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The Moyie Leader Feb 24, 1906

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VOL. 8, NO 46
MOYIE, B. Co  FEBRUARY 24. 1906.
jWill always sell themselves, If kept
clean and neat: and especially so
when-they are "Tartan Brand"; but
Men's and Boy's Clothing seems to
be tlie sticker. We are going to sell
our immense stock of clothing, and. ,
when wesay^this we wiU do it re-
eardless of price. :, v,   , ;
Our Clothing ih the'newest and best: no old stock wbjch wo want
to Bluff but all fresh stylish goods.   Already/a great many " have    ;
"w taken "advantage^ol tbe'bargina
we are   offering,' but
it everyone to know so that'by' tho end, of, .the -. month
--        ' — *» !* --" l-*- »•■*«« ur advant
slothing may to-sold. ' If you wanfa milt it will be to vo, ur«]
igo to'examinejours--   *■, v >, r ••    ', A-   * V.;'   <;\ r" *
,    :     .     ,'-' • .,' :-' - ' ...' -    ;   *• , i .i i ■?■*.' v    Ll
...." " •t"   The Office of;;-;.!. *-,;>',
*   BANK ;;0F
C ranbroo'k, has beet. Removed to the NEW. -WILDING ;,Nprtl
corner of Bnkerand Ci^nbiock Street*.;* """"' -7" ,;~K."V''"'"'';  " ,'   " .   ;
CRAN3R0OK BMCH.    -*1, ^ ' * -'"'  > F.-CMMMS. WGR
•??- A   '"'-'   ■*.' IE. YOU, WANT*' . ■; ,.■
■ ■• l    '       '     •, '' *,      .'h "   ' 'v   "•"''-   i ■     .   ■•   , /
Lifi/Acci.lentoVFire Insurance, a-Liability ^policy,' ,lo ,«ecu«i-a:
Fidelity ^Bond,'to invest in.stoclwi to rent or sell   property} to, have
.your.boJk-audited; tdhave' your, accou.n^pr ,rentscollected, -write ,
M0yiEi'.B. C.;.
0 BARS ----- *OR ----- 25c
Moyei* and Hey wood
'" *  Arrested.  ,"
He Is said'to Be ..a'Tool
*■ - the. Mineowriers, As-
■ >   sooiation:
JStj**: rfc. rfrjrfu^
|       MOYIE'S
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accommodations
for the Traveling Public.
Largo and Commodious.Sample Booms. Billiard Rooms.      u
McMAHON BROS, Proprietors., j.
Is to bo carefully dressed from head to foot.
To Be Well Dressed
But the most important part i8
the suit. Tho man ^^iSoTloWng correct as to hot,^™* «£
shoos, weors a 20 Century suit is always known by bis exeeptionaly smart ap-
PCXolother clothing has the style fit and finish o£>»  famous clothing.    Let
us talk personally to you about it,
Charles E. Mover,„ president of'the
Western Fedeeatiwn of Miners; W. D.
Heywdodj secretary ofthe same body,
and G.' A. Pettibone, a former member
of the executive board of the-federation, were arrested in Denver* Saturday night, charged with complicity, in'
the assassination of VFrank' Steunea-
berg: former'governor of   'Idaho'.--
The special, train of engine, combination, car and' Pullman, coach; which
left Denver at 6 o'clock Sunday, morning,' " arrived vi at 'Boise, at .9:15.:' The
necessary changes of'engihea_en route
were made^at/suburbsn sidings and
the train took.water at obsoure tanks,'
sorthat no stops were made in cities or
large s towns. .' The '"prisoners .were
taken direct to the'Id.vtio penitentiao'.
.Detective McPharland declares' the
evidence against the men arrested ., at
Denver, is' overwhelming ' and convic«
tion certain. '.,..'"       ' *.
* Vincent St. John, alias  John  Vin-
cent, president of  the miners   union
at'Bu'rk,. was- arrested -Thy  Sheirfff
Sutherland,^ He and' two others  unnamed are also implicjtted with' others
byOrchard's'alleged confession,*, <
'.-The DenverfrTimes says^that". Harry
Orchard,-who is under arrest in  Idaho
charged -   with   assassinating ' former
Governor Steunenburg,' and '.who. has
made a confession chargiag the leaders
of the Western' Federation'.'of; Mio'ers
with instigating''a' number  of dynamite outrages and muders, was  in the
employ ot  the  Cripple  Creek  mine-
owners'accociation as a detetive  during the great strike  in. the  Cripple^
Creek district.    This  most  important
fact will be used in the defence' of the
accused labor leadors  when   they , are
brought to trial in the courts of Idaho.
A meeting of  the  executive  board
of the Western  Federation  of, Miners
probably will be held within a week to
adopt measures for the defence of • .the
officials now uuderarrest.    The arrest
of the officers of  the union is looked
upon as a further attempt to break up
the   federation.     The   prime   object
being   to   compel    the federation   to
drop its civil suits agaiust mineowners
of Colorado for damages growing out
of the Colorado labor troubles  ot   the
past two or  three  years.     It  is  said
that 'the    federation    has   a  million
dollars available for the defence ot   the
leaders and the very best legal  talent
will  be engaged  both for  the Idaho
.trials  and  in  the  civil  suits  against
the mineowners.
James Cronin loft Thursday for
Spokane. '      «
Too Baker, the barber, is now in
Goldfield's, Nevada.
Uncle Tom'e Cabin will show in
Moyie on Tuesday, March 6th.   ,
SeeFoote's samples for your Bpring
suit." 'c     '   -      '
Frank. Duff has begun work on his
new houses on Queens' avenue. ''
Mrs. Bouth is in the Cranbrook
hospital suffering with!' rheumatism.
The, semiannual election of the
Moyie Miners' Union will be held neit
Saturday, March 3rd.
1 Goldie Stewart isjaway on > a vacation ' andsis . taking %in 'Calgary, tfnd
' -  . i- V '
Edmonton., „•",„'
rr I . ' *
' The . ladies aid -4of' the ' Methodist
church will give, a "five cent" aocial
on Tuesday evening, March I3tb.
. If you want the latest .styles of
spriag suits,' give C."1 A. Foote a call at
tbe tailor shop..'" 7     j  ■ ' '      ,
• ,Geo. W. Orchard's c wife and child
arrived Monday from "Ymir and ~" will,
make their home here. ,  '      '    <   .'
„ ,    -      - -r     '       " „      ■     '   '    ' 1*
,,'Hugh Cameron has,moved.his stock
and,dairy outfit to his- place at the
head of Moyie lakei at Slfton.' ^
' Ohas. A, MacKajr, of the- Black-
MaoKay company, waa in i Nelson
this week^   '"    ' V m; i ' '
Mrs. (Dr.) Higgtns and baby of
Fernie spent a week risking in Moyie
with ber sister, Mw.T. J:-McMahon.,
"' Call"and see Foote, the''tailor; and
the spring suitings, which he has from
$20 up\   -\ -'     .',1 /■ ; *        '     .,
Chas. Copp- was in Nelson this week
on a mining case in which'he was the
defendant.- Judgement was rendered
in his favor. ..The'properiy ,is; located
near Trout Lake.'*'-'7'.   " '    '   -
.   .-*i. .
c Chas..Little was taken'-to the Cranbrook hospital^last"1 Saturday and is
still confined there with an attack of
rheumatism. Mr. JLittleiutends Uk-
ing a trip to-California as * soon as -be
recovers sufficiently to. travel.i      *< ,
l" « , . \ r, ,-.
"., Mrs; Charles Clark, of Ayr; Ont., is
ondevoriug to locate her son,, Albert
Edward Clark, perhaps better known
as Bert"Clark.; Three'yeiirs ago' she
says her son was jWOrking" at a sawmill" near Moyie; Any information
should be sent to this  office.
Dressmaking—All kiuds of eewins:
done.'~Apply to Mrs. Mongin, South
Victoria street.    ' *
Bed, Wheat Whiskey. Something
new. Sold by A. C, Bow.nesi*. wholesale liquor dealer, Cranbrook.
iirit«r''f-'iinnTivirff'fr'ij^1-''1'"" d|lLM i> iinwwi i
Was  Held in Moyie
Monev , will  Be Expended
/During  Y'earGto Im-
■ J     /prove System,
, The regular'annual meeting of   the
Moyiet Water   Co.   was  held here  on
Thursday, Feb. 22,  and  it  is said to
be the best meeting in the history of
the   company.1      The   afljirs of the
company were found-in-a—very  satit-
*^ . *.' '  ii
factory      .condition, Considerable
money will be expended'during the
year to improve the system and - make
it more'seoure against frost, etc. The.
old offices ,; and ' directors were reelected., They are:'c * ■■
J. A. Harvey, President; ,   , c \     t
A. P. Macdonald, Vice-Pres; '
J. P. Farrell, Secretary;
V. Desaulnier, Treas:
,   E'. A. Hillr-"".' * ,  '      '    '
C. A. Foqte,      '        '<• '    , -
-   P. F. Johnston.*        .. ',"       '   '
Walk=over Shoes.
'Tin's ia an American shoe that
we hive opened up 'a spring
shipment of, which have a very
bright and attractive appearance,
and show the perfection o^ Shoe
Art.      '- >
Before    b lying   your    spring
=hoea we would BUggeet that you "
give'these your cureful conside ■-
ation.aathey  are  the  products'
of orie of the beat American   shoe ■
house", <vho   have -a  reputation,
for high workmanship, ' The fin- ''
isli and style an* really excellent,
'We have them in 'Viei Calf,
Patent Calf and Rii?ma Calf, Oxford.;; all Blucher cut.
Athletic Association-
' Officers and fdirectors' for the new
athlehc association wen> elected at the
meeting held last Monday evening, and
Eagle hall'has been(rented. Tlie officers are,:   ,   ' ; -
G. A. Clothier, President; ■"   ' ,
i   D. A.,Ayree;,Vice-Pre8ident;'    "*-
■ I.     J)- - ■»  5*-.-\ • '
■ G. Stewart.-Seery-Treas. ,
,C;A; Fooie, P. J, Bonner and E.°_0.
