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The Moyie Leader Jul 10, 1909

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Array . ,,t;,^i--,"isr-Trm-_j
^^LijuLjwr>iWKi'ujj'iii.ii«'UftJ 'jFiaULi**1,'^T^y
Fop.   All   the Latest
i&Ss SSaligs^ idsSSii
VOL. 12 NO, m
MOYIE,  B.  C,   JULY Id, 1900.
No other canned goods compare' in purity
and flavor   with -
i tJ'&'SSriS "?"5§$$$i5'f$$^555=;$$>;-";5i;3 1
J vl/
Jilko is 'said 'u>  have  a   crack
baseball nine. ?
IJyiamoiid'sBody Found
ft <l
, lA"1'
No other brand lias reached so neaiy perfection.
No higher grade canned goods on tlie market."
No olhcr store carries ll*em in- Moyicbut
  /. , i
' ■"';/ " ■ R.VCampbellB',
.'   '     • I-'Olt QUAf-ITV.
Some  improvement's are  to  be
made on  tho' C.   P.  It
i.   depot at
Fred Stork, formerly of  Ferule,   wa<3
After being in the- water for a
| month and one day," the body of
Cha«. Diamond was found last
Sunday afternoon. Wiii'.e ll.obfc.
Campbell, witli Ids family and
Mi%:i Huberts and K. F. Oxley,
were out! in  his   launch   tho  find
£3"-^->-**-**^->S-*S.v , vii=i-
! e5a*"5i35"$55-**":*Sr>$$$"5"i,$^"i5;e:$:*>-a/' \-7>
Raspberries aro en  tlio mark t, \f/'
V.     Desaulnier   is   homo   fram ; w
Vancouver and Seattle. j \fy
Henry   S.iit  returned    Monday
from Vancouver
Another Important Announcement.
.More   pruning of pn'r^;> nnd again  the
reductions are on Plapl.-, and   will,  mean
The Scandinav'ans  held a  pic \
■ ,    a saving to you on every meal.
No-1 Anchor Tornado-".'"
I wm mado.    The body had 11 oa.ted_,JIjic afc Aldridge paiklast -Sundav. , .,.
bought alotinPrinccKupert   f"i'j i^nvn .-,team almo=tAhree ouarters F"' Thnr,.  J*-1 a    t •     it    ,"   ,'W     "-. ' '
which ho paid $0,000.   . .   | ofa mile from whet,,  the "drown- ihah t!1^ e^ng. "   ™°**yISV   '-?™* lV"™cdTc*S
Teu passenger trains passed I in» odcurred, and was lying face
through llevelsteke in one day'dow'nw"'<l ia abont si:c ff'efc oE
this week. '      > . , .    '
AZELWOOD.; buttermilk
0,1 '   v ' uv      •
•   •   . Try a glass, it's ice cold.'-
' The Greenwood-Phoenix tunnel
is iu 100 feet.'' Only hand work
hai so far beem used,   ;   ■
' , through „
' ; BEALE   &'.EL\VELL.   „    ■
™01d Country '.''
Peter Verigan, of tlie Do.ukho-'
bor society, announces that they
will build a brick yard at Grand
Forks/y,^     ' ; <   '
' Cobal t'has iiaeV i ts biggest lire,
and the-loss is about half a million dollars. • One man wa& killed
and six others were injured.      '
Foie agents lor While Shir, Dominion, lied Star,   American   arid   other "i'rans-.At-
,     , •     lantic lines,      ,
'■Tickets can be obtained irorn Kootenay points to Liverpool,   Paris,   Sweden, Italy
and any European port via Montreal, New York tjr Portland.
HAMMOCKS ..   .: -.   ." .  " "HAMMOCKS %
; For the baby   l ^ andr   - • For the grown folks < • |
;   '    : ' From"$2.25 . (o ' $7,75 ,'   ,', '"'
. Wc Have a 'nice 'assortment.-' ''.Dont' overlook ',
:.     j    . ;oili,  t- # . 0      t    . _
, ,  y      this chance to'get a nice   .■
. '   ' \ '.■:?.HAMMOCK''/'   v' i:\/
-The Moyie Drug & Stationery Co.   |,
E. 8.',II.' Winn, of Rossland, and
Xoble Binnis; of ■ Trail, are at the
coast, attending the ' Pythian
grafid lodge,  ■     ,  >    .
Mr. aud Mrs, F. J. Dean have
sold their residence in Xelhon and
have gone' to Vancouver to reside
there permanently.-
, i    .
o, John  < Ilou-ton     has   sold   the
water close to the shore near the
Mac Beth place at the month of
the narrows.,
The body vivas  fished fout   and
placed in a row boa I,and  brought
to town,   when  the  coron_er and
Undertaker Beatly ,u*cre notified.
The  funeral, took  place  Monday
afternoon ''from . the     foot     of
Queen's avenud; and quite a large
number of the friend-j ofJ the  deceased' followed  the 'remains   to
their last resting  place. ■ Rev. T
S.  Paytou,  of "the   Preshyte-iy-'in-
ehurch, was tho .officiating, minister.    The  St.  Eugene, concentrator  was' shut   down', while   the
A. J. .Flood' returnedp yostei day j \')
from a trip to hi? farmin   Alfca. ■   |^/
Don't forget the'Minors'/Union ,,-y/
meeting tonight, ,    -; "   lW ^
Ernie McQuade has a new gaso- j yX
lino launch.       ' , Kw''
Mrs.     Auehempaugh      arrived'Vf
liero last Saturday from Seattle.    I w
Arthur     Trent,     formerly     of;
Mojde; is still a 'resident  of  Pon-
'ner3 Ferry.' '- -        '
Ed.    -Barglarid  and    his    brido,
\ arrived home last Saturday • fi cm
"Spokane. ,. j
Light underwear and fat y
shirts just, received 'at the Daylight Store.
-Fresh strawberries  from  Oias-
GoJdon wa.v and reftitree B^a-n-s
S.ii^ai- nn<\ croriin cured C'cvvn
fJ']ie=o ar*: no't ' inf-yrior.' brands
t]io'b..'St goods that are-pawkocLiii Canada.
Sii car
20 lb ,ack"3
100 "
Get our prices on olheivlines and 'cjive
, tyom- orders. • )Vc will savo'you mpn'ey,
'.. '     '    '" '   ■' ^
i ■
. 1~jc per tin,  7 for $1.00
'■      '    '      2 tins forV
2'iuid for l>-"
Denver. Co1.., brotlii'rs  of  the' de-,
ceased, were  notified,  but  owing
to tha  condition   of ,.tho   body it
Prince  Rupert   Empire   to  S.   31. | ,va3  impossible   to  hold   it, until
they,would,  have   lime  to  arrive
here.      , ■
 :: I.
' H^d  Fluids, left,
funeral was passing, and the  flag
at the'mine office  was  placed  nt I fc0U  &*° ^te?  ceilL3  Per  bo:c  S,his
half ma--t " ■'' ! afternoon at Campbell's
J.. R  Diamond,   uf    Cashmere,}     Some'substantial improvements
Wash., and  D.  "\V.  Diamond,  of  -•"-■-:*"~   '"
§   Macfcacheni & Macdonald.
Ss^t? 'J^.-^>. •■*< '"^ .,5< ."^v ."«*<.-«». . «». .'«w
/tt ' 1
/IS' - ' ■
<f»    '
/iy  ;-
H\ .   ■
list /Two 'Boys
Newton. John leaves this week
for" Galvascbn. Texas, and from
there he will go to Old Mexico.
Be Wise in Time and
Follow (lie Crowd
"     to
Fitch's Stoi
Highest qunlity, Lowest prices.
"We def)"  i-orripelicMi.
Robin iiood Flour
On one  vis
Wc have just put another carload of ibis Hour in slock,
nold 2150 pounds of this- (luar Uvol dilTctctil cu'.tr^incrs.
■    •      Once tried—always used.
Jack Wilson, the 1D_ 3rear '.old
son of Judge YVilson, may receive
a medal from the Royal Humane'
Society for his bravery in saving
the lifo of \a little boy who was
drowning. ,
DtyTultord has been reinstated
as a practicing physician in tlie
province. Dr. Telford's certificate was taken from him by., the
council several years ago and several applications for hi-s reinstatement have been refused!
After paying all expenses , the
Dominion Day .celebration committee will, havo a balance left of
are being  made  on   the  Interna
tional hotel. ,-'     ^ | ■   i^orn-Oii Friday, July  2nd, „ to
iti'3.    Woods    ha3    moved     to  Mr. and Mrs.'Wm. Bird a son.
Swansea, where she is   going   into!     Born—On   Tuo?day,    July   Othi
the chicken raising industry.'       ,   j to Mr. anel'Mrs.  Wilfred Cameron
'The Moyie Bakery is still doing,1! a sou.        ^ ^ ,        • ,  ,
business'at the oTd stand] and ia
enjoying a 'well merited natioii-
age. .    • ■'
The.shai'eholdors of the Cambrian Mining Company will ho^d
a meeting in Moyie next", Tuesday,
July l:3th. ,,    ' •■      'S
'Mrs, Hurry was up from  Cran-
New Sidewalks ,and   Eum,
,,,„„,„ cunrt      i*     ' i- '     t   ..[brook  for   several ' davs   visiting
nearly $100,    A roooliaS ivas held      .' .   , .       -,,-",-'.-,
.      '.,.', .      -, , ,-,    . With Ji»"    oo.i«jj>,     J\l»a       .T A It
Jaa6 night to wind up   the  airurrs \r     ,       , ,r        ' !
A new sidewalk is'being lrtid
along fcho.west side of "lavisto'ck
street anel* north o(f Quee'n's'ave.
A flnmb 'will also boc built to
carry the, water down dmp'bell
creek. ' It will  follow  the  course!
Moyie .Plays   Bonners -Ferry.
