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The Moyie Leader Jan 3, 1903

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Full Text

 . .,-,-<■""
■Ur     "
fW" II
I. r\A "■
,1       " '-■
? f(
-;    -
-4@'.' ■ ' ^yVltMLWtogg:^ 1of it Wb« he fouled Coitor-ia the. 23|t ^
MOYIE. B. 0.. JAKXJ * RY 3". I903J-
Tj^eCrhe'battle  r,aa  a  ::erco o.^gp^^^J^^^^^^^^
J'jandC'-ifi&saiaiohi.o  Lad   the best £vj
"  /7,M\    '
-vAv {
^   !
*v«/    ;
trflfllO  ?!ftYC# ,roand and-the contest ^ a^ardedlo.jrj—Wf . | fj^f,
".. C «y  B V   Ci»    t J <&P   x,   r~> Or      , , - —      . -;- s*- v
':*Ire.-W-. ~A,_01ark,   jr.A_of- r^tfe} is _*•;,
dead. t, 7»I r?.
Crii.-rk^-wa-r the"
Hi    O
. _ .\
■..,t ^
-, .-     , '    ",    pt       Luiilli^ialrc Clark's 3 oungect tori,  rout ( fej
^eDlS   Gl.iniePeSC  £e4^ccntlyiEa;obirthto3  :<on,  Eecurlag!^
i (lie -„ri-.-e of $1,000,000  -j'lerea  by ilu- ^
^r-^-J^gmiLorUQ   tho   fir3l"   o:   hi-s  u-arried   \\.
rf-^q' n
pi    t -j
r3   'fi'  '2
%J\1     ¥     ^0
■ cbilc^eirto~-nros£:iit hinr with a^jr-'iiid-
svome of the beat holiday goods are everyday goods;  goods  that
V.nr.bio you io show both good v,-Ill and  e?.cellent judgment.    Come     j\
y  i*
,^y and Prosperous tfc^
Vear,wo1akfc this moans oj
^o^i^nij'r many pniroiiK
| i,*^      ■-•   .w   '      - *- §
I.V.tJl"'   ' ■ "''-       -- "
the pasfc vcar? and trust m
^ho future ta merit ana re-
tain the »arao good will "ami
iv.tTonas'e,    4
-' 10D3 finds ns iu position
to'supply your needs ator a
price that will1 pay you to
buy at
4^- ia'siad luJ.tUd^i.ggyst something to give, or maka a  Belection' your-
eon. "   " u AaJj~-&Ax\, from tlie hundreds of useful gifta displaj'ed in our store.   Come
Br^I-trec-l-'** ;<5-.io>v--ofe---'fhe  JjusTiiwf--^To™ &p> ev-r]y aa y°u c«u—tlie earlier you come the   better selection  you
tijjj/l'*0      i^^y"   '  'eon. l>   »h"~"   ~    °__  4^^-5tiit, froi-ri tlie Iiundi
^ \rr\i\i<t n«vr«r]  rvjrr^ wr,f.rr.'    ■Br^'.trebt'-ii^iss-ob^he   SJusinyf^To    an early aa you cau-
4;^j!rr-KI|S| «      'I'M  WJM^C^^I^   To  .ay .:!,at  Vm\^    will Iiavc.
yP/|r    "' --  °    "'       !:,vlt   c-.pcr^anotVd^. not   nn^sl j tt   Pocket Books       6
N^'.r'   """^        ■"■", o:;,~ --..    ■ 'UH^^8^jrJ±iu^-^icn^I.triirtho;ST.    Leather Novelties
^ -   - t ^        ---'       I
C-ii •
* >*V.i i ri'Ki
;;   i'i-?   year  j<.:-t v^i
^.'..; v   t*i:i;r. -i   :,i    <Vj
! -^
!...'1)H„'. '.I'
><_..w     i:
All of tlioso ri.ro ej.ceedingiy
ropularftud riUvays :u:r;ojr'.able.
Vou (MJiiiot'iii.''ka a inibtai:'* in
feii.-eting iio:.i arr.ung triese
luati-or gift, tlriiifs.
Parker's Vent.,
'A.\e Ar\".\.\ .<:: -vn ;*ri,) ;*i.ii!'.' u, cuu
■-,ov - f t,-:e (j'.)«-i:r c'.'.iL'!;*:.?  h,A com- '■ i>)j (jentleraciiE and Ladies'
1 i .r 7 c
>'~SLr..-4.-yli;j-U*(l: '- '-'''' ''"-'••'- tuiiiicT   dri-eu   i"1':^,        A beautiful, constantly useful,
i^Vo ; '--at,<* ,'or!: cVwa!'!.,' ' ■    wobti!   T-'i7'^r)--r--.   In Lhft luunol tl-eie i jej'   rdw.ryu accoptnbb  prctent.    Do
•i'v I "' ', ->,,.'.    7   ,- ■    , ....   .- .,„„,..,;„„ I Xi    von L'Tiow what arlc-liqhtful com*
^'; |. pk-ini'J IS1,ij:l'^Vw:,«iiD-.ii.  ,   Tiwiu.^.sof.'wi:.   l!>o:own-   luuuol  toj^j     froo, $1.75 to 86.00 oach.
c,    , *-.,/!   , I Lh<> ;>.-.;,-!.'v;<r*kir,gF iia'i; Lcera   couiple- 1 <7\
V"   "-,-'.   '' . - -i    ,    i ted,';i.u-i Lius ueriiil tram u«ed for  eight   pi
iou.''i! .or  .{■;'., jO-', v/1'i..i  nv , .. >>
3Eilitary Hair Brushes,
Elegant Handle Brushes
i\,Loriy goods; great variety of     ^
shapea and sizes;  prices 'as  low
and ng high a3 one  would   wish.
These are the  ideal  gifts, being     £
both"ornamental aud useful.
Perfumes, Colognes,
ToS.-pi Waters '
Perfumes are always appropriate '{t>x Chiistmas  gifts.    Everybody likes  them.    We  have all     0
kinds.    Prices otart at 2p  cents,     ^
and Homo are as high aV.frlO.00.
$h ' l>v.
A uwii 1:
?aniblinr' h
-*o *'
lec'^ros he \czi iu u j'.rirze Uicrp,
The named of   A. L. ."-icL'-iilop
ami i
or T.;,u ye.ir 1 will he put  out  oi  oon:-
rtiipt'.i'-   v;',,"')) v,:U h.ivj tho  fiTect of
Ter1!:' el ::r.j
I (,£';,
•n.'-di. of   the  pcnulation   lrom
•iifciuncu   111 ;
,-;4 *,   I Oo'li.i
-.v.     I
s-1 lit
f-«•wr3^J'*,=»cx:1,^, Z.22T~ —    — " — ""*—'"
■Paid Up Caoital   $3,000,000.
atserve!;,   - '   3,500(OOO,'
ived.    Present, Kate of Interest 3 per cent
m    '-.villi     \he    i.^^ihcumlng
dl.\ '1 mayoralty content in irelsoi:.
The euga£ement of M, A. Bealo to
.Miss flanniugtoa in announced. The
wedding will i.ake place in the near
future.—Fort Steele Prospector.0
Kelson'a lire chief ic paid $100 a
month; the assistant chief $80; the,
driver $75, and the 12 voluiite3rs_.r2.50
for 'each call, but' not to exceed SiO a
mouth each.
Sir "Wilfrid Laurier is expected in
Ottawa on January ..Oth. His health
il S'.:d ts l*.' rjompli tc!y restored 'Until lie ;'.rriv(jd noihinr will ' be ilone
about '-jtUir-stlie date lor the. mealing
of p.cli.im-in't.   ,
A -,r.ovbiido at. tlio   Moi ley   Gib-sou
mine jn West ICooionay'la*;!, 'veek  rc-
' suited iu the tnu1. di-mchtion   of   (he  |
ith'etovu.cf  V/auincr,   ov/kig   to .the   fe*j
c-haugf-d destination of the ore. The
output of tho mine 'is i,000 ton's a
The Jefiries-Fitzsinimons combination', v^hich 13 starring Montana under
ibe n:a'na&'ement. of Clark Ball, is
meeting with achersity on every hand.
First came Monroe's famous stunt
with the champion, -inee which time
Ball has been endeavoring to arrive al
terms with the young miner to meet
Jeffries again.' In the uicanline Jeffries ban fallen in love with an actress
at a vaudeville show in Helena, and
wlrilo tho rest of the combination
- went to 'Jio^eiaau, Cti'o/.-: Ful-la and
Missoula the champion lingered in
Helena, andcaj far a? can bo learned
ha,s no intention of leaving.
o '
We have in our store have been enumerated, or even alluded to
in this advertisement. There wasn't room. But we do want you to
-see our splendid holiday goods, and therefore we most  cordially  in-     ft
fcrt    vite you to come to our store.
"i Post Office Drug Store, - Moyie, B 0.
Deposits Iteceiv
• v i:;: i%s z*yr~~y -n^
+^r\     iyV     „V
St'.lo .".i.-dtio X"-.!!*-' Siwolic,-.
| comperi?'.: biiiiclng, r.nd the donU: of I     Tb, ,,r,elter ut ^orthport has "beer.
jeK'.U, niiuuswho ,ver.« .arflcop  iu   tb-. i j,„... ,    -    „,r    . ,    ,   f „,.}.tn     .bich .Tum'sday evening
S'. G. Sifting,   lYltf?'- Jb-.Mk hou^. . j ,_ ])mi ,llH!,yx& oi t0 p.,»e: fir-an'ron
-  !     v,, r'. .- v ,.u i .i.-.K-.i. in j;f,_t KoGt.2-- | a S;.i00n keeper.    On Saturday the lut-
'   P. Lutner has returned to Wardner.
The Moyie school opens again next
Mrs. P. D, Hope and" Mrs. 'Bennett
left for MarysyiHe yesterday,
Miss Dora Itudd and sister cr5  viait-
I ins iu Cranbrook.
lire* brigade  vail   luoet   uoxt
* t-^ ra c &' ?; * ■■.    }% 9. f' fe?    us -s     a s P Pi H ? 3 B
J C .  Si j-*.' -'" *   i* ^ "■ *•
Alpine   Cameron  left last   Sunday
for h^s home in Fairbault, Minnesota.
jj ,nny, aiuiJoe   :;otier   ' wiore.i <   :oc^ni ■ zov iVa.. arr^lod'at Eosslau.! with   the       D. W.   Moore,   c:o   buyer   for   the
::i r -11111**  iu   Suinptcr,   Oregon,  i..&i J i;00l].. 0,, i:j3 rcroou.    He waa charged    Trail smelter, waa in town   yesterday.
v.tii 'i-.iC
rhl '
New York—Bar silver, £8 cents i
Lead, !?4.12£. Oojppor, $11.30. Zinc"
(speltor-) $4:90.     '      *
London—Lead',' j€10,' ^Gs. 3d.
