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The Moyie Leader Dec 30, 1905

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Array v.V-i-.*.  ' a    . ' " (/  G; /  r>  rxfiorur**'-  VOL. 3, NO H8-'  MOYIE, B.C.,0 DECEMBER 30,m  A City That   Is Backed by Vast Mineral  and Other Resources.  ' /(rpjtosi  Ch.vxbhook IIekald. Aksuai.,)  ' It is-agiecd by all that matters'are' low the   lake bottom,  well  with   Moyio.      Some 'seem    to  tended out, under it;:   -Ti  that there will lie an c-aily resumption of woik m this concern -\vhjch a  >je��ir ago added so much to the i-ay  roil ttib'utary-to tlie town.  Ranching   is   assuming   considerable  pioportions around   My>_'_^- ,   }li!i 1,u-  saulmer l,rothtrS    iirve" a luJi     s.cc-  tion    of   land    of     aduiuJ'Me   'juality  near wheie  B<a"k Shanty ���reek ^ lalls  into  the    narrows.      This  ia -ch     i^  some 3 hides north-cast ol the lowu,  and From'   it the    propriotois ilcuva  the cnlnc of the   vegetable lecmiied  hy them icr the Carnal hotel whieA-,  they    also own.       It. is   stated ,that,,  ' i/hey intend to grow fruit extensively \  on this ground, and theie exists    r.o,  reason why  it, should not  prove   ,as  successful   as    it   does ���  with A. iv.-  Watts,'- at Wattsburg. or on the Clan- -t  brook   ranches.        The      altitude is j  moie favorable than in  many    places  where all varieties  l<lui\e wondeiful-  A.  T,  Claik has acquired''the   hay1,  meadows foimeilv    owned by Joscpn,  W. Hurst.       These meadows    extend,  south-west from a little, beyoitd   the  town/'and border the Moj its river   as  it luiis  towards Tochty.   They yield  1 of the very    finest tun-  rosne-iiv     begets tlie  puuo  tween me, auluw 6j��-��.��� ��",",r~. ion aim ^i""��� ,  , a��� told troe-th belore'-a fall, f side of,.the lake and the Lake Shoie. ingfthcir. appearance  rife lit al-o hiMte lie very pSn/cvid-1 ground'on thc'west,.   This project,is ,Jy .very 'noticeable extent.   The time  W'.?*%�� tc^in5^ -i'^i'^^A,! t.o-nrr.hfl.hi'w    uninuc-in    the history    of ,-s W, far distant \i  which we  one?* K-vnSh^o'y6? 'canlaTC  ? 0^1^.^^in    the histJry   'of ^'^^^di^nt^n -the fruitMii-  ence of hope a Inch_np.one wn lau      ,1i  uuy.   v* .vTad-its" inception in the  ,i11R��.rv-"which'is'calling such marked  uniQUC,in     uie  mawij      "��   jS  n0^  iar  aisianii  wih;"   Li,o  *,.��.���   ..-  beltnickUbv in-Movie* at"tlie'present i mining.-'   it^had:^ inception in the  dustry. *Whic/h' is'calling such marked  "t      When theiner. of any, com'-, evident, connection .. between  the." out-. attenti0EL    4o   the    Creston localit>,  mZtv aie hopeful   the   feeling -be-, crops on the Aurora tfndttose on the   will    push,   Us bounds up< along;   the  mumty, aie  nopenu,  *_. ,,_&t-ih���:L ^    sh6rc and st'   Eugene. No one;    n f the -Moyio river,  in  "this  IKE tiADIANvM^''^:'������'^COMHERCE g  '-'Paid^tTp/ Capital $10,000,000,  Reserve   V-   '".      -4,500,000;   -���   , >"  ?otIl Resources '-, ^000,000^,so/oi).  '      ,    ���' .,D'epi3il8 Received.  _   \,'        ^ *   di i  iVeasnt'Ritc of' Interest 3 per cfint.-'   F,'c-MitPAS. m  We   W13I1, YOU' "One   and-,.All a^Very  '���', * MEBBY:XMA'S and a Prosperons/^ -'.  .' - 'mV ���...: Vnew/year^1'1*''������'���v-v' 'J-  ,    HeadOBloo  CH.'jriiiUioic  ...MO^ffirB/C.  i  ^SSSZSE52SS22E^��^SSS^22S if 32  ���      WE WISH OUR PATRONS^ A  ppy  r  ^Q^^2^S!SSS^S^K2Sii^^^^^^^_  Fire  XX^TS  ColleotionB.  Farrell & Smyth, Moyie.  uluu��-uu .ui,       ��"   UOlumDia,     aim     int.-     "j.o��       ov��r,..-c  nn, nnturanv    "suEEtets . the  other.{the ordinary \way'   .samples of   -'V^-place for the'puipose of such .-an^iP-  ��rZ qt'EuLnel flour shing under matter forming'the,    floor on   which Vestigation  will, naturally  be, Moyie,  the '-able     manaEement ' of    James  the    waters  rest., -     If. the boWom^o&er     to ��� visit the    famous bt  Oronin       thT molt     successful mine, proved .rocky  then, it,might   be   as-lEu' No doUbt, .by the time the  Or.onm, .  ine ���s_l.f B^.l'���0<,(J,���n,iJ^nd    4,hnt, ., f]SSUres   -and    cracks  ime is. in .operation the work on 'the  James J the . .      ...  I mine j proved .rocky then, it * might be as-Eugene  ml,���^M and one" of- the most" emi- surhed, that ', fissures ' and cracks line is m ]0pCrav,juii w,u y,"v " 1 ���"'","���  Kta^enZcB^ British Co- would-puttVB' more.'-than troublesome McKayrBlack project will bo-advan-  lumbif It nfver w��s in a more I by affording a passage for the waters <ced suWently. to afford' mining ex-  ^fnrtorv Slt'on ' than at Ibo.into the''deep workings. -"If,-on the perts a chance ^of judging for them-  nresen^foment with some 300 or'other hand,'the bottom showed that sPelves. the <succesS. of this experiment  350 men on it 'pav roll of close, on ,itl- was composed of rgravels and in ^^g practice.  S30 000 a month '-DuHng-the cur- 'clays,,then there was presented the ; Th Americans whcn they go m for  5>dU,uuu   a  luuuiii. ^   ^._*..?_  ^u���,^ic.^   ��!��i,��,'t nf    cofntir'sn    np.eftssarv     for j..,,-���,��� ���,.���. nroT.l.r sins  in  do  it  and elected the'following oflic,er8>  Honorary Pie'siden't���ilOn. ilichard  ���MrBride,     <''",,   '  President���Jainbs Greer.  Secretary   ^auil   Treasurtr���Gx    H.  Thompson.     > , <\  VICE I'KESIDESrS.. ',  -> ^ ...  Cranbrook���J, D.'McBnde. "   ._  Fort Steele;���A- B   FVnwick.,,  y,Kimberley���Harry JDrcw,     ���<,,,,  Alufi'svilSe���&., Siirottle.  Waoa-^K, Hiineon.     *  Waidber���P. Lund. ���   ' '  trout  are uri&oph-  .that ,make   them  ���muiSU t������ ^} ���. capture; while   in  lhp-St   Ku��-ene     in. uie iii-ai: ,iuiutu.j ��..��� - 0-~      ., -v��� -r���.-1��-"1^", the lakes there are regular/sockdolU;  The Auiora�� on the opposite sftle  "Of  heveln-.the scheme:-    There-; are-to be ^gfi-,    rtrblrt -able ancl rnosfw llmg  ht Me   is'.beeiimin'     to be, heard f had from- the most- responsible people *> ���- ������    -���     ���  from        T*e management' has driven' in .the .town statements that     many  three"    tunnels   in direct on the lend,! in.Moy.ie are   ,qu tc, willing to  and have connected  the lower tunnel their  money     mto    the  specul  to  test     any, man's skill-and  [' the  and  nave  conueci.i-u   i��<^  *"^, ,"���,<.������,���    imirw'  ,  bv an  upraise with the middle   one.  some,  inde��.,  This work was done mainly for   yen-1 congtatulatmg  ..going  tli,e length  themselves  that  of  au  is the    best stretch oi fishing waxer  to be found in any part outhe Koo  SSirpui^es^r^^'^mouui^ will be given them'to do  ����� ���^TeScprst.  Matya lake  oie encountered     during its progress] so. - +ll���,and  the outlet fiom it.       Following  was most encouraging.     The faces of     The extraordinary'   success of,   the * M    -     .       lncre is as g0od  the thrw tunnels aie repoLted  to be St. Eugene, the manner in which the    0*1 -      b<; ha(i a& one   CoUld  in ore   so that the continuity of   the  Aurora     is   justifying    expectations,  * ��h �� -Thc sccncry is charming,  ore body is proved from the suilaco and the McKay -Black, project has giv- | ^f^Vc of   wood,    mountain   ,and  (wheie   the    showing was something  en a wonderful stimulus to aU_ man-  wonderiui) to the face of the     lower ncr. or  ,,mnl.i       Qne ereab point about    tne   inert .,_.,_  ,.  ....      ���  Aurora is that transportation is   al- velopment concerning which the own- ie'riVcr wllere  you  cannot*   pan  most as easy from it as Horn the St. -cis desire -that nothing be -said unuil,^^ f ]d and' in mMT plat;os  Eugene It means taking the oie further work be done They do not �� u goldfacan be had in quantities  trefelv across the lake  to the 0.  P. .believe   in    blowing their   horn until ^       |    d Dut the to'unst  R "racks*     It is said that were ~ it they    aie   sure, they have the neces-    �� Pa{   S t�� tl t      on SUch  not for the fact of the convenient j sary wind to justify a true musical ^ ^.^x questl he may want good  transport lrom the Aurora the par- note-and they arc right.,. In the ahD��a. as well as good fishinK. He  ti�� interested in it would have ac- month_ of October *hen things were ^��\^e iL in picnty around Moyie.  Jufred a propertv on the St. Eugene ?lack m the town, owing .to the ,fire ! ' na lhre^ va/lctil.s ot grouse,  sWe butso sifuatexl that it is lath- in +Uie Lake^orc rtarUhous^ many ^ .nnopwrt ihafc somo o:- them  er   hard -to get the ore down    from  it       The Aurora is   contributing   to, - -   ���������-  =���-    --- -v���- ,  ������������--  the welfare of Movie to the extent! shovel to try for the placer sold, or  7 ���� Enn; ^th -if uresent audiWha^ver the hills might offer. If  will^do S\irSter\aPs4e develop- they did not bring bacf th�� gold, it  met advances the mine to a ship- was owing to want of knowledge, or  ntaf stage There can be no rea- want o expenence of the proper  sStahlf dfuht but that-the leads    on ground to     search for it.  , At  '   NEiv    Voiik���Bat Mivt-r,   (j.")5', erili  Lean", $5.15.    Zinc (dueller j,^,o.(JO. '   [ .  ,  Loxu'on���Ltidd, ��1-7 2s '6-1 :������ ��� "  ���^_.���. ^���^^_ _   >. .,  HpWitha' Day r was Spent,-  / _      _'.'._' ' . ^ _  ;, J.  , .CliriralnTns'  was   appropriately   ob-    1  ��erv��-il in^Moyie.', Sppcwl Hprvioes were(  held in all,-of''tlie' chuicli'ea, and   the'  1 -' '��� <,   , 1  iitteudunce  at < ea':h   wa3 5lurgo.      On  Cbriotiiirto night E iglu hull   w&k  jam���a  me��l to lhe duors with people to utteud    ���  ihe < ut.bridiiiiueuc. , C^uiie   a   lengthy  program" was ,carried   out,   and "the  cbildrtiui,diii 'ilieii"  parts   yery '.well,'  Then" tthe    tr,-e   was   stripped   of'iid  mivnyt presents iin.l every child in'towu  w,is rembt.red,' ,^A.fil>er^Ujtiie^,��'ntoriiiia������j.,  .'.��'  . -Vv  ,Bayard-^J. McUouald,   -     '.   ��� , _ .    .lw__ ,_^.^_-,���.   ^_      -,.  'Fort rSteele. Junction���.V. .7, MeGool.- nient a crowd-gathered j.i��*the;. Hotet  'Spokane Junction���John .Priogle. ' Kootenay nnd(lspent btivcral '.board, ia"  The Moyie Conser\utivc A.ssoci-��tioii  in the Lake Shore shart-house, many * * innocent that some of them  of the boys of the St. Eugene took a ^^kmed with the vulgar chunk  inn .through    tlie lulls, with pan   and ^n t�� kuu-u w -,    u.usUu]  shovel to try for the placer sold, or  ��. ���c*��  * , . +,,��� ,,���-+��� lo annroach  any  as to peimit the hunter to approa.cn  within easy distance for shooting  tiiem with the 22 bore. Once those  innocents get on the wing it is quite  anothei  matter to gen them to ���> the  sonable doubt but that -the leads    on j 6������*   ^    ^ca 10l  ��.***    **? Th      fl    hkebullets and dodge  the St. Eugene cross under the   lake, fsxlae'dSgricItea/1^d.^ kinds of mm-'r��"lld   'bush    and  (rces a? qU1Ck     aS  and manifest themselves on tho, Aur-  �� a d st ic, ucli in.all kinds 0   min- woodcock.       The ma:  lemscives on me jvui- --  ,    r. ," .', *" ������ ..-"-��o u.  ora cround     '   This has been always elal Il����� limomte to virgm gold  ��ie view of Mr., J. J. Murphy, an ex-      Lumber    _,s:onc.   ot    the. big     in  ,pcrlonced mining man in many of the. a^"eSj  great camps of the States    Ho staW��t  ed seven,years ago to people here   1nl1-umuc.r ^9- lu  , woodcock.  ' one out of  The man  iouc ior a  who" can get  whole1   day's  S? E^Ulcr wh^helpUto mak/ul,   tXe ^f-S    (^t    ���j     rijootinf  ��stat^i P-speiity   of    Moyie.      The , Movie    bat ��)  �� do ng passing^ well.  and  i -��_ ;?  ��-���.���-.- iV-Eurene'   and' iowerlloj-Te lltes'. "Tnilil^^ your^'Id Tfyou would slay him ^""  ilTma^mLfflbat.t^s^^ ^ ����  ^mpany     has     Deer,are quite pl����uiul;      Onlj   the  ed seven, years ago 10 peoiiiu ��'U1�� , ,"'i nc,,. lhp v..~  Cranbrook that the  Aurora was   the: n-ai the Nairo  .. aTSendid%laryul; ��o��In^ shots hSld well torwaxd^ an  ws, between ujper aud  �� down   ^' r^ml^^h ���dC  will appoint a vicer-pr^sidont, f."    '(*  ' \jkovio Tuhnc, School   .  <-, .- ;���^   -    .. ,  JTJNIOK DIVISION".    ;   "  1 , > "t  '���''      'GENERAL   PROn  1ES0Y,'  Second Cl'n^s:���Niu.i Aitwocd, 7>jG:  Louise Elmer, 73S ; tt'illiam One, 70D;  Beatrice One,*-i.S5, Dorothea Blackburn,  iOS; Ruth Mjrtson. 277.   "  Senior First Header���Jack Leslie,  (i5i; Sylvt ster Beckwiih, G53; John  Blackbarr<,G12;FrAiik Qour.id, 574;  .Wellington ' ,Breulon. 5G0: Occir  Burch, 577; Annie Seville, 537.  In this givitfiou Kuth Marstou 's low  standing is due to her abseui.'o during  a coniidrrable part of tbe month,  A Ccrtnln Cure for Croup.  When a child shows symptoms of  croup there is no time 10 experiment  wiib new remedies, no mailer how  hiybly they may be ^recommended.  There is one preparation that can always be depended upon. Ii has been  in use for many years ancl has never  been "known to lull, viz; Chamberlain's  Cough .Remedy. Mr. M. F. Compton  of Murket, TtxiSj.says of H: '���! have  used Chamheil.iiu'g Couj;li Rcnudy in  sc\ere CHbe^ ol croup wi.h my children, and can tru- iiiuUy say it ulw.iys  gi\cs priiinpt. relief,'-' For salt-by tin;  Mo\ie Dins; und  St.i:ioti'jry ti 01c.  Th.  I take great pleasure in wishing all my many customers a  Happy and a Prosperous New  Year.  to be aoojiate.  1 suit,    and  now  li  6i>u.idian   P.i^'.fic  r.iiiway   ,\re  on liains   ^Ja.  ft.ui aud Skicmi  of  snui,    aown,    uui  tne  company     nas     v^l ��.,.>.. h"1,jv y><-��-"--���      ���j   ,-  * 11   "A1.1--    ^niiivVn of the     Aurora! something like thirty squaie miles of other day a couple were shot on  !t0li ' Ml������B,H ,i      h,m  mkmc      an^1'"'^' Umits around  the lake.      The St.  Eugene giotind ugot back 01 the  now running .1 bUi^-i  I and iccornmenJjd     him   makmg^     an, situation , town> TliC h    d o�� onc decorates the - 1  l.x.unua ton     of .t.      -\   ���    ^ulPn>^ Dl so ^%i of thc L0        and Us        j.  ofllcc of the Kooxou.-.y hotel anu is a, W-nd ,1, bUw.Lii .mi  , disruption 01 the    giound u.is   mi;;rt     ^  cnablc& ^  ^ ^  ^  ^ j,,.^'remalkably    nne   trophy. ; Bear  Air   ��ull-v\'i "is     in'en ^  ^ic lake to the plant.        They thc spring and tall can be got for tne  TV , "nf" n'.o wnrl   nti" the   ��uwtT' ' ,la-V(J   as safe a holding    gLouiul    for l.untinRl but it  takes a. liunW, a man  ir'n,       ^      M,,    !,"V     o tlmr    l0SS    as    avymilMh    Ciitish with  sound  legs   and  lun^  lu undci-.*  Confident  ns  Mi    MiMh>   *.i- o. .,   c   CoUlmb]^     T|       ^ ���       ,, UUt   -���      --���  ���-   -~-  \tu}��\*:Jll?(uUi   StmVtrI?},,." UP again is the expectation oi eveiy-, destu.ct.on  of  the    munarct^m     u:e  nmo if.ur ��, p  in>  u.Ilh ,a^  I one m Movie,  THE    LEADING    LADIES' AND MEN'S    FURNISHER.  in,Cit}  foi   lhe   aeecmnio.l.iUnn   of   Ihui  putiou*.    The e.ir ien\es  N> L-o,i  nt 7  ni. and   ruliiiuiii�� univoa    al   7   1)  il"'  (i, m., and if ready fur o-.cupmcy   an;,  ���t,n   'iv^'Crl    bchn'inc  to     ?ht>'l|P ap^1" ls tne expeciaiion 01 eveiy-  desUnetton  of  the    monarch  ot     the lf;      {)      in     lioUjl tUe^   i,clu,  1 tne    oOj.eo   l.ui,  i)<.i-nu3ui5  1.0     -'"-l0 Movie,     h it should so   Imp-  mountains���the sihci   tip..     lie is   a ��� '  K.utell llrothets . ,! Pra   however   thit it fail^o do   so ��� loui-h chawctcr     is   Mi.  RxUer Tip, *1,    bi-niih c.1,1 b.-iLServ��.d .it thc cH%  Not  7��tent  wilh woik,nKmm,Sal.PUJ. Sn'We  l.rnfts wS��     be  fox "a  younB  gii^.y  is  a  Mlvei"  Up-, ticket ollice ur   thrown   any  1,0   ', T     ,   in    ,���     Cluk    , 1      M -' (i��v��� d��*��  ^  the mills at Tochtv'and an old    siher-lip    is  .1   grr//.ly- eQ        n^ 0^Qli  K y oTnJh!      o  Ptove '^l^'possS-^outh-west of tlie  town    or     pei Han's  only  with, moie of the  Old   bphuam  hues   of the the   m.norals     actu.illy   the mill might ho  worked by     some  unVkr  U.o wateis of   the   lak...      Tbb   (^h"'  paities.      The  price of    lumbci  shaft of the  Lake bhoie is,  well   be  dancing.,  f > , < ' '  ,"-i .'0 '<���'  .   .'. .',t-  .   '  <���       >r  ,   '     .,-, 1     . - J '   .-. - - "\ -,' "  ' Payrolls'Compared.  -V  ' '        '                -V.i ... ,   ,.s  -���V' v- > "-'  .   -V*-     .' '   <    ,     ^P-l- ��  Gulden   Stafi^M^uyie.  now, hag. a  payroll of ��30,000 per month.,' Wilmero  has a payroll���one person���lhe school '  teacher.  LOCAL  NEWS^'    "  Don't forget the'I. 0. O, F. dance  on Januaiy 12ih.  J.F Armstrong held Small Uebta.  court iu Moyie Tuesday,  Joseph Niederstadt lias gone to  Alberta to look up a new locution.  Ho-jie Restaurant, in Farrell blocks  Cleunhness and good cooking guarau-i  teed.  ' Alphouse DandurHU-1 was up from  Cranbrook- to .-.pent Ohiistiiiao witu  bis parents.  A, C. Bowness of Cranbrook handles!  hay, oats and wheat.  . Stationery m fancy boxes at the  Moyie Drug and Stationery store.  If.irry Dimook eame up from Gateway   tc    spend   Cl.rialm is    with ' his  ,family,    He will be stationed al,Gate-  w ty for another  month. .   *  .ristmaS'  ol    the  Can    I'll  Imperial Bank oi  SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.  -Deposits of $1.00 or upwards rceiived.  There is no   better   investment  than   a   Savings  Bank deposit; \'  Once opened it grows whether added to' or  Interest   allowed at   current   rates . and  .   .   ;��� . pour.dcd twice a year;  CRANBKOOK BRANCH.  i  not.,  com-.  J, F. M   PINKHAM, Manager.  ���{5  i  V.  i  *5faftt.rfzjAi .���rftjrfi.jcfz.sir.-ciz_rfrjtzjsir steJ&zjtit-sSir-.-te-sto&f  *.-��-ir.-i.-rti_iSi'af-��.*  MM II CMIBiOK  I),iii't ful io come in  ami inspect our superb stock of ,Ii wi-liy  Riivei-vue < tc. eint-  nljle for Xni'is pro-'  scuts. Qur.. ti.nd is'  at your disposal,  come ancl look; anyway.  lir al.f.iat  ���     ,      , r,,���(,���,   hhd on   1I1H  t-te.iriK-r   at    h'oc.ii   Ci y,  in h.m      It is a goo.   1 u e 1.   1, m mg, ^  beai    to  avoid     wou'.'lr-p   tncii   ti,i-  is now appicciating so steadilv    that  m-'s.      If you  shoot   at  all   uy     to  -l- '��-         ,     . _    __  such a   plant,     With    its fine'limits,   kill   them  outiight 01   Uicv may     ie-|  cannot   be  allowed   to   remain     mlo.   veise    the    pioccss���the    hu-.tei   nuy. -i-   ..�����<.<:.   ���") ���'�����.""���  It is  only   common    sense  lo     think   become    the  huntul,  ..nd   tne   lu.'ie-ti  I tree   in   the  Kontenay   count iv   \."."n t  Oil  OF  W. H. VV1LSOM,  Jeweler,  ���CKANBKOOK, B. 0  STOP AT THE  COSMOPOLITAN  ...      "'..'-  '.WHEN IN-   .'���' '  ���j-'.'    ',,'' :   'CEA^BRDQK  E. It. 9HAI.L, J!a���n<;?r.  ���  Good rooms, good   tables aud'b.ir  and   Ural cl.v38_saunple too -ns.  be half high en-Hi'/n for Ilu- h-i'.-r; 'i  The fellow who i.s Hying to nt o.it  of the way of tlut half ton of incai-  nare destiucliou.  Movie oileis fust fte acc^m-io,".a-  tion foi the most f.islidious ol imii-  ists. and its sfies ai-i i,\ u i.xlit../  slocked.  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'tr''fi$3a{  >'      r'��t|  ���    -   ��� ;���'?��! flfi -  li,.'.ui-'.-.r^s^l-^lF  -'���    . ;-t^*-f '���US r  , t, ����� "^'.mstIS'  i v-   n - . Sj-f'Ssira'^r  "    "    ' "l^f itlM!  ' , ���rt',>tSS. S8B!��   ,  I    '.  - v,,tU#Hff  ��� i. <M"�� "frs  i\ V'g; If  V, I  ^   i  . Jl  - -v1 > IS  , -,,*. - <a  ^ "'3U s ���*?  - -if, %  '^'JiiU  ,-k -i , u F it  ;���.' r7��i  i   ' ' -j !  ��� ��������    s If   rrmnrn cftrTine,  then tin*,, wind changed  and grew rough His criiitipcd position, the solitude of the sea and tho  glai-i- of its Min-llr-eked .surface, which  ' produced an almost intolerable burning of the <\\c's began to tell upon  hi in. His small supply of writer was  rapidly dimmi'lnng, and , he had to  put  him.s.-If on short  ration0.  On   the  fuintji  day, he caught  hiin-  ,'   sicll holding snatches of coiiM-rsation  with   Nina,   but   .shook  himself   'and  irii-tj   to   pull' hiinsclf 'to^l'ihcr;     but  apaln   and    ngain    ho  lehipse,!      into  tins  ioititi   oi   dcliritir'*,   and .when the  trading st-hooni-r,  IST'J'a   Anne,   bound  , for ^he  port   (���.' l.,oi>tlon,   almost  ran  dow;n  tin- canoe,   i*  jncked  up a   h.ilf,  crazv man  who  1."i"trl-.ed and  ci it-el  in  *   breath    and  implored    the  captain  with  frantic sjesi tire's and  l.rokon  accents,    to  put   tl-e    t,h1p  ikbout    and  ���   search   for  '-Nine."  . '  'Phc(  cojitain     \ar   r>    good-hcai led  '���    fellowj     and,     *lp'nkiTig    that    tin-it-  might    be a biv'is   Of len.son in     the  > cubtuway's  l'aMiigs, ,   In-  huve'aliuul  for    fiomn   tin'"   in     the    latitude   in,  which  the cun*5 had  been  found,  but  r<    he came oi-rijffl nutliiiig'to n-wnrtl iiis.j  humanity an4   while .Miuincrjiig    was  prostrated    In    his hunk,  with  brain  fever,    tho 'fllixa    Anno  got    on .her  ,' course agan and made for i,ondim.  7'hrcv  mcaths latci   M,unit-ring ivjs  '  one     night     wan'derinq     along     the  Strand.    It was jii.st ni'tei- eleven and  the   fhcatrKs  were  jiouring  out,  their  crow-Js    mto* thc    ajreadv    congested  ' thoroughfato.   t afannei ing    had   not  ieached?J-ondon di'.stitule,,for, all un-  '    consciously, he hud brought with him  the  -small  amount   of  money   ho had  with hut; on the, Alpina,  but he had,  since  his-  disembarkation,   lived  with  i   litile /ognld  for,Qcomfort  or  appearances; Vjnd  as  he moved slowly  with  the- crcwd, he 'looked, m his old serge  suit ,pr.A   weather-stained     cap,     so  1   much ' like'  a tramp    that now ' and  again   the  policemen' eyed   hun ,with  something like suspicion and one had  actually bidden him "move on."  Ala'wieriiig , obeyed      mechanically,  ' look,il,|<''neither 'to the nghUnor  the  left,  but  di-ifling   aimlessly  with  the  '   crow'l    which  surged    along  thc  wet  ,   pavement.     The, crush,    the  noi.su  ol"  ..the    tabs  and   cairingeff.    tlie .shouts  of  tho   'bus conductors  and   the ,talk  'and   laughter, uf  fhe people' acted .as  a narcotic  and   soothed  him   after  a  fashfen. i'But in the midst of the turmoil   he-'coulil honr  the boom  of  the  si-a  On  the sands  ot   the, island   and  hear    Nina's v voice,    calling    to'him  ."Dinner    is" icady!"-,or '  "Will    you  bring   me  some    wood   for  the  lire?"  .  and" the  commonplace    phrases  took  to fhemselves a mystic, 'sacied, significance. '- , ,    >  .  'Vn-suntly, he .found hlinpclf'brought  up  ega(nst,.t'he Oaiet.v ,Theatre.   The  peojTle were,  just stiearning  out and  Alannei-ing  wos  &U\hding"'by -a   lamp  , post   waiting  for 'an   opportunity   to  , go, on,'aud,  looking absently' ut  the  ,   b��'autifully   diessed   women,and    the  "smart"  men emerging  iioin  the   illuminated  doorwaj   when  one ���of,thc  geti-tlemen' said: '      l  "Xli, my man, will you get a cab  for us9"  AJannering    looked, round   and' saw  that   the   request  was-addressed     to'  hi in by a g'-iillem.in In, whom a ladj  richly    droased     was    standing A  gilm sense of hinnoi seized .Manner-  in^f, for ho knew them bbfli. and l,e  forced his way down the street and  got a cab.  "Thanks'" aaid the gentleman, and  he held out a shilling then, as .Mjn-  nering laughed mil thles^lv, the gentleman threw up his head and looked  at the supposed cab-runnei, and  broke into a low exclamation of  amazement.  "JIannrring! ��� flood "Ileavon'" he  cried; and befwe .Mannering could reply or ftep away, the'gentleman  caught him by the arm and, turning  to the,lady, Si\id m eager consternation* i  "Blanche, it Is Alannering! Get into, thc cab; I'll follow "  He still kept his giip of' Jlaliner-  mg's aim, ai,'l when the lad-., too  ���startled to do an> thing but stare at  the pair, had gone, he called another   cab and ahriost  pushed Mannering  down���looks    us    if  You     leiuember  m-ed, is hi okeii  he weie dru^"  what   Iv was1"  "I'oor l.-lluw: Oh, \es,  her!' Ol couise i leiiu-ml'M-r.  joii tell l,',m, .('luii-lcs--' sh  a low    vijiif  "-\o: There'has-n/t bien tmiei  washing his hand's'. - Vou must  me.   lilaiKhe     I 11  Ko   to  him1"  lie A'Und  *Uajii)<--'iiit>   seated  at  I 'remem-  Hid���did  asked  in  He s  help  l-K  !| i  !Tl  LIT  m in  on!\ just  d  and  not   a  at  lit-  I    v r  "a  .   I  .lit  I v  ionic  Haw  ^V;i ��� i.  'Ir'  lj  i i  M  toward  it  "Get in, get in, for Ilcwen's'sake!"  he said "Win-, ."tlanrieiing. vou, and  here in I.oiid-ui, and in this���this  state! Why, we all thought you'd  gone to Auslr-'ha We've been searching for M-m. What's happened"  ^i'ii'ic 'II. ai-i'-rt -,ou"> When, have  you been? Whftt - j!���t >0l, sha'n t  answer any questions till I get you  home,"  Mnnii'-iing ga,ed before him at thc  crowil with its (,uio|iv of miibi ella.s,  tin fl.i-.hum. ,.\;., oioMiig liulns oi  the cab's ami ciniagis rlhis mans  \oiie was like c. voice irom the liie  ol the past--liie ,>aM. lie had lei! behind���lost,  ' r   was     wtecked.     f-Oh hl,��� i|."     |10  said,   boat si-]\ ,  as  if  he had  b"en  picked  up in  the canoe  ."-.li      (  li.ulis    Leuhlord    lool  him   keenlv,   lui-iousI.v  tie  pi' \ ingly  Un i ked'      Hut.     im.    >nu   sha n't  tell   me   till   wo   get   h  tigai ,  old (.h.,|  It was a subtl\ wiS' and kind suggestion M,I1H1,.|-1IU,"S lmni, (l0V(| ,���,  the oirar, and il!;htnu' it he 1. m-  baik unci smoked, hunseli into-i .al'ii-  niss: he had not been able to  a^igar for. the last fortnight.'.  'ih<- cab drew ,,p at one of the  handsome houses in . Sloane Court,  and .Sir Charle's led bannering into  the    dinnig-1-oom. H   was.'  as    c'n-  (lulsite as .modern ta'sle and lavish  expenditure could make; it. Sir Charles  looked  round. ..'���'���' *  "UI an che��� -You remember her'  We were married Uvo ,���on(hK ago���"  Jlannering nodded in an absent wav  and .Sir Charles scanned him, aghast-.  -She has gone u> her room. Come  to my dressing-.-ooii, and have a  wash. ..Supper is ,uid: Th(J Kl.,.vants  bale  gone  to  bod."  !le,t<.ol- Mannering to his drcssing-  oom,   then   went    into   the   bed-roum  to JUidy l>->U-hioi-d.  'Great heave,,, ]llanche!V he- eJ-  cluiuied. "J .scarcely know him I I  took him for a tramp.   The man has  a fiord  , ....    tlie  Uiessmg-table absently lingering the  siher-backed brirhes, and took him  down to the dining-room LhiIv  planche, m the splendor of her evening dress, came to meet, him cordially but hulf'iearfull.\, ior there was a  stinnge, hunted, strained look in hs  ejes. - ,  "I nui so glad to see vou back, ."Mr  Mannering. And of couise jou io-  member me���Jlbuuhc Favasom'"���she  blushed as- she gave her innideu-  nump���' .Judith Orme's gieat tnend,  you know." ,  -Mnnnei-ing-'s (.V|.Iid.s flickered us he  bent over her hand. '  "I remembei ,",he said in the deep,  hollow i oice with which he had s'pok-'  on since the day (if his great loss. ,i  "Sa clown," said l^etchford, with  a warning glance .at his wife,' a  glance that said, "J^-t Jiijn alone for  ,a  time;, leave'him  to me." ���'  ,-Mannering,d,id not look' c(own at  ;lus unsuitable attire, did not* appear"  conscious of himself or'ins surroundings, but .sank' into thc- chair -and  accepted a jilate of the soup which  had been kept, warm at thc lire-  place.    I     ,      , r 0  '"Mat Ding-     good  ' piece.'   at     the  i-aicty," said l.olchford; and lie went  on  to speak   of it, r addressing    his  wife    rather    than   '"Mannering,    and  'Studiously  avoiding  looking  at, him.'  