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The Moyie Leader Feb 15, 1902

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''IfcJ   I'Ol-
1k! com-'
will, bs
dress goods, flannels, rlannelctts, canton flannels, prints,
cottons, linens, sheetings, inuslina, silks, laces, ribbons-
|'up our big stock, of mens' goods—serge suits,'worsted
bed suits/shirts, collars, neckties, underwear, top sbirt.«;
' mekinawrf, and sorting over pur heavy stock of ■    "
ig over all our complete stock of groceries. In   other  words
'•'  'Stock TAKING ,    \
is the timejor bargains iri remnants, and   in   all goods we
ear out in order to get our stock   cleaned   up   for spring
juiiing in.
'       *    COMPANY.-
?^« ^5? ^? ^w ^S" ^*>? "^k.* """sk* >**>* n,*»* ^
St. Eugene May Start
about May.
Manager, Oronin   Believes
that, Canadian Lead In-
(     dustry...Should  Be .;
Assisted: ■■
,-er.j sol'l
1 t i
JFaid Up Capital'  $3,003,033.
V, B C.
K\" A.^MacKenzie, ' Proprietor.' '      ',
,    ■ , , * ■    .-<■ \       - < •-
rtel for, the ^masses.   Everything  First1
very; ^respect.   [Sample Rooms  for
Commercial Men.   ;
Sritisli Columbia.
ijfiSAtrli^UEJit BliOS',   JP^'opS.
Lar^c sample room* in"/ connection
villi house for commercial men." Best
adquarters for* Commencial arid  Mining  fVleriJ
movie, b. o.   iK
All indications now seem to point
'to a, brisk spring and summer in
Moyie. » In all probability the St. Eugene mine and mill will be in operation by May first. ,Of course the price
of lead will have much to do with this.
Manager Gronin seems well pleased
with the way in which'lead is advancing and says he would not oe surprised
to see it high enough by the first of
May to justify- the resumption of ope'r-
ttions. lie is of tbeopiuiou that the
surplus of lead is becoming pretty well
exbaus'ed, owing to so many of the
lead producers .beings shut down, and
that the price will„ naturally rise in
consequence. .
' Mr. Cronin firmly believes in protecting and fostering the manufacture
of lead ■ products ' in Canada. "At.
present"°he' says "pig lead ,o shipped
all the way to Germany to. be manufactured into'<white lead, lead pipe,
etc., and is. again shipped back to
Canada and sold to .the Canadians.
Why not manufacture the bulk of this
lead at home and avoid haying to pay
the expense of shipping it abroad and
back? I believe siboutciO per' cent ol
the lead mined in Canted a is used here".
This amounts to about 13.000 tons a
year. I also believe that, the smelting industry. in Canada should be
given further assistance by the government. The bounty on-pig lead is all
right in its way, but it is not enough.
It should be doubled, of at least made
at the rate of $5 a ton ' for a dennite
period of years, instead of art a 'decreasing scale, ££at present."
,Work iri the mineMe .progressing
very favorably, The .drift from the
100 foot level of the stiaft .is . now in
about 800"feet. Even though this is
below the level of Hie lake the seepage
of water is very slight arid... easily
handled. Four men were added' to
the force this week.     .   ;
Fred Frith has been on the sick list
this week.   -
Karl Neitzpl and wife formerly residents of Moyie, are now living' in
For the Rossland Winter Carnival
the C. P. It. will issue return tickets at
S'ngle fare Feb. 20 and 21, good for return till Feb. 2L For full particulars
apply to local agents. ''
', The Coserove ' Merrymakers ' are
going to tour South East Kootenay
and will appear in,, Mpyie about the
2-lth of this month.
M. Mclnues was   in 'town  Wednesday.
Landlord Deaaulnier of' the   Central
ho'tel was iu C ran brook Tuesday.
Mrs. P.  J.   McMahon has  returned
from her visit to1 Elko:
James    Smith, * brother    of    Bob
Smith,,the shoemaker, is > here ou—a.
visit frouTMoosej&w.
>P.   J.   Cahill   was   in     Cranbrook'
Kootenay  and Yale
THe Reduction was Made at
the Reques'tof the Man_^„
„   agement o of °the
Smelters, ■ -
The Crow's Nest Coal company has
made a reduction in the price of coke
ToTmrsmeltersof Kootenay, and Yale.
The   price   at   Fernie   was   formerly
r iiWioiitfiteiwuf i'mn"h iKwi'iili^in iranlniM
Jemme a variety of Jelly Powders which
v^ejtnink yoii would like;   Hr^ -*-"
Some of the
, ,v-j.-;-iV'^Vc-'k<-
aocSSiTE!   .
,-. 'V
L'EMOH  _ ^.^
Cranb'rook Odd Fellows' D(£uce^
She members of Key. City lodge
I. O. O. F. gave o 'very enjoyable, dance
at Cranbrook laai-\Monday, evening.
There were.nearly 200 people- present,
the surrounding towns .being, well
represented, .fivery. feature of the
ball was above criticism, and .the Odd
Fellows oF Cranbrook certainly made
a hit as entertainers.
. f ITER
7i, \f-
^ j    ■ InTT'in-     II ft \f& IflrSrt,
iff iMfc
Fefe. 00, 21, &21
.....   -      . \    ^. . .
"#ift Issue Return Tickets
AT ...
j'V ,.• r^-'v
Full Particulars '.From ; Local  Agento.
G>- Hillier, Agent, Miiyie.
Dist, Tass. ArU AsVtGen. rnsc Apt
jjpHiw, Vfinc<)Y?r'
Pat Higgins returned from Rossland
■ Chief Magistrate Armstrong was in
town Tuesday and held Email debts
court. " '
' P. J. McMahon was up from Elko
James HowarUr,, an electriciori of
'Fernie, was in Moyie yesterday. "    -
Gr. T. McGregor has abo'ut decided
to go to New York to consult a specialist. He will probibly leave here
about March first.
Miss Soper left for Kimberlov, where
she will vitiit fona.f'ew weeks.
P. J. Bonner    received   a   telegram
tins week fmm his wife in Ontario   informing him that he was the father  of
a  bouncing  boy.    Paddy,    of course,
feels highly elated over the eVent.'
The weathttr has been very mild
during the past week.
Johnston Bros, and Desaulnier Bros,
are cutting and storing a good supply
of ice for their respective hotels.
A social dance was given at the
Cosmopolitan hotel last evening-and
those present had a very good time.
E, J. Peltier; the wholesale liquor
man of Cranbrook was here last Monday soliciting orders And collecting.
"X heard tliat, Moyie Was quiet/'' said
Mr. Peltier to a Leader representative,
f,but I can see no evidences of it.
Why, in th'o three hours. I have been
in town I have collected $60Uand have
taken soverai largecorders for goods.
No; Movie'is not dead by any means."
$•1.50 per ton to large1 consumers and
this has been reduced 50 cents per ton
on account ol the lov( price of metals.
The Canadian Pacific railway, accord;
■ing to the statement o? one of its representatives/has reduced the cost of
hauling'coke from Fernie to ISTelson,
25 cents per ton and from Fernie to,
the Boundary 50 cents a ton. This
makes the cost of coke to the Nelson
smelters 75 cents. less and to the
Boundary smelters $1 per ton leBS than
it formerly was. The Canadian Pacific
has,made the. same reduction in the
cost of the haulage of coal. These reductions should be of t material 4 assistance to the. smelters.
„The reductions were made at the
request'of the man a gem cut .of - the
smelters, who'though representatives
interviewed the"officers of iho Crow's
Nest company and the' Canadian
Pacific railway, company.
' The   North   Star is' working about
twenty men.    The  principal   work  ig   ■
' The amalgamated town8 of Grand
Forks and Columbia have decided to
retain the name of Grand Forks in'
stead of Miner, as was first decided.
Travel from White Horse to Dawson!
is good, ami   people   who, have   been
out3ide are now returning in a stream/
Parties'are leaving Dawson for Koyu-
kuk, 700 miles away, and also for Forfcr
Yukon, 500 miles. °
"It is expected   that   a  permanent
telegraph' company will be established'
between Vald„es and Eagle  City   next
Jnly.    Wires have already been strungf
25 "miles beyond Copper Centre.       ■   '
, At the meeting of  the  city  council
at Nelson last Wednesday evening ex- ,
Chief Lillie was re-appointed   as' chief
of the fire department.
The Nulson junior hockey team are"
-practicing hard with a view to entering for the iumor hockey champion-'
ship of British Columbia, which will be' "
contested for'nt Rossland on the 20th,-
21st-ond 22nd. . "        •
It is   now   almost  an   assured  fact  .
that the Crow's  Nest   Coal   Co.   wil?
build and cpndnct a store of their own1
at their mine at Fernie,  notwithstanuV- ,
ing the hard fight which is being made1
against it by the people of the town: --/'
The C. P. It. is developing'"plans   to" -
run a transcontinental train this sum"-"
nier from,the Atlantic   to  the  Paciirc-
Iii  three  days.    Tho  equipment' will**
be' entirely new and cost ^1,000,000'.-
The   Similkameen   Coal   Comp'ai^
have completed arrangements  for   the?' -
transfer of the  sawmill   plant   of' th'e* •
Fairview   Lumber   Company   to    tire*,,
townslte   of     Ashnoia'.     They  , have*
Joe Xarlln as Leader.
Vancouver, „Feb. S.—»The Liberal
convention has decided to draw party
lines, in provincial politics. Joe
Martin ii selected leader receiving 47
votefi out ot 90?.ud Maxwell is recommended for cabinet position at Ottawa.
Martin pledges himself and five others
to oppose all measures uutil av redistribution bill is brought before' th'e house.
Hew York—Bar silver, ooji cents,
Lead, $i.l2£.   Copper, .$12.AG.
LosdD'n—Lead, £11, 12a. 6d,
Census Figures.     ■
Frorii th'f"' census reports sent out
the population ofahe towuc cf South
East Kootenay p^re given as follows:
Fernie, IGiO.     .
