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The Moyie Leader Feb 11, 1910

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. * yij$$m
*">   ^l^-,
*7   W-w1
■1       j  "f-^w* ■*5ljl'
/    ^"-r^'-iLa.'''.
Do your eyes bother you?
"' Consult. W.  H. Wilson,,'
of    Cranbrook   and
Sj-. e ii-onc-.- bv purcli.'is-
inef your
TIHEPIECE from     '
Wilson, the Jeweler. ,
'j 1)      V
/lIU'VOL. 12-NO.-1.
£2 A VIiAR,
- 4
"•i(-      :fA^rr "
;S'»   >'-'l'i/;tS<S.'l
:        -^Ijft'fc
5 jffi,£&a3l
'.'* !>
Qur cash sale" of last moiithrwas so successful in
winning the appreciation of;the people of Moyie, that
severalhave asked us'to run a special cash sale* this'
mouth again, starting on thc TENTH; when they w,ill
have the cash to'avail themselves of our .great Ixit-
gaius. , This we have decided to do. The special
cash sale started ou, Thursday morning,' FebrjLary
10th., particulars of which Avill reach'everyone through
the mail:     - ''',>' .   '   ', '       '      '      i-
o^:i^.f:bb:jli:i^js. ,
'   ,„    '   - '.   VOK OU.W.1TV. ,r '    ,
That Rossland Game.,
J S33-">^'-t'&*5'55-&'-S"*i'->&-3653--j-*>5'5$^-;J I
|        GENERAL FLOAT        |
is  very popular.    A~fi_.ce place (c ^
drop'into tand spend, a-'few   mo-
iiicnts'wc always' have* a'nice ,;''. •'   '
, warm lire.       "    ',      _      , ', ,    „
E..'Q:'"'QWYNNE. ..'-■'-;.\
V 1 o
WeTseli the leading "brands" of Gro-
ceriers-and-by'buying- often we offer to-
, you the freshest of eatables. .       ' \
, We* guarantee; that our .goods ■ will
' satisfy .you:;/' .TEST' the, truth ;of   this
statement hy a trial order. * »'•■ />   .'* .. ■
-•!_,"'Get•:theInhabit/"   Go to..     „
■ Following ia tbe account ,of the
game played Weduesd.iy afternoon at Rossland between the
Moyie and Rossland teams:
Tho first frame'of the    championship      hockey,   scries'      was
played    in    the   afternoon     between Rossland' and Moyie,  and,
was won by 7 .goals to  0 by the
latter' team. 'iTho score  stood  '3
to 1 in favor of Rossland afc    the
conclusion of,. half time.    Afc  the
end of the second half each  team
had Six. goals to its   credit.'   Ou
playing extra time,' Rossland lost,,
as Moyie  by  a  lucky sliofci from
Dimock, scored again.    Ib  was' a
strenuous game, 'notable for  the
excellenfcrdefense of the goal keepers; Grady for Moyie and  Cosgriff
for Bossland.,   McWha as   rover,
Kelly" as'coverpoinfc'and Keating
as center played excellent'" hockey
for'Moyie,   while' McCaugherty,
Davidson" and Longfellow did -tlie
service for, the home team: ,t
There    are    seven   doctors
, I r
Prince Rupert.
They Made a Hit.
Stock has wintered well' in  tho
Bulkley  valley.  ,
Fernie is asking  for  additional
school facilities. ■ ' „
Alaska ia suffering   from
coldest winter in years.
**..*?**' Tr"3--?^-'
i^   im z —*- P
X^.-v^-^l^.. "V4..-Vlk..-^i..-«^.--^«.'
The* .Inland Herald,   Spokane's
new daily,'appeared Tnesda5\  "
>      '     ;r    ■    ■<    '
The O.'P. B. Nin'tbnds building0' a
$000,000 union depot'at Itegina.
That -Moyie has   the  talent    to
got up a c'reditable'Show on short
notice mostly  any  old   time   wae
again  demonstrated'  lasfc   Friday
evening,  when  the   members   of
the  hockey club gave   their  minstrel performance.    Their peifor-
manco was much superior  to ''the
ordinary dramatic entertainments
traveling   through   this   country.
The performers  knew their lines,
and tliier jokes  were, ingeniously
woven together:     Their local hits
wore clevqr. ,A=i interlocutor 13:0.
Kamm was  'righfc   onto, tho, job.
The minstrels were  II." A. l>ea-
g6n, Harold  Grady, _ Hay ,Crisler,
George Morrow,.K. D. Scinson and.
When last seen   J.   Peck   Mac-  Herb Jackson.,,  'The others   on
Swain was unloading schoonersdn
Seattle.      -        |    " ":, "",
A Afc - Nelson Monday night; the
Nelson1 hockey'team skinned the
Phoenix team . by a . score ' ofF14
to 4.
I tho stage besides the  interlocutor
Afc Victoria tlio -other day
PremieV McBrido. mode the important announcement; thac in
future when j applications were
made by railway companies for
renewal of railway cliarfcers unless very good and sufficient reason is shown, the government will
interyene an refuse the renewals.
' Mr. Ilawfchornfchwaifce, as lea-
iyar ofr the .'opposition, congratu
''.ited - the'premier   on   the  --
John,.T. l|!ack of Nelson' has.
been appointed chief -cbnsfcable
for, the ',"Wesfc Kootenay police
district."       '   ' ° ■ '       •"'
.' Already the date for the 'Spo--
kane.Interstate Fair has''beon set
Ib will be held from October 3rd
fcoSth.' "'     •       ■   .•
NVe can"offer you some excellent investments  in   land  for „
small monthly payments of  55.00     Land   is   thc  best   in-'
vestment   today,   it   is sure to increase in value anrl'is perfectly safe.    Invest your   savintjrt with   us.      Write  us   for
full   information. ' , '
-  hit
f^:?-BEiLE & ELWELL,
Cranbrook, B. O:
V    ?"•".«,*!,'
'      r'   \      .     .f-A'  "li   l^ I
'. .'■■".'AH''' .y'.*-^ •'
., ^, -A,\{XY^f\
-I im-.-m'   -WjssAtt-i
v  '■"""'.' 5'1--'-Bf-JVfrt
-", .< - ,"AiA-srA\
*..*.'&$£■'£ fl-,
. , v*.v*,V i''-   -
-    --.v'j,-,  »—%  s^-^l     '/i^^.
,     vk^^^-*bd'f
.<,<? ,Af;  -^j\r   .',
'. * i*-.,7 j:§i,r"' —
Men's Shirts and Gloves
'are the line.s I find I have too many
of at this.season. Will makesubstan-
tial rcduclious lo reduce stock.
"Harvesting Ice..
' i -  - ■'        -
-     -  A '  ,        _.      ., ',   -	
■-^TUe *icer*on stoyie*" lake , is ol
splendid ,-qnailty 'this season. Ifc
is'of about IS inches in" thickness
and as clear as crystal, The
hotels and other, places in town
are putting up a yood supply for
nse next- summer, and;a considerable quantity is being shipped
out to Creston an'd other points.
.Messrs. Mueller it Hesse, of the
Moyie Brewery, aro putting up
about 100 tons. -
'A glass of hoc milk taken just
before retiring, will often induce
sleep for .those troubled with
• A,'
/ Tho new boat now  building ' to
run between Golden, and ' Wiude
mere will * accommodate 100 pas-
"v •   . ,' i ' ■
sengers. ' '
,,1      u _ , ■_   , _,'
•In ""one day last week three
wagon loads of silver were ship-
pod bj-'. c3:_jtea8 .from. " the Trail
smelter to China. *
Policeman "Bill" Shannon,' afc
one time the "terror of the tenderloin" iu Spokane, is now house
detective at the Hotel_Spokane.
Plan Social Evening.
Fire Chief Carlisle, of ■Vancouver, has reported in favor of a fire
boat costing $100,000 to 'protect
property  along    the   waterfront.
'1^-t*S'i'*"t?*. '•"'■'J'."
''.;*2» -,
rri'VJ-v.fflar'i:   'j
^-A'&Pr'yz*' *"*■**■     *s"
<- -&z^£r. rf« xO' rfrj^r zte^zJ&sto- rf-/^z_rtr_r*^ .rfz-rfz-'rfz-rf-.' ^/_rfz_^_rfx s^ijrfz. -rfr x*s
■-.   ' '. i?
_'-    1.-
The best of accommodations f
* for  tho Traveling  Public. J,
Largo and Commodious Sample Rooms. Billiard ltooni9.      h
McTAVlSH & CAMERON  Proprietors. k.
1- '    "■    '-■■.'-  ■  .  —-IMI   .l^«..U.^MWr^r^^^»«WI^IM..rLl.r^.WI     -. n 1^ , ,f.  ff. |   -j., ■«     ■■      in-t
Don't forget Lo .sec our new prints and ginghams.
Wc   are   now showing" a beautiful
range of blouses sucl skirls for spring.
The Lidies Aid of the Presbyterian churchy will hold a social
in their -church npxfc Monday
evening, February 1-L A luncheon will be served, and au invitation is extended to all. Ifc will
commence afc S o'clock. Admission, 2o cents.
Ball on the 14ih.
- A hard times ball will be given
nfext Monday evening iu Morley
hall under tho auspices of the
Moyio Hockey Club. There will
bo good music, and thoso who
attend can bo assured of an enjoyable evening.
In Rossland tho salary of the
mayor has been reduced from $700
to §G00 a year. The aldermen receive $1 for every meeting they
attend. .   '       '
"W. G. Mc-Morris has resigned
tho management; of the Nelsou
Daily "News,and is now with the
Wostern Canada Investment
company of Vancouver.
were A. H. Roberts, Wm. Cliffe,
Thos. Sowerbufcfcs, Fred -Walker,
Wm. Reese and' Ernie MeQuade.
Profs. Chapman and Busch' were
indepeusible and- their musical
contributions ,' and , accompaniments wero par excellence.
Wm. Jleesfejdid a stunt,' repres-
senting an old- time  parsoD, and
there was nothing   better   on   the
program.    Everything was in  the j %il'r°p'^?&'*p'^
letters   of  the 'alphabet;,   and   bo
executed his  part   with   the  skill
of a David  War-Geld.
