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The Moyie Leader Jan 30, 1909

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Full Text

 YOUR   WATCH    will
F.'ceive careful  attention   if
left with us for "repairs.
:jLiu si)^-'-'
'  ,
uv   v-ai    i,.-,t    YctS-
£ YES  and giiarantrv ,a   he
Mr refund your money.
W. H.  WlLSCtf,
MuyiE. g. C.,   JANUARY .ii, |{)09.
',     H--B--K.
,  * .'      HUSKY  SHUTS.
V ', ' I       "
' 'it1 I   I       '
• Competitors iu our particular lino3 will most likely
di«h up to you thoir reasons why-you shotdd not buy
H..B. k.";Good9.-, For pity pake don't stop them, they -
aie our best a'dverl/iserF, and we don't have to pay f >v
i«-. Just look over their goods*, and yon will lfnd that
'their present'great talking points aro" IL >B: EL.> ear-"
marks of tho pa^fc. , Tney aae all exports in   the'^FOL-'
LOW UI^SrSTEALVy, , '■••'_'
j, y . ■    "$}"i   ,   ' i        • • i ,\    , „•    t
This year, %ce have more cow things," belter   things, ■
and .cheaper things than.we ever"had    before.
'        "f       *     '   "  » ,   FOlt QUALITY. '      '
■|  ' •  GENERAL FLOAT        |
.Creston has ,a board  of'trade,
and the annual fee is $2 a ye*r.
-There   are   eighty-six • annual
holidays in' Russia.
" V   '    ---
o'The'cifcy of Denver v/aats to
hold a national exposition in, 19.1,
■ One of the beec programs ever
rendered hi Myy'ie, was listened
to by a crowded frou .e last Tues-
'day night in Mbrley "hall, the hall
being given' free for that occasion.
-The pro'gram'e was a lengthy
one and every number was heartily encored„p_any ��' being recalled
,.-.- ,    *»gA"i anc( agajn.   Being the laOth
b.mtli  Curtis   and  family  are-anniversary of Robert Burns, "A
residing in Victoria: ', [nicht wnfe the Scotch"  was to be
expected,    andi'   many were* the
Cleared $80.50.        |«**«s*«€*s**»aa&3*$9W8dy~ffla
'§    '    LOCAL ASSAYS $
£2 A   Yl^AJft
-  o -i        i i
Iso fatalitif-.% ' from    snowaliderf
are reported from the Slocan thns
far, , v ■   , •    . „• , .
'.      ■ ■ - ■
, I,o 100S Canada produced 2* 060
j tons of lead.    !
native    songs,     dances  choruses,
quartette, trios, character % ketch-;
K. D. SDin^on is   making splendid improvement, ,'    '
The ice harvest has begun.
A-   C  BOwnes.  was    ud   from
Cranbrook "Wednesday.      "*,
Services were held in the Catholic church last Sunday.
Mike, 'Torpy - ca me' home   from
the hospital Monday. ,    ,
There is  tajk  of another  masquerade ball on .February l_th.
, Mrs.   E.  O-  J.-imm is    visiting
t     * i
The Slociu .district    produced
hurt;y&ar 932,000 ounces of silver.
t 4 . *■ *■ I)
; ; : 7{K r'l 'I ",'''. ^ ,. *   ^   _; „ r;^,,  /"* ~     ,,      a     y      The ,Ko5siaad; Wiater' c^i^  J**e chairman'* .reniai fc-f  Re
^.b^edsw.''. ?' Conf ectioriery °T n°"T-'" ■ - '   poS^'^St:".<S
■ V n, :■' "^ ?Ru;iT^ETq.,
Lv'ldiBLL BLOok ■'      ' "' *■-''■'
- _ '
liearts of his kinsmen
lrewi   liotc-ncd   unimprcrsed  to
rernaiift-,  Rev  (i.
f tlie
      , ,    ,   .-...,  x_^,   ., _th  all'
,, More,than 500 men are -working his fallings/has qouuded the'deep-
in'the coal mine at Coleman, Alta. est note in' the^human heart,'and'
e». Moiin audftiagpipe .selection. ^Ahfriend*, fTM .
which marked the evening, spoke     \f   T- ■' '        "
louder    thanAwords,    that   tliejr, , ™        e "'»°?w Wffiing at
*or.da- fcaid fq still dear to the  Lobtt,t"          '   l   -'
•>       •   —n  '^'.l'Vv-   .,■; .'.   ...'^  ,' '-,•:.-«► , -       -      ■ '
Fire, Life-rand AccicLent Insurance.,
BHd nnir«  -', '.* -<",•''"•• v'i'K f- i--t«"   i ,,' '   - t»ATrm."n    « ''
«.»Bboa\;\frj-c-'-r^/., 'C; >:" v. :",  ; MOYIEi -B;-, C.
Ridge^ay's- High tirade Tea.
■J - » ' ,1      !■«*    *»- I *" 1 -      * .' *      *        *H - .*        J l-
Seventy thousand  persons  are
— ■ employed iu the'linen^industry. in
Irolaud..     >, '     /' >vn.   « , .- ,:
WHAT 7IIE-SAIDi-^-"Afothor' nc\';er made such-
* *- "I i* I
'.'delicious tea as'this."
..     .*■       v , •'        '    ,- '     S.
wilAT;iSliE'SAl'n:~V.i\tother new used ItidW"
* .   y- f_';*-k 'j-*'/ .'-•_''/."   - -*"' :r- ,7'^'-*';-' ,-    .-, ***rre   ,
V (       j,t ,iii       -■* i _,^i    -if'-J .     > ^    '  vL rr^i i _ I - * J        '
',..'.". ."I'"'"""  '  - '<V*r"\vay s.Lea;   'ThatS'.wluv ;■.. :
[ °w,   r, .'-,.' y*°"'i-f .*ct.'.-' '-,?."*'  .',„" *       i   ^■•i'r. -   ,.      .* •
|> C'']:i m .1-2,"and -ldb packages cari'be procured 'ojilvtat
_l \ j-   I    - jVV     .     ,u    r j- -f        *, i  i ■* -^" >* j .^_ IT*!-. -_ ~
I    .,      f''' T*   ^   v ,-. <.,*"_      -   ,    ",_-.-    ,      u; y       . *    ■   - .     . ~ _-   >'.
^ yjEiarry IC. Tnaw will b'a, given; a
f trial in N'ewYork, city   to 'deter-
1 mine,tvhether he,is sane b»/insarie.
i "    .. -     "*. ,/ -'        *t   *■
' Corando.Pietrirand^ John Hayes
.of-New York will/rneefiu'a': 15'
mile race itrSc Paul on Feb. 22ud.
There will be regular servicres at
the Catholic church tomorrow.  J
r There are two  Hindus in  town
looking for work,        '' y,
• A'lnrge.cljute of clean Kaleua
ore^liae been struck on '.the Aurora. ,      ' - '"    -    .       . v  ''      •,''™
, -Martin; Morrell, ,a young man
well known, in Moyie,'was married atRos.lan'd last we.-k: ■ y,
'" Dr .Connolly was, up from Cranbrook on professional businest
painted in'eyery'sverse the bright
"est  picture that; ever'-stood' out
onycanvas by the worlds' artists."
,', The' committee', is  to" be   congratulated < on, the-isuccess    they
made.  fS109.50'was  the'.totaI"re. /  ,-~r-j. .       >v- ^
ceipts and','the^net- profits, to  belt The ,-Gathdlie   ladies  of'.ilbyie
devoted toward^ the  fire  brigade]intentl giving a concert on'.Wed
are^80 50: „.'-- ;    "  '   ,    ,     <■ nesday evening, Kirch 17th.
■  J.'D. Ribertson and son  Jinae's"
arrived this week from   Phoenix
s-Rev. C-.,n.,P,ndlay' was up from
'        \Vo iiave just fini^ed   stock  taking   tind   find
we   have had a i^tWafactory' year'B°bv9 ne«
Last, year o/.vni^ td Out Ht*rc9sc\ tumowr'
vve, vev enabled to reduce our pfice^ &1 ".^
staple line?.        _ " *
TJic chief .of these   hms BUgar <vhicli   ii-o' have
been   selling to   our  customers   for  the^ pa,t   E_v
montlis at t'lio 'refinery prico?.      ■ , '      .     .      *"    ".
_    ' TJiia year,we are assured    of "a   still   further
increase   ,n     oui    hwc.ass   .and    wc   are    fi,-a|lli£iS
jeduanfif our margin of-profif and 'the cost ofllvin? (o" &
:thepcope?fAloy|e,oyniflkiflsapIo4w •■ *     ^
eral stapleylines.     ' ■ ■ '    •.       Ha
\\V quoW
J'.imily      S tin.. $i Of/
2"(|*'f<    .       f   .<        ,.    ,
, „ -   ,      Hotel        4 ,«« ■<
Pearl Qil," •
Eosene  Oil.'     '      * *. *.,,,,       ^''
-,. i -   , '    - -    . ' -J uo.' "     "
*' '■   ^ive us an ord"er and get tfm benefit or our reduced price? o^.hese arid nianyojher line?    " '
'- *   'l We keep, only the; best 'gb6ds   •
f- ;MacEacherri'..&'' Macdonald"' •.
St. .Chaales Ciram
■«»      <<      y .-«
*o,i,i) p«r rnufe.
r, --
5 7-5
r <- *•
ft)0, "«
Those who "came  forward'and
q.inod1ha3l,593TavIa3uaion",,ifeVOterId ^''^ '?**  ^ta,e»fc.
31 federations  of trades   union,'    TT.'        entertainment areT >--■ ^-.^..^nillay was up f.oai
W49-trades««d-I-^---^^ hartiest -Jrai1  ^is  week 'to ""attend   the
I;t ,      ',' v     - thanks   of   the    committeo    for ,JiurnB anniversary concert. ,
.'■'"•*. ' -' ' 't.hoil- ivilltnn ,„o=!..t.r "'      , 'P     . T. '    TT„„y   _ ...'_.
.Associated, Boards.
"" ■>*
I It t,.~,
f o.j11
i'. i
, !~-l
i •■ >
v y ->- 4'<«"'• ■*■"    q f'y. ""-• i '■''*" **=: --'i'A 'y/ *
•*" -1-    <-■ > '- - "■*    -     ■.
•Ninety per cent-of :the_ forest
fires in-New Yorlc state this, year
^'oiV', charged;;"'to \" locomotive
spaiFks.'  --,""''    -     .    '■«     "   '<
their willing assistance/
A^'danee followed the concert
and:was ke'pt,up <to\ablate hour
the M.yie" .Orchestra'^kindly contributing their', "share1"-and' which
The eleventh annual convention of-the Associated Boards of
Tradp, ' sometimes , termed the
"Parliameht of Kootenay," crowded    through  a   targe  volunm „ of
New Vork;- Bar t-ilver, iJJfct'.'
Lead $4.75.  ,      Coppei; l/i cU-
Londo.v—Lpnd, £irV2--, S,f...   "
< ;A
r" JfT-'
I  A-
,-'4 I
'»t , »■«' -"«'»«          .JCn-'-m ''   ■•'< 7 '   rv^sii--, i. ' ..   - i" - i '   , ■     „-
f      .          _     - H,   j-*   -   «i""_.»-«»r^  -v_. .J    .J  *»!,+ p,w"-»**^i-""i:C*l,   ".    -»'',-      _ i    V,               ,  u            i"*      -r-'^'-k v    A*-        (           1^'K1
«r       -J    ^■••*a^**b-'« *»■•/■-i~-s *■'■   -r-^T-y ■*■«         ;>y   ^"-~i   j'}    .j'J-r*.   „"-"ri>,j   —*'      *-*■      ar ■>       (»-      i ^-« ^ *
,^ r\"""'*.6.'-,'"i   *-■' '_rx *         >< '"rv'-i   •    >?\ *^9 -»_
Begin llie^Sw Year .with*good resolutions, ' -   -
yytuid brdtjr 3rour gt-Qceries  from '     \   '
S ' i("\_ s -it
f ,„__-._ ■ t
Moyie Co-Operative Association, Ltd
* *       * ' '    ' - /'*i
Union mcii stand up Tor  your   principle, -
- *       . and buy" union goods froni -a .
i'y- „    ^  ,'Union   stored
^ . , * ; uij-ion Goors.
■ rrj-,«  ir^li    ,       TTw     "■* . wiuunng cueir'. snare   and   which
;. ' lne> Kootenfty-Bedto. mine   on L    _. r     j. »"""._'•  .   , ,        """-n
Sheep'creek ha/proddced lT'go!S -T ?   -" t?^7ln.d,OB  "P  fche
bric^siricelastlne:*':    ^'> !°td-. owning in a.^tenjoyable way.'
b'ritll£3"'siric6 last Juno
.... i.r.,     «••..., ■ i       y   ;.*
,;, Saowslides between' "AlcGt-igan
and Ka.lo Ifave s\vept away'sevoral
'of thc.trestles oh^,' the* lv> and ''S'"
raihvny. s4 L ^^,^,.^-v: ^'t .-.     , -■.■_,,.>-*.
' U "*    > -'< \< ., '    •*
C.irrio Nation .jvas pelted, with
eggs, one of themstriking' her" in
the face,   while  delivering a  lee-;
Lure in London recently.,
'" Th
qutirtertfnding Djcembcr 31 were
—■ $?
^->Vi ,
<<A Fast aud^afct"re3ting'game' of
^^gy^JJ;h^^"|e^;seen'iu }1 oyle]
was played.-Wednesday -"night -at
the rink between tho Moyie and
Coleiian teams', which resulted In
a tie/ the' score  being  3-3,     The
P. ■ !>•' Hope^ is ajiaking , Hands
withold friends in Moyie this
week."   ,        / ';'',,'.
, ,lS»iarehoWers- don't, forget ,t6-
attend the  meeting'of the 'Moyie
Co-operative Association.'    \
.- ■Ml's*_1:>- J- Elmer,-was 'up 'fcom''
^anbrook-during^the. week, and
^•as the grnsb pi Mr.' 'anli-Atrs
Dimoekvy,   .'",/, *" <■
• .Win the u par(y t who1 ^took ptvir
« ^»"C6_ -f fom .,back of *;• Lender'
office re'tiirn 'sajme without. being'
compelled to do so.    • '     ■    "
,, The infant child .of   .Vrr and' <
Mrs. ijrank B.asegh diod  Aloudiy /j
,.   -       •,   .    -,"-  "-~M    Rossland, Carnivs,!'-
business   diu-iog   tbe   dwo   days'   . • _1__7 .
session at Trail on';the  27 th and ^ -w^ m     'r_' •' ' -.
28.h 6f  the;mouth.     The  JlEoyie W,^  F thB^,va 0venfc to -,Je »«K
board w;,. represented  by  P^T Jp^Sf' °th'. <*".°*»""«*
■  '     •- ' J■*■aeihe Raihvny announce n,  tnt£I
Smyth" and E." A.; Hill, Mvho also
carried u-ith them* a pl-oxy1 'for
Jt. Campbell, 'president of fche
board.' ,    •     • <       ■ •'    - • _ <
of fare and one third r«tui.,_..
Tickets'on sj. froin^FdVnie.an l"
wekJatif3t to Feb, 4.   'Plo U  re-
Resolutions abking ', for thoj
eirly completion'of 'the railway
fromXoot-enay LandiDg>vto P,;oc-
fcor,,the reduction of. expre'sa^and
freight rate") on fruit, "the -more
oxtenfive, V>uild:ii>' of, roads tijid
trails, and'the  preparation pf an
turn'limit Fob. 8.
- 't.~i
.... $4
"'i-  i
■ ft-'
r,'„ *
I      I    /    y
Electric, Lights. '.''
-' i
■    ,_      , -       -       •   »wnuuaisaauucue result   was I     •.. . [
e" earning of - the United j'" doubt until time "Was called.'0 li(ithodi3ic'hurch'. Services c
;%"Steel 'corporation for the Both teams kepMip a gjod pacejplUd!iy afc H.","'m'and 7;30< P- r.
fcertfnding December 31 were   throuirhout the whole cam*     Th0   -\r_"ing subject   "O a-  JuJ^mjn
moniiiiir »n,i ™.    i      •   -,     ,'*      important worJc tansacted.    -  *
mo, mug and was fanned' the  foi        The citizens of Trail l.ft' noth
lowi.ne: dav.     ' ■      ,, i„nm„in„«t„    u..   ^..   _^__- . ,
The , electric,   Tights v -^vi;T 'r,^..
t"?l?ec\.   ™l np^t 'Monday,   "t\~lv-
- ..._  Jr.,l,„ „„ ^ »„   _ra'ircy 1^-    Tie   w>rk  of" i-i-ttill..
"exhibit at the forthcoming f dr'al !' '= i3 complated, and -ev^-vtliiii-f..
S.-attle, were  amongst   the   most, is in readiuoss for turning on   thai
unportaut work tansacted.    -  *"  ■ /••jnice.'"' ' .
