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The Moyie Leader Jul 11, 1908

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Array y^ Left.;,,* iH-e^-^
i-  JUU6''908.
^S^ORiAyK. c'
-? -~..*..*   %
■(,. ^ -■ *"-t~
fW. tt WILSON, JeweJcr
»   y  ,'T^^'--*!9a!C^t^-^r'^;s.rs«»----
i'-^>-'    ' •
Al " , .
/ '
.-''. I
Come and See-Our,
«£■, * -     i      *-— i- ^^J   >
^EAr.ACllKS      Cl'REIJ- J
W. H. WILSON, Optician
I .     GENERAL FLOAT       § w^"rt«"
The Hewitt mine has started ia
milling operations. ,
MOYIE,'B. Ql.JULY It. i'iir
1 Seven Killed
0/1 , ■
in Wreck
Which will be ready oh Monday.'   It'
will0pay you to watch them.   We will
clear outpour remnants  in  summer
goods at greatly reduces prices.
The Fernie Orangemen will  ob-
ee'rye the 12th of July this year.
A Knights of Pythias' lodge will
be instituted at Michel on July 22.
There are tibout two1 thousand
men^ working around .Goldfield,
Nevada.   "    ,-    . .
HSBSe"! .7* , -v,' •■ * t ^   l'    * ■ "    \        r H *■ r
Igars, $^
&UK%*., V " "'' ""        '' '""      • * .," A'AV-,, i  -.'-inr,, t   "*"'''''-    -    >   '   ' " "
! 1 P '.5»    ' ," '" »,'-.'
I OflM
1      ,   .  * ',   ,       *    ' '     ,   *        , „ r        i , . '       .,.*,.
Eire^lafei v and ArMsiaent/insurance'' ' -
■^'yvw-.y .-,-,,- .-. -. y MOYIE,$'C.
British Columbia has produced
over'100 millions in gold; six millions in 1907."       - «.,,',
-"JK R.1 .'Wallace of ,tho Fornie
Free Prcs3,has bought a plant and
will start a paper.in Hosmer.      ■
«,     "'    " ■-.
"The Consolidated Company,> of
Trail.-is.said'to be,a regular buyer of ore from the,,Cobalt camp.    ',
During thejiast month the,population of Rawhide, Nevada, has
decreased 75 per cent. '    ' "    "    "
,.    t,   ' .   ,
Water'in thew Yukon, river, is
lower this year than it -has  been
j since the " Kfoiidike Was discov-
!|        LOCAL ASSAYS |la'
Miss Ntehohou   is   prepared'to'
receive;pupild in pUnd and organ.,,'
I b or terms apply.
J.  W.    Banuefct,    representing
the   ,  Scranton      eotrespondencj '
schools, was iu  town this week.     '
Many improvements  are  beint*;
of  tho Ce-i-
There was a terrible wreck  between  "Dunsmore   Junction1 and
Medicine Hat Thursday  morning,
in' which seven lives wore lost',    ,.      .
The   eastbound   passenger train any imP
collided with a light  engine that -       ° °n fche futerioi
was running   to  the   Hat.    The  traI "hotel
crash was /a terrific-one.   Seven
men were killed and six"  injured
including most of the crew of the
two traibstfad four passengers.
Pireman-Thompson, who -.was
on "the flight engine, escaped by
jumping and although injured
was the one' who returned and
gave the .'news. *        r
.The killed.1 and' injured were
taken, to fMedicine Hat and" .the
dead were given proper attention
by the railway authorities,'and
the injured 'Wa^laced' under
the care of physicians at"'once
Mrs. Gold win Stewart is home
from her visit to , Calgary.
Wm. Bulger has quit working
at the St. Eugene mill, and has
left for the Coeur d'Aleriea..
It. J. Colter is now president of
the Moyie Miners'   Union,   filling I
the unexpired term  of John Tav
l»r. i, . ', '■
.ive below our prices on a  f^lSli'
,    dry and Toilet Soaj>s:
7 'bftn; Kootenay Q,-,'£,', soais 2~ c
C    " Golden West in eaito*,,,.,, 2.1 c
Royal Ciown "        "
Wliite Sivan "
3' "'.J-els N.iphflm
2 cakes Peet's Areehanics
3 "    Golden West Tar
3      "   IJeiron's  Castile'
25 c
2.3 e
'J..J c
50 c
!T '*
p^mery kButfer-
l^E'   ' '       '     " '' ""l        '',""*    i '' '     ^ . -- ^-' *T?'     ' ^     ""' ■ >     ^ ■- '.
p; I'/'yHt.'I,ara"now in a'position'to supply you'
■k ; ' ;• """* with; fine creamery-'1 ibutter ifrom!' "the ■
|^' - y „rTroch-a'Valle\TyCreamery.   ll.-', \" ^
"*.'   ^RESH'-;,WEEKLY,^ ■/-     -
i ' - iiJ*:±.~^lA^i^^iySK' -i-' u\"
\f.' tYQTJB,   OWN' ;STORE.^ ?"?'"' %\?-'  ^
p*y,. * vy '"-, >y\■ "'i'^',*._y*y"* ''j* '.y'^"-"y.-"'i/"J«L' -i- "■**   ' -*.^
Ibyie; CSOpera^
k A, "  '-•*   '* "•"*>    ■   y "' \„  -,' -"" v, *    .' ' y
ISome people "will try'to; persuade' you 'that Co-
|i)eration means'"higher prices'/-- " {~- \    '''a     .
|We * are haiidlinS Go-Oper,ative f fruit
c'     '        TODAr's     PRICES ,
jk 1 Basket for 15 cents.  :*
md will go lower, get our price for crates for
•Irving.'  Quality is at the top. ■
Serins  Casiiy. Deposit Accounts Opened
.   ,'Por the third time'W. J: (Bryan "' : "     -
brill r«n for, the presidency of the     Baseball .Team OreanizcS
United States-on the   Democratic T     I    .    >'-. ^ganiZCQ,
 "-<-* "x i/uyait-ians au once.        *""" iUl L •  -"arns.*  Co.,.
,. The   killed/are:   J. "Nicholson   fr'?ra'Cfanbaook Tuesday.
SZi^ •T^y'i'^^er;  <  The shares of, the Moyie Co-op-
nreman, R, _ Chambault,  baggage-1 annual, ,-^Q^: ^ .,
man;, Jas. Shaw, and D. MacEach-
'Pears  Unsecntcd
Mi8S Xicholson-'was  in  NelsSn  |,of Oui'stock all t] e V~v-\fJl    1 ^A ^ ^  "^   ^
^r!^^-%^^rSJ    - ^20'purchasey^S^
o-percent on youa   money.    WG "c\n    "   , ^ 0r
you that amount. ■ Give us vo      -^ , y- 'Save
' we will prove it' to you        "       Jaly   0rders■*iUld-
J. G. Gillespie, district .accountant forlV Barns.*  Co.;  was  up'
The Bank of Montreal sind -the
Imp' --■'---
town in'Easfc Kootenay,
_ A baseball club-was organized
in Moyie Tuesday' evening with'
the following officers:
annual, meeting  on  Friday, July
17th.     ,      ',  '    ' .'
, Jack O'Ddnnell 'is- down from
Field, where he was employed in
the driving of the new'C. p, R.
tunnel. '
MapEachern & Macdonald
 "— ^.i ^uuuiBsi ana -cae   ., " •     .      .—•'    -»««»"«    «
mperialbankyboth opened'for  'efon°wing.°fficers:      f.     -
iiiiihessin Hosmer,'the.new  coal   ;.S"-a. BlayI°ck-i-Hon. ,Pres.,
own in^stKootenay,'last week. f  J; GaniWe~PMsIdeiit,   , *'
:<    ...  '.J" ■_! ci   ' .'   < " Roland' Gamble_MoV,no.QJ:.
, The' rumor, t is current again
that Hon.'Joe Martin will tie a
cahdfdate at the next "federal
elections for .Vancouver-'   y,'r "
* .,Jf'-^WyPt4fcmor|Bf wbo for* sometime has been' "with Harvey, Mc-'
*r^,ef. * „^'*?do^aici: a^Pranbrpoki'
lias gone"toPrince RnpertTtoopen
a law.ofSce.  '" *■'    *   ;
Roland' Gamble—Manager;
D. A.  Ayres-iSecr'y-Treas.
The membership fee is $100
The^team "will- practice ;0n Tues!
day and Friday evening's; and
thejj expect tcTpfay- several good
games   befora sV.ho" '„i~„„   -c^,  .
A side,walk is to be built along
the east'side of-Victoria street
from J W. Fitch's store to R. A.
Smith's shoe shop."
fThc Glorious  Fourth!
The strenuous. Americans, and
there are many of them in'Moyie,
did not allow the Fourth of -July
pass without showing Som°B evidences of patriotism., Plenty of
firecrackers were set "off, and on
I the-Monday   following   'a dance
A. X.*McTutyre,,of PrinCeEd:l„      .day -     ■   —   -
ward'sfcrsland,. has been engaged L , ■8r^en'*t fche ^re?Try b«aduTff) .. s .--—*.-«„,.■, ^accj.
as principal of the Moyie school W ^ <*.«"> day. iThe' dance ^.^ 'aPP«cabIe. to the ^
«----      ■    — ' 7»sla every way,a successful af-
The C. P. R. ^is,  going' into  the
games ^before Hhe;. close of .'the
season-'-       *    ■"'--) \-Jy '-s'<,      ^     ™,
>,Tiie^Iu^"- ^^L^"'» dance'ih
Morley^hall next ^Monday,   even
for the ensuing term
R. T. Brymner,  manager1 of the
, Canadian' , BJnk ^ of ' Commerce,,'
Cranbrook, was in'vtown between
..The new offiaors in the Odd Fd]-S
^ r--,._«.„ ^^ ^onaay even- ^^"f"1^* Knights ■',of ' Pythias*
MB and^they* extend'a'n"inVita- S'93 wil1 be 'i,isfca»ed at their
tiou to evoryoue to attend." -Tick--  re*uIar meetings next week.,,
tiou to evoryoue to attend." -Tick
ets are  31.00  each.*  *A1I  should
house building business,-in  Van-' Duy tickets   and. help  the lioys
I -       ~^—"***«n    vHomcoa i    114.        V i*U"
couver, to meet, the • demand   for
medium-sized    dwellings- at' rea
sonable prices.
"^>       " ■ 'MOYIE'S   LEADING"  HOTEL.    ' ' ' C
iHotel Kootenay
to - -','   , * *
.   •      *,      ' '   y . •  ,.      ' V
The best of accommodations jj
for the' Traveling Public.      ; |
Ii' ^ " *
VMg* and Cofljmodiotu, Sample Booms. Billiard itooois, j-
. MoTAViSH & CAMERON Proprietors. j
J.  B.  McArthur,  of .Winnipeg jUIXO uull>  cue
and J.,'A. Dewar, of kelson, have Itiie ball team
purchased 51 square miles  of timber  between  the Kitomaat   and
Copper rivers, for $250,000.
along. The 'committee is K. D.
S.tinson, Mike Torpy, Harry Sten-
art,, G. A. lleneau ahd G. A.
Foote. rcecream*. will he sold in
the hall,  the  proceeds  to  go  to
Ten  Joined Rebekahs.
be "gldIy enforeedtby the provin-,
^government. After the sum-"
mer hohdays no, pupil - win bd per.
'mtted to attend classes before'-
displaying a vaccination mark or
a.-carytiaeate that the. opar^ou'"
bas  been performed. * "Although'
:gs next wealed   .  I    T „    ,        .  -      .    hZZTeTiTs tloT" ^ "
.mo.,    - — ^iz^^zt^^^^. is r -:
fair, The committee had'the hall
tastefully decorated with flags' of
different nationnlicies,.but .naturally enough those of the stars
and stripes predominated.'1     « -
i ii . \-
'    W..F.;ofM: CoaVention.   •■
i- - "    '   t
pwToRK^arriW.Siet,,.    "
Lead $4.75.     .      Oopp.r, 18 ote.
Losdox—Lead, £l'>   13,
Compulsory Vaccination.   '
A'sysfcem' of compulsory  vkcci-
that city on  Mondoy,  July 13'bi1>
Mr. Taylor   expects   to  be  away
Why is it
that 90 per cent of tho travellers are wearing
Toronto ciothingp  Ask
E.  A. HILL,
*•» «*• -•»-■**'J*rj^CJ[Juftc iJjLj*tiftt_rfr -Just *■» • *^rf>A^, ^"•Vj
-     -    - - -    - -" 5^
At Creston 2,500 acres of government fruit lands wiU be, sold
by auction ,in September. The
squatters will be given an opportunity to" purchase their holdings.
The land is  close to the  railway.
Nineteen hump-backed whales
[each valued approximately at $1,-
000, was the record catch made
by the steamer Orion, engaged
at the Sechart depot of the Pacific Whaling company on Vancouver Island, last .week,
The 0. P. B. has placed an order
with the Locomotive and Machine I mat^H      >      .    *
Company,  Montreal,   for twenty ' *** * d&UC6 after^^s
now freight engines, to be delivered by September 15, at tho rate
of five per week. The engines are
for use in WesternjjOanada.
Ten membars of   the  local Odd
Fellows' lodge went to Cranbrook
last Wednesday evening and became members of Maple  Leaf R9-
bakah Lodge No. 10.    Those who
went were;   Mark Hanna,   John
Stewart,    Herb    Lowes,     E. - G.
Gwynne, eJas.  A. _ McDougall, Os-
wal McDougall,   Chas." J.  White,
R.  Sanday,  Fred Ege and E. L.'
Hutt.     Fred Hazen accompanied
them.   The Moyie boys  speak in
the highest possible  terms of the
creditable    manner in which the
Cranbrook ladies  put on   the de
gree work.   There were  refresh
'    CIias." Smith,   former     master
mechanic at  the   St.   Eugene,  is —• -»*«.r   exp
reported to be very ill ia a Spo-   about a month,
kane     hospital    suffering    from I ~ 1	
Bnghts disease. ■ j     Conservative Convention
Hazelwood     icecream'.     Quart! '	
pails 75 cents; pint, 40 cents.    Or-      The   Conservative    convention
dej. taken Saturday nights  will for   tha p„rpo88  of   seIect™'
mil   ba  delivered  Snndays.   At   candidate   for  the   forfch-coming
. n. JlAwke s icecream parlors.      election, will be held at kelson on
J. A. Johnson's   family  arrived Tuesda^. July '21sb.    F.J.   Smyth
"""    ""•■■' has  been  elected  as a   delegate
and it 13 unfair that tho*, who do
so should be needlessly exposed.
The state has a duty to excerci.e
as the health of the'lictle ones'
should transcend all considera-
ister of education, when interviewed injrelation to  the matter.
Votes of T/ianks.-
To Work on Society Girl.
Jack Moe, who has boon district passenger agent for the C, P.
It, with headquarters at Nelson
has been promoted to the position
Chas. Farrell is arranging to begin work on the Society Girl
property, which adjoins the St.
Eugene. This week he is having
some work done on the wagon
road.   The stock of tho company
hero Monday, andK are making
their home at the Porto Rico
mill, of which company Mr.
Johnson is superintendent.
Smith Curtis was on Thursday's
eastbound train on his way to
Toronto, where he goes for the
purpose of looking after a land
deal in which he is interested.
The miners and mill men had
an exiting game of ball at Ald-
ridge park last Saturday evening
which resulted in a score of 11 to
10 in favor of the mino team.
A. L. MeDermot is up from
Cranbrook   today.
W.  H
from Moyie    to   the   convention.
Telephones Are Here.
The supplies for Moyie's new
telephone system are here and are
stored in tho fire hall. .Maurice
Quain will be up from Cranbrook
next week co install the system.
Thanks Ladies  Aid.
Tho Moyio football  team wish
through the L3ader to thank   the
Ladies    Aid   of    the    Methodist
, church for their kindness in sup-
Wilson,  the Cranbrook Plyiug meals to the visiting  team
of city agent at  Vancouver.   The I is now on the market and there is
office of district passenger  agent ja good demand for it.
at Nelson is to be  discontinued 	
Imperial Bank of Canada.
fff_      ...     .    ..       .     . ■'. A'lil. :
Wi '    ■■     ' ,•
If Capital  Authorized .- —$10,000,000.