Cranbrook, 119C'.     >
Moyie, 582,
Fort Steele, 35?.
Kimbe.rley, 100. ,.,  .
Of course these figures were -taken
so.rie time ago, and.,the, population of
most of the towns have inaiemlly in-
erea-ed since then, notably. Ferniq.and
Cranbrook. ,Then there r.re the towns
of ISiko, . Marysvillc, . Michel and
Morrisscy that have grown :up during
the intcfim.—Cranbrook J feral d.
Asked.      Bid
Crow's Nest Coal....'. .SS0.00   $'72.00
St. Eugene'.. .' '....'     1.00       ..'..'
North Star...;.....:.'.       27
Sullivan... t ;..'.'..._.,     9i
VuvA Jensen's Ililciumn.
Paul Jensen is in a, pickle. Paul
leads a Gort of an. aristocratic life, but
when a suitable job tunis up he i.s not
averse to.work. If, there is any one
j'ob.that Paul likes better than another
it is cutting ice, so when.- the ,Iake
co'nmienced to freeze over Paul began
to amile. He would soon, have ,a,job.
But now Piiilil is .sad. The.ice is ,hcre,
but Paul has no more job than a
jackrabbit.' When he asked for. work
ho was told ,.that none but married
men need apply. Paul wasn't niafr-
ried; ;;ftnd thereby .hangs 'the tale.
Paul came id the Leaded offics; with
■his-troublea, and , we referred him to
the ^oliceinanJ, We told, Iijm of the
rich American,;lady, who .y}aa ndyer-
ti3in.gin Moyie fo'r ,a man a .fea'
•.yeeks si^ce, but he did not. cr.ro to
listen.; P.erhaps.he had tried* to win
this same fair lady's, hand .and"/lost,.
Who   knows?''.This' is   a   cold,   aad
Press Oi)inioiis,
The following are some of .;the opinions expressed on the Liberal convention by the Provincial Press :—?
The fragmentary Liberal convention
at Vancouver has declared for party
lines, and most people are asking what
is going to happen, no?/, 'If the convention had been ^harmonious and
reached such a conclusion, there
m igb t bo sc'm e o bjs c t i n s necu 1 a ti n g.
ou tho consequences; but as Ehiuga
have turned out, the wisest .course,
seems to be to await developments.—-
Colonist. - -
There \r, one circumstance v,rorth
noting in connection ivith the, new
executive cf the Provincial Liberal as-,
sociation, and this is that the-L'iberals
A'/ho were loudest iu denouncing the
Duusmuir _, government are among
those who bolted the convention, while
the Liberals w.lio have evinced a willingness to support the present Prcy-
viucial administration occu'p.y most of
the offices in-the newly, formed organisation.— Nslson Tribune.
signed a con tract with the company'
for the cutting of 50,000' fe.et of lum-"
ber. : . .- '    -
Troutilo at Altlrirtjjo.
. . Section Foremahv Anderoon cf
Aldiidgo lmd Eobt. Scarf> onQ of his
section men, arrested this week, for
assault. Scarf is a ; big. b.nsky . Sv/ods
and was in the habit of pommeling .his
boss every .once in a, while... Anderoon
o-ot tired, of   tliia   and   sft'Ors. out   a
The Bunker Hill   &  SuTfivSB~"Mi&--~
ing &|Concentratirig company  in   th^ ,
Coeiir dAlenes has declared  dividend1
.No. 62 of $21,000, payable in February^
This "makes the total paid   sift'e'e  Ja'ri»" '
uary 1,1902, $42,000 snd total to datcr
The   marquis  of -DnfFerin,   former
governor-general of Canada, and   win",
had filled many high diplomatic'  posi-"'
tion3   in   the"   English   service,   died'
Wednesday morning at his  residence*
at Claadeboyoj county Down, Ireland."
Lord 'Dufferiri had  b'sen   long   m   i
bealth.   He passed a-vHy   peacefully
after a night of total uncoriscioiisneBcT
>ioyie VPil! «o Beprcieeiitcdt
Sloyio will have a fdll  representd-,
tion at trie meeting of tile 'Associated
Boards of trade,' whicli will be held  at^
Kasio on February 26th'. ' At a special,
meeting ot, the  board  held   Thursday,
evening three delegates  .wore  selected,
to represent, the Moyie  board.    There,
are James  Cronin. A.  P.  Macdonald
and Victor  Desaulriier.    Several   iui-
portant issues  will  come up  for dia-
cussion, amongst^ theni being the lead
question which id of vital  importance
to tho people of the' Kootenays,
Sam Grrfiit FleUtrne.
Sam Grant, manager   of   the aMoyie
Lumber Co.,   returned   last , Sunday
from Fairbault, Minnesota,   where   he
has been tcr several weeks  on   a visit,
Mr. Grant predicts a ls.velj'  season   in
the lumbering business, there being  a
big demand for .lumber   in. the prairie
districts east  of  here,    lie says , his,
company may increase the capacity, of
the mill before the end of the year.
JolVriee niu\ ''Denver" Alurllr..
Portland, February 12.—At a meet-,
ng of the managers of, the Pastime
Club.of this citv vcatcfdiiy, it. was de-t
cided to ofTer a purse o.f !?1,5,000 for &
2.0 round contest .hetwean -champion.
Jeffries and "Denver" Ed Martin, thd
contest to take pjaco sometimo in-
May. A. ^certified check will.be deposited .by, the club as a, guarantee of.
good faith, .bu-ihe-accep'tauice of the
proposition by both,men.     -
iva'rranl fof, his arrest.    Ho   was   tried
Oftul JcttBen.  ■'■    '. • ';   '['■'^li-'. . ■        ■''■•■"'■'!:''•'■. : I
The individual who is, ,said.. to havQ
stolen a red-hqt, stpve .is ^chpsed by;
thieves in Kei;n cQiintyj, who/the other*
day, stole the .unfumigat.ed county
pest house;—San Francisco Star.
LjIs (in Victoria street,on'easy
Ti>ents.    See 7), J. Eloun-.
n.i^> m t^-rnr-. T-Tnfriiffifc  ai''g'<5'3iM*Wig'^  MTM ������B^HCIW MU f ������jfj^f, WlW-j  IB.  Published in the interest of the people j miles.    Ha \-;��-p eleven hours  going to  'and be" was  compelled   to   wear   the  snows;:oC3 from the cabin fo the Mur-  ���j;jVS!SrlS&2SSttSrzZ2!^^  3t��VW:aBMUaaaiMKa��agga^^  ^^Bsezt^  o.jTo.  ��=7  cf'A-fc;/<3 ?.r���dTaGt Eootosrty.  -t-<-j  --.- ~�� v. rsirea a co.:  -  -    PtibJJcbers.  r./-Ti;3 CFSDICC^.IPTIOIT.  ."c Tear..  ....52.00  o  s^ATURDAY, FEB. 15. 1902. .���-  -'    Even  license  commissioners  iheir little troubles.'  have"  Wallace  ��nd   \rasr pearly    ezli&usted-i  when he roacf.ied there. ' It  is 'almost<  aii act of'criminal' negligence   for   a  miner to work   jtlono  in   an   outlying  tunnel end, should   be  publicaily'*discouraged.     Tho   life   of    mining    is  dangerous  enough   when    there    are  many to assist the injured, much   lest  take the chances in a tunnel alone, wr  from any means of comnumfcatici:   or  source of-assistant. '     -'   -  Asthmalene Brings Instant Belief aria Perma  nent Cure in all Cases.  luy Your Drugs at  GEHT ABSOLUTELY FREE Otf 7/ECEIPT OF POSTAL.  -WHITE VOUK' JTAME.4FD ADEBBSS PLAIH&Y."'  There ia .'nothing  like Asthmaienp.  It brings instant   relief,   even, in alio  It cures  when -all cho  A loving woman will keep her heart  warm,as Iciii* as she lives, and Jier hair  blaektasioug as she dyes.  worst cajes.  fails.,  The Rev. 0.   F.   WELLS,   ol' Villa  OTJCK: j Ridge, III, "says:    "Your trial bottle of  TakcnoUeotliatiiiave applied to iho chief ^stbmaleiKj ieceived in good con'di-  commissiouer of lauds and works, Victoria, } tion. I cannot tell yOW how 'thankful  Jl. C, ior r special license to cut and cuiry awfly  The individual who is said   to  have  stolen a red-hot stove  is eclipsed by  -thieves in Kern countv, who. the other.  ,       ���   . ',       .. , ' -   rollowiiiff tho creel'. 1(50 chains south; thouce 40  day,  stole   the   uniumigaled- countyi chams' cast. theuc^ieo chairsubnh ro place of  pest house.���San Francisco Star. coimncncmcnt, eoutairiing cio ncrej*, moro or  less,-      ' ,-'-'.'  Dsted Jan. 1.1002.      VJCTOB. DESAUENIRR,  4���30., ' ' ' J    ���'       '  timber on the following described vacaut Crown  l.iu'ds in the soiiflipra division of the JEiitt Kootenay district^ B. C. Commencing at n post  marked Vic Dcs&ulnicr planted ou the fast  side of Irishman erosion th.o north-side of the  railroad track,-running40 chains, v/Cst: thence  ^lore's eneouiagement for Iho medical profession.    The widow of n Pennsylvania doctor has iust received a, Ict-  ���ler signed  "Conscience, stricken;"  en-  Tako' notice {hat I hnve applied, to' itic Chief  comiuisijoner'oi I:.nds and �����i-ci3:s, Victoria,  closing a sum of money which tht j| H, C, for a special. license to cut amj cany  writer says-was due Lor .huabnc.l for I "?ny liulVor ou th^ '����i]owiug de.