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The Moyie Leader Jul 1, 1905

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 <..  *  i V1P  MOYIE, B. Q�� JULY 1.1905.  ORBIN LlHi  1   GENERAL -NEWS' NOTES.  The Sullivan smelter is handling 22,  cars of ore each we'.-k.  We are shoeing,a; large as-  3ortment^^Summer Suits at ��  greatly reduced -prices during       ,  this  wee^/'Hkve'^/seen^^  1 mem?  This Is the 'time, tb fcuy.. ��� ��� <  ' , ��.       ��� <      i ' ( ' '?"   "'" \       -'.'('     ''; V   '  Hi Twelve 'Locomotives  # Ordered.  *  w  ALSO :1W MIGHT Gil  ^| Canadian -Pacific Will Run  Sf    Through' 'Sleepers : to  -'     "        Spokane- \,  A discovery ola now'deposit of   ore-  has  been    made   at  the North   Slar  mine. , J_, ._  ' Fernie has been infected with sneak  thieves, ahd'five daring robberies wire  committed lately.  Although 3-1C/.90 marriages tool,  olace in Japan hist yeai, it is aimed  ihat not ouo bride,was 22 years  old.  Tire Ohio stale priftm shelters 12  .bankers, and  is  preparing  to receive  nino more.      '___         ",  Joseph SLor'rfU ' has' tendered his  rcsiguaiion' as intyiacer of P, Burns &���  Go's business at' Cranbrook.  IW^ ^*      ���  it}    VfUuiM^Mv^'V-'^--''^ ���   '  I**" ' \   ivi     '* j'i   **������" ."iir*"'"uVT��"��-�� .wrk/v-'Oriii..  <"      ' i  I ��� Paid JW 9^mi^��6^b   '.    : ��� -  -  *      "'    /-..-." '"'At y, v&. 2 "'*--.*-'' ' .-A.  �����*' '��� ��i:' ''presenV'Ilate.oE Interest.3 per cenl."  Deposits Received., ��^t > ,,'<,:*�����,'.'',."      V      '   ���������  '   m^ir--- -" ��� **&v J  -*������ C- mAS' MGR  ���\iJ  ��'e;am  ,.   ' y *">' "'i'  Notaries '^iil^S^%s.i:  -��� ,V,-y'^ .**>'-y^; '.'-  /V;a-v-;      ,*���', ��  I     ��� ���   ^iJVl^.^^iir^ivb'fiiiaifA^i'-^.f s    \ 1:  >���-.���.        ���%; ,-|v,-..-*��;,4'i��     V.-���-:-.".Tj" ".-     ���-'  -'>"<   ������--*,<���  *   rs* V.''.;.,;iy- 1- . .   *p '  -,  ,Trv A'^ew-'Cans-oi(  .    "*    -''    "    *"   '    y     /    -     -    '      -'  ^ Vegetables and Fruits at  From mil indications Iho  line bolwuch Yahkiftirtl  bo   equipped   up' to.'date   tn   every  ' particular.   In a'n,hiterview"wiUi   tho  Spokesman-Review, Mr.  Curbin said :  "1 lia,ve ordered 12 new 'locomotives  ���eight of tho eight wheel consolidated  type, weighing'85 tons'on ' the drivers,  costing $10,000 "each;,Jor 'freight service.'   Then' I have ordered   lour passenger engines  weighing,GO   tons  on,  the drivers ahd costing', $13,000   each'.  They aWbeing/niadc   .by the lloijers  Locpmotive. works,   fort delivery  noxt  tpring.',    ���;-���>-''    '.   y  ,/'! dm receiving specifications for  passenger equipihcril, aud'I shall get  nothing but^Kt cli^s coaches. Offers  of second7 hand'cars have been flooding  me, but I won't buy auyUnng'of-lhut"  r -i i -        ^ ,*  sort.' ���   '       '.-',./-..''  "As the Canadian pacific  will  run  W through sleopefs andy dining l cars  into Spokane .over tbe' Spokane International the Canadian Pacific   railway  will furnish-that line   of* equipment.  ',   ��<preight"cars,wiihbo oi'heayy, mod  erntype/.- 1 shall have bo"xcars 40 feet  that can  carry 40 JoRs. -The   road.  ihDWCv'er, will not;,necd many.cars, e.\-  '' '   "  -'   '    until   next'spring  ,      '/,,'';    The Great   Northern   lops ��� British  Jlf tn   eiry  ^tween _U,e   U6ckyi mountain*   and  tbe Pacific coast  ' Anian/witli. two heart's has been  fbuud'in New York slate. He has received teveral handsome cash 'offers  for bii body aficr'death.    ���'>    'I'  -Tf��-  !,  1     I '    '  Fllffl WAS . KILLED  "Paderewski, the pianist, has been  paid $7,000-damages, by the New, York:  Central railway ns.compensation for a  severe jolting which he -received in a  recent accident on the  road.  The right ol way of tho.Corbin. line  through Bon'ners I'e.ry r^ias been  settied,;and the'depot will' he located  where the line is "nearest, the Grea,t  Northern depot... ;        ,"',''<,'  '   Tl<e s.tatemeut that'.the secretary  of  ''war has'decided to hire ',13,000  Japanese cooliei for work on  the' Panama  canal has aroused a' stOrmyof. opposition on the Pacific coast..        , *'  Engineer Had' Harrow Es  cape, but No Passengers  . Were Kurt.  A fatal accident occurrrd or. tho west  bound' train'' near" Prank Monday  inoruing when the engine ran into a  rd(ek slide. The engine jumped' clear  off the track, rolling ���''own an cmbiuk-  nient 20 fott. George Gran*, t,he lire-  m.iii, was .piuncd %uuderneath'' the  locomotive and'wis badly scdlded by  the escaping steam, so'badly, iu 'fact  that he died Vis. houis later., .Engineer 'J - H.' Cashiko !bad ' a marvellous  escape b,6ing> thrown1 clean through  the cabWindow and yet got off without ' a scratch on . his; -porson. -The  mail and baggage "cars , wero badly  ^wrecked but not a passenger was injured, -i .' '     ' ,    ' ,' .  i>   * '   t  >l   nr^ I  ^^^^f^x-^^L^sssssss^^ss 'vss^asssw^^s^^Es^i^^r_  LOCAL MEWS.  ���cept som'e ilatcafs, i  whe'u i't should b-i"-r  uniting.  ^^i2��25^SSSEK&��2ESE2  Why pay more for your insurance Ibnn it is worth?  We can give you,lowest rates with adequate protection.  ARNOLD & ROBERTS.  i CRANBROOK.  MOYIE.  HATS.     BTBTiBOpr   -HATS.  i* i i  -   We carry the best'ranged hats in town     See out���union  mado "Puide ok the Wbbt �� They're beauties.  Wiieu it, ouu-��� --  ---j ���-=, .  -   ��*!'Va. have contractc-d-for steel  -rails  fttBauVlo/ind\uS!iF^lftbe-ehipptd  'byHhe'lak'es tosP6rt WilHam, OrHurin,  \>here'they-'wiil be 'takflo'^ pvit; by-the  Canadian'Pacific for   dalivoty   to   us.  Work is'going ahead on the Oanadiaui  Pacific's short liuc.lameorqurs at the I  international boundary on, the�� Moyie  river, and tliVlayiug of steel'in Aujjuil.  We are ,us?ng 72 pound steel for   most  of tho main line aud SO pound rails tor  some of the heaviest sections.  ,A Luokv'Lot.  ^ * '*     1 _ "l  Phoenix Pioneer:-Speaking ������ of  East Kootenay editors, they, must bo a  nourishing ' lot, tor no sooner docs  Simpson start on'a trip- through*-" tho  province than l.owery.he of tbe Fernie  Ledge���who is throwing the hot aliot  into��Mayor Stork 52 limes a year because the latter a'ttamps to boycott  tho Ledge���also takes a'run pretty well  all ovor tho Kootenays. Then Pred  Smyth of The Moyie Leader which has  recently-enlarged aud thereby proved  the prosperity of tho place, has hied  himlolf- to the Portland ^PO����0"  to see what is goin0' on in <ho Irai .  AU this is fairly good evidence ���tnU  things are running smooth with iho  uciibcs of EiSt Kootenay-and may it  run oven smoother,is our wish..-  1      ^ __ i  E^A, Hill; J. P. r   '  1 E. A. lliU l>*s received his commia-  aion as a justice of the peace, and has  already dispo.scd of a case or two.  Tho appointments an, excellent one.  r Johu King the notorious criminal,  whd'has caused tlio police of Washr  jngton and British Columbia untold  troublt*, must, served life seulence    in'  the state"pe'niteutiiuy, at Walla Walla, i     j. U.; .iiaxier nas- u����m yyyT  This was'imposed oh him-'by  Judge  assistant   postmaster   in   ,the, Aloyie  ��� . >t._     . ��... .^Aii rtT ill ^ M Vt>      ..n.tnllina '     v1 .. t. .  1 ' '     "" ,        , I '        .  '\Vm. Smith'-left Tuesday 'for  Calgary. ', -    ��� y     ,  O. J,'Armstrong was  in  Cranbrook  Wednesday.. ' ,  H.'C. Bowness'of Cranbrook 'was in  town during the week.,    ,  L,   '   -,  ' Miss Ida 'and . Goo.  Wl.Uehead ,are  taking lh"the'Nelson cek'bVati'on. ^ -^ ,  , p. J. McMahou'and family returned  Monday from their easlern. visit.'  J.'k. ; .Baxter has-been   appointed  Gntfin under , the -new^oumulative  Sentence faw,iwluoli provides thafwhen  -i'person becomes an hab'itual onminal  lw may be given a life".sentence,' and  patoat'ol the way! for _ all/.^limeyto  come.  . ��'     <���!��� 'yi, **    _,y '   *- l  The- ordinary maker 'oi Havana  cigar uses but one ��rado 'or tilond oi  tobacco in the body or filler of'his  cigars. Exactly the sime slock is^  .used'inb'isolaros.is in his mudiuos.  Aftei ihe cigars aro, made, however,  his "selector" takes them iu hand and  classifies them according 'to the relative  shadt-3 of the wrappers. Tfiw is done  to effrcl a uniformity in the appear-  .uicsot each box of cig-irs, and to cn^,  able tho dealer to readily indulge the  whims of the self-deluded smtiker.  Two Bad' Ones.  THE   MEN'S   FURNISHERS  . '*& Ji\  - V * w ^ ^ ^ ^ twrW ^"Sr^or -^r^^^ A '��� * %  I'll  N  \i  mperial Bank of Canada.  SAVINGS DEPARTMENT  W  Depohits of $1.00 or upwards received. 'Savings  There is no'better  investment than a .savi  t  Bank deposit.  Once opened it grows whether added to  or   not.  . Interest   allowed at  current   rates   and   com  poundod, twibc a year.   CRANBROOK BRANCH.  J  F  M   PINKHAM, Manage?.  \i/  i  i  "f  ���dlji'I it/_ril si  ^���M^*^^****1"* --"^^  is al stake il Wiido not repair your  watch satisfactury. We have  given others entire satisfactory,  and wo have now doubt we can  do tho same by you. J tut ouj  ���trial will convince you thai we'ro  onto our job when il comes to  repairing a watch.  W.  H. WILSON,  .   lewder. CKANBROOK, B^C  STOP ATUTIIE  MQPOUIM  WHEN IN  [CRANBROOK  y- '   . . ��� h  K. II. saiAfiii, iUii'imger..  Good rooms, good  tables and   bir,  and tirst,cltt3s.Bampl3.P'J'Jii3.  Slipendary <> Magistrate Armstronff  had two uuusual. cases to *deal with  when he took his iscat on the bench  in the Rloyic court house Tuesday  The first" was that of W. Weinhart,  charged "with obtaining goods 'and  money under false pretcnice, Wein-  harler.mo to Mojio- two mouths ago  and lived on his nerve over since. He  rented a house, worked his credit at  tho stores aDd even bonowed money.  lie played the gamp of a good man in  hard luck, aud to make it stronger ho  was expecting his wife aud family heio  every day. He was easily tlie smoothest bilk who ever worked the town.  Ho at first pleadeJ not guilty but  later changed his mind. Mr. Armstrong gavo him 13 days in the Ferine  jail at hard labor.  The second cue was Ihat of "Dennis  Cumin, a 'refractory prist n ir. Curran  was ancsted find seuteucid for being  .hunk, but when Constable Roulh  asked him to do tome work he balked  Mr. Armstrong ordered him placed in  a dark cell, and put on bread and  water diet for d8 hours.  postofii.ee  ���'* J. S. Carter,,C.-P.-R. district passen-'  ger agent. wai* here this week  arranging for special trains, ra-tes, etc. s ;j,.y  '/FOR! 'RENT���Two'store . rooms'* on  Victoria fa>trtct., 'Apply,to-Farrell ^&  Smyth*; "    " , ���"v    , '   '        *-     ' *  .The Catholic ladies of Moyie will  giVe^sbc'ial in'the Eagle hall on Friday, July 16th.  v  The Moyio aerie of Eagles until  further notice will meet on" the first  and ihird Wednesday of each month.  T. V. Lowutsy of Moyie and Mrs. Lee  of Butle, Jlont., were married in Spok-  aue last week and will be here today.  Tlie Leader extends congratulation.  FOR KENT���Furnished house in  Lake Shore addition���Apply ' to  Farrell & Smyth.    .  The new officers of Wildey Lodge  No. 4.4.1. O.O. F. will bo installed at  next Tuesday's meeting, and. there  will also be work on in ihe, initUtary  degree.  Joe Baker, E. A-. Hill and C. H.  Little were fishing in'Deep lake one  day this week and met with splendid  luok. In tlie catch mado by. ^lr.  Little were two rainbow j trout weighing two pounds each.' They were  beauties, and it is doubtful if any  larger trout have been'caught in this  vicinity this season.  Celebration Notes.'-/,' ',  Moyie is dressed in her best bib*and  tucker for the occasion. ��  , 4 St ,      J        ' '    *  There are a few dogs  in. town   that  .raiglit betied up 'today. ���   ' , ��� ^ -  - 'Buy.n ticket   for, tho':  ball  tonight'  and help the band 'boys ou t.       "     '.  Thursday"evening 'the   hose   team  made thtir run arid had>'aler ' on   iu  29 seconds,*       - '   '      .  ""'  " The, two silver, cups are'beauties.  But the question arises, will thoy re-;  main in Moyie. ,  J' The special train from ^Onuibrook  will arrive'here about 10 a. in., iind return at 11 p. m,.",   ' y>       'a  "AU.'storea in^ town will-'close' today  at 12 o'clock aud remain closed during tlie'afternoon,        i  .METAL   MARKET.    .  Nkw   Yohk���Bar silver,  5S-V cents  Lead, flf 50. ' Zino^ppeltoi-*) !f6 00. '  "  Loxjdon���Lead, JEl3/7s"Gd.  j       (  . ^ ���   Mine Boarding House,' ,~*~.  i     ��� .,      '        :   '"   '.  -   '- -.-;'-      r    '   '   *  r" "W. R. Stone has, severed his connection with' the boarding house ut  ihe upprr workings of the -St. Eu^ei e  mine, and'w'ill,^ leave''ntrxt 'week f, r  Oniro, "iviscon'sirj;'* lo join'"h'is' w'f -. .  i'hey may iaier decide to t-et tie no.it < '  Red Deer, Albe.rU;> where' Mr. Stone  ���and his brothers'aro interested in a  good stock ranch. ���   ���  ,   '  - Tho boarding house will hereafter be  run' by- the company;  1        ' ' i.  j A ' ,      ,  Some Good. Investments-.,;.  '     t. / .       . >  coii.MrriEES  The   committee iu  charge   of  the  ->      i  f     *      i* jr  '  j.       j  ,               r;  " .      J-  1     '           -1                              /  r  i  i   'r                  !*���  '  ,   '  -1 '��*.*   t   ,  n  ,  '   ,--���; -Pi&a  r -  f--1'",'.  '  !/'rr if' \ ,r ^  ,1           r. .  t    ' ' '��  , ', '  -'in ,'- *~ nr-"- ���  f "  y,,,- ��� dl.Cfe  (.  1 .      --Sf .. . n Sit/J  f  M             /  ,)     -" f"i. i   <-    j*?}  'V  -', '- f^jSSMf  r. *  ��� ���  -',5m  1,1 "t- ^*35ff5il  f       ���  O- J,TTl '-f^"^^t  -*  -, y,l\m\  f  ��� y-r.vy"^  U      r  r i^^ysA  t  1 ft  y���.'X\-*rj\  ~~                              1  ���        i;  1   '1!"{p'i.<?il'lJs  -        A  i  -��� j 7-y���,v>"  - ty     i.i*l  '         $ f .r l.l  1         "U  j  'i��   r,  J   ,.lfl  '  -    r-        - iS\ ' 1  .          