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The Moyie Leader Mar 2, 1901

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 -*-=- '••>■
•?.v ''VP-MMiEgSi
h- xM'-mv
F   '   Y i***r rSjKr*i-'
r    - f kJ^/*=v*w^ i
? ^*^feS_
I A'-A^Ji&fSi;--?' Nor.t j-it"? I'l-biu-.   LXsViUi'Cjj Ac*,.-.ir,
p'>-',;W'K**-'Sifi-l,v* i' ' * " .-.-      --••*..      t-   .
|Y"-^-.f|^Yj,:     Jtn-iiKC, in-xxi-i.,.-.    Orr-crs At
l^$%OYlFifi:niBERl&\\ F'X. Steele.
-<Y • ■ -
iHpOL. 3, NO. 46. •
''s£7'j!Z'-\&''jZZ>' ^•/iZ'./!^'.^k^^£~/2z^Z,dZL
I ..""^Y-i-SwY^ia**-
L   ;Yv-*,-l*3-*$5'» ' .
S3 A ■ YEAIfc
^mc^mcmmwm^ MQYIB'S POPIffill, 84B
■ .^''^•^EtiUSr
.■bS*. 1-n\"iitrr-ii.^-*)7^vfAKH*. i.-*
4» Recent Count Shows
~ That Number,"
The ground about town is bare.
.** - ' -'
J. S. MacEachern was in Ka'elo this
week." '        ------     -     .     .,   ,       ■-■   ■
F* &M®lr*
ia   Safe   to   Predict  luafc  TTitUiij   the
Koxt Xoar Movie* will Havo a ■'
Population of 1500.,
' Dr. Li vera has been  in Nelson  ancl
Kaslo for the past week.     '    " • .■   •;.
' Mrs. IraTownsend has   boon  quite
ill foe several days past. *.    *' *
For stoves, hardware and tinware go
to.G. il. Gilpin's.    - .*   ,   '' '. X f
: *
The mines.are making* big   prepara
tions-for'their ball an the 18th.',- •■■= - *
Miss   Jaquish
returned   from
" i-ji >7*!a*™?»-fi
; ,\-.'.Ks.,J;^i™n
'   'WJ'S
&.,*>.^r.jp.S'. >^'>,^,^^'-^^;-^-^-^^t-^-*^^5-^5^§-^-^5-^-^-^-^;**^**^
-^-•^.■^.■^T^S?^ ^;;^^*%^*.•^>^•>^•'^&•,^•',*^',*^•^'^'^*^•,^•^
St.ra. ."■ t-**^SM5«J-V**S*? ■
Paid P'p, Capital, $a,000,Q0Q. ,  ; ,   '
Moyie has , a population pf 845.
This is not mere speculation^ but a' result of an aptual houi«e tQ house can-
vas which was ir|adq this week by a
committee composed of   W. L.  K*eid,
Vio Desaulnier and A. P. JCacdonald,
This number includes those residing
at the St, Eugene and Aurora 'mines
and sit Parjcj jUitclibll & Go's, sawmill.
In view of'- th-o, tit^o at which' the
count was mado, this ia a good showing for Moyio. Tbe plosing down of
tho St. Eq'gebe mino caused thp laying off of at least 150 men, and qiqst
of those were out, of town when the
count was mado.       -
It is safe to prediot that \?Uhin...a
year Moyie vsrill have a populalion* of
1500 inhabitants.
-' * i w
J?. A. Mackenzie, Proprietor.
Hotel for the---masses.' Everything: ^First
|. in every  respect.    Sample Room's, for
**    '   '"    ' Commercial Man.       •   x':. .      '■
^^pLOYIB, ' '   British Columbia.
On about the   5th   of   March _
with   a   full   line   of   drugs,
chemical soaps, perfumes, sta-     "'
r    tioner}*,    etc.'     Eerscriptions
1 'given my special attention.
' O i
A Call SpJicited
*■.*<      .■' /
■Mm* ^
Large sample room in connection
with house for commercial men. Best
of accommodations,'
Headquarters for Commencial and Mining Man.
^f. ^.^.^y.^*.^.^. ^-ig:^;
""«>».•>**.- >*«-«.• *^».* >»-*.• >»>*u'>,<ia.' '>»k•>a>.•>*.•,
H.-1*' -'-'A J*A'.
*    \,i"'&*
^^^^^S^^^^^^^^'^^2^^'^^^3^.^: ?32^SS^
iiig Kntor-'iriso'IJ'or ."\loyie.
A-sawmill with, a capacity of 35,000
feet qf lumber, per day, and one Vjdiich
Will give employment to between 75
aud J00 men, is the latest enterprise
which is likely to be added to the
already   prosperous town of Moyio.
W. H. and Sam Grant, brother, aud
uncle of Malcolm Grant, of the firm of
Grant & Sheady, liave been   in   Moyie
several days from their home   in  Fair-
holt,, Minn.    They are practical lumber
and sawmill meu, and   inspected   the
big timber limits   ou tlie north side of
.the upper lake with a view to securing
the same and   erecting   a   mill cnear
town.    The.v    estimate  that  there is
nearly oue hundred  and   twenty  five
million feet of  first   class   timber   in
this tract.    Tlie erecting  of  a  $7,000
dawniill near town is   now  almost   an
absolute certainty.,
Eull particulars will be given in   the
Leader next, week.
Small J?oxln Moyie."
" Moyie has a mild case of small pos.
The victim is Dennis Shea, a miner,
who arrived here about 10 days .ago
from'Spokane. Shea-was taken sick
at the st St. Eugeo'e'inine the first of
the week ancl Dr. Green, the attending
physician, brought in'm , down to his
home1 for treatment. Wednesday he
showed symptons of small pox, and Dr.
King of Ora'nbropk, health officer fpr
the district, was summoned. Dr. King
also pronounced 'the cuse that of small
pox, and wired Government Agent
Armstrong lo' tliat effect.-
The Jnmkhouse aud workings afc""the
St. Eugene1 rhino have been rtuarran-
t-ned, and men bavp been placed on
guard to prohibit any person's from
coming down into the town. .There
are spme 70 persons iii the bunch.
Cq'nstaole Drummond has been
doing good work in the town, and has
had notices posted to tlie effect that
"No person .shall be allowed to leave
town without a certificate of vaccination from'a doctor " Dr. Green was
up on the hill yesterday vaccinating
those in quarantine and disinfecting
the place.'
Shea is still at Dr. Green's house and
the yellow flag is out. He is receiving good care, and is resting as easy
as could be expected under the circumstances. Shea is about iO yearis of--.age,
and is a member of the Ymir miners
union in good standing.
There is not much excitement in
tbwn over the matter, but quite a
number are taking tho necessaty precaution by being vaccinated.
,«s»flf<-l-*K   t
-■4 .¥
Advertise goods at a reduced .price when
they find put the^ ^have paid too much,' for
Because we know the value of. goods and
where to buy them, and never require to ask
less than the original marked.price.
jrpiul Glue on His Jilts.
C. E. Gregory, a  lpcal   painter  and
paperhanger, was, arrested last Sunday
afternoon,  and   was   booked   on   tho
charge of   stealing  an   overcoat   from
AL. J. L'enanl.a  traveling   tailor.    The
coat was in .Gregory's posession   when
arrested. - Tlo was  tried   Monday  beforo      Justice    Thomson.       Gregory
claimed he was drunk at  the   time of i two weeks before the other bodies   cai
Tlio Colliery -Catastroi)lio.
Special advice to the •'News-Advertiser" of the first stated that it was
found that the fire in the Union Mines
had extended 50 feet up No. 51 shaft,
tho timber being charred that distance
up, Men were buisy all day, repairing the shaft and today moro water
will be put in, to quctich the last
vestige of the fire.   It will therefore be
Lo6k Out for Murphy's spring and
summer stock of clothing.--.., -   '•  -'
Mrs. Watkins has been at 'Kimber-
ley on a visit fo'r several1 days p:ast.
Policiea covering every kipd of aick-
nj3ss and accident can bo secured, at
Beale & Ehyeil's, '
A. T. Clark went into Cranbrook
yeaterday to attend ,a meeting of tho
licence pommissioners.
By taking oijt a policy £gains.t small
pox with Beale & Elwell you ,will
secure for ypp'raelves $2^ a week.
Professor Harry HaUs-rnTias been on
the sick list for some days past but ig
now;-, con valeseehfc,'
P.- J. McMahon, proprietor of the
Kootenay Hotel, waa iu Nelson on
business this week'.
Geo. M. Keohler, the popular manager of G. H. Gilpin's - store at ' this
place, paid Craobrook a visit the first
of .the1 week. ' <-*.*.
LOTS—for sale on easy terms ia all
parts' of, town*. .D, J.Elmer's Cigar
Store.       '" " ' "  ""
Dr. Reddy returned to Spokane tlie
first of the week. He is endeyeriiig to
get the townsits difficulty adjusted.'
( J. J. Murphy has the hottest line of
faqcy shirts in town. They aro .hot
in'color and low' iri price.
Messrs. Frith & Hamilton are making good progress wi'th' 'their new hotel and will be ready to open in a few
days., , -   -  •-_ .---'
gtnall pox is'in the town, the best
prevention is to insure yourselves
against getting it. Policies' from $3
up at Beale ct Elwell's.
p. J. Johnson is sn receipt of a letter
from,Cap). Sanborn, who is now' iii
Seattle.' The Captajn ia agaiu going
north in the spring.
J. J. Murphy has had extra shelving
put in his store this week to make
room tor the arrival of liis iarge spring
and summer stock of clothing.
Insure against small pox with the
P. D. Hope Post Office drug store by
procuring immediately disenfectants.
This is a propor insurance policy.
Joseph Schaioh, the druggist vyill
open his store in the Koo'tenfiy hotel
building fibout March oth."
Go to Murphy's and sec his large
assortment of hats, boots and sboes at
the lowest possible cash prices.
Archibald Dick,.government inspector of coal and metalliferous mines,
was here this week and inspected the
St. Eugene mine. This is the first
time the St. Eugene has been inspected by a government inspector.
It was found in first class condition.
Mr. Dick left lor Fernie yesterday to
inspect the coal ii>ines a.t thai plac.e.
"   '       Delea-ace-*" lo Greenwood.
Moyie has sent a full   delegation  to
tho.   convention    of   the,   associated
boards of trade at Greenwood,   which
convened   last  Thiifsday.-    They  are
J. P. F.--.rrell and LeWis Thomson, prea*
ident an secretary of the Board, and N,
A. MacKenzie, a member, of" the-- executive    committee, ' Ai   a   meeting
field .the day previous  to their departure the' delegates 'were fustrucfe'd, io
urge the division of-tlte district., arid io
vote for free trade in-''the ' grari'tip-g pi
charters to railway's.    ,'     '    ,   ' '
.. South East Ko6tenay is -ft-ell  represented at the "'convention "this'year.
Fernie   has   sent   two   delegates,-   H.
Bentley and G. C.  Henderscta; 'Cran-
biodkjthfee, A\, Lei-ch,'Hubert Haues
and JamesIlyan":'Fort Sfee'Ie 'two,  C,
E. Hanuingtori a'nd J.' H. Laidlaw."
■      'l_j: 'Lt i„_j-*__-
' Ti     Mra. Nation In Prinj:.     ^
Peoria, 111'!— Mrs.'Cfarrie Nation was
in charge of the Journal here today.
Her contribution ,t<? the paper consis-'
ted of eight columns of editorials and
an account of her crusado ' against
"joints.'.' Mr^. Nation 'says.' in he'i-
leading editorial, "I have never hurt, a
hair jn the heads of my bacl "'brotHerflj
t^ie saloonkeeperp, grid I'Tibpe' for pity
S3.ke non'o q! them Vj'n ever ge't in " ^he
way of rny Kafohet, for ft gets olrerifullV
recklpas when ifc fli^'s"'around anjash'ihg
that' which murders, r»en." Jfo d'fe
tempt was made by Mra. Nation to
handle the advertising columns, an^i
whiskey advertisements filled several
pages.     " "'       '" •' '  " , ■
St. Eugene_MU1 iiunnlriff.
