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The Moyie Leader Jun 7, 1902

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Array BiS*  l'thel  '.-j&j^i ,  1\  m  -SSfi  J si  move than to pay  jhe handier to own  ind0'ii' n:oving.   See  ���������.rLi   '-A  l"-'V.*:i   <">���*  "   I' ll  I---  _'_?_*���������  i.*.-:  i,  it  fc.3   r  B  '-ii    *���_ .��>���  /?  /  7  _.-.�� c-  K)  8.  .... - tJ** '.**_  il { . V'' . L"'     Ti     f\       TT !*-*��� ' t ���   p-  S3 A  YEAE  waiter in   carrying a  Ttir-  4-  *" e  H  S _ i  ^^^^Pf;Vc. would  Hi ^  were   _o> let  it  It  ]i'ay..V;n   'ho  0     ��W  |||||||i      ?  ' , '"  It.  ���.vou i.s nr;  .  ^. !    '  ''i>.' i  V./    I  ii J  "���   fr  yo?J  JL'-OU.  .^i'vuhi i:.--iief ;.nii,i,  ''-!_��� i-; a list cf those who ha  -"a rt 3 st*** \ -j; -a ."-J, ~ I e^'-'f-i^'sd to tho fund for the relief 'oi j  f?*s Si1'.  tli a a*  W fir-  t* s '  rcrs   iro...   f.n   recent  saving m y^t 0!  .*��� f-JF.  The fjxll of Turkey.,  The Overflow of Greece,  The breaking up oi China,  And the, humiliation of Africa.  -'���������.'���.,. > - .   * -  , '   I- ' ���   ;      j        "    '  I it would not-.-fleet tho  iit;oplo   of   IJj.yie   half  go  Imcli'ac the low prices wo arc giving  llils  *iveek  in ��'  lis and Shoes,   ^y.ehave a heavy ctopic in this par-  ���lor linei find if you want any just coins Jh and get  iprlooo. Wo will m'ttkp It wort), yoqr. ivh'jio to b\\y r,t   '  'flfflOF.HBBIC WM  w  ��  1)  Beiieyea   That' Some "..Day  There will Bq a Smelt-  "   or and Befinery ' at  ��� :    . Town of Elko.  -'  ff' - COMMERCE  3aid Up Capital- $8,000,000. (?  Lt ���      _ ' i  WW.    ' ���     ".���''���    ' qiliBEHT .HAINES,  ^J". '^ '* Roj:R) who has bce" mating a  ^ >caiofulBtm.yof'tl.B miiiing situation  Pjof ISaat iCootonfty, gives' u'^ somii  ^ j intorostJag ImpMB-iIcna' of hia obidr-  yations..  AVr.v"Ros!5 is a pi'.-u.!iop.l miner ii.id a  painstaking, stuileal of mioing c*Jii-  ditioiib,.\vho has had ti wide range "of  opportupities for , observation 'and  ���study, aud liis impulsions , of tbe  Kast Kootenay district aro of particular  interest at .liis lime.  1-V  Aa 'fcU O I ^i^"''"'' -it- Fernie  F. "���;  'A*Ten...,   Be;;:o.. Rlwoli... :   .r.in^.-  Oronir*.   r*   1   : t -.' t  i-. .;. :s ul   Xoli'i.-.n.:] Bros .'   J 7**         T       T *"      ��� *      -i  '. ... -uc .i**.hoj_   rf. C.. :aeron ? ".  -I>. Lynch :   A Stf-phcnsen     Desauluier Bn'jis ',  -MaoEiiclieru & Macdonald. .  F. W_>ritU   .' f...  JI. H. Jbiir.o-1;...*   0- --i- Foote , ,.-...,  Job... BhcHuiru   J. JJcEasier    31, J, Harper, ' [  lieu}, -'Jr.rnpbell &. Co   A.B, [Jrcimnond,. ,��   Smyih lirou    ......  Tb'.Kl .....a .-...'.*. ."  mine j  ���p 10.00  10.00  yo���oo!  1  T-.f!,  pr  5   rt��.  ! tt."  MlfTpftl  w-wii&ore bvidencd  J0.0O  Holiday,  10.00  10.00  10.00  2,00  10.00  5.00  5.00  '...00  i'i.00  0 00  1.00  10.00  5,00  5.00  GENERAL  MEWS  WOTES?  io.00 11 n  10.00 liu  BODIES EEGOIEHI  rlone of the Old Miners will  Eeiuru to work Until  All - of the   Bodies.  ;  Ave Found.  .00  lqgal'^ews.'  %3  J-TAAAAIacKexzrE, * Pfopriolor^  jsl: for- ^h-3 - masses.'  :Ever ^rthis^ S'irst  , Jrespeot. , 'Sample |Booms  for .  Commercial*Men.  '    ���  r '     ,    '  ;!   * - .     .   British'Columbia.  When asked, "upon   what   do   youijaigary  conaidpr the   dovelopmcut  and   pro-      v* ."���  ductiveness of tbe camp  dQi)eiid?" be  rej)lied: , ,        , ��� ' /  "A liomo market for its ores."  "In what way would that effect condition!.?"   ��� (,        . -'���  ,    "A .cavii*t; in cost of ira ri'sportatiu -Aod  duly upon   leai!   iii   th-.   ores   w*yn\d  o;ak'.i cjjr,? i^itio-s p/olHab!e that :-,ro  uov.*id!e or uiide'vo.iop'jd.  fLondon 'iuo'tntions control the price  Moyie lake ia falling quite rapidly,  AOyMcT.ivisb, repre-jentjug tho'B. 0.  rermaiifcut Loan and Savings Oo., yws  iii to\ca this ivook.  i r' , '  Paul  Jeuseu ia'making sc-iio, im-  pro'vL.-uei-ila oa   hid   icuideuoo, which  overl'-joka ihe, lake.   .  Orvillfc   Miller   I.ft   yesterdey     for  Of 1' a 1 in tho United yui..\.;  .��...  ores shipped   from  -7-i.u J 'iiliiuri na.s*  Jeafl  Cxuavla   m-.o ' th<-  ���i i>eiiA\:yt>i$l&   or |  ^Ir. and Mrs. James Cronia aud son  John left yesterday for Trail to remain  for a few'days.       '  tfQiVJtOT���Afivo room cottage  furui-hed.  'In<-pjire V.l   Loader  Office.  Res.Y. iM, i'aidy. formerly of >ioyie,  ia- now in Jio_j_.l:ind,  ,    ,  i). J, iiimer v.-a-i ap ircn. Semis''ior  a "few diiya visiiio-j r;ilb his f.nniiy,   -  ���il. A. Ecalo \vny'doivn ;i_ Eiki:  Fernie,'Juno 8.~~Owing to the fact  lhat counsel representing both tho  Minors' Union ami iW Crow's Noel  Pasa Ooal Oo, wdio ogfooable to au adjournment or tho coroner's inquest till  next Monday, such acsibn haB  oeeu atken. Mr. Elias Rogers, managing director'of the Goal company, and  Mr. J. H. Tonkin, the recently appoint-  *'d mine superintendent, are bQlh .in  tovrn and the former will likely remain  for some days, wliile the'.latter has  assumed charge of the mines.  Ono hundred and fifteen bodies have  now been, taken out of the workings,  and is is conservatively estimated that  fifteen or twenty yet remain- in some  of the smaller rooms which have not  yet been thoroughly explored. The  little cemetery   platted  ecpecially  for  tins  ic-O'jlr giviisg  e*viilu:icc5 in  lhe   license  the victims p. the disaster is gradffalTy  fii]ihg;'up, but there are yet a number  ���of v.icafi graves, wliich are ticketed  rvith tl;.e nair.esof men whose bodies  arc l:*.*icV,'*i!*'t6''bie.ia tiie mine."     ,   '  W7  Tiie town is now   quiet,   and   it  ir-  con.m--i.iiyu mwrligation. ,        j ^ohable that a.-sooa ad all the bodies  , -   -       -        ���.--.-.-���-.     Or, *-,c..ouiit ,oE t.h_.M-r-*'-,eucci.oV   -lin'.- '."-co oat oi tbo min-. . T.h-. p6i"p>-��ny W'T'  y-'Mvtclontur  ihe'pi-ivik^; of   L^ri j tbom Ihs   Moyie  school   v/.Ji' romam J rtpoen the workings.    The ��Mt  work  apnwtho  'hue,, and   I,...*-.    Hy    t!uy jGloSod for another week ' '  "' '" "    '  procefis the district is   hurl   ih  J tlv.'5 week Imyiug^iipplk***-.  3 | closed for another week. ��� '        v| to be performed will be   the   repairing  ,,.,_..     .-. ,.     ,3   nnr.1   m    Msrcci    Mrs. Hauvey was up from Xitchener iof th0 ''tcmoliohed   overcnata   for   the  placed.    Urns ���u the o-icv oliar^fs;   Lin-*     , ..' I- <���-.._...  * *"��� s'  0I*" '"'-���Ai week buyiug.siippii^.     ,. f carrying of a: r to and from (ho diBtaul  IA IC Simpson, of Cranbrook, retnai-! vf0l'kiuss of the   min0-   -Wreckage   in  tiiq deeper workings will also Jiavo   to  the pr  gr.uT'i thar, citii, nut p..y   t  ���,->v*V_r>^'^^^*^^*^*^^^^?^-^*^"^^:*^^^  J.  '*   DES.VUnxrElt;-J.140S.    I'ronS.  L_rr_.t*   sain {ile   lOimi, iq   connection  witli house for commercial men.* Best  ���of accommodations  uarters for Commencial and Mining Men.  "MOYIE,  ,13. 0,  -^ ^���^^,^^'>^,%^i.,>a.->__-^v_->*��-v-*vi..>--v-   -vi��w--%Sk.-n5|- ^J-^%r-~AjJ- <1>  /ft  En.  ESS ra  0  111     Pi  We  rf Pi r,  hi  fis   Sa ���-��� _��  O?"  SI__]_l-_  ant to  'rt;nihitioi_,.of '.v'jrkfng ore'd of a  duly ,i.;;.l  tiit.- c-'Jior iu th..- ..I.---, to th.o  tji^lri.j.   '���,  the-mouoy iiaid   for 's-mediing on "th   I AlA'vh a  other side, '.vin'o!)   u'ey.r   comes   ba.;k.'  "What is needed a'ro'smellors and re  fineries upon  this   side   of   tho   line.  Smelters and refiners here would have  Ihe same market as havo   those   upon  the other   side,    Tfiey   also   havo   as  equally    good    facilities.     There    is  abundance   of   ore   of   such,   various  character as ensures  profitable   onera-  tion.    Railroad  facilities  aro already  S-'cured.    The .coal  aud  cuke of   the  Crow'*s._Nrest reigou'aru almost iu   the  midst of tho metal mines.  .  "Tne fact that   (he smelters   across  the line depend upon   and    uses   this  fuel, upon wliich thoy pay  duty,   ia n  sad commentary upon  tho   etUcrnri.-i-*  *te  ��#&  >P   ii  H   <*"*. 5 if  la '  and energy   of   the   pcoule    uf  province. <.  "The   copper     mines   seem   to   bu  more fortunate.}- situated.  ���   "As to thc miuin:* outloo!.- .'nm   iji-*  sonr.;;*g Wtldu-y iuu^o J. O. O. F.,  tui ,/. i>. Fink; ���;���-.':)rosjaling  KayC-'ny lodge, Cranbrook. kit ihib  week for .New Westminster to attend  trie meeting uf tbe grand lodge which  convenes in that city on June 11.  John,McDonald   is   adding   to   his  boat'house and is getting in shape  for, J  a good season's business.    He   has ' a  ! first .lass lot of   boats,   and - pleasure  seekers caij always be  accommodr.ie.\  Mr. and Mrs.  j^iederstadt  have  received a  letter   from   their   daughter  Erijiv, who is.  attending   St.   Joseph's  convent in   Nelson.    The   letter   was  written with   a    typewriter,   and    the  comuos-iuoi* of,   it   shows   ili_.it-   Miss  Kma     is     certainly     getting    along  !_p_o.ulidIy. Q  Juim-s Oroniii returned fro:n northern   California    last  'Saturday.      Mr.  Cronin says .huh- is'notktug now  with  rcirard t��i the luin-j sUu-tion.  The Moyio -.choAi  election   will  Rambler stock has dropped back   to  73 .cents bid.  Payne stock-is quoted on tho Toronto  market at 20 cents.  It is repoilod  that  thc No"ble  Fivo'  will open, up ia June:  r -  A,ferry is now'operating across  tho  Columbia river,at Trail,  ���The .convention cf ,tj;e Western  Federation of Miners at ^en^er has  indorsed socialism by a vote' cf 230  to 73.    ,   '     '    .    . "''    ,  _ The largest' nugget produced "by  Alaska has been found at Hammond  river, Jvayakuk district. It was a pure  gold niiggfit-iu tho form of a slab  worth ".^S,000.    Q, '     ,  Thc free minor's license is no longer  required bj working minora in the  Klondike, as only properly holders aro.  now required to take them out. The  licence in the Yukon coats $10 a year,  The truck'teamsters' strike, which  threatened to c'mbraco' 0000 union  " toanialcrs in Ohioago, III,, Urn msi\  settled by granting,. the' strikers'  demands of 25. cenU. an hqur overtime. " '       "        '-   '  The Western Federation  of' Miners  convention, voted  $3000 for  the im-"  mediate reliof of the miners at Ferine,  B.  C,   and   a   string   resolution   of  sympathy was   passed aud ' a further   '  relief will be forthcoming if necessary.'  Charles" Sweeney   of   the    Empire  State-Idaho is reported in the   Spokes-"  man-Review a.* stating that'the output  of the Coeur d'Aleue mines will be increased ,25 per cent after July 1st.  Calgary is crowded with new people  who are entering Alberta . to settle  4!i-*rcr==Ht>usGs=are at a premium, and  the hotel accommodation is inadequ-,  ate to niect the .rush. Contractors  and builders are busy' getting' new "  buildings of all descriptions ready for  occupation.'  