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The Moyie Leader Jun 13, 1908

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 * i^w.  8- "���.  A' '    _  SOIXVE. ^  |W. H. WILSON, Jetf-feier  CR AN BROOK. A*"  LVC)L.,ir;N()IO.  If-  Hi Au.'.cui .-    Ci nr:n  cua"aL_��S��Ls do it  W. a. WILSON, Optician  CI.AXAjlOOK.     '  jioyik; B. C:-f jTUNK i:j. t��WS.  .Everybody knows that the Dest  _,"_-S"*---' _-7��J��   ���  Strawberries  > .A        '<������'*.'    ' * '    '    *-  Fare to be' had1 at "our Store. >��� Tlie price to-day is  ;      ��5 ; Cents; Per   Box    y  ,We , have? long ago.-realized, that QUALITY  |pOUNTS,'and /we* hold''the undisputed right of  liavirig the highest grade of gckids.,,       t'-y  Geo. R. Leask & Co .f^^w^^w^^u^w,^.^,^^,^,.,^-  ' *        LOCAli-ASSAYS *!*        GENERAL FLOAT        "  BUFLDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  Oar Wo.k.is our Advertisement  S2A   YKAR  ^5^5^_>3-_>-_i_.��5i_.*=>t5^i^^55a^��^   '3*5-->^-.-_._.*_.S$.  , '        Head   Ofmcu :  CRANBROOK      ���      -  " B. C.  see  F. J. BLAIR,' Moyie, B. C.  y  July 1st, C&ebration.  ?sv V^4vPJauiT; etc: v. - '-> ���. ^ _;  piiiBLir:Bi_obK-'r^^-c:.^;r^f '. ;<.-,' ^/'IaaVa-'-. d.  J*.  !*i  r*��".^  ������r  i  ,4  .-.'/l ���_  - At a meeting heldrlast evening  the^various committees' were" ap-'  pointccTto deal wifchj details for  tl��,e.good 'ftmW" on July^Isb? and  are'aa, follows: y .. 'f  -���  Gonf^ctioriery  MOYIE  i..  y d  ���*c  J    j    V  *fS\2  7 AT3V"_-  Oj- ^  ��� ,4Fire, Life! 'arid Accident Insurance.; {,  "    yd-A.-d;MOYI-_,'B..C.,  w- "into-' f   ' '(.'*   *  STAXDI.VO  .. ^4, ,  CO-MMITTEE j  kd Offleo  li'llftOOK  r-rr-  - -���^ A-'iA  Your  Piresfervfed _ Fruit  y  'must^ be'  -about that._,;fTry  -'.*.  ^H**.  vdonc^ by.'this time  b'ut^dont. fret  it. ,drTryvfsorrie\ Lynn ,valley, canned  L 'fruits dtTalpicinds;*'. 'iQ^.J^, UK\.-*''-\ " '">  K _���(���   ,  .    -  4"      jf��*' -      -     *r-,V'   _ "*",���       '   *,  Jt- , ;, ' '   .   1..  "i     A   I     v - .1 rt - <   v  *���- y       4 ���        ...     ���   r 4 ^.jl. a. ^ ���  . . .     .  i     V- -      ',     -T , ,5 , 4  . ,      ' 4 * '      ( '    ,       f  u HuglifG>McDonald, Harry Swan,  Mike 'Torphjr, ��� *AL- J3rydK<v Joe  MeLareb^Albert, Gill, Eno9; Jones.  A". E: Faulkner,'R J. Colter.'v   ���  d  ' Chairman��� Joi'd A vMcDonald.'y  ���A Secreiary-Trea?.���Thos. E. Kelly;  i-  .,  " " ^iA'v-'- ��� '-.������,  ConinTrdk^is *cn\ROE ov domi-vion  a ' r     ."1   '     "      -.'. '.  A~ *���     DAV'SP0KT3   -*��� . ,*���  ���' Children's Spbrts���J." HI' Hawke,-  ciias.'^A. .McKay,' Thos. Miller.' C'^-  s Caledonian Sports���Harry Gamble,: Kd^D.' Scinson,'D__nAE. M,c-  D'odald, ^Itobt.-*,' LeriKo_c*J* Chas.  Hanna, Gaorge'Gunn.'',"'     '     ,  ���  "* 1* >     " l     ' c '     �� *  'Transportation ^- John Taylor,-"  Geo.Whitehea-Treturned on the  Sunday, nighx!* flyer 'from  Spok-  and where he has  been for some  time.   ',.-���'* '" '  , '      / - - -  .Brnee Att.wood    and, wife  left  Sunday for'their home on    their ���  fruit farm near   Oreston.  - Mrs-JMacfailane left town Sunday'viai ting. *   a*    -   ���-.-   ',;  ' ,Mcs.   Pitehv wbnt east  on  the  flyer Sunday.   Slip  is intending  visiting'friends ite- Goclericlv ���  , Mr.  Wm.StWhite  'came to .towu  from Spokane"la9t"Suaday.   He is'  here on business connected jwith  "the Black Horse taune.'-   -     . >-"  ",Me8-SnB. 0.'^fes-ienger aud   Rob;  ertsd -pa^4-,a 'wedlc.'end  visit "to  Cresfcoak last ^reek.' ��� We  wonder  what piece of-inilliuery  attracted  the'mA '��� ' I-'    '*,/'  A" ���-  -.     "v ,    4 ���     ^ -   va-1 ,..-  r --'     V��    .   '  A M r. - Norman ��� Hill'I' and-' fa"raily  were down^from ^ Cranbrook -las.t  week, visiting. Vr-yEd.-Hill.'3  _- MrAR.' A. Suiitli ��as moved his  baHinesajpreini^es to'"a mSre'cen-.  tral positionr' We^understand^lie  ]i%s purchased tlip-jsliop lately 'oiT  cupied.by Mr.' Summers -arid ^vill  cairyjofi Ms bu-Siness-tiierei.in'fut-  ureA  )'fc'^^ ���*��, ' ' ���' A- '''-"'  When   the     Canadian,   P.^-iQe  liner, Monteagle,  left Vatfcdu'er, '  on Tlmrsday Ia3t,**. Uv tha Oiient, i  she had on board- a  consignment {  of silver from  the" Trad   smelter.}  There were 50 ingot-*, each weighing 80   pounds  in ^ the shipment,  aud they were  dnsi^nei- tj'the*  Hong Kong bank. -. ^.,  THE STRAWBERRY SEASON  ��� is now on, and.indications poii-t to a very'laigp <_mp  Nature  It is doubtful if the consumer will benefit by thi- pift of  Enraged because they  had.been.l  reprimanded, i for not doing their J  work'in a*proper  manner, a gang,  of Jliodoos employed  in   the'Columbia River   Lumber  company's  mill at  Gulden  came within1 an*  �� ������_     -- j t  ace of eomraiting a horrible" eiime  'oneday last week, 'when they attempted to throw their, white  foreman on one of th&.bigycirciw  far saws. ,,        . '-A'     " ,.  "  �� ���   _.   .' as t}'e truit. growers  of -pi-iston   and other 11-..1, y  |. points have formed a Co-Opemtix-e A s-tK-htfon ami t.la-ed  j, the pnce,of Scniwberrie-, so high tfi^c pn saving ���will be  |.';almost but of the question.,   '.-     -      '   ' ���   B  .We have arranged fpr daily shipment3 'of    -  Wigen's Celebrated Strawberries,  under the co-operative"p'rioe. and we hope to arrange else-  ,    w?.fre.fs*e oth��rs  out-idjt the ���Assbciati-.n  at a price that  , will allow for preserving.'*'  ;l ,-. To'offset tJie'hlyljjpi/ica of Srawberries, we have.made a '  . large purchase of B..O. Sugai-defining Company's  , -A.i' ?l     Pure Cane Sugar ,'  I   --which we ofTecto our customers AVHILE IT LASTS at  .^Vt'V 1(\��*,,lb'Sa?'ks GRANULATED SCJGAR  ,_     V'-^o'lb"   "  ' "  s''  Sim Benzie, W. McLaughlin, Dick TnesdayA..-   .<"  ,sT!ie'-l_r&.  haUf, is   receiving - a  coat of paint A;^; ,      --���-,-  .   * '- "    -V��>' - <"-*-.V jri ,n~ ',..,". f  ..,Mrs.r"*-Cook;^of vRyan,' ha" been  spending^fey^ays-Vith Mrs. R.  .Campbell^"   Shejretur'ued home, on'  rT\."��I._? ���  ' -'     '-5->'H-.-'     ' '   '   -      -', .-  With half a million _f reight'.cars  standing idle, in Uie.United S'tates  the"1 shops ' ot^.t'the-'-&.\P: R. at  Montreal are,very, busy "with new  4. ._ .4-.*-4^^.V ,  car*?.. This is a -striking commen-  taty on the difference  in business .  iu the United States ^and Canada. I  .$0.00  $1.20/  ;f ->Ve give a "Great West Cock Book" with"each purchase.    <  ;IF;-YO[J, WANT' YOUR" PRESERVES, TO -'KEEP   USE   PURE  j   A  r* '   ^^       r CANEASUGAR  '      <r     ,   J '  ���MacEachern &r.Macdonald.  '��� * >^i  '"#  / J\rext_; year-the C. P. R. will  spend tfvo ' million dollars upon  its hotel at' B mff. .     .  ,       'l".    '  j  13-     _-  4 wiy.^i.,  S3T3l_2^C3C?C?r��  Fd-_|,;.,A^ftu��;;tp4W^.TpRB,y ^,:i.-,-{  . The water in the Kootenay riv1-.  erjis a.1 high as in 1891,  and much'  show is yet to melt. ,  ,    t / ��� ' ' "*"  *      .     . *    ' ' '. , -  At the new diggings at ^i'cCcm-'  nell^Creek-'flour is gelling kt $75 a  saefcyd A   "    �����'-"���*.-"���   " M *  i  A A  :*A  Haaas^_sisi  g^ggwg^r  /.  the sh'ifc, 327 tons of stone were  placed and the shaft sunk 3ft? 0inf  under the pressure. Sandpiping  will be resumed shortly and. tl_u-  officials expect that they will ,bt-  able to begin excavation^ work  in a shdtt time.        ,   '        l  METAL   MARKET:  Ro^jb^Agnew/AlbertGill  fRelre'/hnientV" (EiUbles)-f-John'!'" The payroll^at, .the S>.',*"*EuRerie  Punlnh'. VCrA, 'fl . M-__T_._n_.1_4   -"vr-l- .    Ajin�� nmnnntorl 4 K* <_____. finn  *��s.' *���!.'__  s,<  WA special lot of WORKING *GI_0VES' jult  arrived.  -..��-* y-   .      . y    -. -    ��^  i ' > , , ��� C'  K    - ��     "- ..���-���*��� t d '    *    !' *  fin Pigskin,'.Calf and Horsehide;     " ^  ��� A- 'tv    * ' _ r '  ���- From "So cents to, $1.20.      '"   /      '  SPLENDID VALUES.  ".        *��� .  .-A 'A,- , , ��� ���*  |Termis Cash.   Deposit Accounts^Opened  FARRELL   BLOCK '  t. ��� **  r2&ZESSESgZSZSZ3��SSE&ZS��& '<___^_2_i_3___a>_  Taylbr/rHugh  To r ���*."   "^' ^^'  - '.About 250"men"are^ now', work-  "ng-at Mother' L3de."-.       .   ' -  A-The'Mother Lode ds' now shipping-900'tons,'daliy to the smelter  at" Greenwood."-   .'d A  '   ^ ?<   ,^--l --      ' ..      *     ,'      , *-",..  New York���Bar silver, 53 cfcf*.   '  Lead $4.75,       <_   Copper, 13 cts.  Lonpox���Lead, ��12, '10s    '   ���"  TO   MAKE  CHANQES  CROW .  ON THE  _, ,Peck> iEacSvvain, ; tlie printer-  philosopher and p��6eferbfrthe.,wei:.t.  as,nqwin Calgary whece.-no^aoubfc  He"*will;_ffee6*__is old freind,'.��B_.b  '^I-WfreshmeritsXoth'er-tban" eat- '-Mr.'--Hari'�� >S_erii-rt-,_re&t!fi8<F  able^-Robt." J/Colter, Mr J.  GUI,-'from^Portlandj "Oregon,-. la_**T��e^ ^'���f^f'^ tveina^n^  John   O'ilourke^P.'Head,   Thos/. day,-He is very' enthus^cre-[ EJ^arda-^-tbe Eye .Opener.   ;���  E.Kelly.' "A      .<  ���     ' - fgard'nj the prospects- of- finmin.-  ' ��� ,, ...       i   " i  ^Dancing  and  Swings-Jas'.   -A.  t^^e this .year  and  has himself  McDonald,, Mark Hanao,   M.  Tor-r.in.vested iaai0 acre lot  about 10  miles from Portland, where he ex--  '"j peets to do a  little, mixed  farm^  ing-. ..-Mrs.  Steuart and   children  are. still in. Oregon and.are uotex-  pby, Fi-ed.'E^e.   ,. ,  0  Address  by   F.    EL    Sherman,  Ties. Dhjt.-18, U. M. W.,A.    Committee in charge���Al Brydle, Jas.  Lemmou, Jas. Roberts.  sl7dT8~t r FerdS'"   nari<y Morning .Mine Resumes Work.  oteuart, Jos. McL'iren.    . *  'Annual, Meeting.  '��� Frank . Paper: Extensive^, changes ,-m  the-'tiack,ef the Crows-Is*cs'fc linq 'of  *te\&"p*R-Airi*1ihis -distxiet aie^eoir-''  tempUtcd,- -which', wheii the-"work--'is.  done, will'meaii the expenditure' ol  several hundred -thousand doll_us. The  plans lot the work aie completed  and have been appro*.cd but nothing  definite is known as yet when  came flying  out  of a, side stu-et  and the wheel just caught one' of  Che .wheels of the costet's bkirow,  with   the   result1 th-it  the  vegH-  '  tables    wete, scattered   far    and '  wide.    The newsvan   didn't  stop. ���"  Hut a large crdwd gathered round ,  and knowing that the  coster wa-i  '  )'araed fur the   vigor" of- hio  Kn-  guagc expected a/sample of E,,g.  i- 'i1    '    i A    -*      ' ft  lish, as she is  --poknn   in  RiJlings-.  0'ate.    Strange   to  say,   the   man.,  germed strikk dumb,   till  at last  . '���   c -�� .    ''        �����  ,' .  turning to.a   policeman" staudiug  >  near by, he   said. ��. "Oi-pier  there '<���  �� 4. \ , ... . f ,  aui t no bloomin' word left to-'ex.  urgss ItA.^li-. treating^a,. subject" '* ^j!  iti< da  $"</'  A��i1  -    _*aiK xt  '  , .,'>-&H-|  ���     '',<!; >���  ���    wife!  -,  ���^'"'���'iSl  ���. -m^l  " ^"^.fj  y:fe^  '-   ..IV  pected in Moyie for a "short while.  AA       .       -   MOYIE'S    LEADING    HOTEL.'1      / -     k  Hotel Kootenay -\  'st .  *       ,* -  ���     r  i  The bestofaccoinmodations  ���    ,   J  for1' tlie Traveling  Public. I  *   '   -  ���.      '4  Largo and Commodious Sample Rooms. Billiard Rooms. '    n  MoTAVlSH & CAMERON Proprietor?. J  w  BRANI>_  int.  TORONTO  Why is it  that 90 per cent of the travellers are wearing      4  20 CENTURY BRAND  Clothing?   Ask  Target      Shooting���John     Edwards, Hugh C. Ross.  Catching   Greased . pig���M.    J.  Gdlj'AI. Gamble, Joe Gourlay.  The program will probably include a football match between  Moyie and Cranbrook (in wh(ch  .vehope our boy-Twill dj a little  better than last time'and* beat  their opponents) a baseball match  and Caledonian sports: "It has  been decided to hold the. sports  at Aldridge,.,where better convenience for the holding of games  is ,to be had than in any' other  part of Moyie. A. dancing stand  is,to be erected and refreshments  will be provided. All that is required to make the venture successful     and   enjoyable    is  Frqm Mullan Miner June" Oth.  Last night the first shift went to  work iu the Morning mine which  means .the beginning- of active  operations agaiu at the property,  the biggest'producer of the Fed-,  eral company,' and tho ' force will  be " increased; day by -day uatil  over ..OOrnen have been'given employment; and;justdo aMittle figuring and see what it means .to  this- town. The mine has- been  closed since 23rd Nov. last..     -,. -  The first Annual Meeting of the  'Aurora Mining and Milling Company was held Monday '"Evening,  June 8th, in McGregor HallA The!  shareholders "are very optimistic  regarding the future of the Aurora, which they believe is going  to turn oafc'a ' first, class proposition. cThey are now putting stock  on the market "aud with a good  response'a-ssured will soon get to  work get-ing/)re out. The following is the list ot official?: ,  woik will start.  ^ | fco.say on fche matfce,  The change is ( a part of the C.P.  R.'s -grade Levision scheme, promul-  gattd o\er a year ago, whcieby. tho  I company 'pioposes to reduce the  giadcs on all -western lines to the  minimum. The plans call for the  moving oE the tiaek horn Biocket on  the east to a little west of Blau*-  .litore on tho west, and between tho  two points the load will be practically rebuilt. II will beAvholly so  except as to that portion runnfng-  tluough Fiank.    .  The pioposed     line leaves the pre  sent track at about Ihockefc ami runs I bear a certain relation to the cost  Mr.-.V. J  Felthara ��� President.  norlh of the piescut load. - The sta  like/." One day.X rest in s.aven.'A.o"  *   *.  "���     ������������ a .  ;���  much has been said and ably *_.aidV  that just ���- at   first, _   we   feel  akt.  tho! though there were nn fre-h. wnrrth^,  ynt   if fcdfs  arfciele docs but   serve to k**ep the  subject in the mind of the pe -p'-v,  it will have ticjompliahed   a  p.irb  of its objocc  We want to call your attention  fiist, to* the economic il side of the  question, a side which, justly or  in justly, occupies a large part-of  the.deliberations' of m-n. On investigation, we   find-that  wage.*.,  Dislocation^of Rr-iway Traffic.  fiMr.   J.    W.    Fitch���Vice   Pres.  f-Mr.   E   O. ,.K��mm���"S' crefcary.  Directors : Messrs. W. J. Felt-  ham, J. W. Fitch, E. O. Kamm,  H. II. Diuiock, D. E. ifaeDonald.  Fatal' Accident.  From'evci'y  hand comes  news  of landslides aud flood"-, throwing  the various train service into confine'fusion.- St. .MaryV. bridge,    be-  _*����������� "l_S./ ���  E. A. HILL,  THE   FURXISHER.  ,'-_���Ll ���'!   :^Lx*tjrfrjtt -*- ����_. -n..^-' rf/ ii-r_r?z_rti rfr_sOr_rfi-rf*' -Oz. V.1. .-���  J^t_rf/-_rfjurftt i^k ^  Imperial Bank of Canada.     *  Capital  Authorized $10,000,000.  Capital paid  up r 4,923,000. '  It03t ���������  4,9*25.000.  *, Savings 'bank department.      A i.   .,  ���i j "��� -',. ;'��� '��� '   .���'".' '."���" ' '  aterest allowed oh deposits from  date   of   deposits   and  credited  quarterly.  CRANBROOK BRANCH.  J. FAM   PINKHAM, Manager.  w -atl er. Can >vc propitiate King tweon Macleod and Lethbridge  Sol? v ���        , was totally.wrecked.ami"the C. P.  i^The miners have coutiibutcd B- P^wipinR station swept into  liberally to ,the funds necessary tlie river. The trains last Satur-  to- rim the eel,- bration, the cele day through Moyie were delayed  bration, over $500 having been 10 bours and for a day or so the  subscribed., and it is expected this Spokane,flyers were taken off the  will be considerably added to. ��� e v'lc?-  It   is  proposed  to donate   any     The rear coach  cf fche   corning  surphi. that may be left after ex- Pas9���1*ger train to Rosslaud  was  penses   havo   been  paid   to   Jack  Daly.  School Closing.  *%s. i$s zjx* ,$_: eysnys-^. ��i  j^s-t^s-^tr^. Vs "^"- /c* vjsTysr-fjs* ^ j.  The Schools throughout the  province of British Columbia will  close this year for Summer vacation on Tuesday June 30th.���Article 3, Ru.e_ and Regulations,  School Law.  Fi ee Text Books.���At the opening of the Schools after the holi-  diys in Aug ist each pupil will receive a. reader, an arithmetic,  copy-book, exerc"s. book, scribbler, prn and pencil; -.free from  the Elucatiou Department Victoria.  derailed and turned over. - No  one was seiiously hurt although  all the'passeugers in the coach received cuts aud bruises.  Au accident which ended fatally occurred at the Porto Rico  Saw Mill last Saturday. A Swede  whose name we cannot ascertain  was caught iu the machine, y.  lie was brought down to .Moyie  ou the steam launch and attended to by Dr. Coffin. He Was  afterwards taken to the hospital  at Cranbrook where he died., We  was burieds at Craubrook Cemje-  tary. We uuderst-vnd that the  uufortunate man had a wife and  and children in Europe.  of living in any country, or rather  l^3 i to the cost of  the  conception  of  tion .id P,inehei    City will'be moved  north several hundred  feet and  line will     mn something like a mile  noith of Cowley.     It is said to"    be''living which pcihap-3 is a  slight y  the intention to     move the town   of  ���''."ll  itW'l1  fa*' .  'td  sif-tl  A'P   f|  J.d,   j  I *t ' ft  k'<_  ("  Cowley to the new line.  Coming fin.ther ^est, the .lino  crosses to the south of the present  track and instea'd of ciossing the Old  Man at the piesent bridge at the  falls, will keep ^on .the bench and  cross at the Big Bend near Ilenrv  Gibeau's ranch. It then takes ' to  the table l.irli on the noiui side and (article, when, a ^-reat (inauiicy of  conies   into   Bellebue     throurfi     the I .,    .       ,  townsite, giving BcIIcmic a "station, Ilfc may be consumed iu one cniin-  and- coming on to the slide keeps j tiy and Voiy little in the oth. r  Jibo%e the piesent track until the top;  of the hill is leached when it joins  the piesent tiacK, thus dispensing al-  dil'ferent thing. We have tioticd  in comparative tables, showiug  the cost of living in a c ..Id and ih  a warm couutiy. the setting over  against  ei.e i other  of   the same  .i  U.A  r>  and theaveiagp struck, as though  the articles'h id been in as great  vogue iu one as iu the other.  Thus when we itnuhfy   our  yha-e  Cambrian Mining Co.  Moving Pictures.  Mr. McHeury was to the fore  again last Wednesday in Morley  Hall, with a first class exhibition  of Moving Pictures. Ther-*)". was  a good turn put and as vusualdthe  after dance was well patronized.  Moyie1: has a regular daneirg  population. Mr. McHenry is ex:  pected. down   again   next   Aveeki  A man cannot ^cultivate a crop  of brai-is'by inigating his stomach  with booz.'.  A meeting of the Cambi.ian  irining Co. Ltd. was held last  Saturday. The following is the  Hot of Officials and Directors.  T>jard of Directors���William  Spurck. Seattle; Hiram B. Aliller,  Kansas; C. C. Patton, Kvinsas. A.  I). Cooper, Nelscn; Chas. Mackajr,  Moyie. i|  Ofiuials���Wm. Spurck, Presi  dent; A. JB. Cooper,- managing  directors; Chas. Mdclvay, Secre-  t.ry and Manager.  For tbiji past fortnight great in  terest locally has  be jn  shown   in  the operations now   taking   placf'  at this mine.    In the d .utile   cri  whit h has bten erected on   top    f  to-gethei oi piactically so, with the  two iter cent giade of the piesent  timp. ;..  TI.IT...4V.1. I_...4,..|.*      II.A    .!���.>. 4.1*        ...111 1,4.  i   lUU.'^i.       ��    .��..,.,. i.J.k.      U&..-..V       n... IIC  as at piesent, it is said,  but neaiiiig    .      ,    f ,         , _  Bl.iirmoie,    the   line   .u?aui, *<hvcrg��,,'   --'ost of living   into   cat of f m-  aud passes lhrouRh   Bl.ui.i.oie    along  ception of living." our re-.'der *.. ill  the bench on the noith side of town. |     L * J>  It is said the old line will not       be, understand   that  we  are   nor.   rff-  taken   up,  hut .will  lie-left    to srcnei-      .       , ���  the'coaT mines'now "eslabhshi-d along ' ten ing to a   cmipuioon   of  c'.)-U  ",,,,        . ���    .    "'' '-. "'    . .,    ,.      .      of any one fo id, hut iatlu>r tu the.  1 here has been   talk of the line he-  ing changed   (his  season  but no    an-' c^t of what eich  pa.ticilar   fii-u-  nouiieement has as \ot been liuiJc.. It,   , ..,,,.       .  is thought hkelv, h'owe\er,  tlial^'the   pie are iu the hibit of c >n=u m ij;  work may he stalled   befoie summerT;a a c.,jeeified timp  is over. , l  C.P.H. suivcv p.uties worked all I  last summci in this distnct, iunnin<r|  lines pieparatory to the contemplat-'  cd change. ' ,  The new line will be a little longer '  than the present one,  but  the adwin-  l.urcs to be irainr.1  m the maUer    of  madicnts   will   ah'oid   piactically      a  level road.  We *- <y  thac  (Contiuiu-d on paue   1 )  Made Irom Pure Grape Cream of Tartar 1  Caidinal Vaughan tell<* a story  of I a coster friend of his-*, who  was proceeding along one -of'��� the  rn-tiri . th'H'oug'.faie< in'.,L'��ndi.in  lie had jn-it coiue from the raar-  ket, and his barrow, which he 'vas  pushing In-f.ire hjin. w-.s pil d u;i  "iih d.lT'jient kinds of vegetable.-.  A ��� ���*���-���-? v:\jt, !:: r. "Luri'y -i*- i\z"..\  [ Shields lhe Food from Almm  ..- '>��������� v-iif  jB4._ -**.,  "fwfi*' u.y.ii ,��<imiEM.  Ji-iLJL^I!!.lWi'.'Xil"J  !*���   I 1  tt       '  THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA  i.,-"j  ,'sr  "i  ���-",.*<  ..>'  % ���  > i  ���  }���_  '-      .I'I  I     I."    1. *T��.  ' I * *_�����"   1_" "  $_��� a ;.'N-  5<"'.'     '  f .''/tf  <r"   i .'    .. ' -     , _  ^   j,      J^ __���,.   I   .  ^^4].     ' V   ^  ^ ..  'Ui   '  . 'A-'y.'fe f  y*.-T., ,i*. .i  v f..-3},' !<���  Jiti' -*<w *'���_'' -���      A '  -j!l-| 4,11    ,     -"   , 4 '  4 -**",/%'. , ���  > ���>', wi- >;  ���  5'A:. .,';.-��������� .(  .     -'    ..-    *-  f? '.*���"''���. - "'     "  's^w.**.. r  i".,��-. v- \'   ,  P & ��� ?'��; "' ,  j.. .. ,f.<-. .  .  'TAIT-     ,i  A*.-*'*-; 4"AA' i  a- .->'w-> ��     >>  �����4;v.*. '%  it iifs.!%: t  J*.'AftS��l HA  *;    *<   '_ AC _r**1��"*��tT*J        i   .  ��f4'!"dl;r<*-'i'''A''  ?"-.:', "1 t'rr,l *���-  I."? ,t' i - v.��' -  A .r-i&j.-. '/...j,.  HEFUGEES  By A. CONAN DOYLE.  Author   of   "The   Return   of   Sherlock  H.lnv*'"  Copj ritilit, ISO!, _-..   Harper & Brothers'  him.  fr-o  'kV'^'A'^ _"V  '.t'K-'jvt'i  :i  i h i I <r"s. -1 ',?5' <  rtS��'����*S,'iiiWi   -  fN*  ���i'K.-U'^",''  nRf M^TH.i.    V ,   *  '. ..A, 1 ft1it. "���">  {)_ Jl3."- 'P      '  ,  * i* 'Wj��i_r,-i*^' *n  t- "2 it4vM, ^        i  i5<>.. ���*:#'.  ^'*^R d  *i>_ __'.' "Tr". ^ di  5k. v -' "?_A I <!'  Et'l   '  if, �� '?i' A  , Hi -���   *-     '  s?'��  .J&T_S'J5.'(K?, 7'  ".V��,I.'..B..  , it��  ���-i"*t "J  /  >.-"y'.  Ik  r ���������- .''-A  >v     /', ���  Kfe.4  e-jivi.��'?A'>.s (__3-'Jt  y-.-'5'1f-if*,,'i|  I  f *  i _ 1*  ! i  : 1-  * I  "'V  'f-ddvAd"  ;:��;; V  ; "i ' i .  !HdA,|V':,v  (Cont"nued_  CIlAPl'KIt XI.  E CATINAT  la the meanwhile  was   iierfoctly   aware   of   the  luijiorinuce    of    the    mi<*sioi.  which   had   beep   assigned   to  ITe knew enough of the intrigues  ami ni-l!ij.oiii<-i_ss with1 which the court  was lull to' understand that every pre  caution was necessary in cnrryiiiK ou;  his instructions.    He waited, therefore  ,,uiitil  night had  fa lieu before ordering  his soldier-sonant to bring round  the  two horsts  to one  of  the  less  public  gales of, the grounds.    As he and  his  friend  walked together to the spot he  gave   the   jaiing'  American   a   rapid  -   sketch of the situation at the court and  /  of the chance" that this nocturnal ride,  might be an event which .would affect  the future history of Trance.  "Are you armedV"  he asked. , "You  ,    have no swoi'd or pistols?"  , "j^o;  if I  may not carry my gun I  '   had  rather not   be   troubled  by   tool*  that I   have never learned to use.    I  have my-Unlfe.   Hut why do you ask?"  "Because there may be danger. Many  - have an interest in stepping this marriage.    All tlio fust men" of tho kingdom  are bitterly against  it.    If  they  ,' ��� could stop us. thoy  would stop it, for  tonight at least."    '     f  "But I thought It whs secret" -    .'  "There is no such thing at a court  Tliere   is   the   dauphin   or   the   king's  'brother.   I.i<lir>r of them or any of theii  r Iricnds  would  be right glad  that'w*  should be in the ��eiue before we reaeh-,i?  , cd  the' archbishop's house  this night  ���    But who is this?"  r A burly figure had loomed up through  the gloom on the path upon which they  were going.    As it approached, a col-'  ored lamp dangling  from  one of'the,,  .  trees shone upon the blue and silver of  an officer of the guards.  It'was Major  do Brissae of De Catinat's own regl-���  ,   ment. ,, .  ������Hello!  Whither away?" he asked. ,  "To Paris, major."  "I go there myself _ within an hour.  "Will  you  not jvait,   that wo  may go r  together?".  "1 am-sorry,'but I ride on a matter  of urgency."  yVery good. .Good,night, and a pleas-  . ant ride."  "Is ho a trusty man, our friend the  'major!?" asked Ivmos Green, glancing-^  back.       ,. ,  "True as steel."  "Then I would have a word .with  him."' The American hurried back  along the way they had come, while  'De Catinat stood chafing 'at this unnecessary delay. It was a full, Ave  miuutes before his companion joined  him, and the fiery blood oil the French.,  soldier was hot,with impatience.  "1 think that perhaps you had best  "ride into Paris at your leisure, my  friend," said he. "If' I go upon the  king's service, I cannot,.be jlelayed  whenever the whim takes you."  "I am sorry," answered the other  quietly. "I had something to say to  your major, and I thought that maybe  1 might not see him ag.iin."  '���Well, here are the horses," said the  guardsman as ho pushed open tho  postern gate. "Have you fed and watered them. Jaques?"  "Yes, my captain," answered tlio  mau.  "Boot and saddle, then, friend Green,  and we shall not draw rein again until  we s-.ee tbe lights of Pans."  For a mile or more the comrades  galloped along. The road was very  dark, aud it was hard but for the loom  upon either side to tell where it lay.  De Catinat at least found it so, and he  peered anxiously o*,cr his horse's ears  and stooped his face to the mane in  his efforts to see Ins way.  "What do ,you make of the road?"  he asked at last.  "It looks as if a good many carriage  wheels had passed over it today."  "What!- Mon Dieu!   Do you mean to  say that you can .see carriage wheels  there?"  "Certainly.   Why not?"  '���Why, man, I caunot see the road at  nil."  Amos Green laughed heartily. "When  you have traveled in the woods by  night as often as I ha\e," said he,  "when to show a light may mean to  lose jour hair, one comes to learn to  use one's e-.es."  "Then you h.id hc-l ride on, and I  rhall keep .pist behind you. So'. Ilola!  What is the matter now?"  'I here h.id been the sudden sharp  snap of something breaking, anil the  American had iceled for nn instant iu  the saddle.  "It's one of my stirrup leathers.    It  has fallen."  "Can you find it?"  "Ye*-, but I can lido as well without  it.   I.ct us push ou."  "Very good. I can just see you  io-.\."  Thoy hud galloped for about five  "minutes in tins M-.bion, De Catinat's  lioiso's hcid within a few feet of the  -other's tail, when (here, was a second  snap, and the guardsman rolled out of  the saddle on to the, ground; lie kept  his grip of the reins, however, and  was up iu' ah instant at his horse's  bead.  "A thousand thunders of heaven!"  he cried. "What was it that happened  then?"  "Your leather has gone too:"  ��� ,"Two   stirrup  leathers   in   five  mln-  ' vutes'."  "It is not possible that it should be  chance," said the Americin gravely,  swinging'himself off his horse. "Why,  what is this? My other leather is cut."  "And so is mine. lean feel it when  I pass my hand along. Have you a  tinder box?   Let us strike a light."  "No,-no; the mau who is in jtbe dark  Is', in  safety.    I  let my  enemy strike  lights."  "My rein is cut also."    i  "And so Is mine."  "And the girth of my saddle."  "It !s a wonder that wo came so far  with Whole   bones.     Now,   who   has  played us this little trick*/"  "Who could it be hut that rogue  Jnques?    He has had the horses in hi_>  cnarge. By my laith, he shall know  what the strappado means when I see  Versailles again!"  "But why should he do it?"  "Ah, he has been set on to It He  jas been a tool in the hands of those  who wished to hinder our journey."  "Very like. But they must have had  some reason behind? They knew well  ���hat to cut 'our straps would not prevent us from reaching Paris, since wo  coald ride bareback or. for*that matter, could run it if need be." >  "They hoped to break onr necks."  "One neck they might break, but  scarce those of two. They could not  have thought to stop us. What did  they mean, then? They could' only  have meant to delay us. And why  should they wish to delay us?"  "For heaven's sake"��� btoke in Do  Catinat impetuously.  "Why should they wish to delay us  then? There's only one reason that I  can --fe���in older to give "other folk  time to getrin front of us and stop us.  That is it)' captain. I'd lay you a  beaver' shin to a rabbit pelt that I'm  on the track. Thpre's been a' party of  a dozen horsemen nlon*^ tills ground  since the dew began to fall. If we  were delayed they would tacve time to  form their plans before we came."  "By my faith, you may be right"  said De 'Catinat thoughtfully. "What  would you propose?"   __ ,  That,we ride back, and go by some  less direct way,," ���  "Jt Js Impossible. We should have  to ride back to the Mention crossroads,  nnd then It would add ten miles to our  journey. W'e are surely not to t be  turned from our path by a mere guess.  There is the St Germain crossroad  nbout a niilec below. When wo reach  It we can'strike to the'right along the  south side of tlie river, and ,sb change  our'course." '���       ',      .  They mounted and rode on. Suddenly Dc Catinat's eye" caught'some-1  '(Jung in the 'gloom which brought, a  smile to his f.ice. Away in' front of  theim between two dark tree clumps,-  lay a^vast number of shimmering,'glittering, yellow points, as thick a's'flow-  2rs in a garilcn. T'heywere the lights  of Paris. ' ���  "See!" he cried, pointing. "There is  the*��� city, and close, here must be the  St. Germain road. We shall take it,  =o as to avoid any danger."    .  "Very good! 'But I should not ride  too fast, when your girth may break  r.t any moment.",. t  "Nay, come on., We are close to our  Journey's end. The St. Germain road  opens just round this corner, and then  we, shall see our'way, for the lights,  will guide us."   ' ' ���  He cut his horse with his whip, and  JJie two galloped tcgelher round .the  curve. Next instant 'they were both  down in one wild hwip'of tossing beads  mid struggling hoot's. De Catinat part-  fy covered1 by his horse, and his comrade -juried twenty paces, j where he  hiy^silent and motionless in the center  of the road.- 4  ..I. de yivonne had laid his 'ambus-'  cade with discretion.-   With a closed  carriage and a band of chosen ruffians  Me.had lelt the palace a good half houi;,  before   th'e   king's   mes'seusers.      On  reaching tlie branch  road he had ordered thei coachman to drive some little distance along it,and,had tethered  all  the horses, to , a (fence  under  his  c'large.   He had then stationed one of  tiie band as a sentinel some distance  Tip (thc main highway to flaf-h a light  when the two couriers were approaching.    A stout cord  had been  fastcucf  rtighteeu inches from the ground to thr  trunk of a wayside snpJm_r. aiidron re  eeiviug the signal the other end wa*.  Hed (to  a*.gatepost   upon   the   farthei  <ide.   Thet\vo cavaliers could not j.os-  idbly see it, coming  as  it did at~ the '  very curve of tho road, and as a consequence their horses fell heavily to the'  ,cround and brought  them down with  ihem.   In an instant the dozen ruffians. ,  ^vho had lurked in tlie shadow of the  'roes, sprang out upon them, sword in  hand, but there was no movement from  --ither of their victims.  M. de Vivoune, lit a lantern and  dashed it upon the faces of the two  uueonsclous men. "This is bad busi  ih-ss, Major Despard," said he to the  Dian next him. "I believe that thej  tue both gone." l  "Tut. tut! By my soul, men did not  'lie like that when I'was young!" au-  f were J the other, leaning forward his  tierce, grizzled' face into the light of  the lantern. "Pas. your rapier under  the tblid rib of tbe horses, De la  Touche. They will never be fit to set  hoof to ground again."  Two sobbing gasps and the thud of  their straining necks falling back to  earth told that the two steeds had  come to the end of their troubles.  "Where*is Achille I.atour?" asked De  Vhonno. "lie has studied mediciue at  Montpellier."    .  "Here I am. your excellency. It Is  not for me to boast, lmt I am as handy  a man with a lancet as with a rapier.  Which would you have nie look to?"  "This one in the road."  'llie hooper bent over Amos Green  "He is not long for this world,"  sml  -rue mnn Dent over lie Catm-ar ana  placed his hand upon his heart. As he  did so the soldier heaved a long sigh,  opened his eyes and gazed about him  with the face of one who knows neither  ���where he is nor how he came there.  De Vivonne. who had drawn, his hat?  down over his eyes and muffled the  lower part of his face in his mantle,  took out his flask and poured a little  of the contents down tho injured man's  throat. In an instant n da'sh of color  had come back into tlie givirdsm-.m's  bloodless cheeks and the light of mem"  orv into his eyes. He struggled up on  toVis feet and strove furiously to push  away those who held him. But Ma  teatl still swam, and lie could scarce,  hold himself erect.  "I must' to Paris," he gasped. "I  must to Paris. It is the king's uiission.  You stop me at your peiil."  "Ho litis no bu_-t save a scratch," said  the ex-doctor.  "Then hold him fast. And first carry  the dying man to the carriage." >  The lantern threw but a small ring  of yellow'light,' so that when it,had r  been'carried over to De Catinat Amos  Green was left lying in the shadow.  xNow they brought the light back to  where the youug man lay. '. But there  .was no sign'of him.   He was gone! ,  De Tivoune caught,the false doctor  by the throatf and, hurling hhn, down,  would haverchoked him upon the spot  had the others not 'dragged them apart  "lrou lying dog!*' he cried. "Is this  your skill? The man has tied,-and we  are ruined!" ' ���       '    '  "He has done it iii his death struggle!" gasped the other hoarsely, "lie  cannot be far'off.''��� ' ' /  "That is true.   He cannot be far-off," '  cried De  Vivonne. - "lie' has  n'either  horse nor  arms A You,  Despard  and,  Raymond de Carnac, guard the other,  that he play us no trick.   Do you,"La-  tour, and you, Turberville, ride down17  tlie road aud wait by the south, gate.,  If he enter-I-aris at all he must come  In that way.   If you'get him/tie'him'r  before'you'ou your horse and'-bring,  him to the rendezvous.' In any case, it"  mattcrs'little,'for he is'a stranger, thls^  fellow, and only ,here by chance."   ���  The two horsemen rode 'pit!  in pursuit of the fugitive, and De,Catinat,  still, struggling desperately to escape,  was   dragged' down   the ,St.' Germain  road   and , thrust   into   the   carriage,  which  ha'd   waited  at some, 'dislauce  "while these' incidents (were being^en-  'acted.    Three of   the 'horsemen ,rode  ahead,  the  coachman  was* curtly ordered to follow them, and De Vivonne,  having   dispatched   one' of  the   band  With a note to his sister, followed after  'the coach" with the remainder_of his  .desperadoes.  au .uburn. plunge.* i-own tne siecp m-���  cliueAthe two stost holes'galloping  at their topmost freed, the coachman  standing up and"lidling furiously at  them and the cluing old vehicle bounding along ,ln a way which threw him  backward and forward from one beat  to the other. Behind him he could hear  a shout of consternation from the escort-and. then the rush of galloping  hoofs. Fast as the coach went, its  ���xirsuers went faster still. Thp rattle  of their hoofs was at the very belaud suddenly at one of the windows  there came into \iew the ied, distended nostrils of a hoise. 'Slowly it drew  forward,'the mur/le, the eye, the ears,  the mane, coming into sight as tho  rider still gained^und then above them  the fierce face o,<* Despard and the  gleam of a brass pistol.,  ��� "At tho horse, Despard; at the horse!  cried an authoritati.e voice from behind. ' _  The   pistol   flashed,   and   the   coach  lurched over as one of the horses gave  a "convulsive spring.    But the driver  'still shrieked and lashed with his whip,  while the carriage bounded onward.  But now tho road turned a sudden  curve,' and   there, ' right  In   front  ot  YOU  COME TO THE Roof  .   PUT ON  OUR  FAMOUS  Tho dozen ruffians, who find lurked  it.  tlie shadow of Hie trees, sprtimj out.  be. "Metlilnks that It were well for me  to pass my dagger through bis throat."  "Not for your life!" cried the leader.  "If he die without wound, they cnunot  lay it to our charge. Turn now to tho  other.'.'  'The unfortunate guardsman had now  entirely    recovered   his    senses    and  found himself with a'strap round his  ankles and another round his wrists, a ���  captive inside a moving prison which .  lumbered   heavily   along   the   country  road.    He  had  been  stunned-by the.  ��� shock of his fall, and his" leg was badly  bruised  by   the weight of' his  horse.  His'mind, hpwever, pained .'him more  than his body, 'He sank his head into,  this' plnion*ed~hands and stamped madly  with his'feet, rocking himself to" and.  'fro in his despair.' .What a'jiool. a treble fool, be hadbeen!-. He, an old Pol-,,  dier, who had seen'something of war,  to walk .with, open ej*es  into such nv  trap!  ' But then came a return of that com-  mon sense .which lies so very1 closely  ''beneath the impctuosilj'" of the Celt.  The matter was done now, and he must  see if it could not bo meuded. * Amos  Green had escaped. That was one  grand point in his favor. And Amos  Green had heard the king's message  and realized i.s importance. It was  true that he knew nothing of Taris,  but surely a man who could 'pick.his  wa}* "at night tfirough the forests of  Maiue would not be balked in finding  so "well known a' house as that of the  archbishop of Paris.  'And then the thought of escape occurred to his mind. Might he not even  now be in lime perhaps to carry bis  own message? Who were these men  who* had seized him? And where were  they taking him to? Full of curiosity,  he peered out of the window's.  A horseman was riding close up on  either side) but .there was glass in  front of tlie carriage, and through this  ,he could gain some idea as to his whereabouts. The clouds had cleared now,  and the moon, was shining brightly,  bathing the whole wide landscape in  its shimmering light. To tho right lay  the open country, broad plains with  clumps of woodland and the towers of  castles jH-iekmg out from above the  groves. On tho left, but far away, lay  the glimmer of Paris. They were leaving it rapidly behind. Whatever his  destination, It was neither the capital  nor Versailles. Then he began lo count  the chances of escape. His sword had  becu removed, and his pistols were still  in the holsters beside his unfortunate  horse. He was unarmed, then, even if  he could free himself, and his captors  were at least a dozen iu number. There  wero three on ahead, riding abreast  along the white moonlit road. Then  there was one on each side, and he  should judge by the clutter of hoofs  that there could not be fewer than half  a dozen behind. That would make exactly twelve, including the coachman���  too many, surely, for an unarmed man  to hope to battle. At the thought of the  coachman he had glanced through the  glass front at the broad back of the  man, and he had suddenly in the glimmer of the carriage lamp observed  something which struck him with hor-  ,ror.-     . v, -.-' ���     . -     -.���-..���'..������  The man .was'evidently desperately  wounded. It .was strange indeed that  he .could still'sit there and Hick his  Whip with so terrible, an injury. In  the back of his- great red coat, just,under the left shoulder blade,- .was a gash  in the cloth where sonic weapon-had  passed, and all round'was u wide patch  of dark scarlet which told its own tale.  Nor was this all. As he raised his.  whip the moonlight shone' upon bis  hand, aiid Dc Catinat saw, with a  shudder, that it also was .splashed and  clogged with blood. The guardsman  craned his neck to catch a glimpse of  the man's face, but his broad brimmed  hat was drawn low, and the high col-  la*) of his driving coat was raised, so  that his features were in the shadow.  And now they had come to a spot  where the main road ran onward, but  a smaller side track wound away down  the steep slope of a hill, nnd so in the  direction of the Seine. The advance  guard had kept', to the main road and  LiVhtniri^ has no effect on them.    They aro absolutely fireproof.. -Rain anil snow-iS  and cold���can't rust,'crack or warp them.'   The perfect htting side lock (.'xelu,y..  lakes the roof absolutely leak-proof, and cost ot putting on much less    *��'  Eastlake) nit  . OUR GUARANTEE !  