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The Moyie Leader Dec 17, 1904

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 ��  j  ./  -r  .��,.<  ^.i  ' 0      -''<  ^c*.-A i   (  ,- ���  u  '.y  . i  \  ,y  J  S>4 ��>���  tf-J       .1   OS  C-l ^-<?     '1*1-..   -1  ''OJ  4s  Oatbolio Church-  '<9^  3>.  ^,,3 ii     i lui;ii  ?*X\  -&-y *~~y ~       _  fliU  k&  -^ w ^  :��� tb  T~?*'i  '��� 'Pi*1  ���^-���*li  ' tb the herald of "1'roscnt Hunting'  ' :, vou ��� are pi����le��l to kntov ]i��  T'tto buy. Wo have prepared for  ;,;: and have already opened up a  H Sge"uautity ol Chrbtm* Qoods too  b ��,*.-, dftpil but   first choice :a  lhc benefit of ^cu<::n  W n��?   '?,$'���  ^   Uoys'   suit*  special aale of :.lc.\-- bo{(mJ  and overcoats at   p. c...^^ ���  offered to tho poopU   u W ]/r.  well .known   fa��t Hut   tA- t  ri OTIIINO ranks l.r^t "��- ��' ��� rp,���  i^.wi.��m**��*J."����w.ir-  i-  uricc will auri��rirO you.  f:rW.T5*23Sa:3P^/  L OKiJi;  ���*;AV       ���'  B.i  ,,���  y*-;.', -i'   ,    .,;  A-ia.^.-.. ;j  ...... v        -��� s  .' p*p:n,...>  H.     ,       .'������':���] '  , lint..'!   ���:���������       -:.i  i;w::.v.-.'".    A]-  ,-< I--* <bAi . n  tttf is !>  \1 fe a  t'-TvT*" "%:>%  ^ai*.   r���"- t "***^  %Ps- *��P  .    Father Ooccc.,0 �� ��7^��Z  U     tnii new   0alll01'�� ,   .   and  rfas-  | Moyie liners 0-^3^-:!  ' Ourtain for HalL  The truatcca of the  V>ie. {,  WJ \ ���        I Bagieo have arranged with tb.-rm      |  % \ A rt Bradley & Co. of Cranbrook wr a  �� Union   has   Seen ^^and. u;;;in{or tuo^^i^--  CtoocL Condition,  n��rt��w^^  1"'"^  air. ^*.^..-, T^1B   firm  was fiB^ng on the ^    dMigninB.  makrt a 8VeciBUy o. ��rt.Bti     .c  i    ,  i that tbe job-wU   bo   v.p 0  w . - vrnr yo,-,s a��o the 12,h of December   n0^0h iu ^km^^  ^Ulovie MiP.er.'rjiiion 3fo.71 w*- organ- i  ���l��ed.    Since     then     it, b��   T-^  ^.through a diversity   oAcon-hUon,   ��  #Lw a Period oi  'pio*H^nty.   then   tae  M> shutdown of tlio mine came, When.t  $   wa9   deemed   advisable   to   turn   the  EoDevitt Hurt  9  s  ,Frank.IcDe^met^ai^ul��  inBaoUhe   St.   fcugene.   Ht       II  ,���   deemed   advisable   to   turn   th     inBBoUhe   b^   ^ffauldW ',o' badly  barter and property ol the nmon o cr I   ^ eprameu hia.igW were  ^ bo  district representative ot the>   ihat tne  aerviees   of^     ^^ ^   ^   ^  OTTO  fflU^^o^  OoAtail 01.SSM. ���OTps , , .  ��� M,    ��-.n-nP      Aiullis-i-tawny,  (.n'!.,,�����  3A.U035S  '   " " ���     FISH- .  �� ^fd*.  Panned Salmon, Kippered   nerr.ng,  bar*-  Bonelesa Codfisb.Canned^^^^^ SmeUa_      _  A  ' ' B^TIiEES.  Chicken and Oysters for ^138,^^ ^^  Blierry Glassec' alBATS ''    t    ,  ' rbioiron  Veal Loif. Tongue, L��nph   ^eei,  Canned Turkey, Ot^ c/xn, ��� SftU8 agef> Ham.  .  Rabbit and 'Bacon,   1 ���   .     ^nd Sll0W Apples for feaace.  Jersey,t>r;inJUU  ���rT,0  '     VEGETABLE  ��� Carrote)  '      ABbcroit   rotate,   ^r'sefi;^".  Orenn,   Corn,  -parsnips,   0ul���rg Beana, Asparaguo.  '   ���       DESSEIVE' .      "    r.  .i pnrrants in all varieties',  -^  ' Seal us Tour 00 tejom  OhristmasBiUW iaie.  'aNiDl  -.aid UP .Oapi^   ^3 000,000 , .  ReS6rK%oi^cesA 83.OPO.0O0 A-.,0,0..  lAton''Mcrati,A in Wue.1. -Eince I nMMmry.   Ho    ���    .^on   '��  leverythins   . i��    "E"!1-    ronnin!   "S  lolly ��o'vK. Many.oi tbo mmers  I who were 'hero  Biesterer Estate.  ;c.HUP*S.S��5��  when   the union ^yas  orVaniBfcd arc still iu   the, camp   ^l  "trnierest  bas never been lagging-  Tb^loyie union ba, a clean   record.  It has never bad a etrite nor  ���    ���      '. .'-h* i.'-thcr t'bc nimo rna*.  friction with i tuer i-  METAL   MARtoT,.  *Fw   YOBK-Bar silver,    60| oenta  Lf0^o,:^Lfi2!!L     ,  girliy to Retire.    ,   ������  ^ B Kirby  has  resigned  as  man-  1 the    Cranbrook     g-'o: fche War  Eagle'   andi   Centre  ^-- oi tbo ^k.| ^   n,ne    at ^Sland^ anM-es  ���    *i    ^'rirl   this vjcek.  Bead Tate's optical   *dd ^a  ilr^DiU^ in Cranbrook N/ednes  daiT-    ' -���;no*   ii dancing  Prof. Chase ie organizing  u  class in Nelson- Granbrook  KOYIE,  lew fiood  Lake Store Addition.  ���prices as .Low as  .   -j. w.HtCH,F^rietor  .flLljX*   .   ^rmngVire Insurance  Upon the neccs-Uy o^-    .        ^Jg*^   ,  -,' voi ..vrtnt Tncuvano "t -"*'       ., v0��� must nun.   ;S=;y?l;=l  The .uoyie uuiv-�� "��� , L�� .   ,,, Ubo same citj ���,      - Robert  ��� , ��������,-. **������������ ��L,iMlto6*-��;";���! ou  Sr-S^-ld   '      ABk for Duty,  ground. m-TV'for the un;on  Vancouver and Nelson   ou- dentist, was in heeni0ronini     who  was reoeu^,   ������" .  It nas been custom,r> tor ��e       ^er  suoag TesointicnS were pa^ed ^^   of rort, otec Jreotor| will act as  manager   for tbe  to give a ball each year on ^en D;ffiinion government to rais *  ^ .      ?- ftrftnune oBe.. ior . d^o , ^ ^^ ^  ^tbedaleo^tbeo^n.-,^    ^ -^   �� -- j^ KoQtcnay. ��� ^  ^n��terf.    M, Conin w.s pver to  lbe one   gi^n   m .the  ^e | iIo9t o{ tl:0 mills u.   ^  P^8clainl id   ' g00d   eleigb^K   ~��� nd LJ aod   this-weelc   inspecting tb^  M*ndoyw��lhe.to^ L^Jl .baUa yet there �� . not   a  P ^.^  ^^to,   at ^  Tbe  nroperty, be'says;  never   looked-  J more promising, and tbo mill at Trail  will again be running ks soon as  some  . u;w     machinery   arrives    and a few  3Ck' ..     _     in  Cranbrook' Tburs-1 alteratlonD_made1___  |nuL*j'��",---    -              mft  r*eopie   mi    i-ioc��8i��."��i ���*-'������ --���      . ���         ,.nl0  in Ed Hill    'vas i              .             liouor            ���               _     ���-���,��-. -~t  Lere     probab^^-   ^ .                   q.                       ^n^ for day pending a meeting ol the   1*                              ^^ ^3^  attendance and th^y cu                                           ^ ^.^ alter being cofflmissionen.       .                    |             -   1       j   thenioelves from st^rt to fini^              ^ Jacobs> Fruit   Cake  ^TS ^S��:tobftlurno^AVOroMbeplai^ 8eaflon .t  had a snb.tantial D ^^ ^^            |^ ^ ^ ;o: ^ tU.        . MacEacbern &Macdonald's*  and impnsoiiinenw I                  a                 _              -   -  ,   n   lLU��^    "   .,,.   fourth.   The  cora-ai-jiu.ua-.-  ���     .     owners  claim |    T1 is>     &������  1  W^ZTdWS*��*wi��,.0<l  ^tllw^c   tarrif: is   *d-   Uwtol bnl J.������ ^  ��     |1   t Ittee m charge um                                             a reu3iqn 01 LQrl-.r.iP of ice.  W?* I   I ���ot a complaint **��� l��>��d  as     0                    sMv;Uiou. - .pariicle  ,x'    ^ Li     Music wadiurnis.ieaoj   oniy _  Johnson  01  at   tbo  TanKlie Wins Oase.  Irrof.     Wilson's                   ^  excellent aupper   ^yas   aervec .   --^00^ t-S1^: in Borland, Dec.!,--r^et  were     probabb    I       t          onioyed cas0 of Tang6e   vs.   Mo gan            ^  attendance and th-> ctr                ^^ afc 1Q ;20j after being  ���Wm. Johnson  01   ���"    -    ?      n!  , opened    a   rectauraa,. m  th,  block.  prompt  ;i'  &'robbhis.  ]\iovir..  8 hats. ��tiss-^^;..;. .,.*..�������- -  ;;0 *e t^j^ii-r  Protty Folly.  .p^ypoi.y.^^ie:,":."  1ACxt Monriaj, l��^ .,    pientv  ofhiBhela��.un,lhe��n ^^ of  and good acting. - . whilc ?Hig  be company 1* ^.r'xs,Qi\, U is  W^-^im^;;r^o season,  the best show m its "^^^^--^  f^r^t'��ed*��^,  .     cvmi    vour   Christmas 1  l>^lt  ,,ow-   ,     VfUUlG   your oii-l  ��rd''rl"U\;Coi*i'u[undyour tnouey.  tire ^i-.ot"''- ��;,  ,.,.  ,11:viica   10  you  bougl.i   hor-j  Will   n>'  iti 1 hi  (..j-U.*-*-"^  Two eboes have been   left   at  this;  .d Discus o  offi00| both for tho left foot.   At.. the  acEacbern&Macdonalda* ^ uU  two   gentlec?an weanng  ,     tr vWort   Mi��s Hewvretc, Tred 1 -   *> kt le of Bhoes removed  Pum7iaS A-ived.      l^.^^^jrSp ^--^;��L����  f;s:re^r.^����-��-l ^ ^^ ^ -ek*fo-  lusu^"  - , 1   ...iii   nave  ^ 1     _       t, TTornp-lia left  this  ^tldo; pipe  ^r it  arrived   ibisJ, or si:c   ^cks   and    take  A cdrload of  p P w.u be  mnmnf. j [or h.8 eye3.     .  morninj;.    Che p��    v  probably Tuesday J^���"  their heavy footgear - and replaced  them with something lighter for the.  fiance. When Ibey went to go homo  one of them made a mistake and took  ���ne of his own and one of the other  fellow's. If the man with tho-mi*-.  , maftd shoes will call at Qm oflieo a  meat for his eyes.     *        ..,Q  li(.u0r   mutual exohange will be   emoted and  A.O.TJown��,tbBrol��a oha _. . ,. ^        .  Our catalog^1' -IU hi-  '  , V r {i*' 0 ^  upon   mini.*'       "       r  W li.to  to  do  ongraviHSJ   ��  !.Woorlhropd-^��l"  r W<  H. VV1LS0M,  ClAV^llIlOOK, 1-- c-  jewi'lcr- 1       _^^^.^-^-^ys.  Game Law.  "> ���*��-" "      ,   ,,,���   0,-iih   ol   March-  Sovomta,   ���� -        o,0!.(!j nn  rp'JU- reason foi M"*1-**  ]_i, oAiiber Litn.        ^      End of School.  muni"* .