Mannering   got,   through  ,his  soup'  'and some cutlets in  silence, glancing  in    the    same     abspnt-jiunded.     preoccupied   way  at  his  host1 and  beautiful hostess.' Presently Lady Blanche  rose,   but  her husband'signed  to her  ,to remain. ���       ��� .  "J^oil't go, Blanche,'" he said with  the nervousness of the man' who relics ononis wife in diflicult moments.  "U'e want to ha\e a chat with Vane.  Now, old chap"���he' leaned' forward  and laid 'his r hand ' on Mannering's  nun���"toll  us your ndventiues!"  -U.innenng looked, fiom,ono to the  olner, first with a kind of suspicion,  then blankly, and he sighed, the sigh  of a man who has been living to himself for months.0   ��� '���  "Adventures'? 1 hnv(on't had ' any.  Ah, jes, I was wrecked. The Alpiiia  lost her couise,' struck' and went  down."      ���      ��,   , .,  l ���',  '"Good I-ordl And you���you were  lucked up?"! exclaimed J_etchford. , ���  . Mannering was silent for a"moment  Uiun^ he said,1 as if mechanically,  "i'es; L was picked up!" ,     <���'  "But iou suffered 'a' great.deal?,' T  can see-that you did. You���you look  the shadow of- your , -forincr.i self,  Vnne! You must have had a bad  tuner"  .   c ",..,'        '   i  "Yes���J- sulluied." assented Mannering, staring at lhe, table-cloth and  luigeimg his fruit-lcnii'e. "Oh, yes���  I hiiflered!"     x <���  "And was no one else saved'?" asked i-ctchford.  "Xo-no one else was saved. She  ���" His voice died away, and" his  head  sank  on his  bosom.  L.ulv Letchford leant torward, all  tender pity and anxiety; but Ix-tch-  ford rose and got 'some cignis.  "Hmoke, 0]d man," he \ said.  "Blanche doesn't mind; in fact, she  likes it." , ;  .Mannering took the cigar as eagerly as he had taken thc one offered  him in the cab, and ns he smoked his  lace cleaied oi some of its gloom.  "And���and  so    jou  came    to  London?"   said     Letchford   with  seeming  casualness.    "And have vou seen anyone,    any   ot    your   people,    the Lou-  -borough lawyei, anyone" '  ,"Xo, no one," said Mannering.  '"Hint's���that's   strange,    and���and  it's a pity'"  murmured  Letchford.  .Mannering raised his eyes. "Why;  Vihv should I see them-> I didn't  want monev. f have senne still left."  He put his hand in Ins pocket and  took out a few, n very few, shillings."  l/'tcliford stilled an exclamation.  "iMy dear fellow, my dear Vane'  Do jou mean fo say that you have  been wandering- about London in  poM-ity, in���tn this condition, and  that you didn't know���oh  Loid,  help  me,   Blanche'"  Her face flushed as she 'leant forward and put her while hand on  Manneiing's haul but  shapdv   one.  "Air Mannering, Charlie is triing  to tell you something, to break  something to .win. and he wants me  to hBlp h,m. And I don't know  howl"��� piteously��� "but I must try.  I must try, nnd you���you must be  patiunt with mo."  Mannering looked at her with scant  Intel est, and wnh a sigh she went  on:  "You  have  not  been   down  to  IjCs-  boiongh''"  Miuinenng shook his head.  "-No;  why should  1?"  "1  know  that ,\ou  and  your  uncle,  I.ord    Lesboiongh,     weie    not���good  friends,"    she    hllid,   ��� but  I   thougnt  you   might   have  gone     down,   might  have heard������"  ilanneung  shook his head  again  ' .N'o.      I've     not    heard     anv thing.  What is it?"  Letchford rose and w;ent to Mannering's side and laid a hand, at  once Boothina; and warning,  upon his  fthouldor,  "H'e���ii'e    bad  new,   Vanes,"   ho  said,   "gravely.     "Pull   yourself     together.   Tho earl's  dead!"  Mannering    nodded    and     his    lips  , twitched.  I "I'm sorry," he said in his deep,  | hollow voice. "I���1���liked the old  . man, though we never got on to-  j gether. Ho thought me too iiidepen-  , dent���I wouldn't accept his money.  I Poor old fellow; He was a good  '( sort!    Dead!    And so Augustus is the  Earl of Lasborough!"  (     Letchford    drew     a,  long     breath,  , shrugged his     shoulders    and looked  helplessly  towards    his  wife,  and  of  i course she came to his relief.  j     "There  is     still���worse   news, . Mr.  ' Mannering,"    she said   in her sweet,  geritls voice.       "Lord Augustus   and  i his  boy���you  remember him,   he  was  I at Eton?. You ware fond of him."  rj     Mannering nodded.    "Yes; nico boy,  , Harry. < Tho   only  one  of  the  family  j 1 cared for," ho said, thoughtfully.  '     "���Were going down to the funeral.  There���there���" ' ,   ,   '  i ' "There was an' accident to, the  , train," Letchford took up tho bui-  j den of tlie story as her voice falter-  I ed and broke. "A bad accident,, Fif-  1 teen, kiliod. Amongst 'em was���was  Augustus and Ills boyr-"  ilannoring looked  up and from one  to the other.  "Killed! The boy killed! I'm���I'm  Borryl"' jjis voice grow hoarse. "A  nice boy; wo wore great fnonds!  Killed!"  Tho  husband    and  wife    exchanged  glances and   JLctchford's hand closed  more firmly on Mannering's shoulder.  "Yos,  it's bad,  shocking bud!" he  said,   slowly  and, impressively.'  "'And  ���and   it   alters   things   for  you,   old  man, doesn't  it!"   ���    ,  (   -Mannering looked round nt him.   '  "Alters things?   How'"  "."Good   ^heavens,   don't    you    'see,  don't you,understand!"    said 'Letchford.  "The old earl, is dead, nnd Augustus,    and'the poor bov,,and so���  and  so���" ,_,     ""',",,>  "Mr. Mannering', you are the Fail  of Lesbbrough," said Lady Blandie  in a low voice.  Maniiering^'looked from,one to the  other dully, then he began to tremble,  nnd, presently his head was bowed in  his, , hnndf!, -and his great, gaunt  frame was shaken by, tearless sobs., .  CHATTER tX.  good  :S'l*;��i:i��S-(l  The storm did not break'upon Nina  upon, her-  raft  until     the , favoring  wind had  carried  her far out   to sen;  and.it may'safely be said  that    she  did'not realize the rash naturc-'of her  enterprise"   until   the  first ��� Hash    of  lightning and .the first, clap of   thunder;  for,  liko most' of her,, sex, ' she  had acted on the  impulse- of the moment, and without' counting ,thc cost.  ' But as   'tho  sky  grow  inky     black  _and broken  only by the weird streaks  "of  lightning,' terror and  remorse   assailed her  in equaT-proportions; ', terror on her ow-n  account, remorse   0n  MannoringJs; for hero she, was oil tlio  ragnng sea, nnd she ,ha-d left h'nm ���> to  the awful,solitude of the i   and.  She had .picked  up  enough' of1- seamanship  to  lower her'sail,  and'  she  lay,  or rather crouched,  on'the raft,  drawing the saiL over her to     afford  her partial  protection from the   rain  and  the wind.  Trcsently she felt .rather than saw that the raft,, was   becoming disintegrated, and, rising    to  her knees; she reached for the,, sheet,  the' rope  attached  to  thc sJail,v  and,  winding'it round  her,'1 fastened-it to  a couple of;the poles'of    which'   the,  raft was composed. She did this mechanically, 'and     after,     half    unconsciously, ^asking   herself     what   JYin-  noring .would do if he    woro    in , her  plight. It was.singular 'how; even' in  this moment of her solitude   and extremity, she relied upon him.  ���   It was well that she had! taken this  precaution,  for,     tho storm   growing  moro    furious,     the raft  soqn     after  broke up and she found  herself floating  on  the     smaller    portion.      The  howling  of  the  wind,   the  dull     roar  of thc sea deafened, and the .salt and'  spume of the waves blinded her,  and  she closed  her eyes  and  prepared  lor  death; but instead of tho death which  she  would  have  welcomed there     fell  upon her a kind of swoon, the stupor  of exhaustion and  terror.  The storm fell as suddenly as it  had arisen, and she opened her eyes  to see the sun shining through * a  thick mist.. The sea was quite calm  now and the logs to which she was  tied floated almost motionlessly. She  was parched with a thirst which  made hunger of no account, and she  knew, in a subtle fashion, , that her,  brain was-giving way. Justus Mannering "had done, she found herself  talking and holding conversations  with him; she went through tho whole  of thc marriage ceremony with him,  re-enacted the scenes in the saloon,  lived over again thc life in the island. Then she fell into a profound  unconsciousness, but-after a time she  came to again, and found that she  was still floating in this di cam-like  mist. Her whole past life seemed like  a dream. Was this wide sen, the island, her marriage,  only a dieain?  How long she floated on the calm  mill-pond of a sea she did not know,  but presently the mist was penetrated by the sound of music. With closed eyes she listened.,, Was she dead,  nnd was this the music of the heavenly cnoii? If so, she was at rest in  the bourne from whence no tiaveler  returns. But Mannering, her husband  ���he was still on bis desolate island.  Oh,  how could  she have left him!  Tho music grow  louder    and  distinct,  nnd  it  seemed  to    her  oarthly;  she heard   a \oice.    a  ���tMtorlan volco,   call:      -3rnn   over.  board!    Stop her!"    Then her senses  slipped  from her slowly, easily,    and  when  they roturned  and  sho    opened  her eyes again thoy met thc    pitying  PRESSED TO DEATH.  [)-���>*rfal   fauijliiiieiit   Tlmt   Obtained  Under  Old   EugliNu   Luiv.  Under the old English law if a pri��  oner stood mute and failed to plead ro  the indictment �� jury was Impaneled  to determine whether his conduct came  from obstinacy or from a natural impediment.   According to Blackstone, if  the prisoner  was  found  to  be  obstinately  mute and  the indictment was  for high treason it was settled  that  his silence was equivalent to a 'conviction and that judgment and execution  should follow.   This same rule applied  to petit larceny and misdemeanors, but  upon appeal or inuictiuGits for other  felonies or petit treason, according to  the ancient law, the prisoner was not  deemed convicted; but, because of his  obstinacy,   he   received '"the   terrible  sentence of penance or peine" aud "was  piessed to death.  Blackstone thus describes this pun-  tshiuent: "Thut the prisoner, be remanded to the prison from whence he  came and put iu a low, dark'chamber  aud there be laid on his back on the  'bare'floor, naked unless decency forbids; that there be placed upon his  body as' great a 'weight of iron as he  could bear and more; that he should  have.no sustenance, save only On the  first,day three morsels of the worst  bread, and on the second day three  drafts of standing water that should'  be nearest tbe prison door, and In this'  situation this should be alternately  h'is daily diet till he died or (as anciently the judgment ran) till 'lie answered."      ' t  During the trials for witchcraft in  New England a respectable citizen being so accused,' knowing (that < by reason of the excitement of the times a  plea of not guilty and trial would result'in a conviction with confiscation  of, property, nnd the same' judgment  would follow a plea of guilty,''refused  lo .plead, thereby preventing'a conviction and enabling his l'aitfily to retain  -his property. The court ordered that  he, be pressed because of his obstinacy.  The, order was carried out, and the  victim died. ,' ��� ��� ',  THE SETTING HEN���Her failures  have discouraged many a poultry taiser.  You can  make,money  raising chicks in the right  way���lots of it. _,_.���__r  The Cliatham Incubator. and  Brooder has created a New Era  in Poultry Raising. ,  The setting* Hen as a Hatcher  has been proven a Commercial  Failure.  The Chatham Incnbator and  Brooder has always proved a  Money Maker.  No-1��� m kggs  fk 2���120, Egg,  n'o. 3���240 Egg, "<  THE CHA THAM1NCUBA TOk  r,  ; success has encouraged many to n,7ki   '  more money than they ever though? '  '   ��� , ,   possible out of clucks.     ���      f  Every. Farmer Should  Raise. Poultry  ,.._...��� _     r.��� .      ... -. Almost'every fanner "keeps hen<=" but *v,V>  should lay dining tho time you keep them   dUno-Ml dm, without any previous experience   JieK"ovistl>(ittherclaact-i-Uin-imountoV,V. J?  hutohitiff nnd biootUiiff, will hocnourflt to nay   or \vithout ajsenl ef_oaslit| bcein tho^poultrj.   In V/^��8muM,joven when Jelling it take S  ^^^^^^S^^^S^S^' h Light, Pleasant andProIit-  cliiokoiiB with a fe-ooa Incubator and ifiopuer. a,     ��   _ y  Ueorsot thac'imth^tnjiicuhatoranaurooaor able liusmess tor Women  ^t^^%^^'f^^^!^^% ' Man* women aro to-day rnakinB">�� indo-"  b rsiriM, i��1��uMl-.e hen ��%Catcher, wu wouia P��"Ieut "Un* and putting ,by money every  ifkJtorUBOiAv.th yoi ' " ������"�� raiaU>K VO*ltry wlth a ChaUiam Xacu-  Jn the llrst pluue, we can prove to yon that   iwtor. . ,,,  your actual c.inh los* in ev;};'*, wlilohthe 20 hum   __Any woman with a little leisure tliap at her  "SS^- , i must have a (rood incubator iindlil-ooflnr, b-at      You can only  Our No. 3Incubntor will hatch aamanyeffpa   Oita menus in tho ordinary way an investment;  a year, '  as twenty setting lieu?, and do it better.  Sow, ' winch, perhaps you are not prepared to inako   Brooder and ordinary attention ,��,������ "?4  hero U a quebtioii in arithmetic:���     , '    just now, and tbt^ ia just where our special   ehiokens. from early Spring, until \\;Tt"r>i ���  If you keep 20 lions from laying  "for S weeks, how much eash do  you lo<ie It each hen wonld haro  laid 3 iloien KKisa, and oges are  .   worth IS cent* por dozen I     Ans.���$9.00.  ,  Therefore, when tho Chatham Incubator is  hatching the number of oetca that twenty hens  \ould hatch, it is really eamlnt? incafihfor you  ?y00, boslde-* producing for your profit chicks  by the whoietulo, and being ready to do tho  fiumo thing over again the moment each hatch  Is ofl'.  