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The Moyie Leader Jan 31, 1903

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Array <.*&
r   ***'■■ I
^*-(V-^" -
y   ? v/-;
^■A-.:'->.';I;...-..ri? ■"'•'."
B. 0
■'77  TSf
/ fa   >
ts      -  .
vogl^oja- ---.—-■--"--.-
°      -l        ',";<•)
ol Happiness miiM*
* -Look.    '    , ■
Joliii D. Rockefeller's
stomach bag- gone to
j. Pierpoct morgan's
troubles are- oi tlie very
same nature.       ■   a .
Russell Sage is off tfce
stage of action. ■
' i>ife is short at bes'c,   ,
mate the most of.it as
you go along.   Buy the
best groceries; we have    •
While   WBlory   may   enshrine  the
aatab of the  author oi    Home, Sweet
i •',A,^tnr^oanRlod Banuner
Home and tno Star *>v«*b
.on bright pages, tho, names   ol  ™
"ho do not wear W.rm  Underwear
winter will   Boon   be  forgotten.   Oar
•roodB are eecoiid to none.
''('.'fi   iV'i
15  -J.i-
J A 1? ?
t^   i- 6       k   ^
..!.',  if    V>
i' £ i.r I •
, -, - ' V» 'i-
. r / s , t ■- v".
V t: Irft   '..   i!     5' »"
, •
l. .:, i'.orisa.
.   ,.1   . . -
T —
J.   1
$SE ' A?-.:      Itl.'lKAi'ii .
v,/   I
/A'A ",
"1 ^..x-
., :.t l0-l=
7,'wO    l-s   !
•* '■'•
7. t'■ fc v b ia»
,-\f,V,   I
.1 I'
f i ■
y.^^'on ., - • i-)-'1 '
,i! ],.   i i'.i j< ''-'" J
,-..  ui>  ;^- _
I'l'A'O     \.'->'-^l     ••'■ >
-. ,.     ,-L-,",
s^y & S-d-o
'•Y.* *'» &     i.
Wi", y-,1j.,'-
A ctlons of Boards of'Trade
Lcibcr   Onions of
Great Benefit to'the _.
M-.r.ii'j   iri-.:r^l, which-.   v>a.'i   ">v<.'H   re-
ok.vo: r-.--.c5 Uifn'ougliJy appreciated
Xiiy evibjcnt a'cU-c toii J(
dry e'.oniuy i-"
hy sin iudcpeudi'ii" natlya.
.itodidud etpnO aa follow
., . 'I
,    ,.,   ,p*   «. ^Tk ^-» J
. , ._:i::y   Copper, -SJIiCO.    Zinc
^:vo::---Lja'li;il, 10c.
'     ,\ ,;:.;«'.. Bid
1R125 00 ?dll0.0(>
Ci"-'v'j -['--''- (-'.'ij.'.
I Si.   JJUL^-I.'C"	
I iN'orth^:-,":	
; .S'.illivftu	
j (Jan. Gold Fields
TK opputi
A -■■
J>. •", '.miibflS,
A.T. Clark,
Mr. Fitch.
A. K, M.ii--iiiall,
'A. P. ilacdoaald,
V. !)■ Hopp,
Chad. F.irrell
News Selected from. Kany
Sourcos and   Compiled  _
'  -with   Pen Scissors
and Paste,
/    r.T*    '.3 .'.'    k. '
wiV ■■-*,-jj.-.-.t
nt,'; '-<v,-i -°
'•.TV'     -jv'-ii  i
Kuelo.Jao.   29.—Johu L.  llttallaclc
anrt George I>. I'otfr, f«70 of lb', dule-
g:Li«.M to Ottawa on tho silver-lead situ-
a'uou, have returned from their eafctern
-lip.    Ivir. Ratallack   elated   tiiat   the
cabinet were as a whole keenly alive to
the situation'and that;ho was hopeful
oi good results attending tho   efforts of
th«   delegation.    Sir Wilfrid   did  not
appear in the heat of health, yet he  ae-
conled them a most   syinpalhetic  reception and expressed   hid   willingness
to endeavor to   bring   about   a   more
TJ-,0 IwdcrB wili have VI minutes
■en-h; each alternate folloy-M 10 win-
uk; each, and each of the Rulers five,
minutes for closing.
Tbero will be a boyb* chorus and
aieo some instrumental mnsicas a side
Kverybody invited.
A. Stephenson is home from 'Ward-
ya\| favornbk"! state of affairs in the. mining  pj:al
hits. Itudd i6 in the Cranbrook hoe-
k«   E^    i«J MH M ;4 K    li!    U
K-1     >!>-J.     ,*?3  Sb M ry   -3   r3       K       !«'
K»    &a   ti»i ?» H .a   <s  v      i».      ft]
tt litis I i'BH '1 li
*® 9 «3 1 H     lj# ^3 ^ BB
a »I »a
(?&[industry.    It was, of  course, impossi-
^A\ I blc for him. or any , of the  other  minis-
f*/ii   6   11
.;  tt^ n^-nital   88,000,000.
Paid Up .Capital   ^ '     Q' ooo;       t
'     -    i     PrP^nt Bate of Interest 3 per cent.
,*r,,&>7.   Deposits deceived.    Pie,-n,
turs'to pledge themselves to any stitled
murse nf'action, but every attention
would be given to the requests and
suggestions ot the delegation.
According to tho miuister of agriculture, one of the  groat   difficulties  lay
in the matter of ihe different labor con-
ilitiooo Of the east and wect. lie found
it impossible to get his eonstitueuta to
understand how it was that ■ the   wage
earners of  western   Canada   were  obtaining from $3 to. $3.50   per   day'of
eight   hours,   while   they  thsmselv.ee
were,   in   eastern    Canada,   receiving
from'sjil to $1.50 p^r day for 15   or 16
hours, and they could not  be  brought
to assist in bettering the   condition   of
of a community which they think is at
the present time in better circumstances than their own,
Mr. llotailack stated tiiat   the'  dele
Wesley Oline was   up   irom   Cranbrook Sunday.
E. Cameron transacted   business  in
Tlie assistant teacher P>? the Moyie
school is expected here today.
.Monty Howe passod through  Moyie
this week on his way to Kelson
A lighthouse i? to bG   built at Pilot
Bay on Kootenay lake.
Father Welch has  been   transferred
feotn llossliind to poison.
' Levi Ankeny  of Walla  Walla has
been elected senator  for  the  state of
Washington. , .,    o
IL is now believed that the lola,
rincller company ,vwill erect a zinc
Feparator at Kaslo.
Dr. Lorenz, the famous Austrian
c*urgeon, is now 'demonstrating his
•"■kill in London.
It is reported that the Grand Trunk
bus bought out the Canadian Northern
interests for $1S,000;000.
Banking circles in Spokane - 'are
m-eatly excited over a rumor that one
of the big Canadian banks intends to
open there shortly.
Humors' are afloat from oflicinlquar-
C. V.  I1,. -.', "Cntev .Si>r>;:ane."      ,
Spokam'i Jan. P.O.—All doubt  as  to
the entry of the Canadian Paciiio railway into Spokane was acta!.re.-t   by   a
stfilenrimt inado yu&terdav   by   D.  C.
Coibin, president of   the  Spokane  &
Kootenai Railroad company,  recently
incorporated here,arid   urideistood   to
be but a branch of the Canadian Paci-
fie railway.
"During the present year," said Mr.
tjoibhiiWhoifi just back lrom New
York,, ,;a new railroad will, without'
question, be built to connect ;Spokanfi
with the Canadian Pacific. I do not
say that this road will, be built'by the
Canadian Pacific, but H will connect
with it: That is,'all I care 'to say for
the present."
ters that a   change   of   much   impor
■s weekon ms wa\   w ",<"»— ters mat a.   ui"'^^   «■■    ■■         ^
The regular meeting oi the iire <bri--   lAn^ \s l0 take, place   shortly   among
...s. .    -, .11   rru.^e^.iv   Qvftnine. \ *u* /rnnop,tl  b n npri i \ tend en ts 01 Fcici ti c
K        0,4  N  C 'III s
T^" """          ,     -rM\\ .5? 1,000,000
CAriTAl„tAiUhori7.od)      .$2,923,866
CAPITAL, (Paid   Up;- • • •"'"';; ,^2/185,293
^ T. R- MEimiTT, Pres.   ^;^:l\. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.
v''ip  -r^AV   Assistant Oc:i. i'lan-b*-1'
,    '->MAi,-^^ .^^^,^^-^r    A ..-moral banking >W
y,;^,,'.'-Drafts sold,-^-d'-h - «\   *    I        {Q coik.cuona,
-}$l-Europe.    Special atlcm.oa y •«- ^
{..do-winbe  held  Thursday   evening,
February 5th.
Sten Fansen, owner of-considerable
properly, in Moyie, is here looking
after his interests.
' The thermometer registered 10 degrees beloxv zero Wednesday morning,
The lowest, of the season.
.' fir Green is in Cranbtook in charge
of Dr. King's practice whilo the latter
i? taking a trip to New Y'oik.     ,
WAITED—Oooks   nnd   waiters  at
^ilion was greatly helped by
sircng and united fitand taken by the
bo-irdl of trade and labor associations
throughout tbe Kootenays, as -»roll as
by the public raeotiugs which were
held ct s-evcivd points.
the  ^od'waCes.   Por particulars   write or
. Coy- I-"l<   S'-ti».-.*<--Cw
:i.-,'^. of death   ""  '■"'
upoly at this office
" The Cranbrook Odd Pellows will
give a grand ball one week from next
Monday evening; Feb. Oth.
the general superintendents of Pacific
and Vestern divisions of the Canadian
Pacific railway. -  '      '
The large si ores erected . and operand by the Crew's Nest Pass Coal Co.
at Coal Creek, Morrissey and Slichel,
„re to be sold, sa\b the Fernie Free
Press. This information coming di-
iect and authroitively from General
Manager Tonkin will be hailed with
delight by every merchant operating
in Fernie, and will doubtless create
much interest in business circles
throughout the Canadian west.
Bbrmoiia for tlio Young iVIeii,
Rev. A. E. Marshall   will preach  fi
series or sermons during   the   months •
of February and March''V»h«. benefit^
of the young men.   They will   run aa
follows:    i,
Feb.   l.—Thc' ycung'man, and  hi3
winter evenings.
.-<     g,—The maiily youlig man.     '-
-   <<   ]5.—Wherewithal shall   a young
man cleanse hia'way?
"   22.—Your life purpose."
Mar.   1.—Influence,
8,—The fast young man.
,    J).—Drifting.   . ■     ( ^ .    (
"   22.—Character building; or seven
steps io manhood.
