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The Moyie Leader Feb 8, 1902

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SO i'S-
%^^>^\=>a^>. ^■^^"-^v^^^^*''^'*«*fe->^"^**-'v>»'-v-^>^-s?.\a
a5*r~.->^,,v;i.* -*-"=.   — - ... -«jS--
'past two weeks we l».ive been .busy going
Biock measuring up our
•I *$*.v
■ape hm^^'H'pt
i* w ir~   t a a ,6 v •* -,.' i^ 3j? g
all' ihroinzh   our
Ei c r; £->
r r '  *.    \1.
*<& f Hg B % BtJ
w n-j »^ y< ji ■g
n„ arcs** goods, flannels, fbinneletts, canton   'flannels, prinlH,
n* coHull's, linen*', •^h.-ptiijjj.w'nusliiis, bilks,   luco*-,   ribbons.
%g up our big fctock   of   mens'   goods—serge   tuils, ,wo.-**Ud
"weed sui-a, shirts, .collars, necktie-*,  'underwear, 'top   him-!?,
niaok.'niuvn, imd sorting <-"J(iY our heavy, Block <->*-
i. *=3*
isioL C^Q&CWOS
in"" over all our complete stock of "groceries. In   other   word:
Stock "ww
low id the lime for bargainsin ren*.o.tnts, and   in   all goods we
clear but iu order 10 get. our stock t cleaned   up   for' spring
joming io.       _
One Thousand Ton
for a Starter.
.. '     '     COMPANY. : -
.'(••,'- , /
" .?>
i   -      * .     '   ■* , <i
v.    '
t Paid Up 'Capital' $3;0D0,(K)?>
Messrs. Hawke' & Brenton
and   Mr.   Niederstadt
1 form- Partnership
i.6 Operate,,
Tiie ice harvest on '.Mojii* lake h,..-
conniieneed. ilf.-:*r*. Hawke <S Brenton una Joeeph Ni'..tU-iri',ult havi
formed a partnership. Tlu-y already
„ha\c contracts for one tliou:-af.d torn*
of ice. Some of I'm.-., of eoiii'de, will be
shipped to ouUido- .points--, a good
portion of il going t-"> Cnuibraok arid
Marysville. The same parties st/.li
have the 50,i.:00 ton contract from the
C. P. Ll. in vie.v and t<iu changes art
favorable for them gelling jt'.
Only married    men    who   •. ro   rp-ri
dents of lho  town will be   given    em
poymeni; and J30 cents .in  hour  will
be.the w.iges paid.    They are   {;f. tli tig
70 cente a ton for their ico   loaded  on
the cars here.
•4 Mz&a
'ARY S. 1902,
x ' x
-i X
"i__/ 'JjLVA
N. A. Mackenzie/ Proprietor.
very; [respect. ,:;ISainpievRooms  for
omme rcial Men.
% "If
Cronin •'Jollied" tjio liOiiorter.
James' Cronin; ivunar/er of the St.
Eugane, is at the Phair, and] r-.-pqi-u
that there }s c'nngiuer.*ibl4i excitement'
over tho large orop of i&s en ..Lnki-
'SiOyiO/'on which, tho town 12 pict-
Ureequoly.' located; .says ]hc 'Nelson
Miner. Some of the pfospeotor-j are
studying out plans for" taking -up
mine>al claims on tbe lake Ma ordqr
pteljfOrlthe     maSSeS.    'Everything  « PirSt | that they may be able  to  harvest   the
ice. The stakes will stand .while the
ice lasts all right, but tne (rouble i*?
that a thaw' -"els them afloat and gome
ore tliinking of getting out piles aud
hiring a pile r'riwr so as to gel over
the difti-.'ully. -Mineral in, pi ice i.*"
another dihicui.'.v, bul. it L euggi-e-ied
that divert* cm locit*; th;: .lodge.-*,
which, it is alh-ged, cross from one sidi'
of the lake («> titv oibor. The icL -crop
is very large and profitable' vo? ca\\-
tiderable of it. is b'.;ing harvested, and
oue largo contract is. beinsj nrguiiated
with the Canadian ' Paciliu lt.tilway
company for sevt-ral ihuutuud ton**.
Air. Cronin said he was much pleased
to see lead -advancing and. when it
reached about the £13 per ' ton mark;
bethought that shipment;- would be
recommenced by the St. Eugene.
British Columbia.
^i*^^■>^•^C*»•7^*>Uk■>J^•*,«v•*S^■^<a.*>V*.">llIk.•,!%i.•, ^5*»-*>%*.*>V.'SSr»
"DISS/VUL.NXHit "ailOS,    I'rni.S.
i ' ~ '
Li-.r^o tamido room in "connection
with house for commercial ::ion.* Best
of accommodationsj ,  ■
^IfHIldquartei'S for Commencial and   Mininq   Men. A
rajJEEffl AVENTt;iO, — —- —
Sl^Z^Si^i ^1 y*Zi i^' ■***- ***• J*3*- s^' y^*' >=*"• >*'• -^T- y^r. yV. >*"'•
^.'■^to.'S'StV,^1*.'^*'*. • ***k•^v>•*>.■>^•>*^•X*.•>li.•*<|*k'*«^•>^•'n^•*«^•*^^i►
,'        MOY1J5' «-°-    jjj^
y^i^i^i y^L^AL^^
-^»^--=rr—-=r«r^ it^a'C*?«>i*,Kt»'fa,-r*»^'
"V»k*>^,>'7^»* '^a.'*^ri**^sl.*s.*!-*;
_ rSWM "
— ;^'Wm:
t A<4r"&K     j
Jtotul Quotations. 0
iS'iiW YoitK-7-Bar --ilvcr,  55-^   cents.
Lead,-f ±.10.'   Copper,  "-J512.50.
London*"—Lead, .fill, 12s. (3d.
:.■•;'■ .'V^^s^t
f. ■'v,'i'-'-''',■7'S*i.iS^•"*t,•
?-   .(,Jsil'!.*SiiS."t*Sr
a variety of Jelly Powders which
i you would like.    Here are
Some of the Flavors:
' ?A^$m
Js- rBil|®ES,i?,Y
= eneIpplb
. ' -.!   ''
E       1 \      L   ""*«
Cox's.- Gelatins.
►-AND-^illv;.? ."'
Wm. Hamilton Stills Out.
" This week Wm. Hamilton   sold   his
r. ■
interest'in the International hotel tu
his partner, 1?. \Y. Prith, and left ior
California this morning. A rousing
dunce was given at tho hnUi Kir-1 evening iu his honor. "Bil!\" iva.-- one oi
lhe pioncerh in Moyie and stuck lo th''
town througti its various' ups and
downs. He was well likeil by e\cry-
one, and the best wishes ol tlui entire
comunlly go with him.
Union Orjjanizotl at Fjfiulr.
James Wilks, of Nelson, vice president of the Western Federation of
Miners, passed through Htiyie Tuesday morning on bis return from Frank,
Alberta, where he organizod a union
the evening before.    The Pwnk union | J-.'.OOO;
S. V. i'.ii.- un<L wife departed thi.-1
week fur Lo*- Angeles, California.    '°
Mcit Friday will be'Val^nline's day.
Gvi your valsnlince at Kope'rj drug
store. He has a splendid assort incut
of thfm. '
Al R. Douglas of Vancouver i*i now
as*ji*i!itig A-jent Hillier at the C. 1\ B.
Mi.-*-- Telfer and Miss" Coburu oi
Nelson ure in iloyie. slopping at the
Kootenay. <,    '    ,
John jr.ig.xrty and P. H. Hagarty
were licre this week, and weie registered at the Central.
W. L. livid iv-is in Cranbrf.-ok '.he
firrit i-f t'u'j week transacting   biirinets.
■ J:is*?pii Mt-jderstadt w.i-j duwn to Elko
tiiis'.W'ek and EU':c«.edi'd in gelling
several good sized ordcrti ?or beer. Mr.
Nieder-iiadt is making a .good article
and iiuds little diflicutty in disposing
of all he can manufacture.
CO ' '
Pa.l'.er Ooccolo v,\vc in Moyie Hun-
day, and celebrated 'mats at. lhe
Catholic 1; hutch.
Joe Trombley returned this week
from the cast, where he was visiting
f jr tevcral w.eeka.    ^     '   '
Jack MuTiWith and Chus. .lavet-ley
Vere io Kiniberley this week. They
are not putting un any more men fo;
th'.- prcceut at lhe uiin^s ther...
Ttic cold weather bas been ''c,in*"ing
lho Muyie Wa'nr Co. considerable
.iun.o.Vviime for bever.il (lave past, but
the ditficulty ia now uver.
Managsr Oronin was in Nelson this
Miss Jennie,MoLeod left (or  Prank,
Alberta, Tuesday, where  she  has  accepted a position.
Gomer June.--, accountant for G.   H.
.Miijer, iy.is  ii*--'rc  this  week   auili'in^
the bc-olca oi tho br.inoh store,   .  '  '
-Joa Norton m-i returneii fcom bin
trip "lei the eonl districts east ol here.
Wm. Djble, manager for P. Burns
& Co., was ia toivu Thursday .
