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The Moyie Leader Dec 15, 1906

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 (Jot yotlr^pA^PRE^TS
V\ i- i.iiiKi]*- i-vemhing ttitit
a- firor class Jewplery stcrj
should keep. ' Wilson, Crrn-
V0L. 9, NO 36.
MOYIE, B. C,  DECEMBER 15, 190G.
XMAS.. 1906
is fast approaching, and never before have we* provided'so large an-assortment of useful presents and
toys for the ''Festive Season."
The most, artistic range  of dolls ever  shown  in
i. town are now^on display in our emporium ranging ■
in prjce from 25 cents to $5.00. ' To numerate .our
stoplf of. Christrnas goods Avould,,'tax  the space at'
our disposal, but amongst' others njay be mpnj-icn-
\, ed Steam Engines for boys '.'ranging   in ' price from
$2.75 to $6,50, capable" of driving an .ordinary- sew-
ing'njachine.   '   -       ',■<,',.      . •     ,   '  '
Included in the useful presents are the latest
novelty "Musical Albums," also Manicure Sets,
Ladies and, Gentlemen's Toilet Sets,, Gent's Stiav'r
ii)g Seta and). Tibocco Jars. 'I/adieS' Morocco ' and '"'
Russian Leather Hand'Bags ai>d, many other useful'
aiid appropriate gifts. - 4.11 'our goods' are no\y' be-
hjg shown,'   Gome auc] see;them.' and,,-\ye.will   see
you.       * 7      '' "' /<:,   ','•*' A,       X     <.   "
*» A  VKAR'
Wm, Kelly Meets An
Untimely Death,
, The smelter "at Trail ia again in full
J. H. Aslnlownxhas been elected
major of Winnipeg.
The bohepeil will be held 'iu Cranbrook some time the latter part of
January. • j
Dr. C. P., Higgins, formerly of
Moyie.is now bead of the medical, staff
of Fernie's new hospital.
Was  Rolling  on ' Skidwav
and somehow Failed to
' Get out of the TTVay. '
Ex-Mayor Olul'e of Rossland has
left Victoria and is now practicing law
in New   Westminster. .
Seventh Anniversary
, Father Coccolo'has returned to Van
couyer from   Ottawa,  and   will  soon
i - ,       i
leave for the Skena river district.',,
Real Estate;; iMining Stocks
a   -   Fire-Life--Accident
> i*
Vv' Xy'b"b MOYIE,'B.'C
William .Kelly, a lumber jack  work^
ing,for the Porto Rico' Lumber  coni-
"aiy, was killed outrjght last.WedneE**
diy about noonby a" falling tree wbile
working in the camp  on   Lamb  creek
afc>ou't .five miles   from   town.   Kelly
was'rolhng  logs on the sfcidyfay'-jvhilp
some/other  men   were * falling ,, trees.
A lreevwas fallen wi'ich struck; a dead
tree and   this   fell,across th# skid'way.
The man was warned to get  out'of the
way,  but , apparently  either did -not
heed or hear the warning.   The .other
men working  with  Kelly-got ojffcflf
the way and escaped, fho frody'of-the.
unfortunate man  wis brought'to town
and the coronorsummorwd. . Thefcof-.
r.^nur did not think'"ani inquest  neces"-r
1 sary and iBsued a burial pernjjt., t "J?be
funeral was held Friday a/ternooi? »nd
in charge of E. f. AJarion of the Cranbrook Undertaking.parlors,
vico  was  conducted   by   JJey.   TJjoe'.
Sowerbutts. *•, l
Kelly was about 2-t years of age $,nd
'■ A. postoffij'e has been eaUblishod' at
Kaien island, the western terminus of
tbo'Granct Trunk PaciGy,
Movie .stands as   Probably
'   the   Best  Organized
camp in B.' C.' 7
y_       iV^'JAb  "     ""      ''•"*.. /.'"'.'     A-
' 'Y9irfean,t~nielceLy9ur Xnaas* cake and
j   rr:,\   l pieVip»outqOOD'FWiJJR^   '■
!"• -s ' a, ."'   a\- r :y'rhave'.f-;it:""AV; '«-,, > , A ,,
Hun <
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy is reported
to have,made half a million by ii lucky
d.'iil on the Stock Exchange. '
1 f' r        * J
George IJilli^r, the C. P.' R. »tation
agent at CranbrOokij-wiJl,' leave ,next
week lor.I.'i'dysmiihi'to .take charge of
the C, P. R. station at that point,
J   .        *        a.  . -„-—r-r' *      , O '
John Mitphell, the'efficient head of
the U. M, W. of A., is confimed to   bis
bed in Indianapolis through sickness^
ly, M. Mansfield ,bl Cranbrook' has
apibepted .the. 'qianagemfint ,of' the
-Hosmer Lumber company at a llittf3r-
jjng saj.^ry.   ">.,"■" , -  A        ' " .'
-The   Dominion.'; exhibition , will be
held atSlifrbrook,'Que:, neit summer,
and tbe   Ujininion^-'governmant1'' will
The ser- g/apt ?50,0Q0 '/or t);e s-iiijfl.'      A
'Tha town of CoBilt }s,'to have
d^ilj paper.' Cobajters pky that th'eir
waa"a native of GreeraoreVOnt., v5?ar»,, .town will be the ^'youngest','tnin"pg
hia.rpireniB , now reside. He' fead j center in the'world io haye ^daily of
worked "about two months, for the 'jits Q^n, ' ^"Va*
Pjrto Rico Lumber Co,' -   '- ■
.Conservative^ Meeting,'
'. tCt.tCrjrtr-rtj.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accommodations .
for the, Traveling Publico
La,rge and Com^aodTou^ Sample.Rooms.       ■. . Billiard Rooms.
McM^HON g&QS,, Proprietor
A meeting ot the. Conservatives7-of
Moyie' will be held in the,Leader "office
on-'Monday, "evening, -December 17th,
for tho purpose^of electing delegates to
a conyenlionto be held for. the ' purpose of nominating a candidate to
contest the electoral district of Cranbrook at the next provincial election,
in <the Conservative interests. ■ All
Conservative voters a.ie invited to
attend.    Meeting at 8:30 p. m.
E. A. Hill, Secretary.
Nominations "for-Cranbrook'*** local
election will be maJe op'.thei 2nd Mon
day in-January and['the/e'lec"tjoij Ofl
the^TliJjf^ay'i- following jtlje'a second
Mdndav'. - ' ' i- "''      ' ''   ,    '    "\ '",
; Robert ';, Foitherst ine"was hauled
inVictoria-Wednesilay for the murder
of.'Mary' Jane-D^lton at^the tovvn ol
South Wellington on July 21 last,
Jtadcliffe was the hangman.
True to its previous record   the (annual   danoe    given     by    ,tln   >lo;'a
Minera' Union on December 12th   was:
a grutifyipa;   euccess.     The" hall   was
nicelyt filled   whpn  the grand   march
was called "at 9:30 o'clock.   The   dan-
ces'lollowed in quick succession   until,, i
midnight, whan   all   repaired   to   the
Hotel Kootenay and sat   down/to   an
excellent spread.,,  After  returning  to
thj hall the merry  crowd   tripped   the
light fantastic until nearly th'ree a. ,m.
Ifuaic was(furnished _by  local   tulent
and R. O. PutU rjon gaye splendid ,sa't-
isfaciion as master of ceremonies., '
'   'Moyie Miners' Union'No, 71  stands
as one of thp strongest unions   in    the
Kootenays, and Moyie,probably stands
as the best'organized camp in the'pro-
jnce;   The union has orer 300   memT
bers in,good standing and, fs   in   good
poncjition financially.    As an cyidence
of good work it   is   doing   the, books
show that during the past eight months
$1,93i was paid out in sick  and .funeral bjnefjts.    The"present officer's   of
tho iftiion are J. L. Gibbons, president;
Jos. Maclrtreu''vice-pret-idefjt and Jas.
Roberts, secretary.
We Are Now Ready,
to supply your every want? for
We have in our stock of Gloves, Ties,  Dressy  Collars, liankerchiefs, Ribbons, Slippers.
aIho in Japanese and French china Glassware and
Cut tkryl~ \\ " .
\\'<i have   a  rich stock of  jewelry   and   watches
from which you* can selucl presents suitable for'any,
■ member of the family" l   ,
Our space will not allow of our giving a full list
of, our Christmas specialties, dive us a call" and
see for yourself, , ■ x -@'
,Our stock'of fruit, candies and groceries is com-
'  plete and oi"the,Best ojualUv.  ,    a .
* f i
.Don't fail to secure a,box,of our Rosy Chrislmas
apples.    <r     ,       ' ' ' '    '     '      y      ' " -'
0* P,' E, Holiday Rates-
Tha C. P. R, is calling for tenders
for the erection of additional shops,ad
JQining the present ones at Revelstoke.
Tbe tender calls for terf engine stall-,-
besides other buildings. -About ,f 20,'OO9
will be spent.
>C. B. C,"   CORSETS
The Canadian Paciftc Railway Co.
announces tho usual fare and one
third Christrpas and New Year return
rates from and to all local points on
western'lines, Ticketa will be placed
On sale Doc. 21,22, 23, 21, 25, 28, 29,
30, 31 and January Ist/ good returns-
ing until January 3rd. For detailed
information apply to local agent.
We have secured-these  corse's
Moyie, and would   lijco   lo   have
laditsA opinion   of   tfce.m.
them in styles   and   si?ps
We   h we
to   fit   all
figures at prices ranging from 75c(s to
Let uh show then? to you.
~1, Cliurc^ Service!,.
TEESnYTERiAN—In lhe Oddfellows
Hall. Suuday School at 3 p, in. Evening    service   at   8.
Everyone welcome.
G. H. FIJJT.AY, Pastor.
Methodist—Sunday School at 3 p
m., Evening service at 7:30 o'clock.
Everyone welcome.    , -   (
It is said that Walter Thomas Mills,
t'ie noted Socialist speake'i and writer,
has decided to make his home in .Seattle. ' He will 'start a socialist piper
there for the encouragement of socialism in the  Pacific'Northwest. *
Obristmas" Program.'''''
,   * *■ -  •*? - ~-t~- V-,     —1    ~ *"*       '  - "
< X "' .    * • ■ i   '    , *
, An entertainment will ba provided
for the Sunday,;school children of' tlie
Presbyterian atn^rch in McGregor hall
on the.evening of December 2G.
' The.ajethodiats will iuv« their entertainment oo' Christmas night in
theii church. There will be a treat
lor each of the children,
getting up a panta.ta in
children will takepart,
At the Catholic, chiircli there' will
be a Christmas tree and tho usual midnight mass. At t'jia service solos will
be sun,; by A P. Macdonald, Mn.
Goupilll Mrs. Bonner and Mr. Jonei.
W. H1 Wilson  whs up ljfrom
brook, Tuesday/ 6'" ?
Mra.iP. J.-,J3onner'>was a Cranbrook
visitor tbij week! ' * .-'*'-
,Mrs,'Jnm'es Whiteheal was'in Cranbrook Wednesday.       -     ',' , '     \
Miss Ereta Puterson returned home
Wednesday trom Spokane.
• DonVforget theK. of P. ball on the
evening of December 27th.    '
' . »'
'There is talk of a .dance   bjing  held
in McGregor halLun Christmas night.
Mias Walker';was up Jrom Cranbrook
Wednesday aud attended   the Miners'
Union dauce.    A '        , '
',      Sl"      ',
"  New  York—Bar
Le; d, $3,15.   * '    .
London—Lead/£ 19 7s. Cd
silver, OSf   cents-
which '
John Alexander Dowiu is said to be
raving mad. The founder - of Zion
City has forgotten his own iudentity,
knows nothing of tho church he established, and balieyes himself to, be
tho commande1? qf a certain, division
Qf a mytliipa} arjrfy.
E,  A. HILl^!
.__. J ■ +*V-' ;
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Deposits of $J..Q3 or upwards received.
Th(*re istjp  better iijye8tment thp.il  a  Savings'
,.'-,'Bank deposit..
Once qppned jt grows whether added to or   not.
Interest   allo\yed at   current   rains
p-.unded twice a ypiij*.
4. p. M. PI1MKHAM,  Manager.
^ *v- ^ Vi
" i
:    /I- $
■■.-■■  i
W- B. Boyce, the Chicago million-
sire publisher, has submitted a proposition to the United States, government to take over the postoQice business of the country. His company
will agree to pay tho govurnment all
profits above seven per cent of the
capital, ' ,
There are at present at woik on the
Panama -janal 17,000 men, 5000 of
whom are white. There are no Chin-
e-ie among tho workmen.' The b*st
tvorkmou are the Italians and Spaniards. There has not been a death
■ nice July, and very liitld sickness.
Banquet for Jfomm^
c   ^^—______
- E. O.' Kainm, chief accountant at
tne St, Eugeoe oflice, will leave tomorrow for Trail, ir/bcFe he will be
married tho following day. His many
Moyie friends wjll tender him a banquet at the Hotel Kuotenay this evening- ,«. ,___
Gus Kins; Building Mill.''
G. A.'King, who is now in Spokane,
has taken charge of a big lead properly
i l the Metaline district and is drawing plans for a concentrator", which
he v-/i!l begin erecting ahout the first
of the year.    It will be a 200 ton mill.
.The season for killing deer closes to-'
J*y«,' A   ' ■'""''
'.-E.'A. Hill is in Cranbrook today' attending ■' the meetiugl of the licence
commissioners! <*   ,     •   "'.-.    ,     ,    X
'. ,^Y' ^' Bromley has," opened h's
jewelery and watch repairin*; establishT,
nientand.is enjoying a' splendid patronage fr<yn. the Moyie people.'.'
ttWm. Tierney i3 ujj from Cranbrook
fur a few days.
The Moyie business men report an
excellent holiday trade. The peop'e'
seem to be flush with money a-id are
buying the beat quality of goods'they
cj.ii procure.
J!ri. F*_F. Johnston   rpturned   yes-
t*rdjy from har visit to Luthbridge.    '
The .St,   Eugene, concentrator   is
•Ein^sgate Is LiyelF! ' '
r   ° '
D. J. Elmer, mine ho3t of the R-)yaI' >
hotel at'Kiugsgate, w.is in Moyie for a
day this Week looking after  his   busi-'
oess interests,'      • ,    . ',
„ "'Kingegate    is   becomiug   quite' a
busy place," says-Mr. Elmer,' "and  Iv
am Will   pleased   for" locating   there>
The business has outgrown the presenV
hotel accomodation* a-id- I am* commencing at once ths .erection of a new
hotel building,  which   will   be ^40x70
fcet.in   size.^  When   passenger trains*,
bf-gin,running we must be prepared to   '
accommodate    the   traveling-, public":
There will be a lunch' counter in  con-.,
nect.on.   I am.tolJ that trains'will be   i-
rnnnins b'y'   the ,2L-iii*of   De'':ember.
