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The Moyie Leader Feb 20, 1909

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 "OUR  WATCH    will
give  careful  attention   if
with us for repairs.
W. H. WILSON.     .
IL.II NO,46-
'i   i.' I. ca i la 11 11 t      il      lit
vv n ri;j,ti Vfiui   u.oiu \,
W..H.   WILSON",
Oi'TfCIAX        i }{A..\J)ROOfv
.moyik; b. a, "February 20, im-
, Our shelves are again' crammed with' spring, '
joods, i „ \
We'have bought twice the quantity this year 7
than oh  any  previous - occasion, ,and   having
, cleaned upon our recent sale we are  now pre-    '
;pared to show the people of Moyie a'NewStock
' of'Spring (jodcIs.^ j Market prices, on  mp'st lines  v
of dry goods have-gone down; cut in price but'
■ not in quality. , Bring your,   friend , and    see
' the-now goods. • " •    &    '...-'„- r   <    '       ,   ,'"
5J *^sa »&&»%£?& i&*&2?>s& *£*=>■-
i   < , r
The Cobalt, district of Ontario
ha3 nineteen shipping mines.
There are 05 men working at
the Blue Bell mine on Kootenay
lake.   \     ,      __^_J
In a favorable-wind' a fox can
scent a man One-quarter of a
mile away.
TheKmpress, the big'c.   P.   11.
| hotelat Victoria, is bo bo enlarged
this spring. „   , ,
Statistics show that the longest-
lived people eat the heartiest
breakfasts.  \ ' ■?    ' "■
For a New Hall.
£.If the present plan of the Moyie
Odd Follows is carried ont the
town will soon have a, hall that
will be fully in keeping' with the
requirements of the place. K very
member'in the lodge is taken iip
wibh' the idea. According to'
present calculations the hall will
be built after the plan of the Odd
Fellows'"and Jdof P. hall in Cranbrook,'and will be so'arrainged
that it will meet all the requirements of the town . for lodge?,,
dances and banquet purposes.
The Odd Fallow** lodge in Moyie
is in a prosperous condition, and
Che memb'ers feel- that they could
$2 A   \l\Ah
$       'LOCAL ASSAYS %
there V were   50S  1?' ™*ke. - a   bett*r ' »v*>tment.
ihe new hall  will  probably ■ cost,
Last" month
Ciiidrea   attending    the,   public
schools in'RoSfland."    <    ■'   '
close to $3,000.'
■■''it* r * <■ •
jars, Tobacos,      Confectionary
tRELL BLOnK1'  -',..        ,*.''*•■"' '     ■/' VMOYIB,
( I —■ ■— * c     ,
.     The Crow's Nest Pass ■ Coal  Co.
jure getting'ready to  build   1,000
more coke ovens in Fernie. :
I, . Fire, Life <and"Accident,Insurance.
t°^K'Vt;v,^V-.'■,:'   , '•?   , ■ MOYIE, B, £
P r , '-n       ' '-" S 'j* '  .       '   1 L
Change at Brewery.
1 L   '       "' '   , .   1      . ,1     I. ■ 1
idgeway's High Grade Tea
I   WHAT' HE -Sitf D:^OroLher/never matfo sue
is. P t*    >• - ^  .       ' ' "" / v ~ e r >■
I '"'■ t , "'/-' ■'";        delicious'tea as tlij,s.!' , ,.
' WHAT SHE SAID :--'M\Iother,ncver."used -Ridge-
t        .,« f''1-,    «. ' 'l , ..."■■.. ->      ,,'*
\,» .   i  ." ■ -.     ..-'    ,"' --w'a\'''s' tear-"; That's why.". -.
Ilea iii"l-2 and -1 lb* packages can"ba,proeured;dnly at'
t  «,,'   ;<f;'^,..''- v ■-; \.--■;.. v'Vr , 4 *   ,   '.',>v~  .-   ■   '
t   1
t; Senator JJdyeridge- of .Indiana
served as cook for his f ra tern its'-
in college to . aid ■ in   paying - his
w»y-   ,',,     :_JL    •
^.The mother of A. S. Goodeve, M;
P., ciied'arher-hbrae ab Guelph,
Ont, ' February 11th, aged' Sj
years.    '   ', '       ' \-   '' , '     \
• The Kincardiae Review rematks
that'the best'way to;stop' ursury
is   1°,, 'iue,l'8ase ' the", bounty" on
wolve3     '       '     .  .
*  1 .      i       1 ■
- F
Chas. Inderwie's an'd'Paiil Hiedel
have thrown up their:lease on tlie
Moyie Brewery and are' leaving
for Grass Valley, California, -where
they will probably take' charge of
quite an extensive  plant.     Julius
Mueller, the owner of' the 1 Moyie
brewery, is here from Regina and
will"  probably; run  theV busines-,
himself.'' Tlie '''brewery, for  the
present, is shut down- on  account
of the water being frozen up,   bub
ib will probably be running again
within a' few wetk^.   ' Messrs.  lo-
dcrwies and" Riedel 'made a ,host
ofl friends    wll'il'e, here
town naturally regrets
J,'-Deane,  former,  owner  of
the Nelson Daily  Ndws,  intends ..-  -—;^ --=.;	
takiug^newspaper work iu   Al-\suu^"good citizens^      ,'r-
berta,-;*'   "" - ,'    '       * ' ^ r^'°'V'
"      Tom-Marks Is:\-.Good
'." *:.—■
Just one j'ear in business.  -   '■;,
What is the result?
That Gvery buyer of groceries'has been paid
rge dividend by the reduction in prices, ■
[oyi^ Co-Op8ratiye Association, Ltd
Indies only the best gra'de'of goods.    ,
A fresh shipment of  groceries  and  fruits   to
rive in a day or two. :
union Goors.
»   s
' 'The bell for,the Catholic church
ab'Creston' arrived, a ' few days
.since, and the first church, bell
has been heard iu that'ttcity.
^V-. '~\.:-rK, - . Iii: r---i   -«V.;	
' Lounger iu* fch'e Week's vys that
Victorians full; of, KarsVand the
bjggpst,^ones oare- the  oldest, in-'
habitants;      " . * ,
1    i' _   ,
Thomas Jone?, well r known
around tho Slocin a few, years
ago as Zincy Jone?, died in Kansas recently.
The' post offieo at Ilcse'berry
at the he-id of S'ocan Like was
closed on Fchruary 10. 'Mails for
that point are now sent to New
Denver,    ? ..
Sam    Potter,   and   Thos.   Bate-
were at Nelson this week.
Tom Maiksat Morley  hall   to
night. -       *   J ,.     ,
Mrs. S. G.  Blaylock   left   todaj
for ' Nelson.   ■ »
1 i^
A.  J.   Dandurand   came   down
from Field a few days ago.
There is to/be "a big .dance at
Jaffray next Tuesday night."
Mrd. L)mer has- been quite ill
since her return from Oregon.
Next Wednesday will be Ash
Wednesday, and will mark ' the
beginning of Lent.      ' ° .
C. II. Messinger is away  to  the
coasbdna business  and  pleasure
(fcriri ' - •
,' Tom Cole, manager'of the Hotel
Munro ar, Cresloa, t was o in ,,town
yesterday. ,„ , ', ,    '■ ■
,,, Mrs.1.Moore; a former music,...
teacher in Moyie, is ou her way /i\
to England for a visit. ' ' \ h\
, Au effort is being made by the )}S
metnb'ers of the ,'Presbyterian
church for' the procuring of the
service of an ai-daiued minister, .r
. The Moyie Water Company
will,, hold their regul r annual
meeting next Monday,othe' 22nd,
at l.o'clock in the afternoon.
■Dan McDonali  hn,d one  of his
fingers'broken  while ab  work  in
e   and   t^ho  the   "machine    shop   at  the  St
to lose two'1 Eugene mill. •     ' ' "    . ;,
- .Services in. ,'the ■. Methodist
church as 'usual ab 11a.m.'' and
7:30 "pl'm. E/euing subj-ict:
fCrod's Judgement of Us All'."
Sbranglers welcomed.
, ! Mrf. NoctleEfc this week fjr lier
plddioine in''England, where she
,WiH spend the next six. months '"or
more. She4, intends, returning to
? he Waff Paper
Season   is  Fast
I; before it is upon us, we invite vou t<".(
ijcome and inspect our selection f6i- VJ0V.\
i 'We,have a c^n:,/t-t3 new"stock of fifiv <
, palerns. lMniy, pretty and up to dale'-, j
'     Vou will Jmd something suitable for >
vonr Iarlor, Dining.Room, Bedroom   or!,'
■Kitchen. ■  „       ,   v    ■ '•
W our papers.  U'o take a pleasure i,,'1
jshoiviug thorn./ You,can lhe^ dcci'dp :v .
ja  more- comprehensive   way -what  vou!1'
want for your different- roomy.
!'   - Wo haye a  full1 stock  of. Pximsl ard {
varnishes also on hnnd:   ."'','     *    J    Ji
, • 1'
MacEactiem & Maedona/d
& .
• ^
a 7
as '
■■&. -
Q .
?Ae;' ^Ioyiq--IIockey-^cIub made
no mistiake' when -they.?,arranged'
wich'Tom Ma.rks ana hisfexcellent
company j to'' play a-tivo nights'
engagement here,under cheir aus-„
pices. TKe1hou3e'"was taxed''to
ibs full seating capacity last niglit
to witness, the "Irish Immigrant." '   The"   ladies
This afternoon there is a matinee,
and tonight. "Jerry, the Tramp,"
will be played. Ib is safe-to say
there aw ill be another = packed
house. -
church intend'
of    the u Ca tholic .
Conrad Euilding. Open.
The .new Co'urad building is
ready for oc'cupancy/and.its doors
will be thrown open to'the public
next Monday. ■ The building for
che next'month will be occupied
by P. ,J. Tinner 'as.'a jewelry
store, and by A. A. Paul: as a'
photograph gallery. Mr.- Tanner
wa^wich Patuaude,' the jeweler
of Nelson for some time and is a
firs^t clnss'workman* Mr. Paul is
of the Art' Studio bf, Kosslaud and
'conges  highly recommended.  " ,    -
- Hughes-Is: in.
To_ Gollecfc'Minerals.-
P. L." Broad ban r, ,of the  Domin
ion geological survey,  is  coming
OexW. Hughes, a well-known'
mining man, and formerly an ex-'
tensive operator in the- Slocan
district, has goao to Paso ltible-,
Cal, to recuperate-' his 'healch.'
Mr. Hughes was stricken with
paralysis three years ago, and "has.
never recovered.- il3-i3 acco:n.
pauied by his nurse.
Packers. ,W-ili FishbJ.:
a' , *^
- T" '    -        ,- •" " -17      '-      *■    ',    a-*'
There promises' fcj be a. lively
fight bebween'P.,Baraa «& Co.', aud
the Gallagher-Hall, Swlfb and
GMaov companies for the 'cont-ol
of-tha   western    mitkefc*.' Tt
MacBeth Sells Place.
gram on the eveniug  of S;.   Pat-  eoI]6clioa of the ore and  minerals j Burns people to go iu
rick's D ty, Wednesday, JM.trch 17   of'tLL="   Province for  the   Yukon
Last week there'was six feet of
.811 ow upon the wharf at Porb"Es-
siugbon and nearly three fecb at
Prince Rupert.
riON MEN.-
(Hotel Kootenay
E. ,N. MacBdbh has sold diis
ranch north of town, and situated
on the" narrows, to the Porto
Hico Lumber Compmy. .This
place has-some valuable timber on
it besides the level land whioh is
suitable for farming, and con-
A snowslide has taken out the siderable • of' which is already
big Tayne bridge,' near Sandon, j under cultivation. Mr. MacBeth'
and the handsome residence of will probably 'm'jve wich his
the mine manager went with'it. family to Moyie and make some
Nobody was living there, fortu- investments here.
Inately.        '      ■ ,    - j	
A Farewell Dance.
It is reported  that   17m, Law-
son has struck a good lead  of ore
on his claims on the* west side  of
I the lake.
Presbyteriru , church. > Service
011 Sunday evening at 7:30. Subject, "The Life Side of the Cross."
Rev. Thos. Paton  will   sing.     All
Alaska-Pacific        exposition
serving   a   supper. -, .  —   —""S . ,  — - -    -u   .
and giving a  short  musical, pro- r°   -C£"lti-?Jl'Columbia''to  make'a lnow the evident,'iufcenoion 'of  th
  - • - ' I t2olJfinl inn   nf  hUr.  „ j      .     • .     I r,
tto the' aoat-
toir busings in E huoniua extensively and to erecs, a i.u*ge plant,
and in crease the capacity of the-
ibottoirs, to meet the eo.npecL-
tion of the other plant.,.
are_cordially invited to attend.