What -night have proved a  serious  acoident. occurred in  llossland  a few  days 'ago at  the   fickle   Plate   miiie.  Bight men fell x^OO feet and   the mira-    '  culous part of the fall,is that  not ono  is killed.    James .Feardon, formerly of  Moyio, was one of the eight_j___.-,-.__.  D. W. Moore, of  the  Trail  smelter, '  i .    ,__.        ] i   - ,.-'-' '   ' """i u*   "'--   J-iiur   Biiieirjor,  be leraovw! bexore actual mining opcr-  waa iu >TeI <0Q recontly.    Hc  gft^. ^  itioua recommence. .Mono oi thc old  miners will return to work till satisfied  that all tho bodies have been removed  and thcreiore it is. unlikely that  organized effort in tho working of the  mine will take place this week.  ft-".  &-_  M ."haw the'finea', range of ready tu  ���'-'������ir clothing {.j be found iu (ho city.  We h.ivii f;,]rl clothing long iuiou_:h to  :,��' iible to adviso our cuklonscrs to  hank ilicir rno.-H-y ratlicr than .*-*poiui  h nn poor, trihaliy cluLlnng.  Wt! keep thu uth.'r kind���t,ho kind  tliat wsiirs well, liis well and looks  well.  '���'or the warn*, sunny days thai are  soon to coino during the next three  months wo have a fine range of sum-  "���or cunts. Also French balbriggau  underweiu- and ?ilk plaited in nink or  ���4rown colors and eqnal in appearance*  tp real silk.  Also Stetson's soft hats iu the latest  colors and atyles,  probable-productive point of -view   the m,c)U on ^llinuy, .ill:io ^th.  be  O/ia.VoIlo-,... jnt-ct omcers.  ��� At tho   rfgnku* nice ting  of   Wilder  Lodge, I, 0.0. F. hist Alonday evening  the following officers were  elected  for  the ensuing term:  F.J.1 Smyth, Noble Grand,  'A. D. .Drumiuoud, Vice Qraud.  T. T). JIopo, Financial Secretary,  Frank Dan by, Ueo.'Secretary,  11. A. Smith, Treasurer,, -  P. D. Hope, Trus.ee.  The new officers will be installed' at  .he first n^^of-iu..: hi July.  smelter's refinery project is proceeding  slowly, and although 'it has been running for the past few days the refinery  has not as yet eommeuced to turn out  pig-lead in a marketable form. - Just  when the refinery would be turning  out commercial pig Mr. Moore said ho  was not iu a position to say, but in his  opinion it might be well.on to tho first  of next month.  /-p.  wim  an1    tie-.'j  .'ivc.-able  Three o> Mr. aud   Mrs.  Cross man"  N. Y. CliTH-er Co.  c -  The New York Clipper Novell;/ Co.  put up a'-i-icc clean jhow in   tho   Odd  i ����� C_i  Kvery niembor of thocompanv was an  but a full measure   uf  pro-jpcril v   caii I   ,.7,-"-   "'"'""   7"   W","J ': i ..��-����-  not be   oxpec.ed    until   the   awkward   ct,lu.rfl" V3V0  ��'������. ����own  with   dip!,-1 artist   in   1���,    rarti^l.ir     line.    The  ��i.inu��T of marketing   |IICC0   1;roduC[ J t!'^*1-,!^ ^^^ on tho .pcedy road { bicycle riding   by   JSaision,  the  hand  j to r<.-.ovory.     The funeral of th.oir litth, j work i'\' Arneldn and thc dug pcrfunn-  gid w.'is lu'id lasl Kiiturday   at'tomoon, jency by JVM. Bailey were exceptionally  good.  a improved,  "Home day ���-i.'wru: far-M;eing goni'i.s  with the p-)w<-r of promoting enterprise will ostitbli.h reduction and ro-  lining works   about   t!>.e   junction    of  Th�� Odd Jt't-.'lo-.i*-.  I'r-.U.  jf.iiked sticccf*-? crowned   the  ancc  w hich way given  by   th  Clmr-gi''.   V. tl1!   l_(-i-��   *-*t.':iMi>i*;.  Xnrman   Mc.'nnncll  of   Cranbrook  Moyio   Oil'!  lhe ore.it Northern   and   tlio  Crow's | Fc-ll.;iv.-.s in their hall hi.-,-!,   evening,    -j, ,Mv'15 ;in'l*-0:i! this wvek mi   the  charge  ' of iiloaling a lr-r-:c   i'mm   Tim   Farrell,  .\r-!.t Pass railroads   near   Fiko,   and  tlion prospect*-! that are Unlay idle and  worthless will become -valuable mines."  ^fr.    lioss   then   entered    into   an  wns in every way one of the brightest  and most enjoyable functions ever held  in the town. Thc- mlrsic was furnished  by Mcf-frs. Harry rjchorleinmcr, violin,  elaborate diacusi-iuu of vein   formation (and S. W. Murphy, j.iano, and wag  ut  and ore conditions  lhat   came   under I fco the top notch.    It was not' until  Tho triil will be held in Moyie next  Wednesday. McConncll is out on  bail.  FBJRNIE SDFFERBRS,  At  a   meeting0 of   the   Moyie  Board of Trade Thursday evening  it was decided to call for subscript  tiers through the Leader in aid of  those left destitute by the disaster  at Fernie. vF.  T.  Smyth, of tho   ���  Miners-Union, and A.   D.   Druui1-  niond and  F.  J.   Smyth   of   tho  Hoard of Trade, were appointed as  a committee lo look after the funds.  Subscriptions can bo  paid   in   at,  this cilice or to any  of   the  committee, and tho names and amounts  will be published in those columns.  There are between 70 and SO fam-  lio3 in need of assistance, and those  m position to do ro   should   contribute as liberally as pos.iblo.  his observation in the Moyit. and Fort  Steele districts, of which he feels  sanguine will become valuable mines  whenever the ore-marketing faciltics  are provided.  [To also thinks that the present  depression in mi  bring   that   about.    Those   with   th  laiijost kKe_L_.t will   bo   compelled   t-  thee a:, a in--aus oi prot.-ctjoa  o'clock this morning that the festivities  were brought to a close.  in  t-irrt Kitchctioi- J.-..raided.  .London, Juiic-i.���Thc house of lords  hidd a sitting today to   receive   o  Edward   with  lrom  uinij will   do   much   to I tnos.--.ytre   J4UilI    rung     tiaiwaru   witlr  y jrciAivace to peace in South Africa.    It, . . --  .-,'ii eAi'-.-cled that this message  will  au.! her Co.'s mill j has  been  repaired  and  Lord Kitchener   nad   tho gr-inti.../ >n i ^foudny motniug.  j will i.oct aa lunch  Komi It All.  I ate bread and Jomimn ate jolly,  Jemima went   home   with   a   pain  her������  Now don't get shocked or  bo   misled,  For Jemima weut home   with   a  pain  in her head.  j    -*y"WM.H.U-l��IL-JlinMBI  ���"lill Ilum-ilng Again.  The machinery at lhe  Movie   Lum-  i.-u-o Hio conferring of a  title  up0Jl j the mill started   agwin   in   full   bl:-st  ���rnnting   to  li-.-i of :i reward fof his eerviccs.    Th'j I  it',.-.;���:: will probably be ��100,000. |  "if li:.-; t'rnsl C<i��tiuTics.  <>uinn���Beef is still rising.  !>-��� i'onlo���Yc^aoon a   portcrbousu '  a dwelling   house j  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  ,,4-1 .1noaen.d,.nB ����� slt-Moli -.nd deacnptlon mas  quickly i.sfertain our ojimicm free whether an  invent Ionia probably patentable.   Cornmuni4-  iim I two. Oldest iK.-.icy tor econrmK patents.  I ���... i ti.Won thrr.nrh Jlumi & Co. rccclVo  r.'.��.;i.:( notice, v.-iUioat clir.rco, in tbo      recolVQ  ���AA ������%AA.*)"�������.    ^-"-lli^lfd  i.lHin.  i.i  'AM  ���ii.,.i-  \J  ��� '(./."-V.  .'^WPshAA-A'  li ireortt cir-  Term!-, ?." a  r.i-��r"..lf"i.]er_>.  4<     ,  '    i,.  .  I  f*��31__HSM._s '-'>"       ''.'������    -.      ���>���   -:'''-\'  -jS>__ tCSsistst.^ r*-..        .- i -. ���, I'  ,1  ' 'I  "''.'A'   i  h '���    ��� '  . I      ,-V;  * '   '  *  Jl  _59  ,   i  . i *  i  i  /AL-'   'A ��� "a  '     t      .   ���*  '  -       '     l_  i*     J        l        i  ' ��� <_                  i  t  ���               i  ���1 '     -     .  "   ;   r  i' '.- r*"���  'I  ��� '     ' .I -���  il  Jy'   ,'"'"  ! i   iv.. t .  't  I.  i   . i  i    r*  -*. *.���  ,    '             *-  _                       **  . _ ._  ._   . _ ,  -r     ,    11  '        ���          'II  *i .            i  '   ,        ''  '    :i     i  .   ' ' '  .i  .0     ,  -  ir  ���    ,  -0  .          ��� ' .  fl  y  a  f.  .  f  '   -              <  0  '.                  i  u  '                 i"  u  .*'     , .         j .  ���;  1    .                  <  i. ���  -                        t  0  1         i  ' , c,  *, .   ' i ���  i '  i  '.'1 ' .'' '   ' "'  .   , -1  e  ,'c  1  'S.  *   >   .  , i.  i  ���A-  i,     f  ii  t  ���   ,��  .                       (.  a  ,   |  * :<  '  r   -  r  .It .  ���t  i  n  Y.  '/  I  ll  i"  I!  II  ���. SI  ,  ,1  e  I  >1  t  I  i3  e  .x  1  1  VJPtti^^  f  I  i man gets up in  a good reputation often  handy as a parachute.  Bjr SIR WALTER BESANT  ^r Copyright.  1000,   by  Sir   Walter Bcsant  "Willi submission, my lord, you can-  ���      not.   I know too much.   Tbe girl's fortune, when you have It will go the same  way  as  your  rents  aud   .. nods   have  gone.    Provide tor me,  therefore,  before you begin to spend tliat money."  ��� , "I will give you -a life position, with  ��200 a year.   Tho girl, you say, has no  lover."  "She has no lover.    Your lordship's  *. rank,  your manner, your appearance,  will certainly carry the day.    By contrast alone witli the country bumpkins  the heart of the girl will bo won.'-"  "Mr. SempJe," his lordship yawned,  "do you suppose that the heart of the  girl concerns me? Go and complete  your scheme."  The Lady Anaslasia was ln her dressing room in the hands of her friseur, the  French"hairdresser, find her maid. She'  ' was tho young widow of an old baronet. She was also the daughter of an  earl and the sister of his successor.  She therefore enjoyed the freedom of a  ��� widem*. the happiness natural to youth  and all the privileges of rank. No woman could he happier.   It was reported"  .a that' her love of the card table had'  greatly impaired her income. The  world said that her own private dowry  was wholly gouo and a large part of  her jointure.  .   She kept n> small establishment" ln  Mount street   Her people consisted of  no more than two footmen, a butler, a  , lady's maid, a housekeeper and three  or, four ma ids, .with two chairmen. She  aid not live as a rich woman. ' Site received, it is true, twice a week, on Sundays and  Wednesdays,  hut not with  any expense of supper and wine. - iler  friends came to, play cards, .and" she'  held  the  bank   for them.    On   other  evenings she went out and played at  ,, the houses of her friends.     ,     ,  While the friseur was still completing her head Lord Fylingdale was announced. The lady blushed' violently.  She sat up and looked anxiously in the  glass.  "Betty," she cried, "a touch of red;  not much, you clumsy creature!    Will  you never learn to have a lighter hand'  So! That is better.   T am horribly pale  ^   His lordship can wait in the morning  .   room.   Yon have nearly finished,- mon-  'Bieur?   Quick, then-the last touches!  Betty, the flowered satin petticoat!  My  fan!    The pearl  necklace!    So'"   She  _^ looked again at the glass.   "Am I look-  , Ing tolerable, Betty?"  "Your  ladyship   is   ravishing,"   said  Betty, finishing the toilet.  Lady  Anastasia   swam   out   of   the  room  with a gliding movement,  then  the fashion, aud entered the ruoruinn-  room, wiiere Lord  Fylingdale awaited  '  her: , '  "Anastasia!" 'he said softlv, taking  her hand. "It is very good of you to  ,6ee me alone. I feared vou would be  surrounded with courtiers and fine ladles or,with singers, musicians, hairdressers and other baboons. Permit  me," and he raised her hand to-his lips.  "You look divine this morning, it is  long since I have seen you look so perfectly charming."  The lady murmured something. Rbe  was one of those women who like  above all things to hear., praises of  wliat most they prize, theii beauty, and  to believe what they most desire'to be  the truth, the preservation and perfect-  lug of that beauty.  "But yon came to see me alone. Was  It to tell me that I look charming?  .Otber men tell me as much in com pa-'  ny." '  "Not    altogether    that,    dear    lady  though that is "something.   I come to  tell you of a change of plans."  ^"You havo heard that tlie grand jury  Middlesex   has   presented   me   by  .  name as a corrupter of innocence, and  "I know not what, because I hold  hank on Sunday nights?"  "I .have heard something of tbe matter, it is almost time, I think, to .give  these presumptuous shopkeepers a lcs-  Boa not to interfere with tho pursuits  of persons of rank. Let them confine  tliemselvos to the prentices who play  . ot pitch and toss."  "Oh, what matters their presentment? I shall continue to keep the  bank on Sunday nights.' Now, my dear  lord, what about these plans? What Is  changed?"  "We Oiought, you remember, about  going to Tunbridge In July."  "Well, shall we not go there?"  "Perhaps. But there Is something to  be done first.  Lot me confide In you"���  "My dear lord, you have never confided in anybody."  "Except In you. I think you know  Jill my secrets, if I have any. in whom  else can I confide? In the creatures  who Importune me for places? In  friends of the green table?, In friends  of the race course? My dear Anastasia,  you know, I assure you, as much about  my personal affairs a.s I know myself."  "If you would always speak so kindly!" Iler eyes became humid, hut not  tearful. A lady of fashion must not  spoil her chock by tears.  "Well, then, the case Is' this: You  know, of the condition of my affairs���  i no one better. An opportunity presents  itself to effect a great improvement. I  am Invited hy the highest personage to  take a more active part In the affairs of  state. No one is to know this: For  reasons connected with this proposal I  am to visit a certain town���a trndlm-  a town of rough sailors���there  Why  "No one," she mur-  ro conduct certain inquiries. There is  to be a gathering nt:!this town of the  gentry and people of the'eounty., Would  you like to go, my dear friend? It  will be next month."  "To leave town and in May, Just before the end of'tbe season?"  "There will be opportunities, I am  told, of holdiug a hank, and a good  many sportsmen���'tis a sporting county���may be expected to Jay (heir money, ln a word, Anastasia, it will not  be a bad exchange." ','  ."And bow can 1 help j*ou?  should I go there?"  "By letting the people, the county  people, understand the many virtues  and graces which distinguish my character. No one knows nie better thau  yourself"���  The lady smiled,  mured.  ���"or can speak with greater authority  on the subject There will be certain  of our friends there���tbe parson., Sir  Harry, tbecolonel."  "Tah, a beggarly ci;ew and blown upon!   They are dangerous."  "Not at this quiet and secluded town,  JYhey will be strangers to you as well  as to me. And they will be useful.  After all, In such a place you need un  opening. They will lead-the way."  The ladymade uo response.        ' j  "I,'may  call  it sailed,   then?"    lie J  still  held  her  band.    "If you   would  rather not go,  Anastasia,  1   will  iiifd  some one else, but I had hoped"���  She drew away her hand. "You are  right," she said. "No one knows you  so welKas myself. ,And all I knowr  about you Is that you'are. always contriving some devilry: What is'it, this  time? But you will-not tell me. You  never tell me."  "Anastasia. you do me an injustice.  This is a purely political step." ,     ���  ,    '  "'As' yon   will.     Call'  it   what   you  please.    I am your Servant, you know  tha.�� your handmnid in alftbiugs save  one.   Not' for any'orher woman, Ludo-  vlok,   not   for  any   other   unfortunate  woman,   will   1   lift   my   little' finger.  Should you betray me in this respect"���  He  laughed.     "A   woman?    And   in  that company?    Rest easy, dear child.  Be jealous as much as yon please, but.  not with such a cause." '  Ue touched her cheek with his finger.  He stooped and kissed hor hand and  .withdrew.  Lady Anastasia stood awhile where  he left her. The���joy had gone out of  her heart. She trembled. _Sbe was  seized with a foreboding of evil, she  threw herself upon the sofa and buried  her face in her bands, and, forgetful of  paste and patch'and paint, she suffered  the murderous tears to destroy  work of art, her finished face.  the  world  conies    in  !    People  titled   to  get.  '  who   no\-*r   worry   are     en-  a Jot   of  credit   they   never  to  come  your  head  them off.  way  |     It is  bettor to mnri-y  a crying-'  i man than a hair-pulling  one.  wo-  It   i.s  others  J i carts  So in  OHH.y  j,  <*,I-'V  bv ..,��� -.  that   *..     gl��'..-i  Kidney  and   iiHi-sasr-y  Troubles  Perfect  ��aire   hy   _I3r��  W&P&  ys  K-adney"LSvep p^  street, London  ICiil  Oat,,  ��* d'^J  nnd then, laying his hand upon tht  arms of the chair, he once more looked around the room, and all this in iinmost important, dignified, provoking,  interesting manner possible. "Gentlemen, I have news for. you."  Captala Crowle made answer, speaking in the name of the society. "Sir.  ���we await yonr pleasure."  "My news, gentlemen. Is of a startling., character. I will epitomize or  abbreviate it. In a word, therefore,  we are all about to become rich. All  you who have houses or property in  this town, all 'who are concerned in  the trade of the town, all who direct  the industries of the people or take  enre of the health of tbe residents,  will become, I say, rich."  The doctor pulled out a pocketbook  from which be extracted a letter. " "I  have received." he went on. "a letter  from a townsman, the young - man  i nu mod Samuel Semple���Samuel Sem-  pie," he repeated, with emphasis, he-'  | cause a look of disappointment fell  upon every face.  "Sam' Semple!" growled the captain,  "frnee   I   broke   my   stick  across -lii.s  hack." .. Ijo fi;d-not, however,  explain  why be had done so.    "I  wish  I  had  broken  two.     What has,,Sam   Semple  to do with the prosperity of the town?"  "Mr.  Sam "Semple,"  the doctor continued,   with  emphasis  on   the- prefix,  to'which indeed the poet was not entitled in his native town, "doth not ask  for  help.    Ele  Is  not  starving;  he  is  prosperous; he has gained the friendship or the patronage of certain  per-  sous of quality.   This is the' reward of  genius.    Let us forget that he was the  son of a custom bouse servant, and let  us admit that he proved unequal to the  duties; for which he was" unfitted,.of a  clerk.     lie  has  now  risen.     We  will  welcome one whose name*will In tho  future add luster to our town."  The vicar shook his head.   ,"Trash'.'"  he murmured.  ''Trash.'"  "Well, gentlemen,   I  will proceed' to  read.tbe letter." .  This case of Mr. James Treneman, the well-known butcher, of 53G Adelaide  er proof that Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills are effective in the most  kidneys. , -p  The double action   whicli   this, famous prescription has on.hoth the kidneys a-irl i,,.,  ure responsible for its wonderful curative powers.   When  there are backache   freouen  nation, dropsical swellings, biliousness,  constipation or stomach  derangements   -  the kidneys are clogged and the liver*   sluggish.  It is at such times that Dr. .Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills prove-themselves nroiniil   ...    ���  to effect a cure.   The evidence to prove this fact is simply overwhelming g,Ve rellef  I^lril; i imeS Trcn��man ^ates:-"Two years ago r'waa'iajd up with Kidney    disease    ,,���,���   ���  Besides the pain and inconvenient cawed by these troubles T became diops-'Jal      ���f      '      ""^H  could scarcely go around at ail.    Hearing of Dr,  Chase's Kidney-I iver    >���.   '- ^S ^J  continued the use of this valuable merhVine until ' ~ '  TV8 ,nal^i  __-J  am firmly convinced that if it  so that I could scarcelv tro arounil ,. _. nil     TTn,._._���e of ^^'bhi^^KidnoJSvor   ^"l  never took any medicine that did me   s, much 'rooT^C'11 *"? ^ * C^"1*    ".at I  medicine I would not be working to-dnv,"  procure ail  a-�� entlrd;,  had not b^i]  ^  S"  tees  ���i.   :  -   -   -   '   ___-_-J_t_____7  StWuUs a^Uy JtM nftrtc   ctJvycJy  4U*r��  &>l>  ^v^nso,  ,   L/VTt^W**  /  -2"   *^^je*i' 9***��'**'%<>&*  (6  Ci   A?,  rtJA  A man  woo lives "entirelv for-'himself becomes'at last obnoxious to  himself./ There is no weariness like  tbo weariness of a man who 'is wearier! oi himself, and that is the  Nemises which* follows the  life���I lev.-.J.  .17.   Jowett.  FOOLED THE  COLONEL.  awful  selfish  It" and   began - with  a  that  of  my  were  CHAPTER  III.  CHEAT NEWS FOn I-TN^.  ���  N the evening of tbe rlay  before   1   was   to  sail  Captain Crowle and 1  were walking through  the narrow street they  call State lane Into tbo  .great     market     phice,  whore       stands       thr  Crowu Inn.   The room nppn-p--i..ieil tu  the Society of Lynn,  whh-li  ih,7<m ei-\*  evening all  the  year  n.-mid.  \,-;ij.  [(..Ai  on the ground floor looking upon  the  market place.  The society or club,   which is never  dissolved,  consists of the notables or  better sort of tho town, tho 'vicar of St.  Margaret's, the curate of St. Nicholas''  the master of the school, my own father, Captain Crowle and other retired  captains, the doctor, some of tho more  substantial merchants. With the mayor  some of the aldermen,  the town clerk  and a justice of tbe peace or two.   This  evening most of these gentlemen  already present.  Caplain Crowle saluted the company  and took his seat at the head of the  table. "Gentlemen," he said, "I wish  you all a pleasant evening. I i,avo  brought with me my young friend,  Jack Pentecrosse���you all know Jack-'  t're worthy son of his worthy father  Ho will take a glnps with us. Sit down  beside rne. Jack."  "With the permission of the socletv "  said.  Most of ilho gentlemen had already  before them  their pipes and  their tobacco.   Some had ordered their drink���  a pint of port for one, a Brown George  full of old ale for another, a flask of  canary for a third, and so on.   But the  captain, looking round the room, beckoned to the girl who waited.   "Jeimv,"  he said, "nobody calls for anything 'tonight   except   myself.     Gentlemen,  must bo a howl or half a dozen  Tell  your  mistress,  Jenny,  a  tbe biggest nnd the strongest  sweetest.    Gentlemen,  with me to the next voyage of the Lady  of Lynn." - J  But  then  a  tiling happened.    