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The Moyie Leader Jun 22, 1901

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Array I- —
I* t
<>/*<>■ \*f
• *?
-i_-*"CrtVn-*- -" \,
Oo TO '-'-'UP/
^H'-i; i»».iipt acv, rf,o<■-■"*• y ii.-u-i o^.'
Ji 3. Si ir ueir, rron.   _-f:;CIj.f- ?:n ?-,?;, i:.,..
£?' id
S3   $
VOL. 4, NQ. 10.
*'       $0metSiE_s.?1or.tfieiSciai€5."
1;"-V lg5      Sfc|
MO I j __,, J j.   U.» fMJiVi-..  LL \vvl
TUV  pynprff
Blocd   Oranges,   Pine-
y.ppies, Bananas.
Fre'eh .Strawbc-nics. Cherries   and Pert-inn  j)ifes at
Your present warits and snmmr-r mum   mmr.
'do it by selling ypu tlie i_i»on'_s Shoe   <'
f,   ho   mc-t,
ill.d    V,'(
\ Comfort  Ft-
The New
JO. 3. Pollard was taken lo  the   *
:,il today.
Dr. J. W. J.i-.ers wax
• -v.  ' '
^ ;Ej_o:/-ie People will ^9le
Torate It.
j     .Mr. null albs. j_d   \V-r^'i'i  dcrn-rlfl,
,c    ' i Wednetdiiy lor .Spokum; to renuiin.
WJ \ p /-. "OppT T »sl       VT A TPPTJM I     ■'- C. JJivwiy w.-.s in tov;n this    w-<
on but-nasis <i;ni plua^unj eornometl.
n ■
'I Wi'dijUbday.
I r_ ;<   .3. jC1J__i»-
Y      I .-rrrmKPii'C'iitB   Made   for
There will   ;i.i   i;:tction   of   sch'-ni i
12-    -j-*
& 11'^
i it'll i<;
>7fiii-c  i»i Grove -i:i '^V«._l ''idti '
,    of !,ul;c.
._ri'iH;rer:ionl.-;. 1: iv.j 1.j.;;i i'i i<l
ti'iriti-es lioiil in   Moyio   on
' Junes 29'J:.
do Lo the; 'Homo ^H.ikJry   f :•■  'your !
brci.td, pies si ml ciiies. j,     \
Jjny your c.:pre.sj ordor, nt  'Jenlo ^ i
(UN [
and you willWr ugttin.'bo sutisfit-d'witl. .iny other
<m ii.t;
10 VI
J Oh.l
€€«^€^€€€€€€€^«€- €€€€-■
Paid ITp, Pa,pital ' $§,000,000.
tl.n.l lni .
N/-A. MaoKemzhe, Proprietor.    ( ..'.',
/_        ■* i i (^
fe?He .Hotel for the  masses.   Everything First
in' every,, respect.    Sample Booms  for
Commercial Men. , ,
liL; .--.UU  d.-ilicp (■) 1)0 JJlVOil   in   til';
I_t_.fl- i."'Ui 1 i!u;l d"'' (>') M'Jiiii.n>ii l\»v,
.Mcj'udiiy, July l-t. ChY. Kji-rell i.
iilllUljli:: -,)    diii.lfj; :Jj.U:.Jl'i|),  _i i' (1  tin;
^>- ♦>«_-*- l>f l-m i i:i^v,'H:)C. ,1). J. J",!I_.vif Will b
t/llji i v,it-i »U hmci-! of relYj.-liini
'.On i,ni--.ihu'i-.dy ])l;ic<'('';ui ord'-r wiMi tin
Uu:'._lv,'ood Dairy of ripoLrniu! f^r ic.
er_,!in :or tii" o-;i',a«-ioii. Ttji'ic 'v.'ill
1>l> ii v. y.jtl piograni of .-ports and the
\h\y will be v/-Y! i-pun. by nil v,-ho tuki.-
A' :i(i—l-oiijul L'}ti\e> Coiit--:!..    ,
"   Xe0'<)tiiuioas arc pemliiiLj for   ;;   20
■round boxing contest to hu puih d oil' in
Moyio about July PA'Aa betv/.^n   Jack
Fifzgci'/iki of M&yivi  mid   K-1   Gufl' oi
fcT-i'iiii;.    The   co'itc;.-'.    will 'hi    uiveu
under the siu.pic.Js c>i the   Moyi_' &th
lclic ._3.cti:ition, (,f whioh   P.   J.   Me
Mahon iY preside ii t.    The pri„° will he
a purso of $200.    JKiizgnrald ;s ji miuei
and is   vv'^ll   known   throufih   Cbnnid.i.
He will enter tbe rinjr weighing   nbont
190 pound...    Cuff, his iipponent,   has
also gained   con«i  eraiile   notonot}-  in
the rhi«;.    lie'wil! train down to ..bonl'
170 pounds. ' ("iiif is being backed   by
W. W. i'uUle, proprietor of the .Royal
hotel at Fernie.    The  bout  will   takoi
L   il»     lilliliJlMBil     liUll     I'eopl^vijo iM^ed   down   Tayistock
I ,treet Thursday even in jj and saw   G-us
-  - •   -- j King. (Jenrjja Clothier, Fred Kill; -Ben
,     .    ,  Strike From Montreal! ^"^ ?on^^ ,'" ^Z:
Cr.-nuro'1: i                 •-                 - <    ,            - - YMr.     .MoJ\Pchnio, f "Monty"     Howe
!               tO VaiLCOUVer.  ' ■ illlLi a VfhcAo Tiiit o-f.,othor- people from
1 ' i (he St. Eugene iiiillnnil the town sized
"  " —'        n , it up that M. J. Hitrper was   having   a
' "7^ / "hTrri  -p \ TCiT? TM  ^JT r> fi'cn ' conuentnitor hujlt.    A.  closer inspec-
IVVA1N1   IvAlbjj'IlS   V? AU-TjO J li01l   Bl;o'Wt!(J.  j;oweverj   that it   was
I                                                                                             I                                ' ■
; nothing more or   loss   than  a, regular
j old fashioned wood cutting bee, and   a
,1 hot one nt that.    Saws nnd   axes   flew
j with iilmo^t lightening  jpead,  us did
llal_d tho beer and  other  refreshment??,
I arid in'u few, hourd there  were soipe'-'
i thine; I-.-::, than 100 cords of wood   cut3
.-.wlit and piled.    The   fun' wad , thorO'
Hi'.ttinhiy,    rt K Sj.ihl'Dmc tlie   Slriko.-. Mill   i:« v/ell
r.p«jift"I    Uy hy tlio   JJailv.-Jty'
The \.J. F. il. triicknicn   i:oru   JSlon-
trcal U> V",in-Oliver aro out o'li
Tbe i-milv  uf   V    P    C-i'ciui---    nr1',)    -,,, '   ' .'        i    ■'"'       .-i ! uubly enjoyed by nil.
i «.i, i,.miiy   in ._.   j.   _,u_.i.c ., ju.-.J  jTboi-eo-i lh« w("jti;in division did   "■■>-'   --'•'- -1
nj/ ;r of t". ilpin'- .slore,   !j
^I<>> ie fr-.uu Cranhrtiok
(~r,   llillier,, Jr.,   h.us
Ki'Kmi. ,-ukJ  :-j   holding
i.i.'' M-.-yic htiitiuu.
Onus. ]i',i,is, one of
morehsiijlB oi (Jr~.-:iuu,
■■jtiike, |
"' i »'o out until 'I'iiui.'i(i::v i:f.   such
i    , . '     '
; tion iYicunan   '.".*ii:j.-ni.iu  of   Moyie  i?'.
C'ari-Iu l.tin^n Hue llsihlrJiiid.
M iriou, Ind.. Juno JU,—David N.i-
,'. Lu;n-  !,   from j,jit|-ivi'Ji th.- ii-.:,ainl :uL'rnl:i _■; ,-c.> re-! ,;„„ .husband of Mrs. Ourrie Katinu, tho
it  [)o.-ii!iOLi   .ionium until tho Trouble N sjuleii.    *1Mio f JjaLt-hoL «iru^adbr- jumunucerf' tliat no
' section i.xn   :ire _ iiskiin;   lYr   a   raisf-1 will nut a^air. live with   hi.-s  \yifeY I-[o
tho    hudinjc j from $1 40 a cjay ',u !fl 7o   u   d.iy.   i'llli | will spend'tb.e   remainder'of' hi-  life
'v.-iiis   iu   tov. ii , tho foremen from *Y1 a monlii to .-ffio j quietly   with'  hirf • daughter',    family
'u month, . It i_ said   that the  ttrikcrs j ijeVe.    His '73rd   birthday   comes   on
Jumo-j   l.'.uk,   he.ul of   the   lirm   of J'wi!) be bacKod up by the   Brotherhood 'j ne^t Monfiny.    Mr. Ration never -.ipv
J'iirk, Mitchell <fc   Co.,'.urived   \y_,i_. jof llaihv.iy Trjinmoti. ,       ,j proved    his   wife's    saloon   siTjdshing
nu.-d_.v from Ontario to look, alter   hi-1       ' " '" •    -       carefir.'    Ho gave-: a modiQed a8.en,t for
Northport,   Wash,,   June    _Q.—Tiio
smelting company continues to   operate one furnace.    The feelirur between
Gilphi'- Vv'.ill'piper i_   the  best
Miss   S'dnimler   left   for '-tli-soulu, .   , . -. ,,
- ■ ' | tbu'tiniju men and the nonunion men
Moot., l.is-fc Saturdav,  a/ior a   month'. |.   . . -     ,.^„i   ...wi .. .»_
' -: >• i is bpfioanuy more e^trau/i-U, and some
visit   iu    Mov:t.  . Slie    r.uulo     mariv i ,   . ; „„.„/, ',rt   -
petty ughta  are   reported.    j,t   is   au-
a time, but Dnaily ho said: "I can't
Icecap pace with Carrie,in this .crusade
of lier_. lam tired cut. Ifc ,is too
hard work and there i_ ino little jn it."
frienrhs while ben;
Read the O. P. IV6. ad on an<>-t.hc.'
p.ige in this idsue.- The company i_
•living i-xfur-ion rates'to s'iw-r.d places
during th'e v.exi couple of months.
Insure your hou-:es before , it  i-   loo
nouncedbythe.s.no'tprmcn   that  be-- j Clsinbrook IImild;
tween SO'and 00 men, are at, work.   ■
President-lU-n Shed of tbe   Smelter
men's union s-aid tonight:
Oliver _Jur{je left for lf.erry creek yesterday with a wagon load of provisions
\Ve Ier.-D fro:»,fioo"d authority thiit land furniture for anew hotel   he   will
thu Mnelter i\ working about   30   non-
lai^.    Seals and El well ar,a agents   for j unioo men. - They are the sorriest -lot
the best companies. : imaginable.    None of them   are  smel
The bazaar and social given   by   the J termen   exoe.pt     the     foreman.     No
Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian church j union men are nt work-    An occasional
open at Old Town.
_t[r. James, manager of th- '^Western
Supply company's meat* markets at
Moyie and Cranbrook, left Sunday- foi
a busine>- (rip to Ifoosomii}.    £Je will
I;1-!, h.itiiruav oven my w.i_
well   atten- ; '_oab' comes in, but usually ths   union j be absant about ten days.
dedau > was a bir fimit'cial -ifG-ss.      ! intercept-iiim, and p9Mii;ii!__  him   tn
Win. O.Brien   ba3   reUirned   from i _
jo soniGwhere else.
phiceinMorley hall. ,. | Denver, .Colorado,   where   he Yvas   a;
Both men-have plenty or friend^, nnd
the iifiHir promises to be,an interesting
Sritish Columbia r   ,
■ tr.e ^
J-esItlonce ni SI. Tiliigrene.    '
MaiiAg'T J nine- Oroivin i?  having  n
fine icsidcnce built ii':ar   the   olTiee  oi
TSugene mine     The e^'Mvation
M'or the founda.':,'n :.- I'.'iui
\p.: ^^^^^PS-S^ENS?
~ *«, ^..<c. tv.j??. jrr-st'xgAi'jf |a portion of ».'  ■ himb.-r for  tiv   buil.l
Lar_o ertinplo mom in. Qonn«otion,
with house for commercial mom Ucst
of aocommodaiions
.e ih.-t of Auyu-t .1^ i)0-si;i':e,
Th-.- buildiiiK will bo   d2xiV
i a
Headquarters for Oommcnoial and Mining    Men.
.d.\      '.' tiie   ::-uun;i.