For the past week the  weather  has
Been quite warm, aud a good portion '
of the time there has been a  drizzling '
rain.    The  St.  Eugene   concentrator
"started iip last Thursday a!rid has beeu
Running'to its" Tuff capacity dyer since."
It is not likely that aaoth'er shutdown    ,
for the lack of water will be "necessary.
stealing thc coat, but the judge did
not yiew the matter in tho same light
and simply said "30 days". Tho prisoner was taken to Fort Steelo Tuesday
by constable Drummond to servo his
Tlie I'll st Olllco Dr-tg* Stove
If you want  stationery   and   school
supplies keep your  eye   oii   the  Post
Office drug -ind stationary store.    We
have a Uu'ge order oh the  road   which
will arrive in a few days, and as we
buy for cash the prices will be low.
All sorts of writing tablets, note paper,'
envlopes and sundries to select ■■'from.
Also a first class selection of novels by
best ..authors. Every week we shall re-
Geivo nisw publications, Book;-! exchanged at 15 cents.
IHctril Quotations.
YN"ow York, March. 1..—Bar silver,
61| cents. Lead, price for miners
and smelter3, $4'.37*i} at' the close. Copper, brokoi's' price, ^17.00. *' - Y
be taken out.
The funerals of the last of the victims whocs bodies h;ivo been recovered, took place yesterday.
Fourteen bodies so fur have been
recovered from the exploded mine, all
of them having been taken opt by way
of No. 5 shaft.
A wire from springficld, 111., says
that the United Mine Workers of
Illinois, in State Oenveulion, voted to
send $500 to the ramifies of the miners
who lost their, lives in the mine explosion on V-Iucou'ver Island.
Jior-val Baj>Uo's  Exlilbjtioij.
YNorval Baptie, champion skater of
the ■ world,(gave an exhibition at the
rink last Sunday afternoon to a fair
sized audience. He displayed considerable skill, and in all ui tide! it interesting for his audiance. ,T. E.. Collins
and Jack Blomlie,,two of Moyie's best
skaters, assisted Mr. Baptie.
Jack, Tho Itfulc.
.Jack, better   known   in   Moyie   as
"Scott's black mule," is dead. ' He was
killed by a train near   Moyelle   a   few
day-; ago,'    Jack wag   one of  the   pioneers of the .camp, having  hauled   the
logs for the first building, and   packed
in the first lot   of   merchandise   that
was brought to town.    Jack as a prospector was hard to   beat,  and   Charlie
Diamond says he could follow a blazed
trail in   the   mouutains    that   would
puzzle lot3 of '"men".    But Jacl-j  is ,no
more. ■        "
PJatforui Torn Away.
This week tho old C. P. R, platform
at the foot of Que'eri's avenue was torn
down and moved to the new station
and extended on to the south end of
that platform, -
C. 1». K, l'utting Up Ice. '
K Winnipeg firm has just completed a contract of cutting and " loading
in cars 900 tons of ice for the C. P. R.
\ to be-stored at Gf-iubi-L-ok anu'M;icIeo5.
There has been close to 5,000 "tons of
ice taken out of Moyie lake'sojij.r this
season.    ' ;
Croiv's Nest l*ass Tunnel.'   ,   '
Olof Olson, of Onsc.g,de c_ity, \yh0 bag
the conhrapt t9 run the tunnel on   the
Crow's Nest Pass in order to  do  g,\vay
with the Loop, waa  in  ISTelson  a  feiy
days  ago   hiring   men.    He   secured
twenty.     He brought, about 50   men'
from 'the  Boundry CQimtry.   He  expects to increase the force "to J.00   or
more,    \york is to begin at once.   M,
what point the tunnel will  be  started
is not known, Dut when  completed  it
is thought that it will be from 1,000 to
1,200 feet in length.    When  the  new?-
track is m use the tims saved  on the
route will be about one   hour.   It   is
expected that  id   will   be   completed
during     the     comicg    iall.-rNelsojj
Cranbrook Herald;
J. R. Costigan is expected tto return
from O.ttawa the latter part pf the
Dance "N-bx-i Tliufsday,
Thos. Lyons of Cranbrook, and Professors Wilson and Grier will give a social dance in the Odd Fellow's hall next
Thursday evening.    Tickets, $1.
The report that Mr. Sheppard was
quarantined at the Royal hotel in
Fernje proved to be au error.
E. H.   Small   has   reorganized his
dining room on a new plan,  and will
give it his personal  attention   m Uie
There was no meeting pf the Odd
Fellows Iodgo last Friday night. The
hockey match proved too strong au
The Herald would be pleased to seo
a hockey club organized in this district
that would keep the. Cranbrook boys
busy for a time at least. -:'    ■•''    •
James'Ryan is having an electric
street lamp put afc 'ihe corner of, the
Cranbrook hotel. Thisi will prove a
good thing for the hotel and for tho
Ou Tuesday a record breaking- train :
was brought in from tlie east by Conductor Barnhart with engines 788 and
466. It had 31 loads aud 11 empties,
or 1222 tons. Six moths ago a .big
train was nino loads, or 375 tons.
/    /
V mi:  \Xa}  ���i '-,  i,  uu,  ���Alt  '. B-  ii-  "i    t   '    1  ���i>Y-  s-f  - ...yi'  ' I-.--YY  ���t'f  '.. i��� w  }i- -,  i.  ."  -'  >*'"    ft  ,;-  ,'I  'i.'-jv  ,   ii'  ������..at*:  J.      *'  ���*.;. -i  .?  !. - >'���������-  -.  i .jflj,,  ,  ���'���^  L,  ' J  '    -i.  ' '.{���  p  -  l*r  '.,.-  ^wrrfc.,. **������'���'.j-.-*'!*^!  scsfRssaas  ^^^^^^^^g^g??^ rii-miiy**"1"***--*^^  fifjj   M   l-IUM^..^:*!^^^ *   MbOarter,  " iO-Ji..,;."ii* 3, ���*--.       '  '  Et-rvey.'Sificcrtc".- '����; AlWai-.a.-.;.'.  ;     .���'rEllXIE.B.C." "' '" '"-'���*'  Barristers & Solicitors.  iblishf-d ir. the ..nteresL ol the people*  of Movie r.nd East Kootenay.  ,r. s.-Mi'xrr & cc.  ^ubll-ilii-rK.  (Jive a fair   w.ge,   smitary   surroundings, and reasonable working hours, he  j is not much of a man who fails to lead  v respectable life and lift himself up'to I -.-,  better Ihinsc.  THI  POST OFFICE  AftCvJ <fc ��,'i'ATiOi.i.fv-' Ca^liKv  flv--������^->--i:i���.'������-���"������.���>:^���^���^>���."'**���**-���^���'���'>'i���.'**���i���^ - ' ^*   Jr!^!1*'  ��5      _  ' -'���'-���S-s-i^-i!  i*r, or .���".uiccniPTro;  ->30 -ictr..   ?-..C:  >   SATUFLAY, MARCH '2, 1001.  i  muipi���i���i��� iwi    ii1  i iittt i i"ir  "  "���! ~ murum rmrriTTniTTTi  Let Jim Hill come.  Competition jji railways  never  in*  'ured any country.  The nurKbor of British hilh'd in  South Africa up to the -Ith of Feb-  ;uary, was i��,GS'J.  The International, Typographical  Union received per capita tar on 3S,G-iG  members last month: ,  1  |     If the coal ' mine disaster   near Na-  jnaimo was really ctused by   a Japanese laborer, who   was   unable, to   read  the posted notices of caution, (he employment cf this element  by Premier  j Dun-Jimiir has not proved itself ,at   all  profitable.   A petition is being circulated  among   tiie   'miner-:   o;   Xanaimo  dielnct pipying   that   the  provincial  government shall appoint a com mil tee  | to examine all coal  miners and   mine  laborers to'ascertain   their   C those,   t'o  engage in such   vocation., It  is  pro-  posed (hat   a   rigid   educational  (est (ORANBUOOK,  should be applied  LEWIS THOMSON".  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  JOIIMSTOW  BROS.  '">*S-5  M"cyie5  JSTotarv Public, Accountant,    COHMISSIQH     f.SD  Insujukce AGENT.  JfONEY TO LOAJJ.   "  B,  G.  TOILET ARTICLES,  PATEHTivCKDICOTES, if  OFFICE STATIONERY, If  SCHOOL SUPPLIES,  ���*  -J.  1  \:x  W..F. G-UED,  UAKEISTEJS, SOLICITOR, ETC.  P. D0 HOPE,  to  to  to  en  to  to  Thia Hotel is Few and well Furnisher! ^    I  :. ���  .Tables ^ro Supplied with the Best T?e  Marfcet affords. The Bur is FilipH'J��H v-^  the Best -Brands of liquors and CiS?! f >1  AGENTS FOR PABST'S" MILWAUKEE BEEB.      * ''"'*  B..C  Cuciuitt and Drujjjjisr,  ���.rc-i-iE, 13. C  HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMERCIAL '  ��� ' "   AND MINING 1VTEN **���   BKixian col  ���MMH��wi*^.j.T-r��fni iu. j.. l^'irrTHMinili'iii  i   !���������  ��� ������            II.  V  '���i  ���H  wuir-i 1.  t  .{'..,  .?.?  GO -TO   THE  M-qgu-- ygaJBHCTs^a ui.-jgrj'SC  Moyie sliov^ed jtvS heart svac in the  right place by sending a full delegation  o the Qreenr,-ood convention.  New' Denver Ledge: It ie net safe  'a drink cocktails in I'aiuiao. They  -re liahk to centum long hairs or  '���atchetc.  riood  Pcneral*pc*vcl'Gce3--.a to hr^ i:  "eal lil.'o tho -Frenchman's flea:  When you put your finder on him he's  hot tl}ere. .  Could 2fot Tjrijst Himeelf.  Mrs. Housekeeper���Now, you've had  your dinner: v/ill you sav: some v/ood  for me?  -  Wragscng  Tatters���Say,  lady,  I'm  afmid.  Mrs. Housekeeper���Afraid of  work,  I suppose. '     "        ii  Wragsong   Tatters���It   p.in't   that,  lady; but I'm a kleptomaniac, an' I'm  afraid I'd ete.il tho saw.���Philadelplii.-i  Precc.  A labor union has been organized in  ;Camloops by James V/ilka of Nelson.  V-'ilks id a hustler and',true friend of  .-ganized labor.  It is said that if a jn^n waits patien-  "Jy while a,   woman   ic   f'putting   her,  things  on,"   or  "shopping"    ho  ��� "oake o scod husband.  wil  Bs Do-*:n't AuicrUfcc.  The spider v/o've his filmy web,  Across an opon door;  ('Though which a merchant found  His v/ay mto and out his etdre.  'Don't woaveyour r/eb across the door"  Abeo was heard to say,  "Because before you'vo got it done  'Twill all be swept "away,"  "X guoes i hnow whfttl'w (tbcul/5  ,Bo;lied the spider wise;  "I know'the man Who runs this store  Ho doe-sr-'fc cdverfcise/'  Prgf, Harry Haiiam  v>rom Xottniffham lri)ivcrsityJ-Colle'rc of MuMc.  Teacher and Timer of Piano.  Orders left at Po5V0ffice Moyiej B.' C.  Commission   and   Insurance  Agenc.  NEW   YORK LIFE, "      ,  LONDON AND LANCASHIRE,  P1ICENIX OF BRCOKXYN  'Insurance'Co.'s  .   B. 0.  i < i  For your outfit.,   The largest stock in  ,  East Kootenay.  KEiD:&CO.y  ��� CSANBROOK, B. C.  fc    ��'W'  l" f    I. fllj  lf:X%k  fi, *. $  ^ifl i'.      * -s.  J-  M '"','''(  MOYI3S B. 0o  Are-Now Open, and Keady For  .^usineps. With a Fiji Line of $>>:  - - - *���    yl/.'-'i'-';**  Staple and Fancy<  .v;*��"4  ����,*  .'Jf**-*'*.  .*�����  % You are invited to Inspect Stock.  Fort Steele,  Keep Yowr Eye^  Joseph Martin cays "he -is  ciek  and  disgusted with, politics'in British' Col-  Y-mbia, and denotes hia intention of re*  Jinng to private life. ' "Let Martin go"  .