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The Moyie Leader Mar 4, 1910

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 Do your'eyes bother you?
Consult VV: H. Wilson,
of    Cranbrook   and  get
Save money by i]jn:Thns-
"!<■■ yor.r
'    TIMEPIECE frr.ni '
Wilson, lhc Jeweler.
-VOL. 12 NO. 18.
MOYIE,  B. C   FRIDAY, ,MA1?CTI 4, 1910.
9 At It Again
eft •"     i ■-
^ This time for Groceries.    Did you ' ever see  a
SPECIAL CASH SALE?.   l     ,     ,
,, ' ' on groceries in this   town?     We  saw, if just
once, the whole stock was cleared'out ma  few
,@ '4ay-?«    -Although not our buciness yet we, lost
,@       ' " -.'money on that sale.,      X •>    " 0 , '
,® Get rea<,y •<- stock up oil Gro'cc-i ies on the lOlli., that isvulicu. our
' ^ .sale starts, and we expect' to turn out our whtile ■ slock   of, .Staple  and'
-|   Fancy Groceries in even les.s.lhaiia   feu- days.     Coine  a*-.l   le-*rn* the
JJ   'iJELXG-SC-C1 _E»3E_.IOE2S",oii«roccries in Moyie. *
§       '0^_CMC_e?:_E3'E!I__iI_.SJ   ;,
©ft -,, ,   ,   i'«R,Qii.vLir-r:      ,*. -
''  '   ,,'   '  - A >   '      '     • '   ■ P-      ■        ','.','
.'   '''     •'-   -'is  very popular.,   A-nice place to .;     '•     ' \   '
(>    "A. ,   .drop into, and'spend ,-a few,'mo-   ', f]\.-"
,. ..        merits, we always   liave'-a   nice    -.^    ■    .-    ',
*  ,wann fire.',    -,*".:,'        Y     ,-' "
' \:-"-.''--JE::'----'d;':Ct\^NNE-:■■''••''. ■'■
Will Issue: Report.
The directors of   the   Society
Girl Mining   Company,    Limited,
have pi epared a. report wliich in
the course of a f6w days  will  be
sent   Out    to   the     sharholders.
Since the annual meeting of -June
0th, 1909, some 050 feet   of  drifting , has been done.''   The' No. <2
tunnel hag  been driven  to   1180
feet,  tapping  the vein at  ,1,150,
feet,  ',which   is  nearly at   right
angles with the tunnel.   Some  00
feet of'driftmgpthrough concentrating ore has been done oh   the'
'vein, and some stringers  of clean
shipping-ore   were '■ encountered.J
Within the past week' threp feet)
of eleanjshiijping.. ore  was found"
Struck Clean Ore.
Three feet of clean ■ orci was
struck this week in , the Society ' Girl 'mine iri -the east
drift from the No.,. 2" tunnel.
The No. 2 tunnel'is in 1180
feet. At this point drifting-
was started both ea'st aud west
at right' angles witty the tunnel , and' the - ore*' was found
about 30 feet ou the east side.
The full extent of., tlie ore
body will, be, determined as;
soon as possible.   '
Moyie's  Hotels.
.  . We, have' cc complete ftssqr invent of   .
ihe different kinds-.    The prices are
1 right and no one will doubt' the quality.t r
Evaporated Apples               per pound
,  "    '   Prune*,-         V ^   ",    '"..,     ',
X  r v k«p           ' 'X •'   ' 'X
'    '.*,,   '   Plums    ,           , 2 lbs for       ■  "
■   .10c,
-     " v     Pears    -       " '   2 '"    "    '
•.    "       reaches'    '         2 '"   "    «
-     25c
'-■-"'       Apricots        *   -3 V    ';          -   *
" -  50c
Let11 us have your order'.,
Get., the habit.,-   ' Go. to .
■2R0WE BROS. .& CO.
in the east drift, some 30 feet
freui the end of the'No. 2 tunnel.
The .company has!* outlined a
plan of development, which i3 to
put in a raise,to connect with the
winze qn ,the upper -level, in
oi*der to facilitate, the mine ventilation and at the^same time will
develop the intervening ground.
The mine is well equipped'with
buildings." A large' and substantial' blacksmith 'shop was built
since tho annual meeting. •  '
Tne directors say'the successful
development'of the property is'
duo to a large 'extent - to the
energy and push of the company's
manager, Mr. 'G. C. Farrell, who
has carried on the work in a very
paiucaking'manner. The directors hope to have the "property' in
excellent condition'' before the
annual meeting in June this, year.
Big Show* Tonight.
Tonight at,Morley. hall    "The
Private Secretary" will  be- produced by ; the' Creston  Dramatic
club.    The play is  in .three ■ acts,
and is teeming with ludicrous situations.    We are* told the, Creston company give a .faithful portrayal of every detail,  and   that
their acting is-well up, to the  professional mark.'     As ' the   show
comes here under the- auspices of
the Moyie Fire Brigade, it should
be given generous patronage  by
everyone in" the  town., '- Tickets
50' and 75 cents.   , Reserved seats
on sale at Roberts "*fc * Messinger's.
tost Heir Found.
[   ^    ^ a      KSTAULTSIIBD^ISOT    *   \ \"
__________    ""   • t •"     ^^ '       ■ _/-_    *    i     ■*•■**   . *      1
1 B'6a;Ie" eft?r E^v^j&X 1* -
StJ Patrick's : Dance.
Head Office
Men's Shirts and Gloves
are the lines I find I have too many
■of at this season. Will make substantial reductions to reduce stock.
j. w: FITCH
■   The'Moyie Hockey Club is.plau,-
ning to give a.1 big  dance  on, the'
6 vou ing /of  .'St. v. Patrick's   Day,
March. 17th.     Ifc' will  lie  a  masquerade, and all intending  going
should lose no time ,iu  arranging,
for their costumes.     Mrs.  Anderson,    costt-.mei*,'    of    North port,
Wash., has . been    communicated
with, and in  all, probability v she
will arrange  to come here  with
agood supply of suits.     She has
been  here  several   times    before
aud her costumes   have    always
given- satisfaction,    and   usually
won a prize when oue was  given.
Tickets for the dance will be $1.
Working'in  the togging camp
the 'East    Kootenay   Lumber
a  few  miles south <• of
Sent to Industrial   School.
ti.*;-^c_*rf*'^_*^,_*_rf2_rfz_rrz. rfz...rfz..*£ftf _^j
Hotel Kootenay
^-|    The best of accommodations0'
"<T"I    for  the Traveling Public.
f-irgc and Commodious Sample Roows. Billiurd Koonis.
McTAVISH & CAMERON  Proprietors.
*^r '*iV7^-r7^sT^.- ^i. i^s ^r /<.** tiz^'WZi* <** -*\*- -vx"*^*-"^v$ *t^*-2is-j^-/yi j
Tommy Cumming, age 11, was
brought before J. P. Armstrong,
stipendiary magistrate, Wednesday afceraoou and was committed
to the Industrial school at Vancouver for a term of four years.
The boy is the sou of Mr. and
Mrs. T. Cumming, who live on
Tavistock street. lie, has been
unmanageable for some time, and
ran away from home on several
Moyie last Sunday, Percy Lloyd,
a lumberjack,i,,was,« apprised -of
the fact that'he' was heir to a cold
million of dollars, wliich was left
to him by his father*, in Ireland.
A relative came all thi way- fcom
It-eland to locate • him, aiid with
DeVere Hunt of Cranbrook,
found him Sunday in the camp
below town. v All three came up
to Moyie and iu the evening went
back to Cranbrook ou the ilyer.
Young Lloyd is about 20, and
left home a few years, ago after
a quarrel with his father. He
came out to Alberta and took up
a ranch near Macleod. lie was
out here to earn money to improve it wben he wii3 notified of
his good fortune, lie will return
at once to Ireland. Lloyd is des-
cribedias a bright young fellow
with a good education.
, For the past two months the
five "' hotels in Moyio holding
licences have been' unclergoing
extensive .alterations and .improvements. While the. woik is
not completed it i3 far enough
along to convince the, casual observer that no town in the K-yot-
enays'will have better.hotel facilities. , >
The Moyie Hotel, owned" by T.
F.  Johnston, has  been    given'  a
general overhauling.     What .was
formerly ,the" barroom. is   now , a
spacious, sitting' room   with,, new-
woodwork "landr new   furniture,
and the.'floor is .covered with" lin-
oluem.    In one,, corner is1-a  neat
little oflice/ ''Tbe "bar/is  now„.iii
the north west corner of the building.     All the woodwork lias been
gone over aud has been repainted',
grained and varnished. . The  two,
doors 'in  the  front  will   be , 'replaced by oue  large  door/and  a
large window will be put .ii/the
side of the' building.   S.  A.   Spencer,  who  put up   .the    Imperial.
Hank building"'here, is,doing   the
work and is making an exceptionally fine job of.it.     Sew, carpets
and'rugsare to be put.on-the  up-,
stairsjloor, .     °, i- .    - \
Desaulnier 13ros., proprietors^of
the Central   Hotel, -have' moved,
their dining room "over to the   extreme western end of their  building' and the former, dining  room
has-been  converted iutoan office.'
This office 'is  fitted  up  with, expensive   furniture,   there'being'
several  large 'rockers and   other,
comfortable cliairs, a large  table
writing  desk,  etc.     New   carpet
will be put on   the stairway', 'and'
some improvements  are    planned
for the upstairs?       . ' '
MeTavish &' Cameron are 'making extensive  alterations 'on* the
Hotel Kootenaj*-'.    ' The-'explosion j
last week set them  back  some in
their work, but everything is  going smoothly again.  /The plasterers will be through by the end   of
next week.   The front   office  has
been enlarged to  21x32 feet aud
a plate  glass   window six aud  a
i   m
Ladies' and Men's
y? .^^^ &%^^'&'_t'_^-___r_&i^^_. •s**s*.*____:,*<*'«v*^ ■"*. SS
Tu this store your collar wants are made
easy because of the-splendid stock; and.
»cvy styles always on haiid. ".     ■ .   ■'
MacEachern & Macdonald
he enlarged.;; Upstairs there will
be 18 large bedrooms, besides .tlie
toilet and bath room,1'   The  furn
ishings and,furniture for. the,entire hotel will be new. and, everything, will be firbt' class.
The wedding of E,ul (J. Gwynne'
and Miss Hlidur .Murk,' of   Moyie,
took place iu  the'apartments  of
¥11      ±      j    j. * r ;     '      .the groom  in-the farrell  block
llJUStf ated     LeCtUre. A Ia'fc' ■ 3and*r   evening** February
M4   wi-w^w.      27tji_    Revr_ j_ We£]ey mUeiy pfi;L
formed the ceremony, and M"r.  p.
H.vMessinger arid Miss Flora Dea-
gon were^witnesses"to the  event.'1*
Udth Mr. "and Mrs. Cwynnejhave '
many friends'in Moyie, who  wish
them an abundance of good luck.
The C.  P.   R.  company  have a
carefully outlined plan to test the
half feet by eleven and a half feet fertility of the soil on  their  land
^ llev. J. n.'White will1 give his'
popular 'lecture , entitled "A trip'
from Victoria to Dawson ■ by
Prince Rupert." The lecture will
be illustrated by, 120 of tho very
finest lantern slides. The lecture
is bound- to please everybody.
Keep Thursday eveuing,,, March
10th, open and take in this lecture
in the Methodist church at eight
o'clock. Admission for all 25
cents. Refreshments' ' will be'
Eckhardt^ Co.
Moyie people had  a ■
the .two evenings the
company played here.
Widow,'''    aud    "Paid
rare treat
Eckliard fc
"A   Grabs'
'in "Full-,
C. P. R.   Experimental   Farms.
Big Appropriations.
F. E. Simpson.  Returns.
Don't forcfet to see our new prints and ginghams.
We   are   now showing' a beautiful
range of blouses snd skirts for spring-.
E.  A.   HILL.
F. IS. Simpson, former publisher
of the Crrubrook Herald, and oue
of the best boosters the Koote-
nays ever had, returned this week
with his wife from California.
They had a delightful trip, and
Mr. Simpson's health ia wonderfully improved.
K. P's.Plan  Busy   Night.
I Imperial Bank of Canada.
J Capital   Authorized $10,000,000.00 |
5                   Capital Paid Up  ,-5,000,000 00 |
| Reserve   Fund |
g cranbrook, Arrowhead, Golden. Kamloops, Michel,   New   Michel f
a Fernie, Nelson, Revelstoke. Victoria, and Vancouver. *
a Drafts and Money Orders sold  avaible in any |
I part of the World g
o Pavinys  J>ank Doparlinonl. §
™,r Intoi'c&l flowed on deposits from   date  of deposit. §
|^0YIE BRANCH.       J. F. M.   PINIKHAM,  Manager. §
Next week the local lodge of
Knights of Pythias will meet on
Wednesday evening iustead of
Thursday, There will bo work on
in the fir.it and third rank, and a
lunch will be served. The Creston
lodge has been invited.
Bonght a  Launch.
When Fred V-go was over at
Nelson last week ho purchased a
launch for bimself and A. ■ Ferris.
The launch is 17 feet iu length
and has a three h. p. engine. It
will bo shipped over hero within
the next few days.
