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The Moyie Leader Jan 20, 1911

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 ' <r>- *>
JAM *a >,J
<* i',
> Our
/      satifies tbe most exacting.
\       Wilson, the Jeweler.
If you want to s>ee anJ ,rtad with   <'
comfort get a pair of   ' <
tV. H. Wilson, jeweler, optician.^
;R   A   N   B   RO   0   li
NO, 42-
MOYIE, B. C   FRIDAY,  JANUARY   20,, 1911,
$2 A, YEAR
j ,      s f ii
cortftfn knowledge of value for every citizen of British
Columbia, who wishes io benefit by dea'inj: directly with
the, importer and maunfacturer.   s
Write for otirjjaude to jnycrs—that   large illustrated   cata-
lague which will bring;-our" peerless stook to your home.
Henry Birks & Sons, Limited,
jewelery mail oraer house.   ,. Geo. E., Trorey, Man. Dir.
y.   VANCOUVER, B: a' \   /-"
I ;     GENERAL FLOAT        %
Vancouver    has
_, North
Skating Was Never Better.
,     , <-',- f ,-
,." "   > ■ ,i ■, * /    "'  , ,
','/'„   We carry a line'of Skates,-.Hockey
' " '* '    Sticks," Pucks, a Ankle   Supports, *    .
; L y " ' y  .   I' ■' "Skate Straps.- .' '"      ; ''-■ ,'     /,
More herrings are
any other fish.
/There     are    nearly ' 3,000,000
acres of pea.t bog in Ireland:*'
A'maearoni factory   is ' on'3   of
the new industries in Fernie.
,     ' ■      , , ,
'   There ace a dozen picture shows
and theatres ih Calgary. • , *
Scarlet fever caused ;20  deaths
in Winnipeg last month.    ,
. In Canada one 'death' out of
every seven is due (to consumption'. ' ' ' ,        !,
Head Office
', ■    ... "o   '     KSTA.KI.T9ICKU   1S07, l A',
; INSURANCE   and MINING , .    y,
,  and.INVESTMENT BROKERS:,       ,     *
.!,,,' CRANBROOK, B- C
i i
\"     "<'*<    ■'    '  -MOVCR'S'   LEADING ' HOTEL. , ,    , y £
The be&t-of accommodations'*
"for '■ the Traveling' Public, -
'. 'X "■,'.'■''     ■ *,■ '• y -. '
L«ge and Commodious Slimpio Buon,..-    '     -Billiard Rooms.
' ' ':.   ,^.\ ,V*- yy   -"■'
McTAVISH & CAMERON Proprietors.
Slocan lake never freezes, which
{s„one(of, the,i wonders .of tho
world.. ' .
*>',**■ ,r
• Fresh eggs are scarce in Moyie
and sell'from  75 "cents, to   $1   a
■  t       ,     rt tr * '
dozen,        v c        x v , .      '    -'
• . *■ i f"1
' Excepting that of tlio "pope, the
kaiser's,mail'Is the largest .o^any
individual. l ' '   '..„'
Dividends in Sight;
The good showing of ore at the
Society Girl mine is giving every
indication of permancy. Au idea
of the extent of,-th'e ore body may
be judged by, the fact that two
teams have, been' kept hauljng
steadily and some days making
two' round trips to the mine., Already six .carloads or some 1.73
tons of ore have been shipped   to the week
t ' " «.* i
|        LOCAL .ASSAYS      -   J|
Paul Jensen v is up from Yahk
for a few days. ,
Chas. Messinger, was up , from
Cranbrook the first of the week.
Rev. Father John conducted
services at the Catholic church
last Sunday.        , ■
[  Wab. Carlin and   Al   Doyle   of
Fort Steele were in Moyie during
A, made by the present brewer is admittedly the best »eer in
Kootenay. With.the Best Malt and the Purest Spring AY ate.,
unexcelled for .juality.    Itwisfc on"having Moyie Beer.
MOTTf,KI>    A.SO    IlltAKI    KEEK
MOYIE, 33.
it   is
How About Your
Have You Any  Real
Estate to Sell?
The population of Manila has
decreased about 20 per cent since
the "American occupation , of ,the
Pkilipines,    ■ '" '■
Local option put the brewry at
Coeur d'Alene. Idaho, out of business.' Tlie building,, will be -re-,
modeled and turned into a .paper
mill.'        ' , '        ,        ','
' Stick a' pin ■ through ftho cork
of,'every bottle 'that eoutnlins
poison, aiid this may save tragic
mistakes when seeking medicine
in the_ dark., y      -'        ,    ,.
, Seraps;6f toilet soap should v be
saved^and-wheri a. half- a ■• enpf u^
or so i-i on hand it is a. good plan
to make the soap scraps into a
soap jellj'-        ,
' The sum of, $10,000 was raised
in two days at Spokane*-for the
widow and children of Captain
Sullivan, the Chief of Police, wLo
was so dastardly done to.death   a
few days ago.
It is understood that Lever
Bros., the , big .English soap
makers, of Port Sunlight, England, have acquired the business
and properties oE the Royal Soap
Co., of Winnipeg, apd the affiliated companies at Calgary and
Vancouver* ' ,
John Michaels i3* dead iu a
Brooklyn hospital because he was
suddenly deprived of cigarettes
for two days after, he had been
addicted to their constant use
for fifteen years. He had been
iu tho habit of smoking eighty a
day, he said. lie was iu jail only
two day*-, when he was taken ill,
and was sent to the hospital.
His death followed shortly afterwards.
the smelter at .Trail.' Only the
returns from,the first car have
been received, aud this has netted
the company approximately ,$580.
Some of the ore shipped since, it
is expected; will even give better
results.' So elated are the direc-
tors that at ;their last, meeting
they ', decided to conserve the
treasury stock by practically tak-v
ing it offithe market. ' The, company is out of debt and the mine
is on a paying basis, therefore, it
would not be surprising ifythe
stock reached the parA value of $1'
a share'befpre many months.
J.' P. Farrell,, the u secretary, of
the company,* wasicv-eosttGasKelsau.
and Trail during the week procuring some equipment for, the
mine and conferring with --the
management'of the smelter:*"1' "T
foundY the management at the
smelter most courteous aud only'
anxious to adjust any differences
there might have been with .regard to the question of rates,"
said Sir. -Farrell when he returned.
"They seemed anxious to get, our
We will receive today a shipment of
ing of Rome Beautys, Wagners/ etc.
will not regret leaving your order with us   for
of these fancy apples. ' '  .
G-et,the Habit.      Goto'',
,   \ on
a box
,The heavy snow caved * in a
.portion of the, roof, of George
Routh's boathouse yesterday'.,    , >
Dr. Coffin is dqwn at Spokane on
a holiday. Dr. Lees of Cranbiook
Js looking after his practice.
I ' All of the hotels' in'Moyie'-have
received a ^renewal ' of their
liquor licenses.
' A.bunclrof .Moyie Odd fellows
will'go down to Cranbrook next
Monday night. -,
Wml  Rues'e,    master  mechanic
at the.- St.*- .Eugene,   came   down
•from the Sullivaii'mine yesterday.
'Joe Gaunier, Vouivexpert hunter
and trapper/', has   succeeded   in
killing two lynx so far this winter.
', F. J. 'Smyth left for ■ Nelson   to-"
'day to attend tlie Printers' Board
' of Trade   which   convenes   there
tomorrow.      - ■.   ^   , ' '
Dr. '' Connolly's
Slethodist -church
on the question  of
quite interesting.       * ,     ,      ,
The',luidies of' the Methodist
church expect to „have au entertainment on St.' Valentine's Day,
i i ' '
February 1-ith.
C. A. Foote'is moving his  tailor
^A/s/vvv»^'v«/^^'V^/«/v>l«^/vvv,< a/vvaa»vna»s/saaaK<vvvvvn»vwv *s
talk ' at   the
last   Sunday
missions   was
° '■, * ,    ' ' '       ,
. This. is the 'Weather.
.        * 9 r * ' * .        „ '
' ,     '„ ,.'■.* - ''it),
*;     '- when
Stanfield's Underweap
-   i- -y    ,'     ■, ° ^ '"   '.    - i
is appreciated, being all -wool,   well,'shrunk,
" well made, and very warm/   ",
Full Line of Boy's Suits, etc.
1 ( . *   i
l       .,      ■', Prices   Right   ,  *    ;      ,"   t    '
J. W;
Over;:ij"delegates from' Phoenix,
Rossland, CJi-atid Forks, Britanuia,
Silverton, Ymir, Sandon, -Trail,
Moyie and- other places in the
district were in attendance. The
Nelsoii     delegate     was      Frank
 -.---, -, Phillips. * From Fernie came John
day   from   Nelson,"   wheie   chey hlarriugtoiya frateruaf delegate,
cud Mrs.  (Jheupweth  represented
District No. 6
l "a
James 'Roberts" and- ' Sfarcus
Martin, representing the Moyie
Miuers\Union, returned last, Sun-,
ore had ^ reached there. ,' The
sua.elter„ management ;no doubt
fcpj?k,it for granted^that this was
all wehad, so you can imagine
their surprise when I informed
them that five more cars of better
ore were on their way and that
there was enough ore in sight in
the miue to insure regular shipments for some   time   to   come."
Mr. Farrell believes there -is a
bright future for the .company.
In speaking of the mine ouly yesterday he said: "With our magnificent ore reserves showing every
indtcatiou of permanency,
with a bnoyaut , market for the
white metals, oiu* shareholders
may.reasonably look for a series
of handsome divideuds."
The officers' of the Society Girl
Mining Company, Limited, are:
President and manager, C. C. Parrel; vice-president. D. A. Ayres:
secretary-treasurer, J. P. Farrell;
directors, the officers named, and
Philip Conrad aud F. J. Smyth.
Any Collections to
3F*. «F.
Bov 4.
1 Imperial Bank of Canada
Moyie Skating Rink
Tho Moyio skating rink is now
open for skating. The link is
open to the public every afternoon from 2 to -1, and every night
from 7:«0 to 9:30. J lockey players
have tbe exclusive use of the rink
from 0:30 to 7:30 p. m. Those
olaying hockey must hold season
tickets. Tlie prices of general
admission are: Gentlemen, -o
cents; ladies, 15 cents, and . child*-,
dren. 15 cent?. : The. prices-■ of
reason tickets are: Family (not including two members earning
day's wage) $13;. gentlemen's, ^,1;
ladies' $2, aud children
years, $1.'   . . *■■        .	
13th Annual Session
'.James "Cockburu, brother bf
"Mrs.- O. A. Foote, is in Moyie on a
short .visit-^J£ot* eevBi;al0x.ears he
has,been in Seward, Alaska, and
will probably return there shortly.
, Putting Up  Ice
Messrs. Mueller ik Hesse, o£4 the
Moyie Brewery, are. working a
new scheme this winter for
putting up their ice supply Instead of cutting blocks of ice in
aucl ■ the,lake ,and hauling it up a
chute with a horse, they are
freezing the ice iu the ice room'
just where it is to remain. The
ice is being made by Hooding
water over tho surface just aa
you would build up a skating
rink. This solid block of ice it is
believed will keep much better
thau the ice in the blocks, aud
the cost scarcely amounts to anything. * ■
K. of P.'s Install
were.attending the- annual  meet
ing of   District   No   6,   Western
Federation of Miners. -   The ' following account of the   convention
is taken from   the   Nelson   Daily
*   -        - * *■> *(■*-*■
News: ... • .
At the annual convention of
District No. 0, Western .Federation of Miners, held in the Miners' union hall here resolutions
were passed asking the provincial or Dominion governments to
bring forward legislation providing for the pensioning of workers
permanently disabled while engaged iu any of the' induscries of
the province; legislation giving an
eight hour day to all workers engaged iu the reduction' of metals;
legislation providing for better
sanitary inspection of miues and
similar buildings: for an amendment to the Industrial Disputes
Investigation act so that mine
owners cannot close down their
properties and then open up within a short period on a ■ different
wage scale; for the establishment
of lecture classes at which miners
the ladies auxiliary oE Rossland.'
Next year's annual .'convention
will be lield at Ymir.
The officers elected for the year
were":",Pw»»Ment; Guorge--Ii6afcher—
ton; vice-president' James Rob-'
erts; second vice-president, Walter T. fladdon; secretary treasurer, A. Shillaud. James lloberts
was elected to atteud the meeting of Che United MinewprkersP of
America to be held at Lithbridge.
o  ! ,
Caven to Victoria
TI103. Caven, M. L. A., has left;
for the coast to attend tlie session
of the legislature, which form illy
opened on the 12th. Mr. Caven is
making application for) a large
appropriation for public works in
the Ciaubrook district this session. The total of his proposed
expenditure amounts to $110,000,
aud whilst it is unlikely that bin
I demands will be met iu full,   it   is
,   .,    -r   vr*-    v.. i i   Eugene Lodge No.
II. Campbell. J.  W.   Intel,   and        *       ^ evenin
J.     V.    Farrell      represented   the'   ■
Capital  Authored.- ---■-^1°^2(S)
/Capital ^eribed---^-^g;^
Capital P<ud ^P—--_....._...5 575:0«0.00
, Reserve   Fund  ^ttt-mtjta
Cranio. Arrowhead, ?olto K^oo* l^Je >   »JJ £
Feraie, Nelson, RevilstoKe. Victoria Vancouver   a
BraUs and Money Orders sold avaible in any
part of the World
Savings  Bank Department..       ..  ■   ,
S Interest allowed on, deposits from  «\ntoc|T°JpfFP09^a -   _
1     MOYIE BRANCH.      ^"^5^
under   15
Moyie Men Appointed
The provincial gazette announces tho appointment , of   the   fol-
_ilowing  Moyio  residents as  com-
f j missioners for the purpose of  act-
ing under the Provincial Elections
Actio   the   electoral   district   of
Cranbrook:-,!. A.  13.   .Macdonald,
John     Stewart,'   Thomas     Bates,
. Graham   Cuickr-haiik, '   and   Nor
uutn W. B-wd-'U. f
Moyio board of trade at the session ot the Associated Boards
held at Creston ou Wednesday
and Thursday ' of this week.
