Monte Cristo Tonig-lit.
. D. R. McDonnlei'hds opened the
Nova Scotia' hotel in Hosmer. He
probably serves fish every day.
—Gtreeuwood Ledge.       „ ,        \
"A man -who-- knows-gays, he
■would choose lister Patrick of
Nelson as.one1 of an- "all. star"
hockey team for Cauada. - ■, $'-,
llust one\yeav in business.       ■     " •
What is.'Uie result? '        ,      ,       .     .
That every buyer oE groceries lias licew paid
1-laTge 'dividend -by the-reduction in prices.   >
Movie Co-Operative Association, Ltd
. - i       . . / '*   ii
handles only the^best grade of goods. ■       "' .
A fresh shipment of  groceries ;and' fruits   to    g
arrive in a day or t!\vo. -        >-       .     =-.
UNION MEN. ,      4    UNION GOOrS*
TLe capping bnthtj-Frisbo grpiip
ou the'west sidQ.of Moyie„,iakp' is
said'to'be equal to.that" found in
tho 'early development, of the
Bnukerllill and Sullivan1 in, (the'
uoenr d'.Alettes.'.    '    ' '    '
C.    It.  Aylurd    and  John    A
Finch are working 30 men on   tbol\[onto Qn-sto."-
Scandard   group    near, Silvertou. I      '  -—
An  average   of   Ave  carloads of
tilver lead  ore  is' being  shipped
pet1 month which figures ab  from
ifTOO to $800 per car, or $33 to $'10
per ton.
r, t, ,*       1   1-
'    FREDRICK     CLARKE     who
'„  . > * «        -<
will appear tonight at Motley hall
iu   the   role   of    tho   "Count  of
Judge Wilson' waa up from
Craubiook yi.BCeiday. ,
A. J. Drewry came over from
Rosaland yesterday, <
' Tliero will be.mat-s'at the Catholic church ou St.  Patrick'd   Day.
.'There will bo services at On-*
Catholic chiuch tomotioiv.
' '      ' '       ,    u
„,HarneyB \Vilson came homo
from the hospital Wednesday.
Harry Dimock returned yesterday fiom a ciip to the coast.
W.' H.' Wilson; the, Cranbrook
jeweler, was in Moyie for payday.'
Wm';   Smith    has  gone   to  his
ranch iu Trochn "\ alley, Alberta.
' >■       '
A. S. Roberts was in Cranbrook
the early part of the, week.
.'Alonzo Benning . left Monday
for Morrissey and Fernie.
-' Sewing done'by Mrs.'Woods  at
her, residence on 'Queens'  avenue.
v  ' .   ,.    - }■     ,       '   ' •  ,
FOR SALE—Letter , press, almost'new:       Apply    at  Leader
office. r v  ■
,Mr3.'Mirtiri' Morrell cara*? over
from R'ts-ilnnd Thursday to j'oin
her husband. \
"Red" Charlie -Farrell" is again
in the Moyie  carapf af cer  an ab-
seuce of several year?.  ■
■i ' '   ~   t
.  Wm.   • Carlin, *    Fort   ' Steele's
" i *»
heavyweight    merchant,   was  iu
towfu Wednesday.
f sMiss C. A.- McKiunori is , woi k-
ingiu the postofGce during the
payday" nish.     ' ' >.
J. , W'dford Jones,. secretary, r f,
tiieB.'C. auxiliary of the ,Can-
adian J3'-bIev society was in town
yesterday.    v
,. o j l 'A.
T-Dr.^Dall,'' the: derii'ist; left-"yes-
teiday/for Ilosmer, where,lie will
probably remain for a mouth or
morel _ i    '
Tho Ten,Cent Tt*a at'th    Prts-
i'.'  delicate tints-,uai.d
v/ ■    -   ,
We bought for this yuar "Imuorc"  aud  can   show   you 'a i.   '
yii i        - ,' ' *i3
A''  range of 23 paitei un to cluxjbe fi'im in •! (inali'ie-".    We also ji;\
K   had the 'uianulactui-crs make up a book specially of our own fy\
ik't, patterns which we will be,glad to let aniT  one,liiivo   for  a f{\
u>   short time who care to  make ,a* F-*.leetiou   iu   this   way.    It (l *
'    . ,     ' ' ' ° i V i
^0/'   also shows the quality of the linoleum }i
Values to stand behind Our reputation.
,    ' 10 f
t. MacEactiern k Macdonald   f
.**N..'*-..^k.,^«»..'>-.'-^Ss'.^K,'*^..V-, j
****£«S^sS*a's:a*s-"*,,*s***-S'"3 li
Carried Tlirough.
A resident of Moyio had^a novel
experience ,the other, day. . llo
was at the concentrator ju-it &p a
freight train was pulling   out for
Nov/- Railway.'
We havo news from a 'reliftbl-*
source that one-of tlio objects oP
the 0. P. R. in stopping work on
the Kooteuay Central  is to, his i
S.S..&UU UK..-.   ""S.   ,.. o        —   ,      ,     , O " ' <■
tho east,    lie climbed up the sid<a  the   construction   of  the  Arrow,
of a boxcar expecting to jump off, head and Kooteiiiy railway, ,con-'
wben the train" reached the station, not thinking for a moment
but it would stop., But there is
where he erred in his judgement-
for tho euginoer'"gave her speed"
aud the train did not stop until
it got to the tunnel, aud tho man
had the pleasure of counting the
ties'the six mile a back'to'town.
Trail Smelter.
nectiiig    R-jye.s'oke     with     tli \
Orbw s    Nest i ro id,  an!  makiiui-
Itavelitoke    the   m ist' impirtan >-
railway  junction   in the pr.ivinof
of    British    Columbia, ,say-i   th i
llevelstoke Observer.   Id i-i stated
tlio C P.  Rr how recogniz'1,-"   tliii
road  must' be   Vjiiilt  with<mt de-  _
lay if the,road i< to b" hi/p-witio'i
to linndlrt tlio big   grain   binini'm
which is now being developodrb -
tween  the   westeru   pi-e»irie*i  and
1 .    *■  i , , u      ,
dhe Pricific coast.   >  , " ■
,.Thi3 railway will' open  up . th-i j
Lardeau country, which is one'ot
thr> richest mineral-sectious of tin
A 'Wedding-.
Presbytefian Churcli.
Hotel Kootenay 'j
The bestof aMommodationa
for the Traveling Public.
Service on Sunday evening at
7.30. Rav. Thos. Futon will sing
a solo entitled "Somebody."
. On Friday at 7 p." m. an entertainment by the Sunday School
children will be given. Refrebh-
raeuts will be served, and a collection to defray expenses
IS very bod 3r invited.
The marriage of Miss Riy
Clothier, sister of Roy Clothier of
Moyie, took place at Indian Head,
Man., on. March 2ml, when she
was wedded to Mr. Ned Boyle of
Winnipeg. , Mr. and Mrs. Boyle
are now at the coast, aud they
will return home via. Moyie and
the Crows jSTest.'
At- thesmelter' of. the  Consol.-'
dated Conipanytat Trail the  com
pany i-i now treating 40,000 "tons!
of ore per. month  and   the  grds.*-1 urovince.and"biily   wants1 transvalue of -tho ,monthly   output' h-1 portation   to  cotiie  to   the front,
over'$100,000. or £1,8000.00 worth fat will also bring the Crow's Nh-jo
oyterian church  Thursday - afcei -   per nnnuui, of which -10   por  cent lc0ur-.ci-y ft diy nearer Vaucouver
nqpn and evening   was   well  pat-. is gold, 22 'per CPiit   of silver and .. advaiiMiK.C
roni^od ' lead each, and 10 per cent copper. ,    p . ^ .
lonizco. i ,  j the Grpat   Northern   hud   hh-mimsd
1 ■ lhe ores a;;e being supplied large '
M.  A.  Btale,  of  the    Arm    ot, ,y from te compai,y-s properties
Bonis & Ehvell, Cranbrook. was in , Tho    c011ipaliy . als0  occasionally
Moyie Thursday looking after  Irs
different interests here.
purchases copper ores from .Idaho
Another Residence,
Large aud Commodious Sample Rooms.
Billiard Rooms.-
McTAVISH & CAMERON Proprietors.        ^       f
Relief Funds Short.!
|r i^ w'-^r A-j-^rv^s-Tsir iy. A*--" ^"^ 'v1 <& •^Vr2vs' ^ *.-
Sumo nobbv atvloa in Derby shoes, just the kind you
„. -• b,v:i looking for in Oxfords and Hals. Also our new
li.ii? samples of -20th Century Ulolhing. Call and leave
|ii.' measure for the latest style for  spring at  the up  to
Impsrial Bank of Canada,
Capital AuthoriZed-----":-$10.000,000.       ;
.'n93t-^———-------: "5-000-000   ■■:,;;,.■
Arro,vhe.dt Golden. Kam^LMichel, kclw... B-vel-tofco. Victoria and r.ncouver
'Savings, Bank Department.;
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date:!of
J. F.M   PINKHAM, Manager.
The audit of the Fernie dis-
trict relief fund has disclosed the
fact that there is an apparent
s-hortage in the books amounting
to a sum in the neighborhood of
nino hundred dollars. As the
secretary, H. G. Lock hart, -was iu
office when tho irregularity is
supposed tojhave'occurred is out of
town, it has been impossible to
learn whether ho will bo able to
satisfactorily explain the discrepancy, but his many friends in
Feruie feel Convinced that ho will
be able to do so.
Robt, K. Wallace has purchased
lot 0 in block 10 on   north  Tavis-
(j       i
lock street, and will commenc at
once the erection of an 18x21
cottage, which will he used for
rental purposes.
K. of P. Ball.
The committee which has in
hand the getting up of the K. of
P. ball on April 1 I oh consists of
Chas J. White, W. ./. Felt ham,
'B. A. iUill, A. Gill, C. II! Livesloy
and Cocil McMillan. Supper will
be served at ono of the hotels.
Tickets will be $2.
A  Fraternal  Visit.
•»»0» Wtt»—two**
$600—Buys Furnished
House and Lot.    Clear title.
House rents for $15 a,.month..
$1500—Buys boat,, business
and ■■'house on Moyie Lake
eompilete.    Terms given. '    ,.
ROOMS—Several rooms suitable for housekeeping; $10
per month.   .
The members of Key City
Lodgo 1. O. O. K, Cranbrook, intend paying the Moyio lodgo a
ftaternnl visit on tho evening of
March 23rd, when tlieir degree
team will confer the first degree.
Annual Meeting,
The annual meeting of the
Moyie Telephone ic ISlectric Light
Co., will be held in the Central
Hotel    sample    room    on  March
I9fch at 8 p. ru.
A daughter was born,to Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Wier' at their
residence ou the St. Eugene hill,
ou Tuesday, March Oth.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McGrath
weic up from McGillivary last
Sunday. Thoy were former residents of Moyie'-
"A Man that Made Good!" will
be tho subject at the Methodist
church Sunday night. Services
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in. Strangers  welcome.
Graham Cruick->luink, tho new
foreman at the St. Eugene concentrator, came oyer fioin Ross-
land last  Saturday.
There , was a very pleasant
little party at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. llobt. K. Wallace Thursday evening. Thcte wore 11
Messrs. Roberts it M^ssinger
expect the arrival of 'thrir goods
about M irch 20th, and they will
open their stpie to the public
about the 25th.
Tho election of officers for the
Miners' Union is not complete,
a-i'another ballot will have to bo
taknu for the office of financial
secretary. The complete list will
bo published next, week.
There    was   a   moving   picture
show    at    Aloiley  hall  Thursday j
and   Friday    nights.     The   same,
show will be here  next   week   for
p, night or  two:     Reduced  prices
23 and 15 cts.
"Rorie" McDonald, the blind
violinist, lias been in town for
several day-. Some 20 j-par-? ago
he lost his f-ight, and he took up
the violin as a   means  of  making
clio C. P. R. iu saving Crow's lVesC
passengers a day's journey in
trheir trip to tli9 ooas". The-
opening of this railway wiit
mcui the doubling of the stuff, iu,
Ordained   Miriister.
Accomp] ishnients.
From a business point of view
there i3 nothing so fatal for n
woman to posse si as "accomplishments." The maiket is-
flooded with Indies of limited in- An ordiined ininistpr has b°en
comes, limited brains nnd a tre- engaged fir tho P.-esbyti-riau
mentions quantity of "taste."— | church iu M iyie and he will be
Lidy's .Realm. here about May Is ft.
At Bankbead five hundred tons
of briquetts   are made each   day'n.    hvincr.        He    nn-t  ninny   old
jjQYIEJf rem. hard  coal dust, which for- friends in  Moyie   whom  he ha'
meHy went to watt'., kuown back iu Ontario.
4 pur-
tartar powde*
crcam of
It5 fame
no phosphatic acid.
nere is never.a-ques=
tion as to the absolute
purity and .healthful-*
ness of th^ foodltraises
Carpet     Squares, i^
rkor   Rugs   and /ry
Linoleums.        ;M
r r *i
Higher giades .•shown. ^ <
Patterns tl.t- !ku-     ftl
lA 4£xxiJ   showing a H»gt.r'i«. pe in  /.'
jiwN    <i!aipet  Si,OHie« ai.'d Fleim-   f^\
tds*   rugs.    With the impLoxed  \h\
, * AS
coloring  meilimJs  autltr  culois  are   iutioduttd   a,ud   moie ^,
* A*
i _,-•»!
■ j," i
I    '-" fc.
I  il; ' ^M
■ • ■ il
'3 il
;,/, '
v .
' "J.
