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The Moyie Leader Jan 21, 1905

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 (3-  Native ^-.  SWrh '  ,*^-  /L^rv--'  :^^e  !?ctor\  foU^oft  M0YIE, 'Bo C.. JA$TOA#y 21.1905/  ;s��-:A Tear  Spoj^ane-Kootenay Eyy  -  I ^^   bfcOCIUCn " ''"    I *'  a   Ctie iaps  are taking  ft'* ,-'   ^   ''Tr '.v��� -; 'A.      ���    >���  1 �� ft* ' ,    ,        ' -        -     ' t ������* -  ' m'  ^. '" We 'are: pto'oK'v taking,:.  a    ������}  o i  -3  Y;M'tm:^^:Ti7A::^y'/x  Is Manager "of Ross-  Properties^ *  .TJ.  'X.  iTBRS  ,'9> Succeeds"E���E. Kirby and  y,M    ,Has Entered' tfpon His *  :/'7S'' ����������*   Jew, Duties;-"    ���  sn  ��� The actual construction oi  the road  between Yahk on tho Crow's' Boot line  and Spokane will in all probability' be  commenced  thia spring   and   will Incompleted in one year's time. ' P- C.  Corbin   has returned from  the east  where he has 'made all,  arrangements.  Leaving Spokane the  new road  will  'follow pretty closely to the line of the  Northern Pacific to llrthdrurrv, Idaho;  thence north of east' to- the mouth" oh  the Moyio river where  it-empties  into  the Kootenai, ami thence up the valley  of th? Moyie to the international boun*  dary/'The   Canadian   Prcific   would  havo io build 10 orlS tminea from its  Crow's Nest pass line to, a' connection  with tlie road, at,.the 'boundary.' The  road in length will be frqrn 140 to 150  milea. '  '          ' J      ' '  I .-  '���!.'  ."��� ll  '*,,-  ���'The������,'announcement that James  Qronm'btKl been(i appointed' as 'manager bt the War5E��giepand,CsTiter Sta*  miribsval Rossland hoes' not come entirely ua ai'Wrprioe 'tp-;thejpoopld ,of  Moyie. /St&VV' indicate".' which"' way  tho \\dnV is flowing/* and it ,wao Hhe  general opinion't hat when 13. B, JQr-  by's successor'was appointed ihe  man'-  t .-j., r-l       ��        i 'if      *    uri     ^/-f ��,���.,-. i *i  Two  Tons Choice "jfeesh  T b       > - .-       *' ' ' -..',��'    'I        '��    -"  Ontario Creamery Butter  -      ,        .���     (DECEMBER   MAKE.)',  ,"'-;;"   ''.*"'      '   '*  Which We-Quota aa Follows:  1 Pound'Bricks," 3,5 CentSo  14' ""   ' Boxes,   30      ff',< /'  ���3��' "      "   ji *' ' 89   ��- "  "5  of  ..Oddfellows^' Dance. "  .'-���      ��� '      .' *' '  a  i ^  Movi  \i v , w1,4*i" Ttn Capital,,.���$p,7uu,uw^   ,  .KeBerve^V;: ���'/ b. b  ^?^^^^:^:l ���*  S  .*    ' -.      T-|*��_ .m��<1'  >*^.>^-6^-i^j^s=>��=>���<=��*-'���^^ac"^*-'' by's successor waauppuiu-"-'.' ��������<.-  "���"-,;  ���^^g^yg^lL. *fw6ald'.bBun6n9*oiher t'h'aii, Sir. 'Cronin.  "     " The^.appointm'eht is a, recognition  of Mr^'Kronin's ability'-as H pi-aptical  managetyand places him''i'n,1 the 'front  .' i    _�� ___rf.iL1-^., n^.n>. ''lv-. , t'lio    Tlnmininn  We still havo a small quantity cf -'Whito^ ^wan. ^hich  As        ,;*,.*    - are selling ' at former pricris^   r "'*''  ���''   Orders'delivored promptly to any part pf town.  vre  ra'nl: olmifcag'meiirm ��� the Dominion  of "Canada, Vr ' the, United States   for  'that!matter.'' Mr.1 (frcmin has m'ade an  enviable '-' reputation''iof(' himaeU "as  "manager ;otthe St. Eugeue mine, and  we look to him Vo do, the" same  thing  during'his tenur,e of on,i,ee at .the War  Eagle' and GenterVStar^L.hf. P.epPJgjj/  Rossland can well ccragraialate J,bem-  sel'vesi'for in,Sir. Cronin they will find  a level,headed'; fair 'minded, shrewd and  concientious ' man, a ,man who .will  meet them halt way, cn any; proposij-  tidn'in which thd.weifwe of  tMeir-city  *      0-   * , -       ' I     '.      * "  is involved-    '\   o'r      , ,  t   Mr. Cronin isQnow,in jBossland  ana,  ,wUl not "return* to ^Vfoyie ������antiV next  Tjiosday:' liis notlit all.'likely; that  he will eitber'give Tip. bis .portion as  manager of'the St Eugene or that he  will move,his family from here.      -  " Calico and Overalls, l ���  Oddfellows will g?Y*J  their fifth   annual   ball "nert   Friday  .eveding,' January 27th,;and.from' present Indidations    it  will tie'a pleaoant  event in every way.;'Th'e  committee';  in'charge will opir^ ho pains' in making il a success: -The Eagles* hall has  been Engaged for,the''purpose,f and >lij  V.'Howard lias been given 'the  prepa-  ratiori of  tin supper' 'which, will' be  serveVm the hall. ' The'grand  march'  will' start  ca't' 9:15   o'clock   sharp"  Tickets, including supper will be,$l:50��  A hearty welcome will"be, Extended  to  everyone.        ���' r^   \ .     '      '   "'  ���' '���    .Chicken 'Stodt, ���" ' -  .*���      c - . *,  .A "chicken thoot was held, at the.  rarigp oii the bke yesterday afternoon,  wi'th tho? 'following" ��� result:, t ^b '100  yards with rest .J. Werner T;. Wm-  Hamilton I;.'Webster Burton 2; B.-  CJampbefl 1. Xt 100 ��yardBr6ff hand,'-R.  Campbeh'l;. F/^.Bddy. 1."' ��t 500  ^ards with rest, J.WernSr I; K* Oamp:  ^=^  /^\'  i-   *  -    , * ,ii       If-      1*3'  LOCAL  NEWS.  i!  ���^ji       it*       y-  Upon iho neoewity of carrying Eire* Insuranc^  ,^Xj3-B        ^~^ *^R gaiirnntee for prompt  Thalii ytx WBt,�� lneurano at Seasonable Pales, wife  ���nd Fi-eedy eetttoments yon must m.u^e vith  ;ARNOLD & ROBERTS.  1 ���S���**^-'' i-  MOYIE.  i,, ���.���,y bost Tr----'5y r.Se.1'"100  made "Pmutt ^F THB W1  !JteS��fas��S  THE  MEN'S   FURNISHERS  5?*Trrn  ���  r'/^ *V���   'v*'  I Calico for- the ladies nnd overalle'and  jumpers for, the gentlemen wero 'the  predominating costumes at the social  given by the Catholic ladies last Tuesday evening., It was'a happy gathor-.  ing and twiae present enjoyed the fun  immensely. M_rs...i3,_ A. King **&  Harry Stewart owned'off the prwes lor  ffW'co.lmM. About PO ��o  olflarod on the. social wbioh will go to.  wards paying for tho now organ. Thd  commiuJe of ladi^ in charge ���� de-  serving Of no small amount Or praise  for the creditable manned in which  they, handled tbe affair.   ^ '  ^a^rt^ii Co^lTB^eay Absolutely  H.irniloiH.  The fault ' of giving children  medicine containing injurious substance,., is sometimes more Disastrous  than the disease from which tuey art  sufformi;.' Every mother should know  8SrChamberlain'- Cough Kemcby is  perfectly -Afe for children to take I,  contain. nothing H.iru.ful and o,  .'ouchs. oolds and onuips is husui-  p,"^;.    For sale by ^J^^^  ��oat ��eleig. .  pon io.v. ^ ��r j our Clir:-.��n��io  order to in .in.l w'U In. U", -Ji��r ��n  tire sHlisractioi, or refund your money  Our catalogue will be mailed fo you  upon reouest, Artcle* bought here>  will le engraved free. Will uot  emarantccto'to do engraving within  two or three days of   Christ mas.  W. H. .WILSON,  Jeweler. CRANBROOK, B. O.  belVly       ", ^Soaerar' A4vahoing. ' ; ;  �� Sugar bae advancece a cent c pound  or $1 a sack_fi��ce the first of the "year.  Local merchants tiave'made 'advances  in accordance with the prices charged  by, tbe wholesalers., The price now is  said to h2 the highest in years. Flour  is also steadily advancing, fas is alBO  the case with most canned goods, '  A Suggestion.  if the ^business men on Victoria  -itr&bt would sprinkle a littfe ashes or  ooal cinders on iho slippery sidewalka  iu front of their' roapeotiva plaoss  they tyould gain ft warm spot in the  hearts of the people.   Try it.  Mackintosh has Job.  Hon. Chas. II.,Mackintosh haa been  appointed managing director of the  new high class weekly, the Canadian  Inter Ocean, which is to have offices  in Toronto,  Winnipeg   and   Victoria.  '  Krs'. McNeill has gone to Bbolt on a  V13lt.       " '''���'"  '���  Mrs. Cronin returned from   Spokane  Tuesday.' '      '' '  V ",      - ' '  .'"��Dad"-'Miller/tbe pianist^has  gone  to Fermo* '  ��� p' f. Johnston' v/ent to, ljelsori, thils  week. ,  ',     "    "   '  . ' '���y     .  bhaa. Farrell oame'up'from .atorris-  'aey Mines'* tbiV weok.'-'.''_ '   ���-   -  . 'h     Camefon'' was' in1 'Cranbrook  r'L' i     '      "k ?A* "   ' ".'{���'  yesterday. ��       \ .  ����� * v    ^  "  >irsl Mckelvey ,is' from, up ; |rom,  Colkman'ohavisit.;   ';'/     -.'   '/1'  .a  ''Mrs. A.'ilcEarlaneand-children,*re-  "turned'fro^ Spo^Thursday.; y* ,  ��� \y^NTEI)--e,Bituation as chambermaid in a hotel.'"* 'FoVpartibulars apply,  at, tliis office,,,^  The frost so far "this winter  has  in  n-o-'way 'affiled'   the' pipes'  9'' Vy:  dra'nts-bOthu waterworks.. ���    'y        ,.  Thelloyie Kookey players for some  reason or other b^veWIa*: 'b'een =un-  able 'to organise a 'team.  p D. Hone- 'came down from Marysville' this WJek and' is forking for"the  St, Eugene comply.  Joseph' StorrUt, distiict manager  for  P. Burns & Ooj ,y/cs op from fl;au:  brook TuoBday.'  ' biV>' Beaauir^iot ^������o.t8d WV"  week.  P.'J.^lcM^o.a.C, A. ?9?.t% ^  -- " yr y .'. j  .* *-  '* ..metal "'Market.7  'New  York--Bar*,silver, '60J, centf2  Lead; W3#. ' Zino'(spelter-) $4,75. ���k;"<*  London���Lead, ��l2"Yla~6'i\.   '������ *   .  rc-  '- ..The Lady,, Quartette/ ^   ,....  .'i.L*^'* -      'i ��� T,  ~ *���     > \     ���  The" Phiiharm'onic\ Lady  Quartette   <?  of Chicago    played1  to-a'fairly good ,  audience in the Eagles' hall  Thursday  night." ~All,.tour are   vocalists  of," the],  firsfc'^ater, and their   'different   selec-* '  'tiodsi1 were ��� listened t"o With marked  'attention."'' ifcs's','; Adel'e"Davis, r_the  yioliniste", has a brilliancy, t an ^airiness    ^  ���and glit'ter^th'ft't are her -own.;. She is a*  soloist" of 'high merit',' ahd'Was'" Kpartily  '!  