. All of the  songs  and   choruses
were' good.   Messrs.  Walker and
Cliffe' sang    "Night   aud   Day."
Herb  Jackson, -'Trans-Mag-Nif-1-
Can-Bdn-Dan-U-Alifcy.V Geo, Morrow, '"All ,1,   Get  Here  Is' Much
Obliged'to you," ' "Old  Kentucky
Home"',  by a  quartette,   Messrs.
Sowerbutts,    Reese,    Cliffe     and
Walker.   "Down on the  Brandy-
Now is your, chance  to' look*'
over our new PRINTED LIN-
°OLUEM,    Newest Spring- 'de-1,
signs shown.. '        .      ,   °m
If you are „well    acquainted' °
with- Linoleum values ail the
mere , reason, why we " shall -
he glad, tq see you."   '    <.,,!',
.We -' know"   we   are   safe > in -,
asserting that no such values
or patterns have -Deeri shown '
before hy us. \ , ,     ' ••
MacEache'rh &' Macdoriafd-
Black Horse, Big Strife
The' rich  strike  made   afc" rthe
Eij, Conven'doa in June".
A   big    national   Conservative
convention is called to take 'place«'
Black Hor3e "mine, near Murray, j at Ottawa on June 1 j&h and  10th'.,'
Idaho, has proved much more ex-1Delegates .will   bo 'chosen    fronr „
• tensive than'*' fhsfc r .reported.
When 'the ore was first broken
into it was but three "feet wide.
The ore now fills the 'full face of
drift,    lb is of high grade -milling
     ,_  _. , quality, bub that disclosed by  the
wine,, by Iv. I). Stiuson.     ."When   las„ work  don      '
the  Ebb-Tide blows," < by0  Thos.
Sowerbutfcs.     "Pood Bye, Sweet-
hearfc, Good Bye," by Fred Wal
ker.t '-Isn'fc Ifc""Singular?" by'^H.
Jackson. ' "Who Stole the Lock
on the Henhouse Door?" by the
quartette. After the show there
was, a dance and refreshments."
The A. W Cockerill Smelting
company, ot Jopliu, Mo., one of
the largest ziuc smelting concorns
iu the United States, is on the
verge of bankruptcy.
May Amalgamate.
Everything points favorably towards the amalgamation of the
Western   Federation    of    Miners
and   the   United Mine  Workers.
i ' *-
Committees from  each  organization have  been 'at  work   on   the
plaus for some time, and ifc   is  be
lieved their labors will end   satis
Tonight's Game. .
e   contains   a  large
'percentage of shipping   ore.
The work has "progressed 25
jieefc .since,■ the ,first .discovery,
which .was afc a depth of 1200 feet I delegate will lie free to   bri'n
on the dip of the veiD, and the
quality is improving steadily,
Paddy Burke, manager of the
proper fcy, announce-, that the rich
strike will hasten the construction
of a mill, on which work will
commence at once. The "Murray
district is elated over tho strike,
which is one of the bigijesfc ever
made in the north side district.
every constituency in tho  Domin-""*"  \
ion and'will .come 'together  in  a-'
sort; of'parliament* of the   Conser- '
servafcive party, to' decide in what,
way ifc  shall   be, organized    and''
upon what,platform  ifc. -shall-ap-*
peal  to  the peoplo  afc  the   next.'.:
general election.      ,'
This    is   a   thoroughly    democratic method o!!__prqeedure-   each  -
Prince Rupert's  Progress.
the issue that he tliinks 'ought to
bo raised, the plauks, that ho
fchiuks ought; to go into the platform, the " forward, jji-ogreisivo
steps that; he thinks the government; of Cauada ought to undertake. The representatives of
the Conservative electors of Can-
ado- will have the framing of tha
party policy in their  owu   hand".
There   p'roiui-ics  to   be  a  good
Priuco Rupert is applying to
tho British Columbia Government;
for a charter, building a ten thousand dollar hospital and asking
tenders for the construction of
a sewerage system. There are
ueaily live thousand peoplo at
the new town and the most conservative    citizens  estimate   tiie
Newspaper at   Stewart.
, A newspaper has been started
afc Stewart, D. C, by IWy F-
Godenwratb, one of the be=t
known journalists in the country.
The first issue was got out at
Vancouver ,but in'a few weeks ic
will bo published afc Stew.ut.
Conservative Meeting Called.
A meeting of all members of
tho Conservative party in Moyio
is called for next Monday evening
at the Leader office. Tho meeting
will deal with tho appropriations
required by the town, aud other
important matters. All membei;-
aro requested to attend. The
meeting is called for 7:-'50 o'clock.
The Crow's Nest Pass Lumber
Co, whose headquarters are afc
Warduer, is erecting a now sawmill of 00,000 feet capacity at Galloway, eight miles from Elko.
turnout afc the rink touighfc to see i possible population  a  year  from
the burlesque hockey game between John Hall and Uncle S.im.
The game is called for 7:30 o'clock.
cow afc ten thousand.
Had a  Fat   Ye
■--.4 ,
. I"-'
'     '•!
John L Sullivan was married
thc other day iu Boston to Miss
Kate lfarkiii", and they aro now
touring Etiropo. Miss Harkins
is V3 yeard old. She was Sullivan's boyhood sweetheart;.
Why the Show" Ciosed.
Editor Leader: -Kindly   pcrmifc
me through your columns ro apologize for the lack of notico   given''* par cent to. tho tn-tomeis   who
to patrons of the   Kussell   Moving ' weie      nou-shareholdoi s. The
Picture    Theatio    when     eloping - gross business for   tho   h ilf  year
down, aud to -iy that this   could   amounted to S2l,uG0nnd   tho   nol'j bi'nJr'.'colicBP,' which" is'hK lu'.I
On the business douo last year
the Rochdale Co Operative stoiv
afc Trail dechu ed a dividend of 10
per cent to  the  shaieholdors  and
New Land Registrc
S.imuel P. Roe of Victoria lias
been appointed registiar oE l.unl
titles for the Kootenay distiict,.
tiie appointment to dace iro'ii
l-'ob. i.j. Ho succeeds tho late If
R. Joiand of Xftlsoii.
Borleske's New Position.
\"iin;eiit I>jrle,-ko luvs pr-iclii'illy
coinplft'-d arrangonifuts t > !■"-
I'iniuj athletic direr'tor  at   Colum-
Trip to the   Mines.
Capital   Authorized $10,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up  5,000,000 00
Reservo   Fund  ."
Cranbrock, Arrcwluad. Golden. Kamloops, Michel,   NeAv   Michel    ||
Fernie, Nelson, Rcvelstoke. Victoria, and Vancouver.
Drafts and Money  Orders sold avaiblc in any
part of the World
Savii.ga   lkink JX'pai'tinunl.
Interest allowed on deposits from  date  of deposit.
lYI^s Brr.A^GF.       J. F. M     P'WKHAM,   MnP?-";pr
g      Through  the  kindness   of   the
9 j management of  tho   .Society  Girl
9 i Mining  Company   several    inter-
®  cstcd persons were taken up   iu  a
g;-sleigh   to  see   the  property    last
i} I Sunday.
i; Cranbtook Her dd:—J. F. M.
q Tinkam, manager of tho local
% bianch of tho Imperial Bank, has
%  been  ti.iiiofurrcd  to   the   Scrafch-
Pi.nkham Leaves   Cranbrook.
A skyscraper exclusively for
the uso of physicians is to be
built iu New "York. The building
will be dubbed "The Doctoiium,"
aurl will contain 2o0 suites of
rooms, each adapted to the use of
Fashionable Fifth avenue, New
York, is infested by pickpockets
and street walkers, and ifc is unsafe for a man with any considerable sum of money iu his pockets
to walk at night from Dclmonico's
to the Waldorf.
not be avei ted.' Tho reason for
the cessation of operation was au
action taken by tho iubiiraiico
company without; giving the
management; any warning. It
is probable, however, that the
show will be reopened in other
quartets afc no distant date.
Thanking you in advance for your
valuablo'space V.' Ci CAPMAX
Moyie, J "eh. 11.
profils to $2,().K)
Alii ton, Oregon.
3! &   W
coua branch and   he   will  bo  sue-
r -->/T Y^ nif^,*  '•><> **5 Vi.n'-  - *t ;i -ir i
? ■=»!'-'
de I Iv:
. it.'i'ijll
l.-v II.   ~\V.   S
npplo,  oi
A resident of Errickson while
gazing afc the comet tho other
evening swallowed alighted cigar.
A drink of cold water administered by a friend who happened
to be stauding near reliovcd the
sufferer, and the victim of this
jiioFfc ppiM-.liar nceidcut i-- no'\
'initOiunJi.-uIf again.
The Portland   Hotel.
Considerable   Hercules    money
is finding its  way  iuto   Portland.!
Eugene    11.    Day    and      L'.dwaidj
Boyco   havo   just   become   inter-'
ested with I'en and W. S. Norman |
and others in tho Portland  Hotel,
one of tho fiuost hosieries  in   tho
.-* *r\ f*
or, A
Commencement of   Lent.