The,Moyie , ball, team "had  two
games at Bonners Fe'rry with  tho
team  of  that place.     The" scoro, '
for the game on Sunday  was I   to *
3 in Bonne'rs .Ferry's favor.    That
|on  Monday  was-tt to 2 in'favor
lof Moyie.    The  lafcteiv game' was
called off in> the  last  half of the -'
fourth inning on account rof rain.'
Chas, Messipger  was  the  umpire'
for both  games.     Grady,   Crisler,
Kamm,   "Seaton,   HeUley,  -Ivclly, '
Ward, Melnty're-aud Buttell'com-""
. piiseel the Moyie team.
Those went with the team wero
of Che creek1 died.
Over .'30,000 harvest hands 'will
bo required to harvest and thi;ash
the western Canadian crop this
season. From present iiulications
the railway companies will be
taxed to their utmost when they
attempt to move the-eiop.-
. Macdonald.
or tno celebration., Asiele from  a
,few outstanding bills the affairs, Ml'' aud 31rs- °- Ti {;-enchiey
were wound up, and the various '.hare' %one to thek' farm near
comuiiUces      discharged.       Any ] Stettler, Alberta, where they will
funds deft  over  will   bo  turned.'1
Woman Spaaker' Caminj.
#£&. rfi rC-z-^r.^ J««^a*«J&iC«^^j:t-rfi-rfz-'rftr^^^h^t^^t^^^
- V:
Tlio best of accommodations
for  the Traveling Public.
Large nml Commodious Sample B-ioms. BilMartl Eooius.
McTAVISH & CAMERON  Proprietor?
over Lo the trustees of Aldridge
park. These tiustecs will also
look after the grounds and booths
and seo that they are kept iu repair. Anyone taking lumber'
from tlie grounds or tearing down
any of the buildings will be
vigorously prosecuted.
A vote of thanks was extenelod
Seattle ia uot so crowded dur- to the Miners' Union, who so gc-n-
ing the fair as many supposed it i erously gave up their hall to tho
would be, aud those who paid ox-j celebration committee for their
orbiuint m-ices for rooming houses j meeting-.
Elizabeth     Gurley    PI 3-mi,
spend m,ost of the summer. j "'om.au lecturer of  Xewark,   N>w
P.   G. Long-s   new   building on"1 Jei3e3". ^ billed to appear at Mor-
the comer of Victoria Street  aid  lc-r   haI1   Tlte^J^y   evening,   Ju!y
20th, under   the  auspicoa   of   the
Mr. and Mrs. Poote, Mr. and ■ .\lrs.
MuTuvish.    Mrs.   •UeJsJey,  ,  Harry
/framble.     W.   .J.   PeJiJniru,   Miss'
J Flora Foi tier, Mi?s Edith  Jltuvke,
j 13. G.   (J'.vj-une,' C.   11.  Messinger,
a ' Lloyd Crowe auel Philip Conrad, jr-
Doctors Desert Greeavrood.
expecting to make  a harvest are)
r....t:     ■,i:.-r,.,'..^;.,f«,i        rriU/n.n    ;=!i
fooling   'disappointed.     There   is
said to be auy number  of  vacant
Will Play Fernie,
*v* *V*  'V** *v**    V *
U^. /y-T/^-.   I'f. ^'^"^  >^ii
Tlio seniors of   Mos'ie  and   For-
This Is Payday
This is paydajr at the St. Eugene mine. The amount to be paid
out is about tho same as last
month, $10,000. The men will be
paiel in cash, each  man   receiving
Mo3'ie  avenue  will he  ready
occupy earl3' next week. ,
FOR 11EXT—Two nicelv fur-
uished rooms, with or without
board. Mrs. Crooks, back of
Hill's store.
Chas. J. White is taking a
short vacation and aud is   leaving j
^    —o^, ...,^.   ..ue  auspicoa
I Miners'union.    Sho.is saiel   to   bo
Her snbj icfc will be " tue
of "Women Into Iuehistr3\"
a 9
c _
... F
11 iuw a.iy.'.    uv.   cspatiKie,   souiot
^i/lljrjf jfOfj !lia5 pceured ofiicca  in  Vancouve
± .''and will move to that  ci(\-,  whil
tuelciy for Winnipeg to seo his
mother, who is a resident of that
The eloctor sa3-"3 tho most essential thing to gooel health is
proper rest. Seo tho Fink Mercantile Co.'s furniture man regard iug proper rest,
Malcolm McNeill left  Thursday j Kge,   vices   grand;   F.    ,f.    Smyth,
for   Denver,   Coloraela,  wheio ho'secretory; \\   \V.   luivdoit.   *croa3-
Before   tho   end  of,  tlv's month
ia'studentand a speaker of abiiiLv.!°reeiVV0Od   'ViU   b°  d9^J  b^
. ,     "'. 'us   three   medical    practitioners,
vdvent   „       ,. ,   . £ r'.-?^,-.-=.
l.'r.    Oppeuheimer , will   optm   an
office iu Spokane in the  cours\*i  of-
a few days.    Dr.   Spank ie,   souior,.
,   ..u^.     ,;  ii,     ,_ii,.< >^i     i,v>     LUC.U       VJ11J    ,        trlilll"t
' > Dr. Spnnkie,  junior,   has   decided
A L the regular meeting of   "Wil-f to locate in Calgary,  Alberta,  for
dey Lodge Xq,-It, I. O. O. P.,   last [ the    practice    of  his   profession.'
Tuesday evening   the   officers   for  This will leave   Greenwood  with-
the new term  wore  installed  by j out a medical doctor.
W. IL Laird, D. D. G. M.,   assisted } '	
by Past   Grands  Sail a:id   Monk-J
house: ' j
Liuis Collin, noble grand:  Fred ■
ii      rr      .r
lac rcudi.
will attonel the convention of  the ' urce.
Western Feeleratiou of Miner-' Appointed ofii.-er--—Fred Atkiu-
uio aro arranging for a game at ' bis pay envelope at. tho bank. | which convenes in , that city on son, warden: 0,-.vi!l McLhmgill,
the  latter   place  ono   week  from ! The bank  v\>Il   bo   open   until   7JJnly 12th. '        ' condue-toi:  A.  C.   ( l.irke,   outride (
{o'clock    this    evening,   but   was)     Master Harolel Walter"-,   clrcul- ' gnaidian; Janica  Kibctt-*,    iutide ' who celebrated   \\eie   Cuuulian-*,
and not AmuiictlUf. as 0110   wotthl
Iu Moj-ie the Fourth of July
wa?. ustiereel in with a devil of a
racket.    At mieluight people wen'.
ti wakened from their slumber-", by
all kinds of ear-splitting noi-es.
But it is said that  most of   tho^o
•juudiiy, July ISth.
Will Have a   Barbecue.
'closed from ll:.'i0 until 1 today   solatiou manager of the Leader  and-' E'rardiin. ^
that the men up on the hill  could  one of the uirst  industrious  boys [     P- •'• MeAlpinc. right   =upporter
oTust take note and you will find that,
things to wear come from our store.
Ourso'fL shirts, al-e.a. blessing On a hot Jitiy:  ,our   suit? a
necessary luxury to anyroung man   who   prides,  -
■■.•.'■    "■.■'••■'   lAimsd'1'f -in being well elres^'d.   ■• .  .   .      ..
virH 1    ■';,■■ 4.,    i ■   ..     ■■ .1^ Fi-amT"iho host   houses    and ageh-
\\ 0 Jiandle the l)est goods riom un. yie-ftL        ^ &
(| be convniceel,. .
When   Herb  Jackson   won   the
greased pig at tho eclt-bralun   on
*    tlie    best ' Llic lirst he  fastened   it  securely,
as he thought, to a tree.    Bat Mr.
bo given their paj\
McGregor Undergoes  Operation.
Cl. T. Mc(W*egor,  while   in   Van-
ciesiii C'nnaihu    <J«M aim
^^ iTHlS    FFliXlSM Ui
j Pig was pretty slippery that clay, j.eoiivfer, .went tinder a successful
j and slipped .out of the rope, aud j operation for. stomach trouble', of
for several days', was Most in the | longstanding. Dr. Hall of Vic-,
jungle around AUlridge. How- toria performed tho operation,
ever, Tom Miller did a little de- and it is said to be very succoss-
tective work and was soon on the   fui.    Mr. McGregor is still   in   the
1 S A
Capital  Authorized--	
Capital Paid Up—.-	
n a am: hi:.-' in mun^i cdi.i'.m"'' \,-
Mil'liol, N':1'i',11''!-'"y'
„—jS 10,000,000,
trail of the porker. .   1 0   was   cap
tu rod'and taken to  Fred   PerkiuV
place.     Tho     foot-ball-   boys j. arc
planiiing to havo a barbecue,   and
roast    pig   will  bo   tlio   principal
item on the bill of fare,.     .
! in Moj-ie, took in the f ur  at  Cnl-' noblo    grand:   I-'red   linker,   left.
gary this week,   making   the   trip | supjjorter noblo grand; L. L. Hutt
all by himself. j,;^      Sll,,uol,(oi.     vic.d     ,,rrtnd:
_ T^,^K?"AaJlA Sl,?^.P][?QS  afc James M oDong.il!,   left   supporter
vice giand: Arthur ritnian, right
scene . s.npporcei; Wm. Sanelay,
left scene susportei:; . iVprmau
Sru'tth. chaplain. '. .     ■ <
A Past  Grand   collar  v.'as   tn'e-
tlio Daj-iight Stoio this wct-k.
■N6w,.:-':Piay, Bali
Co=0o. Store Meeting
Tho  junior , baseball    team    of'
Moyie hereby  issues  a   challenge!,. . ,,
,*;_ j tiring noble
to any local team, aside from   the
hospital in that cityybut  expects seniors.
! aeiited tj Chas. J. White,
A shareholders' meeting of tho
■Mu3--io Co-Operative Association
is, called'for Krielaj', July Kith, at.