A new twin screw steamer,
the Princess Charlotte, has been
launched by tho C. P. R. The
Princess Charlotte will ply between Victoria, Vancouver and
Seattle and will be faster and
better equipped than* the Princess
Capital paid up-
Savings bank department.
west allowed on deposits from date   of   deposits
J   J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
SFASttr^iX* -'5E?i£>p■*~•D,*   .•£v"v*""'v^?v:-" ^77^S'-.TSE?
An eight thousand   acre tract
near Ladner, on the Fraser   river
southeast of  Vancouver, acquired
three years ago by P. Burns A Co.,
of Calgary, ia now being   clearod.
^ Most of the large tract is covered
$ with a  small   growth   of underbrush.    It is the  intention of the
Arm to make  this, ranch a feeding-place for  cattle   destined  for
the local and Yukon markets.     '  '
School   Election Today.
An  election is   being   held  at
the school today to elect a trustee
I to succeed A.   P. Macdonald,  and
an auditor to succeed E.  A.  Hill
both ofI whose terms expire.
LATER-J. S. Mae'Eiacherh was
elected trustee, and E. A. Hill
was re-elected auditor.
Yesterday was Payday.;:
The;sum of §39;50p was paid
out at the St. Eugene mine yesterday. Business in the town
was brisk, and more than the
usual number of peddlers from
the outside were here to pick up
some of the Ipose dollars, '
jeweler, was in town yesterday.
Ed. Bergland  is   now  working
m the Co-Operative storo.
Henry Sait and  wife are homo
from attending the Calgary fair.
Chas. Livesley was transacting
business in  Cranbrook Thursday.
Presbyterian service Sunday
evening at 7:30. W. T. McCree,
"Rev. Robt. Hughes of Cran
brook will preach at the Methodist church tomorrow evening at
7:30. , •,-'•.
The little  daughter   of George
ton Dominion Day.
The Lead Bounty.
The bill to revise and continue
the lead bounty has been consid
ered in committee, and ammended
'so as to limit the bounty payments iu any oue year to $300,000.
The bill as amended was then put
through its several stages.     ..
Me was   Mistaken,
Greenwood Ledge:—in London
Mark T\yaia was   once  mistaaken
Gunn  in   Nelson,  who has  been [for  .biiffalo  Bill     While in   Cl
seriou^ilVisnow out.of danger,  gary the other day a itol W
Mrs. Chas. A.  MacKay arrived  JRegiua  thought Peck   MicS win
1    Spokane, j was a temperauce lecturer
"""---    with '        '    '    ■-
homo   Thursday   from
where   she  was     visitiug
friends for a week or two,
Frank Hayliff had his laft hand
injured quite badly yesterday by
getting it caught in the lathe at
tho St. Eugene machine shop,
The commitee in charge of the
Dominion Day celebration have
extended votes of thanks to the
To Consolidated M. & S. Co for
donation of $100.00 towardi preparing, grounds.
_ To Mr. TtY. JL Aldddgo, for assistance rendered transportation
commitee by sending a* person il
telegram to Mr. B ivy, C. P. R
superintendent, Wiuu'ipeg, ask-
ing to have fch,' flyer stopped at ,
Moyie in the morning, and at
Alundgo in tho evening, thus
making it possible for the Fornie
band to  attoud."
To Mr. Uury, for his gonorosity
in granting tho   request.
To i\lr. Johnson, minager Porto   '
Rico Lumber Co. ,Mr.   Sam   Benzia
foreman, same  company,   Mr.   C
I A.   .MacKiy,   manager  Cambrian!
Mining Co,    Mr.   Bon   Evans, and
!Mf. 11. Campbell, fur   the   genet-
ous donation of  the use   of   their
boats and barge?, and   I-ibor performed   in   navigating   them,   In
transporting the  people    to and
from the grounds.
Tothe Lidiea  Aids    for   their   ,
['intu-ing and   very  successful   efforts   in   supplying ,refreshment's"
•/n that day,        '
To chairman, secretary' and
treasurer, for work done, and interest shown, in inanage'menb'of
Session will Close July {§,
It has beon  decided  that  the
Fierce Rate War.
The f*re from Victoria to Seat-
Me  has   been    cut  to    25    cents.
.   . .---.-_   There is a rate  war   on  between
Uominiou house  will prorogue'on    -he C. P. U. and the Inland   NTavi
July 13ih,- '■'..'■   I ,„r.*:.—   *
a'acion company,
*.,* 1
■ '•'j^i^Ei
i»'r» M
y> :j M
'Vt   ■?■
• r 1 * ""*!
■TT i*J "fit
1" * i"    I U
•*%'l  -*
■ *';>.
' At
t* vy ■ ■
-        -    ' l|
,; !■
.  ~rw     y   '-ik
■;-'- 'A, ■•, •"•. ■ *.■ A THE    LEADER,     MOVIE.    BRITISH    COLUMBIA. _  ,1 -  ���r*  i   '-   A. ,  i    ,1       i !  ' -*,   ,,    --i.  "       1  1   ' 0-r  *-     **  ' 1 I   ������_,?  l"Jt'  ,,' :���    "���;'���  ;  , *-., *<  I      #l  !,)��'_     '''/'   ,*  1   t    '              ^  tl    ."           .'  ���        (  l\    '     '        <  jL * -  J.''-,,   1?"-  1   -T   '   1  -ft    '���   *'  j  )''lf*  ',   . *��� - -    tl  <Vl,  ( u  li.'.     ���*    "  ����i  J,"' <:"  "  '      I    " 't  r"^v,  ,'.  ,"'   , 1" "l  , '; 0       "j'-Vj  ji  v    "-/ill       ^.  ��'A  .   -���' . ���* *-  Afc,   -v'". 1  ,J.'," '   >w*A  ' i' 's.'" -y-i  ������A ^ -j  jyy.';'^,  '"^  ���*, i* ���V * _    ,.      *���       ^  f��,-t'-1'J'4  ' '* 'rz  ' f-',  i  u.  i "^ Iii.'  ,    ,-,,>...'./- *r;3.'  ' ,' fAf *-**?    f"!'   '  ,&':*Sf,2. �����   '  l-ii-!"^^?-.     ���'",  1 ,y  .- ,,r/vr , ..... t  ;Li>--,c.:'l; ,''����� ���  ��� >'.,i *>.rtfV>'"  '..rVfl-rJ        , -*..    +. (  I--.-'.,.,. -. -,,- .-* -  .!l.',,>t,,.��fc,  ,,."; iji< <?���,:)*  , .> .'ij  vV'*>'.'-��� '*,  ��"��� '  vi*VI?**''�� "���    'll  $1;yy.; "h-.  r, m5M?'"V   ~'*  ##*��� ^H -:���  -   f.r5"' %jii ������*���-  &V*y'i', --V  $l-n *.":&���  '^-yi'.'.-V'C.-a^,'  *"> J .>  1"MS*:'y ''"-T * -  -  1^*'  14V.   '-  ]-.���' ���">���*.  . 1* v  Vf.j**>r��:6tvi,>'-  'T>-       ;'    V,'.,\     ,-fe  ;k'%,'ffcr-��M'.4  ���^li-t'tll'A  '!,���$����� to.,-a,4 *�����  ,iiy^,*i'f-:J .  ���'!-'".*^ Kf  ���innA^il,  PaXJ- up  ���' k^'.'-w-"'','-  .��*"���'" i]v *-;  '���*' *������ ft' A'  . -V'S' '��� , *��� '  A. if - '  P- -L' .^.*  .i* '*' ���S'lti v ',<  'is*��'-'".'   .-'''  ^|.is,    '1  *r* "ff Is". ''>  ' P* . ,1?,J ! V  C.      r   ' L'. Wl -?,.Al  r '.' ���'4!'. 'i/  ��� ������ S i      ���,*,ii'      r ���  ���U.V*AiVr)Mijri r ,       i~  s��f-ii  'At,:,  HEF  By A. CONAN DOVLE.  Author   of   "The   Rirurn   of    Sherlock  Holsr.'-s*' <���  CapjriRlit.lSKS. by Harper 6: Brothers  y *.     .^i  *   ���  1 i  r V      ���'  , , 1  ��� ^''AA'-yy :*,[..,  yj^yy ,y*y' '"^ y'  ylyli^iy:-y|y  :;S;,.  y'yyy  ' a *'>v ,y,  i ',':')!  !S;":  li'-  ! m  >%i��L  (_Oontim'ied)  rn.\i"ji:i: mv.  JTi:.N liiul Iir.Moiitr-Niian f<*ii:n-  wl  a .f,.int  .ir  Uiu   il.i.vs  vvlii'n  ^n> wi-liod 1o tlisiiviH tlieym-  gcr   of   tlio   king      Hut   now  slio   know   wlinl   it   wns   to   liave   the  - .s"D*,t��   Mi-l.ck  out  of.lH'i-  l'.v  :i  wonl.  ,^lK' L'diikl not ilo.iln l!io iriull of >vhnt  siie* lK*!ii(i   There w "i-- thill in liov nvul's  fine,  in her  sto.u'.y   eye,  in  her  qviiet  r   voice.   vi">iifh   c-airieil   nbsoluti-  convic-  tisii with it.    Sho stooil <-tiumel fur :m  iiisi.nit! pa nt in?, iiur ouistrftc-liod liiuids  feeiins "l <hi- i\ir, licr ileli.int e.yesrtlull-  in-i.'iuiil {,'Uix.ins.    Tlreii   with  a   short  sharp   crj,   thu  w.iil 'of  on<i   who   has  fought haul  aud  yet knows  that bhe  e.in   (ij-lit   no   more,   her   proud   head  drooped nmf she fell forward scuselesp.  Muro.   lie    "M.-untenoii, stooped    and  '   raised    her   up   in   her   strong   white  iiniis.   'j;iioie were true {.Ticf and pity  Q in her 'c.vps as she looked down at the  snow-pale f.K-u which  lay  against hor  bosom,   al]   the   biiierness   and   pride  ��� jjoiip out of it and noihliiB loftrsave the  tear vOiii'li sparlvleii under, the dark  lashes aud the petulant droop of the  lip. like that of a child ,whieli has wept  itself to sleep. She luid her on (he  ottoman and r placed   a silken cushion  'under her head.    Then  she  gathered  together and  put hack into the open  ��� cupboard nil the jewels which -were'  s-catteral about th,e carpet.1'' Jlaving  locked it and placed tire key on a table  :.   whore  iti' owner's eye would  readily  ,   fall upon It, she struelx a gong which  suiunioiied/ibo page.      , "���  "Yo'ur mistress is "indisposed,"  said  she. . "Go and 'brills,hor maids to her.','  And''so. liavins* done all-that layywith  hor to do,,she turned away  from  the  rfjreat silent rooni, where, amid the velT  vpt and tlie gliding,"her beautiful rival  "��� hiy like a crushed flower, _helpless and  -hopeless.   , ,        , '  .nelpless enough, for .what could she  do?   And liopelc-s, too, for" how could  fortune aid her? -The instant that her  senses,had,come back to her'she had  sent away her %vaitirn; women and lay  with ,'clasped hands aud a drawn face  planning out  her own'weary future.  She must go,"that was certain.    Her  spirit was broken at last.    .She must  accept defeat, and sho must go., -   '  " 'She rose from the couch feeling" that  " she had aged ten years,, iu an  hour.  .There was much to be, clone aud little,  time in which to do it    She Iradcast  down  her jewels when  the king' had  ppokeu as though���,they would atone for  .the loss or liis love. 'But now that' the  , love  was gone there was. no  reason  -why the jewels should" be lost too.   If  sheyhad ceased to be the inostjpo-wer-  fal, she might still be the richest woman in Prance.    There w-as'.Ucr pension, ,of course.   That .would be a munificent ,ouc,   Tor   Louis ,was   always  generous.   And then there was all the  spoil  which-she had  collected during  these Ions years, the jewels, Ihe pearls,  the gold, the vases,  the picture"-,  the  crucifixes, the watches, the trinkets���  together they   represented   many   millions of' livres.    With  her own hands  ' elie packed mraj (he.rnost precious and  portable of them,  whilo she arranged  with her brother for tho safe keeping  of   the   ollicrs.     T.y   evening   all   "was  ready, and she had arranged that her  property should be  sent after her  to  Tetit  "Uourg,   to  which  cattle  she intended to ictire.        ,, > ,      i  It wanted half an hour of the time  fixed for her departure when a young  cavalier -whose lace was, strange to her  was u&lioi-ed  into her room.  lie en uie with a message'from her  brother.  "M.   dc   Vivonue   regrets,   madame.  that the rumor of your departure has  got abroad among the court."  "What do r care for that, monsieur?"  1  fche retorted.  "lie says, madame, that the courtiers  may assemble at the west gate to see  you go; that lime, de Neuilly will be  there, and the Duchesse de'Chainhord  anil"��� <���  The lady shrunk with horror at the  thought (if such an ordeal. To drive  away from tho palace where she had  been more than queen under the scornful eyes and bitter gibes of personal  enemies!  "Tell my brother, monsieur, that I  should be obliged if he would make  fresh airangemciiK"  "He bade me say that he had done  ro. madame."  "Ah!   At what hour, then?"  "Now.    As boon as possible."  "I   am  ready.     At  the   west   gate,  then?"  "No. At the east. The carriage  avails."  "And where is my brother?"  "Wo arc to pi< k him up at the park  fate.     Ho   is   watched,   and   -,\ ere   he  'seen beside the carriage all would be  known,"  "Very good. Then, monsieur, if you  will take my cloak and this casket wo  may stait at once."  Tliey made their way by a clrcuitcfns  route 'through Uie less used corridors  she hurrying on like irgijilfy cvo-ifure,  a hood lirawn over her face and her  heart- in -a 11 niter at every stray footfall. But fortune stood her -friend.  She, met no 'one and soon found licr-  Mf nt Uie eastern postern gate: A  cuiiple of phlegmatic Swiss guardsmen  leaned-upon their muskets upon either  side, and tlie lamp 'above i-lioue upon  ���the carriage which awaited her. The  door vas 'open, ��� and .1 fall, cavalier  swathed in n black cb'ik' hriivlod hoi-  in to it. lie then to-.jk, the .'-eat o">o..-.iln  to her, slarnfmed the door, and the  calecho rattled away down the main  drive.  It had not surprised,her that this man  should join 'her inside the coach, for it  ���was u'sii'il toiiave a guard there, and  lie was ".(loui'tiesH- taking lho' place  which 'Inn* brother would��� nflerv-ard occupy. That was all natural 'enough.  Hut when ten. minutes passed by and  lie had ncillier moved nor spoken she  peered al him through the gloom with  some curiosity. At last the- silence .impressed licr with a vague uneasiness.  It was tinie to bring it to au end.  A thrill ran through her nerves. Wlio  or what could he" be, this silent man?  'J'liej'i   suildeulv   !t   struck   be'-  that  he  nilgai oe-mimo.  "lVilups monsieur 1s afllicted." she  said. "Perhaps monsieur cannot speak.  If that he the cau.se of your silence,  will you raise your hand, and I shall  understand."   lie sat rigid and silent.  Then a sudden mad fear came upon  her, shut up in, the dark witb this  dreadful, voiceless thing. She sciearned  in her terror^and strove to pull down  the window and open the- door. But  a giip of steel closed suddenly round  her wrist and forced her back into her  seat. They were already out ou the  t eounti"- roads far beyond Versailles.  It wasdarker than befoie, heavy clouds  had banked over the heavens, and the  rumbling of thunder was heard low-  down on the horizon.  The lady Iny hack panting upon the  leaiher cushions of the carriage. She  was a brave woman, and yet this sudden, strange horror coining upon her at  "the moment when she was weakest had  shaken her to the soul. She crouched  in the corner, staring across with eyes  which were dilated with terror at'the  figure on ib/e other side. If he would  but say something. Any revelation,  ,any menace, was better than this silence.  , ' r ���    ��� ���  "Sir," said she,, "there' is some mistake here.    I  do  not know by, 'what  ' right you prevent me from pulling" down  tlie window and giving my directions  to the coachman."      u /'        ,    ,  lie said nothing.'  <T repeat, sir, that there is some mistake. < This is the carriage of my brother, M. de Yivoime^uud he is not a man  who will allow his sister to be treated  uncourteousfy." i  A few heavy drops of rain splashed  against one window. The clouds were  lower and denser. She had quite lost  sight of that motionless Dgure, but 'It  was all, the more terrible to her now  ithat it was unseen. Sue screamed  ' with sheer terror.       ", t/ "��� \ ,  "Sir," she cried,' clutching forward  with her hands'and;grasi")ing his sleeve,  "you frighten ;me. You terrify me. I  liave never harmed you. Why should  you wish to liurt an unfortunate' wd-'  man? Outspeak to me, for God's sake,  speak!"       , ' .   '   <  , Still tbe patter of raid upon the,window and no,,otber sound save her own  sharp breathing.  ' '".Perhaps you  do  not. know, who  I.  'am'?" she continued, eudeavoring to as-  ,sume her'usual tone of command, and  talking'now  to an   absolute*and impenetrable darkness.   ;-You, may t16arn  when   it  is   too "late   that  you   have,  chosen 'the wrong person for'this pleas-  ,antry. - I am the Marquise,de Montes-  panyand I am not one wbo forgets a  Blight.    If you know.anything of the  'court you  must know* that my  word  has some'weight with the king.   If you  would���   0 Jesus!   Have mercy!"  A livid flash of lightning had burst,  from the heart of the cloud arid for an  instant the whole countryside and the  interior of the ealeche were as light as  day. The man's face'was wjthiu a  hand breadth'of her own,- his,mouth  "wny, rrienr-  "1 wrll tell you. Al Tortillac I have  the right of the high justice, the mid-  31e and the low. 1-am seigneur there,  md can try, condemn and execute. It  's my ljw'iul privilege. This pitiful  Kiug "will uot e\ eu know how to avenge  ycu, for the right is mine aud be cau-  aot gainsay it -wiTli-i'.t making au en-  smv of every seigneur iu France."  He  .oiiene'd   his   mouth   asain   nnd  laughed at ids own de\iee. while she,  shivering in every liruh. turned away  from his cruel face and, glowing eyes  and buried her face in her hands.  Once  more she prayed  God  to  forgive,her  for her poor sinful life.   So they whirl-  -   ���- '     "        ''������������������'  'i.-'hind  the',   * ...  ed through the night behind the' clat  tering horses, th. husband aud wife  saying nothing., but witu hatred ,and  fear raging in their hearts, iintil ��� a  brazier fire fhoi.e down 'upon them  from the aii'-de ol a keep and the shadow uf trie liuae r .�� "joined vaguely up  in  (rout of them  in the darkness.    It  nail the ���*- - ;* "������<"  (To be Continued.) ,  ���    A   BURMESE   RAT ��� TRAP.'  i    '  The Rodents Will Eagerly Enter it and ,  Cannot Get Out. '"   a  Rats may readily be, iudu'eed to jump  or drop iuto any receptacle, especin.:y  If it, affords them adequate concealment', and they do this without one lingering suspicion of their ipatiility. to^  reach the only existing outlet when the  time for retreat approaches. '   ,  Thus traps on this, principle , may  readily he designed and are ohvloiihly'  preferable' to our rat, traps where tho'  animals are numerous, ������   ���*,  ,' In Burma,' where, the rate are .V perfect pest, they use a jar trap, which la  thus described by, a traveler:  ��� "The common I'egu jar I used was  about one nnd a half or, two'feet deep  aud fourteen or'fifteen-Inches hro.ui, .  and a hole was punched in the shoulder  just large'enough'for a rat to enter.       _  "There, was about1 six or seven,inohen  of paddy (rice in husk) in the' jar,  which was then buried to withIn~ahout  eight Inches of the top. iThe mouth of .  the jar was .then closed with a,-board  and a stone. ,    - .    ��� |l  "A'quantity Of old timber joists and  straw were in' the outliouse and no end  of rat holes everywhere around." ^ ,>,  '' "With this contrivance he eaughtyseT-^  enty-two rats intone night. The rata  can readily, enter, -but, they cannot  climb the smooth sides ,'of the ja.r to  escape.���.Loudon Family Herald.  A' fireproof* tree.  The Chaparro, One of South, America'*  i Natural Curiosities;  On the vast plains of'Colombia and  the north of South' America, called'savannas, which are parchedl with heat  except during the rainy season, "there  Is one of the greatest^f. 'natural ycuri-,  treOj ^allied   the   chaparro,  . ositiea,'" a  wide open, his eyes mere'shining slits, f Wbleh is fireproof.   ������.���<.       <  convulsed with silent merriment. Every-'  detail flashed out clear iu- that vivid  ligh't���his red quivering' tongue, tha  lighter pink beneath'it, the broad white  teeth, the short brown, beard cut into,  a peak and bristling forward.^ '* , -.  11  But iV was not the sudden flash;>,it  was'iiot the laughing, cruel face,.-which  . It is  the  custom  of, the Colombian  herdsmen,to   'clear, the - ground  'by  means of fire for the new vegetation,  which   springs* up[ so 'luxuriantly   ha.,  these ,rc'gions"after  the  rainy   season.  But' riot-even''the'Intense   heat  of *av  prairie   fire.affects  the' chaparro, tree.  It'survives the flames to afford a-wel-'  come  shade In  an  otherwise' treeless  country.      ',,','" "��� *   ' '  It is a small tree, seldom ,growing  to more than 'twenty- feet in height,  with a girth of about three feet t It  owes its curious immunity from llro  to the nature of its, hard, thick bark.  The.'bark lies on-the trunk in loose,  layers...which do not readily conduct  heat to the" more delicate parts of tho  structure. ,   Q%  ,' The   natives   believe   that   this   tree  grows finly where gold,Is abundant In...  the soil below, and it certainly is common in auriferous districts."  "MauriceI"  she scicawed.    "-MauriceI  li is vou?"  shot an ice cold shudder through Fran-  coiso dc "Montcspan. It was that, of all  men upon earth, this was ho whom sho  most dreaded and whom sho had least  thought to seo.  ".Maurice!" she screamed. "Maurice!  n is you?"  "Yes, little wine, il is I. We are restored to each other's arms, you see.  after this Interval."  "Oh, Maurice, how youc havo frightened me! How could you be so cruel?  Why would you not speak to me?"  "Because It was so swer-t to sit In Alienee and to think that l really had  you to myself after all these ycars,  with none to come between. Ah, littl*  ���%vif"> t ��� -��� ���> -"  -- '-lilted for this hour."  "I have wronged you, Maurice; l  have wronged .\oi      Forgive mo!"  "We do not fori ve in our family, my  darling Fiaiieoise. '  "You may kill me If you will," she  ^���nofincfl.   .'"     ��� '  ' "1 will,".said he simply.  Still the carriage flew along, jolting  and staggering in tlie deeply rutted  country roads'. The storm had passed,  but: the growl of the thunder and the  fiiroCT' glint of a lightning (lash were  to be heard and seen on-the other side  >f the heavens.  "Where arc you taking me?'1 she ask-  ni at last. ..' '   - "  "To I'orlllJao, my .little ivifle." ,  "And why there? What would you  io lo me?" ������ .      , i '     '  "I would silence that little lying  tongue forever. It shall deceive no  more men."  :;   "You would murder me?    You hare  a stone for a hea; ..."  "It is true. My other was given to ft  woman."  "Oh, my sins are indeed punished.  Can I do nothing'to alone?"  "I will sec that you atone."  . "You have a sword by your side,  Maurice. "Why Oo you uot kill trie,  thou, lf you are so hitter against me?  Why do you not puss it through ury  heart?"  "Rest assured that I would have done  >o had I uot un excellent reason."  _  False Hair. ���  False hair was first regularly .worn  in England by Queen Elizabeth, who'  had upward of fifty wigs of different  kinds for her private use.- After her  death a few women adopted the  French fashion of wearing wigs, but It  was not until the restoration' that  wigs, or, more correctly speaking, periwigs, came to be extensively worn by  the sterner sex. These were introduced In the court of Louis' XIV,  where a natural bead of hair was not  considered - sufficiently luxuriant for  tho artificial tastes of tbe times. The  term "periwig" Is a corruption of the  French perruque. Wigs were originally adopted not as a remedy for baldness, but in the Interest of persoual  cleanliness. The laws of ancient Egypt  compelled oil males to shave the head  and beard. This explains why turbans  were not worn by the Egyptians, the  bushy artificial hair being regarded na  a sufficient protection against the heat  of the sun. The Romans, on the contrary, wore wigs because they were  naturally bald.  IN THE HOMES  OF FAIR CANADA  Or. Williams' pliSTPilb Arc Bring-'  ing Health to Weak, Despondent People-.  There  is   iiofT^ok  ...   <*"���� A��  Canada, in the .otic*   uysy viUa^  and  fauns  where Dr   William*   J ink  Pills  have  not  been  used,  a id  ����  'one end of tho, coun ry to _tl ie >  thev   have   brought   back   to    bread  winners,  their   wive*    ancl'  fainilio-?.  tlie 'splendid  irea��uio  of  new  heaiti  and new btreiifitli.   Vm ^y'e 011ly/1t  ask vour neighbors and they can te.i  vou'oi   some' nerve-shatttered   i��a*��-  suffering women,nailing youth, or unhappy, anaemic, girl i\ho owe pieseni  hfcilth 'and strength to Or, \\illiam��  Pinlc  l'ills.   iTheir wondeiful   succc^  is due to' the fact tlint Dr. Williams  Pink Pills gd'-nght to the root oi the  disease in the bipod, and by nutking  tlie  vital  Huid  rich and  red,  strengthen   every   organ   and   every, nerve,  thu-"  driving out di-ea^e and pain.  Mr/ Joseph Lacombe, Quebec City,  savs:���"To-dav'I-weigh about lorly  poni-Kls more than I n.d a year ago,  and am in every way in much sounder  health. For-vipwaid-i of two years I  had been studying hard to pa=s niy  examinations aiid my health nad  completely given way under the  strain. I lost'iie.-h rapidly, iny appetite was gone and' my neives w't're  greutlv weakened, '.t wft-s .obliged to  abandon mv studies and was in, a  slate of complete exhaustion. ' L' con-  sulied'a physician, but as L was daily  growing- weaker,.] decided, to ,try Dr.  Williams' Pinli'Piil.-t, vhioh 1 had  often heard very highly spoken of.  The beneficial 'effects were indeed remarkable for J had not used more  than a couple of boxet- when I> could  ieel an, improvement, and hope le-  turned. I continued, using the P*,*ls  for-.some' weeks longer with the^-re-  'sult'-that .my.strength .incienged daily  and' I was soon a"ble .to take over my  (Studies and work with as much- en-,  ergy as' -I ���had -ever done.' To-day? i  am in"perleet health and I attribute  my "recovery solely to Dr. Williams  Pink Pills."*-,   . '  -   ,  .   . ���  J'  You' ca'nfrget the.-io pills-from, any  medicine dealer or by mail at 50c a  libx or six boxes" for ?2.50 fruui The  'Dr., Williams'.-Medicine. Co., Brockville, Ont.      *���'       '   -,  '-An old gentleman walked iiplto the  pretty girl,attendant at-the, counting  room* of if' dally newspaper office .a'  few days ago and said:,        ���    ,  "Miss, I would, like to get copies  of 'your paper for a week back."/  '"'you had-* better eet a porous plaster," she 'abstractedly .replied; '"You  get them^iust^across' 'the -street."���  Exchange���    ,.*-,'*- .,,--.' '-���-',  ,- Pills'-fdr ' Nervous'Troubles:��� The  stomaolifisr in, tlie centre of the'nervous system,, 'ar;d��� when the stomach  suspends lidalthy action- the result1 is  manifest in distui bailees' of( sthe  nervdS'. If allowed to persist, nervous  debility, a "dangerous ailment/ may  ensue." ,The ..first' consideration-;, is to  restore Uie stomach to'" proper ���action,:  and there is no,readier remedy fortius than Parntelee's" Vegetable" 'Pills.  Thousands can- attest the ..virtue*'" of  these pills in,-curing nervous ,disorders*, f l ���   -'   ���-"'���.   ���.,!.,-'-  POSTAGE  STAMPS.  Enrich  Somo people miss opportunity when  ���it knocks .bpcause 'thpy haveti'.typush  enough to get a door open.rrThe .Business World.- -      >* v.      ^ , v S  -'    .v'  Minard's  Liniment Cures' Diphtheria.  *��� .   i     -     __^___^~_~-^~~-       ' '  ,    About  nammocKs. "   "  '  rm sorry for the hammocks all, r  "^    , The old om's and lhe new��� y.  The only things they build tor oat    ���  , That have to work for two     *  ���Detroit Free Press.'  <Vaste   and   Carelessness   That  ,      ' Uncle Sam-  -If we waste other things the way  we do stamps." said a Mai'ip clerk   he  other day. "��e American* are JuM  nbout the most wiibtcful P^ple ���� tllc  face of the earth.   ,  "Uncle Sam is much more than hall"  n million dollars in pocket every year  -is a result of carelessness In the use of  stamps. The government never loses  anything by such carelessness and always gains.    '  -How inanv stamps do you put loose  In a drawer of your desk or in a corner  of vour pockeihook and never think of  0".-iin until you <;ome across them, aged  aud' torn, while rummaging about  'months later? Then,, they, are tossed  Into the wasteb.-isket.  -Lots of people are careless about  ptittin" stamps on envelopes and paper  wrappers.' The .result"is,that often before the stamp' lias been canceled, it  has fallen oIYsaud the letter Is held up  at the other end of the lino until postage ts paid.  "A-great many more folks put on too  much postage.' They slap on two or  three stamps to n package Hint requires only one. They are too busy or  too lndolovt to take the trouble ' W  have the package weighed 'and And  out how much postage ihe package  requires. '        -,     -    ' , '    '  "If too Httle'postagerls put on a letter. Uncle Sam simply holds it up at  the 'other end until the- postage due  has been paid; Hitt If too much Is put  on. Uncle Sum simply .pockets the .excess te which he is not entitled and'  says nothing."        ���'  Flowers at Funerals.  -\ eh'te-vmaii who conducted the services at a funcial on the Kast fcide recently caufood a mild w-n*iit��on and.  for the time, made the mourners tor-  get their loss, by speaking oi the  "foolish display ot flow**-"- . ,He Bu,.d  that the effort to ape tne I'loh peop e  in this ctibtom was as lepreheiibible  tw it<would be to follow them m dress.  "1 have come to b" with you when  you take leave of the dead." he said,  ���'but I speak to the living, aud ask  you to lomember that there anr  places in the world'wheio death .notices sftato nlbo that no Howeru are  u anted, and i^k that the money which  -.-.ould have been ajient 'or them bo  '-ent to charitable inr-hlulioiifc', lhe  ��errti'iiH<nil evidently 'found favor tn  some minds for au "extract from a  ^ns,ible bPinion. made from memory  was.K'iit to all tho Kast bide publi-  ciifious.T-NeW   York Tribune.  Vou surely wouldn't iJlIyfln  when you could Ret a ^v'^  lot theMme-rnon*,? Vif^j**,  buy cheap, inferior, lmpoi^ mln  "X I  WATCH -THE' CELLAR.  Windsor  Salt  cost* no more.'. H's i,fst ioThu^  for cheese���bcit fpr Die table.  Insist bu havinj; Windsor Salt.  If Not Clean It Is a Breeding Place For  ," ' Sickness.  ' *���  ' "  Underground cellars ought to be done  away, with.5 They ure relics of a'dark  age.'   .More sickness originates lu.ih'oui,  physicians'claim,, than anywhere^ elso"  about the place.   Tliey oauiioV be kept  In "sanitary-condition while'"vegetables,  are   constantly.-decayiog   tbfere. "*' The_  place for>a cellar is'above ground"aUd'  outside the,rd well Ing'.'   heave the, buse-^  ment for the furnace,'the eoal.blri and  a general storeroom. .An above ground  cellar Is'more convenient in every way.  Vour  vegetables 'can, be  stored   with  J.oss*lhau  half the labor whcn"you do  not have to-go up'and downi stairs with  lhem.    Vou can keep an above ground  cellar  clean   witli   b'ucv little   trouble.  ' while' tbe^ underground oue, belng^dlth-  cult to get.'at, twill .be, neglected nine  limes out.of-teu and allowed to become  a' source- of^< lnrectlon . to ��� the family  above iL ' gy ,,     ���"''.,' ".,*'''  Ventilation 'and' temperature "are  much more controllable lu sucb a build-|  ing"-. than In an old" fasbloued* u'nder-l  ground cellar./ivhTeh obligoa the'houscj-  wife to/use" up* so much strength In  climbing st-tlrs; r.'ocate It' convenient  .to. tho "klc'clien. with' which' It'Van - be'  connected 'Jn   winter   by   an it Inclosed  -passageway', .Watch the cellar/ lte-  rnenlber,' the doctor who Immediately  asked,- --yVeii called io"'treat a case,of  typhoid"~ fevery ir there' wasydecayiug  cabbage. iu\the cellar.'"There, was (  Keep Hlie'cellar sweet and  clean'aud  'see,'that 11-Is frequently aired.' - v ~  A,Household Medicino.���They that  aie acquainted with the storlusg prn-  peitie-i of DryThoiuort'-'Ecleetric, Oil  in the treutnu nt of many uilmenN  would not be without it in the house;  It is truly a household medicine and  a.- it is effective in dealing with ninny.  ordinary complaints it'iu cheaper than  a doctor. So. keep it, at hand, m ,the  call for it may' come' most une-xpect-  eilly. .    '  '���' Of'all the discomforts in life, eay��  JMaimiidtfke i"n ,London Truth.- 'the.  worst' ibT-wopian. '.,    ,;        t  llefore* marriage woman i�� all ban;  after, all 'hook. '      ,      . -'-',,.  ', I' :������]    '���   '.  LEAVE   FOR   WINNIPEGi;      -'  Upiftlodge,*Mrin.--Mr.   K.  W'tHiaiiXK  and otliers leave 'thia wwk for Winnipeg' to .receivi} surgical'; aitendance  from Dr. ttumlmm. _ , ��� .    .  _, ���    ���   v  -I        L      II     '.  I -|l~ 'l T^i (*  ��� i <   > j   ,    i -   -r,    .-  ...nVj c��vimra ouwoome,, mning.f,  , 'jritTl "tlie asseslon'of-KlngBdwa'rd  not ..only each ' peeress',    uJt    every  daughter of"a peer, was entitled to a.  ,'ceremonial-kiss from tho'soveroirfnon  .presentation at'eourt,.and at Dublin  castle; tho Viceroy, us Lord Lieutenant'  o�� the Monarch, was required by^otl-  quotte to accord a sln3llarv��altuatIonj  to *every woman- presented, up,, mat'  ter whether young or*'aged,-married  or-singlo/homel'y^or beautiful.,. "For-,  tunatoly thei Vastymajorlty,   of.    tfcCe.  daughters of'vEdn ara extremelyvJr  tractive, so that tho Lords Llisut^pant"  seadobrcomplained/and lU'la doiibtful  whether the reform instituted by Edward -VII. in abolishing -vice/egOd ,ps-  ,culatioa\at.Dublin "castle  was. quite  a's^ popular as.most of the other, Innovation^ which ho has inaugurated.  He,, howevoW' Susilyfl(took the;ground  that .since he', himself had sacrificed-  the Monarchical iprerogailve,jot kiss-.'  ing tlebutantcs at.rcourt.theTe'Kvasino  reason  whatsoever why  the  Viceroy-  of Ireland should  continue to" enjoy  It as,.his representative.*,H*  may   be  added that until'now the KationaJIsU  .  FOR  CAMPERS.  DontV.Thnt  May'Save Maw Tt I  r    ' and   Dpllars. rt|  , (1), Don't, when, in tlie w,-���]<  down a lighted 'tii'iic;-,. i.|j.,ar.',,f  uther flauiin-j, wjvi-t, i!i.n\.'.uC-'f  the Hame,ha* Mn'iii.ui'j.ij.i^;**  ���.'lushed befon; tln.r-.ui.^ it ,^,,  t'2)0 J)01l*t buihl yum c,iii,i,'v,,,  jr than ife lwci-n-iiiv. I  (ty Don't, midoi a!i}''i��r-.'K'j,*j^8  r^av'o your tire mngu./idtd .;,0^\  coinpaintively '-.hoit 1,1a,., ^,-,1  itt'Uend-'out bt-ion.t y^u E��� j^'7'  ':"i;*l} '"Don't build your M,Al}-^.b  I'otlon wo'ckl or.otti.'r H'f'lliin:r��t���|  c-nnl.  ���  , (fi) c Don't build y.ur' Sire ..j^s  iarge or hollow log. \��uei�� iti'i^l  bo sura, .wlitm i\ ijj li.L-, \,.in ,^-\  put'outy  i 1" '��.""  - TO ,Oiefla1,"don'lV' jf nni -Vy  that iti.'wiudy >��*atiici, nt .m  cerou�� pluce, it ,i�� \svh in,ctri.  rji��j~in a hole dug rleiui >\iiti\,  jiiinei'al ,uoiJ, ,A nrc'indv ��-.,  nit Iheyliurnus^ or '"iUiH",io. Ui--.  >y waiting for^n'5>Ufiii)! Lmwij  \y into; a liame tliut tun-, ^ar,  *.niJe��- of .tfii^r,   '   ' ���  ""���"ytimnier 'tounstji. an.) oam-^ii;  "tOi*turiatoly , liave,! a' liiul's--.j*  ,^uuong thu owners, (nf uuik-tjte  aeing it ,frcqueiil_cau-..* �� hr-j,,:  dre^couldjl^ pr��jve��nt*il, ai.'jiuJfrl  Ji.e^pai-t-'oK *tlie' currq>*r-,7 1.&.J  oeeu^thc uniiiterHioimi ciittfeiisl  vorest ^estrucuony and \<,uo t:i[T  tid-roul niV'ftiletObl in lai j,i"��w��|  .if   liie "fpresta,, && tin: oiri.trc i  limber" themselves.   -Tlw rulo;  j��6ve"'"afe > tlie "fpsull 'ot 1"B? ,"  kince,,iu)'d observation un t-'-,p.'j  ni|n>^" ^v'oocUmeu   and iwrib^j  to*tne origin of fliet. iiorn'ifcinr  and are earuuitly cftmrnei.ti.-a',  attention of campers.;" ^[torUii-al  others.*"  ", "-*    l��       -   >l     \  'lho need for.obser\itic ti'fsis  haveiJnot seen "iK-to add thla mpasure Iphdelzed'by the occuriiiic* a Uil  on his part,to, th-jjong,list, ot wr��ngr, Ugo* of' serious 'fires, in llw \H\  , to which they claim lhe\Bmcrald Islt?    j0|,'ar "district'in Qi>"i*'i-. v.* 4  .       Spit Curls.  Little    Ethel���Mother,    come   quick!  Nurse   told - me   that   Nora   had   spit  curls, and   maybe she'll do It again.���  Success-Magazine.* -  Wha,t Displeased  Him.  Two hunters were making their way  across a lush meadow after a rain.  The ground was moist and soggy, but  their feet by quick stepping could he  prevented from sinking more than ankle deep.  Suddenly the one In advance disappeared up to his neck In n narrow  stream that, owing to the luxuriant  growth on the bank, he had observed  only as he stopped into it- With ditll-  culty he pulled himself out and began  wringing (he water from his garments. \  "Well, darn a country,"-he remarked,  with feeling, "where they set their  creeks up edgewise and hldej-'em la the  grass." ���   ,  India. ;.'  . You may wander for days through  India without Hoeing a I-hiiopeaii.,  There .are white colonies in each of tlie  capitals, but outside of these only, a  few planters, traders and missionaries  arc scattered over the land. In a city  like Renares, the Venice of India, a  man might live a year without seeing  ii white face.  ButtcrAnd. y  The French chef insists that the very  foundation of all good cooking is butler rind onion married in the pot The  Italian cuciniere prefers butter and  garlic. The Spanish cocinero seasons  his dishes with butter and leeks.  The Zulu. [    ''  If he Is  properly  led   the Zulu docs  not   understand   the   moaning   of   the  word '���surrender."  ' Automatic-Salt Works.  About a hundred , miles north of  .Lima, near the town of Bnaobo. is one  of tbe great .curiosities of nature, a  salt, factory on nn automatic plan.  When the tide conies in It fills a lot of  shallow basins, and th'e water is prevented from flowing back into the sea  by closing the g*ites. The atmosphere  is so dry that, Uie water evaporates  rapidly and leaves a sediment of salt  in an almost pure -"tale, which is scraped up, packed into sacks and shipped  to market. Within the coast ,a little  ���farther the percolation of sea water  through the porous rocks into pits and  hollows has caused immense deposits  of salt to accumulate. The srtlt Is  taken out in blocks six or eight inches  square and sold in that form. As soon  as the salt is excavated the water  comes in again and In nyvear or two  has polidified and is ready for the market. Wells driven Into tiie salui disclose strongly impregnated water at a  depth of twenty-five foot, which seems  to bo a great deai hoarier than the'Roo  water, ami Is drawn oft' .lilto vats for  "vnpnr.iMnn.  Syrrlptoms of  \N  Nervous Exhaustion  Heartache.  Sloeple-'-,nc-> ���  Imp.uniii-nt of memory.  Dc"ip'iiirteiiey   and   gloom.  'Palpitation of, the :henrt. ������  Inability   to stand exertion. '  .,  Tertdoneyylo..,fear  arid   linxietyy  Vertigo;   ffiifitncss and   dizziness.  inability  to  concentrate- thu 'mind.  Muscular   weakness  and ��� trembling.  Twitching of the muscles and nerve.'".  .'..-The above,'symptoms are infallible.  'signa' of. the "nervous wreck,"-.-whose'  life, has - been '.'nil ��� work, ��� 110 play."  The' development of' nervous exhaustion. is slow, as, is ' the 'treatment,  l-'lectrrenl, ���massage treatments,- cold  plunge' baths . arc excellent to alleviate this disease, but a' nerve restorer such as I)r. Chase's Nerve .Food  is  absolutely  necessary.-  Mtr.'A. Ward. 210'Drrnd.iK street,  Woodstock, Onf... states: "1 could not  sleep at all well, rind was very tier-,  vous nnd troubled 'with frequent  headache. ,1 found ������ Dr. Chase's  Nerve t'orirl very helpful ' to me, as  it scorned to steady .my -'nerves so that  1 wns able to sleep and rest well, find  the headaches have entirely disappeared. I can strongly recommend  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food as a splendid system builder and nerve restorer." 50 cents, al all dealers, or Kd-  inanson, 'Jlates & Co., Toronto. Write  for Dr.  Chase's  1908 Almanac.  , y     ''f*A  Mountain  of Alum.,      ,-    ",  -'"Tn   ChhiiU   twelve   and  a  half  miles  -from .flie- village of Liouchek. there is  a mountain of nliim which In addition  lo being a, natural curiosItyMs a source  of   wealth   for  the Inhabitants  of .the  "country', who dig from It yearly' tons"  of alum. Tho monntiiiu Is, not less  than, ten miles In circumference at Us  base'and has a height of 1,010 feet.  .The alum 'Is obtained by' quarrying  large'blocks of'stone,' which are first  heated in,great furnaces aud then In  vats "filled with boiling water. tTfiO  alum crystnlll~.es out and forms a layer  about six' inches In thickness. This  layer is subser-uoiilly broken up Into  blocks weighing about ten pounds  each. '  1 Travel as Teacher.  "Travel forms the young"' is a French  proverb. So it does, and it also helps iv  teacher to become formative. Travel  is good for touchers professionally. !�����-  cause travel I3 .1 teacher Itself. Dut  irnvel is good for everybody who Is  hale and sane. "There's fools o* fowk  what never haves their toes off their  doorstops.'little brother," a gypsy said  to me forty years ago. I *am glad 1  have never been one of (hose.���J. U  Voxall, M. V., In T. IVs Vfeekly.  Not  Superstitious.  "Do yon belie\e in ghosts?" asked  lhe man who rescntu all superstition.  "No, suh." answered Hraslus I'lnk-  toy. "An" all I's hopln' Is dat dem  gbos'es will lemme Htay dat way 'slid  o' conihi" siroun: tryln' to convince me."  A   Different  Proposition.  Pompous   Director   (hotly 1--Why   did  ron   refuse   tp   give   my   son   a   fair  banco   to   show   what   he   could   do?  Iion't .1011 U-lie\o In Inlrodticlng young  blood in  the business?   Superintendent  -I do, but not young bloods.���Puck.  -Out of the Usual.  "I  have something novo?..In the way  of a melodrama." ^ ' ..,.,'���  "State.yOui; case." ,  "The  liliicksrrillh  Is  a   rascal,  whilo  the  hanker Is as honest as the day IS1  long!":. ��� ' ',-.������  has ,bebn*subjected -by   ihii   IlHUtth  Crown," '      ,/,��� '   ��� '.     V      A   ,   '"   ',' ,-���  yThereare   oer'aln   forms ,of   cere,  mohial kisf��, (however, which Edward"  ���VIL'has  not''Rtiempio'd. ..to    abolish.'  -Thus. Archbishops and1*Bishops of ,thet  church ofv Dnghutd; Ambassadors aruj  Ministers*' ^plenlP'Heudai'y,    , Cabinet,  ofticers, and {the great  dignitaries', of  court, and sate, Kiss < bis hand, atS the'  ..aljdio'rice'yat <- which 'ho"' con'rers��� ;npou  -them,their appointinerrtt, "aria' the' fact,  that they;-have ��� "Ids-sod���"liantls "on* aj>-i  pointment" ris' always 'roeonic'i in Hhe  rbval/Couf^CSrculnr""iind~Tho Lpndor���  Qaxctto.   Similar'homage 'Is   parJd   to,  Empeior William, to   the    venerable  Fi'-iucls  ."ios'��pb of Austria; ' to c Uie  Czars of Russia, to the Sultan bf Tur  %ke^", to the Kings pf S^wedeiranrt Den-  mark, to lhe Sovereigns ot SrJain and  Portugal, .aftd lo1 many'of the minoi  rnlers of Clormany. Indeexl. one of the  most  picturesque    Incidents    of    the  core 111 ony of the    accession    to    the  Crown or Emperor Wilti-nn, was.whcn  at. the close of his firs'  speech from  ,the-throne old-Prince  Bismarck aud  tlio still .rnoie aged    Field     Marhhal  Count   Mollke.  