We guarantee Eastlake Metallic Shingles to be made of better material, mdrc scientifically and  accurately constructed,, to be more easii/ applied,.,and -will last, longer^than any otlu-r M,ts|  Shingle on the market.    Our guarantee' is absolute ^ Our 'Shingles have .been m3de._ir.ee 1S85.  Eastbke metallic Shingles arc made'either galvanized or .painted.    Thr/aie*   -  handsome in design, attractive oh ther house and last/a lifetime.    Our  cheapest   grade   will   last ' longer -and   costs-,less than .the.'best  wooden shingles.   'Our 'Jbest'Mefc "'   -"���'"------      1���          a roofing to wooden'shingles,  to 'sod roofs./ Let us send you  Complptc"information free.'  .gWpMMffl^JIUja^-MlJLUJl^^  WESXERW   CANADA , FACTORY,' d797, NotYe'Dame'Av��.;Jwi NN IPEG.  .       4     1 . ���   .  *     < , -    <��� .���  . -       -.  "At the horso, Despard; at the horse!"'  them, not a hundred paces away, was,  the Seine, running cold aud stih In the  moonshine. ' The  bank on' cither side  of the highway ran .straight down'without'any   break   to   the   wa tor's  edge.  There.,was no'tdgn of'a"bridge," and a  black   shadow,  in   H19 'center   of' the,  stream   showed   where   the, ferryboat  was "returning  after  conveying  some  belated .travelers'across.,   The  driver,  never hesitated, but, gathering up tho-  lelnkf he'; urged   the _ frightened  crea-';  tures into the river.    They'-hesitated,  however, when, Uiey , first felt' the cold "���  water about tlieir hocks, and "even asv  they did-so one-of Ihe'm" with"?a low!  moan> feIl(ov,er  upon  her sidt\.tDes-  'pard's,bullet had found its^mark/.Like  'a flash .the" coachman hurled '.bims.clf  from ^the -liox ^an'ci;plunged" Into, the  stream, ��� but - the   pursuiug^ horsemen  were all   round -him  before, this,1 and  -.half a dozen han'Ss had seized him ere  he  could   reach  ch-cp  water  and' had  dragged him to the bank.   'liis broad*  hat had been struck off in the struggle.  afnd.De  Catinat  saw his  face  in >the  moonshine.    Great   heavens!  'It was  Amos' Green. >'"  " (To  v*j   Continued.)  ' ..Tyo- Highland 'farmers* met don; .their  v.ayvio' church.' "Man!"'said.Donald,  T'I w��Lwou-leriiig-" wliaf you.,will be  askin' for-yon.bit sheep over_at your  steadini'?" > ,       -"-'       .>  "Man."- replied Dougnl,, , '���!*..was  thinkin' I wad be .wantin* SO.sJiillin'a  for that sheep." ,       r    '   ' -��� -  A"l will tak' i. at that/'^aaiddpon-  ald; "'but, och, man,1 DougaU'J.am  {twful surprised at you doinV'busines-i  on the Sawb..th."A      ';   ,-    *? ��� '.' ��� -,',  ���'Busiiiesa !���" exclaimed Dqugal.  ^Man.dsellin* a shecip like.that,ffer.'SO  ,fjhillin's isii't business at/all; it's just  charity."    ... *   ,     '     ,. - '\o   ��� "A'-'  'Rub,it in for'Lamo Back.���A" brisk  rubbing *.yith Dr. .Thomas* Eclcctfio  Oil will ciuc lame' back", .Tho",skin,  will irtitnediately -"absorb .the. oil1 aiv.l  it (Will penetrate the tissues nndnbring  speedy relief. ��� Try it and'be'convinced. As ihe liniment sinks yiijy^the  pain comes,out andv thedre^afc.omplS  grounds'*for;.sayy-gA'lhat its1 touch is  magical, as it'is. > A _���������, /--, \r'*'*''c  '\ , , '������f:���������:���~������" .'"il'.'* ������ A  , A" firs^  impression','is ��� too rOHen ,(,a  depression. -   ,.   .-     (.    *   ��� ..A       .--, - .  Ask'ffor.- Minard's  and takeAno,other.'  whena'n"elDe7.'oversleep*s4  .��-        ; ��� '-. s * a*''-    "'  ���Wheni-'Nellle -oversleeps you'll .find-,-, e. ;,  *���-��� That' I'm .unshuved-i. I'.ve.dresaecS . 1-f  jYou'll also see If' you're'not blind'!   <'  ,  '     Thai 1 have tind no time'lo.waste.'-   ,.  'Jiw/il  not even stay  to e.-u ,A     , '    ,  Nor wait lhe \vhlle4lhe coffee steeps l  , I'm even 'dressing on ,the' street,  1    'The morning  Nellie .oversleeps.   -  '"  - <  ,1 never fix  the furnace firo       * -  1   Nor shine rny allocs as I should do.  I'simply jump In my attire A'  And."n<. ver siuy .to Wd adieu,     '.       ,  But  from  the house  1 make a run.   , **  And down the steps 1 go by leaps. \.  I tell you whul. there Is no ftin  Tho  morning  Nellie oversleeps.        ;'_  I should rise by seven a. m. '.     ���  Al'nlght  1 always swear I wlIL. ���> ,  ,  Such  lazy habits 1* condemn.  Bui In ihe morning 1 He still,  j>nd somehow  l"ean ne'er awake.  AVhl!*�� wifle locked incumber, keeps  'Tls most annoying, no mistake.  The  way that Nellie oversleeps.  ' ���Detroit Freo Press.  Liftman (for the second time)���No  smokin' in the lift  Navvy���I ain't smokin'.  Liftman���Well, don't you call that a  cigar?  Navvy (trying once more to make hi3  "smoke" draw) ��� Naw, of course It  nin't It's a bloomlu* lung developer.���  Tatler.          How Our Army Is Formed.  The average citizen, It is safe to  say, has a very ha7.y idea concerning  tlie el/.e and constitution of the United States army. A writer in Llarper'a  Weekly gires some interesting facts  bearing upon this matter. The govern  ment dreams of nn army numbering  70,000 men, '1 he present strength is  07,000. Of the theoretical 70,000 sol  diers the fifteen regiments of cavalry,  which never lack their full comple  ment, comprise nearly 1..000 oliicert  and men, the six regiments of Held ar  tillery G.500. the coast artillery corps  close upon 20.000. lhe thirty regiments  of.infantry 27.000, the engineers 2,000,  and tneiremainder consist of the staff  corps, ludiati scouts- and a small-mi'm  ber of unlive soldiers in I'orto Itlco  and the Philippines. The total number of commissioned officers amounts  to about 3.000. A A  Some   Good  Anagrams.  ,-The  following  Is a   list of  very  remarkable anagrams:"  Astronomers, no mote star;-*: catalogues, got as a clew; elegant, nc-ii't leg;  Impatient.' Tim is a pet: matrimony,  Anto my arm; melodrama, made moral;  .midshipman, mind his. map: old England, golden land; parishioners. 'I hii'��  parsons; parliament, partial men; penitentiary, any. I repent it; Presbyterian, best In prayer; revolution.'to love  ruin; sweetheart, there we sat; telegraphs, great helps.  . ,- T_- ��i_*  ''dk  'Way- Bacfeliit'51  \'.Lt 'people'firstKbegaii^to use Eddy's Matohc3,-^-��nd tha  -   -/'Sulphur" waadthe, brand..��bci_ _mad�� -.  -,'i  "'-', A fb ��:*��� ^rifi.'5��v^'*,-J,+ . _."...*.--_.A ..**.'.'  '-  >,-.-.' .    V*v"       rji.-..-<* ! ���.���*<���''*},$ i *- -   -    i, ?     i-W--      .     i i  * ,.4. .'. ��� .   _r���w    . ��� - ��� _f^k i^ v  > r '"_-  *./,'. ,*T-  I >'/<-,     .       , 'i     ' ' -��   - . 'J *'   i      ���     .- '   '       V    '   I c   -, , ���  ���half a century andAscvenHyears'lat^r,'-people, still are nsi.}  jLJA-9 'A" iU. - *   JLi.m, A ,ft A K A vJ.^xl.^ , AA  ..  ,"*,'.].    X    yVi! r    ".  * ��� . r ,'-'ati',.':   f.,"  >    ' 4  " "areCthe surest'and 'mosti'-speedy-iflnlgli-ar'iMatche? maniifit-  A turned.-* .They are" nqyr, tput up"_adneat,and,sattrac��ive slide '  " boxesA' holding   about .500.- matclieaA/dThreb' Boxes to i  '"_' Package. .,.,' > >:[    ->*���' '��� ^U\'^A- f'-,, '^'iti,/ ;  A Always," JEverywhere in'0_ma----,.:A-5-_:;,For'--3ddy'  AA.   - AA'-A.,1:/ '_[, Wrf ^,X i\ *;*,',-���-, '-.' .$^A' ���,."��� d-A-  ���J,        .      .   U        ���      ���>'      -. ' "r       tv- ' 'f     I       .   . T     ���  'a Matcha  rvf  1.1 v,v,',nr_,*>', ���  ii'?l  "���" arc, the best-rcmedyfor^a deraiiged-stiomachA^'Tlicy arc a safe M'  .gentle laxative; "a reliable, cure fdr*bbstinatc Constipation, IMk^  "Attacks! Sieki-Headachc^and all disorders arisinsr from'a weik J-r  "Attacks, Slck''Headachc^andvall disorders'arising from a  ''. gc'st'ion, sluggish Live r^oi*' clogged Bowels. 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Shredded "Wheat with strawberries will bo "found wbolo-  somo, appetizing, and much' moTO nutritious," than meat;  also  with   raspberries, peachesi and other fresh  fruit...  It Wili Tone  Up   Your Liver and Stomach.  Sold by all grocers. .  -_-fl__-_a  VALE,   OYSTER!  I   l.lLv  * ���  PREVENTED  >, Teeth and  Pumice.  Cbeorlng words, for lovers of sweets  were spoken by I)r   Charles A. P.rack-  eft in n recent lecture at the Harvard  Medical school.   He said  that the evil  effect   of   candy   eating   on   the: teeth  was . much  exaggerated,   n   reasonable,  amount  of sugar  beiug  needed  In the  system   for   the   product inn   of   heat  especially lncidd weather'and for hard  working   people.     Dr.   Bracken   com  mended  (he.scheme of a  Philadt'lphi-i  dentist   who  takes  a  contract  to  preserve the teeth of  his patients,- charg  Ing them a nominal .sum to keep tlu-Ii!  teeth clean by a monthly scouring with  the two horsemen on either side were     pumice     So   cITcclive   is   that   simple  trotting in the same direction when, to i treatment   that   ihe  dentist  agrees  to  DeCatinat's   ama7.cment, the  carriage \ treat   without  suddenly swerved to- one side and in   aui'wuro  In Soven Out of Ten Cases by Avoid-  ing Constipation With an Occasional Doso of Dr. Chaos's Kidney-Liver Pills.  ���   Appendicitis is the  direct  result 'of  constipation, or a c.old .settling ih the  abdomen, starting in_ln.riTrinl.ioii of tlie  .appendix.-   Of tlie.se 75 per cent, arc  the   resultd of   constipation.     l.'.csidcH  abdominal  soreness,-and the'  colicky  p..ins(''.which   finally   centralize   iii   n  pcn'siKlciit .localized'pain  in  the right  abcldiiicn.,  the patient may- be subject  to '.vomiting,   tlie stomach '-.'upset,  and  occasional Iy -chilly, sensation..  ;   Operations   are   dangerous   and\ expensive, sol naturally, it. is important,  to   avoid   these    /symptoms.     'Danish  constipation', i'lid  you. are 'safe:.  There  is no ilreparntion that 1 folds' the 'confidence of  the. people .for-a constipn.-'  t-ion euro, aft docs- Dr. Chase's  Kidney-  Liver   I'ills;    'Besides "ioose.iiing    the  bowels they put the liver nnd kidneys  in   a.   healthy   condition.     U   is     the  combine!.!  action of, tin's-medicine on  liver   and   kidneys   that' makes   thei.e  filtoi i.-g   organs, effective   in    elirnin-.  alirig  poisons  from   the system,-  Ask yonr neighbor about them.  One .pill a dose, 25 eeifts a box, at all  dealer;,, or l.diiian.sod, 'l',utes &' Co.,  Toronto, Out. Write for Dr. Chase's  1003  Calendar  Almanac  Tempt  mo no mores'    I   must not oat   you  now.  Although from you 1  hardly can refrain  f-flemlcss fnblifon snyu I niust nb.min.  And so lo her decree 1   humbly Iki"*.  Tempi  mo no  morel  Tempt   me  no   rnorul    Or scalloped.   Tried  or roast.  With pepper. s,alt. cloves, cinnamon, allspice,  J'rn qultp nu-iro voii nre extremely nice  I hardly know which w.-iy  I fll-co yuu most  .L-mpi   me no  more!  Tempt mo no more!    Disconsolate I sit,  ThlnklnK   I  'Lire not touch your luscious  f.ire.. .,,,  Oh...hung   It   all!     For   misdo   I   do   not  care. '' ',;..'"  Tli >rc'3 no ono ionlclnj;���just a' 'ust  'libit!  .'���������    A      T'-im��l    to"   I.O   ninr'a1  Contradictory.'  "Is  your   huKliiiml   vnraclpu.*.   In   hi.,  appetite, madam?"*,        ,        '  .."I can't say as he Is. doctor.   He'll eat  .'liiyihinlc   and   every think   lis Jong' us  there's   anythlnk   to   eaL"  Mother���Georgie, 1 t  'A\o" if they oBeied y  time.   '  Georgie--Po 1 dad, ai'i. i'1  they offered it to me Jl'" -A"  unci yon didn't mi\ m.vtt'i ,  the fouitli tinio.-- ?.i-i"'.'.' *"  Kerald.  No 'one   need   endui. _ t'l( _  of  corn<*   witli   ]Tillh'�� ���n'-' u'  nt Jtiind  to icmove thdii  Joaklcv~-Nov, 1" '-  ly    C'llll    "llCUM"   mm    ���'  Coaklcy���lli>w.   l"f  Joakley���II<*   i>" "  Philiidclphia  I'ress.  Minard's  sicians.  Liniment,  used W��  -'rji't ���remeii).I.''-vi��".-:ll.V'' ll  and  1   are ono."  - -'SliC lodkcd aC'lii'ii  ,   "Oner'    she    eAi'"''l-      - ,0J  \Ve.'n'r6-.rp.d"I'n' ,h',"!' ehriiwI  the   ciphoi'."- d'lev."  gji'I-Sf  ;������������."$���  Usually the Way.  ���'"A man lll.es to hoar. lilsse'f talk so  well." said Uncle ICbcn. ���'dat iiios' conversation looks Jes'jll.ke two people Im-  palier.tly Wjiitiu" deli- turns lo say sum-  bin."  charifo  any  decay  thai  V/d  N.    U.    Mo.    692.  A Glittering Bargain.  "Yes," sjiiu  the prospective investor  to the l.lllville real estate mail, "your  terms at $ii an acre are vary' row.koliable   Is (here ipiy gold In the land"."  The agent looked around ns If to as-  jpnre himself that no one was listening;  'then ho leaned over and whispered:       !  '���It's mostly gold!" THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  iNOT ATTEND  IEH0LD DUTIES  Jonstitution Rebuilt, After  |Failod, by Dr. Chase's  rood.' ,  ACCIDENTS. IN  ART.  The  tha  the same  Weliand,  'All run  tioubled  'of women feel  I'orge  Cook, <  of  ive  years 'agp.  ^ hv"   nervousness,  j-jches,   and  complaining   of.  ���feeling, explain* their con-  j^. 'Cook tells "her story in  jjing words: ��� y   . "  Sfrge  Cook, r "Weliand'.   Ont..  jKj gives me'much  p'ensure  ^end    Dr..    Chase's.  Nprve  Bf/ive years f wns troubled  gusness, tired fpeling, head-  If.a   terrible   weakness. :  I  jserablo   that   I  could   not  iyihousehold duties.,1 Dur-  ne' I was a gient sufferer,  3|��dmiich emaciated,  fjbreutcd   hy a  good, doctor..  Turn ge, for tho better, and a  |sed me to try 'Dr. Chase's  which  I did, 'and  in   a  Sj>,was   much'   'improved   ?n  tor using six boxes of this  ���je'dicine  I was sound'and  pall rilwavg recommend, Dr.  ffirve .Fopd,  for 1  believe  it  Mrom  years of 'misery.       I  feeling  better 'than" I have  Ijs."        '"-'  <*     -  Be's Nerve'Food, the great  |er,nnd restorative, 50 cents  fxes for 52.50, at all dealers  sri, Antes &'Op..'Toronto.,  E-flr. Chase's 1008 Calendar  4      '      '. *. '  sr~ It  Wasn't.