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The Moyie Leader Feb 11, 1905

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 i  *"���  THE iihidciumi  CAUGHT FIRE.  In No, 1 Tunnel of St.  : Eugene.  MRS WERE 111 flAKBi  r-t  Fire Oaught From' Stove in  the jftouth of the Tunnel.  Get your valentines at Atchison's  drug store.    . - ,  Cecil Prest was rip from Cranbrook  Wednesday. ���   , ,  Rev. S. J. Thompson was , up from  Cranbrook Tuesday.  P. F. Johnston returned from Nelson  the first of the week.       '     ���  Mrs, P. J. McMahon is in Nelson on  ii       '    , ���  a visit. ��� ���  "J.'II. Hawke shipped over 300   tons  of ice to Cranbrook this week.  ���There'is a letter at this office for Mr.  Blight, and he should'call and   get' it.  Mrs'. Sloan, a trained nurse of  Waidner, is visiting with  Mru.* Tope.  Ml G': Miller,,icook of the .Moyie  hotel, was in Cranbrook during ' the  week.  Otir Spring _ Stock of-  "Yesterday's    'V*e3tbo und   papsenger  <>��� .     . f 2     ~r   ��  reserve,    ^    .      J to<> nrin-noQ (Nov.36/0-1)  Total Resources -, - i83,O0P,oau \  bepo^Received., Present 'Bate' of -^%^^;  r-   r^'-   '--"'' " ~  i*   i   i  i   ii i     ���    r,b:|M,P|s?:j.GR  . '  I'1 .ft  . *|o��need Fire'tnsurance to' protect .you/'  -   ^ ,'' ".*' homes. ' Insure with''      .   v ,  ., .tlva  *r���rfjW-;"^  **        . "-�� v-  **'  11-  Aboufc 50 men' had a riarrow  escape  frohl being asphyxiated'"in the No,  1  tunnel of tho St. Eugene mine yester-  "(lay/afternoon.    During the cold   weather a large stove is used at the mouth  of the tunnel to'furnish ' heat for .the  miners,,    At about'two o'clock  yesterday   tho' timbering caught fire   and,  gained Buch.rapid headway that in a  short Ume.it waaiu   nearly   100   ieel-  There ia a sirds'g draff;1 into tha tiirinel  and the workings"vfere soon filled'with  smoke.'11 An alarm was given ..'.and^ all  hands even to   tlie ,ofuc% sjaff turned  out'''and ''worked'    l'ik'd TroiantV;. A  bucket brigade was formed  ancl  _after  some desperate righting' the  firk <wris  brought under  control.   All  but",two  of the ' imprisoned   men   found  ,tlieir  way/down,tb'rough a man-hole intotbe  shaft level and . came   up'tho   shaft. J ^ be  fenled'frou'  The two men- rme'ntioned worked in a  sto'pe cby-" tiiemselvea.' It "was feared  that Ib'ey were in .danger arid' 'several  desperate attempts were mads to reach  them,   It   happened, t however,  that  the two realizing   their   position   foi*;  lo'wed.ulong tlie tunnel and  card'e*' out'  above' through' iv rai'so  to  th'e' No. ?  ,Lake\8bbre;'/ '* ;   -J'^   ''.    ',    \  .The    timbering    is, only-   slightly  charred,  . and     ' but    little   damage  was done, b'ut it yvas a cloae^call for tho  men, and the workings of that'portion  of the mine, -    ,  j ( i  Has arrived. ,It comprises  a large range of Watson &  Foster's artistic and up to  date patterns: "If you have  any papering to do we can  interest you with our pretty patterns and low prices.  account of a  train1'was canceled,   on  wreck on tho mainline.,    '"'  Tlie' ' thermometer, registered 27  degrees' below sjero'latit TJigbt. , 'This is  the coldest ever known in | Moyie.  '3d Munson-a miner from the St.  Eugene,'deft  this .week  for, Panama*  where'he will apply lor work* on .the  -. ",     r, ,- "  canal;,    <      '�� '/'-.',  Th'ereCCnUold weaflici' lias Had. .a  disastrous eieot on tbe. wtiterworkei  and. most U the -water now 'tisi-fd .-in  town *s 'taken from tlie lake'; ,   '.' , Thos. Cameron, "���������"���" J?;. *" ."? ,i .  JJSditv'.5 *>ta".do*i  to OianBtbok  Wubtter. .were untoiim  mjr    g  ��*-��* ***** ^'^t^^^^ZZ.,.*,  EaE'-ee. , " ***,   Mr    and  Mr3.  Cameron  Coetum'ss for  (fig . masquerade .'ball  Tbomr* ^ ^ ^   ^^.^   ^  Tney have taken up their residence in  the Btappard bouke on Tavistock "street.  The Leader extends,congratulations to  Mr.'Cam'e'ron and his bride.    ^ ,      ,  %,        i  Th63^ameV6n,ai^S^^  , -METAL   MARKET.-  New -Yoek���Bar silver," (51��. cenIB-  Lead, $4.20:   Zino (spelter*) $4.75.   ��  London���Lead, ��12 lis. 3J.  Overlook the Groeery Store in , the  Lake Shore Adaition-  New fioods,    Prices as tow as Any.  ���'.     ' ' i W. FITCH, Ffoprietor,  Shares.  tm. * m^>i *-���- ~��^zm:s"4��2  tor 5t,le m *yy%^J�����,m* and .artuer .6fo.m.wn   ��ec  I1'*  s-  1  the market.  ^<NBROOI  HATS  ARNOLD & R0BEBTS<  Official  "Brokeis for  the Company.  MOYIE.  made "T��i��e oi-me ^ i-ST.    xncj  I'"'  J^SsS  ifft-t  it- i  FURNIS.S'EJSS ,  siar^i'  [  i  <*  of ian^da.  fw,rw��    "^     "."., $4,000,000  CAPITAL, (.Authotized)       ,000,000  ;      CAPITAL, (Pa"* Up). ���: ������������;/;,# .$3,000,000  ��� " ���     '      TiT^ST       "'���* S ���"'���*��� ''"'���''''  -���&5A^^  T^MEEBITT,^ ^aS^k^*4T,0bW.lN*c^  E. SAY  Ass.atantG^. Man ^     . ^^^ ^  ���������  ""^""-^"^ ��0 dep'o'pitu.'iV ���,' ���.,'- --.v..  ^TS'^SSS par^ of   C-anada, -tj^dLCt^c. ��c  ���Oraft'^cia.^vai^  Sur0Fe.   Spec.al ^.^tion g^ ^ ^ .^^^^ ^ger.  l-ariff  on1 Lumbor;'  _t is indeed a nmrow policv on the  part of' the people of' the Northwest  Territories to be opposing the placing  nf a tariff on lumber entering Canada  from the United Stales. It is said  that since tho shutting down of the  mills in British Columbia tlie farmers  there are feehnc keenly the, falling  away of the once good market which  thev had for their produce. Chas.  Schack, id a letter to tbe Calgary  Herald, very wisely aays: "Let tfs send  our money to British Columbia, and  we get it back again in various ways.  They need our horses,"need our men,  need odr produce. What of it. if we  pay 2 per cent more for oar lumb.er?  Does this'signify anything? I think  uot as lon2 as they nay high wages to  thc men we send them1 from the  country and good prices for our ?ro-  'duce.   Mclntrfs Golanv.  Bev. Dr. Mcinlur-1 of Spokane is  negotiating for the purchase of 3,7 0  ttcreH of bottom and limber land in the  Kootenay velley fifteen nnlcB north  of Bonnr-r.T Ferry. Mclnturft will  .,turt a colony a.imotrnns 3t,,f  stvlc of Tfcwio'a   /.ion   near   Chicago.  J. Crawloird   at  the"store of Gwynne/iS"* Crawford.   ,   ,  ^A'committee of' ladies   will   give   a^  dance~for.the benefit of the Moyie Pue  Brigade 'on^Friclay ^ eyening, - March  nth. ���/.     '   ,; ;' '  ; 'A. si. Monkbotisc, who -Has. been  spending.the winter-in the ,eaaVis  daily expSctad" 'to return', to 'Moyie.  Rumor has it-thp^t Mr. Monkhouse wil 1  not return alone,   -; ' -'   '  O. Paulson, the  sjwede  Who -nearly  lost his eyesight in tho   niine   accident  hero last fall, retiimed  Tuesday, from  Spokane; where he   has   been    taking  treatment.'  ,Thc Moyie aerie of Eagles held a  special meeting in their hall last Saturday evening,to receive Mr.. A. W.  Von E-heiri, provincial deputy grand  president, and also to 'initiate .four  candidates. A social session was held  after tho regular, order of business  was   finished.  S. A. Scott gave a practical, illustration of the merits oi the. Phoenix Fire  extinguisher on Victoria street last  Saturday evening. ��He built quiet a  la'ige firo'and when it was well under  way he stepped forward and extinguished tho flames' in almos't an instant: There has. been quiet. a brisk  demand for tho extinguishers in  town.  Waterworks Meeting;  Th'e annual meeting of the Moyie  Water company has been ; called to  take place in Moyie on' Wednesday,  February 22nd.  Ohambo-rtifln-s-        Co��CU'     R.��".Miy      ��'<=  Wotlicr's riivi.rilo.  The soothing and healing properties  of thix remedy, its pleasant taste and  prompt nnd permanent cures have  made it a favorite with peoplo_everywhere. It is -especially prized by  'mothers of small children, for colds,  croup and whooping cough, as _ it  'afford* quick relief, anrt ��.* it contains  ���o opium or other harmful-dray it  :������*' be #ven as cionlklent.y to a ,baby  aa to an adult. For said by W. J.  Atchison.  ���   v    , ���       ^ .'-,.,'.  J ni   '        "*'   "'TW>��ar'����ni'>.'�� i��  Sullivan Siaeiter*  Or. O. B'uchanan, distributor of lhe  tne lead beunty,-wont up to the Sullivan  near Marysvllle thi3 week. The r-mel-  ter i3 making preparations to receive  ore, and it was for the. purpose of  adjusting some little matters that ho  was    there.  \Entertainmeiiti;T6nignt.  ^ i �����   .  <i; '         -V,      ,       "���  ��� Tlie "peoplo"of'Moyie shbuild' nopfail  to attend .tlie entertainment tonight in  'the Eaglea'.hall., Miss'Snyder comes  highly recommended and- has. some  very flattering press notices. She^ is  here under the auspices of the- Methodist church.' ��  ���� . ; : ���  ���    To Assist Biichanarii ���   ���  Word haB been received at Kaalo  from 0|ttavya that ou recommepdation  of G. 'O. Buchanan, inspector under the  Lea'd Bounty Act, Shirley Keeling of  that town, is Ui be appointed an assistant to Mr. Buchanan in that department. It is underguiod that Mri Keeling will be stationed at the* Sullivan  smelter atsMarysvillc.     ,    ' .    ,  Broke tHe Record.    ,  Last Monday night, the St. Eugene  concentrator broke all previous records.  In the twelve hour shift 19G careloads  of ore were put through ��� the mill and  132 tons of concentrates   were   made.  },"   Masquerade Ball.������  ,,">,  \ ' '  ' '     r      ��  .^Great preparation] 'has' been ' made  by the committee ot th'o'Moyie aerie of  Eagles for their masquerade ball which.,  will be given next Tuesday evening in ,  their hall.,   From all inllicatiohB.there ^  will be a big crowd 'and  a1  good   time. '  The  grand  march, will "start at 9:30v  o'clock sharp; and    the ��� "masks'    tflll,  b& raioe^ , lit '"J0.30   o'clock,   ^otot^  ilncluiiirig liinOh)$l.'"     j. "W1 "*     s '- ''  -;       s/     o        ,     f     ,    ,  ���  ,  ,- . *",' ~���;���~<      ;     ���' o   o.  "���"��� - Tfof.VOhasie .Located,''*, *  .'.- ' ' ' t '���' -���-" ' "' ' A ' ���,''  .,, .Prof." Chase, who, dropped ^olit of  sight so suddenly last "fall, lias * been  located at Bevelsloke. % The professor  is .conducting' an"academy,of "Ideal  Dancing" and is giving lessons in "the  latest American and Paripian ijancea.'  In Lis bills Professor,,.calls particular  attention to Gorae^of.tne latest dauces-  Baltimor,e; Princess,'. Ping' Pong,  Chicago Glide,'etc  1   ��   Dutyon Lumber,  There ia a large delegation of lumbermen from British Colunbia at  Ottawa asking the government to  place a dutv .of $2 a~ thousand on  rough'lumber, - It is the general opinion lhat they will be successful.  \. I  <5.  Hockey.  The Cranbrook Hockey ' club is  anxious to pull off a game with the  Moyie team here as soon as can be  conveniently arranged. It is now up  to the Moyie boys to get in a drill.  Pavdayi  O , , . i  Yesterday was payday at the St'.  Eugene, and ' the amount distributed  amongst the men was' nearly .���tribAflA/.  This is the largest amount - paid out  since the resumption of operations at-  thc mine., /     -     V  -_���:< ,\ -  wqjUHjwJr;  \  \  1  \  i  9  WJAUllXR  four Watch-  is a delicate piece'of 'mechan;Is.rh,-and  nMds cler.niug.:and oiling at-lecstieveiiy  18"jnonth.'- ��� m. give oaref-al paiastak-  jing attention tojciuriepaifs. .and wil  [guarantea ypri prompt ^turn's peel   a  -first ola'sa }'b&      *  Afraid or Stroiis;'l'.Todl6iuoA.  Mauy people a'ulfer for years from  rheumatic pains, and prefer to do so  rather than take tlie strong medicines  usually given' for rheumatism", not  knowing that quick relief fro.n pain  may bo "bid simply by apj'.ylng  Chamberlain's Pain Balm and without taking any , medicine internally-  For sale-hy W. J. Atchison.     ���' <'',-..  ���-   i }���    n        i ...il��<'��'iii-rii V*j^^nBiri-ri--*ia   1�������  si'or  AT THE  '    '       .ft  COSMOPftUTM  "-'" j;f;M- PiiHKHAiyi,..'?i.a��aa's'-    ,{,  mmi^^^^^^^m^^>  Jev/elet,  CR,&2TSB00k,-.iJ.t).  Si; H. SitAtt) -iUuasois.'  Good rooms, good' taDles and bail  ' ���      And 8.HI olaefl aai&ple w-w,  sL potfcttd   can  25 cea.ts a haLlf poitn& ��kd  AT ALL GROWERS ,    ,    .  '   , / -     .     .      < "��� i -   1- ''"M.'-'lt "-*���     'J   J'" "* "��� C"'  Dt. Price's-Creanx Raki&i fyx^g.ty&ffipfi^  pure' ,Cream of .Tartar- d<^'"i"v^d;:%m.,-|^ic., fiii^hj^,  feombii-^es ths highest Jea^iiig. s&engff, -ividi th?  &reates(l'purity''and,..li'*3a.l^iJ[L^ y <���;��� ..-.   i  ���- Df.vPrice's ��i'&arj*i'.:^^ tixosi  ec'bnoniical to use,, became it'^e^^iarte^ i-1 leaven-  Itlg. and insures perfect, wholisoms food.--   ^(       ..  ,f    *o  , n  ��� nm * ^  ��� <*{ 7  v'lV*    \       '  *��� r ?*  ' r-'C -h>' A  i��  ��\   '-t  . t.'j   \     "'  k\H   m -^V'  :'ii<6  ,�� *  s-    <\*  >m  r -a/ &  ,   WW-    \ 4      M1K-1  m  \      t H'-* ^r i  *   **.   &&4Af#<  & mL " \^>ha  iftttl J r>V ,-C Vsj"  BV      trf )r--ii  1**1' 1 �����   -1 Tpf  r*jjv.  >\  '**�� " -" ''     'V'   -  ",'  Sj    '*a\' :":7  i'�� ��� �� '.;, ��� i-c -  r,'i jj     .-\ r< '     i  * .">'-.  " ' ���     "    '  ��;- ,> - m"'--  1    l'.s' '- ,' .'    '   '  ^.-.-rfc.       '^s-    -' ���- -. j ,  '   '-' ' s  ,      .' ' t    ;  V.��5t'. '   ''       " ','   "  KSl."1      '    -"        '���������-*       s  rv-l'      I-  -*ii" ���" ,  M-*f  s? '  t IS . ,  . -.*-,,'' -'  J)  I        tl ST  '   t  .���V.'  -;!-!,(:.  4. r|q»»J*^'^w%l-»*^»*'->1l''«^"',*i-*r^"<wW»^ir'i  il m nil*MM n»
il^wJmli « n—Bfcr<iW..,.m frirf - « uw r-jyu-wrtOw-l-MiU^rilPI ■
■O'l' Oi
L-I.^'W*** .**■»*    MlS*"*"-!*
 P" " "-;  **      -        ,      ",      ^j/^^.^-v-.W
' _.} ," ..        '    .    .,..*, 'i ,-.«"A.'' f ",-.',' i   , {J Vj i- 4» i-i'«''"--:   ' - - '■-1-   *•*■'   -»«-  --v-  •"   "    '-   ' ■" '   '   '«/'      '-''■"      '-'   '
'       J   \
They Always Cure All Forms of Kidney Disease from Backahe to
Bright's  Disease. '
Ste. Marguerite,' " Dorchester Co..
Que.,, Jan. 30.—(Special.)—That the
most serious forms of Kidney Disease
cannot stand before' Dodd's. Kidney
Pill's is being daily proved in Quebec,
arid one of the most couvlnving proofs
is giveu- Tight'' here in Marguerite.
Donat   Laflammo    whom    everybody
'knows had Diabetes. This "is one ol
the extreme (Stages of Kidney Disease,  and   it   ba   es  ordinary   medial
'skill. Consequently It is not surprising that the doctor who attended Do-
. nat Laamme could not*-"help him. But
let Mr, Laarnme~"tell tho most wonderful part of the story' himself: ,;
"Two boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pill»
cured me," he says. "My Diabetes ii
all gone and I recommend Dodd s Kidney Pills to all my* friends and to all
those who suffer." £■,*'„
• Dodd's Kidney 'Pills ure all Kidney
Diseases from Backache' to Brieati
Disease.' -   ■ -       '*-,.,
f,' ^
An old fashioned woman feels
mighty extravagant' when she eats a
meal at a restaurant.
What has become of the old fashioned bride who expected, of course, to
do her own washing? j,
What has become of the old fashioned woman who ■ pierced the children's
ears to strengthen their eyes?
What has become1 of the old fashioned woman who' made soup so thick
that she referred to it as meat, drink
and lodging?
What has become of the old fashioned' apple pie that contained bits of raw
apple.inside and was' as 'mountainous
eas the'Himalayas?   '-"       .''-'    ,   -      *
, When an old fashioned woman "goes
away,on a'trip her last, words are,""!
Just knowi'Sonietliing terrible will happen here-at home when 1 am gone."   .
<  ,
, :' - :
Ap- '   '
-'"f -, '   t c
-,    . '      .'-   .      1
SoT»r»   Injuries
- '   ' rattle Iiic.-ti.v.si'.lpiie
'      A   remarkable   incident ' of   the  jvo-
racity ol' the ixjrcli  Is, related  liy Mr.,
"   '    IT.   Cnolroondeley ,1'cmiell.    In romo'v-
'ing thc-hook from the jaws of a ush.
''-' which  he  had  caught' in.-VVindermero
an   eye    was    accidentally .displaced
'        ' -      and remained adhering to it.;   Knowr
-'..  -ing   the   recuperative   capabilities    ol
piscinep organization,   he   rbturned.the
maimed  perch;   which' was   too  small
'    ' for the basket, to the lake andrbeing1
t somewhat   scant   of, minnows,   threw
"   *       the  line "in again     with 'the eye   t attached   as  . a   bait,   there  being;     no
other     of,   any   description,  on      thu
,      '   -   '  "Jiook.r- The float  disappeared    almost,
instantly,-""and on    landing'the newcomer it turned out  to bo the fish ho
■     ' ■ had thrown in a moment before'and.
which had thus been actually;caught
by its own eye.     ,,,'', t   • j;
► "This" incident,", says Mr.  Penneli;
*   "proves,  I think,     conclusively. - that
'' '      -'    "     thc structure of cold blooded animals
'    enables them ' to endure,   very sevore
injuries   and' wounds    without  experiencing material inconvenience, a fact
which    may    ' tend , to   .remove' any
,    .,    qualms  of' conscience -felt by„anglers
on the score    of the sufferings ., supposed to be     indicted by their   cap-
.   •" '       .turc." "\      " '  .      ^     '
'        ' Perhaps a less striking illustration
of the same fact came under iny own
observation     in the"    ""-.alee, St.   John
"    o \-    country some,,time, ago.    A fingerhng
"    trout h°ad taken^onc-of my flies; and,,
" \"  '"   ..''though'the-hock had tornfonc of tho
''   <■ -     gill  rakers,   I' was   anxious   that     if
'possible the little fish; should live.-   I
gently'placed it* in'the shallows-water
at  my  feet "to-see^if  it-'could'revive
"      ,     ""'and  swtrh"0 ' away., " In  a very-short
time - .it       had,      recovered       from
its      dazzJement,       when,'      to      my
! "       utter 'astonishment,-;it  rushed  direct-,
'ly to. tho fly upon which it had just
been caught and which had tcarelessly
'been   dllowed  to   drop  into   the^shallow water and once more impaled itself!—Forest  and  Stream.