Pr.ESBYmuAN—Sunday school   at -1
oi>day evening, r«u.  p.m.    Afternoon   service m   the hall
m,       ^.i,- m-tm- ot l:io lio..d of  ,, ;J o'cloci:. Subject:   "What shad  1
Tr^oe ;Tic boW nell Tacsday even- j u r,l.r unto the Lord for all .lis Lone-
ir,r  Ml ambers shou''l bo picsent.   |fils to-.va:dj m-:V'
f   <;r,ioatI .* i-hur liyLcli, ^vho vat- 1 ■:.'.-nd j
f. ^H, MABSH'? Managei
'   '*       " i
-r - -„-.J     I
^iiilty c-? Iii-.
t'lidav Ia-m
fin'.', i ^r vi:
h treason   in   London   on;
■       <       i -. I
rnt- togi-lJ-r ...HJai :■-«"-■» - ^
y<; ut Wr-t.--*"" Co. v/.il bo. hold -u tbe
^.Vrthois^ at Moyie on Fubruaiy 23rd
; t 1 -30   V- !■">.
^••13   inianl   duughLei   Cl   Mi.  auu
- r,    Tr -nN-■■drier died lar-l Thuraday
'-" "■'   '  '   "      " " -.      ... . .     '.  .->A
Ail aie ccvdr.ll/   iuvncv
Lae-.'C cei-'-ice".
T. A. BROADFOOT, Pastor.
:i->li i*, in
V, -. "- '
--,- 1 1
Methods v—buuday   school    at   o,
v    :a.    Tr Ohio's   at    ^.00    cciock.;
n.-j t"    ■■i'b-.- y-5Ui':   '--a!1   ivad  llisl
 . -—-       -.■..» ™
'   aiibyib Story lu Youtb'a Coinpaaloti.
In tbe'Youth'a Companion ^ of Jiuv
uary 22nd tliere is ail intereotiiig o.^brt*
story entitled1'/ Hunter Hiinted;';; by
Frank Hoiightou. Tiie story io written from an actual exp'erierice of thq
author w'ilh a griazly bear iie^r they
foot of Moyie lake a few years ago.     ._
Plough'ton.is well,known iii Moyie
by the old residents. He was a C. P.^
R. engineer dud assisted in running
the preliminary survey for tbe Crow's"
Nest line'. He was also one of the locators of the Moyio and Queen of the^
Hills group, which was afterwards'
merged with the St. Eugene.
Heavy Cuowfn.ll.
Nevsr in the history of Moyio haiJ
there been such a heavy fail of snow
as'this winter, it is e wily three feet
deep on the level in town and up at
the St. Eugene mine it is five feet.'
The indications are favarable for very-
high witter ue:::t s-nrinc;.
i ■-
y   ,,-*.
P t;
t    *
\ '•'  Nl
\ ."-.'
I J   r-.
1 ■   I---
-;■ '"<
\\) l>)
■   -.,
•'i V*
T ^
i. *,'
■I te
T    '
. i-1
f-5   t>
I- c,
r j
* /<
■'"■1 .
... i,
- ;-i:o
31 "-:]>•-."
:i il
-u.y I-
■ v, .1,   J
l.tor ; *"c::'uii '..
'•'.I aio >- - "'"'•'
55^-S '2 P. ^ss*
Ivj       T-.   v»1   <■<
-»-^,»- ^^VT^C1*
.--o   /:-,
^  -tv;'
Oo-A-i-'i^    Si-i.v.,
Ranges. Kilfhon «;'«-.k.-^.
Vkwmdl   and   il.i.itM.    K»P^E   J
Every Description.    Prices Righ,
a" \]   v' /,.; ""
(;■ ii    t."v>  ,v
i*'   >.   <
It,dl   OulorH   (JivnilWiplAUcnU^
If yon wan^ ^11,7^-^"-^' -JUJ
1 -a
. fill *■
b •' I
- f
hi Si  ;w
K-  ?•   *V
v » ;-
£-' H'
p !;i fr
k F- '-
S »•? f MB S?    6i
v. ^ $3 fe s ^   e
. ,.;Loll ha ' i.-ruiii-'d
1 ,1
:>,ti,   *>'   ,-, < u.-
: ■; =■- ,'•
''"1";"',;'1<',v/:'j f'.'*T-V j
*ri *rti <-
i; iC .■:. '*v <■'■*' ■*
.,.-..,: oot ."f.iui;^ fouMtU'ianh  im-
*>.':■:-.    VCr.
^ i
;   ...     /...   ..,,.,- ...l-, ;-.   h.-alih  ic--. ,.
!' :->'"*', "lxU   "1',"Vft-       „  , , tnin.„r..i UKrAl'SI-: it is Uie UfiSHiuauty
1       t    !  i -,! ,-, <->f 1 hi- e - cc lent man.-go  |   *---*•.^
.„. .^.v-^-'J.^'-I.^U^^
^5   "vr ■*.ir      J
The CeBtral Hotel
ir-^%'.,^ 1 o-l-ocvj*.   yVi'T'ir' "il---
1 Ai:,y j.t-KiivtJ'" -.•-•-—c>
I - •« r"f
C •'' r. ^-i'' '    *"JJ 4*4 /"*   ^";; f>- P £\
n...i'. by Mr. TIk.s. 3lc\"uu&nt.
51 ISC,
M & d    A    fl ai     a
Hi 1 BUI.
Drug "and Statioriei'y
V" ■';•;^/'Store.■;•'■■• :::-:
;,   iiiiVVC
Notarises Public, "uitc.
i cliew.
i»l-v,A''SK it   ia   tbo   large-; 1   high
! j,flulc '3 it IOo plug.
■ P,EC \i'**K 'ho ' ^''s AKE VAi-tiAi-7''"' lor
I       ""     "    preiiminio--vatilJ.in.-l, iy05
LKCAT'*'^ wo oiysuvNi'i:!-: e-.cry pb-'L'-
DECAl^G^o'irdr-il?"   i*   author/iod
.ample   room   in   coiir.cclion
r.-ith houso foi co-imerchil mon.
oi iiccouir-indiUienL
i-iovn:, :i
MacBaciiem &
t,-,   ii-li'iid    vaiir   money   if
v,m are not satisfied.
The i:m:ikk T011ACCO Co., LTD.
$|et;.Articles y
Only ouogrado-THB BEST.
Accounting, C,onvoyancing,etc.
ii.-».i »incc     -WTfWT'P,   ft   fi.
Mrs. W. A. Prest,
C. a.ibi*o«U      31,'ji'
Foil :-)ui !<■•
Bv 0',
iM»a»-dB»asi«iiffiB«s^^ sxsx  )3X5>��S,-@��SX?)^����      air-  J glanced al.  jrr is  t,  14 >.):���:'      It  a:id   laid   it  lrom  Uo'v. 31  ��:  s&<3'  '\l  1  Mr  ht:  ,i>  r  A Novel by Annie Thompson.  CHAPTER TV.  On Tuesday night, her interview  with Mary over, Kate looked for  .John Cay ford's return to ihi' .Manse  with au anxiety far keener" than that  ��� felt by Mr. Ferris. .She heard Irs entrance; she heard his ascent to his  room; and in the' interval of silence  that followed", deep sleep ' overcame  'her, holding- her senseless until the  village clock startled' her into '-consciousness as it struck five.  (Jlonous sunshine Hooded her room,  glorious singing, of birds filled the  air, without: (o her, tlie light was  garing,' the sounds wer.e discordant  ���wliai,right had nature, to be so  vehemently joyful while human hearts  suffered? Kate lay in torment, counting the minutes as they slipped  away. How could she meet him ?  How could she bring herself' to f-ee  his meeting with J.Jary? If he had  not spoken openly to her of his intentions she l night have feigned ignorance: it, was impossible, now, to  feign ignorance. I "tared she show the  pity she felt? Could she conceal , it,  when, without her volition, it spoke  for itself through her quivering lips  and tear-filled eyes'? Misery misery���,  her hands clenched themselves toge-  th?r���he'would never trouble to'read  what was written in her face! Realizing the egoism of Uie thought, she  shrank from herself: was she then so  worthless that with her- even Love  was but a subtle form of selfishness?  Sho strove to recall all that her  cousin had said on the previous evening, search'irci- ��� every ,. sentence  through, to find somewhere an indication'that Mars's heart was noty.^.  [>!''"'.-J.:uiji.T"w����'!Ven, ;.o this new lover.  The more hopeless the (ask seemed.  ,, the more' st'ivnnoti.s became her. ' *,f-  iurts; really, she was trying to ex  owerate herself in her own eyes from  that. degrading accusation of selfishness. Whatever-she could do to bring  happiness into the life that was so  inexpressibly dear ro her, must be  done; she experienced a wretched  satisfaction in thus adding to her  own misery.  '  -How swiftly time,Hew! one hour  more, and thei' would all meet; yet  how slowly that'hour passed,lengthening itself interminably.'  The summons to breakfast 'was  heard at last ��� she let Mary precede  her downstairs', waited a few minutes to spare herself the sight of.  their meeting, and then followed.  The utter desolai ion that came upon  her when she "was made aware of  John's absence, revealed' the "fact  that since the moment of her' awakening she had stayed herself, fed her  heart, animated her courage, with  this one hope of seeing him again  so soon:-  In response to Mary's eager" questions, IUr. Ferris explained that John  had gone .to Glasgow on business and  might be away for some days, perhaps some weeks. Anxious that any  possible movements of the young  man's should appear perfectly natural, ^Ir. Ferris added that it was  uncertain whether or no John would  'return to Feldrossan���the girls must  remember that he had other friends  with an equal-'claim  on  his  time.  "Oh, "Uncle," protested Mary indignantly, "John lias no friends so  near to him as we are. He would  never stay awav from us for weeks,  nor leave the,country without seeing  us again. Kate and I know better  than to think such a thing: he will  certainly come back in a day ��� or  two."    -  Kate left t.fie assertion unconfirmed: but finding Mao* u-lo'ne a few  minutes later, she gently kissed her.  The unwonted caress was surprising  Mary slipped her arm around ' her  cousin's waist, and returned the kiss  with interest.  "How kind ,you are, dear Kate!  You do that' to show me your sympathy with my happiness. T would  like everyone lo hive such happiness.  I wish .you shared if I wish���[ wish  you knew how blessed it is to love  and be loved so  very  clearly."  Kate cli.sc-ni'aged   hr-r.sHf     in    haste.  "T��t/.S   Hiffus-I"    sl-p"    j.-.,   (I,   c-oidlv.  After \* arils,     repenting     Una  graciousne.ss, -she   lorced   herself  listen   v-ith   apparent   interest  recital   oi   Mary's   hopes   and  she  ���His  In-  un-  ���   to  ttj   a  fear?  concerning the afternoon. It was nut  quite ceriaih that Cuvwi would  come, a business engagement hiie,hi.  keep him in town: and if lie came.In.  would probably have but ,i short  time to stay. If he were detained, lu-  had promised to send a letter by" the  mid-day mail, so that m an\ case,  there was sonit.'tlung tu looK lorwaril  to! Suppose he could come, would lie  be likely to tra\e! b.\ n slow tram  to Carl,Mgh, or p-> a quick train to  l-aurieston, where he could "hire' a  conveyance to bring him to -the  Manse! A time-table was produced;  Mary ihade abstruse'calculations'; and  discovered that the warleigh route allowed, iliiri barely thirty minutes with.  her, whit,.: the other gave hiih ah  hour's leisure. Kate said "1 wonder," and "Very likely," and "Perhaps," and "I -should think so," at  appropriate intervals. The mommy  wore itself away.  F,roin the .village postollice Mary  returned triumphant, waving an  open letter.  "I.'am'to have both, the letter and  himself, Kate. Is he not thoughtful!,  he has written to say that he can  come. He . drives from i.auricstou: he  will be here directly, and he can  stay two hours���of course my calculations -were! ail wrong as usual.  There, is a note here for Uncle, will  you   take  it   to  him?"  MriLe Mary's entrance, Kate had  seen nothing but the familiar writing'  On  that second  envelope.   She  carried  to the study-  i":;��i:y':...-,  Her.  beside linn unop'-in <i Kate mo\��.:d .-slowly through ihe ">>'':u, collecting 'two  or three \a-eri thiit n,"cried fresh 'lowers; as slowly she recrossed the  room and wuhdrcw. Outside the  door she paused, leaned against the  v-all for a moment, and looked  down with contempt at her hands  because they shook sLghily.  "1 don't   care  in   the  least,"  said,  lying to herself defiantly,  movements are of no ]'articular  terest to me!"  "Was that'John's writing?" inquired Mary as Kate re-entered the parlour.  "What docs he say?"  "I don't know. Uncle had not  opened the letter."  "And you came away without waiting- to hear? What a pity. I want  so much to know when he is coming  back."    ���  "Are you going to see.to the flowers, Alary? Thi.s is the day for  them.'',  "Oh, I quite forgot! f ' 'am so  sorry. Never mindj 1 will till every  .vase in the house to-morrow. ��� You  see, Kate dear, I can't think of anything thi.s afternoon." < '  . Fortified by Mr. Claverton's-eulogy,  Mr., Ferris was able to welcome  Mary's suitor. The young man's manner pleased him exceedingly: it was  deferential, as became his youth,  and dignified"; as became his station.  