They report a very busine.-,d liko j
session. Moyie had two rosolu-1
tions before the board. One favoring reciprocity with respect to
lead and zinc ores and their products, and the other with respect
to the building of the government crunk road through South
East ICootenay. Both resolutions were adopted after being
altered slightly.,
Fred A- Starkey, ,-of Nehon,
was re-elected, president. H.
Giergerich of Kaslo, re-elected
first, vice-president,'., and A. B.
Kackenxie of Rossland, re-elected
secretary-treasurer. Rossland
was selected as the place of meeting for next year.
The delegates were treated to
an elaborate banquet at tho Creston hotel Wednesday night, and
each delegatoyvas presented with
a box of Creston apples by the
Croston board of trade.
At the regular  meeting oE St-
37   Kuiglits   of
g the following
iustalled   for   the
I officers   were
present term*
Hugh .Macdonald—C. C.
O. J. White—V. C. C.
H. E. Taylor—M. of W.
A. G. Monkhom-e—M. of K.
Kifd Caire—M. at A.
Chas. Livesley—i". G.
C. A.  Foote—K.   of R.   and
aud M. of F.
more thau probable  that   he  will
secure a large   proportion   of   tho,
sum asked  for.—Cranbrook    Herald.   ■     ^	
Banker in Jail
can learn the principles of first
aid to the injured and for legislation providing for a bi-weekly
pay day.
Resolutions' endorsing the ac-.
tions of the Socialist members Of j
the legislature  and   the  Socialist, -
platform were afco pa-sed as   was      W. 11. Travel*, former manag^
a resolution of sympathy to tho-e|of the Farmer*   bank, of   Io.onto.
whoMilTered through  the   recent \ who pleaded guilty la.t    r.d,y   to
mine explosion at Uellevue. I ^>'«'»>' f ™™ tho b:ltlk'  f ^™
The convention was one of the'; government retur.H and altenng
most successful and largely nt-;>v note, lm-b,eu ^.Uenc,d to six
tended ever held in   the   district. 1 yeais in K.ug.toi,  penitentiary.
S.   -
—. «       ,   *_t-   Colir..  C
Chamberlain s Diarriiix*.-* xcm«iy.
Kwr fails.   Uuy it "ow.   11 -Jiuy -av: liic
Raised Good Sum
The net '.proceeds from the
dance given by the Moyie Odd
Fellows last week was; -N2.25.
This amount has been sent forward and will go into a fund
which the ', Odd .Fellows of the
province are raising in aid of the
tuberculosis sanatorium at Trau-
quille,B. C.
May Play Cranbrook
,.   i' —,—■—~
There is a strong likelihood of
the Moyie intermediate hockey
team going to Cranbrook next
Monday night'to play tho Cranbrook intermediates.     ;
The Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
Is Offering Very Attractive Prices On All Their
Gioth Upholstered Furniture
25 per tent
discount will be given off every piece for the next month
Here Is Your  Chance.
<v*    .
■.» !•■•
3■f'.lii'i '
:l: ». .-.-I:: i
*•■ ?•
• As
'iA'\l.; !
■> :'
..■•■ X
■■    \
myyi THE   MOVLE    LADEli  ,, ">  .*r   -  'i      !  \    <���  ��� '    i lt>  ' y  - ."V  ,,. ��� I'  f } 1  1     Jill. I  .    i 'v Vi  I  J  I'  .-'J*'  t i  5!!  IIP- ������'*��� ' ���  AS'  ,j.|<4  f^;" ���  1  *$��  rf         *    ,  ,B'fe  >      *?v 5 *  '  1              t-J..^, i  .* -,  '  ��  r    :'  ���>  1  J'r  J/ {'  ..->**>  *��� **���J),  i^i'1?  ���If'.1  Duty on Lumber Urgently Needed  ^,      ' ���*  The Canada Lumberman's  Comments upon Hr.  Lun:!'s Article in'the   Herald's Christmas  Number  In .i leu-iu issue uf ilu- \\ mnipeg  Xclegiam tin; editoi ' of that paper  took Tlie Canada Lumbei man, to task  foi having cLume'd that, theie was a  I*l-(I.SSlt>   fm    tlie    li'iposition   of .1  dun i upon lumbei enteiing Canada  ���from roi ei nn' countjir*- Xaluiallv  enough, tin* Winnipeg Ti-Icgram, be-  lnsi tin- oig.in of a section'of the  population of C.inaiia v.hieh is made  up laigely of retail merchants and  consume! s, y-il-es alarm at what at  fust glance might appear to be* a demand foi protection foi , the sake  suiipiv   of ii.creasing pibfits   , ^  Either the TelCgram, howevei, is unable in see tin- situation in its* tme  'light, oi :s dele l mined lo champion  tin- cause ,of its u-adeis u respective  of the justice of the cas-e. '  In th'e lust place, tlie ailiclc ie  feinei to, claims" tlTat, the lumbermen of Canada ine able, "dut\ or uo  duly," t'o cvlisif, fiom the con.sum  or'a pure sufficient to ensifre a pn>-  sf 11 This is not the ti nth. Then* is  , no duty today' upon rough luiubei  crilciiug Canada, and although some  manufactureis -li.i'e been "making a  small profit of late, the: majority of  1 the lumbermen of Canada have been'  operating nndei conditions which  will not Rive them -a it-tuiii upon  then investment, equal toyhal .wluih  tan be made in other less nsky lines  of liidustiv The     Telegiam says  this   is the in*}t lntiin.ilioii  that   the  lumbei niteiests'have bu-n oprisiting  at a loss      It may be the fust     intimation which has  readied  the ears,  of the editoi  of that  papci  at,.Ins office desk.   If he had    been  travelling"  about  the lumbei  manufacturing districts or Canada, however, he   would  have  learned that the   lumber  Industry today is face to face with a ser  ious* financial ' situation,     which,     a  duty  placed <i   upon     lumber1 enteniur  the countiy, can alone impiove    It hi  weie,to  wsit the     Maiiliiiic Piovin  ces,   he      would   'find  old  established*  'liiinbct   interests,   firms which'   lia.i*  - licen earning on a good business  fi  hall'    a   ecnl'uiy  or   more,  serioush  ciiuyieleuiig   the   advisability of clos  ing' then   mills' and  allowing      liieit  plants to lemain lflle i.ithei than  eontihtie ��� business    at.     a  loss      He  "would  find also,  that witliu,, the las',  few      monihb, ' inoir    thau one l<u>;e  icoiiipam n the   Mantime Piovinees,  ' emplgyinu   gicnl      numbei.s    of'men,  i.havc  been o|jliu,t..i   to  lease   liusun ss  In lOuUiiiri, he  tvciuld only  need        to  spend  about, a'week m   (lie  (l(*nui.ii>  Hay  ilistnel,'  b> fun   lie    would  li.m  Ra I hi" ed    indisputable  evidence        It  piovc  ili.it  the- li.mbr inieii of     , thai  unit  of       the    coi.'Uiv  have  anvi'uis  feais  ..boul    tlie      iniiiiedi.itc  futuw  About   seven   ve.iis  ae;o  tin re  was a:,  linpoi lain sale oi   timbir benhs    u>  ihe     Oiitaiiii    ii.i'iveiiiiiieiU, and      the  pi his paid at that   tune  weie inspired In      the piohts    which     had been  made ou:, of    iumbci   in OiHaiio,    in  the  las'    half of    the nineteenth ecu  luiv   ,    Hon   niivvai i anted weie these  conceptions  ot  the   value  f*f  the  tim-  bei  has since iiccn pioved to the f>oi-  iovv  ot  main   of  tlirise    who  invested  *at that  sale      Of  the lait;e conlp.m-  ils,   ivhidi weie lii.iinifactuiiiiE     luni  he"   i'i the Geoii;ian Bav   rescion    . at  lli.it   mm"  sevcjial   have   since     gone  out   of eiistence     ,Theie is plentv ol  lumbei   still  in   that   u-gion,   but      it  does ncii  pay  to tut it    An  lllustia-  tion of the     situation is afioided  In  the- attempted     sale     of    the Pauv  Sound Lumber companv's limits   anil  null On December ' the com pa nv  put all its propertv up at auit'oii,  and although the auctioned was tin  well-known ^Ii l'elei Jlj.ui, the  same man who secured icioid prices  for -he government seven v ears ai;o,  he w\i�� unable to -pcure a sini!,li bid  upon anv of lie limits oi upon ihe  mills oi camp supplu s There *\ i-re  oii> a hundred im n pus'iil, wlm  wire rlosf'h eonvi isiint with acti'.i'  c-onditinns in the . ountrv , but thev  Hiaairiid sile-U tl,M'iiu;hf.i,( tl.i- at  ti'iipted   ^,'ile  luiubei into otii maikels, a decided  change took iilacc in the general conditions affecting the Bntish Columbia  iuajiufac,tuier.s. Piices fell lo a  point considerably below the actual  cost of production, and, owing to  the ariangements made by the ma-  jontj Of ihe mills foi a laige output, theie has been, in my opinion,  ovei 100,000,000 feet of lumber sold  (tilling the present vear al a piiec  below the actual cost " A'mong the  piliicipal, causes which Mr. Lund as  signs for this depressed condition of  the maikets aie. "the inadequate and  Unstable market,"  "a steady and  continual      inc-iease'in   ttie cost' ...ofi  pioduction,"      "the   high      carrying  ihaige in the mattei of ground    ren  t.lis,  loyalties,      etc," //lack of adequate      protection  ,  against   foreign  competition,"  and   "the heavy        in  vestments of capital required in   the  business "   Xo more complete ansvvei  than the opinion of   Mr, Lund, could  be  Kiven   to   the claim "tiiat^HinrMiTiiT*'"  bermen.oi* Canada loday aie inakinti  laige profits.     ' >  Li   Wistem   Canada,   tin-  condition  an   mon- advant.mi ous in the   m.inu  factun r   tlian   elsewneii-,   but        i-.ii,  tln"c       with  their    splendid   tmibei  Tin   luiiibi r companus liavi   bri n    im  tin- past   fi-,\   \iais  'iianufai tin im;,   in  a   ureal     manv      casi *., al   an  actual  lo*-s       I pou tins  sulneit  it   is  uitet  estinu;  tri U.un  tin   views  of a    man  v.l'i  bas hnn  a  lili- luni;  lumbi ��� m n>  anil  win is tboro'ieililv in  touch  with  th-   conditions    e\i,-iing todav        "\Ii  Ti'li-r   I,und,   managing .direetoV        oi  the Crows  Nest  Pass 'Lumber    coin-,  pany/of \Vanl-uT,  !!.('.., in an article  'contributed to the ��� Cranbrook Herald,  discus.'ses' t.lic'condition  of  the   industry iii th,. mountain  district of.P,., C.  His openinc; is as frd!ow;s;   "The business- i.luriii(T tlie pas!   year can scarce-  be  <'-<>iiKiiJorr-d      satisfactory.'     At  ber-iiniiini;  of  the  year  there  was  an  apparent  dcinrin'd  [ot  all  the .lumber aud.luinbi-r.proiliif.-ts, llirre    were  in Srh<- liiuulK     <,f ��� the' niaiitiFiicturer.s;'  anil a;vi-ry satisiac; ory \w:  tinui'il   until  about     .1  owing toil,,, ilxccssivp  praiiii-    pv,,\;;  uiisatisfaetorv  ainong the  foiccd      large  lv  ���the'  'dr.-  sines  1st,  ugh-t  S   ('OII-  vvhen,  in  the  A feast or a famine:,Fuithor on in  Ins ait,icle, Mr. Lund makes the .suggestive . icriiaik that "Lumbei .seems  .to ,be one of the/few staple commodities that continue to fluctuate r  puce with eVei,y changingyonclition'.  In the lumbei business it is eithci.a  ''east oi a famine'" The unpleasant  pan of the situation , loday is,' that  the leascy seem to have been more  Fic;|uenl in t,ho past', than in the last  few years, and that, they have-given  rise to a long-lived belief,, that because the piedecessois of the lum-  beimen of today emjoved the feast  and grew wealthy, the sanie.'must be  Hue of, those who have,succeeded to  the entertainment/, who find themselves, howcvcL, feeding principally,  upon the ciumbs winch are left from  '.he banqueting tables of their, piedecessois It will piobably ' be  -J.umccl that, what the lumbcinien-'of  ������ndav aie asking, would be protection enough to enable .