-cribed 'vacam-  ijcrvicca rendered-nearly 20 .year's ago  1 feel for the good derived   from -it.    I  was n slave, chained with putrid   sores  throat andjAsthtna'for   ton  years.    1  despaired of ever'being cured.    I  saw  /our advertisement for tho c^re'of this  dreadful.and' tormenting' disease"; Asthma, and thought you Lad overspoken  .-yourselves, but resolved   to   give  it a  trial.    To,my astonishment,' the   trial  acted like a chai;m.    Send  me a  fuli-  ;>i.-e bottle."  ^"(f >ee. i> ���*  ���} r ���"."-"��� 'TO p-r,. 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Cahlll, running c.^t  1G0 chaius; thence south"-10 chains, thence Jwesi  ICO chains; thcucenorth-JO ebaius to place of  commeucemeut,_coktaIimiijG-10 acres, more or  less. ' "   L.CAU1LL.   '- ,  liatcd Jan. 2, JW2. '       .' s-ZO.  \    Awa-S  i  ���^.���tf~.J**i-%  J  At last accounts there was more gold  .' inVthe United States" treasury than  ,; could be found in the treasury of any  ���;v other nation in the world." In round  . 'numbers" the figures are-: United  ',''.States, $545,000.000; France, $478^000;  \'f Russia,' $329,006;'' Austria-Hungary,  i'_f $225,000;'Germany, $224,000 j-Bank of  ;"' England, $172;000."      '*" .       "'  ,   NOTICE. ' ���      .  Take notice that J have applied to tho'chief  commissioner of lands and   works, ��� Victoria,  B. C, for a special iiceu se to cut and carry away  timber'on   tho  following   described   vacaut  Crow.ulands in the southern division of the  East Kootenay district, 33. }i.   Commencing at a  post, on the  west side of Gfrlbraith's   rpncli,  block M'fiS, on north side of railroad track. wha;h  which post is marked Edward Iiesauluier, running 1G0chains-wc-st: thence 40 cl'.cius south;  thenee-lQOobains'eBKr, tbcuce  -10"chains north  to  place  of cojnmencemonl, 'containing  Mo  acres, more "or less.    EDWARD DESA (JLSIER.  Dated Jaij. 6,1902. ' '        4���39  \ve"can   state  that Asthmalene con--  ��� ^Millionaire Schwab  says  he" didn't  gamble at Monte���Carlo.    Hejqst  bet.  ' J'Wheri T won,'' he adds, f'l"left all the  monsy oa tha table 'for the wt play'.  .Seeing tins, some'stiipit English jou?-  'nalist called it'plunging;'    Why,* if I  broke the   bank   the   whole   amount  would not give me a thrill."   Uow will  the newspapers apologize?' ���    e  *'So long as there is vyood to' saw in  . the "world, I need no gymnasium/' re--  ' marked a cynic, listening to a discussion as to where exercise was necessary for grown men.' In the, same  .spirit oiip, might conclude that so long  as there are intelleotutil problems to  tackle, one needs no game of skill.  Doubtless the realities should have  precedence.  ul1 ' wJWBBflea  ,r'(*f.  A boy can sit on a sled six inches  square, tied to a ^sleigh moving eight  mile3 an hour, but couldn't sit on a  sofa five minutes for a dollar, says an  exchange. A man will sitr-on an inch  board and talk politics for three'  hours; put him in a church for forty  .minutes and he gets' nervous, twists  and goes to sleep. A" man will fill his  mouth full of tobacco juice till it runs  down his chin, and thinks nothing of  it,'but the sight oi a hair in the but-  , ter kills him.  ���The provincial Oazet'.e at. Victoria is  -one of (he biggest enemies with which  the newspapers of the province have to  contend. All legal advertisements  must appear in this publication, notwithstanding the fact that it has  scarcely any circulation and is seldom  seen by those for whom the notices are  intended. All legal notices should require to' be published in the local  newspaper, and this alone should be  Huflicient. The Provincial Gazette ib  a useless tide issue and its- only mission on earth is to give fat salaries to  a few will fed grafters on the coast.  "   ���-' NOTICE.  c Take notice that 1~ have applied to the Chief  commissioner of glands aud -works,' Victoria,  B. C, fora special license to cut aud carry away  timber on tho folio-wing described vacant Crown  lauds'iii the southern division of the East  Kootenay district, B. C. Commencing at a  post marked O. Desaulnier'planted about one  and one half miles,east of Tochty ou tho north  side of the Canadian Pacific railway. P.minlng  west 1G0 chains; 'thence south 40 chains; thence  east 160 chains: thence north40 chains back to  place of commencement, contaiuing 6-10 acres,  more or less. , , O. DESAULNIER,  Dated Jan. 2,-1902. " ��� 4���39..^-  , Notice to Delenqiienfc Co-Owner.  To Otto 1J. Johnson, or to any person or  persons to whom he may, have transferred his  iuterests in the May Plo-iver mineral claim,  situate about five miles.no'rth of Fort Steele in  the Fort Steele Mining Division.of- the district  of East ICooteuay, B. C��� nnd recorded in the  recorder?* oflice of the Fort Steele .Mining  Division.  You, and each of yon, are hereby notified that  Ihave expended one hundred and'iuu dollai.i in  labor and improvements upon the above-mentioned mineral claim m order to hold said  mineral claim under the 'provisions of the  mineial act, aud if v.ithiu ninety days from the  date of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute youi proportion of such expenditures together with all costs of advertising, your interests in said claim will become the property  of the sub subscriber under section -1 of an act  entitled ?'au act to amend the Mineral Act  1900." WM". GALLUP.  Duted at Sloyic, B. C. this 8th(day of Jan. 1902.  4���39-3m. ' ' ' -  Sev. Dr. Morris Wsshsler,   '  ,    ilabhi of the Cong":    Jjn'ai Israel. >  Mew York, Jan. 3,I90j.  Dji . Taet Buds'. Mebicink Co.,  "  Gentlemen: Your Asthtnalane is ;ui  excellent remedy for Asthma and Kay  Fever/and 'its composition alleviates  all trouble which combine 'with' Asthma." [ts succes's is astonishing aud  wonderful. .'   . ' ' r<   -  Alter having it carefully" analyzed  tains nojopium, morphine, chloroform or ether. ��� Very truly'yours,  V .     11EV.DE. MORRIS ^EOn'SLEH.    '    '''  f      '��� . ,''  " Avo^'JvitiKoh, N. Y.t Feb, 1, 1001",'  Dh. TavxJ3kos. Msdjoinb Co." '"'      '     ���"  "     >: "  Gentlemen :    I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, hiving t"tested*  tjie."wonderful effect of your .* sthmalon", for  the  cure  of asthma.    Jfv   wife  has been affiicted with epasmodib asthma for .the past 12  years,    Having  cx-l  hausied my'own skill as well as many others,  I   chanced   to   see   yon'r  sign,  upon your windows on 130th street,'New York, I at.- once obtainecPu bottle of'.  Asthmalene.   My wife corarnenced taking it about  the fm.t of November.    I.  very soon noticed a radical improvement.   "After'Usingone  bottle her asthma  has disappeared and she is entirely free from all symptoms.   IJfeel that'I can  consistently recommei.d the medicine to all who  are   jifllicted   with JJiis'.distressing disease. "Yours respectfullv,        ^ Q\ D.' PHELPS, M. Di  Da. Taft Beds. Medicine Co. ' Feb.J.S, 190L  Gentlemen! 'I was troubled wit'H' asthma" for 22 years/ I have tried  numerous'remedies, but they have all-failed. 1 ran across you'r advertisement  and started with a trial bottle. ' I found-relief 'at ouce'.'/'I1 have since pur-  chasedyour fulfsized,bottle, nnd I am evergratcftiL I' have family of lour  children, and for six years .was umible to work. ' I am ��� now in- the' best of  ��� health and am doing business every day. This testimony you can make sucli  use of as you see fit. Home address235 PLivington street." *S. RAPHAEL, ,  ' -  '. 07  East 129th st.', Now'York City!   ���  TRIAL BOTTLE SENT   ABSOLUTELY TBEJ; . ON  RECEIPT  , OF POSTAL.   '.       ,., , V";  Do not delay.    Write at once," addressing; DM, TAFT PROS/JMEDICL^E  CO., 7pvEast La0j,h^l..N. Y. City _    '     ���     '     '-        '    "  -     SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.  A. STEPH]$NSBN, Proprietor.  Miners.*headquarters.     Good   acconimodations  for' travelers.  '    ' ' *" .Jiqnor����ud ciguia'kentiij Bibctt'v  Lake Shore Addition MOYIE  Cost -winei ^  smaij]  m  kV:  MsawRMai  K3  XI15DBBHTAPV, IIIE8TERER <����� CO,  Wrm  m  tm  auality not excelled in the country. Try it ana1  .���''[' b�� convinced,       . .     '  t  ,   '   .        rJORWSTOJV UBM09.   ���'. \   ' ���  ThiiJ Hotel is New and well Furnished.  The | |I1  , Tables are Supplied with the Best ;the �� ,KS,n*  Market affords. The, Bar is Filled with |  tft^Best Brands of Liquors,and Oigars. |  urecral^rigDa  pw,��at^art*til  ioltftfiW  3'reqnir  HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMKRCIAL  . '   AND MINING MSN-    V,  ._ ��� L-     i   _. _,. .,. BRITISH COrUMUIA'  s .  ffl.-''  fj5    SIOl'IJB, ~- ��� ,���,?���, rv -t OtlXXi��I4_������JUJjU,U��iIA    'fi  iro/  tuns  fc��gJ*TW��rg IO'iBM1IPHTWC-aaSJ:  0. F. DESAULNIER  DEALER   I  PROMPT DELIVERY,  Q,uee ns' Ave.     MOYIE  A miner named O. C.  Smith   had   a  narrow escape from a lonely death   in  the Coeur d'Alenes a   short  time ago.  He was working in a tunnel alone and  was  several   miles  from    civilization.  By a cavein his foot was crushed   and  his ankle sprained.    He  managed-to  hop and  crawl  to  a  cabin  where he  stopped an  entire week  without  assistance    and     continually   .growing,  worse.   Realizing that it was a'case of  life or death, he buckled on   the snow-  shoes and by the aid of crutches, which,  he   had improvised,  after an  almost  superhuman effort and   without    assistance he  finally, reached  Wallace.  The onow   was-'about  four feet  deep  GET Y0UE '  .���*  Prest, the photographer, has just received the finest lot  of mouldings in  East Kootenay.  W. A. Prest,  ������''...���' Photographer,  Cranbrook,    Tlfoylc,     Fort Steele.  Will Visit Moyie on  TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY.  Harvey    &   McOarfcer,  FORT STEKLTi. B. C  Harvey, AicCJarter & Ales;iu��l��r,  FJiRKIU, E.G." >     ���  Barristers &'Solicitors.  W. F, GUHD,  UABBISXKJC, SOUCITOK, KXO.  CRANBROOK,  B. C  Mining Stock  mum & BLWELL  NOTARTES     P.URLTC,      COMMIS  SlOSl AND  JfiSUKANCB   ACKN'J'S  , ESTABLISHED    1877. '       ,       JNCORFORATEO   1898,  ."'" AUTHORIZED   CAPITAL,  S{'00,000.  .DEALERS    Af*JO    EXPORTERS  ft  Branches:  FOitT Steele,  KIM B BR LEY,  MARVSVILLE.  u  Thrblj  V  For Downright Satisfaction,  Shipment after Shipment,  Ship Your Goods to Us.  Full    Prices    and    I mine-  Er-jS  -���a.   r7��"  diatc Payment Every Time.  Been Established 24 Years.  Write for Prices. Make Trial  Shipment.    Convince Yourself.  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"Sled, "Is. it much of a walk?"���  aw WindsV*w- ���r^&  -AKB-  [twlst and HetvFcen.  nil of a place do you covet In  ;clc DaveV" |  low   sub. dat do angels could j  .   f'n net so high dat  I'd git |  tome (HinbliDT'-AUanla Con-  Wet .Weather  catfss'fhe Cold? that cause  Pneumonia and Corxst-rno-  tioru **��*'...  I  t'  U i  ��,'��'?* 'S5 f"*ltf1  >)  ll  >hiloh's  ,1"?I,rH1,AX^   -lEJ-is    now  -MAY BE KE1IEDIED.  mm  fSO"OH~ni*-��1"-��' rc^-~- -��-r.  poii,  we  suppose, some  freak  Swill l,o inventing *>�� automo-  fill bout I'��' f;lv-c ,incrs acr0S3  jd.-i'hilndelphia Inquirer.  U\  Ells face  ���v-'inei  mnenj  |hoe|  small]  Minipl)   Awful.  [got the toothache,  "ring lii'iu great pain."    , '  face like hi* is enough to.pam  IbonliLiOxI!  ' '  It'e  Her  Nature.  jse won't do at all!" she said  bide brought out the snow-  Cm sure J can wear a size  if *  c  mil  ,,cares the 'cold, Iiesls the  longs' and makes you well.  SIf ILOH cares Coiistxmpticn  and all 'Lung1 and. Throat  Troubles %  and Cotighs and '  ; Colds in a day. Positively  guaranteed.   25 cents.   ,   .  A Aery Interesting Statem,Mt i,y on  -        Eloi-u    Lady-She lias    Found  a.  I        luijucou    for u]J   Female    Weakness and Wuuts Eveiy  Woman   in  Canada to Know 01 it.  | ISIora., Oat,. Jan. I3.~(c5|,,chtl .-  ���Mis Max well of this place has wJL-  .U-�� for publication a very su-t-." l��-i-  u-r in which she claims lhat iio\jd/s  Kionoy   Pil]s have cured   her  ��,f   Fe-  Write to S. C. Wi'r,i,S;& Co., Toronto,  , Can., for a free trial bottle.  Karl's Clover Root Tea Cares Headache  \  %  t male- Weakness after she had l-'edU-  j  most everything else.  I      This   good'lady,   according  to    her  ��.tatfinent,    suffered   for  a  long  time  w.th  kidney     trouble,   enduring    the  greatest pain,  with a dizziness  eachiche.s  thut made   her  | g  verv  and  LINIMENT for Sals Everywhere.  iy  in  thy life  is a-leaf jn  -Arabic proverb.  ��� ,sh,! was Passing through what'ia at-  -       -     -      .- |ways  a critical   period  in  everv  wo-  When you grind your corn, give i,ufUl's ilfu. ami her troubles"' wire  not the flour to' the devil and the j(:01',f;,dera.biy increased by this.,,' jn-  bran  to God.���Italian moverb.   ' j c3oi-��I. her life was for a Linie in great  an rigor.  The sporting .editor says that in"  baseball as in cookery the best butter takes the cake.',  TAKE NOTICE.  )lish simple, straight ,testi-  not press agent's interim well known people,  ll over America they testify  j|rits of MIXAIUVS LJNI-  io best of Household Kerne--  C. G. .JUCTIAHDS & Co.   .'  today   that thou  slialt  be  ;ve tomorrow.'���Danisb pro-  Sto Coon, Syracuse,' 2? Y.. vrcites:  ��� -,�������{ could hoc eat many-kinds of food  IfclSp^^ucimr a burin nf*, excrutiatbajr pain  lvxny$'wig$ch.' I took Parmeloo's accordins^to  ireroi^JJiSripDador tho head of.'Dj-spopfia orln-  ���'-'���"-'-"U^gOao box entirely curnd P.O.   I can  3'reqni.~"  " muM IMENT.Relieves HJanlgia.  WJint'g done cannot he undone applies  to  olhflr     things  than  a  hard-'  boiled  egg.  ��� How's Tlxis?  W��,offoi' One Hundred Dollars Reward 'cr  ao/ Oas=j < f, Cc.arr i tua .- citmol be cured t��y  liall'a ("atarrh Cum.  Ftf-3. ��Jlll*Wflr& CO., Props., Toledo 0.  "We, .tho  nndws*.<r.a��J   havo ' known   P    J.  JJmperists, ToJoOo, O  , ilall'u CaU-rii C'Jfj U takea internally, act-  fnt? directly ti:.cr. th -��� blooda.ud ir.ycouH si^rfaces  of tho system.   l'rlco75o  per boLtlo.   tJold by  oil drnsfiTt;.   Tr-'JinaoniRlg fr����o.  Hall'a i'itni?;.- I'HU a:a tho best.  , The fnct that a fool is funny does  not indicate that-he is possessed" of  wit. ' ,, ,   "  She says she used"'DoUd's Kidn.��y  Pills with' tho�� most remarkable results, ,.being almost instantly relieved and in a' very,short time completely restored  to good  health.  Shi.- is very, grttteful, and in her lot-  tor she says ; "I cannot find words''  to express my gratitude to Cod f,j,<  my mar\cl3o'us cute.' Dotld's Kidney  Pilis are the greatest medicine'in xb'e  World, especially for-tho.se of jny  ago. "-  ''r could scarcely move hand or  foot I was so dizzy, and voi'lont  pains would shoot through my whole  sys-tfim, but now, thanks to Dodd's,  -Kidney Pills T feel well and smart."'  , This case and its cure has created  quite a sensation and Mrs. Maxwell's  full and frank statement of the mat-  tar has been the subject of a great  deal  of comment.  , Dodd's Kidney Pills seem to be an  infallible cure for Diseases of Womon  ns well i\s for Pheumatism. Diabetes.  Bright's Disease and all Kidney disorders. '  S��filllK(.       J.,,,.;, A|���,nt        Anil!"!!!*.  _ ''���' ���' ": iu-r noticed that all anl-  m:ils �����...!.-!��� i-��j(,w tlie' end are cloven  rooii.,1 V .\].0 (li;lV |1U)>t of tllose 'Wliicli  dfitii: \mi^t i,j- suction ;ire herbivorous,  ho "jwMyomns \ariety lapping it with  the iorr/.u., iii:e (he cat. dog, tiger, etc.  Sheep i.:iv;f. uo teeth In the upper jaw,  aud loifjises and turtles are without  allc^ctri^r. ��� i ���  l-"t.l:!;e most animals, horses hare no  eye'i-Mvs. and hares are minus eye-  Hd*. 