Kamm; directors,-    '   .  ,r      ,    ii'
At the meeting the constitution and
bylaws,were adopted. There'are nearly 60 names on.the list for membership. The "'hall" will ,be bpen„next
week', and* there will be basket-ball,
hand-ball, trapeese, punching bug,
boxing gloves, etc.
Cranbrook Herald:
The    C.   P. K.  are extending
platform at the station
Every man owes it to himself and
his lamily to master a trade or profession. Bead the display * advertisement of tbe bix Morse Schools of Telegraphy, in this issuo, aud learu how
easily a young man or young lady
may learn telegraphy and be assured a
position. *
Iu the matter of aa application for a duplicate of the Cortlflcato of Title to Lota 7 and 8,
Block 2, In tho Town of Moyie (Map 647A),
Notice is hereby given that it ls my intention
to issue at the expliatlon of ouo month from
the llrst publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of TlUo to Lots 7 and 8, Block '2, in
the Town of Moyie (Map 617A) in tho name of
Geo, Reed, whioh Certificate is dated tho 29th
day of March, 1900, aud numbered 2935K.
"II, *". MacLeod,"
Land Registry Office, District Registrar,
Nelson, B. C. 8th January, 1906.
Imperrai Bank of
Deposits of $1.00 or upwards received.
There is no  better  investmentj,han a
Bank deposit.
Once opened it grows whether added to or
Interest   allowed at  current   rates   ai
pounded twice a year. ^
i     j, f. M   PINKHAM, Manager. ^
and   com-
when you are in need of
an engagement or wedding King that we have a
good assortment to choose
so  as ,to  give
more room for the handling of baggage
and the  greater convenience of pas*
sengeis. '
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. MsDermot and
baby left last week for Winnipeg for
a visit pf two, weeks with Mi. MoDer-
mot's mother and to attend tho wedding of his Bister, which took place
this  week.
D. J, Johnson, tho contractor, was
in town a few days this' week. Mr.
Johnson, is engaged in the building
of the new C. P. K. station* at East-
port, the Boundary point on the Co'r-
bin road,
W. J. Atchison was taken sick with
a severe attack of pneumonia lai>t
Friday night and Saturday was taken
to the hospital. He Is improving but
is still a verj sick man.
Word has been received of the death
of Henry Kershaw, sr., of pernicious
anema, in San Francisco, where he
went, thinking tbe change in climate
might help him. Mr. Kershaw was
fifty years of age. Ho went to Fort
Steele in 1897 from Rochdale, Eug-
Home, Production-
The first beer turned out by Julius
Mueller, the^ new proprietor of 'the
Moyie Brewery, is on tap today and
samples aro being sent around. Tbe
beer is of good quality, and it. is not
likely that anything but home production will be drank in Moyie in   future.
Spokane & International.
0     r ,
,   '      '' " j ~     ' "-
; The,Spokane & International are
laying rails on their line; commencing
at the International boundary where
they connect with the C. P. R. branch
from the Crow's Nest road, rails' haying been been laid "on the C: P. R,
branch last December, says ,the Bon-
ners'Ferry'HeralJ. 'Tracklayiug will
progress towards J'Bonners ' Ferry 'as
conditions will permit, but there will
be no great rush >for the reason that
in p'ace3 the contractors' will not be
out of the way, and in pothers bridges
and culverts, are   to .be   constructed
i iA/ i
causing,a delay. Then,,the 900„foot
bridge across the Kootenai will not be
ready before May'*!,-at 'the"earliest,
As fast as the grade is .ready,-however,
the rails will be. laid) '"and- when tbey
are forced'to stop by,reason of uncompleted work,'the work trains'will have
plenty to do to(improve the/grade on
which rails have been laid. 'V ''
METAL   MARKET./ "'    '
;, New 'Yoiik—Bar silver,  66J cent*
Lead, -jij.la.    Zinc (spelter) #0.SO.    ,   '
London—Lead, £15. 15s.'
'A atction'is to bo built a Proctor.'
. ,F. R. Morris ha3"bee'n' appointed
chief licence inspector for the' Cranbrook liceucn district.       . ''   t ' '
lt isagnin reported that the THComa(
antl Seattle Iuterurban ronil has  been"'
sold to tho Canadian Paciho. ' -
Dr. Molnturff Tomorrow.'
Work on Lamb Creek.
About 15 men are employed by the
Moyie Lumber Company improving
Lamb Creek so that logs may be
brought down to the mill. The work
is not as difficult as was anticipated,
Logging will be commenced in about
a week's time,
Tbe people of Moyie wil be given a
treat tomorrow evening in listening to
Dr. D. .N. Melnturff,' bisbop of the
People's United church of Spokane.
The members of the church have organized a colony, called the Almo colony, situated in the Kootenay valley-
not for from Bonuers Ferry, Idaho.
The doctor is one of tbemost eloqnent
pulpit arotors in tho west and those
who have the opportunity should not
fail to hear him. , Mrs.' D.' H. Chis-
holm, deaconess in charge ofthe Almo
Colony, has been in Moyie since yesterday.
Dr. Melnturff will address the people
of Moyie in Eagle hall at 4:30 and at
8 o'clock p. m.
Men Are Scarce,
While the average wage is higher
than ever before employment agents
in Spokane are unable to supply the
demand. One agenoy says it could
place 500 men in sawmills, warehouses
and various lines of railways at wages
from $2 25 lo $2.50 a day.
Hutch Sells Out.
John Hutchison has sold his real
estate arid insurance business in Cran-
brsok to Archie and Harry MeVittie.
"Hutch" is contemplating moving to
so rue town in Alberta to locate.
K. a. SMALL, Miui»*J«r.
Good room.', r,oa<i   inh\"tt *ivi)   b.u-
nod  tarsi '„«J<J88tsample rwma.
Cranbrook Licence District.
A special meeting of the board cf
licence commissioners, Cranbrc" k
Licence District, will be ht*ld at il.e
courthouse, Cranbrook, on Tuesday,
March 6th, 1900, ut 8 o'clock in the
evening to consider the following
application :
Montgomery Howe, Lake Shore
hotel, Moyie, B. C.
Chief Licence Inspector for Cranbrook District.
Cranbrook, Feb. 15, 1906.
Putting Up Ice.
The people of Moyie have become
alarmed that the ice will, not be any
better than at present, and during the
past few days most of the supply for
next summer's use was put up. The
ice is only about 10 inches in thickness, while at this time other years it
was seldom less than from IS to 21
To the Ladies
of Moyie. . .   .
I have ordered from a Chicsgo
house a full line of millinery which
will be here on or about March 10th.
I intend welling same as cheap if not
cheaper than you can buy in any part
of the country. Hopiog you will not
purchase until you examine my new
and up to date stork-.   I im
Truiy You s,
It   is " snid    that  preparations  are
being ^made   for'   the;_erestion,i;of.a,
Metbodiat church ib Qrestou.*   -_
"'. r'     '   \■„ -■  I    ', '. * V
The 'doctor who went from Chicago^
to Helena to ratke a diagnosis of  tbe,
illness of Peter Lirson  received $1,000
a day,for the trip,   ,**       <.^
A. Mutz has purchased the Cranbrook brewery lrom L. B. VanDec«r.
He has taken charge and will operate
the plant to its full ^capacity, <
It bas developed tbat the fortune of
the late Charles T. Yerkes is not more
than $6,000,000, instead of $15,000,-,
000 as originally reported.
N. Hanson of Wasa intends building a $35,000 hotel in Cranbrook.. It
will be ready to open in" Ooteber, and
it 13 said that E. H. Small will be the
tThe Miners Union of Frank have
decided to have a monthly holiday anc*
the Monday following pay day haa
been fixed upon. The first observance
of tho day occurred  Monday,
When the C. P. R. summer schedule
comes into force on May 15, the ^Slo-
can Like route will be abaudoued aud
steamers will ag.iin run fn.m Kootenay Lauding to Nelson, and from
Robson to Arrowhead.
Stricken wilh ' blindness at sea
dipt. Sanberg, ofthe schooner Falcon,
bound from Ventura to Gray's Harbor,
stood by the wheel and .safely steered
his vessel to San Francisco, last week.
He had a petty oflicer to take the
observations, from which he gave
orders to the helmsmen.
Cc'ic.  C".".i     '.   .a.l
£.;,.; rm v i V- .r.L>lv.
Kcvi: fails.   Boy -t rj-v     Jt-..m, - .-C tlie,
Is Your Watch
Going: Satisfactory?
Many watches do not becausf
they are allowed to run TOO LONG
without clean,ing.
8.WK Yocii Watch nnd money
by sending it to u.*, whore it w-U receive proper treatment
Mr. E. A. Hill of Moyio is our
W. P. TATE & SON".
,7pwo-1 (*--■» *>i '   O   ■'
:.-, a- s -> t ■> i i
Improves the flavoxf
and adds to the health-**,
'fulness of th.z fbodo
* r,j.i
*'      tfj
• ill
,   fl
.  ***:
- "  I'l' I
J' i
' 'W-S
• <i'\\
I, \1 I
, lt'
■... ., -. ***
,<   '     il!