I    i
' .51
'r     l^jfl
-rM. "' ii.' I
.i"V, - ' '"
'I   l*ll.«
I      \    "frj§
1     -5 %t
l      .V--*I
i *m
i ;fMl
' Vfiuli
- ^i ~'..'ia
- e  ?M
.e"V, . ;,i-s p''/^
i-.f-      '»-.   j t-i-sl
IT   "
■i\ '•
-£.'   '
■^■1?.^ If.'^t. r^f^i"*-H*i.*<>ii*.rr.riy ■:,•■ WitHf* ^'^V'^.^^.!"f'T-)^a^-«^!i-P^?Si2i
m<k****Uy**i>T*xv****!**'-n.t*n- -*■ THE    LEADER,     MOYIE,     BRITISH     COLUMBIA.  oilers.  ! ipite of her agitation  was astonished  at i(s gaudy elegance.   Tbe gallery was  I     Copy  ���UuHHMH  By  REX E. BEACH.1  right.  1905,   by   Itex  E.   Beach.  rill the firing stops and the crowd gaUi-  , , ,    , ,. . .       -     ers."   His hand was on the knob whea  | .oniied  of a   continuous  rov of  com-    slle tore it'loose, whispering hoan-elv;  . parlnionTs   wiili   curtained   fronts,   in ,     "They'll kill vou.    Wait!    There's a  - which men m.d  women  were talking,    lH?Uer   waT.     Juinp-���     >Sb(?   dni-j-j-..1  , -nn*��nS.   mnirinS      The   sola   on   ilic*    h]in t0 jue front of the bo*: and pu'lk-d ,  . loner floor were disappearing, and'the, J asfde ,ae t.artaias.   ��It isn't j-,---,, an -  they   won't see you till  It's too  laie.  I Can't Praise  Them Too Much  EPIGRAMS  OF A  QUEEN.  so  (Continued.)  chaptlu xvii.  VEX after Helen Ii.ul been out  for some time she could liaic.'y  see MUliclenfly (e> avoid colli-  . sioiir The air. weighted by a  hung roof of clouds, was surged with tlio elc-dilc', suspense  of an impending s'orm. am] seemed tn  r-ljrh and li'i'inlile :i! tlio hint of powiM-  in je-a-h. It was that paiwe* before the'  conflict .wherein (ho iii^'-t I.iWl lingei  upon its lips.  As tho ylil iic-arcd C'lenisle'r's'cabin  canvas c"i*er wa.; rolling haul;, show-  in-r Uif* polished hardwood underlie* 1 (h,  while out (liionrjli the wide folding  doors that led t(. tbe niiiin gambling  room "-he1 heard a brass I'ingcel man  calling''lhe eouiiuonceineiit eif 1 hi*  dance* Cor*les glided into motiju  ���.\hlle .she n,nreln*d.  "1 doii'r s.(.e ii|i--f" <-a|j |i0r g-ujeJe.  ���'Vou better walk out front and help  yourself" lie hidi'i-atcd (lie stairs  which   led   up   (o  the  galleried   U>:u  Then yon can run through tbe crowd."  He.* grasped her idea, and, slipping; his  weapon bac*k into Its holster, laid hold j  of tbe ledge  before liifn  audi lowered I  hiin��elf  down   ovef   (he   dancers.    He  swung out  unhesitatingly, and almost  before he had been obs-erved hael drop-  ,ped into (heir midst.   The gallery was  but twice the he-iglit of a  man's head  from   the floor,   so he   landed  on  life  SAYS     CHARLES     BELL  DODD'S   KIDNri'   PILLS.  by many .'ine>tlu'i  who has  fioin  tlie toituios  nt  iheuiniitisin  Implored.  The stage manager gazed a( her cu'r-i  ously,   remarking:   "My!'    You   spend  'to  Tor  out.  j'TIoId on, it's- a woman!" o.jaciliated  the man who had pjui.iried her arm*-,  loosing his hold till oiih n. hand remained on her shoulder. Tho other  lowered the weapon be had Jammed  o to 'her face and peciod , losely. *  "Why,     Miss    Chester,"   'he    said  "What are you doing here?   You came  ,   near  getting hurt."  "I am bound for tlio Wilsons1, but 1  n must ,have  lost my  way in  fho dark  ��� noss.    r think you bmo cut my face.'  She controlled her flight firmiv  ,wns a J] ,600 Oily flaggin- HI ui from tbe  stage door, but lie's got a grouch an"  won't stir. He's iu number seven."  j She'hesitated, ar which be said, "(Jo  I <m-you're in right,1' then continued  j itu-jsoringly: "Say. pal. If he's your  * irnitc haired lad. you needn't start no  ��� ro.igh 'hoii'-e. 'cause he <Ion',t flirt wlf  , th,-"-u dames none whatever, Saw!  Ti.ko it from me.'" ���  She entered  tile door her counselor  indic'ired   to  linel   I'oy   lounging   back  . watching the dancers.    lie. turned  in-  nuirmgly���then, as .she raised lier' veil.  of    the   deputies    mingled    with    the  shrieks   of   the   women,   the   crash  ttt  overturned   chairs   and   the   sound,, o'r  tramping  feet,   as   (to  crowd  divided  before    Clenister    iiud'   swept    baek  against the wall In. (he same ominous  way  that a  crowd In tbe street had'  once divided  on the morning of Helen's arrival.  The tr'pmboncplayer, who  had'sunk low in hi-, chair with closed  eyes, looked out suddenly at the disturbance,   and   his   alarm   was   blowii  through the horn in a startled squawk.  j Av  large   woman1  whimpered,   "Don't  shoot,"  and   thrust her, palms  to  her  ears, closing her eyes tightly.  Glenister covered tlie deputies, from  whose vicinity the bystanders surged  |  as though from the presence of lepers.  Witticisms   of   Marie    Leczinska,   th*  1 ' Wife of Louis XV.  0F '    The wife of Louis the Well Beloved  had more need than most of the con-  (  solations  of  wisdom  and ��� philosophy.  He had Rheumatism ior Ten Years I'ljut she possessed them both lu a  and the old Reliable Kidney Rem- marke|1 'd(?ffrce ls qlme evident. "To  edy  Cured   K.m  Completely , ^ ^^ ^^ ^.^^ Jo]jled  (Speeial.)-"8-.'.. .oidLliw'.hV/ati- 8��liJ Information�� says Hubert de  tuel,' to Dodd's Ki'lno..- 1'iU-s (li.it I Saint-Aruaud in "The Court of Louis  cannot jn-aiae tlie'iii i"c hiuldy." Th.'.sO XV." "She knew six languages���PqI-  ari* ih,�� wold-, of .Mi diaik-.s Bfll > .sl I? ncJ -,,-ija-- German, Swedish,  well known hero, and they ���*f��$   Lnlln.    Men of letters were struck by,  ,v ' lhe shrewdness of her Judgment on  , 1 (iiiugs  of the  mind.    Several   of her  maxims  have  been   preserved,   which  a  lofty ,sou!   and   a   profound  'dge of the human heart.    Hero  o pf tliom:   'We ought not to  .. r      , ., ��� ��� .���."v   ���  "" ;- ���,,,"'",,'.  ; relleet more on  tho faults,, of  other**  he/, a f.iH.d aelvifs.'��J n.o to JryDod.l b j. (,)an w,n ^^ tQ prf!SCFVti ourselves  teachca  alono  10   JlUH-'UIIlllllsni���Cll'Iill   ll    llgm   Ulll   Ul     m-.-ueija   -L.        111  1111;  iJca-.-i.-iiuijr   lo 80-  you.    They  do ^this  simp'y and  nat-Jclety  wo  must open our-eyes  to the  uriilly,'    Klioupiati-iin   is    causod -   by   qualities   which   please   us   and   shut  uric   acni   in   the   blood      AVIion   the , ..,em 0n the follies and caprices' which  kidneys MiPhoalthy    hoy -tiimi, thw; ghock vtl,    ,T1)(i   womco   who   p, <  uric acid out oi t u* blood.   '��il: no, ., ,       ���       . -      ,        ,    ��-    -,'   ' ,.  infc acid in the blood there can U- no J'^^'^s most on knowing what it  Khcmniitism. ' Com-equentlv to cure Is allowable for them ^to be,ignprant of  Kheunuitism., '' euro your Jcidnoys. nre those who care least about instruet-  Dodd's Kidney Pills always euro tlio ing themselves concerning what.it is  kidneys, v    , '    , shameful not to know,'   'Many princes  ��� : :    have regretted wlfen dying that they'  had made war; wo ucver see any who  repented of having loved peace.' 'Good  kings are slaves, and their people aro  free.' 'The only thing which can uinko  amends for the slavery of the throne is  AFTER 20TEARSo'fSUFFER  The,(Venus of IMilo explained.  "Pulled 'em  Off   'hanging    on  car   ���.. s,^M ..���,.- ,,,-aBULi- ui .t-pers, (i-st1'")'-'*." she said briefly. ,  'Hands  up!"  he 'cried sharply,-, aud ' j ' Thus 'wc  learn' beauty ' docs, " not _    they froze   into  ruotlonless   attitudes,  'ahvays     obtain   a   seal.-4-New   'York   the pleasure of doing"so'ine'good.'' 'In  one poised on the lowest^step 'of the'|Sun' -   ' ' ���....���  --. -��- I...-. ^   Btairs.the other a pacp forward.   Y��or-' I ' -   hew appeared at Uie iiead'ofthe flighi     'y^ eliild ' .should   be  allowed ' to  and rushed down, u fow steps only to | suffer an hour    fiom    Worms ���'when  fti$h*M&li'&i��i>t' -lm'- ���"���", that as yet her uncle's emis- j    "Voorhees and  his  meii-for ri->t or  ���HSt^i^^P'-TO'  . 'S"'JOS lma  not lui<1 il!t,]uls upon  Glen-'i something about last night."' t.  kWnMWffiM  >' "*,       s^e,ind  oveihcard   the  judge       '���Xoiisen.se." he said.    "I-had no part'  p-^<1'-'K>^f.i?'r'. *',IKl 'MO-amara   plotting  to  drag  (he I I'i  It.    Vou know th.it."  !p*"f ^%%P��i,ii ' tnvru w,*l> a f"rce of rlepuUe,. seizing j     "VoVres-hut vou're^a yigllante'and'  ffi&%'*&${y& mt "n]y  ''er   lv-"\[rimd^   l,��t  every     they're ..fter you and all your friends.  ���ftl^'^-v!&"'?,.'. 1F 1"nn   suspected   of   being  a   vigilahte.     Your hi use  is' ern.-ireloil  fl,���i  ��,��� .t^,.���  come, abruptly  into range and  to as  siiuie   a   like   rigidity,   for   Uie  young  irian's aim shifted lo lilm.  "I have a warrant tor you," the offl-  ' prompt relief can be got in a simple  hut strong remedy��� Mother 4 Giaves'  Worm   Kxterminaior. '  politics, as in morals, the shortest way  to make men,happy is to endeavor to  auike them virtuous."        '    r'   ��� . '  ���^>?3Tr here,", said  the irate'roomer  lo the .-chambermaid, "don't, you ever  not only her tv. o, friends, but every  iiinn suspected of" being a vigilante.  Tlie victims "w'eie to be, jailed without  bond, without reason, without justW,  while the'mechanism of the court'was  ��� o be juggled, in  order to hold  them  %i1"-'i * If,  frjVs-sr.'f;'  ;'  miij'fli; i /,  *2R_iSj *ri'_ l��     f  ihoy're .ifter you and all your friends.  Your in use is' guarded and Uie -town  :- alive with deputies. /jTii*y*ve planned  to j.nl you oil some 'pretest or other  iior-answer to her knock. Slie was distracted npw. and knew not where to  .���sook next among the thousand .spots  ^hlr-h might hide the man she wanted.  ��� AVliat.chanec had she against the posse  sweeping the'town from end to 'end?  'J here was, only one;, he^ might be at  '  , ife'&f^hf-^'K ..'?>���<- ���    .   .          ^���(|''^4%'4%r;'-[.Ci   Mbieh cfl&l :1 Seward glare and from  4   rk&^V*'-S'i^.sr1' '   'Mll'l���'I,    thre-ugh   the    breathless   calm  [l^ffv-r.^Vjy      'i, arose  the sound  of carousal.   Swiftly  KfJ.^J.^-'A'M ^lii    '.   -she , threaded    the   narrow, alleis   iii  cer cried,' his voice loud'in the htisu.  "Keep   it,"   said "Glenister,   showing    _��� . ,  his teeth in a smile iu which there was   sweep under.-the- bed?"  no mirth.' lie backed diagonally across  the'hall, bis boot heels'clicking in thu  silence,"sbjSk.eyes.sbiftbig  rapidly   up  and down the stairs where the danger,  la-v-       '.,'',,  I-"  *.       "',"���"  ';From   her  station" Helen -couid  see  the whole tableau,,all but the men on  the stairs, -where' her vision  was cut'  CRANBERRY' LORE.     'r  ���    - . * ���'i  I      ��������������������� , , r  Saveral   Delicious' Ways  of Preparing  , '''     s     This Much  Used'Berry.-     '     ",  There are all kinds of ways of "preparing cranberries.- Some cooks, serve  and  sweep uncier.-the bed? ��� / '   ., ,."���         mvs,. sv���..0��,b  '."I always do," answered the . girl j them as- a very acid, Lhin* Bauce^and'  innocently'.: "ItV1 mi   much, '.handier,take the trou*J!e to slrah* *L - This Is a  than   using a durlpaai." ���- ChicagO',.mlst:ake-  "Cranberries 'should be^beavi-,  Daily News. >    . ���       ... ', .   ly  sweetened and .cooked, with   little  ��� water; so that they can' be'molded la  pretty Individual "molds. ,r&<s'\      ,     1'  A quart "of cranberries require only  a cupful of boiling water.1, .Boll'itead-'.  off.   She saw the dance girls crouched I ResponsibleTor Nearly ail Of lhe  J.-r���^1" ��aPra,y for' twenty mlh'utes, .  . r... ��� ,   i."      .      ?. . add two cupfuls of sugar and cook for'  TOO  LITTLE BLOOD  behind their partners or leaning, far  jtnit from' the wall \yi(h parted- ilps,  the men eager, yet fearful, the' bartender with a half ' polished" glass  poised, high.- Then a quick movement,  across the hall suddenly diverted her  absorbed attention. 'Slie saw a .man  rip .-aside'-the drapery of the box .opposite and .lean so far out that he  seemed, in peril Aof '/ailing. -He undertook, to vight a weapon, at. Glenister.  who was'just passing from his view.  At her fir-t glance Helen gasped,,her  heart gave one fierce lunge,'and'she  cried out.       *'   , ,' n     .  The distance across the pit was so  short that she saw his ,every line and  lineament clearly; it was/the brother  she hael souaht these'years and years.  ,Before 'she know o'r could check it the  blood call leaped forth.,,   ^  "Di-ury."-, she .cried aloud, at which'  be whipped bU' - .head ' about." ( while  amazement' and l.sbme other "emotion  shoteoukl-not gaiijL-e spread slowly over'  bis "features. Tor a long moment-he  stared at her'rwithout movement or  sign   while   lhe  drama   beneath   went  Zam-Buk'.  Healing   Ptv  by School C3mmis-IOr,��:r ^rov<-<-  NB   of   the' most   recent' co,lv-r,.  Zam-Buk i^ethcU of i-���lln/ilV^  ' disea*e is A'.r. C; E. Saufi,, ' ������   CUr'"5  Kintf.'-Co.,   K.S. , ' ��ra' w V*����,  "   Mr. Sanroi-dnis a Justice of ,i.e p,       "  .County, ��d ..member of ,be   '^V^^  Commissioner,.^ He   l��   ��u,0   D,a"   f Sfcho"  B��p:l��t Church tn.Berwick     l���,v-d ?'       ,ht  the County;, it "would be dimcu't t0"fi?"KhCU,  more widely tao'.vn nd rnore Lhly r���    "*'  ,.   .       .Some    Ume    basic    he    had    occa.!    Pttted  Zam-BuV, and,here Is hi* opinion of this great b*lm.   