Jolins.in, ,i   lo,  d   oon'i.ietor,   ba.->   lb
fi.    emitracL of dcnii^   :lie   v.i-.ik,   and   ti
'M?.Yl b-iikiin/ i.-^   to   b-   ci.midetod   :i_   in:
ft\ I i
/•{.'li    '
size a^d twos-lories in height. I' ". '1
. havv. a lar^e dining :u >in iui 1 [urloi,
^ix bed loom-., , u»''.' bain mom.-, a
private oflicc, tw.i lhe iiia_et. etc., ai.d
will.'bo iinisli.'d ihio:tghout in an up
.o date  manner.
_><• '-."_v.- Coui'thoii-st".
",The starth-g of the snuilter is a
delegate fronYR.x,shiud to Lhe Yfe-t,-r;i!r/:'l"re from a practical standpoint.
Federation of Miners' convention. Ho J M™re have been • several, freeze tips
is now tendiiiK bar at the Cosmopoh- I The last took place at 1:45 p. in. today,
tan hotel.
P.'iul    .l-iri-on   -returned    Thuisd.iy
from C'inenh.igen.    Mr. JePMjn   looks i
rine aud sletdc,    lie bad   a  1:0oil   tim- 1
while abroad, ami s-o: to  vi-it   ii's   old
friend O.ku Pa if. KniJier,   aud   -?vei.ii
of the orc-wneil heads of Enrop -.       •     |
"" 1
it is ipp^rtpd ,.n jriod authority that j [() .,iejr {(jrma
Tommy ]tm-,--eil ami ."\ris»   Liziu   .Brad-1
ley, bci'.it of .\Ioyie,   were    married    in
_\Tel-Oii     li.s-t   Wednesday.'    They   will
make tli-;ir homo in Trout  Lake   City.
Parlv in Movie h-i.-: h t;ood   building
j The furLiau- is stil,l dea't   at   11   p.   ni.
land the time of its revival is   very   in-
! defiuitv>. _       ■ ■    ■     !
■•Manager     Ivadish     and0    .Superia-
tendt-nl Oonnollv fianlilv   admit   tha: 1
j tii^v   eanuoi    run    tbe    furnace   with j
I suieh labor   and    will   clo-O   down    liiO]
mine and smelter if \;e do nut go back!
Archibald Diuk, pfoOei-nmont in-peoi
tor of coal und metalliferous mines, bast
been appointed to the district of South
Rasr Kootenay, with headquarters, afc
Cranbrook. ,        '., .,   e
The" local lior-i?men -are seriously
thinking of taking their horses id
Calgary, to enter in the race 'there ori
Dominion day as the purses are very
liberal one--, and they think tiieie^
chances for landing some of the money
is pfetty good. ,
1 A husk rm-otingiS' boiiu
held tonight. AY ether vyill be held tomorrow
night to hearths oiiioers of tiio Western Pedoration of Jilinei's,0 wiio are in
Eosshmd toniglit. ll is moie quiet
here than usual."
iivitisli  Citiiiinljia Odd fellows.
At the grand lodge   of  lh-ilish   Col-
^!"'&'" *      '<^w-B-_----»-------^«___r=======^^ nu- ^ Neidl'xlui-   b-.-en   nu-bing   v.ork
pavtxvjst «*r_ »*«-i ir j,!---"*^
__S_£i_fi__       ■ ^^-v.-  _■ '.   --<•
Consisting  of
aiiier unaerwear.
__B*0_-r-.   J-V.053IYF.
with,ail pijesibio spee-i'l on tbe mw
cuurliionse and j.iii. The frame, »'.m:1c
is ui! up, the 'Strong cells are made,
and th. woik ot put ling on tlie bubs
is in'progress. J. _>1. Lindsay ln-.i lai-
contract of doing the phiotoiini;.
for a genc-i'-d storj aud wants a
partner ior tlie same. Partner
must be a man who has bad ex-
peiiuiii-e in grocery business. Addres.-
"Ueneral .-tore," lyjader   oliice,   iloyit
Aifbie Mat theft-r\ while, winking m
the lagging e.mip of tlie Moyie Lum
ber Co. 1 :st Monday met with 'he mis-
foi'iuuo of breaking bis ankle. Dr.
Jligginswas called and reduced tlie
iracturo, and the patient is uow getting
along nicely.
A few iincs in ladi-'s'shirt waists   at ! whom 37L  were   adnntted   during   the j tkiod coffei»   	
cost at Crilpins. I year.    Tlie deaths  numbered  22.   and '• Coal oil   per   caBe.
I am now sehiug at ibis price
lor cash, or to onstomers with
good standing 30   days   net.
Lako uf tbe Wood- Hour per bid .^5.50
Fir_- ylftys ixnivt&ps, per 101) lbs
1 umbia I. O. O. P. Nanaimo the follow- " ?sl"°,tsi  }*r i0° ^f' •■'        „ t)„
" „ >   *       , .      ...    ,, ftt. Charles creaip thou-i) iier case b.20
ing obiee-s  were  elected:    \v.   Hogs, j        , „  . «.    £j.m,jiv)   "      "      5.75
Vancouver,-J. M. ;(A- Graham, Victoria , 1 ,]-i,tVs i.nd jYilies per lb* .
D. G. il.; E  C. Arthur, Nei3on,G. W.; j Tomato.-- per ease  .'....
Fred ' Davey, .Vi-lori.i.   G.   S.;" if.  T. I Corn ,c     "    	
Neciunds, Vancouvar,   «.  T.;   W.   H.jpeas "     "       '
iforton, >Tanain:uTG. K.    The-  reports
presented r-bmv that in British Colum-
Sugar per 100 lbs.Y
Gov. cieamery butter per  lb.
bia the   menioersbip   is  nini   3210,   ol'j (;.()rKi hia(.b tea * .25
6 25
' _J. " . "" .,""  ~ rp ,,. r _,. Ct o P.,,:., -,rP,.it •   Pr,Vo-t-ri m i i-«»>si'd member-hip 171J.    The revenue ! Kr^K cf-d ^cr c.ase- • ' • ,'■ ' '   (j L:>
Wnriv (iii I'ciry tri-c. 1\Q\. u. i>. >^ie)g, Jic,., u a J. rtao„- tcrian i     - <■ j_^     ,      Vf ;itch our prices each  wees, *s   v,'e
\bo Le.uett, 1 Tirol d Tollard and a! I minister, will preach hi,   farewell   sor- ; of subonii.iate lodges amounts 10 .^of,- , ,uQ lh(j   f)nly   grt)(jery    sUUl   pr0vision "
'.'.Mc'tvn-O-v retdrued ve<teniav   fiom I num tomorrow   evening   in    lhe    Odd [ 107.10; paid ou' for  miieb   ^L,:W8.8l. | iu,nse in town.
1 -
i'lTiy v'r' A:.   v,-b.c 10
::.~.-es.-mOin wo;!
thoy   w-r': (
uriibv. '.no
1 >.r,-
ilnslninkable '..hialilies.
Hill: and wo-d mirced iu imih amlbro^n eol'irs,
The well known
i! __.        -?1 -f
»u ti^r J
■lo:birr. All three are fond in
i!u,-ir pi:i:;-i'-i of tis.it di-i:'. ''.^ -dr.
I\ii:rpl;y'.- idaims liave impio\"d '.'.rr uly
witirtht: work which v,-as doiu .
j ^J^:Gtf_SS,
*- >'';■; j«Pa
. -^^.^
In "pink mi.x!ur.,'Y',Uon and woY iiii.-h!.
:;ot rhi-t-L- :<i<>::ti'".
1     Jainc- Tic-sell, ,-i cook, v.'a.; in.'d
1 fold Chief Mugistr.'.te   Arin.iti.mg
I'Saturday evening foi a.-sanhing -i
: iiam?d Futahu-tilareb.     Y A. IL:; .ey
red for tlie   prosec::Hv.m   and   W,
appe.i ;•(
bY (Ituil  for   the   Y i.ii'i'.    T
was ioiu-Y'Ui-1  '..Mi.mt,   nuieli
Fellows'hall. V.r. Greig and familv ; Ourrenl expen.-es of ;,ubonhnate
will leave next Muuclay for tbe coast, ' lodge-, .^i'J..:!o7.58, of $0.0,"! per member,
and will locate eifier in Vancouver or I Total assms of lodgc-s 209IJ».,J7. Uiil-
Victoria. Ills successor has not yeY an_e on band for grand lodge, last
been appoinU'd. • ye>tr, was
Jf-mo.-tf o»
December .Ti
i last. Ttiere is on ban:i' for Odd Foi-
1 lows' home account   ■1,>S;i3.W7,   and   for
Tho .s't'w Si-v.-mlll.
Tiie railway grade to the   new   saw-   ,l(,0t| (j,\.[ Feilows'fund ^:J-i-i-.__0
An Ailditiow to Sitioul.
The- trust:-o.«. of the Moyie scnool
have been oliicially notilied that an
addition will b'j built to the present
school building which will accommodate dO children.
mill is completed ami tbe s'eei will be
laid in a icwdays. The machinery is
expected here in a few days. Some of
the men were laid oiF temporarily this
week, but they will again be put on as
-oon as the miicniilf". ^ arrives.
Li-lit  and ���.]i(r:ib'C,
1 Jap's evict nec^    ba'. :r.g
1 throu'.h an,'iiitt'ipie.'oi.     I'ho pi
! v,-:1:* found guilty»and v:,\.-, roalin
, tlirc^o months in
'Tel '.0:1 jail.
_ I j i-1 -  Ort on Cni;"il'ij«i.
'•'"-1 !     The work which lias been   done  'on
:u>r ! the (irub-tisk:1 claim nc.u Kitchner has
- -° ' ptoduerd   v,-o:id'j;fiil   roiuU^  and   now
j then* is a good strong  vein   of   galena   [Mi'ta come
, ore in sight.    The G-rubstake is owned
Patholir LiaSscs' Pnois1.
Tlio Catholic   ladies'   and   memlers
Of the Alter RociC-y   intend    tO   £1V-    a; Metal Quotations.
ba.'.aar and ico cream social on tbe I-'hb '     Now    York,   June   2L.—Bar
July ofr the purpor-c of   nurehat-ing' 50;j    cents.    Lead,   price    for    minev3   There   a
11 organ, and building 11 gallery h. the 'and srueitors, #-lY7i at tbe close.  Cop- ' Cuinca;
Now \Ves'.:!\instor was chosen as the;
,ie\t place of meeting of Giand Lodiro. i
'I'lio -WiilorworJj'.
The pip- for the Movie Water Co. is I
bore, but the lilting*. f"r the s.mr-havc |
not, yel arrived. The [inditninary,!
woik for laying the nip.' ws. begun j
this week, and  woik    will    lu;   pushed'
by d. A. sjeottaud J. R. Johnson.
igiit alie.td as  soon as    '.ho1 necessary 1
Alio Chinese Ti'icvliouo S^-.-.(.>m)
\Virat is friiui to be (lie only   Chinese
tcloulione system  in   :he   world is   in
silver,   ob-iation iu tiie city of rfan Francisco.
(.-1 i j•- in:
dtogether   about    18,000 j    Highest Honors, World's Fair
J-1'-'1    Gold  MedaJ, Midwinter Fair1
\<S-J"f^y^;' *f.sfTsrsfr':'^"''^
I c.'uireb.
i    .  '■
More    pa 1 'inula rs
Xt   yer, broke
Mil !(,1\
'    1
of   whom
tin i   ivioih.
'   Ivb  !U,  1-."
1-  -Y0
-'{.ij.lnir Toudors  con-tain I rut
:' \.v    ^-i1  " r., i.. , <».J 4 '<>  ?',   .1/1,
.'J'l'Sto r  '    '>"
• u,
' -t,
! .'<i'
1 Yft"'!
• ' 'lit J I
t ;   K"(■ < c
I'.-iff"   '
::;,.-> ,
a A
■■ .ri
1 i;
r; ' Y
. 1 >' a
,.-,   i
'>'?     '''-.
'       Y •  '
a£\ ,' :..
'  M., Y'^
Y- "' ?.^-.-,c-i
l      -   M i* _.   iii  «Ji'.  4
TH'I .am
.-, Jfc ;''•'»''!.
>,0 ,-ri-»v   !, 'i£'«
r*  '\V-.   -    ■
',    .'•Jm-'io     },.   rj,
-  >■ Uj'', -»,' ■;,
,        ''*<?*.   »{    ",'
ti :■■;"
.;n r . ■ ■
t B /  -I I L-i    'i i      i
tt ,-.;.f_ .    :_ i
ft ifatfAt.i ■!