-.   " ,r       ,-U! *
'       'TSl
, -      <■   W j
..... i„4
V \  the LEAnftii, worm, British Columbia.  -��-���-'-"-'--'-'-���*���--  -^rB.ffiiTTr-^i-���*���  \���mil~Xtrmm  t-t-M-H-M-  Linked by Fate J  BY CHARLES GARVICE ��  I  Author bf" The Verdict of the Heart/' " A Heritage   ��  of Hate,"' "Nell of Shorne Mills/* "Paid I  For/'"A Modern Juliet," Etc.1 t  , <trfW      f  tfee *��� ���*���  P-V '  S^MLM  !��.Sfe  * ' ��h!ifj-*j'  ��*   Ml1   f  '  ..L, -'rttirtp,*! I" *  -. - m,% -   *. ���  r*i...''��8&��,.     *������    ,  'ifiSw'   "���*"  If.-*  m,  AM  1  Continued from last week.  Jt  va*�� nioi-e  man  ji   pleasant  dinner,   ior Lady ran worthy made  il   a  charioiog   o:i< .      In   spite    of  himself  .lull.in   was   dra.uji   wirhin  the   circle  ���    '  '      of the spell of hei- hriljmiit eyes, anil  .    *     the  clear,   low     voiu'  m  which     she  sairi tho wittiest'things  with, the air  i of an innocent  girl  --.r "We i\on't ](.�����  you go  all alone to  -that Alaiiame lussaud  ot a clrai*. i'le;-  rootrf,. Lady  iTanworthys,"   Vane  said  when the  dessert  was  over.   ,  --Vic jl  i go into the music-room     Julian here  is  a Tip-top   performer.    ' Sorul      the  '���coflee     in   thure,    'please,    will    you,  ., Prance?   Vou 'won'i   nund  our' cigarettes,   1  know,  Jj��dy  ft'un worthy." ..  '    "Not  n" jou  give  me  oiie for myself,"  she said.  ���       '    ���   Vane led her, with a certain courtesy   which he    did not    usually dis-  -. play,   to'the    easiest  of  the     chans,  ���'and. .when the cigarettes  were  sniuk-  ,  cd,'  took    Julian   hy   the  arms     and  gvntly    pushed      hnu.     ,towards    tho  t< K '        piano.      ���, i     '  ,,  . ���     "Sing us   that thing   you sang to  me at .your   rooms,    will ypu'>" . he;  . said;-'and hc went and seated himself'  in a ,low    chair  beside    Lady     Fan-  worthy's,   and   with .his   arms  folded  behind   his   head    listened   with   half  'closed eyes; hi* was back'on the   is-  '    land again, Iks sure.      , -  Julian sang three songs in response  1 to Lord-Fan worthy's    eager murmur  '    of,admiration and delight and Vane's  almost, proprietorial,   "Go    on    Jul-.  ian!"   ' > > '  ,--      , "'.,.'  1 . The light from the shaded   candles  .,    .-   r" fell full on the performer's dark"face,  ",     and    Lady   Fan worthy   watched     it.  -* >       steadily.      , " ���...,,,  "Julian's    a' regular _ nightingale,  '. "     . isn't he?" said Vane in a low voice.  -    > '   ''Isn't*, it a fioe voice?'" ''"  '       Tho     old    lady  withdrew   her eyes  ,,;- '    ^slowly.'  ^    '��� "Ves," she said   -"He is v>*i-y good  <������ looking,'. and    hasra   fine  -voice,    and  v <" ['quite  pretty manners.    Did you   ever  . "'       see the    black panther    at  tlie Zoo.  * .Vane?", " ���   .     i ���  ,!-. sVone stared 'at her, ' then  laughed.  .  *,'The  blade-    panther    when   it    is  .asleep,   or has just been   fed   and    is  purring and licking itself "  Vane colored with momentary annoyance; then hc laughed again  "^This is the fiist't'im'* I have ever  known you'do he���unjust and hard;"  'he said in a low voice.  j ne orimant eyes "-regarded him  steadily, gravely. ". * ,  , ' "How do you know that I am���unjust and hard now?" sho asked, with  a slight imitation of his voice.  .Vane moved with a. gesture of impatience and dqprecation.  Vllo'b too good a fellow, i.s Julian,  .'   rl ,'to bo compared to a tiger," ho said.  '���"Panther,    J  said,"   ictorted  Lady  Panworthy,   sweetly.  * '"And  a, black'  >  onei    Thank  you  so' very  much,  Mr.  *   J    '    Shore.'   You  have a  charming    voice"  <S3,-*   \.. charming.    Godfrey, to must not rob  those   young people    of   their   beauty  sleep; it is late." i  Lord Fanworthy was glowing all  over with satisiaction as they drove  home.     ,���      i <  "Splendid, thing      for    the  county ,'  "Vane's   succession.     I'll   get   him   to  a take the hound*-!    And 1 say,   Emily,  whatv a  delightful  young  fellow  this  '   Julian Shore is, eh''"  "Delightful,'" responded Lady Fan-  worthy; but_ns she spoke she looked  at her radiant husband with the tender pity wi h which'the cloier wife  tolerates the rpouso w horn she loves  notwithstanding his duller intelligence  "There go the happiest pair 1 e\er  met," lemaiked Vane, as the two  men sat in .their smoking jackets in  the  billiard  roam.  "They seem de\ oted to each other," said Julian. "I suppose the  man who said that mairiagcs were  made in Heaven m,ust ha-ve had such  a couple m Ins liiind."  "Mamages  aie     made  in    Heaven,  tout   they   t-mugnle   a   vry   fa'f   coun-  , lerfeit *fiom    (niite    another   place."  observed Vane,, absently. "How is it  you never marnod, Julian?" As the,  question lei I his lips he would have  like to hiwe checked it, for the subject .was a soie one for him; but the  question was asked, and lie waited  , for the answer  i Julian   knocked   Lhe   ash   from   the  cigarette and  looked, befoie  him  under his chopping  lids.  "I don't know," he replied, as if  he himself were wondering. "I suppose it is I,i cause 'I have never seen  the woman i wanted to make my  wife."  "Vou have lu'voi been in���lovr'*'  asked Vane iho igli hc could have  kicked himself foi the banality of the  thing  "So,"   said   Julian,    iiftci    another  praise     "No    I   suppi.-e   not'"  A, a'le laughed j*-rii>i!v  "Vou mi|i|iu*i' ii'it, ' he s,iul.    "Vou  certainly    have    not,   oi    vou d     have  known  it     D'."    Itn-hl'"  Julian went lo lis loom, but it  was .soi'ie tmn hi loie he wint to bed  It was a liioiiulight niirht, and he  leaned against the wn.dow and looked at Lhe paik, and the hills bevoiid  The land thai. W'j.i e*..>nted lo 'onie  small extent the vast wealth into  which his cousin had coin", looked al  it with an e\piission in Ins eves  which, if she ci'ild have se. n it,  would have just.lied J-adv 1'uii-  woithv's compai ison.  But  it  v\ as  not   the   black   jianlhei  asleep,  qi- jilacidlv   s,iti>lcd and  pm  ring.     There  was  a   huiyn     ustl'ss  .   look in the dark eyes,  and the white,  ��� even'teeth-gleamed as  the lips'closed  and   unclosed   with   a- nervous   movc*-  ' .,l ' ' '.   lnent.     '      - ;- ,  |, They stayed    three     days    al     (he  Court,, and  during the  whole  of .that  time   Vane  treated J tilian ns the  heir,  and   "did  him .-honor,"   as  the   sign'i-  ���     licaiitj old .phrase  has  it;  so  that  the  servants,  even 31'r. Holland,   came  to  regard   Mr.   Julian   Shore   as   almost  ���  ' of equal  importance  to  the earl  him-  ..' self.   .", ,  . liefore Ihey started to return to  London, Julian gave orders for the  cleaning and doing up of the''Wizard's Hooni and, at Vane's suggestion, even instructed a mason .to alter   the  lirephir... ���  They i-.*ach(.'d' London just before  tea-iiin.', anil Vain- .suddenly reineui-  Ia'i ing Ids  j.roiiii.se   to   Judith   Oriuc.  saia:"  "ICngaged  this afternoon, -Julian?"  Julian replied in the  negative.  "Well, then, come with me to call  on a lady,   will you?"  It would be as well, if he were  going to call on Judith, that he  should make tlie visit as conventional and void of significance as possible by taking a friend with him.  'A year ago'the proposal of a tpte-a-i  tcte with Judith Orme would have  set his heart beating; bat now���  There is safety in numbers, though  111 bo 'only two.  "Who is  it?"  asked  Julian.  "jy.jss Orme," replied. Vane.'   -.  "The Miss Orme?"  Vane nodded. "The ' very Hiss  Orme,-"'he assented. Ycm know her?"  "No; .1 have not even seen her,"  said Julian; "but,, 'of course/ 1 have  heard  of her;   who  hasn't?"  "Who, indeed?"   said   Vane,  drily.  A neat maid-servant 'admitted them  and took them upstairs.  , Judith was seated at 'the piano,  but at the sound of Vanq's name���he  had' not given, Julian's���she rose  quickly. But at sight' of 'Julian sho  paused in her advance and the color  of i resentment .rose to'her, beautiful  face. It was there only for an <��� instant, the next /she came 'forward  ��� with outstretched hand, her sapphire,  eyes smiling, her lips, half parted.  1 "How do you do,* Lord Lesbor-  ough? Did . you meet my father? I fc  has only just gone out.'I'm so sorry!"   ,     '     ,   ,  "I've Jirought my cousin, Mr. Jul-  rian Shore,"  said Vane.        ,       '     *'''  The smile, shpne on him, and her  hand went' out ,to him, and as Julian tooksit, ho drew 'a long breath  and raised bis lids slowly, as a man  does who is , trying to hide some  deep,  intense emotion.    " ..  What had happened to him,? A moment or two ago, before he hadl entered the room, he had. been master  of himself, sole possessor of his'soul.  And liow. His dark oyos sought tlie  lovely face, and all the world seemed  to stand still, as if it were ' ga/.ing  with him and listening with him to  the exquisite voice, so,, low and sweet,  so full of music, so 'sad, ,and yet  with a subtle suggestion of tenderness and passion. i ' ,  He' thiew- his head up' as if he were  trying to throw off the impression,  the spell, under which he had .fallen  as suddenly, 'as helplessly as if he  had  been  mesmerized.  "We'vo j'ust come froin.tho Court,"  Vane was saying in cool, conventional tones. ".Itr. Shore and ,1 have been  playing Bachelor Hall there." ��� L: ',  1 Sho turned her' eves ,to .Julian and  smiled, and ho felt va thrill,, the.  thrill of a' sudden passion 4 which  sways a man as a reed is swayed by  the wind, the passion, against whose  tyranny , the strongest man 'is-* ks  weak as the veriest babe Unconsciously he moistened Jus, lips" with  his tongue'for the power' oi 'speech  seemed 'to have desertodi-him.      ��� n      '  "JJy' first visit,", he said, scarcely,  know-ing what he said.  "Yes?" , '     ,  That was all, just the one word;  but in Julian Shore's cars it was  like a note of heavenly music.  CnAPTEIt XIV.  good  Nina had, ,at last,  found her  Samaritan.  "To think of "your finding the way  to the very street, and me just driving up at the very moment!" ��� Polly  exclaimed the next morning with infinite satisfaction. "That's what they  call the long arm of coincidence,  isn't if Anyhow, whatever it was,  I'm jolly glad. You look better alter  your night's lest, dear, and _as beautiful as ever. \\ hat luck for me that  I haven't gone to the Provinces! Mr.  Ilarcourt's taken a London theatre.  The Momus, you know, and 'Sly  Lady's Pride' is going strong. Now,  do try to eat some breakfast, there's  a dear, good girl! And don't sigh sol  You're safe and with a friend���if you  don't  mind having me  for one."  Nina tried to express her gratitude, but Polly waved it aside with  t'lie hand in which she held her  needle; she was hard at work trimming a hat.  "Don't you talk like that, Miss  Wood; and you wouldn't if you knew  how proud I was to have you here.  Why, too,' d^Jn't you see that I'd  taken a fancy to you on board the  ship? I've thought of you ever so  many times since, and wondered  what hnd become of you and whether we should ever meet again. Bother  this feather; it won't go right! And  now you'ie actually sitting there���  and going to sit there, leastways  stop heie with me for a long time���  for always, if you like. But, lor'  bless mc, I know that's nonsense  You'll hc oil to your friends directly  and forget all about Folly Bainford  ���no, I don't mean that! You're not  the  soi t  to   forget."  ���'No, I shall not. forget < you and  your gteitt kindness, l'olly," said  Nina.   "Won't you  call    me    Dccuna,  p]eaSe'>"  l'olly jumped up to the infinite peril of the hat.  and kissed her.  "Of course I will1 I've been dving  to do so, but I thought you wouldn't  like it. You see you're a swell, u  ladv, and  I'm only a pool  girl."  Nina sighed woefully.  "You cannot be so poor as I, or  so iriendless," .she haul. "J haven't a  pennv  in   the  world,  or  a  fnend���"  l'olly jumped up again, and taking  an old tobacco jar from the mantelshelf emptied its contents on the  table  ��� You've half o' that, anyhow,"  she said,', emphatically, "and you've  got one friend, atI any rate. There,  don't .cry"���for Nina's eyes had filled with tears. "There's nothing to  cry about in - being poor. If ' I  haven't been quite without -a-,penny,  I've been pretty near it. Something  always turns up just when things are  at their worst. ..There's "a kind of  luck, chance, in it'. It's always, just  when you think you're; going under  that a friendly wave carries you on  shore.  Tin  your   friendly   wave."  "Yes. indeed!" said Nina. "I'Ut,  Polly, dear, 1 could not be n burden  to you. I cannot -stay and be n drag  on you. I must liiid some work���"  she sighed bitterly. "How easy it is  to,say that, but how rlillicult it. is'to  find   the  work!"  She   rave   Poll-.-   an���! uccouiii    .if . le"  experiences" with fie a^-nfiS, ana  l'olly snorted uiatk.idly.  -"1 should like* to punch that^young  boundci's head'" shu atwJ "ihe colossal impudence he mjst have .had'  To think that you'd on sJsn out with  hire! But thero ere plenty ol, things  you can do. Let nie s<.o Vou wouldn't  Tor instance, liku- tlio pioic-tsioii, I  suppose?"  '���What is the profession?", asked  Nina, eagerly . '  "Why, the theatrical���mine���oui-s!"  replied Polly vvuh surprise. "Don't  you know that it's the only piofes-  sioii  worth speaking about.'" <  Nina shook her head  and smiled.  'I'm afraid I've .no talent ior the;  stage," she siud. "And���and I dou t  tnink  I should  like  it."  ������Really?" said Polly with a, surprise that was (lattering to' the dramatic profession. ' That's a pity, for  you're cut oni" lur'it. Such a face  und figure! Oh; you may smile; but  in my opinion you're one rof' tho  prettiest'gu Is, - I've met; and Mr.  Jlarcouit would agiee with me if he  saw you. Well, of nil the stupid  hats'* And yet 'I thought'I'd got the  one I .saw in (he window quite fixed  in my mind. I went in and bought  the materials; you see you ��� get '.the  hat so much cheuper jf vou trim it  yourself. But 1 suppose I've forgotten just how the trimming went.'"  ���She put the hat on her head, and,  surveying hcrseli iit the glass, utter-^  ed an exclamation of impatient disgust and made u grimace at herself  in'the mirror ��� "1 wouldn't be seen  dead  in  a ditch* with.it!"  "Let me  look at  it.  Give it to me.  .Mav  I  try?" said  N'mn.  '   ���   .    ,   (TO BE CONTINUED),  . ' i    ''  Under a  Fly'��  Wing.'      -.'  One of the Nuremberg toyinakers In- '  closed In a cherry stone, which was exhibited at the.French Crystal palace a  plan of Sevastopol, -a railway station  and the  "Messiah" of Klopstock.    In  more remote times an account is given  of'i an' ivory   chariot,   constructed   by  ileruiecldes, which was^. so small Unit a  ily could cover it with his wing; also a  shin ot the same material which could  be  hidden  under c the' -wing  of a  bee.'  Pliny,    too,    tills    us   that* Homer's ,  "Iliad,"   with u its   13,000   verses",   -was'/  written in so small a space as"to be  contained  in   a  nutshell," while J31inn  mentions  an ,artist who  wrote as distich in letters of gold which he inclosed  in tlie rind of a kernel'of'corn*.   But th'e  Ilarleln manuscript mentions a greatei  curiosity than any" of th'e above, it��bc-  ing nothing move or less than the jBible  written by one Peter Bale's, a chancery*  clerk, in so small a .book that it could^  be inclosed in th'e shqll ot an English  -walnut.    " "��� '   ' .  . Handlo  "Work "Wltli   Gloves. _  "I hope," said the woman who was  ordering, a,, paif of  slippers  made  of ,  flowered 'satin, ''that you will tell your  workman to wash his hands before he 4  begins'to make these up."   ,,  .."Wash his hands!" repeated tho clerk.  "Why,   madam,   he  never will touch  these with his bare bands!"'  -        ,    '  Then tbe clerk explained that all  'workmen employed'in making slippers  of light* colors worked with "'white1  gloves on. -     *   '    >   .' ' '       '    "  '���Try to keep <them clean!" he con-'  turned. , "I should say they.did. ��� They  try' 'so Vhard that they change^ their  white gloves three'times* a day." "Which  is* not so fantastic as it may seem.for  If a ��� shoemaker'soils material of this  kind the expense 'to him of replacing  the material', to say nothing of'the Ions'  of his time", makes it worth his while  to work in gloves and keep'them clean  at that.  Dear Mother  Your little one* are a constant care ia  Fall and Winter weather. They will  eatch cold. Do you know about Sniloh s  Consumption Cute, the Lung Tonic, and  ���what it ha�� done for to many ? It is said  to be the only reliable remedy for all  dueates of the air pauagei in children.  Itu ab��olute!y harmless and pleasant to  take. It is guaranteed to cure or your money  is returned. The price is 25c per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine tell 314  vSHILOH  This remedy should be in every household;  liiglit warships will  the Noith.Sea .iorce.  be    added    * 0  If the world were birdless a-naturalist declares, man could not inhabit  'it after nine, years' time, in spite of  all the sprays and poisons that could  be ' manufactured for the" destruction  of ins'ects. The insects and slugs  would simply, eat all the orchards and  crops by that time.  * '     .   The   Girl* He  Left'Dchind.  y, There' is' a' public; library 'In Baltimore that has a regulation by which  any member wanting a particular book  which is " not "in" can by paying , a  small' sum secure the' ne\t turn, and  upon the,book's coming In the librarian  sends him a notification.  "In this connection an attache of the  library tell3 bf an amusing incident A *  member desired a copy"of a,novel en-'  .titled "The Girl He Left Behind Him."  Tbe book not'being, in, he made'the  customary deposit'a'nd in due course  received a&notificatioii. This the uisni-,  ber's wife received���to her alarm, at  first���for it read ns follows: ���  ���O.Ir.' Blank Is informed that 'The Girl  He Left Behind Him' is now iurthe H:  brury and will ''be kept for him tfll  Friday morning next."���Success Magazine. '    .    .        ' ' '      '.,'���'  The  Smelt.  It Is the opinion of the true gourmet  that of all marine pan fish there is none'  lo compare with the smelt (Osmerus.  tnordax*. This primary rank is Its own  by reason of its delicacy and delicious  flavor, and when fried a light brown in  very fino breadcrumbs aud served with  melted butter th��re is none that disputes its, pre-eminence. Its delightful  flavor, however, as'weU as its peculiar  odor, ls evanescent. Like the mackerel,  it cannot be too fresh. It is from Us.  odor that the smelt derives not,only. Its  familiar but Latin name, an odor so aggressive of sliced cucumbers that if its  presence be manifested only to the  sense of smell people are often deluded  Into such supposition. This odor is not  marked except in the freshly caught  fish and disappears In the cooking, giving place, however, to a fitting resurrection of the smelt to an olfactory,  sense still more savory and delightful.  "Itole  llrltannln."  ,. "Rule Britiinftia'' is usually credited  to James Thomson. It first .-u/peared  in a play entitled "Alfred," hy Thorn-  eon and Mallet, in 17-10. The air wai  by Dr. Thomas Arnc.  HOW'S  THIS?  We offer Ont. Hundred Dollar* Howard for imjr  enfto of Cntarrh thut ennnot bo cureil bj JTalfn Cat  arrh  Our*.   F. J. CHENEY 4   CO . Toledo. O.  \Vo, tho uncleraiKiic.l.  hmo known  1*   .T.  Clisnar  for the lnft 15 jour*, mul hslie\�� him perfectly hon.  orat.le  in  all   bantucM trAiMKction* nnd  nnftnclall)-  able  to iarr} out un> obligations umile  by  l.U Arm.  Waldjno.  Kin max 4 irAKYrx,  Wholodi.le Drusu[*ln, Tolodo, O.  Hall'., Catarrh Curo Id taken latornalb, noting  .liroctb apon tho blood nnd mucoui mirfaces of tha  oyitteni. Toitlmonlaln a��nt fr��o. Prlco 76c. per  bottle      Sold   bv  all   Druuumtfl.  lakt Hall'i Tamil? Fllli for oonitlpntlon.  A   l:.Jiersiil   C'tENlom.  Present giving on ("lu Mm,is day  is  general thiuiigliout the woild.  rl iirmerit".  Turmeric is c.\ti.Kled from a plant  which is native* in in-iiiy p.irts of the  c.'i<-t and grows particularly well In  India. Cochin Cliin.i. Si.im, Ceylon and  the Philippine Islands.  ' epider*   That   Clinnsc  Colon.  jljx interesting instance of color raillery in spiders' has been observed in  the south of Franco. The spiders of  that region iwhen in search of prey  hide in "the convolvulus flowers.'' It  has been noticed that a white, variety  of spider frequented the white fiowers.  A, greenish colored variety made the  green flowers his home, and a pink one  lived principally in tho pink flowers.  The colors of the three varieties were  at'first supposed to,be permanent, but  it'has recently been discovered that the  color of tiny one of these spiders  changes within a few days if'the insect be placed"in the*convolvulus of a  different colored flower from that which  he has been using as 'his home. Four  spiders���pink, white,'green and yellow  in color���wero all put Jn a box together,  and -within threo*,'days all ^vere white.-*  ' . fir        .  '   Canadian Society Dinner.  t      i       - i���   ���mnijo'-mir    the    toast,  London.���In  1H ��I���    b - , ���     Srwietv  &-.?u��ir��S"bat   th-   mutte-  SSfind  a   -eduction  of the   ����U��  on BmsaJ. P��bhcaU?nrSni��firft fine  Ladies were p.esent lor the first tune  The speaker to the uwal toasts we e  W T R Pie-ston. Yvm. Black, ll an.  F..N- Dr' O'Reillv, Toronto J. tl  Tho'.old.��-R��v So.ne.vUIe. Dr. Bayne,  and  Maui ice lSgan. ,  Where D^T do ��^e?I-Physicians,  no longer consider it eate inS ��� '  eiy" in j ocommendin? in P���* t,  meritorious a '^J^Tsoutt  Dyspepbla "nil *��� '����"?n�����1Iz* that lt  fsTste," ln�� idvanceTlni medical science  and aSts{,re and PC^ltnont cure for d��  caries of tho stomach It wm <-����� >uu.  ���60 . '   _" +i  "Pessimistic Illinois, ufjncerniiig . tnc  Algec-iias conieieiiee are not cicditeo  in   France.  " Th* Sll-rcr iTinln*.  The'flltuatlon Is seldom quito a�� bad  as it might be. Happy. Is the spirit  that recognizes this truth and takes  comfort to itself in the thought of what  is spared. The Irishman whose tale of  calamity is related In the Blrmlnaham  (England) Post bolonss to this choice  ,class of fortunatos.  ' Cassldy had'Just boenlnjured In a  blast.  "Poor b'yl" exclaimed 0'Hara consolingly., '."Tis tough luck to have yer  hand blowed off."   '  "Ocht Faith, lt might-have been  worse," replied Cassldy. "Suppose Oi'd  had j lie weok'i wages in lt at tho  tolme!"      ' '��� * ���  " Palverlied Diamond.  ".'According to  tho Mohammedans'of  ..southern India, pulverized'diamond is  "the least painful, the most active and  the most certain' of all poisons. ' According to "Wllke's History," the powder of diamonds is^kopt'on hand (by  the wealthy only presumably) as a last  resource.    But a���be]ief In the poisonous character of the.diamond also'ex-  fIstod_inT Italy 'in  the  sixteenth /century.   *" , '."-..  i'l  'Yellow Fever.  There ls "a marked' peculiarity about  yellow. >fever which'' distinguishes ��� it  from'most'epidemics. It is essentially  a disease of a hot'climate,'and it takes  a certain amount and' duration of heat  to awaken It to, life. * It is said that h  can never' prevail where Indian corn  will not ripen.     \���        '     ��� *!    '  'f    ,       '       The  Poor  Poet*.    '      i  "Poets are born.^sir," said-the bard  to the editor. . ' ������       * o  '���Yes, I know"thoy weren't hatched  from.'duok eggs,'! answered the editor.  "But tho question Is, 'Why, aro they  born?" '        '.',.-  paralysis Yields to     \      ^  ^ DR. WiLLlAMSr PINK PILLS  AFTER SEVERAL DOCTORS HAD  PRONOUNCED  V-''   " "THE CASE HOPELESS. ���  , ' "     *.  ..Convincing* Proof that Cure Was' Permanent--iri Five Yearsv the  Patient   Has Had no  Relapse���Facts in   ar Remarkable  Case  Substantiated by .Sworn Statements  '   o  Dr.   AViiliams'  patent  medicine  ^ tlX     \  Dill l(*!l.  ' ��� Nux vomica Is.- prepared from the  seeds of a tree that grows in. abundant*  In India, the Ka:st Indies and Ceyiou.  .'    ��� IllR'LT.  Gunner���What's, all tlie excitement?  Guyer���-Man- run down by an unto,  and they can't find anything' to carry  hiin on.  Gunner���Il'tn! Willi all those rubbers It-should be no trouble to' find a  stretcher.���Chicago, News.  1 Tin Answer,  "Poets are born, sir," said the hard to  the editor. ';   ' '    x    i  "Yes, 1 knew they weren't, hatched  from il tick eggs," said the'edit or, "but  liif. .itH'Slion is. why are thoy born?"���  Cleveland Leader.  > i '<  Pink "Pills are  not   a  but< the pic-scuption  ni���a. jilijsician, placed on sale with  full ^directions, for use nuclei- a tiade  mark that is a miarantee of then  genuineness to every pun chaser. Thes  contjin no stimulant, opiate or nai-  cotie, and wlule they have cured  thousands have never injuied ''anybody. vTo show that cmos^ affected  by this remedy are really permanent  and lasting v\e recently investigated  the case ot Mr. Frank A., Means, ol  liceclsvillc, Mifflin County, Pa. Mr.  Moans lias been an ek'er in the  Roedsvillo Picsbytoiian church loi  many years, has seivecl thiee yea is  .is county commissioner and as school  chtectdr for nine jears. lie was ai-  Qictcd with creeping paraljsis,' losing  the entire ut-o of the lowei half of his  body, and for a year was a helpless  invalid, confined to his bed with "no  power or feeling in cither leg, and  physicians'had given him up as hopeless. Mr. Means uas cuicdv by Dr.  \Villianis'0Pink Pills and his testimonial4 was piinted five yeais ago as  follows: , '  ���'I had the grip for four winters  and as a lesult my net ves bioke  down. I lost the entire use of tlie  lower half of my body. My stomach,  liver, kidneys, heait and head v\oic  nevci affected, but the paralyzed condition ol the lower pait of the body  affected my blacklei and bowels. For  a whole year I lay in bod pcifectly  helpless with no power in either limb  ami tlie feeling 'gone so that I  couldn't feel u pin run into my legs  at all. 1 couldn't turn over in bed  without help. To move me a pulley  w.is ligged up on the ceiling and a  windl.iss  on  tho  floor.  Dii|ing two years of niy affliction  I had si\ different doctois, but none  ol them g.ivo me any rebel. ' A specialist fiom Philadelphia tie.-ited me  loi thiee months hut lie was of no  benefit to mo. These doctois gave  ni'; up and s.ikI lt was only a (jues-  tion ol a few weeks v\ith nie as notli-  moro could l*e done. Aftei tne  physicians had given nio i.p; a friend  sent mo a putnphiwi containing  statements ol two men who had been  afflicted something like me and who  had been enied by the live of Di  Williams' I'uik Pills. t began taking  thuni at once and although my lin-  pioveinunt was slow it was ceilain  Nov I. can .walk., most of., the tunc  without a caiie and everybody around  here tbinks| it is a miracle that I eau  got about as f do. Vour pills ."-"have  certainly. .been a ' God-send ,to , inc.  Within . the last three -years . 1 , have  answered dozens of letters from invalids who had. heard of my - iiase and  who asked, me if.it was tr'ue.utliat. 1  had been cured by Dr. -Williams'  Pink Pills. I have told them all that  this remedy ��� cured-mc and t am glad  of this .oiipbrtunity of .telling about  uly case so that others may find relief as I have.'done," '     '  siKiied,.;;.,.       ���; f:;./a. means.  Subscribed and sworn to before nit*  this  17th  day  of  April,  1'flOl.  ALBIORT S, GIHHONKV^  ' . ��� Notary .Public.  One   day   recently   Mr.     Means Was  visited   at   his! handsome    hoine  over  looking tho valley of Honey' Creek,  near Eoodsviire,',where hc made'the  following  statement:  "Before 1 began taking Dr AViiliams' Pink Pills I had bee'n tieatod  for a long time by-my, home tloetoi  who > pioi|ounccd my trouble ereepinp  paralysis. 1 always believed that tc  bo ,my trouble and 1 do yet believe  so. > t had also spoilt fivo w eeks ii  the University Hospital in Philadol  phia without the 'tieatment benefit  ing me and had returned home tc  die. c- I began taking 'j-r.' ' Williams  Pink Pills in 1897, but did not give  a> statement of my case for publication  until I was sure that I was cured.  After returning from tho hospital 1  did not take any o...or medicine Foi  my trouble and 1 owe it to Di. Wil  liams' Pink Pills and to them alone  that L am able to be about to-day.  