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The Moyie Leader Jan 16, 1909

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-f<      ."W
mm m,mmmMBic,
-    \
f -P   t
1  ,
,  ■*
—- --4
*- ,i*.
- -n.
•v «.•*--
YQtJE  WATCH    will
leceive  careful   attention   if
left with us for repairs.
Iewellek        cranbrook
^^^&&l^A~-  ^X^-^^^'
' ft-'
-E.YE3  nn-i gt-itrai,i(e   a   lit
or refund your Ti,on«-v.'
OPTICIAN ,'ck.,.w,K.,o
■j, *
u -
. 'spring' hats ■ ' ■' 1
' .   >' '  '       °' ',     v"            , *p
Part  shipment of  our, npw    spring  hats ۤ>
have arrived,,and having practically 2?
cleared   'out   our jast 'seasons,- ' ^g
"Oods,»we are in a   posA   ■ ■■ ,C1
-"^'   ' tfon to show our cus-'       . ' ' ■ „ 2|
,   !             tomers   new and       '    , ■'   ■ -' tf$*
"   '      I'   sytlisli haL$.    * ' @
'''''-       <        A        '                      ,     ' @
Shoos for men, women and children have arrived. £%
','  ' ' • -,.,..,   w
John Earch Dead.,, i Bara»
'  John     lJurch ■ died    last'night
about 1(1  o'clock  of, jnitiers'  consumption. ''Mr.'' Burch   had   been
in ill health fur btrae time und   it
wan known ha , was   in   the last
elfige3'of the dread disease. How-
over, he, was  able! to  be  around
and. i'ult fairly   good   up  until  a
few hours of his death.    ' W. R,
Jieatfcy, undertaker; came up from
Cranbrook this morning and took
charge    of    the, remain's.    ' The
funeral will be held  tomorrow ,at
-J, o'clock*.   MrABiirch" had been a
resident   of   Moyie  for seven or
eight years, and Was a member of
the Miners' Union.'     He  leaves  a-
wife and two children.   ,.,     '".
Anniversary,   *****€««***d»*?»93*dd■»*«*«» 7vyq-3~j^*>^sse*Ka*~~.         ~ "-  '--   -■
-— if LOCAL ASSAY* £ gP^*^^
Keen interest^ bving  taken   il,  J^^^A^ *, n
tho Burn.'eonc^-t.-vvhic'.iistotji-i      _,, *»>* — ~»^»»».^« &d
i lie cucrch tuts ai-e bu^y   taking' fel
htfjr-k. . I fill
given in MbrlBy lull.o-i the evr-n-
Masquerade ■ Ball.
[igars, -vTfebacos,-. v ■Confectionary
A-H3a<-querade.ball in aid of tlie
ing  of. Tue3d'*vy, ;, J \>.m try   2d ,h.
Ai tho r>roceel-j'of*the concert arn
to go towards making  repairs  on
the fir6 hall, there.will  bs  a  big
sale of tickets, ' Thi>' progam  will
ibo interesting,    and    will' be  in.
keeping with  the d,iy.' Tje services of two pipei s have been engaged, and there will be highland
dances, Burns* S0I03,   trioA and
quartetts    There will also- be  a j
•Burns', oration',. by    llsv. - 0/ IJ. |
r-'itidlay, of'.Trail, who  wa*> a ,'for,*
mer pastor of the-Aloyic  Pi-osby-
fcerifto    church. 'Reserved   gent*j'
aroToeentg, 'and  general  adtn'n
sion 50, cents.'. Pljin  of   seats at
the Moyie Drug'Store.'   The com-
mittoe  consists   bf'R   Campbell,
Ii. M1. Catdi?r; D.. CaldeV,  Joe 'Me
Pire, Life - and'Accident InsuraJn.es, -.
SATISFIED OJTSTOMERS. yAre   the;.,best ad-v
jrHsemeftW. .'"These-are,'a fe^of the' Leaders-wjiich.make
lv customers 'satisfied. .,     ,   '   \]i   ,c  :      ''■
r   «    y "     ^ .'*     * '      -1   -,   ' i     A    -,*,*' "
Red Gate Coffee' . ,1- .      A       ..      , ;,
Ked.Gate Tea, ' '■ -> '     _;   A   ys      'A ;  u y
Calg-ary Milling Co'3.F,ldur.'    yA,".-  •.  .
Brackman'^ife Ker's Rolled Oats'."   - .^   ',' '•
»   '"- ■■ '--A ■>' "^   ■
oceries. •"- <" « <, Z ■
Sid full,rangerof staple and fancy groc
I.   ,*    <-•■' ,il •-■' ,*■ -;        "-   *     a '"  ,
,JLcA W'ldL KJr,  RE(
*"ai ' . -      ' 1 *        . ' ■  '    -',-*■•''-- Y- -..   »
count of the object >of the affair
no doubt.tho   attendauco  will b'e
the largest attending  any   dance'
this .winter.    Tickets will be $1.50
and a lap supper will be served in
the'hall.   This'lunch .will bo pre-'
pared and donated by , the  ladies
in town.' Por.costnmes; it is  S'itd
that? Mrs. Ander^oti/'of Ndrthporfc,
Wash., wilAbe \here\withv"a full
supply for those who wish^to rent
them, but no doubt many will * be
made   at home." * Turn  out and
give   the, iloyie'hockey "club a I
boost;     ~       ,  *'
* . n
New* Constable,'
McNeil 1,; Itobi' McAllister.     ' ■'    .
1 The('iroyietor'che3tpa will be. in
attendance." .and''  render     free
service."      "'*"        "   M-'    ■= " <
-Enjoyed' Themsaives.'
Joe iTcLirfn  returned   Sunday'^'
from Winnipeg. " . jt^i
W. flillier is here f4 om   Calgary 'o
on a viait.'    '/■■
rvr.*trtih   Ilolt    has   returned   to
The weather   was   so  cold parti
of tha weA that   no school   was
held'.     '    •• 0 I £
• , eg
Jlins Maude Ojlen was up from!]*
Cranbrook ou a vis-it during thejg|
week. '■ r -   ,'
Constable'^lorri-s ,of Cranbrook
1 1 < *
wa;s up to iloyie the first  of   tho
week. ' ' 1 •
'    ,..'.„■ * At
'   Xicely furnished'front room for jfi
rent.   Appl3r at this office.      ,    '     h
Mrs. Wolf was *up   from   Gran-1
brook, to attend tho Odd  Fellows'
.ball'Wthe'Uith.'     . r      .' ,., '' L
,       - "      .   "—
,The  members    of'   the     M,oyie
Ilockey*, team    have , their - new
r' ,' *      * . 1   ,
suits. ,.       -        >,    -
>       .. ,i ■-    '
"Dr. Green'wasup   from   Cranbrook-yesterday on   professional j
business. -•'',- ,
• >     ,   .i,   ,     ■'       ■   : -      "I
Frank Clarice has returned from
M  %
W*-    /:&   «*i
k   ■«
n waiit.ii; a cjn.i,;ij Liivy o
^ITilusgivu uAa ciil.      \\A
'    ' ., ■ ■    •       '      •
. '.,     . i>   -
'Baldwins,   -Nori'horn Spk^
'   ' '(   York Wines'at $2.25 per bak. '
'Greenings, Man-is,' Starks,."'Go7deur
sets. Ben Davis; etc at S2.Q0.
Nn. 1    British.  Oolumbia
apple, and ovt-ry l»o.':-£juarautuofl.
Those who   attended  the Odd L , „
Puiin,r.-*«,^^«^ -nr11      j •  ... i-btissell, Manitoba, and will   agam
lellowa'danco.Wedtiesday <r night  . .,      • A .'        ., - ?
  take up his residence here.   -   <   '
Mason's'-' Organize.
Its'     .   "     -"   ff,'    "
,   Constable "James • 0.    Kem3t-on*
-, ■ I* .
arrived herewith his   family.'the
first'bf'Lhe'weekcfrom  Mtuhel to
take the place of Constable Routh
who is now constable at Michel,'
et-sjoyed themselve's'.'to the fullest.
Dance followed dance.from'the'
grand march at 9 to.'the'Jlome,
S-.yeet, Home, walt^ [at 3:30 'tho
following'morning.I Aressrs.''lt:in-
f'Dick" Fraser, representing'A.
C. Bowness of Cranbrook was <in
town Wednesday."
W.' II.  Wilson, ' the  Cranbrook
A Masonic lodge, under  dispsn
sattoh, .was   duly    inslitnfco-d''
, The, Auroral
Becin the New Year with good resolutions, f'
* r i _ t '
'\       ,    and order your groceries   from
A ' ' '
Moyie Co-Operative Association, Ltd
''   " .     .
Uiiion mciVstand up  for your  principle,
-•     and buy-unioivgoods from   a    ,
, Union   store.    'A * *     ■
/rhere has", been a decided 'im -
.prove me rib* at'the Aficbra mine .in
the Hsb few   days and  the  pro-!
perty never,looked better. - '
some ii Campbell, ,6f>; the   Cdsmo-' jeweler, was in town for a day or
politan  hotel, sorted  a  <plendid  so the Gist of the wet,k.'   *
snppor1,    and   the iniisic 'by  the!,,. ..,""';.    ' A ' ''  .     ,r
,r,   . ,     .      -  - . A  daughter  was   born   to  Mr.
Moyie orchestra was'never better, i      ,v>.      -.-*<*',  -r> ,•      , „  .
m,   ',   -,-,'■,     .«-,   1      .  ,   ,   ,*--,and Mrs. irank Beesegh on'S.itiu*-
,1 ho lodge'had a substantial, bal- i >■,     .*T     ''      U ,.      '°  ,
,  .    <« " ; . ;"      *-        ,     i day, January --Qzh. ': .'
anoe letc afcer   paying   expenses.!   ,',
l' *'  —"   " " '.r^—4^.'   "■»   >\ I    J. W. Bqni
«>553»i3,^|S3^S3-3'3*$3$3^  ] uternatidna
iasWa 5a393S$3irS$S933i=>^3.-5dcc
nett, represent ing the
 national ,,    Correspondence
«?i Schools; was in town the  first 'of
*»■ the week.   * ,    *        ■* '     '
i .-* A
-1' A    " AA t>   •A't "' -i'"-r '     A    play by  home   talent may
■The Imperial Bank-has   paid  a'      ',u,.      '1   - '    .      ,^ v.        ,„/
dividend of 11 per cent-'
" Crestbn
house,.  'n.       , *
wants- a , new  school
soon-be'put'on   in   Moj*-ie.   .-The
title  *>of
TatL-k'." :"
the   play- is "Arizpna
Moyie last evening, by E.hvard
Ed well,*'district 'deputy 'grand
master, of Cranbrook. The* new
lodge starts out with a 'membctr-
s>hip of 30, and'following Js a list
of the"elective"ofHcers:'    (      o
,G. T. McGregor)lW. M; Hiro'.d
Chapman,' S. AY".; Samuel Potter, J,
W.; D. A. Ayres,   seeretarj-j R. 2^'.
XEW-.YojiK—Bar silver, 511 ct<»..
Lead .$-1.75.        • Coppej;, 1-fi ct«.  '
.,  EoxDo.v-Lf-ad; £i:j, 3.**, O.P.   '
C. P. E,. Improvements
lb is reported /that" the- Canadian' "Pacific rail*vay 'will this-
year Spend $.30,000,000 on construction on' irs western ..Hue**.
Second- vice 'preside.tt Wil.'i un
Whyte' will leave
\r t\ .,     . ,r     ,T   g    ■■ -j -*-' "*" *^",.o   this   w<-'fek   for
MuDougad,    treasurer;   Mr.   Ktn-,^j
rade', S. D.; James Thorn", J..D.-    '
After  the   installation, of   the
officers the lodge   was   opened  in
due''   form.'      Then    came   some
speechmaktng ■   by    tlve   visiting
brethren and the home member
iloncrenl to present   the 'propo-i-
tibn to tlio executive committe ofr
tho comp'xay.
In a Hnrry to >'Q,uit.
Moving- ."Pictures.
and then there  was an ladj'iurti-'
[inent to the Central' hotel, - where
An engine has'been put   in  the a Masonic . dinner    was   served.
Moyie Brewery, and   the   machin- (Again all returned to th? hall 'fori
W. H". Spear had'a good house,
last Monday, evening to witness
his moving picture * show. The
Passion Play and tho Burning of
Home were well produced, and
the people were given a big entertainment for their money.
... ,.
.A syndicate is being formed  iu * . .
Itevelstoke to operate a motor bus i ery    is   nosv  °Perafced *-by steam'j a session of harmony
and street car service. ° -
During this year the -poople in
New Y.ork jjaid over a million dollars to hear the-"Merry Widow."
j   . Pn
.      A    Chinamavi"   wa-s   banged^in.,
MAcleod lasc we k* for x>fie-m.irdoo-
cif'his"brother:    Tue mercuiy-wai'
pretty  low.  somewhere  beowet-ii
'*/50 and 6J    bjlotv   z^i-u   when ,cha
(chink w.t.^? piio on the   trap.      E>
Wliat lie Brempt,'
AIOYIE'S'   LEADING    HOTEL. -     .' <A
The, best of accommodations
for  tho Traveling  Public.
Billiard 1'ooms.
Large find ConKnotlious S.tmple Rooma.
MoTAVISH & OAMEROW  Proprietors. -     g.
tw::    J.'KW    YICAU  IS THK   'rrMt- FOU
Good Resolutions
M iko th • C ill nving gr»d 01133 for 1909 and you   will not   regret.
Tii.it K. A. Hill eirries the bo3t underwear.    (Stuufielils )   ,
Thu P. s:-. Shooa.    (Slaters)
Th,- !>*,( Clothing (20 Century.)
Tint it is a "pleasure uot a habit" to wear thee brands
I a
THE    FURNISH.*;!-.
Imperial Bank of Canada,   i
...    Capital  Authorized—-———'•-,-$10,000,060. ,|
YCapital Paid Up—'---—•— -——5,000,000 ''■•.■/• .'j
Reqt—Y__ •_— —...li.... -5.000.000 I
HU.VnCIIK.-3 IH-DtariSH COr.UMIU.V, • ,|rroivliii:ul, .(Iiililon: Knmloor-i,  Jrichel       yl
Npl.«-ii,. Kjvjisf.Jlto. Vl.ito.-liuui 1   V'lctu.-hi.,.'' 9
■,.-.-Savings  bank' depavtinont.      ,'.'     A        |
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from  date  of    |
^posits.        - * .   Y' ,-,.-'    ''■■■'' ■   f
nRAKBKOQT?: bkAtstch.... I
■.'.J ,A -M   P1MKHAM, .Manager.,       |
It is not often a good story of
national interest comes out'of the
Washingtoiii police'courb. A colored preacher was awaiting his
turn to testify in Judge Kimball's
courtroom; and while waiting he
told of a dream he had had:
''Ah dreamed Ah was in heaven
the other night. As Ah' stood jest
inside de golden pate, dar came a
rap, and Gaorgo Washington was
announced by St. Eoter.
"Let -him come up an' 'sit on
mah right side,", said the good
Liwd, who was sittiu' oh de
"Pretty soon there wuz anotheh
knock, 11a' Abraham Ltnkum wuz
announced by St.  Peter.
"Let him sit on mah loft side.'
raid tho L-iwd.
"Don Ah heard a terrible
knockin' at de gate and de angels
all trembled.
"St: Peter opened tho gate au1
den he turned roun* an" sod to de
Lawd: 'You'll have to get down
an' give him your seat, Liwd. It's
Mr. Roosevelt."
Tnis year's winter Carnival at
Rossland will start on Tuesday,
February 2nd.
om , Cranbrook    there  were'fore    the   trap   lv-.,   symng   che
Dr. Hall,'the  dentist,  returned J E^""ard TE,^e11;   the. instit««^/«sail q-iescion w.i,  a^*l.   "li.Jv-s
Wednesday from Earner, and   is1^.61''  /"    F;  ^^S.   ILL.   yoiianychiag  to   s*j:-'     .To   fcta*s
(Rotuwel/, M. A. Beale, W,* II*. ^ il-. the Ciiinameu U said  to nave   re-i
I son, P.   W.   Attridge   and   C.' A. ' pJied; ''Hurry up, ge eh,'too cold;"'
Allison.     K.   M.   Reed  was   also
A fire at Cranbrook Monday
night gutted the rear end of the
Co opera tire store.'