Geo. Reed returned this   week   from
tbe Boundary country.
' Wm. Mills is back from Fernie.    He
is much improved in health .
Mining Inspector A. Dick was here
a few days this week.
Chas.   Farrell   left    Thursday    ..fur
Summer L-ike,   Oregon.     He   will   re'
turn io Moyie about. May.
,GjO. Miluh'-rll, for sever.il mouths
book keeper for P. Bur us & Co.. has
aevtreJ his connection with Lhat firm.
Mr. MiLuhell will remain in Moyu\
how.:.ver, which is good nowi, as he is'
well liked by everyone.
Tne board oi trade hei J its regular
meeting iast Wednesday evening.
J. Sf MacEachern was in Cranbrook j'esterday.
J. N. T---*e leturoed this morning
ir,.ni p.-'hbauU, Minnesota, where lie
ha= b.eu on a visit for several weeks,
lit-, is here to icmain.
Mr. Neelands, formerly RrSayer at
Lhe St. Eugene mill, returned to Moyi*-
this moining.
Feb    ffltUMmJ
t    They
The Payne mine ban Inotalled electric diills.
Lord BlrathcoJiii is reported again
seriously ill. : :
Engineer Blakomore says that tbo
Smilkarneen Yalley coal will give 75*
per cent fixed carbon,
C, M. Keep, formerly of Port  Steele,
is now proprietor of the-First National*,
bank of Kendrick, Idaho.        %J
John   L. Sullivan,   who   'is playing
Tfinf   TT!iUl       MW\   nMlY|s'"nonLigreeofa Boston   production
lUUil   JJLiLeillJ     IjjIjU .UIUJJI .| or uncle -Tom,   has'sent   the  "Uncle-
"Eumor.Has Neither Body
" 1 ' r *■'
'' to Be Kicked Nor Sou!
,    .He Says.    ■
There  has boon   considerable
Following' are   the
i-tstiinntes i'or t-!*.o Year.
(.btimiirtes   made
for this district for the' ciu-umg  year:
1'ernie, §2,950.
Jaffrjiy, 41,500. .     ,
Fort Steele—Road
d   iH-.jlii   side   Bull
rivci to Falls bridge, ■I'-OOO; extention
trail from Hull river 12 miles, If900;
t:ail up Mau'o creek. tfoOO; road div« r-
.-i'iu between Fort. Steele and Wild
Hoi so idacer mines, -§2,000; wagon
,-o.i.i Esleili mine, §5,000; trail up
Diorile en-.-k, §500.
Cranbrook—Pekiu sleigh road,§300;
extcntion of trail up Movie river
bi-yond Pokin mine, §1100 ;extension ol
L'ury creek   road    to    French   i-icek,
started otT with a charter   uiembershiji   /r< >.>* li or01
of 55, but within a month it is expected lhat the membersnip will be
increased' to at least 100. There is in
the 'neighborhood', of 130 mon e tn ploy i*d
at tlie -mine in Frank and "the best of
feeling prevails between tli© men and
tho management, .general "manager
Gebo and assistant manager Henrietta
road     Cranbrook    direct    to
k,  §2,000;   trail   to   Mount
DiVr.  §200;   extension  Perrv   creek
Mail, §500.
.Moyie—Trail   up   Lamb   Cicek   six
nultisj-§500; Society Girl wagon .road,
unfavorable criticism lately regarding
the actions of the license- commissioners and'other officials of,.tins district,
Two of the three commissioners have
already made reply 'to those attacks.
Fred" Stork, of Pernio bad a letter
published in tbe Cranbrook Herald
last week, and this wei-k A.   T.   Clark,
,  ' x
tht* Moyie commissioner, lus au ably
written letter published in tbe same
paper over hii: sign-Mure. Fie says in
pan :
"1 wish to ota'.e once for all,  that   1
h-n've hot been a party to any corruption whatsoever direct ly or indirectly.
That I have not received one ceut in
money or kind for either granting or
refusing any application, and that I
am absolutely ignorant of any money
having been paid to or taken by any
commissioner (other than the logal
fee) and further that Xcdo not believe
BDoh haa been paid to 0? taken by a
'.fNow, sir, if a- dar-lal  can  bs  tnord
explicit and absolute  than  this  L/de-
sire to make it.   You say that "rumors
are flotling over the "district" and   you
know, sir, that  ''Rumor1'  has  neither
body to  be   licked    nor   soul   to   be
damned., It.   is     a     despicable     and
cowardly form of attack.    If 'any  one
can make (iny definite  charge   against
tlie commissioners, collectively   or  in-
dividnJly, let him    com>>   out   like a
man and expose lho tvil   dod-,   in   the
name of honesiy, for   the  love   of  fair
play, a'nd in common -justice, 1  appeal
to  all.    Enough   «-f   base   insinuation
and groundless- rum its.    Let   us   now
have     facts,     accusations,       specific
charges ii they can   be   made,   and   if
not, then lhe silence which is   golden.
'•'For lhe benefit of future applicants
I may state that lhe only  cost   ot   obtaining a license   is   tho license   fee—
regulated by scale in   the   Liquor   Act
—and if applied for at a  special   meeting the cost of calling the commissioners    together   and   advert.sing   (this
amount being divided among   the  up
plicants at .ue'n   meeting). -It   is  not
necessary  to 'make    any    application
through   a   pmiciilar     solicitor.     0:
through a  solicitor  al  all.    In   most
cases if, is probably  a.dvi"*:tblc   for  applicant to employ a solicitor to insure
tlie application being in  proper   form,
and 111 this the applicant must use his
own judgment,  ohoos-v    Iih   own   so
licitor and pay his (tin* .-ohcilor't)   fee,
a matter of which   tlie   commissioner i
havo no concern or lenuwk-ugc."
The Leadu-is plt-a>ed to seo Mr.
Clark come out and declare himself.
And this he does in such n manner as
to leave no tbubt.s as to his being able
to defend bis position. Mr, Clark i-,
an old resident oi .Moyie ami South
East lvontenay and bis reputation I'or
truth and "varacity has always been
above reproach.
Tom" to the   hospital by. putting too
much realism into the whipping scene.'
Constable   Wilson, of " Ivuskonook,
look to Nelson on Friday night Edward"
Moore, who had been taken in' charge
as a  person   of  unsound   mind.    The*
prisoner   was   broucbt   before   Police"
Magistrate Crease who, remanded him"
for   medical   examination.     Later   he
was seen by Dre. LaBau and  Hawkey, ■
the result of their 'examination   bring*
ihut nn order Avas  made  out  for   his
nd mission at the asylum for the insane' -   '
at. New "Westminster.        •       , <7
Owing to the extreme cold   weather   •
.mh3 the f/'ce-ji-ng of   the   water in   the
flumes and the mills nearly ever}' producing mine in the.Coeur d'Alenes   is'
closed.    At   the  Wardner   end of the'' ,
district tbe   Bunker  Hill   &   Sullivan'
has entirely suspended operations and"
will continue   shut  down   'until    the'
weather moderates.   The last chance^'
however, continue.-1  lo run.'   All   tho'
mines are closed in the Mullan diutrict"   .
and oh Canyon creek.    For   nearly  £
week past the thermometer'has ranged"
about the zero point and many  times  '
considerably below. ' • .    -
The Canadian  Pacific   railroad   hag
completed arrangements   for   building^
immense locomotive and outwork-"" itf
•he east end of Montreal," It id aaid,
that 7000 mon will be employed and[
35 acreii of.land has been acquired  fot
the site,   Tiie, company  already  ha'^'
locomotive works in that  pait of   the-
sr l,.\
city, but they are entirely- insufficient '
to meet the need's  of  the  system.    R. .-
has also a number of car shops at vap_'
ious points, but these   are   to  be   cori_
centratod al Montreal.    It is proposed^ .
that every engine and   car  needed   by.
the road will be built in (he future   \\\
its own. shon-*.
Evo'.-U-tml'!-) Winter  Carnival.
Uoi-sland will bold its fifth annual
winter carnival this year from Feb-
■unry 20 to 22. A fine program of
win'-ir sports has been prepared.
Single fare for round trip, on. all railways.
See   ad   on   fourth ■-page'   for
St. Marys—Trail up east ' fork   three
nviles, §5000;  extension'.' of. "'trail   up (particulars..
west  fork  six  ..miles,  §600;   trail up! '.,'  —-—-————
south, side St. Mary's from Perry creek j wm Add to tlio Kontenny.
being especially popular.    The officers j vis HellVloariug   creek , U>   W hm-iiso
of   the   Frank     union     are:    J nines j ■.•■reek, li> miles, §l,o00,;  Marysvulo   m
Graham, president; S. H. Uke,  vice-1 !Vn-y   creek   road,,   bridge   over
president; S. Sutherland,, correspond- j Ma7^."^nr  m   «onneclion   with
ing  and   financial   secretary;   David ! road, §d,000.     .."
Thomas,conductor; Richard Robinson,!    Skukumchuck—Lxfension; ol
treasurer; and A.   M. .-Campbell." war-! '-'■» Copper creek, §200
Total .§29,750.
