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The Moyie Leader Feb 2, 1901

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 SSJIi ',
mmiV'AA'-:■■.' <...; '.Ci-r-l,' A--AA ■■-''?-. , ,^ .-TT-
«&*.*-,_■:. .——■. . '..'.'" ':  .". ;"■; .<;' .,'   '"'  -  ' A:^.
(I    J
,1 y<
/   - '* ! ,»'       I
• *-- tt -C A.- <[>£,..- i m i. is**
—'■—: -—'-A : ■    •     \"^~\   .     *r*.    '—-J :-r-'. <—i . i	
i  l> ■Cr'r-ift.'
CHO0L •*
 ' ""** '-   £** *A "
SPompany Secures New
PHK ^bHq 90t*?e'k here^ f-venthat for the next 10 days the f I  '"~' ^™°*;      ""
fc^WP^ JfW? t° P-ake the following 'reductip^ fel a
-raHR-cash: , ■ ' ' ■•„ ■■-.' ~-   c-Jk •
bia eilver^iead ores by refusing to  ac-i  '      Kocfcey-,ipyl3 „ 0ran!    "T
oept tliem at the .rates   of. last   v*ar J    "Th™ ™ , ,  '    "    '   0ranbrook-
which i,lP8rh*ps the moe i^i.' brTk wSM^b7a8i)!ayed in the <W
ficulty now experienced.-.' .   " "    ^   £Se2& W mn?^ a laree «owd
TheO.P.AhM.„t. price  on   the  W2S T^"* "^
«.    adjunct*,^.,he  'QaoijL^l^^S^^l^19^^
^k people give,'a x^J^^^^feW"? .
Mackinaw suits, regular price $8.50; our price $5~75
1    .r.ll'f'^-,'^'
Brown canvas opats
Tweed ^ani^ "       ' f«
0-um Rubbers
JBCed'S Larrigr^na
)^ J,1* Tr"1-^*^ ,>?*r»»aP'*i *P*ivp or 8ix Month*
(v\ ft* £oihii!et*e the Ctmtraot Which
., >va,» J^8t Allele.
#iy, Tfce W- Eugene con-
§', centrator will start up
tomorrow or the'next
^Jday, aid^a full-force of
# .meriwil]lagain\l)e em
The Inul smeleer deal-is praptipally  l*am »«'M-"»"*"^ywirijga#;beinK un!
ao ^C'^pUahed fact, acpording  to  a' "^tomed to '"pla^ng hy^JJl
JPtoial /rem Montreal to .the." Toronto  and li?e sh**J™ on the icTappeared to
World. ^ The 30 days' option h,aS, bee,   P^?Ie «»»^ cgn8idembJy.   Theylw
««ned by OauadlA-n -P.,eific  and   theleV-?r ^^'UP a. hard   fight,  and With
SSK^   ' Pu7|lfT*,8q''"',ti'yo!!!Tru!,*1e''i^iQbB'*^'J.0^ '      ' f May; add'a full force oi
bKJR'ai  " <.      •      .~777 '■ ~~~^ ^—; ~—±—, !_■* .mto wiljl again"be ©m?
MM A^bea?'n^in^th^tourline?f-?ro^^^ date, w«ft tftci f^k^Me^p^
mm' " '     °'   fihQifi-?s* and ^st in the m^rket.^    ".    ■"■-■;   * jf has, signed - a ' contract
;,''-ii;*'i»K'vi», ■ —— . .         !_!___' ,     — • . ■-   a ■ • '   ■ liU.V        -. /■   ., - ^ .   ,     -'     -■*  "   " »■"»•*■  -
^|»'    " ^ —  m wit-ti'a-nrni in Antwerp,
:Hl    , JLiUIU«    VlXlIllJIJtJlJ    OS   |>|1. 9g teiidoyer  a cerinrf   nf
Gooaerhaia-Blackatopk-ayndlMlo aqd
two of tlie;be?t experts .of, th^,United
states have bef>n appointed ^o make a
report as xo< certain details, The option, price, ia  about' $1,000,000,. and
withny 30 days the Trail  smelter   -rill .-   P»m«u,:
no doubf be.thfl property ,0f the   «V   T*' ^ ! T* ^' 0oll"fn8. P
dioa-ia'/i?,question. . ,     Fo°te. cover point;' Cloth
practice Md   OQ0 Qr    ^
Cranbrook boyea good game  here 0a
the, 14thof February.?*.■:    -'
Following i8* .list   o£   the M    I
team and their poaVtioni:  ''L>.  J   EL
<™r;-2oal; T. E." Collins, point;   brA.
ier, McCor-
"^•Hf^^" '*^'^>.''^,'^'"^,*^-"^*^*^?-*^1S5:*^
:,1   ^-!~^if.!_^_  .
* ,   w.uvuirji,  mcvjor-
cran Beale and Mitchell, forward,;
Qr'^Zpna, referee;'J. M. L»udflay;
acting manager. <      f   ■•■
' \,    - - —*i-w"i\ 'i -•,
Paid TJp Capital, $8,000,000.
IjUBERT rilip, MGR
Commercial Men.
British §@lumbia
"  Ji»h'n pay From Nome.
John Day"reVifrued "to   Moyie   this
W6fk V,01? ^6rae'' Alaska, '■'where   he
has been-foFnekrly the la'st yearpa8,'.' "PWI'O -&ae SnUtaOWn
He xs looking fine, ad'd rTak •evid.'ntly tHe CQmpahv" ^tad1* P"Tft
prospered'in'the far north' fie iJ ™ c" »«?»J^ naCl -?'-5
merely here "to 'Wef h'is' oTd" friend. mW -On ltg payrolij, 'and
-«d look after hi's mining'and ' town fully' thlS Winber'' will
*ue interest.. He-will'agaln go north L" i • ^ >W? P?F TO'
inamontl, or8o),buttnot'a8-far''aJa8'a1f"n       "6   .    employed.:
^k^mm '-Ha T,! J^mi F^ere. is little doubt but"
"ear K<>.Jiak   island, about 1300  mil^.  k„   ill     " i- '   -'     ^ , ■.
donthofNome/willbehisdest-inauor,    °y   P-3    Wine ' thlS '  COn«
fn^?Mla??'i9Jta,"',"ln-:h? rich:in-^i4e;r. tract is'.finished-the dif-
and Mr. Day was in   on    the   ground UTI-iT- ■ ^   jl     • " '   * '
flnn.„^ i;,i.„.^ ■. . ' ?.  --fficulty-between the A-
oonWntra^ 'iHfl   be ^^SSd^Pta-°
ments Will beup to the"; ™mh-' ■'v •?   $ ihe
gcana^ty ofjfhe milll -|^^^ :hjfe^-p jjg
Before   the  shutdownfev?ral days pa8fc- -•   ■   -^ 7 ■
pains Bpared to make tW'affair a BUC'.
cees.   The tickets will be $2 and every*
rtr ■• t, « . j ?D6 *ho hafl ^ «y«np»tby of the. so*
,««" °?S .h«>een.laid up with p?JB afc heart should purol^ase oue.    ••
.Dr' F,/.T*'.r? R«t*orng",
Wr"5"^;'^^™'r?l5r^ to Moyie
Thursday frona Buffalo, N, Y.f "audf
has half a carload of drUgs and'eup:
J"       —'        r.r..U       i.J UH IMC |
floor and 1 oca red. .several claims.
vrx^j 7-v"-".*;"f°-° •,D'> ior -Seattle
Monday. He ft Wads' going north in
the spring. •    ••'  \ r      :,'f ' .   .,
I he, baby t,of ,,Mr.  and   Mrs.  Henrvl Pr1^9 afc tho   siding   to   be   un!n«Awi
d^rS^"Si5S_^   -ly:?eSjTi;e doctor in^a^.»^.
story building erected oa the lot nortli  '
ofM.McIQne8&cV8:\Daeat   r^ar^:
tbia will be his place pf-biwiaaia-and  ""'
II   nnl ^«1..   •      .',' .. 't
daya. Id, died last ^Sunday morning:
Miss Daisy Arrn'strong fell, '6QJ the
.ic*"- -vhile .ekatfng-Jafe'f Tuesday' and
hurt iH^rself quffce ^fogsty for /uKe."
r^^by Ta? born fco Mr.' and Mrs.
Job a Ferogha at their home' last Sun-
day morning..' ., , i .     ,■",
'Yrx' ?' w 0ardina.l and son 'depart-
bewillnotonlyoai^a^rge  liao.of.'
drugs, but stationery as w>y'.  ,  ' '   "'•', '■
merican smelters • and jed ^0^fF^yWntreai! word "was 1 arU «,i;rt7 Tv'Tr'Luq of"9°oin c-^ar'
"■        -- lr~.™-*tu-> .     ..    .£o^   J«»  aoter who stole  Glen.  Cardinal's dia-
O/Caliahan In Trouble
?addy :6'(Wahaa, the sm66th char^
Iter whrt  of^t^   i-ii.-       ^,     ';.
►« "*•*•• -^».- >«k' *^>^^ -^-SS^S/ 6^
V. DESAD*t,JiiI*EQ,    "Prqp.
Lar.p. paniple room in connection
with house for conimcrcial map. Best
of accommodations.
lion and retires from business with the
best wishes of everybody. Ut* talk's o
going north with . Jo'in ^xy \a thi.
spring. Mr. Lowuey .ia'boih an old
liiiifc miner aud a hotel n-ai) of -ex
perjenpe, and there is no question' but.
the Cosmopolitan will keep up us good
reputation under hia efficient manage,
ment '      '   -• ••
Headquarters for Commencial and [Vijning Men.
— —     ' MOYip,   B.. D.
ilui^il TSpiriT'flro*   mill! JJLL~SmJmml -mnf-"
*,^,>^.',^'>*l,' >*.•'»»»■ *'«tk,'>^'*:?p-'
Will Soon iJe Jteady.,
The Movie  Brewery    will   soon    be
ready   for operation.    Wben   finished
|t. 'ViH be the  best   equipped    brewery
mbouih East Ko.ii.enay,  and   Messrs
Nied-wtadt and J^iesterer are   braver*
<'f long exp<Tieuce, and will turn out. a   ..mi n,- criM      -       -,, •
product (lint will-make  itself  and   the "'P-bflvereign   this   week   shippe(
«i>wu famous. to Tr-ul..  The   Slocan   Star   has con-
—---:  ' irnch tbat run until next-June and is
goingi right along uninterruptedly.
The Beco. American Boy, Trade Dollar, Ivanhoe and  other "shippers"have
lor the marketing of their ores po that
no immediate serious effect from the
smelter pombine-Oanadilin ' Pacific
trouble is looked for.       '  '
Tiie Payne   is reported to be   nearly
full handed again  and   is shipping   to
American points under   temporary arrangement.    The Jtnth is   putting on
men right along and uow has about 65
men on the payroll.    There is no cessation of operations,at the Laatpijauce,
itndtlip-Spvereign "this   week   shipped
firf"ot'M^   ' -¥"   -afl  xn   tPVn    the
' rift     !      Ve^ *?etLing so^e aignatu
res for the .clps.qg of a d^al   qn   some
Property on «3iilljyan hjlj, • f'
Look out for valentines at   the  post
"Ace drugstore;   ' '   '•'*"" •■ -p
. Y-Peaaulnisris rapidlv injproviue
«d health at the Halc/on' Hot SprC
and wii; sQoi, return home
frith aQ^-H^Uon Building.