Seethe RobrutsiV Messinger's
advoitiscmpiit for boy**' clothing
at attractive pi ice-*.
The Provincial government has
made liberal appropriations for
every district in British Columbia.
The total expenditures reaches
the sum of $7,73S,237. The grant
for education, $715,712, i3 the
heaviest item in the list after that
Of public works, which is fixed at
$1,250,S05. The estimated revenue is 17,000,200,00. Included in
the estimates is an item of $521,-
719.11 to bo applied to the reduction of the public debt.
The Craubrook district gets for
roads $05,000; bridge-*;, about $10,-
000; "also a further amount not
yet fixed, to be spent on a trunk
Pernio formerly was dealt with
under the Craubrook agency.
This year tho finance minister
has recognized Fernie as a separate entity, Roads. $05,000; court
house, $20,000; river improve
meuts at New Michel and West
Forme, $0500; total, $100,500.
Fred Ege Hurt.
Fred Fge, while timbering in
the St. Eugene mino Manday
morning had both boues of his
right wrist broken and received
a bad cut on the head by falling
rock. Ho is now iu the hospital
at Cranbrook. llis injuries
though not serious will lay him
up for considerable time.
Tho best salmon, -1 tins far oOcts
at Uj-owe Pro-;.
has been put in  the front.     The
office,  the  dining   room and the
halls  upstairs  have   been    newly
papered-with  varnished  tile .paper, and the, office   floor  covered
with  linoleum.    ,   The   furniture
aud fixtures  for  the  oflice alone
will cost close  to  $500.    Tn  this
bill will be 22 large chairs  costing
$20 each    Improvements will  be
made on the parlor on tho  second
floor, and new  furniture  will   be
added  upstairs.     A  new sample
room will be opened in  the lower
part.     This room  is   21x3(3   feet,
will be plastered, and it is the  intention   of   the    proprietors     to
make it the best sample room   in
the country.
1  .The new addition to the International Hotel, owned by   Taylor
<fc Pouuer,  will   be    put    up
quickly as possible.    D.  J.  Johu-
son, of  Cranbrook,  has  tlie  contract.     The  excavation   for    the
foundation    is     completed,     and
most of the  lumber  is   on    the
ground.     The   new pirt will   bo
lSxfO feet and two  stories   high.
Tho dining room will be  enlarged
and will occupy a  portion of  the
new  part,  and   there   will   be    a
pool room in the old part.    Iu the
front of the new   part  there   will
I be a    largo    oinYe    and    sitting!
room.    The   whole    of    the   new I
part will be lathed and   plastered, j
Probably    tho     nio-t     radical j
change in any of   the  hotels  will |
be iu the Cosmopolitan, owned by I
B'msome it Campbell.   They have
movod   their old    building    back!
and   have   erected   a  two  storey)
building in front with a  frontage
on  the   streot  of  40   feet and   a
depth of  SS  feet.    J.   F.    Hutch-
croft    has  the  contract  for   the
carpenter  work.     The   plasterers
aro busily at work, aud from present indications tho new part  will |
be ready to occupy by   .March   15.!
The sitting   room   and ofliuo  will'
„e 25x10.    Tho  dining room  will
which lies in the valleys iu South
East jKooteuay. With this in
view they .are clearing 100 acre's
of ground near Curzon Junction
and another 100 acres no.xr Jaf-
fray. Both tracts will be set out
in apple trees.
pleased them immensely. "A
Grass Widow" is a companion--ofthe ''Merry Widow," and is a delightful comedy,, while- 'T-ud ,in
j Full" takes on more of, a serious
turn. It is' a strong company,
aid it is to be hoped that-a return engagement will be played
K. of P.  Annual   Ball.
Geo. Battell in .Nels
St. Lugene -Lodge No. 37
Knights of Pythias, decided at
their meeting last evening to hold
their regular annual ball tLis
year oii tho evening of Tuesday,
March 29th. .
Are    you    frequently     hoarse?
Oo you have that  annoy in ■>■ tickling  in  your   throat?    D^s your
( cough annoy you at night, aud do
;you raise mucus in   the   morning?
to | Do yoU wa„t relief?     If  30> ,take
Chamberlain's Cough remedy and
you will be pleased.    Sold by   the
Moyio Drug & Stationery Co
Nelsou News:—George Battell
who played for tho Moyie fast
ball team last year, came, to tho
city last evening from Spokane,
where ho has been for the" past
two months. Mr. Battell is
spending a few days iu the city.   -.
Paid in Full.
Creston lleview:*—• The balance
of the debt of something over
$100, on the Catholic Church, was
paid off by a sitigle individual iu
'Creston, being no other than Mr.-.
Chas. O. llodgcis.
The Iv and II cigar has jumped
into prominence through the excellent flavor of tl e tobacco out
of which it is made.
0 Y S'    S UI
at prices to clear before
spring goods   get  in.
(. i
Here   is an   opportunity to clothe
your boy at tlio very lowest prices.
, At the Daylight  Store,
.vi*    VI
«  'v. I
1>. *
t if.
t tsX
mm THE LEADER. MOVliY BRITISH COLUMBIA.  j       <���  .  v  f -11.  j Ay  , i  i A  it  ���;������- ������  Y-���,  N.J V  .1".. (  ���-'���*f.Y-  ': -!,'.'  ���"*���:*-,'AV  ���Yy  Tr-\-l K  HT  !%Y I!  u,-  i   hi  ii      ������ "[!��� ii m  i i_ ii  i'iili MOYIE  31,  ,^ut was thrown  put,   sirikhi-*  .   _       _    .his head.    After two  davs   in'   '"^  ii ���!, i-ti in iht'uiicjc-stof u*e pqoj.io I-1-*10 ho.-,pital he was allowed to   W IP  oi'M.iyic a,ud Ensl Kootenay.       .'.return  lo   vyrk,   but    almost'   '~  ' "         '   -  ������-��� JnJiiieHiately   developed    dan.-1  l-\ .!. !y?.M VTli,, P.',n:.i*-,iy..;.      [o-crous symtoms   a\id�� concus-1  [.sion of' the brain   setting-   in,  'he died on Saturday. j  ______*_***v'-*<* -v  <__.-.o **__*^Ka_e_  -��l_*>t5  Honored by Women  .on  '���Mi.   jjK   .si;i!-l.:iitios k  Van- ...    A. , $3.00  Jvndvsmith Chronicle:--The.'  ",   '.    ' '  executive  of    the " Provincial |  Couservatiue 'Association   met  Mil DAY, .MARCH 4, l'flio.. '   j at Victoria last Saturday even-1  -^rr~rrr" ;��� ���= |in"-,   and  discussed   plans   in1  ThiYis the open 'season' for|>:y������ccti;'n -^ t]jc ���fortllcolll'. '  . sii.m* slide.-;,    r  When a ivo man speaks of her  silent secret MiITerF**.**' she  trusts you. Million*, have bestowed thjis ir.ork of confidence on Dr. Ii. V. Pierce,  of Buffalo, N. Y. Everywhere there are women who  bear witness to t'-a wonderworking, curing-pQiver of Dr,  Pierce's. Favorite Prescription  ���which saves-the suffering sex  from pain, and, successfully  grapples, with woman's, ��eak-  ���jjlj  ncsic and stubborn , ills.  ] IT A-IAKE5 WEAK WOHEN STRONG  IT   HAKES   SICK   WOMEN  WELL.  i     No woman's appeal was ever misdirected or her confidence    misplaced    when    she   wrote'   for   advice,   to  the World's   Dispensary   Mbdical Association, Dr.  R. V. Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y.  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets Induce mlU attarnl bowel taoverotttt o��t�� �� day-  ���  iljH  f�� U*"iTfet_Tb_;  ���_Si!ls  .Meets Tuesday er-anings ju McGicgorj  hail  on   Victoria  street.    Sojourning  Odd Fellow** corcCUilly invited.  K��i:i> Ron. F. J. Smith.  ���   Noble Grand.      '-       Scsi'y.  ���st.' Ki.f-t.iie J.-..'-**.- X<>. S~  R." of P.  Meets c*-.-ty Thursday  c v*f nijig    in    McGregor  hall at S.t'c3c.ck.   Vi-t-  iiing.biothris invited.  K, D. Stixsox,   ' K. A. Kux  Chancellor Coin. K. 11   &.r S.  ,,. T. ..'?._. I *f��95-5->-5*3*?55*J-53:>-*.-*��Sia9>3'->S'3--?8i:  .ing   Dominion    Conserv,ative,|      WORLD'S   DOINGS.,    ��  Many a vouiifi- imui is called |conveniiai'    ;lt,   Ottawa    nextJ^^^^^^^^^^J  "fast"   bv  W"frf_i��IS;   ,"bnt>fu-"e-   ���Jt'wjis decked that the  ���'���slott-"'by his'tailor. ' jConscryatixes of   British   Col ^  r _.������*.. 1f       junrbia should be   represented'  ,Yo riding" in   the  province at   the   gathering;'    with    J 47  Buenos Ay res lias the finest  opera house iu tbo' western liem-  isyhere.    It cost $10,000,000.  POSTAL,' PHOTOS.  can complain of the .treatment  , ��n\ en 'by the' government.  ,   .    Don t    -<]j     nothin'     too ^, . . . ,. .,.','  ,1,.       ).      '. . .  rl*ne   convention   will   be>  the  t_ vi en ���  is a iavonte .sayiyg of  Gri/zlv Pete-of4 Frozen Dosr."  .Sonic people likc-lpeii.ig the  whole show to- such' an "ex-  ���teut   th-'it  they, ought   to,   be  compelled,  to1 takeout a   li-  1 <* , ,,, *-    ,f-  e'ense. * -T      ���,.''���"���  ' ' A constant rea'der suggests  -"CHiekcij Chowderv,as anta_>-  ,-propi'iate title for the' next  -. minstrel''show given by, thc  .Moyie Hockey Club. ,   '.  ,V *-       '       v       ���-     ,.��d .   ,'  -, |Tho3:   C>ven,   M.   P.   'P.,  -was 'successful   in   gettintr   a  ' '-       . .    Y i  <S75,Q"n appropriatipn  for his  ;dig_rict."      Au^h^r   evidbnc2  ;tli.it-the pebple of this "district  ni ".de no .mistake on   the  25th  lof last November.        A   ,  1 Xoi'w.'iy has ip sardine fuctoi-  delegates. There wi,ll be 20'ies. Dm ing' a good season 50,-  delegates   from' each   of   the 000,000'tins of 20 to 2i , fish, each  '. " '      ,  ,    '", . .*       -ire packed.      ,.      ���    ,       ,    * '  seven   federal   constituencies. ���-���  ���Denver's     municipal    .theater,  ocenping a��� p.irt   of    the    great,  greatest' political     gathering. Auditorium',' is    making >��� money,  ever held in the Dominion   of !f.c��0I'd.inR fc0   J?e��vec, Municipal  <       I'.icts,  Canada'.; ..It 'is  freely   stated;    n,    , ��� n   ~~e'~~        r ,  . ���>     t           -   ,                     *          -    !    Charles P. Tafc believes in base-  in the east,   that '��� should   Mr. i ball properties., ,_ M.sides. owning  R. L. Borden insist on the ,ac-; the 'Cincinnati club he has-lately  ceptauae of liis resignation   as'| bought for $230,000 the Jrouuds  .          -    ,.    ��  ,   v-        .,;-.,,      ���: iof tho Philadelphia club,  leader,'Ins  place ��� avuI  be"-of-i    ,       -       ���  ���2-1- '  fcrrcd-to   the. Hon.   