An addition 20x30 two stories high
will be built at the rear of; the .Kootenay hotel. The building will be used
■is a storehouse, laundry, etc. The
lumber has '.alseady been ordered.
Joe1 Tro'm.bley will have charge of the
Cranbrook Herald:
,G. II. Miner has secured" the 0011-.
tract for Lhe plumbing in the new,
C. P. R. hotel at Sidur.
Tom Caviu is in receipt of a lett.*r
from Jimmie McNeil, who will be re-,
membered by a host of Cranbrook
friends, in which he says that he has-
just started in lo work afc Wallace,
Idaho, after quite an extended trip
through tbe coast states. Jimmie
says that he has a good position and
adds that be '-will do well if he makes
Commencing on Thursday night,
Chinese New Year will open. Many
a man will wear a dirty shirt , and
soiled collar next Sunday in consequence. The torn lorn?, thc Chinese,
fiddle, the kiyi song will all be heard,,
and every Chinaman in town will keep
open house and dispense candy that
would kill a dog and cigars that taste
like thev were made of alfalfa. It is n.
great day among tlie heathens, and
the only time in the year that they
ever give'anything away.
"Saulty"     McKenzie     and       Dan
Murphy     returned     from    Winnipeg
bumlay where (hey- wont to   got   pointers Oil tho slardard rub's   and   regulations which the Crow has just adopted.
They have now  opened   a   school   of
instruction for tiie oenefit of the other
trainmen un   the   road.    Mr.   Murr-hy
bus   all   the engineers,   firem-n,   conductors   and   brakemen    from   Cranbrook to JCootenay   Landing   and   Mr.
McKenzie has Ihe line   east   ot   Cranbrook to   Medicine   llat,. nnd   all   the
station agon(.3   on   the   Crow.    Ifc   is
estimated  that   their .school  will   last
about two months.
..Waterworks tircetiiisv
A meeting of the shareholders of the
Moyie Water Co. has been called for
Saturday/February 22nd at tbe court
house This is' tiie annual general
■ meeting and' the election of oliicers
will be part of tbe business,
JSHL I  ..    i  OHS^iSSmitS^mrVe.  imrr^vrrmmMitin ms^rm^r^sisssxsaattaietissasis^^^ttraa^ts:  THE MOYIE LMDJBRv  notice.  Tajco li'.ticc that I have applied to the chief  Coiniuis*!ir.J3*.e," ol" liin.cls j-ind wor!-s, Yjcrona,  B. C, for a special license to cut and carry away  Ss** ����&.  S-AUfiStXK  HD-a-SOTE^^-fia^^^ ^v -v-^  <*XX'  Published in the interest of the people ]^y^nyieioVo^inS(ie<enbe6 vacautcrowu  ' "   i re      i Jaunpinjl-eEpi'tberadivicionof tliBEastlvooti*-  Of M03yifi S-nd EaEfc Kootenay. ",j nay-district, 1\   eVCeiameiicij-t!*; at    a' post   !| t-.v..':aV -Vic Desftutoier planted on   iheenit  ���:}S"x2'--.04r.j'"lir--?n��rc'-ir"ciit.'-'To j-oi-ri-, -l^a o' the I  Asthmalene Brings Instant Belief ana Permanent Cure in all Gases.  ���V* M^V  <0  Buy Your Drugs at  ���"���% j". sarvTH & oo.,'  UATSS OF SUliSCBIPTiOK.  v   Putllcte-TH^I rai^ro^J trtcJ:,.ri-.��*,iUcg'*0*cbf.iiJS , "-v/'sit"  theeoe         ...-.'...   |{ follo^v/-;c,-t��jo --i:e*<3l-;.JCO;ciif.i7aE south:.th&'ncc -10  :| chaiiis.^os:J:.lhXiiiC.ejCO-Chfiirsii.oiUi:iij place,of  commeucineut. coi'taminc Clp 'acre,1--,   mor'i or  ie "Yenr ... ��.-.- �� 52.00"  o +-  SATURDAY, 'FEB'. 8. i'902.  les*j.-,-, ,i  ,   .  listed" Jan! l," 1002.  4���39.     ,'   .  VICTOR DE3AUENIER.  SENT ABSOLUTELY FREE ON RECEIPT OF POSTAII,  WRITS TOUR SAME AJJJB ABSREc-t  NOTICE.  , Take notice that I have applied to the {'liicf  The late Right Hon. W.* EVG!at>Ftor-&jCOjnjIll-:.v-cno-OI- i��ads a.ir; .m-uri^,; .victbna,  "   '  "I       '  \ i .  ...  It!.,  ���ii-7-  ��� .'.i  once -saiti:-:<'Nolhing eycepi ^SN'.-^n'  ���:<jan rnakc money withaut^ve^tisjflrg."-  This .is ,why Gladstone is remembered  as the Grand Old Man,' :  This is    Chin eye   New 'Year.  people of Moyie will "cut itVoul.':  The,  13, 0.,p(ur,a special license, to cut inci cr.j  away timber on the following desciibed .vacati.  Ctqivn laudsJn tile southern divi ion of 1he  Hasl. Kbotenay district. B. C. Comincnesiiff at  a poet plaulci al:out c:^e mile aud one in.-"! en  tlie-east Mflrxoi" Xochtar-^laug uonh side. ,"bf' the  British Colninbir. Southern railway track   on  ,. which pQRfcfc^-rottrked Ij. CaWB,  r.-nqisfr unst  ;| 100 chains: thence south '!Q;ehains,,i,heneo .west  '.l tCOoliain'3" Uienco north 40 chains to place  of  Y~Y~ '    ?| cornmenqemeut,,containing 640 acres, more or  The South'* Alrican'"war" is  costing"Hess.. . '.,   L. cahiix.  the  British   government   .���4,500,000  Datedjau,2,1902. -.       3-39.  -per month.    -   *  '    "V " - ,   notice.  . Take notice that I have applied to,the chief  commissioner of lauds an��l works, Victoria,  B. C., for a special iiceuso to cut and carry away  timber on thc following described' yacr.111  Crow-a l��.nds in the ''loiitiiTii ".division of the  East^ooteiiny district, li. 11., CoTnincii'ciiig" at a  post, on thr* west side .of Galbraitli's "ranch,  block o-i'fiS, on north hide of railroad track, which  M'hieh post is marked Edward I>e-3anlniei\ run  ning 1GQ chains \vost: thence -10 chfiins f-outh  thenee lfiO chains east, thence -10 chains north  to place of commencement, conlaiuins MO  acres, moro'or legs. EDWARD.JOESA ULNIEU.  Dated Jan. G, 1002. ', ,   'l���SO-  "' tf>,i?'t' 'A- *~ T-) r?s ?��.>,  It is encouraging to sge lead hover-|  iris: about the ��11 'mark, and all i":  L.licatioDS point to a still, hignf  \1  jner  raise.  Frank Sentinel: " When the meroury  oirddles down to sleep in the bottom of  -llib thermometer it  is  i*o.nething    to  'h'fe^neit to a coal* mine:  ,' Marie Oorelli,'the novelist, says that  ihe new issue of British ��� postage  'stamps should he virtually boycotted  '''because they are Vo German in appearance."  Last Sunday was "groundhog day"  and if the" bear chanced lo come oui  of his hiding place ho could easily  haye seen his" shadow. This means,  so the theory goes, that we will yet  ���"have six weeks of win ter. t  Jdaho State Tribune: It was- a  cold cut at the Coeur d'Alehes when  president Roosevelt appointed Whit-  -iawReid of the New York Tribune  instead of' Aaron Frost of the Wardner  ���News as a ppecial ambassador- 'to  witness'    the    coronation    of     King  1  JJd ward,.  ������The^Fernie Free Press rather "dis-  .ctedits the. feasibility of ^larooni's  wireless telegraphy. But this is offsset  by the the- endorsatidn of the -New  York'/ournal, the'Fort Steele Prospector and the Marysville .Tribune so  that'the famous inventor is not likely  to lose heart.  Sir Thomas Lipton spends a million  ���dollars trying to win the American  cup, and hires girls in his London  .factories for such low wages that they  ���have to resort to prostitution to stand  .off starvation. Lipton will try for the  cup again, but meanwhile the girls,  have gone on strike. There is something wrong with' a system which  permits Lipton to squander millions  establishing his reputation as a sport  while the poor defenceless girls who  earn his fortune are starving.���Pay-  streak,  NO'rrCE.  Take notice that I hare applied to tlie Chief  commissioner of lauds and works,' Vietoiitt,  B. C./fora .special license to cut and carry away  timherou the following described vacant Crown1  lands in tho southern division of the EtiM  Kootenay. district, B. C. Commencing fit a  'post markgd O. Desauluier planted about one  and one half miles cast of Tochty ou the north  side or the Canadian Pacific railway. Running  west'lfiC chains: thenee south 46 chains; thence  eastlGO chqins: theuce uorrli -JO chains' hack toe  place oi coniinencemeut, containing G-J0 acres,  more or less. O. DESAULXIER.  