AVcduesdaj   was  Ash   Wednesday and urn-kid the beginning  of
I rent. •   l-U-
f-'.lU on *M v
At the  DayJight  Store,
trZii%Jix:rr~J S3J.>0i-3a.ug»v>^j^w,c.s--r-^*-wm
Ml TJIF. LftAY)Ii:n. MOVJii, HKITI'SII COLl/MM-A.  \-3 i  rv,  fi !'  w /  '���fV  '"V  s>- ..  ~^ ���*,  /  **���    ,_,  1 "i  J      l-U             1  ^  *���',' ,4/  .'^"-fi  ���TH*  ?v  'A:  iftf  '.;:"!  "SI  US  m  �����  lr"  yj;  ���^Ci".  .THE MO.YIE LEADER. ^'''M *'����� *.�������"  -  .-_   ----_.__.__���_      ._. ,$2-jU are   really   'worth    only  "-Piltliahedhi thiMinheres 1 of ihe people j from 55 to $10 apiece.  of Moyie' ami .Ensl JC.oot.snig-.^      ] *"���"- ���  ��� ���'      :,..-,..    .'     .. _ ...j     fcraiibrook'   is     after     the  1-7. j. SMYTH. P'.'ijrjijjji-jt.       : branch    land    registry   office,  -=-_- -=t-t--=��� .-. -.-.,-,_-_ ^ -^ ��� c],   ['here  ii?,    every  assur-  Jautv will be   located   in   Kast  __       ^_.=_^. ���  .Kooiuiay.   ���    We   understand  Kin. 01 MJiJijcitur-noN,, Jtbat  already   several   persons  pue Year   ..  '.'.    $2.00,  j ��'m> P^P-���"g to , make   appH-  l cation for the position of  land  y^$Ss��A--y-  J-'HIDAT, FEB.,   11, 1910.  Scotland is the only country  in tlie world where the Je\>  cannot anake a living-;*   '  " Better hotels iu  Movie   will  ' / 1 "       1  'he.one of the verv best   adver-  v-ti-seineuts'the tb*,vn can have.  ti  ��� 1 Jeffries is accused of beinq;  "���rouchy while, in SpSkaue,  But then what else could vou  expect from a pnzefi^fhtev? '  ' Xo, o-eutle l-eader, 'Moyie is  not celebrating Chinese   New  Year.    It has not 'been   celebrated here for lo these 'many"  . moons., '       .'  " People who argue that automobiles will do away with the  horse'forget that''the" mousetrap has not done away- with  thecat.    - , '  , -  . .     "  * ��� s ���  Ca+eful and 'comprehensive  search of all records  available  �� i       '  reveals the fact that   the' -only  time   .when -beef   was hip-her  than' at'prcseut v'as when ,lhe  'cow jumped over the moon.  Patriotism  i�� 5.-5-5-3I "J-**^""* "**-5 5S **5"*��:* 9999 >"*���>���'fc  J    , WORLD'S   DOINGS. B? |  15--jr*��-59-$S-53*3-533-*��"S tt9& $9997i  jregi.iirar. Moyie has ,a man  who is thoroughly capable and  who would make an exemplary public official. * J. A. B.  Macdonald is just tlie.niau for  the     position,, providing"   he  would accept it.  ��� , Within five years Uruguay will  have 110,000  olive  trees,  capable  of producing 2,000,000  pounds   of  Lead Prices.to- Soar.Ioliva3aml50iOOQ.galloii3o��oil- ���  1 ��     ' .  1 fc wa? tho custom in medieval  times to serve roast meat on a  spit and to pass' ifc round tbo  tables for each guest to cut o/V  what he liked.  The stomach is n larger factor in "life, liberty nnd the pursuit of hnppiness " than mobt people are av-.arc. Putriot.&m  run withstand hunger but not dyspepsia. Tlie confirmed dyspeptic "is fit for treason, stratagems und spoils." Thc man  who goes to the front for his 'country with a weak stomach  will be a weak soldier and a fault finder.  A sound stomacJi makes for good citizenship as well as for  health and happiness.  Diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and  nutrition arc promptly and permanently cured by the use of  Dr. PIERCE'S GOLDEX MEDIG'AL DISCOVERY.  It builds up the' body .with sound flesh' and  solid muscle.  The dealer who offers a substitute for tho "Discovery" is  only seeking to make the .little more profit realized on tho  sale of less meritorious preparations. ' ,  Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser is sent free  on receipt of stamps to pay expense of mailing only. Send  31 one-cent stamps for the paper covered hook, or SO stamps  for the cloth bound. Address World's Dispensary. Medical  Association, R. V. 'fierce, M.'D., President, Buffalo, N, Y.  L O. O. F.  Illicit-}- Lorlffe fio. -1 S.  Meets Tuesday evenings in "McGregor  hall on   Victoria street.   Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  Fni:i. Km:. F. J.iSiivxir.  Noble Grand. Sccr'y.  Moling, lie r.oil(,-e Sfn. 37  K. of P.  Meets every Thursday  evening in McGregor  hall nt. S o'clock. ' Visiting biolhers invited.' ,  K. D. Stinsox, , E. A.'*Hu.i,  ChancellorCora. K. R   &.   S.  POSTAL    PHOTOS.  -We do not wish to.boost oue  'railroad over another, but it is  a face - worthy of notice, that  the Soo-Spokanc*'* trains' are  skiunino: the' other transcon-  iineutal lines in tlie way of  reliable'service this winter.  Winnipeg has IS million-  xiires, aud oue of them,?is' a  pai.sqij. Re-,. Gluts. W. Gordon ("Ralph Connor) is  amongst the bunch. IX. L.  prewery ancl J. D. McArthur  are also iu the list.  In a recent issue of the "Wallace Daily Times",'of Idaho,, "appears an interview with Odo. I Piston foruieily editor of the fcindqn  -Mining St;andard,.bufc,no.v a mining engineer iu Id-dio. Huston's  hobby, is lead and zinc mining,  and he thinks tlie outlook for lead  is extremely bright. To a'Times  reporter discussing the situation  across the border he is quoted as  follows:  "J have been a student of lead  more or less ��� since 1S01.', Tu' the  history of the nntili I do not.  think that we havo,ever 'faced a  futuio more bright with   promise.  '���The present 'consumption of  lead stocks is enormdu-, but there  is no corresponding increase in  production, in the United Sfcate?,  that will,keep pice with the fufc-  lire demand, New lead districts  are remarkably : scarce and. by  reason of certain economic effects  growing out of -the handling of  the' situation by , the doin'nanl  influence iu lead, ifc does not appear as if any quick relief need be  looked for.  " '"The dominant "influence 'referred fco above is the, Araericui  Smelting & Refining compvny,' >or  the Guggenheim^. ��� Tlieir   control  When the new Knights of Columbus ��� building in Spokane is  complete ifc will represent one of  the fiuest ,'of the .chain of mure  than a score- throughout ithe  country. Almost, every city "of  sizi iu the. United States has  built; or is planning a ^ new edifice  fco bo built by and .dedicated to  fche' order.'        '   . . ,       ' .  1 Bhvin Abbey,.-.the American  artist who painted for Kingi Edward his coronation picture,'  started his career by setting typo  as a boy in fche office of a Phil.i-'  dolphia newspaper.  I make a specialty of Postal Plio'to work. Prices, 4  for 50 cents��� or $1.25 a dozen.  , i j *   l  3MISS FLORA DEAGON.  t.   Joseph's ; Convent.  '-'   NEI.SON.B. C'.  Trail   Gold and   Silver.  , 'jrfoftrding and D.iy School conducted by Sisters of JSfc. Jpsepli. Nelson,  B. C. ' Commercial and business  courses a specialty. ��� Excellence and'  swift progrR8B characterize' each department, Parents should write for  particulars. ,'Oue month, assures the  public lhe   thoroughness   of   the  Sisters''methods of teaching.! Terms  commence January', April and Sept  Pupils are admitted duriue term.  r1' Ji   .- I- . '  Sullfirk I.otlffe, ISo. 55  A. V.   ��   A. M.  pp Regular   meetings  "   on the  first  Wed-  ncsday ,   of , each  month.  Visiting brethern welccrue.,  ,H. Chnpmani AV. ��r.     ,  N.' W. liurdetb. Secretary.  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71 W.F. of M.  Meets in'McGregor hall every Saturday evening. Sojourning 'members  are cordially invited to attend. '  Albeit Gill,. James Roberts  President.   ���    '   <       ' Secretary  Harvey,    McOarter   &  i' , ���*���'  _ Macdonald.  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc  i -  Cranbrook,   -   -    B. C.  The following resolution was  sent to the Dominion government  by the Associated'Boards of Trade  of the Kootenays: '  ��� "Whereas the only -refinery' in  Canada prodiicing'g'old and silver  is located afc Trail, therefore.,,in  order ' that ..-Canadian gold ��� and  silver may be used' for coining  purposes,  then Dominion   govern-"  ment  be   requested   to   purchase  :,-'     .   .���.*' -i-      ,        u ...  