encdred,, "Her, re'ndjtibn of .'"Cavaliera  RustiaaQU'^Va8.W^cular/;eood.',; "}  i   <? ;     '   - t.y   ' f - y    ..   *.   >���-'      *. ,,  gbanbeqqk; "ITEMS: -  . iv .*      -   ~ ���*..,���,   -a      -\   : <  Cranbrook KeraWT * "    * . J   -  IJ. Hanson will remove 'the furniture' from*his large hotel'at ''Morriseey  Mines'and put it in'the new hotel ' he^  is'building at\Waoa.'      ' '   K\  F,J J.' Bradley'& Op., the paper;  hanger's 'and deoeiafors,' have 'made a-  big' reputation in "Cranbrook for excellent work arid tVi'eir services' are in  big  .i     "   , A. -���    ������* '*���*   A  " '   '*"   "   '���'  '    * '  demand.     , /;  w! i and p.. S, Bei4 l?ft l��t weel?  (for ' WaUalV/alia.^yaoh;, to, tftjca a  'short vacation and vlijt ' with tbalf  brother. Jley.'Relrf, who ia pastor ot  ops'of 'the ..largest ohutches in the  state, of WaBhington.  Tom Rooks left yejslertlay   for Fer-  ' f. . *P * ]  c*      o    \   '-���A  Dr   Harvie'have been a.pp.om,.jed- a^ a ^^    WQere Jie   takes  the  position  of  coriimilyee    hy,  the.   Mov'e-  ;W   of ;      ' -..-1���:-c���-  >*-*oi hniH  uu���.^.v<-    ---   ,.        ���-���      ..       0f:(mauager oLthe new. Fernie  hotel bujlt  Eagles to have charge of the. giving   oijby    g>   Wallace-   The   hotel   has   4&  the masquerade ball on February, ^h.  Itahouldbebeborne in mind that  the closed season for fishing begins on  kovembCT �� and. rem.ain.s m force  until March 15th. A fin, o W^ ��  the penalty for catching fi>h uiehm  these dati"3  Sullivan Smelter.  Tho L'^-ulor h:i< learned   from  a   -.v-   lLi���^  -,  ,:!�� tha., ih��� Sullivan smelter * y^Xol of .TJjjj Moy- -Ho^  !lt Marv,villo will bo ^r.ed about the �� |;�� ^ J,Ssoa, who, as  ilrst of ^ar,',. ^^0"ni of tho vfcme- of Onain-                    i SwUius' MunedVJs, is y��>t��y ^ifecvlt to  f--T-        ,     .    ,. ..$,L,000,000  CAPITAL, .QAuthonzod).-. ,-������������    .j^ooo.000  OAMTAL, (Paid/Op).-. ������.:������;���;������.; ;*3 000,000 *'  REST       . ��� -'��� ��� '������ ������������"���������*���'  J-^i. OFFICE, TORONTO, ^*&%^eP **& - Gen. Man.  ^|MEKRlTT,Pg^ 5ft^TIL W MOls'i'iT. Chierinspector.  .^,. .^ ceQeral bauking budi.  :JUl    lies8 transacted.;  '   Jmts sold'aVAilubl* iii all-^irts "/of   Cilullda'   UmlGd  Eurr>pe.   Special attention given to collections.  RE  T,'  JC.il  i CR41BM  4  y  -#  i  Mik&  '.;-iio<l His Mothoi- of  KUeumaUs*.*. ^ ^  "Mv mother has been a ^nlhirov far ts����l'>���  munvviii" Hu��i rheumatism, snjs  W II.'Howard of Husband, I'onnByl-  vxnia. -At times .lie vy. unablH to  novo at all, wbdo ^ all U��o* walkmp  Xvn�� painful.    I prctcntod ber  with    -  Tcrr/nj;1*'.-5,  ai-.cady o?,cr,c up  J?om   ^*c  I'.      il       ��"><  thi" 'A,��E1  1C3S  .ava. ;  bottle    ��[  Clwrnberlain's  Pain   Balm  latter, a  few  application,  she de-  ii,i ;n,,i= the mo-t   wonderiul   pain,     yuas     fec-iniuucr     ��"'.--:",,������,.������.,  ?�� ;S Sd ^tned, in fact, she j SuauBhne*y -ore married m bpokjnj  li88l�����0;xr without it now and  is   alkali   mi Monday,^ J^ary ^Ik^c/^^^  &��. .'Jvr.�� ^Sh^ij have  ,nt.vaothoaiiar.(ioiidaii  .Vney arc loMtod at  t-wgel  Sc-hnude?    ami  a  n tl^ coi..raoth or. hawi end a�� proa-  <i   rainr".t* y , ,,���,i ���t    ,,i-*.r,rel.  poring  Assa.  Miss  rooms and is modern in a.11 its   equipment .  Rev. L. Thomas, of Moyie. was in  town Tuesday of Ihia week a,nd assisted in the revival meetings in the-  Methodist church. He reports largely  increased congregation at"Moyie sines,  tbe opening ol the new  church-  F.O. Itajpas.  manager'oj the  0v  uadian Bank   of Commerce,  returned  yoaterday from   1����   triP   tp  Toronloi  and New York.    He sltended  the  an-  ,ri;a^'sa.e��tfa.S oj vUp bafifc ^direptory  at  ,r   uav��.jiar=��l��--   AHhRU^U , lmm?4    #\^  ���csoir,e }^j5o-.n;QUiit uf   busiqcssi   h��  had  ir   "' hanU   wiulc   Wt* . 3U. ^IP"  saya  that he had a pioat onpyahl? Irjn.  make their liumo n������"^'^.  Miss Schan.��er is a sister ���of   Mra.   Co>^_  ^OlfJCE.  Take notice tliay anyone cutting  nnd t.il-ung ��W Umber from tha  Aurora ptroperty ou  the  weat  side  of  Ji- 0  J  ��?S>  iey  if  ��*>���  given n> uuucin,."-*.' ,|  J, F, M. PINKHAiVI, IVlanagefj  PAINTBBS,  DECORATOBS..,' /  Fine sign writing a.specialty. Wbole-  Bftte-and.Mtaildea^r8.in .wallpaper of  ��10 Enjilish, American  and  Cauachan  ^^%ni   on   application   and  ,   osllSs.lumished:-0n;:alltk?ndsof  ���jj j^Vorkin our line.  ���        I li-nt's   able   to    uaii*.     ^-" ��*-"**-    uinui, "-*-   --  .        -,     ,,f   -\ira.   uon-    \nrora lirODerty ou  uw   \.v-*  ���""   v<.  ,^  ^Uion of Pain B,lnr keeps  awjy   MisB Schan c,:��:^*>- j��tu ol J���^.   ^^ ^oaecated to  the   full  Co|=s5Si2S."Srf,! -W��� ���;;--^~"~'   ;,w"AT THE i boeu Boi��S ^�� ^"l  found  they     1?OUT stBHW A.s^^^T DwifWOT.  WHENVIN ,  'ORASTBRdbK  ��. . 1 ���-���-, -,  X.-c  Ft J.^BRADLEY&CO.  Uairons Ave.'     !       <VR^BROOK  K. I'I. SJtA.ni., 3>:in��KCi'.. S Y..  Good rooms, good tables and  bar,  and first .class sample rogms.  bnKS^ia^-latyly.a^f  'Hfd:^S^fsld^  !;;Sninlo^eyb-k'>Ml.Camp.  I bcii *''Co'3 forG^__���. ..' ��� '��� .  Gra,ubrook Eagles.  a ay Yon Rhein, Provincial Popnty  nnnl Presidant ol the Eajjlos, will be.  G l^MOok novt Wednesday and will  m Oranbiook ��o�� ftaaistod  ovganizo an none,    uo win u  hy" members  fernie aorie'a.  10.     iri-O wm w  iwo^.y.--  ��� from''the   Moyie  and  Pout SPERMS Apseissmust Dtsi'P^t.  n^i,S. tl.^?WVi��lctal Revenue T^ ami  1 V,V-- ��� rt i��cs frvil iiwoitto. tax, assessect au4  ftll ^^.^^��>^j^.;d  teViCrt under   the*.  "Ass^smcatArtW,. J CQUecUW8 for  la j- oi  ��� lwrsQUJil **  January iOO-.x, A# c. KELSON,  Assessor and Collector,  Fort Steele Assessment District. *i#    *'  {���  /;iO  O      '  'd f>  I     K.  S  ;  !  :it  J>  i     ,c  ���s-  M  ^  i4.      \  *, '���     ,l  6 -i   -\   (t  r.  1V        i  PERKINS' FRESH  AIR FUND  -;���-   By EPES W. SARGENT  Coyvrioht; lmktbif Epes'TT. Sargent  yjm  ft  ��"]  i ,-*N  -   ,j  ���: 'lit  -^'  *%  ���  i   o  i'-.i-  .if-  ���i��  I   '  :���   ���  Mi  Perkins'' real name was Chester Albert Montgomery PAster, and "it was  his graceless uncle. Jack Pflstet\ who  had shortened it to Perkins, a title tlie  bearer wore with meek resignation.  It was Jack Paster,also.who had declared  Perkins  to .have  been  born si  professional philanthropist:   From his  babyhood Perkins had been possessed  by a love of giving, exceed only by^his  desire that his gifts be heralded to. the  wcdd.-.Mrs., Pfister labored in vain to  Instill into his mind the value ot" unostentatious , charity.- Once she had even  sought to enforce her argument by aid  of a i hairbrush,  only  to  lind, her 'off-,,  spring'an hour later watching a lame  ���boy eat'the apple given him ns a balm  for his' wounded feelings and gleefully  informing  the  passerby that it  was  through  his sacriUce  that the other's  enjoyment had been UrougbUibout.  ,���   After that she decided that-it would  be well to wait until  Perkins, should,  havei arrived,at more> mature years before'continuing, her'argument:    Then  one nftqrnoon Jack arrived  with .IV r-  * :kln��.under his arm,."tin? boy clad, only  in   his''trousers.'    Between   roars... of _  laughter, Jack1 described how Perkins*  had, started'in by giving his shoos tea  'barefooted bootblack and. enthused by  , the imaginary'appreciation of the. piis-  eersby. w'bo had been attracted-by the.  unusual >sight,, hacl,;>gradually   parted*  '* '--with- his raiment', piece by piece.f until  -liis uncle's opportune arrival alone.had  ��� -saved   tlie .youngest   ineinber. 'of,; the  "house,' o"f'P'flsteVfroi'n ,coming borne in  a barrel aiid'a'st'ate'.of nature. , *'' ', y  "Mrs.'   Pfister   decided'that '.heroic  * measures,, were necessiux ayonee-and,  '. turned re'rkina over to his father. The,  ,i*latter* succeeded in convincing his son;  ythat popular, applause \vas��� not .an, es-  t.s'eutial accompaniment to charity und  '.-'���thrit secrecy and��� good^udgmcut were  "- more -to' be.praised ^thnn-ostftiitation���^  all of" which, "being reduced*? to .words"  - 'of" one and'lw6,_syllablcs, wjis'du'y absorbed by-Perkins.   <     ��� .  '*, -  .' '   That night at the table Perkins was*  permitted to come ,hi for dessert, .and  ���'.he'-gravely listened'to'an argument be-  "   'tween Jack and pretty Grace Tyson,as  fresh air fund tbe ticket seller tell into,  tbe error of supposing that it was a:  belated'part of an excursion which had  gone out thatyvery'morning from tha  real society.   He provided Perkins with,  tickets to a town a short < distance up  tlie river.    With tlie change Perkins-,  purchased   a    generous   luncheon ^of'  cough  drops  and peanuts, vand,   thus j  equipped, the first'personally conducted  excursion   bf   the   Perkins   fresh   air  fund made a start. * ,  It was a' ride of an -hour and a halt  by slow train to their destination. The  lunch disappeared, and the children  were tired and, quarrelsome. When  Perkins,, with blind confidence, an-^  nounced himself and his party as a'  'fresh air fund and demanded, to be  shown tbe farmers who delighted to  take in children, the station agent, who  had been tormented that morning trying to handle the real party, promptly  sent' for.tbe police force of two constables.. , The party was taken into  custody. , ���    , ��� A>  Huddled into one-small-room In^the  /village  lockup  things  were  not" well  ���with Perkins.    