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The Moyie Leader Jan 28, 1910

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 L .*'*%,'•■.„„
< "i>.'vVKS
*'»"f  tuv vjs
. *m-   i**'
V- -1..'-', -,-'«i'
•--^ '.■£<■•, .4
' ,ii*'slv'1 —
>;ft<VOL.i2 NO, 43.
■ J -' • ■tir-'w
Do your eyes bother you?
t. Consult'W.  H, Wilson,
' of    Cranbrook   and  get
f /
f      '       satisfaction.
3. '
''■.- ^•I','^;iWe have again been awarded Uie.
"..'f^-tS^ice/Crcam for the season of 1910.
-'' '^t'^pangements so that we can handle this cream  at
i-'^f^W^Mi last year.    Always in tlie lead.    Wc will hi
" ^r;?tr^eiie in next week of Hazelwood Creamery Butter.
.&$&&-. ■   ■ E. G#; qwynne. '
contract to handle Hazelwood
Wc  have  also 'made  ar-
less   money
ave. a  ship
's -.hjyfjt-
• -v, .''St;f'
',"*i,f**i w*"-
ST'K -a
;'"--Mt^ "
r \ i
<■• '      , t Q -
t f a.
in Uie'grocery business. ' 'We sell' quality
goods, the kind that'ean 'he depended on, at
.reasonable .price-. WelgTurrsnl^you satis:
faction.'   Try'us
,,   Get  the habit.       Go to '
We can offer 'you some excellent, investments in land for
small monihlypaytn«iU o£ S5.00 Land, is the U-.f in-
xestiuent/ todav,' it is sure to" increase in value and is per-
Invest vo'ur  savings with   us'.     Write  us   for'
Associated Boards;
: Cranbroolt, B. O.
Men's Shirts; and Gloves
axe  the' lines' I find,I have too 'many,*;;'
of; at'this'season.    Will make substantial' reductions to reduce' stock. ,   '
•-^.'rfj-rfz-'rfi.*^ sizj£t-sl£jite.x*t.=to.ite3&
• „ tv**vltsf,-.f«i.' jJ
-, ^tiv- ri" Pi
-_ , 'w,-*-J$k*' a
"'i,'r "u^/f'-'jJ
J   ^,'-t^.'-s^^iL s
-'a-'K:? t ,*. t~
~\rri&*t:*rX   3
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accommodations
for ' the Traveling  Public.
\"?*£~..i.f} A.I *. -T?
Large aud CorWodious Simple Rooms.
Billiard Rooms.
. .v
McTAVISH & CAMERON  Proprietors.
zBS-jjs-x^-Tor /js-^-z^-tcs" "^ A-A" ^"z^ z^ka-A-a-"^ -^ ^-«5»-*!S-«5» ^-*^^v*-"
'*<=? £
The business of the twelfth annual convention o£ the Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia, held ia Nelson, was
brought to< a close Wednesday
afternoon, and the visitors.were
entertained at a' banquet at the
Hume'hotel in the evening by the
members of the Nelson .board, lb
was a well attended session, and
a vast volume ot good work was
disposed of iu a„very business like
manner in the one • day. The
Moyie board wa3 represented by
J. P. Farrell and F.5--!. Smyth.'
F.,A. Starkay, of Nelson, > is tho
newly elected 'president of the
association.^ "H.- "Oeigerich, of
Kaslo is'vics'pi-e-jidont, and A J5.
.Mackenzie,'of,Kaslo was re-elect-'
ed secretary treasurer. The con-'
vention next year.'will be .held at
Creston.\\ Pernio, was tho only
competitor, and lost bub by two
A resolution favoring government ownership of telephones was
paesed. Another asking for the
completion of the'unfinished links
of the,trunk road_ through South
east. .Kootenay, " between Crows
Nest' and Kootenay Landing.
Completion of the,wagon road between'Nelson and Robson,' with a
bridge over the Kootenay river.
Completion of the wagon road between Trail and CastleKar. ( The
couuectingof roads in "the' Ymir
district with roads running iuto"
■Rossland and'Nelson., pomplebion
af the ro'ad from Nelson to B.il-
t'our and ,Ka"lo .Completion of
the road from Slocan, Junction,, to
Slocan city.
*'The-, Trail board presented >a
resolution * asking, for ,-"a tariff
bridge across the Columbia river
at llock Island! The Kaslo -board1
urged for the'resumption' of 'r-ail-
.way .traflic "cverv'tha Kt,s1o....,iS:_
Slocan road, 6ven if the government had to grant some consideration. The dredging of places
iu both the Kootenay and Arrow
Iake3 was asked for. The postal
department was requested to
place postal clerks on the Arrow
lake boats so that the small towns
along'the shores may be served.
Tho government was "asked to
establish several experimental
farms in tho Kooteuays. Also
that Poraiuion government pur-
ehass its gold and silver for coin-
ago purposes from the Trail refinery, thus preventiug the exportation of same to the . United
States.-. A'duty of $2 'a 1,000 on
rough lumber entering Canada
was asked for.
The population
'about 7,330,000.
'    -   -     »£«*?%
prices   to
Do  not  fail  to  see our new styles of Stetson hats.
Ask us to show you the three most popular styles for
this   spring* - in-   the Dcardon,    the Aviator and the
'Pascoe.    Popular shades in each style.
Just a few more suits to sell   at   reduced
.make room for the sprint*-; goods.
Do not forget wc carry    ,
Stanfield's Underwear,
Geo. A.v Slater Shoes,
20 Century Clothing'.
The population of British ■ Columbia is 300,000.
. i i
The mayor   of   Lethbridgo   receives a salary of $1,800 a year,
Neil   G.ething is  spending the
winter at Stewafb lake.
The   nearest   railroad    to   the
Peace ltiver is 300 miles distant.
Kootenay, -Tarn, made at'Nelson,
is being used alfover the C. P.  R.
system. ,' '"   '
A metal dog license tag was recently found in a can of beef from
Chicago.'      "     ' , *' t
• The government will carry rthe
mail twice .a month to Fort
George.      ,    j ;_ ■t-
England 'sends' many of her  orphan  'and
deserted children  to
Ezra Kendall)"the actor, died of
apoplexy Monday in a1 sanitarium
at -Marlinsville, Ind.
Sam ilightbn has disposed of
his cigar store iu Cranbrook to
Lester CIappv , , /
Messrs. F. Bast'aud J.'J/'Ather-
ton of Creston, will soon start a
moving picture show in,that city.
' .»* -,' -t  '- > ' i,
,' Last year sevenby-uve .millions
of dollars-'worth'of coffee   was
consumed'in'the<,JJuited States.
A Musical Treat.
The concert given by Mr. II. G-
C. Salmon aud his pupils iu Crau-
brdok last week was a success in
every way- "*<>' hat was offered by
Mr. Salmon's pupils was all good
and worth listening to.
Senior Team to Nelson.
Arrangements are completed
for the sending of a senior hockey
team to the Rossland carnival
which takes place February
Sfch to 12th.
-  V?sr%
V    a.      '
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Capital  Authorized $10,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up  - 5,000,000.00
Reserve   Fund  5.000.-000.00
Cranbroolc. Arrowhrad, Golden. Kamloops, Michel,   New   Micho
Fernie, Nelson, Revelstoke. Victoria, and Vancouver.
Drafts and Money Orders sold  avaible in any
part of the World
Savings Bank Department. |
Interest allowed on deposits from  date of deposit. g]
*!-MOYIE BRANCH.      J. F. M.   PINKHAM, Manager-   a
Kingsgate   Claims Bonded.
Threo promising looking mineral claims situated about two
miles north of Kingsgate, aud
owned by -lames McNeil, J. L.
Gibbons aud Cus Kallman, of
Moyie, wore this week bonded to
13. C. Henry and John Sullivan.
We understand tho bond is for
$25,000, and is to run a cousider-
longbhof time.
John Boyd Married.
peuded"over a. milliou, dollars last
year, _> -
The first RaauAllconvention of
the Provincial , Local Option
League will be held at Victoria,
Feb. 10 th.        _
The Royal Oeographieal sooiety-
of London decided to award a
special gold medal to Commander
R. E   Peary.
James Roberts and Joseph McLaren returned Alonday from
Trail, they were attending the annual meeting of District^ No. 0
Western Federation of Miners.
Business of vital' importance to
labor conditions in this district
was brought up and acted upon,
aud the following 'resolutions,
framed up by tlie legislative committee, were, ordered to be sent
to every member of tho provincial
legislature, as follows: ' if ,•
, "That the Workmen's Compensation act be amended, to force
employers to pay'a lump sum iu
case of.permanent injury to: employes, tho time to be not less
than .$1,200." ''"   .    ,
"An amendment to the Metalliferous Mines Inspection -- act',
granting all employes an eight-
hour day who are working in glory
hol.es, quarries or any opening in
ia which ore rock or where ^min-
eral is being, extracted', in 'carrsr-
ing on mining - operations; also
that, a day's work ,be reckoned
from the time a .workman enters
the'mine until his return to the
entrance."      ,' ' • ,
.. "A thorough inspection' of all
camps in connection with mining
smelting, lumbering,,. railroad
construction aud other industries,
'with a view to'secure better sanitary conditions and pure water
for domestic purposes."
"A fortnightly "payday for all
wage workers in' the province."
"Eight hours for, all persons, employed iu stamp mills, 'concentra-
torf and rock crushers."*
The officers for the coming 'year
For tnew. ,schools, and   equip- are as follows:   President,  George
merit the province of Alberta, ex- Reatherton of Greenwood. No.' 22;
When its new boat is finished
the C. C. Express Co. will take'
passenger from Ashcrofb to Fort
George   in less    than  four days.
Jd 18 months there will be direct railway commuuicatiou between Buenos Ay res and „Asuu-
cion, the capital of Paraguay.
The publiciby committee of tho
Nelson board of trade has planned
to spend SI,525 on advertising in
Canadian and British newspapers.
Iu Fort George the, Coinus club
gave a dinner New Year's Eve, at
which dried salmon, canned lobster 'and other dainties were
John Wanauiaker earned his
first mouey in a book store in
Phialdelphia, where he worked
for $1,20 a week*. lie walked four
miles to aud from work each day.
The certificate of award given
the Washington State college of
Pullman at the Alaska-Yukon-
Pacific exposition for the best gen-
oral educational exhibit has just
been received at President Bryan's
Thomas A Edison in an article
in a current magazine, declares
that the prospect of the laboring
man is particularly bright. He
says that in two hundred years,
by the cheapening of commodities,
the ordinary laborer will live as
a man does now with a $£00,000
annual income.