Dated Jan. 2,1902. f        .' V���39.  "Xotlc.e to Delenquont Co-Owner'.  To Otto P. .Johnson, or to any person or  persons to whom he may have transferred his  interests fn the May Flower mineral claim,  situate abbntfive mileE north'oi Fort Steele in  thc l?ort Steele Mining Division of, thc district  of EastKootenay, B. C, and recorric-d m the  recorder's oflieo of-the Fort Steele Mining,  Diyision.  You, and each of you, are hereby notified that  I have expended one hundred aud ten dollars in  labor and improvements upon.the above mentioned mineral^, claim in order to hold said"  mineral claim-under the, provisions 'of'the  mineral act and if within ninety days from rhe'  date of tliis notice you tail or refuse to contribute your proportion of such expenditures' together with all costs of advertising," your interests in&aid claim will become Hie* property  of the sub subscriber under section 4 of an act  entitled f'au'act to-amend the'"Mineral Act  1900." '��� ' "WM..GALLUP.   '   ,  Duted at .lloyie, B. C.', 'this Sf*a day of Jan. 1902.  ���l���39���3m.  O. F. DEiAULNIER  DEAIER  IN  K  There is nothiag 'like Aslhmaleiie.  It brings ihsffa'n't-'relief, everi-.in the  worst cases. It cure*s when all else  fails. - ' '  The J2��v. C.   F.   WELLS,   oi   Villa  Ridge, 111., says :    "Your trial bottle of  AsthmaIi*ni3 received   j:i   good   cjndi���  tion.    I cannot tell ydw how tharfkful  I feel for the good derived  from   it.    I  was a slave, chained, with putrid   eorto  throat and Asthma   for   ten   years.   'I  despaired of ever being curpd.    I  saw  your advertisement for the c ure of this  dreadful and tormenting   disease, Asthma, and thought you, Had overspoken  yourselves, but resolved   tq   give   it   a  trial.    To my astonishment,  the   trial  acted like a charm.    Send  fne a   fuli-  bize bottle."  Sevr" Dr. Morris Wechsler,  ' Rabbi of the Cong.    Jhiai Israel.  New York, Jan. :3,1Q01.  Dn . Taft Bros'. .MjcuirtN?. 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Having   t-x  haugred riiy, own skill as well as many 01 hers,  I   chanced   to  'see   your  sign  upon yoiir windows on 130th street. Now York, Tat  pnee obtained u bottle of  Asthmalene.    jMv wife commenced taking it about   the first of  November.-]  '    ' o (*''.- '   ' '     '  very soon noticed a radical improvement. After using one bottle her, n?thma  has disappeared andtft3he ���? entirely frosfrom p.11 symptoms. I feel ^.hat I can  consistently rectimine^d the jiTedicina to all who ��r��. nAlioted with thi** di*-*  treEsing disease.   Yours respectfully,' ' '    0. D- PJ-IEIvPS,M. D.  Dr. Taft Bros. Medicixb Co- ���' Feb.15,190L.  v ' t G *���*  Gentlemen: I was troubled with asthma for 22 years. _!��� have tried  uumerous"remedies, but they have all failed.. I ran acro3s"yoiK advertisenie'n.i  andstartefl wilh a trial bottle. I founds relief at' .once: "I "have since pur  chased your full sized ���botth\ find I am ever grateful. v^ I * have family of- lour  children^ and for six years was unable- >0 work1.- I-ani- now- irr, the best of  beait-h and nindoing 'business every dav, ..This testimony you can niAke'tuch  use of as you see fit. - Home.addre.*-, 235 Rivington street. R. RAPHAEL/ -  '    .     ��   , \ _.    07,-East 129th st.; New York City. \  TRIAL BOTTLE SENT   ABSOLUTELY   FREE   ON .RECEIPT  OF; POSTAL: , '��� '.  "��� c  Do not delay.    Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS,' MEDICINE  CO., 79 East 130th St.. X. Y. City .--,..   '��,  V  ."   ' SOLD BY ALL DRTOGI8TS.     ".  WW  mm.  HTffir?f?B  *-i^3'    la    \\f4 th a H  <*& % % Ss  0 (Jail early and go! k bettor choiir**-. ,l)onct overlook th ��� i\;t nnl  we carry Hair Inrushes, Cloth Brushes, Military hair 1 ru���-i 1 * s-  ;:!:ui*j with geuuino*l>ri.->tles and with -el'oiiy, wood,.:>v ;v  wme-i  * %$M<  ���_-'��*���  ism  Goff Don't "Lilcc Kules.  Charlie   Goff; wbose  challenge    to  Tommy   Ryan,   middle-weight   chanv'  pion of America, was accepted a short  lime ago has heard from the champion  the conditions under which Ryan   expects him to enter the ring,  says   ihe  Spokesman-Review.    GoiT says he will  not accede lo the Kansas   City   ma n't*,  demands and has referred the letter to  officers of the Pastime Athletic club at  Rossland, where the fight will probably  take place.  The hitch in the tight  plans   comes  from Ryan's fiat   that Goff   weigh  ui  at 154 pounds   at   the   ringside.    Goff  says he is willing to make that weight  at 3 o'clock   in   tho  afternoon.    "The  middleweight  limit  is   158   pounds,"  said Goff yesterday, "and Ryan should  be willing to fij^ht a man of lint weight  at the ringside.    1   am   willing  cither  tu make 15-1 at 3 p. m. or  158  at   the  ringside.    It    mean's    tbo   difference,  with me, of   going   on   tbe   platform  hungry   at 15-1 or wilh   a  comfortable  meal   at 158.    I   can't   fight   on    11:1  empty stomach.    I have consequently  referred the letter to President  J.   M.  Hayden of the Pastime club, who   will  write to Ryan."  Speaking of the result of the Green-  ,Ryan fight at Kansas City Tuesday  eveuing, the Spokane fighter said : "I  expected Ryan to whip Green, though  1 thought the San Franciscan would  make a better showing against him.  1 am doing a little training now, will  get down to business when my fight  with the champion is assured, and ex-  pec't a successful issue of the fight."  p U USM ft)    Ei d  PROMPT DELIVERY.  Queens' A ./e.  Harvey    &   McOanter;  - FORT STEELE, B. C   -      ���  it    *' 1'  Harvey, McCarle'r &*Alexandev,  FJ3RNIE, B.C.     '  o  Barristers &f Solicitors.  Y  PICTURES' FRAMED  Prest, the photographer, has just received the finest lot  of mouldings in  East Kootenay.  1 W. A. Prest,  Photographer,  Craiibroolc,     Stoyic,     Fort Steele.  Will Visit ittoyie on  TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY.  W. F   GUE.D,  BEALE ���& ELWELL,  "V  Notaries    Puhlic,    Commis  sion-and Insurance'' Aokn'th.  ItAKKISTKJl, SOLICITOR, ETC.  CRANBROOL  *--,  B. C  Mining- Stock  Branches: ,  1-OrfT STEELE:  KIAIUERLEY,  MARYSVILLE.  A'  hia  M  nn  SJ?  hm\iLLm  99  QiUality not exeelledjin tbe country. \Tcy ifc and  'I"-**". ['Ci' " * it"**!.*"  .��.   - . .       ^be coi^vinced.  (tl 333S3eSSSSS3SS$"$SS��S^  to ���  (ii  Hi  ���T5  J0HW3TO?/ ' B,30S.  it  m  fttrara  .. ximttqBlf  *.t IwYissm  ft ailsSnV-g  . .     ft 6ranf^&ttK  Thiri Hotel is N6w and well Furnished. The \ |M  . 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J* *' Sunday  ; lladfitono,*"]  ��� intornio  ' ' Sunday  Ihoal Lake  i       iato poii  *    '. Tues.j T  tapid Ciiy��  ���A.     day.'Elw  ; Moni'. Vf  dordon, Do  points 'd  *Tapinka,'A;  > ��� points, <  1 ��� Brandoi  VTuos'SifT  "Ilonboroif  ''v-;p6Mts<*i<  isaWW  '���j;'-. ' ' '    '      ' ��� ��� .     ' . ,'    '  SIS ''3R��3r. Year,  \% Prbbyshir'*)',  If :   ;van;Tiib  "! [AAGtiA^m  V.VTuoS^'T  ErrQtriai'Sti!  West.SdlkIr  stonowalli;':  Bmore6ri';'']B  ili .WStUBOJ  AAAAAAAAIte  mtYYY^vii  -   ' ' * ^-1,'^-J''^."'',''  .:. AAA 'itAi ^if-'*r^. [MOYIE LEADER.  flaenee ot  vou think of tbe theory that  otent influence in determining  , IsSd Mr: Smirhfield as he  Imps of sugar in his coffee.  m%  all  right,"  replied   Mr.  severed a portion of bis beef-  JSys seems a Utile. canmbal-  "Wn you order lobster.  S?orte<l  Mr.  Smithfield  good  ������I ought to  have known  it  ���rous to lend you money after I  Sr fondness for beets.   