News  came which-drove all thoughts of the  Lady of Lynn put of everybody's mind  1hat toast was forgotten.  The news was brought by the doctor,  who was the last to arrive  Doctor  Worship | was a  person  habitually   carried   himself  nity.   ,-  "Gentlemen."     The  doctor  laid' his  upon  the table and   his  Ride it.    Then   '  it  to  you  natron.  once   ray  I  He  unfolded  sonorous hum:  "'Honored   sir.',"'  De  repeated   the  words, '* 'Honored sir.'   The letter, gen  tlemen. .is addressed to myself- ji'i^m.  to niyself.    ��I have recently heard ol ti  discovery   which   will   probably'  affect  in a manner (so' vital "the luterests'or  my beloved native town;that I  feel  my duty  to c-oniiuunlcate the Tact  you   without  delay. ,   I   do  so  to    '  rather   than   to   my  esteemed  the   worshipful   the   mayor  master,   or  to  Captain   Crowle,  or  to  auy of those  who subscribed  for, my  volume of miscellany  poems,  because  tbe   matter' especially   and   pecnliarh*  concerns yourself us a physician aud as  tbe fortunate owner or  the spring or  well  which is  the subject of the'discovery.'    The subject of the discovery,  gentlemen.      My     well-mine."       ije  went on:  "'You are aware as a  master In the science of medicine that the  "curative properties of various spas or  springs  in  the country-the, names of  Bath, Tunbrldge Wells and Epsom are  familiar to yon:-so doubtless are those  ol" Iiampstoad  and  St..Chads,  noa"  London.    It now appears  that a  '  lain: learned physician, having reason  to believe thai similar wa .era'exist, as  yet uusus-peeturt. at King's  Lynn, has  procured a jar lQf tlie water from your  own   well���that   in   your  garden'���my  well, gentlemen,  in iny own garden���  'and. having subjected'it to*a Vigorous  examination,   has   discovered   that   it  contains to a much higher degree than  any other well hitherto known to exist  in this country-qualities or'Ingredients  bcki in solution which make this water  sovereign Tor tlio cure of rheumatism,  asthma, gout and all disorders due to  ill humors or vapors, concerning which  I   am   not  competent  so   much  ns   to  speak   to  one  of   your   learning   and  skill.  "Tills discovery  hath  already  boon  announced   In  the  public journals.     I  ���send   you   au   extract   containing  news.'     I   read   this   extract,  meu."  It  GRAVEL CURED  lie  thing  sure    is  Berkeley  who f says    there Is  a-s an hon.-u Wiln> y0J.  ' hirns.'lf   a  UlSMAllKABLE     CASE     OF  . ,-    PAINFUL   D1SBASE.  THIS  Keuben    Draper,    of'    Bristol.     Que  '-Who   Was'-'a  Victim,.  Finds   Relief  .and  a  Permanent Cure���He Tells'  of  Tlis   Sufferings,   and   How  . Left His Trouble Behii  lie  The   WaT   Paddy   IlrnnnlKftn   Oulma.  ncn-vcrcMl  Ills  Superior.    "  The colonel, or,"Old" Daddy." a.s he  was usmihy called," had a- habit ol  strolling round the camps at most un-  seasonable hours. Sentries hod to he  continually on ,,the ��� alert, for nothing  would- have given, "Old Daddy" greater satisfaction thau to have' pounced  on some luckless one who might think  the midnight hour's suitable for a quiet  .snooze.      ' ��� ,       '  Baddy Bi'annigna made Hint mistake  ouce.    There- in"'the , quiet' moonlight KnjonrhBorsicHwaandVawdoci  I   4 1�� ia ^i ___.��>_. 1��� t__>   ��__.____.   ��__-__.._._.   _l.._,.     -i  Minard's Limt te m  Renins at first ia lift). nJ  a great _.lparity for rear,if  cipline.���t.Yorge Eliot.     ,  OUT OFSOKTS.-Symptom* .Ie.  of njppot__������A tiurixl toriKUo, aid rsa  ".utstfj  nil  Bristol.   Qtie.,  wa s  give lhe  rer  cfcr-  11)0  gentle-  cut  at  :���!!.,  water  uiidiscovei  it  howls.  howl of  and the  will  drink  was a  slip of printed  paper  from one of tha diunials of Londyn  "'It   has   been    discovered   that  King's Lynn, in the county of Norfc  there exists a deep well of clear  whose properties,  hitherto  oil, form a sovereign specific for rheu-  matiRin   and   many   similar   disorders  Our physicians have already begun to  recommend tlie plare as a spa, nnd it is  understood that some havo alr-ady  solved    upon   betaking   themselves  this newly discovered  la nee from London  is  that of Bath.   The roads  n;��t so good, but at Cambridge it is pos.  sihle  for  those  who  do  not  lruV(lJ  ,  their own carriages lo proceed by ��var  o   barge or tilt hoat down (lie Can, and  tin Oti.se a distance of only 40 miles  which  in  the.simunershoud prove 1.  nieasant journey.' move a  ,T       ..        . Ma-.v  17-���(Special)���  Ao disease can , cause more severe  and dreadful pain than gravel. Keu-  ben Draper, of this place, was' taken  ill,with this awful trouble about live  years ago. .IR. was cured and so  many have asked him how it  done that he has decided to  whole story Tor publication  "About Jive years ago I was taken  ill with the (.'ravel, j suffered great  pain,' so 1 sent for a doctor". Tie  gave mo some medicine and came to  sec me twice afterwardc, but,my disease was-not gone, and in a short  time 1 had another very bad-attack.  "This time 1 sent for another doctor, with about the same results,  only T was getting weaker all the  time.  "T-ien   a  man    advised    me   to   try  Dodd's Kidney Pills,  Tor he said Lhoy  iiad  cured  his mother.      I    thoughII  would   try  them,   and  bought  a "box  "Just  one  week   after  J,  beganf. tlie  treatment I passed a stone' as  hu-go  as a small bean, and four days later  another about ll.o""size of a grain of  barley���this gave me great relief  I  commenced   lb  fed   better  and  gain strength right away.v  "That  was  fivo  years   ago,   arid    I  have   not   had    any   trouble   in  ���way since. % J have    the sfoius  Hinall   bottle,   and    anyone  thorn    who   wishes.      'llodt  rills  certainly saved my life  'lire   story   of  Mr.   Draper   will      |,���  good     news   to   many  suflercrs    who  may     not have   known     that  Dodd's  Hlney   |.jJs  always euro Crayela.nl  Mono  in   the  Bladder  hundreds     o|    other     very  -'ihoiild   cure  any   o���0>   iuu)  may   lie  .illliclod   as  Mi  .should  try Dodd's  11 id  In  that,  in  a  can    see  As K idney  lie.sat, all unconscious of the colonel's  presence, hia rlile laid "against the lent,  himself buried in slumber.' Gently-the  rifle was lifted from its place. But  some good angel awoke Paddy Jn time  to see the colonel making his way to  the guard tent. Paddy missed Ids rifle  at once aud followed thc colonel with  the caution of a prairie cat.  Outside _the   guard    tent   stood   the  wooden  rack  which  held  the riiles ol  - the guard, arid into it "Old Daddy" placed   Paddy's  rifle,  himsolf entering, the  ,tont   to   call   the  sergeant   iu   charge.  This ' was    Paddy's   opportunity.    lie  grabbed his rifle and  was back at his  post In an luslant. The colonel brought  tlio, sergeaut outside and ordered him  to count the rities.  "Ail correct, sir," said tlie sergeant  "Nothing of tho sort.   There Is an'extra rilie there.   That I  am certain of.  for I put it there myself."'  "I, beg your pardhn. sir, hut the number Is quite correct." again replied the  somewhat amazed sergeant  "Come with me���come with mo this  instant, and I'll soon let'you see whai  I moan."  Tlie sergeaut followed his chief, wondering what was going to happen.  "Ifait! Who goes there?" rang out  clear and sharp in the night air from  the now wideawake J "tidily.  This was more than "Old Daddy"  had ever dreamed of. I-'or a moment he  wns - paralyzed. 'Then he marched  straight up to Paddy, ffa7i0<] Into hls  sweetly Innocent fnco and, with a  W ell, I'm blowed," turned on his heel  and vanished.-  v   'V'l'uwwi iuiri.-*j   Luui,uu, J.//I7  jfOiitren. Thos* symptoms, i.r.w.  into acuta disoti.io. i t In n trite  "ounce of prevent ion ia \vort.iaM_J  udn llttlo: attention sifc thi. r<ufJ  "ilaiosgand l.-irR-odoclor'ill  J this complaint fake from two .otLttf  lco'e.Vegetable I'iU. on froins to lyiij  t-.vofor thr o ii__,-__t_i in succ-owi.:  ���will be effected. -  Leave out .llie adjcoti.es.  thc nouns do the lightiigj  Waldo Bmerson.    *  Wiiere   thc  'ill conqmr  cati.se   i.s   Mist ||  the great.���So:!  The human heart refits.?  in ra universe without :i  Immarniel Kant.  Tiie  sincere    npphms.* of  human being j.s 0f  ���Johnson. ".  great <t.'.-��  Conscience has no iiioroto-j  gallantry than with po||(wj  dan.  'A cheerful face  for'' an invalid as  Fi nnklin. , i  id*, iimriyttf  In .iiriv irsf  ANADJAN  "THE" ROUTE TO  Australasia  And the  CANADA'S bCLNFC ROll  THE  BATTLE OF  LIFE.  bad cases  those who  Draper  Kidney PiJjHi  was  re-  to  cure.    The (Ms-  no greater than  it ia true, aro  norriK-..|���(<.,t   ]  Tlie florist has growi  seasons.    y01, |..n  on which you  "��d lie will |,;IVL. fl ,.,,...,  art  of   rciardi;  curious,  and  ii-t  :n:  IK)  to v.-iy |jlr.  Iinvom,  Independent of  i' only to name a date  U'"'iH a certain blossom,  Av for you.    The  nwer.s   was  always  lias  widened  dimension...  Tlegin  Oo lo  I.v.  Carefully  done.  Keep  poise.  life whore you are.  work earnestly and confldent  look  over what  is to  be  a   cool   head   and   cultivat��  it  out  ':'*.v-Ij_.  "'r   or   Haydn,  i'cni;..:i." vrAi.  'Wid ol ten Kcolijci  Tlie  fat  of '-The ('  mg business.  ins  lhe composer  i   wlii-ehvriglit  ����n for neglect-  ni (stakes  our seemina  ith  who.  dig-  Sill  J't.  .thread fa  ^^���'^A;;jr;;sA:'s^m  early as :.I2.1 p,. c.' "*"ci.ee  S178 00^;;n       .,,ilva-.s-luud'-ori  *J-.8,000 for ammunition.  of tbe  cost  Glass mirrors  2.1,  but the art  lost and not redisco  Venice.,  'I'l-drn,  ^''To known In A. D  f,f making them  was  v<-'red unlil kjoo  The  from an  Tin;   Pnx��i0���  passion  flower  that all .jn,.  of  Christ'/,   passion   .,,.,,  viz.  the   five   wound'-  pillar of  scourging.   |)(,si(l(,s  n-iila. -the crown of (|u  m  i'l'Mvcr,  derives nH nanif?  irisli-iiinenls  '���''I >'v..,.;, | cd_  "���'   roiuim,   oi  the three  takes"0t b�� OVCrCOmo by seeming mis-  Do ns well as you can what lies nearest at hand.  Only weak people are cast down by  apparent failures and blunders.  Sometime.-,    our   apparent  help us along more than  success.  Kn-ors are sometimes very expensive:  bu.t, then, again, they often save in tha  long run more tlian they cost  fhThfn Wll�� Win ,n Me's-ba'ttlosliM  nnnn      if'   C0WaSC0^  OUCS   vyllO   look  tional.       exi)0ric'nco  ��a  being educa-  rnS ���;��"r'difflc��Hle8 and problema  calmly and with a belief that If you  part thoy will bo solved and  the   best  Travel  by the C. P. lb '���i:  sured'of SOLID ('OMTOt  First-class C. I>. R. Sleepflf  on all through train.**.  Through Tourist Sleepers ������*!  Tourist Hates (jiiolod ton  East, West, Soiit]  The Old Country  The Orient,  The Antipodes.  