both stepped  foi ward  and bowed low to .kiss the hand of the  young    Monarch,' .wlioai    they, had  known    In imateJy   .ever    siuco    his  earliest infancy.  1   Too-Mountainous.  "Yes," said 'Sluiige-y; "J tramped  through Switzerland once."  "Come off!" exclaimed Dowtcr. "You  trover did." '   '       -.  "Sure I did; on tho level."  "That proves you're'lying. It's slu>  ply impossible to tramp through Switzerland on the lcvej."���Catholic Standard and Times.  During, the Ordeal.'  "Beaker  Is   the -most  absontmlndcd  chap I ever met." -   t  "What did he do?"  "The last time he got into a barber's  chair he pinned the newspaper round  his neck and began to read the towel."''  ���Judge.  being-vvippd,oui; Hit,* lire-.-arcf-i  to, Jrave-ori-filiated' Horn nr-- u  (i-slxy/uen.^ ���   v..r  " A^M'cdical ^Need Sup'pliti.  a ,'ineeltciiie. is rtnnid lt,A. 1  'ji&Ui'upon ihe.atoniRch, but !*&,  ^>0��>cd�� that certain /iiw����Im*!s��I  JUdA/unaltered '.Uuougn 11^ ^  t.0 linUL nctioiivin -thubovi-l' '  j-hereVis.nivniiiilJSe a, j��urcs"wj  olcahserXot ~ great 'effertivsiK^'  'i��elce*��'Ve-gHtnble fiM�� ^ *  elmruetorltnud^qie' .tht- beet**--���  iJuring-l.Uie ymirit tnni mrt' ^  ui use they, have i>i>t��biiA-:  jelvea as'jiojother:pill lui^'^  "i , .'    '        -  On-'leaving, his "study, vl/ai  the rear of'Uie chinch, lb'1  a churcli in Brooklyn Va�� AWs  0. friend ol his, talking te :i *-|  ��� "What was he saying to y"-|  asked   the divine,  as 110  cais|  the youngster,' ,      >���    ' j  .   "���He   jiiht1 wanted   to   kn'��|  Ulank     was   tho    preacher  church." > <���      ���,  "And   what  did  you  U�� lud  "I, told Jiiin."  rWpoiul-fl l.v  with' dignity, "that you w-p^i  kont  encumbrance."'���hijipiiiAJ  Minard's- Liniment   Cures Co!s��  Siella���An  exciting bnd-rorvn  Bella���Very.', - We- plnu'il f"|  ither's  co'oks.-r-JIarpei'-i i'.artfF  The  battle   was goih*: .ii,'."-'*"|  Tho commander-in-chief,  cr  of   the  South ���American ���"���!  sot nn ilir^e'to-tbe,rear onli*'>  Blanco to-bring iij) hi- n-y  once. ,  Ten   minutes  \nt?-A >'J  didn't come.    Twenty, tlnrK.f  ���still   no 1-egiment.    Tim *���''  tearing     back",.   )iatl"b.^,   h-'-s  "My  regiments, my  reci-art-!  is >it?"     shrieked     the   ��(���  "General," nnswercd tho e^-'l  "Blanco  started   all   righi,  arc'a   couplo   of  drunU'ii V*|  down  the road and  the} mi'  go  byi"  ALWAYS,  EVERYWHERE    IN  ASK   FOR  CANADA  ^���-^d SJ  .-.; Outspoken.  Mrs. narrulOus���I was outspoken In  my sentiments nt the club this afternoon. Her Husband���I onn't hellcvo  you. Who outspoke you, my dear?���  Ixmdon Mall.  Ilnppy Is the man who does nil tha.  L'bod be talks of.���Italian Proverb.  .   ������   Noncommittal.  ."Does :thls automobile racing business pay ?".���'.'  "Wrell, It raises the dusL"���Baltimore  American.  W.    N.    U.    Nc  m.  Man-of-War's Decks.  Some readers will have noticed how  beautifully clean the decks',of ,n man-  of-war always seem. Marty in tho  morning men turn out and'scrub them  hard, and lhe decks are then, dried  with what is called a "swub," Thia  "swab" is marie, from disused rope,  stranded out. Tho method of using  it is to flog the deck vigorously, which. \  indeed, is no e'aay tosh.   .    ���������  Eddy's   Matches   have   Hailed  from   Hull   since, 18! f  years   of  Constant     Bettermen> haOe   resulted     in     Eddys  reaching   a    Height   of   Perfection  attained,by  No Others.  ;.-. ....���..'������'.     Sold   and. used ��� everywhere.,in   Canada.  "Ghiidran L-ike It.  GhLldresi TBariv�� On .'It-   . .  ChiSdreii Grow On "'  Blirodiled-.Wheat rcgulatos the system and keeps  stomach' sweet  and   clean.  Try  it.    Sold   by  all  grocers. /  '-t-'-''~T:  3&l��>i*!tia3r&&ftre)  i! Do you want  ||riting Book?  fit's Free.  M"       , '   '  ,  rour mother to send us  ���np , and, "address and  ,sJjd you one, of these  i|Jj||PaiiUiiig'' Bopks, witli  Jts all ready to u.se.  WjMo -"end a qua-rler-  pjmckag-e of Celluloid  l||fr your, mother'to ,try  $88�����   Ua>'-:        , KM)  ticks.   Requires i\c Coqkiaff  Stlj^   -        * -      *-j  fiMfcl* Worl,H, Limited, lin-rilfurd.' Cd,m,r,i,  THE    LEADER,    MOYIE,     BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  to'Be a Sailor.  btanding Of O.-o new fjrst-  gjNavnl.Academy���the gra-  FANTAN   AT  MACAO.  Gambling Houses of the Monte Carlo of  the East.  Macao, a Portuguese Chinese port at  the   mouth   of   the   Canton   river,   Jo  China, is the Moute Carlo of the east.  One must walt'uutll evening to see the  famous "fantan"  houses.    The Interiors   are   brilliantly   lighted   with   oil  lamps (for Macao boasts, neither electricity nor ga<i) and furnished with costly Canton bhrckwood elaborately carved  and upholstered iu velvet    There are  two, floors.    The  cooly   class  remains,  ou the grounJ floor, where the actual  games   take  place,   but   in  the' room  above, immediately over the table in  the   room' below,   there   Is   a   square  "well"  with   a  rail  around  it and n  narrow  table  furnished   with   betting  books and'pencils, cigarettes,'etc.  The visitor may take a seat and look  down nt the game, which'really seems  fair" and simple. .V, man sits at the  head of the table with a huge heap of'!  brass "cash" before him and a slender  wand  in   his  hand.    Ue   takes  CANADA'S FINEST AND  SAFEST PLAYHOUSE  THE   NEW   WALKER   THEATRE   A  'DREAM   OF   ELEGANCE  AND  COMFORT. ' ,  Manager Walker Secures a Sterling  Summer Attraction in the John C.  'Fisher Opera Co.���A Repertoire of  Popular Musical Comedy Successes'including "Florodo-a," "The  Strollers," and "The Silver Slip,  per." -     . '  oi Kansas City, Mo.,  m> Welsh is the youngster  "lined to follow the navy  Jiiiid finding'Jiiiii->elf laeJc-  p.in height, had,himself  Kb the requi rod ..btriturc, in  ^Jiibtructpd- jnacliinti? IloJ  fj'youngi-Bt meriibeis of his  T&'ljiis reoid ������hotv,j, one of  At^U.  V.  Tribune."  Mm of 1909-JiUh been Uorn- lfl "   "     "."���     \le   laKOS   UP  a  ���"���Wmbtsishiii  of ,180 ' it   s ,J-a1nidft,I,,<>f tlle com and puts lt on the  1    note,- Midshipman, Lu-   Jf'  covorinS  ft  "���*''��-���   a* brass  hat.  '     " " ' T"en the betting begins, tbe bets being  laid on the number 1, 2, 3 or, 4, after  which the banker takes up the bat and  counts 'out the cash iu fours, separating them with his cane, the number  left when the last "four" is removed  one of the "inodl jxiterij,'  ��ever    introduced,     wjtl-  jmbut   all   duniiner   com-  fiiifj animation of the  bow-  |P.   Kellogg's"' Dysentery  Ewon 'for  itself a  rep'uta-  S>tlier coidial for the.pur-  |JHre to. r For young or old  ||gpt 'th-jse-'complaints/'it' is  ^ljcine' that', can'be   pro-,  ^fireJy:wovperiods,1 in a. man's  ^���jsrifhe^s jumible; to understand  Jne^js befoie marriage* and  'jtfwr.���Harper-s Weekly, .  gmd.go, but "the.-tea that  j, always leads; always  Hire,-always   the, best jn  lial traveller-ais-on friend-  ,h, the poiter^'of-'a, sleep-  flie uses frequently.. ,  ���forge,"  ��� arfnpuneed " tlie  e" morning  gleefully,' "J  ���w&'for you.;--AVe>e 4iad  y f ain ily���t wi ns."    '  berth, sij>',"said George.  ition." ���"7 I ��� - . i  being the subject of the betting? These  houses, numerous as they are, make  an enormous Income and nre'-a���sou'rce  of large revenuo.to Macao.���Exchange.  ,\ ". JAPANESE  PAGODAS, '  Enormous Pendulums Render - These  ' Old Structures Earthquake Proof.  ."The only old structures In Japiiu  which seem to be earthquake proof are  , the pagodas, which were erected before  'the temples. --'.There are many which  are -700 (or SOO years o'ld and as solid  as wlieu first built 1 _,,   <  r < ',    ,-  a ' .bore is a reason for this, aud It lies '  In.' their x construction. ' a   pagado   Is  practicallyra-framework of heavy tim-  rJAr��nt?Iarchtl\,m5> ���d ^ was  only, ui few weeks thereafter when the  huge steel frame ims in place, to the  amazement of all who had watched  lhe building operations, and the ina-  sonry wasp begun. Work waa carried  on f-o nipidly and well, that the theatre rw a., thrown open infoimaliy to  the public on, December 17, with  lollindrf Austialian Lilliputian Op-  oia Company as the attraction. While  the exterior was practically complete  ,h that time, there remained much to  be done in the, intenor, and the work  was earned on even though (he theatre was open for busincv,-- all the  time, as attractions which, had'been  booked many montli's Jn advance  hnd  to be plaved.' '  On Kebruary"/*J;( I90C, the tlieatre be-  ���mg complete in.ewy  detail,  it'was  toimally dedicated.   .The speakers for  the occasion \\cre Sir Daniel McMillan  Iieut.-govern.or of Manitoba;  Premier  Koblin of Manitoba;'and Mayor Ash-  down of Winnipeg.    All  three lauded  the   enterprise   and   public   spirit   of  Manager Walkei; for ���erecting in Winnipeg the most palatial, plavhouse in  the, fi Dominion���-indeed,'    a"- theatre  Which  for-.beauty, -safe'tv,* equipment  both   before "and behind- the curtain  the cut marked "Lobby:'? This is all  marble-tried and waniot otted, with  beautiful decorations in bronze on the  upper walls and ,ceiling, all accentuated by superb electnliers.  The main hoor foyer is, a dream of  elegance, rwith its warm yet refined  coioi scheme, and decorations. One  finds the big settees at either end  most, inviting lounging places be-'  tweeu the acts. The men who smoke  hnd comfoitable quarters during the  entre-acts in the spacious wnokni''  room in tli'e basement, or in the con��  fortiible room in the balcony. As for  the lfidieo.j they have everv eonverr-  lence, lujri],shed 'them in the handsome retiring rooms on lire first and  second' fioo..,, \Oryre maid.-; are in attendance 'Ihe slaiiways aie all of  steel and brass, and very men-  Pation;, of ,the theatre are','protected jrom rain or sun while 'waiting 'lor their carnages bv tlie handsome marquis over the entrance It  is shown  above.      , ' I  The Walkei Theatre was built with  a view to Ix-ing kept <>pwMi ' all the  yeai; round, hence tire peuect heating,  cooling and ventilating plain -whicn  was' installed,, at a oo.-,t of $i4,uO<J.  This plan bringh fiesh air from'the  top oi the building u> Vviuter and,  alter cleansing it, passes, jt over  steam .coils, and then it iB 'fanned  up, into tiit- house by two imiiii*n---e  tarib through apertu'eu ,in the floor  oi the auditorium.'    '  In the suuuner' the fresh' air is  taken in-and cleurihed in th- .same  manner,,but it is,.pa'H��ed over ice- and  Operation  Avoided  When Doctors Had Given up and the  Surgeon's Knife Recommended���  A Cure is Made by Dr. Chase's  Kidney-Liver   Pills.  RACE R!  T IN VANCOUVER.  All Claims Settled at Cost to Country  . of $50,000.  "I think the people- \wll be glad that  we have reached the la-t phase of the.  riot J hope sorru- good will come of  it; that at lea^t it .shall help us to  understand each other better."  Commissioner King, recently, thus  closely two twek.")' Cliine.se claims enquiry, his third investigation within  mi .^months, all growing out of tbe  not m September  .eon's   knife   this    preparation    ^\AS^T^'^&t  sistance rendered by  Mr. McEvoy, as  W. G. Aikens ot Zephyr-- Ont. Co.,  writes that ins 'wife was refecued fioni  a medical operation for inflammation  of the bladder by Jjr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. She had taken doc-  toi,-; medicine,'bat without avail, and  when ahno&t  resorting  to    the'   sur-  "'verl a tiial, with the above result  i his terrible di.-ea.se mav be recof-  mzed by the fiequent^and'iiiiperative  desire to urinate, every halt hour,  night -and day. Ur.ination is accompanied with a heavy * burning pain,  felt chiefly about the bladder. Sometimes at the end of each urination  blood is passed, while' almoct invariably the urine contains pus and  blood. The patient is, also liable to  be chilly, followed by coiisidei-uble  fevei. '  ,' City [of Toledo, ��� > ' '  ..County,        ���,'/���, rfss--  jjheriey  makes  bath'* that  piutner-of the firm-of F.  f'I'Co.',  doing  buBines.s  in  goledo. County and Statii,  " that said firm-will jiav  )NE   HUNDRED 'DOlI-  and every, case o,f- ca-  jot be cured-by the use  Vrli Cure.        I; , s~.-*'-  EANK J VCII ENET.-"-  Iprc' me���ah(i sxibscifbcd'  Cc this Gtlv. dnv of Dec-  86.,  .Ai AV. GIjBASCJK'.'  ��� Notary Public,  rrh Cure" Js vtaken ,inter-  Is, diioctlyJoii the blood  surfaces-.of  tlie  system.  imnniaU.- free.    ^      -   -  ffiXEt & CO., Toledo, 0?  j|k drnggi-.t-j, 75c.-,   '   s     -  Family 'Pills   for  con-  Jo yon think hoop skiria  nn?-  Se  women , are    wearing  ir heads this vear.  t   Cures  Co!��S  goit)*: .ii,'."-'*;|  i^pimenl   Cures   Distemper.  "Jy for Road  Dust."  Ito somo extent tho dust.  es travellers, Al. J, Buck-  'supeiintendent 'of     the  Sgation  Line, purposes   *o  ngto grow along the tracks.  Vecpipg the track clear.'of  tutting   them,   the   section  .JjEructed to allow them 'o  ��?fg them trimmed close to  SnJLt-'they may not come in  .jn'th^lhe   wheels  of  the  cars  feSiJi'duble.      it  is  entiinated  PpTconipany    sp.nujs     $-10,000  ���iai^i,n"pcutting wee'ds,  and, in-  lyrwk6"bping "soil   worked     so  f<ltch the dust.    Wheiever  been   allowed   to   gio.v  .tioubled;   and   tins"  _---   Mr-   Buckley   to  try  |iiMt.Qf allowing weeds and  ���%'i^Uie ties, especially the  flHs of tne ties outside tho  gaiti a geographer of Chi-  ^"gtarled   on   one   of   his  speditions  without  rocoiv-  f^fflTnd express  all  sort-* of  l[frottp,ei a nks��� cowhide    un-  |��|iblcts, medicated boots,  " Pern y   once   told   me  :(e,   a   few  days   befoie  |b Uibt trip,   wired him  "important   jiackage   by  enme. It. was- labollcl  at   tho  farthest   point  |l*eiied it at once, how-)  small keg inscribed  tho polo'."  