But  Ut there were anything in the  didn't it make a man sheepish  'and prizefighters .ougkfr to  selves to a diet of scraps. ���  Jazette.' "  lis   I'rivnte  Opinion. .  Fillie���Pa, is it true that a man  against bis, will is of the same  1?  s it is, my son. ���  illie���And docs it apply to wo-  ?','       '      " . '".     i  duly imt. Will'c*  It is simply  convince a woman against  jln'cago News..  Into txis Luturc and see the  to which your  if neglect v/Jd  Tmng' you, you vrouU seek  telier, at,' or��ce----afifi thai  nattf rally would t^ rjLrc-weh.  ccuaition  TAKE'NOTICE.  testi-  inter-  jlish   simple,   straight  .not.   press    agent's  |bnit\vell known people.   -J.  ill over America thoy'testify  it-rits   of    lUINARD'S    L1NI-  lIk* best of Household Tteme-  HtCIIAKDS &. Co.   >  restricted    to  NT for tkeTEETH 25c  fnmg ' expert .is not. necessar-  llancholy individual because  fiiral to associate 'him with  3S.  <T  '  *���*  ���"fa  'I  The  'the  7ith  ���ars.  leo's' Ten-ofcable Pill3 con ti in.'man-  aiidoh'oii*,they euro liver and fcidney  vitk unerring: certainty.   Ihoy also  Sn^a^oU and herb.- which bayo sr-eciic  frfe^^^ly wonderful in their action ou thc  SSilbd bowels.   Mr. B. A. Caimcro.s,  haS&^to, writes *.-"! consider Pannoloo's  -    511g*a2*Scollcnt remedy for biliousness and  ft   "araniS^nt ci 1 he* livor, having used them iny-  t>  elf fflr.'^nn'e time."  to bring either a pri/.c-  \ fB\z$f$&b a bald-headed man to the  I raSclx'fP-', ���   ,   *  JniMt: Cures "Bums, Etc  .my  tliat the people  whom  *s    thrown   overboard  swim.  aro  who. marries  a spiritually    only ' gets _,   a , medium  OTE     FAST TIM  TO  DINTS    ���  p|lp|| VESTIBULE TRAINS  fiirriujgii during ancl sleeping   cara  WftM^Loso connection for Chica  f$|!^^Sand   all  points   in  i.-s-K- */-....,        ���.-    ...       Provinces  States  Pacific  Coast.   ���  apply to  ian Northern Agent  t Viim'ipe(|;Oi5f;y'.Ticl.ot, Telegraph and Froigh  I ,moo;mimKSL    GE0o H. SHAW,  /        ,M">'��:*.'11'7H,'><fi'��*)*  PACIFIC RAILWAY  /.'-^SKIMB TABLB  i.'ft.-f";  vL5 o  'rt    ' r-**"-'  lault SfccfrJlario, Owen Sound, Tor-  >''"ontoapd,'',**Eiist via Lakes, Mou-  ;" . day, llmrsday and Saturday   , Taeaf.;<Prl,"taud Sun   itontroal-V^Toronto. jNow York and  ',  Kast.'.via-tfll rail, daily   lat Porwgoand intermediate points  s, daily -:^s.- K   lolson, Eiao'du Bonnet", and intcrmo-  ��� , diato points, Thurs. only   'ortatfo wTrattio,lh,nndou,Cal/-'-ary,  V'"Nelsoa,andi,ull   Kootenay and  t  ��� -LflU cousfc'points, daily   �� Jortagola- Prairie, lirandon and in-  t  ,    tormodiatOs'points  duily oxccj.it  J- -' Sunday .':.r.*;'^   j tladfitono,*"Noepawn, Miuncdosa and  ��� intorniBdiatOrpoints, daily except  >��� ' Sunday:".^:'.*.'.1'.".'.   j   lhoalLako,iYorkton and intern*ed.  !   ���   iato points;'Mon., Wed., and Fri.  '. Tues ���i-Thtws'y and Sa t   tapid Cifcyy.Humiota, Miniota,Tuesday,' Xhur. and Sat   * Mom'-Wod-Vaud Fri   dordon, Pploralrio and intonncdialo  VppintMaiKoxccpfc Sunday.  I  .  im   VThr^S3SGffi"iii'land Sat   ilenboroKSo'a'iJBland 'iiitormediato  ^���vpoiJi'^^ffll^oscopt Sunduy   ?ipestonp;-":'K6st6ii': Areola aud inter  :-���' mediatojboitife, Mon., Wed., and  '���'. j Prh via' Br'ahdon ���:....'  , .    fOIl!    ^'-'���.TubS^Thteii'Sat., via Brandon..  ^*%gvS^Raul' Chicago, daily ....  Wesfc.S.olkirkl*;"Mpu., Wed. and l''ri...  .Vx'Tue3.V,a?httt9. undSat. .........  Stonowalirptaou, Tuos., Thtir., Sat.  Bmarson';;Moti;,:Wed., and Fri..... .  i��, WixXOSGNAHD,  1(3.00  16.00  S.CO  7.30  16.S0  7.SO  .33  T.'iO  S.20  7.30  AB.  10.1.'j  10.15  18.00  13.20  14.S3  :.SC  ^2.S0  15.45  22.30  15,13:  11.10  is.ro  12.20  7.50  1-I.3C  10.0C  .17. K  \lJ  a>  SU  0  lire  i  ^  SHILOH cures Consumption, Bfoncbiiis, Asthma, '  and all Lung Troubles-.  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This rnociicine cures  coughs, ebldrt. inflammation of the- lmi��3, and  all throat m.d chest tronbloa- It promotes a  free and easy expectoration, which immediately  relieves tho throat and lung*j from viscid  phlegm*      - , ' -.'  . u      t'  The averaye youix^r man's, .hopes  are raised more often than his salary.    , . ^     -��� .   ,���   '���  ,   How's. This?  We oSer Ono Hnndred ,Dollars Reward ?or  anv casg v f Catarr.i cna - cannot be cured by  Hall'!. Catarrh Cure.      - . ���    ^  I��'CJ. CHENEY & CO., Props.', Tolodo O.  Wo, tlio uudersi'jno.la have known F J.  Cheney for th-3 last 1"* years, and bollevo him  perfectly lioncrah o in all busioe?s transactions,  and financially able to carry oa:" any obligation  raadobj-'theirfU-rg.'. ' -r *' ��� r.- _ ; .-���  Wj-s-i' irTi.i-.vx, Vv.holes3le Dniffgists, Toledo,  O. Wa"ldiko. 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Give to tlie  tnr,aJata{,le rocd-n,^ ciiowder,  Gy the wind Saaj., Topeallaat Tea  and Con Jiitpci\  Some fehips arc known as "mean  ships" by sailors oo account of the  food that Is served to the forecastle.  They are chiefly deep water sailing  fehips and tramp .steamers. Of couis-a'  what a sailor s'jjiII have to eat i*- provided for by law, but the law sometimes gets badly mixed up on blue water. The strange dishes served to sailors on J'mc-au ships" are no stranger  thai* the names the sailors give 'them.  One of the commonest of "mean ship"  dishes is "by the wind soup." This'  delicacy Is composed of well polished  mutton bones, stale meat trimmings, a'  handful of potato parings and sci-apa  from the captain's table. The mixture  is boiled vigorously for two hours, at  the' end of which time the result is hot  water of a light brown color with floating island** of grease ou its surface. A  little hardtac-k is added, and there you  have your "by the wind soup."  When a "mean ship" gets well out lo  tea. one of lhe first dishes to appear is  "dog chowder." It is a sort of resurrection pudding, made of scraps that  the cook does not dare to serve up as  they are, but which he shreds finely or  pounds in a mortar until all semblance  of-ihcir original state is lost. The mass  is well mixed with' grease and served  hot. " ..     '  Grease plays an important part ih all  the "mean ship" dishes. Another standard Item on the bill of fare ,of these  ships is "topgallant tea." It is served  to the,men in the dog watches, and the  recipe' for' making it is this: Three  times  a  week  weak,, tea,  made  from  ,fresh tea leaves,.!." served. The leaves  are saved and mixed, with' the tea  leaves from the captain's tahle. Brown  sugar'or, molasses is added, and frbtn  the 'mixture is made a decoction which  : is served four clays in the week and  which the sailors coll "topgallant tea."  .. ,"Co\v "Upper" Is a common dish on  all "mean ships." ' Tt Is made by boiling beef bones for six or seven hours  with all the scraps left over from'former j-a<*als. T.he broth so obtained Is  well seasoned with salt and served out.  Another dish Is "jumping jenny," sometimes called "double belt pie," from  the fact that tbe sailor has to take in  a couple of holes in his belt after eating it iu order to stay him until the  -next meal. It Is the result of a week's  leavings from the cabin-table r mixed  with six or eight ship's biscuits and  half an onion. It is not at all a nice  dish, and a sailor with epicurean tastes  always'makes a row 'when, the cook  serves it. ��� ���  On some of the "western 'ocean"  tramps a'dish'Is served known to the  sailors, as "hide stew," and tho;tough-  ' est'old salt, tbnt ever was drunk on  'shore or mutinous at sea is subdued by  It to a Rtatf of lamblike docility, for it  Is sure to double him 'up with indigestion and make hiui think of the hereafter. It is made.from a collection of  the skins of ,everything������pigs, potatoes, fowl r(from the captain's table),  bacon rind and well picked chicken  legs.' This is boiled for six hours aud  plenty of thick greaso added.  