Mr. Ferris was never unduly influenced by monetary consideration.";,  but he could not help being pleasiir-  ably excited by Gavin's statements  regarding  his  financial  position.  In the evening Mary knelt beside  the minister's chair, resting her  golden head against' his shoulder; sho  found,,him quite ready to .gratify  her with warm praises of her' lover,  and for long the two remained discussing the engrossing subject in all  its bearings; Kate,, occupied with the  inevitable darning, strained her ears  to catch one word about the note  received 'that afternoon; she listened  in vain, Mary had quite forgotten  her, anxiety to kno1" ".\ 'r.&n * J ohn was  com'ing bnck. i ������ ��� <��� K.ite essayed to  ask the smij'is q .-- si M*ri7r-tho words  died on \\>��r lspf.,  :-.!:,- roidd not steady ^  \\ ith    closed  stances     tended  drift i-d     wilfully  closed     exactly  her     not    to  es whilhei" circum-  lo carry hei". s!,e  , she he'd her o\ es  -,o long as it. suited  >\ en them---painfully  of tie; di!"4-c-  her drifting,  icy   its   prob-  whole time  measure of  with   accun  her  voi  ce  to  *  *Vmi ' thy n't.  W  i, - -'  sho-  was   ui  -->>.'���  'Mj-  V./      lJt)-JUl  P  reparmg  for  i i-tj  a <.,  "m .  rh.-  c-.u.ght-  'sight  of  ' a  v, h} li  h%  ?<i  ���efiectcd  in  her  mirror.  Sho stood there looking angrily into  the eyes that, met her's.-r���" You know  you do not care," she informed her  reflection with fierce emphasis. Sud-'  clenly she flung .herself upon her  .knees by the bedside. "Oh, [ cares���  I do care!" moaned Kate.  Air.   Ferris  left early on     the    foi-,  lowing day  to  join  his  brother ministers nt Glenessle.   After his  departure,   Mary   cleared   the  parlour table,  and made, elaborate preparations for-  letter writing.     She     arranged    Jher  writing case,   pen.   ink, paper,  and  a  ,dictionary; placed another book     before     her '   to   serve   as   a    prop   for  Gavin's   photograph;   and then,   opening   her  case,   she  spread   upon      the  table his  two   letters',  and   a     small  selection she had made of newspaper"  cuttings' which   had   direct    or   --indi-  rect reference to him.  Having carefully examined his letters and the newspaper notices, she  spent some time in studying his portrait: then she dipped her pen in the  ink and paused. A glance at the  letters showed that lie addressed her  -���"Dearest Mary:" she wrote "Dearest"���feared it looked too demonstrative���destroyed that sheet of  paper, and began "My dear Gavin,"  on another. Here, there came to her  some reminiscence of him so absorbing- that she laid, down her pen to  indulge in. delightful thoughts. The  letter had progressed no further- when  Kate came to find her some time  later.  "You are not forgetting about the  flowers, Mary?"  "No; but I shan't be any time over  my writing. Did you notice, Kate,  that one side of Gavin's face is a  little different from  the other?"  'Tt is the case with most faces,"  saul Kate listlessly. "I have not  looked at his much."  Tho weariness in her voice drew  Mary's attention tp her; Kate stood  by the window in full light, her  face looked warm, Mary's gentle  heart was distressed.  "Are you tired, Kate dear," she  asked.  "No,", said Kate,, irritably, "T  want a long walk. I shall go to  those crofts at Overton that Vhavo  not  been near for an age."  "But dinner! you will never ge'  back in time."  "1 can get a scone and some tnlllt  anywhere.   You need  not wait."  "Now that is what I call foolish!"  reflected      iilary,     as   Kate   departed.  "\\hy  (.'oes  she  choose   the      hottest  day   wc J  walk? And  I  ready.   What  aware the  tion and  forecasting  able end. Just now she had been  stunned: she feared the agony of reviving sensation, but she still more  feared ignorance as to the nature  and extent- of her misfortune.  One thing was certain���she could  not continue to suffer tints. She could  not endure to spend night after  night sobbing by 'her bedside: nor  to live through days in which Hope  ���cruel Hope���inextinguishable Hope  ���rose, <mocked at Reason, fed itself  on Fancy, grew, flourished, 'entranced, deluded, rud then fell to the dust  dragging her   with it.,-..  "Let me only tell myself the  truth," cried Kate in desperation;  "and I must, for very shame, get  quit of all this misery. Here is the  truth: I who am no ignorant child,  have allowed myself to love a man  yvho never cared for me and never  will������never cared for me and never  will!" The proud girl writhed as  she stabbed herself afresh with each  recital   of  her   humiliation. There-  was no doubt of her having faced  the truth: alas, alas, the misery' remained.  The Overton crofts toward which  siie walked, lay behind Main's of  Overton.' To reach them, she , 'had  first to travel the, Garleigh road,  and then a long and exceedingly  rough'path leading to the summit of  a steep hill on whose further slopes  we're the crofts. Kate knew their  inmates well, ahd had been wont to  visit them regularly and frequently.  Six months had now elapsed since  her last visit: she told herself that  she ought to feel compunction because off this neglect, yet she felt-  none. Neither was- she conscious of  her fatigue. The path seemed perhaps to have grown longer and  rougher, as she stumbled, slipped,  scrambled forward, without her usual  swiftness     and,    surene.ss  pf ,fooj.._  possibiy  desire  i\ n  she  kisses,  she      smiles  u:,  could win it, 1  of,ull  chip  'ike   lovi  ,11 or all of the people  ; anil if desiring love  should get all 1 want.  ���lie?'   nevertheless,  drag herself to the  ia\ e  had,   lor  such     a   long  am sure she  is  tired al-  c:m  be   the  matter,      1  wonder   perhaps   i^-llu   has  beer,  wor-  Ah!   ii" only she  knew  liap-  lninc  .t-liii  would      not   bJ  -set bv  ht I If aimo;, uMi'l-s."  rying her.  piness like  so easily u  Kate's ti,-: i-niiiiiat ion tu wail; to  Over I on \v.L.s ent'n-h unpremeditated She had risen in Ihe morniiiu'  '-villi the old listless apsilh\ about  her, which she dreaded tt, disturb  too soon. Feeling e.-.trcme Wuarin'JS.1-,  siie had resolsed to occupy herself  Within doors, there was much writing to be done loi" Mr. Ferris, the excerpts from those Chinese -m ission  'hooks  had ''beenj.'to'b   long   neglected.  .liut the sight Of Mary, so radiantly happy, sent soreness, thrilling  through Kate's heart. She could not  slay there, listening all day to, her  cousin's joyful confidences: she was  'inas.fered by the -'desire ������ .to put .as  great' a.disiance as possible- -between  tin's happy girl and her own unhappy  self. Moreover, it- occurred to her  that if she:, could .once find herself  clear, i,way from '-Mary end- the  iNh.nse-and 'the, .shore-path and f lie  recks ���-lrom everything, ���',,���> shori ,  that had power because of its associations, to fascinate or wound her���  she might be-able, at last, to gauge  her exact position, .to', 'probe ' this  heart-soreness, to comprehend herself, perhaps to reason Willi herself.  For Kate was never content .to. hide  her head, osl,rich-like, u.t the approach of (Linger. Clearness of vision  was a necessity to her, she could iioijj  away with disguises and deceptions.  If ever she seemed   to  let herself drift  Fatigue  overcame    .';  {"she could izitrb  top   of the hill:  gaining  it,   she was  forced  to pause,   gasping for  breath,  dizzy with the quick faint beating of  her heart.  U pon the crofts lying scattered beneath her, she had often looked with  intense interest, while her ready imagination pictured for her the details of the lives lived in them���  lives'so destitute of luxuries, of comforts, even of necessities; lives that  were one long battle for bread; lives  narrowed down ta limits that seem-  ,ed stifling to Kate; and withal, lives  that were in the majority . of cases,  noble, courageous, triumphant.  The women in those crofts interested her chiefly. Contrasting their  surroundings with her own, she bent  her head in wonder and reverence at  the sight of their unswerving- allegiance ��to duty, their patient endurance, ' their unquestioning resignation-. It was an intense gratification to her to know that on many  occasions .she had been able tp carry  consolation and sunshine into" the  hearts of some of these women. They,  all loved her: they gave her high  praise when they said of her, to. one  another, "0or> young lady isna a  lady at a'; she micht be ane o' hiz!"  To-day, Kate loolced down upon  the crofts with dull indifference. If  she"went .there consolation would be  looked for���she had none to communicate: sympathy would be demanded���her heart fplt dead. She  could not face theso Women: she,  ���who had never come, empty hearted  to them before! She hesitated, retraced her steps for a yard or two,  an'd only paused on realizing that  she was too tired to go home without resting somewhere. She turned  to look back at the cottages: "T  can't go there," she gasped: "they  will want me to read the Bible to  them and sing hymns. I can't do  it: something must be dead in me: I  can't do it!"  With difficulty she made her way  clown the steep hillside to a wood,  where,-.she seated herself on the moss  at the foot of one of the trees. The  Wood seemed to swim before hei', she  saw everything-as through a thick  mist and from a long distance. She  sat there so still, that ao squirrel  who ha,d been demolishing "the -fresh  young growth of the tree against  which she leaned, .flashed down the  trunk to, the ground at her side, and  remained gazing fearlessly at her for  a few seconds before ho darted to a  distance. There was refreshing coolness   around   her; faint breezes   sighed  among the tree-toDR: occnpionallv the  Jqw  crooning  of   wood   pigeons     was  heard, varied by those strange creaking sounds that ,the pine trees make  ���half  weird,  half  musical.  Gradually some color stole buck to  Kate's face, her vision grew clearer,  she felt revived. She began to notice her surroundings, .she began to  think. Looking at the watch fastened to her wrist., she reflected that  -Mary must have finished dinner some  \\ii\<' ago, anil would now be in t he  garden among her roses. Mary and  roses���the association was so harmonious,  so appropriate.  "What is there about. Mary," Kate  asked herself, "that makes it natural  to connect her with flowers? Xu one  would : ever think -of ihe in connection with flowers! She is so beautiful, so gentle, so fragile; one feels  instinctively : tho t she. "must always  live in y sunshine and be pro feci ,-d  from storms, y 'Suffering seenis, so  much more appropriate to .some people than to others; .1 cannot bear to  think of '..Mary as a sufferer, she  should always/ have love about her  ���I daresay siie always will, for - it  comes to.meet-her wherever she goes.  1 have to work hard for love, and  seldom get it; I wonder whether the  poor folks up yonder would have  loved me if I had' done nothing, for-  them. Mary has hearts given her in  exchange for- smiles. It is quiic fair  ���her smiles are very s'wect���-but it  all seems so easy for her, and so horribly hard for me. Little children  worship her; they fly to her, for kisses as instinctively as flowers turn  to the sun for light. There must be.  ���something-.in her* that impels e\-ei-y  one who sees her to love her; what'  can.it be? ��� Not merely the desire for  love       on   her   part���foi*   she   cannot  No. tin-re must bo .some radical difference between her nature and mine!  1 feel it, but I can't define it. Perhaps it ha1* to do with the natural  goodness and purity of iier character, which makes itself felt without  any effort or even consciousness on her part, just as the scent of  a fiower makes itself felt. She,'has an  affinity for everything that is perfectly child-like and- holy. If Ave two  had been in Palestine when Christ  died, I would have sought out Mary  Magdalene���but Mary would have  clung to the -Madonna. That gives a  suggestion of the difference between  us."  Another glanca at her watch warn- j  ed Kate of the rapid flight of time.  She rose to her feet with a sigh,  unwilling to leave the solitude and  refreshing calm. She felt wonderfully  restored.  "There is nothing like facing one's  troubles," said she cheerily, as she  left the wood. "They are like wild  beasts���Look at them steadily enough and they grow powerless to  harm you. I have some sense, thank  goodness! I can still, see "a thing in  its true light. I have a strong will  too���one can get the better of anything, if one has good sense and a  s.trong will!"  CHAPTER  V.  r  . Considering the reliance placed by  Kate on her own common sense and  strength of will, it was perhaps u  little unnecessary that'she should so  repeatedly" assure herself of, the efficacy of these excellent qualities: 8he  descended from her hill-top in a  mild state of self-glorification; secure  in the possession^, of a power that  could raise her Jar above the despicable weakness into which she had  lately been'betrayed. She even allowed herself "to glide into contemplation of John Cayi'ord's return���foi-  that he would return, and- v^'.V.vv.  .sp(-WJiJr>'-'n5;]urj ijo '".loubt, at -all.  'Ihis train of thought wasnso pleas-  ,ant, so" inspiring, so engrossing, that  she was already half a mile beyond  tho Garleigh sial ion on her homeward way when she remembered that  the scone and milk which were tci  have refreshed her had been forgotten.^ It was not> worth her while to  return to Garleigh for t.hcm, but she  wished she had been less forgetful.  The hot, dusty, solitary road,.stretched itself uninvit ingly before her, the  mile and a half that must' . still he  traversed, seemed so long���her steps  flagged,  she  was  indeed  very  tired.  A sudden remembrance came to her  of the day when she and John' had  walked from Garleigh together. Plow  long ago lhat seemed: how old she  had grown since then: how^^^'ri/a^^ar  gulf was fixed between the Kate of  to-day and' the Kate of that day 1,  Intolerable pain stirred at, her heart  ���she 'soueht to banish it by reminding ' herself feebly of common sense  and strength  of will;*,  She had reached now tlie very spot  at which, in old days, Alice Cayford  had been wont to stand and admire  the, view of Ailsa Craig. Kate  thought of her, and stopped; leaned  against the dyke, clasped her hands  upon the cool granite, and gazed out  seawards. Happy, happy Alice!  But standing there would not  bring1'the Manse any nearer to her.  She looked wearily toward the road  ���and shook from head to foot like  an aspen leaf, as up the" road, nearer, nearer, walking rapidly, his eyes  bent on the ground. came Alice's  brother. He was so near her���he was  almost abreast of her���and he would  not look up! Commonsonse and  strength of will became suddenly  clamorous. Let him pass, they urged. Let him pass! He had all but  passed. "John!" cried Kate in despair.  At  sound     of his  name,   ke  turned  too absorbed in thought to recogrdz��-  her  immediately:   that  short  interval  seemed  an   eternity  of  time     to     the  girl.  "Why,'Kate, I never saw you: how  glad T am you spoke! This is my  only chance to say good-bye. I go  out to "Melbourne next week.",  She caught at the-stones to steady  herself.  "This-this is sudden."  "I     thought     of  it    yesterday.     I  marie up my  mind  to-day."  He ca.me nearer, and leaned against  the dyke beside her.  Kate fixed her gaze on a solitary  rock, projecting from the sea whereon a large gull stood meditating sol-  emly. The bPrd and 'the' rocl; were  motionless; everything else seethed,  and swayed, and swirled, with the  water. Why liad she not listened to  the dictates of coinmonsense ami Ie'  liirn  pass?  "You will have to say good-bye  to Mr. Ferns for me, Kate," said  her companion. "I shall not, have  time to come down here again." He  paused for a minute,* and then added  "I have seen Alary. She seems very  happy.     I Jo you   think   her happy?"  With difficulty Kate- articulated  "Yes."  "She said Mr. Wishari, was here  yesterday. You must have seen hurl;  were.you   pleased?"  "I scarcely noticed him. Unrle  seems satisfied." -  '.���"Kate will;you  do" something    forme?'.'  ���     '.'.'-���. ' y      ..    '���.'.'.  "Anything you   wish." ,,  "I want you to promise to. send  me a letter- .sometimes, while, I am  away. There is no Alice .to write-to.  me now; will  voii?"  "Yes.**:. ', ,'���'. '   ��� :,  "1 must have some one ..to tell the  about Mary. As I ca.me,. along-'just  now, I was wondering how I should  get news , from her. . Somehow T.  never thought of you"���Kate's fingers closed more tightly over the  sharp edges of tlie granite,���"-but of  course you are the very one who can  fell 'me most about her. You are  quick sighted, ahd ,she confides in  yon."  ITO BH CONTETOXD.]  ^wrrera-"��'i"w^m'tRM��'irM^  as  ol  -wh  the  nei  fro  air-i  ���yen  Ha  J.  no  ing  sui  Cu  lne  To  tin  ��  tie  X  ,.1,"  '.J  cm  .    i  sir  'its  -It  ut��  am  i <  One of the experiments made by  those whose business it is to tost 'he  strength of dynamite, gun-cotton and  other explosives is to place fresh  plucked leaves between two plates ol  panel steel and explode cartridges on  the upper [date. The recoil in such  cases is so great and sudden that  tlns-uppoi plate is driven' downward  with such force and rapidity, as to  catch exact impression:- of the leaves  before their delicate, ribs have time  to eiv�� way to the force of the blow.  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Women do  ',' Jnbti'.reallze   how   " soap   substitutes,"  ^' whichi\are generally surcharged  with  I so&a^Sifc how common alkaline soaps  ''destrdj^"their   clothing; ���  consequently  ;   tlie'y&vweek   by   week,   subject   costly  ; -'fabr'ic/tb such treatment.     The hands  ������"^also., are immersed for hours in such  "���''solutions, Resulting inr eczema,   coarsa  i, yekin,;{anrd brittle nails.      The caustic  .! ,';;s6div;.may loosen the dirt, but it eats  '��� -away;:,the"' fabric' and ruins the'hands.  . * There^-is'V no  economy  in  such -work.  ,y-'{lt;is';,sO;:easy for a woman to test the  I 'differericeybetween an alkali  charged  y c"so&p"EnU~a" neutral washing soap, that  ,! Ji't"i-is> strange that there  is  room  for  A foreign scientific journal gives  the results of some recent experiments upon the vocal cords which  will prove interesting to'singers. 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'.'"������'���   ," r,rh'e/,avt", ,of  conversation     is     not  ��� kri'6\vriigr,*vv:hat you ought to say, but  ,(" wHat^onV^otight "not  to say.  .-    -  -v,;..' vs- "W; <��� -* ��  '*;:-, "t3H,^-Si_��� ���  , Beware'vpf Ointments for Catarrh  ,'^'yA^rThaf Contain Mercury.  .     iBs"vriibrcury". will   surely  destroy  the sense  ���ol-��'smell \'and     completely    derange   the  ' whole "-system   when    entering   it   through  tho'*mucous: surfaces. Such articles should  neve'r* bey,used   except,   on     prescriptions  '"froiii -'(reputable   physicians,   as   the   diiin-  e.ge..tUey'ywill   do   is  ten-fold   to   the  c^-d  .you" cany possibly       derive    from     them.  Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured  by F.  . J-. V Cheney.; &   Co.,   Toledo,   0..   contains  .  normercury. and  is taken  internally, aci-  ,"ing-',directly  upon   the  blooci   and  mucous  surfaces, of the  system.  In   buying  Hall'!,  i     CatarrhL"Cure be  sure you  pet  the  pi?mi-  i- lney.'.'ItJ-is' taken   internally,   and   made  in  -. -Toledo.' O..  by F.   .1.  Cheney &  Co. Testimonials ��� fi PC.  - Sohlt.by  (lriiRi;Ihts.    Price,   7;"5c   per  bottle.'., k-^-V!  ���X-TaU'S'Family   Pills are  the best.  .  .i  -. --���.---y . ��� -  ;-.v2^o,;Syoman    ever-    admits    that she  , '  cares''ir&another   woman   dislikes  her.  ,-. A*-'w'oipan .never fcel-s absoluiely  1 '- sure' that" her husband has loose huh-  -   'its"until; he comes home tight.  .-- -ll: **, ���   .   l-.'"Wfopkey... Ilranrl     Sonn     cleuns   kitchen  utensUs.Csteel,   iron   nnd   tinware,   knives  '   ' and "forks,* and   all   kinds   of   cutlery.  I      ^.^.2:   '     .. ,,-.-��ft;,^Vv '  The   RsK'k  Vtcvi-.  lOtlltOfS,  dcr.,'!-!)  [11. tti','.-e  > of i.iiy  lickciii'd  n   deep  lripphu'.  tr.  [nnorfi.  nn in,''J  polllld.T  e peejil'1  11,I fill ID  ���mlit by  pul.iliw"  ; .y^lyiciiyils it," queried the girl who Is  *   ..   ' ^  tryifigitOuSolve the^.problem of how to  dxess>.y^eii or "the girl  who thinks she  knows!;'*"that you wear-all your pretti-  "est'.pliis'Jand brooches nt the back of  your, dress collars and the more ordi-.  yuar.y-:'bDes in frout?    1 do exactly the  ^opposite.'*',  ^'-".yi.doh't mind so nmch--thiit ls,,with-  " in; -reaspu���about what people think  who'see.'nib face to face." said the civi  who dresses well, "but the people who  criticise "me behind my back do it  more deliberately. Whatever my appearance may be as I see myself face  to .face in the glass, I am resolved that  no one shall say that my mirror has not  two sid.es.'< One can protect one's face  with a-SQiIlo or n gesture, but. (he critic  at the'"back has one entirely at his  mercy/'-^-Pliiladi'lphifi   Ledger. ,  fl.:::ll:lyT.ii&:SevvliiK 'Girl'*   hot. ,'  yMThe'^sewing girl is out of the way of  h Stl na ''''';';':.ffi^lj^^!i;^."^,;)ail(:1- Slie does not cc��ne  Jv"' pop- ^ yin^ohMctywith meu in her work,; as  * ��� -:otiS^^rls|cio, and with sodittle time  yiCbr'^n^^^ her work she does not;  :rnak)e;ythbyacc|iiaintiince  oL marriage-  ^l)ie|iifeny The very nature of her em-  'ypiciiytnent-excluth'S men from her socl-'  'pty^i^ing her working hours.   