"We n sod a p-.sU-flice at    King^ga e' '
and/vo arn working to, have   one   established " *" 1
 .  i
Vanoouyer Island Boom- °
" ,<
.   * .,   V
I      1      ,    .
..y U
' -A:
'*   .'
A.   'r- 1
'      I
',,' "     (I
" .1
Sir Thomas Sliatighneisy states it lathe intention of the Canadian Pacific '
Railway com piny ultimitely in keep-
iug with its program of development--
on Vancouver island to establish a
port of call,for tho oriental linerj ai a
good harbor on tho Vancouver island
r*njnt and build   a   railwiy  across'to'
$ews from Oreston,   .
Last Sunday, Dpc. 9th', a. lumberjack, whose name is not known, w.*s
struck by the C. P. R. locomotive , on
the westbound txpress. Tlie man w.is
going   on   towards   Eijckson   w.ilking
closed doivu for a few days on   account  Victoria or Seymour narrbwi to facili-
of some repair.-, havii^  to be made  on  tate tha transportation   of   mu'ls   and
cabin L assengers of the far east in  tha
the mill euj^ine.
List week we were iu error in stating that Mrs, Routh returned lo Moyie
fro,u Fdrnie. Mrs. Routh is in MouU-
re-il, whpre she will spend the winter
visiting wilh relatives.
Mis   R. O-impbcll    received    wo:d
this morning that her niot'ur, who is
liviug at Birnet, near Vaneouv r
was dangerously ill, and she left on
this mornings train for that place.
J. C. Dreivery is in town for a few
Jays looking after his property, Hi*
intends goiuj; cast in Jinuary to al-
t-*nd tho annu il meeting of the Canadian G -Uili.'l is Co,, of which com-
pn y he is mamging direcor.
W, II. Wilson, the jeweldr of Cran-
broak.hai! nearly doubled his stock-
over last yuan mid i-j prepared to give
the people of Moyie thi best of guod.-
at eisu-rn pnc s.    Wucn in Crjiiliroob
journey across th ; continent., The se-
ciirin'i of a northern p-jri by^th G. T.
P. an! the U N It fjrees the C. P.
R. to stretch further west than Vancouver if it is not to be crj-.v.led out of
tins race. Sir Tuomas Shaughnessy
recoguizes.this, and will use every endeavor to k ej piee wit'i  them.
B'tving More Mines-
\" %f * "':*/ .^>'.t-V.s^'rfy^SsLri»Jr-?? & .*» y^..-rt*7.„rf'; iV-rft- "fi..T._v.-2.rfr„-c^-». '"v5"^ ^
will be found in any overcoat mado
in our shop. An overcoat is a matter
of some importance. Jt costs quitei a
sum to buy agootloyercost g-nd y'ou
want it, right.
that make you look  prosperous;   thmt
wear well and don't cost  too   mucli is
the reputation of those we make.   Get.
measured and get oue.
Greitest of the temples of Ch-iiien-
d i >i is St Peter's in Rome. Upon the
site occup'ad by it a place of Chriati-in
worship was first built, about sixty
years after the death of Christ. The
prosent cathedral is the work of njany
Popes aud many architects, and was
finally consecrated   by Urbau   VU-  in I
1625.; .•;'■■ / '        ■      .:.,'.
the track with   a   bundle   of   blankets, drop in   and sjt- what is new   in d
No     Oplua*,.
Jt}     C(j»mborlaIn'*r
There-ia not the least danger jq giving Chamberl*iii's Ohugh Remedy to
small children as it contain* no opium
or other harmful drug. It has an established reputation ot more than
thirty years as the most successful
medicine in use for colds, croup and
whooping cou^h. It always cures aud
is pleasant to take. Sold by tlie
Moyit- Drug & stationery Co.
and whether weary or wli-il he laid
across the metalsatul before the engine
cou d bo drawn up he wasstru.-k. fl<!
was put on the tram for NVIson hut
succumbed on the way (q Kjntenay
Lnndiug and was bii-'icd ill Crcston on
Friday. Dec, 7th., a. grand Suci.l
Levening \yag held in the school l*cu«e
under the auspices of the Metiioai^t
chitrch, and tijrtjed out to bo an' all
round success. The poncerl cominen-
ced at S p., m, Mrs. Ro.-io UiniKy i pre^-
uided ul the orgun. The taleut w.is
good considering.the locality. Among
the artists wore Rev. T. Sowerbutts.
Mr. Shelitoe, Miss.' Olive Ryckm.m
»;nd others.
to d do iu li.s lino.
C. O. Duuiuurez, -. tho well know
watchmaker of Fernie, will he nt J. J.
Murphy's store iu .Movie every ,iay
wut-k. adv.
You t-hould see the new Ladies
Waists composed of bilk and French
lluiiiel at It. (Janipbr l.t    Ci-'s.
FOR SALK—Fi.-iir roo n hoiue and
lot on St. Eugene avenue, Moyie.
App'y tu V. Caiu.ua oi at tins oiliee.
.The Kootenay Central.
-,At the'"last-meeting of the: Cranbrook board: of .initio Mr. (,*. . liuuger-
furd Pollen prefeuted the facts ufi'ect-
ing the.present status oi the Kojtcuay
Ct-'utral railway, nn enterprise with
which'ho has boon largely ^udenMti.-d.
L"lie board -pledged itself, if ' 'possible,
to usnisl the company by a guaranty
of its bonds or Alio give tlie public
snob other "asdunincbs   as   thoy   m iv
James Cronin is again branching
out into mining, This week" he and
N. J. Cavanaugb of Sandon bought
the Victoria group of claims near Beas-
ley siding, west of Nelson. The price
taid was IfLOO.OOO, which included
some water rights an 1 3-0 acre* of
land. For fifteen louj years the prop-'
erty 1ms been located rn I it ban bten
frequently bonded only lo be cast
aside, sometimes by well known experts. It is estiuMtOtJ tint t!i>>re are
200,000 tons of copp.*r ore iu  sight.
emphasize    quality-
wlien sjiling you a Diamond.
. A Diamond ring properly
bought is a good. aS3et.
. When piircha-sing from ; us
you can ..depend ' upon our.
judgciucnt, ,for qua,lity is.
alwa-vs- our firsr consideration
h;±\'L; v.-ithout dc
E. A. Hill   of   Muyie ]t>f^6nr..
Jewolers. and   Graduate Opticians.
OlOcial Watch Inspector for C.  P.   R
- C-:oivV*N,e<i'lss DN iaiaa,'    ' i"'
■i'—:< & '��,       J V  THE LEADER, MOYIE. flHITISH COLUMB^  ���miwraiiaiiif.hriidAiauflflhiimHHM^  Her Sister's  Betrothed  BY BERTHA M. CLAY  >yis.^.y, -���  . <-,  ... "*t'>^g, |^4jf<3  ' 5fei.',y  ��f ��A Woman's Tenceutoe," "TOddi Z*re4 Hhn  Bt^" *<B��twMi twt l4wr����.����'����F**ry Gold." Btc  And'now lici- seo'iefb>roiiKed to the  world; It would be tossed about  amidst .peals of laughter as children  toss a toy balloon filled with air. She  could never appear before lhe world  without the remembrance of this cruel  day standiiiK as a wall between herself,and those who gazed at her. And  that was nothing, Robert knew that  he had been loved; Edmee knew it  also. And nothinff, nothing could make  theiu forget this sad love!  Yet. In spite of all, in spite of her  personal suffering;!-., her sacrifice  brought1 her infinite sweetness., Rob-  ��� art was saved and saved by her.   ,  When the reading was at last terminated, a feeling of numbness came  over her/and without a cry she fell  iContinued )  o       ' ,  ���    "It was about that time, then, that  you understood what others had long,  lonj' aware of���that is,  that M.'d'An-  cel was in love with your sister and  desired to marry her?"  "Yes, Monsieur." <  "In that case, -would it ' not have  been more simple to have had a frank  explanation with' Mme. d'Ancel? Old  you not fear to -compromise your  reputation by, giving a rendezvous to  a young man,who was supposed to be  ,your fiance?" ' ,   '  Marthe's face turned a tritle paler.  After a silence that seemed an eternity, she replied, witlfn, great effort:  "I had grave and personal  reasons    '" ,  to act as I aid. You must realize Mon-1 heavily to the floor.  i  *i$3i  ������AiAMm^  J-'^tlKir-SRjJc-l  T  A, J.  ��� iT  u  ��� ' A / Aijy  ],��    ^   }    &   V"      (��l    J  l<* AJz*X*XX��,  ~N*w�� *'    - '  sleur, that in declaring that I gave a  secret .rendezvous, knowing the interpretation that ir-ight be placed on this  meeting, .1 'am not doing an indifferent  thing���that I suffer.'It seems to me  I might well be believed!"  For the first time her calmness was  visibly troubled, there was a tremor  in her voice, like a suppressed cry of  torture and anguish. A sympathizing  murmur arose from the crowd.  "Do you not see. Mademoiselle, that  this half avowal gives a terrible likelihood to,the hypothesis mentioned a  few moments ago? To many women,  , a falsehood tinder such circumstances  is not only excusable but, heroic." *  "And-yet," cried the poor girl, "I  have not liedt" ,     '    '-  "Admit*that*you -are , telling the  truth. What time did you go into the  parkS" ' ,        "  ������  "I had given a rendezvous to Robert  for halt, past three, ,but,* although I  went down a little before, three, I  found him already there when I reached  the cross." *  '  "All these details seem well fixed in  your memory?",  '<'r "They" are 'indfeed!" >  "So one saw you going out or' com-',  Ing in?" ' '   ;,  "No one."  ���"It is, a pity, Mademoiselle, a,great  pity. I need not tell you how respected and,honored you are, personally by  all who know you, and I assure you.  that your testimony jvill have weight'  with the jury. But if you had the least  .proof, however slight, to support your  words���"        ,     ' '  , ' "Then," cried Mart he,, in _ a vibrating voice, "then, tlie accusation would  prove groundless?" ' A '  *  ,   "Evidently. .But that proof?"    .  "That proof exists, Monsieur!"  (   A' stifled  exclamation    arose    from  every throat. And jabo\e .this murmur,  .Marthe  heard, a  woman's    sob.   ^Her  strength   almost    deserted    her, ^she'  recognized  Edmee   in    that    weeping  woman. She was evidently' there with'  her mother-in-law,  lost in the throng,  i anxiously watching the testimony that  ' would�� decide, Robert's fate. The^chal-  > ice /was full;'she must drink it to the  drees'  ,  �� Order"waS' re-e.fetablished,   and'-the  president once  more   turned  to  Marthe.'      , ��� J  ���'What proof have   you. ���  Mademoi-  ' selle?".                                 '  Jt���was only after several unsuccessful efforts that .she succeeded in answering. Ab last, in a monotonous and  weary voice, as It she were repeating  , a-lesson learned by heart, she said,  painfully:       , .  "I nnderstand, Monsieur, that 'you  admit, as'proofs, tho account books of  merchants, well kept legisLers, aud  even household accounts." o  "It is true."  "The proof that I biing is my diary;  'that is, lhe register of my hidden  thoughts, of my most secret sentiments, in it you will find the Incidents  of July 29th very minutely described.  After reading it no one can doubt my  veracity."  Instinctively she turned her head.  Robert's ardent .gaze acted as magnetism. There was nothing to conceal  now. Even belore the reading of these  sheets, Robert understood the extent  of the saciince, know that he had been  loved, adored by thU poor misunderstood young girl. lie saw all this on  her agonized face. And in that long  gaze, she read to the depths " of his  soul and realized that he knew, that  he bowed down before her in spirit;  that he blessed hei' She saw, also.  in this supreme moment, it was not of  Edmee he thought, although her sobs  had repealed her presence there, but  of her, of her only. That instant le-  paid hor for all.  Yot, when the president asked for  the diary, she retained it for a moment longer, loath to part with it.  "May I ask, Monsieur, that only the  parts absolutely necessary shall be  road. I suffer much���"  She could not finish her phrase, but  all had understood.  M.irthe Levas��eur was very ill, but  ^she did not die. Her-aunt nursed her  day and night, suffering no one to approach the bedside where her niece,  a' prey to.au ardent fever, talked wildly; her brain ever busy, her eyes haggard and frightened, as, If, pursued by  a nameless terror..  Robert and his young' wife no longer thought of'the proposed journey.  Thoy came every day to the chateau,  where they saw no one but the ser-;  ; Edm<5e mrH agHiii TKefiJ mvaCea: iy a  I disquieting  jealousy,    of    which    she  t dared not speak, but which  her hus-  ! band understood. Then feeling herself  '* still adored always    tenderly   petted,  ! what   was  best  in her nature slowly  developed. Once in her letters, generally so short and  commonplace,    she  had said: "I believe that I am becoming better, more serious���1 owe thar  to you, Marthe, as I owe you my happiness���"  It was of this Marthe was thinking  as she gazed on the blue aud smiling  sea. Then she arose and walked slowly  through tho budding forest. The1 young  verdure, so tender in color, the thou-  sand blossoms that filled the air -with  fragrance, the warbling of the birds,  all that spoke to her! Telling her that  cruel winter, like sorrow, is not eternal, Uiat all lecomnienws, all aspires  toward happiness, and that this happiness comes under many forms.  Her sacrifice would not be fruitless.  Having suffered much', she had learned to feel deeply the suffering of  others. What mattered the rest? She  yearned for death no longer, as she  had done during That horrible .crisis.  She loved life, notwithstanding the  shade of sadness which she could not  completely throw off and which bad  nothing of bitterness, and she found  It goo.i to live. Of all the sentiments  that had tortured her, there now remained only an infinite'sweetness'and  a passionate desire to see those she  loved happy and noble. ' .  And peace 'having thus come, ehe  regretted  nothing. ' '  ,.THE EN'D.  Co B�� Continued..!      '     .  Dear Mother  WASHINGTON'S DEATH.  srjyvt-iirvrJ "~" "-��� xrr  f it "My��-  calch cold. Do you know about Sh.loh ���  Conaimpdon Cure, the Lung Tome, and  what it has done for so many ? It �� ��><j  to be the onlv reliable tonedy for all  di����s of lhe air pa��ag�� �� <Jaldren.  