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The Moyie Leader Feb 17, 1900

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 sfiSfii&llffiJr  n  z'Jo^%"S&��S--  -^a-k'5i?*W*'-"'"'  ' u   l***"trT5t5ii"fBt  P **"?r ^*&i*l&i&&  '4i,  ���V.--V-  M  X  ..,^t*  'V.    *   *. 1  Um  B83TO*, ��� ��  ? 2, NO. 44.  MiWJSi PL fi*r -P4?P/RTJAR�� it, 1900  >2 "A' ��EAR  LABOR MOOBLB Mfflffl  '1M��<  ' A wN"r(MESl'*f"&'sW"  * V > fflWS^Tn' * " **"''' ^ ""  For LADIES, (&EHTL3SHSN  and CHILDREN;  Largest assortment and smallest price in  all kinds of footwear. Hubber goods being  cleared out at cost. A. largo and well assorted stock of unde4 wear and Top'shrirts  at a price tfnequaled in any western town.  aft ��ti}v&t fitatto^s.  (*i��-/3at--i .j���  OPERATIONS   BESIM  "illnerfl   Have  Ajri-ced   to   Work  tot   tlio  Compromise Scale of Wngen.���  '   ,  ' 83.CO Pei- Day,"  >i"incr& Union Election.  The semi-annual ''election of fh e  IVjoyie Miner's Union was held Ust  Tuesday at their, lodge ,room* in Mc-  Progor hall and tho fallowing 'officers  were exacted; >      '     '  o',"  President, D. ij. J?lrner,  Vibo-lpMsldent, jRtr.ee Watking.  ftec, �� Pin. Secy,, W. B. Hacking,  Treasurer, D. IJ. McDomald,  Conductor, Tim Farrell.  Warden, P. T. Smyth.  Tlie union intends giving a grand  ball on " tho ' evening of;St, Patrick's  Day, March 17th.  'm a w- emu  3&a��L|uerade Ba^I wag a  Big Suo'cfeSSf.'  w  ��SM��T FAI*f T0 SEE OUR,SUITS AT  f(iv L'f#4*��Ww*fft''S'u '  Ah  HEID, CAMPSfe^ & 00.  - Js^m^5S!^^"5?'5?^?*^��?'^?*s?  4.W  y MPnadmn; Mm ���. of mmwcB  Lii.'4-;,;-i;-��4'fe;.'''   ; -���--.-.,  y^^^aid tip Capital, ^6,000,000.       ���'. ���  o" ?r-y."i-ifcf3i|SMS?*' c v -^ - ,  BB,PPHP.BBANG,H. . _, ���    " ;     j. w. H; SMYTHE. MGR.i  l^a^a��Waa����SWa������Wa��W8a��WWaM<|a^a����lMla��Ba����aaaajCD��.����Jlw��i..a^������.  ���."..!*  biAGB��^U$t-  An adjustment of the  existing ,differences between the  mine managers  and mine workers  has"not yet besn  (.ffected.   It seepris that v/ljile tho mjne  managers ��� in " the  Slociifi  refused  tq  confer v/itlj the mine workers, individual managers met- the   rnine  work'ers  ai   individuals/ "Tlie   mine .workers  were willing th sign au   agreement   to  work for the compromise" scale  for a  period of twelve ' months  "or  longer;  but the mine managers were "unwilling  to"sign any  agreement at  all.    They  claim that they   were   not  acting "as  members of   the   Silver   Lead Mines  Association, but as individuals.    They  said    they   would    not    discriminate  against   union    mine' ' workers'"   and  LOCAL  NEWS,  . The Misses Cardiff were out from  Cranbrook Wednesday to attend 'the  ball,   ' ' ,   ''        '      *���'>'���  " ifcliss Edith Qilchrist   is   qtjt   from  Fort Steele Visiting friends.     '  The members of the local hockey  cldb have fixed up a "rink ou Moyie  Juke. '  -    - ���        . ���     ������,!',  / A. T. Clark, of tlie Moyie hotel, has  been appointed coroner for South'  J3ast lvootenay.  The business oflice of the St. Eugene  uud the C. i\ li. Station are now connected by^tojephone.'   '   ���.     ' ' -'  Development work' is progressing  favorably on the Aurora claims ou the  west side of the lake'. '        ���    '���  THE CAKEWALKERS MADE A HIT  Costumpf, wrra Prpttj-, Music  -ivt^s   Good  and Everybody.v/ai)t Av/ay  ������ ��� Satis fict'C"  would pay^ tlie" compromise "scale,   but 4 we,S   .  would make no n'^ore definite pro mia'es.       The ice on Moyie is   now   over   ten.  inches Uiick and many arc pitting v up  S9|^^,P; bedroom sctc 11.50  ^omg^pjSjngV'ah"d  'mattresses1'    '  |^)f|Y:i^f.e'are ou'y a few of our prices.,. -JEvaryllring in "the   furniture  lyM*SJ.1Bt as.-low ].n Price-    We ar�� jnandrucliirurt, of  rill   kinds   of  hoiesalc  xi,rm,chairs,- w,elLnpho!s{,ored. ."7  L-Jnngea upholstered in best jute  0.V0  '''-^M^ere"d gppds and maUresW   >V>  sell   retail at' whe  f^ll'Stf'   -S^c maVe carpets and lay tlu^ni FKEE  OF CHARGE  IV'^Pjim^tes givhn on finishing hotels througliotu.    vy^ make great  C'^#?fMttct]ous in half dozen lots. .,.>-.-        f    .  >^!^3^i"ijt   " ' '  yJ!?g|g|- r? ?mT��?r:     \   mag&s & hughes,  1  rhore definite p  Theirnihe' workers say they do not  carp for recognition of the union; all  they'want is an agreement that' will  be binding and lasting for a -period  that will be sufficiently long to place  the business of the country on a stable  footing. "The mine managers: after all  their professions 'to 'the contrary do  not appear to' want anything' other  than the downfall of the Seni'lin gover-  meut and the restoration 'to power  of the Duusmuirs. The executive' of  the local''Spiiners' unions :'have" not  adjourned their, meeting,' and" before  they adjourn action marjy be ..taken,  tbat will result in placing union ~~meu  in every mine in the'JSTelson and SIo-  can districts" '    "  Lateh.��� Since the above was in  type authentic information came from  JSeiy Denver that the' trouble is'settled  and that the unions have given the  miners permission to Work at the'compromise'scale of wages���$3.f>5 per day.  There is a great feeling of relief in all  circles at "the happy' termination of;  tlie labor situation'.  their supply for the  coming  summer  ' C. ��. Mansfield,   brother  of   L,   M.  Mansfield, G. 1*: Ji. agent at this place,  was out from Fort Steele this week on  1  .1 visit and to attend   the   Masquerade  ball.'     " '    "     "   ; -  Ladies Aid'Couceit.  /The coucert gl'vei'i 'by ' i*be    Ladies'  Aid 'Society   Monday   evening   ^'as   a  decided success both from a socialand  financial point of'view."  ''The 'program  throi;=jh hastily'got feu up" was a "good  one,   and"   tiie   collection   taken " up  'ahi6uiitell*to'$34:']This'' wiaPgo" towards the purchase ot   an "organ"."    Tlie  members of'the* L'sdies' Aid   wish   to  thank those who took part in the  concert,  and' "especially  the"  ladies, - who  were non-members', for 'the  assistance  they rendred ib every way.  The masquerade ball has cam�� and  gone.   'Before  it   occurred   ifc   was a  happy anticipation, Wednesday evening it was 3, rjf=li8ntful realization  and  now ifio a ple^ant'rnemory.   A mark  has been made beyond the success  of  "any other-ball in   Moyie -and' one ' by  which others to'come will be measured.  The,music  was splendid,   the dancing  program was  well  arranged"' arid   the  capable direction 01 the floor,, edinittee  udded much to   the .pleasure   of   the  company during the evening.,  At l^o',-'  .clock' the,dancers repaired to'the Central  hotel,    where    an    ellegaut    and  sumptuous spread awaited them.  The cakewalk'was'one of the'amusing and entertaining  features  of  tho  evening.'  Four eduples  contested,  as  follows;   No. I,  J.   M.  Lindsay,  Mrs.  Lindsay; No: 2,   F.   J. Smyth,   Mrs.  "Jiolhster;  No.  3, T. T:  Smyth,  Miss  Hawkins; "No. ,4,  D.  'J.  Elmer,  Mrs.  Elmer.     Music for this was furnished  Oy Miss Edith Magee, an accomplished  and talented young lady of Cranbrook.  Eacll'couple-as 'it .went "tifrough 'the,  graceful figures of  the' cakewalk received hearty applause, and" the'many  spectators who come "there   purposely  to see the affair were nob disappointed  in witnessing 'a  good   entertainment.  The prize' was^won   by  couple  No.  4,  Mr. and Mrs. Elmer.-    M '' '     ���" ���  J ' The 'Costumes worn   by   these   par-,  ticipatihg'in  the "ball   were ' iVT every  case attractive and true to the character represented. ' Following is a list of  the maskers and their makeups \,  "'Miss Louise'HeiidersbhVschool girl;  V'OMMtTSIOATION.  Editor Leader: The religious service held in the hall on Sunday evening last was conducted by a Mr. Cam-  erori'. a gentlGrcan who lately oame  jntc our midst, His address qn that  c-ocasicn contained rqany pun goal  truths, well and foi'clbiy illustrated,  and to those who heard it there was  pleasure in having him called to the  platform aj the' Monday evening, en>-  tertainment. Much,he thqn said was  to the point and every way admirable  except when he came (in- speaking of  the war in South Africa) to state that  England was practically defeated.  This statement will be   my excuse  for'writing^   Because a statement of  that'kind is entirely misleading and  in ppintof fact,is  not- correct; and  I  wish to point out with your leave that  anyone taking this view fails entirely  to grasp the whole situation.   Let us  go back to the beginning of tho'war.    .  ,  The Boers after ten  5 ears'' prepara-  'tio'h brought on the crisis  when   they  'thought themselves completely ready.  They 'infaddd   British   territory;   bir  which   all 'fighting'' lias   since been  done,'with the intenti6n", according to  themselves, of over running Natal and  Cape Colony, where were" large  numbers of Dutch, who  were expected  to  rise and' join  them.    Their program  was to sieze Durban arid  prevent"'the ,  1'ahding   there  of    any   forces" from  Great Br>tain"' and   having' established  themselves in Natal' dictate 'terms   of  peace from the'capitol thereof; and to  carry 'out'this program*' threw" some-/  where about 75,00O'"me'n  into  British  .territory, while General White  hac! at  no time more than 15,000 Hae'n to  oppose this" march"1 to tlie1 sea:' 'Now the  "���position is'this:   If' the lBoers "'have  carried o'ut their program' 6r  plan "of  campaign then they are victorious and,  the'British'are   defeated,   or  by   the  completion of  any  fundamental part  of it, to such an amount are  they  victorious and ' the   opposing   forces  defeated.    What in a fow'words  are  the  facts of the position'" as we  understand  it today. ' Haye the Boers siez'ed'Du'r-,  ban,   or .Pietermaritzburg,   or   Cape    "  Town or prevented the landing at any  port of a single British soldier?    They  have'hot, neither have  they overrun  Begular^Meals  Seryed4in; the  Dining  ^onj'iNwith. SpoBTo Pr'dkks f between  meals. ������>-���>�����  I'SSt!#^(?^n{?rs-t9r eommencial >nd Mining Men.  JS^&^te^' ��� "    '" - '��� ' '"  ��� ���  ���;  P^femr^ ~ -: movie, u.c.  ��S liar ":^ "'ia.VJ.V    ^.    ^.       '-      -     * "*      -    -' . ~ " .**.     ��� I ,"     ;  Wl<&^��JfEi:-^Zr-*&'���**��� ^-^r^-'^rri ,<",- uTi Tr*. .ar-   at"    mr   ^- ^v  ^m   ^*    ^2.  ',,'n^'n,1 mJ,Jj,,..:,.,'"'      " 11. '        '      "* i * *       '-    * - "*���",���*- - '-"    "'t'.v-* -~x" 7j.'1��� ''i    "'���  Tho Outlook at l*ossl.*nd.  A special from   Rossland- says   that  the LeRoi has suspended stoping   and  shipping, and it   is   not   known how  long the   suspension   will   last.    The  only men to be  employed   will   be" in  developing.    