(hem to, feast  in the same prodigal manner 'This,  'low ever, is not ,the case ��� What is  needed. and 'is nnpei alive, foi the  il'imanence of the industrv, is, that1  'he piesent' condition-of alternate  .east and famine'be altered into one  'it steady,   reasonable piofit  It is impossible: for lumbermen to-  v Cl        -  <*���  lav ,to continue long under,    existing  ocndition.s       There aie.only a     few  possible   alternatives-'     If   conditions  dntinuo  unchanged,'those    iu       the'  business must be in continual fear o'  'lie- antral of a peiiod    of trade de  piession,     which    will foicethem to  the wall, admitting   others lo pio'fii  nv   the  fossets, and for a short    tune  make an uncei.tain  profit,  thus in    -a  nieasutc    keeping the   industry alive  Vnother   alternative  'is,  that       the  glowing scarcity of    lumber may impiove    conditions     so as     to enable  everybody to do well     Under present  conditions only a -visionary or a con-  fumed partisan of the consume;, will  hold  such a view       A thiid alteinative is, that the lnchistiy will   come  so rapidly to a condition of peiinan-  ent depression   that   the  government,  when it is loo late to pieveni a vast  amount of uiiiiecessai v   sufleiing,  will  learn that they have not tieated this  e;reat mdustiv  eithci w itli.fanness or  manliness.  The Winnipeg Telcgiam bv its p.n-  tisanship is* doing an in|iirv to 'he  whole countiy, and not the least to  those whom it deludes into a belief  that it is protecting then interests  The consumri of lumber is as much'  coinerned in the stability of the- in-  dusuv as any one else, aside, of  course, fiom those who aie making  ilh'ii living in il The collapse > of  tin- l'tmbei industry., even in a pai-  llal tiu-asiuc, would have effects mote  (alamitous upon the ciedil of ihe  -..hole country, than a failure of the  imps We have lately seen a dis-  plav ol the interests of the farming  section of the countiy at Ottawa,  vvheie one ol the enators from the  faun evoked applause bv clccla:ing in  nu lodtamalie fashion that the qu.-j-  tion of the day was not "what can  p.n liame nt do foi us, hut what can  ui do to this paihament " This  '���lass of burlesque may not be without its effect in .some ([iiaiters, but it  is to be hoped tnat the industries of  Canada, which depend upon protection lor their vcrv existence, will  not be iedeced to the precarious condition of the lumber industiv,  .through fear ol the threads'"'of silver-  tongued farming oWitors. A more  serious question far, than "what 'the  farmers can do to the parliament of  Canada," i.s, what, vv-ill happen to the  credit and commerce of the country,  if tbe lumber industry fails to secure  the protection which alone can place  it in a position, commensurate with  its, importance.  j Winnipeg paper displays a lack tit  lannliariiy with conditions which  should have led hini to leave the,subject alone. Rather than increase  the length of this article we will  draw attention to a good answer to  this claim,'contained in a letter to  'I lie Canada Lumberman, from Mi  \V A. Anstie, secretary-treasuier of  the Mountain Lumber Manufactuieis'  association, which is published elso-  vvhciu in this, issue.    - r   '  The Canada Lumberman stated  that the cost of opeiating in Canada  was increased by the enforced idleness of the mills during the winter  months, /'while the mills in manv  parts of the United States wewabli*  to continue; sawing throughout the  whole year and thereby to earn a  continual profit on their capital outlay. ' .The Winnipeg Telegiam con;  tradicts this, claiming that it is not  line,'and that the British Columbia  operator is'"as favorably .s'ituated'-a'-'  any other lumbering interest on the  continent " Lumbermen will laugh  at the ignorance which'prompts a  man to go into pi int(with such nonsense.' But they will not'Iaugh al  the, injury which such unscrupulous  statements have been doing to their  industry,, for many years past. On  ihe coast, it is possible to continue  sawin'g, 'on the'' average, for* eleven  months in the year. In the moun^  tain district, however, from which a  laige portion of the lumber 'for'1 llir  prairies comes1, and < which depends  almost solely upon the prairies'"' for  the*..sale of its product, 'the average,  sawing season is only 200 days, the  severity of the winter climate pie-  venting them from sawing, during the  balance of '-the year. The Mountain  mills arc closed from November to  Vpiil Even on'the' coast, although,  thev are able io operate their mills  for a great portion of the year/ the  logging operations' in the woods are  cm tailed, to ,a Very large extent 'by  the wet weather Unlike the eii.st  the arrival of snow in the coast section of B.C., puts the logger out, m  business 'for the time being. >  ' Taking everything into consideration, -which the Winnipeg Telegram  /ias sought to prove in-opposition to  the imposition of a duty upon hini?  bei\ it is impossible to find one  claim which they have made, that  can be substantiated by thp facts.  Their article is a*typical 'partisan  itteiancc'and ^is inspired hy a spirit  disloyal alike to the lumber industrv  and to1 Canada as a whole: ���   '  In conclusion let us make a suggestion, which, if it could be cairied  into effect, 'would'do more to sho*v  the serious . importance* of .this mat-'  ler than anything else that/ 'has  ever been saiel or done ^Suppose  ithat instead * of a deputation of  faimcis going" to Ottawa, 'or a de-  ouiation of the lumber manufactmcrs  of tlio country, it iwpic possible to  oit;aiii/e a deputation c'lf the vvoik-  ingmen who secure theii wages fiom  the lumbei industry. It would need  no brilliant, oratoiv to bung home  to>- parliament and to the countiy,  the critical condition at present  evisting  traverse ihe  "grand  toi s" will     travel  wherever he can fly  land he will travel  daddy of avia-  bv boat.      But  fly  safely     over-  fiom place       to  pl.ice in his aeroplane  Fiom Yokohama ''he will fly to  Tokio, then oici the Japanese'islands until he reaches a point where  he may be- able to Hy into China.  Kiom Hong Kong he vvill Hy south  and then go to Manila and fly  through the Philippine Islands.  Fiom the Philippine.*, he will **ail  back to the mainland of Asia and ily  ihiough Saigon, Bangkok in Siatn,  Petiang, Singapore, Delia, Java in  ��� the, t Malay peninsula and via other  c-ilies m the Straits Settlement,  Rangoon in Buiiuah, Colombo, Madias, Bombay,, Calcutta and many-  other well-known places in India.  Kiom India he will piobably, go up  into Persia, then ovei to Africa'and  through-1 he*' Holy Land^ and into  Kgypl. i    '  Or he"may sail by? steamer ovcir the  Arabian'Sea and .begin to fly along  the mainland of Afiica at Abyssinia,  skiiting the Red Sea, through ' to  I'Jgypt, passing Caito,' Suez, and, the.  irreat canal, Alevanclna', Tripoli on  the Mediterranean, Algiers, Tunis  and cioss fiom Tangier over x r, the  Sti"flits of Gibiallar to Malta, Spain.^  This will piobably be. the first,' time  a flight ever has been'made to the  top of the ' famous Rock of Gibraltar. ,  The" (mai stages of the'flight will be  noith through Spain, Fiance and also  England, frpm which'the aviator will  sail fi'ir ��� Amciica rAn all large  places .Captain Baldwin hopes^ " to  make 'professional exhibitions" and  thus- pay his - expense'sr of the trip  around the wen Id. lie will' carry  with him tvvo'cxtra .machines,' one  extra motor, many, extra parts, and  will rbe accompanied by three,mechanicians. v > '  '  '     -���    ' ~+        -*   -,  1  Wilmer News   ;  (Special   correspondence)'.  ROUND WORLD IN AIRSHIP  CU'TAIN BALDWIN       STARTS  FROM SAN FRANCISCO ON  RECORD   VOYAGE.  ago  the  he  '"   ' Simula.  ami the  '���onditiiiii.s     e\iMiii.i;  Amcri'-an     mills.' which  of   forci-rii,  ipiniilitie:  ��� In a comparison of costs, on the  score of an argument made by the  Canada Lumberman, that the cost of  labor and materials is greater ;n  Canada than in the t'nited States yo.  far as .the lumber industry is concerned, the Winnipeg Telegram makes  another attack upon our accuracy.,  In this eas-e again,  the editor of  the  U the age of sixty Captain Thomas S. Baldwin, the oldest aeronaut  in the world, staitcd last week fiom  San Francisco to fly by easy stages  around the world. In the biplane  'of his own invention and in which he  made numerous successful tligjns at  Mineola last summer, the veteran  aviator expects to travel approximately 30,000 miles before he finishes Ins world-girdling an lour During his three years' circuit ol the  earth he will practically retrace tho  loute he took twenly-flvc yeais  when he made a swing around  globe with the modern parachute  had pist invented.  Captain Baldwin i.s one of-lhc best-  knovvn aeronauts alive As a boy he  was a celebrated tight-rope walker  He is the onlv man who ever walked  on a slack wire Irom Cliff House *o  Seal Rock in San Francisco bay  Beiore he- began his care-er as un  aiioiiaut the paiacbute had been un-  succes-,ful because it had always been  built ngi'llv Twenty-five vears ngo  Captain Baldwin invented the presi nt  tvpe ot non-rigid parachute, and was  the fust man to make a seiles of  succissiul   pimps out  ol a balloon  His fame, as the icsult of this in  vention, was so great that he was  decorated by nearly every rulci and  government in the, world On his  tirst trip around the worTd with 1he  paiachute, he was given a huge diamond iing by the. late King Edward,  which'he still vyears. All,tbe .scientific societies in the world gave him  medals:  Six,years ago he was the-first man  in America to build a successful dirigible balloon. He built the airship  which is now owned by-the'United-  States' government. Last winter  Captain Baldwin, at Hatnmondsport,  N.Y., built the aeroplane in which he  will fly around the world. Last  July he made a remarkable flight at  St. Louis, flying for thirty-two 'miles  over the Mississippi river, over and  under five, bridges.  He .started from San Francisco  aboard a steamship for the Hawaiian  Islands, j He- will fly over the islands  in his aeroplane and then set out by  steamer  for Yokohama. Wherever  there are great  bodies of water      t  The" entertainment held on Friday  evening, ���, Decembci 23rd, in the  ciuiyh at Wil'mei was a decided suc-  cess'in every way and reflects great  cretin upon "the Windermere Hospital  Ladles Aid,1 unclei whose auspices' it  was "given      Our     fiicnds and ncigh-  O ^ I .j  bois, ever 'leady lo help on a    good  wbik, turned up in .such numbers    as'  to " filf ,thc ' church  to overflowing,  which, the general chairman', Mr. F.  " -'      ��� **��� . ��� >  ti "Ball, in'his opening speech,     said  was 'very gratifying and vvbuld greatly encourage: the org.ini7crs when ar-  taiiging futuie cntcilainments. -The  (list1 part of the programme opened  w'itlicati instrumental s'elcction very1  ably /endered by Messrs. K. Tun-  iiachfTc and Pat1 Kelly ("violins)  Ciook (banjo) and 1-yTcniiant (gui-  tai) - cRev R Colquohoun and Dr.  Danell '!�� Haiungton and F, W.  Reeves weie the vocalists, then  songs being so appreciated that encores were louellv called for. -\  vecv pleasing recitation Has given by  Rev. Ci F Wedderbusn Mis R.  Kimpton xeiy kindly presided at the  piano While the stage was being  prepaiett for'the event of the evening,  nndei the able ditcction of Mr. T.  