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The Moyie Leader Jun 21, 1910

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1 D<> }
our eye-n  Dot
her ■>
Co:isuJt,W.   11
sans! action.
KA    ~
AA< ,„.A
firrJr***' * f"   " """"' " '■*■»*——— ——- f, .....
''v«-r yi a y   '    f- ' <"">r
Save Tioiiey hy pi-.rchan-
ii:_L; ynur
Wilson: the Jeweler.'
r '£
' S".
. ■ft
MOYIE;  B. C, FRIDAY, JUNK 2i. 1910.
£2 A V-HAR
! i!S:S-SS:£S<-iS-^3=r33->5' S^-S^s^S-S^tf/
The  big  Jeffries-.Fohnson   Dght
1ms been-Keno-vatecl.
,   Arizona and Xcw .Mexico' have
been admitted to statehood.
Of 10 dyes'used for Easter eggs,
four were found to  bo   poisonous.
The popular belief tliivc a 'drow-
niog.person rir.es to tho surface,
three times is unfounded.
■Everything''is Ready jf   local assays
7-Jverything h in- readiness  for'    ■   • H$J
the big Dominion Day celebration |     AY. F. Sehwanz is in town. |\^
which will be held   at Moyie   one j    K   n   Stinson  is away at  thc'lW
week from today.    Tho  head*  of \c0ll3i on a tr3n, \\V
Tho  heads  of j
the various committees   met  and j
Hazelwood Ice Cream
, ,"You vi'iW find your friends at Gvrynnc's -where the "-best
rjcam in'town is to be hadl    ,    '•      . '  ,    ''      ■>''',_
GWynne's Hazelwood Parlor;
arranged the program of events
as printed below., it will be observed that the aquatic sports
will bo held-near town in the fore-
noon, and the remainder of the
program, will take place at the
ground-) after ltuich. The fir.se
train will leave for Aldridge.at 12
'•The date of Sir, .Wilfrid Laur- .'o'clock, and the second at 1 p.m.,
ier's vh-ifc to Xelfon lyw boon defi-1Tfa!sYwiU S^th« people their
W. ]). Hill was up from Cran-1 ^.
brook last Sunday.       Y ' '     i S>
"Scotty" Dixon, left Monday for.j i»^
his home'in Uossland. , jiji
niiely fixed for ifonday, Aug.  20.
"The Kink Merchantile,Company
of Craubrook has closed a contract
with. Creston 'fruit growers for
1,000 boxes of apples. <
Our Goods Are the Best.
'Our Prices Are,Right
1 Business'
Get' ctlie habit.
Go to-L
j ,
•   ,       ' , •-' '      EVE.VHLTSIlKn   1S!)7 °
Head Office " , CRANBROOK, B. C.
Are  Yon Particular About Style, Fit and
Comfort ?    ,
If so come in and see our stock of 'SHQHS.   none   morc-
This year Silverton will 'hold
her-17th annual Dominion Day
celebration. ' A splendid program
has been arranged and there will
be a big-dance in the evening.    , ;
It has practically been arranged
that the coronation of King
George will take place, about the
middle of May, 1011. Immediately
after this'ceremony the Duke of
Connaught will proceed to Canada
to-assume the office of '.governor
general.     ' ",     *'
A fii«e line lo look over but a bad line, to overlook,
reduction .on regular price on all Ahocs.
Hotel Kootenay
f.argo and Commodious Sample Rooms
The best of accommodations
for   the Traveling Public.
Uillinrd  Room").
Tlie j\Ioyie on Koote'nay lake is
now running as a "berry' steamer," and will devote it? , whole
attention to handling the fruit
crop along tho lake. This will ob-
via.t« the necessity of the steamer
Kusknnook calling at the ranches
alo"ng the lake to , pick up, the
fruit.       , '    r'
' Cup.' Stays Here . ■
The Moyie junior 15aseball team
defeated the Cranbrook cubs at
Aldridge. last evening by- a, score
of 10 to 3. Kay Crisler was umpire. The "Cub3" looked swell in
their new suits, and played good
ball, but were completely outclassed by tlie homo team. It was
the first game this year for the
Smyth cup. .The two teams wili
probably play another game ac
Cranbrook next week. "Billy"
Rollins of Cranbrook is manager
ol" the Cranbrook boys. Following is the Moyie lineup oj: last
evening's game:    ,
John Burke, right field; P. Conrad, shortstop; 13. Crowe, "catcher:
L. Crowe. 2nd base; AY. Goninon.
;5rd base: A. Orosve," 1st base: A.
McDonald, left held; W. Attwood,
centre held; C. Xordman,  pitcher.
Proniment Visitors
choice of eating their 'lunch in
town or at the grounds.' Meals,
will be served on tho ground*- both
at noon and in the'evening.     The \
Cranbrook band will be in -atteu-1
well worth .seeing.     There will' be! euXl of Cranbrook,   was   in  Moyie
dancing at   tho   pavilion . during
'the afternoo'n and'evening.
,'                 Time 9 a. ra.'
Will take place in the followii
g order,
a-> liearl;.' a» possible, subject Lo
rev ibion
by tlie committee:               '1
,  i>
Rowing lace, single scull*.   $ S
S4   5
Rom ing race," double scull^    12
Canoe race, siuyle                       5
Canoe race, double"       ,     ,   10
I^og rolling contest                    HO
Motor boat race, handicap      20
10 •> 5
Motor boat race, scratch        ,   S
Motjor boat race, slowest      Special pn/e
Swimming race     (         i ■ 'c       7,
50 5
Tub race                 *                     :5
Tiltmy canoe race;          t '       5
1   ^j
Be->t Uecoiated launc'.i   ■-         10
i . . " /^
,       '    . ' fa
Good Values  in Bed Spreads, Pillow fs
.      Cases' and Table Linen |
The Moyio Imsebalf' team, will j $' to ?3C hnd during the next week.,      While honeycomb'  $
play at Macleodon.fune2<Sand^O.:y^   quilts in lrtr^e size?.' yofi^uality and free from dress-   $y
'' Chas. A. MacFCay was'in  Xel-|\f/   ing-, reg-iilar Sl.50 fi<r 'r'-^J.
son for, a" few days   daring the;\j/>            Sheets, 72 bV v0, iSbiu' and hemstiched in   extra
week.        , «/ „     ,--    ,                           ;        _ „ ,    ':41 -"
.    .,. ,      (i,       '    ,        .. ,.   \m fine'soft colloir, regular, S2.oO for ^1.9U.
A  daughter,, was  born  to Jlciw            •
and Mrs. Oscar Jostad on-Sunday, !A|?     _'      pi]]ow ^[^ 4Q hy 43 inch, 'made   frprn   circulnv
}L. pillow cotLoii'aiid henisticlied, regular 25c. „ and' 30c.
<()), values for 20c. and'25c.'    ■   , ( ' .
M' Tabic linens, full bleached, pure Irish linen hi a
• W fl 	
W. T r. or_,     „rt_      . ...,   ^-_   - B m ^  ,
June 19th. '        ,     _  "
"William Jewell and II. X
j ton were in Craubrook tlie rOrst of
tlie week.'
dance and there will be good foot , , , !\l/1' - i    «i  nA/i'
ball,  baseball   and   other ''eventsV    P. UeVero Ifunt,  insurance 'ag-'}!^ ,wide',rau.Cfe,of patterns, .regular 50c, /5C.vand  ^l.UU^^
12 o'clock; sharp, first train.'
1 o,"clock, 'sharp, M-cond train.