,    . £«<'    ' ,   I
).   '-I      ' '.'
li  r.. ill. >  ,,
1 :
*    J,<*  ' s       *     •   *
■ fd--'
■ i
> c'
' n"
i   1
1   I
i o
n_:I0I!i LEADER.
P.-hlisdier! in tho ;i.lcre_L o.' the pec::;
of Moyie anCi l_.Tifc r.ootcr.ay.
f    tpi nnri
' . ! !<>'}  .';ri'I)
"i "j ,.  i.:o.-.'l..
i :i_:i>rii; 1 fi>p- i on
t . r   - . ..
i ':-   :   La ...  ..  /a.Y
!  ■   I.op. = i   iht-y
iiCiii-*'    l>'
i.i     ,. .j
fin ;.ris I'r-iih 'the  corporation   which  is
a'nie'to declare euvb band, nui:  annual
Harvey    &   McOartef.jxfJE    POST    OFFICE
rjKl'S-JJEnE.B. C 1
r, .r. s.itYTir .* cc.
or <.cr:cn.TiCx.
...5-.O0i;i Kshor
A   peculiar  ease   was   tried    before
Ciliof .Magistrate Armstrong :u  Moyie
ime ago.    The fact- wero that
Il.tnoy, ?rcCart_- it AIos:;»(tcr.
i^RNii:, b. v..
barristers & Solicitors.
- j a man n.uned Robert I?obs'>n was ui:i-|
Mining Stoolx
This is the iongect day of  ihe  year.
!_To'v that the ]dpe for tiie waterworks i? borp, tho next thing in o:der
will be the seeming of a few hnr.d."Y
feet of hose.
ployed by P.ii\k, , Mitchell Yp Co. asj
night watchman at their riw»ni'J.j
About I'm- -ith of .June Q. E. iiuir, ]
manager of the comn.uiy, „ asked Rob-;
son lo perfjim some oilier v.-ork along '
In departing from ?doyie Rev. Cicig
takes with him the best v.-isbes of ail
the peopic—'Wishes that will follow
him out into th'iit life o'"good work for
which lie hap &o aptly proven his vocation. ■           	
The prosecutm/jail-rucy c,c- Spokane
oo'luity   terms   tv   r.,ecl:yc,Le   a   deadly
' weapon.    No, doubt a ' brcctr.   i-ticb ,in
the  bands   of  an' infuriated   woman
Daily market prices   by   wire
from Spokane,
with his present dtpios.    This   Ii ibson i
refused to do, and   a   stypuration    ;-.'.)-= |
eifeetcd   botweeu   c m'ployer  ami   cm-•
ployco.    Itobson entered   .uit   against I LEWIS   THOMSON
i'.irk,  Mitchell  mid   company   for   a!
j month'i. v/ages  abend,   rYLming   tliat
. he thould have   been   given   30  diys"
' notice. ' Mr. Armstrong heaid, the oase,
and rend red a deo.i--.ion  in   tiie  miitter
hiot Tuesday.    lie says,'   '
"This is ii>: action liroughi    by    the
plaintiff to recovor one mot'ii! 's   want's
iu lem of notice of disn:i- sab    Tho --ii-
gagemc-nt, was r- mOnMilyoin-, with, no
stipp.lation on of*is-'r srde_ as to notice"
»RUG _i STATIOXyJIV 3-'ei:i-.
-P. D. 'B.Q£B,,
[Chemisil nnd I>i-H0r;3sr,
1ICTIK, 11. C
Xxisure yoqr house.   Don't put it'off
until to late.   Hot weather increases.
the danger.
kJ      _i__-_i ______ ^v -SL^iy^
IY\ I'UK.-.--  OupKitM   Soi'.l)
«rv_(.> _ tr__r-^_r^x_aKc5ar_3_anxx-
TAN'T,     GoMMfriSiO.f     iSI)
J-ntsi.'j'/j^oe A <; k:\*t.
Would be considered tlie .»:.unc by
learned gentlomiin.
B,  C.
IKS r--«Y-----_—~-f^ ■■ ------w-i _--i_- _■■__,__•_;__-.___*_■ 7---^
Board $6.00 Per Week.
MBS. \V 1I1TKHEAI), • Pjopricdrees.
disnvYsal.    3YithiM-{
i-A'i:Risr_-i;, soltcjtoi:, etc
-■-WJUJkFIWH**-* j
, »* * ,* I' J'
Y  <   « ■
\Y! ■
j. '
'- i
'    < i.'   .
"0 i.
I'      ■'
„,.,|,r'.;  1-s,
'  ,1'Tt
'        f
r* J-   . it
V  r   "    1'
(>ueen Victoria "hud  tbirfy-f.i:c  pro;!
chaplains, Iving __d\vurd his oon-
'eluded that twelve will bo _ufliciont to
'sustain, tlio   ecclesiastical" deparlinent
of hia establishment, SO' twenty-four
'clerical  heads   bav"   fallen   into   the
■'chop basket.'''
1 urM-t m _nur__c_a
party wus thoieforn entub d to t('_n;in-
ate tlie contract at ihe cud of each
montii, and the phiintiir bas no eau1--
of action u_-lin.-t'the defendA".'..''
YJ'liii :. tbe UrKt eascof the sort ever
tried   in   rionlh   East Kootenay,   and
perbups la   either  cf   tho  I_oot.iia\-v
and I lie-deci&ion will bo   of   in'en.^t t<
both fc:pployer_ and employees.
Your Eye-
-r_'_n_ii_-«_>. _g-_<KX-_aa-M_-tJ-rii-_r^r^^ja«jc_i-toi__ri^yytwgt j
Ll f-__-_l J1 «1
Jainss Wilts seems to be getting to
ihs front by "leaps and bounc?G. Less
than three years ago he was helper in
jn a blacksmith shop. Today bo is
vice-president of tbe Western  Federa-
KflsoVs J.!u!f I!»liilfi,y.
The Tribune of  2f.lson  is   fighting
the  Thursday  bail"   holiiday   closing
movem.nt, and never 'fails  to  cite  a  EO!*t Steele
case when an outsider has diflioulty in
doing business  in   that, city  on   that
day.     James  Cronin   of' Moyie   hap-
tion 'of Miners, which has  a   m.smber-   pened to be one of these last Thursday,
ship of over 50,000. Wilks is a bard
and faithful worker, and is' well deserving of tbe honors trust upon him.
Comnw-Mou   and   Intiuanco j
Ayenr,: , , ;
XEW  YOUK 1,1 FE, '     ]
, Insurance Co.'.-;
_B. O.;
'■■  '  FISH, ELESH
AND    FOWL   , ' *' I
A-Kf-tuv^u MK_i-r_*_>--3rT_.-t-r_i^._a_r_-iKif-b-_.-i
V"W v*- vV *-"■-
VlCTOftZA'Avu., "MuVilC.   R.,1,
i**^gu-_«. _ _*■ wn.^
_. \t <-t\+  ~hr .,'\j ^j_- v-
»„'1_. ^rt.- _^J.
.'.<7. ,".:_•>*■, 3. -,-.
Kelson Tribune:    The clerk's union
' and their  friends  are threatening to
boycott the  Tribune.    This  poor   but
influential journal has boon  boycotted
by the Nelson opera bouse, the provincial land surveyors,    the   lawyer.,   the
Mine ■ Managers'    Association,     the
churches, the -Liberal-Ltibor p3litician^,
Observance aldermen,  and   the  West
Kooteuay Power tt  Light   Company,
and is willing to tackle a. many   more
cantankerous    organizations  and    individuals, deperateiy or collectively, as
,it can find  space  to handle,  with   or
-without gloves.
A report comes from Northport that
,an attempt was made this week to
start the smelter up with non-union
men, but with most disastrous results.
Tiie furnaces were "frozen" _ohd, and
il became necessary to kill the( fires.
The loss of the Le P.oi Company will
be very heavy, and it will take tinie
tu drill out the furnaces. It is a well
known fact that the attempt to operate a mine or machinery of any kind
.with unskilled men iii a dangerous and
.expensive piece of busine-S. .Skilled
men are in nearly every ca?,e union
men, and the better element of working men are always found ia the ranks
.of organized labor.
and this is what  tho  Tribune  has
_:iy: ,
"James Cronin   of  tbe   St.  Eugene
_o.ine.wns also trying to do business in
Nelson.    He was after a big 'consignment of f urn itine', but  had   no   know-
ledge   of   the  early .closing   fad.    He
tried to get'iuto two well known furniture houses, but'failod, and   expressed
bis   intention   of  ordering' tbe   good-
desired    from. Toronto by   catalogue,
lie. too, Was   induced   to   give   Nel-On
merchants     another    chance' for   the
biitiness   and   the   probability i_  that
tiie goods will be supplied by  Jiany.iu
'i_ Company, who, tbougb -not   having
in _tock(just  what   was   wanted,  have
got iu lino lor ttie order.    This was iu
stance No. 2, and right here it may b.
remarked th,at the bt. Eugene mine is
considered a rather good customer   for
any city 10 secure."
iy^Physician aiad Surgeon!
'to] ° • ' °        t.   I
BUg*wa^w^c_itTtri__s_c--t?3a-a__V-Mi_ei>_f _u ui__jj_3c__-_(__*^i_wtM?i_Tvrii_f*:^r>*
, British Coiumbia.
City    Slia_ving  -Parlor,
Movie, B. C.
_»1A1____  1
bf _-T.-a__^-«ra—xrvcvj~- _si—r^,i_.^^.Ti_—y».-y_■
jtobisoo Crusoe'h tS-uri.
A Philadelphia !irm' of > auction .Mrs
recently oliered at one of their s.il.s
l-tobisjon Crusoe's, mu_k.t. Jt wa_ a
line old flintlock. It wasdn the possession of a grandnico of Alexander
tjtjlkirk, und it,-, pedigree is much more
unclouded than'is usually tbe case
with objects of this kind.
_..Toti__ to Di'lenqitCJit Co-Oivii.j-.
To Jo'C'f'li Wilni'-liur.-t, or ito tiny in'r-oii or
]>o>-„.)iis to rt'hcm hc.miiy Save trncfun-od hi^
intore.tiii ttiu Iiori-Slountahi ii)i!ic:»l elniin,
situafud at the toot of Moyie laku in the J.'cjrl
Sieel- .Miuiug DiNisIon oi tbo diLtiict of JCu-t
JvootciRv, B. o. and recorded iu the rccordLT'<-
oil! co of the Kerf fctcde Mining Jiiw^iou.
Yotj, and each, of you, are hereby uotiiicd ihat
I Imve cxjiciid-d i wo liumdrud doIKirn ia labor
nd impro-s'.munis upon lhe above mcutionud
iiiiticinl claim in otdcr to hold srtid 11mi.i.-_
chum under the piovisions oi Hi- mineral u.t
anil if within ninety day,-, from the datu of this
uociee Von fail «.r refuse to eoatribiile >uur
porojioriSon of sucn expeuditures rogeMjei ^.Uli
.-il] eo-,f. of^iidverii^iin;, your int-i'-.-'fi iu "u<!
cl-inif v.-iit lie_oiiie the i rii]u.-rtv''i/f the s.ul.
sc-rihei- nude;- -oeUoii 1 oi a-ii iict -litit'ed "u:i
net to a'neail tiieMineml Acalt'tO"
v.j. :,:-M..uox.
Durednt Moyie, Y,.C. tins Tlh day of J nut' iOOl.
h- >hl.
Send Your Work
To- the^^^^ ■'   '    . ' ■
\Yboie ,it   v.'i'd  !.■■>  Done.   Sati-factory.
P. LU rSEU, Prop.
_*«-J__n , _"-g_atC-_i
'Barber Bhop.
Hot, Cold and Vapor Baths^
to JI113' par!, b   ilw. city.
.    ■ A.fSL:CMN.-Prop.
Hi   f'EOSP,E0T0FoSf.. EXCHANGE. *
'     .      SO.  i K.-u'.-«!.    liUOQU,  NX:i.NON.  H. ii. ".
.Gdld, Silver l'jai! nnd Copper" mines wanted at the KXCllAN'OE
FREE ruriJ-lN'G'GQLP propurtios v/.uited at,once for E!i_;;-,ir
investorn, ° -' ' "   ■
',■     Taitii.'p iijivin^ miniiic; properly for ;;alo aie  requej-Uij   tu  ^..a
sapiplfis of their ore, in ihe EXCHANGE for exhibition.'