---ems tc be the gener**.! seritimeiib oi j  y��Ii*at)lQ Almaunp ri-eG-  We have received a copy cf,the-; now  almanac for 1901 publishsd by 'the  Royal Baking Powder' Co. It 'is an  artistic and useful book and will be of  interest   to "housekeepers.   A   note-'  .0. p; HIGGINS,  Phypician and Surgeon  OFPICE���P^RRELI,' BLOCK.  MOYIE,      '    - '      British Ooiunibia.  J     THE   PROSPECTORS'.'EXCHANGE '"  iio..i ic.-iy.-G. iilocic* NEcsoy. i��. c. ���   '  ^   Inv-no*    '   -  ^  W G0LD Properties wanted at-encti fcrFMern  %  t     ' Paniae haying mining properly for sale arq requested to ��� on.i  ^ ^aarnplM or their pro to the EXOI-IANQJ3 for ofhibitfbn. U  J-        We desire to hear from prospectors who have proraisin?  mir  ���J   eralclamia in British Columbia; -     ' '       -T e      n'"'  -���������--A1-5nSen0Jiandm'iniqS^e����ro^"queflte4 to niakc ihg KX-  i.w-^ti"  I-', ,J a'*-*-*?  fv-!S  City, Shaving   Parlor,  CENTRAL   HOTEL.  WESLEY CX.IX-JE, Prop'.  he people,  =v^... ,jjj**^."jyj-..*u. i-.*j  ... ���      - o  ''According to an accurate count  *-.iade a few days ,ago Moyie has a  ���vjpulatipn of Sd5. Not bad at ��� all for  -. town that has just thrown oft'  -waddling'clothes.  its  The changi-ng of I lie name from  Moyelle to Aldrich was a good idea on  'the part of the C/> P. II. No doubt  this is the last act in the drama T/hich  at one time played so important a  part wiili the people of Moyie.  ! worthy feature of the " almanac is a  p.eclictiou oi the weather for every  -day of tho year, by Prof.- DeVoe, who  correctly prophesied the great Galveston cyclone and other important  meteorological events. \y*e are authorized to say that any woman reader of  this paper can secure a copy without  cost by sending a request to the Company, at 100 William St.; New York!  Moyie, B. C.  Highest, price paid for Eaw Pins.  PackiugAcks aud send by express ' to  James Gill. Cranbrook.  UffipiTBARBER SHOP  ���     ��� AK"D BATH JROOBIS."  X.E. COLTjIXS, Propr.  Victoria Street, , MOYIE; 13. C.  ���i���*��giLj���limn���*������..!,��imwii i   nmnii'in   nnaniiB*muji..J   BUTCHER SHOP.  QUEEN'S AVEXUJ2.  ,    FISH, FLESH-  ��� AND    FOWL'  OF THE BEST QUALITY AT L1V-  IXGc .PRICES.*  j  Telephone No. lOi. p. ,0. Box 700. ' ' NELSON, B.C  if  fer  Ll  ff  I  H  tt  I.^">;--"j.i  I'c-f.*^.  (-,^fll*S.*J/  J o.Vtfj*  Y'Xxifi  \ XP'r-MPit  J?. " ''v't.i-  fYY*$'  ,fv,.,r^  f   ���"i,:?.'.��f;  !, -"--i'kk-''  ....   V    '    >*'^*.VT.  ft- j-'-'tA*,j-t-  r    ���' < f-v-jTo  B--  ���v.iv^-c-Jv-i-u'i,  ,-rrrrO  "Men in position to know whereof  they speak claim that the Bupply of  Crow's Noat coal is simply iaezhtius-  table. And yet it is feared by many  Jhat if Jim Hill backs hie -ears up  against the Fernie coal bins it will be  all off with British Columbia's supply.  *-tjga*n*-*-ZJ:=3  Vol. 1 No. j. of the Northwest Mining News of Spokane has made its appearance, and' ic a credit to its publishers in every way. It is deserving  of success, and it is to be hoped that  it will fare better than most journals  of its kind established in that ci&y.  There is now in Victoria one white  steam laundry employing 33 hands.  Two attempts were made to start other  white laundries���one eight and the  other six years ago; but they wilted  for want of {sufficient patronage. The  present laundry was started nine years  ago, an.l is supported by a number of  steady customers who v/ill not have  their clothes washed by  the   Chinese.  The government cannot afford to  "itiilify itself b}r further refusing the  grant the Great IrTorthern and any o'.li-  #r railway ihat may dc-fire to come  into the Dominion lo upend their  money among Ui'-j people for con.->l.-ue  lion and to purchase our product." al  the current rates; in short, tlie federal  authorities should not hesitate even a  moment over thc matter cf granting  a charter to the Great Northern for  its proposed branch into thu East  Kootenay coalfield:-;.���Rosslai.d Miner.  TO TIIK DEAF.  A rich/lady cured of her Deafness  and noises in the .head by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums, gave $10,-  000 to his Institute, so that deaf  people unable to procure the Ear  Drums may have them free. Address  No, 14522 The Nicholson Institute,  780, Eighth Avenue, New York,  TJ. S, A...  Assessment work Contract*": Taken,  Parties wishing lo have assessment  work dene on claims in the vicinity of  Moyie, will do well to consult oi write  the undersigned for terms. Work  left in my care will be promptly attended to, and satisfaction will be  guaranteed. S. A. SCOTT.  Send Your Work  To the  CITT   UUNDFY.  Where it  will' be Done  Satisfactory.  P. LUTNER, Pijop.  Furnishings,  Boots,.; Shoes, Hats, Gl&ves, Etc,  '"COME AND SBE, lis:  Victoria Av\e., JIovik, B. C  good work.  PRICES   REASONABLE  Bread .deliyered -   '  to any part of" the city.  PIES, CAKES MP ETC.  , Always on Hand.  A. SLIITO. Prop!  , .. ' -if *-. V  "���-,AA.  ���mtm  -xrimi  ,  ^-r-^'"vVv*^t  A AM-^M  ���'    "    ^..Wv*->?V  ... ..TftSj-t-i!.  f ,*;i .h4A  THE  LAKE   SHORE  Barber Shop.  Hot, Cold and Vapor Baths.  Opposite   Cosmopolitan    Hotel  W. Xi. I-OISY Prop.  NOTICE.  2v'otico tE hereby given Ihat I,  D. H.  .lartin,  miner, intend P0 days after date to apply to the  chief commissioner of lanils and works for a  special licen.se under laud act to cut and cairy  away timber ou the following descrihed land's  situated in thc vicinity of* (he upper Moyie  lake to*.-U: Southwest comer post situated  about one hall mile northeast of iMoyie river  falls; rkouce north SO chains, thence east SO  chains*, thence so lit b pO chains, 'thence west vSO  chain1: to place of comn:p*ic(.-ment.  D.ll. MARTIN.  Moyie, J3. ('. I'eh. 23ch 1001. 3-1G.  EAST KOOTENAY BOTTLING CO.  CRANBROOK, B   C.  Areated Waters of all  Kinds.  MOViE DAIRY.  Fresh new milk delivered to all  parts of town hvice a day. Satisfaction guaranteed.  Mrs. Adelaide Dill, Prop".  T. V. LOWJSTEY, Proprietor  Miners   hoadquwtera.3 Good   accommodations' for   traveler,.    .Best   ,i1QM  1    .liquors and cigars kept ic stock, '  Lake Shore Addition MOYIE, B. C,  IF YOU ARE A  OF, DOMESTIC AND  1MI-0KTED  p^f WW wiv* W *P W*i- , Y^^W&s-W-tVrw *;^W^-s-w~ WW **r*-  The only house in East Koolnny  heated throughout with hotair,  .First class in every respect. Special  rates 't'o boarderg. Good sample,, room  for commercial men.  European plan.    Open dayjind nig^*.  THE  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  i.s.  Low wages and want are two potent  causes of .vice and degradation. Thc  forc3 of thi.- appeals to the nios*'. superficial thinker or student of economic  conditions, yet it is. disputed hy some  men of wealth and professed religion  and disregarded hy many who hhould  recognize that the salvation of tluj  working class lied in better -.v-igoa nud  condition.**. A man who is continually struggling to hold body and &oul to-  X0TICE.  N'oti-'.e i-. litTchy fjiven that I, JJcn J, Ityley,  l'jinoi, intend sixty dny.s nffer <lnXi t'o  nj-jily ro tin- chief commissioi;..r of land and  rtoik-i fo1* a ipcpial lip-.-n'.c umler Iftiicl act to  cut utnl ciirry away timber ou the follon-iii*;  (Heenbo'l lKii(la.'.itr.aUMl in tlio vicinity of the  iip-fie." Mo\io l;il:e to'vit: South oast corner  |.o t sitiintod about-Ji miles north'vest of tiio  Moyjc liver falls: thence west (.���iiflity chiiin**,  ihf-nce noithSOcrj'ahiH, thence Gust tsO ch/iiii*-,  thence *>onth *v0 i-iiains to the place or eom-  iMOiiccjnen!. HEN J. UYIjJCY,  Moyie, JJ. C, Feb. 23th 1901, 3..10.  Orders Solicited.  Soda Water  and Syphens.  PIPES AND TOBACCOS,  Call and examine my new  stock and you will be convinced that I liave the heat  brands there ia in tho mar-  ket,  D. J. ELMER'S    Cigar   Store.  -Next door to Kootenay Hotel. VIc-  toriu street, Moyjo. B. fj.  E. Of SM.VL.Tj I'rop,  r- '*���  I  K  s,  1  i  \. :xmm  vpaawh4(  I.-,*,. ���-.',��,><-f?'1  �� >t,*ftVj-a*��  ..., T **.*-*i*.'*J-. *  ,AAi��.$vii  j.Y\M^>  V"-2^W  ' ��� vY*.M  4 ���-���^���-���������asfj-  p'. -A&iek?  t   -%%%'  ��� , * **-* ���^.'t**'.-  "\aW^  tM" .t.A(Se.v  CKANBROOK, * .. B, O.  mm^mm  n"*   *- ""^���������"^���W^W^wai IWH^ ���W-**--}B����^*E��iM^gW--*gM|-^^  -,   -    -  FOR FINE ,  s  NOTICE.  Xoticeis hereby given that I, .\ralcolm Grant,  of Movie, 11. (.;.. contractor, jntend :,0 (iny.s  after (lute to apply io the chief coiiiim*>.sioner of  Jandi and worl-*. for ji sneciul licen-e under  limd acts toc-ut-ind cnri-y a��nv timber on the  following do**eiil-od hinds, .situate in the, vicinity of Moyie afore-iud, to wit: Tho houth ea*-t  corner post of -.aid hinds is silimed about three  inilcp wc-t ofti-o lower end of upper Moyie  hike and f-onlhof Lmnb crock, theuco -ISO cluiiu  v.-sf, thence 2-> thai, is north, ihcuco i>*0 chum.,  oast, theineliO -.hums ,oulh lo point of coin-  iiieucun.ei.t; cc.ii.iinin*.-, I.OOOacrc. or tht-i-cly.  , ^W:f,.  -  ^��  .    .... v..-iyv>,2C  '   ,     '"������vjSS'A  ���       .   . -5'. *-t.  ^1  T ..,.-v; j,  -"-AAA  A--   '* X^  n ��� ��, -;,; ���: r."r  X'>X'A)AA  , r* ^ <v   lA' Y'  t    ' ,"+W*5,u-��'-lf iv"  ���pAt-xyy,  ��� i\ ,-".*l~.','!  ,?.!-.  i'.-vS-T''*  ASS&YJHiM,  NELSON,  B. C  MAU'C'f-*'  Moyio, 'J 1th Xo-,ember, 1900.  S'tANT,  BOOTS    AND    SHOES  Repaired and Made to Order.  R, A. SMITH,      Moyie.  NE.\R MAcEaCIIKKN &i\[ACI)ON.\I.DS.  HEAVY TEAMING  ADDRESS  NELSON.  4  ^^: ^;^9^^^^����������������������������� �����������  Baogagb,  ' A-  Large sample iootn in connection  with house for commercial men. Best  of accommodnlions.  Headquarters for Commencial and Mining Men.  SUBSCRIBE FOI  QUKEN   AVENUE,  ��� MOYfE,   11. C  n n ~*"/irii**^TQ>   itt -��*ij��*-j��i��-<3a  >^>v->^>*^->^.>^.v*fc*^*^*^*^^-^^^|�� ^t^^V*>  xpx  1 'll*  ..' I  X]  '.- A-  A 'v. I  r xX  .' x  A^,i  -1* t  i* t ' 'if- y  Y;Yi  ArX  ������" : -a  .fit  ; er  *tc  -st  * t:  ��� dc  , lit  pr  er  th  vi:  ed  tfU /C.:.f?m'-'
.'. '■:r'-/-**"1-'
-, Z±,-<5ir/'3 ■
'■- 'r/^^'y',
-.   .-,rtifilJ(;iW^"*TJl'- ™
(,-.. 1->'*VY:'J-V
t* *■■,*.*■   ,   •^'■"f-  ^
•*-***-i*-i.-f *w-.T»'-ri*b.*<-i*K~.%.*^—fn-7hiiiijrii mrt-ifi r
MOYIE,   B.    C.
with J:
?ars. X
-. ^.S-Y-Y/**',.