Asked.  ' ' r J3id
Crow's Neat Coal $125.00 $110.09
St. Eugene  '     22      '     ji.5
North Star       "   84 %
Sullivan        ■  4|
Can. Gold Fields.... 3 J- 2^
***e*..**»**'^-~i—•^Cg*y,^*.*a^'J'M?w*i^:j-'wt»^-»*>i *-
. r^cx*/--*-*?-* *" -"^.-^sjaus *-rj
C,v* PITAL, (Authoi iat'Ci j	
CAl'lTJiL, (.lMid   Up)	
'" i;E.-i'L'	
-*T'  Mi'MMUTTT'rM.    p. II. WILKiK, Vicr-.*rcp :'nd   Oon.   .-i-ji1.
K.S HA 7, a'- :l cl '\u. ILiu^o.-.    W. MOL KAT. Ohio! im«l' '-
op & Tvi'P*^nnK B« A NCH -*■tpneral bT'-iu& lasi"
^ Amvo.s ]M-,AKI>1.";N r__inU;rusS.:l'ii'nvcd on depoVits.
>v..il..,-..ld, available in all   p.u.t3   of   Canada,   United   Stales  um
Eurcpa.    Cpoci-l :.tic^tiou given to coIIccuoiip.
T-\ H. MARSH, Manager.
^- } v. hh ;:avinn ;;iolen goods on his por-
ou and pk-aded i;r.ilty. Ht- imdo a
jjnfcisioo, which impliofi,tcd many of
I ,   .       .. .   v ,   ,.       ,,., n   i the emplorecs of th.e smolter, aud as a
A rlre   .:rx   ur   Sterljiuj:   Si.vp*- , *    - .
,,..,,-,■       \-- ' i        ' result there is considerabre  exciement.
and   Vi:'.:':.c  Plato,    V.c  Jiivl        . .      ■
ma.-y   :n.r'.pcnrIvo   thinc;a
"*"r:isi.    i-ii.*-e»il.-*,      'uPp 'Ct
i":n ■   p'.-haps   our   jrocdr,
pricv- ''•-'.' ruiL you.
v . j l'v ia an ea:;y matter for the men   ieav
i in:: tho v.'O'k** io cxny a pound or   two
■ur; .
, i of mat,:.: 'cor.eoaita m   their   pock( iz.
' '■ ,rud :t ic sUtod thefts have been going
1 Tv, <■
.,. .,     ...       " vi t*     »*' vy *,-• 3 ^* M
n.suv l".-ijiu V<i iloCloo.
Inn ior -jone time.   '*7hcn Ss.'ui^on \*':'.s
Mrs. J. P. Harper of Sloo*m City is
hero visiting with jlrs,   M. J. Harper.
Mrs. K" A_.^MacKen>:io was visiting
with Mrs. Chas. Klingeuc.mith in
The upper Moyie lake is still open.
Tiro ice* on the lower lake js about
thiee L i1;:...- t!:ick.
Frank Cydcvmirj left Thursday for
ITmIiue,    r<tovo...   Co«,kinp; _ H'.ove:*,   ^r^_.
,mgv-,-, Kitchen m.Tiacls, ^-jj c/v,
r'i-y:n;U  and   Mii.ing    Supi'lici   «rf    .i1**--^^-
Iu:' r'l.'/i.'i..    r'rio-" l''.;n'..
Mail   0:.!<',--.   <:ivcn j'r.ii''."*  -\!!*'.ili'-n
.-^., -,-,«r- ,     ■■>«>'■.   tfift
■j   v    If'- *.«    *i»'
.i i
■  — -»,*•*#«.*•<. ♦■*«*» w '
mm1^' n ■iri*—vi'
.*::tv;;.sT' ts,uci
<. t-
«r *v^^ N.-I- %.»"
r? -"* *r * „'".
■ J ^K.y^rjwJWi'T » "a-jT-yaKwc^axaas^-arc^
j arrested he Lad about 200  pounds   of
j matte, valued at $1,000.
The luiciiiiuin penalty for tins offense is J-J yenrs' imprisonment. On
account of his previous good reputation, however, tlie court' only  senten-
.* | Feruio, where lie  has  accepted   a  ;ic-
;:ua.-i 'rado ; ■
,\-o:; .-.?-o::od, \\\.h ■.M.^y'hln^
ih.it ia lU'v.", cli.'i'.'O,■'.»*> r.^.LCtj
A: th-'1 iinr*; .'-uu ih!e ;•■.r 7. .. a;
.7.5- instance:"
sition iu the Victoria hotel. '
Rev. Pardon ol tho St. Eugene mission held sprvices iu the Cfitholie
church here on New Years Day.
Harry J.   Matlioson,   editor  of   ihe,
cod liim to one
'I.n     'Mai-
,-ear   m    tho   ii
Good TH;ic>; at Creston <M-d Toohty.
Eo;-. T. A. B.-oadh ot  i-ituir.'.d  yo.3= : ye.
terciay   from   Crcmon    asul    Tochty, \ we
ebon j FrMik Sentinel, p.i.-sed through Sloyie
tlii-1 t'lorukig ou his way to Spokane,
'j'li-jiv? Is ir.oro suosr  in   .Mo1, ie   this!
Cranbrook Herald:
The heavy Fall of snow this fall has
set those owuine. stock in this district
wondering wha.t ^.-he outcojjje ^U ^$.'
Heretofore it was possible to ^rintef
stock with a littio feed on tjie side, bui
this year there is no chance for their^.
to get a't the grass, and loose cattle or
horses would starve iu a short time,
Mrs. Joe- Lindsay of MarysyiHe has
been sick iu the hospital for the past-
week, but is slowly recovering. ^
Word has been received from Jarnec
Ryan to the effect that he is enjoying,
himself; and will probably remain in
California until February.
Mrs. Prest left last Saturday fer Hf-
tingham, [llinois, where she will ta^x
:i course   iu   photography  to  por'gei
'.h.L-i wi'3 uver trrov/u before. The  iIC!:80if on s01Ke 0f the finer details! d
ho.- eo far haa t'rCil   r'::cL-pt;or.ally ; Qie Y70rj-t
wh>'"-c lie v.-Es holding Prerbyteriiui rjer- j m.ld. _     I
vice*.    Timc-3 in Creston, he s.iyj. are J    TLorn h {ilk of martins*,  a gating i
improving    v/cndei fully    fact.
Cahlll'd Lettei* from Home,
sawmill is   \;oi'kiut;   a -j;ooil   .Vu'co
ti *. ' «o.'i' ''•" '^i M^vie, A nH'f'Jr.sr ^"ill "like-1    A letter from home on  I*Tew  \ ear's
' Iv he (-ilUd to perh-'t tlioior',ani-aiion ; j)!vy v/ot:ld mako anyone  feel   happy.
;  t     - -%/ ^ \    J **
! men. fro new   t,.;!-,(,ol   r.ou-.e u,  com- '
pi.•{'■.», -uid the new   fatal ion   will  ,>,."j'i
. L 'I'l,
| It* u..<
1      M. i
I'i . !•'.
,.,.., ,,V|
A r-pCOiiU 1.1c'.
.ii'   i
■ No wonder then that our timber magnate, Air, P. J. Cahjll, emerged from,
tho poutoflico ou that day with his
i-ounte.iancc lit   up like   a  sunbeam.
"r yi i
••.<' ■
..l.,_    ".
/    Mf       f •
,,  oi   '.'Ui   ri*1:!
i;iU l-i*   .>rd'. ,-'l  wi'hhi   the   next
,' .•-,-*. f. -. (lii-c'is-i t'".e lu.id cuestion
at' ..' \l v'.ra.t :v   "et   of ret.i;luii')ii*3   to   be
.'/. t.u. ,.iii.'d    to   the   '■ouiiiiioii  ^oven- j tu his hand hc carrier! a package,  and
'     ilu":i *. j from ono end   of   tbo   packago   thero
"l     /. :"Lt"'   -.Ah: :o.d -o '..n   i.'.iiM'-'   f'*'j piutruded the tails of two uice heri'iuc.
ha.1   Ven   ■viti-.&il   u-om   Urt. j   ,       ^ R   k,olcH with        Httlu sur-jpi-
" "L.i'O-id ;n   Lan.'.il'i im-! *-
*o   whsrciilrouis   »'f  uu;. ; *-'i^u on J. W. ^lacMachtiru   and  some
,;,..      \.i,,-     ,..f,u ui .'ion '.. i   !*..o   otuor   L'rince  JCdward  Island
! --'.I
■)   .'""Ir
■ *'   >A
,  t,*)l •)
-,-s    *'i ■.»-*l','•.-, .S   -'./"_'/.   -
t^ r*,W -*.'
'. lit
! I'*
i '.' i
i   )
;irjr"i''-*rr';"7-1 .*■!'■
,    s   ,
■' "•)
-* ^.
■.,' !.''
c' ::
-V. /
<;-_-.    '->^'       V--'
' :>T.yK8Ays^VJ"-^"'- .UU.051,   Pr-;:>9.   ,
Large 'wimpie royin_ iu fcOtsr.ootirJU
with house for conftnercial v.w.xT^ A>A\
of acconnnodalions.
Hendquartors for Cqw-AI-'AZ.
Wi <•* !
'*. *,
Our :. i('.-.:<i.!-:dVci}'.-:.J;':
everyone's 'inspection.
Irish lluon and   the Twill :-.'i.;'
a'r'o the pui'O «tu!V. . ,
Necicwc'.'o', tlie very i.ri.esl.
i z^t**'. Ji -j |;-',»'-J)''/""; dva f} ''
',..>) ii.y oue grade—TinO ^>A,.
s:s,:::<•'. t'ou v..*-.'.-i!':cui;._j"i'"-.
v ■,   c b.i
. *    '.'!.'   I '
... , i: .'•
;ro men i-s
until ihey enact,  tlio   star   r;.»ii .at   a
i unci a..
, Church burvlci.*.*!.
