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The Moyie Leader Dec 23, 1905

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9 Kf *---$<
^- ! ^C"
y,      ..''J
i.Va   y-
t v    *•■'   '
"^»*t    _??a     ES    si fcv*4*^ si ,<#
VOL. 8, NO
i i ■--
|0ne Wee
, '   -    -THEN 'CHRISTMAS.'
t§ one week in which, to solve all .the
A uerplexins: problems of gift-giving.
\ ' Just as gift-giy ings always a pleasure
t; we want to make .buying gifts a real
f pleasure, too, and'.youUl find the. .prob-
illemsof "whatyou shall give" wonder.
I fully simplified by the many appropriate
m suggestion's our fine stocks affdrd.,
I** „ Here are thousands :of dollars, worth
of new goods, "and they were ^chosen to
HELP you make your selections,
Come early and the benefit is"yours.,
, ' ',     *- .   v * - ' '       ,
■ MO
-"3. . ^i
. •,   158
coftra 'SOiBiffis
Okas. A. 'MbKafani F. M,
Black are Well Pleased'
'  „ With Outlook,' *   '
There has'been ''mucli' speculation
as to the depth'of Moyie .lake, many
believing that in,.tbe, deepest place's
it was nearly 700 foot. , There ,was
never any ob]dct in ' makipg complete,
"Bt!iuiiuiJp«B"^BO" tbe matter vvai?,"'al-
fowed'to rest-', Now it*i"s 'know.ii  defi
Paid Up"Capital "$8,700,Q0O. ,- \"
"•Reserve,,,; \x; ', \   - 3,500,0^
' Total Resources : - 81,000,000 "(Nov. so, w
Preeeht Bate of'Intersst 3 per- cent.^ '
"a /'./      ' * "y.iCifMALPJIS'MGR
"„      * Deposits' Received.
il  ,1 I"1'""'    ,„ „      - , , ,  ,
We, Wish; YOU "One-.-and' All; a Very,
x ■ MERK/T XMAS'land'a^Prosperons -
.' , ^f « :?< yt JNE^^SAR a •' ?•< ■"'   "' ■ '-'
>i   ■*   **(,. ■*■',  *  ■■  -
* YJeiui Oftlwe '
Merry Christmas
nitely that the deepest  pHce' between
tbe tpVn and 'the Aurora mine,on the,
webt side is' only 158 fc'et 8 inches. ,',   '
Cbas. McKay and F. Mr'Blacky the
promoters, of • the -scheme .to-   tunnel
under the lake,   were here thia  week
and ' took - soundings' at 11 difTirHnt
places iu a straight J ine. across,  at  an'
average didtance ,of   251 ''feat -apMart.-
This'is the result:'
1   sounding 25 feet  4. inches,
79    " ,10   '„.."''''  '
' 86 'y      -1     ■'" "' "    ''
8'3 , „      5      "'"-'-1
125/" '4 "
150^ "" ' ;8 , "• • ,.'„•
158'" " 8". "
153' '" ,"'! * ,"
,73' ""''10' "'!'y' ' '"
. 30 " 10 ,." , +
29 "X i ,"'
"The^eepest^^placOj is''about two
thirds of tbe . way,, across,",. f?aid ' Mr.
Mackay. '"You may be aurey wew_are
wellpleaVed at'^findiog'- tbe :lake=. so
shallow',, arid besides' \ve''found( the
bottom Very muddy,' rIdo'not anticipate tbe least 'trouble' from Avate'r.
However wb shall sink the '"shafty.as'
"dcepas\we iirst'pianned/SSO^foet', before wo'start to"" "drift. Alexander
Sharp, ii. E.. of-Nelson will bc'here in
a few days to make tbe suryey. When
the ice fornis^ou tbe laice wo intend
making more complete soundings,
as we can cut holes in the ice and
work to better advantage than we can
from a boat."
. 2
.   9
1 .1'
K -
JAck Gay'nor is bick in Plioenlx.
The'Mant'uUtan libfttaurant, ia   open
dav aud .night. "
Mrs. "Cronin  and   children    arrivi d j
home Thursday. . j
J. C. Drewry .left for    Kis^laiid    to
cpenJ Cbrietmis,   ,   '    •
A, C. Bowness of Cranbrook haiidless
bay, OJ-ts and wheat.    .''
Paul Jensen is vlx>  from , his   ranch
on the new Corbin road.
E. O. Kamm bas'gone^to Kos8l,and
and Trail, to Fpend Cbrititraas.
Miss Erna'Niederstadt is honn^from'
Cranbrook to spend Christmas.'        ,
, Stationery *in '.fancy ' boxes "at the
Moyio Drug and Stationery-store.'
The Leader -wishes" to thank Dr.
Ifar'vw for a box otJiigb grade cigars.
' ,„A. C- Bownees, Pranbrook, is agent
for ^Mountain Dew, ' Scotch Whiskey.
Will Tltll'ier, "brother of, Mrs. Hill
,and Mrs! Fitch/is here 'from * Calgary
ouavisit;.- ',l j ; <$*   °_,      , j -,
', 'Dr. Gr.P,. ^Henderson ' of, Ymif -'has
'taken Dr.;'l£aivie's^placo-during' the
liUter's absence in-tbe east.. A
Jack Swinnerton is said to-be .doing
a rushing' biisinesa-'-in bis hbtelV.al
East port on the'neW Corbin railwayi'
'• -See' the cut glass at the Moyie Drug,,
and'stationery storii,"" Just the tiling
-tor a CbrisVmus orlTew Year's present.
-* Mrs.J A.','P. Macdouald, accompanied
-byv her ",mother."1'left this" week" tor
Wasbiuglon, D. C', 'to Spend the  wio-
ieT>r m*'< * A'„" '" '-.."■ -
, v There was.a slight acum  of  ice ,on
tlioyielake Thursday morning, but a
light breeze soon put'it out ,of, business, ■ -   1 ..,
'A special meeting of 'the .licence
oommis'bioners will be^beld^ in Granr
'brook next Saturday; to consider J. J,C'.*
Drewry'a application}" \y !
\ D, J,-Johnson.Uhe^ cqntractbr "has
been awarded the'contracted, building
the' new .depot -at' East'port, on..the
'jn.n.nnfl*nnnl T\r.v-I.Cfl.tT V   linrt.   • .   -   -.
■'■;1' iff"
i i j=. E r ura
lloyie Is  Well
MidnigHt    Mass, ' Ohiircli
; ^Services, and Entertain1
ment in,tbo Hall. '    «
» ,i 1 •        3    ° '
I; v *yxi>,d'■ i .-.<
Fire  ^.'N'^
Farrell & Smyth, Moyie.
I Am Not Going Out of Business. . .
Nor selling for ccmI, but T will give you Uie best value for
your dollar yon can gel in town. No old goods to dough
oir. I buy right and take my diicounts and give thc customers the benefit. Call and sec mc for your neckwear and
Vp-'v^v3*" <v *«- *»» -v- 7v^ 7<i"
\'ii   Ui    Ula!3iwwsp«.
Deposits of if 1.00 or upwards icccived.
There is rio   better idvestment than' a.  Savings
V-A      Bank deposit.     . '   ',
' Otico opened it grows whether added to or not.
' '- 'Interest ''allowed at! current rates and , com-
poui.d'od twice a year.
j. F, M. PiNKHAIVl, Manager.
( Thev Heard McBride.
, Hon..Hichard McBride stopped ofl
at Cranbrook last Monday on bis
return fram tbe east and addressed a
public meeting in Wentworth hall.
There was a big turnout and tbe premier made a very favorable impression.
J. D, McBride presided. Short
talks wore-albo made by J. A. Ilaivey,
Thos. Caven, G. H. Thompson and
Mayor Rogers, Aud besides thesa
on the platform won*. E, A. Hill' Kev.
Wealman.'N. Hansen, Jas. Ryan and
Geo, Watson. Those from Moyie who
"attended were E. A, Hill, P- F. Johnston, J. Goupill, V. Desaulnier, and
David J.   Elmer. ,     '   -
international bousdai-v line
Dr.'Har'vie has presented'tbe'Minerp
Union with'.a' large'' 'Webster's" International dictionary andJrame, t Tlie
library is being liberally patronized.*    ■
A hookey team,is Booa'to be organ-
ized-in Moyie.."Jt is said that a1 match
has been arranged lor with the Cranbrook boys to take placo on New
Year's Day. •       , -  1
The mill men 'at the St. Eugene
concentrator now change from day( to
night shift on the-lirst and middle of
each,montb, instead on the first' of
each month.,'
will the party who took the empty
oyster pails from the front ot P. Burns
& Co's meat market return same and
avoid police proceedings. He is
known to the manager of the shop, •-
The Moyie Odd Fellows havo definitely decided lo give a, ball on the
evening of Friday, January 12th.
A committee has been appointed, aud
every effort, will be put forth to make
the affur a success.
Considerable preparation is, being
made' in Moyie * for Christ mas' wbidh
falls'on next* Monday.. Ev'c-ry'Vore
and business hou'se^n town is fixing
up''for the day ,'and ihe windows of the
merchants . are more attractive°this
year tuan'teviir, before. Holiday - trade
is excellent and the class of'goods sold
is .a splendid indication that the people pt] the -.to.Wn . are" prosperous. .In-,
'fact'it is safe, to say 'that,theie is not ,a
single destitute family in dm place.'"
'Midnight'Mass will be held at the
Catholic church. Father CnoinU officiating. The fiidt bull will rini< at '11
o'clock, and at .midnight "the Sirvice
"will begin with 'the sacred'hymn} 'j.Oh I
.Holy''Night.r .-There"will also be mdss
at 10 o'clock Christinas Dj.y.t *
,". The    Melhoaist „ and    Presbyterian
churches   will   hold ' special    services
... (, , .
Sunday evening.      ,    ,
On Clnistmiis- night an, entertainment will'be held in -Eagle hall, und
everyone.is- requested * to "be^ present.
Santa Claus has sent woid that be will
be, there; and that^every child in \itown
will be -remembered. • The entertainment' will begin at 8:15 o'clock.,"*,
Tli'e pos'tdtfice on Christmas Day'
will be "open from 8:30 to 9:30 in 'the
m'orn1ng>nd from'jJ;till.4 in 'the jrfter->
X6Qr\y'^"~X^-^X~~ -"*"."""   *   "" " "A"
Both barber'shops.1 in   town   will   be
open,until   noon. , , v    A,"
,- -    1
, taaagu^glS'.*".'^'^*
, /
zkmz t s^^^ss^xs^s^mssEseassssssa''
The Herald' Annual,-   ,
The Cianbrook Herald annual is a
beauty, and the whole of South East
Kootenay is given excellent representation in it. The writeup on Moyie
will be reproduced in the Leader next
week. F( E. Simpson aud'the 'Herald
are doing splendid work for Cranbrook
and the dis-trict.
'* .*fcj**-*rf*-S*r x/iz.xZTs/iL-sHT .tfhLiihLShL.rff ,s>i_s1hf.rs2-irs^ ."VZ-SiV »* x.*jr.zrs«i-s«9' s^i: A
f- complete in all linos, It is worth
much when purchasing your Holiday
Goods to know that you h.ivt* h-cun-d
]us.l such KULIABI.K goods, as suit
your wants, and at thi. m >st f.iyoi.ible
prices thc'-marlvot caii  furnish.
All mail orders   receive our  prompt
■ attention.'"
W. ~F. TATE "& SON.
.'Jewelers and  -Graduate Opticians.
. '. . ' . CKANBROOK, B. C.
. jf. B.-— Mr. c;Ross Tate -is in Moyie
very week with a complete stock.
Don't fail to come in
and inspect our superb slock of Jewelry
Silverware etc. suitable for Xmas presents. Our timo is
at your disposal,
come and look anyway.
Jewtk-r. CRANBROOK, 13.
, y rAa Enterprising Firm.   .'
&   , -       .'.    .     -  ..1       ," v       ■"¥--•. -    ■
.i .        ,-     - ^-- >'.     , .      - -    ,,,
1 MacEnchern &"Macdonald's delivery
team.with-two.olerks was seen-ou   the
etreets'bright unci e.irly   this   morning^
distributing basketsfull of preho'nls   to
their'numerous customers. (
i, —.:: —
Movie Public School, \
In giving lhe number of marks for
December attention is agaiu called to
the fact that pupils cannot obtain
marks when absent, as thc mark* are
given daify, In the^ senior divisiou
Phyllis Reckwith, Carl Nelson, E'irl
Shea, John Elmer and, Lillie .Conrad
lost a considerable number of m irfcs
tbiough absenc.1, and Martha Keaney,1-*
Bella Whitehead, .August Mueller,
Ettiel Br-nilnn and Atiuio W-'bator
were present so little that their names
are omitted fiom the list, which id ns
follows: '   -
GENERAL    rilOFIClENCY,      .
Senior Fouith Class—Arthur Crowe
1720 ;t Arthur Lutnor, 1515; William
Atwoori, 1-101; Chrib-tin-a Blackburn,
1359; RufeseU Ilawke, 1202; Frank
Feroglia, 1115.   .
Junior Forth Class—Alfred Carlson,
13L9; Edith Ilawke, 1229; Sidue-
Elmer, 1190; Mabel Lutner, 11S7;
Lillian Schulzo, 1151: L*ena Rndd,
925; John Elmer, 79 J-; Lillie Conrad,
Third Clas-s—Joe Whitchca-3, 1213;
L.juise Niedcrstadt, 1025; Clan Nie-
derJtadt, 920; Alvcrna Br. nton, 73 I ;
Harry Crowe, 720; Phyllis JB.-ckwith,
CIS; Annio Donaldson, GLL; Earl
Shea, 4.90: Carl Nelson, 42-i: Lucy
Bella Whitchia I, 100; Loui-io Nic-
derstadt, 100; L-my Keaney, 100; August Mueller, 100; Clan NuJeri'i It,
99; Annie DonaM-on 09; K lith
Ilawke, OS; Lillian Schul/y/.tS; ihn'i--
tiun Blackburn, 9S; L-na R .dd, OS.
Ailhur Lutner, 9S, vVilliam A-wood,
97; Arthur Cn.ve, 97; Phyl'ii i? ■ k'-
with, 97 ; llauy Crowe 90 ; E irl Slie...
915; Vlfred Carlsjn, Of*; C.irl N-ls-n*,
■1)5: Mabel Lutner. 91; UuiiolV Uawke,
' ''■"" The Kew Power Co.