. .-i,i*^^y., .A-*
., ^■««t."-T-r'-*. -j-V <• •
^■»--*,—T-r--*. '(-V '
.'   ...'S-'v-vJ.M***
It IV a* Made to Sutisfy the Cariosity
of m Official.
Here is a story that tho ladies should
, . „... appreciate: A young married woman
! i'.-^;*^*;^.*'^'**-0 *ias mauy acquaintances in Oleve-
' , .•y^>i^'ift-;|;Ian(] took a little trip in'company with
' 'A*'Al^^0'}nd>hy up to Montreal and back not Ions
Y Y-rv';^%^si'n«r°* When thoy reached ,tbat bustling
- -/''Vv.i^WSS'?c****y» thoy were approached by a respects'."' ^'vftw^*.1-^'0 b-okinjj individual, who offered for
'"" '"'"''     modest consideration   to  convey   their
l followocl U"appi-u*«* to ir.al:e, l.rr mine,
lJa*>l towering oak and £,-vvii)..jr*£ hy vine,
hlie tied; I chased, o'er 'lai-tin-** lij,'] -**ivl dale,
O'cj- hclds and irii-a-lG-vs, in the j>ur|iliu;j tale.
J'ursuin*; rapidly o'er the •L.'-j^liiug* stream,
1 scaled the dizzy cliffs, where eagles stieam;
I traversed swiftly eu-iy land a;.d sea,
Hut always Happiness eluded me.
Exhausted, fairjting, 1 pursued no more,
Hut sar.k to Jest upon a ba-ien shore.
One cjrne and as!:ed for food and one for alma;
1 placed the bread ami gold in bony palms.
•   Out- came for f-j.nip.iihy and one for rest;
1 -shared with cu:.  ric-rdy one my best,
When, lo, av.tel Uapp..-><-■-*■, with form divine.
Stood by me uJii&ptii'jk softly, "1 am thine."
—II.  Wade 13uilei-;h in,.Monthly South Dakotan.
X V$$SMi There i
xx^mmvunk, w
they waited
hicU  never
and waited for
came.     Finally
PXaAPPXl'^ffibusbaud proceeded to the railway station
*-**.* 7,
Y Attn*
Y For
n^ of fefi
.--k'^ffff^and stated bis trouble.   'Tlie bfiicials wero
'""'"'''.Vsorry,  but they could do nothing.    Just
If-' i'^^i^about that time bis eye caught sight of
§1 ''Xf>SiA^-S'i'the missing baggage.    He told  the rail-
' f'X"XX^Af'MaH   mea   so*     Thej*   were   very   son-.*
""'";\rsfr)ttgain,  but the claimant  would  have  to
^■"   jjr
*.    '>
'•^l^'oflieiais shook' their'beiMrs;    There were
l!^Iqjl^H$keys   and   keys.     A   key   didn't  signify
Wi^^^0^mneh.   What wns in the trunkV .
f.*4)-^0l '^'u' 'nisliand asked them to wait a mo-
'^.'.^KTSj^nient while he sent a megsenger for his
know the contents to
-..;-_,f,.'-tg'SAeM"•'   'J-'ie 'any soon appeared,'and the bus*
r.7w^Ki*'"bantl  stated  the ca»,e to ber and  tossed
'    .Y.V/vUr'vsl. (be key to tlie waiting oflicinls..
"W"-' JPPl)^p   "Tell  these geutlomeu  what rs in our
^%- 'XXX'-yXvnnli. my dear," li6 said.
%&fXxX''  "-In our t.i».nk?" she echoed.
£0tx8$m ■   "Yes' lfly denv.    You can tell just ex-
'.tf-M^h^sr "ctly  what's in  it  because you  packed
o.rtfci:jr*2te i. .»
i^-l.v~r##    "Of course 1 can," she cried.    "Let me
I , P0ftimsee.      Why,   therrt's—tliore'a"—her   face
"•i'fe^brightened—"there's my bc-i-a bat!"
the sober Camuliniis cracked
siiiile .it this rein ark able exam-,
.{•■■*'..-'i.'^^"-.?*Bi»!e   of   accurate   description.—Cleveland
J        ^r.   i()VlV*'**''    "  / *"*i»-( *
E ..e-Q'-i^OTrost-Dispatcb
f   'Ti. ^M61'1*?1-1 en ed—
|*"^.*.'.^r:r*.Mp!e 'of   acci;
Et«wtoi '     -
- --^^M? Sqiiilfllsr- l.i,
t. *.-'*^--^i-i..MJv.ri.'-i'l< !s-' illit:! ii
• -, ''.^-K.r-i.-.jfc-
■^spvpi-iiI, linn's
;again." Tin-
<4«ilU. l.lk«*ly.    ,
Iliiiig.c'lmng has the grip
W'.-ll, Iih hns lost In.*" grip
1.1-f.in1, and  he may  lose il
.iiin (.'hi<iiiiele-Telegraph'.
white mm
f*v '•
: -"ffi-^-^iS^**-.1?*'*''
f-l'^-^ffe-Ml8   Kslvnff,'*--.Spt*r*os   >*o   ClansT:
i;-'^^;ifJf"?vI>oor Alike Fall Its Victims—
Ilrentl Trouble May
—l*J.i«ll    1)11(1
■Mow J his
bo l-*-*evented.
B. C
Consuniptipn has been -well named
->^*|f#-^^lie ffrcat white plague, One-sixth of
<i*f0$W®*,U th0 fk'aths occurring- in Canada
;,"'^^w-&>*nnuaI1y "*i*c due to -the ravages of
i'1 ,v**'^'*!ff0*lWT-'llso terrible, disease- -.Its.vic.tinis.ii.ro
i ,.".**j!i.-j:.«^jouucl  among a]^ classes;'.   rich    .and
succumb, to its insidious
llyy a few'j-ears ago' the'
fj.jjgjj^^viiium ,ui consumption was regarded
yvA^gj^l^fas incurable, ,,and horror stricken
*&Gffij*j$$friends watched the loved ono day by
sYS.4"*}'^*??*11"0 away, until death came as a
|Y*ey|i>#^|niei*ciful release/ Now, however, it is
|;-';').;',"^;f!AL'linowii ' thfit 'taken at its earlier
'XX-%$%0&< stages consumption is curable, and
■" .'f-Ty-j^:*^)'^at by a proper care of V.ie blood—,
i'-i"-^'*^^keeping it rich, red and pure—those
who  are  predisposed   to   the   disease
tffa^fifaz  escape  its  ravages.    Consumption     is
■•-,>,*   «^T,r  ,.i„c^r,.i   ajnong*   q1c     preventiblo
■ >'*s*S
VYS|if discr
I' - i^M-r
,    i-.'*ti7*;41'
--. ,j1r*S--*.*
seases, and' those who aro pale,
easily tired, emaciated, or show any
of the numerous symptoms of general
debility should at once fortify the
system by onriching and purifying
tho blood—thus strengthening not.
only the lungs, but-all parts of the
Among those who have escaped a
threatened death from consumption is
Sirs. Ttobert McCracken, ' of Marsh-
villc, Ont. Mrs. McCracken gives her
experience that it may be of benefit
to some other 'sufferer.    She says :
"A few years ' -..go I began  to experience  a  general     weakness.      My
appetite was  poor; I was very pale;
roubled with shortness of br.ea.th
smothering feeling in my chest,
these     symptoms  'I.    became
X\^XT\Xy^Y nervous,   at   times     dizzy     and
..'^'-.''ifaint,  and my hands and feet would
""Yvv get  ^   Cold   as   ice"    As   ,,lic    Lrni'-tio
P , '\VtJl Progressed I began to lose Desh rap-
. o'   AyA"idly, and in a short time J was only
AA j'f?i a shadow of my former self.     1 had
pAf.yVf good medical  treatment,, but did not
w0YH\. get relief,   and  as  a harsh  cough set
V*r*'>Vn I hegan to fear that consumption
'"". *-*>lrhacl fct*stencd     itself upon me.     Thi.**,
"'■rr,yrwas    strengthened     by     , knowledge
'   v'-f,|.'■-bat  several     of my     ancestors  had
,., .,. ■ jydied of  this  terrible disease.   In  this
.- .i**^?rather deplorable condition J  was ud-,
^Yl lv,sed Lo lry Tn'- Williams' Pink Pills.
til YYI at once procured  a supply and  had
;j-"Ynot taken them long when J noted a
i\,   ..change for the better.    By the time!
^ P'had  taken six or, eight  boxes J  was
p.blo to move around the house again
■* v   c P-nd felt  better and stronger'in every
•   £   v-way.   I continued the use of tho pill's
i  , -v.Pn'til I lincl taken a dozen boxes,when'
'all  my  old  timo strength  aiid  vigor
^    ^had returned,  and I was  as  well  ns
''    ,1;^ Pver.   IJuring  the time T was     using
A the pills ray weight increased twenty-'
'Y P1X vPO.uhdsi.   Several years, have since
^••jpasscd. and in that time riot a'syjnp-
, piom of-my   former trouble has made
.; itself apparent, so'that 1" think'I -mi
--pafo  in1 saying   thgt any   cure is   jn-r-
1 manenb.   I believe Dr. AVillfanis"' Pink
y pills saved my   life,   and   I
advise ailing women to
\   trial."
Pi*. Williams' Pink Pills arc a.tonic
*   and not a  purgative medicine. .They
enrich   the blood  from  the  fu-r-it.  .lose
"   to the last and thus  bring health-and
strength to every organ of Iho l.-.ody.
The genuino pills   . are    sold only  in
"boxes with,the  full.  name.    'IV.'Williams'   Pink   Pills   for   Pale   People,"'
'   printed on the wrapper. Jf yo;ir denier  cannot, supply you   send  direct to
tho Dr.Williams'   Medicine  Co., brockville, Ont:, and the pills will lf3iriail-
ed  post  paid  at. 50  cents  a  box,  or
s|x boxes for ,?2.50.
Wliy  the Sen  Ih  Illite  In   Som«*  Spots
und Green In Other-**.
Did you ever notice that there is no
blue food? We eat things green and led,
yellow and violet—flesh,,fish or plums in
all the colors of the rainbow except blue.
Many deadly poison-- are blue in color,
such as bluestoue or the deadly, nightshade, flower. The color stands in our
slang for everything ini-*crublc and depressing.' But this is only one of n thousand queer facts about colors.