Richard I    Three" new  liners^ larger  than  *    ���' '        ,, jthe-onos  no-v  on -the ,. Victoria-'  .McBride.,          1 Hongkong r 110", are'to -bo put  iu  ���;-���     f d,     t '      ,     ! the 'oriental service by' the  Can.v-  I dmu Pacific nest j'e*ir,   according  I .make a" specialty of Postal Photo work. Prices, r4  for 50 cents, or ?1.25'a dozen.  MISS FLORA DEAG'ON'.  0 P. DESAULNIE  .    '        UKALKlt   IX  r  Selkirl. Lmlef. No. ��<".  A.. V.   .V   A. M.  llegular    nieotings  g,   on the-first  Wed-  n esday      of   each  month.  Visiting brethern vielconp.  11. Chapman, W. M.'  r N. W. Uiu-dctt.'Secretary.  OLIVER TYPEWRITER  For Sale  For $125.00 .  Easy Payments.  R X SMYTH.  MOYIE,' B.   C.  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71 w, F.of M..  Mpets in McGregor hall every Sntur^  il.iy evenin;*-. ' Sojourning member*!  are cordiallv invited to n'tu-nd. , *  Albert Gill,  ''  Prcbiden't.  Jauics Robert.** |  ,   Secretary  Panama Canal.  j jfo-semi-oflidal    advices.      Three(  p   ._        ,'. ! ofthe ICnipross liners now on; the  The   mas-Hiry    works    on    thei| *'l,1> wi!*y be withdrawn  from   the'  I'tiuama  canal   will   not  only be   Pacific    and    operated    between  the  largest of, their    kind    ever   Canada and Cuba',  built, the locks aud spillways   being, on a scale  of'unprecedented  proportions,  but" .these   works   iu  Fiunally the1 Clark mansion on  Fifth avenue, -New York', has "'an  j occupant���fts r   o.wner,'       former  the aggregate will probably repre-    ,. .  ....... ....- , _..'.. n        Y-senator^V   A. Claik, the  "coppor  king." - The mansion "is down   on  , The caleijtdir, as' an,,adver-  .-^Uins"   medium has ,'been   e'x-  ploited to death'.     A merchant | cienb time-*;- ancl the Pyramid** -or-  A*. -       . ������;-|J i' t      ' &>���  will invest  all   the' w.iy from j fcho Great,,Wall of China are  not  _���',/-.._   _mn   *      X -1 nn   ���    Lto be seriously reckoned   iu-coui-  v.^10 to   hi00- m   from   100' toY,,.*    '    ���,.:,    -,=��.    ,,   ,    ,   - ..  c - jpinson    With  ditlieult, hydraulic  .  500   'calend.ir.-j.      These   will J works of  tho character  of  those  ' reach from 200 tu 300 people.   on the l'lDarai1 eaUftl  , I,ror the same  mo'nev   a   larefe  .space could b^  carried   on   in  the  local  paper  from   two   to  twelve   months.     Faeh    copy  sent the l.irgest'ivass,of nnisonry-  of aliy kinl.'whatsoever  hitherto,  placed in a single " enginee'ring !the tnx books >6 a taxable val-  work of magnitude. It i. ne3.'; "ation of $3,500,000. 'This is not  tooiiable whether ah exception 'q,ute half tho flfll valu'e' &i ^' ���  would have 'to be made oven in  j.the c.vso of some ,of the-f.imous  masonrj*"'aqueducts   built   in  au-  , PROMPT DELIVERY!' '.  Queens', Ave.l    MOYIE  PIANOLESSONS  1  H* G.'SALMON  1 P' * *  < of Cranbrook  (Phone 203.)  visits Moyie weekly.o ,    '',  Studio' at Mrs,, Gilberts  Harvey;;'   McOarter  &  . ��,.    Macdonald.  *,">������*-���  ,- Barristers,.Solicitors, Notaries, Etc  Cranbrook,.. -.   -:   B. C;  W. F. GTJRD,  BAIiRISTKlt. S01.ICIT0K, KTC.  <H '  CKA.NBROOK:.  B. C  St., Joseph's   Convents  KELSON, 13. C. ','  xJo.irding and Day School conducted by .Sisters of St. Joseph,Nelson,  B. C. Commercial ��� ,and businep.**  courses a  specialty., Excellence, and  DB.-F.'B. MILES,   :,  Cranbrook,-     , f B, C.  1 S&ZP.^.jV^'SZ.^.^Z'^iZ >*.*-^*.*�����*��.��� **w*^.*^.-^"��^5?'-3^:*y;*3?-?_S:5?_t f_S  V / '  \ft    P. O. 11OXS01 , , '    '   '   PHONE. 73  \^ "   ,   ' '���''..'  Vli*'. ' '   ' \ "   ���  ���  I East Kootenay Bottling Co  w' ��� -����� ' ,   <* t ��"   .0'  Vi/ " Cranbrook,   B. C. '/   '   ,  S��^'r' '."   ���,     ���.      ���.,������'   -.     "     ������ ���,  W\    > ' -     ���'.'.'-  \��>  t  Manufacturers' of alLkipds of carbonatetl  beverages. AW spare no expanse to luiye  ourVoods'the bost1 on.tlio .market.  "      '   -        '       .>., :.   ���    .    ,  >  There ,are,'others,' Biit!!' , ���  1   W  '. W  v-    W  x%'r  <$���  <(t'i  ^|>->-.>-****>*^*>^*^*J^*:.>��^*^*>^*^*>-^-^:*<g:*>^l*^-|* ^r''*^-T_,'<_,*^_,-^*-^^*-^^*--^* ic*  'At ���-C*"*C*>r**<*-.*>��k*,��*u >-l.*>^*'^*>^*>^*>--k>,^.*>��.*>v.**����-'^'*^.**^**^'^'5_->5.,*^: *5s  George H\ Thompson,  BXitiu-iTKii.    Solicitor  ,   ,; Notaiiv i'lim.io, ke.  swift progrfisd'charactehize  each  de- j CRANBROOK/      Bimisn Colu.mdia  parlment.   Parents eliould  write-, for'  particulars., Oue month  assures  the  t:  cording  t'o ^estimates ' made   'by | *u,bHc   .     tbe .-H*oroiighiie38t of   the  those  familiar   with- -the   cost   of  Sisters' methods  of teaching. ^Terms,  the massive structure more than  .-?7,000,000 has been' expended ' on  the building since its construction  was storted in the spiing of 1902.  Ably Defined.  A Minister's Mistake.  comm.ncc January,  April  and  Sept  Pupils ard'admitted during'tefnr>.  ���  A ' .c-ortain    archbishop     when  asked whether it was  a   grievous  lie for a  woman to misstate  her  One of the fir-it  to  atteiupb to -age replied:  havo  the  new   regulations    pro- '\    "-^  he  may  be defined    as    a  venting the postoflice from   being ! statement made  by one  rational  of Lhe the paper is read bv ten ��� ��P-n   th  boxholders   on    Sunday, being  to another  rational being  or a dozen people   even*   "week' v'loll\fcecl iu Winnipeg was a  min-' with the intent to deceive. Now.  ister' who  desired   to  obtain   his   as no ratioual being would think  for Lhe entire tinu. '  Hawthornthwaite, Williams  /in:l Jardine swung" rig-hL in  line with Mr. McNeil, lhe at-  .'toi;nc\' for thc Great Northern, when thc fight for Lhe  Peniicton charter came up in  Lhe house at Victoria a few  days    ago.       Neil      McKay,  Sanday  school   literature,   which  he had neglected   to   got  on   Sat-  of asking a woman her  age   with  the expectation of being answered  urdiy afternoon. His request \ truthfully, one of the elements of  was not granted. M my box- the lie is lacking, and the wo-  holders have decided to give up man's statemen cannot, strictly  their   boxes as a   result   of   the, speaking, bo defined as such."  new regulations, as they  find  the l "��� '  daily de.iverie-; ample  fqv  their]    Chamberlain's     Stomach     and  purpose.��� l^ree E'ress. ' Liver Tablets- are  safe,  sure and  ������ 1 ro]iabiet a__  have been   praised  "The Point  of   View. ! by thousands of women who have  ,  j been restored  to'health  through  Hoax���Don't you think it's out-' their gentle aid and eijrative  ���Thos. Ca\eu and Wm. Hun-[ rageous the prices these millineis propotties. Sold-by tho Afoyie  Ler put  np  a   e'ood   fifrht,   re_ j clnirge for hat.-? Drug >t Stationery Go  .*        .,    ,   ',     , ������.*. '^     Y    u'    ���Toax���Oh, 1 don't km w. ' _______��� LY...    miesting- that the bill be -held.    TTr,..v   v,*��,   ,i~ ������-    1 ,v' ~   rl Uoax��� 1 ou   don t    know,    eh?  its very evident  you   aro not  a ' Will.     JCWClI  married man. .  STOJ' AT THE      - '  COSMOPOLITAN  X3Cc>��XBS_!X_s- '  WHEN IN  CRANBROOK  E. n. SJfAI.I., IMnuu-cr.  Good roorna, good tables and   bar  and first class sampiev rooms.  W, R. BEATTY.,        y '  Ernbalirier and Undertiiker,'  Phone 9.'    " CRaNBJIOOK  T. T. Mi.ViulL'.C.E.,!"-!.. SI.'   "    II. Y.   I'l.rVcr, C  v 1 .',  ,   .  McVi-TTIE & PARKER  Pi'OV'IXGIAL LaNO   SuRVIJYIXfi  KAILWAV   *   MIMNG    ���NCIXKKKING  Estimates Furnished.  f      .        OFFICES  Fort Steele P. O. Box 23.  Cranbrook P. O. Box 11.  E URN IT tTRE  1 I " v. , , P f  1 I it 1 J '  . ",,        , -   v ", : v ;,,-,,,   .  BUY   YOUR  ^ver untilslhc Great Northeni  iravc    assurance    Lhat      thev  *, .    ,,     Ty        "-      ',oax���^yi'qi-ST. r na-imeJa   mil-  repair and operate Lhe K.  ana ; ������__,..  8. Ro'id in the   Sloca:i.     Ar.d I  *������ 1  .stijl 'tliey  say   that   Sjcialists'  and   Liberals   are   nevor  The Right Time   Anyway.  the I     "w,leQ   was  l,oui.-.aua    ceded?"1  '    j asked the teacher. !  tools <yf i.'ulw.iv   corporations*.      "Ju-t nffPi-rim-,, ���   j     ���     ..I  c   .       >    ��� - l .iv.K-1, nnei tne s-pring plowing,   |  replied the bright farmer boy.        j  X'ictoria is tired   of  all   the,  r.ickeL mad','   by   the Chinese  Fully nine  out  of   every    ten 1  Express and General Delivery Business. Livery and  Feed Stable.  WOOD    AND    COAL  For Saje  j cases of rheumatism, is simply1  at their New Year festivities.'rheumatism of the muscles duo to]  The    medical'    association     is ^ or damp, or chronic rheuma- j M . .  ���-   ���������     '    ,|   ���    .        . " tism,  neither  of   whioh'  i-fjnuire '  ofTcrni-s'  statistics   in suppqrty|a_y internal treatment.    J\M thatf^A'  of    the .. .-s'tatenient    that    the j,**3 needed to" aiTord relief is' the  Chinese' carnival is   a  fruitful !free aPPlic^fciou of Chamberlain's  Liniment.* Gfive it ���> trial. You  are certain to be pleased with  the quick roliqf which it affords.  Sold by the Moyie Drug vt Stationery Co.  Ijenve Orders at  Gwynne's .Store.  British Ccinnbia  source of .seriqus' ' accidents  one of which during the past  week resulted in the death -of  James Green, driver 'for a  grocery company. ���' Green  h vd' a 'spirited- horse, which  .-v-mpLly boltc.l   w:l-en   crack-  There ai-e.no blanks in a box of  K and H cigars;. They all draw  and emit an aroma tl*at peifumes  the oxone when set on fire. It in  ever a pleasure to   follow   a  mat.  OVER 6S YEARS'  EXpiSRIENCE  s were blown under his he-Is--    ,  ��� ���     ' ' j who issmi king a K   and'II cigar  '"���'���d   <"i   pluckily "Pry ere and be convince:!.  lie driver  Trade Marks  DESIGN3  Copyrights'Ac.  Anyone Ren-llni- n nketch nn-J doscrlntlrtu mny -  quickly .urorttiiu our opinio., ���frv,'*- wl.oll.cr n.i  InvanMon is proLdhly iJi.lclit.iblo.   