He  bad  promised an'  "outing, and instead they had been'arrested. ., Boylike they' took' prompt and  summary vengeance upon Perkins, who  formed-'the lowest layer of a pyramid  of six energetic youths just as Miss'Tyy  son'was ushered into the room.    The'  ' constables soon Separated the'combatants, and bit- by  bit the story' came  out.   "Miss Tyson first laughed; then  she cried.'sand then she .kissed Perkins  a very great many- times, for Perkins.  ', favored bis mother���and Jack, Pfister  "Meanwhile,there was anxiety in the;  Pfister home.    Perkins, had, not' come-  home for lunch. - All' of the relatives  were "telephoned, and aJ clew'was secured from'Mr. Montgomery, who.,re-,  -lated^theiincident 'of the'five dollar donation.,/ r ''",' .:-/,'   ' ..   ,,     , 'A  " 'Jack''PAster's,'quick >,wit- solved the-  rest of ''the" problem.' -Perkins' freaks  ������were Vconstant source of' delight,to-  him, and be isaw in a moment how the,  argument of themight before had borne  fruit A telephone inquiry,at,the railroad station confirmed bis theory, and  barely .Had "Miss Tyson made Perkins  ,'a'nd' bis companions"- comfortable at;  the'"f und"' headquarters when Jack arrived on* an*express'and" made straight  for the headquarters fas the first place  *b'f inquiry.   \ ,-     .', " '     '    ��� '      , *  ' Perkins did not know whether Jack  THE PANTHEON.  xt  Hm    WitH��tbod    Vicl����itnde��    of  '' Over  Twentr   Centnrie*.  The Pantheon is the most interesting  ��� of all the interesting places of Rome.  It was used for its present purpose as  a place of religious worship before the'  foundations of the Coliseum were laid.  Its' huge doors have opened 'to admit  the great ones of the earth, from Augustus Caesar to Napoleon, an assertion that will scarcely be disputed. -  *  It stands in the very, heart of old  Rome, and the vicissitudes which have  befallen  the Eternal City, during tbe  2,000 years of its' existence, have left  it practically unchanged.  -The gilded  bronze'.that lined'its roo-f bas been carried off to "decorate" St. Peter's, where,  in the' form of clouds and Cupids, cords'  ' and curtahis, it fills' the beholder with  displeased amazement. ���' ���. '_<  Its tiles of'bronze' and gold'were removed' to "Constantinople 1,500 years  ago, and the, statues which * adorned it  liave -.long' since perished.'- But;; the,  mighty "walls'yet stand, firm as ever,'  sweeping "up to the-majestic dome, the  largest, though not the highest, in the  world.       '  ,   One hundred feet across,- a hundred  feet'  high' and  perfectly, circular,,r no  architect could design a building more  perfect in its proportions, more harmonious'as a whole.''It,'is lighted,solely  by an "aperture in the dome, a circle  - thirty' feet across.''" Standing on its ma'r:  ble floor,, one looks, up to the greatest  'dome .man  ever Raised  and  through  ��� that'to,-the blue'dome' which  bends  above it, sending summer sun or win-c  ; ter '.rain1: through' those bare yards of  space.     J" i"'     ' , / ,     ,'���,���.'-������'.:_    **  The1'effect js so 'impressive, so entirely unmatched and unrivaled,' that'the  dullest'of hearts arid most untaught of  minds must perforce, acknowledge its  influenced    A'man, may think St. Pe-  'ter's"\..'disappointing,";', may,��� condemn  the '[Coliseum   as, barbaric -or  decide^  that he*'does-'not' care  for/the^cata-  combs.ibut every man,.who has viewed,  -it   has   been  impressed,   even 'to  the  pitch of .respectful silence, by the Pan-  i',theon. ��� "     ,* ,', ���" '' ���>  ���    "���*'.'  The huge leaves- of the bronze door  ��� revolve* on their mighty-binges as they  have done since .the days of the Cae^  sa'rsj and ' so perfectly, balanced are  they -that a woman's wrist 'can unclose  thein.' Through 'those doors they - carried Julia, Caesar's'daughter, with all  NO DOUBT ABOUT  ROBT. BOND'S CASE  A TIGHT  PLACE.  HE WASCURED OF BRIGHT'S DISEASE BY DODD'S KIDNEY  PILLS  '  Doctors   Said   There   Was   No   Hope,  For Him but He is a Well   .  Man   Now-  Mount "Brydges, Ont., Jan. 9.���(Special)���-That Dodd's Kidney. Pills euro  Bright's Disease  completely* and, perr  manentlyhas been-clearly shown in  the case/of Mr:  Robt.-Bond,  a- well-;  known resident of    this   -place.  ��� Mr.  Bond does not hesitate to  say    that  heL-owes his'life to    Dodd's    Kidney  Pills.'''' '.-���"'' ' '. '  , f,'My-attending physician," Mr.���Bond  stales; "said I was'in the last stages  of Bright's, Disease' 'and that there  was no hope for me.', I- then ycom**  menced' to! use Dodd's-=-Kidney Pills  and no other remedy.' ,1 used, in all  about twenty boxes when my doctor  pronounced me quite well. I have  had ho  return,-of. the trouble since.  Bright's Disease is ��� Kidney Disease  in-its. worst form. Dodd's Kidney  Pills alwavs .cure it. "They also easily cure milder forms of Kidney Complaint. ** i, '''',",,  T ' , ' * * ' *  '*    ' TIbetnn�� 'nnd Jewelry.  ' Tibetans, *like all people of a. low  civilization, delight in showy'and massive jewels. A man is only' poorly  adorned,' with, a "heavy Rilyer earring,  How tlie Speaker Saved a Cobcmm.  ' mm From a CoutlT Joke.  It was a, gay-time in congress "on��  night when there was "an-all night session on the Mills' tariff bill in 1888. It  had been difficult to _ keep a sufficient'  attendance, and the house had adopted  a resolution directing the sergeant at  arms to compel the presence of absent  members. ,One ,by one- they were  brought before the' bar;of the house  and after making all sorts of excuses  and explanations were permitted to;  go unpunished!   , '  About ��� midnight Congressman" Henderson was brought before the speaker^  He bad, he said, no.excuse to offer, y ���  "���I was at a'theater party," ^he con-'  timied,*  "when   P was "arrested   and  brought here. "There is no sort of excuse "for absence wiUiout lefave.''  ^-"1  move .that the  gentleman  from  !lowa be, fined $5,000!"  called one' ot  Henderson's colleagues. ',*   _t  ���    > ������  "I second,the motion!" shouted twenty or morS members, v all. of them his  friends. . '      ,.'""    'I   *  "��� ���     ���  "It  Is   moved  and   seconded!"   said  Speaker Carlisle, '{that.' the gentleman  from Iowa be fined $5,000. , Those in  favor of the motion will say 'Aye.'','  Two hundred delighted,voices shout-'  ed"Aye!"   4^" '   '     .���,'���>,  "Those' opposed will say 'No.''   >.  Henderson's, agonized voice was alone  ,ln yelling ''Npl"     ',"'',,  .There was but one. way, to .slip out  of''the, joke and  prevent'the, motion  How's This!  W�� offer One Hnndred  Dolteirt  Hewitrd for  *ht caso of Catarrh tDat  cannot b�� cured br  Hall's Catarrh Care.      .  ���^    ��. ,   .    n  F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.  We.  the undersigned, ���>* hare   known B.  J  Cheney for the last 15 years, and belie*e him  perfectly   honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by bis firm.   <r x-..,���.-  ,    "WALDING, KlNNAN & MA6RVIN,  1            u holesale Drsigffists, Toledo, O.  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The women wear regu- , ���   _-,_-.    ,, - .  ?ai   Idlers'   shops   oni their   heads,    from being carried, and .that was for,  fJnlZ! nomads their, hair^arrang;.   Speaker Carlisle,to overrule the house.  .    TAKE   NOTICE  ?, We   publish "simple,   straight  testv  monials; not press agentsl, interviews*  from ,wfell-known people.  ' ,. ���>  From all over America thoy 'testify!  to the merits .of" MINARD'S ��� LINl-1  MENT;- the best Yof Household llem-i  edies. .       , ,, ' "' A  * C.   C.   RICHARDS , &. CO.  ed'in innumerable small tresses tbutjn-:  "volve more than n whole day's (work, is '  decorated with*" .three  great bands ,of  woolen stuff or red silk strewn with  rubies,   shells,  artificial-pearls,  corals^  turquoises',, amber   heads,   red, agate.;-,  told, silver or copper reliquaries., ,    . -.."  the* more glad to'see him or Miss-1 {hQ pomp of her imperial power about  ---'-"����������� *"-- ' her   !'And-after the"'lapse of twenty  centuries **King Humbert was .brought  across-the selfsame threshold to,, sleep  his last sleep'.'in the .ancient place. ,  *.,i->>, "ItI/>  -vvn"-nInS','l.ove'.  .  "I: am'afraid George is beginning to  grow/cold .toward me,'^half'sobbed.the,  young'.wife. y '   /;  "What's-he been' doing now.' inquired her mother sharply..   "       ., "������  ','']' ���  "In his "last letter'he, only" sends me  a thousand"kisses;,and always before  he used to send 10,000,000."   0  The" nays have it,"rtsaid he gravely.  "The gentlemanis excused."      /,   ,? _  ��� '' HOW 'K WATCH.WORKS;,  \  '.' -��� , ,.c r������'���y     - *���  A Vlbratinc'.*Wheel .Talceii  the,-Place,  !:. '���< of the Clock'n rencluliom.-*, "/'  -'A* watch "differs'"from*! a. clock -in its  having a'1;vibrating -wheel instead of a  vibrating'pendulum.,and. as inua clock  gravity-is always pulling "the pendulum  down to the bottom of-its. arc, which is  Its natural p&ce of rest, .but does not  'fix"itr there because the'momentum acquired - during its ffall' from, onek side  carries it up to^an'.equali height Yon the  other, Vo in a watch a spring, generally  .spiral, surrounding the axis of the balance wheel, is always pulling .this .to-  J   ���     *.-.....' I-l, ..4* ����r.'-*-   i-.���l- rlnps  She,Knew" Him       ��� i  Here  isf a" tala 'from^.Los ^Angeles,  whore"f divorce isi" .remarkable , easy.  