This with  the'shutdown  of the War Eagle and the Center  Star  will make a big   change   in  the  payroll, and there  is   general' consternation amongst the business community  concerning the   outlqqk.   'Miners' are  leaving the city by   every   train.    Tlie  Trail' and North port smelters must' of  necessity also close down', as there will  be uo produot for them'"to" run   their  smelters with.    The outlook is indeed  becoming serious.  Enl(ireinjj GQilceutrntor.  The work o'f   enlarging the  St. Eugene concentrator was'beguii this week  uuYlef tlie 'direction  of  O.  A.   King.  " 40x43  MissA.'E.'.Cara.ff/Greoian^ ^Y*  thW overru  Edith   GrichrlsV'Swiss  peasant;' gTrll   ��?e T��^ qf��^ ^olo%". ���"'"   '   '  iXTias Tool,   'n.,,.A;a>   .:  w<.-   "t....'    'What   have   they" done' with    the  sniair arm.y " "Tof ' 'General" W^'te'?   He  taught" th'ehi tliat'^they ' would require  to pay proper respect   to   the  British  soldier when they' met him in"*fight".  Miss Leah Cardiff, nurse; 'Miss Tib'-  batts," Canada; Miss Ida Hawkins, cake  V'alker; Mrs. Mansfield, libarty; ^Irs.  Elmer, one little girl in" blue "and cike  An extension of " 40x43 feet will be j talker; Mrs.' Holh'sier, cake wal'ker";  built on tlie front of the 'main ' build- i&rs. Lindsay, cake walker; Mrs, Big-  ing, and the necessary machinery 'has S1'11,"'- Italian'skirt dancer; Mrs:. ijieder-  been ordered for some time.    Tlie1 air: stadt/red cress "nurse':' fj.M*! Mansfield,  compressor will be ready to start up in  a few days.  '      ' '  Smallpox in Xelsoi}  Uncle'Sam;   W.   L." Beicl, 'any ' old  thing; C. E. Mansfield,'"domino;' Bert,  ArcNe'il, cohyict 0.fJ Johnson, gen tie- "  mail-   R.   j'.   Gun,   butcher;    Arthur  and while they succeeded in surround  iug his force in Ladysmith tit took'40}-  00D of theni to keep hihi there. '"  Is it in  facts  'like ' these   that  Mr,  Cameron sees British   defeat.    I  read  in them' the" contrary "dncf  maintain  ��ni-Q *Un '���^^^'.S_..; v...   "; ...���,���-,."  t wnoie,  o,  ,t.  f.   W.   FltlTH, Proptjetoy,  Jf urlosfluo Hookey sratoh.  A burlesque hockey pialch will be  given at the rink next Tuesday afternoon at 4o'clock.    JfGgroes vs. oWns.  Olaj-lqn who had'been "feeling  ill for  sa-v'  C;!l-"(i   "'.ilker;   ^. T.Smyth,   cake  several days, went ;it once   from   the   W'}%L7| F' ���?��� Sniy'th,'"cake waiter,  boat tq tjjc Q��neral IJospital fqr  treat-!  Ill    ill, j U'orking- Xlghi AIla r>r.>-.  As ijoni^iisDr. Eosq  e^ar^ined   the!    Tlie   b"sjest   and   mightiest   little  man he discovered 'that he was suffer-! tni'nS tl,at pver was madq is Br. King's  ',;,^hlfi hotol is novf oppn to iho public, andSifl *o\Wm*  ^yl&hed throughout, Nono but tho best brands of wines,  P' ','-' liquors and cigarfl kept in stock,       ,  'IRSp'sCZA SS      A CC 031 MO J) A TIOX 8.  MOYIE, B.    C    .   .    . w  f>  '  Wholesale Dealer in  Produce, Butter,  Eg��S, Cheese,  ing from smallpox. Dr. Rose at once  telephoned to Dr. LaBau and Dr. Hall  and all precaution possible wero taken  to pravont the further spread of the  disease, Dr, Hose went down to tljo  boat and vaccinated all the men em.  ployed there and will today vaocinate  all tlie people whe were known to have  been on the boat last niirht.  G.  CAMI*BELL,   A. T. CLARK.  Thl^Hotel is New and well Furnished,   The "I  , fables are Supplied with the Best the ��  Market affdrds. The] Bar is Filled with *  j-th,e,. est Brands of Liquors and Cigars. |  The board of health   will   use every  effort to promote   the  safety   of the  FmitS, Oysters, EtC. j ?eol-le of Nelson, butin the meantime  litis strongly.urged that everyone who  has not already been vaccinated will.  not fail to comply   with   the   rule ai  Mf-'VIJS,  ^tiiwww^t^eie^^^^^  1*  I  I  Wines, Liquors and  Cigars!   Drewry's  Celebrated Ales,  Stout>nd Lager.  G-olden Key brand  of; Mineral Waters.  Rossland Beer in  egs and Bottles.  BKITISacoT.tM.tJA.  Agent .for.Pc.misyJv'fim  Co.    Correspondence invited.  CKANIUtOOK,    li. C.  once.  Cliief'Jarvis and   other  officials  are  busy   locating    the   passt.ngeis    who  came to Nelson on the boat.    Quite   a  number have been located  at  the  different hotels and they   will   be  vaccinated and their baggage will be  fumi-  .gatdd.arid also, the rooms whicli. they  occupied at the hotels,    Clayton,  who  has been   on   the   boat   but   a:; short  while, came her.e -froiu Seattle by   way  ^ y^tofla.    Among   the  passengers  ��f$< J$$)$$$' of kelson. The  i\Ioyie will.remairi in. quaranting fo  th'c next ten or iltteeii.days.  New Life Pijls. These pills chnn-c  weakness into strength,, "listlessn^s  into energy, brain f:ig- iC[Q cental  powor. Thoyfer wonderful in building  lip the ho.ilth. Only Uo pr bos, Sold  by Hope & Seattle,  A Vriffhtful iJlunder,  will often cause a horible Burn, Scald,  Cut or bruise. Bucklen's Arnica Salve,  will kill the pain and promptly heal  it. Curi's Fever Sores, Ulsers. Boils,  Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Best Pile  cure on earth. Gnly 2o , cts. a box.  Cure guaranteed. Sold by Hope &  Beattie, druggists. ���'  more quickly, but  "Let what corns may,   -  Time and the ho\i\:  Wears out the lo'is'eot'day.!'  |   do   not  doubt    Mr.   Cameron^  loyalty, but  I hope   he \yil| seV the  error qf ljis wayc arid fVi;cni,' , "  ,'ioQGjot my tljanbs fqr SDace.  Bulldlug: "N'otes.  Work was started, this morning on  D. J. ^Elmer's residence' on Victoria  Street. It will.be 20x30 feet in size.  A. Stephenson has the contract.  Sten Hansen is preparing to. erect a  builbing 22x24 feet in size near his  buildiug in! the Lake Shore addition.  House  Lining  Cotton  A YARD.  MacEaeher �� "&  ���Mbiai.Quolutidiis.  New .York,.,Feb. U.^Sav silver  oOf cents. Lead,. $'4.70 ' @ $4" 75  The , firm that fixes jthe selling  prices for miners and smelters  quotes lead at #4.45 at the close.  "t i  4  >4\  I * i'j1
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O' ■
"Pinafore" has been sung over ],0('0
times at tlie Savoy theater in London.
Julia Marlowe has  boon selected  to.
,   , dedicate the now theater that Chicago
Is to have.    It Is to be called the Empire.
The New York Metropolitan Opera
House orchestra is to be weeded out
and improved this season under Emil
Pa-ur's management. '
Siegfried Wagner has been Invited to
conduct a series of performances of
his opera, "Der Bareuhnuter," at the
Imperial Opera in Vienna.
Alice Xielsen may be heard in Massenet's latest opera; "CendrilJon." next
season. Frank Perley, her manager/is
figuring on getting the American rights
to it.
' '
Josephine Sahel, has sued a music
publisher for $3,000 because her name
was printed on the title page of a song
that she thought was not up to her
Chicago, which went daft over "Sappho." has seen ''The Cowboy and the
Lady" aud has voted against it. despite the acting of Nat Goodwin,,nnd
the beauty of Maxinq Elliott.
"The Black Tulip." Sidney Grundy's
latest.'"'has made'a success in London.
where it is asserted  to be "far more
interesting  than   any   description   can
make it appear.''    It has excited ranch
comment. „
" '  E. II. Sotheru meant what he said
when be asserted lie was going to play
"Hamlet"   before   much   time   passed
'by.    lie says now he will  revive the
tragedy   in   the   spring   and   that   liis
wife,   Virginia  named,   will  interpret,
, the roleof Ophelia.
Lav in la Van Wcster'vclt < Deiupsoy,
the "Queen. La vinia" of the Holland
Dames, lias written a play. What is
more remarkable, she has been able .to
get it produced. Tho rifle fs "Tlie
Patriot Spy,"'nnd. though not a drain-'
attention of Cooper's novel. "The Spy,"
it is acknowledged to be based upon it
rOopjrieh*. 1SSQ. "nr Waatberley Cfeessnr.f ,
t * —■  "
Crocheted buttons are revived again.
Some of the corduroy velveteen and
cloth gowns are "trimmed  with  bands
-    of white kid edged .with beaver fur.
Panne   velvet   painted   in   scattered
bunches of violets is used for separate
waists, and lace 'waists, too, are still
in great demand.
Beaded   purses, and   bags   of  small
sizes  figure largely among the novelties in  the shops and  are ,we)l  worn,
,   too, by the shoppers.—New York Sun.
Something   new   in   skirt   lining   of
English make is called merveliue.    It
is very fine, soft and silky, resembles
'"moire and comes in a"great variety of
colors. '
Rumors of panniers are in the air
once more, and no'doubt if their ugly
lines ever do win favor again the tight
lacing and'lout: pointed waist will follow In their wake.
A novelty in furs Is a-high collar of
sable made to fit the neck, and finished
with long ends of Cream chiffon and
lace which fasten down at the waist
with two sable heads.
Bias bands and loops made of narrow folds of mirror velvet and fastened ar the ends with a tiny gold or
rhinestoue button are a very effective
finish for collar bands and vest fronts.
A beaver brown cloth coat stitched
with white silk and completed with a
collar and rovers of grebe is one of ilie
season's developments in the department of outdoor garments which lias
surpassed all previous records in the
production of varied styles. .
A pretty shirt waist has three narrow box plaits on either side of the
front, each covered with embroidery,
and small tucks fill in the center of the
back. A yoke in the hack is no longer
considered indispensable, and the prettiest are made without this ugly fea-
tu re.
Commander Brett was not able to report his interview with Mr. Keighley
Gates to Miss Feurcn ''until the following day. The morning's post had
brought a letter from his friend Wray.
and with this in.his pocket,ho proceed
ed to De Vero Gardens.
"Well.   Duncan,   have  you  brought
any   news?", ,Mabel' asked   anxiously,
when   lovers'   greetings  had   bsea  ex-'
"Indeed 1 liavo, dear, and   somewhat
surprising news too.  It was Gates h'ni
self wliO'Substitutcd the photograph for
Lady Florence's in the album." '
''Mr. Gates! What in the world did
he do it for"-'"
"That is what 1 should very much
like to know myself. As a matter of
fact, he told me he had not do:ia so—
told me emphatically, and without being asked tho question. '. Afterward 1
learned at Scotland Yard that ho-was
the very man who did it."
"How strange! What possible interest could Mr. Keighley Gates have in
the matter?"        _ ' •       "
"That I do not know—in fact, I know
very little of tho man. Ho was n friend
of George's, was he not?"
"An acquaintance—hardly a friend
George met him at some chib or other,
and found him interesting. They, had
one-or tsvo tastes in common—fishing,
big game shooting, and' hunting, aud
■Mr.1 Gates suggested a trip to the Zam-
bezia rfor elephants; but I ,don't fancy
George really liked' the man, or he
woukhhavdjumped at the idea."
