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The Moyie Leader Jan 2, 1909

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Goer;    LCl("i:i     .V( W    v-tt    r,
ir NO, 39
$2 A   VKAR.
IA'!though bur recent'Special Sale was* an unified success, yet it did not wipe uh out of
article of special value. Next Monday we
fhave a row of tables down tlie center of our
with , special goods and special ■ prices. We
ft/sell in order to make room for spring goods
shVil.1 begin to'arrive early next'month.   , ,
fon't fail' to  watch  our    "Bargain   Tables.'!
0 VOV.   QUALITY.  ' ^ '     ''    '
Lost Opportunities.
% \ Tdbaeos,      Confectionery
°'\ '{ ' \ FRTTIT,,EXC.      ' ? "/'   ""'   '
and "Accident Insurance.
<vy,^. ■ >;-«0YIElB;.C;:
f? 1- •
'     , '.   ,
C»  j,.   ,
- -* <- ?f
'- i> .-
^TISFIED.,CirST01IBRS.   ^re   the'^best ad-
lents.   /These are a, few of,the .Leaders which "make
tbmers csatisfiecl. '' ■„ 'A ''"»'       ^      "■'','   ;   '„'
; . -   ,'    . i : f,   '       -'.' " ■* , <      '
fd Gate^Coifee.'- .\V ,'- a\ ' ." "   '!   " 4- '~>   v "
|d.Grate*_.Tea%*'. a^v
p^ary Milling^Co's: Flour
ckman;&;Ker?s Rolled"Oats.
1 range cof staple and fancy groceries^
J*-    Ui .
[Begin'the New' Year-withgood resolutions,-
„&n.d order'3Toui\ groceries  from. , L
rie Co-Operative Association, Ltd
r I , •* ' , ^
' 1 "
Union1 men stand up^for  your, principle,1
and buy'union goods from  a
''   *'  •.'       Union   store.     .„__„
Many leap year opportunities
were let go to waste right here in
Moyie. R«ally, now, what has
been the m'ltter with the many
maids and widow-? Every single
one of them knew"qn§te well what
leap year nSe'aut, ano^ that it happens only once every four-years,
and that it skips a notch evt*ry
century. Of'course some of the
best "eligiblea" in Moyie were
caught, but we are sure there are
several left who would not have
said "no" if the right girl had
come along and asked him.     You
** *
ar»k, who are, they?   "Well  here's
a shortlist, for luck:' ,
Andy Johnston, on the siinny
side of '10, inclined to stoutness,
but has a very'young heart. " ■
, Chas. Farrell, , knows all there
is, to - be known about mining.'
Has good habits', and appreciates,
good cooking. t Ago 'approximately 42," but land sake?, guessing is
dangerous work.       ■, . V '
Mike Torpy, dances, beautifully
arid is quitea favorite. Would be
a,good catch for any girl,'  *'       '
Ben Evans, can whistle  iri  two
.      f ...
keys at the si me time, aud would
rather   argue '- than ^ • eat.'   ( Age
unknown, *     L" "       ' ,
E. G. Grvynne, shrewd b.usiriess
man.' ^.Pinds chief pleasure" in'fish-
ing'and huriting. lfas0to„put up
with boarding houses juHt afc present.'^,    '<- (i     ; *' \, r '
,'W. J,."I^dItham,''old enough to
have sense,' and has it, Is inclined* to "be bald: Still safely
under, the'.meridian.of Jife,*.and
guaranteed    by',' his' , friends   to
I      U      . r. . .        ,
stand well after hitching.
,. *Dick Brown,'age about 23,  and,
quite, handsome.'   lias' a .'private
yacht, arid life to his 'wife  would
J.  ,    ' -1      ■ ,     - o i.... r.   .
be one long summer dream.
* Arthur'Roberts^ under  30  yet-,
but, no,   marked    disposition ^to
change his manner bf living in the'
very" near,.'future. ''Knows'^good
ice'wlieri he sees- ib.-'j Only fault,
V. DesaiiJnier Hurt:
Victor Desaulnier, of the Central hotel, wa3 knocked down and
rendered uuconseious by a coasting sled .with two boys on' it Tuesday aboiirC noon.* Be was picked ' .^'Ij1
up and,carried to the hottd and
Dr. Coffin was summoned, aud he
soon recovered safBsieubly to be
removed to his home on- Lake
street. Mr. Desaulnier was walking in the middle of Queen^
avenue when the sled struck him,
and he was thrown in the air and
struck the ground on tb'erbaekof
his liead. Ha received such a
shaking up from his fall that it
was not until yesterday that he
was able to be again out on the
streets.      , •* .    ""
I        LOCAL 4SSAVS. *
4J 5^:-5S^aF*^33>*5.-5^^->-539S93S=t5*
r'rof. Hatch is in town.
skafciag" at
Watch.  Nighl Service.
There was a watch/night social
at the ifethodist church' New
Year's eve., ,,In! ;the afternoon
there was a party for the ifethodist children, rind in the evening at
8 o'clock there was a concert and
short program for the older peo-J
pie. , This was -followed by the
Serving'of refreshments, and then'
*- j. i ' ■* t
a watch-night service* was held
and continued-until,.the dawn" of
the new year."    -       .   *   ,. *
**. I ■  .* .   '
Blasted in-Mine.
There is   excellent
nyie rip»k.
Moyie is to' have a hospital.
This is »definite statement.
Patrick Keaney-is up from his
farm on the lower Al.jyie   river.-
Miss Ni'cholson has gone to the
coast to attend normal school,^
The iftoyie school will again be
open next Monday/
A. B. Stewart now has a supply
of sheet music'in stock. '
There were services at the Catholic church yesterday.
D. J. Elmer was up from Cranbrook Wednesday.   '
Oscar Johnson had his shoulder
dislocated while working,,in the
mine Tuesday night. ,
The "3i Plunkard" show had a
good houte last Saturdiy night.
■ The family pf<, A. J. Flood arrived here.Tuasday, from Alberta.
,■ Miss Christina ' Blackburn left
"Wednesday-fori Nanaimo, where
her aunt resides. ,
Dave   Watson    was    up' from
Cranbrook the' first of the* week"!
visiting with his" father. \"     I
"Born—To Mr.* and Mrs, Pred
Perkins on-'Tuesday, December
29 th, a'daugh'ter.   _m
LOST—Lady's  fur. .'at   Morley
1909 ■
re enter th'e now year-  we
thr p ople1 of ^loyie for "ihe   very
given u.*> viurin*' yjJS.-
As wi
wisJi   to   thank
lars^e   l^einess
The ]*>srt year lias (jterr oiftf ol' rKdrke^ progress W\.
■ ni' tlio growl J* of yioyhf and* we' eiH^i- KCIT Vith If
'assured confiderrcc hi tfro'fatnr^ Or £&r tofrn/ fe
, fe. s
^ During 590S o'ur Dusincsff Iva's'batF a pfei>'ofr5:)al ||'
g/'owth, and' in order to" ina'ke room for -the in- fo'
creased stock that our present ..business demands M
we have,recently .added 12C0 feet of floor 'q-ace i'i
to our store and warehouses. ; -   «
i (
If vou have not been one of our customers' in
past, begin lhe nen' year by giving, us  your  order.
Onr stock is always complete with everything' you
•require.   Our. goods are  fresh, ,wc,keep  only 'the
best, bran-Is.'     We stand back, of "everything Jwy
sell, and we guarantee .our prices.
, ,r      ' ^ '> , '*,      '
We wish  you all a happy and prosperous New Year ' ■'
t i i i i m
-t / ,       e \\ ,
i ( ' ' (    »* j
MacEachecn :'& Macdonald
Card, of Thinks
'While picking ore down a'chute
at the upperrworking3 of "the Stf )
Eugene   mine Wediip^day, after- tali Tuesday   night.'  Finder'will
noon,  James    B.oyIe,«  a   mucker,  Please leave same afc this office,
struck a portion of a stick of pow-      John Feroglia and ,son John are
der and   was' blasted.   One  eye away on at trip  to Spokane and
was'blown out arid the  other one  Roslyn, Wash,   , "       , *
was seriously injured^ but there is 1 ■ , Presbyterian,' church. * Service
a, chance of saving-,, the,' sight. |0n Sunday evening- at, 7:30. >-Sub-
Yesterday' the ay^er* stopped at ject, ':The Cross ' and, the' Law.'!
Moyie and,tbe ,unfortnna'te3man^ Mrs. Gilbert wiil'sing: All
was taken to Sjaokane to^ an  eye "cordially 'invited fco"atfceud.:
' '■»..
w"    '.S      (. -""
Pf>d -ll Q-l T.'^-£L-
_-» '- ^-J.l^»,
-  La'       >      LUrL  )        ' ~ I
The' "Wilson-Watkins. ■ orchestra
"   ,-esi _
A party was given in honor bf
MisSjNellie Ilaggarty at the home
of Mr.' and Mrs, Dimock Wednesday evening./'   ' ,'*..'
The new officers,in the Odd Pel-
■ MOYIE'S    LEADING^'  HOTEL. ' $.'
otel Kootenay  1
The best of aeconimodations
i s ^
for ^ the Traveling* Public.
rge and Commodious Sample Rooms.
Billiard Booms.
McTAVISH & CAMERON Proprietors.
.THE    jjpw 'YEAR,  IS  THE   TIMK  FOR
Gbod Resolution^ --
the fjllowing good ones for 1939 and you  will  not  regret.
ft E. A. Hill carries .the best underwear.    (Stanfields.)
[B*9t Shoes.    (S latere.)
Best ClotlAng.(20 Century.)
^fc it is a "pleasure not a habit" to wear these brands
-   ' ii	
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Capital  Authorized—--—.-——$10,000,000.
CapitalVPaid ~Vp——-—--"—.----^,000,000
Rest—'—7-lrr^—.————-—-—-5.0Q0.060   :
- -'Al* ■*" i'
'AtTx. Mclntyre'^ makes *a* livirig
by teaching the youth of 'Moyie
to utter polite remarks in. correct
English. Good looking ' and hair
inclined to be curly. Said to be
extremely hbuie loving.
Wm.' Jewell, &/?« - about 30,
great lover of horseflesh. Said to
be discontented with the life of a
bachelor.        * '
Dr." J. W. Coffin, knows* all
about microbes, and would , insist
on his wife boiling the aqua pura.
Would appreciate a nice, tidy
home, with cooking just like
mother used to do. Has probably
been spoken for.'
Arthur Lufcner; young and has
lovely hair. Can . manipulate a
typewriter to perfection, and can
write with' tremeudous speed,
"Nbsris the time for all good men
to come to the. aid of the party." '
F/'ed Kessler, age about 30, and
slightly bald. Owns a nicely furnished home. Is associated with
Morley hall, and getting into a
shew on passes is oue of the
greatest treats in the -world.
R. A. Smifcfc, postmaster and
shoemaker. Has home already
furnished, and is just waiting for
the right party to comejalong.
Thos. E. Kelly, good habits and
disposition and just the right age.
Can tell a union man at sight and
is a constant reader of the Appeal
to Reason.
Roland Gamble, knows more
about baseball than the man who
invented the game. Is quiet and
refined.     Somewhat basSiful.
gave a splendid; dauce^m,.Morley , i ,.,   ,-      .,,,..-.-,,   -,--.
u •• i    x.   -• TI  '    'i .ui ^--V *  .---lows,, lodge will be .-installed' next
hall last night, -f and 'the '.dancing "J,,'   j-1 .-■     ,      -, ,,_,    *.  . .
"c     ■■  -.  --   .-=A, r   'r .-•.' ■   ..     t.Tuesday evening,  and  the mitia-
for ,prize3 'Was  -aa   interesting «i ,,' .,,,"■'     ,
r   1 rt  ^   c xl • '    " t        tory degree will be conferred,
feature.    Out of the many contes-
tants the judges ^fiaally  decided
upon the   following:'. Best. wait
' Editor Leader:' Will you kindly allow me, through the medium
of,your -piper, to ,.thank my
friends in\ Moyie for the presentation and the /friendly letter
accompanying it, , which ' were
given me at the train ,when leaving!' lvalue the gold, but'higher
still do I prize the kindly sentiments expressed and which , will
be long and greatfully; remembered by nie. Where'er my lot
may be,cast in future Moyie will
be one of, the brightest. spots in
my 'memory,' and I' wish for it and
its kind hearted,people the best
of prosperity in the' years to
come. Very sincerely yours," 7
Fort Steele," Dec. 28th, 1908.'
New York—Bar silver/ ■f0»'ct»:
Lead $4.75.   "''  Copper^ 1*1^ cts.!
. LoNDON-rLead, £13,      '  ' '
More than 500 men are working
in the coal mine at Coleman, Alta.
Fresh eggs in Mjyie are. worth'
90 cents, a dozon, and are scarce
at that price.    * " .      '
■   The Nelson car  service is ?o be
restarted  in .Ta'miary.    The   city
will furnish free power from Bon:'
nington Falls. ' ' ''_7
. Seat for  Teiripleman.
It is learned from reliable sour-
s Good    reports   come ȣrom   the\.
Eureka mine, ■ at  Sindoii, where
large bodias   ,of   ore    are   being
blocked but/ The ,veins  are  said1
to be a contrnutcioa   of the   rich
Slocan  Stnr   JeaJ<*,   beiag in  the'"1
same belt and of the SAtnn grade.   ]
*  The seniors beat the juniors in1
tha  hockey   game   last Sunday
,Mrs."H.   Sfceuarfc and  Thos>fternopn at the rink by 'a.scorc «s that Sloan will shortly resign
' , . of 4 to 1 his seat in Comox-Afclin  to make/
way for the  election   of Temple-/    By an  explosion   of dynamite,*
This is thought to ,be  the I which they  were   thawing
Hare.   Best in the two-step, Mrs
P. F. Johnston  and A.  G.\ Monk-
house.   The judges .were - E.  Pat-
requin, Herb   Jackson and  F. J,
Smyth. .
Hockey Items,
There will be hockey practice
at the rink tomorrow afternoon
from 2 to 3, and skating from 3,to
5, and also in the evening. Hockey practice in future will be on
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays
commencing at 7 o'clock, And ou
Wednesdays &ud Saturday at,9
o' clock.
Will Institute Lodge,
Where He Saw Him.
Sayings bank department.
*! !*(v^?P^r®s**N°wed--<^ date of
ISfc''-' J.VF, M. PIN KHAM, Manager.
^S5?S^ 3»»eo»»®i»«®®®©»«®^«^»#o«3r»®«®®e«o*»»»®***»*e®*'
-  ..» J"*
»    * * j  ■*>
Ju,dge—Have jrou been ar-
vps ted-before?
Prisoner—No, sir.
Judge—Have you boen in thi s
court b efor  i j
Prisoner—No, sif.*
Judge—Are you certain?
Prisoner—I am, sir.
Judge—Your face looks decidedly familiar. Where have I
seen it before?
Prisoner—I'm the bartender in
the soloon across the way. sir, —
Harper's weekly.
A Masonic lodge will be instituted afc Creston next Thursday
evening, January 7th, by Edward
Elwell of Cranbrook, -deputy
grand master. He will be assisted by members of the fraternity from both Moyie and Cran-
Electric Lights.
