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The Moyie Leader Jul 14, 1906

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,„/*«Niwr *
I   .     *'
iyoL. 9, NO. 14*
iM^YIK; B.C.,   JULY 14- l*'^
*SA   YIlaR
'If that is.wttat you want this is. the
place to get them.,
.Groceries.Green,' Fresh and,Clean
■ ; is what you can always1 depend
upon here. We expect a full assortment
r- of fresh vsgetables to arrive this after-
R noon- if they'donft we will be more dis-
m appointed tliaii you. Our business is to
im sive satisfaction to our, 'patrons; and our
[l record of being the, oldest in business in-
|# tne town backs up this statement.
'A ' ' "YOURS FOR BUSINESS,      '    ■• '
Thirteen years  with
■t   the St, Eugene..
W.ill' Take a Rest  and1 ,Mav
' Visit Through the, Old '-
, • Country.,'    -<    „
Thirteen years ago "last
month J nines Cronin, in
company Willi Fa'tlier -Coc-
col'o ari''d' ah Indian- named
Peter, staked the St.' .Eugene
property.-; TJien.the work of.
converting the" prospect into
J. > a  mine was >begun., There
'5. ' _-- 4 '.' '., >i*r'-f"<\ -,". ' '-;-:\" ' . - - i
The .iiotisumxtfer months are near at
Wd:     Ask- yourself whether ; yout are
properly insured:against 'fire,; and,-write
.    */■■  "     .        '':    '-  ■"' ,i ; V " '"-'
''NOT Mi'DElINr.THE'. '^T^NGLE."'-. ;    ;|
Good tainadi^
^ '       -      MOYIE'S  'LEADING    HOTEL. £
Hotel Kootenay
i u        r
" The best of accommodations
for  the Traveling' Public.
Large and Commodious Sample Rooms.    '        Billiard Rooms,
McMAHON'BROS. Proprietors.
. We have secured these   corseis  'for
Moyie, and would   like   to   have   the
ladl.8'  opinion   of   them.    We   have
them in styles   and   sizes   to   ht   all   fife
^figures at prices ranging from Tools to
Let us show them to you.
"■ - - Imperial Bank of Canada.
v   Bank deposit.' :i
Once opened it grows whether added to or   not
;;    Interest  allowed at  current   rales   and   com
.   poutded twice a year.
j, F.M   PINKHAM, Manager.
fr ' " A'   V i ^^_^ -&-&m „^cL**s&-*** this summer
was-no'railroad, -no1. .Moyie
"and no Cranbrook theivancl
every   pouncU'pf - ,grub  '"an.d
supplies 'had'*,to be   packed
from Fort' Steele, ;30  miles
away.  ' Cronin and Pete Ole-
spn "comprised the'first'working- force. TThey 'each1- took
.turns at  holding   and  ham-
,m'ering';the'drill,,'as fwell   as
doing the cooking, - sharpening' ihe^steel.kc. ' Then pay.
day would, come,   and Cronin would pull   a roll 'of bills
from'his pocket and pay'01 e-
soh,  for. .his 'month's, work.
There were no. labor troubles'
of grub    strikes   at«tiie.St.
Eugene'in,those days. . Then
the force .was/increased-, ."and
P.eter Lynch,  W.  P.^White;
Wm.'and ".James ,'Mills,' the
Hamilton' "boys, 5and ' John;
Bakke were hired. 'White  is
now,    superintendent' •' and
Bakke is a foreman.-     t       ■
Now° 'after thirteen  years
of  continuous    management
Mr. Cronin has tendered his
resignation, which   the company has reluctantly  accepted. ' Mr. Cronin took the St.
Eugene   when     there     was
nothing but the cropping  of
a ledge., rf He   leaves it  the
second     largest     silver-lead
mine on the( American   continent, and he has 'made   for
himself  a    reputation   as   a
mining   man    that4   anyone
might envy.., 'Not only that,
but he   has   accumulated   a
comfortable fortune.
Thursday ho was arranging his fishing outfit, had
two of Jiis dogs tied and was
ready to go on a trip with J.
C. Drewry to the Old Man
river in" Alberta 'when a
representative of this paper
called on him. "Yes, it is
true 1 have resigned. 1_ did
so some lime ago, but it is
only now that" 1 am able to
get'away. 1 was never better pleased with the St. Eugene, and 1 am holding all of
my stock in it. Being still a
director I shall come to
Moyie quite often, probably
once a month, and look over
the property. The mine is
in good hands and will run
very nicely without me. Ii.
H. Stewart, consulting engi-
-hee'r for ■ the company, will
have .charge of the affairs
here, but of. course Mr. A.1-
dri'dge is general manager."
Mr, Cronin's family is living in Spokane, and Mr.