?.W. Frith and Wm. Hamihori are
fliepng their lot m the Lake SUprl
addiupn,-adjoining the one' on   w.hich' •
the Lake Shop hotel u?ed to stand, and',
already h^ve the lumber on the ground,
for the erection of a hotel building. ' If
m    be 39,4o feet in si2e to  begin,  bufc
•will in a afaorj; time be avdd.ec} to.
A-DjOirro.vA-c locals.
A pleasant surprise   was  ^iven   Ur.jX^i%?«™>1^
ui Mrs. a. a  ir.-r.^   ...   .ia.'    .  -•      Qosmopolitan hotel.  '   ' " -
b.  «_   wi_*i ,yiioi,
nTlt't-0-^^*   •»' -their   home
near the concentrator last evening    A
very pleasant time'was had
* y'Mh*-""^;.
-_i«- (%ijA?i
Metal Quotajtons-
?few York, Feb. 1.—Bar silver,
60$ cents. Lf>ad, price for' miners
and sniHtera;$4 37f at tbe close. Cop
P'*r, broke: s' prjci-, $17 00
-    -    - _.. > •'
ceih'nf"" ^inhr hM   PUt   OQ   a   matal
After>n  attack.of   .agrippe   ^e\^^^1^^^ ^5
Palatable and easy  to take.    A  great
vitality.    4». the post office drug more
^ Busy stock taking; no time to Write
We thank the people Of Moyie for their
^liberal and; esteemed patronage during
;;Jg'the pa&t year, and solicit a continuance
fiof the same.
not reduced their forces.  _,wuo
I). W. M'lore yf   the   Trail   smelter I ^""?8 ft,1 ^r,k' "li«lil*in^   timber   from
whiJcin S«n«lon  recently  stated   that   ni[nf   tI]^6 .tor .Ule   St-   Eugene
■*•       ■    -      -""ne'.   The timber   is   of   the   finest
quau.yand.so^eof   the stjciks   rang.
From 100 to 150 in length.    Ti„v hav,
he contract of getting out 30,000  feet
of this timber. '
into this part pf the country.
Fine   Suitings,    Overpoa'ling
Trouserri,   Imported     Goods.
M0YIE? b
Keep Yoar Eye
*. J. Deane, publisher of the Inland
eenunal at ICarnloops, and secretary „f
V ^y'looniinfoaiou on Cliinese and
Japanese immigration, is iu town.
i>Jr. Deane will endeavor to get all the
Higfieat price paid for I^aw Furs.
P.ickin sacks and send by express to
James Gill, Crs nbrook.
his company is willing to take whatever
ore is offered, and  together" with   the
Everett smelter, will be a.ble to-handle
the greater part   of   the   output.    He
contended lhat the Aniericat*.  smelters
have bet-n fairly dealt with in as much
*.s the freight rate over   the  Canadian
Pacidc was reduced( oy $1.00 a ton to
nil Amuricau smelter points January 1.
. Mr. Moore, however,  did   uot   show
that tha editing rates werti not still
disciimiuatory against exported ore*.
Even with this reduction tbe rate from
■Kiinoeiley to Omatia is $16 per ton
while it is only UO per ton from
Wallace to Denver, Col., an almost
exactly equal distance,
The following is from tne Toronto
Telegram: Mr. J. 0. Drewery, of
.Rossland, B. C, managing director of
the Canadian Gold Fields Syndicate
Limited who arrive., in the city yesterday in connection with n.-gotiations 11J"'"ll'u "6 llUll.v ol
[for tlie sale by the C.   P.   k.   of   t,      ''bruugl^ut Canada
Trail Smelter to the Gooderham-Black- J^i"" L?uise Hetl,JBrson left for Nelson
stock syndicate, says be looks forward S^VV'."% Tn -W"? *ccl)mP»™<i by
'oh big exu-nnio., of the   smelling Ya  \~.\ •!• Vy,,r^)f«"^ Forks.    Tho.e in
Cniet Magistrate Armstrong wiw nr"
--"-. h;!°yLe Mond^ a'^ heldlloan °&
Messrs. Grant .& Sheady have thair \Z *lo<jk"p' Several small debt caaS
urns at work' „JH1..n„   .:.™e 5hB,H Jhd a  Blight   diffleuity   between  two
to be settled.
H. W. Barnes,   Fort Steele's hand-
= armoftholaw,   w;lS   i* "^n
en5llSi0?r-p"-?'* reGeipt 0-f *  Po-m,
ihere, is no signature attached,   but  ifc
w Vel   wortuy of reproduction and" i.
be published next week
Ij.bor orgun^^^^ b. out announcing
drait resolutions against these  classes,   ball for   Feb    14m,      n " ,a,a?1118rild'>
"^ -•-■   •'    * ^"iug your'coauaie      " °   ^^   ia
Pel bv s: ball last Wednesday   was  the
rankest rlzzie that ever struck the town'
bo much on the bum was it   that   the
the audience began   to   yell   "bunko"
aud walk.out long before it   was ov.?r
Most of those who nt tended were giv.-n
half their money back afterwards
By a proclamation issued at Ottawa
Saturday, Feb. 2 (t.-day) has been   ap
ffr,", K  ^ \i>iy °J genemI   mourning
rec1ent^r7/'hicb Wdd   rili8ed   *'   the
recent  rire entertainment and   d-mr«
has been turned over to   the^ board   of
trade for proper distribution,
to ihe"^ F"UtWeI1' a miner> ^a« *»ken
suff.n'm, t S6U0 hospiUi y^terday
SnJnia^"   &   ""»   tt"a^   °f
known ,.« the ».nelli,,r,ra,| j° "P;'   "'•   ?»V8   ''<""- charivari t„e evening   ,k"
Potion to know^ldm'^a;^,;^ thero ,wil  bo a
w.    be the rkul,.;   Anyhpw  the   b-,v    in'loyS^ ? S?^"1^- *eld
in Mbyte February l7;X""m,U1SS10U  held
Clnef License Inspector;
r;.;-ij'* •."" --i-%-; fill  ���^-S^gggSJ1^,^^  ��� iiipiiiiiiiii'i i rim niiTi i n 11 m mi mi ��w  ,   *ii';  .������> '  j ���  i  lr '  f     f-      v  1      k  -Hi  if';''  I�� ?  �� f  T  t  fl  1 '.iblished ij; tb.e *nie;-pci of the people  * r       *        '   f       i  oi Moyie r.r.d ia-it Kcoteaay,  l���XT It        -��ii- I ^ ~ "*     . Z��� ���       mill"1    uirii ipniminiMiirUJLuuiiii i iiiiujiiiiim���ii .i ��� umiiw.w '^^;  fa \m mm, a^aaa:a:a:aa�� -^^,a.ai^       F -   r��� '"'    '-1"    .'L.lItM'8    Which    i> r...      nniti... I     . . . .  11 iTi-timmimim i n i Himniiiii  .1. S.UVTIE & CO.;  rtibllClUTR  I'M f.i jjio ;*bujM's v/hii-h ar- t-omj>-.  '.��ir.��-J c;f rn Several portiono, of tb ?  l��rovrnr'e.-"Ni-lson Tribune.   -      <     -  liATXS CF EDnSCRfTTIOir.  Osa Year.,  -F2.00  ��,i  SATUKDAY,  FEB. 2, 1901.  i ^  -'   To lay the greate>C'quee"ii* thai-"'t-ver  lived wa's laid tc reai.   and   the   whole  " --world mourns. '  '  ' -  A raihvcy^y.rncd  a'ccj   ppertit <?   by  the goverinncj'it ietl;e only true "t'ola-  'tion to the high freight   rule 'p'Vub.eiu.  ' -T .,1  il. ���  I  Gi  lt is to be hoped that   some   day   in  ihe   no   difttunt   future   South'   E is'  JCooteuay v/ill have a  smelter of   iu  -'Own.    '      "*',,'���   ��� i  I 'J ���-��������� ��� - ' ���       ,  The C. P..K'. is about to   ealabliuli   a  pension   bureau ��� for-   its     employs'�����)���, i  *4omcihing after'the''plan'qf the' Penu-  iMylvauia "railroad.     Suoli   a , system  i;.vould prove7 o{ great valus   to railway  'laborero,        -   ��� '    '-  While some "of oi-r fond 'mother*, are  bragging oh ho\v young t heir childrh \\  yearned to tfiik, they m'uM uctoverlook   musie it V/aa,quicken6d " intq'-'glorioiH  -the fact that, ihp rfm��r��.��Bf nur���i ���.,   M_ I life, and b'roug'lft wjtbjn .tiie ' reach   of'  ''Nearer, My (Joel, To-Thee. ���  A- a writer, hb-jwi, there - cere   f?w  hi tiie library vaYsi u{ Londuu (in the  furuojwhobad  tioi   h>nrd" ��rs��rah  Flower Adams, the  gifted   ���m*n   to  whom   all   Ohristendom   today    pays  ho.iYrrgein i,.inve   f���r   her    immortal  ���nmn, 'Ncatsr.'M.v God,"  -o   Thee,'  "  wriiet Cliff.-nl dbwiird-'m   the;' Feliru-  ������ry Ladies'   Home  Journal,    "it  was  written in 1840. and h..d aub^Quently  been set to music by Eli2a'sriowor,aad  included  ir, - a-' c6i.eoiion.'-c.fr: in-wi.s  ,written  and   composed  'by ,'tl,e"'two  --mters.    Oalv wiiliiri   {h'll(.  ytllr   ,jad  'heir book of  'IJynjnc 'aiid   Anthem*-  I'een publialieil, and   the    hymn    that  was destined to inspire the  world   had  ��� hen been heard but once cr iriic^ah.'.  wi tin ii   the   walla ���' of-'* si ngle-oWrch  ���South Palace Chapel.,London/ C  "It was"- i,,-)t, h"oweier,'uniil after the  vear -ISGO,  \ylien"   the:'preoent'"'"wi?ll  known tune ri..a c<mip.,Pe,-j forit. bv Dr  L��v/H) Mason pf NVw' Ycirk' that- tlie  livrnn att.iiu'ed 'itawido "spread' popu-  hu-iiy".' 'Up ,,o   thar'  time   it   had   at-!  ��� mated but li,'tj�� 'notice.     Thr.-u-h tlie  -Pint    of   Dr.' Alaaoh-a   avnip"aiijet.c'  0i$939&9&&B$tt&$$&d&&&9*��*&G%**&*GeGe&&&&9&��^^ ~TY'  CKAlv BROOK,  PIl'JG & GT,\?WlViMY Z��ZtiZ.  B.C.  -'-'iraaacMM-j.. jrJK��-*,-��m;  ,    . .^...   .,_,....   ,TOILET ARTXCIiES.  -^ ^:.^V^per'jFaTEFTmEDIGpJES,  6?ilOE^TAT|0ijERY,  soHboir,SUPPLIES c  'F.ORT SrBHLE.'H.' C  Harrey, aicCart^r fy Alesandar,  '"   ' FfiRNIS, B.LA -'-"������     " .  to  9  Barristers*4? Solxoitors.  "*"*���'   *��� ..     r*    *   ��v    *  <-.     '��k      ^i    i-�� " _  LEWIS THOMSON  Moyie,  Nb-thiY J-bgLi*d,,"'AcconM-  TANy, ' COMMCSSIOH "   ASO"  1nsit��ance "Agent"'  Honey to Loan.  Br*��  Chemist ancl Druggist,  UOYIE*. B."C   ' '.-'"-  J0RYN8TQN   BROS.  | ��lui-j Hotel is Few and well Furnished   Th��  * :   -Tables.are Supplied' with- the Best th��  MarMet affords; The B?ir is -Filled with  the -ai est- grands of Liquors' &igtQ\*Qfx&  s '     AGE^'i'S   FOR PABST'S   ifH^WAUIr^i!''BEJJK.  v  | HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMKRCIAL,  r^ '  A"Sfl>'MIMIN'QMEN':     ?s-''  g "Koitjs. - -     <>-.-., :;>.;    ���- bkitish coinuBiA '  ���'      ��������� -.-v..'?-r '  "-:-.'-     .������-' *';>'��,-:<.;  k  w.TctFr-d;"  BAHRlS-lCKK, SO-CICETOK, s$VC,  B.   C.  CRAxNT BROOK  ��� j   .    -- '*.  M ..I rMnd^l^rf.^^  oronfo Slofjiing  3E3:OTT"SE|a"   "   -  For your outfit.    The l'argect otoek in  East kootenay.  ''"���'''  -tho fact that the smartest child or. re-  '���'bord avhs Job. t'h.o c'j]rqd t' the ' day he  ''sjJb burn, pjiyu ari esnhiinge.      " '  Orjinbrook'"Keriild:r' VfhM   British'  Columbia needs is a village trustee aot  ibat will permit arnall to,yna"tD handle  ���their own revenues' for, improvement^  'tvithout   the   heavy  cjjpe'ngB   of' t[ii-  :fi38;jiin��ry of n\i inporporated town,  g'J.'��.��-V-B1crilB'LJI...^M..tkV ~ '  ^"-'*T',*J��V^y,'*rWri��rCF'-,l  OaiTios J. Je|fri��j, otii{.if3piqrf ^tjijlsi;  rof.the world, is un iictivo !}iiin}l*wf t.l  ^ho Boilerniukerm imd Iron ahipbulld-  ..era. J3ob FitsRiinnious ia also a ipein-  ^bef of the Journeymen HoroBBhoers'  -Union. Both display their 'union  forking card- with 'pride.  e,a:elt6^; ���-"-;"  Commisaion   i\nd   Jnsurnnce  NEW   YpRKLIFE,  london'and lancasi-jire  TifmiX OF JfJES\V YORK  InsurantJe Co ^  Eort Steele,     ;      B9 0.  evt>ry c(.ngr.-aujihn n-'.d every chrintpm |  *��ul.    BtH'thie' r/aa   long   after" the  -'Uthor 6;,the hymn 'h.u| pnased Way  rfhe died iii,"X848, v:hhoh>  knowing of  the triurnph'ttnd <he e|��.ry ', that  aViti.  ie.i her work,    lier yrave'ia tlie  little  village or her birth   it.   mnii.i'rked    !?y  ���my friyuumeutof h<-> fame.,"'      '    '"I  ' -' 0F"^0E--PABSBWi BLOCK  BEID ^ CO.  Taesday to Saturday, Feb. iS-Ie, igoxt  TUP:  "pitOOl'lA**)! 3SOLUD2SB ;  EigiiLt Curling Contests  TJndcr"the. auspices 'of   tho'Kootenay  Curling Asfibciation:       '    '  CitAKDROOE, B. C  "tfojt Utsr f j>nU,  <J-'��jacf<er---,.'y^by arf3 you lute?"  -J.l.5.1'' 4'!r.,f ('i'CJin?ns hpr ha*fj��-J�� W^'ve  yot 11 little baby s( cur hiiiue,.'* ?'|?oij<|  .vou let it ba-ppen agaju," sttid' the  teacher, ' ' "      '  ,   C- P, HIGGINSi ,  Physician and guisg-eon  f ? Peg j��  Announce  Hockey Tournament.'  F'ir Senior, Junior and LadieG ehaipp.  ionshipb of British Columbia. '  '  COASTING   CONTESTS.  , Siiowshoe jftaces.  SKI RACES."' '-i&A'&NG R'ACE,S.  For Provincial championehip8;fand f0r  '    ifen and Beys. ''"���<''  i   r  putter and Bog Rapes.  ''   CARNIVAL MASQ*rjERADE.  $3?(ji)0   In Trophies-and Prizes   $3,000.  -YIQYLE.  British Coiuirihlji.  ,?0 rHE nEAir,'  A rich lady cured, of-"her   Deafness  ftnn nq^es in the head by Dr." Nioiioi  , ^t -7^ ��� -   ������ -���' "" '"--u uy r^r.  lMCliOl  bpokane ana SeatUo  are   endeavor- Ifon'd Artificial Ear Drums, gave  $10-  Jng to have restHajo-U placed on   the|'-00   to   his   lostituto, 'po' that   dVa'f I =  /''side entrance'''to saloons.    The side  f,entrance seeiri3 to .have  a d.emorahz-  Oity   Shaving-   Parlor,  central' hotel.  r r  WESLEY OMOne, riou.  -MoyrEflB. C  ^ing iniUie'iVco on women an-i younn  ^'irls, who would not dare���-��������� enter ' a  .-saloon under other conditions.D  The typo? most certainly do cut   up  ,odd pranks oocabion.illy and even   "the  JPioneer is sOipo.iimes a   victim.    Laht  -week    the   "lnto.llijrent^   compoiiitor"  made tlie Pioui-er state that the winze-  puHhe Era ma had   been   packed over  the trail   to   the   Stemvvinder   mint-.  -Thia of cqiirgc should h,iyt> read   whim,  histeHd of winze.' Transporting tho hit  ,ter would be a n-nv feature iu> mining,  assuredly.���Phoenix Pioneer.  p-op-e   unable   to   procure   the  Ear  Drums m���v have them free.    Address  ifo.'UmZ   The   Niebolwon    Institute,  780,   Eighth    Avenue,    New    York  U.S.A. '"' ' a?  There is too. much money leaving  Moyie each month fur T. Eaton's   ,,nd  ,ind other   sweiit   -sliop^   nj   Turouio.  Did you ever atop to coiidider as t,  ivhetheror not T.    Eaton    or   Robert  Simpson ever e.xpi-mi.eii   5,   dolLu-   on  .public   impi-oyewenta   in     Moyio   or  ���sver con tribtued u dollar  to    ttio.-o   in  need  of  nierctiiitilg, eyeu though you   do   bave  Io pay a law cen ts more on an   article.  Notice ii= hereby given* that I, Chas. Karrell  rniner, lutuud 60 Hum utter dale tQ apply to thJ  clue/coininissiouoroflaudK iiad works for a  -siiocifil Iioca-so nndr-r !miJ act to cut aud ciury  away timber ouithp rollovrine de��-ribei*L laads  situated ia the ,viciuity of'the-upper Movie.  ���..ike towit; Soumwest corner'posi" situated  about one Half mile northeast qf" Movlo 'river  falls; thence north SO cliaius, thenco eftsr SO  cliaiui,, thence south 80 ctikms, tlieaco w��fct 80  chains to place of comiaencemeut.  ,.    .    , ' ' Chas. Farrell.  Moyie, li. C, Dec. 22th J900. 3.37t  TFJSIION BARBEB SHOP  AND BATH RQQMB.  T.K. COLMNTiJ, Projir,  Victoria Sj-rset.       _    M.OYIE, B.C.  NOTICE.   '  Notice is hereby given that r, D. James atc-  Oonald, miner, mreud sixty days after date to  api.lyro the   chief  oiininssioner of land and  works for a special license uuder  laud   art   ro  cut and cat ry away   timber   on   th.. following  deviibed lands situated in the vicinity of the  upi..��   ilujle' lake towit:   Sourh  east  corner  pobtatuated about % miles north west  of the  Moyie river falls:   thence  west ci^ht   chains,  ,    ,   ���     -^                                             t'KJnce aortli SO r.-hains, thecce cast SO chaiu^ to  help?    Patronize   the   honije J cll��Pla<"0 of eornmeiicemeat'. "  n. James Alrjjjnnatd.  Mojie, B. C. Dec. 22th 1900 , 3.37-  PATRONIZE  WHITE LA^QB .  By Sending' Your "Work To thp  ' CITY" UUNDKY.  P. LUTSTBR, Phop.  Tbat yye have; disposed of our  liquors tu Mr. B. J. Peltier, ior-  nVerlyof Eidgejiojvn/'Qnt.', who  has fi complete line of liquors  unci, qigara enfoute frofn . tbe  .Btiet. Mr. Peltier hao hsi'd'yun  .of experience ip this lineWbue-  ineps, and being connected with  ��� a very large firm in the earn,  will ne in ppai'tion to serve the'  public  at" a   moment's' notice  .and in the best possible way.    <  Thanking our  many   friends  nnd patron'g for past   fayorp, we.  remain. Yours very truly,  ft, 4M�� Mercantile  COMPANY, LTD.  JACOB-r-VRNK~MgFT "'~ ""  Kates of a, S\nglQ ?are for ��Ii�� rouiid  fyt /urtliey partipiildtro soff posters antj prognuno'br address  ��� ���,'-     ;, ' '  H., W"!. O.JACKSON. ''       '    ,  " ..���-*'* '' .r'   ' '  Seoy, .Carnival Committee, ROSSLAND, B, Q,  ���    ���    ��� ' ���> ,  $      TKff   ���JPRpSPBOTOBS?   EXCHANGE.     &  *S      ' ( xo' * S'.-IY.-G,   J'ryOOK, NBLSOSf, It. C. "    ' '   ft "ft,  $        ' .Gold, Silver lead and Copper ini nee wanted at the EXCHANGE   tf  J3   _   ,   FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted ,at puoo'for Eastern   r  ��i   jnvestors. ' "    . ' %  $ Bmties having mining properly for Rale are  requested   to-'send   ��  ��  ijamples qf tbeir oro to the EXCtTAISTQE for exhibition. ���  "3 We desire to hear from prospector's  who have   promising   mia_  >   eral claiins in British Ophinibia. '    ' .  <g   y    Proapeot'ors and mining men are' requested  tq   mate the' EV-  ^  pHANGE tbeir headquarters when in Nelson.      '     '"        ��� ���        ^'"  ��       ,   411 s-implep siiot-tld be sent <jy express, PkEPAID.  % Correspoudence'solicited.'   Address all communications to"'        ' $  $--      -AVI>BEJr.I<\,KOSENBJ<;iiGJ3ii, $  *   J-elephone No. 1QL p. O.J3ox-700.        -*"'������      SELSOlj'.B. 0.    - ���.&'  GOOD WORK.  PRICES   UEASONA.BLR  I always like to fc-ee a yirl and In r  father good friend-;, and by tlut 1  mean chummy, advisory friends, who  .can     talk     like    equal,-*   about    any-  - NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that I, Malcolm Grant,  01 Movie, H L.. contractor, intend 30 days  after date to apply to the chief commissiouer of  audi, aud works for a special lice-if-e under,  land acts to cut and rarry away,timber on the  Irjllowiugaehcrib.'d layds, situate iu'the vicin-  ^bing lhat comes up in tlu- family   |jfB   'ty of Moyie aforobaid',  towit:   The, south cast     " eorillJ1 rust, of .said lauds ib siiuatcd'aboin three  11-uleswcst.oftho lower end of upner" Moyje  Hike aud bouthof Lamb creek, theuce'400 chain  west, theuce 20 chains uorth, thence 4&0 ch mis  ttx out of it. Smih a girl is hk��ly to be  level-bended. She is apt to make up  her mind more slowly, nnd to keep it  made up when shy has once done so,  pfter slip had observi-d the ciuitious  and judicial wav in which her ruber's-  sets to work ��� lU-Um WatrH'ui Alooily  ?u thu Dt-ceiiibw Ludfca' Home Jotn-  nal.  cus-t, thence 20 chains boutli to point   of com-  meueeinent; containing 1,000 acres or tlierely.   ,  ���     . '        MALCOLM GEANT,"'  -^foyic, 24th Xoyeinbor, 1900. '   "'   3.30  THE  LIKE   SHORE  JBar^r Shojp.  Hot, Cold and'Vapor Bathe.  Opposite   Cosmopoliten    .Hotel  W-  t,. FOISY Prop.  EAST KOOTENAY BOTTLING CO.  CRANBROOK, B   6.  Areated Waters of all  Kinds.  , Bread delivered  ,    to any part of the city.  PIES, CAKES AND ETC  ���  Always on IL<unv  A. SLINN3 Prop.  