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The Moyie Leader Jun 8, 1901

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 *_*  >J_3>_E*t_TXG&-  ��"_. GO TO THE  \ '  FOR YOTJB  "W'OyiE PUAEJfAOY, Koator^cy Hotel bid*  i **V  -.* J<_s. ScifAlcij, Prop.   I_ee��J��nc Druggiel,  '.*���       ' '      .<������;>;     *V j; ��� i: ���  #        -/      .-���        *  jl* -        ^��       ���J,- ..jj*- -T  FRESH FRUITS   AND  VEGETABLES.  .Received Daily at  l'.LMEJVS CIGjLJI STORE  f ��..-.  M,OYIE? B. G��� JUNJg ,8.190L  $3 A YEAE  WSNlpUPiP  Work ^,s Bggipj fiijg  Week.  to jp tow  LQQAL.   NEWS,  Jffeprs. Uowpcy & Xe"4i��, of Port  Stppje  Have tjie Contract of Doinn-  '  *   Uie tyork.'     ' '*  ��� i  CANADIAN a-BANIaOR, COMMERCE.  Faid |TJp Qapital   |8,Qq0500O.'  ;,   -   - v -, y ���    ''     ;  '���'    ���     , .  ,.  _  HUBERT HpES.MGR  0BANBR00K BRANCH.  r\  A  Work has aet.us.lly beer) commerjoed  on iloyie's he-y courthouse and .J.ock-  iip. Messrs. powney �� JSeidig of Fori  SpeeJ'e were the.successful bidders, and 1  ,they Ivv/o been here for the last five  of -ejjc days clearing the lot and excavating for the basement. The work  , ' ' '   ' ���        ���<  of erecting tljjs building will begin next  week.   ���  The eo.urthouso will "be 28?31  feet  in si>.e, and the lockup part 10x18 feet.  i ���* i  The building will be one and half  'stones high and will have'a basement  for a furnace room, etc. Beside the  courtroom, there will,be.a magistrats's  room and a jailer's room. The lockup  will be "fitted .with three cells and  a corridor, and the walls of this  are to be six inches jn thickness. The  building is to be completed   by  Am1*-  ust 1st.   ��� ' '   ��� , '  .,  I  , ���  The site of the building is the lot  between, the Leader office and' Mr.  Batley's houses.' It was purchased  some months ago, partly by the government and partly by public .subscription.     . -,'     "  I)q.les at Elmer's.  James Cronin was in JCranbrpoi  Tu.e_.day.  F. f. Pieper was.down tq> ,Cr��n��rpok  on business this week.  Copstable Barnes of Fprt Steele was  in toyvn Wednesday between trajnc.  Tom Johnston has , returned frqjn  his visit tb Olympia, yaslpngtpn.'  4. .'J. Chisholm left for a visit to his  old home, in Cornwall, .Qnt., yesterday.-  lied Tolm'ie, secretary, of tho Mine  Owpprs Association, 77.7.3 in Movie this  IfflffifHT 01 JIT. HB-  Says the   Mine  Never  J^pp^ed Better.  '���> * - . ~ ���>������*,  ; '  !���  DIABfQFD5B.ILL'SW0B.K  wepi_.  ** _ 0  ' James Park, of tbp -park, Mitchell  Co.,.is' expected in Moyip from ' the  east jn a few days.  Theje aro now only eight patients  in the Si. Eugene hospital at Cranbrook. ���. '  ��. A.. Sc.ott was down to inspect  his-  mining property  near Kitchener this  wjsek. ''*',',       ���'        ���-,���..  E. S. Po.lkrd has returned from the  hospital and ty ill soon be able to go to  work again: ��� .  ��� 'Chas.   Farrell   was   in    Or'anjbrook,  Wednesday on business in connection  with the Society Girl property,  Ben Fo#, a mill mau at the St. Eugene concentrator, is in. the. hospital  at Cranbrook on tlie s^ck list!'  T. V. Lowney of Uie Cosmopolitan  transacted business -in Cranbrook  yesterday.  . E.- R. (Purely, representing Brad-  street's Mercantile Agency of jtfaison  was in town" this week.  I'rogTai*-- 9r UevplflpinDutTjjii}; tviu Ji'i-.^p  It Uj9 Grpatest flfine Ji>   '  panada.  -   "1 I \J   i  N.JA. Mackenzie, Erqpfietor:  1 ��� ,. .    .  !4The ,.Ho1:,el for, the  masses.   Every thirds: First  jV/"/   in every, respect.    Sample Rooms for  ':^S     ^ Cop^m^rcial Men.  ^(ijrpYIE, a ,.. British ��pl^mfcia_  1  i  df  w  V.  DESACFt-aElt,    I'rop. .   '  Large sample room in ��� copnectjoi^  with house for cotnmercial men. Best  of accommodations.  Hocking Wants to Get Out.     '  At the assizes   in   Nelson ' last   fall  AY. Ii. Hocking  was "found guilty of  bigamy and   sentenced   to  a   term   of  years in   the penitentuary.    The case  came from    Movie- and   the"  prisoner  made a strenuous defence.  .   The following  dispatch   from   Vancouver tells of''the hitesl developments  in   the   case:      Colonel     L.    Edwin  Dubley, United States  consul   at   this  port, has taken up the case for  W.   li.  Hocking, an American citizen   serving  a sentence in   the  New   Westminster  prison on a   charge  of  bjgamy,    It  is  alleged   ffockiug's   impnsonmeut    is  unjust, certain  new  evidence   having  been developed since he-was placed  in.  jail   three   rponths   ago.     Hocking's  Joseph Norton has moved his tailoring esablishm'ent next tu 0; 0. De-  maurfcz the jewele-.  At the last regular meeting , of the  Moyie Odd Fellows A. D. Drummpnd  was elected duancial secretary.  ' H. Kershaw uf  Fort'Steele   was" in  I-? *��� *j 1  town tin's week repreaeD ting   the   Oan-  adu'1 Ladder Co., for which "ne iu-'agent.  J. E. Crowe, who has-been -laid up  ior sometime with a   badly  sprained  Mr. 'J. C. Drewry has retnrije^ -���from  a trip t<? the St. Eugeqs >p'ine, an'd  to  Kiijiberley, where be   has' 'mininij'' interests., says the Rai.slau._i MicV..    I.Jr.  Drev'ry states  time   the'   3t. 'fiqgepe  neyer looked  better than  )t  doss   at  the present time'.   The  result  of "the  mapping out   of   tl?,��' enormous   ore  bodies by means of diamond    drilling  has been that the coi_.pa.ny has decided  upon a program of development .that  will'make the St.Eugene, the  greatest  lead property in   Canada.    It'is   proposed to sink 200 feet from the pree'ent  lowest level,'following the line' of" the  diamond,drilling, every foot of  which  was in clean ore.    The grading for the,  shaft h?,s been completed and the'work  may be started at any'tirae,  although  the exact time has hot been   fixed/ as  there is no "necessity   at   the ' present  juncture, or for that matter foj-  many  months, to open up ore badies in   addition to those.from whicli ore_--i-_   now  being   sloped.    It   is   interesting   to,  speculate on ivhafc  this   work , *yi!l   reveal.    If the ore   body   continues   in  strength, .the tonnage' blocked out will  be enoi mous, and if the shoot'increases  in width the results   are   largely  creased.  m-  Tfee 'Cornwall Ko.cJ__ X>*;ilJ.  4- party consisting of .7. if. Holman,  of the firm   of Ifolr^an   Bros., J&tn.  Bennett, senior raemVior of the firm of  Bennett Sqns  & Co,,   both   of  Cam-  bnrne, CQrnwall,  England,  and   Bow-  land Afachin, agent   for   the   Bennett  ftj.se (ind   the'   Holman   drill,   are  in  M(jy;j3 at present iptroducing fhe Hol-  n;ax��'s   Patjent   Ccru;sl;   ^ock    Drill.  Thiij.dr'll, .whjeh was invented by  M>.  IJolm.m, has'.1?any sgperjgr  qualities  to.the Jland and  Ingersol, drills  now  in .use In tins country. , It is less complicated, the   parts  are   slconrrer,   and  the working capacity Gf the   maohine  ' is a Je$st a tl?ird greater,    It  is, made  standard   gauge,   and , of   sojjd   stpe'j"  throughout.'    .  There are 150 men using ihem in  the Cornish mines. It ia extensively  Used in Mexico,.Transvaal, Brazi., Sail .  Salvador, India, and Mr. Holman is  rapidly liaving jt placed in British'  Columbia.  A t.est wits tnade with the ipuchino  in die St: Eugene mipe-jyesterday, and  Mr: Machiii thinks   the   management ���  is well satisfied with'it for economical  -*.'   -       <       '       ���  results,    in .Rossland   in   the   Center  Star'a record was made  qf  a   21   inch  upper in five minutes, and   a  14= inch  wet hole in   two   minutes.    This run .  was rna^e jn the preee.no*?.'rof Mr. Long,,  superintendent of tlie Le Jioi, and Mr.  Baun, foreman of the Center Star.  Tbe machine seems if, model,of perfection from every standpoint. ''    .  Tlio Uotcl Kootenay.  The new addition to tht,' Hotel  Koote-.ay ..is receiving; its finishing  touches and will be co.mpleled by.uwxt  F,riday evening when the grand opening .ball will be given. Mr. McMahon ,  extends a cordial,invitation to everybody for t)ia,t event.  has  the  the  to   a'  .ankle, will soon   be' able , to   be   out  again.  I. -  T.-T. Mcyittie, -I?. L. S,'ps in  Moyie this week accompanied By, his  wife. ' Mr. McVittie ivas doing some  work for the Moyie Lumber Co.  A'special car containing a party of  McGill graduates in charge of Prof.  Adams was sidetracked here lust Tuesday and the boys were   given  an  op-  siory is that  while  living  in   Austin;   portunity to see the big St. Eugene  Headquarters for Commencial and Mining    M��nr        )K  QUEEN  AVENTip,,.'  VPVTE, n. q.  Ney., he became crippled through an  accident and subsequently his wife  sued for a diVQrce on tbe ground of  uoq-suppopt.  Relieving tl^e divorce tq have been  graqted Efocldng marri-d figi'^in apd  was prosepijted for bigamy, his conviction being qhtained on the showing  that \yheq l)e married the secqpri  time the deprpp Ijad nqt.been granted.  LIqcking nqvy plajms to have evidence  showing that^he, granting of the divorce depj-ep antedated his second marriage.  Tjie case has been drawn to the attention of the   Canadian   authorities.  Nplsori jV'Jiner.  *�����(Ionsi3ting of  5?>  1.^.  >  ty  k  4  Unshrinkable Qualities.  ���/  The well known  WISS  Silk and wool mixed in pink and brown colors,  In "pink mixture," cotton, and wool mixed.  rench Balbriggan  : Light and durable,  "W. F. j)f_.r. Coriven'tloi^.  Denver, Col,, Juue Q.���Jlhe convention of   the   Western   Federation   of  Miners   today   adopted   by   a   nearly  unonimous vote  the  resolution   sent  over from the   Western   Labor   union  convention in   favor  of organising   a  political labor party.  ���    It was determined  that   tbe  federation should havo an attorney  retained  by the year, and his appointment  was  left to tho  executivo   board.    It   was  also decided that the members  of the  executive board could act as an   auditing committee, aud examine whatever  bills they liked.  J. J. Murphy has ' returned from  Berry creek, .where lie was looking  after the work which is being done on  bis plaims. He repons everything  prospering in that part qf the pouhtry.  Manager James Cronin qf the St.  Etigpqp j�� having.a neat cottage built  near tlje office at the mill. It is bis  intention to-have his family spend a  portion of the titne Ijere.  