Good progress is being made in
installing the electric light system, and it will not be long until
tho ligts will be working. Chas.
Messenger has boen appointed
secretary of the Telephone   and
Electric Light company.
Lalje Frozen Over.
Moyie lake froze over Tuesday
night, and by Thursday morning
it was sufficiently strong for skating. Last year the, lake did not
freeze over until the 12th of January.    . ■•';."'   ■'   •■■'.■"' ■
Eastern   Hockey.
Edmonton, the challengers for
the Stanley cup were defeated
Monday pigh* at Montreal in the
first of the two games with the
champion Wanderers by a score
(of 7 g.cals to&
The Wilson-Watkins orchestra
furnished music for the Railway
men's dance at, Cranbrook New
Year's Eve. The orchestra is iu
great demand, and they aie putting, up.- the best music in-the
Miss E. St. Clare Pike ai rived
here Thursday from Chilliwack,
and will assume her duties Monday as teacher in the junior room
of the Moyie school.   *
Jack McKay and family returned ' Tuesday from Creston,
where they spent their Christmas
with relatives.
The Moyie Bakery wishes to
thank the public for their liberal
patronage during the holidays,
and wishes all a happy and prosperous new year.
Howard Patrequin left Monday
to spend the winter at his old
home in Nova Scotia. He will return to Aloyie some time in
For the Odd Fellows' dance on
the 13th the Wilson-Watkins orchestra has been engaged, and
supper will be served at the Cosmopolitan hotel.
Services at 11 a. m, and 7;30 p.
m. in the Methodist church on
Sunday, The evening subject
will be "The Guide ot Actions."
In the morning the choir will sing
"The Glory Song." in the eveniug
Mr. W. H Arscott will siag,
"Abide with Me." .Strangers
man.    xnis is tuougnc to ,oe   tire i wrrica  cuey   were   ma wing    in  a
only way in which a post for tho   frying pan,   two   Chinamen   were
New Building.
Calder  Bros, have  the  founda
tion  l»,id    for  the    new Conrad
building  on   Victoria  street.   It
will, be 30x40 feet in size  and one-
storey in height for  the  present!
The building will be completed in
nbout a mont's time., It   will be j
occupied immediately upon corn-J
representation of British Columbia in the Dominion cabinet will
be secured, as advices from Ottawa state positively that unless
a seat is provided foiv Tenipleman
his post will go to.a' prairie pvo-
vince. '
instantly killed and a third wai
seriously injured at Duncans, near
Nanaimo. The men killed were
cut up in a terrible mnuner, fragments of their bodies being scattered everywhere about the
Fifty Years the Standard. A Pare
Cream of Tartar Po wder. Makes
finest cake and pastry, light, flaky
biscuit, delicious griddle cakes
~-palztable aud wholesome.
No alitm, no i&ie-phosphates
NOTE*-Avoid bating- powders made
from alum.. Xkey look ljk<e pure powders, and may raise the cake, but alum
is a poison and no one can eat focsj
mixed-with it-without injury to hcaljtj^,
' 1
1 '-
- 3"
i <■•
'    V'1'
/■ 'A,
i'-'.i <
i ,3S-I
j* tr   9
f ■$&!
U,'k ■
■■<%•') ^
. ';\, ' -*".
ll. vv.
■ ^ fit
-**)  '    \'H?.
ti- i^.vtt'j!
-i.    J.'.,?.
s 7 >,' ,*;«.'
^. - .-v
A,'   ?-f{
r t^
'. ij
t&-r'i -4  <' X r *���*.  .+ ��. -**t?  .'���*'*A '  ���it?  THE    LEADER,    MOYIE,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  -.��,��" * V   .'i ('  .-'.'  7-ii<*<  'y\  ,  vS-fJ'.'V^'���* *'��' >  r *.**   -* r*-.   ,, -j>~ ,  t A:'-l-''i"i.iiiKA7".  The Spoilers.  By   REX E.  BEACH.'  Copyright,   r305.   by   tics   E.   Beach.  ,        1       '    "-I-    15.*-''. ,       *  1        1    ���>    -,J      * './���      >' ,J, J"  ,  ,,���"%���'&.**".{���. ...h  ���j"'V>�� '*�� -is.' 4, ���>  a. ) ���*���'���- ,���.*' n/.r.]..*'  I*      ',       ','J.{!-'.'1   .1.-5 1   ^'i  i'^��'$-;����T*  ''���te.fe':'-1^'  p    -i'        ,   ,   '] &f��&%.{$&fi  (Continued}  Tuvy were long out of sight before  the   girl   moved   or   made   souud,   although sire knew that none of the three  hud   paused   at   (he  .bentl.     She   only  stood and gazed, for as they galloped  off she had heard the scrap of a broken  sentence.    It   was,   but   one   excited  '' word, sounding through the  rattle  of  hoofs���her  own   unme���-'Delen!"   and  yet because of it she did not ioiee the  alarrn,   but rather  began to  piece "together bit by bit the strange points of  this adventure.fr   Rhe recalled the outlines of her captor with a'Wriukle of  i perplexity.   Her'fright disappeared entirely,  giving place  to intense excitement.   "So, uo; it can't be!   And yet'I '  ���wonder if it  is!"  she cried.    "Oh,   I  wonder if it could be!"  She opened her lips to cry aloud, then  hesitated. She started toward . the  jtents, ihen pauseel, and for many moments' after the hoof .heats had died'  out she stayed undecided. Surely she  wished to give the signal, to force the  lierce pursuit' What,meant tills robbery, this'defiance of'the ,luw, of her  uncle's edicts and of McXamara? They  were common .thieves, criminals, outlaws, these men, 'deserving punlsh-  raient, knnd yet she recalled a darker  night, when she herself had1 sobbed  mul quivered, with the terrors of pursuit and .'two rneu had shielded her  with their bodies. ' ���  *=ch�����turned,���.and   sped   toward* the  <*     ti   i*      l*   ,#*      i���il   l*   W VI*" '      b  ���       .      ,'   IU  ''tfj ->'?<J'fl'"  *  ���,U%&^'Ai'l'7l  \*K {��*���;' Ujj i  ,    Vi* W*^\ .  ��mylJkAuif  r'S^fe^,'..-';  ��.-A;  via * :?i-.  ";��ir. w. ^Srs  '������Lit-*-��!> ���ri'J.  M^'^r^ri  4'.'.'a  #��>;#$���l  1 v  - ������. f, **. *i><4Bi  "*"������   '-.^  ��� rt-;ci'^","'.(?,w,-r;V..tL''."',  >C  ,, fi-Mi,- -j>������ *j'i',',v-iv v.'i" 'Jr  :.- _).. J M:��tfv^*- jljVS ;r ,4.,  ��� V'V!''^i-<-T'!'A^,V'-.. i&-:,;'  :. ��"*?lm-Vi! :.;yAiv-,'.r;.U���A  V^'f^s,'  -: .-fe}1;^:?;-''-^^    ,  pK'i^iiVfefe^*y .  ;l':i"�� -**��<'- Ji�� v  |{0*:V^^.;|p  us.-:.---:''-''.'/''',*ivS:,-  ;^-t' *^'y y'*7\i?7 .'i  .''" *���'��� !i'-3';:V>>  S-ssfSS  s-i-v-;  ism-a'^  :������  tents, bursting in through the canvas  door.    Instantly every' man rose< to his  feet 'at sight  pf* her'pallid  face,' her  Hashing eyes and rumpled hair,  f  , "Sluice robbers!'!   she' cried  breathlessly.   "Quick!  A holdup! The watchman is liurt!"     , ' ,  , A roar shook ,the night air, and the  men   poured out past  her,   while  the  day  shift came, tumbling forth  from  tiyery quarter iu various stages of, un-  , dress.          _                            .   V  <   "Where?' Who did  It?   .Where'did  >��� they' go?"    o '        "i    ,     '  McXamara appeared among them,  fierce and commanding, seeming to  grasp the situation intuitively without  explanation from 'lier.      ���  ���'Come on, men. .We'll run 'em down.  Get'out the horses.  'Quick!"       ,   ''  He was mounted even as he spoke  , and other joined him.    Then, turning,  uhe waved his long arm up the valley  toward'the .mountains.   ,'"Divide into  squads   of   five   and   cover   the   hills!  Run  down  to  Discovery, one of you,  nnd   teleph'one   to   town   for '"Voorhees  nnd a posse."      ' ,,,     ' ' ,, ,  As they made ready to"'ride away  th'e girl cried: " , ' ���>  . "'Stop!, Not that way. They went  down the gulch���three negroes." ' '*  She pointed out of the1,valley toward,  the dim glow on the southern horlzdn,  and the cavalcade* rode 'away into the  gloom.      ' ' * '  the  river bluffs,  where,   cleverly  concealed    among   the    willows,    was   a  rocker.    This ithey   set  up.  then  proceeded to wash the dirt from the sacks  oarefully, yet vritb   ills utmost speed,  for theTe- was  serio-rs danger of discovery-   It was wondcrfnl, this treasure of   the   riches r' ground  since  the  elays of '49, and The' men worked with  shining e*ye��; and hands, a-tremble. The  gold was coarse, and many ragged, yel  low  lumps,  loo large  to pass through  the screen, rolled in rbe hopper, while  the aprons bellied with it** weight.   In  the pans whi< h they 5mel provided there  giew a gloaming heup of wet, raw golel.  Shortly, hy <liveig?nt routes, the partners rixle ipinoticoil into town and into  the   excitement   of   the  holdup   news,  while    the   tardy   still   lingered   over  their breakfasts.    Far out in the roadstead   lay  the   Iloauoke,   black'smoke  pouring from her stack.   A tug was returning from it*, last trip to her.  Glenister forced his l.-rthe>red horse  elown ~to the beach and questioned the  loutf-.boreuieu, who bung about.  "Xo. It's too late to get aboard--^  the last tender i*-; ou its "way back,"  they informed him. "If you waut to  go to the 'outside.' you'll have to wait  for Uie fleet. That only means another  week, and���there she blows now." "  A ribbon of white* mingled with the  velvet from ,the steamer's funnel, and  there came a slow, throbbing, farewell  blast. ' '  (.  Glenister's jaw clicked and squared.'  ."Quick,  yoii   men!"''lie cried  to   the  I  Ur. creek' the .three negroes fled  past other'camps, to where th  stream Mranchod Here the;  took   to ���the'right and   urged  CITA.PTER X  'fled,  the  iy  irrged  their horses .Tion!*/ a forsaken trail to  the headwaters of (he  little tributary  and over the low saddle.   They had endeavored to reach unfrequented -paths  as- soon as possible In order that they  might pass un noticed.   Before quitting  the   \alley   the.v   halted   their  heaving-  horses and. selecting a stagnant pool,  scoured   the  grease   paint  from   llielr  features   as   best   they   could.     Their  ears^were strained for souuds of .pursuit, but as ,the moments passed and  none   came   the   tension   eased   somewhat,  aud they  conversed guardedly.  'As   the   morning   light   spread   they  ��� crossed the moss capped summit of the  range, but paused again, and, removing two saddles,  hid them, among, the  . rocks.     Slapjack   left! the  others here  nnd   rode   southward   down   the   Dry  ���Oreek 'trail   toward   town,   while  the  partners   shifted   part   of   the   weight  from the overloaded pack mules to the  remaining   saddle   animals .and   continued    eastward    along    the    barren  comb of hills on foot, leading the five  horses.  "It' don't seem   like we'll  get away  this easy," said  Dextry, scanning the  back trail.    "If we do, I'll be tempted  to   toiler   the   business   reg'lar.     This*  grease   paint on  rny   face   makes  me  .smell like a minstrel man.   I bet'we'll  get  some   bully   press   notices   tomorrow."  "I wonder what nelen was doing  .there," Glenister answered irrelevantly, for he had boen more shaken by  his encounter with her than at bis part  in the rest of tho enterprise, ami his  mind, which shoukl have been busied  with the flight, held nothing but pictures of her as she stood in the half  darkness under the fear of his Winchester. "What if she' ever learned  ���who that black rullian was!" He  quailed at the thought.  "Say, Dex, I am going to marry that  ffirl."  "r dun no if you be or not," said Dextry.   "Better watch McXamara."  "What?" The younger man stopped  and stared.   "What do >ou mean?"  "Go on. Don't stop the horses. I.  ain't blind. I kin put two an' two together."   ..',- ���- ''..]������.,���  "You'll never put those two together.  Nonsense! Why, the man's a rascal.  I wouldn't let hirii have her. Besides,  it couldn't Trc. She'll Ghd him out. I  love her so much that���oh, my feelings  are too big to talk about." He moved  his hands eloquently. . "You can't understand."  '���'Um-ni!    I s'poso not." grunted ..Dex-'  ���������try. 'but his eyes were level and held  the light of the past.  "He may be a rascal,'' lhe oltl man  continued, after a little. "I'll put in  with you on that, but he's a handsome  devil, and as for manners he iriakea  you look like a logger. He's a brave  man too. Them three qualities are  trump cards and ' warranted to take  most any queen' in the human deck-  rod, white or yellow."  "If he dares," growled Glenister.  while his thick brows came forward,  and ugly lines hardened ln his face.  In the gray of the early morning  they descended the foothills into the  wide valley of tlie- Nome river and  fil'-i out across the rolling country to  sailor-?. ��� "I want the lightestadory on  the beach and the strongest .oarsmen  in the crowd. I'll be back iu five'minutes. There's,a liundri'd .dollars In It  for you if we catch that ship."  Ilo whirled and spurred up through  the mud of the streets.   Bill Wheatou'  was snoring luxuriously when wrenched from0 his���bed by a disheveled man  who shook.'hini into wakefulness'and  Into a 'portion of his'clothes, .with'n  stonu ,'of   excited   instructions.     Tho  lawyer   had   neither   time   nor  oppor-'  tunity for expostulation, for Glenister  snatched; a valise and, swept Into1-it'a  litter pf documents from the .table.  '"Hurry up,  man!", he yelled, as the  -lawyer dived frantically about,his office  in  a. rabbit-like   hunt   for-items.  '"My   heavens,   are',you  dead?   .(Walce',  up!   The 'Ship's leaving."    With sleep'  jj1 still in'his eyes, Wheatou, was dragged  down tne,street to the beach, where'n  'knot, had   assembled   to   witness   the  'race,   xls they-tumbled into the skiff,"  willing hands ran it out into the surf  on the crest of a roller   A few lifting  heaves  and   they   were  oyer 'the   bar  ��� with the men at the oars"bending the  white ash at every swing.  "'"I  guess  I  didn't  forget  anything,"  gasped Wheatofi as he put on his coat.  "I got^ ready yesterday, but I couldn't  find you  last  night,  so I .thought the  deal' was off."     , '  Glenister'stripped oft" his coat and,  fuclng���th<* .bowc pushed upon the oars  at    every f stroke*,   .thus',. adding , his  .strength io that of the oarsmen.   They  crept rapidly out-from the beach, eating up the two miles tliat lay toward  the ship.    