' -*j ^   ' I'-ti^l
.     t!,  '4',,,^
■■    -W    '      ,, .">*)
gamp was '^ strenuous one froai  ,     .UIUg. a°d was b,1 _
start to finish and the result   %vas jT^        'l    '■      ° '      " |i»g undone to  moke   the stay of / a^««k t. *•
iudoubtnnt.il   t.im*   '-^J=   o„u„.r      -Methodisiehureh'.    5?i»rv.Vn««„   tlj« visiting delegates in tlu.ir.citv I -etllOCnar   1 2'eSClG
, Nelson hockey^-.tsam defeated
B6ssland<in the second giiiia of
league series by a score of 11  to  4
throughout the whole game. The
game besides being an excellent
exhibition of hockey was also as
good a practice for  the  members
■a     . . _ l.-*1-
Services  on
of Others."   Strangers welcome?
A sketch   of  Robert   Barns  by
John Robertson displayed ' iu  the:
tbe visiting delegate* in thciceitj-
a   pleasant  ., one,   Alayor   G.    F
at Rossland Wednesday night.      I    The,game started at-S o'clock
of tho,teams as could be secured.     the   wjnc}°w   of    II      Campbell's
store  has' attracted  consi-ieiable
eWir and Noble   binn-.  president'    T i9 bllUJfl,/of ft   t,es„4   ^
Ol   tllfl  boni'fl   fif     f-.l-.mla       TT-o^a    awo> r     .     .      ,. '      . *
aud    for  the    first1 five  minutes
.. I, k       .       1. * SI
. The American peoples-have  con-  pIay was.fast and furious, attack*
tributed through  the  Red  Cross  belaR mBde in turn oa  each ,
atotalof-fS9S,990tothefiuid  for   At the end of  that time a   Cole-
The best of accommodations   ' -
for the Traveling- Public.
Largo and Commodious Sample'Rooms." Billiard Booms.     j
i !
McTAVISH & CAMERON  Proprietors. j
'-unio nnbhj' styles in Derby shoes, just tho kind  you
t i .. - . ,*s.« 1 -It-il'' i1_-_          _
h.-ciii looking
for in Oxfords and Hals.'   Also our new
"i-v dimples of 20th Century Clothing.    Call and   leave
r the latest style for  spring at  the  up to
R' im'Hsure fo
''kiruijliiug PIju33.
■ -     _.     .,        IW[Wk^WiWWBWM«WWil^WW«WWMM«WW"«1"l"W"'l**ll^''lf^,^^,-'* ' - -    ■ ..
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Oii..:t-»l     » ..n •   _.i *> t n nnn .\r>r\
the earthquake sufferers iu Italy.
The government of Canada will
jhtive oue  of   the   largest exhibit
buildings at the   Alaska-Yukon-
Pacific exposition.
DV. Henderson' of  Cre3ton   was
married    lasfr     week,   to      Miss j man's lino  and  scored.     Nenring
Wickett,  who for  several   years  the end   of  the  first half  Mnyto
was  superintendent  of   the   hos
pital a Port Simpson.
attention  ^ and     elicited
favorabla comment.
of the board of tradt\ were ever
on the alert to see that all comforts were provided for. Wednesday night a special train wa?
provided to take the da'oga'es up
to Ro«s1hii<1 to witness the hoeke}-
match, and when the" party re
turned they were banqueted"" at
the Crown Point hotel.    Tlie ,fol
through Moyie's line and shot a
goal. .. Following this both goal
keopet'3 were called to stop some
hot ones. Colemin soon scored
again. Moyie's rover then grit
the'puck and went through   Cole-
- . , ,      ----- w.v^.,v.  i.ui.io   irun,      iiie   ,iui-
Miss Ehth IlaMke, who was 'owing day the delegates*were
taken to tlie hospital list Sunday lsIl0W11 through the smelter cf the
;*    it-i.i;..„    _>. .    .        Consolidated    Comnanv    hv   Mr
nu killer
o IC
tha   Like    Sion
over tha C. P. U  brack tj r,!i, 1 i'k ,
b  in> progrw.    Tw   wi"tte  f.•'<-, ri
the mine wtU hqrflifi'^r h=, « ,,-,-ift i
out over tuh cteicle  u.ud  dauiyjil,
ii^the hike.
Railway Commission.
*   ■■* L
y I
an  forward   brought ,the "puck  «    getting    along    very    ntcs'lv' I ?onsoUdft,Ced    Company    by   Mr I    The reorganization of  file   ,- .jj
 ,       >»..,.* , . . TT  ...  «... J   ' L Lhfl.rf.llA. fill* ei,-|n.:.,,n.„l.,n,      1   .TT.. „   „ .!..J..._      • .        ..
Miunt Fernie Lodge I. O. O F,
have their new regalia and are in
working shap? agiin after tho
fire. The lodgo meets every
Wednesday evening.
had fcored again. Stiff playing
was kept up and ifc looked as if
James J. Jeffries reiired heavy- Moyie had the game as tho puck
weight champion of the world w,a« always kept in Coleman's
will appear in vaudeville through- J territory. At the end of twenty
out the 1 irgor cities of tha east | niinufces Colnman brought the
beginning March 1 in Now York,   j puck through and scored.    In   the
—"  i remaining   ten    minutes   of play
Tho Atchison, Tupeko- k S mfcaj both teams ttied'hard to tally
Fe railroad id to operate it« en-1 bub without result and the game
tiro main  lino from   Chifago   to  uncled with the score of 3-3.    The
again got the puck and scored.
This ended the scoriug for the
first half leaving it 2 2
h >th teams started tho socond jewing today for Los Angele
half with a determination to win California, where she will ro nVr
and it was not long  until  Moyie |for the   winter.   Shi   will   bo
Her many friends in Moyio swill
be pleased'to learn* of her spec ly
A meeiing of the shareho'ders
of thq Moyio Co-O^jritive Association, will bo ' held in the
Miners' Uiiioi Hall oi B.ndty,
January 3lst.,  a"}  4  o'clock.    All
Libarthe,     the     superintendent, I way commi-isii,n ii annoiinccj   |,v
and «i.-h   was   presented   with  a U-hieh thP D jmioi-n i, divided I„V
bar  of  pure   silver  turned     out
to     iiHtrh'ti. ■      Manhobi.    and
"•peeially on that  day  for   them. ( -,
Eich bar contains about   10   ouu    ^^---katehewiin  and   that   part  o!>-
ces of the pure white  mate!,' aud
Ihfy weto much appreciated.
Tae piesident, G. O. Huphnhau.
the fhsb viee-president, P. A.
darkey, and the  secretin^v-breas- ,"" ln^-^    "■'• M.lla
membo-a are requited to attend. | l™' ')' ^ f^*"™' *'*">'?H ™ j,     " Ue}^\. CT'llU" "a   *"''   "
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-mis. t> li. laydor, who has been   ns the next place of meeting. -spector
in poor health for  sini3   tima,    s   — | '	
Ontario we^t of p,,jt AiMlutr viU'
•in iu charge of Coniiri.Mbioner .Ni<:-
L^-an with W. B'yth <if Wmnip 'c?-
•is inspector.    1».-.  Mdla   ivill   1-, >^
*   and    A
-apital  Authorized $10,000,000
Capital Paid Up  5,000,000
Ro-ii*:  f5.000.000
bkanpiiks in* iiKtnsix coi.umiua,
' "lipn,!, GolJen. Kamloons, M;iohel( tfclspn, Rovelstoke. Victoria and Vancouver
Savings Bahk^Department,.
inherent allowed on deposits at current rate from   date  of
[''eoosits,   .,.,...        ;'■"...
J. F. M.  PINKHAM," Manager.
\^~"®^^3**Ol!V^!tt7*90-'?*3^ \ l"">iuB -b> >'nother."
thel'iw'iflc coast by telephone   in
stead of by telegraph.
C. 0. Demaurez, f-irraerly of
Moj'ie, but now of Fernie, state-
that tho boat propellor he invented recently has been laid be
fore the British Admiralty Hoard
and has been unanimously endorsed by eminent authorities.
There will be a big cub in railway ra>f»s to th" Seattle fair tJii?
yoar, The fare from St. Paul nnd
return will be $50, and from
Ohicasro $02.5.0. Another good
.feature, i<* that people going onp
! route will have the choice of   re-
lineup was as follows, the first
wvpii being Moyie and tho next
J) iii'thuo
Dimock Biwlf Clothier
Stitt  :''■'"' Ball     '-y(j Grcasack
'"':      ■ £■,- ' -.-    .V'.'. ' ■
:...:■;,     . Simms ■. .-.■   ■■
. ' •'■' . Lewi-t '.,'••■
■'• -''-Millrr- :'•';'■"   '',    '
companied 1)3" her broiher,   L oi
ard Dud'ey.
Special ad,Ji ess to You g M «
in tho Prcsby.-cri-m church, o-i
Timday evening evening nt 7::!0.
Subject, "Mtnlinoeti." Mrs W;u.
McDougall Avill «ing. A'l are t-.a--
dially invited to at tend.
Mr. Bjn Prj^li of M- vie and
Cranbrojk ivenb to Xel.-o» t'e
first of the w, ok and wr.s *02 m-
panied by Constable "Bihiy"
Morris. Mv. M,,rris returned to
Cranbrook yosterday, but ir w d
be six months until Mr. Fu.;h wi 1
again be with us.
Will Be.Qusy.
Next week will be a slren"ou-
one for the Moyie hockey team
Monday night the team will pla>
at Ni-I.-uju. ag.iiri-t the N-13i>Ua
team, find then the team will pn
.to. R wi tnd uiid wrl! <ak o , -:**',*-
uriil eiigam-inerieb during t ic ear-'
:,ival.    T-iey    imv    al-o   take   a'
Pure, Wholesome? Reliable
Made from cream of tartar derived
solely froni grapes, the moiiit delicious an4 healthful of all fruit acids*
Its use is a guarantee of perfect food
and a protection against the ills that
follow the use of alum^ a!uni<*phos-
phate and other low grade ponders.
The mixtures called baking powders that sell for tta oc
twenty-five cents a pound, or a cent an ounce, are all alike,
made from alum and costing less than three cents a pound,
VW do job work.
Iwhivl on<-. of the Trail b*jya beforej
they .leturn'. I
■H ■■*      1 yj;  .?'���*,  .1    \   '  THE  LEADER.    MOYIE,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.       __  ll~  4yyH *<  r -;^i"?  ".ij' -*f.   i  , i       i   "   WT, '  ,    a     " -��',"'  ,   .'  . ,!   Js  ,    J*,*!* I. i-  n'~      Jit    ,   \  ir- i"i-  b   '-J,?   ' .    'i   *' -'1 ,  I  r' '"l. "-ifj-'l    ,,".-''!  r. < : f-.;��/.- i;  'i.W    ^V'^-'".  '�����-!y j"   -,/���" "���"i  . -  J "V T" %f "*��� '-*<'  -,yv^ ''V-'VL'  The Spoilers.  , By   RJEX E. BEACHJ  Copyrteht,  IS*,  by Hex  K.  Beach.  ;st ?��tji <��� iii  'ii.ir-f i>sr'->y?��*,Vf  ri'.k' ^ >      '* *     "'  i-  -**1  JJ"*  -a ��;���������.  , ;^.����"f ,*$ ���  t;.'/*i'V ;4K ��<-V,' ���  'Continued )'  I'lIAl'TEK  XI Vi>  ou re-  posi-  eer-  ljieJi  tt Is our duty to discharge'-"  "I suppose so. Uncle Arthur; but I  would much rather stay at home."  "Tut, tut! Go ami have a good time."  "Dancing doesn't appeal to 'me any  core. I left that sort of thing back  home. " Now, if you would only come  Hong"���  "No; I'm too busy.,' 1 must work'tonight,'and I'm uot iu a mood for such  things, anyhow." ,     ,'  I     '  "You're not well," his niece said.  ,VI have noticed it for weeks, ls.it  hard work or are you truly ill? You're  nervous; you dou't eat;1 you're growing positively gaunt. "Why, you're getting wriukles like an old man.1" She  rose from her seat at t the breakfast table and went to him. smoothing his  silvered head with affection. e        ,   '  He took her cool hand and pressed'  the  worry that  of -late  gave  jSatiUf'fl*.  t ,   * sr  r tun..    ':  -I  ��.'?.!. i'  ""���ll1  '���*,  ���k !'''5  1 Jf "J- ' ��� ,  -y *"}�����  ���hard    and  This coun-  .  try is intended for young men, and I'm  too far along."    Ills eyes, grewrgrave  again,   and  he   squeezed   her   fingers  nervously  as  though  at the 'thought  "It's 'a   terrible   country  this.     I���I���,  wish we had never see'n it."   __ y '  "Don't say ibat," Helen, cried spirJt-e  -  cdly. ' "Why,  it's glorious.    Think of  the'' ho,nof. > You're   a   United   States  judge and the first one 'to come here.  , You're making, history; you're building  a state; peopre" will  read' about, you."  ���Sbe stooped  and  kissed him,  but he  seemed to flinch beneath her caress.  .'/Of course  I'll go If you  think I'd  ��� better," she said, "though I'm not fond  of Alaskan society. ��� Some of,tbe women are nice, but 'the .others"��� She  shrugged her dainty shoulders. "They  talk scandal all the -time. One would  think that a great, clean, fresh, vigor-  ��� ous 'country like'this would broaden  , the women as it broadens the men���  but it doesn't."  ��� ,  "I'll tell McNamara' to, call for you at  ,  9 o'clock," said the judge as he arose.  So, later in the day, she 'prepared* her  long unused finery to such good purpose that wheno her escort 'called for  her that eieniug he believed her the  ' loveliest of women.    ,  " Upon'their arrival at the hotel he regarded her, with <>a fresh access of  pride, for the function proved to bear  little resemblance  to  a  mining camp  .party. The women l wore handsome  gowns, and every man was in evening  dress,  ythe wide hall ran the length  " of   the   hotel   and   was   flanked--'with  'boxes, while its floor -was (like polished  elass  and  its   walls   effectively  decorated       "' '" ' -    ,  V t- J *"  , "Oh, how lovely!" -exclaimed Ilelen  as she first*caught sight of it "It's  just like home." ��� '  "I've1 seen quick, rising cities be-  l'fore," lie said, '"but nothing bke .this.  StHb if these northerners can build a  railroad in a month and a 'City in a  summer why shouldn't they have symphony orchestras,, and Louis Quinze  ballrooms?" :  "I know you're a splendid dancer,"  she sold.  "You shall be my judge and jury.  I'll sign this card as often as I dare  without the certainty of violence at  the hands of these young men, and the  rest of the time I'll smoke in the lobby.  I don't care to dance with any one but  'j*ou."  After the first waltz he left her surrounded by partners and made his way  out of the ballroom. This was his first  relaxation since landing iu the north.  It was well not to become a dull boy,  he mused, and as he chewed his'cigar  he pictured, with au odd thrill, quite  unusual with him, that slender, gray  eyed girl, with ber coiled mass of hair,  her ivory shoulders and merry smile,  lie saw her float past to the measure  of - a two-step and caught himself resenting the thought of another man's  enjoyment of the girl's charms even  for an instant.  "Hold. on. Alec," he muttered.  "You're too old a bird to lose your  head." Ilowe^ er, he was waiting for  her before the time for their next  dance. She seemed to have lost a part  of her gayety.  "What's the matter? Aren't you enjoying yourself?"  "Oh, yes," she returned brightly.  "I'm having a delightful time"  When ho came for his third dance  r?he wns more distrait than ever. As  he led her to a seat thoy passed a  group of womp-n. among whom were  Mrs. Champa iu and others whom he  know to be wives of men prominent In  the town. He had seen borne of them  at li.i in Judge Ktlllman's house and  therefore was astonished when they returned hi.s greeting, but ignored Ileien.  She .shrank slightly, and he realized  that there was something wrong. Tie  oould not guess what. Affairs of men  he conJU cope with, but the subtleties  of women uero out of his realm.  "What ails those people? Have they  offended you?"  "I want you to nnswer a qnostJoa.  No' beating about  the bush.    Understand?   I'm blunt, and I want you to  be."  "All right." .  '  "Ybnr wife has been entertained at  Miss Chester's house. I've seen hor  there. Tonight sbe refuses to speak  to the girl. She cut her dead, and I  want to know what it's about.-"  "How should I know?"  ,"If you don't know,'I'll ask yon to  find out"  Till: other shook his head amusedly,'  nt -nhic-h McNamara  flared up.  "I say you will, and you'll make  your wife apologize before she, leaves  this ball, too, or you'll answer io me,  man io man. I won't stand to have a  gUi like Miss Chester cold decked by  ���a bunch of mining camp swells, and  that goes as it lies." In his excitement  Mc.Vsunar.i reverted to his western  idiom.  The pther^uid not n?ply,at once, for it  is embarrassing fo deal with a person  who disregards the conventions Utterly,,  aud at tlie same time has, the inclination and, force to compel obedience.  The boss' reputation had gone "abroad.  "Well���er���I know About it in a general way, but of>course I don't go much  on such 'things. You'd better let it  drop." '  "Go on."  "There has been a lot of talk among  the ladles about���well, er���the fact'is,  it's that young Glenister. Mrs. Chanl-  plan had the next sfiiteropm to-fthem���  cr���him���I should say���on the, way up  from the States, aud 'she saw ,things.  Now, as far as-I'm concerned.'a girl  ran do as she pleases, but Mrs. Cham-  piau has her own ideas of propriety.  From ,what my wife could learn,  there's some truth iu the story, too, so  you can't blame her." ,_    ' i  With a word' McNamara could have  explained the -gossip and made this  man put his'-wifCirighii-jfQrclng through  her an elucidation of, tlie silly affair  In such a way as to spare Helen's  feelings-and cover, the, busy tongued  magpies'with confusion'. Yet he.hesitated. It is a,.wise skipper,who trims  his sails to'every breeze. Uc thanked  his informant and left him: Entering  the lobby; he saw ' the. girl" hurrying  toward him. , ~ ���   '<  ".Take me away,1 quick!, I want to go I  home.", y, , ,1  ."You've changed your mind?"    , f  "Yes," let .-us j go," 'she panted, and4|  , when they were outside' she walked so  rapidly that he had difllculty in keeping pace with,her. She" was silent," and  'he knew better than to question, but  when they arrived at her house he  entered, 'took -off his overcoat, and  'turned up the light in the tiny'parlor.  She flung her wraps over a chair,  storming back and forth like a little  fury. Her eyes were starry with tears  of anger, her face ' was flushed, her;  lfaiids worked nervously. lie leaned  against the mantel, watching her  through his cigar smoke,    , \  "You ,needn't tell ,me,", he' said at  length. "I know all<about it." < .,  . "I am glad you do. 'l < never could  repeat what thev said.", 'Oh,' it was  brutal!" , Tier "voice caught, and she  bit her lip.-! -''What made' me ask  them? '.Why didn't I keep still? After  you left I went to those ?woruon and"  faced them uOh, but-they were brutal! Yet, rwhy should I care?" -"She  stamped ber slippered foot. ^ '  . ^ "I shall have to,lei!!, that inau^souie"  day," he said, ��� flecking,his cigar 'ashes,,  ^into tlie grate. , ,      ]  "What  man?"    She stood still  and  k&ked at him.  it."   no Hf ted his ras-ssivp nrtns, antf In  the- set of bl* s,nv��njr. s"q��.trk> fact? was  the promise that sii<? should have whatever she craved   if mortal  tnau could  give it  to  her���lovo.  prorection,   position, adoration-  She, stammered   uncertainly   till   tbe  humiliation  and chagrin she had suffered this night swept over nor again.  This town���this crude, half bom mining caiup���had turned against hor, misjudged her cruelly.   Tbe women were  envious, clacking scandal mongers, all  of them, who would ostracize her and  make her life In the uorfhhmd a misery, make hor an outcast with nothing  to sustain   her but   her  own   solitary  pride.     She   could   picture   her   future  clearly,    pitilessly,    and    see    herself  standing alone, vilified, harassed*"in  a  thousand cutting wajs, yet unable to  run  away or to- explain.    She  would  have to siay'and  fac-f it.^ for her life  was bound up here duriug the next few  years or so,  or as ..lonrr as her uncle  remained  si   judge.  .This   man ' wquld  free her.   He loved her: ho offered her  eve.'ytblug. '  lie  was   bigger  than  a I!  the rest combined.   They were his playthings, and they knew it.   She was not  sure that she loved him, but bis magnetism was oi erpowering and her admiration  intense.    No other man  she  had  ever . known  compared with  him.  except Glenister��� ISab!  The beast! He  bad Insulted her at first; he wronged  her now.   ' '" ,  ��� "Will f3*ou   be my  wife,  Ileien?" the  man repeated softly. , ,  She diopped her head, and be strode  forward to' take her In his arms, then  stopped listening.,,.Some one ran up on"  the porch and'hammered loudlj* at the  door. McNamara scowled,'walked Into  the hall and flung the portal oper, di.��-  i��sing Struve. ' "   i  "Hello. McNamara!  ,BcenrlookingalI  vnr  for  you.'   There's  the  dene*   to  ?*   Helen   shdied   wlfii   relief   an<;  HERE'S A MESSAGE  TO _ALL WOMEN  MADAME    LETOURNEAU   '  TELLS  THEM  TO USE DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS,  Read Why She Gives this Advice and  How She Was Relieved of Her  Sufferings. .      '  St. Paul tin Buton. Montmagny Co.,  Que., (Special)���It is- a message of  hope that "Madame F. X. Letoinwau  of This'place "Sends to thfe suffering  women of Canada.  "After my last , liilil was borny she  states', "I suffered with Kidney Disease which developed into' Rheumatism", Sciatica and Rsicfcaehe*. T was  fesirfully nervous. My limbs were  heavy and-I 'had a dragging sen nation across the loins and pains in the  back- of my head an-1 through tho  eyes.  ,1 was a porfoct wreck.  "Chancing'to icid tliift niy symptoms 'were thoM- of Kidney I>isea.>e  I'began'using Dodd's Kidney Pills  and began to impjro>,* almost at once.  Six, boxes worked a complete cuie."  Diseased, Kiclnevs an*- the cause of  nine-tenths of the ills that make life  a burden to so many women in Canada, , Dodd's Kidney Pills always  curjc diseased Kidneys.       '      '      ,  ,,>ay.'  "Muloltol   Who is sliet"  "Glenister, of course. If I had  thought the story would ever reack  you I'd have shut him up long ago."  "It didn't come from him," she cried,  hot with indignation. "He's a gentleman.   It's that cat, Mrs. Champian."  -He shrugged his shoulders the slightest bit, but it was eloquent, and she  noted it. "Oh, I don't mean that lie  did It intentionally���he's too decent a  chap for that���but anybody's tongue  will wag to a beautiful girl! My lady  Malotte is a jealous trick."  "Malotro! Who ib she?" rielen questioned curiouslj-.  He seemed surprised. "I thought every one knew who she is. It's just as  well that you don't."  "I am sure Mr Glenister would not  talk of me." There was' a pause.  "Who is Miss Malotte?"  lie stud'ed for a moment, while she  j watched him. What a splendid figure  j  hu made In his evening clothes!    The  athered up her cloak, while the hun,  of their voices1 reached her iudistiuctly  She was given plenty of'time to regain  her composure' before, they, appeared.  When   they^did,  the' politician, 'spoke  sourly: t. , ���   . , .   L\       -    ,"  '  "I've been called tO'the\mines, and I  must go at-once." \..,-     ^  , ,  - "You bet!    It inay-be too late now.'  The  news"'came" an  hour'ago,   but "1  couldn't find''3'bu," said Struve. '"Your  horse is saddled at the office.'   Better  not wait to*change your'clothes." '"���<-  "You say Vodrliees basygoiie 'with  twenty deputies,'eh? That's good.r-You  stay here and-find out all you can." L  "I telephoned'out'to the creek for  the,bo3-s to arm themselves and throw  put pickets. If you hurry,; you'can SQ^-  there in time. ,It's oiilj' midnight-now."  ,���"What Is-the trouble?"vMiss Chester,  inquired anxiously.*        *     <, * ���  ' "There's a plot on to'atthck the mines  tonight,"'answered'the lawyer. "The  other,side are trying to seize them, and  -there's.apt to be a'fignt."y   (' ll  "You mustn't go out, thei-et" she'eried.  aghast'   "There will be'bloodshed."  " "That's just' why   I   rbust^ go',", said  McNamara. .."I'll   comeyback- in   the  morning, though, 'and& I'd' like  to see  you alone. ^ Good'night!".  There was  a strange,'new light in bis eyes as he  left her'.;' For one unversed in"woman's,  i ways, he'played the" game surprisingly s  'weliyand-as he hurried-toward his'of-  yfice he smiled grimly Jnto the darkness.^  "She'll answer me tomorrow.   Thank"  *you, -Mr.  Glenister," "he  said .to" him-*  -.self.       '"     *   ,   ''���  -Helen questioned Struve 'at length,  but gained nothing mora than that se->-  cret service men had been'at work for  weeks and had today unearthed tho  fact that vigilantes had been formed!  They had heard enough to make them  think the mines would be jumped again  tonight and so had given the alarm.  ''Have 3-0U hired spies?" she asked  incredulously.  "Sure. 'We had to. , The other people  shadowed ua, and it's come to a point  where it's life or death to oue side or  the other. I told McNamara we'd have  bloodshed before we were through,  when he first .outlined'the scheme���I  mean when the trouble began."  (To be .Continued.)  tA Northern Wheat', Crop.  People who have not given the matter inuch��attention imagine that the  farming that has been done,in the  Mackenzie River "Valley is of a purely experimental nature.. Fort Vermilion is-seven hundred miles north  of Edmonton, and a settler who came  out ,'last .autumn told a newspaper  man that he left shortly after threshing, began, , but- that "about"' 18,000  bushels of grain had been threshed.  That f'this -was only a pait of the  crop -is also shown0by the fact that  for, some years the Hudson's Bay  company, has had a ^mill at Fort  Vermilion which would-be useless  were|-the-crop not of considerable  size."-,There is 'a^market, too,'in the  north,?and rthe, Hudson's Bay, company was paying $1.25 per bushel for  the- ,bestr quality, of the wheat-, .Eyen  while' people are arguing about the  possibilities'- of"*" the Peace'���- "River  actual production is in ' progress.���  Toronto News.-"'   * t      -    ,< -  ^A,, Mild-. Pill for.Delicate Women.'���  The most' delicate woman' can iuri-  dergo 'a "course .of Parmelee's, Vegetable 'Pills without fear of unpleasant  consequences!' Their action, ������ while  wholly effective;1 is mild and <; agreeable, rjfo violent pains or pufgings  follow ^their ,iise, as thousands of  women , who have "used them' 'can  testify.. JThey.are, therefore, strongly  recommended to women, ' who are  "more prone to disorders,of,the' digest-  ive\organs, than men-'        ' ~"  Young man,"-said the'stern parent, ''when I'was-your age I worked  hard for "my living." ,"* ? ,       ,1  "Very inconsiderate of ybii 'to mention, it/' answered the -.gilded-vouth,  "^ou'll'-have'thein  talking nbo"ut-���it  "      "' ' "' -Washington! Star.'  ENGLISH   SCHOOL LIFE.  Eton Headmaster Discusses OliJ-Tim*,  Treatment of Lads.  The Rev. E Lyttelton, heodmaater  of ]*oii Collece, m a speech at_uw  opening of the" new elotoentary facnoo  at Slough, contrasted the care ta*ea  of school child!en in the present day  with the ucntment .which they^received 300 jears ago. and incidentally  pointed out how much happier hng-  lisJi  schoolboys   are   than   the   UUie  boys of Geinmny ���   ,   .        .-1  It was atniuing to Teflect, he said,  that our forefatheis were able_ to  build up this ernpiie out of nothing,  hardly knowing what they were doing.  They "whacked" the Spaniards, aim-  plv because thev had nothing to do  at* home, and took all the best part  of the World from the French' for the  same reason.' H seemed most amazing to remember that these men were  brought up under conditions absolutely- barbarous. People had come to  such a sUite of mind that whenever  ao child expressed a wish for anything, miles', it' was at once gratified,  thev immediately, wrote k> the newspapers and  made   a  remonstrance.  These 'were the sort of things  Shakespeare, had to do. He had to  be ' in his place in the school at 6  o'clock al! through the year. The,,  children had" to stay in school three,  hours before breakfast. In thco  davs nobody had any time for breakfast, and he fancied they must have  taken to schoel a portable sandwich  and munched it between little bits, of  Latin. * The''rnnrriing was resumed  from n.15 to, 11 30, rwhcn the're was a  break of an hour and 11 half, to enable the chikheii to go, homo and  get .something to eat. The scholars'  assembled at 1 o'clock and went on,  to 3 30, when,a quarter of an hour  was allowed for play. Then work on  again  until  5,30. ' &  They had come do a time in-their  histoiy when they believed in. happiness", and he believed, they' were;  right'in(doing so. Shakespeare spoke  ot the miserable'fa.ee'of the child go-  i'r-.g to school. Such faces he (the  speaker) had seen,, himself, in that  country which w:as -always' being  Dointeil out. do us. Little, boys' in  Germany 'on tlu-ir way'to^'sch'bol had  to pass the drill "ground, where in'v.a  hot sun might, ba.seen'the miserable  recruit aloing the goose step.1"' . ��� *" '  "That boy recollected'that if he did  no't vwork ;'out' his studies .and pass ia"  tremendously stiff1-' examination at'  school he would be , condemned to  spend", three years 'in1" the, army,'  whether/ he liked it, or not, while," if  he-..passed Uie examination he1 got  '"   with   one. year..   That, .was-th"e  at the" club next.  Repeat  it:���"Shiloh's Cure "will-.,  - r ^ -     <ar*\- -    -,,- *(   ' - r. v- ���-  always cure my coughs and colds.',''  t> ��� _����� ,. ���-������������r_���T-->v   ; . ,',  *. The 'government   oiy Austria * makes  sp��:ial,,inducements tot_farmers i  will reclaim 'waste :'lands;"and  r  use'of them. ',    "'','-S   *  "''  who  make  it  Mjnard's   Linimknt   Cures   Colds,'etc.  1 Of the 63,453"Chines^ 'admitted into  the Transvaal, only 17,000 are still in  the .country.       \>      ' <    .".  THE  BEST   IN   LIFE.  "I don't  Know  what It Is.    I  have j cozy room  with its shaded  iighls  en  ,f-  '  J.f>  I-*1"1  Tli  .        f   '"���        i.        (I  . '       "   "   ,'��.'  J    I  1.1  ���I  t  , v, ���  . -, I  spoken to them, but they cut me."  "Cut you!" he exclaimed.  "Yes." Her voice trembled, but she  held her head high.. "It seems as  though all the women In Nome were  here and in league to ignore me. It  dazes me.    I do not understand."  "Has anybody said anything to you?*'  he inquired fiercely. "Any man, I  mean?" -  "No, no! The men are kind. It's the  women."  "Come,we'll go home."  "Indeed, we will riot," fihesaid proudly. "I shall stay and face it out.' I  have dono nothing' to run away from,  and i; intend to find out what is the  matter."  When he had surrendered her, at the  beginning of the unxt dance, McNamara sought for some acquaintance  whom he might question. Most of the  men In Nome either hated or feared  him, but lie espied one that he thought  suited his purpose and led liiru into a  corner. ,  h.uiced his size and strength and rugged outlines. In his cye�� was that ad-  , miration which -\yorrren, live for. He  lifted his bold,' handsome face and met  her gaze. y.  "I had ratlior leave that for you to,  find out. for.I'm not much at scandal. '  I have something more important to  tell you. It's the most important thing  I have'over'said to yon. Helen." It  was the first time .he', had iised that  name, and she. began to tremble, 'while  her eyes sought the door In a panic.  She had expected this moment, and  yet was not ready. .'  "Not tonight. Don't say it now,"  she managed tc articulate.  "Yes, this is a good time. If you  can't answer, I'll come back tomorrow.  I want you to be. my wife. I want to  give you everything ihe world otTers,  and I want to make you happy, girl.  