1  1                          ,   '        -*  <&  ^                l*  UM*  '"'iV'��;-i  r  ���' V  ,                     '  /  X  "-( 1    ^ ��������� JJT     fi   1 1  t~*f  1    ��� r  1               ,(!                V-'-   1  r ���C"V  "  " "J  '   ���* I. ~in i I  Ki .,'?;, n  s\  xue   coim��n-i-���� ."    --   -     j    Qne   dollar   invested in  Air-Brake  day's sports will be about   as /follows'; [ ^^ ^ [gw ^^ '^d\3 ' iodsy   ^c^  ^.,...'l\J..��� ' l^rta���W   A.'lllll.-' l.-.-.-im     " ^<        ��� -"    .   -   ������������    -  - Caledonian,'sports���Ef  A. 'Hill, " U^.  Children's'sports���J'.' U.Hawke, .Q^  -Lumbering���A.  P. SJleplienson' and  'H, Cameron.'      (  Hose Heel race���Geo. Clotlrier,  Drilling contest���H. H. Dimock,.  Shooting contests���R--Campbell.  Aquatic sports���Geo. Clothier,*    ,  Marshal of the day-F. 'J. Smyth."  , :     ti,_  vear   for Sr-��,UU(J.  'A grand ball  will  be  given in   the  -   BjU To,eili;on' alock bM earned  ail  evening by tho band boys     As ulanc-1 q[ ^^ ^y ^  Qn   p .cU  SlSra Eeror^1 ^S0!y WOO .nv^-, that is, ^100 i.rvc.'cri  the dance will bo $1 and everybody j 23 years ago hrs earned over ^200,0.0.  is invited. '  -  Ono dollar  invested''in, Bell Tele- -  phono stoeic when it was lowest is no.v  worth over ijil-,000.,. ;��*��� y   ^   ^ !'  One dollar invested in Calumet andr  Hecla stock is now worth $1,510.  Edison Electric1 Light    stock,  onco,  offered for iplOO, sold   in   less   than   a  -�����".���     - v ,<'a' ��� y-'l  ���? ,'    1 ���   '<���"  <r\>yi^  ��� �� y  *, -  ": '."K;^ I  -   1      ,t,t Vr^,,, 'U'J't  I'   '   -     -' , 1  ��� i',/"'iSil  (f -     '   -"   ^tT,^  ' i m  1  Anti-Gambling League.  An auti- gainbling leaauo has been  formed amongst the miners in Moyie  Whilo the league is mndo up o  members of ihe union, and has the  endorsation of the union, still it is a  (���oparatc organizition and will act in-  dependontly of the union. Its object  is to- supproos gambling in every form,  aud it i^. tho intention to extend tho  league to Cranbrook, Maryovillo and  oiher places. It will hold fwo meetings each month.  <\  tm  :; '������(  Wflli.\  One l).��IIiir S.i^fc.l 15o;.reieut8 Ten IJyllr.r-.  l^iiui-��il.  The average mau docs not save lo  excoed ten per cent of his earnings.  Ho mi��3t spend nine dollars in living  expenses for every dollar saved. That  being tho case he cannot bs.too care-  lul about unnecessary expenses. Veiy  often a fow cents properly iuvcsled,  hke buying seeds for his garden, will  save several doll.us outlay later on.  It is, the sarue in buying Chamberlain'^  Colic, Cholera and Diairhooa Reined v.  ItcosUibut a few cents, and a bottle  of it in the house often saves a doctor's  .hill of several dollar*. For sale by S.J.���*  'lv. Ilaivic.  The Aurora.  "Walter Mackay and "Michael Sullivan  a" iicro from Portland and aro mak-  iuf preparations for starting work on  the Aurora property on the west side  of Ihe lake. Thoy will put somo men  to work next wo��k.  "T5  y.ny It Now.       l  Now is the timo to buy Chambor-  lain's Colic, Cholera anc Diarrhoea  Remedy. It is ceitain to be needed  sooner or later and whoa that time  comes you will need it badly-jpu  will heed it qnickly. Buy it now.. Tt  save life. For sale by b. K.  ilarvie.  KM  BR. PRICE8  CREAM  IAKING POWDER.  makes home baking easy. Nothing  can be substituted for it in making,  quickly   and   perfectly,   delicate   hot  biscuit, hot-breads, muffins, cake .and  ��� ���  1,        |l- ��� . . "-V  PaStryV "  /���... yy:':     ���   ,'.  s..s.     Fstcs. Bakin'g P\>w&fiR Co., Chicago-  v  ���tdHB  nB'if i'tu\j.^u^<y^d*^wMgag*i<ia- qMepfly^aaa^r-  -Jrt'-A^'"  ^ii^^ti L^y^ tft tt  :y^i^^i^^^v^^^'^^^ri^.^^^^&^^^^^^^i: ��� '������*��*��-'��������� nemu^uaaq  ^^^^^^^^^^mm^^^m^^mmm���^mm  vx  Or The Love Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor, the King's Ssjler, and  Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty King Kenry the Eighth  Hewritfen e.nd Rendered Into Modern English From Sir Edwin  - C&.Kfaodei\'* Memoir  By  EDWIN   CASKODEN   [CHARLES   MAJOR]  CovvrigM. 1S0S and 1001, by Vie Dmccn-McmU Company  '?"* *?. ^a- ^av ��i- ������ ��4�� ��e-. *#. *f* *��* ��t- ��3r -"3* ��3- -t- .$- ��e. ��v�� *6- wi- ��4'��. ��f��- ��.*e��- w^v %$t  ���js^^&^gr ��?^)��^%< V*�� -*�� *��.�� *>.�� *> �����* * ���** ���������� -5** -.*�� *��� -*��� -����� ���*�� --*�� <<?���>��?  anything she naa  ever  known. '' She  enjoyed lt, but every' now and then the  ' IS?J  <        '     ,'M A"   '  ,      <���'    .'"     ���$.      '        ��  HP1" ;t #l  IrA *' - fw    '  \i * -?$��� -  ���"    j5 V^,  ��� ������('������   -' " ->V''        ',  -1    ������"-, tA"'        !���  t-^''M---\'  *���  i- .. .vswip ^  , ,i:    : /.l>'.",jy-  wi'  ^4- tfj- t.  U'sr  ,        I1  v  '..'f  w  rfe.;', $��  ��� ifci'  if ���'  1   r,,f  ������yo-a do me foul wrong, I assure you.  1    I am the soul of mode-ty, and grieve  that you should think uie bold," said  Brandon, with a brondeiHiig smile.  Mary interrupted him.    "Now. I do  , believe you, are laughing nt me���at my  prudery, I suppose you think it"  Mury "would lather have been called  a fool than a prude, and I think she  iwas right Prudery is no more a sign'  of virtue than u wig is of hair. It Is  usually.put on to hide a bald place.  The princess stood irresolute for a  ' moment iu evident hesitation and annoyance.        '  ���'You are grieving because I think  you bold. And yet you stand there  laughing'at me to my face. 1 think so  , more than ever now. I know it Oh,  you make me angry!, Don't! I do not  like persons who anger uie and then  '-laugh at me." This, turned Brandon's  smile into a laugh, -which lie could not  hold back. ', ,    ,        -      ,  Mary's eyes shot Are, and she stnmp-  '   ed her foot, exclaiming: "Sir, this goes  ..beyond all hounds!   I-wIll not-tolerate  ,your   boldness   another   moment."   I  thought the was going to dismiss him,  but she did not   The time had come  ,    when he or'she must be,the master.  It -was''a   battle royal between  the  force's on the lloor, and 1 enjoyed it aud  felt'that Brandon would come out ajl  right.  lie   said   good - liumorodly:   "What!*  -^ Shall you  have "all'the laugh in your  sleeve at my expense?', Do )6u expect  to bring me1 here,.to win a wngei-j. for  you ,ma*de on the  assumption  of my  stupidity' and   lack   of   social  accom-'  plishments. nnd thou,complain, "when it  comes my turn to laugh? 1 think I am  e�� the one who should he offended,  but  yon see I am not." -' -  '.   '"Caskoden, 'did  you'toll  him?"   de-  , mandcd,,Mary,  evidently referring to  the -wager.  .     ,  "Lie' said not a��word of it," broke In  .   Brandon, answering for me.  "I should  have been a dullard indeed rrot to'have,  seen  It  myself- uCtcr' vtimt you   said  about tho^loss of your 30 crowns.   So  ,' let us,cry quits and begin again."   ���  "Mary reluctantly struck her flag.  "Very well, ,t am  willing," she said  ���   laughingly;  "but, as to your boldness,'  1 'fetill insist upori that. -1 forgive you,  however, this time."  Then, half apologetically,  "After all, it is not such  a  grievous charge to make. ' I believe it  never yet injured any man with women.   They, rather like it; I'urn afraid,  however angry it makes them.   Don't  tlicy, Jane?" ~, ,  Jane, of-, course, did not knowj' so"  wo all laughed, as, usual, upon the  slightest pretext,' nnd Mary, that' fair  Juin.nO     Of    'Contradictions     (Mid     quick'  transitions, stepped boldly.up to Bran-,  don, -"with ���"her   colors   Hying   in 'her*  ' checks, -ready for the first lesson1 in the  t new dauce. * l  She was a littlo frightened nt his'ann  nround her wnistpfor tlio embrace was  new to hor���the'first' touch of iiiau-^-and  was sliy and coy, thoimli willing, being  determined to learn tlio dance. She  was nn-npt pupil and soon glided softly nnd graciously around the loom with'  unfeigned delig'lit, yielding to the now  situation more easily us she became  accustomed to it.  This dance was Ihelici- e\ereIso'than  La Gnlliard.,iind Msii-j  eould not (all-  much" for Tack'of breath. Brandon kept  the conversation going, though, nnd sho  answered   with  glances,  smiles,   nods  and monosyllables, a veiy good vocabulary in its way, and a \ery good,way,  too, for that matter.  Once he said something to her In a  ' low voice, which brought a flush to her  cheeks and tauscd hor to glance quickly up into his face.    Hy Uie lime her  answer came they weie no.-u-er us, aud  I hoard hor say: "I am afraid I shall  have to forgive you ntum it' you are  iioticatvful.   Let me see an exhibition  of that modesty you so much boast."  But a smile nnd a flash of the eyes  wont with the words and took all the  sting out of thorn.  After a time tlio dancers stopped, and  Mary, with Unshod ftieo nnd sparkling  oyos, sank into a c-hnir, exclaiming:  "The new dance is delightful, Jane. It  is like flying, your partner helps you so.  But what would the king say���and tho  queen? She'would simply suoon with  lioiTor. It is delightful, though." Then,  with more contusion In her maimer  th;in r had over before soon, "That is,  it is delightful if one chooses her partner."  This only mado mat tors worse and  ga\o Krandon an opportunity.  "Dare I hope?" he fi-.!.od, with a deferential how.  "(Hi  sense of her importance and dignity���  for you must remember she was the  first princess of tlie blood royal���would  supersede even her love of enjoyment,  aud the girl wont down and the princess came up. Besides, she half feared  that Brandon was amusing himself at  her expense, aud that in fact this Was  a new sort of masculine worm. Iteally  she' sometimes doubted if it wero a  worm at all, and did not know what to  expect nor what'she ought to do.'  She was far more girl than,princess,  and would have, preferred to remain  merely girl and let events take the  course they were .going, for sho liked  it. But there was tho other part of  her which was' princess, and which  kept saying, "Remember who you are,"  so sho was plainly at a loss-between  natural and artificial inclinations contending unconsciously .within her.  . Replying , to Jinry's , remark over  Jane's shoulder, Braridbh'said:  '���l'our highness risked us to lay aside  ceremony for the evening, ami if I hnvo  offended I can but make for my excuse  my desire to please you. ' Be sure 1  shall ollend no more." ,Tills was said  so ric-rionsly thn'l his .meaning could not  be niisiinderstoocir 'He did'not Care  whether he pleased so capricious a person or not.       j ���  Mary made no,reply, and it-looked as  if Brandon had'the worst of it. , > ' ,  We snt a few minutes talking, Mary  ���wearing an air of dignity. Cards were  proposed, and'sis the game progressed  she gradually ''unbent again.^ and became affable and familiar as,1 earlier in  the'ovenin'g. 'Brandon, however, - was'  frozen.r Jlc'wns polite, 'dignified'and  <">jferential ,to the ladies, but tlie spirit  of the evening, was-gone since he had  furnished it'all,with his .free, offhand  manner,,full of life and brightness. . ���"-  Aftpr a short time, Mary's warming  mood* failing to thaw our frozen fun-  maker, and in her heart infinitely pre-'  ferring 'pleasure to dignity, she said:  "Oh,,this is wearisome! .Your game is  far less cntei lainlng than your'now  dance.' ,Do something to make mo  laugh, Mas'tori Brandon."..        ', \  "I fear you must call in 'Will Som-  mcrs," ho replied, '"'if you'wish to laugh.  I cannot please'you in�� both'' ways, so  will'hold to the one which seems to  suit'the princess."1', ,',   '  Mary's "eyes ^Ilasho'd,   and  siie Asaid  'ironically:       ���    *    "��� ,'  "That sounds Very much as though  you xared to please me in*nny way."  ller lips parted, and she evidently had  .something iinkind'ready to say, but sho,  held'the breath sho,had taken "to'speak  It w"h arid after one or two false starts  In as many ditferent ilines continued:  "But perhaps I. deserve it.* I ask you:  to forgive mo, and hereafter desire you  ana aaventures. Jtio was a" pleasing  talker and had a smooth, easy flow of  words, speaking always in a low, clear  voice and with perfect composure. He  had a way of looking first one auditor  and thou another straight in the eyes  with a magnetic' effect that gave to  everything he said unpadded interest  Although at that time less than twenty-  five yeairs old, he was really,a learned  man, having studied at Barcelona, Salamanca and Paris. "While there had  been no system in his education, his  mind was a sort of knowledge junkshop  wherein'ho could find almost'anything  he wanted. He spoke German, French  and Spanish and seemed to know the  literature of all these languages.  He told us he had left homo at the  early age of 'sixteen as liis uncle's 'Ps-  quire and had fought in France, then  down in Holland with the Dutch, had  been captured by the Spanish and had  joined the Spanish army, as it mattered  not where lie fought so that there was  a chance for honorable achievement  and a fair ransom now and then. lie  told us how he had gone to Barcelona  and Salamanca, where he had studied,  and thence to'Granada/ among "the  Moors; of his fighting against the/pi-  rates of Barbary, his capture by them,  his 'slavery and adventurous escape  and his regret that now drowsy peace  kept him mowed up in' a palace. '!  "It Is true," he said, "there'is a prospect of troublo with Scotland, but I  ^"Sir, iorglve'rttc." ,  would rather fighfa pack'of howling,  'starving wolves thanrthe Scotch. They  fight like very devils,���which, of course-,1  is well, but you havo nothing after you  have beaten them, not oven a good  whole wolfskin." ' -.      '    .    ,>.'���'  y  In   an   unfortunate   moment   Marv  majesties, as ro ms ��iuiiai��s ivltu  Mary, who was really the most Important figure socially about the court, I  could not exactly say. She was such a  mixture of contradictory impulses and  rapid transitions, and was so full of  whims and'caprice, the inevitable outgrowth of, hor blood, her rauk and the  adulation amid which she had always  lived, that I could not predict for a  day ahead her attitude toward any one.  