He urged the mon with all  his    power    till 'the    sweat�� soaked  throi-gh their clothes and, under- their  clinging shirts,, the muscles'stood out  like iron.    They,,had.  covered lialf the  distance  when Wheatou uttered, a cry  and Glenister desisted  from , his" work  with a curse    The Iloauol-'e was moving slowly.     '"',"'  The   rowers   re-te'd,   hut' the  young  I man  shouted  at  Ilioin   td  hog-in   again  and, seizing a boat hook, stuck it'into  the arm  of his cout.     lie waved, this  on high while the men redoubled their  efforts    ,For many .moments they hung  in  suspense,   watching   the  black  hull  asif gathered speed, and then, as they  wei;e about to cease their effort, a puff  of steam   burst   from   its  whistle  and  the next moment a short toot of recognition reached them.    Glenister wiped  ihe moisture from his brow, and grin  n*:-0 at Wheatou.  A  quarter' of an  hour later as  the>  lay heaving Ix-low the fhip's steel sides  lie thrust a  1k*p.\,\   buckskin sack,Int  (he lawyer's h-.n-l  "Theio's money to win the fight. Bill,  t don't know how much, but it's  enough. God bless you. Hurry back!"  A sailor cast tlieni a whirling rope,  up which Wheaton clambered; "thou,  tying the gripsack to its eud. they sent  It after.  "Important!" the young man yelleti  at the ollicer ou the bridge. "Government business." He heard a muffled  clang In the engine room, the thrash  of the propellers followed, and the big  ship glided past.    '  As Glenister dragged himself up the  beach upon landing Helen Chester called to hirn and made room for him be-  siile her. It had never been necessary  to call him to her side before, and  equally unfamiliar was thp abashment  or perhaps physical weariness that led  the young man to sink back in the  warm sand with a sigh of relief. Rhe  noted .that for the first time the audacity was gone from his eyes.  "I   watched  your  race,"  she  began  "It was  very exciting,  and   I cheered  for you."  lie smiled quietly.  "What made you keep on after the  ship started? I shoukl have given up  ���and cried."  "I never give iip anything that I  want," he said.  "Have   you   never   been   forced   to?  Then   it   l*j   because  you   nre   a   man.  Women have io sacrifice a great deal."  Helen  expected   him   to  continue   to  the effect that he would never give her  tip���it-was in accordance with his earlier   presumption���but   lie   was   silent,  and  she  was ��� not  sure  that she liked  hlrus'as  well !th'u.s  as   when   he  overwhelmed her with (lie  boldness of, his,  suit.    For Glenister it   was delightful  after the  perils  of  the   night,   to  rest.  In the calm of 'her presence and to fee!  dumbly  that she  was  near.     She  saw'  hiin secretly caress a fold of her dress.  If only  s'ne 'had not the niemoi-y o,  that one night oil the ship..   "Still,  he  is trying to make amends-in   the.ben's  way   he* can," she  thought.     "Though  of course no woman could care for a  man who would do such a thing."   Ye*t  she thrilled at the thought of how ho  had  thrust his body between..her and  danger, how, but for, hi.s quick, insistent  action,  she .would   have   failed  in  escaping from the pest ship, failed in  her mission and met death on the iiight  of her landing.   She owed him much.   ���  "Did you hear what happened to the  good ship Ohio';" she risked.  "No.    I've been  too busy to Inquire.  I  was told  the health officers  quarantined her when sho arrived, that's all."'  ''She  was  sent  to  Egg island with  ev* aboard.   She has been there,  more than a month now and may not  get away tliis summer."  "What a disappointment for the poor  devils ou her!" ,  "Vej. and only for what you did, I  should be one of them,"' Helen re-  mart: ed.  "1 didn't do much," he snid. "The  fighting part is easy. It's not, half so  hard as to give up your property and  lie still while"���  "Did you do tliat because I asked  yon to���because I' asked you to' put  aside the olel ways?" A wave'of compassion swept over her.  "Certainly," he answered. "It didn't  come easy, but"���       * ,  "Oh, I thank you," said she. "I  know it is all for the best. ' Uncle  Arthur., wouldn't do anything wrongl  aud Mr. McXamara Is an honorable  man." , t  lie turned toward her t'l^speak, but  refrained, no &ou!d not tell her what  he felt certain of. She believed in her  own blood nnd in her, uncle's friends���  and'' it was not for him to* speak of,  McXamara. ' The rules of the game  scaled his lips. ���' ' ���  She was thinking again. "If only you  had not acted as'you'did." >��� She longed  to help him now In his trouble as'he  had helped her, but, what could she,  I do? The law was such a confusing,  intricate, perplexing thing.  "I spent last night at the Midas," she  told  him,   "and  rode, back early   this  morning. ���That was a daring holdup,  '���wasn't it?" '    '  "What holdup?" ' ' '     '  "Why, haven't you heard the'news?"  "No," he answered,steadily.'   "I just  got up."    ' _ "i  , "Your claim was robbed.. 0Three meij  overcame the watchman at midnight  and"cleaned the boxes."' ' .   >   ''  His simulation of excited astonishment was perfect,' and "he' rained a  shower ,of questions upon her,-l'She  lioted with approval that he did not  loqk her in the eye, (however. He was  not, an accomplished liar. ,, Now, Mc-  Namara had a countenance' of 'iron  .Unconsciously/'she made 'comparison^  and the young man at her side did not  lose thereby.     .    ���       ,,"���'_  "Yes,, I saw it .all,", she concluded,  after recounting the dctnlls. "The ne-'  grro wanted,to bind me so that I could  not give the.alarm,' but- his 'chivalry1  prevented. ,' He was a .most gallant  darky."    ,   .K*   '-r ' '       "    -  "What did^ you do when they left?"  "Whj\ I kept my, word- and waited  until they were ,out of sight; theVi I  roused the camp and "set Mr. McNa-  mara'*auclt. his men right after them  down the'gulch'." .,       ,  " "Dbwui the gulch!" spoke Glenister,  off'his g/uard.  r '.     ' '     '     * �� .   -  "Yes, of,course. Did you think they  went upstream?" She ,was looking  squarely at him now. and he dropped ,  his'eyes. "No;-|the' posse . started ln  that direction", but I put them' right."  There was an odd light In her glance,  nnd he felt the blood drumming in his^  ears.       ��� ' ,'��<,.'  Sire sent them'downstream!   So'that  was  why there'had-been  no pursuit^  Then she must suspect���she. must know  everything!    .Glenister-' was   stunned.  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J3ut Miss Chester, no long-15  er .feeling ��u re "that she,nhad the situation, in' hand.' had "already started t<'  return to the hotel. "I saw .the 'met-  distinctly,"  she told   him  before the;  Pills of/Attested Value.���Parmelee's  Vegetable Pills^are the result of cartful, study of the properties of certain  roorts�� and herbs, and .blhe aelion of  such as sedatives arid laxatives on  the digestive "apparatus. The success,,  the compounders have met with ,.at-  tests the value of their'-work. These  pills have been, recognized for '.many  years;, as the best cleansers of ��� the  system that can be got. '.Their excellence whs recognized from the'first  and tbey grow more popular daily. , '  Tlie four sacks -were dropped softly into  the feathery bottom.  separated, "and I could identify them  nil."  At his own house Glenister found  Dextry removing the stains of the  night's adventure.  "Miss Chester recognized us last  night," he announced.  "How do you know?"  "She told me so just now, and what's  more she sent McXamara and his  crowd down the creek instead of up.  That's why we got away so easily."  "Well, well���ain't she a brick? She's  ��ven with us now. I'y the way, I  wonder how much we cleaned up, anyhow���let's weigh It." Going to tho bod,  Dextry turned hack tho blankets, exposing four mooseskin sacks, wet and  heavy, where he had thrown them.  "There must have boen .fliO.OOO with  what 1 gave Wheatou." said Glenister.  At that moment, without warning,  the door was thing open, nuel as the  young man jerked the blankets Into  place he whirled, snatched the six  shooter that Dextry had discarded and  covered the entrance.  "Don't shoot, boy!" cried the newcomer,' breathlessly. "My, but you're  ���ervous!" ��� V  ���'.'��� - - (To'be Continued.).  Locomotive   Nests. , V  The sparrow whio,-) was discovered  sitting on a nest...anion-.' the coal, of n  Great' Eastern.. .Co.'s engine nnining  between St. Margaret's! and nun ting-  ford, a few days ago, has had several  predecessors in lu*r preference for n  looomofiye nesting-place. .'.'...'  ��� A year or ��� two1 ago a thrush's nest  containing two eggs-was found snugly ensconced on the. \Ves"tinghou.s<-  brn.ke-pipe yf a. carriage on an express train which had "just returned  to York from a trip to Newcastle.  The nest, we are told, was "quite  warm and  comfortable."  About   the  same   :inie  a   couple   of  robins, built their nest on the axle, ol  a colliery  wagon which was  standing  idle for a few days at Seghill, Northumberland.    Six  eggs   were laid,  and  then   the   wagon   was   started   nn   its  journey again.    The parent birds followed   it   all   the  way   to   the   Tyne,  and it, was their excited, hovering over I  the wagon which led to an m'vestiga- .  tion   and   to  the   discovery   of   their '  strange nesting-place.  Mr. -Victor,.'Grayson's latest,'charge  against, the ,members of the ".House,  "of Commons, made at Tower Hill the,  other .morning, is one - of the ,ruost  surprising and at the 3ame time one  of the most serious' of the manv. that^  hove*'come from, him.- He, said��- ,'  ' -"The.v wear large white''shifts to  conceal' the, fact "that'they have'-noth-1  in_g~>vbebind their ,,fofeheads.";���Westminster Gazette.     '��� v'   ���  , ;  ,,  i"*-  " .'Only/One "BROMO QUININE" ' ���  That is LAXATIVE BROMO QUIN-.  LNE. ' Look for the signature of 13. W.  Grove.i Used the world over, to Cure'  a Cold in1 Qn j Day.     25c.  faniili" marvel visited among other  places. Glasgow and Edinbuigh, ani  in both 'of thef-e' towns he is said to  lnv������ created n hitherto mndrramt of  feiifriilion.    ' ,   ,  The wotideiful youngt-tor *. name  was William Henry West Dotty, and  he-was Irish to the backbune. lli-r  histrionic capabilities were evidently  born With linn, for it is recorded tut  when at the age of eight his father  lien ted him to his frist visit to a  iheati^voung Betty at'the conclusion  of the' play solemnly informed his  pnient tliat" he had decided to be au  actor himself.  How the youngster subsequently  ciune to get "ri feioting on tlie stage  is not known,,'brit in the month of  AuguM. 1803/,we find him making his  first appearance, performing the leading pt,rt in a popular dram.i at a Belfast theatre He leaped at one bound  into the very forefi'ont of popularity andi it is said that on one occasion when he turned ill the whole  nation awaited 'with fwensh anxiety  the' different bulletin-, which were  regularly issued to tell of voting  Betty's condition.  The iboy's first appearrfnee in Glasgow, ,\i)uch happened'in May, IftOi;  created imp'tralleled enthu-miMii in  the city during the several nights he  performed, in the , now lone defunct  Duniop street,. theatre. ' The 'enormous crowd.s that flocked to see-the  .wonderful boy .were unprecedented in,  the thoTtiiciJ "iii&tpry of St. Mtinpo,  nnd hundreds, it is said, were, nightly  injured in the great criish nnd desper-V  ate struggle for admission ,'to > the  theatre. In Edinburgh, where lhe boy  actor afterward appeared, the somt*-  enurmoiis ciowds rushed to see*.' him.  To quote from one of the local papor\j,  criticisms, lrti "set "the town in ,'a  name." His subsequent" appearance,  at" the world famous Drury Lane completed the prodigy's ^triumph,'for it  was not long b?fore' the m'etiopolis  also' succumbed to young Betty's  magnetic noting. !       ���    r  \ .  ,  But Master Betty's stage success  was comparatively short lived. In the  course of a few years he���or his parents���compiled an, immense fortrme,,  and' witli the wealth" thus . speedily  acc.mulfited the young actor was  gjfen vi.o chance of a first class education. IVhen out of hits teens the  glamour of the, footlights again appeared to have appealed to<him, and  he 'again made/a bid to regain his'.  position "as" a  popular idoL    By  this  , time, however, tlie, people' had quite  forgotten    their    fornier,    hero,    and  1 young Betty had to rest content'with  only a . very' ordinary, degree of success.    He had, so to, speak, overstay-  . ed his welcome.      ', '     ,       ',"   '  Refused  to  be   Bossed.    ,  That there lV a startling difference  between tho Mnpei of the rising generation and (tliat nf the youth .whose  ideas shot up a'.coidiiig to the teachings of Mrs Hannah More has recently been proven by a little seven-year-  old girl, who waa laboriously spelling  her wav through  a 'reading lesson.  "Al-ways ppeak tlie truth," slie lead  "and 0-b'ev  your  par-ents.  "Be'gen-tle and qui-et. JJever slam  tho door nnd shout ,and bcreum a-  boiit   the  house. * ,  "At the ta-ble eat slowly; not in a  "rt4ed-v manner like a pig."  Suddenly the, little girl shut, the  book w'llj" a portentous bun jr. and arr-  noiiiK-ed with' firmness and decision:  'Tin not going to let any,old third  render bass me like that!"��� Philadelphia Lodger.  Minard's   Liniment, Cures  Colds/  &c.  It was the nrt>t case'ever .tried in  Stony Gulch and the jury had sat- 'or  hours arguing nnd disputing. At  lust they straggled hack to, their  places, and the forcman_a tall.mountaineer, expressed i the general opinions : ,    ' .,   '  "We don't.think lie did it, he flard'  slowly, "for we allow lie wa'nf. there,  but we think ho would of ef he'd had  the chimst,"���Philadelphia I>dgor.  