Her as-  ,.Boeiait:es;:j;jiiid even  her  employers are  :: almbstynvjiriably of her own sex.   No ,  bla^v'bf'AVOineii are more deserving of  v. gbb^:yhusbaiids   than   are  the   women  ywhbymako their living with their nce-  : dlesy^They are usually modest, retined  yarid;%miestic.   They do not hunt htis-  ::ban(isj|and," being so withdrawn  from  thCdaily lives of men, husbands tlo not  usually hunt them because they do not  ;;usualiy know of them.��� Louisville Cou-  'rier-Jburmil.  dell-  rt'C'irs a  ns  ili:i-  .'' '���' Illy-' Niiplcs    I.ulttn-tM-.-i.  . -'"Sihcp ISfiO the wages'of laborers in  7;.:NhpIbs have dotibli'd. but the taxes  yhave'Htrebled. lOven now wages are  -;pnly-jt*roiu 10 to 25 cents a day.  There    are. plenty    of 'people   who  have   become   depressed  and   discouraged,     because    that     dry,    hacking  cough   Jiangs   to     them ��� continually.  They    hove     taven   much     medicine,  mostly  of the advertised quack sort,  nothing   like  Dr.      August ,   Koenig's-  Hamburg Breast Tea?   the  discovery  of n. then noted German physician (50  years ago.    We do not say that this  will cure a case where the lungs arc-  badly  diseased-   for   it will   not,   and  up , to  this  date,    there is     nothing  that will cure under these conditions;  but  on  tlie  other hand,   if  the  lungs  are not hard  hit,  the patient should  take.   Dr.   August  Koenig's   Hamburg  Preast Tea, a cup full every night on  going  to   bed,    have  it    hot,     drink  slowly,   then  every  other   night,   ruli'  the  throat  and   top' portion    of  the  lunris   with     St.    Jacob's   Oil,   cover  with  oil   silk,   let it remain  an  hour,  then remove.    Kat good,  plain, nourishing  food,   live -in  the  open  air  as  much as possible.    By all means sleep  as near out'of doors'as possible,that  is,   windows wide open, except in the  very   severe ��weather.     Take   a   cold  eponge bath every morning ; then immediately rub the body with  a coarse  towel.   Take"   Dr.      August   Koenig's  Hamburg Drops  every other day  according   to   directions.   One  can   buy  the  three  remedies   frir SI.25   of  any  reliable   druggist.      Begin   the   treatment at once, and see how much better    you    will     be  almost     within  a  week's time.      ,  'Compiled   tn.na  Tbo   Cornm'.'reiiii i  Tlie most important occurrence this  week was the order- issued by the  Car.icdian 1 Faaiiic railway to its  agents, last Thursday, not to accept  further shipments of grain for Fort  Vi'illiam. The reason given was that  there was enough wheat now in transit to fill the elevators at that point.  The repairs and enlargement of elevator D are not completed yet,' but  it is expected this elevator will be  ready in about ten days, when shipments to Fort William will be resumed. The capacity of elevator D will  'be :i,00O,U00 bushels. The Canadian  Northern elevator at Port Arthur is  also about filled up, but that' company expects to have' its new 2,000,-  000 bushel elevator ready in a few  days. The new Canadian Pacific railway elevator E, under construction  at Fort William, will not be ready  for some' time yet.  The situation in Manitoba wheat  has'been quiet, but firm,' with u ten-  tendency to follow the changes, in the  Unitod States markets. Prices nt  the closing on Friday were : 71c for  J. hard; 09c 1 northern, (57 ,'c. 2 northern; 05 jc, 3 northern; spot, or first  hall" January For May delivery, 1  hard, 75'-c; 1 northern, 73>c; 2 northern, 71ic; 3-northern, 69^c. all in  c-tore, Fort William, Port Arthur or  Dultith. ,  FLOUR���Demand is active mid  prices steady. Best'Hungarian Patent is worth .-S2 per sack of 98 lbs.,  delivered to the trade; Cler.ora. patent. frl.S.-,;,.strong bakers, Sl.n.">; and  XXXV at SI.25.      '  MILLFEXOI)���Bran is quoted at SI5  per ton in sacks, and shorts at $l/<  per  ton.  ACCIDENT  TO A MINER  Oer  Strained His Back and Was Sent  Home in Agony.  Delicious flavor.      Froo lrom hulls.     Warranted Pure.  Put up in a!! sized packages.  A   lawyer   never  for   the  deed.  mistakes   the   will  Lots   of   poor     men   are   the  architects  of  Other  men's  fortunes,   ���  Minard's Liniment Cnres LaGrippe.  Forgery  business.  is   all   right'  in     the   iron  Fair -weather friends are often enemies iu disguise.  FAGGED OUT���None but those who  ha.'c become fagged 'Out, know what n  depressed, miserable feel i ii(? it is. All  ibtroniith is pone, and, despondency has-  taken hold of the sufferers. They feel us  thpufeli there is nothing lo live for.  There, however, is n. ore��� one box of  I'urrnelee'.s Vegetable Pills will do wonders in restoring health and ��� strength.  ..Mandrake and Dandelion are two of tlie  articles entering, into the c<">inp<>Mlion -of  Piirnielee's   Pillrj.'' ,  ' OATS���The oat market is easy and  Jc lower. Oats are plentiful in the'  country, but lack of transportation  facilities is keeping back supplies  and prices are some cents above what  they would be with prompt delivery.  No. 2 white'oats are worth 2S^c per  bushel at Fort William. On 1rack iii  Winnipeg thi.s grade'is worth 26-ic to  27c.p.-r l-nsy-:, and about 2M-; "s the  price for feed white. At (������uiiitry  points farmers are getting-19 to1 20c  bushel at central points.  BAltl.-lpy���The market is quiet and  the best prices brewers ' will pay ,is  2Sc  for  NV>.   3  extra   in     carlots  :t��l<l Up all Wluter, DoiM's Kidney PJHu  put III in on His Feet Again and Now  Ho is Completely Cured.  Indian Brook, Victoria Co.. N. S.,  Jan. 32.���fSpeci.il)���Angus D. McDonald, son oi the postmaster here,  is pr'oi-iiiii-nt. among those in this district who swear by Dodd's Kidney  fills as n sure 'cure for those terrible pains in the back that are one  of the surest symptoms of Kidney  Disear-e And Mr. McDonald has good  reason   for  the  stand ..he takes.  While at work in the coal pits he  straitieo his back and w.is sent home  in an' .-itrony oi pain. The nearest  doctor, tw'enty-five miles away, was  sent for, but he rould do little to  relieve he- suffering. This was in  October. 190J, aud he couldn't do a  band's turn of work till the sirring  of  1S'02  Then a ho! el keeper advised him to  try Dodd's Kidney Pills, -That ho-  lelkec-poi' didn't see him again until  last August, and then his first question was : " Angus, how's your  back?" "As well as ever it was/'  atisw,-red Angus. "What cured it ?"  "Dodd's Kid ivy Pills cured me completely."  , And     the     postmaster    at,   Indian  -Brook   is  always  ready  to  testify to  the truth  of his son's  statement.  I'd ins in the Back, Lumbago, Rheumatism Dropsy gnd Heart Disease  ,are, caused by diseased kidneys'  Dorld'b Kidney  Pills will cure them,  unganan  %s now manufactured, Ihe great Fa~.i!y Flour.  in "1st on getting " OGSLVIE'S," as thoy ape bettor thai-Tine best.  mave:   no   e:Q<_j.>s��vi_.  i ^*" i  mam  smgWBR!a&sft8��g^^  J  'Jv  1A  'A��/  &M*rif   sf-td.?^  track.  2Gc.     .  FLAXSKED  Feed   barley   is   worth   25  Market nominal.  oa  to  It' sometimes happens that a  is so { reserved in liis manners  thev  become rusfv  from  disuse.  inan  that  Cholero surd all summer complaints >\re  so mnel, in their action that the cold  hand of death is upon their victims before they are aware that danger is near.  If 'kttucked do not delay in getting the  m-opcr' medicine. Try a dose of Dr. .7  P. Jvellog'-- Dysentery Cordial, nnd you  will get immediate relief.i It avis with  uonderful rapiiliry nnd never fails to effect   a   cu'ie.  People who live in glass houses  aie in a position to raise early vegetables.     ' '  For   Women   Willi   Olu   Feet.  Women with large feet should boar  one or two things iu mmd. Oue is  Unit if they are b:g women they have  no right lo expect to have very small  feet. A woman oI\ I feet ti inches  in height is entitled to a foot 0 1-3  inches long, and it might be a little  longer without making Ivor feel that  the world was coming to an end. Another thing the large Tooted sister  should recollect is that when she  squeezes her fool Into a shoe too small  for hor she does uot disguise its size.  Ou the contrary, she makes this more  apparent. -The foot spreads in its over-  tight covering and lumps out in the  wrong place nnd stretches the shoe  out of shape in no time ut all.���Shoe  and Leather Cazette.  Cnjilive   IJro��l   I.Ioiim.  Lions born in captivity are less trustworthy from the trainer's point of  view than those captured In the closer 11.  40th Anniversary  For over  Forty Yesre  Gray's Syrup  of  Spruce Gum  A3 A SPECIFIC  FOR  COUGHS, COLDS,   Etc.  Hft�� been tested and has becomo the  Family Cough Specific of tliousauds  throughout Canada aud the tTnilcd  States. It never was more popular  nor more largely used than it ia  to-day.  MERIT   ALWAYS   TELLS.  Cough Remedies come and go. New-  preparations are tried aud abandoned, but the old reliable remains.  The present Is a trying season for  both old and young-, and colds, easily  caught now are apt to remain for the  ���winter unless promptly cured. No  better remedy can be found than  Gray's Syrup  Sold  by  all   Druggists.  SPELTZ���The market holds steady  at 30c per bushel of 50 pounds, delivered  in   Winnipeg.  HAY���Dealers are paying $6 , to  $6.50 per ton for carlots on track.  POTATOES���35c per bushel.  ,   I5UT.TJ2R ���  Creamery��� Creameries  are  asking  26c  per  pound   from  city  customers   for  choice   makes.  liUTTER-i-Dairy���Very little butter  is coming in and the market is cpu'et  at unchanged prices. Dealers are  paying 21c per pound net at Winnipeg for' dairy separator butter in  bricks, and 14 to 17c net for choice  tub butter. , ,  CHEESE���The" price is firmer" at  13 to lo^c per pound.  EtJOS���Eggs are scarce and have  advanced to 22c per dozen, net, in  Winnipeg,   subject  to  candling.       ^  DRESSED POULTRY���Dealers are  offering in a wholesale way 10c per  pound for chickens,, dressed; 9&c to  D'c for ducks and geese, and 15c for  turkeys.  DRESSED MEATS ��� Beef, city  dressed. 6 to 7-\c per pound; country  stock, ic under these figures; mutton,  8  to  9c;   lamb,   ll^c;  hogs,  7c.  I-LDES���Country frozen hides are  bringing from o't to 6c per pound,  delivered at Winnipeg, loss 5 pounds  tare; sheep pelts, 30 to 50c.  WOOL���Iilarket   nominal.  ���  SENECA    'POUT���Last     purchases  wero made at 5Sc per pound for clean  dry   loot,   delivered  at  Winnipeg.  LIVE   STOCK.  CATTLE���The market is quiet.  F'licst steers are worth -lc; butchers'  orninary, 3ic, and from that down  to 2",c, according to quality. There  is  nothing  doing  in stocker cattle.  