Cl Tayjoi, the orchestra discoursed  sweet iniisir Suddenly the lights  in the ,main body of the buildiDg  weie loweicd, the footlights glowed,  a bell tinkled; the curlaiu went up  and "Jumbo, Jtim," the first theatrical performance in'Wilmer started on  its way  The characters being-  Mr   Oobbleton    (Adelaide's   scheming guardian)       Mr   Bruce Harvey  Mis        Oobbleton        (drowned���but  very much alive)      . . Miss M. Buttcrfit-ld  Harry Melville    (a young naval officer)      . .   Mi. W.  IT.  Cleland  Hannah   (Ciobbleton's  maid)    %.   '.Mrs    Arthur  Taylor  Mi    Cheatem (an unscrupulous lawyer)    . .        Mr    E.   Tunncliflc  Labcuers     (thice   men      with    five  hands)���Messrs  v    Gerald    Meyer,  Cvril Katclifle and    A    Larrabee.  ���and���  ,  Jumbo     Jinn    (a negro   who does-  just,   what     he is     told  and    no  tnoie) MR.  T.   G.  TAYLOR  To Mis      Taylor, Mrs. Starke and  Miss Bultei field every praise is    due  Thev     did      themselves      credit  and  equally  so   the  gentlemen,   while  Mr.  T.    G   Taylor,    in      the  name  part,  created  loais of laughter and       ire-  queiitlv  "brought    the    house  down"  by his extremely  funny patter       Al-  logi thei  it was a great, success   find  we arc delighted    to hear that earlv  this veai  a   show on a   much  larger  scale will be- given       Hardly had the  euitain       mug    down        on   "Jumbo  J mil"  wln,n  Santa  Chius   (Mr. ��� Basil.  0. Hamilton),made a stately ,      entrance,  amid the ! merry  jingle of  sleigh, bells, and  a goodly burst,     of  applause from ��� the    children     whose  little hearts .were', gladdened by    the  pretty gifts he handed them from the  gaily  bedecked   Christmas tree,-   . the  work of Mrs. Gelorgc Starke.      Many  of  the bigger "children"  were recipients and brought forth    some    very  witty  remarks    from Father  Christmas, one-    abijtit "My     mother calls  me'Willie, etc," causing great amusement.     At, the clo.se of the proceedings Mr. George  A.   Bennett        took  flashlight    photographs     of*    several  scenes in "Jumbo Jurn."      And last,  but.by no means least, our     thanks  are-due to Mr., Geo. Starke and    his  brother for the able* assistance    they  o j gave in putting the church into shape  for- the entertainment, to Mrs  Breliaut for tho use of her piano aud  to Mr. Wesley Dawson.  The Windermere District Hospital  Ladies Aid ' are not by any means  letting tho grass groxv* under tli'-ii  feet in the way of raising lunjk mi  their worthy ' organi/ation and on  Friday, December 'iOth, graced r l>\  the presence'of their picMdent (Mi*.  I!.' G. Hamilton) viu-juesidcnts  (Mrs. It. Kimpton/and'Mis. J.'Lake*)  and treasurer (Mrs. Geo. Staik*-)  they gave a very successful dance in  the Athalmcr town hall, which was  very tastefully decorated for the occasion. Over the polished floor spirited dancing was kept up from tl  p.nV. to 3.30 a.m. to the lively* music-  supplied by Messrs, E. TunuaclifTc  and Fat Kelly (violins) E. TiMinanf  (guitar") 'and T.1, G. Taylor (pianol  Mrs. It. Kimpton, Mrs. W. Tavnto.u  and Mr. A. E. Powell very kindly  played for "extras." Supper .was  served at midnight and refreshed 1>\  "cups which cheer," the merry band  of dancers "tripped the light fantastic"' with renewed vigor until 3.30  a.m. when they very reluctantly consented to the playing of Iho "I Ionic"  waltz then, with cheery good nights  and seasonable greetings, the company broke up.  Victory 'is nice but' defeat" is good  and this is the way Ihe Windermere  and Athalmcr boysytook it on Monday last when,they lost'^to Wllmci  in the'seconiLhockcy match of,' the  season. < The'link xvas'in good shape  and the weather being shaip foretold  a fast game ��� To add to the enjov-  ment nnd'for llie.comio'i t,"of the ladies,, staunch supporters iv>>i, a. tent  wa.s erected, where a couple of stoves- wore-    burning     and later on licit  (I 1  tea and   cakes     were, served   fo one  and all        Punctually  teams lined up thus:  Windermere  Goal.  Point.  (.'over.  Rover  Center  Right.  Left.  at a 30  ih  F.  \V   Reeves  i  i  F   ('< i ecu  I! Itul hei foul  W Sloddart  V Kimpton  R Stodduit  6    A-  (!. F  ' Wilinet  Bennett  Sta'ike i  ILirvcv  Ix  C.  B  H. Cldai.i  G. Lara.it'p  S.  Ratchffe  . A. Larabce  P   Lake  Refeiei*���Geo.   Chamberlain.  Goal     umpires���Chas. D   Ellis ami"  Wesley Dawson. , '  ��� Timekeeper���J   Harikey.      (  Fiom the slaitflthe game was exciting, but the advantage lay wilh  Wilmer The visitors had not played together before but they ��� put,  up a stern fight, especially in, the  last hall" when they did all the pres  'sing, , Roy Stoildart shooting tin  only goal for JVindci mere ' The iin.il  result being- Wilmer -I ,<W.'II. C'le7  land 2, C. S. Ratcliffe 1. A.-Laia-  bec. 1) and Windermere 1,  CAUSE AND EFFF.0T  Cranbrook is piospeiou*,  tamly should be, too, fm *t llJS  Ii I of prosperous men promon'ti.  welfare twenty-four houi's ,'.u.. ^  Uv year louml.���Lethbrn!  *i-i  '<<��� II i ,li  ,0\'J.Y   THE  ���fH.  HAD   \\E\Tin  ow   much   the  baby  l/���,ilS  its lather,"  said the'mile,.  meant   to' bo agreeable-      "jjy  the bad  weather,", replied Mis  per.      "The child lb  usually-  cheerful and handsome."���Washing^  Star,'  Mi  v I,,  < i-l,  Ka*  iiqlit  SICOO  A BUSHEL  - Mis. ,0. A. Bennett,'the Bungalow,  wasi a charming'rho.->tc-ss al a. dinner;  paity on New Year's night,'entertaining Mr. and Mrs. I!. Cl. Hamilton, Miss SI. fiutterlield, Messrs ,  Gerald Meyer,  Cyril Ratelirie, W. H.  Cleland and T. G. Taylor.  i               ,       '   ,  On the evening of the 2flt.li Mr. and  Mrs. '11. 'CL'Hamilton gave a'dimming ' dinner party at their' house,  "Braeba'nk,!', entertaining 'Tvli. and  Mrs. CL A, Bennett. Miss M, Butler-  field, 'Reverend.' (lt. 'Colquohoun,,  Messrs. Gerald Meyer, W. H. Cleland  And T. *G, Tavloi. �� '   - *  PRIZE OFFERED  BY THE (' p p  FOR BEST    BUSHEL OF   "'  , ,     HARD WINTER WHEAT.  The- - Canadian Pacific I'ailvv'.u  company has ofTered a pii/J. 0f $i'n,u  iii gold -for,the best one bushel (,-'  more exhibit of hard xvinlei uhUt dt,  the Land"and ' Irrigation cxhibiti* -,  to he .held at Madison Square Cl.t-.r-  deus', New York, in November, !<i]|  The prize is open to -competition i.j  any farmer on, the continent of America .' ', , f  James J. Hill, (president of tli,  Cireat Northern railway, rcechth an-  noiiuced that he would oiler a cup  valued at $1500 to the farmer livi'm;  in- the United States who had the*  lie'st bushel of hard wheat at' this  esliibition.' Mr. Hill's ntfer de.es  uot. include Canada.       '   y    '  'In view, of "the restrictions attend  ing i Mr. Hill's offer, the Canadian  Pacific has idecided to gel into the  field of pri/.e giving with tins more  liberal ^and broader offqi; that ap;  plies lo 'farmers not only in Canaila,'  but in. Iho States as well:  MINERAL PR0DLCTI0N  PRELIMINARY      RE\MEW  ' ESTIMATES   'FOR 1010 BY  .THE PROVINCIAL' M1N"-  -ERALOGIST.  AND-  at ?2'j,S82,f)G0,     has been the largest  'of that Of the "whole, of Canada     It  \early' total on record. '    .  is a striking fact, as indicating   the  It i.s of interest lo note ,that<,' this   substantial'increase in the vahi'fi   oi  province continues ^to maintain <. its  average piope'irlion of the'' m'incr;al  production of that of'thccwlible. of  Canada. Placing the aggicgato value  of tlie production of' the Dominion  fur the' tvventy-fiv'e years 188G-L910,  included in 1 lie published official ie-  e-nids, at,   $1,200,000,000 ,(which , nl-  thc mineral production of the province in recent years as compared  with that, prior to,I90G, that fully  *i0_ per cent of this large value* is the  production of the last five'years,  '1306-1010, ' while more than half���  53.7 per cent���is that of seven years,  1901-1 Din'   ' '  Mr.'    \V   Fleet   Robertson, provincial, mineralogist,  has -issued  an yni-  vancc bulletin, reviewing approxr- tiov.:s .'about S8f>,000,000 for 1910), it '' The following table' shows tbe,  mately the mineral, production of'the ,.v*oU|(* appe-arHhat British Columbia ^quantities and- value'of the several  province.during 1910, from which the ,iUlJ-faitly claim to have produced/minerals - produced in the year 1103,  following excerpts arc taken:        ^     ,| between,27 and 28 per cent of "  this" ami   the   estimated  '  production    ia  The accompanying tabic sliows an 1 large sum.',. The aggregate value of 1910. It may here be explained that  estimated mineral production in the | the mineral production ot this prov-1 the prices used in calculating the es-  province'Eduring 1910-of a total Value j men foi all years' ,*to '1910, inclusive,', timated' value * for'- 1910 of--silver,  of ��26;i83,505. t If the levised o re-, is nearly $37-1,000,0*00. "J Deducting ' lead, copper, and xinc arc, the aver-  turns shall prove this' estimate to j the total value* of the minerals���chief- y.gs> prices for eleven months, to th;  be approximately correct, as is1 be-j ly for <joaI 'and'^placer gold���produced, end of last November,''as publisher  lievtd .they will do, Ihc total for Mhc^piinr' tor I8SC, which was nq'arly in the New York Engineering and  ycarowill be   the, highest yet,recoid-   iC 1,000,000,   British   Columbia's- .ap  ed in the history of mining.In Brit- ' proximate aggregate for the twenty-  ish Columbia, for it will, compare .five years is left at ?3l0,000,000i!  favorably with  that for 1907, which, - which is between 27 nnd 2S per cent  Mining Journal,<. less a deduction ot  five per cent off for silver, ten per  cent oil for lead, and ,15 pe'r cent oil  for zinc : ���  Gold, placer  Gold, lode-  Total  gold  Quantity.*  Silver   ,.  . Lead        .   .  Copper   Zinc'   Total metalliferous  Coal  Coke      c       Building materials, etc      Total  value of production  .o/.  o/.  .lb  lb.  218 221  itITl'J.  Value  $  177,000  1,921,000  J010  Quantity.     Value.   '     *���   '182,000  251,500        fi,198,505  Increase.  5,000  27-1,415  Decrease  2,532,712  -1 l,3!l(i,3"l(J  J"),597,2Ij  55,101.090  1,2.59,2-70  ,1,709,2.i9  5,918,522  -100,000  Ions 2,210  Hi.  tons,  2,210 lb  2,000,170  258,703  ,J1'I,C68,M1  7,022,000  l,552,2f8  1,200,000  2,500,000  37,000,000  39,000,000  4,000,000  2,800,000  2H,000  5,080,505  1,282,500  iTt 80,000  1,972,500  181,000  J79.H5  -13,230  33f,3VJ  916,022  216,000  1.13,599,505    $  9,800,000  '    1,281,000      .  1,500,000  322,0-15  1,777,334  300,000  $1,331  211  $21,'1-13,025       ^2(1,183,505  Net' increase for year .  $ 3,399,979  ... 1,7-10,'180  268.21S  $1,659,101  Summary :���  Net increase in coal and coke   Net increase in  building man-rials, etc  Net decrease- in  metalliferous  minerals  Net increase  in  year's production  ..1,2,509,116  ,.     300,000  ���>2,809,116  . 1,068,C36  11,740,1-8*9  A comparison of the quantities    of  mineral      produced  in    the respective  years,  ns  e-xhibiti*d   in   the  foregoing  table, will serve-, to show that    then-  appear  to have been   sprlous   elecrea---  es in  the production of lead, coppei,  and  zinc, but  these were more    than  compensated tor in the unprecedented  increase in that of coal       Never    lie--  forc in    tlie     history  oi coal  mining  in the province has  there been       **0  large an  increase     made in a  single-  year,    the  two     nearest     annual increases having been    that of  3511,000  tons  in   1891,     as     compared    with  189*0, and of 323,000  tons in  190') as  compared with     19Oh        L.ist year's  increase     in net     pioduction of coal  over that of 1900. is, hnweve-i,, gieat  er . than that of the  two  largest'-increases';   previously   on   record added  together, or     79-1,000 tons'-in       this  one  year as against 078,000  tons in  those two years.      