hers, which' starts from a- wide' base  and'is'in itself a substantial structure,  but rendered stIU more .stable-by fa  peculiar device: Inside the framework  and suspended 'from (the- apes Is a'  long, heavy beam of timber -two ^feet  thick.or, more. ,This hangs from one  end of the four, sides.' Four more heavy  timbers, ��and If the pagoda be very  lofty still, more timbers, are added to  these.. The wjiole forms an ,euormous  pendulum; which reaches within sis"  inches of the ground.", * '     .  , When Nthe" shock 'of .an earthquake  rocks the pagoda'the pendulum swings  ln.uniso!irand keeps' the center of gravity, always at the base of* the fraiue-  ,work. Consequently the 'equilibrium  of the pagoda-is never disturbed, and  this Is the. explanation of the'great  age of many of them, when from their  height, one would suppose "the'm to be  peculiarly susceptible,'to the effects of.  the earthquake.' y ,,   .      <  ,   ',- ,   -r  France ands Fourteen. ������ ",   ,  , So far as. France "Is ,conce'rned, ltr Is  the,mimber fourteen that has played a^  consplcuousTand portentous pi'irt In her  history.-.  On May U; 1554/ the Hue de  LvFerronnierre was enlarged by order" j  pf.llenrl ,11., and four-times fourteen  years'la tor,, Henri IV. was assassinated  there   by' Ravaillric���namely^   on   May  14,  1C10.    Henri had lived four times,  fourteen   years, -fourteen   weeks   and  four times fourteen days���that is, Qfty-  Hix years and Ave months.  .Then Henri's   son,   Louis   XIII..   died   May ,14,  1043. the same day and mouth as bis  father.      And    1013    added .. together  equals fourteen, just as ir-33. the jour  of f,he birth of Henri TV., equals fourteen.    Louis'XIV, ascended the "throne  1043,   which,   added   together, -equals  fourteen, 'and similarly'tho year of his  death  (1713) equals fourteen.���-London  P. T. O.  Kept Them All on Edge., ,  One of the favorite,devices of Lord  Kelson when ships were cruising In  "company was to signal to a given  craft that Lieutenant Smith or StatT  Eugtneer Urown 'or Captain 'of Marines Jones was to lake charge, ou the  assumption that all his superior officers on board had been put out of  action  .  ���-        ���u _  .. ......        fc.,u       UUlliUIJ,  and for the comfort of its patrons,  has but few equals and no Superior  rp  all .America.' --        ���  The, Walker Theatre cost 'nearly  $350,000/and is macle whollv of'fire-  nroof materials, even, the auditorium  floorings   and   other  woodwork " being  ihen fanned Ihrougn tiro house. How  suceew-jl this cooling and ventilating Byslehr is may be gathered from  the laci that the ineicuiy' never rose  above 70 degrees'" in the'Walker Theatre on tlie warmest' mght.s dunng tlie  various pciformance'b given thc-ie last  summer. Therefore it rfs* au ideal  place in which to 'while away tlie  warm summer afternoons or eveningp  -.Another feature that sirould be mentioned in speaking of "the comfort to  the pationns'of the hou.se" is the width  of the seats and tlie fact- that there  lfijno crowding between he", rows. One  may sit in absolute ease and comfort.  ��� Manager'yWalker' has secured-for  his-big summer attraction lhisfvea��-  the John'C. Pisher Company, of New  iork, in a repertoire of popular musical comedy successes.-'The company  numbers sixty-five people ,and.,it required four of the, largest baggage  cais to transport,' tlie scenery and'  costumes from New'York tfj Winnipeg.    /The   Fisher Company opened  -There are .thousands of persons who,  although they have not a bvnirJ-tom of  any kidney,or hver disease, take occasionally a pill to regulate and assist these organs.- This-prevent,-, disease.  Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver' Pi]].-, will  prevent as well as cure, Ono pill a  dose, 25 fonts a box, at all dealers,  or Julmanson, -Pates ��& Co., Toronto:  Write for Dr. Chase's WOi Calendar  Almanac.       ,  Mo.sl women have faith in their  husbands aa long' as tliey can buy  things on credit"at a dry goods store.  ���When two women .exchange compliments-the reeoidmg angel is .kept as  busy as wnen two men trade 'horses.  Many a man gets' the upper hand  by dealing^t'to himself from the bottom of tiie pack.'���Pitlsbuig'Leader.  Worms-feed upon , the -vitality of  children and endanger'their lives. A  simple and effective cuie is Mother'  Graves'   Worm   Exterminator.  ���ilso by the pre.-oiK'C* at the enquiry of  Mr   King,   representing,   the   Chinese ,  embassy  in   London,   OwyanKs=Kin"  wee consul at Sin Francisco and Mr'  Moy of Portland, vith whom he had  ,7Mm.an>' Private conferences.  his impossible in an enquiry like  "ns,     concluded    the    commissioner,  to   avoid   asking   rnanv    questions  some of which  might seem  to be impertinent and appear lo,relate to the  private .affairs of tho  business of the  claimants.    But' f  fool   sure  that  all  realizo theca have-not been prompted  ��y ��ny spirit of curiosity.     ,  Perhaps .the highest compliment  that can,be paid to the Chinese is to  say that,after careful examination of  'heir business method.-, and their ccon-  amic and .social conditions, they have  'on tho whole increased my appreciation of their character."  The fin-t enquiiy growing out of the  not waa that into claim.-, of the Japanese, who were, awarded nearly $B,000.  The second was that in the' following  month, November, into'the cause of  the oriental influx ' Had the Chinese  Government had arrei-ident consul in  the  Mr. Alfred Brown, of Merriton,  Ont. ��ayj :���" For six years I have  not known what it was to be free  from pain. No one ever .uttered  more from itching bleeding Piles  than I did and I tried everything  to get cured but failed.    One day a  friend off-line who had bun cured witb  ? But E��ve me > pan cf a l.o-t to try,  and the relief I E0( was ���iiarve!lo���s. I ih en  bought a ��upply *nd tefcre J h��d u��ed it all  urat completely cured." ,  Of ajl drugcijs, ,r,d stores, ux.  AM-BUK  RELIEVES & CUKRk"  I  -i  t Their  Knowledge.  Is been a simrah!" vouchsafed a  recently converted brother, during an  experience meeting in'Kbenez����i Cha-  "pel. ';a heoiiyus, "low-down, ccuitam-  lnated siiinah lor lo rice many venhs,  and knowf'd it!"  "Don't let dat molest vo',  Bruddo'r  -New com be,"   i-poke   up   ��   syif.palhe-  ''de   rest  of  "���Puck.  *   ' 1  Ja\ I  1 1  '-  !'l  * * a  \\\  i' ll  tically  inclined   deacon,  us knowed it all do time  -I.ierfi is no poisonous ingredient in  .Holloivay s Corn Cure, rind it can 'be  .ufecd  without danger  of injury.*. '  In ton minutes the battle -would  begin The     enemy    outnumbered  them  five ,to  one.  .  "i\?y"''\  f:ilul   i1k"   e^I'lain.   polemn-  ly,      we   havo   hard   work   before   un  See' that   you   are   all   atr.ied  tooth."   *  to   thu  ��-n     ���   ���    mA a^^en* consul in      Far down  the " kn��   little  O'F aniv ���'  ;e Dominion, the claims of the Chi-   nervously hold ^phis hand '  so would have been investigated at '    "Please    cirVin "    ' ���  much 'f-nrlior   ,l<,t*       13 .��   i.������    .-.   !     ,.,,    .V-^ .9t'IHf*-nl- .  nesc  a  much 'earlipr  date  Hum or has  it ���  that Owyang King will be the first  Chinese consul in Canada and that he  .-.ill bo"stationed at Vancouver.  Claims'of the., Chinese total nearly  $28,000.    The   amount   they ��� will    be  awarded .will .likelv be in the, neigh  bbrhOod  of  *2o.000.   That  will   make  the cost of the-riot by injury to business and property of orientals '$33,000 ',  ���jMamma-Why,.-Elmer,  haven't you   'r,lt?   damage,to   property   owned   Dy  a 'kiss, for   papa   when   you   haven't/ w-hite citizens has never been estrmnt-  seen him for two months?   '      - J sdyno .claim having ever been ma\Jf  ���Elmer  (ageid  5)���No,  mamma.  Men  ,"?all?s-   the   ,c*ty ' for   compensation,  don't kiss each other; it looks^chikl-   .Waking a fair estimate for this and  j    "Well,  O'l-'larity?."  "r\:    n:    x rl   '  Oi���Oi   haven't 'any   tathe."���Chicago News. - .   , '  ish*.���Exchange.  including the amount paid out ,by  the orientals' for^frrearms, which''Corn-  missionor King disallowed, both in  the claims of the Japanese and Chinese, together with cost of throe investigations and printing of. official  reports,, the five-hour riot prdbabl\  cost $50,000. ' ���- ' "    '  GRENFELL'S HARD" FIGHT  3!own to Sea on Ice Floe���Killed Four  Dogs.' ' .   -  News of an 'adventure,which nearly,  life  has   just  Ill's  sost   Dr.   Grenfeil  , some to hand..  Late in 'April the intrepid mission-'s  ary set, out alone to cross , the Pisli  roads, boundt to , Belvuo" to amputate1  a-man's leg. He had with liiin a team  of eight clogs ami komatik, with his  ,gun ' and, a case oi Vsurgical instruments. He,.was lightly clad, as the  weather ��as fine when he' started.  ���To avoid the'ob^tacles ofTand travel  TDr.-Grenfeil  proceeded ,over. the ' ice  on the shoie, when the'wind changed  and blew off, the land.    It became a  gale,  and  the   ice   parted   from   the  'shore.     ^ �� . '  For hours the devoted missionary  Icept his dogs going, urging his team  to0 greatest spped, in the 'hope of'ef-  fccting a landing on some jutting  point on. the shore before the ice  would clear it. But in this he was  iisappointed. '   ,  All night the wind continued to increase in fury When darkness set  in the ico uas out =e-.'r-K!l miles from  land and going rapidly farther.  To make matt.-is worse.' the dogs  were accidentally driven into a bad  spot, and the doctor lost his gun, surgical instruments and clothing. Cut  he saved the koru'ik and the dogs  Ho could not kpep still, for fear of  freezing, and -had to keep' running  around all night to keep up 'his circulation.  Hunger became <-o pies��ing that (he,  doctor decided "**��� kill some of the  dogs.   Without hij rrun tlie doctor was j  Health  Every woman ' may be attract-: '  Jive.   'Bright, eyes, pink cheek*  and   red   lips , are   her'nature-  given right. A sallow skin; lack  of   animktion,  'low   spirits 'and    ,  weak nerves may be avoided by   -,"  the  use,of  Beecham's'-Pills; a 0  remedy that well deserves the -  confidence    of 'every   woman.  Again   and   again   they , have  proved to be invaluable at those -  , recurring times when 'so many,  women feel debilitated and'suf-  fer from'nervousness, headache  and depression.  It is wonderful,, .'  the'way these'pills assist Nature ��  and relieve ,the/suffering.  Every'r woman who value?  health and good looks'should  become'a user of ' ��    *''    '    -  ��� ���I  \  -  / I  t, i f  i 'V ' -  %?),  M'l  \m-'  ��� yp,:  J'\tl  - 'v.'^l  - -V-Sif  -*.*"���'is  . ' V jl?  -J- -Ml  , ii'Mi  " o ���-���:'*���  ���ffel  ��� ?rAif  v,: (M  ' f-J,S.")'3  '    .'lite-SL  ��� -wJi$\  , '    "*U'"!'3l  v1 *- <i'i  f    *���  r      *ft  "    ��^  ^%@  - '.V'^'vi  Prepared only by Thomas Beecham,  St. Helens, 'Lancashire. England.      ,  Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. S.  America.    In boxes 25 cents.  BTNDEJC twine:  livery bad jluliy (iiiurAuteod  ii'jd prop��rl> tacifed to com-  ply with Cttnndiin laws.  STANDARD 5C0 ft. per baU 50lbs.  MANILA 550 ft. per b-U 50lb, .  HANllA'600 ft Pgrb��l��:501b��. .  ^r��e on  board ears  Cairary  $4.f75  5-25  5.75i  T^ree on  bonrdonrt  $4-. 38  4-. 88  5.38  Orders accepted fnronti bulb or more   Terms tnnh  ���with order or C. O D.   Prompt shipment and sh.Uh-  faetlon fininri\nU'**d.   Ask- us for price on cur lots  COOPER CORDAGE CO., Minneapolis Mini^  7   SUTHERLAND   SISTEBS'  SSZtssal p    Cleaner  Is the only Dandruff Cure.    For Sham-  pooing'it has no equal.  Is id    over    " solid   ,   cement.        The  The author of "Trafalgar Re- ! y*?��" showing,the auditorium,gives a  imi.st   nnd   pessimist  fence is dioll ;  ;||the   doughnut,  sees,  [jniht the hole.  fought" says tbat tlio result was', very  ���goocl, for no ono knew when lie might  be called upon to take command, and  every oue therefore made n point of  trying to make himself fit to carry  out the duty should It ever be assigned  to hlru.  Selfish  Etiquette.- ,  Some rules iu an old book on etiquette seem to encourage a practice  commonly culled "looking out for No.  1."   Here are two of tlieru:  "When enke ls passed do not finger  each piece, hut with a quick glance select the best. .  Never refuse to taste of n dlsb because you are unfamiliar villi it or  you will lose the taste of many n delicacy while others profit by your abstinence, to your lusting regret.  icausc it is annoying,  |mostly, because  jijrariably. leads, to  if ure it, and save  fpet more, too, at j  E|' All easily done  |Hair Vigor, new  JifSlflhuIa.   Stop this  �����*JB&��'ndruff��  H&IHisW'iii'f"        i        ',   ,    ',  An Electric Dance.  Take a pane of glass���n. broken one  will do���and secure it by  placing the  ends between tho loaves of two large  books,  lolling the glass be two Inches  from tbo table.    Cut from light weight  writing paper, or, better still, from tissue paper,  dolls,. dogs  and   other   figures. . Tlaee   them   on' the   table   b��-'  no.-ith the glass.    Itob the glass vigorously   with   n   silk   handkerchief,   and  the llgures will ci.it" all kinds of antics.  (laiily good idea of the seating capacity,   which   is 2030,  and  further reveals   the   fact  that from every seat  thei*?   is   a   clear   sight-line     to    the  stage.   The posts seen nt the back of  the  seats  on  the  first  floor  assist in  currying   the   balcony,   arid   the   gal-  leiy is tiusscd* across arid is supported by steel rods from the roof.   