SHEEP���Worth 3^c per pound ofT  ctii-"- here.    Lambs. 4.^ to 4-Jc.  HOGS���The market is unchanged  at 6c per pound for hogs weighing  from 100 .to 200 pounds. Heavies  and lights are worth i,   to lc less.  MILCH COWS���There are very few  milkers to be had, and prices are  firm at S30 to $4 5 each, for such as  are to be had, according to quality.  HOUSES���There is a good demand  HOUSES���Trade is now conhned to  a limited demand for general purpose  horses, for which prices still rule  high. Good teams of work horses  are worth $300 to $400, according  to  weight, and quality.  A man's shadow is like most of his  friends; it 'only, stocks to him in  sunshine.  Men admire cleVer women more  than handsome ones, because they  are  scarcer.  It.   is   almost   ns   hard   to   keep   n   friend  as   it' is   to   lostf nn  enemy.  Ants as Gimi Makers.  Walter Busse states that in EJast  Africa practically, nil the excretion  of gum is provoked by ������ ants.'������ 'They  perforate the .bark of the acacia in  order- to lay .their eggs in the wood.  The'soft.'wood acacias generally show  few wounds of 'this kind, but those  of the hardwood, specks are fiddled  with them, each perforation being  iri;!-r!:ed ,with a globule of gum. The  ant makes no us-a of the gum. It, is  only an al-.str-. cl ion to her work,  since it, stops up. the galleries she  bo.Uiiivs out. Another ppeej;.-:- of ant...  !,!>we\ er, sometimes attacks tlie , exuded. Lrurn before, if has become coin-  pletely hardened and gives it ciiscol- j  oration.  ��� Despite the efforts of Winnipeg  wpod dealers to keep up the price of  wood by claiming, a' shortage existed, the price has dropped a dollar,  a cord and,will likely go still lower.  There are eight or' ten thousand  coirls in sight'iat Winnipeg,'an ample  suppb' for considerable time, and  further.- unlimited quantities of wood  may  be, bad. ,     "  T.   tt.  METCALFE &  00  Grain and Commission Morohanta.  Highest prices paid for wheat, oat*, bar  ley or flu�� in <-arl,>ti��. Wire or write mi  for prices; bt-i'ore telling. Liberal advance 3 made on consignments and Oandlod  on oommliilifn,   Licensed end BondcS.  P. O. Box SSO, Winnipeg, Mm.  When a ..man is  man   he   listens  sa> s.  in love with a' wo-  to   everv  word 'she  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS  T^r-rovi/   Urako,  O.  Minard's Liniment is best Hair Restorer:  An Irish lawyer, in speaking of the  demise of a colleague, said ��� ," lie  left a brilliant future behind him."  Mr. Thomas Hjllard. Syracuse. .V. Y..  writes : "T h;i\ c been alllictc-d for nearly a year with that most to be drended  di-icusp TlyspcpKia. and nt times worn  out with pnin and want ofcslec-p, and after tryinix almost everything recommended, I tried one box 01 l'armelee's Vepc-  tahle Pills. 1 am now nearly well, and  helie\B ilu'.v will cure me. 1 would not  be  v, it trout   them-for  any. money,"  It may be well to remo'ihuer that  tl^e best friend you have on earth is  a better friend to himself that he is  to you.  Waiters as. a class are orderly'men,  yet they are frequently called to o'r-  der.  Now   tbe  summer  girl  has  resigned  in 1'avor of the cuddlesome girl.  is one- of the most important  thingfs for ��� every, farmer to  consider.  I Blood Purifier  will build up a run down horse.  It tones up the system, rids  stomach of bots, worms and  other parasites which undermine an animal's health.  -   50 cts. a packag-e.  LEEMINO MILES &. CO.  AGENTS.     ---      MONTREAL.  A Wonderful Medicine.  iSious and  sOisordersj  Sick Headache, Constipatioa,  Wind and Pains in .Stomach,  Impaired Digestion,  Disordered Liver and  Female Ailments.  PREPARED ONLY BY THE PROPRIETOB,  Thomas Bcccham, St. Helens, Eng.,  Sold by all Druggists  In Canada and U. S. America.  In boxes, 35 cents.  The easiest way to ��� flatter some  people is to tell them they are flattery proof.  ' WAKE UP, BABY't  A Nijw- Came For Slotber*."  Btiby's awakening ought to be  looked forward to as a pleasure, not  dreaded as a scourge. He .should  awaken bright, merry nnd full ot  fun, refreshed by sleep, ready for . a  good   time. '      ' <.- '  How many mothers dread his awakening howls, knowing that ' he. will"  keep everyone miserable until he goes  to sleep again or gets his food. These  crying fits are the terror of every'in-,  experienced . mother. ilrs. Gabriel  Barnes,' Six Mile .Lake,'Ont'., is, a  mother who has learned how this  trouble can be best met, and writes  us as follows : " My baby suffered  much,, Iroin indigestion, and was cross  and ( restless. 1 ga\e hiiu several  nredicir.es, but they did not help him.  I then got a box of Baby's Own Tablets, and they helped him almost at  once, and have done him ,-o much  good that, I would not now be without them.' I can recommend Baby's  Own Tablets to all mothers as , the  best medicine 1 have ever used for  chil'lren." These Tablets are guaranteed to contain no opiate or harmful drug and can be given with absolute safety to the youngest, weakest  infant. Sold by all druggists or  si-nt-, by mail, post paid, at 25 cents  a box by writing direct to the Dr.  Williams JMedieine Co., Brockville,  Out.,  or Schenectady,  N.'i",  It may take nine tailors to make  a"man, but one tailor-made girl can  unmake  a   dozen   men.  Pride makes one man ridiculous  and prevents another from appearing  so.  There never was and never will be a  universal panacea, in ,oiio remedy, fur al  ills to which (U'hh it. heir���ihe very na  turc of many curatives, bunif? .such thai  ne'-e tlio" germs of oilier and di'!ererul\  seated diseases rooted in tho system 01  Ihe patient���what would relieve one ill  in turn would aggravate the other. Y\V  have, however, m Quinine Wmo, when  obtainuhle in sound, unadulterated state  a remedy for many ryui rirovious ids. H.\��  its prruduul And judicious use the frn ileal  systems are led into convalescence and  strength by this influence which Quinim  exerts on nature's own restoratives. U  relieves the drooping spirits of thosi  with whom o chronic *.tnto of morbn  despondency and lack cot" ir.lere.st in liti  is a disease and bv trarKiuilrzimr tin  nerves, disposes to sound urid refreshing  sleep���imparts vigor to tlu- action ot tlu  Mood, winch. beiiiR s-uuiul<U.>d. course."  threunh ihe *. erriri, strenythenmn tin  henltby animal functions oi ihe -".stem  thereby niakini; activity a necc^ai y result. striMigthtinhifi tli�� frame uml mvmir  life to the d'ifjehtive organs, uhir'h naturally demand increased vu'.iKtaui'i���result  improved appetite. N'orthrup ..v l.ynian.  of Toronto. have (riven to ihe public  their Superior Quinin."> Wine al the u-uul  rale, and, guarded by the opinion of  scientist'!, this wine approaches neaic"t  perfection cf any on the market All  dnicrnists  sell   it  Diruuud niidftl scouory. aarlT��ll��4 C*g  grandeur. Tho ruout complete h��&ltfe M<  lort ou tho coxitlrmat of Sorth America.  It* baths cure all fervour and JIoj����*&>  fur diB6(U*s,    It�� wnten   hoai   all   Kldjukjf^  1.1 vj-3? And Stoin��4;h RllmenU,  They ar�� a n��rer-&*lllnfr remedy lot H&  XhMumnrio' tiro abloc.  TERMS-    <15 to  81��   ����r  ��r����k,   tacaf A��*wi  .0* Jo  KotV. <��r ViU��.  T-*-��e=:   e��e:s-r.  STOCK     F"OOD.  A. Veterinary Gorsditioncr.  PROF.   SHAW'S   OPINION.  Jte.iii what IJror"essor iShaw, formerly  of tlu- Ontario Agricultural College,  Gjeiph, (Jut., and now Editor of the St.  Paul Farmer", says of Carnefuc Stock  Kood : ��� _  St.   Paul,   Minn.,   Dec:   10,-  1902.  This  is  to   certifv   that  the  inRredieuts  used   by   Mr.-  W.   t!.   UquRlas,    Wianioeg,  in   the manufacture of his Carnefac Stock  Food   has   been   submitted   to   me   for   my  opinion regarding tiujir value.    L may sav  with   reference   to   them   that '1   am   satirt- ,  nod   they   are      all   healthful,    ff   properly  hiended' they      should    make   a   splendid  tonic   lor   live      stock,    more    .especially  \v]u>n   the,.digestion   is   not   in   the   proper  order.      'I'hey     will   act  as   an   appetizer  and .will   also   tend   to   stimulate   the   di-  .  frcstion so   that when  feh to animals not  ui   rrood   condition   of   thrift     the   result  would   be   to   quickly   improve   their   con-,  ditiou.      I1 would  suppose  that this  food  .uould   be , especially   helpful      in   foedinrj: ���  horses in iSropai'inff them for spring work,   .  and   in   putting   ill   tone   the   stomach    of  cattle,   sheer1   and   swine   that   have   been  pushed   too   hard      in   feeding,    tt   should  also   render   good    service   when    fed      to  calves  Unit  are not prospering because of  indineslion. THOMAS SHAW.  You can obi ain  it  from your dealer  DRUNKENNESS  A  DISEASE  i-.nd can bo etirod at  THE ECEELEY INSTITUTE  VW Osborna St.', Winnipeg.    Established 1M0.  O*or 800,000 cures.   Don't  be. decelTed * If you  w��nt a cure    Tat��   Tlio Ke��loy   where   yoB  are treatad by a qualified physician.   Cortet>  5>ond*nc* strlotly private.  COW BUTTER'  WANTED���Kre-sh. well made. Also e/?gs of the  year a.11 190-3. If none now, take undress and  #hii> later. Wo ship Bread frozen, so that it  cuts and cats like new made.  Winnipeg Go-Operative Society.  Tho Battery,   Gor.  Elgin and Nona St.,  Winnipeg.   Correspondence solicited.  TREBIECOCK r.VEY Sl CO., LONDON, ONT  One trouble with some men who  pay as they go is that they ure slow  goers. ..-''���'���  ���Three things", that beat a :drum. foi;  noise are a .small boy and two drumsticks: ������'".-  Minard's Uninie-af ��� for- RbeaniEtlsia,  s^fe  Speaking   of  clothes, -.a1 judire   sa.y.s  lawsuits l/iecbine.attorneys.-  .It   is   diMicult   toy'convert .'a   man  unless you  practice what \V011  ju-oach.  A SHORT HOAi) to health was opened  to those suffering from chronic coughs,  asthiaa, bronchitis. catarrh, lumbago,,  tumors, rhpaniatism. excoriated nipples,  or inrlc'med breast, and kidney complaint  by. the introduction of the inexpensive  ami olTective reined v. Dr.' Thomas' l'"*clcc-  trii:   Oil..  Sometimes musicians dispense music by measure, but the drummer  works  if off  by  the  pound.  When n irniii dyes his whiskers and  they begin to grow out,, doesnjt.he  they begin to grow out, doesn't he  white  Advises   after   you   enjoy  your' Christmas  Turkey,   continue ' the   pleasure J by   amok-  ���"*/ LUC1NA  CIGAR.  No   other   baa   tha.t   pficullar  awfetyflavor  Manufactured by  oe:o.   ��".   EJE=a"V/^rj   a.   oo.  'I'lie   less   money   it   man  more   valuable   it  seems.  has,      the  Even the  nl'e  apt   to  hopes of a  toper's friends  ���to dissipated.  W,    IHi-    ��-���-    No.   .4(1. i. I
'LlL-hcd ir tl c irdcvcct cl the-; ,r
cf Movie xiiit'i Jl.it'i I"ootc.-.*«*;.