The. decreases'   in  the  several      metalliferous    minerals'  will be commented upon under    their  separate heads,  BAST-KOOTENAY DISTRICT.  The outstanding feature of mining  In East Kootenay in 1910 was the  large increase In the production or  coal at the several collieries in the  Crows Nest .portion of the district,.  This was approximately -15 per cent.  in gross production���a tonnage of between 1,3-10,000 and 1,:350,000 long  tons in 1910, ns compared .with nearly 924,000 tons in 1900. J\u- Crows  Nest Pass company's gross output  was rather more than. 25 per       cent  greater than in   1909,  while the Corbin    Coal and     Coke company   more  than doubled its l'10'l output, and the  Hosmei Mines,  Ltd , did better still.  A result of   this big Increase In coal  pioduction is    that     East   Kootenay  stands  thud  among the districts    in  point  of value  ot   mint-nil  production  in  1910      Tlie coal properties of the  Elathead  country,  in   the south-east-  i-in pait or    the distiict,  were further prospected,   with  promising        n  suits, bill little or nothing was done  on     tlte big coal-measures        of    the  t'pper Elk rive-i,  which are awaitintr,  the  piovision of  railway  transportation  Ur-iliues  for their  development  Conditions  were   not   favorable     in  connection with metalliferous milling,  for'   there, was, a     considerable    decrease    in    ''tonnage of ore produced  from  the   ' St.. '. Eugene mine, which  was only about, 77,500  tons, as .compared witli 150,000.' tons in,1909.    In  part compensation for   this decrease,'  however,'   there was   .nearly 25,000  tons     produced "from     tbe Sullivan'  ! mine, which     mine    was.not worked  during  the previous year.     The. sus-.  pension of     operations at the  North  Star mine Was another loss, against  which    there      was no  compensating  set-off..        An   important,  betterment  at the St. 'Eugene! mill  was the putting in of     an  ore-testing plant, designed lo make (tests on large       tonnages of ore, and  having  as well appliances  for amalgamation and  cyan-  idatiou  tests on  a smaller scale.  The resumption of work       at    the  au-  atid  ,ld,  Sullivan group mine, under tbo  pices of the Consolidated Mining  Smelting Company of Canada, 1  gave employment to seventy "!  eighty men, and restored confide.'"'  in the future of mining in that pari  of the Kort Steele mining division  While not much progicss -wt- ���<'-  ported from the Aurora mine, ne.r  Moyie lake, an encouraging m-.pro- -  ment, took place at the Society (-i*1  nunc*, at which a commencement w.v.  made in December to take out -l!l  for shipment  The  progress  being made with  *�����  construction of the Kootenay C'entisl  railway,      which will eventtinllv -on-  iie-ct. the. C P.R   main  line at fiolcicn  with  the    Crows. Nest line east     '���  Cranbrook, renewed.hope relative   '*'  mining in ; the   Windermere division,  as    well as in '��� the northern part oi  the Fort Steele division. ... Tlie ��"'  pletion of this railway may lie      e^"  pected ' to'lead'    to a resumption ci  mining     at the     Estella,    on Tray  creek/and    the Paradise, -ptarmigan.  Delphine     and  other     properties, i  Windermere division, on yvliich, V0^^  ago, much'work w'as done, until       ������  outlook for the transportation tar ^  ties seemed  so hopeless that suasion  of    .operations became nnnvon  able. ,  Little of moment took pla��� ����� J'_.  Oolden mining division last y<y  Sonii* ore . was shipped from .  Monarch mine in the earlier pa"  the year, but no other production *  known to have taken place. THE   MOVIK   LEAHCK  WORK for tlieWDMANLY Bmin  f   ;.  I  7/tey llequfre rhealmg-  .,    V      \VHOLi: day for the pillows' '  *���   /\ . gasps the  busy  hoiisesslfc,  .il-  jfj^ together'  uiinllliriK    to  ,l.i*ii**li  ,       so   much   lime  tin   one  bi Liflf  out of a I\oUiefu1':   but p.llo.ss, ale p-e  yuoua ln'tho citliiirfilgu  of  ine  (.unful  llouasholdf r,    and   eijsln    <��   '.**"   limit  1   .spent upon the farnib  *>upplv ^fipltlussii,'  '   once a. year  still  uiove j.ij'lh.lin  bat n  waste of tlrnr. d    e  They reqxilie Uitatlns "Ml <'i lailan  s beater, which will i either i .. tin -em)  jior wear the UiIcIuk ual if ibnis- j.ii a  'dry, windy das, ss'.ll.ilo.u iv aUnw-r ,i  \mucli of the collect.-,! {IhM iSniji ��i**li il ,  "li. fair supply of Verm-l .1- Uij* n ost ne'd ���>  cm vacuum proee*--,     t   ,   -��� ,  Scrubblnc !*��� reaoi ted tu .s m'^cfiil tl  k ,  Iiij:  covers'have  be^-f leine,*'- 1'a-ul, <r\,  ��tlll stroun and linn euuug!.. ,lui  m-.ti.Xi ,  u��l   line.   WU'hM,  Imi'd hi nali   .1  i.Iji* al  iupply   or   soaps-   lathers K   iidibtd   Intu *  ihe'tJcklnjt. which  is Si'iie.ul ���>��( 1 pon �� r  table, prerenbly riiic-of-duiii s, md w ���!��� '���  late:- Is  scrubbed   svlt'i   to'i- *-   -nil   tbc-i.  rln-ea tlirousli sever il i*!J, ��� !ear �� <'.< f  und sunned to t'i>* point of  iV-ulu'i- Ji *  , ne*") ^ * '  J'lllown themselves 111 i\ ..it'idln- 11  1)10 latest auth<ntiyr be *-'' ''"���' "��� ,|l,L  'ally with I III- exception of .l.c- u-n  plete rinse: foi It is �����''! ���*���' 1 .n-inl��*  hat theie an- f" itti..'i *< ss ''I *s->d ' ���'  It Is well 111- lemic- It. ii-< I'-1'1 **��� 11  Cry lillic-r .i:nl  I-*-  nn*"  isai-i     >Cil   u  a   fall    i-jll.-intltv    .,1     Mllllli.l.l ���    I"'    'hai*-  Ifilf purpu,-,'-     rums-   Ibis   tie.ilea   in  leaner  la   tin-  'l)i)i'7i   all    11 l'��l   the   'iiutc-'  ���am   tu   Urv   das    alt---;   'l*'i    *1,u1'   '**   '  * reuthers are drs   ss'lln'iit .t  shades*   in    1  doubt N ���  Cuvei yoiit own li.iit wllli hue U*ia.t.in  when >ou tiantfei fe.illK'i- to .1 "W  llckinif 1-OVM-, .md oti-mi- the tlme-h ���''-  uied CUM. f b.i.-lirif Hie ��e��   pillow -  iaw   :o   Un*  *;ut  .ir  il ��- old   l" run     ',''  innj;  the   old, 1^.1111       I ill*    ma*   * "* ���     '  j'ouml 01   Ihvi tir ti'.tilieis   mil   In. i>l>'-_'  u'ly. the tt-uiec-i ef thu IioumjimIi.   t-u*^'  N    Govtrhhz Hemf i/O/'/'/T'Fwe. lap/d/fo-  '1,  1-1  w i-K is iluiic- ui. .1  d nui> -J*'*     n I li.  ^I.IIJII    fr-.ll-ful   C'l    tilt    .ill*.    illlWII   (l-lll  ��� lulli-  .c-iiUdc-  r,<*r.J*-.t*   Mn 1 !'1 *���    -*'11  ful-   to   an    u-.u->-oil    c-t'llai      wh>-ii��  il mil) *ilr  keep*, down   "   llv 1!"*   r*"*'-'  '   1  T'h'    *.pi)lr.-,    !l     \l".t'flt'il      ���>���** HI     LO--  f,,   ,)|jif of .1 .-hi.iI' pii if: t if ii'-oii'il '  I ���'.*..llllt    W.l.    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Tin-   iwihi-i' .w"1     "���  limit* "iu, but h certain .niiouiu of a 1  v.'ll tnji'  in fre-nuii tin- pillow  iinkilii-t Is .1 clein lillln,; fm t'>  1 .uoli pillow, as .ue kImd nl��l loitci" tmii  1'iiti  small   t>it**    Ur.iii  ��ml  MivMlU"t  a"''  , , jfi.. ��nii, . milnlor and lull ire  !'>V, ir,' lt'i-,* |fa\i-" fin* a lit-iicht .ii*d  Iitlin.l plin llcC-lliC- i^lniiti I'i 1 cl.i**-' ��v  [',. n.-i-I\c *  I'b,    'mi'.*, leu ,,. 1 *,   li,.'1   -.li'.i'l'1   n-t.  , i-l \- -ifi   1   ,  ui'l.'t    ! i .* ;i 1      I "i i<l ! i>  J .-l as .'niuiioii in the 1.10  1 -*..-i!->ii ut  lupir.** tl>-* hoi>>e I'i u-'l>- .-- t'li- Mini I'll c   Ik ,irs,   0'   .*lo"-"'-    II    ''1    "f   t "'v  lie    fllllli  I ci C'OKKWT clamp vtail** ni-ikc e.  -li of oni�� put of ��*lic-Ilac to  \q p.iit*- Jt nipUt'i.i and envoi  Ilif d-..UB part tliii}oi,-,li|i icith It Tn'*i  t unl-h I.as .1 tllj'J'JiP' t'di* fi.'i 1'. i->*n-(i.  -uuii weai.s cff. .cud "1* i.j'l I*. rcri<lori*d  :,i|.rfej*tii linppiv ioiw !" 'l��r,n 'I hi* v.,i!l-  p.ipe- i.i'i Lit? .ipV cl in l-ie ..-=1. tl W.-^  *\\.)c:i once ,t*ie  v. .ill I-   liv        ,  1 -.ce,   cuir.iin*.   -hoir.il   s(i iii    fui",i, t��a  limii- bet on* wa-ul'ii ill    11M  w.-itei   t'>0'  whii li '".1 iluili*   liuias.   'n-i   'ice-i*  .ifjl.led  '    r'.ej j��re inu'cb e.i*-!e!  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Jii  ,coiik>- -loim vi!-n ill.- tired \\ in k 1)1 ^the  \ e\1Ui)n*, oi Ii<i-me-- .nirnii .lit das  liaj 1* fieijii'-nuly luuuplil hlrn in a pom:  of lfatlK'i*i<>oi nersuii-nets :il vshich a  vers hull* thing mas det itle .v'hat liius*3  mood vcilli'bc Ui. the ;e-t of tho-even-  inir t. v  of eoiii-e the 1 -arttf nl.ir dl^poiiuoii ot  cvpij man ;*. solnk lo ic-l!ihc:e just as  xi di'io- eseiswberp e'-e ll,j. ,tiie ,ru,t-  ssiil li-dd i;oi-n] 101, the a.er.i^e man The  nii)*jt i.-npoi i.ml th1.11? 'for the tactful  smi>i7,<,i tn tlo it* to ssaip nn'il slie -ec-t  -nrnt* injn*, of hi*< H'nijiei before -ho  make*! anj decided ir.os e Don't, above  all ihris- tell hnn. that the plumber ha'-  j jst sent in *c let rih'e hpl 1 lerely fo:  .nakini,' tlm iittle alteiaiinn Don t talk  tob iiuoli in the beginniiiK on anv subject Cousei -a-.lon 1 iken lorrentiatly ai  Iike'j-to   up-et  SOME TAPESTRY PACTS  1 np \T  Imporjart [iiepei  of need'.B-  jficaie-t   'it-tl^f*   have   devoted,  tne ont-el !*> like1},-to np-et tnjbods  vslio it a Utile tlie.l nf'e-- a iia*. ���< ssorlt  md ssii(i tvni.es the u,jlet rajosmeiii of  the hoini  l*he ssoinan ssho ,'nllint t thii- adsir.-  vslll und ber cveniims plea-antor than If  the jim-ipfd at tho, heyi mini? mo th.  henii or 'him;-, e-peclallj di^nsreeabi--  I 1 n^*-  A HAND-PAINTED DESK SET  THE "POLISH RIDER  ?>  T  HU 1-iululr "1 �� Yci-ic l'td -���  'Iraselt. ���t Ilu- 1^-oss-ki I.e.--  iiirni, iiwic'cominti'i''.* Uius.r -  i'i, "Polish I Mill 1 I** li"* i"i ^'' v*  f,,i a .slum inn. tf Hit ���' 11 1 "* *"���-  lei . In London 'I In** Use.-* i'i "I !" '  1 milts or -1 < iiik <n i- ol the li'-" kii" s *i  and al tli- s.tiat* inr<* "in- "f ll. 'm-'  1 ��� 111 n liable of 1.1 nidi llld. s ,i'l-t 1  pit 11 s  'In*   pit Hire   ss.ll   pllllll'il     l'"'l,'  I li v tnuin. I.til I1.1I1 ed !'"!' 1,'">,'  ts.ii'1-t the 'ptctitni 1- I'*' -pm  1111     Mil)    hoi -"    10    Ihi     1 n-.l."l  1 1 -    s   hi Idit*     I1"     - '   'i 1-i.l'*  ��� ' .   1 id, 1  *, .. ,,s|,||.K, Ii .t t    iU - 'Hi'  ' 1       lie    ,,! lenl il    I l-dll"., ' Iii     1  -hiss that in- tntripli t-ls altoied Ihe  iii-hl i.-c, wi hout <*ver nKiiiK 1'oul.li .  p, 1 fortls to fi.vt' tne niad-s uf if  pies Ions  position  A Merry Heart  h -in i  , - I 1   -1  ,", ,i>!   th  das  I-  * o  -      Mill  III  'I   111  S I       I  Ml.I'll!'!   I.M'^S* should  lie a irnt-  Cui    r"i    le'luinii-   1 iiltiv.nluii.   .1-  Ill'I.h   aJ   hone-Is    11,    lien,    ul. I'ie  if bt-ll-v nlelH '  pi'  I  111 ..1- I*   i-i   st ti 111    .lots mi.  I  ul  '' !l   esel|III|.    ll-.Pl    litnilK  1 indst aie 111 la-ili- I ti*  .nit Inn lis ,111 1,. nilii timli -  ssrliten   thai   li  I'M     M'l, 1)     11  li 11    pit a-iu ���  ���illtM        1  1 11 .    