The captain of a* "mean ship" always says, of'course, ai?at his men are  well fed and that they only growl and  grumble because thoy are a bad, ungrateful lot, of abandoned wretches.  In proof of it he will tell you that he  gives them plum duff twice a week.  Tho duff he gives them is known to the  sailors as "bowline duff." It is made  from the' scrapings' of pudding cloths  that ouce held tho puddings consumed  In port���when the captain gave his men  real 'duff,- so that they might uot know  that they had shipped on a "mean  ship*-, and make a "pierhead jump" for  liberty. - These scrapings are made  bulky with biscuit paste and flavored  with" cloves. "Bowline dull" is the  least unpopular of all the dishes on the  bill of fare of the "moan-ship," and its  actual cost is 2 cents for every threo  men. '  A     h'iLiiDY    FARMEa     STRICKIEY  V.J Tli  RHEUMATISM IS CURED  BY  DODD'S KIDNEY  , PILLS.  T -J-J  j oliv  Evenxiii  *s  This .Man Was So Bad That He Was  Annost Paralyzed���A Wonderful  fuse and a Very Happy Cure By  This Excellent Itemed v.  lE-aned if anions other good things yoa  I a AVIiLIAalS PIAit'O, as then n  good crop, so  ���worked, by or-  . Xonh Temiscaniingue, Que., Jan.  6.��� (Sptcial,���At the Douglas Farm  near here lives Mr. W. 11.. JoWnstoji,  who today considers himself a very  ho-ppy   man' indeed.,  1 hri cause of Mi*. Johnston's happiness is his somewhfcLt sudden and  very remarkable, recovery' from the  ni6-.t seveie case of rheumatism ever  seen in  ihis county.  Eoi- a long time he suffered with  tin* rheumatism which gradually  grew worse till it threatened his'liie.  His principal trouole was in his left  sid.*, and it was so bad that his neck  stillcHcd 30 that he could scarcely  move it, ,and was beginning'to feel  Paralysis. .The pain would go away  for a time, but return with greater  force, ,and a strange feature of his  case was that after the pain would  ieave any part, it left behind it that  prickly "pins and needles" sensation.  . He thought that perhaps his smoking tobacco had something to do  with it, and he gave this up, but re-  received no benefit at, all, until he  us'jd Dodd's Kidriry Pills.  This remedy he found to be a complete and absolute cure for his malady,, and very soon after commencing it.*-, use,- the pain began to leave  him. and'now he is strong and well.  That such an extreme case should  yield so easily and quickly proves  lh.it Dodd's Kidney Pills W.-'ll Cure  any case of 1-lheumatisiii,  A married man isn't necessarily a  Hercules lie-cause lie's fond of his  club. ' Nor is he .an Atlas because he  carries a heavy load.  CHILDHOOD INDIGESTION.  The  Spoiled   Clilld.  Once upon a time a young kingfisher  went to the father bird and asked for  his fishing rod, that be might catch  some choice trout he had seen in a  nearby stream.  ' "No.'"-answered the stern parent.  The young bird went his way and In  an hour returned dripping* wet, saying  that he had tried to catch he fish  without a pole and had fallen into the  water.  "There!" said the mother bird to thc  father. "I know you would spoil the  child If ybu spared the rod."  Moral.���The mother can alway.** find  a way to place blume on the father, ��io  matter what happens.  Fools maJ'e  follow them.  fashions   and   wist* men  Last year* the sale of agricultural  machinery in Greece was four-fold  that of the previous year.,  Losers are always  in tho wrong.  Of'.en Leads to Serious, trouble Unless Prompt Steps Are Taken to  Check it���How This Can Best Be  Done.,    "  Indigestion ^is a trouble that is  very common in - infancy, and early  childhood, and unless prompt measures are taken to control it the result is very often serious. It prevents the proper growth 01 the child  and weakens the constitution, so  that lie is unable to resist other disease that are more dangerous. ��� Fortunately, however, the trouble is one,  that' is easily controlled. Proper  food-���not too much, but aibeoLutely  pure���plenty of fresh air ' and .Baby's  Own Tablets, freely administered according to the .directions, - will soon  put the sufferer right, and make  both mother and child happy, iirs.  \V. E. Bassam, of Kingston, Ont., is  one of..the .many mothers who has  proved the truth of this statement.  She says : '"When my little girl was  about three months old she had1 indigestion very badly. She was vomiting and had diarrhoea' abnost constantly. She was very thin, weighed  only four pounds, and'although she  had a ravenous appetite L?r food  did her no good whatever. 1 had  tried several medicines, but they did  not help her. Then I heard of Dairy s  Own Tablets, ai:-d procmrvd it ! ox.  Afi*"*r giving" her the tablets for,a  few days, the vomiting" and dhir-  ihooa ceased, she began to improve  at once and grew plump and fat. I  always give her the tablets now  when she is ailing and the result is  always- good. Baby's Own Tablets  are tho best, medicine I have ever  used  for a child." '.     c  These tablets will promptly cure  all the minor ailments of little ones,  such as sour stomach, - indigestion,  colic, constipation, allay the irritation accompanying tiie cutting of  ic'th, etc. They are goad for child-  n.n of all ages,, and crushed to a.  powder or dissolved in water can be  given with absolute safety to the  youngest inrant. Tf you" cannot obtain Baby's Own Tablet's at your  drugjpists, they will be sent postpaid  at 2?) cents a box by addressing the  Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockville,   Ont.  A GUAR ANTED��� "1 hereby eerluy  that 1 have made a careful chemical  onuKsis of Baby's Own Tablets,  which 1 personally purchases i;i a  dru��- store in .Montreal- My analysis  hai-Miroved that the Tablets contain  absolutely no opiate or narcotic ;  that they enn be given with perfect  safctv to the voungest infant : that  thev'are a safe an l efficient medicine  for the troubles they are indicated  to relieve and  curd.''  iKicned)*"  M1LTON   L- IIERSEY,  M.A.S*..  I'rovincml   Analyst   for   Quebec  Montreal.   Dec.  13.  1001.  A   woman  never     puts    off  till   to-  wiuvt sho can wear today  morrow  ���   Good ff��a*v'Ba��a.Te��4ft  "Not' Bad for Good Teeth  MINARD'S L1WHEHT for Sale  Tho     photographers'     show  whore couples  are  quite taken  each  other. "'-'..'������  eas^s  with  Monkey. Brand cleans aud brijjctiteris ererj-  '**ing, but won't wash clothes.  A million dollars a week is thc eo*l  sf'tho United States nnny.  5i^r ���t��r.rn\-''-^AAAiry>^  Ali make? of oreads for sale. -  We u_v.1r.5- havo a number of good  pianos  and  orufd-i- slightly used, for sale cheap.  ,   Forrester & Hatcher,  Y. M.'C' A. "UlXrCK, WINNIPEG  Are you a weakling-? ��� Are you one of those unfortunate  young men who, through ignorance and bad company, have  contracted nervous spells, weak back, varicocele; gloomy  forebodings, loss of courage and ambition, loss of confidence,  bashfulness, despondency and weakness ? Dr. McLaughlin's  Electric Belt will cure you.'    ' ., ' u ���   ��� .  Are you a middle aged man suffering from varicocele, ���  prematureness,  indigestion,   constipation,   rheumatism, lame  back, etc. ?'    