7:30 p.m. 'J'he juueting will be.
hckl iu McGregor hall. After, tho
meeting lefieshnionts 'will bo
served to members and friends.
to bo home within a short time.
•MacEachera Buys Launch.
Taking   a
Geo. Lucas, shift-boss at tho   St;
Cr'. m.":"
...      \ ;■;,,w lu'M.I,
..;,, mi.I '.'aiH'onvor
>,t rate from   dato   of
Ool.lcn, l<aiuli>i>i>s,
Savings  .LJimik i'<t
Tnterest allowed. 011 deposits at ™:!l!'
PiNKHAM,  Manager;.
J. F. M. Pi
t$\ Fugene concentrator, 13   taking  a
5^ y
©1 well earned vacation, and lelt
es ; ycstcrda.v for Miunapolis, where
&- ho spent his boyhood day.?.
a I His wife and son and daughter
Ml will accompany him. Ho Aviil bo
sjaway about MO' day?. A. G.
Is' Monkhouso will bo shiftbe-ss   ciur-
J. S. MacFaehern has purchaseel
the gasoline launch "Alma" from
Mr. and Mrs. Wr. L. Lucas. Tho
•'■■Alma" U one of tlio• best'-nnd
jirettiesfc boats ou tho  lako.
The School Election.
u» E
Enjoyed the Picnic,
<**«* >&$tn&&Q&®®!£i® ^es-sse*®'v
.A«H."-,®*i*-p«»e0f ©9-S©»  ing-tho absence of Mr. L-icas.
Between 50 ami 7A> "Masons and
their friends attended tho picnic
at .Swansea '"Thursday, and nil
who nttendcel wero
with their outing.
At the s h 10I election this j ^
morning W. H. Laird was chose n J0j
to succeed J. P. Farrell, whose 10
term expires. James Koberlsi^
was elected auelitor. Tho meit- jj
inr adjoiirnsel until AVeelnesday, ky
July 21st, at   7:30. p.   m.   for   tlio ( £;;
new j |y^
purpose  of . discussing   tho
school ■housp   an el- a   teacher
tho primary department.
and   fniall.     We ill em all
at  tl
jcancmav.- an
The    Scantlinavians    hekl     ser
-Metliodist    eliurch; M      _. ■ '     _
lev. J. it  Strom  of > ™     COIiraQ BIOCll
11 \-
vices   in   tho
dclightediflast evening. Rev. J. H.  'Strom  ef I ^     UOIiraCl ii'lOCJl . Moyi6...^j
'  N,lsou officiating. " ^11^2^^^^^^^ ^i^^r^f
■> i\'-*7W*&r-j
. jr,^BK**5
'yhfci pa,
. -'< /■*?," ivr
' 'iy
-t ■\:$yh&'i
...I   .   VrJ.'f.JtUr-.
,  iifv-1 *S','S)
, if"'"B'l."'"'.V'<rf
1    ','    Ji^*.'.   v.-v^s
■l-f **
-1   I- WWI
—'?T» "St.Vf
.a I
. .if ■■.
-^ii--« v.-, {J
:&&*. ■>A w* i
^wKi'^t, .
■,fc<"*0 »
&■-.$# -
s-'f'. .flin j
ffiSf||','»»j ,- ■
["for   cWK     I
wm ■ ■
S" "#■> i1' i
^«%"-'"V ' '
ie"Xt>.-' ,
*bpJ£.y[' l
'< »/,c9
ilea- *
fkt-i     fHrJ   >
P il.li-hcd in them (creel <>'. the pooj-lo
of Movie and E.ist Knoier.HV.
K J. KM NTH.  Pi,;jmviii..
<9,vrt TV','//'
>.L   tlu*   Capital    niil   p^rn.it   the
l-'ii-t    .Mini-tor    get"   cut   iiinmy
,is-   p?opk-  niul   hnpiiro-*   at   lir.-t
mnd im ) tlie l-iipiiseinenl- of tin
■ ariou- en,-tiitien'it*-*.     1-it an.-,
w.'inloi' thai Dijk  -MJ'-iido is the-
mo-t"j)"ytdar   JbitWi  Cul.imbi m
,ii the J'rov ine-e t
* <
'Xow (hat, iJu« c
P.i-s is M'llcJ nn
battle 1- el cared
re-idfc  e-an   be   t-h
iliroe monllis of idloric*;,  and  the,
=-=r=r=; , lo;,, io tlio   woikmo'n   of  at   least
■'half  a   million   doll.-ns   in wages.",,
;     Iv.iih    its  attendant   loss   to  the
*U! '    . j'
■Jopenitors    and    the 'public,   the!'
j miners resume v.*o:k on tho  Mime
v,i.n'j terms which were offered   by  the
/operators   and    accepted   by  the,'
How 'ong can a goo.-e 'sttuul   on ! men in March last but rr-jt-cteel bv
i i1 -      ' *
one lot:?< Try it and see.     , > id'rank Sheiman,   who  forced  the
__...«. _-i_ j strike at ,a  time  when  all  inter-
Tho  fact  that  Moyio   needs   a I £sUy expected pence,
new  sjhool   building  should   not
&ATI'111)AY, .1 F LY d0, 101*9.
, ■ The glust" walk's today.
Many    miners 'in    Moyie
rallying bank book?.
»«/ |-|g|
."\io3ic's baseball team it
.nerall right, all i-irglS't"
*■ c *     - —'
about  wLer'e to k'avc^.your order iWiK-'l e.-l <d'
.ajiyiJjiiig -and   everything m tlui groorv line1
;     ;       Cease \l\i: Doubting    ''
-' Get' tlie habit. ' ,   Go to .
one v>f them or by tin- .survive
fe<£>   llognlar    mecding-
*%L ou ^'ie '^''■'■*' Wcti-
f\    ni'-iihiy,      of < etich
f        v^jy ' month.
jVi.iting b;eth'ern  vy'lotro.
G. T. M<(.'rcgor, W. M.
D. A. Ayio1", SoiTi'taiy.,
bo lost sight of.';j
i     i ,  '_ i
M03 ie's junior ball team is a
pippen, even though it has three
Crowes and a Ilawke.      ' ,?
 » a.
'Girls   bewari,-.'    A    Jofc    of  ,tho
3'oung bo3-s   "vviio   pose  as   candy
Ferriie.Fj?dgei;—There are  several kinds of fools ,ou   this   round
( t
wot Id. , Thpro is', for instance, the,
.-pecics   that j)cr.dAs 'in   rocking
. the boat.    Anothcr.branch of  the ,..
' dine /.--.mi'iy   tby*  v/ilh   the  gun J =
-rowe. Bros
' ■••    ■ 'Moyie.:'
■■■. 'C,
Moyie   Mine2's'   Unioh
'..    No. 71  W, F.of M.
Meet-: iu Mffir^KCi" hull cve-ry' .«a!ur-
jd.,13" eviMiiiJir. 'Soj.uiriiii.'g niomijcru
j ure roiiiini!v,iimte<i to «Pi-u(L„. ! ' r
i -Alalcolm Mc.VeiH
i      ' Pretidi nt.
'i^^mj     Practical Watehma^
{g^^^l and Jeweller.      '
-/anus Robei't'"
' . ,   "   Secretarv
kids elevelop   later   in
i   ,
lemon drons.
,tJ1*5/with ofreu times fatal results, but - icin?   case  iU^'   therefore,, travel
' r.F (snn.L'.'i,Q «. i-7   •».   1' ■ - ] miles'for nothing.
Mt cqiitLj ue '-didn't know ib  was! .,       ■  ■
' 'hi'iHi-iF'    -,„.;)    .1 .e „l     "We.'l, said  the  traveling' man's
.,' I' ,.r    ,   . 'vile,   my   hii^band    beatSi , that,
(borne  hfo  bnng, that   vital  fact i ne came home the other day  and
prxtted me on tbe cheek aud  said:
,(J believe L hive seen -vou-before.
The   '  Ka'therinc,'    ' C'lemmous 1 holaQ to bim. , Of late a new  var-
[Harvey, •   McCarter   &
'   Macdonald.  "V
v (
Barristers, Solieilors/Xularies, Etc.
Cranbrook.   - .'-    B.  C"
This hotel is ,„now under new
iiianagemeut, and is first qIufs
Comiiiff Events,'
B. E; 'TAYLOR, Mgr.
^■'oulel cocktail will doubtless soon I lG\¥ -"*-jni3 to   have  elevelopeel 'in     J uuuovu 1. u-ive seen .yeni'oexore.   ,        nianageraeiii, an
make its appearance'in this list  of ,' th'ls c[ty t]™  chief  charactcristic-l libt^° gil,,'->  v,rilat id 5rour'name:-'.' .li  l     in every respect.'
■fancy drinks., •' , .  j ^'»g that he fails  to retiliz'i  tliej ' ' ~ ~~^~'.      . r ■ —    —   • — - --- .
, ." ' j danger of a smoldering /ire and" a \
Cox'ej'-'who inarched to "Wash j^1'^- wind-even in view of the
■.ington loine* 3-eais, ago with ah ■ P-T't experience of chis city. For-
annj'of imcmpl jyed is now rid- '""c Jrid one fire nhnosfc a year
iug in au automobile. 1 ago—iye want no more.'
r'C'^S^T *vAy &)a^ in   Wufclii-.   C'h.y, ; T
te^^/ ai!(l   1 laliJ.     "J Ui-lKfU,,!,"'!,»{.;«  ,   ""'
, » fl ■
■ f 1 ' '
Jon-eiU-ry Doi.iirlmi'.ii   THE DAYLIOHTWn.-
.  MOYIE.    '      y.    y\'ll !!,,,„,•„■ .^J
W. F;,GtTRDf    __ /.
"«.VltitISTKK, HOI.ICITOK, r.xc.
Ib C
'','•1 b pay? to read   the  J3ible.    X
.Mi] .Yankee man  found   $,!|Su7 'in
his."   'Perhaps sjm3 refrain, fear-
L   ing their hearts 'arc too  weak "to.
stand shocks 1 ilc V" this.    '■ '   '
Victoria Street.