"Then   yon   know   of  nothing  'that
would connect   him in the faintest way
with the present trouble?"   ^  '
'   "Nothing ,But stop!   Yon remember
■he was  hero on the day of  tho murder
—it   was   then, indeed, be   noticed tlie
dagger that   led to suspicion falling on
George.    That  day he spoke to George
about his   infatuation for   Harriet Staples, and  urged him to break with her
He had never alluded to the subject be-
■ fore,   and   George  considered   he   had
taken a great' liberty in doing so at all,
nnd   ba  told him so. ' George was very
much' annoyed,   I   remember,   and   he
spoke to me  about it   before he Jeftthe
bouse that evening."
"Did Gates give any reason for mentioning the matter?"
"He said he did it out of pure friendship for George. "
This was certainly newa. Brett knew
nothing against Mr. Gates, except tho
lie he had told him' about the photograph, if the pblieewara to be believed.
But he did not think ho was the'sort of
man to interfere in a mar-tor of this
kind out of pure disinterested friendship.. Still he might bo doing him aii
"Well, it is useless speculating on
bis reasons," said he. "There's the
changing of the photographs to bring it
homo to him, but for the life of me I,
don't see how it is to be done. I can't
very well tax him with it, for he has
distinctly told me he did hot do it."
"Isever mind, Duncan. But we must
bo on our guard against him. If he is
playing false, ho will be sure to betray
himself befoie long."
"I have had a letter from Wray this
morning," said Brett after a pause
"He has sent me a description of Lady
Florence   Mostyh's   brother—a   sandy
work what particle of evidence have we
tha: 'will Woigh one feather's weighi
with the jury?"
P.r'itr could only kneel at berside anr
dumbly caress her hands, while grea.
i'cb'i shook her frame. Then he puller
himself together with an effort, ana
seating himself by her drew her gentlj
to him.
".Mabel, my darling, this is net liki
yon    You have been so brave and help
fnl all tho  time.    It will never do-ti
give   up  hope   now that we   have  mi
earthed   so much of  the woman's past
life, discovered her real  name and,whs
her relations are and traced  her doing
since she left home.  At any moment \v<
may learn  something that'will  put u.
on tho track of   the   murderer.    Don't
dearest, don't.    I need all my strengtl
for  my   woik, and   it   utterly  numam
ua« to see yon give way. "
Mabel    forced    back   her,   sobs   and
•brushed her tears away.
"Yon are, right, Duncan.    It  is fool
,ish of hie—worse  than foolish.    I will
ba brave, dear."    And she smiled pit
eously. i,
"Look here, darling.    You don't'get
ont  enough.    I will call  for  you  thij.
afternoon and we will have a stroll to
gether in the park.'   I may have  some
thing further to report by then.    What
do you say, dear one?   At 4?"
"As  you   like, Duncan,  but   do  not
worry about me iu the least.    We must,
be successful in the end, and then, you
know, I shall   be' perfectly well again
I will be waiting for you at 4."
In a few minutes Commander  Brett
hurried nwav ' '
0    i
I  was
(To be continued.)
Cured tlie Carious .Yontli.'.
."Pawing over the .unclaimed mail is
a favorite amusement among a certain
set of idle youths." said a hotel clerk
yesterday. ■ '.' 'Any   letters  for So-and-,
so?' they will ask, giving an imaginary
name, their object being apparently to
gratify idle curiosity by studying the
superscriptions and  reading the postals.   Last fall an idiot of that type received   a   severe   lesson   here   in   this
house. '   He   made .the   usual   request,
giving rather a peculiar name,  which
he afterward admitted he, had thought'
of on the spur of the "moment.  By a remarkable coincidence"two central oflice
detectives were standing near the desk
at the time, and the name he,gave was
that of a noted crook who-was wanted'
by the police of Chicago very badly.
■   "Without a word more than was necessary they took the young gentleman
by the arm and carried him off to police headquarters.   He was so astonished that he was unable to make a coherent explanation and really presented a picture of guilt. His story at headquarters that he had asked for letters
under an assumed name was regarded
as so improbable that they held  him
until   telegraphic   inquiries   could   be
made.   Of course it turned-out that he
was not the Chicago crook." but he got
the scare of his life, and you may rest
assured that he has dropped that form
of-amusement from"-his indulgences."—
New York News. ■        . ".
Garnets preserve health and joy.
Emeralds, friendship and constancy.
Cat's eye is a charm against witchcraft.
Amethyst banishes the desire for
.Sapphires impel the wearer lo all
good works.
All precious stones are purified by
bath in honey.
Amber Is a cure for sore throat aud
glandular swellings.
Diamonds produce somnambulism
and spiritual ecstasy.
Coral Is a talisman against thunder
and evils by Hood and field.
Opals are fatal to love and bring
di«.ord to giver and receiver.
The onyx Is apt to, cause terror to
the wearer as well as ugly 'dreams:
a     fWsss???^
Pay in SCRIP for Dominion Lands and
Save 20 per Cent, Discount.
For full information apply to,,
Alioway & Champion,
Or to any office of the MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA in Manitoba or the West.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
^ Prlva e Wire Connection wi'h aU Loading
iUrkets. Grain and Securities Bought, Sold and
O.-rried . n AUrg ns. C rtsno-ideijce Solicited.
Pnrata Cypher Code Furnished upon Application.
148 Princess St., Winnipeg, Man.
P. O. DUAWJSH 1887.
.   lie lost an arm some ttm(
after Icaviwj litem."
man, with a cut across- his forehead
But let me rei.l you exactly what In
says about him: 'I never saw Hobon
•King, tho duke's stepson, po I cannot
give you a description first hand, but J
am told he was a fair youth, with light
brown:—almost red—hair. There was a
scar across his forehead, the,result'of a,
fall against the bar of a grate when v
mere child. .This scar was noticeable
when he was grown up, and" I do hot
think will , have left hini. He was trill
—nearly.six feet.' No, he had hot lost
an'arm.' Beyond thisTanrafraidIc.au
tell you nothing of his personal appear
ance:.'.:",   ■ ";  • ..'-..-
Mabel listened intently.
"Then it '.'must have been the actor
Lam ber t,, who: v/a s h er . br o th er I'' sh i
exclaimed^ ■       \    :    ;
"Precisely. He lost an arm some
tinio after leaving them."
The terrible anxiety of the past few
weeks was telling severely on Mabel,
and today Brett noticed with alarm how
pule and ill Bho looked- Sho was thoroughly unstrung, and while they were
discussing tho next rnovo to be taken
she broke down altogether and sobbed
pitifully: Brett tried with all a.JoverV
resources to soothe her, but his tendei
words and caresses were in vain.
"It is all so hopeless, Duncan—-so
terribly hopeless. In another week there
will   bo  Ihe   trial, and with   all  your
He Wam't "Soaked."
"When I go over to the old country 1
am going to get a lot of clothes to
bring back with me," said a well
knowu Windsorite, who went abroad
"Oh," said his hearer, "if .that is the
case, I have a brother who is a tailor
in London, and I will give you a letter
of introduction and write him tolling
him to use you right."
In course of time the traveler stepped into the tailor shop in London and
presented his letter of introduction.
He got a warm handshake from tho
tailor, who, said he bad received a letter from his brother telling of the
traveler's expected arrival, but could
not understand part of the letter. The
letter, when produced, read:
"Dear Brother—The bearer, Mr. -—,
Is from our place and wishes to get a
lot of clothes in Loudon. Fie has all
sorts of money. Soakbim. Yours affectionately."
The part of the letter that could not
be understood was the concluding
phrase. The traveler of course understood the Americanism, but managed
to keep his face straight while he gave
it a favorable construction. He saved
the laugh until he could have it. on his
American friend. — Chicago Inter
Conveying In a Delicate Manner the
Moral That a Novice Should Practice Well In Private Before Wearing: a- Plnff Hat In  Public.
It was during opera week tbat my
wife said to me, "You must have a
high hat to wear. with your dress
1 looked ag!:ast. 1 had never worn
a high hat.    I had never,wanted to.
"But, my dear," 1 exclaimed. "I'd
look like a blooming jay in a plug hat.
My head isn't the right style for it."
"You can get it shaped," said my
"Well, that I'll never do." I said firmly. "I've worn this shape for, a good
many years and"—
"Stupid!" said my wife. "1 meant
the hat."
Of course  I   knew she did
playing for time.
"Anyway." 1 said, "I couldn't keep It
in order. I'd be forever rubbing It the
wrong way.'   And with this face"—
"Yoii can  have It ironed," said, my
1 stared,at her with drooping jaw.
"Oh,  you   know   well  enough."  said
she, "th'rul  meant the hat." '
She was right.    Of course I knew.
"Well,"  1   persisted,  "up In, Chicago
the   men   wear  golf   caps   with   their
dress suits,, and tan shoes"and tennis
"How do you know?" sharply inquired my wife. She lived in Chicago, before the fire.
"I saw it in the funny columns of
The Sunday Yawp," I said. ' ,
'/Nevertheless," said she. "you'll have
to wear a high hat to the opera.",'
Sho knew she was right.    I wore It.
It was not a pleasant experience.' On
the way to the opera house I couldn't
help a  continual  stooping.    That   hat
looked high enough to brush the gold
leaf off the eternal stars.    When, the
conductor came along,  he  knocked  it
to an, angle that made me iookjike.a
retired bartender.    When I got "out of
the car, I'bumped the hat off against
the door casing.   When I'walked down
the aisle,  I carried  the hat In a   way
that made my wife uudge me and savagely ask if "I was taking up a collection.    -When 'I  put the hat under my
seat, a pretty girl  in t,he seat behind
me Insisted  upon playing a tattoo on
the crown with her patent leather toes.
The opera was the "Marriage of Figaro,"  and  my  wife,   who  had   never
heard the opera, presently whispered,
"That air sounds strangely familiar."
- "Yes. it does." I agreed. ,
"What is it?" she asked.     '
"I think it'is .called 'Where Did You
,Get That Hat?' " 1 replied.
After the curtain'fell I got the hat.on'
wrong end to the front and for n moment fancied ny< head suddenly and
alarmingly swelled. But wife detected
the blunder, and I reversed the chimney pot in such a. hurry that my elbow
knocked off my wife's eyeglasses.,■ In
the car, too. in bowing to a lady frieud
who, I fancied, looked highly 'amused
at seeing me I brought down the hat
so far that it banged Into-the rlowet-
garden on the hat of tlie lady In front
Of me.
When I got home, my wife said.
"You'll have to practice-a little with
that hat before you are really cornme 1)
"Commy II nonsense!" I cried.    "I'm
going to take it back tomorrow."
And I did.
I suppose the dealer thinks I borrowed it just to wear to the opera. But I
don't care what he thinks.—Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Meal» For a Cent or Tvro and a
Course Dinner For a. Xickel—An
Experience With a Starving: Ilolio
In tlie Bis City and It* Sequel.
A man who intended to go to an elevated station and catch a Ilarlenj train
was interrupted the other evening by a
sorry louking specimen of the gonus hobo,
who said, "Say, buss, jrive me a nickel."
The oilier was' passing without giving
him an answer when he said:
"Boss, if you can't givo mo a nickel do
give me a cent'or two, for I'm starviuc.
I am, boss, honest."
"What can you' get to eat for a cent or
"1 c'u get a good deal more tlian I've
had today, boss. I c'n get coffee and
beans and bread." j
"I'll  give  it  to you  if you'll  take  me!
along and  let me-try "the same kind-of
meal."'     "
The specimen agreed, and they started
down the Bow'ery. "('ticss we'll go, to
tin- gospel joint." u-ns all the intimation
he gave of tlH'ir direction.
This was found ' tc bo the colloquial
name for the Ton id'Mission restaurant.
The restaurant is in tho basement under
the room in which gospel meetings are
held.1 It is part .of the mission and-certainly does good by giving'hungry men a
chance to get something to eat for a cent
or two.
"Are you in earnest about going in?"
asked  the specimen  when they cii'me to
the stnirw/iy that led to the basement.
'   "Certainly I am."
"All right, then, boss; come in. 1
didn't hardly,think it was your kind of a
They w'cDt down s stairs ."into n 'long
basement. On tho left as they entered
was' a semicircular counter, back of
which stood three or four large stoves.