We desire lo hear from prnspui'tor.   v/bp havo   nromi>im' uiiu-
eniJ oliiims.in British Colj-mbia. * .  '
Prospectors nnd miniiiu, men ure  roqu-ated  to  rnako ,:l;f' EK-
0-TANG-I-their'hoiidqurit-ters when in ISTeIsorj. ■ '   '
All samplea -should- ba _dO{. hy exprans. Pj-BPAtO.
Correspondenoo solicuted.    Addre_, all _:wiimunic»itio(is to
.'.   ' '    AXTHIEW F. JlOSEXliERGEli.
*{:   Telephone Xo. 10-i. P. O. l.,o>:"700 ,     .  ,       .^KLSOX, ■]]. 0.
,    r*  .\!»_ '   L
i m n ^ $yQ 9 $ n   w B w   l-
la. wtt
¥lll..UJ ULl,l
'   , .. .T. Y. LOWKiEY; Proprietor.
-.finer.s   beudipiartera.     Good'^aiicomtnodiiUons   for' ^ravciler.-i
liquors -jnrl cig_j)_? kopt in »«lockfc
Lake Shore Addition.
Bc-Y  vnu
•in B
'a."B* S3  _, h
< i
Opposite  Oosriiopolitan
\y. j,. j-oisy i'rov.
m   •
Fresh   new   milk   delivered
parts of town  l-^'ic1?.   ::    day      '
'.ion, gu.'ii'ftntC'cd.
Jir_. .Adelaide Dill,
'The Chinese in the United States
tire preparing for an urganizod light to
.obtain tho absolute repeal of the Geary
exclusion act at the coming session of
congress. Tbe movement was started
in Xew York aud it U expected to
spread rapidly lo Philadelphia, Chicago
fYrtland, Seattle, San Francisco nnd
pther citie. having large Chi nose
populations A powerful organ.zation
has been effected among tho Cliinc-o.
Within the next two weeks tiicy will
be asked to .-ign a carefully prepared
memorial to thc United .States ^ovci-n-
meut asking that thc cxclus-ion act ho
ronealcd.    Jt will be for.v.irded   to   thc ,
Kel:'addrc-^ed >tai!i;n.d en\*.()|ie.    Addii-^s ->! m i
government ibroi^b Wu   Tmg   I-ang/j usl.ri jY>vjlivtf>ll H1,Ui] chica'-o, ll       \ QnlorS Solicited.
__/< - i  iC i i
Ii. C
1 ii
yrpDEBHTAJJX, 'UlESTKRlilt -f> CO.
Lagsr Baer, Porter and' Wed
leer Always m Henri.
Qruality not excelled in the coiiritry. Try it ax_d
be coHLVinced,
«--_■« _r_t».ii hi __.«___ j*.
v,'a>;'J"i:i>—T'fir.-:TwoHxnv mi-.n ami wo- !
men lo tr.;\el aud a'h _11i_o ior old I'-tubUO-u.! j
Injure ol holid I'liEiijeiiii stauilint;. ,-'u!a:y •'jTiO » j
M'iiriiiido."i)iiiiei,'.'.1 iniMililu in ensh.    N'oom-
1 O |
Mi>-in^ re'iiiii'i'd.   '.ive r.if_r< ac.i mid   eii'.-'o^" '
Areated Waters of ail
tlie Chine_o minister
Jt is  seldom    that   there   i.   better
justification fox a b'tiikc than   there   i
;it the present  time   by
tiie   (.'.   !».
,     Ilin'.j MsiVa iiflei <idlf I i;itur.d In ujisily toil.o!
! t hud ( olnl.li'-'iOJi'-i nf l.uir'i nnd \V'}ilc% f. . n
'j I'einl lif-c'i'.e to <air and 'einove lihiber fi'oi-i
tlii- folio", h«;f locution-   (jDiiiiueuciiiV   im    ilu;
Soda \¥ater: and , Sypaens.
t.ackmcn.    Take at Movie fox ir..-t.nicr ' nojiii eu<,t ooms-t |io,t, sitnincd m-rir Un
vvbere miners draw from %"io lo-YdoO
inonLh, section men and section inre-
men only draw from ?.'J0 10 #•">">. Tiie
Bection bo?_e_ are asking for a rnn-'e
from .*oo to \\t\"t per month, and tbe
section men from $1.-10 a day to .§l.li>
a day. . These wages maybe all right
in, the east, but in the west, where the
.'cost.of living is much greater, they are
entirely too low. Imagine a section
man -working'for ^llQ a day and paying ,$1.00. a.day for board, only leaving
him 10 cents a day to' pay for Ids
clothing : and  other   expenses.     Or   a
ill ink   "I   "Vloyii-   ;i\'T  opj.oY'    Ili.lierls  ]>) u-.r
mine, M) chiiin--noutli, ilience  >-0 cht.nr-.  v-t
tl ei)''e tl chain- noilli, lln-n< >• >ri cliuins i.-,i -I
])Oinl Of C'lliirilCllCciiieilt—'". lrl IK'/."-, |'Ui',-di I, '
KfJliJ-.it'r HOHt-'O.N.
.June 10th J'JOI. -1-10
Thirty dny-s nftei'uiite i Intend to iijijily'to tlio
eliiei eojinnissioaer of lands mid -ivories fo;- a
special Heen.'-'e to cm and remove timber fro iri
the follow! li? ln.ud .i.tuat-doii 'jroyt'o ri'ver,Kn!?t
Koote:iay, - ■Commencing iita jwjst on the .siinu-
mit between >"ig-Ber • crock imd Moyio, river.
KuiOiiiig SO eliiiiiis en.it, theneeSOehalns north,
th'-nce h>\.idiuiar. M-ost, thcu.ee 80 chin'ii.s .scmiii to
tlie. point of eomnieneins—0,10■ ncrea, niore or
ly,-;. '■.•'. . IK'Al'A'AC ltOBSOK.
.luiii' 10th l'.'0.1,'. ... ,'•-)—10.
The Leading- Ladies
and Mens Pumisliers.
C]oth_JQ.a, Boots  and Shoes.
A Full Stock of Miner
9 .Mlpplir.-.S
;r\_i-_>»->. _>_>*-_^-_;_is--s>_!?j5-^i'- »_>._-> j. _a_>_5^-a^<.-_5w-s^--__»c--^»iife.^«*W;.^.^.'i-^*-;-.'?o
Alwavs wii Hand.
Gail   and   Inspect Our*   Goods.
_rr=_r_nu__»___'_i -_ft_*5T_��_*c*__i-*T._tTt*
h _r__Vjt__.   "*l}>'      _>__.    __:_ /__du                              __*,___.   >tay     __-t-   ___»«»i  «_B__- u.               4i
I JORftSTOfi   B.EOS.            '-        *•      I
1 Thus Hotel is New and well .Furnished.  The J
^ .    Hl-Ch*. XS*i& \J   IAIXJ.\^i. U.KJ,     __ A,!.^     -_->_-■.-       .i.*--     _-_--._.-»■__      -»          ^
| theuest Brandt of Liquors and Cigars, j |
'ft AGENTS   FOR FAlbST'ri   JIII.^VAUKEE BEER.     ^           %
% *:
% . ' HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMKRCIAl,               %
% AND MINING MEM                                          .
a\ ,-viorir.          —                        —    •      —          —           iiRixisii coiriii-.n I
'L^.^^-.v-. v--_^-_..-v,•-■*■-*•-»<-.-:_»•_:■:._■ _i«-i-«««-_i_:'_:_t«_*__<;*<;-S^-i-S_-*-»&-t^'-r^.?'^.^-'5-S'-f'-^ m<
.MM-V   li.Miiiiii;,    tt.   I),   n.
tfM ■»■-'>,■ l W-
0(Yi«c und -.toHdoiioo    CKAXBitfJOK
- *-*_--*.*_H-.-___^r>_*1j
y^.^^ Y     GopvbjgHts &c.
■ Anrcne nciidliir; n. nkeleb nnd dekcrlptiori raay
<iul(i!t'ly .•laeei-luin ^,nr o|>iaienfree wneMicf an
invent ion r- pnitinlily p/ituiiliibld;;. Omirliunica-.
tloh:iBt.ri.t.l7ebnll_(ji-.U;ii. IrlatHlbofikoiil'.iilenta
aeut, fi.-eo.'OIdeat nu<;u<:v .fot-Kcrruntip patftiitu.
,. Putent.3 tiilcoii. uireuKli 'Jlunii & Co. rueoive
sj'Kt'dJ Mitlce, without oli:,"t'i.'Or,in tlie
A himda^mely illnstrat-ed v/eouly.' Lrivt'erit ctr-
(,ii!,it'niu'of ;iny ncienl.l/ie .iniirnnl. 'JV<rr:is, ?,?, a
\v:ir    '. ■ 'iv :'Uor.lb3, -,'>1.   !-''f"d ijy.'ill ri'-n-gdi'-.nJerH.'
Jivuiicl) Ollioe. 021 V l.it-t WtwiiliiKton, -b. C. ,.
Prest, the photographer, has just received the finest lot
of mouldings in
East> Kootenay.