J. McDonald, the boat build.er, is  building'a handsome sail boat for Sam  Grapt, map^ger of t})e Moyie Lumber  Co. It is 20 feet long and has a six  foot beam. Wlien* completed, Jt will  be by far thje largest sail boat on the  lake.  Dr. W. J. Harvey ?'. 0. M. C. L, Pro-  fessqr  of  Ophthalmology,  Doctor    of  Optics and Scientific Optician.- of  Toronto, will bo a to P.  D.   Hope's   drug  store on  Saturday,  Juneloth  for  the  purpqse of fitting specatcles and doing  general optical work ; all   persons   suffering from visual defects,   cross  eyes,  llypernielropia. Myopia, Astigmatism,  Presbyopia, errors  of  Refraction,  Accommodation or  Convergence, will be  'accorded a free examination  and consultation.    Cases requiring  spectacles  will bo fitted with the   most  aocurate  corrections that science  can   produce  and at the most resouable prices.  A' Kick Keg-Istered.  To the   Editor:    My  attention  just been called to   the   fact' that  contract  ,   for constructing  Mjyie'courthouse Jias  been  let  firm in.Forfc Steele.  Allow me to protest most.vigorously-'  against what can only be called a  groat injustice done to', the toyn of  Moyie 111 thus awarding the contract.'  Surely, Mr. Editor, in view qf the fact  tliat the people of Moyie contributed  materially towards the purchase of  the lot upon which this building is to  be erected, the authorities could > have  made a slighi concession and awarded  the contract to a\ local man, even if  bis tender was somewhat higher than  the one accepted.  As yuu Jjnojy, there' are   to   be  constructed in   the   vicinity   of  Moyie a  wagon road  to the Society   Girl  mine  and   ii   bridge across    the    _NTarrq-y3i  What assurance have v/e tftat tip. government agent, or whoever hasatjtljqr-  if-yf V/i1'1 qoc give the contract u}  outside parties in these instances .is vyell?  Tt is theiefore (,q h,e liqpeci   tlpit   the  citizens qf  Moyie   iyi}J   fjse   jn   t}ieir  wrath and lodge a gtro'ng and vigorous  protest  against this  injustjpe  at   the  earliest.inopient.  NO DISCRpn^ATIOJv  Imperial Limited.  ; The Imperial Limited service will  go into effect next Monday, June 10th;  As near as can now be learned train a  going eadt will reach Moyie.at 9 a'." m.,  and going wea,fc at op, in,   .  The Jfejv SawmiJII.  VVork is Steadily going aheaoi at .tlje  savymill site'of the Moyie .Lumber Cd.  The grading for the rail*vay Spur i?"  completed and read} for the rails, antj  the foundation for the i^jill machinery  is being built. The site selected is a  splendid one. - .,  A Good Record.  Dr. Harvey who js foiled tq practiae  Optic at ifr. Ifope'.^ drug store or)  Saturday Jyuie l��tlj h^s /jdl.ed and got  th.e indQrseiftejjj. ��)_ .qvte ��� thousand five  hi?i}.dr*j..d perajQprp \ii phe province of i|,  G. for e-j:per��; optical jyorl:.     '  4-H pf th,e mer.ch��ut8 in town withi-  otjt ^ceptiqn have decidetj to close  thejr stores at �� o'clock eyery evening,  aside from Saturdays and paydays.  The stores close by the fire alarm,  which is tapped at the appointed  time:-  KU-C'tronor's Iron _Mine.  C. P. Hill, owner of the big iron  claims near Kitchener, was in Moyie  this week looking for a man to'opera to  the, diamond drill whioh ho has recently installed oh his property, Mr. Hill  is confident that ho lias'a big proposition He has already done couaider-  ahle work, and on one of the claims  has 11 200 fojat tunnel. The ledge can  be traced'for seven miles, and  on   the  Indies' Aid Social.        v  The   members  of the  Presbyterjin  Laches' Aid Society of Moyie will  give  a bazaar and social in    the ' open    nil  near Reid, Ctinipboll & Go's.'store nest  will he various amusements,   amongst A D1.ognects.  theni being   a  fishing pond, fortnne I  telling, etc., and there will also be  tho  sale of useful and fane.1   articles:   The  bazaar will open at fiv-e o'clock in   the  surface ranges from two to thirty   feet! evening, and nu stated i-liour  is  given  Board ot Trade .IJCostiifj,'.  The regular meetiug of the Moyie  board of trade was held last Wednesday evening at the Moyie, hotel, and  there was a good nurpber in. attendant:^.  The principal matter under discussion was the btiildiag of the courthouse. Several of the members contended that the to;vn of Moyie had not  been  justly   treated    in   tlie   matter.  They did not think it right, that in  view of the fact that tho lot was partly  paid fer by tbe people of the town I  that tho contract should be awarded '  to an outside firm, and even the lumber for the building to bo purchased  from an out of town lumber compunj .  They protested vigorously, but no  definite aolion was taken in the mat-  tor.  The board had somo distinguished  visitor? in tbe persons of J. M. rjol-  man and W- F.. Bennett of Cain'Mime,  Cornwall, England, ..and l{owland  Maohin,   representing    the    Bennett  ^Sfioyatiiijf tlje Moy ie.  The Steamer Moyie has been hauled  up at the shipyards, where she is un**  dergoiug ;*_ repainting- and other re-  movating work, says the Nelson Miner.  The Auj-oj-a.  The tunnel of the Aurora is now in  over 350 feet, and tbo same big showing is in the face. Tiie Aurora is  proving to be a big proposition.  I. A. RICKERS  rjrpoRTi.it anj*- _.-KA.r_rcr_ in  GROCERIES $ PROVISIONS  1 am now selling at 'his price  for cash, or to custonn-rs with  good standing '10   days   net.  Lake of the Woods, tlour per bbl $5.f)0  First class potatoes, per 10d lb*      1.2a  Carrou   per 100 lbs    2.2fi  St. Charles, cream (hotel) per case 6.20  Wednesday evening, June 12th, .There Fuse. Co.   All three spoke  highly ,of.  .-'������.'.    r. ... ,.       ��� ..bo l.ftivr  the town, the mines and  their -tut are  (t-imi'y)  ").75  Jams and jsdlios ]>or lb  .. , 10  in width.    The ore'has'been tested and  found to inako first clusfl iron.  when it will close,  vitod.  Everybody  is in-  >Iot_il Quotations.  New York, June 7.~-yBar silver,  59^- cents. Lead, price for mirier-,  and smelter*',-^4.37-^ at the close. Cop-  per, brokc.-.s' price,$17.00. ,  Lpiulou, June',7.���Lead ��12 Sd'Odi  Tomatoes: per pase.':.  Corn   .A'', ��� " ,   " ,'.-.... . .,',,-;',  Beus   ���'.     A"    "   ;..:,. ������'',-,.  Beans ..      "A"   ,...,.  ...  Sdgiir per 100 lbs.,..,...,.,.,,  Gdv. creamery butter per  lb..  Good black'_feit.A ......... .....  Gfood coffee  ...... ...... A. J J..  Coiil oil  per   ease.   Fresh eggs per case.. .   . 1 Watch our prices each  week  >ire the   only   grocery  house in lowuA  3-ln  'm  2-75  2.16  0/jO  .27  .25  .25  4.00  6.25  we  ���'   1111  Ay  I   1  't  '. "  11  'i:  Ia !���>'  tl.  '   i ���'    .   - '  i ���    ��-1 ��� :, a�� ,  ��� y--f - i  , .'. __,'.- !   .,".   *.'  1     ���*.   Ill*-   '. ���"'  .  f*?r,',<r'  i ^   Li X ��"     . ''  !,"   ftj;* f,    ;    r-    i  '\^fiti''ii'A,  i-#;i-'- ���'..���  '���Ay  S   V       -r      ���  . �����''-'''   >   ;    '     'A,  .{���;������ S> L-).    ���''  ���r.-y'/S'i-   ,   '  ��  *.. .t _.- ,     ,i  '-. .1 1  :MsT V  ,. .: *- ���    '  -' -'; ��������:   i   ,  'iifi. '-.  ' < i't fi I-,    i  r i. ?" '  ;';-.H': '.  ���A.' _r .    Ay  ./;''  .*'   '.H..-''r*  ,'-       I i- f'  .I'I  a.-:  ' , ')"���'(. -*'.  ' ;' ' '  . .,.4*',*%. *; ���������.  '��_'*_*_. l  ���'^Wrf-t        '  ���i'.'te', ���  . '2V-    -  'A-ki ' ''  Al.'Al'H.*'  .  yi Va? - ��� ...  ������iijWSf' .  ' A  '.;;K_: 5  l-|.l*��* v.-.  ...Ay-, '  w,.  ' l:J ���  f -,'  dl '     *    i-    r  ?'r."i{*>.  'i . '  i. i  .:   ���: fy*.  .* ��� ,  _. -   ..'   *T tl 1 *  ���������rfi  >  ���i  t Ai fv *  ?-r.M  I .,���:.  f'^'il^r-::; .' v.  i'-'-.iKAy.-A;  f -' i _ V.) JJ   !     : �����  f.*h!'.  ���:_��i& if tf  (���'. ���-. ���-,���  0--   'A*  l.i    . ��.il *  li-; ..;:.:*'  , ; I; i   PA.  ;��� a;���< er.  i ..-'in.- :.-"'"���  I'V-fot :���"   f  -.'.-^AyA.  H/ftv'.A'V  .[-.'fjl-''���������".">  .       I*'  " i***;  J'I, '  '_.1* -"i  IP,  i   H*  li# ��� ���  ii#'':y:!  '..  *'flr.-   .'    ,>  rwm   "A  iii^!/    -   i.  s-i*-.    -  ffs   " h '  A   il ���     -  ���\\ ?*U*  ..< 4 ..  -��� ir  : 11 >*  A ���* - !  r'.-   .  -   i   iC  ' ��� . '����  u  ��� ��r  i i ' *  ������''���  !:,t  'I  "?_vsfsi*Sfa"  .1  "-���-"-^5?____-*___w��w!����  j DA npD     ' j     TLe action of fh, Bnt*,I;    : ':*::y,^ I HaP  UL:hbL}.U      llon.v.:.Uyc.. Iv.   rui.g   f.-ji:   -.votary j  -   -    - - - ' li*:r.;d.::;cn olril.ej l'.:c p-^o/de as a   bi^ '  MO.M  ID  Published in the iclerect cllhe **-.  of Moyie and Hunt ircctsnay.  'c:Ae i"'urV-������'?���'   Tl.-crp a eiwc'ov_r a thousand  -!>'*-o*hol-"or.-."and they ranged   all  the  .way from ICing F !w.:-d  tiie   I'll  nnd  SKYin ��. cc,   -  -  Pul-Iiche-i*.  the Shah -of Persia   dov a   to   ol  obscure  r.-.T_.3 cr sn_iCc-r.:rTrflj>:,  1 3hil��  V.0..1  clergyman  n.    Ths for  ey   &   McCarter, |XHg   pQST  OFFICE  FORT STEELE. B.C .y~r-*- I '    '    "  Harvey, -.IcCarte? __: AlesijiuJsr.  ' JfnRVIK, B. C.  Barristers & Solicitors  r  -���w^>r.^,yfrrT--^--_i--^fa'*--f.in_f_ihi-av��^^    __, ,nr_,     , , ^ _ , r_*^__i==ii^__?F??^29Miw��aawKjeajsClSj^  ���.. M . .��.   at:   B7-B   lirCT  &-_3  'llJtUG t-5 S?.lTI0*:__RY f>'i"-*T{E.  and    j.(.u_'   v/asher-l  mer eh men!,  is   well i  O jc '_.re_:T���..  ..f'iOO  j able to stand the crash" bnt   many   of  Lhe latter will suiier greatly by  SATURDAY, JUNE 8, lfJ01.  an_crx___(i_K^uj^^uifn.K_ci-,i^_L m'mtrs  gawt-_neKgnigiw_ar<  Mining Stock  Even  Moyie lake   was  out  for  expansion this year.  ."To make hard water soft,*'' wrote  tiie_-genefaiLr-i-iuy_ii-_tt_i-_i._Linji-_-c3f]iffiT-) "pnt  bora^ in it. , To rn.-ike soft water hard,  freeze ft.    .      "       '        '  The ilidway Advance -.ays: Editing  this ji.jper ;s a nice thing. L* wo publish  jokes jieopio say v,*c aie rattle-brained.  If we don't we are an old fossil. Jf we  publish original  matter   they  say   ,ve  OBANJ3BOOK.  i  Daily market prices   by   wire  from Spokane. .  don't give tbein enough eelccti-oiw. If?  we give them selections they nay we I  are too lary to ^rito.    Jf we, den't go I  to churc-h we are l_e.itli.-ii; if wo do we j LEWIS   THOMSON"  Three v.ars ago Jtfoyie had   neither I T h3T��Crifc;   * ��� �����*i��� in ^  of-'  a.po8toffi"ce, a   courthouse,   a   jail,   a    " 7��  2?shi  L��   *> 0,,t  il"d hu.stle  record office, a depot,  or  a   shipping r^\.  