On each w,ns a good sized boiler used for
cooking food. There were three men
back' of the counter., They were waiters'
and cooks in" one. , They wore no white
aprons or coats, but .hud on everyday
garments arid looked like woricingiuen'
from the streets. " ■     >
Two long tallica ran tho length of the
basementr They wore innocent of covering, and there wore m> chairs at which
the patrons could sit. There were a dozen-men at the tables pitting. Others'
were coming in. They wore poorly drogs-
od.\ of course, and seemed to he- mtich
down on  their 'luck,  but it   was hant" to
of  la-eaiLand. butter  turns  ),,,.. ,,
It".-, funny, but   it (Joes.     M^i ,    , ',,!'''
tn  think  of   it.     He'll  go'l,,' "   ,,,""'
a.--'v  for something, hoping to -„■ '."''
of pie or n cup of wn or vi|1(„ii, j " ',;
hand out bread nut! In.ttei  ;i'«',_.',
just   can't cat   it.     lie's too ?,', ]\'.
fuse, so he takes it out ami t'i.,,,7.
der the sidewalk.    TI);U"k the -,•'■.. -,
boss, and if you don't believe it";"'."
bread and butter some time for Vy^x"  '-
Going   ont   the   specimen   wi,, ^X'Obc
YS here are yon going to sleep''"        !"• t A''."-
Ile  stroked   his  stubby   bt-ai'.l   .,!..•>.   k>:
. t j\.mm
t". jv/jft.
"."' M>'/,,Hs
fiis battered  dorbv,  winked
and, looking doubt rally iloun "uu'7|'-,{^?.?
said he hadn't decided whetho'i i„ j,    "fug*
in Washington square or Batteiy .m'."^'!/■%*"=
"How much would it 'cobt tu j"-,,*    '" jfA'-'th
nod?" •,uu<&$ih
"Sovon cents." , ffift
"Well, here's 10. -That will .... vr    t'%r£\
bed and .something to eat to'mon- u'"'  '^„1r
Then   tho   investigator   uvut';,,,'   , ^-.l
niissioit   to, ask, something about ii,, >* ['^'i™
suits <if tho restaurant  oxpeiiinti.'t"' ifi'v^i
was leaving when he ohuncod to \lH,\-'l\"£$&
next dour. ■ Signs over the door ni.i:,,,..,";*."/}?^
«1 that yon could have your ,<
[Hire. Kentucky whisky, mifl.
feliorry, and egg for!) cents. \Y
the hpeeimen. lie was spentlii!;:
cents given'him to pay for l<„L-
break fast. lie swallowed a mil
ninl then took two pure Kentm-I
kies.    The  other  man   went   :i\\.
1' ;H'-Ii „rfi
•ri.-AV" -
tiering,which  pork  his friend
c.ide'to sleep in.
vMiU J,
Qnv lllnlit KottTved.
Si* lotijj as vo don't allow any !;;
the paper outside of the oilitorhi!'".,,
we can keep track easily enough nf
"much of it there is in the paper. U,'-;,-^*
then v;o cm do all the lying oui.-t ua.-A'^P1?.
f-','/■ Bit
'• , -ah
',' 'f.'a..
JVtln.ln    B('<".
"i" gr<
MOMt| nl toon   I j'    ICng-lnnd,
English  people  will  toll you iluit
their   happy   isle   ibci"   are   nt,  >..:
things as inosipjltoes.    One gc:> p,,;-'
well  used  to  this ! bid of talk. Inn -
this particular instancy the boast hi. ,
good. or. rather, dhl hold good utit.'f'.
last few years.,   It1 is not alone r!>;., -,'..
that  the  summer  tourist  has biu>j.'ji"'-^l'?fpff
lo Loudon    ''Mustjuitoes'have In-, ;i >,fC'@nOl|j
ported,  and   they  have  distress',) i.tVy'lp^'f-
; »ei
V, '  »'*"
British more than the American \!__'.;,"$,J3HJ.
I tors. I'robably the name is-n imvi] ^l'^}.Jf
one, to conjure with, and soine .,',{\ft?M&}.
of what lorrible Uiiugs are exj,^ r,-,u:;"y.>Nc
mosquitoes may', ho lennied from u<ii&gS^
simple wile Of the north count r\ So- i %^%k§^
miners In remote workings ot a Vp, :• ^f|v|6
shire colliery  repo'i-ted  to the kii.i:'!.;. Y}t0^i
umko'"out   whether as.n  rule, they  were H",|l,1('"1  "1*"' ,,u'-v   ll:Hl '!)<'''tl  ,:,ii,''li ;1: ^€^1
professional tramps or hard i>p working- j 1H)-V''(! hy the bites of ihnsqiurors    H^V^me
men. , j'went down to see about it, aitd'foiit.-il j i>• ;V£is.|'
"•Soup."   said   one.'comiinr  un  to   tho 1 large' aud ■cnortretlc oulonv  of  v,.ii<ir fc'-^dls
■ ■-     -   -llU'.'ll 5 :.■   ...
one.'coming  up  to   the    large' aud -energetic colony  of yrliuv ^'-fp-.--
counter nnd', laying  down-a  cent.     The I banded wasps—"vaJlcr jackets " if u>" V^"?ow
waiter  wont  to one  of  the  boilers' and J like that better. " '•*"?>
ladled «ut'i pint tin oop of soup, ronrhod    , "
into a big basket, got four slices of stale   ,"
bread and gave it nil to the man.    The!     ...     "<MV '°. ?" ',? n f.,»"",'>1""-      -    '"l&Hffi,
man  took his soup to ono of the tables j ^VnV(* ''"'"'"owed many th;ugs fmir ;  ^.Tr.S
nnd ate.        '   ■ ■        the Iuiglish,   One Is the :t<Topte<l tncii,- \'7^fi&&
"What   are   we   going   to   hnve?"   the'I °<J °r £''!'ing Into aitd oil! of a c.ib   I',!'.'!:"^^
■: -IjifleV
'" jf.iilea
specimen was asked.' ,       I novice iu hansom cab driving gets ma! ;.1^isE?
"How much uiil r„u stand for,?" .' '        } she would into n victoria   coupe or otli- '^^
''Alison want.    Order for both." < er American, o„u»p,.go anil  seats h.r- "gf£#
I in mighty hungry  and I'll make it a    Sl.,f on'the. far side   leavln- room r*r*$M*
regular course dinner   f yon don't kick" I i * . - n fe&vfro
answered fho specimen.        , - }   ,r'r <'°"M':»»I°» or, escort   to ho se;u,! $$£&
Then he nnloretl soup and beans, broad \'Uy U('r S",t'> ,)C'X,  U> """ {'U,U «»"■''''''■ Q&i&i
■ -- ■ ' ing,     Not  so the, woman  who  lias j,;,/  °A*KWc
v' ■'.&/■ erf
-, ...\dra
ptuhling nnd c<>fTeo. The bill Tor, each ! m}i' iS°' so ""*• wo'*"»» wl"' '"!l!* '',''/
was Ccents. They got « pinto of beans ! n,'r '"'"•""^OP.i eilueatloti id Louttou „r,v
well cooked nnd good. There was till S '''" 1'^'gllsh environment. She v,?/..-
ono wanted. Tlie1 price was L" cents. Tho j herself where she enters that - a
pudding cost tho miuh-, nml the coffee. I the esirb-nnd her escort is obl'-«'i'o
which was in n pint cup, like the soup, ! cnnvl bv her to get to his place' W'm.'
cost   a   cent      They   went   back   to   tho j return' to the right in driving tl." u
tables, and the spooimcd rite.      'he itives- .j   . .,    , .-,
ii...,.„r ,w,^.„,i i :'   .,     > .- , i tiuental  me hod  Is « turn ro tla  lit,
tig.-uor passed his menl to an old wonmu ,      r , , , ,    . ,
nearby who was looking lougingly at her! "",,(1   vfo"   vt>rK!i-   w,,,,,,l   l»rol'"',|»   ai'
1 counts for ibis iiieilioil of ii-anspl.iinitl
empty soup cup
All the men spoke in low voices. .There
was little talking at the tables, for each
seemed to prefer to eat in silence ami go
away.    At tho counter their voices were
low.   nnd   they   spoke   in   the   apologetic
tone of the mnn who has nwi'lo a. failure
of every th ing and feels .that he, is an in- I
trader .wherever   he  goes.     There   were i   ,      .      ,,..       .. ,    , -        -,	
Scriptural passages on tho walls and in-'i f1™**'   lhf.clll(,f lh"}« \tf ,nt(',''^ nt
taclung to this eccentric thoroughfiu u
misdirection which we {uNuw in lidaij
b» a bansoiM   	
QnrcreHt Street fn tlio World
j     Cnnton, in China.' posM"^"" tlu* quoorp>t
] street in   the world  in spite of the fict
that  in nearly all  the bi.g towns in tin
country     there    are    some    renin ikWe
Ills I'leaFor Wntcr.
"If there is anything  I  dislike." remarked   Colonel   Stilwoll,   wiping   his
mustache with impressive deliberation,
"it is a bigoted  person.    Rome of the
people at my home in Kentucky came
very near taking permanent'offense at
me,   but  I   held  out  and   finally  convinced them."
"What was the discussion about?"
"It was  the old   controversy. Somebody mentioned water, and 'Judge' Morgan, stated, bis   opinion   that   it   was
.something' that ought'to be abolished.
The major argued for its use in moderation, but the judge wouldn't  have it.
I was sorry to disagree withabc judge,
but I stated my arguments and'cliuch-
ed them so that he had to give in.'   r
called his.attention, to the greataehieve-
nients which nil the world is now engaged in applauding.   I', recalled- to his
mind the.glories of our naval heroes,
the  men   who  are  so   proud   of  their
country, the men of whom their country  is  so proud.   Then   I   pointed   my
finger at the judge and asked him how
those-naval'heroes  could   have doue
these   glorious   deeds   if   there   hadn't
been plenty of water for: them to sail
their ships on."
"How is It you need money so soon
again to pay your tailor? it was only
four weeks ago that I g;-ve vou 50
marks I"
"Yes. uncle, but the fellow didn't
come around then with his bill!"—Flie-
gende Blatter.
vitations to tho meetings up stairs.
"Do you over go to .those meetings?"
the specimen was nskod.
"Sometimes," ho said. "Kind of liko
to go there. Tho fellows that run 'em
seem to be kind of good to n, fellow, but
son.r-iiow 1 can't got interested in this
gospel business.
"Say," ho went on, changing tho subject, "do you know It's mighty nice to
get this bread „ pudding? Now. there's
lots of folks that would think it was all
tomfoolery to iiavo pudding in n hobo
joint like this, but, it ain't. Some- time
you live a week on bread nnd butter and
free lunches and see how n  little some
thing nice nnd sweet goes.. Did you ever torribly hard to get- it Ion
hear of hoboes throwing stuff away-
broad and butter nnd sandwiches and
tho like? People get awful hot over it.
Now, just ,ot mc tell you how' it is. A
follow will live on broad nnd hut tor'and
stuff for nbout throe days, nod then he'll
be so hungry he is weak, and the (Imiiidi!
j the fact that it is roofed in with -J <:• 1
j paper fastened on bamboo   and com vr)
j more signboards to the square foot t1;1:
I any  other  street   in   any  oilier  co u t v .
The next interesting fact about tin-. <   -
ton   byway   is   tunt.   though   n   iiu^i<vi
street,   it   contains   no   other -shop*  !•'-!
those Of npothecaries nnd  dentist-' pir
lors; no professional men bnt-docoi-   It
is a sick  man's paradise and n (Junes?
physician's Klondike. They call it l'h ^ ,
street,   which   is  descriptive  if  not jn^
"That  mnnOom   Paul   nlwn.t.- «ia
W llll      1'-'   -
marked tho European diplomni
"lie .scorns to tie simplicity i'-i'l'
"Yes.  but  bo doesn't conform ''' ' '
ordinary   rules  of   diplomacy.    u
ever be says anything, he meaiM '"/
word of It-'"
, ■'' mei
•   " j.Irrc
" .i" o
'  >'..h1s!
' "ed j
" • Sf£
' ..ttliai
"-    r-4   ■*( iw
^" \of' i
- ' / if'9'k
, ..'wltl
'   \ ,~"C
•'• "alb'
"ZZ.       x
In  Time  or  fence.
Ilipworth—I'd like to make a bargain
with you.
Sykcs (ofj.be next flat)-What?
.,   Hipworth— If you   won't   give your
boy a drum on Christmas. I won't give
mine  'a    horn. - Philadelphia    North
American. .-'•' T  ,       ,
Tlie  Proper Trentment.