- ���':.** A AA ",  ms of .military service re-  jrsd to . visit, _ ,thor kitchens  Ififtg-hours' to' see thafthe'  >9'd 'is* 'pfoperlj'T'prepare'dj'  iloneli' who* Itft'it&bcj .pretty-  'nowrf .that', bis ,or<lers. must  Syithbut tq'u'cstiqnr,for A ex-,  Jpnce' stopped! ''two soldiers  scarry ing a' soup,.kettle', but  Jn. A;". <������-'"����'';    ��� a - ��� "���' i "i  Zpv." he^ growled, "give me-  at.   *  v   ->-     -> -- -  |]ie, sold iers ran , and" fetch-  7 and) gave' the' colonel" the  lle-._r.-Tho colonel 'spat' and  for-::  *y,y y,, ,'t.   ,.������ -  ieavens,i/mnn ! - "A ou ' don't  "tuff"soup,, do you?"A   -i' - -*  "^.'"replied'the solclipr meek-,  lislv' water - we ~ was "emptv-  ��at^Prove its,Value.���Those  ftomach - will,' find -.strength  lie0'8* Vegetable* Pills,* _> boll servo >t to 'maintain   .the  fction  of the., stomach'', nnd  jlarities in which'Jare'most  jr Dyspeptics-.are''well   ac-  jfith them*and' .value1,!hem  poper * worth.��  'They -liay-\  Hei   when* other"., plreparn.  Ruin   of   a   Burne-Jones  and  Wending of a Turner. ,  A   very   curious   history   Is   that   of  Burne-Jones'   favorite   picture, ."Love  Among the I.uiiis,"'writes M. II. Spiel-  uisiuu in the Loudon Graphic.   The original  picture   was  in   water color  and  ���vas sent lo 1'uris by a firm of art pub-  .ishers   feir   reproduction   and   iu   that  .���Ity ..forwarded   to  their  photographic  -.tudJosj in, the  suburbs.    The  plctuie  unhappily   preceded   the' letter of   Instructions   regarding   it   warning   the  photographer of the medium in which  it was painted, so that immediately on  its- arrival, it  was'brushed over  with  whit? 'of  egg' to' bring out the colors  for photographing-ud excellent' procedure in the case' of oil pictures, harmless and veryi'ollicacloiis.    But as to the  Burne-Jonert dplctitre,   Love   was   very,  soon among his own  ruins,  for every  .wish   of   the   brush   brought, off, the  final toiichesand left, a mere smeared  ground.    Sir Edward Burne-Jones was  .heartbroken-at tlie loss of a, work on  which   his, reputation.' he   considered,  would  In   great  measure  rest and  on'  which he  had'.spent many months of  natient toil and-the very- perfection of.  his execution in the realization of one  of the most poetic conceptions ttirit had  sprung from his fanciful imagination.  "Love. AtnoiVg, the Ruins" was painted during the years 1870-3.   In October.  ,,15593. It Was destroyed, nnd by the following ye.hr the oil versiou was finlsh-  "Vd. 'but ,'was scarcely^.a consolation  to  the artist; for the loss or his first and.  more spontaneous work,  ,  ''Incidents of this sort, are happily not  of" frequent  occurrence, ,but' one .case  has come within my Iknowledge' which  bfts.ueverA I believe, been, recorded. , A  wealthy .'connoisseur, . wljh .a   roomful  of .bpautlful Turner drawings,, was.lb  *the-bnblt   of  instructing  a  firm .well  known as' honorable picture'dealers to  overhaul-bis drawings/but his Turners  bad 'not ;for some ~timq'",beei_  touched,  -and the glasses had b'ccome'mueb durk-  'en'ed'rwithXdust. AOn h'is.leaviug town  the"senIor,'me_uber of the firm went to'  ,,-iJs.'.house--.and brought away, the prc-  cfousddra-wings   find/ carrying   them  ' liitb'the room,behind the'sbopvtobk the  first., drawing   outVofdjts   frame   and  ,iiiountApr<_pai'a(tory ��� to dusting "It and  >laldMt" 6n   the table'.    Being suddenly^  *vealied into' the, shop by a customer, he  covered'.-it iwith'^n sheet'of  Whatman  p'aper and left It'   His brother entered  "from tliestfeet and passed'into the prl-  vdte "room.,' A moment later the other'  -followed arid found'hliii"; knife in hand,  <_iit'|ting a 'mount, ou the top of the.Tur-  Aierd \Vith"a cry.' he rushed'to the'paper  and   lifted   It., a aid  there the  horrified  brothers* found tlie ..,000(guinea drawing cut into two pieces. , What'was to  be.d6iK>?1,dTo innkeAi clean breast of, it  wns apparently out of the question," so  It was detfrmined to call'in the clever  I^Ui&^  Just send us  your name  and address on  a post-card and we'll mail you  a Painting Book. for the little  folks and a quarter-pound package of Celluloid Starch. That  means fun for the children and  satisfactory starching for you.  Celluloid   Starch requires no  boiling, gives a perfect finish to  , the clothes and never makes the  irons stick.  Write   to-day  for   this   free  book'and sample.  Tbo Bra.t.ord Starch Works, Limited  Braallord,   Ontario '      , m  Another  Modern   Miracle  Paralysis   Permanently  Cured.  The Sufferer Paralysed From Waist to Feet���Encased in   Plaster of  ,   Paris for,Nine Mxiihs-Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Cure After Four  Doctors Had Failed���The Cure Vouched for by a Well Known  , Clergyman.      - ��� - ,  THE  STRAWBERRY  CROP.  , Paralysis", no matter how slight, is  a teirible affliction, but to be paralyzed from waist to the feet, to be a  helplesb cripple,, totally -dependen.-  upon ,whi��t> otheis do for you, i.. a  condition as wretched a** man could  pos.ibly Lear. (Siich was the state,of  .Mr .Allan J. McDonald, of Rice Point,  P.E 1. For over a year lie was. a  helpless, invalid.',. Ife, ds paralvzed  from,, his   waist   to  hife   feel   ai��L for  nine months lay in bed encased  Fouf Gf  the  j and haves.,effected^ cures  S.'of'long , standing: Avhci*S  nines ',were 'found unavail-, 'artist ali'd repairer attached to the Grin,  and he joined tlie pieces and remounted  tirecl1  ^     T :���*^ ~   .        i. t>\ -4* -  jfsaid the mprphani,'i."irii  f'O'ir friend PolkA I' never  *juit'e 'so 'lazy.."* *,&> ^A-.  |ycryf,hing,M*s.'hif" )?>,<  feverv'thi'iig. ' Hedgois'-t:  ^."������Philadelphia"'; ;Pres_..'  if, ~ ii'���_. ~ ''-. V *-, ^"'-" ��� ���'.  REWARD/'siob.A;l AAA  prs,.of  t,his', p��i]*er.-will, bo  learn1 that there is "at" IctiJS.t  Be. .diseasq tha't- science 'has  Rto* cure   in. all--'its  stages/  ^ Catarrh.    Ilall's Catarrh'  ���jp.   only   positive   cure   now  the     medical ,   fraternity.  Sing a constitutional di^fifise,  constitutional* tientment.  tnrrh   Cure   is   taken   inter-  _g directly upon the blood  Jis'Surfaces of-the  svstem,  ffetroying  the foundation of  Be. - nnd   giving   the  patient,  *   building'up     the     con-  d nssisting natiire'in doing ,  I" The   proprietors . have, so  n. in its cnn.tive* powers that  jp_>ne Hundred  Dollars    for I  that it .fails to cure.    Send  ^teslimbninls. , ' *     .  |1A  J. GITKNKY & CO.,  ,; Toledo, O.  Jj,clrugjTir'i'i,  75c.  S_tir_!_*Family. TJlls for con-  the-drawing; nnd down whe/e the vertical cut'was'he boldly^painted in a  '"dreef" The, nlcturc;, was> in due course  'taken ba'ck^iirid rehu.r'g,*In Ome/for the  ���owner.'s'returi-./-.-- conple'of days later  j'caine anjirgent'letter callliig'tbe dealer  ~to tlie'htjiise.1' /'Look at'this drawing."'  Asa W tbe colieclord'^yjiiU does It'meanV  'Tlieri*:s :i��. tree" here.   ��� I never saw "that  tree'before!"   "No more did I."'quietly���  .'replied the dealer. .."I'tpld you that you  -would   hardly", recognize  tbo idrawiugs  when- tlie glasses had been cleaned inside and out.   Why. you.could hardly  see   them!"     The 'owner,   though , still'  astoulshcd.   accepted   the   explanation,  and   to  this  day   has  probably   never  guessed the truth.   The dealer told the  story himself shortly before his death  Will it,meet the eye of tho hoaxed proprietor, I wonder?   ���  .  Dealers   Predict   a'   Bountiful   Supply  at   a   Price   Within   the   Reach   of  ,  all.���How to  Eat Strawberries  ' and Enjoy Them.  A glut b} the stiawberi1*v market is  tho prediction of fruit dealers in  nearly all sections of the country.  Reports 'from the growers, of berries  indicate that the corning 'crop will  be b<?tier than for, many seasons, and  show that a larger' acreage has been  devoted to the fruit. ,J.'is predicted  that lovers 'of this, succulent fruit in j  many northern cities will be able to  eat all the! good berries .they want at  moderate prices., .' , ' .      * ,  Tt ii> a fact that rhany persons cannot''eat. strawberries without   discomfort;   The full  enjoyment of- this delicious  berryV4 is denied  to , thousands  whose  stomachs  do   not  take  kindly  to llie'.peculi'ar acid and the-nurnber-  ���eus'liltlo��,sceda  whicli   it "'contairs.  For  these' person:;   the   'soggy', white  'flour dough.'of ."short-cake" "makes, a  bad r matterdeven' worse.   .'Almost'.'any.  person  whose  stomach  has. not gone  out'-of '*'b'-. '**"e._-i    entirclv'>can   "eat  strawberries ^' -'-I .'Shredded   Wheat  Biscuit with .'"pa r'ect safety ancl'fullest  en'joyi*fii.nt.  , The t best way to prepare  'them ' is   to heat 0the ' "Biscuit in,  an  .oven -until.the*'shreds -arccrisp, then  crush, a cavity' in the- top oc the Biscuit 'and' fill, this, with the berries In  their, own juices;'; then  pour milk  or  cream .ovcr'-it and sweeten to sir't' the  taste.'      The   combination   makes, ''a  most- w.iblesome and delicious-dish���  more' easily''digested and much more  nutritious   than- 'the > ordinary   shortcake.'"  ���>_.*���        .'__      v   ���.      j>    ;  ���-Ypu can* make the same -appetizing  combinntion-dwitb  raspberries or 'any  kind-, of fre'sh- frait.'7 A. dish' that' is a  grgal favorite with noon:day. lunchers  is mude'.by partly filling a small bow]  with r red ' raspberries,   then"  coverin'g  with, a < layer '  of   'Shredded   Wheat  Crumbs (nia'de by/crushing two crisp  Biscuits" in .the Jband).   then  adding a  little cream and^sugar:   Such a> lunch  is   wholesome .and'   easily    digested.  The. Shredded  Wheal  itself "contains  more  real ..nutriment' than  meat "'or  .eggs, and costs much less���while the  fruit-adds  to  its, healthfulriess'-dind  palatability.t"*A   more' ideal 'summer  diet, could  not-be  imagined.,' '      *  1U a  .laster of'Paris ea^t.  best  doctors   in     Prince   Edward   Island were unable to help hirn and he  seen.pd. doomed   to   a   life  of   misery  and despair. '"But hope enrn. t>,> him'  when he* read  of what Dr. "Williams;,  Pink Pills had done for other sufferers   from   pnrnlvsis.    He  procured   a  supply of the Pills and began taking  them.       Gradually (they    broke    the  chains   of   disease   that   bound   him',  and  filled his' whole  body  with  new-  blood, h'fei and vigor.    Mr.'McDonald  says:���"I am a farmer and in consequence .have   a   great  deal   of   "hard  work' fo^do. --One day wliile about iny  work I injured1 rfiy iliack, but at the  time I paid littler.a^tention to the. injury -and   continued' n.y ..work.      ^\s  time went 'on,  though. , the  pain (became more severe, arid _J soon found  myself   unable   to   lift, anything,   no  matter  bow light.''It -was not  long  before J had lo &topv work altogether  and .consult,- a' doctor.   He_treated me  but, his   treatment "did ''noVhelp   me  anoA, I rapidly - grew worse. < J liad to  take'to my bed,'and'in, the'hope that  my  spine   might  receive1 strength,   I  was encased in a,plaster of paris cap..  This  did ,notL help  me ,and   T   could  feel  the' * paralysis j \b\6\v\y A creeping  over mctlill VI- wnavttotally'-paralyzed  from my waist ,to my feet.   I lost all  Control over in*v  bowels  and  bladder  and my legs' had nodnore feeling than  if 'they'were; made "of" wood.-, Three  other doctors'striyed Jo ���cure me, but'  their 'treatment   also   was   a   failure,  and for, over eleven months-1 lay in  bed  unable  lo'iriovo.    Dr".  Williams'  Pink  I'ills  were' then  advised and 'J  was shown testimonials of others who  had* been, cured of paralysis through   or  maikable change in me. I was able  to get out of bed and cjawl along the  floor on my hands and knees. Gradually my limbs b?cai_ie stronger. Soon  I could walk with lhe aid of a cane  and iilsidc of nine��niohths after I had  beeun the use of the Pills I was totally cured, and once more able to do  .light work. Now I am as strong ii&  ever I, was and'can do my' work about  the farm ^without the least trouble  I thinK. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills arc  without equal, for; besides my own  ca.-e, I know of two other 'cas_es of  paralysis cured by them. T*,\o youn��  girls who had been 'cripples and  whom J auvised to ny the Pill..."  ]*n corroboration of what Mr. McDonald says, the Itevd D. Ma'cLean of  Charlottetown, P. -E. T. writes:���"T  visited i Mr. McDonald many 'times  during "his illness. He was attended  by three or more doctors and put An  piaster paris, and everything imaginable which  might 'be  of  benefit   wa.-  GENERAL  WORTH.  done for. him without success.' He  had lost all power of(liis bod}- from  his' waiut down find I think he was  nearly a' year under treatment before  he began* to use Di. William-;' Pink  Pills. 1 was with him the dav he firM  moved, his big toe and from that time  on he gradually improved-and tor the  la&t'iew years, he has been perfectly,  well. J- can vouch for the cure 'Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills effected in..his  case." >'  Jf you rare sick  _\nd. the . treatment  youvdare   now , taking' doe's   not .help  you,, give Dr. Williams' 'Pink Pills a  fair trial. They haye. cured thous'and-*  aftcr doctors and other medical treatment   hadv hopelessly   failed.    These  Pills   actually, make   new,   rich,   red  blood, ,.feed   the   starved   nerves   and  bring .health   and   strength  to,'every  pait of  the   body."   