of the indu-itry' has been 'nearly' Sold aud silver at Trail'"' on ��� the  absolute since organization, The *5ame basis^as the United Scates  effoifc has been to confine prod tic- P,u'cll'**ses these metals through  tiou within the consumptive dc-' 't& assay offices located ,at such  Imand, through control of the nia-   Point's as Seattle,   Helena,   Mont.,  Indications seem favorable  for a sharp advance in tlie  price of lead. As nearly tlii-ee  fourths of the lead 'produced  in Canada is mined at Mo3'ie,  it is easy to understand whv  the people here are so optimistic.  Springfield Union:���Why  not get Carrie Nation to referee the Jeffries-Johnson fight?  Her encounter with the proprietress of a dance hall in  Butte, Monl., a few days ago  showc-d   that   Carrie  i.s 'rip-hl  chinery of manufacture.  '���They < have eliminated the  gambler of future*, by providing  their own system of price insur ,  a'ici\ Prices in tho main have  beeu steady and remunerative.  On the whole their influence from  a  been beneficial to the industry  Whatever may be said agaiust  the Ouggonlieiin'd legimp, from  the produceis side this patent  f.icfc standa ont. Lead, during  fche period of their dominence,  has maintained a far healthier  tono than any other common  metal, both from a production,  consumption and piirjo point cf  view-. Its quick recovery during  the late   panic   was   a  and other places and -therefore  prevent fche exporation of Canadian gold."'-  I        ,  - ; ANMUAL  Eastern  Canada ',  ���EXCURSIONS '  Low Kouik! Trip lCutu-j to  ' l      , '  Ontario. Qjneoec and  r ,       . t .' .  Maritime Provinces.  Tickets on,Sale Dec. 1 to' Dec. 31,' inclusive, good' to return within three  months. , Tickets issued ^in connection  AtUnlic Steaiiibhiii Business will" be <?u  sue from Xovemb"er;21 'ai'ul limited- to  five'months firjiii date'of issue.  Pinesl Iiquipmeiit, Standard Tirst', Class  and Tourist Sleeping Cais and Dining  Cars'on all Through Trains. Compart-  ment���Ivihrary���Observation Cars on  "Impeiial 'Ivimite\l" anrl "Atlantic  Iv\press."  W. F. GURD, ,  .   '  BAKIlISTKll, SOLICITOK, ETC.  OLIVER TYPEWRITER  For Sale  For $125:00  Easy Payments.  F. J. SMYTH.  MOYIE,   B.   C.  ^ Mr*  St>,i'. o. uox sol c             rnoyi3. 73   -c>  |                                              '          ' '.,     ..               A                     |  | East Kooienaj' Botting Co    |  W r,���  0��� Cranbrook,   B. C.      ^ <���  ( l i  t * i     ,  Manufacturers of all kinds of carbo na'ted  beverages. "\Vo spare no expense to have  our goods the, best on the market..  i '<  There are, others, But!!  5-W ���C-*^-*<!,S5-'^-*<;.,��5!!->J!.--C- -��5- -<5?>C- -��w >C- >i- 'C- >C- -��*��� <C->5��C' ���<r^.'-c*I\';V  CRANBROOK.  B. C  <������  DE. F, B. MILES,  .'<-..  Graiibrook, B, O  The Miners' Union  I - ' -. I " .  , 1 'l  r i  tr l.i'  ���    Will do well at Lhe''. beginning-  of  the' year to'  ���   pass ii resolution as these three  people  .George H Thompson,".,  ',   . Baiihjstl.k,    Solicitor    ,   \  i     Notary J'ujiUC, itc. p.  CRANBROOK,'    Briuish Columbia  W. R. BEATTY  1 I c  <��� ' 'Embaltner and Undertaker,  Phone 9.       '  CRANBROOK  No Car   Shortage.  Talking about  ear  shortage*,' ifc  con*umptivo    standpoint;   has j must, be a thing  of  the -past 'fur  fche, C. P. it'didn't do a thing but  pull one off tho trucks and made  ifc into a freight shed for the pro-  gioosive town of lllairmore.���  Ulaii'moi'0 Enterpi i.-o.  3-Through Express Trains DaiIy-3  T. T. McVittle.C.E ,1'  L. S.r   , II. Y0 I'nrker, C  McVITTIE & PARKER  PitoviNci.ii. Land Sorvkvino  railway & 3^^���I^o   excixkkkixc  ti  Estimates Furnished.  .'   '      0FFJGE8'=-=="-----=---���  Kort Steele P. O. Box 23.  Cranbrook P. O. Box 11. '       '   .  While ifc is often impossible fco  prevent an accident, it is never  impossible to be prepared���ifc is  not beyond any-one's purse. Tii-  vest 23 cents in a bottle of Cham-  niosfc   in- j berlain'-* 'Liniment   aud   you   are  structive aud astonishing   porfor-  jpar.flQ.  "ll.irring the ocenrnne-*   of sueli  pinir-s as during 1007,   T   do   not  see how   Lhe   region   can   escape  feeliiiR some ot the effects   of  the'  strong demand  during   the   next!  fivo   year-.      Of   nil   the met��l-M  | lead has the l.right.-sfc  fittuie.   all j  lover the woi Id.     lts   U;.-G   -s   00.,  prepared for sprains, bruises aud  like injuries. Sold by ttho uMoyio  Drug <fc Stationery Co.  TnE ������TOItOXTO EXl^.RESS"  leave.srWi!im[.eg daily at 22.40, , jiiakiut,r  coniiccLions at .Toronto for all points  E-ist and AYi'ist. The "IiMPJCRIAI.  IjIMITI'-JJ" leaves Winnipeg daily at  IS. 15. and the "A'JXAXTICiiXl'RKSS"  at S.00 daily, making connection.-, at  Montreal for al! points .Hast "thereof.  Apply to the nearest; C. P. lY  agent for full particulars.  BUY   YOU 11  j commg. '--uch a f.u-toi' in   common- ,  there with the wallop when   it '^b ncW'-MMc,   (,f   ]\rPt   t]]ftfc   __���!  i     ,i      r   1    ��� | production tmi-i: ipncivn flipp-ira  comes to the fii'huu''' c-aine.     I'               .           Hunouiep.iin-  '       ���           _.    ..",.      ".   '                  j^t attention nf capital in   the   effort to supply the demand."  u hen   the   sul.jeel   of   jire-1 . .    p*rc-ci foo,hs i^ liientioned,   the  n nne of C. W. Post leaps   in-  ,sta ltly tq   mind.      This   man  h is an annual incqme- of 'close  to    a   million . dollars. ,.      He  spends each year'^750,000.' in  r.dvertisin.q;   Grape ' -Nnts,   and-  1 is     other.     Pq:."tuin    cereals'.  There's a'reason.   .���������...  Wm. Jewell  Express and General Delivery Business. L.ivery and  Feed Stable.  WOOD   AND    COAL  .People    should    he-careful  a'xmt   buyin��    lots    in  The Hell  of It.  "Please, your -Sitanic Majesty."  beggeri a. lost soul who'was Ashing j.  from the banks of a " boiling /lake,  "can't I try my luck somewhere  else? I've been fishing from thi--  blamed plape for the'last hundred  years and havn't had a bite yet."  , "That's the hell of it,'" explained  ..his Satanic Majesty.  For Sale  Leave Outers at  Cw) line's Store.  Do yor, know that croup can be  prevented-. ������' five  Oiiambeiltiiu's  Fort '�����������".gli ]!'i"'f*dy   as   soon    as   ths j  mY^r,^       Im1,���    ii        , t   ['-''did becomes hoarse or even after;  G^oioe,    Johij (. Houston, edi- j u^ croiipy cough appears  and   it!  tor   of   the.    Jribune.  at   that:  will prevent tho   attack.  11   is j  that   some   of   tho!"lHO a cei't!,in C!ll'�� 'f-Jf croup   and!  ' . ' .   ' i'las never   been- known���  literature, sent out is   mislead-1 ^,,],j  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  .Am-or.o ponding o BlictoH nnd rlpscrlptinn niny  nnlclily luincrmln our opinion friio n-hcllic'r 1111  invijiitlon la prohnliljr T'l'tiinrfihio. 0'ir:nmin!.\i-  . tlnnni" ric.lv ronlWcnl In!. hAKUSOOi! on I'liri-nU  etjnt rnsc. filrlc.it iiccncy tor boimiiuij,' luitontri.   ,  1'niuut.B tiikon tliroiiBh f.imin ,t Co. rccoivo  eptctiit notice, wiiliout cb<ire<3, lutho  place., says  and    that   1-��*.-"���. tIt.uL  by the  "\loyit;  tioncrj' ro.  to   fail.  I'rug   6c   Sta-I  Scientific Htnericaii.  A lmnrtaomclr I'.lnstr.--to.'l irr-r-trly. IjirK'.rt cir-  ciihil.ioii ot any ��� srit-!'i.-��.�� juuni/.!. Tuniis t.ir  ('n.np-tla. SU.7.1 u y;">',' tiostui;.- i-miml.!. .Solil t-y  fill liu.i'sJuuk'ls.  ,MllNfil&Co.36,B������l��v. New York  Ill-Hue!'. :>r-l':r>, Cl'j V SUVircsliiiiaion. D. C.  Nifty Spring  SUITINGS  Fl NE NEW STOCK of tlie  nattiest in Spring1 Suitings  from' eastern and ICnglisli  manufacturers just received,  They are undoubtedly lhe  handsomest and most distinctive fabrics that, have  yet been offered and lliobc  ���who would have 'something,  .select in a Suit for; spring  [should leave their order'.;  early. A fit guaranteed and  'at--a'reasonable price.  Pressing- and Cleaning  Done  Prices E-ig-ht.  C. fl. FOOTE  .Merchant Tailor.  MOYIE, ''���! B. C  Cigars  Tobaccos  Fruit and  Confetionery  FltOM  A. B. Stewart  have; done:*,, fhat^ before spending their money elsewhere, for  they will .examine and'enquire into the price of.  R 0 C K K R S  aud   other, lines  of furniture carried by the  CRANBROOK CO-OPERATIVE STORES.  