1 It is now a certainty that the
Imperial B ink at- Cranbrook will
erect a new building this year.
again prepared to 'look  afcer the
wants of the people.
Wotk is going along   nicely   on ' h^ra from Orestou
the new Conrad.building,  and "it]
will be ready to occupy, iu  a fen-
The Calgary bonspiel commences 011 Jauu-iry 21, and the R island bunspiel on January 19 ch.
Jim Currip, formerly of New
Denver, died a fowdays ago in
the asylum at New Westminster
from softening of the brain.
"Andy" Tapp, a laborer of Ores-
ton, committed suicide at Port Hill
the other night by taking carbolic acid,    lie had been   playiug i Monday    night
poker, and loss in the game.
A million dollar tunuel is to be
bnilt under Tacoiaa by the Vuion
Pacific. The contract was let by
J. D. F.irrell, the western manager
fjr ILirilman.
LOST—A lady's gold Watch,
somewhere between Morley hall
and the Cosmopolitan, hotel, on
the night of. the Odd Fellowa'
ball. Finder will please leave
samo at this office.
Be Careful.
Frank Bruno, formerly king of
the tenderloin district in Spokane,
intends going back to Italy to assist the earthquake sufferer**.
Bruno is rated a* a millionaire.
lfirold Nation, a young Englishman who worked as a surveyor around'Moyie several years
ago.isuow in Port Arthur, i^lau-
churia, engaged, in the work of
his profession.'      , A
BOARBERS-On February 10th
I shall be pleased to take a few
persons to board. Apylj' to Mrs.
James* Wright.
The annual meeting , of 'the
shareholders of the Moyie Co-Op-'
erative stores will'be held in the
Union hall on* the evening of Monday, January 25th, at 7:.'-i0 o'clock.
A liuuch of Moyie Odd Fellows
will pay the Cranbrook lodge a
fraternal visit next Monday, January IS.h. The degree team will
go along and put on work in the
third degree.
The   members   of the   Prcpby-
terian   church   held     a   meeting
to  cim-iihM'   thvi'
The lodge will meat in McGregor hall on the first' Wednesday
evening of each month
Mayors Elected.
Cranbrook—J. P. Fink,
Nelson—Harold S.-'lou**,
Ros-laud—P. It. .McDonald,    ^
Fernie —Sherwood  Ilerchmer,
Phoeuix—G.( W. I*, umbei u'Pr,
Vancouvpr—C. IT. D uigl.ifrs
Victoria—Lewis ll>ill.
and with thta ho wtio
jcik^a   tatb
Illustrated Lsccure.
"Views of the Yukon" wis   th*
subject   of   the   lecture   given   iu
che  Methodist chinch K=t  Tue-.-
diy   night   by  the   Rev     Robai C
Httghcs     of       t'raiibt'oi.k.       Mr.
Hughes, who spent st-yei-W   years
doing million try woi k in the   far
north, sp ike   very   entertainingly
and    explained  T' tho     illiKt-.rtt.ced
vi«w-= as ho went along.    Thj   at-
tcudance v. no good.
proposition    of    securing  an
duined minister.
j Owing to the extremely cold
weather the water service iu
Moyie is not in the b6st' of condition just at present* Therefore, it ia the duty of everyone to
u**e ove-v . precaution possible
against fire. S     ,
James Highworden, a colored
barber, of Fort Steele, was found
by Joe Tauuhauser-and .'Albert
Doyle on i.Iondaymorning  ffozen
to death iti his shop in that town. J day evening; nt 7:80.
Mr. Highworden leaves a son  and   Comhiu'don will bo   odminisi,f>rnd.
a dauirhtipr. ,.He had been  a resi^ J Mr,  Tho*.  SowerbUttf'.-wiM'-sin.e:.
dent of Fort Steele  for  16  years' All are   cordially  invited   to  at-'
and was 89 years of age. tend. '
If che' weal her is favorable
there will bo school in thp junior
room of the school   next Monday.
There «ill be the rfguhir .-*er-
viees at the Catholic church tomorrow.
P. F. Johnston will leave tomorrow or next day for Victoria
to attend the meeting of tho Conservative association, which convene** on the ScSrd.
"Missions—A Challenge to
Twentieth Gentury Civilization,"
will be the evening subject at the
Methodist church. Services at 11
a. m.. and J 30 p. m. Strangers
welcome. .''''.-■.''.,■..'■.''
Rev.   C O. j Main,   from    Cranbrook, will conduct the'serviC'i   in :
the.Presbyterian r.hurth   on   Sit"-i
At (he close
frt.«   fr~-S  fw
m £Af
I--I    i.'.-,\      t-'.f.l    \js.\       'l      A
iCl^ -sl*--> v-**-i «T». -.t ty
A grave cream of tartar vowder.
Makes pnre^ healthful, delicious
food. Noalunu no lime phosphate.
Y, ■  ■ - ':.,      ■   . .     -*        ■."-»•.,
There is. ak infallible test by which
every housewife may detect the unhealth-
fal alum: baking powders-
Study the label. If it does noi say cream
of iaiiar the baking powder is made from
alum and must be avoided.
K '     ,j' lib I
V -";'', !  "AW
* k: ', iW
■i'   '
'   'n
■ J.
i1 -.11 t
i *' "
.'   !•*,-
'" *if'k
V  <"*J
-'Ai \"m
.■I     . **,
' . *h
•f -.tS-*   ■ ir."i<*'*r|
-   1, •* **>  ^ i'-' '.* 41
.'<' *.'    / it*&a
'   -   ii,;.   7 ,s, »*£il
,'   1,        -yivv'.'ffl!
' v4i r'yM
* - \. tri     r jlvc3»"$ I
^ '     it ■. ^v,vl
". y,   :f:',*Al
■ h\&
,   /rtl
" " ^1
' '■ '■«
' yy\
.'1 *H\
) Ki I
', -J-.T
,'     N' '
•* *l
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"  .   . ..   ,,,.,, ..IfHsy.,  I&rbvx^l'-,;'  s4-.i?i?-'i  �����-��i-"��*i��r<,^*,*i'*"i  IH^5-i?i*tfc*.i' --*  .r'r*i-.��,V*  .-'    1*  '-VftVi  ^i* r  i^4-A'  .i-.j-i  '-*  J *���% > */   **?*  it    .j    ��  i  ]   ���"��� \    s- fr,  >' . '     *. >   il>�� *  11 v       ���>    *.      I I  iK ���!  'I   5  1>.  *"    *-      A*  -  A      'A  '      *f   I    ,J��'-vr<  (Continued^  Tli<*y returned by the way they had  , come to the lawyer's ronim, extinguished his light went to their own cabin  ami to bed.    At dawn Glenlster arose  ' and   sought   his   place   above   McN'a-  , ntnra's office.  To lie stretched at length on a single plank with eye glued to a crack Is  not  a   comfortable   position,  and   the  watcher thought the hours of the next  day would  never end.    As they dragged  wearily, past   hjs  bones t-ogan   to  /tche beyond endurance, yet owing to  the flimsy structure of the building be  dared not move while the room below  ' was tenanted.    In fact,  he would not  have stirred had he dared, so'Intense  was  his  interest in   the  scenes' being  enacted beneath him.  First had fome (he marshal, who re-  r ported his failure to find-Whcaton.  "no left his room some time last  night, My men followed hiin in and  saw a light in his window until 2  o'clock this morning.' At 7'o'clock we  broke in, and he was gone."  "He must have got wind of our plan.  Send deputies aboard the Santa Maria.  Searohjier from keel to topmast,- and  have  IheS''watch  the, beach close or  ' he'll put ofT In a small'boat. ~Y6u look  over   the  passengers   that  go   aboard  your��elf.    Dpn't trust any of your<men-  for  that,  beanie he  may try  to slip  through disguised.-   He's liable to make  up like a 'woman.    You   understand-'  'there's only one shiP-Jjupprt.^and���he  .mustn't get away."   ' ���  "He won't." said Voorhees, with conviction,    aud - ihe ' listener   overhead  "smiled grimly, to'himself.-for at that  moment,'.twenty   miles   offshore,   lay'  ' Mae's little .tug. hove to in the track of  the outgoing steamship, and in her tluv  ccabin wit Bill' VTheaton  eating break-  faat. --       .  As, the' tporning wore by with no  news "of the lawyer, McNainara's uneasiness, grew. At'noon tho^ marshal  returned with a report that the passengers were all aboard and the ship  aoout to clear. ' . '  '"Ry heavens! lie's slipped through  you," stormed tho politician. ,    '  "Ncyhc hasn't. .lie may,'be hidden  aboard * somewhere among , the coal  bunkers, but I think he's still ashore  ami aiming to make a quick run just  before she sails. He ' ha'sn't ,left the  , beach since daylight, that's sure, ym  goiiifj oiu. to the ship 'now with four  men and search her again. ' If'we don't  bring him ofl\ vou can bet lie's lying  out somewhere in town,.and we'll get  him later. * I've stationed uieu along  ,the shore for two miles." '   - -  "I won't have him get away. If he  "should .reach 'Frisco��� 'ren your meii  . I'll 'give $500 to the one. that flnda  him."  Three hours later Voorhees returned  "She sailed without him." ,  The politician cursed. "I don't believe it. lie tricked you. I know be  dicl."      '  Txlenister grinned  into a" half eaten  saadw/eh,  then  turned   upon  his bael.-  ��� 'and laj' thus on the plank, identifying  tlie .speakers below by tlieir voices.   *     j  He kept his post all day. Later In  the evening lie heard Struvo enter.  The man had been drinking.  '���fio he got away, eh?" he began. "I  was afraid he would. Smart fellow,  that Whcaton."  "He didn't get away," said McNa-  tnara. "He's in town yet. Just let me  land him in jail on some excuse! I'll  hold him till snow flies." Strtive sank  into a chair and lit a cigarette with  wavering hand.  "This 's a hell of a game, ain't it,  Mnc?   D' you s'pose we"ll w.in?"  The man overhead pricked up his  ��� ears. 1  "Win? Aren't we winning? What  do you call this? I only hope we can  lay hands on AYheatou. He* knows  things. A'liltle knowledge is a dan-1  gernns thine, but more is worse. Lord!  If only r had a man for judge in place  of Stilltnan! I don't know why* I  brong'it him."  "That's right. Too weak. He hasn't  got the backbone of an angleworm.  He ain't half the man that his niece Is.  There's a. girl for you! Say, what 'd  we do without her, eh? She's a pippin!"  Glenister felt a sudden tightening of  every muscle What right had that  man's liquor sodden lips to speak so of  her?  "She's a brave little woman all right.  Just look how she worked Glenister  and his fool partner. It took nerve to  bring in those instructions of yours  -aloiiL-,- and if it hadn't been for her  we'd never have won like this. It  makes me laugh to think of those two  men stowing her away In their stateroom while they slept between deck1*  with the sheep, and her with the papers in her bosom all the time. Then,  when we got ready to do business,  why, she up and talks them Into giving  us pos��es*-i(in of tlieir mine without a  fight. That's what I call reciprocating  a rpun's a.Tec-tion."  01enf**ter's   nails  cut  into  his   flesh,  while his fuct- went livid at the words,  lie could not grasp it at once.   It made  him    sick-physically    sick���and     for  many   moments lie  strove   blindly  to  beat  back  the  hideous  suspicion,  the  horror that  the  lawyer  had  aroused.  Ilia was not a doubting disposition, and  to him the girl had seemed as one pure,  mysterious,  apart,  angelically  incapable of deceit..   He had loved her, feeling (hat some day she would return his  affection without fail.  In her great, unclouded eyes lie har-, found uo lurking  place for double dealing.    Now���God!  It couldn't be that all the time' she had  known!  He had  lost a part of the lawyer's  speech, but peered through his observation hole again.  McNamara  was at the window gaz-  out into the dark street, his back  tell you. I'm crazy���and she likes m��  ���I know she does���or. anyway, she  would"���  "Do you- mean that you're In love  wirb her?" asked, the man at the window without shifting his position. It  ���vx-nx-i'l that utter IndiHerence was in  h'.s question, although where the light  shone on his hands, tight clinched behind his back, they were bloodless.    -  "Love her? Well���that depends���ha!  You know how it Is," lie chuckled  coarsely. His face was gross and bestial. "I've got the Judge where I want  hira. and I'll have her"���,.  Ills miserable words died with a gur-  gle^ for McNamara had silently leaped  in  )  t  ,\  toward the lawyer, who lolled in the  chair, babbling garrulously of the girl.  Glenister ground his teeth���a frenzy  possessed him to loose his anger, to  rip through the frail celling with naked  bauds and fall vindictively upon the  two men.  "She   looked   good   to   me  the   first  time I saw her," continued Struve.   He  paused, and when he spoke again a  chanee   had   <v*-i'���"��ncd   his   features,  "Say, I'm  crazy about her, Mac.    I  Ills miserable words died u-itfi a gurgle.fl  and  throttled him where he sat, pinning, hitiT'to the  wall.    Glenister'saw  the   big   politician tshift  ,hls   Angers  slightly on  Struve's' throat and  then  drop his'left hand to his side, holding  his victim writhing and helpless tyith  his   right i despite   the,, man's   frantic  struggles. '; -McXamara''s , head    was  thnist   forward   fromv,his   shoulders,,  peering into the lawyer's face.   ,Struve  tore ineffectually at the iron arm which  was squeezing'his life out, while, for  endless minutes   the other leaned  his  weigh't against him, his idle hand be-'  hind   his   back,   his   legs   braced   like  f*tone columns'as he .watched his vie-:  tint's struggles abate.       ��� '    ' .  Struvo fought' and wrenched while  Ms breath caught tIn, his throat with |  horrid, sick ���.pi'": - muds, luir-graduallv  his eyes rolled farther and farther back  till tliey .stared out,of his blackened  visage, straight up toward the, ceiling,  toward the hole through which Glenister peered. ���IIis struggles" lessened,  his chin sagged, and his tongue protruded, then he sat loose and still. ^The,  politician flung him out 'Into the room  so'that he fell limply ' upon his'face,  than stood .watching him. Finally, McNamara passed out of the' watcher's  vision,' returning wifh a water bucket.  With h'is foot he rolled tlie unconscious  wretch upon his back, then drenched  him. Hep lacing the pail, he seated'  himself, lit' a ��� cigar and watched the  .return'-of life into h'is'" .victim? ne  made no move, even to drag him from  the pool in which he'lay.   ' ' "<-��� , '���  Strave groaned and shuddered,.'twisted to his 'side, and at last sat up weakly. In his eyes-there was riow,>tt great"  terror,'while in'place of his'drunken-  -ness was only fear and faintness���ab-  I ject'fear of the great bulk that sat and  smpko'l and stared at, him so fishily.  He felt uncertainly of his throat and  groaned again. ' ���'  "Why did yon do that?" he whis-  pero'I, but the other made do sign. He  tried to rise, but his knees relaxed.  He staggered and fell. At last he  gained'his feet and made Cor the door.  Then, when his hand was on the knob,  McXamara spoke* through his teeth,  without removing bis cigar.  "Don't ever talk about her again.  She is going to marry me."  When he was alone, he looked curiously up at the ceiling over his head.  "The rats are thick In this shack," he  mused. "Seems to me I heard a whole  6warm of them." ��� c  A few moments later a figure crept  through * the , hole in tho roof of the  house next door and thence down into  the street. A block ahead was the  slow moving form of Attorney Struve.  