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The Moyie Leader Jan 30, 1904

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 1     P^^^Tli^'-a  ' "%���?.��  ., ust;  j-fi*  j  /���     ^  \#  5" <  ;:W  Ar.  A*"i  J*2  ^.x  ',  -' --  -fr  i"  ,,     ",-  to J��   -^    -*�� k�� -"H '���?���*  ��� i.' > r  fa"' -^  x _ -  ',"���''/.  r- '��� s7-  ^#p* r$/&g&^&��S*&�� -'-��  n 12  ���* i;  < -  -VJ  "*i  n  'ri  >-1  ..t  .-1  ii  i. i j. *, j* f *,  : *) -, I. ,11J3 c *.  1 ~'i-  V ���*">, i* p -  SOJTV  f'"'W>>  -^r.t this statement is m er  ^ ':;:#& woven  W  us during sfce  *  will  r-or  aext two  .#& proven  W  us during wo  -  A--:'     We are aKuOUS --���-������   - .,,  tWs Saturday .��tfc, a."ti --'- c^bto. o-J.  ���*$/' '���  Z       J>'|-!a-  M'*    t_l    *  ���/  5 / 5 '    *>  bUhss'ri Si  !��� *    '  fci*j  ������j  V  �� t  -E.*ri.i^J  Apply &r Money.  ,r,'t'.   7.'- ^ :-'   '-���''' ��'"''' wl-i-  :n..T Jont-3 waa ui> from   Wanlner  rf:.ndiy.  J ".������-',;ilr Shea  ':; .j-Js. vtiiterdav  .'U-rTiii   i?r\v.  i!^"^��"i^iIL":-*  pi  }--  iS  i  '-2  I*":  n  h   13f fr;^ri   it hfiTjt  vn' ��3 s s t! rJ ^  'Ja  y3  -----eKfeSS^r  i-iin  ih   Ciav.lr:()c\:  rri:  ���;1  Any UDie  ���'���/''���.  'V;  A. T. Clark  '.vocl:.  I).   J.    Leahy    went   lo   C'Liuorouk  i'jday  ii. Oamerun allond'id   ihe  nieetiiig  of th..: lumliermen in Oianbrouk' Hon-  f  Vt? "���" -�� ���** T^** tit ���   i Xr\ ��^�� r S ^\        % ������' *��� *!  ' *'��K>'k'i'i'-ri��j of .*>���<:/ v-t,"-'*-t,;>'    ���* - ���  -'- /f Wffi '���. ��� . *u ; ^ A'j' ���   m '  u W Hits,* vt.   .Jiiw -w*.-"  >exits   'SiEeffiilationB  frovido   that  S?;'Swea-tor:-s ana i.  under we a:  ~<nJr  ..the .Eocks .of   Milling  Companies Must Be  Opej-i'toliiopeo- . ���  tioQ.  I     <)  M. Aluir, of -the   Kas-,   Kootenay  /    Lumber oonipai^y, has  be��u  in   town,  for ..-(.vorai day*".'  ������.[w.**. nwia llfilliof JJI-iiriPorc, Alt . ,  -.-.,., 3a Iowa this v/c;k, the gacbt of j  ���Mr, nnd .Mrs. P. T. Siuyib.  A'riiik h&6 been ch-nrcd' on tho ice  'ami Ihe lovero of bkalmg have been  rpos-JMig liD enjoynbic wc��l  Fr.r.ik JJusaulnici -vus up from Gran  niook Hun.iay.    Ho i-J now iu the em  And Y?hy we can always supply you with  tlie best at the very lowest possible price.  We "buy direct from the  ��� Lake ol" the W.oods Milling: Go. their celebrated "brand cf Manitoba  hard, "wheat Sour  ���*$>* j % rposdMig liD enjoyable week.  ��*& ^'(f^    ^1 '          -' ' Fr.r.ik JJusuuluici -vus up from Grau-  ���   If fril   ^!     G. O. BUC..MH... of   Kaslo,  recidtnt   ,��ook Kua.la>.    lie i, now iuthe em:  M -:" $      nU-W i-^nt of tho gov.-mui-m, h,5 roceiveil | yloy of tup 0. P- Is. doing r.pairwork.  -J?\^ r'1       ^ h   i?";!   ;';l,, i^arvLV.'':!'-,        : 0.  r.v"- ���     ^r, and .>Ir=    Muti-ieen,  pareutd   of  ���      \y^4| ^%$   ��> !li;.,trHcti'.i.s.loi"-.l.c tiiv.r.buuouufthe   iirbi. Howard,   returned  to   Medicine  "^ *    *' ' i'/J-      1, .     ,  i!         rii,.,-.-y.-   ,,ro     ir.    \\r>    if.7t\i:     fi ..   Ti,,.^.l/.-       iftwr    >1     mOIllll'B     visit  ;?'-',  ���'^ifl  '��� ,''V^  1 ":>-"���'  aNABIAN" MKK'''OF.'COMMERCE  Paid  <>��   ^f> 3f0OO,00O  Total Kesources   - 8u.*jo-v/,-j-jv;  >      .,.,-���,.�� R��ic-jf Iniercat ti per conf-  ? -  : ,'WII'W  ��� '--"���    '-"'-���nl    .  ^'.rv'a-r  ���i jr.*u��r.' -  F.C.'fellXLPftS. ^BB  ,.��.��-'"-r**:-.".^" --^^.!2r=-  k-ad bound.    Uhu'rcs are   to  be   iavh  under ,lho  regulations   from   July  1,  lUCKi, and may   indndo   "U   itmountb  produced up to the end of any month.  The   regulations    provide,    among  other things, that tdi producers of lead  bearing ores who debire to avail  them-  selves of the bounty niunt   notify   the \  miniaterof their'intci-jtion   to^ make a  claim   under1 the   act   declaring  the  name of the mine producing   the ore,  its situation,  and   tbe   names  of   the  president. i*ec'etary   and   mauager, as  iJal Thuraday   -liter a   month's   visit  Ul-i'J.  Messrs. UolHns & Dickeson have  rold the Wentworth hotel, Cranbrook  \o Authur Shelton and   Lester  Clapp.  The body of Airs. Bolton, who lost  her life in tbe Clallam disaster, was  shipped to Cranbrook this week for  "interment. Every business house in  Cranbrook closed during the funeral  oeremony.  The Odd Felloes of Moyie have de-  ���?.~;*��:*i*^l?��B5^^  ;vV v  ��f^p;,";^l*r"i5.S-.<i'"*^'--���-'���'''"* -     *  t^t?JT^tg- STOCKS.  ,.(.-,���.<,- ���"','.' C'.V. li-suriuicc tlrilt i.i.>...>-  'ai>^t��u\. ?pH vnur Ke-1 r'-"'"  president".. .��ecietary   a:-,   ni'-"^', ^ ,        . ,   ,�� , t,   Mn,���i,v   evPn-  .  .        '*��      i        . ~      cifi.-'il to iiive a ball on  Moutias   o\��n  wullais '.be isai-na of the oihcial author-   ^a-u ^h^e* ..      }  ing, February 10, and a committee nab  i  fa.-*"?"*'�� j.- ji '    i-��, I. a ^"* vr>*t '����� "'  Ti* ' f * V   "'       ' H i r ) "^ >'! r*. ">-J -  We buy only in ca?: lots, p  and thereby &et advan- ^  tag-e of the lowest possi- |,  bie freight rates, |  We buy for cash, and |  can therefore get the &  very lowest prices.  We1    study   the   flour-  market and buy to ad-  L/l 1 U \JL,   vantage;  liacBachern & Macdonald.  o ' "���<  iit'.Mf.    Vri*'"  W"* .'���.... ���������'���ii "���>���'*��� '^*''0'  ��i��� '.-'.uiu-y i^r y��** ��������� 1''),,Kr'" "''"'  "���"  rate  beocucc   ~c  Dorou'i y-  ���.i.ed to make ibe cbj-iui.  The smelting of all lead bearing Ores  on which a cUim for bounty is to be  made (-.hall be at all times under the  supervision of an officer of the department of trade and commerce,' and thi=  officer in ay   at' any    time   demand   a  lire affair in  baud.    The ball   will  be  first class in every way.  Tlie Alpine Entertainers will give a  ahowiuthe I. O. 0. F. hall tonight.  The entertainment will be followed by  ii dance.   The   admission   to  both  m  GENERAL  NEWS  NOTES.  ..re (he i>i  Y*.tQ*      Wii'wn ..v*".-..-.-'-��-->��� Iori'0u  $Sg  iu lose t-.-������i�� witl/Uto mai-ot.  j|s "j floor asimple of  any   ore   delivered at [paly 50 cents, and   the affair   wlU  bpcsr.v'o  we  beep   jji   LLC 3niellera for smelting purposes.       ''     ,v '- - ''"*  well worth attend iii*:  *:.-*-' fei  *���>��� *������ *^. j-.i  I-  �����"  i"  . ^*.  r*"t��     ~-i ,��������--^ i��"7i     ,.     f,���"v      s', ;i"^,-  ...���y- .  ...J. ������(>  'Bli-"  llPd'l   ^'"'l,  f-.i n v i -^  ^..^.c-V    ^-"*  !     The books of any   in'ining" company |     rphe litigation between  A.   T.  Clar  coming under the act arc   Co  be "open \iiui< <!���, js*iat Kobteuiy Lumer  conn  .   ..-,      ��� ."���^/j   ..' _- -*.'.-^.��� . ...  .   .     ...      *:,' . ...tluniiin  ( 1| '��  ui  ���)T.  "a,*1 j*> , ? :~*v ��v�� -*1* *���  --I <-...'i ooo  'v' ���lr-r,:i,S<.,,fi  '    14  ���is  ..I:  "rr."S^,;  1 *���   y i / ''. A  f    . ��*s   !   .   i    >    ".  .,  *.\v'u   oN-rAi*:!-^.  :"    V/p'v'i.KlV;. Viro-Vr.-.in.i;Oon  '-**     n   ' v, iioJ-FAT, Chi.'!  inspecto.  ....-.-r.  * av"i>;  * .-^ j. i-  Man.  ctc-v.  ���*-*.*n> f K ^U     A ccnoral banking hiud-  i't.;;;Q-^k   ^M^^"    nogs tnin=aclcd.  T:".'-", 7. i>l>.-\\._,',ver,---t nlhnvevi on deposit?.  '  l"'' "     " ,t ,-   p,���.wi-i     [JnHed   St.-'LfS  f.nd  -.I,"- ..",    ,-, .il'   on is   "t    '.niniuj.i.    on.''-"  .' ���  i ..'��� .-������'���,)ii oi\.'i. In I'oll'.'ftinns.  "      J       {���-, H. MARSH, Manager.  --.a 4  vi'  *��'  'l'  is  ���5  ;^'V.-   -  '   "v *  ** 8!JS'^^i",^'" *���-"  VT^^ AGAlNriT  ^aS^SiSH-","=*>.-r> .��rtw     ��*M.��-i��� "-- "���"  .-/ -nSrf."--'-1���*-��.��>-����^-' vr_���  i"t-v,inil nrp   cli'irttrou i**r  '���',"|,    -   .v-r���.,.,.',i.     TIH! '1 >V.Tn,��l-��' ��""'" roU"r"     '  -���.-���!''   '    "        ** ' .... !.    ....il,    il.n,--    .  ',;.b.v(h Ccpm''-������:���'  ti. u"'"  'iM'tlllU'IH  lIVI.i--.'-" --  U Willi thoiv1-:ilfn:idnt,;'.cutn^U��cnv,:;. c  i-conflng Iu   "!  till-  ��>(..���."��� I)  tinc-Ucd dm ins tlie f-  Cnu.rtrr.i���� A.n?:l<>"-S ts> fi^ :t  ���t..meg Cronin is spending a fow dnyj  ;inVe?tK:o��;tehay   to^na.    Before   he  , ���t  ^       ..       lu-ii Jie informed t!ie Leader llmt  there  Tnvie will   be   over   -VyjO  Canidiaus,  who will ' i' :-< : ry   if   iint-  nive Ji>|)..n   a    ch-inLo   lo  i   dt*.'.'.-.  Jistit  not  her.  ���^ow   development-:-   at  ���0w: ��00   app!:--ati"i'S   Ir.ivi-   renclicd  mm- frr.m C.'n.rdi.ui-   :dl  nv.-r the   Do  th e  :c    no    '-"ie'v   uu'.^,"'������--   ---  i'n.in.'.    'Hi it i hey weie   biill   i"   l��open  ' 5eonim:* n contract and opening m the  t-pung.  ������     \V"H ritone stmined his ankle quite  miu!,11)fl.Mll   llRllf.lX   to   ^^eu     ^^       > whno  oom.ng  down  lopiaiLe ^'P��� ^rny,^ vo1^" .^t E^ene'uill on ,kis. He was  toe-in the tv,t of bcl.lH.es -^1^^^^ hij.-��� pUreP, and in  Ru^n," ,'dd Hon. T. Nos.0. Consu 1- on ^ ^ ^ ^^^ big. jnm}1?  Gcnci of Japan, lo a reporter  or   Uk ,^    . ^ h;     rauks  Vancouver   World     a   iw;   oavs   a-o    ��o '--n -*'-���-*- ,.    ...  Tbe livery drivers of Chicago have  won their demand for uuion recognition.  China Has ordered from Japan  IJ.,000 ritles, -18 field and 16 mountain  guns. - ���  Ernest OasUel, who was recaptured  last Sunday near Calgary, -V/ill be  lianged oh February Snd.  The pro-cent popiildtion of Spokane  is 65,118,- ccco'rdiiig to the current issue of the dirictory nb'-T in proea.  In the year 1903 the Granoysmoli'-r  produced 1(5,^32,356 pounds of copper,  3oG,Q00 vmuces of sllvur and 17,500  ounces of gold.  Mamger Parrish, of ih\, 3jC Koi.  confirms tlie report t i.;!:' (������ o'-:1-0 '"��-  intpuntity in th-- -Ui'p iV'ikm^ t>f  th.it property.  ���      METAL   MARKET.  Niw   York���Bar silver, 55��  ceutS  Lead, $4.65.     