Harare Day In Newcastle.
In Newcas'tle. England, the mayor en-
Joys the privilege of once a year being
allowed to select and'kiss any'.young
woman who" takes his fancy among
the coal.city's inhabitants. The kiss
is rather costly, however* for it is the
custom to present the young person
kissed with a sbvereign ($5), while ,a
further gift is made her' by the lady
mayoress, "no" doubt" to disprove Jealousy. The,sheriff,'"not to',,be outdone,
also bestows a kiss upon a fair.by-
"stander; atT'thc same'rate of expenditure. The, occasion Is known as Barge
day. when the mayor and corporation
proceed lu ar procession of four-gayly
• ecorated' Bteaniers and two, old state
barges to, claim'the-soil <of the river
.i'yne. Their journey over, the mayor
stands upon1 the boundary stone,' and it
Is. here that the kissing, is indulged in.
An Experiment In Domeatlo Economy Tbat Failed. ' ".
"There can be no doubt about it;
she's a treasure."
Witherby folded up his napkin with
that air ofcsatisfaction that a„man has
when he has Just finished a good dinner. ^ '
"I hope," he continued, "that you can
keep her.   A cook like that ought to be
-Jollied along at any sacrifice." ,-   \
"That's what troubles me," said Mrs.
.Witherby.   "She certainly is fine, and I
hardly dare look at her.or say a word
to  her' for  fear she .will, get- up  and
leave.  I am so afraid"—   ;
,  She'did  not finish the sentence, but
looked anxiously,into the distance. '
"Of what?" asked Witherby. J'You
don't mean to say that there are any
preliminary,, signs of her going, do
' , "Well," replied Mrs. Witherby, "not
exactly that But you know, my dear,
the work we have In thls/house is not
easy. Every cook we have had 'has
complained' of it. I am "almost afraid
she will .think it too* much." ■  \ o     ,   ,
Witherby puffed his cigarNso'mewhat
concernedly.   He had1 dinqd well and
felt correspondingly munificent.
- "This," he said, "is no time.for foolish, economy." We've got a good cook,
'arid in these days they are as scarce a»
hens''teeth.5* Keep, her  by  all ,'means:
-Make it as easy .for 'her■>as, you can.
r.Your peace of.mind and my stomach
are. both worth something.   Get some
'one to help her If you want to."v
' ."That's  what, I   was   thinking-of,"
said Mrs. Witherby. i';You,see,,j3b.e'bas
all the'washing,and "ironing"to do, .be-,
sides clea'ning^up the'dining* room.,* I'lh
get,some one/to'come in once a week
ana do' this'for her.   -Then-1 am sure
slie will be "perfectly contented."-.      f
"Good!"   said * Witherby> "Just  the
thing.  I,can now^look forward,to a life
' of true ease.','     "       '.?'•< ,"-   """ l
'One 'week   later  as" Witherby(   came,
" home* from'his'business by some subtle
instinct ..that husbands acquire-he knew
merely by'looking at the outside of his
The little ones are frail. Their
hold upon life is slight. No^ymp-
torn that Indicates any of the little
ailments of childhood , should be allowed to pass for a moment without
proper attention. The little ailment
may soon become a serious one, and
then it mav be too late,to save a
precious little life. H Baby's Own
Tablets are kept in the house, .the
danKer of serious trouble can be
averted and the minor, troubles
promptly cured. An occasional Tablet to tne well child will prevent illness' The Tablets are absolutely safe
and'contain no Poisonous soothing
stuff—thev give children" neaitny
Seep, simply because they banish the
■ides couia not h«ve been pamtea
without the "altogether" bo w«
have to choose between „Mrs. Grundy
and half the world of pictures.    ,
HoweffiW difficult it may be ior
that excellent lady to believe the
fact, the average professional English
model is both respectable and self-
respecting-  ' 	
Flourfax Fables.
ii -'i      ""
The Young Wife and the
,■   Honest Grocer.
cause of  sleeplessness.    Mrs,
Bishop.i'Lawren'cetown, - _ .lotll
"I   have   found   Baby's Own Tablets
F.    B,
S., says: —
just as you represent them-the*very
best ot. medicine for young children.
You can get the Tablets from .drug-
Sts oTbv mail at 25 cents , a box,
by writing the Li Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.    ,   -
i           A Versatile "Peer. , (
LoVd Ellesmere 'of England, already
a well known  writer under    his  . pen
name    of   "Charles    Granville,"   , has
just  issued '   his' first  novel     bearing
his full title. This nobleman is versatile. He is a* notable figure in racing
circles, being the"owner of Hampton,
tlie    sire   '.  of ' five    Derby'   winners.
Though  the owner of somo    of    the
finest racing stables in England, "Lord
Ellesmere has never made a bet.    Jie
created a sensation by a special breed
of white pigs.; He once gave a Wiou-
s'anii  guineas     for  a   fighting     gamecock, and h*e""is (lthe owner of the fin-',
i est private picture, gallei'y in' "London,
Brid""ewatei; House' boasting four Raphaels,       fifteen   '   Teniers,      Titian's
"Three  Ages of, Man"  and  Vandykes
only  attempt   _to   paint'"The   Virgin
and   Child/' ,'     	
'     - K»Bl»ii<l'>t Four' Htindfi-tl :Millions.
The   Agonies-of   Indigestion * Can ' Be
\i\ Cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pijls.
''   Ml over'tho land, there are people
i whose "lives had .been, made miserable
rhrou"li "lhe- .pangs '"of-' indigestion,
-^"hiVo-bbenPrestbrea" to -the. enjoyment, 6Et health through the use of
Dr. • Williams', Pink • Pills." ;One of
these-is Mr.' Wm.--Moore, of Welland,
Ont     Mr."'Moore-is" the" manager  of          _  _,.  .    _
tho electric light plant, in-.that.town,'» ^^ tUil"- something was,up.' He en
and stands high in the'.estimation of
the citizens. He'; "says: "It is really
a pleasure to speak in favor of ui,
Williams' Pink Pills. For four ''years
prior .to 1903 I , suffered great torture from indigestion and stomach
trouble. I could not eat solid,food
without experiencing great agony,
and r for over two-years 1 had to le-
sort to a milk, diet 'I had grown
emaciated- and was almost unfit for
active -'work.' I was .treated by doctors and , took advertised medicines
but '.without any lasting benefit. ,One
day a friend .urged -me to try Dr.
Williams'   Pink' Pills.    T  K~°-"*
I  began, their
use   but"' I  must confess, that rt^was
without  much hope  that they would
boxes^I6'" coulcf"see   an"improvement
he said
Snide LlKlitn  on  HUtorr.
Georg'ie Torgie  had just kissed the
girls and made 'them 'cry.
"They're crying  for more,
complacently,   v
Which   shows   how . conceited   men
really are. " , -
Othello had just strangled Desdemo-
"I suppose thc papers will say," he
mused as ho gazed at his swarthy fist,
"that she*wa-s a victim of the black
hand." - ^
Muttering to himself, he went to another highball.
After taking, a couple of
ould see an improveme "
an<nhis gaVe me' encouragement:
continued using the pills until I had
taken eight, boxes, when I was.com-
Setely cured and able to eat any
kind of food I desired. ,I shall always praise Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
as they saved me from such misery
as only a dyspeptic knows. I might
add that my wife has also used the
pills for troubles that .afflict he sex,
and   has been fully restored to  health.
Bad blood, poor blood, watery
blood, is the .-.nuse, of nearly every
ailment that ailUcts mankind. It is
because every dose of Dr. W^ams
Pink Pills make new, rich, red blo9d
that thoy have such wonderful power
to cure such ailments as indigestion,
anaemia, rheumatism 1\e1uralg1l^n"!tv
Vitus' dance, heart troubles, , kidney
and liver\troubles. and tlie special
ailments of women, young and old
But  you   must get
■Kf*- -
tvi -m
A  ,
Tl»»   Antlior  Left   Kcr  n   Greot  Warn©
kzitl a Lopucy o£ Debt,
When Mme. Ilanska's husband died
it was supposed that her union with,
Balzac would occur at once, but obstacles  were  interposed by  others.   Her
own   family   looked   down   upon   the
great French author a3 a mere story
Teller, and by her late husband's people
sordid motives were imputed to him to
ucconut for his devotion to the heiress.
The   latter   objection   was  removed  a
few years later by tlie widow's giving
up to hor daughter the fortune left to
her by M. Llauska.  This w.as followed
by  her  remarriage after'i'"beautiful
heart drama," as her husband callw it,
"which had lasted seventeen years."
Six months later Balzac died, and my
aunt found herself for the second time
a widow, with thc burden of her husband's   large   debts   and   that   of   his
great name, which she bore with such
dignity   for thirty   years  longer.    She
never spoke of the blow his death had
been to   her.   She  must  have  felt it
deeply, and she would not have been
human if she had not cherished resentment1 against those  whose  opposition
to,her wishes had robbed her of some
...years of happiness, but if it was the
"-''case  she  never  let any one guess it.
Once only I heard her make a remark
which gave me a strange insight into
"  her inner life.  We were talking about
'happiness in general,  and I observed
how very eager people were to interfere with that of their neighbors.   My
aunt looked at me for some time, then
slowly said:: "I think that this comes
from the fact that ed very few people
:;: understand   what   real   happiness   it
They mostly look upon it as a superficial thing and treat it with the light
heartedness they apply'.to all other enjoyments of existence.   If they understood and realized what it really means
for those who consider life in Its true
and serious light they would respect it
the genuine pills
with the full name "Dr. Williarns'
Pink Pills for Pale People, on the
wrapper around each box. Sold by
all medicine dealers' or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, by
writing The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co.,. Brockville,  Ont.
tered and iriade his way rapidly to the
kitchen, where his .'wife was bending
over the stove, (with' a jery red face
and a careless air. ',, v
,',?'Has she gone?"J said Witherby.