.'Jiiiic 12:30
100-\ard dash
Three-legged race
Sack, rice  ,        '
Standing broad jump
Running high jump
■ 3
Hop step and jump,
3Imer- 1,ice
5     '
. 10
McTAVISH & CAMERON  Proprietors
ny; tyr *p> *-'X Ayv tv*. /5-w.$~*5» a?, k
A. S.   Goodeve,   ii. P.   for  the
Kootenays      in      the      Dominion
house, and James Schofiejd, mem-
j her for   Yinir   in   the   Provincial
I legislature, were   in   cown   today
I for a few hours.    They   hud   been
j in Cranbrook  attending  the  session tho Masonic grand lodge, and
wor'i on their return homo.
Miners'l.icr open only to men o\ er
25 \i\ir-. of a-'i- and wording uiidur
• rpnnil.
Log bluing contest
Log chopping content
James Bates, Kast K'ootenay's
celebrated baseball' umpire,'-was
in town Tuesday. ' '
-'Philip'Conrad,"jr., is home from
Missoula, Mont., wheie he wns attending college. -r' '.
Sid Elmer was up from Yran-
broook yesterday aud "played
with the "Cubs.'A      °       s
A\r.,l-t. Grtibbe of the Imperial
Bank stall" is now accountant iu
the Revelstoke branch. '
The Odd Fellows along the Crow
intend holding a picnic this summer, probably,in August.   b
hsvYT.YY Miller and his 'bride
sailed from" New York on the
Oceanic for Europe on the 10th.
■ C4eo. L. Lucas came up from
Cheney 'this week and is again
holding a position in the Sn. rmg-
ene mill.'
Roberts ic Messiuger,  ioriiierly '
p£ -Moyie, have opened their   stove
at   Oarmingay  and,are   doing   a'
splendid business.
The flual meeting of, the' Moyie
Dominion    Day celebration   committee will be held next, "Wednesday evening, June 2t'th.
Mrs.   Sjhander  and  Mrs.  Wall
land two daughters are here   from
"'Missoula, Mono., on   n   visit   with
Mr. and ."Mrs. Conrad.
1    The regular annual   meeting   of
the  Aurora   Mining   and  Milling
Company will  be  held  iu   Moyie
next Thursday, June 00th.
^"'values for,25c.', 4Pc., and 65c/
MacEacKerii &. fylacdohaid   A
Won From. Gonzaga. 1 Masonic Grand Lodge
Time 2 30 p. m.
JIo\ ie %■;. Ci xnbrook.    PnVc <L50.
For the most fastidious dresser we have the
Nicest Assortment of Mens' Shoes
mi the newest American lasts. Oxford shoes in all colors
iron, ?-l.50 to $5. Sec our new 20th CENTURY SUITS.
Buv one .and be well dressed.
Imperial Bank of ■Canada;
•   . .      . d.tn nnA .inn fin
(Capital  Authorized-
Capital Subscribed—-
Capital Paid Yp——
n n- W„r,rl - -- 5.330.000.00
fieserve   Fund——: , 	
vnh-rook. Arrowhead. Golden. Kamloops, Michel,    New   Mxchc'
Fernie, Nelson, Revelstoke. Victoria, and Vancouver.
Drafts and Money Orders sold. avaiblc in any
part of the World
SavineY   Hank Department.
Interest allowed on deposits  front  date   of ..lepn^b. ■
Moyie 11; Gonzaga 7
t Wlu-'i tlon/.ivi.i I cm 1 \u ' l- cU.il! n..;t'l
,     ]!_\  Mdjic « lust-!-.ill nniL-
Ti-> pl.i\  the I''Ul<.' i:ii-i:nii I >v.-n
On the lii-.iT'i 1ti011.1l l^nj.
'Tu-.is thuih  s,ioT.l- tlio c.ipt.'un
Our rcpnt.1t.101:  v;n." it
And we niiist li.tvo mi'cli nKitit-v
For we'll win :is .sure us. tate. ,'..
How their reputation suffered
Whcn.matclierli'witliMovie's in'no
I-'or Jfoyie team iiunle nine to nothing
g|     In the shortest'spaee of time.
2 j As time went on they' improved a little..
CJ j     And inatle ;i .score or two
% ! But for all their, fancy playin.y
5   That was all that they could do.
§' And now we would advise all  boasters
$      Not to'think tlu-mselves so fine
CT I For a milling town aud,mountain air
^J!    Will beat them every time.
»|       ' —KAN.
The 1\ and !I cigar has jumped
to prominent;;? throngh tho ex-
ellcnt llnyor of the tobacco out
of which it is niade,
cmi.niiHx'rf sports
T-ine 5 p. in.
l!uj s' C'at.-n-s
i-'ootb.iii -ii.it.i-:. ? fi    ^f
V.iultir.i; Coi.tj-t 2.;"H   1
Tin; of War 3        -
Kite fl\ inn contest, best
made kite '!; tin,' the
hiuhr-l 5        3
Con-.')l:itu 11 ruiiiiiucf
race, I'iO \ irds handi-
ivp,  1- to IS \ ears I .
Tlox - from '  lo '.- 1
l!o\s under b, ^^ cent-- each
O.il-- Game*
(-.•■r'.-; t1 iu; drill 10
J-iiH,' and  .p-jiiti race )
Tun of  w ir .i
Skippmu contest J 50
Coiwl o..,,|j -unniuL,' un1,
;0 \ ard li .-id.cap, nil-
der 111 \<. ir I
' The Gonzaga ball team, the .amateur champions'and the pride of
Spokane, received a severe wallop-"
itig- from the Moyie boys - at'.AldL
ridjre Park on .I'duc 19th The
college boys were no doubt treated to a surprise by the score,
■which Was, 11 to 7 iii Moyie's favor. Bat they were gentlemen
and true sports, a'ndjat tlie end of
the Raiuojshey'cheered for Moyie.
There was ti good, attendance at
Uie game. The fans expected a'
good game aud saw one. The Moyie baseball team can now rely
upon the support of the town in
bringing iu good outside teams,
for when tlie faus aro called upon
they are there with the goods
Following is tho lineup of the
two texms:
Moyie—Kamm, lb; McAYha,' 2b;
Morrow, ss.: I'tii-r, ob; Huigiw, r.
f.; Gr.Uvin, c. f.; NVard, 1, f., Crisler,
p.: 1'etersou, c.
Gon-/.-\ga—Pioherar, lb;  McKev-
ltt, 2b; Skefliugfcon,  ss.;   Mulligan.
8b;   Sweeney,   1. f.;  Roberts,   c. f ;
A ])rie?c from   Vancouver   will 1 M alloy, r. f. Gadorc, p.  aud  r.   f.:
conduct tha services in the Catho-1 O'l.oughliu, p.: Mullholland, c.
lie church next Sunday.     Mass at |     Unipire—Jatuos Hates.
I t l
IP a.m.    Ijsnediction 7:30 p. m.
The annuall convention  of'tho
Masonic ,,grapd   lodge    for - this   <
province is   iu   session' at Cran- -»
brook.    The new temple   in  that
city was dedicated  yesterday, by
Grand   Master   Rich,   assisted .by ■
other grand  lodse  officers.    liar-'
old Chapman is  there  as  a   dele-;  ,
gate from Selkirk Lodge Xo.   5T,A
Moyio. > S'-ivoraYnierribero  pE- the '
ordeV went i'to'm, Mbyio 'down   to
Cranbrook yesterday for  the -fes- -
tivities.      Among 'theic   were  N.
TV. Burdett., U? A- Ayres, II.   S*it:,
Ben Kvans,-Fred !l5ge, C. E.   Joslin -
and'Mr. Elphiustore.
A Challenge Game
Julius L'ntornahrer, who was
with tlie O. Jj Knight diamond
ill-ill company for some tunc, loft
this week with hi-j wife for 'Wisconsin.
Jli=s Maude I'^len, who has
held tho position as clerk1, in the
Moyie po-t office for «ouie months
past, left yesterday for Vancouver.