Copper,  $1��.75.    Zind  (spelter") $5.05.  London���Lead. ��11  Us.  3d.  A Succeafiful Concert.  A most successt'."'! concert was given  in the hall V/eduesnay evening for, tho  benefit of the Methodist minnister  Mr. K. E. S. Taylor. Upwards of $70  was left after paying all  expenses, and  this was turned   ever   to   ?.'  "ayloi'  The Gucecsi of the aiUir wni du<-   in   a  rrrepj me;i?i:re  t'>   tiio   e-Torls of  Mrs.  V.'l'it' h'.'. i. v-'.-o h-i'l o'sjiijii"* of :t.  T"ncr'j   *���.'* '<���-   L".oi:d.   n'-tiif-i i;; 'h:--**  V-r.'.Cr, mi.ic ��"i>:. ���='���    r-dlutl-ft', mid  -"*<��� * .  t.r.:>io ,*.f)r-��i   lii'.giii}.'-     r*".!'--"*    v:;:c   a-3-  =isted  "-rem      li.   C- ?"��. T'lyJ^-r,   J. tf.  rit.di, V,"i  i  'ir !  A. l-'milh, Jj'!iu-c  Wh:li'h-..ci,'.*'.li-- fio n',!'", "di*"-: -f-'i,',t  Crm,,',   M:-'"   i'1!!1'*-   -;;,'!'  k v'.   I  \k  Ijl'.l        ?d,li  ki. v     ,i ��� lichuid,      Boil      Wl'.itehead,  Kaalu wil: i'kv:v. 'ii:.i:ui.-   ..1  '-"''.-J'^ i ijr,11?,c ^u-.jtislj-ii,   J.ick  and   Arcb'ie  nnd ten   >< .-'       ';.eii)ptif-n   from  taxation to the OenAdian Smelling   enm-  f,v;   days   ago. j " *"*;;^;';',"�� asucldori lerminiii'on. | 0^i dovish io  the   robbing   of   the  rMM..i..ri��yofth-oU,.n3H��reemce     ^^^^  q��  Newc;ist]o.   Bnp^6.  lk,d of ::*,ney and ie.elry  Croobin.'E,    Dolly    Crossnian   Norbeil  Niederatadt, Fihel l?renton,Lo'u Eloipi  Ariua At wood.  ? -. -  Among     the     liorrors      developed   officiated    a?  chairman,  and  handled  e  pany, it lhey will erect   a   smelter   in  tlin1" town  iv"v. 8.-1. Thompson   of Cranbrook  ,:nonsj     me      jiuiiurs      'Jticiu^'    oiiJCiacei��    "-   <���u'"-' >���>-���������*���  i> :L".<> ur-uioie tbvater disacter, ihe j t]]0 pU?ition to perfect ion  . .    .    ". ��� . ... - C      .1. ~    in .South Afuca and iiun-commis&ion-  od ofticers, on^iuee'-s, etc. "I am  &**>**���*' &orry l0 sny." went on the Consul-  General, "ih.il there will be no chance  of the Jjpsuitfce government accenting  any volunteers from Canada. Our  iirmv is �� conscription army and no  furei'icnc-is can serve. I need hardly t  ���!":",!   eiiv.boweverjiow gmtifying my govc-  Osc-vr Lefebver of Brussels, Pei^iu^,  were in Moyie for a day or twe th'-"  week and weie registered at lbs  Central. Thev aro mining men &nd  were he.o merely on a tour of mspec-  lion.  ..".;i, P ,,���,����������� ..I in.' !,i-t"��i',r"!" '",":���,,:,';,", .."..'..'"'ri.i-.-.-fn'^'^-.'y w ,'-K"'1':  '/*";';::;;:^;!:'.:'���.u;w���-.^ .������������������"������'��-i ':",'iJo aud l!  r,.|l(.nv; ,������,-.��   haw matle  ihi,  per  ' -��� - ',v pay  exorl  ti  ji,i. -.'  ARNOLD & ROBERTS,  nimciit is at the friendly  f-:cling evinced iti iliOM' iipplioationo for service.    ���  ,��.i*^.-��-.-��r����"r.rrr^-^^---','=r  '',    'Ti.  ���  -'��� "  "?!??*  Ii'7/ou v/ant ainytliins".  d^3  -. -     -  .11 i!:-   v.iild -mil [  ---'VJc;'.- i-iWC. IX8at g'O tO' .V0I- umhiu'.'  l��.   in.  .wvM-.it 7:30,���IV.ti-"fr.)   '.e    ii.U  .oh t lie Ku-pel '�������� ,  Vint* l>*-'t Xut v*��'ar*fj!c.  Vattl did not =m-s i'1 Buokune, rh  sliewas advertised to do. Sue had  bc-ii iruaraoleed 50 concerts at s?D,000  per conc,rl by Maurice Grau of JSev;  Voil" When tho advance represcuta-  t"ivt.E'w��iem   SpoUane   come  montha  Cliuroh Soi'vicos.  Mj";iiloi.IST-ti: the  old   post oflko.   t,vtie WCIU .���   .._     ... (  Sunday School at  3   i��.   in.    Ev��uiuf I  l f.jured tluit   by   (-���H'irgi::��;   a  1 *'���'* ������"'J    ��        .          ,o   ,,,   *o   .....v'i:oo!:r.'V cci-i ."���'.iii-c-lothe tAitiiul.irj  ^,,1.. -f pjiova   from   !|b   lo   *-   -M.v - _  j  b'e tiial1 of Whitakor Wright in  London rnucd in a tragedy, fie took  poison and died within an hour after  receiving a. seven year sentence.  The pay for the three collieries of  the Clow's Nest Coal Co given out  last oiititrdsy amounted to <f,13S,000,  an incrcii-o of 157,000 over too precede  inn ncnth:  There seems to be little chance of a  fuel famine for boundary c-'^'-Iterp  for  tbo present,    It is stated lhat  in   one  , lay !hi- vvet'l: there r;ero   1GJ   ears  of  oal c'.'ul colrc niroutu  f'-oni   the   E.'.s' i  "������ro riCE.  v.'AKTED���By the East Kootenay  Lumber Company. .Limited, Cranbrook, separate cash ofh'rs for the following properly:  All the 4 foot slabs, degins;3 and  loose culled lumber now lying at our  old Movie mill site.  Also for the building or. the Lake  side of tho 1-laih'ca.d rrr.ck: these to be  removed within three months.  ^Ml^mikiMimi  X''i -ct iu.6Wj" -J"1-   "-"'  --''-'  ����l,-ki1--1'1     A Mu-i.i:*:^1:'-���'���? ������'�����?   holr'-   n,h*i''  .'"". ��     ,Vr..i.- .i.��� ilium >..m nhi-ii   -o svt'mv ibealtLnd-i.cpat.   t!"1  grand  ih'Mtei'.  lje.-ide*" '-he lump *-'im [MUn;o s-.  ��V "7yr    .     trj /I     H  ftte leading Ladies and (Seats farnisliers.  .���] \ i  "<< '.vi-.rimi'J.  ' ,u 1'iiui. the  i^pt I'-1-''-- '���! each  -..nci'it   hmiu  of    <UU    lr-!,-<  iiicpat.   t!"1  grand  c(,:i s, niiif.   ",n  ���"������ ���'  '���'',- IO    '''Ull.   IIH*    I'M'''"-'  - ���,.!>/!    ,m|    l  ��� i ������.,.'/1m1v ���r.-K-n 'in t'he'-"house at Seattle j .vin', of Atlanta, Georgia, grand   sire ol  : ^:'^4Tj  ���.Tj">  V i      r,-i,��Yi    in   connection  Lur.-.e   fainplf    room    m    -       ^ ^.,   ^  with liouso for commercial n^'n^.^e-J.  Of ,'icconithodation;'.  ri*"1  I  v. <i I  -  I---* '  nS'  W1LEN U3  ���,V!!SO',llVitii.),OW-u.i  ,i>^  ..v--- - ... i ' ,.   '       ,'       . .    ,, , .    -p-i  !ind up to the-time   of cancelling  the i , h��� s.uprcm.i grand ..lodge, o    Odiirel  !o,Jl i-.e Advance  s,le   of -seat*  in J Invvolnp,   He will, be  in  the  state of  Sookime "only uaiou.Ued to ."fil.oOO.'     . . j Wiishiugton-'nt Uie time   of' the  con-  .** , - : ���  ;;���"���. ".   " '    ...      I.vcm.lion: and it is lo be hoped  he   can  -������' ' .���,.>:���i,.tiitr.t? ucrsn.uiiii.--r.    ^     _   'Ihe induced to nin up for  ono   day  at-  :   Mr<  ,!uhann:-^oderholm, of  l:'erGUPhe^(  ^.vVii-   Mi".'."  fell', and. dislceaUHl. her,'.       -  :,l,oiUder.    al.vH.'i   "'rgson "jsef" iU ;;  ii,....kin'pl^o��a-:diu.:,W- possible,  but,  I  warcuit-o^onn.rpmned   liqr   very,  UoclV*' Hit   a'oh' mention^   that   he j  I      ',-   ' r-'iT-mibc-lain's   Pain   Balm i  i had    aeen  (.<'"'['1',UI'L''1 ��.        .  .isert   for   ��pr:-.ins   cm\  coreness,  t ^^^^^'^^^S!!^^^!!^^^  wrrxf-^T^ *rtirm rirr-rw  CKAmBKOOK. ! ^;i��;;:;;;k;ni ili;n to buy,her a  bottle  Watch Kei-atk-xg a Stkctm/ty.  Wo f; tats,  'jMviJ-M-JV.rCHA-NBROOlC,  jP.  0.  MoVit-'.  ! <? ��� -���.<���  IMl'iV Si'.:  k'rti)'-  ;,.f ii. Which "hu diil.    Itnuickiy/divcl  Ih'cr and cniihlo her to sleep which   .lie  .i H M' '  qiikiI.;! AV'';:7iu;,  jioYii-',  B- c,  . R/i  &m^  .-,'' ; !- ��� i   i I had not do  tiobil rooms, good   tfju ca and  bar,       ^  . and lirstoiass stun pis rooms- I���"    -  Vol- hor to sleep which   .-?.,.. , .   .        ���   .. ��� .  '       "  -.���'',l   ��Kv-!    ,rof   Otncial Watch InapecU.r for   tlie C. 1  ilruggista.  Improves the .flavor,��� R!i8, adds'"ffi  the healfhfulha'sd-bif the foo^  ...-!''.-  "r-OtOE BAKINl* COWDKrt 1^^  CHICAQ*?, A  ',\l; , W  %-j.M  u  wm  Sjf'Bi  s&rw  OftOoOc-OeOoOeOOoOaOeO*��*  e  O  e  O  O  o  o  o*��c  o  o  a.  o  By ELSIE  CARMICHAEL  ��  O  o  O  e  O  c  o  e  O  Copyright, 190?, by T. C McClurc  O '  *  o  o  C��,0��OeO*OeO*CO��OoO��0��0'��0��0  Dick walked down the avenue slbw-  Jy, so deeply absorbed that he looked  btraight at Mrs. De Peyster Jones and  cut her, to that young "woman's surprise.  "Why, what can the matter be with  Dickie?" she said to herself, with an  almost irresistible impulse to turn  around and look after the melancholy  figure sauntering down-tbc street.  Mijdrod Jones had been a friend of  Dick Eton's ever since they bad  played in the park aud gone to dancing school together.' Two years before she bad married De Peyster Jones,  and now one of ber greatest pleasures  was chaperoning Dick and ins various  ladyloves.  '.'I believe Dick's iu love again," she  .exclaimed, half aloud, "or perhaps this  Js the real thing at last I wish lt were  atid Dickie would settle down."  �� At the same moment Dick was passing a llorist's, A happy thought struck  Llm.  "I'll settle it tonight,"' be said to  himself. "I'll make Doris say whether  she cares for me or "not. If she won't  havo ,me I'll, I'll"��� His eyes wandered up and down the crowded avenue, brilliant cin the spring sunshine.  I'll do something desperate," he threatened.  , He went into the shop, heavy with  the fragrance of roses and violets, and  Tried to decide what' lie would send  ber.t lie was going to take ber to a  musicale at Mrs. Schuyler's that evening/ and as he had forgotten to ask  her the color of hei- gown he chose  white roses. Goini' to the desk, he  took out a visiting card and stood hesitating, pen in hand. Should he leave  it to the flowers or usk her tonight at  the musicale? lie remembered a particularly cozy and retired corner behind the palms in Mrs. Schuyler's conservatory.  "No, 1 cannot wait untJl then," he  '    thought    "I'll lot the flowers speak."  never supposed you  could  joke aboul  such a thing as thi.s."  She looked up at him as he towered  above her. lie was a very good looking man, she admitted, with his splen  did athletic build and hi,s well bvnii  clear cut featureb. Then she dropped  her eyes to the tire again.  "So you really had the impudence  to send It?" she said cruelly.  Dick became a little angry. "I may  be presumptuous," be cried, "but I fail  to see why you should look on it as  impudent. Because a man sends a girl  flowers and shows her that he care?  for her with all the depths of his being you think lie is impudent."  "Well, I don't care for your taste,"  she exclaimed. 'T consider the whole  thing an insult. Mr. Eaton, and I do  not care to be one of the girls on whom  you play such jokes. I have a headache and am not going to Mrs. Schuy-  ler'a tonight.    Shall I ring?"'  Dick gathered himself together.  "Good night," he said coldly and met  the footman at tbe door.  After luncheon the next day he found  himself in Mildred Jones' cozy little  drawing room pouring out the whole  story into her sympathetic ears.  "And you sent her white roses?" she  'inquired when he had finished the tale.  "Yes, Doris was here at luncheon, and  she told me all about It. I think, my  dear boy, that there has been sum*'  great-mistake. But don't he dlsvonr  aged. I will try to manage some way  to help you out. Doris was very nngry,  but I am sure she will forgive you."  There was an amused twinkle iu her  eyes that Dick could not understand,  but be felt her sympathy and wont  back to the club with a lighter heart.  Perhaps an,hour later he was called  to tbe telephone and at onr-e recognized Doris' voice.  "Hello! Is that you, Dick?" she said,  and there was a joyous ring about it  .that set Dick's heart to beating. "Did  you send me white roses yesterday?"  "Yes." ' he cried exultnntly, "wlillo  roses and maidenhair."  Doris laughed.' "Well, Dick, oan-  you���come up this evening?" She hesitated. "If you will come I will���er���  carry your flowers." She shut off tho  telephone Instantly, and Dick was left  with the receiver at his ear and n  beatific expression on his face.,  It was with different feelings from  those of1 the night before that he Btood  by the fire in Doris' drawing room  that evening listening for her footstep.  But so quietly she came that she stood  between the portieres before lie knew  It. Doris, beautiful as ever, ia softest  rose color and holding in her hands���  Dick, who had started forward' with  a glad cry, stopped, and his hands  dropped,to his side.  "Good heavens, Doris! Where did  you get that awful thing?" he exclaimed. **"  Doris, with a merry laugh, held up a  hideous form of red and white im-  iroi-relles with stiff, red roses wired on  toothpicks, spelling out the word  "Hope." "Your flowers," she explained.  "Good Lord!" he gasped. "Doris, you  -didn't think I sent you that monstrosity, did you? Where are my rosesV  Then his face cleared. "It *wi\s that  miserable Irish woman!" he cried.  "Sho came iu as I went out to order  some flowers for a funornl, nnd that  stupid florist got the cards and addresses mixed." *  "Never mind, Dick," she said,looking  at htm coquettisbly. "You don't seem  to realize that I am carrying your  flowers." But the last word was almost  lost Hi Dick crushed her in his arms,  the "Ullgant design" aud all.  LET  ME FORGET.  Love, who hath granted i:<jnj-r|>i...',e.s jn.l n-t  My wayward ft it i-uo tl.y l.jpior i"J}-��.  Scholrf, 1 esiitl li.ee b'jpplu .nor. ;C;  Let rue f'Ji,;tt no wa.ie.l y.--tir(ljis  I wiougjit so mjuy follio* in no '������im''.  So many frail, false aim's u'-U 1 raise.  Ico -.-eakto held due���nay, for %ory shame,  Jf.et me forger n) wis:c_ ye��crdn}��.  St*. I blot out rry nixin^g trnh try Nws  A.nd ever cry my praji-r wii'i "Ms m> praise:  Tor sa_e of -11 teu coming, iiappi'-r J cars  Let me forget my wasted ye-cordm*-  ���riieodciis Pickering Garrison in Ccsrn.polii-n.  liiiiOfw!  It Made Her Happy For Life.  "SO YOU COUODN'r CAIIRY THEM,   DOlUSl  HE CJ1IEO IIOAl'SELl-.  Hastily h" wrote on the rnrd. "If you  care for me a little bit, Doris, carry  this tonight."  Then he sealed It up aod gave lt to  the man. "Send tho flowers at once  to -''7 West ���th street," he said as he  paid for them. "On no account let  there be any delay."  ".Vrrah, thin, I want some flowers,  a rale llliirant design, for me cousin,  Mrs. O'l-'kinnayan, who's dade," exclaimed a voice. A large, showily  dressed, red faced ivl-^h woman pushed  past him to the counter.  Dick went out of the shop filled with  mingled feelings nf doubt, uncertaint,*"  and a great love for Doris. As ho  -dolled over io the club he marveled  ui Lis own piVisiiiiipt'o.i !n asking such  t peerless, -.reiituie to coin* down to  ���������ii th ,'nr his .'-.-ike  That ev-ning while he was waiting  for lioris he roamed restlessly about  ihe gre��it drawing room. When a little  rustle of silken draperies announced  her eninmmg he stood like n soldier at  intention, nwaitim: his sentence. Tho  portieres- were pushed aside, and Doils,  in a trailing white gown, stood outlined against the heavy curtain���lions  with her blue eyes flashing ominously���  and with empty hands  Kverything seemed to spin around.  "So you couldn't carry them, Doris!"  la- eiied ijo.'ii'-ely, while bis hand  clasped the back of the chair.  "I don't see how you could have asked such a thing," sho said icily. ^>he  was still standing and did not make  any movement to come nearer him.  "I know it was presumptuous." ha  admitted mournfully.  Sho laughed mirthlessly. "I thought  at lirst that you meant it as n joke."  t-h'* said. She walked over to the uie-  plac". ner long, flully skirt trailing bo  hind her on the polished floor The  firelight played on her hair, on hei  white,   sculptured   shoulders   and   hoi  ��� *>'iii -dtp aims.    Dick thought that she  ��� id never looked so beautiful, and bis  .."lids   tightened   on   the> carved   oak  chair back.  "1 knew you were always playing  hikes on  ueo.nle," aba weflt om "but I  ComnonndlnK   a.   Prescript ion.  "I noticed," said the druggist to his  assistant, "that a gentleman c.nne iu  with a prescription and that you took  It and gave him the stuff in about  three minutes. What do you mean by  that?"  "It wai only a little carbolic acid  and water," replied the assistant. "I  simply had to pour a few drams of  acid Into the bottle and dll It up with  water."  "Never mind if you had only to do  that." the druggist declared. "Don't  you know that every prescription must  take at least bulf an hour to dispense,  or the customer will think he Isn't getting anything for his money?  "When a prescription for salt and  water or peppermint and cough sirup  Is handed to you you must look at it  douotfully. as If It were very hard to  make up. Then you must bring it to  me, and we will both read it and shake  our bonds. Aft"r that you go hack to  the customer and ask hi in, if he wants  It today. When lie says bo does you  answer that you'll miiko a special effort.  "Now, a patient appreciates a pre-  3criptIon that there has been ro much  trouble over, and "when he takes lt be  derives some benefit from it. Hut don't  you do any more of that three minute  prescription business, my boy. if you  want to become a first cl__���� druggist."  ���Boston LI era id.  Not   tin   OMrlcli.  "Baby was playing with my thimble  this morning, and I can't (ind it anywhere. Do you know what he did  with lt, Aunt Ella?"  "No; I have not seen it, Marjorie.  Look on the floor."  "I cannot find it," said Marjorie. "I  am sure he swallowed it"  "Don't be absurd: How could a baby  swallow a thimble?" replied her aunt.  "Kiln! I say, Ella! Have you seen  my pearl necktie pin? Baby had it yesterday, and now I cannot find it. Do  you think he could have swallowed it?"  "No. be couldn't." answered his sister curtly.  "Oh, please, mum, I can't find tbe  egg beater anywhere. Baby had it yesterday, and now it's lost."  "Good heavens! Do you people think  my baby Is an ostrich?" cried the Indignant mother.���New York Tress.  Mtiy Infeliz soy yo;  '  1'jra limo&nas canto.  (.Very unliai.,i>y I !�����;  I shiR fur charily.)  A buisl of laughter followed these  words, for the singei, a hoy about 5 vein's  old, was a grotesque specimen of human-  i!v. His narrow black eyes, which were  nfniost closed while he was .-ingiay. were  Hither wide apart; his mouth w as expanded into a smile which revealed his  largo te-th, he wore a hat which came  down over hi- ems and a large pr.ir of  sh'.-e- which iu the dunce ibnt.'followed  ever.. \er��e he nuiuaged to swing about.  Villi" incredible dexterity, considering  their ^e.  "What is that he keeps repeating over  and over, Evelyn?" inked Mr. Living-  itone.  "lie .says, pr.pn, that he is singing for  ��� bus and that he is unhappy."  "Well, ho doesn't look it. lie has the  most comical face I ever saw. In fact,  his whole make up is as funnv as it can  be. If he would come out lik" thai aud  sing in one ot our theaters at home, he'd  bring down the house. Here, young num.  is a peseta for giving me the only amusement that cau be found in this confounded town."  The scene ncr-urred in the old Moorish  town of Honda, in southern Spain. The  party of three���Mr. Livingstone, _ his  daughter and Lawi-puee Morton���iinived  that afternoon. Their landlord had but  lecently come into possession of the hotel,  and their dinner bail been the supreme effort of his life. He had discarded the oil  used by his country wen in their conking  and had used mutton tail'ow ia iti place.  Every course was bteeped in this odoioiM  grease, and E\elyn remarked that "'Let  us return to our mutton" would have  been at that meal a most apptopriaie  phrase.  Mr. Livingstone, who. like ninny other  tourists, liked to ent his cake and have  it, to travel abroad and have nll^he comforts of his home, arose from the table  with a frown on his brow, whi-h was  chased away by the antics uf the cuiaiiit  little "mendigo." who stretched hi1- mouth  wider than ever when he received iho -*I-  ver piece, muttering "Mucluis gracins,  senor," in a voice of smothered ecstasy.  "Fie looks just like a brownie!" cued  Evelyn, kneeling down be.s'ule hi in.  "What is your name.' child?" she asked  In his own tongue, taking his little brown  hand in her white one,  "Denim I'ardo, senorita.'"  "Aie your parents living?"  "No, senorita."      'n ,  "Have you brothers and sisteis?"  "No, senorita; there is no one, just old  Catalina."  'Ts she kind to you?"  "She beats me when I bring her no  money, but she will uot do so for a week  now. She will be overjoyed with the  great amo'-int the worshipful cnballeio  hna juut fdven me."  "Would you mind if you went away  from her?"  lie grinned. "There would be no one  to bring her pennies then."  "Ob, papa." crier! the impulsive young  woman after she had translated the foregoing dialogue, "how delightful it would  be to take this boy home with us; May  I not take him?"  "May you take hltn? Of coui��e not.  You are out of your mind to think of  such n thing."  "But you promised me before we left  home that it I would do oveiything the  doctor ordered you would get mo anything I wanted. 1 did follow out his directions to the letter. I am perfectly  well now and will hold you to jour word."  "Listen to that, will you, .Motton?  When I made that promise, I meant anything in the way of finery, pictures or  statuary. I didn't suppose sho would  want to bring a dirty little brgirar away  as a souvenir."  "He won't bo dirty when I take him  away. I'll have him all fixed up in fine  style. Would you like to gu with me to  my home in Chicago?" she m-lj'tl the  boy.  Benito had not the faintest Men where  Chicago was. For aught he knew to the  contrary it might be somewhere in the  neighborhood of heaven. It innM b,^ pear  there, in fact, for the pretty young wiim-  an whose soft eyes wi-ip smiling into his  oi\ n in sir!) a kindly manner cenninly  was akin to the niiK��ls. So he said. "-Si,  senorita." with a catch in his breath lest  bhe should cbarigp her mind.  "Well. I will think about it and come  to see Catalina t.anorrow. Wheie does  she live?" She wrote the addie.ss in a  little silver book whidi hung to her girdle  nnd allowed the boy to isro.  The landlord informed l-'.eiyn that Benito was a little wnif whoso p.nents died  in bis babyhood and that the child bad  fallen into the dutches of a 1,-rnhle old  woman u ho compelled him to beg for  her, and who had be.-u.-n him ov,-i aud  over again becau.se he would tint steal for  her. Benito had been t.dd by the pinhe  thnt it was wron-j; to take what did not  belong to him. and no i'l neatnicnl could  force him 'to do so.  Mr. l,i\ ing.stone was ji uealtlu man.  and Evelyn was his only duld lie bad  neier haul "nu" to hei, m at le:i-.t his  "no" neiei bad lequiri-n moie thin, '_'1  houis to change itf-elf to "j <���<."' Bu' thi<  last whim was bejond Ihe bounds of  reason, and Mr. I.n ingMone Imd.id firm  v hen bis d.-iuglitei In our hod the -abject  oi <m then coffee and mils the rnxi iiiotn-  ing  " Evelyn, I no\ er objected uli,-n jom  viiiidd to wnil. in the i-l'im- at liouie,  though it cost me ( oiisiilt-i abb nioni--.. ii"  j i ii know , I mi now > ou an- 11 \ mg io pe:-  snado me to adopt a boy. and .i fiucigner  at that, and it is time for me in ,|i:m\ the  line."  "Oh, no, I don't want .you to n.lopt  hint', pnpn. We will keep hi hi about the  house, and he will be so cunning to open  the door and run errands, and I will teach  him English until he can go to school."  "Well, just drop ibid potion, won't you?  if you are. detei mined to have somethinc  thai is alive utid --gly .-it the same lime.  I I'll buy von the ughml little dog mat can  l..�� found in Spain, though 1 hate dogs  like poison."  ! "I don't want a .log, papa, r wan: l.us  boy Sumetiuii'-; -eemed to say to me la-t  night ! ought to take the lime fellow  awnv from a place where he never wul  ' have' an orporrnnity to be anything bin a  beggar and to a land whe-i'- we can make  of bin: what he could never be here in  anv cii-ctinistances, and to be which is one  uf'the most fortunate tors that can f.dl to  man."  "And what i�� that, pray."  "An honest, icspcctable American, citizen."  This was a clincher, and -he knew it.  Her father was almost "npread eagle" in  liis patriotism.  1   "Think  what a nuisance he will be ou  the remainder of our trip.-'  "Not at all,", she le-pnnded serenely.  "At the hotels we can always pay a servant to look after him. and on shipboard  we can put him in charge of the steward."  The result of this conversation was a  visit to old Catalina, who leadily agreed  to pait with the boy for three gold pieces  with the little king's head on them. She  did not kiss Benito, but she did kiss the  goldpieces with tears in her eye-, for she  never had seen so 'much, wealth in one  heap. Lawrence Morton' had leiiuested  the honor of buying for B.-uiito his liist  suit of new clothes and disappeaied with  tire \otingster, brinirinir him back clean  r.nd \. el! dres,ed. He bad also bought  him s6ine sweets, a delicacy hitherto only  lo be gazed at and longed for. From that  moment Benito was ready to die for hi-  now friend.  The seuorita was in the pallor alone  when they returned to,the hotel. When  she saw Benito's changed appearance,  she was so pleased she held up her face  and allowed Mr. Moiton to ki-s her on  ike lips, after which she blu.-hed ami  glanced apprehensively at Benito, who  H-a." ghul to have been the means of procuring for hi- friend a leward so sweet.  The boy soon learned to make himself  u.-eful. "lie could cany packages and  run errands and could be tt listed to  make small puichft-����s. For Mi. Living-  stor.e he eiueitained a leveraiue mi.wd  with awe, but Evelyn and Lawrence he  wor-hiped. following them about like n  fiiitbiiil dog, delighted if they asked him  to do them a fayor.  One afternoon at Oibraltar the young  couple went'up the winding road for a'  walk, taking the boy with them, lie soon  noticed that something was wrong. They  did not smile and look into each other's  eyes as they weie wont to d<>, they spoke  little, nnd their voices were cold. Near  the top of the rock they stopped, and the  senorita slipped a beautiful sparkling ring  from her tin err and laid it in the hand of  Mr. Morton. Beui'.o wondered why she  should give him a pro-sent when -hs seemed angry with him. Mr. Moiton held the'  jewel in his hand foi a moment and then  sent it spinning, a flash of light through  the air. down toward the sea. Then the  young im.ii walked away without a word,  and th" gu!, after holding her bead high  ,ui,iii he was out of sight, sank to the  mound, .sobbing as if her heart would  bieak.  Late that afternoon a big black ship  panic along, nnd Mr. Morton went aw ay  in her, and Benito wept sorely, for Mr.  Mm ton lived iu a <*iry with a long name,  and he newr expected to -,-e him again.  Evelyn found him frying and < ned w th  hini.  "You lo"\e him. too, do you not, sen >-  lita?" asKi'd the boy.  "Yes." Then she gave two little dab-  at ber eyes with her handkerchief and  -aid ho mu-i not speak of Mi. Morton to  her again.  IIis life iu bis new homo in Chicago  was a dream of delight to the Mule  Spaniard, but he lived with one object  in view, and that wi.s :,i be able s-ome  time to write a letter to Lawrence Morton. In tbe Course of time lie learned to  rend nnd spenk Engli.-h after a f-ishion.  but his lingers weie clumsy when he tried  to write. Being sent lo the office one  day, be observed a typewriting machine,  which w-.as an objert of woude,- and admiration to him. Here was something  which would write for yon and which  you could use without being puzzl.d  about the tails of those icxatious cj's and  g'��. He would make il wiite to Mr. Morton. The stenographer good natuiedly  explainer] its mi-tr-rics. and after many  trials Benito succeeded in writing the  following letter:  dear friondmrMoitcn i AM tbuSuis of jou>  .*irii.bilul.irj to wiite hnt joti Will be^laii wen yo.i  lO^ow the S��'ro.ita Loves } oU. f.'ue HiiVe told r.-.e  THIS, idle l>a\e cried Wen \on l.avi: po. SMS  iiiinw ��oor-J Whit*,    your benant  Hr\-1T0 Paiioo.  Tic took tlie letter to Mr. Livingstone,  who, without any idea of its contents,  addressed and stamped it for him. Then  Benito, with tlie piide of one who has accomplished a great feat, dropped it down  the shoot.  A few nights after thi.s he was sent for  to come to thu parlor to see Mr. Mnilon.  Benito beamed with delight at the sight  of his friend, who told him his letter was  one of the most delightful be bad eier  received. Evelyn hugged tho boy ami  said: "Benito, we aie each of us going  to buy jom .something, lovely tomorrow. I  don't know what it will be, but it will l-o  gorgeous -anything you want, in fact."  Then, turning to La wren- e. she said,  "Something told me to bring this boy  home with inc. and, see, he lias made me  happy  for life.''���f'hicagu  Evening  Post.  1 Wh.it Tchin Selected.  ! Thomas F.uisoti u-^-rt to have Nikola  'JVs*la working mr hhu in bU studio  near Paris. Tcsia came to him one  duv asking for wyik, and Edison, svbo  reeded help, iefciied him to tbo fore-  xuuu, named Fulton. The latter took  tho young foreigner on condition that  be would work." This Tesla did. For '  three days and nights he never closed  his eyes." At the end of the first fortnight he had uot had 4S hours' sleep all  together, and Fulton, the foreman,  made him take a rest, lie also said to  the young man that on account of the  strain thoy bad both been under they  had better have-a good meal.  '��� Accordingly tho foreman and the  student went to n. well known cafe  on one of the boulevards and got one  of tbe biggest and thickest steaks possible, lt was it whopper and .seemed  to be overwhelming for two. Besides,  the garnlshings were liberal, and there  was enough good wine. Between them,  however, they managed to make everything disappear, and then Fulton,  turning* to Tesla, asked him if there  'was .anything else be would like.  '"You'ic out with me. you know, and  ! whatever you want Just orderJt."  