ONE WOMis  ��� JJATEIeiI  TELLS   HER  SUFFER,No   '  TO USt -~---   tm'NQ SI  They Proved a BhT *  Her Pains '  most  More  , ���,n vl    ���   ...  St.   George,   \i ���.      ..   0l"*11  ing 1o feave hei V.  Wurtt  from   j uu 11 _  <=i- r-ains and wla?-0 H,r*r*.l  ...  More Th.^ffi-aifcpJ  ,,*ome at  the vm,,,,?' ^  t\��\  mans hfe,  M,,   A      '"'<;? m s ,M  I'ince  1,-ih  giu��� X foit1*1^  merit fur Pii|-lie;i,l01l ""-"-I Ah  I  have lnoui'iu ������.', , i I  and have' ,*1w-n*.> ,,,,,,,;, '��/��* h***-,!  until the lu.t rt0 viu, ^Wl  four year&  of a*r�� ���,������ "���, .*"',%  ti fire of r life that  man,   1   had   i>,nnA n^u^'A,. il\  Ci,,.,   fo  and hhoul.kr.' J"could ^, ft4  two, nnnute, ��t ,, ���m>1 "'L1'* <iM3  fering the giwitf-n ,��ZfB1^��tt  I, awakens -����*!,- ��� ^L^i  ftone .had   h.ul  n }J, h0'R,������.  head.    Another  t.i,,,.'  Of   H'y  ?n K  Come cappir- tho feet and niaki��  walking a torture " yet sure ridief in  the Bluipe of Holloway's Com Cure is  witliiri'.ieneh of ah.  The Persian Revolutionists. ,  The ievolutionary ,pnUy���,in Persia  io'circulating *����� jrostcards, and, in'  largur 'orrn a picture de>icriptive of  "Persian ,jmjtic'1" which shown throe  bandits hanging by ,Uieir feet, from  tlie pity'gate of Taurrs, - Tbe^nien, al- ,,...,��,  most naked, are1 shown subpendecU ponM in Glri-*k*'�� t-j ail ifc,  from rtn opening in tire wall; the rope.3 {rloved i�� ^hat' tl.r uyiim*:^  "binding their feet .being fastened, to  a pillal-, ,nexl to which a, military  guard stands" nt "a,ttc'ntioii:'V . "Por  hours,'1" runs the "legend .under .the  picture, "these wretches,, the1 j-pbber  Ago 'and *his< companionH.s hung,1  their Badlv' wounded condition, before , r .._��� _^  death  rulieved tfteir agony."    TbOirs*',   and  it' fjornn-d  m the   mid-Vi-ftl  anils of',])ebple of all ages-'and classes,  looked mournfully' upon, these "victims of 'Persian justice'."  burning pam \u\ils  ' "I  took niari>  rriu��lici}W, h-n"  wmilnr  erme�� t((, ,.n- ,* lr��*i\  Kid.K'j-    Pills   !lj''\ul'Vt hlf!'  They did  wouilvi. }.,. W^ H  get,nd relict "till n.���,i,������ ,,t,J' <m  Mmi  Ki  T:.. -   ���    -  "I want all v,omc\i id Jnw iJ  Dorld',1   Kidney  P,ll, dill i "'I  'Dodd s Kidney hi!,. cttrj ,}'" I  ney.s. The woman ,��!..; ^"1  Kidneys in HdVg.i.nr.Kl mir.A^1  tentlte of thf M*ff,*,,flB -j^nl  hfi-a burd,.-n'to ilu- ive,a,��nj|r^|  A   Battleship Can��l,  One   of   the   alfiiru,.. ^A,���mii. I  -    ^1  ntiorv to construci at a M d a  'pOO.OOO,"* a great b��uk*���hip ^di  tsA-eeri'tiro i'orf !j riri'I the dyde.ei  UiU8'lo,tirik ihe,Xt>rth S^niiii  Atlantici,<, A mb-Jl't-i rann; joitiia'i.  Forth and,the Cly.l" alreadyeiS  periods one of tlu\W(,.nd*?r0oi-j*is.|  tish Isk*fl.,, It it f.'.it>-ine milsfej  wilh-a rise of 1.1.1-fr-r-t  ~7"  Statistics.���Of'the 1,001 young women who fainted last' year 987 fell  into the arms of men, two fell'on the  floor, and one intbi a water-butt ���  Life.  - Repeat it:���" Shiloh's Cure will always cure my coughs and colds.",  Small  Wallace  accepted  an1 invitation  to  a  party  as  follows:  "Dear Louis: I will come to your  party if it don't .rain" (then thinking .that he might have to stay' home  in that case) "and if it does."  'One night little Margaret, on  kneeling oy her mamma to say her  prayers, finished. "Now I lay nie,"  .and forgot. "Mamma," she said,,  "you just start me and, then I can  go  a-whizzing."'  Time Has Tested , it.���Dr. Thomas'  Eclectric Oil has been on the market  upwards of thirty years and in that  time it has proved a blessing to thousands. It is in high favor throughout Canada and its excellence has,  carried its fame beyond the seas. It  has no equal in the whole Pst of liniments. If it were double the price it  would  be a cheap liniment.  "So you are going to studv law?"  ",Ye?-"  "Going to make a specialty of criminal law?"  "No."  "Corporation law?"  "No. Both are too easy. What, I  want is to be accurately and reliably  informed as to what months in the  year and days in the week it is permitted to .shoot certain game in the  various sectiom of tlie country."���  Washington   Star.  Repeat  it: ���"Shiloh's Cure will always  cure   my   coughs   and   colds."  ' '     Loyal and  Subtle.   *  \   \'.    J'  ''In rtn essence the, following story,  found, in l.i*\'?i' Dr. Newman j Hall's  autobiography, recalls an, instance 'of  th-.tterv.in a mdd of honor in France,>  who, b-mig as.k'ed by the-'Q.ucen what'  .o'clock it was, answered, "What your,  rnaipsty pleases."', *" '- ',' ,', - -  v, .The royal librarian,f WoodwareLj-at  Windsor Castle was showing the princess royal 'the ,large."'collection Ol  miniatures. As Cromwell turned up  she icried out: .        .  "Oh*, Mr, Woodward, you cannot  like, that man1"      \ *  ,' He replied, "Your royal ^highness  must know that my admiration' and  loyalty to your royal highness* mother  are su-ch tliat J cannot but reverence  the .memory of the man to whose  struggle for liberty 'we owe ' the* tin-  sp^akable bles?prlne.s3 of possessing  such a monarch on a constitutional  throne.".'   '       ,    *  Broakir.2 the, Ice.  Beautiful Ella came into the room  and drew her ln\y seat so close, up to,  her father's big' armchair that ,he  looked up from his newspaper to see  what   was  the  matter.  "Mr.   Wilkins   likes   you,   father."*  1 she said as soon as she saw that she  had his attention. - ,  ������"Well. I-have been under the impression for some time that he diked  some one here,",. remirked' tho old  gentleman, "but I've n"ver seen any  indVatJnns that'I wns the one."  "Well, vou will tile very next time  you see Mr. Wilkins." said tho beautiful' girl, with conviction  "What's he going to do?"'demanded  r*.  He's gning to ask vou if you will  consent to b-* his father-in-law," explained  tlie   beautiful girl.  ,iik *Ji"  I'l/n  .<?'�����* E3WJ  m  S3S--X  %a��X$*9  *\. I'  \  ;   {Vigorous exercise,  3einarids ...a' :fbod'  ���with vigor:;/"-; /,'  :'' '- '��� 'MooneyV'Biscuits'  are the food for*.the:'otnletic.tt  man and girl. <    "   ' -r.  . ���; -   ��� ",' i '6 ,,- y,   , " '  v   . -  i - i      i j   -"x. i    ^^ ' n,        i<i-  .' "'Moon'ey's   Biscuits   are'all"  i';,nourishment'-^-'tb",''iiiake\  ' s tren'gth, 71 mus'cleV - ''andi-,-1  ' good red blood.v - ��'    A  Mooney's  Perfection  ,b Cream <  Sodas  THE MOONEY BISCUIT.& CANDY CO.. LIMITED  8tr*tford,     Hamlllon.     Ottawa.     Svdnav.     Wlnnln����-.'*   Calirarv.    Vancouref.  Sydn  ilpiC      Calvary,  1/6  A Helping Han��l  ��� Xo-Womeflj  There is help for" every Woman who sufTeVs from hcadaclr, h-  ness,  depression, backache and' other ailmenu eluring th.>se trail  when  Nature makes a.heavy demand .on her strcngth'anel util^l  'iivery woman should take       .    ���  Audible Signals  For   Locomotives.  The exp'-rimental installation of the  svstern of c;'b signaling'for locomotives on the Fi'irford branch of the  Great We<>torn Ridlwav has proved so  successful that tho Bi-arel of Trade  has approved of ils permanent adoption on thi't line. A hirtlvr c.xp"ri-  ment is to b" tiled on other branches  where th" C"li nppnratu* of one of the  engines will nfiply th** vacuum brake  automatically, in addition to giving  an audible danger signal.  .sat  A    stout,  ovei-di esued    wo nan  talking to a friend.    She said:  "Yes,  since  John    came    into    his  money we have a nice country hou<,e,  " cs,  cows,  pigs,   hens  and���r-"  hor  .orokf!  til   the  "That :niust be- charming,"  in the other, "you can have  .fresh : eggs   you   want, 'nnd���'  "Oh; well." hastily, .interrupted-the  first .speaker, '"of course Ihe-'Jhnns  can lay if thev-;. want to, but in oui-  position, it isn't nt all necessary.'���'���  Harper s. ���   , , "     '        .  The Plow In Spain.  In Rpi'in about I In* only kind of  plow in use i.s a primitive wooel<-n affair1 with orw* h'T'dl" and a toneue.  To this is hit"h��d a p.-.ir of small  oxen or of mob's voked up lik'' oxen  'J'he driver r"*K his rich) foot nn n  rear extension, to keep the plow froni  jumping out'of tin*-ground, steadying  himself hy'tonehirig' his left foot, when  he serins, lik-elv tor]ose his'balance.���  Loiidorr-Graphic,  to help her through" these trying periods and to keep the sMtcn'ai  ,a normal and  healthy  condition.    The  girl   just cnteniic "xuai'-'f  hood, and those 6f maturer years, find equal benefit from Heed':*'  'tills.     Taken at the first sign  of derangement, they (-ivc protflj  assistance.    Read the special directions for women with c\eryb��l  5o(d (verywhera In Canada and U. S. America.    In boxes 15 cent*.  riHE  ^C^  TELT  7--7iL [$*&���-*&���&: "7^77^:P^ix:  V^.'?D--f'-'f?.*0��'iC^feER  Bond  Between Eng'i&h and  Boers.  The South African News, in,welcoming Sir Percy' Scull's sepu'dron, whicli'  arrived at Si.1rionst.6w7i recently,  dwells upon tlie traditions and glories  of the. maritime-history of t-lie British  and Dutch, and says the visit will  be; yet another .-bond for grappling the  two.raccs loL-i-ther in   unity. ��� !  Regimental Customs,  A peculiar, custom obtains in the,  12th Lancers���the phiying of the Ves.  per Hymn, the Spanish Chant, and  the ���Russian National Hymn every  night of the. year after the "Last  lost has -sounded. It ia- said1 that  the playing of the Vesper Hymn originated ,,-, one of (be officers'' wives  presenting  the  Whether yon consider  Dependable Qualify, Ease and Comfcrl,  Dress* Appearance, or Reasonable  Price, Elmira Fell Shoes and Slippers  meet each and every requirement.  Insist on-the dealer showing you the "Elmira"  Trademark when purchasing felt footwear.  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Stop Traffi**  ��n   Captive  Wild  Birds on    Account  of the  Necessary and Egsential Cruel-  ty of   the   Practice.  [By  \l ,Wlas Marshall Saunders, of  Halifax. N. S., author of "Beautiful  Joe,"   "My   Pets,"   etc.]  1 have juht been reading the admir  able leaflet on the protection of native birds by Air. E. P.* Kelt, State  hntorirolGgrhV New Yoik. Then f  -danced over a review of the enlarged  edition" of lh. Kellogg'H great work  jrr insect life, and finally picked up  thrity-hiHt annual  repoit of  our Am-  JtDr  Chase's Ointment gave1 me re  from the first application and now  jini entirely  freed of   this   horrible  brt-o. For a time 1 would occasion  feel u slight return of the ileli  lint applied the ointment free,J>  Si j lime until the cure was thor  lh."',       ' '   i  [r. (L W. Cornell, with' the Shaw  Ilnig Co., St. Catharines. ' Ont.,.  |r>s:~-"For mix yeara ;I wits the  l\w of itching,    protruding '   pilr?  ' \yah in  dreadful,agony  day* on-J  [lit   Do'ctori -were unable  to help.  .My   druggiat   recommended , Dr*  .e's Ointmoiiv, two boxes of which  ijph'U'ly 'cured,, hie." , * < ' '  |iere is positively no trentment se  lain as a cure for piles as Dr  be's Ointment. ' Tbjs -has been  veil iii thousands of cases, in many  which con 'surgical .operation*.  Ji llii'ir , expense; pairjiulness and  jhtful risk, Ind failed,'' ,Dr. Chase's  Stnient, GO cents; a \ box," at -al1  lk-rs, pr T'dmansorr . Bates Co.  Ion to       '   '' k   ' -    %���.',-    f,    -   '������  Toronto '.or '-West- Toronto?,   - >"  !vi**rtoi went.into a Dundas,Street  pei shop to get'a'hair'cut. The  ber. after"'tho "usual < flow, of ,coni*  lation, completed Ithe job,' and,  brig to liis customer, asked *--/"To-  lo or West Toronto?" ' *    '  pmewhat   mystified   by the, singu-  p quest! on, ' but1'deterhrined 'not  to  his" ignorance,,'tlia visitor'replied  si. Toronto.".-'1   ���",,._'. ���  lie barber then proceeded to' brush  Iharr "dry."' *    <   .'    ,' '' *  lothers can easily' know when their  TJion rue troubled' with -worms,  tthpy lose "no time'in* applying the  i of rerriediee���Mother ��� Graves'  fin  Hiteirriinator."      .    ,,-.   i"  lr ,. lir own back��� I -dories meet- old  Intl liludd on de street-dis m'awn-'  jaiul In- do time  I had jspuriated  him  fi'  minutes  dat   white   man  dfine called mo,'a black Hah  no  | dan fw ice !<'���''  -.   Wombat���Twice?     * Uh���well,  <ic(j Cuhncl sho'- gits  slower,''an'  |eri du older* he "grows.-r-Puck. '  People admire a'-man  who stands  Sis own feet," remarked the'moral*  ic*., ,,rejoined   the   denforalizer,  eciriliy in 'a crowded   car."���Chi  Xewh,-       ,   - "  errcan Humane Association and read  for the fourth time the address of  die President, Ur. Stillman-^an adores- that breathes a spirit of good  ���Mil  ���oward all  cieated  things:  in the address air appeal ia made  'o uh for our beautiful, useful native  birds. Figures aie given to show the  iriorinous loss resulting from lack  ol protection of birds. The.se figures,  together with Air. Felt's statements,  and Dr. hellogg'B assurance, that if  aian were not thp dominant animal in  '-he world tins' would be the Age of  Insects���destructive, clif.ense-difi.sem-  matrng inn<>ctn---tliorouglily convince*  one, not only'of Uie ethical, but the'  'CC'iionuc vnluo of brrd life. We-must  -irrlher, pioU'Olj our buds, or- ruin  our farmer.*,, and when the fariucrH,"go  ���ve  will all go.'  , Now; "in   reading   the.-=o   arid   other  fining appeals  for'the piotection of  rur native biids, my heart stirs with  ihank'ulriess. ' I   know1'many   of "our  but.8~-iii field and farm, in grove and  jangled- thickets,   in   city parks,   but  most of all,  in   rrly  own  avian-'ano  rr   niy! own   rooms,   where,   if  'l   will  rllow them, they crowd sociably and  ���tomelirnesj have   t-j   be   pushed   aside-  when  I. want lo  lo6k  into my <>glas-  md  see something  beside  the  I'eflec  tion  of'bird 4jfaces.'  