��� o  two hearts will ba made glad.  2J0XICK.  As L havotakon full charge oE the  Maohatttm hotel, Moyio, all ous^-  fun accounts due. the firm of Arm-  ���troi^ct Swinnerton should be paid  to me. ��b t h.tve taken over the book^  and all accounts'.  C. .7. ARMSTRONG.  '���\  ip-i3AT#np ^"Kr- ^ -V-'  mnena1  -REST  ^..000,000  "���fewooo-  ���������*���> ST.0,000.  . ��� ��� *r -1  :   . BEST.. ������.,.���������������^;'V    iVj,10: ,���, -C���. ����"���*  T..K. MEEIUTT, rS.;v >^���ccr.    *AXX b.na���� O^-"  JS.A    ness transactea.  .ey  PApiBBSAi?G^'-  -tS'ESOORA-TOBS: -:���;  V ,i��ltv   Whole-  -^-^^"An^ciut  and  Canadian  tbo l'.0=���,l!,   '.. . . ,  Aication   unci  'all. kiuds of  STOP  COSIOPO  ^fc*Mtl��5*��  - ' :;       1 nn clGpositS.3  i^t^bfriwailahloin all   PJ"^ ^.^Ucotious.  Ifiwropc.    Special attention g^^ p|NKH**  aiid  ^v'vv .^Ls^r-s^s-rt. ifej^- ^-^  Fine  nit  maimf^tureAt   ou   application   and  te:?^oirliuo., .  !'-    f jBRADtEY^CO.  WiHEN IS '  CRi^BROOK.  j   lt. UOAVSB9. Vrop.  .1   lahlea'and  bar,  Good rooms,��good: tablcs.a  aQd (irsf.claeslsamplelroo,-  *. en       ijQj*  downed ^September l^ a r,^l    ^  0f a  nest,   makmg  . an   ongm.U      ,.  design for souvenir, spoon,.     ...  .-       _*-  Tate, U,e Cranbrook pioneer jeweler  j;,e largest and best assorted   sto*  f iewelrv, clocks, sterling and   plate 1  S^e  cut glass, toilet and   xnau.-  siUoiwar , uovaliies   ever  "I/t^t,-... *��� ***  I, o.gb bis   stock   will  ��n-i*��  y��  uu 1 i,. nc from eastern'.  gUts just as reasonably ab from e  ^^  firm  Everyone; needs glasses whose  eyes are not perfectly focussed  for seeing distant' objects, or  '- easily adjustable for neat' work.  We can give 3'ou perfect sight  Oiisy Sta��Zon Eyeglasses please  the particular.  V����-.M.V��**   !SES5g3Seai5  ���M, W; 5V TATE,   _  ���t^ratluato 0|>tu*iP.n,     Cr-i'V'-rc-iik*   ���   ��  .   '-  '  a*  'S^y>  '.>;���  ',*".-:>*'���f?��*.'.,<-?' DRUGS AND THE EYES.  Cortaln   Poinonn   That   Have   a.   Molt  Injarloui  Effect.  Certain poisons possess the property  of acting in a decided manner on tha  eye. Atropine enlarges the pupil and  for this purpose lias become indispensable in ophthalmology. Santonin  causes one to see yellow. Disturbances of vision have furthermore been  observed as secondary effects of certain medicines; for instance, after tha  use. of quinine, iodoforni and napbtha-  lin. which, in a case of intestinal catarrh, caused a cataract. Tho worm  disease in the district of the Ruhr in  Germany has furnished an opportunity  for the observation that the popular  fern root, much employed as a remedy,  may give rise to serious ocular Injury.  The use of this remedy In the case of  two miners led to Incurable blindness.  In the trades there are also poisons  ���which act especially upon the eye.  Yery ' dangerous, above all, is lead,  which produces inflammation and atrophy of the optic nerve. "Workmen In  mustard factories," says a German  medical Journal, "often suffer from Inflammation of the cornea in consequence of the action of the mustard  vapors upon the eye." Latterly serious  visual disturbances have been produced by chloric oxide and chloric dioxide, poisonous vapors generated by,  the use of, magnesium flashlight pew*  ders for, photographic purposes.���Jewelers' Circular Weekly. ���  Sea Gnlla.  If a convoy of sea gulls flies seaward early in.the morning sailors and  fishermen know the day will be fine  and the wind fair, but if the birds  keep inland, though there be no haze  hanging out toward tlie sea to denote  v-unplcasant' -weather, interested,, folk  know that the elements will be unfavorable.  ,     '.  Star-ration In Loudon,  Deaths from starvation take place in  London at the rate" of between thirty  and forty every year.  Original   Rongh   Rldera.  , Tho original rough riders' antedated  tha pony express by several years. The  rifle rangers themselves were , rough  riders,' and Mayne Reid was a captain;  leading in person many a gallant  charg* against the "greasers," Apa  ches, Comanches and Sioux.  Japanese Tol>ncco Lnw,  Tha Japanese strictly enforce a law  which prohibits the use of tobacco by  boys under twenty years of age.  Jailed In III* Home.  Sentenced,to eight days' confinement  at Shanghai recently for slandering a  policeman, an Austrian citizen was allowed to work out the sentence at his  own home because.pf the state of his  health.  Russian  WoIve��.'  Tha wolves* of Russia devour about  200 peopla every year.  Old  Life In  Maryland.  Scbarf, In his "History of Maryland," cays that in the eighteenth century "tho mechanics, fishermen, bay  Bailors and petty tradesmen took a  turn in the tobacco fields at planting  time or helped in the wheat harvest  or in pulling or husking corn."  A  Great   Harbor.  The harbor of Rio de Janeiro ia one  of the finest on.the globe. It has fifty  miles of anchorage, sufficient to flout  the navies of the world.  "THE DAXGEH0F ANAEMIA  Its    Victims    Are    Defenseless    When  , Disease   Strikes���The   Blood   Should  Be Kept  Rich and Pure.  Anaemic   people���people   with watery blood���are without defense when  disease     threatens.      The*    strongest  weapon against disease i.s a plentiful  supply of  rich,  red  blood.     A  robust  person  may    catch   cold,  but' quickly  throws   it   off.       But.   a   coid   lingers  with the anaemic -one,  goes   to    the  chest nnd  the first signs ol" consumption appear.    It    is   (he   inaemic   one  who sutlers   front   headache  and  dizziness,    who    cannot    climb    a   stair  without  resting,   w'-.oso   heart   lluiters  and   palpitates;    wildly   at   Lho    least  cw'r'inn.     Such    people   can   only    be  lio saved by a. supply oi new,   rich,   red  blood,   and    Dr.    Williams    Pink  Pills  is  the   only    medicine    thai   actually  makes    rich,    red    !il(>od     with   every  dose.   Ordinary  mod it nu*s only  touch  the   s\ii!|Ho:us    of   disease���Hr.    Williams  Pink   Pills  go  ri'uhi   straight   to  the  run;   of   the   trouble*  and   drive    it  out.    Tni't   i.s  why I hose  pills  have  a  larger  sale   than   any  other   medicine  in  the   world,   and   that  is  why tlioii-  sa'-'ls and  thousands of people praise  them    so    highly.'   Mux-  Florence  G.  Marryeii,    Chester,    K.   S.,   says:     "1  have   'us*--;    Dr.    Williams"   Pink Pills  for several , months, and  1  am   happy  to   say   they     have  rtstored     me   - to  neiilt.h    al'iyr    all    other   means   had  ���ailed.    I  was 'suffering- from'anaemia  i   its  most,  severe farm.     The   least  ' exertion ��� would    leave    me  breathless  nd  '.v.-.in out.  1  had no appetite and  suffered   greatly  .with    nervous' headaches I   was  pale and  seemed   to    be  'going   into    decline.   . 1  had   medical  attendant-:!.,    but iti   did   uie no good.  , Then a'-friend  ail vised  me  fo  try   Dr.  . ''Williams'. Pink    Pills,  and    in ' a   few  weeks I   found  they were  helping me.  1  ..continued..'their   uso     for    several  months, nnd  am  again   enjoying good  'health.     I    think    Dr.    Williams'  Pink  Pills  will   make   every  wo.-..k   and  'ailing girl  strong and "healthy."  .You can got these pills from any  dealer in medicine, hut, you should  he 'careful to see that the full name.  "Dr. Williams' .Pink Pills for Palo  People," is' on t.he wrapper around  each box. If in doubt write the Or.  Williams -Medicine Co., Brockvillc.  Out., and the pills will ���'be' sent. at.  00 cents a  box, or six  boxes for $2.50.  TBE STORY OF A  .SUCCESSFUL MAN  HE  FOUND   HIS  LOST.HEALTH   IN  DODD'S  KIDNEY PILLS.  Leading Business Man' of Welland  Gives His Experience with tho  Great Canadian  Kidney Cure.  Welland, Ont.,'Dec. 5.���(Special).���  There is no better known or more  highly respected man in Welland  than Mr. J: J. Yokom. Born and  brought up, in the neighboring township of Crowland, by. his own , industry  and sterling honesty he has grown to  be one of Welland's leading merchants. Consequently when Mr. Yokom comes out with a statemout that  he,'was cured of a -.serious illness by  Dodd's Kidney Pills, everybody  knows it must be so,  "For a year or more I had Kidney  Trouble'in all its worst symptoms,"  says Mr. Yokom. "My head was bad, I  had no appetite and I 'lost weight  fast. At times I was entirely incapacitated. 1 doctored with a physician of vast experience but got no  good results.  "I became despondent of ever being  well again, when by good'5 luck I  chanced to try .Dodd's Kidney Pills  and from the first day they seemed  to suit my case! Five boxes cured  mo completely."  SECURES  NEW   FIRE  AGENCY.  INSURANCE  Messrs.   Christie" and    Heubach    Get  the City Agency of 'the  Manitoba  Assurance  Company.  