•^■^ ifoirjo.lcaL
A*-A, *
Cr.inbrooJ'.v     .Moyie,     Fort Socio '
Wiii Visit filoyit),on
y.ft*-w^"^?cx-xra*&a*uK**3n.vtrA*t-ww-~is*i*j-r3.T iw««ir k»mmr'J>.-
■«i^trw*r»rT»""«"ll"^wtac*rtH.» lJM*■ll•J^*•^»ll/«*a^V*-**,
U .4
Tucsiihyani! Wednestiay j CilA^BHOOK  BMK
^aid .'UpJSOapital   $8,000,0.00
' "V111 r> \* •**
(J 15 > iSS���  KSBP'HE MOYIE LEADER.  ' 3I0YIE,   B.    C.  BY THE  EDITORS.  Js  <$$��]  gCbnundrnma    Fly    Tli��clc    and    JP����t  Across tlie Editorial Tables.  /'Possibly," began tbe information edl-  ; glancing furtively at a memorandum  p�� liis desk, "you can tell me what is the  SQilerence between a fish dealer and an  '*'*" 'trut hf ul newsboy'.'"  ^"None,"   replied   the  exchange  editor^  oth do a scaly business.    "Wh&is"���  ��'I say there is.    One sighs for Lent  d the other lies for a cent."  fllaiig that on, the hook.    What's the  ercnce between a schoolmaster and a  [eep market?"  No   difference.     One   boards   around  'd the- other has boards around"���  Saw it off.   , One has his eye on the  'pil and the ot,uer has the pupil in his  ���e."      -      '-  'What has the sheep market to do with  HI '  ^'That's whero you get sold.   Ha, ha!"  1'Enough to make a donkey laugh, Is  J"  I'Who's a, donkey?"       '  Iftt'ho'sVsheop?"  JS'Ewe are.   Why is a pound ot putty"���  l^Like  a  cage  of  panthers?     Sixteen  itjnces..  Why is"���  fejiA pound of putty"���      ,, ,  dose of laudanum?    Stops the  That   reminds   me.     Why   is  a  like arnica?"  JOue   is ,va  window  smasher  and   the  is & pane killer."  :,trUs:  Can. you tell why Pettigrew"-  Why'is  |tMl&4fe,tCou]dn't grow any other day  BSMfKft^tfallot box"���  Pl'Stuff!   'What's the difference betwee*  Itoe tin caa trust and"���  pi"The other can't rust.   Why Js ariot-  [Ous insurrection"��� '   '  ^jYLiko a deaf and dumb man?   One's a  goute, and so is the other erheute. What's  10 di (Terence between a mackintosh and  seasick boy?',' "' ;  |,"One's an overcoat arid the other's a  jale tot.   Why is"���  I'/Stop!   It isn't prnriounced that way."  "'Pronounce it any way V please.   One'a  glad   rag and  the other's  a draggled  |At this critical juncture tbe Sunday edi-,  >r carne in f>*d swore at them, and they  Bjroko awayv, '  THE HORSE SHOW.   ,  ;, r���  A special wagon, is being ��� built fot  Anaconda, 2:02JA   , -,  ' Another trotter has been named Carrie Nation,  and  this ono  hails  from  Buffalo.  The will of a Kansas City man seta  aside $1,000 for the support and care ol  a favorite horse.  Ah Belle, 2:34i4, owned by Homei  Bros., Greenville, Pa., is very fast and  will surely enter the 2:20 list of 1901.'  J. W. Miller, Lancaster, Ky., reports  that the fast mare Nora L, 2:10%, has  a handsome colt by Ashland Wilkes,  2:17y4. ,      ' ,  The green gelding Prank Powell, now  in the stable of D. M. Lake, Columbus,  O., is said to have shown a mile In  2:09*4.   ' ���  Simmons, 2:28, -will pass the century  mark In standard performers in 1901,  as he now' has 97 to his credit, of which  19 are pacers. t  Georgena, 2:071(��, tho winner of the  $10,000   Charter   Oak   last   year,   has  again gone lame, and no further at-  . tempt will be made to train her.'  A good green one, who will be in Lon  McDonald's   stable,   is   Ham ward,   a  ��� 5-year-old stallion by Hambrino.   Last  year he showed a mile in 2:15 in a race.  The bay pacing mare Lillian B, 2:2S1/��,  has .been purchased by W. S. Smather,  Northville,   Pa.,   from   R.   A.   Stiver,  , Bradford.   She Is in good condition and  is expected to enter the 2:15 list In 1901.  Sable Guy, 2:27%, Is the most intensely inbred of the new sires of 1900. He  is by, Sable Wilkes (a son of Guy  Wilkes out of a mare by The Moor),  dam Linda Wilkes (a daughter of Guy  Wilkes out of a dam by The Moor).  IACK TO HEi  TT1KOUGII   TUB   KINDNESS    ANY)  PERSISTENCE OF A FItlENYJ.  An     12 very-Day    Jsto.y   Hint   Will   Bring  lle.iltli   and   Hapi-inebS to  Yoiuif; Gills  \\ ho Ac Lon tlie Advice Given.  Ms  Trylnjr Woric.  jThln Haired Man���What!   A shilling  cutting my hair? That's outrageous!  arber���-But, my dear sir, the hairs  ^jyour head are so far apart /that I  ^,fL to cut each one by itself.���London  |Bits.    *��� ���   ,   -        "  Pp^#m|*S|A'-famous Ink long used In Germany  ftlpswas made of a combination of chro  M'^|iaate of potash with a solution of logwood ia the proportions of one part of  ^be former"to 1.000 parts of the latter.  'Etpemlvc PAlntfnjr*.  |Mrs. O'Cnllahnn-Oi don't see whoy eS  Wntin's are so very 'expensive.,  "Mrs. O'Ho'oIahan���Nor' Oi," but they'  el Oi had to buy a whole box av soap  iefore the groceryman'Would-give me  hat wan over the mantel.-���'Brooklyn  !agle.   Y , '    - ���    '  Time    was,  and   that   was  termed  |lhe time of gold.���John Hall.  Put not your trust in money,   but  'put  your    money     in    trust.���Oliver  Wendell  Holmes.    '  BILL OF'THE PLAY.  Miss Gertrude Coghlan. has been compelled by ill health to terminate,, her  tour in "Vanity Fair."  "Quo Vadls" was recently produced  in Paris and met with strong approval  from a large audience.      - <���  Helen Bertram is reported engaged to  a police commissioner of Detroit, Ho  will be her third husband.- , ���  Sarah Bernhardt went duck shootinfif  while at New Orleans' recently and is  said to,have proved herself a crack  shot  Minnie Madderr Flske's tour of the  west, the northwest and the .north haa  been one uninterrupted triumph, _ according to all reports. ���  Mme.- Sembrlch may never sing in  public again. Her'physicians have advised the famous operatic soprano to  cancel all her engagements and retire  to her home In Dresden for a rest  ������  The fourth nation to.hear "San Toy"  Is Germany, when, it'was produced in  Berlin a short 'time ago after having  been, used In England, America and  Austria.   It met with great success.  In- a recent German adaptation of  "The Merry Wives of Windsor" Parson Evans is made a stutterer Instead  of a Welshman on th�� ground that the  German has no equivalent for Evana'  dialect. "  By permission of the president Secretary Long has issued a leave of absence for the 'United States Marine  band of Washington to visit a number  of the leadfng cities to give exhibition  coneerts.  i  THE  ROYAL BOX.  From the Sun. Orangeville,  Ont.  In every part of Canada are to be  found grateful people who cheerfully  acknowledge    that   the good    health  they enjoy  is  due to  the use  of Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills.   Tn the town of  Orangeville there are many  such   people,  among  them  being   Miss   Lizzie  Collins, an estimable' young lady who  resides with her   mother in   the east  ward.   Miss Collins' euro through the  use   of   this   medicine  was     recently  brought to the attention of the Sun,  and a reporter   was sent to get the  facts from tho young lady. Miss Collins cheerfully accorded ,the interview'  and her statement    is given practically in her own. words:    "Two years  ago,"  said  she,  "I  became so  weak  that I was forced    to    take_to  bed.  The  illness     came, on gradually ;     I,  found myself much, run down, suffered  from headaches and was as pale   as  it was possible for a living person to  be.   I  used  several    medicines,     but  t'hey' did not help me.   Then I   consulted a doctor, and he said that   1  had scarcely any blood, and that my  condition was one of danger.     Medicine did not see.ni to do me any good  and I,found myself growing weaker.  I reached  the stage where my heart  kept  palpitating    violently  all     the  time.   The  headaches  became contin-'  ous,'  and -my condition  one    which  words can scarcely describe. I really  despaired    of       getting ' better,   'and  loathed the sight of medicine.   I had  been confined to,bed, for about    two  months when one day a friend called  and    urged   me  to  try Dr.  Williams'  Pink   Pills.   I told  '  her I had lost  faith' in all medicines,  but she    was  apparently  determined     I- should try  the pills,   for she, brought me about  half  a  box she had  been  using herself.-    I could not- then do less than  try  the   pills,    and when' they" were  used,  while I cannot say that I felt  much better, I had more confidence in.  the pills and got half a dozen boxes.  Before'these were��gone there was no  doubt that they were rapidly restoring me to  my  old-time health,  as, I  was soon able to sit up and then be  around and out.   I used in all eight  or "nine boxes,  and before these were  gone 1  felt  as   though  I    had never  had an ache or pain in my life., That  iswhat   Dr. Williams'v'Pink   Pills   did  for me and  I think I 'would  be very  ungrateful if I did not ,a-dd my testimony  for  the  benefit  it may  be     to  some other young girl."  Miss Collins' story should bring  hope to many thousands of other  young girls who suffer as .��he d"d.  Those who-are pale, lack appetite,  suffer from headdches, and palpitation of thc heart, dizziness, or a feeling of cons-tant weariness will find  renewed health and strength in the'  use of a few boxes of Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills.! Sold by all dealers) or  sent- by mail post paid; at 50 cents  a box or six boxes for ��2.50, by addressing tho Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.    .  THE LATEST STORY.  Hln   Majesty   Kin;,-   lCdwiird Til,   an   Apt  Studosil in Matter* That  Havo Scien-  Ullcmid. Practical BtarinsH.  Here is the latest story about King  Edward VJI. Its authority is so  good that I huve little hesitation in  believing it, while 1 do not,, think  it has yet appeared in print, writes  the editor of 31. A. P. When the  King paid his recent visit to Germany, he was particularly enthusiastic about "motoring." It was just  about that time, I believe, that he  gave thc order for the automobile  which a well-known Paris maker has  just built for him, and which is exciting so much interest among Parisian automobilists. Anyhow, ho took  the opportunity which the quiet German country and forest roads offered  ,to indulge in tlie exhilarating pastime:'. One day he was driving-- with  a gentleman through one of the forests near Wiesbaden, when the automobile ran out of water. Of necessity  a stoppage occurred, and for want of  a convenient water company the boiler W4ls filled from a wayside spring.  The ICing and bis companion started  again and all went well for a while.  Then for some unaccountable reason  the ctr stopped again., <Qj  An inspection was made, and the  King's companion, who is an expert  in such matters,, went to work in  technical exploring fashion. The King  stood rendering assistance when he  could. But everything seemed' right;  no bolts were loose, no nuts missing,  and not a lever jammed. , "That's  very funny. Your Majesty." The,King  agreed and pondered for a moment.  Then he smiled, "1 wonder," he suggested in tentative fashion, "if that  water we took in has anything to do  with it'.' , You know these German  waters generally-have some sort of  mineral properties in them. The  boiling may,'cause crystallization  and so choke the piston." The piston  rod was immediately inspected, and,  sure enough, it'was so crusted that  for all driving purposes it might as  well have been heavily coated with  rust. Sand-paper was used, some un-.  adulterated water found; the .journey  was continued and completed without  ,further stoppage. Evidently the King  cvas not the intimate friend and informal pupil of Playfair In vain���although little has been given' to the  world of their association save the  well-known fact that-it'was at Play-  fair's request that'the then .Prince of  'Wales scooped up boiling lead in the  palm of his hand���a perfectly painless experiment when properly carried out.  for the TEETH and BREATH  Hew Size SOZODONT LIQUID      ...       