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The Moyie Leader Jul 15, 1899

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 '...,.     -    '- ,'    '
'(3..',   I
,11      I .'   '
- /
1 s
■ «
3   ,
jl v.vvc_i -:< "!'
,. 2, NO. 13.
MOYIE,  B. 0.,- JULY 15,1899.
■<-• _l*OV«
»&'.•;■»■. f»/HK,y.j..'f
HY §tfili^e   Metropolis Of East Kootenay.   Lo- % OVER $200 HAS BEEN RAISED
-       ' Iv"'- ^WmF'&s?- - -;'     .        . ^ __ ' i\"AVi
S^gpif eated on the Shores of the Most
fSSily^' ' .Beautiful Lake in  Brit:
■^•SBffift *sii Columbia:     ,
EE1 ■''': ;»i  ► • *	
^ - i*^^A_a& .
ADJACKKT" £0 ..THE FAflo't'ft .
It will Be Built With-
out Delay,
B. C
- /.KU^^il'
ake Shore,
The-.Ground   Ih   Selected,   and   tlio    Contract for   Uuildiug will JJo Airard-
<mI Next IVook. '
All who wish (3 iiivecL apply, to .     . -
CAMPBELL, Moyie,   B. C.
Paid tTp dapitaij $8,000,000:   .
'  .   •   J; ff.'H. SMTfHE, MGR.
&&$£&&& •■ . '>-__■-■■• - ' -      .
S^'faSSF ':v-^"-''-^," 7^~;J ^" a^i ^~r^jr X?TT,;.t ,.vs-2^r ■_js-_5_-z,j_-zy: _.js-z$s-7js-z$_- _^-_;~- »j.T^_r/i
The   only   house   in   Ea'ot  Kootoiiay
hbalccU-hrouehoUt with hotair.
First "class in o every  respect.    Special
rates to brtnr'ders.', 'Gocl Sample   room
for coniiiici'CUil nitiii'.
.\ °
European plan.    Open day and night.
Within" three'weeks Moyie-willJiayja
one 'of the .most 'commodious and
handsomest school buildings' in East
^ Kootenay, and it rill not be "built by
the covoruEjcrji.j cltiier. A -sitL'SCrip-
ticrj Hot Hm c'l-t'lijat'jd l\lU rVeefe
aSJofa'g tfit _iiii!_i!3; fetid llle liberal
rrianttcf iti Which they contributed to
the sc/iool ftirid ciri be seen by taking
a glance over the list published below. The list has not yet been completed, as several have not yet had an
opportunity to' subscribe:
C. Kauftman..:...   . <.. ..... ?$ 15.00
Pari:, Mittjbell   & Co    15.00
McMahon Bros - ' ..,    15.00
T. B. Murphy ,    15.00
V: Desaulmer '   15.00^
Campbell & Clark ■. 15!00
Jos. _sTeiderstadt   10.00
The Moyie. Leader    10.00
McCracken & Moore..:   10,00
Campbell <fc lteid -. :  10.00
Philip Conrad.'. '•.    10.00
Chas. Farrell :.  ' ..-. iO.OO
M. C. Foley.. ..;....:....::... 5.00
Staplien_on & Jensoii.:.. ; •... ■ 5.00
Morrell & Wellmun ,.. ■...'. '.-.
LaXtonde Bros ' : >
Pib'por & Currie ::.:.:   ,: .
C. J. Rose...:  • : :..   ..
A. P. Brernner '.',
Frank Desaulnier  . . ".	
  Ames. . : :    ...'■..'   : . •. :    . :
D. J. Elmer	
^_fejc*__rf_._«z_rf7 .«fa__fo__>r_^ .^7_r^7 sbr vh ~-?-&
11,1,  KTXDS  or
—' DONE —
Gents' Furnishings,
$5-z.;A tyrvyrzyr i$r ajt--}t^_-z.^- ^-t^-i^n^-j^rj^
Oc_>±"_ Victoria St. ^i_.<_i U__:oy lo JL-xres.
_M:c>X3C__d,   3E_t_ O.
B. C,
:-z <v/..«v/_r.__y._.
;v -■?.. ,/u iA, ^.
iCv__V7_-sJ7. jrV_ j^'_i-^__^z__I_ ir^r .rf
....'.-... 5.00
.    ...'::. 5.00
: .:   . : .: 5.00
::  5.00
 '... 5.00
...':.'   : . : :    . : . . 5.00
S. \V. Murphy :  2:50
Wm. DesBeirs  2.50
Mrs. Lawlor •. '  2.50
F. I. Moore -.  "2.50
J. M. Lindsay  . 2.50
L. M. Mansfield    ...   .-.[. 2.50
L. Gurry .- 2.50
\V. A. Hamilton •   . . . ■. 2.50
Ed. Crowe •. '... 2.50
 A.  E,   Elton   was 'out   from   Fort
"Chas.  Ivaunman   was "iu   to'   Cranbrook Wednesday. '„
J. P. Farrell'trausacted business  in
Steele this week..
i i o
W..R. LaRonde was ovtirfrom Cranbrook last Sundav. ' -
3>KSAUr,xrKK &:CO.> Pk-on*
Regular Meals Porvcd in the Dining
Rooni,<Jwith Short Ohdeks between
■if®! $nu
Headquarters fbr Commencial,and Mining Men.
— moyie, b. c'.
Total -......-.  . . ..$222.50
Three lots have been, scciircd in- the
Lake Shore addition for fixjhool purposes, and the contiact for tlic new
building will be awarded about Mon-
dny»      '     _
5t. Eugene Deal CUaoliedi
The Gooderham-Biackstock syndi-'
cate has paitl over the money for the
GO per cent interest in the 8t. Eugene
mine and all parsers have been signed,
thus clinching the deal.
ftleCKACKKN * MOOKK,  I'roprioKMH,
Tliis liotel is]now opiMi to the public, and is well furnished throughout. None but the best brands of wines,
liquors and cigars kept in stock. ,        ,      ,
A Meeting: of Directors.
A meeting of the directors of the
Canadian Gold Fields Syndicate Ltd.
held at the Windsor hotel, Mont
real, on Tuesday, July 4tb, confirmed
the purchase of the Lake Shore group,
and also removed the head ofiice from
Toronto to Montreal, making John C.
Hodgson secretary treasurer. The
list of directors are: Dr. R. J. Wilson,
Toronto, president; Alexander l'rid-
ham, Grenville, Que., vice-president;
li. A. Charlton, M. P. ?., Toronto;
Robt. Davidson, Picton, Ont.: J. C.
Drewry, Rossland ; John W. Graham,
Montreal; E. 1\ licaton (Guardian Insurance Co.) Montreal; Robert Hope,
registrar, Hamilton, Out.; J. Iv. Kerr,
Q. C. Toronto; Geo. Sumner, of
Hodgson, Sumner cfc Co., Montreal;
Thomas Wilson, Clatence, Ont.
Buildings are to be erected for
oflices, compressor, etc., at the Lake
Shore mine at once. James D. Sword.
j B. C. agent of the James Cooper Mfg.
Co., has contracted to have the seven
drill compsessof  running  by   August
The first ore from the Society Girl
mine was brought down this week.   •
-   J. ^T. McCracken, of the Lake Shore
hotel, was in Cranbrook yesterday.
J. R. Costigan, Q. C was over from
Cranbrook Thursday, on a fishing expedition.
O. J. Johnson is now south of
Steele doing assessment work on his
Mrs. h. M. Mansfield and Mr?.
Karl Neitzel were in Cranbrook last
A. Leitch, president of the Cranbrook Lumber Co.; spent Sunday
evening in Moyie.
Park, Mitchell & Co.'s sawmill is
being rim day and night to keep up
wi.lh the demand for lumber.
J. E. Musgfave Came over from
Cranbrook Thursday evening to , enjoy the breeaes of Moyie lake.
W. F. Tate, the" Cranbrook jeweler,
has been appointed official watch repairer for C. P. R. Crow's' Xest di-
j. J. Ullman, the Kaslo jeweler, is
spending a few days in town the
guest of Vick Desaulnier of the Central,    .
Father Welch is over fron the St.
Eugene mission, and will hold services
at the Catholic church tomorrow. -
Park, Mitchell & Co.'s shingles
have arrived, and the several buildings
which have been waiting for them can
now be finished,
Work was begun this week on a
new building just north of the Jen-
sen-Stapbensen block iu the Lake
Shore addition.
A little surprise party was given at
the Lake Shore hotel   Tuesdu}' even-
.   AVill Repeal tiie Kiglit Jlour Law.
'   Victoria, , July  10.—The   following
appears in the Globe   this  afternoon :
"The Grlobe   is  in   position   to ,r.n-
nonncc   that  arrangements' have ' almost been   perfected   for ' a , coalition
between the Opposition and   the  Government, which arrangement will  obviate the necessity of  a general   election'.    Unless all present plans should
be   changed,' Mr.   Martin's   successor
will be H. D. Helmcken, Q. C,   senior
member for "Victoria City.    Two other
members of 'the   "Opposition    will   be
given  portfolios   also,   but   just  who
these gentlemen will   be   has   not yet
been  fully decided.   Messrs.    Semliri
and Cotton will,remain in the government.    One important  feature of   tiie
nesotiutiour.—which  have   reached   a'
stage warranting   this   announcement
—is the fact that Messrs.  Semlin   and
Cotton have agreed to tiie demands of
the Opposition—^that one of  the   conditions of   the   coalition   shall   be  a
cliange-of policy.    The eight-hour law
affecting miners,   and   the  anti-alien
legislation will be repealed, and  there
will also be a general   change • in   the
policy pursued by the Semlin   administration since it assumed ofiice."
An Artist In Hi* Line.
Mr. W. A. Prest, the Cranbrook
photographer, is building up a splendid reputation for' himself for doing
good work. Many, of his views of
points of interest in South East Kootenay can now be seen at his studio in
Cranbrook. While Mr. Prest was in
Moyie a short time'a'go he took several
views, which he now has for sale at
reasonable prices.
St. Eugene Concentrator.
The frame work for the first story
of the St. Eugene concentrator was'
raised this week, and carpenters are
now at work boarding it in. The
-building is being pushed to completion with „alh possible speed. ■ The
clearing of the • right of way for the
tram lias bee unfinished, and the flume
is well under .war.
Daily Mail 3errice Soon.
The Nelson Miner says that within
a very few days there will be a daily
mail .service over the Crow'e Nest
Pass railway. The Nelson board, of
trade took action in the matter on
Monday evening and the postonice
department lost no lime in granting
the request. It will be seen that the
message from the department says
there will be "increased" service, and,
as mails go out every second day now,
only a daily • service can be meant.
The following is the telegram received :
Ottawa, July 11*
F.'W.   Swannell,  Secretary   Board of
Trade, Nelson:
Necessary instructions have been
issued for increased mail service over
the Crow's Nest Pass railway.
Deputy P. M.,G.
mine, was
near as could
Tlio iVfoyie antl Qneen.
Dr. Bell-Irving, one of the owners
of the Moyie and Queen of the Hills
in Moyie this week. As
be learned from him,
the property lias been stocked in
Eugland for $450,000 in XI shares,
and the shares are'being sold at par
value. The property will be working
within 60 days.
PIEPBR & cure
.1.  T. CLA UK.
$-*$; (A   CAMTIIELL,
^This Hotel is New and well Furnished.   The
*•$    Tables are Supplied with the Best the
£■••■     Market affords. The Bar is Filled with
;J     the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. |
and mini mo mm.
Past© This in Your Hal.
The following, showing the time of
the opening and closing of the mail at
the Moyie postoflice, has been handed
us by Postmaster Moore for publication :
Mail for the west closes at 5 :o0 p.
m. on Mondays) Wednesdays and Fridays.
Mail for the east Closes at 7 p. in.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Mail fi'dih the &tat   HrriVes   at  tf ilil
$ l p. m4 Mondays.  W<3dU9sAU\Va   and Vri-
Mnil arriVen (rdin U»n V1J«t tu V> :-Jy
a. m. Tuc5itixtV-'3, Thtiroday.-j niul fjiitur-
ing. Dancing was indulged iu for
several hours, and those present enjoyed themselves generally.
Prentice Adams, at one time with
Mclnnes & Co. at this place, was in
Moyie the first of the week. Mr.