He ��"'-      '��' ttn  ���'^1 never used, anything that gave me s-jch witL-.ionTA^  I had a patch of "eczema on'my'ankle,, wbjch'had b��n *,-. V"3"1-  tw.enty   years.     Sometimes,, also,  the  disease  would b-tiV <  ,       Vtt'  shoulders.    I. had   taken. ��olut��on "of  irnenic, 'had sopi.cd v.n��� 0a 'T'y  L,ments, and. tried  -II  sort, -of 'things to; obtafh' a cuVe, but a|T ��?%  I    I was advised to' ei^e' ZanT-Bufc' a trial! and' as I .�� . �����'J," v^  Nature's remedies,  1  did  10.,"., From "."first' ajJMyinjr   it   I   ���t J.1"1"  ,Aahoffether different to the Vdinary pintrr.ems and en,bro��,"a,  .,7?'  '''.oon-bejan.to shW signs, of>��� during >w.y"the ec^^l *n ����w W>  ���   This .was so (-ratifying:, ihir I;perseVered for ionic tlipe'with li IS ,'���  .sua  triad, to t��*yrJt>ad .the.deslred  resulf,     I   am   now eo��d aV  disease which  defl.d every, other' treatment'for twemy y������ **  ,���    "This Is not the only direction, in vwhich I have ' proved -1,1 ���  Z��r,-BuVVI aufferVlr *>nrtimVfron,;^Jff7loS T%��  cure for-thls painful-adment,in Zat.il.BiiV. ;Za,m-Buk 'nooth-, W ��?.  relieves the'congeated.veins, and'so-restom the.elasiicity lo.ihe ii.^  that mc pile* - gradually' but purely disappear/;^ v- "  ���r��m-Bak t> a' POiluW ��'nrj e��rt��ln cure'for ��is/Nra^bfiitiei  iDntlm ivt.. f-.J.  ���ores, ulews. scaljs. blood-pol.t>tii��. ��f��mi.; tat,,,'&����$r&l",, ��Sw rrJtl tltS!*1*  .Rubbed w��U loio lb* pans iiT��ued,-Jt e��r���� o��ur* rk.rb��ijm��tli��m. nnd ZeuutL   L J''***���'  <c' Price.   Kafui. tlie bsxraful lipi.atlon* ��om*tIm��* ripretomed toU,?jS����t v%d"        '!"  MisecytrWomen hndure  Anaemia is ^written, on the features  of ninety women out, of a Jmndred,  'TJnmiqtakeable">.aie the. signs'of "too  little" blood.;' ,'The weaker sex i.s assailed at all stages, by the evils resuli-  ing from bloodless-noss,  from the girl  ten ' minutes longer." Ari exact '/time  must be given In cooking, cranberries  if one wishes to. have, them Jelly properly. Almost any cranberries'will Jelly perfectly "if cooked "exactly accord-"  Ing to these directions.' Do not strain  them. _ Tour Irn^o email  china  molds.  mujfjnwwmimt^gg*  ::&'  on. "then he diew back Into his retreat" ?rJ'   n    "if   Y-V   ...ss....  c,Ll   .My  blood  had turned  lo  water,- and  7^> 3-"t.*|'5��.W  ���^'^���"'C'-'I/fV''.  mm!*  .-tV**.!  1   *->,!  %'���  '    5V     -I" ��s7^  - ���    ,' ," ^.;  .^'--.'...j... Kjh-.y  ;   r ,?ffi; ^-: . ,'-s>y.,. ij ���,',-.   t,    ���.-,!���-  '*.v.,-:ft:tf*��.i--i^-y.tf1  VtK  -Hi  J>Vy-'  IU loucrcd hiiuiclf.down over, ihe doac-  > ers.  and  hold yon   indefinitely::    Tlease go  betoiv it's too late."' .   '  "tlow do you know this?" he asked  graiely  ' 1 ovLi'heard them plotting."  '���Who?"  "Uncle Arthur anil Mr. aicNamara.'*  Sho faced him squarely as she said it  and tlierefoie saw the light flame up iu  his eyes as he cried:  "And you came here to save me���  came here at the risk of your'good  name?"'   ' ,  "Of course. I would have done-tlie  same Tor Dcxtry." The gladness died  away, leaving bun listless.  "Well, let them come. I'm done, I  guess. I heard from Whoaton tonight  lie's down and out, too���some trouble  with the 'Frisco courts about jurisdiction over these cases. I don't know  that it's worth while to tight any  longer."  "Listen." sho said. "You must go. I  am sure there is a terrible wrong being done, and you and I must stop it  I have seen the truth at last, and vou  are in the right Please bide for a  time at least"  "Very well If you have taken sides  with us thole's some hope left. Thank  you for the ris.1,. y<)u ran in warning  me."  She h.id mo-ied to the front or the  compartmei,t and was peering forth  between the draperies when she *-tltled  a cry.  "Too late' Too Iatcl There they  ai'\ Hou't ji.irt the curtains. Ihevil  t-cc you."  rushiii-j- through the gambling hall  weie Voorln-es and four others, seemingly ill <jii(.st ,,f ._,,���,_. ,mr,  '���Una   eloMi,    the-   line-i-   stairs,"   slie  broathed a-id pushed him lluoi'gh  the  door     He ..in dit and   hold   her   h.-iri.l  with a  last -,ioi-| of giatitude.    Then  he was goile.    She drew down her veil  and  .was   aho'iit  .to   follow   when   the  t .door ripened and  be ro'a;ipeared. '..' '.  |   ��� "-So '., ii.so,"   'i,o : remiu-ke'd'   ���quietly.'  ���There are throe-more  waiting ntl. the  .foot."    He (look,,;i ,.���;t ,��� ljm]  l!)a(. (,le  l.oflicers   had ���searched   tbe  crowd  arid  l.were turning toward  tbe front stairs  thus, cutting'off   his   retreat. ���    There  w.ere but two ways'down from the gallery   and   no   outside   windows   from  which to leap,    as they had made no  armed   display,   the   presence   of   the  ofiicers had not inlm-nipicd the dance  (Jlenlstljr drew hi.s. revolver, while  into li is eyes came the dancing glitter  that Helen had seen'before, cold a3  the glint of .winter.sunlight  "No, not that,  for God's sake!" sho  shuddercd, clasping his arm.  "I must for your sake or they'll find  The vices of a city, however horrible,  are  at   least  draped   scantily   by   the  . mantle  of convention,  but in a great  n ining   camp   they  stand  naked   and  v. itliout concealment.   Here there were  rows upon rows of criblike houses clus-  (-.���re-d over tortuous,   ill  lighted  lanes.  like blow flies swarming to an unclean  le-.ist.   From within came the noise of-,  ribaldry aud debauch.   Shrill laughter '  mingled   -with   coarse,   maudlin   songs, f  t.l!   the ' clinging   night   reeked   with I  abominable revelry. The girl saw  1> iinted creatures of every nationality  leaning" from windows or beckoning  fiom doorways, while drunken men  collided with her, barred her course,  challenged her, 'and again and again  s-ho was forced to slip from their embraces. At last the high bulk of the  tboater building loomed a short dis-  1 nice ahead. Panting and frightened,  *''(��� tried the door villi weak banels, to  Und it locked. From behind it rose the  blare of brass and (he sound, of sing-  ii'g She accosted a man who approached her through the narrow alley, but he  had cruUi-d from the charted course In  search of adventure and was not mind-  eel to go in quest of doormen; rather,  ho chose to sing a chantey, to tbe bibulous measures of which he invited her  lo dunce with him. so she slipped si way  till he had teetered past. He was some  longshoreman in that particular epoeh  of 1��ii-, inebriety where life had no burden save the dissipation of wages.  I.ctui-nlng. she pounded on the door,  possessed  of Uie  sense that  the  m.ui  L���     she sought was hero, till at last it was  Hung open, f ram'rig the Silhouette of a  ag��Bshbirt-slf eved,    thick set    youth,     w ho  b'lt 'n 'ell do you want to butt In  ���il�� Uie show's on? Go round  She cimght a glimpse of dls-  ���rod scener-., and before bo <ould  .j. slam Uie door, in her face thrust,a sil-  ..( ver-dollar, into his hand,, at the same  .' time wedging herself into the opening:  .; -He pocketed the coin' and the door  '������"'��� .clicked to. behind her.' '  .  "Well.; speak, up.    The'act's ciosinV i  .;������   Evidently he was the directing genius j  'of the performance, for at that moment j  ��������� the. chorus broke into full -cry-, and he!  ' .  said, hurriedly:' . .     . .   "     ...  i;;; . "WaitVn. minute. There goes the  J finally,!'; and dashed away to tend his  ,��� drops a.nd switcliL-s. When'the curtain  '.was down and the principals bad  fiougbt their dressing rooms he re-  ', 'turned.... .  ,!      "Do  you   know   Mr.  Glenister?"  she  .  askedJ    ;,    ���...".  ''Sure. I seen him tonight. Come  here." He led her toward the footlights  and,   pulling   back   the  edge of  ,t ^ iVUL 8UJte or n  lie curium, allowed her to peep past    yon  here, nnd that's worse than r in  neve'0-!,- -�� /!" 'r^.r'!; - S"e !':,d    ni fisht " 0ut iu ^ corrwo��� tVuS'! -"^Vf'^-' .iCTola^S^  uoslh p-.c-.L-.-sd a ujaee.like tins, and ia ' too can escape in the confusion.   Wait   your funeral?"     ': C-*  ���4 M��H*ti��a4. W'k-��l,..l-.uu,.u,���  with ,the dazed  look of one doubting  his senses, yot fearful of putting them  fo   the, teat.     For  her part,   she  saw  nothing except her  brotlier  vanishing  slowly   into   the  shadows,  as.-though  stricken   at   her  glance,  the 'curtains  closing before his livid face, and then  pandemonium broke loose at her feet  Glenis-ler, -holdiug   his   enemies   at  bay, had retreated to the double doors  leading to the theater.    His coup had  been   executed   so   quickly   and   with  such  lack of turmoil  that the throng  outside  knew  nothing of It  till   they  saw a   man   walk   backward  through  the  door.     As   he   did  k>  he   readied  forth   and   slammed   the wide   wings  shut before his face, then turned and  dashed   into   Uie   press.     Inside   the  (lance  halj   loud  sounds arose as  thc-  officers clattered 'down the stairs and  made  after   tlieir  ejuarry.    They   tore  :tbe  barrier apart in  time to  see,'far  down the saloon, au  eddying swirl as  though  some great  fish  were  lashing  through   the lily  pads of-a pond, and  then the swinging doors closed behind  Glenister.  Helen made her way from the theater as bhe had come, unob.served and  unob&erving, but' she walked, in a  dream. Emotions had ihased each  other too closely tonight to bo distinguishable, so she-went nu'chaiiicallv  ibi-ougb the* narrow alloy to Front  -street ami thence to her home.  Glenister mean while haifbeen swallowed  up   by   the  darkness,  (i10   -,i��r-)t  ctiffjldiug  him   without sign or trace.  As he ran he considered what course  to follow-whcther-to cam the call to  Ins comrades  In  town or |0 make for  th'* creek and lie-try.    Tbe vigilantes  might  still  distrust   i,,-,,-, ,.U1(1   yot  )j0  ovicd    (hem    Gaining.     .McNnm-ira-s  men  were moving so swiftiv  tbat action must be M-��.*;v ,0 fo.o^inll them.  Another   hour  an I   the  ,,,-.   Wonli]   be  closed, while it si-eme-d tb.it whie Iicv-t  comse be elms,. ,),���,.  -,-.������,,  ^.^ QDQ  oi   I iii*  other���either   the   fiie-iils   who  n-ii'.'i nod in low:) en- I)e\ -.vh] SI.ipl.iek  out in iho hiili     With d.i.ihght  (i,0,-e*  two would rctii.-n and walk uri'ieedlii"  into   lhe   trap,   while   if   h-   to-v   the  word to I hem first then tbe vigilantes  would  he jailed  before il.nvn.    As he  drew  near Cherry  .Malotie-'H .house he  saw  ri   light .thri-iii.'.-h   the''drawn  curtains.    A huavy- r.-iinOrop, plashed-upon  .his face, another followed, alid their he  ���heard  tlir* ��� patter of  falling water- increasing j. wiftl.v,   He fore be eoulel gain  ���tlitv dooi;  the   sto-.-in   had   broken,     it  swept up the street with tropical  violence, while a breath sighed out of the  night, lifting the Jil'tei-.froiii undei'Toot  a.id  pelting him wiili  Hying particles.  Over the roofs' (he wind rushed fwl'th  tlio rising moan of a biii-rk-iiiio.  while  (he night grew suddenly uolsy ahead  of the tempest.     '  (To be  ConliniiedO    ���  . w-_ m.^, .**.   - *-���**��� j   i" ��--a.a , HiiLai     jJllllJo      111      \. ITX  back , ami' across the' shoulders,' faiiit-  ing fits and aching liuibs.' Aiid'la(i*r  at life's turning point, .nci-vo'us.disor-'  ders and' heait ^troubles* make, great  culls, on ���a'woman1-, strength. /  "At all,ages'Dr.'AVilliams' Pink Pill-s  are especially/valuable ttf the female  seic; for-they alono possess 'the /power  of making in abun.lance the rich,' red  Blood of'health"., They fill".rthevsfarved  veins with neV.'; blood,1'" so'' , that ./en-,  feebled boJies are 'strengthened, weak  nerve.-, are fortified, Midflobiist' health  is restored, i'4.       , _      i     ',-.'',     y %  t- Mrs. Ei' Smith;'AVindsor^N.S.j'.sa'j-a:  "A. few years ago my health began" to  fail. I suffeied greatly from inward  troubles, and 'in about tl year's time  wliole system whs alrno-,1 a wreck  my   heart  had   become   so'   badly 'effected that T could scarcely .go about.  Tn fact life had almost become a burden, and there'seemed little hope, for  me.    One  day a  friend- asked   me  if  1 had.tried J)r. Williams' Pink Pills  and told, me that she had been in almost  the  same condition  I ��� was  and  that the Pill-, had restored lier to her  present splendiel health.    I took courage   from   what   my   friend   told   me  and  began to take"ithe Pills.    I took  them   regularly   for   several   months,  constantly growing' stronger,  and the  internal   troubles   from   which   I  had  been afflicted were disappearing, and  my.> whole system  seemed    to      have  gained new  strength.       I  wanted   to  make certain that there would be no  leturn of the trouble and I continued  to  take  the  Pills  for a  lima  after  I  had   really   fully  recovered -   Since   I  have pioved for myself what'Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can do,  I have recommended them to a number of suffering   people,   ands those   who   have  given  thorn  a'fair  trial have  proved  withme that Dr  Williams' Pink Pills  are just what they are recommended  to be." v,\  Sold by all medicine dealers or by  mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes  for $2 50 fiom Tim Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Biockville, -Ont.  