"My watch won't run." said Ciddlngs
as he laid his timepiece on the Jeweler's table.
' "I'll soon bring It to time.'' replied
the watchmaker cheerily.T-Detroit Free
Press. '
How to Tell r Oontoii Lover.
:.Unsophisticus—How . did   you   dare
to prophesy  that that  fellow  was going to enter into au unfortunate matrimonial alliance?
Time Seer—I guessed he was going
to be married when I smelt hair oil,
and as to the rest—why. all marriages
are unfortunate.—Boston Transcript.
EvJtlcnce Tbat  He'd  "Been  EctkoiI.
1 "I suspect that our new bookkeeper
Is a retired actor."
"Does he strike,.theatrical attitudes?"
"No.   but   he   says.'egad'   When   he
means 'gosh.'"
Sleeplessness Is an Unmistakable Symptom      Weak,
; Exhaiis^ed Nerves, and Is Permanently Cured
en  the  Sys:em   Is   Built  Up  by
A South  African  Con vernnt ton.
Trooper (to highlauder |n full uniform)—Sandy, are you cold with the
kilt? ■ | '    ,.  •
Sandy—Na, mon, but. I'm nigh kilt
wi' the cauid.—Collier's  Weekly.
,  In  No  Dnnft-er.
Ponipus—I point with pride to myself
as a'"self, made man.
'Castle—'Well, you needn't be afraid
that any ono will steal the plans.—Phil-
(MaaSphia North'American.'
_ To pass n 6:ngle n'ght in tho v'-iin attempt
to lce.> e nravng he miseriea which ono can
nevoi forget. ',,, !
To lie awake night after night with the
brain on fire with nervous excitement and
the thoughts .flashirg before the mind in
never e d,ng variety is the common experience of person.-* whoso nerves arc weak and
During   such  nights  norvo  forco  is
sumed at a tremendous raio, .  •   \
Instead of being restored ti.n(l"roinvigor-
a cd' for. nnothor day's work the bod is
further wen cned nnd exlmusted, nnd ' the
mind is unbalanced by, this terrible wnsto of
energy with which'tho lump of hfc-is rapidly'
burned out.
It is in tl.i--despairing condition tha  .„„„
men and women attempt to drug an(i dendo
the nerves by tho n-e of opiates
leaction to nil ■btich treatment thaiTa'doiibh'
injurious to the nervous systom.    It hastens
the decay of .the nerve colls.
Surely it is wi;-or to build up n.nd completely icstore the nerves by using ])r
Uin,e s Nerve Pood, a- treatment which gets'
right down to the foundnti ,n of thodifflcultv1
and effects permanent results by-rovitaliaina
tho wasted norvo colls. fe
Thero will bo no moro sleep'ossiiii-''1.1"   ,
mo e nerjjoui headucho ' nnd dy.spoi^1
more days ( f gloom i nd doBpondem-
D.CInth-e's Norvo Pood ipiisud. ,,,„
But don't exjicct a cure in a niglil. |1U
nerve tissue of tho bi'dy is coml'1' '.
changed in about sixty davs. ' Th<'"«h '".
will fool the benefit of .'this trcutnieni ':n l«"
or three weeks, y ii shou.d p■■rsisf- i" ''" ,,
of tlie nerve fed for at least sixty da)-'"'
oi do   that (he results mnv bo la-ti:i(i-       ,
Sleopltssncss isonlv one of fhv '""n-v ,,),
tressing symptoms which will d sappi'"' "
flu. rso of Dr. Chase's  Norvo Pood,
positive euro, for nervous prostration ,;,,''''
liau tio'n, purtnl pa a lysis, locomotor nti'x
epilepsy and all   the most serious  '"
nervous disease.
H i- '
i \
i,rw uf
Is.fho world's grcnlea), restorative (<>r I'1 j_
weak, nervous men, women and childn "
is fcpecific for woman's ills" bucau.-iC ,
almost invariably ariso from ex" u~' ,
nerves. In pill form, oOo U \>6-, njl •'" ih'\
era, or by. mail from ■Edma.nsoN.-'Ija™
J Co., Toronto. '
bottle. '"'ll'l  'u 11  .'..   , tj-^.v-,1.'-.',  ' " '' ^V.1 a"* i'"1*,,"- -  -'*rt'?'y/-*fv  I :-;=*..,'��� :'��%w  ��."-)" Vt ', -  .^ BV.s'f.'W:'"?  ^U^fV.>*"<  r "'' w        ��� ,���.�����  '������  '...nlK^A'.  it'-.  MOYIE LEADER.  'ML  I /*  t-i  JV-i.--" '"  JJOYJE.  ,B.    C.  "7-  I^F^^AN AFRICAN   POISON.  ' "H-i-'^yv^O^^.  asl.,4"   K.BcIencc   May   Compel    It   to   Rentier  '���-*.; h".--'.'.   Service   to   MnciUiiul.  Itoberi   Koch,   a  (Herman  i      i   'JL rift'     u ���^ -a-,'  ��,- ...J^V-V*;"'  "liifwK^Prdfessor  ." b*;M- '"   " '  _1(''1 <}i|^|cieht]st^  recently  brought  from   East  ���' >tn,. fe'p.]^friea;* souie  poisoned  arrows,   which  fc*  ^frleal some  poi  . ,   ', =[i?hW"landed  over  to   Professor Briegor.  Mil:, i V-'-^., ->,'      "  A Prisoner's Release.  "Badly from Astli'.iH ;tnd HroiM-liitlh  tliiil lie with t-'iiroed to K'-iinUii in un  **'--tler<,t ltoom for JMoutltti i��t a  XJirtew *xr. CInvite's Kola Cotapoann  Cared.  Mr. L>, O. Lem'enes, 0. F. R. Engineer, 550  Alexander Street,"Winnipeg, 'A-iiies.:���' My son.  who is just i ighrtcn yeuisof aye has Li'vi) a  ten-ille snlleit-r trom .asthma and bn.ncliitis  during eight years. I have spent hundreds of  clollais wltn doctors and umiiy i-eniuclit-s, but lie  becaim>' wor--e eiu-li year. Miuiy iin.es lie hi-  curie so nv(.r]j anu tin- attacks *���> sewre. thai  we thought eteh would boluslnut For month'-  ut u tnnehi-bus been co'^inctl to tlie house in  an air-tight rt oin, and continually trented w lib  mustard plasters uikI ]Hml, ices to keep hivu  li-'-Jii choking. About iho first ot Scjitcmlici  we lie.trd ot Clarke's Kol.'i Conn ound, and our  voti^rra'ae^ajTQws   nave   uainuoo  Mia i is aiiu    ,.j,��vd li.nll <.e���.��� |10m1,.b.     winlo tlikinB tli.  'T"'rare"iihped with Iron.  It is iu these iron   fiistfoni-ilioebainriMvasvoryfliKht,  m short lj  "' -'���"������ -'*-'' alter Hiking'he ii ih he jrrailually lK'Oiime liet  ler.antt o ,uld hoon go out any day. Mid since  completing the treatment ha? been complott'lj  euird. He Koe.s out in the severest Manuolw,  woiuher mid f-xim.-crf liiiii"��-'ll 10 Kcveie r,\sts.  and the attacks have not returned. It certainly litis boon a blessing to him, and I frel it inj  duty lo liinhly icconiinend it to any pers m  troubled uith tics disciihe."  Cliirku's Kola Compound is the only pcrniaii  em euro for nsihina yet di-eovi-i'd, and it' ]ir��<-  eurtd over t-OUca&Op in Canada n'or:<i. Sold l>>  all drugtisls. bamplc' njiit to miy address  Knolo-se 6 cunt Ktninp. 'Adar's-8 iho<JnfTl lis"&  iU\cph<--r��on Co., Vtt Churoh Street, Toronto.  A  ToiikIi.  TotiRli   Kin If.  Fish feooin to have no sense of feeling, and many people believe tiiat the  A ISriffht Youth of  KighJeen SuftVrcil *����� |  angry   and   enelgotk-   movements   of  a  g/^-'tbOjtllreetor of the Kerlin Institute For  '^sJhfecfions Diseases.  s>o that ho  might  |sf^.'inaJie;a>;tho)-ouL;h exanjination of them.  '���''V^heFarrpw's  have  bamboo shafts and  ''Mle , , tipsjtafatVt 1��e poison lies.  " "'-!,���">'.��I!rofessor Bnoger extracted a tiuanti  ,' '���'' ^tygpt$:t.b.lB drug, aud after a earofu  ' '' '-'/i^'analy'slii'dlscovered that it acts almost  at  iiMii  11  M 1 J.  . t  r  Wliolly^pri'tbe heart.   lie says that if it  be-administered  to, a ;cold  blooded  or  i ���. ,'' -"^aptierxiic^pei-sCu it will'cause the heart  !'.". i ^ ,,'^beats'to, become very sluggish. ���whero-  "  f}T"aB'Mt'i.li[ jerite'rs the system of a warm  i- -'- blooded '"person it will produce many of  .'theVofdlhafry  symptoms of poisoning.  BUChVS'^'.d'jtHculty in breathing, cramps  and" ilpally:TUcath. ' ���  '   i,<   The'dfug-'i's apparently of a crystal  i -JIIne'Thature^and it is so powerful that  ! ''-t' va very! smallr quantity  is suUJeieni to  ''  i,^,  i1kili^a^str.OD^; man in a very few inlii-,  |,f ���''',%>'-; utes:i-7s'jUermiin   physicians  are  of   the  "' '"***.'" ppinion;?|ihat medical  science may  be  t"i'~*ir-1*"-1 greatly^-be'nefiteil   by a knowledge of  , , i^^lhis^rie'w^drug,   for   the   reason  'that,  ���,' tUp'ugli'it'poisouous   In   Itself,   it    may  \~ proVe5'usef��l. just as other poisonous  Jdrtigs^ayQ'.'done.  Its peculiar action on  ^vthe.''flieart:-^iias   especially   Interested  t   thVmV^it'ndtithoy are hoping! that some  \vray.^mayi%"be   found   of   rendering   It  n\'\[  p.  ii.i  t ii.  iMf  i mi  11  ,1  lis  11 \��  I  BeryfceabJe,",as a tonic.  w- ^'he^factjhat tho drug has been used  *forx^hturies in East Africa is. in their  ...        .    tavor, lor  that  ,    'l-^'opinlon;7;'rather, a point In its fa*\  i .'s",fiJthey,S:cannot   help   remoniberln  PITH  AND   POINT.'  As you throw away the stub of & cignr  it scorns easy to ijult.  Soino men take up mure time in talking  about business ilinn thcy'do in doinj; busi  n ess.  There'is not bins funnier than the .grim  determination' with which a woman will  hold ou to an end seat at a church wedding.  .Some people-have a way of fiudlnjj tho  little ��ood there is w you and encouraging it. but tho majority find your devil  and nag him.       r  Hungry Joe used to say tbat a chump  was born,every minute. That might have  boon true in Hungry Joe's time. Two are  bora every minute now.  rjllfri, p.,,*),  i '."'-'quinineKvvas used by natives for a lonfc  ���.,,. ,i ���, time^before Its salutary propprties be  ,;-4came,f.knQwu to, western physicians.-  '��� 7, > Ncw|l"York' H era Id.  tt1-  _/"* pjfixi-  MB  t "is'vJ4</..:^W.":-.:f*f.Ti)e Denth  rennlty.  \i    '-,&"-TBo";"lbng,{as the hiw of "a  life for a  i, ._ ; ,")j!\llfe"il8^acp('pii'il b.v civilized states tho  !i i   "-^T'gi'lm^question as<to the most humane  ( iu ',,J" f.'own'-{co^untry the old  method of hang  "��'*_   ing/rhyvt.he neck, has boon so far modi  ) fied^a^p'to   insure   the   instantaneous  ��� ' \* .deathTpf the culprit.' and  in  Aini'i-lca  fP()m    ^/'the^.sjimo end   Is gained' by  elcci'u-al  ,,"   ' VVtQP��*iH8^r 1 n some other states the death  .._ ,,-r-jpenalty/ is   enforced   In   a   far   more  ,.  ,, >1'!\';&h?1^tjy/i1I13'inn'-'''-    It  Ln's, been reserved  ol   rf*t^-f*^"^tu'e&lever .lapaneso,,to suggest an  ,'    ' "/other^systoni, which seems to tie both  f . |.sif"effective  and  at' the  same;time   free  ', Ia^vfX'omYthe reproach of Inhumanity.   The  "y!S��s-cpndenJuo(I   person <ls   shut   up   In   a  ^J^tli'a^glliatuber, and by means of pow  v'."Ar,f"erfui^pumps  the air  is  rapidlv   with  -, .\arawii from it, aud death at once en  t f.'^BtiesT'-'-Jl'lxperinient.s  on  animals  point  /^.jt^tjjeiconcfusion that  this method of  '^execution. Is quite painless.    It  is ob-  V-Vlous'jLhat if the principle of tho lethal  ldmitted.  there are many  making  the air  within  it  .Irrespirablc���Chainboi-s' .Journal.  FOR NINE YEARS. ��� Mr. Samuel  Bryan, Thedtonl, wrties: "For nlno years  I suffered with uh-erated sores on my leg;  I expended over, $10.) to physicians, and  tried every preprfiaciou I hi-ard of or ea"w  rHCunuuended tor buch dit-easo, but could  get no relief 1 ufc last was lecoramended  to give Dr. Thoiuus' Ech ctric Oil a irial,  winch has rebiiH-d, after ubiug eight bottles (using it internally and externally),  in a compute tuio. I believe it ri& tha  best medicine in tho world, nnd I write  this to let others knotv what it has don��  tor me."  WHAT   PAW   WOULD   DO.  fish when it is taught a;e <!i:o rather to  annoyance at losing its liberty than to  any sense of pain. I can coniirui this,  because 1 have over an'd over again  taken an undersized pike that has been  once or twice'eaught aud put back into  the water.  Upon one occasion three of us���boys  of the Old brigade���were fishing in a  small pool in a narrow, sluggish river.'  Jones caught a small p.he. and as it  was undersized, being barely four  pounds, he cut the hooks out of its gullet and threw the fish in again. Inside  of 'JO seconds .Jones caught the same  fish again. Once more be out out the  hooks, and this time be had to maul it  very much. Once more'it was kicked  Iii.  