Oona IVmlin has   gone  back to
his   home   iu   Sookauc.      ,"While
! playing ball at Uraubrook a short 1
Itime   ago  he   sprained   hN  tiuklci
j and h.ts been laid up ever -ince.     ;
1       A0  1     Cluw. Stag";, who owns '-oven or 1
Played Tennis
M" A Beale, N". A. Waliinger, C.
O. Garrett aud T. Vv'ood Taylor
camo up fiom Cranbrook last Satin day to have a friendly game or
two with the Moyie player*. The
Moyie players were ri. (!. Blaylock,
l'i. O. Kamm, A. Evans and GeQ.
Muraay. The honors wero even."
Moyie won .one Mtigle and two
doublod, and <"raubrook won the
Deep Boring For Gas
Pave Gardiner is willing Lo back
his judgment that he cm g->fc a
'football team together in Moyio
that can defait tho regular .MToyio
ele\ei. Albert   Gill    contends
differently. As to who is right-
will be settled Sunday afternoon
ab 2 o'clock at- Aldridge Park.
Here is Gardiner's team: G. Mur-.
ray, a McGill s-ttuleut; T. Crooks,
Joe McLaren, li. Turnbuli, F. 'Ku'-
ker, 15. Johustoue, J. Campbell, F.
Clarkt>, D, Gardiuar, B. Kennedy
and 11. Smedlev.
Masonic Grand Officers
li) w o-
;ii 1. ,\lio
li i' e not won,
;    Ai\
S    ii)
; eight    hoiiMCP   in   M lyie,   i-;   here)
I from Vancouver looking after   his)     ,. _,,., „     ,    ,. ,   ,  .,, .    ,
. a u,.<0() foot diamond drill nolo
, proper ti*. Mr  bt.agg is always jTil|)(tl. fo|1
'liublio .-piritod ami it w-.i- he -iviin
; pro.iuncod 11 lire bell to   tho   town
T  ne d W p   m.
lake Special
O  L. Knight ^- Co.   aie   ■-inkiuti
ga*>.        If they are sne-
ccs-ful in reaching tho depth con-
tractetl for it will   bo   the deepest
1  lb ' hole 011 tho   continent  put   duwn
j     A. II Allen  was   taken   to   Xel- ; wiLll a diamond drill.
iMiii this week by   Constable   .1. T.
1 J
j llrowuing.      Allen is a big, hu.-ky
' young Mlow but had an aversion
I to  work.    :ile,was   sentencetl   to
! three months at hard labor/.
There is a movement on foot at
Craubrook for the arranging of a
special excursion train to run ono
day each week down to Moyie,
thus giving tho people of that
city au enjoyable outing. The idea
is an excellent oue, . and if thu
people of Moyie can render any
assistance they should do so.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets will braco up the
nerves, banish sick hoadache, pie-
vent despondency .and invigorate
the iwhole system. Sold by thu j
Moyie l>rug {<. Statio.iiery Co."
"AY. J. Sullivan,
A. ',l5...Macdonald,
Mike  Torpy,   J.
Michael   Regan,
J. P. Farrell, J. Torpy, A.. L. Mc-
Intyro find others of the order
went dowri to Cranbrook Monday
to attend a special meeting of the
Knights of Columbus.  ; ' ...
James Campbell, a twin brother
of Mike Campbell, arrived from
Xi eland a few days ago, and will
probably remain in this country.
He greatly resembles his brother
ahd ho has had some amusing experiences since his arrival.
/■i-        ~*i.-,.\'„-. ,..ib.  C'lnlcra  n'irt I
\.il&>J.i.iici:Vi'-A.X S   I)i:nrl:<.i.a kciiU.ly. '
■Never fails    Buy it '".low.   llm.iyii.-ivel.ilu.
Calgary Iiicluslrial Fair
The fare on the 0. P. R. to Calgary and return for the Exhibition is $7:30. The fair runs from
Juno o0 to July 7,
,. $600-buys.n. six room house and
lot on south Victoria street. This
is a bargain. Y
Splendid house on north Tavistock street for sale or rent.. Good
stable in connection.    Price $~~>0.
. For further information on both
of these propositions apply to
F, ■ J. Smyth    -    Moyio
At Cranbrook yesterday the
following were elected officers of
the Masonic grand lodge:
Graud Master—E. l>. Paul, Victoria.
Deputy   Grand   Master--F.
Bind, Vancouver.
Grand 'Senior   V\"arden—A.
Skey, Kamloops.
Grand  Junior   Warden—J.
lltidci, Nanaimo.
Grand Chaplain—Rev. IL G.
ennes-Clinton, Vancouver.
Tho grand   lodge   will   meet
Victotia next year.
Married at Cranbrook
Tlie wedding   of  Nicholas   Fou-
nemore   and    MUs   K >->e   Ctr-on
took place at C.-.vnbrook I:t-,t M011-
;day at tlie pir- iu<ig-3 n( the   1J ip-
j list chui'/c'ii, Ilov^.C. \Y. King   otVt-
ci.'Uiiig.     Miss   Maude ■ 1'iolou   wik
bridesmaid' and  W.   .1.    Sullivan
! groomsman..  A   wedding   break
jfast was s-ervei'l, at   tlie   home   of
the groom.    Mr. Fennerno're is   fi'i
1   ■
engineer on the G. P.   R.   and   hi-.
bride was formerly   :*,   resident   of
Moyie, but has lived in Cra.nbro jic
foi- some timo.
Gonzaga' Skinned Cranbro'ak
, «iji
\ H-
11 M.
up .1
Tlio Gonxag.a college team   j Honeyed to Cranbruitk   sifter   losing
to M'.iyio and bfvit tlie   -''ranln-n   lv
team   two  straight   game.-.     'In
first g 1:1)0 wits 7 to 1 and Ui-.r   s- ,.•
ofiil '■') \<y '•{.
