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The Moyie Leader Feb 13, 1909

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Array ., --wr**.*--^rt.w" IrtifVe"!*. >■*> .i4fisswft% ^t**-?*.****..^^^
iTOlTK   WATCH . will
|ct''ive careful   attention   if
|ff. nith us for'repairs.i,
i        i r t
\f - ■*
lkjL.II NO, 15
,   . H.-B--K,
V Jjr rrf»ui yonr, r$G^
|        GENERAL FLOAT'       J
<■* ' . A
Three, Feet C.mde Ore.
Competitors in our particular lines will most  likely
dish up to you their reasons why you should not buy
II. fi.' li..'Goods.i For pity sake don't stop'them, the
aie our best advertiser*, and we don't; have to* pay for
it.   Just look over their good?, and you will J*fad  that,'
their present great talking pointri'are  II.,'B.  I£.   earmark's of the past   .They aao all- experts in   the  FOL-
' LOW UP SYSTEM","    ••-.'.        '        ]
This year  we have'more new tilings, better   things,
aud cheaper things than .we ever had     before.        .
..  ±     * •' ■ . k	
Toronto'd    population', is
1    •Spokane claims a  population of
110,000.   '        -      ,      '
?aA  \MA)\
€€iJS£-ec-€ Z^^S^e* *S3-??-53?54<"<
j  ' An.ox team is ouo of the attractions on the streets of Cranbrook,
Martin Mori-ell cameovei
Mossland Wednesday.,,
Chas. E'nderwiea is away  for a
Three    feet  of c-nde  ore   ha
been ati nek in tin- J'u. I   rake   eff *******9*a39*5999*9*9$$9s<i  !p
the  main tunnel  at   the  Aiiroi.*
tuine, and the Jaf-fcrr'tWd cf holes
in the breast has "broken   into   J«
:nchestof ore.    TLw* IK  incho*  ol I     CllU9- K-idei-wiea is a^
oie  is   alho, iu, the*'main   tunnel, ,fe%r ^ to Lethbridge
  which   h.<i3    now   been   driven, a
/-,     Tr     ,^ ~t distance of  4,30  fee'-    T.-oor. ,>,.«
C.    II.    Danbar.   'barrister    of.\hv r.P.rhp mrt , •     '    i *    '°
Cranbrook'- has'moved to Ilosmer. Ci" ? * ^ lra^t™<' W*»
•   ' - L__ e\e|*madein the mine, and  there
,. Cfoodbrandy has 50 per cent  of.!3 evo,'5r indication of   an   i mined-
l^OJt fiUALlTV.
■ Practiciily, one-seventh of Ireland's, urea ia bog.     *      "    ,, ,
iate rise in  the price of   stock. <iraSiln tdwn rhur',d
The mine w  now-in  shape   '■--       ■ *«  --nuisajj,
-shipping, and a carlbi
''ore,will be hauled s«
•■ - - ..- # - .
t ,'   •' ■ - '„-"."'    - . ■
''   \, / ', "'t't;;-";, FRUIT. -ETC.*
r '  i''- "       rv - v       t
klU'KLL BLOCK   .-,->'<_ ,'''-,;"•„   f I
The average annual fall of snow
in New Vork is  7ft '
Prof.    Watkins   hag    gone   to KM
Pernio. ,        , Ujyf
IL L>. S tin--oil i«3 a bid to   be  out I,   "^
and around town on crutches.
fW  New Pnnts
'3,000   YDS.
genial   P,   B.  Hawthorne
on the lake next week'and ship-
| ped to tho smelter at Trail.'
ia  shape', for      : . , ' ^
Ibid'oi two  of i        '    Jlth  H-wkc came home'^
"jcrc&ri tho  ioe Cranbrook 3"edterday.      •       i^
^"'Ped and Fancy .DJm-Itle   Muslin
.oppnodthLs   irt,kn„(l.,,]^[0noiIv
'.conn.c-rs i-oryour in^pociion.       Th-\-
.«reI>™i(-'rt,»"-'«a.-,».th«nevnr   1„L
furo.   .Big?p<)<sar<J.[Ui/ecrf!F   c(r,-rrd-
checks and fancies' - ""'    '
creston into hav-0 a new 1>S-J, The Benefit .i)aac»
byterian church.     ' "'■"-.       ,   ,-***"■""-'
B^il:-S'& Ilweffi
T - Fire, Life-, and Accident Insurance.-   J-
" V':'>>v.r-.,;:^,X,MOYIEl.-B(.C:-«
Id rl|«.-« r
1 -
A knife,'iiir, the^nalting, passes
through (seventy different bauds.
„' A ton of oil has  been obtained j
from the tongue of ti single whale, j tr,e,1?end'','--s {^success.      It ■ U impossible tod ay to give 'the  exact
*' When it is a matter, of .'charity
the people of Moyie'are alwaya
generou< Tlie benefit dance last
night in aid of .Mrs. Burch   was  a
feidgeway's Higft' Grade' Tea.
I1     \    '[   , _• yy'   \y\ ; ^-Yym'^    m    -     <y    -'
'WIIiVT HEVSAlD^<'-MoVbGr^Vovcr'made such   ' M
-, "' a •- m-Y ' -delicious iearas''this." ■,
-       r V -        r ,'       t    V^' , - '  A ' ' <- ' " '  ' " I    ,
)\'HAT':SH'E S^fo:^Mother nerer^used JRidgo-
(;    !"/„-■     ..   ■,--•" ■')-wii^'s. lea, .-Thaty's Avliy.'V
hcu'in,l-2'and^"l,lHJ4packages caiv lie..procured .only" ai
■'■"*■" --1  "       ■■■••     V     4  "-"^- : •--•
■ i r-N,;-.; COM6-ANp> SEE US
' A   fast -locomotive;, consumes
about  .twelve'   gallons of water
per mile.' , ■'      "''/'        > .   ;
™"'TheG.'P. RYmachine shops in
Nelson havo been cioscd terapor-
atilyV    \   l t    '     .    '*'
trn.de.t *,ie new regulations 'the
trout fishing does'not open until
May 1st.        i    ' ', - •'
Trains on the K. aud S. railway-
are now ab'le to' reach "MtiGuigan
once moie.' »
It takes a Peiisian rug, weaver
about twe-uty days to weave a
square *foot. ,   , ' )'
amount realized, but' a full" statement will be made" in next   week's
'issue.   The sale of baskets proved
a money making schemeVan'd from
this' feature    alone '$80 2,j " was |
raised..-   The,, baskets - ranged'in
piice from -tLoO to $$„ and   they
wero   .well  .worth   the "amounts,
paid.     ,Tho-i.. Ksily    and .limes'
ltoberts, the committee.appointed
by the Miners' tjnion,   were "very'
ably "assisted    by, lUrb!" Jackson"
and ZvlikeTorpj-'who acted   as a>
sub commit"t'ee. ,- » *
-Miss Jennie' Smith, postmis-'K^
tress at Kosmer, is up to ilovle!<i/
on a Miort vibit.   " i ',    Uvj
•The new Conrad block will soon I A
bo ready tooeeupjr,      t "    > \ jf
,-ilike   5riigr-nt"p-iSscJ   through ■'&'''
-MdyieJa--fc';TuesJay'on  hi,   wayK?>
from,Rowland to.Chicago'       .   ,W
m *
, A nicely furnished"■'room "to
Hiitable^ 'for  two.,    'Apply,.:
r   '    Y    r)pi>I^eou^^Hion^Sf.hv!i,)nr
\U.»,.ahavu Uie i-opuiHifo,, of I.W^-
, '      '   niy'   U,��' lTottir^ .PalU-rn,   ia,  totr'n.
-    'h^1»nt&andguaramet.JfasicoJois.     /
ur.pnce^isaopcnts a A-ar,I
Chamberlain. , Campbell Street
.' Thi ce- ,iirewatdens    ara   to . ba
elected for -Jroyie'noxt Tur'sj-jJ-i,«i^v ^^    ■ . . .          -r.
Potimary ICth.   .    . ,.,    ] Y j ^^^-^^•^S^^.^^^.'^^^-^^^.^.^.^^V^
Wa Spurck,   president  of tho"! "*========^=====^===^^     —■ ^ ^^^"^^'^A^^^^'^^.t
i Cambrian'Mining Company, -is  in''
I ;JWacEachem\ &'• Macdonair
K. of P., Items.
Tom.Marks, the actor,  and  his
brothers - are interested   In'-"the     ■ """  —-'■--"■  ""
Golden Zone mine near Hcdley ■' , |2nd  ?ln^1- 3^ ''aak:'  iu*"'th
,V   ■ tsY  .   ' ^;    \"     ,       , ]Knights   of-Pythi-is   Todg
Th2i-oViIl'lb3v:woik  on  iu  the
e   local
,   .,, •   -,       ■- -e   ll-?xt"*
"Tfis said* the  dld.'rouud house ,Tkursday evening^    A' good   at
j ^     -lr--   ,   * Ki>    -."'ti , '     *   C-  r      ' '      ^  , J   'n   ^     '  -    ^ i \ t '      *"
I t  ■' -.-i - * - A * v -c vi,.       t ,   , ir'     ' ' "   •ir-a ■• T"> v      '  -"■■      ' '* -fi a"
Y^   7"1 'M-'-^''^ ' J'^!*-'-     sYa — ^«-" i-" i^l^n        " B-Ld-"-B- ^-k.• »rf/I»'•>.       'V
at Cranbrook'is. to'be'replaced. ,by
=   a bsj'ck'structure this spring. b  -r
'I-     A' i *,     '   ^T* ."    ■ ,'     '   —    .   '
Y$J.1 .E.isbip'Kopfcenuy.{Last ' year"
'there were*23I death", 237 births
and 257 marriages.'5    r'_
Bcgiirlh'e N,ow Year wiLhgoocl resolutions,
and .order your groceries "from.
toyie Co-Operative Association, Ltd  $
.  .      , ■   •■     .        '-        ''    ft
Union lrieii.stand up   for  your, priaei-plc,
,     -      and buy union goods from   a
■   Union   store;
•"NION-'MEN.     ■'»''     ■'" UNION GrOOJ^S.
''""i*,      MOYIE'S    LEADING   HOTEL. "     --J.
[Hotel Kootenay J
■ The best of accommodations' |,
for .the Traveling Public. £■
'    •   - '    ' * ,'     - &■
-irgo and Coaimodioua Sample Iloo-r.a.' Billnird Eooms.     ^
' i
MoTAVlSH & CAMERON Proprietors. p
vrx^i 7^141 v,-A"7-J" ^" -\*- «s-^-^^*- svvr-z& *? "r
The Calgary Eye Opener has
been denied adaii^sion though the
tehdance'.is desirad,:
The" Oranjjrook^ .Kuights 'of
Pythi is, Willi"liolci;their amiiver-
sary .and^ rpll^cair^eiij,'Tuesday
ey6htug,'and"*they invicol*nir 'tlie
-Jtoyie members wJio o.im.mike ifc
possible to--attend..  '      ""    '
' FOR- ,'SALID-Letter pres*, , al-
"ipsfc new. Enquire at Leader
The youngest child of Mr.' and
Sirs." "Washburn is 'improving
after an atttack of  pnenmouia. ,°
Hev.LFindlay of,'Trail was 'in'
Cranbrook this week " attending
{lie regular, mating of the K)0fc-
enay-.Presbyterj-.j '' , ' " '
1 -Mis. L-ju'JCollin has been dan
gerotHlyfill -hiv several days,-' past,
but her condition' is .improved
■'liev. lather B.ck is' upofrom,
Cranbrook, and there 'will be ther
regular services at 'the "Catholic*
church tomorrow. „', ' ' ' ,>
AttsW LU, - of R?giua,; who was
hero oh a  two  weeks'   visit   with
„' Burned   Out,
.Ed..vard Leo. formerly of Moyie
b-:t now a r'e.idenl-, of Pdnticton,
met with a serious lo.i-'a short
time ago, when a business block
of which he. was the owner .was
totally.destroyed" hy {ire.; There
was some insurance on the place.
.   ,Maxiii9 'Elliott.,'
- When ^J-ixine-Ei'liofct tried' the
door , of her suite .of dressing
-rooms in her new playhouse—the
M-txine Elliott theatie—on Jan. 6,
she found it' locked, from' the inside. She called ^Manager'Frank
Hennessey, who 'after, failing, to
get, ,~au-y., vrosgouse 'to repeated
knocks, had the door ""broken   in
Train   Ditched:
Creston llaview: The Kootenay
\ alley train ran off 'the line near
the rudian iluaion between Port
mil -and-Cre,tva last Tlmpd.vy.
Xo one was hijnred.' ' "
Wafcsfr Co.  Kaetin
. Taa'regu'lar annml mqeting"of-
ther shireh alders of the 31 >yi,
Water Company will ba-h-ld'ao
tlie office of th8rCD-npxny in M ,yi,'
on Jtonday, Pobruary"'- 32'11, as
I o'clock in the  afternoon.
,   "-yai^. Saw mill.. 1   •
■■*?_     '      ."' r-^ll
ii - \{A'i it
•?' •   • ■■?!
'   *        I   -'rvV-rl
_    -.« It/,?
v| 1 'ft ><
, " 1 '"A OS "wll
-»- -,"1 J'r* ^"»!i|
Will  Play 'Ooiemari.
>CY^Y:YrrZYYi^iY"Y^^■■•^ "a""; +«■'"•-«-«.*^ «
,e, rio^o ,„». 8 w •, ■ "e"fo' r^srst.^-r :m:° r™"1 "■■r-•* ■,-i;;":°'-'
,.A  cow   belonging to   Jlanaome oelean bath 'tub.   drrin-*i„-,.1«p!r    aas bl0a ™wg in £u.l Wait'  fwl-
The    Nelson
,.A  cow   belonging to   Jlanspme eelean bath 'tub,   dryin- 'himselfI
it  l'/i mii'-mll    ^iF    *-l,„   '/■? „_<-._-_■«•.."      I.   ...     »^.          . c" * I SC
I lively.
-V uimpbGlJ, of  tho   Cosmopolitan   with ^fiss JEiliofcfa French  towel*/SOme   tlmA
,' J.iieio^itl bo  a  ho.-key match j {inf\7 , . ,
■*    (some    time   next   week   boiiveeuj,   ' ' J™  arownod ia   the   lake aud trying, to get into his clothes,
aud      E-iniDufcon j tue -jroyie and Cjlemtn team-*  afc   I'lufday by fahiug in   whoio ice      Hiss Elliott screamed and /Jed.   .
hoekey teams willplay at 'Nelson   Coleman.  'The game  promises   to' Wffls beinS eat- ■   l I    Fitzpatric-I:    was   then eieefcrd I
onthe 15th and 17ch. „ jbe   a  Hvely' one.   '  When   these
The   camp  id  <i n'fcj
The pumping out of  the  water 'teams    played   afc'.Moyie   a   fdw
at-the Silver King mine  is  goine "\*v®uks aB:o th;3 r*-'?lllb  mis '"   ti?.
ahead fast and tho 700, foot level
is°now reached
Behind* the  Net.
Rev. Father McCiiHough *will
leave Fernie on the return of! The fulla-iiug question answered
Father Tavonior and will have by the Nelson D.-iily News will be
charge of a patish on fche coast.      of interest to hockey players:
Sir,—Where is the goal  umpire
,South   African    script   is  now supposed 'to  stand   in a  hockey
li-itedou.the Vancouver stock es-[match, bohind the not or  in line
change.-     O.vuers   of  script  are'with the goal posts?    INQUIRER
holding it at $-175. ■ Answcr.-He should stand   be-
„. ... .•   ,  hind thr nee—Sporting Kditor
Sullivan aud Kilrnin are booked
for a   week's engagement afc  the
Pantages   theatre at  Vancouver,
commencing February 21st.