Dr. McLaughlin's 'Electric Belt will cure you ?  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When ii is consideicd that, the a virago wheat crop of the United  SfUes'is   U-SN-T1IAX  FOURTJ-IEX   BUSHELS  TO  THE  ACltI-1 Ui"s year  and  fhut   wh,al   has  averaged  TWIONTV-NIXE BUSI1EUS TO  "���      in  Uu*- district,   tho value of it  as a wheat-growing  district  manifest.      Several farmers ,111  this  district have over FK-'TY THOUSAND  BUSHKLrS  OF WHEAT for sale  this season.  We have sold  about  ONE   HUNDRED  THOUSAND   ACHES    since   thc  1st   of October.  1901,  mostly  to American  farmers.      This  is a great   op  porti.nitv  for inivoiio wishing  lo got prmi- ^ h-at land in a district which  is  fm�� from  carlv frost :     where tiOOD  WATER   abounds;   and   which   ia  well   supplied   with   EAU.AVAY   FACILITIES.     ..������..  Write us for particulars, maps, etc.. SECURE LAND AT ONCE,. BEFORE THE: RISE. Our prices are from ��4.00. to $(3.00 an acre, with  FHSV TERMS of payment.  .-THE-HASLAM LAND AND'INVESTMENT CO.,'F0RUA1  BLOCK, WINNIPEG  THE ACRE  is    at   once  i ���%  '���-^Sl'!*^^  zrs&a^^z^iz&ssz&^t.'t.t*^-"-^^  IiiMiKity In Not f;tr Oil'.  A physician bad to   wait   (,he nUnr  day for two hours in an of-lce building, ' or  �� refll��>ett?i��M spot,-from woolen  pifcee  ' unligh'leu   cigar  in   lif-:   mo*ulh   came i-' S^t^?"^*0?.??" ??** ^Pot'and prrasVe^r  ��r. the Philadelphia Ecoord. '  As   he    ^S^^^-^ Hie plae,  sat in idionivs-a man with a fresh  hut | ��f���^��V^g-p��per ��Jderae^^fc^^aid1I7l,  _n;o ine room and beg.iu to ' tV.ir.  nairt.r.<ri>hci ;Ai.:is  iiel-W-^"--^'.'18 ^^olvcd. then ��b-  " ' :.a!I:e(I a Icng while -m-I then ho   won:   'rf'W-ttKh " entirely re-  ' -r,t r.ga:n.    lie ���.tun,c.li,t ihe end oi   "W*- f   '      "' ���" -.Brooklyn  iodr. r.nd the eilrar, stifl  uulinhltd! ; ���~=  v.  1J  ,  ,      A  1.   j    '  (  ���*  r      ���     i  'US    ''  1.  ; i,.  .    ,<  .-as still in lu-i'ircuth. The'physician  *:iid a'fterr.TiVlh'fb 'th'e' ji.an in* y,*ho*-i-  ' 'jjl'cef he was vailing:- "Does" your  *-'fiend oitoij'go'ab'oitt; with "an mil'jjht-  ?d cigar in 1114 month as he hii'is been  loo5ng ' th'is ' afternoon?" Tli'e other  ''tnswered;  "Often?   Oh,  always,    Ho is  never  -.vithoul that ornament."  s   "Well," said the physician, thought-  fall"}*-.    "It'**  a 'strange thing' to   say,  ysiii I .wouldn't- bsi' on  your  friend's  ."sanify'a year hence."-'  '"   "Why not?" ashed the other.  -   "Because   I   have   seen   sro   nir.nv  paretics who had   "the, habit  '0'f"dry  smoking,-'as the thing-is called, that I.  have come (0 regard tho habit  alnio.*-. j  1 t J  :is a sign of incipient  j-iresis. ' Lonib- j  rose regaids it as such a aign,  and  so  clues  tho   English   alienibt   Maudslty.  ^Look out fOryour friend.    Watch him  J-:ory clooe'ly."  az.-��^GX* J-J-."iNV^^jaH.?aB.-:  iuw.vri����.��fis*--  SHSlSiXlXC3^^a-  ;aaas3aagi-5>��iasaBg��5*re,Esa^^  '^fY^-'iy^J  *~r iff 'rv--"*' v*y  Tr-h &z /-*��� *% i  t4 2 x>5 va? 'is> ?.s  a  ���&1  3 P B t\ 5   -tV' ,*v  fM i? S 8v i   -TVa ,*>*-5 :"���"!. f 1'  >���-   'L   '.[     B  ���� 8 ?>3   fl   Si    C -< I *-- SS f-1* 4*43 J al  wlraltS  uftnmV  ������^gipg  T1  linrsday, Friday and Saturday.  I  .I'*.*  r/  i  A Q  kV.V 1  1��>  s  Heaters  . to/0.  33urns  The latest in   heading stoves  coal and  wood.    Also  coal and  wood  burners in tit-hcj* styles.     '  I February ,2(1 to.  ��  1901  ��� $2,000 to ba given in frises.  PROGRAM OF SPORTS,  \1  1  Hi  I-I  i. <  y of n  Fd  ��� I'-! *t  , .1 ll,!-  ; ''*���'?  : . ' .'. -  r   i    '  .  H,*'  Otioer Tr'ait3 of,*Cocr)inotivcg.  "The   queerest   thing'   about    machinery," said   an   old   railroad   man,  \ ''is that different- machines,   al^ built  '   on exactly the same lines, with  every  .part of the same size ancl 01" lhe  same  '"'material, possess a distinct   individua-  '' .'lily-.    Take locomotives, for   instance.  "A railroad will build a batch of engines,  , "say, twenty of a cei lain class.    All -of  r - i.  them will he the same dimensions,' the  same details in   everv   particular,   ancl  '���*��� yet every one v/ill behave in a different  ��� manner. ' There will be as' much 'difference between them as between 20  mon. Some will steam well; others'  not. One,.will be cranky in a certain  particular/and a second iu still another  way.    One will be stiff, rigid ; another  : "loose jointed. And then, just like  members of the human ��� farhily, some  will be be remarkably unlucky, though  .* no fault of (heir own, while their,  .mates xgb'   through   life   without   a  " * ��� 'a  N,3cratch.-**-Gfrtlve5t'on Itfe?/-*, '  Has o��g"en-  eral Hardware.  **5r��-.TinsmitIiliig ;-z<X '���Himl'ff:,;.  ^-    3rand Hockey Toiirnamc-nt (for  the   ceni3r   and  junior  hockey  \. 'championshiiiri of thc province.) Five Skating'Hace**, Six  Snowshoe  V. Jiaces, Ski Jtunning and   Jumping,   Carnival   Masquerade, Cut'er -j^  feVBaccs for Pii'ccri* aiid Trotters*. " '       W  8  "fl  Mi  tt ' Si5B^IB"FI  *'1   -    fe4       BO|-''?ii  iu mzHi,iU'  Single fare for round trip on all railiv;*.".:'.    Tjckett-   ou   -3  / it*.  iale   Feb,- 53  Aw  P/  ruai-y'20, gooil to K-lhrn unt.l   February PA.' ''For, [irogr.tn:*" or  any  pf; information, addre-i.s  3  - H. W, 0. JAOKSON,    ,     '  Si.c. Camivid (Jomntiiteo, IJoselaucI, B. li.  ��i<fcMra&tiii*j*��wi^cc^^T;',jw^wa��ayvwTMr��Bg*>'vjia^  City   Sha.ving-   Parlor,  '    ,      .CENTRAL   HOTEL.  WESLEV CU"X1*, Prop. V  ..^,--l.,MOYrE,   B. C.  W������ ll !���!��� ���lllllilllWlW ���  MOVIE'S   LI".,*.DING   HOTEL.  . A^y^-y-A.-'y^  i.  '���Ir-'yti  Meets every Moiuhiy evening in their  hall on Victoria'-street-., Sojournm"  Odd ���Fellow-j-eorditiHy invited. ' '  i,^assZ20ij^&^;  I r* ?  I  [Good For Barns.  "Tourial  '(after   bis   first   drink   of  Emigrant  Gulch  whiskey) 'Thunder  and   lightning!    Gimme    a.    chafer,  .quick!      Bartender     (disdainfully);���  JVot d' yer   want���-water?   'Tourist���-  ������H[o; linseed oil!���Puck.  j. S. M.vcEachei'-s.  Noble Grand.  ,G. T. arcGKEGOK,  Secv'r.  ,- The,best of accomrnodations  for the traveling public.  P. J. McMahcn, .Mgr.  *" ������!��� '  Moyie   Seiners'   Union  Meets in McGregor ball every Tuesday  evening. Sojourning members are  cordially invited to attend.*  *' i i *     ' i  H I *  John MoDoxalu,      '. P. T. S*jiyth,  President. ,        '. ,    ��� Secretary.  Trade  ,t   !  Lots on Victoria street on easy pay-  '.ments.    See L>. J- Elmer.  TO THE DMF.  A rich lady cured of lier deafness  .and noises in the li'jad by Dr.' Nichol*  t-pa'd Artificial.L.u Dii:ii.3; i',..vc ff'10,-  Q00 to his Institute, uo that cle,tf people  unable to procure the Ear Drum*- may  have-them free. Address Noj 1-1522  The Nicholson Institute, 780, Eighth  AvenueMtfew York, U. S. A.  ��� ���'i  DON'T THROW THEM AWAY   t.  "It is just like throwing away money  when you Uuow away the SNOW  SHOE'LAG?? whir'.'aro .in t\uy plug  of PAY JiOLL CHEWING TOBACCO.  Save them and you o.ui have your  choice of 150 .handsome .' pitscnts  .Tags are good up to JAN'Y. 1ST 190B  "Write for oum&w illuslralrd preinium  catalogue. The Empire Tobacco Co  Lid,     Winnipeg   branch,   Winnipeg  o  Alan.  St.  BOOTS    AND    SHOSB  ' cr  r '" '  Repaired and Made to Order:  ��� *��� \  ,R.fA. SMITH.       Moyie.  1 , *��  K"EAR.'MACEACHREN & WlACPOSALDS.  CHAS.  P.. CAMPBELL.  *��� ,   Funeral Director  and  1 Embalnaer.-  Graduate of Champion College ol the  United Slates. Upholstering and general furniture impairing. Office and  stoie-, Aiken's' block, near Canadian  B.tnk of Commerce. Telegraph 'and  nu.ii orders promptly attended to.    -  Cranbrook,  aft&lftJSUMTtlZttlS:*  wtsT*aGiizfi*zM^*^rzftz*r2-xzT*  B. O.  ZiXZIbrYSXZJX'JetlTVri  Joseph's   Convent.  XKLSON. 13. C. ,  Boarding and Day school conducted  by the Sisters of Nelson, B. C. All  branches of e!omen?nry, bu-sincsa and  high class education taught by the  aisters who hold certificates from the  London Board of Education and  Science Department, Kensington,  England.    Apply to Sister Superior,  Halcyon  Hot Stiring.*..  Tlie most complete health resort on  the continent of North America.    Situated    midst   scenery   unrivalled   for  m-amluer.     THE   HALCYON    HOT  Sl'LvINGS Sanitarium, Halcyon   Hot  springs, Arrow Lake, B.  C.    "Resident  physician and nurse,    Boating fishing  and   excursions.      Telegraphic    communication   with   all   parts   of     the  world.    Two mails arrive and   depart  daily.    Terms,'$l5  to ,$18  per   week  according    to   residence   in   hotel   or  villas.    Its baths cure all  nervous and  muscular diseases.    Its waters heal all  kidne-v,  liver   and   stomach" troubles.  The "baths and waters" are   an invalu-  Me remedy Tor silver and lead  poison.  DIRECT  1.1NE  EAST. l  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  New York  Vancouver  VicirOiia  Seattle  Portland  San  Francisco.  Iloyie Board of  Meets oil tbefir�� Wednesday  evening uf each month nl  �� o'clock -sharp in .the court  ��   house. ��� .      ,  A. P. MACDOKALD, Pres.  iNDnsw Johnston*,   Lewis Tiiomkos  * (' ' i  Vice-Pros. .Rec'y  OOUUT jioyiE.  WifL-B^p-F   to attend.  V. T. f-MYrir, C.  K.   �� G. T. McGKEGOK, 11. S.  ennaaent  LOAN AN^D SAVINGS   COMPANY,  The object*", of  the ,oompanyr  are:'-   ,To  afford  a  aafe   and  , ,  '    profitable moans for tlie  sav-  ing of small sums-byr-^regular  'iustaliuen'iS', aa well as for tho  investment ,of small amounts  -    <   .   ,    , ,' ' .  oi capital at a producmv rate  of interest.    To assist 'members in building, purchasing, _  , or improving homes and clear-*  ,' '   ing ofjf' oxisting   incumber^  anc.es.  Pi ,T.'SMYTH,, .Agohtf*Moy!e  gs>Vfrr^c*iflti|'0*  The smelting-center ���  of the Sniilliameen  Valle3r. Backed by the  payrolls of two gigantic *boa! comanies and  the Copper1 and Kennedy Mountain mines.  i <     \ '  Surrounded hy the  following resources:  ES  J !.  payroll   of  -S  uwn��Hla���d|iac.1:i(1|liyit]i(i  -lf|   "iiiiikiiinfr...  Valley C<v.l   (;>,:,.,,,....     ". '  itod, wlnrlii,.,  ��a.iflIUUl(J h]  ileslf   of   it,   M!t.,,1>r._     Thii  equipment   ;,.,��] a-?vcl-niin(.lU  ���of their coal mine.-., inbiallj,,, '  of   water,   electric li^t ��j'  _P0W0r plants  i��re alw��rfr ���r.  ranged    for.     Tli��' imk}Xu  meht   of   tho   Aslmch Cod\  sf��i  Methodist' Church  SEIIVICES  Are held in   Mr.  J.' G��. Drc-wiy's build-  ing,, corner  Victoria  and    Tavistock  street, each Sabbath at7:30 p. hi.  Subbath'school at 3 p. m.  Pniyei meeting Tuesday evening at  8'o'clock.  The public art invited and will ���->���'  cordially welcome''to  attend   services.  W. L. SHERIDAN.  >   c Pastor.  -  ���****������'���'���*'������ >|---*(r^~*����������������.���f���wwrfw iM.. 11-Mg-wu.awwM-^rBcAjl  WlIOijEgAL-li KSO RETAIL       ^  meat , merchants',  it -      i* 1  'Fresh   :in<l Cured iMeats, "Freah' ' *  Fish, Game an i Poultry.    We  -supply, only   the   best.    'Yo'iiir'--"/  trade.s.olicitedi   .        Y      '/'..'  MAltKETS     '    -  In    all, the   Principal  Cities' and    Towns   in  i ' ^ *-      (  . British Columbia.  iVilAWPM)Q'W B H*  ��� ���  I-lEAlJQlJ'iUi.ThKS   VOU   EAST   llOOTEXAY  And fine, agricultural  country. .Large herds  of cattle, fruit iu-'abundance with .a climate  almost southern, and  all that could be asked.  ' Eastern Capit.ilist*i \ilio ]iVli  . Vsiablishfu'    their   p-iyioll at *p^H  ishn'oLi, in,ike it the   coniii.g citv oi  'eii|iM  .he interior of Brilish Coluinbi.i,  dSfi  invea-��  ��� Lolo in   Ashnola' arc   .-=  ���ncnts.    In blockn J to 1 aikUli to $WM  tho price will-be advanced S.-) pc-r C"rii|^��':  tier mouth until May hi, 1J.IJ2, and b  10 per ecu! in   the   remaining  blodj,  I'lu: pr��'si.'nl. price is from *ro0 to i*2ii  2"i pt:r cent cash, ,'5, (5   and   (J   niontb  .vithmjt intercut.  Arr.it)gem(*iiti�� are already oo'injilri-  id- ior eight  buildings, iin;hni;ng'i-oi-  nges lor the viViployceci   of  Hki com-*  p.uiy at Aslmola.    Tliia work' will, bs  imdt-r, head way by -May lBt.  Tint,    (JOJ}fH-.1Xl-s   -  STUCK      IS    AOIf'  sj'jjoLiya-ATM'f/  ��� h \ -'"    -       -  Ten percent dov'.'u, 1, .binccvM .r*,.,  ���,    ��� ,   ���, , i, ��� ,      ,.-���-.-���.  -.���quui monthly paynu'Vi?*-.  Four   years   ago   the GraV*". "N*e*i  sharea-cotJld be bouglit, urnl wer.j sol'i  <tt 11 cents - Today   tlx-y 'fl'ioieu .u a��|  ?S0U0,'   With ;be advent-.i:   triui-^r  tu tion tlmiJkariioen 'Vulh'y  t'.j.'.I <m ^  bo delivered   at   Any   point   in WiV,  Kootenay or Yule  as  cbecply su 't, *.-^.^  any other company in Cunadii.  ||*M:S:  For fiiither infnrmatibn npply to  Smilkaraeeii Valley Coai"Co.,'liId.- nelson, bc.|  wiiiwua-WTirwi  FOlt   VIVE   TAILORING   GO    TO  MERCHANT   .TAiLOR  ,    Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported'   GnncUi.  MOYIE,- *    B.  C  $m  m  i'^rm  .kWS-  7Y �� h Ti  W       1 El     U  n  Via. Soo Line.  St.   Taul,   Chicago,    and    all    Uuited  Stales jiointt'..  TOURIST SLEEPER SERVICE.  EAST���Lea vc Re vols tok e' Wed n "dd ay,  Friday. Sunday.    Leave  Koote j  nay Landing   Friday   St.   Taul, j  Toronto, Montreal, Boston. j  WEST���Leave   Itevcltioke     Monday,  Wednesday, Friday, Vancouver,  Seattle, coast.  , r  Steamship Service.  FROM VAXCOUVEH,���Al.;-kn.   Ifa-  wi.ii, Ctiina, Japan, Aiulralia,  Tlnough bookings to Eurojic  via. all Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets from all points  at lowest rates., .  For   XUitesi  Maps,  Ti'iuo -Cards,i ���-Ticket's  and  .     Fuil Information n-pplj- to "Nearest Local  -.'Agent,:  G. Hillier, Agent, Moyie.  I-Tices G-iveii  and   Orders  Taken on  Everything  in the Printing:  Line at the  to   1-1  2he Leadin ij  Lades  tintl Mens Furnislier.  Clothing,'"'Boots  and Shoes,  A Fuil Stock .of Miners Supplies  Alway.-i on {land.  Call   and   Snspecr'Oui1   Goods.  <*?  un  ���FOR���  HEAVY TEAMING  ' ; ;  ';'���- ������   ��� ALSO-^ ':  BAaaAGK,    ExriiEss   and    GjESE'nAj.  Delivery. '  Greater in leavening strength, a  spoonful raises more dough, or goes  further.  o  Working uniformly and perfectly,  it makes the bread and cake always  fight and beautiful, and there is never  a waste of -good flour, sugar3 butter  and eggSo , ___  With finer food and a saving of  money comes the saving of the health  of the family, and that Is the greatest  a  f  " I \A^"iS  leMi  .A3M  ��� ' i|*  Ji1* F-*~'  ',.���������*' :>���&$&  I       * "<�� -"?''-*rj!  RANi  aocc  mm  "&i'.<&.y  '"l .'!���,"  g-ftlCg  BAKING  POWDER  CO.  "  ���      CHICAGO.  Note.���Mony mixtures, mrufc in imitation nf '".j.j  powders, :irt*'iip'oij: tli*_* innrkcl..   . ' ".'���> )',.  solrl <-he;ip,  hut" aro  dear fit ���'"���">'. I'IKl':.,-,;v  .  cfiuse they eonUin uliitn, ;i'^.not'ivc 1'--  V��f;:fl'i*i��Sf


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