,'y j-,-—r- y
■ The East(1K.i'oteniy Power & If"gJ't
Cc-Ljtd:, has been registered ' at Yiu-'
toria as a joint etopk ,copipany, ^*'uii a
capital stock.of $250,000.     :
The Grst board^of directors are': R.
Campbell,'merchant, Moyie; Jobn-D,
Ktiy, master mpcljumc' 'of. St. .Eugene
mine,;Moyie; James A., Macdonald
miner, Moyie;' Frank rC. Parkes.'and
Cha«. A. McKay of Nelson.
'■ It is the intention' of" tbe compiny,
to'do for«tbe "East -Kootenay district
what,tlie West Kootenay Pp.ver^and
Light company Has donefor'the West
Kootenay district, ,,,'!.,.
Already the  conapmy   tia's applied
for   25,000 'miners'   inches   of .witter,
equivalent to 12",000 horsepower^; to be,
diverted horn   the waters  of   the   St..
•Mir.y's river,near 1 Marysville and to be
developed into electric light aad power
for distribution 'and =aie to ihe-.smblter.
and ■ the various,, mines,   townsy and
citic's'of the East Kootenay district,
,0 -  - ' '    t> - *;   "
L Fitz Knocked Out. '   ,
f * * Q*
\ ■. ,. v v
Bob Fitzsimmons collapsed at the
close of tbe I3th loti'id of his' hard
fight with Jack O'Brien in San Francisco Wednesday night. He fought
hard but nature could iio'ioti^er- stand
tlie strain, und after the gong had
sounded for the close of the 13th
round he walked to his corner'and sat
in his chair. Then his bead fell over
on bis breast, his who's body collapsed, nnd be was unable to proceed.
R-eferee Grancy, seeing his condition,
awarded the fight to O'Brien. Before
Fitzsimmons left the i.ing ho made
a Tittle speech in which he btud ho had
done his best,
his last figlit.
,;-     "METAL   MARKET.1     „ -J"
New   Y'oek—Bar'silver,"65J cent*
Ly.d.'^.lS.'   Zinc (spelter") $5.90. ,   r
Loiuws—Lead,, ,CL7 "2» Od.   „ '     .
*•    ',    L. : X   '
*p Rossland'Explosion-
A  .
<-*   0
i' ,  , ,1
. At about
2   o'clock   lust  Saturday
.*    .     £».'
1 f ,
/ •• .t ,
afternoon at Rossland a ton   of   gelig--,   -.   A,
nite in tbe tliawing house of the Cen- ,',',,  ,
tor Star mine exploded, through-some    '"=, y
unknown caus",'killing John  S.  log-i1   '' ,
ram,,'formerly: chief   pf   police   there ',. ■
and iojuriug several scores  of people,;   l-X
Ingram was'io charge-of  tbe   powder, ,_
and his death'removes'tbe onlvvdourcd
of information as to the  eause of-, the      *,   .-
explosion.'   His * body.- was  recovered' tXrff
-b       x r , , ,    ,
from the debris, badlv*mangled.' "°Sev- ' ,    ' l
- .*-     - -      I. ~ ,   '     ,
enil members.of the"  office , staff  and '  . ,, '
men in ^.he compressor' building wera'       ••"  ,
hurt   by- flying  "glass   or   by^being'    '   Vv,
thrown 'violently agmast the 'machinery. ''B"uildihgs] in-the   vicinity., were
twisted out of5 shape, and  tbe' windows
all broken, ",^'j'xj. " '      '      .,'.'.
In th^ city the shock <at the exploa-^.'-'
Ion  caused   much "consternation and
did,a large amount of'damage. Nearly
all the plate'glass windows on Columbia avenue we're, smashed   and, many
people received   cuts'from  the fragments.      The .. merchiuts   had   their;'
Christmas stocks displayed, and much,
destruction was done   amongst  ihese.
The amount of glass destroyeu is  en- "
ormous.    Tbe  citizens feel   11 an Jul,
nevertheless, that,the I0S3 of   life   and*
piopeity   was not   greater.    Ingram's
remains were shipped to   St.* Thomas,
Ont., for burial.    Hs, leaves a wife and
five children.     ' *■ „*
, ;j , t .
> ... ""
"\'3     '
, ;"•;.".*,,,
; , ;""*>' '.v
<y \   ■-
.,-. -,y "1 .
-yxl' Ai\
tie said ho had fought
a ijaoT'istji'',,
y WHEN ik ' y "
B. H. SJIALt, Miina'ccr. !
.   ''Good'rooms,'good   tables and   bar
*,'.    and. first class sample r:)rii9.
Dr. Haryie Goos East.
1 ,
Dr. S, K. Harvie left Monday n"ght
for Montroil, aud Irom there he will
go to his old home neir Windsor,
N. S. Tlio doetui will be married
wlnlo east ami will return to Moyio
with hi* bride about Februiry l^t.
Several of his friends presented him
with a baudisOine suit c-iseand an address prior 1.0 his depurttue.
The deepest place in Moyie lake opposite tho town is 15S feet S inches.
For 1200 miles thc Nile   rivf*r  dofs
not receive a" single tributary stream..
Gold can be beaten 1,200 times-
thinner than printing paper and one
ounce will coyer 116 square feet.
Man has approached within 23S
miles of tlie North Pole, but as yet no
one Inn been within 772 miles of the
South Pole,
Tho Canadian. Pac'.li0 railway are
now running a sleeper on tiains Njs.
•13 and -11, belweui N-J---UJ and Slocan
City for* lho aooo-n.uod'Uioh of th.-ii
patrons. The a>.r leaves Nel-on ut 7
a. m. and returning arn.'-s al 7 ,-L)
p, m., and is ready for occupancy anytime alter 9 p. m., burih i.Hes beniii
$1.    Dcril-a can I**' rcs--ived .it tin* 111y ^
ticket oiiioe or   lhr..n«:i   any   uf    the!      The Fernie Ledger is   authority   for
oompmi'-ai;.'-.!!*.    Krakfis'   cm   !,..'the statement   that   J.   F.
hud on   ill*  sio...i,**r    ii    .i  A-.ir.   Oi'y.jh
who..* the train ib dm* 10 .uuvo i* S .30 t
a. ni, i
Tho Canadian Pacific's line from
Spokane to St. Paul is shorter than
i-:th**r Great Northern or Northern
Pacific, and its piss through tho
mou'it.'ins is 100 feet lower than
either of these lines.
91; A.lverun'Brenton,' DJ ;   J* >e
head,'93;-.Sidney , E'.nver,   9   ,
Elmer,'93; Fraii.k;Fero'gjl;ia, S9.,
The   mark's  of   the  junior.. divi.-iion
will appear in next wnvk'-1 iitiie.
Hed    Wheat 'Wbi*-kcv.     Something
new.    Sold by A. C, Bpwne.v,   whblt-
1 sale'liquor dealer, Crahbroo'i.
An !'i.-.
r.-r sin 'ii*---
and lmiUiin
in g rii1 in >.'n
li  h*i  in- ill ■
■u.1,-11       l*n'.iii      I'I,it
Citu-Ooi l.*e p '.1 t- t i  1
third the. liny', ri fpb
\Viiit j- I iroatiiyiit.
und Sialii'ueCy Store.*
■ ;:<*i "y .',i hi'^ch*.
bitii«;•'-«,   ''urn--,   scales j
.:,i'-, then."    ie    .itL-'i : j
1.in rl ii.,'-.    r.1,1:    Ba mi. 1
.-, .im 1    an 1     :- ''    01 L' 1
i* l.il    frein     p -I'',   b it j
in   a1 1 .it   or.
hy    the-  usual
So.lil.iiy  'Die "-Moyie Diug
i*is tendered his repignation as govem-
iijent agent.     It is said Mr, Armstrong
j .-.ill   accept    the    position   of   polico
j magistrate for the city of   Cranbrook.
to   liims-ilf   and
Everv ni.au. iiw-M it,...... .
hLs i,.uiily to mii-'.'in    a   l-n.de'   jr 'pro-.j Cough Reuiedy.     Mr. M. F
fi.-e!:..mA  k'yi.i in.*   diepliiy'. "iidveriisti-   of Miiikut, Texas, says ol it
m'eiit 11/.1 tie cix'Mo.-se Schools of Tele
arapliy', in 1'bis i-aut*,  arid    lekrn
easily a young   man.   -or   young * hidyj
'may learn telograpl-iy arid bo.as.-jun.'d'a
posiliou..; 'A
A Ccrtnln Cuto for Crtrap.
When a child shrnvs svmptomn of
.■ni'ip thero i-^ no time to experiment
.*. ithiu-w remedies, no matter how
highly they may be recoiumemlud.
TUere is oiie •prepa'ra'tiou that can always be depended upon. It has bfen
in 'use for many years and has nevrr
Ivon known to fail, viz; Ch»fnberUin'_
., ..._     "I   bavu
i,.:,i.,    u3ed,.Chainberbii-u's Cough Remedy in
how   severe oases of croup with * my   children, arid cau truthfully   say   it   always-
gives prompt'-'relief."    For sale by   tbtt
Moyie Drug and Stationery Store.
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I i  ^MHIIttttlMHIMI ���������++�� IMH >+���������*������ ��� H ��� ��  This sown  wants  li'i said.  fm  ii  "J  *    ',  ���!<��  ������Oh, speaking o." vegetal ion, do  you thi'jk you ibuhl finil.iiie *-omc  more yg.'ldbli"5'  carrots'and onions���"  "It's a nrst rat.- bouii  "Oh, thank juu1" she n'toricfl,  drily. "1 was afraid you didn't hl.o  it.    You  didn't   say  so."  "I   "beg    .your  pardon," '   h<* , s.iid,  meokly.    "I was 'pondering o\ir���"  ' "More      important ,    thing-,  sorry,"     sho    caup-ht  lnm   "I>  in     a  quick little  vrav  that  was so rare as  to  be charming.    "I'U'asi* go  on.'  *'   "I'm con/iimcd  in  my  opinion   that,  the  largest   of,the   gioup   of   islands  lies on the southwest, and I  propose  building a boat���it'will lie safer than  a   raft���in   which  1���we���can  make    a  cruise 'of discovery "     B  . She' listened     earnestly   and  forgot  to serve h'ni; then she leriiemheri'il it,  and  with  a start  begged  his pardon  and took 'his  plate.  "I  also   found'" more  evidence     of  gold.   Some, of the  quail/,  m-  whnt-  , ever  Ihey  call  if.  show  quite plainly  on"the big stones or rocks in thc th-y  river beds." ,  >    "Yes,    Do you   like  the  ducks  best  1 this, way'or stewed?   1   put  it  in  an  empty tin amo'iiftst the ashes of   the  fire.    Is it  all  ngbt���done enough?"  '"It is very good."  he said,,   "It   is  ���a  delightful   dinner-.and   I   nm cnioy-  ing  it.    Where,  was, I?���Oh,  the gold.  And I think (here is copper,  in  iact,*  ' ' the place    seems to , abound in valuable.minerals.1" '        '     ���  She nodded carelessly; and sighed.  ."We seem    to   find    all  thl\ useless  things."    she    said.      "Now,  if. we'd  been  two  persons  in   a  book  of,   adventure,   cast   on' an   uninhabited   island,, we ,should' find    all  the  useful  things, oi   the materials,out pf^vluch  to make them."       i > '  '  "Ah*"   he   said',   rather   resentfully.  "I  always   had,   .even  as   a  boy,    a  suspicion of fraud in' those shipwreck  stories;, but t'1 little ihoiiglitrth.it,the,  .thing was   so* tragic  and, uncomfortable as itois.','                  ' ,  "I  am  sorry you  are not comfort-  ' able," she said.,. Then she remembered    the  two''she   had   dost   and   the  tears came diuto  her  eyes       lie  saw  them and tried to divorl-hor mind.  "JVd  haven't, tried.   Hie    old    trick  they always perform- in thc adventure  books���sending ,,empty     bottles  with  ',\Ve'are shipwrecked   on  nn  unknown  , 'island.' Help us!    Kcscuc!' "  >'     "I've'only three'empty   bottles and  1   couldn't    spare     them,"    she* said.  '   "One,is a rolling pin and worth    its  weight in gold." ,,,. L  "Yes, but your people" their' an-  ���xiety will be,'must bo, very., gioat,"  .he said, gravely,  "T haven't any people," she icplieil.  "My father and I were, al'Mie in tlie  wqi Id. I suppose wc^iiiii^t have 'relatives, but 1 never heard of them.  We lived forgone another 'y After a  pause shcAsaid, wilh her eyes oil the  table: ."If you wpuld like to try 'to'  communicate with 'your people I ,will -  sacrifice, mv  bottle " . X  t    Ife  shrugged   his .slim.hlers."'  ."It's,  of no consequence "  She looked at liim Vith almost  startled  surprise  "Your sister,  brother?    Why  you have some ono''"  "Why    should    1    any    more    than  jou? ' ho answered "I haven't, father or mother or a M--Ur oi u lirolh-  ,er; and ,\s to the i est ui my people���  well," gimily. **ilic\ won'r sulloi any  anxiety over my  disappearanie "  "Are jou not going to smoke?"  she asked after a moment or two  lie thanked her and sat down on  'the ground befoie the tire and lit his  pipe, lie was ten ibly liu-d, and  fjiesently, us she glanced tow.iids  him, she saw his head tail on Ins  bi east���lie had lallen into a do/e  Ills attitude was an unounfm table  one, and she longed to put something for him to lean against 'I he  desire grew so intense���sue told herself that it was onl\ because the  sight of him sitting fao "lidgelted '  lier���that she stole* on tip-toe to  him.  'As she stood over him hesitatingly  her eyes wandered over his fate and  form. She noticed tlu. shoti auls  that clusteied closely on the bend t,f  tho strong neck, the great sh hi) ei s  broad yet flat, the handsome liuv',  thc grace of the whole ligine The  thought   flashed  to conquer (us u luclauto to take re-  l poss-'.svion  of th'*  lull.    As he passed I  hers  he saw  liim   the  light  was still j  '   burning. ' j  He   lit  the  pine  torch   at  the  door  and   stood   dead   short  at   f he   threshold,   astounded   by   the   change    she  had    wiou^ht  in    the hut.     Looking  'round his e.\ es caught the flowers'she  bad   put  on  the  table,  ancl   he    took  them  up   and  smelt    th6ni,   then  put  them    down , and     frowned'-'at 'them  thoughtfully.    Whv had she taken the  trouble to turnout' the hut,  to alter,  the arrangement    so that  he*   might  not be haunted by the mernorv of his  dead   friend?    Why���had   she   put    tho  'flowers-  there forihim?   Something lit  a  lue  in     his  e\es,   then   they , gi-ew  dull.'  She had taken  off his ringv  It  was     .itist  a   woman's    idea  of    pity  thvit  had     impelled   her   to   tidy    up  with  a quick step    and said.  In"    a  matter-of-fact   way:  "Good-morning. I have had my i  breakfast"���she had not been able to 1  eat anj thing. "1 had so many things I  to do. Have you got' cverj thing you '  want?"  "Yes,  thanks,"  he  said,     absently. '  Something in    her    tone,  a coldness  and aloofness, struck lnm;  and glancing at her he saw that she was palmer than usual and that her eyes were  i du>v  j     "1 hope you *are not    overworking  1 yourself," he said,  earnestly.   "There  ! is really no  need  for it.'     Wo    have  j plenty of time to do what is    neces-  j sary;  and I  could  help you  m    ever '  I so many ways. For instance,, for the  ' future you  must lot  mc     bring    the ',  water from  the spring;    the   can    is i  I heavy.   And 1 will light the fire."        |  She laughed,* but mirthlessly.  "And  do  the  cooking,  and  lay , the   table,  and  wash  up  thc things;   and I could  eit  by   with     some  fancy  work    and  watch you.   Oh, no,  T am not  working too hard;  if it were not   for the  work     I  should���"   "go   mad,"     she  was  going to  say;  but she    stopped  short and made, a  gesture 'of    impatience.   . '  "I am going to set about that  boat," he said; "but I shall be back  to  lunch." A-     t      ��� ,  "Oh, I've tied i up your 'lunch' for  you,"c she said, coldly, jjointing to  the package.. '       '  < '  "Very well," he responded, 'almost  meekly. "Perhaps it will.be better; it  will save time." 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The Empiess of Britain Is fhe larr  gest vessel ever launched from the  Fairfield yards, has a displacement of  twenty thousand tons, and ranks -as  one of the largest steamers upon 'the  North Atlantic.        '  ��nd ever   ���  ��� ��� ti  Joseph, St. Hyacinthe. Que.  6oi  and arrange the hut.    With a sigh he  set  down   the  bottle  of  llowers    and j ��7m  .began to undress k - ���    VTlumk Vou.'Ahe- said,  simply/   as  :sina carried   'the coat  to her hut, ��� hc pl,t it on.  Hc cUd not klK)W'that  ���5HILOH  25c   wilh   guarantee   at   all   druggists  surely   .  and finding her needle and thread, lit  ,the    ship's  lamp.     But    -she  paused,  with   the coat  in  her, lap,   and  turning up her sleeve ,'lodked  at her arm.  The marks  of,<his fingers showed    on'  the wh'to  flesh.    She held her arm to  the dim  light and  looked'at  it wjth  a  faint pensive  smile*.      How strong  he   was!    lfisj   grasp' had     been   like  'that  of  a vice.    She had   felt that if  she had     movedf her 'arm     it  would  break:     How    strong     he   was,, how  handsome,     and  yej,     how  gentle   to  and,   considerate    of  her!,"   He    was  treating  her   with   the  chivalry'of  a  knight-errant.      Yes,     hc   was  good,  good!    If she  had   mol  him,-, say    in  London,   under   ordinary   circumstances, 'and   ,they  had   grow.n   to  know  .each   other   in   the,usual   way,  wiidst  all   the    surrounding's of civilization,  perhaps    he   'might���She might���they  might��� ''  .  The color rose to her face., Whither were her foolish, thoughts leading  her? With a gesture of self-rebuke  she tool*; up the coat and mended tho  worst'" =rent the bushes ancl undergrowth had made in* ilA Sho could  not do_ much for him,' but at any  rate i ho should not go about 'in > a"  ragged coat.  As she turned it over. * something  fell from thc breast pocket. Sho  groped about on lhe ground and  presently .came upon a' small, fiat  leather (case. She turned it over  and over curiously, then put it ion  thc table. W hnte\ er�� it was it did  not concern her. rlt, might contain'  bank notes, letters���no; it was' not  bulky .enough, for that'; it was just  simply a flat case It haunted,  mocked, fascinated her. She tried to  kecp/'her-eyes from it, to concentj-ate  her attention on the. coat,, but" the  thing'-seemed to1 exercise, a power  over her, and at lust, with a gasp  of sbi,imc, she'snatched  it up!-'  *lt '��� was fastened by an ordinary  clasp,cand, pie.ssing it,** it'flew open  slowly and revealed the portrait of a'  woman.- It wns a" colored miniature,  and'of'so lovely a'face of-such almost perfect beauty, that Nina's first,  emotion was one of unalloyed'admit-,  ation. The eyes were blue, the complexion a delicate ivory,���old ivory���  thc hair a nch auburn.' The neck  was hare, perfectly modelled and of  snowy  whiteness.      '  her eyes were raised to his searching-  ly,, almost  accusingly.     "I'm    afraid  pay    for  Admiration at first; but suddenly  it 'gave place to���what? The blood  rose to Nina's face, her eyes darkened und grew hard. "Her bosom���as  white, by the way, as that of the  portrait���rose and fell'with instinctive lescntmont,, and her breath Come  thickly.  ,He  carried  a  woman's  portrait    in  his  pocket���over  his heart!    Her own  heart grew   .cold,  then     burnt hotly.  She-put  the minialuic  close  to    the  lamp nnd studied it.   There was some  writing  at  the  bottom   of  it:  "To my dear Vane. .Judith."  Tho words struck her like so many  strokes     of     a  dagger.      Her   "dear  .Vane "    Here!  l  Who was sho, this beautiful, perfectly beautiful woman?  With a,sudden thrill'of relief that  seemed to set the blood running in  her veins again she thought that it  might be his sister. Then, cold as  ice once more", she remembered that  hc had said he had no sister.  dlvr hand closed spasmodically over  the   porlt ait,    and   she     rose   in  pas-  t.  thc  pocket of her husband's coat��� Her  husband! Her husband' Ah, yes;  but her husband in name only. ' lie  had tmiri ied her under compulsion;  he had fought, argued against the  mari-iagc. No wonder, with the portrait of this beittitiitil woman on his  breast! Oh, what should she do,  what   should sin- do*'  With a gesiuie ol loathing mid despair she Hung tin; imm.itiin- from  her  and,  sinking  into  lhe chair,  bur  ied  her fate���m   his  tn.tt  CHAI'TJ-.R   Yir.  Nina  Wedded  against  across   her   that     he      ���        ,  was  the  best  looking  man  she     had    610nntc indignation  nnd  resentmen  ever  seen.       And   how   tned   he  was'        'J,h'f l,oriLl'Ait sho  '"id  found  in  The'maternal    instinct,     which      lies '    '   "' "  dormant m aii  women, awoke in     hei  and  her  heart    ached   with  him.  She drew the box gentl\ against  his   back.    But   the   touch,   geulle   as  it  wus,  awoke him;   in  a  mo m  he  was on his feet and Imd seized her  arm in a grasp of iron, his \acnnt  ejes   glaring   at   her   stertilv She  thought he was going to m , ||s(, ������,,._  but suddenly hc was awaKe full-v and  staring; at  hor mth  dismnv  "I���I ln-g >Our pnuloi.'" he stammered *-I must h.-iu' tiilien asle. p*  and I dieamt that the Las,,,, |,,u|  come back. I must hn\e thought  you weie he and���oh, 1 beg *.0ur  pardon1"  "IfMju'd   let my   arm go," she snid  with a painful smile   **\ 0,i ;���,. hinting  it.    I am g),.<l j tllI1 not th,, J..,acnr,"  He   rclcaW   hei    arm,   and   in   doing  so saw that  tlu: ung  w fls not   on her  linger.     !)<..   dm   not   fioun   or   show  siirpu.se; but.his face became thoughtful,   and he  avoided  her  eyes.  .She  noticed.* the  subtle"  change 'in  his manner,  though, she  did.not discern   the  cause." .  y "I'will  go   now,"   she  .said;   it    al-.  ftiost    seemed  a    formula.    "Hive 'me  your coat, please."  * '."-^v coat?" he repeated,'vaguely.  ,   "Vcs.     You     have     torn   it;   tWill  mend  it for yoii."  V  "Oh, don't trouble," be said, rather coldly. Why had she tn Uen olT the  ring? Was she afraid, of liim���afraid  that he would forget his promise?  His heart swelled.-with'bitterness;  "'Give it me, please,"-she sa id with  her queenly aii* ,t,f. command. "You  have not too many coats.  .1   know."  Obediently he took off his coat and  she flung it over her arm, wishing  him "Good night," and left him1  He ;r.*niled his pip,, with her tobacco  ���it was not half bad, but he sighed  as he thought of his favorite brand  ���and sat over the fire smoking for  a. time,, then swiftly he rose, resolved  lay   awake    nil    that   night.  to   a   man   who   mm tied    her  his  will,  and  who cat nod the  portrait of another woman���and how  bcatitiltil     a    woman���in    his    breast  pocket  But Mannoiing.slop soundly, t osc a  little after the wondrous dawn and,  having got thiough his usual work',  went to the saloon .\ina was not  there, and he saw that break fust, was  only laid'for-one! She canie in as ho  wus pondering < iJM^hi.s fact, came in  '.   ���  A    '. ������������." '.:  ���xS^,S:\v,  xM^&mtm  liilpiill;;  4>l '^*^^i''<^yyi  m0mmy^  vm^Amx  you sat up late la^t night'to, mend  it. I saw the light in your hut. J'lu  sorry. I'll be more careful ^u the future. You look tired this morning."  , "I'm not in the least tired." slit*  retorted with a, little snap in, her  voice, usually'so calm nnd low! "1%  yon .do 'not want anything else,���"  She went, out' and Manncring turned to his breakfast!again; but her,  coldness, her strangeness had spoiled  his appetite. What was, the matter  with her? She had removed his rinpr  from her finger, was stand-otHsh'and  sharp with him.    '   , "    ���-    ,  With 'a-sigh he" pushpd- his' plate  away from him and shouldering^ his*  gun wont off- lo thc woods, Nina  watching him from her partly opened*  door. '���* i* , ". .  .Miumoring selected the" biggest  tree, felled it and, scooping out a  length of the trunk* made a , fairly,  good canoe. , > "      '    ���  TtJ was'a - tremendous  day's     work  and  he regarded'it with,   pardonable  pride;  but  he  was  too -t'ired  to  haul  it down to  the "beach and  he loft"  it  1 reluctantly.      ��� ����� '      _ *  When he entered the. - saloon she  was standing by the table. He saw,1  with a sigh of relief, that it was  laid"for two. But she had on lier old  frock, ,and thc bit of i ibbon was absent from her neck"; ancl she scarcely  lifted her long lashes, as'lie wished  her "good evening."  '''J  hope you're    better,'"  ho,   said,  blundering like'a man.  She���bit her lip impatiently.    ���  "I  have ,i not {been  ill,"    she   .said  with   ominous   emphasis,   as she passed him his plate. y   '    ,c       '    '  "I've finished the boat,"  'he'  said,  trying to' speak_as if h'o-did not notice her coolness.  . -     -     *,<  She fixed her eyes on the plate.'    ,',  ���'Why "did   the : raft  not ,do?"     she  asked.       ,. .     -       t>    ,   c  ~ "Oh, it is not nearly,, as safe ,as a  ��� boat. I could not steer, it or sail .it  as well. I'made the raft'because"���he  hesitated -and ���stammered���-"there is"  no immediate hurry now. Oh"���hastily���"this boat���it's only a canoe���  is ever so much belter! I'm ' hoping  that .we shall bo able lo leach one of  the inhabited islands, pcihaps, if we  have luck, t*e mainland.",.  ���Her face, grew set and her lips  came together straight ly as if she  were liracing herself to  an effort.  "And���and���if we do,,Mr. Manncring?" she said in a low voice, which  imlpitat'ed with her agitation, "what  will you do? Will you tell the people  we meet that���that we are married?"  Mannerihg gazed at her blankly, a��  if he were trying to see what' wm  passing in her mind.  "I���I don'.t know; I,haven't thought  of it," he stammered, his face flushing. "What���what would you wish  me to do?"  "I���I would rather you    did not,"  she replied. "I���I want to make a-Hs  ���bargain with you."  "Yes?" he said, interrogatively.      '  She raised her eyes and looked hint  steadily, bravely, in thc face.  "I want to tell you that I know  how great a sacrifice you made in  mar���in doing what poor Mr. Fleming wished."  "As    to     that���the    sacrifice     was  .yours," he put  in eagerly, earnestly;  but sho ignored his interruption and  went  on;  "If we escape to England���and, oh,  I hope and trust wo may!���I want  you to understand that���that tho  marriage, what we have done���  hasn't any meaning, significance;  that we shall part as if���as if it had  not been done. I will give you my  word���I will swear it if you wish it  ���that I will never tell anyone of���of  thc ceremony we went through, never, as long ns I live; and I need not  say that I will never���oh, never!���  make  any  claim   on you."  llcr voice broke and thc tears burnt  in her eyes; but sho drove them  back  and  continued:  "And I want you to promise that  you will tell no ono���that you will  never moke any claim on me."  He   was silent    for a moment  two, his eyes bent on his plate.  "I understand, and, of course, I  promise," he said in a low voice and  rather grimly. "I know how you  feci, at least I think 1 do, and I  respect that feeling. It would bo  very strange if I didn't see the���the  way in which you regard our marriage���"  VWas it.a marriage?" she broke i��,  abruptly. "There \vere, no witnesses;  we were not in church���"  "It  doesn't  matter,"  he    said, almost gently.   "What I have,to  do ia  to     study    your     wishes���to    follow  them.  