Fit zpa trick    Avas   then ejected
from  the   theatre.      Theii,  after
Manager JTeunessy had apologized
profusely   for   permitting  such a
■'Others Judgement  of  Us."    .Mr.J Udog    to   happen,   .Miss    Elliott
W.  H.  Arscott   will sing afc the   issued   this t Ibmiatimi
Services afc ' the -Methodist
jhureh. Suiul.iy afc 11 a. ni. aud
'•30    p..    m. r   Evening     subject
Miiyi? Bf3W3rs.
i-v-iii-i^i- /ii'A-^ A",
evening  service.' Scrangcrs    cordially invited to attend.
"Barnpy" Wilsou, the violinist,
was fcakeii to fche hospital atCran-
bvoA- j-esfcerdaj-. an J "will pro-'
bably have fco remain there for a
week or two.
PresbyterUn    church.     Special
service on Sunday evening at 7:30
1 "I svanfc that tub taken out and
an entirely new one put in. Aud
what is more. T want new plumbing under it.    I could  never  get
The  Mjyie   Brewery  ha?   Uen.
almost    put     out     of     business'
through a shot-tag:) of'w.ifcer   for
brev-ing   p"u.pMei.     Tln   recenc
freeze.up had a dis"istrou- effeoo
on the pipes leading to the  brnw-
eryand for some.tiuie ifc h"is baeu
impossible   to   get   water    there.
any comfort   out  of it,   knowing
that that horrid man had bathed (The close dowa will   only   be   for
in ic."
A fancy table cloth was  left;  at
tlio   hall   last   night    after    the
Wants Own Exhibit.'
Becuise the Dominion Government has made uo provisions for
individual   representation   of the
Niek°rJurloy,  tlie pugilist,  was
i.,...,. .i-rt,i   ;,, a-,..^ 1    . 1  ;-'iti'vaiu'ii   representation   of the
aliened in Vancouver  hist   week  westem provinces at   the  federal
upon a charge    of  vagrancy and 'exhibit to be made afc the Alaska-1
5   ordered out of town.
nobby styles in Derby sIihcs. just tlie kind  you
on looking for Ln Oxfords and Hals.    Also our new
tr -■•■.mpk's of 20th Century Clothing.    Cull ancl   leave
Si 1 -aViure for tiie latest style for  spring at   thc up to
irni-Jrlng )lousc.
conducted bv Rev  (I.  A  '"Wilsnn ' 1   ' m.
r. . " u 1 a°n' I dance.    The owner can call at the
feupeunteudent of Home -Missions   1 m.ia     «• ,      .
F,-,,,   p   r-       aii "    --is-ions  Leader oflice and get same
tot   l.. C.     All  are  cordially   invited to attend.
DENTLSTRY-Don't neglect the
golden    opportunity    of    having
your teeth put  in perfect  condi-. $]
tion by Dr. Hall, tho  expert  den-j^j
jtist.    Call  early and    make    ap- '-<fX '
a short; time. The beer midaai
fchia brewery has giiuej a wide
reputation, and ifc'has been taxed
tn its full cipuby to Gil its orders.
g .g"gg^ffj*jfgg^jgga,-3 SESEseBaas'-sFs'ssarsa
Yukon-Faciiic    fair    which     will
open in Sjattlo in June,  a  move-
■MTre. M. E. Keith, of Now "West-   went is now on foot  to have  the
minster,   grand   picsideut   of  the ' .'''nv'i,*«->es a? British Columbia' and
u  i.«i. it 11 p .11    ,.     .   'Alberta    join    li'inds   with     tbe
UibekHh Aris-oiub y, of tt.   (J,   is ^  ,. „   • , • .'
,. ,   , . ,        '      , J,iik»ii in makiiig n  purely  west-
visiting   the  lodgos 111 the   Koo ! wu exhibit.
ten ay.
Oilice   over    jiost-
J. 11. .McMullen, for some time
government; agent; and Chief of
Police afc   Fernie,  Ins    this   week
Tom Marks.
Don't forget to attend the  two
excellent   shows  which    will   be
office, Moyie
Miss Lena Dnfchie and her piano
aceompani.sfc played to a fan-
house Wednesday evening. They
planned for another entertainment Thursday evening, but the
crowd did not justify rheiu in going ahead. Both are artists of
\ :l
'^JS'lyS y
The Society Girl 'ft'lining
Company, Limited.
(Xon* Pi*>:^o.\*.u. Li.\r.:r,!T>)
1 .      .     «. . -    ^. • #
Capital VAuthorized——————$10,000,000. ,
Capital Paid Up———:—r———--9,000,000     "        '     '-■
'".  '   buanomes in-BRtnsir cotuMin.v, •-
"cad, Golilen, KamloypR, rMlchi>I, tfclson, Rcvdlslute. Vlcloriri «ml Vancouver.
, Savings  Bank Department. •
toresfc allowed on,deposits afc curronfc;rato from  date  of
1   'sit. ■,' '•   - "'■•'■'.;•■. '"     ■:
J. F. M   PIMKHAM,'  Mana-jcr.
,J"~'3S3'"S"&SD'5Z>292®QS>?5'5rS■^SJ>033!>SCCC- -3- ©SCf CG360
been gazdtted  to   the   important'   .        .    ,r    . ,    -     -
. -I-        tt ..        ,..,..     'given 111 Moyie 011   tho   10;h  and
position of Inspector of i»,ovmeial   -,0t]l by Tor* yUlk, a|u, Li3   ^
police for the .Province of    tt  C.     | ].any.   Plan of seals at tho Moyie
Drug store,
Mount Fernie Lcdgo, J. O. O. F.,
purpose erecting a handsome two
and one half storey building,
55 by 110 feet, on their 'property.
Ifc will be used as an auditorium
and lodge rooms'.
Organized under fhe laws of Eiiii.-h C
S>; viiiw.
Templeman Sleeted.
Hon.William Templenian, nnn-
i.s.ter of inland roven'uo and mines,
was elected, for Comox-Atlin by
Reclamation on. Mondiy, iMicheal
iManson failing to put in his 110m
ination pa pprs. . .       ■
.,.      " '. r A ' ,
B.   C. Week.
Morley Hall
February1 19th  and  20th jS
The Slocan .Review at Now Denver has ceased publication, and
both Atherfcon brothers' will now
devote     their    energies   ' to    the
publieationji of    tho   Creston   lie-1 T
view. There is' now rio.pnperj liritisli CJolumbia week at the
published between N,l,ou and Seattle fair has been fixed from
Ile.voIstoLe.'. Tune litli fco" Jns:o 10th iu-lusivk
Divide/" i   to. 1,0'0.000 shares of the par value of $1 00 each*
Fully paid and non asscs*ab!e.    0,00,000   .sharu-s  ic-
niaia iu the  trcasuiy.
C. C. FARRELL.   PHEs.Bc-jr G   T.  McGRFGOP  V,c-.P,;E&iD-Nr
The Canadjcin Bfink of Co^^ercej CranbroQk,-B. C,
\'y   ^ALii OF. STOClv       ., ly \ •'.        '■
Tha company has placed an the inaiket   for  a  liinite.l   time
1     100,000 shares of  trea-ury   stock,   the   same' to   be
sold nt twenty-fiya cents per  sharr.   ,.
, Address applications for stock to Sscrciarv.
A-*-ay Hsturns from   Surface  Wwkin '--.' "" |
Audi "iris ■Excel lent. Com pan v
"Of I
Seats ou'cnlc a'."D;"iig Stov'ti,
'v;- J-
1.   Cr>-.«tn--;r,-l
.;.   Car-j.niH.i'
:>..   l'li-i.-jiliHlc'j1
I.        lr!!l,"J|I
;>t'.- cent l.-H.l
■■ II-i,
.'.'] 'J
ti'.' 1
Or;^.   r-'li   "I-
•-•:'. o
■f  ...   .-»-
■' r ■«Ji-
.•."•C--v.'-'•,*'.   A- ���Y>&  THE  LEADER,     MOVIE,    BRITISH     COLUMBIA.  '..' ��?  "IVi  i^Y'��� a' .*���  /-V."*  f. '��� t j  <*  v*-*f.  tjtf  V:ri �����*.'  ���I-i ,���**<  W  -r^'V'V?  '     .    '   .i"^ ?-��        '      '- +   *     .  '- V- .' i*-  -   '��� V -r ,'  ;>.'.V:^i-i\.:V.'i'; ���  ������;���*���*-'f^M  , ,*    >���, -   - ������ ir-- ii*'  I.'-." ;-'���<-;, ?#?<if,'-'  i' * ,������ -�� -' j- ,>.-���->  ��� > *-���--*���;:; ^,  The Spoilers.  By   REX E.  BEACH.1*  Oopyrtsht.   1306,   by   Rex   IB.    Beach.  Cb�� nortn," Strove had said. Sh*  raised her eyes to the glass and mad*  a mouth at the petulant, tired reflection there. She pictured Glcuister  leaping from floe to floe with the hun-  ,' gry river surging aud "mapping at his  feet, while the cheer* of the crowd on  To Strengthen  the Nerves  ness intensified.  Glenister  knew  his  course   so   wen"  that he could have walked it blindfold- j  ed.   Nearing a corner of the warehouse j  this  evening: he remembered   that the   MAKE nerve FORCE FROM RICH, j Rescuing   TheS3   Stray  FUGITIVE  planking at this point was torn up, so  to   avoid   the   mud   he  leaped   lightly  shore gave heart to tho girl crouching i across.    Simultaneously with'his jump  (Continued.)  She wrung lier hand��.   "Thai's- uhai  uncle  feareo.   nefore   ��ts   lefr   Seattle     ^yhjie she was,mooning that very man  ont there. She could see him snatch  her up and light bis way back to  safety over the plunging ice cakes' with  death drugging at his heels. What a  strong embrace lie had! AI this she  blushed and realized wilh a shock that  {V*-"V*"**-'1��'  ��� rt-r*.- f.'t, ,v*   "%',yis,  t(,jsiv.'1 *   .fc* Vi ��N Si'  n t  Kr. - v j'  , ��� -�� *   *. r t  <   J,   t^    i,   '      .���^W   '^    i-^*V  W'f-"-A   <��.V"��-i^i>j'5      '   f  I I^Wj?i ,��iJf9.5..�� I* ^  t 'rt&r.'iir- fi -J-.'.'''!','  ,w*^i  p�� ���  ^V'^i  s*S>%-:*^-,? '  That's why I took the risks I did la  bringing .vou those papers. 'I thought  you got them in tune to avoid all this."  Stmve laughed a hit. eying tier'*cu-  riously,  "Does Uncle Arlhur' kuow about  this?"* she continued.  "'No; we doH't let him know anything  more than necessary^dLIe's not a strong  man."' ��� ��� ,  "Yes, yes. He's not well." Again  the lawyer smiled. '��Wlio is behiud  this vigilante mcemontY"  "We think It is Olenlster and his  " New Mexican bandit partner. At least  they got "rhe crowd together." She  was silent for a time.  -"I suppose they really think they  own-tbose mines."  "Uiidoubledly."  ' "But they don't, do they?" Somehow  this' question thad recurred to her In;  slstently of Inte. for'things were'eon-  fit.intly, happening which showed (here  wa's more back of this great, fierce  struggle than she knew. It was impossible .that injustice had been done'the  mine owners, anil yet scattered talk  reached 'lier , which was puzzling.  When she strove to follow it up, her  acquaintances adroitly changed the  subject. She was ha filed on every  side. The three local newspapers up-  held "the court. She, read them(care  fully and was, more at sea than ever.  /;There was a disturbing undercurrent  of alarm and.unrest that caused her to  feel Insecure, as 'though standing on  hollow ground.     , >  '"Yes, this whole disturbance Is caused by those t\yo. ��� Only for them we'd  be all right"      '',-'��� ���    ,   ,   I  '"Who is Miss Ma lotto?"1     , '  > lie 'answered promptly, "The handsomest woman ln the north and the  most dangerouH." '     ,r - '    .  ' "In'what way?   Who Is "she?"  ."It's, hard to say���who-or what she  Is. Slie's different from other w.omen.  She came to Dawson ,in the early days  -���just came���we didn't know how,  whence or why, and we never found  out.' We woke up one morning" iind  there she was. By night we were all  jealous, and in a week we' were most  of��� us .driveling,Idiots. It might have  boon the mystery or, perhaps'the competition. That was the day when a  dance hall girl could make a'home  stake in a winter or marry a millionaire in a month, but she never bothered. She toiled'not, neither did she spin  on the waxed floors, yet Solomon in all  his glory would have looked like a  tramp beside her."    ' \  "You say she is dangerous?"  "Well, there was a young nobleman,  in the winter'-of '98,  Dane, I think-  fine' family (, a'hd   all  that���big -yellow  might be fighting hand to hand in the  darkness of a mountain gorge with the  man she was going to marry.  A moment later some one. mounted  the front steps below and knocked  sharply. Truly this was a night of  alarms. Would people never cease  coming? , She was worn out, but at  , the thought of the tragedy abroad and  the sick old man sleeping near by she  lit a-candle and slipped downstairs to  avoid disturbing him. Doubtless It  was some message from McKamara,1  she   thought,   as   she" unchained   the  doer. r  ���     ri  As she opened it she fell back[amaz-_  J ed while it swung wide and the candle flame flickered and sputtered in the  night air. Rby Glenister stood there,  grim ,ajid determined, his soft, white  Stetson pulled low, ',his trousers tucked  into tan half boots, in his hand n  Winchester rifle. ��� Beneath his eordu  roy coat she saw a loose cartridge belt,  yellow with shells, and the nickeled  flash 'of 'a revolver. Without Invitation he, strode across the threshold,  closing the door belitncrhlm.  "Miss Chrstor. vou aud the judga  must "dress quickly and come witn  me."    ���     '   r    . '  "I don't understand."    ,  "The .vigilantes" are   on   their,, way  chere to hang him.,  Come with me to  my house, where I cam-protect j-ou  She' laid  a  trembling  hand "onTfOer"  bosom, arid, the color,^ died, out of her  face, then at a slight noise above they  both looked up to see Judge Stillman  leaning far,over the banister.   'He,had  wrapped  himself In  a  dressing gown  raiid now gripped the rail'Convulsively,  while  his   features * were  blanched   to  the color of putty and his eyes were  wide  with  terror,  though puffed and  swollen from sleep.   His'lips rmdved in  a vain endeavor to speak. ' <���      \  o  ..fkrr.fc*y'  h  &fA'JZY'��,  rfr-jSe. J -.  ���Vj H;   S'"" -'.'.,���'''-��'  E,^i?w4A''' V ���  r "ffi^-*|%"*dj  .ff'ilV.r^'*^'!  *     r   r-Z*h  ��� .-A �����->;�� ' %.'iJ.,ij;-;1    i.  ���^-':;��' *i.*to't^S  mi *'A>i  li:.'..  mWiiYYmY  ;-^.",!^^|';'V  :P"v.',V.i-g:rA1'*:."'it''^i;  ; ������.* .*.*.". ���>���**; ..;���  '"���::, A A  :$AA  YY  cashiered.    She knew he was going to  pot  for  her,   hut she didn't seem   to  care���and there were others.   Yet, with,  it all, she is the most generous person  and  the most tender  liearted.    W/iy,  she. has fed every 'stew  bum' on  the  Yukon, and there isn't a busted  prospector ir.v the   country  who   wouldn't  swear by' her, for she has grubstaked  dozens of Uiem.   I was horribly in love  with her myself.   Yes, she's dangerous  all right���to everybody but Glenister."  "What do you mean."  "She had been across the Yukon lo  nurse a man with scurvy, and comii)-;  back  sho   was   caught   in  the  spring  breakup.    I wasn't there, but it seems  this Glenister got her ashore somehow  when nobody else would tackle the job.  They   were   carried   five   miles   downstream in tlie ice pack before ho succeeded."  "What happened then?"  "She fell in love with him, of course."  "And he worshiped her as madly as  all the rest of you, I suppose," she said  scornfully.  "That's the peculiar part.   Sho hypnotized him at first, but he ran away,  and I didn't hear of him  again, till I  came to Nome. She followed him finally and last week evened up her score.  She paid, him back for saving her."  "I haven't heard about it."  