offer comes in,  , ������ If, you are In earnest, wo will set you  tho poultry business without a'cont of    'down.   If wo woro not stiro that tho Chatham  Inouhntor and Jiroodor is tho best and  with It and a reasonable*amount  your part you aro sure to mitk  would not make tho spoclal offer'  m only got one crop off ynvr fi^M. ���.   -1  bnt wit!, a  ChaUiU 11 ", buioTL1?  .  und ordinary attcntlur M    '  Ifruna early Spriiii' ui.  "'i-f.8,ft_c,!05.evof>' month., Think of iti"  it of effort, on r f��� ftiidUroodors after trylnjf jJieii ���i,  to money;.wo *}'?*}!)��* V��� think that It r^ui.-c,  below. P0.'1' ��,f "ioe or a yreat deal of t*i hnloi  Don't'you .think, therefore, 'that 'It pays to  Keep the hens laying" aud Jet tha' Chatham  Incubator do tho hatching/  WISDOM OF ANIMALS.  Tlce  Ape   of  Aiinlelun���A   Dour  Actor.  ,,,'Wise  Dojri  nlid  dcphaiifs.     .  o, Apulolus   says   tbat   in   tbe   spring  fetes;'of ,lsis,  tlie forerunners of tlie  .Roman   curnival, 'he,, saw*a "monkey  .with a straw hat and a Phrygian tunic.  But monkeys^do not seem to have  been popular in Borne: ,t The-cleverest  of all the animal performers were of  ,course   the  dogs,   and   one 'snowman  hud the. ingenious idea of making a  dog act a part in -a; comedy.    The ef-"  fects of a, drug weve trled,on him, the  'plot turning on thrt suspicion that^the  ,drug wns poisonous, while, in fact, it  was  only  a .narcotic.    ,The  dog took,  me piece'of bread dipped in the liquid,'  swallowed it aud  began to  reel, and  stagger -till   he"   finally   fell' on   the  ground.'   '        , t  AC ,the  right i moment'lie  began''to  move very, slightly as  if waking'out  of a deep sleep.'   Then he'raised his  head,  looked  around',:;'jumped  up and'  ran'joyously to the,proper person. '  The remark that animals do not grow  w.lber/jvitli age is contradicted'by.* the  'itahit  of   elephants,!. iiotif-cd .even   in  .indent  times/ of, making  thd" young  ones cross-;,n ford first., The'officer who  ompei-iiileiided tlie (jnibarkatloii'bf ,ther.  .i.'lepha'nts - sent  from , India   to   Abj-s-  ^inia   ft i-  use  in   I.ord   Napier's  caia-  iiaiyn  tells liow' one old elephant vol-  ttinti'Oii'tl   to   drive   all   the  others *on  board.    His services wore invaluable,  Inct'when'the,- had all embarked dud  'he was invited'to lol'ow them he firmly dec-lineti and had to bo lelt on shore.  I  myself havo noticed   the aciiuired  ciitition of tlie older dogs of Constantinople, which left untouched the crusts  1  threw  them, while the young  ones  ���ile thein ravenously.   A Greek, native,  lold  me that(tlii<s was because Kuro  pea us were ui'tlie cruel habit of throwing poisoned broad to.the street dogs;  hence  the  old  ones,   having seen "the  bad   effects  on  their companions,  refused to oat bread thrown by Europeans, though they' took it readily from  any  Turkish, Degjrui-  who  shared his  itMiity fine with them.  There aro mtny other . reasons why the  Chatham' Incubator and Brooder outclasses  the setting hen, ' '  The hen sets when sho is ready. Tho Chatham Incubator is always Mady.", By planning  to take off a hatch at the right time, you may  have plenty, of broilers to sell when broilers,  aro scarce and prices at the top notch.. If you'  depend on the hnn, your chicks will trow lo  broilers just when overy other lion's chicks aro  being imuketed.'and when tho price is notso  stitr.      ' < ��� ,        -".',.  -.' The hen is a careless mother, often loading her  chicks amonfist wet grass, bushes, and in places .  whoro rats oan conllscato her young. ' s*  .The Chatham Urooder bchavet. Itself, is ��^  porfect mother and very rarely ioses a chicle,'  and is not infe&tod with lice. ' (, l-  Altogether, there is absolutely no reasonable  reason for contluulng- the use of a lien as a  hatchor and  every reason  why you  should  have a Chatham Incubator and JJrooder. ,  " We aro making a very special otTer, which '  it will pay you to invC&tigB,lc.       ' ,      ',  'A .,-'',       ��� '". ,  Small Premises Sufficient' [  ForPoultry Raising. ,���'       *,  ���  Of course, if you have lots of room, so much  * , "-WE WILL SHIP NOW     .'"'  \r-       TO YOUR STATION', ' f ���">  :,' ,   - ' ���<���, -        ,'   ',"!' /.   .   "��, '<  ,J FREIGHT PREPAID    <'-/<���  : it- Chatham5  X^CU:BAI0R<  andBROODER  ,      r     ��� ,  - .,     - J c        '       I        >������ -"-1,1  ���   '     1    -     -t -       < ,- '        ��� , , J  You Pay us no Cash   <r  TilLAhJr 1906 Harvest  �� Wett  y^Li.10 {'"/,'i0"^rckenfwJtha Hmll�����'  batorfand JJroodor. Jf so, you arc Kicatly S  taken. ,iour wife or daughter uiauK  the machine and look after the chickens ��h  -duties'1" 1,?fir wl,tU'tllelr ���^lar lSSSoM^  a The market ls^always good and prlcei nr.  , never low.   The demand i�� nlw a3��in eictLTo?  l^-ooder you can-start hatching at th. right    ;  -tfmo ,to bring the chickens to raarketaV. '*���?  brptlors when the supply ia very low and (hi     '  , prices accordingly hiL-h.  This yoa could ntru    '  do with hens as hatchers.    .'       ���>   "    ,".   -,  ''We know that there ia money in t'ae'ixiultri  '  'business for every farmer who will go about it'  ;r��jht,, All you have to do is to gel a Chatham, ,'  Incubator and Brooder and start lu   Hut dm.     ^  . Imp* you are not prepared jui,t now- to upVnd '  the money."-This is why wo make the sucttal J."  olier.-- '. '    "   '<���- --���" r  ���        , - >  ,;,.-,-. 1 -IS*THIS FAIR?  .'-' "We know there is money in raisinp chiclras.  ,.   "We know   tho   Chatham   incubator and   !/  ' Brooder hoi; no equal. t ,  ,- We know that with any reasonable oBbrtos   r  . your part, you cannot but make iuoiie}-outof' -1  , the Chatham Incubator and Brooder.       ,     ' ,'l  * We know that we made a similar oijer lsst    r|  year and that in every case the pigments wen ' VI  met cheerfully and promptly, and that in mmiy   -11  -c--' <        ' /������...', ���      l1- cases monoy was accompanied by letters ci- <������.;[  . - I       .. .   .        - -    'I ,prosMn��satisfaction.    '    ' "('  ���^r^TT"T- -'ThoroforOwo,have no hesitation in ro&Vliif    ?  the^etYerT-hutmVnyirman'a^dwomVn'rre  ,$g^%��^^lfflffil "#&   W*S2^VSy%ffl^o^^.\  .with a fair sized stable or shed and a small j"��.w?0D' i-lndsay, Ont. ?    (^  yard oan raise poultry profitably.  L  away  with a ���      .  ChaUmm Incubator and Broodor,  money.    -   ��� ,    '   ,  r.nnn��mnn    t tv.,--ir k���,w t������^���*^- ���j.a      ^hls roai]y moans that' wo will set yoa npfc',  Gqntlemon.-I. think both Incubator and   tho poultry business so that you cannula  ,fcing(or"  harvest         ...  innlrtt  until I received yours.   I vpa ploasod nndsur- v "Write us a post cord with your name and '  while to investigate. \     ���,     _   ,     ".-v     well, Man."        '    -V      i''Kl'y^    " .to^Chatham.  We can supply you ouiokly from our distributing warehouses -at CahraryrBrandon, Roglaa, Wlnnipoff/ Now' Westmlnutcr, B.C., Montreal  Halifax, Chatham. .Factories at Chatham. Ont., and Detroit,.llicu.s-, ���    -'      ' ' ���      ���,-,; r , -   ,  ,\ l - ; " 612  The MANSON CAMPBELL CO.yLimited,^^ept. '^0^235,'-CHATHAM, CANADA  1 Let us quote: you: prices on .a. good ;Failnjng Mill\,or rgood' Farm Scale, [  J      ,'%--'.'.   r- "I"   "- ' I-''���,-''������'   '11.   .'--- I   "   ' -   ."  '- '       - "   ���  UNION  MADE.  ,    OVERALLS,  SMOCKS ��nd SHIRTS  ! If if-is a Question 4of; Warmth use :*"-*  BUILDING''-PAPER1  It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.  1  e  0  e  \Vrite for Samples and Prices  TEES- ��Sc,PERSSE,'Limited, Agents,'Winnipeg..  eeea ��aoco oo�� e ���(asotsiatifoaeaiiie sees ��eoa o�� ��������o�� ��o��t t  more  more  deep,  Scurlnttl. ��� '  Scarlatti,"one ot -the greatest musicians of his day, is now known only  by the "Cat Fugue," a comical imitation of the mewing of eats.  IVBs&ci  ���fc<  and  fVIetcf o to \A/  F"it  Ixifl ��r a��al"��  ���ar  Beer.  Beer is" spoken of by Xenophon in  his history of the retreat of the ten  thousand. It-was well known to the  Konians as the beverage of northern  Europe.  THE   BURLINGTON    ROUTE.1  In the Winnipeg Free Press of Aug.  G 1905, appeared the following telegram from Dr. J. A. Macarlhur, the  eminent physician  of Winnipeg:  Chicago, Aug. 0���The London Old  Boys special left St. Paul at 11 a.m.  over thc Burlington lloitte for Chicago- This road traverses (he east side  of the Mississippi for 300 miles and  the scenery along'the route is'most  varied and picturesque. The wide expanse of water is constantly in view  while the rugged cljffs on the opposite  side  present a' striking contrast  Vou will naver have Comfort and Satisfaction ..and Wearing Qualities Jn  your Working Clothea until you wear"  "King of fhe Road'.' Brand  A8K   YOUR   DEALER.  K"KfcEBxa -to -sro"CTi  S��od u< jour UMBO uid ��ddr��n. ��nd rou ��lll r��xfv�� Ft�� o�� Am.XAl.i l*"��l �����  Uliilng la HlnJ. ��nd 11 Thlmbl.s (Oar-lao* patttrnal i��d< tl Kr.,1 jllsmloium-  Tb��r M�� b��uL|(ullj- ��n��.m��lle4 In oulouri, ��u.l ambosMd *no thi iMonklo.j  "lltMDoh.- "Oooi LucIl."Mo. ,, Th.y u< lighter and toothw tl����u re��l iili^-irtltlw n'i ���>  1/tl, and u��Tir tarul��b. , ,  WE TRUST  YOU-NO  MONEY  REQUIRED.  Sill Oi�� 21 ��rtlcln >t 6 cants ateh. inline S1.4�� altomliar. "blch for����rd W "������ ��"f  we vrlll Mml you �� once, fti �� rrwanl. a MAgninoent Lever Watch. f,u��ri,.'.����a ro. *  jo.Lr>. or oilier Presents of HItfh-ulaaa Jeiftrallary. whioh jou enn ,��.oct fiom ^ur uit.  At your cho.t.        OOLD & CO., No. 2, Ttia Watch Housi, Delamare Oreaoent, Londcn, W., England.  The Keeley Cure  ALWAYS SATISFACTORY  Atk your dealer ior i.ntporial Maple Syrup.   Do not allow him to sabslituto  an Ipforlor artlolo beoauso It Is oheaper.  ones of a young girl who bent over and afr��r(1 a Pleasant background for  her with anxiety eloquent in every the I),acid waters of the great river-  curve of her body. Members  of  the  party have enjoyed  "Are you better? Con you under- themselves greatly so far, and were  btand? Oh, I hope you have come ' vel"y much impressed with the mag-  to! said thc voice lrolon#irirr to tha ' ni����ent scenery on the route which  body- is new to all of them.  "I���I  am  bettor."   said  Nina;  and  as  if  it  were  a  formula,  she   asked,  im    To*-'   l *.  Ask the lawyers^ the4 physicians, the I:  congressmen,     the    clergymen,    the I     ,m    r.      ,   ^^ .  clerks,  the  book-keepers   the  skilled I     The Crow s ^Cst coal bods arG csli-  mechanics \wlio   have   patronized   us ' '"^d *-o hold enough coal to last for  and   you   will   And   that  the   Keeley , 5,000 years if mined   at   the   rate   of  treatment   is   all and   more   than   Is  claimed   for It, and   that   It   is   the  "stitch" a drinking man needs to save  property,   reputation,   family,   sanity  and even life Itself.  "Write today, now, and get the necessary information about it.  133 Osborne St.,   Fort  Rouge,  WINNIPEG.  "Where am I?  ��� u"����. )??ard tV Island Queen-6na of  the Weldon Lino, you know," replied  the voice.  Nina did not know, but she  and_ turned her liPad  away.  ���  '       TO   BE   CONTINUED.  sighed  -A Clever Hint.  Mrs. A.���-There are times wherj I  wish I were a man/ Mr. A.���For instance? Mrs. A.���When I pass n milli-l  ner's window and think how happy I  could make my wife by giving her a  new bonnet.  Too Aasldnonii.  Her���My only objection to Mrs.  Pryo'r is that she's a business woman.  Him���Indeed! What business Is she  engaged in? Her���Everybody's.���Chicago News.      ��� ._. _  A,  This will   bo   tho   ideal   route   for  your trip-to Eastern   Canada   during  the   period   of   $40, excursions   daily  ���December. 4-31.' -.-..'���' .  The Burlington Route offers something to,see en route from St. Paul to  Chicago. ��Three hundred miles along  .the'east bank of the beautiful Mississippi River, the second largest river  in the world, and rightly called "The  Father of. Waters:"  Wlion purchasing your tickets be  sure and ask your agent to route you  via the "Burlington Mississippi'Scenic Line." They will be glad to do it  and you will be glad you went that  way on your Eastern Canadian vacation. ' ,  Beautiful illustrated folder giving  full description, map and all.-particulars.    A post card will do. Address���  Frank T. Lally, Travelling Passen  ger Agent, Queen's Hotel, Winnipeg  Man., F. M. Rugg, . N W- P. A St  Paul, Minn. '      '  Tlie Lime,  The lime Is the product of tho Citrns  limofla free. The juice Is used in cooling hevoiMges in the tropics mid is es  pcjiully in iloniiiinl in Mini hum- in higher lntiliKles. It is uNo bmled and used  in tl.ivors.  Something More Than a Purgative.  ���To purge is the only/effect of many  pills now on the market. - Pavmelee's  Vegetable Pills are moro than,a purgative. They strengthen, the stomach,  'wliere other pills-weaken it. They  cleanse the blood by regulating the  liver and kidneys, and they stimulate  where ��� otho.v ,pill compounds depress.  Nothing pf an injurious natuvo, used  for mere purgative powers, enters into, their composition.  *Vi��"ifr  ��� Tho homestead entries for Novcm-  lierber were .3,481". or- S24 more that  ior November last year. Over 300 of  this increase was at Regina, 200 at  Battleford, 100 at Red Deer and 100  at Edmonton. Alameda and Yorkton  also show increases and Calgary a  small decrease.  All over the Continent this store is famous  JWi giving unequalled"  ���diamond- values. A  permanent buying; staff  at Amsterdam ensures  - advaiitag-oous purchasing, and our customers ���,"  receive the price benefit  A Diamond Hall guarantee mcansan absolutely  perfect stone.  EYRIE BROS.  ,    ��� -LIMITED���   134-138  YONOE ST.  TORONTO --'    ONT.,     j  1;  %  NO   OTHER  1S  Jspld". on/hi?'   sain"  generous'   l'l-"1"1'     .:.  ��WraCtioirortm< .   > ���  refunded - ''������',. ,h ,''  other    Tea   >���   :�� .  rich     ���"  'ri'Hgi'i'1"-0  "generously'  quality   and  as  .     Gold Standard Tea. _  'fOiinranteiid t.li'^ ,u:f" '  To  prove1'il���-?'���>��� '",,,.  35, 40 and SO C'nls '"'  ��...   ,    lb.      Ail -aroc.crs.  %*> ��� '    J? THE  MOVIE   USAOER  MOYIE, B. C.  HARD QUESTIONS.,      -  _.   _   sonnd   Simple,    bnt    Yoa' May  Find  the .AiiBivem  Klnnlve.     .  ,.Ho<v many holes are there in a  ,���ced boot of the ordinary, type? Do  vou know how many there are In the  nair you are wearing?  That is another  ' t;0i,-aiid it is ,t little ambiguous,  for the average man's ordinary laced  boat!) ��io generally ��'>'<-'�� away by Ins  .ifc before he h.-is'liud time to count  the' iwl'-s? "Which of the feet of a  ^mo touch Uie ground in, trotting?"  as,],", tin' cvaininer. 'You may, imagine  tiiewlwl*' class raising arms and shout-  t. �� II.if  '/HI I **'       t ���*  ��A6i��s to bo In a way a glunt menu  ���d.,,n���nton !!tVe^l,nd.' ^^'totSS:  dltlon, the Indians captured ,a Mrs  Itowilusoii aud her child, As the iwrtv  were passing through the woods on  their way to Canada the child died and  was buried at the fool of the mountain  The child's name was Grace and lhe  mountain has been Mount Grace ever  since.  . Worwe  Than  Ijwii.  "Vou lost your money in Wall street  did j-ou?" ''  "1 wouldn't say I lo&t It," answered  the   pi-wise   though   unwyildly   njull  "Tlie word 'insf implies' ��� r0!r!o1e       '  sibiliry   of   its   being  found  ICxehange.  two,cows ANb overt per acre.  again."���  inp.  ���All.of '<'">-  fog another with  is   in  sup-'  \���v one iiian^inay  ���Iglioiunf*.   for   our, knowledge  pjlclicS    Is '<��� worlh your while  ' no-nig V<JU lmvt" 4l,"y lj��',l."ess ,0 c,,'rl'>'  tbioiiBii, to a.scertain.ho'w many V's  lliwe are on a clock ' face? Do you  irniit to know how'iminy ribs Uiore are  |i "die cover of .your umbrella? This is  tlie' umbrella maker's business. You  wiuit only to ��'id tlie time!of day and  'avoid the rain. "Thousand words,"  says mi editor to the amateur writer,'  fll'io may be an   umbrella  maker.    It  ',hii|,ii('iis'iu.iny times a day., The amateur never know's .what,esrertion and  stliat hp-it-c* this im-iuiH.t,JBut"ihe'journalist Knows exactly the''amount Of  gray in.Hlcr, black ink' ami while pa-  ]i,'r,:!nj demand implies. How many  would mm* ttiore   in   this  paragraph V  ,Xow-'unick!     '.'.���'       ',' ,    '���  Oil*   In   Itcrllii.  Cats are licensed,in Berlin, and every  eat' in that city must wear a metal  badge bearing a number.  Tli<> LoriBi'Hi  Day.  The, longest, day of thc year in London is sixteen and a half hours, in New  York fifteen, hours, In St. Petersburg  ,nlnetcpn. in Tornea (Finland) tweuly-  two and in Spitsbergen-three mouth*  and a half. ���>  '  THE'JAPANESE1 GIRL.      .-  'j  .      , i  'she   I*   <,t->i<leiie���� , ltuvlt,,   Willi , nn'  ,     ,    Air of  Dainty1 .Mod<.���*<>-.     ,-    '   -"  There'were not. many Japanese ;woni-  on at tlie party, 'which made' me .wonder, considering   tlie   fact"   that   there  were 'iTiiiuiredrf  bf,i'iieii .present;, but,  perhaps the absence- of 'the many might,  be explained   by   the 'uncomfortable  and self'couhclbus air of the' few who^  were tl'ieie In most.unaccustomed.'foi''-  eigu fliK-iy.    Not that'they-Wore-'it" so  badly.   Not at all.' 'That tea fiction of  ' tlie foreign woman jviio'is pleasantly  ��� blimldl^to i.tlie" liuj.ieT-fe'ctlons' brl her  own kind. '��'.'.     ' V,  Of course there are-.."no .Japanese  . girls'-with Gjbsoii figures ofr lissom,  prate and Fifth ^avenue stride.-* of  splendid freedom, but' tlie same,thing  nmy Ufa,said of many other women in  many oilier climes. Everybody 'eaii'not  be an .American girl,'you know,, and'i  declared think the,.Taiwanese girl runs  Eonic of her European "sisters'a ^rery  clos? sui-ond in her abilMyMo wear ungraceful clothes as gracefully^as.possible with very limited assistance from  MoKier .Nature.',' All Japanese waist  lines run up in'front arid all Japanese  gli-N aro "pigeon toed,'';-but all Japa-  ���"mae girls are gentleness itself, and  their ilniufy modesty serves to conceal  a multitude of ipeculiarities. - '"'   - ���,'  Beware   of   Ointments   for   Catarrh   That  > Contain Mercury,  ���� mercury will surely destroy the sense  of smell and completely <leijn��<> Hi?'1  whole system when entering it ih:ou.th  the mucous surfaces. Such .ut.ef.i  should never be used except on pies-  cilptlons from n-pu table iihvHlclanu. a^  the damage Ulpy will do Is teniold to ihr  good you cuti r'oasibly derive from ihcai.  Hall'H Catarrh Cure, manufactured hy  F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.. 'contains  no mercury, and Is taken intcrnallv-, acting: dlrcclly upon the blood and rnucmis  nurfaces of the system. Jn'bu.\ ln��-'Hull's  Catarrh Cure'"bo suie you got the, srrnu-  ine. It Is takoiv Internally iu;d made 'In  .Toledo,, Ohio, by F, J. Cheney & Co  Testimonials  frc-c.  . - '  Sold,by Druggists.    Price 75c. per bottle. ,,,,.,!  * .Take Hall's  Family  Pills for constipation.       ���    ' .        , ,  Mrs. ���Vanderbilt possesses-a caji for  wh'c-h she paid the-sum of $1,000.  .' J,HE GOOD-OLD' TIMES. - ������  , ���^ V   . '        '��.   .-i *>  ,  A. Ti'il Kroiu "\VliIcli_\lB js'pui<i"t,<)��i��', of  '      ' StulT, u'ml_XoiiNenNe.     '^ t ['  I take no stock'in tiio'lainentatlon of1  tlie sentimentalists, abouC whatv'they'  call "tlie >;ood old linies."' "There is a"  deal of stuff, and, nonsense trolled'oil  on tins, text.   Every man over ilfty who  Is not precisely a boor is described,as  "a eeiitl.MniHi of the old school.", *We  iifceil-Vit turn to the English satirists  Tjfruin Kidding to  Thackeray''to  learn"  flint all  the   essential' ingredients   of  "Vanity I'air" had tlx-ir., existence 100  or 2i0 j curs ago.'   In-tlie proportion  that tlicie wci;e more nature and coars-,  er tih���r tUcre were livelier doings.,   In  proportion Hint there were fewer dramatic  persons   upon   the   stage   there  was better play for the. Individual.    I  coiifuss,  that   I  like a   little  blood  in'  mine.    Sincerity  even   In   wickedness  lia-- a flavor quite Its own.   But he who'  fails to see the world as It Is and re-  fiw to take It as he ilnds it falls Inevitably betwixt tlio three legged stool  of  a  \u,.y   fdisj,  philosophy   and   the  uiRU hacked chair of a very ill judged  perversity,   with   consequences   sometimes serious aud always humiliating.  -Henry Wiitterson in Louisville Courier-Journal. ��� ' i u  , ''Regular Practitioner���No Result."���  .Mrs. Annie C. ClK-stnut. 'of Whliby. was  for months a rheumatici vtetlm, . but  South American Kheumatle''Cure changed the Pong from1'"despair" to "joy." She  says: '"I suffered untold misery fiom  rheumatism.��� doctors'.medicine did'me  no good���two bottles of Souths Am<si lean  Rheumatic* Cuie aured me���iellef > two  hours aftpr the first dose."  Canada's    public    schools    are   attended by 1,128,532' pupils.  < Cucumbers and melons are forbidden fruit, to many persons j��o constituted'that the least indulgence is followed, by attacks of cholera, dysentery," griping, etc.    These persons arc  ���.not'aware that they can indulge'to  their; heart's content if'they have on  ,hand a bottle, or Dr. > J. D. Kellog's  Dysentery Cordial, 'a medicine that  will   give '.immediate   relief, and is a  .sure'-cure for'-all summer complaints:  Canada   has   100   million  grazing land in the "west-  acres   of  - For the Overworked-���What are  the causes of/despondency and melancholy? A disordered, liver v is ond  cause and a "'prime on%. A disordered  liver, meansJ a disordered ^ s'tomach,  and -a disordered 'Stomach means 'disturbance . of ' the , nervous - system.  .This brings.'the whole body into subjection/' and the victim feels sick' a'll  over." jParmelee's Vegetable 'Pills are  ��a re'pognized remedy in this sUte and  relief .wiirfollow their use. ,  -   British ��� Columbia   .produces   over  one'million tons of coal a year.   '"  - t, j :������       '</ '  The President a Slave to Catarrh. ���  D.'T. Sample, ,Pipi=ldciu of Sample's Instalment Company, ' Washington. Pa.,  writes: "For yeais I was alllicu.d with  Chronic Catarrh. Remedies, and Ueat-  ment by specialists only gave me temporary relief until r was induced to use  Dr. Affiiew's, Cutarrhal Po��i,ler. It gave  almost instant relief."    bU cents.  SugjjostionB ef a Master Dairy Farmer  J In Managing the Herd.  ,     Concerning tho care   of   dairy   cows  , Revy J   D   Dietrich,  who made famous  j lhe   fifteen   acre   farm   at     Flourtown.  p��,  by keeping thirty-nlna cows upon  It,  says:   A   heifo-r   lhat   Is   coming   in  soon should have ��he same feeding as  the cow that is dry."  Xo bag, no cow,  I'Ved   so   you   get   vn   udder,   the   eye'  make* the dairyman!  Keep a strict eestaMon table and read  it over every week. Group, your cows  coining in at different times and count  2is5 day, for a'cow to drop her calf.  A cow .Should not.be treated as dry,  until she is actually so ' The right way  to dry her Is to put her on timo.hV  hay only arid milk her diy hy skipping  teats. I know the cu-jlebsuess of cow  keups: they don;t deserve the name of  dairymen.  After the cow, is dry, and all my  cows must be dry four weeks, (��� not  more or less, we fevd for health and, a  , good, calf and giver the cow pleniy'of  exercise by making a boy lead her,  and make her walk. Her hind legs. In  walking, rub" nor udder ���better .than  any man's hand,can, and if she is fat  and you ,are afraid of milk fever, w^alk  her for exercise.   '  Even If it take two' or three miles,  give It to her, and T will'guarantee no  milk'fever if you walk her falx or seven  miles. ' Bran i��,the safest feed that  goes down a cow's throat; hay and  bran when she i-s^dry. In ten^days to  two "weeks, before calving, the' ought  to begin to make a bag. , . ��� ' , <  ��� If'She does not on four or six quarts  of bran, and all the hay she can eat.  and bowels are right, commence, to  give her, a handftil of cake meal; Increase it to two handfula, and on up  to a,pint, if necessary.''At every feed  keep' your eye on the cow and, her udder. , ' ''''.'  Tt should not be(a big. red, inflamed  prgan, as'hard as'a., brick, and .out of  shape, but a splendid, pendant rccep-  table for. milk,' dignified for maternity.  During the- dry period our eye is al;,  ways on that'dry cow.. If she is handled,by exercise, and fed for'the da*-  the calf is to��come, your eye will tell  you just *��� the progress she is, making  as your ear can,tell when the violin-is-  in tune.       . �� ' <   - ,"      ,, ���  If her manure Is hard and knotty,  and she is fat,,a dose of salts,''ginger  and molasses is given her, and always  at the time of calving is given 'to every  cow, and if',the' cow ,Is' inclined^ to  swollen udder, one-half 'pound more of  .salts Is' ,given her, thirty'slx hours  after calving. ^ < ���  The bran and water are given the  cow little and often; that Is.'one^quarf  'of bran"is .given the,',cow. five, to six  times ar day, ,in three to four quarts of  cold water, and'lt she"wiU drink mpre  water, offer three to'four'quarts in between the' bran and water, 'and feed  hay, sparingly for two days, Jlhe cow  will, refuse the .bran and water, after  two' days, sthen you can commence to  give a'light mess of cut'hay and bran,  and about the same amount of linseed  as you fed her before she, was1 fresh.  The, ne\tjmeal give a-llttle more Unseed, and on the fourth day''a''little  more, and the fifth day' about '- the  .same as the.fourth ,day, depending qn  the cow,, her udder, her manure'" and  .her general loo'k", but 'never increase,  .her feed at any one 'time, more than  one-half pound at a feed.   ,.  "  After danger is over, and the udder  In  good'shape," you   can, feed  the",full.  ��� ration .-that youV'cow can'digest, profitably, and she wiir'be airright_'for(330  days.' milk, If you treat her rightly.  " '    FLOWER WORLD .WIZARD.    '   '  WAS SENT HOME  AS JNCURABLE  Then Jos. Boone   Found   Health  in Dodd's Kidney Pills. '  ���-r"*ft��� -  MH "duf MifTfiiKii iM|i*h    i  mn nmmmt numi i    I  iM.-r^iwl*ii ��n nf,<  He  was .Unable to .Work for  Seven  Years' Before   he   Used   the   Great  Canadian  Kidney  Remedy.  Cottel's Cove, Xfld., Dec. 11.���  (Special-)���The days of miracles are  past, but the cure ol .5os,eph Boone of  this place almost ranks with the sensational cures of the earlier ages.  - Mr. Boone had been' ailing for eight  'years seven of'which he was unable  to wo'rk from the effects of Backache  and Kidney Complaint. He was all  sches and pains.       t   ,  He was treated by several doctors,  and after seven months m the hospital was ser-t home-as ' incurable. It  was there that reading of cures in the  newspapers led him to ��usa Dodd'a  Kidney Pills. It " took , twenty-one,  boxes to cure him,'but today he Is  strong and well and hard at work lobster fishing.        , '    >  People here have learhed that if the  disease Is of the Kidneys orfrom the  Kldneys.Dodd's Kidney Pills will cure  it.      ' <r,  MEERSCHAUM  PIPES.  '     ' i����lI<-rj-,,GoilM. ' ,     >'  The expressions "among the, gods",,  aud "gallery gods" are'said ' to have  originated' from tho- fact that the ceiling of Drury L-ine theater,'London,  was formerly painted In 'imitation of  ' a blue sky and ' lleecy clouds, among  which a great'num'licr of Cupids were  disporting Uieiii.!>''lviB'?. f ,   ,'.  Tlio-    CIllllCMC-   I'llllC. ���      -  The Chinese pink was first sent from  China io Paris, by missionaries in 1705.  The double 'ones were first,, noted  among seedlings id 171!) in Paris gardens. r      ��� \' ���   ���  .     (��� ,  "My Heart was Thumping My Life  Out," 'is the way, Mrs. R. H". "WriKht, of  Brockville,^ Ont..