Teacher���Is there suposed to be  any vegetation on the moon?  Shaggy-haired .Pupil ��� Yes'm.  Thf-ie'i lot3 of tilings planted in tho  daik of it.  Spiced   cranberries1 are   something  like, spiced currants.    Put two  even-  tablespoonfuls -of. ground   cinnamon;  one of .ground cloves and half,a table-'  spoonful of ground^allspice Into'a muslin bag and tie It'up.'' Simmer1 ft-In a',  'cupful'of, cold, water for .half an hour.  Then add "tlie' splc'edt water ".to' seven"  pounds of cranberries.'ibreeand a half  -pounds of'sugar, nnd tWo^cupfuls^of  elder vinegar.;..Cook slowly,'until thick":  and then'seal'up in jfars".�� Some house-  vwives serve) this -In ��� filace^of/ the * ordinary cranberry, sauce as", n ^novelty.  .   Cranberry ^sherbet. Ls>a1 refreshing,  dessert.),   \\;hcn  not frozen * 'cry1' stiff'  it is sometimes used as a unique sorbet  to-serve,at an elaborate"turkey  dinner.   This Ice melts easily/so that  it should b'e .served Immediately.'   To  make it.  boil a. quart of cranberries  -with two cupfuls of water until soft.  Add two cupfuls of sugar and stir until   dissolved.     Let  it  cool,   add   tho,  Juice-of one or two lemons nnd freeze.  .Some housewives may prefer the  ice  sweeter. ���-,   ,  For a no vol - cranberry pie have at'  hand a cupful of cranberries, half a  cupful of seeded raisins, a cupful' of  sugar, a cupful of, boiling water, a ta-  blespoonful of dour and a" teaspoonful  of vanilla If you like the flavor. The  pie -wUI be just as good, if not better, without It. Cut tho berries In  half nnd cover them with cold water.  Let them stand while you chop tho  raisins and i mix them with the flour,  sugar, boiling' water nnd flavoring!  Lift the berries "from the' .water and  atir them Into the mixture! Bake It  between two crusts.,  Write for Weekly' ^rlce. Usty.-'^.f'Shipments Soil  *,<-        *?' V     <     t       ,t   'ir-   J*'-/- .-j-;* ~  "* rTt(,-*   * .���? I'i *' '&1 ft  *' v -J, il i.JOH N   H A'l_L.A)V,,;. T './oionONTO, ONT.  11 f "   i'.    ')>,'<'  ,IH'   \   i.        ,   ���   ,        i ,- .      ,..-������'--;'.,' i -      -i  " r.   - ,i 'jA "Definition.1^ x Z IJJyyJi J���  tJ-^'y^���^!f-i��'r,a,H;uwlint Jwaineand'  man?    .    \<-     _y *'..�� -;, ."V^}"��, \ -i-, ���  ". Alienifet���Oric-*;i>vho , lias ' com milted-  a crime and'eanTVo've an,t aJiliI7r~T  Clevelanrl Leader,-'' ..-**." y-. s.^'-^..*ft.-*  ��*-v* ?A';:- '' '...*t'.,.-^ff*' if^,  . Corns cannot" fixiift ��*-\yh'en>''Hollow?  ay's,- Coral. Curt; is *. applied 'ito  Uiehi,  because iI,goes to the root-nnfl',kSIls-  the;grOAvth:Xi 1%'--*Y- t'f- ^-H", "���'-. >f-  !> 'J.i '-*-'- '    '' 'j: : " =-r-    I'" -'"--* '-1 'S .i-  ' she���Is ,it true that .AHns < Bhirnc' is  going to marry the Prince? w ��� ,'" r  .' H��>--Kr���- well.' "they have iWued a  denial'of Uie "story which coiitr.adict^'  ed. the report as to the faltdty of the  rumor, that the account was untrue.���  Brooklyn- Life. '   ��� . '     ,     "    '"  :so-*ii  VV*/.Ss''Old'Yiin*s Spor-.i. .  ,,vHrtr,<l? ridiiig Jwi*^ un   i'.*i.le����n*ai3|  .ih'f.Sliliiisl. ijiirj great tcrantlrA'iieis ��-5|  ,    u  "    v Repeat  it: ���-"Shiloh's Cure will always  cure   my   coughs    and1   colds."  "You've mad*- a mistake in your  paper." said 'tho indignant man,"��.en-  tcring th* editorial sanctum. "I was  one of the , competitors ' at thai  athletic match yesterday, nnd you  have called mc 'the" well known  lightweight champion.'". '"Well,  aren't you?:' said 'the editor. "No.  I'm nothing of tho kind, and it's  confoifndediy awkward because, vou  see, Pin a coal merchant!"���Scottish  American.     ' ,   - -       J    -  Minard's    Liniment   Cures    Dandruff.  Repeat   it:-"Shiloh's  Cure  ivill  always cure my cougrhs and colds."  "I notice* a man who had a cold in  his  head  has   r-muiiittnl   mne-ide "  'Tour fellow i N���w what [O0[  iriencl could have advised him to  try that iL'i.-ieely'"���Philadelphia Ledger.  King Outside Politics.  A correspondent who called .the attention of the King's private., secretary to a New Year's letter from H. O.  Brodie, Liberal ,M P. for the Reigate  Division of Surrey, to his constituents, in which he. stated that "tho  King and the nation have found in  Mr.1 Asquith a new Prime Minister  of the highest talents," has received  a reply from Lord KnollyB, in which  he  says:  "The King 3trongly disapproves of  his name being used in political circulars. T need hardly say, therefore,  that His Majesty's name did not appear in the communications which  you forwarded to me with his permission."  Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Burns, etc.  Ilapiiv I': uie (on wedding loiii)--  ^oii My w a.e poming lo a<, tunnel.  Hai iv-*    Is it a long one''  ..*inlc��ioom    (moriii'iitaiilv    depr, ss-  edj���Y.'s. mtiioly  too long     Tiu. coll.  ouctoi    t'.'lln   mo ,they   light   up   the  cars  before entering  it.,���Chicago Tribune.    .���������-'���-       '      . ���!������������  Mother    (in. a  very    low    voice)���  Tommy,    your    grandfather is: very  sick.     Can t  you   say  something  nice  to cheer him up. a-bit?"   Tommy (in  an     earnest    voice) ���" Grandfather,  :it  Waffles In Style.  "Isn't It good news that waffles are  really In style? Every one has always  known that waffles with sirup were  extremely good, but until recently they  have boon half forgotten. Now they  are actually fashionable, and it Is quite  ihe thing to serve them with brown  sugar or maple sirup us tt separate  course at a luncheon.  This   being   the  case,   it  Is - well   to  know Just how to make them.   Made  with rice, they are delicious,   A good  recipe calls for a cup of boiled   rice  three eggs, one ounce of butter, two  cups of sour milk and one teaspoonful  each of salt and soda. , '  ������  Sllr into the rice the creamed butter  and the eggs, which have been beaten  oa froth -   Add the salt and soda.'si"  ^  the  mdk and add flour enough  tc  make a thick batter ���.���*���,  ,Ce   sure   that, the   waffle   Irons   arc  very hot and buttered, Fill them three  reii;funwlthth^battcr-d.^  . Wont   Him   One "Better.  One of the occupants of a rnllwaj  .carriage ,wns a gentleman who beguiled  the time  by, telling some rather "tall  yarns" of his experiences abroad.    A  solemn looking individual with nenm'  era and tripod sat in a corner seat and  listened without n" shadow of a smile.  The traveler, bnvlng concluded an impressive story, says London Punch, began again: "I never see a camera but  It reminds me of n sail occurrence that  befell a friend of mine "\vhiiq we were  traveling In Italy.   lie was an enthusiastic amateur photographer, nnd when  we   climbed   Vesuvius   nothing  would  satisfy him but a near view of the crater.   He wanted to go lo the very edge.  The guides told him of the danger.    It  was tho last seen of my poor friend!  Sad, wasn't.It, sir?" he added, turnlug  to tho solemn man.    The latter shook  his head.   "Do you doubt my word?"  said the traieler.    "Xei." returued the  solemn man, "I don't doubt your word,  but  I fancy your memory is  fulling."  "Eh?   flow so?"    "Hccause," said the  solemn man slowly arid gravely���"because  I  am   (ho.man!    And  yet you  don't remember me!   I came out agalu  on the other side of, the globe, but I'  got my view!" There was dead-silence,  for a few minutes afterward, and th*  traveler trot off at the next HtaUon-   -  Lord * Kennedy's 'Radical, ��� ridden bf i,|  'taptainv  Douglas.     Hv��<-    Inr-cU-d;,[  Douglas "head over' heels wr a cate, "A  as the riders had agreed Oiat jWtin?, A  charging; flnd0crofli-iiiK ��t-re !'>'!)�� ai- .[  lowed   ��U'the   jumps   and   Bny-*bf�� -  else.    Those condition--; t>i rai-iac <h L.  not belong to���our day, but s)i�� imnti-.1 J  hood     has '  not    left ' iiif��ii-ni   poio-"1  grounds. ' Everybody,kn.>n.�� ihe *to.7  of   the   polo   player   w.Ui   s  broktn,  collar-bone    who    rod<>   off Ins Di.in  again   and   again'' a*   if  n-llnngdiaJ  happened. "���  Then there is the extraordinary record    in    markmanship   ol   H'iraiw ;  Ross;  who  in-a-p peon  male!; in-1)  J.ord \racdonald gave fivo yird* ��w  'then' won. the--match  with ,i total c*  fifty-two    pigeons   out   ��.f   filly;'1**** ;  shotA'.al   thirty-five   yards     Aneitnrt -L  exfraordinary'font not freqin'iitly W'sA  formed was that he woulel eo out m; A  kill ns rnanv as twentr swall��>�� �����.  fore, 'breakfast,   11 wiw R'i-' * ho ofW*.  e/1   to   walk   nnvb'-dy   I"  UmAon w  52,500,  aneP nobody would accept tin  challenge, i   ���  A Nervous Wreck  Now in Robust Health.  Mrs.M. E. Harron, of Nwton. Os'.  writes : " I must say our son wouldi w  been In a "��-.��"��--M.��f'�� crave long '=.  Mrs.M. E. Harron, of Newton.  . ...ust say our son *oulc   - consumptive's gra�� long��-  'had it not been for PSYCH I NL*   ��e*J-  The Crater's  iVloulh.  "Now, Pearl neeiu." asked tbe Wyoming schoolnui'aui during the gen-n.  phy lesson.-*.wl.nl Is It that voleaimeis  throw up?" "is.i-.-j  ."Wait a minute:   I know-don't tell  me!'   cried  Missile,",, e.eltedly.   - ^s  $&���hot "-������-."p-icott-;  _        fGun  With  a; History.  1,   ^       welgbmg  more   than  seven  Pounds would find  burdensome a gim  S"SCr.fb^'Aff-,ur''!te���n-o'^i-  voir.    iV       m n nosro far,"er. eighty-  Tbelu,'  W,,0J,1V0S  "^ Una pface7  ie g in was-given  to the old negro  rW aS'    Jt���''" n <loublo barreled  o glit gauge shots,--,-, hand made, webVh-  &Srn P���",,S' f\V,St bar,-C,V' *�����  Slam nJb* 0,d ne^s master,  >>iuiam Klmbrew, whoi was one of  the   pioneers   of   Texaq '  in    rl\,ny  Sic������"rtc���  I" the old Texas re*  public-Kansas City Times.  taken down with La Grippe and a �� .  cold.. Kis who'e. system w-l<i.",'s|,  -  eluding- his lungs, which were se"��u,J>  affected, as'is always the case alter  Grippe.-' ... -       ',.���. ,ni.'���;  .'Mfter; faking. sever-nVr^^|Jnd;:  treatments we procured P*��Ty,    ' resu|t$  tongue cannot tell the. n-��rvc,|0HC.j:n��l   '  brought about in two month?.'  Y��,^ntili   ���  over twenty pounds in weight.311-- �����"-  and appetite returned." .mnh.-iti*-   ���  Mr. Harron himself is most e^,.-,., -  as ro the beneficial result of u' as    jn.,.-,  CHINE.    He declares, "T��>-<"��> '   -jck���  splendid health and have neverwi.'  a day since I took PSYCH Wh.    k of0  PSYCHINE is the greatest ionic*   .,.  -dical science.   It builds;i'P ^ j,  to medical science  ���V   III.UII.1,1   SI.I.IH... ..   ���-      . ,.lie0P")!  tcm^and tones up every organ^i^^^^  w  CHI NE is used consis cntly  enabling itto resist-and throw        KS1.  Wealc ntrves cannot exist �����   .: lotl  PSY-  jruth of Ih"8  ���isU  trial bottle and prove tbe  statements. . ,, jr,ii-flslJ  ,PSYCHINE Is, sold by  ��'".������ ^f-ie,  and dealers, SO cents and ��l*w  j^gmSgt3agB*^aw?��g^gata  wwu^.B-.iia^'wiXii|gniBiigTO-aa; LTJRQ DUDLEY BOYCOTTED.
Australia's Covernor-Cenrral Has Fat-
Icn Foul of the Consuls.
Lord   Dudlev    th..   r,,,,,.   <-. '•
(he   fr-,f..gn   c.onMiU.genefaJ   jn !
Mix two ounces of Glycerine
a   half oan^brViVgin'^of Pme \
compound   pure   and   a   half  pint  of
-tra.ght Whis-ky,      Shake   "J     and I
llnd. gn»;tt d:*p *7Kb.,"',ov.' In fact the
for,i*f., cm-,m', hav/ inaug-™ eel -
pHciu ,b^^n «'' '•■<> «nrl, uhiel, is
loi unwii.ucli aS j.oni ,.n,j .,.,„., 0 V
ey.ure by; virtue of their ofhciaUa k
thi'ir wealth, «n/l (heir great wto  *l   .        .    -"  7 ,-•.v.-.m  u com  in
popularity, the'hub of 7iH Lchd- If, ' ^l(Hour ''0*-« "nil cure any cough
m Australia, the refill oUhifco* S,'* ?urnWf- ln havi,18 {i»» f°>-
suls   to   ri.eH   the   GovLr*,,! fPn^,   ,m,.,a P«<- "P. be mire that your drug.
take ,n doses of a tcwjioonful'every
our hours. Tins mixture possesses
le   healing,   healthful   pioplrtie,   of
, ,1,  !'rs'  1nd  willhrenk  a cold in
[was taken sick
from catching cold
pe-ru-na relieved.
.   WLSS    J'JKNK.S'n.YE   '  BOOVAKD  i oi   former   tmvcrnn™   «f   <i v
llhiek ' Lak,.. .Sa.UatCh'mvan,   Canada,' lint'poSa„   %^J*£\Z3S%il
F^il^closefOf IM J'jook 8,ckW ^U^^^t^^^
Ithe V«nlt of catphyig cold     1 became ernor-G<mf*ral,   t!m   „^ ^J ™£
ivi-.-^w.iak and could not do anything. suLs-general wore permit'ed ♦- crrae ,T
■   VI  consulted .a dc,(-l,,r who had ^ ally >urp   diplomatic    nerogftives"
iikci'various" kinds of mer   e,rm'   !..,<   i Jind   «(-.(„o    .....si   ,-.',.  l"lrogHi]VP8.
2ist u-.es the genuine Virgin Oil of
I me compound puie, prepared audi
Kiinrantewl 'only by the Leach Chem*
• -^ "-        *"(V      I.UII"
^^pSpi^-'aa'ffi H"^^ b"A
best   and   most   agreeable   classes   of'              "   w,ndfeo*-*   f>"t
the* community-.-  - ■ '—	
e-f'^0"1-'!1 ''V'V^d-nature, ignorance
of official etiquette, ami indifference
of /onfter   t'cvernors   of   the   various
The   Matrimonial  Spur.  '
Long—To  what  elo    you    attribute
\oiii   gieiit business ■suocprs*'
Sliorig-To my wife.    She' made'it,
necessary for me to earn lhore money.
—IJOf-ton Transcript.
i  —syi.. ..      '*       /
Faultless   in   Preparation.—   Unlfke
David Soyle of the Ontario Education
Department Has Written a Volume
of Jingles For Children Which Are
Intended to Replace the Ancient
Rhymes With ' New Home-Grown
Ones to Educate Young Idea.
Tho First Consideration Is to Breah
tho Length.