All I ask  is that���that  we are  together���'',''',  , Lawson Held for Libel.  * Boston.���Thomas W. Lawson is  held for libel for the. December session of the superior court on a charge  of criminal libel preferred by Clarence W. Ban-on, of the city, hy Cliief  Justice Brown; .of the .municipal criminal court. Bail was fixed at $3i000  and Albert L. 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I   consulted (a  doctor who told me the'trouble    was  general debility,, but ��� his" treatment  did not help me a.particle.    To   add  to^ the. trouble ,my nerves 'gave way,  and I often passed sleepless    nights.  At this stage'a. friend advised me" to  try Dr. Williams'"Pinlc Pills, * and-1- T  got r,a few boxes., ,The first .benefit;I  noticed from the use of, the ..pills'.was  an improyed appetite, and this seemed to bring much relief. <I -continued  taking the pills until I .had used-six  boxes, when  I  was'fully restored* to  health,  and I have not tiatf' a  day's  illness .since.'   -I caniio't'    praise    VDr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills  enough  for, fhe  great good they have done me."  A pale .anaeniic person-Lneeds only  oiie thing���new blood. Dr. Williams'  Pinlc Pills do one thing only���they  make new "'blood. That is all they  do. but they do it well. * They don't  act on the, bowels. ,They*don't bother  with mere symplbms. They "won't  euro aii3' disease that isn't caused originally from bad blood. But when  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills replace bad  blood with good blood they, strike  straight at the root and cause of all  common diseases like headaydies, side-  aches, backaches, kidney 1 rouble,  liver complaint, .biliousness, indiges-'  lion, anaemia, neuralgia, sciatica,  locomotor -ataxia and the special secret troubles that every woman  knows but that none of them like tp  talk, about, even to their doctors.  But you must have the genuine-pills  or 'you enn't be cured, and the genuine always have the full name, " Dr.  Williams' Pink P.ills for Pale People," on lhe wrapper around the box.  Sold by all medicine dealers or sent  direct by mail at 50x cents a box' or  six boxes for $2.50* hy writing the  Dr. ' Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-  ville, Out.  State of Ohio. Clt> of Toledo.  ,    I.ucai County,      ' " �������� ,  Frank J, Cheney amkuR oath thnt lia Is aoalor partner of the tlrm of F, J.' Obon��jr �� Co., 'doing bu��l-  U6K�� In the Oity of ToluJo, County'and Stilo afor��  sold, nnd that Mild Bnn will pay, theiaum of ONE  UONDREn POLLAllS for ouch und eiory rano of,  OaUirrh that cannot Imi enroll by tho u��e of Ilall's,  Carorrh Cure. FBAKK J. OIiaMIY..  Sworn to btiforo in�� nnd <ub��*rH-ed tn my prononoo  thin Ctli day of Decombor, A.O. IBS. *���  (Seal.) A. W. GLKASON.  V       . , , .   ,   .     Notary Public   ��  Hall's Catarrh  Cnro Is takon   intarnally  and   actao  directly on Ilia blood and mucous surfaoos or tn�� system.   Send for tontlmonlals free.  - F. .1. UUENEY Jt CO., Toledo, 0. -  , '      Sold b> all DruK^mtrt.   75o. ,  Tako llttlf'H Family 1M11�� for constlputlon. r  Oeylon   Green   Tea   is   head  and  shoulders  above all Japan teas/ because it is all  tea.  Sold onJy in lead packages at'  St, Louis, i804^  pure  ,    Highest Award  40c, 50c. and 60o per Ib. By,all Grocers. <=*  ���     -    '  \    '     " EhoiijOi   ��<��'  Kill   Io.  The Greek room is usually not <*a  place for liiimpr, nol- is the professor  of'Greek "at'the College of the City, of  Xew York a' very humorous person.  'Nevertheless (lie- following "joke was  sprung-on him. , Tlie'.class,had Just re-  'turned from Uie chemistry robm, where  they had 'bravely listened- to a discourse,on 'the elements. Thp Greek'  lesson was commenced with a'history  of Io and her endless wanderings. 'Filially i Professor Tisdall.-asked, A;What  did Io die of?" A tjtudent who bad been  awakened hy tlie ipiestlQii gasped out/  "Iotiith* 'if pot>i>.-"ii"!]," ,  U.S. Naval Programme.  Washington.���Three first-cliiss 'battleships or at Ifeast IS.OOO tons displacement and IS knots'speed, jhroe  scout cruisers of 5,000 tons displace-'  ment, ono 'gunboat of the Helena  class1' and four othor gunboats of  light draught, two for use in the Philippines and, two for service in lho  rivers of .China; with .additional'tor-,  pedo boat'destroyers, are the principal, recommendations 'of the general"  .hoard of the navy iit its ,programme  of,new construction, to be' authorized  by the* next congress, which is ng>w.  under 'consideration by the board of  construction.        *    '      ".   '   ,     ' ' '  A't. a forthcoming meeting-'(he .'lnf-  tcr board, of which the chtofs'of lho  bureaux.of ordnance, st!eam engineering equipment and construction ��� and.  repairs are the members. ,\will complete its report .upop,1 llie"*practicability of the proposed types of ships contained in the t general 'board's 'pro'-''  gramme,' and'the two ropdr/s >Vill-bo  forwarded, to the secretary "fpr .guld-*  aiice.'ln the ^preparation of that portion of his annual report dealing -wilh '  new construction.     .',.(,' -    , *''  Minard's  Liniment1'Cures' Colds, 'evc,  .Wheat will be.exported' from Hall-  fax this' winter: .   '    *.    '.,".   .".   J ,t"  _: Running Sores  the outeomo.of nouioct  or bad Moot!, hius a nmcr-'fuillnn' bn'lin Jn" ,ni;. A��-  ne��'ii Ointment. Will lie.nl the ma\\ *(,ul.lx)rn .���n/!'i.-  doolies irritation ulino-tluBtHHtly after flint iiiuill-"  ciifiouf It^rt'Heie*.'1 all lUhlni: 7im.T bui'iiin.j '^kjif  dlH.'u>��tMiia day. It uiro^ -pileA !ii-f]3 t!o^ 5 nltfli'U,.  iSiinu,'���39       , '' .."-',     ���',  itf  MISERABLE   NIGHTS.  Nothing so demoralizes'  ah, ,'infa'ut  and enclaves fhe parents as to take a  cross oi--wakeful baby,from the bed  and walk him up and down the floor  during the night. ,The'baby cries because  it is  not  well���generally, *" because! its, stomach is sour, its,   little  bowels'i congested c and  "its'skin riot  and feverish.-,, Relieve ,this aad baby  Will, sleep, soundly a'll, night, growing,  stronger ;and better every day.  C.Just  what' mothers' heed ' to   ,keep ..'baby  healthy "and'make him sleep soundly-  is Baby's Own .Tablets, ,1 which    cure  'all- stomach; bowel 'and teething troubles;' and" "l.hus.   .promote ..'.natural  health-giving., .--sleep". "   Mrs.,,   Wm.  lIolmes.'.DaCre, Ont.',  says':A"j\ry ,bab"y  was troubled -with,soiir. stomach and'  wjis constipated'iriost'of-1 ,the*-   time  and was always'cross,''anfK.restless. T  gave Jiimf>Baby,'s Own" - Tablets *. and'  found   them   & complete success and  would, not now be    without    them."  You can    get   Baby's '-Own,   Tablets  from any druggist, or b"y mail at,' 25  cents a box by writing   the1 Dr."Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.,  - Fancy prices,, were -paid for"fiyers,'at  tho New 'York horse'sale. -."_"-  ' " ��� <*    - '      J|^>     -* ,j"*" ���  y. \ .'Ribh Velp of? Silver^ -- *;. XX-"  Ottawa.,���Tbe .assistant"' commissioner of the mounted'police ,at While  Horse, 'T.T., reports y.that ,a iricli lyein ���  of silver in'the ^'Monatana---mine' a��s'  proved,'to; be one' and-Aa-half ,'< miles  long.,'iIt forms'one of the Conrad con-'j  solidated group of mines,' 'and,,.Mr. !  Conrad himself declares that .by, ac-,'*:  tual measurement' he^has -$12,00(),000_  worth of,'ore in sight.:" ' ,/.., "'X~\  ,' Some ���of the police '- officials " ,starte  that the Indians-of the Yukon, - who;,  have regarded themselves as being at  war^with'-the white's,^ever'1sin'cc',.their',  advent in'1897, are preparing, to* de  claire-peace and to bury, the'hatchet  '.VI  STOP  THE; PAIH.'BUT,'DESTROY.'THE  8TOMACH.���This Isii-adly too of ton'the caie. 'So   '  , many nauneous noitruiijs purpcri!ntt to curo,,-ln  tho''.  and doth* patient immensely more lmriu than good ' '  ,pr..Von'Stan's Plnonpplo TnMota'aro b purely >OKet-��7  'abli p��p��ta preparation, a^hurmlo*. <n milk.     One   ,  after eating pre\entn any difordor^of rthe dlgortlvo ,.*'  oricana. CO in a box. 35 con���� ���40   - .* " &. J-^i    ��� "��'X?  '-,, Railway., men-fin Winnipeg* have*o,r- -  ganized a*-bowling'league.-*"* n ~ X .- 'j" ���  WheyTaking  The'old eoldegoes ; a new one'  quickly'comes. It's the story  of a.-weik,throat, weak lungs,  la tendency to ��� consumption.  )Ayer's'*lCherry,'.Pectorj!  br.eaks'fUp the taking-cold  ,'habit.^It strengthens, soothes,  .heals! Askyour doctorabout'il.1  r'- " I had a terrible cold, and notl Im: relleyrf  - no, -1 tried "Xjrer'i  Cbtirrj  P*rwr��l tad It  promptly brolce, up raj*   cold, stopped my  ,,congh,and eaied every part of mj oo&l. It  did wonderful -work for me."���MR.*. F.LUTZ,  Toledo, Ohio. ,<    ��� '  M*do by J. O. Ajrer Co., Lowell. Itiu.  4.11       '     * A ^Pleasant ^^edlcine.���There arc  some' pills which have no other purpose evidently than to beget painful  internal disturbances in the patient(  adding to his troubles and perplexities rather than . diminishing them.  One might as well swallow some corrosive material. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills have not this disagreeable  and injurious property. They are easy  to take, are not unpleasant to the  taste, and 1helr action is mild and  soothing. A trial will prove this. They  offer peace to the dyspeptic.  , 'Great.Things^Frpm^It-tle- Causes'.  Ghyow.���Tt takes^very. little,to .derango-  the stomach. The cause 1 may. ,be'  slight,'a cold; something A eaten" or  drunk,,, anxiety, '"worry,'1 or soma -other *  simple cause. t But if precautions be'  not taken, this simple causd may.have :  most serious consequences". Many , a "  chronically debilitated constitution  to-day owes its destruction ,to simple ,  causes not dealt with in lime.    Keep"   the digestive apparatus    in,   healthy KKeep tho bowels regular with Ayer'J  condition and all will be well.'    Par-') PHIs,   Just -one'-piii~ each-- n.gni.  melee's Vegetable    Pills    are  .bettor { . ' __,   than any other-for'the purpose.  -JLlao manufacturer* of  7   ��� SARSAI'ARIIU.  PUIS.  HAIR VIGOR.  yers  Smallpox  Near Sudbury.  .  -Toronto.���A    severe ' outbreak    of  smallpox    is    reported    at  "Caperpl  township, near Sudbury.  or  IT WAS NOT A  FAITH CURE  Dodd's, Kidney Pills   Cured   Mrs  Adams' Bright's Disease.  Pain-is a Punishment.���Pain,, is a  protest of4 nature against neglect of  the bodily health, against carelessness regarding the * physical condition. It steals in at the first opportunity and takes up its abode in a  man, and it is sometimes difficult to  eject it. Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil will  <Jrive it out in short order. Pain cannot stay where it is used, but immediately (lees away.  A new hockey club to be known as  the'Winnipegs has been organized in  the Western metropolis.  Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper..  Premier Roblin has announced a  provincial telephone system as a feature of hisv government's-policy. '���  rhe Keeley Cure  Ask the lawyers, the plijslcmns,  congressmen,     the    clou;} men  tlie  Uie  while  TO   BE   CONTINUED.  . ���   ''''.'������  I r��������� : : ;  .   C  . ' .One . on Thackeray.  It is related that when ho first -Vlsit-  nd-Ireland. Thackeray took a drive on  a "Dublin car some distance into the  country. Milestones had recently been  creeled along the roads, and on each  'was .printed the number of miles, with  tho le.tcrs "G. P. O.," distances being  measured from the general postollice  Thackeray was unaware, of this, and Iii  his thirst for information asked the  carman what the letters meant. The  prompt reply was, "Cod preserve O'Con-  nell." Thackeray Relieved what .he was  told, but the incident only appeared tn  the first; edition of .his book.  She Did Not Believe in Them, but To-  Day She is Strong and Well.  Collingwood, Ont., Nov. 28. (Special)  ���Mrs. Thos. Adams, who moved here  about two years ago from Burk's  Falls, Is one of the many Canadians  who once had Bright's Disease and  are now strong ancl well. Like all tho  others, she was cured by Dodd's Kldnoy Pills.  "I was eight months an invalid,"  says Mrs. Adams, "and no one can  tell what I suffered. My doctor said  I had Bright's Disease and Sciatica,  but I got. no relief from anything he  gave me. At last a friend of my  husband induced me to give Dodd's  Kidney Pills a trial. I had no faith  In them, for I thought I never would  get, better, but after taking three  of thern I,was able to do my work. I  have liad good health ever, since I  used Dodd's Kidney,Pills."  SOLDIERS TO BE NAVVIES.  Canadian  Companies  Next...  Victoria, B.C.���An  Ottawa    special  says   Senator Domvillo  will   move  at  Uie next session for an insurance investigation  in  Canada.  I  was ��� cured   of a  severe   cold   by  MINARD'S  LINtMENT.  Oxford,  N.S. R. IT.  