25c  New Patent Box S0Z0D0NT POWDER   .      .      25c  Large LIQUID and POWDER      .      .      . 75e  At the Stores or by Mail, postpaid, for the Price.  A Dentist's Opinion: "As, an antiseptic and hygienic  mouthwash, and for the care' and preservation of the teeth and  gums, I cordially- recommend Sozodont.   I consider it the ideal  dentifrice for children's use."   [Name of writer upon application.]  HALL & RUCKEL, NEW YORK.  ?s\  CASSOWARIES IN  A FIGHT.  I PLUMBERS OF  muw  JOHN S. MORGAN'S-LETTETt OPEN  FOll THEIR PERUSAL.  >*��-n Suoliii .llpinliirof tlio Guild TVaiits  His ("n��fs .Published���An f��i��Ut "V'ear  S>i!ll'er<;r, fr<im U:i<:kaclie --Cured Itee-  cully lij-Dodrl'sKidiiey I'ills,  ��W -  F3M  MINT AUDI'S "LINIMENT is ��� tlie ' only  Liniment asked for at my store and  the only one we keep for sale.  All  the people use it..  I-IARLTN" PULTON.  Pleasant Bay, C. B.  We make ourselves miserable in the  anticipation of ,evils that never happen.���Beaconsfleld.       ,   '  No success is worthy of the name  unless it is won by honest industry  ll-V'yiSf and. a brave breasting of the waves  fei^'sSE oi fortune.���Huxley.  B*^i��2 ALWAYS ON HANI/.-Mr." Thomna  H. Porter, Lower Ireland, P. Q., writes :  "My son, 18 months old had croup so bad  tlmt nothing ({live him relief until a'  neighbor brought me some or DK.  THOMAS'   EOLECTRIC   OIL, which I  Claret cup as prepared^In England is  the Emperor William's favorite beverage.  King Edward Inherits that fine trait  of his mother which was marked by  her faithful care and affection for those  who had spent their Lives in her service.  The jewels which the Duchess1 of  Cornwall takes with her to Australia  have been Insured against all risks for  ��75,000. The duke" has insured his  Jewels' for ��2,000.  An amicable arrangement Is reported  In Holland by which Wilhelmina is  queen and Duke Henry an obedient  subject two hours every day. The rest  of the time the-queen is a loyal and  obedient wife.  The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York have been  brought from York House to Marlborough Housed They will stay with the  king and queen till the duke and duch-  - ess return from their colonial tour.  WAS*  ���a* ^J"  f'ftvo him, and In bix hours he was oured.  , _f    t Is tho best mecMchiti I over used and   I  Y3g��|  would not bo without a bottle ot ifc in my  !^'^a��5 house."  :ii/ss!Sra[  :   M  ^VSfilY '^'YVO     could     sweep,   intemperance  ;fi*   <'��3la,'<!ut-'��f the country there wo��ld hard-  \< v^"I'V bc'-'Poverty������. enough left   to    give  ���Jj^S JlCallhv exercise to, the charitable im-  "fc"^''in<lses.���Phillipps  Brooks.' '  *���*>}** Y' ,"-;*_ ' ~~��������� ;  "���sjj     When a man  is confronted with   a  f 1/ lot of his old love letters in a breach  v ���'V\c ��' promise suit lie realizes that kind  >  worths can never the.  '���'5  rV- '��� y.;; y, ���;��� ��� ���.���-;������:���"..���  ^ V rr     To the man of humanity tlio world  -�������'��*'  js generally, disposed to ascribe every  > other good quality���';���; of its��� influence  and  Sin.  i  POLICE  EXPENSES.  * .^  flJ1.    in  some    degree,   partake,  therefore all love it.���Blair.  Asic for Minari's anil \M no; 'other.  The  burnt  child  dreads   the  fire.���  I3en Johnson.  it  Sweden cultivated: only 1,350,000  ntrra of kind in ��� 181.2. Now she has  3~ 500.000 in plow, and grows 106,-  000,000  bushels  of,'grain in a' year.  Women have been '.gardeners ' nt  he.u-t since, the beginning'"-of'.��� nil  things, hut: it is only d,uring the.  In 1 lei- portion, of .last century that  they thought of flowers ns'.makers of  a fortune, of fruit and vegetables .as  sources, of   income.  In 1S99 the expenses of tho New York  police department were $11,182,500.  This year they are $11,102,000.    "  Tho London police department costs  $S.100.000, the Paris department !?0,-  000,000 and the Berlin police department $1,500,000. Berlin policemen are  retired Prussian soldiers.  The annual cost of the Chicago police  department Js $3,300,000, Philadelphia  $2,950,000. Boston $1,500,000 and' St.  Louis $1,400,000. Y/      !  The expense of tho police department  In all four of these American cities,  having a total population of 4,100,000,  is $8,000,000 a year.    ..."-.   '-. ���  New York, with a total population ot  3,500,000, expends in police salaries  alone more than 510,000,000 annually.  Owing to competition with Spain,  Italy and' Northern Africa, where labor is cheaper, French farmers are  abandoning the cultivation of olive  groves. In the department of Marseilles  alone  within  six  months  <L0,-  000 olive trees.were uprooted.  Keep KNABD'S LINIMENT in the Hons6.  jMOTIIF.KS.  Mothers  ara  tlie  queerest  tilings !   '  'Member when John went away,  All   hut in oilier cried and  cried  "When  they suid good-bye  that day.  She just talked  and seemed   to be   ,  2\ot the lcjist   hit upset���  Wn"?  (he  only  one who smiled !  Others' eyes were streaming wet.  But when John came back again  'On :a I'urlough, safe and sound/  With a medal for his deeds,  1 And without a single wound.  While the rest of us  hurrahed.  Laughed    and    joked    and     danced  about.  Mother.kissed him,and   then she cried.  Cried  and cried like all get out.  ���Edwin L.  Sabin in The Cenlurv.  HOUSEHOLD HINTS.  Never fold up dresses when turned  inside out. If folded on the outside,  they will not crease.  Kerosene may be safely used with  boiling water to whiten yellow clothes.  The quantity required is a tablespoon-  ful to each gallon of suds.  Delicate lace may be cleaned by  spreading It out on One white paper  and covering It with calcined magnesia.  Place another paper over it and lay it  away under a heavy weight for two or  three days. A gentle shake will remove the powder,1 which will buve absorbed the soil from the laeo.  Thoro never was, nnd never will   be, e  universal panacea, in one remedy, for all ills  to which fleeh  is heh���the very nature of  many curatives being such that were  tho  germs of other and differently seated diseases rooted in the system of tho patient���  what would relieve ono ill in turn would aggravate   tho   other.   "Wo   have, however, in  Quinine Wine, -when obtainable in a sound,  unadulterated state, a remedy for many and  grievous ills.   By its gradual aud judicious  uso tho frailest systems are led into conva.  lescence and strength by the' influence which  Qainine exertd on nature's own restoratives,  U rYioves the drooping Bpirits of those with  ��� whom, a ���chronic stato of morbid  despond-  ice;.' and lack'of interest in life is a disenso,  ind* by tranquilizing the nerves, disposes to  lOur.rland  refreshing sleep���imparts vigor  co the action of    the blood,.which, being  stimulated, courses   throughout tho  veins,  strpnj��thening  the healthy animal - function��  of tbe system, thereby making, activity a  n<=ffiF8ary result, strengthening the frame,  and givinj; life to the digestive organs, which  naturally demand increased substance���result, improved appetite. Northrop<fc Lyman,  of Toronto have given to the public their  superior Quinine Wino at the usual rate, and,  gauged   by the opinion of  scientists, this  wine approaches nearest perfection of any in  the market.   All.druggists sell it.  Bridgcwater,. N".S., June 3.���(Special)���The case.of John S. Morgan,  plumber and tinsmith, of this town,  should be put prominently before  every union and -non-union man in  Canada. In a matter like this there  should be no distinction, the benefit  belongs to all. -  John S. Morgan for eight years  was hampered in his work by backache. Stooping continually at work  is the cause of a great dea.l of backache, though not in the way most  people imagine. Mr. Morgan's letter explains the truth of the matter  when he says Dodd's Kidney Pills  cured his backache. It ' was really  Kidney ache that Dodd's Kidney pills  cured. It was really Kidney ache  that troubled Mr.  Morgan.  Backache is the commonest symptom of Kidney.,Disease. Kidney Disease is the commonest of human ailments, and Dodd's ' Kidney Pills are  the one infallible cure for all Kidney  diseases. Head what Mr. Morgan  says about them himself.  '���'I have been subject to lame back  or eight years. . The different remedies 3 fried'were no,good'. I got so  that I was crippled up entirely and  couldn't do a tap of -work. "Another  thing was a frequent desire to urinate  altogether  unnatural.  "About a year ago "l commenced to  use Dodd's Kidney Pills. 1 had run  clown in weight to about 140 pounds.  During the time 1 was using Dodd's  ICIdney fills L gained 23 pounds. My  back got better and better as I continued taking the pills until today I  am as free from backache as ever 1  was in my life. This after eight  years of it means an awful lot to me.  I "realize the danger I Was in and  know what. I owe to Dodd's Kidney,  Pills. ��� '"���",-.. \, ��� ��� ���  : "T recommend Dodd's KichieyPills  to anyone who has backache or any  other Kidney  complaint."  They Are tlie' Only Bird*. Excepting  OstrlelieH, That Can ICick.  Although the cassowary in captivity  has the reputation of1 being extremely  tractable and docile, he is terrible when  aroused. '  A notable peculiarity of ��� this bird "is  that if any particular object attracts'his  attention'he will perforin a sort of war  dance over it. ..This happened at the zoo  when one of the cassowaries, which are  confined in cages near the main entrance,  lighted upon a gaudy pieco of ribbon  blown inside tie bars from, the hat or  dress of somorwoman visitor.  He was'one of the smallest of the collection, but he was of a martial disposition: After having carefully examined  the ribbon he started bis' war dance and  kept it up with great vigor for some minutes. Just while he was ,at the height  of his enjoyment a larger cassoway came  up and interfered with him."    <-  He stood this for some time, but when  the larger bird attempted to oust him  from the spot in.order that he in turn  might prance about the ribbon he resented the.intrusion in no uncertain style.'  ,' Kicking out vigorously on all , sides,  craning' his heck, snapping his beak,  elongating his body and; hitting imaginary  blows with the horny mass which cassowaries carry on the tops of their head3  and which is called the helmet,, lie seem-  , ed to bid defiance to all comers.  The   larger   cassowary,   thinking    apparently that he could treat the demonstrations   of  the   lightweight   with   contempt,   commenced   hustling   the   latter.  The  two   were  ill  matched   as   regards,  height, one of them being about five feet  high and the other a foot or more shorter,  but the battle which ensued showed that  wei;ht and height will not always tell.  - Forward kicks were the main feature  of the fight.    Thei cassowary, it is' believed,  is the only' bird, except perhaps  the ostrich, which uses this method of attack and defense, and tho way a cassoway can kick would warm the heart of  a French  boxer.    He can kick1 straight  out like a man, - or he can do the high  kick like a music, nail star.  At first the blows were delivered chiefly on the breast and didn't hurt much',  but eventually the small bird knocked, the  other one' out' with a masterly stroke delivered by the long sharp claw of the inner toe on tho wattles of its antagonist.  No fatal injury, was,-done, but the  shock must have been terrific, for the big  bird uttered a peculiar cry and retired in  confusion to its- corner, while the victorious one resumed its war dance. It also  had ' been severely punished,t and one  could ..almost imagine it saying to itself,  like Mr. Henley:  1    Beneath the bludgeonings of fate  My bead is bloody,'but \inbowed.  ���London Express.  Childhood shows therman, as morning shows the day.���Milton.  fflNABD'S LINIMENT Meriai's' Flifflt  Horses in their wild state live to  tlie age of 36 normally, being still,  fresh' and hearty, at that age in the  desert.  Cucumbers and melons are "forbidden  fiuii" to many per. on* so constituted that  tha least indulgence is followed by attacks  of cholera, .dysentery, griping, etc. These  porBonu are not aware that they can indulge  to their heart's content if they have on hand  a bottle of Dr. Keliogg'a Dysentery Cordial,  a medicine that will give immediate relief,  and is a" sure cure for all summer complaints.  The United Kingdom produces 7G.-  000,000 bushels of wheat���.78,000,000  bushels of barley, and 150,000,000  bushels of oats in a year.  In England in 3 800 a horse called  Phenomenon trotted 17 miles in harness, in 5'd minutes, a record, never  beaten in England.  When a fool offers ,'to back his argument up with a bet the wise marl  shuts up. .   ' '  Pabmelee's Pills possess the power of  acting specificalry upon the diseased organs,  stimulating io action the dormant onergiea  of the system, thereby removing disease. In  fact, so great is the power of this medicine  to cleanse and purify, that diseases of almost  every name and nature are driven from tho  body. Mr.D. Oarswell, Carswell, P. O., Ont.,  writes: " I have tried Parmelee's Pills and  find them an excellent medicine and one  that will sell well." '  Enterprise is a sprout that is pruned by experience.  A lazy man is never, inclined to decline a chance  to recline.  When .some people feel for the poor  thby forget to .feel  in their pockets. '  Begin to educate your grandchildren by  educating yourself.  Canada imported lasrt year agricultural implements to the value of j$l,-  823,795.  Saved by His Wit.  Wit has of tern saved an offender from  punishment in military as well'as in civil  life.  I^ot long since a noncommissioned officer entering a barrack gate in Dublin  was mistaken by the "fresh one" on sen-  tty, who immediately "came to the shoulder." i  The noncom., unaware that his colonel  was just behind,, returned the salute, a  thing not permissible in the circumstances. Arrived at his quarters, ho  shortly received an order to attend before  the colonel.  On presenting , himself he was, asked  how he camo to return the salute, knowing full well that he was aot entitled to-  it.  , Not in ��the least embarrassed, he  promptly answered:  "Sir, I always return everything I am  not entitled to."  His ready wit pleased the colonel, who  laughingly dismissed hiru.���London Spare  Moments.  -A.C3-EISTTS  .   ^T'A.lSrTElD.  -We are in need of  a few  reliable Ageute  throughout the country to handle out-  GASOLINE LAMPS AMD SUPPLIES.  Good profit and quick  sales.   l''or particu  lars address  I'lIK  INCANDESCENT  GAS LAMP,   Co.,  1    313 Main St., "Winnipeg.  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Its   'present     diameter,   is  '��� S60.0U0  miles.   ���'.���������.'��� ���,.',,  Surmounted diflicult'ics'���' not only  leach;, but hearten us in our future  struggles..���Sharpc. <  -.Charity's argument is short, but it  litis' a long reach. -���"'  The way .to" bo .comfortable is. to  make others so; the way to' "make  others so is to appear to love them:'  the way to appear to love them is to  love them in reality.  N. U. No. 327.  Iu his Vegetable 1jij,lb Dr. 1 armelee has  givon to the world the fruits of long scientific research in the whole realm of medical  science, combined with new and valuable  discoveries never before known to man. l*or  Dkucatk and DiuiiLiTAirEn Constitutions  Parmeieo's Pills act like a chunn. Taken in  small dosea, tho effect is both a tonic and n  eitimuhint, mildly excitiug the secretions of  the body, giving tone and vigor.   .'..'  $>f*>*  /MB  SK&  Mir ,T"E .MAN UE1II.VH TUK PICK. ! >j ,   __ ���-  There has been all kinds of gush about!      A    VALUABLE    CLAIM. wi^>.���,  lhe man irho is behind, |  terStea ^^ tpmrtae i  And tbe man behind the  cannon   has i   '      ,     Br  ^^ "^wa ','     " 'Tain't hardly worth    ropeatin.".  been toasted, wined and dine-l.       ;     Buck Simrnccis~r^Lked behind    �����> I ^t.on. Buck- ��� �� caraWtone.    "I  There", the man  behind   the  musket.; luge ^^^IZfX^L^    Kve'S 5 "EST? UT ^ a^  nan behind the fenc; ���* -<^t. ���,��&on,%Tc��oX    "eJlV �� tt ^ 1^ * *�� **  in  "/  ��'i  'I r  ' ."{  f.ZA  i.  I.,  and the man behind the fenc;     '   -ith 'evident s^^tTS    tTemenl^H vou SS ^ ^ **  And the man behind the whiskers, and ' ] ^^ ribbons of earth which the I lers i?. liMv^^,��rtJ;'i?em **"  the man behind "his rents;      '        j QP^Z^dX'1 ^^H ^  - ^ �� -^J^eS��  And the man behind  the   plow   beam, >V^  and the man behind the hoe; {����. which dispos^ol ��� V��fi I ��. ^SSatS ���� ZtT T  And the man behind   the   ballot,   and I fh�������7 ���th ^k's own feelings on f bore^  Ji^r^^^^^R^  the man behind the dough ; J icJ/lZt'^ dl4"0tbelicve &P^6"  And the man behind lhe counter, and   ^J^S^^^^Z^  ��� tlie man behind the hill; to him to be a species of folly that was  And the man behind   the   p-stil,  and   to^1J^ "Jexcusablft.  the nj:.n J�����u,-���.i *i,�� ..:n . I .   0n ����cdiing the oi  And the  And the Johnny tli.tgoes swooping on j h^��*f %��� flighted hi pipe. goVSr X S  te^ele^S  the stage behind the stars; this toti^'aST-n/^ ^ thfln ^ pe��ple do6e "*"*=>* havtXi  And the man behind   the   kisser,   iatl   for v^ter^on^ ^b^FtiS       ^v*1-?'*  the inan behind tlie fist; j side uv the EockieL* ^ ^ BilES' "I a     >+ f CaS6'" ^^ *  And the fiirl behind   the  man   behind j ^1�����** 7^����' *���w��- ** * P*r of ^1 ain't tb^h vl^"nut in *,���*���  the gun fc on the list; S��S mtde.. came to a halt in "Let. me toU yeW^e <E��jskuSS  And the mun behind ' the   h���M.l���   �����..., �� ��f/^ ��8e.by' ��* a bushy-beerded aire doin' ter ruin there^fLt^  bored  400  ieet,  but I'll alius believe  he d a got water if he'd 'a' bored deep  enough.   Then some object    ter    the  claim 'cause they says I've settled on  a. school section, which ain't open for   (P����,��,;��A 5    m        i  .settlement, am', that I'll haf ter^toff   tarpeiltePS      TOOlS,  soon  as  a  school  board is organized '  Tillf.    l-i<->i..   fU^.    Ci��...     -r-r.-r-,      -.        ...    D    _  uijij ueuinn   ine   p-��tii,   and       n7'      ,.   T ���     , settlement, am', that I'll haf terVit ����   Veil UUli ISrS       1 OOK '  man behind tho piil; ,      he����ouSSJ^dnearest thecabb    soon  ���  a  school 1^ d^ oJS^ , ^^  rohnny thut jroesswonmnYr.nl bea^ of ^ Plow cuxdhRhted his n5riA  | TCin,  ,_ ^ ^  t^l..Yr.hai' .^'f? I S]|@Jf o^^j   II-q tr���     '  1 i, i*> f;j  it-f  .Kt  5  "<  'f  i i  'Y i  ���'"I  ! ;  'i ��  '"ill '  ��� iln  ,i   t, 'o  -   ;i i  ��� ; ^ a  ,    ';��� aj ���  /','*i''.j' ���  ��� �� ;  !   ���'nt'-!  tc'-i*. '  F'"'..1 ii-i '  uAA.  k% ���  r'i  t"  i i  r ���  Yf1  tlie gun id on thelis-,  And the mun behind   tiie   bottle, 'and  when they were short of -hen,  There was some- small  rhymster  warbled off the man behind the pen ;  But they'mis3ed one honest fellow, aud  I'm raising of a kick;  They didn't-m.ske  a  mention ai   thu  man behind the pick.  Up theruggrd mountain side   ;  sand feel, he takes his w-iy,  Or-fis far into tl;p   darkness fr-'in - Jlie  cJjcering liglit o! d;iy ; ���  J-fejs shut out from 'the   t?ur.liyiit,  m  the glimmering of the lamps;  He is cut ofl" from the sweet air in   tha  ���  ^       sickly fumes and damps;  He must toil in cramped position?,   ho.  must take his life in hand,  For he works in deadly peril  that   hut  ��� ', few'can understand;  BiH lie does it all ��� in  silence,  and  lie  seldom makes a, kick,  man got out.  "My name's Billing^-Z^e Billing*,"  he sa,d, as he come upto thespotwh'e  Luck was, seated. -pm looking for a  clann to buy. Can jou direct me to  where I can find a tiacd one. which I  could purchase &1 a reasonable figure'"'  \}e, ,co,,1(::''t "- "truck it better if  yed a searched Set a. woek," ,-eplied  Buck rcmovirig-his ,)ip, froin hismouch  Hardware, Paints,  Oils and Glass.  That.^l buys 100 centg worth of goods at GILPIN'S  $ Dry Goods, Gents' furnishings, Boots and Q  kv Shoes, Hardware, Stoves, Furniture Wall $  fcj Paper, Groceries and everything that a ��  f>< first class general store carries.  i  i  Come and sL-e us.    Wefro here to do business.   ''  _ w^ x Ulil Llie nepertasiiun uv  ^Too^cro^" MS��ve PUt& lr Uiat ��'   Vm^Tinimx^tng anil WnmWmr.'  is too close ter the hne uv the Injun '  territory, an' that the road agents an*  robbers'wouJd kill a feller off as fast  aa he could cojne hyar, an' tiat sich  nsuus invirunments wouJd be the  sp'ilm' uv thc society uv the n6jg.h_  borhood; but t}iar hain't been but two  men killed on this yere claim siaoe I  come here,   which Ls full six months"  r*  i ^mm mm  '���"���'- i w,SZf * "IO''" *m��k< *"- "��� j ��s��- �����lh- ���7 ^tiT^g^X  cm 2fY       .I"',1 m3y i����wtJ"ityou    could.sic!, chumps expect?" ���  ^���l: S it" d6SiKa -'-^-'"       .^.t ?. io^ie^d    Mi*S3,  neTS^"'   JS ��'a ta ta *����*��    X��-Y T "^ ^ to,^.  Your own claim is for  'Hi  .��� -i ������  .'! I  '   IS  sranding.  "Ah,  r see  sale?"  "It can be bong-ht."  movr much land is jn your claim?  A lull quarter section'?'- .   ���  "Yf've sed it." - '-  i^. ii.       \���,       ,r"�� ��^  u neves in ten.  in   the whole story which them slanderers aire  so   fond   uv eiaggeratln!.  Some puts it that the snaiks on, this  yore fclaim  is  its greatest drawback  aa^ ter hear 'em talk ye'd think that  a teller eouldn't stoy hyai- 15 mihnets  without bein' swallered by them;  but  wait till I tells ye the true facta.  Now  these yere shailcs aire perty bad, 'less  ye know how ter take 'em. ' A feller  must wear high boots on' keep his eye��  peeled.- Then I wears er buskskin suit  AGENT FOR  m  %  C3p'.;3E3[  ,ST0i:i!S AT CJJANIWJOOK  A.NJj  MOVIK   mnwiiiinn  -  '   f���- ���^���X  "Is the land good ?"  . Wl. Wbx I sig��� ti.3 p.-aiSfe of lh, j wS'^/e'^I S^' ��S S  man behind the pick. '   | Im powerful fond uv.work!"  lie unlocks the   bolted   portal   of   the I p."?�� oireTJS^< J assure yoii/' replied  jmcylfulaias of the store* Brings.    "What advantages does four  te, > ^t,,,., ���t,�����h^M iD ,10r ^sr^r^r^st:  treasure house of ores.-- '      Iter." , rerwo"  He applies the key  uynamic and  the!     "Wh^ do. you oaU foitr mihi from  ���   gates are backward rolled,            ,     ����� �����^ , .of .no snaLk iivin'.   He wam't the aw  And the  ancldnt   rocks   are   riven   to    fer one ,-eason ������' '*26 mi3e3    ter lMtea.ter.no  reason;    he  ������  ���    ���     -��� '     "  ' '   JU^attoUoLJ&Szn. low  dude gaiters  W1LDEY L0D3E XO. ,J4.  au    i    i     r     ' '        ^t-'ets every Mondav ovenint: iir their  The best of accommodation-   i, ,n   ^     -v-- ^    ���      *' *"   "      ur  r     .i   ��� ,.    vu,u,,lul,u"��"i-J hall   on   Victoria   street     .SoiourhiM..  for the   rave  nfr public   - ^ i i t-. ,,    ' ,. , oojourm.j^  iut iiuoiic. Odd Fellows cordially invited.  McMahon Bros., Props.  .Ic  BOOTS    AND    SHOES  Repaired and Made to Order.  w. i.. iieid, n. a.  M. 1.. JlOLLIrTEH, TKEAS.  FRASK DA.Miy, .14,  ,S  J. M. LIKDHKV    .K. -S.  under my other clothes, which has saved    t->     �� c   s ti  my life more 'an once,   Ndw, thai- wad    -^. A. bHlTH,     '     Movie  Kuggy Jones, who lived over thar rJn f   " < ^   T'  the next clainii   He comes over" ter see  me ono day.-'lowih he ain't bleared"  of-no snaik livin'.   