U ��� "��.��Ut lhen   ��� a��� nolJ  k    b   attending to busmess.    If we we,ir old-  clothes they-laugh at us.    Ii  wo wear '  good clothes they say we hu--��  a 'jiull.  2STow, what are we going   to  do? ..'Just  as likely someone will   cay    wo   stole  this from otjr exchanges, m) \ve did.  TOILET ARTICLES,  PATENT MEDICIMJS,  OPFIOE BTATIONEEY.,1  SCHOOL 9UPPLJBS.  P. D. HOPE,  rQ*.  J&*ib:\L:fr  mXXm BROKERS ANJB CrEHEEAL AGENTS  ���     ^   iffl  FORT STEELE, KIMBERLEY,    MOYIE' S  V '  ".���ft  r  ������n.-iu^itnr  iroyii:. .13. C  -: ���_*fJ,-wji��ww. i*��tj  mine.    In this   brief, period  wants have been supplied.  11   these  Money has been called tho sugar-  coating of the pill cf, existence. But  how many there are who have to' take  the pill without the costiug.~-Ex-  change.  Notary Putji-ic, Accoum-  t.amt,   Co:-*.i_\_:is?io__i    a.\d  lllSUJ.AKCE AGEiJT.  3I0NEV SO LOAI*.  Moyie,  LAEE   VIEW  HOXTSSi  i  .LAKE  SIlOKp ADPITiOS. j  Board $6.0Q Per Week.  MIIS. WHITEFIEAD,   Proprietress;  '           -_._*-  I        -   4  .   ���(  i'.i  '            -., m "  "*1  .�����  ��'       .  ���^   ����� ^  i,g^Z''-",.-r.j_l'_i_tJUM.�� J if a  A fev/ ..eeks ago" the 'erJitor cf the  Lender had-a notion to buy sone stock  in the British American Corporation.  Instead we bought stock in the _ttoyi--  liVater Co.    Noiv we're "glad of il.  W. F, 6-URD,  With iron at 'Kitchener, galena at  Mbyie and Kimb'erley, gold and cop-  'per at Cranbrook and Fort Steele, aud  ' coal at Fernie, it will be seen that  ' South Ease' Kootenay is pretty well  "'-'hooked up" from a diversified min-  ",eral standpoint.  'Now thai the early closing movement is in vogue let all assist  in   the  ' good work of keepingit so. -Don't, y.)  to,thb merchant and make a ruar be-  cawse he refuses to remain open after  closing Lime.    Get  in   early   or   wait  ��� until the following day.  The    Spokes.cian-lieview'   cut    the  wages,of   their 'pressmen,   and   as   a  result the men walked out.    The stern- j GRAN BROOK  typers   "s^abbijd"   and'got   out   the'  paper.'    As a result the printers  went  on a strike  Lu.l   Sunday   night, ,,..,_J  wei;e out   until   midnight   when   the  managers "yielded and "restored     the)  wages'of the   pressmen  aiid  adjusted'  the scale   cf ' wages' of   the   printers.'  The  boys'brought  the  managers   to.  lime, as   otherwise   no   paper   would  have  uppearecfou   .Sunday' m-Smiii"  The Spoke'sman-Ecsimv and Chronicle  aro   the, best' 'paying'papers   in   the J Port Steele,  northwest and there" is' no  evcuse' for  cutting tne wages' of  tbe  nibh.   The  rifl'aii Juid beeii settled to   the   satisfat.--  ii. a oi M'..  rnjori   nn,n.~Labor dour-1  in!  [(eep Your Byi  Furnishing  y  Poots,; Shoess Hats9 "Gloves, -Ete0  BAl-J-ni-JTKJK, SOLICITOR, 5.TC.  B. C.  E.4. ELTON,  Commissiuu   and   In_it:ra:ice  Agent.  NEW. YORK LIFE,'     '  ' '   LONDON A*TJ) LANCASHIRE.  ' PHOSiVIX OF BEOOKLYN  LONDON'MUTU AL FIRE'  . . Insurance Co.'d  B. C.  COME AND SKB US.  ""I "T" ii i ���   ii li^iwi   -.iiiihiw lif.w-r^*_rit.*T_w  'VrcToniA ^vjs., .Vovik| \\, {i  5,^-JS^ v> rfi \0z, \',v .-, -}z **t \& ~c2  *1 s " " "  Hy the new Imperial  Limited  time  card,which goes into   effect on   June  ' 10th the time between Montreal and  Vancouver will be the same as last  year���100 hours. The train leaves  Montreal at   9.30   a.    in.A, arrives   at  ; Winnipeg two days later at {.,.'.0 a. in.  and reaches'Vancouver on the fourth  day at Ip. m.  If the Western Federation of _Min-.r_.  _ ,       o _  wish to act wisely they will remain'ont  of politics. . Therra are men in the  federation belonging to ali the known  political parties, and this active on  'gagement'in politics by these men  would be sure to cause a rupture in  the body of men that should remain as  ii unic. It can accomplish better results by laying low. -  ,    An editor works 3G5-]-  day per year  to get out fifty-two issues of a paper���  that's labor.    Once in   a  while   somebody pays him a year's  subscription���  that's capital.    And once,   iu   a   while  some dead beat takes the  paper ,for   a.  year or two and vanishes without pay-  'lag for it���that's'anarchy.    But   later  on justice -overtakes   the last   named  creature, for there is a place where  he  will get his  deserts���that's   hell.���Ex.  And Die Mors.. Laughed.  I hitve heard'so many blamed   astea  talk in my time, .that J can understand  burse talk.    Some time a'go in pasting  Ui rough a 'held I s.iw V convention  of  I horses,   and   a"- iinOj   .young   spirited  animal thus adrcssed tbein;  " We are slaves. We ' are jieid and  Cared ior. not for the'love man has fur us  but for 'the uroiiii wo ��� are tJ iiim.  TJiese fields have bben Droken by our  strength., these crop; have been cultivated by us, yet neither tbe fidds nor  the crops aie ours. We are'' fenced  from th'e thingsuwe'h'aye created, by  oie-it.tires that are weaker than we'are.  Why Fhonld we submit? Let us rise  m our 'strength and ��� throw off th'e |  yoke."  But the others beard him with indifference; ami it ��� man approached,  and despite his plunges and frantic  appeals to his indifferent ^companions,  soon had him in harness and .reduced  him lo docility.���Push. '  C P, HIGGTNS...'  Physician and Surgeon  OI'TJCK���FAiU.ELL ULOCK.A  MOYIE, British'Coiunj'biii.  BUTCHER SHOP.  QUEEN'S AVENUE.  -  , PISH, ELESH "  AND    FOWL   ' [  OF THE BEST QUALITY AT LI V,  ^ '   ING PRICES. '   '  J  THE   PROSPECTORS' 'SSXOFAN&E*'    '  inveioi-!      MILL,A& iAUA) )"JH*rt>w w,ntod ut once for E..8teru '<  .Sr"'PfS.!"l-villS ""V'K .I'^Pfrty '��>����� f'u.lo.are  requited   to   sen,} :  t'i  I  i.  Mwantfuv  P'fl.  g .samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for'exhibition.  J We deaire to'hear from pro..peotors  who have   promi-ih  >.   oral claims' in British Columbia. -     ���'���        .-���'"'  SI  4 ��.Telephone No.. 10-1. P.1 6. Box 700..     ��� . -2h.EI.S0Nt. i{. (\  niiij-  Prospector^ and minipg men are /cqucsited   io  mstf-e tlj.. F\-    -  ILV^OE their headquarters wlun in Nelson.    '    "    ' " ,      ," r-  'A" "' ' '"iW b-i ...m|, by expraa-i, PicEPAI,^.            ' $  solicited.    Address all communication.,- ���., -       ;'i  *Ay-disk iv v. uosJbyjsjsnQiui,  m.iyaxx.iraKxjny0t  City   Shaving-   Parlor,  CENTliAL   HOTEL.    '    /0.  WKSLEiT CLtNii. Prop.!  Mnauwwin.n-inc'cfMni  '^y^^J^����^^^^^"��F<^^^^r^^^n -iMvTWa  Moyib, B. O  Send Your Work  ,. CITY  XADNDRY, ;  Wherb it  will  be Done  Satisfactory  P. LUTNER, Peop.  GOOD WOI.K  1'flICES   HEASOXAIU-K.  Conscience is a creature of eduea-  Lion. Many a man who would recoil  in horror at the suggestion lhat he  waylay and rob a, single individual  at the muzzle of a revolver, does not  hesitate to waylay and rob a community at the niturde of an unjust law-  secured through corrupt iullueneos  for selfish purposes. And .men who  do this sort of thing somctimci. give-  largely Lo public charities and receive  ciedit   for   generosity.     The    publiof  Xotico to DeJetiMac--t Co-Owner.  To Jo^oi>li Wilmsliurst, or to r.ny per on or  persons io whom he may ImVe iransfurred his  inteTcit in the Iron _>Iouiuniii mineral claim,  Mtuuted ar the foo! of Movie lake iu the Fort  ateele Mining Division'of the district oi *.i_m.  Kootenay. B. O. ami recorded ir. tiie recorder's  office of tlie Fort'Steele Mibing Divibiou.  You, nnd each of ybv, tre liei-eby notiHed that  X hiuo expended two Iiui'ndrbd c'olli'.rs  in ln'oor  -nd iiirpro".ein'ei-tt'vpc'E_'tho 'above mentioned  mineral cliiim iii ci-der' to "Void'-___<_.   miueiu  claim under the' p'r'c.'i'-isiciisoT tl*e  niiueral  act  and if within ninety ti'iiys. "from 'the dale of   tin s  nou'ee yo.i fail   or  refuse" to"'cdutribute  your  poroportion of such expenditures together with  all costs of advertising," yonr  interests in  'aid  claims will become   the  property of   tho   mi).  scriber under section . 'of nn act entitled '-au  act to Emeud the Mineral Act 1U0O'*  J'*. J.M-'MAlIOy.  Dated at Moyio, 11. O. I hii 7th day oi June' 1001  ".-;.! m.  THE'LAKE   SHORE  Barber Shop.  Hot, Cold and Vapor BathsA  Opposite  Cosmopolitan     Hotel  Uread^leliyered ,   ��  "*    to-any pari o   the city,  PIES,'CASES AND-ETC  " "   ' '        .,      i  'd Always on Haxd.;  ���  A. SLINK"; Prop.  1 '   ^ o  IF YOU ABE A  JUT) GE ^a3^^^SES��fcv^  f OP hojtKSTIC A_N"���J  1MPOKTF.D        '  PIPES AND TOBACCOS,  Call and examine.my  new  stock and you will be   con-  .vinced that I have the   best  brands there are in the mar.  ket.  D. J.'ELMER'S   Cigar   Store/  Xc.\'t door to Kootenuy Hotel.  Victoria street, "iloyie. 13. C.  ���   :, ������   "      ' T. 'V. LOWEST, Proprietor.;'  -Miners   headiiiiarters.   , Good' ^lubooimod Uions   for   traveler.-..  -"'     A liquors "And cigms kept iu stock.'  Lake Shore Addition : ��� .MOYIE B, C.  By.sl  ���'. 11.4  1 AE4 ; -   JDJLaju  o  r leer  eer.niway  auality not' excelled, m tfee country,' Try it am  be .eonviiiced.  Vf. 1_.  >*OJtSV I'roj.,  MOVIE DAIRY.  flAWIE S BRENTONI  __���_���-___-_. x**SLmzx*mxxvm*tt& �����  * '  *��"--���7'        HA-TPf     't  A 9   fl   H.   B    S      H "-1  S    i ��  ) 3  ��� !  YI  Fresh   now   milk  parts of town   twice  tion guaranteed.  .delivered   to   all  -"���   d,jy.    Ga.li_.fac-  Mrs. Adelaide Dill, Prop.  nnMcnracnraratfewvw  ���EOE~  . HEAVY TEAtotf*?  ..���ALSO���  l ^ **l  Baggagje,    Express   a.vd    Gjjseral  P-_r.IVEUY.  MOYIE.  JORMSTOft   BMOS. T  Thw Hotel is New and well Purnished.  Tiie 1  WAN-TL'D-TKDSTWORTUY Ml!.. AND women to truvel aiid'itd\-erti.sc.for old pstn Wished  liou-e of '.olid finiuicial staiicliny. Sal.iiy ^TSOu  :.eariuid e\psiises, nil nnyahlc in cash. .S'ocnri-  viisinifr-friin'rod. i.ivo references and c'nelu_.e  self ad(li,e_.ed .stumped envlope. Ad'dre... aJ:in  siiji'i-, '.)'���>'> Carton Bldg., Chicngo, I-J  conscience needs to bo  awakened  and  properly schooled.���W. J. Bryan.  MKmwomr^nn'  , According to newf-pa^-r reports,  Bernard AJacdoindd is poing to ft,roe  a light on the Western Federation. A  Jaige force of men has been laid of!' at  J'ho jNorlhport Hrneltcr and at tho Lo  "Hoy mino ;vith the evident calcrJation  pi breaking up the labor organization...  ^lacdonuld is spoiling for ;i fi^h t and  i*o will certainly get it. All the money  fnat the Whifcaker Wright corporation  rmd the Gooderhnm-Blackstock syndicate can dig up will not be a circuinstance to which it will cost.to drive  (.he Miner's Union out of Itosslaad, If  tho owners of the.Le  Roi  and ' Center  kotick. '  Notice Jk herchy given that IJ\). IJ. Murtin,  miner, intend GO days ��f|Ci date to apply to the  ehie'f coinmissio'ier of lr.nd-- nnd work.-, for u  .'���lx'f.ii.llii-'ense unilrr liirul net to nut and carry  inlay limber on the follmsritr described liunh  situftl.il in  the   .minify   of the   upper .*_o_i_  EAST KOQTINAr BO;iTLiflp GO.  CRANBROOK, B' C.  Areated Waters pf all  Kinds.  Overs'Solicited.  Soda Water, "and-Syphens.  i -  Juke tov.it: .Son!Invest corner poM ..itt-.nicd  nb'iul ore liulf mile noriheust of .l!o\re river  fn!Is-: then')" mirth   ,.n  chaiiw,   ihe-iee   eiist  80 1  jr,  cli.'liir-, tl'i'i'i" Vnlli>  rli  m-,  thvnec  v.-est SO'  chain., to |i_,\co of i uiiii.n .icen-.'-i ;  D. H. .MAliTIN'  J>royJo, 13. (_, rev, 2.*.ih 1901, ::-<.>;  '*5  I 13 3c  Li  I (ft  \to  ��>  \(n  �������  6  '.a  t.\\ 3ioirn_,  the �� est Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  AGENTS   EOH -PABST'ri   MILWAUKEE BI.EB. J  HEADQUARTERS  FOR .COMMKRCIAL \  AND MINI.NG MEM    ' '    J  ��� ��� ,       ���        ���  j__i.--_r_.si_ c-oi-.liiibi.v vs  ���mct,tr+im.m\wn*  **H*w&*a%WWwmBHm*K  lj��JU.'rCT_ME,-wm3--m i^tfi>Li*^'.itiLp^i>iMmuvm-^  FOB FI3STS  }.*GTlC'i:.  Xotloe Is hereby Riven that I, r.on J. Hylcy,  miner, intend f-tsty dayn after date to  apply.to tho iphiuf commissioner, of land, and  works for a special license tinder laud net to  ciir and cirry a-wny tinil'ier on. the following  de'��e.vibedl'iiiids situated in the vicinity of the  Star want lo conserve their own inter-. \^i^',u'^ ^ ^uZ  osU-they Will give Barney  Macdonald   .&��  will,     ���u"-'����-'-e-sprUh-0 ciittiiis.. to   the.'|jlue'e  of.  com-  With-   meneoment.  . BKN J, K'/LKV,  i j Moyie, U. C. Feb. :_3lh .1001. ! . :_;-...  ml Edniond B. E'irby the g.  b.  cnt delay.���Saudou Payatrcak. ���  3Sa  IllOLSON,  PriceB Giveb,  and   Orders  Taken on' '  Everything  in the Printing  Line at th�� ���  ADDBEBS  California "ITST-hjol�� ���J^^  NELSON.  _ LN A*i'-l  .<.;:ivi,_Sh  r'.,/  'A A'^S  ii.-y  'cun  t-tt^WXWIWIf iq-*-U-��M_ll.lh.>-,.,^H,..��.T  _-r.*-f  A  r-  i.  T  \A  -��.  *.,j J.__��*��� I  ���A^Wreln  ,,   "'^(rSm^St'        *.  n-mith's  YBH  1  tf.jAA. xMauKksbib, I'l'.oui'iinor,  E-.:-"S.wyS  a  -.-l,T.-S3_fty o o t , _���  r,  |,M  *��� SS I9 1W' i*i vti-  V  na.j  The   Hotel for the masses.   My&sythinK, fim  '" in .every.!'respect.  -Sample Adorns for.  ������; OommerGial:iMen.  ��� 'British Columbia  ^i^i^^^il^l^ra^^^^-^^^^ r'-L*-?  l-AM  5 f  =i_.  rf*  THE MOYIE LEADER.  MOYIE,    B.    C.  . sif.  MR, GAGM'BETTER,  Ts  ' *  c.  EXHIBITION, ATTRACTIONS.  F. IV. ITeubach, general ramnager of  the  Winnipeg-    Industrial  exhibition,  ���who has been in the east for the last  three weeks, in connection -with    attraction features and other business,  has  returned   to  Winnipeg.  Mr.   Heubach  is  quite  enthusiastic over     the  prospects     of this,year's exhibition.  On  being  questioned  as   to  his  success  in  securing- a desirable' list     of  attractions,     he    replied:     "I  found  that really.,    good attractions   were  r^  extremely .scarce and hard'to secure,  *��� "'/$ owing to .the fact that a large mim-  ,'",j*jj| her of th'e performers will be engtig-  "_,,N.   ed at.the Pan-American fair this'sea^  Prominent    Quebec    Gentleman  Cured of Kidney Disease.  is  Foliowed the Advice or ��g Advertisement  nnd Secured Jtf-Kiiltij ��.o Sx-iKfactory  Uint he has Given Hi_ own Testimonial  l*or Publication.  -��_���  I      XI  ���S$  y  son; but despite these adverse circumstances, I consider that the nucleus, atany rate, of one of the most  ��� excellent"   programmes of attractions  ���ever  seen  in  this country  has    been  , Tot together." ' ,  Among the attractions'secured  are  Mie following : ' '  The four , Lockhart . educated    ele-  jrhantt from the Crystal palace, London, England.   They give ono apow-  rful revelation-, as to the extent    to  which" animals can  be trained.  Charles March,' the bicycling won-  r'er, who rides up a ,chute 150, feet  ������n'- length, and down 90 feet,' when  ** he chute breaks abruptly, and the.  : idcr dives 40 feet into a tank of  water.  ���Jean  P.   NYeitzmoji.' .and   his sister,  jYQIc.   WeitanMin.   high  wire  artists.  ��� ;The Faust family  of acrobats.  [Frank  Da    Mondue,     an    eccentric  gymnastic clown, and several other  '*-. thc best variety artists on the  vontinent  will  be  in  attendance.  The pyrotechnics will comprise thc  *�� ego oi Tien  T.-*in,  and will bo  one ,  ��� i*  the'most, fan las Us   and . brilliant  cxbibiti-ons   of'    fireworks  ever    -witnessed.  Point    Du Pic,     Quebec,   May 6.���  (Special)���Henry  Gagnon  is better.  < This announcement . will  be hailed  with  pleasure' by  his   many  friendi,  who knew of his long illness.  For years, Mr. Gagnon has suffered  with Kidney' Complaint. ..What' he  has qndured ia beyond description.  Everything he tried failed to cure  him. ' '��� '  He had read' many advertisements  of how people were cured of Kidnev  Complaint by the 'use of Dodd's Kidney Pills)' and' at last- determined to  maJke one more try. Happily for,Mr.  Gagnon, he had' at last .found the  sovereign remedy ior all Kidney Complaints.   Now he is well.   He says :  "I,have used Dodd's, Kidney Pills  and although at lirst I had little  faith, I am happy to say that now I  am completely cured of Kidnev Complaint. Dodd's Kidney Pills are a  grand ��� medicine,   and  I shall  always  RfCH, RED BLOOD.  ABSOLUTELY    NECESSARY     TO  HEALTH AND STRENGTH.  TliVnuj-li the ISlood Every Organ, Every  Nerve and Kvery Tissue in the JSody is  N'uuriHlu-iI���ir .IiuJt.oo.l iMiiijmrellls-  ���.���aie Tnkc-M ]'orfsc_,>,Jc.i. of the System. ,  .  If you want to be well take care, of  the blood. The blood is aptly termed  Uie vital fluid, and it is   through it  that every organ and every tissue of  the body is nourished.   If, the blood  becomes  impoverished  the entire ,svs-  tem is in. danger of abreakdown, and  what is termed anaemia,  general  debility,  or even consumption,  may be  the result.   Prudent people occasionally take a tonic for the purpose of  keeping the blood pure,' but the unwell are those to whom this article  is  chiefly  valuable, as it     will  point,  out an easy and speedy means to renewed  health.   Mrs.  Joseph Herbert,  who keeps a grocery at the corner of  St;  Germain  and > Hennoine street's,  St. Sauveury Que., tells the following  story of' broken health and renewed  vigor:   ','1 suffered for many months,"  said Mrs. Herbert, , "from  an impoverished   , condition     of .  the    -blood  recommend  them  to  those who  may |,couIJlcd with extreme nervousness,   i  be suffering as-1 was,"  "There have been many kidney mod  Port Mulgrave,. June 3,  1897.  C. C.  -RICHARDS  & Co.  Dea-r Sirs,���-MINARDIS LENT!MENT  is my remedy for colds, etc. It is'the  best liniment I have ever tiscd.  ��    '    MRS.' JOSIAH  HART."   '  ' }*M A dollar in the hand is' worth two'  - * t_  B?��&��^ts_l. Never  *m .a will.  _sa  contradict a    woman when  icines offered for sale in this province from time to time.- Some' have  failed to even relieve, a few others  have given temporary.relief, but only  one. has cured permanently rand completely every case'-of Kidney trouble,  and that one is Dodd's Kidnap,.P..Is.  There "seems to be no case of Uncu-  matis , Lumbago,, Sciatica, Kidney,  Bladder or,- Urinary Trouble, that  this wonderful medicine will not immediately relieve, and permanently  cure, and Mr, ' Gagnon's wonderful  restoration amply ' proves the truth  of- this statement.  Dodd's Kidney Pills are the only  remedy known to Science that has  eves cured Bright's Disease, Diabetes  or Dropsy.��� , ;    .  Sweet are the iises of, adversity ,-  but sour are the uses 'of asperity:  '.Ancestors often resemble, potatoes���  the best of them are under ground.  M for Minard's and' tale bo otlier.  _NTever judge a man by his coat. Ho  may, have borrowed it for the occasion.  ftaie is abusing her husbamd.  '���mmM  _fsfi!  $��! ,No fnmily   living   in aAbillou**. country  A-should  be without- Parmelee's    .Vegetable  "lulls.   A fewdoi-ea.taken now and then will  k��-ep (he liver active,  cleanse the ttomach  m  Charity covers -a multitude of -sins,  and- tailors cover a multitude of sinners.  ; Pills nnd find them tbo. best medicine foe  .Ferer and Ague I havo ever used."  Pine feathers may not    make   fine  birds,   but they make soft pillows'.  .   There's hpnor      among' thieves���especially when they hang together.  POWDER 25c  3fc$B[  !'-���'  m  m  'mm  A PoutmlstrcBB  Geo��ral.  Few people have ever heard of a ���poet-  mistress general, but one did exist And so  long ago as the early part of the eighteenth century.  The Countess Gildcnlore,  ,   or Dorothea Krag as she was "known officially, was a Dane, and she filled tlie office of postmistress .general in her native  land  from 1703 to 1711.   Her.methods  wero  somewhat  crude,   but  from  them  hare sprung the present postal system of  that country, which are perhaps the best  la the.world.  "Move Tear Bed From the Wall.  Among the rules given by a physician  to, promote longevity is one forbidding  the placing of the bed against the wall  says tho Jacksonville Times-Union and  Citizen. This is in accord with lh��  advice of another scientist, who demonstrated some time ago that the layer of  air M-ithin a few inches of the wall of  the average bedroom, with no ventilator  but tho window, is not disturbed by tW  draft.  Another  Prophecy.  An assemblage of bloomer clad ladles  dined together on Jan. 1, lSol, in' New  iork. Speeches were delivered and  prophecies made that the second half of  the century would witness the emancipation >of ��� woman anil the reform of her  dress and that before the eighteen him-  ���li-'-ds liiul run ont the petticoat would bo  J-imvixiilv shfMl. The prophecy has not  I'i*---'! c'uiic fuliillcd.  