The long, narrow ball which almost
Invariably has a part in tbe arrangement of modern apartments seems to
offer very limited scope for effective
in-.   At the'advice of u friend. I wroto   consular 6fii.mil,- tn ,„».-,„   '?_."..™.    .V* \(.'K,il
Binr-r- Al lhe 'advice of a friend, J[ wrote
you and you advised me, ■
'-.After I had taken fwo bottles of
BPeiuna there'.was noticeable improve-
lu'.-rit.. f combinedrth<* ur,.> of jvruiur
jM.mahii and Lncupia and after tiik-
jitia .several bottles, of each I find mv-
"-e[f entirely cured.   -' ',-'"    ' u'
"1 can c*rtffy/that.'lt was through
your modicfnesflhat I ' recovered my
jiealth. , I advise, every one who is
).jioilarly afdicted, to'obtain Ur. ffrin-
BimuV advice and be l^uoflted "
, .Mm. WIlda.Mooen/; .It.F.U, iVo.' ]
3.ent.sr Oregon',--writes: ,       '„.'*■
i 'T'i-VH'? Pa-.t'"''0"** yenrs<T'r-wns n
hvritcJied ' woman, ^suffering- with se-
r\-.-re* backaches and; other pains leaving me-so weak., nnd ty.fary that,it was
Smly.'Wilhf.u.flicully'that.'I -was able"
p atfen<| (b my" household duties. '-,
I "I-'used, different remedies,, but
ffoimd^no relief until, I ihad- triedP*.
fona. '■:', -   ';,-''-. ."' '   -        l(      *       ,
"Within two'weeks-there' .w'a^'a
chiingevfor'tl.e, heller; and in less thnn
consular dflieials lo whom cxennatur.s-
S. en,^ni"l?.d-,° r'(,i'ble the'» io
tulfill certain clerical (Julie? in connection' with, tlie promotion of the
trad? and the cler-rinir o,f the shipping
of their rosji'-elivc 'ountrji-u, but as>
. tuil-Hedped.onvoyp **ccrediir-d a,s diplo,
' mS i7^nffi^«culIlV0r17,■   'ln"•,<!,1 -1Ur y™***a^m continue fo
and   by dn-jrCes  seeiir«-«lj  prerogatives
tnat-u„rriiniril<>r plenifjotentinry.. or
-even   arj^ ambassador,   would   hc-utate
to dr-rnntid and were constantly squabbling,' both   among   themselves 'nnd
with   the   federal   and   state  officials
about silly-o.uestioii" of prfprdence - '
-,  Lord   Dudley,- having   heard1" about
tin;),, }>■>'. ire 'sailing for Australia, took
1Lcoun$"l with the' Colonial Department
and tho Foreign Otfl(-e ' in London,
. a, result5,, tln-reof    intimated
.•uiiuKo-^or uiq: ugiipr; and   n less thnn    -—''"*•-'  ^«^i'tiw.i«. .-i
.hrPe months 'W,as' a,Well and happj   'Ef*^ '.n ''en'' CIi'V0
vomair.B »'i.    a-fsrf   -j >-. -    .--o     -      ary  ftnd  miriifltera  p\"v
-"All t!l(^praifiei"is-'duelhvJPel:una""'• '    rir. »BPefl*-iv«.;conntrJ(
'tonuia is-not-'a'loMl-rn-r, f»«.   i..„  .'/ Joternatjonal law and
, -a^nuia is;r)0t-a local-remedy bui
nn internal systemic .remedr. It will
h'lit-ye catarrh, in its', most* obstinate
fti-iim,     ,'  .■*''    "■ - Jf ,,..-.
'Badly'1 PuL,
j.Tlie minister of",a^c|rt'niri '"Vorkshira
Ihurch- rocenUjyalsked for a prolonged
jioliday ,'on '. acooun'fc.'^of'- "bis . wife's
Tiealth. 'Th'e*church'was'very symp-
ftilietic,, and.at a;speclial meeting ,tin*
-  -—      -  -r--*-* — •••   ,      JJU.I      JCU      1.1-3
lopc.thu cause,will ,60oh bp removed.';
'  '    ,      —^—   '        —) !   .       .     ^''   i
Onff^Sale-: Everywhere.-—There -.'mav-
- country merchants' who.    do^not
r*P Dr. Thon»aa».-Eleclric Oil, though,
lhi*y nVe few^rand ..far,'.between,*-., and
|lH'se; may/'suggeat; that some other
6i! ls^jqsl ns good." -Thfre'is, nothing
lit good as a 'liniment _or 1 a$ an 'in-
ii-inal > medicin'o-<'-iif/..certain- - cases
-i it -*■
,  _.i;.thq'- „,^..v.» ...-
P1'" Razed' icnriou'-lly. I'tiC ,'a-Ismail
father .pniow,^<jvhich -.-nestled 'Sin V
[lns-).,cnse.   -H  ,,'»---'?.•• -s'l-'ii-.c-5i'',s,k_, njjs.-„
! "J dort^-see^nuylh'ing' hinuVual'
,ibui.f UiafpilloV," remarkedJ'oiie of
iln> visitors, turning to .'the' guide/ '
"It's a very valuable pillow," re-
'Ut'd the guides ','Thnt ,is Washing-
mi's original5 headquarters." — Lip-
E-in.'otfs. "    '"      '	
State of,Ohio, City , of Toledo,  >■
% Lucas County. , ^   ) ss- ,
i-rank J.. Clieney makes  oath' that
jbs is senior partner of 'tho firm of F.
(. licney  it  Co., doing  business  in
ihe City of. Toledo, County «nd State
Jtloru&aid.'and that said firm will pay
s'no11"1 of 0NE'HUNDRED DOL-
-\KS for each,and every ease of Ca-
ifiirh that cannot be cured by the use
pf flail's Catarrh,Cure.        .     -
sjworn to before'me and subscribed
my presence, this Cth day of De-
ffiiiber, A.D. 1886.
,,_    , '   -A'.' W.   GLEASOy,-..'
r^-'1-) - tNotary   Public.
Hall a Catarrh  Cure is triken inter-
BMly, and acts, directly on the blood
luxi  mucous surfaces  of the  system,
•nd for testimonials "free.
P. J. Cheney e&^Co., Toledo, O.
and   ai.    ( _.. ..„.
.quiptly on 'his arrival in' Austria "ns
-Governor-Genoral that he did not pro-
.pose.to, coniirmo' to accord lo'the consuls rany -exceptional privileges-or to
recognize *"iri them, envoys extraordih-
n--,- „«,!---.„;„i„...... -VTiipotentiary,' of
ries ,. ,- -
..„.,.   ...id treaties unite
"in-declaring foreign consuls'have no
■jppcial privilpges., b?ypnd other foreigners', and'are thus" subject, to the'
laws^civil and criminal, of. the country in'which"-,tbcy-reside.- ',■■"' • .' . *'
,' i —n ——-—^—. ;—
'    The Snake Eradicator. , _,
r* When'a native "in Thdia thinks there
nre snakes iu his house, he sends for
the ,"charriicr" to remove, them.     Tic
arrives with  an assistant/ a crowd of
natives from the neighborhood is'col-
lected/'and   thl* "show   begins..   The
audience arc  ranged in a semi-circle,
round   the  entrance   16 the dwelling,
and   within^ this ' ring   tho   two   performers'move  slowly .about,   plaving
their primitive pipes/with the object
'of-luring'the snake'from his conceal-
iininC/'^ '        ' , ,     -/ '  .
,' Thenjone of thc,twp,lmen will enter
. the ' house," cautiously  peer  this -way
and \that,  while ."the 'onlookers 'watch
carefully for the capture. Darting into
a,(dark" corner, he^ will make a grab,
■and, i amid' theories of the delighted
audienco,1' emerge ,,'ivithTa ^fine   cobra ,
held; tightly by the neck. t<-    •.>.   . ,/,--]
,  ^ Ayclose exanijinatioh of- the snake's
.naputh,, however, .ivpuld reveal the fact
^that it'wai-;guite hnrmlesai-'jThe snake,
is;   in .-fact,-, a 'pqt -animal;  carefully:
concealed.'in the first-,instance ,in .the"
loose.-,folds■ of   the 'clothing   of  the
"charmer," and  is smartly ■ produced
at' the  psychological   moment.'     The
house-owner  is,   however,   thoroughly
.satisfied  that his-house is- rid of th'e
icourge,   pays   the  snake-charmer' his
fee,, and the latter .then makes off in
;er.rch   of   fresh"   fields   nnd   pastures
new, where he is sure of finding other
dupes. u "
..^jtable Pills are the result of
long study of vegetable compounds
calculated, tb btimulate the .stomachic
functions and maintain -them at the
normal condition. Years of use. have
pioved their faultless chaiactcr and
established their excelh-nt reputation.
And this reputation they have mairi-
tiimcil for year,-; arid,will continue to
maintnin. for these pills miwt ahvnys
•-litiKl ilt'flip head of ttw liat'of i-ian-
dard  picparatlous,,
Vr I     '   .1
pay:,?' .       ,
"Well, no; I, can't-say that it pays
mr-, hut I think that',it pavs mv boy
Jim.c"   " <
"How's that?"        -■   '        ■    ;'
"Woll, you sep; T bought him'the
fowls, I liave to pay .for' their, keep
and .buy the eggs fiom" him, and he
ent«   thenl •"—rilntlr-nto/l    nlto .M >
y6u     find     poultry     keeju'iig
eats them.-"—rilustrated Bits'.
, -   '     ' !~7    ■    ■     —      'i
Repeat it:~" Shiloh's Cure will always euro my coughs and' colds/'
Editor*—Ifave'vpu ever' done ' a'ny
work on a ifewspape'r?.    ,"
Applicant for "J^pfcitiori—Yes, sir ;
for ,iibndy -six months ' t • contributed
to a column itv our home parep 'under the 'head of "V,br .the Uplift' of
.Mankind.'"', ,   .
- Ediior—Go to the office of the 'build-1
ing on the top floor and see if- they
want1, an    elevator,   man.—-Chicago
Tribune?.  ,•,',< -
"Hoppity, jiggity, jig,
A squirrel' upj;i u twig, ,
,,'^Isn't it fun , '     ,
"To see him  run?
"Hoppity, jjggiiy,  jig."
Sounds very much like "Jack and
fill'went up the hill," doesn't it?
That's "just what it is intended, to be.
It is the first of a -.cues of nursery
rhymes lately publisheu bv the Mus-
6on Book Co., and ih«*y RlUa. long-felt
want. With characteristic modesty
lhe author has;'not put hi.-?, name,
npon the, publication, signing the
nom-de-plume "Dii"ler-Jim." '
"Uncle Jim',: has b-en found out,
liowcvQr, and he is .\5r. David Boyle,
curator of the Ontario Education Department. He bris taken ihe name of
his brother James., and i-uppiied the
"Uncle" pait 6f it,. at, Mr. James
Boyle is fond of children, '
The nursi'ry, rhyim-*- arc purely
Canadian in matiia and -treatment,
and as Such are destined to take the
place of the dogg.-n*! vpibo which the
cliiidrou of lo-u--y- «nj -taught in the.
"As loriir !>' ck as I can reinembfir I
have fell the 'need of Uumjdiaii
rhymes;" said Mr,, Oiylf*. , "As'it is
the childien lpam a,-lot of silly 6t'uff
that does them no good. What was
needed^ was simple versesi with some
sense in them which, when the children < learned',tbpm,   would   do   them
There's   No   Such   Thing—The   Causa  I
and the Remedy-
"When I was a 'child no one knows
what I suffered with what used to be
called   growing   pains.     They    were
usually most intense late in' the after-
the home, from -which the visitor gains
his first impression, it should receive
at least, as much care and thought as
the rest of the bouse.'  A person who
lias had success in this respect gives
tbe following suggestions:
"The first consideration is to break
tbe interminable length,,at the same
time Increasing its apparent width. To
accomplish this plain paper should be
used for the -walls and of excellent
quality even if at the expense of some
of the other rooms. Then, in place of
the long runner, shorter rugs should be
substituted—three or four that range
froni flye to seven or eight feet in
length and of the hall width, placed
not too close together. 'Now divide the
hall into sections, according to the
length, by banging Japanese portieres
across. , '
"These portieres come at very moderate prices in rush, but the bead ones
are much handsomer.    In cither case     ' "*""* "■""*= "vc, "•««.-■" us mac in
the portieres may-be separated in the I tb0Mvesscl coo*s and let the feet soak-
center, drawn aside and fastened with   ""'ilthe wator do<,s not *eel hot
would say, 'OJi, never mind, dear; you
will soon be better," or, 'You will be ail
right tomorrow; don't cry."    And so I
' went on until one daj   tlie pain really made me ill.   The family physk-Jan
was called Iu, and he said nine times
out  of  ten   these  so  called  growing
pains are muscular rheumatism.    For
the benefit of other little sufferers 1
would like to tell you about, the simple though efficacious remedy he prescribed," writes,a contributor iii a current magazine.
"When a child complains of acihing
legs day or night remove at oiice the
shoes and stockings, put two tablo-
spopnfuls of plain bicarbonate of soda
in a small foot tub or wash basin (or a
wooden bucket will answer), pour On
tbe soda about two quarts of very hot
water to dissolve it, put the little feet
Into this solution as hot as can tie
borne, add more hot water as that in
No trouble with Sunlight Soap.
Just follow the directions on the
wrapper and Sunlight does the
rest. Costs little—goes far—
never injures hands or clothes.
Mmard's Liniment Co:; Limited, i '
t ,Gentlemen,—My daughter,; IS'vears
'oin, was thrown from'a sleigh and in-
jured her'elbow so badly it remained
stiff and very painful'for three years.
I'our bottles of. 'MrNARD'S LINIMENT completely, cured her,and she
has not been .troubled' for two years.
- , " Yours tiulv, -\ '
' •>'   -    ,; J.'Bl  LIVESQUE.'
St. .Joseph, ,P.a, IStii Aug., j(;ou."
c. < ' ° '
"Doctor," growled the patient,
seems, ,to 'vme(, ihrit ,?500"is a big'
; charge; for that, operation 'of mine." It
''didn't, lakcvyou over half a'miniite\"
, i "My,, dear "sir,'*■'.-replied "the'-famoiis.
specialist,* "in- learning Ip'-perform
that operation. in half a minute -1
-have spoiled over eleven pecks 'Lo£
such eyes as "yours.'"—Success Magazine, v ,
some good.    , „
f    "I,composed most,of th?rn lying in
bed at night.' L airi not troubled wiih
insomnia once T'get asler-p; but oftentimes   I   have trouble  in  starting off,,
,as it were.   Then^it was I would -hit-
npon some 'idea of, verse, and doze off
thinking it out.".!,- ,   -  *      ,    ,    ^ • i_
/The work-id-the'-product-of years of
labor- on  Mr.   Boyle*'s  pr-rt,  just  how-
many • he  cannot' s'.".y. -'He  composed'
many   more  than" fro published,  and
in making^a ^election followed^ an ingenious plan. / ;... - ','''   '". .
, "There'is"no critic so good, no criticism  so exact, >i>?  that forrned   by, a
child,-provided  the", matter clones  not
go, beyond    the- 'yoiuirriter's    mental
powers,"'staled ,!>fr.  Boyle.
■   Actingion that principle he. gathered'
p number of chililren around dihn and4
to  them, he rei.d  the verses-..    Every
one' they 'thought   poor  went  by  the
board,, whil-* only fhosf> they selected
wore "published.   ...The  result, is   that
niftrw here>will p.poehl to the youthful
i        .'is-'-, J
mind. ■_ ' ,
•,The book" is profusely ilhistroted,
the. work b-'irg ^done by C. W. 'Jef-
ffrys. Mr. ,'Jefierys,' whose newspaper
iillu«trationslare"known throughout'the
w)io!s of Canada, .has certainly, e?f-„
celled" himself in .this regard. All the"
drawings arc illustrated in colors and,
ipanv of them 'are, undoubted ,work=
oi-art. V •■'■ •
"\\'hen ,the Governor-General came to
.town , .    "^f-j ;     >4f   ^.    ,< J ^^s.
center, drawn aside and fastened with
a band of some oriental stuff or a
heavy cord. Not'only Is tbe effect'
more nttnictive,butthe apparent width
of the hall is increased if the portieres
harmonize with or■>even match tbe
wall paper. The height, too. is further
accentuated by the-suspension of a
lamp or lantern from the ceiling nt the
center of the sections." The lanterns
preferably, should be ra'tber small.
There a're some handsome little oues
ot wrought iron with colored glass that
cost 'only $1.50, singularly suited"for'
,,the purpose,, tlie only,disadvantage being that'they must have candles, which
rcome especially for them.