One  thing  the  cut cannot show and that  is the beauty of  coloring of  this in-"  tcrior.    The  seats* are  of  red  plush,  the caipel"- red velvet, and tho walls  covered  with   heavy  figured  satin  in  a beautiful shade of gieen.    Thu plaster woik m fiont of the balcony and  gallery and   the  boxes  is  linish'od  in  soft ivory and gold.    Tho proscenium  arch  is clccoiated with strands of maple   le.ivos   in   green   and     autumnal  tint.-,.     The   boM'.s   are   dmped    with  rich green velvet and gold embroider-  ��� Monday evening,'June 22nd,-in "Flo  rodora," and will remain .until the  end of July. The repertoire for Fair  ueek will include "JL-'lorodora," "The  Strollers," and "The Silver Slipper."  The* press and public rave over the  ability of the principals and the beauty and grace of the choiislers, also  the   pioductions. '   ���  Minard's   Liniment  in   Cows*.  Cures     Garget  Cut Flowers. ,  A good way vto send a few choice cut  Bowers to n distance is to cut slits Iu  potatoes and insert the flower stems,  taking care that they are firmly fastened in. An ordinary potato will beep  most flowers fresh for two weeks iu a  moderate temperature.  and then 'despatch them with a knife   tiers, ,179 King St.,   Toronto,  fn this way he killed four'of the am-    sent for >l<Je.  tieett $  ana goilege  Hi nks���Very few women have any  knowledge   of   parliamentary   law.  Jinks���Voir should hear my. wife.  She has boon -.penker of the house  fui the l.-ut twelve years.���New York  I'ross.  Just Got It Out..,  ��� "Why In the name of goodness," es-  cbilni-xl   a   man   to -nil', nc-cpiiiiiitaru-e,  "do you hoop taking out your w.-rtch?  Colng to ciitc-h a train?"  "\Vcll.  no." answered Iho-ofhor.  toll you  ('he  truth. .1   haven't soon  i-iiti-h for n Ipn-j tinw*."  His Country.  An Irishman was returning to ills  own country after a.'long .absence, and  as the green hills and valleys hove in  sight he became very enthusiastic.  "Hurrah  tor Ireland!" he cried.'  An ��� Englishman passing exclaimed  saroasticallv:  "Hurrah'for hell I"  "That's roight," said Pat- "ivery  nion.for his own country I"  ed cm tains, while the chairs are up-  holhteied lo match. 7 wo handsome  cm tains close off the stage from tho  auditorium. The first cm tain is of  heavy asbestos and it is so tot and urn  that nothing can pivvent it from  woiking propel ly. lt is strung on  thick whos at tho sides and these  wiles aie on closed in a metal groove.  Heavy stone walls separate the ainl-  itoihmi fiom the* stage, and nioie  heavy walls separate tlie stage from  I tho dressing'rooms.  The   stage  has   the    most.,'. modern  j equipment;and- it;.is so large that the  biggest aiuf" most elaborate" nietr'opul-'  j.i.tan productions can easily be put on  exactly as .originally.'done. i~y  Tho very entrance to the Walker.is  indicative of -'the beauty-, nnd safety  of the. structure:    It  will  ho seen in  Minard's  Liniment  Co.,  Limited.  , Hear Sirs,���This fall 1 got thrown  on a fence and hurt my chest very  bad. so I could not work and it hurt  me to bieathe I tiled all kinds <f  Liniments nnd  thoy did me no good.  One boltlc of .MIXA1UVS LLiNI-  .MI'.'NT, warmed on ll.innels and applied on my breast, eiued no com-  plotulv.  .' ': G.   II.   COSS.-VBOOM.  Rossway,  Dishy, CO.,  N.  S. ' .       ."'...'  Wnrning.  If you'd not have tho busy fly  Crawl  tickling o'er your brow  Jri si'mmer warm, heed thia alarm  ���.   And  out���your-screens���ud���now 1  '. ",I guess you coal men didn't make  much  profit  this winter?"       ..���.,���  "We are satisfied to break even in  winter'. We make our'profits during  tho long Arctic spring."���Kansas City  Star..       '     '���'.'���  "A : fellow feeling," says the ��� poet,  '"Doth make us wondrous kind,"  But   a   fellow   fooling: for   his   watch  and   cash.  Might  have  made   him  change   his  ��� ��� ��� .  iiiind !  ���Witness���I   saw,  a.  eye named Wilkins.  Lawyer���What   was  the,'other eye?���Judge.  man   with  tlio   name  One  Switzerland   Leads.  Switzerland   takes  Uie   lead  in -the  public   ownership   of" telegraph    and  telephone     service*,     liavmi;     10.3-lcs  miles of combined wires extending lo  all   the   railway   stations   ancl   nearly  every  town  and  village  in  tho country.    It also ha.s  more  telephones  in  use  in  proportion  to  the  inhabitants  than   any   other   country   in   Europe.  Great   Britain   has   one   telephone to  11G   persons;    Germany   one  to   112;  France   one   to   301;   Russia   one   to  2.02S, and Switzoiland one to 48. The  Government   is   now   going   into   tin-  business of manufacturing the instruments.    The yearly charge for a telephone in oflicc or resiJ-s ice is $12 4ft,  and   the  atcs   for   lone-distance   c.ill.��  are far below similar calls in Canada  An    average    of    threo    long-distance  calls a day, and the yearly charge ot  $12.-15  would   not  bring  the. total  for  both   services-=*or  a  year   obove  $24.  Low charges and profits run together  as: the   not  earnings   last  year   were  $S64,000 on gross  receipts  amounting  to $3,000,000.   It is instructive to note  thut   the   United   States   had  at   the  elose  of  1907,  3,939,000 telephones jn  use,  or one' for every twenty-two inhabitants.  ,   -    ,  ,      .       ,.    -, .,_. -V!\s       At all Druggists, 50c, or postpaid on  forced  to stun  the dogs with a  stick..) receipt of nnce~from 7 Sutherland Sis-  Sample  ils   \. tiy   uu j\iiic:u. ruur ui   tut:  riiJi- | seill  lor *��de.  rnals  After feedins" the four remaining  dogs and himself, and having succeeded in skinning the animals, he wrapped himself in tho much needed covering.  Both Dr. Gronfell's hands were  frost-bitten, and how* he lived through  tho 40 hours until he was rescued ho  hardly knows When da>light dawned he was 10 miles from land.  .George Reid on the shore descried  a man and dogs on the ice and rescued the doctor, who was exhausted,  and prob.ibly could not have survived  another such night.  \* ���",#>'!  -.-../icg  .   i.., *.. tf, r  ' M  i*t��til  'I.'. It  *.l'r'5  <   I1 *I  1,1 ,1 .f  . '" il l  - ',..  jiS'.M  r*-<.  4  i*  Panther Shooting Out West.  One  of  the   most  interesting   torni*  of sport on Vancouver Island is pan  ther shooting   A number of these animals have boon killed of late, and 'hf  skins have provided fine trophies     \*ot  only that, but the s*um of $15 collated from the Government as a bou.uy  proved   quite   lucrative      One   of   the  most  recent  kills   reported   is  that  f'f  Mr.  Chisholm  of  Duncans,  who shot  one  about   five   miles   from   the   town.  He repot ts that the number of bears  wolves  and   panthers   in   that  district  seems  lo   bo  increasing.  While on lu-s recent trip to tlie nor.li  j end nf the 1 slam I, F   M   Kelly of   ,'ic  , toii.i. killid tw> fine cougar's, the ^k'n<i  of which he took home with him.   H-V  killed them-alopE shore on the north'  arm of Quiitsino Sound..  '.,������'  nioersity  KINGSTON.  ONTARIO  ARTS  I^)UCATION  THEOIOGY  MEDICINE  SCIENCE (Including Engineering)-  The Arts Course may ba taken witl>  out attendance.  For Calendars, write the Registrar,  GEO. Y. CHOWN, B.A,,  Kingston, Ontaria  WILSON'S  FLY  An  Old   Burying  Ground.  There  has just   been   discovered .at  Swanmore;   near 'Bishop's   Waltham,  nn  old  burying ground  with an  inter-  Tfo less than' 763,340 tele- ' esting  history.    Tlio   burying  ground  phones were added  during 1907, and    ,v-'as   l,le   property   of ��� the' Society  the   number   nearly   doubled   during 'j-Friends,   but , had   long   boon   disused  1906 and 1907 over that at the cud of j and forgotten until a short time asro.  Iiw*"'. ' | when   some  old    manuscripts   -which  wore in possession of the Southampton  mooting were"being examined, and the  ' title deeds to the ground were found.  (Every packet .  will kill  moro fl loo than  SOO sheets  of sticky paper I  y- SOLD   BY  .  DRUCCISTS, CR0CERS and CENERAL STORES  I lOc per- packet, or 3 packets for 25c.  wf!l lastawholo season.  What is the meaning ot* false doctrine, Willie?"v asked the Sunday  school  teacher.  "It's when a doctor gives the writing  stuff to a sick liian," answered Hhe  little ���-,fellow.  The Dear Old Days.  Touched by  his sad story, a  Harrls-  burg woman recently furnished a meal  j. to a melancholy lookiu- hoho who had  applied therefor at the hack door.   .  "Why do you stick out tho middle  finger of your left hand so straight  While you aro eating?" asked the coui-  nassionate Woman. "Was it ever broken *���������������������  "No, mum," answered the hobo, witb  n! snutile. , "Cut .during, my 'halcyon  days I wore a diamond ring on that  linger, and old unbits are hard to hretntr  will reduce Inflameri.RwollenJoIrita*  Kruises, Soft Hunches,  Cure Hol!s��  Fistula, or any unhealthy sorequlck-  "ly;  plca.��ant    to   use:  dm-i m.t  "bllstiT uutler t>:imiii��e or rcmovo  tho hair, and you run -work tha  /\   horso.    $2.00 per bottle, eipr��s��  prepaid.    Hook 7-Cfruo.  ABSOKBINR, JR.. for mankind,  81-00 per bottlo.    Cures   Variuosa    Veirs,    Varicocele     Hydroifle,  Strains, Bniiecs, stops Fain and Inflammation.  W. F. YOURS, P.0 F,13?Honmi)iitli St., Springfield, Mass.  LYMAN SONS & CO.. Montreal. Canadian AgcnK  Alto furnllh.tt tiu Martin. But.   A   Wynnfj   Co..  Wtnntp^.  The Nsitonjl Drug A Ctieirt/cal Co.,   Wlnnlptg and Calgary,  '  and Hv,d&<:zn ��rjj. Ca. Ltd... Vanoouw.  k' - _  >.     1   .  ��.*�����  Vi1"*.     ����� THE LEADER, xmvTF, ttttTTTSirCOLUMRTA.^   i it."  t- ,- ''"  ,.     *><"   ���* y  i''f **'  '    1                      J  ��� I ' ,  Pi'" .  J'"*. '*"���-:  -   r '  ' V' *     . '"'  -".'i  fy.-*V  i J- i" -  J,   -? -<  ��"���> '  4i .-. ������- y  .'..'-    ,�� '  .i-,"'  *.:-,  "-'>������  '.,-> -  ,-; '   .-��-������  ���\ y  -,    * �����������  ,,k *  i    r*   ,   ���*"���  ''**' !.* ,''-'?'-  V     L'< ��*'  ���I, fi,'  ��1?  ��  f> A' ;'..'  ,���lF   ,  'pf    *-l       J' r     hi  JH       *._   ���*���*����� h*  -,'     "^  -t*   ,  L'j  :-, ^ny  '; "-  ,i,   ,?���',  'i *--.'���  /V'-JV'fy  *�����,'  i.��' .��� *. ���  "1' �� ( " i .v.  ��� 5  ^''tf'tjfr  I   >&K%  *..  r.,J,li.ft'',,    ,  * * ���*  (',   :i��ti'  ,," -  'th  ,*ll ,  , if *,*! ,4.*J.* .s  -|/j,'i'  ���I",V,      -I*'.  -W��- -   ,  Li? /rf i*?  r ���'--  ~ I , ~*W    1   " ���  ���jy-^y'.'Jr^i.,  il'-.v&W- .i*:/* ���  h &y-'ia.i?i .,  lj'!'>.%*'".V'!  , . i'  '&tj ,-*!��' W ,   '  fej��,'"fsft* <.*&'  .. ;t **.*���  &Y^'  ���*��*-> o1' '  "*���'*-. M��S��''J',   *  Jrfv'ti"aW *-*"V .-  --ivy ^"m * '-'-A(*  :iyJ i&.ih ?'���' '  ra,V-ll-v:r-Iy  "tTv"**   t \   ^tfl     *~ >���   "*.  r.i^'^'-ti  iiKrAfi. *'Aa ��'V  ''' iafoc5>- f   - -�����-,-.  mm,  -mh.  <' it yK-  '^#1, ..U"*  ���&/ i'' '���. ii>  . f*L    >*-,   �� \',r'  .j ���"r-y -��r-^. '��� i-  E. tiJ4  r      '   . >*  J:.'  ::jyi'  '^i.  yy ���>,:.�����..  Tl I0YIB LBA1IE  1- iblifht-d iu Lb- inl.-resi of lb. people  oi M<iyi** and EaBt Ivovtenay.  F. J SMYTH. Puwus-ukr.  i't/T5wi^"Ii.A01.1 >  Do Teu C:>an Vonv ITo*:fh  LIk a young bird and gulp down wbat-  vci locc r riitulii .ire mav U* oi.y>rod you i  Cr do ycu want loknow somnlnng of tho  cv mpcaitiou ami character of that which  jou take into your stomach whether as  food i-'i medicine V  Most intelligent and sensible people  iiow-fi-d���js insist on knowing what thoy  ornploy - "hctlier as foot! or ns medicine.  Dr. i'iercc believes they have a perfect  rl ;htto<ri*tEiuponjau<ili|frjowl��lgo. Sobo  publIehes,-l*5Qadcast and on each bottle-  v,-rajw<T,".what3l?T����iiioincs aro'made of  an^esjGcsj^rm^rr c��ta>   This he feels  uite   or  suucKrrTio.s  One Year $2.00  S.V.TUB.DAY.-JULY \i, 190S.  An ounce of  action   jn fetter  -than a pound of'tbat' tared   fe^l-  iiif- *���  A man who can tiirn liis hand  to anything is usually' too Ijysy to  ���make tho turn.'  i  O. O. F.  j^^f5^aCJ5n'il,le>' ^t,de��' No- "*4*  Meets Tuesday evenings in McGreeor  hull on Victoria street. Sojourum*;  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  H.J.LOWES F.J. SMYTH,  .      ,      Airoie Grand. bet-r y.  vNev,er    Jtaind    tha "-mm    who  prants   to    run     your    business.  Think  of  what a failure   ha   ie'  niakinj-; of his own. ,     '    "  ~���^���=���'        ,    ;  The   .work    done   on  .5*Ioy;e'M  atreets during the past \veek have  n^ade a  wondcji-^iil ��uaprov.euienfc  on the lo^,k3 of $h6, town.   Now  for'a few naila in-the lpoa.e bpard-a  in the sidewalks.   . ���    ..  President Falliers h^^; visited  the King; 7^8 %-rng has, visited  ���the Czar;' President "Fajllit'r-J will  fcike a run aroynd the outside of  Germany ca]ling on all the Kais-  i  jer's neighbors. I?remier McBridc-'o  ��� visit tp John  Houston ��� at  Prince,  y Jlupert is therefore quite f, in-or-  'tder.���Vancouver   "\y"orl4��  Several yearg  ago when John S.  Clute was mayor of Rossland  he  " advocated the  planting   of ' trees  on   the  principal , streets   of t'the  pity.   There �� was   opposition   to  *he  city ' incurring   such- an expense, but the trees .were planted  just   the   same.   Now   .Rossland  has a nice lc;t of ,ahar-].e and ornamental - trees.   Here   is a tip  fpr  Moyie." Plant some trees.  v          ;        '.'ii -��� -),J  .       ^   r_ *+* __  Prom   all     accounts    Nelson's  Dominion    I?ay ' celebration   was  somewhat _ of   a   disapointment.  The people there now realize that  Nelson is  not bijj enough  to  do  two  big  things  in   one   summer  and do them well,    The fall fruit  exhibition suffers as   a  result   of  the energy expended on Dominion  D^y;   and,  in like   measure, the  Dominion day festivities are marked by the  indifference  of those  who are holding themselves in re_-  Berve for the fair,   i-��-i   ���Sjxi&JI Bebts Court.  