There'll be no gossip hereafter���I'll  shield you from everything unpleasant,  and if there is anything you want In  life, I'll lay it at your feet.    I can dj  Cultivate Gladness���Th'e Brand Improves With Constant Practice.  If you want to gf>b the worth 'of the  bargain in life cultivate gladness. The  one who mopes doesn't enjoy herself,  and surely'no one enjoys her.  Any one can be glad when' things go  her way. To be glad when thr maid  breaks your best dinner set rnd the  frock on which you've broken /ourself  turns out a fright shows a d;/>positlon  that can be counted on to oil life's  wheels.  There's a lot of gladness going, but  many of us are blind to it. .What wc  want Is to take life like a healthy  child and find enjoyment in simple  things. We can cultivate our critical  Bide until It takes the zest from everything.  What If we haven't an overflowing  pocketbook? Need we hang down the  corners of our mouths when there are  health and tlie outdoors and love to  make for gladness? Docs It come  easier to look on the black side? lias  the pose of misfortune become your  natural state? Forget it and take to  grinning.  At drst that grin may be strained,  but most of your friends will think It  more lovely than iour usual hangdog  expression. The brand Improves -with  practice.  Forced cheerfulness is,not pleasing.  but it is better than chronic depression. IC/ep pumping out that oil of  gladnesu, and by and hy tbe dumps  will be lubricated  Gladness isn't an cfTort to be glad; lt  ,1s just being glad. You cannot worry  yourself into it; neither does it come  by simulation; it does come from taking life, easy and enjoying things,  whether they were meant to be en-  Joyed or not  You sad one. try for a day to hunt  causes, for gladness. Instead of summing up your woes and mourning over  the total, get In a receptive mood for  joys. You'll be surprised at the end of  the day to find how m^ny have b*��p  the occasions for smiling, i  Saved a Thousand  Lives.  Capt. While, skipper of the Falmouth tug Triton, who rescued twelve  of the crew of the Norwegian steamer  Jviartha, off the Cornish coast recently, has been instrumental in saving  more than a thousand lives. Among  those., whom he saved were 420 persons from the sfrnrel^d liner Paris  and 300 from the Suevic.  Take Notice. '     '' *  We publish simple, straight testimonials, not press agents' interviews,  from well-known people.     j,J ',  From all over-America they testify  to the merits of MINAHD'S -J.INI-  MENT, the best of Household Remedies. . '  MINARD'S LINIMENT CO., LIMITED. *      '  "The unlucky in,love are said to be  lucky at cards."  "What good does it do .'em? They  can't get out nights'*to play."���Louis'  ville Courier-Journal-  The 'man who invented the gas  meter has just died. He takes his  place as coming the nearest to date  to .solving the problem of perpetual  motion. ���Hartford  Courant.  Eradication   of   Brome   Grass.  Brome grass has proven a blessing  to the piairie section of Western Canada because of its adaptability to the  soil and climate. It is a persistent  grower, in fact too persistent in some  places, and its eradication has become moic or leas of a problem. -It  has proved ittelf to be exceedingly  valuable ai> a permanent pasture  grass especially in dry localities, but  the strong and extensive root system  ���penetrating five feet into the soil  and extending laterally by, root  stocks, as does perennial sow thistle���  which gives it its drouth-resis-ting  qualities, make it a difficult grass to  eradicate. At the Lacombe Experimental faun in Noith Alberta the  superintendent is tiying different  depths and times of ploughing and  vaiious methods of cultivation with a  view to locating its most vulnerable  point The grass is so valuable���being  supeiioi to timothy in eveor way but  tlu-5 one���������that if a sure means of killing it when requiied can be found it  will become a piirne favoiite with  stocking giowing .farmers.  kind, of 1 school  life children  had  Germany.' >    ����� >    ,    ^ *',  He read in a , brilliant' book only  the* other day that schools'were',absolutely futile and useless things" because children went too late' to thenu  The ,real=si"-*alunbie"lime was' 'in, tho  home training of the first seven 'years  !of tlieir life". ' Atony, people believed  this.'   There iW-aa  up <doubt that the  .sooner,they"got''tho children to school  the'- mare ��� permanent   "and7', lasting  .thrc&gh 'life would,,'be* the'influences  [to-,which they were subjected:     ,  -,.   -(   >,tt     . _.    ���. , . v���r-~.       .-a*.-",-  - ,- ' Aj Strenuous Musician.*,, J' ' v _ ;  , "Air. Henry,, J., Wood^ the'Vpp pillar-  'conductor of',-Queen's- Hall,'���London,'  whose'' orchestralyconcerrts Tattractf so  many, music-lo'vprs^at'this 'tiinVof tho  year, is'only.'38 "yonTsiVoF'age.^arid'  without a^oubt-is' the^ first' ofjEnglish"  musical conductors.-.., ^Curioustv, cn-  , ough, ".until- he ttwaa -17 tMr.' Wood had  "s��t his ^ mind * on ' adding the; letters  "R.A."; to his name. Even to-day he  is devoted to the artJ of sketching,  and a~ fine afternoon sometimes- finds  him rushing off to the country to indulge in his hobby, >Afr. JVood,s however/ has little time, for sketching  nowadays. His motto ^is "Rehearse !  rehearse! rehearse!" and,'with small  intervals, for meals, "he oftvi conducts  at .Queen's Hrfli from 10 a.m. to II  p.m. But,,he has always been known'  as a hard worker." and "when, at ,19 ho  joined theRousby Opera Cd". as conductor he"\frequently- worked -twelve  hours a day for two guineas a week.  -What-is more, ho, kept up this laborious life for four ,ycars.  ���>   Queen  Alexandra's  Publisher.  Lord Burnharh,, the proprietor of  The Daily Telegraph, wliich paper  undertook the publication of Queen  Alexandra's Christmas Gift Book, is  not only one of the most capable journalists, in England,^ but also the originator of those popular .public, subscriptions which have been a notable  feature of The Telegraph. His lordship, in fact, has always been a leader  in' every, good work connected with  the press. He has a thorough' practical knowledge of tlie printing trade  and journalism. His father, the late  Joseph Aloses Levy, who founded The  Telegraph, placed his son as an apprentice to the printing business. In  due time young Levy became dramatic  critic of the paper, and ultimately  principal proprietor, having meanwhile assumed the name of. Lawson.  He has frequently entertained the  King at Hall Barn, where Edmund  Burke, the statesman, spent many  happy days.  HOUSEHOLD   HINTS.  A little flour sprinkled In the pan  when eggs art? fr>lng will prevent the  sputtering hot tat that Is so disagree-  able.   ; , ,  Finger marks on paint cnii. be easily  removed by rubbing with h clean white  cloth dipped' lu ��� kerosene. The, wood  should afterward be wiped with a dry  cloth.  If muslin curtains ,are needed Jna  hurry for a kitchen or bathroom, they  can be washed, slightly starched, shaken hard, pullnd Intosbape and'hung  up wijlbolit Ironing. ���'- -  Small punctures in hot water bags 01  rubber gloves may bis replaced by ap  plying a small patch of tailor's mend  Ing tissue; moisten with common chloroform, lay on a( second patch and,  moisten ogalii untll'four or Ave patcb  esi have been^pplledJ. The chloroform  dissolves the tissue and1 when' It evaporates leaves a firm patch.,, -"  "  Match inarkson the kitchen "walla  which have been caused by carelessly  striking matches on- theuT will disappear If rubbed first,,.with tbe cut surface of a lemon., then 'with, a clean  elotli dipped lu whiting. ,'Afterwiird  wnsh the surface with warm * water  mid aonp and then quickly wipe with'  1' clean cloth wnimW of clear water.  COAL BUGKET>bu08  Work.,  ^TJ-'-S  pock, a heavy co.,,,,; \^-'*. fa  ��ng into the v���s-,.l ,��Uftl'��M  dt-nly, ovi-iturnwi   ,,'.','  ft*S'lftl^ ,  and ^raping tla',,^.'/')" lrfit,  I   was comp,l],,i W ,Z1? th* bn��, I  was cutih.H,-J f(1| ubuutW *Lf'fI  AU tho Same,   ' '-''  "What Is  the'size   of your ,large  men's handkerchiefs?" nsliay the shop;  per.     ,, ,'   ',,,-y.. ' i-r/*"���"**-7*  "Tliey are Just the same size as, the'  sinnlf men's handkerchief*/ rondaro,"  explains (he titrable ualds persons "The  size of the man" doesn't'make anyfcllf-  ferenccjn, his handkerchief."^Judge.*.1  ....���'.      '" J-   '::''���     i_,ti  ���[    "   \ ' 'Tho  Gentle Vi-f^  " ,''�� ll  ' "Pm going'to, have oneupt these'artly  Qclal figures mado. to "bare my'Jnow  /gowns ,fitted' over/'/ states "tbo'flrsf  lovely damsel.'       '   '   -    {���'-<���,'. j,Z  "Cooing' toV smiles the second."' ,'"1  -thoughtyou had/Onecmaile"every'llnie  .you'got!a new;.gown."���Chicago P^osf, '�����  t  ' '   .,,      -< TZ~,    ��� v      --I--j\t-*--   auinuuiiivo >   i*.-p,r.-<:nu:u. as ,   mvi  Wirts on the hands^isa disfigure-, igobd'and clujtuper" ', ^  mPilt that1' troubles': -Tiinnr-'-ladiesr.'''"I'- "*' "' ' p ' ' X;  Holloway's Corn^Cure wilir*rwr|6ye jtho-, kr^- jr^    - -   " "' ���: ^  cold  When  al.lt- ti, ,,,,t  "���Ut t\%0  out  "iMitln  tu the ^mKl/,\';ftt,1,-Ift{,  ��tarM, the uound o]��-n^7mm%  for anothei moim, 1',,, ^".w'  move, nboilt ] u>ll| s����*.|,,  thing, to,get ��.���,.,������! at^tl  to hc-ai ��p. i,m jiothuw; r,**i  to do >(. Not ���,,h ,1,3*^*  tried seen, u-eLs.-,,,'^^!  went, but r cm!,! l,(., ,'*-��� H*  th.'iching and th, Lr,ZT^i  timed r sup ju-tau,u, ?,'f5^  intense UiioMhiw ���,,. M> }^k\  xiUtr night got not],, rXl*  '.-VNot until ���,����� ��if.. ���L.���,th7'l-'r  plied wan i���j���,���i )IKiJ1|lH   |en.  quickly ����U.,nl ,},- lr,����� aj^l  continued u-ung ,> i-w-l, d-.-h  1*  * ������"*   iniprovciiu-})!,      i'   '���' Droa���  paine -were s-oon l,.ini,f,,J ii^���?*��l  wound  'ihuatmhly   e\ti���t ��fc  Mfsonotu urikl utAi'jjUhy mat* *  de,rfully shoit iiiiw-cwBidwlrt  siTiouAues'i of th,> vkomd-'/.l'.i'  ^ftuCfrd a <;omi.Kt,- ni��l.lLtSf2l  I havo slnee hM H trouble w��  i^ih-sat all, itiM il h as ^uA'S  ntrong-nsC before ili^ injury"�� *  ,;Zam-Buk is �� mr,. cure" for rt  IiicertitioriSt iHin,-,, <afy& . Jj*  ,worm^ - - cald-ktnff, rfi#ppH' CS  po)jsoiie<lfwomulp, fi^t(.rn,K uklU  leg, ,iljndt:M ckin mj'iriMmddiwtt  rft'is"nlKo1a cure for pjlc- DnZ:-  and--stores everywhere s^ll at 5Syr  box'l'or pout free frori) Zam-Bnk'iV  Toronto," on r^cr-ipt a price. Y��tf  wqrrirtd agnin&l hurn.ful fa^  sometimes. rejihvenied, as, "t^S,  blemishes without pain.  '>^A;   ..,  'v IVf),  ^���?.(ThA,-Surprised ,HighwaymM.'si|  <���- "A-'highwiiytiiiiiii -t,;p{Kiil out bdSj  a. fashionable young /\>oiuan utSfl  .sent  There.are 00,000 rriotor cars and,auto-cycles in'Ureal Britain at thjl^^^irontnilotts blow acioss^fll  tunc.y^ ^    <      \    ���,���, ^^1 \ ,-  ^.,. '0i tiie"head.with n piect? of tufal  expecting to send her (<, f|�� psil  iihc6riis<!i0U8"'_aiHl mb l,'.-r of her"f&'|  ablea;':"Imagine ��hi^ aurpri&'jMI  instead-,pi",a dull thud, a mitt  Screitrn'- and a fall to the [isreaQl  the iweapon ���botuiiled 'bitck ss itnjl  it- had jStru'ckv a large pkee of re&l  a nd *the\ victim pf the alisck !t��x|  'about-angrily j*itli "n��m' ulwll  y-ouhuean by trying l>- d��.air��Bj{t|  ��� t*.< UtiJt 9JLZJUL&JL*JUA9UtSJUL1 ���",  "��� A    MOTHER'S ,AID   JlNiTHE^;  '-;   "'  '; -NURSERYr^^'.';'^-  i��� �� ' '.', '1 f ;/> *'''���. " "W  [,'��� Every mother should be able"|f  I to treat-the  minor,'ailments1 ldf< 2 ���  ���k ner little ones.���"'PrompVactiori'-i* J  ���t may prevent *> serious  .illness��� fj  A C  2 rerhai��3^ save ,a child's-life  ��| simpler remedy, always at. hand ?������  5*" is'therefdre" an absolute ^neces-jj ���  ,sit>vand there-is .^nothing ''el?e S'  ���J -s\o ^ood ^as' Baby's jQ^-a_Tfiblat3y !���--  ij:!These'TablerarpTbmpclIycure airC,-  ���j. stomach'   and-1bowel   troubles'; S '  3 break .up colds, ,'cure'simple lev- h,  ���j ers.'y.exjieL1 worms, , And" make Z'r  ���j wething. eosy.yfGood for-"',tbe;>i  5 uewiborn    baby , ou Ulie-^welhjjf  grown 'child.yand 'gii a rah teed,'to 2;1  ;>6ntain\no [opiate.   'Mrh LhrW*vS"  Smith; '^t.yGilesiyQue.bsny^ s^-*S  "1 JiaVe. used'rBabyV.Ovrn -TabiyW.-  Ijjta -'forb*cohstipnti<*��ni- and ^ otlierlffT  ilia bf childhood >aud'find.ih��rtrS'  ihe bcst"'*mcdieirie" I" have"'evrVy'  "given^my.'little 'ones'" V'Sohh.by 'g'  medicine "dealers or hyv mail *��t *2-  12o'. cents '�� .box ' from'   Tlie ~Dr   i*  Williams'. Aledicine Co.' Brock -tt  ej ville1; Ont. ./'/'��� -,.;������   ,-^'  ���"^^     '    ���      Foolishness.    < '  :    \  . ,  j." "Why do men., fool with* whiskey?"��*'  hmri"  ,* There*1!? no rat-dir-iue on tkuwaj  thai lean'.compare with Bicklrt Ml  Consumptive Syrui') m mpi-Umj hi  tli��fiy-5,tein the irutHttnj- ztmM  colds* enwnd��sr in the nit pi&vt  ii'is' suicide "to neglect your cold. l[l  tthe.ch"eiip ex-Rurijintnt ol rWdihgyel  'self "of^it* by meahn of Bickle't Sjul  f'wh'i'ch^l*"*" sSmplo n-niksfly, m  takcii/land.once used it will im  l>6 *prif,ed'a^'a^sovereign wa��lf.||  ���^������^v^igr^,. ' 7'< AI  ���>'^MotliVr/V3����'J rl����"J'��r-��U J��l  s'boW,'-ustieh:qW^r than you nam  '-*��� *u.Tu8t,v'th'irtwn J'enr* ' r'pl��ki��I  uHtiuspeclfSgL parent. k "^1  .-"Willi, jnother," -i ritiuslr conta*!  the child,* "the next time yoajfltt  don't'inarry.a mihi UiirK-en van*!  fer-lhaii youi-dori'i \ou koo*jy|  "bad luck'?"���"Delineator.  ���       * 1  asks-the Atchison Globe. The only  answer* we can, think of isj'"'Because  the forth are"not all dead'yet."  Minard's 1 Liniment Cures  Distemper.  , Two men'met on .the stieet. * They  hadn't seen 'each- other for months-  One "of" them had a wifcC who occasionally figured in. 'the so'oiety,  columns.oAfter they had* exchanged  views on things in general, the other  man, asked him���''la your wife entertaining this winter?'' . '.'Mot 'very "  said he. ' ���> ' *l       -     "v  .���V*    v   s ��� Rtptfl  '^Shiloh's Cure will ahq  cure {myy^coughs   and  .     ' "'   '   f     T'" " I- ill  No-unmarried woman 01 er vvt  to  toaeb^says  a writer     rie.yS  unmarried woman is> tint 6M--  j land   Leader.  - New York'City lead., in the tfjl  of'her newspapcrs-and i^nodwl  she, publishes.,,'one-huii'lrMth ?"J-|  the entire'outpiit of the wri'1-  ,The tofal porulation of the S��J  '.-Empire  is over 400,000.(W  *<z%  and  high-  Hands  and   Pockets.  lie was an English tourist,  when the train stopped at a  land station he regarded tho loung  ing natives with a curious interest.  Beckoning one of them to him, he  said:  "Good gracious, Donald���I suppose  your name is Donald or Macdonald  ���you don't tell me that the misfortune of unemployment has reached  so far north?"  "Och, no," said Donald. "It's no'  so bad as that whatever."  "Well, but," said the investigator,  "why is it I see a number of stalwart young men like you standing  about with their hands in their  pockets?"  "Oh," replied Donald, "it's perhaps  because we have'na been 'far enough  south to learn, to put tliem in other  people's  pockets."   .: .'���   '    ���  Whether yon consider  Dependable Qualify, Ease and Comfort,  Dressy Appearance, or Reasonable  Price, Elmira Felt Shoes and Slippers  meet each and every requirement. ���s.