Adams, is said, has struck ' it rich on
some of his Tracey creek claims.
Miss. Alma Rudeberg took her departure last Wednesday morning for
Minneapolis, Minn. Miss Rudeberg
made many friends during her residence in Moyie, all of whom will bo
glad to see her return.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison, Miss
Leslie and A. W. McVittio came out
from Cianbrook last Saturday and
spent the following day fishing in
Moyie lake. Like all others who
come here on pleasure) they fchor-
ougly enjoyed themselves-.
C. A. Haxtj it. carpenter, became
unite boiett'oyiG one night the Jlfefc of
tUe weclii ami got do troublesome ao
10 make it nocoasafy for Constable
Lindsay to put hiin iu soak. He was
given a hearing before Justice of the
Coace Henderson, who sentenced him
tu 90 days iu the Fort Steele jail.
Paper Hangers,
For tho Varid Exhibit.
W. F. Robertson, provincial miuer-
ologist, is touring the Kootenays aud
conferring with the various boards of
trade with regard to securing ore
specimens for the British Columbia
minoral exhibit at the Paris exposition in 1900. Mr.'Robertsou did not
have time to stop oft''at Movie, but
has made arrangeniente for securing
the desired samples from this place.
The specimens must be gathered and
shipped by the first of August. A. B.
Grace of Fort Steele has been selected
to receive specimens  for  .South   East
.-. j
Tho Aurora.
This week Karl Neit?el brought n
sample of ore to this ofiice from tho
Aurora group on the west chore of the
which is greatly admired by all who
have seen it> The sample will weigh
at least 30 poundsi and is of highly-
mineralised fissure mutter, showing
galena in large quantities. The etimnlo
was taken out of the new workings,
where there arc between four and six
feet  of the same character of ore.
.Houern Work.    Kstlmatea FurnUhed.
Doalerrt in AVall I'upcr aud .Uoiildtujra.
If you In to tut  to luipor  or  paiut your
building lotus (igure on your contract.
iiuy  Vour Sanli nud Doors at the Factory.
O. G. doors, 2 it. i?   x  C-ftti x.\-}£,       $1.70   each
ii ft s  x o it *>  x ijjs;
vift 10 x n ft io x i;rt-
rix'Ji sash, glased i ,	
12x-_>s   " "      , ,...
Ux2s   " "    	
Jlx«u   " '•     ,   >,...„„„	
••■> •         1.-5 i>. pair
...- >...  . 1.10       "  '
>->.-...-  l.iiO
L'lMNBKOOK,  li.  C.
0£t27Sf?    {Seizes
To order or in stuck.
l\ <».   »<<>x <»05
f   fl
f   <l
'M)f6 k'-o  .irr-���'-���- ~- - - '- ���--*"���  K3  Cap  t  on , t  die  yea  1130  res]  yea  con  C57  for '  881  ton  per  uno  and  The  rao"  85-2  iod  WU.'  soli  agj  Thi  tho  for  ��1,  sho  mo  twi-  bee'  the-  1  ncc  pro  ad\  , $5,  Key  wa  En,  ��4S  1  ler.i  opt  lias  res-  offi  v.et.  pre  dia  bin  ole  lar  J  to '  ;iu<  sni'  f  Be*  a C  M.  cic  Wi  sh?  ha'  wh  ien  no.  fro1  i  no  ROC  An  me'  f;ul)  boi'  tht  the  boi  ilUI  ens  clo  thc-  joi"  of  t alive  ro  rea  �� i  ''''!  -i!'  Ni.  1' 5  '.-I  . -''  S.  .li   Will,  t A CONFLICT       . &   I  <���  1 OF EVIDENCE H��K  !  tl RODRJGCES OrmLEXfiUI.y  ����       Author of " A��.-.ArtibiJti        **  �� Crime." ��  *<>�������� *���������$"*���<- * *��-**���*���������#*'<>*���$ <-^*3>  that  two  i'fl-.I-  von forgot (hat (kei  wounds. ,Mv uiiob* wrote  leceiving rhe  first  !"  Mr.   Ttumer   had   not   expected   this  reply,  and the possibility  of  its  bciii:;  tice     disconcerted    him.  " How do you know ibis ?" he a<-ked.  "During the yuan-el which I ha-1  with mv uncle hi- told mo uf ihe  wound he had" received from the lawn,  and charged my lover with the crime  li was at this moment that, ov^n onw  Willi   ancer,   I  shot  him."  '��� When did  you lind  the paper ?"  V 3ii the morning-. 1 think T have  paid enough, and will rc-tue!" She  stopped from the stand, and resumed  her seat jn  one  of Uie benches.  "There is no more evidence to be  brought before vou, gentlemen," said  the district-attorney, addressing l!;"  1urv. "and no more witnesses. Thoie-  fore (he next stop is for you to consular what your vordic t shall 'v.  However,- I should like to detain you  a moment, that l' may point out one  or two things which I think should  i.ot he overlooked in rfcudoring ymu;  dicipion. 'First, there Is ihe mailer  of the locket. . If Miss Lewis tells the  tiuth, how did that .trinket com- o  be in the hand of the dead man, when  Mr. Marvel 'admits th.at.it was in his  possession on that night ? It, is plain  ��� that Miss Lewis was ignorant of this  latter fact.' for otherwh-e she wnnl.l  have suppressed that, an she evidently  at first meant to do with the .paper  'This brings out another point. it  must be remembered that her first and  her second stories are widely diiiVr-  ent, and that the second was not offered until slie��sa\v how compromising the medallion had proved to ln-i  lever, Mr. Marvel. ,One more point���  ' her pistol has but one empt> chairh"r  in it. She c-laim.s Unit it was on ihe  mantel. - Mr. ],e\Vis war ��eer. to fir--  seme wef pon from the window. if  it was not this one, what lias become  of the  one which   he did  usr ?"  The senile addressed the jury in a-  few well-chosen words, tsporinllv  <��� warning (hem to think veil o\er ih.eb  ���\onliot, and bidding them to lie ino.-l  fj'-ct'ul in charging tho commission of  f-o tool a deed' to 'anyone wiilnv.it  thoroughly -weighing all the eviu'n--���  that had bt-en b>-ousht befoiv tl em,  much of which, indeed, he declan-d,  was of a most conflicting naiur".  "Kir-ally he sent them into an adj->in-  imr department for deliberation. In  fil out an hour's time word wes biou^ht  in (hat a ry-nclcsion had uc n irjih-  < d, and, the jury bavin;; remi-ned. - h"  ffr reman announced tho following V'-r-  diet : ���  " We   find   that   the"deorr.sed,   John  Lewis, came to his death f��� oin  shotcv.-oiuul at the hands of h<  Virginia Lewij. the latter ha-, in  ly   confessed    the     commit-riion  crimi."  a auc-  -��� ni"C',  f, cip.-n-  o( .the  CTIAPTCU XTT.  JOHN LE"\VIS SUPPLIES THE CT.r^j:  Although the veidid had been anticipated by the majority of Ihcs-i who  had been present throi'j'liout the examination, all were neverlhelc-V hoi -  rilled, even' though' they admitted its  justice in consideration of the ��� evidence. There were some, < f courrp.  who stoutly maintained that Vugin-a  was innocent, but they were ihic!;.  her most intimate friends. These proclaimed tbemsehes to be in a position  lo judge better than rhose who did not  know ' her so well. Unhesitatingly  ihey asserted that her whole life and  character made it utterly preposterous  lo harbour a suspicion of a crime of  so heinous a nature. Said one, "Does  an innocent girl become a hardentd  criminal in a moment'.'" But otheis  gravely shook their older heads, and  readily recalled instances where equally respectable individuals had been  ptoved guilty of murder. After all,  horrible as it is to take life, yet, view -  ed from a certain standpoint, murder  is less dishonourable than theft. One  who would scorn even to tell a lie  mig-ht yet in anger or under great provocation unhesitatingly send another  to his last account. So respectability  is scarcely a defence against a charge  of murder.  The town of Lee is in Stafford county, and the county seat is Dover. Here  the grand jury meets, and here the  trial would cake place if there should  be one. Squire Olney, at the termination cif the Inquest, therefore declared  that Virginia must be taken to Dover  on the following day. tog-ether with  the record of the evidence wbb h would,  of course, be presented to the grand  jury. It was decided that she should  pass the night at the residence ol th^  squire, who would peisonally drive o\--t  with her early in the morning. The  squire In all his lib-time had never  been placed in a position so paiuiul 'o  himself and so trying lo all his piide  In the morality of his town. It was  bad enough lo have a murder, but ihat  the .guilty parly should be a woniiai,  and she the most respected and admired female in the town, was simply  terrible.  As soon as Mr. Panics loomed of the  disposition to, be made of the prisoner,  for such she was to be considered now,  lie determined, to seek.rest at the -earliest possible moment'. Wishing to go  on to Riverside and share the rocnv  Which 'had. been provided for ..Burrows,  lie sought for that young man,1 but.  'cou 1 d   find   him   nowhere.        11 e    ' was  '. somewhat annoyed at this, as he'wished to talk with him on some of the  points brought out in the examination.  Finally, concluding that Burrows must  have g-one to the. farm, .as it' was already after dark, he decided to go there  also, and so started immediately. -He  had walked but a few rods -.when be  overtook John Lewis, and, ^recognizing  him, said :    ���  .  " Ah,   Mr.   Lewis,   are ��� you   going   to  ���the farm ?"-.  "I am, and, supposing that you  /would put-''up. there .for the night, J  have waited to.join you as voir passed. I could not. see you at the moment  when the inquest ended, for, you weiv  speaking to   the  squire."  "Yes. I wished to know what would  be   done .with   Miss   Lewis.     She    will  ��� stay   at   the- squire's     house    to-night,  ���and   be   taken   to   Dover   in   the   morn-"  inK"-"  The two men walked along for some  little distance without speaking, until  at length Lewis broke [he sib-nee, and  when he did so Mr.illtarnes noticed thai  would  (''!.;;���-���('   at','"li'.   his   sVT.-l1 li 1 \  '���;.!'.   ���"-.".tut'S,''   '.-'��ii'i   Li-tsD.    ���*   rr-  do  : oit   eh.:-1:  of  lh"  losult   of  the   in-  rjuirv "   .  As 1 :i,-\'(! nlreodv slated. Mr. Fini.-f  v. as m-ost (-".'ireful iu foimimr -h ihili-  op;ni-'i"i��, aiifl h- \>u.'- .'till :noi>- s.- in  pivlng   "Miie.=:-i(in    to   (hem.       lb-   f-_ ;t  a   d-illbh-   net i"!   of   (.autjoo    III    (hi-:   lir-.H  and    dt-termi'iod       jaib.'r   in    d-siowi  what   liis  companion   thoualit   tha".   to  Cirr.mit   him self   ly   niv   direct    rei Iv  \ to i.'ils leading que��tir,r-.  " \V(.-11," he ieSMondt.d. " \- li.u oihev  vrrdict could you look for under the  cii c ii'iisti".nets v"  "1   siu-nose   7ior:c- '      Nevci thel'-'ss    a  stigma   has   been   i.laced   on   that   qirl  , which she ,h *->s not dnserve.    At, le-ic^i,"  he   continued,   quickly,     "that   is   my  c .pinion."  ������ You inean that you think'Miss Lewis   is  jpnoce-it '"'  "T do, decidedly." e) ... . j ,.-i. < ���_  '"V\'ili v< u tel! tr-e your l :ea ;"us T"  This'wu". t-.Mictiy \>l>at Mi. Uain--  l-iost cb-.-uied; that soinc-oiA- should d- -  feud this airl to him. -riKiefore if  in the <��� ubseciucni conversation he-  set mod to be accusing her it 'was no  CMdoncc that he himself thought her  ftuilty, but onlv that ?uch a course was  lb'- one best calculated to draw out  the sucngest arginyu-nts in her iavour  wl ich nii'ihi occur to Lewis. Mr.  Baines w: s wi>o rnou---,h not "lo unib-r-  ct'iinate the ability of any man. Vc-iy  often iii bis o\.nevii nee most ve.luabh:  luiMs hc.'i b( en ?i\-en to him \>v per-  K-ns fioi.i v hi m he bed h-.i-t expected  ilt-- i.'-ta)l' e.  "J will tiv,"-said Lewis, in ieply  In Jlr. H'-iiii-!-, " of c.hii'.m; I was ;,!'���-  .