At the manse ou Monday, January 1Kb, John A. Boyd and
Mildred, Smith, both of Moyie,
were, uuifcod in marriage by Rev.
C, 0. Main.—Cranbrook  Herald.
Commencing next week the pictures' at the Russell will be
changed oach Monday and Thursday.
vice president, Charles'Baoting of
Nelson,"'No. 00; second'vice .'president, James ' l-toherts''of 'Moyie,
No. 71; secretary-treasurer, A.
Shilland of S.\udon, No. S. '
The   next   annual    convention
will be'held iu Nelson.
The marriage of Michael J. Bonner and Miss Isabella Whitehead
took place at the Catholic -church
in Moyie last Tuesday morning
at 7 o'clock, Rev. Father Beck
being the officiating priesb. John
Cannon was groomsman and Mrs.
3IcTavish was bridesmaid. A
wedding breakfast was afterwards served at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Whitehead, the
parents of the bride: The couple
left on the westbouud flyer for
Spokane. Mr. aud Mrs. Bonner
are amongst' Moyie's most popular young people. Mr. Bonner
is associated, with B, E. Taj lor
in the International hotel, and
his bride has spent the" greater
part of her lifo iu the town.
The Leader extends congratulations.	
Concert on Feb. 4th.
A concert will be given next
Friday night, February 1th, by
tho Moyie Hockey club. A good
programme has been arranged.
It will probably be priutod iu
next week's issue of the Leader.
At the show there will bo all
the latest gags aud songs E. O.
Kamui will bo interlocutor. One
of the features will be a sketch by
tho Henroost Club No. 91029 of
Moyio. There will be a dance
afterwards.     Tickets   will   be   75
Miss   Lindell   Married.
To hand another
Alberta flours.
car   of   Raymond,
Our prices are
?*" -'°-
, Tu Manitoba flours vve sell   Five   Roses',' the'
that leads all others. ' ,'
1   < Our prices arc
fa     '
'fa '
fa '
■■ fa';
' fa :■
guarantee every .sack.,     »    '-        ,  '   ■ ' ,, ■      >fa\
',   We extend to our 30 day customers tlie same prices 'fa
as to a,cash customer.       , ' » ' ■ '-/KV
" For right, prices* best quality  aiid  just  treatment,   fly-''
■buy from '    -, '    '"        " "-'    '"     \ "" :l$?
/ MacEachern &<: Macdonald? $*•
w       •■  » '.   " ".'-'*' "- - - ' '•■J 'fa1;
2 00.
"We have carried both these' flours for 'years, 'and
i .'
Once Lived   Here.
In the Bonnie Briar Bush (that
played along the Crow last week
were.three former ,a\Ioyie people.
They were Mrs., Joseph Lindsay
and hor two daughters, Clara-and
Gertrude Lindsay. Mrs; Lindsay
took'the part of Margaret lib we,
while Clara took that of Geordie
aud Gertrude, Jeanie. '. Mrs. Lindsay had some little local .experience, and oue time .with ' some
other local people put on the one
act drama, -"Pumpkin ■ Ridge."
In the', Bonnie Bri.\r Bush it is
said all took their-parts 'cleverly.
One In a  Million.
Had a Good Time.
■' Tfc was married'' men's^ night   at" ^
the  revival    meeting.   ' "Let,   all
'your husbands who havo troubles'
in your niinds stand up!"  shouted L
the' emotional preacher   at    the „
heighb-'"of   his'spasm.     Instantly.*
every man in the church -rose 'to
his feet excepb'one.   " , >
"Ahl" exclaimed the. preacher,
peeriug^oub/ab   this  lone" sitter,
wjio, occupied' a - ch\ir  near ' tho
door and apart  from   the  other?,   ;
"You are one in a million."    ' •*'' '
"Tb'ain't th'vt,"'pipecl  back  throne, helplessly as the  rest of  the
congregation turued_to ^gaze.sus-
piciouly at him.     '\I can't get up;
I'm paralyzed!"'        , - <
' To say that they , had a .jolly
good time is only'mildly stating
what an enjoyable evening the
Epworth League had Wednesday
evening. Twenty sevoti passengers, making two sloigh loads,
left town by the light of ' the
moon aud with singing ' and talking they had heaps of fuu. All
enjoyed the visit they made to
Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn's hospitable home. Hob coffee and cake
aud the after dinner speeches
were enjoyed by all, and even
no one objected to having a
light takeu. The league is
ing good evenings every
during this season.
Wit and Humor.
Up iii Santa Paula a Miss Par-'
rob has just married. ner stepfather's name is Bird and her
sister-in-law ' is named Peacock,
while her father-in-law is a prominent member of the local Eagle
Lodge. That girl's nest ought to
be pretty well feathered.
A New Steamer.
The C. P. R. will build a new
steamer for service'ou the Arrow
lakes. Her hull will be steel
throughout and li9r engines of che
tindem compound typ3, effecting
a great saving in fuel consump-"
tion and possessing other advantages over the high pressure type
of engine in the Kuskanook aud
sister boats.
. The hew steamer will cost sDrue-
where in • the neighborhood of
$120,000 and is expected to be
ready for the 1911 summer travel
on the Arrow lakes.
Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of tlie*
Moyio Water Company will be
held on Saturday, February 22nd.
Harper's Magazine is the oldest
magazine published in the U'uitod
States, being sixty years old.
FOR SALE:—M»u tie folding
bed and mattress. Pi ice Spl"2.
Apply at this ofice.
II. F. Mathews, assistant general superintendent of-the C. P. R.
dining car service, Winnipeg,
visited the faotoi y Of tho Koote-
teuay Jam company at Nelson a
few days ago, nnd iu the course
of his visit informed the company
that tho "Kootenay Brandt"* pror
ducts are highly spoken, oft from,
one oud of the system, to. tho
Miss Ida Lindell, formerly a
ludy barber in Moyie, was married'recently in Omaha, Nebraska,.
to Chas. Thorpe, a wealthy resident of that city.
Eock># Same Tonight.
Tbei-e will be a hockey game at
the rink tonight between the
town aud the mill teams. The
game is called for 7 o'clock sharp.
Special for Saturday Only.
This advertisement is worth
$5.00 $5
if you need a suit.
n to
Cut out this advertisement, bring"
our store and we will  allow   it. on-
suit of ti.e Reliance Brand you sdect.
Good for Saturday, the 29th only
Daylight  Store,
.-«,- -» —*^~-r77-*v's**=in! ■«
igwuf. -*,.,■■ "-wn».
§@8S9fiSW ;-ri  ,.   'ft.  *:  &-.;  p,.  .0?  *w-iri  '*-. <i '���''  I y - , ' > ii'  * r - v  .. L    ��  '," 'i  i,s,M,   t   'ffM  ,  '�� ",���   s"*l&%   '  ...    ��!��--  W>A  sf^ V----   w  h  |.-. j. SMY-TH. -r-..BLis��iU-  ,Plbl1,i,ed.,.,thet'nt8��S,i of .he people ]     Kve.y  member  -Of  'tho  'family  U -l,llJ"U ��� his cmib9 in  for   -its   tribute < of  of Moyie ..n.l'Bu^t-Kotftenay. '���    J       .^ .^ ^^ ftnd sbol.^ but  thu <  " I1, virtu* of father have  been   mo:%  ���      il or less 'imhoiieretl  'and   unsung.  ,���!  Kve,.yciue/'r<5meinbei*s   how sweet  'Lister was in the d.iys of long ag ..  what dreams were those pio3-th.it ^  '| mother   nsjd   to    make,'  but  'of,  \ father history does  not   even   do ^  j voto a lino in the index.  ���Whowas'it tnat biughb you  vonr first pair of bjots? Father.  \Vlio whs it that p itte 1 you' on  the .shoulder when you whipped  LheJoue- boy and' time homo  with-the "red badge of c-jurago"  .,03,,'your cheek?    Kither."   Woo  'TteTeixkrfod Farmer  ��� '       , T_i ��.,���,��. who put *recn  "\  ���\)V   ���*UBkt--��ll,fl<>!>  (One Tear  ���$z.do  KIM DAY, JAN., -^8,-1010.  '.Money'ife-tight: '';ill'ought  ,lo sober"up. ." h  It was one ol these ��!��*�������*"�� ��-���*;�� "%Pfc theory  spectacles on l��s cow ftnd fed her shrr ���* os blie  was that it didn't "VattcrJ^'.^0���C<^d ioorisl.rnent had  was fed.    The questions of digestion ono "no  not entered into, his ca}<=-',��J��-J."*- '     lhat would try *��ch  It's   only a "tenderfoot'   [��rmcT  thf t^er fceds tain experiment with a cow.    Hu   niany �� �� sh  To strenituet,^ '^^ZTa^l^ceupthe nerves.       ,  ��� rf-��ns of digestion and nutrition *'' Iti*s an tin-  %?Or. ^V^7*�� ^c^d^roTplUiciana ��*  ifailir.4 Vemeay.  and has the co��� ���s use.  well os-the praise ot thousands neaieo    r med5.  ''=.T-'^*~"r-,^.?^~iS~E"  stomach, liver and -blood    -)u��t as sow  -r^r*     -  LOiO.  F.  '^TuSS'evenlngs ��" ^^  hall  on .Victoria street.   Sojoun.ii j,  Odd Fellows cordially inviieu.  Fm:nEoK. '      F. J- S-���  "Noble Grand. e>v~r.y  K. of P-  MeetB every Thursday  evening    in   McOrefeor  ball ��L 8 t'clock.   Via-,  ii ing brothers invited.  1>. J. McAlpikk,        ' ,   E. A. Dii*  Chancellor Com-   ' ���  K. H   *���     ' "  ���ipDii your  cue��K.-     a..^U.a...-     ; v  ��v.ia it who wired you thit money  #��� ,  i  i._ .... i��h   ;...  A'Days Wo'k.  CHINOOKERS.  "Well, ho-��v Aocs  spring  hi  itlie luicltlVe'of "'Winter suit you?.  Roosevelt is expected ,.hoine  '   Hii'c.    ,'��. R.   -wHiKlgct  ibig recqption.  ired you th it money  ^ ,. ^^^  ffhen you were down- to your last, ��� ���^�����*^^��^.)     ���  cent?   JFntlior. , '   , ' "'' ��  '   Still father has a hard   row   to    c , ;  f _      ,    /  Uoe.'lc UdilTiculb for   fithor  ti       TliH is a pood-time tirM_now  contend with  mother's  love   ami' to fl.ame up ^me new remiu-^to  ��n  ., mother's,, ways.' , P.vtherJ. some  ni times becomes harsh and is quiet  ' j to   condemn. ,    Mother sticks  t >  .! tho iinish.    