It is absolutely hannlM�� aad pleasant to  take. Ituguaranteedlocureotyourmoney  i, returned. The price u 25c. per bottle,  and all dealer* in mediane aell 3M  Engli-h  -5HILOH  ' -1    Sun  Buttix.  Sun bnths cost nothing and are the  most 'refreshing, life giving baths that  one f;iin take, whether sick or well.  Every  housekeeper knows ��� the neces  sity of giving hei* woolens then benefit  vants.-At last, one morning, they were; of the sun irom time to time, and espe-  "I give \ou my wont, Mademoiselle.  But to piove to the gentlemen of lhe  Jury that this is not a mainisciipt  labricatcd or tho occasion, 1 shall  ha\e to icad a lew passages taken at  lanciom dining the months that pie-  ceded the iiaj ot lho crlnie. Moreover."  l.e ndd"d as he mined lhe pages, "the  roloi ot the ink, paler In many places  Is a conclusive pioof that tliii; journal  was wiitten at dlffeioni times I see  (hut il dines back to nenily iwo years  ago "  During Die leading she remained  motionless, almost ;is white as a marble s'litue. it seemed to her that life  was dving out within Ik r, (hut each  Instant left her eoldei. that the blood  was tioe/.ing iu her wms. She listen  ed io ihe expiossumless -voice of the  clerk as he uacl aloud that all might  hear the despsiiring avowals, the cries  of passion, she had written for herself cmlv Sometimes, lhe sense did  no! penenaie into her tired bruin,  then again ii seemed to hei* that the  words ic echoed within her with pi*?**  ring accents:  "My little --Rdmee. my darling child.  if you knew, It you could guess the  'thoughts-that struggle within me! ���  Are you really what you seem? Bn"  what matters': since you possess that  all-powerful charm; since I, though  doubting and questioning, still love  you; tslnce to spare you a tear, I  would weep day and night; since to  give you happiness, I would accept  perpetual sadness and despair���"  And then again:       !  "My God! my God! how I suffer!  how unhappy I am! how I wish I could  die! He called me sister.'Was it simply a commonplace word of affection,  or was it said with a particular intention? Am J not destlnfed .to .becom'a  ujIs sister some d a v? .A las I���"  told that the. danger was over, that  the delirium had ceased. As they re-  ��� fused to',leave without seeing Mme.  Despois, 'she appeared, very coldj and  distant,' scarcely deigning Jto answer  'their questions. '  "It is true the doctor has hopes,"  She4said. "The delirium has ceased.  Do you know.what she repeats, incessantly: 'O, aunt why did'you sayeme?  I long so miich for death; ,1 am so  weary; I have spent all my strength!'''  I befieve-I preferred her delirium to  this "cry.", . , ...  ��"If you knew, Aunt Re,lleMiow much  I have wept," murmured Edmee.  "You can do that without effort,"  said Mme. Despois, dryly.  " "I know you'Will never forgive me.  All that has happened is not my, fault,  ,'and yet without me "it would pot have  been.'". '     n- '  Aunt Relie' remained1 innexibl-3   and  silent. Robert instinctively threw'his  arm around Edmee and s>ald: '    '  "I am sure'that Marthe is less.harsb  to this child than you."  "In fact, Robert. ��� she never 'once,  mentioned you in her delirium. It was  Edmee she called Incessantly, as if in  the crisis v she had gone through, all  had foundered, cMiept that instinct, of  maternity, that need of loving which  has cost her so much���'"  "Before she could be prevented, Ed-  'mee escaped from the room,1' ran wild-*  ly up the stairs, and entered the sick  chamber from-which she had so long  been .excluded. When' Mme. ,Despois  reached "it in her turn, followed by  Robert,- Edmee was kneeling beside  the bed, and Marthe', radiant and-with  eyes sparkling with 'happiness, was  caressing:,her'with her weak, trembling hand.   - ,    A  "1 understand it all now,"Jstammered the younger sister,' "and will*try  all my.life*to lemember that there is  something above happiness���Tell me  that you forgive me, lell me what'I  can do to merit this foigiveness some  day." A  "But I have nothing to forgive you,  my little Edmee. I have loved ..you,  that is all. Some day, if you have  many children, you will give me one���  a blonde little girl. I will biing her up  and love her so much. There is within  me a sentiment of maternal love���"  The young couple finally left for  Italy, where their stay was Indefinitely  piolonged. On the advice of the physician, Marthe also left her dear solitude and went with her aunt to Algeria. She felt the need of leaving  the spot, for some time ar least, where  she hurt suffered so much. l  She lecovered her physici'1'streugth  long before the wounds in her heart  closed, but the cure came at' last.  .Marthe acquired a taste' for traveling,  and hei aunt, who, was fond of a  change, encouraged her. More than a  year passed thus, ��� and Marthe recovered her former serenity and was  almost c-o'h'.en'.ed.  A few -months after Robert's acquittal, Captain Bertrand's murderer  was discovered. He was a poor soldier who had deserted, exasperated  bv the haisliness of his captain. While  almost dying of starvation,, he had entered a house with the intention of  robbing, and, finding a revolver, the  idea immediately came to him to kill  the man'who was the cause of all his  troubles. Later, being arrested for desertion and buiglary, he related how  he had avenged hluise1! on his comma rider.  When Marthe finally returned to  Cote Uoisee, spring was In its full  splendor. Mme. d'Ancel was the first  to come to the chateau to greet her.  There was a moment of embarrassment, but Mme. Despois began to talk  rapldli of their iravels, and the constraint soon melted away. Marthe was  so cordially simple and natural that  the past seemed far away and forgotten.  Again, as iwo yeais before, the  young chatelaine i-ccompanied the  visitor to the end of the park. Again  while they walked on, their ga-��e wandered over 1h��* sea. the graceful curve  of the yellow shore, the thin silhouette of the distant Havre. They seemed equally happy to see each other, to  feel the old friendship re-awakening.  .Mine. d'Ancel, not dating to expiess  all he i thoughts, displayed infinite  tenderness In her least w< t ds, in her  least gestures, and Marthe understood  it all. It was. however, with it faint  tiemor in her voice that she finally  said:  'Robert has promised 'o spend part  of the summer with me- "  ' Edmee mentioned it in her last  lettet," o'tjseived Manhe. with a quiet  smile. "She Is very promt at the  thought of., presenting me her liltle  son. But she gives very few details."  chilly nfteiyn .long,.raiuy season or a  'long absence, of, the sun. Many'will  think of the Injury their clothes aro  .liable to from dnmphess who' will nev-  er rotiect that an occasional exposure  of their own bodies to the sunlight is  equally necessary to their own health.  The sun baths do .not cost anything,'  aud that Is'a misfortune, for people  are still deluded'' with the idea -that  those filings only can be good or useful  which cost money.   Let it not be for-  ,gotten that three of God's,most benefl-  ceut gifts to'man,(three things most  necessary to., good health), sunlight,  fresh air", nnd '-water, are free to all.  i.You can have them In abundance,,with-',  out money and without price. If ,you  will. If you "would enjoy good heal thf  then see- to it that you are, supplied  with pure ah- to breathe all the time,  that you bathe for an bour or so Ih the  sunlight and'that'you'drink-plenty of  pure water. '   '   '"'  Clement K. Shorter, nn  writer of more or less distinction, -mi-  prised everybody recently by j-rmtn  In a London newspaper an article iu  ���wbk-h he asserted there was a ni.vs-  terv surrounding the death of .General  George Washington about which Americans hesitated to talk, it there be a  mystery we should like to know what  it!s-       ' ,,    ,  ��� ,,  ,     George. Washington caught cold when  Thu lemedy'thould be In every hou^hola. ��� rldlns  over  his   plantation   at   Mount   . | Vernon  on the afternoon of'Dec.  12,    -- ,        - | ^^^   Forty-eight hours later he died.  He -was attended by three of the  best physicians 'of that part of the  country.* He was bled no loss tliiui  three times to relieve a sore throat,  nnd he wns dosed with calomel enough  to deprive a healthy man of ill*? life.  But what is the mystery?  Enlightened ' physicians    frei-uenfly  assert that General  Washington^ n-.i-.  killed���that he was bled to death and  pplsoned with  calomel.    Tobias  r.ear,  his secretary, says that after the doctor had bled him to the extent of half  a   pint, Washington   interrupted   with  tlie   remark:   "The   gash   is   not   big  , enough.  * Make   it   wider."   , And   flu*  | highly  trained  professions]   Idiot   pro-  j ceeded to do so.   A'Does your  throat  ' feel  any   bettor?"   asked   the  learned  leoch.    "It's   'very  ��� sore," a murmured  Washington.    When the second physl-  chin arrived Mrs. Washington tried to  ,stay his murderous hand by protecting  thnt, "the general was too old n  man  There were fifty-six signers of the  Declaration of Independence, and onlj  three had or used a middle name���Rob  ert Treat Paine of Massachusetts and  Richard Henry Lee nnd Francis Lipid  foot hoc of Virginia. The Lees were  both natives of Stratford. Va. Rober  ,Treat Paine wns six years older than  Tom Paine.'the publicist. The former  was a Bostonian. The hitter -was  horn'In  England. <  , fill-   UrL't.  The beet has more nourishment in It  than any of her cultivated root evcept  the ucUaio.  Chapped   Hands,,, and   Chilblains.  Zam-Buk   a Certain  Cure  ,Frn* chapped hands, cold soies, chilblains'etc., there is nothing so effective as ,Znni-liuK.   Mis. JI!   H.  Rankin, of  Appin,  (<Jnt.> bays.- ���  "My hands iuid big cracks on (hem  which caused  me such  pain   I  could  baldly   work. ' Whenevoi   1 , tiied. 'to  put them near the water tli'ey would  stnart   and   burn   as   it   I   had   .��cal-  decl them.   They did not .seenf fo, be  benefited   by   anything   I   tried   until  Zam-Buk   wns   introduced.      To   juiv,  great/  plensme   within   a' very   shoif  hine   the   Zam-Buk     closed ,, up   the  'ciacks   and4healed   the'sore   plnoes.  My'luuids are now white aiid'Smooth.  "'X   recommended    Znm-Buk   to    -a  friend,  too.' , I   think   'it' a .vsplendid  nolisehold ointment."''  . '" ' '   '  Miss E. .Heintzman, of"Ossington  avenue, Toronto) says:. "1 would adi  'vise all who sufferfrpm chilblains to,  tiy, Zam-Buk. >1 liave suffered from  them (ncutely, and was sufteringwhen  I'first tried Zam-Buk. f am ��� pleased  to say L, had only used about tliree.-  (juaijiers of, the supply .when* tlie-chilblains weie completely cured."' '  t.Zam-Buk i& a cure tor cuts, burns,  bruises, eczema, viileers, abscesses,, festering'sores, bad*leg. ringworm,-and  all skin diseases and 'injuries, til' is  purely herbal in composition. All  druggists sell -*t;50c.n box*,' or post  free from the Zam-Buk 'Co., Toronto',  upon receipt'of' price. Six., boxes' foi  $2.00.  ���   The Voltaire of thr Ennl.  Omnr Khayyam wns,a famous Persian poet and mathematician in the  twelfth century, who was employed by  the Sultan Malik Shah in revising 'the  astronomical tables and',hi' making, a  (thorough reform.of tlie calendar. He is  hotter known to us as the writer^ of  some T>00 epigrams in verses of four  ,lines which are unsurpassed In'their  pure dictlonX'fine wit and crushing sa-'  lire. These- clever and fascinating  quatrains were put into * English by  'Edward Fitzgerald^' who In'41S59/published "The Rubaiy.it of Omar," a rendering marked bj* exquisite melodiousness and by poeric Insight and power.  Omar has been called.the Voltaire'of  'the east because of his brilliant and  pungent wit, while'his depth of tenderness and profound thought and his denunciation of the fate which dooms to  decay and death what is best and most  beautiful in the world reveals much  that reminds one of Byron. Swinburne  and sometimes Schopenhauer.  The illness "of the Shah, of Persia  has taken a. most serious turn.' His  majesty is''not likely to live ifiuch  longer., ' ���  Minard's   Liniment'Cures  Colds,   etc.  _''. ~~ ���   V  -  "Trap-door" hats ate the 'latest de-  yice-j used by . women shoplifters in  Cleveland"to aid them in stealing from  the, big' downtown department,stores.  (p stand much bleeding." "X*"4- yes,"  said the mighty doctor No.'2. "I'll be  'cautious in blood letting."  And then he proceeded, straight .to  rob Ills country's father of n'ftill pint  'of life's most precious fluid. When the'  third physician had come he rolled lii.s  eyes solemnly and said. '"I will bleed  him." ",We both .tried that." said the  other doctors. "Yes, \l ,know." announced the consulting sage, "but,  If .blood letting <Ioes not relieve.hint I  must Increase the dose of calomel,"'  After the third bleerti'ng���hi which we  are not surprised to learn that Washington's arm yielded its life fluid more  slowly thau it had before���the sore  throat continued In spite of tlie lust  consulting ^doctor! and A when " his  -wearied body' failed to respond tnjn  heroic overdose of calomel the two consulting physicians'"- ^retired,'' and ��� left  Washingtontto dleA Is there any. mystery iu his death ?���Dtica Observer. ,  THING SUPERIOR  TO THE F.R1EST JAPAN TEA GROWN  OCVLON   ORE  '' '    ' ,  SOLD    ONLY    IN    SEALED  INI "TEA  XEAD'      PACKETS AT 40c.  50c   ANn  PEP LB. BY ALL GROCERS '  60c.  