She had never shown so great favor  to any man as to Brandon, but just  how much of her condescension was  a mere whim, growing out of the impulse of the moment nnd subject to  ivnctior, I could not tell. I believed,"  however, that Brandon stood upon a  firmer foundation with this' changing,  shifting quicksand of a girl than with  either of their majesties.  In fact, I'thought he rested upon her  heart itself. But to .guess correctly  what a girl of that sort wiil do or think  or feel would require inspiration.   ���  Of course most of the entertainments  given hy the king end queen included  as' guests nearly all- the court, but  'Mary often had little fetes aud dancing parties which were'smaller,'more  sulcct,:ind informal. These parties were  really withJJie consent and encouragement'of,the king, to avoid the responsibility of not inviting everybody. The  larger- affairs were very dull, nnd  smaller ones ' might give offense to  those who were' left out Tho latter,  therefore, were turned ovor to Mary,  who cared very little who was offend-'  ed or who was not,'and invitations to  'them were highly valued.   ,    ���  One afternoon a  day} or two after  Brandon's presentation a message arrived from Mary notifying mc that she  "would havo a little fete that evening  in one of the, smaller hnlls nud directing m"b to1 be'there ns��mnster of the  dance. Accompanying,the nic&sago was  a note,from no less a person than the  princess herself, Inviting Brandon. ' '    ,  'This owns an honor indeed���nn au(o':  graph invitation from tho hand of ���'Mary!    But thu masterful rascal ,did iiot  seem -to consider it anything unusual,  and when I handed ,him the note upon  'Ids return  from ,tho hunt'he'simply  road it carclcssl}- over once, tore it in  pieces.arrd "tossed it away.    I believe'  the Duke of Buckingham would'have  ���glven710,000,crowns to receive'such a  note an'd^would doubtless hare,.shown'  it lo half tho court in triumphant con-'  fideneo before the middle of the'night.,'  .To this-grea't- cantnin of the guard'it  .was but a scrap of paper.'  He was glad  to hare It,'nevertheless, ancl with all his  self restraint and stoicism1 could not  conceal1 his"pleasure.     _ '    '_ ' �� -,  Brandon at once accepted-thc' invitation in a personal note to the princess.  Tho boldness of this actually -took^my  CUUI0US EXPEDIENTS  MAKESHIFTS THAT SERVED   USEFUL  PURPOSES.  said, "Oh, Master Brandon, tell us of    tZn        *%?,!   ���        ���*.-������,-  your duel with Judson."      ������,   * ���        .     breath, and it seems at, hrst to hare  Thoughtful, considerate Jane frowned'at tlio pi-Incog's In surprise and put  'her finger on her lips. ' >    '  'Tour ladyship, I fear I cannot,", he  answered;'and left his seat, going-over,  to the', window, where lie stood, vjtii  his back- toward us,"looking out1"into  the darkness.  .Mary saw what she had  three,'upon all.propeiyoccasions, when  yes; you may hope,    i toll you  frankly   tt  was   delightful   with   you.  Now, are you satisfied, my modest one?  Jane,  I  vo wo have a  fm-waid  body  here.    No tolling what ho  will  be nt  ne\t," siid Mary, with o\ ident linpa-  tienoo, r.-.pldly swaying hoi   fan.    She  f.pol.0  almost  sharply,   R,r  Brandon's  attitude   u.is   more   that  of  ,-ui  equal  than she was accustomed to, and her  royal dignity, which was the artificial  part of her, lebelled against it now nnd  then in spite of her real,Inclinations.  The habit of roeoivi iS only adulation  and living on a pmi.aelo above evory-  body-clse was so strongSfrom continued  practice that it. appealed'to .her'as a  duty to maintain that elevation.    She  had never before been called upon to  exert herself iu that direction, and the  situation was new.    The servile ones  with   whom   she   usually   associated  maintained it for her; so she now felt,  ���whenever she thought of.it, that she-  .was irr duty bound to clamber back, at  least part of .the way, to her dignity,  however   pleasant   it   was   personally  down below rin tho denser atmosphere  of informality.  In her heart the princess preferred,  upon proper occasions, such as this, to  abate her dignity, and often requested  others to dispense with ceremony, as In  fact sho had dono with us earlier in tlio  evening. But Brandon's easy manner,  although perfectly respectful and ele-  ntly polite, was very different from  we are by ourselves, to treat'mc as ono  of you ��� as a1 woman, a'girl, I moan:  Where is,the, virtue of royalty if it only  means boing put upon a pinnacle above  nil tlie realjileasures.of life, like fool-  ish'old Stylites on his'column?, The  queen is always preaching to me about  the strict maintenance of my 'dignify  royal.' as she calls it, aud perhaps she  as light B,ut out-upon 'dignity royal,'  say I! It is a'terrible nuisance. Oh,  you don't know how difficult it is to be  a princess and not a'fool. There!" Aud  Klie sighed in apparent relief.  ���alien, turning to Brandon: "Xouiiav  taught mo another good lesson, sir,  and from tills hour you are my friend,  if you will be, so long as you aro  worthy���no, 1 do not mean that; I  .know you will always bo worthy���but  forever. Now we aro at rights again.  Bet us try to remain so���that1 is, I  will," aud sho laughingly gave him ber  hand, which he, rising to his feet,  'bowed low over nnd kissed, rather fervently and lingeringly, r thought.  Hand kissing was uow to us in England, excepting'in case of tho'king and  queen at public homage. It was a littlo startling to Mary, though she permitted h'lni to hold her hand much  longer than there was any sort of need  ���a fact she recognized, as 1 could  easily soe from her telltale cheeks,  which were rosy with tho thought of  it  - So It is when a woman goes on the  defensive- prematurely arid without  cause. It makes it harder to apply tho  chock when tho real need comes.  After a littlo card playing I expressed regret to Jane that I could not ha veil dance with hor lor lack of music.  "I will play, if tlio ladies permit"  said Brandon, and ho took I,ady Jane's  lute and played and sang some very  pretty little love songs and some comic  ones, too, In a stylo not often heard in  England, so far away from the home  of the troubadour and lute. lie was  full of surprises, this splendid fellow,  with his accomplishments and graces.'  When we had dnnced as long ns wc  wished-that Is, as Jane wished; ns for  my.self, I would havo been dancing yet  -Mary again asked us to be seated.  Jane having rested, Brandon offered to  teach her tho new dance,, saying he  could whistle nn air well' enough to  gUe hor the step. 1 nt onco grew un-  ea'-y with jealous suspense, for I did  not wish Brandon to dance in that  fashion with Jane, but to my great  relief she replied:     .     .,:  "No, thank you; not tonight" Then,  shyly glancing toward me: '.'Perhaps  Sir Edwin will 'teach me when ho  learns.   It is his .business, you know."  "Would I ?' If a month, flight arid day,  would conquer.it, the now dance was  ns good ns done for already. That was  tho first real mark of favor I ever had  from Jane.  We now had somo songs from Mary  and Jarie; then I gave one, and Brandon sang again nt Mary^s request. We  had ducts and quartets nnd solos, and  the songs wore all sweet, for they came  from the heart Of youth and went to  the soul of youth, rich in its God given  fresh delight In everything. Then we  talked,, and Mnry and Jane, too, with a  sly, shy, soft littlo word now and then,  drew Brandon out to tell of his travels  done,  and^ her eyes grew moist,, for,  with all hor faults, sho had!*a warm,,  tender heart and a quick;  responsive  sympathy. "  After.'a ,few ^sceqnds  of;  painful silence'siie went softly over, to  'the'window where,Brandon'stood.,r  - t"Sir, forgive moj', she siiid,. putting,  her-,hand prettily"upon  his 'arm., ,"1.  should -have,/ known. " Believe  iue,  I'  would not hare hurtyyou intentionally." -  "Ah, my .lady, the word was thoughtlessly spoken and needs no" forgiveness.'  But,'yourJioar,t sho'ws itself In,the asking, and Idhank 3-011.    I wanted but a  moment to throw off tho thought of  that terrible "day."    Then  they came  back together, and tlie princess, -who  had tact enough when she cared to use  it, soon put matters right again.  I started to tell one of my,best stories in order to cheer Brandon, but in  the midst of it Alary, who, I had noticed, was restless and uneasy, full of  blushes and hesitancy and with a manner ns new to her ns the dawn of the  first day was to the awakening world,  abruptly asked Brandon to dance with  her again. She had riscu and was  standing by her chair, ready to be led  out.  "Gladly," answered Brandon as he  sprang to her side and took her hand.  "Which shall it bo���La Galliard or the  new dance?" And Mary, ��� standing  there, tho picture of waiting, willing  modesty, lifted her free hand to his  shoulder, tried to raise her-eyes to his,  but failed and softly said, "The new  dance."  This time tlie dancing "was more soberly done, and when Mary stopped it  was with serious, thoughtful eyes, for  she had felt the tingling of a new."  strange force in Brandon's touch. A  man, not a worm, but a real man, with  all the Irresistible, Infinite attractions  that a man may havo for a woman���  the subtle drawing of the lodcstono for  tho passive iron���had come iuto her  life. Doubly sweet it was to her intense young virgin soul in that it first  revealed tho dawning of that two edged  bliss which makes a heaven or a hell  of earth���of earth, which owes its very  existence to love.  I do not mean thnt Mary was In love,  but that she had met arrd for tho first  time felt the touch, yes, oven tho subtle, unconscious, 'dominating force ' so  sweet to woman, of the man she could  love, nnd had known the rarest throb  that pulses in that choicest of all God's  perfect handiwork���11 woman's heart���  tho tV-rob that goes before, tho John  tho Baptist, ns it were, of corning love.  It being after midnight, Mary filled  two cups of wine, from each of which  sho took a sip, and handed them to  Brandon and me. She then paid me  tho 10 crowns, very soberly thanked us  and said we were at liberty to go.  The only words Brandon ever spoko  concerning that evening were just ,aa  wo retired: , -  ".Tesu, she is perfect! But you were  wrong, Caskoden. I can still thank  God I am not in love with, her. I  would fall upon my sword if I were."  I was upon the point of telling him  sho had never treated any other man  ns she hnd treated him, but I thought  best to leave it unsaid. Troublo was  apt to come of its own accord soon  fiDQl'.?H, .      . ' '..  startled" Mary _ a HtWe' also.,, As you  must know by this .time, her "dignity  ���royal1' was subject to'alarms and quite  her- most troublesome nttrlbuto-yvery  apt to receive damage in her, relations,  witb'Brandon. l" ., , l  Mary did not; destroy Brandon's note,  despite-the'fact that her 6enso of'dig-^  nity'had been disturbed by'ir, but after'  'she ha'd read it slipped off into"'her prl-,  -vale room, readmit again and put it on,  'her'escritoire. >'Soon she'picked it up.-  reread it aiid, after a littlo hesitation,  -put it> in her pocket - It remained iii  the pocket for a moment or two,'when  out' it'came for another perusal,,'and  then she*unfastene'd her bodice and put  it in her bosom.   Mary had'been,so Jn-  tent'uppn w^ia^s'he-was doing that sho'  hnd not seen  Jane, , who  was1 sitting,  quietly in-the window, and wbeu'She*  .turned and saw hor she was'so augry  she snatched the note.from' her bosom  and threw it upon tho floor, stamping  her foot in embarrassment and rage. , .  u "How dare you watch' me,- hussy?"  she cried.   "Vou lurk around ns still ns,  the grave, and I havo to look into'"every  nook and corner wherever I go or have  you spying ou me."  "I did not spy upon you, Lady Mary,"  said Jane quietly.    .  "Don't answer me! I know you did!  I want you to be less silent after this.  Do you hear? Cough or sing or stumble; do something, anything,, that, I  may hear you."      '  Jane'rose, picked up tho note and offered It to he'r mistress, who snatched  it with one hand while she gave her a  sharp'slap with the other. Jane' ran"  out, and'Mary, full of anger and shame,  slammed the door and locked it Tho  note, being the' cause of all the trouble,  sho impatiently .throw to tho floor  again and went ovor to "the window  bench, whore she threw herself down  to pout. In tho course of fivo minutes  she turned her head for one fleeting  instant and looked at the note, and  then, after a little hesitation, stole  over to where sho had thrown it and  picked It up. Going'back to the light  at the window she held it in her hand  a moment and then read It onco, twice,  thrice. The third time brought the  smile, and tho note nestled In tho  bosom again.  Jane did not come off so well, for her  mistress did not speak to her until she  called her in that evening lo make her  toilet By that time Mnry had forgotten about the note in her bosom; so  when June begun to array her for tho  dance it fell to the floor, whereupon  both girls broke Into a laugh, and Jane  kissed Mary's bare shoulder, uud Mury  kissed the top of Jane's head, and they  wero friends again.  Hair "Water Was Obtained by ��h��  Uae o* Gin Darreli-A Ship Kavi-  Kated by Mean* of n Railway Map.  Dynamite U��ed For Driving I��Ile��.'  Guns have other uses than that of  killing. We all know that hundreds  of clocks are set from the 1 o'clock'gun.^  fired by< electricity from Greenwich  observatory, but not everybody Is  aware that rifles have' supplied moisture In desert countries to travelers-  dying of thirst and thus saved their  lives.    , ' ',  -In the great Sahara some time ago,  ���ays Pearson's Weekly, a globe, trotter,  Who .wanted water badly, found It pos-  Bible to collect a drink out of the mere  dampness of tlie sand. He'sunk the  barrel of his gun Into the ground and  It collected enough moisture In the  bore to stay his thirst. A timely, suck  at a gun muzzle has saved many lives  In the sun scorched deserts of the  tropics. >   j '  ' Water ran short on a merchant vessel in mid-Atlantic-not long ago, and  the crew did not know what, to do'to  obtain a drink. The captain, however,  hit'upon a brllliaut idea. ' / V '  He had a number of sporting guns  In his cabin, and, taking,them on deck,  ho plugged up the breech ends, filled  tlie bores with sea water and set them_  them end up among tho'coals.of th��  galley fire.' " , ''  , As the ' steam gathered he - ran It  through other'gnn barrels.until It cooled. Tho steam collected inrtlie shape-  of excellent frqsh water, and In this  way tho crew were supplied with stif-,  ficient moisture until tho vessel touch-'  ed,port. ���-? ' ','''''     ,,  If you were, to drop into the1 houses1  of the French peasants you would be';  struck with the' fact,that'practically  every man and woman poked his or her  fire with a bayonet'-" ' ' '  , '"'- 7  .'  Some' 100,0001 bayonets���condemned  storesof the French army and, used la  the Franco-Prussian war^-have'found  their way,Into tlie homes of poor���peas--  ants, whor use them-as.fireirons.   ,   -  ��� The bark Ruth, -bound from 'Demcra-  ner. ui course ��uc uojuo it m�� bonie-  times. but often It trails aloog In Uie  dirt, gathering iuto its folds millions  of microbes of unnumbered breeds.  AVheu she gets home again this-woman who conforms to the prevailing  fashions hangs her dress in a closet  The closet 110 doubt is dark. The rays  of tlie sun never penetrate It. Tuberculosis microbes and,most other disease' germs love the darkness. They  like to get away from tlie fresh air.  They, gloat and flourish In this woman's dark closet.  After a time some member of the  woman's family falls III. The dread  consumption attacks the fuirest, one  of the, lot perhaps or a little child is  taken off with scarlet fever or whooping 'cough.  Then this grief stricken woman wonders where the disease came from.  It is high time the dressmakers abolish tlie train. There aro enough other  ways of contracting diseases.���Chicago Journal. ,  INDIA  RUBBER.  and  Pro"e����   of   Tapping* the   Treen  I'reparlntf the Sap.  v India rubber; or caoutchouc, Is a dry,  coagulated,' milky juice, the sap of  tre��s , and shrubs t indigenous ' to, ��� the'  most unhealthy, and inaccessible re-,  gions in the equatorial ,countries of  South, America,' , in certain areas of  west Africa'and the Uganda "protectorate. The mortality among tlie na^  tives In the" quest for rubber is enormous. ,The natives are'equipped for  their hunts by the brokers and'venture  to the haunts* of the caoutchouc'trees  lu boats aud hy marches through miles  ra lo Oban ���wlth sugar, neglected to  procure a chart of ,the Scottish coast (  when  setting  sail.  .The  captain  had  never been'-to Oban before,-'and,, not.-  wishing to return to Deinerara to get a.'  chart, he looked about the vessel for a,  substitute. '        '' .   "    1 ���    ",', , / y   , ;  1 He discovered a Caledonian'railway,  tlmo table,'" with the railway map attached. This helped him out of his difficulty, for it acted splendidly,as a' sea  guide.' The Ruth cut ncross the Atlantic and'after sailing up,the west coast*  of Scotland dropped her anchor safely  In Oban bay. '   -���     t <      -m ���.    *  ,l .Without this .railway map \ the , captain wbuIdineVor^have got his vessel  Leuriilntr LniijurrittgrcB.  For learning to read a foreign language Emerson's method Is worthy of  attention. "Bead;" he says, "the same  dozen pages over and ovor a hundred  times till you know every word and  particle In them nnd can pronounce and  repeat them by heart."  Costly  I.iverieH.  The fujl dross liveries of tho British  royal footmen cost- $550 apiece.  CHAPTER. V.        y .",.  au" noKon and ah" ENEsnr. V  DAY or two after this Brandon  was   commanded  to   an  audience and presentedjto the  ^ king aud queen.  He was now  eligible  to   all   palace   entertainments  and would probably have mauy Invitations, being a favorite with both their  safely through the Intricate channels.,, ���  Good, steel  wasn't obtainable/when '  the' Germans',wished to manufacture .  some hew-rifles for their army, so they  purchased    tons" of-- horseshoe ���" nails'  which had been ,kickedu about'the roads  of tho world,by horses"Innumerable."f y.  The gunmakers'found thein'atperfect,-  substance for''the*manufacture of rifle'J  barrels, for'thoy.nails,'.-made'originally '  of the _ best metal,, obtainable, had re-,  celved from the'constant1 pounding "of  the Iiorsos'~feet on hard" roads a"pecul-'  iar ahheallng-and toughening.���    ,   ,  It Is quite possible that you are^wear-  ing on .your hands today drawn up  lawyers' briefs or ancient title deeds.  When kid leather was at a premium  the French glovemakers hunted high  and low for a substitute. ' One,.firm,  more Ingenious than tlie Vest, bought  up old parchments of all descriptions.  They carefully removed the" ink marks  and eventually turned the cloned"  parchment into gloves. ' , ,  Ever since that particular firm has  supplied Britain with finest' French  kid gloves made^ of parchment The  vellum clippings left over when the  gloves are made are boiled down and  turned into letter cases and purses.  The British .forces were about to  cross the Elands river during the late  Boer war when It was discovered that  lt was Impossible to construct a .trestle  bridge across 'it, for tho bed of - the  river was nothing but quicksand. Piles  had to be driven, but no pile driver  was handy.. f  The officers of 'the engineers, how-'  ever, overcame the difficulty in a way  that startled the general In command  of the troops. The sappers waded Into  the water, set up tlie piles and laid iron  ,plates on each one. On these small  charges of dynamito wero placed and  fired.  After the explosion tho piles were as  firm as If they had been driven In by a  steam hammer. Dynamite explodes  downward with a terrific force, and  anything below It ls pounded deeply  Into the earth. ,  Mr. Fosdyke, engineer in charge of  the Asaka dam on tho Nile, scuttled a  ship to save his cherished earthworks  frorn'ruln. Tho dnrn pnrtly burst, and  the great rush of water was forcing  tho banks from below.  Something hnd to bo done to stop the  flow, for a terrible disaster was Imminent. Mr. Fosdyke boarded a cargo  steamer tied to tlie bank somo distance  awny and, getting up steam, steered  her down the rapid stream.  When sho was broadside on the trembling dam the engineer had her scuttled, and as she sank In tho rushing  waters Mr. Fosdyke and his men cheered themselves hoarse. Tho scuttled  cargo Rteamer had saved tlio dam..  This remarkable makeshift for a break-."  water cost nearly ��7,000. ,.  of(thick forests."' But the climate,car-'  rlos off tlie rubber hunters like flies,  'and* the percentage of those(< who re-  turu'from the expedltlo'n.ls very low.' "  ,' Many properties of a vegetable emulsion are, possessed by the sap,'which'  contains the caoutchouc in^the-fornl'of  myriads of minute globuIes.J'-Tho'proc-  . ess-of tapping, the trees, for the'sap Is  closely akin to the, method, of-extract-,  iug   sirup p/roui-- the "maplo^ trees',,, In,  North "America'.' , The," sap "is collected  in'large vats.- , The juice~'is',theni',sul>-';  niltted to a heat and,smoke treatment.'  'A';flre,ollpalm nutSjIs mndc^'and vA'X>q\q\  Is inserted .In the Wht containing;,,the  ,viscid"' fluid. ^Whcri'^wIUidrawn 'from"  the* ,vessel- tlie' end of ���."the,- polo ��� ls^'bo--.  smeared -'with   the   sticky   substance.-.  The" rubber is then held'In'the smoke  Issuing, from, ther palm "nut Are, un'tll  tlie sap coagulates.- The treatment'In  the peculiar'smoke effects the curing  'ol the rubber. ;],\    0-J,' yy "I��� ^,. ���.' y  . i" WhcrTtbe operation Is completed.the  pole witlr'lts charge Is 'onco'more,im- -  ^merse,d*in\thej'vnt-.pf raw ^aout'ehouc,  and \tho smoke, "and-heat process1" re-'*  pcated^andtso^on "several times until,  there is a large knob or accumulation',  of "rubber, upon the'end'of the'pole'con-'"  stltuted'of hundreds of thin layers'ol  rubber:-   The'-end^of-the' pole' is,'then  cutrout'of the rubber, and'the spherical  1 mass ,ls.v*duly.- examined "by* the ^broker  and"labeled according,to ijs.quallty.,'-; v  HE'S ONtY ONE  . ODTJF SCORES  BUT DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS MADi^  ���   HIM A NEW MAN.  Richard  Quirk Doctored for a D02en  u Years and Thought    his Case In  '  curable - Dodd's    Kidney    Pllh"  Cured   him. > ���  Fortune Harbor. 'Nild./Jmie i��_'  (Special) -Scores of people ,��� tni.  neighborhood are living pv00f<. A,13  Dodd's Kidney Pills cu?o all KI.W1  aliments from Backache to i^S  Disease.'- Among tho most rcmarkYi.i!1  cures is that of Mr. , Richard uui [e  and he gves the,story of it to the lub  lie as follows:  - ' ' "  "1 suffered for over twenty mr,  from Lumbago and Kidney Di^e  and at intervals was totally unable m  work. After, ten or twelve years of  doctors' treatment, 1 had made up di��  mind that-my complaint was incun  ble. Reading of cures by Bodd's K1.1  ney Pills'tempted me to try them 1  did, so, with little faith, but to 'J.  great surprise I had,riot taken n^e  than half a box before I felt relief  and after tho uso of seven or eiehi  boxes,-1,was fully cured and a new  man.      - -;    -     ���- -    '   '       ,        .    "<�����  ���' "Yes, Dodd's Kldno'y Pills cured mv  Lumhago and Kidney Disease, and the  best,of it Is-1 have staved cured."  "���- "    ���' ,   '   -    . T7   '-   I  ,-,   COMPLETED  PROVERBS,  ��� '"Whatever man has dono man can  do" better,   y -_ ,    r'   >,  "There's many a slip *twlxt",the 6ra-  die'arid tlie grave, ;' ���. ,   s\  i "Look"before "you leap',' out of'the,  frying pan'into the'fire.  -"Until avman'flii'ds a wife he Is on!?'  half;'^Uiercaftcr ho'Is.Iess.  "Honesty,is exact to a penny," but  not always to larger amounts. '���  '"A fool and his money are soon port-  ed'^whenthefpol has friends.  y"The best things tire not bought ahd  sold;','-they, atq stolen.and kept;    ,  ,'"Tho second',, blow niukes the fray,"  but-hot If'tlie, first is -well placed.  JX"Pity-,Is;,'nkInJrlo':(love,�� but kinship  dt>es��notyalways; signify friendship.,  ''"Everything*comes -to the man who  ,w'alts"Texcept that for which Ire. waits. .  '^"Opportunity.knocks once at every  man's door,-'?but often rvtkes sure the'j  man'Is biit.befo'ro knocking.���Literary  Digest * ,,,:-/��� ri1', .    '   "  \izAy.j,  ���!-J'.i',  .' ENTERTAINING,^ROYALTY.'  K  The  Tank" Ia   Always' ��jMoi('Trying  J     j    -. . y��nd Tedloni, One. I-4 "' ... " '   '  ', It' must at'timesr desplte^'the honor,"  ;be,'a somewhat tedious*function for'rr  ^British subject ��� to'*-.e,ntcrtaIn -the' king," ���  .for-the'house and nll-'thcreln.aro for the  titde 'of'Uie.klng's^vislt royal property..  ,Al\lunchobri ,-pr "dinner the, hostynnd,"  his guests remain^standlrigtuutll ,'roy-"  ���a'lty appears.1'   Then the^hostV'-'If' the  -queen or a" princess 'be'present,"*escorts'  -her to the'table, the hostess following.  with1 the king;   If the Icing,Is alone he  ��� leads with the hostess.     .      v'    ,   .-  Neither host nor hostess can give, the  6lgnal, for leaving the table, but must  await'the royal pleasure. -If tlie queen  or a princess bo present when'she rises  she is followed by the hostess, who for",  the moment is the lady In waiting. As  It Is not the proper thing for'a?servant  to hand anything to a sovereign, when  tea or coffee is served It is first handed  to the hostess, who herself offers it to  the king or queen. ' Oddly enough, fin-'  ger glasses at"dessert aro, -when royal  ty dines, placed for them, only. When '  the sovereign dons a 'wrap no servant  Is permltte'd to help, but a lady or gentleman must assist     ,i 1.  Another rule.Is that lf, there Is card  playing for money coin fresh from thei  mint must bo on hand for tlie occasion.  Tho guests for these royal house parties aro selected by-tlie royal personages often weeks and sometimes  months in advance, and an Invitation  to them Is really royal command. These  bouse parties are always very small,  and lt goes without saying of tho very  smart set'  Th��  Slovr Story Teller.  Friar ' Cawrenee" checks tlie impctu-  , ous", Romeo' ,wlth, ���,"He stumbles ,who  .runs  fnst,";,a Bentiineut true enough,  perhaps; butane, wWch ought never to  ^bo repeated to thevconstitutl'onaJ'7 Blow  story, teller. TI like a,good story and  ain ever_ready to'applaud a.good story 1  teller,' but heaven save mcfrom the'deliberate,'detailing, circiimlocutlug, ex-j  asperating efforts of the slow story te,J- <  ,er.  In* the, first1 place, tbey seldom teBl  a tale that nerds, a rapid recital���and'  when, they 'do'^they murder it���and In  the.ne'xt place the long,stories, the impressively, sentimental and tho lugubrl-  ously funny stories theydoal In chiefly  are1'seldom   worth   listening to.���Lon-,  "don Globel >���    -, . < 1-   - ���      - - , , ='  A very curious old 'custom Is associated with, Interments In the "cemetery of Labruck, Connemnra, Ireland.1  A box of pipes���short clays���Is brought  witli the coffin, and a pipe with tobacco  ia served out to each mourner. Tho  pipes nro smoked In silence after the  earth has been filled In and a mound  of stones raised above the grass, tho  ashes aro solemnly knocked out on the  top nud the pipes broken or left behind.  Tho origin of this custom Is unknown,  but It is thought to bo emblematic of  "ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Empty,  black bottles nro also to be found scattered about the site.  ->���&  "���-������        ' ���   ���> ~ ~ ~      '   i    I'  ***Ki-~ OSTRICH ' PLUMES.   *  "ft","'    >r    j;fy:.,   ' ��� " ' -" '   "��� j -1  'A1 Good\Mc(liO(l���of HciiovatlnR'llien" j  -Z*1'- "'"- fS "Wlion 'BedrtiffRTled.   "        ���"  J.AiSUggcstlomas.to how to rejuvenate.  bedraggled ostrich plumes:  First of, all,'water will not injure a  good plumo. "iWash it Iu a1 tepid bath of  slightly, soapy water.  A small bnsmls j  ' tlie  best  utensil  to use," ,as you can  swish    Iti'around    tlie   edge   without j  spreading the feathers too much. The  soap should'be In such quantity ns to  just'inake light suds.  Bun tlie fe.ithcr  through  your  hands'gently'three or  four times to remove tlie dirt.  When It,  appears clean rinse lt in two hatha o( |  clear tepid water and drain.  Great care must be exercised in dry-1  Ing'-a feather,,and it is uot to be laid  , down, from the moment it leaves the  basin until all the moisture has h��n  driven out To hasten matters it may  he partially dried over a stove, but tlie j  sun is better., Fan it, but not too much, j  while the drying is going on.  When the plume Is still a trifle moist  hold it for about half a minute over a  spout of a steaming kettle. This curb  tho -feather, after which it Is to be  dried rapidly'over a stove plate iu or-1  der not to lose tho curl.  Never brush a feather to Ret It to  fall into place; shake'lt instead. If **  ends, of tha feather prove refractory  they may be given an extra curl witb  a curling Iron, though you mast M  careful that the1 instrument Is neither  dirty with soot nor too hot. The hottest temperature the finger enn stand  is a good test���New  Orleans Times-  Tlio Grande do Sal.  Rio Grande do Sul, the most southern j  state in Brazil, adjoins Uruguay ou tbe j  south' and has about 1,400,000 population, 800,000 of whom aro Oermnns of  of   Germau   descent     The   pru^P*11  product of tho state Is onttlo, of whlw  It produces more than any other three j  States of Brazil.   The climate Is veil  fine and the country rolling.  When linen looks like cotton after washing  that is the result of poor soap.  They who depend on the merits of  ancestors search in the roots of the  tree for tlio fruits which the branches  ought to prepuce.���Barrow.       -A  EVILS OF THE TRAIN.  I  tons:  Street Drc����c��  Arc  a  Constant  Menace   to Health.  The street dress which sweeps the  sidewalk is ri death breeder. If the  wearer of this dress wont out deliberately to gather up the germ's of disease  aud distribute thorn in her own home  and in the homes of her friends she  scarcely could succeed better.  The woman with 'the train to her  dress goes downtown dragging-the'  pestilence making contrivance jbehind  is a*, pure, scientifically made soap, which  washes linens perfectly white without the  least discoloration or injury to the-fabric.  Equally good with hard or soft water. ..��������'  y. Buy Sunlight '  lour money refunded if you find  cause for  .complaint,;.'"  Levor Brothers Limited  loronlo      ','���"��� THE MOVIE' LEADER  f  WESTERN CANADIAN EDITORS  series of armies describing  their lives, their aims ��nd  their Influence. '  W". J.,THOMPSON.  ..aM****************  **-���-'  tJ\- f*  '">l��  l<-V>  l\*AA  I'-iy,  'f'k  ^ ,i*^"*-*  i$Vii����\'''  ^as".^^!?  progress,���men wno nr^ practical c-n-  thusia&uc, capable of organi/.in- "possessing executive ability, and 'have  enough imagination to Ioipsco tin- future possibilities and Cfrtahitics' ot  the West. Few men have dour* more  to develop the district ur which ho ,p  sides, than Mr. Thompson. Tho vwl;  he has done in the KIKboin vkhiiiv  is being' duplicated,, in hundreds  of other centres by editors and otl-.-r  yullc spirited men, who lound their  reward in the rapid promotion of  what a few years since would he re  garded 'as idle dreams. Tiir-se men  are nation builders in -the Mirho&i  sense, and it is to the credit ol ihe  newspaper men nil over tlie "West tint  they aro the mainspring" and' hack  stay, the strength and ihe inn lath c of  all the movements Inaugurated  theso heralds of progress.'  '  GESTION  The BSost Common Ells of Life and How They  Are Cured By  DR. CHASE'S  KIDNEY-LIVER PILLS.  by  r * ,'     ,tx\ *-fi-    -j.-  .  llS "'  ���  ',' ." =.   3  ���       fl       '     ''/if  ll  ir  .    W.''J., THOMPSON.  Editor and Proprietor of the' Elkhorn  Advocate. '  Mr W. J' Thompson'Js ono,of-the  oldest ami   best    known,-,newspaper,  men of the,,, Canadian    West,.having  been In the country1 since, 1892.,., He is  a practical printer, like, tho .majority,  ot the editors ofvtke weekly press of  the west, and learned-,tlie art >-ln;' his  native town of Tilsonb'urg. ,-J    Jl ,- ' .���,  '    On coming west;ho"tirst located, In  , Vlnlcn; Ijnt   arter ..engaging' in' news-  ' paper work thero:for*less.than,'a,year;  lie went to .Elkhorn, , where tho tAdvo:  cato was established.  ''For a year Mr.'  Thompson was foremah'.'in rthe office,  and for live years was -manager. - 'Dur-  ''l ins this period the'Washakada'Indian  Industrial school controlled Uie news-  f paper.   Tho art ofyprjnting being one  of the trades taught,tho,-inmates/   In  ' lS'JS tho, school closed down'tthelr in-  ' dustrlcs, and - Mr. Thompson .purchased the Advocate buying a,new plant  for tho iiurposo'of continuing"tho,publication of, tho paper., *"      . -" ,-~  - 'The' Advocate  is ''Conservative.' rIn  ���".politics, and'In ���its 'comment' on public  "'issuers speaks  - with   , no   , uncertain  A sand.    It is 'recognized^ everywhere  |..;Koue of the most 'aggnesslve, meW  v*bers of the Western Canada, ^oriserva-  .'tlvo press. "As'might be^'jud^ged from  his long mechanical experience, - the  AiUocato leaves' little to be,desired in  Us exteruitls.   Its press vworjt" is excellent,   Us   news' arrangement'1" understandable, '  its o adyertisement's^-of  ���wliicli Uie 'number- indicates- tho'spa-  pera i)o|)tr)nriry omong'J businesssjmen  ���well displayed, and 'the'tjtype faces  ��� employed show care and taste in^selec-  t tino.   Mr. Thompson has the'.-repula-  -   tion among ,'iis- fellow ^journalists  o,t  <y producing ono of the best local papers  published In tho west,\and' tlie Advo-  ' cato' weir and  worthily;" upholds "tills  ,   reputation.   -        "      ,  '"-."_     ���.  "' '   "  Oin 3900-Mr. Thompson established  the "vjoosomin World, conducting, the  new enterprise for one year, when he  disposed of it to a local joint stock  company. .   ' .    ,  Air. Thompson may fairly bo charac-  ,  terfced as an energetic    and    public  spirited citizen,  one ' always  alert to  advance tho interests of the'town and  district in which he resides.    Ho has  Issued many    descriptive    pamphlets,  well written and well illustrated,    of  tho locally, and In other ways has en-  deaiored io bring the attention of thei  outside world to tho advantages of tho  Elkhorn county, of which,  as  is  tlie  case with nearly every Western Canadian,    Mr.    Thompson    is , an-   enthusiast never "tiring of giving facts  as to its fertilty, progress and opportunities. t He takes' a�� keen Interest in  ���ill forms ot'sport, and assists in every movement for the welfare of the  community.    Ho Is secretary of   "the  Klkhoin   grain    growers,  association.  I1 or several years 'he has been president of the local .Conservative  association and also of the local football  cl<"), an organization, famous for its  Motorics.    Ho is a notary    public,    a  "'-''gistrato and a 'commissioner,* and,  altogether, one of tlie busy men of the  west, who   believes ' In - Longfellow's  motto "Something* attempted,    something dono," every day for the    betterment of himself and the community. ...  Mr. Thompson recently joined tho  ranks of tub bcnea.cts, marrying last  January, the daughter of the late John  Mcl.eod, tlio pioneer' merchant 'at Elk-  norn. fi0 Ha3 ft ueautirui homo,, in  he village, and takes a great interest  ii trees and gardening. Most of tho  'cos and Mirubs that can bo growni  111 Manitoba may bo found on his  grounds, which In summer time aro  :l Piiniillsc of  lloral  beauty.  Mr. Thompson is tho typo of that  C|II<"' ot western' Canadian citizen  W constitutes  tho  Uopo, of  western  A.MOTHER'S PRAISE  , In every part of Canada you will lirid  mothers who speak   in    (ho   highest  praise of Huhy's Own Tablets. Among  these'Is Mrs. Jas. Jl. Konlcie, iiraius-  Ville,  UnUtn.o    who  bays:��� ������]     uave  used  Baby;s   Own, Tablets'lor    over  three years and I would not hc with  out them.    They havo dono moir- lor  my children than any medicine I have  ever used.    My Hum snl, now    lour  year's  old   was  always  r-oiiblo.l   with  indigestion and  constipation,  and  although   other  medicines  helped    her  temporarily, UabyVOwn'TaljIc'U- wero  tho'tiling needed to due lA;r.    1 Xtto  gavcjjhc Tablets   io my , baby   fr,jul  limes tOotlriKi.Kinco .sho win* two days  Old. and  they "id ways worked Jure-    a  charm.   Sho is now two year* old ami  a mora hc-alrhy child woui.i  be inrd  to find.    Tho .Tablets aie certainly u  life-saver."    These    Tablets    cure'all  minor alhnents of children.   .Tliey eon-  tain no poisoning sioutliiiig, stuff," mid  there is no'danger of Riving au overdose as there in with liquid hiedidri'e.  So.- by all drugglbu,' or sent'by mail  at 25 cents a box by writing tho Dr  Williams'^ Mctliclno    Co.,    Urockvlllo'  Out,       ' '. '  Slow passage f of the food through  Uie. Intestines, where the ,most dlitl-  enlt part of indigestion takes place. Is  the usual cause of Indigestion  thoroughly because of their direct and  specific action on tho liver.  Mr.    Duncan McPherson,    Content,  Alta.'    writes:���*T    was    for    many  \c -.  r��=���i. . r ,t.     . .     ,        ycars lrowWed with indigestion    and  frrinoni/?���    ,h     .',       ?   *' tb* f����d ll0adach�� an<l derived no benellt Iqom  re mtnts and the digestive organs are, the many remedies used.   A friend ad-  fill^d with gas.  ��������������� .  giving   rise   to   sucn; vised  me to try Dr. Chase's  Kidney-  symptoms as belching/of wind, rising! hiver'Pills and after taking lour box-  ,?i.S.C?.!y..:li_a ?.. n..,1,e ���outh. smothering es the result Is that I am once moro in  '" ~~   -'���--������ tho full enjoyment ot good health,  serihayons irr iho chest, pains about  iho heart, heart palptation, headache  and dizziness.'  To overcome these distressing symptoms the liver must he awakened to  action by the use of such a medicine  as Dr. Chase's  Kidney-Liver  Pills.  Once the liver, is active there is a  good How of bite, which as nature's  own cathartic,'quickens the pace <of  tho food, tlnough the intestines, removes the foul Impurities, and restores  good digestion and the" regular action  of the bowels.  Stomach medicines are of no avail  in this, the most serious form of indigestion. Dr. Chase's , Kidney-Liver  Pills bring prompt   relief " and   cure  Mrs. J. C. Johnston, Carman, Man.,  writes:���"J have been a great sufferer  from kidney trouble, and havo used  Dr. Chase's Kidney" Liver Pills with  very'marked benefit. I cannot say too  much for this ,mediclne, as it' seemed  to 'be tho only treatment that suited  my case."   - ,  Because they .positively cure^the  most' comrrvon and frequent^ Ills' of  life Dr. Chase's Kidney-Hiver ,PIH arp  invaluable as a,family medicine. ��� One  pill a dose, 23' cents"a box.'at all dealers on Edmanson, -Bates & Co., Toronto. 'Portrait and signature .of Or. A.  W. Chase, the famous receipt book author, on every box.   ,  THE DAIRY DEVON COW.  A Good  Word, With Some Proof,  For  "y Eddie���-Uncle Isaac ts going to be  awfully 111. KdUh-r-Pshaw! How do  you., know'/ ' Ed'die���Well the doctor  said, so, an'd'1 guess-he kiiows what  he gavo him! -             K ���, -- > ,  -  7 '    ',     i   "    > ^                    ' -,   -    '  ,,4\r���   *_--! ���  To Prevent is Better .Than to He-  pent.1���A little .medicine in the shape  of-the wonderful peilels which arc  known' as "Parmeleo's 'Vegetable Pills,  administered at, the .proper time'and  with the'dir'ccUoris'adhorre.d'to often'  prevent a'serious attack of'sickness  and save, money which would go to  tho doctor, iu all Irregulaiilles ot ihe  digestive organs ,thdy are. an invaluably corrective and by cleansing the  blood j they clear the,skin of imperfections.   ' ,., '���<     ',' ���   ,  This Breed.  , r An Englishman was asking for information about the state ot' education in an Irish counts'. "Can they all  read and. write?" "Troth, tliey ' can,  every mother's son of "them." "Have  you no ��� igribramuses', among youV",  "Niver a one.'' y "Do you know the  meaning of the 'word ignoramus?" "I  do.V "What is it?" "A shtranger like  ycrself." ,   * '<       y_     -  "iStltlllfl  letimes the hair is not  Properly nourished. It suffers  for food, starves. Then it:  falls out, turns prematurely  eray.   Ayer's Hair Vigor is a  Deafness  Cannot be Cured  "        .- '. -.. *���     '  .._.���".   -i' v.. -    L-  hy loent uppllofttlon^.^M thoy ennnot rcftoh tha <ll��-  oafced portion of Uio onr. Tbcrolsonly ono vruv, to  euro rluafncb^.'antl thnt Ir by conttltationnl ronmlipH,  l)oafne��K l�� cauKod by nttlnflnin&d condition of the  iniic-onfl lining of thp Ktifitachlnn Tubo. Whon thN  .ttibe in lnflamod you have n nimbllnK wjnnd, op im-*  ;>orfoct hoarintr. nnd vthon it Is otutrely closed Denf-  i.otM Is tbe retmlt, and unlew tho lnflftminntlon ain  t>o t��koq out und thlt tube reAtorod to ilfl normal condition, honrlna will be dofltro>ed -forovor; Tilnecnsefl  out often lire enured by Catnrrb,. Khkli is uothlne  bat nn. InQanioU condition  of the raucous fturface*.  Wo will givo One Hundred Dolli��r�� (or any cnio of  n<��Afoo��!. fcnuned by CAtarrhl thnt cunnot be cured by  Hall's Cutarru Ooro   Send for .nirculAnf, free.  T. J. CHENEY 4 OO..Tolodo. O  -   Sold by DrucKlstn, 76c.     ^ ^  'ThLo Hall'd Family Pills for constipation.  