He detailed  the   story  of  the   gambling episode at tiie Northern   saloon  and concluded: "I'd like to have seen  that turn, for they say the excitement  was terrific.     She  was keeping  cases  and nt  the  finish   slammed her  case  keeper shut and declared the bet off  because she had made a mistake.   Of j  oourse  they couldn't dispute her, and |  she stuck to it.   One of the bystanders !  told me she lied, though." j  "So, in addition to his other vices, '  Mr. Glenister Is a reckless gambler, Is {  be?" said Helen with heat. "I am  proud to be indebted to such a charac- j  ter. Truly Ibis country breeds wonder- '  ftil species." '  "There's where you're wrong," Struvc  chuckled. "He's never been known to  I'i'l before."  "Oh, I'm tired of these contradictions!" she cried angrily. "Saloons,  gambling halls, scandals, adventur-  II esses! Ugh! 1 hate it! I hate it!  Why did I ever, come here?"  "Those things are a part of every  new country. They Were, about all we  had till this year. But It is women  like you that we fellows need. Miss  Ileleu.v You can .'help us a lot". She  . did not like the way he was looking at  her and remembered that her uncle  was'upstairs, and'"'asleep.  "I must ask you to excuse me now,  for it's late and,I am very tired." ���  The clock showed  half  past 12, so.  after letting him out, she extinguished  the light and dragged herself wearily  up   to   her   room.     She   removed   her  outer  garments   aud   threw  over   her  bare   shoulders   a   negligee   of   many  flounces     nnd'    bewildering,'    clinging  looseness.   As she took down her heavy  braids the story of Cherry Malotte returned -to her tormeiitingly.    So Glenister had  saved , her  life  also  at  the j  risk of his own.    What a very gallant  'cavalier be was, to be sure!   He should I  CHAPTER. XV.     ,       ,  N the morning after the episode  in    the   Northern, ' Glenister  awoke under a'weight'of discouragement, and  desolation.  The past twenty-four hours with their  manifold  experiences' seemed  distant  and "unreal.     At   breakfast   he' was  ashamed  to  tell  Dextry of the gam.;  bling debauch, for he had dealt treacherously with  the  old  man  In' risking  - half ��� of  the  mine,  even   though 'they  had checked the senseless, unreasoning  Just for 'play that possessed him* later.  This  lapse .was the last stand of his  old, untamed instincts.   The embers of  -revolt in him *.x,ere, dead.   He felt that  he would never'again'lose, mastery of  himself, that his passions "would never  best him hereafter.        ��� "    ���'    ��� i  Dextry spoke.    "We had ,armeeting  of^the ���Stranglers' last night."   He always spoke of'the vigilantes, in that  way,   because'of   his   early   western  training.'        , A    ,  *"   "What was done?"  * "They decided  to act quick and do  any odd jobs of lynchin', claim juinp- I  -iu' or such as needs doin'.    There's a  lot of law sharps and storekeepers in  thc    bunch    who   figure   "McNamara's  gang will wipe them off the map next"  "It was bound to come to this."  "They talked of eject-in' -the recelv-,  er's men and puttin' all us fellers back  on our mines."  "Good!   How' many can we count on>  to help usV"  "About sixty. We've,kept the number down aud only taken men with so  much property that they'll liav'e to  keep their mouths shut"  - "I wish we might engineer some kind  of an encounter with the court crowd  and create such au uproar that It  would reach Washington. Everything  else ,has failed, and our last chance  seems to be for the government to step  in���that is, unless Bill Wheaton can do  something with the California courts."  "I don't count on him. McNamara  don't care for California courts no  more'n he would for a boy with a pea  shooter���he's got too much pull at  headquarters. If the 'Stranglers' don't  do no good we'd better go in an' clean  out the bunch- like we was killln'  snakes. ��� If that fails I'm goin' out to  the States an' be a doctor."  "A doctor! What for,?" '  "I read somewhere that in the United  States every year there is 40,000,000  gallons of whisky used for medical  purposes."  Glenister laughed. "Speaking of  whisky. Dex. I .notice that you've been  drinking pretty hard of late���that is,  hard for you."  The old man shook his head. "You're  mistaken.    It ain't hard for me."  "Well, hard or easy, you'd better cut  it out."  It was some time later that one of  the detectives employed by the Swedes  met Glenister on Front street and by  an almost imperceptible sign signified  his desire to speak with him. When  they wero alone he said:  "You've been shadowed."  "I've known that for a long time."  "The district attorney hai put on  some new 'men. I've fixed the woman  who rooms next to him, and through  her I've got,a liue on some of then?,  but I haven't spotted them all. They'ra  bad ones, 'up river' men mostly, remnants of Soapy Smith's Skagway gang.  They won't stop at anything."  "Thank you. I'll ' keep my eyas  open." ���.'������'. ���'"''���  A few nights after Glenister had reason to recall the words of the sleuth  and to realize that lhe game was growing close and desperate. To reach his  cabin, which sat on the .outskirts of the  he detected a movement in the shadows that banked the wall at his elbow  and saw the'flaming spurt of a revolver  shot The man had crouched behind  the building and was so close that It  seemed impossible to miss. Glenister  fell heavily upon his side, and th��  thought flashed over him, "McNamara's thugs have shot me."  . His assailant leaped out from his  hiding place and ran down the walk,  the sound of his quick, soft footfalls  thudding faintly out into the silence.  The j-oung man felt no pain, however,  bo scrambled to his feet, felt himself  over with care and then swore round-'  ly. He was untouched. The other  had missed him cleaiily'. The report,'  coming while he was iu the actj*^-  leaping, bad start".*! Mm so lhat "be  had lost his balance,"slipped upon-the  wet boards and fallen. His assailant  was lost In the darkness before he  could rise.' Pursuit' was out of the  question, so he continued ��� homeward,  considerably" shaken, and-,'related tho  incident to Dextry.  "You think It was some of McNamara's work,, eh?" Dextry inquired  when he had finished.    { '  "Of course. ' Didn't the detective  warn,me today?"   " "   '  Dextry shook his head. "It , don't  seem like the game Ls that far along  yet. The' time is coming Svhen we'll  go to .the mat,with them people, but  they've got the 'aige on- us now, -so  i what could they gain by putting you  away? I don't believe it[s them,' but,  .whoever, it Is you'd better be careful i  or you'll be got" '>   '     ;   .  ��� "Suppose   we   come   home   together  -after >thls," Roy suggested,  and  they,  arranged to do so. realizmg that danger  lurked  in   the ,dark corners('and  that it was in some such,lonely-spot  that  the,, deed  would  be tried, again..  They experienced no trouble for a time,  though   on   nearing( .their   cabin   one  night the younger man fancied that he  saw a shadow glide away from its .vicinity  and  out into the  blackness  of  the  tundra  as  though someV,oue   had  Btobd'at his'veiy door waiting for him,  then became frightened atthe two figures approaching., Dextry^had not observed it .however, and Glenister was  not positive himself, but it served to  give  'him , the .'uncanny   feeling   that  RED   BLOOD,   AND   BANISH  DISEASES    OF    NERVES  WITH  Dr. A. W.Chase's  Nerve Food  , Nerve force, likt* Hlediic-ity, is' h'ud  to explain, ..        ,<������._,  One thing is ccitain "Norye foict  can only he created 'Horn .lien, nil  blood. ,  Mako the ��� bl-Hi.l i ipht and you  cure diseases ol' the nfcivr'a, such n=  headache. , imliiriv-tion,' blceplcssiie.sh,  irritabilitv, wcakii*^ uf t''�� bodily  organs, v-iooti-uliou and paituil paralysis, i " l , ' '  This is the only way .actual cuie  can possibly "he brought about and  because Dr. A. W. Chaic's Neivel-ood  is'a greaL blood 'builder it accomplishes wQiulcriul -ri'niilU in the cure  of diseases of the���'neivi-,.     r  Mrs. Nooran, 19 Sullivan striW't,  Halifax.  N.   S���  writes:-  "My daughter wus troubled last  spring 'and summer with tired, listless feelings. She seemed to haw no  energy; was -very pule, Imd uo appetite, and became very nervous ��� and  weak. , We were much alarmed about  h'cr, as nothing sivjiiied lo do her any  good. f-It was not long, however, after  beginning" the use of . Dr. Cha&u's  Nerve Fo'od until1 wc began lo sea n  marked improvciiient in her condition,  lier color got better, she gained in  weight "'and vigor, and her whole'system seemed to'bo built up.' She is  quite well now. and wo jqin in strongly recommending Dr. CJiase'a Nerve  Food/'  The old saying thai ���."��>' ounce of  prevention'is woith a pound of cure"  is nowhere sb applicable; as in diseases, of thn'nerves, ��� and there was  never so effective a, preventive 'as Dr.  Chase's''Nerve Food. 'This .is ' heing  proven every clay in thousands of  cases.    :,,J,,'-     '        f  Portrait ancl signature of ,A. W.  Chase,-M.D.'i the famous'Receipt Book  author,' on every box. 50 cents at all  dcfilci:���*/��� or Kdmansion, (, Hates &,Co.,  Toronto.  Is Perilous Work.  Willing to Concede That.  He���Tf you refuse me I shall blowout my.brains.  ', . ,   .    -  , Slie���Impossible. '        7  He���Maybe ' you    don't  .believe,   I,  have a��� pistol.     ��� ' ' [, '     -  She���Oh! I dare say 'you  have   the  some  determined;  'unscrupulous  force j pistol, all right-���Philadelphia Record,  was bent on'his destruction.    "   "*"  He "determined to go nowhere unarmed.  A''few evenings later he went home  early and was busied Ln writing when  Dextry came in about l'O o'clock. ��� .The'  old   miner   hung   up   his,coat   before  speaking, lit a cigarette, Inhaled deeply, then, amid mouthfuls of smoke, be-*  gan: , (   ',  ��� "I  had my own toes over tiie^edge  tonight.   I,was mistook for ybu, whiclu  compliment  I  don't aim  to   have   repeated."'  .     .    .  Glenister questioned him eagerly.*    tl  "We're  about tlie' same - height)   an'  these hats of ours' are alike.    Just as I  came by 'that'lumber pile down yonder  a 'man hoppejrA out ..an' throwed a -'gal'  under my nose.    Lie'was quicker than  light an'd  near blowc-d lmy" skelp  into  the  ne'it block before  he'saw, who*"I  was.'  Then he dropped his weepon anil.  said:        * 1      1.     ���  "'My'mistake. Go on.' I accepted  his apology." '  "Could you see w,ho ho was?" "  "Sure!   Guess."  "I can't."  "It was Bronco Kid."'.  "Lord!" ejaculated .Glenister. "Do'  you think he's after me?" ��  "He ain't after nobody else, an' take  my  word for It, it's got notliin'  to do  with McNamara nor that gamblin' row.  lie's too game for that.    There's some i .��.  other reason." , '     *  , This   was   the  first  mention   Dextry  had'made of the night at the Norther-^  "I don't'know why he should have it  in  for, me.     I  never did him  any   favors," Glenister remarked cynically,  <���  "Weil, you  watch out anyhow.    I'd'  sooner   face   McNamara   an'    all   tlie  crooks he can. hire than that gambler."  During tbe next few days Roy undertook to meet the proprietor of the  Northern face to face, but the Kid had  vanished completely, from his haunts.  He wa.s not ln his gambling hall af  night nor on the street by day. .Th"  young man was still looking for bin-  on the evening of the dance at the hotel when he chanced to meet one of tlie  vigilantes, who Inquired of him:  "Aren't you late for the meeting?"  "What meeting?"  After seeing that they were alone tho  other stated:  "There's an assembly to-light at II  o'clock. Something important, I think  ���I supposed, of course, you knew about  It."  "It's strange I wasn't ratified." said  Hoy. "It's probably an oversight I'll  go along with you."  Together they crossed the river to  tlie less frequented part of the town  and knocked at the door of a large un-  Jighted warehouse. Hun Led by a high  bouid fence. The building faced the  street, but wa.s inclosed on the other  three sides by this ten toot wall, inside  of which weie stored large quantities  of coal and lumber. After some delay  they were admin ed and passing down  through the dim lit. hijeh banked lanes  of merchandise came to the rear room,  where they were admitted ngaiu. Tills  compartment lind been fitted up for the  ���warm storage of perishable goods during the cold weather and, being w-ifli-  out' windows, made an ileal place for  clandestine gatherings.  ...    (To  be  Continued.)  n Bicklo's Ariti-Consumplive Syrup  is the'result of expert chemical experiments, undertaken to discover a  preventive-of inflammation , of the  lungs ancl consumption by destroying, the germs that develop' theso-diseases, ancl fill the world iwith' pitiable  ��� subjects.hopelessly stricken. The use  6f this Syrup, will prevent the,'Hire  consequences of neglected Colds. 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Those who go rat- '  ting in hedges and' dells in the winter  know   they   may  try  a   dozen   freshly  SIGNBOARDS   OF   CHANNELS.  How These Maiir.eis'  Guides Are  A"r  chored   and    How    They   Sometimes-  Break Awsy and  Are  Hunted   Down  by the  Lighthouse  Service Tenders.  When the winter gales begin to'blow,  the .tenders of the lighthouse .service  turn their stems towaid northern seas  to hunt stray spar buoys.    Of all the  work of the comt patrol this, perhaps,  is the most exposed loUiuger.  l'ulhng  these "signboards" ouL'of  the sea or  putting (hem over side IS like ���'yanking" spiles with a   ton derrick on a  heaving platform.  Although passengers in the boats  that ply the waters of New York harbor. Long Isl.-ind sound and other waterways - along the 'coast see many  spar buoys; they give them Utile  thought. With the man nt the wheel  it is'��llffcrcnt. Color, shapo and size  give him volumes of Information, aud  he look's upon the spar buoy as an In-,  valuable guide.'  - In the government inventories they  are listed as "sticks," nllliougli the:;  are sometimes sixty feet Ion-,'. They  are anchored In the bod of a river or  harbor .channel, their "up ends" paint-,  cd In1 such away ns to Indicate to lhe  observer the formation of the bottom.'  On the margin of government' charts  explanatory notes tell one that vessels  approaching a harbor from the se.i'  should leave red buoys:, with even  numbers on 'the right and black, with  odd numbers on tIio-> left side ot channels. Black und white striped buoys,'  the stripes running perpendicularly,  mean ah obstruction In" the,channel,  with room-to 'get* by, on cither side'..  If balls or cages ornament the"up  ends" it means a turning', point, the  color and number indicating the courser  'These sticks are put down with heavy  Iron ' anchors' and ''sometimes " great  stone weights. One would suppose that  so'fixed they never(coui'd get away,-but  they do,, and it is'a job tO'fliHl. them:  Ice Hoes break tjbeir cables amf soine"'  times crush '"the sticks; storms pull  them loose, aud ships in the'fog'or  darkness foul' them au'detcar���th<:m from  their hold on .the bottom. ,Not Infro  .quentiy. ships'use thorn' as-mooriugs,  'although this i.s forbidden'.'  '  TJiere are instances where the anchors of a spar buoy, have been secure  enough���to hold against ice pressure and  In a narrow channel cause u' dangerous  jam. " But' such cases are few, * for"  when,, this "happens the weight of/the  Ice usually becomes so' great ,as to force  the buoy .under, and'the pack slides on,  ' If the Ice pack gets under lhe buoy  so as fo lift It there Is only one result���  ;he parting'"of the-cable. ;Then oft  starts the spar"Jupon a ���journey maybe>  ot thousands,of miles,.perhaps'of only  :>ne or.'.two.' 'It may'fetch up, on* the  ���vcarest shore, and It mny'drift-to'tbe'  coast"rof, 'Europe - or .into], .the; southern  WHAT HE OWES TO ZAM-BUK.  Mr. Frank ScwUmore, t-be great,  wir correspondent.' who sent many  of the Canadian despatches during  tSe late Boer War, owes his health to  Zam-Buk. He has passed unscathed through1 29  battles but. c scratch which turned t*> blood-  poisoning nearly ended his days. Zam-Buk saved  kirn aivd he writ.es as follows:--      .        #  "I have proved Zam-Buk such a blessing Uiat.  I want ofJhers t.o know of Its. merfts. The  poisonous. dye in some underclothinjE; I was  wearing got. int^o a scratch I had sustained  and blood-poisoning set up. Inflammation  , was followed by'great, pain *nd swelling, and  then ulcers broke out. on my legs. F*or��ome  time I could not walk a few steps nor even  put my feet lo the ground. On my lert  leg below tbe knee I had seventeen ulcers  which c&used holes, Into which I could put  my thumb. On thc right leg I .had fourteen  ulcers. Medical' treatment failed to relieve,  homely remedies were applied in vain. rWeefc  followed week'and I gradually got-worse,  until I was worn out ,with paw and lack of  sleep. On the advice of a friend I obtained,!  some Zam-Buk and left off everything else  while 1 tried it. 11 seemed to give me aim ast  instant, relief from the pain, and ina few days 1  I noticed that it was healing some- of. tbe 1  ulcers. This was cheering indeed, and gladly  1 persevered with the* Zatti-Buk treatment.  Bit by bit the poisonous"matter" was drawn  ' out. ��� Tbe ulcers* were healed, and new healthy p  tkin grew over tha previously diseased places.  I am now "quite .cured, and,-in .gratitude, I  mention these facts that other sufferers from t  skin disease mv/ know/ of something which .rj  .will cure them.���-    ' "%A-r:  "A"   ���*"'./"���"-     r.  ' ��� lam-BalfUfcri mHrely'/rom ortffniry Mnlmtnlt and  nxlvfK at tht above -W|i ctearlv,pte;& , for 'aliiOdn<ditatu*  ulcrrt. aiueetn*. Kalp torei,'rinsicotm. cMtirtn't tort Head*?  cuts, burnt, brulut. </��, U U,tt tpttdv we,,} it alto cure*  eaemi. Itch. jrf*��, fc.M--pntenf.ti7. /iiir/v*f"nl��r*'��> barber"t nuK,  ctcj-cold'toret^'tluxpj&i bands, ant frott bit*. AJiubb<d*vell  (ntc tlu parti afect*<L it eurtt rheutnaiitm,, neuralgia,?and  tcLatica,   All drugeUit'and tloret~i.lt at iOc.'a :bcix.  art- port  Miss Chcilusi'Did.hclike W duoUJ ' She/ (indignantly)-''Why' *.  we sang?   -"'>������ ���',-,-.*������      ������    "?,  f',Misn Byr-a-HI 'eatoV acci<lo" " from  what ho said. ,<r' ' .',- - -, "' ( \  Miss Chellus: Oh, 1 suppose y^ii  .think he-likcd. your voice best- , ��r '  ' Miss ByrcUsWell, really,'!' don't  kndw- exactly what he meant,'' He'  said'T sang well, but,, that" you were  better sfilU^Pluln'delphja'-PrcMs.,  <  ��Ondr of lhe cormnatie.it cotnplahitrS  of infants, i-i worm3',(���and the most effective application.for them is "Mother-  Graves' Worui'',E.\li?rmiiia,tor  fair, to ^eep your appoimracnl ���.  iiie yesterday?"  ' "He���l'm^nwiully sorry, tort 1 ��|  compelled ��� to wait, lii a iws-.'j  until it was5 too Into. .    .  'She (icily) ~- I'sr^cm, ��� iw, .-  thought,you had a position in 1 -  1 wasn't;. jiwnrc    that you  �� ��  vniter.���Ciiiciujo Daily JCtif-,  , ,1  ,     ., > ���  1- Small but Potent.���'������ I'.ir.ii'.-V. i"  tHbh)..Pills. ��re ?��nall. bat they"  elective' in, action.   Tl.vti ;�����"? ''C|---|  HSiH corfccidr of ntoinsch trout  sw  known to thousand-' -'���"'I &?.���"' 'i  tt In  SO  , uslie.r  Boston -Transcript  ���i ���- ���;,  THE   PERUNA' ALMANAC.'     ( -.  The  druggists ' have, already   ' Iveu  supplied with the Peruna'nlniumtc for  1U00.   Jn addition to the regular nslio-1  jiomical- matter us unity   furnished  in   alwavs cure my coughs' and c -  almanacs,  the 'articles    on    astrology  arc  very   attractive   to   most   people'. '  The  menial   characteristics*   of    each  seas. ..On the Irish coast todayJs.one j M\nard>s> Liniment  Curesx Colds,-'etc  .vhich traveled there in six weeks from/ - '  .Vow York harbor. It was presented  to the British government by the United Stntes and now floats off the coast.  oh3 which it stopped after its long Atlantic journey.  If It Is a long chase to find the stray,  buoys it Is even a more difficult task lo  recover the anchors left behind by the  fugitive spars. Tenders that sail out  of the hnrbor have n derrHr vnd tackle  rigged in front of tbe pilot house. With  a donkey cupinc, to lift anil pull.' The  location of every buoy Is marked on  the charts to n degree, so U is not difficult to Ond, the desired position. The,  serious business Is drnrarliig* for the  ftuchor'and after grappling with It to  hoist It aboard cshlp. ITere lhe donkey'  engine comes Inlo play. Anotjier hazard Is to pull .1 spnr buoy aboard. If a  sea happens to be runii'iig the' captain  of the tender has to use extreme care.  Shi-riiH a big r��"er got under htm and"  suddenly lighten tbe lifting chains  either they would give way or' the  weight would come up too f,ift, the  crew !n either'case being placed in  jeopardy of their lives.  But the risk these men run Is all In  the day's work. To (hem a Job in a  seaway on a lee shnre Js regarded as  no more monotonous t��s'- than repainting a row cf buoys on land.  A   ROYAL   DESPOT.  His  ."You're the whole cheese with sis."  "Why  do you   say that,    son?"  in-  quircd  the gentleman   caller.  "Sis (iin me a nickel to."���Louisville  C'ouiier-Journnl.  Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.  A tok'girim from Munich gives rlo-  taila of what is decribed as. "the  fir.sl calastinphe of its kind on le-  eord"���the collapse in 11 bu-,y street  of a wiiui-'m of fashion as a consequence of the heaviness of her hat-  Under the weight of a. gorgeous creation',- nearly tnree feet in diameter.  thrt woiiniii, the telegram' says, sank  helplessly.'to the-pavement, and only  ���recovered from her swooii niter being  .carried to 'a shop and relieved of her  headgear. Evidently ,1 ease of.more  on hei" head ,'tiian in it.'.  . (  used   burrows   without   finding  a  rat,  town,   lie  ordinarily   followed   one  of    when suddenly from a single hole the  the plank walks which wound through  thc confusion of tents, warehouses and  cottages lying buck of the two principal streets along the water front. This  part of the city was uot '.aid out in  rectangular blocks, for in the early  rush the first comers had seized whatever pieces of ground they found vacant and erected thereon some kind of  buildings to make good their titles.  There   resulted a   formless  jumble of  SlltSStSSBSs^ptsss^fiimsiliaBfa^rtii  bc.'ir   a   coat   of   arms���a   dragon,   an  / armed knight and a  fainting maiden. , )hi1s,  cabins and sheds, penetrated by  "I  succor ladies in distress-handsome , no  cross streete and quite uulighted I  ones,     should   be   the   motto   on   his I At t,1{?ut 0De Jeavillff ^e illuminated  KorMriii   of the town  found this dark-  siic-Jd.     "The   h��n<&50�����.<.-��t   woman   ia  rats will pome pouring oat in 11 stream  of frenzirfa fur. Twenty or more rats  will lie together in one hole.  They arc clever enough to block up  a hole on the windward side to keep  out the draft, so that when a rat hole  is noted newly stopped with soil, turnip leaves or grass here is almost certain indication that ruts are within.  Like the squirrels, they store food for  winter, and the keeper may find' it  more difficult to secure his. potatoes  from frost than from the attack of the  j most numerous of his furred foes.���  I.ondou Standard.  immmi  mmmmm  W.    N., U.    No.   727.  Wuritemberg     Prince    Who    Sold  Subjects Like Cattle.'  Cruel and despotic were some of the  iietty   princes   who   ruled   the   fatherland before the Napoleonic wars swept  them nway   Charles Eugene of Wurt-  tcmburg,   horn   In   1728,  died   in   1793  .ind during his sixty-fire years of life  tormonti'd  his parents, his  wives and  Ills subjects.    Ills  first consort, -Frcd-  rrlckn   of   Hcyreuth,   was   worthy   of  dim.      When    entering    Wuritemberg  soon   after   their   marriage   the   girls  threw   inas'.es  of  flowers  In  front of  them.    "WliuI   do  those  dogs   want?"  the princess asked her husband.   They  wore   always   quarreling   and ,��� never  spoke to each other without snarling  The' prlncewas always short of money  and sold 0.000 of his subjects to England to  raise  the u-irid. |��lie took  the  .[ioor wretches from the fields, clapped  a  uniform on   them and sent them to  their desllnaiion as if they were cattle.  Once he- called-nil the young men of a  certain   district  before him, and  made  the following'.speech: "My brave boys,  do you want to go to fight In the ranks  of the English heroes against lhe savages of the continentV"   No reply was  made for'the'moment  Then a number  of   tlie   youths   stepped   forward,   and  one of'them-said.-"We-do not want to  be sold, like slioep." The prince promptly gave orders for two of thorn to be  seized, put against a   wall and shot at  once.   Then while'the blood  was running from the mutilated bodies 0f the  two unforfimntcs the prince by divine  right said: "Run away.   Vou see I do  not want to Impose my will on you.   1  think   of  your   welfare  like   a   father  docs   of   his   children.    Vou   want   to  fight by the side of the valorous Eng-  | lish."   All consented.   Schiller heard his  1 father tell this story, nnd he himself  related   it  in  a sceue  jf oue of  his  cprej>ah|tion.,OH  the miirltH k --J  orders'' of ��� the '."toiViiiiJli-  "Attor'-iiU.'n* said ��'m Ih-.iish r.l  jrhct   to  -V-!|  seem  able   to  m-nke m  KneU  1  "What is that, pray  k,Hnf.to."~Cii'thrflic    St in.'?") l|  Times. ,    ;  Repeat, k.r-"Shiloh's Cu"**  At-  This i'b a*Sargent .sU>ij"        ..  ire of * coarle. extn-i'ii-in ini  ft������'''*^^^  The I'eiun-i Co    ColumhVw   /C l.v, and then said with a 1^1  m L  " *-?'um"Ug' U; j bad. Mr. Sargent; not at all l* f  -.;,... ' ���.     {you've .left   out   one   inc.-t '���-  Why are you    always    quarrelling   feature-"    Mr   Sargent b-'t Im , I  with your wife?'-*      * ���! hido  a" nmilc.' "Excuse w ��  Slic is always  arguing  wilh   me. '   snid,   "but   I   thought   ypu #-  But you need .not get angry. Just  explain lo her in a gentle tone' where  she is wrong."  "But she  is  never  wrong."���Washington Opinion.        ,   - ��� .  "���  care   to  have   tne   er��� er���"'j  duced."   The millionaire, pa'f',  rage, shouted:   "Confound it,.��  talking about the dia,n':>ni' i:**!'  pins���not tho 'warts !" KNOWS FROM  HiS EXPERIENCE  AT     DODD'S     KIDNEY     PILLS  ILL CURE  BRIGHT'S  DISEASE  ftmaster Cote, Tells How the Great  anadian Kidney Remedy Cured  im After Doctors Had Given Him  r t  P. <  Petit fiois Fume, Temiscouuta  Que.    (Speei.d).���  Mr.    Charles  postmaster Jifie, i�� firmly cont'd that Dodd'�� Kidney Pills will  l.nyh&V JJiiOase oi any other  its., of tlie Kidney-1. He knows jt  i Jiii own expeiieiiee.   Hoar what  or over four years I wad troubled  Backache, Rheumatism und lack  inbilion, and  iny  urine was of a  unnatural c6lor.    Ijvns attended  hioe doctors wlidwuie no good.  hi-,t one told /no it was ' only ��  e of money to try any thing else  could not live more than a year  10 outside.       .    '  t tlie verge of death I decided to  llodd/s  Kidney  Pills'a  tiiul.    1  eighteen   boxed  and    toduy  my  luniatisiii. Backache and Headache  ''gone.   My urine is like that of a  I    1 feel I owe my life to-Dodd's  (>'  Tills." , u >  st.imstor Cote,had all tlie(symp-'  j of Bright's Disease."v'The-doctoi>  cntly. knew he hud Bright's ,Dis-  -th'c most deadly form of Kidney  ne. ' Dodd's Kidney -Pills? cured.  ��� They will; cure any form of  .ey disease. ' , '    '  THE    LEADER,     MOYIE,     BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  <��� >  ... ���  THE RIVER_0F YOUTH.  