:     L'.-.i>ns'ri':.'U\.N'—Sunday scliool   aL 4
nMan • p. ui-    Afternoon   orrvioo  in   tlie hall
at •• o'clock.    Subject: "lie utroug and
' ni .. :; <od courage; bo not afraid, neither
i-i' Hum discouraged, for tho Lord   thy
God is with thee wherever thou gocst,"
All arc cordially  invitod   to   attend
these services. ,V
. - | T, A. BROADFOOT, Pastor.
iirfosold   tl-eir aa',Y; .__._ ,   .    •
, IP"
• u.i
v lie!'.'I a. ]!;ocC3S]OU
and mn.-Aj n/icn
TSff TT-*        •   •>      ....       .'A
iii/B <ri!.N J.'.*t ,,*,■■*•.■.'. ■' ,-••:    ,■>.-'
'. IHb^ ,.. .\*. -. 1.^7 ■. ^ •*'-. --«        •*"■
| (.,eor:,'o
— * 11 —
y,  a v ;■. :m'K:
;iiJ<5KS"'i^U'>»« w.'*^**'^'"'^-'11
■rirtiv? ^S'''.'.<lf i."«'?>'««* l.'^^^^-*:'-V*is'^-i.
Vi,? if
7 ^
Hcii'l  Oil-.n.. ^PANV-"'^
c;u v:-; :-*;it'>K.     <Vi  J v   1 >'i.
hSA v*
'inch   A: Jones
S  ;;.. ''Mary.AiHe  10   L'aul   ILaudley,
and others,  who   will
..loci:    company   to be
il..    Lumber
.-.-.nn    :>■ ''-/.iur.
!-;ssvn   :i:-   t!ie     M.aryt*.vs!!u
comply*    'Vhc company ia   a   t'trtM^
Di'i'c, au-' >vi.i   'tuei-iAi'i;   r-^'   a
next fjcaaon •,■■■••
big   cut
•   Me'I'iiouist—Sunday   school    at   3
p.  ni.    Preaching   at    7:30    o'clock,
Subject:    "Tlio Plan of Salvation."
'All are welcome.
A. E. MARSHALL, Pastor.
0 v.r-  ^���y i"*  "Iffilru,  IIT��  o  a;  .J'  u^m  v  v  ���.     ii  i Noyel hj Annie Thompson.  "He did not say much, at first? He  ___   was'suipij_is��d,--=������-= of     course:   then  he  ^sa-HMi^vwj^Jaci Jie -was.-that I  am so  1   Jmppy.  He spTnieivcr^^-very.J'.indly; ���  oli  very  kj.ud.Iv''indeed; as the -always  doesJ,.jioTrknow."  ,.-,������-  ������������"-T*;ate   realised -then,   with     painful  vivjdness.-^vi'liat that interview on the  ��� ^_i;'i iicir.s  rnnst   have  meant "to   the' man  concerned. A great flood of'pity rose  ujr in her heart, sweeping away before  it the passionate jealousy, envy,  and,  .l_._Jyi.tred "a-hen'shed there. TJie . selfishness that had bound her affection  until now, fell from her: at last  (hat greatest ' Jove 'was revealed  which can lay down its life unhesi-  t._ttii3g!y-. ���; .She could have knelt there  "'-"before Mary, and implored her to go  and till the place in this man's heart  that  she   coveted   for   herself. Yet  she' must'' say nothing, her lips Were  ^scaled: the heart ,to will' was present  with' her, but not the power ,to do.  Measuring' his su lie ring' by her own  misery, 'she put up her hands to her  hoarl ��� arid burst into tears. Mary  was terrified. With her, tears were  a  daily"'bc<-urrence:   but  to  see    Kate  ��� try...-suggested      something dreadful,  '���"such as a  death.-      0  Kale recovered herself' instantly.  "I   beg   your   pardon,   Mary,   dear;  '  something     m'dst  have  unnerved  me.  Please don't look so unhappy.'"  "'Oh, Kate, 1 havo been hatefully  selfish: I oug-ht not to have disturbed you when I knew that your  head ached.    I had better go." ' ,  "Stay, Mars', I want to hear more.  Who is^thls Mr." Wishart? I don't  knov^'that? I remember him." ��  ^-^'it    ��� was' a subject  on which Mary  -^    could have spoken for hours.  "You1 must remember him, Kate.  You saw | him three months ago,  when, we lunched at Uncle Forester's. Afterwards I asked you if you  did not think he had kind eyes, and  you said you did."  o , "Did' I? I can't recall ' his face.  Did you care for him then, dear?"  "When I think of it," said Mary  'meditatively,'"I,am quite sure that  1 must have!' Indeed I can't tell  now,'when. I did care for him.."  "You ..never    said  auything  to'me  " ���/  abowt it.6,  "Why, Kate! how could I? I did  not know until yesterday, that he  *"- loved me. But you don'.t know how  wicked I have been. Ever so many  nights lately, I have not said my  prayers properly���because I was  thinking of him all the time; and I  have often read a chapter in my  Bible three times over, and not  kriown then what it'was about!"  The gathering darkness hide the  e-mile      that    stole   involuntarily  to  ��� Kate's  lips,  "It is a very,, wonderfnl thing,"  continued  Mary,   "that 1 should     be  ��� allowed to have such, happiness: it  just shews ' how, forgiving God is!  Gavin is so generous and good, Kate.  He has been busy lately, helping the  Cooper's Mill Relief Fund.    He is al-  " ways doing good things,. The Forester girls told me, that their father  heard from Mr. Anderson, how Gavin paid a large sum of money to  save from disgrace a man who had  got into debt and used some 'money  that, didn't belong to him. ' Gavin  wanted him to have another chance.  Don't you call that noble! I am not  -   worthy   of  such  a man."  During the somewhat incoherent  account of Gavin's ��� excellencies,  Kate's mind had wandered from the  fa/vored ' suitor t'o his rival. Ouly  her cousin's  last  words  reached  her.  "Unworthy of him? nonsense  Mary!" she said sharply. "You are  worthy of some one much better. I  am constantly telling you* that I  will not have you talk about yourself in that fashion. Why do you  perpetually under-rate your own  value? I suppose you went down on  jour knees to this young man, and  thanked him for his astonishing condescension in asking you to marry  hi-"'"  "Kate?"  "Tell me then, whether you did or  did not intimate to him thai. you  were not. nearly good enough for him,  and Unit \ on could not understand  how he camo to take any notice of  you?"  ������I���I���"  '���'���Of course you did," railed Kate,  "1 knew it a^ certainly as if I had  heard you. And jou will do it again  too. JO very time he kisses your  beautiful face, you will thank him  for hi.s  kindness;  and  when  he shows  . you. any ordinary, attention, you will  be. filled   with- wonder at his reinark-  . 'able  t.h,,iightl'uines.s!"     .She     stopped  ��� , abruptly,     drew     Mary   toward   her;  and pressed kiss after kiss on' her  flushed cheeks. '"i'here, my dear,  don't .be, vexed, with me. You are 'a  dear, sweet, humble-minded girl, and  if 1 were more, like you I should be  a better woman than I am. Go to  bed now, and dream of him, and be,  happy...- No, wait while I ask you  one thing more. Are you sure, are  you quite sure, .Mary, that you truly  love hiin? That���that it, would , be  utterly impossible for you to care for  any  one  else?"  "Oh,.Kate," cried. Mary in genuine  ���      distress,   "T don't know what I have  done  that  you  .should  all  doubt     so  ��� whether I love Gavin. Indeed' I  know I,arn very childish about a  great many things, and I daresay  you none of you think I know rny  own mind: but i do, I do. I ' havo  no words that are strong enough to  make you   understand  how dear he is  . to nie. As to my caring, for any  one else, it i.s an insult jto talk of  such a .thing!'.'  "You are right, dear," said Kate  \ery gently. "Believe me, .1 only said  it because J want to be very sure  about jour happiness. 1 w-as wrong  to  speak   to   you   in   that  way;     you  see I keep lorgclting how old 5-011  are, and think 01 you as a little child  that 1 have to look after. Please for-  gi\c mi', Mary, and forget what ��� I  have said."  To be asked by Kate for forgiveness, was much worse than to be  scolded by her. Mary' tried to convey unspeakable things in a caress,  and went to her own room in a very-  subdued state of mind.  "Dear,. dear!" she sighed, "I wish.  I could think of something that Kate  would like to have me ,do for her."  She lit her candle, opened her writing case, and drew therefrom a large  envelope. The ��� sight of the "address  written, upon it, appeared to afford  her infinite satisfaction; she studied  it closely for three minutes. Then  she took from it the letter and, the  photograph it contained. x\ thought'  occurred to her. ���, Smiling with delight, she slipped' the letter,into her  pocket, and went over to Kate's  door. '      -, . " '  "Would you like to see what he  looks like, Kate?" she called softly.  "Very much, Mary, come and shew  me."  Mary hurried ��� to her cousin with  her treasures, 'and found Kate still  by the open window.  "Here is his photograph,' Kate; and  this is hi.s writing. Let me hold the  candle higher, so that j'ou can see  properly."  '      ' ",  "He has a nice face, Mary; he ,is  quite good-looking."  "Very       good-looking,"       amended  Mary.   "I don't  want  the envelope,"  she added generously.  : "Thank you,'   dear,r"     said ' Kate,  with  perfect  gravity.  <Mary retired to her room again.   '  "Women ��� are ��� fools!" commented Kate,- as the door closed.  Her hand rested on,the window  sill, and a sudden breeze caught the  paper from ' her lingers, whirling it  away into the darkness. She reflected  that she -would probably have other  opportunities to admire , Gavin's  handwriting.' ' 4"' ,  FOR EVERY CORRECT ANSWER  WE  ASK.   NOT  ONE  CENT   OF YOUR MONEY  aaaasi  aaeaasmssaEaearaa  CHAPTER X-II.  John Cayford watched Mary's retreating figure until it disappeared  from view, then he returned to the  rocks where he arid she had stood,  together. Arran was ' now ,,half  shrouded in mist, and more vividly  than before it recalled to him his  Tenerifo experiences. ��� In' imagination  ho saw again the light from the  Mole flicker over the water as Marco  rowed the ��� boat to shore, he felt  anew the pressure of Alan's fingers,  he heard distinctly those faintly-  spoken last words���"tell' Mary."  