Quite recently " it was announced  that the Liverpool & London & Globe  Insurance Company had, secured the  control and business of the Manitoba  Assurancei Company.  This new arrangement regarding  the 'Manitoba places'it in the front  rank amongst the fire insurance companies of Canada, worked as it is now  under a Dominion charter, the policies being guaranteed by tbe Liverpool, London and Globe, whose availably assets are over sixty millions ,of  dollars , is a feature that will certainly commend itself to the business men  of our community.  The city agency under the now arrangement regarding the Manitoba  has been secured by the,, well known  firm of Christie & Heubach,. who intend devoting special attention tb  this department of their business.  The arrangement should be a good  one for the Manitoba, as -the firm of  Christie & Heubach s closely ideni-L=  lied with anany of the leading' financial institutions in the city and is  well known to the business men of  Winnipeg, a connection which  should be of material assistance to  them' in securing valuable insurance  patronage. '  W. J. Christie has been long identified with real'estate interests in  Winnipeg, having for the,past fifteen  years been well known in these circles. His opinion upon matters in  connection, with real estate is highly  valued, his knowledge enabling him  to speak with authority.  F.  W.  Heubach  is  also one  of the  best known men around   town, and   his  activity and  ability were never more  displayed   than   in   connect'on    with  the recent Dominion exhibition. Since  the  formation  of the partnership   of  Christie & Heubach,    his    large and  varied general   knowledge   has  stood  him in good stead, and it is safe    to  say" that there is no real estate or ri-  nancial1 firm in the city which' moro  ' merits the confidence of the investing  public   than    that of Christe &. Heubach. who    are    being   congratulated  upon tho latest, addition to their business operations.  The Western territory is under  the supervision of Mr. Fred W. Pace,  the Superintendent of the "Liverpool  & London  &  Globe."  LINCOLN AND  LONDON.     ,  T��trer Dedlc .ed to Onr President In  au Enirlii-*i Church.  "With charitv for all and malice toward none"-the��e well known words  of the great, Lravc, sagacious Lincoln���  appear In large lettering In the creed  of Christ church, Westminster road.  It is fitting, then, that the imposing  tower of this superb structure, costing  over ��02,000 ($3H\0u0), should be dedicated to the liberal r of n race. Rowland Hill, whose name is linked with  the world's great preacher*, founded  Surrev chapel eighteen years before the  close of'the eighteenth,century. Newman Hall was one of his successors,  and under his leadership the church secured this splendid temple aud center  of Christian service. When the building was still in the hands of the architects Dr. Hall conceived the idea of  dedicating the tower to. Abraham Lincoln, the martyred president *of the  United States, and today, within the  tower you may read tbe following inscription:  LINCOLN'   TOWER.  Inaugurated 4th July. A.  D. 1S76. by  Sir Thomas Kowcll   Uuxton  ��!"t.  The memorial stone was laid 9th July Ib.-J,  By'the" American Minister to this countr;'.  Tha cost (��7.000) wus defrayed equally  by  English and American  contributions  obtained bv. tho Uev. Newman   ,  lla.il.   LL-B- ,   ,.,  It   was   built   In   commemoration   or   trie  abolition of slavery efTcctod in ISto by  PRESIDENT   LINCOLN:  And 'as  a token of Snternmional brotherhood.  GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST.  ���St. Nicholas.  IT AM EL SENTENCED.  Alphonsu Ifiuiicl, the ex-paymaster  of Montreal, who nbsconed niter he  forged a cheque on the city for 810,-  OOO and was brought back from  Cuba, was sentenced hy Judge Cho-  quet to seven years in tit. Vincent  de Paul penitentiary. Tin mel pleaded  for mercy on behalf of his wife and  family. Judge, Choquet told him  thnt now. after he hud fought extradition and lost, it was too late to  ple-ad for  mercy.  The Canadan Pacific Railway have  announced excursion t rotes from  Manitoba and the Northwest Territories to Vancouver, Victoria, Kam-  loons. Vernon. Peachland and Sum-  morland. Tickets will be issued De-  comber 1st. and 2nd. Inth and IGth.  ���yid January ot ii and Hth, good tore-  turn within three months. Tho rate  for the round trip will be single first-  class  fare.  '   THE, JAPANESE  BABY.  gfa��vrered  With filfo.   Before It Eren  Mnkea   It��   Appearance.  A-hundred gifts in .various shapes  flre offered to the baby'beforo its appearance���toys, big one^, ot course;  pieces ,of cotton, silk or crepe, invari-  ablv with a happy omen in their design, are a joy to tbe mother.; The  housemaids will be busy with, the  baby's dress under the supervision of  the grandmother. It will be no slight  affair if tbe".baby is a boy���yes, especially if it be the first son. (  * Parties, coming with their congratulations will begin to stream Into the  house the very next morning after the  announcement. They will bring dried  fish or, a box of eggs to express their  good wishes, which 'will be returned  in some form of present when tho baby  is two weeks old.  On the seventh dny after the birth  comes the, christening, and rice cooked  with red beans,���doesn't red mean hap-  piness ?���"wfll be senfafhong the friends.  Matsu (pine) is a favorite name, since  it signifies bravery, keeping green even  under , winter's frost. Isn't Mume  (plume) better, since it is the harbinger of spring,* breathing out the most  divine odor in the world? Mi amairl  (going to temple) will take place on the  thirtieth day. The boy will be dressed  in a kimono. It must be silk, with the  family's coat of arms, on it. Pie will  he put under the immediate protection  of the deity. His' fortune will be secured.���Good Housekeeping.  Stature and   IllnesB.   -'..  ._   _..  According to u paper read by Dr.  Shrubsall before the British association, sufferers from tousilitis, rheumatism and heart disease are of a higher  stature, and sufferers from tuberculosis, nervous and malignant diseases of  a 'lower stature than healthy individuals.  It appears that blond sufferers from  pulmonary tuberculosis respond to  treatment better than brunettes, while  in diseases of the heart the positions  are., reversed. It is believed that Id  successive generations of city life stature shows a progressive diminution and  that there i.s an increase in brunette  traits with each generation passing  from rural to urban life. Wilh increasing length of residence there is  an increase of morbidity among the  different classes of Londoners.  HOLIDAY EXCURSIONS.  The extremely low rales granted by  the. railway companies: for Holiday  Excursions during the month of December makes it .possible.' for Yesy  dents-of the Northwecst to spend!lie:  wi n tec in the east' at a com pa ra t i vc ly  sniall expense. The new fast trains  from'Winnipeg to St. Paul, makes the  route, via St. Paul and .Chicago more  popular than ever.. The Burlington  Route which runs along' the banks of  the.'Mississippi river I'or three hundred miles is one of the most popular  lines, as it gives passengers, an lall  day ride through the famous Mississippi River Valley, the ��� most, picturesque band delightful in America.  The route is through b a prosperous  and.well set! .led. country all the way,  towns and cities 'are numerous, and  '���very mile presents something of interest, to the traveller. The Burlington  'Home, have issued a very attractive  and inferos;, ing descriptive folder  which gives t.he' time of trains, and a  map via all routes from the 'Northwest to Eastern Canada, a copy , of  which will be' sent on application to  A.-..j. Fidlemiller, Travelling Passen-  gei* Agent Burlington Route, who'will  make the Clarendon Hotel. Winnipeg,  his  headquarters   during   December.  Chun seed   II !h   SI Ind.  A man of notoriously bad character,  residing in a village, wished to emigrate. To obtain assistance from the  emigration commissioners one must  have a character, and the man accordingly asked one from his neighbor*.  Everybody was anxious he should go,'  uny everybody therefore U-stilied to  his excellent reputation. No one was  more astonished at this result than  the man himself, and after looking at  his certificate, with its long list of  signatures, "Well," savd he, "I had  no idea I was so much esteemed in  tlie neighborhood. I think 1 shall  "low "���i���i.i)d<ni 'fit-Bits.  When tomatoes and milk are t  put together, as in cream so��P. ����^  be tomato juice ami mif.; of im.  Ume temperature, them boa >.!*��  o>is-ly as the tomato is added Utile o>  hit le.  jS^-t. AO Cents F^or* Pound,  x   la'dv   writes:    "I* was cna'-lod to  nwovo lhe corns, root and  hiwioli b>  the   use   of   HolLoways    <-"in  t uu  Others  who  haye  tried   it   hau*    the  Mime experience.  .Mildew is one of the mo.