Then I caught it, still bleeding. I got  the hooks Out with difficulty, and before I could throw the fish in again a  terrier dog bit It half through. Then I  kicked the fish In. and Brown caught  it. At last we got so tired of catching  this fish that I throw it away iu disgust. It caught in the fork of a willow  tree and staid there Tor hair an hour,  ,wlion a crow attacked it. dislodging it  from the troc. but not before It had removed one of tho eyes. The selfsame  fls'l   was caught next day by the keep  er.  Sore   Buck   or  bide  Tho three, great vital factors  of this body cf ours are 'the  heart, the nerves and the blood.  It is because of tho triple  power possosi-ed by "Milbum's  Heart aiidNervePills of making  weak, hregular beating hearts  strong and steady, toning up  run down, shattered, nervous  systems and supplying those  elements necessary to make  thin, watery blood rich and  red, that so many wonderful  cures have been accredited to  this remedy.  Hero is the case of Mrs, R.  J. Arnold, Woodstock, N.B.,  who says:  "I was troubled for some  time with "ervous prostration  and general weakness, feeling  irritable, debilitated and sleepless nearly all tho time. My  entire system became ran  down.   As  soon as  I  began  flaking "Milbum's Ileart and  Nerve Pills. I realized that,  ��, they had a calming, soothing  M 'influence upon tho nerves.  Ej Every dose scorned to help the  E| cure. They restored my sleep,  ra strengthened my nerves and  1/4 gave tone to my entire system,  fa  1 think them wonderful!"  dor  bit  11.1  iti;  -chamber is admitted,  there are many  ' methods of  - ,t   .,- --  rp>t P  fict "  tin  ui'e  at  I !3  -   I  tin !  II B      ���  'T   f  \  ' 1 1  bJ '  1!"  I!  ps?   "-  ic-  \iK\\v?j;:K Way Thai  IrvliiK linn.  " .'^"! Ope'"bf Kir Henry lrvlng's chief qual-  -'"rIt'es?'is", an   unswerving  Iovalty  to all  (..lias^richds.  V^"lt^pfCsn happens that he ,ls questioned as'Ltb his opinion of a brother actor  or''Isohre - prominent   public  man.     Sir  *>.  i-v?  ^Ilenryjunfailirigly lias a nice, neat way  " ��� of \shutting   off   any   possible  queries  v'lTthatCcould tend to draw a derogatory  . "kvespressiou  ^���.'''���RitrBiird   MansbeidV"   he   will   say  *Vhpb;fyes. I know him.    He is a friend  f^ ,of-mint!." "   .  -1-     , It Js,'i'efatod of him that on one oc-  ^casioh f at    the    ("locnroom    club    iu  x i r"rJ-ioti(lou a  ���� H known journalist asked  k bhiivwhothoi   Colcmau  was not sonic,  "^ }\L\\ hat Won'   m plot in his dramas, . Irv  >\\,^hig' did^ ntit   (pnto  t.itch   the  quos'lion  *   f.aud/barelj   Iiciul   the  name.    At  any  >-'rate*7Mi'e  did   not   associate  the -tinino  \ v. Jwltlrthc Colonial) who bad been dead  J for more than ,i generatiou.  Is   ^  '"Coletnan '    bo  v all. "Oolciu.tu i-��  a mine:" '  r  6'!  s ml.    "Why, not at  i particular friend of  11 pjw c-ould liavo his way.  I boi  tliai party mii  den tla-re  Would   tie  some   channel   what   would   rriaUc1   tin  people blop mul stare.     ���      '  riscy   u-ouliin't   be  no  heroes  tlirn,   Oxccptin  milj  paw.  Anil   this  would   be  Ihr   greatest   world   a   buddy  ever saw. ,  Tliey wouldn't tic no bills fer gas nor tax fer folk!  to pay,  And cars would jisl be run  fer tun  if paw  could  lia\e his way.  If   pa-.v   could   have  his, way.   I   (juess 'the   iFrass  would prow .so quick  I'd ha%e to mow it every day to keep things look-  in slick.  And i-vpry lime my shies wore out they'd  be another pair '"   ,       '  Cecil)  to sprout   right off to keep  my  feet  from  gittin bare.  And maw, she'd  set around and smile, without a  word to say,  ��� Cut only  listen  all the while if paw could  hav��  his way.  If psw could have hd way. the men that'a holdis  office now ���   ,  Would never start to do a thine till paw had told  them how. -  They'd never i;o to war unless he said tbey ought  to fjo.  And they'd depend on him to show them how to  iicat the foe.  The  millionaires   would  every one  be  workin  by  tlie day.  And purty plad to have the chince* if paw could  ba\e his way.  If paw could only have hts way, the winters would  be hot.  And  In  tlie summer time the snow would  fly,  I  tell you what!  The   dry   speb's   always   would   be   wet,   the   wet  '   'spells they'd be dry.  And    wticn    the    sun    was   <jhtnin    clouds    would  , spread acro.st  the sky.   .  Then    Mari'h   would   be   October,   and' December  woiil'l be  May,  And   tliey'd   be   more   Sunday   mornings. ���_J.oo.   II  paw could have his way. ,*  If   paw   could   have   tits   way,   the   crowds   would  rheer fer hi in, I bet.  And  all   the fastiunable  folks  would   want  him  in  their set.  The people that wc know would all have less than  we bad (hen   ,  And wouldn't  leave us out  when they got o?rtir��  up  affen.  We'd  ha it  the  best  house  on  the street,  and nil  the folks would say  That they'd be j;lad if they was us. If paw could  have his way.  ���S. K.  Kiser in Chicago Titties-Herald.  Is Dromptly relieved of all pain by using Griffiths' Menthol, Liniment. This  remedy Immediately penetrates to the  painful parts, relieving iu a few minutes.  Menthol Liniment is superior to plasters  of any'kind for lame Iw-k. pleurisy, cold  on'chest, eto.    All druggists, 25ots.�� '  ,A   IMfiKUp   of  Sin ii 11 pox.  Smallpox is''cMrornoiy common In  Tunis aud wry virulent In typo, and  only recently out of the 1(50,000 persons who make up the population of  Tunis l-4."> died in one smallpox epidemic. Exposure to a high 'ompora ���  ture destroys the pflicacy .of vaccine  and hence it has boon found that vaccine sour out frtim France to her colo  tries during the summer is often inert  oven when it has boon carefully packed in ice.     '  TESTED, BY; TIML ���In his justly-  colebtated Pills Ur. Parmelec has given  to thtfworld oueof th- must u- iqne medicines offered to fcne public in la e, years  Prepared to meet tho want _for a pill,  whioh could be takeD without naufea.  and that would purge, without paio, It  oas met all r quirem.ittt* in that direction, nnd it is in general u e not only be-  can.-e of these two qua iti s hut beuau-e  it is known to pos e'as alterative and curative powers winch place it in the front  run* of  medicine1!  Amnteiir Pliototvraiihy.  Lot mo call attention to one of th<  n.ost universally popular mistakes thai  have to do with photography���that tit  classing supposedly excellent . work a,-  profossional and using tho tonn amateui  to convey the idea of immature prndm-  tions and to excuse atrociously poor pho  tographs. As a matter of fact nearly al!  tho gicutest work is being and ban al  ways hooa done by those who ,-ue follow  im; photography for the lnvo of it. anci  net merely for financial reasons. As tin  name implies, an amateur. is ono win  works for love, anil viewed in this ligh'  tho incorrectness of the popular cla^sili  cation is readily apparent.���Alfred Stu-jj  litis in Sci'ihiior's.  HIGH   LIGHTS.  Some Ilitn of Wisdom C<��i��ii��i-eHned Into  KIllMliVH ut   Wit.  Man is l.nowu.by the company he  keeps out of.  Only inferior people make the mistake of assuming superior airs.  When two women are said to resemble each other, both are secretly vexed.  Even when man makes bis own opportunities they are not made io suit  him. 'f r '  We never hear the same story twice  alike, even when we toll it ourselves.  Grandparents back up a self willed  grandchild because tbey feel partly to  blame.      ' . , '  One* of  the ' valuable   privileges   we  often .overlook  is the  privib'ge of uot  "saying anything.  After a woman has lived to bo 70 she  still believes that she never lias bad  her own wav. '  Work is our only safeguard against-  people who-would like to have us do  something'for them.  One of the queer things in life |s that  the frocks in old photograph's' were  once considered pretty.  ��� A man forgives bis sweet h oft rt for  trumping his ace. tint be always ro-  m'luds her of it after they are married  , When'a man firings his wife an unexpected pi'eht'ijt. it 'iimUi'M her fear be  has bought hiin>elf .-oiiiftliiiig ex  travagani  Minari's Liniment Cores Colds, Etc.  New  Zealand   OiIiIKIoh.  ' The crow in Now '/.<-aland strikes a-  sweet a note as any hoard in <he wood  land, says Henry I J. Lloyd in Tho Allan  tic. The lobin has no song and no red  breast: the native, hen is'the greatest ol.  rat killers; there is a caterpillar whirl  turns into a plant: These and some oth'  er productions of nature have' done for  Now Zealand what the kangaroo and th<  ornithorhync-hns have done for Atistrai1.-  ���given it tho suggestion of'oddity ami  the mii-veions. Itabbits and sweet briers  mtrodu?od'for pleasure, spread like wild  fire, aud is is an attraction to he duly ad  vV.M-ti.sod iu'tho sale of land that i! ha.-  hoert cleared of sweet brier and fenced  against rabbits, and then later the rabbi:  becomes" a pro lit instead of a pest and i>  exported   by   millionss to   feed   the   En;  lish  A MODERN GIANT  How Me was Conquered  by   a  Tiny, but Vicious Enemy.  , *!  ''I  ���frl  Toronto, December 23-��� Among the  older generation, in Jfnlmur and  Mono townships, Simcoe county, no  man is better known, nor more highly esteemed (than William Hall, formerly of Mono, btit now a prominent  Toron to contractor. Mr. Hall, in hii  younger days was a carpenter. He  was also the(strongest man in the two  townships. All athletic sports were  his delight, and in them all he excelled. His reputation aa * mechanio  was equally high.  ..iti  'Mi  Hi  They Needed Lllm. ,.,-  "So you waul a -job?" inquired the  manager of tho great mercantile establishment. "Ever had any experience  in this business?"  "Well. no. uot exactly." the young  man replied. "You see, I have just got  through college."  "Oh!    Did you play' football?"  "Yes: I was center rush in our varsity team last year."  "Good! And did you take any other  part in athletics?"  "I bold a, medal as a shot putter."  "I suppose you wen- in all the cane  rushes aud bat smashings too?"  "Yes. sir. I was the best bat smasher  Iu my class."  "All right. John, give this young  man work out in the wareroom. He'll  bo good at handling heavy boxes and  barrels and such things���a college graduate, you know."���Chicago Timos-Her  aid.  (iliiard's Liniment Cures Distemper.,  a  ,rood  A  Great  \Va(cliilf��&.  "Isn't     Brassey's    terrier,  watchdog?"' '* ' t.'  "I should say, he 'was. ��� After the  thieves had gone .through Brassey's  plate chest and carried off the con'teuts  Brassey, came bpme and ' found the  dog sitting on the cover of the box,  vigilant and bristling." ��� Cleveland.  Plain Dealer.  O. 0. Richards  & Co.  De.ir Sirs,���Your AlJNARD'o LINI-  ME.\T is our r. niedy   for  sore  throat,  colds aixl all ordinary ailments.  . Il\ never  fa.ls   to  relieve  and   cure  proruptlv. ��  CHARLES WHOOTTEN.  Port Mul grave.  TO THOSE Oli' SiLlili.KTA.RY OCCUPATION.���Men who follow sedentary  occupations," which deprive them of fresh  air and exercise, are more prone to disorders of tne liver and kidneys than those  who lead active, outdoor "lives The  former will flan iu Ptumelee's Vegetable  Pills a re-torativo without question the  mo-C ellicAi;i .u- on the market. They are  e:v��ily procurable, e.iEily taken, act expeditiously, and they "arc surprisingly  cheap considei ing' their excellence.  Mulvtns: Tilings   Wone.  When a man gets nervous prostration,  all   his   friends   remind   him   how   they  warned him years ago.���Chicago Record.  Parents buy Mother Graves' ^Yorm Exterminator because they know it is u safe  medicine for their children and an effectual  e.\poller of -worms.       ' ' ���  .