MQ)l% DAIRY,  -I; -������*-',  Fresh -new milk delivered to all  parts of tqwn twice & day.' Satisfaction guaranteed.  Mrs. Adelaide Dill, Prop.  ~_0 J  Clothing,   Gents'    Furnishings,  Boots,  Shoes, Hats, Gloves, Etc,  COME AND gB3 US.-  yrcTonrA Avis., "AToYtts, B.  Those   win   aro desUnma  of   tu'cipj.  ihe Cliin.;8o and .hipaii.-s- ovil e.hi-ck.-d  in this province will be plousod to not,,  that ihe provincul   govuinn>oMt   h 1-  pctin motiun the   ni-ioliiupry  tnr    th-  enJurjementof 1J11.   L.dh,r   li gnLu]���n  Act n-hicli w.is pa^i-d at the  last  a<.-s  fcion of the U-gislature.    Thr-prr,virions  of this iicl recite tlu.t it shall be illegal  for any company  which   is   con firm>.-(!  'in any special privilege by the legislature of the province to employ m   anv  capacity upon any wo,k   8l,(!h"  as   the  building bx   any    bridge,   making   OI  operating of   any   r.ilway,    trannvav,  turnpike road, teleir*ph or  telephone,  line, the construction   of any   harbor  or any like work, ,inY   person   who   is  unable to rtad  the   Labor   H-gubui,,,,  Act in sorae-Europi.jiu Iangunge    ��� The  official   G.izette.; contains notice   that  all provincial constaoiw are appointed  t-'OTl.G^.  I    Koiiteisnuioby  Riven   that   J, fhomas liy.:  laud, rai.chi'r, -Movie, 11. q   lute���f,  thirty (Uv'  laierdKtet,ia..p].v   to tho  chief commissioner  of land,- and ivorl:. for a .special lieeiue   nnrlor  laud act. to ciitri nd co..  -y tlmh.-r on  the foi-  lowing drscriLnl hiuiisiiicuediu  rhe  yii-iuil*  ei .Moyie afoiL-iu,'], t.nvit;   Tl-e   yorliieast coi'-  ����r jyi oi bin.! lands l�� Bi\ ulitod nfcout 0Jie ttlJci  oiie-half,nil,, from   the   v/e.t   si.iu  of  u,,,,or/  M.��y-e lake .11 ih... upper   end  thereof;  theuce  t.nim   120    i-hiuus,     them-o   v.-est   80    chain's,  lljenee north VM vhaim, theuce e(ist <S0  chains  lo place   of  commencement,  coutaminif a,000  acres or thcrly, '   '  THOMAS HYLAND.  Mojie, 21th November, 1900 3.3^.  OrrJers Solicited.,  Soda Water  and Syphens.,  FOR THE CHOICEST BRANDS OF  QiSAB��  3J   -i^t^-^^  .CALL AT  TH  , Be3t' wines  WM. MILLS, Proprietor.  Miners   headquarters.     Good ��� accommodations  for  travelers.  liquors ��nd cigars kept in stock.-.' -jj  Lake Shore Addition MOYIE, B., C,  ^^^^^z^^^^^-^,<;^^^^^^^^^z^^^v^   ^^^-^^  sSOTIOIL.  Notice is heieby given that I, Anthony O'Kelly  of Moyie. B. C, intends thirty days after date to  apply Lo the chief i-ommissioui-r of lauds and  works for a hpecialliceiisi under land actfi tQ  to cut and cn.ryaway timhiTou the mlUnvinif  described lands hitnatcd in the vicinity 0/  Moyieaforubiiid, towi!': 'lhe northeast corner  post of baid lands is situated uear'fhe Upper cud  of upper mojio hike fronllpg said lake on Ihe  west Mde thereof; thenec south 2-10 chains,  theme west.-10 rlmniH, thrn/e north 2�� cbaius,  thence east -10 r.li.iin.s to place of commence  meat coutaiuin�� ',p00-a<:res br.thereby.-      . "  .:���-   '       I '    ANTHONY O'KJELLY.  Moyio, iMth "Nov. iLiOO.' 3-32,  Cabinet Cigar Storej^  J, 1. Mcintosh, Pbop,   l  Quebjs'b Av-ehuis. MOYIE, B. C.  ASSAYIrSl*,  IfAWKB  COSMOPOLITAN  \ HOTEL  The only house in Eaot Kootnay  heated througliout with hotair.  First class in every respect. Special  rates to boarders. Good sample, room  for commercial men.  European plan.    Open day and nigh I  -���������*-  NELSON,  B. 0  BOOTS    AND    SHOES  Repaired and Made to Order.  B.A.SMITH,      Moyie.  neab MacEachren & Maodonaldb  ���FOK���  I  HEAVY TEAMING  ���ALSO���  Baggage,  Express   and  Delivery.  General  K. IS, SiMALt, Vrop.  OKANBROOK, - -^B. C. |  IS  5/A-;a  ms4\  F, r^t'  fi -     *-'--  1 '���-r1JS5  ,'   !"V��S.  l 'i. s-j'I-:  lg'lvh'3'  %m?s  ��AAir,'&  $:>���#%$  r'.v"-s?'fK  L'afwJSS  terns  ���~Yx?*A  ���-. *---'?I  . im%  tA'ZTAff  U*t *-,lJ<-i'  ^m  %8  MOYIE.  FOE FINE  a  I SUBSCKIBE FOR - THE  LEADER.  * i ' '  ADDRESS  NELSON*.  l\ &rf&Fs  5*3  -'lajri^.,,  ^y-r.-, -is--a  mt?&?$  ���>ikf^M  i^*Mad  1 t*m%k it  P'.-A^f an  0mm "kr  on,  r.  ��Mi:  ji  for  ---iiqmgdcc  *- ��Jw#r*ai"*.c  '   "    I'^li     -)*S'^r-  1 '.A-'M^fii,  ���  '-"CiW^SlI?     ,  \;v%l& a  ��� JwMoi  1      J&r^' ���rjlst  ��� .*!r",'*.:cv*-|,,i.  ". ,**;'���'*--  s. {'e3'SJ"��!lulC  ���' '"-''^e-thei  i-'iS"*--  ��� ���*>��$&  - TM4M Tl  -:*.tS^ ti  '���?1��.   rl\  -/jliKr*  m .-  a r?~ fAy%-p^iA'i  -v^'vr-tSV  g- ��� *~*'*&ii7t''''Z,7t'~iAli  is i*��� .��� _y< j.* t^*.* ��������-.. rf'" i  ����w��aws  StftlTHE MOYIE LEADER.  "fef.F=  MOYIE,    B.   "C.  AN  OVERSIGHT.  ^^^iiV110'^17'^  Tfca*  Accident*  Will  nap.  *;S^��?^��^.-     pon "��o the Beat Setvupapcr.  ^l-r-S^S?-?^:-"Thi**: :i-** n�� outratro!'-* exclaimed. Daniel  ���-^im,\3v'iX2lcHiU ns be rushed intu the business  YMfM^*5���   <>,f   lhe rreuiUpi-viHo'"Banner 'and  R'^Eit^i-SJM*PPetl a eoivy of tbat paper ilov/n on t'he  ^l^SS^i-bJisher-'s.dt.bl;.   "I will'lie  r-^Z&P  ever give yon1  rjPJtpW,"������a V'"1*-'. * wmu you to remove my  '^M^?mo f���n your s'i''bcription list imme-  "     jhately." '<  k&S^Mt'���11*'*, the   matter?" tbe   business  'btr'fivfivt/i, ^  n   he   could   e;et   a  ''There must  be some iiiistii.;e,  tfiffimftW *    '   * U-   vc W'11J or course be  FiW^Wfld l0 co'':'oc't il ' without any extra  ^f^P^v"'1 '"*���'��� ^'assure yon there has been nc  ffef'^^lij'Qtentiiin to treat you unfairly."  f the- pi inters have made An error in .set  Xing up your od.  we  will of course be  ra  no  40mll0&'<:)h- "h*!*1-' hasn't, hey'/" the aujrry old  L'^MlP^Cfln 1,l''"!f!'d.- "Weil, J want you to uii-  y^^^M^ev^Uiiul, that I'm no fool and that T can  F&ti^*^ tIju'"s ns well as the ne-ct'ono.   Here.  gnt-rfe-l-  Ssisskis  'see things as wo  ajJok at ibis!"  ^JIo spread out tbe paper containing his  i-^rf^^ajsplayi'd in three half columns, announc-  -:^mm$$�� a "��r!'i'd clenraneo sale of clocks,  jffi?yx sliniils, silver tableware, and fanry  ^ma by Daniel IJriz/.leton. the old'reliable." '" '  Ip'he miMiajjpr rend the advertisement  fairoiiKli very carefully.' It was printed in  i���-*nwf?i.x' ^   -y"1'" a,'d   ���'"f'1   "I>   in   artistic , form.  K^T^^^.,he"n I.e !i:ul finished,'he said;  K^iS.^^Ri?''"1 e'l:0  K<-,{* anythinir the matter with  I^r-fta^gryils.    it  is printed just as you  wrote it  ^^^^&^ '" ''''-' xly,p y��u ordered, isn't itV"''  ''��M��k "yi'H-  [ <!o"'1 dispjivVJ'thnt," Mr. ISrlss-  , jK^i^fclP'lon answered,   "lint bi-re"���he tinned  ���fEb&'>'."^'t'0"nii'>iher pa'-e of lhe paper���"look rat  imsm$& TIl(-' l-iiNi'ioss manager of The -Banner  'Jt on his e-lax.-e.s. naw that the old  rv-TK^nd|jnnn'S' 'h-.^er was pointed at an item in  l*;iSMpe "socict/ news." and, read:  ^���ft"'111''' ("ul ^Ils' Dalli(l1 ni'izzlc'ton have,  [^Sjl^^yiwued ���!<)(' iiivitiitiojic tu the marriage of  '"^'S*^^*-''1' ^''-aghii'r, Klizalieth llcnriettii,. with  ^V^BIW1'- Alfred Wlinrfon Duiublefortl,' whieh  Y^I^^^J t0r. <"'<-''i'"  about   the   middle, of  uex  ^���"^Mrsmontli. ��� ,     '     ' *  SIierIoi-;L Holmes. Ar.  '"Do yoo see that ih:.;j with the dark  mustache?" .said .-Sherlock IJolnaes. Jr.  "Yes. Do you know himV"  "1 never saw him before. lie is niai-  ried. He ouj,'l:-t to live in a flat, but  doesn't. His wife .is, afraid of the  hired girl, and h�� is l��ft banded."  "Mr. Holmes, yotf are an everlasting  marvel. How can you toil tbat about a  man you don't know and whom yon  never saw before 5" '  "Look at the second knuckle on bis  left band,   i'ou see, it is badly skinned.  Also there Is a black mark ou his' left  cuff.    Now let uar see what we must  make of this.   When a left banded man  pokes tip the furu'aeu lire, bow does he  do it?    By putting his left hand  forward,  of   course.     Tims   it   happened  tbat it was his left hand which scraped  against the furnace door.    The blackened cuff shows that'it wa;s a furnace  'door.   Having this foundation to work  upon, the rest is easy. ' Jf he lived in a  Hat. he would have no furnace to look  after, and if bis wife were not afraid  of the hired girl they would make the  latter do the poking up.    It is all very  simple if one's perceptive facilities are  properly trained,    fie can't really afford to live In rt house,  because if lie  could lie would ha ye a man to look after the furnace.   Therefore be ought lo  live ina flat."      j     ��� '   ,       ' "  "'But bold on. IIow do you know the  man is married? He can't be over "If)  at the most. Why may'it not he possible that be livoVat lioiue,with bis widowed mother?"  , ".My dear sir," said SherJofck Uolmes,  .Ir:, "I am Riirpri.sed at your lack of  perspicacity. If he lived at home wi'th,  big widowed mot her,'die would permit'  her to lend to the furnace herself."  tor  50  Years  mothers have been giving- their  children for croup, coughs and  colds  yonsu mpti osi  Cure  ivloihers���haveyou Shiloh in  the house at all times? Do  you know just where yoa can  find it if you need it quickl}'--^  if. your little one 'is gasping  and choking with croup? If  you haven't it.get a bottle.  