Those desirinic  gard to any part of i  ed by the C. P. 11. ot  are requested to upl'ly  It. representative or to  ���   Gen.  Piih. Atf1- ]]  Havre  /mil  J ic  do your  overcome  Maryland   C��_inlnc'  Maryland's   induslrv  greatest numiier of  einploylhg. the  ,.: _. I.f'i'soiis is (ho can-  ��'"'�� of fruits and vcgelnhies.  Havre, France, Is iJic-xvi"   ^tjjsji  coffee   market.    ,'J"1)��' n,^lfilJ?m.  commodlfy  In   lis  wareli*"1    ffco^f  fails below.���2,OOi��l0iH''.h����*      ffi,��I  \yt*  Witter***;     , r|��^  ��� Watercress   is n -'"^     UmM  irace up for lhe .lystcm-  The   Fr-ir-Trm  .��*���"  .TKanluin is tho Iiiixi.*-'"1 "  looks like copper, but wills1''  crystal. .  ........i ��� -���-���-  ������i-.f'i^ kmi  "idon, On  ���Cil,��l diii,]  r is ��n ait,  dliciilt. 0r.  ���', 'i-'Iic-iid ij,  K>ve relief-  iU)d 'urinary j_J  ���- K'3 xvouw,  1 Pro-urn* ai]  ���������� entirely ^1  had not b^if  ave.   |..e\er  ' i'f7r^-'t actl^l  riaiison, liatg:  iSSS^^ HORSEPOWER,  "���Cult  of Median leal  Force  B��ne to He Adoi.tcd-  i&ii first begin to become fa-  & the methods of measuring  F'WflfBM i,ouer' tljey ofte" 6Pecu,ilte  r���iv-i��W_��,,l' hreed of llorses is t0 b0  li'^lEP 0IIU keep at  tt'ork ra,sl*��S  ���-*     """^-.Is one foot per minute, or  it, which is more familiar  yiK'i?J  SW*  ml.  [Hi?  ^f>  _'/  ;,^j,^ii ochanics, of raising d..O  ,&ffijjw feet per minute.- Since '5.'].-  a .jjJftS .aised one foot per minute  ^���bfeupi'' horsepower It Is natural  ���* 'InoflfcL* .liould think the engineers  ",w*il.-.iied that unit of measure-  'wfSfi&d it on  what horses could  *i_l'^raf But liie horse t!jut can do i  "oesnot exist.- ���     A   i  ;epower unit was established !  Watt about a century ago, j  ures were fixed In a curious '  ift   found   that   the   average '  ,.5����iis district could raise 22,000  sl����We f00t Per ,mlnute.   At, that  Uirai1 wflS eulPl��Vod In,the inanu-  ''      engines, and customers were  $$*������?' Cnd that aU klnds of ai"tl-  "r.'-Mr.cenients  were  necessary   to  j&wer users to buy steam eu-  .��5��fc  a   method  of   encouraging  foa^Qu:. offered to sell engines reck-  ��nVHy"'n foot pounds to a horsepow-  ���\\Turi.hti8 h(i was the means of glv-  j'/SSi unit to one of,the most Im-  sS^i'-asurements In the world. ,  TSg **Imj;m��  of  a Glimi.  Eye.  '"ji{V -i.-il eye is not made in the  j'fi'Cfli A-dhe. as many people lmag-  :'ljfi|?i    much the-shape of a, half  hell, thtaigh not so deep and  i,and lh:ht.    I.ven this,  how-,  ises   irritation  If  kept  in   the  u.-tnully.  cause the CoWs that cause  Pneumonia, and Consumption. .     ���     ���    i'    .    .    .    .  Shiloh's  Consumption  Cure  cures the cold, heals the  ittngs and makes you well;  SHILOH cures Consumption  and all Lim^ and Throat  1 Troubles; and Coug*hs and  Colds in a day. ��� Positively  ���  guaranteed.   25 cents.   .   .  ha   wheat  market  *J"'et.     duriri...-  trade ino.es  week,  has  aad  Witho��,ilJllclr!sl;stt8teaaywuy  for wheat,  or  or'  the holders  ��� t-t  tor  immediate    or  is easier to sell    than  distant     delivery.     Last  off at 74-y.c  for     l  uortherii, ,-,nd 7,.,.-./.. .. ,. :a    io; , x  in  _,.    '' AA        '-'t'-  lor  2  northern,  -"More  J.ort William,   spot  or .May'  .""P',  a,ui ,J-V Tuesday afternoon  i-'iey   had   advanced  Pi-etsi.re  ou   t|���. lJlin  tO    Kf-Jl    i(.      Wl���  curly d'-liver  itir    j.iore  WCt.k   pi ic,,s   JeJL  1!1-M'J_J_.S the lute of TIHDDYS-  I'jXPTIU -MISERABLE.  .  Write to S. C. Wbu.S & Co., Toronto,  Can., for a free trial bottle.  Karl's Clover Root Tea Cures fleadacbe  '"er   of sti onger  ~J>\\e and 74.\.\,y,  ined Ic,  Mil  .!���  A Common  Bred Gow  ne the iieart becdmes a labile garden, glowing with,sun-  lid warm hues, and exhaling  lors: but without, love it is  (desert, covered with ashes.���  Warren  f  there is  -**t man, yoi|  a    kna ve  in .lit tl. 11,0-J  for'  recthij  31iot.     ,  ympt'im*, !lu  ajjuo, sml rt.  wis, It r.t_{.utttf|  tUn trite  3 wort!iatk_u_.I  at tlii. r-u-ff  ! l.'irfrodoclor'ill  nn two lOtL-Mi  1 froins lo l>4i(  u succo_.n._  hards & Co.        .  Init-n,���1 have used MINAUD'S  _ST   on my vessel and in 'iny  ior ycjirs.  and for every  day  or yftirs,  and for every, day,  .irci-Jenls of life I consider  0 ,C(| iral.  i;ifJ   not.,  start, on a voyage  it,    if 1. it ��� cost   a-dollar a  CA��T.  F.R.   DES-TAltOIN.  *>torke,"  St   Andre.' I*Camour-  toncd up by  Blood Tun-  ill   give   as  and as rich  k as a highly  ristocralic  icy cowgives,  11710u or-  d i it a r y  feed, and  a Jersey  cow when  given.  BLOOD PURIFIER  , will wonderfully increase her yield  of milk. Jt saves feed too, because  a smaller amount of well digested  food' satisfies the demands of the  Kystem and every particle of. nour-  sishmeut sticks.-   "    , (1  50 cents a'packap-p.  Leeming, Miles & Co., Agents,  ftlONTREAU  AVritc for Book on Cattle and Horses fic-Oj  under   tlie   iriflu-  outside markets    to  but since then they  and at the close of  |M'si_..-ss    on   J.'riday  the  best    prices  obtainable    wore    75"J/lC"  1   northern,  ,*i'i'l   7.^/j<;   -2  northern   spot   or    May  (a-livery, in store Port William       Yo  , 1  h.ir.l is worth 78>/iC.   June dcli\erv  is not wanted,  but will sell at sanus  hgures as May delivery.  I    Liverpool Wheat���.Yy.    3 -northern  j closed on Saturday at 6s Cd.  !    'i-'I.O.yy.��� Trungarian    jiateiit   S2.3 0  per sack of 98 pounds';  (Jlenora,  $2';  Albert a,     SI.85;     "^Iahitoba,   SJ .70 ;  and iVX'XX, S1.2r>'.  C: I JO UNI) I-'KEU���Oal chop, per  ton, S2H; barley choji,'0S*22; oatmeal  i'^'d, SM.oO; uiived .barley and oats,  >:'2o; oil cake, ��j;.o. '        '     "  dMILI.FI'.ED���Jlran, in bulk, is now  worth SlTi.fJO per ton, and shorts  ?17.oO.  OAT.S���The market , has advanced  Ic per: bushel this week owing to  improved demand. So. '2 white oats,  Fort William,  41c per  bushel;   No.  1  white,   in car lots  peg,   p--r  bushel,  41   to  4'2<:  _, o'1  dijc;  >an wlio , foolishly-does me  will return him .the prdtec-  my ungrudging love; the  evil that comes froni him,  the good shall go from me.  Teach self-denial, and make its  practice pleasureable' and you create  for the world a destiny more sublime than ever issued from the brain  of the wildest dreamer.���Sir Walter  Scott.  now  THE BLOOM OF I1EA_LT1I,  to   Keep .Little    Ones , Bright,  ��� Active and   J leal thy.  ndjeoti-cs  he   litfli.irg  ���00 REWARD $100.  IS   .I'ISt I  i ren t .���So;  L refusi*.  hout  :i  la us-  great Ai1.'  irsof th's |>;iper will' ho' plonked to  !i(_r�� is ai least imu drendu I di ou.so  ,Jco Ins boon able to euro in nil its  Id rh:H is catarrh. 3I;iU'_, Cntairh  eonly po.sitivo euro now known to tho  "vtui-aiiy.   Caarrh lei  �� a const tu-   fro, requires 11 coiisLiLULioii.il t-*.:it-  t  11 iTsCiuzirrli Guro - Inkun iuiuniiilly,  ^directly u|>oii tlio I.lo d mul"inni ua. ��.ur  ��*jctln' systnin,   t iiahy  do_.troyii:tr   tli.-  W_rUr��i of iliudlso.i-.!', and (fivinx t|i�� p.-iticnt  Ml_-^>3r  liuildiiit; up  tin- coiis-itutiou and  "1      J__.'llrc ,'n ('.olnf-*" lh> work. Tnlr ]>ropri��'-  _ . b_y��jJT> iiuich faitli   in in i-uratir. power-*,  .   itlliyrViiror one hundrud doll.-us for any c.iso  W   A|t_SilS"'tocuiu     Sond t .r list of tc.timou-  Aijvtrp%. V. .1. CHUNKY ii CO., Tol.ido, O.  sites1 ��t;i:i-.ts, 75c.  imly I'ills ..rt- the host.  ) more lo j  li politi.1  - im\r)t at  I'iiirir ***����  I L.enoral calamity and con-  Mi ever  been  productive  of  M minds.    The  purest   ore  I'd   from     tho   hottest   l'ur-  flk' lirightest, thunder-bolt  iViiiu thc darkest storm.���  ["Hover  was, nnd novcr will   be,  n  lb nnd ���  .SlecH  IS.  [es.  SMnacca, in ono remedy, for all did  Jilcah is hoir���tho very nature of  ptlyod being such that wero the  _���*J��".or aud diHorently eoated dis-  1MS1.   m tho Bysteui of tho putient���  ������WHl'i relievo ono ill in turn would ag-  d�� other.   Wa  havo, however, in  ioI__fi-,n<.'wheu obtalnitbloin n sound.  i-M-i"!���      6tato, a remedy for ninny and  T*'"/3-   By it3 gradual and judiciouA  i-jb lest system-) aro Jed in.oconv.:-  a --trciigth by tho influence which  f* ���*" *-'��! nature's own restorative..  brrn-S4?! "odrooiiing spirits of tboso wil'.i  Sts-SSi   i1110 8tato of morbid despond-  _S?f ' : ,of intt'''ost iu lifo is n disease,  'AfA%, llfl,'il'7-inft -, ho nerves, disposes to  FhJr^.  r��frcdhirifl: eleop���iniparn vigfor  jL_u!ifi_V on ol   "��<> b'ood, v.h.eh, being  '- AfSS   C0l"fcs  throughout  tlio  voins,  'Jf�� "K U10 henllhy animal functions  ^crn!. thereby making  activity a  *gm hf0 to tho diffestivo organs, whicli  ���:.fc"��Ll ��T(ld incroiiscd Birbstnnco���rc-  TiSSff ^ "Wictito. Northrop & Lyman.  Siteri_i_r��,,|n-rtvo,_'?.,ven *-�� tho public their  **��*�� *'  tho opinion of  nclontista, this  UJlies nearest perfection of any Id'  All dniwilafa <-ir>) I it, ,  'ooked to the happiness of  '".Viricn as the object to  -OiTorts- ought to  be di'rect-  "F-very   mother .knows    that    little  children'need   careful  attention���but  they do not need strong drugs. When  baby  is  peevish, 'cross   or  unwell,   it  i.s an unfortunate fact that too many  mothers' dose    them  with     so-called  '���'soothing"  medicines   which stupefy  and  put, tho little     one into  an  1111-  naiural sleep, but do  not. remove the  cause of the trouble. What is wanted  to make th? little ones, bright, cheerful and well  is Baby's Own Tablets,  which will promptly cure, colic, sour  stomach,    indigestion,    constipation,  diarrhoea,'   simple   fevers   and '  teething     troubles.       They give    children  sound   refreshing  sleep,   because  they  remove  the  cause     of     tbe   trouble.  These  tablets- are guaranteed to,contain   no     opiate     or*     other  harmful  diug.    Mrs..  James   Found.   Valentin.  Ont.,  says:      "Before 1 got   Baby's  'Own Tablets my Baby was very pale  and   delicate  and  so   peevish   that.   1  had  to walk the floor with him day  and   night.   The  first  tablet   I   gave  him   helped   him,   and ' that  night   he  slept' soundly.      Since   then   thc   tablets   have  made him  perfectly    well,  and  he is uoav a   fine, healthy look-  in,",   baby,   and   is  g-etting quite    fat.  I   would  not.be without  the  tablets  if tliey cost a dollar a box."  Baby's Own' Tablets are good for  children of all ages and arc taken as  readily as candy. Crushed to' a  powder they can be given- with absolute safety lo the youngest, weakest baby. Sold by all druggists or  sent postpaid at 2r* cents a box. by  addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine  Co,,  Brockville,  Ont.  track, Winni-  ,No. 2 white,  feed grades, .'IS to .'J'.c :  soi-d oats, 50. At country points'  fanners tire- getting 39c to :.lc for  So. 2 white oats  nAIJLJDV-^Jtock.s available' arc  very light and the market has jumped to 4(1 to 48c for seed grades and  -10c to -12c for fqed grades, in car  lots  on,1 track  Winnipeg.  