Since my cine, as related in mv  statement of April 17, 1..1, I have  never, fcuffeied, any relapse nor had  occasion to employ a physician except  for minor troubles such as coughs,  colds, etc. 1 endorse- Dr. ^Williams'  Pink Tills as fully and heartily today as I did five years ago."  Signed, FRANK A. tulfiANS.  ' .Subscribed  and  sworn  to   befoie  me  this'22,id  day  of  January,  1900.  JACOB  KOtlLEIl,  Justice of tho Peace.  Justice Koliler, of Roodsvillc, before whom the above affidavit, was  made, voluntaiily gave and, .signed  the   following  statement:  '���I have peisonnlly known Mr.  Frank A. Means for the past foity-  fivo years and know that any statement be makes is eutnoly reliable. 1  personally visited him when lip wn*.  confined to bed and ulteily helpless  I now see him daily and .-now him  to be in as good health as most men  ol   Ins age."  Signed, JACOB  KOJ1LEK.  Mi Daniel W. Reynolds, posttnns-  tei at Keedsville. Pa., staled that lie  had leieivod many incpiiiies from all  parts ot the country concerning Mi.  Means' maivellous cine, and ho  cheei fully added his continuation of  the   tilth   as  follows:  "I ceitify that the facts stated in  the testimonial of Mi. Fiank A.  Mean*, ate absolutely ti ne 1 knew  hiin when lie was unable lo move and  I see In in eveiy day now on the  streets and   in   mv office."  Signed,    DANIEL W. REYNOLDS.  Here1 is evidence that' must convince- the most skeptical. But because many of the cures accomplished  by Dr. Williams' Pinlc- Pills are so  marvellous, as to challenge belief, the  following  offer is  made:    -  $5000 REWARD���The Dr.- Williams  Medicine Company will pay The 6um  of Five Thousand Dollars for proof of  fraud on its part in the publication of  the foregoing testimonial.  .No sufferer from paralysis, locomotor ataxia, St. Vitus' dance or any  of tlio lesser nervous disorders can  afford to no longer neglect to try Dr.  Williams' Pink".Pills, thO great blood  builder and nerve tonic. Sold by all  druggists or sent by mail on receipt  of. price. 50 cents per box; six boxes  for $-2.50, by the Dr.. Williams' Med-  icine Co.,   Hroc'-ville,  Out.  tr ' -i I .  Absolutely white,flour makes, the most  beautiful white-bread���the kind)we all like.  But' white bread.Js not necessarily, pure-  because it is 'white. ; Tobe^pure.it must be  .'���    made from purified' flour.    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Astern Canadian editors,  Series of Articles   Descrlb-  !ina their Lives, their Alms  and their Influence.,  48  CLARENCE  KING. ���'  f   ^*��M*-ri*frtm6l3^^ see and hear himseU and   his   paper  fe38W3C8C8C8����KC8��^^ {11Kl    .;ra.ssiy   maligned   and  5 'misrepresented than not be spoken of  S ! at all. ��� He would much prefer to he  5 .libelled than ignored.  A      These characteristics suggest strong  6 'individuality, and this is amply borne  S lout by closer acquaintance With the  5 1 editor of tha Brandon Times. Sere neath those- traits of Impetuosity and  3 assert'lveness that have made him de-  8' tractors, and even enemies, are quali-  <�� ties of 'sterling worth and excellence.  tk 'Jf he sometimes errs on the, side  o��  -t/^Cft3C8^Sn��^XfO'0-C��K'<XJ[iiaste   in coming  to conclusions   his  *iC^W��ww��vxo tenacity in hold'ing them, and his re-  sourcefulnes in defending them, compel admiration and respect. Though  lie Js.' apt to' forget the first part of  Polonius' advice to Laertes, "Beware  of. entrance to a quarrel", none can  accuse him of failure to practice the  second, "Bub, being in,'so bear thyself that the opposed may beware of  thee:" With- strong personal, and  sometimes original views,, with good  powers of expression, a forcible- style,  a'good working ."knowledge of the  principles of government, and famillT  arity with,the questions that constitute the * Issues bf Manitoba mid,,  lAVestern Canadian politics, 'it Is no  wonder that Mr. King occupies a  highsPOsltion among the younger generation, of western newspaper men,  nor that his friends predict for him  a- career, for which his present position Is but the prelude.  Before assuming the editorship o��  the Brandon Times, Mr. King was for  some rears editor of the Brandon Independent, the paper founded-by his  father, Mr - King, .sr.', was a journalist ofrtho British school, and endeavored to transplant to Western, Canada tbe 'professional- Weals of''the  motherland. ��� He edited the Independent with marked ability, but, naturally, it did not appeal to a Canadian  as'it would have done tq, a British  audience., Under, the management of  his'son, after,his death, It,,.became  more adaptable, though, 'to ;,a large  extent - the ���' editorial traditions were  worthily " perpetuated.,, When Mr.  Pdrcoll, for some years the mann-ror  and editor"' of 'the Times, Joined the  staff of?the Brandon Sun, tha limes  and the" 'Xndep'en'dent amalgamated,  the    combination" ' forming   a' -strong  i*   ft**  ' CLARENCE "KING. ,.  ��� of  the Times,  Brandon;, Man.  causes that influence a1 man,In  Selection  of his *. life ^occupation  .many and;,various.   Personal ia-,  Ition Is pften neutralized by many  [��� considerations ot 'immediate, eu-  nic necessity, ..but, 4iu the; main,  Bui's c occupation***,resembles    his  jacter, in that it''is the-product of  laity,- education and environment,  le 'is in humankind an, insensible,  hvelLnlgh. irresistible, tendency to,  b on 'doing the-things with which  ������lias long been Identified .or, caissoc-  g_       "The .nature -''becomes,..*, sub-  fa to what  it* works-in, like   the  If's hand'', as   Shakespeare   noted1  Sturies'ago, and, it .takes strong, ln-  Inces to force;> break-away from  Ia   ideals andllconditions,'an*d 'hab-  foc'llfe and work,' with wh'ich a<-man'  for'years been closely connected.  uhwIsdom*>and \ the, -Increased  jcs  assumed  b'y,'those'-.determined  tmake a chango in their modes.-of  \ or conditions- of'livelihood,'have'  la since  become ��� proverbial.-.'"Let  . blioemaker stick to his last." says  i Uiaiely English 'proverb, and hu.  In p\perien'ce,'is .strewn thick with  l.wrcv-kstot'once , promising, and  fccebsful   careers,   clearly-.traceable  he neglect or defiance of this ele:  ntarv    business'  'principle.- ,   Tne  es of men making-ia^jnarked^suc-  ,s   of.  totally new occupations en-  ed.on; in or after .tniddlo life are  ���P   -Western   Canadian  journalism,  fi iliow"somo*oxamplosi'DuCtho"oycr-  ' .-lining:  buiK.\pf.,   evidence -points  the other direction. ���       ".    -g*   .  ii tlie caso'of.-an ostabhblitth husi-  i,   the, dilutees ; arc , fsirong-- tbat  e member of ithe proprietor's fam .  will be*"trained and equipped so as'  carry   it   on in tlie event of. the,  th or 'retlrement-of ,the owner. Kv-  city.has its examples* off families  't "for" generations'h'aye.been.in the;  he  business "or [profession. *J?'And,  there have "'"been   generations <-of  ���vers.'and-merchants and .divines,  there havo   oeen* -"generations * ot  tvspaper" men.," The--mantle ��� of ^tho  her has fallen 'on "the1 son, .and.'thc  ditions of .poll cy~ have thereby per-  ted through %many' years.'    . '  ,'eslern Canadian journalism, istoo'  us to   furnish-many examples  of  editorial  pen    being ^passed * on  m sire to son.   In the west there  ��� .si.iiif. instances. The Luuries  ) and'son. havo been' associated  h 'the Battleford Herald ever since  Fi t paper, the oldest in the two pro-  ces,    was    established:      Walpole  irdoch,  ryf  tlie  Hartney'Star,  is   a  J�� vspaper  man by heredity as  well  .. bv instinct, for his father contluc-  ��' the local paper at Birtle, and was  Jb ociated    with    others,    until    his  l"dfc th.   And. In the city of Brandon,  ffl rence -King,   the   editor,, ^of-the  ffljines  is   also  a journalist by .lineal  ;il�� cent, succeeding   to   the   editorial  h ilr on the1" death'of his father, un-  whom hc   learned practically all  knew of the business.  Ir   King is ' certainly   ono.of the  st forceful writers as well as youth-  figures in   Manitoba    journalism,  has all tho excellencies, and some  the defects, characteristic of enor-  ic.   earnest   minded   young   men.  is dynamic, magnetic,  exuberant,  * possessor of a strong will -and  a  id imagination.      Somewhat prone  impulse, with high ideals and large  ws. he is apt to be moro concerned  h results1   rather than    nroccsses,  fi tl often disregards the calls of cau-  n and policy in tho pursuit of what=  ?r,  he deems the proper course to  rsue_   Not the    desirable    or   the  ���iclv" expedient,    but tho right, Is  lat ho aims at.   On matters involv-  ii ^ principle he  will neither-truckle  r compromise, and   his    downright  li   Uni.hlnoss sometimes, loses    him  'i -mils  and allies that a more caut-  k and  experienced man would titI-  e '.n thp advancement of the views  desired to prevail.    Mr. King is a  nn of positive    personal    opinions,  id  is not afraid  to give    them    ex-  p^sion.    Ho  has   iho  combative   in-  lloclual temperament, nnd  enjoys a  intioversy as an Irishman enjov..  a  J tlit.      ITo wants to "sec  something  f ling" all   the lime, nnd  when  those  '  ,i��,nns of deadly dullness which  his  ,  ml  .ibhors come along,  and  thev  d'*  ! mio in a newspaper, as in overv oth-  ��� business, ho can genornllv ho ro-  "*d on to galvanize (hc neighborhood  fn inlorest hy stirring up sonic quos-  on   old or new,   that    touches    tho  ,' uuls, or hearts, or pockets of the  ���oplo who road his paper. 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Goncral Trepoff's .assaibin was sentenced at Moscow to five >ears imprisonment.  