1  I. 11 . *t  .11 l     l>  P linn tl  111    p 11' 1  t 1,tenth    I      sslt'i   p. t  n,I    ell in   nit III       '    "  I  uid   fi. 1*    1*!   1   slhds     il   1-   in s 1 1 tl,. Ii -  11   llli-lied    plilllii    nf    ill.    Iltllt'sl    1,dill  in !   t'lo  ino-i    d, l,i  it,    1 In ir    ' ii! i  1 1 '  las t mn* doss     1,1 ut in nil  It- b   nits  ''lie loiiK-lei,��, ,1 ,0111-1- 1,1 I'"  '���it pp- s. if a little n,il ol di ass 1 mi lit 1'  mid theie, i- 'ii "I, 't*d and -'liini'' -  l/i-l s fill  bni,1   m ,,),   ^ ,,!  ih- In 11-h  in  tlino-i   as  in Mti lis   a  ins'.1 ui   1-  11"'  pit tint-i|llt      lull'.      nf     lilt      lltlldli*-  ��� idei        T| ,      ] 1,,,1-t ,n��� ,     1110111. li     ' --  sintiiills     ns, d     is    it    l,i(l,i tmiiitl    I"  1" nil, out   ami  in,lis lilu tll.'e  th'   ln,tiri  has   is   beaut.s    ui    poc-tie   fti-litih   that  recalls��� I^ord.  L.-mMilownc's  -.Mill.'"  Y Tin* most Imiii-osKlve thliiK about the,  Vint tire   la   the .snperli   reulizittion   "f  movement, ,'u'f ��� llio , etisy  sway   of   the  rider,  who  .sits  liis  horso  wo  well.    If  , "ot   so ��� imaginativ-)    In    conception,    :.  haa a stii(.ue.*tnii(.  dlpnity  that  i-ecall'i  ,lii a way l.lurur's "Knlslit, Death and  tlie Devil," ss-lth its' ilpui-R ' on.'UorKc*-'  '-���-u.'k and It.*; landHc.aiio background,  "'���tl tlie comparison Is t lie more In-  terestlnjj in vlttsv uf Dr. Cotle'nTomnri*  ��� a to drawing;, Durer'11 ��� hurst*, too.  Was   out   of   drawliiff,   and   a   careful  <*ii-?ravinn-    svlli  In  m u'li   li  1- ���' -I"'1 ���' '  |,,s   .ill.tl'l-    Ul    (!*���    lenttll.il-  I'nil S i'i S' Is     IU'"ldl[le���   (llllt  |,.i,       i-,      a      -ui'l en -  -      1111I1 -s    >t 1 wm' '1  ���      Vt 1    nasi   no nun t   mm al  M u.d    in    I 'I"-    -milieu'  I,,   1 oh   thrl-    i'" il   Mill iii--.li    t ''en    pet   '   uihi ic*  ,,,,,,,     ll,-'ll    ID    WIS.IC    tllt-P     !'" I"-  ,     ,i,,l     Iii Ii    -' isln^   puss-, 1    tl- Hi  |,     ���.,'!    I   ,    '(Ti e  1,1,. ' mpi 1 t- ssin-e  1 nit! s In aliiebi 1. ic-  . . %  t> ���']���_       ill      .iiotn.d  1-      Sill     I  11 *   'lull- mil''  f,,i in '>r *  lit      IIM  UO  11 .III    ��� '  ll .Ml    ss,      ll IV  I   ,     -     HI      -Hit  at eactPslile   connecting the  tli-ee  sstili  t tii s etl Iit't-A  I'he snullei aiticles are easils dot ��� -  1-ireil hs ilniile de��tiKn��, a*: ifinssn '1 the  &u(?i;e*ttloii for atainpaox .nkscell to;  -.p' 1 api" knife. A- i:ir,n,))iJ.i n. c  1 piiiinLiiini ���>! ,1 if n l--'1 v itli v,l"-  - ?.- 1- t'stit.s.- -.se! tuiictl bj those v.-ho  a t fund : 1 ,i 1. 1, mirk on -,'ielr  I* 1  -i-i 11.*  (1.1    the    -irav     sa i-iss-ood    the    not'  rr  JI'*    V ('I       sl-.t    tl  .    ��� n in   e>. it  ..s' ���   Jul!   a  sl-.t    till*   I'**  1 it 1*1 Hi v  ^.I'liiii*"  i*ii- Vi It 1-1 >*on 1 1 n  p-i --e,l ss 11 i ,h'- t is u ,,f II  1- k *i 1 .1 1 >id ss ' 1 i In ns  ti e   .tea   ���  ',.1   a  M    �����   off'    *  'st    "It'll      11  \sl  It'll ^  ill -,'    I  An    l ut ���   1*   "i 1  ll, in    1   111.'11 -   'I  ,lii, hiu    .ci I    ' ' ���*  I11-.11  1 nn nf Ihe best  ss 1 lit' n if tin :  ss- iiitan  -hoi t  -t 1 t'lotis cvei  ��� in     iluuil    Ihe   old  ss-'nm  11 aiisimited     In 1  humble   'an    hi'"  1111!   .1   Inidls  .ml   loiiU-innn 111  li"  1 ful    tlispn-ni(,i  I'I i*l)tt.lL.I llllt  * iiinpUii.iJ-   Ii as-  aim'- - I01   1 bt- 1 ftlltlt s-  111     . ss IIM ' h'    "  bain    ss 1  i.  ^^r.o-bind"aMi:"rb;n:.sarie.���o.  the i .lie- ill   s  1 11     >s*'i  ,'-t   ni'(I�� 1  li  111  MIC  ,lt��-l��lls    ufte-ed  1   atle  S.ill'in.i "I    I-  ,,o-e    li c    it    I'  ���    Tel       *  11 *t     1 -  -,nle-   .1    . '  i'-pal-l'iii ��� ���   -t'-i-'--  r> .mi l"> -��� -I- -I-1 -  bs m. tat ..' ' 1111 'i I' ���  tlie dr .tt 1 't-- I 1  r .1 in V 1 ,1 ��� sn -, '  s. ui 10 tn ik*- 1'. r-> -It  -h ipe 1 ui. 111 ' '  ne   applied   ss be"    sun   r  *i ei ,   1   ,1. t -      ill     11  bit',1 e^li J    ' i-'l-t I '   'I' "   '  p .���.<.     Tt���  11 'd    'r 1  and   i   t,i u '1    .f  1, '   '  ' 1  Is  .'*t. ,.' , 11  1 1 1   1 I    -   1  .     1 1      ���'   -  11101 0   t \i,en-is e  ,,i , 1  1   i' ,,       i-  i��- ii'Ii,   -  - -ml,  ti 1  ul   ' i-  1 11  ,-,  ss III  , '1    n-   1  1 t'*. Mti  ci feiiin-  ���   %s    i.lei  lilll) -  - Ill  t.ilt      -1  'I I, -1.1    'I  ~V  Novel Hemming- Party  A-GIKI. ss-ho was t'olng- to t>o married  varied Hie usual sc-svtiitr parly by.  iiivitliiK hor .cirl frleiiil.-. to join l"--"  ^H^^!^^n.m^iP.ea,u,^  i.ns'll   III.'*  1    article  ,   ,���   ,,,., .    , ,.    reniliidi-r  bepimed   ns- J'yy."   ,,-.,,���   ,|,vnr   tlilmb.-  pot'  ���li.  examination    of    the  ���id each pu��Ht ptit ber  iials "In Ihe comer or flac  ".'lined   by   hcr-u   ������l.arm  .w  r*SB��I�� iAb "E���s:  SSS^^'S-assj-ys::  hemmlnE \>nrtr.  vour eye svill lii'.h: upon svhnU-ver,represents iVec-oratl'ni or utility, for yoi'ir'ape-'  cl.11  l.obby.  11 ,y nhv one .1 desk in ber tlrc-sslni:  r.ii-ini or in.t'lie fainiiy livliiK hiili'.' Well.  ��� here I.- (t su-.-t;e.sticin for your iissn- set  ,.i- for one aa a t-'it"'*. tu,It friend, it Is  ���',.-.��� .iband-paintcd w-.t, and Hie tit-Id Is  -,, larii�� that one ii.-"U"ee ��'i:i ^"^*st  ,.,id|e.<s pOMSlbllitles.  ���''.���! 11.v pl'alti ssijoden forms. ThB peutra:*-,  staiii'pb....*:. ' paper holder and inkwell,  with.' last of all. a. paper eiii.lcr. ari*  ������iitllcu'-.it  fer a comult-.e a��t-    Ki-i'in  tbe  ��>  Tup \ 1    1 m pci rwt a r-1 [,i"ri-*>   01   iieeu,"* 1 uf    gicju-*!    iui*i*    ii.iiu    tit-viut-i.  sseik tipe-qs are liel-ij- made In .(heli geicus to tho .L-.-isvine: uf phi-  .t-i.otiTb.p eftei desi^iia by Ruine- t_oor,*i foe inoesiis* 'l he eclel.i 11 ud  Jones IjOIii? an 1 short ntltehet; e-m aciies f)f "A\ts of the Min'ili*, " "In-  H-e'd ni,l \sools of dlffetei\t thicTc- Raphael, h-<iis- i�� tne iralbii<*s 01 tlie  m-s*.es a-e \sorlted In a. inaiitver that ' ,Victorla and Mbc-t alu-.,i.iii C'nailts  c^ompletely covers tlie background. I bought lhe-n dor Uii:;1.ith1 acllpsj  svitleh is otillncn' 4 "    on   the    acbvlcp-ot    Kubc;it>    IOC. V6T1  r.ut   true'tape-in   l^'lnom   tvorked:      aticr  Kaphael s  death '     .     ,',  is, indeed, the  earliest   form of  weav- Tapeyiries  vvork-d  In   !>t ib-ti-  fiom  inii     a    link    beiv.een    embi oider>-    and       the-ie carlndtis han-? tounv   1*1 tin- V'-t'.  woven   cloth      lite   two   processes   of       lean    and   (".lur   set-   mn   b'   seen   in  .\tadild, Beilm and Vien-ii* 'Uio'iis  and hi* roipn.itnoi V'aml* ( k " !-ti 1*1 1,1,,  cartoons fot -.'a- tape^tir ss.n!'*: wiiict  sseio established at Mm tSak' bLs lames  I and flOLi-lsJit. 1. iao-e 01 n*?-.'fot a  ceiitniy.     1  Sesi*r,il tapes! ie*; are al-i 10 De oct  In the Vlctona an J Albeit Miiseani :n  r>oiiduii Spet ial in*ntitin n.u-t * bt*  11-ide ot a irodern piece T1 e .-c t-  -ons," ssb!cii ss as designed b' William  "tlorri- s\lio iiUo sviote tlie hi n.* i-'ji  iiiolto-ve-se wlildi is iai-ti l'u ,J iipun  it and had t muni m.'< - l.i- ,,ssi  t*i��  To Treat Umbrellas  UMBKi-I.l, \S 'eo.bln 1 kl 11 dtai  uf a'tc-l.oa .0 kee-. Hi in in i-'O" I  ' ei a1' but ei I1-!' wi ie - ",*��� 1' , *  are w��l' woi'.'i it aid iepa\ .|, t' u ''-  J'ovi o-rtei' bas�� o\j *j.u.*'t-t- , ,' lut-  been savtd b\ then) f-o 11 r. . i, 1 *-  *ias'e been tq.ui.iit ��������� 1 -aijik-i- d 1.. npi-itr  ,-.sith  1,0  sheliei   nea-'  Vfte- 'U'e of ui -e diss 1 ) ... - t\ ir-  tlva! hiuni" tl*o u-ntni-llt -, ;,' ,v*- b-��  -t itk 1. ,lhe =:j.) ' ni tl '"!. tn <.'��� lin  a^ the-nt dest ne. y-adnetis 1 , i- *i I , 1 i  i-l tbe -' k in-t il"- ie i'i1 ft1 - *- 1 *n 1 i  ', t 1 '"t and jo into |*, i�� - 'p ^ set  -ror: tcne tt - .01. d b, n.a ��� ,1 i;<n in  i drs a'rs "nri.n 'nil' 1 ( 1 1I1.-0 -'1 s  drs Manv peooi^, * 1 > xi the rato 1 t-s  ss*hi,e s-'i 1 d ' np, i-ia then th nk 1 ��  Jik must bavti 'e-n ' i)n*.m'.- ss'ion 'J\n\  find   '*   m   ho'e-      ^ ,  When   put    issas     th '  \inib; d'1   * ���-'I  he   left   .i"i oiled    fm   11   it   i��     oti.-tai .'.v  h.opt .-i  a. l'.?1*!   ru,'   *   c   ci'.i- - a e a,.'  i.'   lit     : '    -st 1      -n nu -b I' - *>    lei  ss-eaving- .tape-tiy  has a   changed   h.it  sllg-htlv dosvn the centunei  ' .Vl Gobelins tbe h 1,511-warp loom i'i  used The weaver firit visits the store-  i-joms -sv-]*ere I Iiouuand- of shades In  svools and silks are ssaitlngr to be s<9-  'ected Theie he n.atene* tl"* tints of  "tlie cartoon from v hlch ne Intends to  work Ho then tak^s bis stand behind  'us loom, and after eketchlnj; his de-  -lyn   on* the   ss.-t-p   threuli*.   sseave*,   his  f.ilort.   ui   and   on   hko   b lsket   ssurk,   a  little pan h of i'o'oi  Jt a time  The losv-ss u, 1 bioin is moie ,|iii, klv-  ssorked mil tist^ eunsidei ublv less  than ^ho b'sh fu.m, but the res.uU l��  not so  perfeci  of 'bin^b  tl i-   -I- nt delighted satl.--  t on      Ir   s )'i   diuibt   this   stat"ment  1 di-k  ���jtt p-U'i-.d lis   hand���and  b*  Don't Wake Baby  LI',7 i<i|, ]<tt',e vab\ sleep P it, li ���  ii. >i hit in ssbi h ���'-,.. lit-i. thiiifi  ss.ll fs.-oss      I*.   11     i;-_ ir>> .-*!-n   .Lud  I-,     SS    V  ,   *    V I',,,,     d.   *id--  ii'mf-'iil'i-' -s L-,  :l 1' t* liftri *-i,a I  lAa.ken   1 'ni  1 .-.'dhui a id -  I ipn*-t i- ���    ,'u* ' -  0 ������  I'i ne s     ni 1  I*   i-t     11 1  t   1- '    1  '   I   j   .     "        1  .lb  ���*n-   1 es-    pb  wl!  'lfe     t^ii      up  a- m     ���'."     i u.ei  1    -icep t ^ li   tl"  >     .1 belt*,,,-,  ,     1    ll.   ' lv>   pi     111'  * ,i.-,i   <? b.-u st   ei*-  ' 1 1    1-. '       *I In*   i/t -  1 li il     i  -ilk    i-nbrella   -hTi'd  e   -* 1. d    �� 1,,*-.'      i*  nes   1  .-   ',' .)*    '    ,  >. huris     a 1 -  ', '     'ti.-  1 tbe -,* 1   -  1 i., ,-���- , 1 , 1  c-.d  no   1,* 1  1 -1    of    : ti  .v.-v  bin-  1  P  111.1 11  ,  1-1 *  ,1.-." 1..  A MotherV Influence  I j 1 ~ .-1 ���   . ' 1      ^ ���        ���"��� *  Si*    t        ��� ' '       .1 '���     '(  miJ '   i    1  ��� rr  1    b  ���1   *��� '  - t   e.i  ���* aid ).  rtf,|   ��� c  ��� 1 1 1  1 - * .  -i  1  ii i-i-    1 -  1-M:  a   |K.--nt  uv 'a  11  olif     Hi  cue  ll  (llld  ssiih  t   siiiKb  line  .,.!  small  . r . c  11  ven-  lional  rurins  Ik   a  sv:  ys   i,Mi  id.    1  r  th.*  lenim  :'or:n  can I'll the c  v.ir'..  niter.  t  I  in,  y pi.irl  1 twn s  -Ui  :i  11.tii'  i-  rtii-r  ���jlt^a  1 n ���  ,     ', -   1  * -be  ii .1' ^1   -. -  ,lli,       si,    st 1 i   - * 11 b't     (in,  * s *     -1  11,-eil   w!i':n  naiiitinc" ssib   n.-.  dut-ide'd  ;iy  the  ,',.ifj|faii; .of   thi.-   i-"')ni'l:i   svbi'.h   ;b ���  ���'.|---k   !s plai-e.l.  Tliv bross-M '.s,,,'ds nre Mn- background"  fur seib'isvs, :���,���,!.- and in*.i-ntliicti'.'n* c'  liii', sti'.h ,i:i,-.; ..if Itl.icli ink by Sf.is- :'  emphasis.   ,  lilib-'d. t'.iore '-ir" some alirat-tis-e .a"-:-  'that havi- iieen ,-'!:ii-,-,l I'lillreiy svi-i"  bl'i'-'stain '������:��� sj-v-pn, for .iiista-.li-e.'.iui-!  ���li-.-:i  tit-'' ���l'-',','niti|in   lias !,,-.���(<. ,,i.M-;e,l -���.i  beaut iftii. ������        ���  Thefts   ih  a   certain   cuiiip|e:i'!