Mary! that was the name that was  so dear to  himself!   ���  He shivered; the evening air was  growing"' chill. It had been . chilly  when ho stood on the Mole, looking  at Grand Canary, with Alan's silent  form beside him. How long ago was  that?, Years ago, surely. What had  filled his'life since then ���^- since then,  and for years before?    Mary!  ,. "Now it is at an end;  it is all over, and done  with,"- he said; uttering the words  aloud, as though the sound of them  must force upon him the conviction  that silent thought failed to give.  But the hopes of- years are not to be  effaced by a sentence, though it be,,  repeated a hundred times, and in  tones of thunder. This night, he  had taken ��� her hands and covered  them with kisses; this night, he- had  lifted her in his arms and held her  close to his heart; this night,', his  dream was over? he was forever  parted from her? Impossible!  ' A wave broke at his feet, dashing  the salt spray up, into his face: ho  became aware that the' tide had  arisen/ Had hours passed,, or mtn-  ' utes? Darkness made the figures on  his watch indistinguishable: damp  mist had closed around him, drenching his coat. Through tho mist he  ��� groped his way over the rocks and  j down the road to the Manse; conscious only of the monotonous.nioan  of the waves, and' of wondering  vaguely whether that was the sound  the sea had in it when it made Mary  cry. Within the Manse gate a piece  bf white paper stared at him from  the dark grounds: he picked it up  mechanically arrd thrust it in his  pocket���Mr. Ferris disliked to see  litter ofcany kind on his premises.  The house door stood ajar, he pushed it open. When ho had shut out  the moaning of the sea, death-like  stillness seemed to surround him.  Rays of light issued from the study  door, but he went past them to Mm  tltchen'at the far end of the passage, where a brilliant fire blazed,  before which regiments of socks and  stockings wero hanging. He pulled  oil his coat and seated himself in the  genial glow, appreciating the sense  of warmth and comfort that stole  over him. Jt was his turn' now to  experience that numbness of heart  which Kate found preferable to the  pain  of feeling.  For. Air. Ferris, tlie evening had  been one of unusual agitation, a  series of trifling circumstances having combined to upset hi.s equanimity altogether-. He was now nearly  seventy years of age: it was no  longer possible for him to accomplish without '.great fatigue the  work that had formerly  seemed so easy, and on the  early days of, each week he invariably, suffered a sense of lassitude and  depression, commensurate with, the  amount of nervous force-expended  in'his preparation for and execution  of the Sabbath services. Kate, quick  to. notice this sign of decreasing vi-:  tality had hitherto been, as quick to  minister  to  it. She  saw   that  her  uncle fretted over his loss of, power,  and slie made it her business to divert his thoughts whenever he .was  liable to feel his weakness most  keenly. Monday and Tuesday, therefore, found her prolific in devices for  his distraction: slie arranged to* be  much with him: she consulted him  on a variety of .small difficulties,  guiding him so deftly to the right,  solutions of them that he was often  amazed at his own perspicacity:  when sho was obliged to leave him,  en open novel would be found near  his chair, and Mr. Ferris, who was  wont to inveigh against novel-readers, would take up the book���just  to sec what Kate wasted her time  over���and become engrossed in it I  immediately;     By    Wednesdav.     raat  THIS PICTURE PUZZLE represents a' Celestial washing. About Ilim  are pictured faces of three customers. Find these three faces, mark each,  then read and sign the accompanying request, return it to us and tte will  give you ABSOLUTELY FREE, without any money, a finely gold-finished Chate-  iaine Brooch and Secret Locket. We wish to impress upon any who may be suspicious  owing to the unusual generosity of this proposition that there is no catch word or scheme in it to  deceive or disappoint you. We do actually give the prize if your answer is correct. Frankly, we  have adopted this method of prize giving, simply to interest you in our, business- We want your  goodwill, and enlist your services only by offers that will merit your approvaL Upon receipt of  the prize you cannot help being impressed with the generosity; of our business methods, as  it is admired and worn by the most fashionable ladies. The "Locket opens and will hold two  photos. 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ELEGTSNE MEDICINE CO., Limited, TORONTO, Ont.  and'recreation having' done their  work, his energy was usually restored.  .But this week lvate had shamefully neglected 'her duties. , Sin; had  absented herself from the Manse  throughout Monday, she had not  volunteered to accompany her uncle  to Main's of Overton, she had scarcely spbkefi to him during Tuesday afternoon, and, had left him early in  the evening in' solitude. Her neglect  was most reprehensible, because it  was his intense desire to,be of service to her, that had aroused Mr.'  Ferris to make those extra exertions 611 the proceeding Sabbath for  which he was now paying an extra  penalty of weariness. &  Tie sat listlessly in, his study.look-  ing first at the Chinese Mission books  still unread, and then at an unopened letter that lay before him. Kate  should have been at hand to make  excerpts/from 'these books) Kate  .should have been at hand to discuss the contents of this letter���  and Kate was absent. He felt very  feeble, very unfit for any exertion,  very old, very near'death. Not long  since, Mary had__fJQAlJt-iu.t.9_Jthe-r.o6m_  in bewildering haste;' had clasped"  her arms about his ueck, and kissed  him many times, ' giving him  to ��� understand, in incoherent  phrases, that sho was very, very,  happy! This was .as it should be. He  tried to rouse himself from.-his lethargy, to banish all thoughts of old  age and death, and to evince a sympathetic interest in youth and love.  But she mentioned a strange ' name,  and he became' once more bewildered.  With great patience Mary repeated  ''her facts, producing finally a letter  given to her byr her uncle Forester  for Mr. Ferris, which would make  tho whole matter clear; then she betook herself to Kate,, piat the great  news might bu'spread further.  For a��long time, Mr. Ferris gazed  .helplessly at the letter and wished  that Kate would come:.��� at length,  as .she did not come, lie opened . it.  The tightly closed envelope resisted  his nerveless fingers, lie, tore it angrily apart, flinging it to the ground,  and then l was vexed that ha,  had been so unreasonable petulant. Mr. Forester's cramped handwriting was not easily read, eyeglasses had to be found, and the  words and the sense~IfIboriously interpreted.  "Mary." .wrote Mr.- Forester, "will  tell, you her good news; I feel it due  to ',you, to supplement the information she ' can give. Mr. Gavin Wishart, to whom 'she lias engaged herself, is a most estimable young man.  I have been acquainted with him for  more than a.year ��� ever since I settled in O.lasgow, in fact. A neighbor  of mine in Chicago, who is also a relative of his, gave mc a letter of introduction t'o him. While I mention  that a distant'cousin of his recently  left him a fortune of ��200,000, you  will understand that ho is an excellent match for Mary from a worldly  point of view. He is a member of  tlie church to which T belong, and  is well known in Glasgow to be a  most benevolent and honorable young  man. 1 told him that you are Mary's  guardian: he begged me to refer you  to Mr. Claverton, of Messrs. Clavei-  to'n <fc Anderson, who will answer-  any enquiries you please to make  regarding Mr. Wishart. He desires  lo marry Mary soon, and hinted almost llbenrl settlements; but these  an; points which you and he will no  doubt  discuss   when  you   moot."  As the meaning of ' this dawned  Upon him, Mr. Ferris' color rose, lie  dropped his eyeglasses and the letter,  and began ta pace up and down the  room forgetful of fatigue. V This was  indeed extraordinary news!' He became as anxious to speak of it to  some one, as Mary.'herself. Where was  Kate? or; failing her, where was  John? He .started; tlie thought .suddenly,'-flashed .upon him that he could  not very well talk over this matter  with John. He sat down helplessly  in his chair again, bewildered, dazed  as before;, thoughts of Mary's good  fortune, ,and of her hopeless suitor's  ill fortune, distracted him alternately. He .went'.' after a.while to the  Manse door to look out; there was  no cne within sight and thick mist  Wjis frilling. ,---> ������������'���.  "When he'does (.���orne'in." sighed the  old   man.   "he   will   he -wet;-through."  A ���glance  at  the parlor  reveal(.���-' '-(hat   there   was  'THE  ARIZONA   KICKER.  ><.n-.<- tloro  l.lvplj   !(*-<iik From u Hns-  llii'K   Weelely.'  ICopyrii'lit,' Uiii".'. by O. Ji. I.f'Wl.-i.]  Major Untierhill called at lhe KIck'Vr  'dlk-o (liceother afternoon to shoot us.  but we happened 10 be en er at l.oiu*  JiU'k thai day. .Sorry he nii>\*.ed (is. and  we hupo lie will call again. Always  icadyto be shot if notified in time.  