TIEWSON.    ���  *   I was cured of a terrible sprain by  MINARD'S  LINIMENT.  FRED   COULSON.  Yarmouth, N.S.     '       Y. A.* A. C.  I -was cured of Black Erysipelas bv  MINARD'S  LINIMENT.  Inglfesville. .1.  W. RUGGLES.  clerks,* the book-keopers, the skilled  mechanics who have panonweil us  and you will find, that tin' '"���'"���'lw  treatment is all and ttiou; l.-']'m la  claimed for It, and ili.it if ,1S tllS  "stitch" a,drinking man noed * t0 save  property, reputation, f.iiiiiiy. siiiilu ,  and even life itself.  Write today, now, and ia?t  the nee  issary Information about it-  133 Osborne St.,   Fort   Hougo,  WINNIPEG-  A  grain  barge  with  50,000 bushels  on hoard was sunk Brockville.   *  The Canadian Pacific Railway have  announced low rate Excursions from  Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan  to Vancouver and Victoria, B.C., and  to points in ihe Okanagan Valley,  which will undoubtedly be taken advantage or hy those desiring a milder  climate. The tickets aro on sale Doc.  1st. and 2nd, "15th and 101b, and January 51h and nth, and good to return  within th'-ee months.  Japan Wii! Utilize Troops in Building  ��� ��� Railways.  Ottawa.���Mr. Alexander . MacLean,  Canadian commercial agent at Japan,  reports to the department that the  ending of the war has produced a resumption of railway building. It is  proposed to got the necessary labor  from the disbanded troops returning  from the front. There is, he says, a  combination between- sugar refiners  and private-owned railways. Indeed,  combinations and high capitalization  seems to be the order of the day."  My MacLean says that the insurance disclosures in New York have  affected insurance business in Japan,  and the Canadian companies have  been hit among the others.  When all other corn preparations  fail, try ilolloway's Corn Cure. No  pa'.ihy-whatever, and no inconvenience  in using it; ���'"...  .'.-'���  Going   Back: to  Palestine.  St. Petersburg.���Dispatches from  Southwestern Russia indicate that  the Zionist movement has been given  a powerful impetus by the anti-Jewish  disorders. Hundreds',of Jewish families are leaving or preparing to leave  for Palestine. Three hundred sailed  from Odessa on one steamship recently. .   '  The Governors Wife a Prisoner. ���M��. O.  *.. Van ty-uven li the wife of thi, governor of the  county jail.yNi.pf.iion. Ont.. nnd wan tt .great fulferer  from rliouniHtlHrn. When .tho best doctors In the  community iui.1 *'<iiif.(,l'uli.��lfl" fnilod to help hor; ��ho  liiirio.l lier "(.elitism of ;proprietory romedieH und  purelir.-,'jd South America" Khc-umtitic Cure. -1 hot-  ties cured her.���I'J ,'  Madrid.���Official circles here expect King Edward will visit Madrid  in May, following Emperor William's  visit to this city in April.       ;  Sunlight Soap in "bettor than othor soaps,  bat is best when need in tho Sunlight way.  Buy Sunlight Soap and follow directions.  Coliivol, 1'IIIh.  Andrew Wilson, tho well known naturalist and writer. In commenting ou  Culpepper's  "Complete  Method,"  published in Iti.")2, shows how this enabled  a man to "cure himself, being sick, for J  threepence   chin-go.   with   such   things I  only as grow in  England, they being |  most iit  for' English  bodies."    "John,  Wesley practiced music."   Wilson eon- j  tlnues.    "His system wns not strictly '  limited to vegetable simples.    Wesley i  prescribed boiled carrots as an cxclu- |  sivo diet for a fortnight for the cure of  asthma' aud recommended, baldhcaded  people to wash their vacant spots with  a decoction of boxwood.   For bleeding  from the lungs or stbmiieh, the juice  of nettles is orderedyand for an ague  six pills of middling size of cobwebs."  a ncKimi'iit <>f i.��i<*r'''  ' Four hundred juiing Spai'11*" gal'  lants, each wo-Vim,' a dM-nctae  badge, recetulv .i*-.--*>mbk'd at a (fit.tm  spot near Barcelona to meet on<* any.  The lady did not nppo.ir. A�� "l,,cr'  tisement In a local piip'-r.l'.id p-'11" lI1;11  a young and weiiHliy Amend" W  desired to meet n Sp.'inl-h t;**" .�������-"  with a view to niatrlm"M} u^ .  applied, and each was m.nlud tint  had been selected.  The    Mum.  The uumb'-r of si his ^Nd'^  naked eye  Is fewer  11-m 'i.1"'"  number  of st:ir-i   visible fower  to tlie  Tlio  iliiDuph the  largest telescope H prnb.il-ly not  than 100,000,0(10.  Anilx-r.  Amber   burns   "ill'   >''   l'*1'  flume with a good deal of bl.u*k ���>���  j ollow  moke,  evolving an agreeable odor ..-  ing a black mass u�� t.irh���� ",'1" , ,01  is about 70 per cent  c.irh" ���'".X  per cent each  Amber is  in alcohol ...._  ly contains iiiscdsAt must b:'^(  a  viscid -liquid-'when- Ilif'sc  trapped to- tbeli*'des1rli<:ti<��.*-  each of liydrpgcii mv' ���� <;  ; in" fossil gum. pi.irtl.v- ">W  I and other.,Since it n^l ^  boon  wore en-  For Coug'hs and Colds. ^ MOYIE   LEADER  u--J"  A DANISH   BOARHOUND.  MOYIE, B. C.  He Wan u Jeuloux llrule mid Cuicful-  ly Guarded  IIIh MiKtr.-Nx.  During a visit to a fneud in the  country Sir Henry Hawkins hod an adventure with a boarliound which he  describes in bis "Reminiscences:"  There was an enormous Danish boar-  hound which had, unperceived by us,  followed  Mrs.  Harlstoue from  the 11-  i .nid Interesting case has just    brary.     He  pushed  by  without cere-  -        uiony and proceeded until he reached  the  lady, v.*hov was some dlbtawe in  |lTi',nlroiiit'laid down the rule that   advance.    lie then can-fully took the  For Croup  DECIDED BY LAW.   "  Can Be So Fire  Unfeaa There  ',here      JJe Flume  or  Glow.  A no*(>1  cult  ,'!J!|'.'hV,'Jiit.iueous combustion may be-  rZ mi Lipid as to produce fire tbe  ��uiw.twn cannot be said to be fire  ntii it l��'s ��ctna"-v developed into a  "Lv oi ��.'iuc. The opinion was in the  yf the Western Woolen Mill ��m-  Cy of ''J'fjpcka. Kan., against the  NoilJicni of London, on  appeal from  dtf-iW  eoHinaii.v.  TLe Northern Issued two policies of  fisuLiutc for $3,300 on a quantity of  ! ��ool sto'ied in ihe warehouse of (he  woolen coiupimy in Topeka. Tbe, build-  .,,., vas  submerged   by, the   Topeka  jwrfs ui M��y. 1W& a,ld, Vie wooJ was  After   being   sub  nmifiuclilv   wet.      After   being  L?llj for I'Wic days'Uie jvatcr sub-,   ha��� given myself credit for.  Ijcd and Hu* "ool was spread around       wuie  J  was  wondering   what   the  ::.;, tllllt ihc* evidence did not, fchow    Sontly to lbe oilier side ,of die lawn  ,Ut mo wool  ^UB.dJimpgwl  by, ^ra    fn,d leavo me without' doing the h*ast  ���Aitiiiii t'la nieanliig of that term  sis . barm. ���  = 1 in l'w policy Of Insurance.        i. **'* ����� being led away Mrs. llail-  TiW iiillng was. upheld'by the court    Btone ��aW: "Do ma��cl,r ��� ha WIS,ll?Ci-  ofapiwaN    Judge Garland,, rendering    ne Js Jealous-of your talking to, me.  anil tills Is also the "popular meaning '*ge<1     ....  Sa to the1 word,, - The;policies >e J ed?yith his performance.  contractu, r��ud  iu .their inferpreta'tioii ,���    , " ' '  Uie words, employed "must', be 'given-! -;', ^���   ^OUR ^DAILY TASK.      -  ifiplr  ordinary . popular0" slgnificatioii.'"���    ���'   "'��� "~r"*    ' ' ,  ���%��*  as   a'niLl   ��ber; beca,mei: *?��Z?^%.��!^ T  ild a, to'produce a flaihVor glow,   "SrorKMn results wbelber jou con e to  'nd hence, within the meaning ,ot the .^��UI\ ���*- e,vor>' U^, -��� \  !,    >"  -word''fi.e- as'used In the "policies of   powers intact, villi a 1 your   acuities  . '  .         ��� ������ ���X���   T .,.,���,.     up to,-the standard; whether you come  ,,'usii.ance. there wm, no.fire. '-Insur- ;^m ^ eitIre.mn\1, so tlnlt >pu can  anceiress.       ..- ]X_'  X   '<   \ j 'fling jypur whole life iiito 'your ta.-;k, or  l with <only a part of yourself; whether  V you1 do" your work as al giant or as a  pygmy'. Most people bring only a small  The Mexican  Bridegroom. _      ������'. J  Tlie budegroom'hi-Mexico finds mar  , rlage a very costly business.   lie is ex* .,,.,,      ���-,  ! pected to buy the trous-aeau.'and ho is tpart of themselves to then- tasks. hah9j  1 -L oin u* i,�� onV-'iniisfv. i\m estrava.   cripple much of their ability by Irregular living, bad habits in eating and injurious food, lack of sleep, dissipation  "forlnuato if he can satisfy, the extrava  gance sanctioned .by ' custom . and  prompted "by ardent,'passion.    Young  die 'of 'their choice, and, the'spectacle, A a large part is somewhere else. They,  thev present as IheyWnsuIt (he ineas- .'left their energy where they were try-  urcmeuts. 'wliicb they carry with.tlie.n, ing.to have a good time, so that they  for all  sorts   'of- garments,' tis "v.ery -, bring-.weakness.,instead of power, In-  ' difference and dullness instead' of ���en-  amubin*'  ,b  thusiasm and alertness, to the perform-  Now Jersey Jn  which'nestles  a  known as Culver's pond.   "    ''���' -X  lake  odd Geoicrnphicni nivi��ion.. _    '-fance;'of the, most important.'duties of  r Tlie range of .the" Blucu Ridge* mo'iin-   their'lives.  The man who comes to bis  tains in 'Pennsylvania "iS "'divided -by. a    work in the morning udrefreslied, la'n-  rlver every twentj'.-scven miles' as.foP yguid'and HsOess cannot do a good, hon-  \'lo\rs: From  the��,Susquehanna,-tonhe   est day,*s work, and If he,drags rotten  1 SwaL-ira, 27 miles; from^the .Swafarn    dajjs Into the year how can he expect a  to the'Schuylkill,"27, miles';"from*,tbq>sound" career or.,a successful achleve-  Schuylkill to the Lehlgli,*-27 miles; ��rpn$ * ment? Jy"     ���    ^     '  ' '   .' \u   *  Uie Lehigh to the 'Delaware, 27,- lnflcs" ���''''   Good .work is no't entirely a question  At the npxtl27,nl'ii6s"is a 'hollow" of f-of will "power.- Often this Is Impaired  " bya low.physical standard. ,The quality of tlie work cannot, be up to high  water mark when every faculty, every  .function and 'every bit of y(piir ability  Is affected-by your physical and mental  condition.' You may be sure that jour  weakness, wliiitever its cause, will appear In your day's work, whether it ,1s  making books or selling tlicm, teaching  school or studying, singing or painting,  chiseling statues or digging trenches.���  Orison Swrett Marden In Success Magazine  "  Pensioning JniTsfcu In EnRlnnil.  It is considered au essential condition of the English court system that  the judges shall be absolutely independent financially; that their salaries  shall be so large and provision for their  future shall upon their retirement be  so ample they need at no time of their  service have any monetary 'anxiety.  There are' now no fewer than eight  ex-judgos in -receipt ,of total pensions  amounting to $121,GU2.IjO a year. A  judge who continues on the bench after completing fifteen years' service  really does his work for ��7,299.75 a  year,' the difference between his salary and pension. The lord chancellor  Is entiUed to a pension of $24,332.50 a  year for life, however short his tenure  of the chancellorship.  <CR Onf*i REWARD will  vJ>.V),VJVV be puul to any  person who proves thnt  Aunlifrht Soap conlainu any  injunoun chemic.ils or any  lorm ot' adulteration.  is a perfect cleaner and will  not injure anything.  Best for all household purposes, Sunlight Soap's superiority is most conspicuous in  tlie washing of clothes.  Common soaps destroy  the painted or varnished  surfaces of woodwork and  take, the color out of clothes.  Even the daintiest linen  or lace, or the most, delicate  colors may be safelyjwashed  with Sunlight Soap in the  Sunlight way (follow directions). A  Equally good with hard  or soft water.  Jour money refunded by the dealer  'rem whom you buy Sunlight Soapif you  Und any cause for complaint.  ttver Eroth��r.i Limited. Toronto  The Ivinpr oC Korea.      '      ,  Only the king of Korea may raise  goats or have round columns and  square.rafters to his house or -wear a  coat of brilliant red. Only the king  may look upon the faces of thc queen's  hundreds of attendant ladies or have  any building outside of which there  are more than three steps. Four steps  would be high treason and would cost  their owner a traitor's deaUi.  Ilia aiintiikeit ItlenA  "But, my dear." remonstrated Mr.  Moekun, "there's a good deal to be said  on botli sides."  "No, there Isn't," answered bis  spouse. "I've told you what I thluk  about it, and that's all that Is going to  be said."  The   IleiiHon.  Ethel���What did you say to papa last  night? Ferdy���N-othlng. I was so  scared that I didn't open my mouth.  Ethel���Oh, that accounts for it! lie  said you Impressed him veiy favorably I  A thousand times listen to the counsel of your friend, but seek it only  once.���Ilardy.        ,   .  ���'-,...'������..     Olxliiiice*  nt' Sen.  That  man   Was   laugluAi   at  who  on  ' his  first  voyage  said   that   tbe  ocean  idid not. look so large as he supposed  ' it would,"but* ho was'not alone in ex-  ! pcrieucitig  disappointment:   The  bor-  ! izon at sea gives no idea of the lim-  ' lt'less water beyond.   