Fithe'r, has  'quite   a'  hard time of it when .he  reports  use  in -Wing, tk��   umpire, next  ���srtmmPT. '    ��� ,   '  You'd naturally think that a  manlem-iic would be ��:��nan. but  foi, some reason they never ate.  Evei^iogerpruh^^ever;^  ���-SI    "What    ,conuituo3     ft.     fayJ'  11 work?"'   W��*.fl*��relt%Vnr   oe-  depends altogether on   yo��   o  cupation.alEyoulayh^,,oR��  "rhourslify'ouarea  portor  m  a'sieeping, car; twenty hours   and  iE   you.are-a.newsp-vpor   man,  twenty-four, hours'.-,    .  Selkirk a.odB��. No�� B3'  A.F.   Jfc   A.M.  Regular    meetinga  on the first Wed-  ��� ncsday-     of   each  mouth.      a  Visiting; bretbern ^elccrce. ..   ,  jr. Chapman? AV. M.   ,,   .  N..W. Burdott, Secretary  OLIVER TYPEWRITER  ��� *  For Sale  Tor $125.00  T 0'  , Easy Payments.  F. J. SMVTH.  moyie; b. c.  '   ���'���."^^!  <4 r Jf-J-���,       ?*  -v    1*1   *'"   a  ' ;'?>!-.-r"  f"ft'.'J:i''~  '.i *}*!- .'J  '    -,V5.5  y  "' r�� ')  '���;?{"  .;- f >v  '*'���  :.',,'-i*S-/V-;  ' '        '. eU ��� ,'Xt  ���   '. i,'wv' .-.,r  r <SSZ^Z^J -"a-. ^ ^>  ������^������3^.*2s-*aw.^.>..>>. (y  ' ��� PnOXE. 73  ���\J{   r.,o. box soi  * East Kooiena* Botting Co  ,'ff    'joe  "Ma-rthi's', "ln.'ijoi-ity  in  to the poet3 and the story-tellers.     very llU|.��� ,...._.  A"'c:t   pailcras  was" nc.-irly 700. Uoill father* has''not received " -W��IS a COqnetti3h lady'of ohe  te-  ,&t. 1 ancias   ^ ^ Lues.    lie   is   deserving   of more; mxiepQl,sn!lsion.-       , _,  '  ' '.He-had;maiiy votes to spaie.:    ^ ^ ^ considerabiou. -Too      g ).inetiiinea it i9 thebutcher that  -, T* > ,    ,   '        ! often is he lookedupon as a   mere    ..  fUa n-;k-  '     "  'Spokane   has   105   hotels.-l  Some'Truth  in It.  Seems' a feig-inniiber. and' "'yeb  'it is-onl'y oii'eior every. 1,000  .of- the city's population.  oii>eii io "v. .^      ..  source of money���a machine that  provides.the coin. Now'thatit is  'proposed to get oiiVa book of good  things iiboutfather the world will  doubtless   make   recompense for  S)metimes iu ��a ���- -  R\ves lib the unkindest cut of all  .���Kitty   Stringer" hands us the  following    on    a    postal v cam.   vote tol. lv lull ---  "Wh'vt is  the best way to .serve   ,aW8.?_iFornie Ledger  alobstei?".    All' depend., _ Tvitty,     '     -<..-*^-. .  . What would you thing of a Ear-  mer buying a .W  to, Ruard   ^  henroost? ,  Yoii would call him a fool.   ;     ,  ,Then>hyshould.tbe poor man  vote for a millionaire to make his  Moyie Miners' Union  t   ",    No. 71  vy.F, of M.  >rcets in McGregor 1.-U.every Sal-i'r-,  d.,y eveninc Sojourning member.  are cordially invited to attend.   . .     .  John Boyd,  V    Jaw.f%EO,SS  "���',.' .     Secretary  *    President      - *3**  Cranbrook,   B: C.  .uaCw^ ��   ,-,   . ..doubtless   make   recompense for a h y  he>a   got  V       ", -"  '     '    the manysharsh things if has said on a .^^    say_serve  ���nM^uv-eiiir edition ol   the about him and the  many sins -o    OHfi      , &  meal  tickob  ,   _ Ihcsouveiur cttitioi ., haS,committedagainst hirn^JO ^^  Colemaii^ineris'vei-y  good. d-bbgBrver..    ,,,      . with oals o ,    ,  ^iterpri��i'��g.Coleman will' he  ���benefited by the' production  "Spokane may 'have an aviation, meet' similar "toi the" one  ,, held in Los Angeles: ' "How-  ���ever, Uie plans are .yet  some-1  " what "up in''tlie air.rt   . '  Lethbridge   is.Pivotal Point:  There is no question'about ,,it,  this sprini? will see the greatest  5,1 flux of farmersifrom all over the  Pacific Northwest to the Province  of Alberta," writes the-'Moyie  Lwhr'a special correspondent at  Spokane, ^ash., and ' the Leth-  I bridge dlitri-ct seems to "be the  Mavor Gaynor oEI^ew York|ma-m. cll'oice with  the  most   of  with only one number left.  "A contented woman-an> mermaid is alike in one respect-they  rtiri'tnoneof.'emesTistin'-"  Everybody is a high liver these  days.'     Can't be.anything else.  The dealer in comic valentines  is 'preparing to commit his annual  crime against art and civilization,  Too many cooks spoil,tlie digestion, be gentle i to' tho - one you  have.   ' -   <������     . " '  ��Yew. can't'   allu��   tell   by   the  r.._��� l,nm mnrdl his    legs  **'    A Great   Musician.  "I am a'grea'b musiciau."  ���' ''You are?"*     ,   '       '       ,t  ������Uh.'huh. ��� I wrote the 'Merry  Widow.','   ���-.*-      ,  >f  '.     ,  "Is that possible?", ^  "Yes",   I   wrote    her,   but   she  didn't answer."       ��� '   '        -'  ^"���"Txi    ' "V    v bridge distrtet   seems   to  be   tne      ^ ',    ���������   tell   by   the  :MavorGaynoroEl5ewYoikm��ia' choice with  the  most   of       ^. ca. ^ ]egg  ASNUA1.  eve* ?���    ��'v    "-     --      > -ithan   Winnipeg   in   boom- days,  (io"iin in 'the c-vewrarr.   -  He'isl People'here point   out the  fact,  => ��� <      . '       Xi���i-i.nn,ni,B  poal can   be   bought  lhc   most   domocrauc   "^3^,',^,. at 50  cents a ton and the raw material  is cheap and plentiful, Lethbridge  will become an important manufacturing city. Then again Lethbridge is the veritable centre of  as rich,a farming country as there  .New York has ever-had.  Down at -Washington, T>. C,  they aie getting ready to, bring  Uncle S.un to his census.  Is   the   man    who   chuck3   his  stove full of wood a wood chuck?  *" Yes, it  is   possible  to   make   a  bungle of -a bungalow.  Joe Martin says that  up  to  <date he has found  no   corrup-  b       e .g tUe venLaoio KOU^ u. Remedy  ^i*Bnti*.5.liUcs..Ifja.^arS,^^  this continues, we'll 3ust give   �� a y    ^^   ^   ^   C3nsidowbleU(9r  obstinate  coughs;   colds  and  ]oe a year in which -to   die,  of J ...1 J:������ ������?���..    o.,lv recentlv one   irritations oE the throat anddungs.  .a broken heart.1'  r    ���" *"'    n    n  .Eastern   Canada  EXGURSIONS  i,���W"tlo'nn<l Trip Kntcs'to  Ontario, auebec and  Maritime Provinces.  Tickets on Sale Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, inclusive, good to return witlm. three  months.    Tickets issued  in    connection  Sr^yT^cCarter, &  Macdonald.  Barristers; 'Solicitors.notaries, Etc  Cranbrook.   ' r   B' C'  w? iTouRb,  BAKB'isTKK^'BOUCIToh, KTO.  Clta-NBROOK.     " y?' ��  DR. F. B. MILES, o  X>E53ST*3?IST-      \  Cranbrook, ��� B, C.  George H Thompson,  *'��� Barrister'.'. Solicitor. ',  Notary Puiiuc, <.tc.'   ,      '  .CRANBROOK.      British Columbia  f '^" ��� ��� '*   ���  % ->:..���'.'.���  "-' :   ���"���,  �� ,'' Manufacturers��� bf�� all kinds of carbonated  V|>       . beverages.'  We spare no expense   to have  %. ���     our goods the lSesl'on Ihe market. '    ^  $, '       ' ���   Tnere are .others, But!!  -v., ��, , - '.   %'si-'-L;*,;  il/ ' " -i' ���..ty'.,��.'.!  vi. . rw> ei*:s  m  ?' ^^Jp  *   .���'��,����i.a  W ;.'^Misi4  '   JK '.. .J��^r^  ' .w t "^^'Ill-^P^  yj"' ^r's^^^ip^S  V,/;'      -     5  '���     Xnei'O   tti-o tvu"~~~.     ,          ���    - <^wtffejS^  "*' ^    ��   f                      '                               .                  .                           *"                                                             \M "' 'i-n,,,?-l'"-t���'"r,*^rSBa3l^��  �������.                                                    t~i                    it                     ���                     > ,t       .                                                                        lie ���       /i.*-a-��stH ^lt*1*^^ffiio''ff���  ^>r->^&^^^:^*^^^.^^-^*^*^"^-*!5:,c:^:^,:?'>''>,-',:,x 'ii^��;?^#��l>  ( >^^.>g"*C.>S:->g-gr-^.-*>.->,*.->*-'^;^' T,   ,    -   '���     ���    " *"''"mafcfe-^iwSBts  The Miners' Onion  Will do well at'the   beginning, erf  the . year to  ��� pass a resolution; as these three  people,    " - ���  rt'.i <l  W. B.aBEATTY  Embalraer and-Undertnlcer,  Phone 9. . CRANBROOK  ,'">t -*?|�����'*i!i"^^S  -,;^:'%,1affip^��  T.T.Mcyit.le.C.E..VL.S,       U.Y.rarkcr.C  McVITTIE &? PARKER  Provincial Land Sorvbviso  "The    rccipts  of   the   two  1 il trading point.   Only recently one  ot Spokane's well known   real  estate firms,  The  LonuquUt-S'iarp  Co:,associatid with Sharp   &   Ir-  j..^     _..-,L.- _      v-,ne Co., turned their attention to  Hirrv Lauder performances in   Lethbiidge, and are sailing lots in  .ii <i^ =;nn    Rosedale Addition t"i the city  of  .Spokane totaled' S3'3��U' ^Sbridge on ea?y term?. From  rirobnblv a record . for that Dhi3 aud many other indications  piotum)     * j itooews that American enterprise  city. And yet some .people: and capit(U ar8 raore and more  say that Scotch .' swgs and' turning ttielr attention to the  jokes <d�� not take.  ��� Here are some of the big-  -gest dividend payers in the  .ceuntry, and if you notice all  ,of them arc heavy advertisers:  Roval Bakiug Powder pays in  LUL    tui   *"- . -  rfold by, the Jloyie Drug and  Sta  tionery Oo.  sale from November 21   and lim.t��l   toi -   ..     -.- c..-,.chPil.  five months from date of issue. (  finest IJquip.ne.it, Standard 1-irst   Class  and Tourist Sleeping Cars  and   Dining  Cars on all Through   Trains.    Compart-  ~.       ���.:��..      r*f.T-c     on  itic  ai     A/mine"           :pre.ss  irritations oE the throat and^lungs. ^t^;,irarv.���0bservation Cars on ���  Tbatands unrivalled a�� a remedy. (,Inrperia, -Winitea- and Atlantic =  for all throat ^and  lung   diseases.  Kxpress ..   ���  .   .,  .        .1.. Mr,T-io   Tlr'iicr anil    Sta-    ���-a"'- - ,        .  Estimates Furnished.  OFFICES  Fort Steele P. O. Box 25.  Cranbrook P. O. Box 11.  POSTAL    PHOTOS.  curning muu attention to the  Canadian field ioi profitable investments.  Loeal Option Returns.  The    ljcal   option   returns   oC  Hritirfh Columbia completed ,tro as I  follows, as received  by  Rev.   Dr  I malce a specialty' of Postal Photo work. Prices, 4  for,50 cents, or $1.25 a^ozeu..  MISS FLORA DEAGON.  3-Through Express Trains Daily-3  ~T11B '-TORONTO EX1RESS"  leaves'Winnipeg daily at 22.40, making  connections at Toronto for all points  Kast and West. The "IMl-KRIAL  IJMITI-'D" leaves Winnipeg daily at  18.15, andthe "ATIvANTJCKXPRIiSS"  at 8 00 daily, making connections at  Montreal for all points I'aM thereof.  Apply "to rbhe nearest 0. P. R  ngent for  full particulars.  - - . - | Spencer.  dividends alone $1,600,000   a  nt'0. ef bAllot8 cast for candi  year.    Mrs.  Mcnucn  receives  ' an   annual   income    of   abous  $300,000    "from   the   sale   of    l.w >-. 'i\,1,.,-,n Pmur-lc-r "       cal option,  .Ml'Uiich s J alcniu lowtn-i.  The   .sales   of   "Ivory   Soap"  .amount to $9,600,000 a yerr.  "BiHy" White   Wins Saib  dates. 'I'^.S*"50  Xo. of votes i er-uired for local option law, 2:3,!7.)  N"o of votes obtained for lo-  22.0S.7  Win. Jewell  B dance rwjuired Tor Mty  per cent, condition  Spoiled local option ballots  clivi.med out of 12.'i7  IUllots claimed where deficient,  Billots claimed through��ir-  "vV. P. White was given a 8udg-       regularities,  fluent of'$1500, Monday 'against   L-  n;;'R-vtliff ih the superior court be-       ^ ^^^^.^g^ences^b-l?^^  -fore   Judge   Menry   lit.    Ivounan.   .tained tiie vote of 50 per cent aud I        ���  White's complaint alleged that heUop to 8par��;Alberni.;Chillgjck,  ���    .      .-,   ���  Dewdney,    Wrand    borks,  ia.abio,  .had been hired by   RatlilT   to   uo   Nrew  . ^est.mnster,     Richmond,  Ctossland, Saanich, Skeeua, Yrnir.  Express and General Delivery Business. Livery and  Feed Stable.  Nifty   Fall  ISUITINGS  Fl NIE NEW STOCK of  the  nattiest    in   Ml    Suitings  from    eastern   and  English  WOOD   AND    COAL1,���^^yr^.  " v 'They    arc   undoubtedly   lhc  handsomest   and   most  dis-  ltinctive    fabrics   that  have  yet been   offered and  those  Tor Sale  "Lcreve Orders at  Gwynne's Store.'  ���B,-ittoh:c^.^  ivork at the sailary of. $300 a  ���mouth and -that he hid received  moneofthe  $l."iO() due him.  Tho defense allege 1 that. 'the  ���work Mf. White had been hired  irido'-vvas for the Now Crystal  'Mining compuiy. 1'he court,  hDwevr-r., hold tluic, as tho plain-  Hi (1" had n-J   ri:a*oii   to   know   fo  OVER  66 YEA-RS"  "     *;XPERIENCE  The busiest arid mightiest Httle  thing that "eve'r was made is  Chamberlain's "Stomach and iLiver  TablotH. Tliey do the work when  ever y��u require their aid. Uhese  tahlets chango ; weakness into  strength, listlessness into -energy,  gloominess into rjoyorisnesP. Their  nvliom  the   work   W:is   dine,   but- RCtion ia so gentle ono don t   real-  . . .        .   . .::.\.     r>..t. ' ���      ...... l....... <..'..-(.ii   <i    in; r tr.i* i vc.  TRADE MWK��  DESIGNS  r.,r,i Ct��WRI<iHT3 &.G.  .tpy$3"Zlcc. WiH.ou��ab��n,e. ^.^^  icieiifilsc nmerfcaik;.  select' in a Suit for fall  ���should leave their order  early. A. Pit guaranteed, and  at a reasonable pTice.  Pressing and Cleaning  Done  Prices RigM.  UtFOOTE  VBUY   YOUR   '  Cigars  Tobaccos  Fruit and  Confetionery  FROM  A. B. Stewart  Thos. Summers  Cigars,   Tobacco.  Fruit  and  ' 'Confectionery.  TOYS,    NOTIONS   ETC  Soutn   Victoria   St.  ���TI1K���  Central Ui  X)15S AT3T.N inn    15KOS.    Top..  T,nrge sample room in connection  with house for commercial men. Beat  of accommodation.  '  Headquarters for   Com-  mercialand Mibi.ug.Men.  QQBENSAVK    ^J^lOYIE,B.0  SEND YOUK    WORK   TO  THE  KOOTENAY  STEAM  LAUNDRY,  NELSON  All White Labor.  have done, '"fiiat'before pending thoir money elsewhere  . they will  examine'and enquire'into the price oi  ROCKER S  'and  others lines  of furniture carried by the  CRANBROOK COOPERATIVE STORES.  Stock Taking Season  will be here February 1st, aud for the''next 30 day. ^  '       give  a very special price in all kinds of.Iuimtui  Here is a sample.  Bed, spring, mattress, dresser and stand  all for S-34.50., x  it'  '? *   "-;t-er  >:" '*^>lJ  ,*     .- ft. fry  "v *y*fei^'(  *.��� y^-^i  '<."---f4ig^  ,V   '."^-SsSi^v.'.  '   . - *"jii  "i'!��5--*-%  Moyie B  lAs mado by" tho present brewer is ad > ^  litest Heerin East Kootenay.   AV ith >��� , f(  ^iand the Poro8t.Spri.iB Water it is >    -  ^ Quality.    Insist on having Moym Htti.  |        BOTTLED AND DRAFT JiKKR  | MOYIE BREWINGJ1  �� MTJELLB-R & HESSE,   PBO?^.  mi*"**!*?0'  "������/  -u��  �� i  "���* I \s  \ 'Si Vu^l  p. F. JOHJVSTOX  '^  .M-xl.lriri'l.'  t'i>; '.:.:il:'- >  '.if, lU ! lltt.-l'  -.v:-S  '",!������ .it an* ''''in. -'-y/ol  .._ with    Il-it-  <[i  III -; 1 ' J > ��� i    f ��� Jl  .���s.ir'u'  H .'viuv.  , S ,)..; by 'i'lir  ' ui.'!i.oi-.V --:".  (������V   ll.-lVf .-.Hii'iU     ;i     pi"'  Sl'ivie   .Drug  r.it.ivc.  St.a-  '?!im.l", *^\it ya'r,"',;'^^ P��j.,.|-l.    HoU1 ''��  1 WTCQ 3SI Broadway, fjg^ YOfR      MOTI  "Merchant Tailor.  B. G  Leave work with the   local agent  !       A,B; STEWART,'  ������ '    ��� ���'"��� ���'���       ���'     d ^  This Hotel is New and welVFuvni3    gt ti  ThlT4les are Supplied wrth g%^Jh  Market affords. T^Bar is. * d 0lga  the Best Brands of Liquoi s �� |  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMBRCIAH    '  o 'i ' ' AND MININGMEN t!li.'i'is',c��  ���'  f^��9<M^��^��^��������*����^^,W>#ee^  './  '"'F  ���*"*' "f "WW®?*
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II 111.170 of w.ivp i.i'.d .-nil. CUnMl-'d u.lli a ln.rplo
li.ii' wnMlli.'d wliti mUI'l- o<.iik-li phiii'.-, and wi-m
villi   lln*  liiipudi-.it  Cui-.i   rv.111   -lip-up  .u the  -UK-;
IKMri-J   sUM.iilni;,   red   lip-   sniiliiiA   o\ 1 d.incc—
'Min.-c. I'lvin-U. .if.i-tk-, .uula.'ioti- Ai'i-*,. or the'..**
iii-arts' d(->iriT-°ut ll)<"r<> °" t*"" ■si'1'"••■il,•' confound
her: '     ' ; '^
Arid   wllb   lt«pi-li   null"-  ''•*  **"'-  c i;,;~--.;1>r"ascr-ii^r-i;
tlii>   club   window   '-IK"   ••J-'iiilticlicd"   tn-r   CM'"-   '"'d
wav<K.l  a  chivrfu!  rl-n*iilllon   with  lmr  lhiwi-r-1 ul«-n'
■' -fStIP|feiSfornud. in.. 1 have ^0.. Mllo. Alma- ^it^mht
^mt'S^tiiroU«h 0110 U oncnba.-l.'- n.add^t. ..norrk-l W».lc
,i»«i.m-s «ea.l..K a« »;si'r.»«,lo.. of M.cl. P.I... proprk-O
- :k>liywFiic«" -■>■•"' ,"»••, ,,,»:,k- ■»-w- -v*l,y ",l-110, tt0,u,y "
••"^Sp;t;^»;^v|11UU.le.^,   that   the1 ro>iiltaii(   o.vh'jlunitioi.   In   hor
,  '    .tr^^^'eWS^    ..        .   1...  1....-,  i,,,r,..t,Hl liv'11 di'lnlc  i<f  cold,
AS ^&t«t»wo.-<> Ki-mllke tu color ...id f.ro: wl.01. tlu-; d.mood and
V.^."*w3_ii^^K&jl!l<sIicd   .„„,   mm,kh-d.   and   land, and   inockod.   ai-d
^Fcnt -siu'-h inus-ai-'os bore mid jondor a- Uio poMal .m-
frtlio.UIe.s. aie' forbidden lto  handlo.     Aglou   «Uh   ft-r-
ISWy Wl ontlui^iaMii. <lii''M-oiniil t« U- po-w-^ed of
% Tt Wrv devil of mwfcWy, of hint, ol las^l'iido    .Stit- w^
,^'-^&ife^^^^^l,w-rt." Vlppn.it/ InipurtJiit ji'w'-n.- but   over  mid   alway-,
n-**ttafti....V\»;e.s0 she bad  not boon" A.In,oe^   She^
r^Srf»-rd..l..t>.-olse she had  not boon" AhmV     She an...M.I
.v  ^ '^mMmip^llimnnica,  l..toNl):.tod  her  p.il.lu-. >vt  ncM-r c.um-1
rC ''     'WSS » *«nM. to ru e. t a fro wul.ni/ n.«-o or to dr(.«,|..a l.tush
^l^i^ft ln« -me,  tl.ouj-1.   I l.c.ud 0.10 l,m|!li«« Miwli'^if'-'''
- S?$&%lirtlVM*l ..'.tit.il.. sodnolivo >-l.lo jdaiice f.o... Al.neoV t,.U<
r vC"   ^fc.<V.s«l  ojos  put   lu-i-  In  the  1 rl.iil.Ml  (kiss.  «h.U-   my
-   ^   ";-J^'li-,   ... , , ,„,..,„, m.ikl on<o -.1.1.—"Wlion MNs AimCt
0 1....-.1 .li.vi.ii! 111.1W o.xo -..I.I.—"Wlion Ml,s Ai.nOo
'   >*''<"^ wiiilnth.-   up  hor  ojos  ami, n.isl.e.. ,..!•  l"T  M.ouUk-r
--"Tjv^V-riion  he. kou.. lb.t-o.-«.».'>'>u «■.«..  H-I Hw  n.....-r
:'\.^hj>fn   }<TOt  bonos -Kelilir   soflor—.u.d,   hon.M,   -ou   ..In f
":;J'-Jf"M*%'< a-iioublln' ihiMi about .\ir i-'oldeu -llpp-.-'."