Tho selection of a dairy breed may  seorn dlmcult, as one'man says Jersey,'  another Ayrshire and a third Holsteln.  Wo havo no fault to fthd with theso  .noblo animals; they are the foundation  of many "grand dairy herds. What is  wanted in a dairy cow Is the staying  quality that will put har on the right  side of tho ledger when the books are  balanced. On��,breed that ls not as often mentioned as tho above 1$ the' Devon. As to' their milking qualities. Dr.*  J. C. Morris,"of Philadelphia, remarks:  / ���'The' cows aro noted rather for their  length, of period,in profit than for tho  quantity given. ,They millt usually up;  to within six weeks'of calving. My herd  (.of Devons has averaged mo' over five  .times their, weight-In milk annually  for soma' years, due'allowance'being  made for heifers' and very old cows  'which havo been retained for breeding  reasons. Analyses made by the Philadelphia millc" Inspector show Devon  milk to ;contain nearly 14 per ' cent,  solids, of which, 5 per cent, are butter  fat and, 9, per cent, other solids, lnclud-'  Ing _ 3 1-2- per1 cent, casein, ,4 1-S , per  cent, lactin and 3-4 per cent salt3. In  other words, nearly as much fat as the  Jersey,''with as much ���casein as tho  Ayrshire, '"and unore sugar'tlian cither.  Hence-the fat globules riso'morb slowly in Devon, milk than In the thinner  or more' watery milk of other breeds.  The Devons are easy keepers, good rus-  ���tlcrs, gentle and�� kind; In fact, , tho  farmer's cow."' These statements of Dr.  Morris are borno out by the records  of his herd as'given in tho Devon year  book'for'1904.1- ,    ' 'r y   .   _  No one going Into the dajry business  will make any* mistake lnr choosing the  Devon, by" using trie same care in se-,  lectlng, his'cows "as he would in''any  other breed. ,No,-breed of cattle will  do better when- amount of feed la con-  sidercd for the,.'amount of profit per  ,head. Where .the Devonvis known the1  consumer' will not 'change readily' for  any other. On account<of Its duality.  It always' commands the highest" price  where known.���American Agrloulturlst.  t  PROTECT YOUR FOOD  WILSON'S  FLYPADS  .Avota   ��&�����  KJLL'TMEM ALt   ,  POOR_JMtTAT10jig u  FITS  Llebtg'tf Tit rare for Epllep*7 ��wi  Jdndreaa(r��wtioi)��l��tbooaiyiuccfBarul  remedy, and In now usM by Lltv tx*t  ptavilclans &od liospiUli lu Kunp*  and Atnerict. Jt la coufldent!*U-f  recoram��Ddtd to tbt afflicted. It y��u  ^    <  1 ', iutT��r from   ,    ,    i  Epilepsy, Fits, St. Vitus' Danoe.  or have children or roliUVcs that do m>, or know a fritnd lh��t  Is fcfflictvd, THEX atNU FOH. A ftl��K TtUAL BOTTLll Ktiil try  it. Hwil] Uiwnt by mall  lirepaJfL It heM cured  wlipro ���verythliiK'el�� Laa  XailLd. ,      ,  When writing montton  thli jiaper. mid give full, .   .        ,  , ,  addrt-iui.   For udo b*r all dniftlsU.l    ' >  r TheUeblsrCo., 17^ King St. W., Toronto,  CURED  Sviien Bishop Codman was appointed  to tlie Enlscopol diocese of Maine ho  made, a tour of his diocese and happened to1'stroll into a woodman's cottage. Asking tho woman of the house  if there were any Eplscopolians around  there, she replied: "Well, I don't  know. ' They caught some wild thing  out here in the woods , a couple of  weeks ago, If that't what' you mean,  but I think my husband said it was  a woodchuck."  RHEUMATIC PAINS  DRIVEN OUT OF THE SYSTEM   BY  j dr/williams' PINK PILLS.  hair food. It feeds, nourishes.  The hair stops falling, grows  long and heavy, and all dandruff disappears.  ��lm?Z.fcjir,I,���� o��TOl��i|C ont terribly. ,I"����  VSSr "tal4.to ��otn> H. Hot Ayer's Hair  ra52,JJ?P,,tl7 I*0PP��<1 tha telling, and ala��  "stored the natural color."  ���"���"M. X. a. K. Wuu), Landln*, N. J.  <����l>oftle. J.O.ATIKOO.,  oor Hairl  Idmir  "My life was absolutely made miserable by rheumatism, "says Mr. Geo.  P Hilpert, of West River, Sheet Harbor, N. S. "I am employed every  spring as a' rivcq driver, and in conso-  quence am, exposed to all sorts of  weather and exposure In tho cold water A few years ago' while engaged  at my-work I was seized with tho most  acuto pains In my back and joints, I  became almost a cripple and could  scarcely movo about I had medical  aid, but lt did not'help me. Then I  began taking a remedy alleged to be  a cure for rheumatism and 1 used ten  dollars' worth, but derived absolutely  no benefit. The constant suffering 1  was in began to'tell on my hitherto  strong constitution and 1 became so  badly run down that I despaired of ever being in good health again. Then  a-friend called my attention to Dr.  Williams' Pink Tills, " and although  somewhat sceptical I decided to try  them I had onlv used a few boxes  when I began to feel hotter, and after  I had used something ovor a dozen  boxes I was again in good.health. Every twingo of tho troublo had left mo,  and although*I havo been subject.to  much cxposuro sinco, I havo nr>t had  a twingo of tho old pain. I can honestly say that Dr. Williams Pink Pills  cured inn after other expensivo treatment had failed."  Rheumatism was rootod in Air. import's blood. Tho cold, and tho wet  and tho exposure only started tho  pain going. Br. Williams' Pink Pills  cured because hoy drove tho poisonous uric acid out of the blood and filled the veins with that new, rich blood  that no disease can resist. Theso pills;  actually make new blood, and that. U  why thoy cure common ailments luce  rheumatism, sciatica,, lumbago, anao  mia, indigestion, headaches and backaches, kidney and liver troubles such  as neuralgia,. St. Vitus- - nance aud  paralysis. And ids this same way  that they cure the irregularities . and ���  secret troubles of women and grow-,  ing girls. No other medlclno can do  this, arid rilling people will save money and speedily get good health br  taklnir Dr. Williams' Pink Pills at  onco S But you must got the genuine  with tho full name, Dr. WilllamsV Pink  Pills for Pale People, on ho w��;PPW  around each box. Sold by all medicine  dealers or sent by mall at 50 cents a  bos or six boxes for ?2.50by writing  the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., BroclE-  yille, Out. . ��� J -  to,     "      . The   Uiuinnn.   ' i-      -  Tlio prohibitionist looks on with favor, for it does uot mix with alcohol,  and some think the habitual use blunts  tlio longing for firewater. - Thus Cap-  -talu Parsons of' the English-West Indian line says that since'his seamen  and stokers have been allowed to help  themselves freely to the cargo' of bananas, tliey have'not wished so much  r-uui. There <!,s a trace of copper in the  bauana, and deep thinkers believe tills  Is beneficial to tlie human-clockwork.  The ���taste for the banaua is not ac-,  quired. As Mr. Cricbtou-Browue exclaims ' hi a burst of Ciceronic clo-  'queuce: "An appreciation of It is not  reached through slow stages of diminishing repulsion, but comes at the moment of tirst'iiitr'oductlou. The infant  absorbs lt greedily: children devour it  with delight; the adult does not  despise it, and the edentulous octogenarian   blesses   Its   agreeable   tender  ness  Cosfermonjrcm Iu  Morocco.  In Morocco tho costcrmongcr recommends his wares by pledging Uie credit  Ot a saint: "In the name of Muial Id-  riss! Roast chestnuts!" "Iu the name  of our Lord Mohammed Al lladj! Popcorn! ' Popcorn!" ,"Iu the name' of  Sidna'' Ali-bu-lthaleh! Melons! Nice,  sweet melons:" "God is gracious!  Ilcans! Fried beans!" "There be no  might nor majesty save in Allah! Water! Cool water!" Those and the like  aro heard at every turn. Even tlie  auctioneer who is calling out the price  of a slave or the bids for a Rabat carpet is careful to interlard his professional In Ik freely with allusions to his  Maker anil the plethoric roll of Moorish  siilubi.���London Times.  DR. /v W.E. > BURN HAM  '"   , i SURGEON    .  "-"/    .  373  Broadway, Winnipeg.  Specialist in % Surgical Di=  , seases^ and Gynecology.  '/"Mamma, what .woulda you do if  that big vase_ in'the" parlor should get  broken7" sail] Tommy.' "I*��� 'should  'whip,whoever did,it," said Mrs. Banks,  .gazing severely- at < her, liltle son.  ,"Well' ''then you'd better, get up your  muscle," said Tommy, "f"cuz pop's  broke it."- ,f, ' '���,'..*. \.  I  ,  ,   RHEUMATISM   WILL SUCCUMB to-South  Amorlcon lUicumntlo Curo Utfcnuso It coOft"rluht to  "tho pent of the troublo nnd,rouio\c�� tho cauro." Many  so-culled euros but demlcn pain temporarily only, to  havo it return HRntn with doublod vlolonco. Not bo  *with this great remedy. It eradicates from the system tho laht "rebtisu ot the dmeouti and, its cores are  permanent.���74 - r       i*       ,  Father, in the hall, has'been standing for half an hour "while Millicent  and Harold bid each other good-night  in tho doorway. ",'Parting,' quotes  Harold, 'is such sweet sorrow that 1  could say good-night till'" At this  speech father gets a* Shakespearian  insplaatlon of his own and tramps  down the stairs. "Seems,to me," he  asserts, that there is too much adieu  about nothing hens."  Very many persons die annually  from cholera aud kindred summer  complaints, who might have been  saved if proper remedies had been  used. If attacked do not delay In getting a bottle of Dr. ,J. D. Kellogg's  Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that  never fails to effect a cure. Those who  have used it say it acts promptly," and  thoroughly subdues tho pain 'and disease, c ' ' "  "The colonel takes a little canter every morning 'after breakfast." VYes,  and a littlo decanter every evening after dinner."  Keep Mliiard's Liniment in the House  'An eccentric farmer .near Highland,  Kan., was maraled o other night.  "Do you," said tho preacher, "take  this woman to bo your wedded wife,  to love and to cherish in sickness and  health, for better, for worse, for rich  or for poor, until deadi do you part?"  Thono was an awkward pause. Then  tho bridegroom finally replied:.  "Them's the calculations."  ���  The Electrical Flour Patents Co.  PAS0 UP GftPBTAL $250,000  Incorporated     Under    tho  Owners of ���  Laws    of    tho    Dominion    nf    Cpnada  ALSOP   PATENT3  BRADLEY & LOVEJOY PATENTS  WERNER  PATENTS  ANDREWS PATENTS \  McDOUGALL   PATENTS  __y ' For the Dominion of Canad*.  ���'' Having purchased "-all the valid basic patents for  the Electrical Purification of Flour, we hereby advise  that any unauthorized users of the electrical flour  purifying processes in Canada, will be, prosecuted.  Application for the rights to use the process for the  purification of llour by electricity should be addressed'to  THE ELECTRICAL   FLObR PATENTS CO.  18 Youville Place, Montreal.  Admiral "Hob" Evans in a recent  con\'ersation with a group of officers  threw a great white light upon one of  the nielhods at least by which the  Japanese have attained that splendid  adaptability to European and American ways. "When 1 commanded the  New York some years ago," he said,  "1 had a Jap servant with whom  was especially well pleased. He was  prompt, remarkably quick to learn,  and took such a deep interest in everything that sometimes, just to amuse  myself, I devoted not a little attention  to explaining things that he appeared  not to understand.' A good waiter, too,  he' was. Well, finally he dsappeared.  "Some time later, when on the Euro  pean station, 1 made a call on a Jap  battleship lying in the" harbor of Mar-  sailles. The captain met us at the  gangway and escorted us to his cabin.  As we were seated he suddenly, turn  ed, throw off his hat, and whipped a  napkin over his arm. " 'The captain  would drink?' he said iu' a tone 1 remembered. "'Kato!' I cried, jumping  to my feet. " 'The same,' he said,  bowing. 'Captain Kato of the Mikado's  navy.'" '      f        ,      '<  Every Step We Take   -    Every Move We Hake  IS   WITH   THE ONE  END  IN  VIEW     TO   SERVE THE    PUBLIC   WELL.  'MINARD'S LINIMENT-is the only  Liniment, asked  for at my store and  the only,, one, we keep for sale.'  All the, people use It. ,  HARLIN   FULTON.  Pleasant Bay, C. B.  "Why, Mrs. "Mussel," says the neigh  bo'r, who has dropped over for'a moment, J,see your husband has hired  man to dig'the garden. He is such au  advocate''of exerclso that I should  think he would,do the work,himself.'  "He would," explains Mrs. Mussel  "but by the time ho goes'through his  physical culture exercises in the  morning ho is too tired to do any orh  er, work."        ���  Ordinary black Ink has just been  discovered "to, lie a sovereign' remedy  for scalds. It bids'fair'to become a  cureall, as ,It has long'been known  both as a" powerful irritlant, a- first-  class ,sedative for, 0 the removal '��� of  freckles from refutations, while as,a  boosting tonic it stands unrivaled. ,  CEYLON  TEA  IS  INCOMPARABLE     IN QUALITY AND VALUE, AND IS  ALWAYS   RELIABLE. ' '     '���  Sold only in Sealed Lead Packets 40c, 50c, 60c. per lb.     By All Grocers.  HIGHEST AWARD  ST. LOUIS,  1904.  " "~ (  If it is a Question of Warmth use  ''���.'E. *.B. EDDY'S  BUILDING PAPER  i   "    '  It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.  ���' ' i  < Write for Samples and,JPrices  TEES , &   PERSSE,    Limited,    Agents,    Winnipeg.  �� A1  \  vegetable: Sicilian!  Hair Renewerl  A high-class preparation for the hair.   Keeps the hair soft and j  glossy and prevents splitting at the ends.   Cures dandruff and  always restores color-to gray hair.'-    ,  ,^^^^L^rrc'S^��������^���t^*'���'  <������"'    n'  CO SPECIALISTS ON THE OA8E.-In tho  ordinary ran of xnodlcul praotlco.a greater numbor  thuu thin havo treatod cattes of chronic djupopHla and  have failed to cure���but X>r. Von Staii'a l'lnea'pplo  Tablets (GO In a box ut 3C cent* cost* havo made the  oure,1 Giving relief In one day. Theso littlo "apo-  claHsta" huvo proven their roal  merit.