-,  Inaist on tbe dealer showing yon the "ElmirsL1*  Trademark when purchasing felt footwear.  Sold by Dealers Throughout the West. '       43  ALWAYS,  EVERYWHERE    IN    CANADA  ,   A DeepyHole.- ,':���"���.  ,A hole-'.has been bored in SUeaia to  a depth, of .7.000 Jtyjt. '.  ASK   FOR  -4  Her Motto. K  "I think It is. high tlrnc," said Mrs.  Oldcasfle, "for the people of this country to take a firm stand against vivisection."  y  "So do I," replied ber. hostess. "No  north, no .south, U my motto."���Chicago Record-Hern Id.  ���.. Eddy's. 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MncVicar," Caledonia Mines,  iwrites }���"For years I'wastrou-,  with bleeding, protrudmg^ piles  lould not obta'n a-cunC I'wduld  (jd  off,' work   for<   weeks. /'Two  of Dr. OhaaeV Ointment coni-  iy cured me."- f   '      />, ,'   '  J. Mawer/Roden,- Man.} writes.-  |luid itching- piles, ior<five-year��  ilif doctor told me there was no  lor me and that I would/have" to  Fpo an operation,- Dr. ���,Chase'*  Bent completely cured me in one  |'Ai this wits six* months'- Ago and I The, whirl t" and ' the   birh1  fhaa bebn-. no return*.,pf,"'theAold J..wy'-;'dirl! o* the*" stanes.'f  je, I  believe that'the cure/is  a"  finera one"," ' ,M:~"~"   7' --;, ~$ y ���  Chafe's .Oinlmenf/; has an* u'n-  Jeled record pf cure's; ,^50c ,ajbox  ' deuleris, or Edmaiuon/ Bates &,  roronlo. ��� ���     , *-,* ��� * -r ������"  i  '  -    .  FIRST ONTARIO CURLERS.  Fergus   Club    Played   With   Wooden  Blocks   In  the  Thirties.  The Fergus Curling Club is the  oldest club m Ontario. This year  sees the seventy-fifth anniversary of  the club's establishment. '  , -The original members of, the Ferpus  club m the thirties were a "byordin-  ?.r.V ��.   Scotchmen,   and   in   the  thirties and well into the forties the  club payed tha game with blocks of  wood, turned out in shape similar to  the stones now used. Some of these  blocks still exist and can be seen by  visiting curlers.  The early curlers played on a part'  of the Grand Itiver called the "Washing Green." the place where- the  early settlers used to wash their  sheep in the ranid current below the  old mill darn.' Here the curlers.made  the rocks' ring with their roar and  rattle. The Beavers', Dam, at'the far  end of Perry's meadow, was another  favorite, cosey spot, where the curlers  went for "a day o't" -when 'the ice  was bad on the river or the wind  "too'' nippy," whistling, between the  towering rocks at the "Washing  Green"' But that'��� is all' past and  gone., The Fergus "brothers o' the  broom" now play the game in a fine  modern, covered "rink.  , The following lines are from a "song  composed' by one of the old Fergus  curlers and which used tp be roared  and ranted on ���festal, occasions when  the club met around the "Beef and;  Greens," lang syne^      *',':. "     ]  1  WHAT AHIMALS COST.  Giraffes and Hippopotami Bring the  Highest Prices.  Wild ariixn��.ls from the Gizeh Zoological Gardens in Egypt, delivered  during the years lSJKJ-ltrOd at London,  Marseilles. Hamburg, arld-ltotterdam,  realized the following pi ices.  The "king of bc-astd," the lion, sold  comparatively cheap, mainly .because  the coot (pf ieeding made buyers shy  oi the mvfcetmem. Fine wild-born  lions realiatd lrom ��75 to ��100.  Menagerie-born animals cost on an  average ��10. A lioness has even sold  for under ��4; while, on the other  hand,   iC'MO tc ��300  is  not too  big  a  ���price to ask for an exceptionally line  specimen ot, lion.  .Pumas���occasionally described as  lions���are not in such demand; ��5  will often buy one; fair average spe-  ciinens fetch' ��lfl', ��20, aud a few ��30.  ' The tiger is, however, a- high-priced  animal; ��100 is the' lowest,figure at  which he. sells, with ��S0 for a tigress.  ,  A specialty of valuers the European  , lynx. ,A young one cannot [be had tor  less than ��20. and tlie full-grown animal is worth from ��25 to ��35. Wolves  LA GRIPPES VICTIMS  THE S0APLESS AGE,  Health   With   Neither  Sanitation   Nor  Rational Medicine.  Soap was unknown to the classical  mans, and the ingredients that enter  ed into it. He also informs us that  it was more used by the men among  the latter than by the women. ��� It appears, however, to have been a pomade for the hair rather than a soap.  Whether  the  term   is  Celtic or  Teu  "Hurray for'the curliii'I y  '     '.  Here's lac tho eurlin' I        '- <-  1 Up,   hip,. hurray,! , for" the  game' wi'.  ',       the1 stanes.    - <   ,     ' "  The roar and the.'ring o't, '  '  .-The duiit and' the dang o't;     '    *''  , , The 'flash and, the fling o't; . -~  Thersw.e'ep and the swing o't, y  The'glint and the gleain )o\ ' V  The scurry and  screnm o't,      �� ���  and   the  Had Them - In-"M indT^ -W' -/  lufter elopement)���Ij'received"a"  F from papa'today. ,v,'"��Vf���. --J.\  t-NVll? '' ~"t ."-7 (,.,��� k \, *"',*', ~  I���He*' -writes 'that ,'he -��� liad;. just  |ed, making-his will.'ii &<- -'i-*-'-.  ���Did he remember" us? [ - ,*-'-'  , -Yes, indeed., He has. loft,all  jionoy 'to "ah.asylum for ?hopeless  i -Tit-Bits.' ���' "���:'",��� /;���- j v ���  *>���  "SO HE"DIDr;'*T KILL" IT.  lakes N��w, Frfends* Every- Day--  a day goes-'by that Dr.'^Thomas'  trio Oil does hot widen,, the circle  jfnonds. Orders'for it come front  gio.->t unlikel-y places Jn the west-  Far north for,its fame;has.travel-  li . It deserves 'thi'd attent.ioh,' for  il has done so' mucin for -humari-  |It�� moderate cost^ makes it easy  |pecial bird's-e've^map 'of France'  pin? prepared^Jox'f.air^Havigatois^  nn airship'/ compass ,ii3,"-^beinjg,  it. 'The i ordinary^-'comp'ass t ^is.  I u���*���^le.^s'^by4ihc-;''eflect',oh��� it'* ot  lirship motox^tffk^l'l'", -''.V-l  y-HOW/S/lTHIS^lV.'?^^^  loifcr, One,;.Htindrt^4'Dollars*''Re-  I'iqr nny^case^ol^Qiitarrhj; that"  tChcnoy*forVthe'*hist WKyears,}and  \c him    perfectly^-lionorable*^in  lusiness ytransactions   and ,'finan  able  to^cafryjout' anyjobliga*  mado   by'ihis:*rfl'rm". " *yy���  Raiding, 'Kinnan\&',iJMaryin, '\  ���Wholesale,,'Druggists,' Toledo, O-  Jl's Catarrh*iQure;is taken interi  acting directly ^upon.tlie-blood  knucous s'urfaccs yof, tho system  jnonials-sent'ci.free.i   Price- Vf5r  |ottle.    SoId',by-<all  Druggists. (> '  |e   Hall's  Fahiily- Pills'for  con  lion. ���    '��� '"        '.    -  ie you aware," said the philolo-  "that" some of-these campaign  js split tlieir infinitives?", ,-  it 'em alone,"' answered Senator  turn; "We'll be'lucky if ������ they  split   the .party."���.Washington  Bpeat it:���" Shiloh's Cure will al-  vcure my coughs and colds."  Dr.'ySamson^s   Wildcat   Proved   to * Be  !~- 'iJ--    -'-.'Rather,a Fantasy."   -   *  ," /  4 Dr.^ Samson���wasyborn lph'Jaf'farm.  He" is .foncl ,of  farm,     yarns.'',., One  which ^he^'sometimps .'telH' is Tather'of  the  Poe "order. t  One" rainy'fall  day,  when a boy, on'; the 'olds home, east of  Blenheim^  he, had gbt\through"1'greas-  ing his'^boots; itj was.'still" raining���a  greyiceaseless-downpour-that shut out  of  view  most of' the,- rather   n'arrow,  landscape,- except     a , second-growth  .bush behind the.swamp. .This patch  of woods^Was a,famous,place*for gun-  ners.'i, In those days it was the ambition   of  every "healthy   farm ���" boy, to  shoot   a  wild', cat. y James-,hadi,���that'  ambjtion,.  This rainy fall day .he was'  dreaming about' it*",a^ he sat - by > the ,  stove-i'and "watched  tHe   window; ,,As'  he (thought,. oven the. thrills  of ' wild-  catting'JiS,'.became1' suddenly '"aware*  ���thai 'an^animal 'was,^moving,,,with,remarkable celerity over the lop^of the-  second-growth^ lr6es. " The ,J-more   he  looked J* the   more .James j; felt  sure'it  must bo^a'wild cat,'   No^; other;;beast  could have-walked on trees,., with,,such  agilityl'J'He'j'wen't.'to'the shed ,for,the  gun,  yanked- his^cap, from-, the  rack(  iover-"the>,]stoye'"aiid ^wenfjto^the win*;  dow'} tof take', a, -lastylook -soJ-rthat" 'he-?  might1 locate' that^lvhx.;. jWh'en^he got"  .ithere.he" discovered .that^the,1 wild^cat'-  was -'trayelling-on *-tKb -/tops'i of f the"'  -~3wamp-tfees���aslJa" house-fly- on4ivthet  window-panel'   -" .  lr.^tr". *  "*"   ' *���       -J   ���    ","   "     ������',  ,-vy*i*y-'Honduras Means'Death. (, .    '^'  /ifrl^Gordon, Waldron, of.1 Toronto,^  who'represents Toronto capitalists in  large" rubber and banana ��� plantation's  in'Central-'America, has been in that'  ,city,*.recently,,, and on being, interviewed by a reporter jjn the proposal  that the Hindus now'in-British Cpl-  umbia should be sent to British Honduras, says: "They would' not' 4ive  there. They would die.' These poor  fellows, if they cannot -be returned"  whence they came, for which I can  see no reason", ought to be left where  ���they are,. It woulil seem -that'they  'are",satisfied with British Columbia:  .They' are docile and industrious and  pleasing'to look upon, if I may say  so, and perhaps racially akin to us. *  "It might brutalize us more, but it.  would^ be more, humane 'to "butcher  half of them" where tliey are and give  the rest' free transport to the tropics  than to send them to Central Ameri-  ca.  are a weak,market; ��2 is their average per head, ��1 the' minimum and  ��5 the- top price. Catch a fox quite  young, and the ( cub may realize  ��110s., or only just 5s.; full, grown,  its value is ��2. > <  Polar baurh always., maintain their  price. Veiy randy, does a specimen  .change hands at loss "than ��30; but,  other kinds of bear corne cheaper. A'  ,sea-lion costs ��20. The beaver is.  good for ��20, a.price due to tlie ani-  jmal's destruction for ' bounty in "the  Rhone "Valley. '    '  Hippopotami  have no quotation in'  some markets.    When  in, supply this  prehistoric-looking beast is worth from  ��000. to, ��750.     J'.liiphants   are'much  more widely dealt in!, 'A young ...one'  may  6e - purchased  for  from' ��200  to  ��250. - '. .     "  ��� But most considercd���of wild animals  is   tlie ,gir/iffe.   " Previous - to   1898   it  ���was  impossible   to' buy  one for 'less  than ��),000-, iii' 1903^4  the price'had  'shrunk to ��250,vwhich did not repay  the cost of importation.y The  actual  'market" value  of  a   ybung ,'giraffe"in  .good condition<rnay -now.be1 emoted at  anywhere< from, ��500;; tot ��600.'v y ^  '* "As to tbe monkey market," the chim-  'panV.ee varies a', good deal in price, a  young one; in  condition fetching ��'50  lo ��70.   ^Other big apes are more ex-������  1 pensive, although,at'timesr there.goesf  begging ji good chance, as in the Suez  market, where a young orang-outang,  almost; fuir'gVown,'was'on offer at ��8  recently���a real* bargain.    -\  "''Bnrbary   ripes,'. of, the ^kind   which  still/inhabit  Gibraltar- Rock,, sell" at  ��3 ",10   ��8. '��� Bombay ' and '.Southwest  Ch'Iha. monkeys are not held of much  .account;   ��1  will ,buy  one.    Baboons  cost more���generally" from ��� ��2 to ��20,  according to the,specimen.���Tit-Bits.  Youngest rRear-Admiral.      '���     ���'  f Captain'Diivid Beatty, who has, been  ..appointed' ai<{e-ilii-cahip  to  the"King,  "isi'-a senior "officer, of   the navy,  ahd,  will shortly be due for- promotion. ;He  will then* b'e the youugest-.rear-admiral  the,"fleet *has   h*ad ;for, many   years,  for" he.-.will   not * celcbrnte   his   3Sth  ��� birthday*'.uiitilv Jan., 17, next. .,/His  i rapid -advance h-.is been^due to par;  .ticularly distinguished warrservice.- It,  was"'in .Egypt- ticelye -years' ago that,  .he', was'- suddenly'."called*upon' to take  ''command - ol the gunboat flotilla, and  "-showed greaUskill-and'ebu'rnge against  -the"1 enemy,- winning the'Ij.S.O.   Dur-  ing"the Boxertroubles" he commanded  the' BftTfleur,- andl'leU ^a,: splendid   atr  tack" with 'a couple lot? hundred .bluejackets ^against,   two . C.iinese   guns,  which k were, causing' 'a^'grpat'-deal, of-  trouble     It .^-as' a' fruitless ^but daring effort, during which he was twice-  wounded.     He   was  made   a   captain,  when only-U-enty-nine years of age.  HER   MISTAKE.  Left Weak, Miserable and a Prey  to Disease in Many Forms.  Lo. Grippe starts with a sneeze���  and ends with a complication of troubles. It lays the strong man on his  back; it tortures him with fevers and  chills, headaches and backaches. It  loavea him a prey to pneumonia, bronchitis, consumption, an<i other deadly  diseases. You can ayoid La Grippe  entirely by keeping your'blood rich  and red  by the occasional use of Dr  Williams'Pink Pills.   If you Lave not    in - ,        ��       -,-    ,    , u  don*, this;  and  the  disease lays  iou' to"JC ^e do not positively know, prob-  low, you can banish all its evil after    ?b}y  ^e  !attef' L'Tb*t  ^ word was  effects   with   this   feame   great   blood-   "    bunding, nc-rve restoring medicine  Here ia proof of the wonderful power  oi Dr. William.-,'. Pink Pill, over  gjbease. - y  Mr. P. E". Pauliri, Collector of Customs at Caraquet,. .V.B., savs:���"In  the winter of IO07 I had a,very severe  attack of la grippe, which broke me  down, cntitely.. I had to take to bed  for several weeks. .During that time I  employed a doctor, but without benefit,-in iact I seemed to be getting worse  and .worse.' I did not sleep; suffc-ied  from,night sweats, and had.no appetite. , I was really a physical 'wreck.  On a former occasion Xrhad used Dr  Williams* Pink Pills for general,debility,, with great'benefit .so I decided to  again try them. '" I sent for dialf a  dozen boxes and began to'use them  at once. When taking the second box  I began to, feel quite a change in my  condition. I-was able'to walk, about  the house and myJ appefifh .was improving, jyoni that ou I gained  strength every day, and' before the  six boxes' were done 1 was able to  return to the office and Attend U> my  wprk. Xow I enjoy'the best of health,  and although C3tyears old, am feeling  quite, young.i I think. Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills a splendid medicine fdi  troubles of this kind." ���'  Dr. . Williams' Pink Pills are'' a  blood-making, ���- nerve-restoring tonic.'  In thi3 ,way, they cure,, anaemia, indigestion, i;rheumatism, neuralgia, ,'St,  Vitus dance, and partial paralysis.'  They 'are' the, best, medicine v in. the  world for'the'ailments of girlhood and  'womanhood.' --Sold'by'medicine deal-  ers'ror by'mail at 50'cents' a box-or  six boxes..for '$2.50rfrom' the Dr. Williams' .Medicine Co., .Brockville, Ont.  HOLDING  THE  CELLO.  An  Anecdote  of   Duport  and  the   Emperor   Napoleon.  Napoleon,   in   a   way,   was   fond   of  age both in  Greece  and  Rome   says j wns?c..    It  ls  admitted  that  the  mu  The hew York Medical Journal. Pliny   c, ���,   �����..,������   ,t   ���rI      ��� <   ,  mentions a compound which he calls 'sKa]   1astes   of     the   Corsl���a   ogre  "sapo," made by the Gauls and Gex-  THE>('ROPED   HIM   INI  fro are over, 60.000 motor cycles  fesent in use in ^Britain, and the  per is'increasmg rapidly.  |rd's  Liniment  Cures, Diphtheria '  ^ ������.