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The Moyie Leader Jun 29, 1901

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 FOE YOUR  SB&S--J-  r   *   ,t ,*>     ..   r  �����.   j. -y if' '.  V   T  OO  TO  TUB  gjtfYXE VHAMIAPY, Kootonuv Hot,.! Wd  1 -/os-ScWAicji, Prop.0 loarflug Driest  fas.  jtVOL. 4, NO. I|,  Blood   Oranges,   Pineapples, Bananas.  Fresh Strawberries. Cherries  and Per-'  s-an JJates at   ^ ^IE* B* '0.7JUNE ML  ,, ik_ 13-^1,   ^. lfiBMOJTff'SSfflPMBNTSi  ' And knockdown In prices .will commence  Monday, July ist, 1901.  FIRST ROUNJ).  CLOTHING-Fine tweed suits from $5.00 up to $20.00. '  SECOND ROUND.  , tJNDERVVEAR-Full suits from $1.20 to $0.50 pef suit.  ��� THIRD ROUND.  TOR SHUlTS-'Good flannel frcmi 50 ets to.$2.50.    ' ,   .  '-       '     ��� ' FOURTH ROUND.  |HATS-^Prom 25 ets to a No.L fur hat @ $1,75.  |. , FIFTH BOUND.',  jBOOT.3���Miners' digging shoes from $3.00   to  $125.    tfhvS   sUoes  '���  '   ,     from $2.50 tb $i.73.  ��  June Output was About  2200 Tons,  I STOBIES OF CLOSEDOWN  4  LOCAL    MEWS.  S. A. Scott waa down to Nelson this  week.  Chas. and Tim Farrell were in Cran-1  brook Thursday.  Tom Benton haa returned from   the j  olocau. J  Dr. Higgins made a business trip to  Oranlirook Tuesday.  "utu,o,ra�� Y '      I     "Hulcb"    Cranbrook   'insurance  Confirm or n��..-j ������*.��� -,,.._. I      ir*      ������    , -������*.><-von in g,  -Miss Mitchell of Lethbrid,e   is  now  1 THE EH6>1  $% A  YEAK  Bastardly Work Com-,  mitted.  Confirm or 1)ouy tho Kej���ms  at Present.  IPfMfp tlie .sanie  timer the ' visitors Will be   fM,  " shown-, the finest   display 'of Dress ' fv  ^m^m      Goods ever shown an .Moyie*. ^  ���X���\&iMiMfrSt value evcr offered   iu  East  Kootenay for  holdings   position,  in   C. 1.  Foote's  tailoring establishment.'  Win. Edwards, a teamster, iva* quite  seriously hurt this week, hut ja UOlv  resting easily.  Sam Giint, manager  of   the  Movie  Lumber Co,, was iu'Fort Steele  yes.er-  daw  I^SwIfhwasThroWn  Open,   i,nt ' lho  X.-S.U Slift-treci a Clear Track  '    ' '      , Signnl.  The shipments of coricen-  [tratesfrom the St Engene  mine for-month of June a-  mounted to 2200 tons. '  ami m  -W.sou   prtpera   that   .|*  ?l-"^f  early and secure a  fronl'scat'  o  money.    Come'  ��'* present a visitor at the H.iJcyiv  Hot Springs sanitarium on Arrow  lake,  Attention is called to  Iteid.   Camn-  MI*   Co.,   nd   this   week: ' Look it  ..Company: '  [E   CANADIAN JAFC, -OF, XOffli  ' ' /Si*  ��� Paid ,IXp Capital ..$8,6aoJ6b0..i  (BROOK BRANCH,  ,*��id there waa-nothing'  La it,' and die  was-ut aloss to know how such  a   re-  I port got started :  It  A Communication.  Edifor Leader:    May J   ask'yon   for  Dace in y0llr V:l]ued joUrn;l3  for a f^  remarks regarding the "maintenance  or way employes' " strike on the CY  I. li-'s lines.  I have noticed in several p-ipGr3 that ,  ^. -< ��� R. ofllcers are reporting   that tho  TKT      n^ a --r---.,- ' 'nen a��� xoin= back, to work.    I bee-* fr>  IN   OfiAJSBROOE- YABDlr,Utt11 trnckmen's '^io��� to^  ff��il��tyot (his  statement,  for  I have  been over   the   line .twice   since  thc  s nke began and I can   say  positively  that all are but from Fernie to   Koote^ '  Uay L,lnding, and these men will 'atav  out until told by th.ir   committee to  return to work.  I beg (6 call   the traveling  public^  attention (o the statement  circulate*  "i the interests of the   company   that-  tl��e track i8   well   looked   after.    Tiro"'  public can judge for themselves   when-  - eay that iheir   track   patrolhrien   are*  '"..do. ��p   of  clerics,   office 'bova'and.  messengers who are totally ignorant of  their work.    If thoVe have heouno  a<r- '  cidents so far it is due to, the cdnJitior*  ot the track when tho men    went out-,       '  The   train   crews,   whom   I  aitDp(W'  should know tho conditions as   well a.*?  "ny,- say ihftt jn 0"���iy a fenr Java ^^  the track will be in   -���   condition   thac'-  ^ey will be compelled tor refuse to rtftf    '"^  An engine and one Par were ditched  ^ the Ja3t switch in the west yard llt  Cranbrook on Monday ���fe|lt :li U  o clock-. Engineer JJl1gh J8rock|  1'Jreman JJro^n and   Brakon.an   Geo.  I'ongh theenoi���eiUIId   tender��� wore  thrown  down   an   emba'nkment   and  turned over on ' Uieix- sids*'.    Engineer  i-rocic waa anight between  the tender  and.lhecab/or   a   lew   minutes,   bu''  Anally crawled   through    the  window  A- switch   was   turned,   an.i   rt  Hght  placed.,to deceive   the   engineer.    The  packmen are alarmed, but   they   have  MM  mine would   do.se  d,iWn   next' week  Mannger Cronin when seen thi, ,���orn-  ^ | nig said that the   mill .would   rUll   a���  Jong aS they, could keep it  going  and  that tn.re was nothing definite with lover carefully and. take"iZ, 7��� "l  ^rgard to its closing down next week, some oi th >tL^l D ^ ?f  ^ J He said it was impossible   to' tell,  anv   fered. . "*  .b���ttr*,l,ns ��1'  I length uiioad just what would be done-      ' n   "r      T, ,, , 6      ,'  vesterdav's   XZn   Tribu" e ^ Hl^ "   ^   fro'��   ��'>e Coeur  d^L     J  ,       h��   aff-��-      Consuierabl,  feeling  in/    "  i'   a,K    "��� couu^,'u,.d w.i,on bis way   to   Fo        M '?" flr0Used il"d   ^Penntendeiu  "'   "    '^"-Steele- '       , ^, M^T has offered !��1,000 reward f0,' the  , Ti,e latent thing, out in caroet^.nifT''1011^   tl3<i   *ui,t*   ^rii;-3-    I,c'-  -vali pape��� at Gilpi," P   �� ^   tCct,Wa itfe " ^''^ *"ri' have   one  or ,  ���is currently   reported   that   the       \v,ri, ���-. ���    "' lW�� person'3   jotted, but    nddefinftp       The company i,-    I- belicVe    iMin,r  HUBERT-HAWK. !i!GR|^'ie' ^p".-^���.-.,. PMiti���:t  ,�����Xb- l' iWd ",e "*"��� ���"   fY��^ay ,vi"beDomi"���'"���' IMB""-^^ XZXX'   ���  ,k."<>"fM-V'"*>'".oi.-J-.VJ--<,���,,p���lof lllc Y ^'Y' b"f"-    fhe   "�������"���! H"."" ^�� ��*'.r��-v.-vl in Ivtoyi,-,!.*, Und; M over,-* ���,,,���. 3��� fllf ���'   f'.^  TYTTT        " ,'Y��J'"  mi"��   ""  Serious'''   ��P��Yv enfini-T*'0'       aC"VJ ��l''��'*���**=--   ". I"��?,�� ="ld''"^ in'the park  atfross   �� ->-*U tct subset for 60 , lay,        '  '       '       ' '.e plan., or  -*,���   t,net   ���f contrclfi,       wh��" "���-*''��;���      ... . |''�� '�����.    Tl,c. bi2 dancing  }Javi]li^, " ...You���,  on lt. As an Irish ,/errv says, "That  cbe.wans that Wiai, tff rid& sa|e, -  should walk.'"'     ' .  If the" rrfen   remairi   tr$e   they   will  win. .    -  m  11U1  X/'jA.^IacKenzib, Proprietor.  fer  Mjj^-*t- ,... ,  ^y, Hotel ���; for the TmasSes.   Everything: First  ri: every; respect.    Sample B,doms  for  ���-     v Comjjie rcial Men.     : ;  British Columbia  the plana of   the   Host   of controllin  .' the lead market.    Some time ago   it iV  said I ho St. Eugene  company was  ap  proached by tbe   trust   and   offered   ,.  bandsome premium upon their probable operations if  the  undertake to shut the   prop-*rfv  MaeCnchern & Macdonaldyesterd��v | wh,ch W'JS bui]t by   Clus. Parreli, wa.  unloaded a car  of 'canned goods   and - ��,)ene(I ,0 tiie Publ]c last evening with '  groceries which came from Toronto.      I'' dance-  'A Program of sports! ivill. be  W. G.  Currier.  for a,year.    Thio ofFsr  upon ineir proba-j , ( V-'1"J1UI- nignt engineer nf,  e com';vuiy would tlie St" -Kugene compressor' for the  ic prop.-i-ty (30-.vu Past year and a half, will lt-nvp next  -r it   is'   said. ,w..c   Monday for Suattle. when-* 1...   l-,,,   ,..  gotten tip for the children.  is    said-, was  WlM;  | turned  down   bv   the. compan-.   and  l operations   were'  in  consequence   n*  surned.^ It is now said that failing   to  shut off the   St. Eugene's   output   in  this way the trust has now opened   up  negotiations     with,   the'    St..   Eugene  Monday for Seattle, where ho   his  ac-  The Fltzgerald-Cuir Contest.  The lovers erf sport will iu..ve an   0p*  portunitv   of   witnessing one   of   the  JOINT A. ffE'^D1;  ITO'.-VIINTON   MAY    OBLEKKATlOJf.-     '  AM��si��aieatPr1iramto   I5e   Pre3ent^��  al Cr.ijiljrool^ July 1. ,  The Cranbrook��� Football Assoda--  tron liave corrtph-tdd arrangement ftfr  one of the greatest   programs   of   fielfi* -  DESAULVtBK,    I'cop.  Large sample room in connection  with house for,commercial men. Best  of accommodations.  Headquarters foV Commercial knd Mining Men  WMqveeH avenIih,  I articles of agreement were  signed,thi  week and are as follows:  respectable   proportion   of   the   entire UlacZakf  lead   output   of    British     Columbia  h\   .ml?//1 Pr6Sent thG Smelter and   lpad SV! hrtvc you tried that fresh daifv  I              ,��(anf'US t0 -prev0lU'   Ending butter at Gilpin's?  ���/Jj  an outlet to the   markets.    The   mere tt     ���*-��      *   -  /^suggestion, that  the   lead   minin- iu -F^ Dominion   Day   all   C.   P.   R.  jfc   daslry ?f ��1��S province is   beinir  man-   ageuts wiM 8el1 ro'u��d   trip   tickets -at  �����*-..- * * - ���  -----    }fvl1'i).u,attea.t0 JSUIt   Lhe   purposes" of lln   ^re and one-fourth, good -oin-   Jn,^  ^j��������������� ���������������������������^�������������� ���������#)"^ ^^^ffi fe;;��;,^ ^ ����- ���'��^ iml^ni oo^r^^^1 .m.,  fer==^^=^ ^=^ jj^k^��� J^leJTAULin . ^��^^    ��    bonus I'U;-   '���iUL      ... ftoboxeach   oth'er   at   caich  "weights  coming cdntest, aud from all   accounts    b ToZt t      "fT8 ^i11"  tbeywillbeinperfect.condition.   The C"   ���   ��'     ^   ^    lms   nb  h.e��'"  ��� - ^��e I tancy m -Issurmg all ibose . who   viait  3IOYIE,   U. ft  TUB  ApRITEMKKT.  