Uirds  are'dear,  .ovable. creatures ,and intelligent com-,  (-anions, and. be'st of all, the hardest  vorkers ,on  the face'of. the earth.-If  rt>u   do  not-bejieve   this,   count   Mie  number of  trips ' yonder    father    oi  'mother   biid 'makes " to   the   nest'1 in  the course of the morning; the beak  Iripping with insects. ,    '  ,.No\v, dm- native' bird's^aro gaining  More, and more friends/and I am glad  of it,,not only humanitarian .friends,  buf.Aelfish money-making-friends who  s'ee, that-the toiling bird is putting  money 'in their pockets. Who suffers  when the 'crops are short?���Not only  the farmer, but the Whole superstructure <5f society based-npon' the labors  jf the'1 man avIio tills the soil.* There-  ,'ore,^ the native,,birds are doing better .and better as regards'the matter  .xl 'protection���but* the foreigners, my  heart is wrung, with pity for them.  Who uplifts a voice for the' little  slaves'?���-very few humanitarians alas!  /ery few.      j, * -' t'i      _,'   ,  >  Eight years. agot I could go' into  arry bhd sfore'on this continent and  buyva vivacious^'brilliant', red cardinal, captured in the Southern States.  Xow:���the bird dealers cannot sell'me  oho, and I say to,them', "How delighted I am t that_ this nation is extending, its' "protection of'', birds,"  However,'! can still -buy. Brazil cardinals��� those'' br'ght and graceful cre-  a'tures, equally1 ' vivacious, equally  fond of,liberty as'tlie red ^cardinal, 1  buy, them and, set; them'^free 'in a  large avrarj-,.,\sliore'they have partly  natural conelitibns:   but,   unfortunate-'  :>a��,sing   long stalks   of grass  in  and  out with their corneal  beaks  lie   poor   cardinals   in   the   bird  dealers'fctore   had   none  of  the   iovs  and occupations,of aviary  bird's, arid  myselt the question, "Whyb havl  them languishing there? We who are  merciful to our own cardinals should  -how mercy to foreign cardinals."  then I turned sorrowfullv away and  onged 'or the time to'come when  the attentjon of humanitarians will  be turned to the sad ea-,e of these un-  nappy  captives irr our midst. ,'  I'oreign   birds  not   only   suffer   un- '  '-old imsei-y after coming to oui shores  hat t,!ieir sufferings begin immediately  upon   their   captuie.     1   am 'assured  '-hut   some   bud   dealers   give   their i  prisoners,   plenty   of   fresh   food   and  water, and good-sized cages, but these j  romfoits are not what the bird wants J  ���he   wants   hi.s   libertv.     An  Hatched     panakeet,  aviary  a     canarv  (nought up m Germany in a tiny i  cage, or the little cage-bred Japanese  inches;, appreciate clean cage-, and !  ='ood food, but I claim tirat nothing 1  ���Mil make the 'trapped and netted I  birds  happy  in   capt'vity.     One  dav I  vires with his tiny beak, hoping and  -O'ing, for  some   loophole 'of  escape.  only   when   dropping   with'   fatigue  AOirld  he  stop   for a  morhel  of, food,  md a drink of water, and then would  ..uisue.   his   endless   tasrtt.     I   softlv  jperud  the, cage ,door ���and   took' him  juU,   His   plumage  was  so  stuck   to-  .'etlier ,w''n  bird lime that I wonder-  'd   h.iw   ,ie   could   have  ' maintained  tiry   freedom   of' moveirient.    '   I   cut  ittoy, the sticky, substance",   ihinking I  nean-.vhile energstic- thoughts, *not of |  Jie poor wretclr who makes a piecar-r  wus hying-'by -trapping birds, but, of)  the  nob marr  who teriipts him to do j  it.    Then   I made "up  rny mind .that  the cruel cage should'know Urns l'ttle  rellow  no  more.    1  let him  loose in  ihe  aviary, and  he,  a little  stranger  rr6m a foreign land, struck up an enthusiastic fiiendship for an American'  purple finch'-.   When the feathers grew  on the little mutilated wings   I opened ttlie door,  and  told  them  both  to  -Iy away,  and  I  hope  the finch succeeded   in   instructing   the   bird   emigrant in the  ways of  this  continent,.  ,   I   have   tried   to j;inquire   into 'the  business of t netting,    trapping,    and  raising  birds for  the  American  market,  but found .difliculty in .acquiring  accurate information.'   At last,  I-appealed to'-Tpne of the most successful  and   kindest  of, curators   of   aviaries,  ind he said, "Facts are scarce'about  trie birds that are killed in the traf  "I can testify to the  great merits of your Emulsion, especially in all  diseases of a pulmonary  nature. It has saved many  lives that otherwise would  have yielded to consumption . . . we keep Scott's  Emulsion in the house all -  the time and all the family  use it."���MR. C. J. BUD-  LONG, Box 158, Washington, R. L  cott's  r i  mulsion  does all it does by creating  flesh and strength so rapidly  that the progress of the  disease is retarded and often  stopped. It is a wonderful  flesh builder and so easy to  digest that'the youngest child  and most delicate adult can  take it, If you arc losing flesh  from consumption . or ' any  other cause take ' Scott's  Emulsion. It ,wrll stop die  wasting and strengthen the  whole syitem.  . Be sure to- get SCOTT'S  ���    au, ducccists       '' '  CANADIAN   FORESTS. '  Estimates  of  Their  Area  Greatly   Rc-  I duced   of   Late.  ,    Following   elose   on   the   reports   of  ; widespread  havoc  from   forest    fires  'more destruct'vo and extensive  than  for  several   seasons, past,, comes 'th.;  startling- announcement that,  instead  of the eight hundred or one thousand  p millron   acies   of  forest    land     with  which Canada has been credited, she  , has  only about one  hundred million  i acres   of   merchantable   timber    that  iis,   timber  that is 'fit  for  pulpwooJ  i or saw-trrnber.  j    Tin's,   at  least,   is   the   estimate   oi  ;l>r.  Judson.F.  Clark,  whose' general  :knowledge and wide practical experience   of   thp   subject  entitle  him   to  j rank   among   the- first   of   Canadian  ; forestry.expeits. ' In addition to serving   for   seveial   years   as   forester   to  |iii<- Province of Ontaiio, Dr. Clark has  had  several years' experience in   the  timber business in British Columbia,  in   addition   to    considerable  service  under the' U.  S. Forest Service.    Dr.  Fernow,   head  of the Faculty of For  estry   of   the   University'  of   Toronto,  rs   not   quite ,so   pessmiistic.   placing  Canada s aiea, of merchantable    tim-  some   two   hundred   million  beer FhOM heather.       TRAVELLER'S VALUABLE FIND  Picts   V/we   Famous   Adepts   In    Lost  Art of Brewing Heath-Besr.  At one time the brewing of' beer  from heather was carried on, but one  lias to go back on history to l<?am  this, as the f art has been , lost fur  many a century,    lt was an extract  Tiavellmrr on the J C.R , Air. Harry  Towers, St. Paul Street, St John, ^N.  13, found a ,box of Zam-Buk, the  great skin healer. He was suffering  from badly chapped hand, at the  time so applied the balm He =ays:  "Zam-Buk eased the pain and smart-  rug, healed the cr^ck*, and made  rip,.   ������,, ,j,��� ���-. ,    ..    -,;���   .band-   quite   smooth.     Finding   it  so  nes, and the Pics were adepts in the guod I kept a supply handy and have  performance With their extirpation , Lmee proved it'a "ro^ly \ondJrf'ul  rt was entirely lost. ��� ]1(,flier.    It cures cut*, .-or-   or burns  ���      Lni\ercsttinS *>tory is told regaid- i equally   well,   and   I   would  not  lake  ing the last holder of the secret. Two   now   lo be without' a oupply "  prisoners cf Kenneth MeAlpine, King)     Mr.   Tower-,   i,   only  one  of  th'ous-  i from  the young  shoots  and  tlie  ber- ' "'A-"' *-"^ "!e tr^' ^��..'��^9 my  I>t di ��ond you a oopy o�� Mr. Bu&loutfi  letter���-hlo enco iorealjy vrondorful���and  oomo Interesting lltcrcturo rcgarUlns oar  preperatioq. Juzt send ua a card men.  tionio�� this pciwr. '  SCOTT &BOWNE    '  126 Wellinstcn St.. W.,    '     Toronio  ber   at  acr��*.��.  How far this lemoves CanadaJs"tim-  ber supply from the, "inexhaustible"  stage  in  wh'ich   Canadians   .have'   so'  been  accustomed fto plnce if may, be  readily surmised.    It must moreover  be   remembered  that  the  world's .demand for timber is ytfarlv increasing  v/hi.e the sources of supnly are yearly   becoming   more   resti-icffd.   in   a  very few years Canada will stand  almost alone   as      a'   timber-exporting  country���alone,' at am- rate,   on  thi=*  eorninent. ',    *   ..  The imperative neceshltv, therefore  of husbnnding this country's timber,  wealth is at once apparent, and it 's  a necessity that cannot be met bv individual effort. , To nieet the case,  there must be-action by the governments, both' federal' and'' provincial,  nr }$* direction, of -the conservation  of the-timber wealth in their" possession; fortunately, by far the sgreater  proportion of it is still ��� in , their  hands. ( This must mean .more 'adequate pf-otection of existing forests  from' fire   and' the  introduction "of   a  of the Scots, were the last skilled n.  the brewing of heath-beer.   They were  father'and son, and  both stoutly  refused     to    divulge    their    knowledge  though   offered   hbeial   rewards    and  advancements    to    do    so.  ( Finally  however,    after   much   coaxing   and  threatening,   the   old   man   promised  he would show tbem how jit could be  done.' But he made this one stipulation���they,' must   first   slay   his   son.  This most unnatural .request instantly called, even   in   a  barbarous  age,  for some explanation,  which was  ns  readily  forthcoming.    "My   Fon," i he  said, "when he learns of rny admissions will be very wroth and my lifi1  will be endangered.",   The Scots wen*  only  too  ready   to   acknowledge    the  reasonableness ol the old man's contention, for, after they had killed hi**  son,   and   brought   the  dead   body <lp  the father in evidence,'he veiy cunningly,   refused    to    implement    his  promise.    "I am now," he snid, "the  sole holder of the secret, which rnuht  die  with  me."    Remonstrances  were  unavailing, and the King finally had  him   led  out  to ,i*xocuiion.  and   with  himL.perishod the secret of the brewing of heath-beer. It should be noted,  however,   that���long ' after   'this ' the  'Highlanders' were   able   to   make   an  agreeable, liquor    from   the   flowers.'  but   this    required   either   honey    cr  sugar  inr the   composition,   whereas  the'heath-beer' of  the Picfs .required  nothing  extraneous" in  the  tnanufac-  ' ,ture." '.     /'     '  system, of. scientific * forestry" which  will   bring jibojit * such'   treatment   of  ands who are glad ihey heard o'f Zam-  Buk. There rs no skin disease jt will  not roIi"\e and cure. Its fame is  spreading everywhere, and it, istnow  regarded aA Nature's grer.t '"first-aid"  in work-hops, on the farm, or in  the home. - Xo traveller should be  without it. Every Imme should have  its box always re-idy for use. A little  Zam-Buk rubbed regularly 071 the  hands and face before retiring each  night will keep the .-kin soft and free  from chap.-,, eold-��ores', or disease.    .. ���  If you have a cut, a brui-e, or some  irritating skin dir-ease, which has de-  ,fied all ordinary remedies, apply Zam-  Buk. It fir.n clt-an.-.e*. a \younel by  killing off all harmful bacteria. Then  it build's up'new tissue cedl by cell���  ju.-t as a bricklayer Liy. row after tow,  ol briek-i'. Then, it covers the wound ���  with new healthy ,skin, and the cure  is effected '  Zam-Buk i*i" also a cure for piles. It  gives speedy relief arid end- the throb,  bing, burning pains. Skiu-disenses.  v.fch as eczema, itch, ulcers, barber's  rash, riibhes due fo blood poUon, etc..  cannot re-si->i its powerful healing vrr-  tues. Purely vegetable, it is an ideal  combination of power and purity.* 50c.  a box of all druggists and stores, gr  post free from Zam-ljuk Co.,'Toronto,  ,for price. 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Consult  |otir physician about this.  0CJJ2L^ye the coffor of the hair  I"ormuil�� with e.oh bottla  8how It Xo your  .  ���    dooior  A��k him ��b��nt It.  then do mm h# mt,f  ly, I cannot.buy. all the captives in  *:he bird stores. s ��  - A short time ago, I went' into a Bird  -.tore in Xew *York State and said to  :he girl in charge, "That Brazil cardinal in the little cage has a sore beak,  unci looks in poor condition1/ Why do  you, not give him . something beside  tho*=o dry seeds? In his native land  he probably had fruit and green stuff  all the year round."  The girl secmeei surprised at rny  statement, ��� and i pointed to a Japanese robin dinting restlessly to and  fro in a narow cage, and asked, "Do  you think 'that bird is happy?"  "No." she said frankly, "I don't  believe in .keeping wild birds in  cages, but this isn't my store.  ' I told iier of a pair of Japanese  robins, or; more properly speaking,  Pekin nightingales, that I, had had,  of their ceaseless activity, and their  love of freedom���that-they'would go  like streaks of light back and rorth  in an aviary fifteen feet by thirty-  two, then up a Hying cage to a roof  veianda where they had fifteen feet'  more by thirty-two, and' yet I did  not consider that space, enough for  these little Oriental beauties, and  sent them lo a larger aviary.  The girl thought ltd done right,  and asking her to tell the owner of  the' bird store that she had better  give her cardinal a change of diet,  anel expressing the hope that she  woulel be soon obliged to give up  keeping foreign birds as she had been  obligeil to give up the natives, I went  away.  No I far fiom this bird I came ncross  .mother   in   wlucn   weie   two    Brazil  cardinals, these in a reasonably large  cage.   They  were  in   better   condition  ph,js:cally   than   the   other,   but   oh!  the   mental   apathy   and   unlnippiness  of   these   birds.     