No -'More  Gray' Hair!  Uale����  you ar��  70  or   80FrhT  keop it I   But -why look old at aiT���  401   Wfcy hav�� In e��rg' bw A2  Hall'a V-j-gstabl-j SicihaJ w?..6��,r  now��r always rontores  hair.'   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The phenomenon takes the form of  beautiful columns of silvery light  standing over electric, arc lamps and  other bright lights and' sometimes appearing almost to reach the zenith.  The scientist says that sometimes the  evening star has a bright shaft below  as well as above, while the rising moon  stnnds In 'a broad column of light.  These appenrances are due to floating  frost crystals which keep their reflecting faces horizontal. On examination  he found thnt the crystals concerned  in the exhibition were thin six sided  plates of ice, never more than one millimeter in diameter. When the wind  blows, these little plates are upset, and  the columns of light caused by reflection from their surf,ices disappear.  fircntenl  of   Ml   Cartl.  The greatest as well as the commonest of all cacti is tiio "soap weed,"  which grows wherever cacti grow and  which Is man's only friend in the great  southwestern deserts of the United  States nnd in Mexico. It furnishes always a quantity of water when cut.  As Its name indicates, It can be manufactured Into a soap, perhaps the least  alkaline soap ever made, even though  the weed Itself may grow In the center  of nn alkali desert. Beer is brewed  from it, the Indians make n hemplike  fiber from it, nnd horses and men can  eat parts of It If the spines are cut  away; also when it shoots up Its one  great arm skyward it tops that arm  with one of tlie most gorgeous flowers  In tbe world.���Argonaut.  ?Tt:*vr Engl a nil Ar-cameia tt*.  To argue Is as necessary to a New  Englander as to cat and to sleep. By  nature he rejoices in the opposite side  of every question, nnd he prefers  broad.-general questions of which ho  knows only what the dally paper tells  him. If he Is alone he will argue with  himself, and often ho will prove to  himself that he is wrong and that th.-  argument by which he proves It is  faulty.���From "The Balance of Power," by Arthur,Goodrich.  < EnroptHn  Queen*.'  There havo , never been more than  three,,contemporary .European queens.  In fact,'.the, number of, women who  have occupied ���thrones Jn 'mediaeval  and modern' times /is comparatively  small., England - heads the list with  five. Russia can"hoast'o'f four, 'but'the  total comes to considerably under thirty,'1  altogether'. <', '       -     *   "        "   '  One  Kitchen   to   fi  Ulook.   '     '    (  A' co-operative kitchen lu the middle  of every block to serve all the residents  of that'block is the-latest solution offered for the ' eternal problem tha*.  faces every housekeeper. . The pin'1,  seems feasible In view of the fact th. '  the new Art club studios havo a kVtch*-  en lu common /or,'the;use or a small  army of students who occupy bachelor  apartments. 'It has been suggested by0  economists that a- largekitchen be^es-  tablished In every block and that the'  place be under the direction of ;\, ehof���  5with"scveial assistants., The house-  ���wife could take her, food there to be'  cooked, thu1? saving the' price or fuel  and keeping tbe house free from jtiie  oclor of cookery and besides dn'many  case's dispensing'with the ,cost of dys-  peps!V tablets, aiid pepsin.���S'e^ York  Cor. 1'iitsbiirg Dispatch.     ���  *  Wei!    Drilling:;   !VIe��ohiirie��l   F"or   Sale  ������     A Hydraulic'Tubular WeU Drilling; Macliine,  in e.xcollent or-  ' dcr. .including  horse power,  6nd equipped - with a'splendid coli'ec-    '���  ti6n  of up-to-date  tools.    Cost $*U0. ' Price   if  sold    nhmediately  .,?300.   Terms, one-third cash, balance six and twelve months. Thli  is a money-making proposition, yApply to owner, P.O. Bos 553,  Winnipeg.   t, _, K ,   -   ,J"'A.'     f '',   A' '  "  * Naval  Voile.*-*.  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MAKE EVERY DAT  COUNT-  , no matter how*  , bad the weather  You cannot  afford to be  without c\  TOWERS  WATERPROOF  OILED sorr  (/OR SLICKER  When you buy  look ror the  SIONOFTHEttSH  ���*w��s  I<*te��l  IJ^jfit telle.  .The. game of bagatelle wns Invented  about the year 1815.  "Demlcked."  If an American student of etymology  should travel through Yorkshire he  would be surprised and puzzled at  hearititr the. natives say, "Them taters  js d;*micked." By diligent inquiry he  would tind out that when the first potato blight came tbe farmers beard It  called an "epidemic," and that since  then they have readjusted the word to  their own uses.  You cannot possibly have  a better Cocoa 'han  1 *"    '-lleproceaalu-f A Jt       t    '  "Reprocessing" is, one of the many  gentle arts practiced by1 the people' who  .supply the American nation ,-with food.  When canned stuffs spoil they are subjected to treatment that destroys the  outward appearances of decay,, but  makes, the food, no more fit for consumption, than , it was before.. The  process is upplled chiefly to fruits,  which are sold'1 after renovation to  bakeries and such .places, to be made  into pies and similar articles. Spoiled  ,fruits are also made into soda fountain  slrup3.. "Reprocessing" plants sometimes constitute a separate department  of a factory, and sometimes Ahoy are  run ns an independent^ Institution,  which buys up' spoiled foods nnd eon-  verts them^into marketable products.���  Xew York Tribune.  '; A  New  Wood. '     ,"'*,'���,  A newly imported 'wood, for. use in  hi^'h ulass- cabinet an'd piano work?"r is  the, Tnsman'ia'n finyrtle.r described by  tne .Timber Trades "Journal,* of Lon-  ion, .lt'is'of u rich pink "color;,mo'd-  jjrntt'ly hard and very eliWcgraiifedX  :uking a'good finish and* working well  and -smoothly. ,. ',"      ' \     X<A .-  "bWlierp can'', T gety.somebof IHbllo1  ..vay's. Corn Cuie ? I was ^entirely  -.'ured of my. corns,by this ' remedy  iiid I uish'some more of it for my  ."fiend,.*-;, ^o'wi'ites^ Mr.-J. AV."Brown?  Chicago. _  *   .  ,     . ';,_ *     (  "  4��� ^  -A Washington"special\tp the-Chi-  Oftgo Tribune says:'- Once aguinathe  3rent Northern and Northern 'Pacific  (railioads are-under suspeeidii by the  joycrhmenl of .violating the antitrust  ���lftw..   ,   -   ' ,    -. A" -  y    ,     .*'.  They* N#ver 'Knew Failure���Careful  .. , A C-?;)it?li��t.  'A-.Washington hociolojjint ,��)io fca< "J  been', examining into'tin- condition'if ''\  the ^childrpn of, the pooi \ilfife, A ~}\  the South telLAa biory ol'how. ftff.S|  are/employed In'the'mills In Stated 51  borb.'N.O.', he got talking with a hai'' .1  and hearty .looking citizen, wliosii',',!  onfa "dry goods box whittlm*. a iurk -.*.  "What-do you'.do for a living��"'ask- "\  ed.the sociologist.' ','Wtill, straiigerV-I  aeqominodatiiigly jeph.-.i U,(. ho*5pitalJ"'  tarheelv ''1 don't haw \d do noili***'  for,"a livih' these,day-., A"i*uiJ'a*ih?w  I .have five' bend"'of gals ii-Workut' in  the cotton, factory.".- .       '���  *'  -.*���'    !'      I. 7y ,{  - Often what appear to be ihe most ...  triyinlf occurrence*, of life prove io.be"'..I  the'most,rnojnentou*>. Mini) artdis-^f  poried to .regard u cold ih a" s|i?hl'-*.L  iliirt'g.'- deserving of littU- consider- ?;l  afioif, and this, neglect uften results''"!  in .most'serious- ailments    eiitnllin*-  Jbservation  of * the, effects of   Panne-  years   of suffering.     Urht- nut wM-  lee s ,Vegetable-Pills  hai) shown .thntf Knd 'cough's 'with   Uirklf-'s'1 Anti-Con-  I  they act'immediately o'n the disens-  jd organs of, the' system, and siiinu-  ijitf them to he'nlthy attionX There  ,-nny���be cases in which the disease'  li��as> bee ii r long.; seated and doe.v not  Jnsily yitdd to 'medicine, but (j.venJn  jticli curies/ these Pills have , be-iii  tno.wii to' .bring,. ' relief. r when all  other so-called -reine-dies have failed.  The��p 'assertionb can be sulwtnutiat-i  ^jil, by .nifiny' who liaVoiusetf lhe" Pills.''  ind-medical men 'speak: highlyfIt of  ���.heir .qualities.. *, ��� i ...      Xt~",    ���': l1i"  , , Tlie'JUt-HX,'rtf; killed ��� *>w) >��mnded  through hunting accidents thiKyear,  in Wisconsin i�� shorter'fhan u*��ual!>'  I'he-total this- year if*, Iwonty-throe.  killed-and fortj'-one., injured. . Last  vetir i.wenty-six lost then* 'life's and  forty-one  were ",\voun<Jed.      ,,0     ."';''  ���������������������    C   ' j  More men.fail through ignorance of  their strength than .thrqugh'knowl-'  ad'pe of tl'teir weakness..   '",''    -   i  -\Vooil Colorlnic.  A"considerable Industry has receutly  been developed'in Sweden on the basts  of an Invention made by Joseph I'hls-  ter, an Austrian, whereby coloring  matter Is forced into fresh cut wood,  ft takes the place of the sap and gives  to the ,wood a brilliant color, which  does not fade after the wood has become seasoned. Birch, beech, .alder,  maple, elm and basswood lire the varieties most successfully treated. The  dye can be forced through lengths of  wood as great ns thirteen feet. When  seasoned and polished the colored wood  presents a beautiful appearance and Is  used for making furniture and also for  the fittings of ships and street cars.  Ilorreliy   Mmle   \*   UKTcrcriier.  KlrigTlIaakon when he lirst Joined  the Danish navy was treated exactly  like any other boy. Tbo chief purser  issued his-mess gear, consisting of an  iron knife and fork, a tin spoon, two  tin plates and a zinc mug. On his way  back to quarters the lad stumbled  while going up a ladder, and all these  thlnsjs went flying over the deck, waking the chief gunner from a nup :uul  bringing down on himself a volley of  abuse, lie then acted as mc��s hoy Tor  the other apprentice? and had to 'retch  their soup, wash the plates and clean  up generally.���Philadelphia Itecord.  You DO NOT have to know what your  goods are made of when you use  DYO-LA  ?ii0PNR0owvaEnS Home Dye'  sumptmn Syrup, the i ecoi-iuttxl rem-,  !'e��y for- all .'.affection--, of tli<�� throat'  and  lungs/,   ' ,   ,'  -"��� ^''V; X f~-T5 ~   ' t   \   ,   Frankly   Puzzled, *   ,,  ^folli^r���Tommyl whtii flnl I say I'd ,  do-to you 'i^you touclu'd' liint jam-'  again **_�� ���-"'���_, .  ���-Tommy-i-Why; it's fiiunv. ma, thau?,2'  yon*.should.}forget;  too    I'm blamed j* :  if   f  can' remember/.  ��� Pliiln.l**l|iliia',,'  .livening Telegraph.       -   .    '      ���   X]  Watches  for a   *  A delicious drink and a sustaining  food. Fragrant, nutritious and  economical. This excellent Cocoa  maintains tlie system in robust  health, and. enables it to resist  winter's extreme cold.  Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers  in i-Ib. and i-lb Tins.  Look   Out   Kor   1J107.  A lama living nt Lassa ha*? issued a  series of predictions for 1007. "The  king of the year," he says, "is Saturn,  under whose malign Influence meritorious people will suffer and thieve-i  will prosper. Great disorder will pn,  vail. The rich will satisfy their hun-  Ber ut the expense of, the poor, und tlio  earth will quake.thrice."  ���"- ; 7 ���"I  r��-I>I>or.  b'.P.In.ck and white pepper are from the  same round'seed of a tropical plant.  The white is ground after the black  outer skin has been removed. That'is  the only difference; The white Is considered less irritating to the stomach  It is also preferred for dishes consisting of; cream ami milk, such as oyster  slews,'creamed potatoes arid the like.  Always   I'*ln��|il���K.  Toss-She   certainly, is .the   luckiest  girl.   Jess-Von ,IIP.,n because sho has  an  engagement  ri,,s?   Tess-Xot only  i lU^t.  hut tibu'a left handed.  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A sweet breath;,  denotes that everything is well, so  H the slightest indication of the digestive organs not working properly, do not forget to take  eecliam's  Pills  Sold Everywhere;.     In boxes 25 cents.  CANADIAN   NORTHERN   RAI  Tickets on sale daily. November 211!'  until December 31st, 1000/  Return limit three month**,.,  Fullest   information.  from any  Canadian  Northern  Kail way .agent.' THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ^OWIAN'S STRENGTH  IS OVERTAXED  L Work and Worry*, bu�� Good Health is Re-  iy vvub ~ stored by  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.  L , i ���r stienRth overtaxed by .too , "imis. Anribtione had gieat weak-  JW'ith ner ���> - ^ ^ woman finds {iiess, heail, tiouble and indigestion,  juch ��0,��.' ner'V0US) and exhaust-, It fact she ivn*. i un down m every  *ri-^m to'indigestion and head- i way and t,een��<-d ��� U. lo-c all hope of  tu'J'eti.   y ,   ,|iu..���1�����������mpn|.|��v[ir   cettmc-   well   itirai  MILK A PERFECT FOOD.  circumstances     Br. I   /'The penitent u��e of I)i. Cba-e'*-  Food   comes     as   niNeive   Food   has   pi oven   rif   mnivt-1  ���l ] s   -.nellh   of   discouiagement   ever   pettiiif   well   again.     Mie     war.  |W"  "t" ������ ' Ucarcdv ��1j1p to di.ig.liei-eli about  Jd <Kvpondenfj.  ulnVl ,,'t meat value,  biinging.new Mous   benefit   to  het.     Sin-   feels   leal  eb*-'"E , A.onji(](.ncc    and   restoring i,**-"11 now, is looking fine and fleshing  lj";.!   ii the blood  and, nerves.       Hip,  ho  thai   one   would    liaidly take  *,?    . ie     heait' distuibitncus,   pale, 1 hei   i<n   the  Mime  poison.    