Had a stranger >mot them botli he  would" not have known which of the  two had felt at his throat tlie clutch of  a strangler, for each was drawn and  haggard and swayed as he went.    ,  Glenister unconsciously turned toward his cabin, but at leaving the  lighted streets the thought of Its darkness and silence made him shudder.  Not now! He could not bear that stillness and the company of his thoughts.  He dared uot be alone. Dextry would  be downtown undoubtedly, and he, too,  must get into tho light and turmoil!  He licked his lips and found that they  were cracked nnd dry.  At rare Intervals during the past  ��� years he had staggered iu from' a long  march where for hours he had waged a  bitter war with cold and hunger, his  limbs clumsy with fatigue, his garments wet and stiff, his mind slack and  sullen. At such extreme .seasons he  had felt a consuming thirst, a thirst  which burned and scorched until his  very bones cried ont' feverishly���not  a thirst for water or a thirst which  eaten snow could quench, but a savage yearning of his whole exhausted  system for some stimulant, for some  coursing fiery fluid that would burn  and strangle, a thirst for whisky, for  brandy! Remembering these occasional ferocious desires, he had become  charitable to such unfortunates as wero  .too weak to, withstand similar temptations. ���  Now, with a shock he caught himself  In the,grip of a thirst as insistent as  though the cold bore down and the  weariness of endless heavy miles .wrap-'  ,,-ped him about. It was no foolish wish  to drown his thoughts or to banish  the grief that preyed upon him,'but  only thirst, thirst���a crying, trembling,  physical lust to quench the fires that  burned Inside. He remembered that  It had been more than a year since  he had tasted whisky. Now the fever  of the past-few hours had parched his  every tissue.  As he elbowed In through the crowd  at the Northern those next him made  room at the bar, for'they recognized  the hunger that peers thus from men's  faces. Their manner recalled Glenister to his senses, and he wrenched  himself away. This was not some solitary, snow banked roadhouse. He  would not stand and soak himself  shoulder to shoulder with stevedores  and longshoremen.' This was something to be done In pecret. He had  jto pride In It.   The. man 011 bis rlzlit  raided a glass, and the young man  strangled a madness to tear it from his  hands. Instead, he hurried back to  the theater and up to a box, where he  drew the curtains.- <  "Whisky:" he said thickly to the  waiter. "Bring it to me fasti Don't  you hear?   Whisky!"       " *'  Across the theater Cherry ��� Malotte  had seen him enter and jerk the curtains together. She arose and went to  him, entering vtithout ceremony. '   i  "What's the matter, boy?" she questioned.  "Ah, I'm glad you came. Talk to  me."  "Thank you for your few well chosen  remarks," she laughed. "Why 'don't  you ask me to spring some good, original jokes? . You look like the finish to  a six day go-as-you-pluase. What's  up?" ���   ,  =S_he, talked to him for a moment until  the waiter entered. Then, when she  saw wbat ho bore, she snatched tbe  glass from the .tray and poured the  whisky on tho door. t Glenister was on  his feet and had her'by the wrist.  "What do 3-011 mean?" he said roughly.  ��� "It's whisky, hoy," she cried! "and  you don't drink!" ' "'  /'Of course it's,whisky! P.ririg me another!" be shouted at the attendant. ,  "What's the- matter?" Cherry Insisted. "I never saw you net so. You  knowyou don't drink. I won't let you.-  It's booze���booze,,I tell you, fit for fools  and brawlers.- Don't'drink It, Rr*y.  Arc you in trouble?"  "J sny'rm.llilrstj���and I will havo it!  How do you know what It is to smolder  Inside and reel your veins burn dry?"  "It's something about that girl," tbo  woman ' said, with ��� rpiiel conviction.  "She's double crossed you."  "Well, so she has, but what of it,'  Tin thirsty.    She's going, to marry McNamara.   I've'been a fool."  lie gronni'  his  teeth and  reached  for,' the drlnlf  ,wlth which tlie boy had^returned.  '  "McNamara  Is a  crook,  but he's  a  -man,.and he never drank a drop In his  life."   T.he girl said'it casually, evenly,  but (he other stopped the glass halfway to his lips. >   ,.     ��� " ".  ,    "Well,  what of.it?"   Go oh.    You'.i'e  good at W. C. T." U.'talk. ^Virtue becomes you."        '    ��� .         "            t %  She tlushetl, but continued:,"Itsimply  occurred to trie that if you aren't stroii'i  enough'   to   handle  your,own   throat,  you're not strong enough to be'at aman  who has mastered his."  ��� ��� Glenister looked at the whisky a.ino  ment, then set it back on the tray.   ' s  "Bring two lemonades," he said, and  .with a   laugh  which  was  half.a sob  Cherry   Malotte   leaned   forward   and  kissed 'him.1" , >  ".You're   too  good  a   man  to ��� drink.  Now, tell me all'about'it."      '   . ', '  ,    "Oh, it's too long!  'I've just learned  ��� that the, girl  is  in,,.hand-and glove,  with the judge and McNamara���that'3  all.     She|sr,an   advance   agent���their  lookout.    She brought in1 their instructions to Struve and persuade'd^Dcx and  ' me,Tto'let-them jump .our claim.'   She  got us to trust in tbe law and' in'her  uncle.    Yes, ,she hypnotized .my property outof'Uie^niid gave it to her lover,  'this ward politician..  Oh, she's smoo'th  with - all  her ��� innocence!', Why,-whe.i  she  smiles,  she makes you  glad  and  good and warm, and her eyes are as  honeijt/and clear as a mountain'pool,  but she's   wrong���she's ' wrong���and���  great God! how I love her!"   He tlrop  pe.I his face i��to his hands.  When she had pleaded with him for  ,hliiisc]f a -moment before Cherry Malotte was genuine and girlish, but n��w  as he spoke thus of the other woman a  change came over her which he was to 1  disturbed to note.', (Sho took on the  subtleness that masked her as a rule,  and her eyes were uot pleasant.  "I could have told you all'that an-1  more."  "More!    What more?" he questioned.  "Do you remember when 1 warned  you and Dextry that they were coming  "It Saved  Life!"  "I owe my lite  better testimony    c.  give," says Mrs. Wm  sex,  Out.,  on  August  T FAMOUS CEMETERY  i Pere  Lachaise  (s One of the  Landmarks of Paris.  ���(, PSYCHINE, what'  otild    I '   possibly,  Wilson, of I'.s-  ��1. IPOS  , This was in le-pou.-e to an "*qui^  from the Dr.'-T. A. Slocum. LUi ��� "  to whether the loiimikaLle (Mtiuiom  given bv Mrs, Wil-*on on May y.  1904, still held pood At that tune  she said, "Some twelve years ap *  was taken ill with a --evert? cold on  my lungs.    Night ai'tei   night  X   was  compelled  to  sit  up  all  night to  re-. , .,��n.*H��  lieve myeeH of-the pahi in my lungs. 1 <iuite thx! ians\. interesting of the 1 arts  For' two venrs 1 doctored continually , ^.^^j^ all(1 named after "the Jesuit  with three different doctui-,. but re ! 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He  Knew  Enough  to  Hold  His Tongue  1 In a  Lady's  Presence.  ,  1 The, man with a sailor-like appearance murmured something: about having .irot on the wrong street and tried  lo dodge when the lady.ran down the  steps and made for' him.  "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!"' she exclaimed as she took her  stand squarely in front of him to prevent escape. " y  "You ain't the lady. I sold the parrot to. are you?" he asked, throwing  back his head and looking at her with  one eye.  v"Yes. I am.'' , r' '  ���'An' how's the parrot treatln' you?  Fine, I warrant."  "You'rca swindler."  lie dropped his 'bead and shook it  deprecatingly, still keeping one eye  closed "You told me," she went on,  with increasing indignation, "that parrot was one of the most Intelligent animals of its species aud that it had a  gift of language which you had never  heard surpassed."  "Hid I tell you all them things?" be  Inquired.  "You unquestionably did."  "Well, then  1*11 stand  by 'em.   'Yon  got a prize, an" you don't appreciate It.  search   your   cabin   for   the   gold?' That  bird   has  even   more  smartness  Well, that girl put them on to you.  I found it out afterward. She keeps  Sac keys to McNamara's safety vau'i  Where your dust lies, and she's "the one  who handles the judge. It isn't McNamara at all." The woman lied  easily, fluently, and the man believed  her.  "Do yon remember when they broke  Into your safe and took that money?"  .��YeSi�� y , ,       .   ���  "Well,   what  made  them  think yon  had $iO,OQO 'in there?", ������'  ;    "I don't know.".  ,'   ������'.  "I do.    Dextry told her."    ���'  Glenister arose.-   "That's'all  I want  to   hear  now.     I'm going crazy,    ily  mind aches, for I've never had a fight  like this before -anti it hurts.    You see.  I've  been  an  animal  all  these years.  When I wanted to drink, I drank, an  what   I   wanted,   !   got,   because   I've  been  strong enough ��� to take it.    This  is new, to me.     I'm going downstairs  bow and try to think of something else  ���then I'm wintr home."  (To be  Continued.)  than I give him credit fur. Ta lit about  Intelligence! Tli.-'.s a marvel. An' he  kin talk, too. though I ncver'prclcnded  he had hart tin., advantage of good society, lie kin roll off observations of  the most p'inted character without  end. Iluiugh 1 c-.-ill on you to remember  that there waren't nothln' said about  politeness.'-' . ,  "But It doesn't say a word,"  "That's jes' it. ma'am. That's;what  shows liis intelligence./ The minute be  seen yon , he knowed you ' was a lady,  an' he holds his tongue."���Washington  Star.  "No one understands .me," he groaned ;   "no  one-on  earth." .  It is the old, old story wrung from  many a tortured youthful heart. The  sufferer is generally mistaken, but  the pain is no less poignant. Yet in  this instance the man's complaint  was true. Nobody on earth could understand him. ���  For he .was an announcer of trains I  at the Union Depot. ��� Cleveland I  Leader.  as If each family had tried to pile as  much marble as possible on" to their  deceased relatives."'  Pere Lachaise has a stormy'history.  In 1S14 the Kussiaits fought the French  there ind gave them a' beating. During the commune the Ycrsalllals and  Communards fought several pitched  battles,among the tombstones and did  considerable damage, But It Is uot  so much with the history of tl cemetery as with the people , burled In", It  that we have,to deal. A.volume might  be filled with the mere list of all tho  celebrated men and wome'n buried In  K, for. as Yk'tbi* Hugo wrote, "being  burled in' Pere Lachaise is "like having  mahogany furniture���a sign of elegance."*.   1  , ','.���'  In Pere Lachaise the ���monnmcnt  which attract.*? most visiters Is that of  Abelard'and Ilclols-e,, the 'two most .famous lovers In tho world. The monument was first erected ",b3" ypars uftcr  their,death and' brought to''Pere Lachaise In lSlT'from the liiuseunTwoere  it had been durlng'the revolution. , 'Another fa.mous lover, Alfred de Miwset,  lies buried not far from the^two willows over'the graves of Uelolse and  AbelanL David, the painter; .RacheL  the actress; Balzac, Scribe, Mlchelet  and many other-well known folk He  near at hand. Admiral' Sir > Sydney  Smith, Lord Seymour and other -well  known Englishmen are to be found in  .other portion^ Vf ''the cemetery, while  literature is represented not only by  groat authors, bnt hy Lesur<iue3 the  victim of; Dubosc In the famous legal  Lyons Mall Imbroglio., '  , But Pere Lachaise has'more romaoce  than In its tombstones., Chatting one  day with/one of the old soldiers who  are the'keepers of this-grlm'park, I  learned some curious facts about-lL  ���'We never have,a.dull moment," the  .man'.said. "Yon 'may* think that our  time here is monotonous/but; you'(,are  ,quite'-.wrong ,if you do so. /To begin  with, there are' the burglars.', The,  cecietery4 is overrun,, wltlV.'thetn. There  are, three kinds of, burglars. -There  are' the connoisseurs ��� who often* get  away-,wtth .valuable"* prizes/ for -you  will' be surprised at the, work'srof.art  of-small size which people-put In their  chapels." ' The window, is'brokcn," a  stick slipped through the bole, and all  sorts of things worth having are fished  out; then the bronze -.stealers, ��� who  take away as, much as'they csn carry  in tlieir special pockets and make from  15 to 20 francs a day at the game until  we catch them. "  , A' ' '  "A little while ago a bust weighing  forty founds was taken out of the  cemetery over one of 1'the walls. But  the most curious form of robbery la,  perhaps, that of the ' pearl wreaths.  Women are tbe principal offenders.  They select the new ones, which arc  not weather stained, flatten them with  their backs against the tombstone,  slip them under their dresses, and  when they have got away with them  (we have no right to search even suspicious looking .customers) sell them  to dealers, to whom they tell the wclj,  worn story of a po'br workwoman who  has.need of food.  * "Yvm would hardly believe it, but  Tore Lachaise," tsaid the keeper, "Is a  favorite meeting place for lovers. We  get lover? of ail ages, and perhaps  more schoolboys and schoolgirls than  anything else. But tho three most  curious things we see here In the cemetery are the forlorn widows, the letter  boxes and tho cafe." "The cafe?" 1  asked. "Yes. . There arc hundreds oi  people in Paris who refuse to believe  that their dead do- not enjoy after  death the good things they used to like  when they were alive. Mothers bring  apples and sweets and leave them ou  the tombstones ot their children. People bring wine and glasses, and there  Is one old gentleman who leaves a  potato salad on his son's tombstone  regularly every Sunday. Of course  the children soon find out these things,  and we have never been able to con  vlnrc the people who bring them of  the absurdity of doing so. It Is a very  harmless superstition, after all."  "And the letter boxes?" I asked.  "Lovers' letter boxes?" said the guard  Ian. "There arc dozens of them In  all parts of Terc Lachaise. Sotnctlmoi  they are holes in the trunks of trees;  sometimes they are little hollows under stones.  "The Inconsolable widow Is a frequent visitor, yhe Is a pretty woman,  and black suits her. . She kneels down  'by'.a"tombstone,-rarely the same one,  and when a likely looking mourner of  the other sex appears bursts into tears,  lie consoles her prt-ltytsoon, and the  two leave the .'cemetery., arm In arm.  One of thee widows Invited mo to hor  wedding six months ago. arid last  month , L was called to give evidence,!  nlxmt ber meetings with her victim,  for she hnd Seven other husbands llv- '  tne."