-r 'lli!ic!'1<  .tains to remove. Kub *Hl with  brown soap, then apply a paste ol  chalk and water, put the article in the  sun Alter two or throe applications  Uie mildew will he bleached mil.  To clean the coffeo pot nl! it with  water put in a pi'Jcjh of borax and a  piece of hard s-apwaml set on the  stove, lotting it boil lor half, an hour.  It will be as -.bright. ;is new, and  should be submitted to this treatment  trequontly:  CEYLON. TEA. Black, Mixed or NATURAL QDcl  No firm, no company, no .corporation inlhe J  has the courage or facilities to offer like ��(w|  or "Value." vl  REMEMBER:    Sealed   Lead   Packets. Only.    By All  A woman can board a train without  a ticket, do a little crying and go  wherever she pleases.  To heat gasolin e tor cleaning  small articles place the corked bottle  of this dangerous stuff in a bucket of  'hot water "out of, doors," adding boiling water as the water cools. Hot  gasoline will clean laces speedily and  thoroughly  Along about this Ui-e of year  thire are o-nly a tew votes -eiween a  hero and the other kind of a,man.,,  THE FLAGGING F.XER-IES REVIVED.���Constant application to business is a tax upon the energies.'and  if thero bo no 'relaxation, lassitude  and (lepressioiioare sure to intervene.  These c��me from .stomachic troubles.  The want of exercise brings on nervous iregularities an,d the stomach  ceases to .assimilate foo-.-l properly, in  this condition . Parmelee's Vegetable  Pills will he found a recuperative of  rare power.rostoring the organs to  healthful action.dispelling depression,  and reviving the ilaging'energies.  A man is always willing to admit  that he marrjed the best woman on  caj'ih���on  the day after his marriage.  MESSRS. C. C;'RICHARDS & CO. _ .  Gentlemen.���-1    suffered     for   years  with"   bronchial    catarrh. I     com  menced in January last (as an experiment) to use. MINARD'S LINIMENT  which gave almost instant relief.  And two bottles made, a complete  cure aud i have had no syivpto'-ms ot  a return of the trouble since March.  Gratefully  Yours,  MARK   1UJHNS.  Vanjvleek  Hill, Ont.. OcL ".51,   '01.  If a man can get into a bank after  banking hours he considers himsclf.a  prominent citizen.  Alter'a young man has blown in all  his money on a girl she often shows  her gratitude by marrying some other  tollow.  .lames    Wallace,    alia.**    .Kuiies  Wilson,   who   was arrested   at   I .i\ erpool.  Nov.  2*1.   charged  with   Mealing stock  cci-tifk-aies   fo   the    value   of   SMO.UOO  from   Edward   Breitung.    a   banker  of  ���M;ir��'ucne.  Mi<"h..    wn<  lvnmudcd    at  'Bow  street   police  court   to   await the  {arrival     of    witnesses.     11 i.s   ot tornoy  isnid  Wallace   was   anxious  to uvUii-ii  to   the   Eiiifed   States  at   the,  earliest  possible  moment.  mm'l LINIMENT Cnra DandrnI'   ,  Sorrow  may   be   essentia)    to    the  song of the .universe. ,,     A  '    People who have culture are never  conscious of  it.  AFTER GEUMAN'KIirPYAI.n MEN*.  I lni|iiiry made hy The ��� Pally N\*ws  correspondent, confirms the report  thnt Russian agents are seeking to  induce German shipyard <vorkers 1 <>  emigrate, to    Russia.     However,     the  ..Czar's counsel in Bremen declares-  that the Russian govi,'rntiK-nt has no  connection with the scheme. He admits, howi'per, that the private shipyards of Russia need first-class.work-  in on and are willing to pay good  wages to such men of whatever nationality. Germans are warned o hy  the press to refuse to accept 'si^ch  Rii.ssi,in proposals unless s*u"e*_*iuu*ded  hy ironclad contracts. It is \j��jL/.i-  rnuted that, at. least ' I <>���> representa-  tipes of general industries in .Russia  are scattered throughout Germany in  search of skilled  num.  $40   TO   EASTERN   CANADA.    ..  Tickets   will   be  on   sale   November  2Sth to  December 151 si at   rate of ?-l<)  'as  far  east  as  Montreal;   proportionately higher rates beyond,' and   will   be  good   for  return   throe   months    from  date  of   sale.     Special   arrangements  will be made to    make    travelling   a  pleasure on any of the four riains departing     from    .Minneapolis    and    St.  Paul  every   day.   The    finest  of high  back seat coaches,  free  reclinig chair  cars and   sleepers  make  these trains  most popular with  travelers  to Eastern Canada.   Special  pamphlet giving  time of trains,  etc.. "or  any  other information     will     be  gladly   furnished  i upon addressing Geo.  A.   Lee, Travel-  ���ling    Agent.    Northwestern   Line,  ;I39  Main   street,   Winnipeg.  THEY DROVE PIMPLES AWAY.   ,\ faCo covered with pimples is unsightly. It tells of internal Irregularities which should dong��� since have  been corrected. The'liver and the  kidnevs are , not performing 'their  I unctions in tbo healthhy way they  should, and these pimples are to let  vou know" that the blood protests. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will  drive them all away, and will leave  the skin clear and clean. Try them,  andihere will be another witness to  their excellence.  {Superfluous  Removod by thu Ne7B Pr,.;  It it b��tt*r tb&n electric'.tj'iJ  it does nokicfcrorproduceitltt  Better than X-ray, bec&SMipL  burn, ic��r of p��rtdyz�� ths'UnJ  th�� ��kia.    Better than dep^l  c*u��o ib ii, oob  poiionoui;  it  will not, ciuse blood a  produc* ���txetJJi, whioh ii kM  with deplUtoriefl, ind doajl  off   tlie   hdrt   thereby  itc  growth.  . Electrolyils, X-r-iy ordipE^vI  offered you, oq the bun tj-J  operators and miD-jfutuit-.]  MIRACLE ii not. 11 ii tht otijJ  which Is indorsed by phyiicu  geona, derm&tologiits, medio'  and prominent magazines.  DE MIRACLE will b�� mii\A  address, sealed in plain wrapptil  Your money back without qn��*f  fails to do all that ia ckimtd fi  Our   booklet* ��� the  most  treatise on Buperfiuoui Hair t  liahed���containing  the Ititise  numerous physiciaai  ind lurpi  thov��  of  hundreds  of 'Otheiwj  sent   free,   in   plain,  italed tt*J  upon  request.     Write for it t��l  DE   UIRACLE   CHEMICAL061  Qcjcek Street West, TouosTO.a  THE  robutt  uh:ti  TORONTO, OVT.  About  the thud nr In*,:  election  we h;  ir-iirm-ii thj  pie'are thoroughly urt-l uf jxjI  It is necessary to place huge granite monuments, oyer some good men  in order to keqp, them down.  MMARD'S IJH1MEKT Redeyes NimralEli.  It. is sometimes the custom in Russia ror, each lady at a, hig* dinner to  smoke a tiny cigarette after each  course. This is supposed to assist digestion,' besides removing the flavor  of the previous course from the palate. '  Heart Disease Relieved  minutes. -Ur. Aqnews tM  the Heart,gives pc-ncct reloJ  caBOS of Organic or SyirT  Heart Disease In "i>j nur,ute|  speedily eilecis a care. 'I: is;  'less remedy for Palpitation,!  Breath, ,'Smotherias Spells, li  Left -side, and ail symptoms oil  easod   Heart.   One dose convm;J  This   adverus-'ififrut.   iwitar-J  other day:   "S.V.uy. 0irat ^  mediately.    Fathor    ."ib '.'^i  and  imbecile.     V>'<' arf- ^ ^  him into the war utiice. i'^A:.  ���' \  BIG ADVANCK I.V IMMIGRATION'.  i There is an increase in iminigra-  tion to Canada for the four months  of the fiscal year of 12,088 aver the  same period last year. , The total  from ocean ports was 2(.),'.>.">��1 and  from the United States 10.926, linking a total of '10,880. For the correspond ing period last year the arrivals from the Failed States were  J.'-i.827 and from oe"an ports '.M,'.)!'>.">.  making a total of IIS.TO'J. So that  while there bus been an increase in  the lotnl iiiunigrnt ion there wns a  .decrease from  2,901   souls.  .Dirty  woodwork or any  other  part  of the   house that req-]  cleaning can best be cleaned by using  ihe.    I'nited   Status  of  It  will remove every  particle of dirt and  make thc  who1^ 'J'J  bright and cheery.,     Absolutely   pure, and, every bar posst  markable cleansing power.  ASK FOR THE OCTAGON BAR.  Sunlight  Soap washes the clothes white   and won't injure tot A��'*|  LEVIiR BROTHERS LIMITED, TORONTO.  ^m^^^^^^^S^^^iS^ilS^^^^^ri^^g^^^^^^ 'perrecArelsii  dcr or.i"Svffii  ,n::;:t-iu.':.niinute-i  abc^ire: Ait is {  ir.'..Palplt"ati03,|  Ing^SpeilsyJl  jyjymptoins oil  ie dose eon vincJ  MOYIE   LEADER  MOYIE, B. C.  rERN CANADIAN EDITORS   t  L, of'articles describing |  rir Hves. their aims and ���  their influence. ���  Most  cou  II  Ir. Frank Lush.      ���  st people think Jtoo lightly o( a  ,���i%h.   It is a serious matter and  needs prompt attention. ^  Take  ��� i ,  SHiloli's' ... ^  Consumption  CUTO   Tonic"2  when the first sign of a cough  cold  appears.   It will cure you  easily and quickly then���later it  will be harder to cure.  Prices,   25c., 50c., and $1.00.  311  The  world ro'ild  worry along with  i-'-ood deal  !���*.-'-, s,i:isr,'"'SS in stock if  I 1'ouly itb.-iig.')  sympathy" a;  nessA  carry .a heavier.line, of  i   "a"'. -simple. heiglibarli-        j  " Bought    Wy    Life    for   35  Cents."