s"fe',,^V ' CIo:ing the Se«u»on.
Well,   t!.K <-haut,oAl>lo.  1'io.ikM.    Iiiipl-:"   '< hlv cliul.
v0111.111'   was   ihoh.fi   l.d   -pl'-ii<!i«"li    M..-..-^tul   -<•>
son    nnd.   l.k.'-   a"   tlio, ol bo.-   An.o.U-.. doling   ..rtlsts.
wlm    *i    soon    a,    thoy    bno   safvlv   coir-.lb-d    tlio
List   j-.o-slble   AiU'-r-io...'   dollar   pr.no   lliol.    1»* «•   b^
msl.Inir wllhlii the limn for the H'->t ->lo.imor thai  «<H
them home- to tbo |oj  of spondl.i^: .iftoi   « hi-h
luu.-iij   and onthiUla>.tif.  rojoi. o  to  i.i.iki
'^    ',^-;.^.-. rto Unit "dial- A moil. a. whoso piiblio Is Iho most villi-
•M"L$*flS>ii3Uc.il and appro* I;. I ho in tlu' wotld!"
* ^^jc^Vr      Yes,  t.ue  to pier odour. ,\Wv  would  s ul "»   M"n-
" d.n    aftoi"  dosing   ....   SmvumImj    i.^lil.        Moar.rln.o.
' jk'i haps hoiiiuso hor bank .u.o.ii.t uas .•...•-'...ot.tl..;:
so rapidly, or beuuisc she was already sullliii!,' th.
j»Jj of coining fu-edoin, sl.o was iil^hlly al i>'-'" "•«>-'
vh1nislo.il, n-.oiry, mutinous host and bad "tioily
caplh.it.d a tx-rlaln oi.m.l of ili.b 1110.1—n.oii of :\j;«-,
- «v'i ,v ■,
tj, * »*£•?*■ "W
;   "-'V^A'/-.'
. * :f'#^4
: '-^iFJ-'''"
. f' -'*. ^f*'* "' ^_'i i.my the.
''"I'"Jf?t"."i.l*;; t'"'.'' "'"'
liV iho.boiP- exchanscd:co..sratulnHo.i--   and lookort
foruMid   Miserly   to- the   1.1-,-b-jluks' .uppor   awnith'S
tho...   and tl,e.i.l«.M.w of .. closer aoo.n.l.itaiioe w.lh
thU-fa^luatluK. .•eckl.-s.sly  piy  'little Krou.-h wr,,,,:.!!
Tho   performance   ovor   these   Konilonioii   repaired
to   the   place   where   the   Al.nOe   lia.unu-t- was   to   ba
bold,    .-some vlslutl   to   11 ait  and  escort her. bat   her
ic-t-rcso.it.itlv..   would not,hoar of mii-Ii a  tblmr. Th.-y
w...-otto  awalL.hor ..t   ihe  supper  r.H.ni: ,-alic   woi.W
job.  tlKMi. as Mv.n  a-  she bad ohai.j--od  her comuu.o.
Ko it  bapponod  that   those  nils and pourmots. beaux,
...id I.iwveis.  tho.s,- .-!«!» moil  who were'called "lilgli-
f'ollors,,"'   gathered    with    ki.owluj; . looks    and    Mlly
unliclpaton    lamhter   al out §lher hi illlantly   llphtrd^
porfealv,%pVoad.   How or , laden    s«pper   table.    The
tit-rav of Mbie cob rs suj.-j.-o-.tod a -qnlto .titanic llilrsl:
.md since chairs other tban'lho<o al   table  were few.
the sitiilhiK busts  found  their proper  places at  table
and sat down to their, walllnii,   •  w    . \     _   *-.   '
Two there v. ore who llmuKht ,wltl.'satisMoUon of
certain propitiatory pift-. aUoady pmchafed and 111
their p.H.-kots for their unsuspicious ,\i Ivos. ilioJ-prio.;
Ibeieof itclin^ as bush iiwucy to their nuo.isy tiiailtal
'eo'nscloncos. and all wcio cbiilUont and timed up to
cfuioert pitch of expootatiou.
Thoy wore bununlnrr a bit'of .-li.iriis, when :.' sdlalit
cmimollon at the door bfou^l.t ihe'1,1 to thou focV,
'Ihe iiiaiiasii was b-iidliifc by Ll.e hand a plainly
clothed p. .-son and the hosts <.\elun;re<l sculled
Klauoc-i. while one ox< l.ilmrcl, "flre.it SloUI lias o'le.
brouribt a cbap'-ion nlonitV" . '   ,
.Next monie.it Ihoso at the head of tho pjrt-'oot.s
tnlil.. s(.„<l ii—tfj -well, who was the short. .we.il.U-
bourgeois-, woman, with the |i.ilh<l pvim face, the tliil.l
little mouth the blank eyes, diessed like :. mother of
» family on her way to iu.uki-1: \\ belo was Aluu'-o.
Ih.il bubble <ni the nine, ih-.i < hiiskliat'. ulaui in„'.
slii'iiKKinir audacity poisuiiln. d." l>-.sh boii.ij « hic--
i-.horc woro (Uvy? Was she u pi.utical JokerV ««-
(tiis a subslluito?
Ai.d   then   a   vofce   wid,   '\o.ir   ^.-sl,   ^entlomo...
.Mile." Made Aim«'
Aimcc Blossomed Chit the Perfect
Flower of Wickedness. , ,
howls; '-oh. my* aunt!" what a supper toilet that was of
Mile. Alnieo's*!  „Not a jewel—not oven at her ears- the
\-roat bbu-kM'earli that were her pride, since they had,
helped  to, furnish  tlu- Jewel case of' an  Knipre.ss!    A
walkiiirr d.oss of dull brown material, her hair n.it'aad
smooth, ftj-.intl.pie. dr-iwn Into that suit- tooth pattern
'<.n her brow and (eiui'le.-- and wai ranted to add a-sueiu-
I11A llfteen year's to ntiy womants real age. -     _^_
Her Brown Bonnet. *    ,
While on her head—oh. Alni.V. how could you?—n
brown bounce, thd s.p.arely and ilgidly under tbe
chin One man said later.—-.'Had those sjvi.ips been
knotted beneath one e-.r he would li.no hoped to tho
I.wt p.sp thai Uie butte.ily mli--ht appear—but that
s,,u..ie bow under ll.e chin'was, too much:" In one
dread inome.it all hands s.rw fading Into ...1st heaven
knows cw hat fantastic picture of a lauShlnp Utile,
woman ~liiBlnB. «l.u- sM- "' band «. of the darln,'
ross of a wineslipivd '»-'* plump as-il.ist some diz-
•/linj: white bii'islpl He. while with uiiikio Iv.ste the
j.nous ilildnlsllt siipp.r (mned beforo their \ery eyes
into i-iiiii'i.tl baked moats that coldly furnished forth
rheir   boanl.
Vnd vet—md \Qt. so haul does hope die in tho
human breast th.'l. pi im bit' at the array of coolers,
thei leealled that w me .w supposed to make Iho
s,,.'"e   fi.ihe and   the  serious  smile,  and   so.   pel haps—
'. 1.:'^ I,
:Ic:m...U-A«....V:" • J                  d ,,       ^luenod  Mslbly   at tho Ur,t |.o.i
:;;^.:^::^^^^ ----- < — *» ■- - - —
siukl.,1, ol  an rloi Uor. they  dropp.d int., their chaiM p.,lpa ■ •'.                                                         ^^ ^  ihe
u.i.l  will, :loom\   e,.s sludlul  ho,   in detail. Uiilh.l   to
"Oh.   mv   mini:'
eoeur as scoiued to them a ,,ery In-ult follow Ing
upon lnjurv Only ono llioi.Sbl. one feellt.S was ox-
p.-essod:--:WhyV What for?" -Why had she dono
ibis thliiK''" and eiery man wput forth cold hober
und wilh loolb on edKo. • But the most bitterly wroth
were the t«<' Imsb.-inds who yiere loaded up with
what they felt to be wholly unJus-IHled sifts to uu-
Inji'iied  »nos     'lho.i all binding themselves tO( keep
*      ,v ii     ■> V
c'    \"»%iV»4'
v     1}       V J s tFu\.