We, John Fitzgerald of   Moyie, arid  Cranbrook on Dominion Day wil}  iiave the opportunity of enjovinga day  of royal sport. ' ���   "  Tbo     program     includes     football  ( matches, baseball   games; fobfc  races;  ^'^   thLoiUenSnthatiti      n       bX    ���� T' i      ^   ^   "   P~"   Mo^ B������h Colambia; o,i  idie 13.     | ^ ho*   ��*u,<ll���g   contest;   tug   0/  ��3    bj   thultecuon.    Ihe water nine, wm S00nbe   day of July, lOD'l, for a  p.Jrse   cf   t^ I wat'in f��ot ^ryUiri��  anfl  ��nytJ*n��,  .,tD-.. .���.-,, -... I hnn,i^   ^i.          i that will i-i-Jalre the day one of mtere'-t  ..._.  MO ,      and pleasure. advt "  he Like iu case of .ire. ���  1. The number of rounds to be sU  ~      '        '  LOT FOR SALE~Lot on Tavistock      ?'. The size of ri���� t0 b�� i wen ty* feet f   n  (square. I     Gr  ..  ""���* tu'-'v   ov tms  means that any lasting relief can be  extended to the lead mining industry  or the SIooad and other  lead  districts  .'"k.?! Ki.^��Ufc1?osetl3e^^r will be j ^ndred   dollars   upon   tlie  following  .     . ��� a     '-..ci    -jail    LU  extendqd to the lead mining industry i   - ,.   ,     .,* ���     ,   ,"    "��� .���.iub.-- -��   ���.��s   upor  n"h,k" '-"  J|o/Uttlo additional service over that   in   terms and condition's/  of the province.  Our Siclskiclter a Beuettlcl  Pete   Smy  Leader office  the   miners'   union,   and   wlieu    not  working in the ofllcc may he seen bust  ling amongst thq boys for dues,   (rans-  fer cards, etc. , lVto   has   beoii  actio-  sirangcly of late.    lie would set a few  AtSuixio-yAL   LOCALS.  ���to to the  Home  Bakery  for   yotir  bread, pies and cakes.  uptown.,   When wo woilkl go  out "to |->��s his headquarters,  look fnr hin.   ...r>     ��� 1.1     .....  look lor him we ^ would find him in  some store pricing besteads; crockery,  cool: stoves, bedding; etc.    L���-Jt  Sun  r-th   holds "casM" in   Llie |streeLin   f��ke   Shore   addition.    For jsquare-  -.    He is also secretary   of j P:lrticuI,lr3 CPP'J '^ this office. 1     3" The regular five ouh'ce   gloves  to  union     ,.���,i   Y,.-���.-    ....       E. Elwell, of the   no'v   well   known ! ^."'n"     . * | - Bev" G-B* ^pig of tlie Presbvleriaii  insurance firm of  Beale ct Elwe'l   do   | winner of the contest to take !churcil preached   his farewell   sermon'  ing   business   in   Moyie,    Cranbrook   | ��  . p"rs��" \lafl   SdQdtly   evening,   llnd   departed.  -    '    ' '���   - ���' "     o:.Ao purse to be   given   without a Jv;uh his family   ;ur  Vancouver   -Mon  T9^" ' Tia-'- - SeV��mI of tl,e  "ambers of   his  0. ^ihe retorees decision to be   final,   congregntidu presented   him   with   ,in  7. The referee.tn be agreed   iipoikby   at,dreS!j   ;lU(i   "   P��rse   last   Satuidav '  OVlY   Aflllrli,.   '".!.,1. .irl.miii,, t _       ... ' **   I   *��) Wl.  lvimb:rlsy and   Fort   Steele.'  was   i n  ,.     -   - -;- -     town Wednesday.    Mr. Elwe'll   speak*.  lines ot typo.jiud then.take   a "niov.y"   very highly of   Kimborloy,   where   he  nloyie Athletic dlub.  Party in Moyie has ii good   buildin,        S' Th"Z        .      A ���    ��� ~ -^ B,VB" in tho   ^ ot  '   *   Bone,ul.  store   aiid   ^  t { to^>W.       qU1S ^ ^J-^^ ndesM-^--d^as rliute ad   arable  for   a   general   store   and  partner    for    the     same.  : '.       li> *-������-���.    j-*..ov,  oun-   parinr:'    ior    the     same l'u-t  day Pete disappeared, .incite   si/ed  it   must be   a   H��n   who   i-   ...J        "       In.1wlln0M v/hercof ^ have herein,-  n.Wl.,-,1    l,,,l...J ,_    .- . . . I"."-.!!       "UU      1..^       .|il(|       CS-  I t.O   Mil   -.v-prJI-,,,1   ,���,..   j- r.    ...   -    *        .  up that he had struck, for. tho   bunch  Ipenencoiu grocery   hiisiiu-ss. ^ddi  ess  following telegraui from   Gee.   Batley  of Spokane:  gaos lulls, or   the   1-aloaao.    11 ut   lie ("GenerY Store" T'eiidci   oflice-   ^nA~ > ,r 'YT** '  didn't, as Wednesday wo received   the    U b '        '    ' I M" ^ B<Dale  |R. W.Wood.  Ben     Kemminger    returned     this! ���  .,.,.,      -,     .-    ,    i--  s .. .     ; rooming   from    Bonners  Ferrv     Mr  Pate closed   deal    *od-i-- -i -nn,-,    it - . ���'���  a"1-  r. ,i      .���.."L,u,.-0l-J^ ��t ��oon.   Komniinger was one of the victim's of  Get your tin cans ready." ,k,i   i    -a. ,       , ,. .        SOIYiq.i  ^ <-- j to subscribed our Hands and seals.  Witness  J. FITZGERALD,  ED. CUFF.  Aew  Urdul Quoi'irioin.  York,   June   27���E*i  r silver,  Manager James Oroniri of tlie Sf  ��ugeu�� iidne relumed this morning  from Spokane. Ho w,P accompanied  by Mr**. Cronin and .s.,n.  Frank  Johuslori    wont  into  Crau<:  brook tcd.ir,  ^ A meeting has   been   c.lled   of .t.ho  Earlv Closing association    io   bo   held  *^,   .    '','..    :������      :T.*.*     .*     ..  XXAV'X-<- *��orv hotel hre last January.!"^    CV,M&-    -?��i . pneo    for    minors   Karl v Closing association    loi,    i,n'i  lUt mottled   ^l.L>Ani-op!cia*:i.':,   Kohaa   completely*   recovered;   a^e ! and 8rilt,te��' H37J ���t tbe clo.b. Cop*   ar the Loader   offir   Us I X   n  ^bpoke3man-I^iewvvefoluu} ..that   f^ one eyo   whicii   is   yet   n   ,ittla j l^r, broken price. #17.00. j o'clock.    All   .henibers ""Id ,*M  1-elc had procured a license to   marrv hrcak. '  London, June f>fi.-Lead Jfcli Ss fjd ' to ?itcua ^^uestei!  Miss. Ida Hawkms.       : . \    X   A   h.uP     Y >,,.-. ��� ��� ,-  ;..;..;. M;     '^.--t--���������-^���__. !������'    ���    ; --   -. . .-���  Miss Ida'Hawkins.' ���    . .. i    v        r'n-    Pa    .  ,    ���  ���     .  The.fep;py^dean^ ,     W.W ^ ciose ._ .  turn, tomo.rroir.and ?ext Monday Pete   position with  liis   brother    unnin?     I of   AA^'��^ ^f'..^   members    .Uossiand, June 27 -The mines   un-  will.again be.seen perched  on a   stool   dimnond drill     Mr r S .��   Pf^o Altar Socety intend   to give, a Ut the .hanngemoht of Bernard Mad "  in this office. ���:     ��� -i\y"1'Y r:: * *    *lr\ blUler,>w -been   basaar and ice cream.sochil on the I3th   Donald'  emiAi,n/Wv riS  Hc���ahi.brW.,w,0.��� the t(hi sii*^.' "rs^bbu*tor'";^r"os6'^ p��~'-!.'i4|*.*i^$2 >���:,"���1-,tr-���D;  CMl,M!<"y' ���   "'   *     '    :     U.oi.��i���y^61;,ijfi,ir      y S ^^ .l.,/.vili   fe-  . .. ���' ...... . I '=*='-'���'-'��� The CoJUt.i-i'EE,    j t^n,Btfd.\. iSiHWBiawBMiiBtep--^iaBr^^  w*\  t\  s$  mjwm LEADER.  Published in the in It-roe-!, of tLo pccple  of Moyie nnd Vac'* L'Pcctzitoy.  ihiee times a day.  of cri,:!.' . who ni\2  .���-om^ ":-.'"..' *.::' zbzA  fod ���..'<: f.'i.���I!::/'-  Thc  v-.:.-!'!  "th*-/::;/-**: '^b'v,rl"i:g 'up  ii/. ;c"|i and corn  azuaTOa*'Qs*^ggs=Ba��E*^^  full  nM*"3a*����Mi, i hin,i,-��-*^T~-i-*rwr--wii>ii iWimii  BBaaaMa*--!^^  J*1. .J. *JV,YTI�� .J- CC.  On.:  r at::.'* cr t-urccnji'Tio:  SATURDAY, .1UXE 2lJ, 1901.  The email b )y will not get to "tidl  the teacher" for the next month or  two.  It would now look iis tliough a boom  on Perry creek would he amorrgst ihe  probabilities of the near future.  'Y  , A  '!' *  '     '     i  - .    ���*  i                 "-*  ���' ���*"'��� If r  V       1       t  ,'i|. ���  ' I t  w ?' -  XI  ���  i. i i  ',*.��'-i"i i.  , :     it .  1        6r s   '  ; < ���  1      i! il  i i - (  i," I t  ���   ii��� J1 -  -1 "X .  {.    f       "v  XM ��  '                ��� i  M I  Y>-  - ��� -,H  ., J *     r * ������  .-���     i   *w'    l  .i'.'-X  " ���! -  .-j.,  u.;a  ���  ,  '."/- f  it  I"    '    i'  ��� "ip  '*   ,      i  ' 1.  -   ,  j ���  ' �����>  It   (  1 Y  1;  1 . ,f  -         ;  '��  ;,%���*'  M  Y-i  'i ..'   ,  f !  "   ^ '  -  ���      !  .*. *������?'-.. *-,'.*-  ,    . 1  '" ''':K*  ,   i*  ��� K    l  1 '"-af  !',"  I**!,*  i, ' *fU '  - i. p(.  . i '   e  .    Jf f   r (j*-*  *     V.    iM  i A\%  l# 1  f- j   (.'* F,  - ���-���- f i  rY; s .  ��'���[ 1  :' Mil-  ; - aa  i*    1  -  If  .        vj  ' '   r,'!  f'  fi  4,1-   1,    -  "  ��-   '  ,�� *���    I  t-i'n** ,  1  f-y v>'f.  ,  '           ���  y1, !,'���/;,  i  1'������.'���*,  * -" (   1'   t  Y-i!''  L   ;'f   -  >������'���  "Peter Cooper was never mueh of a  suoces.-i," explained the preacher, "until he went to Xew York, .stinted a  glue factory, A::d Auolz to it."  Ne?/Denver Ledge: Bouquets are  selddhi thrown at tho Rowland Miner.  The paper does not.-ne��l 'thou: J'��.�� it  runs a flower,garden of its-own, ���"*  There is nearly enough farm pro-  d^c3 raised in thc vicinity of Moyi>* to  stop^Iy'the town-. And the farming  industry hero is yet in' its infancy'. '  Lowery's Claim is a warm bsbv. It  is to be hoped that'it 'will riever be  'jumped,    that   its   ledge   will    never  /pinch, and that iis  owner   will  never  ���let it'run out.  Oue dollar and fony cents a day for  ce'c'tioil'uands ami !|5o ' a mouth for  -���section foremen'is certs.inly'''hot r. liv-  'jng wage for white meri iu the' west,  '-The men's demands are bub reasonable. ���     '"  | C. V. II. >rc*\v KtllCl*.   .__ I* urtlic'r information is .-jL   hanil   re  ruiiifriiers. |/ardir.ii the new rules which ihe 0.   P.  R. purposes putting in fore**-.    The   C.  P. li. s.ime time a^o nctdic-d   the   rail  ..?'!.oo  \vay committee of its intention  to  put  new rule? into force, and a-kt-d for th'-  cjmmittcu'j  consent,    jf:. J.une-j  'I  Burke, legislative representative of t!n-  ��� uin   hcrvice   brotherhood-?,  appeared  before the cori:miitec and  filed  objections to the following conditions in the  ne*v rules:    (I) Employees in   accepting employment to   assume  its   risks.  {'!) Frequenting of places where liquor  'is sold while not  on   duty   to   be" .-*uf;  iicient, cause   for  dismii:sal.    (3)  Em* j  ployees to give   fourteen   days', no tier*  in writing before leaving the company'**  service.     (-1)  Company  reserves ' the  right to deduct from the pay of its employees fines for qeglect  of  duty,' etc.,  (5) Employee.1}  de3:rci-.s   of  appealing  to the head of tfie'de'partmcrit iiiu.se do  so through the proper oflicer, knd   the  decision cf ihe <j-eufr.il superintendent  to be fin.'il.1'   (G) Eni ployees not to   en-:  gage directly   .-ir   indirectly,   in , any  other hlisihess'"'or,,trtde 'without   permission.    ,In   au   informal   discussion  which took  place   Mr.   Burke   argued'  the case for trnY'trammen   with   great  skill.' 'lie admitted,'however) that   he  had not hud the objections before   the  company, and was advised to do so, in  order to ascertain   whether' the  company is willing to meet the grounds   of  complaint.    If   this   does   not   pr.ove'  satisfactory* both sides will be heard by  the rail wav,commit tee be/ore Lhe ruies  Harvey   &   McCarter,  FUET J5TI3HLK, 13. C '  Harvey, MeC'irisr Sr. Alextinric-r,  Barristei'S & Solicitors.  Mining StoGk  ���   GRANffiLOpK.  1 '. A '.-/''  Daily market prices  by   wire  from Spokane.  LEWIS IJKOMBOKT, '  Notary' Public, Accountant, ! CoinnssioN. and  Insusascjs Agent.  THE  POST   OFFICE  DRUG & STATIONERY STORK.  TOILET ARTICLES,  PATENT MEDIQINSS,  OFFICE STATIONERY.  SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  ;P. d.^aQjpBc  , Insure your house. Bon^t put it. off  un.til to late, J��pt ^atljer incrp^ses  the -danger.  INSURANCE' AGENTS.  JCljomisl ami I>rujr*,'iisr,  HOYIE. B. C  Moyie,  E.  C.  W." -F/GfTIRD,-  IJAKBlSTlil-'./.-jOE.ZCrTOJt; J37CC.  L'ARE . VIEW 'HOUSE  ,     LAKE SIIOKE ADD1TJ0N.  Board $6.00 Per Week.  MRS.'WHITEHEAD,  Proprietress. .  Keep'Yoor Eye  ^  CRANBROOK  B. C.  E. A. ELTON.  Commission   and   Insurance  Ac-en t.' Y  ON ,THE  wmrmn  >%:  A wesfern woman has pued for a  divorce on the ground that ,her husband concealed from her the fact that  he had a wooden leg: until after they  were married. Such ignorance is incredible in a woman. Jf the case  were reversed, now   are adopted.  W.  ilffc:  i ir  H !  t I  .   >o !��� .;������ ��� ���'  j s., i*.-* i, |.,, t  i> i t:| * *   <��� ' i i  hm^"x i  kxm fx>t  ,fl. R/t   'i '* fX  .The publishing  of   a newspaper  is  not all a bed  of  roses.    D. J.  Beaton  and the   paper   which   he   edit-?,   the  Nelson Miner, are being sued  for libel  .bv   John   Houston   of'   the   Tribune.. and t/]en not.find   words^ adequate  to  ,   AH Auovit Gai-iei?.  *>   ... .....  A young iad}' visiting town dropped-  info one of our- stores   the o.Cher   dav ,  and said:    "It is my desire to obtain a'  pair   of  circular   elastic    appendages,  capable or being contracted or expntided by means   of   oscilaced   burni-shed  steel iippliances tliat sparkle, like hits  of cold leaf set with Alaska  diamonds, J  and which are   utilized for  keeping in  position the habilaments of the   lower  extremities, which delicacy forbid   me  to mention it."  Such a modest   voune  lady   would  probably use .up   several  dictionaries  SEW  YORK LIFE,  LONDON AND "LANCASHIRE,  PJtc'cENIX'OF, BROOKLYN''  LONDON-MUTUAL FIRE '  Insurance Co.'s  Fort Steele. B. C.  ��� .0. I?, HIG'GINS.  ��� *  Physician and Surg-eon  ,   ' OFFICE���FAKRELL BLOCK.  MOYIE, British Coiumbia.'  COMPANY.       '     "  BUTCHER SHOP.  QUEEN'S  AVENUE.  A     i " ���  FISH, FLESH  - ANP  ' FPWJi i  OF THE BEST QUALITY AT LIVING TRICES. ' -'    ,  plothing;,   Gents?    Furnishings5  Boots?  Shoes? Hats, Glpyes^ Etc,  COME AND 6BE US.  .Victoria A vs., Movie. . B., l  Houston claims he has been, damaged  .to the extent of ,f 10,000.  ... .''['J*- , '        ?l*   .  [Y'lTirYll  svrr *  w ������  -ii��* ���  . Iv* I  I*  N;  ��� i<  m- : "-.'  J-r  *,    Hi i  '' n  ��� Ai f  *> t     ���*   1  ;   At  ���.; i! s  It is a mistaken idea to think that  the town of Movie depends on the St.  Eugene mine alone for its support.  There are the payrolls of two sawmills and some smaller mines whi ch  wi'-lkeep the town fairly prosperous  even if the big St. Eugene should  close down for a time. The merchants here sell and ship goods as far  east as Blairmore and a.--, far west as  Kitchener, showing tliat their trade is  not confined to Moyie alone.  express herself when she had to buy a  suit of camp meeting lingerie.- Modesty is delightful wheu it is not shipped  on with a whitewash brush. When it  is it reseaibles a painted black eye; or  a swelled neck touched with iodine.���  Lowery's Claim.  WAjSILD���TRUST WORTIIY WE? A>Y> \\'Q-  men to travel and advertise for old established  bouse of .--olid financial staudniij. Salary ?7S0 a  jear andexp-iuses, aU'imyable in cui-h. JSfo enn-  va-.uig required, (iive reference--, mi.I <���'������_���,use  self adUresied stamped env.ope. Address .Una  ager, '.ioo Caxtun jild-j., Chicago, 4-1  < - Ir-     Ai  '-> .-{ii'   v ,;' i  T?tN   :,ri  lXH  U'X'.-i ���  !��.5;-.*u  '\P4 -  U;ff\  ���\*w>  i '}m'P  :i'W ���  ���ifh  4i;  I  ,   i .  " h\  Tha seventh number of the -Smasher's Mail is out. It is edited by Mrs,  Carrie Nation herself and bears her  portrait, erect, and defiant, with the  bible in one hand and tiie hatchet in  tlie other. Carrie .wields tlie pen  even more vigorously than the hatch  et. One man is called a"t-orrcJ topped  pld liar," and another a "ponderous  mass of humanity iu the guise of a  man." The motto at the head of the  first page reads: "peace ^on earth;  good will to men."  i-   f  1.  mx:  !'.'��'.'."������. ���  Aha.:,  I  .1  }  > i  .! i  .  r  *-i:,   ,'  ' v,"j''Y ���  '���Air:  m  tt:  Al-:'  -���:��� t:'  XV:  ���A i.  Pa  i;5.-.ivl;:.,'  =.j..,m.v:  Ma.^'iBr-'  ���mm.  ;���:!* i  X'3  Xi  'XAfhr  pP:M  '!$M��.  :.axa  xX'  ^     X;l\\  ^i.1j    ''*  sPfe>i>:>-* i j; 4 hncon  Food Cranks.  No sooner is the crank who has it  all figured out how one can feed him -  self a plenty with 15 cents a day butted off tho stage when up pops -mother  one of the-e vegetarians who insists  that meat is adapted to fourlegged  animals, not to the human race.  These fellows .'ought to be suppressed,  Adam got into a row right off because  he'had-no hog. meat, butter or black  b.assY.No mari who lives on meat was  ever known to lick his wife or ask for  a divorce.. Napoleon lost "Waterloo because the allied forces h-id b*ieou for  'breakfast the morning of the fight.  The French had vegetable soup. Tlie  South bad to give in at .'Appomattox  because it was out of meat. The Ta'g-  alose live on rice and berries and one  hot blooded American can make (SO of  ihem climb a' tree.'Y A vegetable  U'oman is as' cold, clammy and un*  lovable as a turnip. If you wish to  put roses in the cheeks of a girl vitality  in her motion and brains iii her head,  feed her on meat,.' if j*oti want a boy  In get a job .and hold it, get to the front  ami amount to .something.' give him  and   grense,   ham fat   or   tallow  >Totico to Delei-iciuent Co-Oiynei*.  To Joseph Wihn.shurst, or to any jierf-ou or  peis>onii <<j whom he may lia\e transferred hisi  miercbi in tbe lion .Mountain iinueral claim,  blluuled at the foot ot .Moj ifc lake in the l-'ort  ateele-Mining JJivision oi tbe district oi Kitst  Kooientiy, li. O. and recorded in the recorder's,  oilicc of the Fort bteele -Mining Division.  Vou, and each oi you, are hereby notilied tliat  I have expended rwo humdri-d'duiiurs m labor  nd improvement:-, upon the aboVe mejiiiotied,  imneiul claim in order io hold said miner'a  claim unoer the provisions of the mineral act  and if within ninety days from the date of tins  notice you fail or teiuse to coutributel your  poroporuon o/siich expenditures togeiher with  all costs of advertising, yonr inieri-Sts in said  claims will become the {ropeity oi ihe sub  scriber under section-1 of an act entiued "(in  act to amend the-Mineral Act 1900"  i\ J. -McMAHOxV.  Dated at -Moyie, li. C. this 7th day of June JSJ01.-  8-3m.  City   Shaving   Parlor,;  CENTKAL   HdTEL,  ec  Bread jd,elivered  WESIiEY OL.IXJB, Prop,"  Moyie. B. C.  Send Your Work  , * <  To  Where it   will  be  Done   Satisfactory.  . 'P.' LUTNB'R, Prop.  GOOD WORK".  PRICES   KEASONABI..E  Barber Shop/  Hot, Cold and Vapor Baths \  Opposite   Cosmopolitan    Hotel  NOTICE.  lliirty days after date I intend to apply to the  f liiffrommi-.f-ioncr of lands and works for a  *-p"v-:aI license to cm and remove timber from  (lie followii'K lopfition. Coinmcncinu at the  mil th east coruoi post, situated near the wes,  bank of >JIoyic river opposite Icoberls placer  mine, SO chain*-, south, thence v-iO chnins west,  thence SO cluiins north, tliencc fcO clinins east to  point of coiniiu'iicement���<i-!0 acres, more or kss.  PvOWiJlT 11013SON.  June 10th 1001. .J -10  NOTICE. -  Thirty days after date I intend to fipply to the  chiet commisFioiier of lauds aud works for a  special license to cut and remove limber from  tho folli'.win-f land situated ou .Moyie river, East  Kootenay, Commencing at a post on tlie. .summit, between Nigger creek and. Moyie, river.  -Iiuinring.80.'chaius east, thence SO chains north,  thence SO chaius west, thence SO chains south to  the poiiit of commencing���G'10 acres,' more or  less. .    EOBEKT ROBSON.   ,  June 10th W01: '.''. .       <i���ib.  w. i.. i'oisy r?ofj.  r-i��XXjr.^njTr^?imtM.Te*ttmaB*m\a0imm.*wmmn fijm'.ii  MOVIE DAIRY.  Fresh   new   milk   delivered    to   all  c ���  pans of town  twice  s   da}*.    Satisfaction guaranteed.  Mrs. Adelaide Dill, Prop.   .  to any part o   .tin* city,  PIES, CAKES AND ETC;  Always ox Hand.j  ,  , A. ��LINN, Prop.  -'I  vt.-'-ftr-rftr.v'.-r.-rf-* jr^ijr^r jrf*i_rf*z.-����9'3 rfc: ^  ,THE   PROSPECTORS'   EXCHANGE."      .?���  " u'SO'.   l  K.-W.-G*.   IJL,-l)CK, NKtHdN', |J. O. ;j,  Gold, Silver leailantl Copper mines wanifed at the EXCHANGE  FftEE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern  investorfc*. ' c , ��� ',,;"' '  Patties havinp'injuing jiroperty for pale are requeued   to  cend  sai/ipjos of ihei-r nreio lhe EXOHANGJfi for exhibition.   ,  yj VVTe desire tp liear from prospectors ��� wlio havo   [iroriiisirg   niin-  '-i   c^-al claims in Briti*>h, Colombia. pf '  ��$ ���        Prospectors nnd mining men are requested   to   make the   KX-  ��   CHANGE their headquarters when in Krelson.  jj All sample/; should bo sent by expr-js"-. PKEPAID.  -  % .        Correspondence solicited.    Address all oomm^uica^iona ftp  % -   Aynu/sir i<\ j'ogExitEnq-Eii,  4 YPeJeohono No*. 101. P. O. Bo;: 700 j/      u      ''���     "   STEPSON"', B.tG.  4  *  T, V. LO.WNfJY, Proprietor.  Miners   headquarters.     Gdod"' accommodations   for  travelers.    ��/?ost   wine*  "    ' liquor8'*��n,d cigars kept in stock. ���      ^  Lake Sliore Addition; MOYIE, B, C#  ��i  Ymm  NELSON,  B. C  3X3  NJJ3DJ2JISTA.DT. 2? [ESTEREM ,f> Cti.  duality not excelled in the country, Try it aud  be convinced..  EAST KOOTENAY BOTTLING CO.  CRANBROOK, B   C.  Areated Waters of all  Kinds.  '���       ' ;.   NOTICE.        ���       .      ������   *'.-'        .'.-.  YNo'ticcishcrdby^ivcii tliat I, Bv*n J. Kyley,  minor, iiitend sixty days after date f.i  apply to. the chic/ coniinlshioricf o;f land fliici  works for h^.pecitii licence iiiidcr. .laiitl. act" to  cut and carry away timbar Ou ihnX follbiviiig  described liinda .--ituiitcvi.jn the vicinity of tli-3  upper Mpylo luke tovdt: Sbtuh cast corner  post situated about % miles north west, of the  Movie river lull.*-: thence west eighty chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence cost 80 clmi.is,  thence south SO cnaius to tho place,->of ' coiii-  menceinent. BEN J. Rl'LKV,  .J.Tnv-ln. 11, O. Vcb. 2?fth'1Q01. Y*..l(i  Orders Solicited.  Soda Water  and Syphens.  TJie Leading Ladies  and. Mens Purnisherg.  Clothing, Boots ^ and Shoes.  A Full Stoclc of Miners Supplies  Always on Hand.  Call   and   Inspect Our   Goods.  I  6>  /ft  Oi  6>  -3^  (fi  (to  ��  (ft  \V  \W  (ti  (ti  (ti  (ti  (ti  (ii  (ii  on  tfOHJS/STOJ\X BtiOS.  Thw Hotel is. New and weirFurnished.   The |  Tables are Supplied with the Best the | ���  Market affords. The Bar is Filled with |  the ^est Brands of Liqjuors and Cigars. #  1    AGENTS   FOR PABST'S   MILWAUKEE BEEP-  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL  AND MINING MEN*'  ."UOVIB,  (Jt/  ujnxTvSit com;,mi*ia vv  \ ��Sie$iS^S^-5$SS-->->:-$:^S��-S��6-S-S  -rorr.v  bakheu,   j>.   d.  i).   a. |  Oflico and.Kesidence    CKANBROOK  50   YEARS'  EXPERiENCE  ..Anyone sentiliis  Trade SVJarks  .. Designs. ,,  CoPYRiGl-itS &C.  sltotnli and ���3CBcripfcion kiay  qnlckl?. ascertain ,our opinion ���Trei- whether, an  luvctitliiii' is probably paler.table. ..Conlttiunlcft-  tlohsstrlctlyooiifitleiitui!. M.-trtdbookdJlPatanta  Sorit freu. Oltl'.ist wi'mh-y for uflciiriiiK patCnta.  Putcnta taken tnroupll j"-,lunni& Co. xcceiVQ  special notice, without clim'KQ, M lh&  Seiesiiffic Mmfitm, .������  A. Jinndsomely illustriited woeitly. T.arKCSt ctr-  culatlon of any scit-nti/lc Jouraall Terms, $3 a  veni-   four ynontha, 91.. i!(?'-.l by all r.uivadealer.->.  MOMS "SCo.36^'*"^ New. York  ��� ���Sran'-'ii >lirn*��. rff'i V 'Ah  Us  '/;i'tj:.:A-i.'1o...  S5ZZ2I  EBT  ii. r.  GET Y0UE  PICTUBBS-FRAMED:  Brest, the photographer, ;has just received the finest lot  of mouldings in  f   East Kootenay.  W. A. Prest/  Photographer,  Cr.inbrooJt,     Moyie,     Fort Seole  Will Visit Moyie on .  .Ti.esfJ-iynrjfl .Wpdnesrfay'  FOR FINE  ADDRESS  KELSON.  xxi.&\  ���m mt ii j-w-kw m *Mim  MEM  Paid Up Capital   $8,000,000..;  -   ' '���''���", f     ' .'-'���'-���*, '  <>' , . ' ��� ���    :' X '      *' ''.,"���  CRANBRO'OK BRANCH. HUBERT HAINES. ��  imjimmMm^^  m *  X'  f1  r-H*  !���-.-  i   ,  I*  '       'I .2>j  la  f  /  I  **      \*-v  ' ���    I  ��� ��� *.-..  ,1  -.1.,  " *!  "'   ^^��i  '*��  *,* flUj"  i ���% *y&  [Am  . -t-W'-'M  |M  "ii  mi  m iV  THE MOYIE LEADER.  MOYIE,    B.    C.  ME.  SHE PATIENTLY  BORE DISGRACE  A Sad Letter from a Lady Whose  ,    Husband Was Dissipated.  "��� jflow She Cured'Him With a Secret  Remedy.  Through many, many sumn**er��  I look, as ihrnu-j-li a glass.  And see a world of showers and flower**  And laughinc children pass,  And in her big* blue sunbonnet'      ,  One other little la.bs~  A lass who watched the swallows*  Skim just beyond her hand  And where the flickers lied and aped  And netts of hang birds fanned   ���  And felt those birds were fairy folk  On wing to fairyland.  In her wann fist she carried, -��� Y,.%  Trudging o'er hiils and dalei,  In tiny -papers laid and weighed  As if in fairy scales  Tiie salt that catches bobolink*  When sprinkled ou their tails..       ',.  A little lass nnd wistful,  Who gazed up lhe far skj*.  And reached for fairy things and wingt  "In vain and wondered why;  Poor li: tie las6, 1 wonder Mill, '  .  Could she'be really I?  ���Harriet 1-rcM.olt Spollord in Colliers.  n  if rn  W  GREAT   HARDSHIP    AND  TJRE ENDURED.  ext? os-  MOTHER'S CLUB.  ALLAH  AND AMERICA.  Capt. Adus-l- ISiirns, of   D.nyspriiiff,   V.  Tells, a'l   iiite-sesvtiiif** Story i**. on. His  Own i-.x-K-rieiice.  Crea.  ','  "Mhad "for  ���ho^aisgrace,  pr ytttions ' due  t  years  patiently     bornu  suffering-,  misery'    and  to r my .husband's  luiikiiiic;"habits.      Hearing-  of "  your  u-irvcUous  remedy  for  the  cure,    of  (--.iinkuincss,  which I could give my  husband secretly, I decided to try it.  ^���'procured a package und mixed..'it  in' his food 'and  coffee,   and,  as    the  remedy was  odorless  and     tasteless,  Kb did not' kno-v\- what it,, was    that  so   quickly  relieved   his   craving*     for  lie  soon  began' to  pick     up  his  appetite  for solid food re-  f���^-.turned, .'ho stuck to his work regular-  I,   ������  '-.WjSy, and we now have a happy home.  fy^v-f*0 q��uick,  r'J'fJifj'liquOl*.    1  f -,:��������*.*'k,flesl"t,  his  .-  t  ft*"  '-J'i  -^FAfter he was completely cured I told  ������*���<-aiini what I had done,'when he    ac-  t A  '..-/i-^knowh'dged that it, had been his sav-  *   -fag, os he had not the resolution to  /"fj-vjireak off of his own accord.   I hearts  V<\VVy a(*v's-e al*  "women afflicted  as    I  ���'k^Ttras to give your remedy a trial."  -* * |SENT  ,FREE TO f ALL.���A sample  -.    package of   Tasteless    Samaria"1 Pre-  .. 'slription SENT FREE with full par-  ���|lculars in plain sealed envelope/ All  '   "liters  considered    sacredly  confiden-  ��� j^l.      Address The Samaria Remedy  30 Jordan street, Toronto. Ont.  t:e3::b  .   4-wwUi'g Mstiafi Temperance, Unioi  ,.   ���     . .fif  ADOPT THE'  ;'-^.f SAMAMA. PEESCBIPTION"  ' " ���'* (J ?OR the1 CURE of DRUNKENNESS  r'-\h ���:  ���   ''  ' "'ILetter from Mrs.  George Grant,  of  ������ (   Paisley,   Ont,.,   giving' particulars    of  , .-i. cure effected by "Samaria Prescrip-  .���,*-/, .  .     '���vsl>��Iion'" resulting in its use and ado'*--**  ���   i ri,-.v ion by the Paislty   Woman's   Chris-  ,    til* , m     '        ' -Y    ���  , H\M an Temperance Lnion.  �� " *���'��,',*  "��%;       (Copy)  f'Q   Paisley, Ont., December 11th, 1900.  ���",.- J ho Samaria Rc'medy Co.,  30 Jordan Street, Toronto, Ont.  Dear Sirs,���I pen-ncd a few lines to  A  Persian   Leerem!   About   tlie  tor'H  VlaU to Garth.  In Persia, on a morning after, the vermin bud been particularly vigorous. I  said soiuethiug caustic about getting  back to God's country. An Armenian  who bad reposed in ,utt<*r comfort in  the same caravansary heard it and  smiled. Being an Armenian, he hated  ,(..���(.��� Persians,,, probably. Incidentally  the Persian reciprocates.  .Well, this , Armenian, rubbing hia  hands and .with his head skewed over  on'one side, said: "The Persians have a  legend for everything. They have' a  legend for what you said'just now. lt  is this:    ��� ' . , ' %  "Allah���that is God-once said to"hia  augel, 'I will sec this world wLich I  made.' ��� ,  ��� "And so Allah aud the angel descended Invisible in a cloud to the earth,  and the first place at which they arrived was France���that' Is. in Fereu-  ghistan. And"there they saw the railroads, and the tramways, and the theaters, and the great picture galleries.  And Allah looked in disappointment  and said:''Alas, no! This is not the  world which I made. 1 made none of  these things.' ���  11 "So they journeyed to-Inglezistan���  that Is, England ���and. there were  mighty ships in tlie harbors and huge  mills which make all sorts of things  and food In'plenty. And again Allah  said:,'Alas, no! This is not tha world  which I made.', And everywhere they  traveled In the cloud Allah looked upon  the land and said, "No; this Is not it.'  "At last. In despair, the angel .led the  way to-Persia, and. Allah sat himself  down upon a,very high'mountain, and,  looking far on every side,-he bust neither railroads nor trauiwaya nor theaters nor picture galleries nor ships nor  mills cor schoolhouses nor plenty to  oat. ''���.'* ,,  "And Allah said: ,'Yes, at'last   This  Is the ^world   which   1   mado.    Not  a  'thing Is changed.,, The people whom 1  put there have -done nothing.' "  ��� "Why didn't bo come to America?** I  asked.  '���' '  "Sir," answered the Armenian,. "In  Persia they had not even heard of  America." X. ���    .  t  /  I  s,  I  f  r  you some time ago,���ns a member of  the   temperance   cause,   I  wrote  i for  I had1 in  son was a  great cause of anxiety and trouble oh  account of lvi3 drunken habits. I  strongly urgc-d tho friends to try the  remedy I saw advertised in the Toronto Globe. They did so. It was  the Samaria Remedy that was administered and I am pleased to inform the company the medicine was  helpful; tho young man' has not  drank a,drop since, breaking off from  old companions; and special prayers  on his behalf) all aided in breaking  ' the chains. , -   _  At the last meeting of the W. C.  