The battleship Suffien has mturned  to Toulon after a collision with a submarine  boat.  Germany K pieparing to meet a  possible taiiif war by importing laiirc-  shipinenta  oi   grain.  Recent   events 'may'  tioops iii/ China.  keep    foi eign  Impurities in the Blood.���When the  action' of the kidneys becomes impaired,, impurities iu the blood are almpst  sure to follow, and general derangement of the system ensues. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will regulate  the 'kidneys so that they will maintain healthy, action and prevent the  complications which certainly come  when there Jis derangement of these  delicate organs. As a restorative  these pills are ,in the first rank.   '  SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH  SY    USINO  Ceylon   Natural   GBEEN Tea  instead of the  adulterated   -Japan   Teas.  Lead Packets Only.       40c,   50c,  and  80c  par  ib. At   all  Grocers.      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They measured the 'foot-print with a  stick and reported the result of their  investigations to the mounted police.  Bronton's evidence proved almost  conclusively that the ^ire had been  the work of an incendiary. < It re-  >mained to'flnd/out where the watering' can. that had been used for carrying coal oil had come from. ' .The'  police were not long finding this out.  They visited, several, stores with the  'result that a storekeeper at Vegre-  ville' B. L. Poulin, swore that between the 20th and 2Gth of December  Johnson, the accused,' bought, from  him ten/gallons of coal oil .which he,  put in a,fen-gallon-whiskey keg. He  also bought a second handr watering  can." When bou'ght'the'ean had a hole  in', it 'which, 'Johnson ' had . mended.  Johnson -apparently ^had,. shared, an,  office ''with 'i"another party .by 'the  .name' of' McNeillJ and when he pur-,  chased the coal oil and' the watering  can he explained that , McNeill .was  out-of coal oil'and-that he wanted a,  sprinkler for his office;;floor. Judge  Scott, before .'whom-'the--trial was  beard was not satisfied with-the prisoner's explanations and'he therefore  sentenced .him " to;'two ^ years in the  penitentiary/ , '-�����' "'"' \  The Free Press commenting editor-  The "Montreal WTnter *ud Power con>  pan/ which supplies Westmount with  vrat'ei has entered a suit for $50,000  against tho Montreal Herald for articles printed -alleging that the water  caused the, typhoid epidemic.  ter exemplified .than in the conviction, 'they .secured', against' John B.  Johnson of Lavoy, about seventy  miles west, of Vermillion In Alberta.  Johnson was engaged;in the lumber  business and''was-a member ofthe'  firm of "Johnson 'Bros.-& * Stewart.  On ' tli'e l"8th of , -���December' last he  made application through a' local insurance" agent for protection- tu the  extent of, $4,000 upon a stock'of lumber On the "first of' January, or less  than' two .weeks later a fire took place  under -rather 'Suspicious" circumstances .-"Without waiting for any instructions the mounted ,police, appear  to', have ' taken5 the matter right in  hand ��� investigated all the circumstances and within , six weeks-had ially upon .the, case said:,  fohnson'convicted and sentenced ��� to I The action of the mounted police  two years Mn'Stony Mountain1 for set-; as brought to light'by the recent trial  ting his own lumber yar,d on fire with  the apparent' purpose of defrauding  the insurance companies. The latter  are usually very'active in following  up anv offenders who'-try.tq defraud  them but in the .territories, or what  must now,be called'the two,new pro:  vinces.of Alberta and Saskatchewan  the/police act a' good deal quicker  than" tho. vigilant insurance; companies. - * . ���. . �� i - '"- .' /..i'.  ".The facts-concerning this "case aTe  briefly as' follows. , On the ISth of  December, .'Johnson inade ,the^ apph-^  cation for .Insurance' to 'the^local in-,  surance agent- "nOn;, th'e 1st. of��January following the fire-took place.'. On  the' Sth of January'.the'police issued  the' warrant, and arrested Johnson.  On the 9th * of January, the day following, he was examined before a  magistrate at, Vigreville and by the  magistrate was committed to the  gaol at Ft., Saskatchewan awaiting  trial, ball-being refused. On the 10th  of February he *was committed to  Stonv Mountain. ��� This *s carrying  out    Uie    law with  promptitude and j igin,   but  ..�����.., volumes for the  efficiency of secure   a   -          _  speaks MJiumes^Loi . 5ent]y    exact    and    uncircumstantial.  at Edmonton , cannot,, be too highly  commended.' Arson'at'any .time* is a  crime- that is difficult lo .'detect and  punish.'.JThe trial and-'conviction 'of  the Lavoy incend'iary at Edmonton  within the short space of six weeks  is all .the'more, deserving of-praise.  Ther - action compares ' very strikingly with the administration of, the,law  in Manitoba..' Some three'years ago,  a case of incendiarism, was reported  from Emerspn. In the absence* of any  attempt'on the'part of the provincial  police to-locate the. cause of tills particular -fire "the/insurance, companies  themselves employed .at' very great  expense" outsldeJ'detectives, who succeeded' in' establishing*' evidence - tt-at  led to.conviction.     .t   - - ' <. '  ' At the present t time _the companies-  find it necessary'"to make very, close  enquiryointo tho'origini'of many fires,  and usuall v haye detectives ��� of their  own at work. The " evidence they  have in many cases obtained makes  It quite clear that certain fires of recent 'occurrence are of incendiary- or-  the evidence necessary to  conviction was   not   suffic-  n't  Dye  the  . Way.   ���.-���  The-same package of DY=0=LA  can be used for' silk, wool, cotton/  mixed materials, etc. .  *   It's  8  new and better' dye.     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Bronton, deposed that  he and others were called out of bed  with the report that the lumber yards  were on fire. When they reached  Johnson's lumber at Lavoy they  found it hlazing in three places It  had been alleged that' tho tram had  started the fire 'but the evidence.  clearly1 showed that this was Impossible as the yards are situated 'on the  south side,of the track'and a strong  wind was blowing from the south so  that it is obvious that any spark from  the train would have-blown on the opposite side of the track, to the one  upon which the lumber was situated.  The next morning Bronton along  with others, made an examination, of  tire scene of the fire and found foot-  nrlnts in the snow leading from the.  vard The track of these, circulated  across the prairie and hack to the  railroad towards Vegrevnle Bronton followed the track for about half  a mile arid found a watering can  which had contained coal oil. Along  with four others he drove to Vegre-  ville and about a mile from this  point they saw a "man track" on the  railroad similar to the ono they had  seen taking a circular route on the  prai  While the 'insurance companies_are  making these . efforts to reduce the  loss from incendiarism, the public  should also bear In mind that it concerns them quite as much'as it does  the companies. The public pay for  all .the losses, - not the companies.  This fact appears to be lost sight of.  If 'incendiarism increases so will the  insurance'rates'.  '-eCf-rldden 15' Years.��� "If anybo6>  wants a written guarantee from me personally as to my wonderful cure from  rheumatism bv South American Rheumatic Cm el will be' the gladdest woman  In the woild to srlve "."soys Mrs. John  Beaumont, of Blora. "I had despaired  of recovery- up to the,, time of, taking this  wonderful lemedy. It cured completely.  ���ES    " . <  .The German   emperor   will   return  King Alfonso's" visit to Germany.  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'  Kfngdon Gould was blackfcijjed by  pi cm ber a of a college society lfor refusing to be hazed. However, King-  don is alive now, which is some consolation.  ��� ��� ���  "The demand lor houses in Movie   is  ��� greater than ever.    Here ia an'excellent opportunity for some Dersorj with  ,a little capital  to   make   a  eafe and  profitable investment.  . m .         " "When two preachers mei at  Richmond,   Ya-,   a   few   days   ago    they  i t i   . i        *-.  bugged each other so fervently that  one of them retired with a broken rib.  This shown that - even' brotherley  love can go too far. -  JTorSaJe.  The place known'as   lhe   Dill   milk  ranch, 320 acres, good barn and houee,  (,    Apply to ��!  J. E. Crowe, Moyie, B. C.  IF YOU HAVE A  LOT TO SELL,  -   A HOUSE TO SENT;  MINING STOCKTO   SELL  Or if you wish to invest   '  in any of these consult  <    i  FARRELL * SMYTH.  .r     ' Over in Grand Forks the "lid" is on  ��ight.   The instructions  are  tbat no  liquor shall be sold  in   any ' hotel or  , bar between tbe hours of ,1.1 ;3Q p. rn.  pi each day and 6 a. m.r'the following  '    '*. ~     i * *  day,  ' Saloons   and   hotel   bars, are  closed tight, on   Sunday,   and  liquoi  must "not be  sold   to'' an' intoxicated  i, , i , * x     '   ���  person. , _, ' i     <  --- -f?=Tbere is probably no other town in  '   - . '' r  Canada for its size "bo  prosperous, as  t    Moyie.   The - employees   of  the    8t.j  Eugene,  who > constitute  nearly   half  ,"  the population,  drew  last   month an  ��� average of $100 a  monthT^We doubt  whether there is another town in Can-  ada in which an   ayerage   of,.$100,a  month ii paid toauch a portion of the  .