Con........leu.  tlonsstrloilyncinlldci.tliil. IWNDBOOIt on I 'Men tn  6ent fr.-o. OI.l-.3t ii{-e.ic-- for Recur..ik pnleiil-..  I'ntouU inken  tnroui'li Mui... ��� Co. rccelre  tpecial not ice, wiil.out, o(|nrj-ot In tlio   *-    ���  utericain  A JiftnrtHomely Ilht^tratod wreKly. ijirv^ttl olr-  *!HlMion oi uny ���Jfl**nt!fl��, Jouriutl. Term* tor  O.iii.uHi, jy.7fl a, yi'.iri'pot-'tuK. i>rei��ai��l. Holii I��y  nil iiL"*vR*fluulura.      ��� ���'  MUNNSCo.36^^^ New York  TJri.nct. -Jlllcv*. 'j?i F 8t�� Wa-.-hl-.iuu:.. L(. u.  Nifty Spring  SUITINGS  FI IME NEW STOCK of the  nattiest in Spring Suitings  from eastern and English  manufacturers just received,  Tliey are undoubtedly the  handsomest and most distinctive fabrics that have  yet been offered and those  who would have something  select in a Suit for spring  should leave their order  early. A fit guaranteed and  at a rcasonablo price.  Pressing; and Cleaning  Done  Prices Eight.  C. A. FOOTE  Merchant Tailor.  MOYIE,  j Cigars  Tobaccos  Fruit arid  Confetionery  FROM  A. B. Stewart  Thos.. Summers  Cigars,   Tobacco,   Fruit   aud  Confectionery.  COnr-.t'lKT .���*���, 6. OUTCJVUV.T, CBtWOI***  * CO     e*wv*.*iO   ILL.  Whether it Tbe a HOTEL, a .RESIDENCE  or an OFFICE/ we can supply the   '  FURNITURE,  cheaper  than  . any of our Compeditors..  INVESTIGATE FOR  YOURSELF  Of \  Cranbrook   Co-Operative    Stores  Moyie  TOYS,   notions  etc.  South   Victoria   St.  ���THI,���  B. C  Central Hotel.  DKSAtri.NlKIt     J1KOS,    Pop*-.  Large sample room in connection  with house for commercial men. Bcsl  of accommodation.  Headquarters  for   Com- .  ',.'   mercial and.MiniugMen.  QUERN'S AVK MOYIE, B. C.  m  As made by the present brewer {--"admittedly the &r  Uest Ueer in E.ist Kootenay.   With tho Bost -Malt #  j'and tlio Purest Spring Water it is unexcelled   for -0  finality.    Iiihist on having Moyie Beer.  BOTTLED AND DRAFT BEER  w  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy  Cures Colds. Cro.;*i iind Wl.uojiing Cough.    A  SEND YOUK    WOJUi   TO   THE  KOOTENAY  STEAM  LAUNDRY.  NELSON  All White Labor.  L*mve work with the   local agent j  A, B. STEWART,  MUELLER & HESSE,   PROPS,  ���1  ^9m9^����tt9ee9999<aoS��9tM9999099999e<��9O999^990e��m0OOa9^  MOYIE    HOTEL  P. F. JOHWSTOX  e  e  ��� &>.  ���*"*  This Hotel is New and well Furnished The %  Tables are Supplied with the Best the %  Market affords. The Bar; is Pilled with |  the .Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. I  HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMERCIAL $  AND MINING MEK'. I  UOY1B- _ _ _ _ _ - BlilTISH COLtMBI**    f THK LEADKK. 310Y1K. PJUTTSTT COLH.Mi-nA.  ���^  f >*^j  VVv**!*  -'���"By John D. SWain  rtCwxrl-rlit IIW1. by tie Si�� York ii****',] c.��. .Ml Kl-*hl-< IUm --..���.I )  Kroblbhcr had forgot ton-to buy Ills .Vuirt. *!Yis( plin .-i  Chiistnms presenl. At tlio eleventh hour li-> had hastened to the bit",' department story There ovoicoine  by Its iiuiueiibity it ml the ox*.*ltein<.Mt ..1* lhc shoppei.s,  he lliinlly found himself Iu a beautifully fiirnlsh<,'d  ,ioom.   ,  , -"    .  Ho wns alone Pine* f.-r 11 prolty phi. who sl.-ued In  his fiice, then -he iauxhod iiniesdniiH.dlv, iind as *,!..*  l.uiBlied two tiny diamond*- twinkled roguishly in her  Urlli. ''  rroblsher patiently waited foi hor mli-ttj to ox'pon.l  itself He was not vexed; tents he .ajihorred, mid  Jiy stork"*. *" Outline inlith. even w hen'blnlunt, he  could toiemte.. And iu roc _ time f,ho l.tuKhcd hei- fill,  wiped lier-yeK-uItli a futile M*iap of I.icc ,-ind an-  ���sv.eied his fpn'stlon:���-  '���\ouYo In the 'M. del I'tntJ" - '  "A lint, evidently,' but not, nisclel���surely not  modpl!" lie protested.       >    ���> f  "Vcs,( n   model  Hat!"   <.ho  Insisted,  and  threatened'  to nil! to 'titn-hiii*; "Hiiln.  1   "Well, .so be  It; but  whose ine-dol /I.it?"   '  "Why, Hovei'deiV .  "Hot ender, Iiov wider,"- lunilnatcd l-'robi-dic:; "but  Iloiewk-r*- is, it depnrtmeiH Hhop ",       ���  "Of toui ��*, and this is their* Model iThit���thelt  Ideal House, ifyou like Unit betler���'whoie they khow  off their furnWliJiiK**'and how*'a-wealthy mini could  .lit up �� home:"  Muck'Into the auophiod cbaiim-li of Kroblshor's  btiiia (l.)vvod it" torrent,of ineinoi Ies. The KeinnJds,  Ids Aunt I'twellla, tiie'I'm Is gltnes, the dits.li itito thi j .  r. 10111 and llnuUKh other rooms, ptiisued by the,  hideous throiif,' of -shopper*- and flimllv his o*-,oiipt*  behind Uie stroeii, when* he bad <ansed to bide hit  lime' And then, its the rti*,soc jjlil smiled again, shvj  too was idvon her place Jn his recollections.,  ���Hut v\hy 1110 we nloue':'" he asked, n.s nearly  tjtnrrir.I 11s his n.-ituio pi-i-inltteil. ".  "J'ocnuso everylxdy else hast mmo home and we  me looked In," -In. elieei fully ox-plained, her spliltt  llsinj,' now that hei mKeiy had found comiuny.  'Listen!" "And she plunged e-if-vily Into thc tale ot  lier own mishaps,  '���I (.nine hoie like ovor��h'cdy else, to see how- a  swell lieuii' ic.illy looks r,ut do yoti .suppose," she.  t'lBiesstd, "lb-it any one ie.illyc has such wonderful  ���on- enleiii es   .is:   these   aie   In   e\ery   one   of   the.so  llM.HI, *" . " *  "Aie tliey so eMi-.ioidlnary?' I hat eii't looked  about imiv,h jet, you know." " ��  "Why. it's like f:iliy Intul!   All elctiie hut tout, and  h'u-H, and  little  U,l"p!u*ues,c.'iin.,otInK all  parts of  tiie   hou.se.   and   tVinpoiiituie   mitil.uai-*,'' and'ftesli  air fans���you would novYi hu.i-zine people could !i,nc  'life tnlide so e.tsy and *pei fe*, t for thein!        >.  '"it was (bnt which not nie l.-e-kod Hi" hero. I found  ��lie nust wonderful t Iced,you inn Imagine. Whoa  j>it (>i (*n the dui.r ll tin-is on aij elect!it- ll^lit. .tad  a'l the di.iwet's are m..de of leal ndtir wood, to keep  (iltv^iKlrlis, vou know". It bus it l.l(,' minor cptnlii-tr  tleai down to the 11.-or.iand tlu-ie-aie silver pl.itcd  j.ulvS all i-loo-r the's-ldo's,1 with coat h.tn-rers on them.  'J he door K self-closing, to keep tho dust out; and [  st.md In lh.-'u- uiili) I ltud open, d every di.i'wer and  s(e-i ...\eivthinK. nrd when aL I.im I ciime out the  1"! ue w is I k ki d np:" ' _ ,  "lle.ilh;    Then   I   suppose   we  sh'nll" ha\ e   lo  w.iit  in..1 until'lhe (too.-, ntv op.*ne/V to-1.101 row* lnoi-nln^?1'  1 Hut liMiiorrow K Ruiiiln,*! ' * r ,  ri.>ljKh,.r fell ssiddfttly cold. "Till Monday, then':"  Ji.' whjspeted. ^ , "  M.iM' 'uu f<ii--r.)tteii tint M<mi,.n* is ("'hilsjjn.is'-"'  t'lll.d the russet  vision, with a tiApic (.-estuie.  'lli.-n (l,u!c(d derail- (liUflucl nl l'tol.ishei's he.-iif.  'lvvl i he ujeutil li's mouth lo spe.ik, but no sound  J*.*>m.l fiom his dry lips  In 11 i-inlc <f sIIpik e',lhe two slnud nt one nnollur  mi.���w Hi., mission" t.i! ile, w Idle the ..in.ite -Jim kit It k.-.l  l'.ill.Ti lonilv In the dim eortior of the niock libi.n.v,  ll'sd with books" vv hi'li uolx.dy lend, 111 a house  vvli. ie iiohidy liv.d.'  1 ir.l-Niiei w,11. n,-^( to leeovoi. Il\ tempoiarv p-in'C  five vvay Ki.i.lu.-illy to 1 fe-lln^ (.f excessive an-  :-n in,e  'Miero must !��> m-iii'-o vv-liy of Kpttlnjr on',*' he  vriiuitul -We cm at letst'po to Ih.* stioet llv.or  niil If there is no watv-hi 1 in about we ran tap on  llw* dot.!, an-l in time s-nie n'.tie. nut 1 in bound l��  ���-*���< 11- iiinl let us out It will lie a nuisiucp p\pl.ini-  ln.-* inltteis j.ud I shill lo aii!)..v.-d ly a lot of  11 port, r follows mid .ill tint; tint It o'llv serves n,e  unlit  foi  I..-IU**** tool ono-j-rh  to come heie at  all'"  'I o\plo,*'ii the entire tin >r vv lion ! found I vv.u  Jt.okul In" ��|i_ the russ.-t \N^i, ���aurl theie is uu  ���>" i"  to pet out. "  '1 ?in up a'l hope Inn,; .it-ro. anil enme back hoi*;  it Is -ii k.an uii-p homelike than the s.ilesr out be-.  >(".l Tl.on 1 he rd Vou -IiiiIuj-; iil->jut; I was horill.lv  afi lid   Im ins,- I   1' i.i  si pposrd  I   was nloue      1   he.ir.L  -."�� v.li. 11 vou  hi'ii pod join   Iic.kI   too" ^lu-  l.tuuluil  n-'.ilu----.it���| ii,,.;. t.< m vtniii,; w.is still, und I pe��p d  1 I'u.v 1 the duot ni.il siw vou .md loco-ini/cl .vou"  < fohishoi ^.[v, ooiis.-l.'.is ot link* it. her explanation  **'H t.i-il t! e jnospe. iv (>f e*>eai e M'on cd to be loiuote.  H.' s' ouk his le.ul iu. fully  '^li it  n   Ixitstu-   lot   of   t ilk  s'nli  i,ov. 1   he.11   tbo  la,i  of It:  iinotlioi   ve.u's exll.* foi  ti;.*."  I i.o   vision   1*1   u-ss, 1   sn,,,t(  "������'I   I like tha::    If ,| nukes talk 11 bout  vou,  wh.it  I*   ?" ,1.1''"'*  of  IU1''     Viii'ip  i nly  a   tifiii." iinjhow:  I.e-Iilos." .,1,, lu]l|(. j    _   xjn|] ()f Ui'n   ml^eT|,.s o])01l 11^  i.ofine In,   -��� im.,,, s   ,u KW.n ,,r tii-uliic for me J ut  'j.*'*.      I!v   (h,v  v-..n>   ���   tion-t  Know-   who  .lo 1 ���  Wlntlir..|i r.udieott,  !>1"1'-    li'slu.h,,,,  r>II*-S    "A*?   n.  knovy them, do jtm?    Thev-'ie liowlinpr swell*  "Ves,   I   know-   then.,"  ���.-loaited   Frobishor.  ni.tttei of fact 1 wns invited there myself." '  "Oh, -that is too b.t.l!" sheened, in'ie.idy sjmpatliy  for n dIs.i])|,o|.iiment she u.ul.l .ippreuutte.  "1  llitd dei lined," :.d.l< (1,1*1 obishor.  "IJeeilnod:" she almost screamed, "how eo-ul.l you?  WliJ'. tlielr pi.ue is ..no of I In*, xvond.-i-s ��.f th<> wotld!rt  "I,s HV    ijhke.l   I'lobishei.  sonn-wh.lt  surpi ined.  h,ne been theie often, but k swiii. ,1 iiiucli llku other    ^v.,<'���,l  I'li'-toj-'iM Mixes of lamctis  hunters.  In  I1.1111  phieev." r     1 oDllvcm-d with gilded  horse-,li.*s>s and  tidinp; . tops.  "Most uii] leas un,'"' .issci.ied lYobi-Ini  "W( 1], I *,uj)]K.so I've (,ot to k>? to bod (lien, with  nnthlru; but a drl-ih of vvjijer,*' *,aid the ..(,1, with tlin  uios'i a-.-.', 1. v(d ivM.rpssniii slip could t-, line, .i'id  vvuhoiu itwthei roiiiment she ci.jsse.l th< t-*.��ii .mil  p ys*-* 1 flu.,\\gi\   i  d.,-,1.  ''lint 1mV, lie vuj- xve canio," lie^.m riol.isher,  ���.