T. TJ. here, I introduced your medicine for the'cure of the liquor habit,  and a resolution was passed, "That  inasmuch as it is the aim of this organization to help the poor inebriate,  we should recommend this remedy in  homes where persons are addicted to  the use of intoxicating- liquors."  Now, sirs, wishing' you a successful  career in your noble work, and feeling that assistance can be given in  the precincts of homo by the hand of  mother or- wife, trusting God may  upon up useful avenues for your la-  t>; tors, Yours very respectfullv,  A' (Signed) Jius. GEORGE GRANT.  '4    On behalf of Paisley W. C. T.  U.  ;.jFREE SAMPLE ^W^^r  |nt on   testimonials   and  price sent hi  plaii  -l-runoJVr0]^-10*   Enclose 2e  stamp.    Addresi  -JTH1-. BAMAKIA REMEDY CO., 80 Jordan St.  -  TORONTO, Ontarle  s,  ���-������J.  t  '. *'  W  ���Xi  An Old jVevr Jeruey. Schoollionse.  Tha, pupil of today would tklnk his  Opportunities  very   great   If  h��  could  see the tsctic-ol equipment of a hundred  years ago.     A   Morris   county   (JN.   J.j  school of that period Is thus deflcribed  in an old letter of oue of its atu-ndams:  v _ Tbo building waa constructed of logs,  and   Instead   of, glass "tor''"windows,  sheepskins   were' stretched   over   tho  apertures made by sawing off an occasional   log.      The' windows   had   oat  merit���they    prevented    pupils    from  being   Interrupted   lu   their   study   by-  what was going on outside.   The time  was   regulated   by  an   hourglass,  and  the pupils drank  water from a tumbler made* of a cow's horn or from a  ground nhelL  In spite of these differences of equipment, the schools of a century ago resembled those of today iu one notable*  respect���they had for the most part  the same great literary works that are  the standards of our language now.  The greatest literature is fortunately  the possession of many centuries.  From the Progress, Lunenburg,  N.S:  , Capt.   Adnah   Burns,   of  Dayspring,  Lunenburg Co., N. S., is a prominent  representative   of  a  large     class     of  men    in    Nova  Scotia,    who,   during  much of the year,    follow    the    dangerous  occupation  of  deep  sea'   fishing.   When  not  at sea.   Capt.   33urns'  avocation is that     of ship-carpenu-r.  lie is 43  years  of age, and is  teiday  a healthy, vigorous representative of  his class.   Capt. Burns, however, has  not    always    enjoyed this    vigorous  health,  ' and   while, chatting rcv-ently  with  a representative  of the Lunenburg Press,  he said he believed  that  but   for the    timely use of   Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills he would have been  a chronic  invalid.       "From  1895   to  1898," said-Capt.  Burns,, "I was the*  victim of a' complication of'troubles.  I suppose    they   had'their origin  in  the hardship  and   exposure I so frequently had to undergo.     My illness  took the form  of dyspepsia and kidney "trouble.,  The foods which T ate  did'not agree with me and frequently gave  me  a  feeling  of nausea and  at other times    distressful pains    in  the stomach.      Then    I ( was    much  troubled with pains in  the back dufe  to, the kidney trouble.    Finally I took  a severe cold which not only seemed  to     aggravate     these     troubles   but  which seemed I o ' affect -my spine    as  well,  and  I  became  partially     rigid  in the arms and  legs.   I,was   forced  to quit, work, , and    doctored for    a  time with little or no benefit,' Then I  dropped the doctor and began taking  other  medicines, ' but  with  nor better  result.'By this time I was rundown  very much, had no appetite, and was  depressed   both   in   mind   and     body.  While in  this  condition I chanced  to  read in a newspaper  the testimonial  of a cure made by the use of Dr.Williams'  Pink Pills,  which in some respects    presented   symptoms like my  own.-   The straightforward manner in  which the story    was told gave me  new hope   and   I determined   to - try  these pills.     I sent for, three    boxes  Of course I did not expect that, this'  quantity    would'   cure    me,    but    I  thought    it   would     probably  decide  whether they were suited to my case.  I must say they seemed to act   like  magic,    and, before    the    pills1 were  gone there   ,was a    decidikl improvei-  ment  m my condition.   I then got a  half   dozen   'boxes    more.and  before  they were gone I was back again   at  work  in, the shipyard,   and enjoying  once "more   the    blessing  of  vigorous  health.     This  was  in  the spring   of  -1S98, and since,that 'time up to the  present I have not been laid up with  illness.      Occasionally "when suffering  from the effects  of exposure or    over  work I take.a box or two,of Dr.,Williams' Pink    Pills,   and . they always  put me right.      Since my own   marvellous  rescue .' from    premature  use-  lessness  and  suffering I- have recommended thewe pills   to many persons  variously  afflicted  and  have yet     to  hear of the first instance where they  have     failed,   to     give  good    re"*'*l\s  where they were fairly tried."  It    is   such endorsations as     these  that give Dr.     Williams'    Pink   Pills  their great popularity throughout the  world.     Neighbors tell each other of  the. bonpfits  they have    derived from  the   use    of    these pills and where a  fair ,  trial    is   given   the  results   are  rarely disappointing.      Dr.   Williams'  Pink.Pills go directly to the root of  the trouble,    they    create new,    rich,  red   blood,   stimulate  the ,nerves<     to  healthy  action,   thus   bringing health  and strength  to     all who use them.  Sold >by all  dealers  in medicine,     or  sent postpaid  on  receipt oi 50 cents  a box, or six boxes for S2.50, by addressing the  Dr.     Williams'  Medicine  Co.. Brockville.  Ont.  When rnoUit-r's at the club, I lien pa most aiway-  has a tear;  Wa awful just lo hear him rip and roar and rani  and swear.  J*he baby follows aftor pa and has a crying fit;  Pa tiics the paregoric first and then tries spanking it.  Poor l"ido hides beneath the stove and rolls his  yellow eyes,  And Polly to her, highest perch when pa gets  angry flies,  But pa he kicks poor Fido out and hits Poll with  a towel; "  The baby yells, and Polly screams, and Fido  starts a howl. '  It ien't long before the house Is one big rub-a-  dub;  I guess the neighbors always know when mother's  at the club.  V  Whets  mother's at the, club,  we don't get very  much to eat;  She hasn't time to fix and fuss when her committees meet.  She helps to send relief to lands where pangs of  hunger gnaw,  While we must lunch on biscuits tough and dino  ,on cabbage slaw.  Pa sometimes tries to get a meal, but not with  much success;  He only wastes a lot of stuff and makes an awful  mess.  Hia biscuits are but sticky dough, his omelet a  wreck;  When last he poured the chffsolate, it went down  baby's neck. "  He says,  "There's people here at borne for her to  furnish grub  Now left to slowly starve to death," while moth-  1 cr's 'at the club.  When mother's at the club, our clothes are apt to  need repair, ' , '      ,,  And there is something else that makes poor  daddy rant nnd swear.  He comes home with a button off for her      fasten  - on;    ,  'The sewing circle meets that day, and mother  there bus gone.  Poor Freddy's coqI seems 'it will hang no longer,  on the child,  While mother's busy mailing clotbos to send to  heathen wild,  But pa. he gets a needle out and trici to fix  things some,  And pretty soon we hear a yell���he's run It in his  thumb. - '  rhen everybody has to bunt, for liniment to rub  Upon the wound that pa's received while mother's at, the club.  Fragrant ��0Z0(l0Ilt     TOOTH POWDER   25C  jhrr  -Just  fc  Jilsl/  Usi   4K4-7UMS .  CJeAy &7u{/ /u^hy 4/%$/ Ct^  4*^ U~���  When mother's at the club,  she has to let her  washing slide,  And that helps cause profanity and laundry bills  beside. '   ���  Tha other day just 'as she got her rinsing water  set  She bad, to let' tho washing stand while some com-  . '    .    mittee met. .'  When pa came home at 'six o'clock, he never said  a word.  But all  the  awful things he looked I'm glad I  never heard.  He went down in the kitchen and commenced to  *- prowl around;  A little time, and then I heard a burst of thunder  sound.*   ��� - ' .  .Poor pa had stepped upon some soap and landed  in a tub.       , ��� ,      '  'Oh, we do have some awful times wben mother's  ' at the club 1        -' '  '   ���Douglas Malloch. in Detroit Journal.  Honesty is , the'best , policy, but  some people believe in moderation in  all things.''        ,   , ..,-.-  Look on each day-beam' as a glance  From the great eye of Him above.  ���Thomas  Moore.  -,  ,   flfcort and   Soar.  There had been a small bank f&itaro,  and the bank had gone Into the hands  of a receiver. The receiver had proved  to be dishonest end bad absconded  with what remained of the funds of  the Institution. Expert detectives,  however, were on lis track, and he waa  run to earth In a mountain town and  taken back to the scene of his financial  exploits.   ,  It was after midnight when the detectives arrived with' their prisoner,  and Mr. Means, the principal depositor in tlie bank and therefore the principal, loser, was awakened at his home  and informed by telephone of the capture.  He expressed his gratification and  wont back to bed.  Shortly afterward he was aroused to  receive another.) telephone message to  the same effect from a different source.  "Thanks,", be said, "but I had heard  of It already. ' Good night!" " ���  And again he sought his couch.  