OAIT BECOMMEND IT.-Mr. Enos Born-  orr& TD^arSfa' writes* "I am pleased to  say that Dh. Thomas' Eclkctrk. On. i8 aU  Uat you claim it to be, as,we have been  xmng it for years, both'internally and externally, and have always received benefit from  ita use. Jt is our family medicine, and I take  .Treat pleasure in recommending it."  tt is not necessary  for a, man     to  be poor to be honest,  but sometimes1'  it seems necessary for a man to    ,be  poor if he is honeat. -  Where ��an I get some of. Hollo way's Cora  Cure?.. I was entirely cured of my corns by  this remedy and I wish some more of it for  my friends. So writes. Mb. J.-W. Bkowh,  Chicago. ,  was very pale and  felt languid and  indisposed  to exertion.   A dizzy  sensation   ou     arising   quickly  from     a  chair,   or- coming - down��lairs,    often  troubled     me.     Tiie    least   exertipn  would'leave me almost out'of breath  und   my  heart  would  palpitate- violently, while at other times I would  feel ,a  smothering  sensation.     Often  my face, and arms would swell    and  puff,, and  the    a/ms  become ' almost  useless.  ;T, doctored'more or  less for  the trouble, but did not get any real  benefit until I began, the use'of  Dr  Williams' Pink' Pills.   I had been using.thc juils only a few weeks when  I found myself growing stronger and  better   in   every    way.   I   continued  taking    the . pills     for   nearly three  months���for I was    determined ' the  cure    would  be  thorough���btit sometime     before    I discontinued     using  them I felt in better health thax*     I  had enjoyed, for    years  before.      My  sleep is now healthful and refreshing,  my appetite    excellent,    and I    feel  equal to almost any exertion.   I feel  tliat I owe all- this  to Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills,  and  it  will  always give  me .pleasure to recommend them."  "  It is  the mission of Dr.     Williams'  Pink. Pills to make-rich,   red   blood,  nourish the nerves,  tissues and various organs of the body, and thus bv  reaching, thu root of the trouble drive  disease from the system.   Other medicines act only upon the symptoms ,of  the disease, and when such medicines  are discontinued   the   trouble returns  ���often  in  an aggravated  form.      If  you want   ,health   and strength'   he  sure  you ��� get ���Uie  genuine    with  the  full name "Dr.    Williams' Pink Pills  for    Pale    People"    on   the  wrapper  around   every   box.      If    your- dealer,  cannot  supply you  the  pills  will   be  sent  post  paid at .50' cents  a    box. j  or -six  boxes   for  ��2.50,   by. addressing the Dr.  Williams'     Medicine Co.,  BrockvilJ.,  Ont. , ,  THE DEADLY COBRA.  tt*w Venomoni Creature I�� H��n��l����  T��r Hindoo  Snake Charmer*.  The creatures were, on the defensive,  but  not  one   of  them   attempted   to  strike at the master, who sat serenely  In front of them, so long as he did  nothing to annoy them.   Kullan talked  to thein iris if thoy were his dearest  friends.   After a time one or the other  'of tbem would'lower its head, collapse  its hood and begin to try to wriggle  away.   Whereupon Kullan would give  It a smart little rap on tbe tall with  his stick and bring it instantly to attention again.   Whether this man possessed any special magic over these cobras or whether the description givOn  below of how he could handle and play  with them was simply due to his method I cannot say.   He himself repudiated the idea of magic and asserted positively that any one who had the necessary nerve and dexterity could do  exactly the same.  He used co reed Instrument or music af 'any kind to propitiate the reptiles.   Ho would" simply squat on his  haunches ln front of them, and. after  they' had  been   hissing   and  swaying  tlieir uplifted heads backward and'for-  ward for,a few- minutes, be raised liis  bands  above their heads nnd  slowly  made them descend till they rested on  the snakes'  heads.   lie  then  stroked  them gently, speaking all the lime In  the    most    endearing    Hindoostnnce  term*.    The serpents appeared  spellbound.   They made no effort to resent  the liberty,  but remained quite still,  with heads uplifted, and seemed rather  to enjoy It   Presently his hands would  descend down  the necks about three  inches   below   the   beads,   his   fingers  would close loosely around' the necks,  and he would lift them off the ground  and place them on his shoulders.   The  looseness of tbe grip appeared to be  the main secret.'' The snakes, being in  no way hurt, would then slowly crawl  through  his  fingers  and   wind 'themselves round  his  neck,  his  shoulders  and his arms.   They appeared to realize that no harm was to be done'thein,  and   they   made   no-, effort, to   resent  the handling.     He would  pick them  gently off one arm and place them on-  the other and,' in fact, stroke tbem and  pet them as if they had  been ca pair  of harmless worms. .,      '  o  ���     ���'     -     cm   . . ��   '      i  -   J  A.   Great   Sii_K-cr'n   Sncrincc*.     .  To be a great singer requires many sacrifices.  ' Melba never allows herself any sweets,  although she is passionately fond of  sweet' things.  Semhrich eschews pastries, but confesses to a,frequent and intense longing  for things of ,this kind.  Nordica, while she does not absolutely  taboo all sweets and-rie"h dishes, has  allowed herself little indulgence in such  things since she became a singer.  Emma Eames is very strict about her  diet, and her daily life is laid out by  rules from which she seldom diverges, no  matter how great the temptation. ' ,.  She never sees any one or roads any  letters _ or telegrams the day she is to  sing, either at a matinee or an evening  performance, aiid she never accepts any  invitation for the evening before. Every  day, no matter how disagreeable the  weather, she goes for'a walk.  Almost all singers remain indoors .in  the morning, either resting or practicing,'  and 'do not go out until after 2 o'clock.  Wine must be avoided.  Calve once declared that she was pin-  h.g ro sit down to a big, rich, hearty ���  workingman's dinner, -where she could  eat just what she wanted, without ever  having te think about'consequences or  having any one remind her that she had  a voice.  Patti has sacrificed everything to her  tf.:lent. "1 owe the'preservation of my  voice to the fact that I never allow tny-  g;If to forget that I 'am a singer," she  Eds said. '"It is often inconvenient, but  it is the penalty I must pay for a great  gift."  Don't-despise little things. A quart  jug( will hold more liquor'than the  average man.  The mill may be unable to grind  with^ the water that is past, but tho'  hand' organ grinds thc. same old a.ii-  over  and  over again.   '  a perfect liquid dentifrice for ?h$  Teeth and Moulli  New Size SOZODONT LIQUID, 25c   #fe EP" *>  SOZODONTTQOTII POWDER, 25c    d# &&*>  Large LIQUID and POWDER, 75c   fSni ��__*  At all Stores, or by Mai_ for the price,  HALL & RUCK EL, Nov/ Yoric.  None  but the grave  monument.  deserves    tho  A TIGRESS V/ITH A .GRUDGE.  She Gets Fnrlons at Sight of a Keeper Who Once Bent Her.  There is a lean tigress In the Central  park menagerie who spends a part of  the day beating her head against the  Iron bars of her cage, in a vain attempt  to spring upon one of the keepers.  Ordinarily the animal is quiet enough.  It Is only when this keeper passes  that she ceases to be a purring cat and  becomes a fiend incarnate. The' other  morning the tigress was in an extremely bad temper. When her, fancied enemy stuck a mop In through the bars  Man, Poor Man.!  He cannot put ia puff round his elbow  when'his sleeve's wear out.  His friends would-"smile if he disguised  a. pair of frayed trousers with graceful  littler,shingle flounces.' "    .  '  He   would   likewise   be   guyed   if   he  sought to cover the ravage of a spark.,  from his cigar with an applique of evqp  the finest lace. ,  The poor thing must shave every other  day at the outside or pose as an anarchist. . c'  He has to content himself with somber  colorings or be accused of disturbing the  peace. ������ ' ��� ,  He may not wear flowers or ribbons la  his hair, no matter how bald he becomes.  His'heirs would have'a guardian appointed should he take to lace trimmed  lingerie.  The feathers ia his cap-are as nothing  It may be more blessed to give  than to-receive, but with most people this is only a" dress parade theory.  _He���"Why do girls spend so much  time and money on dress?" ' '  She (candidly)���"To interest the  men  and worry  other girls."  She^���That was such' a funny story  you told me yesterday about- a donkey,  Mr.  Griggs. *  He���Do you think so?  She���Yes, indeed, after this whenever T see a donkey .it will remind  mo of vou..-  to clean her cage, she sprang at him,   from the decorative standpoint,  growhng In .thunderous bass.  'Nearly      Hermay not take unto himself a lace  ���.       ..-.,-_ ._ , ...��   overskirt when his pearl trousers become  dingy.   ,  He can't edge hia "coat, sleeve with a  A woman laughs when she can and/,  weeps when sne will. ,    '��� <  Tlio   Spcco   of   (Jrltlnh   (tntIw:t_ra.     '  Tin- high grade rates of the big rank.  ways In Croat Britain are shown ln a.  table   prepared   by   tlie   Westminster ,  'SHx.'-tiH.    There ils not a CO miles ao  hour run in the lot. but the Caledonian -  In.ids  the table  with  a  OT  miles  per  hour "run  from   Forfar  to  Perth,  dla-  ninec :>,__>/... miles.   The Croat N'o'rl bern  come.*, nesi as a north going line with  ii'i.'J i-._iles from Petersborougb' to Fins'  bury   I'm...     TheJ  biggest   thing   the'  Southwestern does i.s fv-1.3 miles from ,  Olvi'linmpion to Yeoford junction ���14"^  miles-   run, In   Hi   minutes.     The   blgy  efi'c)*-!.�� of the f3rent Western are made-  lrn/ii f'juliliiigton io Hath at 54.2 and to ''  hc.-iiiuiigioti ut  the rate of fi-1.3.    The  , .M'lllnnd   has'a  spurt   from   Kettering,  iu  Noitimrliam at f>3.fj,  wliile the premier lino,  the  London anil North western. i'iijoys si'a historic- run from  Pen-  nth to C.rewe. ,12.'.'