Uiry ingredieuls i>J. ylijoh Jii$ medicines  ye made are studied arid miderstooa the  fnpri 'Ai)^ their Mipii-fiarcurativc virtues"  ���b^i-rjvr-f*ci*il.t'q't - - ~  "J'or the cure*<>f woniftQ's peculiar weak-  t��aaas, irregularitlca" ted dei-angemonts,  giving rise to frequent "headaches, backache, dragglng-down jiain or distress In  lower abdominal or pelvic region, accompanied, o'ttlraea,. with a debilitating,  polvlc, catarrhal drain and kindred symptoms of' weakness, Dr. ^lerije's Favorlto  Prescription Is a iriojl efticicnt remody.  It is equally effective in -curing painful  periods. In giving strength to nursina  mothers and In preparing the system of  tho expectant mother for baby's coming,  thus rendering childbirth safe and com-'  paratlvcly painless. Tho "Favorite Pro-  Kcriptlou" ia a most potent, strengthening Lance wood "rods from $2 to ��55  tonic to the general  system and to'the I,_       .     ���   ,    ��� <*.        #4 m  orgao-i distinctly feminine In partlculnr. j rrunk rods ti,om !p*l to Spl.50.  ft is also a soothing and Invigorating  horviqe and cures cervoui exhaustlor-^  nor\'ous prostration, neuralgia, hyslerla,  spasms, choroa or St. Vllus's dance,' and  other, distressing nervous symptoms attendant upon functional and organic diseases of tbo distinctly femlnlno orcans.,  A host of medical authorities of all tha  sovcral schools of practice, l-ecommond  each of Jtho several ingrodlente of which  "Favorlto Prescription " Is mado for Uio  cure of tho diseases for which It Ih claimed  't��-> bo a cunp. You may road what they  say/r/r yourself by sending a, postal card  request for a free booklet, of extracts  from til.- leading authorities, to Dr. R. V.  Plercr*-. Invalids' Hotel 'and.Surirlcal Institute, Hu Halo. N. Y., ahd it willcJimo to  ^nu by return vast.   ��   "   '       " ���  Fishing Tackle  RODS? REELS, FLIES,  BAITS, LINES, HOOKS! .    , -,.-,-^ TTninn  - -' '��� ��� 'Moyie   Miners', umon  ,   Ht. KuK��-ue I,otlRe >"������� 37.  K. of P.  ��� >Icet*evtry,Tburdday  evening in McGregor  hall nt S c'clock. Vi't-  iiing brothers invited,  W. J. FBLTIXAAb ,      �������� "*������ HirX  Chancellor, Com. K. ^. and S,  Shoe Repairing  Mining - Shoes  Made to, Order  'Ok,  for sale:  LEADER BOXES AND  TROOLS.,  .Greenhetvt rods from S3 to $13;  plifc bamboo from $1.00 to'$5.75;  M0.YIE'   DRUG . AND  STATIONERY'"STORE.  For ' sale,    valuable'    boarding  -      ^    '  ,. *���   . * * . *  house     property.      Tbircy    -foot  frontage    on    Tavistpck     etif^efc> J ^^^' methods  of teaching. ,4Terms  aro'yie,   B. G..   ,Tke   buUling   con-   ^nun.nce January,  Anril  a��d   Sept  3t.   Joseph's   Convent.  , v  NZ^SOM.B.C.        ", ���  hoarding and Day'Sthool conducted hy lhe Sisters of St. Joseph, Nel��on_  8. yC. Commerciul a,nd businesfl  ���uursas a specialtj',' Excellence and  <wift progress characteaize each department.   Parents alioiild   write for  -J Ij.1 St. I tj ,  particulars.   One month; assures   the  *    i -������.-.-. t*  public of   tbe , thoroughness   of tthe  ...<'.       ..    > *     . .      . ��� **.  ..' No:,7i  W. F. of M.  Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday evening. ,   Sojourning   members  are cordially invited to attend.  R. J. Uolter Thos, E. Kelly,  PreBirjeut. Secretary  Q.   A. RENEAU,  ��� !    '    *   .1' '  �����   'BARBER. "���  First Glass, Work  HOTEL - KOOTENAY  THE CANADIAN fill  OF COMMERCE I  uhad onacr:, Toronto  B. E. WALKKR, President  ALEX^ IAIRD, Geneial'Manager  tSLUSUsu^.  R. A. SMITH  SllOEMAKBUj      ,  .MOT YE,'        ,.      '  Paid-up Capital, ,.v  Reserve Fund, '"'JJ  Branches throughout Canada, and" in tlie United States znd J  0 ; ������'���������   ��� - , '  COUNTRY BUSINESS F^��ty^��^^  banking business. . Sales notes will be cashed or taken for"^  BANKING BY; P.1A1L ^tti^;^,^!  tiiis way with equal facility., " tt^-  CRANBROOK'BRANCH."'.' ' '. llU)\d  a  OlJ  dists of a two story frame house,  mansard ' roof, including' sitiing  room/dining room, kitchen, pah-  fcr-y, store room and' office and' II  bedrooms; "Building may be in ,  spected on application to _ P..  Campdell, Moyie. Vendors will  be received at the office of W.  F.  i ���   i      ���      ���  Qard, barrister, .Cranbrook, B. C.  up'to August 1st. 1908.   "'  Pupils are'admitte,-! duriac term- ,  Harvey,   ^McCarter   &  ,'' Macdonald.'  <-^r ?      i    ' * *     \ *  '  Barristers/Solicilors^Notarics, Etc.  <v -  - -,%;���-, t - ' <    >    ' j ;   -.    -   -    ''  Crant>rooK,   -   -,   B. ,C.  W. F: GHRD,  Electoral district of Granbrook.  ^Totice is hereby given that  Sittings oE the above Court will  be held at the Government Building, Cranbrook, for the disposal  f casos every "Wednesday, at two  o'clock P. M.; at Moyie every Saturday at the same hoirr; and at  Marysville, Fort Steele an4 Warner on such days and dates as  may be appointed in the proceedings.  All debts and' demands not exceeding $100  can be  sued for and  acovered in the above  mention  . Court on Sumrnons  and Judg  \ent, Garnishee (either  before or  "after   Judgment)    or  on Installment Order which can be enforced  by committment if necessary.  Instructions for proceedings can  be handed in to  the   undermen-  i  tioned Clerks of the Court, viz:-  F.  R.   Morris,  Deputy Sheriff,  Cranbro ok.  P. . G. Rjuth,   Provincial Con  ���"-table^  Moyie,  or   to  Joseph Walsh,  Provincial  Con  ptable, Fort Steele.  Dated this 22nd day of June,1908.  iBy  Order.  JOSEPH RYAN, Magistrate.  The altcntlon ot'tbe Lands;and _W6rks Do-  partmciit httvius bL-eriidircctcd ro ttssXa*it;i^s.u  ro"\ni lo's in a towusite named Prince Rupert,  being ii biibdhlsion ot Ixit 64i, Reuse 5 Coasr  IJistr^ut, situatcil ou ibe mainland between  tlie month of tho SVecua1 River and l-fitien Is  land,are being ofrerea for bale, it has been  deemed neccetsary toSarn tbe^ublic that the   ..ii-        wuil to��nsitcIsnot sltimu'd at tbete/lninuso/  UARREIvTjBK   WSKK.       the Grand Trunk i'acific Hail way, and  is not  & i   .    .  ,' ~~       L ' I the   (OMiislto  which  is ojvneri'jointly  by  tho  u ,      " cr1- if '      f Qoverument of llntish Columbia and the Grund  All parti.es   desirOUS   of   having   Trunk Pacific UailjyW Company.     t     "    "-   ,  ,".,;-...  F. J.TULTOX*-"   '  Cri^ci Cornmissloner of Lands and ^Yorks,  Ijmds aud Works DepartmeutH, "*'        ,  *  *   .  .  '     '   Victoria, h. C. May 1st, 1308.    -      ',  -'  BAKRIBTEK, SOLICITOR, ETC.  1 4  CRANBEOOJC.  B. C  *^^C. H. DUNBAE'-���  ���       "* ^ ** r ,'  Barrister, Solicitor, Notaf-y Public, Etc  Cranbrook, B. O.  STOP AT THE   '     '  COSMOPOLITAN y  HoTEIj. ' '  **   i  WHEN IN - (",     *   y  l y i.  CRANBROOK  -' -, - , '       'Jr  K. II. SMALL, Ma Ji ft Iter. �� iA ��. ' '   '  ' r *      * - r - 0  Goodv rooms, good , tables and  bnr~  and 'first claea sampla roopns.-  i *, ��� ,    HARRY DIMOCrJ,  Proprietor.  "       i ,  ,, , 1.0  ��� ' \   Nearest Hotel to'Uic Sd Etigcne mine.  '���Headquarters�� for;Miners,  liAR SUPWJED WITH BEST BRANDS OF UWUOIUJAS  ,  �� ' , Ra^teis $1.00: a'day and un  ���  rj ' ' '.-'...      I ' ' *  '  Wm. Jewell:  any carpenter work done cannot'  do better than communicate with  Wm, Bridges oi" Wm. Meredith,  Aldridge. Prices .reasonable.  Work first class. Orders" may be  left at Pitch's store.    ''     <r"   "a  Gqo, R.�� Leask & Co.  > *��� *  'BUILDEfiS AND      ' /  CONTRACTORS  Our Woi?*; is  our Advertisement  EEbad   Opfice :  CRANBROOK  B.C.  See  F. J. BLAIR, Moyie, B. C.  T. T. McVlttie. C. ��., PL S. II. Y. IVj-in.'fc-.''"  JffigVITTIB. & PARKER  J * { S ' -S T        '  PBOyi"SCIAI, Laxd Subvjcvisg  RAILWAY,*   AIIXING    "ENGIN1SEIIIXG  y,  o      ,. ,       i ,     *  - Estimates Furnished/    '  ',/ OFFICES       ' t  Fort Steele P. O.'Box 25.  Cranbrook'P. O. Box 11.'      , ,     - '  a-w*^"���^^wj"c-^wc**���*u^*w��� _ ���  ii   ���*-��� "^ ���p*GMvm  r- BU.Y YOUJi  acooSi  Thifiking of Spring  Fainting, Etc?.  THEN REMEMBER -  B. H. SHORT,'  CRANBROOK, B. lo  Box   ��3.  Will send competent  man to paint, kalso-  mine or paper your  home.  EROM  herring,  A B. Stewart  & Co.  LINOLEUM CARPETS  "When   furnishing   your  homo or hotel don't for-1  get  we p,an furnish   you  promptly and complete.  MAIL ORDERS GIVEN  PROMPT ATTENTION  Standard Furniture  Sfilt  s  ASIt  Company  B. Q,  AND  TWO ROOMS���To let, Pur  nished. Apply to Mrs. Robt.  Robertson, Campbell street.  FOR SALE���A good bicycle ap,  ply to Mr. S Moore, Moyie.  FOR SALE���Fresh milch cows  J?or particulars write to  MORGAN LONG,  jf'incher Creek -41ta,  P, BURNS -ft CO  MOYIE, E, C.  W, R. BEATTY"  Embahncr and Undertaker,  Phone 9. CRANBKOOJC  NELSON,  -   -   -  AG NTS  Mason cfc Rii-ch Piano Co.  Ostermoor Mattress.  GloberWernick Oflice Furniture  '    -i-THE���  alral Islel.  DESADLNIJEK    BKUS,   Pops.  Large samplo . room in oonnection  witb bouse for coknmercial men. Be  of a.'J.coitpoiO'JationJi.  Headquarters  for   Commercial and MipingMen.  QllEEKS   AVEKUK, MOYIE, B. 0  DR.. F.:.B. MILES, ��� a  ���.  "CranTDrooi,   ^'"'   B,C.  V   - ) ������  -     .     ,'��� '       >-,i. ���*    ���.   i       ,J  Gteorgfe-^H.vTHompson;,-'  ��� - III'"7 B^'pRiifrKiC^oiVcrrbK''-   *l  '���>.--' "'toVy"PdHlic";' i'c7>���"*  * - 4 a!  OIIANBROOK;-    .British" Columbia  INTERNA!tONAL" ,  HOTEL. \    ;      .  i *       t  This^hotel j^n ow   under  new  management, and is first .class  in every respect.  "      , ,',  B: E.  TAYLOR, Mgr.  Victoria Street, "' MOYIE  GrENTLEMEN���  If you want ,-i stylish, up  to date tailor made suit, call  and inspect our spring goods  before ordering elsewhere.  We guar ate e all  Our Work.  Cleaning, repairing and  pressing done.  Prices Right.  G. A. FOOT  Merchant Taylor.  MOYIE, '.,  .���. Express andGener- <���  a,l '' Delivery Busi-.  nes's.' , /Livery and tt  Feed' Stable..   -' , ,*"���  WOOD -AND- GOAL  .- '* ���,-    'F-pry Sale  ' , '-'    -,        ���*- y ,    ",:  y ���'   - *     -.-Leave .Orders at    _ *   ���  ������"���_  "' 1"' ' '    GWynne's .Store."*''   ���   y,, -  *'  , ., .-...,'    ������ *"      ' i ?���  > '.l'    , "   ,!y--, '���'--1 ��� ��� ������*- .      -t ... .  Moyie,,,    -; *.-..-. '\ British1! Columbia  ��� (���l,& --.'ni^iflV  i . A      .   \|r'''      -v  -    ���- -       J7       a,'       r��*. '       yi-    u.-"- ...  seni?. y6ur;'3vork "to ���;^he,  kootenay'  LAUNDRY.  ' ,. ���,  '   NELSON  All White;Lal)or.  "���    ct l *���     Y  Leave work wifcb tho' local agent  A. B.  STEWART.  0   F.^DEiAULNIER  DEALER IN"  PEOMPT DELIVERY.  Queen s' Ave,    [ MOYIE  pSv^-i  'f*y' "' 'yjt&L4-^  " 'Srtti-.'"  t^*��-m.  i '              '  f  ^  ' *       *fi^  ' i. <=r, * -  vih   ~  ^f�����-, **k  ��    ."*~  "^,  ���f  <   1      '   "  tt '  l' (iJ<  ' " <5 '"' ,-  -,  MS  M*v;  , t,  i   -a r  - ('  ,-^rs  ;w  ';���   ' Lar��;c..assortment ;of..QO-CARTS,niid>BA:EjgH{  "f.' '   'CARRIAGES.''Prices'.from %Q up.    \m��  **��� ^ i      \P   -^^-f       '(��� lit    -y   * ^     ^Ip_[   J r   *A       -   \    '    ��2-,a  vl   fti       ^     j   '   i   y ( t    ^f'ifri  n      ��k'^ Go-tpperltive ." '  yLIMITBD.T.-;  ^S     t-o-ej^ ,-Tfi.j.if  > i-^  t % * , . .JO J* ^1 , * H       r  r/MOYIE'/'HOTEl,  %  P.uF.^OJSJ^SlOJV  | This Hotel is New and well Furnish, j  % Tables are Supplied witli the Scl  g Market affords. The Bar is Fille, L  the Best Brands of Liquors and i||$  g HEADQUARTERS'FOR COKMKRCIA-pg  f AND MINING* MEN  %   ���1��TIE   .    ���������       - _      ���       ��� - nuiTism  ?��������������?��'*<-Cfi*aS���S*eS���C-���S������e53a>3> S?.S���   3>33��3 S&33WJ,T  WMSHUmjZ^Z&^^l&ZixX^i^lBI, IBIBBHBBtJff-'ll.WM.^aU!  jagLa* ��r��ttna  50  YEARS-"  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  AnTono <��� on-ling a ekofch nnd description mar  quick.ly n��certRln our opinion ,'rnu whothor nu  invenrlon la probnbly p!it..nr.'il,lo. Cnniinurilca.  tloniintrlctlyconildenUnl. -Jliuidlruokon I'ntenlji  uontficfi. OUtont nu'eney for nnciirliiKpiilcntB.  , I'ut'nnn ijikcn thniui/h J!mm & Co. xeool'-c  tptrMti notice, -without elmrtfo, lu the  ���I  }>&^:"  A linndBomcIy H!n8trn(<y! woeitly. I.nrpont clr-  eiilatirjn of any Bdlontlrio Journal. Terms, J3 u  your. Innr jiontbs, (L  So d byull no-VBilpalcrn  MM S Co.36,Bft,^-"'New fo$  Summer    Excursion  Rates Esat, $60, 00  From Moyie to Winuipei?, Du-  luth, Port William, St, Paul,  Sioux City.  Chicago' $73.50  St ^ouis ,. (37.50  New York 108.50  Toronto   04,-10  Montreal   105.00  Ottawa. 105.00  St. John, N. B.  ............ .120.00  Halifax.,.....;.,...,-........ 131.20  B# C | Sidney, C -B,r... ..'���........ 1.135.00  Ticklats on sale May 4- and, 18,  June 5, ii, 19 and 20: July 0, 7, 22  and 23; August ((, 7, 21 and 22,  1908. First class, round trip,  NINETY DAY LILLET.    ���   \   ]  Routes:^-Tickets good . via any  recognized routes in ono or botli  direcbions. To destinations easb  of Chicago are good via tho Great  Lakes.   .' :  For further information rates,  sleeping car reservation apjily  c. e, Mcpherson, g. j.\ a.  ���Winnipeg, Man.  J. MOB, D, P. A.  ���_._....      Nelaon, u c.  ie  As inada by tlio present brower  is  ��'!'*,'lu'"f"���**��<,-'.  Beat Beer in Engl Kootenay. Willi the l'e-st^������sjC/  He rurcfit Spring "Water it is unexcelled lor^pVv.-.'^  IuBiat on liaving Moyie Beer, * p"/"^  Bottled and Draft Beer.  f?$  M  ir.k*  ��*  CHAS. INDERWIES, Mgr,  ���w*v  " nT*"  rpperty for.Sale  IN ALL PARTS OE TO WW  |  r  M  kit���  Insurance, Real   Estate, Collect^   ^j^  .  ��������� ������������      ���      ���   hin  ��*  I  !  t  v


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