Stock Taking Season  will be here February 1st, and for the next 30  clays   we' will  give  a very special price in all kinds of furniture.  Here Is a sample.  Bed, spring, mattress, dresser and stand  all for S24.50.  Cranbrook   Co-Operative    Stores  Thos. Summers  Cigars,   Tobacco,   Print  and  Confectionery.  Moyie B  TOYS,    NOTIONS    ETC.  South   Victoria   St.  Mm  ���Tfl K���  f  As made by fche present brewer i,��*admifctedly the ��  'iiest Meor in East Kootenay.   "\Vith tho Boat -Malt 9  and the Purest Spring Water it is unexcelled  for ��  quality.    Jurist on having Moyie Boer. ��  BOTTLED AND DRAFT BEER  DBS,\UI.MKH     IlHOS.    I'opn.  liiiryc eamplo room in connection  wilh house for commercial men. Beet  of accommodation.  Headquarters  for   Commercial and 'Mi ni tig Men".  Queens avi* i\l OYJE, 13. 0-  SEND YOU It   WOUK    TO  THE  KOOTENAY  STEAM  LAUNDRY.  NELSON', ;'  All White Labor.  m  MUELLER & HESSE,   PROPS.  0  0  9  ����������������5����������������������ej^����eo��������������������^(������0#^1j_wew^<r��>9��j><lw  0Y1E  P. F. JOBJVJSTOJV  This Hotel is New and well Furnished, The  Tables are Supplied with the Best the  Market affords. The Bar is Filled with  the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  Laav'e work with the    local ngent  ���9  HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMERCIAL %  AND MINING MEK ' |  ~      ���-. ��� ���'���'-'     - 'BKlTISlICOlDMllU   8  A, B.  STEWART, e��<>g��t����oeao<Mtt���������9^��e8eeg<>e9g��ooa��w��acce����g��<a��','<'��***  MOV IK  I 1-. mm  A  'I  ���'M  ���*����*��*w��tBfiMrBa��egaB  HSBBR  f  'JiJ�� LEADEJi, MOYIE, iJIUTISir CCK.t^n'IA.    "'-  lu'.;.Ii<l ���., !i|i tin- 1i>iiI<j1<- old women mIki nn* till}  wt.is of ihi-o iulnir I dog., 1 ���������� 1*1 I" mw-lf.���"rills'  "-'iiili In low ml tin- w iTf_- of ITiis-M-ln, Ihi- towaid tlie  f"nI'llI-.Ill 1 it; ni in, house' Zilk'lU.i ��h.iil bo join-,, my  '-mi: I will up iiu'd -peak to lid- f.nlu'i- ijcfrrn: sundew ])."  'J lir- li.iig.iri vwi- (rom; marie, IlKUiyl: tin ill t.'iHs (if  tin' in it i i.ijri- M-nc disciis-ed' for 'ong hours ovr  I tl j jf ���.. Noiihor Initio nor bridegroom was present.  Win ii tin- two i-l Ii'is li.itl nl last finlsliid thi'ir'diseus-  .shut tli*- l.icl ��,i^ liiforim.il tint' hN tuith li.td been  Illfi'ilrrl roilowil h\ liii friend-, In' i.u. about tho  v Mage filing guns tn i!i.;l,r' public t'ho joyful new-,  lii.it lii' w.i- -imjji to In- wedded Id Zulelka., Jt \\av.  I' ilr-i 0. fidim tin"--ini'<l of ine firing giim, tint tin1 gill  f.r-l -n-pcr-Mil ih.it -he w\is ci'gnirid lo be iriinrlifj.  J-!a  Ii,-<1 lint  been r'i.h-illl<<l in nn.',' \\:i\  A -M cond jiitiM i lew between tin1 f,".'hcrs" followed,  mil tliin a little Piter the w lirjlc of lhe |,uri,li.W money  fimo appraiid ,j,i the nvno, dic-sr'il in her richest garment- mill i )o-, |y wiled.  She tuoiiutid on :i white mule ami wii-r conducti d to  lier lui-ili.iiiiis house. Al liK door'Jliis-i'ln tv-is iiwnU-  ing licr. He 'handed lo lnT n vase of w.iti r, with  which sho -pirnkhri the ns-cmhlcd people. Nobody  know- \iii-, tin, k doiii', only that il liii�� always beim  rJrjiH' und thai it is right to Uo it.' '  A basket containing eousoou-, rnils ami cakes wis  no.\t li.tiiilirl to Zuioika, v, ho was still -sitting upon her  white mule 'Tin'"-,-' -victual- ''lir* th.'i'H- tr> tin' crowd  'In tlio basket she found nn ankle bracelet, w incli she  kept fm hei-olf. U-wns tin- symbol of the chain vC  wrdlork vv,lihh she lnrl n>,Mime<|,  ncnrcfiiitli the, duties r|f Zuli-ik.i, besides child  bearing.' criiiiptKcil all thr- drudgery of Ilii-wlu'-.  household. 1'cides this. M"' ���'-"' I" Vf-'in* cloth for  hi- appiui'I, and il was her duty'also to jirr-p ire thu  eou-scotis on, which he icoaled hinxaclf.   The hatdcbt of  Zl l-KIKA .sat on tho sunny mountainside bo-  , lUMtli the i.Ji:.<l1c of it wild or.-uw trYv. Just oiu-  Mr'.o the littl<> viiln��i> In Knliyli i ' \\ licic si'i?  ilvid with her f.itlu-r and uyiilior nrd "v.-liv'iV '  , iho .itid a!) lur lirnilKTs n.i.0 msiIts V.-'iv horn  and-iviiictl. s-'ho wh-. ns lirnun ife tin- VailNvheto Ihu  pkuiKh h.iil'inrt'/'il lt.-l't'd-rLl'" -.im-s tij'on which -she  k,;i mis Inieiis.-ly uiccn. Ovcrhcail In thy folia;-..: nf  tlie irni! w-crc f,-rt'.-i< -plushes of ^*i>Jd, r. illi wliieli '  pcipli-'whllo .sjil.ishe* .ilni-JMiffi,,  '       ' *!  I .      -, ' ' I f  Hlic.uas (wl.slin-.- with hor s|ci'Ucr brown fin^ci-j  m.O deftly wc.ivln-,' a braid offc.iiup-IIs h.ilr, wliloli  Hii-r l.roun iiUrt. lied ii hlcli w tii-u llnNhcil v'-itilil srivfr  to *-i-JJ l-i t-iinic Ar.ili itif-rcfli.itit Toi  his licmMics,'.    A.s  l ���*���  Micuv.oi-l.id -tic cii.-itiKil n \.did, .-'iinous Ktibylc souk,  1m-.iiIiik tunc mi the fiish j.'rceii ^r.i-s with Her Muall.  Ui:c.   liiiiuu. foot.     With   her blown   lilllc   foot   she  ��� oiild   liiiltiit,..  on   the ;:u-en   ^-r.iss   tlie  soiin/l  of  lhe  tuin loin     .  Shi'   was  it   \(M-'y   piclt\   little cre-ilure,   with  l.mjj,  iMiilinz lil.u-k  'nir, v. hi -li in l,w -ti-.il!-lit  shore wll'i  )-!lii(s    ot    blue.    Her    c.i cs    i\     alii!.iinl    ch.ipcd,  full. dmJv .-11111 KetiiJe.     II(i  little nose  was \i-i-y linely  tn-drllid. nnd.iwr j)j<-ilv hu.uIIi  wn- n.l nnd  lowly,  llli-i n h.ilf blown d.im.isl. ro-e.    Slie w,is :is ri],e .-is a  l'x li. a-, a  lion >y liy    w heil  lhe t-liu   b.is  luinid   1;  to  the (oli.i , f niniMn-  i  lii-r beautiful   biily   was of  the coloi   of coffee  to  which mill; has been tu.mil���Mich coflec Jis ihL- Kab.i-  tiiiiis tli-Ink w hv'n (hex l.-uii-ti home rto-n lon^ nnintlu  or Hading In  i:i  IiJ.-y.ili- or in ivnioii :  Tiinl colli is  luw iwiiib thei   h.i\e |.niin��l  mill; frotiijllie f,-":.l, -is  the Krtunils do lu  tho-e mi'iil   houses  in   lhe disla.'t  , t'"wis  wliei,. tin-,-,. K fcold- -;oJ(l���ar-tl   whuv  tlio .sjl-  dlusjno. win, nr" ��-i,ch tine men.  The Most Jealous Men.  It was not llKhtr-for her lo think of the poUUci--. nf  UN' Itournl soldlei/. Jn their blue ai .1 nil, for she wits  ���"*���> K��K��i ns piomixd to n husband. m:<t In K.tliyll.i  nun mo je.iloits More Jeali.iis ine the men in K:ib\-  li-i limn nnjuheii. d-e In the woild, and w liocwr  "IKiiks to tlu- ,.,-(������ ���f ntiiill et in.iii <.r lo the r,-ii! who N  t'rrimls,rt t��� Htiother miisl die at the n.mie time when  Hie woman Olcs  J I"' m.in to wlmm Hln was- pinmi-til u:is the s,,u  r'f the rle|���.sj in,-,,.!,.,,,( (,, die \ll!.i-,e, one w ho li.nl  "ai'ss. ,\   ,���,���;,   ���, u,   |(|   _|(i,   ,1(UM���  (-||   ,,,,.  tu.lvl   ,mi,  l"'Jond the M.i- In .pies which tho tt.iii'iif- iiih.i! it.  Hid mm, ti��.. line f.tliii li. unknown This wmiiIi  li'i-l si en her n:,l i,,���i , ,,���K|,t r;tl. .,, ,i���. u|���|,i ���| her  '"���"'''""is bentn-i and ���!.,,,. fot wt.i ile-liMble she  1'Mrkc.l to |,|m ,,s k|l|, ,.|()U|^   ��� ||lvU,  U]( t|l(,  ,������,������.,,���,,  1'dli, win, her loumhd ���, ���,s trn-.wn l-.i. I. w-ml, -up-  I'-'itbii,- the jap of water.  Sl,<* I'-id put .io- j.���. ,-iowu am', sl-hcd. for <\ - -.. ������-  a n'tle <li<d aiid the M::y sittrwas eerv waring Then  ^ Imd sat'd.jwn lo .��.���.  a whil  'I'i.- ciimel'.s hah- f,���  IH'alli ii,.,- ���,.,!  ���'"i--. or braid, which the Arab* wear.  Mio  u-as a very  f.iscii,-it!n;,-  Utile   ii'mKl.��� Hhu  had  ���VUT been etlueiu,-,! like the (wo .biu^hlcrs of a ��el>:u-  '>y wi���, i������i ,���.������ hhinj.,it ii(i |lfec |,j.(>iu.li kJ.n. t1i(,v  m\ taiiKlit (oo ,���,ji,y Hiiiius. and (lie men of the  ^'���.^"1-ed  askance upon; them/ X^.   Kabylc  '���'"y a. Katiyl,. Kir!.'vi-..,.'.'learned lhe wars- of Ilu-  loniinl wonii-ii     'ci '      *   '  l.i ii itii "ie w-omnn who ,-an  read aud write  w| '"       ' wir'' r'"' Kab.vle.'Moijr or Arab.    The Woman  writ t!"' n"'U' "' tT"''  "' 1,'tl,'''*; lhat  a swcethi'Mi't  ���wi..?'  "'"' w"l:l"  *v!'" 'an   wrllc can   wrile  letters.  ^"''.m:e iu,, ,',���. ������. iM1���,:lmrs ,.,.,.���_    A( ���,._.,' ���_  v'"';:'"'   "���h"<'   '"'   '"   r-'irls.���r   .he   villas   of   llicir  h ���Mv'eiide l" 1'":U'''i"'1 :li,(1  l'i'*l'<-l'lliln-n.  I hey remained  l<-< <���' - lU'ii-'i'dent on (lie -rud.L'in- bottti'ty and pro-  \h^-r  father.     