I Tesla looked vaguely around for a  minute, as IC making up his mind, and  theu hesitatingly said. "Mr. Fulton, if  you don't mind I would like another  steak."���San  Francisco Argonaut.  ANIMAL SURGtlHY.  HeuMta   Are  tVi���  uiul   Ea��llr  Uc-ul 'l|1L.,      \*'**1,:'^  ���>St>ie  Most people have snei  -���IU��flvn  i a -I  ri* eat -  S'.~.  grass or an uneasy dog seek out��  weed and devour It greedily to mak-T  complaining stomach a^j k>:rjiri   *"'  lew may have read John r.VBie-'V";  rections on  the art of ktrpiug Ve'"   '  which have not, however, found'u!'".'  way Into his book of discipline for'.',' ���  soul���and have noticed with ^urnr-"! *  interest   bis   claim  cities iu use among  Illn aUstnfct! ni�� lo A.uerlvnn  Glrl��.  A Louisville girl who was recently in  Germauy met a young English oflicor  who was In tho same city. and. in fact,  in the same hou.se with her for two  mouths, studying German for bis promotion. Like most Europeans, be had  the usual absurd Ideas about tbe girls  of this country, who, in the minds of  tbe untravcled foreigner, an; ratlicr  hoyden creatures; v\ ho smoke and have  other masculine traits.  After dinner oo'o day In the early acquaintanceship of the couple the ofli-  cer offered tbe Louisville girl a cigarette, and upon ber refusing it bo said:  '"Why, 1 thought all tho girls In the  United States smoked."  "So we do," replied the girt, "but  never cigarettes, only pipes. If you will  get that pipe off the mantelpiece in the  next room 1 shall be charmed to smoke  with you."  Not suspecting the Joke she was play-  lug on him. the oflicer brought the pipe  and tilled it. and It'was uot until lie  saw the wry faces bN friend made in  attempting to carry out tbe joke that  be appreciated the situation. He was  continually telliug the American In a  tone of surprise that she was just like  tbe girls at home In, England, and her  rejoinder was:  "Lieutettaut, don't you think a lad"  Is a lady the world over?"���Louisville j  Courier-Journal.  Consumption.  Pulmonary tuberculosis Is not a contagious,- but only a communicable disease. Tbe contact per se of tbe consumptive Individual does uot convey  the disease. It Is now well known that  It is mainly the tuberculosis expectoration, which, when dried and pulverized  to dust, constitutes tbe main danger of  Infection. The means to prevent Infection from tuberculosis expectoration or  saliva���expectorating only In proper  vessels, spittoons and pocket flasks,  proper use of handkerchiefs during  coughing, etc.���are now also universally taught.  It Is absolutely demonstrated that a  tuberculosis patient, If be takes proper  care of bis expectoration, does not constitute any danger to his fellow men.  Jn sanatoria and hospitals exclusively  devoted to the care of consumptives It  Is of the rarest occurrence for an attendant to contract tbe disease, tbo  hygleuic precautions being so thorough. It may Indeed bo said that In  these houses for consumptives one Is  less liable to contract consumption than  outside of them.���Dr. S. A. Knopf In  Forum.  rietlrooiu   Veil (I ln< Ion.  One of the dozen rub's given iccently  by tin authority for a long iife is to sleep  with one's bedroom door op..;. It is almost a ciiuie that in the-i d-ijs of knowledge of the value of ventilation buildings  still go up with bedrooms impi o\ ided  with any means to secuie lirculation of  ail. Tran-oins in the avciage piiv.ite  house are unknown. Windows in the  ��� ���ity home enn be a' milv one side .,f the  loom, nnd with no open Ihopl.ioe the pes-  -ibilities of changing ihe air dining the  night are poor. The caution of the open  door i- (in evident attempt to assist in  pt nviding pute air.  As the cold sea-on sets in the Hising  up of our hou-es mu-t billow, and ihe  gain of tbe open air life dining the summer will be fount'eiacled by the shot m  existence to be faced foi the next four or  five months. Wheie a icgistcr is in the  room it should be left open nt night, provided il is Kiinwn that the cold mi ho\  leading to the [uiiiaco < ommuiiic.ii es <h-  i c( tly w ith tin- outer air.  Too stiong emphasis enn sc.-uceh be  In id upon this matter. .Jarndicc of Bleak  House sleeping in a bed pulled to the  middle of a square chamber, whose, windows opened on every side and were left  raised throughout the night, may biive  been a little radical in his habit, but he  erred oh the right side.  Minn Procfor'H Mlntttke.  ��� Miss Mary L'roctor, the astronomer  and-.lecturer, frequently gives her pergonal services toward entertaining  poor children and adults. Generally  her lectures aro well received. Now  and then there are exceptions. On ono  occasion a bright eyed little boy, who  sat In the front row with bis eyes  fixed upon tbe speaker, was asked bow  ho liked It. "1 guess," he said, "It was  pretty good, but she ought to talk  about lions and tigers. That's better  for everybody."  At another lecture a youngster criticised her as follows: "It's all very welt  to talk of weighing and measuring  stars. There are some people, of course,  who believe that sort of thing, but if  she thinks she can fool us boys with  such fairy tales bhe's very much mistaken."  lloomcrniigf. Not  New.  Tho Australian aborigines are not the  only users of the boomerang, nor wero  bey the first to use that missile. Tbe  Egyptians knew till about it, Just as  they seem to have known all about everything else. At the present day tbe  boomerang ls used by some American  Indian tribes and by the Dravldian  races of the Indian peninsula. The  uissile used by the last named differs  in that It Is thicker than the usual  form and does not return to the thrower. The returt, of the boomerang is  due lo the action of the wind, tho  shape of tbo weapon and the manner  in which It Is thrown.  Hin  ftcrincxt.  Husband���My dear, I want to ask  you ono favor before you go off on  that long visit.  ! WIlu���A thousand, mv love. What Is  It?  Husband--Don't try to put the bouse  In order before you leave.  j     Wife���It Isn't hard work.  ! Husband���Perhaps not, but think of  the expense of telegraphing.to you every time I want to flud anything.���Collier's Weekly. i  surur,-,.  that   unity  uju''p  the coinmon [,k/, '  and  the   nhyislciiins of Ins iime ���,','_ -  discovered   by   watching  t!U; .Ulll, '"  thnt sought out   these  Ihuigh to 1��"'  their diseases.    "If they hen] yililIlll; ���  ibcy will also heal men," is his >mi'  cible    argument.     Others    !ln.y   |,:i   '  dipped   deep   into   Indian   bistoty ''i'l  folklore-mid learned that uuny "of;^'.  herbs used by the American iilbos, hy  (���specially   the   cures   fur iliciiim'^  dysentery, fever and siiiike bites, ne.,  learned   direct   from   the  anininK "',  noting the rheumatic old bear gn:fe ;J.'  fern roots or bathe in the hot UJU(] 0)[  sulphur spring and hy wati-hinj- t.^.  eager eyes what plants the u.lil crj  lures  ate   when  bitten  by  tnttJi^rs o-  wasted by the'fever.  Tbe most elemental kind of mi,-^,,  Is that which amputates u leg v\Cv,-  is broken���not   always  or   of tin. \^\'  only when tbe wound festi ;-s rumi it'  cay or' fly   bite and  so einluagi-rs t-.,'  wliole body.  Probably the best I'ln*^  lion of this is found  iu the ,_0oii, who  has a  score  of'traits  that  plate b:-.  very   high   among   intelligent aalmv,  When a  coon's foot is shattered'by,  bullet he  will cut it off pi.iuipily ",;]  wiish the stump in running water, par;  ly to reduce the inflnimniitioi; and in,-.  ly, no-doubt, to,make it |rt.''rfectiy cli-m.  As It heals he uses lib tongue on th. r  wound freely, as n dog does, to cleans,  it'perhaps and by the sift massage ot  hlH tongue to reduce the swelling aoj  allay the pain.  THE  END  OF  NIAGARA.  In  Twcntr-Ove   Centm-ii-*  the Cre��l  PrIIm   "Will   Hove   UUappt-rin-.',  In 2,r>00 years hence the dii.jli.irge of  the Niagara will have huiiae. intermittent, ceasing ot low stages ot tha  lake, and finally the Nnrara river, on  tlio rising edge of the basin, will hav; ]  IU waters turned 'back and southward,  and no water will flow over the Niagara escarpment of that day. Through ,  this agency alone Niagara tails ��;/, !,  cense to exist long before the ���.scarp- \t  incut'has been worn away to the rl-v )���  k-vel at Grand Island, but as it id cvlii  now lessening the volume of v.ait:  poured overthe falls the erosive nov-"-:  of tho stream ls 'diminishing, and its  must therefore incic-asc the period nw-  essary for tho retreat of the C'liuad!:-!  falls to the south end of Goat lslsnJ  and,tbe stealing of the watcr-n 0f tU  Aii'ierlcau falls.  Assuming the continuity of ihe tune  unmet], we might outline the piuu.i'.w  future life and death of the falls Hid.  With  progressive  loss in water vd- ���  ume tho Canadian falls wli! reticli IU  south end of Goat island m from 1,0>'  to 1,500 years, the d?ulli of tlio Amsr.-  ean falls.  Tho flow of the waters will now have ,  bt!Corae��intcrmittei)t, and at first only  at periods of mean and Inch water in  Lake Erie, eventually at high water  alone, will there be any discharge over  the escarpment. This will continue tor  a period of from 1,500 to 2.000 year*.  The entire flow to the nonh will,  cease, and the river will How back Into  Lake Eric, leaving the escarpment dr?  at a point not very far south of Gest  island nnd with a. height'of about W  feet. This will be 3.300 years l,ea��  the death of Niagara falls.-Jolm M  Clarke, l'h. D-, I.IV.. I>.. In H��"l>"*r:  Weekly.       ,  An  Effective  Touch.  A western senator tells a story of ��  Judge who had occasion to flno a lawyer in that state ?100 for contempt o,  court.  After court had adjourned tbe laM'-  approached tbe judge and said, "Voor  honor. I want to ask a great favor o.  you."  "What is it?" inquired the judge.  "I have a pressing obligation to meet  That hundred you  took for that t,n<  was tbe money I bad to meet It wi:j'  I wish yon would lend mo $1W for  few days."  "III. Mr. Crier." shouted i|jc ���)"*1'\  "convene court again!"   Court was n-  ;���-'���*.'���  .-''-v  '-'-"!?.  ;" 4S-V "Sigh  , :.-./origin.  1  ', ���' /wording 1  a ���' ^b'ack tha  '/ ',* / ernoon t  - "     tlicvight  '���'tlie/liou"  ..Ti.shia'lad:  Vthat'tim  .,," , \ lutellecti  - ' r^'fii-'hlona  ' '/V,./gelling  '��� , '^'o.clbck '  'V'vV,,served.  ' "' vV-V&rlh  .,>,^U#fcf  . " ' K.'country  :    *   ".' wis.,   ,  r ���'-'.   ,- ford., i-  . .r^elvoir  ���' - >', ''..rldiites 1  ; ' *��� \ reebivet  ,/'������/ where  "V* friends  \'nV''ftud"rat  \���, '- ."���."'Ibe^'B o*  ,,'- -';, '-f itrvras s  '���Vtlee  be  ''V'!>!e/  ���>lv'fr,,I,  V ' /.mV "k"''!.  ������/,;-^---S-  , &$ws0  ' ^te"11?1  - -'���.'..''-.bSl'l'OOl.  '"."-^r^.hS  ' "i ?' lfft">  ' 'V7'.'j,.jVUie tea  ".' .->.;r*?TToi::i  r '"I'-'JC'em.-C  ,-,:.'>^/l he  y .-vP^'intcres  ',"��$.%hs iioi  *Vt#M'  *       ' if".iisPft'^'<-"..iV Lt art ���.  ��� -^Ufe  \::$��u nro  rJ"vM,lnKi fr.  "-   ."-',-f/Kplta.tio  ��� . v vSi^'-wto   per  '.' -iWSS&V" almost  ' ���I'Af-y t:oi��  ,j.v,vi'ijkcK'ase<  .    * v"^%v  *t'*.  '"'''(\?^'-RC  i ,W>S-Resu  ,    --'--?.>: JSwhitb;.  s   ���'���a- *i4^Urn. b  ,:t    /       'V'^v^'--'0   ���  1,     ^  ^.'4^inl!.el>  t? '���'^TCJim  <1  *   ^icViSfSoulh  '    "'itYf.UoH'���r<  '^.U, Pilose.'  J i-r-i^'l lie  "\ ;���!''. (lows  ,    - v-��.' '">  - '.vyf even  ' ''^^openi  -^.rijght.  '--''"!��� found  ��� --vv -1 tercd  -Thi  convened, and then the Judge r  the fine  euiltt<-J  inconiii��<ll>"5r'       L     .   ���  A man and bis wife railed at a lawyer's office to talk about a divorce.  "Judge," the wife said.  75 cents to live on last month "  Whereupon  the  husband wP,ll'd,ijj  grlly:   "That's   a   falsehood;   she u-  $110." ' ��� ,j  Judge, tbnti  And *  judge  said   they  might as  well ^  divorce if that was the best they w����  do.  'I had oui/  Then   the   wife  said  as near as we ever agree,  to  dot'  Experienced.  "How is the new girl going  asked Mr. Ferguson. ,,���  "She   hasn't  had   much  expen^1-  snld his wife, "but I think she win  all right when she gets broken in.'  Then   en mo  a   loud  sound of ffll  ciockery from tho kitchen. ^  "(she   seems   to   be   making  n  K  start, anyhow," observed Mr. ^r^h  encouragingly.  --'.'*'  ���' J/i\.;'���Thc  ���'.'.V'-'ifrom  .,������ ,!v.f',;,''wei  "T"  ' mean  "    " v   "mean  .'-. stror  . -J \tlon.  l-y-.^.^Amei  .,   '-,-'   '-..��torn  : \l ���">. *o  ,,' i -'* jn  u  ''iflnisl  ., We  ',ony  .Hair  ''Wc  V��rfe  - ma i  iriatlt  -\-> X ��I>B  '. i-rw-ro.ee-  ��� -.fc-^prie  "','*'.    lie  .   r i   .  J*'   ',  .��' <v>*'hi��  /..''Bin  ^  .'/.did  V  .'" tlOA  'V \- but  -   ���- hu\  '1  r,bo  ho  is  uie-  b.j  t-rr  ��o-  wb  ()w  pit  C. 1  -<e.  ed  />a  mi  N .  ()'.  ol  in  or  th  I.  in  ���r  ��� e.'  ��!  ,:i  t<  H  Eiiconroiiemcut. �����  Pupil  (after repeated attempt"  I'm sure I never shall he able to!  Trofessor���Oh. yes, you  will.        "  Just as big a doukey myself at Mrs ���  ranch.  _____  To accept good advice is hut to  croat* one'e own ablllty.-Goetl��e'  ���ymm  r_��rtfarnin ttnaxzyawKtamZ A'.  fftiE   MOYIE   LEADER  >-J      '      Y"   j_    __ -    Ml  I ","M  MOYIE, B. C  ���iT  \ii auirctt uf practh;,* 1_  bettor thin  ft  ton  uf theory  Of  Ui��     many  hiuiiau  lai^'j  hut   3'sv/  vvtr   bloom   successfully.  When     people*     ca.u't   obtain  U11J14J; fur uliii.li th"/ ui.-b. Vt>ry  thev t:.j.Jl  :t  nil  nui -A   : viiur.cJj,  srime-  rri'uch.  /ion.; y.  y-"���"t<>.rnaUfli  better: ^ '  : Wesley's g I  ��'pihg,Welk  '������: fouhd th*.  'ir/M.ne fori,],,  ''hli���surprl,i  "many  !I)U"'  ������i'umoii pt-oj, '  isytliue \W '  :*.^l'y5i'iiia��j  ^iugs l0 htj ?  ^i'eal anhmi,  ' is hli 'tiM  > ybisloi) ay  T.."iaiij ofii,(  tm'rtflbOi mi  y;rheiiimtlba) ,  k e j b ites ��ti  j'.-'.'juiluiai^ ���,  .!->'*��r,'. f,M'h [y  bot.tmid of j  yartliiitg ft'jj,  the wild cm  >y '������"rattler, 0.  nd- of BiirBtr,  �� ������teg- h Lkij |  orVofti'i be  Bterir.frvm-lt  Phduiigu- it,  e.-.tJest; HlUbtrt  the.coon wLo  nit pbico li;.  geiit.anl.iiai,  lyitteri-O ..by1 j  "iJ<-  -,     , Afternoon  Ten  ;->Sigh tea" is said to be of American |  Beware  oi    me  rlost  to  all .sense  individual  c-f shame.  li"  you    v..-.h   to  kect-  j<4ui     friends  yuu may cutdidc ;> ui.!" faults tu lhetn,  'but   don't iifiempt   to  po'nt  uut then  shoitcoming-s  origin.  OT,lu    The earliest mention of it, a*  ' Wording to Dr. Murray, goes no fur her  'XX than 183d   In fact, tea as an aft-  ,   ���ernoon meal is not much older     It to  thought" to have originated in  IS.    in  SS&u* of Mine, de Circouv.   a l.u*  *  ��i-ii ladv, whose salon in Pans ^ n[  ���T "'f.NhloiiBble   dinner   hours   ^L*ie_ ",c;  -'' Let ing hite. and she introduced a 4  -"^VtSock'lUt iuenl. at which tea was  ��� ' served Fannv Kemble in "Records of  -' ^cfrihonir 'attributes   the   in roduc,  ^Uou>f  the  nrternoo.LmenMnto  Uls  Ailments  ,|   tha   Most    Painful   and   Fatal   Nature  Prevented and Cured by  m. GHASE'S KIDNEY-LIVER PILLS,  eoV.ntiv  to the then   w,,^- ��� ~-  "St/, Vanny  Kemble  paid  a  v��t  "'SVviii castle in March. 1812. a'.d  . , \.\ ivou vsuuious invitation was  ;''^roi'��.o;i."'".K-,.osS',,ii"ii.-����"-  ' Xre   sbo   found   a   small   S����l>   ��'  ,,-;Ssp,��nlilnt-.or;,-n.naJrh;��;:o  t  the pain   and  When  you    think  of  which  accompany  backache,  stone  in     the  when you think  - aid-rather shamefaced,way. and da e  ' ri Sb o'clock meal from this time. I"  '  -Ks several years later that the prac  7 tkS  becaine  general.-London   Chron  " '*�� t*\u.  ^4��"^>  ilni'il   Word*.  fucker-Tommy,   what  make*  "{i'yo\\ so hue'/  " ^V Tom my--Had  soim  aud   she   Lent   me  k^M��*  *HU  -.,/, teacher,  ..'   ,\M'hOol  '^'Slis.  words  with  the  after  kept   me   In  Tucker-Vou   had   words   with  -tr-*-'-*-; JM   . ,0*..-'i{^ teacher"?  piompiiy hJj     "-'-^r^'om'mv-Yes'm.  ig wnur par   .      '^Sftn -Chicago Trlbuu  I    couldn't    spell  itiOR aiid'iu;  erfecUj dm.  blind   lo   his  own  for  e.;fecti5 tWrSW^|nic-  m.a)   W],n   is, blind   to   his  tongue on th.';. ^��ntc,est.s   usually   has   four- eyes  #M"ms  i.oighbor's  affairs.  C��-#>JSy Heart Was Thumping my  yfWlXie    OUt.'? Is tno way Mrs. B. H., Wrlcbt,  pes; toclcaiw,  ft ."aias-sage 0!  /iswolilii-j aod  IAGARA.  ii'*   the Crenl  e dbdurge of  bieouie mter-  ' 'W'��f   nrockvilte    Ont..   describes  her  RUfTer-  ���"��� ^.SL " from "...otheri..K.   Quiterinir. and Iial-  -���|   Ktn       After, tr> irur     many    rumodie.  - -" iSiiiinut   benefit,   sin   bottles    of   Dr.   AK-  i��,ll!*?u,...,���   r"r' th,.   Heart   restored    her  doso    m��.ve  &  day  suf-  BUlTering  rheumatism, lumbago  kidneys and bladder;  of the dreadful fuitolity of Briglit's  disease, dropsy, diabetes and apoplexy, you may well wonder why people neglect to keep the kidneys in  perfect order, , for till these ailments'  are. the direct result of deranged kidneys.  Once the kidneys fail to filter  from the blood the impure and pais-  onous waste matter there is trouble  of a painful and dangerous nature  Among the lirst symptoms are backache, weak, lame back, pains in the.  legs and sides, deposits in the urine,  impaired digestion, loss of tiesh,  energy and ambition, .stiffness and  Borenej's in tlie joints and feelings of  weariness antl  lassitude, ��� ���  Prevention is always better than  cure, and hone**-, the advioijbility of  using' Dr. Chase's Kidney-I/ivor Pills*  on the, .very "first indication of s.uch  derangement.    Whether  to present or  euro. Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills  aro tho most effective treatment you  can obtain, for besides their direct  and specihe action on the kidneys,  they keep the bowels regular, and the  liver uctivii. and hence purify the  system and  remove the cause of his-  qnse.  This  medicine  has  long since  proven  its right  to  first place as  a euro  for- the complicated and serious    de-  rangerno.its   of    the  filtering  and  excretory  organ's.      It  has  the  largest  sale  and  is  endorsed by more people  than any    similar    treatment.      You  can depend  on  it absolutely to  bring  prompt  relief    und    lasting 'cure.    In  view  of these facts  it is a'waste of  lime and money and a risk to life itself   to   trifle   with  new  and    untried  ivinetiie".   when,Dr.    Chase's    Kidney-  l.ivor  lulls   aro  at  hand.    One   pill   a  dose,   C51'.   a   box,   at  all   dealers,   or  Kdinnnson,   Bates  it     Co.,     Toronto,  To   protect    you  against     imitations  the portrait and signaturo of Dr. A.  \V.   Chase,   the   famous    receipt book  author, are on every box.  i.  Accorrliiux   ,,,���   t,,   Sir  dailies    (.'rich'on-  The  Desert,  of <;���.���  oodles^u  con- , ^ o.   >-    ^^   i^Hshumi,     i;  0���scr,i    iphvsif-.Hy   a   degenerate,   and    chi -.1  of H-i- ! b.-cai.so   ,>f   dysi-eptic   troubles.        I nt  M.liP0rtingns ,t, now n_.�� -.;-?_o��J^ ; J^.^  fivq;u,a(.y   of  lM.���mdicilis  rs  sidernblo    portion  golia,   but  it    "is     not a   ...--   _���    ,       ,    m,  h ��� "t, rioc-s all'kmd-i 01  an- ibccai.si  in.'al   and  Vegetable   life   and, forming j ��ro�� m  no  small  part-of     the.   pasturage  ...    1.  -���razing country   01   tl.ejgi.sti.  thin  that greatest  Old  World.  mast'ication".  ;S,        (bic    tO  ajiparnt us  food  the  weakened,   island     iiisuilicient  hyc&ure inter-  ^3-^��yg(:eimahy   in   twenty  stagtsotuia   ' J',0JjM^u^c<i  her  imports 0  i-nriiVrh er, oa      *  ,*!ttbv  Juc 1,000,000.  "-���    ������ ... 1       *     i   ��.''1!��v ��� ,.  years'"has    m-  f "manufa'cturo*  sin, will liar*  id s<^ulhs\ard,  iver the Nlag  ;> V��i**rROSUli.''-M  Practitioner ��� Wo  C.   Chestnut     of  vt  Aniiio  ,..,��..', y-'/ (Wise. Hfiiidi- I'l-'ini'i-ciio''  Srv t l'owdrr is, better limn ��l.����er,,.ow-  Uerl    U it is'both  boap ttndci.-.i.iio.aai.i.  To   escape,  lrom  tiie   p-apei  Cer ninny  tho extortions  trust, the. newspapers  have   formed     a  syndicate  o: I  Stentlj-  erosive ���jov.k  .hitig, and ffs  he'peilod nw-  the ..iCiiuadliii  if' Goat IsNJ  wa.ter* of lb.  y'of .the: torus  eltho'ipiobatic  the. falls Ibm  in water vol ^  wli! reach l!)'  (..In- from ifi*)  of tho Anier.  will now havi ,  ;] at ���first..only  high water In  at high water  discharge over  ill continue tor  > .2,000 %oar��.  he   north "will  How biuk In''  scarpnient dry  south of Goat  t'of about lW  0 years li?a^  'all's.���John >I  i���  in  llary-r-  'oncl.  Is a -Btorj ot��  ,to lino a law  br ���'contempt 0'  tied tbe lawyer  ud 'said, "^o"  great fmorol  the judire  gation to meet  Tor thnt fin'  , meet it "'^  mo, $100 for <  PhI' the J"d"e'  Court was n  Judge icuiltted  itr-  tiled at a luff-  a divoice.  jt "I had onl)  uonth "  ud replied ��,'  )ood;   bhe ^J  "Judge, tboti  .ce.''    And lt'  na  well get',  best they 10111-  -iii^'i hero are ,111  Greater    Now    York  ���-7c.Vvi o-^o inhabited  rooms with no win-  >--V*"'   ilo��s   opening, to   the   outer   air      or  '   .,"^e\eii   to  another room with windows  '  ^-opening  to .  tho     fresh    air and sun-  "/i'light.    These   dark   rooms   are   t,o   no  ���  ^/lound   in over 40.000  tenements scat-  * '-^A-f-rcd  over the metropolis..  j,ud' bought  or- created   pulp  factories.  and  paper  iiiill.s'of  their  own  Somo  people aro  like  parrois-tKuy 1  talk  too much and say too littie. 1  a.m*mmt*rrrct  ,-otcd  experience    as  best of iiouse-  TAlvE   NOTICK.     .  During   tbe year   tho  space   d  to     advertising       "MI NWIUVS     LIS I  MIONT  v.'ill  con tain  oxprcesiotii. of ao'J  uncertain    iound    from     people     who  speak  from -  personal  to   the merits   of   this  hold   remedies.  Aycr's Cherry Pectoral  quiets.tickling throats, hacking coughs, pain in tho lungs.  tt "relieves   congestion, sub-  iterry  ectoral  dues inflammation. It heals,  strengthens. Your doctor will  explain this to you. He knows  all about this cough medicine.  - Wt bare n����<t Ayer'i Cborry P'f^^^  r famtlT for 25 je��.r�� for throa.1 md Jcog  . AN'At  Sot   a. tiSiitU'ry,  l;aj   t'i  l-iil    'tinv.-i. .11.  To .-'cy that tin* lirit.^h m"-,- 'iu is i  dead muicuni tu .j suiiud like fi.u bi.u  pbemy to those o.d bubitucs of the '  stitut:on to *n-horri ::s r.te.tno'pberc ,s almost the  breath  of their Lfe -and to  whom  its  treasures, of������.���anthiuity. ana ,  art aro eertainiy   tl.e   noui,ii~',mieiit  oi  their minds and soul-*.   IJut ap.irt froui  this little band cf d,-vo'.it woivnipor.-- at  the shrine of learu'uy the R.-itish museum seems u> iiie <*!me de.ul--as dead  as a door nail.   1 have been there mans  a   time,   and   I   wem   there  again   and  walked through 'kuiu and sib'",it jailer  k-s peopled only by tut- crods of litrypt.  India.   China,   of  am ietit   (iiu-ie   and  Itorne snid ihrougod only by those won  derfui works ot" sculpture wrought by  cunning baud-- long ciuitibhd into the  dust of past nge.s. but whose spirit of  beauty   and   iT'.cn'iu-i-  still   bngers  these   heroes   and   b'-roin.-s  QOWII. '  Iii some of the rooms one may pee a  few nuiNcmahls icliesing tlie tedium of  their dally walk through Bloomsbury  by bringing iln'ir little charges to the  museum, wl.ete they may ainuae themselves and get material for bad dream"'  while ll.e nurses theul-*clv<-s have a  quiet go?-dp. '-'  In tho holiday sci-on also one may  sec troops of Aiiiorieans passing swiftly  through 'ihe yalieiie-, "doing" tin  setiKi with wonderiu! dispatch ar..':  commenting with western levity up<:n  the relics of ancient civilization ant  the bones-of prehistoric men.  I'ut the Londoner does not cume.  Th"  lime that he can ppac<'0fro>n lunch hour  he devotes to u walk up <Jheaps!de, the  Strantl   or   Ilulborn.   "to   loo  shops."   The da.\'s work done, ho take?  Ihe  first  train   home  afternoon lv> prefers a matinee, a game  of tennis or cricket or a few hours on  the river.   1 do not blame him altogether, but the fact remains that the British museuni ls lo-him an abode of the  dead, which .be regards with the same  repugnance, as a tomb.  FARMER  IN   WINTER  TIME  on  trout*  ' They call   it cold cash,  all  hot, after  it.  but   we   ni<-  system.  "y,^-.American   Nervine  '    "��  stomach rlRbt.���52  ,-n  fs-ome. people  arc  afraid  of starting  in  ti  race for  fear of making u    poor  {finish.  'l WOVW'S    THIS?  si.Weo(l'ti Orift   llur.clro.l   Dollars   Uewrird   for  "oiiy   caRe of Cal��rrh  that'cannot be cured  by  /Hall's Catarrh Cure.  *"���*   J.  CTr.BN'EY & CO.. Toledo. O.  known    F.  Worms deronKe ihe whol  Mother Gravew' Worm Estorminator dc-  rances worms, and gives rest tothe sufferer. U costh only 25 cents to iry ii  and   be., convinced.  Mas. A. Fournor, Xppleton, ttlna.  2Jf..,JOn..'tfl.OO. jr. c. iTTia oo.,  A!! <lr".ril't��. f^.��� IvO-sr*!..    K��H.  Weak Throats  Ayar'a   PUi3   groiatly   aid   recovery  Pu%ly   vegotablo,  gently   laxative.  A man seldom poses a  s a confirmed  bachelor until  alter some woman has  confirmed 'him.  ^'We.   Ihe  undersiRnch    have  J.  an.l'-.tiell��ve  him  ��na<ie by OK'lr C.rtn.  v. i  ^Ctient-y  tor ih<- UiM  15 years.  _  V��rie<"ily lionoiaHe in all b.iG'.neHS transactions  'imJiA financially able to carry out any obligations  'Ir fii-.n.  Wh-.lcsalo DiucrtTlsts, Tolerto. O.  WAL151.NO.  KlNAN &-MARVIN.  .'Wholcsa'o Driujttlsts. Toledo. O.  Hall's     "*-  A   lady  writes =^1   ~~- ^---^  ,>y Lhe  ivas enabled to veil.V the  uihers  movo-'tho corns.   -  use   of  Holloway's   l*orn   Cure  who   have  tried   it   have  the-  same   *-xi-..-ri-  euco.  WhoU>-  ,,.,  \��%   imn-s Catarrh  Cure is taken  IntcrnalU  acl-  ser-  ,,,,,���. i.-��..;;.��r;�����'�� s.,i;r��..:  S'*    iT-n-�� Family PIUS are the best.  Somebody, is always getting in the  wav of the. n\r>n who is in pursuit of  happiness.  THE ARNOTT . INSTITUTE, BERLIN  1 ONTARIO. For tho treatment of ill  forms of SP&ECH DEFECT8., W�� traat to��  causa,'nut limply tho habit, ��nd thersfore  product nattiral spevch.   Writ* (or particulars.  EXT12UN-A1J-Y Oil ^V^^Uv  IS C!OOP.���When uiU'lied e.Mei na uj  brisk   rulibrnc.   Ur.   Thomas  I'l"  i>y  Kclectric Oil  to  -      Jn   leaving   his   residuary  estat*  ;']�����    sons    only.  ,.Mr.     A.   Holme*.   ��  Binglev   (England)   brewer,    said     no  rtul   bo   not  been rise     his    sons     -were  hint    than   his    daughters.  rtul   bo  to  in en  The latcM cure for internal canc-jr  r.-ported in linKland is a table-  spoonful oi molasses four or ..vc  times  a   day.  OrcaiiH.  *t   ,,},*  ki  ,1  j-roinff to  dor1  ;h  expei lence  Ink she will n*  broken in"  ,und of fal'lD'  311.  inking  a      .  1 Mr. Fergu����  gooJ  but  bccAtteo he  considered   that  have  a  harder  strugirlc  in  life.  THK  AVERAGE BAHV.  The avoruffo baby is a good baby���  theeri'iil,   r-inilinK  arid   briKhl.       V\ hen  tao- ts oross and fretful .it is becau^ he  ks   uinvoll   nnd   be   is   taking  the   onl>  moans he has  to. let. everybody  know  h,Ml��..s not  feefriRht.    When  baby i��  ,ioss,   restleiw    nnd     sleotdeas     don t  ��o��e hint     with   '" sootbiiiR "     -,���^',,,!,,  \v l.ich alwa^ contain poisons.  IUvDV s  own'Tablets are   what    Js  needed   to.  put    tlie.    Utile    om>    i-iglH.. ibve   ii  cost! bubv  an   occasional Tablet   alio  ���.e how '-quickly he will lje. trni^rorni-  ed     into- a  bright,     smiling,   cooing.  aappv child.    He will  sleep nt.  inffht,  nnd 'the'-mother, will (ret her rest.too.  \ on    have   a   ����� uarant.ee   thnt   Baby s  own'Tablets contain  not o:ie particle  of opiate or harmful drut*;.    In aB the  minor'ailments   from birth up  to   ten  or   twelve   venr-s   there   is   nothing   to  <-(1uaJ   the  Tablets.    "Mrs.   W.   B.     An-  dorsoii, ���Ooulais  Uiver-,   Ont..  says '���'  'Mv  little   boy   was, very, cross    arid  i.-et.ful  m.d   we" got  tin   rest, with   him  until    we   began   using    Baby's ...Own  Tablets.    Since   then   buby  rests   well  end. he is now  a fat.  healthy boy."  You can get the Tablets from any  druggist or thoy Will be sent by mail  .it 2,s cents a box by writing direct  to the Br. Williams' Medicine V.o..  Brockville, .Ont.  The toothless dog does not  exactly  have a soft snap.   Even iu n  short piece the trombone  is   a  long-winded  instrument.  Blood is Worthless  UNLESS CIRCULATED.  Health is assured by tho  now process  of ourlng disease.  RELIEF 3N 30 MINUTES.  Sick headache. Indigestion, lois ol  vliror. falling memory, . nervousness aro  all   Infalliblo   sicrns   of ' \ven.lceiiin(<r    nor'vea  Job.i'Are   I'tedini;   tbe   Stoeli  iintl   Kei-plnB  Wnrm,'  The great stp.ady winter jobs on ah  American farm In the- north nowadays  ure   feeding' the   stock   and   keeping  warm.'   And  keeping warm  nowadays  means hauling coal.   When I  lived in  tho country,.lt meant cutting wood,  inennt  for  our  large'family   constant  teaming day tifttr day from the woods .  to the wood yard'nucha wood pile that I  mtist   have  covered "a   einirter- of  ur.  acre.   