About 2 o'clock he was awakened a  third time.. ' The , telephone bell was  ringing. \, ,  Tn no gentle frame of mind he an*  swered it. -' ' ,-  "Hello!" he said. *  ,   "    ������  "Hello!" responded a- voice through  the telephone.   "Is this Mr. Means?"  "Yes.   What do you want?"    '  "Mr. Means, this Is Deputy Sheriff  Jones. We've caught that runaway receiver. Is there anything you'd like to  havo me dopersonally In the matter?" ���  "Yes!" roared-Mr. Means. "Hangup  the receiver!",. , ,   '  And he ��� was not disturbed again.  The bird on  a    woman's  the wings of riches. ���  hat has  THEY ARE A POWERFUL NERVINE.���Dyspepsia oauses derangement of  the nervous system, and nervous debility  once engendered is difficult to deal with.  There ure many testimonials as to the  efficacy of Parnielee's Vegetablo Pills In  treating this disorder, showing that they  never fail to produce good results. By  giving proper tone to the digestive organs  they restore equilibrium to the nerv��  oontres.  A cable says that the British ad-  mirnlty has decided to use Manitoba  flour in thc navy.  A CURE FOR RHEUMATISM.���The  Intrusion of uric acid into ilie blood vessels is a fruitful cause of rheumatic pains.  This'irregularity is owing to a aeranged  and unhealthy condition of the liver.  Anyone subject to this painful affection  will fluu ,a roraody in Parmeloe's Vegetable Pills. Their action upon the kidneys is pronounced and most beneficial,  and by restoring healthy action they cor-  reot impurities in tne blood.,  "Is your daughter a finished  sician ?" ' ��  "Not, yet; but the "neighbors  making  threats."    ���  mu-  are  I' have .always -taught, and do  teach, and shall teach, I doubt not,  till I die, , that in resolving to do'  pur, work well,' is the > only sound  foundation of any religion whatso--*  ever.���Ruskin. '   '   ������  PITIFUL CASE OF  CHILD    AT   THE AGE  OF, TWO  A  CRIPPLED   VICTIM    OF .  DISEASE.  Edith Kiithbiirn of Haiupst.-ad.  X.   15, f-11  itiifl Uroke two Kibs���Injured   'lie   Kid  lieys und Dinbet. s Developed ���Dvdd'.*  Kidney   fills     In      Curiii{r      lvidiiB}-.  ,   *5trjii-^litene(l injured Spine.  Mark Twain'and the Serpent-* Tootai  Mark Twain's daughter, Miss Clara  L. Clemens, In entering upon her career  as a concert singer, had a long conference with a manager. Many matters were discussed, plans made and  details eettled, Miss Clemen's dictating  her own Ideas. The young singer, who  had experienced considerable difficulty  In obtaining parental consent to a public career, showed her earnestness' by  the businesslike manner In which she  looked Intoaffairs. ���<  Whea matters had been fully considered and thc manager -vras about to  leave, Miss Clemens said, with the  large determination that small bodies  not infrequently possess:  "I wish it distinctly understood that  my father's name ia not to be mentioned at all in eonaection with my  singing In public."  Mark Twain, who "had been sitting  In th* room during th�� Interview, In  which, however, he had taken no part,  looked up quizzically , and ' said, with  a twinkle la his eyes:  "You see what it is to bav**-* a thankless chlld."-  TOTALLY DEAF.���Mr. S.E/Crandell,  Port Perry, writes: "I contracted a severe  cold last winter, which. resulted in my  becoming totally deaf in one ear and partially so in the other. After trying  various remedies, and consulting- several  doctors, without obtaining any, relief, I  wasiadvised to try DR. THOMAS' EC-  LECTRIC OIL. I.warmed the oil and  poured a little of it into my ear, and before one-half the bottle was used my  hearing was completely restored. I have  heard of other cases of deafness 'being  cured hy the use of this medioiue,"  "But, ma,  Uncle    John eats   with  his knife." ,'       '  '.'Hush,   dear.'   Uncle  John   is   "'rich'  enough  to  eat with' a fire shovel   if  he prefers it."      .  FRAGRANT  aperfe-si liquid dentifrice for the  '\  o,  New Size S0Z0D0NT LIQUID, 25c  S0Z0D0NTT00TH POWDER, 25c  Lcrge LIQUID and POWDER, 75c  At all Stores, or by Mail for tho price.,  HALL&RUCKEL; Nsw York.  _    Pan-to ,s  a plant     that cannon  foi cod in a hothouse.  be  I    believe    MINARD'S     LINIMENT  "will cure every case  of Diphtheria.  MRS. REUBEN BAKER.  River-dale.'��� Y  I believe MINARD'S .LINIMENT  ^d\ produce growth of hair.  MRS.  CHAS.  ANDERSON.  Stanley, P.E. I.  I believe MINARD'S LINIMENT  s the best household remedy ��� on  arth.v .   . .',, ;.���,'..- ....;'. ,  matthias foley!  Oil City,  Ont.    .    Y    ,  Not ,nn n Rule.  He had beeu trying all evening'to  make a good impression. He had told  all liis humorous stories and bad given  one impassioned speech from "Cyrano." but was still unconscious. Thick  skinned, he failed" to perceive all .her  efforts to get rid of hiiu. Finally tln-re  was a deep silence. Fidgeting, lie  grew nervous and oust about for something to say.  "Do you wear that sort of collar as a  rule?" hecstammered foolishly.  "No," the haughty maid replied frigidly; "as n collar."  Then he lied.  If you don't know why a strawberry .shortcake is so-called, look for  the strawberrieso  Gossip is the sand  in the sugar  of  speech.  Keep MAID'S LIOTENT n tie Honse.  Cry  tomorrow-  if you     must, ' but  laugh today.'  .Hot   cakes   and   caterpillars  thc butler-fly. !  make  Do not delay in getting relief for the  little folks. Mother Graves' Worm ax-  terminator is a pleasant and sure co-re.  If you love your child why do you le* it  suffer when a remedy is so near at band f  Her   Opinion   of   Compliment**.  "No," said Miss Cayi-une. "1 don't  care for people who continually pay  compliments."  "But it shows an amiable disposition."  "Perhaps, but the habit reminds me  that some people arc willing to pay  only what costs thein nothing and what  they , don't   really   owye."  The     self-unmade      man       always  blames it on the other fellow.  Boarding houses are probably so-  called because a man is expected :to  plank  down  in advance.  MINARD'S LIOTENT is nsed It PHysiclans.  The    man is generous  who "never corrects  it.  to    a fault  It is easier to make complaints than  t is to make a living.  It takes longer to. bring a carbun-  lo to a head than it does to forget  favor.  Seen  nt  the   Wrong Time.  Emplpyer���Mr. Red ink. you got off  yesterday afternoon under the pica of.  being.ill. I (saw you afterward' going  to.the rr.ces.'nud you didn't appear to  be at all unwell.  Clerk���You ought to have seen me  after the second race, sir. I was bad  enough then., '  . It is'a. poor .widow who can'c    remarry.' Rich  ones   are  soon  gobbled  up.   .-" ..   'Y ���'���'��� Y  It is folly to attempt to please every  body. It matters not in which direction'a man faces he must of necessity  turn his back on half tho world.  Is there anything more annoying than  having your corn stepped upon? Is there  anything more delightful than getting  rid of it? Holloway's Corn Cure will do  it.    Try it and be convinced.  A man gets down to bed-rock when  he has to keep the cradle in motion.  Always speak the truth���even if  you have to use a long-distance telephone.  HINARD'S UKfflENTrLiitaiui Friend.  for Minard's ana tate no other.  The strength of Wood iut'i��-ujs��*b vr  Us density.  When    thou utterest    not   a word,  I thou hast laid thy hand on it: when  ' thou hast uttered it,  it hath laid its  hand on thoo.  Hampstead, N. 13., June 10.���(Special)���Little -Edna Rathburn of this  place has, had .a sad experience for a  child so young. She is now nearly  eleven years old. Eight of her few  short .years have been passed under  the saddest  cloud possible in life.  At the age of two the child met  with an accident which left her with  two ribs broken,* split . off at the  backbone. Though - they were set and  healed her little body did not  straighten'. ' For ^ eight years she  could hardly walk, being almost-  doubled up. The accident affected  her kidneys and Diabetes set in. Diabetes is a particularly dangerous  form of Kidney trouble, :,n this case  particularly severe by nature of the  injuries to  the spine.  The family doctor, was, of course,  consulted. He diagnosed her case  correctly, but couldn't cure it. She  was sent to.Lhe Public Hospital at  St. John in thc hopes that the  greater skill and facilities there  would avail. They could tlo nothing  for her. Thc authorities advised the  mother to take tho child home to  nurse her and give her good care  while she lived, which' would not be  very long.  The suffering of the little one was  heart-rending to the mother and  friends. She cried with pain night  and -day. The mother grew desperate  and determined sho would find a cure  for her child if it took every cent she  possessed.. ���'���-.'.' :.-"������'',."��� ' -v-  She sawJDbdd's,Kidney Pills advertised and immediately purchased  some.YFrpm the .first they were beneficial. The little; girl commenced to  get * better. Every day saw an improvement. Dodd's Kidney Pills  were doing the work. Six boxes in  all rwere .used, and once more. Diabetes was .conquered. i[  Not only that but With the return  of health the spine, commenced to  straighten. The little girl is now  almost physically perfect. Says the  grateful mother in her own words:  "There is nothing to be compared  to Dodd's Kidney Pills. We thank  God we ever heard of them. Edna is  now full of color, runs and plays  about as smart as' a whip, where  once she was a puny little thing as  pale as a ghost."��� .  Did TheyV  There is nothing .much more distressing than an unfinished story. A  number of people in a London drawing  room were conversing about capital  punishment when a lady remarked:  ��� "How strange it must seem to be  sentenced to death!"  "Not so very, very strange, I assure  you.. I was myself once-condemned  to death in Africa," said a returned  African explorer.  "Indeed!" exclaimed the lady. "And  were you���did they"���  !'Did they what, madame?'  "Why, did they execute you, you  know?"���Exchange.  SB&ZEXStEESZI^g&g^XZSEtc'  W1i*bi Corl���� Float Cprisrfe**.  A cork which Is longer than It la  broad, which is the case with all ordinary corka, floats upon its side, so to  speak. ��� How can we make lt float  upon Its head?  Place one on end upon a table and  around It place six others. Seize them  ell together and plunge them under water so as to wet them completely. Then  remove your hand gently and let them  take their own position in tbe water,  wben you will find tliat tbey will stand  upright, as if supporting one another.  This Is because the water that penetrates the cork will make them cling  together.  Railroading  In  IrelanA,  A somewhat nervous English toorlst  vouches for the genuineness of the following incident of Irish traveling: The  train arrived some 20 minutes late at  a small station, and the engine driver  Inquired of the station master, "Did  the express go by yet, Tim?" "It did  not," was the answer. There was Indecision on the part of th�� engine driver for a moment when he cheerfully  exclaimed, "Ah, well; wt .must chance  It!" ae he blew the whistle and started  off on the single line.  and so would many a youDg  lady, rather than take a bath  without the "Albert"  BABFS" OWN SOAP  It lenvr-s iho skin wonderfully soft  and fro--h. and its iainf fragrance i3 ox-  tremoly pleasln-*:.  Beware of Imitations.  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' _Mj.ny d  good   bank '  'has gone to  tie   -vail  sim^l/   because j  there was 1:0 v,--*y to know that" a   run  was in -respect, and   there  are   tim(->s  rrhen tbe souuclest bank in   the   world  \*oulcl not fetaiifl an une.tpeel.ed run.  "A number of yeais ago, when Iw.is  a young man, I was cashier of a   bank  in the interior of the st-iY.    The bank  wis in  good   condition   and   jn-rftotly  sound and we did not'.lream   that   our  credit would be 'que-Hioiied.    But  one  May a run was   started   without  warn  ing, and inside of two hours there  was  'a howling mob mound the' bank,   and  we realiezd   tliat   we'" had   a   serious  situation to face,  "It wa.s simply, impossible fur   us   to  meet all the demand--, but I   paid   out.  'the^unds that wo had'on hand, knowing fu-jl well that it'waV'a   question   01  only a few minutes- when ,ve would   be  'obliged to close.  l'��� "Finally the president  cf the   bunk  came to me and said in a.-low"voice:  "'Hot, much  longer, can   we   hold  out?'   ,v      '   '  ALL {S BEA-yjIFtR.  Oh. Goil hov?lir;au'.jfvlrS. s-iri'B,  . Ii? s'*u-3-?aic ct  d s-Li-j*-.;  Bsr tuTesis'.yr.vh iHeir Xfvir.X^rch;  2?er -ao-wars.tjviat zei it.** glado;  Her KlUoclisi y-hr^ *-7i*-?j> fioooy Socks;  ���     ���Jier Uelda w*lt!l sraJe th.it glow;  Hers-**3rMingsirBa*nl-.ts, cletsp and brca d  Thoi through ths valleys Sow;  Her 1 rested waves that clasp the ��h.-.re,    '  And lift tiieir anthems load;  Ber mo- -.tains, with their solemn brows,  mat thojiel-iin*-** cloud.  Oh, God 1 , ow, WaunifuJ is life  That Taou doet lond VF here;  So oncored with hopss tiat lino the cloud.  And -joys that fern tho tear;  o *  With, cxadlo hymns of mothers -s-oung.  And ti-t-ad of youthful.f eet,    "        ' I  That scarce in.their, elastic bound  .    Row down the grass fiosvers sweet, |  With brightness, round tha pilgrim's stall  who at the settiae ��.uu  -Beholds the golden gatp thrown wide,  And -til hia work well done.  But if this earth, which changes mar.  This life, to de-ath fiat Jeada,  Are mado so beautiful fcy Hira,  Propi whom all eood.jrooeedi;,  How glorious must that region fce  Where al) tlie pure acd blest.  From every temranCfiomw free,  -Attain liabroJro-ares-i*, .,..-  ���Mrs. .U K. ���Steournej^uN'. Y. t���  THE flfWp ..CAPTAINS.  ' -' *��� ���*   w. . .  BIT KQM HAU,  1^  AS-  -\      4.  *���      C  ���?f  �����- 1  r  J   1  '*><<>iiP  ,   ' A-HI  *'   '  ���������".'.(,/  ���SI".  rVkn...  i      11 *." -  .-   ,' , f  *vV  'I'-l/j-i '-*  h-;.i;��a-  I -.  ft.' I  IY.,  My  I-    '.i',  iA -V  r"'.i >'���:  A:},":  Y*f  /'  ��� c  .i'*il  |.    .->  tl   1  1 i'V 1  *..  "'Mot over ten minutes,'  I  replied,  wiping'the beads of peropir-ifion   fforn  , my brow.  "Calmly and deliberately he reached  over to the money' case,  picked   up  a  J-10 bill, rolled it length wis, stepped   to  "tlie stove and Jit  It;  then,  without   a  quirer  of  an   evelid   he   produced    a  "To the king."  '"to my king*.'8      , ���  Tho-toaste,- though slightly diiEerent,  were utteredsi-aitiltaaetfuslyandaBma]!���  p-Jass pf rere <?*!* *r*ol*<J was emptied-in'  lionor  of  eaeixV   The'scene was .the  brortd  verawtfe .^r>a�� Souib   Carolina  plantation, -not^Kteei miles from the  famous' city 6f. * -^-harjeston; the time  wa-s the earl/ autumn of 1781; while  thc characters 4.vere a-'youn-j captain of  liis^ majesty's'ai-fcillcry,   a' portions/  which was guarding- the city of Charleston, and a young-woman in perhaps her  Hoar hit nfi-tUr a^,i      ^ ,   , '    ' ,l"H J1-^'-upng-woman mperhapshei  ugai, bit o{t tneend and proceeded   to    twenty-second-year:   A famous .beauty  Hghfc ifc from Che burning bill'.  'That move saved   the   bank.'    The  Man to whom at that  moment I   was  " jhanding'.his balance gasped, and''-then  ^hbving the nionej 'back, said he would  leave'it.,, lt was the turn  of 'the   tide,  was_ this-Jfiss Phoebe Ppindexter, and a  most captivating* picture she made, in  the eyes ,of tbe captain pf artillery, as  she silt thrumnjing- ihe keys of her  harpsichord, after replacing the" ejnpty  wine g-lasa^oii .tbe table near her! ,The  latter yi-ns a handsome young- man, an-  and the run ceased, ,\Ve didn't e'venl par?n"y :tblT^r ^ars'of age,' with "a  lose thP *10 hill   k   1 frieCfc *air of good breeding- and evi.  iose tne *o10 bill, as the    president was | denlly of some gt-aces, for'he had just  ���finished a solo-pp. the figure t.o the ac-  ) medam, or your own loyalty will be put  fin question."- -'"*'. ��� .���  "And, pray, -.vhat can I do?" aske-"'  the girl .drawing* Jierself up to'lierfuj]  height and looking* at the English officer with scornful and indignant eyea  "You can tell them that there is no  one concealed in your house. Ho -yvili  never dare to doubt your word."  "You vrould have me tell a lie to save  you���me, the woman you pretended to  love and wish to make your wife ?"  "It is a case of necessity���quick, they  are approaching on both sides. They  have been informed.   It ip a trick J" '  "Where  wiJI  you hide?" asked the  g-irl, with an insulting- emphasis on fche  i word "hide," "  "  !     VYou will tell them that no one is  concealed in the house?".-  "1 shall tell them nothing- but the absolute truth���be quick."  "Then there is but one place where  I will be safe,", answered' the captaLu  "and there on]y if ho be a genileman."  Saying which, the captain darted up  the stairs and entered Miss Poindex-  ter's own chamber. - ���  He had no more than closed the door  when a lithe, athletic young officer in  the partisan cavalry leaped over the  railing of ,the veranda and stood, em-  ,barrassed and hat in hand, bowing- before the young mistress of 'the mansion. 1   - c     ��� ��� ,  "Phoebe!" eycloimed the j-otniiz aol-  die'r. ' ,  "       -  ."'Would it not be better to address  me as your prisoner?" answered Mis-,  ���Poindexter. "If I om notmistaken.you  have surrounded my home with armed  soldiers and have come yourself on no  gentle errand."  "Prisoner Phoebe ?" answered the patriot captain.    "1 would never wish to  hold you prisoner, sa'yo in the bonds of  love,   My presence here needs an explanation and I will make it/  I have -received information that an English officer is' visiting- you this afternoon';   It j  is a matter of duty.   Ijiave,been or. j  dered far in advance of the returning I  troops of Ararion and Sumter for the ex- I  press purpose1 of catching, some of'the '  tsb^a'i]AStisaeiXX2^iP^^s^%K^^^m^^ -  ���^���������pii^aM-ua?!  &  ���FOE--  Carpenters5 Tools,  Builders' Supplies,  Shelf and Heavy- '  Hardware, Points,  Oils and Glass.  Tinsu-iitliii-j-- ami Plu;iiblc ��*-.  ' 1 i''*>    ..  That.15,1 bwyjs 1G0 cents worth of jjoods >at,.GJLPIK'.<.'  si  'J  Bry Goods, Gents' Furnishing*, Boots and I  y. Slxo.es, Hardware, Stoves, E^rniture Wail I  g Paper5 Groceries 7,&ncf everything- tbat a %  H first class general store carries. I  WOYJE'S  LEADINg  UO'l'EL,  Come and see us.    We're here to do business.  AGENT .FOR  1^  I  J*<.  <���<  v ,v,_vv,.^.-i.v.iJ. ,ui..uvvvE7?!v-^3S. ^**5.-*r?,nl   cSv-i-!*^** ^'Tv �����^>4��'li|-*'ii-i , KJi'l'J  -v��;     - i*  * *-.--'>���' v. k, *- v..T"rli,    ***ti .**������*-.  v .0 .1       -;��� *"    .'���-     A  4  |.-��-*��. 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U. h  '..ft'?-*'.i'4 :i  ' ./X'S;;; -^ -i  ���>U!" ' " "  . no  '��������  ,A .1  ',;-.-    <��� -<, 5 i*  "L;fij! ;'.' -';  Yhjf l'-'>',f''*  ���if'      ...���,..*       i  Wl*.at Undo Thi-iksl   ���  .Such foolishness I never saw  As -lately has coipe over maw ;  ^A.11' almos' us her's paw.  But worst ot all's my brother-in-law!'1  I lias t' keep as still's a mouse"  When I go down to sisters* house,  Er else I'll wake tbat "preshus dove"���  , -Pliekid that I'm the uncle'of!  He just arrived hist week one dav:  I'd lief es not he'd stay away  ���Till I get big, 'cans now, ye'see,  The figs an' things Sis buys for,me���  Why. he'll get big enough t' eat!  ^ Maw says, "Now, Willie, ain t he sweet,?"  I_ wander il" thoy 'spec' J'11 love '  ���That kid that I'ni th e uncle of?  lie never says a thing but '.'Goo!"  ,.7es* think���au' he's my neiTew, too!  Au' once they give me'him to hold���  They act as iho" they think he's gold !���  lie a.n't my style I'd havo 'em know.  