*'!.! at ihe intirc ioquii>. 1 was not  i.e-doil o- 11-c- wi!re.-s Hand, .ts --M  ihat 1 MUld liave l <_- ���-��i I' ��� ��� 1 lo v oi-.hi  h.-i\-j In e i tin- th.iv-vei:' --f the1 bo-iv,  and pal was not dedi'i'-d of-suilieic-' t  i'upoi tance by t-ht squir--. As tne -le-  iLiiii'd wan my own' father, it is but  ratural il'.tt I should' t.ilo- a yieat  intei-st in seeing the crime itver,^--).  1 tb-iefoie li.^ienet! most ,iite:it ivt ly  to ;;ll that was biouiht out 'in the  examination of t'T- "-i-M'ial wilne.-^e-.  '.Ai-.il it is ji'dt this that makes me lt-��l  .b(. f.vu.. li-ut M'��-: Lewis is actuated  nioie bv a detire to shield someone  cls-j than bv .>i-y oihpr motive." ,  '"Ah, but who is s?ie shieldinc f  'Vou n-tf-l lL-meinb.er that she is duing  a '\-ry dar-rorotis thing when she ae-  ,cli'��cs   h.eiself." ,  "Miss Levi is i< a much oievoier worn;.n than )iu may bt.lifv<-" her to be,  and s'e- knows r.-!l enough that she  is in no ie.il da;.2ir. She has con-  fi-M'd. s\ bit ,oi' that? When she  is .made to ar-pear in court, she -will  lt'tiact this coufi-ssion. Then hn\t-  v Ml 'oU'C- nviet her" What evi-  d-.nee is there .rgainst her b-sidos h.-r'  own vorc*--' She will tell you that  .-he v as excite.-1, that, she did not'  ualize what she ws"s saving. Wlsat  will   vou   be   able   lo   do V      She   is   a  the  the  Tltcre sli.oti Burrows cXaviiulng a pit'oh  v c man. f ml the sympathy of th.e iury  v iP ho m her favour. Ami-iicdii pities arc proverbially lenient tow aid her  sex. She will be acquitted, but wIki������  will ioui- leai criminal be ? in some  to --ign   land "  Mr. naines listened with consuler-  ai It- interest to t-11 this, for it ��as  ie. coifoly what had been passing in  lis own mind. lie very well knew  that a eoni-'ssion of so grave a crm-.e  as minder would not by any means  assure a conviction, and he had by  lie means ui-tb-rratecl ihe girl'- ability  as a hold id otter. Still, he would  not cUs'iiii'-"'' fiom his mind ihe possibility that, after ail. she might be  gu.lty. The stiiy which the had i-dd  -,;is a most plausible chip. Moreover,  its vuy sin-q lioty seemed lo prevent  a suspicion that it had been manu-  (aciuivd. Besides, ��� if fitted so well  all the most complicated points in the  case. Then, how did she know that  there weie two wounds V Neither th^  doctor nor Bunows would have lo'.-l  l.f-r, and as she \ as the last witness  to cuter the room she could not havc  luci'i tin- j-revioiis lestimonv.  CilA I'TKlt  XII.���Continued.  Addr-'.-smg his companion again, he  saa! : <  ".'-.II thai is voi y true, hut suppose  "bill   MNs   Lewis does not retract V"  " Bui I Till you she will. Why should  <-!-.��� .-Mow hii��elf to sullVr the ]i-jn-  ubi- and   siieli  a  pi iiiilty���when  she  is  ii n p.t   .'   As <--,oii a-, I lie  real csi-iiin-  al    k.i^    bad   tni-i    to   get    away   s-aft-'y  !-!)>    \ ill   I--II  an  I'liiiKiy  duTc rein   till--.  Yoll    V, d|   sec."  ' Why tin- you so sine thai sh-- is  acting  a   pail  V"  ��� Why did she not tell the truth at.  once if it  was her intention, to clo so'."*  ������All!. Who can be.sure of the workings 'cif th" '.human mind, and' of-the  motives ..which actuate any given  course ?"',.-    .    ��� v .'  ��� ;-in - this ���'.case: it seems to me quite  'simple, ��������� Vehen ��� she first testified, siio  ' thought  that  tiu-  murderer was  safei:  "Whom   do   they   suspect,   then '.'"���  "Can. you be, in doubt? .Walter Marvel,' of course. Whom else but her  ���lover would she risk her life to. save '.'"  "But   Ihe  dead   man" was'   her  u.ncie.-  b.er -iidonted  father.    Did- she-  not   love  him enough  to refuse to leave him for  this'.very'l:>vec? ��� Then  why should she  .not'Wist,   to a^.-enge  his death '!"���  "Ci':in:ed th.ai. she loved him. he ,is'  dead,-'while, her .lover is, alive. She will,  care more for the living than the dead.  The uncle oarnot-bo .restored: therefore the lover must not be sacrificed;  Do you knoiv what she will do ? She  wiliexert every effort, to save him, and  then she will Mill refuse to marry him.  She is, a  strange  woman!-" I  '���Hew' do you know her character so  well ?" said the detective, sharply.  Lewis started slightly, but replied  quickly. :  ���������.I. do not. know. I am simply telling  you my opinions, formed on ihe little  ���that' I   have S"cn of h-:-r."        ���  ,\'r. F.a'rnov. wtis satisfied with this  answer���at. b-asl be did not let it appear if be was.not���and, resuming the  thread of their discourse, he-asked :  ���"liave you any special reasons for  thinking-   that   Marvel   is  guilty ?"  "If-not guilty, how 'did ��� his loek-d  come to be in  the possession of my fa  ther?     Ii   !���*   very   evident   that,   even  if Miss   Lewis  tells   (he  truth,   she has j  act   aecounte-i  for that  mystery.    Thi" j  is .i poi-it that Mi. Tupper mentioned " |  'I  mean  lo   investigate   that   ntatt"i\ j  of   course,   but   1   have   seen     stranger |  liiingfi  than  that   expl'iicd   away." ,  ".W<dl.   then,   let me  call  your atten- ,  li'i- tn another pomi.    Do you leniTi-  l.-er   the   storj    t'-at   the  squire   told   us  of i mo row at  th." bir'hd-iy fete ?" i  '��� Certainly." i  ," Veiy good.     If you do, vou will re- j  collect   that'1 the   squire   "Ul(i   that   n./|  father   kern      Marvel's     pistol        Now, .  what has heroine of thai  ueap.ni V"  Mr   Baines saw at once the value of -  this, and it bad leiiainly not  oivui'ivl  to   him.       Hi1   was   tl'.mkl id   for   ihi-  conversation. '  "We  have not  looked  lor it,"  he  ie-���  plied.  " You may not have done so. hut 1  have seaiolied ev..ry where, and it is  not   to   be  found." t ',  " 1'trhaps tiie squire may have it." ,  " I .have askccLhlm, and he assures ;  nv that my faiiier would not part |  w-'h the evidence of the assault j  which had been made on him. More j  loan that, the squire told me that he  k-.pt it loekt-d in a drawer in the parlour."  " Mow. then, could Marvel have obtained it ?" - !.  ������ Mv idea -s this :��� r think that after his .interview with Miss Lewis  A'-.css the river Marvt-l, as he ad-  m:;s. came to the farm. 1 think he  ������oiigiir an intervi��w with my father;  Ih.ii ilv-.v ipiarrell"d, and thai mv father took 'in th.- i>i-tul, whei-eii'ion Mar-  \il got it away, Trom him aiul'shot  him."  : i .���. Ba'-iiuK shook his head. ''There  Is m, sign <-f u struggle. Besides, if  , (.jh i-. iln- tiutli. iiow totil'i vour  ������'j. tbf r ha\ e writ'"ii ihe name of'Walter  .V,ir\i-1 on the  ^)!p of naner?"'  Lc -vis thought a minute and then replied .��� _        v  ������ 1  have it.      When  my  lather heard  the   b.ukirg   of   the   nuir     outside,   h"  ti ok   Miin d's   pistol   and   fio'd   at  man   whom     he   saw   there.        At  ��ame     moment    a   bullet   struck   him  r!'h>s  was  either-from   Lucas'   pistol   or ,  t-lre  was   the shot   fired  by   Miss  ,Mtfr-  ul fiom the sumniei--hoiise, as she de-  (  clarcd.      Then,  when Marvel came, the  -  \M-aoon   mnv  have  been   on   the   table  !  right '  at    hand,     for   as     father     was  wounded       he     would     scaicelv     have  ,  thought     of   locking     up   the'weapon  ;  again.      As  for   the  willing, .Ihat   may   ,  be  as Miss Lewis iruessed.      Mv  falh-   i  ,...   thought  Marvel  had   lired   lb-  first   ,  =slio>   and   so   wrote  a  line   to   that   effect,   not   realizing   to .what  extent   he  '  had been   wounded." ,  '��� But what about the empty shell in |  Miss   Lewis'  weapon -?"  '���Perhaps   he.-   liisc     statement   was  j  correct,   and   she  had   previously   tired  si.   oi.   again,   my     father   may   have"1  filed   it   at   Marvel  in   self-defence."   ,  A   Sil-nco   followed,   and   Mr.   Barnes '  ���lc! m.t speak for several mmulsrs. dur-  ,  ing v. Inch  time  he was thinking   deep-  l\\      At   last,   however, "he  said :  '"You  are  right ;   it  is of import ine��  '  to  find  this missing pistol.    But  where  can hi- look for it,?   That Ls the question "  ���' I  think I can guess that, too." said  the other,' eageily���a little too eagerly,  thought   Mr.   Barnes���although   he    reflected  that when  a novice-is  woiking  out  a  niyuery  of a gieat crime  he  is  usii��My   fmpetuou".     Lewis   continued :  "Marvel   himself   described   his   movements" on   leaving   the   farm.    First   he  went  homo:  then, making a bundle/)"  i.i,s wet clothes, he "threw them into, the '  i her.   and,   lastly,  he   went, to   his  old  '  house in Kppmg.   Now, either he threw  the pistol in the river, or else,  remem-   (  beriug   Ihat  it  has  his  name  on   it,  as )  \oiuvi fjHiiison testified, he was shrewd  .  , iimiel)   to   take   it  with   him   and   hide  i  It  in  the  Epping place." i  ������ Your reasoning is very good, and it |  may be as well fui'm- to go to'lOpping ;  in the n-orr.lng." I  -Jin so, and while you are grme I j  win have the i iver dragged, in the hope ,  oi   r<-< oveiing the clothing !" \  Mr. bill nes ^topped, looked at Lewis ,  a moment, then slowly and distinctly j  h > said : ' ,  "Mr. Lewis, I would prefer that you ;  <ro   wiin   me  lo  Epping-." \  ���' Oh," said Lewis, quickly. "I should \  like that, but 1   thought you detectives  THE   USELESS.  fie \va= r.i'vcr known 1o fret  7or things ho couldn't get;  He u-enr :;t an cr.sy pace,  ih- a. v< r complained ubont hlrf lot.  He lived lor flit J years and nut  A hatj showed iu his fuce.  fie didn't nted lo slave,  And he ncVtr was known to eruve-  A pluto unions thes high.  Ro lu-ld that ho owed the world no debt,  JL h\td on n conipeteiice and let  The rears go drifiiiiK by.  They took luni ui' one clay  Ami" li.id his foim away, ,      , (i  And l-.o one .-bed n tear,  (���id m elc his (mil, go stinch :ucanal.  \t,u will Ibid bin a little jOllow mound  -To show that lio was lieje.  -S. 10. K'.-er in Cleveland Leader.  IsCOVSLL'S  �� WOOP   ,  8 KY��FH. I  I    V o  |       Waiter sjcovol] w'as evidently in trouble  of   mind whun lie went and took his place  among tlio crowd of people waiting in'the  |   outer ofiice of his friend Uluiwlford.     The  j  rei-t of the crowd were all presumably sick  '   isi hotly, for Blandfortl was a  doctor, and  I   they hadcoino to consult him.  lint Scovol)  i   niiil lllandford had been close  friend-, for  |   ten years/and in all that timo oilcil her  of  j   i bet'wo hail over been in any but the most  |  perfect physical health.   When Blandford':-  |  ollico attendant saw Scovcll during  ofiice  hours, siio always counted at least) half an  | 'hour of that, day lost to her employer���to  he   spent in what  sho  considered   useless  chatter, certainly  not, in   tho  earning,of  professional fees.  This time Scovcll had a perfectly good  reason for his intrusion. Jlo was in seri  cms trouble of mind. JI e was a painter,  the time left Jinn for 1 lio completion of  what. l:o expected to he his great work wjia  desperately short, and tiie crowning glory  of tlio picture seemed unattainable.  "If I don't- get- r hat momentary, fleeting  expression of tho face and that gesture,"  he said to is friend when his turn had at  li'.st conio and he had been admitted rothe  consulting room, "tho wholo thing is n  failure."  "What's tiie matter with your model:'1  Blanc!ford asked  "1 don't, know. I don't say anything  Is the uialtor with her,. Physically she is  splendid Dut how in the name of reason  could I ever have expected a simple girl  like, that- to understand the expression of  Mudied shyness that would come on' the'  face of a wood'nymph who is awakened  from .sleep by tho footstep of a faun--  Whar. docs Kmina know ahouS fauns and  wood nymphs:1" ;  "Is everything all right except-that?'  his friend asked. ��� '  " Kverything��� nothing to got except the  facial expression���and tlio movement of  tho hand. When you conio to think of it,  though, tho.se two aro ' overytiitng���tho  whole value ot tho picture."  "I'm sorry I can't prcscribo something  that will quicken your models intelligence, Gld man. Vou ought to tell her to  imagine that sho's been taking a nap and  hears somebody coming'bolund her to, win  a-pair of gloves .She might understand  that better than the classical idea."  -'Jiv .Jingo!" Pcovell suddenly ejaculat-  " Vou don't ecu anybody else  "No."  "Now, Scovcll," ho said, tnr.  artist, "do you want  Jier  to   bo  nymph'."  ���-Can sho do it.' ,  ������Jusr watch " I  Ti.egnl was following Bhmdforci  with (  her eyes, bur did not scum to sea the other ,  ui:tn ' .  i ���     <        !  ������Mary."   said   tho doctor,   "this  is a|  beautiful forest, isn't Hi'    Vou aro fitting ���  tunc.  If yon hadn't, don-* iIn,-  'VlJInJ,,,.  niugtothoj  so perfectly, ho novcr could lm->(3 hi   -  wood I  it"-"  "Doctor, " site mid. "did  I u,|     '  ���'  like that picture," "���' Lv  "i tiwear it," said Blandfon!  "Then 1 iorgivo you    Uuc \\l.oiejj, '  get thai red hah-V" 'V'  "Uli,  \oii   nm.-r ask  lilm tbat,'    J  Biandlord.    "I really think "fiOT-.-ii "^  you a call���for .gratitude, you L,,,^ ("'^  I soon came to  ??"fioi  -I'll, x  down on this beautiful soft  moss  on   tlio  root s.  I  Mary slid from tho chair to tho floor j  and. guided by the doctor, found her way .  to the legs cif a largo and heavy table, j  against which sho leaned.  '������isn't, this a warm   day?"   said   Bland  ford   "The sun is very bright in tho open,  but there is a nice shado under  tho oak,,  icii't, there.}'   I think you're going to fall j  asleep " -    '  Thero was the glrl'leaning against tho  Table, a perfect picture of relaxed, Juxuri',  oiis summer indolence, her eyes closed  aiul a sweet smile over her features.  She oitcn sus lor him now, hw i,nL,.K^Mip^  the hypnotic state. Sho sayri h\\wi^&ffiffip\  is too uncanny a thing to bo plajui ���'_!|4''-S^iri*  -Elliott Mc.llcnry In JMtthbnrg 1  i^Sf^SH  ���te#i  StitiidlllK'   ��"l��  l"'����r Oliver <><Jm��U|f4$tfff'tOE'i  Whet hi r (Jromwell  actually hu^JjM'^fii^  pre  the festival of Christmas is adinn Hltq-^-^^iWi'  pcrh."ip�� judge by analogy. H�� dui "PM0^S<  siippre.-s music in allot thooat!u.c!i,.|w.jf$%1����&  did ho di.-miss tho organist of W(^inu:r|^ViV'^_"SllC  Abbey, for a new organist was ujij^.; v--^'f|'��>��  tion to dv-cidc.   Bui ho is iicunsul  many thing's  he did not, do, amiMeiJ^l^B'  I'iiat's a splendid poxo."  said Scovell j jn ],���,;,,-, |,y order of council  to III!  "but I want  (ho oxriroshion   of  tho  faco  when she awakes." t   .  '���All riglit," siiid Blanclford. Then ho  kneeled on tho fioor and spoko in a low  whisper to the girl: ''Mary! Don't move1,  or you may make a noise. There's some;  body coming softly behind the true (osteal  a kiss from you and win a pair of gloves.  Listen!"  Jnslantly Mary'", eyes were* open, and  (hoie was an expression Ji.'df shy, half  alarmed, on her face. Tho lips \vero par t-  i-d wiih u slight sniilo. li'lie was plainly  blushing.  "Splendid!" said ?covell excitedly.  . "Hush!" said tiie doctor," "Yoti needn't  Bpeak in a whisper, but you must bo careful nor to ni.'ike sudden exclamations.  They arc apt to destroy the trance."  " (.'an you keep her liko that ten min-  utesi"' ycovcll asked.  ������I'll  try,"   said  Bland ford.     "Listen,  Mary, and don't stir.   Han you hear him?"  Then ho rose from his knees and sac in  a chair, while Scovell painted away  with  all his might.'  - After about 1/5 minutes' of vigorous  work tho painter said. ��� "I think I've  caught it, old man." ^        r  "IIis friend'looked over his shoulder at  the canvas and could not help a smothered  exclamation of approval.  "���If you could only imagine things as'  well as you can paint what you aciu/illy  see. Scovcll, you'd ben great man. Now,  that's enough. I mustn't strain my patient, you know." Then, turning to the  girl, he said:, "Mary, he's gonoaway. I've  looked for him everywhere .and can't ibid  him.    (Jo to sleep, and I'll keep watch."  Mary obediently fell asleep again at tho  foot <>t the table that was doing duty' for'  an oak tree, and while  she slept  rioovell J  took hinisoli and his painter's (raps out of j  thu room and as quickly as lie could to his ]  own studio. ���       , i  lie saw nothing of Mary during the j  four weeks which intervened before, it was ;  lime for him to send his picture to thnex- |  hibition. Indeed ho saw very liitlo of j  anybody during that time, for ho was j  hard at work.' t  As for the girl, in less than ono, week I  after her wood   nymph   performan'oo  shy  eanev caused by tho death of I'onirj^Osiwl  ,who had held the ollico sinco the ieipf<?.*M$s#*  Charles I. Cromwell, - more-ncr,' \sa^%K*??.  great lover of tho organ. ,', Nor (llilj-.^'^^fljp  any rate for any so called purit iiiluilr.p.^f^nia  sous, suppress tho drama. The;,f< in w;',i",?,-/.t��ni  clo-.ed on account of.lbo civil uar��, i v ."-:���sfai  tlio prohibition was only lo ia.st "wi.'r ��� ^A'ifiii  these cad causes" do continue.  Tiie revival  commenced in   lOMi, ��:<  C'njmwcll whs in, the height of liis ]w.s  not, as somo h'tipjKiso, at   (ho rcitor.i'i;  Nor can iho patTon of Milton, the ciru'-i^.  of our poets: of   Walker and  Conji-r,a'  greatest, native   bom   paintcrs'of ti-Mt;  tiny, and of .Sliuott, tho jirinco of i-irsn  gravers, bo aconsi'd with justice of <jiL.  iinlili'eronco or hostility to tho liix: atti--.'  Notes and Queries. "'  it Iw  ^0i  --'^v6f;  i '?,pti  ,-Tt  '.-yii  �����,. J.?,^s  J   till* OfteC' Ki4<3 iii  ri'l.lieil  Ij'i.'.^.^ij*  dearest friend frankly, "I don't like tiP-^ES'  effect \ cry well.     It awns to mo it g\\z,:l&ylijf  you a rather cross look." " ���   ffi'^MK  "Oh, that Isn't tho hat," ehu rosi/mdK^Mj��  cheerful I v.    . ' K'^M111  "No?"' .       ffflffl  "Oli, not at all,     That comes cntireli^^p  from tho fact that I Imvo jiihtsct!ii,inyhu!^^j^  _ band and ho had just seen ihobilli"���Gb|^g2  ' oftgg Toat. , oIM^  HAD  NO FINE  FEATHERS,  -   Sot   Caused   ��>y   tiie  "JIo*.v do yeni liko wy hut':  "Why, to tell   tho   truth,'  Hut  Wan   Jn   m   l'oxltlon   tu   Dlsp��-nif  With Them., &g  "Tiie reinarkablo preponderance .^^  generals in the Cuban army isn't a ci'  en instance to tin? hlivie of affairs in Cetj  trul America, " remnrked a New Orlfni^,���,^  business man. "Sonic years ago I 'i;i:|/i^^  pened to, be in San Salvador during 2:^*fej,tW  annuiil military re.view', and the tOv\f^._^^  was literally swariiiing wiih dignitarh'^f'^^  in more c>r less gorgeous uniforms. h|'"-^Mird  lens than an hour I was introduced I >,f^^  Iti mature generals in tho parlors of '.Kj^mfiM  otel.    M"ost of   them were, fine lookins^^^  urn, well fflucfited, liko nearlylali "Fm^^S  hotel.  'men, wen efiucateti, jiko neany an uifP^  discemtinned   her   visits   w'"VilaiVJforci;rt I PW   class   Central .Americans, and, eifc&p,  oilice.    Tho slight nervous complaint  fori treinely (li��tuignishwi in th*>r-<m>^w^/|?>ag,  whicli he had been '.rearing her was cured  "The only thing 1 fool   nervous  about,  With   their   gold   lace, their stars iui;5'<-   cai  orders   and   their    beautiful    jewcle.1; " -.to1  ,-to  m ���  ferred   lo   work  alone."  but  I will make  case,"    returned  ������ We do, as a rule,  an exception in this  Mr.   Barnes,  dryly.  By this'time they had reached Riverside, and both at once retired to rest.  Mr. Barnes awoke early and called  '.��-,-- -���:, who was still abed when he en-  his room, and together they went  . .-quire Olney's house, where Mr.  1 :.unes explained that something had  turned up which o-ruld prevent his accompanying him to Dove'-. With  Lewis, he then ha��iened to t:.e d-ooi,  v here lie v;as just m line- to tatc-h the  train whicli pa-'-'e-i at (!.:J0. and getting,  aboard they rea'hrd Kpping a few minutes   before seven o'clock.  After a little time spent in enquiries,  Mr. Barnes learned the locality of the  hou^e of which he was in search, and  at once repaired thither. Arrived at  the place, which was about a. mile beyond the more densely built portion of  tiie town, he found it to be, a.s described, in a terribly dilapidated condition, and. recessed considerably from  the road, it was almost hidden amid  an overgvowih of tsees and shiub-  berry. Without auv hesitation the two  nicm entered the plaeo, bin scarcely  had they crossed' the threshold or the  door when Mr. Louies utt"i'ed an exclamation of a-toMb hmei.l. for therein  front of him siinul Tom Currows examining a pistol w 1:it  hand.  "No," said tho doctor. "I'll tell you a  better way. The pieturo is all finished  but the face?"  ���'The faco and tho right hand."  "Then yon must let Emma go and paint  in those from my hypnotic subject. Bring  your traps hero day after tomorrow at 1 in  tho afternoon. Now get out and let mo  earn my living.    So long."  Scovol 1 on the morning of the appointed  day had his canvas���a fresh canvas for a  study of tho faco and hand���concealed,  with an easel and other apparatus, in a  closet off Blandford's inner oilico. At 4  in the afternoon' ho made his appearance.  i\ any for w ork.  lie found a quiet, ladylike girl talking  with tho doctor. Sho was dressed in street  costume and had only just laid ,asido hat  and gloves. Bl'andford introduced her as  ono of his patients.  Scovcll was not sanguino as ho  looked  'at the faco ho expected  to paint.    It was  not by any means tho faco of an immortal.  Thero was  nothing classic  about  it.    It  lc was at tho exhibition ihat her surprise came. JOvcrybody was looking at  .Scovell's picture, "Tho Startled Wood  Nymph." Mary, with another girl,,stood  looking at tlio picture. Both she and her  friends wero enthusiastic in their admiration.  "Isn't it- lifelike?" said Mary.  "Thero's something familiar to mo in  the faco," said hor friend.  "1 never know anybody with that kind  of reddish brown hair," said Mary.  "No," said tho other girl; "neither did  I.    Still, that face is familiar."  While thoy wero talking liko this Mary  began to notico that people wero looking  curiously at hor.. Then sho overheard tho  remark, ''That's'his model." The wTnnan  who said it thought sho'was speaking in a  whisper.  