It meant toward spring the coming  of  men  with  a  hoise power and  buzz saw to cut firewood, and that waV  almost ns   hnt eves-ting an  operation  a3  thrashing.  There were other stirring, days when  the hike had frozen bard and the icehouse was filled, involving'ice cutting  and more teaming and mare precarious  hitching on behind loads and going  back in empties. And early in the winter there was tbe momentous and gory  killing of nigs. Oh, that was indeed a  stirring time! They kill a pig every  second, no doubt, in. Chicago nowaday?, but that is mere mechanical  routine, with no quality of sport iu it.  There   was   nothing   so   very  about tbe  country winter in  days  late as tbe civil war.   1 suppose soap-  making' as  a domestic industry  is as  dead as* household s'linniug.   In those  times of wood tires and wood ashes all  self   respecting    families   made   soup.  Our family had an outstanding kitchen expressly for that n.se,  with a big  cistern-like bog-shead behind it in which  ashes   wero   leached   and   convenient  Albs for holding the soft soap.' A very1  handsome substance is soft soap of the  consistency and complexion, aiid  exercise  it  used  to be  for  the young to'stir it \iiih  a stick nnd  watch its undulations.   All the superfluous  fat of  meat  from  our kitchen  was turned into soft soap in those nearby old times.  of that cough.   At your druggists  It cures those heaty, deep-sected coughs���takes away  the soreness���heals tiis throat���strengthens the lung-*. ,  "None the less effecttv�� because; it Is pleasant to.talce.  Just try one bottle ��ind see how quickly you spit rid  -. ,..,���.  25c. bottle.  lf *o, tlio undersigned wuiit-. >  Cash ad rauefcd on cousUntnauts.   ,  Tho oldest eslaWi'-hed  drain Commission  Merchant in "W innipr-f,-.  Grain   Exchanrjc,   Winnipeg.  ���SOME ON-*  TO   HANDLE .YOUR SHIPMENTS  a     10 CONSIGN   YOUR   0PA1N  TO  A  PELIABLE   FIRM  L   PROMPT SERVICE  ANO  CAREFUL  ATTENTION m  j our business and "111 cmlefcvor to sl ve s��tl��fHOtlo.i.  Koferencb:    L'nion Bank of Canada.  T'-iris      whk-hl    The-   man   who aomius  i.��-    doesn  'know cvorythihg  is  the man  wno  ua-  who admits he  overcoats  slow  ns  Fnshioniiblo   doc"  for  some   tunc    have  worn   -   _-   _  with pockets for their little liandk.'r- limlly   knows the  most  chiefs,   arc   now    provided   with   got;    gles for t.hvir eves when tnkpn motor  teg.  Sliaard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.  SAT NIGHT AND  DAY IN A CHAIR  proper  a  pleasinj  :las��  1-.  is, ensy   to  distinguish   cut  from   the   other  kind;  .the  other   kind  found  on  bargain counters.  fill   Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   Cured  his ���Rheumatism.  held by s-oine that 'Nature pro  for   .every,  disoiiso.   which   nesilect.,  and m-  hnvi?   \ i&itetl   ujion   man.       Ho��-  well   known  that  distilled from  A   piece  of  music   isn't   restnn    ms.  because  it   is   full   of  rests.  fiinard's Linunent Cares Distemper.  ".   Iu1poi-ted~7o^es; hnTc   increased ^v  such    an extent   in    (lippslnnd,. \ i<-  tori��        Australia,      that    "orgaiuzed  "drives"   to   extirpate" them   arc   .i'l-  ���qUiMlt. -. ��� ������������ ':.''��� ���  Die   mid   ����������   Moner-    -  y At the Metropolitan club of VV.n.hluC-;  ton one evening Justice liarhin of   he  supren.e court h;ul inlroduced to 1 m  a well known New( York ^^, ^  who was ijiyen tolxuistinu' ot the Ui.t  Income he enjoyed: .���  With the apparent P��^j'>  pressing those about him, tho ^cv^  Yorker remarked , that as neai  cot W tell ho summed his Income exceeded *U.0.0O0. "And I simply hav  ;o make that amount, he adocd  -Whv, with   my exl.e��s.'s it  costs  mi  &'dlseaso   /n'   % "SS.W   ..ul   ��  wonderful  cure.   Sold  by  all   druBttlb.s.  Br. Agnew's Ointment Cures piles lo  one to throe days.   35o. >'  The   children   in   17   workhouses     in  ���Irelancl ���ttr.vnow   sent   out   to   receive  their   education   in   the-  ordinary     rui-  fioiutl  schools,   and  the sysyeui   is r,c-,  irnf ���.I'Xteiiitlc.d."    ��� ' ��� . ,  Harlan  before  ent' nt,  attempt^-0"'  3 able to!  )ii  will    -   ,  yself "t llftt  lie  sure   of   your| l'ntted   cnlf  assaying   the 'prod'tgnl   role.  Minard's Linimeat Cares Colds, eta*  0 live:-'  D,.nr    i����:-    ��!��l<1    ���1"stic(!        .      ,  ������Rcallv, that's Kki  much,  1  woi.ld.rt  pay  it-    U i-snt  worth  .1-  SSCOOO a ycat  ������Peiv  blandly  \ irift ol* ��10.000 has been n  the British iuk! fo'reipn lUl.de soch ty  by,,a London lady' who will not inclose  her name.  ���   .  Most people think too lightly of  a cough.     It is a serious matter  and needs prompt attention.  Take  The Buileer's DiKgius Aliility.-'  The  sportsman  naturalist,  St. John,  one dav found a badger in a trap not  much injured.  Tyius a rope to its hind  Ie". he drove the animal bome-strange  to��sav  the captive beast joggiTif,' ste.'id-  ilv a'loncr In  front of him  and  uivjns  little more-trouble than a pijr KOins m  market.   Ou ro-ichin^ home the annual  wa<*  put   for  tho   night into  a   paved  couri. where it seemed perfectly secure.  "Xo*.t mornlii?." said St. John, -he was  -one   Inivln's displaced ,a stone that i  .Uioucbt him quite Incapable of moving.  and  then, (Usrsin-; under the wall,  ho  cotuway."  jtn  liiv:i3iiiil>lo AJil,  honey-Unable to iiicrea.se llawley'a  mi In r v   aud   not   desiring   to   lose   his  "jcrvlee*.  the Shnrpes have  t.'iken him  uto' the (Inn. ���   . .  Skiniiie���That's great!  P.oncv-But  then  the  firm  is  money'   daily. - Philadelphia.  American-  nornnce  over   ihis  nwV  bo.  it  is  pprmoleu's   \ OLtoluble  1 His,  n,��l   herbs,   are   a   sovereien   r��UPiSy  'nil  tlisonlc-rs   of   iho dnxesnon.  roots,  in  cui'-iu,  losing  North  Wfl*  Pigtires   are  count.  alwu.vs     of    sunt    ao  Tlie contortionist  may  ho   m   single  u.nn.  hut  he doubles  up.  , "Hilence or you're a dead  man  burglar hissed, with revolver levied at  ing the burKUn"^ex. "your mask is not  OU.HoaSusr   sho   exclaimed,   and   a.  sbi   UdeJ to adjust it he,  th��Ma*lng  her off her guard, sprang upon her  disarmed her.-PUludeluula Hesn.  Tha Lung Tonic  when the first sign of a cough or  cold appears.  It will cure you easily and quickly  then���later it will be harder  to cure.  Prices 26c, 60c. and St.00  3. C. WELLS & CO.  Toronto, Can. LtRoy, N.Y.  A  Close   Cnll.  The Fox Hunter���Wore you in at tho  death?  The   Novice���No.    .Cussed  thouj-'h. when that brute-pitched'me lu-  lo the creek.���Philadelphia Ledger.  Sunlight Soap will not  burn the nap off woolens  nor th-gt. surface off linens.  William D<x-jc, ot '-Strong; To\tiiu1iH��, Lfale  auil ,Hearty lifter- Four Vom-.s of Tor-  Inro���The Story- of III* Sickness and lili  Cure.  Sunbridgc, Jan. 4.���(Specinl)���AJter  four yt'ttrs of torture, during which  he was scnrccly an hour free from  pain, Wm. Doeg. u farmer, living- on  Con. 3. Strong Township, and well  known burc, - is a bole nnd hearty  man. Dodd's Ividnej Pills cared him.  Speakin;*; of his cure  Dr.  Doetr says :  "Tho trouble started in my bock  and the puin fjot sn bad 1 could not  lie down to t.-iko rest, but httti tc sit  night   und   dn.v  in   a  chair.  "'i^te pain would sometimes move  to oilier p.,rts 01 my hotly, mid when  in my knees  [ was -unnble to   walk.  ���'I was treated , for Kjieujuaiism liy  several cKjctors, an'd also tried clificr-  ent niedicines without' recei ying .any  benefit. '1 feared "1 would never ng-ain  be-free .from  pain. -.' ���    '  "My attention was called to cures  by l.Hidd's ivhiney Pills, and I started to use them. Before"1 had finish^  ed '-the 'second box 1 was a new'imtn  entirely free from, pain. It has. " ~"  come back, since."  TTric iiciihin the blood is the cause  of lUieuiuatisin. lf the Kidneys  w->vkiiig- rig-ht they take all the uric  acid out of the blood.'. Dtiiid's,- Kidney Pills make the : lvidnijys work  right.   "���     .  There are nearly 6.000,000 farms m  the I'nited States, the average sue  being   140   acres.  I'.L-klt  at ihe   bead  of   tht  mairic  in  soon   HiilxUu-  \nli-CoiVsun-iiitivo Syrup" suuids  the' list lor fill d'siiDse-a  tbriint ; ivnd lun-rs. 'It acta Irk'e  b'reu'kinff up a .cold. xV coutth ia  ���it. tightness of the chest, i".  relieved, oven the worst, cuse of eon-  biinitJtion a. relievefl. while in recent  eases it may be skid never to fail. It is  a. imviieine prepared from the tietiv ���  principles or \it-tuot- 01" severul iiiedi<ruual  herbs, a ml can be ileix-nded upon for all  [lulinoruii-y   coir-piaints  Looking into the lire is very'injurious to the eye, especially a i-o.-l  lire. The stimulus of light and heat  united soon de:-tioy the eyes. Looking at molten, iron will soon destroy  tlio sight.  \-.('lllR FOR COSTTVF.XKS-S - 0 J.-  tivivnpss 1-orm-s from the retuHul 01 t.io  ���-ve." orv .oivuns  to   neiiorrn   their  duUe*  !V  uibie  ciiili^  reiriilnriy   from  i-ontribut inc. causes  usu.,1-  lisoi-dereki (Uiitstion     l'iii-i.iwks;.:s V��H,i>-  l'i'.i.s.    preparer .on,   seieutil'ie     pri.:-  i��-i-i.'   so' 'idiiii,on,u'lcd    that   certain  'nsrreclik-r'ts  in      tliein   n.rss     llirqiiiih ���   tli-'  stomt.oii ��� mul, act   noon   the   howelw  so  as  !iu>ve   their  torpor  and   arouse  (item  d      In   bear      testimony   l.o      l.licir  tictinn.    Manv   ihons-.i.iils ;   ,.re  to   bear      testimony    '.o      their  i.1)     IV  prejiar  lo   proper  urepnre,!  power  ���this. ]-es|iect.  Lincohisliire  farm. Over two thousanil acres are  under ploiigh. The second h.rgest is  near  Coldstream.  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