���fids v. as one man's way ol'  putting   ji    v,*!iei.    ne had    been   pro-',  nouueed  incurable from'chronic   dyspepsia.   "It was a living death to me  until'1 tried Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple  Tablets. Thanks to them to-day i am,  veil, and 1 tell   my   friends I  bought'  my life for so cenu." CO in a box.���801  events have  abundantly justified    his  judgment.  Mr. Lush had, come wc.-t in May,  18'.M, and up to the tin*.'* of his locating in l>el6raiiiii he had l��:'d u*i  uphill  fight  against foi tune.    He Lui-d  jji:   FHAMv LUSH.  ,i,i'd  Proprietor   of   tho  Pelor-  '.���'���tint  Adverti^t-r  liVi-.'   unfamiliar    with  the' cir-  .ii,< ���.-.   which   condittiM]' newsp.i-  |..[*��  in   the   L'muuluin  West.   li.-\v  ,* moro rem.irkuble than   the  *.    tw.w,   or even   thiee.    suc-  ,*..*��� paper \enture*> aiv curm-d  ���>.i.->     >o     small   lli.vt   in   the  ���-.*   \*.uuid   not   h.t\e  b'-.-ia   one  i,ii-r���-ind     successful   papers,  J,.i.   i--ie*(i  irum piiices that h*.<_v-j  ,."..ii.-  oi   less     than    two    hui'i-  j..,r,iL*,   .iruJ   do/eos    of      plu��".':>  i    w'.ed   as  having  population-.  -. 'hull  a   thousand    toxn   which  l'.i **1   papers,    are    l.wit.-d     each  in part,   tins   is.   due. 'to    thu  ti.i.*o:y   these, papers   >ervf,  ,'iiMiii     with    .similar  papers.  ���\l,m tin1' Ka��t.    The more cosi-  I npuhti ion    m    that part    oi  ,, ,i:id   the  grvtcter  nuanu'ss   of  Ii.-ai.-. to ���.-ach other, and, prmci-  i'di-  rapidity   with   winch   ��� the  s*i v;c.-*-s   allow   the   big    dailies  -.i.t.i  ai.il cither  eitie-j  to  come  .--*.   ,*\.-ry   uih'   ol    the   Village-?  *D,.h   lu'.',:.*-,    But   in   the    West  ���' ," ���>;.-!ues   are   diiler-'nt.   This  "���'iiify .ii iiiagnificent distances.  I,.A*- ! mg  in  tru*. .-llmg,    wlien  .i'Mi'-�� <>i  ���..'itiiuUtucutivm   is   a   hi  r <!,*..!'_.     mail     t��-rvice.  ;vi,d  tlie  ,t',.", ��� <w-.i-h*,ul-iti v.'ut-sv,   of     the  W'.-t. t u-*r , will   nut   tol-^'.tte  uiVi .'. 'i.i*.     But there is another  It'aiil I'.n'.ir  that   has  a.  h-ariii.^  IV    '.*..>������:*,     Ui-U .vpiipi-r*   1*,. issue*-.-..  t.iwi.1-, U-'  ..'..lost   e\ei-y   village  fed AfeA,.chost-n ' location  as  d  ' VivCe  is!*  .filiiiin.t.;  In their  ark  mill'  on.-   of  th-'  nnport-  .., West.   They    sur-  ������ hirht ot   actual ac-  ...      i.v   the   -ye y\  .,,,���  0y*.* the-  primi-  ..���_     -Ie Lui.d  come out from Ontin-ju itt thy invitation of some citi/'Tis of N*t}��safc.a,  who wanted that place: to h^ve it's  own local paper. WhctluT or, not  they inisrcpresenteil to Mr. JAush the  size of their town, ��and overstated  the measure of support they were  prepared to accord thc venture, or  whether, with characteristic western  optimism, they depicted the business  prospects of a. lracal newsp.'per in the  light of their own roseate visions of  the town's future, ��� ca'nnot now bo  said. But it is curtain that Mr.  Lush, , Who had packed up and  brought West his printing plant from  Pelcrboro,, Ont., to Napink-a. was  not lasorably impressed with the  outlook. To one arcubtomed to tbe  larger cmtreb at which papers art*-,  published in the l'Asl the idea of  nturtipg a paper at .so small a place  Ms-iiied doubtless preposterous. Xev-  crthek-ss,'Mr. Lush-g.'-ve the pioposi-  t'.on a fair trial. The N'apmkd." (Ja-  -/ette made its app* arance in due  c-oui-j", and for 'eleven months it  struggled a��ainst adverse fortune. It  was an e'sht-pnge paper, four of  winch we're printed at home But,  alter some months of exp'-nirient. Mr.  Lush found that tho proposition  would not m>, and he'was forced to  seek fn-h f.elds and pa.-nnv*, new.  I-'.ricoui'aeriiig olTeis had been made by  some prominent citizens of 1 H-lor.* inc.  and thither Mr. Lush moved his plant  and. with new hopes. i.sMi<-d in  March, 1809,'the first number oi the  Jieh^raine Advertiser. ^  \T.vinst   tin* keen competition oi tne  long   esla.bli-l.-ed    Tmu-s,    the'AiUer-  tvi��.-r  won   its  way slowly.    But  with  each   succeedAiig     season    its    success  was   more  pronounced,   and   to-day  it  i.s   acknowledged   as   one  oi   the    best  rcpre-Vnuiuvoi,   of  the local  press    oi  ti1L.   province.    Typographically   it   is  one uf the best looking sheets oi   the  West,  for    Mr.   Irish's long  service  in  the   iiieehanical   branch   of   "the    art  ,,r.*s(.rvative"   has,made   him   cr.tica  ���u*d exacting on  tlmt score.   Its local  news  is covered  adequately,   the matter "being,   written    with    DrichtPess  and   vim.    As  before  statedythe  Advertiser gives an  independent support  to    the   Conservative   party, axd  its  editorial   utter-ance-s   have   had   their  .share  in   moulding  public    opinion   in  the     section    through  which   it circulates.    In  point ��i  advertising patro-  n-isre    the   Advertiser   is   now   almost  If U quite, on apar with jtsnnjer,  older competitor. Almgethei, tho  ���\dvert.ser fs a tribute to the energy  :wld ihe pluck of its founder ��*"���*  ..s to his ability as a i��nnU*i and  ^htor In oddmon. it is a tribute  o'fhe -HerprtM, of the neioraim;  ,K*o^le, who hnw eiven it sueu liuidi _  and consistent, wipport. '  Mr l.uvh is an Kncli.'-lm an bj  bn-th. but knows nothing o. the la^  ��t hisc r-.-'iMtv, ior he wns H.ouum.  ou, to UnaJu -t tho aire of three, t  5% um.ly home was at ^ha|t,Wu.>-  .) " -eat of the hue oarl oi that  ^m.:.m porsetshire. and .rum th;s  home two of his uncle- had p  .v^u^h   em.graU'd  to   Ca.u^v       11k>  Table  cloths  or   linoleum    on the'  kitchen   lloor can   be   kept Iresh and  cleaner with   oil   than   with soap and  water.^                                    . o  The man who discharges all his re-  hHious obligaions by going o church  never  hu'i  enougn   lengion .0 bother  any one.  G RICAT' M KJJ1 CINfi.���-Ton, -, one of  the pioneers of French Canu a, lost a  hand and wore an iron >.ook as sub-,  stiiute. He was in the habit of boxing*  the ears of , refractory Indians with  his iron, band, and they have remarked that it was "great medicine." Dr.  Thomas' Kclectric Oil is a great  medicine, it takes hold of pain with  an iron band and knocks it out ot the  system..  MAJOR   DELMAR    SOLD FORr'BIG  SUM.  Major Dehnar,    t-he    world's    champion    trotting  gelding,   with    an    un-  paeed,.trotting  record  of 2.01*V  and a.  paced trotting  record  of    1.59J,   wilm  sold at Madi.son Stojcare Garden, New  York,    for    ��15,(JU0.      The   purchaser  was   C.   G.  Billings.     owner    of    Lou  Billon.     It  was  announced   that   .Mr.  Billings    would    race    .Major   iJelmar  ar.d   Lou IMUoii  in an effort  to   break  ��� he    warld's    record.      Major ,,I)ehnar  was consigned  by Mr.  SmaUiei's, who  bought  him  last  year    for    S4(M-H"J-  Th.i record price at the sale was paid  :or Sadie Mac,   another of  Sniathers"  string,     who    was   bought,   by     Miss  Wilks,  of   U-alt,    Ont.,    for    S15,4��0.  I Miss    W'ilks     is  the    owner    of     Oro  >\\ilks and of several horses tlmt won  ', blue,, ribb��,ns   at  the  last  horse  show  1 m    New    York.      Prince    Alert,     the  world's   .champion    pacing' -gelding,  wr.ii  a world's  record of 3.5^��.    and  a  record of 1.57  with a winr'   shield,  was sold to. Edward Mitchell, of New  York,   for $2,600.     Grace Pond,    tho  champion   threo-year-oid    trotter     of  1904,   consigned   fo   James  Gatcoinb,  ,was sold !���   Alonzo Maynard, of New-  York, for 513,000.  Nearlv everything made with bak-  iiur powuer may be raised equally as  ���we'll with SHiir milk, buttermilk or,  soda, allowing one even feaspoonlul  ol soda to each prat of milk.  The man who goes to law may be  sure that bis lawyer will get justice.  It   is   better  to   take  a reef in the  sails than to sail tho boat on a reel.  Aid Digestion and Regulate the Action of the  Bowels You Must Use  DB. CHASE'S KIDNEY-LIVER PILLSH  Th��   6reat   Specific for   Liver   and ICidney  Diseases.  y The best ivayao make sure of ;h<.a-,|  yenVl.s'-'i'tqV'niake/.ybur homeslikebhea-'  yen"4ierey'Ayv.-.A'A:'by,y'' A :A.by'',:'; 'y.'':  b'ThosebWho try to. make the;best of  everything* generally get the "'best;':'6'f  .'���bye'ryttiingv Ay AAA-.,,;- ���;,^ - yy.y ������'yyAyy  "'Casting all your care "on hiin"  does not include your care tor others.  What Makes You Despondent?  ���Has the stomach gone wrong? Have  the nerve centres grown tired and  listless? Are you threatened with nervous prostration? South fAmerican  Nervine is nature's corrector, makes  the stomach right, gives a world ot  nerve force, keeps the circulation per-,  feet. A regular constitution builder  for rundown people. One lady says;  "1 owe iny life to It."