Cronin will; spend/most of
his time there. It is said
that he and . his family intend talcing a trip to Ireland
'    LOCAL  NEWS.       -
Tliere ii a sellout el<-0Mon toil uv
Ice cre-un at A.'JJ. ^'<'w ""i A   Co V.
K. G. Gwyune.rtiunnsd Irani  ypui-
yn-j MoiidnVk
JJ  H. Hh'irt wiwp fiom Or.iobrook ,
Wednesday.    "
Jiimes Weight ia'takint: a abort lay-
'     . .    i' '
t ff uniMm goat' tu^by.jk^uii.
i   Sam Spears will soon h«v<- h\a  eion*
at Oioston op>'ii foi.busintad. yt '
Harry Dimock-has  'sold   his liouse
and lot in Moyie to';S.trii Fotlcr.
G. A  King returned T.iurkh;/- from
a triji tlirouKh the'Co-.ur  d'AluOfs.
', Josepli Nipjlt-rat-dt is now  rUuninii
a grocery and fruil'storo ill R'^Sij.i^
, , Patrick Higa'inahmb'jen   bwitify-
ing ui^houie with a coal of paitit. '    l
G'jldie Stewart0 iiit.onds   le.ivLug  for
"the'east abouttbe 20u'li of .thefljonth.
. 0. J,° Johnson is on ton Pi-rry Creek
doing   assessment'  A-oik", on " some
claims.      ,     ''"    f '        '  ,  „' '
7 Father C!\oiuel   of,, Criinbrcok" was
hereSundayaud helJ.'iservici'S in .tue
Oatoolic church.'      , ,v
' p,    Fossom   of ' the   Intemationul
hotel  has, bread,  cakes, pasusty   and
icecream for salv. t - • . ,.
Eruest Maradeii 'of Rossluwt 'lias
laltily joined the 'Clerking sl'al? in R.
Campbell ■& Co's store.1. ,       -  '
'""-Misa Miud Bolen "has n-luroed , to
Moyie afterT'an'absence'of several
months iu Spokune.
'< -Mrs. Nuttle is\ving"dnnBPr1>n«'ly .ill
at her homt", "ml thvef. „s'ii:iM -10 be
little liojie for lier reccvery.
^Hiirry^Stewart^ft'iremari ot 'the ^St.
Jbuge'u'e.mill, is ,back"fro.n Upokan'oi
where, h'e was visiting witli his family.
'J, C. Drewry. was in'town a1 day, or
two, buL is now ilbivu on the Old, M.in
river on a fi&iiing trip Willi .Mr.■ Cro-i'
snu. ' \.  '      - ', e      ■   '    *
Jack McTavisli "and ^'Sandy" 'Cameron are building up a-splendtd bmi-,
nesssince taking over the, Cuaiobpoti-
tau-lioiel.. , ',    d   ,•    *, ',
"A forest fire has b'eu 'ragbg about
two miles" south'of Aldridge fox" several
days, but is now find to be'- well uudor
control.      ■'   --J,"   ->$,'""  •','"'' i*""
The "Moyie~brewexy" is"*Jtiii«in"g -out
'?.y ri ^.r^ffi, A<iA»«,<rf "A\ggBga5^aias jia^as^e^as«.^Vr» TtfSrMttX&t&fr'-
At St.   Eugene   for
Month of June.
 i ' i (i
■ Place' was Livelv, But There
was "No Disorder rWhat-   -
d?gh .QBjality
LxkI Tti'vday was p-tyday at the St.
Eugene mine,, and $.31,000 was tlio
amount '' disours-ed.' ' 'lvhe , merchants
and hq'el men ..report better business
.than  usual..' Tho   town    was  orderly,
and there were no ariei»ta.'r' ■
<, ■ «. :'. -	
' 'New Sign For'Hall.  /:
' The' Miners'   union, ; Odd   Fellow?,
Tvuighl's of Pythias, Pres'iyter'i.ins   and
'llit reading room   comm'itie'e ' clubbed
together and''had   a  s'gii   pointed   for
at.^ome stores mean's
high priefri. Here it
is (mile , ihe reverse.
On. hijih grade -
Summer Ties
are ''marked down - to
s, nat    i,s     cusLomaiiJy
Low prices increase sales' ajid that's bow we even
up.  Must take  a look   at  our  men's  furnishings.'
You'll be b,uund to''admit they're ''swell5"   ancWx-
truemely reasonable. '„"'"'
Eacnern'-'- .-r".
Fatlie,rs:of Confederation', '
>   Jlie ,re.lcnilt'?V inarch   of  time   hn«
lusl..llul „ ,„..„..  .-6..   ,    lefi'surviving o.ily^two ol tiie  original
McGregor  hall.'' The,'ei?n  gives ' the j thirty-thrpe Fitliers of Confcderatrdn.
''   ' METAL-   MARKET.