���*.^��� ^-  Eden, Norway, Iceland and  Den-  'have given the municipal fvan-  to   women.      ."  fsaffe   arid   sure   medicine   for   a  troubled with'worms-is Mother  jes'  Worm  Exterminator.  Fhat a' funny looking camel,"  [Bessie at the zoo. "He hasn't  J:air on him."  go."   laughed   Brother   Bobby." "I  he lost that going through  the  ?' the needle."���Chicago News.  io   you   believe   that  ."- all a living?"  the    woi Id  e^. but the smarter" follows are  Mi up the debt for us on an 80 per  ;    commission."���Boston     Tran  len xou  Ine way is to pay no attention  \My at least not .-until it dc-'  flops into pneumonia, or  pnehitis, or pleurisy.' An-  Incr way isto ask your doc-  V about: Ayer's Cherry Pec-  ��ralv iMie says, " The best j  I'nn'for colds," then take it.  [^:88 he says, anyway.  ^     A j.Self-Confrdent Amateur.  Mr. Gershon S. Mayes of St. John,  ^George S. McAvit.v 's. associate in  "dredging operations, is' also an ama-,  teur musician���no, a singer. Professionally he builds wharves and deepens channels; ras a friend he drops  into oratorio and heroic ballads.      .,  He used to be the bete noire of an  impressario of his own town, who has  latterly managed some of the greatest  concert stars 'in America.  ���"Whnt do you think Mayes wants  me to,do now?" queried this persecuted one of a friend one day. "There's  only one possible desire he could have  at the moment," was the reply. (The  local concert manager had just then  engaged a celebrated baritone.) "Ho  wants you -to include on your program that great duct for two basses,  'The Lord is a Man of War,' in which  he will take the second part,." and  this happened to have 'been the purport of Mayes' request.  Mineral Output Grows.  Reference has many times during  the past vcar been made to the great  increase in the movements of minerals. Neiif.er strcis nor storm appears  able to check their progress. In 1908  the mineral production amounted to  $79,057,303. in the following year it  rose to $86,183,477, this year il is safe  to. say the hundred million mark will  be very nearly reached. ,-.!  A noteworthy occurrence, is the open- -,  ing up  of the  mifnt 'id Ottawa.    This'  is another- step towards- complete re-,  linncc upon ourselves.        ���/:.' '      ,    y  .England's Oldest  Paintings.   '  A'portrait of Chaucer on. a panel of  date"1380 and also one of Henry IV.  of England painted in 1405 are said  (o'bs the oldest paintings known, in  England.  TheWay It Was  Explained to Her by  ,  ' th�� Clumsy Man.  , Owing to tlie fact that tlie car lurch-  id suddenly as he was passlug along  he aisle Brouson, was deprived ot  lis balance, 'with the result that in  ittempllng- to save himself, from fall-  ng he clutched one of the shoulders  if a .handsome woman who had suc-  :eeded in geltiug' a seal. Moreover,  io knocked ber beautiful' hat'" awry  md with great difficulty avoided step-  ilng on ber toes. As he succeeded in  ���ecovering his equilibrium the lady  ..-urned toward bim and said:  '"You contemptible pup! I wlsb^you  ;o 'unders'tand that I am not' a lainp-  *iost ��� or'1 a piece of furniture to be.  :lurig to for support. Yoii ought to  ide-iii''a cattle train.' You have no  right to crowd in where you can tear  'itber people to pieces with your big,  iwkward hands. You' pitiful clown!  Pou ought to be thrown out into tho  itreet You ure not fit. to be allowed  :o go where you are likely to inler-  !ere. with the comfort of refined peo-  )le. You unmannerly bumpkin! You  leserve to,he"~  "Excuse me, madam," Bronson man-  lged to say, "you have made a rnls-  :ake." ' !  "A   mistake!"   the   lady   demanded, I  ier eyes flashing with wrath.    "What I  lo you mean?'  "I am not your husband."  And' Thereby' the' Business, Man   Wak  . -       'Taughfa Lesson./,  w  .The  business ,uian   who . owns  two  dogs'1 made a sad mistake'a'few days"  ago. .Every Sunday he, takes fue'dogs  for a walk, and for' fear that they may  ijo . astray , he -fastens   them   together  witb a''stout .rope. ' Tbe little dog, hf  feels'assured, wlll.not lose tbe big dog,  and he'"Is quite positive that the big  dog' will^ not', Jose- the  little one.    Of,  course lf the. big dog takes It. into his"  massive beadctbal'be "wants to go* In  a  certain (direction   ho " Is  pretty* apt  ��� to "have  his 'way.'"   Luckily' he is.ran'"  easily-persuaded animal, and the little  dog by the,exercise of some diplomaejp  gets  fully-as  u;'uchf fun  out,of, these  "promenades as,the'big fellow.  .���,Well, all   three of:-the  friends  were'  -out'walking Sunday,-the two dogs and  the master,, and -the^dogSo were some  ^dlstance^ahoad.* i,-The 'snow. was1 drift-  "ed deep In ���places.'''and the master de'  "Jermlned ;to" ,turu rand^go^back.'," '^He  , wh istled for, the, dogs. Jf.M - -       ,',,'.���>  f  Tbe big'dog whirled around.' lie,saw  ,'hls -master had,stopped and instantlv  'came'full, tilt.toward  him.   The small  dog .was.taken by surprise and for a  few ,'mompnts'could-  not   regain' hi*  footing. ,\V"hen' he did  be put In sonif,  tall running.  They came,down on the^  mastfr at a stiff gallop."        '    ''  As they approached their speed In- |  creased, the little dog nt the end of the  rope running foiy dear life.. Just as  they reached the master they sepa  rated, the little dog going around him  to the right aud the big" dog to the left,  the six feet of stout rope held taut be  tween them. <-        .  When the master gathered himself  out of the snowdrift and blew tbe  flakes from his mouth and dua: them  from his ears aud rescued his l-at and  brushed off a little of'the more, sticky  mass, he started for-homet with one  shivering baud grasping the rope, the  dogs demurely trotting along on'elthet  side.'. '     *'     .    "  tleTreafter he will either shorten the  rope or else get behind a convenient  tree the next time he whistles.���Clevi*-  tand  Plain Denier.,  later borrowed by the Greeks from  the Eomans appears certain from the  name "sapon," still in common use  among them. ��� The name eventually  was adopted by most of the people of  Europe, the Turks calling this article  so much in demand in our day "sa-  bun" and the Finns "saippio." In  it3 stead the ancient Greeks used  flesh' scrapera. These were so highly'  esteemed that they, were sometimes  made of gold and-given as prizes in  athletic contests. Herein' we see how  (men's ideas of the fitness of things  change, with the people and the age.  Nowadays one would hardly commend  himself to a friend or an acquaintance by the gift of a cake of soap or'  a comb. '     '   ,,  This   can,' however, not  be said of  Athens., The mortality does not'seem  to have been much greater than it is  in our own day,' Five' hundred years  , before  Christothe average of human  life   was   reckonedv at. about  thirty-  three "years'.    W,2 are often astonished  ���at the, enormous population assigned  to  some   countries.    There  were   few  - large  cities  in  the  modern- sense  of  the term.   As the houses were seldom  more than, two. stories in height, the'  population   cannot   havc(* been    very  'dense.    In Athens the reputable  wo-  ' men spent most "of their; time in the  open'air.   What effect occasional overcrowding produced may be 'seen from  the description of the terrible plague  " in  Athens near the  end of the  fifth  century B.C., asf-given by Thucydides,  when the surrounding, population -was^  driven   into  the.  capital  by 'the   exigencies  of  war. '-"As- the countries  of  which, we   know   most.;were   grouped  around  the  Mediterranean  sea, where  the' climate is mild, outdoor life occasioned  no discomfort, to* say * nothing  of habit.    In some parts of Italy whole I  'families still live inA caves. ' In Spanish  cities  the, tourist'who  is out late  at night is surprised to find the streets  .littered with "persons lying asleep. To  the   natives   it   is   the   most   natural  'thing'in   the world.-   The   population  of China' is'evidence that filth'is not  incompatible   with -an   exceptionally  j large   number   of  inhabitants   to   the  square'mile, notwithstanding the prevalence   of ,infanticide.   .The   writers  who -have made the most careful study  of the  economic condition  of'France  haVe reached the conclusion that the'  population pf the-country,,at the, close  of the mk'dle ages, was-as great as it  as   now.   ' It* was,   however,   fearfully  ,'cut down by the Hundrecf Years' war  !and-thfe-plaguey Yet 'during all  this  period .there was no,rational practice  of medicine. Untft quite recently most  of the villages of continental Europe  were   without   a   resident    physician.  Such is  still the .case in many, parts  of the ,world that are reckoned civilz-'  ''ed. "' ,  , ,  -, ,,'  .While   nobody  doubts  that' medical  , practicev, "fills <an   important .want "-in,  ^modenvcivilization.jrthere is no question Jhat^it, is largely due to civilization that tlie "want"exists.   '\ ,  sk-al  were not elevated. Cut for all that he  loved singing so",much that many a  time after a concert he .ordered the  vocalists to come to the palace and  sing before him and the Empress Josephine. '  A  curious   anecdote   is   told  WINNIPEG MM CURED  OF RHEUMATISM  Remarkable Case of Cure After  Specialists Failed.  brusque manner of dealing with artists. Oue night at a concert ,at tbe  Tulleries, while 'Duport,' the farhous  violoncellist, was jjerfornirng a solo,  tbe emperor suddenly entered. His  majesty nodded bis head approvingly  and when the piece was, finis lied said  to Duport:  "IIo-w the deuce do you manage to  keep that Instrument so motionless?"  And, taking up the cello, he tried to  jam lt between his spurred boots.  Poor Duport nearly fainted when he  saw' his treasure treated like 'a war  horse. ..For several-minutes he looked  on, trembling from head'to foot. At  last, however, he darted forward and  called out "Sire!" in such pathetic  tones that'the emperor ,hauded , him  back the instrument.,  Duport 'thereupon showed how the  instrument was held, but every'time  bis imperial master extended his'hand  to attempt to do it himself Duport  threw himself hack in alarm till-'final-  ly Josephine , whimpered something to  her husband, who burst 'out laughing  and put an-end to the cello lesson.  Winnipeg, Man.���A" prominent resident of this City, who for personal reasons does not wish, his name mentioned  publicly, but vrha permits U3 to show  his letter to interested enquirers, writes  of his 1 to say that lie was suddenly taken  ' with excruciating pains in the back and  tide, which were pronounced bv his  physicians as Rheumatism. Uot appli-'  cation3 were at once resorted to, * the  usual medicines administered, supplemented by electrical treatment, but all  to no purpose. In hr"3 desperation ka ,  took Gin Pills on his own account, and  in a few hours after taking the first)  Pill the pains commenced, to subside.  He continued taking them and in 4S  hours he had not an. ache or a pain left.  yGia_PiIl3 are sold at 50e a box���a ,  for $2.50.' Send to U3 if your dealer  does not handle them. Sample box-fri-9  if you mention this paper.  Dept.N-U.,-National Drug & Chf.mical  Co., Limited, Toronto., lift-  i',i    I '  '.2'*     *  i  ;, I* ' i  SHETLAND   PONIES.  Kipling's First  Effort.'-"   '  The London M. A. P., believes it has  discovered ,the 'first  poem-that   Eud-  yard   Kipling  ever, wrote, .the   manu-  Active    as    Terriers,   .Sure v Footed    as  -  Mules, Patient  as Donkeys.     ���������  'Shetlands are "foaled in the fields,  live In the fields and die In the fields."  They have a rooted dislike for indoor  life and thrive'best" when allowed to  feed naturally ' on   green  grass,' with  perhaps   hay   in   winter.,   Until,, two  years old nature provides a soft, wool-  like covering.    Afterward the mature  coat   of   hair   appears,    to ( bec shed  each spring,   when' the  ponies  appear  sleek'  and  -handsome.    "Full    grown,  they are immensely strong, with wide  quarters,  powerful"legs  and  a  great'  width and depth over, the heart and  lungs.--And,  asiBengie'wrote' in 1870  In    his ..-'-Tour'   In    Shetland:"    "The  Shetland pony Ls the most lovable of  animals in the  wide  creation.    Th'ey  are  sprightly-'and  active as  terrier's,  sure footed'as  mules-and  patient as  donkeys.    The horse is accredited as  the noblest of l tbo lower animals, and  the Shetland pony" stands at the'"head"  of this noble race' as the most intelligent and faithful of them all."   '", -   '  ', The great value of "the Shetland to  the coal miners lies in Its ability to  'work 'in   the- low   galleries   In   thin  seamed'pits, where other ponies could  not' travel.    Their strength  does "not  correspond with-their diminutive proportions, ' ahd   they   will   travel'thirty  , miles   a  day   in'the   seams,, drawing  from    twelve    to. fourteen^  hundredweight, j, "Underground''ithclr    lot "is  hard*-trat^use becomes second nature,  and they-are treated; if "roughly, .not  unktndly.' ' '     "   '     .      ,"'   ;,'    '  A Free Advertisement.     '   .  A French woman on her way to this  couritry met on the steamer the prin-  cipu'l of a well,known school 'of languages. After she reached Philadelphia she' took f,oirie lessons at . the  school, stating that she meant to write  a book of her impressions in America,"  and intimated that she should speak  at length oi, the^insLitution hnd its  master. Thinking of the ,free advertisement that was lo be his; the professor redoubled his affability.       ���    y  When the,, book appeared,    he .read'  witb  mixed-feelings:./�� , .   _  "On tlie steamer I rnfct Monsieur X,'  who was, seasick,in seven language's."  That was all', ��� '  1    ,*  . '���.   '.  1 -1 % ��  ., '  *.,��� 1*/..!^  "i't ��� j>.j*r  ' ��� .- ' '���"*��  > <-.,y  .The    'Pill'   That     Brings     Relief.���'  .When,'after one has    partaken; of ' a  meal  he is  oppressed  by  feelings  of  fulness and pains in' the'stomach he  Suffers "from    dyspepsia,   which   will  persist if it" be not dealt with. Parm-  elee'Sc Vegetable  Pill3' are   the'1 very  best medicine ' that can  be 'taken  to  bring relief.   These pills are specially  compounded  to rdeal  with  dyspepsia,  and  their    sterling,  qualities in tins  respect can be vouched'for by legions  of users. ���>' ., .    .-'- <L  Only seven metali were known Jn  the days ofeColumbus. , There 'are  now 51 in use. ,    ��� '  &lJ'?M  '"'',<�����!  * '���$'���'  '* 'v  * * <$s'  k.    -nf i     *-  v"'����� I  '- -    *\    < -sv'Jftl  I    !*.<-       ,'  t"-*%' I  -k:  for  < ' Repeat  it:���-'Shiloh's Cure will,always  cure < my ' coughs   and " colds." .  '      I- c i^ ,.  'New York City has grown more in .  the u'se of telephones during the last,  .three   years  than  London  and  Paris  combined.        -���    ' -   ' s  Minard's .Lini-nent  cures   Garget  Cows. '' *���  St.  Patrick was dnven the 'snakes  put of Ireland.      ' *���'.-'*      '' -  If   you .take" my    cadvice,    young '  men,"Ihe said to the-reporters, "you���i  won't,, writer thi-3  up���you'll \get "thef*-  reputation oi being nature  fakers'."   .*,,  ���But the good man's 'admonition was'  wasted. < They, xusbed the story into  print.���Chicago Tribune.  '?�����.".  .', '-&��&; I  'fern I  ������' -'��� ' ����� *<��L  -���'^"���.  \IM  y '-?*- 'f"vir  1,   .   -y -,5iii  ������   , ;i-~  piM  ,,,   ,;y- .k-j L/>$  , ' ll A:u4  ��� *�� v ' 'p'r^  - "ijf *-      iii?    ��� i*-n  * ^   ,*..    ,      ir .--jai  '    .:)���:''i :^i  , Cleared .His Doubts.  , -TA well 'known English gentleman  engaged a tall'l'and powerful high-  script of which is now in possession I lander to act as gamekeeper on bis es-  oi a schoolfellow of the author.- It is tnte. Having been a considerable time"  entitled "The Jampot" and is in a at Ws post and not har,-ng cangnt  Browningesque vein.   - ' | any poachers,  the gentleman suspect-  v> ,  'i;v^", ii 'aSsSl  .'"*.-.'-'' '; Arm  .' L>*(.  'a ' i" ;^a  THE CLERMONT.  numnrapM  We publUh our for nut U��  .  ���    ���      W�� bnnlcb alcohol .  Ctom ot^ruiodieJu��B  Wc iirr�� yon to  oonnu't your  doctor |  ftu��^.?kbowels ��re"consiipafcd,-poi-  Tdins,"^;8-}0" arc "bsorbed into the  ibodv d of belnRda>ly removed from  ldin0 *S i"a,urc intended.    Knowing  eonditinn   .c,?rs always inq"'>e about  ^Jmon of iheKowefi. Ayer's Pills.  * "-��� *��� ��- Ar��r Co.. hivtU, llui.���-  How to Make a Cup of Cocoa.  Take a -tablespoouful'. of cocoa and  put it iu a tin cup. Add, one toaspoon-  fulof granulated sugar and one table-  spoonfiil of boiling water. Mix well,  so that there will not be any lumps of  cocoa. Pour a little less than one-  half pint of milk into a saucepan and  cook It, stirring all the time, until  ft is scalded���that, is, until a film  forms on it and It begins to bubble.a  little. Stir the cocoa mixture Into  this and cook until it boils up.���De- j  llneator.  First    Passage    by    Steamboat    From  New York to Albany. ^  In August, 1S0S���the exact day is a  matter of dispute���tbe steamboat Clermont made tin's first passage by steam  from. New York to Albany. The distance, Soniewlint loss than 150 miles,  ���'was'..cove-red-'in thirty-two hours, a  record hailed as-a triumph In speed,  for previously the passage between  the two cities lire raged four days.  Robert Fullou had experimented  wlt'li steam several years, but the Clcr-  nioiit was tho (irst boat he constructed  'an'a-large scale.'. As he could'not get  the engine he wanted in this, country  he ordered one from England. The  Clermout was so reconstructed In the  following winter that it gave more  commodious accommodations- to travelers', and, the'year 1S0S, which was  the first year of regular travel'by','  steamboat, Fulton made it a point to  start his boat precisely on scheduled  time. Curiously enough, a portion of  the public complained of this.' It was  not until well along in,. the summer,  thnt 'travelers got accustomed to it j  Previously boats had been held for1  two ho'irs at the request of passengers who weren't ready. Fulton's perseverance won public approval before  the season closed.���Anaconda Stand,  trd.  .  "After taking three  bottles of your wonderful  medicine, bur baby was  entirely well and needed  no more medicine. At sixteen months of age she  weighed thirty pounds.  She had cried eight months,  night and day, and nothing  did her good until we hied  Scoffs Emulsion. "-MRS.  E. C. SMITH, Villa Rica,  Ga.  cotts  mulslon  probably  saved this child's  life.    Four doctors had,been  tried.: , Scott's. Emulsion  seemed *.o',.be. just the thing  needeel,  and  it  is   just  the  thing -n.eeidea by   thousands  of  other   children. .   It's  so  easily digested: so pure ahd  harmless; yet mosi powerful ,  in building up die"'-.-most; deli-'  cate child or adult.    But Je  sure to get Scott's Emulsion,  there are so many .worthless,,  and harmful imitations. ;  AU, DRUGGISTS  A faU oopy of Mm. Smith's latter and  mnn/ otharvof a slknllnr nature, to^otlker  iritt, Kmo of our Talunblj literature r��-  BRKilnKchildron, will bo ����t noon receipt ot yoar wldreta. raonuooiDK tlUs  papor.     ���  SCOTT & BOWNE -i    .   -.  126 W.llin��ton St.. W. Toronto  The  Jampots-tender  thought���  I grabbed it;,so did you.  "What wonder", while we fought  Together, that' it flew  In shivers," you retort.  You should have loosed your hold  One moment; checked your fist,  But as it was���too bold.  You  grappled���and 'you   missed,  ("More  curtly,  you were sold.)  "But neither of us shared  The   dainty"���that's   your  plea?  I  answer "'.    ."   .    "Let me see  How have your trousers fared?"  Telegraphy In China.  The first telegraph-, line was opened  in China in 1872, and there are now  about 15,000 miles of line, the whole  under .imperial control. The Chinese  language being syllabic and not alphabetic, many"may wonder how a message is transmitted. The method ' is  simple, but ingenious. .There are as  many characters as words in the Chinese language, and the messages are  sent in "number cipher. When the  numbers are received at the other end  a double ended type is used with  numbers at one end and characters  at the reverse. A message is set up  by the numbers and then printed  from the reverse end, which shows  the  characters,���London  Globe.  ed his gamekeeper of' carelessness.  So one dark night he 'disguised himself and went out with a gun to poach  on'his own ground. He had fired-only  one or two shots when he was suddenly pounced upon from behind and  his gun wrenched away.- Then kicks  and blows were showered upon him  until he fell down half insensible.  The hJghlander then walked away  quietly, and when the gentleman recovered sufficiently he crawled home  and took to his bed for two' weeks.  He has now no doubts as to whether  the man can perform his duty or not.  A   NAUTICAL   HAMLET.  Says the steward to the cook, says be,  "I'll tell you wor lt Is���  This world Is but a walo o'  tears.  And lf lt warn't for Lla  I'd just jump off Into tho sea  And ond the ugly biz."  Says the  cook,   "Before yer g-o,"  sayi  lie.  "Just calkerlato a  heap.  Thines might be wurz where you'd ro.  So think  before yer leap.  I ain't by this denying that  Tno ocean's mighty deep."  Bays the steward, "That's qvlte true,"  says he.  "When everything ls said  My plans 'u'd surely be upsot  And. knocked upon the head  If arter klllln' of myself  I'd find  I .wasn't dead!"  ���Century Magazine  The Chinaman and His Dragon.  If a Chinaman wishes for happiness  and peace iu this world and the next  he feels obliged to consult his majesty  the dragon as to where his house shall  be built and his grave be made.  Through the earth, so say the Chinese,  flow two currents ��� the dragon and  the tiger. Now, for a man to have  good fortune in life or, as he would  say in "pigeon English," to "catchee  chance," his house must be put in a  certain position in reference to these  currents. If he is to rest quietly in  his grave, that also must be correctly  placed. So called "wise men" make a  business of choosing favorable sites  for homes and graves, professing by  means of a wand and incantations and  other kinds of tomfoolery to' be able  to detect -the presence of the dragon  and the tiger and to tell in what direction they flow.  His   Strenuous   Job.  "I; lately passed through a small  town on a train. Say, but that station' agent has a lot to do! . When  the train comes in'. he's got to sell  tickets, attend to the mail, shift the  express, check the baggage,' fix the,  signal lights, put the dunger lantern  at the street crossing, post the trains  on / the bulletin board, operate the  telegraph instruments and carry the  messages."  "Heavens!   Was he doing all that?"  "No; he was asleep."  The  Black  Flag.  A gunboat was entering the mouth  of the estuary when she passed close  to a small collier. The officer in command   hailed   the   latter.  "Ahoy, there ! What have you got  the. black flag flying for?"  The reply  came  back:  "You'd better  not   let    the    captain    hear   you.  That's  his   best  dry."���London; Express.  t Skating.  Skating ls believed to have been invented in northern Europe In prehistoric times. William Fitz-Stephen  speaks of it iu London toward the  end of the twelfth century, but it did  not really catch bold until the cavaliers who had been in exile with  Charles II. brought it with them from  Holland. On Dec. 1, 1GG2, Mr. Pepys;  having occasion to cross the -1 park,  "���first in my life, it being a great frost,  did see people ': sliding .''jvlth- their  skates, which is - a very pretty art"  On the Sth he went purposely to see  the sight and again found it "very  pretty."���London Chronicle.  "'What's  the  matter over,, there.'"  "The'sword swallower is being chok  ed 'by a' fishbone."���Puck.  WE WANT A  REPRESENTATIVE  In some districts to handle  our line of , Metallic , Building  Material,   which  includes:  "Eastlake"   Steel   Shingles  Rock   and     Brick-faced     Steel  Sidings  Fire    Proof    Glass    Windows,  Shutters   and   Doors  Corrugated   Iron  Metallic  Ceilings  and   Walls  Hayes' Patent Steel Lath, etc.  Our goods have been riiade and  sold in Canada for 24 years, and  have .established a ' reputation  for quality that makes them  easy  to sell.  Exclusive territory to the  right man. For particulars write  TKRMETALLIC ROOFING  COMPANY,  LIMITED,  Manufacturers,  TORONTO    AND    WINNIPEG.  Are You  Up to the Mark ?  If not feeling as well as yon  should, do uot make the mistake of letting your health  take care of itself.     Resort to  Beecham's  Pills  Sold Everywhere.    In boxes 25 cents.  ",'-fi *. Vt  ������;-���"���- fill-  ;; .r;  ' '      -ft.   <  >��� t:      -, '',<ss\  t.  L- *** .       Vti  I '��i  i        ' * 'il  U  1      -V L  1      '   ft:  i *   ^1  yv,j  ���'���  *,,,  An Ocean Sanitarium. ���  Some, particulars are given in the  British Medical journal of a proposal  to provide an ocean sanitarium for tu-.'  berculosis. The suggestion is to fit up-  a sailing ship of about 2,000 tons for  not less than fifty patients, each to be  providr-d with a large and well ventilated cabin. The deck would be used  for what is commonly called tbe 'veranda' treatment.' The intention of thu  promolers is that the ship shall cruise  in the1 nelghborhcod of the Canaries,  whore It will' have'��� the advantage of  the trade winds and of an 'equable  J-climate, while a   port will not  be  far  , . , .,        . ���   .        distant  In   case  cf  the   onset   of  bad  hut   hanging  out  to   1 Wealhep-  Shoe Boils, Capped  Hock, Bursitis  are hard to cure, y*t  will remove them ni>4 leave no blam*  ishi Docs not b, lis tor or rtaioro1  tho h��lr. C'nroa any puff or rweUinc. Hone r��a  bo worked. $2.10 per bottle,deUveretLUook 6 D free.  ���ABSOXtBIXEt JTt-, (mnnkJnd, Jl.00 bottlw.)  r or BolU. Brulsri, Old Soros, Swoliincs. Ooitro,  1 Varicose Voint, VaHco '-tir-��. .ATav* p'nin.  W. F. YOUNG, P.O.F., 137 Monmouth St.. SariaofioH.- Ma��*.  LVMAA*. SUSS A CO., 21ontr��*l, Canadian Agents.  Also fumlth'd bf Martin Bat*  ��   Wynne  Co^ Winnipeg* '  Tha National Drug A  Cham loaf Co.,   Winnipeg and Calgary  and Jfojuforvon &rc4* Co. Ltd* Vewoou��*r-  �����y  KEEP YOUR IGNITION RIGHT  75% of all Gasoline Engine trouble!  Come from poor   Ignition.  Ihe "VIM MAGNETO" dnrl  away with hatteries am! can  lie uti-cl on any Engine. It  alwaysgivrsngoo.l hotspaiV  I'lifly .Guaranteed��� Ayei.t,  Wanted.'  A. R. Williams Machinery Co. Limited, Torouia  W.    N.    U.    No.    726.  -:����������:  ���'1.  -A i'l/.  '*'   !  JZ_JgME LEADER, arOYIE. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  y    -    1     >     "���*  '-A    -*" '-.*'"    *v    '  '*"'   ���*���'.-    >l  ���'i j i ��� x ,:.,   .j  ���"; ?- ." '--  -  yfl  fOIffi   LEADER.   "'.     Mectrtotlnes  *     'ii  ,Ti!", -AS.  0��"  $ ���   si- ���?-- ' "3""  1 i. El   ft       * iw  i. -^        a*   '-    *     t, i    l1  y *., ff-i^-v'- ~; Vif  -' ',<".t. q* y ^f --1 - ���<  - .' y . *fiv j, J. * *    i'. ���>�� '  ^t.   Joseph's   Convent.  NKU50N, B. C., ���'  ,  . ,        '"Th    C   P   E- wiI)    e^��itiiaiU !      .,���  , .��� '  ,  |��,blishedintheinleref,.ofthe,penp|. 'eientnf ,       , .      , "  |     xJo,rd,ng and, D ,y Srhoo]   conduct-  ...     .=     ....,'��,  ..-,.-.,-  ! '" . l  jV     fidby UieSi^iTbofSi. Jo*, ph, ^eSson  3.   C.      Commercial     and     Lusirieft-  oi Moyie and Ea��i Kooteimy.  p. J. SMYTH. runwSHKK.  t  c.t-um�� uvni-ut   mny   :,j(;u    be  made iu  tlies unhWii   portion  'of  <T7Vn5^^^A^r>  ���ourses a  upc-urll^.   ' E.\ct-lleiice  an-  M���;��;-i, n   i       , -   ������           -, uuroes a  bpecut i\,    iL.\ct-llence  an  ^riti'-h Columbia,   w��s the   statu-J     ,f. ,  ���*n,    ,.,..!,.   f.i.��, '.-.,. :.,..   .-..    "wirf   Prf'^s��   rliHrtrlw.s,.   e��ch   dr  uent mule the other ni^ht iu  Toronto by William Whyt*,  -econd vice-pieaideut ��� oi ttie  W.tt.'  BiTS   or-, .-.vrrKU-rros  '   .. A2.00  One" Tear,. ���  ���    SATURDAY.' JAN. 30,' 1009.  Stoci Quotations.  ri'RM'HKD Ev Bi:\i.KA j:r-\\i:Lb.  ���k%llf'?,pi^1  I 11.       SU     IT I*-,,-,       Visit f JT     ���   I  T-i'.-A 'S��V5, V* I  * 0  '  B���l  A-k<<*  lurc-n  ���i:>  CunsnlidRtcd Sracltars  8r> 00  P0.0O  u'riu. Goldfiulils     .   .  .03  " ui  Crunl)ro-.LTrr5 Brick "  i  1.10  N'jrrh Sltr  9  XI  jouiety Girl        ,  i:>  ulivuu                              r  '  ��� VI  HOW SfiEKEEPS BEAUTIFl'L.  Tfce Mystery Solved.  pari merit. P��ri-nls sJiould write foi  particular-*. One month assures tin  unlilic of ihe thoroughness of th,  -ister;-' nietlnxfa of touching. Terni^  ���������mm nee .Iniiuiirv, April' an<] Sept  -'iri-ll- �� r,-> iiilniirtwt'il^ii-intr tpr,"    ,  FBESH   A^B   CUKSD  Meets Tui'-xlaj evening}, in  M<<>reL">r  ball   on   Yieioiia  street     yojounuuj.  t><ld KellnwHCdrdiHliv liivitfd.  Chas. J. Wh11 r. F. J   Sm i th'.  .Noble Gr..nd. bei r'y-  A,ft gentle     lemiadci:     Keep  your optics on M >yie.    ���,  tVe have  raided   some    fund .  N-J\v for a fire bel'.   *���- , , ���  "When a raaa ui^kes  a  ��jo1  oui  ��   '   .      '��    i ���   '.i.��...,��� i��vnfor-inl   ���    tike the  flowers  that bloom in tha  of Limply he nse? cheap mateixa),, J ^.^ ^ ^^ ^ .^ buddin���^  ���r��� *"���'���    ,' { womanhood is an inspiring  sight and  i.  ���l   ��l��.,npr  mind=    ?he is usually beautiful if  she is perr   '��  \Vonion      liiyo   cleaner  mma.    fecdy  hea,^y>     Sho fitays   beaut^fu*    O  W/an e men " because   they   change    just so Jong as her health and constitu,    1   ��  13?,au I tion remain good.    Let her be nervous,  have   backache,   sleepless  nights, and  niter  M. 1 iiK'"1' J-��"'S��* J""- s"-  K. of P.  ii   ^r^\f   f   i     ll,f-!--n,n Thnrs<ia\  \%kfy%?��, tuning    in    aMcGiofcoi  \^^/ 1 .,11 nt H i 'el-1 k.   Vk-  X^jf^^   j(il,g broihii.i invited.  B. E. Taylok. K. A. Ha.r.  