'"S ...
• til"
I Xs
,\elKhl and conse<iuoiKe,  Tlioy  ioiiiit.il In their ..inks
some not(,d vtOur mots, (wo f iinoiis wits, an .nbllw  of
fashion, a launcho,   of now beauties, together   ^lili a
poodly miudie.   of  tho -at<o luvsent" elan      Ami. "«
lielnji" tt«  a rloKjdiud  slate o.*  tltlllilloii  o\e.   the artistry of the Utile  l'lend.  woman,  they fill  that   llw
leally jiiopor eaitr  would  be to ulie be.   a  iiinlulKlii
After tbo o] era suppii ai.d i. < 1. i'»o to look iheui o\er
ns hosts whoso  motto was "Let  joy  be  .meondiiod:'-
■When   the   in itler. v.- n  laid   before ,.M(l.     Almfo  she
!ook«d   demure      Uei   poisonal   manage,   .nut   Iriend
called  bev atlenl.'-oii  to  the   l.ut   that   the   ImUath.m
ve.e  to  bo  an  It.  S    V.   V.  affali.  not  a   n.oi-   f'"""'
mouth   to   moulli  numinous.     Aim.'e   was   lmp.esse.l,
*.!,..  let   loose a dimple, s'.e nibln.1 one < h. el,   .iKahisd
„   lift, il   shoulder   like   n    jihilsoil    kltlo.i   and    s..hl   --
"Vail   well-'  ,iv.<\  'Me \ur*v  bleu"  mil  a   n hole-  lot ot
.\V.\I div. in hlf.li fti'id biif.ior. she .i*k.i1 l«'i\e to
look at the iriMtilloii Hsl and no sooner had she
pl.im.d o\e.   It  (ban hoi   lue.hu.r-,d     Sh.   d'ew   1"
(he  small  month  be,   en los , ailed  "mean."  a do."..
nd oame upon hoi  lilfrl. .heel, bo...... » he,e ii sl..uly
burned Itself away
'-What Is It V* .luesit.md the iii.in.ifror. "Wl'-'l or
• who ts ll.eie that displeases.youV ,.       ,     1
■'   "11  ne s-af.-lt  pas of  who  Is here-   in:.is. f  who Is
pot here!"    There ,\vas a Utile <iulver In I.e.*  vol'"--, a.
fahir.vti-omble  about   hor iip."-.
"AVOll, what am 1 to do':" aski»d iho.inaiiaKi-r.
"Uicn   du    tout:"    snapped   Almee.    . '•l.aIssosi-i*..l.
f-airo—Jo  repoiids  do  loivt'."  and  -sin;  tossed   Uie  list
.   tack' to. him. /
Fildav .iilfjht came; sUif.' parlies tilled the boxes,
n«d their- daKZlliiK-..white ■l.rw.itplates and black
coats   made   them   look   like   (looks   of   over--:.own
■ ' lUiifflden:     Alniee   owt-Aluiia'd   hoi-   very   self; .every
dainty  deviltry  v<m'-cU:,t)lo  by  woman  she   liidulj-od
hi.'•■ Ordinarily   .11   dls.reet   If  r-'OfV-'eous   di-i-sser.   she
■ (hat   nlu"lil   reached   (he--iinill   of   sa.-loi-i.il   audacity.
She   had   a   peculiar   rluii-1-llu-s' -la 111:h   that   alwa.vs
■ sii.t.To.'-twl lncorrfeible .ohtldlsh inisehief; it w."..-
wonderfully . con!ajjiou's.- loo. and I'liat niirhl-- slie
cbucklrd and chuckled, and the bl« iuidien<«- re-
Kpouded with roars of  laui'ht.-r,  ai:d  the ;;en-l-:i::.-:>
Allltl -V
„   lK.   ,,,,,     t, ,..„.     i.,11,,1   aliunde  of   ,be   .*ie„"h   wa.te.,   fo,   ,t   wa,     the Ihr.i, .uU,-tl.oy  separated.
 . —,~—— ~~r —
A*VX*'t\\V**V**'i**i'**^*%*%       v**vvw»-*»ww»«"""  TB—^      *•«■   T
i  1- v      ■*—'   AV-    *■ . .   ..    , ►    , ,  ,„ iiis ml blanket.   Then lie ran sw
N ,1 bustili.tf mi.ili.-_' <auip in th" lounty »f iJUplu.
Cohaado. tb.ro dwelt d.i.liif: the ye.. IN la .. poor
l.nulli   bv the nalr.e ol   Dulaii. I      Th. I   h .d eroded
i:,<- :,i!d  pi.bis  some ; - b.to..-   md   had  settled
In the j;i..it cold .oiinlii fin '• """ l"-1'--'- " "
n >,m- and a tetv Months ..'..I -.ed '. m.rs, ,,tir.o-llie
teil.y. will. ho. hw. «olden mils, meii.i blue ey.s
and 1.  t.is. Inalliif; dimple.
I„.!l,.„s soniollnus p.ss.d tMoiiirh or prowl, d neat
the .amp Their bl.-m! els wen L.ud.i. tu.lr facet
«.... sullen As a rule thei sl.ui.hl.d ihioiif.'!. ll..-
Ir.wu peaeeably eno,,,;!., ev,. pi w'.e.. U.ey ,:oi d.uuk.
riion th. I we.e fo..lbl> eje.l.d A ,p,a.. "Nome
Hull 111 wis «H..n.-...i.s One .In 1. band ..,,„.■ ii.io
eump. I'hey i,-i,i,il.i.il f"l Ihe n^lH "'«' ""-1'' "" "l**
parent   .111..-.   to  pri'inie  whi.key.
■Ihe fellow for. n.o.iiiio- w h. n Dulmey I.Ns.d bis
lillle ,:!,' lH-f..« K..I..U' to ll.e ml,'. !»' tohl he "«1 t«
-o .,;.». 11..1.1 ll.e laid I.-1 the Induus i.Vl,l.-H I.. I
(!,.... was not sure is 1.. the boiifdnhs ,,f their
n.rd The.e was no feme about II. I'n-tly so.,,.
Cl;..a's' bio.b.-rs and sisters went (o. school. Mis..
D.ilaiie,   ivii.s to! 1111 ft in  Ihe  house  ivllb  >\ '«»   « oeUs
'""is .Hnipled  hands were  pulling  "P   the  brlshl
llowors.    Sudden!v she '.•,...Kbl.aiKl.t "f one beautiful.
Wir.   rod   Indian   pink.     In.   ho." dolh"ht   and   e„KO.-..ess
for  11  she  fo.-fiot  hor   father's  ivarninU-    She, toddled
■11w.1v as  fast as   her. plump  llllh- -U-KS   would   allow
her. "Aftor-iier-small-hand had closed-on the stem of
.he   (lower   she   looked   annua.   Mr   her   home.     She
, , 1.      .....   ..,...,.   -il   K-ncb   a   short   (l-iwliiiiee
could   not  see  It.  nnd  o\ en  a.  sin...
everything i<>»,ki-d siraiice to sad. a"Vi-ry. w-ry Jltll.
"nan   was   f.^l.i.-nrd.   She   ,-:,lled iloudly   for't.er
...    , ,,   ,   .,...    ,i,,i.,„„e   w is  s;ill   In  -Iter  kilchen
■ .iiioi her.     ll.il. Mrs.   lnilaney   ».'-
.   !.       .,' 1   ii-,.,.i...-   -i".!   did   not   heal'.'     Not
si;u.i.iiifr i\ or■ I'.ie   hot   lionnif.  a..u
ton   minutes  "ji"
h-,,1   -one  to   ll." dooi- and   saw
Clara |-layin« dose to Iho sli-,-s.
When her. niotbo*' dldiPt cm." }■> !•'''" <---:";1. be-jau
I,, ...y 1.1 a few moments she saw a face peorlnir at
I.e. ili.-o.Kh the trees II was dark and ujdy. the eyes
„,.,, .,,,.,11 „r>d iiuel She drew In a deep breath to
seie.i.n. bul Ihe Indian spranii forward with (heiiolso-
lessuess and .piicUnoss of a threat cat and Miiothoied
AUK', animal ami a small one are bolt, mado up
of .-ells Sic Ui" <elN of Ihe blfi anlin il larjrer
1I1.111 Iho oll.e.s-' Or aro the colls of the s.una
si"/*' (11 oaeh, Uie 011I1 dllTeteiico bolus; dial (hero annum- ot them In U.o la. (.-or animal ' I >oes an
organism kioii bi ..<!<!Inj; more .ells or by lmreashiR
the sl/e of Ihe old olios? li. all attempt lit throw llf-'h.
in- (lieseurid slinllii ipiestlo.isa Uor-man e\por-lmenloi-
h,s Im-oii slniiy hv fioi-i and iheii eufrs. Ills imik hi-
slous .wbleli by Ihe by. aie nol a.-oepled In all us
f, How n.ituialMs .lie that when ni-.lin-.ls d.w olop
f.om o---s of \\if suae sl/e thou- 11 IN .outlime always*
lo he .7lik.- and that therefore srowUi Is always l,v
i. 11  i.d.lllioii
Tho sl/e of ll.e in.In,a! lis. If, howev.-i, and that
of" tho- i-!.-f,' do not necessarily .mi respond. The wanie
■'fro-s lav oj.-K's of. very diU'oi-oiil sizes, and of these
it iu-iv.be thai,, the small ones will produce larfre. tadpoles "and Iho lai-fre ones snialltadpoles, alU.ouf.-h when
'ho"tadpole' tlrst issues from the opf; Its size corres-
lu.i'ds more ne.-'irlv will, thai of the in tier. Small es«s
develop ra I her faster rUan larfre ones, but the latter
stand beiU and cold bo'ltor. Kxtremely siniill ei;BS are
apt. ti'i'dio In ,tlio early stages of development.
Lly'Joint Ei-nsst WaiTcrl.
OJM'T make costly pi-esentB to n woman—
For, if you do,
,,,„__. £lie, being human,   •■   '
Will" thi»k a.iiarns'temo're uf the pieseuts Ui
will of you.       '        ,
Ac 1,' tb«i', the sage's part,        .■.■'■'•
Modest priced and few;
Tlu 11 her sunny hcirt
Will  rtuUer round  the p'reseuta for n minute,
il^ to you. .'
i>n L:lie
her ciy in UN ml blanket.   Then he ran swiftly away
with ho. ,       ..