"Has the finest cook weaver bad left
("us?" '       '      ,     -"      '   *   '• ' • '       '
'.'She has," said Mrs. Witherby, her
tears mingling with the chicken brpth,--
- "What, was the-matter?   What excuse did she give?" /   ,
' ,,"She rsaid.%repliedr Mrs.. Witherby,
'feebly/'ithat she had too little to do."—'
" Philadelphia Ledger. • , '   '.*',-,.'
A,    <cA      .-r ■—;       ,        - *
,-' ; .nls'Ftttal  Over'alic'ht.
'.With a,steely glitter In her eye'the
young woman met him at the door.
"Mr. Spoonamore," she^sald, ""did you
send'me this poem?"
' Hereupon she handed him a sheet of
tinted paper containing some lines beginning thus: '',.-'
Beautiful one. wim eyes so blue,     •   ,'
Oh. how my fond heart longs for you!
Sweet maiden, listen to me now,
'   Hear once again my ardent vow!
"Why,  yes,   Miss  Birdie,"   he  stammered.     "I—I  wrote  it     Is 'anything
the"- ' .  .      A
"Your 'ardent vow!*" she exclaimed
contemptuously. "Read the first letters of those four lines downward, and
you will see what your vow and your
poetry amount to, Mr. Spoonamore!"
He glanced at the lines again.
Then,   with   a   wild   cry,   he   rushed,
forth into the night.   ' \
"Curses on.my fatal, gift of poesy!
he  howled.    "I  ought  to have edited
'the stuff before I sent it in!"-Cbicago
Majority of TIiom- '-..   Kntflan*! Arc n«»P«ot-
,     utile and .St:li-K«c»t>»-ctlnS— "Wliy Art
- '"/ ■      J'-lmlk 1 I.Vmi. a >'«Miil«y. '
Mrs.'Frank .Elliott, author of "The
Shooting of     the. New     J,dea,"     thus
writes  of  artists,' c moflels    in     England:      The oi'iiinnry   individual >   on
passing   in   the   street <a.  young     woman  of.   picturesque, but  rather     unkempt appearance. , whose     garments
hang in  clinging  folds and  owe nothing to the pre\.ttlirig fashion',,,' whose
lsat  is     of  ample,    dimensions,     but
would be scorned by any seli-respect-;
mg .milliner  and   whoso , feet     appear
shod   more   for "comfort   than   [smart.
appearance,-would   probably     remark-
with ,   intuitive*" coiivictipn.     "There
goes, an  artist's model!" < If ^the   en-'
tire 1 costume   bears   thc   unmistakable
stamp   of   "home-made,", the  identification     would'    probably   be  correct.
Although  many  other .women     scorn
fashion   plates  and .dress ■ on" the  ,ra-j
-tionaU or' aesthetic principle, there is
'generally no'fault to be found-   %\ith
the workmanship pf' the garments. As
a   rule* eccentricity   is   a   fad   of'* the
fairly'well-to-do.      But  the    artists
model has no' pulrlicto dress for. Her
home is in'the studio", where, so long
,as she is picturesque, no one cares to
pry into   details.        , »»       <•
Although" it  is  the  aim    of-,   every
artist  to   embody   his   ideas   in     prcs-
liminary   studies,   done,   as     a     child
would say,  "entirely', out. of.'his    own
.head,"  there arc  lew  who can,,   work
up  a drawing or picture  without, thc
assistance • of   a   model.   ,   A .. sculptor
especially',''who, has to, make his work
perfect     from   every   point   ofj   view,
would  never attempt' such  an  impossible, feat.''   One' of,'the   reasons     to,
which   is "'ascribed   the   perfection     of^
;the old cGreek  sculpture  is"'   that 'the
artists had continual  opportunity,  in
everv-day  life,   of  studying  tho  nude,
untraniunelcd  human 'form. . Men ,.and
■women  of thc present day'.suggest by,
their  mode  of ldre*ss,'little * of     their
natural -figures.   The   former     present
an   arrangement   hi" tubes—two   tubes
below;  a tube bri either side; a* small
lube'at the'* top—T  refer*' ofs course to
the   conventional'but;  most   inartistic
"topper"—and     a   "targe     tube     connecting  the  others'.   A  woman" .represents  an  egg-boiler  draped_   from tho
"lower  bulb,  and   to  divine  the,    form
of  thc   limbs   as   fashionably    clothed
would   be sheer  guesswork.
It is "all verv well."for such an artist as the late K. C. Corboulci. who
'found—so he said—a broom with a
coat** on it suflicient to suggest, a
man in armor, but . the average
draughtsman is more exacting-
Where, then, does he find his models?
Relations and friends are often so far
obliging as to sit for a head, but he
has  to   '' suit  their
' The British Empire tolas' numbers
4Q0..•".'1:$,71.5 citizens. The lveent completion of the Capo census enables
the total to be'made up. 'Over 11,-
87fi T'lo square miles of British citizens' are 'dotted to, thc „ number of
ahout thirty-six per square mile -
London Mail. ,   -        '
■ ThlnK«   Looking  Up.   .
* "If you .are not'careful," said „the
man .,with the take care yoiing man,
habit, "you'll have a breach of promise
case on your band'*.".'   , ,
'   "Well,, if  that conies  true.",  replied
4the young fellow,  "It-will be the first
.case to come my'way since I graduated
from the law'school."- '* ,      ' r -""
-"  -   -,' A* Hord   Tiuilc.
"Don't you think you could learn.to
love me?"'he said, looking at her wistfully:. '*"'-«-. '',''""'
;', ,"Ifm sure I couldn't," 6he answered
decidedly. "I'm a, per feet dunce. When
■ r was at 'school I', never could learn
anything."—"London Punch." ...       /    ;
,1     -,  , "'  a ~
Tlie Dry Pnrt. ,,'
Mr." Topper—I don't believe-=there'
was a'dry eye in the.house when the
curtain" went do'wn^ on the third act.
Mrs. Pepper—No* but there seemed'-to
be'the usual number of dry throats.,
Ileyoiul 111" Meann. ,
' Lady (getting on Thirty-fourth street
car)—Conductor,' do   you  stop   at'the
Waldorf-Astoria?   Conductor—No," madam.   How can you expect me to do so.
at $12 a week?     V      ' -    0,r "  ,   ',
rl    '*   ' '     „
,t   Slnr'tliipr  the  Itow.     t'       ,„   t  ,
',jC0ll_l0h. my! I don't.like .the shape
of my new gown at all. 4 wish I knew
how to"*improve It, 'Belle—*Why 'not let
some other girl wear it, dear?—Phlla-
delohla Ledcer. '       "    '        r      *«   ,A
', CmTrlicen   tfoolts.      <>..   -
., Goldsmith 'often raised' money on
some projected work, then put it aside
and started another. He once drew up
a prospectus for''a "Dictionary of-Arts
and Sciences" and obtained*promises
of ■ help from his friends, Johnson,
Reynolds and Burke, but the booksellers wera too wary for once, and tho
scheme fell ^through. One of his last
proposals was the "Survey of Expert
mental. Philosophy," which met with
the same fate.
The mjve practical. Dr. Johnson could v
himself devise and not undertake.   He
once .thought of writing a life of Oliver
A-yonng wife decided to go to housekeeping and do her own marketing.
" Now I want to Bave all the money I
can," she told the grocer.
"1 am going to bu/just as economically
'aa I can,' anil I am going to do my own
cooking and bake my own bread."
.  She saw some .eggs.   ■    ,
' "How much are eggs?"
" Well, we have' them at various prices.
The best are thirty cents a dozen."
,'..  " My, - how. expensive 1   Haven't you
some for twenty ?"   ','■"-'
-"-I'.Yea m'am, but:I can't recommend     .•
them. . Y:\ .   '
.'' But we are trying to save money.''
"True,  but you can't afford to save
money on' eggs,- butter and flour." •
"Those,are three'things you want gooc'^p
ancl you can't have them too good. '"*
'• You can save in lota of ways but don't   .
dp it on the necessities."'    °  ' ,     '
, ''"What is your best flour?"
'«• "Royal Household." ,    ■
"How much'does it cost?'! ' <■'
,' ' He told her."^ ',"'"     / . > „
"-Have you "cheaper flour."
' "Yes', cheaper in price but really not
u cheap in -the end. * You see in Eoyal
Household Flour 'you get  the  largest
amount of flour value for your, money."'   -> t
" What do you mean by 'flour value'TV
"The largest amount of^wheat natn-
ment-^-of pure flour.. <   ' --\
"The cheaper the flour the less ^nutriment it has in it and the more bran.
' J'The bran ia-in all'Qour till its taken out. ' , 'r - . _ ' V , ' ,L I " '
' -"It's all taken out of Eoyal Household
-'Flour, and that means the, best machinery
and tho best .milling. ■   ■
'' ""And another thing, madam,"perhaps    ,
you '■havenH heard of the new  process    '
used in'rroaking Eoyal Household Flour.
'   *It is' purified cby Electricity iand that
seems to .make all, the difference*in the
world in flour.
"Everybody wants "Eoyal Household"
now-Lthey, seem to thinkdt is healthier,
and I guess it is." _j '   '      „
Suddenly she looked suspicious at tho
' earnestness of his argument ,
J    ."Don't  you   make more money ,oa
Royal Housenold Flour?    '.
-■    "No m'am—not as much' as we make
* on cheaper'priced flour."    ' '     "'
"Then why do youi recommend it?"
" Because when a customer once' tries
■-..•.Royal   Household'   our trouble  is all *
over.   It,sells itself after that and wo (,
' never' have any complaints.    If you send
"to The Ogiivie Flour Mills Co., Limited,,
'■Montreal,, they will' send you1 the Eoyal
'Househojd Recipes.
."Well] send ,me a barreUof 'Royal
Household \tnen; and Til have some' of
'those 30c. eggs too."  '    ^^
Mistaken  Id  1 »v y.„
The wojnan thought1 .hat' sho Recognized the cherubic' little boy sitting next to her .in the street car,
and when the conveyance made a
long stop at an open bridge she undertook to make the waiting pleasant for her small fellow passenger.