An' nex' time I'll jus' tell 'em .so,  When off on me tliey cry to shove  That kid phut I'm the uncle of!  ���National Magazine.  i  ���**���<���'  w ���  il'."-!; 51 *f .  t $1$  ���Ni'  'A   h  ,   s  if.  .WA^TKn-TliUvt-TWOKrJlY 51 EX AXJj WO-  men io travol.ajirt iidvertiso for old established  houso of solid fiunueial standi-.;?. Salary .-jtsO a  year and expsuses, all D.iyable in cash. No cim-  vnsiii-*- required. Give references and- eiieloie  ���ielx addressed stamped e uv.oi.e. Address Mmi  figer, 353 Cnxtim Bldg., Chieoiyo, ' -j-i  X  i -?   *. } I nl  rS.if.U-*    '''' \ '  0tPX\  ���  kite!.  ^mx'i  ... .'-M-,       ,1  , ���    U . .'      ��� .  HA ��h'  !.Y,M  i r^A ii  * ?!!1  ���J,.  ���  i,  XA$,  ,lf ii.::, r.r���,  I r.';{*.l,v .;*=,-.  UfX- IA"  YYS..V'  Hipp  ���Hfef,  Assessment work Coutr-icL-* Taken.  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Why, the rebels were abso"-  lutely routed, according' to our" dispatches, at the battle of Guilford Court  House, and so badly demoralized that  ^they ran from the field lihe sheep. Indeed there was.no necagsity for our pursuit. Greene is starving up there in the  mountains of ^'orth Carolina and will  surrender at discretion in the course of  a week or two. His defeat and reduced  .circumstances will be "the excuse,' but  the real reason -will be British gold. Yon  remember, of course, our success with  their Gen., Arnold. Well, after a man's  ambition has been killed, he will not  fight.in any cause with neither food  nor pay. And that is the dire extremity to which Greene has been forced by  tlie glorious success -of his majesty's  arms. My Lord Cornwallis has turned  north and in a month will have defeated  and captured that little ooy of a Frenchman, La Payette. ��� With their armies  of the south and of the center defeated,  he will move next spring upon the only  remaining armies of the rebels, that  under-tho miscreant Washington. & It  will b'j a short- campaign, a'battle, a  rout, a pursuit and then peace���and  with peace will come its delightful  handmaiden love. And then ���then,  Mistress Poindexter, I shall have the'  honor of cliiimLag you for a bride, of  selling out my commission and living  the quiet life, of an, English country  gentleman for, I hope, the rest of my  life." '  "A charming arrangement of events  for yourself, my dear Capt. Webb! But  I must say it appears to me as though  (-.en. Cornwallis'- movement into Virginia is more like a retreat than the ad  IV,.C HE1D, K. G.'  M. L. HOLI.IS,TBK, Tlu:AS.  ������������^������ rri-rrir mw���jim.  K-'ANJC I-AN��Y,',E. p  J. >f. J.I>*DS!*V , .it. S,  Repaired and Made to Order.  B, A, SMITH,.'   JI��oyi���^;.,  coats from the Carolinasand ischasin^  Cornwallis himself to the sea."     ' " p  f'What   a'   romance!-.'   laughed -the  young lady.  ,"���"'.       -      - ; *-  '  "I wish I had .time for romance," said  the officer; "there oould be no more delightful opportunity. Only when this  war is'over will I be' able to ask you to  reward a love that has been faithful  to you ever since we were children,  But to duty. Are you harboring tin  English officer here??  ,  ' "Why, of course I affif" she answered,  .laughingly,  "This ia no time for, joking-," said  the captain.   "If he is not here, he cannot have been gone a very long time;  and if you delay me  he may, yet get  ���within the gates of Charleston."  "It seems to me that you are a trifle i ��� ���    -* ���������  ^X^%^xeslM' "Y-jCHAS. P.  CAMPBELL^  "Of course," he said, biting his lips  nervously.    "I shall have to search the  xeab MacEaoheen & Macdosaids.  33. J, WHITCQMB  !   ' House,   painter,'*'grain er, ,  - gli'iaier   and,; piiperhan^'r j  f   All   work  on' perfect, -sur--1  face guianrejt-d.   Prices ec  ;  cording    to    quality    and  ,  , stock required.    ,   .  Moyie,, B..C,  Moyie   Miners'   Union  Meets in-McGregor hull every Tuesday j FERNIE,  evening.     Sojourning    members   .are   \VAjID-JJJ5R,  eordintfy jnvj'ted to att.enu, MOYIE  John M,oDo^aw>,      -'  p. t.< Smyth   '  , President.       ���    '      ���   Secretory.  ,W\UOt,KUAl.V. AN'D HKTMiA^  MEAT .   aiBRO^AOT?.  Fre^h   ana&nrqfcMealr; prf.sh  ^isJi, .Ganie 'and -PquKry,   We  .   fUMty   only.t^p .!iQAi.''yqur.  ,    trade solicited.  M-t.KK:krs  &.j  MACLEOD;   .   -        P.ORT STEELE  kimbkaley/''  CRAN"BilO0k'.  ��oyie Board of Trade  . Meets on Lhe first Wednesday  '.evening of en eh mouth at  8 o'e-loci'sharp.  J. P. Farrell, Pros.  A. P. 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The  captain jumped hurriedly fromJhis seat  and, grasping the railing of the veranda in front of him for. support, looked  anxiously.; up and,down the road that  ran in front of the old plantation.  "It seemed to me like the -winding  of a horn/'isaid ihe lady, calmly. '���  "And, by my faith, I heard the galloping of horses'and a short command,"  continued the captain, excitedly.  "Inside, inside, captain, as yourvalue  your liberty," said tlie lady; "I saw n  -mounted man jii uniform,there in the  bushes just now, and I know the "uni-  'form.well."  "And the weawt 7"  'Yes, the v.'paver."       '  !..������������;.  ��� ���; . ~ ; ������!' ; ���..-h..|if1'.r.*'   '  house," he'continued  "0? 'we are quite used to it," she answered.  He ordered up his men and began a  systematic search of the mansion and  surrounding buildings. He himself,  however, stood immovably in. front of  the door that he knew opened into hcr  private apartments, and permitted no  one to enter. The search was therefore  uselesa.  "Well," eaid she, teasingly, "why do  you not enter my own room?"  "If he is an officer he should be a gentleman, and could not bo. there.'Yin-  swcr*\d the captain.    ''You.have been  fooling me, Phoebe, in order to givahim  a start.    I do not blame you.   He was  a guest, and you have but observed the  laws of hospitality, even though he is  an enemy to our country.   Farewell���  eiaember always I shall come to you  -"hen this war if) finished."  _ "Why  not  come  before���to-night?  ���.ou  will  not  vj-ish   to  camp  nearer  Ynarlcston than this, J am sure. Grandmother, who is in t-own to- ay, shopping, will be back by tea time, and you -  can tell us all the news."  ("And may I tell yon something else ?"  "Yes���without even waiting for the  war to end.   Arid I will tell you something, too."   The young- patriot turned  about for a moment���and for a kiHs.  Then springing into the saddle he shouted flic command:    "To horse, the road  to Charleston���gallop!" and was off.  As soon as ho nnd his men were well  out of sight, tho English artillery captain made his appearance. "I suppose,"  he vsaid, "that 1 am under obligations to  you���and yet I thought your truthfulness would have been tho ruination  of me."  "And could you have admired or lovod  a woman who had deliberately lied?"  "WeU, that hi rather an odd question  Ii you hod told an untruth it would  have been in a noble cause. All is fair  in love and war, you know."  "Even hiding hi a woman's apartment." *  "Oh, yes���when necessity compels it."  V\ell, Capt. Webb," said Miss Poin-  dexter, slowly, "will you in your turn  do me a, favor?"  "With the greatest pleasure, I am  B.u^  answered the ��� fcaHant captain.  Will yon pletee mount yonr horse,  and get safely baek.-ititb your own  lines," said UiH-PoiH^itn. "KikI B<a..  Funeral Director  and  Smfcalmer.,  COVliT JUOYIK.  Sto. t0<!5.  i  Meets oii.thelasfTkur-s  dayof cucb nioutli.   V  iting" 1-retliern. invitcl  to'attciud.  COMPANY.  MOYIE,  "I    BRITISH' GOimii.  A tine assortment of wntoliw,  . Clocks *ind jewelry always on  hand.    Fine watch   re'p<!,r./i��  a spec-iiiliy.   Honest, wort and  lionet*!',' pay js our niot(^-. ,  CO. WiSiUAITJHBZ.   a. &KWSn\YA*iBEt  3rining Property Looked After  Gr.-idnate of Ghnmpion   College ol   the j Y!,���M***'^  Uniie.1 S'-ite.s.    Upholstering and gen- j I'^j^l ��' *  G. T. McGKEGOH, Rr. S.  ..FOR  FIXE   T Alio mm  GO   w  t -,  oral furniture re|)airing. Offio-a and  more, Aiken's block, near Canadian  Bunk oi Commerce. Telegraph and  maii orders promptly attended to.  Crajnbrook,  Presbyterian    Church  SERVICES  Aro field, in McCupor hall each   Sab-  biith at 11 a.m. and 8 p. m.  Sabbath   school   and   pat-'oi'o   bibb-I  class at 3 p. m. ' J  The public areM'hvitHd and' will he  wt-lco.nvd cordially to each and nil of  tliepo services. G. li. GREJCJ,  Pnstor.  MERCHANT,   TAILOB.  .   Fine   Suitings,    Overco iting  'i'iou-*pr.--,   In)ported     Good*<.  MOYIE, ��� ' ��� B. 0=  tfWQ^wrwR-V'WFt)*-- r<o*-w<^i��i*<u-i����n*r ���MtsnFua^n&imtnH tm^rtmxrryYiratJt&x  VACATION  8 ftL WIT flV  mtfim  JOSiJI-Il :*;KilJBjKSrAIIT, l'rov.  Lager beer sold   \iy the   Keg of iii>  bottles-  Bottled Beer  in Stock. ...  Buffalo, $76.00, July 2,  16; Aug-. 6, 20.  Outside Orders Grivnn Sliiol Aiter.in.n  -����� V*   ��   Epworth League'Meeting, San Francisco,  $50, July 13, 14, 15.  I  Christian ,    Endeavor  Convention, Cincinnati, $28.50, July     j  2nd, 3rd. .!  jn ..���'���������  '���V  National Education Association, Detroit,  $71.25, July 2. 3.  Aiitily tor Hates, M,ips. Time Cards, Ticltets apd  Full Iuformation to Nciireflt Local    '  , Agent,.-'"  ,.     G. HiIIier, Agent, Moyie.  J. 8. CARTER, ��� .K.J.COYLE,   .  Prices Given  andj Orders  Taken on  Everything  in the Printing  Line at the  The Xeadingy ladies  and Mens Furnis]iea-s,  Clothing Boots, and Shoes.  A Full Stock of Minora Supplii***  Ahvuvn wn Hand.  Gal!, and   Inspect Our   Goods.    *&  IS  1^  WJlWMMtVW ���<*������*��*���  I  Dish Pass, Age  AsB't Gen. Pass. ArC  Vnnfiover.  ;��� .y.y '���;. ^VOR~ y-'-A.  HEAVY T3EAMI^G  , ��� ALSO���  Bagp.age,  .���Express   and h. Gisnuk-VI  ,    DEIJVEJtT.  MOYIE.


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