He warn't tie man  u  ,-��  -J' :;���  �� .. *,  'Afl-  ''. : ',i  ���1-f.V.vl  r;(:j?y !-.'-��� I'  i i.- *t :t--- ; ;?y,;  1 . "r-'^l-Y  :u i *  ,,i -Si j' ,^, ���),.�� I  U i!'*-('v>-^' '-���"',-  [v.-'iiir . '-;'  KW�� '.Y-i f-  , Ji -   ' '>''f!["|  ^.. 'V'io'   ,.'iw  : ���',' V '��� ���1.ri:  1    ' 2'lit- ;  Ys i  ' > ,' i Y '! !r^-5 i  If,'    I   (".{ 1  '  'r-MiX :. Yj  ��� -Mm o.''-H  ;��� ���[; ivy.< i  .   ,M ^ :Y'!'i  -    i    . 1 m ��,,��" r i  f'.' ^";' ���"  iii, J,-1; ,      .,, ;  tesL ���- -���'  }Sk.Y.'   . ,7  fifth-4 ."M  ��Mfi -'i\i - "  \i>,",��y<r '   + !  fi-iend of luiniankiad.^  Who, tlio trampled down   and   under  .     ! paid: toils on' without a kick,  So, I lift my hat id honor   to   the   niao |  behind tbe rjiclr. ���Burt A. JtidcJ,  in Denver Post.  ^���AXTEI)-TRUHTn:OI!THY JirEN AXD Wd-  aieu to travel aud advertise for old established  house of solid financial siaudiiig. Salarv $780 a  year andexpsuses, all payable in cash. No' can-  vaiiog rea.uired. Give references and erelo"'  self addressed stamped erivlope. Address Man  .3ger, Hs5 Cextoii dldg,, chieaifoi  4.1  Assessment work Contract Talieu.,  j Parties wishing to   liave  assessm'en  work done on claims in the vicinity ot  Moyie, will do well to consult hi   writ^  the   undersigned   fcr   terms.      tVork  loft in m-y Care v/H!   he   promptly   at  tended   tp;   arid    catlsfactjon, will   bi  you __  "Kary crops" '  "What made you &tay ia 5Uch a country?" ^  "Coaiaii'i git &ivay." ' o"  "What made you go th'firft?" ' ;  ���    "Ter g-it a claim."  "Why, what on earth coiijd yoii wknt  with a claim in a place like that??.  "A man's got ter meek a livin.'." '     -  "Make a living?" How .did you expect  to make a living- in a desert where nothing would Jjrow?"  "Sell my .claim."  "How aid yoii blppea in. find a buy  ,.<>��'  rruariiutced.  8. A. SCOTT.  er  "It alius rainfed onced i jeHr', the4  wb hus'led ter seU ont 'fort, the ground  dried.   That wac our bizy iiine."  ".What dq.yoti.snppose a man. would  think ��� of you for sailing- bxin snch a  claim?"  ,  "I never stayed ter, see:"  . "I suppose iiot.   .What did the man  tha,t -bpugH ycur. pisj?n, dc^wheh he  found out- wbet kind of a plaie he had  got into?". :.        ;   ,, , ri,._.   ,  "Lived th&r tili the, 2iC2trsin.M  ���"What then?"-   ���:.. ,M-t   . j      .  "He sold but ter anefcher, duller. .The  west is a great edicator.   A teller caaivt  stay hyar long an' be a tenderfoot. Ye'll  say so 'fore ye're> hyar a y<:ar.   Now,  this yere claim tiv mine���" ,  "To he sure���we were talWhg- about  ,      --   ----..���,   ___,.vour claim.    I can .see' that tie land is  ,^he iiichplaoij Institute, 780,   Ei��htl' ; ,very gOQd' -and I appose vaier could  A    v.-Y    ,    ,_    .    . "        , be got by sir. icing- a well.   Hike tie lav  fault,  but some folks wUlb* fools;  Uvooorse  accidente will sometUaa* happen, even  with the most fcearfnl. Thar's lay wiio,  Matidy,  ixow:t   You  couldn't    flild   a  keerfuJef wdrnaa  'an her,   but it all  happened like this!. One night one uv  them dad blamed snaiks gits an' hides  itself (iii  the bed; an; the first thing  we knows Mandy is .bit:   It waru'lher  fault, fer who'd think uv" wearuV siiaik  pertecters in.the,bed ? Well, she puinps  a gallun' wr.xay. best, whisky Sown her  throat, an' it lender hewtexaJizes that  yere pizen, so instead uv dyin' she bnlv  has'some fits.   ->r-~j-   -1  ������ ���  ���   -  skAu MacEachuen cfe Macdoxalds.  S. Jt WHITCOMB r  , House painter,, ghdner!  ghi2ief and paperhanger.  All tvork on perfect 'sUr-  face gUrrfuL&pd. Price* ac  bording to ' quality and  block required  Moyie, fe. 0.  Moyie   Miners'1  Union  Meets in McGregor hall every Titesdiiy  evening. Sojourning members -H'rV  cordiiilly iuviidd to attend.  ���Joiix McDo.VAhn,   '       p. <\\ Smyth  -   President.' SecrcHnry.  ���    '        ,   'WII01.BSALK Mil) UETAn, ,  MEAT     MERCHANTS  Kroish. and Cured Meal*, Fm/i  Vhh, Game   and ,Poul(ry.   U'o-  'supply   only   the   be^t. " Your  , Inidc ^o!icited,  '    MAKKETS   AT,  j MACLEOD,,  FrJRXJE,  WAliDNER,  MOYfE,  <    FORT STEELE,  KLMBERLey,  CKAXHUOOK,  Main ctiieo,  CRANBROOK, B.C.  Moyie Board of Trade   K00t8Siay   JeWfilrf  Meets on ihe'ilratWednewlRv' ���> '..-.. '  Meets on theiirat Wednesday  ���   evening of each  monih nt  STo'clock .��hnrp.    ,     '  ;'J. 1\ Farrell, Pros'.  A. P. Ma'cdosald, ' Lewis Thomson  Vicc-Prea.   ��� ' '  Sec'y;  OHAS:' F. CAMPBELL,  Funerai Director  and  Emfealmer. .  Graduate of Champion   College oi   the,  Uni.ed State,.    Up!iolh,ering and g8���. 1^' M:>DllE' C' B  COUIIT MbYtJE*.  >*��.-'4t��03.  Meets i-ni tbe Just Tbnrs  Uay of eneli won tb. .Vt  itia<j  brethcru   iuvltod  toutteuci.  COMPANY.  MOYIE,    - _ BRITISH 'OOLUMBIi.  I        A fine ussortment of vviitchei,  V      'Clocks and jewelry nlways on  j        hand.    Fine watch .'repair/of  a specialty.  Honest work and  , honest pay [5 our motto.  [ c�� t). JiiiStAviiKi: s. \vBivsiyt\v.)NiJiH'  Mining Propbny Looked After.  ,   _      t       'i'6 TIIK EJBAi.".  .    A "rich (Iady cured  pf.'lier  deafness  and ho'ses in tlie liead liy Dr.   ITichol  pQu's Arti/jci;:! J^ar Drums; gave  $10,-  300 to hio In::tiLule, so thatdeaf people |  unabld to procu'i-ft thu -Ear jjrutns mav j  -havo  them   frvv.    A(|drcs.-j No,   UM'2l  -ivenue, rev:- Yoik, U. S. A.  ilalcyo':  I��<it  2p   JllJfL.  . The most complete health report on  ���;lu-continent of :CGl-| I, Anicrf.-,i. tj|t-  ".liitc-il m:'i!r-t, oconory un rival.Yd lYr  ar.iiuluer. Tifl] ' HALOVofr HOT  BJ'JiJ^Gs  Manitaiiuni,   Hak-,-01!   Foi  pi Uus p,ece of land, and ii 3-0-ar price  | is reasonable, 1 might strike abarffain  j with you.1  :      "Ve've &ed it."  , "What would ycAi coU a laLr price for  yoiip cJaioi?" . ���  "'"Bonter thonsajQ' doilara,,-'    .     .     -  "A thousand dollars!    Why, miux, I  enn gret as ffood a cJaim as can -^j^^j  in the conn iy for $200.   Itemember you  can gn-o. no deed, but only <j���jt your  "I iiketvi.se: Imows aii that; but this  yere am tno couiindn claim. Say $500 ��rt  *o.    Two fifty Ls the most I can  ~j ^^UD i^i.   cuxe guS zae com-icnile  lowin that everybody is after Her, ah' I mail orders Dromptlv'  out she ,gpes, slajshin' at evervthing-,      * * '  Jangerus like.   It's" about daylight by   OrailbrOOk  -���J^r?.-������^ ai^' she meets Sol MiUer, who '  is out early lodkin' fex his mules.   She  mecks fer him, an' 'fore he gits on ter  what she's drivin' at, she has sliced oii  one ov hiB.yea.rs, an' he only 'scapes by  bein' one ov the. best runners in the  settlement.   She next slashes the head  uy my best dog of?, an' after she ha/3  sliced tha tail off one uv my bosses, J  finally ropes her.-   She gets quiet like  after awhile, but them" fits will come  back on her^���" =  "That is enough,", interi-upied" the  sti anger. "L wouldn't live on this claim  for all the land in the county. Give me  back my money, and we will call tW  trade off."  "No, wedon't," replied Buck. "I reckon the contract don't say nothing about  givjn' the monpy bacJr. If ye want the  claim   pay the rest an' it's yourn; but j .���r-��H!WS8 i  ^���tt"1'* ��-����.������. Buffalo; $76:od;My a  f _  ;F0K,FiNE   TAILORING   GO  -l'Q  Presbyterian     Ghurdh I MERCHANT   *AIL9ft  y Eli VICES  Arc heWjriYMcQ.-egcr Jin.il eacil   gab-  bath at ii a. ni. si ml 8 p. ra. '     ��  Sabbaih   school   unci   piietoi^   bible U  .��^rf .'it "? p. nj.  Th" public arc invitod  .\Yco.ncd      '      '  yAd   wii!   bt-  rdi.illy in C.-tch anil  . .i  Ji'tij.iMv in i'Hfii  ,i,ti!    .,]}    ,yr  Fine   Suitings,    OvercoaUHjj  Trouserrt;   I iri ported    Qoocis.  BEbYIEj fi; ��  nc  '      ���,��.'.!    -��   Ci />     I" ������   " �� "l J",   r ���  JOdKl'H aril/KKSTAWT; I'ror-  a. b. onisid;  P'istor.   j Lagt-r tiser oold   by the   Keg or  tio-cr  ' borilet'.  Bottled fieer  in Stock. ; ; ;  hp.irt ' &ve.'  [���ir.    v.'eek't     "Then tho claim's yourn."  'Very veil.   I lviIl come LkusIc in a  i-;  Hiney,   user  Tho bad��- ai..i  r  springs, Arn.v.- Lake, K. U. Re,,!;!-, i  J)hy/iici=Mi und nui-H', J?u���iii;.j fis]n::i;  ami c-TciirM'inu.. THeg.,, phic c.:m^  :niiiJio;i(ion wifh ;<!! p ;rls (1; ,,,,.  world. Two iinuY ...ijvu :i:h!  daily.    Ti'n:'\ -f [;>   o   H!7  ������icconhn^ to ic-ideuco in ho[-.d n in 7 " "", * "*" *-��"w wu*k in a  ���villas. Its '.an* cur, ,:]] ivrvou, and ' upY ^ '" W tb�� P^15 ^'^  ^Mi.cul.-.r di^.-i^s. j'., u-.u,ts bcal nil "That sooms iair-like; but I puts it  nnd   Ptoi:i��ic!i   in-nLli-. ' 3lJ^tllls: Yc'r.; a atraajger ter toe, an'  YI-.P,- .,,���;   1 ,, ,       ��� , "    lL I ho]dB tllls y��e claim fer  oil -e. .uu,   loau ,���I1WJII., ye> yc 1JayB me ^v $2g ^ ^^  ^  r     , rest ter be paid in three day8j when  ----- __ , >'�� fits tho claim."  1 The stranger took out a book', and'  writing the desired . documents, g^vc  them to Luck to sign, while he count-  ed out the required isUm >of .anoaart.  When the axtxonht hrid tK��a pW aad  the papers sign"ed, JHHings Said:'.;. j  \ 'lT����*,fiiues,.iai�� imfttter all BJaitfe'-.T  ����s yost 'of iixe: aioaay and -ia>e ��c  toiviio.a of the cUiia.". - *.: ���        -v - -. "  "Ho -was  about to-rfcfcracd.jtf&'efc^w  te-hiB wagon when Buok stopped him  Uiil.lt-   ,  ;ble remedy \.  ing.  i  1   Notice i. jic " -.  jiiinei,  ;inteiici  ���'M'l'Jy io ���ho   el -c  'M-oiks lor asji.jci  "n   :"hnt J    V,en J.  ll.lay,  ���"Xiy   'J  \d     afiur    dr'lJ    to  Mlir.Jll^.ioilC',-   Of  ]..-.,;,!   Sllt,  ' 'ic-en-c under  land   act   to  ;l> :^e;.o,-.h wi chai��s,"t"c       Ut? !f J" i;'!"S'  .   ITe wa? interrupted by a shriek which  issued irom tbe cabin, pud the next moment the figure of a. woman emerged  Jrom the door and came running wildly  across tho prairie, ilourishing a com  kmfo about her head.  "Blame my cots, that's Mandy havi'n'  oneuv them ��W��v Wicd Uuok.- "I^ook  out fer verseli an. teatI1) str5JQger{ while  J. rune ier a rope!"   ......     .    .  .But Billings 'did not wait to listen.  With one bound he was in titf wfagon, ���  ant a moment later had Joshed the  mules into a gallcip and.was disappear^  ing down the. trail in a cloud of dusti' .. '  Buck darted around the'cabin',-the  woman, im hot pursuit, and this few  kept up till- tbfi-strangen wa^ well onfc  M sight. Then the two went into the  bouse. .* i,., . (\. .   ....,.,, .,.,.- .. ,     ,  :'r''1/c^-^:^'s: goncrfcxrigooa/.? said  Alantfy, laying the cora ikaiie on tho.  table.4 ..   . ,���   >    v ;.:J.->. ���  ,.  -.,..'  t .*,y��'*���,.��fed-it:- ^n*** sn^k sw>ry fired  him. '.Jitdllup.dco.*.'/-.!. -   ,f, ; ,.   ;'   ,  ���f-     .-��,.        I..!-,.  IpJisiric Orders feivoii StrictAttsHlu'r.  16; Aug: '8;- g&.  >��� o< ���  Epfaottii L&afeUo &get-  ing;Saii Francisco;    j  $'50, July 13; 14; 15;    J  Christian.     Sncfeavx)r|  Oon^eatioii-.bjinciik-   j  liati) $SB.5C6 ^Uiy     j  ���^O '  Kafcfo&al iSaiibafeofi. AW-j  spciaj\or��  Detroit1,    .1  '$7i.'S6i JulHi 3':       :  l"l''       - -.     "r    .,        ��� .   . ,     ,,. !  Ainlylar IU^o.^^.j, rimq Curds) Tickets and I  ��� ^iUl Iafo:mat!o:, to ruaruitLbJci !  Asent, i  "Frices Giveii.   '  and   Dr&erl  Taken on  Everything'  In feiie Printlne-  tilnfe at tli6  Hie Leading: Ladies  ,<JUd MoM Fitt'EisJiers.  Olothiug. .'Boots aiid Sfioes-.  .1 Fi"::i .lYi)cl; of Minrrs Hiippli.-s  JllVVllV fill   [fi  UU,  Call   nrfd   S'hspect Otlf   Gfjods:  tS1 i��JaKa  i  \  G, Hillier; Ageiit; Woyie.  J.S.0AKTKK, ,     K.';.COrLE;:  .    |j."pisJ, Pass. A^t. ���-. As8'tGcii.;r,uiS."AKt.  ������ Nels011'   "���:.".-*'.      ' '.. -"Vancovcr..   ~~i?6\i^  "���-.^r-so-.  BACGAUk:     ESiikfeS    A Mil    '(WkIjA?'  OrHCfej  I&iSvtfkY.  .���'���..'MOYIBT,


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