From all the golden hill, of di.-.-ira  Dew   cool   and  rainbow   kissed     '  H twujges and curl* ��� silver btrdam  Through valleys hung with mm.  Down part enc-janlM' woods ��bpre  Romance v.-j.lks ever young-  ^ here kings lide forth to take th* air  On bU-eds with velvet hung-  TONIC TREATMENT  FOR INDIGESTION  HUNT FOR  HEIRESS.  | The Only Sensible Way to Cure  Stomach Troubles and Cite  tempt   the  Where    secret   slair'u, ays  bold, "  Whore private caves abound  And many a chest of Spanish'gold  May solemnly be found]  Through   magic  years  it  twines'  and  creeps  I'isC* towers of peacock blue,  Where   still   some    captive    princess  sleeps  - And dreams 'come always true  (l , l" ' ' ;  Then gleam by gleam the  light- goes  out,  Then  darkened, grief ���by  grief,  tft sighs into our sea of doubt  And manhood's unbelief I ���  ���Arthur Stringer.  .FOUNDER OFTHEGALT FAMILY.  Bahf  SoiV-e Gratuitous Advii. ,  Email had sut' for spine' ,tlmc In ,a  luiunt, looking thoughtfully^atthe  Brit-toi-, suys ,thc Youth's " Com-  ion., *. ( "'' "' '  jsee' you advertise that you iniilie  '. own ice cream,", he said in 'a.  Iduutinl-'tone.'      .'���     ,.,- ''   ���  ida, sir," snid the proprietor.  -,  Sell," said the man,1 "would you  Bit me to give you a. litlle'pointer?  Sn't charge you a cent, and'it'll be  ey in your pocket-*' ',',.. ;   ' >-"  ilad to he"ar it, l'm-suie," said the  riefor.-,.  "     ,..,���,-+..    ,..,..  |et  somebody '"else^tofcmake "jit,  [tho man, in aMwarse whisper./*   . ,   ,   -,.������.  ^r-jC  |q - -   tt    t  esh Sdpplies  in   Demand.-^Wher-  dh, Thomas'"Eclectric  Oil/has"'  introduced    increased * supplies  been ordeted,'r.showing',that^v.'h'er-  it goes   this   excellent ,Oilim-  &C!- its power*on,the people.; No  ���>r iu1 what, latitude  it    may  be  $d its potency /is,never impaired.  put up in most portable shape  jttli's and'can"be carried without  \ol breukage.   ' ,  *���   '��  ���Je  bulletsr that  go   through   five  is of wood do not penetrate three  |s of pasteboard. ' Thatds' the_re  nf pome interesting firing tests h/���  ���Swedish naval  authorities "at,the"  E.si    of  Kariskroiia, . The'   target-  was    ftrepaiedS of    millboard,  Jst  whioh   fire    from r revolvers.*  carbines rind machine ,guns wa.��  |te 1.  -Tlieopustebonrd, which" was  inches   ino thickness, , resisted  jSk-tely, the -bullets fir&l' from the  .arms.,' hut' was * perfora"ted ,by  projectiles ,-^from    the    machine  JAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED ���  pciil applications', as* they cannot  the (lifrbasod -portion of the ear.  is only'one way-to- cure* deaf-  "and that is'by constitutional re-  Bea  , Deafness is caused by an in-  pi condition'of the mucous lining  ie Eustachian Tube.    When thiia,  |i^ inflamed you have a rumbling  or imperfect hearing, and when  [entirely closed.  Deafness, is  the  It,   and   unless' the  inflammation  pe taken out and this tube restor-  its normal   cdndition,    hearing  |be destroyed forever;' nine cases*  of ten are    caused   by    Catarrh,  Ji U nothing but an inflamed con-  of the mucous surfaces,  will give One Hundred Dollars  aiy case of Deafness '(caused by  flO'Uliat cannot    be    cured    by  Catairh Cure.    Send for circu-  |iee.     F. J. CHENEY & CQ-,  Toledo,   O.  by   Druggists,   75c.  ie    Hall's   Family Pills for con-  lion.  Something   About; Man, Who   Established Guelph and'Galt.  _   It, should  interest many Canadians  to know that there has just 'been published by ihe Oxford University Press  a reprint of John Gait's "Annals  of  the, Parish."     Few'' of'   the   present  generation stop to, .think   wliu   John  Gait   was,   and   probably   qtill  fewer,  have read tlie "Annals of the Parish."  Yet   this   same   John k Gait,  was   the  founder   of the   city   of  Guelph   and  'ilso   of    the   town   which   bears   hi*  'name.    He   came   to   Canada  in' the  early twenties as Chief Commissioner  of the Can'ada Company of'whom'he  called himself  the "chief1 contriver/'  Uc^was the<founder of the family in.  this   country   lhat  hears   his ' name,  ��ir  Thomas 'Gait',   one   of  the 'noted  judges of this province,.was a son of  his.J<and   Mr. Percy"-part,   the.   well-  known    barrister,   of-   Toronto, lis "a  grandson.   ' Ii)   the  Mother   Land,his  early^ljopk, which" y.-is in reality the  'beginning'"of  what*'is known   as/the  VKailyard school" tof literature, which  Jiavbad, a  modern  fruitage   in' such  works' as - 'Barrie's t ,".\    Window   in  ������Thrums"1'and���the late Tarf ifaclaren's  "JJonnie Briar'Bush'.".* '"  <��� ��� s^  ��� In this new edition of his, chief.im-  portant ( literary achievement'Mt is  stated, witH'.the'lofty to'nc'of'a literary pundit," by ,the editor ���of the  volume that: "The most interesting  thing about Gait is his thankless attitude towards, literature. ��� Wlien he  was a -young man he . believed, like  many , young men , ignorant1-"of the  IV-Srld. .that literature, was the first'  of Thuman' pursuits, andJ lie was in  love'-with" 'the "post;, orbit halo .that  jsurrounds a literary 'name' . .  The,fervor of youth once'past, he was  ^publicist- dry choioa, and an "author  onlyk by necessity."- ,', ���   t .-  ,It,,'appears 'th?it Mr.  Gait "wrote an.  autobiography   which    should "'be    a  ratlier precious possession 'for students'  of; the* early history of;I Ontario, and  Mr.. G.  S.   Gordon,', his  editor^ "is'inclined  to,bthink  that'*;in e it he'made  too.little   of'.his-"literary, reputation.'  He ''suspects, ,'prob'ably, unjustly, "that  Gait was ashamed of being an "author,,  at'all.-1 Ho, goes'on to" say: \  ' ,'^Gall's-lodgings on Downing,'street,  -Hi3, "principle   of. rapid''composition  and -carefully 'maintained   demeanor  of burghor-Jike ease, were all moves  .in a game���the game which*Scott and  the whole Blackwood group of -writers  played   so   zealously   in   Edinburgh.  They wero meant to throw society off  the scent, or to  appease it bv their  evident contrition.'"  "I shall not be justly dealt -with,"  he said, "if 1 am considered merely  a.* a literary man.*' He comforted  himself with tho thought that .when  his numerous books were forgotten  he would still be remembered as tha  "contriver of the  Canada Company."  New Health.  Jl1'^  tjie. stomach  is    feeble    the  ih-oJf nff" ,.t.undi8to��*d. decays and  l-ml ti, Pp>��oiipus ga&es that dis-  ���t,'nd thc walls of the stomach, and  , causes serious interference with other  org,,!,,-,  especially  with. the "action of  the heart aud lungs. These poi-,onous  ,'ases. have other ill effects. They are  j'ib.,oi bed by the blood land so weaken  und  corrupt it as  to cause  aches in  remote   parts   of   the   bodv   and   the  .ormfition of  unhealthy  tissue r-very-  -vhere     General bodily weakness and  .->.-���-  of   weight   is   the   result.       Tlie  :erves   and  tlie   bruin  are  distuilvd  yid discomforts such as dizziness  hot  lashes, sler-pleasiiess, irritability and  Jpspondency     .originate      from    this  ���ouice. Expeju'ence shows that these  tipuhles  vaniah  just  as soon as  the  -tornnch   i.s   made   strong   enough   to  JJgcbt the food. In other words it  needs a tonic that will .rouse it to do  th.i work, of changing, the food into  nourishment. The tonic .Ought to be  one that- will agree with the most delicate, stomach ,and this is exactly  what Dr. \VilliaW Pink Pills do.  Hen--is a hit of strdng proof- '  Mil's  Li/zie  Macdoiiald, Harbor-au-  ->-",UiC;h,<;:���-N",S" fe!iys:-"-Or- .Williams'  i ink Pills have done for me what no  .Jth<-r medicine did or apparently  could do. For aJmogt three years I  -.ufferod untold"* agony from ���' indigestion. I would have the most distressing pains in the stomach after eating  I could not sleep at night and f would  rise in thp morning, feeling tired and  worn out. ' 1 lost in weight and - was,  almost reduced' to a shadow.'   I  was  under doctbr's  treatment almost con-   ��������� ��� .   ,     ��� ���     ,  -.tantly. but with no benefit    One day)      d  young'.Clearys   went   to   Bristol  thread the testimonial-of a lady who   f"*1   sta/'r'i   there   looking   for   some  Two   Irish   Lads   Follow  Old   Clue   to  Successful   Issue.  A curious story of a patient search  for an heiress and what came of it  was told in the Dublin courts recent  ly during an action brought by Patrick Cleury, an Enniskillen man, for  5.2,000, against a Mrs. Sibley The  woman was an heiress, 'and had been  found by strange good fortune among  hoidon's   millions.  Mr. Cleary, who had engineered the  hunt., now claimed to be reimbursed  for the cost of finding her. and for  thp keep of her uncle, the man who  left the fortune, which totaled &orne  thousands of pounds.  Counsel,   in    relating   the    circuin  stances, said the man with 1b�� mnn��v  was    Mr     Poison,    an    Enniskillen  newspaper proprietor.'   He wa^ an old  man of 85, and a bachelor.    He lived"  alone,  and  was looked after  by  Mr.  and Mrs. Cleary, who never receiva'l,  any money   from   him   for   their "ser  vices, but relied on a promise he made  to leave them something on his death.  But he "died   intestate.  After his death, the Clearys turned  the place upside down, looking foi  ��-ome,pap��r that wopld lead to the  discovery of -a relative to inherit hi=  fortune/* for no one related to him  had been, seen or heard-of by them  Ft micht seem like, a romance, counsel  added, but' they turned over abo'n!  three tons of papers and other rub  binh in their scorch.  Eventually thev-eimp ncrosi'-a letter lated If*"-!!), written,to Mr PoKon.  when he was a young man. by his  father. 'In that letter the father  mentioned anothpr son, named  ,George. who,1 he f-aid. had cone to sea  ' On fhe strength of this futv-year-old  ''clue'Cleary'sent off his, two young  son3 to, hunt for George,��� who must  bO an old man, if alive, at ihis time  had been curerj of dyspepsia by Dr  Williams' Pink Pills and->decid"ed to  try them. The first lwo��or three boxes  I took did not show any apparent'relief and 1 .began to fear the medicine  would not help 'me,', but' as I had  bought'a half,dozen boxes I decided  th.it I -would ,use them up anyway.  To my joy,' before they* were all used  I began to improve ,and 1 got,.three  boxes more. By 'the tune I finished  these I" was/"again in, the ' best of  health and gained, ,"12, pounds in  weight. T have-not since'had a twinge  of this terrible trouble, and am more  grateful than 'words can sav for 'what  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have done  for tme." ' '  ".   ' ,  You can get- Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills from" any medicine dealer or by  mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes  for 5-2.50 .fiom 'The Dr. William's'  Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  ., Frank S. Lahm/lhe father of Lieut  Lahm, the champion balloonist,' had  a (twenly-ininute . sail in- Wilbur  Wright's "aeroplane' at Le Hans last  month. In Paris afterwards he talked  of aviation. ���- i  "The sensation of flying,", he said,  "ii^'like that of' sailing in a-very  swift steamer, without any vibration'  pr t "rolling, 'over a c sea . perfectly  smooth, .i ' '        ' 'i,;  e  , "I wasi very ^ucky to go .up/' Mr.  WiightJiasihuiicUeds --of applications  for 'flights. He, lias to, refuse 99 *, in  100. But, his refusals' are put delicately.^ They are as'delicate as the  young" husband's ' dismissal of Iiis  wife's  mother-   ' r <  "This'lady had been visiting at'the  man's house steadily for seven  months. On toward Christmas time  idle' said lo him:  " 'John', I am going to have my  photograph taken as a Christmas gift  for you and Minnie. What diess do  you prefer me In?'  " 'Your traveling gown, dear mother,'   the   son-m-law    replied  . e  trace 'of the old- sailor or, his' de--  sc��ndants,' Mr Cleary t paying their  expenses.' ," , .,  . The boys( ransneked- the, records],in  Bristol Town Hall'and the churches,  and at last discovered'that old Mr,  Poison's fathp'r had been a bpadle in  one of the "churches of the city, and  that,ihe bro'ther George, mentioned  *in the agewocn letter, had left a;  daughter,, 'who would, of course, be  a 'niece of the dead man arid the  heiress  to his'money. .��� <  But the", daughter was not in Bristol. They v.ere toId��� she might be  found in London, ,so from Bristol to  London* they went, as if they expected to fin'd one woman among the  great city's millions.   . ' ��� "    _  But '.they- had the good luck to. direct their steps to the shipping office  of a firm named l.idgate, who turned  out to be the owners of the very vessel in which old Poison's sailor brother, George.had sailed in 1849. <  Thero was a cine' ���A clue more  than fifty^ veara old, but a clue! From  it they actuallv managed to hunt up  George's .daughter, '.who had become'  Mrs. Sibley.    '              ���    >  '          ' '  The -solicitor   for   fhe   defence   nd-r,  mitted. that   the- discovery   of   Mrs  Sibley'was   due',to,, the   industry  of  Cleary  and   his^ sons.-     ��� -  ' ���  The jury" awarded M"r.1 Cleary $865.  ���" V'N-EEDLEWORK  notes.  June bride frowned.  arte tomatoes,"    she  said,  '"are  liAice  as   dear   as  those    across  Ireet-   Why is it?"  ma'am, 'these"���and   the   gro-  inled���"these  are  hand-picked."  blushed.      iV ' -'     ,  couise," she said, hastily ;  "1  have    known.    Give    me    a  fel,  please."���-Harper's "Weekly.  Repeat  -"Shiloh's Cure will always  my   coughs   and   colds."  jf<"w evenings ago a husband and  pore sitting in their home after  i>r> nnd the old man was puffing  'wrchnum  and  reading a news-  while mother was working on n  rif embroider}-.  