'i- * *, ''
Nbw   York—Bar Miver,   Oi'ii   cc:u»
L».wi, !fr)"l5.'   Zi'nc C«i.p'lll<;0 $:"» ',)0.     ' "
London—Lead, £10 Gs. 3d.
au excellent quahiyof beer,' aod [very
little of the outside product id .being
shipped iii.'K«_ '    (    , . , ,    "    ",
Rev, G.ILFiudlay and Jobb Simpson took advantage of-Urn reduced
railway rates aud'weut to'Ciliary the
first of the week."       ,     ■ ' ,-
Miss McKay, who worked for over a
year iu the' Kootenay , Hotel dining
room is now employed at llie Cranbrook hotel in Cranbrook.
Last week we overlooked mentioning
that J. F. M. Pinkham of the Imperial Bink of Canada gave if 10 to be added to the purses for the-drilling contest here on Dominion  Day,
Mrs. Foote was in Cranbrook this
week to see her husbind, C, A. Foote,
who is in the hospital. Mr, Foote is
getting along nicely aud will be ready-
to come home in a week or len days.
FOR SALE—House ami lot aud
housekeeping outtit complete. Will
be sjld cheap. Apply to II. A, Pet-
tus or at MacEachern k & Jtecdonald's
store-    ,
El A. Hill had some new shelving
put in bis store this week to make
oom for his ever increasiugstock. G
R, Strange, contractor of Oraubrook,
did the work.
The local lodge of Odd Fidlows had'
a big meeting Tuesday evening. The
new officers were installed end three
candidates were given the first'degree.
At the close of the meeting there was
a Bocial session aud ice cresim, cake
aud lemonade were  served,
M. Macklenburg, M. A., D. O. S.,
the celebrated eyesight specialist, will
again bo m Moyie Sjturday, July 2Sth
at the Moyie Drug & Statiomry store.
Any defect of the eyy emd sight
satisfactorily treated. dross eyes,
short sight, far sight, old sight,
irregular sight, etc., properly attended
to.    Fees moderate.
daysvl.oiiM o't m»nting. He, and will
u'rovu uf grea*'i-cinviiii'ni'C LO the
people, and t'speeially io strangers in
tho'town.    * '    i       ,
.Timber   Eevenup. ,  , '
" ' ;         /
.      '      "    i v
The timber,, revenue, for the province for the 5"ear ending 'Jtuie ,'M i3
estimated',to be]1 very near $600,000
thus surpassing allnpnsvious records.
The number of licenses b'ving issued
is gradually' increasing and the in-
orease ' so ' f-tr has been- almost 50
p.-r  cent. ,'   <       ; * ,    v
*    ;Iii,New Quarters., ,; .
.-.'     .'   '   ,, .      "      ,< - . '
The Moyie Loaderis no>v occupying.
qilftVtere iu -tl»o;—PurrKU' blo.-k. jTbe^
move was necessxry to get more room
for the increasing ,business. Tiie
printing plant has been added, to and
we are prepared toluudle work' of all
descriptions. '- v
-     Tim Farrell Hurt.
1 —  t ^
Tim . Farrell had one, of his ankles
crushed'q-iile badly Wednesday even-
ing shortlyafter.be went on shift at
the mine. He was taken on a freight
train to Cranbrook the same evening.
Catholic Social
The ladies of the Catholic church
are planning to hold a social in Eagle
liall on Friday evening, August 10th.
Not tiie Kind Wanted.
A smart young fellow called out to
afarmer who was sowing seed in his
field, "Well done, old fellow, you so«' -
I reap the fruits "   .        -
''Maybe you will," said the -farmer,
"for I'm sowing hemp,"—Harper's
Weekly.    J ^	
III.. U.iui'u --in   Oban s   Tupp r   J'.l
Senator A., A   Mvcdmnll   of .I\ .H,  T!
Tho magnzine section   of   the Toronto,
Globe of July, 4iU has, the   plsotos- ol |
the two men, on the front' paee'as, also
a group, picture   of the Fathers of Con
fedemlion taken iii 1SG1.    Much   have
the two survivors witnessed'in the  evolution ,,'of  the    ii2W   commonwealth,
since    it3    first  Dominion   Day,  and
much, indeed, have these aged statesmen witnessed of Canada's, gmvth^ as
measured by ' the   inilpstone  dates  ol
each ^uitceediiigFirst'of July. • ■
■   Senator M.fcclon ild   is   father  of   A.
P.jtfacaou'aid, merchanl.'bf "Moyie,.