'Cousequently the eyes of the lat-  tor ennuol bo shut, and a thin membranous substance covers tbem wben  ashop. The eye of the owl Is also very  peculiar, seeing that it is 'tmmovably-  fixed in its socket and cannot stir la  any direction., To compensate for this  seeming disadvantage it can turn its  head nlinost completely round without  moving its body. If you were to keep  a frog's mouth open many minutes, it  would ^oon die, as owing to its peculiar  construction it can only breathe witn.  I he mouth closed.  ,0u the other hand, fishes are compelled to keep opening and closing their  mouths In order to give their respiratory organs full play. It Is also a  strange'fact that the deer has additional breathing places besides the nostrils, as' if nature ua<J foreseen bis  groat need 'of free respiration when  forced to Dee before the hounds.' SnaUea  usually have their teeth In the head,  but one variety in Africa, whose principal food is eggs, is provided with a  substitute fpt;.jh.em in its stomach.  C'siiiK  'I'liolr   !���><.*.  "Americans aro jri-oat kicker.-?." rem allied the vKiting Knjdi.shmurj. '  ,'fYos, indeed."' replied 'the onthiiMaslic  AmiTieiin. "That's what 'makes us mk-Ii  enthusiastic football players."���I'iUshurs  Curoiiic'e-Telt'grsiph.  an abiding faith in man-  someone advertises for   a  ella.  'S.  Cures  JOZOVNT'FOR theTEETH 25c  )ne knows  that yoti  are a  |eker it is not wise to coni-  it-having stubbed your tod1]  intent Cares Bums, Etc.  take a lazy man to task,'  ���annot inakB, him work.  , ^A man, has to be a, financier to  pabn'Ofl' a hard luck story-as'collatr  oral for a' loan." " ��� ���     . ���  ' ,  A DDTXER PELL���Many persons saffor cx-  crutidtirifir agony after pnrtaklufer of a 'hoarty  dinncr. Tliofood partakoa oris'likoa bail of  lead upon'the stomach, and instead of bein? a  hoaltliy nutrimeat It becennes a poison totko  systotn, Dr. Parmelee's Vefrcfcablo PilLs arc  wonderrabcorroctiros.of Facn tTowblos. Tliey  corr&cfc ncidity, open secretions and convert; the  food partaken oE into healthy iratriment. They  lirojust.thomeclicino totnko if troubled with  indigostioa or dyspepsia.  (;eais from the poets.   ,,"  To men " t '���.  Pressed by their" wants rill'Viiangi} is  ever   welcome.,       - ���Junson.  of  bea'Hy  fades  ,vSrf^ose' connection for Chicago .  ;and   all   points   ia  u^S^^ Quebec, Maritime Provinces  fS^^crn and Y.'estern States..  ' '���V^'^^San'd  Pacific  Coast  fe^^^er    .mormation   apply to  tny^CpLftg^ian Northern Agent  t$A1S��S&-       '  *7la|��Re��.'Clty Ticket, Telogra<)h and Freight  affico^'Jl-MBiaSt.     ��� GEQ��� \\. SHaW  Oh,  what a .world  away,      " -   -  With the wing'd hours of'youth.'  - _       ���r>a\voa  �����~- >  As custom arbitrates,, whose shitting  sway >.  Our   life   and    manners must   alike  obey. ' ���Lord  Byron.  Life ij? not. the^ living, merely,  Ti'l the spectre points the grave;  But ,thc fostering sincerely.   ,  Of the. talent nature .gave.  ��� ��� " ���Aubrey  Lanston.  illoway; & Cliaiiipios!  BANKERS AND BROKERS  ���WINNIPEG-.'  There is scarcely any period in  baby's 'early life requiring, greater-  watchfulness on the part of the  mother than when baby is teething.  Almost invariably the little 'one suffers much pain, is cross, restless day  and night/ requiring so-<-much care  that the. mother is worn out looking  after'it..- But there aYe other real  dangers frequently accompanying this  period that threatens baby's life itself. Among these are diarrhoea,indigestion, colic, constipation and  convulsions.. The prudent, mother  will anticipate -and prevent these  troubles.' bv keeping baby's ' stomach  and'1 bowels in a natural and healthy  condition by the use of, Baby's Ov.71  Tablets.' a medicine readily taken by  all children -and which, dissolved in  water, may, bo given with perfect  safetj' to even a new-born infant. In  every; home where these tablets are  used baby is bright and healthy and  the mother has real comfort with it,  an'd does,- not hesitate to tell her  neighbors. Mrs.     C.    J'.     Delaney,  -^���- .���.  , JlJrockville, says :    "I have been  giv-  oThcro  are men  who  can  take ' one j \?S    ��>'    ��rteen-months"     old     baby  glass   and    stop-provided  you   treat ;^by s Own Tablets whenever neccs-  GEMS,FROM THE -POETS      ,  A  great and "'fatal'   weight    <>n    him  doth  lie, " ��  Tho greatness  of his own nobility.  ���Seneca  '  , ��    _,'._ :.  Sonirt there be that shadows kiss;  Such  have but a shadow's  bliss  ���ShaK^speai c.  , 1.,    '  A ftovl  without reflection, like, a pile  Without inhabitants,  to  ruin runs.  ��� Voting.  There,  is  no  vice so  simple but   assumes \   '      '  Som-i mark of virtue on  its outward  -parts.  w ' ' ���Shakespeare.  A III lit.  "Girls, don't he afraid to mix 'the bread  for your niother,".(i'emarked the observer  of events and things. "The men are always'after the hand that has 'dough* in  it."���Youkorss Sr��t<>eTnnn  TEETJIIXC  BABIES.  Trying   Time   For   Mothers When  Great Care and Watchfulness    '  is Necessary.  firs*..  I sary,     for    some months  past.      She,  jwas teething and was cross and rest  Write to as for price3 of SORIP.  0 Get our List of Lands.  Stocks, and  Bonds Bought and  Sold.  Wo can ftnxkh tho exact amount of  Scrip  for any   payment   on Dominion  > L'jYiej;   Do not yaycasfc.  ^vnxre^nunuuuccvnwMnubue  MUMsalUMJUMNUCU^.  BttnltStei^lajfip, OwonSonnd, Tor-  u ii^^^alUl rail, daily   M?fe?nlI,'afit4P'Boanot and'mtcnn'fr-  ��  n ,aUcoal^oIniV;daii7!C"Uy"tti;<i  PortaBola-pialrio, Brandon ami ii,.  ''' ^uadar^^v!1113 d<iUy 02tces>t  Gladstone, N^paW, Minncu osa' a w\  '���' "^tP^ocuato-points, daily except,  i, -Sinaay r.s. .v.s \.  ShoalXiake,"-Yorkfcon and iutorrr.cd-  V i?fc0-Iwmtsi'Mon.. Wed., and Iri.  o   ?l?.%l'a!^UJ'3ii' and Sa i   EapiaCity-jHamiota, Miaiota.Tuo;-  day,^h.tir.''ancl tiafc ;. .  ���   Mpn;.%Wed.Vnud Fii   MordouV Doloraluo and iutcrmediato  m��� P^afc?.d,��uJy. ^ccpt Sunday   Napmka/Alabaoda an<l iutennediato  point3,.dady.oxeoi:D auuday  via  Gleaboro^fioM|^iand intermedia to  ^^ppmte-daily^cept Sunday .'  P^postOT0^6stoiaV Areola ancTinter"  ���^���^MW; Mou" Wed "and  : ;,v,in.;vmlirandon ...;.,  ^^^"iTKn^aiid Sat, via Brandon  Frobyshhoi/OIirscli, Bicnfait, Est"  te��-^^chiV��Tw, do" v .::  WostbeUtir feJlon., V.'cl. and if A...  LV  16.00  16.C0  8.C0  7.C0  1G.C0  7,30  A2i.  iO.i:  10.L  is.ft;  18.SC  i US;  m,\i m womeh  $i2 00 A WEEK  BONA FIDE SALARY  to represent  us   a  pointing agents.  Some to travel, oth-  era for local work.  '  Rapid   promotior  and inercaso of salary.  Ideal employment, new brilliant linso;  best plans j old established House.  Xradlcy-Garrclson Co.. Ltd., Brantford. Out,  _    . ,less.    Her   gums   were    hard  and   in-  No i>cMibt of ir. Q |ilamed.      After using the tablets she  The inmates of a Yorkshire asy-' grew quiet, the inflammation of tho  lum,, says London Spare ^foments, gums was reduced and her teeth did  were engaged in sawing wood, and not seem to bother her any more. An  the attendant thought that ono old jmpio\cment in baby's condition was  fellow was not working as hard as (noticeable almost at once, and 1  he   might. , think there' is  no  better medicine  for  The old man had turned his yaw teething babies." Baby's Own Tab-  upside down, with the teeth in the ]Gts can be procured from druggists  air, and was working away with the _ or wjn be sent post paid at 25 cents  back   of the  tool.'. ]a box    by  addressing    the.  Dr.   Wil-  "I-Iere, 1 say," called out the at- .iiams Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.  tendant; ''what arc you doing ? j ,v GUARANTEE���"I hereby certify  Yo'u.'ll never saw wood in that fash- i th..t T hnve mat-e a careful chemical  ion.    Turn  the saw over." ' anaKsis   "of     Babv's     Own Tablets,  The old fellow stopped and looked I whi.:h .t personallv purchases in a  at the attendant,contemptuously. Cu-U"- store  in Montreal.'3Iv analysis  "Bid     you     Ivor  try   a ' saw    this , ^3^-,,-^.^ t]iat  the Tablets contain  way?"   he  asked. absolutely   no     opiate' or   narcotic;  , "No, of course I haven t.  "���   "Then  ho'd  thv    noise,  mom" was  the rejoiner.    ' "1 hov, and this is t'  easiest."  Soiuellmes IIo  Hid.  "1)6 you ever do anything in tho  acrobatic line?" asked the manager  of the vaudeville performer.  "Not at this season of tho year,"  was the reply.  "Do you at  any Reason"?"  "Oh, yes."  "When?" ���  ."When  there's ice on  the coal hold  covers."  7.550 !':2.3C  7.30  T.��0  8.20  7.S0  ���J..S0  &"w Leonard;  u'��ea' Supt  00 Cf  i:>.lo  22.ac  1s.1t  ac-  are  has  '' "C  l-i.I0 J.i.3.:j;  111,50 i   ���  . Ijo.or  iy.20 sh.:k  ��� ���.___7.r,0_i.n.i1;  M'dM-l'El&OrL*  0<!ii .Paas. Af'i  A MILLIONAIRE SOCIALIST.     '  ��:<!itor \\ iJtshlro M ho ilus C01110 to Cun:ul:i  to Ciroulnlii His  Mu^hxIim)  Deputy Madden of the United  States Postoffiee Department has  ruled (hat Wiltshire's Muga/.me u  Socialist publication, cannot be permit ed to use the United States  mats on the uSual conditions  corded like, publications that  not Socialistic. Mr. Wiltshire llus  arrived in Toronto, and has found  1'osLmASlor-Genernl   Mulock   less   in-  ,y0���000 juagazmes to subscribers in  the United States via Canadian  ��� a.hng regulations, , , Thus he gets  ���lus publication to the readers of it  "V'Uzico Sam's domains, and our  1 os.toflice Department, gets -the revenue. '.'..������.'  A Mnttev  of Trust.  '���'The great trouble," said the capital'  JRt, "is to lind a' man one ciui trust.''  "Oh, t don't know," replied''the man of  scheiucs and iioverly. "It depoiuls on  the iioint of view. ..Now, in my case the;  gi-ent trouble is to find n man who will  trust in(��."���eiiit'i'.iro Poist.        '  Cnnne nntl  Effect.  "He merely looked at me with a Tft-  cant Ktnre when we met." -  '���l"cs;'be has rooms to let lu the upper story."  that  they can  be given with perfect  safety (o the youngest infant :     that  they ave a safe an 1 efficient medicine  for   the  troubles  they  are     indicated  to relieve.and  cure."  (Signed)  2JILTON L. ITERSEY,  M.A.Sc,  Provincial  Analyst  for  Quebec.  Montreal.  Dec. 13.  1901.     ���  Men    set     up  the    drinks  drinks upset the men.  and  the  Distance of manner does not lend  enchantment to a young man's view  of a prott;.   girl.  The unrighteous penny corrupts  the righteous pound.���-German proverb.  Good: for Bad Tee  SosUfSbio' - ���������    ���'���'���;���  o       ���'*       *,   . '.?5c   ,  Sosodobl" Tootlri Powarlsr      �� S5c��    .  AlU'tpres cr by mail for the price.    Sainpla.'for th^ postage, jo-  "kable e  hr.w l!{t!q soma j tr��Ti'3 know about tho torie qual-  it.v oi'a i,iu.:io, and yet it 3-; tone qnidity and dura-  bi'lty 01 SLisue taat uciako piano value.  In tho  WILLIAMS  . ui>rijjhfc von /jet a rival ity and volunoe cf ton�� that  are not duplicated slaawhere except in the concert  Cratid.  Tho co3t need not worry you. ''  We naalcfi terms to stiit.  We hsndlo all makes of organs and usually have  a number of good organs and pianos, slightly used,  for salo cheap.  Forrester & Hatcher,  Y. M. C. A. BLOCK, -  WINNIPEG.  &&S /t/-#J  is wanted lor door  yardd, division ieaces in tovyri lota, grave  yards,   orcl'.ardg,   etc.    Its   is on  /.?��    prR R'iNMlMfi PR0T  painted   and  retails at only ^^  ?���-   yuii r^"'" r^J'-  ��� Jusi thick of it,   Lot tis sct d you full particulars.    We also  make farm tencn, poultry netting, naib and staples.  The Ps3o Wins Fence Co., \ 'mited, Wa!ker��:lle, Cnt.    0  P^OSS <fc KOSS, (Jeaeral Agents, 12ox Giiti,  Winnipeg,  Man.  GEMS FROM; THE POETS.  A day, an hour,   of virtuous  liberty  Is  worth a whole' eternitj'  of 'bondage. ��� ���Addison.  ���.��._  Ob,   what   authority  and     show    of  ,   truth '      ' '"    .  Can cunning sin cover  itself withal !  ���Shakespeare.  In person grafted in a serious tr,ist,  Negligence is  a crime.  ���Shakespeare.  ���Your   words   are like   tue   notes  c of  dying swans,' ��� '  Too,sweet to last. ��� ��  ���"Oryiltn.  There never was, and never will be, n.  aniverbal panacea, in one remedy, for all ills  to which flesh is heir���tho very nature of  many curatives being such that 'wers tho  germs of other and diilerently seated diseases rooted in the system of the "patient���  what would relieve ono ill in turn would aggravate the other., We have, however; in  Quinine Wine, when, obtainable in a sound,  unadulterated state, a remedy for many and  grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious  use the frailest systems are led'into convalescence and strength by the influence -which  Quinine exerts oii nature's own restoratives.  It relieves tho drooping spirits of those with  whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of interest in life is a disease,  and, by tranquilizing the nerves, disposes to  sound and refreshing Bleep���imparts vigor  to; the action of the blood, which, being  stimulated, courses throughout the vein?,  strengthening the healthy animal functions  of the system, thereby making activity a  necessary result,' strengthening tho fjame,  and giving life to tho digestive organs, -which  naturally demana increased substance���rerun;, improved appetite. Northrop & Lyman,  of Toronto have given to the public *heLr  superior Quinine Wine at tho a��u"il'rais';acd.  gauged by the opinion of ccieiicists, thi-  v me approaches neare?fc p^vfw. ion of any i.��  -.he market.   All .-"���������v-~"��i -1 = ���- ','��� it.  An1 infant prodigy   at <1  may be   a  ool a-. 40.  SOZODQNTTO0TH POWDER 25c  Many  a     well   bred  that her first cake ,is  girl    discovers  dough.  "rhetG aro cases of consumption so far advanced that Bickle'J Atiti-Gonsurnptivo Syrup  pill not euro : but uono so bad that it, will not  :iva relief. For cou.chs, colds, and all affile-'  jions of thn thro;it, lunp=, and.chest, it is a  ���;pecific which lias neve,- been known to fail,  ft'promotes a free- and, easy cxpectoratiou,  thereby removing:' tho rlt'eprm, auu givcd tUe  diseased tiarts a char.co to heal,  ���  Wall street "continues to be the  fa-  .orite winter  watering  place,-  You    can't    convince     a   dyspeptic  that to be good is to be happy.  Unless a man settles down he is  seldom in apposition to settle up.    .  In wasluucr woollens and flannels, tho soft  sotp watlo from Lever's Dry Soap ia powdor;,  will bo found very satisfactory. *  Many a young man leaves the farm  because there is no place like home.  The great  trouble with  first  seems to be that    it is   seldom  lust.  love  the  fell th*i x>e:if,���Xr. J. F. Kellock, druggist,  Porch, ���rites : "' A customer of mine having1  boon cured of deafness by tho uso of Br.  Thomas' Eclectric Oil, wrote to Ireland, telling  his friends there of fcho cure. In consequence 1  : -coived an order to send hnlC a^dozca by oz-  ^vess to "Wexford, Ireland, this week."  Crows devour the eyes of the dead',  when the dead have no longer need  of them. I3iit flatterers destroy the  sou is of the living and blind their  eyes.���Epictetus.  I One ounce of Sunlight Soap Is worth more than  ^ Two ounces of impure sonp.  REDUCES  EXPENSE  Ask for tbo Octagon Isar. If ycr.r grocer cannot cupply, write to  ��EVETk EBOTICEIiS, LI1IITED? Toronto, Bonding his namo and address,  and   a   trial   H^mulo  of   Sanlight Soap   will  bo sent you  free  of cost.  JU..JW    I      IIIIW III   Will ������!  TnUeJi   Lltcrnlly. .  Young Wife���Jack, what are you ��o  cross aboutV  Sullen Husband (studying the account  book)���Well, frankly, this steady outllow  of money is a little more tlinn 1 can  stand.  Young Wife (indignantly)���Yon marked  that hook "Current Expenses," didn't  you? Well, I looked in the dictionary,  and current means '���'numing or uiovinu  rapidly," and I ntn doing tho very best 1  can.���Detroit Free Press.  Htu   Criticism.  "Don't you think she is an nclresa of  a groat deal of finish V" asked the admiring friend of the gruff manager, who was  watching-, the first performance of the  aniateur lending lady.  "Well. 1 tka ii see her 'finish," said 'tin?  hard .hearted .manager' as he wrott? tb��  usual two weeks' notice of discharge.