1   contrasted   them  with   the   bright   happy   cardinals   in  my aviary who sing and lalk to themselves   all   day   long,   as   the.v   lly\ to  anel fio among the trees, or hop over  the  earth,   exploring  the  food  dishes  and  trays of sods,  where I   take caio.  that  they shall  finel   the insects  thoy  so   dearly   love.    These   birds  in   the  .store  had   nothing to  do.    Thoy  were  deprived   of   their   frecilom���they    ate  and   drank   a   little,   and   slept.     1  watched them day after day, and never heard, them sing.    Some  buds will  take  nit  occasional   nap  through, the  day,   but -no .'healthy, birds   sleep   as  much, as  those  cardinals'.did;;   Birds  have a certain  amount,of  mentality.'  Almost more than any created  thing  they experience the joy of living, the  joy of working.    If a bird is kept .in  captivity, line! he'has up cure of find-  ���ng   his   food,   he   must   be   provided  ���with'..amusement  and . occupation.     I  give  niy   birds   something   to  interest  their."b'rei   minds.    I,  rarely   make   a  nest,   oven   for   a- canary,   and   it   is  astonishing   how   speedily    the   bird  'that  we consider thoroughly  domesticated���the   common   canary, will   re-  wt to Iho'ancestral  type. Again nnd  agnin, I   have''taken; birds whose  ancestors have been caged for over three  hundred   years,   and    let   thrrr   loose  among the' trees'in the aviary.  They  soon stop hanging about the cage and  build  most   ingenious'   nests,   usually  as  high  up as  they can.    The young  canaries  raised  in these nests do not  he. ,,-tne trappers 'will not tell you'  iff the.v do condescend /-to, tell you  anything, thoy. will fix it,upT'any\vav,  just so it will sound well."  �� Before hearing this, I approached a  Bobton bird dealer, and remarked to  run, "I, have read a book about-birds  byyou, and in it you make, certain  statements with regaid to the capturing'of foreign birds. Are vou prepared 'I'i stand by them?'*!.     " ���  He said he was, an'd, I further' re-  "marked that the methods of capturing 'African finches seemed to Tne  cruel.       ,    l _,       '    , ��'��  He hastily replied that'1 the birds  were -not', treated- cruelly, that thev  were, far; happier tt a state, of- cap"-  tiv'ty* ur 'America,'* than they were in  freedom in,..their native land. Find-'  ing.rf could'get'no'more'Jnformaiiori  from him, I left him. -     \ '  In  his   book  he'says   that African  negroes'Vatch birds ^nd .take them to  tire captains of the barks plyine- between   the .-West   Coast   and   Boston.  The captains  buy   the   birds 'in  lots,  giving  in   exchange, , watch     chains,,  paper   collars,   stove-pipe   'hats    and,  rum.    Some  of  tne captains  trade 'a  pint of  rum   for  the  first  ten   birds,  then,   when   the   negro   becomes   stupefied, they take tho rest of his birds  and  drop  him   0%-erboard,   perhaps   a  mile   from   shore.      The    intoxicated  nian does not drown, but manages to  reach  the  beach  and recovers'.      The  unhappy birds are put in boxes with  w;re   fronts,   having   perches   raised  above   cash   other.    There    are   often  eight   hundred   small   birds     packed  clo��uly     together���blue   birds,     ruby  bird*-, lavender birds and oiange birds'.  Imagine the feelings of these gorgeous  little     finches   on   being     transported  from their home on lhe wide African  Coabt, to the confined horrors of their  bird  slave-ship  ioiling  about on  the  ocean.  The   author goes   on   to  slate   that  often the boxes of finches arc brought  to ,the    upper    deck,    and  if  a  hurricane suddenly arises they are blown  overboard  and  "tossed' from crest to  crest of the   billows for  an  hour befoie a   boat's  crew  could   leave    the  ship for the rescue.    Of course marry  of  the   birds   perished.   'When   ' they  first'arrive  in America  they  are    in  lough feather and (bad order, because  the  boxes  are "overcrowded and  in  a  filthy   condition,   and   the   seecl   used  during    the     voyage     the     cheapest  grade,"  Euither on he says that each little  biid is of such slight value in Africa  that the negro would die a strict teetotaler, if he depended on catching  them   in   trap   cages.    To   epiote   hiin  again "Our African has a chronic Repeat it:���"Shiloh's Cure will  hatied of work, and loves the 'Old , ,.-,.,  Modfoid,' so he strolls about until he always cure my coug-hs and colds."  finds a piece of forest where hundreds    foreign birds? Is the great American I'be   forests  as   will  ensue,, their  pro-1  public, crying out for  bird slaves, ,or  '���"���"  "*- *--' -'-' -'  is   the  traffic  carried    on, "primarily,  for1   the <  benefit   ,of . bird-exporting  houses .abrdad,   and, - secondarily,  for  the    enrichment of brrd    dealers  .in  America5'I  believe a few persons in  every  community,   like    to    have , a  foreign  bird "in their possession from  a variety'' of motives,    Thev prefer a  European    linet,"   thrush,   lark,, bullfinch, goldfinch, an African or Asiatic  finch or parrot to a,canary.    Another  larger   class, , sauntering "along   the  street,  oees, the  "showy,   display ' of  birds in a window-, goes in,   buys one  and kindly and^ignorantly. sets about  caring  *or   the 'defenceless  foreigner,  who     generally   '.dies:     I  claim   that  both these classes .could study foreign birds more -"successfully in, av-  'laries   and     reservations    under   ,the  care 'of,skilled   curators.  ,,The   birds  would I've longer and would be,, more  interesting,  and  the unwise, illogical,  and-  uncharitable   -traffic  'n  foreign  birds    would, be   stopped  'like .to see  an.'interest  inquire' into , it/ -Figures must be  ,kept, .and,,we ought to be ,able to get  at* them. . X 'should ��� like .to  find out  how many  birds  are imported, where  they come from, what is the percentage of deaths,*,by whom they are purchased, etc. I appeal to, humane  workers to do something for the  foreign birds���the pitiful little captives upraising their- suffering voices  in protest all over this continent. We  let our black slaves, go���let ' us the  biid slaves free also. *  s. They Cleanse While* They Cure.���  Ihe vegetable' compounds of whicli  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are composed, mamly landelion and * mandrake, clear-the stomacli,. and intestines of deleterious matter and restore the derange-1 .organs to healthful action. Hence,they are'the best  remedy 'or indigestion available today.  A trial of them will* establish the  truth of this asseition and do more  to. convince the ailing than anything  that, can\be written of, the pills.  1     ��� " .   i cJ    X  ,It takes three bushels of barley to  sow an acre, but only two bushels  of wheat or beans.      .'        ,   ." '" ,  Repeat  Id, be -stopped. I should jt. "��qhl*,' h,e > \ .,, T, ^^ 'lo an"��y u^, an  the Humane Societies- take ,7 ~~ btul?h S JJure will always mon thing to see  ,ine this, matter, and    also  Cure   .my' coughs"   and    colder"   f=V ^ ??!"/'���������:  Sudden transrtion  from  a hot to  a  cold temperature,    exposure,to    rain  sitting  in  a    draught,     unseasonable  substitution  of light   for heavv clothing,  are, fruitful  causes  of colds  and  the resultant cough so perilous to per  sons of weak lungs.   Among the-manv  medicines  for  bronchial  disorders  si  arising, there is none better than- Brc-  i>le's   Anti-Consumptive   Svrup.     Try  it  and   become   convinced.     Price  25  cents.   '      '  my' coughs"   and    colds."  '   <���    "-' ���~���;���:     v ,'*  To make cement for ah.' aquariun'i  take equal" parts of red and .white  lead and sufficient gold size to make  it similar tc \putty. Bed your slate  boltdm and glass sides in with this,-  and when it is sufficiently'hard give  it four 'or five'coats'of varnish made  from 'the "following:���Brown shellac  and wood .naphtha made to the' consistency of treacle  Motor   Goggles,    Boots   and    Jewelled  Collars   In   Their  Costumes.  seen now-  ttingr on the  -...     -th its eves  completely hidden by a pair of large  goggles.   This latest fad,is 'the result  of  over-fondness  on  the   part of persons, who 'lilce   to   flatter   themselves  that  they  are   "in ' society."    It" certainly looks fashionable, but it would  ,be interesting to know "what the'poor  dog thinks about it. ' The average dog  cannot  endure  any   kind, oi  bandage  on his head     Any intelligent dog can  be .trusted   to  take, care   of  his  own  eyes when he is in a motor-car.   If he  finds,the .rush of air.too strong to be  comfortable, he either half closes his.  eyes or turns hims<*lf round.   ,The use-'  'lessness of this 'fad therefore at once  becomes apparent.    ,  We, shall   probably   next  hear* that  dogs are to be given special foot warmers.   Many dogs already wear boots���  dainty, little articles which serve only  lo  annoy the 'animals.    It is  a* com-  . a dog-wearingra\be-  and in smart society  no=dog!s toilet is' complete which does  not,  'possess     special \. combs     aiid  brushcs(  pomade,, Ior  his hair,  and" a  Certain  kind o,f .scented' soap  for his  b-jth. ��� These useless luxuries are provided only for the pet dogs'.    One of  the hardships which the pet dos has  to   undergo*'and   which   the_ grdinary  common    dog    never    experiences    is  that, while all sorts bf delicacies are  given  to   them   to 'eat,   they   are  frequently   languishing   for   a   diink   of I  clean  cold  water. ' ��� /  Firrt Ice Machine.  Dr1 John Corrie, ,a native pf Charles  ton. S. C, wa��! practicing medicine In  Apalaehieoliif Fin     rienvas'a scientific  man and fond of making, experiments,  tie conceived   the  lelea   of  artificially  cooling the air In ,the rooms occupied  by*fever patients hyt.-rkimr advantage,,,  of  the  absorption   of  hear'from'sur-'  rounding objects by expanding Volatile'  gases.     lie   was' so   successful   as   to  make, actual ice as early as 1S4.J.  ' In ISoO, In the Madison hotel, in hi?   \  home town, he publicly exhibited his-  machine and made ice with it.   lie was  granted the" fir-t patent fypr an ice making machine  in  the same year.    The  Xew York papers made fun of,the invention, and Dr. Gorrie could not get  enough money to enable him to make,  experiments along large lines.   lie died  ,  in 1S55,   without having seen the 'success of ,the line .of work which he had  begun. <,       ���',���     &  '���  Jacob Terkins, an American engineer'  living In England/had made some successful experiments with cooling;apparatus several years before. Professor  Alexander Twining, in America, anift  James Harrison, of An<.trnli-i,'as well  as several French scientists, came  along about the same" time with experi-.,  mental machines.     ,v  But the first ice factory ' of Itnpor-"  ��� tance ln the "world "was established in  Sew Orleans in .1SGG, and it became  tne forerunner , of the thousauels of ,  plr.nts now being operated. Thc.Vus-.  tralians were first to think of freezing  meat to preserve it for long keeping,  but the notion was adopted in the  United States without a moment's de-_  lay.���Exchange. ">    '  "I don't know that Napoleon was  so much," said the mained man.  "How  now'"  "I believe I use as much strategy  to get a night out as he expended  in the Austerlitz campaign."���Louisville Courier-Journal. c  I  was  curen  of  painful  Goitre   bv  MINAED'S  LINIMENT.  BAYARD McMULLIN.  Chatham.   Ont  T   was   cured   of   Inflammation   bv  MINARD'S  LINIMENT. ,     "  MRS.   W. A. .JOHNSON.  Walsh. Ont.  I was cured of Faci.il Neuralgia bv  MINARD'S  LINIMENT.-  Parkdale,   Ont J.   HI   BAILEY  '    ' Duly  Warned.    ,  A. tourist while sojourning at a rising  Clocks. J Scottish seaside report was one morn-  It is not generally appreciated that i ing almost drowned  through   rushing  Into the, sea to recover his hat1 that  had heen blown off by a sale of wind,  lie was, however, gallantly reseueel by  a passerby;  bi't,  to his astonishment.  Minard's  Liniment  Cures Garget in  cows.  Sweet Susan with eyes soft and dewy  Wed' an  almond eyed   Chink,  though  she knew he  A  bad  temper had.  Well,  one 'day he got mad,  Seized  a hatchet, and then did chop  Sucy. ���Lippincotl's.  It is  hard -'or a.man fo stand on  his dignity when he has sore ieet.  ' PILES CURED  IN 6 TO 14 DAYS  PAZO   OINTMENT  is  guaranteed  to  cure any' case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or ..Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days  or money refunded.   50c.  Night is not dark to the'good; nor  is day bright to the wicked.    c  Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria.  of finches roost, then, obtaining a  peculiar sort of wood'which, when  burning. stupefies the biids. he  stretches his soit of blanket made -f  large .leaves, lights the odorous tinder,  and catches blankets full of finches,  faster than he can transfer them to  the boxes."  And this man asserts that these  biid�� arc happier in a state of captivity than in their native wilds!  