•' bhas.Bie'sel-Promoted,.
s -j * 7"   ' l~
" "chfts.'B'iesel, -at one dime  snperiu-
lundetfl uf  tiVc^Oi-.-IJi'ij-anP- lillt'IOr    the
past year chi3f accountant 'at the
Centre Star aud War E.igle mines at
Roasland, ' is 'noff^in cliargg of 4he
Snowahoe mine, hear Phoenix. ,The
Snowshoe was lalelv. acquired' by' the
Consolidated Mining .and. Smelting
company. Mr. Biesel is a graduate of
the mining department of a German
university, has had a great deal of
practical mining experience, is an
able man and should make a .success
ot the Snowshoe.      ' ,
!gEMZ?.AI:  NZW3   NOTES."
c  !  /        , *
'  Tlu- Kaslo Kooiemiun baa   charged,
English packing lioiises are s.iiil .to-
be iu as  fliihy   conditjou   as  tbnde^'nf
Chicago.    .    . /j ,__      ,
' " .r '       ,
'The new pi earner Kiiakanook is  now ',
running  between   Kooteua>    Landings
and Nelson.    "  ,    '
'     NelFon's annual agnonltural and in-
dii^tii'tl    e^hiliiMon . lakes', piaue    ibis
vear (in September 19, 20, an I 21.'
". J I.. ' '
, J ,     r,  '
The   trial   of ■ Harry 6,Thaw for   fhe>
murder of,Stanford  White 'is  tu  tat..s",
place on the fust Monday >p Oc'obtr^
' .<-."        i    —I v ,
„ H/.H.   Dimock 'of  Iving^gat.e 'H^s;
Oeen*Jippuiui,eiI n— o..[-4i;    &»,i.u-.;u,  —
den for'the   Cr.rabrook,' electoral  dh- ,
trict, ,. ' ,_ i"   ;   ,       "v ''   .
'E. H. Small has taken a   five   years'"
lease'on   the Cosmopalitiou   hotel   iii
Cianbrook    from    N.       Ifau6,«nr tii'u
owner. ■ -,
'  ■>.   -\"
•   't'hltl
Excursion to Lethbridge.
Cranbrook people have the happy
faculty of doing things right. Tomorrow at the expense of sjiG00rthey
will run a special train to Lethbridge
and return. 'The Cranbrook lacrosse
team will play the LUhbridge team ou
Moml.iv, and the train will return
M-uidav evening. The fare for the
round trip including berths for both
nights in only $10
"   Hom^From J&egina.
The hotel men in Cranbrook  intend   •
raising oil tne price of bo.ird.    Tne ad ,,
vance in the price uf meat and grocer—-
ics is furemg'them to do this.-
Phcenix has a swift bunch of Eagles.1
On Dominion Day they beat the Phc--
nix hose teamviu the wet test and   had.
water turned on in 26+ secouds;
Fred'Small and A.G. Blain'are now
running the Crow's Nest Laundry ac
Cranbrook. They are conducting it
along business like lines and are making a success of it.
Saved His Comrade's CUc.
'•While returning from tbe Grand
Army Encampment at Washington
City, a comrade, from Elgin, 111., was
taken with cholera morbus and was in
a critical condition," says Air. ..J. E.
Hougbland.of Eldon, Iowa. .'-I gave
him Chamberlain's Colic, Ofciolcra and
Diarrhoea "Remedy and bi'lSeve saved
his life. I have'been engagsil' for ten
years in immigration work nud conducted many parties to the south and
west. I always carry this remedy and
have'used it successfully oii wady occasions. Forjjsale by the Jtuyid Drug
& Stationary  Store.., '•
Don't, neglect sitting for your photo
while the opportunity presents itself
to have good work. MacEachern &
Macdouald's old store. Monday, 16th,
last day.
We have just received a choice assortment of
Julius MueMer, owner of tho Moyie
Brewery, relumed home from Regina,
where heihas been for several months
supervising the building of his new
biewery. His new building is of brick
aud is 40 feet m width and 60-fuet iu
length. It. is the first and only
brewery in that city, and Mr. Mueller
refused a handsome offer for a half interest iu the business.
The report that But k*< Cockran has'
been retained by the Western Federation of.Miners in the Moyer-Haywood
case is incorrect. Clarence-Darrow, of0
Chicago; Richardson, of Denver, and
Miller, of Spokane, willbe the princl-*
psls for the defense.
St. Eugene Mt. Mines,
A meeting of the St. Eugene Mountain Mines, Ltd., will be held at the
Leader office on Thurseay evening,
Julv 2G.
useful    and   all  fornamental.
Come and see   them.
.     Mr. £. A. Hill   of   Moyie   is  our
agent.       ■    ■ -'■■.•.'• /:'"'■  '
W*. F. TATE & SON.
Jewolers and  Graduate Opticians.
Official Watch Iuspector for C.   P.
Crow's Nest Pass, Division.
if there is some one to whom
you wish to give something
'■■■. particularyfine aud choice.
Our display of rich pieces of
gem mounted rings, broches
pendants will surely supply
juBtwhat, is wanted.
The transcontinenal line which Jim
Hill intends to build from Fernie to
Winnipeg will have a leugta of S50
miles. It is said that coustruciiun
work will be begun this summer.