Two"children.met'at a'-dancing school.'  Said' th��S*--little  girl:     "So .y.ou  have  V new"! father at four house, I hear.'  "Yes,"'replied the'.little'hoy, "and he,  is "the "nicest    chap -*t I"  e^er    saw.  "Pboh,"�� said''theilittle girl, "L   knowj  all^ab'out' 'him;   Ije ��� was, .my .father!  once!' "';    ''.,*'. "\ J,  "   .'  , A' Snuill    rill,    but  that judge o�� the, powers, of a'  it's   size4'would    'consider "Par  S-l-  Il  I:,  T>Wi "but he^was certain."that Miss  'Tykon-'criedcvery much more oyer Jack  than-she' had over him.' At any rate  his  explanation that he  was  merely  ' trying to carry out the paternal injunction not to make a display, of .his good  ^works"' fell upon .unheeding  ears,  for  Jack'was protesting:that he had^been  a cad the night.before,.and Miss lyson  ,-was'vehemently, declaring, that He wa��  v a \ shamefully. neglected, and decidedlyc  idenr'.'boyj   which   explanation;  being  ''made she-took'back .the ring. *  -,        .,  Then because  it was too /public  a  place;-to kiss "Jack she. kissed Perkins  even more than she had in the lockup,  to  that young man's' great bewilderment, for it had been more, than an  hour since he had been.found. Then he  arid Uncle Jack went back to town,  where Perkins was made much of by  the family.                        ,   xi_ . ���  "I think," he said late*in tbe evening  as his golden head drooped drowsily  upon his mother's shoulder, "that when  you don't tell more people find out than  when you do." With which sage conclusion he wei�� to bed, while Jack  Pfister-went to the library .to write to  Grace. ' .      ��        .The'Archbishop'*   SuKsestlon.     <  ' The* late "'Archbishop' Corrigan " was  .one of,*the gentlest,of-men, but wjhen it  was necessary*to reprove .any one under 'his chargej ^whether ,priest :or, lay;  man, 'he' never. hesitated "to do* so. -  At  Jone time there -was .a" vacancy 'in the  'rectorship of .one .of the barge ^chur^es  in New .York city,'and several clergymen-were talked about"for ,the'position. Two prominent women who were  members of the church cahed upon the,  archbishop and urged .the selection 'Of  -, one of their, clerical ,friends.    As they  were leaving one woman turned to th��  other and said impressively:  '���Wheu you get home pray .that the  Holy G-host may give the archbishop  the grace to appoint the right man."  Like  a  flash- the  archbishop   turned  around and said in icy tones:  ''���/'Wlilie you are at it ask'the Holy  Ghost to give women, the grace to attend to their own business."--  Oi��e  View  of "Wcdloclc.        ,, , ,  ���,--���-- . -.., .   ,  - An> Englishwoman had" had a good, ward a middle position of rest, but does  detJoftioS) roller husband, who, \not fixjt-there because'ithe momentum  ���aSdin- to her account; .was a mon- ' acquirecC'durlng its approach," to tho  sZ ot imJ? Some 0^. asked -why b middle position from either side^carries,  lie hW married a person of such char- ��� it Just, as .far past on^the other side,  arter ���eli; you see, he ain't my o and,the spring bas, to begin^its -work  fifst" ^aT?hb reply. "I.was pertickler again." .The.balapce w^e^ejeb i-  abouVmy first.  This here's .my' second, ,^mtlon allows'jnotootto^a^o  at that. But there"-with ���' ing wheel !to ^pass.  as the. penauium  and a bad un at that. l'ut,there"-witn ������ ing wneei ;w.pu6|M  ��.w  >--���--  Tshvn, of the shoulders^'lie^a shade ��� does in a/do* ag t^^rt o�� bea^  i,e^ th^tbewb.k'usrj.y ,y -y   &E--7-i��2�� JSU i-p:up'  ^MOTHER'S    PRECAUTION  .-.  l      ���       -.    ��� .       -j���    ������ 'A.-..   '. weignt USeu Iii a- iwj.=-i ; 7 --     *r  lThere l's no'tlelling when a*medicine-; ^tg^qually^ell, whatever be its pos   -i,^ .^L'kAnri'in homes "where; there_   , ,. ,\y_^.,.   ..^y��� -nmo.. nlthouch ca  ;1lows. * A mainspring ._  'the motion of theSvatch instead of the J  weight used in a'clock", and* as a4 spring*  i    ��� ^ '   rnU"i^��ll   '���^rl-,n+'*-��n-" V>�� its nOSO-  Po-jverfuL������Thej  pin bj  armele'e'i  A'-egretable1  Pills   to   be , lacking. ��^  a   little.-wonder   among   pills.       V, nat^  it lacks  in  size", it makes up in potency   The  remedies  winch   it'carries  are  put   up   in "these   small   doses,   because  they   are *so  -powerful   that; only   smfl-i  doses  are .required.'. The lull strensto 1  of the extractsjs secured in^hisfprm  and  do  their  1-,      1,      work' thoroughly.,  "Women  .(i.  mayhemeeded-in homessphere, there      ,     ?a.^^ kefeps tlme, although car;  are -young1 children,,.* and  the  i��"l���� , Hed iii* the pocket or in a moving .ship,  to, have ,a  reliable' medicine  at hand- riedtt. ��*^ tf^tctf 6ne^turn of the  much   suffering, and,, per ,; In.wind^V^,, ^ .g ^ ^^^  ed equivalent'by the train of wheels to  about 400 turns or beats of the balance  may, mean, ...���.^    ,.���-.-���- ,        i���,��*_.  haps 'ther'loss   -of    a 'priceless  Me.  " y ' -     ���*.- ...  ->--*.-.j   -irnovo  keep-*a  the  AS IT WAS  TOO PUBLIO A  PL AGE TO KISS  '     "     JACK SHE KISSED PISltKINS.  the value of fresh air funds.   It was  to  a hobby  with Miss Tyson,,and Jack  was jealous of the time she devoted to  1 ; i  r',t:  M ���;  the   fund   because   it   interfered   with  .their mutual pleasures.  Perkins drank in Miss Tyson's glowing description of the joys of the city  child in the country and the willingness of the farmers to take them tor  a week He decided that she.must be  right* though. He was unacquainted  with fros'yair funds. Usually he was  sent to the country in May. unt this  year some especial club business requiring his mother's presence in town,  their departure had been dolVnefl.  Fresh air funds, he slithered, meant  taking  poor children   to   the  country,  where the farmers Cod theui fresh milk  and let them walk on tho grass.    Such  enterprises were greatly lo be 'ii-prov-  ed   since Uncle .la^k condemned ibeiu.  It had  been   through   Uncle .luck   he  had had that awful hour with Ins father in the library.    Of course he did  not   know   that   after   dinner,   in   the  eame library. Grace handed back hor  rinc. declaring that she could uot nmr-  rv "a man so thoroughly selfish.    Had  he seen Jack  I'listcr pacing tbe. lloor  of his room that evening even Fer.kuis.  might have been.sorry.  But since it was not considered necessary to inform Perkins of his uncle's  affairs'ho continued in the belief that  fresh air funds were most excellent  ���'.' things to be encouraged  very simple too  '     find  a   lot of  poor  Uncle Montgomery  , A  Mon. *  "So" said the head of tho ' firm,  "you've decided to go into' business for  yourself, have your Co you think you  can make more money that way -than  wTe are paying you?" ,  "I'm   afraid   not,"   replied  the   em-  olOVGG  "Then why do you want to leave  here' Haven't we treated you well?  You get a vacation, with pay, every  summer. Wben you happen to be'sick  yori're not docked,, and I've always  made it a rule to treat my men as well  as I know liow. If it isn't going to be  to your financial/advantage I cant see  why you want to leave us."  "Well   you-see,  1 was reading the  other day that no man can serve two  masters, aud I've been thinking about j  it a good deal since and about made up ���  ,   ���    Love.  Lord Cyron,^ brilliant,' beautiful and  unscrupulous   as   his   own  DoV  Juan,  left behind him' the maxim that there  was but one real form of happiness in--  ��� love���where   a   man   and   woman   so^  adored each other that they could conceive of' no happiness out of each other's  sight,   and   this  for  their   whole  lives.   Grant that this is to demand a  .<-rreat deal, yet it is true that all tbe ���influences of long life combine to identify two who dwell together.  Their very  faces often -grow inore alike, and how  frequently the death of one is followed  speedHy.'-.without sufficient visible reason, by that of the other also!  Every mother  should always  box' of  Baby's   Own   Tablets   in   .house. ' This .medicine acts , promptlj  and speedily, cures such ills .as stomach and bowel - ctroubles, teething  troubles/simple fevers," molds'.worms,  and other .little" ills. And the.moth,  er has, a guarantee that the Tablets  contaTn ^ opiate 'or harmful Jug.  One*wise mother, Mrs.' Geo. Hardy,  Fourchu, N.S.,'says: "I^v* used  Baby's Own Tablets and find them a  blessing to children. I am not sat-  isflS without"a box in the'house at  ���all times.".' If your, dealer does not  keep'these Tablets in stock send 2o  cents to The Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co Brockville,* Ont., and you will  get' a box by mail postpaid.  He"  The wife of a burglar was being examined bv an eminent lawyer.    -You  wife of this,manV' asked tlie  my mind that it's so  ���'ir-,��� t-n-'sters''   What do you mean?   are the  T��o mastery  ^  J^ ^^    bnpi.lster_    ..YfiC,.'   ro.jlic���  lhe  witness.  /^.    l "You knew he, wns  and  She  th��  has  Tlicy were  It would be easy to  children,   and   his  would finance  the  affair     -It was to that maternal relative   that   he   applied   the   following  morning,   dropping   casually   into   his  office.      Five    dollars    was   promptly  forthcoming, 'Mr.��� Montgomery  having  no idea that the donation was for Perkins' own particular fund.  Armed with the crisp note,  rounded up  half  a -dozen small  boys  and   invited   them   for   a   two  trip to the country.    