/,  miles, at the rate  of r>.. !> or a journey run of 2 hours 17v>  _1_IIH1U'S. ' ,  everybody in the crowd, stepped back  involuntarily. The keeper placed an  iron bar In the eage.a't the, great cat's  feet andwent on with his work, while  the animal snarled ln Impotent rage  and drew back her upper lip over two  gleaming white fangs. '   '  "She doesn't seem to be fond of you,"  ventured a bystander.  "No, there isn't much love lost between us," replied the keeper. "Her  tantrums show that animals treasure  grudges just like people.   That tigress  COLIC- AND KIDXEY  DIPPrCULTT.-  &i\VV,TWi,der,i^F,;Lc,argeTille'N-T'jl came here eight,years ago.' A day or  writes:   _'^am subject to severe attacks of  ���*���.��� ���������,. �����,���     ' .JAdi T ,._ , .    uay,.  Deafness Cannot Be Cured  Cohcand Kidney Difficulty, and find Parmelee's Pills afford me great relief, while all  o'.her remedies have failed. They are the  best medicine I have ever used." In fact so  great is the power of this medicine to cleanse  and. purify,, that diseases of almost every  name and nature are driven from the body.  Man   proposes,   and    the girl  sends  him around to papa to see if he op  poses.  by local aDphcationa, ns they cannot reach the  diseased portion of the ear. There is only one  way to cure deafness and that is tir constitu-  tionul remedies Uc-al'tiess is caused "by an in-  "alned-coudltion of the mucous lining of rh��  KubLV^ HIM'S LIMENT in Qb HmiCB.  hearing, and when it is eutireh* cloee.i deafness  is the result, and unless rhe Inflammation can  tie taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by ca-  r.���! which is nothing but an Inflamed coa-  aitioii of the mucous surfaces.  we will give One Hundred Dollars for ��nr  case of Peafness (caused by catarrh) that can  not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for  olrcnlfips, free.  , F. J. CHENEY & OO.', Toledo, O.  Sold by Druggists, 7..c  Hall"- Famil} _?U_8 are tho best.  Bride fweeping)������ You complain  about thc ' meals already, and I  thought you might at least close one  eye to the cooking thc .first month  we were married.  The Hungrj- Husband���My dear, I  have ' closed   both     eyes,   but things  Lore's  supposed  blindness hns cost  the gas companies many a dollar.  OVER THE  OCEAN.  rt��  cures coughs and colds A at  \once.\ \Ve don't mean that it  |relieves you for, a little while  I it cures. It has been doing  .this ior half a century. It has  AtiS saved hundreds'."'of thousands  ��f lives. It will save yours if  you give it a chance.'  I enughed and raised continuously. Could  not attend to business. One bottle of Shiloh  stopped the cough nnd restored me,to perfect  nealthj I  It is the prevailmiT opinion 'among con-  trnc-ilnl observers that Austria is about  to be disrupted, witli the immediate result of sovL-riii_i tin- connection with Ilun-  ga ry. ������ LJ a 11 i i n o re S u n.  The nflair dra^s along dangerously in  Peking, a menace to the peace of the nations involved and lit lie lo.**** than a scau-  d.-il  to our boasted civilization nnd sense  of right and justice.���New Vork llyrald.,  VFil! th'e'British.emperor .try'to tcacbd'  his nephew how to'be ari emperord without   hoi rig. a soldier, or will   tho German'  etiiperor trydtq teach his ���uncle how to be  an   emperor   and .''.a   soldier?���St.. Louis  Post-Dispatch.  The ndvan-t-agt- of an alliance .between  f-uglriii'dyind'-Geriiiaiiyis that the former'  supplements the splendid -anuy'of the latter, with her -powerful fleet, thus forming-  ,u.cornhiiDiiion too formidable to be rashly-  attacked by any' power- or alliance��� Baltimore Ji'merieaii. ���'  There are so many oough wediolnes In  the market that it is sometimes difficuW  to tell whioh to buy; bub if we had a  oough, a cold or any affliction of t__��  toroa. or lungs, wo would cry Biokle's  Anti-Consumptive Syrup. Those wh��  have need it think It is far ahead of all  otfcor preparations recommended for such  complaints. Tho little folks like i* as i.  as pleasant as syrup.  Superstition would soon die out  if it had few nurses to minister to  its wanl��.  He who is unwilling, to fill a place  he is fitted for will find no place fitted  for him.  MAM'S LINIMENT is used by Physicians.  ',, Women ' as  a   rule  are   'willing to  shut up'.when, money gets ready    to  talk.'- "Ay    "      ;   i- ,- v.. ....,.:,-,....,- ���.-,:-.  two after she arrived I had to punish  her, and she has never got over it.  She watches me all day out of the corner of her eye, and every time I go  by tbe cage she makes a jump. I suppose she thinks she'll get me some  time.- If she does, I might as well say  goodby."  While the man talked the tigress  looked at him with bate plainly stamped on her face. When he went away,  she watched him until he was lost to  view. Then she resumed her nervous  tramp, tramp.���New York Mail and  Express.  Profit* Sa B-rnctfonc. of Cents.  It   is   most  astonishing   that   trade  in these day3 Is making Its enormous  profits In the fractions of a cent   In  one of the cities of the couutry there  -was a  bank president who gave  his  millions   for   philanthropic   purposes.  During his life, even on the days when  he was almost too Infirra to walk, be  would trudge sadly amd  brokenly  to  bis borne.   One day a man met him on  the street and,said:  "Why don't you take the street car?"  He    Instantly    replied, . "My    dear  friend, do you appreciate the fact that  a hundred dollars would have to work  half a week to pay that fare?"  And yet he gave two millions to a  library and another million to a hospital. That Is the spirit of modern  money making. On the one hand It  gets the millions through the .fractions  of cents, and witli the other It spends  thev millions without regard to decimal's  tall of,lace to hide a scarred or maimed'_  hand.���  A pink veil is out of the question, no  matter how muddy his complexion may  become.    l  As for covering up the stain made by  at careless'waiter with a jabot���no!  Moral: We're glad we're a helpless wo-  ��an.���Philadelphia Record.  JVot an Ideal Guest4.  An ideal hostess once had Rudyard  Kipling as guest for several days aud, being of a literary turn of mind, was naturally honored by the event. Naturally,  also, she wished to exhibit him. but this  the gentleman frowued upon, threatening  to leave the house, if she so much as  mentioned his presence.  She swallowed her disappointment and  entertained her friends just as if the peal  of  the  doorbell   did   not   send   the   distinguished   guest   scurrying  to  his   bedroom, to remain until the visitor had departed.    At the termination of his visit  ,her tongue was loosened���she talked "to  her heart's'content.    But one-half of her  friends 'doubted the truth of her statements, because they d^d not understand  the delicacy which compelled her to obey  the wishes of a guest.    She was a true  hostess, but he was a surly guest, inasmuch as itwould not hurt him to appear  for an hour to meet her friends, and the  act would have given her an amount of  pleasure.���Pittsburg Dispatch.  Too  Mac!:' Kor Thorn.  Bobbs���Old   man   Rocks  doesn't   secm'-  worricd  because hi.- boy is" in the hands  of kidnapers,' Seems to think they'll turn  him.loo.M- without luusom.  Dublin��� Yes.    Vou sl-o. the lad is a boy  orator.��� Baltimore  American.   -  ������ ������ '^��� .. *  v   . Patv'h I.IttJo Fan. . -   .  The world Mumi .���i_.li.i_-t. '  "They are ni:ii-ryu,g in haste!" e*ccIaJm-"  ed tin- wurlil iu dun-in- '  "Tv.i more Im.-t.. puddings.'" remarked  due (uie, sou,, v..c.-. ami laughed with  exiieine  immnden.ij(.n.-I)_..ruit .luurauJ  Keputatioa  established. -10y-*r��"t_KL ^Tioma^dStl?  Encourage it. 13EWARE of American Papei-  Felting, which cracks in our climate. For sam  pies an J testimonials apply to  W. G. FONSECA, (Sole Agent.)  664 Main Street, "WI]_7Xip*eQ  Issuer of Marriage Licenses,  Supplies for all m^kos of sewing machines  9     WHEELED & WILSON  -3 lortageave. SEWING MACHINE CO.  The: new theatre in Paris, Prance,  is said to be th/_."largest in the world  ���it covers in all about three acres.   ;  J. J. TAGGART, Toronto.  ."���"ly-is -l^!,!1<-h.'s Consumption Curo'ln sold by all  !LW ?- R&sts ,u ��*n��"���� ��nd tf.ilt.ocl Htntfa ,,t  W r '����� *����'... S*-00 ii bottle.   In Great Britain  iSS wwi4""' 3<1",.,an** I-"** G"     A printed  f�� ,f"*ru"toe Roc*  with ov&ry bottle.    Jf yon  k��tjM y ������  Isfk  hnX_!,�� for ilIustrated'bool{ <*"��� Consumption     Se��t  fW ��Ut cost to >'ou-  s- C Wells & Co., Torwto.  Ready to Kvgotlnte.  Her .Father���You have been paying attentions, to niy .daughter. Vou haven't proposed yet V-,,  His Lordship���Not yet, sir. A  Her Father���Now. let ns come right  down to business. 'What will you take  uot to propose'.���Brooklyn Life.  Ccnowllf  Well Like-..  "Does your new ollice clock give satisfaction?"  "Yes; it keeps such unreliable time  that the clerks come nnd go ���� they  please."���Chicago Record-  MINARDT LIMEHT LMterM's' Friend.  The new British commandor7i11-.cl1i.ef  in India, Sir Power Palmer A is an  immense man, 6 feet 4 in. in'height,  and in familiarly known in Anglo-Indian circles as   "Long P."  Pteren ta buy Mother Gra-ves' Worm Bs-  terminator because thoy know it is a safe  medicine for their children and an effectual  expeller of worms.  S��u&r*�� euyGonscctitive B-araberti.  Squares of consecutive numberis,,us  0, 1, 2. 3, 4, etc., may be formed by the  EiJnpIe rule: To the square of the preceding number add tbe preceding number and the number Itself. 'Thus;  ���   .:   o��=o-...-  is=0+0+l=l   ������-���'������  A 2J=��l+l+2��4  8*__,4+2+S=9  "' ������  _s_=9+3+___,-6.  The algebraic proof is:    A~  (__+l)?-x"+2x+_.  y ���.;������������ : -=x��+x+(x+jy  ���New York Sui  Clieerfnl Ilonte*.  Handsoma furniture will not, unaided,  make a home cheerful. The charm of a  cozy home rests principally with the  housekeeper. If she is fortunate enough  to have sunny, well lighted rooms her  tasl< is half done.  In apartments into which the sub neve*  shines recourse must be made to various  devices to make up, so far as may be,  for this grave lack. A sunless room should  have bright furnishings. The walls should  be warmly tinted, the curtains should give  a roseate glow to tho light that passes  through them. An open fire always adds  br;<:htness and an air of comfort' to the  room.    ,     ..'      '. ������      , A . ��� ���  An attractive rooni should not be too  orderly. A book left lying on the table,  a bit of, needlework, an open piano may  indicate the, taste and occupations of the  inmates without suggesting that there is  not a place for everything In that room.  There;-is such a thing as being too neat  and orderly in a home for the: comfort  of the inmates.     ,  Ii-atrninexi.i., t>r��i����. Uniform!., Etc.  EVERY TOWN  ChU HAVE A  MD.  -rA'.r*3'!' P.JC0S <*ver- .noted. Kiue cauiowu*  .v.. illustrations m_.il_.d free. Write us for ally  thine in Muhio or aiusl<��l Instruments.  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In March, 199-j, in   the   second i \mg to the family ut ail.    We had no  year of Cleveland's hi?t administration,   end oi relations, and ho was a general  Mr. Coxev went into politic, in   a  re- {favorite with all,  even  pouic he had  ,   ,," .       , . I never seen, for thoy would die ana Leave  marfcibly.--pec.ac._lar, way even for a | him Ugaciea. He was constantly get.  Populist. Br.-idstrectg at,tnat time re | tics' sorno little "windfall" cf this  ported S01,(K)0 workingnien our. of em \ kind, till at length Charley Wiburn'o  plovment in the 100 large cities in   the ' luck"  became a    general    catchword  among us���a synonym for all that wns  lacky and fortunate.  One morning- at breakfast���wo were  artists and shared the same rooms and  Btudio���he rcbeived a bladc-edg-ed let-  , "United States. Factories were closed  and business was prostrated and the  famalies of idle men were starving.  At this juncture, J, S. Coxey. horso  breeder ond owner of a stone quarry in  Ohio, announced that die would load  an army of 100,000 workingnien to  Washington and demand tii.it' llie  government issue .*t.;".0,00Q,000 in greenbacks to be expended in roadmakmg.  for the benefit of the1 unemployed.  The fjirciul artificiality of the move- j  ment and its foieignness to American  life did.not appear until Coxey and his  nriny neiired Washington, then, deserted, by most of liis follower!., he entered  the capital with 3.'1(5 men instead of  100,000, and, was  arrested  and   lined.  Short I'ants. ,  A contributor sends us a story in  'which is the statement that the fair  heroine "lay upon lhe iloor breathing  out hor life in short pan Is," stales't!u-  Ked Lodge (Mont) Pickett. This 'will  ��� never do. YVTc can't print such attiiras  that. It might sell paxiers, but no girl  can be permitted to breathe out her  life ia our coin inns in short pan Is. ,  ter, which, upon opening and reading,  he cast down with a discontented look."  "Another funeral to go to," he grumbled, "and hero are my pictures unfinished and next week is sending-iii dayl*-  "Who is it now?" 1 asked:    "Another'  legacy, I suppose, eh?"  "Very likely," he rettirood, Indifferently���ho was so used -lo these things  be scarcely took any notice of tbem now.  "It's Uncle Alexander Stephen. Did you  kzixrw him?"  I fdiook my head. "Have heard oi  him; never saw him,'.' I said. n  "I haxdly knew him myself," Charley  explained���"at leaat, not since I waa a  hoy." It's a rare bother, thi��, coming  just now. Such' a long journey into the  country. 1 say, Jack, you have done  yonr pictures and sent them in and have  nothing to do for u. spell���Wouldn't you  go down for nie?^  "What, in youi* mime?" I exclaimed.  Yea,  why not?   It's years vinoo I  I Such good fried ��� ��3 did wo thrpe bo- J  .LUCK, i come that I hnger-rxJ on ln the place for  Ta week, during which time I grew daily  more uncomfortable at the part I was  playing. .At la*t I sought out Milly  one day, alone, cud confessed the .ruth,  to her.  "I am not aarprlsed," she said; "I  thought' you were not much like the  Charley I used to know. But I am  Korry for you���eorry to think j'our  cousin should havo got that ��5,000,  while you were not even eo much as  nientioned."  "Ah!" I said, with a eigh, "that is  Charley's luck���and mine. It is always .the same������always has been, and  always will be,'I suppose."  I was thinking what I, dared not soy  ���that, if that ��5,000 had but been  mine, I could havo asked her to bo mine,  too; whereas, now, wiih my poor.pros-  pecte���well, of course, it waa folly evc-a  to dream of such a thing.  I watched her narrowly after that,  '-. but oould see no difference in her treatment of mo.  1 had written to Chaxley, telling him,  of hiB good fortune, and thht I was going to stay on dowh here for a few days;  but be3rond a brief not�� expressing wonder at whatever attraction I could see  there at that time of the year, he had  said nothing and writ-ten no further;'  not a word of thaaks or of reference to  ,his �� 5,000 legacy.  . Another week slipped by,--ajid I still  stayed on. At the end of' that time J  was in such a state of mind that, one  day, flndsng myself alone with Milly, 1  blurted out my hopeless lovo for her,  and said I should go sway aid once, for I  felt that I could not possibly stay on  naoii  inwi  leusehoiu Goods  Everything Necessary to Fur-'  nish a Kitchen for House  or  ' hotel.  'i'insimtiling and i'i slushing.  "^7"siJLl j��*-��a/83&:z-  MOYIK'S  J_li!_*.DIi\G   HOTEL.  waa among any of tbe set.- Th's letter j Uiexc my longer.   Hilly, always quiet  X0T1CE.  Notice is Jierehj given that there -.yllJ  be ' r.  ineeting of the license commission held in Crun-  Urook on the 15th Juue,.lfl01, nt the hour'of teu  tfelock ia the. forenoon, for the purpose of renewing the liquor licenses of the  following  named persons:,,   ,  rFrank J. Mc-Uahoiij Kootenay hotel; a'iniotGy  V. Lowney; tJoMuoiiolitau holelj  Xorman A,  'idaiiKcnsiu, MauhtUteu hotel; Johnston Jlroi.j  Moyie hotel; Fred \V, r*ritli aud Wm. A, Hamilton, International hotel; all of .Uoyie, -   .       .r  .   II. W. BAKN-iS,  t '     Chief License Intpeetor,  ���    Aseossment work' Contracts TaKen.  Fartiea wishing lo have a^gegeinent  ivork done on clairrts in ihe vicinity of  Moyie, tfill do well to consult oi write  the Undersigned for terms. Work  left iii.my care_will be promptly attended to. and eatisiaction will be  , guaranteed.'        -        ti. A. 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You are Jock Wiburn���it's only a difference of a Clii'ialian'nttmo, and it's ail  in tbo fomUy, you know-."  ��� To cut the matteir fehewt, I had to  consent���as I generldlj- did where  Charley waa concerned.  I took ihe lawyer's letter, aa a sort  of credential, and set out, grumbling a.  good deiil at what 1 conGidered Charley's  "cheek" in thus making use of xne-    IX^  T .had finished up my work .before lie  hod'it was0only because 1 had worked���  at it more constaoitly,' and now, instead  of reaping- the advantag-enn the shape  of a few days' rest, he made it an ex-  ctieo ior kx-nding me off: on a lugrbriotta  'miasion like this; and Charley would,  no doubt, have a good loffacy, too, ottt  of it, ,     , '  "I don't suppose it's ajuch,rt b�� said  Lo fn-r. ,'!PsrhBp_i,ft liu:id2��d or two-  hardly -.VdrtJi going dowa for, yoti  know|s'_  So 1 h<Ui to g*o���M*ith no legacy in  view at __!_!, steal! or large!  However, eus I have said, I &et out for  the plae^���it was Devonshire���and in  due course I arrived at the little town,  and put up at a hotel for xhs. hig-ht,  The funeral wsw fixed for the following  day, and ou inquiry, I, learned that the  house I had to, go to was only a short,  distance away,       , .  ..,  The next day,' theiiefore, s&w ms  among the assembled guests,^ r found  out Mr. Parchly and silently showed,  li_m his o:vz. lettar, ,:'Ah," eaid. bs,  "you are 3��r. Wiburn, Very good.  Glad to see yon."' 'i did not t*ply,_ bo  he concluded teal I -was Charley Wiburn, without,hav-Lugr esaid anything  one cway or the other.    ���' ,  .���  Eut, when, after the funeral, the will'  came to be read, x found Charley was  down for ��5,000.   That inade mc think  it harder lines than ever that 1 should  have had to come down in his place.  The weather was atrociously cold;  the  Afarch. winds strong and  blustering,  with showers of sleet tind snow, and I  felt  cold and miserable.    At the, end  of the reading* of the will I was making my way out to get back to the hotel,  when some one .said:  . '"'Mr. Wilburn,  I believe?"    I looked, around and saw  a  stiff,   military-looking  old   boy regarding mo with a smile through hie  spectacles.    "Charley,'" said He, '-don't  you remember me?"   J thought to myself:    "Oh, now. 'I'm,in for it.   Hei-e's  a nice rneJsa���sill thi-oiigh'trying to -_er*-*s  Charley.    Just jny  Ixid . luck,'.'    This  feeling did not grow.lg*5,s "?**hen be paid:  "Milly  wantc  *��o epeilc to yon,. She  has been looking at you, and says she  can haitlly recofrruze you for hor old  playfellow.-*   ("So wonder," I thought*  "It would be strange if she did.")  , She cams up and shook haaids, and  the moment I looked at her I simply feJ)  helpless  over  head and  ears, in love  then and tker__.   She seemed to be the  loveliest,   most   adorable   creature   I  ltad ever aeen.   A sudden resolve came  into my mind.    jRather than run the  risk of losing thc chaaco I now li&d of  speaking to he.r I would Bay nothing  about my not being "Charley," let the  consequences lie wha-f thoy might.  "Don't  you  remember   your    little  playmate,  ]_f_illy?"    no id   she,  with &  hhiHh aad an entrancing look of her  A beautiful eyes.   "Well, it's not eo sur-  and    s-elf-pIosj.i_s_.r-d,    remained   silent  awhile, and then said, looking down:  *"I��� think yon -hadj better apeak to"  papa." ���    '  "What!" I rapturously exclaimed;  "do you really hid me. Hope, Mil?y ? - Bo  you really think there is a po6siliility ,  of your father*���" 1 stopped and shook  my head. "Alas, no!" I said, "such n  thing coidd not happen to me. It wou Id  be Charley's ,!ucJr, that���not mine."  "Well," said Milly composedly, "they  say you never know' your"luck till, you  try; but if you aro too faint-hearted,to  try, why, of ooh'rBe���'-"  "I'll go .oft -and find thc,majorLh,nd.  hare it out at once/' X burflt out.  