There" is said .to  be   tv hotel, in
In previous years j"uinisters
touring the oonntiy .used to be'
begged with delegations demanding redress of wrongs which they
attributed to', the . government.
That    the    Premier and his  col-
,  AVestern  rrederatiorr of  .Miners
convention Denver,. July 12lh.
Spokane    Interstate-Pair, ,September 20tli to 20"lb.
* " r 1 v
Westminster Fair. October 12th |.
to lGUi. ' !
\Tlios. Summers ■
v   - ,
Cigars.   Tobacco,   Fruit' and
Confecfionerj'.        ,.
'Nelson'Fair. Sept. 22,.to 2:1th
, Calgary ' Exhibition,    Julv   5ch ! =
4to 10th.   ^.,    / '       "_;     "    ','
Winnipsg .exhibition .\Xuly' 10 th
.Ho 17th
path .Victoria   St1.
(DR. F.'B. MILES,    '
Cranbrook// b,  6.
T. T. MiVii;i,:/;.K . [* <L. S.        II. Y  1'arKrr, C
- .  .--    --   -_ .leagues'    arc   today [' accorded   a
••Pjnners'  Ferry    in 'which   thou-; dilfereufc     welcome   is   assuredly1 -.- - ■ --   , -
„,„^. y J,.-^' „J..„   ^  -,„„  ,-/»„.'._ ,.- -...n_4u....^.„ 11UC vufy /     oianh,pok,^i..culcurar .Vor-iety /       Vn°v'xai^ La™ SuiurviNoJ
tCiso   of   n    (ire.     Every  piyblc 1 by   the   govornm3nt  but   by  the I Fdi,'> September 3 Jih and loth.       I KWJVVA v * *"™™  «nciini:i:kino
praciution   should    be    taken   to.'connti-y. Whatever'   may    bo!	
prevent such a holocaust.   ' 'siiid ngaieisfc the goneral policy  of '" Tho   C^mholitaxi Rtfc).
— ";  — jLho'.AIefiMde  government  by  its'' 	
Jyve  hundred   dolms   invested   opponents, tlio bitterest  of  them1'   " would' scem 'sti'angc  indeed L,.ni.       .   u  .   „   '
in a hous, and lot   in.M.yio   wil, ,' will admit that it l,as c^^Jished ' ^ ^ Um° WO,Ua  ^:»G   ™"   « I    !^1 " "
lu-ing iu a rottirn of at  least   S10 In -.nso r,F   .«„., •«._   • ' i ,[" SmaIJ "■"ould nob bo iu tliolutoi"' ' —J—-====-■=-=-
George H .Thompson,'
,f. ,   4;-^y^fri":tiI   Solicitor ([
Notary Pu'Bi.KVvtc. ' ' -
f* *  1     ■ ,
CRAXBROOK.   ' "Wish Coriu.Mm.v'
Ifsiimatcs Turnislicd.
okj-tci>: '
Fori W'teole P.'O. Box 2.1
Embalmo'r ami Undertaker,
. .     CUa.MJJUIOK
\J/~A \£ iv'
.:  - ■ ;^-'   -v.
r.argo.aW*iMiqiiN of^Qo^arts m,d   raby
,   \   .   '  '.. -     -Price's fron'i ■§-"» i'i}\"
Cranbrook    Co-Operaf/ve
Piione 0.
lu-ing iu a rottirn of at  least   $10 la—nap f.F   w,,')     •"    "'"    ,       j f[-Small Svould nob bo
u-   ti.,    ......   poLticalconaitions which has had! past ten years,  with a  slight  in
„.,,    .,. -   l                                                  '                               ---"- """-.i "as riaei 1 ijasb icu years,   wiDi  a   sli»riit   in-
)U:bUKe;^0n   y°-""   '"'V^,^    tromendou:,y  powerful   eil,ct'| tormi,,ioa of a  Ioy   montS-    Mr
yWierecouluyou.nakeasafrr  or  as contrasted   v,ith   the  state  of l^allha, been proprietor, of  thelffffifln
b,ttcr mvcstmciH?                             jalrlirs  in.io,   t(J   VM(t>  ^   ^ j Cosmopolitan    hotel,  one   of  the    W [liill
* y'picsent    udminUt^M,,,,   „«    ^   >"^^n , hotels   in   Western    «^®«-
0.1'. DESAULSlKli
.., . finesenb   adminLstratlon   assumed
^.tny    a    person   wlio   bonglit l'thc ,.eins of om^_
property in V.incnivor and  other I v     * ,».
places from traveling   agents
auyi     There' are rutnots  of a .Provin-
disappointed whoi th:iy see their, cial election this fall, probably
p;ireh.i30d for them=el ve*. There ,' m October. Already in the Cran-
arekmwn ci33s where it  wiil   be ; brook riding  there   is said  to   be
Jitn-KjiTOi:. Xotakv Pi, ni.if, ]yte\
Wouldn't   It.
Canada. ''K.-iie," as he'id known
by everybody, is one of the mo it
popular hotel men in Cranbrook,
and he is doing a business that is
a credit to his pers"Duality and to
the house     When yo-x go   to the '
  ^   "Cos"    you   know   that  you   will
years bif 5i*e   tho  purcha^rs   will   •='■1110--peeidaUon on   who .shall be   gefc ,l K°°'l room  and   good   meals
be able to  really their   own   out I the standard bearers of   the' Con " ^ ^ T^'m }Vi"\™°™   do
c ,,    •    . .   ! '    s01   UlC   Uuu-'you want?    Nothing. —Herald,
ot their investment-. ;-=ervalive     aud     Liberal   parties
.    "7~"° iThe   names   of  Thos.   Caven, Vic.
nsiomnBtothe  recent   murder (Roliio., ,\rchiu  Uilch   p,id   ^    ,,
of lViaiB hi^l i„ Now York' by ,1 ^tt, are mentioned by the Com
Cimamui .he was trying to con-; servntivc*. The Liberals will
vc,t, one is tempted to a4: | prol,(lbly havo to look for neu
whcficr tho business of minions ! Umber. Dr. Kin?, it is rMdpi.
among the Chinese K worth whih.y5Loc,llilm:,h;V(1]lls |m ^ "
3ia,o the history of tho rm.vt- ; and ,i-ht. to dev.to hi, wholj
nnnt ,,ow, that the Chinaman i, - tillll. tl> (liy 1)i;u,if.c
:n,rcl,kidy   to   env-rt   the   , ■ ^.^        ,,,, -
-on   wo.W   to   r-;.!,.:..,   than   „,,   t-.i,.,. c.u , lif,     [f, „.,. f,r   ^ °
IMI-.1011 wo.kor is j,,   rrmvfiL  the  ,.<■;, „    ,-, ■„    "       '
Chinaman to'n  '' ^'illylx-   no   doubt
e.,rnnan,an to L• iri<tiaiiii v. k     » ,i ,
;--.l\9._ y' '*•.   ■.   ;     •jl.-b*J-"fc"tlio return nf.thb.AlcMrk[e
.fiery,   oi'ator'  di'.n-iijg    a.
demonstration,   -when   j'"SOo   mv'i'
•"- ihavo  a   Conservative     supporter
from this district.
Ab-MUVIK, over Postoffiec'Tucs- ' $k
;day  aftc-.rnoon   and    Wcdnc.-driY'
, morning everyyveek.
€tueens' Ave.
'ying majority than be-fore, and the
rri    a      roov^t'   <
*,<-iiancG.s    aro   good   that  ho  will
country   going   to   rtiii.i,   y,httn
seo'our oppress- .hmida   at  our
throats  strangling   j13    and    the
black ch.uds of'"iiop^t>H«ness, and
d-pair gtitlier-ing on' tho ■'Jjorizr.n
to  oblPeratc the
prosperity?   y.\Jut,   J
can .1  d,,?"'  "'-sit  t]
tlii! andtenc-v-—.x ..,  i.
Was    Forgetful.
Would't it put a kink in your
thinker that there are no Tuikidi
bath- in Tut key; that Hamburger
■^teakoomes from TTjlnk-n, and
We-tphaha hams from Cliieago?
Si:.\I)  I'Ol'll    WOIlls    TO   TJIM
STEAM    ;
_' '"   ■  '■" '-NELSOX ..       ["■'■''"'■
All White Labor. ,
■■-■.'.       .' ~~ "    .'
Liavewoik with the    local agent
'  '
sAs_made by the present'brewer i. ndmitt.'.ih' the f
■^^       -and the IWt .Si„i„K \VatPr ft j. |inoXff!|lJ ki   l
_        ' ,'lHnbty.    Ju.-ut on liavinfc, ^,llvio ]JiJtir
I        ^CTUiD AND .DUAJ-rjiKEK     ||
I^O^STXID. 23. c. I
' I? — "■-
1     !   1.-
lljl 't
-/D. /''. joiixsron
A  minister's   Avify    a    doctorV
•in   of; "vJf«'i"d a   traveling,   man's  wife
 ,   -   ..-,..wl.at;"1|"t0lk>   d;iy  ''''«'nt]y   and   were
it  doivi.r'   shortvd \lly,1's;ilj"utLhuf"''^U-..Iness of
,,       . .     ,.   v' .   ' i their hn.-bands.'
•■«'» ■'ancirfcoS:ar.l^   The minister's u-ifo thm-ht her
viin-i'il P
■ >. 1 j i
!■<<■(;    I'iv>-:-\o
.'cinior iii    t!m   ! >
giv.-s    t!m   p.irsou'il 'ai.toiui...:i- u,
tluy v;nio:i-   s-,M.i m s   .->f: tV-; .•■•m" v
under"   bis     s!e,v y-J-iry    Mi,';   i.,
••-iwn.hy P.vmi >•,  ;.f, yy-y;^ „/•  ,. y..