A sea captain declares that the average landsman can-*  'j not see more than ten miles from the  j ship   in   any   direction,   and   it  would  have to be a mountain or some stationary object for liini to be able to distinguish it    The masts of a ship ar*��  ' said to b�� visible to the naked ai** Rrt  mora than fly* miles.  . .  r���~--  And    Insist   on  Having    the  Medicine  Time-Tested  skirt of ber dress with his mouth and  carried It like an accomplished liam  hearer until she reached tlio bottom of  the stairs and the garden, when he let  go the dress and gazed as an luU-iest-  ed' spectator.  *  But  before0 we  parted    from    Mrs.  Ilarlstone and while I was talking to  Dr. Chases'Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine  It is not a question of whether you I Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Tur-  will need a treatment for coughs,' pentine. It cured my son of croup,  colds and croup in your    home,    but   absolutely, in one night. We gave him  LONDON  IN A FOG.  f Klei il court iii'lCa'usas, where the her r fel* my band in the bonrboiind's  |C ma wis in favor of the Insurance mouth, 'and a pretty capacious mouth  L'C1''1       " ,    It was, for,I seemed to touch nothing  but bis formidable f.ingi. So sofi was  the touch of his fangs that I was only  just conscious my hand was in his  mouth by now and then the gentlest  reminder. I knew animals too well to  attempt to -withdraw it, and I preserved a'calm more wonderful than I could  the question is, will you select the  most effective medicine, or simply be  satisfied to take whatever your druggist happens to hand out to you?  Time' and experience have proven  that you'can depend on Dr. Chase's  Syrup of', Linseed and .Turpentine at  such times.       ^ s  It is only necessary to remember  this whon the critical time comes,  and to Insist on getting what you ask  for. y *.'   \  Should you have' children who are  subject to croup, you had better keep  a bottle of Dr. Chase's Syrup ot Linseed and Turpentine In the house, for  when the choking spasm comes on  there is little time to send for doctor  or medicine. ���  Mr. Wm. McGee, 49 - "Wright .Ave,  Toronto, Ont,, writes:       <0  " There is no remedy in my opinion  that can act more promptly than Dr.  a dose when he was black in the face  with choking. It gave him instant relief and cure."  It seems scarcely necessary; to  dwell on the merits of Dr, Chase's  Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine as  a. cure for croup, bronchitis, whooping cough, etc. most of us; havo  known It from childhood up. It is  almost as familiar as Dr. Chase's Receipt Book.  Being pleasant to the taste,' it is  rea'dily taken by children. Because it  brings quick'relief to the sufferer  from asthma, "bronchitis, whooping  cough "and all the-most serious diseases of the throat and lungs,, it is  invaluable as a household medicine.  25 cents a bottle, at all dealers. '  COTTON   PLANT   REOPENED,   y  4,000 Out of 9,000 Idle Looms at  . Valley-field Put in Operation.' .  Montreal. ��� The Montreal Cotton  Company to-day reopened the entire  Oanlt 'section of Hs big'plant at Val-  leyneljl, "and placed'in operation 4,000  but ,of tin* 0,000 looms contaln6d In the  The-company hope to have all the  looms in operation before (bo end of  the year. > ,  INDIANS    INDEPENDENT.  Minard's    Liniment r Cures   Garget in  Cows. > , , ,   y A,  Garrison Leaving Halifax.  .^Halifax, N.S.���The' Dominion Jiner  Kensington has arrived,to, take away  700 officers, men and families of the  Imperial garrison, including the'royal  garrison artillery.* They will i embark,  at once, and then there will -be only-  two hundred imperial-troops in the  garrisom General Parsons and staff  and ihe royal engineers will remain  for the present.      . *:. ���      ���' "  ',    -; i-       .      '   ���".' '  f' i i  Cntarrh and Colds Relieved in* io to 80  Minutes.���One short pull ot the _bient,U through  the bl<��w��r Rupplied with ench bottle of Dr. Aiynew'fll  Cnlfirrhnl Po*tier clltfn��i.H thin powder o\*��r the Jiaiul  ph^uro-. Paiulai.. and delightful to~"t-o. i Ir'reliPves  intt.iiitlj.iuid iieimuiicntty lure-* tittftirh. liaj f^.^r.  cold... hfudi.Uio. HOre throuL. tointlitid and ileufneul  N>��!iibi.-tt i S  '���     ' , ",  London. ��� Ambassador Whilelaw  Reid has contributed $500 to Queen  Alexandra's fund for the unemployed,  which now amounts ..to 3400,000.  Minard's   Liniment 'Cures   Diphtheria.  v      ,        TH'E  SJARFIS^:,  T  1 " a ,       j'  ThI��NPc-call)ir  Crc-nliire   Cnn   Neither  y i  I'Sec,  lleur Xor Smell.    ,  Unlike man. the starfish which loses  .one of its ���'arms.",or properlyjts rays;,  grows a new one to takeMtVpiaec. ''Un-,  tier certain conditions it grows, two to  take'the place.of one." A starfish n3ay  lose a'll .its rayswithout losing its-life,  and verj often a cripple withbuf a'siu-  ,Mle raja,left ,is 'found fiyVfishcrmei/'ajid  collectors. When completely broken in  two,the starfish becomes two distinct  tish, and the growing process continues. Tho.brittle starfish, it is believed,  in many instances breaks off its own  rays at the approach of .danger. For  this reason ir is difficult to obtain a;perfect specimen.   ;  A starfKh can neither secmor hear.  Neither has it thc senie of smell. In  spite of these seeming impediments,  iiMertholess**. it seeks and devours its  prey as neatly as an ordinary fish. The  starfish lies upon its prey and folds its  -'arms," or r;i>:., completely about it.  Tbeii it pushes ifs stomach out through  its mouth and will wri'p even a large  oyster and ^hell within the folds of the  stomach. The mouth of the starfish is  in the center of its rays.  Some gieat ships are today employed,  '.ilinost wholly in seeking for starfish  specimens in deep seas, and there are  hundreds of men who spend a portion  jf their time in collecting slarli^h in  the intciosls of science Many of tho  ���.pcclmpiis collected by ships are taken  from depths of oue and even two miles.  Farmed   Successfully This  Year,  and  ,Are  Self-Supporting.  The,���iron. David Laird, Indian commissioner? states "fhat the condition of  the government wards in the Canadian west is very 'satisfactory, and  the indications are that'the,"Indians  will spend a comfortable 'winter,    in  it-    * -^ '  fact one of the best for many years,  provided,no epidemic breaks out on  Lhe reserves. He .has. no-.pflicial Ja-r  fonnfltton as to, whether Little .Beai  and'Ills band] of Cr'ees, who tied '.to  Montana" after' the" Riel, rebellion, but,,  .who"were piepaiing'to return'to Canada, ' had crossed tho border. '- Mr.  ^.aird, slated* uiat be bad beard sorat  rumor to Uie effect-that'the > Indians  considered that 'they were-not' offered  ���flleicnt inducements'- and" Vouh"  therefpie not return'to,the Canadian,  reserye's, but* that "was th'eir own affair, ' and' they l(could please 'themselves-. The government had once before fallen1 info the error of assisting  members' of Little B1 ear's band back  tb Canada, but lhe crowd had-,return  ed to the United States in,the spring.  They'ha'd this fall been offered permission to,.,come('back,yt6 Canada, and  ho tendered the came consideration  as other reserve "Indians, and * that'  was at; Jar as'the government'felt inclined to go. < As the season was, now  far advanced,' he did not believe" that  tliey would attempt the long trail  from-Havre, Mont.,, to' Onion Lake  this (fall. - *:"_..*,       -".   '  l' In_ speaking of'the general ^ condition of the Indian ' population, '>" the  commissioner said: "There is now little ,}destitution among ;the Indians on  the~ western^ ( reserves. \ The policy  which has been pursued of encouraging them to 'leave" the chase' and  take to agriculture is1'working out  most* satisfactorily, thoughts ."development has b,eensslow. ''Their'former  instincts/were'all-for'the hasty process.to' kill and'eat/,and the*-waiting'  between tlie time of sowing -and harvest-for a crop, was tedious "business  for them. ' Then in years' past the  Indians on the nbithern reserves either because of late seeding or bad  management had' crop failures for  years in succession, and this had the  effect of making them quite discouraged with agiiculture. This year,  however, the crops have been uniformly good, and it will be easier to  interest them in the farming. Many  of the Indians around Qu'Appelle and  the Crooked Lake .districts tare very  successful ranchers and dispose of  considerable cattle in a year. This  has been a great help, as besides  providing cash for necessities 'during  the winter, it also furnished meat for  the cold spell.  "With the exception of some old  people and a few who are sick, the  department has not found it necessary to help any, and in the great  majority of cases now the Indians are  self-supporting. At some places this  self-supporting. At some places this  year the hay crop was a partial failure,,owing to there being so much  wet weather tliat it was difficult to  hai vest" it. . However, I think that  there will he sufficient for the winter's needs."  A "Weird Day ot Oenic Gloom In tlie  EnKHah Metropolis.  He knew his London well. We went  forth into a fog that -was of the pea  soup variety. It seemed useless to  wait any longer for it to clear off. The j  days were all alike and were darker ���  than twilight ever dared to be. I clung  to Prentice Mulford's coat sleeve, for  'I knew if he -were once to get beyond  my 'reach I could never hope to find  Uim again. We groped blindly among  the streets, -where the atmosphere was  only less palpable than the houses that  walled us in. At intervals we inquired  where we were, for otherwise we could  never have known at all. We had to  feel our way carefully and take soundings at intervals. "Here," said Prentice as we paused in space; "here is  Temple Bar." I thought I saw something that might have been'the ghost  of an arch hewn out of the solid fog.  The top of It, though It was not lofty,  was lost to view. Temple Bar, now  gone forever, from tbe place where Its  gates once swung in the wall of the  old city���it was here her gracious  majesty Queen Victoria of England  was wont to receive the keys of the  city from the hands of the lord mayors  wlien she drove in!state to St Taul's  cathedral. We threaded Fleet street,  but could not see to the farther shore.  "Here is her majesty's tower," said  Prentice, but nothing of it was visible,  not one stone upon another. We crossed' London bridge almost without  knowing It. The waters of ;tbe Thames,  which are'but condensed fog, were invisible from tbe parapet, and the steam  ferries were picking their way -cautiously and looking very like marine  monsters��In almuddy',aquarfum.' We  crawled through the tunnel for foot  traffic, under tlie Thames, which was  like a hole in the fog, - and for hours  carried the sky about on'our shoulders.  It was a woolly, greasy and 111 smelling  sky. i, Our nostrils were clogged'with  cinders, like' chimney flues, and there  were smudges" all over our, faces.  Sometimes for a -moment or two we  saw'a spot overhead that'was like a  pale red .wafer, and we knew it for  the sun, now-lost "to us. The lamps  that ��� burned all (lay. were like, glowworms for dimness, and so we explored the wonders of' the town and saw  as much of it as,a"bllnd man sees/but  no more.���Charles, Warren* Stoddard in  National Magazine.   "       ,,',,:   It is a fatal waste of time to trifle with snuffs, powders,  inhalers, or other dangerous^nostrums, with thc idea of curing  Catarrh of the Stomach. Once Catarrh has - reached ' the  stomach it can only be eradicated by creating pure,  rich blood. Catarrh is a germ disease. The stomach and  intestines become nests for myriads of these tiny germs. Local  applications have no effect on them.    They must be driven out   the stomach cleansed, thc blood purified,  the system toned  up. "Psychine" will positively cure the worst form of  Stomach Catarrh, by purifying the blood, cleansing the  stomach, and destroying germ life. Thousands have been  cured of thc prevalent malady, through this remarkable discovery,   "Psychine."    Druggists recommend it.  GREATEST    OF   ALL.   TONICS  (PRONOUNCED SI-KEEN)  ALL DRUGGISTS-ONE DOLLAR-TRIAL FREE  DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited,  179 King Street West^ Toronto, Canada  SENTENCE- SERMONS.,  i Killing time is a sure way of spoih  Ing character.      *���   - s ���  -   Reverence Is the foundation of lasting love. **   *   *  Hatred often comes from^nly knowing half of, a-Wan. < . '-   '".'"    .  The sease" of duty Is, a sign of the  divine dn man.1   ,  The only sure/thing about a lie is that  It will never die.    ,,      ,*-    ' A \'  ./it Is hard "for the leek to, see why  people prefer tho lily.  ,-Many mistake their dreams about  heaven for deeds^to lots up there..  \ After robbing Peter' to pay Paul a  man. usually forgets ��to'" settle with  Paul.' '���"- , ��� "-; ' - '' ' ���  ' There/is nothing,"prouder.than ignorance or more Ignorance than'prlde.'   ",  There vare some so called unpolished  gems that are not susceptible of being  polislied.'.' ���>,       -   "    "y*'"   '-  To make the best Bread  you must have the  best Flour.  Wlien the demgh is fiat, sour, heavy,  ���will not rise,���when the bread is  soggy, tasteless, indigestible���then  you have cheap and inferior fi'our.r  You may use pure fresh yeast,  faithfully adhere.,to the old-time successful bread making traditions, the  methods usually successful���but the  baking ' turns put badly���simply  because you haye not used, the right  kind of flour.  ���    Royal,Household Flour is purified ,  / and sterilized by.electricity, it is there-  1   fore uniformly pure and; '-wholesome.  ', ,, And becauseit is thoroughly purified ���  ^   it will yield a sweet, .wholesome,' light , \  ' \ sponge that will bake into 'flaky, deli-'  i' - ciousl->Wflavored, nourishing 'bread or*  i pastry.        : ��� .   ^    ,    ," tt^'"*   ,(  11 .'. "It is' really the only absolutely pure  ' "flour you can get' >   -    O ,  "; Guaranteed   by   its" makers "and,  |. Branded   ,    .   .     '      -v    '  ,r  '..'' -��� ry^y���r���:���r  v '-. ,.x  Ogilvie's Royal Hotisebipld Flour.  'h  , '. f     y  ��������������������������������eao<�����)��o��i����������oo��o����a����������������������������������*����2  I If it is a Question of Warmth use S  i  j  X  . I, I  :  JE. By EDDY?S  * E*  Printers' Err��r��.  A reader,, forwards me a pleasant ad-i  dition to my^collection of printers' errors, .says T.P.'s L'ondon, Weekly. It  was told him by'the late C. Farquhar-  son Findlay, for some years editor of  the Dover Chronicle, as having happened'to him personally. He had occasion to write of the ��� "blind guides  who, strain at a gnat and swallow a  camel," which appeared in print as  "who strain at a quart and swallow a  canal." . t  Did any of my' readers notice, I .wonder, a delightful error of this kind in  one of the reviews, In which Sir Henry  Campbell-Bannerman was described as  "brandishing a mailed fish?" It rather  reminds one of the famous Spoonerism  about "feeling a half warmed fish in  your bosom."  S        'l It- Retains^ Heat and Keeps ttOut Cold;*-',a.  A 1 '    * ,-' ���... ��� ���      I   ..   ���   .       ��� \%-, ���  ,|" .'x'a -.,  Write*for Samples' and 'Prices1. :���" ��� ,-���- '*'>% y[.   ��� :*.-*���.���.  1  TBES & PERSSE, Limited, Agents; Winnipeg. if'X    ���,   [j r!  ' if-  TliroTrlnsf tlie HaiidUercliief.1  Statement copied from an old manuscript: "In the Foundling Hospital the  Boys are bound, apprentices, the Women when marriageable are conducted  in procession thro' ye streets," and any  1'oung Man who sees one He'wd wish  for a Wife is at liberty to mark Her ,by  throwing his handkerchief." The further formalities required previous to  matrimony arc not stated. Perhaps  this peculiar custom is the origin of  the expression "throwing the handkerchief."��� Nineteenth Century.  Icclnna  Mail.  When the wind blows from the south  and oue of the islanders of south Iceland wishes to communicate with tlie  mainland he puts bis letters Into a well  corked bottle, nud to insure their delivery he incloses at the same time a  plug of twist tobacco or a cigar. The  wind speedily Impels the bottle to tlie  shore of the mother Island, where people are generally on the lookout  Hovr Site Knew.  .Mrs. Jenkins���The moment'he kissed  me I knew he had been drinking. Mrs  Supple ��� You mean you smelled his  breath? Mrs. Jenkins���I mean that  Mr. Jenkins never kisses me except  when he has been drinking.  Unpleiiitint   Critieiam.  Mrs. De Style (exhibiting picture)���  You know, my daughter paints from  nature.   Critic���Far from it, it seems.  Qntle   OITM nil.  Stnndar���Did that deaf mute oratoi  mako a set speech? Doyle-^-No. H��  spoke offhand.���Cleveland Leader.  The Prenc.li  l'nrtridfre.  The French partridge must look Upon  the rabbit as ''.a true friend, for the  bird has no compunction in making use  of its, burrow* as a place of refuge in  times of necessity.    ..''���"���"  MAGNIFICENT  Hue Fox Ruff  H0. MONEY   REQUIRED  Tlilnlc of It. a tMftutlful Ruff of Blue Fox. the mrwt  fawhlonabte fur worn, given absolutely free Such &n  oiler *na never made brfore. Tho ooly reason wa cnn  afford to do it Is that no arranged for ihoto hftndiome  purs during the dull leas in in the summer and (tot them  nearly at cost. Thu Buif Is 41 inchta Loiw nearly  A inches wldo. mode cf the fcandtomest Blue Foe Pur.  very rltb, soft and fluffy. It Is warmly padded, lined n 1th  tbo sam4 shudoof rat n and ornameuted with four long  talis of Blue Fox alao. Such a handsome Fur has Eevtjr  befcre boon given away, and you can Retitnooasy. Just  ucud u* your nunc and tuldreas, plainly, and %o wlU mall  you 2 doz. sat* of ^ ���,  Picture Posf>Cards  to Mil at 10c. a set (4 cards to a set.) They are beantifclly  colored, all the rafift�� and veil like hot cakes. Buch an  opportunity was n��ver offered beforo to tha women and  F-rlrls of Canada. You couldn't buy ani thing Iu the Fur  Stores thnt *ouldlooV richer, bo more becoming or more  styllwh, and rememtwr, it wont cowt you uu�� coni. Writ*  to-day W�� trust you and send the P|rtur�� Poet-Cards  postpaid, coloulal ArtCo,D��i>t   186  Toronto  Lady'i or Oent'l  :e*:e&:es:e! to -sroxri  Sflnd us %o��ir tiime aud ndUre��, and you ��iU rocelre Fas* o< Arraori.L,a oarosl co��-  Uinhiff 12*Rlnrfs and 13 Thimbles {Our IdOd pattarqs) msde of Keil Aluminium.  Thoy are bea ltifutlr enamellad in coloun, and smboaaad wlin the msoriptlons  " &i\K<nk.' * Good iu��JL/ etc     They are llshter and toushftr than real 5%In#rtftloU* sold at  1/6, and ucror tn.rtu��h ,,  WE   TRUST  YOU���NO   MONEY  HEQUIRED-  9>i>ll the 3( articles at 8a��nta eaoh^maklnr^tl^H a^tpjeethsr, J^'phjorwardto t^J^*  w* will ien<I *   "      *"~     J"A-*'1  yeurn, or oth  At your choic*.   l   COLO & CO.,  the 3( articles at uaenta estin, mnnuu ��*.*-*�� ��iif ��iair, "iuon ioctuu w�� u��. ��****  11 lend you at once, \* a rfwird. a M&.tfalcld4At Xi<iv��r watch, (rn*ranU��d roc t  or other Praaonta ot Hltfh-claas JftWellary, trkloh you can relect from oultHsU  No, 2, Th* Watch House, Do!am*re Craaotnt, London, W.t England*  ��     FOR       f  THC TRADE OFTHE GREAT WEST  UNION  MADE.  OVERALLS,  SMOCKS a���d SHIRTS  IVIacie -to F"I*fc  ���.*,-.. and'  ���VI said o  to \^/e&a  Brigrnilier SUsrar Cake.  The late General Maximo Gomez  once caught'one-pf his brigadiers selling hrown sugar-to the Spaniards. Gomez'stripped the traitor of his stars  and said, "From this time forth, you  are Brigadier Raspadura." which,  translated, is Brigadier Sugar Cake.  You will never have Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing Qualities In  your Workina Clothes until you wear  "King of the Road" Brand  ASK   YOUR   DEALER.  "Ryrie"  Silver-Plated  Ware  Wearing* quality should  be tha chief consideration  in selecting- silver-plated  tableware���and then  comes beauty in desig-n.  Plate from Diamond  Hall's own factory practically equals solid silver  in its effect, both as to  durability and artiulic  merit.  For $3.00 we will send  prepaid one dozen teaspoons in a favored Old  Bcglish pattern.  W    IM    U    rvio   568 -. I'  <ry*  ���   If   },',  > J      '  'Xx'.t  V ��� ',<��� 1   ">  . "$���"' i  :?1p  .   *���:?'.,  ���  -mi  i "Mil  ���* v* it'.!  .^-.''iS'i'w  .j. jt.,'.'*,  '^i'*Flviw"i . .  ,*t ti.'?* ; ['  y''M^ ������  if mix  '".jsi'sli;!   '  ,'^V'-^||  r&l'Sml  '('ni'O.  �����  ���fry1     ���  ���\   :>, > I'rfMpJ*  v v      i j>m6|'-p*?  *-*.*       a *,   - -TJ*% ft  . - -r ' r.ii|l-3i''  < t a\- mdm  ���rr >;A-^f  ^ ,iI,%rp)MV'|  Vftf f' li  V.-4  'i js* �����; p.  ��� iJ Ai I  i -*-.&M tt  -W-'V r.T-  ;.)   ��J   LHST-  XA\ Ui  **T --rl -\'l.  "' ��' it*1!'  'T ,'}AM  y tXM  * ^ tyl  ����� .ij i$  ^t!   (7.li  M'...  "Ui  ���i'i  *   r1'  tHH fiullii LEADER.  A  ��� em'ie-iini ��a- accorded hni,  and   be  -.rote Jit ihefi'Ot of tbe li.it:  =.'-.., -.��� -   ��L^L=i .r      ���   i     John Smith, jeweler, ?3,  I  itilifhe-1 in tb.* mtert-t-- of tin pi-upii* I     T, Euton Co   0.  oi .Vluyii' and E.i.-t ivootem**,'. ]     R0bi. Sirnpi-ou  Co., 0.  ���=-���-^=---_-=ir.^- . .���_ =r-rz--- z���- ~r    =_=   _       .pj)(;j  c]lllri.{]     j,e. itilc"   8UW    the    point  wiitn lbs* miniiier rt- id inun the   pul-  '  ii! th'* lint of   doi.'J)*-.  to   lhe  building  ;2<ji'   iui.il.     Since   tin*   didication   of  tbe  -    t-Jiu oh   there   have    bi en    uo    m��il  , .Jidda st,*nl -out from ("..t town.  MOYIE  F   4. SMYTH A** CO.,  Publish, r^.  BATK��. OF iVLbtKU'TIOS.  O im Year....  SATURUAV, DEC   i'.l,  1'."*.  Merry  Cliri--.lm.ii !  The Lord   Imtcs   u   li.u-fcT  dirty backea-, pir.  ���rn'l   a  I Grip <J*ilckl3p Kuotiieil Out.  i ".*-'*.rve v,-*" ki: . go cHirioj-i the hevcrc  .Mine? .'.(.-jIIjui bi-:!i my i*. ife and my-  ��� ��M p-'nJ>-"*ted f-ce.-.-e c^>ld^^ which  ��� piedil} dt.^ eloped into Ibe worst kind  of la gnppe with all its nitscrable  i-yuiptonik," 3 iy- Mr. J. S. Egleston of  Maple Landing, Iowa. ' '^Ivnees and  joiuio- aching, niubdes soie, head  Hon. .Ki'chard McBride is t'asily' the J o.i'J/.ptd up, eyes and nose running,  most popular   premier   lnis  piovimiv. ! w::b   .llteinutc   spoils   of.cniils    and^  Stationery  Meets every Tuesda> evening in their  ball   on   Victoria   street.    Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  p. T. Smyth, F. J- PMVTH,  Noble Grand. Hpci'y.  <n  Sloyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71 W, F, of M.  Having   decided to close out my business in  S^n�����^^ 1 am offering my whole stock of  an; cordially invited to attend.  Tbis should be  a, merry  Chrif.tm.is  for everyone in .\fu.vift. '  lug ever bad,  i fever.    We bi'gan u.-ing Chambeilain'e  Gjuu'Ii Itemedy, uiding I be same   wilh  Tbe Ferpie Fiee Prer-s  ia out   with   i doso of Cb unberlain's Stomach   and  Wm J. Feltuam,  Pn-pideul.  Tiros. B. ICrLT/Y,  Secretary  For Christmas Presents don't  fail to   see  ,   '   our display for this week. '���,  an exceptionally' neat  1  gi.uvenir  edition. Alt   Kill  pro  best advertisement Ki'rnu* li'is b  a long time.   ' , ,  i  .���*������  In the 'police cmirt tbe  other day  -E. A. Hill, justice of Hie  peace, gave a  prisoner a well merited   c.illing  down  1   for cieati.ig a 'disturbance  and   using  obscene  language in   a .local  bmbor  *"     6h'op,    There are   men   who   lose all  '   'bense of deoency'when under  the. in-  -     ilu'ence of.liquor aud they uso the   vil-  * . ** '  eut epithets known ih   the, vocabulary  '/of man regardless of who happen to be  in their Clearing. Amongst other  things this man bud a particular  spile  "   againat* Canadians, and he was banded  some sound advice on this scoie,' 'riie  justice told him frankly that fair Can-  ada had no use for men of  bii  stamp,  ' *��� .  and tha'tif he did'not like   the   people"  ry *        . .. .    ,  here or their customs , tbe  quicker  he  . got outside,obits borders tbe better.'  .        *      * l i  '    'Collier's Weekly for somo' time Lhas  >���  been exposing the fake  patent  medicines of tbe country, has this to say:  ''' "So well  recognized  is  the  uso ,-of  ��� Peruna for its' alcoholic effects   that a  number of Southern papers advertise a  cure  for   tbe 'Peruna  habit."   -    - T  -    .    .   *-    '  �� '-;'Liquozoueis sulphurous  and .sul-  !.       *���' '-  , phuric acids (coirosivo poisons)   heav-  i>      -      '  ily dilluted; that is all.    Will,tbe com-  1   pound destroy, germs'in* the . body?'  A  .  ���"*   "        -  *-      .-��� ^ f  scrieo of testa   conducted answers   the  <Ziue8tidn iu this summary :    'To sum-  ''-'uiaHze, we .would eay  that, Liquozone  ������h.is no curatiye effect, but  did; when  given in pure  form, lower   '��ho  leais-  tauce of the animald so that tli<*y  died  a little earlier than those uot treated."  Wi  ,,,? ',.'}-. .'',vc   L^er Tab', ei*., imd   bv   its  liberal  use;  ni?; (fi  ,t    i -loon p qvmpleti-ly    knocked   out_   the j  . jnp "    Tin -a tiibloi0 piomott- a  heal���  ,,r   tbj'of lhe bowel.1-,   liver  and'kidneys  ha  j which i-i beui'ficial   when ' thu  system  i is i-ovisti &ied by a cold ora'tiu-k  oi the  ! gilp.    For 'bale   by tho   Moyie Drug  and ^Ulioo'cry St'oro.    "*��� "  mm..  I .WCill    h|,J  tla'iJ  .fi��GYIE AERTE NO. 855  Oil  Chrl.-iliuiif. Kxouinloiie S"lii. C. I*. Tt.  