Of all the foreign birds held in captivity, it has seemed to mc that the  ���European ' skylark, suffers most. 1  have, watched them stage by stage  through a long agony, till the subject  is so painful to me that I cannot bear  to think of it; I have seen some larks  in aviaries apparently happy, but H  soenrs to me that if I .we're a humanitarian in Europe. I shoukl strain  every nerve to have a law passed,  prohibiting the, capture of this exquisite, trembling birds for cage purposes. '  During, the,-meeting of the American  Humane   Association   in   Boston   last,  November, I was haunted by .thoughts jtincii.tly.  of the scores of European ���goldfinches]    '     _V_  and linnets in the Boston stores, who  wore eagerly, going up and down,  try.'ng in'-vain to-break through the  confminc bars. We were doing what  we could in that successful convention for'the cause pf suffering ��� creatures, but it seemed as if I could noti  wait-for the. turn'of the birds. "Have!  patience, little brothers," I felt like  "-ay'iisf','���"your  case will  come  next'1  The smallest coin in circulation is  the Maltese grain���a bionze piece  the size if an ordinary pencil top,  and   worth one-sixth of a cent.  "Absolutely!"  Tboie is! a member of the faculty  of Geoige Washington University,  who, to use the words of a colleague,  "is as rotund physically as he 'S  pro'ound  metaphysically."  One day the piofessor chanced to  coilie upon his .children, of whom no  has a number, ii.ll of./;!whom were to  his astonishment engaged in an earnest'discussion of the meaning of the  word,   "absolute."  "   queried  one   of  the  young-  can ..a   man     bo    'absolutely  Ur. Sven Heclin," the famous traveler-  arid explorer, who has just returned tc  civilization after two years in Thibet,  had some terrible experiences during  a former journev through that region  of the world He has told how, ow-  mg*fo the high latitudes at which he  ana his party traveled, that to nubia" ton one's coat meant acute pain  ana tension to an overwrought heart,  which literally was at the point of  breaking. His only safety lay in the  fact that he never left the" saddle,  for a single moment from morning til.  evening. Had he done so his heart  would have gi\en way. At one time  they were nine days without water  and when at last he saw a small pool  j T>r. Hedin drank five pin's without  stopping.  clocks of the*-present  typo,  although  used as far back .as the twelfth century   and   possibly   earlier,   weie  but  fair  timekeepers   until   several   centuries later.   In fact, it has been only  within recent years that really accurate   clocks  have, been   manufactured.  Those   which   the   astronomers   used  in utheir  observations   at  the  end  of  the   fifteenth   century   were   so   unreliable   that   modified    forms    of   the  water clocks of the ancients were often  employed as  checks upon them.  Galilei's   cliscovery   of   the   isochron-  ism of the pendulum from the swing-  lug chandelier in the church of Pisa  t\-as of great value in its application  to   the   measurement   of    time. . The  inventions of the mercurial and compensating ' pendulums     have     aided  materially in cutting down the errors  of  the  running   rate  and   controlling  the motions of clock mechanism.  "Diid.  sters, '  good?"  .' "No,"  ' "Dad,  "can  a  ���"No."  "Papa."   ventured   the   third   child,  a girl, "caii a man be absolutely fat?"  Whereupon   the   father   fleet   incon-  Philadclphia  Ledger.  replied  the  father,  'put   in   another   youngster,  man  be  absolutely' bad ?"���  know   what   a   cage : is,   and   when   I i but th'e painful certainty was impres  put one in for the first time he usual  i Iv clings to the side of it. ns if he did  ��� **VaS  i"rha��irilKyAyer'sHairVie0r��0P��   - -     .  Tins -��rr,r If because it first destroys the 'not know what the perches were for.  Ms donf causc th'S trouble. After One of my young birds has been in  J recov��' nature so��n brings about a tho aviarv for a certain length of  ilp to ,12'.res.torinS ,he h��lr and time, he is never happy in a cage.  l*��4tbT h t y hcalth>- condition. ! The cardinals also make their own  e        ' n*J*��'^r��roc. Low��u.auM.���,   nests, weaving a dainty structure by  seel upon me, that our efforts would  be'put forth for a fresh installment  of victims. As far as I can find out.  the shipments are too��� numerouij to  keep-pace'with the deaths, anel in  thinking much and painfully on the  subject, T ask myself the question,  " Who    is    it    that  demands    these  Could  Handle a Shovel.,  i.   The foreman' of a Chicago iron mlt  once employed a tramp who had been'  a   college   baseball- champion.     Their  'acquaintance'., began   in   a   way   ttiaf  showed the tramp still to be game and  cheery.  -It was a cold autumn dawn,  and the tramp, had slept in front of a  furnace on a warm stone.    The fore-.  man,  being short  of laborers,  ou. his  morning  tour of inspection  spied  the  fellow and thought'to. would-give him  a job.  "My man." he said, "can you do anything with a shovel?"  "Well,  I  could fry a piece of ham  on it." "   ��� i-  he was seized by a constable as he was  being dragged ashore and conveyed to  the police station, where he was  charged with disregarding a bylaw  which enacted that any one found in  the water after S a. ni. should be  prosecuted as the law directs.  The presiding bailie animadverted  severely on the heinousness of sucTTa  flagrant breach of the bylaw, remarking:  "Eh. man, an' so ye are doin' all ye  can to drive awa" trade and frighten  awa' sightseers from the toon. It's a  shame, after we ha'e spent so much  money to mak' the toon attracthe. 1  ha'e a gieat miud to mak' ye pay a  heavy fine for j er thoughtless conduct"  "But, bailie," pleaded the rescued  one. "I"���  "Silencer" roared that functionary.  "Silence! Ve cam" here an' get droon'd;  that gi'es the toon a bad name, anel  casts a gloom over everything, frightens awa' visitors anel upsets all our  arrangements for the entire season.  Now awa' l.ie noo, and remember ye  maun be carefu' fjr the future."���P'  LAMENESS from s Bone Spavin, RInir  Bone, Splint, Curb, Side Boae or ilinl-  Ur trouble enn b�� stopped with  Spinning the Eggshell.  Moisten the rim of a breakfast plate  -not merely the outer edge, but all  the raised p'orlion. Place the half of  an empty eggshell on the wet surface,  the shell benig broken evenly, so as  to form a little cup. Now, if you  hold' the plate up ar.d tip it slightly,  the* egg may be made to not merely  slide, but spin along the rim, and by  continuously altering the inclination  apgle of the plate you can causc the  shell to spin all the way round it.  It will not spin rapidly, like a top.  but as it goes round the. plate it also  revolves slowly about its own axis in  the same direction. Now, this^ you  know, is just what the earth does in  traveling around the sun, so hcie  you have an ea~y anel pretty lesson  in  astronomy  at   the  breakfast  table.  The Square Deal.  A stout and opulent man dwelling  in a subuib.an town had borne the  expense of the annual Sunday school  picnic, and the superintendent of the  school, .'put. of gratitude, ask.cd the  benefactor   to   address   the    children '  rsp^rte\vrV^s^t.S:. SOUTH-AFRICAN SCRIP FOR SALE  at poker. ' When he found himself  gazing into the expectant faces of  150' children,  his   embarrassment   al-  HE  RBINE  Full direction* ln pamphlet irlth e��ch  bottle. *2.<��a bottloat d��o)en ordellrered.  Horse Book o D free.  AliSOICUINI*., Jit.,  for mAnilnd. ��  ��� bottlo. remove* PuinMl Swelllncs,   En-  ��->-_   lsrted GUndl, Ooltre. Wens, Bruises, Varl  cose Veins,   Varicosities, Old Seres,  Allays Pain.  VV F. YOUNG. P.D.F.. 137 Mcrnnoultt St., Springfield, Mass.  I\31l.\. SONS M CO.. Hintm'. I ,��,]Iu   lt-rl..  . Alia furnhti.d bp IXariln Sit. �� Wynni De., Wtniilp��^,  Tht National Dfvg A Cfi.mtoal Cc Winnipeg and - Calgart.  aad H.ndwcrilBros. Co. Lti/~ IfanoouiMf.   .  most overcame him, but he managed  ti' strirumer out: "JMy dear children, j  what- I, want to impress upon you is!  that���er���er���it pays to be good. Thnt '  er���er���er���a man who deals from thy  bottom of the pack is generally buried j  at the public expense." ' )  Each scrip entitles selection  of 320  Acres of  HOMESTEAD   LANDS, Two  scrips good for 640 Acres:,  ���   Buy for yourself, or for'your son.   ,  Inter-Ocean Real Estate Company  24,Aikins   Bl'dg,   Winnipeg.  ���ENMANSHIP  The Pompous Man.  I do not like the pompous man. I do  not wish him for a friend. He's built  on such a gorgeous plan that hc can  e.nly condcsceiul, and when he bows  his neeijk Is sprained. He walks as  though he owned the earth���as though  his Test and shirt contained all that  there ls of sterling worth. With sacred joy 1 see him'treiid upon a stray  banana rind and slide a furlong on hl{  head and.leave a' trail of smoke behind.  A Boundary Question.  Charles .T. K. Bethuno, barrister, oi  Ottawa, has been in Fredericton,  N.B., recently getting information for  the Dominion Government resri.reHne  the boundary disn'.ite between Canada  and the United States. In- 1SA2 the  boundary ,'lnii!r the Maine and New  Bruiijiw lck border was all agreed to.  with'the exception of a strip of ebout  eight or'nine mil-s. on the 'St. Croix  river, including'Mark's Island, consisting of two or three e.cres. This  land is not important for its value to  either country, except in the matter  of fishing rights. The land wns granted w a British possession yeara ago.  Book-keeping, Short.'  lia-lid. Typewriting,  Teleirra p by, and all  business .subjects tliorbniihly taught. Write  tor   particulars,     e^atalovnea free.      Address  wiNsiHEii ausiNTsss cor,r.koe,  cor. Portage Arc. uud Fort St., WINNIPEG.  M.   E.   MACKEY,   Secretary.      .  Stuff Beautiful Birds  I*| urn by moll to stuff and innunt  ai| kludsof birds,unimali, Qsh mid  1,'fime heads; make mffl, can skirts.  Mount jour own specimen* and  lake money preserving tor others.  t��ni��ly fasclnatinr ; highly p.-i>ilUM��-  . woman and hoy* learn oaully and quickly.  iicccfltt srufirunit^efl or no tuition.  V VA'^'ia/-"-*/"8" v'"tv toUajr for otir wontlsrfuj FREE 1k--!c  iY..JKar Jf-^ "How to Learn to Mount Birds and Ar.Iinhti."  H. W. School of T&xJdormy,   Box 400,   Omaha, Neb.  W.     N.    U.     No.    72p.  '. ^  \    ,  Gi'r  ���   i'f;    '  'rlif\  A~7 ' ':*'  ���! n>:t:.w  c'^'  ' Wf,  i**H  ''*��!  , .#��  *..  * ;l,'5'(/5  i. -' rt- ���   - *- ,';&*��  �����* .'. y> <��� i*,,W*-  ,     '*'�����, 1 ).5"-V  'V ?'!.'��'?.  ,i .K '''..w  s   ' * .   - *���  -f  It t   , >.i  i S'y  ti 7' l~  gA ,  ��� *��� 'Ar  ���<  - *  a4  ..tl  , r-  . ;t  .,,  i  , i  .'  .<? l  .' ���XySA-'.  '���if* '1  I't  .1' .  I  T5IE LEADER", MOYIE, BRITISH COLmfflX  ��� i.   ��� .*���   r   ���  ���*-. V- "I'    ..',*,  '"-. * ���y,H.tf   <y- .  "   " ,A,    '  " - " '',  fl MOYIE LEADER.  �� tbli.-rVd in th* inu*rt*Ht of th< peopli  ol Moyii ami K.ibi tvonieuiiy.  P.   J.   RMYTTI.   I'UBLISHXK.  < U MO K 1 jg/) LA BLL>  *tft* (w*jr; ijiV*?-! \~t,-*f'i  ' lf   *,'���!��� ���'���^"���*- J;  V   ., >��",,**i4.:��":'"r."J:'i<l  ' ,.*.'-* j .,*i'; ?j ,i   '  lUTi.    Of    S.UliCKirT10.N  Qiie Year.i  &. Most Valuable Agent.  The glycerine employed in Dr. Pierce's  medicines gre.-Uiy enhances the medicinal  proix.rti.ji: which it extracts from native  medicinal roots and holds ln solution  much letter than alcohol would, lt also  possessts, medicinal properties of its own,  being a valuable, demulcent, nutritive,  antiseptic   and    nntifcr-ment.    It   adds    ..wifr   pr<>K��*hr  cIihi aci.e..iz��-   each   <i*-  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  NELSON, B. C.  .rJo<*rding and Day School   conducted hy the Sii-iert; of St. Jot. ph, JNelbon  B    C.      Commercial     and    businet-*-  courses a  apwisity.    Excellence   an ���  ��� *    ��� ��     ��� *  ��v  -���"fr J.  .>1   "'.ta.-l"'���*'{  SATURDAY.' JAN. 2,   1009.  greatly to the efficacy of the Ulack Cherry-  baric. Bloodroot, Golden Seal root. Stone  rtx>t and Queen's root, contained in  "Golden Medical Discovery " in subduing  chronic, or lingering coughs, bronchial,  throat a n<i lung affecrions, for all of which  tba*.c agents are recommended by standard medical authorities.  In all cases where there is a wasting  away of ilesh.loss of appotitc, wrtli weak  S3. 00 stomwS^, as In the early stages of con-  gumi/tipn. there can bo no doubt that gly-  eerino/acti; as a valuable nutritive and  ���lids >ho Gplden Seal root. Stone root,  Qucefcs root and Black Cherrybark In  i...rtn.eiit. Pan uie. should wrilt* foi.  p.trti, ular.a. On*1 in.uitli num.ret* ilu  pi.hlit: ol the thorOughnetSh of th'.'  "��ir)ii*i��** tutstli'iih'cdl n-^'-hii'ii. Term*.  ������oinni ncc .l^nn-.rv, April, nnd Sep!  I'iM'llf- :* r,. M'lirilltcil.diirinu l.'rii'  ,   $$ SLAVS'fri  ,   . . ,fef;,tf:,f->.,'-'v.V'v  MTi- $���*?*'.���#?  Exit leap year.   r**  Q  Dju't knock.    Walk right in.  Ii jpolve to boost for- ^toyit*, du:  ir*g the year 1900.  ,  The b st policy  i-, p lid up life  iiiirirra et*.    ' ,    -  pronKAingfligestion and building up tbo  nesh aijtfjstrerigth, controlling tho cough  and bringwig about a healthy condition  of the while system. Of course, it must  not be earfccied to work miracles. XI will  not cureyfonsiimution except In I,ts earlier  flta.- ������ - ���  ngj  anc  tftT _..-            <,���  it is not so eilJi;cii\e. TtTrs In tbo llngennff  hang-on coughs, or those of longstanding,  even wheii accompanied by bleeding from  jDiigs, thut it h?,s ' performed, its most  juarrcloiis cures.  I^of. Finlcy Ellingwood, M. P., of Bennett Jlod. College, Chicago, says of glycerine:  "In dyspepsia ltsorras jn cxcellcn i. purpowv.  tdo c'  FEESH   AND    CUEED  I. O. O. F.  Wilder  Lt.tlee No. 4*.  -Meets Tii���da*. weniot"-' >'���   M'f-r.gor  h.-.l)   on   VH-I..MH   micft     S<,]oururt:g  Odd Kellow*. cordialh invited.  Henry Sait F. H. Smyth  Kul'le Ornnd.  St-ci'v.  tO  ^otter  si- i ��(!<'��������� r...<n.''* >'�������� -!7-  K, of P.  Jlitn- o-O Thursrinv  (vrnii'g    in    McOrPi.01  l.iilliit S fU'fk.   Vi.-  *^��^j^    *,-������ i.^'lurs invited.  