-,    popuUtion. ,     "     * \\  Laing's; Barber    Shop.  ,   Opeosije Hotel Kootenay,  Sharp Razors, Clean Towels' and Good  , Workmanship.   ' ���  ' ��� Walter B. Laing, Proprietor.  -THE���'  II  D^S^LNIEB If BOS,    Prop..  i ** - * * i      ,  '-' L c .  Large sample room in , connection  with bouse for commercial men. Best  of aocornnjodationa;  'Headquarters'for   Cotnr,  ,   , mercial and Mining Men.  '    ;. *��  QUEENS   AVENUE, n        .MOYIE,  B.C.     .  Dr. Scott's Cure  For ' '���'*  Coughs  ,'",''' .. V "-Golds    ���    ;';;'  ��� . .;'  "v '-An.il ' r.  r   Consumption,  ' �� > t ' ' ' 1 I  The Moyie  Drug and  Stationery  Store.  I. O, O. F.  Wlia��T Lo*S*c�� No, 44.  Meets every Tuesday evening,in their  hall on Victoria street. Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  P. G. Routh, P. J. Smyth,  .    Noble Grand; Secr'y.  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71 W.F. ofM.  Meets jn McGregor hall every Saturday evening. Sojourning members  are cordially invited to attend.  Wa. J. Fbltham,     Thos. E. Kkllt,  President. Secretary  MOYIEAJERTE NO. 865  1   ,       'i '���*��� ___  jEjLjra  r 1 '    J '  Oolleotiong(f  JOb  Farrell & Smyth, Moyie.  Meets oh the  first and third   WrJnea-  'day of each month it?' 8 P. M,  E. A. HILL, J. II: HAWKE,  Worthy Pres.   ' Worthy Secr'y.  Harvey   &   McCarter,  ���    i       ' '  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc. ���  Cranbrook,   -   -   B. C.  ��� .in'    i n^ir^iwam-*^ i  A clean sweep of American silver  from'Canada will begin on March' 1st,  The .finance , departments has pom-  pleted arrangements with all the Can ���  adian banks for- the collection pf all  the foreign silver in circulation, The  banksSvill begin gathering it in and  forwarding it lo Ottawa at the  begin-  i ���*  *- *    t '  ning ot next mouth. From there it  ���jyill be sent to Washington and- .exchanged .for gold. It is calculated  there are $800,000 of, United States  silver circulating in Canada.  . Still Ahead, ���  r ������     .������������.    ��� ���  - 1 o  ' Yeast-rla he behind with his tailor?  Crimsonbeak���-No; he's three   suits  ahead, I believe.  WORK  Priees Given,  and   Ordergt  Taken ou     ^  Everything  in iHe Printing  Line at the  MfflflfiTl.  Comfortable  ,,-.. Rooms   and  Best of  Table Board.  J. A? &OXJPILL, Propr.  a. l ���McKillop  Lady barber Shop  ��� 'MISS LINDELL, Proprietress.;  First Class   Work. , Bath" Booms in  j-mi ,_ Connection. f       r  W. F/GTJRD,  . c ,    . i.     '    '  BABRISTKK, SOLICITOR, ETC.  i*i i ,J .  CEANBKOOK.   ',   : ' ,   B. C  1���Tl 4.  Having  decided to close out my business hi  Moyi��, I fti�� offering my whole stock of  Clotjiing, Boots, Shoes, Underwear, Top Shirts.sSweat-  V    "    ers, Hosel  and everything to be found in a first classGeifo I  ^Furnishing Store     .  *   ' r,'   ,   '.   .  3=2!  O. H.DUNBAR , V  > i *  ���>    | r Y   - r   "��� >   I,  Barrister, Solicitor,'NotaryLPublic, Etc  *.    Cranbrook, B. C.   ...  The Sale Iis\Now On  ,,   Come in and examine goods and see  ,;./,   prices. "Itiwill pay you.,  VICTOKIA 8T.  MOTIK.  ',    '-:f��^,  * -4  r\  o  ���\  A    GOOD     GUIDE.  TOR THI ruxCHASE or A ristXARU ll our elaborately  lllu^tnted 140 p��ee STEVENS BOOK. Tills minuil of  rekdy reference describe* the most complete and varied  line of single **����  Rifle* Platola Shotjuns  etc., the output of one manufacturer,  rrom the STfcVENS Maynard. Jr. rifle of the boyshoot-  er, to the heavy, fancy Stevens target rifles of the world's  champlun shots, tnc Identical hiff h standa^l of excellence  U rigidly maintained. **  STtVLNS      FIK.LAR.M3  ire sold by *U sportise' ��oot.s and hirdware dealers.  \��t thsa. for our mike���!ns!>t on getting It, Don't be  puto-Twitk scrrcthiaff ** J ust as .:ood ". The fact tlut  Sterens Arms are CUA .A.VTKHD FOR QOA.LITY  should prompt you to be sure to specify thla tlni_>  laortured brand. ^     - '  >nd two x, st&mpa foe Stevens Book and _(IAe Jhuxje.  ,?, STEVENS ARMS O TOOL CO.  P.O. Box 4091'    '/  Chicopeo Falls. Mt9S,< U. 3. A��  Men's   16-inch   Tan  Chipp'ewan  Sporting Boot  Blucber cut, with double rock ca'^  sole and Blip, It if standard ecrew,  slugged around the forepart aqd heel  and has silver esc-leta and stud hooks.  This line will Btaod more rough tjeage  than any boot > ou ever put on youi  foot.  J.'Leckie Co.,  VANCOUVER B. G.  S*mNO MACHINE.'  ROLLER BBARINQ.'  HIGH GRADB.  by buying this  reliable, honest,  high grade fewr  Ing machioe.  STRONGEST GUARANTEE.  National  Sewing Machine Co.,  SAN   FRANCISCO.   CAL.  PACTORV AT BBLVlDEftB. HX,  ASBATK1I.,  P: BURNS & CO  tniOLSSALK A.SU BJCTi.IL       '  '     ,      ."    ' '���'.'.  MEAT    merchants  '' '    '      jj    <    ']    ">  'I  "' Fresh and Cured Meats. Fresh  , ���   ���       c ���> f .*  , Fish, Game and Poultry. * We  u      i J.  '^  Bupplr ,6alv' the  beit.     Your  --- trade solicited. - *" .)   ��- *\ -  ' KARKKTI   ', *;  In . all tile Principal  Cities and; .Towns in  .   .British Columbia   <  DR. F. B; MILES,  ,       , J. > " r -                 .,<*���'    L   '   l.c   '��        \�� H      '  Cranbrook,      ���     Bi C.  NELSON,  r  .r  B. 0  NEEDED  Annually, to fill tho1 new posiiionsjcre-  ated by Bailroad  and  Telegraphcom  panieK.   We  want Young   Men and  Ladies of good habits, to  LEARN TELEGRAPHS  AKK ��.K. ACCOUJJTINO  We furnish 75 percent, of the Operators and'Station Agents in America.  Our six school8 are the largest exclusive Teleeraph Schools ix thk world.*  Established 20 years and endorsed by  all leading Railway officials.  Wa execute a $250 Bond to every  student to furnish him or her a position paying from $40 to $60 a month  in states east of the Rocky Mountains,  or from $75 to $100 a month in states  we6t of the Rocky Mountains, immediately UPON QRADVXTIOS.       ���  Students can enter at any time. No  vacations. For full particular* regarding any of our school" write direct to  our executive office at Cincinnati. 0.  Catalogue tree.  The Morse School of Telegraphy  Cincinnati, Ohio.  Atlanta. On.  XexarJcana. Tex.  Buffalo, N. T.  I.aCruHne, Win.  Snn Francisco, Gal.  St    Joseph's   Convent.  NELSON, B. O.  jjoarding and Day School conducted by tlie Sisters of St. Joseph, Nelson  B. C. Commercial and business  courses a specialty. Excellence and  swift progress charactehize each department. Parents should write for  particulars. One month assures the  public of tbe thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence January, April and Sept.  Pupils are admitted duriug term.  ^r  MOYIE,'B.C.  '���' -fiJEr. (JWYNNE.' '���'  Cigars,'      Tobaccos, ���   Confectionery,  Fruits, Etc ,   <   >  FAHRELL BLOCK,  Victoria St  Win. Jewell  Express and General Delivery �� Business. Livery and  Feed^Stable.  Leave Orders at  c*     GWynne's Store.  MOYIE British Columbia.  PL  id  iHf,:  Ji*  George H. Thompson, .  *    Bakkistkr; Solicitor, No-  , :',  tary Public, ��tc., .   ,- , ���  CRANBROOK/     Biutism Columbia.  ILy,  ii  '-?. F. JOEJVSJdft  BUY YOUR  0!    ,.  -,- .��,��� *. .���*���.������-,  4?�� ��  C FR.OM  A. B, Stewart & Co.  \ ^ *-  Agent   for   Crows', Nest  " i   '  ,   '       Steam. Laundry.  W. D; JOHNSON,  .����� i  .. ,.. Stove fixer and  ,   Repairer.  Apply at "Leader" office.  FOR   FINE   TAILORING   GO   TO  C.1F00TE  MERCHANT   TAILOR,  And Gents' Furnisher.  Fine   Suitings,   Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported    Goods.  (UNIOX   SHOP.)  MOYIE,      D B. C  CANADIAN  Winter  PREST PHOTO CO.  Chanbkook and Moyie.  0. F..DESAULNIER:   ,,  DEA.LER   IN  PROMPT   DELIVERY.       '  ���t^ieeps'Ave.      MOYIE  W. R. BEATTY  Embalmer and Undertaker,  Phone 89. CRANBROOK,  BEGINNING FEB, 15,1906  THROUGH  TOURIST  SLEEPERS  EyeryDayln  The Year Between  Seattle And Chicago;  via   the  Great Northern Failway  The Comfortable Way  Route of  {.be  famous Oriental Limited  For detailed information t ratesr,  etc.,  call on pr adress  JAS.   BELFREY, Agent    G- K, Ry.,  FERNIE, B. 0.  ROSSLAND.  FEBRUARY 7   to   10.  V   I' ���  This,Hotel is New and well Furnished  The '  Tables are Supplied x^ith the Best the {,/  MarKet'affords. Tlie-Bar is Filled with'  the Best Brands of (Liquors and Cigars.  "-V ';��� -'7^1':?^"   ": ' A' ,7'^A'"' "''''���; v . '     ��� i  A HEADQUARTERS   FOR.COMMERCIAL,   ,. J  ... -r^V^-ANDMININb'.MEK--"  "^ .V"   }~:\ J  -���   MOTXK       L"   ,��� .    il ��� -,.   '_,"    'J.,    i'-'-        -.��������� -      ' .KKITISn OUIXMH11   f|  tfrff._*_*_.rt^^Tiff f*^rrf*rrfl tt����i��t~--#>j^*-fr^^*Tift^^^r^-^^^-^i^-*^-^-^* ^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^^i^^^^.   \*  I IV  Insure in'the"  CANADIAN  Fire Insurance  ' i ' <��� '  r i    (  Company.  FARRELL & SMYTH  AGENTS.  HOTEL  T. V. LOWNEY, Prop.  MINERS' HEADQUARTERS.   This hotel is   close  lo tho  mines, ��nd b��  every Convenience for Working Men.  South Victoria St. M0YI&  SINGLE FARE  &0PD   TRIP.  Feb. 7th, 8th and 9th, good to  return  .-;'.���       to Feb. 12th.        ;  Full Programme ���*'���  Canadian  Winter Sports,  For Programmes, Rates   and  detailed  inntormation, apply to local agent.  A. L McDERMOT  Wholesale Wines, Liquors  ,     and Cigars.  CRANBROOK, British Columbift<  We handle everything- in the Hardware line.  Also Cumberland blacksmith's .coal, powder,  fuse and caps, oil, paints and g-lass, at  J, 8. Carter, D. P. A., Nelson.  E. J. Coyle, A, G. P. A��� Vancour*'r  ''i'S  o:e&^wj3:o^ s* a%  ���*tisSi  m  iS -i.' *  IP  n


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