Half an lio.u liter Mrs. Dulancy called to her little
d ui-'lil.T She /r.ia«uiod that she ho.ud her reply and
so continued with the 1>Ik Ironliif.-. Hut for some reason she ..ew rineisy afi-iln and stepped to the door
to sec what Clara was dolu,;
She w i- ,i->l <<> be soon Mrs Dulaney ran quukly
around the ^.t\nn She stopped and called shiilly, but
Clara's h.iln   lii-bh' l>ipod no answer.
Mrs lmlinej then ran up 1 lie hill back of the hoii'i-
(olook t»i 1 be baby, but was unable to catch -a glimpse
0ot li.-l ^h'- st irled liiuk- down the bill, passed Iho
house, cr.ss, il the road and ills ipp.-a.ed into tho does
bo i ois'd She .ailed (Mum's 11.11110 coin inually and tho
scared minor i» l'«'1 »u1'-'-' f>ll*w lln*- f:ll'w '^ tlu''*;
was mi 1 espouse
She se.11.bed  for her baby li ilf an  hour and  Ihen
In' fi-aidk-   lia-b-  slu-  ran   for  her   noaiest   neli;hbo.
She  lo.d  her  siory   incoheioully   and asked   for  help
The neighbors all sinrtul out with a will and a boy
was seiu to tell ( lara's father
Ueforo.cieiiliif.' ei ory one in the camp was litintI.usc
dilP'onilv for tiio.chiUl. The Indians had iiiystorlously
disaVpoiirod. ^'x u"'11 ll:uI takpn POI'io*? and ridden
"lift.-v t'lioru. It .was not until sunset that n.ilauey
for tho-ninth, time searched the heart of a small pine
wood. His feet, dragged heavily. Suddenly, wllh an
Inarticulate cry., lie stumbled over the limp, lifeless
body  of little'.Clara.    The beautiful, -;oUleii cuiU wi.-ie
Rone.   '■,'''
Silently iIk'J" bore hor body homo: .They buried hor
on'the crest of-a MU. where the winter winds sweep
wild ami free and the summer suns warmly caress
ri«. Utile'irnivo'. I-'or niitny. niaiiy months there w.-o:
1," he'-..|sloii<-- ''"I "<'"' °"-* "f """'bio irrncos her burial
pwiiiiid H has been-there for so ninny yoars that' It
toillos'ai.d swai-" unslea.llly In the wind. The small
■'- ...it -h of nroiind- Is enclosed ,|.y au iron fence.
Tl.e --rive is one of three. The other (wo are criiin-
l.ll .-'"-nviiv nofrloclod and foiTotlen. lint to the little
gol.leu haired child a more la.slius. tribute has been
rr.urr; thou Instantly with a Varus turned her atton-
lion upon her companion.* Some people loitered,
smiled, lookinp up nt them. The club1 loungers
looked at one another mLserably. and one trroaned,
"1 bolieie those InCernaUFrench walteis have ftlveii
us nwav!" at which they withdrew, each ■ for liH
favorite" solace, for thoy realized that soon the titter
ot Fifth inonue would be augmented by the roar
of l',roadwiiy-s laughter over tho "Kieat fiost" that
had come upon them. And while they were bracim.'
Al.nOe t-iiniu plump against her lawyer host of the
previous ei ening.
Gave It to Her Maid.
"Ah. Madomols-lle," he smiled, "you do not wear
-.our brown toilette. to-dayV "Xon, Monsieur," she
answered sw colly. "I civo ' him to /eo maid las'
nisht " "Ah. J''""" should haie given 'him' to your
mud yesterday niorniiir;. Oh, 11101. euf.mto ter-
ilble! Why, oh why, did you do lt? Ah. you know
well what" 1 ni-an—w by V" Alniee. penei-iUy '"*"
jeilcd into bet until e I.iiiru.ikij -such piccioiis ^"P"
llsh wolds as she knew or o\en tliouKht she kiu-w,
ai'd now, lookinj; lnnoL-ently injiiiod, she asked.
"Why? Why what? Was 1 not ti-os couime 11
fa in—Miir piopor— \alr eorreck?    Moi?"
'llul," he blundoKd stupidly, "you woio not ln-
Mted to e\hiblt your deportment, mil cUC-ie Alniee—
(i   In- so a ory prop, r and correct!"
"A-a-ah?" her claws were out in an Instant "\*i us
tint why no w-on.au was asked to meet 1110—si l
should not be too u» re. k—oh.'" Pho hhs. .1. "t'lo--
lint J on men aro stup'rle! IW. ha' And the "•"I'"
p.ilr was like the mar, lu-fimi lire—oh'' When lUJiU'
m. u ask only one I.mo woman to suppiiiie it N that
tin y luijili she is not cud enough lo meet oilier
won,1 11—11 osl co pan? lint I—ha! ha! I m ike inisi-lf
(.;.> yood'for l.os,Messieul-s! Much too pood for their
comfort—eh?" And .roguish, / malicious and iriuui-
phaiit she wont her way. J==^     •
For mouths her hosts were liiiyed; people shivered
ostentatiously-lit their approach. Walters -asked '■ l".-
noeently. "And Ice in yours, MoiislourV" while «"
the ehaiifj.es wore rung upon, "Why—ivliy lia-l Iil1.1'
done it".'" Some argued iho li6urpeol.se side of, lie
had just happened "to .come upporniosi; oi.li.'is.
tlioupht hor a practical jokor. For myself. \ llll"t
rill the woman Iu her had boon deeply wounded hi
the titlor absence of oilier women from tli*' ,vl""
plime.ilai'.v supper, iii.d like, a woe while a»"'is'' '',".
I'oiifrhly caressed, sho turned and used hor teeth. .
Il.,,.if;lit' the ma Iter .ipille foi'frotleir,, 'for ' Lir'.adwuy -
memory Is said to lie limited to ,-. year, but ono ;:""
other day, I am (old, it ij.-as a subject of coin-i'i-.sjU'f
i'l si'-^aJa -ii'JJJ".••.-.
"*CIS"UMr«t«uc-»-T— -swri»3S«;4'a311Ssytan?*3Kri'JKl'"leill. ' 5  -fWW-j.  ��� ���>-&.���!  ���' �� i'-  >r ��� iV   '   i (  ��r ,'      7        r  ���J   n'J-U r  Stp \ "*��� I ' c     u    J  il-..  ���V   rf'i)  I' ���'. -   - f-'vl'  V.*5     ���  f&rvWTj    i,  IWr- ... v.*  IA-.-V  .Xi'vo.'-.. .... -j-.si"  K S ?  ��� !*?."  lp| -  rtix-i  .S3. '"  w>  1  ss*  ^  a-- >:"$&  -TllJfi LEADER MOYili. BK1TISH COJ,UMJ��^  a**"  If  :S e?5"?r ���5559*?** "J*55S4 "��9?*f  il/  ���v!/  "���vV  LOCAL ASSAYS  fl >^5S533 *5*5$a "55 5$ 5 "V^*-^^  Miners'.Union meets   torn or row  night. !  Ohas.' Dawson left Tuesday foi'  ���     -.       '    ��� ^ - ��� '  reinie.  Tlios. Miller, spent,lasi: gunday  in Cranbrook; ' '     '  Read Roberts,As. Mcssinger's nd  At tbe Churches.  CATHOLIC '   CHURCH. .   ,  X if ere will be the regular morning and evening services. Sunday.  .Morning servicest .ab 10 o'clock.  Evening services  at 7:30   o'clock.  LIQUOR LICENCE   XOTlcE  this week.  Don't, forget  the hockey  game  tonight.  J tt. Campbell  was in  Oranbroolc  during tho week,  ''   D. J. Elmer was up from  Cran-  'brock Wednesday.  !    \V. II. Aldridge of Trail  spent  .lar-b Saturday here.     ', <  "  .Mrs. Wilfrid Cpmarou  retutned  '.from the hospital Wednesday-  v V Joseph'Cosavello Mt   on   Monday f6r "Spokane,   He will be .gone  -  'a week or ten 'days. ,      <>  1    A. L.  Wilson, the barber,  was  east as  far  as   MacLeod   during  ' 'the week.    ' ,  ,'    Get the .habit.' '" 'Go a to ' Crowe  Eros.   '_'-  .  '   Room to rent, plastered. , Stove  'and   bed.   ''Suitable for bachelor.,,  i Apply' to Jas. Tliora.  ,   A. J, Flood and family.left Monday, for Oakesdale, Wash,  where  'they will reside in future.  A junior hockey game  may  be  ^arranged-   with  Cranbrook '"some  .  -time during the  winter. , -  ^    Rev'. G."'A. Hackney  is   to  take  '   ,^he    subject " at    the    Ep worth  . League next Wednesday1 evening.  *     i   "    '   -     ��� -       (, -  '    If   you, 'aro    not seeing.each  ,'    chatffce'of program at the  Russell  'you are missing   something 'good.  'Cob'tlie'liab'ifc'.' Thoro will  be  an  entire 'change of program tonight.  ��� '    "P." J.   Bonner   came    np   from  "' Spokane  to* attend  the   wedding  *    of his  brother which  took place  Tuesday. ��� -      -,     ���.. ,  '"   Victoria fcTrcss, ,tea< and   coffee.  2 lbs for 90. cents. ' Crowe Tiros.1* *'  ,'    -Mr. and .Mrs. j.'Buchanan,.'who  had been  spending' a , week with*  '"Mr. and Mrs. 'S.  G.  Blaylock; left  'for thoir home in- Trail.'   *' ���',  t *-- .       .-        ���       '----*  \ ' '. The  , Russell   Moving , Picture  .Theatre next to tlie Leader  office,  i  < v    ��� ���        . - I -  ...       '   . <��� ���  'is open every  evening. - J->rop in  any time before 9.    You'll be sat-  >     isfied. ��� ' *' i  -^ F. B. Simpson, who is spending  ing the winter in Los Angeles, is  'said to have improved iu health  " considerably "since he rerched the  *���' aoutlicrn 'clime. ' <  ^New styles of Stetson  llals  at  liill's.  Singer   Sewing aiachines   cost  very little more than  cheap machines.   Do-the  best   work   and  'last a life time,     Sold   on   small  ���rabnthly   piyments   by   Geo.   B.  1  Powell, Cranbrook.    In  Moyie  on  " '10th of each 'uiontli.  MBTUODIST   CHURCH  ( ' t      j * * i  .Morning service at ll a. m. Sunday School, tt p. m. "Rvening service, 7:30 p.' m. ' Eveniug subject  ''ir.'ides", air. Sdwerbutts will  sing'. A1 hearty welcome extended to all.  Rev. J, W: MILLER,.B. A.';  (r-abtor.)  i ' f  ��� rUKSBYTtelllAN'    CIIOIICII.     ,  , i    ��� i   .  .Morning,--ervicc 11 a. m. Sunday  school and Bible class at2-30'p. m.  