Vou ma'\  Jjiwi"''    p.jpHnmce.      Miiolheiiiif:. i use.  he*   name  in  ipcmiuneiidMlinii  of  l��'i    Tfii-.ilion��yheavv heait beat- ! Dr.   Chase's '.Wive .|*\**..l   h.i   ��e  at.  $ l\. ilpntiwi   ate   some  ,of   the ,ull���\ery {.'intend fm  what it ha- done  IF drills which five, wav'before the* foi   hei. mid'nevei  lose an oppnittln-  ��"���   ''nt ,!-.(' <>f tlii�� yieat'food cme.'-.ty  of sa>n.��  a guod  won)  foi   it"  f      met ne  ��**  sharpened,   difccstio-i :     For   men    who   nie   siilfeimg   fioin  "i ti'.ve'd     tlits -foiin-'   is  rounded ! headaches,  indigestion  and  sleepk-s-  '" t     lie-i'lthiul     pioportionu    and | i.ess,   foi   ;���.*.< mi.-ii   who  behide.-.   the.-,*  fci.'.'lh  arid certainlv  Ktiwiglh  and   symptoms     suffer 'fiom    weakne^sc-  i''1     nt. lice  weakness   a/id   disease. ; and    ineguljuiiie-,     ol   th<*-   delic-ib  Tv}',',     John    ArmstioiiE,     Heather | feminine  oigunir.in._foi  childien  who  Sac  *,lta.  nvi'i   ti>��  wns* in very  ooor health   arc   pule,   weak   nnd   puny,   there   is.  Contains Flesh Formers and Heat Mak  ers   In  Proper  Proportions���Val-  ancey E. Fuller's Ideas.  While "mat cannnt live by breid  alone," biead in this connection meaning food, neither can he live w lthout  food, but his development and health  depend not on the quantity he eats, but  on tne portion of that quantity which  he digests. }ie must digest what wii!  build up the tissues of the body, give  animal heat and alio muscular power.  These foods which will do the first office are called flesh formers, and those  v. hlch furnish heat and power are called heat makers. AH foods contain one  of the three requisites,' and sometimes  all, In varying proportions, says Valan-  <-ey K. Fuller, lecturer on sanitary milk.  .\'.>w y.,ik State Farmers' Institute.  The only complete and perfect fond  Is-milk In it are flesh formers and  licit maker�� In the rlfnt proportions  properly balanced. The same can. b*-  "���aId*=ft��siio other food. Those who have  lived on farms know that ,pastuie i" a  pei feet food for cattle, and that if another food i�� iflven them In its place It,  .must be. balanced by other foods Milk  is like pasture It is a perfectly balanced ration In Ilse'if, and ithere Is no  necessity of pai taking of any other  fiod unless we desire it. -This accounts  for the fact that w*�� can live and do a  Does  fit  > Doesn't  shrink  MRS. HUNTER'S STORY  STRENGTH  OF THE TlGErt.  Saya Results are   "Truly Wonderful."  Mrs.    I.    Hunter, of'  111 Baglaa Road, Kingston,  Ont, says:���  Underwear  has' the  sof  warm     feel1  the skin enjoys.  Doesn't    itch.  How This Fierce Brute  Kills and Car  ries Off Its Prey.  1  have  taken  considerable    nouble  ���U|  w���, ���,-. to find out how tigers kill large game,  -I have suffered' with writes an assistant comptroller of fm-  ktdnev " and lifer ests at Perah. Some time ago I was  troSbfe and chronic *sked to come and see a full grown  const nation for some t>"����ck that had been killed by a tiger.  constipation   for  some   Qn ^^j      u -,  found the an,mal !  I UNITED STATES SENATOR  FROM SOUTH CAROLINA  PRASES PE-RU-NA  r,    >Iade   for   men,   wo- * i drowsiness, pains in tne bacK ana aiae, ���^AX."XA:rc'had "jumped aVthe" null  men  and   little'   folks, ! and a tired, weary feeiing nearly all   ^S^^thLSder, and when  i    a    variety   of   styles, , tn^T"���^ -m-inst* PVerv medicine  was   the bull turned his head to gore the  fabrics "   and ,  prices. \��^J^^SS^^   ff^TtS RftoffiT ?he  VeZTorizeev^dealerinPen-Angl, ��� Uertul.    1   am  so   ����cli   brtto-Anti-   ^^^0 wh    h h ,1 been killed  Undent ,orTplace -����*��,     *>{, ' * ��^ 0^S^Sfl sol^yle" Co.,' ��.1* h&ned     Ttef.    were �� Slmilar  girment faulty ��o matenal cr roalunji. All  dealers   011* tne  vv iisou r j it  y,   .   ^^ ^  ^ ^^ ^  ^^   (m    ^  Limited,. Niagara Falls, Ont.  1 '*!  l���<t   child.  years   after   the   bit 1    w=   be lie. e.<   imi JX,l   ,"  /'s >t s ^ard  day's  work  on  milk  alone,    for  iild.     She     wns   what   which   will   brum   ab ul   sutl    sat s- *talnfl .��� at .���. nutritivC iniere-  ����� t.i he ' 'ciilii'd ' a nervous ,>vrcck. j factory ie-uilts as the use. of. Dr.  fir' .Imwi-hi-aited ami discouraged, j Clia-*"/** neive Food; 50 cents a box.  1' '������.. |���i her, Mrs. D��� 'D. Murgei, 0 boxe4 $2.5��. at all di-alem or i-M-  Vi  mini, "f tlltJ snme I'V1^'  stntes: Inirtiisoii,   Hates   &   Co.,   J oronto.  For   ImproYement  of ,Seed.  ]i-,  mhWuciiou< of. the Hon. Miii'in-  ji  ot .\eiiculttue  a' distributioir.will  riiodu  this  seabon'of  sample^'of  jj,tft)oi   *iOits  of 'grain,tol-Canadian  [tmeis irii- the improvement of seed.  lie itc-rk   fm   distribution  is  of the  ,rv beit r nd has been seemed mnin-  froiir uic'excellent crops  recently  1 ,"i itit* branch experimental fawns  Indian Head,'Sask.a .and at Bran-  f,u, Man.   The distribution'will coh-  [at'of samples of oats, spring wheat,  irley, Indian corn,'(for ensilage'on'  )   nnd" potatoes,'   The   o.uafitity   of-  dts to be sent will be"��4rlbs��� and of  fheat' or barleyj5 C-lbs,' sufficient^ in  ,ch rase to sow,one,twentieth of an  re  rThe   samples   of  'Indian   corn  td   potaoes- will   weigh *3  lbs   each.  quantity  of each of the   following  .neti-'S   has   been   secured   for   this  istiibution-; .      i " '   --..I    ,     '.".".  Oa*s���Banner, Wide Awake,  White  iiant, Danish" Island, Thousand -Dol-  ir,< Improved Liwog'o/white varieties)  id Goldfinder (yellow). .      "  Wheat���Red fife. Preston. JPringle s  lliarnplain.   Percy,, .Stanley, - Hifron  id   White -Fife.  -   '    .      /  Barlev ���Six rowed���Mensury .Odes-  Maiisfield aiid Claude. Two-rowed:  It'andwell.       Invincible,, ,,* Canadian  'horpe and Sidney.      i   t'','     ,  Indian   Corn '(for1 "ensilage).���Early  jrti   Angel"of'Midnight,  Compton a  Jarl" and Longfellow; later varieties?  Jelected^LeamiiiB.. 'Early.    Mastodon  |nd White Cap Yellow Dent."    '*    l  j P'jtatoeb'.���   Carnian   No. "i;   Early  A'hite Prize,"Rochester Eose, Money-  llaker'and'Late Puritan.      ,   .A ���     ��'  I Only  one   sample   can  be   sent   to  iach applicant, hence if, nn individual  leceives a  sample  of'oat's be,cannot  |lso receive oiie of'wheat, barley   or  lotatoes. ,-<ListH  of, names1" from   one  Individual,*  or" applications ,for 'more  lhar.   one* sample   for,one  household  Iniuiot be   entertained." Thetf samples  \ill be sent free of charge through-the  pin.il.   r '       b     *" V'A'  ,'' ,'  '  I Applications should ^be^riddresscd to  lhe Dnector of Experimeiltal Farms,  T)Uawa,.and may be sent in any time  before the. 15th' of February after  iOiieh the lists will be closed, so  flint the samples asked for may be  lent out in good time for sowing. Ap-  fj.ieaiitfc should mention the variety  ahoy prefer, with a second sort as an  llternaiive. Applications will be fil-  Sr*d in the order in which, they are  Icooived, so long as the supply of seed  in ti. Farmers are advised to apply  r'.ulv to avoid, possible disappoint-  li'en't. Those applying for Indian corn  )���* potatoes will please bear' in mind  Ihat the corn is not usually distrib-  lited until March.-Tind" that potatoes  pmiot be mailed from .here until dan-  L*r fiom frost Jin transit is^ over._ No  Rieslage is teqiiired' on nia.il rn'attei  iuitireh*.ed to the-Central Experimen-  I-'ium, Ottnwa.  Hu.lilj.  'Artist's^ Friend���My dear Harold. I  like your picture, vyry 'miu-h. only I  fancy llii* original doesn't look,,quite so  red as ynn hi^'e painted him. He  'hasn't a ruddy ( complexion; 'quite the  reverse. Impressionist Artist���Whorou  earth are you talking about? Artist's  Friend���Why. your uncle, of. 'course.  lmpres.sioni.-t. Artist���,Ornciou��. map,  but that lin't iny^linqlc.   It's a sun&et!  .'Pllof Cured In 3 to 6 Nichti.-yOne 'application givou relief. Dr. Aciiuw'h Ointment  la a boon'for .ltchinir Pilot.., or 'IJlind.  tdcedinif Piles?. It' rfHevcs nuickly, and  oer-oiutiPntly."'In Hkin'eriiDtion* it stands  without a ri*.ab Thousands of testimonials  if  you  want evidence.   J5 rents.-ii  A ���'    At ���,-      /     '��� ',  ^ The government' has decided Hot to  appoint an ambassador at Washington  foi   the next thiee months.! '     *  A clever- swindler, speaking Englihh,  'French and Spanish; has been victimizing rthe British naval , officers at  Portsmouth. ^ _      tya  ,, ,  Minard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria  1 'i ,'  **  ��� ; ; ,  The' Countess of Warwick, whose  socialistic tendencies ate Well known,  addrcbsed a political meeting at  'Que'en'a hall, London, last week.  "^ACHING  KIDNEYS ��� ��� '  -, The English Language. ! A  N**w  London  Hospital.'  English   i->   spoken   |;y   about   ISO,-;    Theie io piobably  no eo7ther opei  000,000, and Spanish hy about 50,000,  000 people. The difference rih not due  toany���inheient s-upeiioiity oi tlie Kiiff-  lihh language, but, to tbe superiority  ot the i*:nj_'li��h stock. The Engli-,h  not only have'the gieater genius for  Ccimiuet'cial and political co-opetation  ating-rrtom in the world than that of  the hospital opened in London on  Nov HI. 'The loom is made of marble, .-o as to pi event anv accumulation of dust It hah a tessellated  lloor ot Teray/.o maiblu, and th** -walln  aie'lined with Sk-illum maible.  Elec-  Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and  livery form of contagious Itch on hum-  fen or animals cured in 30 minutes by  IWolford's Sanitary Lotion.  _ \ hunienn ib reported, from Guate-  |ia.ila i.s which Tufupec, a town of five  l'i-Hwind j>ersons, has been swept,  law av by the4 floods/ The loss of life  |i- not yet known.  s To Starve l> a Fallaev.-TUe dictum to  Ihtoji catinp becausu you lio\e incliKOBUon  5li.ii lone sinoo been rxnloded. Dr. von  Ihtan-H Pineapple TablotH introduced anw  Itr.i in the treatment of -stomach troubles.  Ill has proved that one may cat his nil or,  I'liij-iliini; and everything he relishes, ana  Pone tablet taken after tho moal will aia  I ihe stomach, in doinc it�� work. 60 In a  jbt.x, 35 cents.���24  "Proper SceiirUlcn.  .Ihiks-.7ohns.on wants to borrow ��10  [from mc Do you think he is good for  [that amount? . Binks���Ves. with proper  [ ���*<'<. unties.  "What seeiu-lticH 'would you sug-  SsestV"  "A   chain   and   padlock. , a   pair   of  [liaiideuiVs and a dog.   That would  bo  ('iioti-li to hold him."���London Mall.  Snr*<lcnl.  The Professor���Now. suppose you had  l*"��;i called to see a patient with hys-  |t..rics, mme one, for Instance, who had  j started laughing nnd found it impossi-  ; hie to Mop, what would you do? Doc  ! tor -Amputate his   funny  bone.  Made Sound and Strong by Dr. Wii-  'Miarns' Pink pills. _ ' ����� '  "'There iVprtSbably no one in the  town'of'Paris', Ont., who does not  know'Mr. Samuel G. Robinson, and  who will- not readilv accept his word  when'he .says, that','Dri' Williams f  Pink Pills cured, him of an obstinate  case"jdI 'kidney"'trouble after; othei  treatment-, had'failed to. give"' him  more 'than temporary- relief. To a'  reporter,"of the Star-Transcript Mr.  Robinson'"freely gave permission to  publish t a statement ol his case in  the hope 'that his'experience might  benefit some other sufferer. lle'said:  "'I have "suffered from kidney trouble  for about three. yeiu��. Sometimes  riiyc back . ached ��o seveiely that \  was unable to woik<vmd at times it  was. almost impossible for me to  'Straighten up. I had to'urinate very  frequently and often had to get up  seveinl times during the night. At  different times I was under the care  ot doctors, but I, only got relief foi  a time I also 'tried a nuinbci ol  medicines and back-ache piasters,'  Jjut none of them helped me and 1  "begaif to think the trouble could not  be cuied. One day during a .conversation with a friend, ho asked tne  "why 1 did not try Dr. Williams' Pmk  Pills, .saying that he had used them  and thev had done bun nvuch good  I decided to try the pills and it was  not long befoie I felt greatly benefited. lT continued using the pills foi  some time longer, ami I am glad to  say that evorv vestige of the tiouble  has- disappeaied, and I nm now nh  well as ever. . Dr. Williams' ���> Pink  Pills have pioved a' blessing to me  apd '1 gladly recommend them' to  anyone similarly afflicted.,      ,,  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills arc the"  greatest core in" the world-for "all  the common .ailments 'of men and  women���for all weakness and weariness and back-aches, and headache?  of anaemia; al the heaviness and  distress of indigestion; all the pains  and aches of rheumatism, sciatica  and neuralgia and all the ill health  that follows any disturbance of i eg  jlaritv in the blood supply. All thest^  ailments ate caused by bad *.bloor  and Dr. Williams' Pmk Pills aetuall>  make new, rich, led blood. 1 he\  strike straight nt the common root  of disease. But you nm��t get the  -emiinc pills with the full name Dr  Williams' Pink Pills foi Palo People  on the wrapper around each box  Sold at 50 cents a box or six boxce  tor $2.50 by all dealcis or the Dr  Williams' Medicine Co . Broekville,  Out.   