It will'save your child's life.  The lint IV-xt+T Cure.  ,   Ilonrding 11 "���������-{������  He. ;;er-A  glass of j  hot  wat,'!'?  What   can   tlie  uai;   want  with a glass of iiot v.ater?   He doesn't  shave.  Cook���He wants to drink it.  "To drink it?   "Well. J never!"  "Ob, ail tbe boarders is sending for  Lot water nov.-tl-.ree time.-* a day."  "Goodness ine!   What for?"  "Fur to drink.   They calls it tbe hot  water cure.    It  beats all newfangled  notions what come up."  "What does it cure?"  "Oh, they say it  irally cures everything just splendid."  "Thank fortune it's cheap.   Gire 'em  ��dl the hot water they want, "Maria."  a.  "Shiloh  ilways, .cured  my    baby    of    rr.up,  coughs a-,J co!ilj.    1 Wf-ui,| -,-u be v/:t>-,,. >  . �����  '    MIIS. KOfclN.SON.'1-ori':., c.'  Slifloh's Cot-jdiiiwpHrMi   euro  in  soMlivafJ  rtrnsRists  In  Caniid.j  ��n,j  fr���it^<l  Sin!- ,, .-it  let   1m.    id,, -in, ad., nnd 4h. thi.   A p-'-Jf-i!  Kuii,r:tuif��,��  Kitea    ��;<}! orory bottle  mo not salirtlleil  Kr> to yoiir drugs', ,t  SJfit your money b.ioir. ���  Write for illiibtrated book on Consumjilio...    bent  without cost to you.   S. O. Weil. 4 Co.. Toronto.  [>-'::!  ���  -i" jy.a  ���iji ,t ui-.d  "So hot water Is a'great cure.' is it?  Well. I shan't let any of my boarders  get ill for want or medicine. Just put  another gallon of "not water In that oyster soup! Maria, and I think you'd better take out the oyster now.' 'It might  get too rich."���London ,Tit-Uits.      c  To get clean GREEN tea use the machine-made tea  of Ceylon and India. It contains no adulterants, no  sticks, no willow leaves���it's all tea.  The same is true of BLACK.  PEKFECT IIES1CNATION,  A country  paper says  in  an  obitu-  try:    "Mr.   "X  was  an  estimable  citizen. JJe lived uprightly; he died  with perfect resignation. He had  been, recently married.  MLWS LINIMENT Merffiaii's Frta!-  HEiB,T PALPITATION..  A    QUEBEC    LADY    RELEASED  FEOM GEEAT SUFFERING.  WEIGHT OF A PAIR OF TUSKS.  A pair of huge tusks were recently  secured from an African elephant.  Measured along the outer curve, each  tusk was ten feet and four inches/  long, but they differed a little in  weight, one weighing- 225 and the  other 235 pounds, or a total of 460  pounds, which tho elephant had carried  about without  the  least  incon  venience.  THEY SAVED IT..    , ,.,  Bohbs���Too bad about Nobbs. Lost  all of ln's furniture because of a false  alarm ol fire at his "house.  Dobbs���But   if'there     was no   fire,  how  could  his   furniture   be  destroy-,  ed "?  Bohbs-���Well, you - see, JS"obbs lives  in a suburban town where they have  a volunteer fire brigade.   ,  THP  ww TTTnjv-irr-rTmT-. ^-.r,,.  ���,,     .There never was', and aever will   be, a  i.iiL, M.W b UJtMTUJlE COMPANY,    universal panacea, i ~     "       "  ber a cast. Another tragedy of the  ft'ypes had to be added to the long list.���  '" icago linies-rierald.     *   ~"        ���-'    ,  C'C'^Kichnrds" & Co.  I^^^Bear Sirs.-r-Your"   "MINARD'S LIN-  I^^IS011,17 is .OUI" reniedy .for' sore throat,  A Round RoMi:-'Ilcjuedy.  When a doctor of OO years' practice  encounters a new experience, it must  lie worth relating. This is from a physician' on Lafayette" avenue wlio has  fotightdiseaSG for tlio pcrlod'nnmod.  "I* saw him ^e't ginge'rly out of a wacr-  -on^in front of Hie ofiieo.    lie then left  the team  witli  his- daughter, ignored  the   bell  and   pounded��� lustily on  the  door.   I answered in person because I  'thought lrt>  nnd   my  office  gh'l  might  get 'into���ah -argument.-^for-be looked-  just like a man who would insist upon  seeing ihe 'doe' al once.  XJ' T)oe,' he began without other pre-'  liminnry.-T've beeim-talcm  truck fur  six .months,   and   blamed   If  I   hain't  worse'n I was'at the heginnin.'  " 'What's the matter with you?'  " 'Stomach's all out o' whack.   "Regular riot down there all  the time and  A PASS FOK TWO.  "Thrifty got _ married rather ��� suddenly,   didn't he ?' ' ��� ��� '  "Yes. Somebody gave him a. railway pass to Old Point Comfor-, for  two, and he didn't want to waste  it."  hotel Balmoral jvJ��ntr*,au FrM bu*- a��-  '    '      A-NEW, BOOK.  "Here's a very-good book," ,said  the persistent , newsboy:, "How to.  win a Woman."  "You haven't got', one on how to  lose 'em, have you?" said the bald-  headed' passenger.  SU�� Had Trleil .Many Medicliies Without  Awtll, Hut Ullhrmtely Fnuiid a Cure  "I'liroupli tlie UicofBr  Wniiai��8'I*lnU  ruin.  '> ,     _  Pew bodily afflictions are more terrible  than  disease   of;the  heart.   To'  live  in   constant  dread   and   expectation   of. death,  sudden and  with last  farewells   unspoken   is "for  most  people',more awful   to  contemplate  than  the   most, serious     lingering   illness.  7he  shghiest   excitement   brings- suffering and  danger  to such people. * .'  o-Fbr several years Mrs. Gravel, wife  of     P.   II.   A.   Gravel,    foreman'   in  Barry's cigar factory, St. John's suburb,  Quebec,, was such a sufferer, hut  thanl.s   to  Dr.     Williams'   pink  Pills  -she  is    again'- m ,t'he  ���enjoyment    ''of  good health.    Mrs.  Gravel says:���    ,'  y  general   health    was   bad  for  ?.r  J^WZmFT*��� L i!3 UUI reiueuy ,101* sore  PliSilMi3' and>H ordinary ailme  i\'IW%rl 'UOvei: faiIs  <-o relieve  ai  ^Spftc"'-  omptlyi,  merits  and     cure  r CHARLES WIIOOTTEN.  1 �� *   '  rt Mulgrave. - ��� ,  ,-�����-�����-=.��- A WELSH GOLD WINE. ���  ^^g^l-fej-There is/0110-...gold-mine worked in  KtirSS"^eafc BrilaflV' diggings covering 730  !^t^^tcres iu an ohscure corner, of "N"orth-  #^^^erh Wales and known as St. David's.  -J^^M^0is a- source of-'vasL .profit to the  %*'#��iSw?vVncrs' as tlt0 cost of production is  " Tllwl^y 52 .a ton.    ,  ���-nie-si-uusiii���in-rne-Tomerdy after each  meal and at early bedtime.'-  "'AV'hat.nro you taking?  '   "'Here it Is. doc, and I got a lot left  yet. ' My first wife, nstei- buy it in the  bulk 'cause it came cheaper.'"  "'But.this is for the'lungs.'  - "'S'pose I don't"'know that?    Cnnrso.  It> fur tlie lungs.    That's what' was  ��� the matter with her.    I don't care if it  was fur tho liver, 'it's got lei-go to the'  stomach first, hain't it?" Arid the stom-  'ach and the lungs hain't so dunned far  apart but what-helps oue helps the  other and what gits to one gits to the  other.'"  Aslc for'liii'ar'u's M tate Jno oilier.  STRENGTH  OF HUMAN BONES.  The bones of a hurhan''being -Twill  bear three ftime's ns great a pressure  as    oak   and    nearly    as " much    as  wrougnt 'iron without being crushed.  U "TOUCAN A " bkliancb aid as  FOli HEZl sake:  Why    do   you keep .your window  shades down all the time lately, "Mrs.  Bardsley?    It looks as if -your house  was  closed-un.".. ���   "I have  a friend visiting me'from  Boston.'j  "But what has that to do-with the  window shades?*' , ' ���>'  "The trees around the,house are all  naked,, you knew.", ,    1  leej MffiABD'S UNMEET m me Em*.  ^VlMpf' ' AGAINST HIS PRINCIPLES.  ���^ifrMV'1 sh���M like yo'u to indorse  ������^���'^^��:anclldaci''���" said the candidate.  ���^Ippr "Nay,   nay,"   rei.lfed-tho   voter  my  mm  ter; I  k..'��^-3ifrvr.now sevcral me�� who have been  '��� y4l#?uincd by indorsing."  irlfW     -    c   Ari^SM. There are oases of consumption so tec  l^-S'Sadvanced that Bioklo'sAnti-Consumptive  [4'\Hii pyruP will nob oure, bub nonae so bad .hat,  m:**m& " w111 uot 8lve 1'ehef. Por coughs, oolds  An0$&? and aL1 affeotions ol the throat, lungs and  J'-.sSSfer�� ohest, it is a spoolflo which has never been  ts^Mii:'tnown to fuil- It'promotes a free and  ci^-WllI' eai(y t'^pecboration, thereby removing the  k��4?SS phlegm, and gives the diseased parts a  ohance to heal.'  m  STUCK TO;THE-MULE.  lllll-- ���An'' QJ^hxhle mule  named  Jim,    has  coal  boss  other  Four hundred  miners  objected  ,-^^^tgnino.   * ^���  ^Wjmd struck.  A.GOOD'IDEA.  jV-SS^ 'A sanitary Testament for the ua��  ���^lof courtrooms has been put on the  'J^j��vaa.rlioi. It is bound with white cel-  i^?^luloid instead of leather, and it can,  ^MMi^01'^0^'   bG  washed  and  disinfected  " "'W$$��rom UiUC to time.  V'-lfm ���-���-   ll^lS      A BUSTN"ESS APPOTNTMENT.  ^���zf^Mi��� T'10 man f know was ahvavs late.  An Ex {id let] '.II. I'.'m Prnyer.  ..During the first half- of the- eighteenth century one of tho members for a  southern ^constituency was expelled  from the house of commons for forgery  and indeed endured the purgatory or'  standing in the pillory for n day. Tie  wa.s a man of unctuous piety, and his  career in many respects resembled Unit  nf J.ibez Lkilfour in later days. After  his death the following prayer wns  found in his own handwriting among  'ins'pn'pers:  "O Lord, tbou knowest that 1  have  nine houses in-the city of London and  that 1  have lately, purchased an estnte  In fee simple in the county of. Essex.   