This  is  why Dr. j  Williaihs'   Pink   Pills" cure .such   apparently hopeless 'cases  as   M'"-   McDonald's,   and- it  iso why'they have  cured   thousands .and   thousands     cf  sick, discburaeed "people in every part  of  the ,world.��� .Sold  by all  medicine  dealers or by mail at 5q, cents .a.^box  or  six boxes  for',.?2.50  fiom The  Dr.f  them.   J-bought a^supply and in less  Williams;   Medicine" Co.,   Brockvjlle,  than, three months'they made  a  re-j Ont. - <*���      .    ���  The late Julia Magrudei, according  to .The-Circle, used to tell.a story  about a" little'girl whom1 she' once  took out, to. lunch:, ., * "  ��� "!At" the .luncheon's' end Miss -Ma-  gruder, handed, her waiter ,'a, ?20 bill,  !ind;th6*man* brought*back on a plate  a gieat mound of. bilvei and greenbacks. , , '' ���-' - . -' ' .  . '/The little girl, looked at "the huge  mound of change longingly:  ;'    . "What is it j;ou ijre writing in such  a hurry. 'Will?'"  asked'Mrs.Borus.  "I  saw you  discharge' the'cook , a  few" minutes  ago,"  answered E.  Will  Boius, the struggling author,.-.without  looking"'up from his voik. .        _.     -    ,  "What'-of .that?"   < ,," ,   '  '   '-**  "Tt" was   intensely  dramatic." _���_ '"  "Gracious!   You. are  not   trying   to  dramatize it?"  "        A . ,    *    -     -    .  "Not at  all,  my dear.'.   You   cant  "I "never beard. Brown 'enthuse *a-  bont liis .sumrnor/cottage before. Now  he's'praising it "all'the lime.'' ', ,-"  ' "Yes. you khow he's trying ,to rent  the place this summer."���Detroit Free  Pi esp. " ' ��� i  ��ljle{*bi-ln't  ulke Pledges. .  ^Murtiii.Crovcr of Troy, N. Y.,  jMtlme,approached by a young  jrao .wished to, be nominated ta  l^pssembly.    The  shrewd old  ^certain   doubts   about  him,  jgte.-pressi'd  somewhat   freely,  <Vus willing to afford him o  IJtherefore addressed the as-  1s way:  ian,c If you will give me  Wtbat you won't steal when  salbany I'll see what kin ba  ^endln' you there." .  ^Jrover," replied, the young  ?Fhg hlinself up' with grcal  50 to Albany unpledged or I  !_tll."  I Small  Tacks,  jjfiis fur a stunt V   The center  -Jyi-dustry used to be I-.roins.'  ��^rii  In  Worcestershire.  Kng-  ��*JCe   all   work, was   done   by  a com mon   feat  for ex-  Sgje   1,000  to  1,200 tacks so  Sfoftill   the  barrel of an  ordi-  j��(iulll.   their   weight   being  stiventy  grains.  A Marvel of the East.  , Amon'g' other  feats  In   the .east  the  learning by heart of th'e Koran is very  widespread.    Not only'"mcn. but wom-  '"en and children, can be found who can  repeat the holy book from' beginning to  end without a  mistake.    Taking it in  round   numbers, dhe   Koran   contains,  together with' the additions, which are"  Included'ln  the recitation, some 00,000  words.    This Is about the length of an  average^up-to date hovel, but.  unlike  .the novel, there are no connecting links  ���the whole book beiug a confused and  much  mutilated, jumble���to .enable the  reciter   to   remember..    To   make   the'  , least error would be a deadly sin, yet  oven children can go through IL    But  this is not all.    For an Arabic child to  recite the Koran is wonderful enough,  no doubt, but he understands what he  is saying���It Is not to him an unknown  language���but   for  a  chllcl  of another  nation   to recite  It   from   beginning  to  end, without understanding the  words  he Is sayhiR. Is n much more wonder  Till  feat of  memory, and  very Tew of  those   outside' Arabia   who  can   recite  tho Koran  Unow more than a  few of  the simplest words, if they know those  As' a vermifuge there is nothing so  potent as Mother'Graves' Worm Exterminator, and it,can be given to  the most delicate child'without fear  of  injury ' to  the  con.litulion.  - Count the cup's sind .count 'the cost?  Much is* saved" by-'-using .'^'Salada"  ,Tea. nS_old ,only in 'sealed lead packets., never by peddlers or.in,b,ulk.'31"  Mistress���Now remember, Bridget,  tho Joneses are coming for dinner.  Cook���Leave it to me, mum. I'll  do me woist!. They'll never tiouble  yez  again.���Illustrated   Bits.  SOUND HEALTH     <  FOR ALL .CHILDREN  1 England's  Lion.  The Brllisli lion mean'* so much to us  all that It sw'ini almost treason to  suggest tha- he Is after all not the ter  rililo wild foul ft" epiote l.otlom) that  foi'i'Itrncrs think him. but. sad to say.  (Ills is so. For In the older armorial  lien ring of Kngland our lion is a leopard. It was all the'fault of the early  heralds of France, from whom our  arms seem to have been derived. According to them, the linns passant and  garchmt of the aims of the kings of  ..n_.'l..nd were cilher lions leoparded  or lion*" tunned. The onii-wion of the  mam*, in null* I ricking, would reduce  (heni to leopards, and this our lions  originally were.... The Emperor Frederick, in choosing his presents to-our  floury III. so coiistrViod. according to  M.ifh'ew Paris, ohr royal shield. "In quo.  tros loc-p-ird. tranoiintes figurantur"���  that Is. In which throe, leopards, stalking, arc figured.' Thus Henry seems to  have had no reason to be, annoyed  when the'emperor; sent him the wrong  cuibleiiiatlc beastii.-re-irson's Weekly  Disease' attacks the little ones  through the digestive organs. Baby*.  Own .Tablets are the best thing in the  troubles of children. They act tpiick-  ly and are absolutely safe. If necessary the Tablets'can be crushed to a  powder or dissolved, in water. A Mrs.  \Vm. F,. Gay, St. Eleanois, P.E.T.,  says:��� "I know'of nothing '-o equal  Baby's ,Own.Tablets for' the' cme* of  stomach and- bowel troubles.. 1 cannot speak too highly of this medicine  and do not feel safe without, a box of  Tablets in the house." SolcT by medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cents a  box 'from The Dr_ Williams' Medicine  ��� a.,   Brockville,   Ont.  ' A number of representatives were  facetiously discussing the .resources oof  the State' of MissouTi one afternoon,  when McCall ol 'Massachusetts observed to Mr. Lloyd of the first named  State:���   ' *      '>'  , "Lloyd, I am ' told that Missouri  stands at 'the head in raising mules."  ' "It seems to me," retorted ,Lloyd,  "that is the only, safe place to stand  in   the  circumstances."���Lippincbtt's.'  "Alt   vou. please,   Miss   Magrudei'," 'pet, quick enouerh action in, a drama,  she  said," Til ��� have^ a' plate'of  that.  I'm  novelizing-it."���ChicagoTiibune.  '.00.'  "       4. " J        ''���   d   '   A,' '* "'-   r A ^��� >     ''   -*  Keep Minard's Liniment in the house.  SENATE   OF   LILLIFUT.  When going away from, homp, or at  any change of 'habitat^ he'is a wise  man who numb'ers among'his belongings'a bottle oFDr.'J. D. Kellogg's  Dysentery Cordial*. . Change of food  and .'water .in some stranged place  where there are no doctors may bring  on an attack of dysenterv.' He then  has a standard remedy at'hand with  'which "to cope1 with the disorder, and  forearmed he ,caii successfully light  tho ailment and -subdue Jt.  Stella���Did she fish for compliments? ���  Bella-Yes; but the 'big ones go.  away.���Ha rper's   Weekly.  Hie  "Who got up those hanging gardens  of Babylon?"  "Some  King."  " l-'or what  purpose?"  "1 judge. Ite wanted to outwit Ihe  neighbors' 'chickens."��� Kansas City  Journal.  Minard's  Friend.  Liniment,    Lumberman's  A   LOVER'S  PLAINT.  Banana Skin Soap.  Banana skins lire utilized in soap-  making on ' tlTe west coast of Africa.  The skins are rich ' in alkali, so they  are burned to an ash. and this mixed  with water and palm oil goes to make  a cleanser whicli is In demand among  tho whites as well as the natives.  My lady has two soft blue eyes  That look In mlno with lovo.  And when they shyly tell their tola  I feel in bliss above���  Or would���save that eyes red as flro  Glaro nt mo from her sldo  Ar\S seem to say, "If you come near,  Then woe to you bctldo!"  J_Iy lady has a. lovely mouth.'  Full of sweet, childlike wiles,  Thafo only made for laug.*ilcr light.  For kisses and for smiles.  But near It is another mouth  Fulli furnished  with  fangs, white.  And so I dare not kls3 my lovo.  For fear I'll  tet a bile.  It Is the rival whom I hato,   ���  Herblue blood  brlndle bull.  And vainly do 1  plead and storm; '  v'To'break that  beastly pull.      '������-,  Bhe looks'-aggrieved or jaughs and-sayi  "Must I your" memory'Jog?  Remember,1 sir.  it  is '.he test���  'Lovo mo,  love my  dog!' " .  , ".���niilHr.i-ire Am��rlejuv_  Way   Dr.  Johnson   Outwitted   the  1     House"of Commons.   -  Parliamentary bodies were long a  great stronghold of resistance to the  press. Reporters were strictly barred  from, them; and reports 'of their proceedings were stc-ruly punished. It  was among the triumphs for the right  and for common sense which 'Franklin  achieved that he caused the chamber  of the provincial assembly of Pennsylvania to be thrown open to publicity.  Nevertheless no reports wero allowed  of either the-Continental congress or  the constitutional convention.  Dr. .Johnson's flotation of the cherished privacy of the British house of  commons is a classic story. Ue.reported its debates without entering Its sacred picciucts, and In order to escape  the severe penalties of tho law ho reported them without mentioning the  body or any of its members by un me.  Setting up an imaginary "senate of  Ulliput" and givine fictitious names to  the leading members of parliament, bo  edified for years the readers of tho  Journal which then boasted the "largest circulation" li. EngUnd  I.i'ci'iving a few scanty notes or what  was going 011 at V. estininstcr, ho elaborated them Into a brilliant spread. Ho  was. nideed. the Illustrious founder of  the Immortal craft of rewrlters. IIU  discerning readers came to know not  only that the senate of Lllllput wn�� tbo  house of commons, but that "I.U'fscu"  >too.l for France and "Mlldcrido" for  London: that "sprugs" meant pounds,  that ������Nnrdac" was the Duke of Newcastle, and so on. What his notes lacked his ini-iginatlon readily supplied  Ne\er was the eloquence of parliament more brilliant than In Johnson's  reports of tho debates, In which, he admitted, he took care that . the, Whig  Jogs got the worst of It, although l'itt  himself.-must L.ve felt -mollified when  he read the wouderfuf outburst -attributed to b.lm by. .lohuson ou "tlie atrocious crime'of being a young man." It  is the best remembered: of./all Pitt's  speeches, and it was.written by .lohuson   "iu  a  garret   iu  Exetor street."  Minard's Liniment  Co.,  Limited.  Gents,���I   have   used   your , MINARD'S LINIMENT in my family and  also in my stables for years and consider it the best medicine obtainable.  Yours  truly,  ALFRED ROCHAV,  Proprietor. Roxton   Pond   Hotel, and  Livery .Stables.  ���so penetrating is water at high pres  sure that only special qualities of cast  Iron will withstand it  His Monument In New York and Why  It Is There.  "Everybody who Hve3 in New York  fcnows or ought to know by this time  where the Worth monumeut is, but  how many know what it's all about,"  said a New Yorker t6 a group of  friends ivho were standing in front of  the monument in Madison squaie. i  "I should^ say," he went on. "that  more persons pass by here every day  than by any oilier spot In Manhattan,  excepting Nassau aud Frankfort  streets, yet I'll ,wqger that most of you  do not know who Worth was."  "Pooh!" temarked the only non-New  Worker In the group, who had just  come down from Albany and hadn't  been In Madison square b'Jt once before, in his life. "Worth was with  Pope in the Army of the rototnae and  was killed when he was with Sherman  In the march through Georgia."  "Oh, you're way off there, John," interrupted another. "1 can see near the  ba__e,-,ln big bronze letters: .  1, '.'By the Corporation ,  '      of tho  City of New Tork,  1S57. '    ,  Honor the Brave."  The year 1S57 settled the Army of  the Potomac and marching through  Georgia' guess. - ,  One of the onlookers has been a guest  of a nearby hotel for several years.,  He knew it all���at least he. thought he  , "That monument.", he said, "was  erected 'to the ' memory of .General  Worth, who won great .fame with Scott  during our war with Mexico. Am I  right'.'" s  "Right you. aTe," said the onlooker  who had started the talk, "but," he continued, "why did the city of New York  take such a special .interest in his memory "as To build that monument in his  honor?"      '  "That's easy," was the reply, of the  ancient guest of the nearby hotel. "It  was because, Worth wits born in this  clty_ and'the" city was proud of him  as one of her distinguished sons."       .  , About this time along strolled .a .tall  man" who  was apparently  acquainted I  with the-onlookers and had heard" the  last question and tho answer.    There'  was a broad grin on his face.   He was  a" former inspector of police. .  Lie put in a question or two, and in  answering not one of the group' could  tell whether Worth was killed in battle or where, he was burled. 'But all  agreed that he was born in\New,York'  city.' " A '  > "Just come over to the monument  and take <a look, at the .north side slab  and get posted," said the ex-inspector.  And the group went ^ith him.' This is  .what' they read on" the slab, 'and they  ail afterward acknowledged that then  and^there they had-read it for the first  time In their lives:"-' . ,  '  ^ Under'this Monument     '  .Lies the Body, ot  WILLIAM  JEXKINS WORTH,  Born  in Hudson, N. T.,   '  '   r,"       *        "March 1. 1JS..    ,   ,  -   �� . ��� ,  Died In1 Texas    ' c  May 7, 1S19.      , ...  The fact.-is that not1 one person In  ten  thousand in crossing, to-or. ,sfrom  "Fifth .avenue, to Broadway takes the  Tweuty-nEth   street -- crossing ' on'   tlie  monument side, and'therefore few persons other than tourists ever stop to  read what.is on the slab. ' It so happens,   too,   that   the   sunlight  seldom  touches 'that  side . of the   monument.  