The pailiamentaiy committee of  Fiance to which the matter was re-  ���ferrod 1ms, by eight votes to two- repotted in favor of the abolition oi the  (loath penalty and the substitution of  Ufa imprisonment.     Vlinnrd's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   if  Cows.  milk contains al! of the nutritive ingre  dtents needed for food -and Is thorough  lv and family digested. The longevity  of,'the Hungarian mountainocrs wh*>  Mv" on milk and whey. Is well known.,  A quart of 'good milk contains as  much digestive nutrients a*j 'are* con-  ' tained In one pound of boef chuck,  one pound of fowl, one pound of ve;iJ  shoulder, one-half pound of beef loin.,  one half pound of beef ribs, one half  I-ound of mutton tug, nine ounces" of  veal , cutlets', nine ounces of veal loin,  "iwo pounds of coddHli, two pounds five  ounces of solid oysters^ two pounds five  ounces, of, hlueflsh or'cone pound ftvo  ounces of potatoes.        ,'    , '       ��� '   ,  ,     ',   '      Why Metals Float: .    a L '  ' It is a remarkable,fact that if a small  rod of0iron���a stralfeht piece of wire, for  instance���Is giea��ed. it can be made to  lloat on water. The grease apparently  prevents the breaking ot the surface  6�� the water, and th�� Iron lies cradled  In a<slight dc-pros.-don or .trough: " *  . Recently ont ot the United States  Government- scIenti��U at Washington.  eiperlmentinK with' rods and rinss cf  iron. t,ln. cttppcr, biaek pia^linum, <ulujn-  inium, German siher. etc., found Uiat  all mc'.als, even the densest, will float  on watet when their xut faces are chemically clean., A peifectly clean piece  of copper or platlnuip wire, for example, forms a ti*"URh for Itself on the  surface of the water, just as tf it'was  greased The same i*< >rue of a smaU  'rod of sla'ss. r'' ,  The ortlclal in question believes' the  lioating is 'due to a' film of air condensed on .the isurfac-S of the gla3s, or.  metal, because if'the.iod i.s hoated to  i*ednes*.'and as =--.->on ai li cools is placed on water It will sink, but, If it Is  exposed to the air for a short.time It  will  float.  ���.' '    '  vantage' of  English is, its double  vo- [  cabulary,' one of Teutonic and one of /  Latin    "origin.   v%Inch ��� enabled   it    to  make  nice  distinctions.    It has  al��o  acquired    the  'power   to    assimilate  words 11��m every language under the  -tun.    Tlie.se  fitc-tt,,  together with  the  zreater'  intellectual   activity of    the  Knglish  race(,in  many   iic-ldd  of, human  endeavor,   have swelled   its  vocabulary, to   "hlartling'figuie-.      'Ihe'  "Standaid  Dictionaiy" contains ovei  'J17.000 words.'    I do'not believe any  5|)ain&ii dictionary   contains half, a  ' many .���FromJ "Success Magazine.'"  , ' ���, ;__���    ,  Death .or Lunacy seemed the-.only ,alternative for a well-known and highly respected lady of Winebam, Ont., who had  travelled over "two continents in a ,vain  ii*a��-ch for p. euro for nervous debillty  and dyspepsia. A. friend recommended  ���jouth -American " Nervine. , One bottle  helped.-. sii bottles cured, and-her own  written testimony closes with these words^  "It  has saved, mr life."���20  EATING CAUSED PAIN  " .  '  .'���"Bileans   Removed   the   Trouble    -  Mis.   John   Whitfield,  Swan" Lake,  Man.; says: "I have  taken  a couiae  marks on the nose and also* on the  near shotildei, which clearly indicated  that this animal had been k.l'fd in the  Bam�� way. Malays who ha\e actuall>  been a tiget killing a buffalo told me  they'saw the same thing,happen; also  that in dragging off a heav\ caieas.".  such as buffalo or bull, he gets most'of  the weight across his shoulder. ' ;  This must be fairly correct, as I have p  often  followed a   kill, and  the  marks (  left  Indicated   that only  a  portion  of ���  the animal  wat.    trailing    along    the ,  ground. I have known a full grown bull i  which ten men would not move dragged two miles by a tiger   In a heavy  Jtmgle,  where    roots    of    tices    and  swamp had to be gone through   In tm  case have I seen the pug marks facing  the wrong way except when sroppin*4  to feed, which  prove" he must carry  a portion of the'animal over bis shoul-9  der.     ,  The old Idea of a tiger killing Iarg��  game by a blow fiom his paw is non-  aense. Besides, iu this country a tiger  never faces his'prey, but attacks him  'on the-dank', unless charged. Another  curious fact that may seem very like  Ex-Senator  M.  C.  Butler.  Dyspepsia  is  often   caused   by .Catarrh   of    the  Stomach���Peruna   Relieves Catanh of the Stomach and i.s  ���herefore a  ieinedy foi ''Dyspepsia:.  An   K-V|it*rt   Opinion.  "What (to you tliiriK or my daughter's  ���"teciition on the piano?"X  ' <"!ood name for ir. for sl.ie certainly  V-s murder tlie tlmei" ���Baltimore  American   ��� ; -.'   - X   -A-   ('���' ���  A, Boer War Rornance. ���  ' *,When the Boer; wa'r was waging the  ladles 'of Cuelph engaged with thousands of other**;, throughout, the Dominion In-malting ai tides of wearlng^ap-  fparel to send to, comfort-the. boysMn  hospitals in South Africa, Among/hos ��  porformlng this',charitable work was a  young' lady,1 -Annie ^Callander, ^ eldest  daughter of Alex. Callander, ' "HIl)-?  creet." She wai seized by a whtm  to place her name 'and address on,, a.'  night'gown she -was malting. This  ultimately reached 'a soldier'manied  Thomas Iliiby o'f ,Shefflelld, England,  and. when eonvalescing in.the hospital,  he wrote to the address given,, thanking the donor of tho garment for her  Interest in the cause. From thi,s originated a coifespondence which" culminated in the marriage of the two. Recently Mr. Huby came over to Halifax,  where he is now stationed. The be-  truthal of tho couple followed, and at  the home of the hride's father,-on  Thanksgiving Day the Rev. L. Lr-  Thomas performed lho cercm--ny.  An Outworn System.  "There is no excuse for retaining  tho credit system to-day. Il wa.s'necessary when the country was new and  settlers hard up but it is. not .necessary  to-day, and the interest of both buyer  and seller would be enhanced if it wis  abolished." This from The Bruce Times  Is tound sqnse. The credit system m  retail trade simply means ihat those  who pay for their snorts have al��o to  -.pay for the goods of those who never  pay Considering the lot* there 's  through thc kecpIng,.or books, the bad  friends made by giving credit to "iio  and refusing another, beside the ' inevitable los<< by bad debts, it is a wonder that retail merchants do not  simply put an end to the practice and  by refusing to sell ou credit show that  they piefcr to have the goods rather  than a'lot of bad debts. '  Novel Postal .Strike. ,"  Because thc postal administration  has imposedi.a duty of 5 pfennigs instead of 2 on postal cards Intended fer  urban delivery the citizens of. Hanover  have Inaugurated a singular strike  against the postal authorities. Instead  of writing postal cards they all write  letters, and. not satisfied with sending  their effusions in an envelope, they All  It with newspaper so as to bring the  weight of the letter to the maximum  of 250 grains. As thc envelopes they  now use arc of the maximum size tolerated it is easy to obstruct a letter  box with only a dozen of such missives. The postal authorities arc alarmed at this obstruct ion of the postal  service, and it is probable that lhe former tariff of 2 pfennigs on postal cards  will have to be le-estabUshcd.  (/  j t i        t r f ^  You mav. succeed when others.tdo  not" believe in you, but never when  'you do not believe ih yourself.  Dp f Not Delay"���Do not-let'a ,cold  Dr'cough fasten upon you<*as it will  if neclccted., Dr. Thomas' Ecleetric  Oil will break'up a cold and cure a  cough, and should be resnrt^ed to at  once, when the fust .synmtoms ,appear. It can be disguised s$o that  <my unpleasant taste it may have  niil be, impelc'eptible to the delicate.  I"rv Jt 'and be convinced.     ��     ",  , ,      j        i  ' >  -,Mnn,is not merely the architect of  'lis civil1-fortune, but he must also lay  l*hc bucks himself.        \  ��� J; ���' Little lives^aved.-  ,  c. Many  a  little^ life is lostybecnusc,  'lie-mother does not liave the rmenns  ���t hand  to aid  the,little,;one nt-^the  "irsl   sifns'   'of'ilhiQss." In;" homes  ���vhere  Hnby'-s' Owii.Tablols- aie. kept  ' he   mother; always  feels * a' sen^e* of  ectirity.' These  table'ts    cjirc* 'colic.  ���'t.ilif-'estiony     oons'upation ,      simple.  evci.   dianhoen.     teething   t'oubles  *nd   other   minor   ailments   of   baby-  lood  and   childhood       Baby's ��� Own  Tablets   alwavs   do   good���they  can-  lot po-siblv do haim.    Thousands of  notheis   keep   these   tablets   m   thc  muse and  u^e no other medicine foi  their' children      Mis.-'Wm.    1-Srown  hut what it'caused pain. There was  a sensation of tightness in my,side  and mv liver was entirely out ,of order.. I could -not sleep at' nights,  suffered also from kidney trouble,  and was altogether ih a very serious  condition. I find been ailing'in this  wav for years, and it is .giafifying  to find that, Hileaiia were equal to my  case."        ' ��� ,   '* ,  Bileaiis, cure constipation .without  causing griping; cures piles.-biliousness, indigestion,, sick headache, etc.,  and give strength and energy to, rundown svstems. All druggists sell at  fi'ftv cei:t$ a 4*ox, or post free from  the" Bilean Co.. Toronto, on receipt  of price.  In Warsaw two r.evolutionaiy printing presses have been discoveied just  opposite the govor nor-general's palace but the men running them,have  'escaped. 'In the prison in Valditnn  the inmates have mutinied and thnty-  fotir of 'them have escaped.' -    ^  Oeer PaikyToronto, says: "T find  lJaby"s'Own Tablets of the greatest  lelp to mv little ones, and would not  be with.nit them. Sold by all  nedieine dealers' or by mail at 20  *ent~- a bov from the Dr. Williams'  Medicine  Co.,  Brockvi'le.Ont.  He alone is l\app> who has learned  'o extinct happmes-. not from ideal  ���onditions, but fiom thc actual ones  ibout-him.   "'  Mmard's  Liniment Co ,   Limited  pentlenien.--r.nst winter I received  Teat benefit fiom the use of M1X-  UtlVS LINIMENT m a severe ^at-  tick of La Grippe, and I have fre-  inently pioved it to be very effective  ij cases of Inflammation.  Youis.  \V. A. ITUTGITTXSON.  Encineor O'Brien of Towa C; <��� w  found dead by his fiicman in the cab  of a westbound Ruck Islai.tl pa-��engei  train which was running hfty niilot  ah hour at, the'tim*. 'O'Brien s skull  was crushed, supposedly , by a pio-  iecting timber.,; ,.,-',  For Gotaghts a��d[  What   Restrained   riim.  A stiangei  In a small town wanted  the advice of a lawyer and as he was  hunt ing for one one day ho came upon  a .sign which lead, "A. Swindle. Attor-���  nev at Law." I  He entered the office and after re-  cehing the,necessary advice said that  the kiwver was a fine man, but ho  'wanted "to-know why he made his  name sound*so'.'ridiculous and why he  did not put hi3 fust name in full. i  "1 would," replied the lawyer, laughing, "if -mv first,inline were not Ail-jm." i  . Tin.  Slioo*   of  Chliin.  . The shoes ��� worn by the natives in  China are made with leather oi* cotton  Cloth soles, above Which is :i layer' pf  rags or" ptiper <.!* I'ea.rhers., will) cotton1  cloih next to tin* fool. Tlie upjiei's are,-  .math'1, of i-iiitiin's'!i*eiiiii;:s or .shirtings.  Itali.iiis. satins or veiytds. dyed either  idncl; oi* liliii'. Siii-li slices cost from 2").  cents In 7(1 (���cuts.a pair1, iu gold.   .  The  Rich Man's Goal.  Lorenzo Dow, relates the St. Paul  Pioneer Pi ess, on one occasion took  he liberty, while preaching, to de-  lounco a "rich man in the commun-  tv, recently decea-ed The lesult  vit.s an arioht. a tind for slander, arid  m  liiipiisoiiuient* in   the  county jail  After Dow got out of limbo he an-  ���-oimeed that lie should preach, at a  liven tune., a sermon about ''another  ich man " The populace was gteat-  ly excited, and a ciowded house  iieeted his appeiiuuiec  With gioat solonuiity he opened the  Bible  and   tend.    "And  theie   was   a  iich man who died arid wont to"   Then, stopping slioit, and seeming to  h�� .suddenly impiessed, he continued  Urethien. I shall not mention the  nliiee this ncli man went to. foi feai  ,u* has some lelatives in this con-  riegation who will sue tne for defamation of chinaitei  The effect i\a.- nresistible, and he  ui.-ule the impicssion pel ni.'iiient U\  diking" another-'text.  State of nhlo. C1tv of Toleco. ,    -  Lucas County. .*  Frank * J ' Chenev makes oath thnt he  Is a.-tiior, partner ot the turn or 1-. J  Chen.'v & Co. -Joins business in lhe citv  of Toledo."County and -State aforesaid,  ���inrt that said lirm will pav the sum of  ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and  everv    case    of    Catarrh  that  cannot   be  Sw-orn to' before me, and subscribed In  mv presence this 6th day of December.  A    D    1SS6 -   - A.  W.  GLbASU.".,  ^(SpuI.)     "v   -t Notary  Public  Hall's Catarrh Cure Is 'taken Internally  'and nt-ts directly on tho blood and mucous   smrfnees  of   the   system.       Send  for  '^""'K'rCHEXET   A  CO..  Toledo', ,0  '   Sold   liv   (ill   DiUgglRts.   ~>t ���.,������.!���_  Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation  'Both'the Ameiican and "British gov-  -einmeiits ate seriously tieating the  Newfoundland diHiculties. There aie  "ieat hopes that a settlement will be  reached befoie the next fishing sen-  '-on commences.  