H. C. LivESJ.sy, 1'* A. lllU'  Chnccellor Com. -      K.ll,an'-S!,  Shce Repairing  .Mining  Shoes  Made to Order  ._    _   _ Holdlne a Cxod quaiillU' of U10 peroxide of  1 ' 1    \ li;;droeeii 111  Srolutlon. It Is 0110 of iho best  "TlllSW'lSJl   S-td    No\V    Year   for   manufneturod products of the present rime Iu  AXD  ?T��'  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71  W. F. of M.  Meets in McGregor h��Uj every  Saturday everiine., ���   Sojourning   nremoers  are cordially invited to nlU-nd.  Maleolm McNeill    Thos. E. Kelly  .     President. , Secretary  soutliein Italy.  1 its'"}y\ l\f. r  I      tt ' n. i 7k.+"-5**uJr  S"*  ^2  "  As a   gentle    l-eiuiader:   Keep  , your optics on Muyii*.  Start  the' new   year  riglit by  payiug the printer.  "Monejr 19  tight,"  says  an ex-  t 1  change.    Ibouprht.to sober, up.  fW*W Av.rt>��#"-f  ��� ���  i- >{���"*%>! ��� >'^i-?Ki  '   '   '-^f^:1?%<^'  , , "I can'fc bear fat .people," <*re  ,   .., 1  , ' 1  /  jnaiked    the  t;i}iri  ice ' the -other  iuorning". ���   '  l(& actiwi upon enfeebled, disordered stomachs, especially, If thero js ulceration or catarrhal frastJ-ltjs fc-atarrliaj lDflnmniat)on of  stomach), it ffe 3 most efficient preparation.  Glycerine will reJlevo many canrs of pjtosIs  (heartburn) aud excessive gastric (stomach)  acidity." ,  "Golden Medical Discovery " enriches and  pnrliiei, the ,b)ood curlntr blotches, uiraples,  fruptlons. scrQfuloub'Swelllnirs and old tores,  or ulcers. ��� . , ,    ,  Send to Dr. TL V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y..  for free booklet telllne all about Iho native  medicinal roots composing this wondarfui  medicine.   There L> no alcohol ia it.        ,  Are You i hinking  of Suyi.ng a Typewriter?'  'Vy;%tA,xKi^fi  Diplomacy is an important factor iu business success., There-  fdt-o, cultivate diplomatic ways.  "SSJ-.*  m  "\Vhen a  woman  is  in  trouble  , she cries; wheu a man is  in trouble he .gets  di'urik.   Rcttilts  are  about the same���both have head-  , 1 ,  ache in the morning.       ��� '  ,y*sr-',r %�����+���!%  Vancouver1 World: And now  the Standard Oil octopus is goiug  to invade Scotland. Did Rockefeller never'hear of'the Hebrew  who tried to make a^ living' in  Aberdeen, but starved to dea'llr  , in the attempt?    ,  BnoMO   9  mtih a&  r    - _,    \      t  Limited. ,  MOYIE,-i. Ct  CO  Harvey, ,, McCarter. &  . Macdonald.  Barristers,(Solicitors, Notaries, Etc.  Cran'brobk,   --  -   B., C.  T. T. McVIttle.C.E.,       V L,. S. II. Y. Parker, C  rlTcVITTIE $ VPARKER  , Piiovinciaiv,,Laxd Survkving  itajclv/xvy *, mining e.ncisekk1sg  1 <     i,  Estimates Furnished,        '  1. '"      ' '.'OFFICES'''  1 : ',        1  1  Fovt Steele, P. O. Bbx'^a.  1 1. ^ *���  Cranbrook P. b. Box 11."        '  "  W. F,.GUBD,  ,(i " ���  BARKISTKli, SOLICITOIt, KTC.<%  %'^'Z-- '*-i*\   >\*y.  ,iJ,-.��'A!;-5-A.- w ���A i -Vs  ��,v^; ���*- ^.'���'.V/,*---^.''-*  St'I^v' -* rV^'^-sffe";  ��?*��*>>*."*��l-     r*.�� v  '  s^^vK v  R. A. SMITH  r*  SlIOEMAKKK,     , ,  MOYIE.  15. 0.  STOP AT-THE  COSMOPOLITAN  THE CANADIAN BaS^  OF COM1VIERCE  ���j^-upCapto!.3,o,o?o,000  HEAD   OFI'ICE, TORONTO  B. E. "WALKER, President   ���  ALEX. LAIRD, General ManAger  �� Sin..1"  "v"Jics��**  *f��*��^  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT I  Deposits of $1 and upwards are,received'and interest allowed  t"  ���  rates.    Accounts may, be opened in the names of two or    ^"^  persons, withdrawals to be ma^de by any one of th*'"^  ' < number or by trie survivor.  CRANBROOK BRANCH. ',   ��� ��� '��� .  P.T.BRYKfp  JS.  CBANBEOOK.'  B. C  ���c    C.H. DUNEAR  Barrister, Solicitor, Notar} Public, Eu*  Cranbrook, B. C.      ,  WHEN IN ���        -  CRANBRCOK  "E. n. ajIAT.I.', Slanasor.  Good rooms, good   rallies ant-  bur  I      . r '  iml   first'-l>i���� Biimpl** r>'-','i>*-  dr: p; B. MILES,  * rl W       ,  Cranbrook,     y      B, C:  .  BUV'YOUK.  "      tf%!^;S'n^'"i  ��� 'itC* ''.$ vs. ..<������  >   ^H^'V?  Jfsrfc-v-l*" >V; "  ^        '���VJ.'-l&l^i t'  "OLIVER"  1 <<       ., -   n ���  ZP.ZZ.   EASY  PArifErYTS.   ���  '-i    ' ��,  ���    ;__ ; ,  ��� ,   '���"  F. J. ,SmytJv,".   '"  Agent   '    ���=       - l * Moyie  3IS7c>^: aic-cos ���  PROM  Tbe ooard o��  Trade .at,'Prince  Ilupart^ba. an. effective ,way of  ,   dealing with the Chinese question.  In paclf member .* hip certificate the  ibllpwing   remarkable paragraph  is printed in red  ink:    "No  per-j    l>  son who is  an   employer of Asiatic labor is eligible  to  become a  member, aud any person who is a  member | who   employs    Asiatic  labor shall cease to be a member  and his name shall be struck frcin  the roll of members."  INTERNATIONAL  HOTEL,  This"hof,el is now under new  ' management, arid is first class  m every respect,  B, E,  TAYLOR.', Mgr.  Victoria Street, iiOYIF.  A B. :Stewart \& Co.  3. C. Steam Laundry  Billy Sunday, p he evangelist,  nqw holding meetings in S^ o^ane,  has this to say-of his critics:  "If I stopped to s'ry rooks at  every little yellow dog that bark.*-  at me' I'd do nothing but throw  . stones all the time. If these geez  ers who are attacking me can  show a bigger string of fish thar  I can then I'll listen to them.  Why, these people remind 'mc  of the crying baby in the story  who was too little to spank, it  might hurt him."  CUYJ.DJ C  Give our work a   trial   and   Ieavi  wotk   with '  A.B. Stewart,   v Agent,  MOYIE, B.C.  ���J*   AP  tA v J  ���k'ir.'<,':'r.iiC-v''!r^81  :7mmA7&r  :vi*r:B';'r.Vv,v  i;:i:A7-''.Ai^A^  $y.'iA$777-!7xy-  i'lH&M^W'.  ���viy:r:,Ay:f7:-i  $ 7A.1  Puliizijr of the New York  World is mad, fi,nd in reply to  Koosevelt's tirade, handed thc-  f'rough rider" the following verbal  bnucl};  "Mr. Roosevolt is mistaken. lie  cannot muzzle the World. No  other living man ever so grossly  libeled the United States as does  the President, who besmirches-  congress, bulldozes judges, assail!-  1 he integrity ;of courts, slanders  private citizens , and who, has  s-hown himself the most reckless,  .unscrupulous demagogue whom  the American people ever trusted  with great power and authority."  The New Year number  of Rod  Rnrl Gun appeirs as bright and in-  teie-ting us ev, r.    Tbe   long  and  varied list of c ntents of the Jan  uary issue of this magazine, which  i*. .published,   by "W,   J.    Taylor.  Woodstock,   Ont.,   ij  in   keeping  with  the   position   takon and   s.  thorouglv    ��ell    miintained    by  this loading < anadmn ptiblicatiois  fif putdoor.  When you tbink of  Building,  think   of  CALI  rhe Moyie cod tractors  and builders.  CALL   AND   GET   ESTIMATES  BO   YEARS*  EXPERIENCE  '     ^DKSADIKIEB     BROS.   Top*.  Lun;e sample. room in connection  ivith house for pommercjal men. Be,  of accommodations.  Headquarters  for   Commercial and MinrugJIen'.  QrrEEKS   AVENUE, MOYIE,  B. 0  NOTICE       *\  CliVNBOOOK USD  DISTRICT, ,DISTRICT i  OF KOOTENAY. (  TaKE notice that Charles C. Farrell,, of  Mo .Jo, U. Coucuniuion Jlinur luteuds, to op-  plj for 7,erml,^i-loi) to purchase the following  ���le*jciib"d lnnrts,:���  Commencing ma post planted on the north-  jnst ooriur of Lot No. 3003, Group One (1),  Kootenay District, theuce east 40 chains;  hmce s>outh '0 chains; thence west -10 chains;  .hence north 40 chains to j>oint of commencement aud containing 160 acres more or less.       ,  '      ' CHARLES CI FARRELL:  Dated September 15th, 1908,'  George Hi Thompson,,  ' ��� t , *  '   ��� Bah.juetkr/sSoj.ici'ior.'  tary Public, &c. ,       '     ,  CRANBROOK.  Br.ITlSll 0OLU.MI5I'  Wm. Jewell  ,W, E.: 'BEATTY  l t r ,r        . I  Embalmer and^UntlerlHke'r,   '.>   *-  Phone .9.1 '  CRANBROOK  GAA.   JAnllESON ',  ��   ���������* ' -,c        - ���'- .-   '  .   "Graduate EmbalmerJ,,  < Mortiuian and.* .   "*.,-��,  v.     ,      ., ^     .        ...  , ���'���Funeral Director.1" -. *  ",.��'''    7"     y'   '  DAY OR NIGHT CALLS AT  'OFFICE  .PHOSE.TfO     2 6  Express and General ��� Delivery - Busi-,,,  ,  ness;-1   Livery   anrd '  r Feed Stable.  WOOD   AND,. CO^i;  ... -   "'"/For gale'"   ������' \  I       v T/     /Leave Oiders a't^' x  r    ^(       ,    Gwynnt'd Store.   ^_^  L  Moyie,' s Briiifch. .Cc.umbia  ��� i *   ���*   '    t  -��t *   ,      v  NOTICE  CRANBROOK LAND DISTRICT, DI3TRICT  )r SOUTHERN DIVISION EAST KOOTENAY.  TAKE notice that I, J. W. Fitch agent for  r/3Uisa L, EI toll of Moyie, B. C ocpupatlon  torekeepor. intcuas tq apply for pormjs-loii to  .iurchane tho lollowiaK described land:��� '  Cammencing at a post planted 20 chains  ���ouih of the North vest corner of preemption  Ul VV. L. Merpdith Aldridije B, C. thence' north  0chains; thence ea.st-10 chains: thenco south  i0 chains theuce west 40 chains to point of  .unmencement, and containing one hundred  .nd sixty ccrai., more or less.  LOUISA L, FITCH.  per J. W. Fitch.  DATltScp*.cniper2.r), 1908.  NOTICE.  CRVNnROQK LAi'D DISTRICT, DISTRICT  )FsOUriIERN DIVISION EAST KOOTENAY.  TAKE uoti(X' tliat I Henry J. Cooper ol Moyie  l.C. occupation Blacksmith, intends to apply  or pormlision to purchase tho (qllowlng des-  ;rlhud lauds.  Commencine at a poet planted on the west  milk of the Moyie river about 150 yards south  >f the Little Moyie.river, thence west 10 chains;  hence North 80 chafnsj/lhence East; GO chains;  nore or less to Moyie river, thenco south along  river bank to point of commencement, containing 160 ucies more or less.  HENRY J. COOPER.  4epl.l-lth.1908. '     ' ������  ,  ajg*  Trade Marks  TSSSW^T*    ��     Designs  rff��i^ Copyrights &c.  AnyonesenrtlriK a nkotch nnd description mnr  aulckly ascertain our opinion free whether oil  Invention Is probably r*t.eiit.iible. Communications striol|yeoii0(leut,lal. Ilundbookon Pafnta  sent free. Oldest aiiencj for s'ecurlne patents.  Patents taken t'uruuuh Munn & Co. rece!*-;  tpecuil notice, irithout charge, ln the  Scientific Jlntencatt*  A hftnclsomely lllnstrated wceitry. Lnrcest clr  dilation or any scler.ti'tc lournnl. Tcnrs S3 c  ywir   four months, tL   So d byall no-��s.l"<'alers  ffiUNN SCo,3Ct8'6i^-Nei!y Yor)  JBi^uoh OUKai *Sw v fU-.��PW��>n-ttCa-D.U.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that at tho expiration  >f 30 days I intend to apply to the Moyie Water  ���o. Ltd., for a duplicate certificate of No 9, for  0 shares; No. 13 for 201 shares; No. 100 /or 223  .hares.  W.L. REID,  >ated. Nor. lGth, 1908.;  tTKD YOUR WORKTO   TUB  iKOOWAY;,':':-;:  .LAUNDRY.    ,  1    '    , NELSON   *    '  \   �� *     i 1  All White' Labor.  -  WHEN AT CRANBROOK  'DON-T, FORGET TO' VlStr   OCTRHTORK        '       ''  ' ' ���   . \ '      ��� " '    ' , - "  7 . ,i ',-'/���';. ��� " >  Our xmas stock ia now complete ant] our l>r\^ ,.'  favourably  compare'with  any'.list sont   by, otk'r J'  through theppsl, and you're at onco' what you arcbir'i  ing without delay. , Wo beg to"solicit' an early inspection-*;I  "'���ANY'(ORDERS SENT -BY.roS^'rROMrTLY'ATTEXIJEDTO -f'  ^���sV.v.v^awOrth^bros.' .,.'/  C.'P. B. WatchVJiispectOris.^ "   ���.  / ,y ''., GBAKBROOf  '���f:j?7$:&7%t>i  f      ':3fc  ."���rjf   M.^'      I       'i- ~ I,  ;vV ^Fg^'i'wortmept 'o^'GO-OAETS and BABY t  1/ A7y *,CARRIAGE^ "''.PricWrpin^o.up-- '    - j  ,v .      i.   v * h'    T      6   ',*.' < ���.   \*-,r.   K       r ' ' ,   .o(       rt      ,     * " ,1?V  ri"y -"L. ^;/i4i-.���-���%*��� i^' ^^'W,i.^-^-.^ ;-'>-v"^t Ai  L-IfiilTED:  aENTLEEIEN��� '[',  Ifj'ouwant-a stylish,- np  to date tailor .made suit, call  and inspect our spring goods  before ordering elsewhere.  We guar^tee  all  Our Work.  Cleaning, repairing and  pressing done.  Prices Right.  G. A. FOOTE  Merchant Tailor.  MOYIE, B. C  Geo. R. Leask & Co.  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  Our Work is our Advertisement  Leave work with the" local agent  _J?A. B., STEWART/  0: F. DESAULTSTIER   ,  DEAIKR   Iff  *     PROMPT DELIVERY.  Q,ueeDs'Ave.      MOYIE  GANADBAW  ANKUAL  Eastern   Canada  Excursions ���  ����^����'a**cra<fr**^s^*t>**^e  GYIE    HOTEL.  11 i    "  , ^ P. FAjpgJ/STOJ/-   .  Thid Hotel is.New and well Furnished. The  Tables are Supplied >*ith the Best the  \ Marnet affords. The Bar is Filled .with  4 the Best Brands of. Liquors and Cigan,  1    * "i"  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL  I ��� AND MINING MEM .*. ?'  i    BIOTIB '��� "_ _ _    '      _ _ BiT.ITISHCOI.V��tU  Moyie Beer  NOTIOB.  Notlbe (8 hereby irlven that at tho cxpijat.ion  ���f 30 days I intend to apply to the llqyie Water  'o. I.W., for a duplicate certificate of No.   10  or 10 sliuroB, (Uid No. 15   for 371.  f. J. Me^raho^  i/):'ted, Nov. 20th, 1308.  Hkad   Office :    .';���..."'  CRANBROOK '-''.��� BO  Y.'.g. Liddieoat, Moyie, B. C.  Thos. Summers  Cigars,   Tobacco,  Fruit  and  Confectionery.  TOYS,   NOTIONS,   ETC.  South  Victoria   St.  Low Bound Trip Bates to  ONTARIO,    QUEBEC    AND  MARITIME PROVINCES  Tickets ou sale Dec. 1  to  Dec. 31.  inclusive, good to  return   within  three months.  Tickets issued in connection Atlantic Steamship Business will be  on sale from Nov. 21, and limited  to five months from date of issue.  Finest Equipment; Standard Firstclass  Sleeping and Tourist Cars on all  1 Throuqli Trains  2 Through Express Trains Daily  As   made by tho  present brewer   is   admitted])' '^J  Best Beer in East Kootenay. With' tho Best Malt sud*  hc Purest Spring Water it id unexcelled /orqualit)'1   *  lusrat on having Moyio Beer, i  Bottled and Draft Beer.  BE"-"  CHAS. IJSTDERWI^S, Mgr,  MOVIE, B.0J  I  I  t  (  THE "TORQNTQ EXPRESS"  Leaves Winnipeg  daily at  23.10,  making connections   at   Toronto  ' for all points east ajid west  thereof.  W ALL PABTS OF TOWN  Apply to nearest C. P.  R.  Agent  ,.__ .   for full information;  F. J, S  ">'.-- 'i  Ihsurance, Eeal Estate, Collections,


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