-ei>i   ;-.i   a  PuttinK on Gloves  Tin;  > 1 -     u 11  ei n* pattljlii o-  ,'prn   and   firn   Invok  '.'lie ilnimb lllld. posv-  t-i.e linirei-s in tlieir  lalnii. and cai'efu'i'.v  i 'ii- 'li-.--: tumor ar.d  ��� ii.sitd iiriiil -. iiey urc  ���e-csK   bi.t-.'.'een   tlio  arasvui^   : ���  . pers'.it   i::'  cbarmii-ic  lit.    -'U'  ,��� i,  .1:  ������ri,  ami   pen  children.  :*.-,  bull     b  their  '  Sill.  Illl.l  ���li" kid t"  iiii-ltllllS.   i-  ic  the firs:  - place with  t!ie    iiiig'M-s:  slide it over  pinching the  bit,1   proper  :-*s-   pres-tiire.  slide l��-isveen  ire. should tx��  button.  inaiincrs   i-peai.ed   in   In-  ilf.-i-   I-'": :li 'aii'-i ������!���!���!   tm  will alss.i.ss 'o.-i-j davyn. their sou'  .1:1d -step iiiiictly and try .t.>.,!.�������� in-���  uiar.nerls' sv.hen.siit stops to i;iye I h,  a kind ssSu'd sr.d a yeasanlsniiy !���'  a irti" st. ���-���".in:' scdl never lall .0 .-  ��� and do a!i the It.nd. pleasant t hi..  she can that s-.-lil In any way be,;-  lift - up a-nti .olioor those whose !!;���'  aro ' ��had��<l wltt) o*re and toil ������'.  mother of to-l-vr -rul*�� thu fori':  t��������rr��'w  I.l  THE MOYIE LEADER", $2  ���V'i  fc x  m^  9%  il^E  l!i:l  J*..��  ���T'M  ���,>' i  i'  1 i��  t ���  j i ft    a,  'mm &  ftp '"  y iWiy^  .-���1K.S'}. ;,  A,A\y  ���iK'l-.-l'-U  b-Ubb  ) ��� r  i"y<  A)V  i. A :;  bM  li'-i ' 'i i})( *f,ic\  ...'~l-.- '  ���f ������>-*.��� ���  \<\.. '��� '.,y.* < j.  .  V ,     -HiV'--'-. -^ ���  .. --A \tti$?i��*- '.-"*.: x'ty-zy,.  THE T;RADTCR, MOYTF,. "BRTTJ.^ COT/TOTBTA*.  '*>     '    *   i  y a<  ,  j-#  &&&  it's    .  1*1  '��� V  '��� 'J'-,  <tk.     '  If,  *,"' '*  ���111  'K    '���  isl.s!   *���  li^t  up. ��� if���'r'w.-*!  'i wi, j, -itrr��cjm��wrpJ����y��*E  THE MOYIE LEADER.  fPtjliliahed ju theiiiierejst of {.be people  ,of .Mnyje iiiidlOaet KoojLonay.  K. J. yUY'Tli. ]'��� n.M.s^:".  i^-s-s-s-5-5-s���-S'C-ss:e�����s:ee���e6-e6���-��+(if  .| CHINOOKERS |  ���sUs^S^-5-5$$-5��39��S993e������������\li'  (Sjioitesnian-Itovless.)  ���* ^-vv*.;  L��iicr>  -bi.st.ru ik .*��  (One Ycci<r  _  ion in AT,  . . ' . _.    ����.00  JA.NTUAKr, 20. 1/311  ���People; have .angel   aspirations,  but the devil heivcs ,theni tp it. ^  If the -facts   of ,the   case   are  against .you,   blame    the.>,news-  i  papers.  Pernio Jyrec- rPress:���If ,��\vc  .couldn't .'^et   any    letters' or  V-' I  , papers     thrpugli    the   i]:aib-.',  ,, there ��� was    oue   consolation,  th era were no drafts   arriving.  t <-  The   ' Conservatives    meet  the new year  with   hope   and  r '' '   '  .confidence.      Not    for   years  - hup the Opposition  at  Ottawa  ..been so wcirprganized and   so  free frqiii personal or fractional'  ' strife.    There is a   feeling-' of  J coming:     victory1   in* 'the   air  -which is"unniisiakeablc.  "A man with chin whiskers*  hain't always the most sense.  Whiskers is scenery, not furniture."  '' ''Hain't never hud iptich. use for  a man .that's always grinning.  Death's Jreael is ' fixed .the same  way."        ' '  ,     Wi'reless  telegraphy  never  -put a crimp in the cable-business, neither will {the automobile cut much of an." inroad  on,  the horse  and"buggy. t   The  'tide   appears .to   be\ turning  now   and   men    of   moderate  means are   returning' 'to  -,thc  use   tbe * 'latter.        Eighteen'  years, ago   the   bicycle   craze  ���was at its height, aud factories  e t  worked   overtime ' -to   supply  f1       "      v '  'the demand.,      Bicycles   sold  * ��� " '  '���lor $125   each.     Within ''tlie  t" past few years   several  factories-have gone  up   the   flume,-'  aud the $125   bicycle,  can l be  .bought for $50.,    People   take  more enjoyment out  off walk-  \. ing than riding a   wheel,   and  .in a short time they will   realize that there  is   more pleasure in riding behind   a  good  .horse ,thau    in   traveling   at'  breakneck   speed   in  a motor  car.  Miitijrntiiig svvoet nothingsu^od  to, Jie ,1)1 right to ..ensnare a  woman's affections but,nowadays  it i*-. s/ifer to,make a nuisu like a  bank account.  New1 Mayors,  Mayor Taylor of Vancouver  was re-elected by, n., majority of  1077. ''Alexander* y^forrison, Jris  opponent, was defeated in every,  one of the six wards but one.  Aid. ^VleNeish was qlected "mayor  of North \raiie>oiiver. , I->ee was reelected in xSew ."Westminster.  ,-Uayor Alfred .)". Morley was' re-  elected mayor of Victoria for tire  third,term by, 5S0'majority. ��� . - '  1 A., W. ,13,1 easel ell was elected  mayor of Fernie by a majority of  M over-Tli'os. 1-ack.      ��� ''      "���  J)r. :T>V. E, Gqiuip was elected  mayo" of Sandop bj-' acclamation.  For .the mayoralty of'Ureen-  wo'pd Duncan Mclutosh defeated  Fred B.'^'lohiies'by 21 votes.' r  .'  The Reason  Senator Maciouald  Jn the magazine bt^ction of the  Tronto Gi) of Janunry 11th  there,isA>i article on "Veteran  Senator's Who Have Seen History  in -the Making.'' , Amongst ,the  lot is a sketch of Senator A. A  Macdonald, father of A. 1*. Macdonald,until; recently a resident  of 'Moyie, bpt. now of Irondale,  Washington. Senator Macdouald  has been ft member of the Senate  sitco lSfl|, Hefore that ,he lint]  been . Lieutenant-Governor ��� of  Prince KJjvard Island. ' Thn'ri-  are. two men, and two men only,  left alive today who helped lay  tlie constitutional .foundations of  which we are told ^is , now the  Canadi'i.11 imtio.u. , Sir Charles  T ippet in England, ,nud , .Senator  Mac-dfipald in Ciimnlii, alone aro  left of the Fathers of Confederation, 'i'lio, one man , in Canada  who siit at the, memorable 'conference at Quebec* .iu October,  1801, and at the Charlotteitown  Conference two months 'later, is  Senator Xncdonald, w,ho,'. is < in  his eighty-iirat year, is still able  to go up to Ottawa from ,the Is--  Iancl Province'aud lpok after- - his  duties as a .legislator, ^lle' possesses a marvellous memory, and  can tell you ,of events of more  than'half a century ago as rapidly  as if they were the happenings of  yesterday. He is' an -^Islander"  born, wras a storekeeper in the'  dim and distant, past, and ( built  many of the trading *, ships that  did business along the eastern  coast-j i'n the' days gone hyy Since  then he has beeu in politics���for  fifty-seveu years. Away back-in  LSoH   he   was,  making   laws    for  Prince Hlward Island in   the  As-  i'i , i      ,  sembly, ami was at one time  Postni'istei'-General of Priuca ��� Edward Island, lie was a Conservative then, as he is now.  Despair and Despondency  No one but a woman can tell the story of tlie suffering, tlie  despair, and the despondency endured by women who curry  tt duily burden of ill-health and pain becaute of disorder*, und  derangements of the delicate and important' organs that arc  distinctly feminine. The tortures so bravely endured completely upset the nerves if long continued.  Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a positive cure for  *calti>ess and disease of the feminine organism. "  tlfTiMAKES WEAK WOflEN STRONG,  ,   SICK   WOMEN  WELL.  It allays inflammation, heels ulceration and sootiics pain.  It te>nes pad builds up the nerves. It' fits for svifehood  and motherhood. Honest medicine dealer*, sell it, and  have nothing to urge upon you us ^ just as^i&ood."  tt It is non-secret, notvalcoliolic and has a recoid of forty years of cures.  Ask Your Neighbors.    They probably know of some of its many cures.  If you svant a book that tells all about woman's diseases, und hosv to cure  them at'ihome, ��.end 31 one-cent stamps to Dr. Pierce to pay cost of mailing  only, and hi svill send -J40U a free copy of his great thousand-page iHu-itiuted  Common Sense Medical Adviser���revised, up-to date edition, in paper covers.  In handsome clotb-bindiin!, SO stamps.   Address. Dr. R.V. I'^rcc, IIuiTulo, fs'.Y.  A young cotton worker and   his  wife had ��� been   married   only   rife w months, but it was  quite 'tip'-,  parent to the wife that  her  husband's auction .for   her   was   on  the wane.   'John developed a tendency to stay out  lace  at   night,  and it' r.ow .wf.s   early   morning  wheu his   wife   heard   a   violent  knockippfat the   door.      "Who's  therea" asked she   from .the  bid-  room   window.      ."It's   mo-"���'replied John   meekly.      "I've   just  Dtni   (from    the   meeting.        Wo  ���--have been considering the present  strike."      "Oh,   have   you?    Well,  you can git on  the  doorstep' and  consider     the    present   lockout!"  was .tlie retort.  The Largest Gold Mine  Tho Ilomestake   gold   mine,  located at L'jael, near Dead wood,  in  tho I Mack hills ol   South  iMkotn,  ,is the largest gold milling   propo-,  sition upon   the   American   continent, and ijyouly rivalled   b>-   the  , -Tread well mine  up  in Alaska in  the big  gold   propositions   of  the  .world.    The    mine   has   been   in  almost constant   operation   sinco  1S7G.    Tlie ore i^> low grade, yielding on tl,ie average not more   than  $3 a ,ton,  but   the   supply   is so  vast and is so easily worked   that  it is of ine.-stimablo value.      Three  .thousand   men   are   employed  in  and about the  lujue.      There   are  more than lifty  mile-   of  railway  .underground.    Kir    thirty  yen'-,  the mine's output iu   gold   bullion  lias averaged   more than   $.10(1,01)0  every month.  Rink Flooders'   Dates  Public Getting   Wise  The Pullman car porters core-'  .plain of the marked decrease in  the amount of tip,4 received and  are .asking for au , increase ^n  salary to cover the deficit. The  travelling public i.s beginning to  realize that in defraying tlie regular transportaipu 'charges they  have done all that can ,rea3onably  be expected of them.���Iievel-  stoke Mail-Herald.  Kigbt   You ,Are  ,    - ^ i     - * *  i* '        '  '  The - Kootenays will soon be  producing .more lead than, the  Coeur 'd'Alenes.���I^dgc, rGreenwood.        *    '  it the Churches.  .0  ne   in   a  Pfipn  A Ip.tfy entered a store in th,e  l-oundmry a short time ago, tried  on a pair of shoe*--, a<Hl bought  chfcin. When leaving the proprietor presented her with a silk  llanilki'ichief, stating that she  wa*. tile; first woman ho had ever  known to buy a pair of shoe.-*  svilhout trying on more thau one  piir.��� Cr.'enwood L<*dgo  It was Cold at Michel  n.,,1. .,���., k un; i iiik iisiei nMuiuij       Ov.-'mg to the blix./ird   and   the  and collecting  admissions at   ���the*{extreme cold, it has   been   impos-,  -The following i-n a   INt   of   the i  name*, and date--, sot   fot   cleaning  ���md flooding the i ink after skatim^  *        CATHOLIC  CHURCH  First Fridays. Morning prayer, communion at 0 a. m. - Mass  and, instruction at S:'10 a. in.  Rosary, instruction and benediction of the blessed sacrament at  7:30 p. aa.  -Third Sundays. Mass and sermon 10 a. m. Suuday .school at  2:.'30 p. m. Rosary, sermqn and  benediction of the blessed sacrament 7:80 p. m.  K;EV. FATHER JOHN",  (Priest.*.  '���PimSBYTI'I'IAN     CMIUItGH.  Morning Service 11  a.   ni.   Sunday school and  Bible class at  2.30  p.m.    Evening Service at 7:.50   p.  m.    A hearty welcome to all.  '   MiV. C A.  JETACKNFA-, B. A.  | (Pastor)1  MICTHODiST    CHURCH  ���Sunday school and bible class  at 3 p. m. Evening service at  7:.'J0. The morning servic-j is  withdrawn in favor of the bible  .cla.s.** in the afternoon. All are  heartily welcome.  REV. J. W. Mfl.LHR, 15. A.  (Pastor)  W  "AT IT'HEnESlIICE ,19001'  We want evnyoneto foiow ���  ������ttyat w&are payings,  , per annum cr'e9iteu vriMrf  ' 'oasavings Jeposite^l-  f> & upward) subject toWitti-  - (jrawalbr cheque S? * ,  on,l\me deposits of .-r*  Sifiiioiitlis & oyef; ~  We invest mone^ for clients ���  >' in first mortgages & So a  general iTnan&altJusineiss.  ^e want^ur/aavrajs'accnt  & ifyou are not 'saying -~.\  ��� s^TematicaHv, * - -*- - "  ��(somincnccK0WMtijU5.'  " Deposits "by- mail ���*r^},  ���*������ ���*��� ���*���' easily tian31eJj ���  "Youcattseni) tyDraft,  'Post Office* Cypress  JOrber or. Re^tereS^-,  Letter & witfidrawala  can, be made r�� ^^.r  - * a^v- .way you'Vtsh'.  Refer 10^*^ ,*/i-  , or to anyone m.-  VMGOUYeR-'  Write us about i%toy  Do it now!!?:!.! -  Dmv.n^ERA C8. LTDi  321 Gamble Stmt,  ^Vej\co\iyer. B.C.^  !. O. O. F.  ^   . , ,         - Wlltlev Lotlfti No. 44.  Meets Tuesday evenings hi the  r.Mineis' Union ,hall. Sojourning  Odd Follows cordially invited. <   *  r li. L. I ItJTT,    ,,     ���      F. J. S.MVTH,'  Noble Grand.''.', 'Secr'y.  ki.. KiiKene I.ocli;o Nil ZI7,  . K. of P.  Meets evpry Thurselny  evening in- AIcGre(,or  imlPnt S c'clocir. Vis-  ting brethren welcome  JI. G." Macdojtai^d,  Chancellor Cora.  C. A'. Foote,  rK,     11.      &.    -S  Do you realize that your  health is your chief asset?  That your nerve force is  your hank, account? ,  You can draw on it just so mar.-" I,  drafts of so much each���and then you <  are through for all time. Nature hon- 'i  ors no over-drafts. When your health J  deposit is exhausted, you are (out ,of ��,  business.       "   ' *  HONEST    TREATMENT      ;  ,    A sure'and permanent cure in all   diseases   oi  '  men-Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins, ;  Hydrocele, Blood and Skm Disorders' ''  Sores,,  Ulcers, , Kidney,    Bladder    and, J-  E'ectal disorders, and all   special,' ailments' com. i  'mon-'to men.   ' ,       .-'.,' ' "        t  Best Anatomical Museum in the NortTweit. I  'CONSULTATION FREE        \  l r you cannot come to Spokauo for free consnltatiou now   )  1 write, for our 'free booklet. /���'    ,  , , ' -���   J-  Dr. KELLEY'S MUSEUMy ���   ' 5  ^lO^Howard St  '"    ',     ���    " SPOKANK, \Va-h' \  7TIIE-  BVY   VOUll  Mn\' Hotel  Selkirk    T..)ils<-#    .Vli.t,  r ",  ��� a. i*.' .t Ji.'. jr." 1  Regular    meeting*  ou   tlie, first  Wed-  ���nosday      of   ' each  mouth. "  'Visiting brethren welcome.  Bv A.. Ayres,  W. M.  Amos  Totter, Secretary   ' ���   j         ,  *     *      ' -��� i  '*       ,   1   .       " r  Moyie   Miners' ��� Union  Wo.-71  w.rK of.M.  .Meets an Miners' , Union Hall ey-  ery Saturday*- evening. Sojourning members are cordially invited  to attend."      ''   '     -      ,  Joe  McLaren ���' James Roberts  -President.      " -    , ,'Secretnrv  18,  JJKSAUr.3>lKK    HMOS,    l-oim.  [,;irs;e sample room ih connection  with,house- for commercial men. Best  'of incojmiiocliuion.   . ,        ,,  llciilqunrters  for   Com-  '    '  mercinl and MiuiugMcny ,  Cigars  Tobaccos  Confectionery  QUBKX.S AVKr  MOVIE  J'ROM  SEXD'YOUU    WO UK-TO  THE  ;���   KOOTENAY y  ;���'. STEAM ."'l   '\',  LAUNDRY.- !       ,  ' All .White' Labor.  Harvey,     McCarter..&  Macdonald.  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Elc  Cranbrook." -   -    B. C.  Loavo work with .the   local ftgenfc  '   ' A.rB. STEWART ', " .  1  i-  ,   A, B.rStewart1  \ c*   ' '  Dr. n. e: .hall  ;  1 ���  DENTIST  The Expert Crown  and  1 * ,.  . . '   -'    Worker.,  ^t .I  '   ,0/fico over 'Mi  ���' Wall    '��� Tit per  Armstrong Ave,''  Shurt's  Store,  Cranbroo..  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP  W. F. GURD,  HAHKISTKK. SOLFCITOK, ETC.  CRANBROOK. B.  DR. F. E. MILES -  Pentist,  Cranbrook, ��5, (  George B. Thompson,  13.\riiij:tkii,    Somcitok  Xotau'v rc'iiue.;, -.tc.  CRANBROOK,       Bnni.su Coj.u.mijia  Shamrock Creamery Butter  Shamrock Leaf Lard ,  Shamrock Hams  and  Imperator Bacon   *���  all   firs  For sale by  grocers and  P  MOx  S & CO  T"IE.      , " B. (  clftss  Ltd  STOP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  HOTEL  ���      V    WHEN IN  ���  CRANBROOK  K. H. S.11A1X, Slanjccr.  NOTICE is   hereby   Riven   that    ** .  R.   BEA1TY  the  piirtnership   heretofore    pub- Embulniejr unci Uneli>rtii)c<:r,  sisting   between   u?,   the   under-   pholie 9> CRANBROOK  bigned,   as   MacEachern   &   Mac- '  JoniUci, in the town  oE   Moyie   ir,  *     , ��.   1,   ...   ,      r.   1 ��� ���       T-T  Mi-Vlllii-.U 1-:,1"   US.    11.  V. 1'nrl.cr, C   1*  the province of 13r,itish   Columbia  has tbi�� d.iy   been   dissolved   by McVITTIE  &  PARKER  mutual consent.     Ml debts owing t   Puomnciai. I.axd SuKVBYi.vr:  to tlie said partuership aie   to   bo kailwav * .mjninc   DMiiNr.uitiNG  paicl into the   credit   or  Myle.s A. | I;stitIia<CS Furnished.  Heale, Liqnidtttor, at the Imperial i  Hank    ol- Canada,    -Moyie,  afore* j O WICKS  said and   all   e.-Iiiitus   aKiuii-,t   the j Fort Steele V. (>. Box. 2.".  We  Are' Agents For  THE IHTNEK LIGHTING CO),  of Chicago, and have a  complete    stock    of  Gasoline   Chandeliers,  Arc     Lamps,  Mantlss, etc.  said p-it'tiu'i-rliip are to bf proaen  __ j ted to the suirl iMyli'** A. Hi-alo   by  St.  whom r,!u> t*nioe will \v settled.  ��-.:    I.  gate.  January���19tli to 22nd���H-^'Jask-'  .son,  1/.C. -Macdonald.  January   2:ird     to   20th���AVui  .Cli.lTe. ;J. Fox.  January   27th to   3(ith-\V.   II.  Swan, J. }f. Crowe.  January ylst to February 3rd���  ,C. Ni;n-diu;vn,  A. W. Lutner.���  February i\A\ .to 7th'.���G. YCruik-  shank, J. Taylor.  February Sth',tp 1 Ith���J. Clarke.  ji P. Conrad.  '      February 12th to  lath������'F.  A.  Macdonald.  February l*)th to 10th���X.  , jlCenv-ie, (J. Huck.  Mayor Taylor   Satisfied  Mayor Taylor evidently doe-  jiot want the earth when ]>e js  ^ati**fiel with one .iio<]e.st share  i)i tho '\yjrld. ��� I'rovince. ,  -ible to get this ofl^qe sufficiently  warm to set up the type -necessary'  r,o complete our .usual ampunt  of reading-matter. 'f his is our  only apology for the lack of: news  iu this .irfi-me.���Michel Reporter.'  c.  8. Time Table  Westbound  Joseph's   Conv,ent. i    l>'ll"(l ,lt ^oyw, n. c, thi-* 2:5 rd  I day of l>ef-eiubei', 1!)10.  .vnusoN.it.c. j juii.v s. MucKACnnRX,  rSouchn;,'and Day School  coseluot-1 A. I*. M ACUONAIJJ.  ed by Sisters of .St. Joseph, Nelson,' Witim*-**,  Ii.   C.     .Con'.niercial    and    buMiies-H  courses a   specialty.    Excellence   find  swift' progress charactenize each department. Parents should write for  particulars!. One 'month assures .Hie  ���public'oi tire .thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods- of teaching. Terms  commence January, April and Sept  I'upils ar;e admitted, .diiring the  term..  CYmibrook V. O. Box 11.  ICC  The  cheapest and best light on  the mai ket.  J. ' H. RINGROSE  Solo agents for Southern I!. C.  I'.O   I'.ox, l."*.".. N Ml.SON  E^e,1  N"o.  So.  ���U2    Local               ,    1:20 p.  7        .Soo-Spoksjxe      2:5S p  m.  in  ,Mc-  So,  So.  Eastbound  Mi.    L,o,c,ul                     2:5Sp.  8         Son-Spokane     ih.'jO y.  METAL   MARKET.  Pi  Xi:\v York���liar silvtir, 5g ct'-j.  ���Lead $-1. 50.  I.o.s'Do.s--Le;ul,  ;Clo Is   ijtl  OVER &$ YEARS'  PEHIENCE  .IOIIXW. ,1'TTCII.  BUSINESS   LOCALS.  FOI, SALE   OR    LENT���Good  house.    Will rent for SS. a month. jTine of clothing or men's   fur-  Apply to Louis 1. A.��� Macdonald,  Mrs. L. Macdonald, Nortli Tavistock street, is prepared to trim  and remodel hats, also fur and  velvet toques.       j -  Miss L.. M. Scott, trained nurse  of Ralhwel) Hospital, Winnipeg,  is ready for engagements of any  kind. .Maternity a specialty.  Moyie.  Trade Maiiks  Designs  Copyrights &.c.  Anyone* punrtlnc n pkttlt-li nml ,-lt.'i:crtnLI,,ii nni7  quickly iisirerliitii t,i:r oplnloii frcd whi'llicr i,n  llivmill'in I" l.ri'linl.lj' initcTiIithlo. CimiMin.Iri,..  tloiis.iirlei.ly.-iiiiililcinliil. HAH0Q0DK 111 !'n:t.-iil.a  aeiit. fi'.-i*. tiliicHt ni.'tiiif>' fiirBei'iirm^ puUmf*t.  I'liitiiitsinlit'i; (hrouirli Miinii i, Cf' ruculvo  specitttnotice, TUMinut, charcro, lntho   '  '  "   *xm*'  A handflomcly llltinlrauU wecWy. Laixtitit. rlr-  ctilutlon ot any HcienLitln. jdiniitil. Tut'iin lor  <'un.'idii, $3.75 ii year, i��uatayo iirepald, K^liI by  all ncwiKii:al��w.  MUNN&Co.8"B����*"��-NswYqrk  ���    IlraucD Cffflco. ISi y St, W����btn<!ton. D. C.  OF. LESAL'LXIER  nivA'i.Kie  N  PROMPT  DELIVERY.  Q,ueeps' Ave,      MOYIE  I/'you want anything; in the  ie  liishings, try  C. A. FOOTE  THE TAILOR  We cari'y iu stock the goods  ito njake an' tip-to-date' suit  made-hi'town,'-or -we can get  you a special ordered suit  made to your nieasure. We  have ready-to-wear Campbell's  clothing, the best made and  /it.tiug clothing in Canada.  A,  Moyie Hotel  i*\|iVV\<WVS  P. F. JOHNSTON Prop.  This hotel is new ami well fi/nsliLil.  The tables :u-f htipplicil with tin-  best the market, ttfltii'ils. ' Tlie heir  is/filled, with' tlie best, liraucls of  .liquors and'Cigars. ,  ',',.   ���   Headquarters for  Commercial and Mining Men  Moyik   .--.--,-:--     B.C.  Good rooms, good   tables nnd  bur  and firs-t class sample room-  INTERNATIONAL  HOTEL.  Tliia hotel is now under new  management, and is first class  in every respect  i.  In tli.s tis:iii''. dav t!:<'ic " '  1,1th* ili.iiui;  fur '.'.ic- iii 'I' wt,"  bt.nl&cl  out   in bf** y a  v"_r'*  ro.in r.sln i.ci sjiet l.il n.r" '������'  He  i.'.-- fni^d.ui'uud   ���'���  fur  s.nall   w.t"i *   "ulil  l,"-'1-*  t'lMI-MlilKd h-iW *'���'*:''     Ul'"  YOU it I'vchlh-icv.'..    H vt.i ���"���*-���  tint llllt'..!!, rilK-icl jsr.!-,!,!*.*-"1-  ���-I11.1.1UI ir. v.ii-i dtc'it-u ci*: "-"  tmn, tho L C  S.v.ill Ik1|>'��"'  A rcLovcl ol o\el   l'�� *���<��� " "  rcni.-xrkal'lcs f.uccc^,; 111 lrnni!".-*  tlioti's.intls'e..��- ..-uivbitious OTS';��  earners fur better uosuioiis aim  iucrerisecl caniiiiK* enable-* *J-'*  to state -.lositivclv that .wi' e.in  ���   help you, no matter Iiow'sij.^:* ���  your time, money, orecleca!"- .  'm:iv   he.     Uon't   nc-crlect- ��!���.������ -,  .tjossible chances fur wy^us  ment. Semi this /.o\300<4-XOV>-^  ��.����.���������'���,��*.����������������'��****'���*.'.  I     INTERNATIONAL CORRESCOrUJErfCE'SCHOStS    .  Box 799. SCSMXTOK. TA.  GEORGE G. EGG,  Local Representative,  P.O.BOX 30     - ��� FERNIE, BC  ��� rrratc r.KvM", "KBtiul lututr "".^V^ni'!����tl����Vi'-I  t ment lo tl��t |,i,5ltl,m l.clow ��l,lclijj^_^__ r\ ���  j.  M. J.   BONNER,  PliOr'BJBTOU  "/ivtoria Street,  A.f Writer  Sli���t.C.ir,I Wilier  Wlmlt-v. Tilmnicr  Civil Hcrvl.f litu'lil.  Ornamental ri,-s,l,'rlt'r  SlrcrililTVc.il V-iiclnrrr  Mcclirtnlci'J'OraltMit.tli'  l'���r,-li,��u Mitt liln lit  I'.lectrlctl Pnfjlnocr  Hlcclrlclnr,  r���,rrr-t5t.itlon Supl.  Arcbllcct  Jm^.tit-'j l";'^  Si"1"'*    "ilLl'd*-'  .,,���r A- ll"'IJ*'1  ;;,;,v��n ri��..ii"  li'.K.Ct.oit"'","1-''  1:1  S,U,'n*.��8��l..��  lltiokken"'*  MOYIE


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