Mary glanced ono instant at tho catalogue and began saying to herself half  aloud: "Scovcll! I have heard that name  somewhere or something liko it." In  another moment an inspiration seemed to  into a piiir of coarae boots, and \i  shoulder straps were the only in:%i.^.jps&  of bis rank; but there was sometl)i*^��:  eminently   soldierlike   in   his   hefirn.<^^Sj  llu seemed  conscious of liis greatly '':t^l>t^  '"'-.--is!)  ferior position, and, as became a B1I!1!��"^j&|*  captain in tho presenco of a ro��ra!-|^.|f^  of generals, ho lingered vcrv inoiWiSSt^  tho   background.  m  ���ed very inoiW^J^��fc>5fi  Neverthelo.-* feillt-St!  found  my eyes wandering to him  tinually, and later on I questioned u-vjfK��iyf  American hotel clerk.   'Who  is thpKE&IliS  was  tho  faco  of a pretty, honest, rather | strike  her.    Sho caught her friend by tho  timid working girl of tho nineteenth cen  tury.  To be continued.  A Modest  ItcqiieKt  Tho operation of hypnotizing tho subject was begun by Blandford with hardly  a word of preface. She, on her part, appeared to regard it as a mutter of routine  and made not tho slighte.sC objection to  tho presenco of a third person.  Sho was sitting in tho samo chair in  whicli Scovcll hud found her when he entered and from which she had not stirred  i he held In his j After a few of tho Well known passes and  movements of (ho operator's, fingers over  her head tho girl was fast .asleep uppnr  ently,  "Now bring on your casol," said Bland  ford.  Then ho began talking.to his patient.  ' "Mary,-'open your, eyes.''    Siio opened  her eyes slowly.    "Now tell niu who is.in  tho room." ��� ��� -  ���     .  "You, "said Mary.  *<-��  He���If I learn, Franlein Clara, that  you favor this fellow rather tban ine,  ���I'll first kill liini, then yon, and then  myself 1  She���If you've'not set on this.particular order, I'd rather yon'd begin at  the other end!���Unsere Qesellschuft.  * wrist and, saying, "I want you to conio  with me," hurried away from tho pieturo  show.  It was not n long car ridoto Blandford's  ofiice, Tho two girls arrived there just  as ofiice hours had ended.  "I want to speak to you, doctor," said  Mary with something liko Indignation in  her (ono as she met Bhindforcl coming  from his inner sanctum.  "I know," said the doctor. "About the  wood nymph, eh? iJon't you remember  my introducing a Mr. Scovell to you?"  " Ves, I think I do, but 1 never meant  to"���  " Vou never meant to mnko tho fortune  of a poor, hard worked devil, who is ono  of my oldest and dearest friends?:"        '���Have I made his fortune?"'-  " Vou ha.vu.mado liis reputation, According to the papers, and in his lino of business,  you   know,   reputation   means  for-  n rattling fine soldier. Used to he^j^i^js  the British service.' 'Well, he d^'^S^j  fioeni   to   liave   made   much   I>io;M''';ilfcf  here,'   I   remarked  was  'Thev  iiuciii no replied. j.jicj doll t l"5\^djj��e|  lim general because it's against "-'f;H?-w^  aw to  givo  that  rank to a fori'igtH:|{M��]  much!'   he   replied.  b  law  io   givu    mail   num.   iu a mmr ���'fji^i^jw;^  hut   all  tho  samo   he's   comnumde: ll'fe^be  chief  of   the armv.    The other feIio��'p5j^  merely wear the clothes." "���>>'��?��' Ur||t��le\  leans Timed-Democrat  sip;-'-  W\  -  UewnrJ -  A   1'tiir.N-.  Strayed���-Biuo half Prisma   nit  TllJIOri.  Is   it   the   head   or   fail halt ef  tli  wonderful   pussy   which   strayed.   ��'  what color is (ho half which stopi"'1 ^  home'/   And as each half must ^')'V\  fair and proper allowance of  -l'i '1Vl j  vviint-vvilb- eventually become of .the b j  half lives if   tho two half pussies neM  again    foregather,    and���   .l|��t   Jj  Punch gives it np.    A saucer of  ����l,!>?  please!���Punch.  ��� V-^��.U...~        ���.'...-  an  do  do  in  he  Fr  en  ��� r i\  ft        ���  '   ? an  i��t|ini  �� >vB<  ' * ^'  i     ������  J-  in  It has beeii estimated by' German scientists -..that in the natur.il process of decay cb^  acteristic of all animal life ^000,000 nerve cells die and are carried out of the body daily |. ^\  Every sixty days, or six times a year, the nerve cells waste avvay and are replaced  by ne��  cells and new-nerve tissue. , .   , ,'  Sixty days, then, is sufficient for a. complete restoration and  revitalization of .the e-N  hausted nervous system when  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is used to create new brain aru :  nerve tissue;    The change which some weak, nervous .men- and women liave experience ^  under a sixty-day treatment with Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, has been truly marvellous-       t  Brain  fag, confused mental faculties, nervous prostration and depression, partial p'1'1  alysis,  locomotor  ataxia, nervous  dyspepsia and  headache, sleeplessness and   irritabili^'*  female irregularities and all the''miseries'of .exhausted  nerves are positively and per"1'  nently cured by a two months' treatment with the world's greatest restorative  ce  at  ha  te:  ' ar  th  civic  CO  ne  th  in  ���;,.f-,,V)0  (llSC!Ol:UUft^".  9  Fifty cents a box at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.  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"-^''"i'.''"'..^^^^^^�� stock dit as is the  custom  ��� '--"-^'WiaSipeg for a grand   parade  throup  !';:',l'wi<  -x-^lt^gronndsaud   aronnd   the  speedii  \ ';Jn'il,i��',Pnnr  ivar��,i.  -V-;'';faiig;6nt the management are  not able  through  , '"'*'���       '..1;riiSff>$Peop]e who have never seen this  <'.it')r;i'i��     ,   ' - r*fst-y-��-      ' - -, .-  l.e��-ci^ '-m* Watore cannot form a good conception  rou^r -V'* .'-;',;"of;tlae|'hiBb grade stock and number of  uf'tiVtJ ','?;pare||f bred horses in the' province.  vtriiiin ��� ."/fhotigTu Manitoba is but a voting pro-  oof wl.,'-.' ,,yinpei;it contains a ,large number of  line. atu.<::, - '"'nieri'.who go in for high class stock, and  r^v>^the';cohseciuence is that' when thpse  ^vV^Jfllnimals are all gathered together tbey  '"'' t'l^^wir.fail to create, a most favorable  f)iu aifc^-'-^'S jinpressiou on tiie visitor whether from  t /,    "WV        M *JHs?��  the number of  herds  6'"MS&|(of?high class cattle entered  for  prizes,  si/indi^^^.'Mfl&herd of Premier Green way,   which  '"YW^IIIfcakeu a ntnnber of prizes   in   the  , will   be   on the grounds but , not  {feral for prizes. , The fame   of   this  ffijefll has reached all parts of   tho con-  it, and it is among the possibilities-  it will be seen,at some  of the   big  erican ov eastern shows during  the  iug season.    The cattle   show   has  fjtyfeys been a great feature of the fair,  those who take an interest in stock  'eSuanoG afford to   miss   the.  show   that  'he made thi3 year. c  i resi/mi  >s entire1.*  jrunyhii!1  11."���Ch|  HERS.  It A31  Depend*.  igo * ii;i.:SM^|Pirt y��u 9ever y��"r connection with  during��|^spthjpBrm or were you discharged V" ask-  the toi't^l^edjjthe friend.'  lignitarhfilf^^ie  man' out   of a   job gavo a few  'onus.   kj/^Mlffutes to thought before answering,  'jdueed l:fe^^l'ni a little uncertain  about that,'  lorsof t!'!J?^Mijiaid at last,  ie lookins'^^^^Dncertain?'  ���ly'all up-K^^^ea. Of courso 1 know that office  , and, eipi^p^ are discharged and general rnaii-  'inti'uw-eixX^jfager* ' sever* their  connections,   but ��� 1  stars iui$;-*'"'can?t be sure that I was high enough  .iewele" " .tosever my connection, and I don't like  isivu mi!i-'' ,<to think I was low enough' down to be  >ro joiii-.| ',B discharged. Perhaps you'd better make  chap wlhC-.i^tbat the firm -and I disagreed."���  tzpatria|'/l:|.Chicago Post.  .rise, wi'^'-'-^'t'?-'   Ln'�� ^tKliiiarii's Liniment Cures DMleria.  y h,:iif:'F^S^      Safe Kail Insurance.  ." bp-rii^--��WPne Manitoba Fanners' Mutual Hail  is  't^up |^^^j^^Eroviuco of Manitoba, by  some of  .Vfife^ffi&ttadiiicr farmers and  business   men  ies  th  n.  ho  /TV^flfloStion of"$800 on a quarter section  ,(1 t(; ^X^BgSS policy holder is a member of fir  irpH'^TOiOTor, 503 Mclutyro Block, "Winnipeg,  J ���^MwSitoba.   STAGE GLINTS.  juihst'',i!^^^^  fore  m  . Kewnrd -  ilf'fjf   l'1  ayefl.  "'r  B pip pi '1''  iU '!"' |  of.'Uif  ssies nini  ,'Uut   M-  s:  ircigtHi^lMfEJen Stern is to manage Blanche Walsh  uiauder I'g^next season.  "'/^'^te^ohn K. Kellerd will   bo  Moiljeska's  '^   'p^Jfia^ing man next season.  v��*   , Sam  Bernard   may rejoin tho Weber  P "and Fields' forces ne^t season. '  Ella Russell has lately sung in Hay-  do's "Creation" at Crystal palace, Loudon.  Minnie Palmer will star next season  in her first great success, "My Sweetheart  ���WTheodore Babcock is slated to star in  Frank Hallow's "The'Man'That Wom-  6u Lo\e"  ljul   M^,^/^'"Adonis" is to be revived, with Dixey  of  lllll,f'^'3 an)j Amelia SnmiTiervillo in their orig-  tsli".f ���>,    {   , . - ,  ��  l��j,{inal parts.-  r^^^Paderesvski- playa his first recital, in  ,1,   ^*koiifdon in May.  He has announced Ihe  5 *- k?Beelh'n;en "Emperor Concerto.",:-���  t   ?%�� If. Sothern   has   arranged  for  an  lv Cii��11 '      'Captation of Hauptmann's "Tho Suulr-  ^ )       ^"Bell" for production next season.  y dallj [.   ^ Mounet-Sully has finally appeared in.  by llf^ t *^!a-^r"lc!l adaptation of "Gthello. 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I hud consulted phyric-ian-3 both in England  and <,'anacl.i without obtiiinirg: ruiy permanent  relief and tried many remedies -with the same  result. A friend wlio h.ul been cured hy Dr.  Clarke's Kola Corniiound advised me to try it.  And three boltles have entirely cured me. It is  now nearly two years sinee my recovery, and  asthma hti< not troubled nib.since. I feel very  Ki-atoful to Dr. Clarke for iidioiluchic? tins wonderful r��nio(iy. J lnv-i inijuontlv lecomrnen-  dc-cl it 10 oilu-rn suffering in 1 was, and do' not  know of a single e:e-e where Uu; n;c|uired nuni-  licrof bottles hnvo been taken that it has failed  to cure. .See that you not Ularke'ri Free sample  bottle "ent lo any person. Mention this paper.  Adm-cnH The Gilflitlis & MacDherson Co.. 121  Church street, Tc-ronto, or Vancouver, B.C..  s>ole C/niadlan agents.  The >*l*vbtiiin-re ��t Microl>e��.  A woman Who had purchased a pair ol  gloves was given three ii hills in change.  "Do it up in paper, please," bho said to  tho salesgirl- The request was complied  with, unci the wrapped up bills were put-  'in'a pocket-book. ��  "Some persona are microbe mad," said  a physician in explaining tho incident.  Many have it no bad that they will not  even pick up o pin, becaiisu it litis been  said thnt all sorts uf disease germs can bo  collected under their heads. Dread of  microbes is ��i common form of hypochondria, I can fc-yiiipathi/.G with a person who  does not liko to i-cc n woman with a bundle of dirty clot lies-for washing get into  a public convr-j-nnee, but there is no uso  in filing tq extremes.  "Kvcr sineu the researches of Koch and  Pasteur have attracted attention the number of microbe maniacs has sreudily increased. 'J'aho any morbid minded person  ami give hbu a iiitle iris-ii^lic into bucteri  olotO'. and the result is r.-iurc to bo disastrous. Ho shakos in terror at tho flr~t lis-  tie Kympicin of real ur imaginarj' deruuyo-  menu"  There is,d��njrcr in neplecting a cold.  