���St. James' Gazette:  The Brakeman's Advice.  Down In .Maine is a" toWn "called  Burnliam,. situated on a small Ijrauch  railroad that joins the main line at  Biirnhain .Junction. One day as tlio  I train approached the latter pl.-ice the  brakeman entered the cur and in his  usual stentorian , 101103 went through  his-, regular rigmarole when a station  and junction are, reached.  "I'.ui-nham   Junction!"   be ��� shouted''i  "Brirnhniii Junction!   Change ears for  Biiniluun!     Leave   no  articles   in   the  car!      Bum'taa,    Buru'ajtn!" - Llppin-  Citfa.  Not Introspective.  The minister of a large parish in a  curtain western diocese had for som<��  time been much troubled by the scan  dalous gossip that seemed to bo occu  pying the minds of a portion .of hi**  flock nnd nft^r exercising a great  amount of ta<t aod perseverance at  last succeeded In running to earth the  origlnntor' of most of the settlement'^  society slander. The guilty one was a  regular attendant at the schoolhousp  services, and the minister knew that  should he lake him to task personally,  and indlvld'-i-lly he would Inevitably  lose :t sheer-, albeit a black o-ie. so he,  decided to sermonize ufm. Accordingly a special discourse worm prepared  and (be following Sunday afternoon  iltcrnlly hurled nt the oltwiding mem-  Tier as he sat on a desk In a corner of  the schoolroom. ��� Everybody present  appeared to fully ai��preclnte the situation and at th'e close, of tbe service departed quietly , and ' somewhat  thoughtfully for home���all except the  black sheep, ,who lingered to asslf-t,  ������parson" to l/ltpli up his team and t'*  remark: "That were' a fine'sermon, sir;  I'll bet that-hit. some on *ein 'pretty  hard!"���Bellninn.   ,     ���''' .    '��� '  A, ' 'The Japanese Cook..      ^        />  ��� The Japanese are �� most' imitative  arid observant people ami copy.every-,  thing  they   see   with   minute.fldellty.  A.Newport man engaged a Jpp'uuese  valet, .who   was . very ��� attentive   aud  .satisfactory,    lllrf  duties   rarely   took;  him Into the kiteheu/uut when he had'<  a chance of .watching the cook he, did  Bo.wlthoxtraordlimry interest, ���_, "   .* *  The cook caught a' severe chill'-, and  left somewhat suddenly/ /The,lady of  the bouse was iu tlespalr/as she,could'  not,Replace her.    At last the. 'valet an��,  nounced diffidently that'be 'thqught he  could cook a  little,  and  the mistress  gladly agreed,to,give him a trial. .The,  first'.thlng be'started on���was the potatoes.), lie took off his ,sboes and socki*  and'put his feet in a batfi of hot uius--  tard and water.'   The lady - wan ted to  know/what, on  earth he "vtfas/ doing.  He" replied' that  he"bow Hbc cook: do  that when sbe^was'peeling, the* pota-;  toes; and.nothi��K,would pcrsuad'e^bim  that tins "was, not' a ncessary^ part "of,  the pro'-fss.��� >*p,w, York Tlnies- , .   �� -/  No matter how deep-rtoted the (torn  or, wart may hft,,it' must yield ,to Ka\-f  lowtiy's Corn Cure if" used as 'direct-  ���4       <   s .-��� i ��� ./-.   <-  .Cold-Sores'"  or��� Awrjir^pJ <  4. . 'ou    sold crui.'i  jwbich open Mdbl.tdwh.nih. fit  drawn L.ght,?    Have you ,��*u��,  ��� (fro*t-;ib.LC.   chUhUi,)S, or , ���r^;  pU��, which at, timei m<U-�� i, ���0lly  for you to go abant your haml^''  duties?   If ��. Z*m-��uk wa JM -  reM. ��nd will he.1 Ue froM-S  ��Jdn. . Anoint, the ��or* pU �� fl. ���?!?.  |Z,.m-Buk', rich h^r^-W} ,  sink Into the wounds, end th* lj$]  in,}$, and will heal quickly. *^j  '  Read this Lad��s Experience.  'Mm. Yrflon, of  Ppr-fcni, ttrJ  I courier it only my ,),-���(��� t-j M. I  of the great heiiWit I uiv,a,rir6d,��3 '  Wkml that it wm istnrXmttJ-  , smart and bun. ��� if I Ut^SS  1 iwernud quite u,*).!,. v, Relr<M ��3  anything  1 out on ih-a until l J5  Wlliik in* ,t Miccv..U���i WBW a 5  htvd  filled.     It clswrd it* ,���, ��$:  gave me ewe, ��ooih*sj th, iiiflimW-  and la a   very gli^rl   time Utlti ET  handi  compMclv.    |t i* a' ��oodrifl<'  healer aod ihoul.i bo in BYtrr home*    '  : V Zam-Buk alio nr��� fA<i1ivj. ,'iyi- ^J  ,  eexftwi. fiU*. uleert, JtiiMn, ��*yt ^t ��Jrg  b-n-fcj.   aUatut,' ptmptrt,   rint'-u^m j^-l  burnt, bruUet, i-aldt. epr'i,{tl  . fVrf a, ��� Jfl  ,u>ittcn. li  cure* Thrumttum   tt, ���.'!�� 'vrtW*  etc.   Of all drw7ti(ite .md t'ft^v antuJiJ;  the  Znm.Duk   C5>-' I'vvniv     fria u'dtZ I  J for SIJIS. , , "ll  '/'She's 'beeu', "warned  against    him  and lie against her.*'  l '-.    -" '  "T.-J1 that so?'' fallen are thev to-be  married?'''���Boston" Transcript.   '' ',    -  SLEEPING DRAUGHTS AND  '  ySOOTHINC; MIXTURES  A 'wise.raolher'.^villlnever give her  ���little-one a sleeping draught, "sooth-  , frig, mixture or opiate*o* any kihd  except^ upon- tl?e" advice foi a.cornpetr  eiit doctor, ^Who -has seen the^'child.  All* these, tilings-, contain deadly poison/ When- you Vg've your baby or'  young 'child' Baby's" Qwn Tablets you  have, the*'guarantee, df-'fl. government  analyst1 .that1 this* medicine does v-ribt  contain-*orie;particle .oE opiate 'or ,n,ar-  cottc;"'a'nd-* therefore/cannot poss]l)Iy  do .Jiurin,���but, always' do "jrowL, M H.  Geo.-.M.-Kempt,' Carliitoh Phtco. Ont,.i  says:���"1- have,* given Baby's Own  Tablets-to my .baby'since"he was two  weeks ohl.c He was a very small  thin baby,"but thanks to the Tablets  he is now a big,, fat, .healthy boy."  Soldo by .medicine'.dealers or by mail  at 25 c-eutii a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Jlrockville, Ont.  - ���>          ��� , ���  Try- watering your horses before  feeding in the^Tiiorning, thus slaking  their thiist 'titul at the -same time  washing their stomachs ready t0> receive the morning feed, where) being  properly moistened with saliva it will  remain   until(thoroughly  digested.1,.,  Minard's 'Liniment   Cures   Distemper.  THE ARTISTIC PIRATES.  Yo   ho! -for   the- Bail-swept   Spanish  Main,  Yo ho! for the pirates grim,   '   '  With the shark agleam on the weather  ���   beam        ,' ' '��� "  And the crew a-studying him 1  "Art is  Art!" quotji' Gory Tim. .  (The gunner bold was he) "  As he chewed the bight of a bowline  wight  .    Abaft of the larboard lee.  "I stick for Art!" says ho again,  "But I likes it red an* gory 1  With a Frenchman's thumb, {cut off,  by gum!) * ,  I've drawed me many a story! ,  "I've drawed my gun in action, too.  An' at point-work I'm a bristler!  I've  plashed  ih   red   to  the  iorctop'a  head.  An' painlfld decks like Whistler!"  Quoth L"ary Jake the bosun's mate.  As he lowered the boarding-netting:  "I, too, likes art���but a carving part.  In a rich  vcrmillion setting I"  "But bo ���  there's  a  sail  on our starboard  bow,"  Cried    the    Captain,    "Lads,    look  hearty !  'Tin a man-o'-war, and furthermore,  She'll  cat  us,  a  la  carty 1"  And that she did���and they all   wero  swung  From a yard-nrm,  most unwilling.  Quoth Jake  to Tim,  as they  knotted  him : -   ',,' ;.--..  "Their line-work,  mate is killing!'  -.'.A.* Harold Brownv  Toronto,  St-ptY  '08! ���'  . /   New Idea in Tuberciiloili.  , ,'Somc 'piirticulais 1*1 ����� giv��n in ii I  British Medical Journal oi ���i propw! I  to provide .ah, ��if<;;!u ottntUncm'el  tuberculosis., The huites'ftion iatefil  up _a' Sailing i>hip ai nboat' 2,000 lis I  for" n(it".ieiyi .tlian flltv, patienU, eat I  to'be;provided with a km; anii.m*i|  ventilated cabin'. ' Tho dock tiooJdAI  used for'what is comai'ml? calWjlij  wrnrjdnlt; treRimem Th- uusaiial  til .the promoters i*. Unit llw titfl  shall cruise in'tht- tieighl-bthrfoil il  thojCanaricB,, where \\ willJn��til  adv.tiritngc'1 of the lrnd�� -.una, m-Nl  jan'cquablft cl^mat-.., while 8 pert rill  ���not be far fHstant1 hi ea-w oi ihe��I  set, of bad weather,, ( ~Pl  \, ,-,, ,.-   --       ^^^   Y. Pain Flees Bpfore it. - U-��,s|  mote- virtu*} Jn"a l)��'*If of In Tita-I  aJ,f-KcU:ctric- Oi! ju- it siiUut-r dm  thaif A'a "-gall01V& of other-nitdi^l  ���The public, know thi? Mid teHl  -few'h'hil^JOhls Uirough-Jtit th4''e**l  '���try* *whijrer.it'?vannot &* foun-l. Wl  ty "yt'ara ofntse h;ia f-uniliaiEwlsl  people with it/and tit^lu it a iaal  hold'"incdfchVthro".)sl'.f.u. the n��|  ant .world. * '     ���    *���  WflsMntai  ,e   ns}S1|  The youthful Geoig.  had jutit'.declared thai  tell  h lia2 * _ A  *4How,. WOUld   it  l0(��|i."  i"% =3'i"��;  a future President of lnp &*��  States to ba' eligible/^r uwXr,.  in an Ananias  club?"     ,     ,  'Thereupon ' he triitun. d tlie t-j|  free he had cut down, ami lrw^jl  to make,a big stick o&tfOi ll.-G*1  go Tribune.  Repeat it:���" Shiloh's Cmev3��  ways cure my coughs and tolas.  Landlady���-Mr. Star, jum i^jl  arc seated about the boai-1 to P*-*!  of.our Christmas turkey. l'Wj,Bfc|  occur to you that there were o&J"|  turkeys on the Ark with No���5 JI  Arr: Star���Indeed, it * '���<&[  brought to mind. I siiu'eW *l  this one is the last of* tho t��*-*|  ember Circle Magazine.  "Do you desire my profo.-ii*1!  vice?" said the specialist loll''-*!  visitor.   , J  "I' merely desire coiifiiniiMi��>*l  pet notion of mine . that 'lyl  mastication is essential to 'J'g15**!  "Certainly it is."  '"Kxactly.     I   am   glad  tt^n  ngroement.    Perhaps vmi I'oJyi  me   a   onnrler.     I'd   hl:o  to P'J' i"|  admirable   theory*   into    pn"'utr  Philadelphia   ledger.  lENMANSMP S3S  I'ortak-o j  M.  E.   MACKEY, Secretary-  THICK,   SW0LLEN_rf  thill luhka a Wtrfti? Whwr��,  Ko��r. h*v�� Tiiicic Wind, or  Choko-tlown, cad bo removed with  /\J5SOPBINE  or any Hunch or Swrllliic  tio blliter, no Imli  ICuno, ftnd hnrso l*t'pi *'  work:. #2.00 p��r l.ott I o. .1"  llror. d. Book 3 I) tree  Woii��, V��Hen��B Villi...   IJI...��   "J1-" .[  coin.   ; Book fri>��---WA.Iort".^ %   s,riM^'  W. F. YOUNB, P.n.F.. 137 ,Monii.��i''�� J,'-. J��� # ��� j  s.    1.VJI1K, UOX8 * CO., **�����>"���!��� c*.*   \  ' At.of<.rnl,S,d e�� Marti* Belt * JKLwf"!  rti. fatlonil Drue A CA.m/<K<. <"-.  I"*"  f l/��**Wr-.�� Bret- Co, Ltd.'. Ka��o��|*. «>1 . u
' v "fliiV" '*" *™'' (**
A*.  A ; •■"',■'    . -
«w»«vw. i mj-wnnrt^maa'
Weed lit
To Eczema
"0!d Hoss" Radbourne, Greatest
of Ail Pitchers.
Iruna Drug  Co., Columbus,'Ohio.
Ji'iitlemeii!—I   can    cheerfully , re-
Einmend .Peruna as an "effective cure
coughs and colds. '   ,,/ f.
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"   -       Mrs. Joseph'1 Hall 'Chase
Tenth St.,  Washington, .D.C.y
Could "Not .Smell  Nor Hear.y'<
Ju>. A.  L.   Wetzel,' 1023 ,Ohio'. St,/
iin* Haute, Ind.', writes; >'   ,
J'When I begun to take your mediae I could not smell, "nor,hear, a'
foich   bell   ringv , Now' 1' can - both
Sell and hear.   .     ' 'v   .   •,,■_'
[•When-1 began'your'treatmeht my
His Marvelous Feat of Pluck, Strength
and Endurance That Won the Pennant For Providence In 1884—A Record In Games Won.
Mlebers may come and pitchers may
Bo. but the name of "Old floss" Radbourne goes .on forever. I have talked
to .nan;,- great ball players ,who have
laiiifuied to .me the fact that baseball
fame Is so ephemeral that It'was not
worth the gaining, and, while no doubt
Ibis Is in,,a great measure true there
Is one plicher who has left a name
Hint promises to roll on for many,
many years. ,, , "    '
Each year hundreds of pitchers claim
attention of tj,e wor](]> and "eacll year
they are promptly forgotten.'.But I1U-
nols produced a rnon who. although
now years deceased, , h,is a brighter'
name than any or the great multitude.
Ill tf.-"  *- -
Bd was terrible, . t T had '-buzzing
fl chirping noises in my bead. ■
S'l followed your., advice faithfully
tookr I'eruna as -you, told<- me.
»w 1 might say, I am''well..'.; <> '
h want "to go and visit my .mother
B >*ee the* doctor/wlio said I "was not
fg for this world. I will, tell him it
Peruna that cured '•me,"-'-.,' , ,
fVruna iVmanufactured' by The Pe-
&a Drug Mfg. Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Mk your druggist^fora-FreePeruna
-.anac 'for   I909. ;, Y -.  .-- ,-. 1     .
Better Chance' for ( Revengo.J
\ Chicago man who once permitted
hZf\l to-be'persuaded; to1''back' a
Balneal company was. Seated;in his
ice one day 'when" ,he received a
fcgram from,"lJie'1.nianager of the
%vf. The troupe, was somewhere',, in
Bsouri, and the telegram readjhus:
iTrein wrecked this .morning, -and
* scenery and baggage 'destroye<l,
un-iuber of the cordpanv injured.-
\-A -shall  I  do?!" ' ' ' '.,,   ■ '
|hi-'>ftn3Wer.;8cnt/',bacftlby tho  Chi.-'
fo man was as' follows"; ,'.
§T.y another  wreck   and ""have  the
npany   rido ,in   the   baggage' car.'.'
Bhicago  JtecordiHerald.'J'  -      ,'   1,'
\h a vermicide .there is no prepara-
n tlu-t equals Mother-Gi;aves' Wonn
jterntinatorr ,It'.has-saved the"lives
countless children',,.'.     *'Va,'*- <r*>±
.   <■,.. < yy ' "' X {y *v
|ye is the "t least durable of [all'-"the
|n.. fc-pd3 for poultry!  .   For. some
son  the^fowls*'do "not,-care for.it.
will seldom Teat it if« other food
l<> be,had.      ~   '■        „ ■ ' ' ,'.., ■' a
. HOW'S THIS ? '
offer^Qno"'" Hundred Dollars Re-
irt for any" case of Catarrh that
jnof be emed by Hall's Catarrh
le V. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo)Or
h\ the undersigned, have known
Cheney for the last 15'years, and
Jcve him perfectly hono'rablo ifi-
[business transactibns ,'and finan-
Uv  able   to carry out .'any  obliga-
made   by  his  firm.
:W.'tldtng,jKinnan  &  Marvin,
I   Wholesale,- Druggists.   Toledo, O.
lull's Catarrh Cure is'taken inter-
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like  Hall's  Family  Pills  for  con-
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Ji calling for 'Alice blue'," remark
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Jl*->so 'Taffe-ta' .will be the most
■mlar."—Philadelphia Ledger.
peat  it:—"Shiloh's^Cure .will
iys cure iriy coughs and colds."
u  every  trust is ground  to dust,
ich must occur sooner or later,,
e will  he go, that dauntless toe,
>  firm  and  fierce investigator?
—■Cleveland   Plain   Dealer.
an English cemetery is a stone
■d by a widow to her loving hus-
boaring this inscription, "Rest
•ace—until we meet again."—-
dolphin   Inquirer.
rd's   Liniment   Cures   Colds,   etc.
Strong in Possessions.
is true," Said a friend, "that
ave amassed a great fortune. But
'*vcr mind the grammar," said
hi.stin Stax. "This is an era of
dilations. 'I may be weak in
blanches, but I'm an authority
'* possessive case."—Washington
^-■V your doctor about the
}" dorn of your keeping Ayer's
;>erry Pectoralin' the house,
a jy for colds, coughs, croup,
"■ nchitis. If he says it's all
l. it,., then get a bottle /of It
■once. Why not show a
L ; for,esight in such matters?