Hiat  do you  think   of   this?"   ra-  <-'d   father,   glancing   from   tho  limper to his wife-    "Here is  au  pe that .says that'in some of tho  jjh.inim   piisons   that   have   been  jithod  they  have   found   a lot  of  |"('"1   pi honors."  8h." icspondcd mother, "I sup-  jthi'v inu-,t have been some of the  lei'Ml   criminals    I    havo    hoard  Rt-  ( Scotchmen   Fit   In.  The   Victoria, .B.C.,  Colonist  says:  In an address  before the Moravshire  Farmers' Club a'short time ago,*G. A.  Ferguson', farmer, Surradalo, near Elgin, Scotland,  who-was.,a member of  thc recent agricultural commission to  Canada,   related  some of  his  experiences in the  Dominion.    Tn,.his concluding   remarks   Mr.   Ferguson   said  Canada was a great country, a country   of   untold 'possibilities" with   its  rich soil ancl supprh climate.   It was  thc  land  for the  worker  and  for the  min   of   ambition���above ' all,   it   was  tho   land   for   Scotchmen   who   found  their  field  too   lean   nnd   too  narrow.  Scotchmen seemed, to fit into the way3  of Canada at ones,  and thought it a  belter homo even  than  the one they  had  loft.    Canada   could   offer  everything that the heart'of many a hardworking   father   of   a   family  desired.  The strength of home ties "compelled  nwnv a one. to live miserably in  the  Old Country when by the same energy  and   application   he   could,   with   the  better opportunities in Canada, live in  comfort anil security.    With its great  wonlth of country nnd with its splendid organization,  Cnn.id.i   would soon  play  a   brilliant ipart  in   the  world's  history.  "I had always thought the pSiblic  .servants of my own city were the  freshest on eaith'," says a New York  man, "but a recent experience in  Kansas City has led to a levision of  that notion.  "One afternoon I dashed into a  railway station of that -town, with  just half a minute to 'buy my ticket  and enter a train for Chicago. I, dashed through the first gate and, pointing  to a certain train, asked hurriedly of  the gateman:  " 'Is   that  my  train?' "  " 'Weil. I don't know,' replied he,  with exasperating deliberation. 'Maybe it is, but the -cars have the company's name on them-' "���Harper's  oicis on  ? Chest  ���     C:   ' ' "���  your doctor the medical  imefor a cold on the'chest.  f.^'i1 say, "Bronchitis.'-'  |* him if it is ever serious.  ���   . -. --ever serious  if'y. ask him if, he pre-  f'bes Ayer's. Cherry Pec-  Ta| for this disease.   Keep  close  touch   with your  ���"y Physician.  i  Ancient  Mariners.  That  the Egyptians made sea   voy-  ngca long before the time of Solomon  hitherto   considered    the    first   ocean  traveler on a   large  scale,  is dc-hired  by   Professor   James   II.   Breasted   tn  be   conclusively   proved   by   a   tablet  found by him in Palermo, Sicily, dining -the   three   years'   exploring   trif,  from, which'.tie recently returned. Pro'  feasor .Breasted.'asserts   that'the   Inscriptions oil the tablet show that the  Egyptian    king   who    built    the    firsi  pyramids  made  a  voyage   with  forty'  ships   across    the .'Mediterranean    to  Lebanon 'to obtain   cedar  for a   tern  pie.    This  journey,   according  to "tlu.  professor,  was   made  In the. thirtieti  century  B.  C-,  or 2'000 years  befor*  Solomon  made  his Toyaee for a sim  liar purpose.  *���*"��� P��kll��k our foraanlml  yers  Wo baalih  aloohol  "���om our modlolnen  Wo urco" you to  eoaault your  doctor  '  Possible  Breakdown.  Pearl���Her fnther heard she was going to elope In an automobile, and he  was furious.,      ,;  Kuby���Indeed!  rca'rl���Yes; he said automobiles could  not be trusted. Advised her to elope  In a cab.���Houston Post.  i*cll in such c'aises  k'**"-������������������ ��^.roo.. Lwwii. *,,>--  "I can testify to the  great merits of your Emulsion, especially in all  diseases of a pulmonary  nature. It has saved many  lives that otherwise would  have yielded to consumption . . . we keep Scctt's  Emulsion in the house all  the time and all the family  use it."���MR. C. J.'BUD-  LONG, Box 158, Washington, R. I.  cott's  mulsion  does -riLL'it does by creating  flesh and strength so rapidly  that ' the    progress    of    the  disease is retarded and often  stopped.    It is a -wonderful  flesh builder and so easy to  digest that the youngest child  and mostj'; delicate r.dult can  take it.  If you are lesing flesh  from   consumption   cr   any,  ether   cause  take    Scott's  Emulsion.    It will step the  wasting and strengthen tlie  whole system.  Be sure to get SCOTT'S  AU, DRUGGISTS  A neat little gift is a small crochete.r',  slipper, with a chamois sole, in which  a silver thimble is placed. Crochet the  toe and sides with silkatecn. Two slip  pers can be, made, tied with ribbon*,  and one stuffed with au emery bag.  Each should be an inch long.  Id stitching a pocket on the outside  of a garment run the stitching haifian  inch   above   the   edge   of  the   pocket.  This prevents the body of the garment  from ten ring, as is so often  the case  when the pocket  Is-putrou in the old  way.   When stitching around a cuff or  wristband ou the machine alwajs turn  the sleeve wrong side out. then set the  pressor foot inside the wristband.  ' Baby bibs are  nice little things  for  gifts, and  they  may be ordinary ones  ort the. "feeding"   variety,   whichever  the   maker   desires.     "Feeding"   bibs  measure 10 to  Hi  inches,  nith a  tiny  curved  piece  cut   lrom   the  top  to   tit  around the neck,    on tlie edges of this  the tape is fastened.   Theae are usually of huckleback toweling or linen and  may   be  embroidered   with   old   fash  ioned  cross  stitch  done   with .darning  cotton or else  with  regular D.  M.  C  embroidery cotton.  Something decidedly new for busj  fingers is found in the art of paiurog-  rapby. which will bo a delightful pastime for girls or women who are not  original enough to paint their own  china. The artir les come stamped,  just as do doilies, and the operator  has'only to use licr own judgment in  color schemes which sue applied along  the delicate lines The oriental markings .-ire pretty a> d tho colors are last-  hur. r-iilliii^r for i"> Kiln to complete tbe  wn.-k  Is  Pc-ru-na Useful  for Catarrh?  Should a list of the ingredients of Pe-  rnna be submitted to any medical expert, of whatever school or nationality,  ,he would be obliged to admit without  reserve that each one of them was of undoubted value in chronic catarrhal diseases, and had stood the test of many  years' experience in the treatment of  such diseases.   THERE CAIT BE NO  DISPUTE   ABOUT   THIS   WHAT-  EYEB,, Peruna i3 composed of the most  efficacious and universally used herbal  remedies for catarrh. Every ingredient  of Peruna has a reputation of its own  in the cure cf some.phase of catarrh.  -Peruna brings to the home the COK-  BIIfED KNOWLEDGE 0E SEVERAL  SCHOOLS OF MEDICINE in the treatment of catarrhal diseases; brings to  the home the scientific skill and knowledge of the modern pharmacist; and last  but notleast, brings to the home the vast  and varied experience of Dr. Hartman,  in the use of catarrh remedies, and in the  treatment of catarrhal diseases.  The fact is, chronic catarrh is a disease which, is very prevalent Many  thousand people know . they havo  chronic catarrh. .They have visited  doctors over and over again, and-b'een  told that their case is one of-chronic  catarrh. It may be of thenose, throat,  lungs, stomach or some other internal  organ: There is no doubt as to the nature of the disease. , The only troublo  is tho remedy. This doctor has tried to  cure, them. That doctor has tried'to  prescribe for them.��  ,, BUTc THEY ALL TAILED TO  BEING ANY BELIEF.  Dr. Hartman's idea is that a catarrh  remedy can be made on a large scale,  as he is making it; tnat it can be made  honestly, of the purest drugs", and of  the strictest uniformity.' His idea is  that this remedy can be supplied directly to the people, and no more be charged  for it than is necessary for tho  handling, of it.-' * - ,  No other household remedy so universally advertised carries upon the  label the principal active constituents,'  shewing that Peruna invites the full  inspection of the critics.,  For a free illustrated booklet entitled "The Truth About Peruna," ad-'  dress The Peruna .Co., Columbus,  Ohib.    "Mailed postpaid.      >  BOERS PRAISE KING.  Transvaal Journal Compares Him  ���With V/ilhelm of Germany.  De Transvaaler, one of the loading  Dutch pap-r= in South .Africa, in an  article on "Th.> IJriti--h King," aft.-r  emphasizing th�� nationality of the  P.ocr race and language under the  protf-etion of ihe British fiag, then  proc-r-eds:  "Apart from thosu considerations!  the Dutch have soetrjil reason to respect the person of���Khig Kdward. His  Majesty's conduct ;>t the present moment stands out in magnificent contrast above lhat of fh�� German Emperor, whose rec-nt' utterances have  given us all a thorough insight into  his Germanic Majesty's heart'and inwardness.  "We have never known the King  tp utter anythine that was ungentlo-  manly or in the lea=it calculated to offend the feelings of the subir-cis of  other monarchy not to mention his  own. His Majesty has too much good  sense for that, and is too thorough a  gentlr-nian. Nor have we known him  to play the Jud.-s towards a people  struggling for th"ir independence and  the freedom of their fat'i^rlaml. He is  too gallant p. lord ior that. We have  not known him to plnoi anv of his  Ministers in thc painful position in  which Prince Von Buelow finds himself, nor to make his ni'tion a laughing-stock as the Kaispr has done.  "We deeply sympathise with the  Germar- -'i';".i, Their '-I'mpTor has  done, the. o'ari turn indeed. Comparisons ir? odious, and we have particular delight ip riirddng' this comparison between the King of England  and the Kaiser t>* odious ng we cin  very well make0it. The Kins fought  us, and put us urcW. II" did so in  the face of theVorl.l. The Kaiser pretended to be our' frend, and secr?tly  he planned our,; destruction a3 a Re*-  pubHcan nation.   '  "The  Boers  are' not slow, to notice'  this   contrast   between, the   two  mon-  archs,   and   they  silently   bless, God  that, they  have  ,M   l"p=t\no   Kaiser's  birthday   to   celebrate!"  After Effects  of  Grippe  Mu-t people hu<j,\ jiLin bitter eY-  pcn-M.cc ihe evila which follow in the  i tr���in of La Grippe. The whole svs-  twri i-i run down, appetite entirely  ff.il-r, lucre is a continual fephrig of  ��� langour and weakne-*, and life seems  varecly worth living In many cases '  the lungs arc attackf-'d, and the victim  giadually declines, until prematurely  cairied off by the dieaded "white  plague."  -Mrs Hope (nee Cattle), of' Morpeth, -Willie: '-My lungs were in a  teirible ,tate. J had had'La Grippe,  and ��� if had sri-ttled on my lungs. T  kept f-t.-iiih 3y getting worse, and got  '-o low that I w.ia -confined to bod, and ,  could not evil sit up. 1 consulted  several doctors but they said nothing  could be done for nf Then I'started  takmg-PSYCH INE'and ifhas certainly done wonders I am now as strong  as I was" before my sicknes-i, and can  truly say that PSYCHINE saved my  life."       '  Such testimony  as this  is convincing.    If you  are- suffering  in a sirni- "'  lar way, and  have  almost despaired  of ever recovering   the    health    you  once enjoyed, why not send for a sample bottle of  PSYCHINE  and  test it  for yourself?   There K no reason why  ��you   f-hould   not   be   restored.     PSY-  I CHINE has proved ihe sovereign remedy in JiuniJicclh of other ca��es. Why'  not in yours-' PSYCHINE is sold by  all druggists  and dealers  at 50c  and  SI.00   a  bottle.'     LIFE    IN EVERY '  DOSE.       ��� '    -  i    ' ?.  .Did   you  Sunday' school  Teacher:  ever forgive an enemy?  '" Tommy Tuff nut: Wiinst. <  Sunday School Teacher: And1 whate  noble sentiment prompted vou to do *>  it ?  Tommy Tuff nut:'He w'uz bigger dan  me.���Philadelphia Record. ,>  /   'Two Touching Appeals.  A'layer having offices in a Philadel-  phiaobuilding, wherein there-are some  hundreds, of tenants recently lost a  cuff-link, one of a pair that he greatly  prized.  Being absolutely certain that he had  dropped' the link somewhere in the  building he caused a notice to be  posted in the following teuns: ' .  "Losi. A' gold cuff-link. . The  owner, William Ward, will* deeply appreciate its,  immediate return." ���"     ���  That afternoon, orf passing the door  whereon this, noiice was,posted, what  were the feelings of the<lawver to observe that ' appended * thereto weie  these lines:, <i '     '  "The finder of tho missing cuff-link  would 'deem it a great favor if'the  owner would, kindly lose<�� the other  link."���Saturday .Evening Po*st.  ;'S0ME LOCAL NICKNAMES..  n l i ,  v  English Names'Have Old Associations  Connected"With Them. " ,  Amorjg the o,ld things that have died  out are the local nicknames given to  inhabitants of various cities or coun-'  ties. There is a well-known Lancashire saying connected-with a stagecoach driver, which is remark.-ble for  its nice grades of distinction between  four passfnqers. , The old driver was  asked- "Who h.->s ta gotten i' th'  cofch, Jem?" And' Jem . replied -  "Wha, there's a-gentleman froJ Liverpool, and a mon> fro' Manchester, ancl  a chap fro' Oldham, and a fellv ,fro'  Wigan."   . ' \    '  <���  "Yorkshire," ���again, is a,term'usedt  for' cunning or shrewdness. "He's n  deep 'un." ,says someone in one 'of  Chs-rles Reade'* nov��K--"bnt we are  Yorkshire, too." A Iving old proverb  says: "Shake, a bridle over a York-  slureman's grave,, and he will arise"  and steaPa-horse." ' , ,    -   ,  ��� 'A jocular nickname .for men of Norfolk is "Norfolk Dumplings," p��rhans  because the=e Ep.st-country folk still  maintain, the custom of serving  "dumplings" ���or pudding before meat,  which in old days was li gpnpral cus-,  torn, espechilly in peonomfed r households, for the pudding took the edge  off the sharp appetite?  