She was heard to ask sweetly.
"How is your 'little sister to-day,
"Huh!" snorted the offended small
boy, lifting an indignant countenance
that was not Tommy's. "Where'd I
get any sister, I'd like to know? I
haven't ever been married!" •
■ ■ ——   i
Care of  "Manure.
When manure is very dry the
chemical changes are slow, but
changes occur rapidly where It is
moist. This fact is suificicnt to show
that when manure is mixed with an
abundant supply of absorbent material and storerl away under shelter
it will undergo but little change, but
when wanted for use may be soon
decomposed by saturating the, heap
with urine..   . ■
Why Tcrencp Grieved.
The miser was dying. Through a
long life he had lived for one purpose
oniy_to amass wealth—and now he lay
dying, attended only by his lifelong retainer, Terence.
"My one regret is that I, cannot take
my fortune with me into the next
world," he sighed. '
"Sure, It's too bad, son." acquiesced
Terence, "for ye do have money to
burn!"—Princeton Tiger.
Tlie  Boiitun  Girl.
Kitty—I believe you think Ju3t ss
much of Minnie Hawba as you do cf
mc. ,     .
George—Why,  I  actually  abominate
Kitty—George, you are such a dear.—
Boston Transcript.
lms   LU     „„ _..   convenience,     not ! Cr0mwell,   but-it  is  as  well   perhaps
thev his, and he can only vjctimiz-e J tbat hi changed his mind. His consti-
them up to a certain point of bore- I tutionaI in'dolence was too'great to ad-
dom. The professional artist s model , ^ of hi3 undertaking many great lit-,
is tho'standby. She has   'not    to   be enterprises, * and,   unlike   Cole-
sought  after,   but  goes the round    °J , «T    *   fa well aware of the fact
the-** studios in search of ™gage- , ndgj,J^oy^. his edition of Shake-
ments, although when sb? ^ °b--| ^^tine years, although he had
Se^on^fo • a chost tow *    « p'romTsed it-ln a'year, and only flnish-
Keei jeoYo-Cs are as rampant    in   ^d it in consequence of the attack of
'the1 profession  of  model  as     in    any ■ churchlll, who accused him ot cheat-
other..    The acknowledged   .'"Irilby      jn& his subscribers:
holds herself as superior to the com- , subscribers baits his hook
mon  or graden model as     a ■*<"•*'*'*-'      ** • —-
' walKer on
star ac-, 1
tress does to    a"waiKer on.      S"e is
a connoisseur in figures and does not
hesitate to criticize a rival s   attractions   in    merciless   and   plain-spoken
lamruage.  Some  models  are    horn  to
the   business.'    iTheir     mother     and.
Grandmothers  before  them     knew    no
other life than  that of the studio and
their   children   learn   to   pose -us   soon
ns thev can toddle.  lHft this  is bv no
means' always  the   case.   Younic  girls
nred  of the ill-pa.d  drudgery  o»tho
unskilled  occupations are  tempted by
the seven and  sixpence a.   day    to be
earned in a studio, and if    they     a«o
gifted   with  exceptionally   good   looks
they may  earn  their  living    literally
"on their heads."
I can call to mind a few who graduated from the studios to the pho-
.   a:_',.......   „,,„,i,,ws  ns    professional
And takes your cash, but where'* you»
book? i     _
No matter where; wise fear, tou know.
Forbids, the robbing: of a foe.
BU^ what to serve our private ends
Forbids th« che.illng of. our friends?
—Chambers' Journal.
Starts Im Life.
Some of the men of education have
had to start as rag sorters. A surprising - number, have begun with dishwashing. Among them I have known
a musician and 'two seminarists who
have become waiters; a bricklayer1 who
now owns a hotel and is worth $100.-
000; a civil engineer who threw aside
the dish rag for a porter's job and, after seven years' hard work and saving,
has just become a partner in a prosperous expressing and shipping business.
A. typical case is that of a young doctor who came to America to make his
fortune with a hundred spare dollars
in his pocket. He tramped about New
York for weeks to find work to suit
him. He was starving before a friendly Gomasco cook got him a chance to
wash dishes. He lost his self respect,
he said, and seemed to fall lower and
lower until he resolved to learn English and a trade. • He is now a skilled
ladies' tailor and earns $35 a week during, the busy season.   .
When iirverv looks like cotton after washing
that is the res"\i!t of poor soap,.
windows  as    profo
windows to  the stage.   Miss Dorothy
Dene,   for instance,  was
Sties !and7,'om. "ihe" photoRraphers'
bvThe'Tntc* Lo~rd Lcighton and it was
somewhat amusing to observe at Academy soirees the greeting between
the president and the professional
beaut* who perhaps followed on the
heels of a bishop. The twinkle in the
eye   was  reserved   for
the     ox-rhodel
Ordinary  good     looks  are,    however
ho  obtain  ret-,"—.    ~.
not   sufficient 'to  obtain  regular. em-
MilMe— Poor Mr. Jones was unable to
met'i his creditors, I hear.
Jack-Oli, no; that's, quite wrong.
Mis diiiiculty was to dodge 'em.
nlovment. The figure),is equally,
perhaps more useful. And here comes
the'' ordeal' for the woald-be model
not brought up in the studios She
nnd's she has'to sit for the alto-
trcthert" Well! there it is!, .Mis.
Cnmdy'may hide ^er/face, J?^-^
Pictures of Lord L-eightpn. Sir E. •'-
Pointer. Marcus Stone. Waterhouse.
T-liir   -UUrbton   and   an> number . be-
is   a.   pure,   scientifically   made   soap,   whicl
washes   linens   perfectly  white   without   the
least discoloration or injury to the fabric.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Buy Sunlight
Vour  money refunded  if you
Lever Brothers Limited
find  cause for
ii 13
A   Cane   In   Point.
"I wonder what Is meant by the
Kti-.U'iuont that 'nature equalizes
lUii-ii-s'.'' "
■'Well, if nature endows a woman
with small feet It gives her; a big
ln'.ad."—Philadelphia Ledger.
ft'-jiftWliar^ I
ue paintod
nSSmS^UWfTESf.   WaUiervaie.   Toronto.   Hoatreal.   Bt. ^ohn.   Winnipeg.
* . ,������,Vl'^.'^-'"���'"���,  ������*" '    .i,.,-';.v-vW-j:(?% iftv '-'/���,''"'''"r''i'-".-" <-'���''  <     ,1,    *f,Tt ',rV'?'',,   >   -'.���>-!.'l >- ���.''!. -'V    , ��*��'  >'���-.-'',"5'.-. .or-iwi"-"���"'���'-'i'->-'-")-' J     .��.'..  '    - . ft'    _  /  to  e  t  7hE"moy��e leader  ���  ���  WESTERN CANADIAN  EDITOKS.  A series of articles describing  "their lives, their aims and  "   their, Influence.  No. 19. ,    ,   ***  J0HN  S. BRUNDIGE  ���'  t  8  ���  space of four years. The mere recital of this fact is testimony sufficient as to his energy. Perhaps such  a record i.s upique in the craft. From  washing printing rollers to writing  editorials���he has desclbed the whole  of the wide arc, and in a period of  time almost unparalleled in its brevity. "Devil," apprentice, journeyman-  printer, -i foreman ��� repoiter, editor,  proprietor���and all between May Mi,  "1900, and the fall of 1904! Mr. 13run-  digo's friends say that "push" and  enterprise are his dominating characteristics. In the face of the facts  they may well be believed.'  "Mr. Brundige is of United Empire  extraction, his parents residing'  at 'Shelburne at the time of his  birth. He was educated at the public  schools of that town, and at the age  of seventeen commenced his Journalistic career .on the Free Press ofj  that thriving Ontario 'town. As already stated, when ,he left that paper  it was in the'capacity of foreman. His  eves had, already been turned toward  the Northwest, and in April of 1904  he came to Winnipeg," and after a  Jii-ief survey ' of the field he commenced negotiations for the purchase  of the Miami Herald, which he finally  secured. The change .in proprietor  and editorship was at onco noticeable  in tho improved tone and appearance  of' the paper. , Week afler week its  circulation grew, and its advertising  columns ' became. a more ��� adequate  reflection of the mercantile importance, of the town in which tho Herald  SUICIDE     CAUSES ' BANK     TO  CLOSE  ITS DOORS.  A Columbus (Ohio) dispatch says:  Charles A. Houseman, cashier of the  East side savings bank, shot himself on Tuesday at his home. When  ilie news of the suicide became  known the street In front' of the bank  was quickly filled with men, women  and children, demanding their money  The directors of tb,e bank applied to  lhe common pleas "court for a receiver,' and W. H. English was appointed, his bond' being fixed at, $40,-  000. The run had practically stopped  when the doors of the bank were  closed by order of the court. The directors insist that the bank funds are  all right, 'and'that the'bank will pay  dollar  for  dollar. '        c  How's This!  \?o offer Ono Hunrired Dollars "Howard for  buy case of Catarrh tnat cannot bo cured hy  Hall's Catarrh (Sure. ,   .     ���  F. J  CHENEY. & CO.. Toledo, O.  We.  the undersized,    have   known F.  J  Cheney for the ias-t 15 years, and believe *alu  perfectly   honorable in all business tr-masr-*  ions and financially able to carry out any ob-  JOHNA,BRUNDIGE  Editor  and   Proprietor.; of :.the  '      ^      U��r-alH- r,     .  Miami  Herald.  