They   were   peinlea  at   ::ud  I iilLlud .:! it's .,!.! il .t'cl ���  li. inii.s .u:,i u.uhf in t: I ,  li.u c UO'll- ot th.'-ii  /.i-h 'k.i   kne\.   tint'.l"l:  ;,'e.lis i Id.  jtisl' l-C^II  who hid In.en sj.i-'-ul h\   V\ >  I\.-M!ii s, ,i, ;he f ill1, ni wo.i'tl  She w.is mil i,i> ie twi l\ e  In i;. tope and \ m,'i ii I ��n I- < i this a^e -ue  MlrT   to   - Ik'.v,   |o   pupl,e   li i    illi        III   liie  ual  isail taken rcil  >m allllle liafr whii-h she wore be-  ���r.r' and  had lie��uii (,, Mvlst. the small  vil-  wotiM  (!-������ Uell  liii.iiiil.itsi- if K.ibvllt i L' I I- lills'iiid ti ���' l be foi o  sin- . i lew n j i .its . 1,1 < id lit to In sold o.\ li I I.'I hei.  Zuliiki'-   f.it'i. ���- i \,ie. ln<  to 1.1 I   i l.ii i-i   sn u i. r her,  b(.!ll-l s'te w.js lliltlMi ,J,\ In tlllllll1 I'l'ill |- lici.il-  ilil-Ki I. -l.e ui"t. Ill lid.I is mill li .is Ine t t'll.lliil  ll '.in s  This win.'! be Inn htndiiil J * i y\ -��� ni re Iliiu li< r  ���iulir li.el fei. n -1���hit si-ler. who -w-i- on ' je.ii-  I klct ai'il who hid bet n sold w h mi -Ii- u i- ��� lewu  .W'.Us ,ld Hut |l,eu K.iliflJ.i h.ul lft t -I be'l.-'lil 1 >> ���!  chief, .w'ho was. old and eiiunii;^' :\v.d eareftil of his  .money. - ;Ilo hail j>uinliil',iuit lo her father lhat Kalud-  ja's'uese w:i.��i loti-j���too lonir���-and that-she could uccer  he ik'siri/il as the favnr;i!e in the'liarem-of aity man:  '��� . ''.'.    VVhh a Covetous Eye.  ,... The youtli wlio had w;atchid  Zideili'a  soon made' up  ills   ililml;   he   watelird   her . witli   eyes   wliieh   ftrew-'.  covetous  as  he  looked   tipon   her.    lie   hiirri.."!  home  anil'sought out nis fat licr and demanded tlial./uh-ika ���  slioiiid bo, proctire-.I I'er bin: In  marriaue.    '.I'iie father  smiled b.eiieviileiit'ly.    -.My son.'" lie said. "I.ie Kouml  reols shall pay for'yoti'' bride and. your w ii'i'iiiif.'.    AH  last   winter   1   toiled   in ' K! -.1 iJ-.-;:air,  slamiia.u  m  'the  courtyards   of  the  i'-araviinscrics   where   Ihese l'di'le  cou'v.reKafe; all  the  winter 1  lold  lies -real aad w'nn-  'derful, and did in cimseiiiiciu-e icduce tlu'iii t" buy ���'>���"��� .  rare and  curious  weapons .or as native j-'-velry���and  at   .ten    times    their   prici���.articles .of    na1.-. h.imllse  .  ivhlcli t did obtain  from  the" very lands  fnnn-which  these  people  come.     And  its   I   leilrd.  ami  a.-  I   tidd  .shameful .'Hill uYeo'lfi.J slrj-its, am,! a-  :  !.'>'..:;.'-il aud  was paid down thioi'-,h an a^eiit, a kind of iniiii-I.ijrc  1-ioki i. o;- fo-bi tweeii w ho-c Inislnes-, it l> to ;u i mue  the Ilium ill sid'> ol these K .b.ilo wife jiuioli.tse- and  daimhu i  s. b s  The miiri.ij;e of -t K-iInle ���.Irl Is not a thin-; to  wliu li the poor i .in aspire 'J lie fathei h:i�� to be's.it-  islnd wi'h pei li isc innrey. .r"l besides that then- Is  tin loioell'i' de iiii; i,i.e w h1- li in Knluh.t iriist be  I'lV-t nti.l I j (ue In ah ,.] nom tn the hiidc. it U n  li;i-kt i v, l-.ii b i ont ii s i.iji sowMty Olfti relit e-sciii is,  uiidi mis .nd 1 i 'iKtii- wliu li -i woman ikh's to  in ike li. i .It li.i.'liinl t-i keep will aid to aihl to  lift li nil.N ih.it wlnih is lu Id ne\i to the beaut.i of  women, "i  sweetniss of pi i funic.  'rhe in irte aid bi.di^iocin weie nr-t present at the  m.Ullage iiiiiuoiiy. h'll both .of them w ell knew !hc  ritual words from the Koran w'lik-h tlie marabout,'before "l>e. pronounced t.iiein man and wife, was readln;,'  to their assemt.bil  families and friends:���.-  "Men are.superior to .wouieii. bectiuse 'tiiOKpialllic.s  'which.-ficd has Liiven tlii'ti: elevate them above women  and   because ��� they  use  liieir   inoney   for   I ho  ni.-irria.u'C, '  dowry of ii'iiiiu  siil-du'rd."   .  A.i'ter the marriage'was over (lie tnarabout frave the  yoitn.i; husliand some aiii-iee iik Irmn a man,of the  w-orld.. He ailviscd 'him to .reprimand Zttlcikn If he  nn her piirt*'slii'/tild fbodis-  lic1 had seen II ussi-m  often as a la'd liirhiin;,' wilii the .utrl.- in the street and  bad noticu! that the l.al Oeuldi.knoclf any -irl down  and eive her a taste oft.lie slick of 'olive wood. lie  could only advise him to practise this -same superiority in his household-. However',/ as soon as Zulelka  had been reduced to obi.'ilieiic'e it became his duty to  lay n.-lde the olive sM- lc ami 'to cease chiiiitt^ iter. '..  Af'-'-i" Hie; man-ia:^ ocfommiy Zulc'iku for the'first  her du ties was, hr>weM?r. dally to fetott r��ntor for tho  hoiiselioid  liom  tlie -prl'iK,  w liioil  was fur down  In  the valley below the w'l.i^e  At eerl.iln hours of each day /.ulelk.i joined tho  lonir line of women uiili li'-.n y earthen water j.us on  their backs, w ho would down tlie path to the distant  well, -iml, hc.t'.i I nle i. toih d back a tram up the narrow, almost perp-'iidu'-il ir paths which led hack home.  Ii.u'h was dad In ,i 1 ,i-.v whin- tunic, t.i-leneil on cacti  shoulder with he n y -ihi-r pins   nnd held m the waist    little l.'.itbiowu miihl wliom I h id admired n few joarj  by   a   belt  of i,unci s halt.    Thru  lc,;, and feet  Were     befoie.  the nijvij slb-k had ncide. "I >.imlcrstatiil It," shs  ���"������id. "I have had liie t-hiidien��� twin-, iwho���mid my  fit'iriS Is uiiij!<---is;i)^ "  Minrily after liiis one moininj: Ilu���ciu tol.I her  if'i-'lily that -in, '1111-1 eairy licr bed ru<t juicihir  ii'oi.i. "X am nirirryiiis-���-nolhcr W'.'r i.id.'i.i," he s.iid.  !-!-(��� howrd Her heml and w'es -ileiit. but because -she  w.-is not swift enough In her uto\ cmi-ui-, in piep-uin^  tin roo'iii for the new wife Hussem bc.it lur cruelly  Willi'the ulli e stick.  I'Utsitlc men and boys wero fiiln-r mills in honor t.r  Uiism-hP.s seoond marti-i'.'e, ami Zulcik.i f. li to wishing  th.ir one 0j- tlm ^'-ms mi-,ht contain ,i b,illet, mi^lit be  i'liil In her (liter tion juul tl'.-U the Inilh t mij.li: p'erce  hrrliiarl.    l-'or :i j.'iiewd hersoioiy tole.ne Jii!sscn)'<  '���lumber,   but   lhat   was  nol   w h.u  w.is   most   blilei.  It \..js -when, the new hiide h.ivl.-ift been broiiyiu into  tin' ilium  while -slie  had  lieni  soie iiii-tios i< lou^.  sh" lud to hand own- to lii-r for bit- -iilouiinent all llio  litc-i'iils th.it hor hiisb.inii ii.-ni ^u^,, ut Uvi: tf  '  Jt'iimd  the brlib'-s  neck  she hun^ tlio m-iknci- '.t  91'ty rianklsJi ^old >oipilns with the picfui.'s of ihc  iinys.    Diet-  the  sbouldi is  she' tine,l-  the  l..i.���' KiA.\  ("iillln to  wlii.-b  w'.i- ahiclKd  tho  liitie -uUl  (.,ne,.i  v-.itih which rinr,' l,he hours, mt-iry  hmif's   mil houn  a- >-.:d as till.--, when .her heart war, lic.-ivy <;i |K-r dis-  Iii:ii��10 and  iiii.ssii.ipcii bosom     (iu,,. tllt. |jM,],.\ f.-p.  sh-> S!l|i]teu tin- baboiichc-'of Mulct kid  work, d  vu i  liokl afiO  on  her wrists thc'lir.ieclc.is of h.-.i\j   ���,',>!.t.  'Tliin upon Jioriliii'cr.s sho bi-ii.ui to pass the rin^s of '  {treat Milue.  -    At oacli'now jewel the bride" a jjirl'of ele\cn, gave  a lllllu cry'of s!iee/r wonder and dell-lit.    She sIi-ki'c  iierlic-id ail the time, so tlinl tlie*KOlden -eiiulns of th"  rratiidsl)  l;inp.s "���-hoiiid rattle iwi.I  clink: sliu  iieid  up  i.riw one foot,'liow- itnvtlicr, to admire tho violet slip-  ' JK'is.   She touched the button In tlio .side of the w.iti;h '  und uihdf the lit flu bell liny for her, nlm-li sounded  an hoiir .so happy for her, so suU for Zuleika.    One, r  two;  three,  four,   five,  six' rlu��s  of jjreat  value  haj  Ziilelk.i set upon the'new w ife's linyor^.  TIilmi," nwikliiK- obeis.une to her loid, Zulelk.i win  about to leave Ihr: room tu prepare meats for thu  luiiliVs refreshment^ when tlio kIi-1 cnul out.������'There,  weie' pronilsod to mo som-p. rlny-, of frreat \,itlue���di i-  niouds, opals and lurk is -loiu-s��� .mil, behold, Hussein, ,  j or. have not kept faith with me. for I June received  but six; and see, tho lim,' with tiie blue stones, which.'  are to julo when jou lo\o mo- no lonirej-, is not ou my  fluKcr nnd I lmvo never had it at till."  Hussein   lurnoil  uim'ii 'Zulelka.     "Dost  hear?"   he  cried. ' ' '  |" " The Missing Ring. " -   *-'."