Heat a bar of iron, and the particles
of the metal nre set in motion, shaking
violently one against another. Presently,
the surroundiug ether is set in motion iu
large, slow waves, rollingihrough the".air
like the waves of the sea until they brc-il:
upon our /-.kin and give us the .sensa-.i-iu
of heat. ,As tbe iron gets hotter other
waves are set in motion in immense nuni-
,'bers, traveling at more than, lightning
speed, and these break upon the eye. giving the sensation of red light. ■
The redhot()iron. getting still more heated, throws out oilier sets of waves .slid
smaller and more rapid—orange, yellow,
green,- blue, indigo,' violet—all the culms
of tbe rainbow. The eye cannot tell one
from another. The wl «-!e bundle of rays
mixed up gives us an'iinpro.s.*-ion of white.
Tbat is the glow from (he "white hoi"
iron, and such is the light from the sti|!
greater bright neh.s <if the sun. Sun tight
is.a bundle of rays of light—red, orang:-,
yellow^ green, blue, indigo and violet all
mixed together. "The mixture of all <ol-
ora is, white light; (he absence of all colors is utter'darkness.
Now, pass a ray of sunlight through a
drop of water, and the colored rays are
split up aud thrown in different directions. The sunlight shining througli^many
drops of falling rain after a shower is all
split up intO'colors, and the result is the
gdrgeous rainbow.- The scattered spray
of a sea wave, of a waterfall or a fountain makes little rainbows, caused in. the,
same way. ' .
Each kind of light, lias its own special
uses. The red rays of light* make the
leaves of the 'trees',to grow and h.**-"ten all
rotting and decay. .Moreover, if you eui
off the red rays plants will grow with
golden brown leaves instead of gri-ou-
The sea  is blue because the water reflects the blue rays of light, but -diall-i-v
seas are green' because the  blue light m.--
mixed, with   the yellow  reflections   fiom
••and   and  stones at  the  bottom.     (Jn-i'ii-
is a mixture of blue aud yellow.    Jn ihis
green   light   of   shallow .water 'all   se.-i
weeds   grow,   and   foi*   want   of   the   i,e.|
cays they have golden and tawny lc:i'*e.«,
(ireeu  and   red   seaweeds are  the exrep
rion,   and 'blue  seaweeds are as  rare  a**
blue   leaves.     At   any   rate,   land   plum-
. u/j-mvij'-t'-ider..yi;eeif glass  ought   to   turn
golden   brown, 'like' seaweed.     They   do.
' Experiment' has shown that  under green
glass, plants grow nearly as  well  as uu"
>ler clear sunlight.
Under red glass nearly'all plants grow
■four tin*.ess as iiuiekly as under white
liglit, grow to four-times iheir usual
height and, throw out a line display of
green leaves. This is clear proof that
the red rays of sunlight'cause the-green
leaves to grow. This discovery will be
of immense help to gardeners who wan;
to force their plants and to farmers try*
iiig to induce early crops of vegetables.
Hlue glass has u directly' opposite effect. Plants will neither grow nor die.
They .languish and yot remain alive.
The blue makes th<*m sleep. The effect
is exactly that of moonlight and starlight
S;< jj   a   pKiiiu-ii
jou'll  agree  tli.*'I
a   ihi-ig   liiK-kwan
to start i-linf'luug
."*•.'<•••. eli.-!.-   -.villi
: to thin!: of
M is ridn-uious
•llui ah.nil us
;i tn e f i om the
restlcs   hemes
it,   and
to start
easy  as
aie  es-
peci-illy  icijut'sicd  !•« i*iJ.-« i>"t>--e.
Deplorahly  CcI-tRrc*].
"Par is secdi a thing as b.-in too
smnht," said -Miss .Miami  Brov, ■>
"Who's too small! V" iiirjuii-ec Mr. Eras-
tus Tin I:ley.
"Mistuh Jim Collith.wer. lie's done
studied botany. An when I tole him f
'spccled de bunch o' gieeiis over my haid
was what de white folks calls •kis-^letoe'
he ies' looked at i: :in said 'twarn' no
sech  thing!"—Washington  i*5tar.
Keep Cool.
You, probably get up on your high horse
too easily. The 'next time you .think
you have a grievance stop and think
il over carefully, and be as fair as possible -with the other fellow. It may
seein impossible tn you that you aro not
always right, but if you are an average
person you are probably wrong half the
time.—Atchison  (Jlobe.
After   the  Dcfiilcnfion. '
"I understand." said the reporter,
"that the delimiter's method was very
simple." '   , .    '
" "Very!" said the bank ollicia'1, with a
sigh.    "Ue just took tbe money!"—Puck.
When  a   man  climbs  up  in   his  family
tree   and   iool-s  down   ?ipon   the   parsing
throng, he has outlived his ii-efiiiness.—
, Chicago iS'cws.
, There are over 200 distinct muscles in
the human body, of which .the best of us
keep about 100 in prime condition by
proper use.
PecuIiitrillcH of X It--}---.
There are ninny ctirio'tis things about
X rays which seem to puzzle even the
scientists. Signor Briguiti. who lias
been making experiments with them nl
"itoiue', says tbat tbe visibility of a sub'
staiice to-tlie eye Is no criterion'of its
visibility,to tbe X rays. Tbe rays cannot see through glass, which I.s tntns
parent to tbe eye. whereas aluminium,
which is opaque to I he'eye. Is transput-
ent to tbe X rays. Tbe rays can see a
-splinter of glass in tbe band, but not a
splinter of wood. Most inks are transparent to tbe rays, Including printer's
Ink, but some of them are opaque. Tbe
rays can see through a postoflice directory, but if a paper with words written
on it be put in tbe middle of the directory tbe rays will reveal these words
and nothing behind tbeni.
"Do you subscribe to this statement,
that a woman ouurbt to look up..to ber
husband ?'^'lTTcj TTireu Si r. M eek ton's
wife. >;'
"Well, Henrietta." be answered cautiously, "I do think tbat when there is
any picture banging or anything like-
that going on in the* house it's a man's
duly to assume the- position of perilous
Smith's Falls  Chief  Constable
Arrests an Enemy.
I'e-ice After a Hind .Fight—Robert J. .He-
Go-wan C-<»-!t-i<.'h and forever Kmh.
Th-D Career of the Only l?o<> He K-er
Smith's Falls, Ont., Feb. -A-—(Special)—Robert J. MtGowan, the popular-chief of police has been for a long
time annoyed and seriously handicapped in the'performance of his duties by rheumatii-m and gout. A
friend, suggested Dodd's Kidnev Pills
as a , rezr.edy. Uc tried them,, and
was cured. Today he i.s as we'll as
ever. He has given the following fur
publication :
Smith's Falls, Ont.
Dodds Medicine Co., -Limited,
Toronto, Ont.
Gentlemen,—I  was recommended   to
lake Dodd's Kidney Pills for rheumatism and.gout,'from which 1  was ' a
great sufferer.   Thc pills seemed just
t o fit my case.
I had been 'under the care of ,two
eminent and skilled ' medical practitioners, and I hare tried no end of
(latent medicines, but the first relief
came with the, first box of Dodd's
Kidney  Pills.
I certainly recommend Uiein to all
*.\bo suffer as fused to from rheumatism or gout. 1 am now perfectly
If it will be of nay service to,you,
vou are at'liberty to use my name
and' testimonial. . '
Chief of Police.
Mr. McCowan's popularity ,will
make the .above story one of interest
to many people in his neighborhood,
and the province generally. What he
has done anyone 'may do with the
same means—Dodd's Kidney Pills.
They never fail.
,   a 1*6 inch horn,
•j records
concert sound bor.
-reproduces Sousa's
The Talking machine that talks—sing-i—plays every i:i-,truiaent-
Band—Negro Minstrels—string orchestras or church choiis.
The Berliner Gram-o-phoiu* is louder, cltaier, s-.i-eeLer and simpler than any other
Talking Machine at any price—it plays cake walks, waltzes marches and operatic selections, it sings twords and niie-ic) of all the popular songs of the day as ivell as Coon songs,
patriotic and sacred selections—it tells funny Mories or repeats a prayer.    ,
The Berliner Gmm-o-phone is made iu Canada, every instrument is sold with a five
year's written guarantee.
The records are not wax—tliey are hard, flat and indestructible,
Write to us for Catalogue aud record lists free.
Wilt last io years.
'FACTORY: 347-371 Aqueduct St., Montreal.    EM A Fill EL BLQUT, General Manager for Canada.
For fale alto :tt Hudson's Bay h-torc-.-.. price $10.50 to cover cypres**, from -Montreal
44 <fuht?r <iU*7i&™sty y&
+6&y sUtAaWs
071/ £&sns
ladder."   '   ;
--■u*  too of. the steo-
E-arpn nnd  Ekk*i, .-
•    First Actor—It wns a case of Greelt
meeting Greek last night.
Second Actor—How was that?
'•Von know what n bad egg our come
dinn isV"
as bud."
be was struck by aoother just
when al' ■j*-*u'~ • •*!,■(■ their miunal
Forth  nnd   BncU.
It struck u-s forcibly (lie other day
when one of oi:r great scholars spoke of
a man as pacins; "forth nnd bnck."-
How many times have we heard of
pacings "back and forth?"
Though you may contend that this is
an unnecessarily small point, yet-it is a
fact that most people, when starting out
to cover a short space, a niunbi*i\of*times
do not make their first turn backward
like.a crab.
Invariably do they lake a few steps
forward, and then, turning, retrace them.
Hence tbey go "forth aud back, and,
forth and back and so on uutil their
emotion of exercising is over.
And "if a thing's so," to use one of
Koko's never failinj; reasonings,' "why
not say so?"
Do Vere—That's Miss Winter. Lovely L-irl. bi'l awfully boorish.
I'uii-.-or.l.y-IInw do you know?
I1.- Wre- I pro'iosed to ber the othei
d:\y. and she said Hint, tlioturh .she lik-
•ii dotrs. she didu't care lot* puppies.—
".•'•■Mo f'n .   . . _X.
Xo Gr.-.i*t«-le*-to  AVastc.
"Take my seat, madam."
She took it.
About ten minutes la lor she remark
"Thank you. sir. I would have said
It sooner, but tbe hst man I thanked
for giving me his neat in a crowded
car bad only got up because he wanted
to get off the car, and I felt that he-
had won my gratitude under false pre
tenses. 1 made up my- mind I wasn't
going to let it happen again."
"Don't mention It, ma'am," respond
ed tbe man cliuging to the strap.    "1
merely got up because 1  was tired of
And nothing more was said until tbe
conductor hoarsely bawled out:
"Division street."'—Chicago Tribune.1
Is Measured by tlie Cures lie Makes—Each
Remedy Specific for Certain Diseases—
A Remarkable Cure of Briglit's Disease.
Employment   For   Boole   Cover   De-
«tj*mer*.—Trtcki of tlie Trade.
Few whist players ever think of the
labor and intelligence which are bestowed
upon the backs of the cards with which
tbey pass an evening. It represents an
industry which gives employment to
scores of skillful draftsmen and even artists. No one can tell why. but the public
.demands perpetually now designs on the
backs of playing cards, and every year
sees the issue of probably a thousand
new backs. Tl/^se vary in simplicity
from lines of little stars up to the most
complicated geometrical patterns, ara-
besijiieries and Gothic designs. The designers use a systun**' -which reduces the
amount of their work three-fourths.
They draw inerel;.;," oiic-quartcr of the
back, transfer thafqunrror to the quarter
diagonally opposite and then reverse and
transfer these two quarter's to the two
remaining. The design is usually drawn
upon a large sheet of drawing paper
whicb—i'i—ajiy.whi're from four, to ten
time.*-; the size of the curd. After it is
finished it i.s reduced by a photograver to
the size required.
The advantage of t.iis practice lies in
the suppression of any error or even slip.
A line which is inked too heavily at one
point would look bad if left in its natural
size, but when reduced to one-tenth the
difference is imperceptible to the eye.