H. W. White, of Calgary, fathTr 'here  and  therein" B.^C."'   Moi
Here and There in B. C
Rev. Dr. J. H. White, D. D , will
give au eveniug in the Methodist
Church, Moyie, about bhe 3rd or
4ch of March showing about one
hundred lime  light   views 'taken
..    |j   The best of accommodations |
*^*\   for  the Traveling  Public. \
iri-c and Coinni'idious Sumpla Eoot»i3.              Billiard Rooms. £
McTAVlSH & CAMERON Proprietors. p
J. F. Armstrong of Cranbrook
has been appointed acting government agent at Fernie during the
absence   on  duty   of Hugh  Mc-  ^a^ ^ouday evening in  honor of
A daucs will be given in Morley
Mullin, the new inspector of   provincial police.
ff'ii.o nobby styles in Derby shoes, just tlie kind you
l-'oa looking for in Oxfords and Hals. Also our new
*S ^amnios of 20th Century Clothing. Call and leave
|nieasur'e for the latest style for , ?pf ing at tin up to
Funi'i,6l.uncj Jlouse.     V' , ..;'.
The Canadian Zinc Co., of Nelson, are reorganizing on a larger
capital basis to give the company
11 larger scope for operations aud
the pin chaso uf ores.
Some 20.000 elk are said to be
starving in western Wyoming.
Tho Order of K.ks is n.-king (he
governor of the state to take
some action to protect the great
elk herd.
of .Mrs. Gold win Stewart, is in
Moyie on a short visit. Mr.
White was in Cranbrook for
several days taking part in the
bonspiel.    '
Peter Besovi returned to Moyie
last Saturday after an absence of
several moath3. Ho was at Field
for soma time and and was also
back to his old home iu Roumania.
Br. II.ilI went  to   Hosmer Fri
particulars later.
a well  known   resident   and    his
wife   who   will   soon    be    taking,
their departure from Moyie.    The  dajr' l,ut  wil1  return   Sunday  to
dance is being got up by a  com
Hockey Items.
The Moyie hockey team will
play the Fernie team at Fernie
Monday night nnd the Coleman
team at Coleman Tuesday  night.
Lessons in Pi; no forte and singing. Terms reasonable. Apply
to Prof. Box 5. Postoffice,
Aurora Looks Good.
With every round of holes there
is a decided improvement ab the
Aurora, mul there is considerable excitement among the loeal
Card of Thanks.
I take this opportunity of m-^fo-
kindly thauking the people of
Moyie for their recent genercus
presentation to mo.
mittee of ladies, assisted by a
committee of gentlemen. A lap
supper will bo served. D.iucing
will begin at 0 o'clock. Everybody invited.
Moyie,   All those  wanting   woik  .-^.--^.—^—^^^^
done by him had better call   next j jj— A A '^'^JrJ^ * ^ '> S13T.3f*3t->--j*r? •»--*■>,-
Raised Good Fund.
The committeo which had
charge of the benefit dance" iu
aid of Mrs. Btirch report that
after paying all expenses they
had $179,25 to turn over',to. that
lady, which was done. The committee consisted of Thos. E. Nelly,
Herb.    Jackson,
week and make  appointments ,as
be will not be here much longer.
Fred O. Honey, traveler for
W. G. McMaster 1- Son?.. Ltd., of
Vancouver, was in town this week
and succeeded in landing some
good orders for his firm. Mr.
Honey is a most congenial man
bo meet, and is one of bhe besb
hustlers on the road.
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Capital  Authorized—- -—$10,000,000. =
Capital'Paid Up---——— —--5,000,000; |
Rest—— —_—._— —-5.O00.O00 §
.                          khancuks im nittrisir coi-UMiiiA, S
i "'"'"Mfl, tioldcu. ICiimloaTiK, Miuhvl, Kelson, Itovolatolte. Victoria and Vancouver g
Savings Bank Department. .2
'utn*est allowed on deposits at current rate from  date of «
jjel)u0ib.                                            I' ; ^
J. F. M. PINKHAM,   Manager. |
Big Sir Typographical Union,
qfNe'-v "York'"city, contemplates
building a home of'its own'. A
seven-story budding wrth a   fifpy. ^   Rlybert
foo   front, costing about $250,000,  Mike Torpy and "Dick" Brown;
13 the plan of   the  building  com- . ■      ' ■ v"'    ,
mitfcee'    ■   ■—_-.'■ Will Leave ./'Moyie.''.'
The lawsuit of Byron N. White       ' —	
against the Slocan   Star company      Harry Steuarr, foreman  r.t  tha
was dismissed  wibh  costs by ! the "St.  Eugene  mill,   is severing   his
supreme court at  Ottawa.    This l connect ion with tbo company  on
case has  been  dragKiug   through: March   1st.   and. will   then   leave
the  courts   for. tho    past   seven j with his family, to make his home
years. near Portland, Oregon,  where   he
. .      , has a valuable fruit ranch.
A.   B.   Mackenzie  of  Rossland,
and secri-'bii-y  of  the  Associated
Boards of Trade, has been in very
poor health for  some   time   past.      ,n,     .t -r. ,
,,    . ,s    lr'       .. The three fire  wardens  elected
He is now enrouto to Hawaii on a ,    . „,       , _, ^"i-wu
■   ■   ..        .   -       .,    .   ■ '    ■  ■ ,  lasbTuesday were Chas.  A.   Mac-
K. of P. Visitation.
New Tire Wardens,
■   ■   ..        .   •       .,    , ,      ,  ■iasD-xuesnay were v^nas.   A.   Mac-
vacation  trip    that may  exbond   ,,       „ ,.     ~        .   „        ,   ■      c
.   .    . ,, ; Kay, Robt.   Campbell and  A,  P
into two months. .    ' n,     ,       ,■ x ■a- ■
.   ■   1       Macdonald.
. The - following. Knights of
Pythias from Moyie' visited: the
Cranbrook lodge last Tuesday
evening: W. J. Felbham. B, K.
Taylor, P.. J, McAlpine, Michael j 2
Ililliary.'John. Blackburn, Albert]-3
Gill, Wm. Tiiinbull and L\ A. Hill.'-^
The VMoyie degree team put on
some woilc in a very creditable
The IS-month, old child of 'Mr.
and Mrs. S. G. Blaylock died yesterday morning at 9 o'clock of
pneumonia. Mr. Blaylock left
with the remains today for Danville, Que., whore the burial will
take place.
The Society Girl Alining
Company, Limited.
(XO.v Personal Liaijiutv;
Organized under tho laws of JJi-itUJi Columbia.
Divided into 1,000.000 shares of the par'value nf $5.00 etch.
l'ully paid and non assessable,    0,00,000^ shares  ie- ■
V  ', imnin iu the treasmy.
,G   T:' Mc-3RFCQR'.V«ct.Pi*..-sibEMT
'■■ '•■"' '   '   DliPOSjIORV   '    v."     V    ■   ■■".■".
The Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cvmbrcok, B. C.
■_ • , . SALKOF STOCIv
The company has placed 011 the masket   for  a  lim'-^d- time
100,000 .hHtes ,.f tr>.a-i.ry  stovk,   the  same   to   be
S'lld at tweuty-Gvs.cents' per, sh.*.rf».
Adb'rcss applications for stock to Secretary.
An-ay Ittsturns' from   Surface. Workings.
U.-..1. eilvcr.
CC   FARRELL. Pres,Dent
Xo 1. . Crv.*i\".?. m!
" '-!.   CMtliimu'.ii
',' :l.   l'tirisjiliales
"   -I.     IlltlollJl
" &.-   Cuu^lliuiitu
JUT fl III  U'rtil
I) S
on -i
.'! S
1 v}'
•'I '
.r.   t
■r ■■
/- '.
1  1 .
I,-   -I ■   '.
I-     , r   it'
■' 1   ;   ,h
."."       I        '•   '!<
' ( ' V.i
',      '-.
■_„•'. ',1' I'1
".,'*-1 ;H
•vj-J3   ! ,„,-
»•   l -Ji-
',' S. ' 1 • .-#
1u '-.  ,.\ ■ '-,^i
'i'fib   1 vi ,fl
:=f>_' j,.-!i'#|l
* i-r,     '■ t, JW-
■ ., i-M
'     ''V    '     -^|
>-■ \*.'\m
- tl    -   I'   Bfi«<l
^ */ . .^..i'jift
, |    d,     _  f-J-JV*}I
j.-,   ,  '  SfeiS
,.    t-iiira
■i   * t     wJa\
'!u' '-a
t*~{ ■■      - - —-«
/ .?*
•   I
• ' *1
1. h ,r|
.   ^',1
•   'ft i
I   \i.
J'     l'vl
,;■■}■& 11
-    ~- f'\ -��'J  THE    LEADER,,,  MOYIE,    BRITISH     COLUMBIA.  -\      '    T.-,  ��,.i  wfv  ,1  V  J!v.  :? ��� * >  ,/���  . *;;v,*u   i*c j/  .-. . g.   -���?,' *  K urn......  ��� ��� ^-- iy/\ <*"���'."- -  < ;\.-^->���'���-- jz  ���!"?<���>:-.': b'*i,-*.Y"J.-'  \<! >ir'f ;��.?<������ ii/ ���  j.jff ~   7f.tt'lV   ^ - i  The Spoilers.  By   REX  E.  BEACIIJ  Copyright.   IMt.   b>    Rex   El    ttoacb.  . ^ji.'awWiir   ���'  $4m$lW4'y  y-'W'i  W1* vf ^   -  .V ���&?���#*���<' '^''#''  IkJft   .. .5,i?'t' I't s  p^-.i^A'i'^  H1-j..- a v. '? t'J  "5i-s'.V,i������.  f-"LU&'$  ',���-!'^-'.  ','{;'.��� '.I.  /* ^"'   *.'  *'. i'��  ���i.'  a ���*-i-^-; -s^t';-'*-:?jV  ; mm; W-^v^  ijllrji*-'��� i- ;:*?%?"*'- vfe1  fif^'.S.; .'���.';->.ir��v...-^'.�� --'.'l,1...  ^-'*I*.vjJ'>r':.K.^.-  iSvik-'i^tey!*;  .ri/..+:--:.,v-v.,fci.-i��v'.;-:iU!  ,'J-J��-V)-V"'-*'-il|!i!.'':'.'-'ii--  ;:vS��*  -,l;H-'V  '    (.Continued.)  Gleaister was asionisbed to tin.'i  every man of tho ot-ffnuizatiou jii-.^fa*.  Including Dextr.v, whom he Kiipp.cpO  to ba\e soue liou:r�� iiu L-our sun-e.'   JJvl-  ��� dently, u discussion hurt bcea In progress, for h chainiian wim presidium,  aud (he bojr.es, kejr< aud bnlo�� of goods  had been shoved lnu-U ng.-iinst the walla  for seats.    On tui��sp  were rauged  the  ��� threescore   men   of   the   -Stranglers,"  .their eeridus faces lighted imperfectly I  'by scattered lanterns.    A certain' con-  'Btralnt   seized   fhpci   upon   Glenister'a  eutcuiice.    The chairman was  embarrassed. . ,It was but momentary,  however.    Glenister himself felt that tragedy waa in the air, for It showed In the'  men's   attitude   and   spoke   eloquently  from1   their 'strained   faces.     lie  'was.  about to question the man next to him  when the presiding oflicer continued:  1   "We will assemble here quietly with'  our arms at 1  o'clock.    And   lei  me  'caution  you  again 'not  to talk  or do  anything to scare the birds away."  ' '  Glenister arose. ' "I came ,Iate, Mr.  Chairman, so I missed hearing your  plan. I gather that you're out for  business, however, and I want to be In  IL    May I ask what is*on foot?'  '���Certainly. , Things have reached  unci) a pass tbat moderate means are  useless.    We have decided to act and  every  IO  our  in  hour, divide into three groups of twenty men,'each with a leader,.then go to  the houses of McXamara,' Stillman and  '    Voorhees, take them prisoners, arid"���  He waveii his hand iu a large gesture.  ! Glenister made no answer for a moment, while the crowd watched him intently.    ,'���'"' ' ,.     >  '    "You have discussed ��� this fully?" b'e  asked.  "We have., it has been voted on, and  we're unanimous."  "My friends, when I stepped into this  room'just  now ,1   felt   tba't  I   wasn't  ' wanted.    Why, T don't know,  because  I have had more to do wi'th organizing  this movement than  any of ypii , and  becausecI have suffered, just as much  ' ns tlie rest.    1 want to know if I was  omitted' from   this   meeting, intentionally." -    '  * "This is an embarrassing position to  put me in," said tlie chairman.gravely,  '"but I shall answer, as spokesman for  , these men If they wish."    '  "Ves; go ahead," said'those  around  the room. , <    /  ,"  "We'.don't question your loyalty, Mr.  Glenister,   but  we   didn't  ask  you   to  this meeting because we know your at-  titude-,perbaps   I'd   better   say   sentiment���regarding      .lunge     Stillman's  niece���er���family.     It has come  to "us  from   various'sources  that1 you l have  been affected to the prejudice of .your  awn and your partner's interest. "-Now,  there Isn;t going to ,be any sentiment  iu the affairs of" the vigilantes/  We are  oing^to do justice, and we thought the  fmplest way was to ignore you iu this  natter  and'-'-spare'' all  discussion   and  hard feeling in every quarter." '"  ��     "It's a lie," shouted the youu'g, man  hoarsely, "a damned lie!   You wouldn't  let me In for fear I'd kick, eh?    Well,  you  were right."   I  will kick.    .You've-  hinted   about   my    feelings   for   Miss  Chester.    Let me tell you  that she is  engaged to marry McXamara and that  .'he's . nothing  to  me. .Now,  then,  let  , me   tell   you .further  that   you   won't  break Into her house and hang her uncle, even if he Is a reprobate.   No, sir:  This isn't the time for violence of that  sort.     We'll" win   without   it.    If   we  can't, let's fight like men and not hunt  in a pack like wolves.   If you want to  do   something,   put   us   back   on   our  mines and help us hold them, but, for  God's sake, don't descend to assassination and the.tactics ot the Mafia!"   >  "We knew you would make that kind  of a talk," said the speaker, while the  rest murmured grudgingly. One of  them spoke up.  "We've talked this over in cold blood,  Glenister, and it's a question of their  lives or our liberty. Tbe law don't  enter into It."  "That's right," echoed another at his  elbow. "We can't 'seize the claims,*  because McNamara's got soldiers to  back him up. They'd shoot us down.  You ought to be tbe last one to ob'Ject."  He saw that dispute was futile. Determination was stamped on their  faces too plain for mistake, aud his  urgument had no more effect on them  than had the pale rays of tbe lantern  beside him, yet he continued:  "I don't deny tbat McNamara deserves lynching, but Stillman doesu't.  He's a weak old man"���some one  laughed derisively���"and there's a  woman In the house, lie's all she has  In the world to depend upon, and you  would have to kill her to get at him.  If you must follow this course, take  the others, but leave him alone."  Tbey only shoo': then- heads, while  several puihed by him even as he  spoke. "We've going'to distribute our  favors equal," said a ninu as lie left.  They were actuated by what they  failed justice, and he could not sway  thr-m. The life and welfare of the  north were In their hands, as tbey  thought, and there was not one to hesitate. Glenister implored the chairman,  but the man answered him:���'.  "It's too late for further discussion,  and let me remind you of your'promise. You're, bound by every obligation  that exists for an honorable man"��� '..-'  "Oh, don't think 'that .I'll ��� give the  snap away!" said the other; "but 1  ' warn you again not to enter Stillman's  house."  He   followed   out  into  (he -night  to  find that Bextry had disappeared, evi-  . dently    wishing   to    avoid   argument.  Itoy had seen signs of unrest beneath  the. prospector's   restraint   during  the  past  few  days,  and   Indications  of  a  fierce hunger, to vent his spleen oh th��  men who had robbed hiin of his most  sacred rights.   He was of an Intolerant,  vindictive nature that would go to any  length for vengeance.    Retribution waj  part of his creed.  On   his   way   home   the  young man  looked at his watch to And that he had  |but an  hour to determine hla course.  Instinct   prompted   him   to   Join   his  fr'ends and to even the score with <h��  Bacn  wlia h:id Injured hlui a�� t.'tterlv,  Per,' measured   hy   standards   of   tei  frontier, they were pirates with their  lives  forfeit    Yet he could not countenance  this   step.     If only   tlie   vigilantes would  be content with making  an example���but he knew they would  not.    Ibe   blood  Lunger  of a  mob  is  easy    to    whet    and    hard - to    hold  McNamara    would    res:st,    as    would  VocThei-s   and   the   district   attorney,  then   there   wou'd   he  bloodshed,   riot,  chaos.    The  soldiers  would   l-c^ called  out   and    martini    law   declared,    the  streets would become skirmish grounds..  Tbe vigilantes would rout them  without  question,  for <*very  citi/cu of  tlie  north v, ould rally to their aid, and such  : men could not be stopped.    Tbe judge  would  go down   with   lhe   rest, of  the  rin;ir, and what would happen to-her?  He  took  down  his Winchester, oiled  and cleaned  It, then bi;ckled on u belt  of  cartridges.    Still   he  wrestled   with  himself.     He   felt   that he   was   being  ground between'ills loyalty to tbe vigilantes 'and   his  own   conscience.     The  girl was one of the g.uig. lie reasoned  ���she hud schemed with them to betray  him   through   hN   love,   au-t   bl'��   was  i"--us<J  io tne one m.iu ,in uie  worm  whom   he, ha led   with   fanatical   fury.  Why should-he  think of   lior  iu .this  hour?   Six mouths back'ho would have  li.jked with jealous eyes upon the right  to load fh'e vigilanres, but this chauge  that hud mastered him���what was it?  Not cowardice, nor caution.    No.'   Yet,  being .intangible, it 'was none the'less1  [ marked, as his friends had,shown him  an hour since.  ,    He slipped out into the night.    The  mob might do as it pleased elsewhere,  but ,iio nian .should outer her house.  lie  fpun'd  n liglit shiniiig'tVom her parlor  window,  mid,   noting   the shade up .a  few   'Inches',     stole     close.       Peering  through.^ he    discovered    Sf'ruve .and  Helen ' (silking.     He   slunk" back'   iuto  the shadows and nynaiued hidden'for  a'considerable  tiinq  lifter (he lawyer  k*;"l,   for  the   dancers   were   returning  from   the hotel   and -passed   close   by.  Whyi   the   last   group   had   chattered'  iim'ij-doivii the street^he turned to.the  front of the house, and 'mounting the '  step's, knocked sharply.   As Helen appeared ill the door, he sfepped  inside  ,i/i<l dosed it,after li'ini.'l      ,-        <   '   .  The girl's, hair,lay'upon hqr neck and  shoulders'in' tumbled   brown .masses,  while'' ber breast hen.ve-1 tumultuously  at   Lhe   .sudden,��grim   sight   of ' him.  She stc*|ipet! back against the wall, her  wondrous,  deep. gray   eyes   wide  and  troubled., tbo blush of  modesty strug-  'gliug with lhe pallor of dismay.  , Tho pjetu're pained, him,like a knife  thrust.     This   gir!   was   bis   bitterest  enemy���no^hope of her was., for him".  He forgot for���a moment that she was  fal��e  and   plotting,'  then,  recalling  it,  spoke ai* roughly as ho -Highland stated his errand.    Tlioiio'the old man had  appeared on the, stairs above,  speech-,  less with fright at what lie overheard.*  It was evident that his nerves, so sore- j  ;'ly strained by the events of the past  week,  were* now snapped  utterly. ' A  'human soul naked aud  panic stricken  iVno pleasant sight,,so Glenister .dropped  his  eye.s  and  addressed  the girl  again: ',   -  "Don't take anything with you.  'Just  dress and conic, with mei" <>'  .   The 'creatine   ou   the   stairs   above"  stammered aud stuttered Inquiringly:  "What, outrage   is  this,f Mr.   Gleuis-  'ter?" , '*    ', '"  "The, people of Nome are^'upiniarms,  ' .uul I've come,to save you.   Don't stop  to argue.,'-'   He spoke impatiently.  -Ls this some r-ruse to get me into  your power?" ' ,, '    '  -"CucJe .Arthur."- exclaimed the girl  sharply. 'Her eyes met Glenister's  and begged him to take no offense. I  "I don't understand this atrocity.  They-must bo mad!" wailed the Judge. |  ��-'Yiju run o\er to the jail. Mr. Glen-  iblcr, and tell Voorhoos to hurry  guards here to protect me/ Helen,  phone to tlie military post and rglve  the alarm.' Tell them the soldiers must  come at once." 4  "Hold on!" jsiiid Glenister. ."There's  no- use or doing that���the wires are  cut; and I won't notify Voorhees���he  can take care of himself. I came to  help you, and if you want to escape  you'll slop talking aud hurry up."  ' "I don't know what to do," said Stillman. torn by terror and indecision.  "You wouldn't hurt an old man, would  you'-    Wait!    I'll   be'down  in  a  mm-  just the same.   Good night."  "Oh, I'm uot going." said the youns  man. "If you stick, I'll do the same ','  1 He made the rounds of the first floor  rooms, locking doors and windows. A<-  a place of deieu^e It was hopeless, an-i  he saw (hat lie would have to make hi..-  stand upstairs. When sufficient tinv..-  had elapsed, he celled up to Helen:  "May I come?" ���  "Yes." she replied. So he ascended  to find Sijlhnan iu the hull, hal.  clothed and cowering, while by tbi>  light rrcm the front chamber he saw  her finishing her toilet.  ���  "Won't you come with me?    It's our  lasl    chance."     She   only    shook   her  bead.    "Well. then, put out (be light  I'll stand at that front   window, and  AFTER FIVE YEARS  OF SUFFERING  DODD'S   KIDNEY   PILLS    EFFECT  ANOTHER  GRAND  CURE   IN  NOVA SCOTIA.  Millions Unemployed in Britain  RECORD OF THE TURKISHSlsS m j�� wiT  ","~,"n "'  '    '     mt ALLJHETIME3  jtlidn ' 7.0011,000 peisons    are   suffuiii*.'1  ,Jiuidzhip mid uimt on account of haid  Has Won ana Lost more L.d,,u-Lkini.,i W(J,!UI, ,-,. th.-country ur,* G>Il Pll!s  Cured aw   ���  ..Only  those vhu3ia:;S^ Cure.  Than Any Other Nation.  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She did as directed, taking her.place ( nc-  beside him at the opening,  while the  i Lu.lJ   \-ivL? complaint,  winch    caused  when' interviewed lcg-nding her sickness and cure, "1 was ill with Kidnev  ule."  lie scrambled up the stairs, tripping,  on his robe, seemingly forgetting his  niece till she called up to him sharply.  ".Stop, Uncle Arthur! You mustn't  run away." She stood erect and determined- "You wouldn't do that, would  you?    This is our  house.    You   repre-  jud^e crept in and sat upon the bed,  his heavy breathing' the only sound |u  the roam.   The (wo young people sioo.l  so clone to each other that (he sweet  sceuf of her person awoke in him au  almost irresistible longhig.    He forgot  her  treachery   again,   forgot  that  she  was another's, forgot all save (hat he  loved her truly and purely, with'a love  which was like an agony to him.    Her  shoulder brushed his arm: he heard the  soft   rustling   of  her   garment   at   her  breast   as   she   breathed.      Some   ono  passed   in  tlie street! and   she   laid a  hand upon'him fearfully..' it was very  cold,   very tiny and  very  soft,  hut he  made  uo   move  to   take  it>    The- moments dragged a Inn?,, still, tense, interminable.    Occasionally  she  leaned  toward him, and he stooped to catch hei  whispered  words.    At such  times ber  breath  beat warm   against  his  cheek,,  aud   he   closed   his   teeth   stubbornly   J  Out in the night u  wolf dog saddened  the air. (hen came the sound-of diners-  wrangling 'and   snarling  in   a. nearby  .corral.  ��� This, is a  chickless  land   and  no   cock   ci'ow   breaks   the   miduighl  'peace.'    The suspense   enhanced1 thp  judge's perturbation  till his chattering'  teeth 'sounded like castanets.   Now and  then he groaned.  V ' \.,       ,;''  The ..watchers had*lost* (rack of time  when their strained eyes,detected dark  blots materializing out of the shadows.  "There they coriie," whispered Gleii'-  ister," forcing her back', from the a per- iter Herald  ture;, but she would not be'denied, and  ���returned-to his side.  ,   As ..the' foremost   figure .reached 'the  gate Jloy leaned forth and spoke,  not  loudly, but in tones (hat-sliced (hrough  (he silence,  sharp,  clean 'and   without  warning. 'r   ,, ; ���       .  "Halt!' Don't come inside the fence."  There was an instant's confusion; then,  before the men beneath 'had time to  answer,or take action, he continued:  "This is Roy. Glenister talking. I told  you not to molest these people,, and I  warn   you   again.     We're   ready    for  ���F>ou-"   -       .       '"-;,',.  The leader spoke. "You're a traitor,  Glenister." ' .  He, winced. "Perhaps I ^m., You  betrayed me'first,, though; and, traitor  or not, you can't come into this house."  * There w,as a murmur at this, and  some one said: >  '^liss Chester Is safe. All we want  is the judge.'" A^'e won't hang him,  not 1/ he'll wear this'suit'we brought  along.- ne needn't be,afraid. 'Tar as  good for the skin."       ' o       ,  ,"Oh, my God!" groaned' the limb of  the law. . . ,-   .        -     ��. -  '  ' 'Suddenly a man came-running down  the. planked pavement aud into the'  group: . '        .-  "McXamara's gone and so's the'tuar-  I'shnl and  the rest" he panted.    There  I was a moment's silence, and then the  ' fle'ader growled to his men. "Scatter out  and rush (he house.'boys." He raised  his voice to the man in the window.  "This is your work, you damned turncoat." His followers melted away'to  right and left, vaulted the fence "and  dodged   into  the shelter of the  walls.  "The click, click of (llehister's Winchester sounded through the room, while  the sweat stood out on him. He wondered if he could, do this 'deed, if he  could really fire on these people. lie  wondered if his muscles would uot  wither and paralyze before they obeyed his command.  Helen  crowded  past  him  and. lean-'  ing   half   out   of   the   openiug.   culled  loudly,   her   voice   linging   clear   and  true:  "Wait! Wait a moment! I have  something to say. Mr. Glenister did  not warn them. They thought you  were going to attack the mines, and  so they rode out there before 'midnight. ,1 amo telling you the, (ruth,  really. They left hours ago." If was  the first sign she had made, and they  recognized her to a man.  There were uncertain mutterings below till a new man raised his voice.  Both Roy aud Helen recognized Dex-  try.  "Boys, we've overplayed. We don't  want these people���McNamara's our  meat. Old bald face up yonder has to  do what he's told, ami I'm ag'in (his*  twenty to one midnight work. I'm  goin' home." There were some whls-  peilngs, then the original spokesman  called for .Judge Stilliunn The old  man tottered to the window, a palsied,  terror stricken object. The girl was  glad he could not |H> seen from below.  "We won't hurt yon this time, judj-c  but yos've gone far enough. We'll  give yon another cli.ince; then, if vou  don't make good, we'll stretch you to  a lump post.    Take this as it warning."  "1 s-shall do my d-d-t'uiy," r.,j,j t*)P  Judge.  , (To be Continued.)  Rheumatism, Keuiak'ia and Ileal t  Fluttering*. My ncivbus .syiieni was  afiect'ui and niv blood "seemed to lack  vitality.  "I tried medicines and was under  the doctor's care, hut rrceived no benefit,till I used Dpdd's Kidney'Pills  and Diamond Dinner Pills. They relieved me of l-tlieu!ii!ifi=m and made  me stronger and better ;n' every w.i."  These .remedies and no other cured  inc."     ,  Dodd's Kidney Pills' always cure  diseased 'Kidneys anil all diseases that  are caused' hy di-eused Kidneys or  impure blood. .  A   Mystery Solved.*1'  ,  "Ves,   sir,   T   hiivii a' wife  nnd  six  children'in New    Yoik���and  I  nevei  saw one of thein." said s. New  York  man  to  his  inquisitive  companion.  The couple sa�� a few moments -in  j silence, .'tho interrogator again com-  imcncecl. , , '' ��� \  "Were  vou evfer blind, sir?"   .'���  .  "No, sir."    ,   , '*-  , 'Another lapse of silence. '  "Did I .understand'you 'to say, sir,  that you had 'a'-wife and'six, children  and had 'never seen one of'them?!' ���  - "Yes,, sir-7-l so stated 'it."  Anothej: and a, longer pause of  silence. Then the interrogator again  enquired:���"How can it he, sir, that  you never' saw one of them'-1"  "Why," was lhe response,, "one of'  them was born aity'i' I ldft,"���Ro'ches-  Then the Tide Turned, and One Great  Misfortune Followed Another Till  He Was Almost Swept Out of Europe by the Treaty of  Berlin.  The "Terrible 'j;uik," who may be  taken as typifying the empire of the  suliiins, holds one record at least  ���which he is not likel.\ to he deprived  of. lie has won mid lost more territory than any other nation.  There was a time wlien the sultan  was the bugbear of the world. Even  Utile children in'' England shook iu  their shoes when they heard his nanie  mentioned, and. those people who'lived"  anywhere near him dared not call,their  Jives 'heir own.  But at last', the tide turned. The  Turk began to lose, and one great mis-,  fortune followed another.  Spain was tile firs't'hig bit of the  Turkish  empire   to   break, free.    The  paid  building   unions,   with   a  Iiiemher.fhip 1 ��ac^, Ihey pair.��*J[ 1I<0  <.f, G(��.03I, have 25 2'per cent, of lh>*ir  members out of work. Other trades  -..ho-,'-  fiiinilar leturns.     ,,  Two   London   cabbies   were   glaring  at each othei, ', ��� - >  "Aw,  wot's the nuttier with you?"  demanded one.' '  "Xothink's the nuiUer with rue, you  hlonniiii'  idiot." . '���  '   "You gave me a narsty look," per-*  sisted the first,  ".Ale? .Why, you    certainly   *ave    n  narsty   look, 'but   I didn't giv,.   it  to  you, so ,Vlp me!','���Kverybody's Mag-  zine. f-  !','���'��� Ia  Bladder give trouU,, C%L T^ '  on our positive guarant..,- iC ��" P''J  film vn���   �����   .���." .   " >"�� tllCTB.I  '.Dcpt.N,U.v National Drug f ,P"'\  Co., Limited, Toronto *" ^eiatl*  Identifying  the  Girl  Domestic social   m.'ifl..*',t  The Friend of All Sufferers.--Like to  the shadow of a rock    in 'a wear*-,.     ,,     ,,  land" i=. Dr. Thomas' EcleetnV'Oil to  by'Alr- ] ��"'��'h  tho--(. who .suffer pain.'   It hof'te out | r"Jftjnon.  ��->  I  ]  aporle'l  The   last   Moorish   king  to .reign   In f for  Spain   was Bonhdii-el-t'huco, or  P.oab- f'  '.t-^-���  dil the Unlucky, In Ju&i "Ferdinand {��� "Over here." said" the Arab guide,  and Isabella, the king and queen of f 'we have,, another mummy-. "Jb'rom'  Aragon and Castile," declared war 'on { ,,e' f^hig' utcnsila .found near her  him, and fii" ,1-102 he had fo surrender rj* ,fi MM,I,twd to hinV,heen a tfobk;  evei-vtbing '     ' . { l'0r two JIh>uskih1 years she has. re-  Hungary,' whVb 'riow' forms\al'f ot V^-ZV^l^? ��hb,wns foundl'" ,  (he dual moh.,rohy\'f the ^^[^^.^^������^^ ^  l-rancl.s Joseph, was a province of the      "Whv not?"   ' '    ;"      -        '   -'  sultan for 150 years.   Then Was torn   ,  "Who ,��verdienrd of a'cooW" Wnin-  from h.M by* the sword. ��� . _, , iug in &Je-,>,���,* tJ.ntJortgfV-   f  . 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' You-mustn't, fear a  mob  of. rtiflinns.     We   will  stay   here   and  meet 'them, of c.nir.*-e."        '  "Good,Lord:" said Glenister. "That's  madness.' These men aren't ,ruffians.  ���They are Ibe best citizens' of Nome  You don't'realize'that this i.s Alaska  and that Uiey have sworn to wipe out  McNamara's gaug.    Come along."  "Thank yon Cor your good intentions," she said, "but we have done  nothing to run away from. We will  get ready to meet these cowards. You !  had better go or they will find vou  here."  Sho moved up the stairs and, taking  the judge by the arm, led- him with  her. Of a sudden she had assumed  control of tbe situation unfalteringly,  und both men fell the Impossibility of  thwarting her. Pausing at the top,  she turned and looked down.  "We   are   C':lU'fi:!    fY.i-   ninr   efforts'  ���'��� His   Sign ' Down.  A disheveled  man;.much  lhe  worse  for" liquor,  staggered  out of a Maine.  "speak-eapy"   and   laboriously    propped himself against'the door.     For a  while   lie. owlishly   surveyed   tht�� 'pas-  sersby. ' Suddenly his feet slipped and  he  collapsed  in  a   heap .011 'tho  sidewalk.    A  moment  later  he  was  shoring. ��� ������  A   hurrying   pedestrian   paused,   reflectively, .survt'ved the fallen man for  a   few   .seconds,   and   then   poktfd   his  head  in   the door.                         "  "Oh. Frank," he called. "Frank,  come out here a minute."  ���Presently tlie proprietor of.the joint  smoking a fat cigar, emerged. He  blinked   in  the  bright sunlight.  'Hollo, Hud," he said pleasantly.  "What's'up?"  Hud   jerked   his  thumb  toward   the  slumberer on  the sidewalk,  plained, and briskly resumed his :������ 1.1k  "Yer  sign  has  fell  down,"   he  ex-  uptown.��� Everybody's  Magazine.  \Miy don't vou come in occasionally bftwo-ri dunks," demanded the  wife, "and M.c. IIK. p]Jtvv"  J "1 don't need fo." icplied the bibul-  | ous. husband. . "The bartender' is "familiar . with the . plot; . imitates the  actors, nnd also knows a lot of.gossip  about their personal nnd fnmily-;'af-  hurs.' -.-Philadelphia  Bulletin .'.  After this 'came the tuni of the  czars. , The Russians, whom he once  ��� despised, have been the Turk's worsr  enemies.' They-ha ye either robbed him  Iheuiselves or encouraged others to rob'  ulm. ��� ,    ' ��� '     ' ',  Peter the Great set tho example, but  was not.'on tbe \vh<5h\' very (.successful1  in his wars against��� the,Moslems.1 At  0110, time; the Turks could''have captured aud massacred Peter and his army, but were frustrated by, the slave  pJrl. Catherine^ whom Peter had married. '        �� '.'.,,       .,   '"  Catherine "the Great tore the Crimea  from the unhappy'Turk. togethcr'Nvlth  thousands of'square miles of'territory  ,along the'sliorc3 of (he Caspian.  In'lS21'the Greeks,. who��ha'd 'been  slaves of the suli.-tug for umny'centuries, .rc^se in rebellion and drove the  "Turks out of the country/' Burthen  the Greek, leaders began to,,quarrel  among themselves, and cf/il war followed. The Turk'took the opportunity  to seize the cou'ntry once1 more:  ; But t hq. massacres' aud other horrors  M'hicli ��� followed' aroused. Europe- In  1S271 (he -'Turkish fleet J was 'destroyed  at Naynrlno ,. The, cbmblued '.fleets of  Britain. Frujiire.0a,nd IJussiaJtook palrt  intthe operation.,'i ' *��� * ,"',-'  r lu.lS2S Greece was,ackno'wledged-as  ���a fr^e and independent,kingdom/wilh'  a king of Its own. '" '      '      .. '    ���  For nearly a century Egypt, which  the Turk conquered In ail, has been  part of thersultan's, empire In little  more than name, and since 1SS2. when  tbe Kngllsh occupied 'Pharaoh's country after-Ai-abi Pasha's rebellion, the  Turk has had practically nothing to do  with Egypt. -   *  The Moorish corsairs  who "-had  their'  lair  In   the  pirate city   or  Algiers  acknowledged  the sultan  as  their suzerain, but were defiantly Independent as  regarded all the rest of the'world.  Their,swift sailing dhows preved on  .the commerce of all.'Europe, and from  start to finish they seized ,many thouT  sands of white captives, many of  whom (hey ransomed, while others  they doomed lo .slavery.  When' asked to keep his piratical  subjects In order the sultan declared  himself helpless to do anything. The  freebooters went on doing Vs thev  liked for a loTig time. Then France  became weary of patience and forcibly  took possession of the city In IS.'IO.  Since (hen she lias annexed 307,'.iSO  squaro miles of Algerian tcrritorv once  subject to the sultan.  Then came (he Turk's worsl time.  Russia made war on him, and the Balkan states, which had been held as  provinces by Turkey for hundreds of  years, revolted. Dew to arms and did  everything they could on the side of  Russia, rInd the tzar heen left to himself (he 'Pinkish empire would hnve  been practically destroyed. The other  great,powers, however, were afraid to ;  see Russia too powerful. They Insisted on summoning the congress"of Berlin.  Hy lhe terms of the treaty of'Merlin  the- Turk was almost sv\op( out of Europe.    P.osnla   ,".nd   Iler/egtu ina   were  handed ovr to Austrin  |() iv-,v(<p |n order.    Ron mania,  S<-r\ I.:   nnd   Montenegro were declared absolutely independent of him.   Mnlgtiria w .-is erca'.eil Into  ���'  a   I'l-iiu Ipiillty,   nomin.-illy   under   ihoi  nuli.-iii's siu.'i-.ilnty. but In realliy free!  I  -And then Austria urineved P.osuia and  I  Herzegovina.  Repeat' it:���"ShiloK's Cure' will  always cure my cougfis and colds."-  _.___ 1   *   - '  *  ,"t shall-tell-the unvaniishVd truth  in this iiivestiRfttiofn!"  "W.0II,".. niiSweTed /Senator ''Sorghum, "L don^'know'as vai-nish is im.    portant.   Jtut how about whitewash?"'Success Mnjf.-i/.iueV  About  -1   O'eloek '  "Ol.     v��     my   ,hi'l;.-|,,t,^uH  have  been; Jane,' my  hid}."  'A7�� arc .haicult M .wheal,,  bm-.I10lloway a Corn Our.; ��.mil 4ni  them out   palides-ly.  When Grover'Ch'veLm.l',-;onHjc|,  nrd was,born'hi.s good fniMi.l jrWi  J^/Iersou drove over u. Gray   GiyVi'' I  to, congratulate' ih,>, fntlifr. ' '  ' *;Hpvv runny pound�� ,K.^ u,e cyA  ^���cigJi?"'a*kwl'the iu,U-i afilor    '  "Fifteen,"., was the r^piy.  "-Nine," 'said' thp' nttpri'liiifl phy-J-  p'wu 'who  had ju-i couie^ :11V    ���" I'  ��� "Mr,  Clevelnnd_ a.-iyim'd   iiw doctoi  Ihflt ho must he mi-tiiki'n 'i'hn cl.ilj'  weighs fifteen   j).>fijif{-,/A -a'<) jw; "(  >vejghe<l,him  iuyw��lf v.nh'thi. seals  Joe'and f 'use, uhen *v gy U-durig."