The'Canadian pacific railway announce daily low excursion rates, first  clas-i-s, with tbieo months' limit, from  all'-Kootouay aDd Crow's Neet points,  to all poi.nts in Eapiorn Canada. . The  nil.' from 'Moyie to Toronto and all'  points in Ontario, except nonh of  Gravetfh'urst'and<���west. of Pembroke,  Montreal und any, pointf west in Province of Quebec, $65 10; Quebec ' is  HZO; St. John, IT, B���'$14,50 'higher  than t Montreal, wilh 'corresponding  rates to other points east of Montreal.  For passengers taking advautage of.  Xmae sailings to England specially  low rates'' will -be _ quoted .to  Atlantic  seaboard.   Full   particulars,   standard  i >  or tourist sleeper  reservations, can be  had on application to J,'S.   Carter,  D,  P. A��� Nelson'.      , -" ���   .  " JL  ioras-'ai once  .ileets on the  f.n-t *mi Uim.i   Wulucs-  'day of eucii-montii   at S P. M.  E A. HILL, J. H   UVrVKE,  Worthy Pred.      f.     Worthy, Beor'y,  ��*>  The/,.Moyie, Drjg, '&& ,Stationery./ Store.  Harvey   &   McOarter,  1 ',    ���    '' ���  Barristers, Solicitors; Notaries, Etc.  o '������ /  Cranbrook,   -  B.  0.  t '��    .      ,       ,  '������UJ;!1    L   'J --  1 ' . ' ' '  JJAKKISTE^t, SOLICITOR, ETC.  Keeently a church congregation   in  a little Biitisb Columbia town built   a  i      ,  now church.   To pay for.it they   were  ,   Christmas) Holiday Katrg.'     ,  For, the Christmas holidays the  Canadian Pacific railway will i*sue  licketd to and fiom all 'stations Port  Arthun'to Vancouver and including  branch lines, (aud Kootenay steamer  linee) at rates fare and one third' return. - These excursion ticket." will be  on sale December 22nd, 23rd 24th and  ,25lh and December 29th, 30th, 31 ��t,  .Jau. ]at, good for,return ,till .January  3rd, 1906. for rates, etc,,'apply to  any C, P. 11. a cent', or. write 'J. S.  Carter, D, P. A. Nelson, B.C.    ,   *  TEL'-' lady'Barber Sho?"  ,   ' Under,. New   ,    '  r      ' Management.   '  *     '_.--,-������.       _  The Dining'Koom  is   now ,,open,  tbe  Bar ,'is,newly  supplied,-and       i  t       p every eff^it^will be made'  X  , to give satisfaction.  ,    '  ( - i  J. A.' GOUPILL, .Propr.  ,    MISS LINDELL, Proprietress.  First Class'" Work.    BUb".Booms ii  CRANBROOK.  B. C  uiotnin  OuS'.  . Linden  "3"'    '       <?S i   " 'ft  wear, lop Shirts, Sweat-  and every thins:" to ]be found ina first classGentg  Furhishing^Store ';       ,   _       ��� - '     '  VrcTOIUA ST.  -   QruuectiOD.  ytroTiE:  JForSalo. ., *  - I.      '  The place known as  the   Dill   milk  raneb, 320 acrea, good barn and bouse,  Apply''to "     ' ,  ' 'J.VE., Crowe, Moyie, B. C.  '*i ? t  ASSAYlSJb  NELSON,  J. C  , NOritlE.  Should tbe mill ofjthe Moyie Lum-'  lier Company not operate this season,  it is my intention to opi*n a lumber  yard in Moyie in tbe spring. Prospects for tbe winter do not {warrant it  obliged to call upou the merchants' of j it present, butnthose   desiring  lumber  the   communiiv   lor  iJonAiions.    Tbo J n'ow wi]1 cio weU to*sce nle'  ,     ,      , "���',.��������� , H. CAMERON,  merchants    responded   liberally    and j _ r  $300 was raised from.tlii^ source.    Tbe I  last man asked to subscribe was   John  Smith, a jeweler,   "I will give   you $5  Tel  IK  if you will lot  mc'1 add  something   to  tbe subscr'ption  list,"  be said.    The |  TN   THE    COUNTY    COURT    OF  EEST   KOOTENAY    PJ OLDEN,  AT CRANBROOK.  In l'rolmto, '  i    Notice is horf-by given Unit on the eiglitti dny  j of No*.ember, 1005, it hus ur'lored by I'. IC, Wil-  I-on, n*-f|��� JiiAifo of the said Court, that Jnmch  ��jo    Kciru*.ju Attrstiong, Oilu-ial vdrainistrutor for  . that vortilu of the County of Koolcuuy includ-  ' .'I luiliis niu Tltutornl Uistnct of Cranbrook.  ' be nui.um-tr.itor ol all nnO -*iu!."ilar tbe Ci.ta-.-j  ' of rruiik William -smith, 'Kcci.i-ei! iutCBtate,  K-.eij pvr.on uiditiUd to s��.i"l ilecc a��ed is re-  j��; I (lauct to iiuulC pavmenl   forthwith to the  uu-  |-i      I.   s.,r.M.  {$       1 .(.r\ f.o-sou havnii; in iJOt-seipioii  I'llVi*.*! be-  ^t    loiij.m; io tl.c ilcct-iiscd is rcqulr.cl fonhwith to  ���itX.il> li.u m.ilorsi(ji.(.d,  3.*..jr.\ creditor or other j.crsO'i hftiini' anv  il.u.j upon or niteicst In the disttibntlon of  th-* lm'i.*.'* of lliu eaid deceased is reiimred lo  -end h"Ioi..' the loth Clay .if j'air-iarv liext. l.\  rCL'Ibfn*.! letter, nildrei-serl to the undersigned,  i.i* iii'-inc and address and the full j.artlculars  of his claim or liuerri't, and �� Ftfttemeut of liib  NEBBED  Annually, to fill'thc new poM'ionscro  ated by Railroad  an'l   Telegripb.com  panics.    We  want  Young,, Mrs  and  Ladies of good habits,*to"  LEAE.N TELEGS KPB.Y  '    AND B. B. ACCOUNTING  We furnish 7-3 percent, ni the Opr-  rators and Station Asents in America.  Our six schools are tlie laiti'-t-t. exclusive Telegraph Schools in the would  Established 20 years and imdorsed b>  all leading Railway officials.  We execute a $250 .Bond to every  stuilent to furnish him or her u position paying from $-10 to !$60 a nmntn  in stales east of the Rocky Mountains,  or from $73 to $100 a month m Mates  we.-.t of the Rocky Mcunt.ins, immediately" Ul'OX CRADUATtbN.  Students can enter al any time.   No  vacations.    For full particular.) regard  ing any of   our r-chools   wriie direat tn  our i-xi'iMitive office "at  Oincinn-iU. O  Catalogue Iroe.  The Morse School of Telegraphy  Yy   UunnQ ;.*S*a>"Uv  , WJIOL.ESAI.E 'ANlJ IJETAIL  MEAT ���' 'MERCHANTS  . .*    *  Fresh   and Cured Meats, Fresh  ,    Fish, Game  an.i   Poultry.    We  supply   only   the   best. ��� ,Yrour  trade ooiicitcd.'       ��� ���   *        >" '  * i       '" t*  ,  ai.luKtlKTS ���  V    II . .. .      . 1 ,  Iii   .all   tlie   Principal  Cities  and  ^British, Columbia  >   \   C.;H. DU^TBAB"  Barrister,'Solicitor, Notary Public,,Etc  -    * -     "   ' * '   ,'   *  ' ..Cranbrook', B. C. ."  DK'F. B. HILESi-    ,  *      ,, ^     , "        * ���    j'  Cranbrook,'' - B, C.  George H. Tlioinpson, .;  ' '"���   Bahrh-tk!*, Policitob,*'. No-  ���  ,       n     ,taiv Public, &c.  CRANBROOK.  BRITISII'o0OMI>rBIA.  Towns .'in  i*W  E.&.' GWYNNE ���  /  -1.    'a'  Cigars,       Tobaccos,1     Confectionery,  Fi'uits, E'c   j,  FARRELL  BLOCK, Victoria St.*  fim. Jewell  - Express and Gener-  al Delivery g Business. Livery and  Feed][Sta,ble.    ���  Leave OrderR at  Gwynne'a.Siore.  MOYIE       ' British Colnm'iia.  y y  ��� .-puY'YOUR,.     **  Ol'-^-ojir��,*"':   : -a  ... (V ' i  i. * ^    -i. * jf - ���*'  *-*&}.  \ r \ ., 'from.";!../ _.���;"'���  A.,*B/ Siewari".;& Co.  Agent   for   Cro%Vb-'   Nest  Steam,Laundrv. "  W. D. JOHNSON,^  Stoye fixer and  Repairer.  Apply at "Leader" office.  FOR   FINE   TAILORING   GO    TO  What ''"'criinj:'' mean.- lo   sil  ver,     what    "cut in  glass, what "1^1." in* m�� to  this truli  murk in- i**    t'i  RUBBEil F3T:vVEAR  jrl's the iiiilii-...ri. of <1ni��liiy.  Maple Li*al   ltubt-era,   ay  tbcir  [^  name sijuifi"?, ar..  Cini'iiuuitl, Olllo.  Atlmitii. Oil.  Toxiirkuiili. Tha.  Uiltflllo   V. \'.  San |.-niiieisco, Oal.  =H=  ull    ?���  P.  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  r.teoiint and the umure  ol the      security    (If  ui'}) lu-id b\  him. NELSON. B. C.  Alter f," s,u.| nth day of January,   l'.(Hi,  the!      ^oanllng aml  Day  School   cnnriuct-  A.li uiii" 'raiur will proct-i.il   with  the dmtrihu-, , ..      t xt  lion of t...���.���*..at,- l.nMiiK riE.ir<l to tlio-o  Claim? ��� cd by Uie Slbterri olbt. Johi pb, iNf-lncm  oil!) of ��likli i.e .shall Un\e had notice. i B.    C.       Commercial      and      bil.MllPHi*  i.iitid iii (. ruuijrook, tins oi.i day of Docem-' eourflcs a  specially.    Excllcncc   and  ber, i'i-,*' I swift   prngrPHB   cbaiacteiiize   rach   dp  J. r. AI'.MSTIUI.VO,       j partment.    Parent $   should   write   for  '1'iiclal Administrator     | parLicUl.'iry.    One  month   an-uri'S   the  MADE   IN   CANADA    ���  from pure P.ir.i rubber.  All kinds, all Myli'-i, all sizps.  Tbpre arc no ot'urs "ju-t a-3  good" for AV st'.r'   pjudilions .  Laing's Barber    Shop.  Ol'l'DiSllL   HoTi:i.   KOOTDN'AY,  i . *  ~    Sharp Riior.-, CI *.*n Towels and Good  Wiirkni.insb"p.  Wvi.n::: B. Laino, Piopi-ielor.  6!  ,i  liublic of the thoro'inhncvn of tin  Sisters' methods of ti-a'-hini;. 'lVrui.-  comiiKuce Jiinu.irv, April anil Sept  Pupils are admitted duriui: term.  PKEST PHOTO CO.  ClvANIlROOK   AND   MOYIE.  O. F. DESAULNIER  DI'AlllH   IN  i  iii   a %#��w s &��  MERCHANT   TAILOR  And Gent.s'  Fursisiier.  i ,5  Fine Suitings, tOvercoating  Trousers, Imported Goods.  (UNION   SHOr.1  MOYIE,     - B. C  . .Tfl-IE COMroRTABLE WAY.  xtfMld    1>,.M 11 . lt(..l(I    U|..  <J Warn 1.1-nvi*    c   rorllle Arrivp 'I 00 pm  10:12 inn Arrive        J-.jUo " <i;10 nm !  12 30 fun     "            P-.-ifoid '��� l,.!i pin  7'.".]iin     "      S5'<iKVN��0 " ?. (I inn  7 JO nm      "          l.icr.'tt " <l il pin  9,onam     "          f< at ill" " h 00 pin  Sl'ipin    Ar.   VAM'(iI)V|.-|| ],v. .| 00 jnn  2-15 |ira    Ar         ST. 1'Al'I. l.v. !> 00 ).ra  . ONE NIGHT  To Pkitti.r an'J VANrorvMit  TWO NIGHTS  To WiNNipiif! an J   St. Pal'i.,   .  For Round Trip. Three  Close Connections Months' Limit,  Foi Chicago,  Toronto,   Montreal   and! '*"  all points EAsr :T0P3OTQ,  MONTREAL           i *  AJJ,D   VVEST. and principal points  in  ONTARIO    and   QUEBEC.  Come in and-examine goods and,see  prices, x It will pay [yoii.   ~y. ,  i   A i*  'P.'F: J-GHA'SIOJV  I This Hotel is-New ;and;wellFurnisned' .The VI  f\ ' Tables are Supplied, withtb'e, Best thq \ A  d x IVIar-Ket affords,., (The Bar^isfFilled'with- 7-I  5 ', the ��est^' Brands of Liquors "and5. Cigars/ ?A  *   ���-      --"  ',   '"-'���" J!At   y ���-',-���"���" x    "!'.'-���,..,���     .-.Cu  f , , , .HEADQUARTERS\FOR ^COMMERCIAL -��� '\-'A  %      /.'.""      .". ANI>!MINlNO;M"EFi.V'fi '-y-^" ' " V  _" 1.        '       . . .i\..,        iX       ... ... .tt.'   ,  ,_  ��� . ,   -  IJKJlTISirCorX.-HBIA  !**^    ' _ ���- '������',l'v-1.^1.��S' '-      ,       ^ '  ^' u   l. f ���"      .'     I 't.  ^sssass^ss^-a-r-ssssycssssz  3^i2iJt5HJiJ��-ll?l <TTWB  ]i ,i:]k 38iniri'g"?,.jS-S:pert who' .appreciates J^  'good Boots-- LECKIRBdOTS-'writes  us as follows:       - ,  '-]  Union Steamship Gcrr.psr-y O! Britis-h Co(u'ir.bia Limited.  Telcg. AddT'-Unirn"'   '   -.   _'  ' ' &N VOYAGES.  S.  "CASSJAB ,  Mtss-R's. J. Li.ckir Co , Ltd , ���        Yacsouver, B. C.  *   Gf.xtlkmkn:���I i.ikp pleasure in slating   the  following fact1  viz; About a month ago 1 bud Iwo men atiiy    with nic^ inuiing, tlie  ono bought a $10 pair of ��� booth, and liin olbcr a pair of Y0UK  makj- of Logging or Miner's boots for wliicb.be paid 55 00 iu a retail  store in VaWouvor. Tim $10 00 boots did cot stand up to their work  at the counter*, and (be solo at the instep separator', neither did  they kerp the man'.s felU dry; 7/bile tbe Boots of YOUR mako havo  given proper satisfa-olion in woikm.mship, material wear.and (Oni |  fort." I am, Gentlemen, Your truly, F. W. McCJRAIDY, C & M. E'  Supt. Cuba Silver Wining Co.  aiA.MXJfcWCI'V'US  ���J.LEOKIEi&OO  'UK.T��Atri.NiS!".J4   HltOS,     1'1-iJl.B.  . ���  (i.nr7Ti;i>)  VAN ;UUVEH, ���  '^ j.Lar.rc   sample;,   room   in    connection I Q,U8ei3S' A 7G.  fi : with liou'RO for conmierei'il. men.   Best] ���-.._: ���. J-..:_=.-rtr^r-~  U  of a .co::*-ir.odf!,tions. ,  PROMPT   DELIVERY,  ��� MOYIE  B. C.  ILiii'dqunrters,. for ' Commercial aiul Mining Men..'  sasfflsasass^ra-a^aasss^jvsiaEiyia  e?i  QUEENS .AVF.NIJE,  MOYIE,   B. C.  ' W, R. BEATTY  '     ' ' ������'.''���   !.'.���  '       '���'".������"���  I Ernlialmcr and Un 'ei-t.iker',  Phone 89. : CRANBROOK":  Acetylene Lighted Cars,  Fnmil} Tourist Sleepers,  Palace bL'jping Cari.,  .     -Dining Cars (Myitis a la Car'.e,)'  i': Library'O.bser.yatibn  C*:rs.  Through tickets and   bp.ggag'j  checks  to all poiiils.  STEAMSHIP    TICKETS.  For Tickets,* Iliitos,   Folders   and  1'ull  .iiiformatijri, call (,>n   or   ad-  . dress *  IL* L. Blackstoxb,   Agi-nt G. N, .Ry.,  FERNIE, B. C.  111 UmMM  .l:  e.cKie-u.0., va  iS25S23i3S2=E*EESE3JCES SSSSHSZaZESBBEEE  HOTEL  T. V. LOWNEY, Prop.  MINERS' HEADQUARTERS.    This hotel is   close  to  tho  minos, and h��  every Convenionce for Woiking Men.  South Victoria St. MOYIE.  JLwu o  Corresponding Rates to  all   Points   in  the Maritime Provinces, New  ��� ,-Yorlc and' England,  ^ .-A..���~.������ ���  Tickets on Sale Daily  Dec, 1 to 31.  [CRANBEGOK  Wholesale Wines, Liquors  British Columbia.  and Cigars.  For detailed itiloimntion, First Class !  or Tourist Sleeper reservation appVy j  to local agents .��r write j  I We handle; every thing in the Hardware Hne-  ���Also Cumberland blacksmith's coal,; powder,  jiuse and caps, oil, paints and glass, at  iff- 'ps k-v f ?ssff fi  ffn ?s  i m  J. S. CARTEE, Nelson. ORAHTBROOIC.   33. '<>'.


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