A-ad I saw liim accord iagly, and told  hhn the whole story, humbling a-polo-y  gizixtg ior dariDg to ask ior his dangh-  ter'fl hand, whan, ae I was bound to toll  him/I' wa-s n&% Chatley, bht JtiJsk Wi-  btii-n, aad I iis^ no _g &j)W legnvy, aad  no profcpeerts iii paH-iaiHa*-,. and '-rib  liick!"   ' '  "H'm," said  rne major, "iiow'.iB it  Master Charley  comes in for all the  luck' in this way?" . ,,  "I don't know, sir," 1 answered, dole-  And for.any thing you,  want go td G-ilpin. ft  AGENT FOR'  ��, mm wmmm mmmm m n  0    Tlie best of nucommoilutionb'  for the traveling public.��,  / i  ' r  McMahon Bros., Props.  BOOTS    AND'  SHOES  Ropairfed and Made to Order.  ,  o  E, Ai SMITH,      'Moyie.  *       '   . r  I  sear MacEachkbn & Macdona'lds.  STOUES'AT CUASJmOOK AND  MOVIR.  r2t2x2SZSZS2L\ '$i^^-Q^'2z��:'2s  '12��M%C&..  n *^te-��#'ai        -������-^*'-a  wjldey" lodcje no.- u.  Meets every Monday evening in their  hull on Victoria.,street. Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited. ,  W. h. KE1D, _f. G.  It. I,. KOLMSTIIB. TUBAS.  niANK>__.\HV,   B,   S  J.'M. UMUSEV' -V. S.  S. J. WHITCOMB  House  glazier  Moyie.* B: C.  OHA8; P.  CAMPBELL,  fully.   "He goes a bout more and makes  lumsslf more likBcl. I- thLnl.; whiie l~"  11 hesitated.'  "While you stick ai home and work.  , Ie thatit?"heaske&-   .,      '   '  '  ,  ., ''*WelV' 1 retn'rneci;..,"! try my bfesi  , You see, I have nothing dhse to rely on- -  or hope for���like Charley.  It's his luiqk  ���and mine I!"    , ,. t ...  ;."Howeverj'* said the.'inojor, '-I hare  been told you get your pictures hung,  an<i 'sell them, whicli is more than he  does,.   I_s thatluck, too?", .. ..  To this I inadc no reply.   I could not  see ite relevancy.f      .  r( y  "Kow, look hei-ej Jack Wibtnm," the  major went on.   "I-lchpw you wei*e i_ot j ZJ"A,' * V"ri" "  Charley Wiburm".(I looked up in sui- -Bank of   Commerce.  painter, grainer,  find paperhaiiger.  All work on perfect sur-  fiice guranleud. ' Prices according to quality and  stock required  Moyie    Miners'   Union  Meets in McGregor hall every Tuesday  evening. Sojourning members are  cordially invliod to attend. "  H. H. JpiMocK,       , \ P. Ti SaiittH,  '   President,     .. ��� 'Secrfetarv.  WHOJ-ESAI.K AND JIKT_-.II>  MEAT,,    MERCHANTS  ', Freeh and Cured Meals, i'>e*..'i  Fieh, Guine und Pouilry. ,\Ye,  .f-upply' only the. be*-.. Vour  trade solicited..  MAllKET.S'AT  MACLEOD.  FJEKNIE,  WARDNER,  MOYIE,    .  Upnor   ilpylc  Jjilrt  towii:   tjor.r'i   ciist  coru^, ,       .   . .,    ,  ���   -   - nn iu,..im tii u est, of in.; | prremg, for I Bhould never have Imown  you,   either,   if  Mr.   Pnrchly  hsid noi  tio.st aittiatOL' f.buiit '  Jfoyic r-ivci-fnilr: thci'-ee v.-li .   citchtv i-H.-'iri-.  lliencc north 80c1ik';iis, theni'C cukt  ."U  ch;_.ins, ���        .   .   ,  thence south bO oiiaii-'. to   the   -Made  of  ro'i-    JXJinted you out tome  ZTieiiceiueiu.  "'loyiL-, 11. C. J"i.-L. _.'2th IPC!.  w:n j. k: i.i:y,  ::-k'.  -5SD   YEARS3*-  EXPERIENCE  Tba.de M^^ks  ���i'Desidi'ris'-! '  Cat''YRIGHTS &Civ  '.' Anyone sending a sketch and description-rifla-.  ijulclcly asciirtoln our opinionvfre'& whether an  fnvcrition 19 proDaWy nntenuible. Goinmunicn,  tioiisistrictly e'o'iitldentfal. Hmidboofc on Pat6ntt)  sent free. Oldest aKency for seauring' patents'; -  ' Pntei-ift tivke-n.'thrQui-b -Munn ,-i..|Co. iQceivc  special notice, without cburge, in the  ,J$.f.!if_c- lierlcai...  A-lifti-^Esmtily ilhistfatba tvci-Kly. I.nTgest ctr-  Liilati-*-.'a-f'ii!iy' Hclenti/ic Journal. '.Terms, *��3 a  tcir   i'Mt moiubs.ft S? d by all newsdealers.  n, ,..,.11 '.ij-fico, 035 li* -St, .VB-JhJriuton, D. C.  Before I exactly realized what I wui  ' doiiig I wao wlunketi off ^o' Jfiij. ifeain-  fleld's hous&���aE j found the name of  Milly'B father to bt���to pine, calling at  the hotel for my evening "i^ogt-' on tho  tvsy. ,     .  I found the. major's hou_.a a fie&t,  collet-looking .little place on the outskirts of the town. He lived 0I0116 with  hia, daughter' (bis wife being dead), a.  housekeepet-' aiid one servant. Though  everything '.was comfortable, there was  that. indescribablo ��� air that gave one  ihe itupre-asion that'they were not "toe  well off ae regard's'tliis^ world'sAgoodo.  'A. iSince- X was r'Tiot.-too -vyell.'"oft;-:eitlhxa%  ���ttiiii -wotild 'ito'i haW't^-dbled'Ameyb-Qt  ���SaA'tfo&b ixig&cy.iOi' -B.*5,D00' 1". .was.-ehp..  pcised -io hhviiis&xcrffi'Siiii-^  the secret* oa.t_i.e-.'of thirAs'adc.en-fi'iend--'  liness?':'���-. I iuskfedl, znyielf.. But. wiiem.'I  looked at-Milly."and saw theirank  glance, of her trathful, honest-Iookibg  eyea, I felt- ashamed of. myself; -xtor]  when I regarded the rna.ior. ondriot^AI  prise.)   "Milly told inoe; and I have made  Certain inquiries of my owu, and I have  Bomething to.te^l 3'ou.   The,late Alexander Stephen Wiburxi was Oj very old  ixnd intimate friend of mino, and liad  long ago.set his heart ujpOnMilly'emaj*-  rying Cliarley" (here I jumped up excitedly, but he vyaved his h-ind to me, a?  a sign to be qniet).    ���'But he wa's.de-  termrned. that, if it came about at all,  it .chould bo  spontaneous, ' and , not  through any cocnpulsion or unworthy  motive.    But in , tliat /will you heard  rcid the other day there was something  you did not heiix���it was. mixed up in  another matter; but-it cornos to t-his:  That jf ^JlLIIv maniocl 'his.nephew,'.he  find  she were to hiive a certain sum  between them to begin housekeeping.  I have consulted Mr. ParchJy upon this  mutter, and he agi-ees.witli xne that, as  Charley's name is not expressly mentioned, and as i_e wjould^not take,the  trouble to come dora himself, oven to  tlie ftineGrail of hjs poor old uncle, who  had .l.e..n go lundly disposed to him; if  MiJly likes you well enough to have you,  you and she will be just a_3 much entitled to tho euro eel aside as if Master  Cliarley had  ruarried  her,  and I am  Bur�� I shall no .object to tie. situation.  In th-a will tho wrly condition 13 tbnt  Mill j ehall .marry 'his nephew,' and, of  course, you ore ua much his nephew as  Chnrley in.    Therefore I leave*)t with  Milly; if she says 'yevij I eay tlicflninc,  e-shing to set  Euneral ^Director  and      ' , - '  ���\   Embalmer.  ^ t *  Graduate of Champion College ol ,the  United States. Upbbl'.terfng and general  ftlrnitiife' repairing.    Office   and  it\A>* '1'    <i   U n  store, Aiken's   block,  neur  Canadian  Telegraph   and  muil orders promptly.rtlerr'ded to.  t **  Cranlbrook,, �� B. C.  Moyie Board of Trade  Meet^ on the first WedhesUiiy  evening^ of each, rnoh'th at  8 b'bibcii flliarp.   '   *     -  J. P. Farreij., i'res.  A. P. jSIXcdonalo,   'Lewis Tf-io?_tst)_5f;  , ,  ,' Vice-Ties. .     '. ,    Sec'y.  ��� KORT STEELE,  ICIMBEilLEY,  CRANBROOK.  Main cifice,  CRANBROOK, B. 0.  FOR - FINE  l-U^|Wt'��W*l-WVW  18  s   a \\  MEK.CHANT   TAILOE  i7ih,e   Suitings,    Overoodting  Trousers;   Imparled    Good.-.  ��rOtf?i    BAKIJjna,    "O.    1).   S.,    JL.    1),    s.  i  Offi*ce and ^Residence    CR.ANBRO'OK  Xo. 40C-*.  Jl^et-s^bn tho last Thnrs j  Utiy of ench'jVonlh   "*'    *  itinfe  hretlicrii  toatloncl.  Vie }  j i  invitetJJ .rO.SEl'li XKiltF.KSTA.DT} i'rop'.  V. I. MOORE, C. R.      C. T. McOpIehOK. H S.  Lfi^er beer cold  by the  Keg o'r  hottioD. ' A'  ���/.. .-.I  "F  Presbyteria-n     Church  SERVICES  Are held in McGregor hail onoh 'Sabbath at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.    ���  . Sabbath   _:choo!   and   palter,   bible  J        . * (i   i l  class at 3 p.in.  . , ., ��� i   11  The public are invited and v/ill bo  ivelcomed cordially to each and .all of  these serviced. 6. b. GRETG,  Pastor. .  Bottled Seer  in Stdck:;;:  ,  ��� .   ' - i '.-*   \  ������.���:i! i���'.'i  hn.ln.,,  n..-���^   t*!(^;'-.   __ ��te;i(.;/,';  Outside CJrdora.Given.Strict Att:  6:'. 'B. mMisim  - -mij i'^*i��>-��  e  fine wItcix REFAilihV  .Jfcitfv-i.  hi MAT  8 JUNE.  and you will both havo som  tip housekeeping with."-'  No need to tell tlie joy with wldch.X  heard the ujie>:pected news, or the  lieartmosa with whicli I thaaked ihe  lcind-hea.rted major.     ���    ��� .  ,  |T11 go of? and tell lifiJJy at ance," I  said; but I had not gone ��a_t when he  called me back.  "You don!t a,-_k, ho-ro- -oitaoh you will  have to start hooseloetrphog tipon," h*  oaid. ,   .  ' /���  -   "Wlukt matter, .ah;, isincai ,'yoa think  it enoughi\'.'taniweeed.''.���... -1: A-,'. . y.,'',  "irih;.' but- yoy. rady-.aa'., wdQ" know.  You might not-.Mh'tk.it'iaici-a^llu"''  y"^o*^-_ni-x.li;io.at,tiiJ^?*^i��B3��edJ' i -  ���-���"Pifty thoussad ];>M*oa&.;,? said the  major. A' '���- ���-..-������     '���������,.   v.-d ��������� 'y.      -   ���'. ��� ��� J  f   ' -XWIiMTV TI-;..!.*. KXPJiRIENCi:.  f ���       *.  .     .,        ��� ;     ���        ���;-," ���  1 Fiuo slock  of serviceable  watches  at  I reasonable prices.    Just the thing  for  ��� ��� i..-.   i  I miners.  {mi.  ..7iCTo^AS^ni^���,���  >*��-*���  ���  n  .   J ,n  i '.���<-'? :  Jtizie 4, 18; /uly 2; 16  Aug- 0, 20.  5  v:Ry;  '' / r.*v ���  :���lK-,rlc;.y"-.1.;/S*i-.  y^.A'vlif AiV ���'���  -rm- Md  :iy  ��ERIAL    LIMITED  lotiiMHE; ���  ;  Applyj-of Rates,. !\l^pa,^iiTie C^kIr, T.iokets nnd  J.F.UU Iuformatiba to Nearest Local  ���  Agcht, . , .--.'-'��� ���'���'���  1*  FriceS GivQiL  knd   brfiers  Taken oii  Sverythlrig1  in tlie PrintM^'  Line at" the  l  &Ef YOUR-  jPJCTUEES FRAMED  i  i  | Prest, the photogra-  i ' phte: iias Just. r^';  ! beived the iinest'lot-  : of _ ..mouldings in  East Kooten&y.  W. A. Prest.  Pluilouriiphcr*.  ,.-��     -   ���. -  CMi'liv'i'il-,    -niojlc,      ;-(,rf .'.(..ile  '   Will Visit .^oyif. on  Tuesday and Wednesday  G. Hilher, Agent, Moyie.  .-. ���* ��� d'-y-i   -      '       ���'  a    ���.  fl, CARTER,  Disi, T-nsa. A'gt.  NcUou,  E. J. COTLE,  Ass't. Gen. Pfliis. ARt.  Vaucover.  WTO'  ���4 "*- A  >���*��� "--I--'  HSSTS  TEAMING  ���ALSO ���  B ������"_������(-*Ac-'1.:,     >'_f.*;rrt*v;.-'n   an:d    Oenkha'  Di.UV.f.ltT.  M0TIE:  f- "',  Ir  I  r*'  '���.  ft  '*     '.  ��� 'At.  f-y���:  1 -':  *      ^>-  '". ���*'*"  - , j"' ���,  1    '���*  - .jJK.  ���"- "I'^ff  "*^_*  . **>  - '?.'  J  .     i  't.  0  ".-'Hi  ___   - *+ - -ji  _ "^_S  P . WW  &  \  j.. -J>1_-' -'  ir'y'%    >'t  J '  ! Pirn  ;  y '"ass  ���


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