-  WRITEFOR  CATALOG  .^OF" ���"'.'...  McKENZIES  .SEEDS.  .Fortune 'favors  .most   often.,the  planters whOc.ex-  ', ereise'eare," and-  ,  *,discretion'in the selection of their'seeds"  Be*  ;Msufe. dfj.the seeds ��� you  ;' use.- "Protect  yourself.  ,-frorn' loss of-time, labor  andf' money,by [ usinij"'  k oxt ^^ ����� m *^-~ i__ir  l ^k. >* _���       BEST  IN THE  WORLD  IWcKENZIE'S PURE SEEDS  'fotredth!r��WD.',f?>''.-?ad adaP��ed to the    West.        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WSSSSSB&s^wsoamsssasa^Bs^iissassgge&s JHAPPED FROM FIKCERS TO  ELBOWS.  oy's Agony Relieved  by  Zam-Buk.  jf \ou are suffering fiom badly-  Ihupped hands you will be able to  coinpiehend a little ot the agony  K'luch Henry Walker, of 14 Manufae-  Juim* Street, Montreal, endured be-  foie Zam-Uuk gave, him relief. Hi.s  bother, telling of tin- ousv to.u Pre.-Sa  jrepre-entative, riuid: ���  ���flenry woiks with },ia shirt blec-ves  foiled up ubove Jiii. elbowd, and passing fiom u wanii room to the biting  sold. Us be wti:. obliged to do, he got  jjiu woi-t earfe of chapped hands'and  inna 1 luive e"ver .seen. Fiom his  piigfi-! to bis elbows was one mass of  iU'nh. witli ,bad ciacka here and  Uiere. Whenever he washed it brought  teai*j��� to his eyes, the pain was no  feicate. ' He tiled several, kinds of  salvea, but nothing relieved, him  jeully until he tried Zam-liuk. This  Liulm .seemed to take away the burn  ang and smarting almost at once. The  "i;rucks began to heal, and a few applications of the balm cured him.  .His hands and arniiJ are now smooth,  land  soft.  '���We have, also used "Zum-I3uk' for  [other emergencies. 1 sustained a burn  Ion one of my fingers. Zain-Uuk look  Lnt: fire out and healed up the -sore,  fit really st?em��f' a 'wonderful household  {preparation.  . ,"        j -        ,  ���On one occasion my son Harry had  Shis foot frozen. It was veiy swollen.  Juml discolored,, but. Zam-Buk both re-  llieved the swelling and removed'the  [discoloration. Zam-Buk .is, so hand)  fund so effective tliatowe shall ulways  [keep a supply "handy."'  .Miss Huttie-Bertram],-of Salisbury,  J(Ont.L says;' "Every winter I suffer  ffrom chapped hand.?, but I lmve found  'a cure ' in" Zam-Buk, n," Applied at  [night, it'heals the.'cracks by yitionv  iing, and takes, away all,,the soreriOfs."'  i, Similar .effects follow its use for  [���eczema,'scalp,sores, blood poisoning,  . ulcers, -ring worm j children's sores,  fcuts, burns, and bruise.-s. " It also  j'cures piles. ��� All druggists and stores  [.ell at 60e. a box; oi post.-free from  ! Zam-Buk' Co.,  Toronto, ,fo'r  price.  THE    LEADER,    MOYIE,     BRITISH     COLUMBIA.  A   LIVELY  OHASE  Didn't   En-  What it Meant to Bill.  1Patrick Jones.'''New York's    superintendent **of  school-   supplies;    was  ; talking' at  a'dinner  about,  corporal  I punishment, . ��� .  "Corporal, .punishment -in - ,our.  pchools is, no more,"; hesaid, "and  I ha? is ti good , /thing! Undeniably,  though, many a "boy showed wonderful pluck.    ' ���   . ���   . '���  "I  remember a  boy named .Bill,  a  . brave  fellow,'-' was -   doing  miserably  one day in a geometry recitation.,- ".  " 'Now, sir,* said the schoolmaster  savagely, 'for^ the last tunc, what" is  the square of the hypotenuse of ��'  lightangled .triangle equivalent to?'"  , " 'It's equivalent' to a' lickin* for  nie, sir.,, There's the club,' said  Bill."���Boston' Herald.    ^      ,  And the Poor Dear Girls  joy It a Bit.  "Aren't you afraid to go home  dlone, girls? u you'll wait just a  few minutes John wih be home, and  he will he glad to go over with you "  Thus spoke Sirs. Smith lo " three  voung ladies who lived 200 mrds  flown the road and who were about to  leave her house after, an evening call;  "Oh, oo. we're uot afraid! We'll  J-ist get out our hatpins, and then If  tny one comes for us we'll give battle." This wus from the youngest of  <he three, and she nourished a long  and dangerous looking - phi, fimdJj  jabbing it into an imaginary foe. The  two others took their hatpins in their  hands, and the three., bidding good  night to their hostess, made their way  down the path to the gate, all on the  -?ert and'in readiness to repel 'attack.  djcy were as brave and bold as ever  warriors were. They turned from the  front yard into the' road and started  tpward home. * '   -  "Girls, what's that?"  The three stopped and listened, but  only for a moment. Away back 'on  the road they could hear the footfalls"  of. a1 man.' They went oil at a rapid  walk.' The ,foot steps of the ma u grew  nearer, and they could hear tbat ho  was walking more quickly than he  had been. ' . ,,  The girls walked faster.  'The main walked faster.    ' �����  'The girls almost ran.  The man wus coming nearer, and he  almost ran.     ��� ", *  The girls broke from their walk and  scurried rapidly ou. They were but a  little distance from their front gate  now.  Then,' oh,'' horrible! The man began  to run after them! 'They did not  have tU<3? strength to. scream dut. -it  (Was nil they could do to keep on running.'. Then-Main was almost on them  .now, but they were just' a few'feet  away from ' their" front gate. They,  got'to ,lhe gate, opened It. and their  pursuer.wasi.upon them. 'They,would'  probably , .have ,' fainted,, 'but tb<"-y  caught a glimpse of the man -who had  chased them, and���It was the brother  of two of them.' ?  " "Well,','  said  he, all  out of .breath,  "you're nice ones  to run away' from  me, that way.   I ,jvas going to stop in-,  af Mrs. .Smith's   to bring you .home,  and then I saw you starting out."  The glrls'^dld  not speak Just then,  nor   for  many  months, did,, they  say  .anything' of. the fact that two of them  pcould never afterward find their hatpins.���Detroit Free Press.., "  When Your Child !WALLACE nesbitt as''junior.-  EUS^C   *�����   /***���*. fl,rl (Privy Council Handed Jolt to Him  In  IU 38   a   UOId j Recent   steel-Coal   Hearing.  Are  you  salisfh-d  with  anything that J    Every   member   of   the   bench   and  tens   under   the   nam*     of     cough , bar in   and  about Toronto,  from  th<:  Unless worms .be expelled from the  system, no child can be healthy. Mother'Graves' Worm, Exterminator ,is  the best medicine extant to'destroy  \sonns. < -��� ,      ���    , ,  ,   Mother,    (reprovingly)���Don't     you  know that you should neverdct a man  '���kiss you?       , ,   ���      "        ' i.     .  Daughter-^But,    mamma,' it -seems,  so forward Eor a'girl'to do th'e kissing  ���Boston'Transcript. s    .    <, '',/.''  <  .   ���).*'��� * ���.. ,   '..  DEAFNESS'CANNOT BE CURED  by local,.a'pplications, as lhey>- cannot  ' Teach tho diseased portion of the ear  ' There is only Onft. .way to cure deafness, and that.is by constitutional remedies. ^'Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of tbo mucous lining  of the Eustachian Tube. When this  tube'is inflamed you havesa rumbling  sound or imperfect hearing, and when  it is entirely closed. Deafness is the  result, and unless the inflammation  can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing  will be destroyed forever; nine cases  out of ten.are caused by Catarrh,  which is nothing but,an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.  We will give One Hundred Dollars  for any Case of Deafness (caused by  catarrh) that cannot . be cured by  Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars free.     F. .1. 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"Neither shall T," replied the King,  as he resumed his walk, His Majusty  himself, said Mr. . Maunsell. afterwards related the incident with much  gusto. ������'' ���.".:' ���.' ���;  PLACING   TABLE   SILVER.    ,  -. ' j          . ,   .    '  Wrier*-and    How    Forks    and    Spoons  .' "Ought   to   Go."       <���  Many   inexperienced   hostesses   who  wish   to give a  more, or  less  formal  luncheon or dinner are not tjulte sjiire.  how forks and spoons should go'.  Custom varies somewhat In this respect, anil just at present- It Is uot so  much, In favor to,have an array of  silver .resembling a ' jeweler's' display  at each'p,late. Only enough for one or  two courses*are laid.,,3 ,* -,t ' *  " cln any, case'tlie forks go' to the'left.  of-the plate. In'the'order of using  they are .takc.n from'the outside dn.;  The spoons arid knives, In their order,  are at the right of the plate. l ,  If most of the forks and spoons are  not on the'table In the beginning, the  order of serving should be as follows:  If a fruit punch or bouillon are used,  the glass holding the punch should  standon a doily on a dessert plate, and  the spoon for the course is also laid  on the plate. The bouillon cup "and  saucer should he on another plate, and  the spoon should be at the right of  the plate.  The forks and knives for the main  courses are at the sides, also the fork  for the salad, hut It ls better lo have  the Ice cream fork and spoon passed  on the plate after the table Is clear, as  It makes the table cluttery to have  them there during a long meal, also  makes clearing the table more difficult.  ' Coffee is served in the drawing room  after dinner In coffee cups, and the  spoon rests on the saucer.  mcdkine- , "       {veteran  justice  to the r-c-ntly Titled  Or do you search out a medicine of ' lwyer, is enjoying to the full a story  proven value such as Dr. Chase's' thai has come back to town eoncern-  �� ' "  " ing    Mr.    Wallace   Xcsbitt    and    the  Piivy Council. All of them know Mr.  Xehbitt. They are a\%are lhat he stepped down from a high place on the  bench to again rr.ingi? m the fight as  one of the bast verse 1 h*y,il men in  practiefe on constitutional .-nd corporation question's of law. In tlio'rt, Mr  Wellace Nesbitt bus a icputation as a  distinguished lawyer throughout tlie  country, second to none.  ' The tall, carefully parb"d lawyer ia  always listened to wr.h Hie greatest  of attention by court- he addresses,  for even though hc enunciates what  seems at firnt like a stauling departure from the code, jvdifl1* know that  his compreheri-iv" knowledge of all  branches of his subject may take him  even farther than they have been.  This must be kept in mind to appreciate the points of the ^oiy.     ,    1  During the hearing hv the Privy  Council at London of the appeal in  the - famous St^cl-Coid controversy;  Wallace Ne=bitt pnp��nrnd for the  Dominion Iron '& St'"-l Co., but fer  the purpose of p.rpumr-nt before the  learned court, the Steel Company rc-  tfinp.l Sir Robert Fmlaj to appear for  them.   ,  Tt is more thim pmb^ljle that Mr!  Xe'.bitt know <mnr�� about the intricacies of the ci'S" then 'did Sir Robert.  At anv r'<te whim 1'*'* f.fnulon man  was pleading, Mr N'^bi^t rose a number of times and int"ri'cted remarks  to k^ep things f-lmtrbt ft became  'evident to 1hoa">who knew the Lords  that some of I'lf1"-* f'*d not like this,  even though Mr' W?Jla.cc N<��sbitt had  appeared before ih^-m on numerous  occasions formerlv; Finally, however  the  ch  after -���    from  Mr.', Tve^bitt,  delivered,   as   the.  court   thought,   in  ^the   wrong   plac,  and gpzine at   Sir Robert ��� Finlay,  ad-  ,dressed him thus;    .      . h"  "It 'would greatly facilitate the/ipres-  ent hearing of this c.i3��. sir, if you  could manage^to keep 'Your Junior'  quiet." ,   ��    i > ,  Tt is said this terribl" dig kent Mr.  Nesbitt quiet for a. pood half-hour.  yrup   of   Linseed  and  Turpentine.  How few ca,eo of consumption there  would be if every child's cold were  looked   after  a�� it sdiould  be.  Did you ever,think of it in this wav?  ,H j.