"Framed 'pictures; adding '.ever , so
slightly to the' effect of narrowness,
should be avoided,,and If decoration is
desired it may be , accomplished ,by
means of' tapestries or handsome antique wall rugs. Armor plate, too, may
be used with good' effect; and where
there is a sharp turn a tall picture
screen with three leaves may be'spread
'/Then dry the feel and legs on a soft
Turkish" towel to get up a fresh circulation.    Now. moisten  the, finger tips
and palms of your hands slightly with
olive'oil^and rub the, soles of the feet,
and the calves of the'icgs, not down, In'
the old fashioned way, but up toward
the knees.   The heat ivlaxes the tight-,
ened muscles, and the oll.softens and
feeds thein. • This affords blessed relief to young'or old.   It Is a great mistake to allow auy one to" put bis or, her
feet on a hot „water bag. - It makes
them tender.    But tf the1 room Is cold
put the hot hag in the bed to warm it
before a person gets in.   -It should be
removed  when   ready,to settle down
for'the night."   T     "   ' '
Cause ,for  Gratitude.
Punch ha-; a piquant cartoon representing   a  distinguished.looking man
greeting his wife on retaining from a
journey  with  the.se remarks :—,
"Oh. and I say, Lmira, before P
loft town, Mrs. Hugh Wilson guy-j
I me three enormous pears for you f
ate one in'tho nam, 6at on another,
and ■ gaye the third away. Don't
forgot to .write-and thank ,hei I",
'' ',      — , i   i
Impurities  of the    Blood    Counter-
acted.—Irnpurities in the blood conn*
from defects in ,thc- action of the liver.
• h??,a5e, '°7(;a*"'--,hy Pimples and un'-'..
s-ightly   blotches  on   the*, skin.     Thev '
must, be treated inwardlv. and for this
purpose there  is no    more  'effective ■
compound to be used tlian'Parmelee'-s
Vegetable Pills.' Thiiy act directly on „'
the hyer and   by setting, up healthv '
procesi-es'havc!, a beneficial effect upon
the  blood,    so  that    impurities-  aie
eliminated. <i
l>    H
i i
J             r. f
Jf >
,    1
"How's your new kid?"
' If ypur little ones are subject to
i-*-lrc, < indigestion, constipation
worms, simple fevers, 'or the- other
across the corner, giving, a curve In- Itt^mTS^O^TS^'^
stead.of tl.e_r.ti.er unsightly angle, or, \ZT e&y ^ Jo^wLf^
in this corner there..may be room for a pear. But better still, an occasional
tnboret.xor cards or,for tho tAi«-nhr-n,-   dose of Tablets given to well children
will keep these troubles away.   -Mrs.
tnbore'tifor cards or,for the telephone
or both."   '     .   i
Sold  by, all -Druggists,'^
I.ike  Hall's  Family   Pills
for con-
■ Hi- lawyer" told Mike Dolan, his
s|u"Jit, that he had. a good fighting
e -" Mike mused a" minute nnd then
f"iild do any good to send his Honor
J "'iiple o',ducks?" "No, no!" rc-
flK-d   the lawyer ;   "I know him  too
1 " i* you did that he would decide
»>'   case  against you,  sure  as-fate."
'>-■> days afle-rwards' the case was
B°'"d, and Mike won it out and out.
|" he called on Jiis lawyer, nnd in
9i<- i ourse  of settling up  affairs    re-
i.'11.1.(1, ."'\vu'|)   yOU   B0(>j   gjrj   it  wns
P-\ as  well  I sent his  Honor  flmse
pu.s "What!"    exclaimed     the
F-K'Ni'-MPd counsel ; "vou sent ' the
|!" n after what I said?" "Yes, 1
?'" rnpliwl Mike; "onlv. after
*>< ■* via, told me, 1 thought it just
■-Hi to send them from the mini
I" 'h« other _ side."—Dundee Ad-
I' Hi-it r.
ave One
No sense in running from one
(uoctor to another.   Select the
. Sir Robert Romer as a Poet.
Although noted more for-his legal
erudition -than his wit,' Sirr Robert
Romer,-the late* Lord Justice of Appeal, who recently celobrated his 63th
birthday, possesses the. knack of happy retort.' Some few- years ' ago tliere
appeared in one -if the legal journals
some lines addressed to "Miss
Cquity," in 'which the writer, vhile
.'idmiri.ng -her beauty, described her
principles ns weak. "The Reply of
Miss Equity," written by Sir Robert
Romer,  was as  follows: =   sf
.My beauteous  features yon extol,
'Bccausfe I plainly'show them;    *- ;
My principles appear but weak, '
Because you do not know them.
Like the Lord Chief Justice, Sir
Robert Romer has always believed in
working his muscles as well us' his
brains. "The- harder, T worked at
sports the better I. could work^at
mathematics," he once said. Rowing
and cricket were the pastimes in
which ho excelled at Cambridge, and
in later years he Jias always made a
special point of walking at least eight
miles every day. *
The Stage Censor.
"He   has   exercised    his   important
powers   unobtrusively   and   with  con- I
sidcrablc tact."    That is the opinion I
generally of .the  theatrical profession
concerning Mr. G. A. Rcdford, who«e
oflici'il position as Examiner of Plays
is   threatened    by   Mr.   Robert   Har-
court's bill, recently presented in the
House   of Commons.     It  is  with   tho
oHice,   and   not  tho    man,   that   the
stage  is  so  wroth—so wroth,   indeed,
that Mr. Redford has been called the
"devil's   disciple.""  Mr.   lied lord was
formerly  a   bank   manager,  and  does
not   court   popularity.     His  pet aversion is the photographer, nnd he also
dislikes four-wheelers, since one overturned   and    nearly    killed   his   wife, j
Her escape was little short of a mira
. i
Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia."
Logical   Deduction.
"Say.   paw,"   queried  small   Tomm*j
Toddles, "is a man -who loves books s
bookworm V"
,"IIe is frequently so called, Tommy.''
replied Toddles senior.
."Then,"  continued  Tommy,  "I  suppose a woman \vlio loves silks is a silk-
wdrny isn't she?"—Chicago News.
such  a roar,
i  drawing  of   the
Men .Wouldn't   Bother  Her.
' "I did mean to go to the ball," said
Miss Hoamley,  "but 1 ..can't secure a
"Why.   it isn't 'a   masked   ball,'.'  refilled Miss Cutting.    "So of course if
you don't wear a mask you won't ueed
a  chaperon."—Catholic  Standard   and
Than a Cold
. i
Sometimes it becomes chronic and
returns "again and again, wearing
out   its   victim.
At" other times it develops rapidly
into pneumonia—cure is found in
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
ed, but Mhen theic is soreness or
tightness in tho chcbt and a diy hard
cough you can look for bronchitis,
which is often confused with an
oidiiiiiry   cold.
It is usually known by aching limbs
and body pains, chilly feelings,
weaiine.ss and weakness, pain in the
chest and a tight, tcanng cough.
Fever, dry skin, thirst, coah'd tongue
nnd   constipation    aie    other    symp-
     . ..       tonis.
ele.   for   the   vehicle  was   laden  with       Dr.   Chase's  Syrup  of  Linseed  and
which    might   have   Turpentine  seems   almost like  a spe
Any  cold  is  serious   enough    when ,      \llnUier lias to d-ai  witn tne Wick-
its dreadful possibilities are consider-; e(, Qro„.   Wl10 p„|ied  up the corn, of
f\A        l\t if     -ii liiifi     frinin     iu     cni'ittn.cc        nr      »•        t    *?         t     „r     t. .     _ll     it..      _ii	
"His-lady wore"?Lp'urp!e,gowni,
"But when Jn^-Lpf^lfhipjjW'ent away.
"Her^ladysliip worst1.a gow,nsof gray.'*
- Tlie1-verse'i<( S'lr-nounte'd bv a drawing  of   the. Pspfliu hijnt 'Buildings * at
QH-iwa,   with   the .King's ° crown,, 'beneath. .       '   ;       ,".,. ,     .   ,"     ,'
"now Hip rain nburs,   - L <
/'And the lighinins* .flash !•- , l
"How the -wind roars   _ t
"And' th" thune'irs crash !
"But myi little b by is*safe as can bs.,
"Cuddliue h°re-on  mother's knee."
j hat   i3  n   vers-3   which   appeals  to
cv»ry mother's heart.        j'
"Tommy "Temp'-r had-a  fall,    ,
"He   bumped   his   brow   and   gave
"As  soon's  his head  had  strucfc tht
'-"'    floor,
"Niagara never   —^ "
-   On   the  p-g<*
historic Falls of . ,-,.......
."Up Uie hill vi h-uil the sleigh,
"Down   ihe  hill  wo  go with  a dash;
"Tf we don't stoer «trr.ight the whole
'of the way,
"I rruess you'M cee •> h:l of a smash."
Nfany of th<- ki'.'di -s' bigger brothers
^and sisters can r-v testimony to the
truth  of' t>>e  verse  frori'i their  experience on High Park and other hills..
A little  bit ot n ifure study is contained  in  the  following:
**A mouse and a wood chuck went out
to walk. i,
"And they met a porcupine,
"The woodchuck said 'Good Day,J
"The little mouse said 'Go  way,'
"You're   so  rough   that  I  don't like
your talk,
"Although   you   mav ' think   vou   are
Another verse will  appeal  to every
lover of  Canada's national game. -
"Hi ! Hi ! Hi'
"When vou play lacrossa
"Hi : Hi I Hi'
"Always  p-ive the  toss
"To one who i.s your friend,
"Or soon the came will end,
"Mi' Hi I Hi 1
"To your loss."
Another hns to <W1  with the Wick
, '   '  "      Cvera. Box Cushions.  '
One'of the curious things about the
renting of a box at the Metropolitan
Opera House is that if,yoii do so you
have to,supply,your own cushions for
,the chairs In It. All of,the > boxes, ex-'
cept a few in the parterre row, are
furnished with one style'of chair which
'has'a closely woven cine ,seat~and
back and.which, like the frame and
legs. Is heayily gilded. Long ago women occupying the boxes 'ma,de • the
discovery that, after sitting on one ofv
-;those 'chairs through, a performance"
the' pattern of the cane weaving was
Imprinted on,the stuff of "their-frocks,
and so some one ;conceived the Idea
of'having cushions made to'use .oh the'
night that the box was theirs/ This
custom has grown  to-, be almost ,imi-,
j versa 1, -and the cushions are eared for-
by the attendants and are put ln place
.before the doors are opened,' just as
the name, plates are slid into the
frames on'the doors  of  the-boxes.—
'New York Press- . "
Dont you find that a "baby brightens   up  a  household  wonderfullv?"i
■ "Yes«'    indeed.     We   have   to 'have
the gas going most of ,the night now."
-Cleveland Leader,
'V    .1,',
',    I-']S,
'   -c"
'    I**,
"p **
-     ,.-'
I'" -'
'  i   1-
i, !f. '
. -   '.A
rj          „~ji
: li«
1   .
' %, ■
'   L
c    ■"'   ;.
1 r
i i\)
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[- '£$
' ''¥i   ,
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- '-  i
in .      s,       «       """""'•0    ixnaj .       Jills,
-VHan A. MacDonald, Island River, N,
hi, says,: "My baby suffered greatly
from constipation and stomach' trouble and Baby's, Own Tablets cured
him. I always keep the Tablets in
the home 'now." Sold, by, medicine
dealers or by mail at 23 cents a box
from Tlie Dr' Williams* Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Belle—Dick says • I grow . prcllier
every time he sees me. ', ■"'   s
Estelle—You should get him'to call
more often.—Illustrated Bits.
Many patent medicines have come
and« gone, but Bickle's ' Anti-Consumptive" _ Syrup continues to occupy
a. foremost place among remedies for
coughs and colds, arid as a preventive
of decay'of-the lungs. It is a standard medicine that' -widens' its sphere
of. usefulnessj year by year. If you'
are in need of .something 'to rid vour-
self of'a cough or cold, you cannot
do better than  try Bickle's Syrup.
"4-1   ' i  '      - Repeat
it:—"Shiloh's Cure will always '
cure   my   coughs   and   colds" •
— :  'f„    ^
■ ,; ■ '
A   six-year-old   .was "seated     in    ..f '
barber's     cha ,■: . "Well,   „my   -,itll"
.nan.s how would you like your 'hair
'■J-01,1, ,JU,St Ilk0 papa'3 : wi<h a little.
Klci'n0.16 ' Et    ^V ^"-Scottish
,,", -,, /•   ■ i<Sfe;
t   (\     >•*%
v  - JW.; ,i'M
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
,. ' &        . ■ - '
"Tliat pretty giil1 ^ants a place in
the office.    Can t --e give he*,- a job?''
..What can she do-"
, '"-Veil, she earned a piize iii" botam .
inT ^°..cai.1 nlake flne welsh'rabbit,
and Battenuerg lace."'-;- Cleveland'
■Leader. ". . <
i\'       y     „-."£jii«
, ;. ">,   ■■'iV'-PSi
-,'," -.   i {*- 'M
AV!'"."-' -,,^»|
t\ *■   ,   ,., I, ',    it-'Aiitf
Fallen Shattered idol. -��"
There Is something pathetic in the
decadence of the red Indian. .The heroes of our boyhood's days—the scalp
hunting, panther-like, pathflnding, relentless-"-"braves" of Fenlmore Cooper
—are now very tame dwellers in compounds. They have even descended to
the use of soap.      '   '
That is'the last straw.   The American  Indian  office  has  received  a   request from some of the reserves for
200 tons of soap and GO.000 yards of
toweling  for  the  red   Iudlans.     Dang
goes the red paint in one fell swoop!
Only one more rung-on  the  ladder
can  follow.    That   is  a  demand   for
hairbrushes.      The   last   of   the   Mohicans "died on tho hill."   Happily for
his peace of mind,  he never lived to
see his  race using soa-v-London  JI.
A. P.
heavy     lupgnco.
fallen throutrli and crushed her ns
she lav helpless and imprisoned at
the bottom of the cab.
cific   for   bionchitis   because   it  is  so
successful in loosening up tiie cough,
aiding  expcctoiation   and   preventing
tho  inflammation   fiom   leachin
.-- ..- uiiuiHci.    ccicti iiic fi     ftn ounr.a of sharr  ior nvn  nours ami
"est one, then stand by him.j j fifty minutes without, letting i,is pip,*
Uo not.delay, but consult himl   e° °lli-   Fo,i-r l,lin,.rn,i n^n, competed
in   fir-,..     1'l «-o*is.uu Jiiiii.e     "   , !t„-c,-ty-fivo prr/.cs' wi;re pn-sent-Ml
»n tinie when. you. are .sick.I   D"Vessrsjr. and J. Hill. Limited
his trial, and of how all the otheT
birds gave evidei-c** nguinst him by
re:',son~of his predatory habits.
Anothtir is to the ihymc of "Lond
Bridge is falling down."
"I'm coinrr lo so..' Toronto Fair,
"Toronto Fair, Toronto Fair.
"I'm  coinc to sne Toronto  Pair,
"Si.id "little_ Johnnie  Jumper."
The other verses toll of the marvels
he saw there.
■ At the end are hah" a dozen pretty
Indian   sfori"!   in   riro-=e.
"Tt isn't poetry." said Mr. Pnvle
"atvl it isn't sunnosed to be " Bui
it is an e-ccfll.-nl Inok nf verse, neatly gotten n> thit will bring joy to
more than  children.