���84  Lampwlcks should be soaked for 24  hours in vinegar before being P-ghte-'  Alter   this   treatment    they   will    be  t'ound to give a steadier, clear light.  MIOTS LIfflENT lor" SHe Evermere.  When  weighing   molasses   sprinkle  the scale well whh four and then it  I will slip off again quite easily without  | -ticking.  It Is tbe  liver   that  Is   largely   re  sponsible for   indigestion   and constipation���derangements that are a constant source of trouble.  The bile, which, when left in the  blood, ia a poison to the system, causing biliousness, headache and muddy  complexion, becomes of ' priceless  value when passed into the intestines  to aid digestion and ensuro regular  action qf the bowels. ���.  Tho healthy liver separates bile  from the blood and sends it into the  intestines.  IF,.YOU .FIND .YOUR LIVER  SLUGGISH AND TORPID IN ACTION ..DR. .CHASES'S ..K1DNEY-  LiVER .PILLS .WILL .BRING RELIEF AND,CURE MORE PROMPTLY THAN ANY TREATMENT YOU  COULD   FIND.  By enlivening tbe action ot tho  liver they remove the cause of biliousness, headache," indigestion, constipation   and   . other     accompanying  symptoms.  Tbe specific action of Dr. Chase's  Kidney-Liver Pills on the liver is  what makes them of so great worth  as' a famly medicine and ensures  them a resting place in the borne.  Mis   Julia   Langlois,   Manor,  Assa.,  writes:   "for a long timo   1   suffered  'from llvrrr complaint and biliousness, '  and could find nothing to help  me until I   used   Dr.   Chase's Kidnoy-Liver  Pills. I have recommended these pills  to many of my friends, and they havo  () all been   well    satiBfiod   with   the re-  ,'l stilts.    You can use this letter for the  benefit of women who are suffering aa  I did."  -,'_< One pill a dose at bedtime and Dn  Chase's   Kidnoy-Llvor   Pills    will  ensure healthful,   regular   action of tbo  'kidneys, liver and bowels;  25 cents a  box,   at    all   dealers,    or    Edmanson,  Bates & Co.,   Toronto.     The' portrait  j and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the  j famous receipt   book  author,   aro   on <  J. every box.  aMii���  A  A),  If attacked with cholera or summer complaint of any kind send at  once for a bottle of -Dr. J. D. Kel-  losa-s Dvsentery CorcV.al and use it  accoring to directions. It acts with  wonderful rapidity in subduing that  dreadful, disease that weakens the  strongest men and that destroys the  vour-r and delicate. Those who have  used this cholera medicine say it acts  promptly, and never tails to ettect a  thorou di   cure.  S'    r��l.��lor.    flrr��.      W.-1*-  for    (ETull     l��nrtloul��r��.  day ^^  Thompson, Sovr\&  OOWMISsioN     iwttt wow-a��* vs.'  Co  WINNIF  Don't Take L-oSS-'   Get thc Hlghct price* for your���  ���   ,    .wheat:    Ship to  oLAUGHUN   .fit   ELLIS  O I���*-*-*^"*^_ Chomber   of    Commerce.   Minneapolis  graiV"excha>-ge, WIXNirEG   3C  ' ~  It's a poor laith that does not answer some of its own prayers.  Ono ot the greatest blesings to,parents is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator. It ettoctually expels worms  and gives health in a marvellous manner to the little one.  into"  THE ANDREWS-GAGE GRA1H GO, ITS.    I  CRAIH COMHISSIOH UEBCHAKTS.  w��  A man is not even civilized who  loves cash  more than country.  Minard's. Linlmeflt Cures Bums, Etc.-  "Why did the congregation hurry  out so quick after the benediction?"  "The sexton makes thorn leave their  umbrellas ,in tho vestibule, and those  who get out late' haven't much of n  choice."  ���filacfd' hv  A\i  .0!  widi'-t.  P-  an  SWK.  temporary store jiviousiy ^^pe^iK-ro.^nA.yand ,  handsome -Wick. ha<Moca^ -;^^ ? v * ^ ��� ^,^n ,  U^:COinuHxh��vi- ^.hither, the ^^u,  ; .  true  progress yv-   coming  M- ^ '^     .^ hi^ educa, ;,  r^*.i'ii/c'-  that ;ifA tb��,r.  town '^^g V,our5e^.Uhe bus,-.  l^ritSS-ii,  proprietor. .  ^W J^dinViive years, in. th.s .ot-  selAbuymgput.;^ J ," "^ s|, ea-|  .......  Harper:.&... ^P*  ��? lhe   before i  ���r:   H [gaged *fpr  ^%   ^pinka  citi/etis  A nicnX !Oni>"   oil'-1.    ��(J. r   ..   -.y--  to- coine ���true', .th ,..  iibliwtv  must. be. giyen..:.t<-.  ;u;.-s .kn-e-d by their town,  thev know that  there .are  WiicV    towns /competing.  eir' own-  for   pro-ctnuiei^e.  to  have  established.   a'L   as  ii   dato' ..'.asA,-possible';in;.'tbeir  'his.tory a . tOwn',hewspa',*e  }i'*iblifther' arises' to' the "level*' A  |o',i|iortun'ity-rii  his  paper: v;6rt.hi-;:  vlk-ety ''imt akine.fhe news.'bbu*-*  'no|.i's and ambitions ,��>��   thcyph10^  i win. jet* it is issued, he will ba ^'.  n-ason    to   comi'lain    of any b'cA  |s!!lv|ioi*i..b Tin;  western, paper   that  , l'o .'i't** home.t'owii will ,"m c%~  ���'  find  ihc . town  a   layal AA"  ���'aud*'tlii* ;intensit.y" ��f ' its   sup-  in 'iii-oivy c.ises in  inverse.'rathe  t mvii's si/.e.,  ���.���ioi-aiih*    .Advertiser    Is  an  i*r  mi',   of   the  truth   of   the    lore- j  o'lVmi-ks.'   Delorame   i>*   not   '^ I  .v*.i.    If it were 'in  Otitari'o'��� m-  n"   M.inltoba.   it; wi-'uld   not., be  <bh*   if it   hud   no   local   pap-'i'  i.     nm,    being    inMiioitolra.  .' a  l.i'.-ii.l  paper' is cunsidi-red  al-  iis  much a'matter-of  course n--  '>!.olVif:..,'    it,    has' two.     'Kurtber-  ������    . boihari.Asuccessful.   The a|'!"*v"  !$'���* for   iy.adingc.oi "all   kinds    grows  "lintAi'!.'"fiM*ds on. and a. coinniuni-,  ,'hat has one go oil ]>api*r will've-ry  |<'!iali;y ''supijorf.   ann'ther,   provided  jft' s.-cund   is. I'Diidu'ct.isl   with,    eipia-  KVi'itvi-  ability.      The   instinct,' or  '���' l.'liiy.  i'nher'ent   in  (.'anVid ia as. will  lfb* inaiy want  t o'unilerstaiifi.'ir'A.h  ***'-*. <*-!" an urgimiciit..   and tience sulv  i"; pii.|��,'i;s   pi-.'k'iiting   appe-*1,e  j'liUcul     views.      Perhaps    this   fact  M su-ui-whut to.fio with  the suci.'.->>?  li.-  lii'-'.Di-aine  Advertiser.   I ts . cn:i'-  :'   '     the.   IVli  ing  less  an   (  seems   destined   -to^succt-.-d  .bus.nte.ss   oy   io   i   } ^ lin0!  .bas'-rvcenllj; .M A ^yHentAp  ^livity\,,,SS-^-'i!,fe  ,d   iviui   ii-srvedly  h..   ,car...   ���',ik..   as'.a.  biisine^s  citizen  ither  he-*:i  he  Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves  and Moccasins���tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-  proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,  crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,  cold-proof, almost wear-proof���  certainly the greatest leather  ever used in mitt3 and gloves.  Like buckskin  it   is   tanned  without oil, unlike buckskin it U  not porous, it i3 wind-proof���trill  outwe?J three buckskins.  "Pinto"   Mitts   and   Gloves  never crack or harden, never get  sodden, are always warm, pliable,  soft and comfortable.  Sold at all dealers but never with-  out this brand :���  GRAIN \ Jas. Richardson & Sons \ GRAIN  (Until   (,recently   represented by the late   E.   OTleiMy, Esq.").,  o  i ' ^ \  All kinds of grain purchased in Car  Load   Lots.   Write us for top pric��e    ,  and   shipping   instructions..        Any   grade of wheat, oats, barley or fiaa-  ' P., 0. Box 629, ��� Winnipeg,    Man.  yov   grfcla to us t�� be ftoU oa arrival or ftftap��  --p M       ���  ��� ���. wcurd*. *s you mejr wteiv.   We do & ��trl��Uy ��������* '  " mlaeloa   bu��ln��ii��,    in    -which   w��  have ksA  fft  r*����j-��' ���xperleao*.   Prompt and rolledU work cuAraAteod.  Ltlboral adva.-c.c*M,     Corroapoad��nc�� solicited.      Licansed  and Bond*4<  Kaferenca,    Bank   at  Haralltoa.      ��xcha.&g�� Eraaoh..  DONALB MORRISON & CO. llil^��.   *16 Qr^ ^BSBfeo, i*^  {| THOMis law.        Ship Your Qrain to        willxak law J  ���    ���     �� ii i mil    measm jtfmtb. 0SS*f ]  ���.u��r'r  m 'd  Our facilities are unsurpassed for obtaining the  best possible assortment  in cut glass.  A Handsome one^qutrt water ,  .bottle, graceful in thapo; is  No. 15717 at only Jj.oo.  Send for out mail-order  catalogue. Careful consideration i�� given to teeing thai  goods are delivered at just the  time required.  B_/VtA/    BROS  Wa handle' grata, strictly  on  eomminloa,    Rlffh��**l  Prioaa   0-bta.rv.a.tktart.  Liberal ad-rancea.    Tradoa  eaxri��d  era naajrffiaa   ta   Wisnipeg-'a   futurw,.  OoiTHpondraoe  solicited. .  ���         GRA1W EXCHANGE. WtRctlp^.j  I   AM    lltC   ULI/CjI    Merchant in riHttipeg. ��^_  and  kiffhost market priced.  Rcferenca���UM��N BANK:  rain to  m��  ami fret prompi aerticn, v��.��K^��   et price,. A      O O g EM fcf       DRAWBRt  ^NK of CANADA.    V��    V I     1 81 f\, IS6B,     J    -������.mil jiaiua  aiijjjuiiAiuaji.u^-IJi;;iw'9~J''=  ^ajawBBa^^MMwasaaJMauwwa  HUDSON BAY KNIHINQ CO.  Montreal     Winnipeg    Da^sofl a  aratn in c�� lot, bouj^t  c.