WVl* i'.i-"*-
.*_--,-■_..- -
.J->." ' ".jw..;
i .-itf.it- K--:y. :;;.-:j
r-.-,.-> —. /-»-.rsrjiTyw"rnnxj-
i,   VJ .   ^J.
.*>. s.^rvxi*:.' cr,
i.ati: . u/ ",ni c^y
■ - .-Ldui   •'.- die7 -
""   - ,"'(> ?" * ■ *'y   \-   u;
..•-.r,   "'or.iit), I'oy tr   •
; f'.iir.e Oppcit'j.i:it\"   v.n
i""      '  ,
"■■V'Jdey IocIro  2?a. f.'.i     ^
I   ^3
'".sjiri:!.^ it:   *.:n-;r .    £\
y-.jeb' '". o-.y . --/i ..
hall   cj   ""ifi''iin  rircpt,    P'/'mrn'-m- ;   *"$
■ \A
/"i-1,! r>,.'■>, , -   ,.     ■;, ii,, ;.,.,:rr i •-•>
.,,( ;
"4   !
-ir-rr-w»a; -_- -r-
- ae .c:t....
! 'ST-.
( i_», it. i-    .-'. Ii„>--    .
rAI-T. 31,    1003.       j ii^ti "i ):.in ""•.■ll.- ijl.icfiH:: l!.i> opi:-.' ot !
.4 . , ;r
"-'■ :b*.£ '.'Cm   l-.d   !,<•- i:h \
folio-,-:-}-   "-* *<t   lib-.:?!'
j i;r.T £*"jk:lj:,b
"y'""i:lst-;i r, v. o
' ■;   1
/■'■ c:
•y.   .
-.-         H   -J      -
-t:i-»—.  '
--          -
tf   *-      **       A.
■ /
-'.if'-f'.'-;     ■!-■>: ^'*''"''''   y:s£*-..,-,.-..,   ..    •"    "  'x--—rt* --.-
^J^    ~l\^l}~-'f   ^-'VVi.Vir y.-^'^'-   '•
"...   • : ■' M3 "' , *>J?-y ,-y.y*     ■*- . ■-'  Vv ».    *'.     '■ **  ^
- *    \"   - Si.        ■ i   >-    v \tv  - i*. y   .-^- ". ^ vs.     -; -    ' ■
■ -j,,^.. (::r:^^,^-j^, j-. -
rhe late  Higlii Hon.  v.. u., i.rareiot-'1
o:icer salt!:   "^Gihin-j sxeept   i;?ft r ir*i
can make  Riuijey v-i'ti:0Uu aUvsriis1^:]."!     "*■; *s0" ";i! " C!"'5 t;   - *'""   -'-'-'-•■:   1|,i{*; \z .-,-.-.r.-^<>o ; c-  Sir Q.-ltStr'r'T-v-v  I   P-'l
This  is  why GfcitoaKC   is rc^on.ter'   i i.'l"-r«M *,-* -^ lo-i'U:.,: i:-. i-.voU^  —-^-;^^ u .- -.^^ i.L-^ u« ,   ^
?;;. •    .! -   :*:    ■ n -y     .'^ ''?' vf 5 ^U^Ir^S    ^ ';V:^^^>
r-"4 . .'■"-!> ''■'i'l'     '""."IA    . /.  _ -    .    •    -""^.O    ■    V
\   v.'.._;VS-       v. " "    , ^ -
*   - ANX^5iN"N
,'.4\.\4-\.   -
li vo- ;.■;>! :ci:-"i -r
i   yv
is the GrMsvJ Old iVic-a*
m:,'-,* !,x i. r,
-r**.."V.iA   liwll-';   T.v«io
}    L^_-„-
r." ■ I
y wo i.'ih j.;.vc  yv:i| X\T
i -v- j   f;
Lowcry'a Claim bus beou  prohihi-.-il j^i'*:>,T-''-' - -v l-iivx i.hKAi-yiJ'.'^'n-'.'.v '..';    -
admission thioash tbe .wail-i.    Tbiu is j Aj:w r;-'-:;' hi t:lth(-r -'-^-^  cr  Cor t"*-;     ..',_,               ■
jy!z?,or your clioico   ol  iwzuty  oi-hor ^^-^^^-^ EG»^v^O.:, L*'C
J-prcirJiipiB eticli as ri Uno set of Jewel-
Bo Yon Want to Make a''Dollar? If so
no  more than could be oxpected.
rrr* w, trtigaw »«»«;
A man never   looks  m  jjclpless  as, r>"-   -'i'^^.   Vio'.in?,   jriindoline,  Tr-.t[
when  standing   aror.ml   a   dry   goods!'
slore   v.'aiUn;-"   for'his   v,*ife    to     net
through trading.-
■?-r-t ■   SI
, S.'UP
!;;i'fct, c-itr.cias, c to.
t  *x-r>—t-jr^TixiTiry.ivr Tj»**'r^'?j"v<nr*r^' "* ■~*"j-.d.tz~'-T:-*-r »"> ~
itt ■
rrci,3«»T)'m*reEnic-e—wii-j ^mt^
iLii? said that the man v;i*o squeezes
a dollar noyer eunetsifs   his  Avifo.    In
"lookniK   over' our'  subscription    nu
counts   we   nolo   that   eomo  av/fully
'good,women are not getlin'g'the  pressure they deserve.—Ex. '
n-ienrb-vy,* 7)0^'x  vaw akv ..v-j.-kv | 'LEWIS   THOMBON
until JifLf:- y'oi: sell the  pills   r.ml   you
don't h.'i-c to ceil   any   more   than 12
A'       ^      ' " 1
, Speaking of clever foal;1 of high v/iio
balancing, hov/ i^ 1 Iii-? frodi a J\l6nf,inn
paper: ".Dave Ford o'f the local telephone exchange hns arrived hon:.e
from a woek'u trip over the o.iir.pnn.v^
lines. He made the trip on a, velocipede."    ' ,g    ,
bo?:cs to get the- premiuinc. This is-
a bona"fide offer from a reaJIablo concern that has givert tboiisar.'dfl of Jol-.
lars worth of premiums to'a'frenti all
over tli« 'cor.ntry. Ucmembcr also
that Dr. Arnolds ICnglish Toxin Pills
are a well known remedy for ail clis-
easofi of the kidi'cy and bladdbr.
Brjg'-.t'o disease, diabetes, ilicumatidm,
nervous (roubles, and female conf-{
plaints, and are for  sale   by   iill   first,}
' IrcsbiiAwcn Ace:;t. „
~5.4'n    .   '»./>
r^T-^_"-tjrv v^>£c.--3-3.r3^MCVT . *Kvj*^-ryiracxTzmrxs^:
George H. Thompson,
) ■ V
B-UUilSXl*:'-". SOL'CITOJJ,    X6-
jtary Pri<i,ic, &c. ■
•   Solicitor for the Jmporial
2ai;k ol Oannda.
A Can Francisco rabbi, giveu  n   new
interpretation  of   the   design   of   the
■' lincr'ioa'a ' nag.     Tc an  audience  of
immigrants, largely Rusbian, the other
• 'day, he oaid:    ''Do you know why the
'staff*, and   ptripsb are 'iu  tlie^'^ag?    I
~ 'will toll  you   why.,  They   show  (im!,
'   America has stars for those v.'ho behave
themselves and stripes for  tho?©   who
do not..
','ih i#f^v <-i' >*>, ti
class ditig£*istu and dc-aleis in mr-ili \ qd A'yET?OOK"
eincj3 in alb parts of the nyorld. Ton '. i"'1""'"'."1"^' "J~''"'
have .only to iihow them to-po!l ibum.
You are. not. o:Tering thajwopl-:- come-
thing thoy don't knov.'. Cur h-r.t'ebes
are the regular standard si'-(j for Lp.die.-:
or Gsntlomon in nickel t r- Gum I'Jetal
Oascc' wit!: brnih'or^e illr.inuiat! r!
ilirlsvincl reliable t/imc krioper^,' 'v:t
dies sucli a.31- no lady or gentleman
need be aGhann/cl to carry, aud they
will bo sent absolutely Free to all who
-Fell only twelve boxes of those wonderful Td--in Pills. Wiils at once
aud be ihe first in your locality lo
earn one of (hose beautiful watches
and chain. . As coon as wc receive
your letter or post card we will sc.-.d
you post paid twelve boxes, together
with our illustrated C;i't!;ilogue and
beautifully colored 'cure! witb vr-nr
name and addrej;: o:i {»(• otir author-
i/fd st_'or«t. Ijtic.:* in mind that you
will net br ticked to sull any inor''
than the j- bo;:"£ r.r.d ~:e do:;;t v('.\>*t.
a^.v .-n)""?" untj". ..;" it you have sold
thorn.    Me be."--: all fbe  e:;npnso   a:vl
Oaiip.rliiin X.es,t"!, Ainerlenn Itefinerici.