"The physician attending me prescribed, on my.
rallying from an attack of
rheumatism, your Scott's
Emulsion, which  I have
been taking every winter
since.   I find it most valuable in strengthening and
building  up one after a
severe illness. . I have not
had rheumatism since lhe
time mentioned above and
I owe it to your most valuable Emulsion.   It is my
life now, and  makes me
strong arid healthy."—R.
PICARD,   Grand   Ligne,
For two hundred years before Scott's Emulsion came
Cod Liver Oil was used for
use it or
, .,--. when, you are sick
*sk his opinion of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for coughs
a"d   colds.   Then   ,
L^Just as he says.
Wo pub)t»ti our rorxDUlo*
-      W«Tb«Ttlah •laal-JsO! I
1 from our uodioiiMM J
W* urlfeT you tc f
«onault your
  ' elrxjto-r,
KinseS krCep R box of Ayer's Pills in the
Hien ».-iiUst <,ne P'11»»■M-dtime- now and
ril-ou^":*?^. off many   .n uttack  of
Itrlow ,n,        ' md,8cstion, sick headache.
!'«<- DiiuV0*1"8, h"-V>w doctor known
--ii»r s        Ask him sI* about ibem.
40 b* ■*•. '■ O' ■**#!■ Co., Lgw,U. Kau —
Hindus  Sue   Officials.
return  again  and.'again  whenever
slight 'cold.-is taken until.it wears out
even  the -most vigorous  system.
Dr.. Chase's .Syrup, of Linseed and
.Turpentine', is so prompt in affording
relief and so .thorough and far-reaching in! action that it succeeds when
ordinary cough medicines have no
Mr. Jamrts F. Thompson, ,'Yonge
Mills, Leeds. "Co.,"'Ont., writes: "Last
winter inv bovs were o> bad with colds
" ey
squent-iy me ^'^^CikVdt   were  tried "to no avail    until  I  was I
P^.a^^f^Ar^Sfl-ht'told    about    Dr.    Chase's    Syrup 'of
l.llliuws.        — .     —   - - -      .,
Jiahari Singh and ten other Hindus
of Vancouver are seeking to recover
$20 (XM)■'damages from Dr. Munro. immigration inspector, for alleged wrongful detention at the C.P.R. wl.arf last
March.       Coming  from  liji  Islands
March. (.omnia ""*•- •*■*..* *<?*-»* '-**.• i winter mv bovs were o.> ban witn coicit
the' Hindus wore detained for d.epor-j ori the'chest "or'bronchitis that they
tation  under the order in rouncil   as . e      he-(1  all   ni„ht   aIul/ C0l,]d  got nc
S!l^^.^X^hr3e^^n^r^ ' ""Mf ?Io«P.   Several cough remedies
SutoMueVit.ly"the ordcr-in-council was
disallowed by tho^courls. it being de-
-rnor-General-in-   l°lU
ruor-ueeie*! ae-iii-    - ,--       --       —.--        --. .-«   -,*...
to delegate this   Dmsecd    and    Turpentine    and  this
clared   that "the  Gove
council had ™ W™^ ££%£g£ h-c'atinent "soon cured; them." 25 cts."j
authority to_a ™™stCT', sna "" am ;.ft. 1)ott]f,j ni nll r]eftlers, or Edmiinsoh..'
du*'were.hberat«. .,   .     n Toronto.
Ph-iroah HnH Ha-d Heart.
The Plisiroah whose heart was hardened against tli« clul 'ren of Lsr.-if-l
so. .that he, ..wonId, not let them go
was otherwise known as Monenhtah
Some timp r.^ft was described the dis
covery of his mum.ruy in the-tomb of
Amerihoten ■ TT ,; .-■        .,'■-.  .  -■;'.
Canadian; Beggar Abroad.    ..
"Frederick Arclidale de Smith," th«
man .who,- poisiiig 'lis';-'a  paralytic  in
London,  Eng., earne.d enough  money
to maintain  a.villa ji.at, Norwood,  has
an 'imitator■ in   Justin   Alexander,   a
Canadian,  aged 2-1, who .was sentenced to 21 days' hard labor for begging
a few days ago.   Taking his stand in
the glitter in New Bridge street;" Alexander begged from the , passers-by under the pretence  of selling .matches.
His   right- coat   sleeve   was   hanging
empty.    He  had  lost his right hand
but * had   a   wclodeu  one,   which' was
covered with ;&. glove.    He preferred,
he said, to have the sleeve of the coat
empty to excite pity.
All on the Thames Above Staines Ara
Owned by Edward VII.
For firing a gun at one of King Edward's swans ou the river Thames recently finlph Dickinson, an undiscrim-
iriatmg sportsman, was fined SHO by
the Fclthaui magistrates. It can be
seen that trifling with the king's cygnets is still a serious offense in England, though it is not, 'as in the reign
of Charles IL, 'a crime punishable by
American visitors to' England who
have gone into ecstasies over the thousands of swans that are such a feature
of the Thames may not know that
every bird on the river belongs either
to King Edward or the Vintners company, one of those extraordinary institutions in the city of .London which
exist for the purposes of banqueting.
- _ George I. gave the Vintners the privilege of keeping swans on the river,
and they own' all the birds below
Staines, while the king owns those at
Windsor and the upper reaches of the
river. '
There is constant friction between
the king's servants aud the Vintners
because the birds of both parties will
persist in intermarrying.,
The Vintners have a great annual
function knowu as the "nicking of the
swans," when, to the accompaniment
of the consumption of much fine port
and sherry, the members of the company go on the Thames and watch
their officials catch each swan and
mark its wing so as to distinguish it
from King F.dward's birds.
King Edward has a gorgeous functionary known ns "the keeper of tlio
king's swans," who has a distinctive/
uniform attached to his office, which-
Is described In "now to Dress at
Court," the volume recently published
by the command of King Edward.
One of the principal duties of the
royal swnnkeeper is to slay two young
cygnets Nov. 1 and take them in state
to wherever the king Is staying. When
(he birds are cooked the swankeeper
accompanies the dish to the royal table.—Now York World.
An old iilasterer is called upon to
give t evidence .. for the' .plaintiff.
Counsel • lor the defendant tries to
bully him. >• , ,\      '      '
."Have you  ever  been  in'prison?"
"Yes, twice.",
''Ah! how long the first lime?" '    ■
"One whole afternoon."
"What! And  tho second time?"
"Only one hour.'-'
""And,  pray,   what offence' had you
ommitted   to   deserve   so    small   'a
punishment':' ,  -
"I   was  sent   lo   prison    to   white-
ash a 'cell to accommodate a lawver
who had cheated one of his clients."
London Opinion.
^P^For the WEST.
, BEST for the most Critical
Buyer. BEST for the Economist. The quality of your
seed contributes everything
to j-our success. Insist on
McKenzie's Seeds, grown
for  the  West.    Address
o/-       HAr
WRITE    >i£AIrGAm
1       T
J' l"'"., .-J
- it 'tp*S
Up <--■*,¥
■ *•-)
... »IM ,
V    '
i ■?■»*•;*•
,      '.*
•fiii.,. is,
': Mffl
-,-   Ji
- Is
■ hi'
.    V
1 J
5* J,
' ' %\
1 \
"    '>tt
c, ,
. <   ,
-   1    -?i
'.. v*
.?, ^-,1
1*   '"',
I       ' ^' 1
(l '
'!> ~<?A
i   " .*
j  '.'->-
J'    v.J
Vi 1
World Produces
Gold only in sealed
lead   packets
At   all   Grocers
SEND    US   YOUF-i*
is modernized ' Cod Liver.
Gil; tlie purest and best oil
partly . predigested, •. made
palatable and suitable for the
most delicate child or invalid,
It enriches the blood, tones
■up the entire system, land
drives out rheumatism.
Lot us ^nnil yon a copy ot Mr. Plc.irtt'a
lult-cr ni..l oeii.'r litei-nturp ci the. sub-
jnct. A i>.wt Curd, meutioniiJB thia oap„r;
UnliiliciL-ut... .'■■-".
12G Watlinaton Si., W. Tot-onto
.   WE   PAY   UP   tO   $8.
We are-specialists in Northwest*
When tho Earth Quake3.
Some idea of the' stupendous power
J of Uie'.|subten-aneaa forces .exerted-by '
earthquakes is" shown by the changes
effected by them in geography.. Moun-      ,Va 0- -..-,•.    -     x.     ,
! tains have been obliterated or new ones R "* ,^ *CKl^M-1? ^°^'^rti
formed, islands have been made or de- I IWo^ SifwSf^'l T™
stroyed, and whole stretches of coast j Etc.^Sond ^o^ri«' Hs?'1, nd ^hlf^
hue .wiped out.    For instance, InSep- M  >    pFlPl7PPl   „   Ao    P
tembcryrrM   on  the lofty   tableland ■ ^ ZJ^^tk,^
about lyO miles, southwest of die City '    K-
of Mexico, a piece of laud four1 square
mile's; in area was suddenly raised 550
feet, and numerous cones .appeared,
one pf them., .tlie volcano of Jorullo,
being nearly 1,700 feet high. Java in
1772 suffered In tho opposite way, for a
tract,"of country fifteen miles long by ,
six: miles' broad was swallowed up entirely, a mountain of 0,000 feet being j
I educed    to   S,'.f,()    re..i    only   iu   the '
process. ,   ' '
"J*; of all Gasoline .Engine ttonMej
aome from poor  Ignition.
"*"-      "VIM   MAGNETO"     dnn
away with Unttcriej anil can;
I he used on any  Engine.     It ;
alwaysi;ivesa((ciod liotS|-,arlr
l"ully Guaranteed — Agent.
R. Williams Michlnery Co. Limited, X°ronto
Sri..* •
W.    N.    U.
Jo.    731.
..*-. -s—w^^Rtsisn. i TT.TF/LEADEE, MOYIE,. BRITISH COLTTTMBIA'.  ��.**��>.��.....,����� .uofrwa^ **A*  , *, ' -f .  .. ���   1  -f3- -*'1*- * - '.a  ,. '7.    . *.      j- li,  : .1   11   ,     h  \f   , ���i''-\    *  ' *i ..V.*-,���">   ^  ���'���Xjlo-'f  '      ��  flffl I Offi IM. I y4/Wi 0/ GJb-sfe  , it?  *  V-'i  1 1> <���* ,5 -  J". J    ' <  '      '''"bf-r  - (".ir1  ,  diciitd in tbe niu-iifi oi ih�� pe-tiii..*!  of Muyie *uu hatl Ki-nteiiiiy. [  F. J. SMYTH. Pi-m.i.-nni.  <�� -j  ���1 's  <5<- '���V-Vi *<������ ����� -  '".''"    -tr-tts:-^'"-/.  j'I .�����/ 'jl i^i   J-,   *,  *.  /**     *',      "f .-, v  ���J.J.J   Alt   *���?".-*  ���t'sC'-.Hrf'.'rt:.,*.;' j,  f. ja'S-, j-V'Kr *s;;J,'c    '  �� *"i'1 -*���"' l" -  ' -'V-l'rti"--,,   ,-.%/l -r  -, -vJi'-.f't' M: �� ,,  ,    J'      'r",     ���     I* ii '  i>,       ri     '  ,1i3.'* Si,���*.,';'*>' rfv7 ,-  vi- .'C .iii ...r.'ii  <f~*eTo*fl-^nr��BrL>  ���-      -x,'-f���~P  ' . 11.1",,   .ir    sUU(-|iii. riON  ie  Year.::. .... **  ��?.'00  rUU..DAY-,MARJtf, 13 If03.  Mjij-iy people are afraid of ghobt*,.' Few people  ��.-*��. al.aid of germ*. Yet the ghost is a fancy und  the germ is ,�� .'_ A If (J��� .'ertn could be magnified  tc 1 size eaual to us tenors, it would appear more  te.-iiblc teian un* iirc-bienthinjj eirajion. Germs  c-'i'l be avoided. They are in the air we breathe,  tl'e water we drink.  The- gsrm cun only prosper when t"��fe --condirion  of the  system "gives it free  icope to establish   it-  tjii ami develop.    When   thure is a deliciency of  vital force, languor,  restlessness,  a sallow- cl-eek,  a hollow  eye, when the appetite is poor and the  sleep is broken, it is time- to guard   against the germ. " You can  fortify the body ngainstall germsiby the use of Dr. Pierce's Cold-  en Medical Dise-overv,    ft-^'n creases the \ital power, cleanses the ^  65 stem of clo^4in��;vicr!��mni!it'si,,,exu7J-lies (he blood, puts the stoni- @&,  ncli and organs- oft digestion'and jrwtritioi�� in working condition^ >-o  t'lEt the germ finds no,,wfc'nk orrtainted sppf in which to   breed.  " Golden , Medical   Drsce|very."conrains - .70-alcohol, whisky or  habit-forming drugs." , All it? ingredients  printed   on   its   outsiVe  wrapper.     It is not a secret   nostrjnn but a medicine or knovn*  comtositiov a'td Avith a record 'of1- 40 ^ears of cures.    Accept no    �����*����'���?  Mibstitule���there is nothing "just as good."   Ask your neighbors.  1. O. 0. F.  Nleeth Tui-s-day eveninc--" in Mi-Gresnr  null   ou    Victoria   street     ir-'eijouiniii^  odd Fellowh ciirdimllv invited.  OiAs. J. Whit*        . V. .1- S��vtii.  Noble- l-latld. .-se-e-l'y  hi.  l.ut-.ne J.eulSM^N"*, 3".  K. of P.  lIel���t^ iv-r.1 ThnrMlny  (veiling in iMcGri'f.oi  hull at ,8 i M. ek. Yi--  iiing biollu J" invited.  S11D3  Mining Shoes  Made to Order  Repairing THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  J       ,  . ^TAnUsilEli  ie,).  Paid-up Capital, ��10,000,000-  ^Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000,  B.'E.  Taylok,  Chancellor Com.  ���E. A. Hill  K.Jt.am1 S,  Moyie "Miners1   Union  No.7l   W, F. of M. ,  Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday evening. Sojourning members  are cordially invited to attend. l  Malcolm0McNeiIl    Thos. JS. Kelly  President.       '   '        '     Secretary  :nMM^i 4 ?l  "'s'-36 the z���d s-y,x tric'  ISt.fs'Vi! **'     ' And see i hn sunk--; ��Rftiu  i;��affe Mi,  j positively   refu-sed a  position  in  Doo Goodeve'-i   niennget-i*-,  uuIcfs  ti'^V&ffiizrS' - : ,T'"     , MiP ehair was upholstered and  re-  lM%lM,iy&'Wl. '   r-iere is another building  boom f;a,haijntg  1   r'1?SW'   61*1.1-"      -. "'��?.*      '  W&m&W^      ^bt for Moyie.  an   oarjjle?  