*.���.i  - "My lord,"'said tho ciisearded wife, "tho rli.R wltli'  the blue -(ones you fttive mo, s.iyln^ 1 should keep lc  til! tho blue faded, w liieli would bo when you'eoti-ed  to love'mo. , Tlie blue 1ms- not faded���see, here It Is���  nnd so t li.tyc kept' It, because U toils im�� that your  love Is not yet .juilo lost to aie." * *        r-j jr.  , As she spoke she drew a lurrjiioisc riiiff from tha  Utile,biiu .shc('W-ore insidi.- her l-obe. -'iliisselu. s.-iM"not *"  u word, but hiiutclied'llio riiifi fiom tiie woman'h hand  and liass-ed it over the linyer wh'leli the uev.-^Mfe hjlil  out. Then he' turned upon Zulolka,'imd, taking' up  the olbe stick; betiL hor'fiom the room.  "Zulelka slunk away. Her position was "wli.it had  nlwnys boon the jiositlon of women of lier race whou  tholr liiisbands grow Ured of thr'm���what it had been  a'lnindi.-d years- ii#o, what It will bo a hundred yo.iM  bciicu. Sho was utieily without hope. S!ie 3>ad no'  ��� i��oivt>r tij imiM'iii c her e.mdition. Sho oouid uovor w iii  , Nick Dor husband's affociCjii, for Iiu love w:ib a i urely  phy -ic.it one. < '  He had 'wasted her bernjly und now do.-pised hor.  Hut for tho fact that sit imd five children ho woulij  have gone to the kadi, and the kadi would havo pronounced  him  free.    He   ,\ould   have  been   forced  lo  feed hei-'foj- throe monrli-j and ton il.iy- after that   au.l afiet tli.it? lVdl, after that there was tlio river  nt the bottom of the valley, or tlie stieets of Kl lije-  z.tir, wheie they s.ty the l*rauks are less 'particular  tibout the fio-lino��� of the women ,w horn Lhey court.  Somo peoplo ime an idea that the Kjby.e women  have a belter pn-ition than tho Arab women, perhaps  l)0cau��t>    the    Kabylos,    do    not    cover    their    facet  like tho Arab women.    1'erhnp- in  the old days  the  1'orber women   held a  better  position,  but  when  Is-  Itimi-m wn^s .idojitcd  In  K.ibylla  the dogrndatlou  of  nonion followed as a matter of course,  i   ,Tho Koran permits the Kabyle, as well as all other  Into belli'vet.s, to have us mauy wives as he chooses.  This K, however, an expensive luxury unless a  ninn  Is  wealthy.    So tho Kabyle usually con ten Is him-clC  with from thrco lo seveu wive*;.    Tho older wives act  as -ten nuts to tho f.ivoiHo, the yo,!nfc-e>.t wlfi?,  i     I  ktievv  Zulcika  when  she   was  a   child,   and   this  sprluju'. tiavellhifr tlu-ouxh Algeria, I inototed'out from  Algiers to Foil National und on from there to the village'on the mountainside whore she lived, hoping to  see iter.   Hut I could get no news of hor. because thev  told me th.it hor husband had gone to A1 triers to trade  and hud linked his wives up at homo under the euro  of his  mother.    They  would   never leave his  house,  under pal'i of iKv.lh, until lie letutned.  Some days later lie came to the hotel whore I w .it  'laying, with a bn-ket full of tho wares such as liN  father spoke about, mid after winning his good graces  by pun Inising at ,-I\ tunes Us value a kntle m-ide hi  Hii-miiigliam, which ho lcptesented to mo as a piece  of   tine   hibyll'ii   steel   w ot I;,   I   asked   him  about   tho  .feared any di.-lobcdicn  (bey  him  he should  bea!  her.  b.ue e.vcept foi th.n ot fi ur anklets; their long arms,  thrown backward, -upportid the au.phoiae. They  lookxl like women of "hi (.heece oi Home, but thcy  wetv .slaves enthi.illiii in a  li.irbiioii- laud  ... The Collar of Gold.  '. Hussein approved of Zulcika vvliile she was young.  He did not chid-.' her more often than another mau,  and over-the well Zulcika never complained that ho  beat her too cruelly. Indeed, she'spoke in praise'of  lilni." ' lie had given to her a collar on which wore  fastenul lifty pleres Wf gold, on "which'were the head's  Virtuous women aro obedient and'   of. many Frankish kings, pieces of gold which'cllnked  beautifully vvlien she' shook her head. He. had/given  to her a pair'of violet leather slippers, yvorked vvlt'ii .  gold and tiny heads. He had'glveii to her six bracelets, of. heavy gold. He had given to her a little  t'oncva watc'.i'��� which was of--gold, and which rang a  little boljl as often as the hour, was when you touched  a button on its side. .lie had'given' to hor also sovoa  rings of great value, with diamonds, opals and turkols-  stotios set In gold. ,.-'���''  Jiut nil these .presents: Imd been bestowed in tlio  first: years of their .marriage, l'-y tlio time she was  fifteen'lie'gave fewer tilings to hor and, scolded her  ofteiier. Oitoo down at tlie well she lifted her gown  and showed on lie;   brown skiu purple weals which  He  sluuggecl   h's   -houldeis  In  an  uely,  incllfl'eront  ��ny.    "Oh. miil.i.-tie. ' he s.iid in a niKture of F.ngM-h  and  I*ren-li which he imd picked up on  trailing expedition- lu \ i rue and I.iig.'nnd; "oh, madame moan tuy  old feiiimp, liie old woniaa vvliat 1 have at home.,  \\'h.v,  she is very old' and  ugly, and she have live children,  big   children.'    Zulelka   must   bo   nearly" twenty-nyo.  .'X'V I  do  ii.,t   love   licr. ,   I   have  ceased   to  love   lier  .some years ago.���Hut I keep hor on and food her because she lias live children.,'' She fetch the water ���and  she wait on my iast wife, who i.s twelve years old."    I  tunued away.with  a great rebellion In  iny heart and.  .walked'out to- the   terrace  overlooking  tlie slopes  of  "Mustapha.   a   green , slope   dotted   yvlth   "many,   white  Moorish villas; shining white and dazzling in the glare  of  the sun, amid  the emerald  of  the   trees and  gardens,   and^ I', thought,   with, a great n.che, of  the sad  .eyed,   hopeless   women   who  at  eventide,   when   men  arc not 'looking,  walk ou. tlie terraced  roofs of .t bos-,  cloistered houses with, leaden despair tugging al their  heavy hearts. . -  f.nought of ail tho sighs nnd a!I tlio prayers and  all the hopes which ascend now, as they have done f,-r  centuries pust and will so ascend forever, perhaps, to  Allah���to Allah, who lends oar��� alone to tlie prayers o.'  mt'��. :     ' j  ,di  1 'iSl<?  'I  ml  I *;  f ���_���-  'mm  1 .'  U  ii.  (?,��.,  flfi  ,ji-  i ;���  ��� U ���  I  hi  It  thi  i   i  ���J.-  ill  ilitij  11-  ���.��  Jii  *  Ui  JiJ?f!'l"v*lf,Si  ^���Vs'lPKSr^Sl*  mm*  yifs-s-i-.'^'  ,*etl^ ' c  t Iv-  tiif  In       -a. '���  . <* *-,'  - 1*7  .- 'm  ' JAM  H  if*  is"?*.'  $  TIfK LEADER, MOYIE, BJUTTSII COLUJnjIA.  . 6-SiS-S  it/  tli  :^��5fs55^H-^For that C0ItGH that C0L*n> -,nd that SORE THROAT  LULA_ ASSAYS Jt'.        , y0[J    SH0ULD    TAX��  o,,ow:Dr. Scott's Compound Syrup of White, Pine  WITH ENCALYPTOL AND HOSEY. '  It iiinncdialc-ly relkncs all inflammation of   the  throat  aiid lungs.   , Put up for children as well  as   adults  by  , The MOYIE DRUG &. STATIONERY CO~  >(5"5"5SS"$^S5$^:s;*-T5>r5-r^-$-;^"--5-"5vV  Miners,' Union meet-:   torn  night.  P. J. P.onnoi is now .shift bn.-- nl j  ,t'io.S|ulIiv!ui mine. ,   j  Get  the  Jin bit.     Co,to   C'ju's.'j  J- . s.  ',  "Walter Liing vv.i-; 11 C'r:i'ib|M.ik  AVedneHln v.  I'i of    HaI,  U!)  irom  imon    was  Cranbrook Thuisduy.  P. Campbell Is   conducting ,a11 -  othor ten day's tpec-ia! stile.'  Fred Chapman's,family 'nriivod  hero Wednesday from Nelson  At the Churches.  LIQUOll LICENCE   NOTICE  j Tiiko notice that I 'intend to  j apply 'to tlio Superintendent of  i Provincial    P0H03,    after   thirty  catholic'   ,cin;rtC'Ji.  There will bo tlio regular,, morn , , . .   ...  ing and eyening services  .S.uvliy. jc* l*>'3 f''om the fiisfr .lop-Jiraneo of     ||  j Morning ���aorviees   at  -10   o'i:'<)-"���'-.   t1''"3 "olice, f-��r ti ircnowaJ   of    my  Tho snow in  tho  mountains  is j Livening services   nt 7:.'}0   o'clock. '1'conco to  sail   iiifcoxicitjng   litjn  /  not so deep as iibtnil tlii- wii'.ter.  A  daughter  was   born   t.)   Mr.  and "Misj Ilnlo 0ii   "Monday,' Peb-  limry  7th.  Victoria Cross tea and rolliio,  2 pounds, for DO cents at Crowe  Bros.,' " ' t.  n If. II, Dimock, manager of the  Aurora, Was in Cranbrook 'Wod-  nes'day.,,    - ;   '  '      -.T, AY. P'eimelr, of  the1 Its'ternn-  .   "tional    Corro^vjndenco     MchooN,  is in   town. *      ".,      *"  E  O. Kamm nn'd'wifo and II.~S,  ,     Gamble are taking in (he eai nival  ,  at liossland. '   '<���    ���  Thos.    .SWerbiilss    and    "jack  'Cocking are' taking  in  the  Uos3-  '" kind carnival. '  1 ,  ;      ' POIt      SALE���""linger  ' sewing  machine.    Apply d't this oft-.ce.  .    Superintendent Blaylock of the  >' St. Eugene was for several  day=,  - up at theDSullivan.-     ���  Tho fancy pieced qailt marie -by  Mrs. Whitehead will'be rail! id at  tho Moyla ,hotel next "Monday  night.'       ' ,       ' , '    . ' (  ��� ' Yesterday 'was payday, and  business was biisk. The nmount  paid out-by tho .St. lj] igene.. wis  �� .51,500.  J. P.. McDonald returned    Wednesday from  tho  Cranbrook   hos-  ' pita],   where ,he  h.ul    been    laid  ill* with an" attack pf rheumatism.  W. P. White is^'now representing tho Interstate Hub bo r com'  pany of Spokane. He was ia  ,Moyie soliciting, orders,.this w-eek.  'Miss Mabel Lutner has been  confined to her homo for several  flays .with ,a 'sprained ankle1,  which sho received while skating.  Kev. G. A.  Hackney,   pastor  of  the  Moyio   Presbyterian    church,  was in Nelson this week attending  a nifeting of thu  Kootenay  Presbytery.. >"  ���'    The-Miners Union  will  hold  a  1 spec-nil meeting Wnuday afternoon  at 3 o'clock.  II. N. Rich, of Ladners, Masonic  ��rand master  for  tho    province,  . ia expected in   Moyio  about < "Peb-  i u iry 2 ! th to pay the local   lodge  mi official visit  i-.   M.  Minefield,  who  is  ���5.JBTIJOUI.S.T  ciruitcii  Morning service at 11 a. in.    S.ui-  day School,.'' p. m.- Evening  ser-  wel-  yit?e,  come  r:,'30  p.  ni.     A hearty  extended ' to alk  Rov.'J". "W".'���MIJ.LEit, 13. A.   j  (Pastor.,)!  joi'3 undor tbo provisions ot the  i statutes in that behalf, in tlie  I premises described  as the Moyie  Hotel, Moyie. B. 0.'  |   ' , PHILIP Jt\ JOHNSTON   '  i    Dated tliis 28th cia^'" of January,  A..H. 1910. -   '  I'lSI-SHYIBmv.V    citauou.'  Morning Servifie 11 a. .m.  Sunday school and Bible clas.-- at  2:o'J  p. m.    Uvoning Service at 7:30   p.  A hearcy^roicbrao-xo-rnif- ',  IlEV. G. A.  HACivNEYrE. A.  '��,   ' '    '*      ',''      (Pastor.)  LIQUOa LICENCE  NOTICE  m  Uses and Abuses' of lhe Egg.  The possibilities oE tho  egg  are  endless.    It is common knowledge  that it may bo cooked in' at least  fourhimdred and nineteen  different ways; but the egg has uses for  many other purposes  than nutri-,  tive.     Several'  million   eggs   aro  used   annunlly   in    photographic  work, and also in  such trades as  book binding, leather working and  calico printing:   From a medicinal  standpoint, of course,  the  egg  i.s  invaluable.     The   white  is    the  boat remedy for burns and the oil  from the yolk i^much used   as   a  salve'for cubs, bruises and' scratches.     A raw   egg ��� if  swallowed  promptly, will loosen a, fish  bone  in tho throat, ancl the whites" of  a  couple of eggs vyiHserve as an antidote to moro  than   oho - deadly  poisou "        * ,,,,".  t     -'���   CHINOOKERS. |  7'5"S3aS$'3d5-isi*S-&-��3-5-S-93S3���S��������  c   , *    (Spokc&inan.RoricvY.) <  Take notice that wo ' intend to  apply to the Superintendent of  Provincial - Police, after , thirty  days from the first appearance of,  this notice, for a renewal, of our  licence fco sell iufcoxicating.'jiqu-  uor, under the provisions of the  statutes' in that behalf, in the  premises, described astthe East  Kootenay .Hotel, Moyie, 13. C.  /,    , McTAVISn .b CAMEItPN  Bated thi3 2Sth 'day"of January,  A.' D., 1910. ;���        .  LIQr/OIt LICENCE   NOTICE  -Takenotice^ that, T intend to  apply to the* Superintendent of  Provincial' Police, after thirty  days from the first appearance of  this notice foL-'a renewal of my,  licence to .sell intoxicating .liquors, under tho provisions of- the  ���"fcatutes in-that behalf, in ��th'e  premises described as tho Cosmo-,  politan Hotel, Moyio, B. C.  .   ' ' ALEX. CAMPBELL   '  Dated-this 28fch day,of January,  A. D. 1910.    ���*    '   '  LIQUOll LICENCE'" NOTICE. *  now  running lft hynber yard at "AEac-  leod, was in town last Friday for  a few hours ni9oting his many  old friends. "Mr. Mansfield was  the iirsD C. P. 11. agont in Moyio  after the building of the Crow's  Ne-- t oid.  Smger    Sow ing -.Machines   cost  very little moro .than   cheap  mit-  Tha "automobile d.iuce"' is the  latest in the' oast. Bat it's a  "breakdown."  Cfvu'fc you just draw a vivid  picture of, the -breakfast'food  manufacturers weeping over the  meat strike?  "If tomorroiv never comes as  sum folks say, why is it thet th'  bill collector who says he'll cum  back tomoirow alius does.?"'  Take notice that' we intend to  apply i to the' Superintendent of  Provincial Polico' after ,��� thirty  days from fche first publication of  this notice for a renewal ��� of our  licence to sell intoxicating liquors  by retail in the premises known  as the International hotel in  Moyio.  TAYLOR & CONNER  Dated this 2Sth day of January,  A. D. 191(j.     ���  LKiUOU LICENCE  NOTICE  Tho farmers of tho middlo west  arc doing their level best to cow  the milk trust.    Bully!,"'  chines. Ala thc best work and  last a life time, Sold ou small  monthly payments by Goo. B.  Powell, Cranbrook. In Moyio on  lOt'n of each month.  FOI! SALE���A No. 9 cook stove,  nlmobt new. Apply at this office.  An attack of the gtip'is often  followed by a per.-iatent cough,  which to miny proves a great  annoyance. ChambQilain', C.mgh  Homely ha-, been ext����i-ivcly n-od  and with good -u.-cc- for the reii-i  ami cur.; of thi-. mii-h. 31.uiy ���'l1'  i-i^i-i li-it-c li"��� tmed after nil!.'"'  other l,',n;,Ia- ],.lci fVjjK,,]. Solrl ! v,-  by tiie Moyio Drug .',��� S  Co.  _   DRESSMAKIFO and plain sewing.   Applp to Mrs. J. S. Wilson,  ���f troubled .with indigestion,  constipation, no appetite or feel  billions, give Chamberlain's Sto-  mich and Liver Tablets a trial  and you will be pleased' with the  result. Those tablets invigorate  the stomach and liver and strengthen the digestion. Sold by the  Moyie Drm; ���.v.Sfcationery Co.  METAL   MARKET.    '  Nnw Your-.���liar silver, .11 _   ets.  Lead ."i 1.7.1.      Copper,  13*; cts.  Lomio.v���Lead i'i3, 7s, Oil.  Take notice   that,!,   intend   to  apply to 'the   Superintendent   of  Provincial    Police   after    thirty'  days from the first publication   of  this notice for a  renewal  of  my  licence to sell, intoxicating liquors  by retail iu the   premises known  us the Central Hotel in Moyie.  VICTOR   DESAULNTER  Bated this 2Sfch day of January,  A. D. 1910.  HOLLY  LEAF     '  Choice   Dairy    Butter.  30c per lb.  Stock Quotations.  r-    's.-ii-n nv  i:i:\u;a i:lvm.i.l,  I'i'l AM-til  ' ���     '    !   -I'ltllT? 7" IJ  Try   our chopped beef for the  chickens,  producer.  guaranteed  M.OO  1  stationorv  ).'  . f/'**T���A blouk of Aurora Mining -'" M.ilin^r Company stock  made out in favor of Angus P;it-  ter-o.i. I'-i.ncler will please leave  ���samp-at Leader office. ' ���  O, F. DESAILNIER  I'lv.WiM.'l  Afew latuute-: delay in treating  some ci-t>= of croup, even the  length of time it takes to go for a  doeLor often proves dangerous,  rho. safest way is to keep Chain-  berlttin's Uougla Remedy in the  house, at the first indication'.,of  croup give the child a doso. Pleasant to t;ike 'aatl altvays cures.  Sold by tlie Moyio "Drug it 'Stationery Co. '   '  ypS  MOYIE,  0  06  B  H. E.   H  DENTIST  Thc Expert Crown  and  Bridge  Worker.  Office oa-or Mr, Short's  Wall;   Paper       Store  Armstrong Ave.,        Cranbrook  n.o  Queen  PIANO  LESSONS  I-J. C. SALMON  ci Cr."iiil.(ri';uk  STOl' AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  E��t3.,!XB"JSXJ���  WHEN IN  CRANEBOOK  none  weekly.  r:;n,, ,.,-  K. II  l'"'."H  sji.ir.i,.  r'l  .���U.in.*..;rr.  , KCOl!   Itlblt-i  ���!������-'���'������' iatwlc  INTERNATIONAL    ���  HOTEL.'-': ������,"  This hotel is    now under  now  management, and. is first class  in eveiy respect  TAYLOR,  &   BONNEJR  ii mi  l,;ir  rooiM!-.  I'llOl'KII'TOII.'S.  Stn-et.  ���MOYIli*


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