Chancellor Com. K. II, ami p(  Shoe   Repairing  Mining  Shoes  Made to Order  THE C ANAKAtHl  OV COMMERCE Kl  iff  AXD   '  , Moyie   Miners'   Union  ��� Wo. 71  W. F, of M.  I-Meets in McGregor hall'every  Satur-  diiy evening.      Sojourning   members  are cordially invited to attend.    t  Malcolm .McNeill    TJios. E. Kelly  President. Secretary  UEAD   OFriCL, TORONTO  t '"'  B. E. WALKER, President  ' ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  ''^niiMiix,  ^���"P Capital, $10j)  Reserve Fund, V Jf  ; Ihoui ofiw-nai.  0  i    , .����..   Some men  tieat--their   wives  kindly because,thcy,aro afraid  to  r  . dbwotl\< rv\*isp.' ,  When    r-    man    reache3 '  the  height   of   hia-,0   ho    aom'etiuiej  , giow-d dizzy with self-imptirtance.  :     O^CA^ionaily a'^AVomaa  spend?  a lot, of, time  looking, for a hus-  i band after t,he gefcd one. '  R. &. SMITK  .SHOl-'MAKKH,  how  soon  does it  take  for wrinkles,  crow's feet and dark circles to appear  ail*" the  face ?    ller  cheeks were- rosy  until she began to suffer frond woman's,,  weaknesses and, the  constantly, recurring   pains   and   drains   brought   her  quickiy from the   beautiful age to the  premature   middle   age.   - It was   not  meant  for, women   to suffer so���it is  due  to   our. unnatural,-but   civilized  methods of living, and to the fact that,1  so many neglect those smr.ll ills which -  soon lead-up to la"rger���one��!. - Nothing  so drags a woman down" 'tis- those constantly .recurring   periods   when   she  suffers-mon? and more from a chronic  condition that can be .easily cured. - No  woman should take" anj.alcoholiC com-  ��� pound  for that will disturb digestion,  I and the food is' quickly compacted ahd  URNS 4 GO  Limited.  -M0Y1B.'.B..,CL-.--.  T. T. Moyittlv.CI-:., r   <T'L.S. II. Y. Parker, C"  -VTcVITTIE & PARKEE  ,-* ' , , - -       ���> ,  ��� .Provincial Land Surveying     ,  KAIL WAY  A   MIXING   EKGINEEItlSG  1 '' , p    * * i*    - -  Estimates'Furriished.   '.  '   '    *.      '     OFFICES '      :'.     ,  Rarvey,    McCarter  &  ���;      Macdonald.  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc'  Cranbrook.   -   -    B.C.  MOYIE,  D.   C.  ���STOl' AT THE ,  COSMOPOLITAN  W: F, gued;  lSAKRISTKK,"SOt.ICITOIt, ETC.  .     M        ,'.'>' '       t ',.  , r i  CRANBROOK. ' ,      B. C  becomes  hard fand' tough  in ��� contact    port Steele P  O   Box orl '  - ,  *"   f-        r * '       <��iy,cobvju;. . c?ue rrausi-go DO JNature  tor  - li debt, pf  gratitude  to  a' uew��-   a cure. ..-Jlie  native -Indians of early  -'",     ^ < ,-v timesVare,far from wrong when they  ���;-;C. H.DUNBAR  Barrister, SoliciLdr, Notary Public, Etc  ."��� * .^Cranbrook, B. C. ' ,f  1   ��� i- y -'    *- ��� , -    '     > ��� -p  HoTELi.   .  K  WHEN IN  ,  I  * \  CRANBROOK  "A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED Ar        '  ; ���  '    ALL UKAKC-HES  DRAFTS AND MONEY ORDERS soid and" ,  -���-��������--���-���"���������----������--������������-���-������-������������-�����    1U' "I money tra  "telegraph or, letter. nsfe''ftdi,l  COLLECTIONS  made in all parts of Canada 'a��� ���   ,    " .i ,   ' ��� taici in loreign  FOREtGN   BUSINESS,   Cheques and drafts o��� the ��� .      ^  ,,    Great Britain and other foreign countries bou��ht    T* %*  CRANBROOK'BRANCH. /   '      ',' p T T* ?i  |, ;.    Twelfth  Annual **1|  m ''; "'" ��� ��� ' ��� '-"  w  ^ "  w " '  }{    ' DAM EL -THOMAS  \r    I 1-: '^4-uX-  ,        <   , '-���; ,    vvi,uLupa iiaiu   nnu' rougn  in > contact  v~~Q fan/i.e'nr f-hn  l-ipnnle   owe    vlh alcohol, .rendering  the food in-  ,.    Niae-tentlis ot, tlio .people  o^i digestijble.-She musi-gS to Nature for T        .,-���-    ,,, ,     if ^    ^   . , .   ���(      .    ,        (  __ ti   1 - -���-     "n- Indians of earlv I Cranbropk P.O. Box 11.      -,     '       ,' DR.   F.   B.   MILES   :-.   '������.-.       '..    /���    .   ..r :     -*r - ;- Tr -���   . . '  '  ", ' ���"���"���^eawmm^samtmmaammaamaemmmwxao^amuatmmmmmmmmmaamaaa  T  ,-    -if ���VfJ'-.ft'Sbi.SVu'" ,  y ir  i'^'^r"'-^^'  ...   . ��M^  -.:4-?J  |fe'.>l'W'^  ".i-^-j1? i  V. i''  i>  4        \       ' -  *",    C'rci- Son.l;au a "hard *tiuces" ball,  ',    oue nig.hVV^fc woak*."' 'Crdsfcon  is(  toogooJ a town to have a d.vnce ol  , this^sort.    .. , ��� ' ��  ?    ��  -    ; A rubber  ueck  and   a    tongue  that is   linng   in  tho  middle  and  Cohosh, Golden-Seal, Lady's Slipper,  and ��� JJiyoorav root,^are- importane'  ingredients of a 'wonderfully successful remedy'in modern timesj namely,"  Dr. ��� Pierce's; Favorite Prescription.  .Having nmde a specialty of thediseasea  of,,women in the,early sixties Dr. Kerce  soon found that a'glyceric extract "of  these roots with' Hydrastis 'or Golden  Seal and Lady's Slip"per root, combined  in just the right proportions, made-the  very best tonic and cure for the distrcs-'  Kf-Wl"  m.-  g|3|! ,   ^ it both end, are  responsible j ��SLoToSg?frS[n ^S^he.^S    A   "R '   <^Wof f.'   '^ -Tn,  1 ���''*���*  lble ,    ' ��    nessynorron.'nesd'and--laclr of sleep,-"It U*   ^��  -��3iV/Wdlla ���' K    t>0��-   "��� -'"- '" bie."        '.'���      "   ���       ' .  v.   '   --  Rp"M^     ���- fjralieapof,troub  '    BUY  YOUR,i  iE^D3r':ULi"t, slxI^:"  ' '  '   .  '     ' *    FROM"  '��� '  ^Cranbrook, ���' \   ,,  B, 6.  K. H. S.1IAI-,L, ���Usiiniter.  ,GporJ rooms, good tablee und bar'  '.  and  drst clays'siTitTple r^o-iis.  Win. Jewell  ^George R Thompson',',  ' ."��� >  B^RKISTKIl, ft'OblCiTORy  ' \ *'     *v   ���  ���/r .  y"'   '  ������ tary Public, Ac.   ,, -    11  CRANBROOK, -*  British CoLft-vnrA  O"   t   .j i     r  iM'��rf/?1S-ssi.^'Jf    * cs"    '        ft-  '(IvSff^R?-;^     , "' Rev. ftilly Sunday says of danc-  chifr  that 'iYoud  jusb   as    soon  fl ,. ". . i      '  . , gfi'out'andt split ��wood aH'iiighV  '    ,  ' by   imo'nliRh'ti'as "to''dance   with.  ' your own wife." ���        a    '  ..','i   >        v.-  was usually due to functional trouble,'  thciefore this prescription directed at'  the cause 'cured OS per cent, of such  cases. . That is why Dr. 'Pierce soon  put-it up in a form easily to be" procured _,Jl!L over the .United \States. -"H1  .Aching frcm head "to foot���that is  the condition that afflicts some women  at stated, periods���beckache,' dk'ztness,  and"pains almost unbearable. ,An honest and a safe remedy which no .woman  can-, afford to  lose ' the  opportunity x>f  -W, R. B^ATTYV   ,.J ,-"  i  , -        ^        i  ���', , -Emba!m.Ji, ar.d Untiert'uhcr, ���'-',  *�� *  -i-THK-  m i '���",.* :.:   -gn l '   .''   y  ���DESAUtSIEK     BEOS,' 'pop��.< '  0, ,       IO<  ���Pnoue 9.g  , CRANBROpK.  Express and Gener-  ���  al'   Delivery   Busi-"  ness.-    Livery  and ,(  ���-Feed Stable. .   ���        y;  WOOD   AND.    COAL  For Sale-    "  -  \s  -t *        J- I    '  ,   Leave Oideif- at  ,   '.       ..       '  Cw> nut's Store.  Moyie,  Biitiih Ub.ui-ubhi  SEXDiYOUR 'WOMC'  TO THE  rV  ,'.,'   "     * ���'<    ���     "H   , -. -  a divorce.', '  f honestly made, but he lets you know  just what it contains.  The best of medical authorities rccom-  ,r . . ,��� ?   p * mend and extol the virtues of the above  Tears give   relief  from   sorrow,    >ngr��ii<>nts  in  "Favorite  Presentation"  .      ��� Thus 1<YEll.ngrwood, M. D., Professor bt  Recording to  a Trench physician,  because they  decrease 'the  blood  "* " .    -  prohsure on the brain, benumbing  it for the time *,eiug.  i .   -        -, ��� .    .��   ��� .JoeMirtin  will  leave Vaucou-  ��� verfor E igliud about M.irch 1st."  His Varicouver law 'cflice was a  >6rt of college  f0i'.''liudding.,"bar-  ' i'istei'3  f^ilm-w>'u  h"C.r".iiV^..?"  tvi���^ ��� ^"'"swoou, iu. u., i-rofessor.faf  Materia >iedica, Bennett"Medical College, Chicago, says of Golden Seal: "It  is an important remedy in disorders'of  *ttte-womb.--"In all catarrhal conditions."  Uf bady s Slipper root he says: "Exorcises special influence upon nervous con-'  ditions depending upon disorders of the  lemale organs; relieves paiu, etc."e Prof  John Kir.g in the AiiERiCAjf Dispensa.-  Toiiy, says of Black Cohosh root: "This  is a very active powerful and useful  remedy" * * * ��Plays a very  important part in diseases of women; in  theparnful conditions nicident to womanhood.    In dysmenorrhea it is surpassed  b;i*-,-nc/>t^e^'dru��> beiR? ��f groatest'  ntilnytn irritative and congestive-conditions/' * ��� * "Its action. Is  slow; but -Its effects are'-pormarfetit��  ior headache, whether congestive or  m,        ... - ,,      r      ,       ���     .    I   from  neuralgia or dysm'enorrhea-it-is  ln9 editor of the   Leader   is   in     promptly Curative.'  . I      .Br. -John Fyfo, of Saueatuck-   finnn  receipt of an invitation from the Editor of the Department of Therapeutics tn The-Electic Review says of Unicorn root (Ilelonios Dloica), one of the  chief ingredients of Dr. tierce's Favorite Prescription: --"-A remedy which invariably acts as a. uterine (wombV inVie- '  orator and, always favors a condition  which makes-for normal activity of,tlie  entrro reproductive system, cannot fail  to be of great usefulness, a'nd of the  utmost importance to the General prac-  - titioner of rtierHcine." -- ' v?r K   v,  "In Hclorilns w0 have a medicament  which   more   fully   answers  the   above  ���Headquarters   for 'Commercial and Mitiinc&Ien.  ' Q ' F.EK6 .AVEXI'E,       '       MOYIE, -n. O  Are YouThrnking A;  of Buying a Typewriter?  .IP   SO  - 73C7Y -AN  "inayor and council of Rossland to  attend '  tbe     Winter   , carnival,  ' "which opens ou February 2nd.  ���   The    agreement  between    the  t  coal company and "the men at  -Fomie will expire about April I.  The gt-neral opinion is that there  will be no difficulty in renewing  thi9 agreement.  ' The delegatei to the meeting at  Trial this week dime away with  the impression that the'people of  tbe smelter city were the most  hospitable people on earth.  1  y-S^-'S^'^;  RQSStAND  ���    UNDER THE-AUSPICES1 OP '-  ,;,The Citizens of Ross]and    " ,��  '.* * I'ro^dent' "'*'  . d  H  H  ;:FEB?y2 to B, '09  %    .,'-     ^GRAND .PROGRAMME  ^om.Tuesdny-'Niglit'Uhtil SpLimlay Xj?iJt ,;;|  y  -     * .;Redtic<^Transportation Ku(ih  ^ '- i-fr-M-j^st,- .--���       .rat'lufcatlttiioii 8) \,lyf to^'     ' i     '  �����"/.v'.���V':,h: B.-McPBANiY1     '    '   ,\f|  ,V,    u'      '       ,-    "   *     - S��ret��ry, '     - '   - , '���   '���/.II  .-j,-: ���,  ' "\ Real T^iaie^^ItiekGoihfjiJpl  -,    ������ , '      ���'    I;  ���" *  .���T^s'rlhce'.'K'eal.'jEstate,. Co'iiecficnV;  ���;   .;-SOpTENAYj-..-^y':-;^|  ;-.;'; LAUNDRY^;:  ' ;/    NELSON  All-WliiteLaiaor.  J ^     v  Loave woik with tHo    local agent  ���$A. B.  STEWART^  y     n        * - ���  O.F,'E3AULHIZb'  dha.ier i*v  purposes c/ian rrnv other drug with which  i am acquainted. In the treatment ol  ���diseases peculiar to women it is seldom  that a cai.e iS seen which does not  present some indication for this remedial agent.�� . -     <-  i ���- . ��y>r  i 1  1 Tiio Croston board of trado  has been afli'Uted with the Associated B laid-,, aod a delegation  of three attended the teceut  Jneeting at TcdL The prople' of  Croston certainly h ive tho right  Spirit.  ( ~ >a~< r-    -:        ,  i . '. '        . ..-. -     .     - -  ','. . O. 0.   Bticli iiuui,   Fred Starkey i  and A. B. M-tckeni'e, weie el icfce.l  / to succeed themselves as presi  denr, first; vic.3-prd.4dent aar  'f-ecretary uf the , Associated  {i> lai'ds   of   Trade. ' Tin-ee:   battel  ,   men for tho jiosicion-H could not b<  found in all of tho Kcjlonays and  .    '^Lve l- jiindttyy.  Trade Marks  dcsigiis^,  ��� Copyrights Ac.  Anrono sending a sketch flnd doscriptlon mar  Quickly ascertain otif opinion free whether an  Invention 8 probably pitentable. Coruinunlra-  liona strictly confidential. IlanUbookon PaWuLa  eunt free. Oldest apency for flecnrinir patents.  i/*te',V>,taken tGrouL'h Muun & Co. rccel"--  WectalrtotUei withoutcbnrgo, lu tho  Scientific Hmtfmn;  A Jiarirtsomely lllustraled vrciiRly. I.arsiest dr  eujntlon ot uny scintilla Ipurnil. TermB ��T| ��  ������yiVlS?^1^"18'*1- Sff^^ifll ���$�����i&Z  mllNN & Co.38'^-^. New Yori  "OLIVERS  $125. ' 13ASY'paYAJKi\TS.  F. J. Smyth,  Agent       -       _        Moyie  INTERNATIONAL ~  HOTEL,  *      i  Thi3 hotel is new   under  new  _   management, and is first class  " f t  in every respect.  B. E. -TAYLOR: Mgr.  Victoria Sfcreefcr  GENTLEMEN���''  1 *  I? you want" a stylish, up  to date tailor irfacle suit, call  and inspect our spring goods  before ordering efJsewhere.  We guaratee  all  VJbOur- Work.  <,  Cleaning,      repairing and  pressing done. '"-  Prices Right.  C. A. FOOT  ,   -Merchant Tailor.  PROMPT DELIVERY.  Queers' At7e;' ' "MQyjE  Large., assortment of GO-O^ETS'and-BABt  <    CARRIAGES.    Prices from' $5 up  '    '    2   .        ���    ���       ��    , t- '' '      .  Cranbrook   .Cooperative ,ySi  LIMITED.      - ^   '   .  ANNUAL , ,  Eastern    Canada ���  Excursions' 4  i  MavTD     fiojEI/(  MOYIE,  B. C  '   MOYIF  Thos. Summers  Cig^r��,   Tobacco,   Fruit  and  '   I.,       Confectionery.  TOYS.  NOTIONS;.  ETC.  South   Victoria   St.-  ii. Ci Steals Laundry  '" '    '. ���    ir " v . "��� i ������.���'' '���  ��� ���:���'.,,���   .'���>������..���'������        ' --y    -I  CRANBROOK.  ������i      ' ' (     *,  "/��������� * -'    ('���'        .-,'",'.',      ''".  Give our work a  trial" and   Ieavp  ���^SSwZwo^ with mmm.  When you think ojf  Building, tliink x>?  as.  A.B: Stewart,''  Agent.  The Moyie contractors  and; builders.*  Low Round Trip Rates to  ONTARIO,    QUEBEC    AND  MARITIME   PROVINCES  Tickets on sale Dec. I  to   Dec   '31  iuduaive/'BoOd to return   within  tnrte months.  Tickets issued in connection Atlantic Steamship .Bu&inea-j will be  on sale from Nov. 21, and limited  to five mouths from date of i33uc.  Finest Equipment. Standard Firslclass  Sleeping and Tourist Cars on all  Throuijh Trains  2 Through Express Trains Daily  THR "TORONTO EXPRESS"  Leaves Winnipeg' daily at 22.10,  making /connections   at   Toronto  for all points east aod west  .._l, . thereof.J  P. F. JOBJVSTOJV  Thl^Ht?Ttel ls N��^ and well Furnished  TW  rabies are-Supplied with the Best the  Market affords. The Bar is Filled jrift  tne^est Brands of Liquors and Cigarsf  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL I  AND MININO MEK       '   ' '  w - - - <.   ��� JIRITTSZI COLrJH"!.  SIOVlE  >yie Beer-*s^  WCi'VIT? "P.   r*      ��� ���'     j      rr I '^Pply to nearest C.  P   R    A���.��_i  l-.O.IE.B.y.       ,      |,3ALL   AND   GET    ESTIMATES! _,   for fnUinformati!!;.!  As   m"win by tlio  present brewer   is   iidmilUd.'V  ",eJ  Beet- Beer in East Kootenny. With' tl.c Ucst AIolt��Dd|  ,.-e. Pure.sf Spring Witter' ft is iiiiexoollcd /or qiialiO'v   f  ��� I��i8i��il"on buying:Moyio Beor.   y    w ,'|l  I  I  Bottled and Draft Beer.  CHAS. INDEBWIESJ Mgr,  w : Asovno. i'-c'  9:K33��33HtfflSS5aR����S2&��3��3^^


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