- describes her sufferings  from smothering, fluttering and palpitation.-,'After trying many remedies without benefit, six bottles ofrDr. ' Agnew-'s  Cure for the Heart restored her,to per-  ���fect health. .The flrot'do-se gave almost  Instant relief, and in a , day suffeiinp  ceased altogether. \   ,'���-.' .   ,  A   lllMc  TraiiMlnllon.r',   ',-    ���  A Gothic Christian bishpp once translated 'the* Bible into tlie Gotiiie language for the use.of his'people, but  omitted 'the book of-. Kings'' lest the  wars told of there should increase'their  propensity for.flgliting.     > . .   ^  A. Test l)>- "Wlilc-li to Tell tlie C��uol����  From  the  SimrlouH.  Once upon a time there was a man  who spent eight of the best years of.  his life coloring a meerschaum pipe,  only to find at tbe end of that period  that ��� he had been nursing a piece of  "massakopfe" instead of the genuine  "ecume de nier." , The "massakopfe"  is a composition made of the parings of  genuine meerschaum aud a mineral  clay. Tb.3 parings are triturated to a  tine powder, boiled iu water and molded into blocks, with or without the addition of clay. Each block is then cut  into a bowl, but as it contracts considerably il must be left some 'time to  dry. These bowls are distinguished  j from the genuine meerschaum by their  J greater' specihe gravity, but there is ao  ' absolutely certain test by which tlio  'real meerschaum can be told' from tbe  composition. , >  In forming a pipe fromr, "ecume de  mer" the' silicate of magnesia is prepared for the operation by soaking in  a composition of wax, oil and fats.  'The wax; and oil absorbed by tbe meerschaum are tlie cause of the,color produced, by smoking.^ 'The heat of tho  burning 'tobacco causes tlie wax and  'fatty substances to pass through the  stages of a dry .distillation, and, becoming associated Avitb the products  ' of the, distillation of the tobacco, they,  are diffused through the substances .of  the bowl, producing those gradations  of Hut which are so much prized, In  some cases the , bowls are artificially  colored by dipping .them, before being  'soaked in'wax,'in a solution of sulphate of iron, either alone or mixed  with'dragon's blood.      . t    *    t  Good meerschaum is soft enough to  be indented bjT the , thumb nail. It  yields' readily'to'the knife, especially  t after having been wetted. There aro  'various densities. Some,kindB sink''in  water; ^others', float; on the surface.  .Those of medium density are preferred  by the pipe maker, for the light varieties are porous and' even cavernous.  Many judges assume that the heavier  kinds are spurious, but there is no absolute,, proof that such Is the case. A  negative test may be mentioned. Tho  composition bowls never exhibit those  little blemishes \whichtresult'from the  presence of foreign bodies in,the natural'', meerschaum. Therefore ,if a  , blemish occur in a. meerschaum bowl,  which' is very; frequently the case,' the  genuineness of .the ^bowl is, rendered  most probable. But ,,as��� blemishes do  not show until after,the,,bowl has been  used'for some, time the test'is not of  much value.      '     ���.   ���  There is a Treat in Store for Yoa  IF YOU HAVE NOT TASTED  Mrs.' Theodo6ia B., Shepherd, Who vHas  /'   Done" Wonders  In .Plant World.     ',  -Like Luiher Burbank. a,fellow Caii-  fornIan,4Mrs. Shepherd has'done'wonders in the plant world. She is* said  to  be  one of the  most'successful'hy-  Oiic and a half-millions have been  given by Ci:regit) tl Canadian 11b-  i arios.  SnccosK   Following   Fnllnrca.  M'o believe that nowhere is the man"  vlio has failed, without impeachment  of his integrity, more, sure of encour-  agfTncnt and assistance, than here.*  Now here-Is there���a more general and  '"ore active willingness to lend a helping Iwiid to one who Is down and is  "niggling to get on his feet again.  Certainly in no colmj.ry Is a single  failure ?o seldom accepted as final,  aad In none are there so many instances of successes following failures.-  Glnnt   Monument  to   a   Child.  Mount   Grace,   in   Warwick,   Mass.,  I was cured ot terrible lumbago by  iMTNARD'S  LINIMENT.  '    KEV- WT.L BROWN.  I   was   cured of a bad case of earache by MINARD'S .UNTMENT.  '    ,        1VIRS.   S.   KATJLBACK.  I -was   cured of sensitive lungs by  MINARD'S LINIMENT.  .     . MRS.   S.   MASTERS.  Fcllno  SoIIIoqht-.  ."I wonder*' mused the family cat,  after carefully Inspecting the new  mouse trap, "if that is intended as a  labor saving device for my benefit or if  I'm in danger of losing my situation."  , In matter nature allows no atom to  elude its grasp, in mind no thought or  feeling to perish. It gathers up the  fragments that nothing be lost.���  Thomas. '  MRS.   THEODOSIA   B.  BHErHEnD.  brldlsts In the world. The cosmos is  practically her creation. From the  three colors ot .the original stock she  now has thirty five varieties. New roses,  poppies, nasturtiums, begonias and other flowers of 'almost every conceivable  variation have been created through  her skill.  j,  (   ' Tlie  YelldwRtono I'ark.  The /.National   .Yellowstone    park,  which is situalcd in three states���Wyoming, Montana aud'Idaho���comprises  3,575  scpiare. miles  and is the largest"  pork In,the world., '  ,  We All. Have Missions in the World,.  ���There is work to do fpr'-every/man  ��� on earth,.there, is,a function j,to perform for everything,'on eart.h, animate  an,d , inanimate. ,' Everything -has   a  ;mission,"and the,'mission of Dr. Thomas" Eclectfic'Oil is to^heal-burns and  wounds jof every description and cure  coughs,.colds,-croup and,all affections  lofM he'respiratory organs-5 j -,, " ,  ," .  ���-      .f    '' v,  ''"      ,    ^ '   -.- ^       vr'"1 . '.'-'  ' r'      , *>- ' c  J... ^evr  Iliimpshlre.     r        > '  'New.Hampshire'1 was formerly^.called  Lacuia.'���._it received, its.present,name',  in 1029.1 being first called "New Hampshire by Captain John Mason, who had  been, a resident of Hampshire, England, . - '  Better without a Stomach than with  one that's got a constant "huit" to it.  'Dr. Von Slnn'K Pineapple Tablets stimulate the digestive organs. Let ono en-  jov the good thing? ot life and leave no  bad effects. Cany them with you in  your  vest  pocket���GO   in  box,   35  cents.  Some of the Indian women have a  very pathetic custom. When an Indian girl dies her mother often substitutes a doll for the lost child. ��� She  fills the empty cradle with feathers  ���,ai'ranged in the form of a child, and.  carries this about a��-&'ne did her child  crooning to',it'and caressing it. Sometimes, instead of doing this, she ties  the cloche1-:, trys, and other articles  belonging w tha httle one to the/  cradle board and carries it as she originally did hci c iia.  POINTED  PARAGRAPHS.'  / An old man doesn't care, much for  jokes/     ,.-     , "  - , n ���������    -    "  '"What's   the   use   of   giving-,advice?  People won't take it."   ' ''    \  Not many men\know'if the advica  their "wife's give is good or bad, as they  'seldom act upon it.    , ' -.      / itf   ' i, "  ' To,every mau:'^Know"what puts'that  sad; look.on',your wife's face?   Every  ,one suspects that it is you. ,, ,���" ' :,'./  ��� Every man who is nearing the end of  his days must regret the worry he has  giveu^to false alarms all through life.  Do not go too (much lnto_ details "in  your conversation. If you touch" only  the high places you can get over more  "ground.    '.-��'- - -  ,'j 0��, ,  '.When^yoiOnquire^of'a man, "How  are you?" he will" reply, "Oh" (with a  long pause on the "oh"), "pretty well,"  Indicating that he could be a whole lot  better. > <  Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.  Canada has the  largest  pulp  wood  areas in the world.  re Your  in IH^QStiH ?  The   Dry   Feed   System. *"  The dty feed system is coming  moro and more popular for raising  chickens. It is claimed that the labor  and bother are much reduced and the  chickens grow better and the death  rate is smaller. Some growers feed  only once a day with the grain and  meat mixture, but the more common  method is to feed several times dally.  It is fed mixed with chaff and gravel,  to which the chickens have access at  all times and look after their own tied  and exercise for the most part.  Study  Here  the   Indications   of   a    Failing  Nervous System.  DR. CHASE'S NERVE FOOD,  *t is surprising what hosts of people  ire suffering as the result of an exhausted nervous system and do not  know the nature of their ailment.  T1>ey cannot sleep at nights���are  ��^fi s aml n<Jgety in the daytime  urn t9mD6r8 are easily' irritated���  intle things worry them���they caatiot  concentrate their minds,and find their  memories falling���there are spells of  riorvous headache. ���the digestion, ia  'mpaireii���pains and aches of a neiir-  �� We nature afflict them���feelings of  u Bcouragonient and ' despondency  oome over them at times.and they get  ">-ine way of looking at the dark side  01 things.  L thls describes your experience  ���*ou wi,i be interested in Dr. Chase's  'feftt?0 ^ood. for this great- food cure  tonat Ul�� very foundation of nerv-  SiriM" oubles '"-nd cures in the only nat-  viHii 'N!ay' by enriching tho blood, re-  rtiiu!   -8 the wasted nerve cells, and  M,-1"KT llp the sytem generally.  Write        B- Tardlff> Mariapolis, Man-,  ues:-   'When  I  began   the   use of  -   ^ase a Nerve   Food.' my   health  was in a terribly bad condition. My  doctor lold me lhat I was going into  consumption and for nearly three  years my bowels were so loose and  watery that I was continually kept  weak, and. run down- In spite of the  many remedies used'I gradually grew  worse-'and" worse; I could .scarcely  get about the house and suffered a  great deal from "backache, stomach  and kidney troubles.  "Dr.'Chase's Nerve Food proved to  be exactly what 1 needed .liud by "keeping, up this treatment for a time I got  so strong and well that 1 did my, own  housework and sometimes worked in  the fields without feeling any^ the  worse for it.    j  Dr. Cliase's .Nerve Food acts strictly in accordance with the laws of nature in creating nerve force in the  body, and you 'can use it with positive  assurance that every dose is at least  of some benefit to you. Prove this  by noting your increase in weight. 50  cents a box, at all dealers, or Edman-  son, Bates & Co., Toronto.  Exposure Injures Foals.  Young foals that are stabled with  their dams during cold rainstorms will  thrive much better than thoso winch  are no.t so protected, says American  Cultivator. Tho idea that exposure to  Inclement weather makes a foal hardy  is fallacious. Those that are naturally  the most hardy will be least affected  by hardships The weaker ones will  die if tbe I'.nrdships which they are  forcod  to  endure are  too  great.  Sunlight Soap ia better than other soaps,  but iB best when used in the Bunlight way..  Buy Sunlight Boap and follow directions.  A large addition is to be made to  the retail stores of. the Hudson's Bay  Co. iu Vancouver.  "Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured  in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion. It never fails- At all druggists  The British Museum Library in-  "l'C.-iscs at tho average rate of one  hundred volumes a day.  " A Patnter'n   Broken.  Arm.       ,  A friend once entered,the studio of  George Inness,- the American landscape painter, while he was at work  and remarked that the, picture on the  easel seemed to him much better than  certain former works of the artist.  "Right!" said Inness. "This Is going  to be one of my best things, and tho  reason is that I have had the good luck  to break my right arm and am obliged  to paint with my left hand. . You see,"  he added, showing his right hand in a  sling, "this hand had baeome soodamed  clever that I fcould not catch up with  it, and It painted away without me,  while this hand" ��� showing the left,  with which he held his brush���"is 'awkward and can do nothing without me."  Ceylon  infinitely  superior to the finest Japan Tea.  -' 40c, 50c, and 60c per lb. By all Grocers.  Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.  A PLACE  OF DREAMS.  Back-gazing to my childhood home  *  I saw a place of  fyn-j- biiuui-.  , Glowing with sunshine.   JMIace walls  Towered  from  a. fairyland  of dowers  "Mid mighty, pines pointing b,j high,'-  Their tall'tops touched the buimy .sky.  rAfter long years or.ee more I came.    .  How"poor the palace and hww --'mail!  Stunted,the pines' The flowers eone!  I wondered, could it be the same?,  For childhood saw with dazzled eye?.  The world when new the fairer seems.  Tet still,  old, homo,  I'll fancy you  A place of sunshine and of dreams. ,  ���Victor Lauriston, in Valley Magazine.  TO  MARRY, AIM   OF WOMEN'.  Minister of Agriculture  Deplores  Rush  of  Country   Youth   Citywards.  oHon.' Nelson Monteith, Minister of  Agriculture, is somewhat concerned  'over, the;, apparent lack of Intercs' in  the science of agriculture as exhibltpd  by-the young of the.,, province. There  is no noticeable 'diminuatlon, ho, .says,  in the rush citywards of the young  men and women; ,\vho at an curly age,  began to find farm burdena, Irkstom-;,  and long for the' pleasures, and excitements they fondly imagiiy- await them  when they set ��� foot in 'the magic  city, they hear so niuch about.  "The farm and "the farming industry is .Wie^backbone'financially of our  'nation," ^said the Minister , recently,  "and we'will be in a bad way indeed, if  the time comes when the tilling oC the  soil is regarded as menial or excessively laborious. .Thmkeis, in tlie Uniipd  States express the conviction that the  influx of women into the professions and  even the'clerical trades formerly .mono-  polized'almost entirely" by men, Is, now  having the .effect of drivlingj the men,  young and old, baekpto the,farm" to''obtain a livelihood.  "I cannot say that we notice this effect < in Canada yet, and it .-will', be  some-time before -we 'do, as-we are a  young country _ compared with the  United States. 'But all our'towns'tell  the same story.' The young people'are'  flocking to'the cities. ' Thoy are dazzled with what, they' believe is 'there,  and they find when they do go that the  realization is not the same as the anticipation. The best influences are lacking in the city. The city- is not the  ���place to foster and ��� develope the ideal  home life, even in Canadian cities. -The  country affords the most^nalural scope  for that. I gather ..that, the aim of the  ���majority of our young women, whether  they live In the city or country, is to-  -w'ards matrimony, and the training afforded by the city environment ig-not  the best training for a"wi��e and mother,���not as good and helpful at-ariy rate  as that found in the country. The press  'of* this co'untry should wield its great  influence 'in' an educative capacity, towards keeping the-couhtry ideal strong  and vigorous,-and'to remove'from the  "minds of'the young',-the thought1 that'  they may be wasting-'time,by staying  on  their fathers' farjns.  "Farming is' not what it was. Of old  it was all work and no play, and" very  little financial gain as a reward. Nowadays it is different. .''The modern  farmer exercises a much keener business instinct in ^runnirig his farm.  Labor-saving machinery takes away  the manual' toil 'fornierly an unavoidable adjunct of his work. Prices are  better, 'and-he handles a' great deal  more money than his grandfather was  able to do. ,In fact it takes a good  business man to be a farmer with success nowadays.  "I | would like to see our boys and  girls content to 'stay in the country.  The outlook for farming is good now,  and better in the future. If a wholesale exodus from our farms takes  place, __ it will mean cither serious  trouble" for us .as-a nation, or the invention of labor-saving machinery to  entirely take the place of thc former  workers, who have adopted some other  calling."  "After some time the conversation fell '  upon. dogs. He remarked that I had  a pretty fair setter. ' He, immediately  asked me whether It .could catch birds.  I f.aid no, because I shot all I could sea  and dra-,y a bead on. He immediately < ,  said1'his little yaller dog was better  than mine. I told him to prove It,^and  he led the dog and myself out into tho  bush. ' .,     ,  "Within a few moments after com-1  mencing the hunt, the 'dog' treed a  partridge,'.' continued the tourist.. "He  waited for us to come up nearly under  the'tree; ilien he'commenced his antics. Starling some distance away from  the tree', he made a rush at it, and then  began .to^run around an eight-shaped  figure as fast aA he 'could go. With ,  his'eyes on the, ground and his tongue  hanging out, the cur seemed suddenly,,  to have gone mad.    -' ,  VTho bird, perched on a limb above ,,,  him, cocked a supercilious eye on him  as if to say, 'What is that .little beast ,  doing, anyway?' However, the ��, bird  'kept a sharp watch on the ' yaller  streak flying around on the ground. If  Cloisely watched, ltSiOye was seen to  follow the'rrtovements, of the dog very  idosely.' The'bird became more'interested, and'its head began to sway,  .keeping' time with the motion of the  animal on the ground. The���motion of  its head became more,pronounced, aud. ,  suddenly it overbalanced and .fell tc  the ground with a flutter'of wings.'Be��  fore it could recover from its dizziness  the dog had it In-his mouth.        '      - ���_  "Now, this may seem like a , fairy  tale," ''concluded the tourist, "but' I've  got the proof of another reliable witness in Toronto, who will hold me out,  and if you don't believe either "of us,  see the caretaker of one of the islands  in  Lake Joseph, Muskoka." *    '  '.Brother Smiff"and the 'Phone Girl.  '  'The, girlless 'phone is the latest." It  won't  go.    The  seedless  orange" is  all  right, and the horseless carriage can" bo-  put up with.;   But a 'phone without,, a  girl!    No, sir.    No'one would be hn*r\.  talking to  such  a ��� '^^^--^���^xt-yzt'on  TrulimeriilerU- .  r  SACRED STONES.  Some Tliut Claim to Marie tlie Center   '  , of the Universe^ '       ,  The'safcred black stone of the Man- c  chu dynasty of Chinese in,Mukden is  the center of the unhe'rse, according to  old   Chinese''superstitions,  and   added,  venerability com'esMo Mukden from the'  graves of thc emperors near by. * -  ��� ' The Do-ring in VLassai Tibet,' Is another center'of the^universe/which, ac-'.-*  cording to1 the Tibetan,priests, ,is shaped^, exactly like'the shoulder blade'of a  sheep. ' All'' distances   are, measured ^  from it, and it is very, sacred..        <���.  Another center^islhe'k'aaba, In Mec- _  ca,' a dirty blackstone ietinto^ the'wall  of the, most sacre'd mosque and polished every'year by the lips of thousands  of worshipers.' The Arabic word foe'  stone, '-hagar," .appears iu Scriptural  writings as a proper name. The Mecca  pilgrimage is a "haj," aud those who  have taken it are known as '-hadji."        i  Even so sane a people as the ancient  Greeks came pretty near worshiping a  stone���the "omphalos," or center of the '  earth, at Delphi. The Romans set up a  stone of great consequence in Rome,  but for purposes of measurement, not  worship, and so th'e "London stone" of  today is used.���London Telegraph.  Folnoit   In   War.  When the French beat the Formo-  sans along the coast In 1881 the latter  retired to" the interior. "When tho  French pursued them they found a  queer line of defense, beyond which  they could make no progress and in  storming which many died. The For-  mosans had poisoned the springs, water courses, etc., as they retreated, and  the campaigns of the French against  them never got farther than the poison  line. The poison was a native one, aa  deadly as arsenic or strychnine.  Minard's   Liniment   cures   Garget   In  Cows.  Tti 1903 Canada exported 57 per  cent, of the products of her paper  and pulp mills, chiefly to the United  SUtes.  Mozart'M "It��-<iiiicn��."  Mozart's "liequicm" was left unfinished at his death und was completed  I13' Schickenader, who repeated ,the  fugue found at thc beginning.  Hog Manure.  Hog manure is very variable in com- j  position owing to the variable naturs  of, the food supplied to this animal, but  Is''generally rich, akhough containing a  high percentage of water. It generates  Utile heat in decomposing. ,  Wliy NeicrocK Are Lone Lived.   .  Among the negro races centenarians  arc:'extremely,   numerous,   and   it   is,'  merely because they obey the laws of  nature.    They  sleep so much,  for in-.  stance,  that a-negro'centenarian only  spends fifty, or sixty years out of/.'his'  100 awake, while a white man would  be awake for seventy-five years of the  time.  Henry   Ilootn.  The boots, of Cromwell's soldiers  weighed ten pounds apiece, being made  of the thickest leather, lined and padded, with roweled spurs attached by  steel chain*.  The  SlioUoiisInt I'VNlivut.  At tlie Shoko!'"1!:' festival, which is  held in ."* ipan eveiy May, the names  of all so id i ers who foil in battle tlie  previous year are ollicially printed. The  soldiers who ''succumb to disease are  not; thus honored. ,  Cash or Cure  , If Shitoh's Consumption Cure fails to eura  , your Cold or Cougn, you get back all you  paid for it.    You ara lure of a Cure oi  the Caih.  If it wasn't a tura cure, thi�� offer would  not be made.  Can anytning be fairer ?  If you have a Cold. Cough, or any diseaM  of the Throat, Lunga or Air Pauagei, try  5HILGH  2?c. par bottl*.    All doalara guarantee it  A   Sample   of  the   Sea.  On his return to Cordova from a  visit to Mar del Plata, where he had  beheld the sea for the first time, Pedro  brought with him a bottle containing  about an inch of sand from the shore  and two Inches of salt water to enable  his parents, who had never seen the  ocean, to form tome idea of what it  was like. We arc informed that his  parents were greatly impressed.���  Saeta.  Related As a True Story.  The curious legend of how the foxes  in the olden days succeeded in catching birds after they had sought refuge  in the trees is home out by a story told  of a settler's dog in Northern Ontario.  The story is looked upon with a smiling eye by all the friends of the tourist who tells it, but he swears it is-.the  truth, and the' story does not differ in  any material sense in any of the large  number of times that he.has been called upon to repeat it.  "I was-talking to Joe, an old settler  in'Muskoka���I don't know his name-  about hunting," states the story teller.  Pmliini; tlie Olil Folki  Aside.  When the babies are cross and a mall  would like a quiet retreat there is none  for him. But iu a few years, when the  children are grown and he is in the  way, the daughters and mother put,.  their heads together and originate a  den: There Is no den for the mother be-  .cause she gracefully eliminates herself  by sitting in thc kitchen or running,  over to a neighbor's. It is her natural  disposition to hide in a corner or remove herself entirely, aud it is uot the  natural disposition of the father;  hence the don. It has a couch and  some pipes and tobas-co, and the books  which the neighbors haven't got around  to borrowing as yot, though if father  begins a story today the book will be  fouud to be loaned out when lie wants  to finish it tomorrow. The -tlen is a  fasbiouable way of pushing the old  man out If there is one in your house,  Mi-. Man, don't be deceived  ���Zjrj- ���"-:-. A-*-- Za��   v--a��"**��*'!P3,'i*5=ri  I nin  Brethren.  Smart Pastor���My congregation Is  made up mostly of fools. Parishioner  ���Ah, that explains It! Smart Pastor-  Explains what? Parishioner ��� Your  habit of addressing them as "beloved  brethren."  Hurtl   in   the  WHneJitfi.  Whenever a murder is committed In  Argentine it is customary to put every  possible witness in prison and keep  him there until the real culprit Is convicted.' ���'������;  Lb  \7^ !,r^r    i1    --v.,fv  ' '  '' Colton   mul   "Wool.  Cloth manufacturers have learned to  mix cotton and wool so thoroughly that  mere feeling will uot detect the presence of cotton. The only, sure'method  in such cases is to boil a piece of the  goods in n solution of caustic potash,  which will eat up the wool and leave  (he vegetable liber intact.  W    pa    U    No   B63  Clothes washed by Sunlight Soap  are cleaner and whiter than if washed  in any other way.  Chemicals in soap may remove the  dirt but always injure the fabric.  Sunlight Soap will not injure  the most dainty lace or the.  hands that use it, because it is  absolutely pure and contains no  injurious, chemicals.        .  Sunlight Soap should always  be usedjas directed. No boiling  or hard rubbing is necessary.  Sunlight Soap is better than  other soap, but is best when.  used in the Sunlight way.  Equally good   with  hard or  soft water  CC nf|A REWARD will be paid  ���|'Jiuuu lo any person wlio  proves Unit SiHiIinlifc Soup onnt'iiu*  any injurious chemicals or cny lurm  of adulteration.    ,  '59  lever Brothers Limited. Toronto fM'71      RPflV1!]      (IjmT'GU       , ueed of a navy thisi for another  north,  lllij ' Ifllliilj   iiCAUl'll.   : i'"le; htilti *non u&e foiran arnjy Uian J  -_  -    -_   ��c-_r-���,   ���   ---------     ���- 'Hudson's   Bay for  au  awning,    Hei i  ���  i i- u j -    *i.       *        .   f.u   ;���>���...   !<:<j=.tiny is to   aid   us   in  feeding  and.  Published in the interoat of the peopu . J '...,, I  I clothing the world; to build   up a   na  MOY  i I  ol Movie and Kasi Itooteimy.  - i'lV 4  '  >:'V  ..' ' >  /  M J     J  r.'-i. smyx u * no  ��7|.-  0 2e Yps..  '.'��� 'h i  ���" .>���?���!*  ,.L- J*iv8  .tfKfiiJf'  "r-.-rt-r  -, vtyr  mmi < -  f.,?aiiia ,v.  5- .;iial  I tion of liberty   loving   people;   to  de I  ,---���-=;= .'Vl,)���p jier tri;iiii?iid,(us  natural 'iecour-j  I*,i',,l,llcr",t -e.-, with tlie   help   of   American   mil-j  ~-~^=- ���- =---==.--��� ~ ��� - - -     inns, in new uiiu irjurplanled   iii-Jus-  ., ^iiiiHt-Kii-Tiuxi. tne.-,.    The United States  i-*   not   pre I   -.; J20v Jcisppy .in cllote   country   as ytt.,, Jiut j  '���-i:'~.~--.---:��----- |U|l, sut prises in diaCoveiifc.s of v.^t ,  iriatciin.1 wcaitli, in natural deposits ol  coal, iron, coppi-r, bilvt-r and gold arc  ,,f our past niaiiily. In Canada tlwj  sre only b ginniug. M'Jie.ly the  i.-inae of tlmi, yut-t ��� twrtoiy  ���loiih * if an hue been examined <-loe��-l>\  .��� v-r-r,T>,Y, DEO. 30,  190o.  '     -'j he    L-   dor   wishes  its   readeis  luii>py,��ii--' jiru.-p'-roii'- New  Year.  i An p  I   O.O. F.  M'lldey I.u<lK�� >'��- ���***  Meets every Tuesday evening in their  hall on Victoria eticet. Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  ,F. J. Fmyth,  P. T. SMvnr,  Noble Grand.  Secr'y.  ' lJicu��jt-r Mc-Iinde denies '.ho rumoi  thai tlii-'if will be'an, appeal to the  count,!,) iieit 3-enr.  ��� Through the courtesy of F. E. Simpson we are'able  this week   to publish,  Ii is the gni'atest oyster  remaining   in !����,.." p*���    rlnr^t      fall      f"A       SSS  ibw ��oild,biiiring Rii��i.i, aud Ameri-jr OF biinSEulaS i i 5uOD L-ai    tlUil   I      IdU      LU   .   BOO  cans arr- to li.,vc a share in   piying   oil  tin- upper shell and   partaking  of   the,  tut-al beneath. ,  Moyie   Miners'   Union  Nc. 71   VV. F, of M.  Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday evening. Sojourning members  ���ire coi.di.iHy invited to attend. t  CD/AL^jZj.  W.m.J. Few ham,  Prctidi'nt.  Tiios. E. K>.lly,  Secretary  cur display for this week.  S! H'"Ih *  mk  C'Unrcli h<-r\lcps.  rKKSfBYTEIlIAK��� III    Hie    Oddfellows  ... .   .    ,   ifall.'  Sunday School at 3'p, iu.' Ev-  the wnteup on Mt.yte which   appeared ;eiiing    ^.