���  Baltimore '.American.'  "Close   Order"   Itoniauce,  At      8  .   p.       m. .     .they       sat       lik��       this,  A      cushion      in      between      them.       '  At   ' 0    p      rn,     the     cushion     raovea",  It    was   now    used    to    screen    them,  At   10  they   were,  not   far  apart;  At '11, on my life, s.ir,        , ���    .  YoiK'Ot-.k'iiulrtittlwairurtn'cen ... i<  WHlnii.vnewpo-'ketknite.sir.    I'-j,.  ��� 'flttr York Hml -  And let v.s supply yon with  a cleancut.modorn lot that  will brigktnuupyour pag��3  aad ploaso your reado.'s  and advertisers. Writo us  for estimates on anything  i'i printer's material. ': : :  TORONTO TYPE  FOUND&Y, CO'Y  H5 McDermofc Ave., Winnipog:.  W. N.  U. No." 3.61. .  Ms  i^^y^-.:Wrn*Mi,^ .  V  ^zi^^^ss^i^^ssasLiz.'asssj  c < >   E5^^^^^5?5:^i2=.,''^rc2^r.'iG!  IV.'int-, jj StocT(  ii-.-wm Near Cinly. '  Sharp'-bun;, ;.v.-. .  Jan. 27.;  cacensaesa Srs.-;=s.-.^:  ^faT^iii^SZaSZf.-"^'."  ^^^?5?^-��KiTe^��.iB��i_r.-.-..-'^-.  jraMoKSbu.ci:  . ���,", C a Sjvri'v-J -^yt fror  - *^v  ���*"*���   .- .,     .^���.  c:.  ���   -Am-.   J��1   ������  ".mj country   or  ,f>-'o;-.;jtryI,   Js ��t":i y.c  lOc'.: or aye tb  ;-   -', >-������ ' - v   ;   ,-."- T-: tr ���?      ' '-'"j s --'2 i -   '  :  , ��� ��-����� ny^uo paper and-is<?ufjrelv re-1    ������-'   t's.'. ^ -* r'~ t- ^ ���-   U^{j|        Yr?, t-?"* % V* S5  tVSS  a   timber ! EaS"le-  J->rooIdyn  ,        I "i        '  "',��: or are the   v.iutvn:   too   cold?    1 { (^ ^jf* rf% "({*%��� Vf^ lf^  )   ,oagiit for .in acre  and  if  it  is lev,] j ^ ���&-  V    V   JeM O^-  .j:  pmirie or limber land? ' Send me a I  -���.in)pie copy'of your paper, I hour sr-|  nrjfh about i,'.        Tours Truly,  W. ..'. ICiy/tt. ;,  -Altiiou^Ii v.u ui'vays do 'evciylhiny j  oji the level iu tin's country, Mr. Knot-', j  would hardly coupler - the   Slooan   n j  yyfth  r^: fl-.T.-r i.  .......  i .^v-.iitfjttf^  Thursday, Friclay and Baturday, ��  woie s hot  Heaters.'  S O ��"'' '������ r  S/"'S'i !  -=.^ At^t>i,,  f '"�����  i. V.1  P v* Oi /^ P '1 M    Of   etilfVC  H     ���  ���fO ."'.i ���fv''jv)'Ar'i   iri3    t"p>1!?��sl    f'-  .'.i  13  is flaw.  ij9L  ii,  , ���(  piairie.    .Most of it  Is ejlrajjrht un nnti i ti,�� ?  .'���������,       .'    '        .     ���             ' i p' ! eWdnrtw*   Uf   o?U,,fo,     ,  ���     .         .                           ��       l          \x��e intest  in   heo.(in<-- fiicv'e,?     Ycm-n-1 P-'! ���                    "-  .^iicptacMitlcans over  a  little.    A j ..oal 5nd   ,:,,od      ^^^j  ^   ,.. JJ j b\! , Ommi Koclcey TournuiKenf (fur   tho   ,v���i;r   and   Junior   I.od.-^v  s��:in flowing two I'yyne b)ufl',   f-'��r   iu-] ;^(:.15(3,3 ,p o{,          H         '*    "- "    ," v    ; tv euaRipiofuahip.s'of tho juovinor.) Vivo Hh;i<in- I! iW) Six   Sno^lius  fdlllrtA        tnrtiil.J      !     .*..,.      J��       1-           -_ i "        *                                                                                                                                                                      -                                                                                                                         ' ���    j   _ ���������*                                  -.i*..                          _                                      _               _                                                                                                                         i  [���:'�����"  !<?.  ,    slauce, v/cntld iiavo to put  ?tiel:cis  i a \  his horsos to ke\ p tjiein  from   in<A"in^ !  'into Tiirtic Jw;ik^.     Mo*t of tli3   jik-'.y- j  ing is done v/iih .t ror.iry.   But we nii^e I  lOt.s ol stock in- the 'ilo-.-ixn vr.d' !:.ive -a !  ivay of watering it that would lie   notv |  (o the man from Iowa.    Thcio is ' o:n  j-.u-m in the Slocan that   v/e  know  of.;  the Galena Fnim, btit it, is Looi hpr.vily J  ' .'.locked alrciiuy.    The '.viuterrt (ire. uu: J,  /rigid, br.t tlu�� lcul  :;iar3:ct  z>As   mn*\i'  ii'v.fal c.'iilly .:oi::e Limorj crt'i.-in^  fol':^ ,'  it) have cold Tea.^   The   price of  l��-ui] ���'  ^'ariea.'   Dime pieces ca the  .Star   lull  fir afor.n:j the ivanhoe would bo worth'  .about a million dolf-vns ;m   acre";' {hoi:  shcrea're some'other spots th.at/nre not"  worth yiiite go much. * We invi(cJ 11 r.  ..ICnott to vi-.-it the Slocan.   ,JIo will see  inany .curious   things' here.    If    ,l-,e  /keeps his hand on his money i'he   wild  cuts evil! not hurt bin:,���Saudon  Pay-  ���streak. ,  ?<���  \   j".','   liaeif, yki,liunning aim   Jumpin:;,   C::.n5/^1   ';-ln  *>   ll.iccs lor Riceis and T.totU;r.s  tOtier::d^ Cesser  in;!li> fai'e for round trip on,'d!  n��ilw,;y..    TivliuU   on   taio   L"t b-  r't  ��'J  Prosperity  IS      (;rt 11,'d  ,.,���,(  payndi i,r ;'  Vall"y '',),' ,  jteti, which i.  ,  f^J.^����,wm,..M.  t  ... ,iis(>, ,t   .:^|  --��   i,M'"    ��f    "��l>     -u" ,.        ... ' '     ,-'*^  iLuJi^    COlllpijitJll    a-ii?   .1,1' ������>    .    ..Kg:  i f---i'..lli:  A-.fuUirip of gen-| R  oi-di    riai-ClvVarc?0       j    ?-   n::uy:W,goodt^..ivTrn'autJ  FeLru���rv 2'.' L\:r  pn-r.^er  an  ��� ���   . '     j   f>,"  mformation, adureco ��� ,  ! 'SSi-^Iaa-.jilihins  \'i\  i'lniii'iiiiir-  f3       i     SiJg^fP  ^c     iico   \%Z i: -, ;'-!,T}.i3  i     ^  |   XX*.  i g.  ���   Sre. C'/iruival vJur-jinittt'e, li��^;,l^nd, li, >J.  :.H  sr-  The sm.eliing',cente:  of the Smilfeameen  Vallej;. Backed by the'  payrolls o.f two gigan*  tic coalcomanies and..  ll j.tlio Copper and Ken-  -���=Bg<i��gwMW.jisa3nM>-��Tr.J-m  ]      li'.-L-l. ���>>'':'J"A^.-rV - .    ^. *��� (���-*< ..'~ -  i~ ^/~-��<gr' >' " .*-^- -"<J< -s1.' j!W*".v.^*i' Ai, ji��� ��-Jiv ^��^i!jrvj'.ti~  ^ii.f  iOity   Shavina" .Parlor.  CENTRAL   HOTKL.  Vv'HSIlKr CHXE, Pro;?.  "        Motif,, B. C.  . -,xo^rj^^^��G��Jc.t-^-��u*-r��3u-��rt^K=aS"Vj��*-i?J*^**,v. j��*w-.  i   G. O. F.  Ji^-'j^'.'V'^^S&l J?   V.'iUloy I.oiJro   Ko. -;l.  ''.iVsC_,  ���s^csfftsrwncssr  w^��Tr*^^T25u3a��r^jr^rie2citw��ricr3��:iscrse��^cK=t  !�����', 1:  Sf<  They ilc'U ii' i;ec.  a young lady from London on a  ' visit to some ' country relatives , was  taking tea on Die evening of her  arrival. A large pot of honey was on  ���the tabled and the'visitor helped herself liberally. "What 'delicious honey I"  she exclaimed,' when she tasted ft. VI  suppose you keep a bee!"  jsoyns's hXADiso no?Eh.  n of pi  jleel-J every luouday evening in their  ! hail on Vietoria f.-treeL. Sojourning  j Odd Fellow.; cordially 3twit* d;  [ J. P. MM'TlAcunii::.    Cf. T. .McGKi-Xfo:;,  -British 'Columbia  PenHaHeflt-T"  Noble Grand.  J,?ecr''".'  f'Keenwonsr-*cuaunn.uwKA%urja��4��  , Theory and Practice,  ', San'FranciscoExaminer:, Inability  l to do or abstain from a. thing  yourself  does not by any means'imply inability  to write or talk about  it convincingly  ".and nsehilly.  kootenay  The best of accommodations  for the traveling public,  P   T   TVfr��MaT��fvr��    ?Wa>w  ��.��***   <HJLr\j>��12.&/SJ.UI*}    i,Vi.H^i ^  talffj���������jtyM>nHiL^(f,l��a��|'r  ^T^rs;  LOAN AND !$AV,L\TaS   COMPANY  The object of  the  rompiiiy '  ,'    atv-:     To  afford   a safe ,'and'  , proiif.tblf mfttns U,c the s.iv-,  'inif of .small jt:m& by  regular  , itirUaluienfSj ar. welj as f(;r Uie-  investment of rmal! amounts '  of ijupijtal at ti produetive-r��te  ; b/ interest.-" To'assist  mem'-     ;  hers m building,  purelnsing,  or improving homes and clear-,  ing oiT  existing,, incuniber-  anees   necly Mountain mines.  Surrounded b,y; the    -  following- resources;  i! i"  ?i  i  >.> '  A Fool and UJs CocL.  A fool may have his coat embroidered' with gold, but it is a fool's coat .still.  ���Eivarol.        ��� '  Lots on Victoria street enveat,y' pay-,  mentis.    See D. J. Elmer.  to ,ti:k di;,;p, ,  A nob. lndy e;:ivd of in-r deafnesa  :-.j:d noihui i:i the ho..d,py })r. Niohol-  Mi.