-ihen hi- w.is < ��t 'boil bv *i pier.'In-.' smp-id. \\*<.n-  ���.���( . 1!*jj: v,lut ne\v honors werel'i .stole, he . i. ���. (i (],,.  j-ltle ki'cllen  m  tliKe  sij,j)f> and fliiu^* it.*o ihe 10.nn  b'-V(lllll  It w.is ��. binl'i's ].ii,try, and tin ro. 1 mrsh llled  r< it upii'i i (Ax-. V'v-i,' 1-ho! i os of lln-uil soups, and  lite.tts. .ml bisc-ui*s; nnti J.u-s of fiult, n.(i notliiiit'  1>ut the li.mmig'of K"iif'iatlo'i-s -.1. x eu,< <3 f'rublshcr  fiom i.-llev In-,-* himself bv ,1 ory such as UK. -.i-i i���,,j  xit'er<d ,n,d stub as J:ik>( I. Aiden xoKtd when at Ia��t  his {li>s|M|iii|-; eyes glimpsed a s-iil.  'I'he si^hi of lhe bullet's pantry, stc-1--.,! as for 1  rU-cc. leminded them that the.v h.tfl no\ .C- .vet dined.  Tl... clixkin Uit libi.ii-y,U(nv ehluied theJioiM of one,  bin ��� l-'roblsiior was .pijt.* wlllln-j to postpone lhe  ei.ib'ti.-.is,infr jn-obleni of letiilu-; foi the lein.ilndei  of theiii-.'lit. 'J'he --111 be-*)tn to set (lie kk. hen table  and sin-fiist,-j ��� ���,,���,( ]���, Ps.p|t���*,. ���),<> den, vv hk-h she liad  noted  In .111 alcove adjolnm-; iho libr.nv.  'Ihe don w.is. lie thought, a little too obvious.   " The  J-'iillow field   lluni'i'   was  there,  of  couise,  n,   well  as  mes  y ii.k a<-fi"--;*sv i��� _, ^(.juituiput stoir'  it.,  Aum  I'.is.ji,,  of ,������.  j-prr.iid-s-  -t tb.  ".Oh. then you must ho a swell.' too!.. Uow* perfectly funny, Isn't It, tli.it I .should spt ud ChHsliun.**  ln :t  ..timnin-; house  vvlth *t  real  swell, afler ���nil?"  "yes.  isn't  It?"  lihsemoil   l.-*robl���shor.   with   a' wry1  Rtnlle.      The <oiiv(?i*,sii|Ioii w.ijj fipponiln^ dis*-*t*istiii*.'|v  liersonnl     r.mly to ehaiif,'i> it. be sii����J.stiij th.it tb.u  make a tour of lnspeeiii,u nUiut the pIhco and ((-.sure  tlioiiisi-jM*-,   *vheth'-r .ill   hopu   of  escape   wete je.ilh  , vain. ( '  ' Tin? Cliri from Mlssouil u-adily a-;reed, and toprether  the.v. pissed out ot what ml-jht be coiihidorod tlielr  front door, on to���a we|rd l.tvv^u of e.,S,l inosiic, eni-  belllshed with I'ei.slan nt-*. In lieu of shiubberv.  , After the eo-ypnctno.ss of tlm model tint the main  snlcsiooin -H-eiited illfii-lt.iliie. ^'I'he hjs( ,p,irl" was  rs'heii over lo i-u-s and - irpptiua,; tliCn on'me the  piano department, whore score, of -,'hostlv lnslruiln-ni.s  loomed bulkily lu the dusk , ^    ,   .*   4  i.'iom tt  window at the very end ot  the room  au  I'm Ush. 1 i.e'-il-sp!.--! a law c.ibn.et, eniituliiliiir an  Imitation c.isk, with u futile tplKot. iin.l u copper  li.IxiiiK ti-ay���with -.'hisses nnd decanters ai i-.m-red   in  niillt.tiy  precision,     riuleineath 'In   11   little  closet Ito    '" ,u,'',' 1'" !* *-'"'  (IN. jn eied two boxes of ol-'iirs, vvlth il.il-..i ju> bands.'   Uip ��*���''������ V"  He t!.o*v>f nt 1 f  ]l'Ut��U i'   ..f   t ie  ii'< n .'t 1 lie rlul v.     Of pdiij so lie would h ,vc 1o io,,,!;ii  fiom  the  round..x; if,, theie would  be impu���i'*��b��.  H-' ,dc ideil llui Ik x\���nld loaie to*,,11 at i,iu.. ,n.,l  w':..- Ili-^^Ins rnjin Now "i'ork to l-rinj; on hi, bi/^iu*,  .mil Hep sojik*wIi��i*p, auywhete. He would .���*. 10  Abyssinia. 01 .N.pml, or Tlnbcl, s,r.no pl.ii,- whole  pleasiiie lov pi-r o i,,.f. ti-di v pip not id. !j to be loin I.  A'tid wii.-ie the I ii itj-st echo of L-s iuish,t() (otild p, 1  ���pei'.etiiite Oi j. >, I .ips lit' would better oil ii._o h,s  li.-itn.' and dwoh' In some liitlo Ni.-j-liu vli..t*,e ti.i'j;  he wa, an <,lil, j-rij b.ttlei'ed iii.t.i, .rid people v.oul.l  li.ive foi*{,'j(|pn an m.out ii.       ,  Tint tliey 11, \n -yould forget! Th-il'w.H Clio < uisod  paTl of it: Jt v is loo 1 fell, altiiKPthPi* too I Ic h ir<'  (T.jididiy .idiultttd tlt.it xxeie this to have hippen.d  v.-iy to Someisol, h. himself never fo.uk! fer*,'." It m  o.-.tsp to be amused. " People xtoti d tell lt to their elnl-  droit po..si!jI.v ,(v^ii their prandchildrt u. Hfii. <-f��i th  ,lie was .ii*. exile f,,iever.    Vi's, Unit was m.-vital .o.  Another die 1.llui thought etvpl- in nt tin, po.nt.  Was lie !n hoiiii, bound lo ntarrv lhe Knl- Wtnil 1  the cold tinker ..( s.-o.-n )��. pointed at h.'i- as on.* who  had spent tlnee dn\, xvtth a .stian-itc man hi ,i u.. ��������� 1  flat V  i^te the j-'iiritiii c-mseietiro could ^answt r this ���itj.'tt-  inent tin- \olco of the girl liorsplf n^ilu br6ko Hi up m  hi, meditations *.  "Vou're not   1 x'oiy p0oial>!e sort of . hap   now  a-e  voir, Mr. I'ndiioft'-   Voujetve 111-* to do ,1!) t'i<- 1.1'kliii;  ilnd'-'-U there Jookm-r as i^lum as a Chinese Idol'   \Vh it  .(ililiiKhlmll.    Didn't j011 iind ,niv   |-i  IS    1 ,   Ulfi., ( 1  l,".l '       v\ ll    1   .  !l    <lf   ,1    is,!l <  he  V  "^    ,   I   "< I     .1  1 ' '   ml fisi  lit  1 1  ll* t t  V  .'.! ntliv. >-wise ll.ixe f.dk  J\.4.i"    j mi    ate"',   (,i.  m.'.fked "I-'lot- I'ina." Tin*..- mr' as clossv a-, if  v.in.ish.d,,111.1 suspi. lotisly peifeot lu slnpo "lie dis-  froeily icsorvod them till such (line n<-'hi, ruvu poiket  ...is,, should sivc, out, lesolviii}; tueaiiwhlle to liu-thaud  liis store, , ' ,  IJetiiriiin-r empty haikl.-d (o the kit-hen, he dis-  eovet-ed the wfltle set foi tli vVllh olives, hist till, tinned  (.mpue. mat ron*-; k!,k-C*, bat-Ie due. ph kk','. catsup.  Jc'lk-s, aiidiovies in oil and, for a' couii-oplecL', an  on..] moils  I'lliun cheese.  I-xpi and anon cluniift: Iheir repast l**robisliet's hair  "I found .somo lioltles.,, but >Iisdtd (tiot open thpiu,"  lie replied; a little shoi tly,  . ,"IIow dtoJl it nl' is,"is])c rambled nn. (is)mi-r for  ���mother bra tidied (is,', and still uiHueiK-e.l bv lhe f. m-  lulne point of view. "Here we are. luiu'liiii-** 111 lit.;  kitchen, just~?is ,f vou lnd come linme on a i.ttr* ivai'i  i.-ilter beIu-4 Uejit li.v btisitiess" (she ]),i;ised to Inn^h.  .ind'tlien. xvltli ,1 \ ii.tU.-'nurii)-,' look, coi'.tuuirdj���"I 1 vi  nlmost hear \(>u,,iv\ "So .soirj'7 de,atest, hut I wis  detained   at   Iho  uthce!'       Anyhow,   th.it'.s  wliat   ;.<>ii  'would say in .1 boo!"*.   ^A-id heie art 1, patient,,and  * '   'i      !   of  I, ns,  nt.d   it. nl.   hi), -i   1  '*   f> -     .'"  >������!   tl1"  ' f-C  11 *,; 1   ���   .live  "     s     ,.,   ,1,,||(,'    V(,,I|>    tllUP    11   VI   11,1    ',(  ' *  t      11   1 .v   l.tu.'.'. 1  < <��� I! <> li,|..-  -'      -   ,'   -J    it Islli't 1.,        I    '    , J v-St ({     !   Ho  li'i't    . 1,,.- si ni ii,. t ji.-i  I. ' 'ii a   I *     (h|  bi,. 1111    ii.d   -Jim iu.il.iiio  .1 ,v .1.' ,i. r  1   11  J*"' ' iliv (--ttif-ht si,'hf of 1,1,1 f-, ;. ni1, *.r;,i.tr  i'..*v,i. f,,i"\ thu lap of ihe Kb I ( ,i 10 t> -' ;��� 1 j.-^****-,,.!��  j'e 'li.,,i- town.d him. p'ui> p :- , si it. , 0.*.d um- tin-:-*  tn 1.tlie   .|e ^leeti"^ in   Vet  . wi>  too^K  ' 11 I.   !i* i* - Ukpd hoc up, rot ! "<   11 .1     vv,- -t��-d to,  i,(   she stupibl, (1 jvt*-t as d>e 1   v.v.tui.1 h., 1   >J ,|'  I!  ���1     the,   ("nl     ie-eiiifttilv  "II ,sn t sin  the e.ves U \  a ir-.tn   t li'iv'!'1, '  "s.J:e    mrd   hapjiy   pxkmi^Ii   with    vou,"   iptOijod  I ...I >s!k,      -"Sho !;i.islifd ��o li.ud s'v   woke me nL, nc  .MI x   I u.   ��� '  'Oi i> ifs lie. iti-e r have I ' 1 1 wp l!n" hoi "xr.i, is*  viiiito clii'lj.ps," sa:d the (.hi ��� ���,^'n; .fn fti.i .1 ,u-��  t.i.  ��� UH  I  t'.iout'hl of  tbetil."  1- u '- a fen-iull.v lon*.' tl i.. ��� thY 1 ^i'.,o t s'-indr.-  IV hisiw lecalled uv er.Ii.iv uiv,]i 1 --^d At t" . P \|  t'W'v iP>. -,} .,.f I. iked 1.' i'|s. s ,, iliiii-*., I 1 ei . h j,, is ul.I  ��� Moi .'..-il .trie,, and (oieml tw,!'*,1, (ho ,,, 1 - ,, 1  '-..>,, h. , v lured fi d!sp ismi .,, 1 . I,, i* ..)>.. || (,,;,/. ,, ,1  . ,..i''i',. '1 il ai:d Insisted r u d.'. <i',Ii<% ho (|il-. tJii'.S-  !��� 'i, It. 1 1 f.i-st divoite and liei .|i:in Hhj. i.-Uin*-,  i ! 1 dl.v *-.|.\ w-mdi-ieil o'.t iut-ii f>-���-dcf'i'r' t f plii.m,. pi,I  pi.,, nil- s. t the (."ntl'V 1 1 i>'e iu an k;^ !,_,,,<, vxttli all  tie 11,111111  ballads of tlie hour.  in tin.e. aller tho '.iri li.nl cxhai*-',.} :il| hei r.-iur-  tj>l:e ..nd rhev Ji.nl hail'iliiaiii'div p.u t il,.**n of a . .1.1  s-m li In ti.e kltcht'ii, ."nd ;.*,'. cod next .1 iv tl.ov tv ntiid  <>-k!)l.ile Chii'tiua-i by bi iiijitti*,' out e'.'ri v tlilnj,' tipm  Me-p nili-;.-. and seltln-,' the dinnis,' 100111 table, nnd  .sj.ei.iP.v hy htc-uuitt-r 'a tinned pbun plu'(|.),n��,' tlie***  1 ,'d fom.if, thev ictlted o'li-e moie and wea.tlv ,i\xn(tp.I  the duwn (.C t'hiKtnias. '        t |  'I liat 111-,-bt lire (lex astated ITiM-ndi i's. as it delights  to .!ev.ist.iti'vitippiuor.sti*ii> tuiv^s .St.iliuti^ m rhe iwsp-  ���nu lit. It Hiked tip a D-vv hundred willow b.i-kol*- ii|id  then sin |��� ln ���(*.,] e.unest ou the Iti.hltuie aod itplioi-  vvoni.l .no ..,,,. ...YiiVvVi .i./iY\,,. ~   ,...,.                 'would say in a boo*:.    And heie ai-t I. patient, .and '"������������ -''������ '" '�� l'-" e.nuesi 011 tne immune .100 itplioi-  hi    ���_r^iMi^Zh            }'' SU,r�� ' '-*���"���� <0 W?* ������"��� PivtPndiriK to. nn, IW. and of *�����"���>���     'riH.  wall  and  iloois tesi,,(ll,  but the fl.11,1^  ��T,.t��l 'e ei'^'tre.erl.Vwmillltel.o^ ' h.^on'!^ ��� ^��,1 U^' ?l !'��'  ������"   '% ���?��  ?'* ^ V^* m "m   ZStT ^ ""^ ^'^ ^ ���Ud ^ *  ::..K-.KPd  .��� lliUl i,o���sekec-p!,lg in a model Hat; to jt    ^ ^ ���'��- �� *���n*'Tn^lAZ ^,^\oV I.oor, thc iio.,, of tbo M,.a,l  Pltt,  vcis lilk.l wnli a black and bittei hinuko, aud 1 16-  lilsh.'i nw.il-o eciiffliliiir, u hud do fliil from M>,-  sottil 1 1....'-, li_Iii*-. o.-u   lint ihey mil  t fi,   i���i   fhe |,rP  (o tslt-for doeein .v s*-sake: and the maid has taken you-.-  "t   ' linl and -stic-fc  ami the ehlldren are till n-drop lonjlt 'i-T *.  the  svxvvl  dtiuu-*,, and s-ee,   Mnijittorlte  i,  uibbim' ,   . . .      . _..   'against yovv lento a?td licyginj*: jou  lpr a crumb of    csmpc Li-Cuil1 tluj  wot a tut off.    Il.i-t* _slc-o;)   iir- 1 m.-  <*    clieese'.''   . " from ,iho  da veupni t.  eo.tt'ess.  -.0!! uli**.s  and ' wirhonc  shoes 'li,*.. cm w.i-^'vil the di-.ii* h-fore l.o lall.od  stlmopixlly 10 tr- (jut, "I Ct uie take the babj und ka.I  thc vvav '" ,. 1  f     l-'robisher bi.irled violently and -cI-hkoiI at his knop.  , "Who on eaith is_.Maistierlto'V'"' lie asked.  1      "Why, our cat, of eouise:    She always cxpoots to  fclinrc our Jlltle feasts whqn you arc kite fjom the < .'.v.  jott know'" '    0 .  "You oertainlj .have a matvellous lni.i-^inati.ni."  he  remarked at length.    "I1111 should  be an author, liol'  a player."      ' >. Y "  .Slip eoloted with piea.sure.    "Oo you know, I lt-ivo  1 rlvva.vs felL that I tnttlil write?   i um half -incdiied to  tittonipt   a   stoiy   .ibouc   us.   here   hi   the   model   II u!  l>on't V'ju Uisiik a fa.sciuatlnjr plot mlcrbl bo *L-.>tt.*n oiiv.  , of' it?    One mi^riil  even  make it .1   lit tl*--���Jusi. a  wee  Wt���taipiope'r.     \11  tho  'best sellers' are just* n little  linpiiipei. tuen't llie.v   Jli* Knduott'-".     ,  "I never lead tlieni," s.-io! I'l-obishor, eoldlv.  l'tlt she clutched lier lit tl _ luindlo tlKht.-i Io liof  lueist, aiul tinted .v-host-Iiko t'iro,.-h the i(,id snu.ko,  and' wa, ^one.' lie followed as swtttlv as i��-)_,Ui|.',  blun.leiiii^ iio.v over .1 pile of hoa, v I'.ohioLlijst.ui,,  fiid aKajn into Ihe ���loi>sy ,&iiiijaee uf ,t gie.it si'.OiiC  piano.    . *   r ' ,  tn tiie nbsettiltv he could hoar (i.o flu! tliroadiiij;  lx-i w^j.t o.liu iioudoiful protisioii row ltd t'tcr s0l"  exit.  In   tlio  end sin.  liett lnni  **o  badly  tlitt'she   had  thiown  optti   the   hravy w Indbw aii.l  xv is  alieiidy 'i  tlilnl of ti.e  w.tj   down lhc  ���riddv   lion   stiitvv.ty "ti-*-  foie   ho   !ud'< 1 iinbeied inoiudi      l-Vir   a   second   or  Tlie lliil fiom .Missouri frankly jawned     *i am so    two he peoied below. tnarvelliiiT,'* to see Iipi* ski  Fleepy," she conlesied. "I 'shan't do .the dishc, U]>.  'J he maid must do them to-11101 row." She hum-lied  nff.ilu' "i"ou c-in do as jou plea'so, but It is me for  a certain bi-,', (lulTy bed. with box springs and a tike  Chcassltn vv.limit ft nine, and ui-thln.-- ir->nt 1 oiililo nie  befoie luioii to-iiioii.'vv. 1 bav�� lir,t ctiolr.-', buj you  .needn't fee! had, Mi* l'ndloott, there aiii other bids  "wliich ate just as good, only I like the \alamo 011  mine"    v. ,   e ' ��� . L v     /  * Moie awkw-atd nnd���uneomfot table.undoi .hot* badinage than hoiwouki mid, Krobi-Jic'i: teni.uk. d ���"lt is  xuiy funny m the abstract; 1 p.-uilil oxen enjoy it. weio  It not for the thought of Tues>d��.j 11101 ulnjj and its  levelations. Of course, lt Is lldlouloiishYike ,i*-'.tl  bmisckeepini*:; lit'fnct, all we need Is a wnkofuli and  pi*ov\sh baby'." , '     >  . l'or I-'foblsher this was a 1 em ark a lily bold jest, und  ns if 111 swift lotilhutioii. tJiPie vv.ii bortij to thein a  distant but unmistakable wail. ,  'jtheit eyes bullied with honor and their hair lose hi  unison. Then, with a common inifuilso, thoy lushed  fiom the 100111. follow in*,' thu trail of the Infant  1 (mentation, which now lose in a t toady ciosi endo of  dosp.ih.  The trail led tlirouijh the bbr.uy and don and Into  u l.irjit! foi 111:11 Kuest loom as a pi tp.tid nttaihed to  the door aniiounccd. A.*> tliey entoted tLo voire died  away into silence and a (tusoiy examination lai'ed  lo reveal  the luosome ot any   Iiv 111 _r ( leatuie  so birhtly down, vvhoie a misstep would have hurled  hei to the Hat ruot hltv tfeot below; then he follow td. At the foot* of the stalls .she collapsed, as he  liad expo-ted she would, with her the. *_ieater fear  had meiely  subdued Lhe Ic-.s-.ct. ���'  ' He linstpiiod to  lift   hot   up.    .She seemed to hnVe  f.iil'U)   ci   the   hibv.   and   it   1- oked  os   if  she   musfc"  luxe vru-ihed  it   olSui. [p his tot.or and iim.i/enient.  no baby xv ao thpie'   The bt,;ii(lle she had eariled wits''  Pieielv hoi coat, witipped about some patoels ,bhe  had   piobably   po.^hiisetl   tho   Saliud.iv   LeLoie  -\\ heie Is-j-xv hoi o is" lu- foaudYuicu to's.rv   at  leiiKib   but  could got  no  ft.i tlior. v ,   ,  lint --he ti*ideis:j.nl lam. j.i.d vviih n hurinr equal  to his own -slw whlspeiud, ��� Xot with me! 1 t'houjilit  vou liad lix^r:*' *  ���lust fur a fi.Khoti of .1 second tlior s*lo0(I f.icin---  one another time nn the d..-oiled roof, wide-eved  and stiicko,n. o.eihead smiled the s(.u-s ,,nd fio'ii  fa., b.-lovv in tin stiotis lose ihe (kmc* of hells au.l  Uie faint mKiai.it of ues Thou I roblshc,. |���r.icd  and he-ran to .is, end the lon- cuN uf rhe Iron l.nldei  vv-hldi seon-ed ('ii>l,e-s i.ovv, wllh death leoibiu down  a( htm 1,o,ii nlieie'.i snpty column of sim,ivP 0,m(.  lullowii.^out ol the window they had left open behn-d  theei l  V, hen  at  list lie  nnimttd  tli" lasL stop  the thick  smoke  -Mimed   \,  ...pi.,,,-   I< m   bio  a   thin-,' of  suh-  AII INFINITESUIAL E^���BEJ-D DRE'vV THEIR ATTENTION TO A CLOSI  II   will   all   make'     I  I  suppOiO  it   mean**  ���t   him    roson I full v.  J��,  KT'kd  I'rohisher after svne  voty     11,nib     at    your    beivlie,  alur.l  "It   won't  be  1   im (he -#;,r| from  Missouri.' "  I i.ih.slm\ ,���_,v.t iiiadivt  wa,  obv loos  "'t   nuke   .my   or   |h���s,.   fnnnv    < racl t  '���'hU -1...WM.-  ���,���,-���  ,;���.  (jmm.,,.  '-'I' 1st 1,11 mi; ���,,|."  I-ilt    he    w..,    v., ,|    .,,    (.,Wentiv  ���"���-''Howhil Imi-alienll-,  ���Ho Ih.  ,||,   -    -  -  *��.> in.-hv  1,, '>J)Y'A"-'' ���' i*1 ������ Pl-i.v, I did not liHdoistind I  .. ���. Jl"^ "-'tuned fo tvinn and hjul 110 Idea what  "'^ on tl.o hoard,."  ' 11 ('ul "!!!l'"v'*',(1 <l> 'l"'('>''  ���l-)K ���'*��� an /HH)!o,;v, and  pn-  .,,,.'        '  Ul"    h's   bad   onotiph   foe  lhe   s.nr  to  ills  Iii- i!!,o ltllrtl,t ��"}   P-.pl m.itloii   0:1 3 Saluidiy oven  ii"li , 10rl1'"c''- ���������'���'-�������� hn\liiB been ap-uientlv m lier  "*������    j���,,,| ���, .]]p ,unt!npo_  i...|,ls.!V,    'm.'1 SM(-'M  '���'<r  for f"? -'Iiott���vou can  hei  "istolii v,||| Wlil.u u f<|  "s' liim  fie C'ii.  stli"l_Ill.  -1   ol   the  nt   soa   tliat   **li.'  'I oii't v. u cv 01 nt cud  I have Ik'L'.i stan .ii>- :,t the IIo.v Nton loi  a- all lt Is ivotth. ni.tl  K  wo'i t  '���"iii.<,(l���vt 'i','' Al"' "lu>" ,lun  d" lll'cl us ������������'*   "'"  two vv.. .1 K' "onsiuion nmi 0���Bi,t. io mean nn extra  wliv l,o ,", <'n"v,*t-��* houses at the llovlston! That's  M1--   0    (.oldy will  foriilVB  J'.V.  1110 and  ho full  J 'V    i.l.l,..     ���     .'* '*"...'���:   ".c   U.K.   1.0   lull   01   sir..*.  l'l-iiH.-il'i,,.    B1 Ilc  "'ill  try  to scare  me  to death  on  Iiv si!,l.rl',al. -s!,,,; tlic wol"Jlt ��*" It-     We were nil to  aim mln-ily open file ospipo led down four st.u.os p.  the Hat t.xif ot .ui adjolnli!!- liuildiiii;. itsoli a sky-  sc;.ip(i I'voiy othei window oveilooked thp,s|ieet.  i.s leuiute as 11 *svv is, h 1 , let seen from a iiilnoi peik;  and ns Iho place wa, evidently (lie and bui-dii pi oof,  with o ich tloor .lbs >lulc!y illsi 011110.-(oil I10111 the  .-tlioi s. It seemed luihl.ejy tlialanv vv it.'bin.111 would  ooino lo tiieh ifsetip and thai thoy must lildovd wait  until too .1 iy   aftei   Christina, for lheii   leleiso  Th it u.eant two d iy s and throe 111^'its \111l sinl-  deulv the ("'III siiiut th.' keynote of tlie'r evil state.  'I'm s,) hun_--y: ' she walled.  l'.-obis'ioi. who was m/niL* il.str.ictodh at 1 pi ivet  11'K. beiMine i.s 11 "id as a s( iiuo Heie Int.ink.I t ie  K. Im Ivui e of Ti axi dv  I'mm his fo/on hnriiii   'ie vu.r roiiH.-.l  bv  woo   Bcl/e.l   h.s   hand    nud    wllh   sit.-pi l,ln_  Uuii.  to  pull  him  aflii   hei   tow.inl  the d  lUtlo h il'-.'  ���" I'll.- kit. hen"   she - t h d  N'.vv lioblshei was m I flvi'ii to ioiu|.i.v aid 10  ti .11 1 n.ss 1 11, hall hi 1.1 in li 11 <*! w 1-h a vo v pietlv  Hi-1 v.i_os (lain,"ci otisl v 1,011 1I1 it vciy t'lti v. but ir  In 1 vi. ids ho ( eased t>> 1 osl-i -u ,1 ov < 11 v li d vv Pa In 1  lu r n Iiij; foi the ..pen d... r of lh< Mbttrv llnouirli  ll, lljhlid inleiloi thev Ik.l villh u*i. luikid s|.e. il  li'.iitiik ltd int.. the ( bihli ,'ii s 1,10m. sin ul Inn; ui.'i  Ih, si*iei 11 la hind whl It rioblslicr I .id snhuni.nil.lv  fill. 11 iisl.ep, s.iuvKhd out .-ij-ilii -ii'.l th, uu'h wlint  mi-L'hl pel hip*, lie .1 n-ml , loom, ,i,<l ft .(lnd up lu  the no >'(! kitchen In a   llfl v  .\fl.i 1 time riotns'ic! fi.uiiil the oloi.r. sui'.h  ,11'd ll..<il.*vl the ImmiK nl,it. 1 10111 'nil li" -leu of f.. si  ,i,ij ciiMl J.v ei v vv Ik to tholl I il uifT evi, . lll_!i! I'm  ���rjoani uf poli-slnd (opi:.*r. 01 IjIim-U i:-. >-.. .?!....  e.namol: iiu Intricate electric i-.'iii|;o.'iii. ������kid t iieni. 'row s  of i>ois and paiis'.'and ctilk-;-y��� \i-o:*o tlioi*.-, bn't ii"t a  nioiv.-l  of foci  li.  boil  or fry or (ill.  The .-ri*.*l. yielding 1.0 femlid.nii in**! inct. i'.au*".-(! t"  oxclnliu over a ctiiinlnc'ly.-wrousht c'.ialii-.f; dish, wttn  ,\ casserole..bij** enough for a ttirkoy. bill I-'robi-di.-r.  wllh Ills   heart" in  his  mouth, stride   to-the sin!,, ami,  llis last .-< in. turned  _<'>!��-ji  .bi.shor  nlm   >       <H,V *vo**  tulnd!telUm-Cv?:i,dH': U W!ls l0 be a secret; but I don't  WO't'cot o...."U^'0U (,n"'1 f-'Ve It axv.-iy, becnuso you-  ��ct ?��tv     She  fihjrgled  feverfshly.     "you 'tlo-i't \  wltli the air of a -;aiublor siakin.;  the brass tap. .  A ,-leai* stream of .water -iiishu! fcrlh: anil  C.-id  for that:"' he-ci-led.'aud < oti'ld. have hu  In the reaction.  ���'Why. It's   iiotlili'-; but   water." sill.l   the  ������That is all. but wilhotjl' it: people fm > r  or three days.-y.'-u see."  "Tli.-ti. vvi.ii!d   be rvvftil-'vv...i:!t:ii"f i! '!"  IT.aiiU  ii.d aloud  -.-iri.  i-.v  In  s-iidid ai compniiiiiiont of soiled dishes, unm.-tde beds  and -m-noi.