The same thing applii*s to geometrical
figures. When drawn, tliey may be a
trilie irregular, but wliru reduced they
appear to be perfect. The best work in
this field is done by book illustrators aud
book cover designers. Soiue of (hem have
been so siu-ces.*-ful in the waking of card
backs, that they attend to nothing else.
A majority ' of the desiirners. however,
take up the calling as ,-i i-el-ixntion or an
additional source of incimie rather than a
regular occupation. Oni'iirtist with more
ingenuity thmi honesty dovii-ed a back
which could be marked by sharpers .in
such a fashion that it could scarcely be
detected by any player who was not in
the secret. This design was exposed a
few months afterward n-Jd the plate destroyed. Never afterward did the manufacturers   give   him    employment.
Menu nnd Antidote.
"Delia studied medicine, you know, ant"
I've taken'a cook ing'school course."
"We're going to start a Diagazh.e called 'What to Eat and now to Get Over-
It.' "—Puck.
'   There ~Wan a. Mistake.
"I think." be began as he .halted a
■ pedestrian, "I think I made a mistake
-with fbe cabman who drove me to the
Corcoran Art gallery.' I atti quite sure
I gave him a $10 bill, but be must' have
mistalcen it for aY<j:2 bill."'
"And you. hope to find him "again?"
oskecl the mun of the stranger to the
city.        r
"Why, yes, I have hopes."
"Well, j'oii are about as green as they
make 'em. That cabman .deliberately
swindled you out of many dollars." '
"I can hardly believe it. He looked
so-honest and truthful that I—I"'—
"That you ought to have asked him
to hold your watch and the rest of youi
money! My de-Tr old Josh from the
cornfields, lot me.say"—
At that minute a cab rattled-up, and
the driver dismounted and said:'
"See here, old  man,  there is-a, m.'s
take.    Toil probably meant to give uie
a $2 bill, and I thought it was one when
Lfgave you $1 iu change." •   '.
"But I think tt was a ten. my. friend."'',
"No; it was a twenty, and I have
been .driving about for half an hour to
find you,and restore the money. Here
it is.",
"Ancl what was it you were going te
say to your dear olci Josh from the
cornfields?" asked the old man as hi-
turned to the wise person.   "
But the wise person was there no
longer. lie 'was tiyinir l'or'a car as if
running for bis life.
Two of the old cannon which the
English , took from l the French in
1745 and threw into the harbor of
l-iouisbourg- have now been brought
to Toronto. They are among a number recently fished out of Louisbourg
harbor and have been purchased by
the government. The cannon ' have
been lying at thc bott'onio of the sea
for 150 years. Each cannon is about
nine feet long and weighs over 3000
L,rV       1-JOl/Alin,    FACTORY, Montreal
' The earth has a shadow, but few
ever observe it, or, if they do.' have
no knowledge of what they are looking at. Some of us have seen on
beautiful summer evenings just before sunset a roseate arc on the horizon opposite tho sun, with a bku'sh
gray "segment under it. This -.s the
shadow -of the earth. The . same
shadow is always observable on the
occasion of an eclipse of the moon.
Tlio it-jliny  I'uhsIoo.
First   Enthu**i:i>t:e  Golfer—J   say,   will
you    play    another    round    with   tne   on
Thursday V
. Second LOnthu«*ia*-iie Golfer—Well. I'm
booked to be married on that day—but it
<an be post p'.ti* d'    flinch.'      -.
"  How's This?-
"We effer On- Hund-ed Dollars Reward for
any case of Cat.irrh thr.t cannot be cured by-
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props , Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
crfectly honorable in all business transactions,
and firi-.ncinlJy able o carry out any obligation
made by their firm.
VVkstA Truax, Wholesale Druggists.Tolcdo.O."'
Waldin'o.    Kinjtan   &   MAi-vn-*,   "Wholes-*le
Druggists, Toledo, O. *■
.Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting: directly upon tlie blood and mucous surface** of the .iysfem. Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold
by all druggwis.   Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Instruments, Drums, Uniforms, Etc.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine catalogue
50.) illustrations mailed tree. Write us for anything in ..Music oi* jMu.siial Instruments. >
Whaley Royce & Co., ^Eig&ES,.
| Agents are coining
• money soiling our
Improved Gasoline Lamps. Cheapest, safest and brightest light known
today. Nearest approach to .sunlight.
Sells in hotels,'stores and houses on
sight. Liberal commissions ! Speak
quick ! The Incandescent, Gas Lamp
Co.,  191 Thistle Street,  Winnipeg.
MACHINE with Rotary .Motion and Pall Bearings, making it run -U easier and Ys faster. J.
E._ BRYXAs, General Agent, 101 Thistle street,
V\'i»r■*.***   t bun
A gentl.-i.i.-iii w ho
finest estates in the
while in  Ins j-.-n d.-ns
Hi-*  0<rn.
owns une -of the
north or' Ireland,
one morning, uo
)         X
v         v.
'     *-,   (
*.              *-              *!
1                     f    -v'
i.   -   .'**,
r   *
1                   ,       {
give'" 1.11on'..a,
In this practical age a physician's
ability is riieasurdd by the actual
cures he makes.. Judged by this high
standard,'rDr. Chase stands pre-eminent...'as,, a giant among physicians.'
Take kidney and liver derangements,
for example. Dr. Chase, by means
of his Kidney-Liver pills, hii.s_-broughti
about some of the most surprising,
cures ever, eilccted. This is due to
the direct and Specific action of this
great home treatment on the liver
and kidneys. Here is the experience
of a highly respected resident of Con-
secon,  Oht. :���
Mr. James1 Dellihunt, Consecon,
Prince Edward County, Out., writes:
"For several years I suffered great
tortures of mind, and ., body from
Bright's disease of the kidneys. The
pains were sometimes almost beyond
endurance and extended , from my
head and between the shoulders down
the whole spinal column and seemed
to concentrate across my kidneys.
My back was never entirely free from
pain. When 1 got up in the morning
I could not straighten myself at all,
but would go bent nearly double
most all day.   My water was scanty
and at other times profuse, and it
gave me great pain to urinate.
. "I could do no work, and, though
I tried many kinds of kidney pills,
could get no relief. As a last resort
I was induced by a friend to give Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills a trial. I
felt a change after the first dose. I
used in all about .five boxes, and
they have entirely cured me. I have
no pains now and can do as good a
day's work as I. ever could. It is a
pleasure for me* to recommend Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills, as they
have done so.much for me."
• Mr. J. J. Ward, J.P., Consecon, certifies that he has known Mr. Dellihunt for years as a'truthful man and
respected citizen, and vouches for the
truth of the above statement.,
ji-    ■   . .   f
, You cannot possibly obtain a more
beneficial treatment for the kidneys
and liver than Dr. Chase's, Kidney-
Liver Pills. It has stood the test of
time and has proven beyond dispute
its right to thc title of "the world's
greatest kidney medicine." One pill
a dose, 25 cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmauson, Bates & Co., Toronto. '..'..
I)f |i In in ti py   \Vln».
"Yes. that cheeky yoiiiii- Wintergreen
mnde a friend ot the haughty Mrs. De
Voting the very brst time he met her!"
"How did be do u V"
"lie nsked ber if net hair wasn't
prematurely    gray."
caused by a cold and cough.
Weak luncrs'sooner  or later
mean consumption.
will heal and
lungs, cure cold and stop the
■ o
lUr. Johnson, Manager C. Daniels & Co,.
. • Y King- St. Store, Toronto, says : " We sell Jots
of Shiloh and we recommend it, too. I had a
severe Attack .'of' Pneumonia, which left' mi
iv.'th sore lunjjs nnd a bad cuich. Shiloh completely cured me.    Shiloh is ill right."
Shlloh's Co-i*uiin*>tior> Curo U sold by nil
tlmg-jv-'lHt*- in O'tuiiri.-t, u.ul United St,nr.«*8 **t
«,*■<*, B0c. Si 1.00 ii liutMu. In-firo-it Britain
ct tn. g«t.. 8h. 3d., and 4s. Oil. A printed
g-iiarnnt.eo "?<>«s with overy-bolUe. If you
• i-.-o not satisfied fjo to your <t-v-uggl*i-t and
gat ydur money back.- .  .
Write for illustrated book on Consumption. Sent
without.cost to you.    S. C. Wells & Co., Toronto.
tif-d  one of   the   laborers   very   badlj
clad aud asked liim:
"Have you no better clothes than
those. .Mat?"
*'.\"o. In troth, yer honor, worse luck."
replied Mat.
"Well, call nt the house this ereninj*
on your way hoimV said the gentle
iiiiiii "Til leave an old suit or mini
with the butler for you."
A   tew, days  later,   wben  showing  a
party^ of visitors through  the gardens
be was much annoyed to see -Mat looking. If possible, more a scarecrow thai,
"Why are yon still wearing those oh!
clothes. Maty" he asked.
"Sure, yer honor, they're tbe best I
have." replied Mat.
"Hut did youuidt get the suit I lefi
for you the other day V""'asked tlie-gen
tlenian. ' .'.
"Indeed, nti I .did, thanl-*' yer -honor
kindly," refilled .Mat: "but, sure, 1 had
to lave theiu ottiome to be . mended."
Miuinfitcturccl   by THOS. r.Eg*,'tTInnipeg*.
l\ot an out-of-date article, but ab-ohitclj
the most serviceable, durable, light runniny
and perfect skimmer.   116 page Catalogue
.mailed free on application. "Agents wanted
in every district.   Apply at once.
Shipments of Fresh iutter wanted.
200  I'acilic Avenue,
Wm. Scott,
to seud your orders large or small to
PAUL SAUrSSl* Wines, Liquors
Winnipeg, Man., 5J0 Haiti Street.
Pure Native Port for Invalids, ft.»s p«i eal
doz. boit!-:>.
Be« Whiskey. Ja.7S. J3i f3 50 per eal.. f6, $7.35
dox. buttle*,.
rnaLisH,   rncrfOH and  Q in man Spo-kn.
Catholic Prayer %£&£?££:
nl-u-**-, Keligious Pictures. Statuary, and ChuroJ*
•Urnatnoiits, Educational_Works.     all orders r«-
tselve prompt attention, fl. & J, Sadller & CO. ,H0Htr8fJ
A   Item in tier.
She—I  do believe' yon ■for-rot  Hint
was'our w.-ilding day's third atipivrri
He--Iiiiji'ed   I   didn't.'    I   just   un-t
second ..I   tlit' notes  I   uc.^utialrd  to tuiy
the  fiirnilure - when   we   were  1'iiarrird.-.
Indiaiiiipolis i'ress,
'. Sot. CbiiftiM-ie.nt.
"Grigsby took  his- I>oston. terrier ovi*i
nnd had liim vaccinated the other day."''
"I")id he have himself .vaccinated too?"