ft) Py*C��  IM MOYIE LEAK  /Slbh^vd in i'M'inler. -1 oi tin-pcopU  ui Ai'iVH-   lu.! 1-J.iBt Kii.iieinv.  i int'JlCSl-. of th;.-  "TJ-*"tt^,uji..^iM.j j  Jill!  Ill   tile  Welcome }\<ms tg Woa:c  Tin-; ;yty\dku'��� rijovn-:.' ukitish cauj.MiirA.  ��s����wgit JtJ.iJLiTyTXMian.n����.k"iim,��ij��Bttww5waKn,iiga. i  F. -J. h'WYTi!.  p   j-' i..  I.TIi.  A peculiar condition   of   af-!     ~  1-iirs     exi-ts   hi    Yancouver  V\ itlu'n the ].:< fc,r da\s   ;,ev  ��-'  /?/ze Yea/  1 '������  .!Y"  jer.nl cr.pi.-s have been   repor'.cd  !of thc refusal of  landlord-.;   to'  ,__._. [rent  houses to'  frijiiilit;s   with!  iiatj. op ���.i'i".|,i:u-Tio.N / children.     It would seem thai  $2.00    jLhe 0V> ^ers of houses ' iii'   that  .__. Kity want the maximum rental  i with, a minimum   repair   hill,  .^jflnsis a   new  phase   in   the  %"^d^^    '��� ��" ��',f'"     I r\__  FPU)AY. J l K13 21, 1910.  Editorial Notts  ji-acc .suicide   question.  jtl.i.M l:. t.icir IocjI pin sic, -���.     'H,,, joe,; ,,,,,,>c,Jn  vvitim,VV'.M'r�� Co  ��� "V"   ''c "���">''"   ��if Jiiyltt.U  tM        - Y" ?7"'--'��"���"    ��r. JW,-�� ..olds  th-t  -o,   an.,   ^.m.   ��<, woni=n,   cioept   in   ,an.   CJM?!>i   ihou,d   sul>mit   t���   ths.^  foV./'l^'f trcuJ,:,��"t W1'�� cure you right ��n tho privacy of  h��rrf-X"."Yr6- n:/- "F��vor���� Prescription" has ^frcd  h^..,���a   of   thousands. ��ome ���f ��facra   the ivorst of   casi*.  *��-.    N��� aC^.^t^^Y.^f^"0.^Y   h will te-r ��-in,'.-  ulcus medi  v"p-l��l"   ������"".'"     "r,rc ��o  world's  -"Meets Tnr-.-dny evening   in   i)(  j.Mmeis'  t'nion   luill.      ri,.j<.iinmi>, (  '' >d>l 1-VUaWh cor diallyin vile d. '  J1'. J. S\ii j it.  Noble (Jr.'ind. s,- -, \  rm  ' Ve.i.D lit.i.  *)o aI->o'.f.l A.\ ������ i ��� r " . nere s no se<��-ecy. It will bear t:\amina-  edic ne'dllcr! �� hnb't-forn��"* druSs are fJ1>rd in it Some un.cn.p-  Sr Clih V?r,V �� �� w T^ a>uc^t"te- Doa'i tnkc it. Don't .rifio  "c. I^!Ln? H^^ %^^ ^!:^a^ ^:=ai A.��oci��tion, Dr, R.  /9a| ' K. of P.  ("T.'Y;^'^l^/ivt ninK    m    Mi iJi��'j.t>  " ^��� ^   itiiifibrctJJivn wolcdmo  k. n. suxf-ox, k.'Y\,' iin.i.  K.   H .   &.    8.  I Chniieollor Com  .ter.    Can you notice it?'  *-!���'  -'tt  has any landlord, bee;,use par-  jC3itsh:u-c obeyed .the' laws* 'of  /-pi o| -  ,���..'i'. " Lr  __     '        jpatUHia}- bun set asks this rei--1* vl'  The days are getting-  slior- tmcnl questions   "What 'Jnh< !* ' CHWO��KERS    '       |  otationcry, Cijfars, Pipes, Tobaccos r, -  oIacSl.n���a,AII  Kinds of   As^L0"?1* &i  1-rcsh l-niit in Season and So^^  ���  ' SPECIAL    "*  I-uII and Complete Slock of Fisliin- T,-!,  and See I>;Spiay ln Window    \Jit    f��  R. A, Smith .,   =  sip  fa  ��1  Alovic il r  POSTAL   ,PHOTOS.  SL-llfliJ;  l.(i<lK<., J,-,,. 5-, | ;  A. l\   A    A. JI. |  I   1)1  . tal   Photo   work.' '   Prices,  t aliroriuaroformeis,are anxious ,r.. c{) t���..,^    .... ,,--,   9r  'fjk '  iAt,  '������S.'  i \'f"  ''       Sloppinff   an    ad.    to    savel"11; ,lil*'C ��bCyCd 't]l��   Ia^s   ^]  ' California reform*".* areanxiou^  .niouev'is like stppphjo-a cloclcl "��,:a!re rn'd   lhe   3Snd. to'��b9l,t Gillecfs 'siifety��� it is  .--.Lid. j  .to save time.       "     " *      '  '      /Pc��aI^ ti'cni.      Parent who'S��re, we~��'"'s ^'>d muI -0,,r  ���:        ��� -W-    ' (briiiff well-nurtured   Vhil.l^,,'" _^~"'_^,        "    I  COniing.'Events   ''    ' I ^ffiV&g?> Ucgnhir    n���.(��thnrs'j $"  ake a  .pecialtv  of Pos-I ^/W^ " tJl" ��'-�� W^ ; |  i do/eii.  jbrin- M-eH-,,;irtured   children  Zbysczsko,   the .giant  Pole "ll�� '^e world arc thc greatest  ."wrestler, now   in Seattle", has ;Pnblicbenefact(>:r:'! '  a name that sounds  like ,tliat j  ---'-.  Get Rich Quick Scheme     .  MIvSS' K LOR A DKAgON.  v. .     w   ��� '      month.  VisxCjhk bretLM.���iW(.f/0���1<,<  '   JJ-'Ch!ipiuan, VY M.  ^- W. [Junli'tt: Seu-elnry.  of a new brc-fkl'ast food.  Alii<omc:> grntid    ^qd'gp.   Cran.  ,'    , .  , i bi nokj Juno 2-'!.  , A  kiss 13V5   one   advantage ,��� t T*,h*p J,,sc u'p�� V��"pht. ��o! -"^'fary Exnibition, Jnno 80'to  O' R JJKSAULXIIdK.  t *  '   '   '        u;:.\Lui is  over a love letter iu   a   breach    "      It cannot be'  Oi promise case  'Foyie   Miners7'iSiiion.S.  Wo. 7J,  VV. F."of'M,     .���   | {ft  fil"e*te.in Minor*'   Union'>Hidl  ,v-'U?>  Uktt AY 'b'lUlnhxy   ^VeninY   , S;,joi,Vn- , \?>  t,4-�� | hK m���1)l)ei.s aie muUKll   ,nv.     ; ^  V' '!'<���>    'lM     .,  "'"����,*���.,;,;; ',\.  ��+" -���>n^7fio*,|lS',J  !t!i;.,.'(1,;l r,,,    ,t|  ''/\',i.i. Y   ii,,)/","  ��..'T ��;,,! .,'.',,"," '''  '""-    M,     t,. .  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ISO  East'-Koqienhy, Bottle-rj  /5     J3,>vr     , .... . -    ' ~ 'il      'VVll  _ ��� ["'���r-' "^"'iiimwuifi: man;  and, AuBUPsc2fl. ."��� I , '     ��� T        uoi-     ��  != a court record. 'so-far as known  ho* left no  rpi.,        ���      ,     ,   �� > -M-i^o.v,n.o.    - n d       "Manrlovio 7^'  iveral pavdavs have passed I ?3'"m; ^^ pnbhe, wh.v,: ���S[l. I ,";;. '"     .      ' I f,'1 ,,y 's'-:'"- ��f ��'��� J��'-��^. X-l-,,,,.     b��"':��"���; Snii,iio���. No.arfoH, j;,,  Wie withotiMii-in-^-t i^.|a''r " 9,,1'e,f,s,s abo,,c' such  '��^-  , 'NewDe��V^-��'-fc^��-. October IB   ��������   u.,...���,..r,, .i   , < , ,��������� ,r j CrkDbrook,    -'   -   . b   n  o}ie,uitLoutauaueotbe-"|teis,jook'afc the   following itt,1Us"u- '    "      . '     ai'7 *. ?"�����">���. 'k^im -H =====r-U-_J ,  liadc.     '/Phis speaks well | which were ple��sented to the   uro     . 'S|>ok:ino Interstate   Fair, 'Got- S"lfl,   i,r"^r'-'  '���|.1*"'1""-   - ������������ii  ��{h        ���      ��� == ���=���=  i.o 5iasS -of wkbgw >����� r::,f?:: w�����h .,_ ' "'"'���3'y v"  ��-���"::;- ,w,:4;::"���.l":,:���,';:. w-'F- gctkd; .  ^   ���  aarvcy, ' McCartel- ���cSS/^^^���c^%^���������-^s^^     _  for the class   of  workingineii  ni the Moyie camp  ,         >-��o�����- _  , t  Colonel Roosevelt found  -himself pressed for time or-he  would hfi've brought his, foreign travels lo a fitting climax  ,bate court for approval:  fJndercakcr  Doctor's bill  13 cart in sjes at $fi  Kioweih'"  ?0.10  r'M)  '90  30'  iJeaimg in #.���$ Umt lhe|.e(  wtn-o no relatives, llurl no frieiuK  tosyenkof.tho charges for cAr-  "��K��"' and Uovver., are worse than'  by   swimming   the*' ''Atlantic  st,?"dtt,ous-    J"dge LindsayY-oi-y  -ocean home. '     ' " ���' '   ^oP^yc^zhe fee ton thi.d of  the  chaiges oi.ghc to be exacted.  ,;The Reason      v  r-foini-eal 8iar: As Uncle  vSam has seized a lot of "Pan-  Jinia  haLs,   the  suggestion  is  Certificate of' improvements  r"    I  purn.-'iiiir-    'Od.-' mii/Mii   Y'-u,,-   u.��-{  pul.Jjr    ,,,    th.j    tli.,iruu)'l.ii<-���    ���f    un I  oiomis'i.itstiioila, oi  tt-at'hii.y.    Turin.-,  conim-iiGe.Iaiiu.iry,   Apnl   iiinl   ��ft.'_l'CR,VNBR00K'.  i'u[)ilt. are Jilu.iti(j(! iluruiu tor n>. j _  ��*��"inui.Wl.iB��ot  DI,'1.TA I'AAC'ncX a\ij ClvTXTQ>; !  KRACTION M.'NIikAIv   Cr/Ai.MS.  siui-i  YSiYS S:;lY ^ ��,���; jCOSMOPGlf i AN -  Ivower iloj il' J^ake  TAKE XOTiCK that    I,' Scluvn   CV.  13'ai-lock. I-. ir! C. \o.  Hi-1,036,   iu-Lin^  (  . .. . , <IS'"-vent lor tliu o,>i;'sol,dated Miuiinr  &  -Li-J ��� , Y j Smelting-   Co ��� of ���C'.'inat].i,<-';vt(!.,   l-ree  Father���ItS near midnight aik!   Miner>B CeruScate Ko  L'21,042,   intend,  I can t see why Anna's young m\ln  --  .wade reapQdfivUy that he re-(li^n't ^eaw enougK to Bo horned"  lain one for his  own < use and :'   }f\U^ ^Vinie (in.'the ne.\fc room)'  shed, that old tile.  j���lie can ego,   papa;  si3t,er'd   biL-  j ting on him.  .si \ty <lavs from tlio <Ute Jiereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder   for   Certificate's  of Xmprovemcn't f-j- the pv.rpc.Sc.-ufisHb^&-tl  mimiig   Cioxmi    (>r;..,ts   of. tho    above I ' c  riTui-  A J'  IHE  X3IC3T;2C.'lla  "'i  WHEN IN ���_  CRANBRGOEL  &,"���  SMALL. SI,,���ac.r.  \  Good roomu, tjoi^d   tables and   bur  aud lirsfc ol-i,jjsaiup^e ro mis.  Having- reference to the   at-J        Sanitarium or Sanatorium  tacks that are being made   bv ,    1JSL  the Manitoba   Free   W onLm^S^,^ "^l���'  claims  r    And farther lake  iiotict' that'actirn. ,'  under Section 37,   :n'u,t   be   conimenti-d I ������  -~   before the isMu]iCe of sudi'  Cert-ficales I  of Iiiipioveint-iit ! '       ,  ,-1 th, :9lh d. of A.m.'A.njWma    jewdj  tftVa  ^^. P. E. r^TLES  I Pentist,  j Graii'broolc',  !Qeorg-oI�� Thompson;  i* ,       t1-'      , i  l>-\itii;sTi;n, ,. Somcrr-ou.'   .  T.-Li      ^TAKVl'UHhlc'Ao.  CRAN"BK00K.  K-^r'; i  ^'-  :js-  ���SM  W."B. BE ATT Y  Embrthucr ar.d Utu!��i!ak',r  ,i,��� ,.   ��� "      i ���^wniiiii are   mistihed,  the    personalty    of     Premier; **>'* the Scientiflc American. '8 m-  T'-'1"       ' "      "    ��� fitariimi-relates   moio  spceiflc.iJIy  aMouey invented a-nn-irl f\-.t-'       ���       r      ^'      '  i iMlPh.nr     " Tl '|-��Y'ld L 1 CMOii  ls ,(,fv a, ,��� ,,,0?_  A )nrffelr,.ct���fil!;,lancH,a:;.l,ct.n ,,1..,,.',, ;, ,.:  .llAfA      VS. 1        ��  ��_ ^    f ��� *  him.an editorial position?"  'Tfc f-nred nio.v or "Ic ��nved the  I'fejiiLmy Utile fluid," .are the ex-  pres-ion^ yon ' hear every day  about Chamberlain'.-,   Colic.   Choi  Roblin of -Manitoba, the Win- ��� -*��� .��.jr  :;.-pcg Satt,d.ly Post says: ���'if!::.;ntii;,ra;rz��t^.r'!ij  tlie P. P.  really   does   believe j ht"-^h -'l3 distinguished from   one  that Mr. Roblin has no respect.        !��   therftPo��tie   agencies   are  f0r u:iIt,��� ,Jly docs it I10l ofcr z'Ti.,^^';;���  h��-alt]i,   that  of a'sanatoiinm' to!Val"flbleremecl>r has   be<in   "ntrn-  rcstoie it. . Jduced.     Noothermedicincinn.se  for diarrhoea or bowel complaints ]  has received snch general   nppro-  Express ar,d General    Deliverj^   Business.     Liyery   and  __, uijiii.     Feed Stable.  era and Diarrhoea Remedy!    i(W00D       AND THAT I "��''L Stefr,�� ^O.'jlox :  ., tr���H the world o;er where   tin", WU^        AiNii; ^UA^   Can brook J'/O  J^o, t  valuable reniftriv b.u   i-,^...��   ,- _ For.   Sfl]p  The big- rrokl strike at Stev.-- V ���  n    D      T. ^ j has roceivni V"'"  ml seems almost too- o-ood   toj^e   I-   -".     1 lUfe    Ta&fe vaf. ^The^ecre  ' be trne.    A .o-oid reef 20 utiles  m length aud assaying i-J9"to  ��,��^'vc-Mlj^.v1,SL-���v,:���Sf!.  i      $75 per acre, by the  leoiii!n^iS]10ta'VildCria��U'n  loL   P^POsiti���. bn:  IpRitmuie investment."   You can see " wluit  C^'C in and let ns talk it over  ���JAII.W-1V   *   JSI->INO     J^(;,XI.l-11IMi  "Estimates Furnished.  OFFlCj-JS  Fort Steele B. O. Box 05.  1  J.elive Orders at  Civ\ ant's Store.  ' v ^  r  i  ��� 'f:  li  Westbound*  the ton, and 30 to 100 feet   in |'*Vo ?"   S?!    , '  ...   :     , YY-No-'        ^oo-bpokano  ^lclth is almost too  preposter-'  .pus to believe, and shows that  the   Portland   Canal   boomers  'vill go to any length  to stani-  ; cde people their v/av.  1:20 p.m.  3:10 p.m.  