These he  ed to the railway station, and on his  vacue   announcement   that  it   was   a  Perkins  weeks'  march-  I guess  I'm  here, ain't I?"  "Yes���but." ST  "But what? If there is anything go-  in- on in this establishment that I  don't know about I'd be very much  obliged if you would tell me of it.  "it's not here.   You sec. 1-1 got married about a year and a half ago, and-  and   the   honeymoon's   over,  ladv  has  assumed control,  found that the'wife of  a man  on  a ,  salary doesn't seem to inspire much enthusiasm in society."-Chicago Record-  Herald.   Catting Off the End ot a Cljcnr. ,  "v0 indeed. 1 do not think much of  the'man who will cut...the end of his cl-.  -Bfir off with a kntfe, nip it off with a  nipper or clip it off with, a Chpper,  said the smoker, "though��� I- suppose  most persons, will regard the matter as  of small consequence. From my way  of looking at it the habit of cutting tne  end off a cigar before beginning to  smoke it is barbarous,. ������.  "So far as I know no question of etiquette is involved in the matter.  You  can cut, nip or clip or bite, just as you  nlease   so far as the etiquette of the  matter is concerned.  It is not a matter  of  form.   But there is  a question  of  cettlric the best results, and that's the  only point I have in mind. Bite the end  of vour cigar off, old man, if you want  the best results, aud I ought to know  what  I'm   talking   about,   for I  have  smoked a long tlkne and have tried all ,  SyStems."-New Orleans Times-Democrat.   ' ' li  a burglar when you  married him?" continued the,lawyer.  "Yes," she answered. "And how did  you come to contract a marriage with  such a man?" "Well, it was this way."  said the witness sarcastically, "I was  getting old and had to choose between  a burglar and a lawyer. What .else  could I do?"  Hid   and   Her  Work.  "Woman overworked? Fudge! Think  of the men!"  "Ah, but you know the old saying,  'Woman's work is never done.' "  "I know it,' and that's the reason she  oughtn't to complain. A man has to do  bis work or lose his job."  DID  HIS  BEST.  -BroiiKlit'-llic    Only    Cant    Hook  That  He   Could   Find.  If the report of the Fultou Gazette is  true a, Missouri farmer, accompanied  }.v several of his hired men,-went into  the woods one morning in the tall or*-  the year to cut down some trees. AA hen  about lo begin work it was discovered  that the .cant hook bad been lett behind.- Turning to one of the men an  irishman not very long over, the farmer instructed him to drive back to the  barn for the missing tool. Tyel��sh-  nWdid not know what a cant hool^  looked-like, but was averse to exposin  his ignorance, so drove off on his errand, trusting 1o find some one at the  farm who would enlighten him*    *  At the barn, however, there was no  one to help h.m  out of hi- dne^J  llis eyes  aboutjhe^ pUcc^or  wheel.Yand'thus the. exertion during a  few seconds of the hand which winds-  up   gives * motion  for  twenty-four  oi  thirty hours.      , ,  Do'ifi  Memory  o�� a Bee  StinB.  "Something must have stung your  do-" said a resident of this city to a  suburhmiite, whom he was visiting a  ?ew days ago, as he noticed the'antics  of a large collie which, after snapping  franticafly at a-flying J?f^.1?^  his head and.carefully licked his right  forepaw  VNo,"  '-'that is only a ���  When he was a puppy a bee stung him  on that foot yousee him attending to,  and ever since he-lias cherished a  standing grudge against flying insects  Apparently the sight of one not on*  arouses his anger, but,, recalls mosl  vividly his" first experience.with one.  for each time after.running altei one,*  then."  Ohr'tlie'. neatness ' of,   their "neatness  when  they're, neat,, .    .  And'.the sweetness of .their, sweetness  when- they're' sweet, '  i.  Oh, "'the gladness of ,. their,, gladness  'when they're glad,;*        ���> ���    y J*  \nd  the  sadness  of Uheir    sadness-  *   when* they'.re'sad!    . ,     ;       -'--.''  And- their  neatness  and  their  sweet-,  Xhd^heir,' gladness /aha*\hdix, sadness  tre' as'-nothing >to-ytheir��- madness  *.  *-'wlien"!',they're mad.*' ,.     y  ���'.   y'''' ;���rr^���^T-   '  [ Minard's Lidimeot Cores Dyptheria^ 1  ,      -"*'    '    '-'---    a   *"   ' -     - * '��� "  .      ^j.   -.j,*,; ��� j. ..-*��� **- ." '  , ; Only an,^Episode  , 'Breathlessly tho 'young ' man    who  had  declared himself,  stood over ber,  aVaiting' his  answer       ���  ,   Breathlessly���yet it was betlei  so.  'He  was   chewing  a  clove.  pill.���The ,.ex-  tlie     substance '  the   ingrodicn'ts,    and  That of Par-  replied the owner of the dog,  ��� '  ~   little deuision of his.  >Tot    av"XnuKeutln*K.  cipicnt     of   a    -pill   is  which     enfolds  makes  un  the pill mass,  mffe"."PyqBe��iMe   PHI.   ��   ��     ""J  pounded   as1 to   preserve     J '     �����*  ure,  and'thweanve  earned  hnto any  Iktitucjc        without        iniP'i"'��-  strength.   Many pills,  In order to keep  them .from     adhering-,  powders,   which   prove  the   taste. ��� * Parmelee s  are  so   prepared   that   they  able .to ,the  most  are   roiled   ln-  nauseating   to  Vegetable Pills  are   agree-  delicate.  t^tt*t irTfT'FIT.LERS 'FIT^LFB-S .. -���  FITh?Sonmtionah committee of the  v.n-nt   Men's , Christian    association.  now number 1,818,  their  membership  is 373.502,  and th  penditures  in  the  $3,S56,32S. '   ,  and their receipts and cx-  vear    balanced  at  Casting  a horn  upon  its   Head  uiiu  <-  ���n* -��.<i<; wlvit ho had been sent toi.  Vrocurla-a rope l,c"fastened the cow  to   riear end'of his vehicle and ex-  ultin-lv drove back to the wood-,.  "Wat the  Sam  Hill  have  you  got  tuere?" shouted the farmer on seeing  his  messenger and the cow       I  sent  -ou for the cant hook to use in mo mg  the loss.   What have you brought that  CSe��SerS, bos* divil anofhe^iing  could! see around the barn that.cant  nook but this."  ��,.��;   t-UHt   X,IKlitno-ai��e��.  The  first' lighthouses   had   fires   of  wood and coal kindled -at the top of  them. ���  *Whnt   It  Hid .For  Her.  "I    suppose    your    daughter's    trip  abroad did her a wonderful amount of  good?"  "Yes.    She always says T fancy  Instead of- T guess.' "-Baltimore News.  Tl��e  ffiiaard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc  A puff  is  a poor "prop.  Convictions  create  character.  All  power  involves  privileges.  Fast living  is but  faster  dying.  Only a fool's tomorrow ruins tortav.  ���lit motives make good  manners  Ri  Blessings  are  of pain. .  It  is the opportunity we make  makes us.  hidden  in   tho   blows  tli.it  A soa.p oi do\iht is ac destroyer of clothes.  There is i\o doubt a.bo\it  A  LesBOii  les-  In   Boxing.  "What are vou going:to do, Henry?"  asked"-airs. 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That this pa __ _  ( ticular monarch should have been ei."  tombed  since he  salero chamber of Westminster abbey--y;~  and it might naturally have been sup"  posed   in  the   circumstances   that   h��  would have been laid to rest in the ah'  TRY IT OWGE. It will do you good.  there is tbe more remarkably -no-fT a TjV   OO   \&��\K  , breathed his last in the Jeru'*.]N U AD, X    <K5..>WJ.  I. 0. 0. F. Ball.  sr>7  Lever's Y-Z'(Wise Head) Disinfectant  Soap Po"wder dusted in the bath, softens  the water and disinfects. 2��  bey, where so many other of England's annual'baU  of the   Moyie  kings sleep their last sleep.    It seems*16 ""   j" ,, ',   ,, .      ' w  however. ?hat Henry'before his deatlq Ho��  Oddfellows waagiveu last  ,*a ti.nt im wns to be buriea */B^V.��o^k*a �� *^      I   .OiT^f  are. After/he is .through speaking no  one has any doubt of what Mr. ,01*-  ver's opinions are, nor that he will  defend tfi'ose ��pinions with courage  and, tenacity: He believes that words  were given to express, and not to conceal, thought, and -acts and talks' accordingly. If be has not yet come to  lived -conclusions regarding any subject of public interest, he is no whit  gave orders that he was to be huriea  In the cathedral at Canterbury opposite the tomb of his uncle, Edward,  the Black Prince.  For hundreds of years a story was  current that on the way down the river a hurricane arose and that the people on board the vessel, convinced that  the storm was caused by the fact that  .a king's body was on'*board, cast the  corpse into' tbe water in the dead of  night and, filling the'coffin with rubbish, brought it with all pomp and circumstance to the cathedral., Some  years ago the dean and chapter resolv-^  Chronic Catarrh  Always Catching Cold  No Return in U Years  * O-ffVT ON  TEA  is ,the Purest  and  Sweetest  Tea   in  tlie  Ui Kit is sold only in sealed lead packets  to preserve its  ���  ' native goodness.    By all Grocers.  RECEIVED    HIGHEST   AWARD   AND   GOLD    MEDAL    AT   ST.   LOUIS."  T-^^.^^^^a^^^'^s^ata  SHSP   ^U^^aTtricti;Comxni��.ion Buimea,  Liberal Ad-rancea.   Oo��r����  *���*" "   ," " V"'    ".    ���5��_Uovtf��Vark��niiiraiit��ed.   Liberal AdTancea.   uoir��.  ��*��������� e^rimo..' a^tfjC^Bank of Hamilton, Excha.g.  ^'ndenY. solicited.   Llwns��d and Bonded^  ���Ul-nmed to "state the fact and never  preSs   a  knowledge  he , does    not ed to get at the truth of the story  Inossess   or to hide  it under an    as- ������ So they" opened1 the royal tomb and  sumption  of'.'oracular wisdom, ,or- be- tne king'S lead coffin.    