>  Just as the lightbuoy is a signal of  danger to sailors, and the red light to  railway men, so has nature equipped  individu-ils with danger- signals of  one kind or another when their  physical condition is not quite right.  It may simply be a tired feeling, a  slight cold, weakness of the muscles,  i fickle appetite or some other sign-  slight at iirst���which indicates that your condition is not a  fyealthy one. . If the danger signal is not heeded, serious results will follow and a complete collapse may occur. I(n nine  cases out of ten the direct cause of the trouble is impoverished  blood, or weak nerves. You need "something to brace you up  ���to make your blood rich and your nerves strong. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is the only medicine that .can do.-this promptly  and effectively.    They strengthen from first dose to last.  Mr. Jonn Siddons, London, Out.   says:���L''I can speak modi-fayor-  1 ably of tins viituo of Dr. Williams' Pink P lis.   ,Th��v provo invaluable  in f-tiongiht uing and toning up the .-ysieni wleu debili.aied. Irving  n-i cl '.them tor st.iiie. time" pa-t I can s oak most, ravoiably of their  beufcfli.iai ic.-ults As i,n iuv goratui of the OJUstituiou they are all  th it ti.cy cla m to be.": J  Sold by all dealers or post paid at 50 cents a box, or sir boxes for  $2.50, by addressing tho Dr. ���Williams'Medicine Co., Brockville.  Xot  the  Fools Tbey  Looked.  The'augrj father strode into the parlor.  "Girls," he saidl "who are these  young men?" ,  "Papa," replied one of the daughters,  "this Ls Mr. Young, aud this is' Mr.  Yates."  Whereupon the old gentleman Invit-  iugly opened the door.  "Git!" he thundered.  And they got. A word to the Y's was  suflicieut.���Chicago Tribune.  Free and easy exnectaratlou immediately relieves and fives tho throat and lungs  from viscid phlegm, and �� medicine that  promotes this is tho best modiciiio to use  for coughs, colds, inflammation of the  lungs nnd all affections of the throftt and  chest. This is proeisely what Bickle's  Anti-Consumptive Syrup is a specific for,  and wherever used It has given unbounded satisfaction. Children like it because  it Is pleasant, adults like it because it relievos and cures the disease.  Why She Enjoyed  It.  On Sunday, ns a certain Scottish minister-was returning homewards, he was  accosted by an old woman, who said:  "Ob. sir. well do 1 like the day when  you  preach."  Tho in in!:;* or was aware that he was  not very popular and answered:  "My good woman, I am glad to hear  it. There are too few like you. And  why do you like it when 1 preachV"  "Oh. sir." she replied, "when you  preach I always got a good seat!"���  r.cottish Nights.  Sad to see people  advanced in years  fculteringfromBaek-  aclie, Lame Back,  "Urinary Troubles  aud Kidney Weakness. A hale old  ago, free from'pains  aud aches,, can only.   beattained by keeping tha kidneys right and tho blood pure.  DGAN'S KIDNEY PILLS  befriend the aged* by freeing them from  pain and correcting.all Disorders of the  Kidneys and Urinary System.  Mr.  Thomas  Ash,  an old resident of  Renfrew, Out., spoke as follows:  "I am 72 years of age, and have been  troubled for a .number of years with pains  across my back. When I would stoop  over it gave agonizing pain to straighten  up. I was so bad that -I could scarcely  vralk. I have taken many kinds of medicines, but got nothing to help me. Being  recommended to try Donn's Kidney Pills  I got a' box. After taking llireo doses I  noticed a great change for the better,  and I can now get around us smart as a  cricket. I can split my own wood and am,  In faot, just like a new man. "  Where can I get some of Holloway's Corn  Cure? I was entirely cured of my corns by  this remedy and I wish some more of it for  my friends. So writes Mr. J. W. Bhown-,  Chicago.  The  Xe��ro  Tn   tlie Sonth.  This is the conclusion of Booker T.  Washington's article in The Atlantic  Monthly: "So long as the negro., is permitted to get education, acquire property and secure employment and is  treated with respect in the' business  world, as is now true in the greater  part of the south, I shall have the  greatest faith in his working aut his  destiny in our .southern states."  Iml'.ttt inu   Ihe   Men.  "Yes, they nave two mantels in every room iu the new wonieu's clubhouse."  "What's that for':"  "I-'or the members to put their feet  on."  "The women put their feet on the  mantel?"  "Ws, they are made expressly for  them -just IS inches above the tlocr."  -Cleveland  Plain  Dealer.  AT   THE  WINNIPEG BUSINESS COLLEGE  We teach .Shorthand, all   Business  Sp*��.  jects   and   Telegraphy.      No   Holidays   al  Xiuas     Individual  Instruction.    Student*  may enter at any time.    Get Particular*.  G. W. DONALD, Sec.  LUCAS, STEELE & BE-STOL,  Importers of Groceries  friteHS. Hamilton. Out.  <!ii-cle  t cits  1..S. & 11. Coffees  1...S.& U. KxfcraotB  l,.s��..S U. ^pioes  HIGH GRADE .PLOWS. SEEDiNG MACHINES,  Car,In^o��, V\ auons, liarrows, AVitulniil.s,  &c.     COCKSHUTT   PLOW   CO.,   Win   ipet;.  MONEY TO LOAM AT SIX PER CEWT.  REPAYABLE IN MONTHLV INSTALMENTS.  THE B1RKBECK INV., SECURITY  & SAVINGS   CO.  IfAKES)   KOIUNSOX   &   KL.VCK,   A^ontft.  WINNIPE ���,    MAN.  Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in Cows.  Honesty.  "Young man," asked the proprietor  of the store, who was making the  rounds of the various donai-tmonts,  "bow can you afford to dress so elaborately and expensively on the salary  we pay youV"  "I can't," gloomily answered the  salesman. "I ought to have''more sal-  ���ar.v.' ,        ���...,'.  Minard's Liniment Cores DipMerla.  fiANVASSERSIffiKL'!!'?!  %J? South Africa   \   ur  t,n,,k<  iu  "in-),     ml  Dwlnht I . Mo.kiv. rlio 3I.-��n untl  Ills.  jMK-k!o-,i. 11. tliii-ii i,,,. H,,ik-i.iul entirtfuby  Uhe-ti io��,1; i I'liush i,f ,,id m.iitcr lik,- s-iirc of  ll'C 1> a,U< iilTi'iv | mi- <nl". Pr ' f�� :\;i :t tlo-vn.  ternn ��� .\ri t li!i ml, I',-. >���])���,-tti^ oi li->t !> mk", c ,  of .<p<otnl bo 1; .'l,.-.. , i- !> ,t:, -c-.r T.r> ���.. tun Mil t iv-  fn-iilfil Willi lli<t o'.d.'i- f r ti\-c li-i >k*. Willbun  U:iggs.Mclh"ilis! H -ok ,V t'n!\ H"iisi',Toionto  "odorless  THE MOST DURABLE  ON THE MARKET.  py  B  Tho Abovo Cut  Kcpreserits Ono of the  Most UKoful IuvetitiotiH oitlic A^oln  tho Wiiy of an Indoor Closet.  All who have used this Closet pronounce it  Absolutely oiKuloss and in dieal men claim ir to  be perfectly s-'iiii. ary. lltn-un-ds have been sold-  during the past year and have given entire satisfaction.       ��� ���  '  For Cutalog-tip mul i>rict- li-tt write  THE   ODORLESS   CREMATORY    CLOSET  HAMILTON", OX-V.  W.   N    V.   256  GO.,  Spine , years   ago,   Mr.     Hall    was  caught", in a terrific rain storm, ��� while  returning homo on foot, along a coun-  fry road,   a   portion   of   which   wan  ''corduroy,," running through an   extensive swamp.    In   the   darkness, he  got off the road, and stepped into   the  slush   and  mud   through   which   the  road was built.- He sa*ik to the waist,  and'only with the   greatest < difficulty  was ,able   to' rescue    himself.    Next  morning he. was in a raging-fever, rfhe.  result-of the exposure,   which,  would  have  killed  half   a   dozen   .ordinary  men.-   It was several weeks before tie  was well, and when  he "left vhis   bed  his left leg  was  four  inches   shorter  than the right.   .Rheumatism   of   ths  most extreme type   had  followed   his  stormy, adventure,   and,   as   the doctors said, crippled him for life.  Otily those who have suffered   with  Rheumatism can imagine the tortures  he   endured.     Day.    and    night, ��� the  agony,   burned   into' his   nerves   and  muscles, mailing his   life   a  ceaseless  iVround orf torment."   Doctor. after   doctor treated  him.    Some proposed   to  chisel a piece out of the bone   of   tho  leg;   others , said   nothing ��� could   do  him any good.    The, surgical   staff  of  ,the  Western Hospital, and a score   of  visiting physicians examined him and  decided he could never be cured.    Ona  doctor    bled  him,    drawing   away  a  large 'quantity of thick, stringy, dark- '  colored   blood,   heavily , impregnated  with pus.    Even this did no  permanent good.    Liniments, oils, and scores  of   "patent    medicines"    were" tried'  ���--without   avail.    Every   one   believed  there was nothing for it but to   suffer  till the end.    Mr. Hall found   greater ���  and greater   difficulty  e^ery   day,   in  moving about.    To walk a few  yards '  was hard labor.  ( One day recently he read of Dr.  Arnold's English Toxin Pills, and  concluded to try them. He did so,  and was amazed to find that his pains  grew markedly less. He purchased a  further supply of the pills, and used  them. As he did so, his sufferings  ceased entirely ;��strength and flexibility returned to tho once stiff and '  tortured limb, and health came back,  to him in all its vigor.  He is enthusiastic in his praises of  Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills,  which did foi" him what the doctors  and all other medicines in Canada failed to 'do���gave him tho power to  walk, gavo him freedom from pain,  cave him strength, health and energy.  Though he is Hearing the full measure  of the three-score and ten years allot- .  ted as a man's life, ho is infinitely  more sprightly, more quick and sura  on his feet, than many a man in the  full flush of manhood.  Taking thoso facts into consideration, his complete recovery is the more  marvellous. Just reflect that the  most skilful doctors in Toronto and  vicinity were unable to do more than  give him temporary relief; that different physicians pronounced his case  utterly incurable, that the staff of a  city hospital failed to find any means  of aid for tho sufferer, and then remember thtit a few boxes of Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills made a  now man of him���practically renewed  his lease of life���and say whether  Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills are  not deserving of a place in every  household. Remember alsor that Mr.  Hall had given nearly every "patent  medicine" on the market a patient,  fail-".and.faithful, trial before beginning to use Dr. Arnold's English  Toxin Pills and that not one of them  did him'.the slightest noticeable good.  Then say whether or not wo are  justified in claiming that Dr. Ar-'  nold's English Toxin Pills are the  only medicine known to-day that is a  positive cure for Rheumatism. They  are .the only medicine that kills the  germs that cause rheumatism. .This  is the one and only way to cure tha  disease.. ' ' ������      '  Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills,  the medicine that cures disease by  killing the germs that cause it, are ,  sold by all druggists at 75c. a box;  sample size 25c, or sent post paid on  receipt of price b}- The Arnold Chemical Co., Limited, Canada Life Building, 42 King Street West, Toronto.     -  I'  mamaaamsaaitaamnamiaBniian  nRMw'nuawwewaan  wsmmsmEmsm&mHii •urn-Haw  -^^wKih^lrrtN^M,
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/inm    !!/7nT7rP     T-ni-r^rrT
flffi II
Publishc-il jn the interest of (he people
of Moyie find Kast Kootemy.     '
*'..I.SMVXIT.*CO.l    -   -    -    ^L^hePs. rt>,Mr6- "    '' 'J
One Voar..,.
c"       ''_
SATURDAY, FEB. £7, 1900.
y»w«Mii»^M»»-rnrT-TITrn;n.,-,T  ^
Bottled Bee*
in Stook. f . c
P, J. SMVTflj C, li,       LEVVJS THOMSON. F, S
With the litigation over the townsffp
being mottled, Moyie'a troubles seem to
ho at an end.