FLAXSEED���Dealers are asking  ��2.00 per bushel for seed flax.  JTAY���Receipts, are light, and the  market is $1 higher at ?8 to,S9 per'  ton' ' for fresh baled. Loose"hay is  not offering to any- extent.  POULTRY���There is very 'little  poultry in the market. 'Chickens are  worth 1'2Yj.e per pound for fresh kill,  ed, and turkeys 12^0 to loc, according to quality.  BUTTER��� So country ' creamery  butter has reached this market yet  and there is consequently nothing  new to report. The weather has liol  been favor-able for pasture and con-'  sequeiilly milk Lsr scarce in most districts.    Commission  houses   are quol-  choice-  Winrii-  ing- 21   to  22c  per pound  for  butter  delivered   in  l''ooil Heroines Bis tasteful and a Feel-  J,|_.    01    Weariness.    Pain' and  Depression  Ensues.  "-���iii LeSorelois,  Sorel,   Que.  (>l the  discuses   afiiicting mankind  dyspepsia is one of the worst to.en-  'h'l-r.. .Jts  victims  find  life  almost  a  burden.      Food  becomes  distasteful ;  they  suffer  from  severe  pains  in   the  st-oniach ;  sometimes   excessive  heart  palpitation,   and a general   feeling  01  weakness  and     depression.      Though  thisP disease   is ��� one  of   the most' dis-  tn-f-sing,  it is one wliich, if the proper  remedy  is  applied,  can   be readily    cured.      Thousands    throughout  this  country    bear   testimony   to   the  e/lrcacy of Br. Williams' Pink Pills ys  a never-failing cure.'   Among them is  Mrs.' Adolphe   A.    Latrousse,  a well  known and  highly esteemed ,lady residing at  Sorely Que.    ",Slu_     .says:���  "For- two  years  1  was  a     constant  sufferer  from   had   digestion   and   its  accompanying  symptoms.   Food    became    distasteful  and  I. grew     very  weak,   i suffered much from pains in  stomach  and  head.    1   could not obtain'  restful  sleep  and, became  unfit  for  all     housework.    I  tried   several  medicines   without   finding   the   least  relief and  I  grew  continually   Worse  until   in   thc      end    /  would     vomit  o\ cry tiling J ate.    T liad almost given  up  hope   'of ever   being well     again  when one day  I  read of a case simi-  ilar   to  mine  cured   through   thc  use  of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.    I  determined 'to give these pills a trial arid  am,happy today that I did so, as by  the  time  I   had' taken  eight  or  nine  boxes my strength had returned, the  pains wliich  had  so   long  racked  me  disappeared,   my   stomach  would   digest food    properly  and  ]   had fully  regained my old    time ' health,  and  have not since had any return of the  trouble."  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a purely tonic medicine and unlike all purgatives do not weaken the system,'  but give, life and energy with every  clo.��e'. They are a certain cure for  anaemia, dizziness, 'heart' troubles,  rheumatism, sciatica, indi'gestion,  partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance  and'the functional ailments that  make tlie lives of so many women an'  almost, constant source of misery.  Sold by dealers in medicine,' or sent  post paid at 50 cents a box. or six  boxes for . ��2..-30 by addressing ,the  Br. Williams' Medicine. Co., Brockville,  Ont.  TOKONTO  CANADA'S LEADING NEWSPAPER  Its'news-gathering facilities���tho industrial, social, commercial or political  events of the world���are not excelled by any paper in America. If you are  living west of North Bay you can have the early morning edition (including the big Saturdtty illustrated) - for only $��.00 per annum. Take advantage of this GREAT HALF-PRICE OFFER ,TO-I>AY.  Address:   THE-GLOBE, Toronto  j This is the Page Standard n Bar ^encp, made cf "Pat-e" wire which is t-wiiia as strong asj  I common wire. The continuous coil, note wavy appearance, allows for csnansi&n and con  traction which is important owing to Canadian climate. Our upri ghi wirei are i n one piece  and. hare strength of about 800 pounds. Ifmads of pieces enliecd av eac_i boriaorityl, they  would have a strength of only about 800 pounds. ^ o also make gates, ornamental fences,  poultry netting, nails and staples.'  -.      '.he Page Wire Fence Co.. Limited. 'Walkervili'-.O^t.    61  ROSS & ROSS.  General Agents, Box (533,  Winnipeg.  Mu:>  creamery  petf- -  , B UTTER��� .Parry���Dutier     makiag  is still  a slow     process'for want of  milk ruid receipts of dairy are   very  light.    Commission  houses   are  ofier- j  *-*. , .j- 1  ing  as   high, as   20c     per    pound  for 1  best, qualities ot" fresh made butter in  tubs,     commission     basis,   and  from  that figure  tbe.market ranges  down  to   l(ic for round lots.  CIIIDIi_Sl_r���This market is bare of  cheese, and there is-hardly any to bo  bad. Dealers do not care to bring in  much eastern stock,-- as Manitoba  cheese will begin to arrive soon. The  wholesale 'selling price today is  about J31,5c.  ECUS���-The market is firmer, and  about ll\:>c per dozen is being paid  for fresh case egg*s by. the retail  trade in Winnipeg.  POTATOES���Farmers' loads ' delivered in Winnipeg, 2oc per bushol.  -, PRESSED IMEATS���Beef is very  scarce, and has advanced y^e this  week.- Beef, city dressed, per pound;  S to 9c: veal. 7^ to SV^c; mutton,  10c; spring Iambs, each S3.50 to  S-l.f>0; hogs, cper pound, 7..L to S.oc.  Hides���iN'o. -1_ city hides, Ql/^c So.  :i\{fi. So. 3. 'LYz- lvips and cab", the  same price a.s hides; deakins, 25 to  '10c; si links. .10 to J 5c; horse-hides.  50c to,yi.  WOOL i.s worth G^c per pound for  Manitoba  unwashed /leeoe.  Wc are fellow laborers with a common end���reverent to thc lowest for  its possibilities, emulous to the  highest for its sublime perfections.���  Alexander Wilder, M.D.  '   FRUITS  AMD  FLOWERS,  There is i-ei.1!;," no time saved by  plfintiiig large trees.  Of nil thc different, kinds of fruit,  grown on th"' fnrui none is so reliable  or so oii*-Ily grown.as the grape.  Dwarf'pears should be planted on a  spot lhat has tr moist soil, eilber naturally so or made "so by subsoiliug.,  The best shape for the'gnrdcii is an  oblong s.ju-ire. In this shape it can be  plowed' and cultivated to the be_.t ad-  viint.'ige.  Ono advantnge'iof buying trees in the  fall and lioeli'-g them in in lhat they  are on hand ready to J.o planted out  early iu the spring.  One object to ,be gained in any pruning is. so to reduce- the weed as to  equalise growth, so th-H the leaves and  branches will not interfere with each  other.  With (he quince, after the leaves fall  in autumn and before they' start in  the spring, it is a j ood plan lo cut buck  every shoot, 'usually catting hack one-  half of the new wood and'ihinning out  the old.  THE.  FASHIONS.  on  Strings of  pear!:-' are   festooned  bodices and form shoulder straps..       '\  Uhineslones a "id jet are combined in  some 0!' the ornaments seen ou the hit-  est models in millinery. '  White! niousseline de soie is much'favored this,winter for evening gowns,  lace trimmed and spangled.'  An exquisite house gown of white  crepe do*chine is trimmed with gay-  lands of violets embroidered on white  inousseline de soie.  ,    ���>  /ICTS GENTLY  ON  9^  >N  fV  AND  .-#  fS THE SYSTEM  " EFFECTUALLY;  Cleans-.  Love (eels no burden, thinks nothing of (rouble, attempts what i.s  above its .strength, plead-** no excuse  of impossibility; for it. thinks all  things lawful for itself and all  thing.',   possible.���Thomas   a  Kempis.  I���te*  nation.1  . tforM'  ... CO*1"']  to a"! mr>   ������"  ip l��t,m  ���RS0.V Bt1'*'.- '�� '  .''ill  John Kussell.  ��rt Liniment Cures DipMlierJaA  F-fLw*:i  'each  should  exceed    bis  what's    a    heaven     for ?  owning.  DR.A.'W. CHASE'S Qfc  CATARRH CURE ... <&%���*"-  {3 rent direct to tb_ dl-i-:*..i*<'  parts by the Improved Blower..  IJ&ils'.lba ulcers,, cic-srs thu; elr  passages,'slops dro;*!!!'!!:- Ir. tho ���  ���&5*A     throat and  pcini'vaarill/ oures  ffy: *' Catarrh and llarFcvr. Blower  sA free. All dealers, or Dr. t\ W. Chasa,  '���J iVcdiciue Co., Toronto nu i B'lffalc  presents;  assertion  : Flowers    are  always   fit,  because   fliey ,are ' a   proud  that 11  ray of .beauty  outvalues    all  the utilities "in-the world.���Ertierson.  _S_fVti-r.  ^.��Jl?55-!_I>yBe,l^ry. Cordinb ts a  LIVE STOCK.  CATTLE���Beef cattle are very  scarce, and the market ' is firmer.  Dealers are now paying 5c for nearly everything, uanil choice animals  will bring a little more. We quote:  ���I1,-.- to 5c per pound, off cars, Winnipeg, for butchers' cattle. Stocker  shipments to tbe west are numerous,  ���t, curlings arc -worth a.s high as *?](���  per head at' point of shipment. Two  year olds are bringing from $20 t.>  ,S2l_ per bead.  KIIKHI-���-About 5 to o%e per lb is  the  value oil' cars.  Winnipeg.  I rOCS���Best packers' weights (i'J_.c  per pound oil" cars Winnipeg, an advance of ',i.c over hist week. Other  grades   bring   proportionate  prices.  MILCH COWS-��� Cows are very  scarce, and good milkers readily  bring ,?-l5 each in this���-market. . As  most of the stock offerings are ������.poor,  they bring less inoncy, the range be-,  ing from S'.!5 to $45. ,  HORSES--There : is a good steady  demand for* horses for both farm and  general rise, and dealers liad- no ���'<.!itli-  culty' in disposing of all they can secure. The market is being hugely  supplied from Ontario.' There' arc  some Molilalia horses selling. '��� Prices-  continue high'.- A  o^co^o^  OVERCOMES  Habitual GoNsTIPAT,��^  Ja.sl   Lilie 'tlie-   Ilootrs.  "I'm from England." said the man  'on the car platform, addressing nobody in particular and apropos of nothing, "and Iwant to teii you people that  we all are only a lot of rooks. Say,  did you ever watch a colony of rooks  luiild their nests in the spring?"  Everybody looked reflectively away.  "Well, i'll tell you. First a rook  picks up "a stick and puts it in his  nest, then goes away after ..another  one. Wlien he's gone, another rook  Hies to bis nest and .steals the stick!  When he gels back, he puts down the  second "slick for still another rook to  sl-val aud starts after tbe first stick.  Ho doesn't find it. and.wlien he gets  back to his nest he finds the second  stick gone, and' he starts after that,  scolding and swearing in rook fashion.  "By this time the other thieves have  been robbed, too. and it only takes  about three sticks to go around the  community aud get the-whole blamed  colony powwowing. Say, ain't that  human nature?"  Everybody looked reflectively away.  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS, B. C.  /.      ���         Without qucstioi. the best and  most effective springs in Canada for  the cure of rheumatism, kidnoy or  liver troubles. The medicinal qualities    of    the  water     are. unequalled.  