For one brier  fog a plain issue'by a clodd of mys- mouient dean'and chapter gazed upon  -   FRANK  OLIVER-  W.P.        *  .Editor   and   ^r   of   the,  Edmonton Bulletin,  Newspapermen.  liKeJfwj and  f��������it.v  of  drifting   -yy*      nf  the  ua faculty of  West  arc  -��*-*-��� ^^TrlB  in are  equal; lustre  ^tics-Walter  .Frank" Oliver,  M.P.  on   journalism,  and     on  oa   3 -!0tt/ M.P.,    and  A sketch of the  Vrank,onvei'.��*����� appoared'in ,these  ,ormcr has al lea d3 a^ say  c0lUimhat'of tie member for Edmon-  ���E8andathe editor-and proprietor of;  ^T'lntef^T-As  'confronted  ���S ?SSan%ost' insuperable  ^haserio-u, q,     q{ the  ^ c icen   of rnen- in anything that  >m   III himself.   'That is."on*paper.  'rSonal���Srsation^ew men are  t Sk and  /outspoke?.; and .he  "nm -iu* 'his *��� views om. any ^jeQt  *xiii.with blunt- directness Biit  5* Ihe despair of^eporters^an^in-  IS  tenwe/s, who, >as- of ten as notyfind  Lms  the, victims,   rather   than  tho operators, of- their, �����^nyourn.  ahsuc .methods.    ..Mr. *cWe*    <*":  Whenever he  desires,  be  as - .uncom  , .fflunicatlve    as    a clanr.-yHis  hnshj  trows will lower threateningly  o\er  his piercing grey eyes,  aq,d> men.  u  -he is wise, his interlocutor will grow  ���varv.    From  submitting   patiently  to  ' cross-examination .the  Edmonton   editor-politician   will   become     restive���  sometimes combative���in  his  replies,  ami mm the 'tables upon1 his tormen-  'tor. And, while Mr.  Oliver recognizes  tho right of the public* to  know  his  tows on  questions  of public  poliw,  he altogether,' and properly, denies its  right io an  impertinent  prying     into.  personal matters, and woe betide the  reporter with the hardihood and tem-  entv'     take counsel of his own presumption rather than of the character  of ihe person'he desires to' interview.  Discomfiture,   swift   and, certain,   will  be his assured portion.  The Parliamentary Guide states, in  a four-line   skeleton   biography     that  constitutes  almost  the  only     printed  wcoul of Mr. Oliver's career, that he  ��R3 born in- Peel Cdunty, Ontario, in  1853,  and   is,   therqlore,   in   his   fifty-  first year.     He   came   to   the   Northwest at an early age, and followed his  trade    as    a    printer's    journeyman,  working on the Free Press and other  Winnipeg papers.    Prior  to  1SSS    ho  ���went to  the   Territories   and  in  that  lear was  elected a  member  of    the  Territorial   Assembly,   tho    governing  body which,  with wider  powers, -sue-'  ceoded the    Northwest    Council.    In,  the general election of 1S9G he rcsign-  cl horn the assembly to contest the  Dominion   seat   of  Alberta   as   an   independent,   and   was   returned'  by     a  majority of nearly  S00.    At the clec-  'lon of iflOO ho won over two oppos-  m-c camhdaics  by  about    the     same  Plurality,   while  on   November  3  last,  at iht: 'general   election,   his  majority  ^e:- lus opponent* was  in the  neigh-  ���'oiluiod of 3.000, and was one of 1hc  kiM, if not the largest, in the Dom-  int.'ii    This brief record of his public  CMoi'i- tells  its  own    story,    of    tho  Slowing strength of Mr.  Oliver's pop-  Mai'it}  In    the    Territorial    Assembly   Mr.  ��lnor  was,   in. the  old   days,   one  of  'be'most-forceful"and ���striking figures,  in-l. in the wider,, arena of Dominion  Witics, his downright,' upright, 'forth--,  '���'riSht,-fearless   statements  ofu.polk-.ies  '5ntl issues have won for him national  'fame.    He was returned to thes-;Ga.n-  adUi-n'' Commons' as7 an   independent,  JW  the   passage ' of Ytime   has   found  nini working; in more and more complete harmony with the Liberal party,  In Hie Ottawa House there are many  J110" with greater grace of expression  atl(* of. more   attractive   manners   as  a speaker,   but  few   are  listened     toj  w-t'i more   attention-'than., the   plain-]  . sPoken   member   from   the     Western  Fairies.   ��� He" has  the  faculty   of . gp-  I^.S straight.-to the gist and heart, of  "nrjrs when he discusses thfcm. Theirs  !^ no indirection,   no  indecision,     no  renting about  the   bush,   in   what  he  "as to say.    Mis   Olivers'has  thought  '0!1 'wiuit'he  nroposes to discuss,  has  Cached     definite     conclusions   there-  anont.. and in  speaking has no other  Purpose   than   to   convey,   in   as   few  M'��rds aa  mav  be.   and   with   the   ut-  P10^- Possible lucidity    and    straight-  l0nvardncss,   What   those   conclusions  tifying' claptrap. For the rest he is  a plain citlxen.-a man who,, believes  in democracy, who is ever on the side  of the masses against the classes,  he? hates with all the strength ,of  a strong nature all forms of injustice  and oppression, who never seeks and  never avoids a fight, but who. once  engaged, will,, struggle on to final victory with a tenadioSiS courage ,that  no obstacles can ,��rush and no cllffi-,,  culties subdue. His is the the temperament of .the pioneer; ' his ���the disposition'-that "snatches victory out, of  tbe'jaws of defeat' Withal,, he has a  level-headed canniness .that seldom  permits him to be placed in. a' false  position, -a ��� shrewdness that foresees  contingencies and avoids errors..  Frank*. Oliver is no Don Quixote to  run'a-tilt into-windmills,, or to batter  his head against stone walls. Caution,  equally'"with courage, - are his outstanding .^characteristics, Jjoth. m ms  personal anl political career. ��� '  , As   an- editor,.. Mj.   Oliver   exhibits  the game characteristics of energy as  he has shown in public life.'   He took  hold of the 'Bulletin when . Edmonton  was the most northerly of all  Canadian towns, .was -practically   isolated  from  the  rest ,of  the  Dominions  and  known   principally     as   a .convenient  starting, pointUor  the   journey   'into  Se hunting  and^ trapping  regions  o,  Athabasca,  the Peace  and the  Cans  dian    sub-arctics.    The    Bulletin    at  That time i reflected  the  pr-sen* Position and the-future promise, of    the  town     It- was the day of small things  �� Western  journalism,  and the Bulletin \,was Wio, exception   to  the  rule.  Its  news  ,was    fragmentary  and  arranged   arid',*   its - presswork  "SS^P no,better than that or dozens  6f other  papersMn Western-Canada.  But.- '.oven ��� in  those;*-eayly . days,--, its  fditWial   utterances   were  imPjessive  in their" influence,  and-'it. became,    a  iroSrh'that what' tho .Bulletin   said  ^iiW soon .he  what  the*Terntories,  thougbt.   And. as time went on. e\eo  SffiSient   of   the   Bulletin   showed  the  growth  and   development  of  the  country  in  which  it -circulated,    and  of the wider-reaching influence of the  man w!>o controlled its  ^binies-    It  grew  bigger; -it  grew  better     From  t   weaklv   weekly 'it   developed   mo  the most forceful ,and .influential doily  in the Territories, as is fitting to&e  In tho case of the city that is destin-  (PR0N0UNCE0  si-KtEM]  A  CANADIAN .REMEDY  ���HOME   CURES  ���;,��.'^c��    *t\r  Grain 416 Grain Exchange,  DONALD MORRISON & CO. Smm,3.o���.       w.nn.peg, man.  the kindly, lineaments of .that monarch  4whom Shakespeare describes as "sky  aspiring Bolingbroke.*; Only for a moment, however, as the body crumbled  to dust almost at once. But Canterbury now knows beyond all doubt that  an English king rosts within,its walls.  ,    . 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When one considers how  rSid has been that development, how  SSe a *�� ever-widening the oppor-  tnnlfv and how adenuatelv and, with  wha'enterprise the .bulletin has chs-  charccd its duties m those pnn ���  SA none can denv that its editor  s Sie of Western Canada's mo* able  ou��nllists. as ho is undoubtedly one  of  its ���'foromost  public  men.  ms^0tyy^y  if it is a Questibn of Warmth use  E. B, EDDY'S  BUILDING PAPER  It Retains Heat and .Keeps <mt Cold.  a  ,  Writ*  for, SampUB   aad.Prloo.        '        ".  TEES AyPERSSE, Umited., Agents/Winnipeg.  NEW'POWER AND STRENGTH FOR  EVERY   ORGAN   OF  THE   BODY  IN   THE   USE   OF  Dr. Chase's  erve Food.  An   Accurate  Marksman.  Accuracy is one of the best business  accomplishments. However, it is seldom drawn to a liner point than in the  following story, taken from the Chica-  go Journal:  I During the bombardment of Alexandria in-~*lSS2 Lord Charles Beresford  asked a gunner if he could hit a man  who was on the fort.   The gunner re-  plied:   .  "Aye, aye, sir!*'  "Then hit him in toe eye," said Lord  Beresford. ne was surprised wlies  the gunner iinmirpd:  "Which eye. sir?"  J^"s��^dsyS,  SS torn the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve  Equal" Distance  ^'travelling man1 who' drove''across  the icountryuto a little town in wes  ern .Kansas  the    other    day    me    a  fkrmer hauling a' wagouload of water.  ���'Where do yon get. water?" he ask-  ed''TJp the road "about seven    miles,';  '^Anl^i^vl^ou; wator    seven  mile���or  your  family "aud  stock.'  "Whv, iu tho name of sense, don't  vou dig a well?" asked the traveller  5 ��-Because it-is just-as far one way  as  the  other,  r.tranger.  from  Nerve  ments  Food is  composed of the  ele  of   nature   "^"*   ff��   to   foim  which  go   to  * in the blood,' or,  ^t^oo^^ybsyb.  in other words, m  in  ates  of the body.  nerve   force  runs the machinery  AND   HAPPINESS  consequences   ��-    "ZT,"    t'"hc causc of  SSS'\rr;Svf'  C being   added   b,y   tins  ,Muiets tickling throats, hacking coughs, pain in the lungs.  