f  fe  Si*'  H.V"  |-  '-".I-  **������'  ��*  !���'        '  rv']  In this series of .life sketches of the  "Hen who are' the public* recorders,  and to a'large an'd' increasing extent,  Se' iroulders ��� of public-'opinion,  throughout the Canadian West three  characterisiics��are observable in' them  ' as a class-lirst'and/primarily, , their  youth; second, their, enterprise, and  third, their energy.    ���       J> ' ,    >    > *  journalism is-pre-eminently a, profession for young, rrfon. For one man  en'-ared therein who has passed live  '.'and thirty of",life's milestones there  must he many who are less than that  '   a-e    Perhaps it is because, like the  somewhat kindred profession of teaching  newspaper work is often regarded   hy" those engaged therein,'not as  . a life-work, but as a temporary means  ��� of securing, amid attractive surroundings the means necessary* to complete  '   a life training   in" law; .medicine,   or  " some "other occupation.   Another reason may,be that newspaper men, who  bf  necessity- come   into   touch*, with  business men who'instantly , appreciate  abilitv, are; drafted off into other lines  of activity",   by  a   continuous' absorption carried out through" more tempting- remunerativer rewards. '-"And, '-af-  'ter a few', years the'glamor of aews-  . paper'work largely wears ���"off to the  'mea'who aro in it-he"  business, and the  ���   steadv "grind" of; daily work becomes  more'arid* more   the  outstanding  lea-  ture 'of the life.   -For newspaper, work  is a "show-down"  day  by. day.     rne  ' good editorial in last week's issues; or  the hig "scoop" made yesterday, won t  avail anvthing to-day if your competitor gets or has the better news service.    A   newspaper   differs   from    a  hank in that it can' have no "rest,    no  "reserve." A grocer who deals honorably  bvhis  customers increases their  num-  her.and after a timo can leave all details to subordinates,  and secure a good  income  while   enjoying  a  woll-earneU  rest'as   the   result-'of   honest   aeal-  ing.   So can a lawyer with his clients,  and almost every other profession or  business.   But 'with the editor it ls-not  so.    Yesterday's success cannot atone  for to-dav's failure..   The reading pub-  he   consider   nothing   but   the  issue  thev are reading;  they do not relate  it   to .its    predecessors.    Hence,    as  many an old'newspaper man has remarked,  when  he   was  weary of trie  forced gait he had    to    maintain   to  keep abreast of younger and more energetic  men-���"The    newspaper    DUai-  ��� ness is a good  business���to get out  of."  The   Canadian    West,    like    evei>  other voung country,' is essentially tne  land  of  opportunity  for   young  men.  Newspaper work, as before noted, oe-  ing in  apvpspcclal    degree   a   young  man's profusion, it is to be expected  that in -Weston Canada the men controlling   the   press, would   in   avci.age  ago  b%   much- belt-.,}-   those   in   other  parts of  the- continent    Tins   is  i-e-  markably   true.      "Boy   editors      arc  not  phenomena in Manitoba and the  "Northwest    Territories,     as thc>   aie  elsewhere.    More lads who tme not  attained their majority are frcqucntlj  ���       found in charge of papers ���whose influence and importance are in in^tso  ratio to the age of those   in    whose  charge they aro found. ��� Somo of the  cmen who cut the largest swath in. th*  ���West at the present time wore editors  hofore they  were out of  their teen*,.  Winter Scott, M.P., and J. J. Young, M.L  aro Y,-ell known cases in point     Ann  there is at thc  present  time no lack  of men as young as they, when first  the>  began to make their ronxk. ���*f  Piomiso to become equally Prominent  -won who display the same enei-,>.  ���hoioughncss.  tact and  e"'cn'-'*\��   "g  tnose   who    have    writ   then-    names  of  western  pro-  John S.  Wrun-  I   Coughing is an outward sign o��  .   'inward disease.  Cure the disease with.  Consumption*  'Cure,'-fon,cLuns;   /'  ,. and the cough will stop.-  Try , Jt  to-night".     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A Chicago woman ^committed suicide because her .husband objectedJ.o  her smoking cigarettes. ' But think  how many husbands have to stand for  similar' objections!   - ', '  Tbo Bitoanm at nunu. <  The annual report of tho British  consul at Panama makes somo interesting revelations regarding tha  undeveloped resources of the Isthmian.  Republic. Railways' and highways,  the consul asserts, will convert what  is now wilderness t and jungle into  rich ' farms and -.fields, while tho  wealth of Panama's mineral deposits  and   forest     is    historical. Open  savannas with mile3 of splendid grazing grounds lie within this narrow  neck of land. The climatic conditions  of some of the interior provincos aro  already good, and the work of sanitation now being carried on by engineers w'ill make practically all tho  Isthmus, habitable to white men.  Better means of transportation and  communication are the imperativo  needs of the republic, but the -foreign  service is even now much improved  over old conditions. The Pacjiic  Mail Steamship Company operates  weekly steamers between Panama  and r,S.in I-Vanciscp, and another line  has   recently     been     inaugurated  be-    -    ,, ��,.,. . .���,������,���   .      t'woen  Callao  and  China,  calling!r at  ^^m^to\^^^^oWio,0.    Panama <dn   both   th��   outward'!  .and  , ^.__.-.!._,.._ :���i.���.������ii_ ..��.   homeward     voyages.    .About- twenty  "banana steamers,' mostly Norwegian/  call at -Panama every month, currying away ,200.00<) bunch.'s of; banana's. The plantations are many miles  in extent. ' An '"extensive wireler-s  telegraph service will soon connect'  "Panaina with Colon and both cities  with Central' and ()South '(.America.  Portobello,' on the Atlantic Coast,  through ' which all trade with, ports  on the Gulf of Saa Bias will b�� carried on, has been declared open to  coaumcrcA   - -'   ,   '  ���   -~ i  is published. Attention to the many  details of mechanical make'-up is evident in every issue, and few papers  published in a town' of similar population w'ill ' show to Skater ��� advantage' than; thai published by Mr.  Brundige. * His jobbing plant too,  has'"been'selected with care. It was  almost ..wholly supplied by the loi-  onto'Type Foundry Company," and is  as much a tribute to the beauty of  the type faces carried by that institution as to the knowledge and. taste  shown by their purchaser.  As ,a local newspaper the Herald  leaves little to be desired, when the  range of" action sits editor has marked  out for,himself 'is considered. The  happenings of the district are received with faithfulness, and often-  tfmes with humor. Of this humor by  the''bve. Mr. Brundige has-a notable  and in addition is,somewhat of  When he was on the bnei  burne Free Press his comic poetry  Sn current -events and ^ell-known  men -was, watched for with interest byVthe ;^Per%re^dper|iC]aaTa  since his ' acquisition- ot the. Hoi aid  he has.frequently broken out m the  same direction. Since he. has assumed the ownership and editorahip  o?"he.Herald its business has,almost  doubled,   which. _ for ^ mne   ^    ^  "of ��� its     pro-  for   all   in   all     the  .Very many persons die i annually  from cholera , and kindred summer  .complaints,- who might', hnvo been  saved'if proper remedies had .been  used. If attacked don't delay In setting, a bottle, of 'Dr. J. Xi. Kellosg a  Dysentery, Cordial, the medicine, .that  never'falls to effect a cure. Those who  have used It say it acts promptly., and  thoroughly subdues the pain and disease. 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The Paris Gaulois reports that saw:  dust is now "doing used by some res^  taurants as a dressing for cutlets, it  is sold already-prepared for, about^u  cents a'sack.-'The sack is given to  the,chef if ihe'-customer discovers the  deception., ' *      ". n ��� ,       ' ,-.' ���  ^ Khari's Liibaeit Cvm Sistasgw.  1  '      < i      **  Admiral Togo materially reduced  Russia's-flowing debt, and if he meets  the Baltic^ fleet he "may add to, their  sinking fund.   . , c.   " -  < ^ . i ���  Nothing looks' so .awfully cheap c as  a man waiting for his change in ��� a  drj  goodsi.<���cre. ,,      ���' '" ,', ���  '   ��  U�� the safe, pleasant and ,o��ect��al  worm killer, Mother Graves Worm  Exterminator; nothing equals ,it. 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The expected    tip    doesn't always  come to the waiter who waits.  Toronto is to try Rejane next week  but is expected to be saved by the  circumstance that it does not understand French.   After the Czar's mishap the occupants of the Senate Chamber, will al-  wav-s feel uneasy when the guns  boom on Nepson Point.  Although John 'Is: Sullivan has retired from the ring no man not in  training will venture to suggest corrections in his grammar.  