A ..  ..it.    ....     1
! J'.Uab.lijd   W;;;s   tho    ,„0,t'    fo,.;,Hlf„J
"-: man.living, became ho   v/otdd   ».,
nytf.   church   and   forget   his    note,
md no 11113 tvmlj m!,k..   out   vrhii
an was try in- to 'preach abiuf.
Tlio doettor's  wife   thou-iit   h.-:,
'■■'-ban-1 was   tie'   ne.>,t"   i'oiyotfu'
ui nil.
I5U.V   Voi-ii
gars. ;
flit ;aiKl,
i-ii, nj,
'iii. e-;i|
{ Tahlla 1S ^o^ and wel1 burnished Tfiei
I Mqrnf aS? Suppled with the Best tlie
1 Sp /waSords- The B*r ^ FilJed with J
I tne iiest Brands of Liquors and Cigars {
■■"", J".p<.H «,„,- mu-;,, „„,    S m«,v,« AND MIN1NO MEN
Wo   guarantee all"'.
Our Work.1        y
'"<;p;;iriii^ ii,,,
pre.'HHin^ doni:
Prices Peight.
'i'ii !■/..
'i I'm
^/f#f^     0      Designs "
An yen.-? sr-rwll:,;; ,, P]r..;,.i, ..„,; ri,'r.rr!ni|r,n r.„;u
r|i-I..|i;y :i.v:t,r':iiii  ur.r <,|.inii>'i ,'.-..-. «,•;.,,"   f,
.Mv,.,;,Mm iM,rr>i;I.Mv,-,,,,,.,,,;y VI." .ly,:
Bant i.'m. ci,!.i...t s«.,j r.„-:,,.,.„,,":.'!;:.:,:; '.'Ul
I-..!.!,.!:! I.,n-:n   OT,"•.;...,   Mu;.;,  ty'    r-r :■'■ •
I    S1-,fn,4!51'Vii;i..yv;f||.,iit ;.;-i,,vl-», in ti.,  ""    "
ftj I
■Wfliril W
■jH    B- H. iDWYER,
;J§      ,- :..:.
. s ');
<,•*!    i
pi'tient ai;u f
:'.:   (j 11 f:   (-,...'
ry.F   mo l-
r. 1vi;i;i^.-.rrn'(-r lilt;:;!,-,!
^ill'i! ll  n   1 - r  Jim '." <: ic;   I
HM.M?!!' 'Jn Lb,   "
'■■'.Ml;.". I."!!,':.
illt;:;l,.,li,..i w,.,.i<;
■'.'l.v  !   .:ri. .!.     '
l'«i'a r.y..-i! i:
.;. c.-ou
i-'T'Ty j.
!. 1,. r,*  2:
: ^y  win. eooi'Kuri r,K .
.^       ^H,A.y;:i:yryy /; (
"r.HAt:t.:,i,:n    ,(,,,,H
111     r
7111; I
'.'"•"••<   !'" ':Mri.,l;,,r
It:.,'',',-,:,,,,,      t
•'I-   '     ■:""-i «r.',,„
'«-■   Urrnl'
ii, «
G-eneral Cod tractors, -Builders
ar»d Repairers
■^'(imitk-s CliccrfiiWy  1'""iii-iiI*--li'f*"'» -
M.pyie, B. C.
K" '
«@«iSr^" r^,-  b-corr^fr^ march of progress has now  D.cpme something ;mpre than a mere patriotic" belief. ���-������ <��    -  tbnes bv*ro^%^Xhfn co,nc^de^ but has.been proclaimed in trumpet  tones Dy �� congress of the nations of the world.  .      ;.. . yry ~-    ..���   ��� y-wi. ������ aI  : National pre-eminence has found equal expression and onr^;^���^ 7 *  "     <���''" ,  preference for w-^* c^picbsion ana appieciauon in international  ross of alonosv     <,  $  -s r* ,v.. 4  --r-   ,   t     f  . -j^-T'vy.?;  ' I'."  " ?���"���"", L  - ..'   . t.V |  :-*^  -��� iJ^v  ,���   .^',  ��� \ *  '' i y-  \ '  f: .v  yf  Sales botb at boine and abroad bave indicated   tins preference   before;   but  today  it  :onchisivcly proven by the cross ofi   honor   ancl  jnedals   illustrated   en   tkis   pac-'e���  stands conclusively proven.^j.^.,-;-.-----,   -/y.   -----    ----  ...^~~^   +^^.*~^ ���  frojjiii.es of a competition, wbicb marks an eppcli m tbe bistory of brewing.  By tbese decorations, and by the diploma ..w'hicb accompanied them, tbe International Pure Food and Hygienic Exposition at Antwerp declares Pabst Blue Ribbon to  be absolutely tlie finest of tbe worlds brews;���tbe peer of all beers ,m purity, nutritive  properties and general excellence-  Tbe true significance o( tbis award lies not alone in tbe fact tbat famous American  and European beers were entered m the competition; but tbat Pabst Blue Ribbon was tbe  only beer tiiat successfully witbstocd all tbe prescribed tests.  Otber beers   deteriorated: "tliey   cbanged  color;   or  lost  tbeir   taste.   '.Pabst   Blue  Ribbon  alone  showed  a  perfect score,  and   tbus, proved   itself  a   T^vT^S^ veritably the one real "Beer of Quality."  \&  uanty  ���i 7^1 *^anUs "T surPrise *�� tbose wbo know Pabst; but it is worth' r-onderino   Kv  vhose who drinic other beers, or none. " D.   y  v   .._,       Tbe perfection of Pabst Blue Ribbon is tbe logical result of a  lifetime   de-o<-��d^o  the attainment ot perfection in brewing.  f..l    rParSt B1"e ^bonis a, nutritious beer because it'contains  all  of tbe   W    po^-t,  ox the barley, grain���a result of the Pabst eigbt day natural malting process. ,      -        '      ��"~ ������  -        fa\st -Blue Ribbon Beer is an invigorating beer because it contains  tbe   tor-ic  ���r>-  erties ot the choicest hops. I'*"'-,  Pabst-Blue Ribbon is a pure beer because it.is made-under perfect condition, of���  and cleanliness. ;' ���   .      . ""  ���;   .   ^tH\ BrUei'R;Hbn i- t-Iie "ae1al K��me  Wera��e because it contains a verv small -percentage . Wio*; of  alcohol.     It  is  truly a temperate drink, invigorating and healthful. "  yyv"^>  yyaSfiMvl  (Ar   ANVERS   !yl     ,1907  mi A;  ^  ie  .an  w  H*H*BAV��3  K*  ���oti  l^*"-?^|l!��P^  y -^. "HX\i3:��A&M;i<yi^ \Kr~-  - -0im^:im^��i'^  oniy at the Brewery  o   / ^ i     'J\-  $ ^  .���-   tJ %\ >>  ���feiff'3^"  iiiiin Ms  im  H#.  jt*  $"$v  i"WWifiF��r' 'H'  ^Mt$- 5y'*'  *$'  JMK,'"1 Ill  M?l '?  r*vf jit- *   f      -  '-"'*J7 1.?-    1i  &&> I*  mill  Ik NJ& if  ��t.i  lmm\ Kescrvauo?ss.  Filing-; on'tl.p,,thri'i> Indian iv->  whleh   will   he  thrown  Moyie School Report.  -������   -.* .-���" v^iTisft cohu:>iivf^>:  :   r   r"r-_      _-irr..-ryi__""          ���        l ;,o-in'r:  ^ >g:4^;^rS|%<��.^-b.      ,.i:an-��k..'.k   um. My"  . ,<^\ ^. 4g^>^Ci^; ���,��& �������������;��& ��*?*^^:2S*.  ^  1,    UI-TItl'* J  I" A ".J   Koiirl'N'AV  11 c.  t��.i.'.' i.vt.ci tint i'i��i ���'>",''t"(,: * ,'r'"Jy  Int. i'l-, I"! l'1-'   U'r  1'"'  ihu  fvil!.i��irij   'locr.lJ.'1  prvatimi  n; on !<:." vt'tt]. immt, (hi.-,   m: tumor  hi .Montana, Idaho and   Within,-,'-,  ton will Marl Apiil   1, IT-!-:}.     Tin > ii,L  npplicuitr will have been i>otified ,  ��S  'J ho  puhlie   <-ohoo!   closed  .Tunc-  ���'J.itls   i'<>r   the   '-unuuer    hoi id a )'.-*.  Tin- i't'ilou iiig nro tbe honor   lolls   ��|^  .���nd promotion li-t-. for the tonios  im.ior tiivi-io: ":  General Proficiency.  o.'f"]i��tHun, ii.im 1.'  ^'jJa ' ml���Foil t'> jiuri-lift-  \??  ' ",i .'��. -  no,,,.!.'....'   ��t   u    ].u-t   Hu..U,l   about   IU  x -it i:  <t:\mjhook i.anh  ]���'.-, iinor.  ni'iiiici  OK.SOv'J'llhllN lllVI-'ION,   KAS1  KU011.NAY  'J'nku ri()tlc<'    |!int   AU'X   Jylm   Cbnliolm   (,f  KniK-'Kiitc, 15. C , ueciipnlloii,   Cullcctoi   ui  11.  M. futlo'ii-., iiili'm!" to iii>i>l> foi |ivrinUsiuu  ly  jiurcliase tlie IdllowniK ilL>.c;ib'j(l laml.-,   -  l'<;iuin(.'3ii'iii('ut u i��>M i.ltiniiil nixiiii :'.', mlU".  ���V-  IP* ��  i   1.  JRNITUR'E  /ft  by tlie government  nf   thr   utim        f-vni-u:   Mabel .Lutner.    .Tiinioi.-i  ln-f.i (,'iven  them in   Cue  drai\ inf.*; v/dlred Collin. I "^tl"  cnc. Idaho,   in   Au.s'^j       Pu^.tsnlif y and IlrgwarUy.       [ P|^  " nioi;  O^car    I'tireb.      Junior,-1 ,f^\ j  ;i(, Co.-'nr d'A  li-t.   IlrOO.  ;     (in April, I. IP IO. Cue   applicant  to. whom'lia-. bi'i-n :-rivi-:i   No. 1   on  any of the tbroe ro=ci vati-u:"-  will j  ,-ipprnr   at   the   lii-aiLp-iarsc  >.l, !  ilatry J^eugon.  JJ.'portmeut.  Senior;    31.ly    J>unip,ij',-   Mnry  ?& ! ��i~-l^<-.  ,, ��� i   ,;)���   , .',   i ; . I itc'. oach.    Junior, Agu i"   Ijntnci  that reservation   and  hio   on   niv' . .,   '     D  ICO acre-*.   Then >"o. 2   will file on  ,i   < i.  his pick of wj.-t i"*'hTt i.iul tlie  rdiiiRS will continue- until all ihs-  land has been'takon. rJ hf land  'oflico will accf'pt.ahont 'j') ii!In^~,  pcr'da5r. V.'bt-ii a mini's number  iri called on the d ly he is   nouiiod  Du-atiice Ifau-kc.  I'a-sfd. / ,'  fcdnior,  Koy -Mi-L tchcrn, Roy lintch, Cy-  ril Walters-; M iry   .McCViach,   SL'd  ney    \Valier.--,'   K Iward     I.ufciier,  Ada    S.iudu'itl},  Jrene   Nordman.  it to fiJi-.bf  he  is   not'Tivd Crowe  ^, 1,0 be prcsen  there llm man  lioliiin1'   tho   next  hnv  ] tin-  Wo    ,nov.*  (;iie of the  i.'.-d sic ok of   fui  nilui'O in   Sou ]  K.istcm B. 0.  Wo     "guarnnlc  cvoi'v articl  ��$ ' cl'n  >��� fio'll ( ii'"- ; ;�� a "���'Ul1".'1> 'lin.1"1"11 t,n j iro:* f'1"-'-"1'. B. <"-,l�� '. mmiI^i-iIj  OircrMi'jU  on  &���   ' uiVrVb-J��le\*l*"*;V>"i't-'r^0Tt��ii-:it:��.- -.wistli loclsulii-. j cn��-l *Uu uf C   1'. K. Hy., tlr<-nn' UeM 20 vlmin-;  "   Jii'iMniMM-tVi.-limii-,  i-it:i.'i*  n"r<''   'VJ,,ul '-'jtliftHc ioutli   I') cl.ttli.i-,  llicncc cusl about 7  U liu-   M M��y filur, ll.t'iieo fwllu-,1 U>A   -MiOie-jolidiip  tg 0.  1'. li.   lt>; tlit'iuv  Jollowiu,,' .-md  i'ur  in mi'ijv.i.li Jiro. il.iu to vo'.lit of com-| it>., 10 olmin-.. nurtliorlj (p j.olut of coniiui'iitij  incircL-iiKiit r-ii'l  tontainuv li'0 ���'" I'-"' ,jI iu'-"   "'u'',lul1 cimrahiliiB It) ucrot, of Ihu.1 myro  or  i|^ ' ��^�� ��; ,l'��-  nateU June Mh, WOO.  'I'Al'l- Jl'N.-KN.  li-*-.. Al.KX.VMir.K JulIX C1I151IOLM,  UiiK.-'i Jnut'Ttli, 11VJ.  Vnul JtU't-n, Agi'tit.  xont i:.  V/, ��! K  r.ANniKKiK   HND HM-'-lUT, I.'HIWCI  i.vi'Koou i:av.  xonoK.  I CitANimbOK   LANDr-m^riUCT.     lil��TIMt,T  >" I  rilCIC  not.'cr tlml    ("Hinl'ini"   Mii'iHS 'l -),n" |"F fcOl'l IIKHN DlVI.-luN, KAMI" irOUTI'SAV  ].n!i,\ l.n.-iU'.l v.ulib.ail < 'hssM  -Mti.Mi,  1'- *'- [    TnlW liutl��'e lrjlit,'All>cit Jinriiliur.lt.ill Currois.f  1'  '���>���  .iciu.'Cio'i M"in tC'-i'i"-"' 'inl-w "I'l'ly ; M el.,pcru(.ml.)ii,,  tiKiiol-vr,  t/!ten<ln tu tnn.i).  t'fur ] I'rrn -non to ] nreI.-i.--o nm f.;ll��w!r.s' **��-*>-   f"r l'0rmr-,!o:r tu purtlia'.u' thy lu'.Uiw'iv.z    'ts  icnt'OJii'.Ml-. ' 1 M'llbfrl J'ttiJtJv -  ' (.'...ii ::'y:.'iii-' ���" a ];..��-t i-lrrf.-l ou Otii 1.HM j OoirinicdCini; ntt. iWl'l'luriLcd .-.iuth uKH' of  ' l.ur.'i ':t'i t-: l..)l 7iiiJ, i.n.U]" !' Ki''^v����y l'l��- t C 1'. ft. lit., nborri >���, inltf 3m an i-ii-sterl^'tllri-c.  I'., C -.,-' fnl ->.''i Ir i'.li'.fc-u-i - /ii iirfiiiiH-t- | Hun fror.i Oiir/on Atntlou, ihem-c'mjuUi 10  1 ��� ,Noith'.l .i-i ii'iri-r in' Mini loi I clii'ilu?; tlivrx-c ��.���?( Id <-l><ihi.-; thoiiit- rioilli  |i��� .:o> -, i.(li 13 il-irrrt,".'/.I rniliuti'> tt*; j wbout 25 cbolriMO C. I". It. lt'\ ;r tlifhro follun--'  - i:j..i 1. ,',ml;'i> .,f '.'i.il.lul HC-', ���il'.'.l   /tier;   niif j-<iid Uy.,   .10 c Juiin.s'In   ia]  i'a��.k-rjy tllrc-r-  -'"<)!       c- S. KINRADfi.  Painter,   p . ���  Hanflor arid  Decorator  i'^tiiiit'dis  Moyie,  '"Vl)].  B C.  MOYIE BOAT'HOKE'  0\lii\ 'UllLl * ' ^* -A-     .inn ," Vf,���!.�����.' fun., t'ri- liissb water iiiiirk oi \ tlorl tui-ointof feoiuiiuiici'ineni, amicoujiilninu  ' , -=*-_�����=.-���'-=-*=-"-���---   -**" K|^   ;0lltr m,,iK.  -rt'rft- tl'Vinw f.>llo��i��p the >i 1Kb llrll acres of lurid, r.ir.re or U-m. ' j  '  tlialWU  SC'll   find'WI i'l   t>\rh:\Wj;y  W)0<.\* ./.   ,i��.ll'M1../k.Hlmu'rM.'>il��l^lii'i  iiortherl.       -    i Al.,li:ilTliAKNHAUl)T.  LIKlb Wt,  .be 11   il.lll   Mill   - -��  i".(��'j-      .- ���i|rf;,li'vL.!'<'.i.����lli!iillP'1��f  1't'Jl   fr-'v't  i:i.)r..-  or It-;-.    lJutcd .Time, Hrll, IPW. , ���/>        j  ,,, . . .      , ���       , W     j 10   JlUllSt   (if   CJH.lUfllCl IlK'Ilt,     tOlltlll'llH-:  junior. ,     ji\ <-n' l'oiur.ii iiioiioj wlieii'Salisfitction  is   nut   yivon. ^V.'"-ri-">��viv��.i--��.  number wih be cahed np-to  nuiko |    John  ,hei*oK.ia,     h.uth   ^���ans ! ^lw   ^'0 invito you to write or call at   our   lMirPtOJ'0   in *k\  his filing.    If tlie man who   failed ' Anhur   Nuttally' IU. ��� A.   It ibcrt*-' "^       ' '"���   ' '��� ^w  to  j*et there on time should   come ! Xornvin   V/alterp,   Oporge   P.itre-; /jjk   Oraivbrooli.   ar.tl   inspect." tho   Stool:   and   'COliipai'o %&?'[  dniiiiB the day he will be  com-j'qnin, ;M,,y MclXumld,  Mo)ly   K"'| >!v 'i.ricc^        "     '*" ��� ���     fei> '  lied   to  wait  until   the    other j in-*-?, Kathleen Homo.     (, < ?��\ * ' , ',        ^f/1  i'K-MERCAi  r  \,A\      -'   ' ������'    ' PH "   T' T^Fl - '  (.Vv-  ,! fiiitv ::Jth Aj"li. I"1.  I.I^lTKJl  ��� i'\ V!  ''uisir.r^ )   ,  F.. ,J. DOWNER  "in  pell  .numbers' notified to  b-2  there  on j Sjnior l>ivj(*ion  Ciize'^Li.-t  that day have Died.  He may tlinn j _       ��� Fourth Cla's.       '.     ,  -make his   filing.     Should  he  faii'j Arithmetic;  lst.,Mabc] Lutncr,'  -to appear all of that d ty ho' will 1 2nt-ii' clauelo Ilerse.  have    lost  .his   I'ifirht   under  thei /,             ,       ,  ,  , ,-.,     -,    ���  iia\e^ i,usu   ,?ni.-      yv                       (>.., djqgraphyi.'lat.,  Uaiulo Rec^c,  :^oti,'-'i:  i4S  drawing  12nd.. Mabal'Lutaer.  AVhen the filings are made   they       ' ��� " ��� -      >��  cmtrrmah Sill   have, to,pay   ?10 ' -^r" "'"o ^"^^ ^n        ' K1^  larol office fees  an'd will  have 'to filIaoal Lutnor, 2nd*, Claude Keeso. | ^  pay down  one-thiid   of   the   tip-      heading   ' and    Spelling;    1st,'.';���<  ���praised- value  of  his  land.     The  ^label Lutnci'.^ndy Xina A ttwood    ?j||*  .��ti,nnf.rrn.iliii'flj inns!", hfliiiiel   in       Histoj-\r:' 151.. G'lauele Reese. 2nd..'       b^i*-  "1  VI. i  I,  t'llAKU-'OOIi'l. l.Vli   I'l.-TJllOT.  UI.-STP.ICT  'I or ><.��L'i'iiEHN invi��io'-*,r.A��r koo1i".vav.  pay down  one-thiid   of   the   tip-      heading   'and    Spellin  ���praised- value  of  his  land.     The  ^label Lutnci'.^ndy Xina A ttwood  other two-third* mnsfc be paid  in      llistoiyj'lst., Claude Reese, 2nd.,  five "equal     anriual   instalments   Mabel Lutuer. , "  ' ,  without   interest.     For  instance.      jiyghmey 1st.,   ZVfabel  Lutuer,  suppose    Smith  should, ill a" on  a  2nd., OecarB^ureh.        ' ,    '  IGO-acre tract nnpraised.afc $3 an^   ��� j)ra.v"ng.'   ^   Milbel   i.ufcner.  acre.-=At   the, time  of   filing   he  -;,Kii-.ir;U.l.y Cro.vc. ,        '  '  'would havo  to  pay  one-third  of . "  ,,'.