The Lincolnshire , nickn!>-m�� is' th"  imcomplimentr-.-ry one of "Yellow .Bellies," in allusion to. the froes and eels  which abound in the fen country. A  neighboring counfv has long bnon called, '.'Bean-bellv   Leicestershire,"   and  A Standard   Medici'ne.��� 'Parmelee's  Vegetable Pills, compounded of entirely vegetable    substances    known    lo  have a revivifying and salutary 'effect  upon    the,  digestive  -'organs,"   have,  through years of use attained so emi-"  tient a positiion that they rank as a  standard medicine.   The ailing should  remember this*   Simple in their composition   they  can  be  assimilated   by  the ,weakest.'stomach and are certain  to have a healthful and agreeable effect 'on the sluggish' digestive" organs!  ' i Shoe 'Dealer���Here    are, a' pair 'of'  boots that will    suit you exactly    in  your  next dash  for   the  pole-    How  didiyou. like  the   last pair    I    sold'  you5  _       ,���> ,    ,  * Arctic Explorer Creminiscently)'��� '  The best I ever tasted.-r-Chicago -.  News.. ' b  "  .if-;  ''  -"iS  - 'A$\  ���mm  i :M  V'-trl  , Repeat it:���" Shiloh's Cure will always cure my coughs and colds."  .Ventilation,  writes a correspondent,,  is beginning to be understood, and its '  hygienic value-appreciated.    But the  beneficient effects of-. sunlight; meet0  with   less "appreciation..    Ir   people-  would consider 'for, a moment the ef '*  iect'upon vegetable life cut' off- from ���'  the sun's rays they could hardly fail  to draw an inference ' that would .usefully beat upon their  own 'existence.  . The publisher of the cbe-,1 Farmer's  paper in the "Maritime Provinces in  wilting to us states:  ' "I would say that I do not know of  a medicine that has stood the test of  tune like MINARD'S LINIMENT. It  has been an unfailing remedy in our  household ever since I can remember,  and has outlived dozens of would-be  competitors and imitators."  Casey,     "some,  I wan told  me husband,  Pat,     that he  c'd have  his pants pressed  be Icttin'  th' steam.  "She rambles in her talk-"  "Quite so. Now why can't she say  what she has to say without going afl  around    Robin    Hood's,   garage?" ���  Louisville Courier-Journal.  Minard's   Liniment  cures   Garget   it  Cows.  The Doctor���I've ruined my practice.  The   Fiiend���Goodness !    How?  The Doctoi���I ordered my patients  to spend a few weeks in tho south,  and they've all come back cured."���  Cleveland  Leader.  Importations  Increase.  In forty years importations have increased   by   no  lfss   an  amount   than  $300,000.000; dutiable   poods increased  fiom   $45,250,395   to   $230,917,914.   and  free   goods   from   $23,314,102   to   $133,-  319,950.    Once   more   the   increase   is  most   gratifying.   a<=   in   two   vcars   it  has been $54 000.000 in duti.-ib'lc goods  ancl  $23,000,000  in   free  goods,     liven  when  we come tj show exports  from  Montreal   alono   we   find   an   increase  last year compared with the year 1907  Not very  much,  it   is  true,' but  still  large   enough   to ' be -noticeable.    The  record  to March 31.  1903,'was'the second largest for the year in 22 years.  Turning  to   manufactures,  although  the .precise ^figures   are  not just   now  available",   it    is   agreeable   to   know  from reliable sources that the increase  during the. past year nr.-st have been  considerable.  Corns are caused by the pressure  of tight boots, but no one need be  troubled with them long when so  simple a remedy as HOlloway's Corn  Cure is available.  Fumigating   Library   Books.  The library subscriber sniffed r-uspf  clously at the ropy of "The Tbret  Musketeers" which she was about tn  take home. "Carbolic acid." she said  "Have you been ' i'uungating thr-  books?"  "No, we haven't." said the librarian  "but some subscriber has. Many of  our patrons lilce to do their own fumi  gating. Usually they u^e carbolic acid  At times when a good deal of sici\tH"i>.  ,is reported the fumigatiiijr craze is especially severe and one-third of the  books brought into tlie library smell to  heaven with carbolic acid."  Minard's  Liniment  Cures   Diphtheria.  Father (angnly)���If my son marries  that actress I shall cut him off absolutely, and' you' can  tell him so.    ,              Legal   i-Adv-iscr���I    know*   a    better,  there is an old saying: "Shake a Lei- [plan than that-rfell the girl.���Boston  cestershire yeoman by the collar, and J Transcript.  you^shidl hear the beans rattle." /   I    "Oh,"  sobbed   "Mi^  Latest fn Tower Clocks.  Thc new tower of the  Birmingham  University'is to  be fitted with one--of  the largest clocks in this country.    It  will  have  four dials, each 17-1-2 feet  in   diameter,   made, of   cast   skeleton  iron filled in with white pot opal for  illumination at night.   The hands are  made  of   strong   rolled   shoot   copper,  and each pair weigh about 150 pounds.  The   extreme   length   of   the   minute-  hand   is   10   feet   4   inches,   and ,the  hour-hand at the widest part is..2 feet  The   clock  itself   is over  9 feet  long,  the   frame   being   one   solid   casting,  weighing  alone  about half a ton.    It  will strike the hours and Westminster  chime  quarters  on   five   bells,   weighing   about   ten   tons,   the   largest,   or  hour-bell,   weighing   five   tons.     The  clock  will  only require  winding  once  a   week,   thc   total   weight   when   installed,    including    tlie    dials,    bills,  weights, etc., being quite twenty tons  The   makers,   Messrs    Joyce   &   Co ,  Whitchurch.     Shropshire,     England,  have  erected   hundreds   of  important  clocks in all parts of the world.  Y'\.  . ...   .  ' 'if9i  ? 'i'vij  ....   J U-.-^ij  {,1    '   i   .'Ijjil  '*������( i* ''"hi  Vi.J- i        '   I     ' '-WE  , i\ m<Wi  i  '  1' :V I'M  *fi> > ', -*-M  fY-^'f  v 4��kf i  -11"    i   i ���}-,,--''ilB  .:*": mm  ���tt  PY  overtaken  by such  a Ticav.v'uownrV.ll of Intellectual Ice." ^  Let na florid ybu a cory of Mr. Dudlonc'*  letter���hlocaco Ic really wonderful���and  como Intcrt'Btlnr literature recant In-cur  pn'r-.r-tlcn., Ji'i.-t aend ua a card men-  tlonln-; thi" pripcr.  SCOTT & BOWNE  12C Welliinitun St., W. Toronto  The  Order of Fool si;  April 1 is not the only fools' day Id  the year. On' November 12. 13S1, the  Order of Pools was instituted by Adol-  phus. count of. Cleyes.  Members were not by nny means  Idiots, however, for tlie word had ii  -I11  ' Judges as Humorists.  Judge Bacon, who recently completed his thirtieth year upon the  English County Court Bench, has a  wit which is proverbial, while his  scathng criticism of women suitors  has created considerable amusement  at-times. His remark. "No woman's  hat should cost more than $2 created  a "silly season" correspondence some  time ago. He is an accomplished,  linguist", having an acquaintance with  nearly     every     Continental :"��� tongue.  "That Reminds Me."  Many and varied are the methods  to which busy men have recourse in  order to keep their memory "peeled."  A very successful plan is that of a  shrewd London man, who has recourse to tiie use of pepper or snuff  to jog his memoiy A liberal dose  spread over his handkeichief greets-  his olfactory nerves whenever he extracts it from ln< pocket, ancl, as he  himself says, then "that reminds  me." Tt is a somewhat uncomfortable  plan, but. it must be admitted, it is  decidedly effective Thr��re is one old  Government cleik in Whitehall who  is an amusement to all the juniors  When he ha-, any matter of urgent  importance to attend to in the morning h<> invariablv tics two of his fingers togethei with a sm.ill piece of  red tape.  similarly-benevolent-work., Their insignia consisted of a mantle, upon tlie  left shoulder of which was embroidered  n jester, or fool, in cap and bells, yellow hose aud silver vest. So these  cheery, useful jokers had a bright,  happy outlook upon life and met together to dispense the earucst of their  healthful existence at stated intervals,  the chief day of which was Nov. 12,-r-  Lu-odou Chronicle. '  1  different   meaning   then.     They   were |    the prototype of our modern Order of i This "knowledge  lie  keeps  to himself  Foresters   or   Odd   Fellows,   doing   a j being   prepared   to   pontine   upon    a  foreign litigant, when there i.s a deviation from veracity. Judge Ren-  loul, too, has a very pretty wit when  he cares to use it. Speaking a good  many years ago at a-Anti-Home Rule  i meeting in Northampton, he said that  the one part of Ireland which was  happy, contented anjjl undisturbed  was Connemara. "In ' Connemar.a,"  he added, "the peasants don't speak  English, and tho pathriot3 can't  rpeak Oirish."  Bluestockings.  Boswell in his "Life of Dv. Johnson," states that, in his day there were  certain meetings-held''by-ladies to af-  Eord them opportunity of holding converse with eminent literary men. The  most distinguished ��� talker . of these  featherings was n. "*>tr. Sfillingfl-iot. who  .".lways wore blue stockings. When  -.way his .'.".bsi.'iice was so felt' that  the remark became common, "Wo can  I io. nothing 'without- the blue stockings": hence the meetings at which he  figured began to bi called "bluestocking clubs" and those who frequented  them   bluestockings.  A Monster Loaf\  Bakers in Gerni-uiy are fond of mat-  log odd experiments, the following being reported from Duishurg, in Westphalia. At a children's party recently  bold in that town there, was exhibited  and afterward cut up and distributed  among the-youngsters present a bread  twist which for'size at least has surely  rarely been equaled. Weighini; no-  less than ISO pounds,' il had a breadth  of 1.70 meters nnd a length of 3.20  meters and was thus found 'sufficient  to supply a satisfactory afternoon collation to as mauy as "500 boys aod  tlrls.���Bakena' WeeWy.  3 .  ' fl  -.Ml  -r','"L*i  A>\  \'l  will rediu-o  in!!am-r!,  swollen Joints,  Bruises, Soil Bunches.   Cure Boils, Fistula or tr.y -Jtllcallhy    lord   quickly:  plonsmit tous.ji   dots  not   bli-.U-r  Taii.ll.r bandage or remuvo the l.nlr,  andfyou cna work the horso. J2 j.er  boitlo     nt     dealers   or  delivered*  t    Horie Dook 7 D free.  \       AboOiJBINC, Jii , for mauklarl,  ,1.1.0 per. Iiotllr..   Koduci-i Vnrlcons.  Veins,      Varlcucflo.       Uy-'lroc(,le.  Onltrs,    Wens,   Strftlnn,     Eruhpi,  - etopj Pain   and   lnflammatiou  W. F. YOilND. P.D.F., 137 Mnnmo'jlh Et.. Sorirmlieli), Mass.  LYJIrlN. S'SS  J. C!)., M��ar...|.l, C��n��.ll��n .Ij-r-uL,.        ,  ; Alto futnhhtd by Martin Bolt. A Wurrna Co., Winnipeg*  Th* NathnsJ Drug A Ch.mloal Co., WlnnllMQ and Ctjgu/g.  and H��nd*r:;n Bro*. Co. Ltd.. Vtsnaauiiv  KEEP YOUJR IGNITION RIGA?  '5% of all Gasoline Kn-rine trouble*  rCI^I I come lrom -mor   IkCi.itio.i.  "* " '"Ix    "VIM   MAGNETO"     ili"-j  away Willi battenr-i an-l can  !-e iw-il on nny hngme.     It  riWlTOJt-^^yy   r.hva.'Sr.lvesa'ir.KHl   I.Utip.llk  l-'illv Ciuarantrred -- Agents  Wanltj.  R. Williarar.   Michlnery Co. Limited, Toronlp  W.    N.   U.    No.    727.  "W  .'.-V'-'-i**" ��� - '.- }' '  ."#'���  ��� V'-v . - -  -*���      .1  ���iU^^-..'^  'ik'K LF.a*-. D3-LK. rMOYLl-llililTiS ii Cuis~YYjlhi^\.  m I0IIE LEADER.  jf-.   tt<a  , v-* '  i''' V  f   "&^tyfc^i:L;Stae  Repairing  ?     \,TlMI.�����ri1��n��nK.,l��all,., ^   ,   **��*? ^SA.JZT?' Ml 111710*       SllOCS  ��     ^     ���  '���'     'J*"."-''   - ���^     ��r"  "���"'^.I'i   "-Va"   '���   ���"'- -J  ,*v-r''"i|��'j;*-u-:;-arf  r ���'.^,'.'T^v;-'*.  rye, ?''��/'/*''��� a.*. '-  " i- r-     I -�� **-*0r  I    ,V rT,. ty  i*1 **   3 <*"-'/ " -,.'?��� .'  ,   :=i-r-'.,'- ."if:.."* /?-1������>-A  ��� ".���j. ,,.,,. n.f<',l7y-~;--il ��������i     ��������    ��*'*>    marK   or   conn- V"-~"2S��'fe'!.5'F        -        -       -------- I   f~^^^^m oi    Buffalo,    N.  Y.       L^er>: S^&SR1  F. J   SMYTH. Pi i-..|n:��.       j '5 B^rAl^JttCfl r'iers .,here arc nom"-n nl,�� &&fith&-  ���   i $mmW TO ����-"t��^����*.fo   ��hc  wonder- J^Pg&  -. _.-. -_        . _^ ,   gj z~^iifsyj^Ati u;' "-j working, cunnif-povier cf J.).-.       ^^^^%rv3tSfe  '   fll   ^'Ja'SjJj^   M'j  ';5 Pierce's Favorite: i'.'cscriplion    i��b-)|P^te?~  <=5^:'t'yv>,s     I-I   ���' I ~*iv'1"c'1 saves the sujfering ?�����* &&!:0 'st��$$T%.  -_. ������-''���'"��� >       h   ; 1 yrow;   />��ih,    nnd    successfully ��?������?  w'-Xi  grapples with woinaa's wcaK- ^r^  l;i;,:^ navies and stubborn   Hts. r  i ,Vi  i ,.   ,,  I Wu-ie-T-in-itJ.-i} f M'i.i:ij,i in   ,Uituf��i't  ,     ' hlUl     OU     Victor].,    ,llt'il      '.-Ljlilirilllli.  i  I  I t��dd Fellu��-~o��ud....;i uivitid.  ClJAS. J. \VULTi: P. J- S'HTH.  xVobie brand. ^eer'y.  <"i   \-"N~Ma-rTLfl.q"- *>  I iu   uj-   M)iir.,;ifiio.\  One   yectr .. .. ..  ft ffe^-^?vS��i7,  S ^j3i2SIs/reiS3.83  PI- .      ^���->'.-^,r-^--ar"  r��Z.1  SA'JfUIlI>AY, VKH. 13,1909.     J  " $2y����\.|��5��?|:5,  Nobod5r will throw a' stone  at a  tiec that bears r.o���fruit  .    r>     ���  . L iok out fiir veluntinef. tciaor-  IT MAKES WEAK WQHEN STRONG  IT   HAKES   SICK  WOMEN  WELL.  "iji 'i ^�� ,,ro'''f,��1",,> oppeal was e^er misdirected or her con-  I >ij|      fidence   misplaced   when   sbe   wrote   for   ndvice,   to  I/?      the Would's   DiSPfMSAitv   Mpdical Association, Dr.  R. V. Pierce, Prciident, Buffalo, N. Y.  Dr. Plcra-'s Plcrsanl Pellet*, franco, msfd natural bowel movemar.t once a day.  ^t. I ni.i-i.r- I.o��l(,'-e Xn. ,17.  !'",.' i -V\Vv   , K." Of P��  1 ,ViV . ;y-      -Midi- iv,iv Tliiit.*"a\  'J*V^���">'^-"3,T,   cif-nirg    m    iMcGioi.01  V's*^^^-"' iisll h'I S  < 'ckTlfi   Vii~  ���* Ngj^      iiina l��r��_.!h<is invited.  B. E.   