,Jy treatment, early cure.
Hi the*.,great.catnpalg,, of 1881, when
the Providence club, then a'member of
the National K*a«ue. ,was fighting a bit-
, tor game,with PhllHdeiphla, a catastrophe   occurred   that   seemingly   would
disrupt Its chances of winning the pennant   A player named Sweeney, who
wiis„pltchh)gs wits "ordered to go Into
right field "to'change places with "Cv-
plone-, s'niler.   At that time it was not
permissible to take a pitclierout of the
game,   Whereupon Sweeney promptly
walked  out' of the grime, leaving the
,tcaw .with only eight inch and .with
one pitcher, Charles Itadbourne. ,       -.
1 T,wo   men   tried   to  cover  the'/field.''
with  the  result-that Providence  was
completely snowed under."   A meeting
of  the  directors "was   held   to" decide
,i,whethcr'or not the club should be disbanded.  Certainly a 'protfewionaf tea.m
was-fiever In a sorrier pllgi-t       <'
■ Itadbourne was appro-ached;and  the
proposition put to him.' "I can win it
all   right."'said   he  quietly  and  in  a
matter pf. fact tone. t   .,''      A' -
flAnd ,tficn'followed-the'most remark-,
ob,Ie ^battle ,for   d '/peima'nt^ that   the'
World  has ever seen. ', itadbourne established a record that has,never been
equaled, one thafw'ill. live ^-hen n,ore
expensive   Contests    will Jhave   bs»en
blissfully forgotten".    $t twenty-se\en
consecutive,, games   .Itadbourne    won,
fweiifytsfx.    In,four games with Bos-'
ton   Le  had   thrco shutout's,  o;ily  one
run   was ^scored,, and   only 'sevenbeen
hits were,,made.   This defeat was suffered -at  tlie  hands of  Buffalo  bv  a
score of 2'to 0, and even  then only
live.hits'were made.off lijm.. showing
-that the' defeat, -was*- not -due, to' poor-
pitching:;, Needless fo ,say.' Providence
won   the 'pehntuit/ or. "rather]'  rtad-
bournc.iwon the-pennant 1     ' ■      /''
^.Btit,the great player had to, pay'the"
prJce:',',No,arm^c,buld stand |tlie awful
stroin^wlthbut great agony.' .aiornlng
after" morning-when Radbourne arose
,he„.co.u'd '.not'-Hft'liIs jirm'-as high as"
thts..walsL- lie *had to brush  his-hair
with  his  left hand.   „But lie"'dld  not
give up the' game.    Ue would slip out
to" the  park about  two' hours  before'
the' rest of the team   put In   au  appearance and would begin tbe excruciating" process of  limbering  up.    He
would pitch  the  ball only a few feet
"when   he   would   first  go  out,'but  he
would keep on trying time after time,
nibbing his arm   with   his left  hand.
Sometimes  his 'face  would be drawn
up Into contortions, but never a word
of complaint left his lips.
Half an hour before the game was
to begin the players would slip out to
see bow "Old IIoss" was gtstt Ing along.
They, would sit silently "on the bench,
waiting for his arm to get into condition. When he was able to throw
from second to* homo base.a rousing
cheer would go up, for they knew
that meant the winning- of the game
for them. * * '
Itadbourne   claimed    for   his   home
Dloomlugton, In.    After his great season with Providence managers all over
the country wete upon his°heels.   Flattering offers, poured iu. and he was not
ut.der contract withProvideaice for the
no it season either.    When the contest
was over the late Ned Allen, president
of the team that season, sent for Radbourne.    lie  laid   the   release 'before
hltn aud close beside it a blank contract.    Itadbourne looked at them botb
for several   minutes ' and   then   slowly
took up a pen nnd filled the blank out
for a sum only $2,000 higher than he
had been getting and tore up  the release.    Allen  almost fell on  his.neck
and wept for Joy.
Itadbournc's last year tn baseball was
with Cincinnati In 3S91. but it was a
snd year. It seems a pity that the career of so great a ball player should
end so sadly. That year his work
showed great deterioration, for the awful strain made In ISSt was beginning
to tell on his arm. At the end of the
season lie was, too proud to go into
minor league baseball and so entirely
withdrew from the game. Ue returned to Rlooinington. where he opened n
billiard hall. lie had little to say and
In unwinking silence would sit In a
rorner and watch the young men laugh
ns they played. He would, talk about
himself only when cornered, and then
but for. a few short words. He had alr
ways been an ardent'fisheniiau.' hunter
nnd .sportsman, l>ut lie.- gave up the,
tipeu life. Each year his taciturnity
Increased until .lie became almost sullen. '.   ' Y
After a time he gave up his billiard
hall and retired into the obscurity of
his home.' seldom ' lettlnjr people sec
him. At last.- In 1807. In* fell ill and
soon   passed .away.' r- Portland    Ore
Dr. A. W.Chase's
. V1^'? 1.eft l'° ltbelf- eczema runs on
lndehiiueJi, causing keen distress
iioxn itching and covering the body
with .<-.oies> that refuse to 'heal
Even with caieful treatment, eczema
i.*. .obhimate in yielding to curative
nieaatiies, but tlie 'regular and persisted t use, of Dr.'Chase's Ointment
iR.tlw* most ceitain moans known of
yvereomlng this  toi luring disease.
•Mrs. Kobert C'lendenning, Welland
station, Otit., writes:—
"For tluee years my daughter, Fanny, was afflicted with eczema in an
•intense and persistent form, and for
nine days (she was totally blind. Thu
burning, itching and disfigurement
■vei# liornblu, her entire face being
completely raw for,'months, and the
rnstress so groat that • she could not
-.Jeep. , •'
"The best efforts of two 'eminent
,phy»>H-ians .failed to even mitigate'her
attiitl ntiffeiiiig. 0,ne day when I wa!s
ow-spwited over my daughters 'condition, Dr. Chaso's 'Ointment-was re-
•^iiiniended to me and fo our surprise
I-niiity was helped with the first box
and she has since been entirely cured'
by tin's treatment.        ,
,"ller face is now a? smooth as a
babys, and *,he is,in i*p)eiidid health.
Die credit for this Cure is entirelv.du*
to Dr. Chase's Ointment, and I cheer-
luJly give you permission to state my
daughters cai-o,. hoping'that it will
lead man? others to secure the same
good» results."      $ ', -     ,
rVTh™e Hry"a KCOre o[ Wflys in which,
Vr. Chases Ointment with its extraordinary soothing, healing properties,
is aiseSuI in every home; CO cents * a
box, at- all dealers,- or ' Edmahson,
Bates  & Co., Toronto.    ,      . ,   ,.   .
Ah V,mg Lee was walking'^down
Chestriut -street the othn.r morning,
wheu^a dog'ran up behind him, velp-
ing and barking'horriblv. The end of
fli,e Celestial's pigtail», rose in the
breeze as'he leaped aside in .'great"
1 alarm.'-  ■■".   -  f ', -,'       .-
A benevolent passerby, seeing the
terror -painted" upon the yellow countenance, .hastened to'pat him reassuringly on the-shoulder:■ , . '
'•Come, come;' my friend, you need
not be afraid. ; 'j;he dog won't hurt
you., ' Don'tn you know (he old proverb, t A , barking dog never bites'1'
Surely Vou "    ,   ,
"That's all velly good." "interrupted^
Ah   Wing' doubtfully.    "You' knoweosi
ploverb  and nie knowee ploveib   but
do.'dog   kn6\vee   ploverb?"—Philadelphia Bress.  .      ,   ',. .       ' ,   ,,
, Clean Stomach, Clear. Mind.— The1
stomach* is the .workshop of the1 vita.1
function^ an'd when it gets out of or
'der the whole system clogs in-'svin-
pathy. ' The spirits flag, the* mind
droops and. work becomes impossible.
The * first • care' should ;bo( 'to restore
healthful' action of the stomach' and
the'best'preparation for the purpose
,is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills.-' General use • foi years has-, won them a
leading, place in medicine.'" A trial
will attest their' value.  ■
Curious Species In Northwest Part of
Island  Near  Sarawak.
Mr. J.'Hewitt, curator ot ije Government   Museum   at   Ku;airrg,   the
capital    of,   his     Highness     Rajah
Brooke's   territory   of    Sarawak,    in
Northwest  Borneo,   over    vhich   the
hritish Government exercises a benevolent protection, has a unique knowledge  of the 'natural  history   or1 that
state.' and, .indeed, of the whole   of
Borneo; and his occassional c-.-ntribu-
tioss  on  the' subject to   rnc  (Jarert.'
of the  former state deserve a'much
wider   cneulation.     Sarawak   has  for
many ypar** enjoyed a greit fame for
her   luxuriant    vegetation   'and   her
wealth  cif animal  life.    The glowing
accounts   of    the    early    explorers—
Wftllace, Beccari/,and the more mercenary'orchid seekers—all contribute-
to   c.-eate  a   feeling  of   admiration—
almost, indeed, of ieverence--for this
favored , isle.    Everybody  knows  that
this is the land of the orang outang,
of   wondrous   insects, 'and' of   awe-
inspiring   miasmatic    swamp's;    and
when  some writers even add that in
the unexplpred  interior there lives o
race of human   beings slill'.endowed
with  the long-lost tail of our remote
ancestors,,  the ' imagination  conjures
up   all   sort3 .of   prehistoric  animalp
and plants. '
Mr.  Hewitt, in  his latest .contribution   to   this,    interesting    branch    of
natural, science, .deal-,   with  some  of
the, more  interesting   raritte-i    found
in    Sarawak,     iicccari   has   already
mentioned one— a specimen of Ptilo-
cercus Lowii,' a singular creature, believed at that time to be found only
in Borneo," but which has since been,
discovered   in   the    Peninsula.   -.The
specimen ' .which    Beccari   saw   was
•shown -to diim   by   the  colonial   surgeon  of, Labuan.     It  is   an  arboreal
insectivorous mammal about th'e size
of " the ' comnjon    squirrel;   and    its-
peculiarly lies in its long tail', which
is  bare -and  scaly  like 'that-of a rat
for about'Ihe first half, but has the
extremity thickly covered at'the sides
.-with   lbngrhair -after  the  manner  of
the  barbs,of  a-feather.-    This   link-,
mammal,  which  is  awarded, a genus
lalKto dtself, is still one'"bf the rarest
of    Bornean    curiosities.     There,   are
other mammals, the ^long-nosed  mon
key,, for  instance,   which   are  worthj
of note: but they., cannot be adequate"
ly   dealt   with .here.    One.  however
may be mentioned—Mr. Ernest Hose'.'
ialcdn.   J,This   'falcon'" comes-   from
Mount Dulil,  where it was'observed
by Mr- Hose for several days befor"
he   finally   secured    a  specimen.     It
turne.d out to be-a new, species Falco
Ernesti, ,of considerable interest, inasmuch -as   its   capture  was   the  fulfilment of a prophecy made some year=
ago  ' by    an   eminent    ornithologist
Qui'e the- most   famous   pf   Bornean.
.lizards is the Lanthanotus' Borniensis
Of this  animal,  only seven or^eiirht
specimens have been collected so far.
though  it is much sought after.    The
interest attached  to the , Lanthanotus
li>3 partly in the fact of, its very clos?
relationship to the peculiar Heloder-
ma,  the, poisonous  lizard of Mexico.
^Fortunately," the, Bornean species au-
, paars   to ' be . harmless—a   statement
based  on   the   evidence  of  an  X-ray
investigator. .,-■,.-„   '..""'
Wonderful    Cure    of    A.   F.   Richard,
' Who was Tortured by Rheumatism
and     Kindred   Pains,     Sets     Kent
County   Talking.
St, Ignac-e. Kent Co., N.B. (Special)
—After being tortured for four year.-;
with Backache, Rheumatism,', Stiffness" of the Joints and Pains in the
Loins, and getting no relief from five
doctors -whom he called in. Mr. An-
toine F. Richaid, a well-known fan/i
er living near heie, is spreading the
good news that he is once more a well
man, and that he owes his cure to
Dodd's Kidney Pills. Speaking'of his
wonderful cure, Mr. Richard says-—
• "I was'a helpless man in Julv, 1907,
Forafour j-ears I,had endured the
greatest torture from Backache, Rheumatism, Stiffness of the Joints and
Pains in the Loins. I had dark circles under my eyes, my head ached
and I was often dizzy. I was attended
by five doctors, but not one of them
could  help me.
, "Then I began to use Dodd's Kidney Pills and after the first few doses
f began to improve. I used four
boxes in all and now, I am working
every day on the farm a well man.
I owe my wonderful cure to Dodd'il
Kidney Pills' and, nothing else."
There is ho case ,or kind of Kidney
Disease that Doad's Kidney Pills will
not cure. ' ,'.   ■
<i The Pursuit of Knowledge: ' ,
,. In ' commenting on the largely, increased" attendance at the science le-
ference department of Pratt Insitute
the annual bulletin gives some instances [ of the-eagerness of'the patrons to make the most of their "time
and opportunities. "More .than once,"
says' the report, ,fa."man,has come'
from a distance and worked here all
afternoon and evening. - One ,such
did not even stop for dinner, but explained that .when- he had a chance
to work here he could not spend time
eating."—N. Y. Tribune.
She was young and beautiful and
unused-to the way*, of ,the world. She
had left Pittsburg on an eaily morning-train to visit a_school friend in
New York. It had^been a tiresome
journey, and just before reaching
Harrisburg .she had fallen asleep.
. Waking up, she turned around, to
an old gentleman in the seat behind
{'A       The'First  New. Woman.
"We new'women  are* really, not to
*-new as we think'.we- are.-;, said one, of
them.  ,\"In"' the]; r thirteenth   century
there 'were lots of us     Can anvthfng
of Bologiia had for professor of jurisprudence  .Movpllfl  d'Andrta.   ^iie  was
no more tiew ""than beautiful. Her
charms were so overpowering that the
trustees made hit lecture, behind a
curtain. Wlieu she lectured openly
the students, their minds wholly occu-,
pled with her beauty.'could not attend
to what she said. Madonna Manzolina
was, professor   of   anatomy,   Matilda
"While more prevalent'ih "winter,
when sudden changes in the weather
try the strongest constitutions, colds
and coughs Mid'ailments of the tiiroat
may come 'in any season. At the first
sight ^of derangement use 'Bickle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. 'Instant relief will be ■ experienced, and use of
the medicine until the cold disappears will protect the lungs from attack. -.For anyone., with throat or
chest weakness' it cannot be surpassed, i i
, c Just Two' Kinds ' > '
Sparks—I wonder why it is' a woman lets out everything you tell her.
Sharks—My dear bov, a woman has
only two' views .of, a secret—either it
is not worth-keeping'or it is too good
to   keen_.—London Opinion.. '
IN'E.   Look for the signature'of E. W.
Grove.    Used the world over to Cure
a. Cold in'One, Day. "„ 25c.r
teach'er, and Tommie wrote: "Tlie
man who carves monuments urns his
living."—Philadelphia   Ledger.
Ever   Color   Calls,   It   Call*   In   th«
Mosque of Ibrahim Aga. |
As every one who visits Rome goes
to St. Peter's, so every one who visits
Cairo goes to the mosque of Mohammed All In the clta.iel, a gorgeous building'In a magnificent situation; tut? interior <jf which always makes me think
Cf court functions and of the pomp of
life rather than of prayer and self .denial. More attractive to me' 'is-the
"blue mosque," to which I returned
again and again, enticed almost as by
the fascination of the living blue of a
summer sky. ■   '
This inosgue. which is the mosque of
Ibrahim Aga. but which  is familiarly
known    to    Its   Ioveni 'as ' the    "blue
mosque,"   lies   to   the  left  of a   ramshackle  street,,and   from   the  outside
does not look specially Inviting     Ev»n
when J  passed  through- its, door and
stood hi the court beyond at,first I fc-'.t
not   Its   charm.    All   looked   old' and
rough, unkempt and in confusion. - The
red and white stripes of the walls and
jthe archps of the arcade, the mean little place for ablution—a pip'e and a row
of brass   taps—led   the  mind   from  a
Neapolitan Ice to a second rate school,
and for a moment I thought of abruptly retiring and seeking more splendid
precincts.    And  then  1 looked across
the court  to  the arcade'that'lay-beyond.' and /  saw  the  exquisite  "love
color" of the marvelous tiles that give
Ihls^uiosque Irs nrime.