THE MILLCU  The Grass Valley I'.nglp. has suspended publicfitU'Jn. and its late editor  has -,'0110 U> driving a mule team. We  have uhvaya wanted to v,\iev.h a good  word for lh'Other Watkins.'.and we j  shoot it off now. We, believe he baa  struck his gait. ? ' ���  A reservation Indian chief known as  [Io That Weeps got hold of an un-  liuskL'd cocoa nut at one of the groceries  the other day and tried for an li.iur to  take a"bit0'6ut'of it. lie rurally gave  up in disgust and traded the nut for n  chew of tobacco., The dawn of civilization is a puzzle to the red inn 11.  .Joo Elalton, proprietor1 of the White  Wolf saloon, i.s a "cross eyed itian, and  we made mention of ,the fact two or  three weeks ago in writing tip some-  (lihijr about, our prominent  men.,  Joe  |/l'llfl  <L3.  ?-���=r  fi:.':. *'ff!i"  ��� VfJ & $A-j^,Sx '  V.y. SHOT BIX   nULLETU   A.LL AK0CXD CO  ���SOt luncV about il. and Monday hist h<  entered our sanctum and shot six bul  lets till around us. We now insist thai  he is not only cross eyed, but he can't  shoot for shucks.  *��� Some unknown person iu Nebraska  has gone to the trouble of-writing us a  letter to say that death is on our trail  and that we won't, live out half our  days, and it postal card from- Utah  warns ur that our time limit has been  set sit Oct.. 1. We always like to have  sornkhing in prospect,,and our thanks  Sire due to both writerH.  . Mr. John Calhoun, miner and prospector, informs us that he has discovered 11 solid ledge of gold' seven foot  thick and a utile long on one of our  inr-unliilna, mid he-thinks we ought to  be worth $'J0.OOO.(JOO at the end. of a  year or so. We have always wanted to  sit in a poker game where the ante  was $5, and perhaps things are coining  our way.,' M. QUAD.  Not a Xtoni*e,nti}r,.��f 01itir��*,lii��8..;  few- nights   ago   a   Winnipeg,  " A  liceinan  arrested  ���had      wandered1'  .homellri'(his night  ing  him   f.roiii  his  oner  enquired:  going   to   lock  responsible   for  found    nio     in.  a   Winnipeg,   po-  1 sleep  walker  wlio  far   away   from   his'  clothes.     On ju-Qus-  s 111 in hers,   the 'pris-  ���'.S11 rely, you .'are not  mc   up.'"-' 1   can't   ' he  the.    condition       you  7 am  a somnambul-  niiii  no  h ���  study  lire in  kitchen  is h'ur-  ihi*  lire  either. 'i he    e:nb������rs  grate   s.t ill   glow ed   fo 'n  rfs   piled  on  leas   tlien-  i    ���>   ...; 1 ���... II.VUED.J  Tim   jrOnrlfe*t   klln-nry.  The earliest library was that of Neb-  ucbuthiezznr. Every book was a brick  ingraved with cuneiform.character!!.  -.��.�����-.,.���  1st."- 'T dmi't euro what church you  belong to," replied the policeman;  ���'if you belong lb every <church in  ���tho city you can't walk the strectx of  Winnipeg- in your night gliirt."  Ouiiu Trcncli'.H Clevn'v Sntili.  Dean Trench's clever snub to an', impudent'young'subaltern deserved high  rank as 'a piece of. repartee.' The  youngster had asked the dean what  wns tho difference between a dean  and a donkey. To which the reply  was that while one had a cross on  his hack the other wore it on his  breast. '"And what," returned the  dean, "i.s the diiierence between ���a su-  iJiilfei'ii and a donkey?" "ll don't  know," was the response. "Nor do  I," was tho deuri'a prompt reply, as  ba turned away. .--.'!  llirllt!  r.iiifn.;   lilcliCl-s'ttlV.  There  rlwnlt   n   mlIK-r  huh*  riuil   hold  H.'H-iilf  tlio   IMvcr  Jr.-c;  lie   worked ;iii'l  ��.\n r  from  niorrr   tlil  So lark iimn* bib lie'duin  lie,  ^lul   this. 1 In*  lidi-ili'i!   of   ills   boll;;  ' Korevi.-r-   iimmI   lo   Ij��'-.  "1  envy m>l>i>'ly,  no,  not  1,  And  nohoiiy  i*iivli--j  mo."  ������Thou'rt    wrong/   niy     friend,"    ��a1(l    old  Kins  Hal,     ,  ������'I'liou ; l  ni'inif as wroii*,' can bv;,  For could' my  U'lirt  lie  lifdit Us  ttiine,  I'd   gladly  cliaiiKt*   with   thee.  And  tell' mc,   now,   what  uniki's  thee sing-,  Willi  voice  so  loud  .'Hid  free,  Wlillo  I  am "sad, .tho'   I  am  klnir,  IJeslili*  the ItiVL-f Dt'i'V"  Tire  miller smiled arid  ik-lfed  his cap,  ���'I  I'.-irn' my  lirruti,"  quoth  he,  "1   love.my   wife,   I   line my  friend,  I   love'my  efitlJi-en  tli rev:  1  owe no penny  I  '.���.���lunot pay;  1   th-ink   tin-  Kiver   Dee,  That   turns ilii;  mill  ami  grinds  the  com  To .feed  my  babes and  me.'"  '���Good   friend,"   said   Hal,   and   sighed   the  while,  ���"Fa 10well,  nnd   linpny   bo;  Hue   any   no   rnoi'i",   If  Wion'dst   be  true,  ��� That  no man  envies  tliei*:  Tuy  mealy  l*ap is,wo-,Lli   mv, crown,  The  mill  niy kingdom's fee;  Siicn   nun  :i->  tlimi   mis'   Ky-jlanil's  boast,  O,  miller of ill*  Dec!"  SkHu.li of If..uu*   IJlekeiMtifl',  '"The above sung, Tire "Miller of the  not*, in its present form was either  written or adupiid by Isaac Bic'-er-  stall', who  was   bom   in  Ireland about  L7:$f>, died in 1.H1U. *A.s a LoV he was  page to' Chester field, the JL01 d Lieti-  li-ir.ilru of Ireland, lie attained a position in the .society of nun of letters, but, suspected of a capital  crime,'lied, in 1772, to !-Jt. "Miilo. 1 Jo  afterwards retuiin'd to London, wrote  comic operas, in one of whn.h, "l.OM"  in a Village." "The IMil'.-r of tho  Iree" was sung. J list when or how  he died   no  one  knows.  The old mill at Chester, Kng.. on  the Kiver Dee, where the" legendary  miilcr i.s said to have uttered Ids  sententious , wjj-dom, wa.s burned  down in May, lS'J.". The mill was  established  in  the .1J tli  century.  NOTABLE SAYINGS.  KoMiiu-k.t .11 ado by .lien of Affairs in London in JtccoiiL !=i>c<.'CliC>.  Some of tlio bright, remarks made  by public men during the week ending Nov.  8,  1\)0'2, were as  follows:  "The greatness of a natiiui is liiaclo  by its greatest men."���Colonial .Secretary   Chamberlain.  "Unless a nut ion is morally healthy ns well as physically, there is but  little hope for its future.'.'���Sir William Blako Richmond, the painter.  "Uneducated nations like uneducated individuals must be content to do  tbe'���rougher work and take tlie lower-  places in the world."���Lord  bury, president Central  of  Bankers.  "Landlordism in Ireland must go."  ���Thomas Wallace liussell, Unionist'  Al.   I1, for Tyrone.  "Prunkenness should be treated primarily ami thi-onirhout as a sin."���  .Sir Thomas Harlow, King I'M ward'3  [ih.vsici.in.  "I    think   precedent   has   been       the  Tho  Sun  on   Bvcry  Sl<i>. r>    AM  A Texas citizen, says an exchange, i*|?;  worried because the sun shines on earli^L  of J he four sides of his house at soin|t$|  time of the'day. The structure fn��'ej|f|$  due. north and south nnd is riltiiate|)|M  on parallel 20*4 of 'latitude, or practically U degrees north of the tropic o*>;  Cniieer, where the sun is vertical it!')  summer: He is carrying the prOblcii/l  about the country, offering prizes for;il|  its ,solution among school childrt'i|r^.,.  4*Why," he asks, "should the sun penl.^^  trate my front door in the morning, rj^^S  sert it for the greater part of the eaji$||ff  and again penetrate it in the aftw^^S  noon''" ��� *''Sfl|,   ������  H$iP*  Italian  Silk AVorliurn. p'%^^  Tn the silk factories of Italy the u;-V|||||  al work hours are from -1 In the ui"r/$'^��  Ing till"�� at night and the wages ij.*^p  cents a day.  ���   ��� $'"0��M  Kirnct  SnvinKH  Haiilc. %  The first savings bank was institute:!  at Berne, In Switzerland, in 17S7. '%  was .intended tor servants only. %  1702,.another'was opened at -.Basel \%  persons of any'ela*-js.        ' |  Dnlcli   I'uliHo   Iloti����*M.  Tublic houses iri  Holland are clbsfj  only between .Tfind^fj a. in.  lii-^l  \70i-  &'  Ave-  Association  curse  \n:ry.  of   tli is  country  I'ose-  Fooilili    Girl.  Mae���I don't .see why  Bessie accepted young Itoxe.  Klhi'l--I��oii't  you   kimw   Hint  his  fa-  t her" If .1.1 lmiiiiniillioiialro'.'  .;. Mae- .That's 'Juki.   it.     Wliy   doesn't  she* marry the old g'ciith'iiiriirV:. He is a  widow".1!';  ���'"-.. "  ONE MORE CURE  - -lNCARLETONCf  P0STA1 ASTER        BELYIEA  DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS FOR _ow  KIDNEY  TROUBLE! rMT|   ���     .    '    AlM  \ nd Xiiw Tin .Joins nil the Otliei -- i&^^tif  PrnlHiiifi- Tliom - Hi* IIi:��l SiitTi'i-fil !;;S^  Ve:ii"< nnd Is Xmv Cimiitltitclr C'uie.l^&'SfflSI  Lever Windsor, Carleton Co.,  ���Nov. 17, (Special).���Carleton coi.&jgg  ty people have long recognized l>o<!��$sl*  Kidney Pills ns a sure cure for uj'^)%  forms of Kidney Disease, and ��'jf!%T|fe  consequence ' there is a marked i-KljSl  crease in the number of those suffijJjt^Sf  ing-- from pain in the back, lumbai:|!0{F*|t';  Itheumntism, diabetes. Bright'.-? 'If^C'  sease, and all other ailments ivsulfe'^ --/  ing from diseased kidneys. '       t^*-1'.  Still  as each  fresh cirre ia report-"-'-!?!-;''  there is  revived,interest  in   the rmA^t'"'  ter    and     tliere     arc more  praises  Dodd's Kidney Pills.    One of the 1  est   cures    reported     i.s that of Vc  noisier ^P.' IL Bclyea of Lower Win.  sor,   and   he   is   spreading   broaden  the good news.   ' v,  "I hnd n hnd spell of Kid in  Trouble" says the ' Postniaste  "which had bothered mc for son  years. T tried several kinds of pla  ters and'medicines, but did not see  to get much lasting benefit. Bi  hearing Dodd's Kidney Pills so hig  ly recommended for Kidney Troubl  1   thought I  would   try them.  "I received more benefit fro  Dodd's Kidney Pills than, any!oti-  medicine I ever tried, for they sei ���  to have made a complete cure, as  inn a.-i well as ever. 1 believe Dodo  Kidney Pills are the right medic 11  fur  Kidney Trouble."  I-/:'"'  .- v -  ;$a  %  ij*  The , Cull' stream is '2(H) fnrbon  deep oft' Cape Florida. Near Cn|  ���1 fat terns'- the-'������ depth is only hall' i  great, the stream appearing':to ha  run uphill,'with ,an ascent of 10 1  to  the mile.  * *  FOR  Sick Headache and Constipation.*,  '���'V.   ' : "TAKE.'.  Thev cure Giddiness, Fullness and Swelling after meals, fiizziness and Drowsine.'ii  Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness ofBreath, OostivencM,  Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, etc. The First Dose will give relief In twenty minutes. This is "-1  fiction. For a Weak Stomach, Disordered Liver and Impaired Digestion  they nctlikc "Magic". Every suflcrer is earnestly invited to try a Box of those 1 "J,f  and they will be acknowledged to he WITHOUT A ftlVAL. , .���  BEECHAM'S PILLS taken as directed, will quickly restore females to complex  health.   They promptly remove any obstruction or irregularity ol* the system.  Sold by all DrugrtfLiU In Canada nnd U. S. America.   In boxes, afl cento.  ���4    **  *'  .','     ''  ��� l  x.    '*  ni^ffi ��� Tit f T.���"-* -^yr���"-^**-- ���  irjn*,.^-, ������������ J-,  THE  MOYIK LEADER.  '/I  :1��  Prize!  e  Limited  Picture  ckci ai,d  I earnest  e undtr-  1 S-^ooe  nd a set  it to you  1 and  hi  le.  :hange, l��m  s on eat''[{$  at soiri$||  re fu*.,||$S  sltuat.��  ir  prai��'^  or   < v  tropic oV-/  ertieul ii!)}1  J prOblci|;  prizes foP<:  childrt'i|rl  sun pen|S#  irmrig. df^l"*'  f the <laf-k?S  the afters,"'  institutiM  -.Basel **|��  &  *.','-i'.5S#  '     AlM  Otlici-- i&S&si  iiiTi'i-i*ii U4lp%  Co" NtlU  ton eoi.���**  ed l>o<lM$  re  ior 4'pM..  and ii<$��$*f��  arked <-f;^^g  >se sufff^^f  lumbac^;%,  i >:  A-  ight'.-*  is rc^i'i&'i'','^-:'  repoi ti^-'ij;?!-1  the n'.'i*^''  rraise*i  f the 1  of Pc  ������er Win  itoadcn  Kid i'i  ���jtniasb'  foi   son  of  pi.'  not see  ofit.    Bi  so lug  Trotibl  fit fro  Liry oth  hey sei  nre, as  'e  I'odd  IIKKllCll  MOi'lE,    B.    C.  New terrors have been discovered  in Stockholm for evil-doers'in, the  telephone. The creditors of a. business man who had doubts of his integrity employed a detective to obtain information about him. The detective 'tapped' the telephone wire of  the house at which the suspect'was'  living and overheard enough converr  sationt.' to make out-jj...case-"against  the  man.  Messrs.   C.   C.  Richards. &  Co.  Gentlemen,���My three children' were  danycrously low with, diphtheria. On  the advice of' our priest my wife began the use of MINARD'S LIN1-  M_ENT. In two' hours they were -  greatly relieved; and in .five days  they were completely well," and, I  firnilv believe your valuable Liniment  saved.the lives'of my children- '  " ""Gratefuliy-~yo��rsv^=:���������.i. ���-^ -  --     ADEIiBERT LEFEBVRE,.,-*  'MaiVs Mills,  June lgth^aa^;1'*-'"''"  Seven, hundred and t wo different  flowering plants have been found  north of the Arctic circle; not one  south  of ihe Antarctic. \  K\  , The   river   Trent    is    said \o have  gained   its   name   because   thirty   (In-/  feren't kinds of fish were found in its'  waters.  ./���  Hawaii's population is oxie of the  most mixed on earth, OS-its 160,000  people, (30,000 are Japanese.. 30,000  Chinese, and another 15,000^foreigners from  Europe, ail'd America."  ' How do you  like folks  who ulwajs  rc-ler you to   the dictionary.  Almost unyr man can save his money, by not betting it oj,i a horse ra'-e.  Some men never get anything d.-<;:e  because thev are too full  of .*>cheme.s.  Mo' family living in a biliousi country  should be without J'arnielee'H Vegetnlilo  ''ills A few doses taken" now ,an<l tlion  wiil keep the Jjiver active, flcusme ihi*  .stuiiii>iti and, bowels from n.11 bilio'l-is mat-  S.isc-juuti-urcv'bnl.Airua.^J.lr. J. Ij.Vj'nce.  SlioitlK, Ma'Hiif " Co:;- nj��.;~wTi ivs .-"��� '-]  have t.ited u bos, of 1'u.rmeloc's Prlls and  find tlicrn, tlit* I��pfct medicine for fevur and  Ak"'j-   I   liave  ever   used."-  Soias    people carry  a h&avy  stock  o"  wisdom that never yiadb  a d<\i-  delr.l.  At tlie Jubilee "festival' of the Masonic5'Benevolent Institution, ��00,000  was collected. This'is the record for  a ��� charity  dinner. " '  .   MARKETS.  n  ,   'Compiled  from  The   Commercial)  ii U'HK'AT���Tlie situation in the local  ^������.arket has been qdiet all the week,  but firm in sympathy with the condition of the American speculative  markets. There has been only a  moderate demand, and at the same  time sellers are in no way anxious to  sell freely. At the close of Friday's  business prices were as follows : No.  1 hard, 70��c; 1 northern, 683c; 2  northern, GV^c; 3 northern, (if>-.}c,  December delivery in store Fort Wil-  I1a.n1; and May delivery 7C>$c basis of  1 hard. In store Port Arthur or IJu-  luth ,are not wanted unless at a ic  or so under Fort William  prices.  OATS���Tbe market i.s unsettled and  .valueft not well defined. Notwithstanding the fact that there must be  nearly 18,000,000 bushels of oats in  the.country over and above its seed  and' feed requirements, and for which 'buL whiskey and water is a dilution  there is now no shipping outlet.oats   and  a snare.  ��� rfiO'itfy^tliree wpr vessels ea-ch are allowed by treaty between the United  States nnd -.Canada to be kept by  each country on the .great lakes.  MiNARD;s LINIMENT Relieves Nfliralgia.  The atmospheric pressure upon J he  surface of an ordinal y man is 32,-100  pounds. The ordinary" rise; and full  of the barometer increase*-: or decreases this pressure by about a ton  and ' :i quarter.'1  Ilerr ^>'ol'j!;-''o'f BerJengen, in..Ger--  .Tuanjr,JMiSJLuh.e^a. clock -warranted to  ,"gG" 9~/KJ'() ve'ars'-without winding-.  -V--T-A-"  ; : " .$  It ' is calculated ��� that every day  nearly 2,500 'pounds of shoe-leather  is" worn from tlie soles of, London's  foot passengers.  -Hl-ao -jf Ohio. City of Trillin. /,^  Jbuciii* Coiiutj. ���">'  Frniilc J. Ohenoy makes oatii that" lie is  ���senior .partner of tiie flnik of J*',. .1.'  Cheney & Co., doing- business in the G.ity  of Toledo, <Countv and State "aforesaid,  and that said linn will nay tho sum of  ONE HUNDRED DOLLA.BS for each and  and every case of Catarrh that cannot  be cured by, the use of IliUl's Catarrh  Cure. FHANX J.   CHENEY.  , Sworn to before me anil subscribed in  rny presence this Gth day of Decern ber ,'-  A. D. X8815.     ���  A.   W.  GLEASON.  (Seal) Notary Public.  ��� i-JaU'-s Catarrh Cure is taken internally,  arid acts directly oji the blood and mucous hurfaces of the nystern. Send for testimonials,   free.   .  F.  J.  CHENEY, &  CO.. Toledo.  O.  ��� Sold  by all  druprg-ists.  75c.  Uall's "Family Pills   are ,the  best.  COLIC AND KIDNEY DIFFICULTY.���  Air. J. \V. Wilder, J. P., Lafarcevjlle, N.  Y , writes : "1 am subject to hevere attacks of Oolic and Kidney Difficulty, and  find J'aniie.ee's Pills allord me great repel, while other remedies have failed.  They are the best medicine, J have ever  used." ln fact so great is the power 01  tills medicine to cleanfae and purny, that  diseases of almost evervriiime and nature  are  dnien 'from  the body.  Delicloua flavor,   Free from bulla.      Warranted Pure,  Put  up   ia  all   eized   packages.  gilvies nunganan  Aa  now manufactured.   The graat FAMILY FLOTJR.  Insist ok getting" "OOILVTE'S;"   m they art bettor than the S��at,  9-a^\/E:    fM���3��    EQUAL..  J  A" roan wlio  combs'his hair over a  bald spot to hide it is guiity offraud.  Pei'haps you  have  heard  it  before,  AVTSGEHFOf  ON  Thirty years ago there were scarcely any trained nurses in Berlin.' Today there are many, but it is often  difficult to find'one at a .moment's  notice,, li is, therefore,, proposed-to  orguni/e the nursing profession by instituting, a central office where' the  public'and medical men may be able  to learn at any moment when nurses  are  temporarily  unemployed.  THE BLOOD.    '  , Tin* blood is life. We derive from  the blood, life, power, beauty, and  reason, as the doctors have been saying'from time immemorial. A, healthy body, - a fresh appearance, and  generally all the abilities, we possess'  'depend on that'source of life. Tt is,  therefore, "the duty' ol* every sensible  man to keep the blood as pure and  normal as possible. Nature, Jn its  infinite wisdom, has' given us a thermometer indicating the state of the  blood, which appeals to our reason  by giving notice of its impurity.  Small eruptions ..of' the slcin, to  which we pay scarcely any attention,  headache, ringing noises in the ears,  lassitude, sleeplessness, are generally  a sign that the blood is not in the  normal state, but is filled with noxious substances. These symptoms deserve our full attention. Jf more attention were paid to those symptoms  and steps taken to remove them, then  many illnesses from which we suffer  would become unknown, and the human body would become, stronger nnd  healthier Attention.   '    therefore,  should bc^ paid to those warning  signs, and "the blood can be. purified  and poisonous substances removed  from it. by tlie use of Ur. August  Koenig's Hamburg Drops, discovered  more than 60 years ago.  _ LIVER-'  KI0J^\ BOWELS-  w- -THE SYSTEM  CtEANS^EFreCTUALLY;  ^DirUAi.^  PERMANENTLY  ?  BUY THE GENUINE��� MANTD BY  ���rem SALE 6Y an wuwsrs. PRiq fo.Pt* MOIL  One of the common methods of  ." transporting cargo in the towns am  ,v cities in Chili is, upon the backs of  '"��� horses. Groceries, meat, milk���in  .��� fact, all classes of freight, from bar-  1 ,, relt; of oil and cement to huge 'tim-  "', berfi and piles are carried upon the  *   bncks of horses.  No one need fear cholera or any summer   complaint   if   thoy   have   a   bottle   of  Dr. .7. 1). KoUokk'm DynMiterv Oor.Iinl  renuy for use It, corrects nil Ii��o'm*iii**.m  of tho bowels prompt ly and i-uusc'i 11  healthy and nn turn) action. This is 11  medicine adopted for the youni'. mul old,  rich and poor, and i.s rapidly bi'comiiu:  t.ho    most,    popular  niodii-iiie   for  cholcru,  ���.ilyaontery,   etc.,   in   the   11111 rlo't .  (nrhon  ear Cn|  V half i  to   fill  if  10   1  Port Raid has only ?{."),000 natives  ami 112,f>0(J Kiiropcuns; yet while 011-  ,ly 18 natives died or smallpox'hi  J 00,0, there, were tt8 ���-deaths .among  ���tire whites. .Vaccination is strictly  ���eiiforceil by law 'on. the natives.      ;  Lgv'ci-'h Y-Z (Wise,. TTeiul) Disitifcctant  Soap l'owdor dusted in. the bath softeiis  ���tho water at the fiamo tiine that it ilisin^  tt<ie-t��.-  , 'Hie Gulf stream is i200 fathoms  ���flcMjp off Cape Flori djx.' Near Cape  Patterns the dejith is only half ns  tarreat, the .stroarn appearing to have  run uphill, with an ascent .of 10 in.  ���ko the. mile.  What frayed your linen?  Not Sunlight Soap-  No, indeed I:  d,re scarce-in Winnipeg and compara  timely high'in price. This is entirely  due to Ihc.absfince of tranrSportation  facilities,, which prevents the oats  from finding their- way to market.' Jn-  quiu'es for, quotations' are numerous,  wlurli shows that there are plenty of  wr uld-'ne^sjdppers.'' but as' they cannot givcMinrnediifte ��� delivery buyers  ai'e not willing to' quote prices for  fut uie delivery5. Carloads on track,  cither nt W.hinipcg or in the country  can ;:lj ways find bidders�� A .sharp di:-  cline in prices may be expected as  soon, as lhe oats bi'gin to move. No.  1 wi 1 it<* oats.are woith -SACjier bus.  at I-'ort William. <-AI country points  far nri-rs are get t ing, '2m (������'nt.*-; j��*r bus.  at  central   points.  P..M'l.lOY��� Inability of railways to  mo\e tlie grain is, having much the  some et'i'ect upon barley us upon otltay*  gr'ains. Buyers complairr that they  have to pay higltf-i- prices, than the.  situation warrants,��and this is ,1*110  dc>ubt true in some cases where the  .barlev is wanted at orice. Brewers  are bidding 32c per bushel for No.  3 extra barley, in carlots, on track.  Feed grades are worth 26 to 27c.   V1  FLAXSEED���Receipts ' are moderate, ami the market steady at :>j .b0  per  bushel     for  carlots    at    country  SPELTZ���The. market holds steady  at" 30c j.u*r- bushel of 50 pounds, delivered  in  Winnipeg. ���  I-I AY���Dealers    are     paying     $(5     to  ��6.50 per ton for carlots on track.  POTATOES���30c per bushel.  BUTTEll ��� Creamery��� Creameries  -are asking- 2Gc per pound from city  customers  for. choice  makes.  BUTTER���Dairy���Receipts are light  with the demand about the same.,  Prices are firm at 19 to 20c per tb  for dairy separator butter in bricks,  and 14 to 17c per lb/for fresh tub  butter and rolls.  CHEESE���The   price   is   firmer;  at  1 *  13 to'KJiC per pound.  'EG G R���Eggs are scarce and have  ad\ anced to 22c per dozen, net, in  Winnipeg,  subject to  candling.  POULTRY���Dressed <��� chicken's are  worth 9 to 10c"per pound, ducks and  geeso, 10c, and turkeys 12Ac.  DRESSED' ]\1EATS ���'Beef, citV  dressed. (3 to 6Ac per pound; country  stock.,' ��c under these figures; mutton,  S  to  9c(" lamb,  11-ic;  hogs,   7c.  IJjI-iE^���Country frozen hides are  bunging from 6c to 6|c per pound,  delivered at Winnipeg, less 5 pounds  tairs  sheep pelts,  50 to  60c.  WOOL���Market nominal,  SENECA ROOT���Las_t purchases  were made at 58c per pound for clean  dry root, ��� delivered  at Winnipeg.  HE HAS TIUEn JT.���Mr. John Anderson. Kinlo'ss. writes : "I venture to s;tv  fe>A', il any, have received preater bc-nelit  fiom the use of JJr. Thomas' ^electric  Oii, thar 1 have. I have used rt reir-u'.i:-  1% for over ten years, aud have recommended it to'till ,sunerers I knew 01", und  they ��dso found it of preal value in  cashes 01 severe bronchitis end incipient  consumption. ���  We laugh ut the weaknesses "of others and yet we object to other laughing at  ours. -. 1  Linen is u very fair, conductor- of  elec-tijiciiy but^silk i.s wi almost perfect   insulator.  Six planets of ouri.system have between tlv-ni  20 moons.   -  There1 never was and never will be -a.  universal panacea, in one remedy, for all  ills to which Hosh is heir���the very nature of many curatives being such that  were the (Terms of other nnd difiorenlly  seated diseases rooted in tlie system of  the patient���what would relieve one ill  in turn would aircravtue the other. We  hnve. however, in Quinine Wine, when  obtainable in sound, unadulterated state,  a remedy for many and grevious ills. By  its gradual ��.nd ludicious use the frailest  systems are led into convalescence and  strength by the influence which Quinine  exerts on nature's own restoratives. It  relieves the drooping spirits of those  with' whom a chronic state of morbid  despondency and lack of interefit in life  is *a disease and by tranquilizinir Uie  nei ves,' disposes to sound and refresliiug  sleep���imparts vigor to the action of the  blood, which, being' .stimulated, courses  through the veins, ' strenprtlieniiicc the  lieu I thy animal functions of the system,  thereby making activity a. necessary result, strengthening the frame and givinc  life to the digestive organs, which naturally demand increased substance���result,  improved appetite. NTortlirup &. Lyman,  of Toronto, have Riven to the public  their Superior Quinine Wine at the usual  rate, and, guaged by the opinions of  scientists, tlnrs wine approaches nearest  perfection of any on the market.: All  druggists  sell   it.   .   ,  Winnipeg Picture Frame Factory  '    A93-49S    Alexander    Ave.  For ij.fe-fcize Crayou Portrait taken out  of a group, or from any photo.     these  li gh-giade pictures are sold all ever for  $3 50.      You can have  the same foi $1.00. with,or without frame.      Should you want a  Jruniu topu.it the picture, we can soli a  5-inch  ornamental Oak  and Gilt Frame-fur $1.75.   A factory price.    Mail orders receive '  prompt atteniion. ���/,  >*/���.   J.    C 5=3 A K El,   > W/ir-*. mi peg,    Man.  Tuls'e Hill, n Vetnor, is said to be  tile steepest hill in the country. Its  gradient runs to 1 in 5.  When green seems the predominant  color of a rainbow, it is generally  found that rain and cooler weather  will  follow.  CAI'TLE���There is a good demand  for' Christmas beef, and animals suitable for this trade readily bring dc  per pound 'in Winnipeg. For exti a  lai-j: 1: and fancy stock better than  this would be paid. Butchers' ordinary are worth rUe, and from that  (iguio quotations run down to 2tc.  according to quality. There is nothing doing in stocker cattle.  SHEEP���Worth 3}c per pound otf  cars here.    Lambs, *l-{   to 'l��c.  r-lOOS���The market is 'unchanj-od  at Gc per pound for hogs weighing  from 100 to 200 pounds. Heavies  and  lights are worth ��   to  lc less.  MILCH- COWS���There ore very few  milkers to be had, and prices are  firm at S30 to tj'lo each, for such as  nre  to  be had,  according  to  quality.  HORSES���Tliere is a good clenuuul  for trains for tlie bush, and prices  are still, Oeneral purpose horses arc  also' wanted.  rsinCii  vencWf  rjremb-  3 Ii i"1  sstloft  5 rid',.  mplcta  REDUCES  expense:  AAk for the Octagon Bar ��*j  A request, with your  address attached, is all  that is necessary to  obtain our new and  handsomely illustrated  catalogue.  If will put you In touch with  the finest Assortment of FINE  JEWELRY in Canada.  The jprlce, which , is plainly  given Avilh each article, is the  cost of the article delivered  to  I  a*  S  S  The   A Mint   of   Pools.  The abbot ot' fools, who wa*. also  known in i!i!Teient purls-ns tlie archbishop or bishop of I'ooN. the abbot of  inisriil", tjie lord of misrule, lhe master of unreason and  L'Alibe <le I.icsse.  was the person who used to superintend the .saturnalia, which were comnion hi different parts of Europe from  the lil'tli to the sixteenth century. Tbe  feast of fools was an 'imitation-of- the  heathen saturnalia and. like this, was  celebrated in December; hence the eon-  fusion of ideas -..which has arisen in  '.mixing this feast with the ordinary  Christmas revels. 'J'he chief celebration of the feast of fools fell upon innocent's day, but ' the whole revels  lasted from Christmas to the last day  of Epiphany. The young people generally elected a leader, who went by  one of the names' quoted, and he was  consecrated with many grotesque and  ridiculous ceremonies.  -England^ .Scotland. Eranee and Germany rill practiced those wild saturnalia, and it was with great didieiilty  that they were finally abolished. The  abbot was not responsible for any trick  or pnictic.'il joke played on the rest of  (lie community by his orders, nnd the  victims had simply to "grin and hear  it." in lhe temple (law headquarters,  l.ondom the oiliee of the lord of mis-  rule s'C'oms to have hepn n coveted ono,  for we read that it was only given to  yopng- iinm of good family.  r  /(/otiJ' A^t^pf aJhnot m^TfU  ' One in every 200 of the population  of India belongs either to the French  or Portuguese colonies.  It costs c��650,000 a year to feed  the horses of the British Army when  on a peace footing'.  \j ~-"-���������������  The light cavalry" is composed of  13 Hussar regiments. There are 12  regiments of medium, and -1 only "in  the heavy  brigade.  Hinaril's Liniment Cures DipiWa.  Zuydcote, near Dunkirk, was overwhelmed by sand in 1777. Only its  church steeple can now be seen.  Almost every  man   things  he  make a  speech  if he  tried   rea!  could  hard  Tlie temperature of a swallow's  body is extraordinarily high, no less  than  112  degrees Fahrenheit.  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  Twenty per cent of the strikes are  for higher wages; only 11 per cent,  for shorter hours. i  If ' all the houses iri the United  Kingdom were grouped together,  they would cover about 4S0 square  miles  of ground.  The     Chatham   Dockyard    crane is  KM  fi'ct long aud can lift 2oO tons.  Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.  I,nst     U'lir     1:58,000  bible   in   Japanese   i.'cn  .Japan.  copies  of  the  circulated   iu  The Rseuria, Palace, in Spain, is  nearly 2 miles fiuni Madrid. It has  1,860- rooms, 80: staircases, 48 wine-  cellars, and 8 organs.  Men  with  blue .or grey eyes are  most*'-invariably'tho-host shots.  Plans are being prepared by  Canadian Pacific for a new steel  vntor at Port Arthur.  the  elc-  SANTA GLAUS  Advises   after   you   enjoy   your   Cliristmas  'Turkey,   continue   the   pleasure  by   smok-  LUCINA  CIGAR.  No other has  that  peculiar sweet flavor.  Manufactured by  GEO.    I=".    SSFSVASVJ    &    OO.  HALCYON HUT SPRINGS  3j��VSNI 1TAR 1'^P  'flic  Conductor's  Btilon.  'According to the investigations of a  Frenchman the credit of inventing the  conductor's baton belongs to Lully, the  composer, who eventually had cause to  regret his invention, lteforo he adopted  the baton conductors were in tlie habit  of pounding ou the Hour with their  feet or clapping their bands to lnark  the time. Lully found it wearisome to  keep his foot constantly in iii.sl.oii and  so used a stick to strike the th.ur and  beat time, lie used a pole six feet  loug. One day he brought down the  pole with such force that it struck his  foot nnd made a deep wound. lib paid  no attention to the matter. The wound  grew worse aud ultimately caused his  death.  '���. After his time conductors tried more  and more to improve the baton, and it  waa ultimately brought to its present  form. \l  Situated   midst   scenery    unrlyalled    fc$"-  grandeur.    Tha most con*.j>iet��   health   ��*�����  sort ou the continent of North America.  It* baths oure all Nervous and Mus<ro-  Iftr diseROoa. Its waters hoal all K.ld����y,  )uiv��r aud Stomach ail in eat*.  Thoy are a ncver-failiu|f roraedy tor aM  Slioumutio troublfs.  TERMS  su to $18 per tTtek,  ���caor-dU��  to r*sidonoa ia Hots*1 or  /illai. ' .  THE    BEST.  STOCK     E="OOD.  A Veterinary Conditioner.  Winnipeg,   Mtui.,   March   5th,   1902.  W.   tl.   HOIK-LAS,   IvSQ. '.'','���'���'������.  Hoar" Sir���Tills iw.to certify that I. have  examined the 'ingredients used in making  Douglas' , Carnel'nc ami have no hesitation in ��� -'recommending it to all stock  owners as a first-class food, and is ROod  for 'fattening ' and keeping'all kinds of  stock in pood condition.���Yours truly S  .1. THOMPSQM,. Provincial Veterinarian  Vou can  obtain  it  from your dealer.  TV H..' METCALFE" A. CO.  Gi*s!n and Commission fBorohant*.  HI|;lio��t prie����n paid for wheat, Oats, barley or.liux Ui carlots. Wlr�� or'write . m��  for prlcoK before solliiifj. Liberal adVon-  cei mado on couHijriiniontu mid handl��4  on commlsHlon.   Xtlceusud and Bonded.  P. O. liox 5.10, .fVlutii'pesr, 'Man.  aiHSPERiAL'MAPLE STRUF  The qwtiiity-fttandnrd from Ocem t-  Ocfiin. Your money haclj If not Mii  ls factory. '      - -      ,.',--  ROHEA r.AJF-I.AMi>TE,Art��., MONTHK/i  "drunkenness-^" "dTsease"  nnd enn ho cuiod nt  THE ICEELEY  INSTITUTE  133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.    J'.stablishod 18S0.  Over 800,000 eno-.a.    Don't  1)0  deceived   If you  vrant a cure    Take   Tl>�� Kvolcy   whero   yoa  aro troiiteii by  a.  qualified   physician.   Corres-  pondonca strictly privuio.  W,    !>3.    KJ.    r*Jo.    rCt.OT. ,^**»**«'*«sw»*«ww1*^^ K*^«-rj:—«■"«■*"*.	
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P/'i-VI'I ?TO'-'S, B. C.
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Write it 3 V-0:3.
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Do Ion W'a^t ro Sake a Dollar? If so
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t.!vrr^.:r.£u.,   au..tl-ci   --  .» .-^ j ^^   AtU ,,dnda:a r;3e for Ladies   T?^"^
for lire by :, tl)droh n*.-.^ wu"*1^-; oJ r^P^j0-^n ni^k-1 or   Gun Alohsl    g^ |? £| .Sh§ ^'
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1   ■      ,   «i, ./irihod  fl'tS*] K,*ai"'-i ^.10 riov/  i-ollincc fit 15   cent      t-a
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.000 Slaws.    - -      ' Fa* Valiw $1 Each.
«■   Tb^^»rtl*«'c»-JiU1Suikl»ttol«u..a7,SI0'»0lB-.b«.d all d.m.ri.^  to W
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M ,  ;——
s'A. ' F-^r fyr'.her'information apply to tbo , .
f>.        '        ofaoial Brokers oi' tHe As^noia Sinoiter Limited.
,   '     '" r   ,        II.S.CAMEKON, y.ritiuipeg, Man.
?011iu:> & MUEr.AV, 'i'oronto, Ont        R>_ j^ STE£Lj jrELSc»r, D. O.
'/.. WMOOKTS ef-. CO., Viotoria,  R C. or o
rr«? i     S V
"■ I        ■?;>
0. Ji. DOTTGLAS if«-. CO. Vancouver, " JJEALE, HUTCHISON ^ ELWELL-,
TV"! n'wcGA^KON, 15prri&burgh,Out, ^°yie> B' U"     ■
Hc^ Oaco^ol tbo OoinDany, Sootd 35A)5 K-W-0 Block5 Nb1Sob5 B..0.
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_.<- j...-   ,.                                                 -,    .   1-1   -,.   -*        i, ',<i i',i'..> Ft. East, Toronto, Oijt. , ^^^^^^rx^c^-^z-
Hlv. M. i). Atki-Jou m>." eiu'l *'---   :i -   , -J-j      ■ • -■	
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ladies/ naicL   the   prenclier,   aLttr  a^
V.vOOO-5. 1 -;  ; __,  __.    ,—,    vr^ --??■ 'VT-fi
B. O OHAB. V.  OA»BBLi,-f||l A y J IJ;
_^^       Funeral Director ,    AVi^ ^ ii^
•V.".. ,:..3 -.i-'.i-"     .;   .    ""  "T „   ," "^5'ifMfAy   c:.  ^>T^AM
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r*cvernl  ijo.oo  t-.i*.', --    - - -
Woico,'  ^   the    premier,   aU«   a*, ^.li^ld,!], ~^Z^
^vKwr-n*. :ia^p,"*ho   u,   ^^   ^-*-? ',',«. r?^^ 77    T^K^   S -  "; ^ ', ..---. ,-,-■-*T ^^^'I*M^
their hd:; .1. i".'-•-•-•■ *'"-    1"--!-   '' ■"     ; _,._,, ;  a >-w.-.   •-  -    *'. *- —- -^
r,v!,-;'-i:.j'.iu  v..-   <...: c-.;v!      _   •• i s?on**p?et-- ; ,-&;co-
■-'il(    •^SO!"'   on Ijj.vk.^':..    ]Cxrr.v,n   and   CsFS" f ^ j (J ^an'O^OOlS.
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GL-Hd»aio of.Ohampion:,OoHoge ot  the
j Dnjted StateM.    Upholstering ano gen-;
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istw. Aikea'fl   block,  now CstrHu.n .
! P^vik ot Comroerce.    Tele^rnpb- sml;
J m,fl orders pronely attended to.        | ^^ ^^ ^^^g! in the 00Untry.     Try5« W*
1 qp-pr P8Bpr Porter and Bolt BO
'*■-'*-•'-'-^" "'  "       '                                        --.i1'    .'l0SO!"<*'   on            Ij-os^'.,    ]Cxrr.v,n   and   CisrsrrAi 1 (l^an'orOOlSl, ^"' ^! "        ,                    Ka f<nrro5neeC*..
«-'*■•         '"*,"■    'J'^or.*'           CS                  ' '          ,       ^,^^^^^-^-w-..^-=cwr3*rrx--*v*7i^«-'-*2£i^* '
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d-V, ,,*,MHckW u„t,! 3-:, r- •-:   em v-'.'.i   i---.   •'■-■ »n   '.»'.«..su.s ,-.y*o'i,i--.,-.-rli".--.. =-■            ,                                       5 if*s^   je. A,..s-J             a.^ ** ^ ^.™^-«e        |
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 .           .t..^,      ,       x.                 "   ' ! ',   ,  • -'I,-.,     .it Troubles.                      !.*-.■„. i.**'V^.-      --  •    .-1. *-•*-• *•-*,            j^    '.           ;•!,.;..            •;-,:                  ,;; ^
tors, w- *. :-s. .  ;     ;'    ;•;; ;Pi,. ,riS1, r.t wo,1:j ,0..j              * ^n^*> :       Ve   il   "    -1 '•;-      ;-'- -^-* '.rr<w,?> rr^r anfi well Piimislied. The |
:■:'» '•    ■--      ;      ,. „ , ■V'TO'M;o«r:o:v;i'r  1      , .    • i                 ■                          :;; *""' \ ^AA7f:, r-r^".?:~fn-rLi^d -witli the Best'tne I
1-     „„7.'. V.^-.-  •''■
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:;;^;£;;;;;L;-^-;,S,!l2?-'' all: the   Principal
.-..bd^fard^rur Toronto and   all   whorG vou ,v;n nmi lluriargef-t  Ktoo   , |>^(||§1    ^ij|y|r *«fiS^
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s,-."-^      ■'-'■■!.:.,   ., -ay,   •-.-..,.!„*    h-,,0    r,n   ;:,V5v:c''.'* ! ^V-^--''5raiUlin»; :M:a *'f iM-l!>"-''' !
i l
In McGregor Building.
; Open Wendnesdays
'-       : 'and Saturdays
\¥. li. Stonb, 1'rop.


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