A Magic Pill���Dyspepsia is a toe  with which men are constantly gup-  pling but cannot exterminate Subdued, anfl to all appeaiances vanished in one, it makes its appeal .nice  in another diiection. In many the  digestive apparatus is a�� rlebcate as  the mechanism of a watch or scientific instrument in which even a  breath of an will make a variation  With such persons dismdeis of the  stomach ensue from the most tuvial  causes and cause, much suffering  Yo these Pai melee's Vegetable' Pills  aie   recommended .as  mild   and  sure.  The report that the Island ol Juan  Fernandez has disappeared is false.  Patents buy Mother .Ginves' Worm  Exterminator" because they know it is  a safe medicine tor their childien  and an effectual expeller  of woims.  The British Oil company has placed  contracts in Glasgow and the United  States foi 275 miles of tubing for a  pipe line to"bring oil to, the senboaid  from the interior  Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper.  Young Jobson is of an exceedingly  statistical turn of mind. Ho got mar-  lied lately, and at the railway station he had his wife weighed; then  he took out-n little hand-book and  made some, calculations, mutteiiiig:  "Wedding e.\~peiises,  .railway expenses,   ������;   divide   by .     I   say.  my  dear,  you  havo  cost me  exactly  foiupence "halfpenny a pound "���Tit-  Ulls.  come aim iccu- ��� ....-v. .-������-    . i  casions when this has been trieji. and  each time a .tiger has come to feed  upon the carcass.���London ..Field.  Copper; Kills Noxious Germs.  Copper is a marvelous .preventive ol  disease. IL we returned <to , the old  copper drinking ' vessel? nfoui foro-  fathers., typhoid epidemics would disappear, write a  filtritlon expert,  ,  Kxamir.e a copper pent und-r the*  .microscope and you will find It altogether free from dlseasij, scrm-,' , Examine gold and silver coins' and you  will find them oue wriggling and contorting germ ma'ss. . \et copper coin.*-  ���pass', through dirtier .hands than gold,  and 'silver ones. Vou'd think theyd  be alive with micro organisms. B-ut no.  Copper kills germs , Diphtheria and  choleia cultuies smeared,('on a copper  cent die in less than two hour.-,.  The workers in the' Rt-vere? copper  works ^during the last epidemic of cholera in' Massachusetts weie Immune,  though friends and relatives fell on all  s,ides of them. ' Why were they immune? The copper, with its strange  power   over   disea.se   germs., protected'  them.        y  < ��� '   i*        .    .,  Water alive with cholera and typhoid,  germs  has been placed for an  experiment in copper vessels, and aftei; standing'seven  hoursAhis   water  has-been  found safe to drink --every, germ dead.  We should return to copper drlnkin*?  vessels.. Fuuhermore. canteens for the  use of soldiers and sailors In  the trops  des   where cholera 'abounds,  should be  lined"  with   copper, <and   thus   many   a  young'man's life'would be saved. (,  Copper In the 'form' of copper sul-  phate,wlH'kiil off typhold'germs in reservoirs and great bodies of water. It  haj frequently done so without harm-  'ing the drinking qualities of the'water-  in any way.'  a     Hon. M   C. Butler. gx-U. 3. senator  from  South  Carolina  for  two  terms.  in  a letter from  Waihintfton.  ��. C.  w rues to the Peruna Jifdlcine Co. n.d  follows:'  "I ca'n recommend Peruna* for  jyspepsia and stomach trouble. I  .have been using your medicine for  a short period ' and I feel very  much relieved. It Is indeed a wonderful medicine, besides ��� good  tonic."' 1   <   ",  CATARRH of -the stomach i3 the  coriect name for most',cases of dyspepsia, Tn'Older to cure catarrh of  Ihe stomach the catarrhAnust be'era-  Only an internal catarrh'^remedy, uuoh  hs   Peruna,   is  available.       , .���������.,  Ppruna exactly meets the indication*  At the  meeting'^of 'the' Institute ot  Journalists of 'Great  Britain and  Ireland, recently held iu Dublin, .the retiring president, Major Gratwlcke, con- .  eluded, his address by discussing  the  kind ot news that newspapers might  .with propriety publish and. disclaiming  all prudishness. enunciated the, dictum  that "a man should not write for tin*  columns of a newspaper that which he  would not like  his, wife or his child,  hls,mother.o,r,hls sistjy to^read."  , Tlie 7.ebr��.  Of all wild animals the .'zebra Would  be must useful to man if'domesticated.  It Is unt liable to horse fever or tsetse  fly.    "������������' A. ���  DODDpI>  liliiili  TONES'  South American Kidney Cure is the only  kidncv treatment that Iiiih proven enual  to rorroi-t all tin* evils that are likely io  befall thest' phjsical leculators. llun-  droils of testimonials to prove the curative incuts of thii liQuid kidney specitlc  m cases of Bricht's disease, diabetes, lr-  ritntion of the bladder, mllammation.  dropsical    tendency.   Don't   delay.- 22  No   Last  Words.  Read-Admiial Coghlan, commandant  of   the ..Hrooklyu  -Nmy.  Yard,... who=e  '    '       Was Paid $1,000 a Word.  At the Franklin Inn, a literary club  of Philadelphia', a young poet, licking  his lips, said ' that Conan Doyle was  paid $1 a word.  -"That is nothing." said a railroad advertising man. "I know of a case  where a man was paid $1,000 a word.  Our line used to 'have at' its grade  crossings a very long and complicated  sign that began, 'Beware of the Engine  and Cars," and then this sign went on  with a lot of injunctions and warniugs  that would have taken five minutes to  read. . '        <  "in a number of accident cases the  claimants for damages, declared that  our long signs were not clear warnings. Therefore the line decided at last  to get a new grade crossing sign, and  Judge Paxson was engaged to write  one.' �� ^ ,  . " "The sign that Judge Paxson wroto  cost $1,000 a word, but it was a classic.  It remains a classic. It has been copied  everywhere. It is as well known  among us as 'Father. I cannot tell a  lie.'.or 'England.expects every man to  do his dutv.' ,      i   1  "The sign that cost $1,000 a word, or  $6,000,in all, was the famous 'Railroad  Crossing���Stop, Look'and Listen."*  The Word "Humble."'  "Humble" is a word'that (has gone  out of fashion during the lifetime of  many of us. An Australian paper that  is reproducing extracts from its files  of fifty years ago prints this advertisement of-lS.it>: "Young woman wants  home in an humble family." Nobody  sees an advertisement of that sort In  the papei's nowadays except In  the weekly journals of the Irish ruial  districts, where such announcements  as "Wanted, an humble girl," still occasionally appear.  The  Easier Task.  The following notice is posted up  outside the ticket office of the bathing  place on the sands at Eastbourne:  "Will the party who is in the habit of  cleaning his-brown boots on the bath  ing towels please leave his boots here  before bathing, as we would rather  clean his boots than wash the towels?"  ���Japanese Weekly  Mail.  New Source of Alcohol.  A  new  source  of  alcohol  has   been  discovered in Western Australia.  The  A Coiirudloii. ol Nnmes. ,.  'Although   Scotia   is, now   known   to,  mean Scotland, it once was tlie name  ,of Ireland.    Two centuries before the1  birth of Christ 'Ireland was known to.  the Greeks as Juvenca. r Caesar called  it Ilibcrnia, as did also Ttolemy in his  mrip   of   that   island.     It   i.s  said Alio i  'Phoenicians Qrst gave Ireland the name  of Ilibernia, meaning thereby."utmost'  or' last' habitation;"   for   beyond , that  laud westward  the  Phoenicians, never  extended dheir  voyages.     Toward   the  decline of the Roman empire the country began to be called Scotia, a name,  i ctamed by tbe monastic writers until  ihe eleventh centmy.  when  the  name  Scotia, hiivimr passed to modern i-Vot-'  hind.,the aiK-iour inmic'of lli'jenu.i be-  gan to be again used.    '     ' '  Tn   Cure   Snortun.    '   ��  "At a banquet." said an editor. "I  once beard Jerome K. Jerome make a  speech on snnrmg. 1 remember that it  ended with these words: 'To cuie  ���monniT. it is advi-ed that a pieee of.  -oap be diopped into the month ot tbe  -uoror The oil in the soap will lubricate the pharyux1 and other Latin  pa'-ts of tlio throat. This ieinedy must  be applied with caution: otherwise the  siioi-cr will arise and lubricate the  door with the person' who dropped in  the soap.' "   Worthl|> ��  Deux.  .When Dean Swift was called to the  llvius of Loracor he inaugurated the  custom of reading prayers on Wedues-  dav and Friday. At the first Wednesday service he waited in vain for any  one to appear except his clerk Roger.  At lo'igth he 'began. "Dearly beloved  Roger, the Scriptures moveth you aud  me in sijudry places." and so proceeded to tbe end of the service.  Ivu   \u\y.   laid. . ulio=e sg tree_ which flourishes so thickly  ii relator 0   good stones I <>       .. h .   become a nuisance to agri-  reputatiou as .. .~    .... c.-��� ���  has increased each time, lie has spok  eh' atAi...dinner, told a story a few-  nights'ago 'which was eiven tn illustrate his distaste for being the last  speaker.  .- "Having, the Inst word," the ������Rear-  Ad mi nil said.' "reminds me of'it'story  r'.heard not long age.      ' '  ������  "A certain man died., and a ..clergyman was engaged to offer an eulogy.  This, vvorthv minister prepared, a sermon of.cxcecdine length nnd'strength,  but' iust before heXentered the pari or  to-deliver it he thought that it might  be advisable to learn what the, dead  man's Inst words had been. So the  turned, to one of the weeping younger  sons and asked:.  "My boy, can you tell me your fa-r  ther's Inst words?"1  " 'He didn't have none.' the)boy re  plied.    'Mn    was  with    him  end.' "���New York Tribune  to the  that it has become a nuisance to agriculturists, turns out to be full of alcohol. The fibers of the core yield from  ftve-tenths.'.to' one and a quarter gallons of proof spirit a hus>-el.    '.'..���  A   lmi)re����lvc Kvl<leiK*e.  The constable is an observant man.  and his observation had its reward at  Marlborough Street one moruingb It  was the case of a hansom driver who  bad run into a four -wheeler, and the  constable maintained in the witness;  box that the hansom driver was drunk.  "There was a bit of a.ilispute," said  tbe driver," and the constable admitted as much. "You was a bit doubtful  about me bein* drunk, -wasn't you  now?" continued the driver solemnly.  "I was, just a bit," said the,.constable  stolidly, "until I. saw you taking down  7��ur own number; on your coat sleeve."  CAUGHT COLD    -  ON THE C.P.R.  A. L Mumford tells how Psychine  cured him after the Doctor  gave him up  " It i�� twelve years tincc Ptychinc cur*4  tne of galloping consumption." Tt��  speaker w��j Mr. A. B. Mumlord, -six leet  tall, and looking jmt what he ii �� hukky  healthy faimer. He works tin own farm  iicir Magm-tavvan, Ont.  " I caught my cold working -uc a fireman  oil the C.P.R." he continued. "I had  night ��vYeaU, chill* and fever and frequently coughi-d up pieces ol'my lungs. 1 *'��  ���inking last and the doctors said thero  wu no hope lor me. Two months treatment of Psychine put ma right on my feet  and I have'had rio return of lung trouble  aince."  If Mr! Mumford had started..to tak��  Paychins when he firat caught cold h��  would have saved himself a lot of anxiety  and sulTering. Psychina cures all lun*f  troubles by killing t'h�� icerms���the roots of  the disease.  (ProoauociJ Si-kMa)  50c. Per Bottle  Larc*r olaaa   SI nnd ��2���*M drugglvt*.  OR.  T.  A.  SLOCUM, Limiied, Toronto.  W    i^    U    No.    GI4 w ,A\.  A-.*,  y 'A  ��� ' -:aX' ���    .  K '���  ,^5l?Tf:  {};U'-|ats*S  r'Si��l  V'ii A'Sv TSMFSSL  i..l"W,*L.'.eti,E.ll,  j   .1 *ts=*ji A sit KM  " ;M   *  1 i"^'  ��� -;m -  ���y  fi'i  -A   'J*    A','".  l\>  r, I  ! if  3*   j* *���    I ��� -  <'Uh *.    lljl-  *w^x  if- i*j    ��    r.  /i '  11  J.1  Ti IOYIB LEADER.  J Id    Praise  THE LEADER, MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  jfMiehed in the interest of the people  of Moyie and East Kootenay.  Cough  F. J, SMYTH, Publisher  o.vio.*;  L4BKr,  "��        bates orrjUHacRirfiuff.  Oao Year 1 ........'....' 12.00  SATURDAY, DEC. 15, 190G.  How swiftly run the yeare,J   . *. .      t  Hire it is almost Christmas again.  The political   p.>t   is  beginning  to  uf    CUaml.erlsln'a  Komedy.  .   There ia no other medicine manufactured that has received so much praise  *nd so many expressions  of  gratitude  aa Chamberl'iiii'd  Cou_h  remedy.    It  j ia effective, and'prompt  relief follow*  its use.    Grateful parents everywhere  do not h��Bitate to testify to its   merits  for the benefit of others.    It, is a    certain cure for croup   and   will   prevent  the attack if given nt the first  appear-  j mice of  tho disease,   It  is  especially  adapted to children as it is pleasant, to  take and corjlaing  nothing   injuripm  I Mr. E. A. Humphreys, a   well   known  resident and clerk in the store  of   JVIr.  E. Lock, of Alice, Cape Colony, South  Africa, says:"   "'r hive used  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to ward off croup  and colds in ray family.   I found it to  be very  satisfactory and   it  give3   me  pleasure to recommend it."     For sale  by the Moyie'Drug & Stationery Co. "  I. O. O. F.  miaajr {.ogge Mo. 44.  