The  huite pillars of, this arcade are
'Striped   and   ugly,   hut  between   them
shone with an Ineflalile luster a wall r,£
purple and blue, of purple and blue so
strong and y^t so delicate that It held
the eves and drew, the-body  forward,
lf ever color calls, it calls' in the "blue
mosqne",of Ibrahim Aga.   And when I
had  crossed   the court; when  I   stood
beside   the   pulpit,   with   its  delicious
wooden folding doors, and studied the
tiles of which  this  wonderful wall  is,
composed, I found them as lovely near
ns they are lovely far off.    From a distance   they   resemble  a   nature effect,
are almosr'lfke a  bit'of southern'sea
or 'of   sky.   a   fragment, of  gleaming
Mediterranean seen through the pl'lars
of a loggia or of Sicilian blue watching
over Etna In the long'summer days,
When one is close to them they are
a,*n*iracle of art. ,oThe background, of
:hem is af milky white upon  which, is
an   elaborate   pattern   of   purple, and
blue..generally  conventional  and  representative  of  no  known  object.' but
occasionally showing  tall- trees somewhat 'resembling cypresses.    Rut it is
impossible in  words adequately to describe 'the- eETect of these tiles and'of
the tiles that line to the very roof tbe
tomb house on .the right of the court.
They are like'a cry  of'ecstasy going
up in this otherwise  not 'very beautiful mosque.   They make it unforgetta- , ---. -
ble: they draw you   back  to  it again I kind."8     M*o°t
and yer again.    On tbe darkest day of
winter. they.t'set something of summer
thqre. <*. In   the  saddest   moment  they
proclaim the fact' that there is joy in
ihe world; that there was joy In the
hearts, of creative artists,,years upon
years *ago.<( ,If  you are ever in Cairo
and   sink   Into, depression!   go  to   the
/'blue mosque", and see If ■it" does not"
have upon you an uplifting moral cf-,
feet! " And .then.' if'" you   like,  go* ou
fro~m, it  to   the   Gamia   el   Movayad,
sometimes called El  Alimar (the red),
where   you   will .find   greater(glories,
though no greater fascination, for the
You     Want   to    Know     About     Your
Business,      Health,      Speculation,
Marriage.  Love  Affairs, or  Ho*
to   Improve   Your  Condition
Financially     and
Socially ?
,,       WRITES   AT   ONCE    WILL
For many years I have been advcrtlaini
n American and forc-len newspapers and
ui&eazineu. IVrhaps your next door neieh-
oor knows me, or has coaaulted me for
advice. I haye built up a reputation by
Jtvlne honebt. accurate and conscientious
eervicc to my pations. They will tell vou
1 am America's reliable astrologer. I do
not ask you to take my word for any
(statement made bcre. but I do ask for an
opportunity to demonstrate my abilitv.
Kead what three of my patrons say about
their  horoscopes; , .
toot    piece   09
you    predicted,
nod   I   cm   tba
la tbe world,   r
fe«l    that   you
ere tlifonureul-
ly    preat    As-,
trolojier     ti'
wbom the American    people
should tutor for
advice and coun-
BOl. Everything
you     predicted
In my Horoscope
came to pass an ,
accurately     aa
clock work.*1
•   BrBTDi. AXT.
«    "My   Horo.
,   scope    js     th«
Debt Instrument
ot guidance that
1 nave ever had
Put,   jn    m,
. hands.   • ,•   •
1    would    net
taie a hundred
dollars for th9
have given me,
• unless    i    n-a;
sure   -that     I
Would   get,■another one as ac.
curare  as   this
one."      .rouri
very truly, *
A. BnoiD,
Eeal Eetate
Agent      *
"Dear Friend
—By you giving me 'lucky
dates* ,*I have
been able to dispose of some
property, greatly to i my advantage. Every
IlneoCoiy Horoscope was o£
value to me. I
shall consult
you again In the
future. I wish
.others might
underst and
what great assistance you
could     be.    In
Mas. AN.via M.
I   have stacks of  letters  similar -to, the
abo-ve. ' ITany write that they cannot,find  "
wordi   to   express   their   thanks , lor   the
benefits   derived   from   my, advice.    Many
have   followed   my   advice     and     Rained
wealth,  happiness, love   and  popularity. I
believe .1 can Tbe of help to you. ■ It costs.
you   nothing   to   test'iny   ability.   .1   wilt
send  you   a reading   in  -which.  I  will  tell
facts   about  yourself   and   your* life , that
will cause  you'to marvel  at the, wonders
ol -Astrononiv.    My  system has stood -the
test   of   time. . People   who   consulted   me
years  ago acknowledge that  no u'.her Astrologer   is  as' accurate.    If   yon   wish   a
free reading,  simply, send  rae yoar  name
(whether  Mr.,  Mrs.   or   Miss),   the   date  of
your birth  (state hoar  if possible,   and I
will   send   yon   the   reading  at  once,   and
her and said, "Will you please tell me    Tromhoni tnusht laucuages and Mario
nr on fi',! nil J\   l? •^ °' HarriBbur6 J MngncslMicId 'the chair of  mathema-
"We ate o.   this XlP " h„      •',   c,        "^   Thta UI,h ^^ ™* ^ «° ^ans
seeLdasaurfiSivrtirt.J;Vs^sar- rtsrnd r t i°vhe contrr-
though what she meant bv her ones-    " £'lS •1orIlaI,s thl' ipadi"" university
tion and he by his answer is peihaps    of LuroPe-    '* >™*] IC--1 students."
still   a conjecture.—Lippincott's  .Uag-j —; ;	
azine. <| The.Other Course.
Solk itor—And I am sure you win
And, 'madam, that this is the best
course to adopt in the event of your
friendly letter failing to produce the
effect we desire. Client-res, 1 see.
Mr. Jones. If I cannot get what I
want by fair means, 1 must put the
matter' unreservedly Ii'to your hands.
—Punch. -   i
For best prices, ship to the old reliable
N. VV. Hide  & Fur  Co., Minneapolis.  Minn.
' -
Mrs. Gillet—So ihereis a tablet in
your transept to her memory. Did
she do anything to bring people' into
th.'  chuich'?
Mrs. Pei ry—Well, I guess! 'She
wore a new "hat every Snndav for
three  years.—Harper's   Bazar.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria.
Minard's  Liniment  Co.,  Limited.
Gentlemen.—I have used MIN-
ARD'S LI.NTMENT from ,time to
time for the past twenty years. It
was recommended to me by a pro-
[minent physician of Montreal, who
.called it the "great Nova Scotia Liniment." It does the doctors' work;
it; is particularly good in cases of
Rheumatism, and sprains.
Yours  trulv,
Chartered Accountant.
Halifax,  N.  S.,  Sept. 21, 1905.
tiles   hold    Uipir .own   anions   all    the f will also send you a copy of my interest-
.T-/*r*rlo,-o  nf r„i,»     r>„K™-j   r}i„i         ...   I ^S  booklet.   "Tour  Destiny   Foretold."   If
wonders of, Call o.—Robert Hichens  In    yobu w£ah yon can enclose ten cents fsiJver
Centurv. ' lor  stamps)   to   pay  postage,   etc.     Address
/Albert  II.  Postel.  room   1130.   No.  126  West
134th   street,   Ne\v   Tork,   N.   1".
We publish oar formulas
"■,NSith,»7!s «»ed dull  and stupid, |
■JHSfr'U ten vm,3Lbcheve y°ur°*n doc- '
™»   :r'. W,°" $.M. an occasional dose
j The  IViagnet. j
"Yes, she advertised  for a,husband
nnd got  2.700 rei.lies.'Y
."Gracious!     She   must   have  advertised  herself as very beautiful."
"No,  slie didn't.    Sho just said she
bad $700 In. the bank." j
'   _  '-_>___    •   I '    .,j
The Incident That First Brought Fame
to Mr. Asquiih.
The Right lion. EL EI. Asquith. now
prime minister of Great Britain, was
bound to distinguish himself sooner or
later, oven though he Grst became
noted through what seemed mere
chance. Mr. Stead in the Review of
Reviews tells of this piece of "luck"
which paved (he way to fortune.
Mr. Asquith was the junior counsel
to Sir Charles Russell, afterward
lord chief justice as Lord lUissell of
Klllowen, iu the famous Parncll commission. For nine months he was
Immersed In the intricacies of that
celebrated case. One day while snatching n'hasty lunch Sir Charles told Asquith that he would have to cross examine the next witness.
"This is most absurd!" exclaimed the
astonished junior. "Mr. Macboriald Is
the next witness, and he Is one of, the
moat important Of course you will
cross examlne',himl";
"No," , replied Sir Charles; "I am
tired.    You will do It well' enough."
It was no use to protest Asquith
was dismayed. lie was totally unprepared. MacDonald was supposed to
be a shrewd, intelligent Scotchman who
would .prove .more than a match for
the ablest cross examiner.
When .Mr. Asquith rose in the court
he was at his wits' end.. By good fortune lie put a question which;was.answered by the witness ih a supremely
silly fashion. Mr. Asquith saw at
once that he could play his fish with
good results. He did so, and the
process was one of the most.'brilliant
displays of skill ever witnessed at the
bar. roor;Mr. MacDonald was turned
Inside out nnd held up to a scoffing
world, from  which.he gained the title
"I can truthfully say
that I believe that, but for
the use of your Emulsion
I would long since have
been in my grave. I was
past work—«ould not walk
up-hill without coughing
very hard."
THIS, and much more was
written by Mr. G. W. Howei-
ton, Clark's Gap, W. Va. We
would like to send you a full
copy of his letter, or you
might write him direct. His
case was really marvelous,
but is only one of tlie many
proofs that
The audience' is throwing vegetables," complained the star of the
"Siberia"  company.
"Nothing but vegetables?" retorted
the caustic manager. "Go out in' front
and tell them that the dogs have also
got to eat."— Louisville Courier-
it: —"Shiloh's Cure will always
cure   my   coughs   and   colds."
COti $
In  Doubt.
WnKrcr—Ton or coffee, sir?    Guest—
Well'. If that was te«  you gave nie yes- I 0f Simple Simon,
tcrdity    bring cofToe:  If It  was coffee, |      Mr.  Asquith that day established a
.   :,r's Pills VnTdo-iurt hov.!1^ •'bring me tea. and If it was a mixture , reputation throughout the nation.   He
'   f good. They keep the Ii/er .cllve     of tea and coffee I thank I'll [try
* "*• J* °- ai-m co„ x,ow*u. Km.—  ilnte.
choc** J iia(i seized his chance and made use of
is tlie most strengthening
. and> re-vitalizing preparation
, in the world. Eyen ih that
most stubborn of all diseases
(consumption); it does wonders, and in less . serious ,
troubles, such as anemia,
bronchitis., asthma, catarrh,
or loss of flesh from any
cause the effect is li much
quicker. '
Do not'(trior. Got a, bottle of SCOTT'S
EilCTIiilON—b. sur* U'»SOOll-a uid
trj-it. -    -.       ■ , -   ■'
Let tu lond y°a Mr. Howerion'a letter
Aud ume  litornturv   on   Oontu&ptlon.
just.aond us a l'i>at Oord and mention-*il,'
tola jiapor.
Moscow Has an Organ For Thieves and
Moscow has a curious newspaper
called the Bosatska Gazeta, which interpreted means the Barefooted Man's
Gazette. It is a little weekly journal,
consisting of oue double sheet of printed matter. It is ostensibly run by
thieves and vagabonds for the benefit
of thieves and vagabonds. The bulk of
Its contents consists of contributions
from burglars and other folk who prey
upon society, in which they describe
their successful exploits. Its tone is
humorous and racy. The text is enlivened with comic sketches, some of
which are,well done. Unless the police
suppress it it bids fair to have a pros
perous eareor.
It is not lacking in advertisements,
most of them of a decidedly unique
character. In one issue, for Instance,
I young man announces that, "Wins
full' of ehery-y. and temperament and
having a loving heart, he seeks a life
partner In the shape of a young lady
with', small means." The adventurer
goes on to say, that,' "having practiced
housebreaking from his tender youth
iie is now at twenty-five as export a
burglar as any in Moscow and rau
therefore assure his wife, comfort and
even luxury." . ■  ■ '  .
The office is situated in the Nikitln-
eka,, a shabby enough street, opposite'
a small theater. It is In a private flat
The editor Is always out, and- coutribu
tors are invited to leave their offerings
on the table, where lie an empty vodka
bottle.' a tea stained piece,of blotting
paper and a few cigarette ends.
In  a   word,  the management of the
paper Is wrapped in mystery.   Nobody
tnUvtu, »»t**.,vjt s<*.nH'*ted. least of all
nry 2ud. ; "   ' "c-i-
.Very Different From the King In Exemption From Uwc
So privileged Is the king of England
in his exemption from any and every
law that one would naturally expect
his children might do pretty much as
they like. But Englishmen have al-
.ways been very jealous of royal personages, and the fact Is that princes
enjoy *£ery few privileges indeed. A
prince o*> the royal blood may be fined,
like anyHordinary mortal, if his motor
car exbeefls the legal limit of speed.
The Prm-*e*of 'Wales cannot be sued
personally for debt. If the debt is not
paid the .creditor may take out a summons, but he must summon the treasurer, not the prince. If the case goes
against the treasurer the money is paid
out of the prince's assets.
No child *of the king who Is under
twenty-five can marry without the
king's consent. Supposing, however, a
prince over twenty-five desired to marry
aud the king refused his consent, then"
the prince could give notice of his intention to the privy council. After that
he would have to restrain his patience
for a whole year. If during that time
either tho house of lords or the house
of commons disapproved of the marriage it eould not take place. But If
both' houses of parliament were satis-
lied the prince could marry the woman
of his choice.
A prince has not even the right to educate his own children, for it was long
ago I.iId down that the king has the
care and education of his grandchildren while they arc minors.—Loudon
The New York Idea.
"Little boy."
"Do you know where Broadway Is?"
"Say, wot youse take me ferV".
.: "Well, where Is it?"
■■   "Aw, don't youse believe I know?"
"Yes,  of course,  but  1  don't  know.
Tell me, how to get there from here."
; "A-^Vj youse know how."
"I   do   not.    ,1   am   a   stranger:   T
haven't the least idea where It Is."
"Quit yer kiddiuV
, , "Where— is—Broadway?"
"This, way or that way?".
,   "Yer stringin' me."
"Will you tell me where Broadway
is?-   :.-■';■'..,
"Hey, Jimmy, here's a guy wot sez
he don't know where Broadway is!"
Yon get not only MORS Stove
Polish, but also the best stove
polish that money can buy when
you use "Black Knight.1'
It is not affected by the heat,
and with very little labor the
stove stays bright and shiny
when polished with " Black
Shines quickly too—and always
ready for use. Keeps Stoves,
Grates, Ironwork, etc. fresh and
clean with practically no trouble.
If yon arc unable to oMr.tn 'Bla-k
Kn.jrht" in vour tovrn. *. ud nmue oi
nearest dealer cud 10c fr r full ..lred
limited.       i2A
Basiltan,   >   -    CaL
Civilized Poverty.
Barbarism has do. horrors so horrible
as the bestial squalor and sheer misery
of civilized poverty. Poverty is a
great evil in any state, but the,, world
has   not known  nny  poverty  sl>  foul.
Each scrip entitles selection of. 320
scrips good  for 640 .Acres.
Buy for ■yourself or for your son.