���Ti  ��� ,A man in Central Kau'sas, according to tho Kansas City Journal, had  trouble with his wife and', more trouble with his mother-in-law. The wife  died." On the "day of, the funeral the  undertaker'started, to put tlie man Into the same hack /with his mother-in-  law. Tbe man balked. "1 won't ride  with.her." said he. "But you must,"  replied the1 undertaker. "Tho pother  hacks are all full." "Veil, lf I. must I  will,'.',,said the man, bu,t It will take  away all the pleasure of the trip."  ENGLISH, SPAVIN LINIMENT.,  Removes "all hard,-soft or calloused  lumps'and blemishes,from horses, blood  spavin, curbs? splints, ringbone, Sweeney, "stifles, sprains, sore and swollen  throat,'^coughs," etc." Saye i?50 by the  usejof one bottle.,' Warranted the most  wonderful Blemish Cure' ever known.  '' "I ,bet -I. get Into more trouble than  any 'man':"in "'this state,";, volunteered  tbe young fellow who had come in and  ordered a Scotch highball. "Nothing  in the trouble line overlooks me. Why,  I'd be afraid to    marry "    "What,  ain't you married!" ejaculated the red  nosed, elderly party who was hovering-over the grans lunch. "Boy, you  don't know what trouble is."  Mlnard's Liniment Used by Physicians  "Mamma," said a wee pet, "they  sang 'I want to be an angel!' this  morning and I sang with them."  "Why, Nellie," exclaimed mamma,  "could you keep time with .the rest?"  "I guess I could," she proudly answered; "why, I kept ahead of them  'most all the way through."  Ask for Minard's and Take no Other  Mary Ann Reilly and Patrick Rellly  of County .Cork .were a devoted couple. Wary, dying, pledged her husband to havo the following carved on  her tombstone: "Her lies Mary Ann  Reilly, a good wife, waiting for her  husband." Twenty-one years late  PatricK, being himself nhout to die, or  dered that tho following addition be  cut upon the stone: "Here Is Patrick  at last." Pat's graceless son was not  satisfied. He, had long yearned for  his luderitance. . Ho had carved.- below the two previous inscriptions  this: , 'Xate ?.3 usual."  ��� "It, don't supposo you know what it  is to be exposed to (temptatioii every  moinentlt'of your working day, as I  am." "I'm not so sure about that.  What's!your occupation''," "I'm a  bank cashier." "Shake!.- I'm a berry  picker." i , '  HAVE 'VOU ECZEMA 7-Uavo'jroo any'nkln  dlscauo or eruptions 7 Aro you fmbjpct to chaffing or  ���caldlng ? Ur.Aenow*s OIntznont provonta and unro9  any and all of theso. and cures Itching, llloedlng and  Blind Flics besides. "Ono application brines roliof  In ton minutes, and cases (curod in threo to, six,  nighta.   85 cents.���71 ' ',    .. *        I-'  "It's bad enough for you to come  'home, intoxicated," said Mrs. Laiech-  man," but why; so lateV" " "Well,,you  shoe, m' ��� dear, my frien's foolishly  shent mo homo by meshe'nger boy."  , A Tonic'for. the x Debilitated.���Par  melee's Vegetable Pills,by acting mildly but thoroughly 'on tho secretions of  the body are a valuable tonic, stimulate  ing tho lagging,organs to healthfull  vigor. They can be taken in graduated doses arid so used that they can be  discontinued at any time without , return ��� of the ailments which they were  used to allay. '    '  Is t there"' anything more annoying  than having, your corn stepped upon?.  Is there anything more, delightful than,  getting ..rid ofv it? Holloway's ',Coro  Curo will 'do it. Try it and be - ^convinced.      .��� ' (  Victim���-Hi.y, there! Say, therd!  Why don't, you call your dog off? Owner���'Cause that ain't his name.    .  e                   m      ''  e           t          '?  1 '      V"  t't      Hi   M*  1     L         .    '             ff                  1,1  '  ,      * "2.   *   frl-    ,  (  r/AJ'M   J,    MJfV"   '  t  ���*   ' j-c ? "'���"���-i* c  . i>;. ���.,.;.l V7*  r     "   r  ,'-lit'$?'''*'  * * / ,��r.. '  -.ty  I   ^  h             V  '   /'.HillAfm'it  *1      "lf  .,<.*&&$fflk  ' *tf  '���'" '^"^BraE  V  v��fS  t.,    '  ' r '   iZ. t^*'��� '",";-*SGy  V *f ,a 'Ok?  ir  j      ��� i" kfjj' "A   i-t  '','.0:|;1'Q^|  i    ' i  H                           i  ;'<-fi'^  u  , .       ^ '/. -1 -tox* -,'/���  \*-*'*A l-V!  ,  ', ?,!  "Vrs  x '  "''Hvy-iH  C> *            '  . '^\4.TC,"'r  *"  **  ' ' f   '**     it'  "Mary.',', \ said,  Mr.     Mlgglesworth,  "we've slmply"got8to cut down.  We're ,  living away^beyond our means.  Why,  my income'isn't half as, much as oui-  expenditures.'^   "Dear me;" replied his  wife,' "that's.funny, isn't; it?    But   as  long as live can .spend twice -- much'.-  as you .get," and" not have to   "borrow  ���what's tho' usexhanging?" '    ,  Barlcer���What, this pretty littlo love  story a^ dangerous   book?   Parlccr-rl  "should'say so.^'. My-wife'has'thrown it ^  at mo six.times already. *  ,   ,      y   <"-I  ' r."*L  ! vy   loii-Ji'vi  The following are gleaned from the  definitions given by English school  children: Henry ' VIII. was brave,  corpulent and cruel, he was frequently  married to a widow, had an ulcer on  his leg, aud great decision of character. l The climate of Bombay is such  that its inhabitants have to live elsewhere. Etc. is a sign used to make  believe, more than you do. The equator is a menagerie lion running round  the centre of-the earth. The zebra is  like a horse, only striped, and used to  illustrate the letter A. A vacuum Is  nothing shut up in a box.  Itch,'1"Mange,1'Prairie Scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured  in 30 minutes'by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion, lt never , falls.. At all druggists. 7   ''       -      '    ,  "   >  ,   '  ���    ,.S  *" I""" *,,  1      >.  /..'. V"-<W> ,  r  r                    - l  ,     '  ,<���  <    ��� t*i ���i-'l'p'  .  1 I  "How is it business has so-much increased in your side show?" asked the ,  man .with the main tent. "1 started  tho living skeleton smoking cigarettes," replied the-'manager. "Well.  ���buC'What is,there in��� that to draw the  people?" "Why, you see, every mother brings hor ,boy in and points out  the terrible example."  :.:�� am  1*1%  Minard's  Friend.  Liniment   . Lumberman's  Graycc���Cholly Smythe .told me a  scandalous story in the conservatory  last night. Gladys���And did you  blush? Graycc���What was tho use?  We were'in >~c dark.  The dinner proceedings of a certain  Reading family wero interrupted the  other day by the father detectng his  littlo daughter in the act of taking  meat into her , fingers. , This departure from good manners brought forth  quite a lecture from tne parent, "if  we were among 'strangers," ho concluded, impressively,. "I would have to  say that I found you in ,the woods and  that you were brought up by a monkey." The little ono . listened attentively, and then, after a pause, said:  "Father, are'you a monkey?" L  20 YEARS   OF   VILE  CATARRH.-Ch����. O.  Brown, journalist, of Duliith. Minn . writes:" 1 have  been a sufferor from Throat and Nasal Catarrh for  over'iOyeurs, durlnc which tlruo my head has been  stopped up and my condition truly miserable, within IS minutes after uslnc Dr, Agnew'M Outarrhal Tow-  der 1 obtained relief. Threo bottlea have almost. If  uot entirely, cured me." C0o.���73  "Are you a foreigner?' asked the  lady at the door. "I be, mum," replied tho tramp. "How long havo you  been In this country?" "O" t'irty,  years, mum." "Thirty ycars! And  can't talk any better than you do?"  '���v>ell, I hain't had a chance, mum.  Yer see, I've had a wife nearly all tho  time, mum!"  It is good for man and Beast.���Not  only ls Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil of  incomparable value in tho household,  but the farmer and stockman will find  it very serviceable in tlio farm yard  and on the cattle range, often saving  tho services of a veterinary surgeon.  In injuries to stock and in cases of  cough and pains lt can be used with  good effect.  Lifebuoy Soap���disinfoctanfc-ria strongly  recommended by tha medical profession as  % safeguard against infectious diseases.      a-  "Dld that medium show you 'anything that surprised you?" "Yes,,  answered the inquisitive man. "After certain demonstrations with a  guitar and tambourine I was astonished to find that my friends in die  spirit world had become such bad  musicians.  W N  U  No   S3?"  GOLD   STANDARD   TEA  GUARANTEED   THE    BEST.  Ask your grocer for a pound of the Red Label.    If it pleases you It will cost  you -10 cents,    lf lt docs not ho has our Instructions to rotund    your money.  lf vour dealer does not handle Gold Standard Teas, sonci    us his name and  address and we will moll you a freo sample, packed by  CODVILLE &.CO.,   Winnipeg.  Western Canada's Great Industrial Exhibition  JULY 20==28, 1905  ie Prizes and Attractions  Reduced Fares on all Railways.  Seven Daya Raolng.  Prize- Lists and Attractions Programs  Mailed on  Application.  F.W. BBEWRY, Fiesi&Mt      L J. MMMES, Sec.=Treas.  y^vv^^^K^ffr^  Sua? ?iffifflgffili^ ffit?" W* *���*^*ffi.*ff?fr,r.!  ^J��?)^ %v?T.Pffi ���' ^SlS^&fcSRSs!
more of tho^e wiee guj s, but  it's  the j '^f^±_^tjLJL'XX^' '
iow that cau quote Copper oi Stand
■    •=r-j=r-:-=-i^===^-."=.---"* —~ ' .ird that buzzes tho reddefet automobile.
' -    Published in tho interest of the people , '•-
;{,'        of Moyie aud East Kootenay.        !    i'or resources Crcatou haB  mining,
=   fanning    and   lumbering—the   three
r. j.umyth & co.,   - -  - -'l'ubUsher-.   uest known   industries'-for   a   town.
' «<
■CJl     Ono.". ear
■ a
CrestCji is a prosperous place, and
every man you meet them "wears the
smile that won't come off," "    .
Fame is fleeting.    A woman at  the
I information counter of a local depart-
' ment store  on .Saturday   wanted   to
„ ,,              .                       I know if Lewis & Clark, who are hold-
-y With the bonding or the Aurora pro-,.
.     -*■,$' . .>vx^h     u           .,,,,,,,   ing the Portland lair, wero   the   same
|'ii perty op the west side of the lake  and
'   ||      the    commencing 'of' active  devolop-
'    II      ment   work   by    men'   of ' unlimited
.   '|;|   '  means, it can  no-longer  be  charged
"|'if ''' that Moyie i*s "only a one mine town,"
• flf ■ ' The history of nearly all of the mining
" *** ' , camps in the country is Only being re-
e peated in Moyio.'   It took time to   develop'one b:g mine audio dem'onstj-ati'
to the satisfaction of  all   that    "there
'were really large boilies, of Oichere, and
I that Moyie was really a great, mining
" - f f     -'camp.      So   it' was. in   the    Coeur
if'      d'Alones.   The first  discoveries   were,
!■'■  -#4       made there oyer 20 years ago. and   yet
'", IW<     ' it is a matterrof history that   some  of
-'--   H      ' the besj, miuefl .in   thnt   district  were
',    I'l'       not found nor opened'up until    10 or
. *""V * £ *iSr- , '
'>.-''W,   * 15 years■ later.   The bonding   of the
■ / I" 'M >',    Aurora is'the beginning of a, new   era
:- -" -rM ,'J'for Moyie.' ,,Wo  can  lool-".   for'oilier
ii   . ,*>,y '*,f*»rt,1",   i     '.      '' <     , .        . ,
"« properties to besnapped up , in quick
L' • *'*' IU" '' successioni,arid converted'into ship-
'^j-ffffl? "' "ping* mines," 'The'St. Eugene is not
' &■». Iii '. {jjc 0Di,y mine in the Moyie camp. It
,''Ji(f-""ftiS!>-"' 'will only be a few .years until tho
''V;'t|i'     '" 'Aurora*  'Society I Girl,*  St. • Eugems
°\ '- ■'."r&lL v    jioontain'  und' •>'' score   of olher
* 't   "^       ' properties will have equally .good pay-
\. rolls and.will also   bo' earning   hand-
i gome profits for their owners.
people who handled the street fair here
last year:—Vancouver World.
The other day the editor of the
Cranbrook Herald hetfrd a man kicking against the expense of incorpora
Hon who had never paid, a1 cent, in
reut or taxes iu his life. Incidents of
the eame nature cau bo noticed 'every
day. The man who complains most
of the preacher pays the preacher the
least; tho rhan who runs down his
town does the least to build it up, and
the man who does uot support his
borne paper, does tho lonst lo make
the paper a success. It is easier to be
critical than to"bo'correct; -and it is
within the power of auyono lo grumble,
criticise or censure.,., ,   '
L!'"v y '■  Welcome to our visitors.
ft*''""    . ■■• '    .    ' —.--	
.Groat is the St. Eugene.    ,   *'
'" <>'.,,<       ' '   ,,
. «-»-« ( ^
*   \ >
Pf,^V i^'f"      "       Keep your eye on* the Aurora.
\<^'<\">'W   '-   ":, '     '^———"
' "' " .'< r'^Sr   r
•' rt.'i?' -1
l>   "        '. vfiL ",   . . .
■ "\M       tA  f-ober as you can today.
Ii >ou can't   keep 'sober,   keep" as
Child Not "Expect'isd to Llro from One
Hour to Another hut Cured by Cliainbor-
lnln's, ColW Cholera nnrt Ciarrlioou
Remedy. >-        ",,...'     , ,    -
Eu'th, the little daughter of E." N.
Dewey, of Agnewyille, _,Va.,.,was
seriously ill of cholera irtfantum ,last
summer. "W0e gave he'rup and did
not expect her to live from oue hour
to another." he says. "I happened'' to
think of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and .Diarrhoea Remedy and got a
bottlo of" it,lrom the store." In five
hours I saw a change for the ' better.
Wo kept on giving it' and' before ■ she
had taken the half of,one small bottle
oho was well." This Remedy is for
sale by S. K. Harvie. „, ,  '
Tire best part of the season for fishiuj; is yet to come, and we are
well prepared to meet your wantfe in this line, We have the
largest stock in totvn to choose from, and can fit you out at
prices lobuit you. ,    ,
RODS AT 40 Cts.  TO'$H.OO.r
Keels       ,35 2.50.
Lines        10 1,50/
Also a good assortment of new flies, fiy books,  leaders, fish   bait,   ■
trolls?hoots, sinkers, baskets and pets.
. S. K, HAB7IE, ■
the' postoffice   drug  stationery   STORE,   MOYIE, B.gC
I '
1 t t    „„ '
r — f
cranbrook:,      -''   ■   .,    b. c
■ » '
, • I '
'<   '   We Neither    Patronize /or ■
' Employ Chinese. , , ,
' '*        ,
v        Leave Work ivith,, \
L O. O. F.
^Jffi^Sfejftj WHdey Lodgo No. 41.
Meets every Tuesday evening in their
hall  on  Victoria street.    Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
A. G. Monxhouse,      F„ J. Smyth,
Noble Grand. Secr'y.