Eastbound  Jo. 211    Local '      2:32p>ra_  .No. &        ^oo-Spoknne      .1.20 ^ ,u.  t of tlie success ot i  ChambetIain's  Colic, Cholera and'  Diarrhoea remedy is that it cnies.  Sold by the Moyie Drug & Stationery .Co.  Motor   Boat Supplies  and  Gasoline Fngines,  , We have the largest and   host   as-  j ported stock in the  interior of  li.  Anythin;  Roosters can build a utvon a desert Aliile Knockers cm kill a ui].llre  >' lhe Cank-i, of },-,le��� -Crteiiuooil  ������v(.il^e.  Toonjuch cmphasiY cannot jc-    Anything  ���se(] on a ulf>toi  '     laid on tlie alwve ass-ertion 'bo;it Wfi   h,lvn ��-'ot it.     \\> arp'  '>'nthepen   (,f  Col   L-rvcrvK^J"1' The ��nille  Wec-iion,'  ,    , -V '���MotorCl'-.'"I wo   keeu   in   ^f��,.i.  ->d    ^>o   much    consideration  H��,,ml,eron���o��o���rt.H   t^,'  :i: Sivcn to it   bv   vesi-,"10    bpfor''   l'��rclin>.in?   el.sevvhe-e'  '���cms   pf   .M0vi0.      -\irtov^'h:il,iiUKn"!-e<'tthe,1)-    They tt'��  1 , ,      _ Vowus _ hiel, 1,1 miHlity 1.,1C   low   i���   ���,ieo  ^rtve knockers   and   AJo3-ie   is! V/iiLe IW catalogue  THE WAIVE  Ice Cream Parlor  Drc-m  Umdm-    .    Jv   ,v !IonKl( rroj]  If yon warn anything- in the  ! line of clothing or men's fur-  jnisliing-s, trv '  accos*.  Fruit -a  'tionerj  I-'IiOM,  ^ B. Sjewart  ^4i  lid .  '���1 ��� '.K  ���~*.:.  .���V  ,"��  .4  V  .���  :    ?  * "-'-i  BH  I Moyie Beer-  Thos. Summers  Cigars,   Candy,      KMllC   ajld  C infer-f iniim-y.  C. A. F00TE  THE TAILOR  to  ���Till':���  Central hi  mnot  TOYS.    YOTlu.Vs    KTC.  South   Victoria   St  S3  %.  .. no.exception to this wellfonn-  cied-rule. '   This is not saying]  .Ihat   Movie, cannot, boast-as j  ".laiiy enterprising citizens perj  ���-������Pita   as   any   other \vestern f  '-'������vn.     But  the   fact  remains'  and price list.  Thomas Sargent  '.<>.:i:ox;i72.    ' Stanley St  ������"^'KL��ON"1.B.'o  IF  you  are   not  satisfied   after  j      ^"c carry in slock tlie voods  ;io  inake   an    up-to-d.-.i'' .,���:,_  mack- in  town,  o,- V/e  c:-u  ..t|.'i      J,s:s^"'"s":>:   ����i.s.  ,..,���,.  -v- a -pec,-*. ,,<,,.!, a;:::;:y",.::::::��� Mt-  made to vour measure        W.-Yf- ,   -    n"lcru'd :,u'  . 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Institute. -  ������.'���:���.���������"��� "���  ,' LOU j     'p(al p!;ysi,-,i;uis and surgeons emiiloyed  ' 2 00 I -uro amoin; i,li.; uic.A. < sin-ricnc^cl aiid >k\U-  i fnl in the.coiinti'v, ;n.-u who'ha"o n-.iidP  ���'-���'Lv tli'esi! diseases thri;-  life suul-.v-,.and v.-'hoso   .-i,  1.00!.. Iiitjhessambition is to.excel ia their tii.:at- I f8  ���, i la'en;..      ,.   - .  iffl v  ��� -'���"!     IIo-.v well tin.'y li.-ivo sneeeedecl niny be'-'Sj  1,50-1".indeed' irarn i.h,>. f.-mt thai ilii'-fr.jirai-l-icn is]-  ��� ((jj ;��� OailM-ac!^ e-Lsi-'s froai everv S;at<'iihii 'I'cr- j CT  -������ ' ��� j. ritury (.f tins'.Union as vvcil -.I's-'-fisiiiv fer- -fi)'  2.00 ��� eiirn Im;i is.   Many tlioiisaiuis are annn- .; -^  o ft(|'!-"!l"y treated, i>;t!ii'|- J.lirou::h -co'i'-i-i'spiitid- ��� H  -J-     ;  iVace or at.Dr. 1'ierco's��� liisliiiilioii.   It'is' i g  2.00 | an old  ailjfre  that. ."��� ,l-:.\|H!rienc(! ,iiia!;,;s  .-> (ui'  pi'-rtect,,"a,nii thosUilh".! specialists'in this  ".    ���'  (''.'UI of practicu cure thousands of cases ,  '   2.00 |  -Aliieli have lieci abandoned as incurable !  e (Mil   ''V yenei-al pr:i-.:l,itioi;ers.  ,��� Hundreds arc ;.  "      |l.iri")iii;lit to til" Institution  frinn  far dis-'ij  ���3.00, ��� t:.,iit, si.at::s and  ibey go  liortic  in, a f.-jw. j j  2.(10 j   weeks well and stronu,     finite as inarvol-  "'     '   ons un, tho thousands of cures rjimiially i  '-���"O,  acijornplislicil    tliruuu'li     eon-esiioiidence.  |  '���'COO!  ��-|iil��'   the   |i:i.|,ii'ii(,    temaii.s   quietly   at, I  '    .1  Icime.   ��� Others cm.vMit   in   person,   and  !  ���J.uu:   Lft.ui- heini;'examii-.i-ii- are in-ovided uiiii -I  2.00 |  siiee.ially prepared  ni'cu'ieini'S and retnr;! '  ���   ,,     .lioiut: t(i carry ont, tlie ���treatment.  -1--. !      I'n niediciii'o there, has in-ou rapid and  3,00 1   real proarcssduriiiK r-eenl years, and Dr.  -> no ���   '''''''c'- Oas kept up \\ i:h 'tlie time- in that   j  -'���'l i  he. lias liad lhe. niaiiiilacMii'o ;\\n\ iiii,-re<li-   ��j  ' ,'!.|i\l j  cuts ill his v.-ell-kinuvii reioeiiirs improvi-d"' j'gj  i  inn uindem in.Virii-.i.<�����.'ry  by skilled clu-m- j  ;  ists. the ureate.f!, -m"''1 hein:,'-.exerci-.-d to i  j  see that the inj;i-c,!lre.!s  i'iit.i'i-:r,if-into his  j   v.-ell-lciiMWii   ;ne.!ieia.v;   l)r.   Pierce's   \'A-  I  vorite i'reseriptiun as well ;,s tiie "Guillen !  2.Oil!  .Medical   Discovery-'  are  ( ,,'tracted from i  the best variety of n;:.live. nu-dii-inai reefs. J  These, are. pit-herel   with  i;'rear. care and  at tins proper seasiin nf tho year, so tliat ���;  their nu-'iilciual ���properties may b.; riust i  reliable.. - i  The-o extracts arc then made soluble in i  pure i.riplo-reiini'il :;!; crine and l.i-'l Ibd. j  l-jverynue wiic. i-ieiuiits  ilie spoi-ia 11;'..-���. ;  whether   by b-l.:.-r -n- in   jiw.-oii  receives ;  tiie iii:>st,  eai-efel  :��� 'tent inn.   ��� j  (iriat ear,1 is e .'-n-ised   not to over on-  cenra'.-e ihose \vh., coiisn'l,  tlie spiv'ht  liuit   no  .'ciIm  AAi 'i;'Yipr!iice'--.R A.;:ir, Ma!c<h)pald,;-pr;;Cof-  .;,;::fiu,,;V.: Desaulnier;: A: Yerris,   H;.  :Gnius::  ���������:V-^)!p\.:'IJt:o;Eyans^I>:siFi-JfJh  -L/'Tavisi'^  . McNicol aiul;'J, S.'YIaph'acherij. ..���������.'��� '.;[:.���;,. -..'.-  ;.    ,Childreiis' Sjjorts���Cliaries.Ai'SIitcKay ,  . >'���;'.'