Evening Service- at .7-30 p. m.' A  hearty welcome to all.  ; REV. G. A. IIACIvNEy.B.'A.  ' .  > (Pastor.)  Take notice that'I'intend to  apply to the' Superintendent of  Provincial' /Police, after thirty  days fiom the first appearance of  this notice, for a renewal of, my  licence to sell intoxicating liqu-,  ors under tho provisions oi tho  statutes in that behalf, in the  premises described as the aio'yie  Hotel, Moyio, B. C.  Pill LIP F, JOHNSTON.  Dated tliis'SSth day of January,  A. D. 1010.  To Close Steamer  Bars.  t LIQUOR, LICENCE   NOTICjB ^  ' Take notice that we intend, to  app]y to the Superintendent of  Provincial rolico, after thirty  days from the first appearance of  this notice, for a renewal of our  lice-ice to sell intoxicating '.liqu-  uor,"under tho provisions'of the  statutes , in' that behalf, in the  premises described as tho Eas*t,  Kootenay Hotel, Moyie, U:; C.  McTAVISH ��fc CAMERON  1  Dated this 2St"h day'of January,  A. D. 1010.,       "���       ' ���    '  ,  On,Feb. ,L> and, thereafter' the',  open hars "on the steamers  of 'the  C. P. R. in.   the British   Columbia  lake and river    wktet-3   will    be1  abolished,'and tho,same system of  handling   liquors ,will be put in  force as  exists  in ,the   standard,  dining 'cars   of'   the     comply,  iviiich brings   the    sale'   of    the  same under,the;eErict 'control  of  the,m\uagem3nfc; who' excopt  all  'responsibility! for it being"handled  in proper  shape.���"Nelson News.,  ' Card   of, Thaaks..  'Cranbroqk, B. C, Jau.'26th', i910.  Mr.'-Editor,  _r"  ,.��   Dear Sir:  Will ��� you kindly 'allow  space,in' your valuable coliim3 to  convey my thanks to the Ladies'  Aid and friends of Moyie for31 the  benefit supper and concert- on my  belialf. I need hardly, say I was  greatly.surprised and pleased of  such a'handsome testimonial,' I  am glad to'say that I am ^making  splendid progress ,'towaids i ecov-  ery.*- Again thanking r all friends  for ..their .genorous contribution,  and kind words spoken" and good  wishes for my future welfare,'  I rem'.iiu,       . ' . s  Yours faithfully,  H. WHITE.-  McGregor Goes East.  G. T. .McGregor left aionday for  his home at   Fergus   Ont.,   where  his family is residing.     Only  last  week he dispossed of his  building  "in town at a good figure,    llo will  syaud    the    winter    in    Ontario,  but next   spring    will    probably  again -=ac him in   the   west somewhere along one of the mw  lines  of railway."   Mr.   MjGrosoi-   is   in  better health   than   he   has   been  for years.  Have you a weak throat? 'f  ���iQ, you cannot bo too careful. Yon  cannot begin ueatnient Loo caily.  Each cold makes yon more liable  to another aud the last is always  t-hc liirdjr to cure. If you will  't'i,s': Chanib^ilniii's Cough [*"iu-  ity.it tho outset you will be  '1 nnii-li trouble. Suld by The  M >\ iu D.uf,' .>.  ."^latioiiery Co.  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is  a very valuable medicine for  throat and lung troubles, quickly  .relievos and cures painful breathing and a dangerously sounding  cough which indicates congested  lung:-. Sold by Tho ,Moyie Drug  &. Stationery Co.  METAL   MARKET.  New York���liar   silver, 523* eta  Load $175      '    Copper, t13i   cts  ��� Loxno-v���Lead ���13,'12s   (id   '  , Thirteenth Annual  Winter Carnival.  ossland  February 8 to 12,1910  R0CKEY,  Cliainpionsliip   of  B.   C.  r.:id International   Cliani-  p'C'll -,11! p.  SKI JUMPING.  Cli;iiriiMoiisliip of Canada.  SKATING.  Ice H  arvest  Is On.  The ice harvest has commenced  in earnest, and considerable will  be --hipped dii'-iog the winter.  The fir-b onload to lcive town  was for F.-'K. Hurry, the Creston  dairyman. It was put up by  Felix Desaulnier.'  Tomorrow (Saturday) a special  matinee will be.given.at the Bus-  sell Moving Picture Theatre, next  to the Leador office, commencing  at 3 o'clock. Be there/' Adults  '25 cents,'Children 10 cents.  Chamberlain's Cough Bemedy  is not a common, every-day cough  Wixttire. J t is a nieritorioiis  ���remedy for! all' tho troublesome  'and dangerous complications i'e-  \sulting from' cold in the head,  "throat, "chest or lung--. Sold by  :'be M iyie Drug ^ Siai-iOEery Co.  T .'.'-��� ���   -..   - J   ������    -'-'".���  Championsliip  Province.  or  the  Tobogganing  Curling Bonspiel  Horse Racing  And Other Events.  Masquerade and Dance  A Grand progranime from  Tuesday night tintil- .Saturday night.'  Reduced Transportation Bates.  LIQUOR LICENCE��� NOTICE/*  Take notice tli&b T intend ,to  apply to tlie ���Superintendent .of  Provincial, ^Police, after' thirty  days from the first'appearance of  this notice' for a renewal * of my  licouce��� to sell iatoxicating liqu-,  ors, under the provisions^ of the  statutes in that behalf, in the  premises described as the Cosmopolitan Hotel,-Moyie'B. C. ��� '. . .  ALEX. CAMPBELL   .  Dated this 2Stli day pf January,  A. d. in ib!1 v,       " f  HOLLY LEAF ,   *  Choice,  Dairy!; Butter.  30c pier lb.  *  , '': '    " ,  * l     '���      "  "    ���  ���' *"   '     t ��" li  Try  our chopped beef for the;  chickens,    a  guaranteed  egg  producer.    ' "   -, ���  P BURNS & GO^  .moyie;       b.'C. /.'  Dr.H.E.   HALL  DENTIST  The Expert Crown and   Bridge  .Worker.  Office over, Mr. Short's  Wall     .Paper'      Store     ,  -Armstrong Aye,        Cranbrook  J���1U.IIW ������!������ .      I I ������ IIW ���MTimnil'IIWl Ml���il IIMI  INTERNATIONAL  HOTEL,  This hotel is now under new  management, and is first class  in every respect      *      '  TAYLOR,   &   BONNER  PROl'IltBTOKS.  Victoria Street.     * MO"VIF.  0 F. DESAULK'JKR  ni.vr.fn.  Iiyy-y-j \sUkkU W   a sits a?  TOOMrT DELIVERY.  Q,ueens'A-7B.     MOYIE  STOP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  WHEN IN  CRANBROOK  E. H. BMAT.Ii, Mnnaser.  P: HUxNT,     .  31. P. iMcCRANEY,  President.   . Secretary.  '. Good rooms, good tablee and bar  aud first class sample rooms.  PIANO LESSONS  f^..e. SALMON'  of Ci'aiibrook .  (Phone 203.)  .   ���    .-  visits A'loyie weekly.  Studio atJMrs. Cilbert  j a  iff  *        '    f\  The Die is Cast.  Goods! Must Go.  ai  �����  'W  :fr  I  A  " "     When v/d decided to give' a ten days  -mluctioii ^salc  on  the 10th. inst.i we "did not fully" realize   -the ' iinportunce-  of  such a sale, 'not only tb'oiysdlves but also ,to  the .consumer,'  and in view of the facUlial niany people ;havc ' not' ybf been  able to* avail; theinselves-of 'tlie " advantages   offered; at ^ lliis  .great slaughter sale, and 'while. those/ *wli6   have  ;already '  ' *"' o '- ��� <��� ' ' '- '  ������-'-'' taken advantage of the ,, -���* ��-  1    4 ' **s ' t   ' i '  IMMENSE, REDUCTION  PRICES  ? ���*���  a re" still busy * selecting articles   for-; their" homes ' f rbm, our  -numerous bargains we have decided   to * continue , this  price-  cutting sale  for  n  ��   ,,  Another Ten Days  1 *r    .  TWO DOLLARS IN GOODS  .v������^-,   ' ������'   ������  * *r-  1 ii  ��� >   ll>,     Jt      ^  'l f ��1    IT,    ,  \ A.? A*  if, ���fZw  IsaaX^  :v - Otitis*  < '';''. ...�������".      ' .' .1" -I  'during which time we will-make prices more interesting "than - ^  ���-���   , ���    ��'  ever.,   Our heavy'cash-sales during" '   ; .,"���    ,    f    . ������  "i     '        ,        " ���>   ��� ���       ' .  '���   - �����'������'     '  ���''^ - -."���'���; -     The Last Te'ii Days  ;:. ;    ,' ���_, .:,  ...  *'��� have'satisfied us"that'ihe public/are Jn nced.of the goods,, and ''  , w     *  '   the prices at which Ave-are selling has-Hraw^'the 'crowd, to,.       ,*��  our store. - , .  v ���      ..    v  Amongst'innumerable other lines   of   merchandise, ��� we      '     ._,  will between now   and   January 30tll���   piiL   before   the  public our heavy stock of cuuamclware, stamped ware,    wood-  euware, crockery and general 'hardware.   *  it *��� o  The knife will be sunk'dceper than  ever 'into   the  price  '   of boots and shoes during the   few   remaining   days of   this  *      i     . i  great sale.  This is a cash  sale; spend your $   where at ,brings   you  the most iu return. .  Store   open until  6 o'clock  except Saturdays.  Sale will only last till  January 30th.  --��� te  *1?4��'  m  *.*v  srssh  "^35  v'ifr.  .if-a  *-- -p  t-i  Z  >  r1  -��� vIP- ^  ���**��� -K  *-V*+Vly  1 * "V,  1       ^  ^  ^f^T*  ,' ^��\  I, 1,  \ 't -*--t  ��i.  =^  ,<  ��� ��v *"  FOR ONE DOLLAR IN CASH  ���} V  =J  ..It   ���-       At  . *


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