-, tin* neglected cough and cold  that leads to the dreadful lung diseases sooner or later. From repeated  atlael.s 'the lung., are weakened and  there comes pneumonia or consumption with then- dreadfully fatal results. ,  How watchful parents bhould be of  their children. How caieful to use  effective treatment instead of trusting  to cough mixtures which are often of  'little   value   or   of  harmful   effects..  ilecuuse it is piepared from linsee'L  turpentine and other ahnx>lc but wo*  deifully effective, ingredients, Dr.  Chase's Syrup of Linseed' and Turpentine is particularly suitable as a  treatmcrit for children's coughs and  colds.  Croup, bronchitis, and even 'whooping cough yields to the influence of  this great medicin'e and for'this, reason jt iri kept, constantly on hand in  the majority of homes and has enor-  mAnH  sal."5.  Mrs. Johp Chesney, Innerkip, Ont.  write-;: "Dr. ' Chase's Syrup oi,Linseed .iiid Turpentine cuied my little  girl of whooping cough when the doc-  toi had given'h��i up and ^ince then  we always .keep it iri the house as a  treatment for coughs and colds. It is  the best- medicine, we ever used.-  These is 'no getting round statements such as Ihi^, and'you wantft'ie  most effective treatment possible when  your child becomes'ill. Dr. Chase's  Syrup of-'Linseed and Turpentine, 25  cts. a bottle.; at all. dealers, or Ed-  manson,' Hates &-, Co., Toionto.  SUNKEN   REEFS.  ervous  Wreck       j  -Mr W A. Haiion occupisb tlie im-i  poitant po-jiiion ol telegraph upeiatoi j  on the C.P R. in tin-. Xoith-We-t, uml  upon hin quick brain and steady nerve  depend the live, of many thousands  of travellers <buly Not so wrv long  ago this bright Canadian youth lay  at his home in Newton, Out., in a  ,state of nervous e.vhauotion and''pi e-  rnature   decline.  Mrs. M. E. Ha iron, writing quit.'  recently say-: "I must s.ay o~ui son  would have been m a conrumptive's  gr.ive long ago had it not been for  PSYCHIXE. "He was taken down  with La Grippe and a , severe cold.  Ilis whole pystem was weak, including his lungs, which were seriously  liffected, as is always tlie 'case after  La Grippe. "   ���  "After taking several remedies and  treatments we procured PSYCHINE  and tongue cannot tell the marvellous result; brought about in .two  months. He gained over- twentv  pounds in weight, and strength and  appetite  returned."  PSYCHINE is���the greatest tonic  known to medical science. It builds  up (Aid system and tones up every  organ of the body, enabling it to  resist and throw off disease. Weak  nerves cannot , exist where PSYCHINE is'used consistently,, Send  for a trial bottle and prove the truth  df> these, ptatemenls.  PSYCHINE   is  sold   by   all   druggists and dealers,   50o. and $1.00.    -  . i     -,.   '-  i ANTARCTIC STORM  Braving, the Perils of a Soui!:  Polar Winter's Night.  FIERCE  FURY' OF THE GALE.  CURE   FOR   NERVES.  IGoiigfi  ISO  GUM  ren  Especially n3fcht coughs. Nature needs a little help to quiet  the Irritation, control the inflammation, check the progress  S!bf the disease. Our advice is  ��� give the children Ayer's  Cherry Pectoral. Ask your  doctor if this is his advice also.  He knows best.   Do as he says.  W�� publish our formula*  W�� binl��h BlcoKol I  o      from oarro.idioin��* [  ijers  W�� ur*��� yoa to |  ooniult youl  . doctor  If you think constipation is of trifling  consequence, just ��sk your doctor. Hc  will disabuse you of that notion in short  order. "Correct it, ��t once!" he will  Kay. Then ask him about Ayer's Pills. ,  A. mild liver pill, all vegetable.  ���*~���U*4a by lb* J. a Ajv C��.. Low��ll.  They May Be Calmed by Silence, Solitude and Sleep, Says One Writer.  In au article ou "Nerves" published  In Harper's Baznr the story Is told of  one of our noted scientists who went  to Dresden to consult the famous  specialist for broken down nerves. On  hearing his symptoms the great physician said Indifferently:  "Ach so? rt is probable that you  have���yes, all the gelehrten [learned 1  have ncurasthen'a naturally." The  remedy suggested was "play golf and  go to Egypt. Vou can get Munich  beer in Cairo, though it is disgustingly  expensive there."  Silence, solitude and sleep are the  sovereign remedies suggested for jagged nerves. Slight dally doses of the  three "S's," it Is claimed, will prevent  a nervous breakdown and may be ob  talned by even the most busy people  But "nil the learned have neurasthenia" Is nt once n warning arid a consolation to; the brain worker. To  "drive the' machine" with skill and  care is the problem .of the successful  American.  The writer of this article urges that  we ought to thank God that we belong to the most nervous, restless, all  pervading race the world has ever seeu  since the days of .Julius Caesar. It Is  our "nerves" that make us what .we  '"are.   ���    ' '''     .' '      '���'������''  Natural    Kindness.  At an out of the way railroad junc-,  lion a traveler found himself ..hungry,  but with only two minutes to spare  before his -train left. "I'll take a cup  of coffee," he said to the young wo  man In charge of the restnuriiut. "I've  no lime fer anything else."  '���You can lake all the .time you waut.  sir." said the young woman cordially  "You look at this bill of fare, and I'll  telephone to (he superintendent to delay the train a 'little while."  "Why, can that be done?" asked lhe  traveler in amazement.  "Certainly," said the young woman.'  "Of course It can. It's a branch road  nnd no other train coming or going  over It today, and tho superintendent  would want you to havo a good meal.  He  owus  this  restaurant."  Sweeping  tho  Ocean   Floor  Instead   oi  ' Sounding.       tl  , The' mishap, of,, the .cruiser Yank re  , brings forth the comment ,th;it Jt is  the more renitirkable'as occurring on  the coast ' "perfectly charied" Pre  rnhdiig that the Yankee got*-> off hei  course in a deuser'fog,' it may' bet said'  thaiv while,our coast is as well charted  as that of uny-motlon. "perfect' is no'i  the characterization yet to he employ  ed.' . The methods of surveying the  ocean floor to locate reefs and shoals  are now undergoing a revolution vibieh  svhen fully accomplished, will reveal  co the mariner, many', danger' .p'oiutt  whh'h.have heretofore escaped record  Tho old ivay"of finding out reefs.and  rocks not evident to the 'eye wus b.v  sound'ng. Now the coast survey pro  eeeds.by "sweeiiing",~th''at is, hy sink,  lng.to'the depth a pipe bar, which It  "trailed along by two boats, one al each1  end of the cable passing through It  A.ny obstruction encouutered is immediately perceptible and Is at one*  doted, located and observed.' 'Coasra'  waters an* carefully "platted.". anil  ea'cb ,plat Is tboroughl** gone over*5  The Tsuperiority 'of "sweeping" over  -"sounding^" is made evident "-by the  fact' that in a comparatively limited  area of the Maine .coast, covering  rather more" tli.in''forty linear miles,,  fifteen reefs have been discovered  heretofore uncharted, 'It often hap  pens In sounding that the lead line  avoids some narrow spindle of rock  whose point Is'just below the surface  sf the water and''whlch goes uncharted. , When the cruiser Brooklyn wa.-  gashed by one 'of these unsuspected  pinnacles on our coast a few years  ago It was found to "tvE^JSolated aud  surrounded with deep water up to  within a few feet of its sides Sweep  :ng will minimize the probability of  repetitions of such accidents. - Boston  Trauscttpt  Chicago's Mode! Park- '  What   isVexpecled  'to  bo   Chicago's  model park is now b&ing built on the  noith'aide'.   To make-io&m for it, the  heait  of  one  of the' worst, slum  dis-  , ,, ,        , .tricts in the city has,been torn down,  airmen   of the  court spoke  upj^i acres of building's    in  all    being  ^I^It.^T'^^-" a�� ?"   razefL    In I>la��- of th0    tumbledown  'Structures there will be,;in the course  of a fewr months, a playground, a  swimming pool, club-house, library,  and a, lunchroom.'. Tliere will be a  natatorium, with' a. swimming pool 35  by (350 feet, iwhich will accommodate  200 bathers an hour. Besides the indoor gymnasia, there 'will be outdoor  enclosures ,.of the same kind, one for  women ^ancl girls and another for men  arrd boys. A baseball diamond, which  can be turned into a fotball field in  Fall jmd'a skating,, rink 'in 'Winter,  will-occupy part'of the open,ground,  as will also a'running track. Another  feature will be a- playground for children under ten years old.    ' 'v'  The   Emperor's   Style   of   Dust.  There is a good story torn <>f �� Cr:  man   driving  an   ICnslisli   friend   from  Krankfoi-t to Ilombiir**.  when a  moto.  car passed at a terrific pace, raising a  cloud of dust.  ������Ah!"    said    the    German,  goes our emperor."'  "How  do  jou  know?"   inquired  the  Englishman.  "Do you suppose anybody else coukl  taiee a dusl like lhat'r" was the reply.  "There  "I purchased a bottle of  Scott's Emulsion and immediately commenced to  improve. In all, I think I  took 14 bottles, and my  weight increased from 133  pounds to 184 pounds in  less than six months. I  know from personal results  the efficacy of Scott's  Emulsion."���FRED. R\  STRONGMAN, 417 Bath-  urst St., London, Ont.  Let us send you a  copy of  Mr. Strongman's letter.    He  had a trying experience, had;  got run down .  rM'ISUIGAn'S. ENERGY..     ,  He Is'Famous Among-Railwaymen as  a   Snow-Fighter. ,t>  Tt ,is doubtful if peonl" realize ehow  big a man is th�� individual who is  about to build Ontario's power line,  Mr. F. H. MeGuigan. The name, by  the'way. since many"are in doubt in  this matter, is 'piohounod as if spelt  Magwipgan. From the time when in  order to he.lp"his \vidow��d mother he  started out as a'wat-^r biy on a construction'* gang until he resigned the.  generpl managership of the' Grand  Trunk Railway, Mr* ftteClm'ean's life  ���(tfis one of strenuous activity.  , On one occasion - wh��n. as superintendent of a' United States'line, he  was fishting a snow blockade, he never took off-his clothes for seventy-two  hours. For fortv-eieht hours he had  no sleep, arid during. all this time  nothing to eat e^ceDt sandwiches eat-,  en standing un b��.twepn, rushes at the  snowbanks. Talking of that time long  afterward he said'he ioueht like, this  because he was^ydurig and ambitious  to make a'record'for keeping his .division open. 'Asked if,-_with his added  .experience, he would, do it oyer again,  he said he would'not. On d-he contrary, when he bocame convinced that  a heavy blizzard was j on and a blockade absolutely unavoidable, he would  issue an order to ke^p all trains at  the terminals *>nd alb engines in the  roundhouses till the.,storm was over.  Then, when the storm was past, they  could' start out to clear the line with  a lot of fresh men and live engines  instead of having to dig out frozen  trains and "dead" engines with a  force of tired and half-frozen men.  Pioneer  of the  Wilds.  In the' sudden death of William  Wylie at his home in Edmonton 'the  other~dav, there p.i-sed. from the scene  of northern activities a,man who spent  46 vears of his lit" practically isolated  from civilization in the great wilds of  the Athabasca dwtrrct. Up to September last ifr Wylie,had been for  all those vears in the employ of the  Hudson Bay Co. at Fort Chipweyan.  At the present time there is only one  white man, Timothy Gaudette. of Fort  Good Hope, who,has lived longer'in  the north than he. So fond did he become of the* isolated life that he rarely  left the post. This fall he went to  Winnipeg, but could not live there,  and returned to Kdmonton with the  intention, it is b -lieved, of returning  to Fort, Chipweyan in the spring ii  death had  not terminated his career.  This old settler was' a Scotchman,  and Dr. Mackay of Edmonton, a retired Hudson Bay" physician said of him:  "f never knew a finer man. nor one  with a keener s��mse of honesty."  