���' l     i.-      1      i  c Third Cla?s.     .    ���     ",  this price, or $10J,   into   tno   land f  ���om��e. The other $3ii0 he would',' 'f-���'"'"-"' and Composition;'l?t .  have to pay in five 'yews' at the !Ro>' ^'^ac-her:i and W. lireuton;  i-to of'$01 per aniunn.   . Land   o?2*a ��� ^'ril Vvalters  OKAN.BEO OK  '-���&*: j&. j:*?* /&** j^' ji^7' ^' ^' *&* ^sr' ^' ^' jSj ^' �� ���-  w  ^SU I    TAKtSurUt    in.".'.    15<>Uts    Cnnipln-ll   of  Vflf ��� Minlc, 11. C. iici'ii;OI<<jii. Me-i'lmut,  unoruls id  K&'a i fl!>i'l.' 'or pi'roi'-i'Vi' to t.uroL,a-(.'tbtf ia!lo-.\Uig  il. VrlbOit lft'.l.l-. '        , y,  f'or-.suifrii-lns; at a )��V.  i.luuitd   on  ihe ��0<l  toundary   ofu lol  ^^'r.  ���'IT.',, ihrsnw  ium,   20  iiin'.ni; theii'-e ?onrK -tu clifting; tbence'. c*��t 20  a�� 1 clisius, rnorc'or'Uis lo'ih" South West * rorrier  l*'1  h:"''.(.i So'127it. r!i(.';r;v .Vor'b fllorrfc Vest  botii;1  'dnrvnf Lot 'No '.'l'?' to ylnrc nf ('orrsmc'!!Ccrm''ritr   ,*  , coii'iiinlus^O nerei an)i\! ur i. -<s.  5^    DATKD, MH\ JIM,  l"��l.  II.IJIKUT fAMI'l'.FIJ.  Builder-  <&  Contractor  *"      ��� ICiaLimates ��ivo��.  MOYIE,-  B. C,  At Ihe Churches.  METAL   MARKET  the same ciipya'eter in tho Kali-  g.pell valley is selling' todi.y  iov 'from $50 to i?30 an acre.  Smith would live, on the-land five  ',"years and''m iko his final proof  1 and ,get his --patent. BheuUl he  live there li months and'conclude  ���lie wanted to -cpnimutft he could  do-so by jiaying* up all his back  ���in'stalmeats and an .additional]  iriuill foe LoOie, government   an  -Viichmctic, 1st.,  Jloy  McEach-  ern, 2nd , Xiua Attwood.  -Geography^ 1st., ��� V- oy   McEach-  ern, 2nd., Hoy Dnrch.'     '_, '       ' '.  IEtstory: lst.,\Roy  llurch,;"2nd ,  Cyril Walters.    e .',      r   '  Reading and Spelling: 1st., Roy  Burch, 2nd . Roy McE eehern.'.  -   Hrawing'; 1st., Oaorge   Forogli^i',  j"'2ih1., Cyril  Walters. >  '     ���   ' e'ATrtOJ.TC     Cllf'TlCH  There  will   ,be'  no   t-oi-vico  morrow.  to-  CJIU.RCH OF   KXOLAXn.     , l<  Divine'  Service    will    be\ held  every Monday in the Presbyterian  church at S p. m.       '   ���"      '      ,   ,���  ���      y,    riLlLIPC. IIAYMAX,  iVi^W Tonic��� Car   silver, .10    cts  Load-$'17.) Copper,  ll*   cts  Lo.vpox���Lead' .��l'3,v   2s tid  $50'"Heward.  Dr. ft. E.   HALL  , a t     ���   . y  ��� '������ , ��� DENTIST   .    ' , '  The,Expert .Crown  and['. .Bridge.  - ���   i ,      -.Worker   . '  Stock ,.Q,iiotations.  ' I'cnxisHUi BvJtKU.1" A"i:L\VIiLL.  Aurora  C'ou.soiiilafotl Si.n.iters  e*nu. Goltliielils  C.-anbrcok. K.f.'Jlrick   '  Bid  Aiit'l  (Vicar.)    North Star  .^ocji-'tr Girl.  I .  cjynW then gop his pacenc ana   sa:i  -his land should he.so desire. I    Atithmetic; < l,fc.',   Teeel, Crowe, '1U  12nd., Sidney Walters,  Grammar aud Composition-; 1st.,  '  ���  .    METHODIST    CUVIUa*   .  ^Lorning service, 11 o'clock.  Suuelay school. 3' o'clock. 'Even-  ���  /t o��-���.-;���&<-,' r.-in   n'.Oncik.     Jlorii-  g - subject,   "Paul at   Piii.'ippi."  .00  lOuO  n.]'2  0"  ���  '    1.10  f.>r  '    11  ,,   23  Fifty Hollars We ward���Will  bo  pajd   to   the   pers-on.-*    making  a'  button hole g,uarante;ed to'neither!  rip. tear<or ravel  that it will'hold ' ,'   *  ^'button from tljo s.tart ,.to fini-h! Armstrong Ave.,  of a i^hirt.   .Money   will^ be  piid   ���'-- -"- -T- ������=���?_'���--=:  upon the proof of tho woi k.  Ofllccovcr Mr. Short's  1  ���','���'  WaH , " P.pper    4.Sto.ro *  Cranbrook  IJujiIs   fur   hii-,. !/V  tlio  flour,   J lay, ���>,  \\\*k i\[ 'reasonable'  prices;  Canoes, Peterboroughs  ' fl   and 'Skiffs. ��� �� "'  ���'  ' QEO."'R0UTII.MfT  STpP.AT TlfC  COSMOPOLITAN  Hotel,;  , j ii i<  Wi?ft IN   ,.  ���    ', " ' '      " '  ' r  ;,'  .'    *'��� ORANBSCOK.  K. II, 5.MAI.J-. Miiiaqir.  .'Good room*-,, co��-d tr(iMi!and h:��  and   firatcJit'R samiila wtj, -  S-gutd,   *     KD.   CHESSUT!T  pi-  ill  3~W$Qtl'Sld"cy ^'^cr?, 2nd.,  Ada   Sand-  :' wi th.   ^=xm^. i i  '  ' ' " j   'loading and -Spelling; 1st., Ada  Frank BiyliiT.  a machinist  by ,' Sandwich, 2nd., Sidney Walters.  ' trade, has leturned to   ^Nloyie   af- ���     Drawing; 1st., Clclra AVhitehead,  -tev an absence of several  months i 2nd., Arthur Blackburn.  .  .Most of the tim-i he was up in and j     Sneciai     for  around Dawson.  '���Dawson is  about' the  deadest  XOTICE  TAKE XOTTCF,  that ;T   intend  iy apply   to -ti.o  Siirieriiitendent,  of JVovineiald'oIice,   after  thirty  writing;      Irene  Prize List Junior Division.  Fiivt Clas=i.���Roadina n-ncl ?pcil-  place on eatth," Mr.   fi^'lifl"  fcaj'-.  J,At least 200 mon   are  being  loci  "at soup  kitchen's  muntaiued   by  ���the city and the Halvation   Army.  Half the buildings aie unoccupied,  and there is'none  of  the   excite-|     Jecoud cl��s���Arithmetic;  Ag-  meut pf former  days.  -There  are I ned Lu^ucr a,.ld   J^trico  Ilawke,  ���tons of machinery lying idle,   audi <i<l'axl        fading;    Irene     lUtt.  very little  woik   going   on ar,idcSG.9uer'1.*-   l'"Provoment,.   Charlotte  from that being elouo bv the Gog  Evening subject "Let Your Light days from the-first appearance of  So Shine." Mrs. D. Calder .will ' chis noLice),for the trftufc;. from  aing a solo , ��� j mycC*ir t0 irrances L. Taylor of the  _,,        Rev. ./. "W. MILLER, 13. A.   ; licence to sell intoxicating liquor? !  Pastor.),1 at  the   International     Hotel    in [    I Moyie, B. C. j  pun-iiYii-iiivN*   ciifitc-ii.    '        j     Dated this 22nd day of June, A.  Services ou .Snnehiy at 11   a.  m ; D. fOOO. WM.  Kl'JJD,  and 7:30 p. m. Morning snhject,  c "Tbo Ch-jgtian" Race." ' Evening subject, "Finding Christ."  Miss Lois Gamble will sing. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m.    You  are  Witness, A. B. Macdonald.  For Sale.  ing:    WiltWi    Collin.      Writing; j cordially invited to attend.  May      .McDonald,        Arithmetic;  Elizabeth Xuttall  genheims. Ton hours constitute*.  a day's work, anil the union I->  given no recognition' whatever.  ���IMcn     are     getting    out   ot"   the1,  Mc'Lj.oiiern. ,  Third Class.���General Improvement: Harriett Collin. Reading:  Jessie Oook.  Tl\o    toac'i3i'3    wish   to     tri-ink  T. S. l'ATOV,  (Pastor.) i  Mau or Woman. -My South  African Veteran Bounty Land  Certificate ibsued by the department of tbe Interior, Ottawa,  good for 320 acres of any Dominion land open for entry in Alberto, .Saskatchewan or Manitoba.  The partnership heretofore car- Au^' person over the age of 18  ried on under the firm   name  and; S'ears, man or woman, can acquire  . Excursion' Rates.  .  MOYIE  to,   ' ,   . '  Seattle  ���''     .