.LA..'li. ilcIiiYre.and,WLHv LairiL,'V :,  '"A   ::CaIec!oiiian Spqns-C,-A.'Loote, Chas';''  ' :   Ifau'iia aiid -.Hareid Chapman: . i-.';i���':���  /A.A A  Gr'cass1 Tig-^SI. Gill,,P. Coiiratl and, T.,  ...ai'ii.'ur'fv .:[ ','.'; v;.: 'V-v '''.���-.'"' ���:���   '���'-, ''::'"i:--'  :.'   Ath-er.tisinjf--F.:J.'-.San-tii ami Ilcriiert  .'Jack son1. ' ���  ���-���        -   -.,  ' ,;A\'A:  ��...'"' '.-������..���  ... ���, V.Tratisportationr-E., A,- 'II{1!-, i   Ii.    Oi  '���'  lypuin an(i;A.,ri JfacilpnaliL'.. ���' '".:     ���..'"���:? '  ;,' ReCrc-shi!iei!ts--Yiili.-;m   Reese,   L. A,  .,I"Ipt;uc, W'. Sullivan; .0.   A. If op to, Mike  ���',.. Torpey, K. D. Stinsoii and .James Rob- ���  '������������crts. ���   '- ' ���' ' ��� ���.;      -.' >;.- ������  v   *' ���.,.'������'���-.';'  "'...-'. Liquid Rcfrcshnients-J. \V.  Filcii,; L.  A. Hill, J.   McLaren,. U'.'  A.   CaniurLn  .and' James Ccrbitt.,  ".','  ;   ���-.  ,  ;   ��e.uciii..;--M. Torpey, 1'rcii K^c, K. L.    '  Hull and J.  p. Caire.'   ��.--���      '.-.'.���':���';''.  OIu ic-.-J. Roberts, ��� C, A.   l-'ooic   ami  1'. J.'^inyth., "    ���   ������  .' -  Gruiitid's���A.   Ferris.-   A. -Gill   ami   J.  '-��� ���.'McLaren. '   - "'      :    \   A ,'.*���'-  Acpiatic     Sports���K...'    Campiieli,  Gam'iiv' an'd K-. Carrn'llicrs.  ;���'    KascUill-H. Jackson. li.';Gaiiihio  '  G. Cruicksiiank. '���,      . ' .   .  '���' Fo.Y.a1L-e-vcd Yic,    Ali:ci.t   Gill  JI. McXicbl. "''��� '  ���^ran'ijr aoic-;' Sand m ������ Siteiidance:  V  xi  'M,  i 4 M' l/s\- $  ..������Spfecial'Traijis and Reduced Hates on G.-P.  ^H  .'(:�����'���'��� "'.W'liLI ;-  ���IL  .ml  ���if'<  ,w;  -^v-^^   'i  2.0'l  ��� 2/00  2;oo i  'LOO;  ' Tt'MI '  5.00 j  o.fKl'  2.00;  2.!ld:  .'L."i0 !  lo.cn -1  rYl.a\/ j*  S.-.G. blaylock,  CIinirrrutM  'A, Ferris, . R j,  ymythj  I I'easirroi'  c  f y  Karnrn,  rt  w&^w^^  iilll '■"" W' W'iWw.n*^*- -
' V£*J£!SIIiS±Z£lB±.k^ZTt3au*t*.i*:i!ai±r7i*l_
~J^s*'^a<?gari._T_«^ir_*T*TT»w^ ^t^-r-.j.'^_r<M__3wcrr.r-wra__jtH u   "7^'
^    ~-*lJ4l
-. #A
event in thc history ol Lhe district ha.s°crc,'ited. such a"/;tir as the
1 .t^dl
, *w
,,-,1 -.-5 2'  ■
! * „ <3»?
',- -VffiS " ■   ' ' *
>l^l™i;«SSift  ■'I. , El-e,
iff-., .(4!
>r ,-*8 -
,:kJS?  '
irv tip?-*
which has been runnino- for the past two weeks at the
an;bjro6k-; Cooperative; Mo
'.   '    Many people of Moyie have, made the trip to Cranbrook  for  thc  i/urpose' of  taking-,
advantage of the extraordinary low .prices- this firar is nq'w' offering,-especially'on their stock
of furniture.    -   '„" , ; '       ,   ' .' .  Y       '       • ,        ' - '        <■' ''" '
This sale will continue for another week nt "least and to accomplish th,e cud Ww liich
this flTIiRy OUT SALE WAS JXATJCUiiATED, viz: to reduce their tremendous Stock
to,a twenty thousand dollar,limit, the management has decided to make a stilhfurther cut in.
all line,1'; of furniture.       P '    , \- "• V' ' ' '-"-    Y >'   - -1'
, . "" "' '  '   '        '"       '     '■'.    , '* .' " '-    '
t '        *        ^ , ■ ft i 1  , ,'
, Read the prices, alt, and compare them carefully with those of, other dealers.
Ay7 *li •< , vJ
\_   v.
i   ''Ui    !
| Collapsible, Rabber=
■ i -        ,   •
, Tyred Go-farts
x£5?**jXi vis* m mvfwmit\ i_—rt*< _ -. n».-- ftj.^
Iron beds'-' Y_
Matt resscs '	
Sprjng's '	
Couches __1	
Couches, leather 26.pO
Child's iron cribs _____ '7.95
Kitchen' cliairs_ _'__ '"       .40
'Extension fables —   'S.95
__.S 2.95  Rocker J: _____' _i
     3-25 I \nn rockers__°	
, "  Hi"! ' ' ' *-
     j.w i py]C>   shaped" scat, ■ dak
? "?5
Dining- cliairs, all wood °1.00
Dinin«- chairs; $ei..O-six;
No. 220 l.1____"_-_ 22.50
j parlor rocker ,, 4.95  1 arlor    centre     tables,
Morris chairs, green vcl-
our cover,' spring seat,'
quartefed' oak frame__ _   9.00
over 30 designs to choose      '   -
from. Prices range from    '  ;
$1.50 to___L__ 7.S5
Prices, are F. O..B, Cranbropk; on Orders,
0 ' ' a i '   '     	
''"Above $5.0 We Will:.'Prepay ..the: Freight,,; ; ;,
'     ',■ ' ■«■ , <  ° Y     •"'    ,- '  ,' •   <       A "...
•■Don't Miss This Great Money Saving Event ■
K -\     -f^r ,
_-_5______3ia3 ,i£S5__ra__K?_s_55iKEi®___-l^^        •qss_!--_C_IS__a__tiS^ia^^
' Canada's Qreatest===Wliy?
FOR   SALE — Bedsteads    nnd
springs.    Six bedstemls .arid   f'ou
7'lie peo]Jle recognized our worth, then followed the rapid
and mi'g-hty growth of our firm, and incidentally,  the , rise   of
our \"ancoiiver store the greatest jewellery house in   Western j spring".—Apply to Taylor & lion
Canada. ,,'  - - ' ' • nor, lutenmtional Hotcil.
Our object is, aud always has been,   to   s?ivc   the   public,) r ;Miss L- M- Scofct' trained nurse
.Lhe mo^t efficient service possible.    This object i>ro:nptcd the'oE/lial,lwc'11 ir°8Pit-11.'Winnipeg,
.   , v -,  l       ,    p - r  -i    ^   i  '    c*     i '    -l •'i i •      ''lri  ^eiidy  for. engagements of 'any
establishment of our Mail   Order  System,, which, ,touchmffjkind-      aiatornity    a   yjeciaicy.
every point in thc great Canadian   west,   from   YYnuipeg   to.Moyic.
Lidewater, gives 10 tlie out of town shopper the privileges and
advantages cf those living in tlie citv.
You need thc service^ of Canada's greatest store,'and the
benefit of its moderate j^rices.    Then get iu touch with us by
sending- for our illustrated catalogue  wherein 'is   represented
,our entire stock. - '
All g'oodsspro'iuptK- delivered at our cxt^cusc.
Henry Birks & Sous,  Limited,
]ewelery mail order house
Geo. E. Trorey, Man. Dir.