B. J. jiiunrni,
shows   that many a cdod watches are
spoiled    by  '-tampering.   No   matter
how little you ■ suppose ia  the. matter
with yours 'better -        >    '
■ - ' HAVE US FIX, IT , , '
A whoje'lot.of damage can* be done
by those who' are not acquainted with
tho 'delicate mechanism. We know
watches and can repair them as, thoy
should,bo. Bring us yours if it doesn't
go just right. t   "..
'■'W;'F. TATE & S03ST.
Graduate Optician.     *CRANBR°00K.
Moyie   Miners*   TJnion
No. 71  W. F. of^JVK
-Meets in M^cgsi^-^Very^Satur--
dav evening. - Sojourning members
are coidially invited to attend.
D. Habehbosch, ,' Thos. E. Kellv,
.President.' Secretary
Meets on the   first and third Wedues-
day of each month  at 8 P.' Al. ' ,
E. A. HILL," J. H. HAWKEy "
WorthyPres.' ''Worthy Secr'y.
^     UNION MADE Clothing a Specialty.        '
|Wolsey Unshrinkable Underwear    .       ,.   |
T ' >  ,   and W. L. Douglass' Shoes^ v
A'        ' NONE   BETTER ON THE MARKET.     ' W
I*    Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases, Hats, Etc.   ^
^j^g.^'^.t^^€"^S€€€-€^^g^^^^s#€fefe %
• >^''^«k.•^te'*^*.•^fc■     ^*-      ^      ^ . ■■■■'-■' '"■     '" r-Jj
I, '     P. F. JOEJVSlOJV-l ,       .   •
Harvey   &,   McCarter,
,»   ' "» ' ' ' ' i   .
,J, Barristers, SolicitorB, Notaries,,'Etc
Cranbrook;   -   -   B. C.
■*, >ll.*-, lk~41,  ' l   .And'the small   boy   with,'tho   fire
I'm     t,-'    crackers-will be in evidence.   •  t
^i    '/Ht'    -     <- .- ^TT"—7.  '       •  .
Tut up clean" sport, but ^keep  llip^o
'X   « r-"J)^.y''"; two'cups in Movie if possible.
* .*t'L!Tf      -      .
,* ^''
'   ;   it'li
* _:", 'menu, "r .
' ,     JULY 1st., 1905.
' Soup,  ,   '
■ ■     Cream of Oyster,  ,
*.    '       ■    '     a      ' i     ' " <-
,   *      Fish.
Baked Salmon with Jardiniere  Sauce.
, „ Boiled   Meats. .
If'there,is anything  in town      thai    Boiled  Tongue with, Tomato Sauce,
you    want and you don't  seo  il,   ask , -       Relishes.
...  . uw.1
WHOLESALE A2S^ iUSTAHi     f     n
*- ' J.   ,
'    Fresh' and Cured Meats, Fresh
Fish, Game  aha  Poultry.'' We
,    supply only   the  best.     Your
.    .      ' 't '    *
trade solicited. .  <
p * ^, t ■ a
i ■ ,. ~,
'    ' MABKEI8        I ,   "
1" , ''
In. all the Principal
"Cities and Towns, in
;    .British Columbia,   '
*- Wholesale ..Wine,
andrSpirit:2Mer-   t*
'* chaiit. ' ■: ,;' ..    .,'"''
Agent for Calgary Brewing' Co.'s
1 r ' 1
Beer, Ale and Porter.
t, i
T. Label & Co.'s <T
1 "    .'i.'        '
i'i i  i,v     . '
'.  Hay and Grain,'"
'      ,i i,      , 'M     >
ScMitz ,and  Galgary
w. f; auRD,
■'      r
'   '   '''     ' '■        1    '       '     ,'
CRANBROOK. ''.''-    B. C
I This Hotel is New and well Furnished,; The
Tables are Supplied with the Best the
• Market affords. The Bar. is Filled with
$       the Best Brands of Liquors- and Cigars.
s   , "      .     ,    ,     ■ ■ '    -   a    •    ' >■ "
$' 'v ' AND MIN1HG MEK    .','./
^.movik.       -     .-r      -,'   ~      -,       - .    "B««isn:co*c-ojtBiA
Craiibrook,     , ,   B, C.
for it.
,How does !ji80,000  btrikc you aa the
'net   profits ol  a  mine   for   .i   single
month? ' (
•   Some of the C. P.  11. dircctord  will
have a warmer spot iu their hoiirts foi
Moyio than before.
*f ' <•« y
.Foreign and - Domestic \V ines. Liquors
'    .:'   ,. an^ Cigars,       - \ ,
' ■ /XRAHBRftpk:-'':.'
- ■
il        ^Enl
Tlie St. Eugene mine produces jua<
twice as much 'load each yt-'.ir .ia ull
Cauudu cousumoa.
It's fine and daudy   io   be   able   to
quote Emerson and Ibson  aud    eome
ffjfff^ W^J^»'--B!^.'Kt3-"^a
\w»   i   bit
yC''Sj5P>v, ^Chi*P-   f»Si     rtjl
Lettuce, -   Radishes,     Green Onions.
Oranges,   Assorted  Nuts.
Eutroes. ' A
L'tucipplo Fritters,
Boston Cream Puffs.
Kiducy Saule ou Toast,
Oyster Patties,    Chicken Pot Pic.
'      Roast Meats.
Roaul Chicken with Dressing, '
Sirloin   of Bcof  with  Yorkshire Pudding and Brandy Sauce.
Leg of Venl with Jelly,
Loin of Tork with Apple Sauce.
' Vegetables.
Mashed Potatoes, String Beans,
Sugar Corn     f
Lemon Pie, Green Apple Pie, Vanilla
Cream   Pie,  English Plum  Pudding,   Slraivberry Shortcake,
Banana loe Cream.'
B. C
r ■ I1, , '-fi i,   *
Cigars, '',,Tobaccos, r Confectionery,
i   -,y    '     .Fruits, Etc> , "     " "'
1 s "'
FARRELL BLOCK,  *  t ,Victoria St.
George' H;!' Ttioihpson,
-    *    , ,Baei;istke, Solicitoe; No-
.    ,'    ,'ta'ry Public, &o. ^ ,
CRANBROOK, ,,' Beitish Coi-ujibia.
Your Money Back if Jou .are., Not
'   ."'.'..'/"■''■ Satisfied.::,",.*'^'. k"'\
ThisT sentence1; has agworld' of meaning
when backed by a reliable house. . ft
.      "     BUY YOUR
*    ./ '-     tFROM. ,-f     -' '    '
A. Bi Stewart & Cq.
* *
'   ' '    -It means th'at' wo handle the 'best -' <*"•«
" "" goods that money can buy.-      •■- <,  -
' \.
i'    ^
,'i  I It, means .-that'our. Men's  Wear
'"    must'be   perfect  -fitters 'and-  good/"
, '   wearers. 'J ''.        ''    ,  < ,■
ai!aGe y^ Bakery.
■   B*read>PieB,\Cafces,-Etc.
•'   Twelve Loaves $1. '•
P t s *   1 ' f/^      ^       ^        I r' '■«■   J
R.T. HOWARD, Prop.
' And Bath Rooms.     ' <
In STONE^Building.
First Class, Work, ,
Baths open   every day.
Coff„e,       Claret Lemonade.
boVTii u i:ica>; Ww. Lam) Gii.vnt Act.
Keg Beer, Bottled
Beer   and Pol-ter .
always on Hand.
Or if you wish to invest
ia any of these consult
f* i
<.       And Gents'  Fuiinisiiek.
Fine. Suitings,    Overcoating
Trousers,   Imported    Goods.
(UNION- SHOP.)   ,'
!     ,    if
It means that tho liest material and
y'  _', ■      ' skilled workriien'"are employed.      ' l~   -,'y^^l
'   '-   '"     '.  „'ttIt means'LOW"PRICES>sbecausein'  g   .,,,
*, ,   " ' *, handling go,od, goods w;o'^ do "not have> ''  " *   * '
«-V''   ) ' i.   lo charge'extra to make .up" for,'"losses.   /<' , _
■ '     > ,~,  ' Jflt means', that -YOU /ARE < PRO-'    '■'   ,
' '.w     TECTED   IN   EVERY-'WAY   .be- .- y
s ,y. < ,   t? ,,£ cause you can-get your-, money back if - r    **
.       ^ i'-.    y°u arp not satisfied.,'        - '/'''   '    _
;        It;means that "we havo the - confi-.    > ''",■
,' j-""' donee of "75 'per e'en I   of   the. working     , -,.    '
• y*"'  t'    ,-,'men of this disirict, and  we are after    <-yf, "■ y
..'  >■ "• .the otlior 25 per cent, ,y -  -„   ; ■   y - - ■ \
7   > • -     .''".'      , -    " - '      ;    'L '' •  .    '
'■ •       ■ ■ - -\ ' |1  .' i c» {*; ,-■•»'!        •     i '    ,.
„ ;,i -(: • «' a-»\- . .^ :-y .:T J .,- ',. <  .,.v; , ',-r •:,. '
^ . ■■  '  t. t -  i., .        -.    '•   4   ,,  o-'y.j  ft." fe/cf -.  - , ,,      V',   > .? 4-
<.      I
■EgLjMiiwwkj^^.^^ «ggmggai3sragmB53EaBagaafew,a>to
T: V. LOWNEY, Prpp. ,
MINERS' HEADQUARTERS.   This hotel is  close  to   tbo  mines,  and  hits
every Convenience for Working Men.      . '
South Victoria St. '      •        "    ■<.     .,       MOYIE.
Pj    /S^"-^, *-
N x"im. Un- l-i'-t dm ^oi Jul}, Ul'5. Notlcu i\
W il'cn.l"»ro, liurcbv plxcii Unit nppl'.eiUHini, for
>\ is n!i  HinU   mu-t   i-u   hK'il nl u  OoM-runieut
■|   Jlln.i-by llir.i cIiUl.
Clnof Comml'-'loiii.r ul l.snJ i Wov!.b.
i Muj'  100").
No. L. 148.
t- CliiofCoinml'.-lO]
0   1.l'lit ami Wrtil,s   Dc-piirtm,
g \ Ktorri'. U C. Ji.tli M
aii^.N'-. < ii»:-»m;: tin-  :!\r.f..    M
(t'on.M r)
Or.iit'iric.u'K or Imimiovi;ments.
r . notici:.
^j    MolHe Kftlo-iMinurul   Clmrn,  bltuftto iu  the
riuin   tOC, ltv.lhcr   Iiritd,   l.clU'iV'S , fort sIclIi. MlnliiB Kl.Ulon of bht Koolenny
tongue,    doub'.u    sole    arid    -.li). | /v.'jVori- locateJ-Ou cn-li-idu of Lower Moyie
This is a bro.id loc last,  ni.i.Ie  Uuft  lui.u
stand,     hard,  heuvy  we.ir;   tin
upper will alA'aj a  retain  its sofi
velveti' feeling and   io as    water
pi oof a1* leutlur cin bo  ruj.de.
General agent in   British
|,Colunrbia for:
For  further   parlicul.rrs   regarding
these goedb c.ill on or write,
Lar^e sample room in connection
with house for commercial men. Best
of accommodations.
Headquarters  for~ Commercial and Mining Men.
Ckanbhook and Moyie.
•i '    '1 n',:c nirtic llinr I, '1 hos. T. Mi-Vlttie, F. ir. C
e?iNo. menu. A*m  fur r. i.  \i«"uui>ou, i-'.-i.c
"S   Miners'   Curlil'iiuu   .No    1H,0",J1, nilLinl   aivlj
^!| il,u^ from <latt licroof loa])|il\   lo thu  ."Ulmiin,
■3| ItLUordur for afcililicnteof liiivrovi-mcrns  for ni.v I PT VH"|)
^Uliu I'lirpo-'*-ofo'jt.uutuD'iiCrOttn  Grautof  lUc ' 'J.  i-<.   i*ll,5AU Ij-*" 1^ *■>.,
;, I ubo". u i In! in, ,     I
Ami flintier tu'd.-    notice  Unit tiction,  uuiler , OEAtEK  IN
seeuou'37, must be commeiieeil before, the. is- 1.
siKiiiuu of sueliCi'-rtilloatuot Improvements. '
i)ateatlns21thdayof May, A. D...1005. | ?"i
. . . ,T'n63.'T. MCVITTIE.
Seattle, Tacoma
ANIl   AI.Tj
SCllIC     '<*/^i:
Effective June 4th.
% '■     Wholesale Wines, "Liquors
and Cigars;
CRANBROOK," ",   British Columbia.,
We handle everything in the Hardware line'
Also Cumberland blacksmith's coal, powder,
fuse and cap3, oil, paints and glass, at
C^^^^,KT:^X=l-C>OJE^L-   33- c
,hd t'-J
i public .of   the   thoroughness   of   thi
V* il    ''VANCOUVER, B. O.     M1 Sisters' methods i'of teaching.   Term's
|St.'- Joseph's   Convent.
rJoarding aud Day School  conduct;
led hv.the Sisters of .fit. Joseph, Nelson :(     ■ ■ -y^,^,
B.   0/     Commercial    anil    business  Q,ueeBS   AVG. MUXJtJli
courses a'specialty.   Excellence  and I , ', ,!
swift  progress  characterize   each   de- ' —r^=====^=- ==rr.	
partrncnt.    Parents should   write   for!^    t>     Tn?&T"TV
particulars.    One month  assures   the   W , '-ti.   XSJCiii. A i X..
St,  Paul^ChicagOj   New  York
Koolfuay Seel ion
Con iiccls Willi
■Embalmcr and Undertaker,
'. For Tickets, Rates, Eolders and
Full, information, call on or address any Great Northern Agent
or write .   .'
A. O. T. A. -   C. P.,'4'1. A.
1% 1
Paluco  and Tourist .Sleepers,. Buffet,   3338^^t)
1 Library care, Modern Day coaches
Diui'ng   cars,'      Meals
'.; '..a-La Carlo. I.'y ■
Best Meals on Wheels
Fast   Overland -ft
1     I
...   Superb New .
Between    Vancouver,   .Victoria    aud
_,, commence January, April  and  Sept. j "'* "*-***" ,„Ar,i--    Seattle,        701 W.-RiynrsiiJcA.vo
g53S35E3:!as^^ PhoneSO. y       Cl.AN-^OCJv. Spakano, Washington.
For Rales, Folders or Tickets Apply
to Local Agent.    ,"
J. Attwood, Arjent, Moyie.
J.,8 CAETEIt,     . ;     E.'J. COYI.E,
Dist, I'asa. Agt- -He'tGon. 1'as.   A fit
Kclsou,   . Vancouver.
A «
I have persuaded Messrs. Hunroe & Munroe
of New York to allow me a block of the stock of
the Ma,rcorii Wireless Telegraph. Company ot,
Canada Ltd.,/winch was intended 'for other
towns., lean sell this at $5 a share, while if
lasts, in East Kootenay. from Crow's Nest to
Kootenay landing.   Apply to
MOY»''v  ,


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