Port  Arthur,  Ont.,   now   steps  front of its. Asiatic namesake   as  place men are fighting for.  fleet  Perhaps   that   Baltic  find tho way home again, never  ing been so far away  befon,.  cannot  ���iav-  A     Good     "Value     Ih   to   be   nrlzsMl.���  porary. Goodness must alw.t>s come  to the front and throw ���?&*���Ait  j������- h,.,i which Is worthless, bo it  has beer wm. 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Wo  make it to show our supreme confidence in the Chatham Incubator. Wo  want you to accept this offer as wo  aro sure of tha satisfaction our Incubator will give. Every machine wo  havo put out so far has made other  sales in tho same neighborhood.  Our offar l�� to send you a Chatham  Incubator at once, freight prepaid by  u�� without one cent of cash from you.  . You make your first payment in  October, 1906. The balance to be paid  in October, 1908, or if a Cash Buyer  you get it cheaper. Could any offer  be fairer or more generous ?  SMITO FALI.S. Os-T., November 19th. 19*4.  Tht Incubator ��ntl Brooder that I housht f��.rn your  M.nt! on tlm. I wlih now to par th. ��hoi. amount  ffi�� fill If tou w 11 (jlv. m�� a illicount. I un verr  mv eh P'.. od with both lrn-ul ator and Brood.r. ar.!  would not b�� without them, beca.n. I cleared thli  muoL mor. ihan th. Incubator and Brood.r cott dm.  T��������PSj|_^HY.u),i  Write us to-day for full particulars  of our offer and mention this paper.  Don't put it aside for another time as  this special proposition may bo withdrawn at any time.  THB MANS0N CAMPBELL CO.. ttallrf  Dcpt.35 Chatham, Ont.  MAXUTACTUHXR3 Of     .    ���       ' .  Chatham Tannlllir  MliU and   Chatham Farm Sejal��-  ' BlSTHIBimSO WARKHptrStS f.T  Jiontr-aU Qu... *i^*%^%-{��**&�����.  K.w WMtrainitor, B.C.. Halifax. ��.�����  rACTOHIM AT  Chatbaro. Ont. and D.troit, Mleh. "  -Vrseriic, in a sufficient quantity to  kill a hundred people, .has been found  in a can of baking powder that was  used in the cooking for patrons ot trie  cafe of an apartment house in Detroit,  a dozen of whom were taken seri-  d.-slv ill last Thursday from s-.-me un-  k-.iown -cause. All are getting better.  Ad examination of all the food, milk  Superfluous Hair  ������mov��d by tho Now Frlnolplo  X)2, giUracf ft  ^*^:^>��fi^^^  jh���^' }H *���!���, t "sr,'r I:fi{-'t&',t,y|i*!KVi,,^iri  K^:^-, '.'". '^.,-  rW      Li :*-j '.-.J  !<,"S,- i  - '<yJi>x   - i,;  '^r(v*  "A "*   *���"���,<���  rr1 *      ' -i1,4-     -  H-v3��'      - ��� ".    v  '  . -** '         t,J  '"���       -""-   1     <    "  4*, j u :.(.,���-.  ������vpt'r',    "���'i Y-  '-.-.' ..'-'Vl  ., fc.  .' ; , i  -. i.Svc   '               , A. i  *Wi-      -           - "    '  1 i." *lJ *, ,".<  fe-s    "'  -.   ''"v  , ]������.'- >t-a  R-S  "VV'.'.  ' ,"'i''".'"' ^  .v ^"-          ,i^    -    '  '    r>>,      ,���        fl"  - ;* -    --���>��               c  ���       (   1     .          ,  -j  r'^r^s, - , -     ^.' *,-'  '*   H     j*^     1  ''"*���>' ,    '     -,     '���  '                '      a!| iS  ;-^,.                ",     ���                 >.               ��,  .;->    ! /'"-j  !  ff  ��� '                     .      -  J i'i'    -     . . IV   ,   ,  - itv-..,   ���                          '' -'  K     '-<     i.            ?*$  ���j-V ,. "'"-".., .  '^-���-/-l -   -           1    '  "X,y"   1*     '     ,    '  V l,k> J   ' i'3  i-'ft-'I -��� ������ .  '.;ki-,    ���   > .  _**  t i 'A  'W                 '  r'fS '-'iV     -'        -*l*  1 -K "H  y,*,          * ^  <        v��i  ..i*1.   '-  "���*          ���** *  a  A"1      '   '  '  ���''*��� -\M  *?''-        -            -  -    tf'' X'   m  .'B-'     ''-''.      '  L  lb ia bettar than electricity, booa������  it dees not soar or produce a now jjrowth.  Betturthan X-ray,,bocauso it doe* aot  burn, scar or paralyro tho tiwues undar  tho skin. Better than depilatories, bo-  oause ib is not poisonous ; thoroloro,  ib will not causo blood poisoning, or  produce eozema. whioh is so common  with depilatories, and does nob break  off the hair, thereby increasing lta  growth.  Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories aro  offered you on tbe bare word of tho  operator and manufaotur.rs. D B  MIRACLE ia not. It is tho only method  -rrhich is indorsed by physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, medical journala  and prominent magazines.  DE MIRACLE will bo mailed to s-ny  address, sealed in plain wrapper Ior *1.  Your money back without quebtion if it  fails to do all that is claimed for it.  Our booklet -- tho most oomploto  treatise on Superfluous Hair ever pub-  lished-containing tho testimonial, ol  numerous physicinos and surgeons and  those of hundreds o�� others���will bo  sent free, in plain, .-ealed ���av'��1��P*;  upon request. Write for it to-day to  DE MIRACLE CHEMICAL CO., 23  'Quni. Sxbzet West.JToroNTO, or  TORONTO, ONT.      ',  Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Glore*  and Moccasins���tough u ���irhal��-  bonc, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-  proof, wind-proof, *boil-proo��  crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,  cold-proof, almost wear-proof���  certainly the greatest leathei  ���ver used in mitts and gloves.  Lik�� buckskin it is tanned  without oil, unlike buckskin it U  not porous, it is wind-proof���will  outwear three buckskins.  "Pinto" Mitts and Glove*  never crack or harden, never get  sodden, are always warm, pliably  soft and comfortable.  Sold at all dealers, but never with-  out this brand :���  V  I.  .,    1  J., u  THE  ROBERT  HUDSON BAY KNITTING CO.  Hsatreal    Winnipeg    Dawson %  \j   No   51a ���qi��-HiwUjh��j'iwL.>u'aVi'<w''gag.  miiv* ~*m*%<Tw**<K*r-'rilr**.-1 ���    ���"���V**  RlSSBsiM^ ���f^**^^*- J^^U^V^^^ fcuW^/'jtj'-^^tr-- fc^,  uTa^f^Vl'"'"0- (f '  iWW HUBWffV t*^*  -+-*-i^i*-  i U.-.U.),^H,.*. ri ,_�����.  /!>  \  0  v ���ijB.-Sj*��2?"  ,    IS  ���'-fi-iffis ������mm.  s- uhlished in the interest of the people  ^."i v *   "i ' i      **"  _ of Moyie and East Kootenay'. ' '-  ���?. ,T. SST.Y'-rH ft'co'.,    -  '.   -    -eutllaixerc  hates cf sur.3ci;i-?^ioj?.  Ono Ycr.r;..'.'.' ���". .'....C'....AA...  .   ,      - ' .1. '  ....   J2.C0'  .=. ATJJEDA.T,' FEBRUARY  11  1005.  A man t."Lo purchased   t*-ro  lots   in  ,��>  Mo;*x n r'ev* years years 'ago' for  $3GQ  'fl 'IiiatTjeek refused $800 'for   them,   and  ' rRiEf-d the selling price to the'agent  to  7     ,31100. ' The man'has faith in  Moyio  -and,there is  little doubt but, he  will  get the price, which he asks. >      ,    '    '  Are You Prejudiced?  Can' Yon Se Convinced?  oome people think they cannot 2nd a firnt class Drug Store  without* going -to a large town.   If you are cne'of tln-so.  people you can be convinced  that thero  ib  a-first  class Drug fvtoro'in Moyie by calling at the'' ,  P;,0. Drug- and Stationery Store,  ���'      .'���   ���'"'  W;:�� ATCHIS0$?  ,   Prescriptions carefully prepared. -   ���t  Meets e7ery" "Monday evening ia thair  hall on' Victoria street. Sojourning  Odd Fellov/a cordially invited".  C.-A.Foote, "'   ,'   ,    F. J. Swf-x,' '���  .      Noble Grand. ��  -      r.Seor'y. ,-..  5J      '    ��� flaw, Fleming and .Lath -MjllBc.  m '-''"' ;".*"���;  '���.'��'��� '" " *-   -. ';'-'"/;.^i;  v  i1'  H    ,    '  "''-   ���.  r  "' .'  i  The midwinter number of . the  ' Phoeniz Pioneer1 ie a, beauty. It is  ,. about tbe size of   th'e   Ladies', Homo  Journal an'd its general makeup and  .appearance'   is  very   attractive.   Tho  Boundary district, will receive an  ,-immense amount "of gcodJ advertising  from- it. - -,       ���   ��  PROPRIETOH."'  -*&?  \^*y&m  R nlicriWeTiafJw^ ri'.iiUlit:  ' 'As an. illustration of the * Value of.  . advertising the publishers of ^ "Eyery-  f body's Magazine -have''sold the.-,-back  . cover of' their- March issue to , the  . American Waltbam 'Wtitoh^ company.  for the sum of $4,000.' And the watch-  -'company is not doing this either "just  -to' help the poor devils along" v/ho  r re  publishing ��he magazine.      -     ( ,  j-  UltUt -WWl"!  '''! The Herald'will  horpafter  be  published by   an ��� incorporated' pompahy,  fiThc chaage hao been < inade  simply '- to  " ��� ^ . i - '      f ^  '���facilittito the handling of the',JfLerald'a  hasiaeac,   whjch ' has   materially   in-  - cre'aaed:t.he past year,'   The'new comp-  ����*,n'y'has  been incorporated, with   an  7 t'.uthorized capital of $15,000,  $10,000  ��� 'of which has been issued and paid -up*  " - The^incorporators are r.'Ss  Simpson1,  "Sl/r!"Simpson,"J,'Hi King, -M.. P. P.',  ��0. T.,;Kpgera,"*W. D. Hill, B. E. JBeattie  and M.H JD. Billings. F. "E. SimpBoh  -'will remain as before,, edito'r of-the  '���Herald and manager of tha, business.  '-���Cranbrook Herald.'  ,-     ',     c ���       > ,;  ' ,���       StarUingiTJiU True. ���  People-.tho world over were; horrified  'on'learning ctt the.burning of a' 'Obica.  ' go theater in  which 'nearly, sizi 'hun-  'drcd people lost their "lives,   yet  more  'ihanO-e   times   this number,  or'over  ' j,000 pecpla disd froc.":  pneumonia -in  ' Chicago dunns  tho 'same year, with  scarcely & passing'*notice.   Every  one  .of these cases ��� of  pneumonia resulted  from a cold and could'havo  been   pre-  "by the timely   use   of   Chamberlain's  '   Cough P.omcdy.    A [-great  many  who  hud every   reason   to  fear  pneumonia  have    warded it   off' by   the   prompt  u?o of this remedy.    The  following  is  an instance of this sort:    "Too   much  caunot b�� uaid in   .r;'.vor   of  Chambsr-  laiu's Cough  llcmedy;   aud especially  for colds aud influeny.a.    1 know   that  it cured    my . daughter,   Laura,'' of   a  severe cold, and 1 behove saved her life  wben she was threatened  with   pneumonia.,' . W. D. Wilcox, Logan, N"cwt  York.    Sold'by W.J.'Atchison,    .  IE YOU HAVE A    , '  '    LOTTO SELL,  A HOUSE TO BENT,  MINING STOCK TO   SELL  Or if you wish to iuvtst  in any of these consult  ,    TOO MANY, GLASSES'",-'   r  are furnished by   intinerant , peddlers  --/      -      r I ���    ' '' . .  wbo'cahnot make an accurate test of  the eyes and whose stock is so limited  ,tliai only in,few'"eases can they supply  leiifl'" atr-nll 'suitable.0' '    : '  1 The result is tbat" the glasses are the  cause of much 03*0 trouble instead of'a  cure for it.        , .'���    '      ..,'   "*,���  , ^    EYE TESTS ,   ,  are made hflre with   shipntifis   instru  meats, and.w-8 are able to, supply any  lfcngrer_nired.Si  ' W.VF. -TATE:  fjf'utTSli'ri'tt.JSiiiniT fil,V.'<AN"i .'...r. 1'QJl jit'AL-  IT V -j-tlii fiirfrjiji (i)t eli cfv.-i't'j.l CieArm [iloiiprtl^.  S'  s5.U'lea.-fpo'm .   SSfOO An   "5JS0  p    ?i3to!.i, f?c:i        g.SQ,-io SO  g Piotsuas', SVorj.i i'.SO ta '35 v  5 A'.l- >iiut da.:��.'u 11. si��t ('.los-V I'.Vn. to - -h.1, t,r  | ,-.0-r��.-:,. irr ��rt.'| i!^^^^.^ _  a i.isr(it>lnM."'')iMl'l>'"l'i1*i in-l a!>iir'il<ip;to nil lo\CK B  !'...i.,i'i-,.lr.!.r..��irr.,.    !KnUi-j.;   '.rj. Ojs _prand  aii-lvlllkl- j fil^ecs.etrrwj  frer-il'l.  upoli  rtt'elfrt  iAt  I pui-r.  ton Cfta In stamps to C��y -  pMtaSC  lirr Tlilt MARK w.-.i f>ai 5UPL�� VI/J.^LBI- This  (ir-.at'r u- '%���-.'/ y li! t-ssHtlcrl IJS.l'.K upct>,��e7.u��5t. '  lij{,it:vs\''^Z't.riit'& fi yooz, co.  \>,       ''���       ���       ", P. OT. COX' -"OO! '  ' Cri:C0PSb'/T,V'.'.t.W,',wAC9.1O,'6.A  Moyie   Miners5   P"rii6ii  ���*' ���  '' No. 71  W, F. of'M.V''  i      ,"-j"'-' ,_   ;   ,-,  MeetG in McGregor hall overy  Saturday evening.     'Sojourning   memioers  aro cordially invited to attend. ' j ,, v5*;  Jojhi''McDonald,    '    ,    It. Temby, ,  President.       ,       , **    (Secretary  MOYIE ABR.TB M"0. 85.6  ft -;' A .GAIERON, MgT.  Meeta   Every   Wednesday'at  8' P. A  E. A. HILL, ' J. H- HAWKE,  -Worthy Pres.'  W'orthy rSecr'y.  Graduate Optician,.,  NELSON^ -  B.O  St.', JoseplL's'- Gonveiat.  ���  '    \  KELSON, B. C.;  hoarding and'Day School^ conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph, Z\7elsoh  B. C. Commercial and business  courses a specialty,, Excellence and  swift progreps cbaracteaize each 'department. Parents should write for  particulars. One month'assures ,the  public ot tlie thoroughness' of the  Sisters' methods of teaohing. Terms  commence January, April aud Sept.  Pupils arc admitted durine: term-  1J ^�����d  L t**>J Jlj&-  T99  e, a  Is attain located in Cranbrook  ond   ia  prepared to write  insnrauco,  buy--;  and sell stock, arid do a  general brokerage business. ���  joiin nuTcniBON,  CranTjroolc.  .  ��J  I.JL.MWIIU. I'  Ul^tS. U-l PUll'tHJ ll^l*TJ  Lea  ^BBW  ll3\  . .Whole'sale Wijae-  - '^and ��� Spirit Mer-  ."chant.    ��� ' '*   --,J  Agent for Calgary, Brewing'Co.'s    ��� -  - Beer, Ale an<| Porter. ���  T. Label & Co.''s  �����?��/  Hay and Grain ?  lit?' "and 'Calgary'  Poreign and   Dpnieetic Wines, Liquors  ' ���    ,        and Cigars.  -?���  !. 1753, s. a, IS  i\;0 QK.  rsiw  st  And Bath Ilooms.'  Iu STQNR Building.      ,  Pirst Class Work.  A,L. FRANKLIW  '.r  ARRELll ^ SMYTH.  MINERAL   ACT.  (FORM  I;.)  OEfa-TFICATlS 'OF IMPROVE!.EKT3.  KOTICK.  .  ' LrtosiaoTracllon Mineral Claim, situate h.  the Fort sLcolo Mlr,iuK Division oi East Kootc-  ^yierelpoatod:   On oast side of. lower Moyio  M.J.ITUGBNT, Prop.!'.  Comfortable Rooms .and Good  Board  at Iteasonnble Prices.  Eirst Class   Accommodations for* miners.  MIDNIGHT SUPPER SERVED.  MOYIE, -      British Columbia  "J^DtMsf ��th dw of Nov., 1^01.     ._.___  ' V-3S  THOS. T. SICVITTIK.  ivSr-g  Our aim iE'to pleaso patrons  Good draft and bottled boer  alwayB on hand. .' ���  ���  JOE NIEDERSTADT, Prop.  BY   USING  Harvey, & ,! McGarter,  *      i     *  ���w.l', , I ��� .   *' \ ���>"-,���'  t 1 l     -  . Sarriaters, Solicitors', Notaries, "Etc.  ,  i- .,'      '        .       * i. '-      '  ' ' ' "' r        , ' '    "J,  Ora.nbrook,. V ��� ��   ��B., ,C.  '���   ' - ^.'     /  BAi*;KXSTjn:ii, bo^citok, ts-ro.  CE'ANBE-OOk.1"  V     '       'V     -ji. C  This Hotel is New and well Furnished;! The '  *'    'Tables are Supplied "with the Best the -  0 MarKet affords. The Bar is Filled, with, t  ��- the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars, i ,;  i i, * r, f j*     ',���** rl r"( * ' \    ���        ��� *>��� _t" i. ' r  , i. i a ' ..��**( , i     i   ,  HEADQUARTERS ���FOR4 COMMERCIAL"  I.   a  V,      '  AND'MINING. MEK  f  fH   -\IO-C"IE ,   "    i������       ���'.���     -���- -    "      ���        ���   ^KITISH COLUMBIA..'  �������ee(as�����^���6������'e��6is^'SS-S���SS"^e  Bsaiw^KsrseraaBBj^^^  ^��i  Ci.4r '--j  -Tlie" Mpst ��� Prpgressiy-Q'  .Ooiiipany   in   Oahadk. T  '*.   ' *       AS.-' ;<        ' ,, I v \t ;   .   ?_. ,'f,,    '   ',  <t\IK)t  K  fHEAD OFPICE TORONTO.)  '"    ''r,v   "      *" ''I   '" f '     '-     '  ' ?   1     ' , r ' 0 ,C r *"  �� Issues thc mojit up to.daioIusurancc^T50-01^0^* ' ^fc 10 a9  free"'  from conditions as the air vou- breathe.    V^hyl  wo also, guarantee;  L \ * t , ^ ��� '  t* " 4 } ^ > * I       '      '  you profits on tbe policy,'Ask for particulars on this Contrast;- /  SEALS -fe^BLWELL,  and BAKERY!  Meals served to' Order.   Bread ior Sale  Twelve Loaves $1.  B. T. HOWARD, Prop.  FOR   PINE   TAILORING ' GO    TO,  Wl     it!  MERCHANT   TAILOR  Fine   Suitings, -u Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported    Goods.  MOYIE,  *B. O  sw4��ia=s������sritror��3Hiacw  -TnE-  *a li WiTi  ti  MM���muxo. njum-iai.  PREST'PHOTO 0.0.'  Ckanbrook and Moyie..  O...F. DB.JAULNIER    ;  nEil.ER   IN*  TAYLOR .'l&' ;DA"VTS,  ' CRAN"ni'OOK.  Bricklayers and brick   mnnufactiir-  .f   TI ev intend puttinfi.^ curloivl o  FHOM'PT   DELIVI'KY.  it.U��.\ ?'"il ifliiUfr**��.��(<��.*J'^ajJ"  TO  Seattle, Tacoma  AND   All-  acific  Coast Point:  St, Paul,  ChieagOj  New York  ..  ' .    AKD   ....:.,,  ALL   POINTS.  EAST  Palace  and Tourist. 'Sleepers,   Bu'fTet,  Library; cars. Modern Day, coaches .  ,   Dining; cars,      Meals  a,La Carle.  Best Meals on Wheels  ,:       f%: Fast   Ovoriand ffe  '        �� TRAINS DAILY'/'.  Por 'rickets,  Rales,  Polders   arid  Full  inforcnatiju, call on   or  ad-  dres3 any   Grrat Northern Agent  , or wrilo ; '    .'  S G.YERKES,     H, BRANDT,  O. V.-. V. A. C.P.itT. A.   .  Seaitlo.        701 W". Riv-isule __ Aye  IiJ3SAUI-"S*TKIl iJHOS,    rrot>��.  Lari,'0 tamplc room in connection  with house for commercial men. Best  of accommodations.  Headquarters  for   Commercial and Mining Men.  QUEENo  AVENTTE, ^MOYIE,  "B. C.  WRHb  \jpoka  WHOLESALE ASDJlETAIL"^  MEAT    MERCHANTS,  Fresh and Cured Meals, Fresh1  Fish, Game an-i Poultry. We  supply   only   the  best.     Your  ;  trade solicited.?  MAUKKTS '.-  In   all  the   Principal  Cities audi'   Towns1, in  British [Columbia.  .���:. ?CE,AHBR0OE? B &  k    * ''Agents, Cranbrook. '   ' i*'   '*'  I ' I ,   ���>%.      J, 1    '���<���.-    ��� '���   r *  '���- ... '- '     '        ' ���*'* ',        -���'  MELVILLE   PARRY, ,  '!  u -'_  ' ' -' 'General Agent,.Nelson. " .   '" , ", ||  SEND YOUR ORDERS  to us ���' ' ���';, ' *  For all kinds of sheet metal  works in-  ��� -    i   "   ri        r      A . . .-  eluding ���     ���.    ���,    '  ' ' '�� -"ROOPIITQ, FURNACE  HEATING, ' BLOWER  PIPING,' STOCK' POTS, etc.  We also ' handle n   full   line   of "Mc-  ' "McClery's Famous''Stoves," the  ,     best in the market.  mm/!j//L toilet  ~^r^m  v^^mi  CRANBROOK,  B. C.  We must moke room for now gooJs, and aro offering  some snaps ic Carpets,. Go-carts    and   Furniture".  A BIG CHANGE To Buy Cheap.  ie Hiacconnen mrnnun  .      .      "'     '   (FUNERAL  DIRECTORS.)  s  Cranbrook,  British Columbia.  ��  0  ox  Wholesale Wffl?s5 U^m  p-4 Cigars,  British Ooluaabiaj  o*-����^np^'*w^^^i.g��owa^^  ^ARRELt: MhQ&E*  BARB EH SHOP. ���   " Oonfectjbn'ery, Pi'iiita, Oigars.JTobacoos,  Candles.   Elci  OALIj AND SEE X/Si  HicAuQUAiri .,���    roB East K'ootknayi  a j  - '��� <*���  o


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