"No;  he doesn't   believe iu it.     Rut  he
said he wouldn't' take any chances with
the (lu«."— Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Eeal Estate Agents and Managers
Deal in city property exclusively. Manage
over 500 tenants. Money to loan on favorable terms.   Fifteen yearo'experience.        "[' ��4><;  U  I  J'l'i  ti,  , .1  4f?:-i'  f'A  {'���J  "i  iy; ���-,  I �����.','!  i" �����  ���-������: i  ��� i.  l  AA -���>  ," "i-'s  1   ! '  . *. ',"is��; .  �����?���$���'  ....   ���*-*:���  * .'"vJ'l  ..:!?! *  . . .**-'.  .. ii  "  ' .-I*.:  .  it  M   j  , ! f  I1  f ���  i   *   "  ���t   j1-  'I.  ��� f V  Til  If  Kf't-i  fill  it   I  <S��-S����*��~��f3^  ^'���"������fiaaeas-'SS'zjdaw^  JT7p FTT { m JK; [ m k flfji! THAT BLESSED MOSQUITO j �����*fcd -,fc. th��  WllftJLLilJilij A JiLAb 1; ��� \      ' ��� I *^?^y.-.**���  '"Blame those  mosquitoes]  TO* i-Ci^^-Sv-rasis-a-B.ia^^ .y--,KS,��!tta**S*ro����-**^^  Le Roi Mine ���  i    ex-  clafcjaea aloud, in a" burat of" indigos---  ���n^^v    . ,     -js        j   ' ��  ���    rt,,       ��� ^e;.-whereupon my guide and Bervftnt,  ^atai .^CCKieilt   Al   Tlie    Mat,  a -cheery and intelligent Malsy,  i e-jacJated     a    confirmatory.   "Tu^** j  j   (vriifeh.  means  "master,"  but is ir&-  quectly used as an affirmative in conver-  j nation by rise Malaya, as if he thought  he .ought to agree, although, as, a. .son  of the country, the exasperating little  insects had not the power to persecute  blip as they did me, '  , ���   I had taken a few 'days' leave after'  I soirje -weeks  of hard works  and liad.  j started on a journey pf discovery across  ���' some unknown. Jungle country, hoping  -ifjr E rid.4*, on   ii Sticcip, Is the Vnfarfii-  jiato ."Han Wlm Met an "i ���itimely  }>caU..  Rossland, Febru:  son, a Swedish : ir.  ry26.���-Pe(ei'Erick**  v-.* s.\zd en old- tinier i to bag some game en. route and fetch up  ,.*n the car.-jp.-r. hiie blasting this morn-: at A'friend'a bungalow, who was dis-  ���*ng ,-t l a, X.Xn ihe 9G0-foot "Ic-vel  of [ j-J?, ��^Tcer- ^e s*atf adjoming my,  ���i     -���'-.-     - ..,*'      , , r^w9*'- ***  ^ad trudged far, and had  .die t.6 itoi nu-Gc-waa killed by a mis-| rpaae a -fair bag coLfctin^.of  ?cd charge-.   -The missed charge was in j snipe, wild pigeon, anil jungle fo-,  .i back, or upper bole, which' Erich-son  was endeavoring to clean oul'with tlie <  -usual suraper- employed.    Finding   n \  .-���small stona had -jammed  in   the- Lole ���  ��� just below'the powder  Encl-.soh   took I  fa bar o/ ifen and endeavored to'iocsen {  lhe  stone, ��� On   sending   in   tho.. bar I  with a thud the   i'nVpacfc' e^plodd-d   the  puwdor.    The charge coming out of a  ;hole sloping  upv;ard  struck  Iho  un*  ilortuuato man in the brec-Gt,  inflicting,  ���fiuch wounds that ho   died   within * a  ���couple of minutes.'  A. mucker  stand-:  'ing behind Erickson van struck by  a  flying rock on the 'left ai-'m',' bid,  wns  , ��� * '        '  ���not seriously "hrjureu, fJro 'bedy ''ol ihe  some  jungle fowl. In  tiTiyejsang tho paths through which at  ..times we had been obliged to cut'our  way, we had seen tra-cJis ox .deer and  biggy game, but theundergrowth'was"  too dense to follow th&m,' And now we  1 tr*~  i should have, s^ept, in,'spite of'liigh  temperature, but for the ineuxaions hi  these worrying pests'1 thai,''had' made  their way by some strateg-em under the .  alaj-iji and anxiety of j  ui, she 'ell afle-ep.   ,  Sho ���iwoKt. v/iSi. �� fc-jidden eens*"-. of  terror knocking Lt he^ije^rti- ' 'i3y the  light of the moon; ;;wiii-iSh;'''pen.etr��t*ed  through a:smell windo}vin th&'hut-'she  saw Sleiman extended by her'-.iae,, icr  R short/space of time she heard-nothing  but. the noise of his lpud snores, when  suddenly a sort of shuffling'sound' in-1  side the room struck her as something  strange.   It seemed as though some animal was drawling along the, floor, and  as .she looked with trembling 'expect-*  ancy' toward the direction whence it  came,  the face" oi ���?pri& slowly ro.-i,'-  beside Sleiman"from the other side of  the low bed on-which she Iaj'.   She held  her breath, hardly daring to keep, her  eyes" fixed on him lest the intensity of.  her gaze should-draw Tong's'attention j  to herself.   A flash of something bright,* I  a long-^rawn groan,.-a short struggle,  and then a pillow flung over the mouth'  which was still capable of erying-out j  for help, and brawny muscular arms;  pressing it firmly down till the convulsive heaving ceased, and all was still as  death.   'Tijah plosed her   eyes   with  one deep shuddering sigh and fainred.  When, she regained   her   senses,   sho,  feared io move or look-at first, dreading  wha.�� ghastly sight would meet   her.  Sh6r"ppt out her hand*-and felt*'about  cautiously;  jThe d*^ ?orm of Sleiman  was's'tifl-besfd^ nerV'tiia pillow rested  ,5**^��-w-��**^c��aa**w*>.--��->*^^  -. .���  -" vi**-*-' i^'^" 'Af&,"ir^ ->r '?^ir^,ri^^^,^^^'',^''-r'-----(--  f.^jr.%, _X- 5-v*i'^'.5lIi2^^C-li-^^*iS^^^ tfft  a*k^WL,  NEW STOBS  NBW STOIIK  *t  i  mm saa wm  %  A complete line  of Hockey knd  Clulj skates.r Also Hockey sticks  iiow in stoci.  Of a goo& cook s^toye; one that will give 3  you satisfaction in eyeyy"'rparticular? if ^  so call at Gilpin's. * W<  celebrated  We are agents for the Q  *'  ^       *** 'A. "    * , * .*'.,, Ifl  . ***'*"-'-**-'-"���*" -���        t    .s-v-. * r*l  ���-* ��� ���      .        u,  c;  ..... itpv_  &X  sf^?vV ir.  .TinGmltbing  aud, plumbing in' con-  "nectiori":'  ' ���'*.'*"  ?fbYtE'S LEAXSZKG-'HOTEL.  'Erickson    acting  'tic  unfortunat  'shield. ��'nc::3ou!c - part no?, 'Bahlin,  'was kneeling in front'of the former/  'scraping out" a hdle and he escaped  'uninjured. Jt wns iV'the samo breast  of rock that Leo'n Bodkin was - killed  a week oinco.      ' -  ��vo which:had.esc4ed.me and cajled > ^Ut ^0W a s(ealthy" P&^ing--to 'and  forth reiteration from my follower, Mat.  I have slumbered" through a Heavy thun-  deretorm and an ear+hquake, and even  the frantac yells of "a'wakeful infant  nayo.failed to "disturb me when once I  YnfJ6**1? & ^6 s^'^s of Morpheus;  out tns ping of & persistent: probosvjiij-  fiTned monster has a peculia-rly rousing effect upon my aervesj ajid in  somaJa reigns supreme '  " After -a short -sweetie "with tha two invaders of my privacy=and a vain a-ttemnt  at uld-aghiex, I sat up in a spirit of resig-  natiop and proceeded to fill and light my  ���fro���^^ong -and-his'wife preparing" to  get rid of the bftdy, ,**}���;"'    .'''.������'������-  " 'Tijah paused, fhinking what to do:  then she rose slowly and crept outside.  The door of .the house waa op-en,*-��no  Tong had evidently just gone out.   She  caught up a sslroQg (skirt) which 'lay  near hea on th�� floor-, and fiupg it.oyer  her head;  then,'-without a badnvfird  glance, she fleq through tho do&rVay.  and as fast as her ten*o.r--6tripkpn iiiTibs  would carry her dowii' to the seashore.  It took no time to nsfasten the kojeh,  and in a few moments; she bp-d grasped  ^ Every stove guaranteed.  Prices ra/iffine->  y.jt .*<;*   iv '.-/..-.  v i.     -; **i a -��� ���% -     v * ���/ ��� -yJ    x '-"--v c- 2, >i  FBiO^L $14 TO ^6.dQe  AGENTS POIl THE,  H^Rljffctd'N POWbER CQ���  YOUKB FOR VALUE,  a  ���9  The best of accommpdations ���  for the traveling public.'' '"'' j  '-.--'     ' X   "A'     ..     ���*  McMahon Bros., Props.  ^������O-of-i*        " -^   -*-,���'   .-V. '-L.  STORES -Af PHA^-JJIJOOK  AKD MOYIE.  ' 01rl5 3Iap W.ant ta >r��rr-f,  IMien love boauty4 but seldom marry  -\forit. Ifeabeea and goopl tastG -fa?  outH-eigh bsR-My arid sloyenlir.eas.  Men are bora-hi;ntj3r*;. Thpy yalue  a girl meal \yhq pa opt yaj.ues herself.  Mon }Vf3h their v?ivGa to be g.opci ti  look at. Careful \sIter*tion' do tbey  give to *11 details���teetb; ^hands, hair  'and breath for sxamplp. .  A stylish girl delights sll   well  bred  , men.    Tailor made upon  the streets;  in the hpupp. a changing symphony in  color. '  The wife opekei* draws a lino through  ihe name'of any girl''who is in any  degree "fast." He may form one of her  .satellites, but die v/ill njjyer go to his  home a bride.  Odious manuerisms'disgusi fastidious- men. Sniffling, giggling and  .-'making eyes" never w'pn a husband  for any girl.  A   good   physique   men   wish  .women whom   Ihey marry)  reason than vanity   inspiring  the "desire.    "Wasp v/aicted wcinpn are looked  at dubiously.  Show your fiance (after your ..heart  is won) that he ib lord thereof, but  never for one moment forget the  beauty of womanly reserve.���Philadelphia Jiecoid,  pipe/at the ttame timeaddre^ingenaos I'the P**316 ^ had set "out in her tiny  or my faithful Mat if ba UathvmmI & >1    b&at to  in  higher  A Xoii-Ciiloji Sliovt-I.  v "Now thai I hayo given you a nice  dinner I.suppcse you wil! shovel iho  ���snow off as yen said you would?"  "My goodness, lacty !    Bal'-s  a nonunion sho-'olf*'  Fon Sale.---A si:-: room Iiouse  iot in Lake  Shore adition.    For  ticukrs-apply at this ofEce.  and  par-  Ylalcyou Hot S}>rincrG.  ^ 1  The moEt complete health resort on  the continent cf North America.    Situated    midfct,   .scomsry    unrivalled * for  uranduer.     TIIE   HALCYON    HOT  SINKINGS  Sanitarium, H.ilcyon   Hot  springs, Arrow Lake, ft.   C.    Ecsident  physician und nurse,    Boating fishing  and   excursions.     Telegraphic    communication   with   all   parts   of     tlu-  world.    Two mails arrive  aud   depart  daily.    Terms, fli/i  to   $18  per   v/eok ,'  arcoaling    to   residence   in   hotel   oi ,'  villas.    Its baths cun- all   nervou,-- and j  muscular di-.enses.    Its waters heal all '  kidney,   live:    and   stomach  trouble-..;  The baths and water.--,   are   an invalu i  ble remedy for silver and   lead poison  ing.  50  -YEARS',  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights ��tc.  .Anyone sot)rl!:ig a **l"e*S.-*h and description nmv  pulckly jwcertuln our opinion freo whether ab  Invention s prrrbablypatHniaWe. Commur.lc't.  tlonsBtrlfiUy coiitHloutial. Ilaudbookon Patonts  Bent Ireo. Oldest nyeuoy for aoc-urint* patonts.  1 -itonts.taken throuuh Mmm & Co. receive  epeiial notice, without ehjir-ro, iu tUb  ^'Hfinc-flmerkafc'-'  K-'iy iiluvl.rnfr.rt wpf,;t1iy.    Lr.rir-*st cir-  Pp:pPXf"'XP{  B^ii  sny ffvithfuJ Jfdt, ii b.�� happeijed to bo  Wife--*   ' -y  , (i| bun felvv^-s l��i5B tr-rVfhit, from tfte  rssrs pf ay 'sarlieafc'shiSdhood, that  e>'ST7 cr<��t.ura-OTi God's earth waa'ci-a?  atei tor:- aome good and useful p-��irposec  Will any hnmr-jx bsi'n^teli 'me vrhkVs.  