When he arrived at Edmonton last  September, mention was made of him  for up to'that tim" he had never seen  a steam car or ;i telephone, and could  not imagine such a thing as an automobile, lie lived a ptranee life, did I  this honest \wirkor. but he was one |  of our nation-builders.  Relief for the Depressed.���Physical  and mental depression usually have  their origin in a disordered s'tate of  the stomach and liver, as when these  organs are deranged in' their action  the'whole system is affected. Try Parmelee's A'egetable Pills. They revive  the digestive processes, act- beneficially on the nerves and' restore the  spirits as no, otricT. pills will. 'Th-iy  are cheap, simple and sure, and the  effects are lasting. '    ,  ,   "Tt takes but two  to make a bargain."   , :,,'������  1 "Yes, but only one gets it-"���-'Loiiis-  ville Courier-Journal '  '     Repeat it:���5-" Shiloh's Cure will always cure my coughs and colds." ,  Irascible ��1 agibtiat'e���- Officer, why  didjyou bring this prisoner up before  me'?". Can't you'see he',s as deaf.,as  a door nail? s �� c '���    '  Policeman���Oi- was told ye'd give  him a--hearing, sor !���Judge  The Xova Scotia "Lumber .King,"  says: , .  "I consider MTXAED'S LINIMENT  the  BEST liniment in use.  I got rav foot badly jammed lately,  t- b-ithed it well wiih MINARD'S LINIMENT and it was as well as eve-  next day.  Yours very truly,  t. g. Mcmullen.  was  came,  Nothing  Lacking.  A   Highland     minister,     who  lather  a  pornpous gentleman,  to   a shepherd's    house  to  baptize  a  hild.  "Are you prepared?" 'he asked the  ond parent.  "Ou ay, inunnister; I have got a  grand  ham  for  tea."  "I    mean    spiritually     prepared,  thundered the clone.  "Af coorse I am; oh, yes I got  twa bottles o' first-class whisky from  the inn." replied the imperturbable  Celt.���Tit-Bits.  A Mother's Devotion.  A young student of the O.A.C., named Craven, ��1iok home is in New  Zealand, ��n�� sitting just behind Mr.  and Mi-.. John Knowh*s of Guelph,  and their child  in the train that was  built.hiin up, as it has thousands of others. , ���"' *!  The strengthening and flesh-  prodiicing properties of  Scoi-r's F.MUi-siON,. are unequalled by any other preparation, and it's just as good  for the thin, d'elicijite child as  for the adult. Be1 sure to get  Scon's. It's been the standard of the world for 35 years,  and is worth many times the  cost of the numerous imitations arid substitutes.  AI.I, DRUGGISTS  Let U3 (.oii.l Jou �� t" <IC'I'-Y l of 1VIr-  Stronirinnn'Klc-tt. r mul mw trthnrlltora-  turu >>n U.o subject.     Just mention thl*  L  |,npor.  SCOTT & BOWNE  126 Wellington St., W.      '   Toronto  HAD GIVEN UP HOPE  But Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills Restored Vigorous Health.  Medicines of the old fashioned kind  will sometimes  relieve the  symptoms  of  disease,  though  they  never  touch  the disease itself���they    never    cine.  Ordimny     medicines      leave    behind  them    indigestion,   constipation    and  headache.i.    Purgatives    leave    those  a*id their child  m me train inai was   taking  them  feverish   and   weakened. ,  wrecked near Guelph ���Junction-n short j On.the other hand Dr. Williams   linkl  time I'co.When the first shock occur- i Pills do Direct ..good to the body   the ���  red lu*"saw the mother take her child   blood  and the  nerves.    1 hey fill the  in  both   hii'nds,   and  hold ,it' up anx-   veins with.new rich blood; they tone  iously-   As the coach toppled over she -and strengthen the nerves; they cure  fell back, holding the child high above [.disease by rooting it'outof the blood  her head"' arid safe I'bove (lie debris of   " ' J    " ~ "  ' broken seats and shattered, glass.;The  mother . herself';   was     thrown . right  i across th'e car rind-was pinned down  j liv the sei'.ts that tell around her. She  ���; seemed  to' be suffering, pain   from  in  j.j'urrd   hips    and    legs,   but  ; thought seemed, to bo her child.   Her  '��� husband    escaped    with    an    injured  ;  hand.    He' took   the child  and   passed  it out of, the car. while others helped  him to carry-Mrs. Knowles from the  I wreck.'  A Costly  Promise.'  An amusing little story is being told  They always.' do    good���they    cannot  possiblv do harm.  Mrs.  GeOrge R. Wilson,-   Moncton, ���  N.B.,  says:���"A  few   years   ago  after.  confinement  I   contracted     a    severe  cold and although I took considerable  her   one 'medicine, I got no better.   In fact my'  condition was gradually getting worse*.  I was -ill run down, had no appetite  arid grew, so weak that I could not do !  niy   housework. . At   last   the   doctor,  who  was  attending me told  my bus-.  band that' I was going into a decline,- I  and   I   feared  so  myself,  for  a. sister  had  died  of consumption.   When  almost   in   despair'  a   friend   suggested  my  taking Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills,  and I got half a dozen boxes.   Before  I hadVtuken them nil. I began to get  better.   Then I got another half dozen  boxes, and before I had used them all  I was able to do my housework again  of Miss L.illah McCarthy,: tlie well-  known actress and wife of Mr! Granville'Barker. .When'She was ten years  old her father, wishing ' to'train . her  memory,  bribed  her with a sovereign  to learn the second book of "Paradise         .  Lost" So rapidly did she,commit the ,and was in better health than I- baa  words to memorv that he again offer- j enjoyed for years. I believe Dr. Wiled her 10s. to loam "Romeo and Ju- Hams' Pink Pills saved me from go-  diet," which was no light undertaking. | ing into consumption and I warmly  Success again followed, and hc re- \ recommend them to every weak  pea ted[the" offer with "Macbeth."   So', person."  miicklv did Miss Lillah rattle off the ;    Sold  by all medicine dealers or by  lines that her father remarked: "It is   mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes  becoming   rather   expensive.        Next   for   $2.50   from    The    Dr.   Williams  time you shall hare sixpence"      !���    Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont.  Adventures of a Party of .Explorers In  a Journey Over the Broken Pack  Ice���The Solid V/all of Wind That  Flanked a Friendly Iceberg.  The arctic explorer has idw'.iys had  hardship and danger enough, but the-  antarctic discoverer has far more terrible conditions to meet. Luckily he  meets them wi.th all the equipment  and method that arctic exploration has  taught mankind'. Yet they are' most  dangerous, as the story of those who  have lived through the south polar  winter night can testify. One of the  experiences, of Bernacchl on the cruise  of the Southern , Cross some 'years  ago, shows what an antarctic gale  means. <        ,    '  lie and a comrade, Ellifscn, started  out on a short sledge journey lo carry  provisions from one camp to another.  It was in September, and the-broken  ice pack over which'they must'travel  was but a foot aud a half thick and  likely to break in pieces afresh or pile  'up Iu deadly  masses at the mercy of  the sea and wind.    The two men had  three .sledges and eighteen dogs,   They  had   hardly  started   before  the   wind  rose aud a gale'threatened.   Half why  to their destination' 'there was an iceberg, imbedded  in   the pack  ice,  and,  they hastened to reach this before the  storm should' break-.  ' For Bve hours they tolled over tbe  Ice,  the  wind  gradually rising.  , The  gale broke fri fury'just'as they, reached the Iceberg, under whose lee they  .pitched a   tiny, silk   tent,  Into  which  they crawled  after .having fed-their  dogs as best they could.    Hour after  hour  the  wind   raged,'  and "the  ther-  nometer went to'9 degrees below zero.  The snow drifted   over and  Into the  tent.   Sleep was impossible.' ,���  "��� The explorers, who hati met typhoons  In the China seas and cyclones in the'  tropics, fcuud'by the aneroid as well  as by their ovym sensations that this  gale surpassed them all.   Worst of .all,  it seemed as if the ice was beginning  to'crack.    They  knew'well that the  Iceberg which' protected,, them from the  full force of ,the storm wa��, the most.  dangerous    place    possible,   in   other  ways, as the ice was,sure to separate  first   immediately'   round    the    berg,  throwing tent, "men and dogs,into the  icy seas.   The cracking of ice was now,  to   be beard  above  the  roar  of   the  wind, v They dared not stay In their  shelter. (  "A  little, to  the f.east,   Bernacchl  remembered, was a cave in the body of  the iceberg.   Once in that, they would  not'at1 least,, be precipitated  Into the'  sea, even if they we're carried away,  Iceberg aud all.   ,tt was .so dark that  the wall^of the bergocould notbeseen  even'-when the hands touched it, The  two   explorers   groped   as- best   lliey  'could along the  slippery   wails,  both  hands-on  'the   ice'iandv their   bodies  ��� pressed against  it.    Halfway around  they   left* the  lee,.side  and   met  the  gale.   It came like a solid thing, bearing them  back  and  down.'    Not one  inch Could othey move against it, and  further exposure meant death.    They  groped   back,   blinded,   deafened   and  almost paralyzed, with cold,dp shelter.  Then they'commenccd a toilsome hunt  for a  foothold on  the lee side somewhere.   Toward morning they found a  low   spur  or  projection,   upon   which  they scrambled arid lay down perfectly exhausted in the snowdrifts, which  grew each moment.   To this they owed  their lives, for the snow soon covered  them and kept in the warmth of their  bodies.  They dared not sleep for fear of  never waking, so they roused each  other alternately. At last day broke,  and the gale abated. Crawling over  the snow, their garments frozen still,  ns boards, their beards solid lumps of  Ice, they managed to reach their tent.  The ice had not broken, though it was  cracked here and there. They took  food, slept, fed their 'dogs, who were  deep in the drifts, but alive, aud then  courageously went, ahead, "not caring  to be beaten," as Rernacchi expressed  it. -It was S' o'clock at night before  they reached camp, but the' next day  tbe'v were exploring and taking photographs and observations just as usual.  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Gra tit shows in a lit-!  tie story how a willing but prejudiced '  witness may confound himself.    "Any ;  complaints, corporal V" said the colonel, '  making 'one   morning   n   personal   inspection.  ���Yes,  sir.    Taste  that, sir,"  said the corporal promptly.   The colo-  lielpi't the liquid to his lips.    "Why." j  he  said,   "that   the   best  soup  I   ever  tasted;".  "Yes. sir." said lhe corporal. ���  "aud the cook wants to call it coffee." ;  l-lllll.*.  eoiiip..ui.d pm, ,-jn'I ,i half piid of  mjlight Win-fc: . fchake well, and.  taki ju do,.--, ui a *,(-'. -poouful CM^ry  lour hoiir-'-. "ilu-, mix Urn* .pos-seb.-e'-.  the ho.duig, lit-nltlmil pioperlioo ol  th.' I'nif,, and v,ill break a cold in  tucnty-ioiir hours and cure any cough  that'll cui.ible. In having this foi-  muhi put up, b ��� ~ure tli.u your Jiua-  gi^t use.-, the'genuine- \iigm Oil of  Pine compound piiic, piep.ircd and  guaianteed only by the Lojch Chemical   Co,   Wmd-or,   Ont.  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Lady     Patron���Mr.    , Photographer, -  which .view'of me. do you think would  bo  the   most  plba.-ing?  ,     ���' -..',' -   ,  .Photographer���Madam j     '- if     you'  would not tafca -offence '���  Lady, Patron���Xot in  the least.  Photographer���Then   I   would    say  ah���er���back     view,     madam.���   Bo-''  hemian.' ��  ',.-'.,        '��� "'      '      Repeat.  it: ���"Shiloh's Cure .will always '  cure   my  coughs ' and   colds."'  "I'm gosng co nave, some photo-  giaphs taken, John," 'said, the' wife  of his bosom the other, morning.  "Have you any preference as<-toiposition:-'"     ,,   '       ,      ,    ,  "    ,  "\Vell," rejoined the husband to  his wife, "if you wore, to-pose before,  tht^'caiTieia while in the act of sewing'!,  a button on my trousers it wguj-i  make a pi dure., that I coulcTcontemp-  late,   with'  pleasiuable , emotion.".  Minard's  Liniment Cures ! Diphtheria.  Ladies First.,  At a-Sunday school in the country  a teacher .was examining .her class  on the TJihle, the lesson being a pa.it  of" Genesis. She asked her class :  "Why "did the serpent tempt. <LVe  instead of Adam?" u Foi' some time-'���it*  there was silence, 'but at length n  little boy held up Ins hand and replied: ' "Please." mum, 'cause it's  ladies first.-"  -,li.  TEA  ���  Is Delicious,  Always  of' High  and   Uniform   Quality.*  I r  | Lead   Packets Only.  At  all Grocers  30c,   10c,  50c  and   60c   per  Ib.  Do You Suffer ,^  from HEADACHE    '      * ''  LOSS OF SLEEP  INDIGESTION  TORPID LIVER  BILIOUSNESS  <aH ft fUi'  5��b  will quickly remove the cause oi  the*>c distressing complaints and  restore healthy action to every  organ. You will feel like a new-  person after taking a few doses of  Beecham's Pills. 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' ^     / " '   -> *     '- 'I**1  , TlIElOm LEADEB.  ? iblished in ihemlcresl of the people  of Moyie and East Kooten.iv.        I  ri.TE LEADKR, MOVIE, BHIXISH COLUMBIA.  Eucli of the chief organs of ti.e body is a  link in die Chain of  Life. A chain is no  stronger than its  weakest link, the body  no ' stronger   than   its  F. J. SMYTH. Vein i--jrr.ii.  ^^���-OT^-S-!^-'''  One Vear\. ...... ;. $S.00\  SATURDAY, Ffi^., 20, 1900.  .of .the .tomach and other XrfS * ���lult o^.^���*, or disease  weaknesses of the Mbmaah ����i ?*oi Jl^t,oa an<* nutrition. Diseases and  Pierce's Golden MedicTDiseoverv Wh^Th"' V������*** ,he USe of Dr"  cured, diseases of other organs wh?,i, , * "?ak  ��f d'sease<* stomach is  i^'^s ^spwSr^ ��op��ci- b^hicb  .onier   organs   of d.gestion and   nutrition, .pre   cured   also.  . 2'f f*t ��!'' r��<"n'nWerf "fl/scor/  en and you'may have a stroa<S stom.  ach and a stron�� body.  SZi^Tj^fj: Pi?TC?'? Co-nponSense Medical Advi,er,  I. 0. 0. F.  ^f^ijS-Sr^^JMVU'lley   Lodge No. 41.  ���Meets Tuesday evening? in  McGn-cor  hall   on   Victoria   street.    Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordialjv invited.  Gija9. J. Write JP. .J. Smyth.  Noble Urand. Secr'v  Shoe  Repairing THE CANADSffggjf  Mining 'Shoes  Made to Order  i'.oyie  ^ the  most prosperous  ownin the Kootenay?. (province.    The law has  been   e-  >vinee.    The law has  been   e - ��� ivu. / |   w. {-. ot M.  -   p��^'fi!����f     "',       '"'  ,        , T~,   .     , I acted   several    times   by " liritMi |St-     J��Seph'S ,   Convent. .Weela in McGregor hall every  Salt.  mif'S V-S^ui'}!     ���       -those who  pinned   their  faifch   ��� ,,.,',��� - ��� ��*y  evenint'. ���   Soiournine   memhr  t��^''K''7''l^ " ���       .u��� '*  :_'_���..��� :.   .���'..  ^..\ Coil,raljia, but  as often- has1 been ' ' nelson, b. c. ,;��� ���������i,-..,,.r;j...? Olouri11��e>   mem be  hoarding and Day School   conduct-  , ' -St. Kutrt-iie l-.Hli.-e No. 37.  [        .     K. of P;  fleets cvfr^-Thursday 1  :-;>,'/.-/    evening    in    McGregor]  '''^^V^    hull nt S  r'clrck.   Vi.-  iu'ng biotliers inviled.  B.  E.   Tavlor,   ' E. A. niLLJ  1 'hancplliir Com. K. K, am* y,  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71   W. F. ofM  eif by tbe Sisters of St. Joseph. Nelson  r-  bers  liJUD   OITICIi, TOKONTO  B. E. WALKER, President  COMMERCE  i.STAIiLISUr.1)  1  sor  'ifel'^r-*1','" ,   ,  '.'-  Paid-up Canital' <m n nnft _ r  ALEXANDER;iAISD,General Utoager    P^cp^L t?     j    ' *' U'��00,000  _JjKeserve Fund, -   6.000,000  A'SENERAL BALING BUSINESSJMNSACTED Af ALL BRANCHES   "'  DRAFTS AND MONEY ORDERS ^ J montty ^  �� telegraph or letter. ��� , " , ��is.erred h/  COLLECTIONS made in aU parts ,oi\Camda and in foreign  FOREIGN BUSINESS.' b.^ md ^ on ^ ^J^'  Great Britain and-other foreign countries bought a���d ,��� ,       ^  MBROOK BRANCH. ,,   ������-..*    '   .    ^SJ^ '  are cordiallv invited to at'end.  Malcolm McNeill /, Thos. E,' Keliy  President.     -  ' Secretary  13.-   C.     'Commercial     and    business .  ������: ��� ���'  courses a   epeciaity.   Excellence  and   Hai'Vey,, ',, MC��Cartei'    &  Macdonald.  1 t ���,      .  '  L Barn'stersj Solicitors, Notaries'1; Etc.  R. A. SMITB.  S^OEMAKEIl,  \iOY fii,  Cranbrook.  JO.   C.  STCW' AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  W: FreUEI),  BARRISTKll; SOLICITOK, BTC.    '  CRA^BJROOK.   -, ���'   '        b. C  db. f: b, miles,  I     ' ,      WHEN, IS; ' ���  CRANBROOE  I.n.'SMAU.Jlanajer.     *  ;   Good,rooms', ffood'tabk-s and  bar   ,"  find   first clasa'aainp^a mo^is  . .iM&Bft&^U',    There is  another  good ' Tndiani^^'h^!,3  aMv,.f!      .',''\vn iu.Oklahoma.   There'iDassed  Craubrook'1'Jr-'  Aurora  Coasoli.iutud Sraelterg  /ia  i'Mtf};  1 nappy hunting: ground the J society ciri  fefeylf   ".' lm��J..'.J..(."lr���.i b.:n L,  _ /. |8ulivau  ' '   "���   '' ��� iP^H^f^   >'���  Plieappointnient cf JV If. ;ij.  S'-/. t'   .   I'.ifeiWiv ;" lUlu'Of Ferine   as superintei  i: 'f'v ' ��SMS'^"  ' aeral approval.     This 'is a  U '��� ' '    " ISiSfSi1' ::'HP f��^ Ml>  M��M��UIn, .anc  run   -,   �� AjMtJ? cv*. *.'���,.. ii i ^ s ue is eapaWa. or   he-v/c  t 1'.*!i*Xlr'.*%.'-tj,*.r���..jr-    j'' . . '  Cranbrook,;  "        B, C.]''111-   Je^II  Express ana Genei  al'< ,'pelivery, ,Busi  -'   0  mm ��������.  Liinited. /   ��  GO  j George -'H ��� Thompson,  f       ^ BAKJlISTKHi'Soi/lCITOR'  ' tary P.UBI.IC, &c.  ness.;'   Livery. ��� and  .:;. u  Feed Stable.*:  and  it  oijd j  Reaf Estate  all parts of town,  X.,,T. McVittJD.CE.,        p L. s.'H. v. p^,.^ Q  McVITTIE &'PARKER  Pkovin-cial.Land Scrvevi.vg '"';  d * *' i  Estimates-FurnisZied.  Choice list of lots  inf'   l        '   offices  Fort SteeleJP.'.O. Box 25."  Cranbrook P. O. Box 11.  OJURBHOOIC.    > B,1,T,���;0���1.,.���ra>.|,WoOD       AN~D co^!  .;;��� . ",'For-Sale','     ,' "J  -   . ,Lenve Orders nt  Gwyniibjo Store. '  W, R. BEATTY    ; '",  Embalrner and Undertaker,'''  Phone.9.  it"  $$$$  '.    sfcl'ucted immediately.    Up  to'  %S''',;  I       Pr��Jsenb   tun o , no thine   bnt]  Bit.!' \   diw�� has bee" done.    -   *  Tic ���'-'-'  '  f ^'fefe3 '     Lie fine ncu: hosPi^l at riosmer  - !Fs"--4!.l^,^'M<^  ���   J thid week turned, over to  Dr.  �� P.  niggins    and bis  staff  of  ses.    The  building   is   heated  ���steam and lighted by  electric-  and is   altogether   a  valuable  it to that tov.n  and. nelghbor-  d.    WkHt's .the- matter  with  r-ie's' bxispital. project?     Su roi y  'osmv can support a  hospital  an Moyie.   This matter should  * be allowed to drop.  insurance  in Canadian) Norwich  and    Sovereign   com  panies.  ���THE���  dird ��� il  lU  ^fil  '   -G. "A'.;JAMrESQ'N ::  Graduate Embalmer,  tendertr.ker'and .'������  Funeral Director.   '  DAY OR iflGUT CALLS  AT  OKFIOE     PtlOXK    JfO      2C6  'cranbrook, b. o.  Ageutlor MU" linn of   lii'htunr.'ents  a:i(i ar!i��tic   memorinls.  fS^C'7'!1 vMJt  War Script  DaSACLXIKIl     BROS,    ropg.  r^r.e sample room- ia connection  with house ;or coin'mcreial men. Best  of a.-3cominrxl,i.lion. '    ,  Heaijqnnrtera  for   Com- ,  "crcial and Mining Mpn. '  -I-, \t-c.-\i  -��-. ' f ���  i'-'r t?l  L', >. ^1  *       ���'. >  -ii.  List your South African ��� War Script wit])  me.  QTEENS   AVENTE  MOYIE,  Tl. c  Are YouThinking  of Buying'a Typewriter?  T"^  VW  ;%:���*'  !i*:?4-;'i-i��:;��fei:  ���sJ!^.:-^;-'' ��� *>���**.���  "���?i*i.S'v*-",';'>f.iT' '-���'*  ��� '.''?''--:ff-ii,i'r?'.v?v-'-i;.'i1;;:'  ' speci il train runs   from   Mul-  l laho, bo WalLice Qvery   day,  nabm-ally    a  g-^od    deal  of  d goes frqni   ^lujlrj;   to  A\ral-  Jhe -'iiiillnp. lnorchants,   as-  �� ;-Uy    the  local newtp iPer, �� jA  -Miner, advocitc-   the   buying1  '  ^meand   kreping  thp   mnnoy]  l^'wn win., B it was  earned, j  J-'c k on��   df   the-fj   Hme '  who was  so   strong   in ���  fn'  the   b iyinri   at   h i-.nn  to \V.ill.ica au.l hul .x   iot   ojf  -ing .lone that, could j-i-st as  hfve been dj.ie in MldU.n.  'vp.iblisher , of.  the   Mullan  SEXD ^OLT]lv, JVORK' T,0 ".THE  , kooTENiy  STEAM:  LAUNDRY.  t     : i '   >  KELSON  ."*' *      .  All White Labor.  Biitish,. Columbia   ==  Loave work with the    local agent  A. B.  STEWART/  Stores  Q. F. DESAULNIER  ',  .*.      ' DEAIER  IN  GENTLE ME JT���  PROMPT'DELI VERY.  Q-ueeris' Ave.      MOYJE  i i ��� ���  If you want a' stylish,   uph?    n     C^-^ T ���        ,  to datciiormado sun,Van    ��� ^ SteaM Laundry  and inspect our ppriftg-'o-oods ' CRAKBROOK.  before ordering cipewlioTe      In- ,^  b  ukulele.       Give our wo.k��  trial  nnd   leave  We guaratee  all 'w6rk with  ' '  '  ,     Our Work. |A T, <;.rt^    -1"  | A. L.Stewart,     Agent,  MOYIE, B. C.  MOYIE, B. C.  POQ-4 P..o,t,4  f ���i^&^ilr  :     'v p.ib!isher , of-  the   AL^an rpU ���     V  ;fii|Sli;:. :;ri^S0re'���>'^--Jie:.iiiw=good: ���  i-|10s- Summers  ' ^i077;700^[   :���   >n for bvsing s-o.   ���.      .     ,���'.."���!"������..' - .''.'���"  ,"-'m?*';  'ivv::  i:> i'i'  ���'i-���������'.�����"''!  in for b^ing 5u.  ������^���t-aog.the-Crrniid-iG.i-?etto  ib-tw'i.ln^   been   i-.c-ne'l   ,.r,.,  og' notice th.tb   the, g ivorn--)]-  "."ill in e i-i-I'.'il, Luis- di,,t]lo;vft,l  N*.n*l acfpiHsoi   by ..Lhn'l  -.b    Go'Iiii^bi.a.:]us!dat|.ire 'on ,  \L-\ry f, :10J8.    The cbjeeb   of j _  -c-b was to'impose   an   educa  "OLIVER"  $i2o.    EASY  PAYMLSTS.  ��� .'"'������F'.-'vj.' Smyth, ���;������  A9ent       -   ":'-;      Mayie  Cigar.=, . Tubarco, 'Frait  nnd  '      'Ccinfectionerv.  ���> i ���  i  * -.. . -  TOYS.   NOTiGXS    ETC.  iouth   Victoria   St.  .     Cleaning,      repairing and  j pressing done.  Prices Bight.  G. h. FOOTE  Merchant'Tailor.  MOYIE, B.C  When you think of  Building; mink" of  , , NOTICH  .  riMN-MROOK  1.XSD  DISTIUCT,   ��i,TMrT  TA.KK   moIIcc ,!,��, Hrnryj..fiubner of Moyie  ��. ��... .x-onp.i,on. bl.de���!,.!,, im,;nd.s to ���.,*��������  nrpeimi^HH,   to  j.un.i^e   the ������/ollowrU��  S���.  Bcnbi-d liuicls:- s n'"o   "�����,  f :6mm.. j,,.|nK at �� post plantci 0���   tb���   ���  t����.ior ihc. Mm,. M,,vle Klvcr. ,������ ,ho n^'  Vl'Rl  'A n  id.  iiu   IV..-,.. ..      _. ��� ��-**��. .J t  Ci  1 oro  INTEBNATIONAL  HOTEL. '."   '  Thia hotel i> now-   under  new  manageuiant, and is first class  : in every respect.      ' ���    ���  ,  B.E.   TAYLOR, Mgr  '��� '-. '���'   ' i ���' '-        ;���'      .; ���      '"'.;.','  Victor^ Streefc. .'.'   J,10YIE  B^-YOUR  -FEBEITAEY   10th' TO 20lh  Cranbrook    Co-Operafive  ���FREE EXCURSIONS ON   ALL   RAILROADS  JS7 R- P>- ];��'�� h��* **y >f Iho .am -of   vou,  Buy   IV,, 'S 0q"'''IS U'�� ,Uimlwr of "'los.you .com...  >t   far tm L   t W   T 3'��"  "lak0 yo�� P��r,oh.,scs   ,',<!  >oui raie uiu be returned to you.  Absolutely Casli,* And Your Money Back If Ydii Are  ���   '   c Not Satisfied,'  Don't delay your visit to this  S31��  ^HEATEST   BARGAINS  EVER OEFEKED.  ! MOYIE    HOTEL. |  J3- F. J0I1JVST0JV ��  f ^-T^1 iSr?QW a^^ wel1 Furnished   The f  I        Mar'-lf o1^ SuP^ed with the- Best the f  I        the^es^frlnd^^r ?ar is HUed with f  | ^J3est brands of Liquors and Cigars.  MOV IK  HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMKRCIAL  AND MINING MEK  8  S��P��W��.n��*.^. ~   ' "UJTISII COI.V.V Hi A    8  IIRJTISII COI.V.VKTA    &  V  ?/i'#  ^"-.^'���^^���^asS.-���)    :V aiid buiWers. :  i*!.*-i.*;;.i- ,-..-,. .'...: s^'Krfe-i^:-^^^ ��onicrly.      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