I  beseech thee to preserve thotwo counties of Middlesex and Essex-from lire  and earthquake, and as 1 havo a mortgage In Herefordshire 1 hog of thee to  havo an o'yo of compassion also on that  county.,and for the rest of the counties  thou mayest deal with thern as thou ait  pleased.' (Jive a prosperous voyage to  (lie. Mot-maid,  because  I   hare not Insured her, aud enable the bank to meet  their bills."-  ,     ADOPT -arETItlC SYSTEM".  The Russian government has decided to adopt the metric system of  weights and measures, and the ministry of finance is now engaged in  considering the time and manner of  introducing this reform.  MIJi'AiLD'S USIKENT Is n,,i. fiy p&yaciaiL  a*  Y'-.'PM  AnA so  1 ^itercd in iny gait.  v-^#   Thon hc for onca was there, on time  Jli��#   To chide mo with a nerve sublime.  iVis  r,   *" ' WS  'H *-i  Ono of the most dangerous and repulsive forms of  Kidney Disease is  ���m  :M  ���<t  ���t  a  ^  for which Dodd's Kidney  Pills are the only certain  " cure.---Iri''Dropsy tlie Kid-^  neys ara actually .dammed  up, and the water, which  should be expelled in tha  form of urine, flows back  and lodges'in the cells of  the flesh and puffa out the  skiri., :- Remove'-.".the filth  which plugs up the. drain.  Restore tha Kidneys to  health. Tliere is only one  Kidney Medicine  St en in nnd OnttlcMlclp.  A whole fleet in the days of Nelson  could be built and titled out at little  more than the cost of a singic ironclad.  The coal expended on a single cruise  would pay for the refitirng of his whole  buttle line, while the immeune shells required to make any impn-ssion on tho  modern nrmiir plate cost more thai) his  whole armament. But the modern line  of battle ship could neither bo built,  armed nor fotiglil without the use of  -steam, and its evolution may be said to  have comilienced with the tirst applica  lion of the steam engine to navigation  ��� London Standard.  IVa r 1 it'll.  Once when Mrs Kendal w.is fa king  ;tbe role of (i.-ilnten in Dublin she imd  "an amusing.experience.- Pygmalion, it  will bo remembered^- bixl, a jealous  wife. During the temporary ��� absence  of that-lady (Ja.la tea was about to  throw herself Into tiie arms'of.Pygmalion wben nn old d.-iine in the audience  cried warnItigly: 'TKui't .do It, darlint!  ���H is w'l f e's; just gone ou f. a nd sb tire i t '11  be like; her to be iistenin al fhe keyhole." " :   ' :-'"���  TIiJd   CliiiiOJic   Cook.  ' Mrs. White determined In the first  flush of her newly wed dignity tbat  she was not going to be "squeezed" by  the Chinese cook and the storekeeper,  as it was quite plain every one else  was." Accordingly she purchased seal -s  and weights and announced ber intension of personally weighing everything.  For some days this method proved very  satisfactory, but she was sometimes a  little puzzled on tin'ding that the provisions occasionally weighed more .than  wa.s charged for.  Oue   day   the   mystery   was   solved.  She was carefully weighing a chicken,  hi CLina not only is everything, livim;  find dead, sold by weight, but fowls are  always   supplied   alive.     Tbe  chicken  during the weishimj operation suddenly cub-red a vigorous objection and be-  s-au  to  lisp and  strmrgle  with  all   it.-  ii'iirlit. and during these thippines and  "���|r:i'_-uliug.s    something    weighty    fell  with 11 thud to the floor, evidently from  .-iii mew here   about  -the  chicken.     Thi-;  turned out  lo be a large piece cf lead  which had been cunningly fastened un  'U>r one of the wimis.    Kurt hi r in vest i  K"lion led to the discovery of a similar  piece underneath tbe oilier wing.    The  overweight of the past  few days wax  now  accounted   for.-  several years, my appetite was poor,  and  1   was  easily "tired,   but   it  was  the frequent' sharp pains 'and  violent  palpitation -of my heart'which caused  me the greatest <alar��n'.' .1- jxied many  medicines,   and* was   treated "by'several doctors,   but  in  vain. 'Finally I  became   so poorly   that   I   was -not'  able to do any household  work,  and  was  frequc-m.ly    confined   to  my   bed.'  At   the   suggestion     of   one1' of. . my-  friends I decided to try Dr.' Williams'  Pink Pills.    After taking a few boxes  I  began.-*-to-gain new  strength-   and  vigor.   The  pains  in   my heart, were  less   frequent  and  less  severe, and ' m  every   way   my  health    was   improving. ,1 continued using the pills, until  I had taken eight boxes, when 1 had  completely   recovered   my  health*      I  have .gained  in  flesh:  my-appetite    is  yooa*;   and   1  am able   to 'do  all   my  housbho'd work without feeling    the  awful   fatigue  I  was   before     subject  to.     I'am very "thankful1, to X>r; -Williams' Pink Pills, for they have" truly'  released me from much Suffering, and  t hope that others maj-" be inducod-to'  try this wonderful medicine."  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by a;o-  m-r to  the root of the disease.  Th-:y  r.aiew  and -build   up   the  blood,    and'  strengthen "the" nervqs.   thus - driving  disease from  the "system.   Avoid  imitations   by   insisting   that  iwei'y 'box  you "purchase is  enclosed  in  a "wrapper biwing the full, trade-m.-U'K,  .Dr.  Williams'  Pink Pills for Pale People.  If your "dealer   does  not     1 oep   ihc.-ri  they   will   be  sent     postpxid     -it   fiO  c-ints a, box,. or .six boxes  f_,r S2.C0,  by addressing the Dr. Wil'.f-uus' ifedi-  cine Co., J3rockviile,   Ont.-      ;    *  Th'e  London    correspondent  of The  New  York Sun says  "that  the most  promising   market  is  offered   in     the  United  Kingdom for American furniture  manufacturers,"   and  also  adds  that  "by sending (rood furniture  enterprising man,ufacturei-6  will   find   a  trade.awaiting  them which will  pay  handsome profits."   The Canada Furniture Manufacturer's,  Limited, which  come  into  existence last  week,   with  a    capital    of    $3,000,00d,    is    -well  equipped   to do  a    very large  export  trade.      It  has  absorbed   the  Furniture .Manufacturing    Exporting    Co.  of Berlin,and Liverpool, and also tho  Anderson Furniture Co.'s[. English organization.   This will  g-ive  the    new-  company  ample  facilities  to  compete  with the United States factories successfully.      Jn  connection  with     this  we might add that the Canada Furniture -���"Manufacturers,   Limited,   offer  a portion, of preference stock to    the  public*   Jt is one ofr'the best  investments offered.        ' ,  ,       .. ,.��� ;-a one rem," dy, for all ilia  to wircn fl-'sh  ia heir���the very nature of'  many curatived' being such  that were   ths  germs of oiher aud  differently seated  dia--  elites rooted in tho system of the patient���  what would lelieve one ill in turn would ag.  gravate   tho   oth.-r.    Wo   have,'however, in  Quinine V, me, when obtainable in a sound,  unadulterated state, a remedy for many ana  grievous it's.   By its gradual and judicious  use the frailest f-ySb3n_.H are led into conva-  ���"o'cenco and r-irengtb by tlie influence which  ������J'.n.ne exovUt on nature's own Tef-totatives.  ���- r. irves the drooi-ing spirits of those with  ���'���.ic-to. a chronic state of morbid  despond,  -re; >md lack of mterc-t in life is a disease,  ji-m-rlftted, courses throughout the veins,  -ilririgthenhng :ho hen thy.animal functions  ol tne sytttm, thereby making antivify a.  iKegrjary result, strengthening the frame,  and giving life to fhe digestive organs, which  naturally demand increased substance���ro-  ��"1f",",]mProved appetite. Northrop & Lyman,  of, loronto have Riven to the public theii  superior Quinine Wine at the usual rale.and,  gauged by the opinion of scientists, this  wine approaches nearest perfection' of any in'  the murket.   Al) druggists sell it.  ..    . To Keep finite^ Sweet.  One can  keep   butter; sweet  a  long'  .-time.' even In a hot room where it is  -half melted, by keeping it covered with  brine made by putting into boiling wa-'  ter all the(salt it will, take up.-   Then'  let  it cool  and  pour over the  butter.  Meat .may  be' preserved   in tbe same  way. "To be sure, it will become rather  salt, but when you wish to use it take  it out'of the brine the night before and  ���lay it across two spoons or sticks to lift  it, from tbe bottom of the dish in which  you wish to soak it and'then cover it  wilh fresh-water.    The salt will: then  settle out of the meat, and it will freshen nicely.    Vou throw meat or fisb into  the  bottom  of  a   vessel .and  cover  it  'with water, and it will freshen very little, for the salt does not fall out," hut  only to the lower side.1' ,     '  ���   , EVERY SATURDAY.'  "I should like to know when you  are-'goingto pay that bill. I can't  come here1 every day in the week."  "What day would suit you-best?"  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'     <■   r-
w     J*
C. P. It. unci 'JTrftU SmelU:^,
President Slmuehnecsy, of the G. P.