^   ,lt  7 .;>0. ,  in    the   Cruntrook    llerald  Alim: i'��,    Everyone ���welcome.  ;���     , .���    .' '   i '.,, '-        '      G. II. FINLAY, Pastor.   ,  The Ivpe, whicn whs set on   a  Mam-  :'.-'".      ,. , - ��� ,.   '���!,:������ a i    Methodist���Sunday School,at 3 p  , Jwe typesetting laac^ino, tv:>b sbippcd   ^ , .��VeaingiBOrvice at' 7 :30 o'clock ' .  MOJIE AERTE NO. 855  u  to us, thus doin�� away with the .peca  bily  of  reselling   the   article.     Th.:  ' 'gived us the oppoitunity of getting th"  ��� jmper out earlier'anr'   taking a  little  'holiday tripv   This is a  generous  and  thoroughly appreciated lift to us,  Everyone welcome.  D. M. FERLF-Y, B. A., .Pastor.  of  ';fl ."'  t-  "l"-"  ,^.  3^1  J'Ti-VWttf  ��>/  !.*#$  '���">'' i>'"��B��|,-,  '"C^i^-4ipi  ���;V;'J^fctt  ���'>:.': mi A  - iiiV   ^Sife ��� ������  ��� ."-', fill  ^~-<-^~ 1 i * H ftp Is  '   ," 4hi$f  "3^4 M ^'  ',i,W ��'?!���/  A GlcMliiK Tribute to Canada.  , That   Canada   has   gained    a  new  nnd , more, imortant - status * in    the  ' r eyes of other nationals shown by the  following 'glowing tribute from aa  ..American exchange; ' '  ' ���/, ''It is published that Cunada, even  Canadaj has the piesumplion to think  / -of building another tra'iiecontinemnl  iiiihvuy. Carry tlae news to 'Rudyard  Kipling, who doomed Canada for a  generation to be regarded in England  as "Our Lad\ of the'Snows." C,irry���  the news to those' who predicted that  thc'Canadian Pacific was built a cen-  <tury in advance, of   the  needs 'Of the  ;' te'rritoij' it traversed.    Carry the news"  "to the , thousands  whose defcceiidauts'  will yet ste,  the   Canadian  northwest  the'- home   of  . 5,000i000 of     people.  '   Carry thenews'lo  American   capitnlts-  . , whose money 'has already started the  ' developnient of Canada's manufacltir  ing possibilities, and for whom another  railway will mean the opening of a  new empire tc become as truly Ameri-  ' can as many parls of the Uniled  States.'  Canada   has 'already, 17,000  ^ ' bile's of railway that cost $900,000,000.  * She has the,longest continuous stretch  ( , oi internal navigation  in   the   world.  ,Sh has 70'iiiiles of canala, 10,000 post,  ,J offices, 30,000 miles of telegraph   wire  "' i^OOO"public schools, 60,000, men  in  Jier lumber camps in win tor J '17 'uni-  ."Versities.-ari'd over 50 collegee, only   15  per   cent "of illiterate!",  a  river  ovei  2,000 milesi long, over  5,000,000  peo-  pleof whom 90 per ct-ut are   Canadian  bornj and "only 3 per cent foreign born ,  tho remainder being British born. Can'  ada ranks fourth in the  nrodiie-Liou of  ^ gold ;'has 1,000,001) square miles of unexplored territory, coi.l'beds that will  yield over -1,000,000 annually for 5,000  years.  "Canada is one of the most fortu -  nately situated conntries���politically���  in the,world. She io bounded on the  east and west by th�� Monroe doctrine ���  Gn tne north by the imprr-gnable bars  rier of eternal ice; on the south by a  neighbor that wishes her well, ancl is  giving,of her millions as pledges of  friendly treatment.   She hau no  more  mm;*&<Sftrs*ar<rxtm^Trnr*WBnBa^^  LOGGERS B01T  i .NOTICE.      ,     ,  To'John ,J.   Tu,rney, , formerly  -Moyie, mucker:  Take notice tint. Frank J.'McMahoii  ,has entered s-uit ngaiiiBt you in the  Small Debts Court holden at Moyie  before me, James F. Armstrong, Slip-'  endiary Magistrate, for tho sum of $19  due by yon for board, and that if. you  do,not appear al the sittings of the  i?ftid court tu be hoid'.-n at Moyie ,'on  the 30th day of Junuary, '190G, judgment will berendeied in your absence.  ..Dated at Moyie,-the,,2Qlh day' ol  December, 1905 J. F. 'Armstrong,  -   a   . ,     Stipendiary  Magistrate.  ava  AJ,  lib  HQQf  8"sesi  *T��  f**^  ���<*���' r*t  OS I'  loitW' at once  .Meels on f'lie   fir.-t anu thud   Wi'dned-  duv of each munih   at S P. M,  iOR*t'Waif-?i(*  %Q,$  E  A. HILL,  , Worthy Prea.  J. H  HAWKE,  ,  Worthy Sqer'y.  Harvey   &   BicCarter,  ~,  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc.  Cranbrook,   -   -   B. C.  I    ' l * I1" J /  The Moyie. Driig/ahd :Stationery^  W. P. GrUKD,  Store. ^  -;,,,,   >  CRA'NBKOOK.  JtAKKISTKK, SOLICITOIt, ETC.  ��� iQ,ril< CSuScl{1y..Knocked Out.       ^  "Some weeks"ago during the severe  winter weather buth my wifb and myself contracted severe 'colds which  speedilyjdevoloped into the worst kind  of'la, grippe with all its, miserable  symptoms," siiys Mr. J. S. Egleston of  Maple,- Landing,' Iowa. "Knees and  joints aching,' . niueclea ' sore, head  stopped up, eyes aud -nose'-running,'  with alternate spills of chills and  fever, i We,began using Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy, aiding lhe same 'with  a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach ancl  Liver Tablets,'and, by its liberal use;  soon completely'knocked out' the  grip," -These tablet's promote a healthy of the bowels, 'liver1 and ' kidneys  which is beneficial when the system  is congested by a cold or attack of the  grip.." For sale by ���the Moyie Drug  and Stationery Store.' "<���  Christmas Holiday Kates.  For   the   Christmas     holidays  tho  Canadian, Pacific railway' .will issue  tickets to and fiom all stations Fort  Arthur ,to 'Yaucouver and including  branch iines (aud Kootenay steamer  lines) at rates fare and ,'one third return! These excursion tickets will be-  on pale December 22nd, 23rd 2-llh and  25th and December 29th, 30th, 31st,  Jan. lut, good for return till January  3id, 1906. '''or rates.,, etc,, apply to  ,iny C, P. K. neent, or wiite J.' S.  Cartel"1; D', P. A. kelson, B. C.  *   r Under., New  '   Manag-emeht.  . , * ^  The Dining'Koom  is  now  open,  the  "Bar   is pewly- ��upplioi),_ and  ' , - every effoit will be m.ide'  to cive satisfaction.       > ' 'u-  J. A. GOUPILL, Prdpr.  'Lady: Barber: Shop  ''MIRS"LIXDELL, PiopriPtrc?s.  "' '' ' .     j r" '  First "Class   Work. _ B"ith    Boom's ii  0   ���     , Cmneclion.  VICXOKIA feT.  MOVIE  B.  C  zesz  Having-, decided, to close out my businQsg iQ.  Moyie, I am offering my whole stock of  Top Shirts,  ers, Hose  and everything: to be.found in a first classGents  FumishingjStore , /        "   '-*   '   '    '  ' O. H. .DUNBAR-  Barrister,'Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc!  ���f ( *5 "  Cranbr'6oli,,I3. Ol',  "  ale Is Now On,  Come in "arid examine goods and see <  "v     prices/' it will pay you:  8   *  suif  WHOLESALE ASu BETAIt,  L.- MdKlLtO!  ASSATEllf;  NELSON,  13   C  MEAT     MERCHANTS  , (    ,        ,     ���  Freeh   and Cured Me-'-to, Tresh  .Fish, Game  an i Poultry. , "We  '    supply' only "tho  best.     Your   .  trade solicited.  '',.   '- makkkts'  In", all   the 'Principal  Cities and "' Towns . in  , ,      ,     ��� 'i  *. British Cdlumbia r��  DR. e: Ba MILES,, * '. '  O- tl    ' i "  Cranbrook, '       ,"B,' C.  George H. Thompson, 6  '     O , l ' , K '  ,'   ��,* ' BAKRiSTKii, Solicitok, Notary PUI3LIC, &0.     ���  *      '     .,'  o ,      '        , , "V --,���'.  CEAiVBROOK.       British Columbia.  B.  A ���S�����S������ic�����r������������66���6���������'-4e'Sf5a3S=��3��3>:?��2'.:5S>9 $��33 66*. ^9* W��?  1ft  !���  <ft  ,' "B U V YOU It  .. -    , i  <.  We    pride    ourselves    in   fhe  L'-gj-ers' Hoots our factory   turns  on',    They arc all JJo.  1   lsatlu-r  and manufactured by  men   who  know   western   condition"   from  having lived the life of a Westerner.      Aon    nevpr   imaj,'in3fl   a  boot could be msde to i-tnnd   lhe  wear anil to,<r like   oi.r  Lopp'-ru'  Boots.      Tin-/   "i-r,    (nding   tlie  argunient fur K.iptern made boots  every day.  For   sale  retail   by  all  good  dealers,  i'     JFnrSolfi.  The place known as   tho  Dill   milk  ranch', 320 acres,' good barn and house,  Apply to  J.E\ Crowe, Moyie, B. C.  NOTTCJE.  Should the mill of thc Moyie Lumber Company not operate this season,  it is my intentiou to open a lumber  yard in Moyie in the spring. Prospects for tbe winter do uot ^warrant it  nt present, but those desiring lumber  now will do well to'see me.  II. CAMERON.  IF YOU HAVE A  LOT TO SELL,  A HOUSE TO RENT,  MINING STOCK TO   SELL  Or if you wish to invest  in any of Ihcde couhiilr  FARRELL * SMYTH.  s   NEEDED  Annually, lo fill the new pn^iiions cro  atcd by Railroad   and   Tele��r-iph cum  panic-,.    We  want   Young   Mux and  Ladies of good habits, to  LEARN TELEGRAPH?  ASD K. K. ACCOUNTING  We furnish 75 per cent.,of the Operators and-SUtion Ac'iitf in Arneri.-a.  Our six. schools i,re tlie hirg^.-t f-xcln-  -ive Tuieeraph Hchools in tick would  Established 20 years nnd endbistd by  ml lending Railway officials.'  We execute a $2.i30 Bond to every  student to furnish him or her �� poPi-  tion paying from $10 to $(30 ,\ month  in states e,i?t of the Rocky MouiHuiiiu,  or from $75 to $100 .i month in staiee  west of the Kockv Mr-unUius, immediately Ul'ON GRADUATION.  Students can enter at any time.   No  vacations.    For full p.ir.icnlHre rebard  ing any cf   our pcbonls   write direct tn  our execulive office  at  Cmcinniiti-O  Catalogue lree.  The Morse School of Telegraphy  FROM  Cignrw,       IVliacroi  *        'Fruits, E'c  FARRELL BLOCK,  Confectionery,  Victoria Si.  A.. B, 'Stewart & Co.  Agent-   for   Crows'   Nest  ,    ,    Steam Laundry. ,  i  i  ,v  p:f.<Joe$siok  % This Hotel is New, and' well Eurnished  The *  *, '     (Tables' are Supplied with the/'Best the  '>, :    'Market affords. The' Ba,r is Filled with''  '' the ��est "Brands of. Liquors, and Cigars'.  8*"  if  ��  >    r   HEADQUARTERS-FOR-'COMMKRCIAT^"  :     ;',    .:  'AND MlillNO MEK' ?/,       " - 40'  motiic .'��   : ���    '   ��� ,      _'-..*_   ;   _.,,.- ., '_ .       lnti'ri.sit coLUSir.ti  J     , .'.:>��� '.,     '     ,'.- ,-",<.,,?.       ,��� . ' , - s,^  1^^  feva^agii^ua^ii  .,',!' . '      IE.    .'-    !'.',      A  Whi. Jewel  Express and General Delivery ��. Business. Livery and  Fee&lStaDle.  L".u-e Oiders at  .  Gwyuiu-'ii Store.  MOYIE  Biiiibli   Colum'.ia.  W. D. JOHNSON,1,  Stove 'fixer and  Repairer.  Apply af'Lpader" bfilce.  FOR   Freic   TAILORING . GO    TO  MERCHANT   TAILOK,"  And Gents'  Fuknisueh.  3rino   Suitings,    Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported-   Goods.  ' c        (UNION   SHOP.)  Clncinniiti, Ohio.  Atluulu. Gn.  Toxnrksna. Tex.  Ittiil'iilo, S. "V.  I..���{>���>���"������, WtH  Sni, I.'ikhcIhCO, Cni.  Laing's Barker   Shop.  Oi-POfiTi: Iltnr.i, Koo'ii:-'i ���,  Sharp Razois, Cl.-un Towels and Good  WurkniAiislup.  Walte.hB. Laing, Pr< prietor.;  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  NELPON, I!. C.  jioarding and D.iy School cotHicI-  ed hy the Sis-tcre of St. Jo.-cpli, Nelpon  13. G. Commercial nnd 1>u-iwhh  courses a specialty. E-vcMi-nce nn-i  swift progrr-B chniacteiiize each ii.'  pnrtment. Pur, nts .-lionld write foi  particularh. On��' moiitli tinfiiriM tin-  public of tho ilifirougliiicsH of tli>  Sitjfers' iiiethoiU of tciti iiii-n. ' TVrm-  cninm. nee .liiiiu irv, April imd Sept.  ! Pupils are admitted during t..ni>.  THE COMrX>RTASI.E WAY.  ZlCHfl   1I..U11 ii��,,l(l   V)��.  <J 5r, iitii,L'",iu         ro-iiiu Ariivu 9 00 j,m  10:12 urn Ar-!\u        II'.m, "     h-U pm  12 30 pm      "         , K<-\ funl ���'     (,:2"> ),m  7 I", jiui      "       !'!'(>K,l>!i "      <-,:-() i.ni I  7 '0 >iln      "           r:\.-ntl "     '   ���>1 pin',  r'.l'[l-.:-i      "           l-'iat-lc- "     �� 00 ),ni |  J !r> ]im    Ar.    \ !.:>,<'<���: '."I K li.    ! 00 pin I  2 1.1 jim    Ar         h'l'. t'.UL I.\.   ., 00 pi'i ]  'sion  Hate  EAST.  ^k  D  ^r,  ���TU3  BREST PHOTO CO.  (Jl,ANI!l;0O'<   AM)   Mm'IK.  F/lXESAULNIER'  DEAIEll   IN  f?.,l  MANUrACTUKISI) '  BY  JfLEGME &G0  (.LIMITED;';  VANCOUVER, B.  JIJUSAULSIlilt IIKOS,    ITops.  L-.ir-;e sample room in connection  with house for commercial men. Beat  jf R-jcoiuiiiodiUioiis.  ��� IlciuUiunrters   for   Comjj-  mercial and Miinnti; Men.  QUEENS   AVENUE,'  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  Queens' A^e.     IMOYTE  W,.E. BEATTY  E-'iiViahnpr and Undertaker,  moyie, n. c.       Phone 89.  CRANBROOK  OKE NIGRT  Ti"> -i:,'.'iit,n and YAsc"��tf-vi:.i  TWO NIGHTO j  To Wismi'Wjiii'I   Sr. Paul,        i    j For Round Trip. Three  Close Connections     |        Months' Limit,  For Cliic.tgn,   Toronto,   Montreal   nnd I a"~   "  all points 'east 'TOFO^TO,  MONTREAL  ;"-V .' and west.  BEST BY TEST  ti  i  I  js  r.  I  I  \  \  J. Leckie Co.. Ltd..  Selline Agents-lor  the NYest.  -m  i  ausisesssssis^asxBSSt  /ancouver;��.��.  iBSSB BBgggJgBUM^ tf. WStSBilOSiJES  HOTEL  T. V. LOWNEY, Prop.  MINERS' HEADQUARTERS.    This hotel is   close  to   the mines, and li��  every Convenience for Working Men.  South Victoria St. ' . M0YI&  JU"1  i  ^  su  J?>  i. ,>  ( V  i,  ,',�����  i  1  t  h  t  i -t  r W%,  t'  h  '���/  .. and pript-ipal points'in V  ONTARIO    and    QUEBEC:  Acetylene Lighted Curs,..      " '. '.  Eiimily' Tourist, Sleepers,   ��� '���  Pnhice Sleeping Car.--, ,  Dining Car.7 (Meals a la Carle,)  Libniry Observation Cars.  Through tickets rirjd"luggage   checks |  1 to nil' points.  STEAMSH IP '��� Ti CKETS.  For Tickets,   Rates,   Folilnrs   and  ��� Full .inforumtiyn, call on   or  address :  H. L. Blackstonk,   Agent G. N, R.v.  "'   I'EKNIE, B. U.  Wholesale Wines,,, Liquor^ ���- .  :    British Columbia.  and  Cigars;  Corresponding.Rates tp   all   Points   in | ^RANBROOEJ,  tlie'-Maritiine Provinces, New  '\'ork 'and  Ebghiiid, .  -_r_.<^_ We handle everything in the Hardware lio6'  Tickets on ,Sale- Baily l Also  Cumberland  olacksmith's coal,S;po^d0r'  Dec, 1 to 31.        ��� .. L , ,  fuse and caps, oil, paints and glass, at  i. For detailed in|orniuiion, First CUiss  or Tourist, Klcciper rcbcrvntion' app]\>  to locul agfiits or write  J. S.' C.1RTEE;,  Nelson.  &&.


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