The New Denver Ledjje  maintains
fliftt small pox is a  scab  disease, 'and
iherefore   should   be   strictly boycof-
fed.    It says that once it gets into ,a
country it kills competition find drives
other microbes   into   the Tugolo- of
Outside Orders Given'Strict Attention.
Assayer and
. Metallurgist.
"*■ ' " '    ■"■* 1
The boys from'the  Koolenays  will'
make a  showing   for   themselves 'in
South Africa   if,  the   opportunity   is
a fiord ed  them.    Being expert horsemen, good riflemen and used to roughing it.pb  the   frontier   they   will- be
nearer an equal to tlie Boer' than   any
bliws of .men yet jn (he field.
Moyie   Miners'  pmem
Meets In McGregor hf]! every Tuesday j
evening.    Sojourning', r»ernber6 ' are
cprdipHyJnyjtad fp attend.'
j 51. J,. ffouajsTEB,        }Y. B. Hockwg, j Pej»lli6
Wholesale   axid
Betajil Butcher^
(3HQJ?S   AT
All Kinds of Kougji and
Dressed Lumber,, Sashv
Doors m& gMn^Jegi f"', t
7 -'Cr
MOYIE,    ii. C.
FOH' JjRJCEff Al-l^X p,t iV]„1{_
0. ii. ^yiB. jftfgr.
' ' - • '■   , A. "■•-   /    ■- ..-        . '
Tl •'        r<? 'I   ' ~ ' ' ■       '..>'-^...      '■■■ ■r""''.'»i'»Uaa»wiaaMaa»r«r«->i),-r-- - - iiiiiihimi-- m,„„
Cor      . , Foi't Steele ^^^-^^^^^/^
or- ec^Oj'anbrook' Moyiq Wardner ^ [ The" only .house in East Koo^n
heated throughout with holair.    '    '   -4
ojfiOE;  Bank of 6omi«erpo pidg,
imuci iyp gTATiojrjsRy stori?.'
#f€€JLEWis THOMspsr,
Notary Public, Accouk-
l'ASrp,     COMWJ-SSrOiJ " AND
B£oyie, j   o.
3<qi potent modioinee, toilot
' articles, ofjico stationery
anH school supplies,.. t
Lending LrnRAnv; Xi you want a book 11
aak for ij, an.d' it will be  prpdured ' for'  *:
you without delay
i t
There is strong mlk of organising a
mock piirlmuient in Moyie at any early
(Jtilo.   Ah organization of this kind  is' Repairing 2sTeatly nnd  Promptly  Ex
a splendid one nnd U ono with   which ecu ted.    Special, Attention .Given
«11   young   men   particularly   should)        ,-to Mail,Orders,
identify themselvs.  In order to debate
W, v.qxtsd,
First class in  every 'respect.    Special ^
rates to boardery,  'Gopd samplo  room t
for commercial nien, ^'
European plan.   Open day and night, ^,-
~ **-» . y
BMAr.>-I^»Ml780^ATE. Pj-opn, |,
MQYIl?,  Jl- C
— .' "•"■'"aciiji.  au uiimr to ueoate ■ ',,.'■
intelhgeiHly   -one    must . necessarily  Suits    Made   -to     Ordl^r I mm-n"™
study and    familiame   hiWlf, with " '    . I McVittie   &' HutChlSOn
his subject.    Time thus passtd is never   SSlft^^ag^^t^^^aS^.^,. I -       "   y-VKjJ^x?ulli
lo.-t.    It is also the only wav in' whi.h       ^^f^V^^^^^^Cfef -     ,
bao can acquire a  habit of  ease   and -" ■        '   " , A       F-ire a-nd IM* assurance. Min.
'rri'^L*K'r Brokers, Land Surveyers and
ponyeyancers, .and  Notaries
self porisossion before an audience.    Jn
short, the bench"Ik to tic  derived  irom
an i.fhiir of fhis-sorl are   manifold.    It
, is a goo-l filing ; push it along.
■    "'    ■        (LIMITED,^ ',, -:----—-
1    I+i
1  '!:
!■ i .
Architect;'' Contractor  and'
Builder.    Complete   plans
.  ,',     '    . furnished   and" Estimates
,, An Eastern exchange publishes  the; 5^iven on all kinds_of -work
following s'jcret wt-.-k of the npwsjjaper /"^ of charge."
press associatioii:'Tiie enter sigh con■ 'BlOVip ' B    C''
L3'i n/iln ».i   f t
You  will find a, full  line of
^general  hardware,  including
,     Stoves, .Tinware,
Agateware,   Oils,
Public-  ' '■    .  iPaints,Glassware
Leave o«W.l  reader   Ofilce. XOYXB  I "   ' ' '    ^ ^ S°liC5teti«
mmg JELaonmery,
•s;sts of three   kicks  on   the   sanctum
door, which will.be/jiven with deliberation.    \'ou will the'n remove your hat
and advance to the centre of tho roorp.
Place  your  right hand   Iricside   your|
pants pocket, thumb and finger tightly
clasping two silver dollars; extend  the
a;in nnd drop fpe two   silver   dollars
into .the   outstretched   palm, of   the
-editor,'and   at ,fche   sa.me .time'  say,
/'Send your paper to me.'-'    The editor
in response will m.urmur,"Thankyou,"
after you will be /eatud  and- 'tell' him
all the news.    Jf it should happen that
you are without silver dollars, try   two
papor ones.
T. B.' COLLlJSS, l'rop.      „
' By Seudijig Your \Vork y0 tho
. wi ikwmY.
Moyie,.-B; JO/
- f
g '
Vyhclesale Dealer in
Produce, Butter,
Egffs,- Oiieese,
Fruits, Oysters, Etc.
Wines, Liquors and
Gigurs.   Drewry's
Celebrated Ales.    .
Stout and Lager.
Golden Key brand
of Mineral Waters.
Rossland Beer in
Kpgs and Bottles.
.^.gent for Pennsylvania  Oil   Refining
pp.    Correspondence invited.
CKANJ1JOOK,    u. C.
¥"* ypJ?r o'utflt.    The largest eiock in
East Kootenay.
' t
EEiD & GO.,
Cranbrook, B. C.
K. J{. & >r. Co.'s Time Card I
B.   S.   ALBERTA—Leaves   2STel.sun |
for Boiihejs' Perry Tuesdays and   Saturdays at -J a. m., meeting steamer In
ternaiioiial fi-orii Kaslo at Pilot' Bay.
Sqtjirnjijg 'fcayjjg Bonnew Ferry   a j.
■8 lh "?■ W.^^days arid Sundays.    !''
ROBT. 3RVING, Manager.
The aboye hotpl i3    ' >
neatly   furnished.
Board ^5.00 per week
Per day $1.00 and up.
,      jewelry:
Just received a splendid   line
of fine jewelry, and silverware      '
for the holidays. ' A  suUStfle
stock to selectan Xmas pres- ■
,ent from,    '
W,P. TATE,,    ,
Cranbrook, B, 0. JEWELER:
Repaired and Made to Order.
B, A, SMITH3      Moyie.
1 .;>
• '(f '.'
".-' '?'..■
* y.
! ' J-
» r jS
-BRK1VKRS .OF— t     ,
*' '*» ?
R. fiie .jerer.aMd Co., frops.
Orders 'Promptly ArrENDED to.
NgLSOISI, b. e
Tbe bar is supplied  with
!        ■     the   best'brands of Liquors and Cigars	
Fort Steele Mercantile
COMPANY. cUmjtbp.)
Wo carry complete lines of
Men's Furnishings, Boots and
Shoes, Groceries
and Liquors. , ,
Mail Orders ^iven Prompt Attention.
House Lining
f rioes (Sivm
and   Orders
Taken on
in the Printing
Line/at the
CfbbopopJj,  ~ F«r|:8teoJo   -,-»  vyg?anpr,
Plans and   specifications
given   on   short   notice.
Union wages  paid for skilled labor.
< Moyie, B. C.
ASD SOp:.-PACIF|0 TjjfB.
!ngl§ fm   Return r
and Winter Carnival
B. C.
Good   washing.    No  chemicals   used.
Prices heap cheap.   Near Moyie' hotel.
Was!.;   Irbti   ahi irjarli :,|irlt  rjiik
Picers cheaner tliaii anybody.
Feb. 15.      to     Feb. 17.
Agents And Pursers.
Revelstoke and South,
Fernieland West
SELL   TICKETS  Feb.    12th,   13th,
l'lth, i'Sth and I6tli; lir/iiting going portibti iti dale ot saie^ ah tl re
turri poriioh gobd io  leave Ross
.   iatitl lip' lb J'bB. 18.
Kelson, jan. 29, iooo.
B. 0
. Dhristmaa is coming. Get
your pictures taken lo spjuI
borne. PREST, the photographer, will visit Moyie on
each Saturday,; Flashlight
pictures taken at the Moyie
or fit your room or house.
Lbtivrj your orders at once-
No libe to dbhiy;
Cranbrook,     Moyio,     irort Seole.
IVnntoil, a I'nrlmir.
To pjjy half intrest ni brewery.Jor fl-
loan of $:700 dollars, on good in*!refit.
Object, to ^increase the brewing
business.       ;JOS/NlEDERSTADT.
MINERAL   ACT    ;p)jfj.
(FQjnr v.)
Ubbtifioate of Improvements.
Society   Girl,   8ky   Pilot, ' Bnnio Fritctfou,
Diamond Jubilee, Black Pine, Sniper, Klondiko
nnd I3ocr Fraction Mineral Clafms situate in
tlio Fort Steele Mlnlug Division of East Kootc
nay District.
Where located: -On Sfoyie Lake,
Take notice thatJ, Thos, T. McVfttlo, fageut
forChas. C. Farrell, F.M.C. No. B OC07, ami   ,
Timothy Farrell F.  M. ci   No. 807S3 A,] Free
Miner's.Cortlflcaio No. ji 0691, intend, sixf.ydays
irom tlio date hereof,■ to apply to the MfiiitiK
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose ofobtafnfngaCrowh Cirant of tbc
above claims.
And htrtliei' take notieo that,'actJoli, under
■sooliou 87, ihliflt be coiilmehccd beforo the -is-
finance df fltltih CJdrti.flcatc of Improvements.
•    .      .      .  ." Til OS. T. McVITTllS.
Dated thiaGth day of.Decembor, 1893.
-r j
;• •»■$
i       lfi   J:
i goes la ur'i» uHuam *im^ ».^„:_"    ,-.- -.; „. w.__ _ . , i


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