Meets Tuesday evenings in McGregor  hall on Victoria street.' Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited I  R.,T. KoiVARp,  Noble Grand.  F. J. StfYTH,  Sec'r'y.  MANHATTAN  8t. Ettgope Lodge No. 37.  K.     Of    Pa  f -7 f  Meets evary Thursday  vening    13    McGregor  ball at 8  o'clock. '.Vie-  ,i ling brothers invited.  G. H. * inulay,       G. W. Orchard,  Chancellor Com. K. 11. and S.*  Comfortable  Rooms  and  Pest of     x  Table Board.  I '"* iV  JT. A. GOT7PILL, Prppr.  toil,  i  -  Santa Clnus is    beginning   to   look  over his stookin' trade.  Buy    your    Christmas   presents  in  town and buy them early.  Movie   Miners'   Union  ,*r . ,        .-.' y .  :-,    %> .1', -    ,  No. 71 .vy. F. 0,'M,  Meets in McGregor hall erery Saturday evening.' 86journing members  are cordially invited to attend:  .Roberts,  Secretary  J. L. Gibbons,  President.  Jas.  ,    The efT.-ct will be the name  whether  , it is spelled "kist," or "kiased;'  1 ; ��� r  , When a couple gets married they  form a comtrjittee of two, with discr -  tionary powers to add to their number. '  NOTICE.  I.V THE MATTER of tlio Compmlos  Act 1897 aud the amending'Acts, and  [    , ru   tho matter of Tbo Black-MncKay  Mining.Company,   Limited   nou-pwr-  Eo'ual liability-.    . '  N'OriCKia hereby given   that   threo  months  after the 5th. dny of DJiicinber WW, Tt.8 Blaok-     ,-./-*��*����� -r-ri  'a ���t,t^ '^^^  Mackftyuinliw Company Limited   lion-person-     MQ YIE AERTE, NO.   855  alllHWIity w.'ll apply w   tho'Ljeuteir*i.-*.t   Clov- '"        '"'"-' "'     " ' '~ *. .  orinrfor an order In' Co-nncll e!|4i.^Iujf ilu  tiKinc- to tho Cambrian Mining Company Limit-  i-duon-personnl'Miibilliy,      ��� .'1  Datod'ihe Sith'day of Xovetniior 1903       r,  ' 1W '> .    y.'A.ORKASF.,  Solicitor for the said Company  l..t  -NcKILLOP  AfiSSAYEStt.  [.MARKETS  In   ftH  the   Priucipa)  Cities and   Towns  in  British Columbia.  ; MOYIE, E, C.  P. BURNS & GO  WHOLESALE ANJO    RBTAIL  MEAT     MERCHANTS  Fr��sh  and Cured Meats, Fresh  Fish,'Game, ana Poultry.   Wo  supply  only   the  beat.    Your  1 trade solicited. '   ���  THE C ANSl^^&  OF COMMERCE   K  '500,000  �����!��*  "*d  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000/   Reserve Fund, $4  HEAD. OFFICE,   TORONTO  BT E. WALKER, General'Manager      ' ApjX. LA,RD  BRANCHES  THROUGHOUT CANADA   **r>!  THE UNITEI> STATES AND ^Kai^J ^  BANKING   BY   MAIL  Business may bo transacted by m&il with an  i~  of the Bank.   Accounts may be,, opened, and V*****  made or withdrawn by,wa^lf   Ev^ry attention fi  to out-of-town accounts, vu.��.  CRANBROOK BRANCH.  -    "Tho Missouri Girl"  ah'ould  be   the  popular phiy for, the times.    Tt, in   got-  'ting ep almost everybody V^n'ta   to be  .''shown."       r i> "   ��� <  r, y7i>6',''financial column sa3-s that  ymoney ia easy," I *But"tho trouble is.  themen who have it'are not.���Cleav-  ^lan I Leader,       '    a "' ' '  '.  F. <^>a  Meeta ihirdAMou'day of vach month  I in .McGregor JIalJ.  STOP-AT THE  COSMOPOilTAN  *     WHEN IN     '  CRANBROOK  E.'U. SJIAJLL, aiauucer. ' ,  p Good rooms, good tables and  bar  and' first clasfl sample roriis.  * "  XMAS  DR.  HARyiE,  Worthy Pros.  J. 'II. IIAVVKE,  "iy6rf.jiy'Secr'y.  .      ' IN PRESCRIPTIONS'  put up at (his pharmncy'yon   are certain of ROtiing 'jufe't   what   your  doc-  fiarvey   &    JktcCarter,  Barriaters, Solicilora, Notaries, 'Etc. .  Cranhrook, '. -. -    B., C.  W. F. GURD,  , T'ac Cranbrook ITeiu'd is   the   most  prospcrouslooking weeKly" ^ewpap'er.jto���  ��ib���.-   So'me "drnsgfcta   use | CRANBROOK  : ' \'; tbe Province, for which CriinbrookV   oabyituiea.   'We donlt'and dout'bave  t>.   'Our drug stock in  the  BARRISTEIjl SOLrOITOK, KXC  '    "*   -' ',1/' ....    , .. - .  B. C  ,   progressive  business' men are  largely  responsible. , A '     '  , ,   ���   -      '  There is rmuch   activity  among the  . SociaHstsat'the coast.   Jn   the   Nn-  nftimo'district J. II. ���Hawthornthwp.ite  was^   unanimously    nominated'   la-j't  .Thursday aa a standard bearer  in' tlie  coming fijrht. A"  PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT  s so complete wc can fill any' prescription presented;    There's no 'risk using  our prescriptions aud   qo*. overcharge ���"  are evor ma'd'p.  " >. The Trail N,;'ws   feels ,'jubli.tnt. ovei  the resumption of ( operations   in 'that  city.    Thh is the way it puts it- With  'the big Shay engine' at,' work'Vn \h'<*  '  hill between here  and   Rossland^  the  "Goat"' again ���doijjg v etunl's   in' 'the  ���yard'and smoke i3��uing from the mas  sire stacks on the   hill,   it  begins   to  look as if, there   would   be  "Corn   in  r^'Pf.' /or Xmaal '  , The Moyie Drug  !  and Stationery Co.  C.H.DUNBAR  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, Etc  Cranbrookj B. C.  dwindle a man through forgery and  you   get, "pinched."     Swindle    him  through   'misrepresentation   of   your  goods, make'   money   through ' deception, and you are accounted a respectable citizen..  Poison a man   with  arsenic, and you'swing from the gallows;  poison    him with   adulterated   foods,'  quack medicines and  diseased  meat,  and no ".sleuth" haunts your footsteps'.  Kill a man with  a  crowbar and  you  &il in an electric chair. .Kill him   by  overwork'and you are called a "captain  of industry."���The Vanguard.'  3t.   Joseph's   Convent.  A   ,,  ;.     ,- a  .,.   ' NELSON, B. C."  ' hoarding and Day. School conduct-  oil hy the Sisters qf St.'Joseph, Nelson  B. C. * Commercial 'and business  courses a specialty. Excellence and  swift -progress characteaice each department. Parents'should write for  particulars. One month assures the  public of tho thoroughness of tho  Sisters' methods of teaching. ' Terms  commence January, April and Sept.  Pupils are admitted durlne term.  WINTER  ���pxauRsioNs'  . 'EAST'" ���'  '���������'..v .$$M>5':'.'a  MOYIE TO      a  MONTREAL a TORONTO  ^and all points west thereof in \ '   '  .ONTARIO a^d^QJJEBEC.  QUEBEC, ST. JOHN, HALIFAX and  '���-   'MARITIME PBOVJNC?:^,  ,.'  ' ��� '       Kates on a'pplita'tion  TICKET^ ON SALE DAILY  , November 24 th to DecemberSlst. ,'  KOUND  - TRrPplxRST   CL^SS.  "    THREE MQ2JTHS LIMIT    ���'  OLD COUNTRY RATES  *; " Halifax oi--.St. John    ,;  RETURNOCEAN FARSS   l<"  Saloon,, ypo; Seconi/;  $76: "sieeragf-,  <?o4anri'iip/accnr<lineto, stpamor..  ���n     '"        ����� I    -For detailed  information.' Sailinas  B^xsxKE, Soucitok, JTo- OcWste^ers, Ei���t' cZ,or $gl,  tarv Pum.10. Ac,      -      ���     I i8t Sleeper'; apply'; to" locai;agent8,'  or  write ���    ' i ������'.,   . -..     r      ���*. .- , j  ...,,  -     J. Attwood, Agent, Moyie.  J.S  CARTER,  Dlst, Fass. Ag't  Cigars,       Tobacco,'    ' ��� Confclionery  " ' ' Fruits, Elc '  . '������    '  FAREEIJ, BLOCK,* " t-' "  3Qh  DB>. y. B. MILES,^  _| Cranbrook, �� B, C.  aeorgre H. Thompson,  BliRarsTKR, Sbu  tary Public, Ac.  CRANBROOK.      Bhitisu Columbia  Prices Given  Orcters  ,    >.. >-, *  ' Taken on  ^Everything' -  '  "    c   '      , 'y"-i*  in the Printing  Line at the    \-  W\ R. BJ3ATTY  Embalmer and Undertaker,  ��hone 89. ' CRANBROOK.  We have a fine stock of FURNITURE tl��s ' Christ.'  ' . mas rthat would malce'good presents   ���    "'  y   A a   "', '������ o ;   ���' ���  A; Aparloadoj FURNITURE'PRESENTS arrived  thls^egk^clwc are able to'supply you with any:  thingypu want at'.a'reasonable price-'        '   "''  f,'' A.       ' '  '    ''.Ay' -  ', From this list y&ii.can select something,   /  '.  ��� ��� ,        t   ,     ���n'       '''.,'' *  Morris CI;airs". V".   ,/'.���'   *,    '���'   i' " ���     ���   '   " ��� ,'���  Office Ciiairs,      . '.'..'; ���  Rocking Chairs,    , '    '"', ''     '��� ��� .-( '   ,  China Closets,;        !'��� ���       ,'   .   ,!,,    = , ���  .  ', Center Tables,,    t  ' ' ";,   -\ \Y'';   '  "   ;,',  ;'E%n^on Tabks;'a ["y r'\'y -,      ��   ,'"     '  Dress-ng Tables^ ' '        A-'   ,., ���   .'-  Sideboards,     v'  ���.<,;      -   y.;1 .-''   . " '.    .  Hall Racks,'   '.-,    :_.' -   "'       ,,   *   >  ., Kindei_ar(en Sets. -"I' -       *;.a'aa,        ,r  Crairook Cd-Operaifve Stores  5 a.' ; ,,;    -y\c limited.y,   ; /' ".FweraJl .Directoirs ^ ,(  . a    Embalnjers.    :!,    .'���  A, : a V ..'*.'-' '* *-s---- X' a  ^  ���fa&&  JE. ].' COYLE,  'Ain't 'Ocnl. Pita,\st.  ' Nelson,  ^is^I^theASeifsbif'fot:  s    ' % ������ t        , -l   -m '      ���%        iy, ij - . jli .it i ��� *---i   -; ���"'   ,  , i i,(,      ri i i  ���* -r    i ���-.���"-.��.*��� *���    i-     rM^'"!*!"'  Vanconver,  PREST PHOTO CO.  Ckanbrook and Moyie.  BUY YOUB  Oi_ra,rs(,  Win. Jewell  'S^^SKS  m&&s;< _8____a_.35  The spectaole'of two labor organiza-  'tions fighting each other was  witness  edatSchenectadv.-N. Y'.,  a Ion  day,  ,   ago when a bunch of memoes of   the  Industrial Workers 0; the'vyorld  went  ' out oa strike.     The   General  Electric  company employs 5,000 men, tl,e majority of whom are afliliated   with   the  American Federation of Labor,  which  Is not concerned in tt.e present trouble  There has  been   bad   feeling butweec  tho I. W. \y. and the A. F.  of L.  for j  some time, and it,  j3   understood   that'  the Federation had volunteered to thj  company ^o pi the places of the Btrik-  iog I. \y. \V.   men   at   short   uot.ee.  .The Strikers returned to work,  ^x*xxit &bY&<3L  Express and General Delivery Business. Livery and  Feed Stable.  Leave Creters at  Cf^ynne.'fl Store.  MOYIE ��� British   Colnm'.ia.  SEE  FARRELL & SMYTH  FOR  You Need 0ne?I  Write ^r Prices to  P.McBRIDE,  CRANBROOK.  Fiioir  A. B, Stewart & Co.  Agent   for, Crow-,'  Neat  Steam Laundry.  ���THE���  Klnffof All Cuiich .llodlcliusn.  Mr. E. (J. C.isp, a mail carrier of  p-iuton Centre, Conn., who has bocm '  io the U. S. Service for about, aijdeen I  3'ears, says . :.\��/e have tried branny j  cough medicines for croup, but Cham- j  .berkin',* Cough liumedy id king  of   all  and oue to be relied upon every time.  >Yt" u],o find it- the' best remedy tor  .coug.*B.ind colds, Rivingceruin result.  and leaving,no bad ..flfect-s." ' For aale  A  l',eMp>'1e f)ruf' & rftntionery' Co.  Help Wanted,  RANTED :*-Two sober reliable  men for dairy. One competent j'to  handle route' and uke cl'iargs, %kr>.  |Hecond'good chore hand, $30. Or  will p-iy $U5 to purty fiirniahing all  Ij-jces^ry labor and board.  H. C.VHEROi.NT,  DESAUI.KX&R ISKOS,    ITcip,.  Larje sample room in connection  with house for commercial men. Best  of incommoiiiitiono.  Ileadcpmrlers   for   Commercial and Minim* Men.  QUEENS   AVESl'E,  MOYIE,   B. C.  SO   YEARS*  i rade Marks  Designs  ��� Comyrights &c.  n,r}n1T,2nJf.^.d,Ppr a *telrti and descrinUon ran*  Columbian College  NEW WESTMINSTEJB, li.   C.  Itecoives both   Ladies  and   Gentlemen as Itesident or as  Day  StudentB.  Jlas a complete Conimorcial or  Business   Course.     Prepares    students   to  g.un    Teuolier,s     ^ertilicites    ol   all  Snides.   In aflilliafion with TORONTO  UNIVERSITY gives   the   four   years j  course for the B.  A. degree,  aud   the  first  year of   the  Toronto   School  ol  Science.    JTas a  special  "Prospectors  Courie" for miners who work in B.C.  Iustructions   .given  in  Art, Music.  Physical culture and elocution.  For Calender etc.  address  "Colum  bia College." A      '"���'  Teim   open Sept. 17th. I90G.  fire Insuranee5  Heal'Estate,  Collections.  Victoria Street.  'j\Ioyie.  *2Z3*2*&1%^:2ZS^^  ^u-xJaZ^I^  Invontion   s probably nr.tq��tj;ble. .ComS'S  O. F. DEjAULNIER  DE1LER   IN  tr'jfal notice, wltliout cbargo, la tho        ������ ���    ���  :5iitttfiffC'Jiittericdii/'  A Jmndsomoly Ulnstratftd weeitlj-. : r.nrKeat clr  c.ilialon of anygciontUlo lourni.   a-enns |S a  . .'   PB.O\fPT    nPTtUUPV  Mm ��� Co 36iBr6adWar. Upw Ynrti   ^  v RT,*^o\>^fev-^*v��JiY��jy%'  Q,3e uns' A^e.      MOYIE  .CHRISTMAS EX.  CURSIONS TO EASTERN CANADA,  Cheap rates to all points in -Ou  tario, Quebec   and    the   Maritim-  provinces.  Tickets pn' sp.le November 25th.. tp December 31stincluf.ivc. ,    .  ^      ^  Good for three months with stop   over   pnvilages   east   of   St ���'  Paul and Doluth.  . Fernie, 13. 0. to Toronto and all   points   in. Ontario $62. 25.. '  ' ;    ���'���  Fernie B. C. W .Montreal'$62.25.  Proportionately   low rates   to poh.ts cast of Montreal in Quobe  and the Maritime provinces.    :   ' b  For detiiiledinfjt mation.  ratesr, etc., call   on or   ndrees  ^11.   L,    Blackatone  Agent G.'N, ,lty.,       rEftNlJi, ii. Q  '   "OYIE    HOTEL. [  �� '   '* f  I This Hotel is New and well Furnished  The *  |        Tables are Supplied witji the Besjb the  *        Market affords. Thp Bar" is Filled with  |.       the jB est Brands of Liquors an,d Cigars,  % HEADQUARTERS   FpR COMMERCIAL  S AND MINING MEK  MOVIE - -___._ KRJTISII JCOLPMKU    J  ��6���S ca���Qf ������������e��e^��r���ee<6������e33��9e��ee^*3ai����39**3>9����������^*  oyie  As  made hy the  prcecpt lircg'er   is   iidmjttcdlv   the  Best Beer iu E.ist KootVnny. With lho 13est Malt ��pd  the Purest Spring Water it is uiiexce)lpd /pr quality.  Insist on hajijog Moyie,Beer,  Bottled and Draft Beer.  JULIU�� MUELLER, Proprietor,  MOYIE, B. 0,  ^ggHttetagejafsg^a^ '- ffljffiMWWtyBBM


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