' At the Churches.
forning service at 11 a. m.    Sun-
. .y   S.liool,   :)  p.   m. livoninp s_r
•e, 7:'.1Q  p.   in.     A   Iiti.ii ty   wel-
:io   cxt(;ndud   to all.
RKV. : -  COOK,
New Youii—I'.ar silver, o3 cts.
Load $1.50.
1.onnox—Load, CJ2, Io-j.
Stoc]_ Quotations.
j-i i wvii.d i;i  j'.-  ; i. ,,„ n.\si,;.r.
Adv.  ,
Singer Sewing Machines cost
very little- more than cheap machines. Do the best work and
!a--D a lifts iirne, , 'rSold on small
monthly payment- by Geo. li.
Powell, Cranbrook. In Movie ou
j lOih of each month.
•     ynii  KALE—About  S.")   cliairs.
(Suitable for hail or loonio in'hotel.
—Enquire at Leader oflico. ■
FOR' SALE—T^vo lots and two
houses, on north Tavi&tock street.
One i*- a six room house, completely furnished and with w«od=hed
and icehouso attached. Good well
on place; also stable and chicken
house. Also jlii^on lV: Ri-,ch piano j
almost new. 3''or price- and farther particulars apply to _1 rs.
J. IL McDonald.
KYdiiiK     collapsible     go-cart^,
rubber   tires   biowu   nnrl   black
fini.-h, $7.00 ouch at theCJranbrook
This hotel is    now  under  new
management, and is Brst class J
in every respect; , -
Victoria .Street.       '    ■       -MOYJK-
of all descriptions, such as house
fittings, lamps, shades or motor
boat supplies,' spark pings, coils,
batteries, go to or write. '
Stanley St. Nelson, Ii." C.
The -HuilfJor of thc Canadian PuciOc.
Yini.-h, $7.00 ouch at the
I C'o-Op.'.rativu Storos Cr;
i .hiv.iM.I i1"l   -i.i.-la-r
( ,i-i  ( .,',1' i-l Is
SnrUi '-tur
1 -,ii ii-!/ i.irl
l'ltr :-,-. 11..ii \.\    t 'i!wiy ir.
.Morning Service. It a. tn. Kmi-
y s-chool and Uible class fit 10
nt.     l'vcnmg Kervice at,  ' A>G   p.
A hearty wi'lcoui'; to all.
'iime -shoulder i-s almost' invari-
-;■ y cau.sed   by  rli'-i'.uiiiatisni   of
.-■'. muscles and yields (juic-kly  to
.preo application   of   Chiimber-
..'•  Liniment.   This liniment   is
I'ml.y prompt and elT.'ctual, but
no   way ' disagreeable  to  use. grOecrs and
' by the   -Moyie. i.)mg   <^  Sta-!
y   to. ,      j
A si (i!
2 ,
-j i>J
Shamrock Creamery Bulter
Shamrock Leaf Lard
Shamrock Hams
Iinperator Bacon
For sale 1
Tha Reason
ther—It,'-;, near midnight and
■ 1't :-'.-() why Anna'syiaiiig man
"c sense enough to i>u home,
1 tile "\\rillio (in the next,
: .-: ain't g'..   p-:p::   Ai-A.e:-
,; on iihiJ.
i.   MOYIE, .
Jjlj Ltd
B. G.
_-i_n iauiiio.:w giiacrul iu_ji:i"-cr. ■ , .   " ., •
KOll SALI<: OR 11EXT—Large
live room house either for salo or
rent. Largo cellar, chicken house,
woodshed   and  good well.    Close
j to town.   Will be sold cheap. Apply to .Mrs. llonry Giles, Moyio.
I     ROOMS AVITil   I'.OAUD —Two
r nicely     furnished     rooms     with
board.    Apply to Mrs. Lomer.
EOT?, SALE—l'our room house
and shack with lot; both furnished, S-laO. Apply, T. Sumnaers,
Cigar Store.  ■   '     -,
MirSIC   LESSOXK-J  am   pre-'
ill   first   class j lmrp-d to give lessons on   piano   to
'any pupil* wishing   sumo.    Apply'
to F. II.   MeMahoii,   International
. ]      r ^      In 1SDI, Q>;n,;n Victoria, ivrosciiizinn- the marvnlons impetus hf- Inrl
•'"- '"—   ;'     i  ^"''n^mATOlCTrMm fiJ, honorary■ ■l.-rii»}i(.hoo(l, whiciii !«• woamlv A.A"'{
.  '!   as a trihiilr, („ his railroad, and has rint-,; ,-arrir.l hiu honor:; with' thu' i."^,]; . i..
l-:.l:t,:inreU:J'-,;tj Ad u', y,j rjrlmiieBS.i)f Cii_.J\, in i:.o ycir i'J.'J. !V '". fi. Mlct, u'. 1
Strawberrio.-i for pi osorving.
Hnipmonts to start on June 21st.
Trice, f.o.b.. AYyndell, D. C, $2.50.
1 J iii 1 your orders oither direct or
with your local express/ifjent who
will post you on tho arrival of the
Thoso who can affoid it should
not notions to put np a liberal
supply of tho Queen of Fruit, tho
.Strawberry, and when doing so
j^et it from thu party who can do
, This paper is n J ?;
to supply you with r'!!.''
yon may require iu ''!r"v-
tioncry,    private   s>t.''
dance prcipnuiis, n'W
gers, posters, stcickcc;:--
receipt  book-,   s'!!?i,,;
and in f_ic_ aiiyih-ng >"-
iu this line.       Ami;--
will be satifafacLory.
i/ra.iri that, h^vo-tnatl-.j it what it'fs, v/iis tY work of ,'.Sir-\Viili:ira""Van 'll
 _.!  V"""    -—'"-■   - -   •       ■   > -i *   «
Hi; sph.'iiciid o:
1881'he Inicamu vico-prcsiiiout of, the road and four ywirs.laU-r was made urcsiiini.!
ai:i/.in<? aliility. hi3 uiast.f-ry of detail, his infiijil..? n^o        "   '
y and
orne.  , hi
7 r-11
wo no* tlio v_wr_ into the future that _islinSuiSli all Kn,at Icadt-rH; ],{. S(:ts   .,"^
in ttis ac'uni, ii,.- wn-.j m iinaKmaf,i/in tlif hn.-jy town with, its tooinin- Donuhitin,
Wl.«-rc othur ,n.;r, «* only a .po^ibl... ,:ood cile for a io«U-""- For 1,1:,, to Lei'i nwd'
|   i- to plan; for urn, to plaii, i:j 1„ .'X-ceuU-. . ; anu-lj'
.1--    l—„  ; i i       ....
given to
Wyndell, B. O,
■'Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
sold on a guarantee that if you
are not satisfied after using two-
thirds oi a bottle according to the
directions, your money will bo refunded, It is up to ybu to try.
•Sold by tho Moyio Drug Yc Stiv-1 -
iionory Co.
room j
The. J-oyal .Seal c-ipn :j;i:,- been
before tho smoking j.'.ubli? for a
do/.en years, it is.mml<.;.iu Xei.-(Y
md     c:,.-.i     b"    '::,!ig!,fc    iu   ne:'.r.
j- .i'rir::.:.-i,i cf /,~!i:u::_r«
Ghambsriain's Co_gfi Hsmedy ;!"....'Z.^','Tt''
W"_ Colds •iiouo ar-ilAl'iicoriBL' CouZh/ Y       l   -       '■jXA "'' '   ' ' % 'U
I c:.ji-til'icati:d Graduate "f Toronto Censer"
■i vatory  of JIiim'c
■P.O. Box 127  -   Cranbrook, B. C.
Will     be in M oyiu _vory Tlmrsdny '
v ;.ri» c
The EKpe?- Crown
-\ 11. Sh "•
O/Iicciovcr Al'-'
Wall        l'Y»'r     '"


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