Inter=9cean Real Estate Company
24   Aikins   Bldg,   Winnipeg.
75/£ of all Gasoline lingine troubles
come from poor-Ignition.
away with Uatleries and can
be usrd un any Engine. It
a Iways fiives a poott hot spark
Kully Ciuaraoteed — Agent*
K. R. WIJHam* Machinery Co. Limited, Totoat*
A.   320   Acre   Homestead
can   be  taken  If rou   have a
Soldier's   Warrant
Wo   sell   them.     For   particulars   write
12« Wellir   • V    "
•nd so utterly loathsome a.« |  First National Realty Co.,
f the City Slum, the Sweat   j ■ , Winnipeg:   Man.
-.awnshop cad the giu pal J ■— '    - ■
A''   "
r        t
1     r,J
■ \     '.•
* ■•     "A
'• <<    u\
-*   "l ' i    Ai
'Ait- i^-V
A?AA ij'-siS
,     *-j^* jt*l -ValjS
* "!t
j, ,
W.    N.    U.    No.    723. -". As/',/A  '   V..  y�� , .���  *i  t  vT  ,*���'+- -;- ,  1 -  *-      tv ' ,  ,  r  ''  *  -,\%\ **?���  ��*i    *  -  t  \v sYy  vr  1.  ��� . .&*{**  ������  *v  ���.;;,'   -���*.;'  ^  *���  V  * '-.y "Vr  V  /  TLIE LEADER, AIOl'IE, ERITISil COLCu\riU^-_  ^y ��*'.'!.���',i.-i  ,  ;' I   ',<   ',!��*',--ki  4 ~Jt' ���5.'*' -      * *-xl   ^ U>       "^   ..  , i.:1" i it    "���*������,    *     ������  ft'* 'i/^-V5  . .,     W '      if     .-*. 3��    ^- *    *'  '��.���?' --r  *rli TA ,  'i ��**?' >V"'**>,. >  ..; ,*. p -J , ;;* >�� ',  ->���$'�����/?������ '/'*?  , �� i ^  \Y       *-.   ',    .     ',    _ 7  i   . ..I'**    ..**.��,��!    -���  '      -    * i*     ..*.' '   , ,,      '  !*.',.' ��"*VJ*'^  b     'L.-'-J-'jaiV.i,  >���>,  * H%V ^ O  y i? a- . v j y i VA ���<  r   1  ji - -"V-v <*h -"   y*w  - iM^-'!' r ^"i** "  ",��-, ?, ?^>t.B''v*, *  ; yr-^yiBh^-p  ,   '?*<��'i'A ''A#^.'"',?,V*  ' rMi rtt.*'.^* *���*.  ?*��M ��,.A.. .   **v~C~  .. .-��.R  TFT]   MO VIC   fUIli-P  �� il.liehid in thi interest of ih. pcupi  of Mi.yit and B.i.-t K.ot>teiiHy.  A Fe?7 "Dor.'ts.  'C' 'iitiibu,eii)  I SI    Joseph's   Convent.  i  i  2:;;i_sos, Btc.  I     in-irdtng ai;c! D-iy Solinr-l <*"*i('uct-  D ni'r bend J'ihj    'ti'uimj-;  out   ol', "tl l*y ttip *St.-tcr-.X3j Si. Joscuh, Nelaon  I town:   Imy   bet.\    S n-1    thu .-.'ck | B.   C.      Commercial    and    bus-ine.-  ���"-'---        -                               ��nd   hel|j|--<;.    After  paying iiv  !--.��urse'e a  nyi'cinH.v.   Ei-cvlier.t-i-  an ,  l". J   S>l\JxI.   l'ri>j.i--iini.          UJf,  eyiifi.M-s   iitid   giving   to tbi-i-wift  progrp'^j  chHia<*te..izf  eurli   de  -. ��� j: =-^=���  ~~   ( niinibf r less     snbseriiitions. the ' S'^rimtsnt.    Parents   sliouhl   writ*   foi  "^**-'jS&--^  j itini'j* or othri laborer, who nevr-r.  l'ur hardly ever,  l-i-fn-es   citn   very  ; -tld'im aifurd to take a little .���jotir-  ���    =- .--     --_ -r���r--r=- , >,if y, firxi   i-   ijiivjlfjied' to   du   so  - ��� / . ��� *  I'-iri-   ot   -i-.ic-iurTi.i.s   ' ; wl.^ri h (tcci-ifpt. or "sickness over- _    <*,0 rn ' taki-s him; nnd then the   gioateit!  One.  I'ear ���> ^:wt/1 expose hei.-, put to is pain. ";FE,ESH:   AUD    GUJS.ED  l)tjn"t di-cutwajjif* the hoti-1 innn  prtrtieuUrt*. One month astmri"?'/ the  public of the thoroi'ghrn',*s of (hi  Sisters' method*, of ti-ii.-i,in��. IVrm.-  cotnm.niv .1 inuiirv, vipril nnd Sei>'.  f>innl*. hi�� Milm tjt, d dttri.-iir f^rrx  ^^^^Ss^y tvitcti-y  I.ods�� >'o. -I-l.   I  Afeets Tu^aihiy evening.- in McCuegu* (  ln.ll nn Victoria ftrect. ffjouiniri> j  O.fil Fellows cordi��lh invited. j  Chas. J. Whltb F. J. Smvth.    j  Noble5 (ir,uid fM-ci'y  Shoe  Repairing  Mining Shoes  Jilade to Order  i  _   i  SATURDAY. JAN. 10. 1009  , Poemi     on     " ! .ie  Suow" f.re in utdfr.  who ��oe*. out i-i the Pultm/rfr car.    |"��|'��i O   t  W\v n   he  came  in   h6   L.-d    thi-   ^V-i^y  ��� iltoie tr-ud: to himself.  P.jauliful i     I'ou'c be t,;o sympathetic ',Lo tin-1  1 'itfitc Siant v. ho is 'discontent ,vdth  j Moyio. , ,      ;, t  Don't,t'lii.k Lauri^r i,-, tho only  ht. Lunelle LcilK<* ^��* $"���  K. of P.  3Ji(t.i i vi-ry Thuriwlny  cwrung ��� in    Mct3ret,or  %����[gZr    j,jj,<r hi-otl.fis invited^  a. Cl LivEsrav, " .E. A. Hill  Chancellor Com! K. K. and S,  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE,  ueji�� ornci:. tokonto  rvr.u;iN](I1,  1857  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Mannjer'  PaW-��P Capital, SI 0.000((Hio  Reserve Fund, -  6,00o^  tf ;���>*-.' ft>^;,* .ii  - filmic  A   full   flodppti    A'ssoiiif    lodgr  !great mm tu li'i!igj)eup1rt to Can  !o in M(s\ ii-      bi'.CC'--*    to   thu   Ala- i    ,,        -, ' . i   . *    ,'  13 in J.11.0 ":     J. ���uv-     r   (, |ad��.   In our lrnd-t   we  havo  one  sons.  otter  ASD  U"a,f  , I .vlui h.Tt3,h,clpiid to bi,in;z not Jets  *. (     'v        l    -i������*���    -��� j fthaii   ten   within   ihe  l,i��*t-..three  '      Tt is to be hoped   the  rejir-rh   i-1   month?.,    Tlte*j-ate small yet,   but  true that il.e K.-'Of.*n*.y Cential i4 j yon    'cannot     expety them . full' f  'to "be built t'm- ,y��**r*  hgffS- -  Moyia.  Miners'   Union  ;    % No: 7hW. F. of M.    l  iM,pet8 in McGregor h��U every  Saturday evening.    * Sojourning   members  " nre cordially invited toa.'fi.d. '  Malcolm McNeill     Tho-. li.' Fv-lly  Prewtlent.      - Secretary  *, ySpokesmnn-R-Jview: Cjolin, Ida.  ho, report- tbo mercury fa'-ling.  Coolia*. wet'.rhon, so to <-pcak.-  .*���    ' f1'^ if tot* ivM*  y    Creston is.puttisiprJon. ah*?.' and  -nothing shoit of i\   roller, skating  rink will satisfy tub peopi'a,there.'  sniivn i;i'?2.1iipi.'t'e, ��� -  Don't forget tn praise o'nr pchoot  boy-^: Moyie it to-be complimented  on lier, smttll L>ojts.' There are oiu  or two-bad o'ti b-.iva. I5.it -���'  iDjn'o     bi^ma   , thu''editor  for  evcrythinp. ' t  \   .  'IK  Limited: ���  MOYIE, B. C;  WMnWDHMMHi^  - ^Jv>-fa��<acae<ir^. njan 11 ipM .irea*Mi  ���..COMMON SENSE^  * rins win sari.,1 y i uu PP��i��a, ^"-' ^   Leads most i*n, ltigeut people to use only v  ���-i���r"j~-���'        ,'   i ' M    ��� mediMljies of ujown composition.  /There- '  '���  nr   i       ' i    i =, ���   ...-,,-���-.. +J ' r', r,-��., ,'fcre t*- is v-aS Pr- Pierce's oc-diclncs',the  ryWeJiave hadi-Jio.-repoits 'J'onj./'Eiak^  ? ^-ch rrfnt e.ory lngredJeot  entering fclofijcn upon"the bottle wm  2=   T- T- ^cVlttJe.C.2^. "    p x. S."ll. Y PaV-cer, fi  MuVIT-TIB & PARKER  ','Ptibvj'xciAt La.vd Survevisg '  the     Banana   Belt   this   -win ter. i ��-"�����"-���= ^v ._���... ���   ��� ..  , j pers 2nd att*3.-| us corrcctnessjinder oath,  ,    Corn r    thronch,      Co.   Simpson I are daily giving- in favor.    The  t- ��� ' , (     rpositioi   come through. ' ,   '    ,   to e  Harvey,-    McCarter  &  Macdonald,.,  Barristers, Solicilorp, Notaries, Etc.  '    o i> t , <  Cranbrook,   -   -    B��� C.  R. A. SMITK.  SII<>K.^JHC1.K,  moyi K,, ' n. Of  STOr AT Til if '  A CCNCRAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED AT ALL BltAXCHES  DRAFTS , AND -MOWEY ORDERS Uw, and ^onr v u,, -1  telegraph or letter. ��� '    I  COLLECTIONS  made in all parts of Canada axtCui f.TrA'-, <  FOREIGN   BUSINESS.     Cheques and -drafts on th& \\A< To  - ������������*^  ���"-.��=��������������-" -y.       f-   .       '' "'** uniLed States]  Great Britain and other foreign countries bouM-tn^d solJ        '  iiRANBROOX BRANCH.       ,,'   ";;      �� pTt. BQYMHER  V(* 41'^:^4Cr>*'^' >"������"*>*.y*'.>.>��i i ^��^^#,^ >pl ^   L   ' ~~  v/     :        '        Twelftli ..Annual  123  W. F, GURD,  KAII.WAY   &   MINING   EXOISEBKIJTC  V  . Es'timatcs'.Furnished.'    '  ���      '   ��� ' '     ���        , '    a -* ,  iQFFICES '     '  **W��� \4S/fc?#      ' * "   *   Sfc^^feiltt        ,     No.,gentlejetflei;, it  i-r not   P  ~ "r..*'J.'. *i li.** ��    .*. *    ',  daily grtji-ing- in favor.    The com-  J  tion of LitJJ^fcrceV^ncJiclnes is open   I  -.���erybodyypr. Pierce being desirous  j  of having 'the SPirchJigJia ofslnvesijgg' j t, ���        , ' r.      '  tipn turned fully upon his formulae, being    r*ort pfceela i-*. 0,r,i)ps 25."  conlid^;it,_that' iholieitcr tne composition ,  k'^UAYr:  ���Burns'anniversarj-thnt the pso-,  S&?'^i Pi��  of" ^I'JJ'ie  ^vill    celebiate on-  the 2Cth.,  i *  i-JPoNi  ei>'*l|  "t.  '.*���   -^  ;?svT' j  '*Viy*i  SS't-1'  |>?K?rs!SVl-5>A  Wl*i��,.S�� *���*"*' .  Sj !'-".fJi.>iSI  W'K-Zith  ^t>>..i".  ���*. * "�� ,1  f    The two  greatest   entertairicr-  J'   '      c? ^  before the Ameriqan people todtty  are>   Harry rTvmder a.-id   "lJiliy'"  Sunda}7. "  -i^lFf'jK'il&ftb*7 ���       "   When yo'u wort for the snfcec??  '\' ! ?!f ii1sS|^r-5 .    '   of'the Barns'   concert   you   are  P?<i^:';fe^*- "working for better,finj protection  Moyie.    Therefore, boost."   '   .  --.--_---.-        i,   y -C compos   oi   tlies?iTrta'*dtcin��s is"!.nown  the more -  will tl'iejr crpi't rurativo merits ho rpcog-  nized^.Jieinc wholly, made blTthe active,'  SieSTcinql principles extracted fi-oia. na-'  tive ' forest - roots^-tij" e.xaat * processes"  origi/nij.tv?Uh Dt*. Picrcerand1 without'tho  ' uso of a drop ot alcohol, triple-refined and  chemically pnre'-glyccrino being used instead in extracting and preserving the  curative virlttc-3  residing* in  tho  roots  employed, tlicso  medicines aro entirely  free from tho dejection��� of doing.' harm-  by 'crcaulngjan  appetite  for either alcoholic   bevcrar-es    or    habit - forming '  drugs.    Examine tho .formula on their  ' bottle wrappers���the same as sworn tp by '  Dr. Pierce,  and .you it ill tfind that", his  "Goldpn Medical Discovery," the great, ���  blood-purifior, stomach tonic and bowelx  regulator���tho medicino which,- while not  recomiflpndod to c-aro.ponS.iimption--Jn Its  advanced s,ta^es<no' nS^Pernd yiU'doMTiM)  .yet <Zocs ciire .all those' catarrhal, conditions of hea.d and throat, weak, stomach,  torpid.llvcr and broixihial troubles, weak  are   ot   v/inter    lungs and hang-on-coughs^whlch, if ncg-  ,_..'. ���     looted or��� badly treated te'adf'up'to end  avid inches' of )  lir.ally terminate in consumption. - *<-  BAKRISTJ5K, 901.ICITOK, ETC  I  .1  GRANBJIOOK.    il  ,   B. C  /v y-C.-H. D.UNSAR    ,, ,  8.irrislef, Sclicitor7'^otar> Public, 15ic  CxanbrooK B. C. '* ���  COSMOPOLITAN'. .  �� &  WHEN I.W  , '    ORANBiBCpK  K. Vi."SMALL, Slutimjcr. ' '  Good rooms, good  tables- and' bur  ,  and   *irot-.dii��s sample reo-xia.' ,  Cranbrook -J?; O. Box 11.  Wm. * Jewell ���  BUV  YOU'K  ^'l&c&sb^m,  DE.T.-B.' MILES,"      ���  ��     ���,'���>,      , ���  jCrajibrpok.y       "B,! C.     Express and Gerier-,:;  , a:  a     ' JJXimii THE  AUSi��fCKS"Of  n" The Citizens of bossland  f  01  DAKIKIS 'THOMAS  \i/  W ,  w  sb  ���^���  v  si?'-'.  SI?  -r* ���;--^')>tp-uicttt  I \J   ' J%$ a ' .    '  , _. .* ,-,    "    , .  