Many who have died ot Consumption  dated their 'roubles from exposure, followed by ii cold which settled on their  lungs, and in a short time they were beyond the skill of the iiCstphysician." flad  they used Bickla's Anti-Oousumptive  Syrup, before it was too late, their lives  would Lave been spardrt. This medicine  has no equal for curing coughs, colds,  and all allectloDS of the throat and lunge  SliootlnK ii Monkey.  ' When 1 picked it up, it still lived, but  vrilh life too feeble to attempt any resistance. Like a dead thing.it hit itself be  taken, Us pwiched little lips trembled, and  its eyes of a child looked into mino with  an unforgettable) expression .of agony, of  terror and reproach'. Then up rose before  mo tho stupid horror of what I had just  dono. I held it lying in my arms and  caressed with inflnito caro Its dying head.  Tho other two, whose little one I had  killed, screamed in the'trccabove, grinding their teeth, divided between the fear  of being also killed and their wish to  scratch and blto me. Its forehead resting  against my breast, it died, tho little monkey, in almost an attitude of confidence,  in the position of a small child. And never did I feel with such exasperation that  need which often seized mo to cast obloquy  upon myself. "Brute!" I cried between  my clinched teeth. "Oh, stupid brute!'  ���Pierre Loti in Figaro.  The TK'sl I.iiilinent for IIor��ci. -*  Messrs. Jtitcbie & Co., the Inrgo ranchers of 13. C writer. "We consider (-.ninths' Veterinary Menthol Li Jiment -unequalled for horses. Oub of ours had a  bad sprain, on its left,'leg, which was  swollen to an enormous size. On mens  Menthol Liniment was appliod two days,  when tho swelling aud soreness entirely  left lr. Wo consider it superior to any  other liniment:"   All druggists, lo cts.  A Hiil>j��jr li'oni).  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It is announced that Jerry Simpson of  Kansas is going to edit a newspaper. Ho  has at, least ono qualification���ho is used  to going without socks.���Faribault Democrat.  Tho ' report that Uncle  Russell Sago is  .contemplating a  trip'40 the orient  next  winter is not wholly improbable.-   It docs  not cost; anything  to contemplate.���Kan-  sas.City Journal.  If Privato John Alien of, Mississippi  realizes his aspirations.for a seat in the  United, States senate,. Hon. Chauncey  Depew will need to look to his.laurels.���  SaivAntoiiio Express. ,:  lloss Grokcr has newer -performed any  military service) -worth mentioning, but  he has been ���-under firo about as often as  any man in tho country, and knows what  It is to dodgo a Hying wedge:���-St. LouiB  Crlobo-Pomncrat.  Do not delay in getting relief for the  little folk?- Mother Grayos' Worm Exterminator is a pleasant and suro cure.  If you love your child why do you let it  suffor when a romedy is so near at hand f  The Siamese have so strong a superstition against oven numbers that they will,  havo nono of them. ThoJ.'number of tho  rooms In a house, of windows or doors in  a room, oven of rungs on a ladder, must  always ho odd.  Ignorance is the night of the mind, but  anight without moon or star.���Confucius.  tart's Liuipni euros Garget in Cows  It TAt.  "Gimme a match, will yon, old  man*;"  Toppington had entered Throttle's  ofiice just before the noon hour. "Of  coarse," said Throttle, offering his caller the desired article, and as Topping-  ton lighted his half burned cigar Throttle exclaimed, "Ob, by Jove, old man!  Did I show you a novelty that I picked  up when 1 was down in New York last  weekY".  "No; what was itY\'  "A peculiar kind of a match," was  Throttle's reply as he ru.��e and dove into  the pocket of his overcoat that hung on  'ft peg the other sid^ of his desk.  Returning, be held out to Toppington  a handful qt mate-lies that looked like  the ordir.ary article.  "What's different aboutrthem?" asked Toppington.  "Why. yo:j throw them in the aiz  and they light.    See?" -   '  Accompanying his word with the appropriate action, Throttle tossed one of  the vestas from his hand, ll fell as any  ordinary match would have done.  "There," exclaimed Toppington, "it  didn't do anything of the kind.' It  didn't light."  "You're mistaken," was Throttle's  reply. "It did, don't yon see,'it' lit  there on the floor."  Toppington paid for the luncheons.���  Detroit Free Pi'e-.s  KNOWN TO THOUSANDS.-���Parmelee's Vegetable Pills regulate the action  of the Biicruiions, purity the blood and  keep the sStomaoh and bowels free from  deloterious matter. Taken according to  direction they will overcome dyspepsia,  eradicate biliousness, and leave the digestive organs healthy and strong to perform their functions Their merits are  well known to thousands who fcnow by  experience how beneficial they an; in giving'tone to the system.  Take  <V <y> <���> aV ^t>>tMV *wV <f> *.V <** <V <T> \T> vT> 4,V ��J> *0> \V <1* <V aT> \T/\V vt^.^  ���4> *t> ��X��- *V�� AV *t> <lV *VV *i> ��V�� *V> "'i* *L> *L> *�� *i> <i> ^i>>AV VAV ���i* <[V Vj> *i> *t> ���*  ���Tv/lll  purify  the  system���Givo  you  stre  ngth and  energy.  Ordei-iiij; Mrenkfnst  In Iudln.  ,' Shortly after her arrival in India a  young woman missionary was allowed  to order breakfast for, tho household in  order to test her progress in the language. She ,jntended to cask for fresh  eggs, but used the wrong words, f-aying  to the astonished cook, "You may bring  us. this morning, an old blind man,  nicely builed!"  A SOUND' STOMACH MEANS A  CLEAli IIUAH���The high pressure of a  nervous 'life which business men of tho  present dav a're constrained to live makes  draughts upon th<ur viuiby highly detrimental to tneir health. It. is only by-the  most careful treatment, iliac ihey are able  to keep iheimelves idort and active in  their various calling* Mmy of them  know the value of Parmelee's Vegetable  Pills'io regulating the .stomach and consequently keep the head clear.  ttioiiinjr u Cork Into a Bottle.'  Ask some of the company if they can  blow a small bit of cork which you have  placed iii the mouth of a bottle so that  it wiil go into the body of the bottle.  Lay the bottle en tho table upon ita  side and place the bit of cork about an  inch or less inside the open end. The  uninitiated will blow until they get red  in the face, and the cork will invariably  conio ont of the bottle instead of going  into it. There is a simple reason for it  too. The direction of the air forced by  the one blowing brings it against the  bottom of the bottle. The air compresses  within the bottle's walls and must find  an outlet; therefore it is turned and forced cut at the only vent the bottle has.  necessarily blowing the cprk with it  But take a common lemonade straw,  place the end of it near the cork1 in the  bottle neck, blow very gently���and the  cork'rolls iu.   .  iuaifs Liuiaient Cares Golds, etc.  The Enylo.nnd the Cocketl lint.  Lady Ripon told mo that immediately  before tho Boulogne attempt Louis Napoleon was occupying her father-in-law's  house in Carlton Gardens. A housemaid  who had been left by tho family kept  writing to them that these'foreigners were  "cloarJy up lo some mischief.. Largo quantities of arms were, sho said, being brought  into tho house, and they had also got a  tamo eagle, who was taught to perch upon  a cocked hat by haying a, piece of meat  placed upon it. This creature was usually  kept below, but was sometimes, which  the housemaid considered highly inappropriate, brought up stairs. Her letters  woro treated as of no consequence, hue  turned out prophetic.���Sir Grant Duff's  "Notes From a Diary."  A .Menu  Sujj-n'e*t*<>".  Tho woman did not believe in tho occult  "Now, 1 propose to test this clairyovant,'  sho was saying. "I shall send her a lock  uf my hair, as she directs, with some question which nobody but myself can possibly  answer.  Lot'mo see, what can I ask her?'  Tho man laughed hoarsely. "Ask hor  what, is" tho real color of the hair," he  urged. ,.-'.���      .' ' ��� ' -.'|  This  pring.  Very few people escape the enervating-  influence of spring- weather.  There is a dullness, drowsiness and  inaptitude for work on account of the  whole system being clogged up with impurities accumulated during- the winter  months.  The liver is sluggish, the bowels inclined to be constipated, the blood impure,  and the entire organism is in need of a  thorough cleansing.  Of all "Spring Medicines," Burdock  Blood Bitters is the best.  It stimulates the sluggish liver to activity, improves the appetite, acts on the  bowels and kidneys, purifies and enriches  the blood, removes all poisonous products, and imparts new life and vigor to  those who are weak and debilitated.  7 Big: Mr. Win. J.   Hepburn  writes  Boils, from Centralis, Ont.: "I can  sincerely say that Burdock Blood  Hitters is th.e best spring medicine on the  market. Last spring my blood got out  of order, and I had seven or eight good  ;,ized boils come out on my body, and the  one on my leg was much larger than an  ci;y;. I got a bottle of Burdock ,Blcod  Bitters, and inside of six days" when only  half the bottle was taken, there wasn't  a boil to be seen. I have recommended  B.B. B. to different people in our village,  and all- derived benefit from it. I wish  B.B.B. every success, as it, is indeed a  great medicine tor the blood."-  B.B.B.'is a highly concentrated vege-  ' table compound ��� tcaspoonful doses���add  water yourself.   He Didn't ����-d It.  ' Could the funny sayings and incidents at the tenants' dinners in Scotland be collected they would'make an  unrivaled book of humor. Mistakes of  amusing and sometimes embarrassing  nature occur frequently at such ^functions. One story is told of a guest at a  Scottish tenants' dinner who tasted ice  cream for the first time on that occasion. He pushed a large spoonful of the  frozen" mixture into Iris mouth and  jumped from his chair with agony expressed'on his face. He let out a yell  and cried out, "Ow, off, ma rotten  tooth I" and could not be induced to eat  any more.  At another Scottish affair of the kind  a good old farmer was seated next to  the hostess. She served him a bit of  savory omelet, which seemed to cause  the old man deep disappointment. His  idea of an omelet had' always been a  dessert with sugar, or fruit or jams,  and after tasting the sample before him  he turned to the hostess and said,  ���'Weel. ma lady, I canna compliment  vou on your puddin's."  '. The1 "late Duke of Biiccleuch told a  story of a tenant at one of the'farmers'  dinners on his estates who was asked  by the duchess if he would take some  rhubarb, a dish she was fond of. The  farmer was surprised, but answered  politely. "I'm niuckle obleeged to your  grace, but I dinna' need it."  Dear Sirs,���Within the past year I  know of three fatty tumors on the head  having been removed by the application of MINARD'S LINIMENT without any surgical operation and there is  no indication of a return.  Clifton, N.B.  CAPT. W. A. PITT.  Gondola Ferry.  Ku'ce  to  Pace.  "I've got the money to back my offer, "said the ponderous citizen, "and  I'd give a fortune to anybody who could  show me how the reduce my weight."  "And I'd do the same for anybody  who would stop my hair from falling  out. By the,way, how did you make  your money V'  Bombay is one of the chief gates to  India, and a lovely view of it is obtained from the sea as the vessel gradually  draws near to, the harbor, which puts  inland, and is surrounded by the town  GRIPPE'SJLEGAGY.  Shattered Nerves and Weakened Heart--A St. John Lady  Tells About It.  :jM-5. John Qniglev, who resides at 30  Sheriff St., St. John.'N.B., states; "Some ,  time ago I was attacked by a severe cold,  which ended up in abaci attack of La  Grippo. Since that time I have nover  regained my health, being weak, nervous  and'run down.  ��� " I ��� suffered very much from Indiges-,  tion, accumulation of gas in the stomach,  and was in almost constant distress. I  doctored with somo of the best physicians  in- this city; but got no relief until I  began using-Jlilburu's Heart and Nerve  Pills, and am pleased to say that they  have completely cured me.. ."���-..  " My appetite is restored; my nervous  system has been toned up to its old-time'  ���condition,' and 1 have   no more trouble  from the Indigestion and  can eat anything I choose.  "1 am only too glad too testify to the  merits of such a marvellous remedy as  Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills for tho  euro of nervousness, heart trouble, Indigestion, etc. Price 50e. a box, all  druggists.  HAD LA CHtlPPK.���Mr. A. Nickerson.  farmer, lbitton, writes: "Last winter I  had la 'grippe, and It left nio with a  severe- pain in tho small of my back and  hip that used to ca'ch me whenever I  tried to climb a fence. This lasted for  about two months, when I bought a bottle of Dr Thomas' ^electric Oil aud used  it both Internally and externally, morning and evening", for three days, at the  expiration of which time 1 was completely cured."  A Biff Difference.'.--'  "Tommy," said  tho  teacher, "is thero  any  clifferenco  between  tho words'sufficient'and'enough?'"  " Ycs'm," replied tho youngster. ' " 'Sufficient' is when mother thinks I havo oaten  enough pio, and 'enough' is when I think  I have eaten sufficient."  In   the   Manila  Police  Court.  "Who and what was the deceased?'  "He was a tenderfoot from Frisco,  your honor."  "And what is your excuse for killing  him?"  "He was the sixteenth blasted idiot,  your honor, who worked mo with tho  old gag about the insurgents playing a  Luzon game."  "Discharged."���Exchange.  ! Must lie a VessimlMt.  Bella���So you're engaged to Mr.  GroosumI How on earth did he ever  propose?   .'.,..  Stella-:-Well, he took me for a walk  in the cemetery, and when we came to  their family lot he asked nio how I'd  like to bo buried, thero some day with  his name engraved on a stone above me.  ���AV  i*."  FIRST in 1851.    -&-  FOREMOST in 1  The MOST of the BEST MATCHES  for the Least Money.  & COUNT THEM FOR YOURSELF AND SEE.  YiV  ^^^l^l^l^V^V^l^l^l^l"?7x VK/'Iwiv^iv w /i> ���av -cav *av vav ���av  ���AW��  ���AV,  *  ���A> 'fr  MP_ MEMBER OF THE  - ��? STANDARD   MINING  "S^ EXCHANGE.     -  12  ADELAIDE ST.  E., TORONTO.-  ALL  STANDARD   BRITISH COLUMBIA, ONTARIO AND REPTJBLIO  STOCKS   DEALT IN ON COMMISSION.-  I am offering- tome attractive money making stocks just now.   It ivlll pay j-ou U>  keep in touch with me.     CODES:   Bedford McXeill's. Clough'a, Moreing & Keals.  If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you  will-find the best in our ���    , ,  IT KG TUT*  WT?/1  IKululk Minis  (Trade-Mark.)  Sold at all Drug Stores.  It' is the coffee that  never fails <to give absolute satisfaction.  The seal which it  bears is a guarantee  that its purity and  strength have not been  tampered with, and that  it surely is  Chase & Sanborn's  Seal Brand Coffee  LGCiS,' STEELE k BRISTOL    Circle Teas  Importers of Groceries      J" f��� $ 5' S^f"8*  ��ili 18 US. namiltas.Ont.    X..S.&B. Sploo��  " 'BINDER  TW1NK. ,  SELECTED MANILA,  HIGH GRADE,MANILA  (^il m:ide this season from Pure Manilu fT".rn:j|  Ask  for I'riccs mid   San>i>i<'?.    Sjx-H.'il   in-  ��tu<:em��:iils to curlo.iil'Itnj er��>.  Tiir.  INDEPENDENT CORDAGrJ CO.  (Liimiteii), Toronto.  Manufacturers of 32 imila niwl Muni  lilnrtei- ' T�� i:it, .-slid llt.-jxj of overy d��-  dcri j> lion.  BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are the finest India and  Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by  MacKENZIB.fe MILLS, Winnipeg  IGH  GRADE" PLOWS,   SEEOINB    MACHINES:  arriapoH,   Wagons, n:irroiT.��, IViiidimlls,  to.   COOKSUUTT Fi.O\��- CO., Winnipeff.  C  W.   N.   u.  THE MANITOBA FARMERS'  MUTUAL HAIL INSURANCE COMPANY  OF  WINNIPEG, MANITOBA,  Insuros its members ;\{Mir.sl  loss or damage  from bail, and glvos prompt udju^tniont and  pays all losses in full.    Address-  1-:. A. T.WLOK, .Alanagrer,  WINNIPEG, MAN.  GRAND JEWEL~C0~0K~Sf6VES  Buy and use tliem and  yoa -will be delighted  ���with results. If not  .satisfied money refuad-  ea. McnufactTired by  Barrow, .Stewart a:  ^^ Milne, Hamilton, Can.  SLA.HIT0BA DEPOT, 132 Princess St., Winnlper  A��k yonr dealer for GRAND JEWELS.  BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.  WE   MAKE   FURNACES   TOO.  Western Canada's  Great Industrial Fair  . i' July 40 to 15  .Monday���IJioycle Day  Tuesday ���i;li ililren's Day .   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I  u  ���������   \  t:  <affi<?ixft-t-��*e*g��:attwLg ���/���-���ww-i-j,.^ r-s.^_rr!^gf!Mjg  ��rarrFfBi����ryrrTireg��^^  TgE_ M0Y1B LEAM  Published in the interest of the people  of Movie and East Kootenav.  i -  ;1 upon    in  J.  R. COSTIOAN, a. C.  !ic;:  I  oinri;-   Jir.nk of Ooninid  SM.YTH & Ml'SGK.lVi:  Publlshpr  CRANBROOK  ,:.il,i:-.    Tho ironed at that mo-  vr.-.s vrrine an old white slouch  'i-u^ orht-r man's overalls and a  shirt.    In an impre.-iive way  !..--ncd hi�� accomplice toapproach  i oir. -���;��� in that the wild mountain crag?  ! micht not hear and report \o Wasbing-  ! ton. and whispered: "Uo yon know that  ! on  that da}- I came near    proving   a  J traitor to the government?    I was upon  tho point of renouncing ray allegiance   J^    J>^    FARRELL  to :,he United States of America and of       ��� ���    ��� j  going howling across th-- meadow to  .    , .    .,       , , ,      tin- river.    At the vow moment   when  < All   communications  to the editor muH be . _ , .- 7. , ,  accorarmnled by.-rhc vriterV name nnd ����drc^. T was bnrning most norcel.v and _ v. as  notucccssarilvforpubhciitlon, hut ii- ^ idenco , idling what I thought of sharpsnoot-  of good faith. AdvertiHug rate-; made known ! ing tis a g.reat boon to humanity T hap-  iipon nnplication. " ' j pencd  to look across the field back of   j the gathering,  and  there on the river]  bank ���! saw a delighted boy of about1)  .Asiessment %V��rk Contraois TaJ.cn.  }   v^,.   w.       p,irlie3 wishing to liave  ns.-estinont  done on claims in the vicinity of  vvotj  Ul.ig.  B. C  j iroyie, will do'well to consult or write  ! the. underpinned    for    terms.     Work  j left iu my care  will  bo  promptly\at-  ended  to,   and    sa iisfactimi   wjl be  guaranteed. S. A. SCOTT.  HATES OF SCV.-Sl UII'TION.  One Year..  2.00.  Commission axd Mining  Bijoki:r. Agent roB thj:  Canaptan Fire Arfsrji-  ance Company.  SATURDAY, JULY lo, 1899.  The Fort Steele Proepector has long  b'een giving out "reliable" information  concerning the starting point and  route of,the proposed branch road to  the Korth Star niino. Now il appears  that the l'rospeelor has been grossly in(  error.    Tins   only goes   lo   show   thnl  tiie home paper  may  misinformed.  occasionallv be  When people' like the Goodeibam-  'Blackstock syndicate and the British  Canadian Gold Fields syndicate become interested ��� in mining propetic::-  their future is assured. They have  sufficient capital with which to carry  on their operations on such a scale a*  to insure success. Both syndicAiOB  were lucky to become interested in  Moyie mines, and the people of Moyie  are extremely foituiiale in having  such strong people become inteic-jtcd  in their surrounding properti-.-'s.      y  ten or twelve, clad only in the purity of  thought and  heaving- mud at an associate of his own age who wa�� sputtering around and diving- in the cool water  of the stream.    You may have thought  nt the time that I spoke .so earnestly of  the grandeur of American institutions  ihat T had in mind.i he march to the cannon's 'mouth an-rl tjic din and carnage  of battle, for the flag, but. I did not.    I  was speaking with my mind fixed solely  on the glad custom, of 'chawing bocf'  ami of plidhig down'a slicker\r place on  tin- bank "and into th-e- water.    I pledge  you my honor a-s an officer and a gentleman  tlmx. j' that boy had not at that  moment   gathered \ip his clothes nnd  .fled  nt  the approach of the town con-  stable T would have renounced the finer,  discarded my ebn.peau and uniform and  ;,ecome a joyous deserter, glorying in  -iwimming holes as distinguished frcm  army clothes that are like the   torrid  zone."  Col. Wade, however, consoled himself  witli the thought that greater than he-  have bc-cn in the same unfortunate fix  in which he found hini��eJf. When Gen.  Grant was coming ea.st on one of his  great < tours���memory suggest* his  r'ound-'the-world^trip, but memor}' may    Ik- defective-���ho struck Denver   in   a  "    ~ \ linen duster.   It, was hot weather, and  Mining towns as a rule do not   have i in crossin? the desert the Iutrcaee had  desirable locations. They are usually j been gathered in the bapgage'carvivhile  situated in the. narrow confines of j' the officers of the pariy garbed them-  gulches or "canyons, and people live j selves in QPPawl hardi.: in keeping with  there   not from   choice,    but   ��m��lv ' the di&nity of their   military   status,  for the business they  the  mines.     People  MOYIE,  33.   C.  Are You Insured?  por  FIK1C, \AV\Z Oil ACCIDENT,  CAI.I. ON  McVittie & Hutchison,        Post Office  HOTEL FOR SALE.  The Lake Shore Hotel in Moyie is  for sale. The building is 2Cx52 in  size; has 10 bedrooms, bar room, oi-  iicc, dining room and kitchen; furnished throughout and in a good location. For further particulars apply lo  Ci-AYTON, Manuel it Co., ���  'or to ��� XrcnbOX ;  J. M. Lindsay, Moyie.  simply  seldom establish permanent rest  dences. Moyie, however, is an exception to the rule. Here the miner can  work at his trade and at the same time-  live iu one of the' prettiest towns in  the country. The business and professional man can also have all the  enjoyments of life and still ply his  Vocation. Moyie is fast becoming  recognized as a typical residential locality and summer resort.  '     n       ',  : When thev arrived in the mountain city  ' reCe,\V(\ ihT.0Urh I they were whirled away to a hotel   to  in   tnese   towns   prepare for the ovation arranged for  prepare for the ovation arranged  the general by the populace. Ithad been  provided that he would review   some  military aud in general lend the luster  ���  -MOYIE,    EAST KOOTENAY. B. C.  ' is  , The above hofel is ' .    ���  neatly   furnished.  Board $5.00 per week  Per day $1.00 and up.  The bar is supplied with  thj best brands of Liquors and Cigars. ���.   Assayer ,and  Metallurgist.  i,i"  PIV.i.  