Nine one-.irmed men, business raon
of Lock Haven, Penn., gathered at a
banquet the other evening. After dinner they sat back with their ciga.s,
and related iu turn how they ciime to
lose their arm-?. Railroads were re-,
sponsible for three, the threshing machine for three, ijuu accidents fvo and
war one. 	
The M'isonic order is sending a si'-
ver trowel around tne world as .i s.\ .n-
bol of brotherly lovu. Tbo trowel was
started on its trip by the Jusute lodue
of New Yol'k City, last October, aud
already has' passed' to seven differeui,
grand jurisdictions and stales in ;tho,
United States and Canada. Twelve
years will be required tor it to go tho
entire journey.
Lost or Esiray—My gray mare,
Maude, weight about 1,000 pounds,
and gray horse, Toney, weiiiht about
1,200. Five dollars reward , will b<>
paid for return of eitberor intorniMtio.i
CRANBROOK, B. Gi»e^inK lo 8"mo:       Ui ^A^R0N«'.'"
.-'i.   v
' i
- til    ■■'
.',        ''TV'I
- "'->„(-'
BKSfi _ _w��* t,-,-*.^-.  i {\4l  -"'*.  :,,'**  *!Uf'  ��� <��?r  t.dj  '.i'.|f  1 ���* * as  ���J__&'  ;#;  ���,%��<':  "iV-V     *��i���� ���  ,3f<j4'5A^?V"  Si  Pi!  il.::A.<'#'  JLas  A,  .ijSslfpeff  J_<j3!  K3  m  (IT Si  . -   ;.���     :-   >  .,   ��� v ^  j n ��i'  4 .li'.ijj'/'  r^'fe-'*^''-;  t * "e j, ���  .f"'-P,i! .  ���-' t .'���  "~    THE LEADER, MOYTK. KRTTTSIf COfAjMBl-Al  JlJOi[EJBDER._'  Published in the interest of the people"  oi jl-.yie and Ejist Kootenay.  tf  , ���> ��V1 H  * CO.  I'uhlf Alter*.  I.-VIIKI,  KATKh 01   Hl'KBl KIl'TJOJi.  ujc Year..  ..$2.00  \  ������AlUKDAY, JULY  14,' 190G.  ' Aioyi<-'-< p ivmil from the mine alnne  j^ u\', i $1 000 a day, -and aveiages over  Sf 100 n in.iutn i��> UK- man. No wou-  iit.rthen ibat M-u-in i�� thriving:  Modest     Claims     OTt��n    Carry   tiie     Mo*  Couvictiuu. ,  When Maxiir, the famous  gun   inventor, placed his <*un  before   a  committee of j-idm>.--, he stated ifs carrying  jiuwt'i' to be much bel"W   wlmt   lie  f<-lt  i.e gnu   would  accomplish.    The  le-  .-ult of the'trial   Wat.   ilnrefore  :���   sur���  juise,  inste id   of  disappoint men I,    It  i- tiie *:tn��e wit.li the m inuf tcturers   of  t'liaiiiberlaiiiV     Colic,'  Cholera      and  j Diarrhoea    Remedy.     Thev    do , n< t  j .Mil>hclv boast of all 'tliiri   re rued v   wil  I .ccoiiippsi), but piufer lo U-t the  user  make Mi ��� a'tuiemi-urs.    What  thev  do1  claim, is  lli_t   it   will positively   cure  diarrhoea,   dv-enlery,    H-ins,   in   the  >t(inincli   and( lijiwels   and   has   never  iii-i-n known to fail.     For   sale   by   tin  Movie Pins: it' Stationarv Co.  I. O. 0. F.  Wlliley Ludce No. 44.  Meets every Tuesday evening in then  i bull   on   Victoria   street. , Soiournms;  Odd Fellows cordially mi'ittU.  G. Roith,  Noble Grand.  F. J Smyth,  Ser-r'y  St.  l.-|if;<'Jte l.f>cii^e No.  ?17.  K. of P.  Mr-els ev-,iy'Thursday  ;vcning     in    McOre.'ir  Hall at S   r'Jni'k.     ^"it���-  itim; hioiliers invi'ecK  Ci. Ji. 1'i.NiiUY,        G. W. OiU'iiAiin,  Clnrerllijr Cum. Jv   H.ant'S.  ill!  Comfortable  Rooms   and  Best of  Table Board.  J. A.  GOUPILL, Propi'.  '   There's soni*1 compensnlion   Tor   be-  , ^ng  fat,  alter   all.  , When    Secretary  Tiift geis up iu a street car   lo- give  a  ladv his spat three .ledtea can ait down  and any, sweetly?  "Thank you,, kind  wi."  ;   ' ,'  A good feature of the new law rns-  pel-tiuii the scaling oi logs is that log"  c:vn be bought'or sold any number of  limes without scaling, so long as lliey'  - Lad been scaled by tho gavemment  L�� fore being sawed, up into timber.  ��� Better . leave the littlr" ,dice box  aloue .when vou go to Blairmore.  Last.week Hairy, Howard was fined  $20 ii'iid costs for allowing dice throw-  n��g on his premises. Frank Carrier,  tlie bartender, uud Hairy Gladstone,  a participator in the pas'lime, were  each'fined $20.00 and and costs:  fc  BUY' YO.UR  Cigars, ,  Tobaccos.  FltOM  L B/ Stewart & Co.  Agent- for 'Crows'   Nest  Steam Laundry.  Moyio-  Miiiers'   Union  No. 7,1, W. F.'of M.   '   '  Meets in McGregor hull evi ry Patnr���  day evening. Sojourning memOein  are cordially invited to at lend.  \Y,\i. J. Fei.tiiam,  Pretidi-nt. -  TH0.S. E. Kki.i.v,  i     '      Secretary  MOYIE AERTE NO. 855  " ' 'The 'union-label canied by ' the Lca-  der.is givii gsEditor Mott of the Fcr-  sde Ledger considerable worry. Cheer  , up,'old man, ��� We know what we are  doing, and are perfectly satisfied with  the union label of the Industrial  .Workers of the World. Tt is one of  tne   strongest    unions   in ,t existence  / i *  Jtoday., .'        " ' i'   �����.   Bowel Complainl 1"  Children, .  , During the summer months children are subject to disorders of the bow  els which should receive 'careful .attention as soon as the first, unnatural  looseness of the^ bowels appears. The  liest medicine in'use for bowel' complaint is Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy as it, promptly  controls any unnatural looseness of  the bowels. For sale by Moyie ^rug  , it Stationary Stoie.   ,  ���THE  .Meets  evtj-y'   Wt'iiin.Sd'ay nt   8,1'. M  DR.   HARVIE,   ' "��� J. If  1'IAWXE,.  THAT HEADACAE  'h certainly ngonizivg.    But  wo  don't  see why you should keep on  pufleiing,  BAItKlW"  In   all   the   Principal  Cities and   Towns   in  British Columbia  MOYIE, B. C. '  P.. BURKS & GO  WHOJ.nPALK AN1>' RET.ilti  KEAT     MERCHANTS  Fi-esh   and Cured Meats, Fresh   '  , Fish, Game  ani  Poultry.    We  supply  only   the  best.     Your '  trade solicikd.  THE CANADIAN BAM  '       OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, U,5\  HEAD  OFFICE,  *B. E. WALKER, Gemr.il .Manager  300,0rjo  TORONTO  ALEX. LA 1HD, Assign | M|  STUP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN ��� ��� ;  HOTEIi.'  WHEN IN'  CRANBROOK  Worthv PrPs.  '���Worthy Socr'y.  HKSACT.iyiKU BROS,    Trojiit.  Larue   sample   room   in   connection  with house for commercial men.  of accommodations.' -  'Headquorters' for   Com-  ��        mercial and Mining Men.  Best  QUEENS   AVENT'E,  MOYIE,' B. 0.  Win/ Jewell-  ,   NOTICE. "      ���������  '" A special extraordinary meeting ''of  the shareholders of' the St.' Eugene  Mountain' Mines, Limited Liability,  will b-3 held'on July 26, at 7 p. m. at"  th<^ office ol the the Moyie'' Leader at  Moyie in' B C��� for the purpose of  electing a board of directors and arranging for the disposal of a block (of  ' t leasury nliareo of stock with the object of operating the mining propeity  of the company.  O.J. i Johnson, '-  F.J.Smyth,  ���>0  A. Sutherland,  Dps mlnier Bros,  McMahon Bros.  Express and General ' Delivery   Busi-  . ness.  ' Livery'' and  Feed Stable.  . ���    Leave Orders at  GWynne's Store.,- ���  Harvey   &    Mc Carter,  '-��      , '   ��� '     '       '     ./  Barristers,'Solicitors, Notaiies, Etc.  <    ,   I- . - ' '  Cranbrook,   -   -    B. C.  W. F. GrUED, '/     '  -IJ.VISltlSXKli, SOLICITOR, ETC1   ,  , -*  rf  CRANBROOK.       '   " ' '      ���        B.' C  MOYIE  British  Columbia.  C. H. DUNBAR      '  '     * / ,t t.  Bdrristor, Solicitor, Notary Public, Elp  ,"  . Cranbrook, B.C.  