It   relieves   congestion, suo-  you  and  tissue   arc  Srgsr^rE!^utiiertand  rews,   Man.,wrSy   ^  door   and  St.   And-  ���February,  dues inflammation. It heals,  strengthens. Your doctor will  explain this to you- He knows  all about this cough medicine.  I 25c.. 50c.. SI-00. _  J^ii-iliiiS&iJi*--.. for  JS-w^fs sa" The" oS  �����S���S'ft bibb!�����% .-yT  .bjnfi "��y StSOcomr,��o',|U f' J.  Zt III    without    obtaining    ��� benefit  ZTtneToltor-s    prescriptions or  0t^r"^S-advised  me;t^   try  How grate-  talk plainly, my  ' -1  fill  I  am  to be  cured by  n   remed!  extraordinary  I can do ray houseworic ���     dfcr  be  cured by   so wounei  ful  a  remedy  upbuilding i  Chase's Nerve Food. 50 j  Test   the  !S'tsra��fbox.   at  all   dealers  1    Sson,  Bates  &  Co..  Toronto.  or   Ed-  Thei  A^TpmTgreatiy   aid   rwsavBtr.  Purely   vegetable,  gently   laxative,,  thor, are on every box.  Made big enough for a big  man to work in with comfort  Has more material in it than  any other brand of shirt la '  Canada. Made on th��  H.B.K. scale it requires 39#  to 42 yards per dozen, whereas  common shirts have only 32  to 33 yards.  That's the reason why the  H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never  chafes the armpits, is never  tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full  and comfortable and wears  well. * '  Each shirt bears a tiny book  that tells the whole history  of tho "Big" Shirt,- and  also, contains, a notarial  declaration that the H.B.K.  "Big" Shirt contains 39#  to 43 yards of material per  dozen./  Sold at all dealers but onl��  f with this brand:���  '^'WBmm  HUDSON BAY KNITTING CO.  Hontreal       WlMlP��i       ����**�����  Ignorance  Is   a   Curse ,���v,���Hier  sclC"   is   �����   <rood   admonition,   whether  "Knuw   thy-  whother  condition  '" r Assuredly Not  By tlie terms vof an'election bet a  man in ^niporid, Kansas, obligated  himself to^burn his shirt in front of  the state capitol in .Topcka. In Kansas'the w,ind is not always tempered  to the  shirtless ,idiot,  either.  DON'T THROW  AWAY   YOUR WONEY  on Eastern and Southern Grown Nursery stock  ?hat will not grow, but write for our catalogue  o�� hSdy Apples Crabs, lJIuros, C'lerriea,  Gooseberries, ftaspberrio^, Currants, Striiwber.  ries, Hoses, Ornamental Shrubs and Trees  Hodse and Windbreak Trees Perremal Plant*,  ite "Trees that will grow in Manitoba and  the Territory.       Add^B SURSE?IB,g  St. Charles, Han.  acquainted   with     himself  how  to act w'--'  his   condition  a   good .  referring   to   one's   physical  T,Ynral habitudes.    The  man who  is  moral hao.^     himgeK     win   know  hen  any derangement in  s���,5r'B,��ctrrrnor.^:fV���B  BhlT$A%��%��lT?A\&  P    "  ogall  bronchial   troubles.       ^  a Russian has devised a means for  A Russian Qad   ^.^  ^    e^alin-  cure  preserving  SSe^rwSh^Sin coating of licniid  S:    It is then placed  in a  nnd   melted glass    poured    10  The bodr thus becomes enclosed  mould  in  lass    poured    round  it.  .. ��lr.,i��rht solid and transparent  Sks? of gtass. and would be preserv-  cd indefinitely.   Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  THK UKEAT KUGLISli ifBM-EtY,  TESTIMONIAL, from the l��.t�� S^f^  UEL BAKER. th�� Junou. ��Ue Bxj^lor��,  U "Newton Abbot, D-von. D*��ar ��l��  k.v.   rl��la.v��wi   my   thank*   as  I  51,��,*..a  The  body .is.first   h.v," delay^my   thank.   ��.  w^-JJ,  eUnt interval of__ttaeiiid   ^^   ^^  We   do  ridiculing  not   enrich   the  present  by  the  pastf  We shall be measured by what we  might  have  boon.   complaints  that tho  tiic  vic-  Cholera  and   all   summer  arc  so   ciulck   In   their  action  that  tho  L'Old  com    hand   of   death   is   upon  Urns  before  they  are  aw are  th-^  ��-!��_  ������.   ls   no:ir.     It   attacked/ do   not   <-ic  Try ��  do-o of  Dr. Ke   �����      ^^iVate  r*,-.rrlinl     and   vou   win   set   nnin* �� ���>���  ?��t f       Tt^acti  with   wonderful   rap.d-  ������Blair'i P1U�� hav�� r��der^ m. I����m��iMje  .ervice,   aa   I   no   lonR��r   l��ar   an   attaoa  ^'���For^th. la��t twenty* month. I.*.�����  been comparatively Iree, as on. or tx��  attempted visitation* havo. been lman*  lately   stamped  out  by   th.  aasiitane* \��l  ^TrSwyoir.  fSIpned)   Saml.' W. Bak.r.  T v-miin  Sodis  <t  Co ,  Montreal  ana Toij  on^o-  Th,  jKl.  Dm*   Co..  Wlnnlpwr;   vA  Uartla. Bol�� * Wynn* Co . Winnip��*.  relief.     It''acts  ity  and  never  fails  to  effect a cure.  Not  Like  said  to  Say      '  the    teacher,  Remove  d by the New Prmciplo  Would  .^"sThis^rd I have ,-itten on  tlio   board���s-l-o-w?"        ...  "Snve'sr vou do-think. What does  ,wf p-u^'call vou when you go on  nnerrS: and  don't get  back,tor   a  ^ou'S^x^JAUo^yon, ma'am"  Minard's liniment Cures Garget in Cows.  Wc  do not  earn  heaven  hy  pining  tor paradise.  "deluded "enthusiasm' than  Betters a  a dead heart.  Slick  lips,  are  , shining lights.  not    accepted    for  [Ti  Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories aro  offered vou on the bare word of the  operators a n d manufacturers. X> ^  MIRACLE is not. Ifc is the only method  which is indorsed by physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, medical journals  and prominent magazines. Booklet -will  v,-ill be sorit. free, in .plain, sealed  envelope.  Your money hack without question if  lit, fails to do all that is claimed for it.  DE MIKACLE mailed, sealed in  nlain wrapper, on receipt of SI.. Write  for it to-day to DE MIRACLE CHEMICAL CO., ��3 Qgekk Street West,  Toronto, or  $1WSOT SIT  TORONTO. ONT  THE  ROBERT  \AS     IV     \J     IM!o     SIS ^A^X^-  ,���*. ^r****!1    ���*p*imiH\r*ft*i'f "������*���"*'  '      I  ''ij.  Uv  fj^-jwOiiTyr ir* -�����  liTiMiTiT-'ii-tJiMiHWififliiim't' fillWiltl  'I'  t  I  l r,  t'  T?i moyie '"trail:  -^iblighe.d ia.tbe-.i.cterest of the people  *     ���     '' , ,       i ���,  p of Moyie and T&asi Kcotopay.  "   '  Are Yon Prfe  You Be ft  THE PANTHEON.  "J. J. SWVTHfi CO.,  Pufcllsherfl.  i <  i'i  1 / '  , , .     BATES ,07 STTESCJIPTION.  01 ae Year..., ..,*��� ������-������ ji*'*v    52.00  <J>  K , Baa    "Wlthatood    VleJarftudea    of -j^^gi^*'  '�� Over  Tvrentr   Ccntnxie*.  The Pantfieon is the most interesting-  ;    - i-i'of all the .interesting/places of Rome.  , Ax- r,   ,u     ������������,-.t tt 'It was nsed for its present'purpose ags  Some people thjnk thsy cannot i|.       ,      .^ reiigi0us worship before the1-  iggMaBjlMBMU��*��^*iii*"fc^tl*l^a'''>'>*ll'llllll1'Mllf**^''JU''11*^^^^ *������  ' ;���- ' : *  >-M@&���'*?* *"�������� *   f MVIP 111MRPV V III I im jf?ff If TO /t  ;-.   'J*)" it"*      "   '      ' ' '  a, every Monday evening in .their  ��� Ji'  ���}i  ,7)  it  *���     1  n  I  If  ��-������  *J  (  :''!!-  '.'?  'SATURpA^-r JANUARY 21,1905.  ��� ':':50>5Sr0t TRADE.  ���   y"<'.,< y ��_   ' ' -- . '  'Ihe leader baa   on  several occas-  ;on��5 urged upon' the   business   men oi  ' > "Moyie  the   necessity   of  organizing a  '' ' board ol .trade.   Even upon oueoccas-  . ion the date  was set ^organization;  /but the meeting failed   to  materialize.  We now caU'Jtihe people's  attention   to  ���    , the \ fact that ahe, new  yearys  wei),  ', started   and ' no , time ''should he lost'',  . in gettingio'getber and; perfecting ,Jaii  \ organization. - The reeideiite ot' JVIoyie -  .'should  not' lose  ��rido ;n' thpir,town,  '  , and-the only wa*,-in which to have- ite"  . welfare looked after and1 to keep- it in  '   . the-front'rank'is'fcp  Have-"its-affairs  '    placed in tiie Miarids 'of, ,a",.competent-  ' > body of men celocted for that  purpose,"  ' lv' AV'one '-time' IVioyie 'had  > .good-  ',    and compettneut 'boanT ofjrade- and'  ..much good,was' accomplished' by*'ii.  ' ".'-T&'e  same'-material is'  yet' here -urid  ''' vconsiderrble hew tiloiid with it so' -that  ( ..there ie nothing tq.beReared-hy- taking  action!at-6nce.i��� jf >-''',',''   "' ������/ _  ~f  olaes Drug ��,tore in Moyi  f ' l*        -    j  < * jL  P. O.'-Druk and Stationer|<  'if', I ATI  on- Victoria- street.-  Sojourning  Fellows oorfiiall? invited: ',' *  \-  'cots,    , '      Ft J. Bvxva, h  'Noble' Grand.       \     Secr'y.'   s  trescri  on'that will scarcely be disputed. * - fcyyiG     JftlllH  It stands in the very heart of old f, t ,   /���  - b     '"-_,-' '***'*'*''''  Rome,'and the vicissitudes which have ���    No. 7,1   W. ���"�� .0? "}���    l     '  befallen the JSternal City during, the     ., t.     ��� '   .   ��� -* ^ .  r.?t.._'  '     '"                  W     J ATft   befallen the Eternal City during th>      , -             * ^       u - *         g��fc   J.  ���       ,   J���'   .^' ^fi^OMj^*:^^                                                                  Members  ���iptions carefully,prepared. "   /   ,t     -        '%r      '   -. ��PKI^T��?''   -. are cordially, invited, to att,end:   ���    -  aa^-gu-u^!^^^  ���������   j        T.,",'"���'. *-l'.7L".   Tnnw'Mc-nowAiJ,    '"'  '.'B. Tbmby. -  piMoaJig��Mat3��.<MJ  1      P  yIiy  'If'.  u,l.   _  ill.  ii1 ,  ni  -)ii: , .  * n > 1  "    ���: -r^r   *, - '   >,, -  >     An article-now :widjbly advertised, is  goat lymph.   T know a rnan'who'- tried  ^30ii.e, and he'do^eloped into a butlxn-  -"3ky:���Tifc Philistine. '\,'      '"'  "' '   '     :    ''   '  ����   "T ~*'r , t  ��� Clmrcli Services.  - Pjj-ssBYXERiAH-rln'the  Odafeilows  Hall'.?', Sunday .School at 3 p, m. t iv-  ' lening ', 'serviee'' at 7:30."       ^    -y   ,  ��� './���    Everyone welcome.'       ''" ��� ���  ���   \       !���        p.'Mc'pIABMip,. Pastor   '  '   Methodist���Sunday School' at 3 p.  , m.  -Evening 'service at' J :39 o'clock.  "  \,   Everyone welcome.   '     ���"     y  b:b ' ''LEWIS THOMAS, Pastor. ���;  if^    -v  -'*-   ,-; '*���'-, 'b  if '        ,   ��� ,  ff       We do npj need your  pre-  J    seription to 'replaee. -a--broken 'y,  I   Jens.     Bring'the pieces..,  We     j  ]    analyze, 'them <i   and---exactly    ;  .'duplicate.'' Or we'can make up  your present prescription in auj^ . ;  ' of onr'po'pular style of mounts.     ''  Either our STA-ZON or FINCH     .  .would'please .'you.     They^e     ;-  Vecure. neat and comfortable.,*.   ,   ;B  A    -    ��� r     ' , A     *<i'      '       ' 'Bf-  I        .- '        *��� , * *. '   ~-M  S   Graduate Optician;'  CraalirooH- (    -j  y y..>jf'y '-., / - ^,.'\    - -.,    ��� "'������*./���,.,  k. r    .  John McDokaijD,  "*'   President  '.'B. Tbmby, -  Secretary'  MOYIE AER+k NOl' 85^'  .'noirr" 'ls-. ���" '"u V"-   imc- rr m;; ,k ����^; hr  ���ov,.wRi:,*e' > i��t^>bn����- .f.*1 a.y*y>'vy.��l ^SS f-  j ���rtiaJ.iJ.' u.'--'   '    e'-'t.,'^   ti-*;c-i.tJiu.V��?-|{,?l,a' b,  1 ?!y?-T.  i-,.^} t\ ^50.'rll. *'ClI?��fi I'lf-Ztlfil'-SW-i .j'  ! ������:���... l ���'}''���!'}.' .,t-.^iin''A\ i-A^.U ro'iaicww*1-..   -1 ft  ,i  ;     .i ���-.   -i \\ ,<  - ^ ���   ,  Meets   Every',Wednesday at  8 P. i2._  ;e- a. hill; ���l' ;j. h/bawke, :;  Wbrthy'Pre's.;,;''    -Worthy Secr'y;  'll    'l II LWUMmHUI     I MMH-IIMP*;        *jj  V''a''1f  l:101!B--LUIBEl.l;fJI!LllIftr.^  I^f2>> �����-��'-*",''* * . r *>  . Saw, Flaniug a^d'Lath M^IIb,  T  iii Manufacturero' of and "dealers in all kinds elf, Flooring, Ceiling, /ft  /i\ Siding, Shipl'ap/Co.tamdn Boards, Dimension, Finish and Latji';''     ,$'-->���  >?v ' -   rJ jE>'mi��pt attention to wholssale and retail orders, '<���<*'- ^t  '���  >�����> _j.'.jl_ ���' ��-^w*wii' ' "     '' ���'^r-w 4-<v eupa ����a ^r-'    *   ~'"?'.'  <r  '"'' -i  j\ ���- -    '  y^ ��" i I  Har'vey , v&.   Mcbarter,  *j5arrioter3, Solicitors, Notaries,'-Etc. ���  Cranbrook,-�����?"  -: ?. 'G.'  . P.7, i^. JOHJVjSl 02tek -  7  I 'Thii Hotel'is Now and weJl^uj-riislied.x-Tto * ',  I v' Tables 'ftre- Supplied. witfe; the,Best.the -  I       Market a^ords. Tlie,Bar is Filled ^lth. *  I       fch<3 Best Braiids of Liquors and Cigars; J-  -   " HEADQUARTERS" .FOR COMBSERQIAL';  f��,,, �� -",?   -  ��� ���'! ��� ' >' yiKUb MINING MEK ' �� '���' -.  "y  ���' <���* '     "'    "  \*>   '  u  ^jiaomic ���    , ~ " i       ��� '   , .- p*.     .-���   ,,. j=-^ ,^ ./�����.��* ������   *r>  ��.i   ' ' '" "'"���  "'   ''" "'        ��� * -   * .  :-iA.C   ,',;^lf-i'(.*,,*'-  i * '  A^SATISM-'.  V      I  ij'.i  y  i -J ^  ���M  t  Chamberlam'sCough Remedy the Best  Made/-;:/' ';'- ;;; ���.  ."In,"imy -opinion yOhamberlain's  ���%. ..aA -r>A~;'A-.Aio "f.Kn   hnist'' madS  for  ..rorterviil*.   (J^lijornia; ��� ,4-up.^ -AVH"y  .rioutit about U'o.lJQing the'ybest.'; |o  other will enrq-a c'olH do' qinokly.   fo  ��� other is oo suro-E." preventi've, ol' pueu-  monin.'-"No��othcr'ic'oo^ pleaaant  and  'isaf&'tocta'ke.   Www are .good'Teawms  why it   should   be', ^reftfrred   to any  ���other"    The'fact is that f3w people^, are  satisfied'with any   other   after'haying  -once 'used this remody.    For , sale by  W. J. Atchison,  Wholesale, Wine  , ' tand*"'Spirit-Mer;,  .,, cbanto, .. y  ���    / ���,   -. y "   ���. - , .  Agent.fdr Calgary.Brewing\Co.;o  Beer, Ale and Porter.  T.-Label & Oo.'s ' *- ���   *>���'*-���  DBS? KING ^^[^MSLES;  ^ 'W't ',? , X5^Esisr,3?XJSlk?^0'', '���'"  .A    V,    -    ; r >i   /   y A a ������   **     ' -fe y     "  ' ' Will be in.Sloyie 11th of each month.  ���." ���*   "r. i f   ' ' ;���    ���<"  Cranbrook, S, >G.  (j*  '   '; ��� ���    '��� **"!*. ^ . i j"    "j,,  George H. Thbmpsoii).  .   <  ,, .,������   ���        ���;. .  ;,-     '���   ��� a  "; '     *     ,"'BARRisauiE,"Spi,rciT0?, Ho-  '* .'tarvTnBMCyV&cy '  '��� i'y 'V-,' v' y'-'The'i^Most" Progressive 1{: >��� "y-:; -,  ' i' X ,'s '''"->". tlbmpany   in  ,0aJnad% "���? "*!'"' X  , r ' , ,| I-1  I I      \ ' 'Iu       JL   ..     ,......'������...'..      ^    . '        i , ,        "  ,   -    -,.     -t .- "-,    ,.  ,-I   ,-���-���.-   ��� ";, :   -<r,-;-, '     ,      ..- ,  . a , i-   , * '     *���  1'b'S flu  r - v  i *) I-  , ��� -I-.  , ��� *   ^  ORANBBO.OK:.   ;, yI3ritish Columbia.'  "^illNEBAL ACT.''  Gertifioatk of Improvements.  ���^tSrisSrtSSs^t �����<" <���"* "������ *���  ��� ess. &.��!5*w?Sgsrsua  "^ MlNEilAlT'ACT.  (roitu f-)  ���pBB.TIHip.VTB Or IMPR0VBMBSTS.  IfOTIOB.  -HE^r��',i?��t��'':,.��?'Kmr  Moyio Laku, ,       ,p  vi.VilHo T  M. C. ^"o.  U1NEKAL   ACT.  (toiiM r.)  Ci-WAA- ICVii:  OF , iMl'ROVK.Ml'A'TS.,  JfOTlOlS.  .,     . -,^n Minonil Ch'm*.,  Mtuntc  in  t1,tf7ort Uoi-io  .[.inajmubionfliEmt Koolc-  ^"ifflocR'cd:   Oacastsiaeoi  lo��or Moyio  StX'"i"PffPbi'?  Cony.ent  .- y ' ,-J,'vKELSON,-s.Jo.", -,,tc?  1 ioardingVand Day School , conduct  ed'l^y the-Sisters-of St. Joseph,ITelaon  B c" C " Commerciar ; and buamess  courses/a specialty. Excellence and  swift'' progress"characteaise each department. Earents should write for  particulars. One month-assures the  nublic of the thoroughness oT the  Sisters' methods of teaching. -Terms  .commence January, April and-Sept.  Pupils-are admitted during terrn  ]--riniwn r- '���' 'ijmii i *"      ~  "  <|\'  Hay--and "Grain, - -, - BJ?C3>l30,OC5^>^��  life s.'afll;- -Calgary  ~~fr< 'w"'"'  oniedera  ri * * v  (Hi AD OFFICE. TOBOOTO.) ^  rW-Jy ><;    -f   ^   J- y '* ���>'  '3EALE & kLWELL?  ���   ,    ' ''' '' -" Agents, Cranbrook.,   ,- ,  I<U V .' ' ! .'''l ' ' ? ' "' ' ,    ' '       *  ;,;->^fojjBy, >;p;] |;;:;;.,:;^ pELy^LEt'p%R^X:--'X ��� \  i  '''f\  ^V'/v.*  r^y, y-.y.Vy.;?'   y General Agent, ?^elson:?       '*  6  95  Is again located in Cranbrook  and, is  <1?prepared to write insurance,  buy  and sell stock, and do a gpn-  c era\ brokerage buaineas,  JOHN HXTT0HISON,  Foreign and  Domestic Wines, Li.quors  ,    *  - '' ' and, Cigars.  ,'    CRANBRO.0?,'   ���  y    ���-���-,       J<."lFBOM ���"  -'   "  \A.B? Stewart & Co.  , ' '��       ' .    i *  AGENTS FOR  K0QTENAY STEAM' LAUNDRY  CrftnlirooU.  im urn iiiii���niinigMm'"'"  <v  And'Bath Booms.  In STONE Building.   'v  'First'Class Work.  A,'Ii. FRAI9KLIN  M. J. K0GENT, Prop.  Comfortable Booms and Good  Board  at Seasonable Prices.  First Class   Accommodations for miners,  MTUNIGIIT HUPPEI*. SERVED.  and PAKBB.Y.  Meals served to Order.  Bread-tor Sale  Twelve Loayes $1.  R. T; HOWARD, Prop.  FOB  FltfE, TAILORING  GO   TO  ,i  <.ji  r' >  MEE-GHAHT  'TAILOR'  Fine', Suitings,    Overcoating  Trousers,  Imported    Goods.  -:^\;;ISENI) 'tpTjSjOBp^  ^"���- W'aUJsind^ofohe^tnet^  worJ=s in-  f ���    P1^D?Q0FING, ' fp^ '       >  , I'   *   '     Ieatt^g,    PLO^VE^ ���  f  ft ' fl     PlflNG," J3TPPF ?f)T^' ^tC-  l^        We also' hkndie V f^ ����? �����f "Mc'  ���'McOleryfs Famous Stoves,,  the  u ' '   '    best'in*the market.  PATMORE BROS.  '^.OEANBEOOK,      ' SB. 0.  ly  C   r  -ALL   THE   .TIME.  BY   USING  Britioh Columbia  ���THE���  ^-^:;^^^n*S:^^.lU^  ,'.,.,.! i.oiu llu-c-  tc '"-l<-" :nV0' (Vf'imviov"rnoin.s  ^.������ TlTOri. 1. JUAIllll-  ,''nitr^,"'CTr5'T,"rr'x - .. ��� - " '   ,; ...\xYiS*t'V'i---  ..-���',, ,*���'rr, ';.<!  'nic'r.  iiianufantur-  ���'>r:-"i!'i'.V..V?-i.-.l piiUina ����� carload of  ���  ���      .."Vv ,-���(������   for   miinediato   use.  'V.I.mi' r^uiriniT'cbimnuys can. coiu-  '  , v��at"'u;r< i*.t or leave orders' at this  *    office." irtmch ranges a specialty.  Our aim is to please patrons '  Good  draft and   bottled  beer  always on hand.  JOE jSflEDERBTADT, Prop.  PflEST PHOTO CO.  ��� CliANBUOOK  AND   jMOYIK.  Seattle, Tacoma  AND ^LL  Pacific  Coast Points  St,  Paui, , Chicago,  New  York  AND  EHTM  "*S t  i ^e����  'BfBtBssastsBassBmsi^^^^r^       d        offering  some snaps in,Onrpets,   WJ  A BIG- OKANOE To Buy Cheap.  ctonriall Turnto  "     (FUNERAL 'DIRECTORS.)  H  British Columbia,,  CranbiGok,  ^SSS^SSEEHEESSSSSSrHS  Lar e sample room in connection  with bouse for commercial man. Best  oi accommodations.  Headquarters   for   Commercial and Mining Men.  oad-Cigara  BritisM CttiumWa.  WHOLESALE AH ".RETAIL  MEAT     MERCHANTS,  trade solicited..  3WCA.3B1CEX8.  B     Ui     t -J * ' R_  3    ���   Jf       >r' ��� If" ��� ?���  0. F. DESAULNIER,  ,    '   DEAIER^IN  PRO;MPT   DELIVERY.  dueen^'Ave.      MOYIE  ALL   POINTS   EAST  iTLaToun, hi..!.-. r<4 - *��*^^^;t.  library o.irs, Alodur'. Day couches m&hf Game   ana  loultry.     u  ' UininiS   oars.      Meulb |       &uljply  oaiy   the   best.     ^ our  ii La Carte.  Best Meals on Wheels  ���n   Fast   Overland ..tfV     ,  �� TRAINS .DAILV ��  I     per Tickets,  Bates,'Foyers' ^  yUY formation, call on" or  ad-  !d;2s any  Great Northern'Agent,  or write  G.W.I'. A. C. A.��-.  In ' all   tlie. '.Principal  Cities axidr. Towns] liao.  ���Britisb. ;Oolumbia.  "'FROpEjB'C.  Bea^' ^ ���1 VV. l��j^e,.^��      J H.ADQUMnB^^^EASi  Wash tpoKa-i  ai* Kootenay  BARBED SHOP.  FAKKELL ELOOK. ,;  ,  CALL AND SEK US,  -. .S,l  V^- yi f ��� , *~..^u-,^^-*|.;v^ .-r*/


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