Splendid    hotel accommodation ;  fine  1 ' ' '  fihhihg r,and hunting.      An  ideal  spot  for  the invalid.  ���iA.   '-I  WILL CURE  difficulty of"  breathing,  tightness of  .he chest, wasting away of flesh, throat '  troubles,   consumption,   coughs,   catarrh,  colds, pneumonia and pleurisy. ���  A SAMPLE FREE BY MAIL to every sufferer.0  Pul-Mo is for sale by all druggists at  ��..00 per large bottle,  and  15 cents for.  .mall bottle, or direct from  rHE PUL-MO CO., TORONTO,'ONT.  - '    ���    p.  .-.optitation for durability established -Eleven  vears' trial. Oursevore frost has no elVect on it.  bewaro of American paper felting which craelis  in our climate. 1 ' v  vy:. g>. f-onseca.  lit) Iliggins avo., "Winnipeg-. .   Sole Agent  HEEBAGEDM.  Real Eulsilo Afrent.   Is .uor of Marriage Licenses  Screcy is the element of. ail goodness ; even , virtue, even beauty'-i.s  ni3'Sterious.���Oarlylc.  Excellent Hei-sons exist -why Dr. Thomas'  Eclectric Oil shou'd be used by persons  troubled with affections of the throat 01 ���  lungs, sores, npon the <skin, rheumatic pain,  corns, bunions, or external injuries. .The  reasons are that it is speedy, pure arid unob-  jectionable, whether taken internally or applied'outwardly.  Let a man.overcome ang.er.by love,  let him overcome evil by good, , let  him overcome the greedy by liberality1;  the'f liar by truth.���Buddha.  i ' - !  ,.'  '  A  l  i'i  .   ,   1  1  Monkey Brand Soap makes copper likt  gold, tin like silver, crockery like marble.,  and windows like crystal, x.   11���!   lie, who in dubious circumstances  aids in deeds wlien deeds are necessary,   is  the true friend.���Plautus..  Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.-  ARTIFICIAL ICE.  PERMANENTLY  ,Ts B*NEtg;>Ecxs-  BUY THE GENUINE���MANT'D BY  (AL>F9RNiAJTGJJYRVT(8  o0*St''O ^V fRA/VC/r. jX"^**.  roff SAiC BY&H 0RU6G1_T5, PRICE SOc.PER BOTTir.  It is certain that either wise bearing or ignorant' carriage is caught,  as men lake diseases one of another;  therefore, let them take heed of (he  company.���Shakespeare.  Of all tire advantages Which come  to any yoiirig niaii, 1 believe it to be  demonstrably true that, poverty is  the greatest'.���J. G. -Holland.  &��_WfSi.1 ,"?ia with wondori.ll rapidity, and  l$??'<$Kinnl     y   ftV0 a b0ttl�� o�� this me(U*  fl!irfe;,;Wl  duty which is bidden to  P������ih with seven fresh duties  f{ '������-*-Charles Kingsley.  He is happiest, be he king,, or peasant, who finds his happiness! at home  ���Geo the.  He i.s only advancing  heart   is  getting    softer,  wanner,   his   brain .quicktir,  spirit  entering    in  John Raskin.  11  life whose  his     blood  and  his  ving    peace.���  Minard's Liniment Cures Garget, in Cows.  RlSCre-tt   Itnlloon.  The biggest ball.von over made was  bv a German named Ganswendt years  ago. Its. capacity was ��� 20.000 .cnliic  yards. 11 weiglied twenty-one and e'"'*  half tons iind wouid raise three  one-half tous Into the airj  IllKh MprhtR.  . The lantern of the Llmdy island light  house Is r.-K) feet above high water and  can be seen thirty-one miles. The Cape  Clear light is 455 feet.above the sea-  True glory takes root and even  spreads. Ally false-pretence, like flow-  ci*|: Tall to the ground; nor can aiiy  counterfeit last long;���Cicero. ���  One ounce of S u n I i gh't  Soap - is worth more than  two ounces of common soap.  REDUCES  ���EXPENAE  Ask for tlie Octagon Bar  Five Anjjels  on  a JVccdlo  Point.  It is related of the late Dr. Robertson that on one .occasion he was in  the company of some theological students. . They, fresh from the study of  church history, were laughing together  over the old scholastic question, How-  many angels are supported on the  point of a needle? They were surprised when Dr. Robertson turned to them  and said, "'Well, how many do you  think?" As no one answered ho went  on, with decision. "Well. I'll tell you���  live." And he justified bis answer with  the following story:  One very stormy night he was coming home late and noticed'a light ln the  window of a room where he knew a  poor woman lived whose husband was  at sea. lie wondered what kept her up  so late and went to see. He found her  hard' at work sewing by her lamp,  while her Gve rosy children were sound  asleep beside her. --There," said Dr.  Robertson; "was. a needle supporting  fi ye angels."'-"    i A- '  ..,- IIIm   Sweet  .MotIter.  A stoutly made little ; fellow pf eight,  to his mother.,-who happened to be extremely thin: ..    ,  "Oh. mother, I do believe you ���..mist be'  the' very sweetest woman in tlio world!"  ���"'"Thank.-*,  very  much,  Lawrence.-   But  why    so  '.affectionate?    What   ^o    you  want?'" A '.."���  ,;   "..   d-   ��� ..''.  "I don't want anything. I only knew  you must he the very sweetest woman in  the world." "'.'A        A  "Really you-are too flattering.. Why  this sudden outburst of affection?"  ''Well.' lyoii know, I've beeii- thinking  over the bid. old saying, 'The hearer the  bono   the   sweeter   the   meat.'."  ���, I^K-l't una Stm-H.  A ray of light which would travel  around the earth in about one-eighth  of a second takes more than four hmirsij  to conic��� from Neptune. l*or Alpha  L'eiitaurl, the nearest fixed star, light  makes the. journey'-in five.and one-half  \ cars.  Principle Upon Wliicl- TJiIa Commodity Im Mnnufactared.  The principle upon which the manufacture of ice is based- is that a gas c  when  compressed  gathers "heat enormously, and if robbed of this heat and  allowed to escape at a future time.it  seeks to regain its heat by withdrawing heat from its surroundings.    Ammonia  gas  is  generally  preferred  to  others because it can be liquefied with  comparatively little pressure.    On re:  moving the water from common ammonia   by  distillation   anhydrous  ammonia is obtained.   This is compressed-  by a combined steam pump and a compressor, and the resulting liquefaction  induces heat, which is economized by  circulating water about the vessel or  pipe containing the liquefied ammonia.  Thus -9.1C ammonia  is cooled and  the  heat largely transferred to the water,  which   is   then   pumped   back   to   the  boiler  that supplies  the steam  pump.  The liquid ammonia Is then carried hi  a pipe to expansion coils that afford  plenty   of   room   for   Its   evaporation,  when it begins to return to the gaseous  form and to draw  heat, from  its surroundings,    which, gradually   reduces  tbe   temperature.     Proper   vessels   of  water are placed  in  contact with the  expansion coils, and  in due time ice  is formed.  . Lynch   Law, - ' ���  Lynch law in its usual meaning is  oaid to ,be traceable'to'a Galway worthy. In 1493 one .lames FltzStephen  Lynch, a mayor of that city, sentenced  his own son,to death for murder and.  fearing a rescue, had the culprit  brought home and hanged before his  own ..door. The tradition may be found  alluded to in Thackeray's 'Trisli Sketch  Book." There- a.,.e. critics, however,  who, say that the law was in Its origin  essentially, American, and they date it  back to Charles Lynch, a Virginian  planter of the seventeenth century.  Last  Wordn   of. Mnrttn.'l_TitIier." .  Martin Luther's last words were,  "Father in heaven, though this body  is breaking away from nie and I am  departing this life, yet Ijknow that I  shall forever be with thee, for no  can pluck me out of thy hand." ..>TlI��-K.>Sf.  i T-jrarcTitssr -rr_  Mse^sisxis^sssswr.v^.viFr.-i  1 be ���*. i^zsppr, o- (he ,Lc::r.'i  oe uVcn.-e Co;_-iii-ii;:_;L;_c-;_i !i\dd ;i;    :���.._  1 CO!  ���- ���*���.���."' "tf*<.*r!at^_gv_i?^a.'y_i^ri--*-^'L!.;���*���?r-j^g  I. O. O. F.  t!,__&>___U___^___^i��-.^S="2^^  evening iu   their  j St.   J osepli's   Convent.  xi;i..-.o.\T, u. c.  Boaitlmg and Day school con due led  fry.: L.' _V_^  ^-N^  F iM.__._ed in t:.cIr.te:'e_J(io;iho'}.rni.I/��|,'OM,Mi0nst,al "<���**-��� E'O., June ,'t.J;' ,rv,,,s c,.,... v.on.li- evening iu   their       ^oaidsn.g and Pay school condueled:  o._Uoyion...dEi,th:oc,fen."v.   "     j ^ at 7" ^ '":' lo c^^^   I-1--? A'cl- 'ha^'on   Yk.or.v.   t-".rca��.    fiojournim.   by lho *hWr* ��'   Xi'Uuii'   ^  C"    A1]i  _      _        _    ;^,^^n? applications: ��� Odd Fc-Hows cordially inviic-d.        ,     "'   Ranches of olomt-ntary, btisincs..   ami j  ���Hii***' W&/:S- V*/  -r. ���s.-.rrTi; j: co.,   -  PuI.IJclH*rs. I  i..-.t_:.'- of s_fi.sci.:_-T:o>'.  -0  j;*:\-'"_u\.i_.  J-'rank J. McMahon, Koolrnav __'.!el,  j Moyie.    rAorrnan .4. Jd'acKpr-yo. I\r-i.i-  ,20J:h:;l!an hotel, .Moyie. Alberdt St']>h'-n- '__,".  . M.'.'.'A \ciii:<;>;,  ?\obie (I rand.  .high  d.in.-*  education   taught by   the,  ^'iiaxk Daxi.y,     sister j wlio hold'ceVtiiicalea  from   tliej  Secr'y.  SATURDAY-. JU_\TE. 7, lf.6_2.  '    ��  London     Hoard    of   Education   a_id*j   t\  uaiiiin notei.Aioyie. Albertit St-ph^n- A,,-       . j Scienc*      Department,     Kensington, I   kV  ,?'-�����. Cusi_:o;>clitaD hotel. Moyie.    T, V.; B��6yie      MllierS*     UniOIl 'England.    .Apply to Sister Superior,     jg  I .Johnston   lho-:..  Mov.r  h.Ai   -*..'_.i-;,- '' " *  �� __- I1**-  llots..  'for  1 J. Erilh, International   hotel,   .Movie  2<_TO?- "7JL.  j Meets in'McGregor hall every Tuesday  Chief License Inspector      ! eV0?.ij3S''   Sojourning    members    are        _.A     -      -       ,'forv.ialiy invited to attend.  2Ccxt to  ITi . ,lah.  H. V/. IUKNES,  I'PACE   I>    faOL'TIl   AFItlCA.  At last the war in South Africa id  at an end. __.ii_.r o-;,er t'.vo ve..rs of ih<? j  -*ardf st kind of li;.jbtitjL; the Jjocr.-* havi j Wif*.���T aril going down to.,-p. this  been forced to lay down tn'e:r'arm_-and,- morn ing to try and match a pieco o;  ���"���urreudsr to .he   British,    TIk-v  h-vc ' *:'v'~      _._.....j,.,    A ti. j   j.,-.,,-     | ^ ^ ,  lo-Uheir indep. mionee, and a republic j     Husband--Very well,  my dear;  I'll f -IHOyie Eoai'd   OI    Trade  mu��nnwi.^ ���-m-.tW.^t..>t,i i  , ,       .yp^���  ____) >_>        Jj iissCj  Jons Ih.Ac\__uu_., P. T. S.mytii,  President.  Seciela.'y. ,'���  Pioneer  Ti  aiware  . * ,' --j.-- | -   -,- ���    --.-       ���,---.      ---j       v..   _-.   ,      j.    ,���.   i  �����as been blotted o.T the m.ip. They''tell'the cook" to save some' dinner Jor ,'  h-tvo noc accepted King .JKdwanl VII j you, and I'll put the children to bed j  as-; their   lawful   'Sov3rei:.a   and   tlio ��� myself 'Til -Bita." ' 'l  ,."   i  i .i,i,  ihitish flag will float over   thoir land.  ^     However, they'retain   the   right   to  I.ave the ]_)u(ch   language   toi-ght   iu  ],he public   -school-,   and   alco   to   be  .'allowed in (he cot;rfa of hit/ ,     ���  *    Ail burghcra onb-ide ih,. lii;:its cf th" \  j'raDsvc-il   and   (..range   r\\of" cclonv. '  piu'i !>.!i prisoners " cf * ivar   at   prc.'.-nt  ::-utside Soi;th Afnca. who are baighji>;  If tlie Trust ContiJiiie.>n,  I     '.,'nhznr-Beoi is still rising.'  |    L*'e Foatc���Ye.