Lyinii on tho C. P. R. wharves, says
tlie Vancouver Ledger, a waiting ship-
;ne4it'to Montreal, ia a let of 500 ton--
'oi pig lead; which has 'been recently
"brought from the rciluery :n California  by    the   San   Francisco  steame;.''.
There might be   nothing Remarkable ,KJP Qnly V7a;cipr {ju3 libsra! offer  a.- a
about tbe shipment v/ere it not for Ui'-I ijic-lhoii   vi   ".idce-.'tibir'-;-    Dr.  /irnoi.!
fact that the i-:nne lead was? not   )"--.hy j ^nv'i^Ii   T>>::io   1*1113.    -Ousi'e    d.'la.. . i
months ago barried   fo   {Jabfornia   r.V I write  at   o::cc   and   cum a   beantru-!
.   jpr-'-ut fervour ,elf fd»r UhriPlmn.-. TCn^TTi]
tho same   stsomerd.    Then   rt »v.io   :n l , „    „ £i^-s -•- a.^j
j .'- 'hl!i«,-- AftXOtD 3rB03CI>:"5'VCO.,
the   partially   prepared   condition   m!r>CrriJ(.  :.o Adclnirtu St. Enst, Toronto, om
■Urinmii Coj.l'miua.
*:ii->.jh-c hotel.
The'■beet of  accommodations
for thG iravcling"'public.
£7,    O <.    /.y..OJ.*i.£VUOw,     Aiigi ,   t
; p
i    Kr,
i    f,l
j.^             *Tho first ^00,000 of thoio shares li.tvc nlrcath' boon subscribed, and sbares are now  scUioi*; al 15   cent (Ch
j|>! on calls of 2^ cents per month, according to the'term-, of th-i prospectus, and Iho-ilh' 100,000 are tcjbo  sold ^
^ at 20 cents, the fiih at 25 cents on the eamc terms. „                                                         ' /|
-cx'                                                                                                                           ...                                     .             ■ <•■*
hQjl, \liiu
Par Value $1, Each.
Three quarters of-tho  Capital Slock in the treasury "^IOjOOO in cash and all  demands  paid ' to  date-
a.>j  - • - ".-."•
Bj '  .  .   ,
For further iniormation appl-y to tho
o ■
OSicial Brokers pf the Asimola, ..Smelter Limited.
foi: fine tailoring go  to
'-4 i
PONTON & MURRAY, Toronto, Ont
'A. Vrr MOORE & 0O.;'Yictoi'ia,  15.  C.
C. 8. DOUGLAS & CO. Vancouver, " -
W. N. ^TcOAKNON, Morrisburgh,Ont
H. E. CAMERON,  Winnipeg, Man.
Movie," B.O'.
fi   I   PflPT?   .      | Head Oince 'of tbe Company Eoom <liA" K-W-0 Block, Nelson, B. 6, ■
~"'    ;0.0!s AEJDRESS, •'   ASKH0LA." HELS0N.B. C. Code:Koreing & Neal. P.   0. BOX 714-   TEL. 2J0. 70.
Fine   -*?uiting.v,    Overcoming
Trousers,   imported    Goods.
^ r^^g^SSS^SSS^
S2SS^^^^S^^Sg3SS^^32S ^a"5fc^2£2a2^a:(i
which il was sent  from   the   smelters.   -~
The lead is from ores mined in the in- j FflKp    flnlinTrf!]]     Uflf   CnWRfrn
leriorof   British   Columbia   and   put I liill    OMWUi!    llUl   SPljIl'y
through the same smelting   process   at J
one or other of   tha   snir-lters   in  the!
ICootenavs. ■ i  ,
Because there is no lead refinery y'n j .&..£••>jl.>j*J vA' .lj£xh»lhi
Canada ,tliis pnrtlv rcfmecl lead l;aa to ;
be sent by'rail and boat to r?.m Fran- !
cisco and tliim relumed here to '.;"• ;
sent east to Montreal and other poinic j
where it ie rcvt.ired in varinr.d  mar- a- j
t I
3.. O CHAS.  Pr CAMPBELL,. W f V%? f ¥Ji
"  '      '    TT v\ ri o 'pc. o Ir at., : <^-v^&. ^=>>   ^»4.   A/tes
Embalnier. ,
■a        ^ a 8 T
fe      ,*>.■;
The fvlost Complete
Hcolth    Resort  on'J
'•rj "**;**! .'< ^py/   tt^? ;- "STTVf^"*.
"„-i '" t'O	
■"**     4iX   _ . * t v
Ibac-ciac.s;   Lxn^^s asd  o'k;:eka) f Or-anbrook
LQgbl   si&uS)   s us im   QilU
g*4\ ■ a d ' ? b
! Coffins, Caskets, Shroud* of all size;-:
i and styles constantly kept in Block.
| Office oyer Imperial Bank of Can- ;
' ,ida. Telegraph and mail orders re- ;
: c.oive prompt attention. Open night _
aad da v.    Phone 43. ;
•k r< ' duality not/exoellod in the country.   Try jit ana
be eoiivineed.
y,FA,SOX, I?, c
.I11       >"!"«■." 1
oaam    ~».4^;t^u^f^.z.
.Vver ,■ :d   'd niTidi .Viimonti.
Drenl   all    Kidney E&ST  M&iTft^Y^i
| i,.'Af-ij>iC'JK, Bi C.
jioarchng and DatT Sclia.'il   conduct- •     They  n.re  n   JlM'vorfniling    TvCTnedy j ,     ,,    .Vr.rj
ed bv the Sisters of yt. Jo.*l-;1i, Fol-ion i - ,r ^i'.-.!,,,,,.,,,!^ 'T'orbie-"-1 '  ' '■'" ""''f'^-y'y'"-.^     '.'if '; 'ir^TX\]
13.   C.      Commercial     and    bu^iue:-;-1 ,*,..-, ! i ' x-   .
courses a  specialiy.   ^zcellcaco   null      : KiLw:-'—-,)lj to-rJb per wocl.'j   ac-
swift  progretB   characl.eai^e   each   de- '• cordim; tr, jecidon'-;("; in Jlotei or \'i!'a .
porlment.    Parents  should   write   for; • i O'/fjCi; fi OC ICMtt
pnrticulars.    Oii4.- month   a.?si
public  of   (he   tlioroueiineriK   of
c* .* - -7r-.T^.rf^
^x.- _t >si.- — ^-.n- : .
' (im,
^-«1^ -T^*».- ^1^_ ■ -.. -
r-.r-'hoiio   - f. if aciiing.    I
.- ':>ii ()•"."     \flr,'>   iii- I
-1" '   l-i-ii   ■.! di:i ir;   vi*:n.
1   •    I
, ! t-
v.r.'  *'. U w
C>3.i^ :^ot3l is Now &n(l well .furnished. The f
Tables are Bup^Iiaci with the Best tlie $
i&arisat aiT&rdfj. :DAa Bar is Tilled with g
lqii.ors and Cigars, g
*sy    \b-<f   f-W
f ■• i'
*^   r
i.   :
? > -'i-i<- i .lonvmoisa 'vitli the (J. I'. J-l.
i^    »;iiv'ii
-   , - ^iciTiHn.'coi.u.-.ruxA   $;
-;*,. -0,'y--. -_.<-:-s:.i."t iJjCv^-'-i'.i^ i'-4J-&c;4:-'-4..:£4iv..aX<;C.C?6(.<:G-C',-45'---'
ry £
\^ -At   h   'A  \l-v   V/<
'>..r.   t; i Ai\ \
/nt-ir    ?z.tr-*i'~r*  '■*j:.ii.'-fvi.*<f"','jir
'**    •■. ■'^vJ-«,Vi'|-l*r»i"r>«1}»'^  •
w**Bvra2i*i+*jc»ttoaL*, mist
il. >. J 'J
5-j-s   -»J.i»
11. -'• '..',n...p
■. - ■ i- <-■( ;■ '.'
in ' 'i
Ml .'1
i.'-',   -,
< -.* or; -,r  -v.-r.    7
i    lf   ion- -. -1     '■*, ,' ,"-,
-.'.  rc-'ci |4;-,'l! ,-'-.   '<.-
■*(„       '*
- r 4 .r
-,_.,.    V^..^.K.» --4-     -     ---
'   r"! '! ('
:' J;"> p. n'
ft   ?tU"m%&
C.ai.' k ifr). r>« - s;-.
*^ uoj^lsai j: A.*4iJ r'i:;A'7,
^. .,   4   4.   ' .     .   .^
j •   i :.v   ii. ,'>
A.--:.i- ( i. •   :y     '" 'i-'y   ■'.-''->
.',;.'.,i- 'io."""iu>   it;i   day
.\rrivo Montreal ish. dxy   ti :^0 p. m. j
Arii'.e Ke',v Voik ->th day '<lt~> a. m. i
Llo-*e   connection for  al: |
Eiit-tei:i poiu(a. '
'.- u *s
5* R       C -rj .-i 5 ' 3   <^> Pi
. „ I j- i. ij-
t.'i-. 4^ ii.L".
i. O -^£"1- ---^^:-^.^
 , o.
I'j.i'. vsi;1) '! o -i:k
■ -■"^fc.Arj ■ct—   *^-.^^- -jc—*^-j-
^nd    Orders
Taken on
11 < J V" G -'.
* _-.      /^ "*p „   ^,        •       . _*J      .. J-..
£'X!a.8 ^"'" L-i-'iO
! _
] " i:iin.";-i  i'.-.if ijijri.i; .Min. j.;1  ( Inin, y;ii.ii'   w >
i iho Port l-n (_''." rrii'i■"■>«("i",.'4.lij'i  <i! "/Vy   i.'y I c-
I nay DiM ';r-^.
i     Vi *'i ii 1.x i>;< . •    f'n    ..' i "    .    i, .
I       rresh   and Cured M.m,,  bresb       | ° "'        i nfifleei
!       Vi-b.Ca,.-'   aui   roultiv.     wTc       , Q&Z"S   .^E&".
Ll   4!-t^i.—
""      "',     I
, yoply   only   Mm   Lyyt.
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P j?; E^ r?21 |K*
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i nnd rinlimif'V for Toronto and   all
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: "Only'Way" can lie   iuyl   on  applica- l,';>"i,."'jnsinitiling uiui'S'iumbist/r
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roi; Ka.'"!'   Kootkkav
n^i.y'fiMH. As't..
'■^'l. G'l   . Vt'.y; " ,'.i;t
VunciiUV-j'". '
' In McGregor Building.'
Open Wendnesdays
and Saturdays
W: it. Stone, Prop.


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