Tav-lob,  " lZ.m JlU-K,  Chancellor Com.' K, It, an" S,  Mining  Shoes  Made to Order  THE ^^LiN^LUiiiM BAKf^l  UKiU  OJ'J-'ICE. TOnONTO  "--ST.U1I js,��� ,; ,  B. E. WAiKER, President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manaser  8(1 j  fr   .V    \\   rkrVSrl  Paid-up Capital, $10,0000  Reserve Fund..-   A  MSTAL   MARKET  ,    jXliwYoitK���Btiv silver, olf ct.��.  ,       j Lead $J.7o.   i      Copper, 13*1'"ct-0. ,  hoarding and Day School ��� conduct-  What about, that  fire  bell   foi       Lcvpox-l-Lead.'i'13, 05         * ed by tiie Sixers of St: Joseph, Nelson |  -tf.iyir's fire hal'?  '���        '   ,                 j             '                                      " 'j p.. "c."   ��� Commer'ci>l ," and ��������� business]    !        StOCk   Quotations."        'ct)"f�� a ^PeciaUy.   Excellence   and   ift  Moyie   Miners'   Union  ,    ,    No. 71 w. F. of M.  t-     Joseph's     Convent, j ^<*ets in McGregor hull eveiy   Salur-  i ' j<hiy  eveninir.    '.tiojourniug   membcrrs  ,   are cordiallvriuvited to at'.i'iid.  I j ^faleolm McNeill     Thos. E.  Kelly  Presidont. ��       Secretary  NIXSON, B. C.  ^ir��...v.H'.,^-r;5>  JR. X' SMITH  .SIIOK.MAKUR,  At'the Seattle f��.ir this summer  -  ' it is said'.that''!JJ.   C."   will ,'look  ' :j��st like "Wash."  ,    I'uhmshkd IIv Bi:  j           '  UAr.A: EI.\*,'.  ILL.  Bid  ��� Asked  ' lurorn.        r  '  ?'"��  Crjnsollilated Smelters'  WOO  0,r>.C'0  Cnu, OnlilflcUlH  ,-'  ���<*".*���  OJ  Craulirni.k Kiro Brick   .  .  1.10  S'ortli iipt     n  , 9  12  -Soeiet} utrl  1                         (  fii  Snlivau'  "     "��J  1   I-       '  swift progress charactenize1 each de  I'Hrtment. .Parents should' write for  ptirticulars. One month assures the  public the   thoroughness   of   the  Sisters' melhorla ,of tpachinB. Terms  commence January, 'April and Sept  Pupils 'are-adinUtcd'c'durinE Icru*.  '        r'l    ' '      - .      I. '  , ,'   Peddlers .flock  to'Movie every  1  payday.    They   a re* no,, good   to  'r'l (t  o   the towu aud alioulri not  he pat-1 -^    .'"'     ^_,  ionized.    >'       '*��� -     ,,--',''  *~^**��"jmk gTicw  FRESH rAN'Dr- CUHED  fiarvey,    McCarter  &  Macdonald.  ci i  1 '     ' r  t ' r    f .(' L  Biirristerel Solicitors, No-tHrks, Etc.  1 �� f> t  Cranbrook.   -   - , B. C.  moyu-:.  STOP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  .    A GENEFMl MNKJNG BUSINESS "J RANSACTED AT ALL BRAKCHp  DRAFTS AND MONEY ORDERS soid. and monev , ' I  \    .      ' ,-r-^'=-u ,- sHs    * ^m money transferred lH  telegraph or letter.    ,;, , \[  COLLECTIONS made ih nil parts of Canada and in w "  FOREIGH BUSINESS,   chp,*. and drar,s on !he Un,M 1  , - J>  Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and  CRANBROOK.BRANCH.,-:  Jugnt and sold,   $  ft-T. BHyfyiNEBjfij  W. F. GrTJPvD,,,  ^*2I-C>T8ESXj:.  ",   '   "'      AY HEN JN !   l  f ^  -PRAN3ROOK  -   QsnDraL Agent  Scientists s-ay.'t/he white 'ant  ���jays 80,000 egfrs a mouth.,'Would  ;it,'Wo desire'to   abk," .would it .be',  possible  to cross  the  white  ant ' p .    r.^.    ','  ���with the riymoiith Hoek-heu? nfcCI - L-O LO Lt?  Slt'^^'il;*!      '  'v. ���'&4Vh'5.r;*'(-u*Vi ;'ir  , r '     In  the   Seate3-  the 'courts  a"re  trying to find out who" cyvns  the  '&   .Staudaid ��� Oil   Co. 'We  do not.  'Our mouey was  uot accumulated  'bj--      light t- uieans.���GVeenwood  'Ledge. ��� .     '��� ���      .  �� u <   \  . �� * ^ .  Cranbrook'   Herald:���A     negro  holds,'tho  world's' bosifig  championship aud. ra  Canadian  Indian "  -   *the long distance frunning'  cham  pionship'.*   Where," oh , where," i^  ;lo  ,   Choice list of lots hY  , all part3 ot town,"  Insurance-  JI.VILRISTBU, SOLICVTOH, KXC.       '    v   ���   -'��� ,'i ,  '..       '       '   '  o,      ,   -. . i , l li.. II. ,'SAIAl.I.a Slaiiuecr.  < . r.   . *       - 'f , i , , -   ,   , i ,.  "V:"C: H.DJJNBAB.  Barrister, Solicitor; "Notarv Public. Etc  ^Cr'anbroojli, B. C..  ���*   ,% f ' s , *     ,  l'M'*"""'^���MW*W�����"��*W-^-"���Pi*1iio-j�� rntmmm���mm^tewm.  DR; F.B.'rMILES,    ���" V  Cranbrook, ,   r      B, C.   "'   'Good'roome, fiood .tiiblee ami  b��r, ,  7"*    ���   imJ ^I'rst'r.lafis snmjile r^o-ll8.',   y  Georg-e'H Thompson,  ',/'���    -, * BAnrirsTKP.vt-'oLicnoii  Wiii. Jewell  .Express and Gerier-, /-j,  al ��� Delivery   Eusi-  ;  ness'. ', Livery ,'andf  /JFeeh-Stable.! ���'   , ��. ��� '" :  WO.O|);?':AND ;C0AL  :r  li"   ^  l.a.v PrcLic, &c'.  in- Canadian'," 'JNorwicli  and   Sqvc  i  'panics,/' ���  and   Sovereign-   com  Simdav,   ��� However,  the  Creston  ���Kaview is of the  ojiiuion  thai-   a|  ������dry" toivu   uai^tes 'druutards of [  rtien.    Ic says 'that on Sundays it'  is an easy matter to  disceau  the  ones    who  'have ' bottles'cashed  away.  War* Script  List your South 'Afrir  caii'Wur Script \\ti}\  me.  T. T. MeVltlio.C.E,'      PL��. II. Y. Psrker, fcl  Mc,VITTIE'& PARKER  Provincial Lan-d11 Scrvevixg .,  ' ' ' ,!'.-'  KAIL WAY'S*   MIXING ' BNC.IXEEKIXG  ,    .   A , '        ,-.--. '  *  Estimates-Furnished.. . ,,v  ;   ' ���. 'offices ,"     ,Y :>.  j       �� * a    ���<  Fort Steele P. 6. Box 25. ~  .Cranbrook P. O. Box 11.  f,    i CRANBRQOK,   - u British Columiiia5  Moyie,  W-. E:. BEAUTY-U���':    ���  -'i.-.Einhahnir'and Undcrlaker,"-.; "',  '       - 1   '     '',        '     r '    "'     '-       1 ^       ,  ,'���-"��-* ' -.'"���.'''  Phohe'9.S  ;tW"#.r^'afS5f!:li'<'''f  -L.-$*#,.K<.V,,fU -i  K*�� .>!�� rttV "j f V'  III* -L"^ ' 1 \  .T,n.-J .,;>  r-f-ii-l' i?**-'?   ' ���  A  1   <J 1  ��->3'i  ^'''^^  EbB>  -,w �� V-,''  fflHyMr"!.  . '*,L '' "t I  *j.   . _,...  tr   . '������ 'i l*i  ffifc      "l-      T-(  3  Kislo Ins  a   -hotel    which   it-  headquarters   for   the   board   of  trade, the fruit' 'grower-    associa-  tio-i, the  rod  and 'reel 'club, the  entomological    society   -and   the  ��     farmers'  in-sti-iute.    'Nothing   i-  said   about   it 'being 'the   head-!..  quarters for horsetrader?, or that  guests    wju'.U    ba    afforded   the  opportunity of taking the  Keelcy  ���cure.        ' !  .       *�� | P   O. Box 4  An a-rtif.c is genr-.g the rounds of!  the press about a new game   tbat !  .      has    cropped -up.    [t    is    cvuQil ' =��- ;  "Tiekl�� the Publisher- and id a%'!  follow-: ��� lake a sheet of ordinary  writing pipe", fjld it nicely, enclose a bunk note buffi Gently  h*rge enough to p-iy all arrenrs  nnd oie yr.-c- in advance and gi\-e  it to the editor, ke-p an eye on  him anil if a snide adorns his fuce  ���ihrj trick woik-li ip. Now i-s the  time to pliy th" j.iko, ifc beat-  "Uridfce" "���-"-���njh*' and "Pa' n]j  hollow.  fl  ���THE��� '  .yiii un  ' * CRa**NBRO0K,  G.   A.   JAMIESftN  Gradiiate Ribbalmer,"  u '    Undertaker, and  Funeral Director.     ' ,  DA'S OS. N-rttHT .CALLS  AT .-  .okficj:  i'honi:   no   a;c  ;    CRANBROOK,  B.   C.    '  7 >  For'Sale,"  Lcuve.OidrrB (it  G'vvnin;'s Store0\''  "    ,     A,,, >.  .  .     Biitiali Co.umbia  SEND i'OUit   WORK'T  O TIIE  mm  I f. r,   -        .-/���--    ���      �� --/     I- I-       .--..IJl-.^* 1J .      .  -;. :ON-SATITRpAYA'VFEBRIJAP,y 13tli.\  .     ,,       -S\ inr !���.,'  ','d'   ,"���<-'    "ir'-.l;' '-'*'"��� ' ''  ^ ;��. ^'Tli'i3\i^,,h,ot;;al;g^^       thflnc-\s*��.r luck  .'r---: ./Jliero,\nil,'-L^:iK>,di5nplpointiMoij( tvn- --''' r'1  _;^ -;-   .'". -nifctcd }v,Uh llfi<r.iehlc.*', -It Vill'.        v..  *'<(���''"/".'" ���;'\' r^ny^"u^Voi*r��,lJmor!  lo '   <   '     "-'  ^    -    "��� ', -'.'r^ -- r. brook: l^r fceWis.  '���BURNS "Bft0l;"''t^Po��ute'1^  i - v    v- . r-       ',,   --0- --      r��    * t '  A-  -,''-.,        -'   '���-i     ,"    - ! ,* ,'.J3bv ,j ���> ' xl> ���'  V  I      , >v"i.  \  DESACLXIEK     BROS,   I'ops. |  Lur-^e. sample   iOom   in   connection   i^i  Jv/itl   lnuc {ri ci i. n.uciid n:cn. tBe  lef .fjcommod.iiions.  H^idquarters   for,   Commercial and Alining "Men.  Ql'EENP   AVKX.'E,  -SL*"  ' ^   Agcnl /or full    lino of   roonlimcnls  f ��a '    "���"ll ''ffi^lir"'   mcuiorlul-i,,  Mr-vri;, n. o  MOYIE, B. C.  Phohc 14  Thos. Summers  C.^ars,   Tobacco,   Fruit  and  Con feci iouery.  Are YouThinking ,J     V^--.^,.^^..^  of Buyinrj a Typewriter? * f   ^.^Su^^^  GrENTLBaiBN-  Laave wotk^vith' the    local agent  A,-Br ��tewaet; ' '  0. F. DESAULN1EII  i i ^ '  * hEAtEH" IN  lEEBITAKT-r l6t3bL'TO."20llt  0  H'*    50      I'UY    AN  ',   ' i  ^. )j  .  ',     ,   ,, v.   ii^x-  r- ,' '.^y *       ������ .V     .  "        ','       ^      '       , . .1 -.-J  ' *  t vi'--'  ;. -o rKOOXENAY' .^..-- -fl-wt^^^:^ YYm^y ^^m^^ -  .': ..STEAM".' -,:���/.' ,.,v "������������*-���'--^-' ���'������-���' "������ '���'*' '-'"���'���&' ^'  ' "LAUNDBY. ���:.'."  '   '    *v.   "nelson "  ' .,  i. All White Labor. '  ?  n "' -   �� -      ��� i -        �� " ��' ���  Cranbrook   Co-Operaffve  ^fREE ���EXCURSIONS'ON- ALL RAILROADS  AVe.will pa->- R..'K. F.aro botlV%\rny.s-if tbo .-un of yob  pusc^pse ih'dollars equals ihe 'number1 of mik^ yuu cj  ��5uy v h coiiDon ' return 'ticket, -(Srosent tho rut'irn roupa  cit tbe casliicr's desk when you *inake 3'0'ur puichascs ��*���  your'fare will be returned', to yoii. '"  Absolutely Cash,'And Your Money Back-If Vou Art  \   m- ' \       -; '^v        yat Satisfied.        l  '  Don't'delay _'your- visit to this  sale  GKEATEST  BARGAINS  EVKR'OFFEEEP,  PROMPT DELIVERY.  QueeDs' A^T-e.      MOYIE  ��� >* C. Steam Laundry  CRANBROOK.     '     '  Si   -     - ! -f v  ' *      I  A I"n��Uiy letter Inn   been   -,ent  to the   L-s-idm- nth -e   f n-   piibliru  tion.    Tim   jitter   donU   with   tli,.  TOYS.XOiUOXS.F.TC.  South   Victoria   St.  s'V        [^'^^p^-^s  Give our work atrial  nnd   leavpfg  'Kwoik  with * 12  A. B. Stewart,     Agent,  |��wes<M��'83*'����w����3^��������������e'M^��w��������o��^w'��^^  ~~0YIE    HOTEL11  P. J?*. JOIIA'STOJV  T��. ur.r'.'.*-  1 .    !--  '* '  "OLIVER"  S12.J.    EASY   I'Ay.MK.NTS.  ���7  J. Smyth,  Agent       -       .        Moyie  'IV 'V^U    r  4' '' .     '; :   1  ! \~>v.';*���  '! :,Mr,> ."'.  > .���  driven   nut   of   bu.iiu'H,   throu��!,J    ^-  g^^^^^S^^^  ���lh-k of support from the wnrkirip j      -^^��^|r.T--.ADc: MftnKS  m-V   T'.e author of tlie lott.r  i, !-     '   ,"^��^4    CoHrSa^  fvirlent'y  a   shareh-'ihler   in   -t.i.n"    !"--lnlt',? -vjeriui,, o��r oi-i���i������ ,-ri;c w|,clher 'J, j  . Cp.axhrook; i,\sd ������iti^i'.;:ov -,-j^ti'rrr  1   -i     ' >"'��'>"nn   s pr.-ib.iblyf.-ttoiu.iililr-.   f.Vmimunlr.i- 'npoftirn I'liv'Tm.io.r,.,,.   ,       '   ".--iii-ii.l  lionsctnotlywiiIM.?,.!.1,.,:. 3liin.Il,.->nkon PntOBta - i Hi'.K\  II! V I.MOX ICABT K^Ol K.VA V  ���  eonl. fid), (ll.li-.nt ji;ti--jic; ;-,r. fcciirtnirral'Tl-. ' ���  ;  Hntcrii.s t.-ikun  i.!i,-..-uiili  ?,IiiKii & Co. rccai*  l/ieciiiliwf.k-e. vill.r.Jt.c',.,;n.'t, lu tUo  /&.!-  .  ..J*   ia   3        *r-tr *  TAKE   notice that Henry j. Cobp.-r of Moyir-  *tetetiiip   1(3&M*i*>+** I f' C" ���jr-ru'.'',lUon' ''^''k-.mitli, IrnenrlH to .ir.j.l.v  AlianrJs'vnolylUnali-.-iliM wooi-lv.    I.hi-koiI e,T-     I>'"rit',-v) lH1Ki'";-     -  riilal.ii.tri- <7l nny snlci.min jourr.ril.    '1'prt-i'ii, >-.:<,;  "���Sr-.o-e  referred   to.    Tho  letter   is  lv-i<".  pub'i-jlip.d   nn   ricf-O'inr-,  of   its  hinpi*, ami h-r ui^it is in ,'1r> nn- i  .tiireof ah A-Ivfirtisemfiif.   All b�����: i    ^.V'"^^^^-'^'''^^^ r?vS��5   |. '''"7;"���"t7w i"'"'"' on -tbo  nnr'ti,  ���Ws/flrm-.in.Moyia look ,lfilM   t��� ;: RHUNN & CO *-���*"-*����� WewY^   ! ^^^".^t^^^/t^u,^  th, L-'^^-j aHcJ ,t i-not tho   pilPVj       **"* ^' " " * '"^ " C       I ^/f' I? B^1!'-^-no��.���o,th-��, cnrnV ,.^m  pose:of chid paper, to ba iHedas   a i ��� .--  vehicle to boj^fc or ask  thu  sup. i  ..,.-.,��- of one firta over auotiicr.  We guaratee   all  Our Worli.  Cleaning,       repairing and  pressing dune.  ���  Prices Rig-lit.  C. A. FO'OTE  Merchant Tudor  moyie, ���-,;���--a, c  When you think of  Building-i think   of  MOYIE, B. 0.  INTERNATIONAL,  HOTEL  $ This HoteHs New and weU Furnished Tie  ��        5ral:)^es.are Supplied witK the -Best t}H  I        Market affords. The Bar is' billed with  ,���-<8        the-Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  IS  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL  WiM'IB  URITISM CO'-1  Mill.*  AND MINING MEN'  '�� 'g    M">,K ------ _ liniTISIMIN     _,  rr;, .   ,    "  . '���^c��-^'s*i2*^��'^'^��o��s������e��o��e����������^����^������^ff'W^  J.1U3 hotel iv  ncv   umlor   nr;w ' " ������' '  naanngcment, and isfl^t tI,ts.u   l^^f^  in every respect. '  B; E.   TAYJLGR, ,]^gr.  Victoria Street,   ��� MOYlli:;��-  !lAi  ���   BUY YOUR  ���'^^.^O,  Jijiiriing IC  ^ i..,,;.,   ���,:���i.���y. VftUiil  Chambt,,rtl�� a oiari.)IO(,a Kr,rl,.,,-y;  -I'trvcr fails.  Jliiy it now.    Jt limy savv liie.  "Hll oO. r-l.amt.,  more ,,>r ],..������. to  Moyie  itiver, , _���  ther,r:c Ko.itliiv.irrl on ,Vck(. imuk of rlvcrto C I', i The  MOVIS     00*1*1 frq r>fnv,n  I r. riKW of w���y, .hc��� W0Ht ,,0,nK,ai.y 0, ������������; ��� ��� ���  " "-"^^ifc/ '���'(JiJ tr ac tors  nsbl of way to point   of i-omnierir:eincut,  eon-  .jiining 1C0 juirr;,-, more or lena.  m-Niiy j. coioritTt  Jan. 20tli.T.O',',  hud,- 1 ^olb ^oociisj  r' .j-^^ta-it.'^nci-  ���      -,-,.,.. F.KO.M  and builders.  A.B. Stewart  ���& Go  CALL   A.ND   CIJ3T    KSTJ.MATES  Ai   !,,. ,J,��: i.r the/prraent brewer" 'is   .'iJuiiHrdly '^|  __|;  IJ.'Hi,   Li,.,..-, ,',,- EHst'XoclteDflV. Willi���tlicIJc'*!'J,ftl^�� |  ?j;'.o .Pii.-e'wi. Spring AVuter it is iiriexeV-llr'i I'-"' 'V,A],t-'    j  ii Inaidt on having Moyie:fleerj {  Bottled and Draft Beer.        j  ra  W  CBAf. INDERWIES, Mgr,  ������"���'.'"��� :���       l--;..     " W0VIB,B'C,  rf��'M  '   i       jrf��'M ' ,      -       '���'--':--"''-,-'-''''-'--'-'-.-'.W''.;;^...v-....:���...:-;. ;.:..-.-;;  Li^i��j|trJ-lfe^yagS^  RSMHIBMMBnMHiWHDMB'HIHMii'HBi^^


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