$25.00  Corresponding rates from  , other   pointiS  Tickes on sale daily, Alay  29ih  '���     '    to  Oct.   14th.  Final return limit 1:1 days, but  not later than Oct 31st.  Hot Weather Goods. .,  ���'' '��� ,, ��� \i, i  Oil and alcohol stoves,   '      .;,     ;<  .,   ��� Screen doors and window: screens, t     '  .  '    Lemon squeezers,: ice picks;'  ���.-Garden'hose, nozzles and reels., .'    ;  ' ���'   Fli'one'br mni! us your orders:1' Will In-'.  ��� - > -      sliippod'^samc fifty."    '--  J. D. McBRIDE.  -Hardware ' '    ' ' OEANBRO0K, B G,  KOTICL OF DfSSOLL'IION.  Country as fast a- they can, but'Ll,��-*0 who ho genorou.-ly contributed for the .securing of prizti  book--.  Thank People for Assistance.  it is not an ei~y country to get  out of. Tho railway Rire is IS  conts a, mile arid many haven't  tbe price."  this land with, this certificate.  For immediate sale $800.00. Wire  or write, L E. Telford', ]��l Shulcr  Mr. li.vyiUY is again woiliing  the St. Uugouc.  The Si. Joseph's Schoo!.  at  style of Taylor   <S;   Company   has  this day been dissolved   by  rant  ual consent.    The  businois  here  after will be carried "on  by  Fran-  street, Toronto, Ontario,  ces E, Taylor and   Michael James  Homier, who will   assume  all  the  debts   cf tho   business.    All   per-  -ons   iudobieel   to   the 'said    late-  lit m   of   Taylor   te   Company   are!  Liberal   Stopovers   Alk>wi><l.  For complete im formation apply  to Agents, or  wtite  J. e nux/roi!,  IU". A.,  Calgary.  Vl/  \?/  If/  V?/  \��>  \?/  v*>  7f  l\ O. IJUX 810  p:io: h  "East Kootenay Bottling; Co,  Cranbroo'c,   B. C.  c '  ^lanufacturerri of all kinds ��f tiiH��'i-.di.-l  beverage?. "\\"u spare no cxpi-nse ('' ''iav'1  our goods the best on the market.  There are  others,  But!!  t.   Joseph's   Convent.!Arc Y  NEUS'ON.n. c.  hoarding am] D.iy School   conduci-  Thnladi.s  of  ti.o   Prcbyteiiau | r, ,,-ic^Lcd   to   make  piymenta   to! e>1 ''-v ,he Sister,; of Hi. Josej,],, NelBon  church   who   had   charge   of   die !,,���. ,���,       ,. ���.     ,       .    ,, ,! n    n  lunch   bootli   !lt   tho    tvk-biutiou i" fl��� ��l lAylor   A   Jo,mer   aml .        C'      Coni��<erci.d     and     buaineti-'  all claim*!  against   the   w.iid   late  of Buying a T\ pe  ll-" SO VACS  ( io-i:n  (-.\ci'c:-e-;    at    S'  Joseph's   ?e-hool   ,i(.   Ni-Uon  \��. en.'  held June 'A'Jt  prc-.ent.  :-t^v.    r.it''u i     A'.ilioiT  ple'd-ing ad'ii'.;.^   io  in y\ hic.li.1:2  tvrtic-  satisfaction. at   the  i, evciy pupil  btdng  ground-- on  Dominion   Day,   winhi1111 t-'1!U1!13  aganu,':   uie   ��.ua   tatty wun^ a  eyt-Li.dLy.   J^crM^nco  -iH  t i tlut.k the different committees''i'^i "re   to  be  presented  to   the ' swift  .,,,,���.��� c    ,"."'  bH'th-'irn-.-i-t,inceandthegcnor-jhrm   of  Taylor   re   Honner,    who' ' "&   ,? c,1"l^^'��   ���cb  de  al jiubl-.j   Jorthnr liberal   patron-' will n-iy 'ho -ame I1       "'nt'   ^-ircatj  Bliould   iviite   for  gw.'    a  chiidi c-n  -���   enfiu.  work    done.  ! f>l      latllK ho-  ���a-.��i-ttiiico   tendered.  .-r   o.vtifi's]  nesnroB   the  tiie  .1   l  r'ensie's New  John 8. T,  for   their   valuable 'of JlI!K'' A- ! '��� -WOi)-  TAVI/Mt .t Cf).  I'J.'AMT.,-   I���:,TA^ LOP,  Gov't   Agent. ?,! '(,hai:l j. poxnkk  F. J. Smyth, 'Witness  (Alexander   has   been  ipponitod    governinent .agent "at  fernie,    and    i-tii endiary   ini.gis-  ty  of Kootenay.  r.K<    .  hiJSSJCii  i>*and  ,   and outlined for them ayprodtable.  way of in'iking the vacation ' time I  pleasant for themselves and those Urate" for Ihe cotm  who    so    licbly    deserved   !iheit  gratitude .  ��� .AVhile coinplimcriting  the-   winner'" in tbe el life rent departments,.  lie expresi-ed a hope tint  the   dis  Appointed, ones v.'unld  bo   .sube-o-f  f tl next year.  In eon'e-In.sion, tho pnpii.-; ��� we: c  given heartiest \vi-h'.'s for n thor-  ottglrly  enjoyable,   time   and   told  Entertain,  1.1*      O *M'  ab 'Wood-  _ A.n bntei'tiiinment  by. the   mis  nioii."band, of   the     Presbyterian)  -hmd.'iy .sehool will bo ��ivou in the  -���liurch about ihiiy 21 st..  .Slabs, cut to loni.':t]],  McBride Will  V'"'  GO }>er  load  iiturn.  dclive-'red. .  Porto Kico Lumber Co,  piio.ic Hkj   thorouglmoca   of   thu  Kisie.-y mtthtula   of ten- liing.   Term-  coirniKurjc Jiiiiu.iry,   April  Pupil- ;\re iiilinitlcil duritn-  11.  Express and General Delivery Business. Livery and  Ffeed-Stable.  WOOD   AND    COAL  ,-f  iKJ 27,.  IrF.  Apreiit'.  fv"i "��� -A   \    'ftAL.4,: ,,  -I  :''���-, 5y�� :..���.���' '.ii\\V. i'>  WE  WANT EVERY FATHER AND MOTHER  To come to nm-store this week.'    "\\'o want  to  ui''''v  t       how tliey can provide tho right kind of exei< !������������ f"1  baby m ith  Glascock's Baby Walker  ii.tiiifi  OLIVER  '������Asy   i��,w  J. SMYTH  -    Moyie!  ./V'~   i  ��� ���   >'?A,:^jJ/4>?**1A~-  7":-p-���i*r"5-.y  it  will   u'*i;ie|  U >w  baby's     lu.in.   -tnl  l,.g-nnd :i ���.'.'������'"-'|,u'1  All dam,.''" *'' ;'1'"  bow logs .can 1��' *  away with by tho ��� ��*  this wond^r-i Utile  vonfiem. Aba'O" l':,��  in tho Walker wh;e��  stand, walk, hi' J"'"  jars, no'dan!^'' <>t'  tin  (ireil.S  ii.   I'l"!  ssl  rt-i  *  -1  *#  n  ''' i  " 1  '4  1  1 1  i-  f 1  A   |  "J;   1  -}<  n |  *  .ii' H  �����  >[���   K  -*  \j/  I  ti  >  ���fi  j  *  to return ready  sediool duties b\  io   le-;inio  - !{it!i'.r,b;..'r  Pren ior ^lelhide denotes his intention to agiiin vi.-i-iag the K'io-  Itis not ah'ibit but a pleasure  to buy your furniture at Th-  .'-"ink V ^t'cautiie 0 ���., Cravibro-.)!.-.  ST^E^  : ������eniiy;- this fail when lie will have  ' more   time   at  his   dis-pojal,   and  after Mr.   Powder,   attorney . gen-!'m.  I'm] relurns from the old coimtt  FOP   ^ALE-('biii'rs   so  full   ofy  1 ease that it  i.s   plainly   seen,   mid!  more plainly felt.;    'Write   or  cdl.  he   Kink "Mercantile   Co.,. Cm:-'  IT?  Sa  In  J.-  ��� ve (  .b.Pi  x.  at  (.: v  Vim  .Ah H  < rv.  -������ I brook.  ���J :.e.  i'i-h   '..'..  uininn  The Waive  Icecream hrlm  NOW   OPEN.  Drewry BuiJfii^o.  il      ,:!l:s- f- A. li'iiiyi."   i  1 ^^^^^^^^^1   Keens baby troni^}  ���fi' "    , ,~-~���&      '���.'��� ,. (;[ty  1 '.-ut of mischief," off the floor away from pins" 'H ' '' '   jf:  \'    Sivos tho motheryyorry.    t,"omo   in��� ��'1<l sc  ��5'PI... < > . .. ll '. i.        ri '    :..   (-y..  / I,,, linliv's   S.lk*'.    y  i-i V,  iViW  \1  i  4  &  \3j% Tlmt's all wo ask.  Coin'o in for tl"' baliy's sl  ^  ���?    "a  '-..���Atr-  WrA!ifi.ijg!.  * 0^*  OR'ANBE  ^^mkm^M^^m  ��ss  B.  %&&&&&  m


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