cn'mm.iico January,   April   and 'Sept  Pupils are admitted eluriuc term.  Harvey,   , McOairter  &  i 1 V       '  Macdonald.  Barristers., Solicitors, Notarips, Etc.  Cranbrook. ���  B. C.  liKAi) orricc. touonto  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEXAITDEB IA18*0, General JaTanajer  ���trSpi11"-^-'  s.-s 'W'  '-vsS.  ..���>��� v -J'-VI  Branches thWugfiout Canada," and In the United-States and England1  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $] and upwards are received and interest allowed -i  rates.'   Accounts   may be opencU^inithc names of tw'o-o  , more  persons and withdrawals, ,made by' any  s   '   , ' , onts of ^bem.or, by_ the' survivor,-';  at current  (  ,     SHOKMAKlIlt,  ArOYJE, a  li.   c.  STOJJ XT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  were fervid  every 20  .uiiinites.    Peek bus become a non-  FE.ESH     AND,    CUJ&ED  p odii'-ei-" even   in, wir.   The   0 d  PJek is (li*.id.    Viiay  J?or  the sour  oE  .IVck-   il.icSiv.iin.*"'"'.'There   i  nothing lef i but die shell.,  W^A^M^b   :,-ie.ionirirch'23      It's  at.do  starts  for j  3 I  Tlie Seattle-Fair;  hns   accuited a  his  ���'ISiHfcS^fvf ,The <h<ead ��mce of'fche -E,ist  Ift^W^  ,-ootenayJL.umber  Company   has  I'^l&l'   iBii moved   fiom- Cranbrook   to  fe:te\>ff-'ay- *     .       ;.  BWll.Sfipi      /       I a , I I  rS^'v^!   -About this'season of the .year  Sl"i5j"*.''y   ���'r*   **  ��Wll^;' J* old?ken-*sleeps  on' bbr'Pei'cb,f thing in ^ace.  "       "     "  .--...       "to  I, t The  Alaska-Yhkon-Paeifie   E*��:  -*.   ,       j-prisicion opens   on  June   1-t,   and  oposifcion  for a   (.loses  October "lOch.     'AW road =.  not  be'e'n l-ire   raakiug o cxcepfc^on^lly,,  low  roimd    ti-ip irates, an i   granting,  itop    over, , privileges   heretofore  ,unheard of.   .Under the privileges  QiTered it will be p>ssible ft7f. the  Exposition-bound.  tourisfc'd tq-see  every sjeniq wonJer,that-He3  be  i i .1  bween.fche JMiisissippi and Seattle.  Oil March l��t the Exposition wa��  iiiuty-fivei per ,'cent cumplete, so  tlmtuo oni(S#ioii remains," if ev.er  r.)'ie';e wis one that-the big fair  Will be,opened." on'the first day  aniiounce'd,   June  1, .with  every'  Meats*  i  11  -    ��� i j  ���utteF  W. F. GTJRD,  BAIIKISTKK, SOtlCITOK, ETC.  .CRANBROOK.  B. C  HoTBIj. ,,  '   ' ���W-HEN'IN  1 ' (  '        CRANBROOK  CRANBROOK'BRANCH.  32*1'  , R. T. BRrMHEB,JHGR.  E. Tl. SMALL,' Mauaccr.1  AXD  ���.i'\c DziiiaTPxs'i?.  pranbfodk,;.       ���   B, ,G."  Good rooms, food tables and bar^  and   tirst olasssamplo rooms.  Oil  p.  amp is pestered.  iners laud' others jumping  aviug   large  had  the  ago. r  JeSft'  |,' '^. ��J'4,ili&>'-*  ��     -'tei  :|^!/.l^'lV'- *i j  IHV*4f>.''(.'  t worJc- on  tufcion   and  cpaney of  more  iaan $20,000  &A��  . Rev. RjLt Ilugbes is giving the  inneis of Cranbrook some "Billy'1  The last  one  V^v'f,   ,'iiuday    &orinonsi  mfy\  /as entitled   "Oranbrook's   Twin  i  ,*     ,'iockers���The lied Light and the  7s{.>.....-! .���>_-*Hjr '."?-  .lmosta reached the limit in.IVioyie.  ltJ#E rf/iif-* l A-,  l-V';^'.1^-^.  'J  . I>,/,  V-,i tv",',  -*? .^  ,-" .  1.1  li. - --J.-I  t '-? .  .'-   1 l    i'1  luvelstoke- Herald: . Vancouver  j]"j ( ,'aeii are distilling turpentine  'rom pitch wood with, large  hrofits. Rumor istatoi that n  'Vood alcohol distillery is, being  ilanned for Itevelstoke. . Just  '.biuk of it! A man.will soon hi*  J^ble to get drunk .with his fence  .'post or a broken c'nir leg!  4  '������   .!���'   Appeal   to   l{->ason:    Pie&iJeut-  ?lect Taft was banqueted at   New  iS, Jileaua on his   visit  there a  few  iys ago on his leturn fiomJVn.  ki,   Tiie dinner was given as  a  fular    tiibute    to   the dibtin  f^uiohed   guest.        One   tliou-and  L' .< f)\  Money 0 in Mining. .' '  ���       jj t-  '  p The big,skyscraper* building, at:  the corner of  Riverside ��� and  Ste-  ,i   '      ' -f' <  vens   st,    Bp^kaue,' now  almost  completed,1 is -perhaps  the  most  conspicuous    example,   of     easy  money . made, in , mining- in  the  Northwest.    The   owner, Auguat  .,-,,. .       .,      Paulson, who only a few years ago  iclc<l -   bankers      in     the , ,_.  ,.        , ,     . .  ( was ' a. wocking   man,  made  his  ^lvania    penitentiary  were( m^ne7 illrihe Hercules   mine, .in  northorn    Idaho, s iri . which   Ed.  Boyce, the labor leader was also a  a partner. ���     The   contract   pri e.  ,for the building was ����00,000 anil  it is stated that iii-.  Paulson  wa-  recently offered $1,000,000 for th.  property as it stands.    Id will  be*  remembered that Harry  Orchard  the famous prevaricator,  sold  his  interest iu tbe Hercules for   $300.  and it was,,alleged that in revenge  for being forced to-sell and   leavt-  che state that he  murdered   Governor    Scuncnbci'g.���Kaslo    Koo  renainn. . '  BURNS"fr CD  ��� *    - .'   v  " Limited< -���,'  T. T McVitlle.C.E.,     , P U. S.' Tl. Y. Parker, C  ^cVITTIdB, &r: PARKER  i  ProvincixVL'Lvvxd, Surviving   *"  HAIL WAY  &��� MINING . ENC1X����!II\G  Estimates Furnished.    ,-;  , - ' '1 is  .*-      ���       '      .",       e        *���*..'  OFFICES'       .   ���     <\  >j Pdrt'Sfceele P.'0.*-Box.'25.    .' '    '" '   '1      ' f 4 '    sj"    '    '  Cranbrook P. O. Box 31.  iGeorge H ,Tlibrjipson-  I. j '    t.f    -.       .  f"    '       " BaURISTKR, 60LICITOU  I . ; ii  [  ' tary PusLie-, etc.      '���  v .  1    '- ,    i. ",..,.' ^.'1- .  ' .,   ' -i' __  'CR-AJN'BROOK:. ---' "British Columbia  'i   .,   *>   ��� -    ,;. .    " -     l   ,  W, R. BE ATT Y' n ". '  "Ot A,T      J      1 > f       ' -���      '  " .Embalmerand Under'.:*lser,T  Wm. Jewell,  ; Express and. Geneij.- -' -  ^ al    Delivery���" Busi-r^  L  ness.., Liyery ,and ,  A Feed Stable; ' ' -', ''   ,  wood Mi)'Vcb��L  **. i     . *  ..'��*, u' i  .   '    iFor,'Sals*7';1" j, '  Phone 9'  CRANBROOK  ���THJrJl-  >t  *U It pays.   Concct rjress is the magic  key that unlocks every door. ���  ^ You can fly as high here in quality  I a3 you want.  i^ Our,thirty-five dollar suits are better than the most custom-finical taste is  used to.  I  ^J You   can   fly as  low as it's   safe.  .. . . i ! Our twelve  dollar  suits are worth a  -iiyentleraen  p.uci  twenty five   dc.l- ���' | flljj e:ghteen  . lars eaob for plaeec and   jjj&te.-   at  s '/���'  - 5- ��'' f  ���*   ni'c  >:  lt,he sumptuous boaid.     ?l-is   wu  ���all very fine for .Mr Taft and   i'oi  the  .people who  could   afford   to  jiny . .���twenty-five- dollars  -fur-   n  Iiiiiineiv  .But^.while thid  epicurean  banquet was going on thnie  wen  'millioUH.. in ,   the    country    who  ''could  not  pay twenty-five een  ', .br a mteiil * ������/ictuals. ��� ��� I  *5 High or low, we pledge dislinctiv-  j ncso of stylo and perfection of fit.  \  mi  ji  (On sale by- -      ���''.���'.-.-:    ���''.'.���  'A.  DESAVILXIEU     UKOS.    I'lipa.  Liir^e   sample   room   in   connection  witb house for commercinimen. Best  1 -1  of st'-commod-uion. *-r  '  ' i  Ili-adquirters   for   Commercial and Mining Men.  i _,  Qi'EEKS  AVENUE, '     MOYre,  Tl   0  Are YouThinking   , ���  of Buying,a Typewriter?  ,Leave Orders'at  Gwynne'tf Store  rv,*1 .  M��:RKEM<-^A!iL'  iCJ1'     ,.,  ?.'*  CNE- !-NIGHT. . ONliTi,  ,y'[: .:M^XM^0^0:fj\m.  5"  )*"      uy-J^ire'jj,   f   ,      rl      ���>   A  ji  (j-    ���*"���  ^���'j*  Moyie,  Btitish Go.utnbia  SE.YD YOUR   -VR.OBJCTO   THE  ( 3 "     ��� *" ^ J V  r:^>K0(3TENAY' :'  ^.STEAMg'^  ' ^ LAUNDRY.  ,       ''        '       s-o'-'<,\  f   *".   \'      -   "'        '-  ..v, *., 'L'it^'ELSOX*' -  _-     ^    -i*-_ ~ '�������������* <��� _     Vj. *i    i-  .'   AIL' W&ite- Labor.,  11?   SO     BUY   AN  "OLIVER"  $12.1   EASY  PAYMKNTS.  f7. J. Smyth,  Agent '     -       -        Moyie  .   If you want a "stylish,  up  ��� ��� - *-*   i *  to date tailor made 'suit, call  -���-'-. -,   . N   .    ,  and inspect. oui\spnng goods  before ordering elsewliej-e."  We'  guaratee  alb  Our Work.  i  Cleaning,      repairing,^ nd  pressing,done,      -      *  ���   '"  Prices Right.  ".-��     *"      s  G.lFfltJTE  i  jMet-chant Tailor.  MOYIE, B. C  / '  ' CK'at', ^'beqliaiiicn]' '"'an^l s/oldctncal ��� bf fec-s? ���  ''- .^ I' S        ' " J,     I     ,' 4 '      ',   I   >       >V- I ���-.,,' -I '  " i       i! >i -.   i* ?.^       ' *    j.   -���>  .,      f ' ,' i  "    <"���. -ii ��. iii i  t<   '"asrv -  ,*   i/QUnr4i.\74RiSKS;'-&30 8IIAItP1 _,    fD' '���  ���' .   ' Prices-'b" "V, ">'-''*y:l*.v".':>.' ^ *"''���$| CO   75 ���  1   . ;��� - 'r-u.i ;4$eais bn sale/ at AToyio,lifu^Sidrc..���    \  ,.^~ - - 'I ..-.' ~   . ��* li.  .'. . ,  <���      4f   Sj,   ' " i"   >"s  '.   r ' v��-  '    ,' >-'--..! -.'V.-. .v,  i .. "^If .        , .,  ,..!.' i   ,sT>>   .-I-*,   il , s-        .rtiC.J     .^l.    * ,  Laavewotk with tlje   local agent  A, B.' STEWART  0. F. DESAIJL3TIER'  DEAIEH   IN  *B|  1*1  u,i-*&<   ...  PROMPT ��� DELJ VERY.  9,ueens' A-^e.     MOYIE  Thos; Summers  Ciirtlr=,   Tobacco,   Fruit   and  Confectionery.  TOY*,   N07'IUN'S   I3TC.  South   Victoria   St.  3. C. Steam Laundry  CRANBROOK.  Give our-woik a  trial.and   leav^  [work  with  A. B. Stewart,     Agent,  M.OYIE, B. C.  i. - *       * ��� v" - -��� ,        ' ' 'I  Largo astai-(,mcnt of.GOrOarts 'and - Baby OarrifegesT;l  1 .        '     >   <���   .      i;        -'-  .' Pd-i ce s fro in - $p 'n p.... ''   ���,  1 Go-0j3enatiye  ' ...Stores  f��A9*^��^  !��aoe����*������*e����oe����^e��a-*^49e(MM9eeMM(MMtM  notice:    "  (���fun-brook; f.a.vd DisriucT, ihstrkii  OI-bOi;iIXEi:s- DlVIoIONKAST kootenay.  1A ICE notice that Hi nrv J". Cooper or Movie  H. (.'., Of-ciijiutluii, bliickMiiitli, Intunfls to npi'ilj  for )ietmi_Mc>.., to. purchase the fullowing clei-  ��;e-ribed lands:-   ,...-.���  Cooiincii'clnfr.at a post plncltCfl oil" tbo-north  banker the Utile,Mo-ic River, and the   Wesl  boundary of llift rj'. P. K. right of way':-  tht-rrce  west 10 elhaitls, iheiicr; north 60 chains,   tlieriee  asi ft>:chains, -more-or'less;1'to'. Moyie' Iliver,  hf.'uec EO'.itliw-nrd on west Un.uk of rf Verio' C: V  -;*��� ilKrit of way,   then .wesr.  boundary 'of said  iKhl of way to point'   of.-commo-ibcment,"-ci��u-  'iiiiiliiK 160 ae-resj more or. less.    ���.   iV "'     :   ': ,,'���  '���'������-    ���   IlKSttY"J.-COOPBIt. .'���'���'���������  lluted. Jan. 20th, TJOO. ���   '.���'.-���  BO   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  INTERNATIONAL  HOTEL.  This hotel is- now under new  management, and is Brat class  in every respect.  B. E.   TAYLOR, Mgr.  Victoria Street. MOYli*.  8  S  0YIE    HOTEL.  ' J?.r E-.JORNSTOJVr  ;  This Hotel ia New and well Furnished The t  laoles are Supplied with the Best the f  Market affords. The Bar is Filled with t  the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. I;  HEADQCARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL I  AND MINING MEN I  O    HOTIK - _ BRITISH COM WHM   j  Tk/ide Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  . A n j on o sen dtiiK a alia; r-b nnd fJencrlpllon tnor  iiMffitiy u9!T,rtu.livoEi\opinion frao whether an  liivontlfin.lK-;>^ii)*vbly prUBnlnhlc. Commnnlcfi-  Mons.etriuCllr'ifoiiflrlciitta). Hnnilbookon Patents  --Titlieo/Olrtost nuoiiej fnraeienirlnepiatontii.  .'alom�� tnlir.n MirouWi Munfii-A Co. roco.'s;  XM notice, without chiired, ln tho    '  BL'V  YOUR  To"b a,cco j��.  -cietttifjc: -jPlmeffcam.  A hnnrta'triMj* (UuatratRc! waeKly.    ijirH-cat clr  : rulutinri of ;nly ^eluiillAHviouriial.   Ti-rnis, 13 i:  rf-ir   Cnur :ncii>iil:uvi|i.' t>J d by.-ill nn"V��dealorr,  MUNN & Co^"-?^- New Yor*  FROM  A. B. Stewart & Co "Jt  Spring is Here  Now is the time f6r  every goojd citizen of  Moyie to think of  bjildfng and improvr-  ing their town.  ������'/"SEE '������: .������"'���'  THE Moyj'l3   (ONfRACTOU3 AK~D BITILPE"8  Estimates- cheerfully giver,K.,  9  9  9  I    V  .<��ss��wss!  ,*��fei*itiB!a&a;33*^*araaswi3Si^^    ' -l"���'���������'**��� li���i^l^iiage^r  ^ Assus^VS-.-.-sn.....


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