TK., interviewed at Winnipeg recently,
\ "M'orred to thequepti -n of  fh<"* pale  .if
.-.io'Tr-.il  t-inellfr.    In   -"■ 7>iy   to    ihe j
ji.ery as to who ia nov;   the  "owner  of
ie emelrer, the prepid'ent si-id:
•'The C. P. R. company  etill  retain
possession of the smeller" and   reportb
hit it has been  Gold   are   unfounded.
ft is certainly  tree" that  the smelter
•^as been placed'on the hiaitet and for
those reasons •' The   0.' P.   R.   purchased the sinelte'v po  an   ex pen ment
nnd to bring liuQ-u a'cheaper handling
oM.he produotu'of the'  mines   in   the
-vicinity, both' in' transportation    andj
the treating of them.    Wc r/ere macte
to understand* tliht the" then   proprietor,  Hemze,   was 'asking tcio "• much.
-They asked us for  cheaper rates   and
'we were willing to  do   this   but   had
"nothing" lo'guard' against -an   increase
in smelting charges.    We   took   over
' the smelter and built a railroad.    The'
'original charges were, I believe, $11^C0
"per ion.    We red peed'"that'  !o   iJ'S'i.th
including -treating and  freight,   and
: again reduced it  down  to   $0.50   per
ton,    We were' tqld that T?i<ep th"io vnxc
brought tib'oqv  vhe  output   iroj-i-    the
mines- would be about 2.50Q   tana  pe-*
'day.    It'lias never   been" -moi'e   tlian
j -i     - *   •       -   (
700 go   far ap 1 .knoty,   ami -when - a
, -• '' ^      - ,
•further reduction 'in our   cmirgeo  yas
'asked   for,   wo 'decided   to put  back
"the smelter oulhe market and. let lb,e
,'jnine oy/ners  see   if   they   could rget
! cheaper rales than r.-e   were   able   to.
'give.   This is tho whole matter."
■'    -'IHs-Teported  that  Mackemsie' &
^ Ma nn have   outbid * the" Gaodsrhatat:
'Blackstock 'syndicate,"  caid   thp    tq:
j,  "Mackensie, A",Mann   haye  nothipg
to'do with it/' said the president, f-'apd
as I said   before-, ^Q  still   ptyp   tl}e
01, Grodi'aow teautlfuj t3 sartU,
' ln*unb5am or In shade;       ' "„,■
Hsr. fere's ta with tbeir wa^li-g arch;
Her flo-rrei's that gem tfce^lsde;..
Her hlliooks white with fleeoj flooks;  '
Her ttelds with grata t-ha« glow;
"Her sparkling streamlets, deep and brca d
"Tfcs-."itbrcTisfcth? valleys Sow;
Her crested wa>"es't*iat'"clcBp the chore,
And. lilt their anthems loud;      -
"yer mountains', with their solemn brows, -
That -woo the pioldlng flaud.. .
Oh, Qoi I how, beautiful is Hie
ThaV Hfcou doat lend us here;
So'cheered' wlthrhop'es that lias £ha oloud,
Ami joys that gem the tear;..
With'cradle hymns of mothers j-ouufi}
And tread ot youthful fee*,       "' *-
That sbarca In their "elastic bcnino" "'--       *•*"
' How down -the jrrasa {lowers" swaefc
With brightness round the pilgrim'* staH
.    "Who at the settinst sua        ■-'.•.•';;   -.
beholds t'he goldbu gate thrown wld6,    '
And, nil hia work well done,
But ll this earth, which changes mar.
This life, to death that leads,'    ""  ,
Aro made so beautiful hy Him,     ;
From "whom all good proceeds, A
How glorious must that Kogfonbe
Where all the pure and bleat, .* -'
From every fear and sorrow free, X.
Attain, unbroken rest. , '.
"—Mrs. I* H. Stgourney, In » Y. Ledger.
■iiW.r.>1a;l^l-M—      i   n   a J * *  *
~i'i. *'.r  1   V,A\*
JJoy'.s Idetv of an Eilitbx.
Tho editor is the happiest  man   on
earth.    He can go to a  circus  ou  au
, afternoon and evening tvithout paying'
, ' a cent, and inquests and, hangings. He
gets free tickelg to picnics and festivals t
gets wedding cake sent  to/him,  a.nd
.sometimes  he   geto  licked,   hut  .not
often, for i^e pan ta^e .it  hack  in -the
next issue, which ho  generally does.
I never knet*,- but   one 'editor ,. to   get
licked.   'His  pa-per busted   that  _day
and  ha   couldn't  -take   things   back,
.Other people go to bed early,  but the
editor sits up late, and   sees tall   that
.goes on. ^ When I am a' raan 'I mean'
"j.o be an editor, so I cap sit up  late  at
,night.    Railroads get up excursions for
• -him.    In pQ.litics.he don't oaro  much
,who he votps for if they are on his side.
iJf I were asked if I \yquld rather have
.an education or be an editor,  I  would
..Bay, let me bo an editor .—Ex.    .
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'ITo the Wnff.?»'■■'" -*•
■To my King.',*
The toasts, tE'opga slightly different,
were uttered siraultan eous<Y;y ahd'a smial 1
glass of rare old'port was emptied In
honor' of "each*.1 ' The /scene was   the
broad yeranda o£   a   South   Carolina
plantation, not fifteen miles from "lhe
famous city o£- Charleston; the' time
was the'onr-ly &ytunm'"of 1781]' while
the chiirae^terfl were a young captain oi
his iunjeflfcy'8,artillery,  a  portion of
which was guarding the city of Charleston, and a young woman }n perhaps "her
twenty-aecohd y'eftr.' A famous beauty
was this Miss Phoebe Poindexter, and a
most captiTajrip'* picture she ipade, in
the eye$ of tho pa'ptaln of artillery, as
• she  ts-tt  thrumming the iteys gt' lier
h&rpfiiphprd. a'jier repla^in^'tiie'empty
.wine glas3"6a:' tils ftibls'uear iiep,' "The
Ifttw-f' wtjii a Ixfta'aaoiuii yotiagf min, iap*
pftwntly thirty yeaif-j oi'{^with a
bej-Zedi &jr ©jf'gotjd' "byeesirngi sinci eVJ..
dently ot Home grko6Bt'tor is.e had-fust
finished b eblo oh the flute tc> the ac-
cojnpaaiment of the young lady.
:'The fact is,'Hiss Phoebe, I'hardly
know what I tshould 'do with'myself,
were it not for the possibility of riding
out here to spend an occasional afternoon with you—pr should I say, both
in gallantrj-- and truth, every afternoon *jvitli you? Thp town is simply
too dull for a soldier,'now'that'Lorcl
Cornwallis has taken tho major part of
our army with Mm in his chftse .af ter
the rebel Greene,"
.."And what do'you think, captain, are
his chances .of capturing1'Gen. Greeno?"
"Oh, the chances are perfect, my
dear lady. Why, the rebels were absolutely routed, according to bur diB-
Pf-.t-eh.es, at the battle pf Guilford Court
'House, and so badly demoralized that
they roil from the field like sheep. Indeed there, was no necessity for our pursuit. ' Greenp.'ia starving up there in the
mountains of North Carolina'and "will
surrender at discretion in the c'ourse of
a week of two. His defeat and reduced
circumstances will be the excuse, hut
tho real reason will be British gold. You
rememher, of course, our success with
their Gen.' Arnold, Well, after a man's
ambition has been lulled,*" he will not
fight in' any- cause with neither food
nor pay. And-that is the dire extremity to which Greene has been forced by
the glorious success -of his majesty's
arms. My ""Lord Cornwallis has turned
north and iu a month will have defeated
and captured that little boy of aFrench-
man, La Fayette.' With their armies
of the south and,of the center defeated,
he will move next spring- upon the only
remaining armies of the rebels, that
under the''miscreant Washington; It
will bo a short campaign, a battle,,a
rout, a pursuit and then*' pcacr;—and
with neace will come ita .delightful
liandiaaiden. lave. And' then—-then,
Mistress Poindexter,-1-shall have'the
. honor of claiming you for a bride, of
selling out my commission. and:living
the • quiet life of an English country
gentleman for, I hope, the rest of my
life."        '       '■■•""".
"A charming-arrangement-'of events
for yourself, my dear Capt. Webb! But
I must say it appears to me as,though
Gen. Comwallifl' movement into Virginia ia more like a retreat than the.ad-
yance ot! a victorious and conquering
army. And as for Gen. Greeno, they
say that he is not only harassing Gen.
.Cornwallis ot every step of his northward movement, but has detached his
.cavalry and, a- portion of his riflemen to
reconquer .the .Carolinas and Georgia.*'
''On what utter nonsense do these
misguided colonLs,ts feed th,<JJr despairing hopes!'** answered the' captain.
"Why, it would be no.more ridiculous
for you to assure tne that p, detachment
of Marion's outlaws were here, surrounding this very houso, and that I
was in danger of becoming a, prisoner
to them, as to—what was that?" The
captain jumped hurriedly from his seat
and, grasping the railing of the veranda in front of him for support, looked
anxiously up and down the road that
ran in front of the old plantation.
"It seemed to me like the winding
of a horn,''said the lady, calmly,-
■'■ "And, by-my faith, I heard" the galloping of horses and a short command,"
continued the captain, excitedly,
"Inside, inside, captain! *as your value
your liberty,'! said.the:lady; .'T saw a
mounted man in uniform there in the
bushes just: now,. a»d I; know .tti&' uni*
form well," .'   ::    V"     ' aY- ■''
■   "And the Wearer.?'--    -      .;"- ••; • • - ■' - .
"Yes, the wearer."'
"Then it is n detachment of Marion's
Gen. Greene's army has driven their red
coats from the Carolinas and is oh«aing
CorhwaHia himaeif to the sea."   ..