Moreover, as the slab and bronze let-  Aers.on   it  are   very  dark,   passersby  ���seldom give it any notice.'    ( ",    I  "If out of a dozen New Yorkers who  havo lived nearly all their lives within"  a stone's throw of this monument only  one knew that General Worth fought  iu the Mexican war and none knew  that his body lies under the monument,  how few of the millions who pass by  it every year ever. heard of the general's name?"  That was the remark the ex-inspector  made to the group of New Yorkers  after they  had  read the  slab.  GUPvEDsflTGaiNGPILES  Mr. C. V. M J.art is t Customs Ureter  and Insura.nc Accent at St. Catharines,  Ont. He writw the Zam-Buk Co. u  followi: '��� I have been a CiifJerer for years  with? itching piles. I have ipent man-,  dollars on ad vtrtised reme<Ji<�� for Piles but  got no relief. A friend of mine tdvLseci me  to try Zim-Buk. I had but Utile faith in  any remedy to cure me, but tried one box  and I got relief at once. I have u .ed foul  boxes and am completely cured. *��� I cannot  thank you enough ,for such a wonderful  curative salve. I have recommended Z��m-  Buk ta my friends and they too were cured."  Sold by ajl dree*  gisl_ *ad stor��i,  toe. or lb�� Zatn.  BuV C��.,T_TO_.t��  <v  A  good many of flic  Sac and vFox  (Indians do not talk much, and -tthen  tiu-y aj'e ip a &tnro and see something  .they want they pick it up and    pay  lot it.    Wlien Ton'. "Hall ,wa��j keeping  ���I  diug store,   an  Indian  woman entered it and  picked up a' can of Jap-'  a-lac  and paid for  it. t A  tew   wefek..  'later  the same woman' was* in  again  and Tom nhked her jf *lie wanted ait-  other can- Sbe &aid no, they couldn't  -  eat the- can -he had.���Stioud (Okla.J  .Messenger. '' .     - -  A   Cure   fore- Rheumatism.���A  pain-'  ful   nnd  perf-iVfent   form   of  rheumatism is caused  by  impurities in  (.he  blo,od���  the result  of  defective 'action '  of the liver and kidneys'.''  The blood  becomes  tainted  by* the  introduction "  of uric acid which causes much pain, <  in tlie"U_,_ue._. and in the joints.  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are 'known to  have effected many remarkable .cures  and their use is strongly ������recommend-',  ed.   , A   trial ��� of' them   will   convince   '���  anyone of their value. _       , ��� -   ' ,  to  on  the  his  V   His View of It.  '   A/little  boy   had   been   aonf  dairy1  to  get some   eggs,   and  way back, he dropppd the  basket,containing them.  ''     '    ' - '        " ���-  "IIbw< many did you   break?"  asked"  his mother. , * ''  "Oh, I didn't break any," he replied."  "but th6 shells came off some of  them." ,   ..   1        -   " ,  ������'',-��� V'i  - rvji'm  'V'-.F'.l  'The  Lion's  Face.  "No one can look Into the face,of the-  king of beasts," says an animal trainer,  ���'without receiving a more or*-lcss conscious uplift.'   flis face is the absolute  embodiment of strength, determination,'  [lower aucl fearlessness.' lie ts the only,  king   on   eat'th' that, looks   the   part  There are lines'of majesty and of power  in   repose   in ;his   countenance not  found elsewhere except iu the sphia-*:,  and   hi-.,the   somewhat  idealized , por-A  traits of'.Washington."      , '*     ,    *  . . ,    An Oily  Nose.       . ,    .  A red, oily noscL should be-bathed  with borax water and afterward  n.nointed.with camphor water.  : . .V  *     -Vi.i'.  '   ' I'j-iWSJ  '.    ��� .'kid-l  "-*��3|  :.. mm  > '   /i'h.V.   ^  I    _ 1 h     f*     ���  .-' ,'_).,.'i._i  1' f.fe-A-.  r  v     W-Wi  Anaesthetics.  Anaesthetics were known in the days  of Uoiuer, and tho Chinese 2.000 years  ngo had a prepaiation of hemp known  as "una yo" to deaden pain, something  similar to'our modem cocaine.      *���  Freckles.  Freckles may be heieditary. Cases  of freckles all over the body are mentioned. Food is not supposed to cause  them. Suu and wind make some faces  freckle.  The Low Right Shoulder.  According to authorities, from SI*" to  05 per cent of the men in civilized  lands are right handed and have developed the low right shoulder. This,  however, is no new phenomenon, for  even the ancient Greek sculptors had  noticed it and posed their subjects so  ns to make them appear more sym  metrical.  His Gentle Reproof.  The London newspapers used to  make a distinction between a simple  notice of a death, for which they charged '5, shillings, and a brief obituary,  for which they demanded seven and  sixpence. One day Dr. Thomas Hume  .called at the oflice of a morning journal and silently placed upon the coun-.  ter the announcement of-the death of a.  friend, together with 5 shillings. The  clerk glanced at the paper, tossed ittto  one side and said guiflly, "Seven and  six!" "I have frequently," answered  Ilume, "had occasiou to publish these  simple notices, aud I have never before  been charged more th.iu> 5 shillings."  "Simple!" repeated (he clerk without  looking up. "There's an added tine,'  'universally beloved and deeply regretted,' isn't there? Seen and six."  Iluruo produced the additional half  crown and laid it deliberately by the  others, observing in his most solemn  tone, "Congratulate yourself, sir, that  this is an expense which your executors will never be put to."  Don't Risk Ruining  Your' Butter  by using the cheap imported salt  that u, being sold tliroughout the  West.  .COSTS NO MORE- THAN these  impure salts.    Windsor Salt has'  been the standby for years among  Canadian prize butter rnc-^ers.   It  is absolutely pure salt���and all  salt.   No other salt goes so far.  Insist  on   having  Windsor Salt,  inow  and geijeae  niv>er$ity  KINGSTON.  ONTARIO'  .',.< Ai  VA  '"  l.. f     *-1  <-..- fcl  H��l., ,  *��� ;���-.. -  j..1*" .'  ��-���1  .�� - -  -.1 - /  . -,<,, ,  v i  I-*;,'  ./���Id  '��������  d;>V  The tVIirror and Death.  Covering jtlie mirror-.\vhcii there Is  death In < the family originated In the  superstition that goblins, sprites, elves  or' other uncanny creatures would  crowd to the glass to look on.  1 Iron and Oxygen,  rure   iron   in   the   presence  of   pure  ixygen does, not rust. .  , . '. . Densely Populated.  'I/ho'population of.the world could be  I'Oiitaiuod in Delaware If it was as  congested as tho .people lu eleven New  fork city blocks, at the rate of {lA'OO  pur acre.  Austria's Iron Mountain.  The ' Ers.bi.rg.   Austria's   iron   mountain,   will   furnish  ore..for  1,000  more  years.  wessmg  If you wish a high-clacs hair  j dressing,'we are sure A yen's  Hair Vigor, new improved formula, will greatly please you.  It   keeps  the   hair   soft  and  [smooth, makes it look rich and  I luxuriant, prevents splitting at  the ends.    And  it keeps..':he|  scalp free from dandruif.  Does not change Ihe color of Ihe hair.  Worth   It.  A certain gentleman who Is of a  Jovial disposition is also -.ery big aud  stout,'his weight being somewhere fn  the neighborhood of twenty stone. On  leaving a friend's house one e\ cuing  he was just about to hire a cab to take  ' him home when his host offered him  ' tho loan of his carriage. The visitor  ; accordingly dismissed the cabman, ten-  1 dering at the same time a shilling for  tho u"couimonced journey. To his astonishment, cabby asked for another  sixpence. A  "What do you mean?" demanded tha  gentleman angrily! "The fare would  only have been a shilling if 1 had  actually gone all the.way."  "That's right enough," cabby replied,  with an ingratiating- smile, "but just  think o* the. fright, me-an' the 'orse "ad  when vou "ailed us."���London MaiL  ARTS  EDUCATION  THEOLOGY  MEDICINE  SCIENCE (Including Engineering)  The Arts Course may hi taken without attendance.  Fur Calendars, write tho Registrar,  GEO. Y. CHOW?-., B.A.,  1 Kingston, Ontaria  Cure- Strained Puffy At_1_I<._,  _4>i_ij"li>iiiK;it.i'S.    IJruito.   and  Sut-llinif--. JL n m o 11 os ft and  .Villi's l'.iin <__._< Icly ����� tthout  ISlistt-rinc, rcino\lne '._-._ balr, or  11\ nu- tliu horso up. I'loa .ant to n 10  J.'.m iiHr bottle, dpllM'rcd witli lull  dir_<-UoB3.   liooK 6 C, ttee.  AUSnillUNT, .Tit., tor itian-  kliul. 5100 l'.ottle. Curoti Stratru,  Gout, Varicose Veins. Varicocele.  Hydrocele. Prostatitis, kills pain.  W. F. YOUNG, P.OF, 137Monmouth SI,' Sprtagtleltl, Mast  LY-U'N SONS & CO.. Montreal, Canadian Aflcnls.  . /t'so furnished by Martin So/- <i> Wynne Co., Wlnnlpcf.  The Nathnal Drua 4 Chtmlsal Co.. Winnipeg and CaJgar),  and UenJtrcsn Cros. Co. _!i.. Va/iooauaf. _   ,,!'  2. orxnul- ^rith ctcli bottltt  41    . Sliow It to your  dot-tor  _!ek hltu Abont It,  then do its -to sayo  At; the same tima the new Ayer's Hair  Vigor is a strong hair tonic, promoting  the growth of the hair, keeping all the  tissues of the hair and scalp in a healihy  condition. The hair stops filling, dandruff disappears.   A splendid dressing.  .,������ J_a_,_ bym�� J. C. Aju.* Co_.JUrarm_JUlTJ��iU���''  . Chicago to  Hongkong. ~  !   -'From Chicago tlie distance to Ilong-  1  kong is, via New York and Suez. t__.f>22  I  miles; via  S>;:n   I'riuicisuo, S..'H'.". miles;  ' via .New  Orleans and' Panama, 11.71'J  |'miles. . and   -via ; Tehuantepec, 10._-_:o  i milfts.        '���'.."'            '  I Love's  Lesson. !  rSalrl    the   pretty    teacher   to   the   scholar  jjrowri. ' i  "I would make figures' to you, known,  So  learn .to clphur true."  Tho    pupil     said,     with     bronzed     cheek  flushed,.  The white the pr,_tty teacher blushed,    -  "1 tlo���1 al_;h for you:"  ���Baltimore Amorlcan-  BINDER. TWINE,  t_ rery bull fully t.uar.m.ee.ll   ,,Fr..e on  n.id properly tat'.;,..I to com-   b.->��r'! oflrs  ply with Cnn��.li,t;> !-.m-_.  _Cii1,^ju-v_  $*'. 7 5  5.25  5.75  1   . r��t. on  |l>��ur,l,:ai-s  |W Innlpfg  I $4-!38  A.BE  5.38  STANDARD 500fi. P_r bal. 51'lb..:  MINItA 550 it, p.... 1.50 lb��. .  MAHItA 600 fi. r-r h,!��_?P_!bv^.     <>rdt'rs ac.-.-pi''V,l fV-ron-'b:.:'' 'ir nu..-.:. t'-rm. .'��i-.h  with or.ln'r or 0. O. I).   I'l-ompt .!iir.it.��-nt ."l ->ut!-.  fairtlon l-uar.inf..,���(!.    A 'k n-i _��r it1<-<: "m '���-'���r i- -t ��.  COOPFVR COltDAGE CO..   Minne.-.poli3, Minn.  to he;ir   from  .uvnt-r linviri.  GO��0    F^BWI  ' for  ful...  l'l,..-w., Hi  -...ii lor .-clliu...  t..- hii.l.    Will.,I,  L  Not   purl .  [,r.,-  !..  ,.r-  mi.f rl-ii.  ulisr    iil...nt  ,1,-,-ni-t ��...  Slitt., ...!,.-1.    |...���',.--...Ml ..,  J  v.- !h lUirirr, o:.i,-.  Durl.j-.hire.   Ho.' ft. I.    H.ii-l.^-t.-r. X.  V.  ^ESSEEaa^SSS5S2E2SaSS_-__E533^^5  2_-_-  ,' ^��   v,-_j:  ���'���j��3V<%  W'*  li-lvr.'.-.J-A  . W.    N.    U.    No.    692. ^**!-rr—- y>rW*&*p*~
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W/A-Vi'/'V.    ■
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A. ■ I* .'vy'f -- ■ -
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• fM'iyn   iikI t,H«i Kcmii-n.iv
R. iJ    SM lTil. , t'JUMSHEll
BtlLM'I   vUUSCttll'lIOl.
,Oai Vuar ■- ■
Words of Praise
For the several ingredients of which Dr.
Pierce's medicines are composed, as given
by leaders In all the seve_*a_l schools of
medicine, should have far more weight
than any n.mouut of non- professional testimonials. Dr. Pioree's Fa vorlte Preecrlp-
tion has the r-_i_>ok of iiootcstv on every
bottle-wrapper, in a full list of all its ingredient-- printed in plain English.
If you are an invalid woman and suffer
from frequent headache, backache, gnawing dlstr^l in stomach, periodical pains,
disagreatUlie, catarrhal, pelvic drain,
draggina/dovvn distress Jn lower abdomen
or pelv-s, perhaps dark spots or specks
:- danchfg before the eyes, faint spells and
klnd*^d symptoms caused by female weak-
I ness, osjpthof derangement of the feminlno
 rxcxi   organs, TOi/ca-n not do betUjr than take
 j Dr. Piercfbls Favorite Prescription.
i' The h/s&Itai,surgeon's knife and opera-
lo   IU S.      | ting taUt/may be avoided-by the timo)7
' uso Qf VPavorlte Prescription" in such
I   O. O. F.
IVildey    l.oclt:'' >'»« **•
Ifcti. Tno-di^ «-\ei»inj.s in  McGr-gor
.all  A"    V «'t "i'i   -TP-A    Pojnurijjur
•di> F<»'1 i» cordial Y  n "iicrrt.   ,
r.jiLow/rt      •     '    F.J.Emyth,
Null «* (i-r-md. •>*'4 r -v'
(Cc i t i.ue i lioai ]>hhl-'1.)
    cases.   Thereby tho obno\iou. exam in-
ations anct loc.ii tro^t-T.^n.^of ihe family
physician"canb-.avoided and a thorough
,_,- *■   iPii>,;_,^   j. ,i,j ,|,   T_..-itr«a   am   science for tho cure of woman's peculiar
co t OF living   id-In^11  wages  are  B]lmcntSj contajns  no alcohol-'and no-,
id„i_ «..-*! vi,l___..e, _.«<_<- ie Inw wain*-   harmful or habit-forming drugs.
high nnd where cost is low wag s(    Donotexpect too much from "Favorite
«_.__ I,.™.  <..i'., rr cl,,*„A=nn on npp.... ' Prescription;" it will not perform mlra-
are low, taJvii g things on an avei- des . j^^.j,,',,^ a^ive or cur_'tumors.
..„rv     Ti,.-_l_„  a-a   find    that,   on ' No medicine will.   It will do as tnuch-to
agr,    II.ii-also v\e   una,   mac  as  cs>lablish vlBOrous health in most.weak-
,:,^r _f];,„'.»',.nm.o' rl..w.n   wnfrpc  Jncsscs and ailments peculiarly incident to
co*-1. or living comes   clown   wages ta.omm as Qn„ mcdit?lt)e can.   It.'must bo
tr>_, _■•!) ;•-! n   ».««>»,. i-.p  l*>qq n>*o- -given a fair chance by perseverance, in its
i.oc fall in n   g eate-   or  less P'»» 5s&foi a reasonable length of time.' -.-
po,(i..n.    N.w  granting   this letl^ffg^figgJg^^
u.   soh bow   t ho S ,,,-lay Question , ^f^a^mg^^ ^ ^^ ^
ris going to aiT- ct wage**,
beginning men stand
in  tho  end   they  stall
Tnat is to say, that at the present! Basitlvo" and" regulator of th^y-bow-cli
■" , -I Thoy    invigorate    stomach,   liver    and
bowels.   Ono a laxative ; two, or tl
(cathartic    Easy to take as candy.