The stock of  the MOYIE SUPPLY CO. l  sold to Messrs., Campbell & Reiti, who :ik>  in a full stock of Groceries, Tobaccos,  Pij,f.  Shoes and   Clothing, and who will be  [���im^M?^^  . ���       . ... ^liW^mM  citizens of Moyie   everything m  these lines   at  a close  Caeh price.  ^et-."-.^'"'-'%5,��''i'V   ,S;��||f|J:  SAW AND PLANING MILL.  MOVIE,  li.  C.  If You  Want Anything  Fort Steele Mercantile *������  '   lrxT THE DRUG LINE  OR  STATIONERY SUPPLIES,  Call on or write  BEATTIE & HOPE,  jroYiE. ,U. C.  All Kinds of Rough and  Dressed Lumber, Sash,  Doors and Shingles. . .  moxje,   n. a,   WW-  yon rwcES api'LY oh white  'G.R.'MTJIR.lMgr.  S.vm  1  BREWERY,faj^  ;^s&sv  -o-  '���RKEWERS   0F-  COMPlXY.  (LIMITED.)  MISFIT CLOTHES.  No man v/hohas never appeared before  an  army   court-martial  or examining  board can ha\e au adequate conceinion  of  the  worriment  that - recently agitated Coh, Wade, u meJnljcr of the inquisitive bod}- that wctit digging into  (lie  cases of several artoy oiJicers   at  Chicago some time since.    Co). Wade  started from San Antonio with spurs  clanking aud sword* fairly glistening  under  the inagi>'. eflVcis of jiowdered  brickdust.    Also  he had blue clothes  wiih  gold   curlicues.and designs like  wall paper on them, and in general he  was *ccoutered regardless.   But in an  evil moment an ignorant porter, mistaking his swords for a new kind of  sectional fishing rod, bundled the whole  glorious dream of martial splendor into  the. berth of a British tourist who was  on his way tothc Wind River mountains  to catch mackerel.   So v.-hen the colonel  tivrived   in   Chicago  he found himself  quite out of the class of Gen. Brooke  tnid Maj. DeWitt 'tnd the others of the  fxaminlng boarditvho sauntered around  with  an   average of t\ peck of .gilded  famishment on ihotrt;   lie was obliged  ' to submerge- himself-  in shame and  a  i-rown tweed suit and feel that he was  guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman because he did not  rattle and clang as he walked, like a  crate of crockery or a wagon load of  structural iron  hauled over a granite  pavement.  The army officer who has worked his  way up into the king row is, when he  goes on departmental duty in his fatigue uniform, a thine of beauty and a  rest to weary eyes. We once had the  pleasure of seeing (Jen, Crook distributing medals to sharpshooters on the  Bellevue rifle range, and by conservative  estimate his clothes weighed a ton, and  the}- were just the ordinary clothes to  go with such an august occasion as  the bestowing of a quarter's worih of  silver to a stubby-mustached soldier  who had succeeded in not killinc 1 Ik-  cow in the field to the right of the earth  bank. It was an August day, and the  (lay seemed to have been, vigilantly "'laying" for the general, for when he moved  majesticall}' forward under a black  chapcau with enormous plumes and  with his uniform tightly buttoned  around him the sun seemed to take another hitch in its running gear, and ii  went at hlnf as though it meant to  serve, up roast general well done for the  evening barbecue. -The perspiration  streamed down both sides of his face  and formed a sort of Allegheny-Monon-  gahela confluence at his collar button,  and there was a freshet and a flood-  tide quite in keeping with the Ohio  river's regular June rise. His beautiful  blue clothes with their hardware and  bullion on them seemed to melt and  coalesce, with his frame, but he valiantly talked on, and lold the soldier who  had not hit the cow how patriotic and  loyal of him it was, nnd the country  was proud of him and liis score, which  was  1-11-44, or something of that kind,  Several months afterward a friend of  the general  was  fishing with hint out  of his presence so as,to make Denverites   , . ,  '   ,.  proud.   Arrived at the hotel the terrible   " �� Ci]Try C0]npletC In,es 01  Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Hardware;  in the mo  information was made known ,to the.  hero of, the apple tree of Appomattox  that his trunks were lost, and, aside  from the linen duster and the cindery  shirt and trousers which he wore, there  was no garb belonging, to him on the  face of the kno0wn earth. ��.  It might not have been so serious a  proposition had the fact of that review  not been pressed upon the Galena, soldier. But it would never do for a maii  who had boon the commander in chief  of the United States army and who had  made a triumphal march around- the  world to get upon a reviewing stand  clad in a linen duster and a traveling,  cap. The general called upon Gen. Sherman for advice, and the man who had  marched to the pea'rearlilj-, offered, the  use of an extra uniform of his own. It  was tried, but where the ex-president  was broad it was narrow and where he  was short it was very long and ample.  Then Sheridan proffered a uniform,  but Gen. Grant looked gloomily upon the  ���Jtout form, of the Winchester rider and  said he was afraid the arrangement,  would hardly answer.  Scouts were sent out into trie town  to discover some relief for Gen. Grant  Such work of inquir:��- must, of course,  be performed with discretion, as .the  general, although called the plainest of  plain heroes, was alive to the dignities  of the occa-sion, and did not want the  secret of his predicament sown broad-  east. However, after sr-veral hours of  search the scouting party returned and  conveyed" into his presence an assortment of flaming brilliancy in masculine attire which caused his parlor  room to look liko a. sort of masquerade  costuming bazar. There were police-  men'o uniforms and mail carrier's clothing and militia garments and Knights  of Pythias atiire and campaign suits���  all gathered from clothing stores far  and w ide. At last the general Micceed-  (d in making up a fairl3'good suit out  of a combination of military officer's  garb and a uniformed rank sword and  belt. Tho other clothes were bundled  lvick to the second-hand clothing emporiums from whence they had Ik-cu j  brought, the proprietors of these stores  never knowing for whom or for what  purpose this collection of uniforms had  been ransacked.  One of the morning papers the next  day said that "Gen. Grant looked every  inch the patriotic soldier, liis. dignified  bearing v.as enhanced-by bis simple,  but glorious uniform of blue���glorious  because of its associations." It is said  that this is the uniform which the general wore in tho Wilderness, but when  he was asked alxnit it the hero smiled,  and uai silent. What magnificent,  \s hat patriolic memories must be connected with 1ha.t suit of blue! There  are men, patriots, ,who, if they had  it to give, -would gladlv yield a fortune  for it." ;  How grievous are ".circumstances!  How cruel it is that opportunity is.so  seldom recognized and that .men' crave  to-day ..what yesterday they might have  had for li'he 'asking..- Any of those persons who wovi'ld cheerfully have given  a fortune for that uniform, rich with its  associations,, might have had it the day  before by calling at a shop. in-'Wauzcc  street and turning over to the-proprietor ?t.r,r, lawful moiM>5-'.o�� the tlniied  Si-ales. -You wi-e, that; was one. fusci  where t-'-c m.'i.n made the clothe?;, in-  ��Vad o; the clothes'making the man.  ;���Cliieasj'o TJecon'J.  WJXER,   LIQUORS   AND   CrOARS  .      AT V.'IIOIjK^.U.K.   ,  Cranbrook,   ���   Fort Stoolo    ���   Warriner.  J.   P.  J..V.R0NDK.  W. R.   LaKondk.  FRESH   FRUITS  And green vegetables arriving on  every regular train. The largest and  best assorted stock in Moyie of tobaccos, cigarettes and imported cigars.  See our  DRY   GOODS  Ladies' aprons, underwear, boots and  shoes, toweling, table linen, napkins,  flannels, flannelettes, prints, etc., all at  LaRonde Bros.  atOVJE.  Queens' Avenue.  MEN WANTED!  To buy clothing and  gents' furnishings to  AT    T.KAST  The amount of  t3*So Per Day.  Pit reus  MO J IT.  COMPANY  Qtieoiw A vc.  nrOYTii, u. c.  Prices Given  and   Orders  Taken on    j  Everything  in the Printing  Line at the  &  to  to-  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to'  to  <P  to  to  to  �� ' to  7 ��� to  to  to  to  to  to  FAMOUS  MINERAL WATER  I.V  KEGS  AND  BOTTLES.  FINE LAGER  BEEJ  AND PORTER . .  '.  i  R.  ���        OltDKliS   PROMPTLY  ATTENDED  TO.  Ricestrer and Co., Props.  NELSON, B  ,     ,        DIPLOMA AN'D MEDAL       ^  r  AT      WORLD'S      FAIR.  THORPE   &   CO.  Victoria,  FACTORIKS  Vancouver,   -   Nolson.  to  ������$Se=��"��S>i$6��-:H-$$:$:���:e6������  NEW JEWELRY  STORE.  High grade watches a specialty. A nice line of engagement aud wedding rings,"  broaches, blouse sets, bracelets, chains, etc. Orders by  mail solicited. All work  and goods guaranteed to give  satisfaction.  W. F. TATE,  Crandkook, li. C.  JEWELER,  KOX 99.  PHONE 8.  ADDRESS  Oetlifornia," TTl^ixxo GoJRjM,  NELSON  When  in  urakdrook  Call   at the  PIONEER  Arid see the largest stock in  East Kootenay. ��� We have  everything you require in  shelf and builder's hardware,  paints, oils, glass, stoves and  tinware. Tinshop in connection.    G. IT. MIINER, Prop.,   cWnROOk.  L. MILLOP  AgSATIIilM,  NELSON,  r^mvS&i  fSli  GWOVMMJUmo  That is what we soil.   We curry everything in   that   line:,   >oth   staple   and [  fancy.     Our   stock  is   the  largest   in i  Nelson;  our   prices   llie   lowest;  our;  goods the best.    Special   attention   to  mail orders.    Write us.  Try Three Star Flour.  M. DesBrisay & Co.,  An ram hen Block.  XKLPON, n. c.  THE   LAKE   SHORE  Barber Shop.  Corner Victoria" st.  and Queen's ave.  ,.','���    W  A.  HA!\rir/j;p>', Pron.  PATRONIZE  WHITE LABOR  DyScnrUng Your Work To tho  ake Shore Laundry.  PHILIP CONRAD, Pttor.  GOOD WORK, PRICKS  REASONABLE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  CRANBROOK.  Repairing Neatly and Promptly Executed. Special Attention (Jivon  to Mail Orders.  Suits  Made to   Order.  CANADIAN PACIFICISM  '.    RAILWAY  The daily service  between ...   . .  Atlantic    and  by the.  IMPERIAL LDIITKDl^  to  be inaugurated  Pacific^y  mm  VS',-%��'W*v  eiftf ������-  JUNE 18TH.  will give   quickest  lime hot ween  OCEAN   AND    OCEAN  American  across the \'<\ ,"'���!-!<���:  Continent ||il  f.'-j*��!iil--  JOSEJ'lf >'.HIlJliJ.CSTAnT,- l'raVj  Lager beer sold   by the   Keg or  dozen  bottles.  Daily express bervice via.  Crow's Nest roule to and  from KOOT10NAY COUN-  TKY. Jmiiroved service on  all Koolenay local Rail ami  Stcaxner Lines.  Bottled Beer  in Stock. ...  :i:V. or ii i u 1 rv.  Outside' Orders OivcD^Strict Attention.  Moyelle  Moyelle  Moyelle  Moyeile  Moyelle  Mbyclle  Moyelie  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Winnipeg  Toronto  Montreal  New York  Coast  Nelson  Calgary  in  in  In  in  in  in  In  34  74.  78  90  20  7  14  hours  ii  . '<'  <<'  Ay-ply for Rates, Maps, Time Cards,' Ticket? d!".1  I-'ull Tn/onniiUoii to. Jfcare.St..Ui('iil  Agent, or  ROBERT    KERB.,    Traffic Mnn��gcf|  A.VI.NNU'KCJ.  W.Y. ANDKRSON, K. J. COYI.K.  T. 1'. A. Ni-lsou.        -   D. I'. A., Viiii^'.Vf-  i;U&-Boiiuio our ticket ri;ads viti. 0. 1'. !�����:'  4>  $  uto  U&��&  disiuiurafi'-"-


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