' ;vwhat   a; x'caisCnse}"   Jau^hed  the
young- lady.  ''-\.Y -',-''' '   :- „'.,- -- ' -'-
!'I--wish." I had time for romance,", said
the bfQcer; "thefe-.coulcj be-np more delightful opportunity. Only when thiB
war is.over will-I be able to ask you to
reward a love that'has be'eri^ faithful
to you ever since we: -were -ehildre-a.
But to duty. Are you harboring an
English" officer, here?"' ".; ,-. ; --,
"Why, of1 course I am,", she answered,
laughingly.     ,
'VTbis is no time for joking," said,
the captain. "If he is not here, lie cannot have been gone a-, very long time;
and if. you delay me - he may -yet get
within the gates of Charleston."
' "It seems to me that you aro a trifle
difliciilt to-day,**- ehe replied.-' "Drf yon
riot .-believe me?">'        ' ,".
".Of -course," he saidf biting hiB'iips
nervously. ' 'I' ahall' have to search the
house," he continued. , ,   J
"O, we are quite used, to it," she answered." ....
He ordered ujp his "men and began a
systematic search' of' the mansion and
surrounding buildings. He himself,
however, stood immovably in front of
the door that he knew opened-intoheri
private apartments, and permitted no
one'to enter. The search was therefore
useless.,        -     	
■f'YTell," e&id Ejlie, teaaingly, "why do
you mil/ enter my -awri- roam?" •*.■ •
. "ifhciVaii qfflaer lieah.pu'ld' bo & gentleman) ahd'!ppul(l'*'*a-c.t)' bjs IhergtV, ap.-'
swered the captain/' ^',Ydu haTe'been
fooling me, Phoebe, in prder to'give'hfm
a'start. I do not blame you. "He was
a guest, and j'ou'have but observed the
laws' of hospitality, even though ho is
an enemy to our cotintry.'" Tar'ewell—
remember always'I-shall cqine to you
when this war is finished." -'■   •
""jYhy not come "before^—to-night?
You will  not wish' to 'camp 'nearer
Charleston than this, I am sure,' Grandmother, who is, Jn town, to-day, shopping; will be back by t-eiy time^and yQu
can tell us all the new3.V
, "And may I tell you something else?.",
f-yes—without, even--jvai^ipg foi^ the
wai? tfl end.   Ap4„T *wUl *eU ye\"t epme-
thing'. tQci,"'   -Tha yowg patriot tuyped -
about for, j* ^o^eii^ai-idfor a Idas,.
Thenspripgiiig intci the saddio he ishout-
eel the oom'm&ud j' 'Jll-o hprte, the road
to Charle8ton•^'Jj?aliopf•, iind wm off,,
, As s'c-ori as he,and hi« men werejWell
out of sight, thri English ariillery captain made his appearance, "I suppose,"
he said, "that I am under obligations to
you-r-and yet' I' thought yp.m* .truth^,
fulness would have been the ruination
of me." '       '       ■■•-.■''•
' "And could you have admired or loved
a woman who had deliberately lied?"
"Well, that is rather an odd question.
If you hod told an .untruth'it'would
have been in a noble cause. All ia tair
in-lqve and wari'yQVi "knovr."'-'.'. ,. _;„'
' "Even hiding" in a woman's apart;
ment." '
"Oh, yes—when necessity compels it."
"Well, Capt. Webb," said Miss Poin:
dexter, slowly, -.'will you in your",turn
do me a favor?'' ',     '
s'With the. greatest pleasure', I am
sure," answered the gollant'captain.
"Will you please mount your horse-
and get safely'back into   your   own
lines," said Miss Poindexter, "and stay
-"By Jove," said the captain tohimself,
as he turned away with flushed cheeks,
"1 never intended to marry her, but
maaam, or your own loyalty will be put
in question."
"And, pray, .what oan I do?-" asked
the girl "drawing herself up to her full
height and looking at the English-officer with Bcornf ul and indignant eyes. -
"You can tell them that there is no
one concealed in your house. He will
never dare to doubt your word."
"You would have me tell a lie to save
you—me, the woman you pretended to
love and wish to make your wife ?".
-"It ia a esse of necessity—quick, they
are approaching on both sides. ■ They-
have been-informed,    It; is a trick!"
"Where. will you hide?" asked the
girl, with an insulting emphasis on the
vyord "hide.''
"You will tell them that no one is
concealed in the house?"
"I shall, tell them nothing but the ab:
solute truth—be quick." °
"Then there is but one place where
I will be safe," answered the captain,'
"and there only if he be a gentleman."
Saying which, the captain darted .up
the stairs and entered Miss Poindex-
ter'.s own chamber.
• He had no more than closed the door
whon'a lithe, athletic young officer in
the partisan cavalry, leaped' over the
railing of the veranda and stood, embarrassed and hat in hand, bowing bo-
fore the y.ojiDg mistress of tho mansion.
•"Phoeb.eJ" reyclairaed the young soldier.
•"'Would it not be better to address
me as your prisoner?" answered Miss
Peindexter, "If lam not mistaken, you
have surrounded my home with armed
soldiers and have come yourself on no
gontle errand." '       ',
"Prisoner Phoebe?" answered the patriot captain. "I would never wish to
hold you prisoner, save in the bonds of
love, My presence here needs an explanation and I wil 1 make it. I have received information that an English officer Is visiting you this afternoon. It
is a matter of duty, I have been ordered far in advance of the returning
troops of Marion and Sumter for the express purpose of catching some of the
•officers at the'""gq.ri'isbi'i at: Chiirh-'ito:
, ,.'.' 'f:v::A (f.;.:ir<\', nu
A complete line
brHb'ckey- afid
(Hub skates. AI-
'$0 Hopfcey sticks
now in stocfe.   .
gggfflAL  I3L0THING   SALE.
For tlie next ten dayp we will offer our -3
entire stock o£ -Menfc anfl Bpys! Qlothing-
at great inductions,   Qur stock is large \
$ an'5 well assorted. ^Call angL -Satisfy your- e
4 ^elf as to price and quality^ * •**-' *   «
•,*. -S.-1
J-.OOS AT TKK9*C l**R*CC"eS.
S22.00r MEN^S-'S-ukTS POR''^ 17.50
Tinorriithing aud   plumbing ia  con-,
- D.50
"*V\~J{       %'*• tf*
' 13.0^
4 large assortment of me^s tweed pants
from$l.S^to$5\QOfper^ir. '"' 'w /    "
'    "u        ' YOURS FOR VALUE,'
1 *** ' f
The best of sopomprodatione
for l\s6 tbiyejing publip. .  "
McMahon jgros., -P^ops.
V •
trO-jfrBPif "gMW"ER8TCApTt.J?f"fp,
Lager baer.sold by thp ^eg o; ldozon
-Bottled. Beer
in Stock., .. ■
Qutside Orders Given StrictAttention.
 IIvuoct ~jJ«itJtci-j j^-ictjiapfj
glazier .an'd paperhanger.
All work on perfect I sur-
, {"ace guranteed. Price? ac-'
cording tp quality apd
.ptock required '  '\
Moyie, B.C.
Funeral Director
'Graduate of Champion College ol the
United States. Upholstering and general furniture repairing. Office and
store, Aiken's block, near Canadian
Bank of Commerce. -Telegraph and
mail orders promptly attended to.
Are Now Open and &sady For
Business With a EuU'Line of
Staple and Fancy      '
*M* $%!!W*?S!>W$
• You are Invited to Inspect Stock.
•    >    **■/- ,ji' '    ' ■>' '       ■        * • i ■•    i
fa illl^rniMW>*MMgMWI||1U>IB|||lllMMai^^
'' WILDLY LOB'^^O.Al.,       ,
Meets every ^lon'day.evening in fchejr
hall"on*"'iyictor{a"'"ptreet. "Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.^
W. I,. REID, JT. 0. HKAHKoDASBY, R-   S.
i.".-1 .a      '   j. K. U^DSi>', F-S..
Meats and Poultry
For tlie Holidays.
jjloyie   Miners-   Union
Meets in McGregor luill every Tuesday
evening. Sojourning 'noerpbera are
cordially invited .tp attend'., ■ a
IL H. Dimqck, P. T., Smyth,
.President.     '  , -Secretary.
B. C.
Moyie Board of Trade
Meets in the Moyie school
house on the firat Wedpesday
evening of each month at
B o'clock sharp.
J. P. FARRBlp, Pree.
A. P. Macdonald,   'Lewis Thomson,
-     Vice-Pres. ''   Sec'y.
Vfe are better prepared thau ever to
servo the people of Soutb B.BSt .Kootenay .in, pur line.
"^ho bosj.   of .Meats.   Turkey's,   Chlokeor '■
f>uoks, "Cluh §jiij Qjgters.
1   .   T '    ' I-"" «'
Seettfjp annual ^display.   ,
' 4 6H0PS   If
Moyie iForfSteelr
Cranbrook Fernie Wardner
ajid Soo Line.
A Pointer
For Your Eastern Trip,  is to See that
Your Ticket Reads via
First-class   Sleepers  on\ All   Trains
St, Eugene  International.
BARBER SHOP AtfD     '- •   -
W, R. STOHE; Prop, c
St. Eugene Mine,       { JMq>io B. C
'"i"i'i'i     -'•' ••.-.   ''■ .
. ('.?■' I
For Salk.—A six- room house and
lot iri L-.ike Shore addition. For particulars apply at this office.^; ■
from   Kevelgtoke  and Kootenay Ldg.
J'afla Dunmore Jot daily for St.
Puul, Saturdays for" Montreal and
Bo'stonj Mondays and. Thursdays Zor
Toronto. Same cars pass Hevustoke
one day earlier..
8jSl   for   Kaslo,   Nelson, ' llossland,
Slocan   and     boundary     points,"
Zlevelsioke, Main "Line aud Pacific
Coast,        .....
15,-09 for Moose Jaw    P-'undon, "Win
nipeg", etc. and nil .Eastern   points
connecting at Mncleod for Cnlg-iry
.Edmonton, etc.
Call and inspect,our clothing.
The most up to date stock in
J. J. MURPHY   & CO.'S
r   --    • - •
jrOH-V j BACJiER,   "D.i"D.1,S.,   Is.T>.   s.
~ 'JLffiMTICSX,'
Offioe and Residence   CRANBROOK
Ai>ply for Ratea, Maps, Tiin« Cards, Tickets aud
Full Iatormatiou to Nctircfit I^cal     .
Agent, "       ,'  '
A.G. P. A., Vancovc
-' ""■' ■    -    .'■'..'■   ' '     (:.     ''. *  '    "    ' "■'"
G. Hillier, Aijent, Moyie.
Christt-nas    Is. coming.    Get
'your picturcB  taken   to send
home.    PREST,  thc photographer, will visit  Moyie  on
each    Saturday".     Flashlight
pictures taken at  tlio Moyie
or at   your   room   or house.
. Leave your or-dera"   at once.
No time to delay.  ;
!' ..-■;-• ^iiotdgrapheiB,
Crin*brooic,    Moyi«V    *&»rfcSietjl6
Will Visit Moyie on
Tuesday antj Wednesday.
Prices Giveii
and;; Orders
Taken on
in tlie Printing
liine^at the


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