-i'-i Artiih 1 \\ bafDrji:!:-. y, tve $}0,-  -rK)0 to hid Institute, to that do if people  tu.'ililo to procure thr-rL,:i" Dunns may  !iavo Uumi iree. Address Ko, IL'yl'l  "''lip Nio.lH'ioiin Institute, 7S0, Eighth  Avenue. New York, U. i^. A.  ���BOOTS,   AND    SHOES  "Repaired and 5lade..to Order.  o".        .  R. A. SMITH,   ���   Moyie.  XEAR  MAcE.\,CiIKEN cfc MacDOM'ALDS.  -Moyie    Millers'' Union  JEe.cts in .McGrotror h.all every Tuesday  j evening. Sojourning mom hers are  j cordially invited io.attend.    ,,   ,-  John McDos-ai,d,       " P. T. Smyth,  President.-    p      -        Secretary.  t * t-  ISoyieBoard of Trad��  Meetd on the first Wednesday ,       j  j evening of 'each  month  at O  j     "     8 o'clock sharp iti the court       (     3   $  1       ,   hous-e. . "  I        ' '" A" P. ilAcnosALU, Pre?.  1 A.vDhEtf Johnston,  lWis thompo" | ME AT *   MERCHANTS  of tiifw-eoulum-, b.s. ,..������., !���; i'sfl  JC> l>ow-r plants arc ,1^ ^ L ��?fif.  (._.       ��.uC��l     for.      T1-,   4.,.;;'   fSi��E^  j-^3 ��,..-���t of the -ii..���u;;:; hwgs  j/% Otimpuny', ,:,!���', ,,. *;,; [5?!^  !~*-^ Jvi.iem Cpit.tlisJ, w;io hl |^gO||  J c-hddished   Jh.-ir, pi-.Mil tjE^g  jA-hsj.;!,!, ni'il:��? <l the   coming e.-.y ;.; ��1^  j'lii inU-iiorof llriikh OolumLi.i.  J    Lottf in   Asiuiojti   are   .v.ii'e   invi'-'.-^-^  jmenttf, , In bloekr, 1 lo'.t .u,d l:j i<, :J'     ��  ?he pi-k:,j will he advanced '2?> p.-1 cu.;|  .��-r iminlli nl\tiKM:iy.M, 11502,'.-i. | ^  10 p.-r uc-u; in-' the  u-n'iaihiaur  t : j;,,  rh" present piice i- irom ij'CO tM ,._-���.  Ji-I p-.r cent cisls, ;{, (J   and   i-f  .,, :'.(,  .^.vitii-iut'iu'.frr^t.'  Air.ij/gr'ineuls u,ro :;lr;::i ;y v-.j-kj,:.'j.  "��l rm-'fisjlit   Luildingi, iir l'i,i-j.^,,._,>.  :ag�� jS for the  employee-.- ,..f  (i1(, (,���.;1.  ti inv',it A~luiola.    Tiiis w .:,������   i.-ei i���  Hinder headway ,by jiay /-'.  P.T. SfvtYTH, . Agent,. rVioyie  0  Si  w ��� u  WHOLESALE AJiU HETAII,  Viee-Pres'.  .^qc v.  .COURT rilCl'-IE.  ,i'��, 40.">  ��  ~    , ~v '    'j-. ?   �����,�� ��������.. -^~ ��� ������  "    / i/i^'A1? .,^/.^f-^ \ JrooiiS ou tlio last Thnr:i ���  IS.:**.    OiiM^ELL,    f   llf^f^ll Lyot^��u,tul,..Yls  f-nv       !V'^6^^^i/i,iue *ro,hcrn lovlt"'  Funeral Bireel  nd  Embalm er.  0(1  p, t. .-':���! y 1 ir, c. ii     (.;. t. Met;mioon. u. s.  '/h  DONT-THROW THEM AWAY  It is just hke throwing away money  Gradna'-i of Champion   College ol   the  United States.    TJiiholstpring and gen-j  era!   furniture   renairing.    Office   and i  s'ore, .Vikcn'-'    block,   near  Canadian j  B.mk of .Commerce..   Telegraph  and   Art- n-.'i  , m..il orders nromntly attended to.  t 5 . ~ t  s' 5 r : "   "1 '.' --"     5     5 :  i't.i.\s ijlX\J V,tJr.O V      "-^ii.  Cranbrook,  i. C.  ���srafaotsxzfTi  i A  Save them and yuu o:n lntve your  choice of 150 ;handsome present?.  Tags are fjoofl up to JAN'Y. 1ST 1803  Write for our new illu-traU d premium  ���catalogue. The Empire Tvibafco Co  Ltd. Wiunipi'g branch, Winnipeg  Ahui. _    ,   St.   Joseph's   Convent.  xei,c;os, n. 0.  13o^.:d:u;_: and Day ichoc! t-wndncted  by the  Sifter.; of  Nelson,   I).  C.    All  branehes c-f elementary, lui->inedJ<  and  'h'trh   el.;1'.-:   '^duration   taught by   tl:c  "istow who hold  certificates   from   'he  L(yiii!on     Ilo^rcl     or   Kdr.'-ation   am;  S,',iv'iu;'.       Department.      Kensington,)  f'hi.dimd,    Apply to Sifter Superior.  SOENfC   LINE.  DIRKCT  IJXE.  EAST.  Winnipeg  Torouto ���  Ottawa  Montreal  New York  J.OWB.ST  KATES.  , WEST.'  Vancouver  Vicoiia  Seattle  Putlland  Han Francisco.  Ci^liV it ,'--o  d iii^vic,  .)'   0. J1/' \vry"�� ���  ing,   corner   Viol-������::..   and     T,'M.���?:>('  street, each Sabbath at 7 ::10 p. tn.  Sahba'Si school at 3 p. fn. i  Prayer meeting Tuesday evening at  8 oMock.  The iMib'ie >\re iruitod   and   will   b.f-  trvices.  W. L. SHERIDAN. ���  Pas. lor.  Freah   and Cured '>T?-i.l:i,  Fresh  Fish, Gtiiii  at; i   Poultry.'-  IVe  euppiy ,o:ily   the   b"��i*,'.   'Your   trtde solicited. '       ���' . ' A  ..*il Alt it KTii  In   all-/tho   Principal  pities and��   Tpwns . in  BriSisn Colur*i73ias ,_  H  Mil?  And fine agricultural  country/ Large herds  of cattle.,-fruit in abun-  ii ,        1       1  dan'ce with a climate  almost southern   and  all that,could he a$ke,d^  mk  m  STUCK . j.i   u)i:  Ten per cent dn.vn, \nb:\'\^.- ,,\.,v  fquai monthly payivi'-u'!-.  Four years ago tile CruVa Ne*'.  shares could bo bouglit, a.n-1 wt-r.-Sii)  tf 11 cents, 'Today tl.cy .i'i.im-iI t  ^SO-b'O." .With ihe advoul >>f '-; w-\. :  fusion Smiihcanieen V.ilioy i, .'. c.  bs delivered ut ,<ny poin' ii. ^-;  Kooiobfty or Yale as choejily as b} If J&||  any 'other company in .Cuimdn. I-I^A  ���   ��� *.  '_    9  ��s��*  ��� ���'   ' '�� , ���    >   Fi.tr fujther infiirmation apply to  ,Sfflilkapieen Valley Coal Co^lldiNELso^Bft  .y  'i  11  re  duaun?s=urr2Ry=Rc  Mnwarra  "via. Soo Line.    ���  St.   P.iul,   Chicago,   and   all   United  Stated points.  TOUJUST SJiKKPEK SERVICE.  ],;^S'l'���Lo-'ive Itevol.��toke v7e<in'wl,'iy,  l'"rida}', S-unrlay-. Leave KonU-  nay Jjaudiinr Friday SI. Paul,  Toronto, .Montreal, Huston. {  ^VEST���Leave Ilevcli-tr.L-e .Monday,  ' Wednesday, Friday, Vaneouvcr,  Seattle, co.xsL.  ft <f i\ s'A\  t^''i fl S S #  S^ ^.-^ ><���/���'  Ila.-i'jQUAiiTi'.r.fi vo:i .K.vsr' Kooti-S'Ay  FOR   FINE   TAJ LOR iXG   GO    T,|)  lEEECHAKT   TAILOR  f**S  NSi  r>*iKvi^>��''  m  Su:'ings,1   Overeo din^j  Fine  Trou^erp,   Imported     Coodr.  MOYIE,     ' B. Cl  i'^ll  /4 -^ H Ii ?  ''hf "*���  / '  t'  .^i?ii  an  lost Economics; '-tip  The moat complete l'"al!,h re.-ort on  the continent of North America. Sit-  nateil rnid;t .scenery unrivalled for  Sranducr. THE HALCYON HOT  Sl'JilNGS Sanitarium, Halcyon   Hot  Mjiincs, Arn.w Lake, li.   C    Ih),ident | FROM YA NCOUV Kit  physician and nur. e,    Boating fishing {  and   excurbions.      Telegraphic   com-1  inuniUtion   with   idl    p-rtj   of    the  'world.    Two mail.; arrive  and  depart  diuly."''Terms,..Splp  to ��� $18' .'per. week |  ���K-'-onling   to   residence   in   hotel   or  villas.    Its baths cure all  nervous and  muscular diseases.    Its waters heal all  kiilnev,  liver   and   stomach   troubles,  ')\ic' jifillis ami waters ..are,  .an 'itivaiu-  ;.i-* remedy for -silver and lead   poidon. 1  .5. 1 s i^oho C\ J. y OXi.  and   Oi  Taken on  Steamship Service,  \\..ii, China, J.iptn, Av  '.alia,  Througli booi.ine.'i to Eur-ipe  via. all Atlantic h\-Ci. I'repaid tickets from all point;)  at lowest rales.- ..���     ���:/  Vov  Rates,. irar.Sj.i''J'liuc-;Ctirtl.s,- Tickets and  ,'. .' Full 'Inform all ou n.\\yly to Nearest Local  '���     AgCUt, ,   :-  G.''-Hillier, Agent, Moyie,  'Hist, I'iiKM. Ayt  N'-J'-or..  . i'.-ik,-:. .vp-t  Everything  in ths Printir.a'  T ,\ j-v d^ p; ��", {v5<Ti  ���.ft +   filfTiifir  ^a"''f Pub  ^vl   >rhVAik,  I't;rmnner.  01othir;r.'''Bcoto  and Shoos.  A i-'ul! Sloetc 1 1 ,Min^r-i ,l-  A'.v..:y.  i;n I'fe.ud.  Call   ami   jlnrtjcot 'Ot^r  upplii.-i  Goods.  r-rf/^-c-j-^���at-  ��,wtu������~^<,r����T^3*rrii.-i��rrt*��v>r����.'r>r7v��<a'��ii��!r��  ���['Oil���  Baogagj'V  KEA��Y TEAmIjaTG  ,      ���ALSO���/  EXI'JIESS     AND      GiiMKRAJ  DKJVtVKKV.  MOYTS.  ' greater in leavening strength, a  spoonful raises more dough, or goes  further.-  Working uniformly and perfectly^  it makes the bread and cake always  light and beautiful," and there is never  a waste of good flour, sugar, butter  and eggs,  ^ith finer food and a saving of  money conies the saving of the health  ;.     pf .the family;, and that is. the.greatest1  "������;������ economy.of all.-'���;���.'������'. ..-' ������. ���".-,'  J*?i!CE  EJAKIMG  POWDER m .Norn,���Many inik!nrc.-;, r.ikrlc in-'imilniiwi <���! '   ;  ���,,,^,^,. ", .     I'"v.''1'.ts,  are  ,i}.r(uUu-m.ul;.".      I1'  f"^'l^��  LF.EOC  , 'i   ., * jM  -I     (    I,    s  ������ w    *viV  OIS  u:ii^f;


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