-l tlls..i��lor, 'I'heii would toliou otplana-  tioiis I'lolu.licr lost hlmsoll In 11 hideous in i/e of  xx01 ds    ns    he   llotiiidoied    a^'oni 'Iinjly    tlirou-;h    the  O.lll'l/  lie oven feaiod that the innna:,-. r once he ttndoi-  slood ni.iiti i*s ml-jlit take the same view of It th it  Cold,telu midoubtidlv would and n mid It as n splendid "ad " The, could bo b ii_rht . II of cour,\ but lu.xv  stoj. the wiiL'Khii; toiiKiios of the live bundled or moie  omploios of the shop'' Kv.-iy one vvoul.l know about  II In-dde of ten inli.tilo,. the.v would all nrilve to-  Kother. lie iiiosiimod, with od "lis [.iini-ttiallt v; and in  lelays thev would pour up to the iu^(l"l flat a*, imiiois  of the ,ti..n���o ilolncs thoi-c e.u.ie to lliem, faster tti.tti  lie could  I uy   their ,lh n. "  lie hid lost himself in an pstinnle of the iiiio-.iut  it vvoul.l take to hi ibo them nil. and had -s'otton well  Into the hundtids of thoiis.u ds. when tho girl ltitn-  nipted him  "'I don t .are nun h"' was lu 1 soiiiowhni disturb lit;  ( oil. lusloll I 's   r'(i,n;   |o   l.o   lot,   of   fuu,    it tor  all.  isn't It' And I don't believe ntv two othei people  over I opt house In a iik del fin I, do you, Mi I-.ndl-  . nil '/'  'I'm nfinid nol." lo .idmitted ' I iiostinio I am a,  fioe is any oik <.m be from .tt\\ yoiiiiin-is nfi.i- tin-  b'/nri. and ( ot >|d< uoits but I so.-m to bo tn the v. .v  of a. hiev In,' soini lliin^ de. idedlv   in. (|iie this lime"'  ' isiit It (|uoei. ' she c-ji'timiod inuiiohin^ 11 b.an-  ('i.d l.j; "ii'ic uu < inn lo think of If. hct,. |, a  i'Oili.-t 1 tile hoi,,.. w.th every tl Ini; nne could p >,-  sllily dfsiie will, l.d, all nude up and kitfhe'i ,tov e  ici.lv to 1 i_rJit and h paiify full of food, nn.1 a llbruy  fill.ol '... >ks, uj j(.f a i n't .1 real l.oii.se at all, |> it.,  Mr. Kn<!|.*ott7 No one hns over slept In one of tho  hods.. or .read In one of tlio books, or-come, back to It  at iiijjht. or. until we wore locked In. ever sat in one  of,its e.'hiiirs. ,  "A place Isn't really home, is it. until folks have  been born' in it, and died, and children have cried  and women have sac up nights waiting for some man  tv. come in '���'"..  "Vou   a're   somethluji   of   a   philosopher."   doelnrod  .'���'robishor; ;''but ! mn <*nii(e reeoiiplk-cl to the thou.aht  tluit: no one, has as yet  died   bore:  ]x>ssibjy one of ns  may before we aie-thron'-rii  with  the adventure.'"  "How  horrid of you  to su-rjeesr I*:" ���',   ���  A.caiii l-'robishor's thought-*; waiidored. Death, it  FPonip.d to I1I111. vvi:-, about as desirable as to be  dJSvHiverod   kc^pin-j ions*.' With   a   pretty  and giddy  diiiilnuliv e fists, while the cistavvavs u.i/ed in disjoin ertod smpiisc upon the sudden addition to their  lioiisoliold.  "It's a foundlinj;1 * rouiai kcl Lhc fihl. wllh con-  -.lilioii, and. fiiiiiblini; 111 the h.mtlv but clean little  funk, she ii imnpliaiuly brought foitl" 11 folded slip of  paper, fastened with a lidi. u,oi.si.  In*,e safely  pin  The   note   confo'sol   i<>    1   hope   (ti-it   sj.tne   kiudiy  dlspost.i   visitor  to  the  n..s.lel   house  ini^lic  Unci anil  i.iiiipi   (lie   wiltet's  faiheihss   Ii'tlc  dauiihtei;  ns   f.u  lioi-scll. she had but n P-vv   n  a  hoiioi   ni   oijiliin  .-isviunis  tl list  to  tlio m-neioiis  Ik ait   of  tho  yie.it  public  The Cul al once d.M.u.-d the note ttipitiie.il and  did not simple to txpttss In 1 opinion of it, wulei.  Mi'.illH lii/e she leiniiil.-.l ru.bishei ihat theie was ,111  evident piividtnie mov Iiv in the busine*** .is had  the bubv avvakenod all nh.uo In Mil- Hat it would  stiie! v- hnvc polished by tie tune the holnl iy season  wa, ov ( i ,1 lui.ishoi 1 iii'i''! it< d oil tills nov ol k t\\; he  ha<I iie.c Jiiouxhl of linns! If .is ,1 spo-ini pi,.v nl.-n, p  l'hpti be  asked ���"v\ hy   has Ir  kept sidl so Icum' *  "It's lovely niothei >!op< d it of oourst , sooth mi;  sviup 01 soiiielhiii-_ oh she s on old hud ni ihe  **.'uno. \ ei v likely it Isn t hoi < ii-kl ut all and she was  pi Id to uot tkl of It."  Meanwhile tbe small fi, lie v ho hod Im en lo-rnid-  liiU them f.u some time whli t-iave and spe.nlitr.e  eyes, now decided lo b...' ln-r putt lu the umiliii.  and. le.K bin,; out unexp." t< <ilv t'mist her foi tii)-.'crs  int.. I'i obishci--s face 11 tl luoke Into an ln-jra tint ins  BUifle nf -.mill   fellowship  "The little flirt' She doosii ( oven look at 111*'"  remarked   the   Ci.l   fiom   Missouri    sUjrhllv    pi.|i,.d  CiKpie, liomil.lv    ibo   now    111 iiv nl   bid   ml,.pud   the  unh.-ippv   rioblshoi-     Whin ho turn..I In some enibii  i.issiiiont to io.iv e the 1 I net she vv tiled hoi 1 in I'd 11 _;Jx  .md  when  the Ciil atl. iii,.'i ,1  to tike hoi   In In-     um,  and soothe hei.  hi 1   .ue, took oil .1  note i.f *.' 11 .1. | ro-  tOsl.  in the end rii.l.lsher hid to n-luin mid like lu i  hluistif, vvieuhodlv III .it ( ise and liiltitln-Jv (.11-  s. Ion, of lhe in, |||, lous .buckles of bis fellow | 11,  oner Me wondered if ho -\ is o .01110 1 to spend th"  iiIkIiI vvalklm; up ami down 1 in. del tlal with some  othei man's b.il.v -a stiiini ton as iiicont;i ,ioiis u,  f.iia v cc 11'd well (I. ph t  Hi, anxiol v pi ox od to be f. 1 n.iu_hl the small _o|  den head (bopped i out. n'. dlv <>>i lis mm .. pu.'cv  linu'ei was t'ni.st mto 1 p 11k loouth the ,i/< uf a  Ihlinhlo    ic!  (ho f.uu 1II1111; vv is ,i,ln-|i  Now    wh-K   m: de  1 loliNlni    u-_ilos(  of all   wa,  the  kliviV, iv-di.v-   flint   bo   \a 11s se.-.i-.l^v   tlilt tl.TCtl.     Musi   uif>u_^  nil ?o<-d men. 1  think���tin* il.ittorcd at  the -preference  of children  and  (pilto .usually xhoepislritboul-il.  Very skilfully he transferred the light., burden to  the bed and suxposleil that they make a tour of the  entire tlal .before luiM.iiii,' In.  "I wish to knovv'oxaolly how large this'household Is  before I po to sleep." he explained. .".So tbey crossed  over to the diuini; room, (he moi'ni.nfl' room (which  inlpht just ns well havo boon an ovoniiij; 1*00111, as iio  .sunshine ever Invaded 11) nnd tlie two other elii-ni-  hers. opeiilng**, every closet, 'spyinjr out every corn-r,  peorhiK under every bed. -but their circle of three was  not to he enlarged, as if appeared.  I .'passu red on which point, thoy retired just ns the  library clock sovindod two A. M. Froblslier could not  bring  himself  to 'sloop  In  any  of  (lie   beds  of  this  smoke, and, ben 1; 01, tho Hoot, lie round what there  was Jess w .ok ,11 d iiistippoi table i,-or tll(. i,p,lce of ,t  few lue.iths lie lay iheie, pMtnn- the stiviis-flh so vltii-  ly neoe���iiy foi the hmuis of tho lettiiiYjourn.'v  T,he little lad., - l j j 1 --lept when he fouud lie!-" mid  st-arcel.v aw.tk..i,o.l wlien he ;,.ith"red lier Into I1I3  .ii ins. (-.lUiu'i*,'' site stuicd and w|.imp<**iod and lier  ���f.i'tit biv.tt'i pun,, in L'-ispi. ik> 1)<ui*=ed just loii"  (noii-,'h to dieii '1 a bi-/tow el with water and tluovv  it ovei liot he.i i   md ihoa disti...i olltj i.iUIi^|n;r ^i,,,*-  nths to live and. I1.1v iiir    -1 lornr shut It  wa, th it he neve,   would uiakp Uie life  111  tfeueial   piefeiicd   to    csv*.i.,e tm.iln  Ot bis femfiil .Piiirn j muioy ho ncvei let.ime.l  moie than a te.t 's,.j,at> I impie*-sion,, binned loiex-er  into his memo:*-  The-i 'it last think rti.1' the window, and thou an-  othei   blank, and the cold mural ah  In hi, face  The Cul h ul note, and whole the (nip door bad  stono yawned .1 bl u k 1. il<> How 11 thi, he p.is,oil, and  (uemeii weio dia-,-*,-in^ up |,no, of wiij**-i*rlh*g'_.*.si*  nnd weio toe busy to nonce liloi, nltluiucli after It  was all ovei some of then toiii'-i'ib' led b-iv lnK ,oeu  11 iiteiM escniJin^ with ti little child !n hi, nritis  1-owii 1110.e lii-dils u.,1 to the> stteel and tluoucli  the hie linos, taiisim, 1 lit* Ie Iota I sensation union-;  the few In tho doii*-e ru.v.d v in. ctnclit s.li;lit ol him;  and nl last a ban-tnii and then home, anil a sti u-'-Iu  with ills latch key. and obbv ion  Xexl iii(,niin_ the iinia/od Ill_-,ins, on  his boll, needed nil the tiaiiiuiK of ve.u-  liim.  -Mr. Winthrop Ihidholt I loblshei. stiiiposed to bo  111 Siilc-iu and iDkhn; dnlJ.'illy ,,edv despite i,U cold  shoxvoi, xv us buiiei v  "Hoino Iiish b.ivoii. Iliemns���11.1t too cilsp���ntul  (>ast, mid s. no th,. , olTee bl 11 k this morning, soma  of the M.nht-you knovv  tho suit"  "yes.  sir  ansvverlni-:  lo sustain  'And. by  th- vv u. h-j.'.iiis, -i bowl of Imt milk and  some sMJe ),,  id      \,H], now   1  think of it, you don't  happen  t<> know   of n g ,n\ nulse   dv. von''    Some one  capable of lookliiL' aflei  a -.mil! -Quito small childV"  "!  have a di.u'utir, -Ir, n iivir,e in St   Mnteus', sir."  "Iteallv.'     \<u   never   toll   me  you   were   mniried.  IIl^^llls.'"  "\ on nev 11    is| , (l nie   si.'"  "lino. \\,n s, mi up voiu .1 m.-liter lmtnediately*  iiovti- ml. ,| nli'l s.K. Is dom_' I will mike it worth  '"���i vvluli 0,1 1 11 t, in,- moi e Ill���pln, If any of  the ships 1.1 ..,. n t.div, roI pi���mistlpto", lninel.  (iipei ~, to,, ,-U tliii sol f n, thin!;, you know���jret as*  l.Mii-h ..., yen can in.il ancl brin-; back with you. Take. ������  steam  iMUKii.out; ".t  will  save  time,    But  hurry  tho  ���tli nt breakfas'l'first I'  Slowly, and withoat emotion, Mi-i-iins revolved like  ���lU'auioin'atoii and passed noiselessly from the room.  Then he rubbed Ids j.'i*ly./.lod old chin, pinched himself  and finally opened wide his mouth in u silent laugh  lev-enling what had been .a'splendid'.set of teeth' xvheii  lie 'first took service -under .tlie elder, Mr. Froblslier.  Never., no, never before' had' l-'robisher, senior or  .fuuIor. been detected hi au impropriety. And now nt  hist' (for 1-Iitrsriii.s, had seen without betraying It'by  tlio quiver cf an, eyelash) cuddled happily on tho  wide'��� window seat, was some, one xvich the moat tils-  conoertitis blue eyes, the most eilkagln*^ of smiles and  an iiiiiuistat-;bl'y' fetub-iae air cf beitifr very much at  home.    ','���'���. ,  r. �����-,-,!:-. ��� - -  1 f   A, y  r*t*  H  1 )x JP  >'   r    tt+  111'  ,   i  I'xi '  At  vi*    V  i^Si . THE LEADER, MOYIE, BIUTTSH COLUMBIA.  ,0"*"  ����������^>^*�����t!1?or lhat COUGH ihnt COLD and ihat SORB THROAT  a_a3-��a-^-g&Bg*-a_-3^^  i.OCAL ASSAYS  vl,  i*S*S.-5-2i-53*5 *���**-_-J* ���*���*���"*- -*S��_-  f ''  ,1 .  i -"  '   !"       '  *���!*  fill'-' ���  ���I"  ���*&'  1.-1-  *�����-.  ����  **".��  .��"*<  ���2  '������ -I i  "I  ������ -r  -J  ' ?  l'livtito Siuaetary tonif-lit.  .Alinei'o' Union meets tomorrow  ]i.*n ]\iloj7'wi\s,down to-Creston  J Kuiiiinj*.    -  .Mr*". M. J,- *-.ilJ'i*5 home ironi her  ���   x i-it: to Spokane.  Yvilc-olm "Ait-Neil is home irom  /lbcrtii.      A     X  ��� The. goverpnjent will m'-ike  some repairs'bu. tbe Movie court  lidiue.  AY L. Reid was in Cranbrook  j-pitereUy. ���*  Get yonr bread, pies "and cakes  at the -Moyie Bakery,     '  Walter  Laing   has    opened    a  -   - barber shop in Letlabridj-re.    ��� '  A son xva*3 born to Mr. and Mrs.  J. A. Mael-Cay ,on Wednesday,  Match 2nd.  Place your order for llot Cross  buns xvith tbe Moyie IJ.ikery. ,  You should take- advantage of  r.-obert.*** <&' lMessiuger's plothing  's-ale. , '       'V,      ���  '  ' Miss Scott, nurse, came hqme  yesterday from Ciestoiij where  slie was visiting with friends/  Mrs.    John   Taylor    has    been  '��. finite i'.l, for the  pasjj   week    or  .   more. -   .' ?'   '       ". - ,d  ' Mrs.'II. A, -tvevanger, who has  been in the hospital for' the past  two mouths with'a- broken ankle,  returned to Moyie'last Monday. ,  - -Mrs Rankin,, mother -of Mrs.  Chas. Ilanna, is here from Tor-  , onco ou a' -visit. * "Her daughter,  Miss Rankin is with her.  ��� Victoria"'Cross Tea and Coffee  -2 lbs. for 90 cents' at' Crowe Bros.  v- , ���-.  Archie Fleming, who-has been  with MacMichern '& M-icdo'nald  for several months, 'will leave on  . Jilffrch lObh foi" Calgary, where he  lia.9 accepted a position with the  Massay Harris Implement Company. ',, , ���;  *��� a  Miss L. M., Scott,   trained nurse  of Rath well' Hospital,   Winnipeg-  is ready for engagements -of 'a'hy  kind. .   -Maternity ' a    ^specialty.  ' Moyie. f ,        *Adv,  ,   '   HAVE YOIJ A ,-UECT   or  busi-  ��� ness obligation xvhich would  impair your estate in case of ^death?  We xvill cancel such iudebtedaess  ' if   you   are   insurable.      Lot   A.  CALLANI)EH of Thc Mutual Life  of  New   York,   Vancouver,   show  yon.    Such policies,'age  33,   cost  YS.13 93.   -Dividends   during. 1910  '    YOU   SHOULD   TAKE   .  j Br. Scott's Compound Syrup of White Pine  WITH ENCALYPTOL AND KOTNJEY.   ,  ,Ji"innnediately relieves all inflammation of tlie throat  and lungs. Put up for children as well as adults by  Tlie MOYIE DRUG & STATIONERY CO.    ,  At the Churches.  rvnrouc   uijurcii.  <  There will be no service Sjundaj*.  KEV. FATHER F. BECK  .   (Piiest)  |    ,       -v!ETnq��i_T c'nrncii l  Morning service at 11a. m.    San-  day .School, 3 p. m.    Evening  service, 7:30 p. m.     A hearty   welcome extended   tq all.  llev. J. >\r. DULLER, 13. A.  '   '   '.    - (Pastor.)  '     JtHI.**llYTI*IlIA.V     CIIUl'CII.  Morniogi Service 11 a. m. Sunday school aud Bible clas**- 'ab* 2:30  p.m. Evening Service'at 7*30 ' p.  m.   A hearty welcome to al). ��� ���   '  RluV. G. A.  HACKNEY, B. A.  '   ''       _j '_ (Pastor.')  Now an, Archbishop.  South Alberta Land  Exchange.  215  Eighth, Eveiiue East  J?. O,   Box    -    -    -    -    -'   :    lSlo  calvary: ���'  For market gardening \vq have _ sonic-  of the choice-.! tt,*a ^cre blocks, close to  the city, ,i.-ve from rocks or brush and  ail lgvc-1. Only ?S0 au ' acre 'and on  pdry terms, -  Wc can -jive J on. good liargains in  city ^-propci ties and get you tlie best  terms. " ',  "We specially recommend investments  in West Mount Pleasant, and Crescent  Heiijhts , r  were  \SLl.07  20  >Y  nut  cost  Lady  $2.91,   over  par     thoii3\nd  agents wanted.      .  ,     PRESSMAK-TNYJ and plain sewing.    Applj" tu Mr=. J. S. ^Vil5on,  O. -V. Foote, the tailor,. intends  starting a suit, club about, the  jOth of March.  Mrs. R. A. Smith came home  ]ast v*-.imclay from SpoRane and  brought lier two boy's with her.  The mild weather has put the  skating.rink out of business tem-  poralMlj':  '. ���  A, 1*. Macdonald loft on yesterday's flyer fur Seattle and Iron-  'dalo. ,He will be an.iy l'or a week  or mot-').  A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.  p. Colder this morning.  Tlie Royal Seal oc.gar has been  before tho'-moking public for a  do/.jn years, i!; is made iu Nelson  and can bo bought in nearly  every mountain town.  Singer Sawing Machines eort  very littlo morn than cheap machine-*. Do the boat woik and  hibbalife time, .Sold on sm-il]  monthly i>.iyiii-��nl- by 'Yo R.  Powell, '"r.-uiin-ook. In Moyie on  10th of e.-i'-'i-n ont h.  Cliambeil lin'-i Sjomacli and  Liver Tablet** invariably bring  relief to wo-non -nfrering from  chronic con-tip ition, hettdache.  bilioii-ti�����-, il./.'.ine-., saUowncoof  the -kin and dy-pop-itt. Sold by  the M'.y'te Drug fc Soatioriery   Co.  Mg'r. Dontenwill, it will be ��� re-  ' o        -       ' . - ���  membered, up to the past year or  two was Bishop  of, Westminster.  When tlie sees'of Vancouver  aud  New .. Westminster    were ��� united  .Bishop    Dontenwill   was     trans-;  ferred - to< Rome;  wh'ere he  was  given  the title  of Ptolemy.,., .It  may be of 'interest  to   note  that  this title wa3 conferred upon   him  in , order_. to  raisenhis  status  in  the church, and that no   such -see  as that   of "Ptolemy , now  exists.  At ,the time of  the  crusades this  see was founded,by   the' King  of  France ii}  Syria,   but,   when   the  Saracens overan, the  country  in  the  fifteenth century,  the  Chris*-  tion see became  extinct.     There  are many other sees in Asia Minor  the names of wliich , although  gx-  fcinet'the Roman Catholic church  reserves for prelates' who have  no  particular see assigned"to them.���  Vancouver Province.  West Mount ^Pleasant.  $180 for lots  it               '          >  ill-Block 16.  $200 fpr lots  iu Block 20.'" .  T  $180, for lots,  in Block 24:  $lS0'.for lots  in Block 25'. '-  $225 for lots  in Block 5.  $.300 for'lots.  in'Block 2.  i$255 for lots in .Block-7.  v      See the map .of, 'Calgary  i,,'       '  in the Union   HallY '     '  ' ' , Joseph Waiters, Mgr. ���  MALCOLM  McNEIL,  -Agent for Moyie and district.  Robert. Meikle ��� Coining.'  Robert Meikle,  whoso '.wonderful voice arroiised  such  enthusiasm ,iu  the west last season'^  will  sing in  Morley Hall  on   Wednesday,   March  9th.      There   is   no  performer upon the concert stage  so well qualiDed as is this  manly  young baritone to please all  sorts  and   conditions   of   people.     Endowed iwith    wonderful    natural  vqcal powers, a voice  thoroughly  developed under the leading  mas*  -tors of the old* world,  possessing  a graceful  carriage and   pleasing  delivery, Mr.  Meikle stands  eminently at the head of  the vocalists  who  have   toured    Western  Canada.    Reared in Scotland,  and  a devoted student of the  Scotch  folk-song,    Mr.   Meiklo    still    introduces    enough  variety'in   his  entertainment to thoroughly captivate-all hearers.  HOLLY LEAE  t '     AA,      '  Choicer Dairy    Butter.  . - - ���* , -    - <  , 'r 30c pev��lt).  Try   our .chopped beef for the  chickens,    a  guaranteed   egg  "   i     i     *���'  '      '     \t  7  producer. ,,*       ���  P BURNS & QO^  .  MOYIE, B. C.  [ O - '  Dr. H. E.   HALL  -   D^NTISTv  The Expert Crown  and  Bridge  Worker.  Office over Mr. Short's  Wall       Paper       Store  Armstrong Ave.,        Cranbrook  Medicines that aid nature are  always most successful. Cham-  Iain's Cough Remedy acts on this  plan. It loosens the cough, relieves the lung**, op9ns the secretions and aids nature in restoring  the system to a healthy condition. Sold by the Moyie .Drug <k  Stationery Co.  METAL   MARKET.  Sf.w Yomc  Lead $1.7.3.  Lo:s-DO.v~-Lcad ��13, 3s, 0d  liar silver,  .30A cfcs.  Copper,  13 ets.  INTERNATIONAL  HOTEL.    /  This hotel is now under new  management, and is first class  in every respect , ,  TAYLOR,   &   BONNER  PROPRIETORS.  Victoria Street.' -   '    MOYIF1  1'  The Best Town in the  * i ,  ' u < x' ,  Best Province of Canada.  , K<t  Invest iri  Moyie  (T  ���    *��� . ��� -  Invest Iu Moyie.  =^  Lots and Property in the  . -       - -, - ,. , .       .  ���I �� , .' ^ \ I I I I -1 -1 * *." L  ' ' ~   iP      A u ;",','* ... '',   ,     ��       i        v.  Business and Residential  ������   ." '..'Af . " ppfXPy.. ;-*>���. ---p ff ������ 'ff  >-        ���> i t, v\ *i *'      '      ��  Section of the town for sale.  <,'  Stock Quotations  i'"i'i'.N-iviiri. Uv m:.\Li:  Vu-ora  '���i>ii"-l..liit<'l Smt-Itcrs  C'uii. (Tol.ind.ls  Nurlb ftlar  SvJiiicty oir'  it   KMVl-I.L.  BUI Asked  1.1-2  S  5  12  2j  _es:c_&"^7��r x^tm* po i:0^  *.- dur out oi town- service-, Mv.ch is so thorouglily sjj'steiiiatisc.l that the distance  --- Lr-ist-l, v'0-ifi.:<.'nec-.-s all you r*.-.|uire to'-make your'buying,, through the medium  of oar e.Lt.'.i,...*ju*_y, a ^]o\vi;i- success.    Buy once ami you i^ain ihat con fiflcnce.  O'cR ,SIIA'U:i  I'1/.VTI-: is well worthy of your close  htieiition.    This we'man-  itf...ture, ;in.i.y..i'.i s.-,\i- ���-, fjn.v.lly stun In* huyiu.i; direct from us. '  ���Not only .1-. -v.. sell M-.c* hiirhest quality   of   tilverplate,   l.mt   the  -design   and  ���v..-rkm.tn*,hi-. is .- -Ual i., ynv manufacture in the world.  SEE OUR CATALOGUE FOR. QUATATIONS.  Henry Birks &  Sons Limited,  .QYdand Silversmiths," , Geo. B. Trorcy, Alau'. Dir,  VANCOUVER, B.   C.  MORLEY HALL  March 4th.  m  i  i  ���������Get your  tickets   at,  Roberts &  Mesiingfer's  store.  Reserved seats  ; 75 cents.  J^j       Invest in Moyie.  Fire Insurance  Invest in  Movie  Collections  Agent  for Oliver Typewriter.  ti  pi  ML-.,


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