ihe, us�� of a' mosquito fi   '    ' "  *  To svhieh rera,-3.ri< I jt^cMved an unes-  pected r&ply. Mat cipwled. irom under  his curiaja and apprpached qiiit^s near  to where I lay: theji'sbuatting on his  haunches, he. ss.iq,' sol^3Einly; 'in his ho^  Oto loflgnej    "'"     ���'���",     '  -  "I have heai-d that ^question before,  Tuan (Maat-etr), aacl pace" J found tlie  answer." '   f     ' "f ���'       ' ��� '  ' "Well, Matt, tell me.  What's the ffood  ol them, then?'/ '     "' '*  1 'It's a long- atory,' bui I will tell Tuan  it he likee to hear."  ; "Tell on.   I'm all attention."  1 And this ,ia the tale that he told me.  | I had often seen, the heroine of it (his  wife) passing- to~and fro across ihe back  premises attached to my residence. She  was a pretty young-  Malay,   woman,  age'd about 20 years, with a particularly bright and pleasing manner.  "Tuan knows my wife, Katijali; she  was a. widow when I married her. When  we  were quite email we lived in the  same  village near  Mala-eca,   and    we  played .together,, and I wns very fond of  her.   Then we grew up, and I went to  be ft servant to a European, and her  father married her when she was 14 to  a rich man, who was a cattle dealer and  h4d plenty of money.   He was old, perhaps 40 years of age.   'Tijah could not  care foe him. lie took her away to a  place, on the coast, where he lived with  his brother and sister-in-law, and I did  net see ber again for many days and  weeks.   Her husband, Sleiman, used to  go -away  very  often to Singapore on  business, and every now and then came  back home to 'Tijah,' bringing the results of his sales with him.  "At last one day, when he hod been  absent or  about thrc-&' weeks,   'Tijah  knew he would soon come again.   Her  heart was &ad, for she always dreaded'  his coming, as she did not love him. He  was old and ugly, very ugly.    He had  only one tooth which hung down over  hie under lip like a tusk, and which  gave    him    a    repulsive    appearance.  v'Tijah   hated    him.     Well,   she   was  sitting  idly  on  the  seashore,  behind  some   rocks,    looking   over   the   sea  and wishing she could get into the koleh  (native boat)  which lay moored close  by, and row across the water to her old  home where she had been so happy,  - "Suddenly she heard steps, and became aware of voices conversing in an  undertone on the other side of the rocks,  which,  projecting  seaward, concealed  her from view, and she recognized that  the persons talking were her brother-  in-law, Tong and his wife.   Sho heard  that-the two were plotting away Slci.  mun'a life-.   Tong said that he had news  that his In-other would come to-morrow,  and that he would have about $200 with  him.    They would kill him, and con-  cc-al his body, but how to accomplish it  without letting 'Tijnh know?   At the  mention oi her name, she betrayed her  presence- by a low cry.   In a second the  two wore upon her asking her what she  did there,: and whether she.had heard  what, they had said.    Terrified of the  wretches, she gasped pu t that she was  Bleeping,and their voices startled her,  but that the knew nothing of what'they  had   been   saying.     Tong grasped her  by the shoulders and told" her if she  was"speaking, tiie truth it"waa well for  her; but if not, she had better keep her  mouth shut,  or he  would  b'lajar  (it  threat)*   Then they let her go.  "The next uay Sleiman arrived and  was greeted with effusion by his relatives. 'Tijah trembled and was silent.  She dared not tell him of the danger he  was in, but .she made up her mind, if  fche...could.gct Hie opportunity,to.warn  hiixi to  take  care.    Till late Sleiman  row ove;- the miles of sea whi^h  lay b-atwee-n her andherpaj-enta5horns  in Halftcoo.   li ww & fr&iJ ��W$U "for-  saisfcyi bat she Mi a\k C6uld4'?ustrfe  ft ajB-oner than to, thc-as   bloodthirsty  oraftturfiB eh? had left behind.   A long  way she rowed, and the next daywhen  the sun got up and scorched her* she  pulled in her paddle a^tfd roiled herself  ,i:a hsr sarong aad lay down in the bot-  toTn. pi the beat and slept.   She   was  aroused by the movement of he? cockle  phell.   It waa  nightj   p.   breeze',' had  sprung up' smd a squall waa   coming;  white crests' tipped the waves'and . a  heavy bank: pf clouds obscured the starlight, and in a few moments a black  pall of darkness enveloped her.   -The  wind struck the fragile craft, whirling  it wildly round, and .before ahe could  seize the paddle to try and steady it, the  boat capsized, and she was flung into  tho angry sea.   She skruefc out bol&W  and swam until her hands touched the  upturned bark, to which she clung, endeavoring to right it.   Poor girl! she  knew,not where she was, how far from  Rhore, how long her strength    would  last,-and whether there was any hope of  succor. ��� '  Ai last the squall passed over and the  ���"vater became comparatively calm, but  the moon had not risen and she* could  see nothing-.   She began to get exhausted and felt that she could not hold on  much longer and would sink and drown  unless  Tuan. Allah took pity on her.  She thought sadly that she was young  todie, and prayed, for help.   A^small  thing as light as a feather touched her  che-ek���a  mosquito,  eo-nt  to  save her  life.    When she heard the sound which  Tuan cursed just now she knew that  land mufet be quite near, for a mosquito  never flies out to sea.   She let go her  anchorage, and, making one more effort, swam bravely on, and very soon  her feet touched the beach.  "Meanwhile those cruel murderers  had finished their work, and before daylight dawned had got rid of every trace  of their ill doing." The neighbors inquired what had become of Sleiman and  why he had com�� and gone so suddenly.  " 'Oh,' said Tong, 'he left'hurriedly;  'he took 'Tijah with him and wenta,way  in   tlie  kioeh at daybreak to catch a  steamer which would pass there going I  to Singapore.-  "It was a very mysterious affair, and  no one could make out the truth; but  vvhecu the police had given up all search,  finding they could prove: nothing, quite,  unexpectedly  the  murder was   found  WILDEY LOOSE NO. ���&  .< i   .    -'  '<     .'-���"  ���*?,>   /.'  ���r03ES?lf ^iJTIiKHSTAI-i-i-, pr0p.  Lage? biof jold by ths Kog or do2G��  bottles.  M"est3 every Monday evenjng iji  fheir.  hall "on^-r-yictpria' etrset. * Sojoijfniri-  Pfjd Fellows pordiajiy'invjted/ ."   '" -  a. fc, fto'lHSTBB, teea'c.  7B4>'�� dj-sby,a. s-  "Jl X. UxiiSAY,'T. 8.  Bottled Beer  in Stock,. ..  Outside Orders Given StrictAttention.  B. J. WHITCOMB  House pai n tor. grai n e c,  ���glazier and paperhauger.  All work on perfect surface gu ran teed. Prices according "to quality and  stock required  :19   Miners'   Union  ��� asff-o^'-M*.  j\fee.t8 in McGregor hall every Tuesday  evening. Sojourning membero are  cordially"invited to attend.  H. H.'DjMO.OE, '    P. T. Sks-TH,  president. 'Secretary.  , WJiiolesadg   and  JHOPS   AT  Moyie]; * Fort Ste^  Grmbxook Fernie Wardner  Moyie, B. C,  CHAS.  P.  CAMPBELL,  Funeral Director,  and  Embalmer.  Graduate of ^Champion College oj the  United States. Upholstering and general furniture repairing. Office'and  atore, Aiken's block, near Canadian  Bank of Commerce. Telegraph and  mail orders promptly attended to.  Cranbrook, B. C,  Moyi$ Boara pf T^a|g I  Meets j# the Moyie S.ch.oojL  house on the'first ^Vednefiday  evening of each month'' ai  ���8 o'clock sharp.   -.  J. P. FAnnEUV, Proa.  4* 3?. Mjxdoxavd,    Ljewis Thomson,  Vice-Pres. Se,c'y.  ���a**  .CO OUT sJ/DYIE.  No. iX)ps.  i/eets .on the last Tl-nro  dq.ypf.e$ch niouth. yf��i:  iting broihera loyltpil  i.oattoa<3.  F. I. JfOOKE, C. R.      jG. T, .\r-GRE--30K, R. S.  J, j; MPRPHY  ^ CO;;S  SXORK, MOYIE, B. C.  FOli ' FINE   TAILORING   GO    TO  JOIIXJ UARBER,    I��. LD.    S.,    L.   3).    S.  1    IIJEINTirSTo   -  Office and Residence     CRANBROOK  St. Eugene International,  BARBER SHOP AND  BATH B005JES.  W.R/STONE, Prop.  St. Eugene Mine,  ��� Mo>ioB. C  MERCHANT   TAILOE,  Fine   Suitings,    Overcoming  Trouserfl,' Imported    Goods.  MOYIE,  B. 0  CANADIAN PACIFIC  and Soo Line.  TOURIST   CABS,  Pass   Dunmore   Jet   lor St,    Paul  out.    A man of iho village went into   ��.n Sundays�� Tuesdays, Thursdays and  the jungle to cut wood, and at middav  ho walked .down to tho creek to waBh  after hia food.   Coming back through  thc swnrapy mangrove wax thc river he  noticed  a   very gretLt swarm of flies!  They were like a cloud, they were bo  thick.      'What    have   we    here?'   he  thought; 'some, :le.<id nnlmnl, perhaps,'  and went to see. Sunk In the mud where  the river washed over It at high tide he  found  a barrel, from which proceeded  a very nauseous smell,    lite curiosity  was aroused, so he puUin his hand";  feeling something hard, he drew it out.  It. wa*-- a skull, the skull of a man, and  projecting from the upper jav/.was a  long tooth, like a tusk.   'Ahal 'he cried;'.  ,'Sleixhan!'  He went and told the police, and they j  came and took the cask, and the- jrnir-1  dcr. \va& proved, ; because' the clothes,  nnd the tooth were- those of Sleiman.  So Tong. was hanged, and his wife is  in prison how ih China jail in Singapore. She will never come out till she  die's. ��� ���   .���.  ���"And'-TSmh is my wife, nnd T love her  Pd- -"'''"Y-*'���������"������; tv?.: -Y-r] -vi* ::������.** v.-*rV'ha-p-.  Fridays. Toronto on Mondays and  "Wednesdays. Montreal 'and Boston  on Saturdays.  Same carB pass Revclstoke ono  day  (arlier.  *.     DRY OOODS,. BOOTS AND  ,'    '   SHOES.   ,   LADIES     AND  GENTS    . FURNISHINGS.  Call and inepeo.'t our clothing.  The most up to date  stock in  town.  MOYIE, B. C.  TRAINS   DEPART.  vS.-yl   for   Kaslo,   Nelson,    Rossland,  Slocan   and   Boundary     points,  Revclstoke, Main Line aud Pacific  Coast.  j.5 :09 for'Moose Jaw    B-and.on, Win  nipeg; etc. and all Eastern  points  connecting at Macleod for Calgary  Edmonton, etc.  D,  ���Residential lots $125.for sale.  J. Elmer.*  Se  ;e  .Vj.ply lor Ratca, Maps, Time Cards, Tickets and  Full Information to Nearest,Local  ���  Agent, ������'/,.  er, Agent, Moyie.  JS. J. COYLK,  G. Hi  J. S. CARTKR,  T.P. A. Neliiou,  A. G. P. A., Vaucove*"  J  GET YOUR  PICTURES FRAMED  Brest, the photogra-  phery has just re-  y' ceived the finest lot  of; mouldings in  East Kootenay.  "[..[������-W;. A; .Pre'li;:':':;';- ���������  Photographer,  Or.iabroolc,   .fttoyie,     E*ortSBcto  Wil! Visit Moyie oii  Tuesday and Wednesday.  Prices Given  and   Orders  Taken on  Everything  in tne Printing  Line at the  < .     ll.��t,*a!  ila  1*"^  ���>t**li  M  -���*^ ���  I  ���J  ���*S fi.-  ���> d  "?   I '     u  *   'i -v.  ii.w����3S6,-.^'. ���jafr.-tf^Tffk-:--''' 7*-'?E*^.*IK**Mia


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