Froio'TuWjav Ni^l)t Until' S?rittir<2��dv��"Xi-Til  ;,;   <   _ y; y _.i '__^ -yj ,y_  ..._    . ,z * * ru ^  *    '     , ^Jteiittu^l TtsintfjiihutUou Il'it'tK    ' l  f-c^-rc!!-.-/..  v..  r*  v.'  p  ��:  ^ y    '    $,v ,        * .    ,-.> V-Viw    -,v '   *���    '���'* ,   '        ��� if  ^5F(i2^i��s^Si2tL."!X.'>. "SI. ^ .*% ."��..-"5k."��a*, J ."��N ������^n'-'V. "��-���.">..-���� /*..�������*   ^ i  �� *  t.FKOM  George H' T-tLompson, ���  ;  "^ j BakhibtkHj 'riournoii  ' "    ", tary Public, .fee.  bliAJSTBROOK.       British' GoLtiMitiA  b-^W-fV-*/'- -j  i!k^"iv*:ls'\^  'I'^T*,��� ' i^If-f  .I-r^h^-'v -;XA i  -   ' EinB'itlmQr and'Lrn'Jc-rr:iler,'  .- '    v    '^.' - -.- * ���'     - **  ,'ITT J1- ''  .   ��� ,       i.   Tarfo tho ' Uolden Medical Discovery"  snow  in     \ tincoiiver.,   the    otho- j ta.tims unci it U i?qtcli!;cly to disappoint  ,' * ��   /  you if only ypi: tci\b Ji, a  Uj-nmna nnd  day. I /��(> crial.     Don't  expect  mir.icf��js.    It  <  -"  ,      j  won't ao.tupGvn.Uurn.1 Ihiiigs.   'Youjnusl  're''       j        v      i-  t*      -    -.������'', I  excrcisc-vbtir patience a::d persevere In its" I -       _,_   If you do acta hct.e  i-oo.i-ii  at     use for a rc.isonablo .Icm^h of firao to pel  n^n/'Piinrir^nr.,;,...   n.-.-M      n* n" l><y?efita-,.The ingredient.-, ol which DESAL'LNiRn  oaancene.NC \* dt,nc--l'iy_ u;-,!]! j Dr. Pierce's; medicine*, are composed have  f.  it will  be  all   rig-  rfl^rufi-/    lint x\  mu!vtt Mm.-,  tho  p^SS^4^j|06fe j;t;*J- *'.  r,.-'?1i  l*s?:>  ���lias a licence to  d  querade.  .There   is so much bad in   the  b��tj Are You Thinking  Of UB, .       - - i r^  And so much  giod  ia   tha   worst! ���*      �� j. i-    .     .  , i      of u��,, ��� I  That it hardly behoves a--y of  it-- i    '  To t&Ik about the rest of n^. ���  imos,  pop..  connection  r^e  .  li  3*|  &3  Graduate Eithbalirierj    $4  3Ioitici;t:i and ��� ����  IF   SO   IIUa-   A.N-  ���'���M\^  xir {-\ -''^*  Ms ---.;��� ^j 1-,  &Ni \  hV* \  -'- ���   ^  ^'b,-   \     r^^-^3^-   /pi  ten  in  Spokvne   c.tn   ba   gained i ^^^^j^ja^  om the press rrivn'ts which   t-'II     '-^��^ r^'r' ?' vW>^iiill^!  c=r-  ',-"-An idea of t'he-nutu'isr  cl" idle:   .  men  ��  its   that at  leist    1,000   or  Lhese  unfortunates are given   food  and  shelter at "Billy" S.ir.iU-y's  tabcr  nacle daily. 1  ",     I1unei:jil Director. -  J)AY OR NIGHT   C.M.LS   AT ...  ,   'OKFJCE     PHONE    NO      2.'G  |^   '   CRANBROOK,  B.   C.  Ascut fur ful)'* lino of   monuirciila  ^   /      and ai-Miiic   ri'imonnls.  very-  ness.l    Livery;and'  , FeedyStable/.'\ '\::; "  WOOD'JlM  'COAL  y ".-"'For-Sale'  ,-''  *T  "Lenvc- 0/der6"'rft  Gw>nne's Store.  Moyie/  '*'  Biitith 'Oolnmbia  Il ,. r . 4','   . .       -   *        . .  . , ,  >   '     i ' ',   "'     tJ     V- ;  '-,'*.   '  .. .^Re'alEstafe*Vafiacsdbififf Itd; -  ;   ���       ,    .  ^     i  ��� .-1 .    -    y , ;" 'A---1.'   y ,        ��i'     r-  -  J*V .'        J"    *W  JE/fl-W'S^a 5.  ",    - *( -y y , y _:,, ;"- y ; *, v" .; ^ ��� A ,,., ,f    ,<,���,' y ;  y ''TnsuT,^c8,s-RealfBkat'3^ .G^JlWtior.si *",:',  ���=���!���  Headquarters  fer   Commercial andriliaiiigMen.  QfJCESS ivfesrc,  moyie, a. o  SE.Vi  '.(���Ll^VtVOKK'.    t.O-THE  ���" ,l S i-EmM' '' "  ��� 'LAUNDRY. ���  / '-   '2N"ELSON<  Ail-White Labor, -���  '������am  ��� .mi  Laavewoik with the  -locnl ngent  ���IA, B.-'STE7?AKT. ^J  '  ..* ���(  ., Jack London, the   noveK-t,   ^ilj j  abandon hi-? ro-uid the-world tiipl  in his bDit H-iark.    Lmd m i*;    re-!  ported to be   a   v. ry    tick   roan.  He recently nrtdsrwnnt   a  serious |  operation    in   Sytlnej-,   Anstrali.i. I  and not lonp aijo   eotnpletdly   col  'A^o...  i -, irt3Sli  lapsed.   lie   will   n >nm   t-   C.-Ji-  i'crnia.  "OLIVER"  it  912.1.   t.asy PAy;-,ii:xTs.  i". J. oinycn,  l.OTICF  t'RVNBOOOK  L\^DaDlB;TItlCT, DIoTRTCT I  OP KOOI- NAV. " j  ^T.vICi; nntlco flint Cli.irl..*, C. Parroll, of  '"'���J..IL-, J3. 0. ocelli ii-loi!-Uliii'i niteuU.v, io up-  Tl> lor ivormj^.sioii  io   p.ircl.t ws Ihe  follof.inc  deSrli<jL"l liuiliE.���  Cun!iii..nciii>; nt p. j.o^'t )>1 '.-:teil on the   cor'h-  ei^t.coiii.-*- of  Lot  No.   JIOiTi,   Gionn   Oiib (1),  ��� ���voouna%    Di-trlc:  tbeiico   c-.st    40   "cl.mrf  iliiHro -o.uli lOi-ii,i!.is,-tlicime \.c,i -iO 'chai'us':'  t"��u'u nonh-iuetiBiiistoiioii.t  of coium.iice-  ireiu miduoiitaniiiis 160 iicros more or lev..  'ciIARI.r.*?C. FAJ'UELL.  i^utcci Scptcmbi-r 1.1th, 190s,'  IDJirr,  i-,"i yyy*.  GENTLE SIEBJ3"��� -"  . If you vv-pnt a   stylish,   up  ,     PR0JI1���T  DELIVERY. '  Queens'A-^e.    ��� MOYTE  Largo asRortmcnl---of GO-CASTS and BABY  , CARRIAGES.    Prices from $5'up  ufanaroplc "Co-Operaiiye'  .   LI KITED.  y  oZ^m^^^^^rr^o date tailor ^de. suit, call  i^,:,mri;^ MoMe)vV'?VrSiiand in*P*cl our'^i-ing good.  torck.ei'- nitcii.i*.-t6.tp1.ly for i <-i.i)���.iou ,���  p.ir. lui-i' iho fol.ouuv ijth.riu il lii.rj'_  < imifii.ii.ini*;   nt   il   j>,i*..   i.laut.-l jo clifius  ;,'T'.'.'';r'!���'���'N;n:,,"''"L',,ri,<"' f^'��vnW  -tw.f.    .L-riMli'n AUim.1,'. j;   , . I..,,,,,*,.,.   ������.,.   ,  I'.'.i. ���.,, I',,.,-,. . ,      ,j ���  1U1      .lj(,|UV  ^ I  .11 :m .'I..11 ��������� m . t  :-'  in. i". i.. nt, ir 'I .   n;  u'.i!i  "   ''     t'l   I'OllIt   of  before ordering el saw here.  Wo' guaratse  all  -    Our WorJi.  Clcaniiii:,       repairincr arid  P.,1.^.,;.    ���    '"'���'������>'���".�����'"���    lit ill.,..!;  o..t  lim���.   ., '  .���.(Oyic^     ll"i"'Mj i-ir^*., i*uVu;,r av.. , ]X1-C'^.C*11 !g   i|OI)Q.  j l.OL'.'* \ I., '-rrr ir A A.    .  i-rj.v..mr���.     j rnces Right.  /������I'he people of r. >,-,] .,,]���?-,. ,3  A I ii'- -*- -- --i* ' - ~ ^7*.' I"i AL  S. Goodeve a ions*;.  *-"''..,.11 pi-jo- i :rp*Ti  "��� r  I'A ri: Si h'Miii,. r 2.1 '.'.D'-..  ".oi    i:  nt.\-t!|"-)ni.:   T-AVD  I'I',"    ' ij��  { V  *       f  I     >  ', \'-;  -v    y  "i ~r  Jl    * ��1  IviliiLi, !''pK',i,,'BI)1t:slv:ilJ,;'[,-1:^^  . Vi:i:ii���neei��<ntl i'c-v.l  f ooj ur ,.f Moi Ic  tu-*-..- ii. ���..w ������u,-,- -.-;;:,,:���:Y::';Ys;syy^y��  - --     ��� ��� -  ���     ���*��� - cri'ii i| Ititi.'-. , "  Com,n(,,.,nc,ltrport.,ln,_tcrl  ?H,  il   V1   '      '    "   ^  rM'0r'   ^'-"'^  "<-'   ' Wtha,���V,  luun-tger.-iil. and i-- Srat t-!a**f. ��� c'r'.'"1' I'1"*''"'  in every iospecc.  jjjj^to his leaving i >r   (/-tiuvi   ti   .*!.���-  2nd the   se--*inn    of   p*nli unent. I  i'O of the =i)'>aker^   nt   the   bin   i  I  "quot even _\veiir, qo fir-   a--*   to   p-(  diet    tli ib      soine     dty    fr m lev  would    he     i.n'iniiM-   of   CXiX.vu '     S.   E.    TAYLOR J   Itl^T.  S'-ho Leader "-.������fonrl- i hi*   n. ,'Jun.  .��- '"'i to: !,i Cts 8(.'t ' J'OVll'  ..'vviien tlj" J'i ..vif ci.if leyi-htii-.    -.���tv.----"   --.^-t^^, ..._. ,  convenes next ��'<-. ;v   i:   uil!   Ji.-,vi"    ,      --.  ihe same-represent:! tion a-bcf..e j   ���*'   v-?',- >J t'SctM '-LS-LMl C1T-V,  ilawtho'rnth wai'.p,    who   r^-J^ni-d j -. ���' ���  iis seat'in-the provincial honne t'.}-. CR-ii.NTu'lOOl*:.  contest the N mi-i'mo'.Heat   in   thoi  Federals  'hnij��e.- atra>n;;t     A \]v)i\ ��� ;ive '"V W:V ^ ���'-   f-'i-'-   and' lea v.  S.nith,   but ���wap.'defe.i.rij-d,   ng..*.,! WP'.k   wiUl  n-nci' No   ,. 1*0 elm,. ,. thuirc En-t  60 cliu,,,;  if n\v  of co it  ore or ](�����.;   *-"^   E^ilH(,    fill ("Hi  i��ie  moreor 1,- ,o JMvio r���,r, thl.Ill0 so,,h io !  iiwrb.u.ktopon.loxcomra.- LCinc-.t, co-i-im  "iK loo ucm* more or ]<���...- '  Mercimnt Tailor.  MOYIE,  '   �� t <WW     M�� ^-^ . .  V  T-l?  -   P. X JOfiWSTOJif  "  I'  'iNKUAL  Eastern   Carada  v Thl��-fiotelis New and -well Furnished, TUej  g        lables aie Supplied with the Best the J  Ezcursi'cPS ��        Jjarsel.affords. The Bar is Pilled with!  ���LAi^ibj.!.., iR        the i:est Brands of Liouors and Cigars.  Low Hoiuid Trip Eciics to  li  E. C  nr.sy.Yj. coOiHR.  Whon you ttiink of  Building, Uiink   of  LftHuEJch   briUd,  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COKKKRCIAL  A.ND MIMING MEK , j7  MARITIME PROVINCES     r^��S^::>ZQZ.2c,.sZ^  ONTARIO,     QUEBEC.   AKD.S  ��..v,E  -��� i  .. "��� .NorrriE. . ./The Moyie .CGDtraotors  1^Mt;"0ij\!"Jr,;by BiV��n U"ut  '^S^i'irntloi. '  ���A "')-!l��y.s J lutuiiil l.).-ii.pj>; io ih,- Mbvle' Wiifer  shares,  Dftt.-a.Nov! lSih, IMS;  * I  if'jwxjd  ���\  *    '     -.1  Koiight.-thn votfl   nf   ��h��'   Ntmiunr*;   , _  *   ���      - * > ��� v   *^>   ���--'  e e-.toratc 011..T  t-d iy !.>m,.    Tn��,'   " ' "  "��� "*  result      wns,     II t-vhori.tf.h-.'.'.'ii.'e. ���  s .'������:?��lint-  <An  A ..-!-������.���   ii>���.r.,'. ,'.t.-. - -;  A->'  --���o  ���o. J.t.t., loi-AiJuplicnte't-irlirmutc of"N-0-fl   (or  0 shiiri/n; No. 13 for 201 siZarus;. .\0!  lgrj. .['oi l>i*  V.M,. RE-ID,"  :/"��� and builders,    y  CALL   AND   GET'^ESTIMATiCa  ThOaf. Summers  C-xar--, ��� Toha'-cr.,. .Fruit   arid  Confeeiiunery.  NO TIC 15.  Or>f        ������':'>ll36iHli'-rcbyKiy��ii trial at  Iho i-xnijiifion  ���-A^-lz.     -.f.0.l��ys I l-,u.,...! Ion,,,,ly.'Ui |.|,.. Moyi.. \\'���|t.f       __  ���*i  I.l'l., f<ir -. ,lu;,li"fi.(,  eert'inente  .>'   v-      ,    ! ^  ���or 10*,|..tr.-v.y .,-.,.<,: xi^>'pj..g'f:aht. ' 'y'ot Hi   ������lO\>.\     NOTIONS,     KTC.  tk   nimseir ''"H   ^stance   the    aian's    complaint .   '<t  was true. Nobody on earth could un  tlerstnnd him.  nth  stevedores  lis   was   soine-  ,/���>>, crct.     I To  hnd  'J'ieket.s on nalo Dee. I   to  Dec.  31.  inclusive, good to  ret'tirn   within  three month?.  Tickets issued  in  connection   Atlantic Steamship Dtisines.? will   be  on salo from.Uoy. 21, aud Jirnited  to fivo moiitho -from dale at issue '  Finest Equipment.'    Sfanrfard Firstclass !  ��  Sleeping and Tourist Cars on all  Tiirouqh Trains  2 Through Express Trains Daily  THE "TORONTO ���EXPRESS"  Leaves Winnipeg  daily at  22.10,  making   cdiiiieevioiiH    at   ToronfJ  for all points e-iHt and wist  ,   thereof.  @@��@&&8@@@@e��@��*$��&<$��$��.@$.9j  t9  Ap- !v t" neiii-esr  O.   [>.   J{"   ,Vt-r...  iwi.i.  -s   t.i -In r\  li,.-   ;ir. :.-.-,(  i,rr-.ver   is   iit'tniitidl>*   ���'",,  -^s^^^'i  !><*l   n-er ii, i:  .-i i:,���,-.rl..v.  With ll.e Uet.1 Knit a'"1 ,  :j,j   o -Ptuc-ityptiuf:��� Wirtei: it- i < tuiexcpjlt-cf for qnnlily-     ,  ;|- Insist, on -Imvii.y .\l,.iyii: 'l.!i i .-,'       '    -   -.' '.-.'.  Bx)tiled;*andMmi Beer. ; ���. ^j  -I  u 'MtW-  ��  CHAS. II-TDEEV/IL3, Mg-r,  ���%i  '-s.  'WOVIK. H  ' ^   - ^���'./r./f-  /'ffiati ou his rli'lit   leader.  For he was an nnnotincor of trairiis   -  .'it    the    Union    Depot.  ��� Clevelan'd I '  r^v*.  w.  n.  u.   No.  r2l


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