^   S^o^c   .oUcito^-     H.tere.n^  advanoa mada.      1 romp*-  ^  Any Bank in ^mIPJ��0M 4l4>   QRAI5r   TSXCKAXGTC  PLPQ.,  WlXNirKg-  'Ohio Gasolifie Engines*  PORTABUi   ENGINES   for TliRESHSNa  ��wi   STATtONARV   for   CHOPPING wbm4  V\*OCO SAWING in  etook  at mil time*.   ,W*  ���sail oblip fit a day's Tiotioo,  VTrit-e n* for Prices and Catalotsrw**.  KeTiTjy, Avenue, Bust,  ���Cher  A-  If you want to enjoy  vigorous health, take  Tvinjv. ptnk ribbbbs on s.a&'^  is''noribo Hiunt: ��a1ovo U^ ��.he.'io��.>.  .   Hlim wiS^-m thcv^'l  imiiA^  milk ot  liunian   kMnessim.^'ia*-'-*  Bit   y'loroiiii* "l'im..-s,   was  c u  .'*y',aldisli,.(i  ;,���,* .rolinhb;   supi'.or'-  .-.���.tlu*   l.i.h.'ibd  p��.!'u-y.   Il,  pi'i^i.-nl.'''1  s <;,.;,.t   jfiin,.,.;,!^'.   ,,yt^   moderation.  ''','., "���'"���'.-,   wilh    sWill.      Hut.   it   ^'''*s  ;1'ilN!i'-d    in   .,,    district.  t.'n,..  polit icalt  ^"''I'li-xi.-.ii' cf   wtiirh   was   pri-iM.rid.'-r-  lH!;j;!y      ('fiiisi.;rv:lt ivi>,      and     Ivik'*.'.  Ii"n   Mi".   Krank   l.ush.   docid.-d    'h"1  '_ would   loc.it,.. in   IVl.M-ii'nV*.      ���i'-v{  "llls,>  ��  Iwdil    plip.-r   (,[      ('onsirrvii-  .v"   i'*nd,.|*r'n..s.   h,.   i0lUld   ���     cli.-lUcl''  f wll"'ii    lie    (���,.-,,d,i    ciit..*r     and     o'n-  "1,,,��-m��k pmspccis  for  succor.  This  **���  "u,v<-  tljivn   five  vours   u��o.    and '  Pectoral  r"r.rry Pectoral.   Ask -you'  iCbughSjColasji  Ing ono <rt *y��r B  They are a veritable short cut  to lasting a.nd perfect health.  Sola   6v*>�� in boxee. 35 eenta  Tho PaJl.of Rhewma-tcc P^itrt?,  -When a sufferer, finds perm.a.nent relit! in such.a meritorious medicine as  South American Rheumatic*. Oure, how  ilnrt' he is to toll it. .C.'\V. .Mayhew, ot  TUamesviUe. Onr... c-imldn't walk or  Teed himself, for four ..months���tour  \-.e'ars"a'a:o three'bottles of tbis great  remedy cured him���not   a   pain since   isn't" 'that   encouragement for rtieu-  uiatic 6uiferersV���H'A  ��duoating';  your,   conscience    into  o'fasitcity' w.iU   not.   relieve .you tioia  ��-ui!i.. ' '���'������"  ' . ThP woather to-fiay  is''as cold   arid  raw as an old'maid's second .mve..   ���*.  T Gvcr.c V-Z -(M'ir-e HCad) T>yinf?ctant  Soap rowA-ris'bcttci tb.-m otAer pmvders,  as it is both soap 'ar.d ���disinfectant.- ,34  A vonsr'h romedvA.s better than  the-,  .most elahv.'fite rog-i;ots, 1.   ,  '  ia order to clean a gilt fratoe teush  off everV bit of dust and then wet.  a|  plied with a camel's, hair bius��h.. Ku  Ue alcohol off before it dries with a  cSin soft cloth of silk or flannel, and  S'cloths should be cbangedJOTten.  S Se dirt comes'ofE the frame with  \ tbe alcohol ou tbe cloth.  When titis are hard to wpsh, w)'ore  food has burned on, like '*a)-;ed fish or  oatt'noal,. put 'the. dish 'on .the siove,  tilled with cold water and half a tea-  spoonful of, baking' soda, an-:*] let.' At  boil and your dish will wash ;;.nd the  odor of lish will be. gone.  What has hecom'e of thc old-fashioned woman'who w.*.re a nubia?  gar-jjn" ^J.||Ja!^^_���~5^sssE'iS!jri^ii!gs^Lll^Ll^^��� _:.i^r!ssasi.  \J*S    N    U     No    BIO  t     'A  4 -f I^H-t-"- ^  - ?  ^^^^sn^s^EBaml ���Vf  te  y&��l'i  .-:�����>  &  ..*.s^:;~ii.i~'Jf^' "r.3^rrrxiSBVc��a*'-.vBL.-.c--,,, ,  -*,'-��=^..,  rvim mm  il-lKbed in the interest ol the -nconlo  of Moyie and East IZcotczay.  %mm^MM^niiut~fayM~*��^^'yr^~ -*'~  ******  -^sp-.  x/ >������."  An/:  7. .T.StrYXK �� CO.,   -   -   r     ruMIohers.  HJLTcr. of suBrcr,irrios.  Dae Year ,-. 52.00  lATURDAY.-DB'OEMPER 17,  1901.  Hi  59*1.  If%,  -    - Sfe-or of 3M elson.  '..ciiii'Hbuatcu is out for   the mayoralty of Nelson.    His'platform   appeal*.  ,'o ail who   iep.lly i:aye   tbe welfare   C*  NkAon at heart-   That citv   is  suffering'from partial paralysis nnd requires  .'.50inu8Lvoug.pr��irH!os-.it   in   front   and  , pu'.np air hue iti H.if*,n-!0{/ iirce.    Kon-j-  -,on seomo to be tho man.    lie   already  -   5at:*r,r'.'     i. .OM'g.-':   r. ..   .Aiv.     .*    j Micij  We  I'nJcs.ii.-.--    :��������   <   X'    ''   r;,u"   <'"i:<'A" <>X   >A  .,,-.?.   ior   roiyb   ���..''���   "M,    T^    .. r. -y   .'���   '-   ; n-U A,  toilet set?, p..j'.-'.n '-". ;...'..u..v   \ "��� - '-1'-.  '"���"���'  :;oco:itai:..i '"'"A  "^ c '���" ^PAy /��  _xOily ui any < yv> .'.  .    ^ ���-��  ^ -'���.���  <-.bf*:cn.  .. ..n i  P, O. Drug- and Stationary Store,  Soy?*   -^  *�� 7v  ���3        <W *  Prescriptions carefully preparul.  t%*fjinw^Lj.'Li -msr* .��������> ,^-2-*w v ��. J"^>*��" **"*" *���  <d?-^.;*^  r jrjMS   '        W- ���  f ...    ..   .., --, '.j)j"]-i      *,"-      ',/,.--; ^    .Ay'  ���    .;'-.���   ''".A'-M*    ^.    ':!?!';-i *;''\:  ^ a, , !' rAs.OIb-: hVfld _.*^cv";Ji i. 1-': "."���  -ii'OTig, 3- C ��� '  "   *u! .'t~A....y. of an.] tl.'iUois in nil hinds of  y'i ,,.   , ,  E CAMERON, Mgi-o  ���.-   ��'   J   /'���"-   '-..*-'���. ^������^T'-ty -A- -Cc'�� ''���j.'-sT; if*;'*/*, ���'-. -���/    .       .     .'  .... - ^-'-M-y.k-"^ ���- ^* -.   ���-���>���* ^-.* -i--- ^v ���>������ ,y---i* ,<-y ���  J","oi.lo t.' oiil  1 *    l.li,  Secr'v,  Ay :*,*."'?  ft*  '���-'������ ft!  ft'  41  --<-r.< ctf.  f^W ' !  i���"12^-'1<*"N' �����/'��� ' l"  ~ymJr.- * \ ; -i" -  -,on seomo to oe too man.    i.^.e  m.-e.-iuy |  .rrvn^r^T^  t^sMj"j^-'^ ;'       ^ '  ha-Jdone   more  for  Noli-ou   thin   any    ,|'^lS|-^-l |^W^4'/' *"���''  other biped    that   ever   breathed    tlio  '   jr��|^= C^\W$//0 tf ''* ['    '  L'--V.  ���-> .-./������?.;.-�� ;-.*��� -. :,i -  --*t -. ���^ inr,y(  i   f   '���    -   ;J  ���SS-i W :  ":   Shonh: I,-* <   i", '���.���'  -t "Ti-  , 't /; i'f' il    It  ��� (��  I A     .'" .    , / '    ��- " ��� * '-* ' '-'V  i:A^�� *'  ���tufcr, *&.+ J>      V4^,��' rfi^  ft  /!  ���A-f/A  i.  , c^   ''  oxone of Baker ulre&L, lie h.m pome  " nils, bat uothirg i*-: uerfout ..roept an  ^ 'noaluied t'Orp-o ^oi:ig ft.ui. Ilouo-  fou does not Ibvo the ^ralLer, nor lhe  wobbler nor tbe chape with tbe bhori  jianto who suck   their   Scotch  with   a  "' straw, anil blow the   atsmosplieie   full  " of "Aw"' cjrpressiona. .John will have  ihe support of thc real people in his  city. Those tied for corporation and  beer wagons will cltich bia -throat like  a bald-headed coon reaching for flies  but thQ.citiaen'3 who desire their-city  to become progressive will mark their  ballots for the old battleaze that has  blazed many   a. hard  trail,  and -made  ��� himself poor in tbe service of Lhe  public. JTelson needs a jolt to get it  on tho track a��s��ii, and,*" John k* ��� the  man tc cypply   t!:e jack screw.    If   lie  ; eannct p,ull it i~. onto tli'e riiam line of  prosperity tbo tov.'n might aa well be  marked a flag  station, and   the cows  . turned in to keep the gras3 from hiding the scenery.���Fernie Ledge.  *,    i.nx.Lim'*'IUJl��A5*��� U O.U* ���.^Ugy.WUM.MJUa.HLJ^JUJI,-. 'I. ��� A ICCTggg�����  MINERAL ACT.  (FORH P.)  CEIfTIFICAXS  OT? I.MPROVEifENTS.  .NOTICE.  Mountain Gout and Clinton  Mineral Claims  situateia the Port  Steele  Mining  Division  of  East Koolbniiy District.  '    Where located:���On eaet fide of lower Morie  Lake.  TAKE NOTICE that I Tho1;. T. McVittie   F.   M,  C. No. B^73710 agent for Tie St   irugene  ^roun-  tain    lilies    Limited  cf Koslo     B.   C.   Tree  Miner's Certhicate Xo,  IJ.   72G21,   intend, sixty  dav-s from the dEte hcre.-if, ro apply to tho Mining' Recorder for c Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining c. Crown   Grant of  the above clsim.  ���l    And father tctc   notice  that  action,   under  section i S7,   .-c-.a";   te 'commenced hefore  the  ��� jssuence-of such'Cerliuc'ato' of  Improvements,  Dated thin 21 th day of Nov; A. D. 190-i  !>';'      '-1  mmyAim, a x>  \--^\- A.''>vC^v-,-<.-���(*^>vrV//,/.��� ..'.'������'  *   4    ���  '     '1    (  ���*-...,,-;  ,>.   -i-iV-"?-,--     -"A    >/���--; ft   T-T\ -y ,*. '-.'    .P,  .-^tj 5.*-..'-L y.Z>   A, (j Vv      w,  ,.*.    .,    ",A...  d    ... i_i   , >' ',<-jUL't^  < j t 'i -.'v->-. S "*," '*'      v~"5 * t" '*-.  y >i  .  M  fr^x-Atrv'^  l^A\-rA -- --" A-~  I3i-iai2f^ii^'.b  T^roloz- aro wu^Ttl1.?^  g:!;!: i-yx" }Scx, ri  }'' ������.:.:"' y-gvrd^. The Bar is Toiler, v;^  -.   -*,i��i, .��� - ��� *  ..~X\.m~A:'i'lJ  : ,5v  - i.> * rn,  n  ,111 P,,.,.,UJ.IH.|IIM .UHII.IMI   ..II, I     .1    Mil    Ml ,    I    ��� ��� ~ 1 T ��� I 1 IT   4^1.  t ;  IT  .AirJo  >.*r.i  n ^'i j'.   J   - ���*���'   t*  ���'* * / r. ���  <LviL ^S> -*li^isixJl -A ^- j a ,  i  wholesale wm^ &c[%^  , c  ir>,  l^.j t t- I, J*.'.  v... \^ -��� i. f  ;j-,*i> mining men '    ;  _ f v-A. vj,i;.Ev;-:^:; -::tr-..:''i^EKn^E^5ia-'i^iS^^  -1    i < *>  ,Lr*iii���..&; l  *������ j^���'iU.x/.i.v.  a?yx^iTTg3L.'Ti,J^'^^i.',^~*,'��*'^''g's.^'Wa,��,^J,*^'jJ^Ti��x? %.>"mf-  ���*21**T-J -wjif-T-  ��zi "v in."   '-���r-v>  O   >'-i * .  ! is  :i-i  i  Ti:o   Most   Prog-ressive  'Cfca^any   in   Canada.  