We havo several' kinds of headache  powders and tablets which,- wo know  are excellent. The kind'you need'dt-  pt'uds on whether its-your stomach or  nerves that cause the troubls'.!        '       ���  . , IT IS WISE '��� /. , '"���  to keep both kinds in the house  Then when tiie first sympons appear  you can check it at once. There are  many remedies that you ought to'have  ready for emergencies. We shall be  glad to tell you aboutribem any   timp.  The Moyie Drug:^  ana Statibiiefy Co;  I IS. n. sn,VT.T.. Mnnau-T, .    v    ,  Good rooms, good   tables and  bar  l   and , first class sample rooiia.  G. R. STRANGE,  DR.F." B. MILES,    .  333NTIST. l  Craiibrook,   ' ,       B,  C.  flO.USE CJbEANP!- ,  Then you'll want some papering  and painting done to freshen up a  bit.  -Let 'mo  give  you .ah   esti-  S..R,  '.WOEMINGTON,  <J       ' '       '   PAINTER.    \  H L   McKILLOP  Q-eorg-e JI. Thompson,.  ���   -'        Bahristkh, SpLrCITOR,  No-  . tary Public, &.c.   \ *��� .  . - ->  CRANBROCK."   'British Coi.umbu.  i , i"'��.  W. R. BEATTY  .  Embalmef and Undertaker,'  Pbone'89.   '    **-    '   ' " CRANBROOK,  Bids Wanted.  The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co, of Canada, Limited,- St. Eugene mine. Moyie, B. C. will receive  sealed tenders for furnishing 40,000 ft  Peeled Stub Timbers -delivered at or  near tbeii works in lower Moyie lake.  Timber* are to be ll inches or more at  pmall end,  '     JAS. CRONIN, v  Manager.  MINERAL   ACT.  >?-V  ���:i i"  J  A'SSAlTllilJtt,  NELSON,  B. C  CERTincvrn or Ivr^pvr.MF.NTS  MiTK.E.  Anrorit, Horn'-line, I)ii'tn-;n, ICtnii, i.nt*  J',>'11kiii! Mi em I Ulmm- sim-itu in thu Fort  f-'feli" Mining l)nlsii-n of I ii'-t KuuUiihn Dis-  trlot.  '   Wlierc locate-l-���On i:n ii-Ie nf lnwer ^I()ylo  I.uki-  JAiCE   N,)I'H'K thHi I.  Tim-- T.  MeViUk-, F.'  HI   <���   So   B KM.1, lU'uit fo-- O   1, Jollii'-on F.  M  ��'. .\o   K <114, llirw   I'.ii.Iit   F.   >1,  C    No.   B I'll  r. M.C.Xo, H !X)7, niUii-l -nil -lav.  fiorn   (inte / wfi hud.  Tl-e diflciencebetw cen ITIf.Inff and M K^Injj In the dif*  ference bet ^ee.l an At-curuc and an line, -.rate Arm.  Cnoo>c v -ssH���Uiscnmi'uie! Gtt a fall\'HNSl  Turt> ye^rs of experience is bel][t.d our tried and  f>rvvett l.ne of v       -  RIP-LES,    PISTOr-S, .SnOTOCNS  Jtlflo TolcgcopeB, Ktc.  \s*K yourdcalcrandinslst  unlhcSrHVHNS. lfjoii  cannot obtain, \\ e ship dt>  rcct, e*pras frcptiid.ow  receipt of catalog price.  Sendee In 5tfttn;,s fc>. 140  pajje citilop describing  t-icentires r��VKV5line.  l-rofnseli Illustrated,ind  contains point!, on Mioot  in^, Amnninit-on, IIic.  Iieauttful tbree^olor Aluiiiitiuin Ilan^ex- vill be forwarded for jo cents In stamps.  J.  STEVENS ARMS AND TOOL  CO.,  r.o. 110x4096  CiricorFE Talls, Mass ,i' <; A.  WE ClT OUR CLUT1I, __  lo fit the man who i-> g<'ng to w ar  the clothes. Not for s-me id ally pn -  portioned figure liardly ever seen in  rpul lif".    Tliat's why ��nr e-"t>->ctis  bTI" Ad UII'.V r-HOUI.D.  Then we nn',e and finish each   suit  or  the    Only    order  Tliat's what mak��syour   ap-  i gaiment as if it wero  SEWING machine:  ROLLER  BEARINO.  HIGH GRADE.  ii.-r-oi, to ap|.l> to tii-j Minim? lUciniui  (or h   parel difTerent and bc-ttur than any you  > t-  iTt'ficntc of IrsiproM'i'iont', f-jr uu-  i>i'r'iv.>o��  i...iiiinn;g a Crow n-irutii of the ittjo^t; cl-iiui-.  vtul furlher  Hike   nonce thtit  tiuuon,   under | Iry it.  ^������rMl-Mi 37. muM   t>c rt��ininenP(Ml   b- fore   tlio  is-  r-iinaceof *.iH'!i Certificate of linpio\i.ii.ci}t>*.  Dncvd tlii", 6t!i day of Julv, iUOG.  St.'' Josepn's ' Convent!  < ��� ���    r   ��� '���,  ��� - '  t<- , NELSON, B. C. u *  hoarding and Day" School conducted ,by the Sisters of St:' Joseph, Nelson  B. C. Commercial and. business  courses a specialty." Excellence nnd  swift progress'-' characterize' each de  purtmenf. Parents should'write for  particulars; One month' assures the  public of the thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  comm'bnce January, .April and ^'Sept'.  Pupils'are admitted durinc'ierm.   '  Contractor and Builder  PLANS' ANI) ESTI- ��  '    l        ; MATES 'FREE.   ' , '   '  -Apply   at ., . '   ''  iars., Gorman's  Board--  "  ' ,' 'ing- House.    , ,  ^-MMM���^QjM���W��� ������t  :E.G. &WYNNE:',; ;  < ���   ,    ���'      .< l. ' ��� - ��� ���  '-  Cigars,       Tob-iccp, Confctionery  ',     "'    ''.ITruitsjEl.c,       '���*'   -      �� '  FARRELL BLO?K;  t, '    ,    t    ���-,  ��� -���'.       KorTclc. ~"      -      v ~~~~  Notice is lierel)}- given that at the.explratiyu  ot 30 days I lateiid to applr to tlte Moyie^ Water  Co.. Lt., for a duplicate oertiflcoW Of NTo. 9J: for  299 shares of stock. 'Tlio origtiiat ccrliDuatc Is  lost-      * -"      ,      '     '  JOIIlX.S'A NELSON',  Adrninistratrii of the estiito, of  Jiiuol)  Nelyon  diseased ,        ��� '���    y  /Dated,   Sacramento,   Caliio'rula; , July ,,ltli >  190C.   , . "-' '      , .    ,    '      ' ,  najft  BRANCHES  THROUGHOUT CANADA  ANV�� n,  THi2 UI^ITED  STATES AKi> JSNGLANQ  A qcncral Banking business transactort.   Accounts mav ho oncnetf and ,.��� a   , '  mail with all branches of this Bank. conducted t,  SAYINGS BANK  DEPARTMJINT  Dc?"blts <>f   SI 'n��d upwards  received,  nnd  interest a'l��i.. a<  current rates,    'llic depositor is subject to no dtl��v v,\ ,  8'  in   tho   withdrawal  of  tne   whole  or anv      '"  ever  'portion  of  ih^  deposit  any  CRANBROOK BRANCH.  ' Oolloc3it;iobo.��s. \   l    -  I'   'l     .-,'!, 1.'    "-   -'���"   AGENTS ,-',.''      ' - H  -  "Canadian Fire Itisur ince Co.,"'and "lVorwich Union "Fire Insur.inco Society,  * Farrell:& Smyth, Moyie.  Gran b r o o k; Co - Op e rat i v a Stores  ���    '-.''���"-       LIMITED.    ���-'���'��� '  -     (|        ' ,       ��� - ; ���      -    f-  -  '   ' -   Funeral-Director's, and-   '��� ..  ; v 'u   -., ���' Embalmers.: ;.   .   ; /;  V' ���5.,i^"i'1"i ^  WINDQWS.. ;AK"D    DOORS  ����� ��i ^^tJ^^e in^ BnUsh. Columbia.  ��' moulding1^ *-Turnings:  brackets.||  under Ike auspices of the iMiiiors Union, and the Mtry-  or, Council and Citizenes.  -9    Two .Days' Carnival of Summer Sports  MONDAY, TUESDAY,' JUtY 16, 17, '06  Rock Drilling Contests, Ifor.sc Racing r.ncros<;e mid Baseball. Smrlng and Chopping Con-  -. test-., RunniDKand JumpIiiR Race^ of nil kinds! T115 of War, Tranese and hlack Wire  1'crformanpcs-, Jlalloon Aseeu��ioii, Tire Works am! general' sports- I  A program wlilch will outriMil in Us variety and excellence, any heretofore  ,    witnu-.M!il iu Britiih Columbia. '  W>  l-'or fuller j-articula's apply to  IN  PRIZES   ���    $3,000  J. R. MORRISON, Secretary.  (Sty  AS  AS  /he  Del��il Work A5"Specialty'wi'li' Up.  LU^BEH   LATH   SHINGLES,  ShipmnniBiM Slrrtijrlu nnd Mixed Carload:!.  H  CE-ANBE-OOK SASH AND DOOR CO. \j  CBANRItOOK, B. C. ,.  - (  OYIE    HOTEL.  P. F. J0EJVS10JV  * This Hotel is New and well Furnished, Tii  Tables are Supplied with the Best tne  Market affords. The Bar is Filled witj  the Best Brands of -Liquors and Cigars.  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL  AND MINING MEK i  11  r\isn  MOVIK _____ _ KK1TJ9H COLV'


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