-;, sooti a   jwlcrhouse (  | will cost a: nn.ch an a duelling  ImtHe )  ty.rir, ^-,>r ,Saio.  A 300 ao;*r, firm   three    miles   from  Aloyia foi-s-Ale,    Thc^c U   ctmaideraMe  [ land t:l.._irc-d and   it   i3   well   >'.u'/kcd  For  furllit-r  Meets on the first Wedne..day  evening of each month at  j 8 o'clock sharp'iu the court  house.  A. P. -Macdoxald, rfes.  'AXDKSW JoiINSTOiT, '   LEWIS THOMSOX,  Vice-Pres. �� .Sec'y,  COUJ.T 3K.VII2.  You will find a complete Gloclc pf gen- J  oral Hardware, Una'taol and Tiu vraro, j  Paints, Oils, Glass, etc,       " '}  t^|>_.Tia.-s.*Hi��ni(.' una r_.ii__bi__j..  *vill. or  duly  declaring  their  accept-,..,:,,. ,._���,  ������, ,.  .      -    ; , , ��� *���    i >>itii nogs  -juue- pour ��*v  ;��iOw uf the no-iition of siibieot-i - of hi--1 - _���        ,-  ������;W, W- bVo,ls!,t' birt Woi;i",fora,8l'0.n'^IA-AhiA0-ffic?- 4"D  )}0mca W EODn ftS ir.0.in8 Qf trfin-SJJO.*.}}- j       '    "  Koo^eiiny .Strain Lanndry'r  lion ofth bs" ptcYidod   anrt   irie.ina   jf' 0 Wosley Oline, of the Central hoiol  ���subsistence na-n.red.   'Bio burghers no   '    '        '        *  M6 8   aA S2  w* \ 'M &* JK  �� R u  P. T. Sifyni, C. ��.   , G. T, MOGREGOH. It. _..  laaiiiiiiMwftwamaiwa. imu .m^^__-__>_��^.^���>,>.,���,,, -  .veturning will not be doprivaii of   their   Kootenay Steam Ivauudry  at j\el_iun  porson.il liberty or properly. '     j All luuntfr.y lefl i:i bis cjhrirfc-o  vvilT be  ..So special tax will he imposed on j promptly attended to. Laundry must ,  landed property in the Trunavaal or I be in before Tuer_d_iy evening. /Terms,!  Orange P'iver colony to defray the ex- j ca&h in advance. 5-2.1  pense of tbo war.    <? j r  '*  Sosoou as'the condUions permit it,'    ,.    '     "aicyon Hot si.r^gs.     .  a committee" on ,-which  'the -local   io- I     'A'^6 ni0dt complete health resort ou  barber -shop,  iu   now   agent, for   th.-L_  ���Harvey   &   McOa.rter,  FOiiT ST..*��I_1,', B.C  IEarvey, .McCartar & Alosauder,  PSKXIE, B.C.  Barristers������& Solicitors'.  habitants will.be represented,   ypill   be I.tho('^0ntinerit of North America.    Sit-  appointed   in   each   district ' of     tlio | u,lted   Itji'ibL   ^enery   unrivalled5 for  '������   ��� -���- ���   ���-* -��� - i-.r.induor.     THE   HALCYON - IIOT  SI'Iil^GS B_init.ariuni, Halcyon  Hot  TrHn8va_l and Orange River colony,  undtr the presidency of ,a magi.ir.ito  or otlier oliieials for the purpose of assisting in lhe-,'rcvif,jration of their  Ironies, aird'supplying those who. ov/ing  to war losses, uro unable to provide for ( mu,"'ja^U1--  W. -P. GURD, ���     '  '    o _���  '���.AJtBlSXilJi:, SOLICIT-)!., 1SXC.  springs, Arrow Lake, IS. t (J.    l.fc?ideut  physician and nu.rsc,    Boating fn.hin��*-  with   all   p'.irta   of    the | ���---"-. ,...-.-..  % -I  - VW=j^<*  TliK ST. KUOK>ji.;.vi,NjNi  TUK MOYIE LU.MJJi-!{ <\t' (iB^^2  PAKK, MITCHKLi. .-, vm \W^  UKJD, CAMPBELL & C(r -IE^>S  ��� MAt^AOiUiRN-AMACBtA-M],   jp*���  P. BURNS & CO.'  KOOTENAY HOTEL,  ChL\TK.4JJ,HOTKF.;  MOVIE HOTEL.  THK LEADER Ol-TiOl' .  G. JL MINER.  J. .1. MUJtl'JlY.  P.O. HOPE,   ,     '  Xp.earrell.  etc., ,tc, 4c  OI-JAjN'BKOOK.  Shaving  Parloyf|  ^���-XTKAL  HOTEL,   ���        '! ^^  e hsuri  k VI * ��� . ��,  ES _5a2S^_,S^__3_s_2i^^ 2E^^2��___aS_feE_g_^^  ��^js_r__i';  !'  "Moyik, B. C.  ��f^  Q  . .1  .1  , 1.  themselves, with .food and shelter and I w'orId- 'I-'wo mails arrive ami depart  tho necessary amount of seed, stock j t-ail-V- 'Terms, ^1-5 'to " /?J.S ner',\v��ek  pnd.implcn^ents/etc': iudispensibie ipl'uCcor^'mS to residence'"ia"'hotel or  the resumption ot their normal ccctt- | rilia*s- ' *���[* ^Ihs cure all nervous and  patipns,        ��� ' j nui-.cular'disense-j. , Its waters heal ail  ''��� If is mujesly's govern/-..it-wiil pl.-ioo j-kl'lir!e.vi   liver  and   stomach   troubles.  >U the disposal., oi  lh..bo  comiiii3siohfa ! The batbs tUid waters\ire an'mvaluabk  tho   suai   of   throe   million     pound.-- j reii^Liy ^r silver and' lead' poisoning  �� lull ing   aud   will   allow*   the1   note   '  li.'O  ',��&!���� gjQGi|  Drug and Stationery Store.  The best of  accommodation,,  'for the Iravcling'publiUj  P  C6fL*  J$��  ���lit" tr* fat*  9 9  7, , t,   t-��._......    , ,  t:*mm-sp, ililllii  Toilet Article  Office Ste-ion^rj  School Supplies.  a  'i  a  ��  ' ��  o  li  .;  1  n  E  li,  1 '  J  e  issued under lar,' of J POO of lho Sou'b  African Republic, and all receipts  givwn up to officers in the iiold of the  late republics or umlsr their order.*, to  In-presented lo a judicial commiMsion  which will be appointed .by the  government, and if such notes and  r-A-t-iple are found by this commission  toil-aye been duly issued in leturn   for  6RANB3R.QQK,  n  tmim I'Oil  i  We  valuable considerations.  they   will   be  received by the i.]r_-t nnwed commission  a.-, evidence- of war io__.jes   fcullbrod    bv  \-  our  Inch  the.  were  tii*-    persons   Jo  ..o.igiually given.  In addition lo the above named Lee  grunt of jbree million pounds stcrlint;,  bis ni;.ie.*.ty's government will be prepared to make acpyap.ces on loan, for  tlie hum purpo-p--, fr_v l-uorest for  two yu.trs, niid ,-iitci wards repayable  ev<;ry period ol years with the three per  cent interest. No 'foreigner or 'rebel  will be entitled to benefit tjnder this  clause.  'wholesale a:il> detail .  MEAT     MERCHANTS  Efesh   and Cured Meats, Fresh  Fish. Game  ani  Poultry,  .-upply   only   the   best  trade^solicited,  L '   MAKKKTS  In    ail   the "Principal  Cities and.    Towns   in  British Columbia.  CRANBROOK," 3. a  llEAPQIJAKTEItf.   Foi'   E,.'*T    KOOI'KXAY  i>.u'ly market priceo   by' wire  f:c-ni Hoekaue.  aagyjmi^amooMcaaTO.  T  [iEWIS TKGMBQNt  Kotauy' Public, Accoux-  taxt, Commission a.vd  Insukaxce Agent. ���  Moyie,  B, C.  nd to I  Perhaps Qom Paul will bn invi  attend the coronation now   ;!-._{,  Ma.-Ci.  has been deul.^rcd.  ^^__^S__S^^!!?J~"R��=����=��>��������a����-������.  FOR   FIXE   TAILORING   GO    TO  BOOTS _ AND    SHQ23S  A. ' <  lie-paired and _\lad.c Iq Order. ' . '  B, A; SMITH, s    Moyie.  XEAR MACE4PJIKEA' & iMACJJONALDa.  'OHAB.  P.  CAMPBELL,  ..  Funeral Director,   ���  -   and    -     . -  Embalmer.  Gradjuale of Champion College oi the  Uni'ed States. Upholstering and general furniture repairing*. Office and  store, Aiken's block, near Canadian  Bank-of Commerce. Telegraph' and  mail orders promptly attended to.  Cranbrook, - B. C.  i   .  IF*-* W��- 1  Chemist and Druggist.  ���mom  SHS  m.  \m  ' iV/HfJ/SItSTADf, HI ESTER. H ip'<& VQ.  t  0 h &*r n v  tin A     rJ ��  uS Mum y  V  on Hand.  Mn��$A I fIB  !" jf is _r    ��.V   *-  i    ?    v S Ife?  Bt?llj__\iLLUI  Th? political machines of lhi-_  elec-  . toral district seem to be out of  icpair,  at least they have not been   in   operation fur tciv.e time.  c  ,-..  ���(  i'  ..'  *  I  a  if  n  a  t..-_^____nt _____,,_  Repret-cnlitivc timith is proving  himself an untiring and conscientious  worker for the welldue of hid con-  dlittiencv.  v,\  W'O  A   "*-SV-">|.J'. tj.j  NELSON,  '*������    OK��   all    the  j^ffl��_g_a_-_ai��,-_-_6-_,���   |Oid hunters say  r  e  i  >1  t  I  a  c  it  A  i-  ii  "���Viic-n a ben  lay  Oilier  hen.,   in    ('...���   l..,iny.ird    eaehle   ||TfaeMARLIN  LwJ.s ��>f nitm lire   built   on    tb-_    Mime  iilan;as   soon    as    miu    neeo.'itiib.-lit;.-.  .'inythin-,'  l!;cy   want   ,-i  's.h.-iry   of   j,|ie  credit.���.Moiilrenl H:ar.  MEPuCHANT   TAILOR  Pine   Suitings, * Overcoating ,  "Trouser.s   Imported     Goods.  moyie, ,      b. c  fJRBNTDJN k NE1  ���FOR���  HEAVY TEAMING-  duality not. excelled in the country.   Try it anc  be^convinced.  Mi O i I IK*     ��� o 0 h ilR'T  '    ' JOU-NSTOjy    BdQS.  ..... - '  v j  $ -Thi.b Hotel is New and well Furnished.   Thi  Tables are Supplied with the Best tbe\  Market affords. The Bar Is Filled with  the .best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  r,^  |qu<  ���'*^{_-l'--i__*.-3.-|J>- iT>tj__-_^yf,.^' ?7 t^jJj'j.  Baggage,  ���ALSO���'  Express    and  Delivery."  Gkmeiiaj  "I ty] you," exclaimed the slim  individual, "ih.l water is God's;  greatest gift to num." "Aro you a  Prohibitionist?" nDl_ed a bystander,  taking him cordially by the hand.  ''.No,.sii.,'.' was Ibecontemptouus replv  "I sell milk.".   , .  '���' '  }j iaasso motiy flilngo to com  "mend It.    The top of thcf C-  fiction lo nlwayocloscd, the {-    "'  rnectianlsm   ' "      '  il pie, tbe flni  fo;  ,orm ataactb  to throw Its  more accurately and plant y&fsSS&fflia^ *  them with a little more Force pp^*ikffili<-  than any other rifle.'  Forp*3^^,,  deertakea 38-55 or 30-30.1&Z&&&&V-  I20-p��_o cotaloR, 300 niu��tra-fc��5_i^Jw>"/'  Tlcne, colore, cover by KctDlngtoo.i   i    __--A_, /  for 3 stamps. ��� J   --^^    *'  Marlin Fme ArmsCq.!   -���  NKW HAVCM. CONN.  , '   ���    Hinv It lYas Doiio.     '  .  ' %AW^'-��^41Aft*%2��t&i  ��� XEZ, * ~ V-vtji **?*t%fa'f''!_/������' _v/jCf/ir i '_tlri^''+i-*''"'^  .Oia.Gentieman-Uere.sir.howis n i^^^^^^i  i'Jit.ch you. Vmms my \ daughter? I p^M0mmm^&mi  Tii-Lovor-Bv Mie.km,  in   on   uMMWW��wM  '      i " T *   *   >' !    Pf ^_^0*"ilft_l��j^*w_i" ^*~rf_L___rtT-^��^'f-v-.<''.kT"'^**L.  .'!}'��''"-Pliiludolphia I'te^. .  ��� ffiay,263 305  June 29,  July 2, 8, 4?  From. Rossland, Trail,  Nelson and Intermediate Points.  \l/  il)  <ft  _��  ?ft  4.  Si  fl'r  A*}   .'(UVIK,  ^^��������'S*S*6���S*36������'eeS'3e6$fi_3e���*S*6*S���*5S$J3S  _>nM>M��n.irn ipna^M   ���������  . t.  HEADQJARTERS   FOB CQMMBRCIAL I  AHQMimUG MEN l ���    J  ^n*'ri$fi.coM tii'ti *  TO .Mirineiipolis,  Chicatjo  Let i oil  Toiouf..  Montr- al  ���f   il .GO  ''.i oh  77 00  AO',0  UK) 50  ni    al!  Co-nvponiiin-/    i*. diu:iir.iJ(!     f,tJ  ..Xo.ilena.y ],oi,,(u; u*��ii*il diverso jour... ,  ! Meals and U-rtli included on Canadian !  rucillo Ry. Lime steamers l  i  Throngh hopkingti to Europe  via. all Athintic   linea.A Pro-  -   . "������������ ���������--'.'   'A,, points'  nt loweai ra'ea. .'* A  KJ i;  PI  _ . 5  ^2?|L-d| ship your  1.0  ,.,^ices  PROMPT  REIFiTAKlCESh.  CAP.E/UL^ASSORTM EN j  '   C0U.RTE.0US:fR��ATllENT  pEERs"KlNS  '-   Tm.:   ^-Sn^^^HOUSB        T 0f,A,c  ��--���1 At. _.ICHED /�� wy/M**. ��� ���-�� r-"-�� r  ns I^sllan furh^ Wool c2 j  hi^,. "aoo-iu   riwjT w/E.NORrM ^ . ^  t*t����w��*"!pTr��n~r-fr*_lv~'i;_7**,__r;  :AST.KOOTEMT BDltLIHfi CO  Hit tea,  Maps,   T.n,_:   CiVl-,l��,  I-'ai'l Tin.j_T|iiU'i<._i  U';'i!i.  ' j ".-.A CRANBROOK, PC.  tvAHfAi^-  A ���Ajl'ojit, FAoyifj.A     '  -j                      .    ;         A    oUiA^O  H'n--!i,,  -    '���   ^ -r- <-'������ m.,  ;Of.:rj?>3" Solicited.."  , I'&���*.*���-. Aijt.  I'll  -A   ,.                '       V   f i'-'AA/ft.  i  ���        .'!.'.������'  yplions,  >*��� *-..ft .*> J-���?_.����!  '.Prices Giy.eiA  'andl''Orders  Taken on]  ���Everything.  fn the Printing  ttine at the  .*? i-  .��i*  nrfm  1 n *- .>


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