i   1  Cf 2 wii f; ���;  *    ;���    �� ^  ,'-, ', ,  ft -  3   '     pfiwv^ i; j��:;;'���'! :  j r,    i  .' '    i  i ��! i   !\ !  .    'v  "i   ���;-    *���   '* *-��� ���  i   i---    ��.'- *. <rj<����*jfiS       a pa b.     v& ^ ^.f r  i ,  i  i  ;'i:      \!   .  i  A ,s  i     *-u  !   '.;  v"ilib-.u 'L'-Ir I"ii.  ASSAlTIIi]!7-  NELSON,  o  i      and   Spirit >.'er-  I '  i !  i  j Agent for Calgary Brewing Co.'e  I Seer. Ale and" Porter,  c'  ~r-i i T. Label & Co.'s  >f"  -1-/** *-t C *fr* -'(�����-����. , |f  -   . r ..-at  I  (  ft*  '.1  0GO7f-r* -^-. Tho?}yo;':  i i  St.   Joseph's   Convent;.'     '  _  o i  rJo.irdincr i.*ud Dav .School   c.ondn.rt- ��� ^   n ���$ c, ��        n   A  A.     ~        .    ir'.- -" A'a r>��� a-iT,7  od bv the Sifters oi ?���*(. jo-*epli, 1-eit-'*!..    . *(jf$ 13 5 />,  MIXEHAL ACT.  (form f.)  Certificate of Imi-rovkments.  ' KOTICE.  BARitisi-nj?, SoLroiTor:, .'Notary PtlBMC, &.C.  CliAXBP.OOJC,       Bimrsir Cor.i7:n;:A.  BUY YOUIl  Lr-!*1^ ,--vA'l---.-, r=i^ ,<-'. *"-5*.?  .A..       ^.'L      u. . A..   *   -J   i .   i-w.^-.-  . ���,.   ����� *-��.%   ,... , ..���,....  OfEAU OF1-ICE TOltOilTO.;,  0  ������ei-o   ''.onto*;' np'o dale InttnaiscQ  oontraiA.    >f ;.  f-i. .rot.  '-     If  A, B* Stewart & Oo^  B.   C.      Commercial     and    busi:-;* .*- ' ,       -y       ��  courses a specialty.    Excellence-  aurr^  swift  progress  charae.teaize   each   do- j  9'*��nos��S��'iTTiE.    Iparlment.   Barents  should   wiilo  for _ ��� r._-^^^^ '  particulars.    One month  assures   the ( ��S^b^��2��a i-"."Al .^.rW ��  public  of   the   thoroughness   of   the) . ,  Sisters'methods   of teaching-    Terms'  comminee January,   April  and   Sept.  Pupils are admitted during tern-*- ������ ;   ^    wf,,   ,-*.*������    T-   .���    ! O-r-s  ri   -������">    -:"*0'  J ' -   ^^ > i ore.gr, anct   Douce lie w kk\-. I .-inoo-1 .=- Xi ,,)������-,.     fv, ,���- . :  A.   t'     "! "   yj".-*. c *yi!;.,A-i' :ii' the'air yo;:   bre.itho.    Why J wu albo   ^u,u.:..tec   [|  .'0 1 Wu^t-.. J:: '.!:��. policy,    Aiik for parUcular1: on :h:.s C:A:nA  M  li  ���V?  r3  BEALB & .ELWELL,  Agcutfl4iCranbrouL,  MELVILLE" PAERY,  General Airent, Nehor.  9  HI  h  Moyie Fraction,   St, Elmo, St.   Anthony,   St.  Seorge. Cnudo Fraction, Frc Diayola, Foust, St.  "Paul Mijieral Claims sitnat'e in the Fort Steele  Mining Division of East Kootenay   District.  Where Located; On the East ride of lower  Movie T.ako.  Take noticotha+.l Thos. T. YcVittie r. M. C. No.  B "3710 agent for the St,' Eugoae Mountain  'Mines'Limited of Ktslo B- c, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B.73621, intend, sixty deys from  thc date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And father take notice that action, under  section 37, must Le coinraonccd before tlio  issuance qf cuch Certificate of Improvement0  E   Datedtl-.il 51th day of Nov. A. D.   190-1.  ThOS.T. MCVITTIK.  ' tl MINERAL; ACT?   ^;  ��^^ 77^; (form ; f.) i^ZZ KS.^  ^Oeirtftcatk of;I:iprovements. ^  "^^7:^^Vxoxick..   ", i-.ix...  . Lake?ide Fraction Mineral Claim, situate in  ,the J-'ort Sseelu Mining Division of East Koot"-  n.ay District. i"   '.���;  Where located:   On on-,t hide of j lower; Moyi.*  Lak". ' " '  TAKK NOTICE, that],'Ilio^. T.'McVltt.e, ]".  M. C. No, Ji   7?.710,   agent   for Uie   Pt.  Kugor.o  Jlount.'un Mines Limited iu" Ka��-lo, 15.  A  Kn'O  Minors    Certificate No. B 7.1021, intend, <ixty  da>s from the date lif*:c-.if, to apply lo tlie M'h-  ing Jleconlci for u Ci'rtif'.cate of hnpio-. i mur.t ,  for the jmiiios'* of o'liiiiinng a Ciuun (iri'ni of  Hie above claim. |  And fiutlicr  take notice Uiat  notion,  under i  .section 37, must   li"  commenced  liofoiu  the i'   I  i-ilRiicuof siicb. Certiticiilc of Iiii|ii-.ivi*ii)i*iiI'.        |  Date i {his, 2ith ih��' oi Nov., l'tO-i.  f.33 THOS. T. McVITI'li:.  NOTICE.  KotiGO in hereby given that   ;,;.\tv   day��-   after  date J intend to apuly    to   lhe   Chief   Uon.in*  Isioner of Lands mill   Works foi    jichiii'tic n   to  purchase forty fiere-* ol land,  more   "r   U -s   in  tCust Kooteniiy ni*-tru*t, desc-nijfii',    a"* fnllov.^ -  Commencing ut is. |i(>--t plnuteil nt the S'Miih  East cornur of lot 'J-Ol, Croup 1, v. l-.icu i-  jptukGd ",\, T Clark'.*-N. t:. Co*ner" mul ruuu  ing thence West twity ciiiiins, thence r-oitli  twenty chams, thence Lim twenty clia n-s-  tlielice Nurlli along *-lioro of Momc J.iirc tu  pluoe of beginning.  A.'i. CL\ It!  Dated October 11 th, 1"')!.  ,!,      ., Lu m, mi, | | |, li,, w |i| II - m-V-TTfT TT--I ^Z.'  TAYLOS & DAVIS,  CKAXEItOOIC.  Bricklayers and hnck nianuf.ietur-  ers. They intend jmltin;; :i ciirlo.id of  brick ia Moyie for immediate u.-e.  Anyone requiring chimneys can communicate direct or leave orders.nt this  Office.   French ranges a snecialty.  11 U 1%J1L1  ml Viz-Ai;-.  "SitVir-uC-i i ' lir-J&V'L k- .**-*h-i  ly-   >       V*-X''�� ��*'/^?"\.  tOCXVXX;   AmA[    LVTJMHiY.j      ffifc       X)J,J^^ \ ~A  r   r-1"-'!-1*',       A AA,;r:y '   A ' \\\        kjO h~~^^- '! *, >'���' ���'I )\ A  :r.rl  HA?i'.i:V                              "C      -   :A^?A'  J A \    A,  1 ?I^ft.? s , ��� i j '     O: ,"���.   .        i: .* r-a.ici     jc-  i           ~-,fi          -        \ s  b i  y')i  ;i     h  Ia again located in Cranbrool:   fed   ir  prepared to v;ri(3  irisuiflcce,  buy  and poll aloe':, and do a  pen-  1   oral brokora^o buiinoh;.;  JOHN" HVTCHISON,  CranhrooJt.  . %rS ti n't!  I  In STONE Etiikiin^  i  I at*a    ��S^^^   K^r~pi     A, L. FJJA"HKLIN T  I t    i,     j    ^- *-.'i      !    ,,.'���������    :  u.   - .  ��� K*. '1:, HO'^AHL'   .PvtT'^J   ^'^ii^{^;.''^"-C-^-'^v,:''^  SEND YOXTR ORDJBJ^  TC US'  Fur nil hindL; of uhct;t^..AA fc.���:'���*������.t-  clucilnir    ,  heating,    P^ovrj;!:  ni'ixc, l*toc:-: I'l.r^.t:*  V,> ti'so  handle a  'full   l.'i"   "f "-^��*  -McCh'i-ybs r.-iinou.-i   Stir.*. .   :,.,!-  bt'St in "lie liiA. A..  "=5&  'wpa.^UwtnT-.Tn*" ***���"-fg*" w.-v-r-x-^t ��."������������� **?���*&+����� Twsi*mm&  M. J. MUG^MT, Prop,  ^^.^T*>    ^P^^^*^>  ,  _ ��� ^-^ v.-' -.   .*   '--v*'       /v. -S. Aik 2. V>  Comfortable F.r;cc:.". aiid Goo::   llu���\..  at Rerisot able Prices. '  Eirst Glass   Ae.3cra::.?o-;  dations lor r^J.:.'-!..-...,    ,  ^HDNl^'iT  AAI'JVyi l-KilV". A  iUOY7K, .*..i.A. A      *. ;.  PATM01E BEOS.  iCRAXimOOK, r. A  j-'OT",   FR7F   TATLOSTN'G   00   T^1'    ;.Ha   >m,   P 'Jv'     ^ *!. I j-^'"t/':--'A ta ^-^a.S.A^.    p*Sr>o'a/xw  .i,' C      .1 iJ 1       5*     W   -.*     *    -*-*> I {^"jy  V/c must, ni'iko room for nev; gcodri, and nio ofFering  '  some snap-; i:^ 0.iryo��.'i,   (io-ctirtc   and    Furniture.  A BIG CHANGS To Buy Cheap.  I-ine  ".Suiting-i,    Cvc-ieoalint:  'J roti.-"::,',   Imported     Good:*.  Z'lOYI^l,  E. C  i.  **   I*1 .  J -*-<- C rf|**\  yu:;;:iiAi. diilcctoks.)  ihitiAi Cohi'- -''l"  "'->'  ii *!  _i-t-j -^ y-u-1^"^���    ���^���T^c-^r^i- a***"���-J"*.  i">���-;* .-       Hi'-* f    -    'r,  "  .1  ,i.  '"i U ).".'     ".       -     '.ul   ,    '   v,." '  '   \'.i.  A   . Ij ;-aA.  1 .u  1 .-���  'Our :A:) i - to \)l<  y    .-./��  -.1-'   ':��.'.'  --  o '/V ^V*) r/.i ii"- K_'5 7<y"* '*'.���! '���*"; n"'  n-i.-w'   a  *. ���*    (  r* /*��"��'     ���, *  tiiT'.i',". on  hr.ii''.  JdJI XIEUEll'IT'iOT, Pr-  1    c ���-)  P> *J-5��*"��l-,^*^"T^t^--T.->Ti-'  '*>   .i  "A-       "...    ���*. lu  ������' i "-  '    i      '.���>.'*A-\  'v. .-- -       \ ���. r v".\'V-  ,.*  v v. ���>    -5>r*.*..  'j y   .,   -J     Jj  ,   \y'A;A'.i'i  ; r  Cr.ANintooic /A-.     j' ir *".'  o. f. j)vAMUixn-.v  ',' e  !iil.  T'C .  ' . '.     er        ..ftfil;,!'.  c   e: l  ���'r,���'   '-   * -i. - . .      '���   \ *  1A  ���''  v   ���.      -^^: -~*. i I  ^   A *.���',        ','  ./';        ,"-'.    ("  A-- ' - '��� -/r :y.'Vji=' '���������' "'-->'" '"  :���     ,, ���K.iii'.   .1   - -'I    '   ;"'"   v''   U'"  I' I    ]|>l    H " - til  1   -���y; ���;.. iid. wii 'I'ii-h t*-*-'1' "*' ' '���  X'  ��� .I,.,  i.  i nn i  o  ���|"     -ir.  >7   ^      QV  > ,,    ?     ii.  ..-    1*1   I  .i-l   I    I        ill-",    Nl        .'    I"'     ''      l"1"'!  i    . ;i .     . ,i.     i ipl nm   iimI'    '...���'   **   ''  i    l     !        u'ii .*   i   I ii mliii"!   '     '"      i ' ''*'  I  '      I  i i   .     ,|i,  i    ii     i     il' '*".,M  i'.o'i . - i '1 ' '"   *'   "  ' '  ' "   '' b.llit     IV i    '   '  it's  ni -ny <i<  v'WS    iJ-tr T WoW*    I'  '���-*'** l_  " r T .,  '   *> /  IMlOJ'.il'T   DK'.  Q,ue ens'Ave.  Y V".r*  MGYISj  '   . 1 '  ..;,-,*.l<*.      ��� 7'*H  \V| "Kiv. rsnli:     A v.  WAibb ''  .   vipoly.niA \V  . :k'.  -i  .;::...i  ������....   *���-.���.' ',v,'! W-.'' ���-.'���'i v.*:rt ���<���:<; >������ ;   *;������"  ,v.��;  p*fj u'i!  *ii3 ���ii'J  "*''1 "''"  I.i ...:.i Ji!; ^:*j' ^i m :*it-i ��...s:. \��ss !*���*���-<��� w�� -^' -^


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