At   the ' Pierce, by letter, free    All   correspond-
' onco is guarded  as sacredly secret  and
rate of    -wages', they   would lose  [bowels. .Ono a laxative; two,_or three o
just po much as, the days forfeited .thand exceed the da3*s
forfeited now (change days.)
But"in the future, when., calculation was being - made between
cost of living and wages, received
per month the ratio   wouldn't be
,   struck between 2S or 30 days' pay
i      - ,
and SO days' keep, as now^but be-
> tween 2(i day3, pay and 30, days'
**_> '
keep.   That id tosay if $100  was
i r , .
considered by  the arbitrators as
a reasonable wageyfor 30  days.'
'     keep.'instead of  having to work
'28 or 30  days  fur  the $100.° they
would have to work  only  20.   Iu
'"all contests between   capital  and
labour, the tendency seems  to be'
.    to force wag.s'down". to a certain
point such as I   have   mentioned
-above;   we  d.plore that ifc  is.so,
bub there is ' no  getting past   the
fact, and as yet it'Aniust  be  acknowledged no, adequate  force has
been  a'pplied to stop  the  down-'
"ward'tfendencyA Then  should we
not be determined that  though ic
cost  us something to-day, yet we
i       _ .
will band down   to our succes-tors
' the best conditions possible.
There  is    another,   point   that
Bhould    be    faced,    though     for
many years-, perhap*-,   it will not
be a crucial question.    That is the
qu -stion of work   for   youth-*, between say lo and  19 years of age.
Have    we    serijusly"   considered,
while   the   country is   filling  up
and tbe number of families  tend
to increase,  what is  going-to be
done for the  young  men of this
ag.. ?   At present it would seem as
though tb.9  difficulty  was  being
solved by some fe .v finding   work
in stores, etc.,  or   being  sent to
schools   or   iuto  towns   to   earn
their   living';  but   we   think  the
time will inevitably come when a
large proportion will be employed
in the staple industries of the various districts.   IE this does come,
•what elTooc will 7 d lys   per   week
a1; hard work have upon the growing bodicji of  these lads ?  and  as
theso will b>3  the  future men of
tlie nation.    What kind   of   heritage iu   tbe  matter  of physique,
we are leaving  to our  piovince ?
Is it a little tiling, that we,  who
have benefited by this  institution
in other lands  should,   knowingly
and    willingly    throw   over    the
rights  of   successive   generations
for   our  own   temporary  proOt ?
We leave   these two points   with
you to be considered.    An electon
ibcornimr on and if public opinion
was expressed strongly enough on -
th.liking, of Spring*
Fainting", Etc?
1 "     &
| B. H. SHORT,
r cka_*.bho6k, b: .c .    .
B-oc , 33.. , _
Fishing' Tackle-
TEOOLS.        ,        ,
Grt-enheart rods from $3 to $13;
' pi it.'bam boo from $100 to .iio-Tn;
Lance wood rods fiom $2 to $5
Trunk rods' fj otu if 1 to $4.50.
hull nt 8  i-tik'Ck.   Vi«-
i*^|£^:iS'    iiing biolh./s inviiv-n*.
W. J. FE_.T__A.-r, ' 15- A. jriix
Shoe Repairing
Mining  Shoes
mucie to Order
Cliuiioellor Coin,
K. R.and P,
St. '"'Joseph's   Convent.
• ■-■■*,-
'"'     " ' NELSON, B."c.   ,    . " Art'-f"
' ' I 1
t r     ' f _ i
.  jjoiirthng.and Day School   conducted l>y Hie Sisters of St. Joseph, Nelson,
A       '   ''" '
B.   0.,   ' Commercial o  and'   business
•iiurs-e- a  specialty.   -Excellence  and
iwift  progress  churactedize  each   de'
parlmenl.   .Parents  should' write   lor
piirticularf".' One month  assures  the
public of .the1- thoroughness, of .the
.Sisters' methods   of teaching.   Term.-
.Kimnunce Januitrj*,   April  aud 'Sept
i'upils are.adiniLU'd ilurini: term-,
Moyie"' Miners1   Union
No. 71 W. F. of Mi
■ c   '
Meets in M(.Gm*or h.dl every  Saturday  evening.      Sdjouruing   nieuitierr
ure rordially inviteil in at'.cnd.
John Taylor Thos. E. -K*slly,
.  ; Prebidi-ui: -'     Secrctaij*
B   K. y.-tXKER, President
A1SX. LAIRD, General Mausjjer
Paid-up Capita], $|0jh
Reserve Fund, -
f ' ^- _«■    »1       v.        i ' *
- ''*'';)'-BARBER.; „.,-
TFirst Ckiss 'Work
r<      SUOKMAICUK,,
telegraph' or letter.
COLLECTIONS' made in all parts of Canada ai)d jn r0I.ei_ n
FOREIGN' BUSINESS.,   Cheques'and. drifts en the ifofoJ
'Great Britain and other foreign countries bought'
CRANBROOK' BRANCH., .    v."-'   , pj. '
Cosmopolitan Hoi
Harvey,    McCarter_ &
d- 'i'      Macdonald.. -   a.
r T   " tr
)l i£ ) ^ «_.       ,.
': 'Barristers. Solicitors, Notaries, Etc.
OiraribirooK.: - , r \ tB.< C,
Will   send   competent
man to paint, *"< kalso^
The attcntitan of the I.nnds and Works "De-
pftrtiiienl burins been Uiri-ctcil to the /in t that
town lois in n townsite nuine.l- I'rinco Kiipert,
bolngn suUiivls.loii of l.ot 642, Range 5 Coast
"uisiTrcirri;_!'ruited on tbp mainland between
the month of the Skeetia Klvur and Kaicn Is
land,are being offered for hiilc, 'it hiis been,
deemed ii.ccu_i.ary lo warn the public that, the
►mil'tow unite 1. not NHua.ti.-d at the terminu. of
the Grand Trunk. Pac-itlu Kniliroy,' and is not
the town.Mte whieh is owned jointly by tin!
TTTQT     . -npTTT-n-n -     i Govenmieut of Rrlti.li Columbiunud the Grand
d U O X < _O.JttXW 1 V XLtlJ '  v      Trunk Pacific'i.ailwtiv Companr.   "'        (
'      '. ' $      v, '        '    < . J     ,.    ,    _,  ^_ja_- A,'F. J.'FULTON*    ■'
'  0   jfiL      ireSIl     Slippiy     OI-j. ,   '   Chief romml^ioner of UmU'aud Works,
mine    or  paper
rWA E. GTJRD,„„„V. .>-*,*-.-,
--.,,•  -   < - .. -     i * - .   t .
CBisBBOOK.,     ,r,"      -    •?• C
Ad    . .., -   .■ d y--   .  .
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc
Cranbrook, B.C. x
, A" l        ""   A t ',/   - ■  'A 'f , '•-
K. n. SMAI.I.i'-('lt..iacer. *', '"■'     "^ "' ! Jt   £.
, ,,;      .     r  > -4-v- '--.'.«.-, .* '-'-rAA '
■   '     .'   »    . -4     -.  ;*•.„ '.A .,   '\ „',v<
' ' ... nr   -
Good roomfi, good > table-* 'and -bar
--•,',-' .     ■ - t i, I- -1
.   ,and ' Oral clnija ean-jila rv)*._6
.   .j, >«,     „.i','•:• . -a.4
Wm., Jewell:
"''A HAHHY DIM0CK,  Proprietor.
*        '.,'>»„•.      .' v'
r ,,  d r   *.'   Nearest Hotcl'-jo the St. Eugcac' mine.
iv    ;!  Headquarters, for Miners,
q'AJi surrLiBD'^mi behtbrands or-ijiii-oMAjJ
'f  ■./■'/. ;:Ratesr$liO;Oa;dayGandup
our noted y
Imperator Hams
and Bacon.
■ , ,     •"
( i .A-ft
Ham«, $15 per' 100"!;pounds,'"lGi
cents per pound single   hams.
Bacon, $17   per   100   pounds;' 1SJ
i    cents per pound single   tlubs.
Try  our Shamrock
Leaf I_ard and Empress Creamery but  ■
ter.      "...
f.andji and Works Department".,a        .        lm
Victoria, 1_: C.'May'lst, 1908. '\A
 { '	
r.T. McVittie, C. E./P. L^S- H.   Y, P nrkcr, 0
.' Provincial=Laxd
OIA1V T _1> JL _M
(<.   '
DR. 3/B^ MILES, -l \
b; c:
Cranbrook,, a .■  ■.
.:■ '  . 'iu -i/'.-fv ■        A    '• '  *•■
Estimates Furnished
Embsiltner and UndetUker,
Take notice that I intend to
apply to the superintendent of
Provincial Polica after 30 dayfj
from thefirsb-publicjition of- this
notice for a renewal of the lice nee
to sell liqu di'3 by retail on the
premite-kuow n ns the "Unteiin
tional IIoteP'"at Kingsgate, B.
May 1 4,1908. ""        Albert Mutz
Take notico that I intend to apply "after 30 days from the first
publication of this notice, to the
■-superintendent of Provincial Police for a rene wal of the licence to
sell liquors by retail on the premises known as the "International
Hotel" at Moyie. li. C.
^ay 11, 1908.       William Kydd.
this question, no matter what
party won, _ome reform would be
AM pnrtips de.--irons of having
any carpenter work done caunot
do behter than communicate with
Wm, Bridges or Wm. Meredith,
Aldr;.J0'c\ Pr-n.-s rbaxonsr-ble. |
■Work fist r.Mf-.... 0.'(iet-3: may be'
lei"; a. Fkoh':, .-.toro, !
NOTICE.      ,
Take notice that T intend to apply after, 30 days from  the  first
publication of this notice,   to the
superintendent of Provincial Police for a  renevyal  of the licence
to sell  liquors by retail   on the
premises  known   as  the  "Cosmo
politan Hotel" at Moyie, P.. C.
M^y 1-J, 100.S. H. II.: Dimock.
* i N«
Fort Steele'P. O. J3oi»2o.'
Cranbrook P. 0. Box 11. '
To"foa,ocp ^.
• t
- FI-OM ^     *   .   ,
A B. Stewart  & Co.
I-rNTOLEUM    ' '      CARPETS
When   furnishing • your   l'
home or hotel don't for- -
get  \vc can furnish  you
promptly and complete.
Standard Furniture
George H/.Thbmpsbn| !,
-   ■    *      A 'BaKRISTKE, SOLtCITOU r •    .
1 ia.tjr Pl'BUc,«fcc.
-     _ - *. ---j_r-.-
BltlTlSH Colvmoia
HOTEL.^ '"■'"
.._■"*; /,';.. s - '   -?>    ■**
This hotel is now under    new
'     ' - -**"■ ' '--' r^-^i'T   ,.* '"'  ..    .      ,    i *:
management, and is first class
in every respect."
B. E.  TAYLOR, Mgr.
* <r t.
Victoria-Street. - -.. .y     ' ATO.YIE
NELSON,  -   -    -    B. C,
Mason it Ilisch Piano Co.
Oatermoor Mattress.
Globe-Wernick Oilice Furniture.
FOR SALE—Fresh milch  cows.
For particular!* w.rite to
i Much or Creek Aii:i.
DESADtNIEK     1IKOS,   l'up,.
Lur^e   sample   room   in   connection
with house for comni. rcifil rncn.   Be
of H.coinmodHtiouB.
Hoaifquartera  /or   Commercial nnd iIiuiu.i?'Mp.n.
If you want a  stylish,   up
to date tailor made suit, call
and inspect our spring goods
Ijefore ordering elsewhere.
We guaratee  all
Our Work.
Cleaning,       repairing and
pressing done.
Prices Right.
Merchant Tailor.
, Express and Genex:
aal    Delivery., Busi-
,.,ness. ..Livery, and
j Feed Stable;      :y'-i',.
1' - *      ■  . *    '   •.'.*■
_ -. -* "v'"■'" aEoi- : Sale *\ 'V-
..  '        n-i   \    » .  A"i">"''''     ;' »--*'■
" r°.     1 -Leave, Orders at
. Gwvnne'i Store.    •
; :yys,~ _■'' ^ ;* ^—    'A ''.- 't.
*.f ->-,> v  -British.-Columbia
.- •"' t-.d.i, •   ,'",',' .- -r r. ',
   .    , i.     '    -'•<_.'       _ ____V
 ..:..:.. ■ZZZ^:,„-^.-.-Tr^
r v    "**      v       d        1*.     1-,," A^^J^.(»J;^^iwr
r   a  t *r ^";
STEAM    ;
_.> ->ik 1- '/*■ • *i* ti   >"t -y ■ _f j-*-
' 9'»99'»»»»-)i_»9>->e€€€'-lseeeW-ft3W'»-»9»'_»»^ ws'ti
rt**   . fl#B*_f ^Vi\/' I-.lTn ■   a*?"   XX' A r_P 17 ns
All Whiter LaWr.
Leave"^vork with the local  agen^
JL    ■' * DEA.LEK   IN
Oil I FEE!)
aueens' A^e.'     MOYJE
, This Hotel is New and well Furnished!
.Tables are.Supplied with the Befl
\"   Marnet affords. The Bar is Eiltedf
,   the i. est Brands of Liquors and ci
'headquarters fo,r commercial
And mining mei*. >
—     .-•,*— — ~     '        — "BniTlSHCfl!
? €€€•£: 6'e-e<-i--_€0. 6€€«€€6€6e€-£-£-93->e«€€ 33»->3 _»£>53_>_>3ae
^j^'fli^imi^^^SSm£iSiiX^^mMSitSSS. znwxuuu*
Mjyie Beer
Hi       Li
jir;_ii.Ns' .vvkmur.
MoyiK, n. 0
J-*. 0
Summer    Excursion
Rates East, $60,00
From Moyie to Winnipepr. lh'-
luth, Fort William, St. Paul,
Sioux City.
Chicago ) $73.50
Sc ijouia      07 .30
New York I0y...0
Toronto  Oi.10
Montreal 105.00 ;
Ottawa 105.00'
St. John, N. JI.      120.00
Halifax   i:.1.20
Sidney, C. 15 i:itt 1)0
Tickets on sale Mny J and 18,
June 5, .0, 19 and 20: July 0, 7, 22
and 23; August 0, 7, 21 .flnd 22,
1908. First cIjsp, round trip,,
Routes—Tickets good via any
recognized routes in one or both
directions. To destinatioos east
of Chicago tire good via the Great
For further information rates,
sleeping car reservation apply
Winnipeg. Man.
J. MOTC.D. Id A.
Nek.on, li.  (A
As m*.de by (lie „ present brrwer is iKlmilinlIij
Best Beer in Eiiet Kootenny. With (he Hc.l Viij
he PureaL Spring Water il ia unexcelh-d /or.iulj
Insist ou liavtng Moyie licer.
Bottled and Draft Beer.
SHll'   CDMf,
Property for Sale
F. J'S
t* *" v,s^r
!     &££&
_      . <-.--4Ak'iH-t
.   1*.     'i.V.,J
Insurance, Real  Estate, Collection t    ^
I '.'iv*?!
!     "   -i*i
_ -_*
' -W+-
'»> ■. W
;, ^fl_


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